Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1857 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. 5H WRITBB8ITT FLACK. NBARLT OFPC?TBWAflH ? fogtoo rsqnaia-Naw and ehyMttr jNrnUAed rmifet ?i>ln in. wtthorwithcnt PronbiSet. BefWo-caohaagcd. 8H WID STKRBT MBit BROADWAY ?FLBABAKT ? fura^.^toErtlth board.ullablnftMlamllleaar pmfoaeof gentleman. Dtmaav Mlf A WARD -A FKIVAT1 FAMILY WILL LBT TO A ^?munmi and *M aa nnf ornlsh# d Meoal sory front MAwuThb 5T^ *n?zzrl andtheprivilegesor a home affl pleaeeapplv alikehouse Ha 11 Rutgers street, aaar Heary street. Retareaem u in inilDW BQUAJU?WITH BIA AD, A rum KUIT OF IZ (oooul beautifully fornlahed, oa the aaoood Boar, wlh MaaSantk; privets table lfdefored. Hamwanib jai for a marrlsil aouplc or two ebagls perinea IF HTATI BTKIR, BWTWWBM FKAJU. AWD BKILGB IMf areata?Good ananmm-daUaa for faailHaa or alalia ?Raman, n a nsnaut or transient Eafareaaa required. HOBBtT J0NR8 BTRKBT -A SUIT OF ROOMS Olf lha Bral Boor, elegext'y furnished, aoltabla for a family, with or without a prlrate table. Alto, single rooms for ^Wan, without board. 21 19 ONION FLACK -HANDSOMELY FUKNIHUID ? aulta of r xina. with or wtlhoul board for faialHaa aod psrttns atgentlemen. Alao moat for abtfieraatlaeaaa. omi coffin. OATH BTRKKT, WK8T, NO. IB. THIRD DOOR FROM AW Kictb avenue. Two sl?gaat rooms aad parlors, la a i family, uaforalahrd, If desired. with or without rail or botra; honaa aaw" " Location unaurpaaa WK8T TWKNTT KROOND 8TRRKT, NBAR FIFTH aveaaa-To let, a furnished pari *asdb*droomoa tha ? d floor, will bedroom on third iloor, In a newly fornlahed, an hulH bouse. fail la 1 Jjoud;' honaa newly furnished aad painted, aad Brit seed. BOND BTRKBT ?B. WILSON, DBNTIBT. MANU ?fboturcr of every atyle of artlflotal teeth We elalm a I aaaah hl?bar standard of exoeUeeoe than hat beea reaohad by foe professim generally. Wa alao elalm that tha Improved I geaaaaooa gum teeth poaaesaas a vast superiority over any I lad all other styles ta every sesiailtsl particular. Samples 33 VMQ BTRKBT. NBAR MAODOUGAL.-FUR* CBH W ad rooma with bedrooms to let, with beard, to famlBaa Of maw a persona or single gentlemen; alao baefc parlor, oa fioTKoor. unfurnished, gaa, bath, ha Terms moleraia Din ?retBo'eloch. ? URIAT JONES BTRKBT-FURNIBH1D ROOMS TO let. In anils or single without board, to gentlemen, ^^?foit if required. The bouse baa all the modern Improve I7 AMITT BTRKKT ?A LA ROB VERY HUFIKIOR treat parlor, with bedroom a>taobed oo aeoood floor; ,small parlor with eommunlcailag bedroom; two large r bedrooms on third Boor; ale j twegsutts of new ' prevtoesly oocnpled, oonsiatiag of p oa., aD ooau unloatlng, very rulu * full or partial beard If required. *c|tautta of new roams, of psrlara, doaeta and liable for single gent e 48 ? UNION SOUt RR OORNRR OF 8K7KNTBRNTS street and Fourth avenu*.?Families or alnjle gent> obtain dealrable rooma, with board. Btfemiea WKST FIFTKBNTH BTRKBT, BBTWKBW FIFTH aad Sixth avenaea? Fornlahed rooms to let, with or ^Mit board, to peranaa only of high respectability. The M dral "'*** aad desirably located. fin BKMMN BTRKBT. BROOKLYN HRIQHTR?TWO Op gentle men eaa now be amemmodated at the above first KM raaldancq anr after the IB.h last, one or two fa nil tee wMh two large and ham somely fornlahed romia am sesond tmr. Refereneee exchanged. OA ANITT BTRKKT, NBXR BBObDWAT.?TO LHT, Or the second floor handsomely fornlahed aod basement. IS a am-II family or single gent emrn. Alao. a room on tha IM Boor to single gentlemen. Location desirable. Bath, gag ha OA WRIT FOUKTKBNTH BTRKBT.?FOUR KLBOAKT Dt Iv furalibee rooma with tall board or breakfast aod foe, will be rented to a gt ntlrman and wife or single gen ie man; two large attic rooms, at moderate prloe, auttabla for i oung gentlemen. Location between Fifth aad Sixth are 65V?C CUol MACDOUQAL BTRKKT, THIRD BOOB ABOVE HOUS on street.?A gentleman and wife or two or threv sin it (men can be aecommodstel with rood rooma and au moderate taims Gas sad bath tat toe hooaa Looa pleasant and bat few boarders tabes. TO ^^?FRANKLIN BTRKBT. FIRST HOURB WBB'f OF Broad way- A MMBR and two large bedrooms, a: loom ^^?tttng. neatly rnralebed. would he let to a party of gaa Raman, or separata If required Inquire as abovq 0?i} SIXTH AVKWUK.-THB WHOLB OB FART 0? A I J At be use. plainly furalsh'd or onfurnlaed. wltk or without hoard, or rtr gtr rooms to famines or respectable men. i 1AO WKST BLXTRNTH BTRKKT ?NKW ABO HAND A\JAI r' mrly fornlahed rooms to1 et to a ngle gcntlem a, WKK or wHhrut partial beard. Gentlemen wtaking s pleasant and Asm able bona can find such by oallnc atUBWealKle snaO^trwt, between fifth aad Mxth aveauea References HI RAIT TWKNTT FIRST BTRKKT.?TWO OB THRKK JLUL suits of rooms, for fs PI I lies or alnrle gen lemen, with Sr without beard. House Brat class, adjoining Qraasrey FhrR Boose Beat reforeaoea gtvep and rcgu'red. ^^HwTrt twki.fth RTRKKT, hetwkbn fifth and Mitb avenurs A handsome and spacdoua room. I I first floor tn let with board. Alao oae on lha third ^^^?litBDer at fl o'clock. H BL 7 LAUBBNf ITIIIT ?A F1W 8INQLK QBBTLB I nt n can be aecummodalrd wtth fa'l or par lal board pbatanl rom? on ? ry modf ?'* terms, or furnished M wttht at board. B? fercnee r?quired. NINTH RTtBIfT ?FURNISHED BOOM* TO LIT, lo gvaUemen only aonalati'g of pari * aad bedroom location desirable, being a few houses west of Refereaoee m Bsaadwny. Breakfast It desired. Befrreaaes exchanged. lOi WATRRlBY FLA mi ?TWO GOOD IBCOND Lot elory parlors, with board tor gentlemen aad their ir single (Milewea, for the wlnirr.eaa be had as shore, piled for soon, a Mo. single rwwa HUDSON STRUT FBONTINU IT. JOHN'S I story bnsl moos sad bedroom to lei vtsasi Nsppb liK HUDSON STRl Itv ronere? A third i wMh a fhaslly or BAST BBOADWA T.?TO LBT, WITH BOA BO, oae handsomely furolnkec front rones, tollable for a lossan aad wife. Also, two large roosas for families hense M ee e. wNh all the ssodern unprjvementn Five a shore Jsdhison street. Isfs snw exchanged. TBNTH MTBIKT-A FBW BOARDIRS OAR BB ? - win v*iro with go id boar'in s gmtee 'sailI) i the comforts of a bosae can be sejoysd, the house has all We Modern improyemes's FOOBT AVBRUR, FOUR DOOBB AHOVB Twentieth street, east etde ? Fnrnis' ed mneas lo let, board, la a reapeelabM prlrate boose Beisresoes ex 200 230 257 MBBBNWIOH BTRBRT?BU4RDIRO.?A FBW young men oas be aeeoniandsted with boar I at Mrs. Tersis IS aad SB M per week. TURN LNUBD Ot/i" PS?A su.'table Asr stngte Xflnlleinea The boots Is Met disss, newly fitted sp. having all the e?od?rn laaprorw ??; sonrenlsal lo ears and stages; dinner at six; references 753 BROADWAY.?fUBNIHHBD APARTHBX F8. ? ah or wlthoot board. 7b7 far?bet PRdsnWAT, OORNBR OP NINTH HTKRkT? Pol s of rooau on fi it and second loura, e'egaaily I. alec sirgts ninmt Table d'hote, e-iMlae a lePraa Private tab* If required. Dinner at tlx Coknok 776 ? RPOtnWAT?FURNIN1' BO BOONS. WITHOUT board, eat be had tar lbs w.nier. am rea-oaehM by tletesbeU?ea. also an cfllte taxable for a phyet BROhDWAT, ONI >N Ft. A OR-HANDS >MR ? r, Ishrd hnnae lo let nr lease If required or toll lo a select family or genUeotea. rrtrs.e <%i\m if or oe ths Buinpsaa plea Refereaas required delightfully sMaa ed. opposite the Path. BROADWAY -BOORR TO LBT. WITH BOABO ftr g?ei? aad 'heir wives, or single gemlemen. WlBfi ? btvwer $3.25 I'BB WBIK.