Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 10, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 10, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEWYORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7709. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FMAICIAL PRESSURE. State ef Things Throughout the Country. Meetings of Merchants in Philadelphia and St. Louis. EFFECT OF THE REVULSION IN THE METROPOLIS, Condition of the Laboring Classes and the Trice of Flour. SUSPENSIONS AND FAILURES. MB EUR ON TOE PARK LTD BOWIRI BATES, Lc. Ac. Ac. WE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE. UMiU or TBI SIM ATI BILL.?A UUW BILL U POBBBD IN THB BOCSB. Hjjuuhstso, Pa., Oct. 8,1857. SENATE?BVKN1N9 SBBSION. Tbe Senate passed to a aecond reading the lint Mil Hym bp the Select Committee, with thekeoond and Utrd sections or Mr. Brown'a bill at the Mb section. The 1 limits bank dividend! to itx per cent until the acro i of the referred road la not Iom than 90 per eon* i capital (took; after that Ibe dividend! not to exceed oenl, and all exoeea go to tbe' State, and the re I fund to be lnreated in loans aa security for the ro i or notea. SIN ATI. Haiuusnrna, 031. 9,1817. i met at 9 o'clock. Whisht presented a resolution providing for the ag or 9,000 ooplea or the annual report of the Auditor il'n Statement of the condition or the banks on the ?m discount day or November next, for the use or Sena tan at the nsxt aeaslon. Adopted. Ike Speaker presented a communication from the Phlln delphta Board of Trade for tbe enactment or a law giving nBaf to the banka and tbe people. Mens. Browne, Ingram and Wright presented petitions 1Mb the merchants, mannftotcrem and mechanics of Philadelphia praying for relief. BUI No. 1, concerning the banks, was taken up on third Mr. SnurB moved so go Into Oommlttoe of tbe Wbole, ?sr the purpose of striking out the entire bill and icier! U^oaeof three see lions submitted by him aa a sabsli Ike Brat section provides fbr a suspension of specie pay meals tld 1st of February, 1858,and requires tbe payment af specie for their Ave dollar notea. Tbe ssoand section psaiMua for s stay of execution for one year. The third rjab the forty seventh secuon or the act of April IS, Ike motion prevailed and was discussed at length by Mamra. "Kraut*, Klllenger, Tnggart,- Welah, Wllklnn, Vtnney, Browne, tiaxzsm, Wright and othera. The sr bill Into was amended by substituting the first seeBoa of the bill passed on second rending last eight, b it aataadtng the time lor resumption to the sawmd Mondar af April, 1858. ?Men ? of the bill passed last night, requiring the de pamta or tbe State to be paid in specie, was also adopted aa part af the bill. Basse ether unimportant amendments were adopted, aad the bUl wan passed finally by s vote of 19 yeas to 12 Adjourned till to morrow, at 10 o'ciaok, A. M. EOl'SB OP Kk!'Hl?8BN7AriVBH. Ike Bouse met at 9 o'clock Iks special eommiuoo of tbl-teen, which was appointed In naasMcr Ibe various suggr* dona oentalned In the Gover. reported n bill, aad were due barged from mm ?iim moo of the ether ollis before the oommlUee. Ike set, aa reported, la entitled a Bill for the Roller or Maka and their Debtors. It removes the penalties Incur, and by the banks aad savings funds, far a suspension of payment, until the 1st of March. IBM. per alts mijaA?Aaaj still Mr ant their own aoSas; but MMf days after the 1st of Marco, ISM, they msSp'psM Ma* deposits, requires that the banka uf ike oommoa wenBh shall not declare dividends of more than 6 per mat The banks of Pittsburg and Philadelphia shall pab Btih weekly statemsnta elmliar la those now made by ue beak a of New York All banks shall receive Ue note* ef ether banks solvent on the 2>st of September last If the President of any bank makes oath that any bank li aa worthy of credit, three o immlastonere ?*?'? he appointed by the Uovernor to examine into the eondi Man or the bank so oomplaioed of; aad la case of the b? * iMslag the means for a proper examination by the oom ?Mae so appointed, It thereby forfelA Its charter. Bat any bank resuming sped* payments before the first of March shall aot so forfeit lla oha i charter, no writhe tending the sadist of the Ooamaeloaere. Ike sol fustier provides thai all revenue ooUeetore shall ranslve notse of all solvent banks. All banks during sua ?ton moat pay easb for aotes rewired by Ue SU<e for I end Usee. Oa all jrfgmeele heretofore or hereafter ' exegutim shall stay stx moaths longer than now by Law. la oaaes where tbe parly ana freehold security Is as senary. where be bat not, ball may sd. A any of sxeeuUon, however, shall not be for wages or labor Tbe director* or the different inst nooapt Ue bill within thirty days after >a pas saga, and certify their a03eptaaoe to tbe tiororaor. and ks banks Shall pay * per cent Into Ue Rtate Treasury haftro the 1st of January, 18M, fbr Ue prtvi egee granted Me above are Ue prise'ptl oaUlaee of Ue act:? Masro. Thora, Tenrmley, Bishop, Ramtey, Inn's aad Sou nrminitd petitions aiklag relief Tbt patulous were fimas the Board of Trade Aieootetion, elU.-oas of miladel pfcla aad Ua etilsana or Narthasspton coualy. TkeftraiKsa presented Ue proceed tags of tbe meeting al Harrlabnrg last evening fhe resolutions wore Mr. Tnoavs pressuted the resol tlooe edoptsd by Ue jsneting of merchanla and maaofactureri of Pbllafoii hla al the meetlcg la Indepeadcnoe square yesterday after, ansa, which were read. <? Ike bin reported by be ?per!al Committee of Thirteen was ordered to be pnsUd Adjea/aea Ull ? o'clock P M. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN BOSTON. ID ???TON LI8UT INFANThT ON TBI FINANCIAL cams. B.FT..F, Oct. 0, HIT. The MM reported hrery fhHorea la New York had a raabar d atreming effect li Plata atrial lo da/. Thara waa ?aaaa noTmeot la atocki, at a vary low flgure Mcnay M aaan freely <1 lam u a tad hp tha baaka, but not la an 93 alaal amaoai to redaoe tha nmal etraet rain. Tha Baitowtng fhllnraa are reported ?Lyman A Uoorge hUa. atraw ?r. - notion MM uiiion unto, daalar la aH aad leather; Kaah, Preach A Oa., those It a run meeting of tha Baton Light Infantry iaat alfbi, tha fo I lowing raaolatloa waa adopted ? Raaotred That In etaw of tha pment financial rrlaia, aad ooaaaqneat derangement of, aad deprimton a hnal aaaa ganarallp. Okperieaaad bp all clateaa, prefhnaioaa and tradea throng hoot tha aonnirp, aad la deference to what wa tun la ha tha atom! aatraraal eemlmeat of anr maada aad the poWte generally. It la at pedieot and proper ?to poetpon* ear prapnon-1 egrnrtlaa to New Tor* Ull a BMra farorabte oppertnattp THE RHODE ISLAND COUNTRY BANKS. > ?? ? Oat. 0, 1867. The fallowing waa the condition of tha eonatrp baaka af una mate ?ct 6 ? CapMaJ atock 0t.OtS.lM HO ?0a la atnmintlsn l,0i?,<W4 76 Daaiaita 843,747 ;w Rama daa other baaka im.k 6 ?Ua reoel rabla ?,6)1,101 06 Mi 10S.MS r.? lilber ether baaka 181,418 >3 Oafsatli la other baaka 371,088 10 THE WHEELINO (VA.) BANK. ?aitimoib, Oct T, 1847. Itomcra bare been af oat all dap hmrtfal to the credit of Om Haaafbotaran' aad Parmara' Baak af Wheeling, bat nap eaaaot be traeed to aap reliable eon roe, aad wall la tamed partlea dlacradlt them. Thla aflaraaoa tha bra hart were baptag the no tea at tea togflOaeajwr oeat dla aaaat W? bare heard ao reporta againet tha credit of map of the other Wheeliag banks. Tan o'Oloob p. m. A daapaMi .mat raealrad from Wbaallag aapa that the > baak fhllaraa thara are with on t foaadaitoa. EXCITEMENT IN CINCINNATI. CfcinwUTi, OJt 0,1887. Tha newt from Now York la dap prodaotd qnite aa at atlamuai oa 'Ohaaga, aad baalaen at Ike ekwa waa to a great meat neglected Nathlag baa traaaplred la flaaadal aflhtra worthy or ???a. Rxnhaage la at 8ra par cant premtnm, aad the ?apply net eqaal to the demand. MOVEMENTS OF BREADSTUFFS. dutlT, Oot 0?0 P. M. Ptonr-Raeaadlaglp dnll; nothing doing bayond tha oltp demand. Wheat?Nothing doing. Onra?A alight mora meat, aalee at the lot*, rarer ?,000 bnahela Weaker a allied at 87 Xc., thirty dapa. Barley?Halaa ? 