Newspaper of The New York Herald, 11 Ekim 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 11 Ekim 1857 Page 3
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m CwftrwM at ftllwUlptta More Pr?cblii| to UM OMtliW. v Ma* Um jasi h baa been erllent Mnl oumstMig ta ibe taf U Ia Morinondoau. The Murmm, Me organ rt Saints la thla city, was suspended and Ibe halls of ??? were cloeed. Soon after ihli ooalareaoM war* ap led la lake pixoe la Philadelphia and Now lock. Th? inr came off laat Sunday. le pre iId la| El#re oompoaing U?o Philadelphia Oon ?oe, from various porta of Delaware, Poanajlranla, y land and Now Jersey, mot oa Bolurdny evening at tho 10 of oao or the brethren, hot no M woo atrtotlp for a priesthood," of coarse attaint of tho proooodlngi ? oat of the brother>o heaee lor the vulgar pobllo. Wo I Informed, however, that Hweea preparatory ment or tho boalneoo of tho morrow, at which atattatloa of o, Income and ospoodtluiff wore read. > Sunday mcrelrg, at half-pott 10 o'clock,"the tH'sta ' la MttohaDI Hall, York arenas, "to tree sect business he kingdom of God." Probebly from three hundred iut hundred persons were preeent, the greater portion 'boa wore, as at all taormoa gathering*, of the fair Tho congregation belcg oallew to order, sung:? ?'Great la the I.ird! 'lis good to ptaie# Hie blgh and holy name: Well may Uio rielnia in latter (htja IDs wondrous torn proclaim Praise bim-the time, the oboaon time Tv fan r '/Ion's oome; And all the Saints, from ev'ry cllmo, Will toon bo gathered home " [iter prater by Dr. Olutton. la which "Ute choicest intra'' were terokea for the heed of Br If ham Young, brethren In Utah, their wires, their ttuoka and their os, he , another byma waa rang, and then Judge Ap by, "Prrelcem o' toe Chut oh o Jesus Christ nf latter t HUintn In the Raetern and Middle tkatoe," and late edl of me Mormon, propped thai a youeg man from Utah, Lr Angus M. Gannon, preside oa the oooattoo a alerk [a reporter were appointed to reeord tho proceedings he day, and thus equipped tbo Mormons eel out on harness of the kingdom" Dtlegator from branches of the ohuroa In Delegare, Ponu it acta, Maryland and Now Jersey gare In lr reporla, which showed thai Mo monism had not maoieop during the last six monies the money ex mod la the propagation of the principle* ana dooirlnes fie faith, and In awtetanco rendorod to missionaries g to Europe and returning to Utah, war no ima'l Item, delegates spoke rery highly of iho exertions of tho rpie under their charge, and reported them, with tory r exeeptlono, "In gmu slenuing " Oon Wary to expe Iud, cur reporter ooearl'Da1!/ h.ard from tome efthe agaves that there were "to old ocuairy folks" ia tbeir Icheo, sad, whateTsr may be thought of we fact, it I there represented that the cadre American Mormons rt uot n wb t behind any in their zss) for Moim.'ulun 1 Brdam Yoror the dolrgatee, nar^ea, English and Germans, wm a rd? I oktng lot of fe lows, maro remarkable In appear ft lor rough, heavy wo?k than for tna flue floltb of oatlon aou an taiy life. According to taelrown re rts they htvp been extraordinarily busy, a?i Ihougb ?y had baptltod a cocstdciaMe number of poraens to i cow fsito thoy bad genetally mtt with a large anaro led 11' renoe to their labors, and not unfrequonily, Tor ilr I antimony to the "dlvin: missl'n of Jjteph sad lg ham," tbey had got roe paly hand lot. Oao of them yreal tlx foet two nohor of bumutiy, adcUgste from t mountalni of Schoy'.k U and miarevUle. bad with him Bit thing of a walking atloa which he regarded aa hls'par ulai-rr end " Not being con rtrsact, vita tnedlseutlota of iron's rod, ncr Its pcuullar proper lies, oar reporter old make no comparison, nor tay whether the Mornton d his itaff wore entirely erthv^los; bat frtrts ibe hum jr the delegate, maclferird In nl* allusions to "hi* f lead," lb Us sharp puliteu six Inotaee of iter I, it was rery lucid ?a?i the Morm ns considered uc-i h-.r of them ClUll6S. After the reports Tenm the efgiVwn brar.chus c.nstl hiit tbo Pnliade.pWU Is'u ereuoe bad b*en mnue, tt a ?oi<e4lag? of tbo ?ek'i.* ns we;a approved by a unsai sua vc'.e of uplifted bauiit. thePxasinsNrtrrn statu! that, I simich as U was ap ran> to every one that tie ciders bad dune their duty, d mat the daU-ls had made vc y g-eai eaoridcas tn roacltg ths goapcl among tho GauuUoa, no moved that missiota-lea bo all rule used from 'heir la wm, that toe Sale a be exonerated from Uti av'y expenses they bad heretufura sattained; at all puhlio balls be given up; that retreuobmout every lore be the order so that the scattered Balms may save si, means, and be cnaoled to gainer with Ute people or ?t tn Uiao, as ihey so ardently desire. M rte general authorities of tbo itaurch" were lubmltted r acce jianoe or rejection, bngtutm Young was pre otsd aa the "Proataoal of the Church of J dsns Chris I or /?or nay 8atnts throughout tbo who e earih, and as pro let, seer and rwrela or to the Chnce," whtoo was aeaal >usly suits'us d by the whole congregation. Bis eouu Uoro, the i'atrtarab. the Twelee A.parties, and evorybody ? In a ilhcrit) In the Mormon Gburch?not even forget g their representatives- Ooog-ess, Dr. Sernhlsol?wore (jrocati d and lurtslne t by upll'ted bands President Arnni.r expressed bis satisfaction at the pro ediug* of Ute Umferecoo, re i -iced to Ute fulfilment oi tne cietiv prophecies, and oonoluded that the famine not for sac, tor Ute thiiot for water, bat Urn famine for the ord of toe Lord, wis nign at hand. A tier an exhoriattoj Hto their religion, tho first part of Ue proooodlAfa tor jiiod, |Tfet ificroooo Btciisg r^ou&cscfid %l Ihwo o'clock, la j samo order as In the noomlsg-rlngirg, p-aylog aid igtnc A number of converts were omtrmea by l'sur lers laymg their han.lo upon their beads and praying ? the gin or the Boly Uhost aad the ancient gtfu of Uio church to bo with them. The EaobaiM *ae dlo wud to the ouogrrgatioo, afior wtalon ["resident Ar ibt delivered a disoooteo on the ottoatlon of Mormon et the prenunt ttmo and *o recent reports aboot Bin disoourm wm doUverod ?llh great earaast so, but contained soUUng now. Ho weo stroog on igaam's adhoroeon to tho oomtuullon, and Ute remark, jo IctaUy of tho Mormmm to IM morod eoniimeMr. ? Mormons were waU satisfied with tho oonsUtrttan r a ? Iswo of tho l ettod mams, bnt thoy did not faacy tne ?tbearing tyranny rt Um preaml ndmiaUtmu mhlrgtoa. Ono tn ug was, bowow, mrtaiB?* At Lorj is at the helm rt the Mormon (hip, and wb ha was lifted ? 1th, nwd what he required Um More jOM vo ee lie, they, ae a peopte, were wlUlsg to ror j* ep their ovldrre and bene He did not wtan ear u undent ted at dlStoatUee were aevtolpnted w ^n the troope ids lo L'tah. If they got there awj behaved them ires It weald be weU; bat did they goyhoro end attempt carry oat thotr boasting on ibtgplnl'W seducs and rartsh sir wives aad dm gbtere?tbor won'.d oe warmly wealed te eprater onosldered blmecif irt^ad hi none In patriot n, bet le the endurance rt oat age and abate there wm Ban it. and he UMted the* the Aormrai might art be too v?rely dealt with Tho !