-A LA BOB, NBATLT FURNISH ed ma ea eeened finer, snfiahle for two reatle with hreaafsst aad ma; alee aa a'tie room for HI per meek: akr> a (rael parlor aad bed mm adjoining. nfms? Sd. Can be seea at aay hour by app ylng at No 9 Berth ?see street. A FRITaTB FAMILT.OWNINO a riRBT (7LAR* HOPHR. A with every soaventeaee, la Uie Immedie.r VrtoHy at OBwtea arsens (Vrnx-ecafioea] okureh, Brooklyn, will give the ? of rooms, faiabked. with appreciable bornesomfnna. lea saallemaa aad lady only, hi a rsesnathle eomprssaUos. Tht Vsm'Jrn m susurpMerd aad iHstanl about twenty minutes KPnttoe ferrv Snot an opportunity Is rarefy offered, i art drees, wuh real seme only. Dregirv, Urrild ofl,.-?. A ?HNTLRRAR AND HI8 W1FB TAN BB PLRABANTLT ior?w ? m ,rt? ?? i |g a g-st elsss house, whare s very few ere tahea, with a lee room, on see si' Roar; all the modern uaprevrmettle la ibe Souse Apply at 191 West Btghtnenth street, teer Blghth avenne Refcrmo* eynhanged AOOOMMODATtnR. WITH BOABD. IN A F1R8T HLiSS house. No at w est Siller nth ilreet, between Fifth aad But arse una Esfcreaoss ?lehang d. A LADT ARD ffBRTLRMAN OAR OBTAIR A TLB A A tea room, and fall beard or the lady only. In a g ot Misilis between Blesebar and tal y ttressn For further aerUenfai ? addrrm Madame R. L , Broadway Pott off te, fir Bees saya a FBITAT* 9ANILT WOULD DIBPORB OP TWO OR A. three pleasant r ust wi b board. Ttr house snatalns mm. bath. Aa apply at IB W-st T_? eetj seaond sweit, be faretm flta b and kevrntk aver.ties Refereneea require L AM FIRR "H LiPT WILL RDUOATRD. AND PRO I feasor of Ibe Frentih language will aeonmtsodate oae nr bmager.titanea; tbe haa two t re ?? parlors to let, one for a asdrnrm r asmM lag with ?ke front Breakfast I' II Is re gaired It is la ih* most deaL able slinaUoa. 41 Beat Twotfib amort, seer Brnsrtwsg. A ORlyTT.gR AN OAR HaTB FULL OR PARTIAL A board, Is ? quirt private family, gas bath. Aa The en St firm of borne may be aad, aad ar mgameata for washing if , at ill Rati Twenty nath kjyeet. A PRR?0B TBAC3BR OFFBBB BOARD TO OBRTI.R A own fbSroite of rarelag Frrset bo h by praMlM aad Smmm, lis ft ml y as well aa himself are frsn Parts House ??gd M9 Ftnrm attest, near sesosd avenue. FBORT BOOH ARD FaRTRT, WTTi OB WITHOUT . Mm n to let to a gentletn*a a~d wlfh, with hosd, at , 0 at Mark's place tense motemta Referee? ex ?d ABFI.RRD1D FUBRIHH1D ROOM WIfH ORR OR two bertmonts attaebrd to let 11 ilsgle geollemtu In a F<l'ess be use, wfth ill tbe ssod'ry iwproiemenls lsqalrtsl ? Prlsee slrtr , a few doors west <?r Rmadwey a Ran mo mi suit of boohr or thbfibxt and ?k tetond flocrt; alto a sir tin reom nan be oitaUr d at Idn ?P FourIe< mh street A HR*'?"<)MB SUfT OF FnnmaHBD FARI/'R", OB ""Or if fret by ?{l with attention room, lo let, ns? srrwte Bern, Ae , for single genl ?men or s reetWi .tn ?srt wife, a mo, ? pies sen' room, e I b boi and e?>id wau- , fo* a gtwfyman, win bre?b*aat. Fnmily prlrae Houte fit' efsrs Apply at K Amity ptaee, ime door from Bieeesnr ?AJLPCTO AMP LODOllW. LADT, opposite the boose. Inq<fce of Mis. Woodhama, 484 Hudsoa afreet, Hew Tort. Am youbg widow lady wiibw to qiyb fiu ? board to a lady to live with her as 1?la will have a happy hqme. Hone but e highly need apply. Adlrvm 0. B , Herald offioe. V?BT PLKA8AHT LOWSB BMDBOOM A WD FULL or partial board mm be obtained with efeadlyef lero, ed ta the weet tide or the city, boot Morton etreek Ad dreee B Shepherd, Hereld offiee. A DBUGHTFULLY BITOATID FRONT BOOM. OW A. the eeeood Boor, eooreoieat for gentlemen nod aife or Marie genlemea. furnished or unfurnished. Terse ? Relit r? nor a esohaaged. 77 Willow street, Brooklyn. LA BOB WALL FUBFIBHXD BOOM TO LST-WITH* out board, to one or two single gentlemen. House baa the modern tmprortmeats; fsmllv private; term* M per week Dnexorptloaabla reference gives end required. Ad dreee Boom, box 100 Herald odlee. A SMALL FAMILY, OOOOFYINO A FIA8T OLABB A house up tons. In a desirable loeetloa, have two or three rooms to let. with board to gentlemen and their wives. Ad drrei W boi 846 Portoffloe A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FROWT FARLOB AMD A. bedroo a, with pantrlr e attached. to let la a private hat hr ba h room and eloeet on fame floor Flease oaH at lM Fourth street, opposite the Parade ground. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAV1NO MORB BOOM THAB A they n quire, would like k? let a genteel fur" Ithed room to n single gentleman Apply at 41 Eaet Thirteenth street, cor ner of CDiversity plnoe. A FBW SINGLE GBNTLSMBN OR GBMTLEMBM AMD A. their wives can be socoar modated wt<h netlly furnished rooms and good board at 148 Madison street. Dinner at ill o'clock Bonre oonta ns all modern Improvements Befe reaeee given and required. A IK AMY PBBSOM WBMRB TOD 811 ALL APPLY for beard or boarders, and tsey will dtreotyoo to GOOD WIN A CO , ss their knowledge of enable unMmlted. Persons wishing either will save time and expense by ealllag at their i dice, AUhteenth (treek near Broadway. Boarders politely direeud free of charge. OABD.?WAMTMD?BY A GENTLEMAN AND W1FB. 1 In a respectable location, op town, full board for lady sad partial lor gentleman. A private family, where there ere no other boarders, preferred. Before noes given end required. Addrees, stating terms, which must be ntssnwshlit. ?, bag AHOPoetodkw. B BMOARD.-A la RGB PROMT ROOM, WITH OB WITH ? out edjolitrg bedrerm, can do obtained at 1U Bieeoher street, third bloek west of Broadway Board.-o*i i.argb boom, with gas and bath adjoining, aid two email upper rooms, to let o gentlemen, with or wMbou t pa- lal board, as may be desired. Terms mo derate Apply at 7U3 Broadway, Board-a ?s?t. kmam ard wifh. or two ob three single gei llemcn can be aroommodaiet with a very pletaant nul: of rooms, on the reeond etor-, front, witt full or partial board, lu a Bret class house. Befareaoo ex changed. Apply at 18 Went Twenty-third street BOABD.-A GBPTLRMAH AMDWIFB OAN PROCURE de treble rooms, well furnished. In a first class mod era brown atone dwelling In one of the best locations, tear Stuy vessul square, to a small rrtvst* family, do other board?rs, where the comforts of a borne will be extended, by aldr<>silog L V , Herald office BOABD-A SMALL PBIYATB FAMILY, RBTDIMAIN a desirable location and first class house, near Fourteenth street, would accommodate two sinr'.e gentlemen with n cely f"rnUhe<) rooms end board, wt.h all the comforts of a home; dinner it 6 o'clock Address W Herald offioe. Board.-a very dmbibablb parlor, with two bedrooms, suitable tor four persons, end two other oom fortable rooms, can be let eh rap, with board Looatkm 8e8 Broadway. Gas, bath, Ac. Dlneer at 8 o'otoeh. Board in olinton flacb.-a family and two single gvstt??n eaa be it?nflslil with fursldbad rooms and board at Po. (1 Oltnton plane, near the Ftflh sva BBOARD IN CLINTON PLAOF.-A VERY P LB ABA NT ? room for a gentleman and bis wife, or lor one or two sio 8Be gsn'lemen. Also a single nam for a single sr.?emeu. at ? ' Union p'soe. Dinner at six. BMOARD MAY BB HAD IN A YBBY DB1IRANLH PBI ? vale totally. on LeilngUm avenue, near Twenty ninth street 1 very comfort of borne may be expested For par.l colar* apply to OOOuWTB A CO., oornar of eighteenth sires, end Broadway, or 54>4 Pine street r^HARD IB BBOOKLTN.