800 haeheli prime Canada at 00a ; 4.600 bnahela prime Wale, fbar rowed, at 88c, and l.too bnahela ordinary Uaaade at 80s Whlakep-Sa'aa 21 bblg. thli morning at ~?*C ' ,Dd Wer !a Umj <Uy 100 bbto. prime at 22 Xc. i T; * VO,k ,U< ?T?nlng-ll,ooo bushels own, 2,(00 bushels feed. Bi n .iio, Oat 0?1 P. K. FXmr is unchanged. Sale, to- day 1,200 nerreto it St 60 a bo for com bod to extra Ohio, Mlahtgan and liHtaia *bnnl unsettled galea, mostly private; 12,000 bnahele at Co. for Chicago spring. Oorn la tower. galea of 12,000 buheia at 67a a 67X8. Oata nominal at 30a. Wttokoy Bmnr, at 18a Krelgnt Arm Wheat te New York l6o. Imports yesterday?4 0O0 barren Boer, no 000 bushes wheat, 40,600 buaheia oorn, and 8.000 bnahela ?*?- m porta yesterday- 40.0C0 bathe la wheat, 8,000 buaheia oira, and 8,000 bnahela oata. Brvraio, Oot. 0?0 p, m.? Floor don and lower; aalea 1,400 bbla. at 84 50 a $6 for oommen to ordinary extra Wheat onaetlled, according to the wann of aallm; aaloo 40,000 bnahoia at 77c. a 83c. for Ohioago iprlny, and Mo. for red Illinois. Oorn soarce, but lower; talee 10 000 bnahela at 07c. a?7Xo. Onta-Vbw bera, aad Arm at 30s. Whiskey firmer; aalea 140 bbla at 18c. per gallon. Freights firm; llo. a 10o. tor wheat to N'tf York, Oeweoo, Oct 0?6 P. M. Floor la naehaaged; aalea to-day, 6,000 bbla. Wheat h doll, aad la bald at about 86o. for Chicago aprlng; aalee to day, 7,000 bnakela. Oorn la quiet Chicago, Oct 9?fi p. m. Floor, eteady. Wheat, firm at 79a Oorn, quiet. Oata ( inactive. Shipments to Bu1Mo-No Hour or wheat; 18,000 bnahela oorn. Bhlpmenta to Oawcgo?No flour or wheat j 18,000 boahela corn. Receipt, to-d.y-2,600 bbla. floor,' 100,000 boihek wheat, 4,100 bcabela oorn. j _ . Drnoir, Mich., Oot. 9,1867 Produce la fkat accumulating at thla port Very little la I going rorward on account of the derangement of the our j rency and the uncertainty of the Raalern markets. The ,?r.a?ur oa hand la larger than that of anv Wn?a8Ht5?S The monetary excitement baa subsided o?r nJai.u ?y A ? itaKSfSs PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. ? I'HiLAPiLniu, Oct. 0.1867 14 81: Roo^og Railroad, iytontfaHBhSffa ; "* U]Ui Railroad, 7X; Pw? THE REVULSION IN THE CITY. C omlitlon of ttie manufacturing Interests? Vila Ship Yards?The Effect on the Shipping ?The Savinga' Banks? Saw Buildings, &c*? *c. Ac. In order to Mow the efTeet of the commercial panic upon business In thla city a number of our reportera were yea terday engaged In oolleatiag information on the aubjocl. Th# fallowing la the roauh of their labort. THE MECHANICS AND WORKINGMEN. That the working classes will oot be ao great aufferera by the pane aa haa been repreeented, la a matter of no doubt, and It muot be gratifying neat. Among extensive masu torturer* the utmoat regard for their employ, i hai been and la exereleed, and every disposition baa been evlnaed to gire them work aa long aa possible. Many manufsc turera have kopt large number* of handa pi Una an stock In ?pite of the decreaae of aalaa, and In tome caaea utter stagnation nf business, while other., with regard for the whole, have, laitaad of diicharging any, almplyrednoad the time of ail. The etatemeat of every manufacturer or importance haa been to the effect that no handa would be discharged unlwa positively unavoidable. When id ocnnectlon with these facta It to Mown that the savings tanks have largo deposits la raaarve, and it 1a remember ed that the tendency of the excitement has been wrfduoe prices, It must be apparent that tha working da^ *re at I0 off u ^ ??"*? have aadaavniad to dame*irate The prteen of prevwtoes arw raytCTv a. Ike deaVrt fbeud that thay war# loitog Instead of gafalag br priors Tha grocers found that many families re frtlaed from buying sugar for preserves on amount of tha high prt-as, aad ao the price of sugar hai to oom* dc :bW <* faU? there to one consols, loo at ? a? from"ethl**t *r*lB ,)oaf' w?uld not find l? wmj dZmr, int.the prtaeipto whlrb bas brought ^ "d moil brtBi dovi (mi#kis iffa. ratlijwda do not bring produce at fair rataa they ?m run ??*F B "?wt therefore be admtoMUM toe W duoa elU IneTliebly come In, aad that prices sriii a* a Mr standard While contemplating the bright side of the cannot be deniedtfeMthere tos?o ad!? ?toe tor at treat one third of our TX uTm^ be thrown out of employment The following article has pwpvid with otni from rtliibiA sonrfw ia ihnm ?hn f tbo Jf^'F> Md serve to naaUon many while there I* vat Urns to prspare for the ooadag winJeT? ' THl IkON WOkkfi AMD MACIIINI SHOPf. Tha troa wo-k* aad maohtaa shops have thus tor bees .pparMtlydtoelmrglag the mom hands The proprietor, or the arger eaUbMshmento oompla n loudly of the lack of contracts, bcslaaa being aauaually dull, with bu, !!Zm"C2Voma ,wirt number of man thus far ff^Srrtoe? Tha dalolaaey Solell i ^W#TPfl "w,m * ?>? attributable aotoly to tha oommaroia ortoto, aa the diminution h? to?to f* ,0IB# U,B?? M(1 ??' "d?Ian i J dl*har*? <?f ??ro hundred handa by morTm?hl fL?*0* ? Dr". * doubt lass to be attributed more to the toot of cheaper machines having a read,? of bualoeaa seem to be doing well " - - ^ ?irV.^d Cm^h,L ""I^tmeme of Bunofeotero. doubUe!2 nci he i?f ^ dtoohargee to record, bat as that oan done, the men must qalt work at ike Ural deDine of THl n arm4. Fortuaetaly the jtfi biag trad# was pretty tor sdvaaoed before the paale asade Its appearance. The, fall retail Urate bar, however, been rather dull The heavy menu lecturers oomptota that they have order, enough Ik. ^BOt, 'no,J 10 U?? up without -- v a." ?eymeu o?t of employ meat 0W?;eu?ito hla ^ ^'yrt^ charged any or hie bands, of whom ther* are Yw, I"**'11'wna would malesiheir coattnoaace at work mors oariala Several large bouses whWmmb Mshmettoar* I mated la Coaaeotleu , New Jersey ant other toe Is*, are wlading ep aad will throw oai of ?m ploy meal several thou.aad p^rsou. Uers rhe^loln^ ? . ? embarrsesed them la prorarleg mrmne l-i "M*#110 ff? ?? ^111, and d?rJLi Sr.!.7 papasante were beery Uier were i?^s ' ?r lh?