*stats wore ouegratulned oa s bleestsgo which they en'jyed "orer and a Vive every lag UcoiliM evtr >.ti?e;" and after e BUe more airm esd "e few resAukn" froathe rreeldeat, tbe te coon eervlees letB'.i.aied le Mm eveetsf, a- h/.j ,est seven, tve hall was orowdsd X tho Hills and Sl' nam were audreased by a hurt of e-re, the greater r^>nMo f-om Uleh, fall of wfent in Mor is circles li es'. Ad 'the Volley Ore " There wm ocssi .leble plelnlrj'g dxring the e'onleg, and Uie"b'hoy?." they are gMereJiy sljted, feu "as ledepeedeai aa sad lawyer j." tome rt them were very serf that Ay bad \M? IM pvtvlege of addrwmtn* tbe rule re ? use aetlsw an the Mormoa dlfDealiee Doctor mtce wm greally grieved at the reqneet of Co J A *m?a'_ The old feet r man wanted tbe MermoM te be ? Wear folks; bet It was Mo moch to ask. heieg wall w rd on ibe propheetre. the Pouter tnoaght thet the ' srhet Deeir I woo a aooio man waea he Wid the Eing Sat he weald eat tare Dom tea 'i >d rt his tethara. lie rceld not do ft. there wore Daeiele la ebaadeaoe In hen and they ware J-rnt as determined to sore# the Lord hsw G?d Mthat aacieat worthy; aai when the raiors of k? aetton wanted to destroy M wmoolim by letrodcutag aun thai Tar rise ry mro who would Inlrort'ioed the ewosry, btnephemy rt IBs tiring ?id Bad tho whore AmertChrwttea nations, they were determlaed lo set heir teoe agaiart thorn Tse spMker bolmved Joema mebsnaa wm not a om man; bit he was deecivod by be weroprsdOrtahOM of bed men. If be would blmeelf M the trooye gotog to L'AhttwoaM he well, for he reetd find net thet IM affaire there were ell nght, end hwe he woatd lane the troope a war agale, bat he aoart A nueb the boeeety of the email fry who had gone hmo. They would glory In n ros>, and ba so ar i leased with war than whh peace. The people ?isbt think h stratge that tee MermoM wore oe dtetrueA mi but they bed been oo often deceive*, by Uaepa .laui ?ree wee of the Uovar eon rt the Metrn where they bad am i witend had teffered ibe lom rt everything nroaxe veeehsry Oo frvqivmly, thet Umy now tramed bo mt sou woe >d reel la to? meelvM sod the dad rt hreol, md'from thetr owe fBHhfateaee aed the arm of the A1 am ati they woald heamferih loon for sal radon. president Can wow end Ibat bs had heee at Naovoo dor m tae fixating whh the mob immediately preceding the 7p,l km, of the MormoM fVom that otty. aed had wiisiee A seaaM of abase and oatr ige waioh cauead hie blov I la tell when he thoagbt of them. Be wm taea only a boy of j ytMrs rtege, aad eoald do artotag Tor the oefeooe of .to Brethren aad lliMri, bat bntag ? <me?rhat changed he toood to he on hand saoeM any m jbbiag oome along lis tnewer die then labmh to the eatrngM rt the Use met drnnsr had the winding ap speech, and M It wtgh. he the lent use" taet he wouh. m trem Me people le Be ooisoity rt e enafsreeor in Mat plane, be went mm Me wrrertfrM of Me GentlM too** f aall,testified Mroagly ? Me vlrmM of Jmepb Smith, Brigham Toaag awl the re sir o, and UrfbrmeTlSe c-uHUere Matlf May warned i ' -i1? they MtruMi now have to o?*h after Me Mormoa wdsve inotswd rt being mogbt after M formerly. He wm ?toe w> m Met many were oelng aeaxmod to e sense of Jtetr .roe peeithm, end Met >; vile recceUy a goodly nam wrVpnnN be<i boM h^Md M rhllMei^^ew Torb aed B wtoo, aod mmy more woald doimuem be eapti'od shortly aod se?b rrtufo frws Mb eaHmuiee *hrtit to fall on ibe eatlcn', by tUtr'Uf li * Tn isrminam the OBrfarrtoe, nee rt tee Wdere rrercNew fork wm ceiled UN to (tag "Umrl ? rrrn. e oepy rt Which wm banded to oar reporter wlM a half tpol >gy Ihr Ae aheewee rt poetry utmI, awake froa My loag, olieal ?lom>ero; dhsxe off ike fetfre Mat hlad M A so "*?? TM rhfttftaof opprwi on, wtM am ? da wim Mo rMoomed la 7 m. oer hosm Artee, fbe tae Ume baa come Isreet must *ath?r home High oa Me moaataiM Me oeafga is mm; faJM is Me Goat-lei power Pool will hie retga be e'rr. Tyraoe oball rale no more Israel le free! Tremble, ye nations of iVenture, fir yonder tbe hoots rt ibe despot te oauie array; . _ Tbe rug I am of war spread Me rarth wlM dmtrurtloa, Thee word M nam drawn, aed the eweath Mrowa sway. gneed the aleret rt war Ibroegh Milne's tear eed fer. last# frcm Me north bm aow Bed aeay, but /Joa shall dwell le praoe toreel eioet*. liberty shall never eaeat. I tree bt freel Ome to IM lied of Me nrelrieo and fbaaOelor? irtthor In ureegt? v? the ten" rf ibe Wnet. ? free are obr ? me ae Me breese en M* m ranUlne? in'tbptafia of i^'t home rt the Meet. ' >wr ? -? bmte ewor ; here we'll eo loegw ear ' .r >e?'i?'ee t i 'i?g fur vi tee. M<t ^jte m mo rsa ' xjs.ed Hfifi whs the joylhi mm. Angels (Mr Mm pratag MNllllNil TIM abov# toaffi to ? martial k!r, bad * telling effect upon Iks auolenoe To p event toe moob en th-Miasm, a daxotegy irrmlnnlti Ik* Ml Horaoa Oanftaoaoe in the Quaker CMy. Our lloclUtelni l'orre?imntlciiee. Btookboui, August 10,1847. ChruMftifson of A* Scandkmavutn A mgdom?Tke Adminii (ration (/ Jus.ite 1m Norway?The Svrdith Did?The Sveduh Public School SytUnx?Vrmperamc-. So idiet?l'o Utical fUfmrrru OomtmpiaUi fy the King, <fd , ifc. Tke governments of the I sited Kingdoms of Norway and Sweden are no rery different from all others In Wee (era Europe (hot H may not be obIm to say e few worda reepeollrg them. Utte I propoee to do A (fee preeenl oom mnnloaUon. Tkece two oouotrtes, whloh oonstltute the great Boandl naTlan penlnaala, M1 Mated la my leM, are under the do minion of one and the eaeie monarch, o?oar L, m he la called; but In almoet all leopeote they are eeparate and In dependent kingdom*. Etch baa Itn own leg'*t*tore, judi ciary, treatnry, army, nary, and even currency. , The Norwegians pay a part of the eatery of the King, and a part of tee ealtiim ?f the ambassadors ol the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norway. It la only tlnoe 1814 that they hare been united to Sweden. Before that epoch they were under the eway of Denmark erer elece the treaty of Calmar, In tha tetter part of the fourteenth cen tury. ..... although no more than a million and a half In number, the Norwegian* bare an exoattent government, and are by far Ihn beet prepared people In Europe for a republican torm of government. In foot they have what la tubalan Holly a republic, but without the name Their connection with Sweden la almost somtnaL ^he King of Sweden ap point! a Viceroy, who resldse?or utaally doee at Ohrle liona, which la tho capital or the oonntry and boa some 40,too Uhabitants. 1 vlilted 11 a few year* ago and rofisd It to bo a rery pleasant plsoe. There te a n can or In this offl. e at present, and It hot been doubted whether the King will appoint another noon; for the Norwegians believe that they ran do aa well without one as with. ? Tie legislature of Norway meets onoe In three J ears, which la the term for which Its members aro caosen. It consists Of one hundred men, who, when they amomble at tbe opening of tho seealon, pat their names In an urn, from which twenty Ave are drawn by lot. Thoue constitute the upper bouse, or Seoate, which te called tbe Lagthiny The remainder (seventy lire) ons ltote tho lower house, or GtdelrtAinp, and the two together constitute the Str iking Toe B erthlog makee the tews of Norway, but the King of Sweden bus the right to veto tbe ucls of tbo Storthing If he should think proper. But if tho Storthing should ptes t rttoed ?cl at three sacoeeitre lesitoaa of the body by a simple majority In eseh homo, then it becomes a tew despite th* King uf Sweden's veto. Nor!?this prevision of I be Norwegian oonstliulion, which won fbrmed after the tucdci of oum In many of its features, a dead letter. On the oontrory, It not of en been acted upon It is an aim) ra->le provision against the souse oftnsreto. The only objection which 1 have to It Is, that It requires too long a time | Tarco Storthings demand too much, dose; two would bs ccot'gh, for there would be Urns enough la which to consult tbe wUl of toe nation Osttlt, tbe people oir Uinly have amplo time In wbtoh to oonslder the acts In Queatlon. , , In my opinion, tho Sol frtgiani have te-ight ui a .etson '.a this matter. W b au the P.ealdcet veto an aot ?f Oonsress if be thinks proper. Thlt is well enough as a safeguard against basty iegtrtoivM But let the President giro bis reasons to Orog'cit fer etercislng his veto; let that body reconsider the subject, and teen If they aiould pass tho set a stound Una daring the same armies, and puss !t again In the next wow Congress?which ooold in no esse be a delay of Iopkw than two years?thai djae the not ought t > itsnd as Pie taw of tho twlno, for Ihrro fcu beefi free rnongb In vrliloh tobosr tbe voloe of the us wen. as the rK i now tutoU* wtih nm W put* too each pv?er In .Uo hauls uf the President. grsutsvo o Is required to cwwluow that ve o; nor it theru as aired nod decided reference of the qoeu Ion to ths "eoplo as there should be. l ntll the lime 1're-lieat Pieroo, M for as my reool'.ectljn ce. vqs, nut one veto of a President htd been voted dawn by ciuegrts.'