Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 13, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 13, 1857 Page 6
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HYERTISEIHTO RENEWED ETERY DAY. ?ttatioti wAmp-wamti. 4 iTTUATlOM WANTED?BY A IWiOTABl.l A young woman. as good plain oook, washer ill tr\.nar; tea good baker at bread, hit two years nlWaw fttpkv tew plae" call for t wo days at No. 8 llaHlaoa at, bo twwc Hicks and (Volncoht* nut. Brooklyn toung woman wishss a situation ssnurbm. la roily competent to ak* the entire eharga of a baby, or chan.i rrwork and waiting Haa Ota beat of oHy refe Clan at 8119th at A. A SITUATION WAMTMD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS A ohambermatd or au ae to a lady going to iAverpooL ?nod pkj if frrenoe. Please call at 284 Beckett at. Brooklyn. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECT ART.1 GIRU J%. at child's anree and eeemstrem, baa no nbjootlon to do fegbl chamber work. Oan bo aeon at bar pre tent situation, US Waverler piece. A HIGHLY RSOOMMSMOSO PROTECTANT OIK', w'.thet a situation a. meat and paatry cook , maker gold broad and ttaeult; would aaotet to waob and iron; would gt to tee country; a good heme, net wagea, wanted. Oall at ITS Wivrrle piano. YOUK8 WOMAN WISHBR A tlTU 4TION TO DO waiting and to aaal t in the eh ember work, <w to dojthara A TO! A wii baa worb and take oare of chl'dron. Otty reference. PI' oall at 2A9 7t> are., ? el ween Mth and I7tk sla., forlw.i fays. A COMPETENT 8KAIHTint, WHO UNDBSSrANDS dreramakiay. beyr' clothing and all kinds of fatelly aew teg, wtakos a altuntlou; so objection to di Ugbt cbamberwork, wait on young lmllea. or go la the country. Baal of city refe tteta ball at 80 Drleaccy at REWRCTASLB MARRIED WOMAN. THAT HAS mo ctohrzo mid iM ft first ntff Jfttuidr* s *. wishes tfmplo? merit, In a private fain'!-, at day's work. Or two or mo-e days eoak week pi-nr.- call at 90 West IStb ai, m tke rear, near Sth a... on th* aerond flror MIDD1.K AGED AMERICAN WOSAN WANTS A alt nation tr cook site nmlnratands bar business thorough ji all the branches of cocking, paatry, oakua of all klndt. ul awfftnrteate If required, game >tnd poultry; no obj ectKm ba go a sbcrt distance la the eoontryor atay It tbe city. Apply at No. 8 Deabrosavn at., In the bate meat. Can give good rule A A: A TOUNO WOMAN, WBO IS A GO SUBTEST A dreMmater, wan'a a few engsgemeeta wl h private fami Ma to r> ov.t b? the day or weak. Bast of references g'vea. Inquire at No. 9 6th at, near the Bownrwdpp Boor, fro. t room. A YOUNO WOMAN. AjI?mftUETS DRESSMAKER, wants a permanent ilttiatlqn 1Kb private family, aa beams'rera. la a good ahtrt makvriaodru do alt blnda of plaka sewing, beat of o.y rt-fereqcmgWiaU at No 9 6th at., log Boor front room " ? A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIEL to do tbe bonrewnrt nt a ?m?ll family, ran glre the beat af reference Call at 861 West 44Ut at A SITUATION WANTSD-BY A RSRPE IT ABLE VOUK3 A woman, as >r? nstreas: understands a ' klsds of iewi?g; no objection* t-> cbamberwork and aewirg; the beat of city r. bareror. Please cab at If 8 lfcth at. belated Sth and 7th area., bar two days. A RESPECTJ BL* WOMAN WATT3 TO TtKB WASH A. lng (or a few gentlemen at her own reildenoa, 124 We?l Mthat Aarctnstant girl wants a situation to no ehawberw-rk aod sewing. n > o-jan lo ? to hounework in k maall family; good reference given If required. Inquire at No. 70 Middagh at. Brooklyn. \ A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A PITU1TION AS COOK A. In a drat clans private faaally; Is competent and under ?tends her bilinear, no objection to a*s it with wa.hlng If re qmrrd. ? 