- ?7 too oouree S TBI JBWBt.l IK* AND Atl.VBB IM.ATB WOBIIM. A i the NtN of into pule le notortocety U>? ooetly, reek lew eitraregenoe aad luxury which horo born oo tboughtoMiy indulged, lte eflbct la Mi very heavily la Umm bmeche* of bail mm which arc ?arc ob)ecte of luxory thai neoeeelty. Thna lb* Jewelry luilnMO la eafTerteg aedly rrom the crt*le. Nevenl large etteMiihmenc lomted to thta oily, white minrfiatorMM n \??ark, V .1 , employing la the ag gregate Tnor or Ave hundred boo hare (topped alto rether Teey 90m plain that order* are entree, and they lanaot aTord to pile op (took. Ooe of the large* flrme In the city, employ tog nearly two hundred hemic, will, It la aald, dlecharjr thr Mfter parti* M itatnrdar oitl A arm her t.f etnal' ab< pa hare been le?Bg their for M, and it la Mtimaieu that of jewallere alone there will be about Are hundred oat of empliamact on Rnlnrday nen. The importer are of eooree doing little, thocgh there ere bnt Indtrldoal oaeae of mlafortane A large nnmber of f irla are employed In the manufacture of gold cbaloe, who moot bo thrown oat of employ man I ir the peak) ooatianaa her dunlearn haa the credit *yn Probably la no othe i em been more abated then la thta. Teung hontea erring op, Mil ladlecnmiaalely oa credit, and Anally am retard, rarrytag with lb am many hotter men The Mm and (leadler men are IlkewlM r.trned to ??!! on credit, aad coeeeqaenUy when a panic cornea they nto hardly ralea moaay m pay their baede, atlde from the yaat ociloy nehetrary fbr Heck In the ?llrerwt'c bi.ilnem the lame dlfllonlty le expo f enced In getting the fuad* for Hook. The ore<lll fyelea I* eiteeeiyely praotiard, end the moment the bank* ooa tract the dirnrante, their bnalaeM anM Hop A nnmber ef (hop* have olaced wholly, aad oovcrml partially. Or dare eeem to he ae plenty, or a early en, a* nenal, bat the mtnrfhcturer* cannot get the money to *npply them < >ae of ocr lergett aad rlohoet Anna baa, however, made oon eldereble by manufacturing in nlvaaae, aad nailing oaly fbr caah Indeed, in thin aa well aa le every other do neet of budntM, there car he fiend aollil men who aartmectcf boeinrM, there can he faced aolld men who by correct bntine?e hahita and a ennnd caah eyetam have eecored themaelvee aad their workman rrom the eileouof the crMt. TBI HOOK TRAD* AND ROOTniNDBWt AND TRrWTTHfl. The recent fallen of Harper A n roth or* haa rven nee to a report tbH they were a boat to ecepend op. ratioae altogether No etepe have ea yet been taken lc the direct nn by that Arm, and bnt ah laooMldrrable mimbe, of handi discharged Tbey will, however, be obHged in enrtaii ahertly, and before tbe winter I* throvgh perbvw nee hair or tit<Mr employee, or abont two hnndred, wilt be dterharged. Tbey (ay there ran he no nee te maimUrt ir leg hook* when teem le an earn, end regret moet of all tbe probable neeeMity of dleetxrg'ng lome o* their force who Mite bees la their employ for ceerly forty yeaeo, an i have ohiiJren at work witn tbem. Several suaalier firms have discharged rmsll nnmbrr* of hand*. 1%? Tract Reelelr I'M d!a? barged about ooa fourth uf lb* baa da In ibe binding department, and put lb* ramunder tn ha:f time. The Bible ?odety alao contemplate a radno uoc. The job printers are not vary buay, tboagh mere are net a great many mm nut of work. Her*"*! amatl estab tab me o la have Ourta led their operation*. The Trait Pccle y baa, however, atopped otgbt oflta sixteen pressor Several of the a mall newspaper* nave been obliged to re trrcob expenses, but none of the leading " dallies" bare been atT'cteo One stockjobbing newapapar concern baa undertaken to make up ibe gambling lomea of tba pro prietors by catting down Ute aa'artea of 111 writer* and reporter*; but, aa a general thing. Ute newspaper and printing business baa not nffered extenai voly. PBT 0009V, MANTILLAS, MILLINKHT, 1T0. Like Ibe isweliera, the dry good a and mantilla naer chant* and milliners hare generally anffered aona The failure of a number of wholesale bouaea might be ex peeled, and II muat be declared that by tbea aevera thoneand glrla muat be thrown out of employment. Bui pin and MoKenzle alone employed nearly one tboueand girls. It le usual to dlxoharge a large namber aa eoon aa uie jobbing trade le Onlabed, bat Ute panic ban donbtieea added to tb* Hat Nearly every ee tabSahment baa made a reduction of from one half to one third or the employee, and the jobbing trade haa been Tar 1cm than In previous years. Ibe retail trade baa, however, been vefy fair thua far, though several store* complain of ibe hard tlmee. Mr King, the gentlemanly manager Tor Mr. A. T. Stewart, taya that by jadlelmie ad Venning in the Hhuip taey manage to get along very finely. Be haa found by expertaqoe that the ladle**1 way* read the Si m ay amtALD, and consequently advertise* on Sunday and Moaday. He says, however, that he cannot account for the fact that their bu?lne*s la fatr weather In always bettor In the early psrt of the week Perhaps It never occurred to btm that that le the only time be adver tise!, a-cordirg to file own aooount. The sales of carpet ing, curtain* and expensive dresses have been tome what smaller than nana). The number of emptoj oi has not been diminished. Iu the millinery business there hn been considerable decline. There haa been but little sale for expensive bonnets. Many ladles have preferred to make their old onei answer, or make new ones ibom aetves: while the majority or lb *e U jytng choose the let* ooatiy styles. A large amount or a lock ban than teoeiea rlly been laid by. 8TSAR REFINING. The nftr refiner* have had hard times during the last year. The high price of sugar and the expense of rofintng have left hut very meagre profits; ar d now that the prtoea are falling, the hard tinea step In and ruin tbolr bailnoas. There are altogether from fifteen hundred to two thouaind sugar refiners employed in this oity alone; and If the hard tlmee ocntluue, a great number muat be thrown out of em ployment Memrs K. L A A. Stuart, tne largest refine-*, ?till employ all their men, and nave not yet determined to discharge any. They have been in bnslness for forty years, and never had occasion to get rid of their hand*, tome of whom have grown t) be men In their employ. The panic and depressed market operate disastrously upon the sugar refiners, since It la equally a leas to continue or llo still. Tbo expense of Insurance, wear and tear of machinery (whtob, by the way, Is greater when Inactive than whan employe!), and the besvy taxes, make tne unavoidable expenses qitto burdensome. Die trade wax never known to be so un profitable. LITHOGRAPHERS, ARTISTS, ENSBAVIRT, ETC. Tbo operation of a panic like the present Is alwayn very destructive to business of luxury sad not of necessity. Among the former class engraving and the fine aria must of course be ranked, and are undoubtedly now ?u(T<s-tng badly. Some of cur largest llthigrsphto establishments bavo lessened their number of hands, while two or three, It Is rumored, must shortly almost entirely suspend. Several wood engravers have decreased the number of their hands, though at the eatab'Uhment of J. W. O.