?fur the ttinplo riuti.a bull was always easy tor too Preallent tccoa ctaat a in'.-iq lly ?efficiently largo to deieat the will of the en wit; , ihul with the help uf a minority heoeul-1 dtfeot acts most im pomM to tno best Isterosia of tbe oaantry. Tin Nor wegians bare managed this matter hotter tnta wo Nnrc There are some ih.ngs very striking In the admtelitm l.on of jusnoo in Norway. As in Denmark, share Is in every parish a judge, chosen for three vests by the people, fcelo.-e wbcm ail civil cases,most l>o h-cu^at la lbs first Its'as oe. He heart butt stdeu, uud gtf/u bis opinion or decmon. If the agree to acta' by It, very well. But If one party Is unuilllug, and lnalrm upon gong >ato a tew oours, the case m ul go th."ner; bat shoula it bo (itclued agaisst the party thai thuc. ws.sted, be must boar the costs uf the trial u me law C/urt. There Is another ixoc lant th ng in the administration of justice in Norway?It Is the fr^t peat the dee slon of the Inferior conns are reviewed by higher onee. and If n wrong deslslon has been ^ede aad duenrered, tbu oate Is tent town ogais to the oassrt IK*t maue U, wiin motruo tiocs to decide other w1^. And ttKn, tco, tlf4 judge* are aooonntabte for their de claims, and If faun a Incapable, ore dismissed from otfloe; aad, in nome cato*,, if negligent, are lined. Only thlAk of that' Would It 'jot he well if we had oome such provision with u, to gn'jrd us against hiving Incompetent aad un pi inciptd JaPgmT I tniak dooidedly that H would. As to ttwe U has a diet, wh ch te a tegtetedvo htdy thatoonsteis of not less than four houses or branch as. In the 8' ,t ruce there te the Hooee of tho Nobloo. Tney meet I'j oes cad of a largo nuUdisg on too norihern tide of a tetend, on wnicb tno palace uf Use Sloe stands; tno otb u mdte devoted icholding of oourta. The nsll in whtoh C-s nobles mce. te a fine largo room, and its watte aro wovered over ? Ith the coals of arms of the several mem bers, puttied oe pieces of tin about rourleen teobM teog br ten wide The ranter of tno beads of noble famlli?e who hare the right to a seat la tnts body is about l.IOO, ; but seldom do moro than K0 attend, who sit oa> plalo beaches, oorcred wish blank cloth, and without baaas. , Tbe presiding oOcer nad two clerks e. cupy a pi ulorm on one side of tee ball. Tbe members sis with ibtir bate ost, s* do lbs members or me Hoeee of I-s'ds In Eoginad Tbis body comsLM a ooosUerable number of able man; bni the greater part are soi men of much note, although proud tf their noble origin. Pwedee Is rull el- soble fttm.Uss, some of wkteh poueess a good j deal of property la tends aad miass; rut by fhr tbe . greater part are poor; and if It wore not tec poeitioos te i the ol vi I govern mm i or la tbe army, they would starve The Hall et me Nobles has wltassaed many turbuieal acmes In days soae bf. The nest boose cf me diet which 1 would mention te that of me clergy, constating of sixty members, (at least tbey told me to ymle'day, whoa 1 wse in W.> of wuoa tne Arehbtibop of i pealu and iLe other b-shops, are iwelve. The otbtr members are chosen by the dioceses te wbicb tbey belong. They are paid also ?y mo dlooeaeos^ The third house te that of tho burgesses or repreernU lives of the elites and horonghs. Thsy are, la tbe prevent diet, slaty-oil In number, and are by far the moat en tisbtensd bod- of .he wtwle Tbe foortb and test house W that of the farmers or peasaais which coattlui about one huedred and twenty ?newt-ma?plain, but sensible men- tamer atew In their debtors lose. They have a aWtklsg appearMoe, d rested In tao various oootumss which prsrall In dHT?ireni parts of tbe country. As tbme te not a lawyer among ihsm, a# Kiss appoints, at me commeooesBrot of erery seeal >n, a ouusgalsnwl artet, wtns duty It te te give proper shape to tho tUte watch tbe body wish te pate; and also te In form them, so tliolr legal adviser, when be soee thai thsy are about te do souseihiag which woo'.l be cneoesdtu t owai He sits by me a de of the pseal'img offloer ol the biter, but dm no vote Herb, in tew worse, te tbo diet of Be odea As the vote on say -oesuoa te b? bonass. tt ef oonros re., ttroe tbe vole of iorse ef them to psss aa* Mw or am, and os ^uss ttoae icucbtag me ooaailtuaoa, noanimitr te requred. Iriialstten with snob a body must be alow eneagb. The die' wire ? onoe in lb res yea-s, aad the eeaaions are some Uaie# a yesr aad a half la teagtb. ... Tbs burg rases aad farmer* are paldeaeb by h;s soeetilo rt i ens get more than others hot sone of mem get te mnofe as three dollars of our mosey per day. This woe It be considered poor pay la our oowstry; but la BwttSen IIflag te fsr cbe cper msa wllh na. A ftw vrar* ago the King, who p one of the moat ee Igbt reed moearstea la furopu, proposed to the dtet a abasge .a tie eonstttsuea, aa aa te have a dletef two boaaea, like tbe l'arbameat cf Keg land But only one of tbo four bouses wee la favor of me oh sage; that wis lbs floote of large towa. whwe opinions otreuata saore r*^T, inowlarge te moat easily geaarated and dllfosed, where people are mast easily brought together to dteouSB, l? reunite,M) set. . . ... But"wsdee Is waking sp. A systsui of public sahooM has beea estabitebed by tew. aad te gradaaur goteg imo <ft lei eat operation Railroads are begun teg te se mala Tbe?# te a large aumber of steamboat* ruaalag aloes tbe eearm aad on tbe lakes aad river*. The tompereaoe ee e4eU(Mi if? dotaf nocb good, eoptotslly 1b lb# rofBl trwue The onuaur te out ef debt, ma aavy la quite largh enough for ths pretectloo of me eoeameror of me baUoe The army of ?wedea eaalalas M.OOO o(B?ru aal maa, and te la a good Mat# of dteolpltar. Norway te also advancing PtsadUy. RoU oountrlM aro in a very protparoni eotdiuoa Tee queeuoe of reUgl^on! liberty te morh dhenased In both ooaehrlet Oe Ibte qiitetirn Norway In ahead ef Hweditt; but me qn"Mite te new ?aimtlng the diet tf the Vaster oouairy. TheHaussdr Burgesses te all rlfbt. as, too, for s woedov, It Umi H moo of lb* Nobles I har the House of the KarmeruwIU not eowte op 10 mo mark.iboegb they aro prepared m de ?ometblrg But I ass ashamed to iey that tho House M tbe Clergy will hold beck. Tbe Kt?g is reedy tor any meesnre ef religion* liberty, however large subject, as well as oe almoet every ether. hM t""'" greatly in advance of tho people aver ebom bo r*tese Aie? I amy terry to pay that I fhar be te near the end of bis reign. He te very unsreU. At thli time he te et Ibe in a bore, eear flutSeuherg, for me purpoisirf betbini. bat te expected n Icrn in e few days Tbe Orosa Prince, I regret te my, la by no mease se promising as eonld he desired To sorrow I man leeve Aw BL Petersburg, by way or Abo and Hotel ngf ore, the ohl*f tows* Is Ha tend. IddlUonal California Items. irvivksv ltes w.Ktitn ? Jaaara H (toodwms hst -see dhcbS'ged from bW liabilities Is the r.nrtb Ikstrlci Oonrt of Ken r rl J? cow ov Oonm Tn? ass.?A deOclee tt e. nearly 84.000 has ores diseoversd la me eooonom of I 8 Vtber.iaie Treesnfarof Wens cousty, C.uet'v Vaiisv.?Tke popnlstloe tf thi vpJtey, asys the ?terrawiente rnbm, eest of tbe flmrra Nevada (S repluly In etesi'ng Bnmbert of Ibe immigrants of mi* lessee are itor-ln? there aad tastsg np farms. tts)or Oi msby an! JriOisiYans botli proto'inoe the land la Oart.m, Ragle, *?