-A LADY HATING A LARGB ^^Ihendsome house, within 8ve minutes' walk of Fulton Carry, Is desirous of letttr.g s few of the rooms, furnished or unfurnished. wtih board Gentlemen doing SnMnees la the ?My will Bad this a mod eoavealent location tor the winter Tsrms reeeonetle and every nttsnthm paid to eoeafbrk For pnsttenlais Inquire at 80 Adasm etreek Brooklyn. DOABD IN BROOKLYN ?FLBABAMT BOOMS, WITH JJ board, may be bad al 881 Hlaka street, near South gad Wall s rest ferries. Board i? rrooklth.-plbabaht iriimiTi, with fnO or partial board, at 287 Heery atr?t, ba n ep eatable family Terms mod?r?i?. Icfwonwi given and reqa'red. A an It r f nun suitable for a amall family. 9epn rata room* fcr twa gentlemen, and partial ooard. OOA D <*? A ED III BROORLYM-A TROUT ROOK, ON 8? rood door, w lib or without bedroom a inched. to real, with board, U> the drat elaaa house MO Henry street, between Ooa " board for < i end Amity atreeta Partial board tor gentlemen. Board ir Mooabia-*T un rchrbmrbiicrr atreet, botweea Boertua aad Smith atreeta. Two plamnnt aaila of rooma or Angle rooaaa aaa be had The booae ie oom modlous aad about twelve mlenlee walk from all the farrtea Board ir brook.ltn.-two birqlr ukntlrmkn ran ob.ata two newly furnished rooaaa, with partial board. In a crlmlr family, wl bin three mla itaa' walk of the Honih or wall atreet tea ilea Iratal!ea pleaaaat. No other boar data taken. Apply at 36 Joraleuton atraat, near Hleaa atreet Board in beocklyn-a hi no lb gentleman can be kctumatodaied with partial boerl at l',( Ad aaa atreet Re'ereooe required. Board ir Brooklyn.-orr or two birole (rnUrmea can be aoeommv ated wl'h plaaaaot noma aid aood board by applying at 3M Jay atreet, near Wl lovgh by. Brocklyn. Board ir brookltr-pirr roovb. ir a plba aaat ioaaloa for single leaUemea or families, at 98 Clark ?if net, nest to the ehoreh; aonrentent lo the fbrree ead railroad Board wantrd-for a family op pour grown pereoea. twa 1 sitae and gentleman, la a reepeeta hie nel*al " ro.Nj.1. abore Rtaaekar atreet. ead waat of Brand way. Ardreea a W , box 3.979 Poet oRaa with foil partlea lere. BOt Rf> WARTBD-IR A PR1YATB FAMILY FOR A ? eaUemaa. ehUd and aenart. where the aomforte of h home may be found. Be will fnralah the a rartmon a If me eeaeerr Addreea M R B.. Broadway Post off an BHOARD WARTRD? FOR THE WINTER AND flPKIhO, for a KmUrmao, wife. Utrre ehildree ead aareaoi; e float room, eeom d slorr, end two bedrotma oan oonaamlag wltb rot m, and whe*e the wtekteg and Irrr In* oan bo d me, a private family rr' ferred rtfereoeaa eiehanged. Addraaa family Herald offlae. BHOARD WARIRD IR BROOKLYR-A LADY ARD daugbti with >o obtain board aad a pleasant nnfnr ?Mm re m ra lonond floor, with a plate prleata family, or whrre tkere are hot few hoardnra, where they oan fenl tu rret! y at borne aad have cheerful areteiy I, aaaItae la tee eve , Brooklyn Poet oAee. siauag nrra prrfrrrvd. Addreee L. BOARDIRS-RY THE URRXPROVRD DRPaRTURB for Berope of the pme'nt oeeopaata, very haadeowm front rooms oa the areoad fleov, with large moots attached. aaa be obtained, with board by a pat'aeu aad hla wife, by applying at imee at Ro 1T9 Weal Pverteeatb atraat, where, aim a baedaoma front room oe the third Boureaa be obtained YJOARPINM-A HRNTI.EMAt *RD WtF? *wn TWO D or ihre* strain t?n I em en eea obtain hen?!? mely ft.m'th ad rooms, with bnt'd wUrp bat few boarder* pa lehen Apply at If Abl-igdno square, Hudson atrnet, near Bask Ro frrvnrea rtmaagad ? i K v , a HRMTLRMAN AID Bid WIPR AMD ? irilr gentlemen. al?) two yoang ladles eaa be ne led with bt B tmodatod with board a ll Blath avaana. oppaalto Amity BOARDING ?290 WIHT TWRNYICTH 9TRRBT ? Rooaaa, fumfebad or anfantlshed. for families or aimgle gentl* mra, la a drat clam kou?e aad aelgbborhood. Apply as above R? fere none exchanged. BHOARDING-A PLBABART URFURRIRBID ROOM, bedrom aad pantry, on seetmdBmr, la hoowe (< Keet Brovdwei, etao. a rroot mom aad pantry no tblrd flow un fiu nlnbed, wt I be let, with board, to two tee Hem en aad Ibair aires, on rvaeonnbln terms. BOARDING HOtTNl RRBPKR'N NOTICE TUB RRR. ebnata' Oterka' Registry Offlne wtu supply yon with boarders. we bare daily nppllrnUoaa. Hell aaa entU'r y ir ? _ _ yyur aelrea, at M7 Broadway room No 1 noreor Leonard street. None bnl respectable pariiea aeeri apply B ROOKLTN. NEAR TBI flBIBTTTN, POUR MIhUTRg' float Wall or Pn'toe feirle*. ? A family tokleg bowdeen bare I rgn and email ro me aallahl* for gee lrm?n, terse | rvaernable; gnrd table, rowf.wl An Apply at 77 > raaberry ?treat between Henry ead Hteka rtOOrRR HOI'NB? RBOPRRRD ARD RKWLT PUR VV risked?Ron ma by lbs day <w weak, neatly lerutehed Price from 92 to 97 per week, thwaneted Is a Brat rinse ree taorant. Apply at the Hooper Home, Bt Broadway. /YLIHTON PLACH ROTBL BROhDWaY OORhRB OP * / Eighth street-Cn the Rnropeaa or seen- ten* ruw, at oe . IrecVme. well vselft%>ed aad heetleome.y fnrnlehed for famlllee or geetli-mee for ike winter KLRflANT ROORN WITH BOaRD. MAY HI HAD IR a fret elaae private honea. w'th prime ta ile If ret) llred. or room" let wHboni bo?rd houve nrw betag newly f-ir ieherf Apply at 111 Hast Ftmceea h atrnet. Re'areecna eacbaeged. BLR9ART rURNINHED ROt MB TO LIT-IN A PHI I va>e French famhy Tba hone* aomalne a 1 the modern Improremeab, Pleaaa apply at 907 notiauvn ereet. near ?Him. rURNTNITRD ROIMN TO LIT?AT RO. Ml IUOAD way, between Twelfth ead Witrietmtb vlrneli, ;rivets table. If required Bef?rt*eee efhnegeA linjRRIBHBD OB URfUBRTNRRb BOOM*. IR NUIT8 A or mpereta to idle leat'ewea, wHboet board at ee Fourth ?irem near tba Nvwery. Pamiebed r ewev ?VLh break feat If rrqnMpd. at Mi Ntata atreet, UU-d door earn rf Broad wnv 1PUBRTNHBD ROOMS TO RBNT TO ON% OR TWO ? gentlemne. wt boot board len itre at Ml Pearl street, reek le ?.,?i%m, In drng store GRRTLRRRR SRPlaiNO HARDBOMRLT FURRIBHID aiaoriweeta. amy obtain tba a. tire thiri flo ~r, a rertw bed?nome aet ba b. Be . with a g-a'.eal fa ae'ly in Blabtb street, near Brondway Ro ehll tree or botrd err. Te?me 919 per weak. Refereeeea evebaaged Addraaa gl leg name W? etatton |> Poet t m ?. HOTRI. LODOIROS.-MRRTLRMRR 09R OBTAI wood fumlnhrd rwwee at the ttlohe MuaI. atwner Pranhrrrt aad WlHIam etrtwtn Pi tea ad r tenti tta aad 97 pt r n tgbt C Ran open all alght HOROERR A PRW (IRNTLBMRW AWif ?ARtWR a ehargv of reWfeec " ?. ._ Joe for the winter en be e<w< mm ? dated with fnralebrd strtleg room aad bedrooms, wllh partial board at r enema hit terms App'y at Ro 6 Rlrep mi an-, ??I lOAROMO AHD LODOHO. PSabtial buabd - onb oa two binulb gibmab I xcntlvmae m b? neoomm -tUlad wt h oD? or two good sized room*, with bath, gas closets, A* Tamil* private and without chiK r?n, tivteg ay towa and near Broadway. Ad- i irvss K b. ? I'JO Her* W parr atb boajux-a raw gbntlembb oak bb I iMaamoAM wtt pleaeaat from roooaa aad partial board at lis 40 Wart ?liUmlt Mrtei, brtwsan FUSh aad gMwirt Bsfsr moss exchanged. paIVATI BOABD.?Oire 8IB4LB dABNTLEMAW. OB JT two disponed to take apartments to rather, will Had a pluaaaat ntt eI room*, with or wtt?ou< partial board, la a private fhmlly, opoa application at 41 Eaat Twenieth M|M T1BMOVAL ?THB CAPTAIB'B BXOHARGB HOTBU XVflbfmarlyat la 7|Borilielrani. baa rsmovatHotfl Broom* street, near Broadway. RMOONS WANTED.