-r, one of the largest and oldest In the city, there have beea none discharged as yet. NI8ClLLAWI0ra EFFECTS OF TBI PANIC. At the various restaurants and hotels there hare been nu mere us applications for work, with board an the only remcaeration. The receipt* at tbe restaurants have visibly deer eat* ed, and one down town establishment oouuta 926 lean dally than before the panic The leather dealers have round business rather dull, but discharge no em ploy ?*. At the piano aad rarrtage factorto* there ha* bran considerable decreas* In the ho irs of labor, aad la some Instance* in the rate of wage*, but tn no case* have large numbers of band* been discharged The failure of heavy clothlarn;and the discharge of all Utelr employ As, number ing some .00, by a heavy skirt manufacturer, are Indi vidual cases, but wa b*M*vn that In no other branch of meohaaloai industry has ths paalo been seriously e(feo ffee wash aa the Oentrai Park bas been suspended for the preeeal ror want of means. Tbe number of parsons thrown of employment by this act la 901. only 32 keep en have bean rstalssd out of tbe whole fbroe. The salaries of garden*rs, numbering about 909. of laborers 91 60, aad ef labor*** from 91 to 91 99 per dev. There were alee employed (bow discharged) 160 eula, al 9116; lUJdoubl* trucks, at 94; aad on* pair of oxea, at 92 26 s day. Tbe par meal of the discharged empioyi* Is now la program, aad will be oompieed thin weak Tbe Oommlaalooer* bop* to bo able to resume work very soon, whoa they will put oa 100 men, selected from the old force. At a meeting of the Oommlastmere oa Thursday the Treasurer was *rder*d to pay all tb* salaried a vpoiateee of lb* Board from the data of their appointment; aad the Chief Eagla*ir aad Clerk were ordered to report s det tiled statement of ths ttabtime* of the Board. A movement ban Since been made In tbe B ard of Atdermea to aactet the re sumption ef the work, which, If 11 k earned ihrough, will all or d empioy mem to many deserving median toa EFFECTS OF TIIE PANIC ON THE NEW BlnUMMM Oh of onr reporters tlolled the rriactpel bntld tn(r? that ore being erected la the city, to tea what effect the preeent financial paalo baa had oad la keying upon them. The lumber of building* open whloh work hta beea entirely enapeaded la quite limited, bet oa aearly all of them the number of artlaana oad laborer* employed la very aaall?Jut enfflclenl to keep the work from being at a dead lock; all the reel of the torco baa been die charged. There are about ilxty awn employed oa the large brown atone etnictore attnated at the corner of Broad ray and Mrand atreet, and owned by Brooke Ac Brother* No man hare been dtac.barged rrom there alnee the panic, and the eompaay propone to keep a good force to work till the building laocmpieted The eork for the large atorc that wna commenced on the corner of Leonard atreet and Broadway, Joat abore Appie'on'a atore, la ratlraly atoppe i Not a man wan at work en any pert of the building There are oaly (IfletB men at work oa th# large bntldlaga Nee 140 and 342, runatr r>aok acroea the block and oovor lag Ibe whole aite of the old Tabernacle. Tbeee etwee oecepy a very adrantageoua altuattor, am being erected with beantlful marble freota, bat the work on them bee all bat rtopped. Twenty Ore men warn lieohargod from them f n Wednetday I tat The mar bin atore ? rented by Solomon Ik Hart, at 309 Broadway,tanaarly completed A limited number of mea are employed npoa It, and will be retained till lha work la eempleled tome thirty mea are employed on the new marble atore efWm B Aator, at 300 Broad eay, aad a cnOlolent nam ber will osntlnue In work oo Ibe ?tore till It '? flnlabed Wood k Chriaty*a new home on Broadway la aaarly completed, and workmen will be kept cjaateetly employ ed on It nntll It la llalahed. mi wtw aruakfl in cntmiHt ?r*arr. There are eome forty men employed on the new marble front atore i 8h aad S7 Chamber* direct, owned reaper* I re lr by C. firman, Jr., aat O Mr man, Jr. The boildlnga are nearly completed, and there will be oo eoapeaelea of work anil I bey are. About thirty man are employed on the new Iron front bnlldlag bring ore wed at ?1 Chamber* street, by the Irlab Emigrant Hoclrty. tor an < migrant indue trial ?* rlaga baak. The for? man tblnka the ilghtare* oi the tlmea will not afloat tba work on thla bnlldlag Tha two floe marble front* being erected at AT ana Ad Chamber* atroet. by E f. Stewart, f?i , bar* acme alaty men to work oa them; aad a a Mr. Stewart I* aald to be all right, hla employ-* think the* will not be tamed off to ahlrk tor themselves dorler the hard I'met The two line at urea M aad P7 Chamber* atreet. built by N. P Hoeack, are about completed, aa I are libelled "To lei." Tee or twelve men are at wwrk et tha marble front a lore being erected at 1W Chamber* atreet, by Mr Pater ien. No dischargee bare recently been made, and the pre*eat number of man will probably be employed oa Ibe work Ull It la Oniahed There are rely twelve men at work on the new marble frost more beiag eroded at No. Ill chambers street A aamber of mtn here been dtecha'ged within > tow daye put The fwadatloe tor two eicrea ba* been commend at Not. 117 and 1M Chambwe atroet, by Mr Higglu, bat the work '* now eetlrely suspended Twelve men b ire been discharged from the store at No. 21 Cham ber a threat, btHBg bclU by Tha*. E Smith, Ran There are but very tow men now empiored oo the build ing, and the foreman don't know how noon the work may be antl ely aatpeaded Tba new marble front being erected at No 128 Chambers aireet, by Robt I>. ?ewnrl. Kq, has flfteen men em p.cyed upon it. Tba iter* will probably be finished with out nay suspension of tha work Tba stores 161 Chamber* street, owned by Mr Wallace, 183 aad 1M Chamber* street, owned by rreaoia aa 1 Ste vena, and 117 tamo street, owned by Mr Wm loe bore only acme 80 men employed upon them .but the first store la about completed aad ready to let. There haa bean no discharges eteoe the financial rerulafoa, aad the perUae building lham my there will be no anspeealoa ef the work nntll all the boildlnga are completed Some 10 or 12 mea ere retained on Ibe marble front atore beiag created et 16? Chamber* mreet The work la eetlrely suspended on the sow store et 121 Chambers atreet Thelroa frcnl store 120 Chambers at wet,runtilec through to tha eeat block, end owned by e Mr. Jonaa, bee ? email nnmbcr of workmen engaged up in it. mrw BTOkks iw OTH?k srwmri. A large One brick store, with brown rtooep rimming* la nearly completed et the corner of Oollege place and War roe aireet. Tare re mea are at cresset engaged epoe N, there bare beea no dlechargce op aoconpt of the psoie Seventy teres men are employed upon the Iron froet More belay creeled el No. 76 Murrey eUeel, by T. Hopkins h Broibere There bere been no discharges re cently. ead the oempany ere going right on to flush the buUdlag. The foundation la laid for two new ttoree at 10 and 63 Murray itreet, by Mr. Treadwell There ere Iweoly men employed upon them. No rnisprniton te anticipated Mcaea H. SrinneU'a new Iran Trent More, tllueled at No. 7 College place, la nearly completed. Thirty in on are at work upon It, and will finish it aa aoon a* possible No discharges here been made on eooocutof the financial crista. There ere two new merble ttoree juet oompleted at the corner of Oollege pUtce end Kobictoo street. Sidney Smith, Eiq , baa two warble front etoree at Noe. 3 and 3 Oollege pleoe aearly completed. They are bnllt by eontraol and will toon be oompleted. Samuel D. Babeock baa a sluoiljr More, bnllt under the aame oondltlaaa, at No l college piece. N1W 8TOBB8 IN PABK FLACK. The work on the block of new marble bntldlnga being erected In Park pleoe la progressing rather alowly. The