<! Hency Uke Vaiieji te be cf verj f ie 1??1ty# tn carton there ore now th?ncards upon t?onaan.te or ?rrur of land where the gran, flrrors end weole ??? ? texh U?i wbsn cat vie ate lylsg do?n they are neariy^H f nm IN1 view of Ihe he?<"swen The grace ihce. at well ?u s. ip* monnisles. "n?# yen, ft' b t>n ln,''Jeg I'fO rffll il HVM <X Ukf wio tit vantages vbtok era thane oflhredto the iMtcrul inttu liBd on which lo build b hOBM far himself aad family. Tbe pe>ple litre ere boI I? ubled villi Msxtoan grant*-IBe faBd ts bU publls?all belongs to lbs Dotted flatee. FiwAsicm or OdusoajnA.?Under ttte preeeat bmdI of lb# Treasurer's office ? monthly >epo?t la made cbI aa ta required by lev exhibiting ovary lUm coming under the luperrlaloo of that department. from the Sac ramenUt Union ve copy the f I low leg I lets men , which ?hove the oondUkn of Um Treasury aa the laat day of August:? Rrotjls sine* July 81 $83,141 M Disbursements since July 31 61,839 60 Oaah ob kand Angnst 31 $31,802 18 Balance in Ue Different Fundi August 81,1887. General fond $102 40 Bcbool food 8,789 28 library Feed 2 831 06 Hospital Pusd 8,863 88 miliary faed 717 23 I EsisUsrr droeaaed persons 39 09 Hlnm ttmltb, Jr., abaenl heir of H. Smith, 4e eeaaed 8,1.9 29 Total,.... .$21,802 18 Interesting from aicaragea, OOB HJUVrOWN Owrbbhimiilbnub. Uhitid SfATiH Him* Sahatoua, ) Ba? Juab del Nortb, SapL 20, 1887. ) Vu Commercial "Metropolis" of Nicaragua?Arrest of De seritro?American* tn Ibiei'.?The Lake Boats 1U feeling between Citato tOoa and Nicaragua?Shooting Affray, ??i. So groat la the dearth of newa la thla metropolis that It la vlth the nlmeat difflonit; oca can roooooUe himself to the eflbrt of lndtoUng an epistle. I vlll eadeeror, how ever, to frame yon a disconnected, or rather a disjointed recital or events which have occurred irtnoe my laat Impj imii, the state of the market Psef en shorn 20i. per ponnd. Vegetables (a very poor assortment), 8a floor from $18 to $20 per barrel, lime (only three bar rels In torn), $7. A short time ego the brig Ocean Bird arrtred from No v York, having abont 40 barrels ef potatoes and onkma tor ?ale. The pilot and onraelvea bought too lot, vlth the ex ception of some fonr barrels, at $8. The farmer sold hit on sbore far $11, vbloh wore afterwards retailed at lCc. per pound. An soon as the inhabitant! o'mwvered that all bad been purchased a groat excitement arose, aad it aota aliy served to keep tbe town aiivo far ahont a week. To latoee were the toplo of conversation, and many were the ?peculations thereon. They finally acsaoeledgod thai they bad been outwitted this time, bat when the next o?rgo arrived then we must be exvjedlsgly iharp to get ahead of them. Not a vessel, el her Imge or small, which now makes its appearance oil the harbor, but creates a bustle ashore, and boats slasd prepared to tssi'l and porcuase every vegetable they may have Thto will convtnoe you that there la very Utile espnt de xrps. amongst the Grey town merchants. about a week since Ire men arrived here, and reported that tbey belonged to tbe bHg Caroline, wrecked up tbe eoast, from New York bound ?a 8t Thomas ant Asrlnwail. Dep'.sittODS were accordingly made jefaro tbe Contul lo thetcll'ect Tbey said toe Ceptaln bad taken oho beat, directing the msto to taka .no otbe-, and btd left with htm some papers or iaaporaanre. Tbey knew ndbing of the master's asovovttum Maee tbey parted company. They said tbe emVuin -and mate weie on very bat terms, so muoi. re that tbey <*1 not stt at the same table, and that \bc Itnaer was cwtantly drank, rever took sights for Mi IMS'.don, Bx. x>ue described tbe bHg as bolug a thou ?aad tons?a man Improbable yarn far vessels trading here. The ma c was repo- ted to bo ashore about six OlI ei dean tbeuoaiL Oar Isnaoh, In enmaisnd of the 2d L'e-ilenani, wee acoordlngly deepatebed to bring bin to ibi? pisco. Thosirfwa* very heavy, ant but for the expert swimming sf one of the crew, com nn&lca lea with the shwo would hate bten nearly Impracticable. This man?a native of the liana les?swam bo diy torongb i no turf, naming a line, which feat beaoompl'shMluioe; the last ttrao he made ue tlae fast to a canoe, ehtcb was palhd aiougtide. The r food mate and one man were brought on board, together with a boat belong ng to ibo wrecked brig, ant returnee to thla place. These men were then carri". on shore to the Oooeul, where their testimony was taken?not sgreelkg with each otbor In any par Icnlar. Tils gave rl m lo snaploloaa wblcb were wtll faunMed far two day* after wards a email sehooeer arrl red from a' ter ',n ijar?t of these gent emen, who had dweite i the Uritlso ship W'Jltam Wallace, at th i i.tnr los.1 m mmiftsy. They were from oa .rsns.'orreu uo Urluth sloop Tar tar, aad frnm her to the schooorr in irons, aad by this llrnw are safely lodge.'' on board lb' r ship. There are revaral Amsrtoans . t <ru new, having left the Interior In obedience to the ), reclamation of the 7ih Aogns. as. requiring all to lsavo the ooun-ry ta thirty day s. This applien to faoae or Oil metering propensities or repntatlon. Tbe lake atramera are atlll running, those on tbe river having been stopped (or s mmth. It la said there is a great deal of !U reeling existing bet weed Ooele Rloa and Nlraragna, on the subject of the transit. Moarsgua eontenda that Costa Riea hw assumed a dictatorial aldteda, and that ibe la esoeeaiag her rights, both la a moral aad diplomatic sense of the term There la some speculation en tbe re captors ef San Carlos. This petal was bald by Gosto Kioa during tbe late war. It waa restored to, or more propvly speeking, retornol to Ntear ague oa tbe lolh ef Jnly last, wbea the lag was ban led down by 9ea Canaa. What a misfortune that there oonld not be ea 'nfoslon or American enterprise isto thla degeeerata conn try, where nature baa done so ranch to render It oae of the most charming aad beaatlfnl ea tbe globe There was soma axclterasat en shore the other day la Ibe way of a shooting affray. It occurred la e tea pta alley, where some Americana aad CngUah offleers were play lag Ae American Mr. K, oama ta and was ?ery abusive to o person well kaewo bare as Oharlie M-, a very large maa. Ibe letter bebeved very aasleble, aad ea dcavored to dissuade bta angry meed from betag rash, aa surtac him be had no animosity against him. It seems that the latter had nacd soma harts ospremise about hi a la tbe morning, and he wee using esery meapt lo b*e It repeated. Basing that foroearsnoe weald avail nothing, be reiterated the "seaUsaeal," whee K drew a pistol, which was farturately wrenched from bis han t by a bystander before be ornld nee It Tbe platsI was fired oil aad rttorned Tbe big man bow obtained a pistol, ex peetug a return ef ble murderous whiter, who bad diaao pcarea. A faw minutes afiorwe'de a voire wee beard, "Get out of ibe way, sou orowd" aad a snot was flred farm tBe corner, passing very close to oee of our offleers, but missis| tie intended victim Utr large rnead nos drew his revolver: but It waa taken away from him by tbe parties present, fired off, and glsea bank la the meanUme the first party bad disappeared so parts aa. know a. lb as ended thla tragical bat