-A 81BOLB GENTLEMAN WIS BBS ? a room aad bedroom oxnmnnloa log, foralabed or un furnished. with breakfnit la the bo one situation aot above Pourteesth street and asar Broadway. Please address, (tatlng leeattoa aad terms, including Or* aad llgat, a 0. J , Herald RMOOM WAMTBD- PUBNIHHBD OB UNPUBNIBHBD, ? with or without bo?rd near Thirty ninth street (below preferred) end wot of eighth avenue Addreae U. Bardett, eoracr of forty ?eooad street aad Be*eath aveuoa. SHOUTH BROOKLYN.-A FHW BOARDERS OllT BB ? pleasantly aonommodaled la the prtrate family of a widow lady residing la her own bonne; pleasant society; home comforts. Terms moderate. Addreas A. B., box 1*1 Herald tfflca S^PACIOUB AND LOPTY APARTMENTS, DESIRABLE | location, exoellent and well cuppllel table, possessing [every modern improvement, family private, parlors aad bed H^^HUh chandeliers and gas Axtnres. bo; and oold water, ^^Bnd all the conveniences of a first elssp house Bin vie ^Htt, and gentlemen with their wives cannot Had more and agreeable quarters for the winter Wart corner ^^^Huerona street and i eilngtoo avenue. T" every modern improvement, family private, parlors t rooms with chandeliers and gas Axtnres. hot and oold water, closets aad all the convent tocos of a Arat class house Bin vie gentlemen, pleasant an Twenty-saeoad street and texington I rO RING LB GENTLEMEN CAN BB AOOOMMODATBD with rooms ant partial board la a small private finally at 118 Wet Bixleenth treat rTO OB TBBBB BINGLB GHNTLEMEN 04N BB AO ormmodated with partial board, la a private fxmlly, at 109 Henri street, Brooklyn. O N'AILT FURNISHED BOOMS, OON8I8TING OP h pari >r and bedroom, to le\ with board to a lalv and geallrtusn or two single sentfrmen In a small private ram 11 v. where they est rojo; all the oomfbrts of a borne. Apyly at i68 WestBevtnteenlh street fpO LET?TO SINGLE GBNTLBMBR, A LAROB PAB 1 lor and one or two bi drooms, well furnished, wl h board If de*trrd, In a strictly priva e Trench family. Inquire of J. STOUTEN EL, 14S Greene strvsC r I.1T-TO ONB OR TWO 8INQLB OKNTLEMBN, A large wrll furnished room, without board In n brase with a'l the mt darn Improvements; family orlvata Terms M per week. Unexceptionable references given and required. Address BI John's Park, box 176 Herald office. TO LBT-PURBISHBD PARLOR AND BEDROOM, OB the third tlror, front, with all the molten Improvements, and centrally located, o t lsdy and gentleman; board tor the lady only. Addreae R. U, Broadway Poat offloe. Refereaoe given. r PRINT?A SUIT OP ROOMS, IB A P1R8T CLASS house, elegautlr tarnished. aad private table Reference ef first respectability required and given. No. 48 (J tin ton p'srs. ANTED?BT A YOUNG MAN, PARTI AL OR FULL board In a private family, where there are bot few borrdera. Lfoatton not above Fourier nth street, between fourth aad Blxtb avenues. Addrvm W. box 8 899 Post offloe w WANTBD-BT A YOUNG LADY, OP QUIBT HABITS, a eomior'ably furnished room, on the first or ttoond floor, with cr without board, with a widow and where the e are no other boarders preferred: terms moderate, location wMt rtde of Bmadwav, above Fourteenth street References exchanged Adc rem Heme, Madison square Post offloe. w ANTBD? BT A GEN TLB MAN OP GOOD POSITION, a neaily furnished room with fall or partial board, la a ftrtctlv private family, occupying a first class bones between Fourth nod Twenty inlrd streets aad Foonh and Sixth are nnrn Addreas, with location and terms, B. W. V., box 2,364 Poat offloe. LOAH umCKA ? 1 ? BBTABLTRHBD 1846?THIB OLD ABD BBBPOBBI 4)1, ble eemmlanlon bonne advances any amooat on goods vm: diamonds, walehea. Jewelry, dry goods, pianos, negate, fur. alture, Ac Goods stored aad sold on oommlanton Private offleea fbr ladies. Terms liberal: son Man Ha I and prompt in business. J BAOnUPP, No. 3W Broadway, eemer of Walker streak tl J. B. WILLIB A 00,. smmm ])1 Bl Bsasan street, room Bo. T. Advance money to any t ) A1 kinds of penonal amount on diamonds 1 S property and mar wa?ehse,jesralry.sllka. } ohaadlae, or boy for $1 TO *#0,000 TO LOAN OB WATOHB8. DIAMONDS, jswrlry, segsrs, dry gnoda, and all kinds of personal property, or bought son sold for cash. Botrs bmde, mort gagee. stocks. 4c , negotiated, at 102 Baeean street, ooraer of Ann, evened floor, rooms Bos > and 2>4 THOMPSON A CO.. brohsra and oommlnrton merchants. ?rit nnn -oabh loaned on all KIND# OP St )l',UUU. merehandlss or bought and sold on com mis moe, by Thompson A On, brokers and commission merchants 101 Nam an street, corner of Ann, room No. 1 THOMPSON A OO. Wl K.H nnn to loan or DIAMONDS, WATOHBS t>lD I ,UUU Jewelry, segara, furniture As.,or the same bought for the high set earn prismby the well known IB AaOB Offloe 11 Obsmlimi street B. B.?Bo bnelneee traneaeted on flatnrdaya. 0|17 BBOADWAT.?OABH ADVAJfOBN MADB, IB OU I large ar email mm, on dlaanonds, walehea, Jewelry & 1??^ f^i^s^uSTsw rata EBIIAB. front room, eeeond lory. * RTIZAR'I BANK PTOOK.?*0 PER CENT LOABBD O. on the above or any other depreciated bank stocks. C. B. TOTrBB, 61 Nassau *??-<*. CONFIDENTIAL.?A TAMTT, WITH fit LIMITED ?run*. will make loan* tor abort periods, on stwk of fooda mrrcbaadkae, gok and I liver plate, dumonde, watchna, Ac.. or will buy the atma Call at 170 ii/nadway, room X. ournrr of Maiden lane. Mom LOANED?ON WATCH NE, JEWELRY. DI4 morula aad all blade ef w era tan <1 Be. or bought tor eaah Fames eaa bo dealt wMh etrtctly eonfldenUai. and not bo aaoa ootartag a loan offloa. J. 4 H. F. JAOOB8, ?07 Broad war. Cost atd rocro, Bank book lost-no. w ihp, on thb bo went Sarin fa Bank. Tbe finder win please leave It at No SI# First avtaoo. or at the bank, and reootre the ikonka of the owner. (TBII.-'REN LOUT-TWO BOTH AOBD HBVNN AND J three yt arn. atrnvnd fr an I8d Atlantic street, Broohim, on Wedaendar, the 7ta loot, the youngrwt telle Ha name Bla'nly vir ? 'reeky Artluir Haraabr and the other ana were i the name of ororie: one baa dart ant the o her light heu both were beroh'adf Whoever will giro Information of their ?hereab >'i?a to Mr A. Paraahy. druggist. corner Allan'to ana tonri so sets Brooklyn, wt'l be Uneralty rewarded. DOO LOST-A LIVER COLO RID RITTIR. HAD ON A lea her collar; tnbjacl to fl?a Also a liver and white, aad mottled pointer. A anltable reward will be paid by re inraltg 'hem toAAO Waahlngtoa street. DOO LOST??# RRWAB D?WHITE POODLE BbUT. one ear yellow, hair off ramp, twelve y?>r? old, lowar Iroat terth lost, answers to fanny, about 9 oobea Ugh and 18 tony, loet at 8 o'clock loot eight near Northern Hotel. Oort laadt greet. Apply th?re for reward rOND-'N NAKBUN'B M US BOM, ON |THN 7TH. A rochet bo. k emtalntng a email ameua1 of moatey and e hill to Mr Nlehole. The ante e will be deltreyed by eaJbai at #7 Wall atrw", proving ptoperty tee paying the etpeaieeof thle idrer Ivrni m IN ?1M RROADNAT, HtTWRtN CANAL AND _ tinware rtreeta, a eafe key, Ne I.IA7, whlea tkv owner eaa have by proetny property and yaj lag fee ibta awn*, w ih a bono* nf Is which the ftnder wJJ eapeat. Ad .Iraee W Kellegg, m Mr aad aireat LOffT-lN A CARRIAOR, OC1E9 FROM ITTNRR'N ertannn'. ?? 'Irani alreet. o the Lafarge Honae. a haedaome i earl rprae glass. The ftnder will be Liberally re warded by 'eevtng -he aeme at Mr. ITTNER'd. Re. lid Dread street ? osr.