More of Thomas Hunt, E#q , seventy five feet aqoare, alto etad at the corner of College place end 1'erk pleoe, la very nearly completed. No dtaoaargea have been made on ao count of the panic. About twenty men ere at work npon It, and will continue until u>? buuc ing <a flnlahed. The foundations for a store by the Mde of the above. 11 Park place, werewn-ineBoed tome time ago, but there baa been a oompkte suspension on account of the money mar ket. A Mr Underhlil commenced to build the store. Thetwoitorea next adjoining hare but rrry few men to work upon them. The. of Cristy k uronatant baa oaly tight men (Jbarles Sandforit lathe contractor for building seven of these new marble front structures, 36 f?et front each. Pour of theae (26 feet front each) are owned by Thomas Slocum, and three by William Watson They are all topped out exoept the fronts; about one hundred men alto gether are employed upon them. One hundred men have been discharged since the commencement or the panic. The oontractor expects to keep about ore hundred men at work on tho buildings till thoy are completed The work on the block of buildings being orsoted on tbe rite of the old Bnok Church has been almost impended, there being only about twenty men employed altogether on them. D-scha-gea are being made dally, io that Ut a short time the work may be at a dead aland still, from one hundred to two hundred men were employed on thta block of bnlldlnga during the summer. THE SHIP YARDS. The rellowlng la a statement of what ta being done tn the different ship building jarda of this city, to which wa ap pend a table ror the purpoao of preeen.lng M one glunoe not only the number of vessels on the stocks, bat also the number of men employed In each yard, and In all the ya'da together. In Roosevelt A Joyce's yard only one yeesal 11 on the ?locks, which la a bark of abont 760 tana, and on which there are 26 ship carpenters and joiners employed. It Is expeote<l that this vessel will be finished In about a month or tlx weeks It la not expected that any others will be crmmenced tn this yard this year. In Westers ell's ysrd there sro two very well modelled ships on the Mecks; they are each 1000 tona burthen, una similar the one to the other In every respect. Thoy have been on the nocks Mccs tbe latter end of the month of August, and It la not thought thst thoy will be ready for launching before the close of the present year, although there are one hundred men engaged on eaoh of them. It Is believed that noih ug fortner will be undertaken In WeMerrelt's yard this year, exoept, perhaps, laying the keel or the sloop or-war for the government In Webb's yard bus'neas la brisk. Two vessels are on the rtockr for the Russian government, and one for OUT own government, besides wt -; there Is a steamer whtoh has beau launched lately from the yard, sol which Is not yet completed. Of the vessels for the Russian government sre may say that one Is to he a screw steamer of 1,600 tons, sod the other a propeller of 1,100 Ions bur.ben. Tbe keel only of she large one has been iald, and it the present 'Inn there are oaly about twenty men employed at btr. She Is lo be a frigate, o"nstracted r.f tso best materials, and of courts on the most app-nved plan, her propeller bolng of considerable power. Tbe smaller vessel w>U bo ?Im lar to tba larger ono In every respect, aa far as est tour and materials are oonoerned, and she Is expected to be launched In about tlx weeks, out the other will eol be ready for |Udug clT the Mooks tor a twelvemonth, at least There sre seveatv five men employed oe tbe ?mailer vessel, wbton is to be a oorvetta Tba vessel for our own government la to be n steam re vrnae cutter or about 401 tons burthen. She ts to be a side wheel steamer, and If we can Judge by her form In the present unfinished stele ,o whlob she Ueron the atocki, she is moM undoubtedly well a' spied for swiftness tad at the same time aeexoetisnt sea boat. She, like the two vessels for the Hessians, ts aotng bnllt of tbo strangest and most durable timbers, end nothing will be spared te render her a most efficient steamer In the duties which It Is sometimes neoeasevy for war vessels to perform. There are fifty men at work on her, and oe the Meamer which has been lately laneebed from trtte yard, and la new betngoom Dieted. t> rly man are engaged. The oalter Is expected to be launched In aliont two months time, and we might add that (he Uearner that la already launched Is for the Cali fornia has. In Steers' yard nothing ta at present golsg oe, nor la It Uiongbi that tbe bntldlng of any vessel will be onmmenoed ttll next spring Tae same la lo be stated in reference to the vards belonging to Messrs English sad Goiysr. Oat of tbe laMsr yard, however, e very fine tow bust bee base launched for tbe Mississippi, wnsre tbe wtil proceel as soon aa she Is oomplnte d. Sha Is lylsg at present in tbe dona at the foot of Cor lean street. Her name la Magnolia and there ere some thirty msa at work, engaged la pre paring her to go to see. The subjoined table abowa tbs aamber of ships on u?e itrrks In be several yards, an 1 tfco Dumber of men en gaged on them >? ytmltr >/ Number of Sfupyardi. SKipt. Men ? y?i Roosevelt A Joyoe's 1 36 Wester vert's t 300 Webb's ? 