bloodless affair. No a (fart was made to arrest him. H. B. M. corvette fatter will sail oa tbe 19ib far A spin wall. Tbe brig Oc-sn Bird will leave In n faw days for New York, with a oargo of hides. Hrstil wood, ko Tbe sebn. ncr M. M Koberteon wtll protsod down the ooeet In e few days for cocoa nuts, bonai ts New York. Tbe Teaaeasee la aaalsualy expected. tbx rxAjraiv aom. Guttsss, Pax frxx pbl Nonra, Sept. 4,1887. Still Another Oompettior in the Fkld-Ommodore Vander but Floored ty I ho Quondam Frimd, Joe WkUe?OoeU* AVe lp~%e Her ffyrl ts the I'erjAy ef Nicaragua? IW Doings ef H" (Vxry Jonas, At. A report la entreat bere, (but la wblcb we piece very tittle oasfidenee.) tost Nicaragua has thrown over bar frtsat and ally, Costa Rlda, by act only refusing to sndoroe Ibo Waboter and litrrts grant, bat ber dictators hare bid tbe temerity to give a grant to our blitoreel enemy, Je aepb L. While, of your cUy, who, In craJuecUoo with del. fa bene aad Joseph BcnU, Instigated, aa ail must remem ber, the dssuuet on ef our anfortnaato and Jefeaoeiens town. Wa do not presume to dive into tbe eeerets at Wsehlag tea, but strange rumors neve reached oa ooooarniog oor lain iMrlguan that have been g rtng forward there leedtag to thla result line feet 18 very cMa , and ibat la, we die covered, inpa'sant to aad from the Interior, ae tses a per towage tbas ibe secretory ef thai very abate ladivtdnal who claims to ?e Charge 4'Aflbtrss from the asietiag gov ernraeat ef Nicaragua In your own aad wa must belteve either toei be let Srop or earned la ble sbeeafal onsets neaoo tbe feet of beslsg ssceeeded In ble raiaalae, tor u wee soon b?i.ed about Ik at ? osu Hioa bad beta fairly outwitted an 1 that two two dioUtcru bed thrown off the mass, declaring tbemaelsea ones morn a free people,end by vtrtae of eaeh rreed?ra, bed eelr<ded Mr Jaowph L White?tbe Inrt maa. be N reseeraberti. who inirooaeed in ha stars isto tksW osfcrtonste onuetry?as Ibe idol cpaa whose to eonfir e great for the transit. Urate Kite, It will be eeee, le up aad Wirrlng, In enaee qoeeee of tbts amuraptlon of pover aad rnaei. nas vloto tloe af ail tbe promisee male by Nicaragua, whoa 'oqulr lag ber ale to nd tbe sell of tncee ?esMO la aumas aaaoe was were earrylag death aad deetrueltoa tbrougboat tbe lend Yea of course fully endentoad thai Oesta Rise balds net ?aly tbe tlver Haa Joea from its mouth to lake Nicaragua, but tquwly eo all the stoamboats plytag apea that iiver aad the take, and that way ware oaptured duHsg tbe pro gress ef tbe war wbteb tarmtaated by the sspelstoe ef Walkrr aad bis gaag New, we have latterly no* oed n movement ta this farce, aad we lesra that ibel gelieal oil.os?, uoioeel Ueely, wee very latmy seen to leers tbe Old Pari si Jeett'le Hepids with s very ohaeea farce, trendtl| hie way epwarde, wh*cb won d seem to imply teat he had terns* DOOM rrp-weeaslSg himself ef tbe Pbrt of (fae Chrloa. wb ok fort ibe Uee<e Kicaes bed, la IBs musses ef tastr drsire to prove tbe dtsintereetedaeee of their frlrsdebtp, gl rem beck to Nlemegaa bufbre the ooe tummstmo nfibe terrlwrtsl erraegemsel If this bo so, II will pot aa sad In all quoetlna aa to the rights of tbe riser, far we oplae eo foioe, bnwertr otroeg, ran wroot it from lie present holders, who, If we assy bw novo President Bore's address to bis Osagrass, have al riedy sailed tam active servtee e'gat tbossaad eddttienal mea. Tbe edd'.ws bee bran wld> ly clrculatod bere, aad la mock admire fur Its mac11 bearing sad It will doubt lose be rsed with tqaal interest throughout me Called The retirement of Mr. OBrey J roes from San Jnee, and the causes wbfNh lad to It, have been ranch dlenomed la our small elro?o aad II Is sgrred on all sides that your govsra seel made a mast use lee selection Family oow neatou may be ell very w?!l, out absa It la rrqaired to base a oorreot report opoe tie affairs sf St atoe and am Ions, ?nrelyea ladivtdnal of talent, sod who baa e<me reepem fee hi sitei.", mtgat be Tcuad It le, then, lemoaieble to fled a pence cl.srgnd wl'h so htgb s resiurastbilily sas> rlaiisg aim too ties of tne fawaal grade aad dobmlag hltnse If to ibetr level. All trtroierm here Is at a e sod still; bnt ws live on in hope, and If, ss If expecml, lie Trsn it la to be sgs'n cponed nodev t?e ifarrfe Wete'er gvaot, en may still Ht well Your filks sen"ild urge oo bv erery means the "pe.iag cf ibis great b gbuav, aid 16?? hrrak up a "no

rrro y whlct >o i ot oat ? '.N8*? *. til hs? imp. vCrHh jl a.' us pcor devil* to a most c .ooceirs^s ?xt:at. Itw Mnii *?rTirl IM following li fee Dm or patent iMMd mm fee United Stales PMoot Offloe, for fee ?m ending Oct 0, 1K?7? ?Mb bearing that date ? AJodm a Arnold, of Norwnllt, Oonn., improrement In BMblnos IW forming im hardening bit bodies. ? OealmUle, lud., improvement In B* B*Uo,n'' 01 Mm, improved Dine? prfiii JUlea Krnnoote BeltevUle, of Newy, r.inoe, Improve meni in etenm generuore. ' ' ^ ? Kteuas & Blgeiow, of Boston, Mmi., Improvoment in lower loo ma for wesTlng wire doth 01 ^ ? t?P?>ven*iitia store 00T6f Nlinqf ti' ? <? >?, i.i meat In curtain rollers. 1 v Barley &one and Jeremiah B. Oole, cf m>rjri?ffiie Mam. Inspror ed saw filing machine. ' h **a,ort' Mum., improved corn shelter. Wa. T. Clement, of Bhelourae Falls, Mass., improve meiil la mode of attaching icy voee to aaatha ramuel Darling, of Haogor, Me., lmproVemeat In tbi manufacture or metalllo i^nares. Albert Dorr, of Orleona, Mich , improvement la m*rhllM, for packing wool. Marcca E. Eltowortb, of Hndsow, 0., improvement in reap'sg ODd mowing macnioeo. "** M1 venire * uf *****' ^'""?Rkpolls, lsd.> Improvement la Am ml M. George, of Keshan, .V. H., improvement In corn buskers. HarlmP. Gerrlsb, or (Sandoval, III., tmprored oorn boaters. W. Y. Gill, of Hocdofion, Ky., Improrement Ineeed piiitoii. Aaron M. Gould and Albert FHmdera, of Gam ?rla, N. Y . Improrement in Mod planter*. ' ' Manaiteb '.rover, or Clyde, O., Improvement la plougha v?nBVJM. C., inprovement in cue bill ploughs. Norman c. Harris and AJonzo Bailer, of ruliner, Yt Improvt meat In e?rry oovm. Henry Hoirman, of New York, N. Y., Improrement in broaslng liquid*. A. A. Hotchkits and Andi e? II itahklAt, erdharon Valley, Oonn., Improvement In rakes Cans, Hoe ell, of Cleveland, O , Improved guard linger for reaping and mowing maouiues. Hanfuru lvugsbery, of Oarroilioa, Ga , Improved oblne fi r inurstsg and sbcl'iug corn. Btmuel 1. KUigiton and David Gore, of Plals view fill., Im provt meti In gang plougbs. C. O. I nee, of Brandon, Yt, Improvement In seed plant era. J. W. Msbso, of Lexington, III., Improved oioer'a l>ec oo DhtleJ Maikbtn) and AoitlB & Maxkhaai ot Monmouth, III, Improved to .ding n:v.bite George r. Ml lor and Htgh Dougherty,of lAiCMter, I**., improvemrnl tc^ntJUog and rellning Iron. .lames Mitchell, or Choeola, iowa, Improyemont la kocmotlve cow ca'cbe-o. William Mtlkr, cf W.Iiham, Mass., improvement la ap pendagee lo tbow r batna. W iitiord H. Ketiletonaad Cnarlea Raymond, of Bristol, Conn . Improvement In tewlag machines N? Ison Newman, of Springfield, III, Improvement In eod cutters. Wm. Dnmer, of Boston, Mats., lmproyod rock cutting and diil tcg machine 1'leiue Porter, of Hcksetk, N. B , improvement In esten tlon elevators. Jerse <>lioiso, of Nashua, N. H , Improved machine for ?awlr.g ibivgiee. Th mas btnrp, of Nashville, Toon , Improvement in ploegbs. fjlvcslerJ Sherman, or Now York, N. Y., Improve ment tn hoc air registers. Wm H tJmUb,of Newport,R. I., improvedyorn bitkor. Henry I Hmiih, of Wasblngton, ID C. Improvement in iprtug b'd bone ins. K Harry t*mlth, cl Now York, N. Y., improvement lo tenltg macbires. Anoil