-LRrr in thb oaes at jersey oitt. ten JLi terday alteration, a leather travail leg aaichel eonuialag art -lea . elonrtng to a lady. Any oee retnrnlng the aatckel In Many, Bald eta A Mmy. IB John sweet, may relate the F?. LOST-ON WO'DaT BVENIND. OCTOBER 5, WHILB paealcg th'oogb Thlr y fourth atreei fifth aveioe for uetk atreet, an Pti'h avnne part of a lady'a rhete alee with W arma and to k? t attached The Seder will be aultably re warded by teavteg tt at I,if 9 Brotd way. I C IJ OST- BETWNNr TBIRTNEaTH NTRNET AND OaNAK ?nut, In frnedwav, a ledt a bl'S enamelled wa'oh aed (XT-IB THB FN II. A OBLPHIA TICK NT OFFICM, AT I he foot of ( ori'enct a'r. el, a large p <-?<>t5o<it oonUtatag fmpere?( genas'o h? finder IT wl;l be gives to tbe ? ader f hfl at Bagley 4 Brother*, 18 Deh atreet. aad no question* asked l~~ go'd loeget anyr ably ? ewaried by leaving them at tbe Merohaate' Bank. 41 Wall 'tract. LOhT OS MINl.hID?THBI'OLLOWrN'ITR'?M RiORY note*. ike pnbtte are h? reby outlined hgainr pumhae tag or t egi.ttaib g them ae the par meat of tbe tame hae been stopped .? R. if Bill ACQ. Jure -1 alv months for.,. fjiq (* (I 7. Hannd-r* tin. augoat It enr na nlhe tan ro Wal'er IVwa Repteinher II ihr*em nth*. KD 01 A twin Power Ju le W. all monlhe. IN 81 hdward F. Torri-y, arg-.iet 7 four mot.the fit M Haaamae A Hough. July M at* rnnnthe Ml) The finder will be a*lubty rewarded a. leaving them wt b HUNT THOMAS 4 CO.. 211 Petri etreaL ?ICIBD UP?81'FFOSSD TO SI STOLEN. 4 OOW. v he owner o*e have he tame by oaJlhtg at the buteher'e shop enrnev of fort) n.nth atr?H wed Eighth avea te, proving property aed paying charge#. Vjl'lT t Rl.E BBWaBD-LONT. TKETKROAYM RNINQ O gotcg lip s ring ?treet fr m Wonatee ilre?t to wards Br ad way. ae envelope, oon'ala eg three reemniweedath rt#, of no value to any oee * ut 'be .ube rther Ike Seder ? be gait ably reeardad by ieavlag tbe aeme at 'OT Woafr atr*et. ANDREW u JOB NUM. NETnTTRT. Teeth bttbattnd wit roc t fain, bt benumb log the gnma. entirely dlff-reat Ton rrraring i have tat the g _ i ' 'lie prantwa for eighteen nm he mX lev < it vented > twenty thmaand tee a w|h perfect a ioA>a !?(????? given. If rronimd. N. B. GRlfflN. deSttit, WT futhrn I ml It ever twenty thmaand tee s wkh per feet a ioW>a < afwnooa ylren, tf rvonirm" " - - - - treet. trwoki a, qnSTN SSTRtrTRD IN TIN SWOONDI, WITHOUT 1 the slightest pate, by my new and original pmoem. !n?t fryrr-ag.) ThW admknb>? ayatcm mi rr act teed by me only Nefervnoee gtvhu (f required O. DOR KIN, ?S1 tlanal street, nan* Vertok WINKS AND LIBfORS. K'lT INi 14 PAI.B ALA?JONBR' rNRIVALLlD teat > edla. Burton and pale a'onh ale 4 ennttant sup

ply war be obtained a. the oWne of the brewery* 188 Baal Math street. Tor a. J\TARD, IHTPtiT A (TO. d DABK BRANDT IN BOND 9 1mm at 94 and IS Bnrgnr.dt. port, nig sherry. tUr onongah-U whlahey S#c | T H tea ltd for salt b* ? B bRaK, 9 Pearl street JBBNIW1 SRANDtlS fOB SALB J ar. eaeka am* octave* fraan Untied S ?mam, at brw Sguraa by NlMFNoN 4 IN H.LT FIFES Stntna bonded w*-? I BBON. II Be*re DRY GOODS, AC. BBOADWAT. Mhrta VELVHT ROBK, ? rahmAn, ? Om hundred 10 Slrty doDara. DNDILL PBIBSON. LAKB A OO. ??7 ?BILH.B bayaduuTh wnibeeSbred This aaorntatf. Om dollar and saiaaly-ffr* mala PBSuBLL PBIBSON. La KB A OO. BBOADWAT, BO BIB A QUILLB. U new deNgus, Only Twenty Ire dollars. Ortljna^ prtea, UBSDBLL.* PSIB90N, LAKB A OO 471B?OAXmAV. Iqua'Hy Baiou'N Kid (lorra, s PB8DKLL, PBIBBON. LAKB A OO. KuMtipari ION. LAKB 4J7 BBOADWAT. Wo will offer ThfM ? IIB3M Of Thoae Dollar dlha. la Now deelfna. CBBDBLL, PBIRBON, LAKB A*Ro. ATP. OOLB'H, MO BBOADWAT, TWO DOOB8 AROTB A. Union aquare, wl 11>? found a full aaaorlment of keeping dry goode, flannel blanke a, tbeeiln<a, ahlrtlngn labia U>?n. hnoa aneeting, beya' waroaadIrtmialngaot allkladaat reaaoaable prlooa. All nbw goods. J BBOK A CO. 368 and 367 Broadway, hard boat ro oeived. per roof at arrtraia, a beautiful itooa or alia robes. A-q uille, Pkraaoed robes. Bayadere silks. Ckno, Plata. Black ltonb vblvbtb in all widths. Superior qualities, aad rery aheap. By BKBKMAN A CO., 473 Broadway. BIKKMAN A OOMPANT. 173 BBOADWAT, Will rpen thla m truing aernral balea of Super Ballard Vale flannea aad o'bsr dealrablo styles. At the lowat market prtoea. Alao another tavoloe 4-4 Shaker ffaate a. do. per yard, Aad warraated not to ahrlnk. ?KB HIV* NOTIOB. TO THB LA DIBS -WB ABB SRL' i lias out to eloee the bnalaeaa. The whole a ock In the Ira muat be fold tamed'ately I Ad tea, aow la tee time, if you want to buy cheap oktaka, atlUnery. uimmtnga Ac , An. No. B7 Graad street, Be* Tor*, gear Orchard i.reet fTLOAKS AND SHAWLS.?B & MILLS A OO. HATB V aow la Nook a splendid aaaortmeot of Cloaks otreulara, dusters, Aa, of their own manalhetnre,? par oral below former ptlem tosethar with a fall atooh or fill ud winter ihswle, purehaaed at the reeent auction aalaa, to whioh they torlie the attaattoa of oloao buy era, at 80 aad 83 Chambers sweet, np stairs. flLOAKS V rom BAATBBH AMD NBW TOBB STaTB BANK BtLdA. G BOB! 1 ? BBODIB, (Old Bo. U) 800 Caial street. Will take me shore aaoaey far paymeat at puiehaooa CLOAKS AMD MANTILLAS. A beautiful assortment, la Telnet, eloth and Nik. Prises reduced. J aKMI A. HBABN. 178 Broadway, a bore Ninth etreet. fTLOAKB, CLOAKS, CLOAKS \J MamlDas, manliOaa, ?Mm Salllnf at prtees t? eult the times, By BBKCMAN A 00 , 473 Broadway. N. B.?Thoae pic ah eloaks. at 86. are aot aU sold /TORRBTH, OOBBIT*.?PBBMOH UORBBTS, BBDUCMD V/ la price; alao a laryeletnf rlbboa TelretA Call aad esasalM at Madam KLGBB'd, 881 Broadway, be tween Eighteenth and Nlneteonla atreela. abore Union aqoare. ENBB0IDBRIB8. 1600 French embroidered acta from 78 oealetollSO. much lower ?Jiaa say yet oOhred. OBNIN'S BAZAAR. 613 Broadway. St. Nlcho aa Hotel. Emrroidibibb The entire aloek of esmbrte Bonoelnre la now aeUlntt at aoaL ?aiO(t d B'/.aAR ?13 Broadway, St. Rlohnlaa Hotel. G MLR'8 BliilE, (11 Broad wsj, St. Bloholaa BotnL The nttis stork of this establishment Has bean markrd down At cost and below aoat prices. For the month of Oa oMr, UMf. The saaorlmaat la each department waa oarer Plata Ifeaa at the nreaaat ttoae. 0* MAT BAM OP CHMAP CLOAKS. Wa have race! red on connlraiaanl I bearer< Orer two thnnaand Freoor and Baalish bearer cloaks, whtah we bare arran?ed jpgj from our rerular met and ofler at prices .trying (Mas B) to M each, aaoat of which cost frooa 810 to tU la Ml port aed all new roods OHaRLEB, SMUT A OO.. all Broad war, One bioak below the St. Bloholaa Hotel. ? MAT BABOAIHS IK SILKS. BBERMAJf A CO.. 473 Broadway, offer Ihia aonlri An toroloe of rich Bayadere rflks. Haw W/lee, at ft per yard. ; [see 'A 25 per "?at [see Aan aoat to Import I RIB LI FOFLIBS RBDCCFB TO ft P1B TARD. Some eery beautiful bayadere stripes, s'so plala, AT URRRBaB k CO '8 471 Broadway. IMMRFSB SACRIFICE IN CLOAKS ABO BHAWL& BEKKMaM A co o. 471 r road way, Wtd sell, for (he balance ef this week. Their entire valuable stoek >f Cloaks. I bawls and mssil.laa, At aa eaonaona red union IU8T RBUBIV1U PM LsST HT1 AMBB-1.1*0 OOZU J true beet quality Preneh ktd stores, which I offer at the aitrecrdtoarr tow prtea of (taenia a pair. HURT RICR, (If Oaaal street, (old Ha 74.) T All IRS' MRU CAMHHIO HABDRBRCBIBP8 PI OB Jj s notion If you want a decided bariaia la ladlee' onmbrto kaadkar ?hue a^ii si 473 Broadway. 