166 HUors' ? ? Kagtbh's ? ? Oolyet'a 1 ? Total fi 4 to THK EFFECT OF THK REVULSION ON THE 8HIPPINO INTEREST. On* of oar reporter i nil led the dooke la tbe loaror part of tbe city, aad bad oeoreraatlcte arllb a large number ot tbe tiered or ee aad nen aauolly em ployed la frrifhtlag aad aa ondlng veeeele. Tbere are probably or lb to elaea aa many u a Iboaeand or Ifleen ho ad red, who look lo ibelr d.iiy labor for tbe tapport oribemeeiree aad flealliaa. Of not a haadrod are at preoont employed, tbe earnest of ehlpptng batlntm bevleg been r/ aetaatly oa tbe de cline for a taoolb aalll now, when ecarcely anything to being does. Bat we all! let them tell Ibelr own etery or one nana we naked ? How la It wttb year work f Aanwao? It la bed?very bad Tbere la bat oae of oar aoea working where tbere might to be tea or twenty, tbe mernbante have newly ell banded or e-e "anting,end tbere ?re ee g><ide to be eblpped eed ee eblpe to hj nni.iadei Yon would think II wee Ken<f?y m yoa weik eloag tbe dockk. Within three or fonr bio-An tli. ro ere el leeet three buedrod mm !j leg Idle. A* oae point 1 eew tile morning, nfleee boreee itendieg where e abort time elaoe ell ware at work. Keroern?How meny Wevedoreo err there' Airtn-1 don't kn->? finally It Ik herd to my, bat there le en ewfOl lot of Ibem Rii-orraa-D> yea erer hero regoler employment, or do yoa take roar r.benceef Avwaa?Some few teko Ibelr oheooaa, but the majority bare been employed by irerrhent* When engaged for e |0b of fr*t|bt'ng or onloediig wo hero to welt ecme tlmeoewoei for the good? or the veaeeI to e*r1?o. We one make. If barmen le brltt end we ere ta demeod, e'.no or tee dcilert e week, bo* we oeneot get work mocb more then heir ef Ike time, eveewhea there la the oieel amount of (hipping J net M thlr mo meet e gang of perhepe twenty Mare dwee pemed mrt to e vreeei f rom Havre, lying at tke end of the pier, end wbieh hed e ehort tine before arrived Held he, 1 Tbere gone e gang?it la now e rera tbieg to i? e gang of men gelngtownrk. I here eeen Urn Ume when yea coeid tee at I we Ire o'clock e dooeo ceege going to work?toaneUmee three or roar on oae dock " Rti nnraa?Wbet kind of retght do yen elteed tot Avewea?The floor batlneee Tbere le eoae oomiog la new, i.?r when tbe merobeeu real np Into tbe coontry jr flonr ibey cea'i get It wlihoat tbe oetb, wblcj tbey he. e not gri R?<?oeTia?What ere yoa going to d?* inewer?I do not know whet to do I need 10 bs often tired 01 eorbing, Yeoterdey I earned eleven oeate hot have hed nothing to do to day. I know oae mea who boa net made e doner for two weeai Keetini another we naked bim tbe eeme queotloa; bin tnewer wee?' Starvetloo for tome of aa If tomottnog dce't turn np pretty noon t> help oe." Another replied thet be eboeld go to eee, wblle meny expremed e determieeUoe lo oabot Groe m of from live to tktrtT were elitlrg, lying end ?tending on every block ?Hag the Fiat river aide, bmtdaa large eumbera lounging ?boat tbe plere Oneoflhem eetd. " I Ion'l mean to etarve to long ea there 1* plenty ef bread lo eat, bat earning on I v one dollar e week le htrefy rem rent to (bed myeei , wire end three children Meet of oer mea live la tbe ronrtb aad Beraath warde. tod mtey ff aa eew do not know now wa are going to Nv# lb rough next weak. Tbtoge are already about u bed ea pnerlble." A party of grain freighter! ware lying oa oaa of tbe dnrkf, e little farther down. Tbey wore doing netti ng, tbey eatd, been una m grain woo oomiog over tbe meal? ?t might ee well he oloaed Bald one, "What era we got eg to dt' That le the qneetloa. Raateeee le coming to an twful rxletf, ibte i nloa never etperleaoed wen tlmee nnm It ee gaged le commerce It bee grown from lafhaer to manhood, and now thin revoWea will knock It book nee/fly to where It etarted (>o thle pi or. there hee not been ea mnnb merehandiM received In kit werte ee earn* te oa two dtye torn year at IM? lime. The trouble with IUtw York i?, thet wa did act beva a eprlag?we eepected to have e Mcmir, bat when cummer mme tbe naeal wea brokroelnmtlJhliy end hat I tile grain cold mm. through. I doal l>eH#m we have teat the right kind of m?n m ?| beey end thai they ere letcreeted le the Deetre' iitilroed. Whenever there wee c owpeot of doleg eeythicg the oanel woold break loot men.' tbere were bat?to breeke. wblle Ib'e eeeron they have been content. I'leoer tnt eeve. were enp-wacd oontd here brake heva give tray, aid th? img and ehort of the met or le Wat wa no. SKlSr It all ? OODSplracy II to to lb* Uteres! Of UM roll rood for ike oaaal navigation to t>? I speded. Md things lata snwmer have looked very curtock." Some woo Id lay tM blame o* one eieao of people and arose an aaiuier. One colored stevedore, who bad earned nothing during tbe preaenl week, repaid to ibe uuestlon, what bo ?a# going ledo, wl'b Ibe remark that ibe Word eald?' <;>1 moves In n mysterious way," and wo mold not tell what warden be might perform noil ?eek lis seemed to feel little anilely for ibe faluro, and Illustrated by bin in inner as well aa worda the power or ralfi Along the .North river the be?vy ba lneal bootee are In Ibe tame atagnant soeditloa Men lounging snend, completely disheartened, are to be aeen on every block and pier. It appear* rather more lively on tbla aide than along the East rtver, on account of the prodoco brought in dally; but that doc* not fnrnlab any employ meal to iheee m?n. Borne of them got Ibe Idea that oar reporter wno obtain lng men to work, and be found hlmaelf naddenty sur rounded by aome twenty or thirty aaklng for use job. Their caae la trnly a aoriowfnl ouo. THE RAVINGS BANK INSTITUTIONS. It la a matter of great pnbllo Intent! to Ond that daring the present financial excitement, wbich to seriously dti turba the monetary and oonnnerclal tnlereata of the eaan try, the savings banks, amid Ibo atorm that surrounds Utem, remain an Arm aa rocks. Tbta la the boat on log lam that could bn paid to the ability and prudence of the odiosra charged with their general inpertntendenoe, and most reenlt In Immeaanresble public benefit. Oaly think of the conaeqnences to mlMoea, it the tame reckless specn latlng, stockjobbing spirit actuated the trustees of these Institutions aa baa brought destruction on ao many or onr merchants and financiers. Bappoee the savings banks bad dabbled In rancy a lock ? instead of legitimately invest lng tbo depoalta, what a spectacle New York wonld present to-day. Bat tbo trastres of these institutions very wisely keat aloof from ibe Scyllaand Cbarybdla of Wall street, and purchased for Ike money of their depositors, not rotten railway stocks, bat profitable Btata stock*, and loaned, not on hypothecated shares, bat on Improved real estate worth double the amount loaned. Hence their present sound condition, and the Increased confidence wblsb the public feel In tbelr solvency. Where depositi bave been withdrawn, under the tbe Influence of ths monetary perturbation, which cantee so roach alarm In the public mind, It baa resulted from Ignorance or groundless fear. This la pretty well lllna tratcd by an anecdote we heard or three Irlabmen who bad 81,600 In the Savings Bank of Lowell, and thinking In there troublesome tlmea to make sure doubly tare, drew tbe money oat and handed it over to tbe priest for safer keeping. Tbe priest bad ao sooner rooelvod U <ban bo placed the money In the same bank from wbtoh It bad been so lately drawn, lodging It, however, In his own name. And thai It Is with hand reds in tbts city, who, under tempore ry excitement, withdrew tbelr deposits from several of onr eioellently managed institution)); they were, on a little reilecllon, only too glad to re deposit tbelr respective amounts, having lost by tbelr unnecessary precaution tbelr time and three months' Interest. Tbe savings Inirtitu tlons posses* Inestimable advantages, and their good ef fects wtU be proved daring tbe crisis through which we ere passing. Onr thousands of Industrie us citizens who have provided for the "rainy day" by laying by from week to week, will now feel tbelr benefit, and test tbelr great public worth. To show how they stand, and the confides' e that may be placed In tbelr sonodnero, as well as to .inlet all unnecessary alarm and prevent useless un easlneu, we subjoin a statemont or eight of th<we Instltn Hons Is tbe olty, aa obtained by onr reporter yesterday ? STATEMENT OF TBE EAST B1VBB HAVINUH 1MHTITU TION MADI TO TBI BANK DBF AKTMKNT JULY 1,1867. Bonds sad mortgages on real estata In tbe ottlee of New York and Brooklyn till,DM 00 Btata stocks '>0,300 00 Hioeks of the city of New York 161,900 00 Loans on oall (Btata steaks aa security ) 66,000 CO Dash on hand 41,103 03 Raal estate (banking bonas cost) 40,(86 61 Total 8106,86.) 