r>t,ckney, of Oorcord, N. H., Improved corn shelter Wm. C. Pquler. of Kockford, ill, Improvement in Mod sewtrg maonines Wm H. Sttoicn, of Baltimore, M<1, lmproroment In coal coves. Jotepo W. Thorn, er Courtlaod, Ala, improvement Is for picking oo too in the Held. Albert A Vedtier, of Iytander, N. Y., Improrement In lubricating cairlsge axle. A. V Wsrres.of Bmt.klyn, N. Y., fountain pec. Hons H iilaro, of Vtrgennes, Yt, improyemt-nt la seed flantere Wm. Wilber, of VewYarg, K. Y., Improrement la oil prrsitrg maohlsery. Wm. yjotmerman, of (Jdnoy, 111., Ira "roved wind wheel. lamnnK. Aveilll, or BnlMki, N. Y., Issslguor to himself Jsmre 1' Devlsrnd Henry Twlo tame plans, lm ptoree mencd cl balanelng thresblsg cylindore I* Payette ftevetr, oi E mlra, N. C., auiguor to Wm. L. Gtbei'D, of tamo piaeo, IsBprovemest In wood boring machines WtillamC. WatKon.of New York, N. Y., asaignor to hlmssif, George H. Wouster and Ira IV. Gregory, of same piace. improvem-nt la sewteg raaoetoes. '/achsrian \\ altb, of Nowark, N. J-, aeitgnor to Oor nehus Wanb.of *a?e place, Improved machine for catting meial cepe for n?i b ars. Rs Ivmi ?Alfred Wonnler, of Camden. N J., Improve meat,la l-e manufactore of sulphuric acid. Patented An purl 7,1SI7J lim.i ss ? Ptstro Clr Wert Merlden, Oo?n.,__ ?lgsor to Bradley Huobard and Bradley, of same place, de BlfD for clock caste. Gourrwd Thsrletneycr, of New York, N. Y , doelcn for cost erutllee. Ancmoval Iwrsoi svean ?Jam** F. MoOonnell, of Wolvertoe, England,lmcrovenHnt in loaomottv* bouera IWtenieo June 2 1S T Ante datoo Dccembsr % lb..7. Daniel W. Hsell sod Htaphea i?. BartisU, of Wooeaockel R I., Improve men i tn looms Patented January 1J, 1M7 Ante cated Be tombcr, I, 185T. ai)vi;'kkm;wi:ii evkrv uav. rtLKsu.vahi OArrAIN MOlSi'BIIff, GF TP E FORFAR SIWOAR dint Milhla ArUl ?ry will llod s ?,?nt of Importance m blm at tiareUy A Uvtugstue't, h hsavtr'streat, new Task. Wswern pasvrs plea*- ? opr. G. A. DlMUV AU. TOOB UtTTBU to B. BWAM A CO.. INSOBMATION WAWTgD-AT WtSniW9TOW. D. ... I by the brtrs of Ik* late Mre Barak Tkurs of Charles V. Thsratre wko sallnd from New Tort far i iverpool tn the skip Andrew roster la Iks sumsaer of lata, and kaa aot linos bean beard of. IarcnnaTinji lit wantrdor a. BrrriBitaANn. ok bis whorsabonls and ?UI he thankful y rnculved by ad dressingMA. bos ill eerald oftioe. MOW OAIVITT. FORIfaBhY OF TAY' OE'B BAI/tOW, by nddreselpg s mite lo U. H V , hns IAS Herald ulhoe, may beer ot sometblrs u> bar alvaata: e KM -I COULD HOT UAVM BEI.IBTKD?THW. TtIR ? last daj. twelve UUom IX not farewell Write some. as ever, MaL'MICa tucuuroFS lOTll SJ. rl MtflURH RVAWilBt.IPAt. MTTrfSBA* CBUBCN ?S hi Jantra harlac nompl*l*i tkeir oe? MdlSc* tn rtf tenth stnwt, h'lWees eeoond and Tbtrd s>enc?e wilt iimir ern'e It on n*ttMabhsth de Htk of i mober Thvrs will be service in ike mon log at lets. In tke nAernnos m ,V,S. n ? ta Ike evrnlcs At v.'t n'ekek. tvsW'.rs ike ^uut ih? K?S Dr hebaudt. rf t minis bin Copeg*; the *rv irr. I'ohlauta. of AJ bsny, end tke Aev. ur Htnra, of Phlladelpkls w<U inri< -ipa's la tke services. Tke pa the see respeetrnllr Invited to st'sstd. A# A*- sxttr. PdCINO MATCH.?A FACING MaTCTH rOK A FOPH? of fu elll use pls -r si the balf w ly Ho um, os 'be Fat erw.n acd Sew fnvk Flauk Sond to Wensev ?y.'irtoser 14. DSf atln'oWk F W . between thelkree otlehrsted hurses ?Or re I mare < A rda Kale, rorrel k""?e rvle and gray korss ketrdcer Sat/saoe lee. If Hmt (free n fire. UNION COCnet, u. I ?TSOTTING ?ON THUMDAT, Oat. lb. at I'. it sloek. a pnrw and stake of Sejo. mile beam, heel I In b kibenteaa. W Wnet laa as aea b g Clarke Obley; ti Ta:taaas nantea h art i'.trade a?i?i an; ll. Mare names ok m >.ndi l.liefeVeid. H Wo ulruO o .ritvs B. ? l.ndy Woodrn: ; 0. i arl snmas a ? MiUvr ? Imssssl. The mm will leave Ike So ilk f> rrv, Brooklyn, for the ennrse at kaif P'si one o clork, sad lecnrn as soon an ika spor, is ovar. are lo ge asd i et .rs. 10 eeste MHAW A WHITB, Proprietor* rfUOTTING HTiLIJON JCrtTBB. (NT LONG tSLASD A Hlack llaerk oat of ulpsy >?To noeommodaU tkoee wbe wish lob rved fall nolw of Ibis Mlehrated tujek. Jopltar will stand or ? ihort mil means at Jobs L Haedlker'a Mar Ualoa couie* Long Ulead rouncAL. a MNgTIgO OF TUB ri**T WARD K?rvi'...MAN Al \ enHsiloe will he held ai 4S Wsiiek t'l si set, os Monday repi. ll SI ? ? fti.wk, for the purpose of eleoUeR dvlaaalM to tke severs. amvoaileaA NyoWer *AMaN M KINNA. PrMUeaL Jovrrit P. Boi a ) fc. u av?t*. $ ?erreurtee NdTUNALUbTioN coMHrrraa or tub dbmo eraile party will be la eeaekm la tke bank ruoai of 1am many ball, every *ay svtwera the bourn of lu A. a and If. ***** ?*?*? ??r?vs mutt be token ont ten days before eieriiflw day. Br order of (kmtmii We. Tlimu Sjrwa A. Blkoe. Waver Aom-n, lUrnerd Aeai ley, Mlebsel Tool MiUMOLa* UAOBINT. Chair'o "sfwsi'MWna THC WlMTigT, Jirrgk e o aed,?a mi; ting on tri aroti < out I any a hi be bald at 9. Vogv'A hotter of Mood ? .rat Md . mitv tirvete, on Monday evsaisg Uev is alSo'et-tk. i. A-n.-4"" ?""? c. a '? W1NB? AMD f.Itgl OR*. K'"'."'1 DNRITALLBD lMt iWtnfe ^1%. a ecfiiUat anD UClfUIOTI, B?i CUAB RONDAT MOAT TTJ HAAUMM ?SfkaM beet li/LAH leaves ???UM,-?ritl Teak sua....... 'jff HarteaaBridge...IS A. M. fund leg ei iineiai ead TWb www rare to rreu P* *' RILUARM, PH*'f ^"IV-,1.*.?0 *arlbr and Ciiaa 'ofia nw#BWd )hM iqUmmm am in sltwrf tii sed^l'roi f^ibre'u. ***?r^*' "? '?'gew eeesn tables vartoni IJS'i ? jT - ?"?Biaatl m eutkhms, being no Fa J?VIM lie Aad nrnellen. Cpee day ?nJ ?verhtr Melosrouse SU^ts3 &S"lir'M *?" MBWwWqwiKUAI. yarAWtftV- A rn.k or T'l A New TORN T!W?K TOR tt tbt lMI loor mvo'hf Atldrej* fUn, He-all take, stat'sg . Dee. ? ?IUU Dll UAMokaan . ? ? _ ti"!?H'i8,ro lwt-at new beiwhtoe i ,4 n?w<1 ?* <*? sroun.s of BemaatHsU. "SI *? '*1' APP1* <* Ik* preui Ma, car afliUaaa IT boa Mtt Bew tort foat oAm " '"" 859 J?*1'* if*-HANDSOME iJUCF furnished bouse to lot or Inaaa Frog aired. or ml a * y*. 10 ? *Jeot fcmUy or gmitlangtm. ?nr*.? taiL. if P**?* <?.<* E.fmaw require* Mmaa delightfully tltua ad. opposite the Cask. A* TuOOt. TO LW-rn?iffHin, oon ?Mlattog of two parlors and hedraoma mnnnalr r. to ? stnaJI respectable family, arbooo.ld havnlhr. tiseuTths k 1Mb ??; ho-ise la a tine neighborhood; baa all the Improvem-oH i .tcnveBisnt to Broed say and Bigath'stfcet alaxoa Apply at 99 i>r*M* street osar t iintoa ptaa A*?4TLTnfPa*1?H*D HOUSE TO LHT-IN MOOD seder will be let low lo a good tenant. For parttou'ara a * ^?tb' *"*"? bw *?*-?rp< h PABTMBNTB TO LBT-F 1RNIHHED, WITH BYEBY ?*? ,,r?<i"lali? frir e infort. enn?J?i|iig uf a large Wriou two * mail oar a kl'eha* a, pantries and other eonvealraos* with lee un <# pailor. together or aeoarale Apnly at *9 Vao.latn > rtet, psar varcg. 1'os ea Ionianuidiate Termsmodarate. i PABTMENT8-OON8ISTINO OF FBONT AMD B10K ??. ?*WMlon and bee nous on aaeood tl tor. wl h or without ?-a?emetr. lo let. ho. 10 Betbune atwet tiaa and watorthrou^t; ta a pleaaant neighborhood and oooronlaal A <l2??.krfUA*C,~,r0 L,T' BROADWAY. A ??"1 thFffl story houae in tuoa order, with ran, ehando lets, vatha, rtrse At; yearly rent f.190 Furniture and everything for housekeeping t r tale at a bargain. B W. BIOHaBDS 3w7 Broadway. "L^UBNISIIED DOCfll To LIT?A FIRMT QLAKt FOUB Sl<u* f2?' hngllah bwrnen! houae, hand snmely fnrnl.ted situated on 1 htrtv srooort street. bet warn Broad ear antt Klt'th orsona. add.era V?_? ?ESL'? **?*?-A NICELY FURMIHUBD hiune In Fortj ? l*htb atreel, suitable for a fseieel prlral* fowl T. will be let to I at of Mar next at a m Ktamle rent to a good tenant; a leaae may be bad ?eJ the funilture por chaaed at a great bargttn t! iwuntred. Inquire on the premi aea at Forty eighth iUeeLlbe dfU. house w?et of Broadway or eleventh houae east of Bgfcth avenue, between twelve and tWO r ?. FURNI'HEn BOUHB TO LIT.