100 dorea ladles' S 8 llnnn ambrta baadkerohlefh at fl M ? dosen worth H X# A m do d?. at 82 M worth fs. SCO dosen do. do. heMttltchod at f> 50 worth 83 10. " ?^ 1"? saa&nwtn LABIRS' AND (1I1LDB1ST CLOTH I HI. s"yle aad beet qua By. opened aad al ray* la afore, at re asonable ertaen by R ufAIRUa 197 Broadway, marly oppoette * nwaria B B - Wa bam no iraah and those Ant are ottered at Mas than aoet of ?aiansla are dear at that ua dtee and g -ailiin a should a-X patronise rash haabuxgtry. deeeptioa aa.l cheating. LI KM DAKASE chbafbbt btbr oppbmd. 84 enper Ikaen daataek at 4s. per yard. Warranted port A too llaea sbeeOnri aad shlrtburs, towels. doylies. Marseilles inUte aad mnalUaof all descriptions, Al the lowrat prlree in 'be <-uj, By BBBEBAK A OO.. 471 Broadway LAC1B. A larfe aad beautiful stoek of point d atonem and potat SpplUiM laoea, by '.he yard will be eo'd at met. ' ' URBlN'S BAZAAB, 513 Broad say. St Btebttm Hotel. Mims' ABD CHILD EBHH PBLT ABD BRA7MB tato la all lAeir mrtatr, rteb la ouaJbr, elags atat pah era. Tke^pabtta are inritnd to all aad aiiMiaa a large an MLUXm'ki Oaaal aMOl oppetota Wast Broadway. MBB Ml LOT. db p . RIB, Has RMOVRO to I* feii/'h aw ana. between Teantr OfIA asd Tweni< iltk iteee-a. tor line .utabltoAment ft* lace curtain bleacAleg; aha has adopted a metbrd hat reeAtrs hem to a aeai white aeea eqnai to aew without taiartnr ihaas. atoo. all aorts nt 'acre aad eMbroi.lerWs doae to the rratoet style, ejtal to aew late curtain*. all shUltogi a wtadow, aad you wtll bare tat t? faction. OI'EHIHU OP THB FOR RR4BOB, AT UIBIB'S. H4 Broad war. opeoalte RC Paul's, fICO flCO worth of ladles' . ure at a rraat reduction of f inner MR I Ad lea are Write* to onr (rat enhthttlna of (am. of the new Parts ba opear I on Taraday Octob? r (. wbsa taelr toteeik* wtll be draws to a soele of prteea are tmmoda'-l to the siala of the times ralhar than the east or rains of Ae articles. Tba ana ?rimeat wtu ooasprtoa H B. table, hoyti armlee. Imitation ermine. Blab. Stone marten. Fitch, Chinchilla Squirrel, Franch Sable, Bona marten. Squirrel belly, t an ads ra*rtea. JOHS B. CBS IB. 214 Broad war. SAL LBDIA OAMBL'S HAIR KAWIA, and real furs oassr nirn no* is runs. OROROB A. tlBAaf), ??a Krosdeay. Orrera bis eailrw Im joetation of Real India 'unci's hair efeawb aad Real furs AI nnpreeeden wd Low prieea. Hto atoafe is superior to any be ban rear before offered, also Preach lahmern ahawto. well* ibawla I'tea* sft*? aad sllb rosea. K" And ''d|W merle xe ratontlaa, d 0Td foods of erery dewrlp'yyt K IOH DRT GOODS VRRT CHBAP A f ennral redaction o< Miors Bleb poplin . re inord froa^te to 1 bfb robes rery low. Mlba ?*rr b i reduced. Shawl* reduced, Cloaks i gntde generally. J AUK4 A. "SASH, 773 Brnndwey, aho?e emtb JHIRT RORiU SB Haul DBS ID HAHtf STIritffAD 3 mtealee atltehed and ta ad Sty lee and prieea, to THB I I a ?H STORM t48 Srsndnay, ahnm attar place J. O. 1(1.1.188* A OO , Proprietor .?HAWLB. RBaWlS -BTRLLA BReWUR J shewto. Wootlep toe|yJ|e?1 .qusre thkWla, HHWI.U Of en'frely tew styles, Tffi At. . By BRBBBAB A OO., 409 Bnmdwap. 1 I 28 PBT BOOM, dMP. SPLENDID UfQLI8H POPLihfl. 8* rU 1110, MoeMrroalT By BMMEMaM A CO . 478 Broadway. rru BAB IE. 1. Raise al which MiMoatk* fuTowtag kHki vtlMll fTAM> eitanalve elolhlig .are house ? tad <8 rnUoa ??ML mf you stub iMtaHuk.. 90 scale aa the dollar Agricultural Buk to ?? Bank of Carsndateaa 90 M ** Buk c f Central Mew Tork 90 " ** Baak of 1 two 90 ?' - Buk of Cristas 79 *' - Chemung County Bank 80 " M Dairymen's dank 90 M M Farmers' Baak Hudson Fa/Bwra'jufTiUaona Baak, WUlmo?g 1 Hodaoa llnr Bank Lee nardsv lils Baak Medina tank Niagara llror Buk Oliver Lae a Hank c aiarlo Bank... Ontario Oouaty Bank Pcwatl Baak BrclproeHy Baak Saeketia Harbor <iaak Wet I era Buk, Loakport 90 Wnnklngton Buk 90 hates i ouaiy Bank 90 " " Boll later Bank 99 " " Huguenot Baak 90 " " Hamilton Exchange Baak 90 " M I nelda Central luk 99 M " Bank of OA Saratoga 99 " " oorracncoT. Baekol Uaiifrl county 90 " M Bichanae Baak, Hartford 90 " " Merovntlle Buk 90 ?' M Charter Oak 90 " M Buk of Morih a ania 99 " " Bridge mrtOlty Bank 90 " " Baa cat uck Bank M H " II ladbnm County Bank 90 M H Colchester Buk 30 " 14 All other Uunneetl jilt backa par HltODB 1X1.4*0. ? bode Inland Oeatral 90 " M Bopklatoo Buk 90 " " Buk of tbe loath Count " M Hrerton ard Wl.'kford Mink ? " ?? All other Rhode Island buka 99 " " NiaaiCBcasans, Weatern Bank, BprlagBeld 90 " M Lee Bank ,.90 Baaa Elver Hank SO " " All other Maaaaahoaetla buka par H?W JtBSKT. i Buk of New Jersey 99 " M Bergen County sua 99 " " Bank of Anaertca 90 '* " PbUlptburgh Buk 90 " " AN other Jersey banks par War -en County Baak. Pa. <1 " " All other Pennavlrula banks 90 " " Back of Sooth Royal ton. VI, ? 79 " " TRKMBBDOUS BCMH. Continuation of Ike great bankrupt tale at ALEXANDER JUSI'S 81 ud IS Catherine ureet. three doore above Monroe, Ihla morning, will be oa rale ? j Pbawla alike, paremst a*. Preach merlaoe Double ? Idtb plaids 1e.9d ; ducal plaids, 13a. 1,300 drraaea Norwich popllna at k ud wool, yard wide, 39 or ale-worth 10 oenta 10 oaara mohair dabege, 9V oenta Caaea brocade mohair, f jr dreaaee 18V oenta. Cues double width paramattas, 13V oeala Every article la the establishment to be cleared out, at 80 oenta on the dollar. One prise oalv, ALBXaNDHB JU9f, . II and 0 'atberlne street, three dorrs from Monroe street. WEl GOOD4, BED AND HB?TH BLANKETS. BLACK ud oolnred breaddo'hs u1 oaalme-ea plain ud plaid popllna, woolleo plalda. moire utlquee, lunar linens, las I a clothe Ae , just received, ud for eale by WM. MATHBWH 94 Catharine street. PALL FASHIONS. MAIBON, OIVaTTE a CBOBRB ?I LOWERS. FBATtI era eoluores, ball ud brtoal trimmings. As. Madam* MA9NEVILLI, from Para, In o enlng for the aetata desires attention to her choice and beanllfal a'ock reiently seleetel by her from her own and Bret establishment# of Parts. 84 White street two doore Irons Broadeay. mU"KBR'B OOirFUEBB. SIMPLE AND ELABORATE. - i Feathers, rib bona ud other ornameatal .favorites are aow like everything around as, cheap, below par, and accept able to every purchaser at Pavilion de flora. Ml Broadway. mo VBB LADIES?FOR 81 LB. TBET OH it A P, A LaR'tB JL reel sable cape. WU1 aell ?lth it for inspection by Mn<l lug addicts to Jim Jonnson, Herald otllcc. wwKucnoa. f/5 ~.4.???D H*'D WE nun TlDOHr FOB S6?IB I .* '??wasof ome boar Mob, tod full laocena (aorta ^.^SRSS;^ zfffii . Ken orally ooo?ld?red mad Mr (loldaarh mar rrrr ??U alaim to b? eoaatdercd at Ua b<od. 7 7 . .Proa, tba Hob* Jounal I una, U, 1KM.I la trrrj pro'aaatrn tbtra In a raeoga Imrttaa wma?ir.r iioi Wn'n&i?: %t,:zv?'%x!"j] fiByasr* A ?RAn.U*TE OF PBINUETOB, A PR ACTIO A I, .<? mghtaBbb, baring moat ta rtarturj p *> >r? of aaowa. ? ?J' oDrer* ?fcnrlonn In U&%i QtpAi in would *Wa m?rw? Mpwlll luitriiOUoo In tbl nstuznl IOIBDCM.' Ika mElhamail -tm and drawl,,. Addrro.Q. w!mo. A. '?"r'r^iTm!"ffSi'8-''-w 1?2&5?1 kl fttagrti ?aj,ot>o,; *?? &*? ?*r rrtldanoa or atifti at ibeJr own bourn ULauT. ^ JJl S^u?^d?2?*X wSJSre ! rorirr of Batb araaaa. Pooiiaantb itrant, | '?5!2? IBBTTTllTB fob TOUlia L.ADIER ? MAntMB BBBOIBRW friMk, Enrllth NnuUh hnuiu. ! flssaa^-?re?^ ^?