88 Liabilities. Amount due depositors .8660,6f? OB Surplus 3ii,SI9 <6 Total 8100,363 63 TBE BROADWAY HAYINGS INSTITUTION. Ob deposit Jan. t, 1866 8687,380 89 Received Jan. 1 to Leo. 31,1866,4,494 deposits. 418,060 07 Total 3999,889 99 Paid during tbe mm# period, 3,36b drains... /. 3(9,486 91 8689,903 06 Interest credited to deposit are 31,937 61 Od depoelt, principal and nitml $722,830 00 InveUm/n! nf iU Fundi Boada and BMrt|i|M on IB pro Tad proptdjr "ee of New T * " T la the olllaa of New Tark end Brooklys, re toed at cenable the amount loaned there on $878 840 00 ftoada or tbe city of Trey 86,000 (0 Boada of toe olty of I'ttoa.. 80,0(0 CO Boada of tbe city of Riches tor 11 000 CO Oaafe la vault 84,980 *3 Caab la Broadway Back 88,7(10 11 A Tillable fund, loans oa stocks oa call 7777 184,807 80 Accrued later eat 9,882 88 ? 1788,480 78 Rerploa $18,880 00 Til* MANHATTAN SAVINGS INSHTiriBW TO J ABC iit 1,18.17. I aaaa aaeurad by bonds and mcngagea oa Improred real aetata, werib double the am mat loaned.... 8714.0H.1 94 Knio-cl latereal to Jaa 1,1K67 ?2 471 03 ciale and city atocka owned by Hit laatltutloa. 131 408 83 liana on Mate and city boada and atocka 401,660 no Kami aattla 4 woo 82 Caab oa band Jaa. 1, 1867 130,778 40 Total $1,426,701 w Amount duo depoeltora, prior'pal and In terra!, on tbe lat day of Janoary, 1667 $1,861 730 22 Wnrnlne - - T - t 31,862 81 1 428,701 $7 TBI SIAMKB'S BANK BOB BAVIN#! TO JANUARY 1. 1857. I cane secured by bead and mortgage oa improrad property la Uteellieao' New York and Brooklyn, worth double tbe amount loaned $3,38.1 400 00 "late and city atocka owaad by the beak at par $8,4*4 4?t ?3 Kea. aatate 186 564 7* lateraat earned to diet December 1864 78,472 71 Caeb In I ?ntber Hen u fact or en' Hank md Baa k of Uorameroe 416,828 31 87,460,738 63 Of wbleh, In principal and tntoreat, ibere la now atandui# to toe credit of depoettor*... 7,176,384 08 THE C1.8RK 8 * A VINOS BANK TO JANUARY 1, K77. J<ate and rV>-ka....j................. $111,682 62 Loana on bond and moriftii, an 'tnoroved ran' eatate, la toe eltlee of New York and Brooklyn, worth double too amount leased f 18,too 30 Rial mate 61,646 18 Interact earned oa Inreetmeate to .lift De cember, 1*86 2ft 814 89 Loess an Mate stock securities 6J 500 no Oasb In tbs (sited Plates Truat Oompaay ... 8,Ml 12 Caab la the Bank of tbe CuomoawaalUt 21,8:1 88 ft,180,<40 60 Amovat daa to depealton 2lat December, 1'60 $1,148,823 88 TUB BOW BUT SAVING* BAN* TO JANIABYl, 1857. Aaarte, lat of Jeauary, 1807, consisting of hoaea. so cured by martfsgei oa unincumbered real eatate. la the ctilaa of Now York sad B oufclya, worth dneblo tbe amount loaaed thereon 82,473.800 00 rtocka $,187.8*2 oo (tanking bout# and lot 136,183 74 Butcfcora'aad Droven' Bank 78.133 ej ?owary (tank 88 704 08 Broadway Bank 40.626 13 Tact8c Baak 43,341 44 Tradesman's Beak 41 200 00 Oootlaralni Baak 182 678 4" Kaltos Bank 41,200 00 Uanhetton Oompaay 202,207 47 Marbaaics' and Traden' Baak .0,400 00 Market Bank 100.000 00 rark Baak *0.000 c# Obah la rault 18?.8T8 44 Totol $7 0CO.3W $9 Amount die Individual depoet on 8,848,841 84 " suspense nerouot, (dleocuni oa atoca puiehaaed) 81,'12 88 ?? profit and loan 813,861 68 Total 88 Till KM78BANT *AVTNO* BANK TO JAN. 1, lft")7. Tbe funda of the inttitatlon are laveetad la aad ooasIA of? . _ Bond 1, eeeurei by m ng*ges*a--e'n<wsabered r?ftl estal*, ta tbe oltlce of New York and Brooklyn, worth rfvuhle tbe amovat, and my end Mate steak* 8618,300 00 Loana parable on demend, encored by pledge of State steaks, sad other stork* vnl needs. 829,800 00 R. ml retnte, hankisg bouse, No 81 Cbnmbara street, mined si 841,000 00 Ussb la I eelbrr Msssfhrtsrera' Baak 88,928 01 To wfcleb sd 1 ecorued (sternal to Jaa 1,1*87, not yet received /. 22,TBI 0$ Total ameto 81,871,874 40 Aatnunt received from Sept 88,1880, to Jao 1,1*87, from 44,698 depwltrrs 3,808,318 81 Anieoat paid from Sept. 10,1880, to Ian 1, 1887, to 31,480 depositor* 8,488,982 78 Total 11,113.46* 00 latereat oradlted deposit re to Jaa 1, 1887 .. 139 334 78 Total amount due 8,44. deprenert $I,3jJ,790 81 TBI BaNI rot SAVINGS ON BLUCUH 8THEET, TO IA?iUA?T 1. 1857. Tie .'nodi of the lnsttaUoa we icreited la ud ooeatat of:? let. Blinded OsM et lit* (Jolted Wetee, ?f the Mote oad clt* of New Yo'lt, on<l oth e> Mat* stock* at their per *elt.e *6,.lfl,l$1 '0 21. Baede oad murtgege* on opotoved pro reity In the oily of New York 8,003,038 10 3d. Keel Kioto, O building for the oonouimo detlon of bonk ot No 07 Boecker ot.. 183,024 If 4ib. Oeeb uninvested. being Ute boloaoe In the Men hot ion Company oad Ute Bona of Commerce 124.888 22 lib. Inlereet accrued to Ute lot January,1667, but not reoctvcd 201,C14 ft 69.038,686 88 The Bonk hoe been In operation yeora. during which time It boa opened 189 009 oronnnte, and received altogetherfrom de poslloa $47,430,067 fl To whioh odd lntcrcat cp to Janoary, 1681.. fl.u0l.9S4 tfi $63,632,041 07 Cloted during tbe aamo period 141,064 ao counli, and paid cot 45 214,223 22 Leaving 47,946 aeeounta enUJed to thin balance... $8,317,819 8$ THE DECLINE IN FLOUR. THE PHOSTKCT NOT BO BAD FOR THE LABORING OI.AWM. We have looked book at the prteee of breadstuff! and provtftlona in iho fail of IMA, when rn'cey wai plenty, itockn were high, labor In demand, and everything looked eheerleg aril prcepe|,?r-* c" 'h" surface, and compared them with the pricaa of the preient time ween bard Oaten and tho reveree of all that wan propitious to the prev'oua year* aro ipreadlng ruin and deiolation in all tbe ramlfl. oatlone of trade. We And that floor ebow* a marked de cline itnce October, 1880, ae la exhibited in ute following table ? Oct 1, 1850. Oct. 1, 1867. Uuxru. Maperflne Stale Id 50 $1 flO $2 CO F.xtra ale 7 00 4 76 2 26 Western is per line A 76 4 60 2 26 Extra Weotern 7 10 5 60 1 eo < a radian extra 7 60 5 60 3 00 ^oolhern extra 8 00 b A6 2 96 Georgetown, Ac B 00 6 60 3 60 Rye floor and corn meal are alio ncoci lower I baa they were In the fall of 1860; bnt the declixe la not ao great aa la apparent In the different qualities of wheat floor, la perk, beef and lard there la a email advance en former pricee, bnt In the article or butter the failing off ta from I wo to Ove ccnta per pound. So long aa Hoar can be purchased at five doilara a bar rel, and better for eighteen to twenty four tenia a pound, the acneaalty for tho eetabllthm<n;of aonp houses fcr tbe