-A THRtMHTOKY AND bssemr nt bo* ee la an excellent locality (not far from ?adUon siparr) to let to mparts who -111 board the owner'l ram*ly lor tbe rent; a family without children preferred; pus session Immedlately adlwaa Madiaor, Herald offina. JjirRNlFDED t O JBB.?THE KL*? aNT BROWN r a one houte No #71 Broadway will b? let low to a pernio who will buy the furniture which la new and made to order laetaprmg. a pp'y at the louee. Furnished booms to lkt-on this bboond floor within! boanl. Would do for a ladr wlibiog to hfep lonae or for a gertlcmao. Oaa and water. Local ton two blecha from Broadway and a few doom from CanaL Ad irrteO O.. Hmadwa> Pont i Illie. fiiCRNIhBID ROOMS TO LET-ROOM, REltROOM AND 1 hllcbei. To a amall fami'r t'red of b"anllag thle wou'd idle r a favorable opro*tnnUy to leap boon a. apply at 133 Weet 1 weLiy-foa'th airert, near Heventh aveuoe. BICRNWHED EOUHE TO LBf?IN BT M4RKBP1A B. wn'll Vny |, io}0 Rent #113 a mou'h. Addreea box S.68H Feet i Uiit>. PUBNIBHSD HOl'FR IN TUB UPPBR I* r RT OF Itrork vn, near the city cart, su 'ablo fjr a email family The furniture le plain but good a d for uae ooaiplete; to a eaeb ouetcuito it will be >oid low. 1 he houHS i< uju '-utrnl and conlatea nine iuibh, rent $2K). Addreaa box i 6ti7 Poet cUlce. N. T. House to lit-* two stort dwbli 1*0 HonHt. ho SI Lliprnard etrcet, nrar Broadway, very detlrahia for perHoee wUklng a renounce duwn town, aoul* to K. TOU1. NKa T. <1 and <3 Warren atreel HOrSR TO RBNT.-A SMaLL FIRST O .AR9 BROWN a'one frt uv houae to runt cheap uu II lat of May lo n good tenant Inquire at ISO Baxt Thirty fifth a-rent. \fO 8 O IASI.TON STREET?BBTWBBN MACDOU'ISL 11 and Varick rlreeta, lo let to a private family; la wlikln half a blf ck Of Slx'h avenue cars juat repaire.' and repainted. and gaw In the bouae a pply at 13a Bleed er atreeL PLEAS** TIfT fXiTTAOK IN 1IROOKLT1 TO LIT? Bert including gaa iliturW, #270 Wi 1 only be lvtto a per ion willing,u> buy |3?Ki worth o 'the f.i'hilura, for oath, at t low t rtoa Hare cbuhcc to nomvr.uuee bouai keeping llnmhuriaud eti?et, near Pari arcnue lifu-en n>tnut?a' walk fnm Fultoa fuiry. adilrcth Collate, box 1 211, l'o.t odloe, New Vork. RrOMR TO LET?1 () A FAMft TOF DROWN PERSONS, a room acd two bedrooms, one oocld b?-wi a* a attrhmi Immediate poxeeaalon may be had. Apply at lid Weet Twenty fourth etrtet, near 7 b avenue. r LET?THE FOUB STORY AND B 4RRWBNT HOUSB West PonrtMialh ntrwet, near highu av nue, to the later May n? it or longer; three r.x>m* deep, wtib gas aw* Orotoo to attic Tbe wV>l? or an; part of the riradure, whlub I* nearly new and tbe beet deeiHpttoo, fogeale ?*ry low. TO LIT-THE DWELL1BO HI USE (2 WKST TWIN lieth x'.reei, nppotlte he hhun h uf the Uoly ttommuaton Part c f be furniture may be had If required. Inquire on the premiers between 11 and 1 TO LBT?TWO UANH60MB P4RI.OBB ON THI FIRST Door, with or without two room* on the Utid tl >or; prlv leg.- to tae klt-hrp; wou d bnve no objection ??> rent to iwo yen'Van*n whnwwold rurelab tbnr ape tmen'n oould have board Inrrlahtd in their hpaitmenA I8d Franklin street. r LhT-TDB LANOE STORE F81 BIRTH AV*NUB li I* abr ut 18 feet deep acd well ligb'cd, *nl!aht? for any kind of bu*lne*a. it*nt l.'h per movth. apply to F, A Lurry, No. ill Weal Thirty tlfh street rpOLBT-AND IMMEDIATE PORSES.IOW 01VRN TUB A four story baietnert bouse Nr I'll Seventh avnue, next to the corner of FortU tb street with all the isodern impr >ve mruta, elu be let low loagood tenant, or leased fur a term of years, Inoulr* on tbe premise*, or at the Nallunal Iua>urance Comi ary, 51 Wall street rllT-A KARIIBR'd HHOP, OOENKK OF HUDSON and I.sight street in a hotel TO LET-THN NI'tE THREE RTORY BKI 7K HOI St No US Forty eiith street, between BroeD eay and Ruth aiente, wl h cold and warm water, gas an ? all the modern Improvements Brnt from this data lo the 30th uf April, 5 ? Arp'y on Ike premiere r> LBT?A THREE BTORT H'lURE IN TrllBTF FIRST street. Bear elnth avroue. In c implept order. The ferol turr, whb h u as all made by our b?i t elly mahrrs. e U' also bs sold at a rexsonable prior, tor particular* address hot .sou Post ofll'S rLET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSHKiHfON PART OF house So. <9 Idroy street ( btjes from btxta and hlgklh avenue Ralirosd) eonststUig of part-rs kitehea, hath room. Ac range tx kltrheo. wtu b A and mad water To* so. a tens nt the rent wu he very low, furoUhnd U rnqutmo. Icqntre on the prvmUwa. The madiron bouh to i frr-o* a lease of ten icars, this ensile-* birrs is stiaared on ttc omer of Esdisuu even us and Twily s vsath t, In the city of New York, an' aside being el ?? k, the Rvneral vaeaenger depot ol the N' w York and Nsw Haven aid the Par im. elhany and Yroy Ha.tnmos It 1* In the in at de>trab e psrt of the city, wl h sit* rail tare and omulbunee rnnrmg la every f i*ecdoa at all bonra of the day and nlgmL a quantity of hotel fu en Intra, plate aad s*o.'h now la t>n hoc an. naay he houg it at reason able rates, for oaah altor"ther aflirrdl g a rare oppr rtun'ty of sc. i.rtnK a hoi)'l siaipl tha oinst becosse o,*<* >f the beat lues ti n< for ho-el busirsm In the olty or Nsw York. For partiou tars !? qulge r n ths pr<mti*s. Rot #2 5011 TO klATEN INLANItshR - * PARTY r)10ITPVINi? A ha-dsnms and ecmfo able ramliv <v4ta :s, desieatily lo evert r?ar l< mphlnsvll e. wir.acs h flod a pa-tv to take h otf bis ksn<? The real Is 9375 per snu'im, aud lbs furniture laid In for auwme ute rrxt ah no |i/xi 1| wUI ha fonod s rare ti?r :c for a partv about to ri houauk>-ei..n> in that aeUbhurbo d idfrwsb-i LI78 pi at "Bee. TWO HurRM TO LET, IN RlXTIEfH nTREaT. BE t?e?o First aad Eso md avewoea?Rlabla aid ssrdeM to Nsch; very eoavealsntln Hsrnnd and Third avenue care rm modsrave. Apply to T M'hNilAHT, hi nmschsr Crael ' rl.BAIR?A MOfcT Bl.T JIB LB HITUAT.ON FOB A I'oi.f a?d fe d rr provlsi ,u strre. agrtnultsral wareho'iee, 4c |. log a Ivr " five st rf bmldirg in Wwvt etreet, Cortland., with a spacious otdlar, enn.e, or each tljog ant ihn Cellar eepareln. rLEARE-fWO OF THE FfNCkr FIRNT OURH blown s ens k. uses in the Hi* , see on iramarory park. No. ]??, twen'y first slre't, v?r> rvwnrn vlluas. Ave e'me* thive r<"<mi deev shtstji K ?i ffoet el'gaatly dewvatsd ar.d frrecosd rrivi t- key lo park, A- . one on da .1 Eli;?te-oih ??rest. No '?#. a fie# rests*nee, .bree a ortes llreer..oms dose Is pe fret flntsh aad order apply oe the prea ee og lo T. B Typhi) SEN. Oosanetior at Law oroalway. Stwarbil BEWABD- TTEATBD, A LARWB BLACE NBW V'' found sid dog Htn cwusv'n name aad add cms or* oa hWmllar the finds* wRl be Ubsrally resrar.lrst by returuNm htm to K7 avraua <L ? K BBWs RI>? DO?t UNIT.-A f.IYBB OOLORBP NET %>tf 'er. tad c? a lea her et,Uar. snr-yeet to flta aim. a User Bed whim aad mollisd pointer the abuvereward will be paid hv retnrulrg them toM0 Waahlngvei rtresa. ? un "l4* *??U)BT. A IXji'HLB C*?B UOLO wKJvr watch aae vsa csala. No 19 nil with aaewsb-y oa Caved na the can* at the Firemen', rna?aalou ca aetata 1 night, i itoohnr 7, 18*7, la ths neighborhood of it rand Broome or htm strrese near Hrotad way. Whoever will KIWhHD.-Al IRBBAI. REWARD WILL RE FAIDFOB 'he rer-.very of a gold Buattny c??e watch. No V7.0U0. Aiimmtkrr Liverpool acd others wt'i flop ?T.