^Wm*^Sfssi35Bywsa! Mi'HICAL, AC. I AHH OAED.?ITAI.I * R arc BBtiUfld VOOAL HO?U aao tba planof wto. Hlgnor'na HPiROI.A Inform* hrr f?l*nd? and tba p ibUa that aba glrr. laaanga la rocal m< ala and tha plaanfor a at bar raal daaor, Ro I Waal Twraly all b atraat, oofar of Broadway. atndlad undar tba flrnl Italian aaaatara aba waohaa tboroogbly. Iba bignat rafwanoa | Wan. At boBa from 10 till 4 A beautiful fipiuhid b^hiwood pi mo r?s aala at a aaarltea. rnada by tba boat ally maAara, nanrl naw wltb iba ma bar'a fall warraatoa On bo aaao at id Grand atrnrt, naar Wrvatar. for a Haw dar? only rR RAVE OB IXOHA?OB FOB PI ABO A VBRT anpartur Ru' i. * paioat 8r? oriaaa malodaoa. pnrfnr la aaw and warraaiatf, waa trlartnd from a largo oaanrwanat Prlca BNX lb* ownar baring no n*n tar M will aall ? Aim tar Bab. or wfl riabtot* Rfbr a piaao. Apply atppmitb arrana. nw r T wanly talrd Wraat PI A BO, OUITAB AO. ABO ALBO fHB EPAB1HH taaguaga and d aorta a taught by J. O. Blbaa, M Via ?Irart. 01* aaaa g trna at arTanla rnaMawoaa and la aiwataartB al mode-amMma Par fnrtbar parBcularn. nlaiaa addi ? ? aaVJ at bla roald* ?J'"10 ** bbducep * Mkl popnlv WaTIKH ^ _1*.*"! .pry? d?,iB? ** nuintb, aiw ?Z ZVnXS.'SM'V.K' S&ZVi&'KS ISZJ'SJS.Jjr'Zi n?r?? Z* awg rant allowed on aorabaan, 'ar aala on B?tbiy ini wai.u t"ii??4T?4 "??0 POBTBR -OBtT WARE ? reoau In Baw I orb 419 and 411 t<??> . ?mv Tbaaa tn.trum.n a -- p ?,T * yrn. caw of lb,abora .aba to rant, and ra.rS^ri VlKRLLAIVKora. B'1 W* ?P .TTfB HOOBOB BIyIB ABD PABBBBW of H tufiom will bi rWNnr#Wl El nay A - . ttc liudton Mnn, ttoi of lUrrSS VS^i ^ ? prQd?^ ^ II I VII a b ii m. am. a.Cli-V.1. ???>?? aoo." 2V"? Ibia, brat, ?te , Iba ; hags, aitrm $1, rtor la par |H andlaa I?e ; aotta, ?*>. an1 l?X; old J,,k. 'Itoaad ifta Jar'm iZ IT*?**' bl*'k '??? ?*?? ? andV aTTa rtairE sSb^IZS ^".rtaTrjswd, Bbtlfappbad tat. w?b Punt odlna amJ^T^ i *? "WrttA. 1M Broadway 1 ss^jijasr'js HAiB DBRMtrBOl-WB* POITB1B HAfBnBEWfBB froai 7a-la, Idx Wcat 191b atrwM wonM ri* ?rod bar *"". "f >#r aaadryaia priraa to laltaa wan lag a balrdnaaar. Oldw Ian at b. raatdraoa prom >Uy atlamlad to CEWIBO HACH1RIR.?WAMOBW flO RBWIRW I AJ ?? ln?? ar, now for ante al 449 Broadway, fbaaa aro ooly n.arblnaa radIN roltabla for taally aaa. aad pirtr p (10 ??*!*? BA plaaaa bria wlth'nlia'raartbTf'ii "pa^ui^tnuwi^iag^to'pnp flbaaa a ?? ? taj marblaa will do wall to aaamiaa tbaaa bona* bold tarorltoa b.'ora paying P7f to IliO tar baarr, rmabaanai or trap Saab d r?*a llrrialrwa bnl owa boar'a InliA to b? SOB. abilfnl apararora i.iwmaa ytran gratia Tbla ~a 4M,i baa jnat baaa ?5r?'n?<l by rardlal of tba Altod WaMa ObwaP cflirt. WATBON, WOO fit EE b OcTT 44P broad way fPO PHOTOABAPBTRfR I CBB BTBIB aBD BITBATB A of atlr.r, iBAaatartnrad rrpraBly for pbobograwbla ?nr mby ckobR A fOl/BO laboratory, Ana Wraat b. ^^H?at araaiA WllHaa?a?nrg, t. I. 7* " rUBWlTVIU, AO. |Q/in ? ?4"LHL?"iT*? TBIOOtTBTBT WIUL r WBplwa bawaabold r irwNnra rpy gocda toRabla b r aiportoAnn; Jawalry grnnlna or im'.iatl n .. tawrota,. oaly ta oaa .tata laat Bar AilawLt", AW4 P?rt r " aa. K Wn 'XPPTAgf JgOBBTTOBB IVPBBR /J" IV. a ,fm" ?? ?#WBd. al tba dM maso iIond^rairtUiuTi^ '^"2** H<wl"to" taafxwnr ? inaba (loada rarrfally paabrd tar An woaaWy J R PdMOBR. a F?w?MP.*.BrW4''TfDl "0,,,, ?**ITtTRR, ABD -V- >*P-by ?"bty n.talwiania or wonkl giro bo?H Dtabtoiv^toaM^lTurtAlir*"""**"" Add'**" nsmiAi. ?a nnnwtmo om bond and mortoami on ?PO.UUU n?w York Mty PN??|||, iMr?? irfT. Brook 1) n Po?t office 4LADT WAKTOTBH LOAN OP 9*10 TO 9000 Pom A term, wUl pay good Interest; la a each bastaasa of outek KiM In ott* or .-oualrv: or. If required no Internal In the baaA DOW. Address Mri. Titer. Pahm I guars Ppi I QkoA EBOM WOOD TO fdCOO WiMTID-TO IITWr W A now dawnled nrtieie paying 100 P?r eeol, unlimited de mand for ibo nriote. Addrcaa box 99 foal cffite, IMwwk, m. J _____ IBTino ravin mb unrrmmon, no. ? waub (Mas*. mat Orwawte (treat Open dully frtnn 10 to ? ofeiosk. end 4 toT P IL. Mondays. Thimdaya end NwOO* ""p*,~,5K.?sV-oasa - -- ?. la. Anion, Raw iter* Mai IORB OP DOLLARS UHOLA1WBD IB THB BANK of Inglsnd end elaw here.?Heir* wanted of Sober* Crewe, (on of Joke, both of the Society of Friends; tied. Ifirr fardy, Alloa Bllott, who emigrated fro? London about thirty years ago. H. HaYe neat of kin office, tat Broadway, M.W. VTBW YORK AMD BBW HAW RAILROAD OOH X* pony, No 1 Hanover (treat, Mew fork. Oetober 1.189.? Mottee ?The internet on Uiabonda of ifcle company doe Jhte doy, wtll be peid on preeenteiloa At thin offioa. W. BBMBMT, Trwenrer. jkrnw york and mrw baybm rati.road oom ^1 pony, Mo 1 Hanover street, Mew York. Oetober 1. 1897.? Motion of dlrMend ?1 ho dividend declared by thin oonapony Pobruory 1.1MT, of I per ernt on the enpltol (took, arifi be pnid to (took kohl are an demand At Din office. W. BhtfBMT, Tienenrer. 2PPICB OF THB AA BR I (JAN ATLANTIC AMD PA0II* fle Hhlp Oanol Oonapony -Mew York, Oetober 1 \m ? ilen In hrreby given ? the batters ef righto (or porta) in thto ectepany, that on araanatornt of Ore do ltia en an eh right to rtqnlmd to be paid to the andoratgnad, at Mo. d HowlteB Orea n, on or before tee ITte last By order or the Board. IBAAO O- LBA. Bee etery. OPF1CR op THK M1CHIU*N CENTRAL RAILROAD Company, Rot ton. Oct I If BY. Pealed proposal* will be received at thia ofB-** op to IOth ad Mowtmber, at 1 o'olock P. M., far A loon ol 9,t,t*J,t00, payable an folio wi ld. Yen per eent on November 14 ebtoh Aral loatalaaent tew company wtll retain without landing boo da therefor on ltd (be lam Instalment it paid. IB. Fifteen per cent January 1, 18JH ilB Twenty II*n per ernt March 1. IMS 9 Twenty tlra per eent May 1, 1HB8 9 Twenty Are per oeat July L if SB. 100. Por white the ooarpanv will larue eight par eent cmverU ble bonda w lib avau annual eoupoaa daea 1st Oetober, 1.KS7, and having I *enty lire year* to run In oner lo gird'be q meroua bo'deri of amall amranie od ouralnck an o*p rtucity to subscribe, a sufficient somber od tbe bona* will be for urn hundred idlers raob, tee rematn>leg for one thousand dollars. Other thing* being equal, a preVreaoc wt'l be glrea to the amailcr tide by eur bona tide stockholders, who are rupee tally Invited to ebare In the loan, but tee company recurve lo tham celvee the right lo eonelder the rrepooal'.Ulty of the partirw mafclna >ke prcpoaals ae well aa the raw offered. MHn than* norpllijin they wilt award the loan. If the whole be ivkeo. prorate, to 'he hlgheat bidder Motea o' the company or booda maturing between thia dato and July. 1- Vt wtll be received In payment for thin loan, Willi proper lejostmeni of 1-veaeaA Por thn protect ton of ute?e yowls and of thoae maiming It* It'OU, an I sunegnrntly, a Brit m- rig ate upea^be^i ropcrj/ end Iranchlara of thn roapan- har -nan For her ga'.han'rl Thayer and H. II Hogeawa 1 fnati)<a w ntalnlpg a provleo that n a Inking fund aha I be paid to aaltf Trustees annually, at tUolent lo absorb the preae, I iasue aw fore a atnrlty which ?d% I >? Invrnted in tela lame of honda an loop aa lh*y can be bought at or uad r ten per eeat pram In an - o'herwlae at te- discretion cl" lie Trnat-ee. The proposals will be oa ener at the rffla* of tbe Oompany . on the 10th day of bovena^er next, at 1 P M., In th preaeoeo 0,' the above named Tr wtree. who accept the true I with ten ur.dareiaadr g that tee* wtll