poor, ae waa lb<? case during the w nterof 1816-'60, will not again arlao. Poring the UaancaJ revueioa >n 1837 Door waa doable the present pricee. The above questions arc the who'e?c:? prteee for tlocr, and oonaamera aboold not inbmltto ary great advance oa ?oee flgnris. The article, after leaving the wareboosea of the wholesale merchants, who sell fly aamplei from one to ten thousand barrels In a lot, paaata through two before It reaches the oonaumer, sod tne expenses wblch aoci no by Ibo transfer, and the profits wblch are oennted, probably amount to from flfty to aerenly Sve ocnia per barrel. Baker* generally are quick to rednoe the also of their loaves when floor aaaumee a rise, hat when ike reverae taken place, and the article falls, It aeema difficult tor them to make any perceptible change. Thin fact should be aoted fey the pnbllo, and thoeo htkert only patronized wbc are la the habit or making tke aiaa or their leaves oorretptcd with the prtoe ot floor. Sugar la oooalderabty lower than II waa a flew moaiha back, bnt. compared ?Ith prices last year, there la no ma terial change. Take aH Um erhelee wb'ch are o?e<l la ocr da'ly food aad anatcnacce togetbc, however, and there will appear a large Calltcg off on the aggregate prioe of tart rail aad winter, ana the praaaat prospect la that the de cline will be meeb premier aa the reason advances. Although targe factories aaay Oad it necessary to sus pend operations for a few weeka, aad lean extoanfve em ployers aaay be forced to put their workmen on abort time, we are of opinion thai the laboring olaaeea have pro fltted by the teaching* of peat experience, and have pre pared themselves to meet tbe emergency; end so tang aa the prices of breadstuff* remain at their present low Of ore, they will he able to look oemplaoaaUy at tbe timing to pieces of Inflated banks and rotten mercantile beoaaa. FAMILY MARKETING. TIM bard Umaa mmm to hare bad no effort a pea the prices of family marketing aa yet retee are re J b:gk, nor a there moot proa poet of a rodnetioa fur aoaaa UaM tc oone. Wbea the 11 mee are rood aad Ibe enrreaay be oomea I a Bale<l, ep goaa the price of bread, meet. Bab, Tetetablaa, fruit, aad, ladred, ererythJng Ifce poor cob nme, while wagte aad aalarlaa thocgb sect retaifrely leaa, remain at a ataad atltl polat; bat when the ecrresry ooalraoU, aad wbea ibe raluea of the feat itapleo of tee ceoairy become adjoaled to It, aad work falls off, ibe pal. rea of all prod acta aold at retail remain ibe fame far aeme baa Tbaa the qootUloaa of the market |trea beiov wi i not Tory muoh from Ibe lable wo published last July, though there la a raat dlllercaes la lae meana of ibe ocmnannlly to bay and the actual raloe ot tba article aa compared with change nf peloe breeght about i the <?nuartoi onrrtacy Take the pr ce of bread aa an Instance Within the laat lb aa moalba floor baa M ' to :io to to per caat la relne, yet I baa made an appreciable difference In the alae of tea toerm. II la a nnlrerasi complaint that the bakera bare entirely ignored lb# fact thai Hoar ha* fallen In price, and Uier new poohel from A to (0 per cent, wklch aboold riybtfoiiy oorwne to Ibe beaeOI of ibeir enaiomera. Tb?w* la on r oce wty for C" people to do la three ttmr* aad laat .a for rrory lly that ran afford it to bay o >arrel of good Hoar, which oaa bo had for M 6u to I* par barrel, aad aaaeo tbolr own bread By Ihla maaaa they wtU affect a groat ?artag There la a alight redaction la tba prkw of meat Ula week, at tbia time of the year far mere aaU their poor itcck aad coop ibe./ boat wiiie to winter It is oanal for pi'lom la Bail dur tr ivt.vr and '? teir.bor tba Iirtalin at Boll's Hrad manage to keep priori op The bn oomplun that ibe c?uir marie; ? r vi ? olirely bp a j mm iiaU/rt moat of wbom bare boao ta the reta.1 Uiraaaelraa, aad know tho war.u af the mvkd. rleka kaowo only to '.hrmaoirai ue pr oa of meat la k? np, aad aoteiihitenuisg the derre -w the part of I farmers to aoll a! Ihlk eeaaoa of lbs year. Ute market la ft, aad both the pnbllo aad tba retail baieaoto pay btgb pnoea for meat thai la eUd to me epeetia? -a ?ary eaaaply 1 rime cvia command good pnoea, bot p? r aoeal la two oeeta par lb cheaper tbaa oanal There la ao rbenit worth hetletag la poultry Wild p'geoaa are Jana j olmp. Fb b keope rary blgb at it. a line a* the year, tafter men begla to prepare for Ute wlater ereaua-tbe amaaki a/a run aabore, tr.eoded neia a/e ortrteo rl at -epejr J, aad ereiylblag made tant aad ta order far wister Aa a eeaac'ineaea, for a bo at a month Bab la ?oarer aad tugb, a or lather* any nltent'loa la p*.oe* tat.I frets wn'er Bab 'omt to market, which will be la a fbw weraa tme. Shortly after cod aad ball bat baeomee \ ratfii ege.s, aad p-loea fbll There la eoaM Bab fr?w Ibe a>? >? already. A fhw tmaii perch la a little while we w j hare p?cfc arel, pike, bo., from the lake# There le bat Utile maw to ante la rfgetablet. Patalaen bare ileoltncd In prtoa a inffa, aad meat be lower yet ho fb?e leag a* a general Ibiar priors are anmewbat lower Tba bard knot affeca the dealer* ;a the atarket Tory little, aa Ibe slty irade la n'maol entire y fer rath Where inert are ao erodfte glrea. there are ao fbiiarea to meet ebfga ttooa There le eo ritaege of iwpotaaco 'a the rem. prloea of rralt. Pmwbaa bare almait eatlrely Caaypeare', r? lUrTAIL rklCM. rawr _ . ma glrinta tteat ??}* ?- {tripped bam ? all Porierh. iae ?teeb 1? all Weak tab ? ? ,0 ?- Jhe^akead M a ltnaettng pieces...all Hacnnt. ail Chart roam ? a 10 Parea I a .0 Abroad pleees 9 all Madders ? ? s a arrow Holleri ? * < Mn'toa rhoea.all Km f!aa a 10 Hind n Miners - a 10 BpaoJak marhereJ M a 01 fore quarmre ..., I a .6 mau rwa. rasa. Ormeea. p?r toff VB a H SB Teal enUata Id Iff Cmm*. pr- ino jj ? ? flora qnarw* ? all CUms.anfis'I. p 1(W? a kg Jtlnd .onartera - alt boti riama. t er luu..m am > lh U a'4 losmart, tar roas Crab*, per d<w M :? i . II a? ii a is Raltea pork ? ait Oraage ouubi/ JS a ? llama 11 a la Wetwra W a ? kboiudeea U all Cbee*a 11 ail bwiea u a? lea*. J. U a ? row la 14 a?_ taertteum Boaet t'lgf H'lalM fhmmaa hi ..Jnne# - im ?mraixaiiaaat v-reer? IN aid) nonatry aanmgea .H ak ha ' pert ? a t) Rnlngnaaa<wagea .m a? tweet, per bhi .. II SSa 1 Off He.-rtnnmea II a? (jmumi. naaket a 1 00 latrd, tab ? il, hr.nea... - a 4 rotnrar. fr?rhtomaiBta,ka.? a t ?%tete*a pr N aim nabhar-.p*r bead, lag Tnriey. per >b ft a? Heeta, terbaaeh...-. a t Oeeee a 14 Pr-aea each I a I rw* pair a a I M (tar ie, per aoe .a 1 H Plaeoa, dot 1 11 a I SO Ooeaaa-etB, ioa ...? a a narperdoa. I Ot a I in '"to enra. l ? m a "? forer - *100 C*?ary bni'h a I Bardblrda. do*... (H a? ttrrr mi. Raaanaa. per doa w am (VdMi, par ih - a ?, bhi !<*atr<) - ? I 1 'Wail N 1 ?? Feacbea naahfd ,.J 1# a ? W r-r/'ea ? a ? ^.et 'V . Blachdah.. - a IS rinm. ? J jn Bee baas, pee lb ... I all Craab ?rn*e. bh .. - a ? i THE RrN ON THE PUIK IHNK. Owlkg N a rnmor which got rttrren -? op Tb-ft fay that tba Park Rank wee tbert town I too in <h Clenr -g Erne, fbera wm? teatry r e oa .bat tu i a a ;mwr 'ay