*"r"'!' ''?rrtd. Apply at addrtm at brohar's cu m. litt M?irr amd rocwD. LOET ON WKDNBNDAT EVENING, WHILE PARRINrl from Twsaty as-oort street uroneh Nevrsih aveaue to Twenty first s.recL from ib-nosu> Te. nty third stre?t a ga'd btaswle* The finder will he suitably rewarded ail receive the thaakt of the owner by leaitag It at ltd Wast Twcaty ?sco.a street. <,54lL,>i:U'^f' OW B"A*r> THE JEB8ICT I Ity ferry boat Hud. >n, on tbe morntog of FsVlaf Lot" ??* t. a small parcel cosus slsa sewlnp machine nsedi-o eita parUro are hmeby lauuaaeJ awalaet on ring the aeedlaa. aad a reward of 18 trlli be paid fur ikalr aiJe dalfvsry to the swnsr. J. F. BlJearif. 31 Dey *t -eet, N y. Lout-a nwall focket memorandum p. hie' with red >'er, r,ruining psper* and so- mt? of nn us. to anr rna hot tb* otrasr a .tb* al rawari will oe oaid o ths fin sr by leaving It at 170 Washngum avreat. coal ou.ia 1 DRY?A BANE NOOK, ON THE ? WEET NBVIBllS JU Rank. No ICS '41, Is the Ruwsry, between Pr'n. i and Heustoa sirsris the flsder will Isave It at the beak; It hrl-aga to Mr* Julia Hrnnberg 1/st on ratnrday mom ag. LOOT?FIEINAN'B RAD'JM NO. .1 HSU. THE FINDER will pis ana Is. s It at the house of Ho*? i vtmpon > No. ? corner 11 Fifth a. can- asd Twravintt a treat; or at the Chief Engineer ? ofSee, #| Kllxavs h ? pent, IEUAHA -eo ?nninMnnuar THR YIORT BONtr NAREIT INDUCER MR TO OF far atlhuvfcacf s. gars as-ae-srt npna at any seortOee hr cath Call aa* rsamtae mv Mo k of several mtUloas of se tare, and buy at your owa pries*. ?? CHEEKF, 17 Broadway, watrijioyml. Ml ATRrMOFfkl,.?A I'EF'* RutHUfWi) WfPOW LADT, . . U) form of to *<? 'kat hat wsa'th rnocgh to SeppdstE Wtte. All rymuj.Ls.i'rm, ei,t be oeEMaetisk. shddrass Xiopr." BnAd* ay Pes; jihce, i yy oL? wes h ?RI.M U# MtAM. SI OHO ~?"B HALF OR. If BUILT UFOW. TUB vl.Ul/V, Whyr on mortgage, erUl bar m e of 31 plate of grimed, tvi rattieming I Hi of Milt* feet wtthto ft?% in mmutea' rid* frost tiny Halt by Fwry aW euf*. at IX MB rare for roth. nus retract; mUMiabmcd and wimBf deeds given. wtna'Pui ->d kick ground; vwry healthy, ud seam msec to a a Casutttui view far but miles around, p tanked MdewsJks and orusm-u'al trees Dm Um *treete, UMNH few. J. H BOB II ?oin propi mtor, JOB ltooodsray, MM ?? Barclay fwk, third Hoot room sdK nnn -<oontky hb-t fob iuj-a mwm <"o;u?iiTr s-ei, on lbs Mm ?I Ifee r>U roed, Ma miles trum Broohlvn , will be low oa av ai> w? na. M. i. aHeLnoF.tFFasaeastrcs*. ?en nnn W<!RTH 2? k'ai< mtatk w cnvnu. ?Ow.llv/U nut. to eictang* r,.r i r i r hssItoa MUttB chersc rr of laur c?xn, and etdram Lran A Mane. Ma. 1 Mechanics Institute. Oinr'.-neU Ohio flCUMTBY FLA"1 rtJR 8AL? LOW.?A HOU8B AJTO U >tx scree ol an*, or more tf desired eights* o milesfaa Fee York by railroad a d twee quarters at a mile Iraa depot, hsnrtMoaef* situated and well ,s,*d*d. l?liaj? W. ALLaN. 1)0 Bros way. rK 8ALM?TUB 1WO HOt'HFH FOR. KB AFO Mi Bast Thirty stxth atrixx batvoen Kerned and Third ars Atue. t aid housee aro replete ivi'b all the modern Umitore meiita. They hate oaiy to be sees to be admired. Apply OA ike premises Fob sal* the oobvbkibht thru non brick bouse and lot bo 17 kaat Thirty Bret street, be l-eeu Fourth en t bad toon svsnoae; has Orm?o asd (ad throughout ihe house; in gone order; will oe aoid low: terms easy. Oaa be seen any time thruudb the day. Inquire un ike premises. FOB 8ALB-T1AT Hi'LBFDI I> COUNTRY SB AT AT Nsrth Hareratraw. kuowrn as the darner plane, IJ5 miles west of Uiaesy 1'oiul 18 acres; house two sP>rv and base ment 10 t IS feei: g> od barn wale- powe* of 100 horse an the place Prim- f J.uUU; less than the bonre cost; a lovely spring near the ceor. e tarlety of fruit ayd shade trv"s. Inquire ?f Mr. V am MORI), nest door, or of A. UAVIh, MS Ninth ave n.e, Fevr lork For halm-if apm.ikd fob ioof, A treat frnttand tardea fat m.T acres, S8 miles up the Hudson liftr. Also, for rale, aspiciidl tbture pr peny. No. 131 Ninthaveaae. koure three story; ? roton. sas, Ao Apply to the oaraer, At 36S binib avenue, near Tvrruty aeven'h street. IjtOR BALI?A FIFE TBRhB BfORY UOUX8 BROW* r atone front, In perfect i r'l-r with all the modern Improve rs'te, situated ??> y plcaaa'lT In T?an y ninth aireet, ueag Fifth avenue. Inquire of (i. F. Print's UK, 3d John street. 1YOR HAL*?TBI NFW fEi'W* 8 FORM PBONT, MFCS 1 Una bafc.mcnt bimsn Fo lt< IT oat Tntrty ?!i b ".revt, be tween Fifth urd ?lr.h avenues. also, toe (tree story brick honae ha lit Wat Eleven's street, oth la oomp'ete order. For partlenlars Inquire of the owner, on As premises. For olabi brown byonb houbes un Thirty foartb strest; wor h I'll 000; n rw rna'ed for 13,7'0 prr anni m will Use 111!noli ' entrat, Tennessee. Vir ginia or Fl'tonri Htaie ronln In pa; meat. Address Owner, bry 3 in For. ottice Fe s Vork. IjtOR BALI?AT A SACRIFKTS OF R187 TERM'. TUB ' If >ir ?icry browe store b~nne and lot on th< aooihseat rorlirr of MsiMwd Avenue and Iblrtj see .Eft rtrot b mie 3tiG7 feet, lot J'iSA feel. The v? ry superior three s'o y brown c <me bonre IG7 *?'t Thlrtr fuurtb street; house ;':)x6Jfe-t; lot Tlili i) feet. The very eleyant three story and attie house 111 VtRrtlsrmt' lif.b siresp Hi fert H In hen hi ?l feot, Wlta Sltei)?tov;10t '0'fee;Ores Sold fnntlahert. ifde'lred. Pos screl n Imuird a'rt Tb? l? o e'egant Amr surry booses Hos. 171 Snrtl71)l BestTwentv flf hstiert; '.Silin 'Set eurtb; lots 13 172 fe t v he r nr story h.tok ho s? No. 17'3 R?n Twenty, flfib rtreeL 3llA0 'ert. wi b rear brink sb'.'p 30liO three stories h so. ihe suixrb tour story b Irk koiiree Hand 161 West 'lwenty a'l'h sue?t 3 ift' ert rarh; lots 3Ut'00 feet The two lour s ory bflrk bouser 1#* ?Dd '68 West Twnty tliib it est; one 3d 'ret iionl ut on* M fr t fro-'. Also four fu I lots oa south ih e of Frrty ititb street. U'l fe*t west of -li lt arenae. The above honriH are in every ?ay superior, wlih furnaces, and all lo s ble Imvrr.vrinritiN TliKf. MaKTI* K |W West Twenty slnbib street, or J. HULL, 3>'i Plan stmr.L F1 R 8aI B OR TO Mrr-flFF FOUR STORY BRBWW s'one bot.sA wl<h ht.h hpu tnrnl nltua'.o on Rutherford pl.'oe opptsi'te^kw >aant square i'tts b <use c iatatiis all thn modfrn '.nTFrnvnc<r U; Auys win bo fjuud at 1JJ Bast tirwn>cr"h atrre' Alto or* twee s dry brick aoi re, ntuate atfo 9 Fop'arstreet r#oo*lia, a "icb ou rirmiaaiion will be fo ibd a very comtbrtehl* one. Term > moderate. For fur ther particulars apr ly at 311 Pnarl street, fross otBcs, ap ma\rr, ?Bere the kevs c?u b?* had ll'LK FeLFOB TI) I,fc*?A lie NLBOMA iHMK LOUR* r in ht ven'l- b sl.eet, w'th Ibica sdjo'ni- * ka?. hetweru Third ?nd Fot rib avenues, res und (Yotoa water la tio i ouae. It c. a.nun a luo res of aio city and an rxicnded view lata sewn eotist'ee, Terws easy, apply at Toird avrotte and Hevmiy at-cond stre t ?' OALLA9UAF. Also lots on the r ortb 'i Ir of Frvrnly second * raeL bvlwerua Ihbd and Four h Rfenues, for *?'? Of erctoie fur unproved cl v ptnperty. A ban Lome house r.nd stable OA hevrnty Ural Mrstl for sa'e or to Irt s ppiy as above For sale, ok to let oubaf several frat cttaye bnorot nrsr fluabwlch Ooee Roade Kas Brook tyn. wl'btn half an bom s rlue of Few lork city, and stages by tka coor everv fe' minutes Home or these buuaee are beinUfu )y located, with bne gardens, ah ad ad trene, frape vtnra. Ac apply to J> Lul'fk, at No. 7 Henry street, Rem York etty, from I to 110 Cork A M G~krt1K?L RsKIlBFCRH for YOOF9 IIOUHBEEBf' rrs?For rale two brown atone front tw? io.'o aid baea sei dwrll r* bo isrs at I& 5v"). also two sla.ler hiusee at ?Aisu ?be bonstw are re . built la mode n style with eoU yardr In front, gsr. bath, esd water hyouthout the house, and very desirableI r genteel 'ami tes not ?qol/lcr large aroom mrdstioss. T?e bouses ?-t> wertb 87 x?J: one heif omhanS ore bulf fit mor'g?ge Apnlytv Bl NaUIOT A CJJt, Fo. 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