at teat ll aa reel re u to any suit able paruea nominated by amajorllyof the takers of tec booda. J w. BEOUKO. Prnatiiant ? sane I.tvxnaonx. Treasurer ? Bxuac. from an act of the Laclalatrre of Michigan, approval February IS. 18BB 1 Beet ten L Tbe peonle of tie State "f dlnhlgaa enact. Thai tha M cblgan Cea rml Railroad tlompaay, by a vote of We di rectors or a majority 'hrreo', nay Increase I'a capital at-cht from time to time, o an amou-1 nvoeseary to cover tea east of the construction, completion equipment, ^operating and heap ing up of Ibelr road and Its oontec loea, and lo lay down n dor be track for the rn?, and boh within and without ?aid vtate; and alio to taaue hair, bonds from which In Bay any debts incurred or to be Incurred for such por prase, i such inns and at such rates of Inter rat as sueh directors or a msiority thereof may dvtermiae: and tea said ateeh ana bends to soil and dispone of at such rales aa they sen. and am mid directors or a aaajorl y thereof may aypmve; aad aa'd dt r- ctore or a maJoi lt? mere of may, > ndcr snch regulaltona aw they way adopt, co f?r on tee b >1 era of auch booda the ri to oonamt the prtaolpal due tearson late tee atoek of eomi aa*. WARTBD? PROM 01.QUO TO H.nh> for one year or aaoru, on unincumbered real eatete, altuateu on he Hndaou river, wtthte 9 mil.-* uf tee city, worth ten times 'he amount rrunlrtd. a liberal oowaalaalnu wQ be paid. tee money wank er between now and tee Ute November. Ait dram Importer, Herald atoea itl IIOILMEN, CAJUEUAUB8, M. 4 BAT BOMB, MVAKTBBB UANDB MI9H, LNIHT ?L bay, Hoy IaU. t nd and found?? tan tan# lo* n ooupd. Ioqaltt it prira'e ?lAbln AO id Wr?t Twenly alyhlh timet Dootoba wauob rom exit djllarh-wobtu three Hiam Ike moaey A rood f unity oonnh. now 11,100, fr r 1276. In'ialre of Mr. HILL, 2* and >4 Waal Thtreenih W. FART ABDRTTLIrH RAT COLT, OOB1MO III IliU o'd. warm ,fd lound anfl lint; It*' i trot'tay vayoa, wefyht HiO pound*, harnnea blanket* An .will all on aoM a* auction at on* o'clock oa Friday. by I. A * 11 BCHBROK, at Uatr aalrfronaa. 1/ not pm-tooaly dtayoaed of. Can An aano at XI aro .? Wcat Tbi' I-ruth atren CI lALE-A Rl'I.BBuID RORE1L RdUI. RITM far* old. IAS h?n<l* kick, tlyllth drlrar, aaand aid I atnf'? or double tarn*a*. *Ian aiod aaddln horac; la aold for rant of na* Alan, a brown knran. elyht yaar* old, Ee.folly built, a atyllak drt??r, well anltrd for an etprata be knard of at Waidroa'a a labia, WaahUytoa auant, Uo bokon na kale-fifty uuut top buboibb, liustt ro*kawaya. faml y ra-rlayae, bnalnma waiona, enlktaa. liny'? and foikl* barn***, new ?nd cam nd hand, and mealy koraaa, at W Marina afreet, aoraar of Pulton n ran an, Hruok tyn. Fob salb?a bttlihh rpab tr bat horbbr, rood roadaiera. warranted aonnd and kind. wW ba ask] toa'tn- r or aapara e and an rheap, an Uto owner ban no nan for tk<m. Ako one act r.l doable k* neaa, oAnap. Ota ba lean at T. W. BAR DEI H'. A a I Chatham agnara. ?B HALE?A HAHrROin BBTBR TKAB OLD SORBBb h-raa.ailae iraralwr and food w >rh-r, warranted aB licit Appiy to B RuTO, aoraar of Pnarl and Biaa areata, or In the atora i>7 Jamae a reel , 1JI0B FALB-A t.ABBB, LOR9 TAIL BBOWB HOBAB. r If'? haada htya, rery at) Itab and pleaaaat drlrar aatao team old, warraaiad la ? rery nwp-ot; prloa MOO Ataa ?* handaow* bob tali j my mam, Mi yanra old. poof bxlH and rtr\ at'llah. price litti warraniej aa abuva. To ba anaa at > H Pairy a m t rIB RALBCHBAF A BABE II IliT 1BABR OUJk about IS henda S Inekea htyh pony bulU aouad and kind, wltk font br t blank Ham it onlan aone Will he aold then*. Applr to ROHlAfcOM, laO Chambora alrent. HO HUB PUR BALI CUBA"?A RPLBBDID AR1BAL. oal - rarr a ?tab In unit tared yrnraold. 16K band* hl|h, oolnr dtpple bays ?trllab aonnd. klad ana canila. Apply At Ike prirain a Bo ? BAtlTwen y alyhlh aimet HOBRB, WAUUB ARII HARttlMI FOB RALB? A I ray korae. about IBS handa kick, rery gentle and an eierllant Inrrber apply at Utn afob itable No. M Third atrant. near Canond araana. [UBRB. WAUOB ABO RaBHKHR -n>B ? ALB. AT A korae 5 I air a hl<h. (hat and la war?natal aartaaUy aannd ard kind la karaaai and a baait ful ? vkU? horaa wa H^taOBFK WAUOB ABO RA ? raT1 a ) inc ka* a. at I ah. and nearly M kinnd laH aid klad la haraeaa and a han-il rul a add >? horaa wayon an* karnera anarly aaw. The whela wBI ha aaid a bar rata If ap pUtd Ear Ihia day, at OOBELiB'R atabtaa, d Waal Tlhrmantf Halt up privatb hta?i.k no u w??t biurt eenth atrent, bat wren Fifth and Hit h areanea % let. H'nblea abore yr? nnd app'yco the pratnwea m THOB AN UalcBOOK.1? WAUOB POB RALB -A OBO- IB'I OB BXPBBBB rata, In firrt rate ordar nearly aaw, atw. a HyM road wayoa. alaa. two lerye ir n kaulea a iMabla km rap V llera or oiher tarn, will be told <neap Apply aormr Rata arenna and PwtyAlat a tree l. AUOB ARO HaRREMH PuB BAI.E HlAP -B a"iO hot warm aaada to order by Hoc A Wileaaaon. Broadway, barneaa lirht. nnd both la .rat rain order, ""an ha aara nl tha atora M Hudana atreei. nnn door kalow Okwai. coPAATinuumr ioticei. turn -PA BTRIB wabtbd. with thip abopbp. ft) U. to Iota ha ? lhnnrtber la an near ktwiaeM Wknb wl'l yield from MTO to CMC prel* par week Tfcne hartay ra Ityto ? ac' i plea nntd nut aaawar. AAdrraa r Ul flem'd odlea $600. -A OtBTLIBAR HATIBU IHIR ABOOWT ~v,u v, aakatr run a*. I ran "?!??? ? ta a reepectariw party, la aa o?d eatnbkabw eaab lanw, ?aw_par>ac n r?4 Inflow a Ro farther enpiuU rwiilred far partlenlara apply lo LITINORTOB A CO. Ro > Herman a met ? USUI -WAHTCO A R aR Wi Pit Til IB AMOOBT TO ?rJUU. uhe aa egual inwreat >a a ? an a fact aria* hard nr*a already aaWhSBfTaaw la f Ul opemtwa. doaa ??#i? alrely far aaah The haWrtwn rer>lr*? twdl one in Waral and -WAR1BD. 1H A WBLL hRTARLIIH^b O.UUl/. "?> h'wlneaa ta io? tlaadnr. aa aetlm or ?Utai partner, wtihflre thouaand Anltoea ready aaah ana mala he ared to treal ad rant*#' Tan bmraeaa n hiyUP reapeetabie and pmMabla. Daetnepdrr-able ref-ranaa ylrao aadrrqilrrd Addrtaa Caah Haatew, Herald oBaa. ~Z RARR CHABOi POB AR IBTKATHAHT IB A A mABiifactortar boafant# where lawn pmlte ean ha mnl ued. B-Ueene p-rfrrUy aafe for forlbar partteutera apply In B. TORI m Hrradway. n>w IS ? k'taOLCTIOR-THB OOPAATR ERHHIP RBBBTO LP fore ribtlaf between the anb"-r bart, nafar the Hraa ad Jawea A. Haaltk A 'V*.. la tAla day dinar :rt 4 br mntnai eon rent. ft", H BfTTH. r!T. rbwabo! Sir Tr*C. Cel S 'W7 The hnaiaepof ita lain Irk w?t ka aasuad by Jan. R RmUB, II k titeh itraH ABTRIR _ WARTkilV - A PBA'ltWtL PBIBTBB, who nan rowie waR raanMaeatad Hw tadtaw? and that * - tar With MH) caatial. way forw n dawrahi* boWWhna aaawaa Baa ta a wall eatahllBhad eewryarer wttbhatw abrat tap boira' ride frrw Raw Tort dtp, by ing-Uiiny at tha T. K Pntwnr on. ai>i wtlatacpyaaay. tBTABTlD- A PARTBVR fW A RtfE H'.'RIBBRN, ^IaT If ha* been aalablukad fur Ike laat iwanly yaare; rmy p?- tanler will ha ylraa OB ka toterrlew, Mpttkf from W? ta (HO. Addreaa a note lo Jo Par. ka? ITT B*mtd offlee. HOTRLI. PARK HOTEL.-THIR P1BBT OLtRR ' on iha Rn'opena plan with n<ad rwitaa tar tana Ulna nnd or wraith Mania Nralahad he rmptietflra an' awaraywa .-in. .. I.- la erery department did a Tha ' 'wykay will ha aataak Uoa ra. alaa*. Akwk ira, Aa.. (Irat inall r. AttaaRad la a raria, where hacarrad ta ordar the beat of eraythta^'ha taafd?tB?i?