'an be seen for two days at 271 16th at., corner of 1st a venae, second floor. A BESPECTABI.l YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU A. ntion as aeantrtram; can do all kinds of fine seeing has no objection to do light chamberwork Has city refe rence Can he teen lor two days at 100 Weat 17th at. A KEEFBUTAR! S YOUSO WOMAN WISHBR A RITUA A tern as chambermaid, la willing to assist with waiting bad trontneor do plain enwirg. Best of etty references from her 'as! place. Oall at ttu list at, between 2d and 3d are. 4 SITUATION WANTMD?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS ?fV efeambrrmaid and waitress, or as ehwnbermtld and p'ain newer. Good city reference. Call at 184 2d avenue, for two day. 4 OISU WHO HAS BKKN ACCUSTOMED TO A. wriitpr and (s a plain and very rapid wrt'er. ran learn ?f a desirable alinatlon bv addressing Maile*. Herald ofU. is 4 UATY WISHES TO PBOOUBM A SlfUATIOW FOR A brrbabls waaaan, ore wbo haa been In tke fbmllv of her naif and frtmda for ten year a She Is kind and atten'ivs in ?tekn'v* and disposed to be generally use'ul The ?ltuatlo> of ebamtermald and arunatresa aud to assist In washing and tronin; woull be deal-able. Apply at 4t East Ip.b at., be " Brradway and ttb ave . for two (art AHTTVATIOW WANTBD-AB LADY'S MAID AMD aeaaatreea r?n balrdreaa and dreeemahe tod do up fln> ??Dm. Oooo d'r reference. AdJreaa 09 I7th it, oornar of ?U ?r A BTTCATIOM WAITED?BY A YOOXO WOMAN A8 A firm rata rook; nadareiandi r> king In AU lta branrhea: (? As eieel rat baker; baa no , rentionable re'erentx-. CAll At 224 Nth at. between lei aad Id ?n A fBITC ATION WAJfTBTI-BYA RB8PB3TAKLBWBL33 A frl to wait oa a lady. few aad do light chantprrtrork tf paeilred. kaa anwe hnowledfe of hmieakerplng; tatnet worth* aod of (toady bablta Ilaa good city rafereocea -Apply at or addrear M. B., UU Barrow at., cornar of Wnahington, for hwa faya. A NITUAT10N WANTED?BY' A TOUN? WOMAN, AB A chambermaid aad waltreaa or chambermaid aoi a?am ?Aran, <?nr>ri cl.T retoreeoea from her inc. pla-*. Piaaaaca'l Wt No. 8 Union Owm batwacm 11th and l?h am. A KJCNPBCT AB1.B FROTBHTAMT YODNO WOMAN A wlabraa ?" nation aa chaw her maid aad to aaalt' la Pea wanhtrg and iron'oR aad plain Rawing. Can ba aaaa until en gaged at 91 W l'tk at A LADT IB DniBOUN OF FINDING A GOOD PL AnM A. for a fal'h h.r?*tar.< imi worthy girl at nnraa and aaaaatree* akr ran recommend bar 'or her neat arming aad khadnem lo -hlldrrn -ha baa an objaeiloe to 'raral or wait on a lady Apply at toe Melropol taa Hotel, room No. k Oral Boar Oaa ne aeea far two days A PHOT NAT A AT YOrNG WOMAN WIS 4 RS a AIYCA A ttoo at r \irae and aeamatrrai, ran c*:i an ' lit ehl'-trr't ekMbee and do all k'ada of f-.?t'y tearing rxai ?ef- rm> -a flea her Inat place wkrre "he llrad thirteen moatka Oaa ba aaaa till oagxfed at No A '0 h at A LADT THOBODGBLT OOMPPTBRT IA DBSlROtrT A of mahtag an ?'?tag-watit with a g?n'.eel family it c ahrnct > hCdiea Wonld aet'tt la family arwinr. n? '* taper Wtending hoaaehold adalrt. Beat of reference* gtraa. ad i N Herald og re A RBNTBCTaBLB M a R RIND WOMAN Wi'HBS A A baby to atraa at her owa raaUancn. Plaaae eall at 19J Mel berry at. for two daya ANITT At ION WANTPD-NTA TOrW' W~MlN. AN phut oook. waaber and Inner, or to do general boate work <?ood city reference Call hi <2i Jd areaue. batweoo Hat aad " Jd tta 4 YOUNG niRL WANTS a SITUATION, At A. lmndre a; nde*?'i- *t thrwoerVy tal* kit'*" ?' fine wtab'ng alrg Bad rtnt'n/. rma t> rr it aorta if 'be l eal nuwltaa ta ibe eff Oan b? ??ea nalll engaged at 141 8 b ar , a<e we en lftth and 'OA ate. ? N AMBRICAN O'RL WISH* a AiTrATI !?TOB?W A. or'0 do light -tham erwo-a ta t rnJginia family, where Ar wri'd a'lend Huxdaj Bchotl; high ?a|ai no eh e\ App'.f 614WM at Mrt R 95*atTS. A PROTBATAPT YOUNG WOMAN WaNP* A NTT"A A Boa aa ekaa t ermatd aad aciama i e?a or nu*aa BBd ceam alreea far. b'"ern for two dayt at S'9 t b at, hacaoaa ara Iu4 3. third mr, front now Loud refer ate. 4 BTTUATTOM WANTBD - ST A TOI'NO I R ITB T ANT Mb. a>wa t to do otait'arwTl ar. 1 taae ?arr tf obr Wn an 1 Be rlr.ia ae? n| prt rr-'Ter <e Ptearr call at Hi Waal 1M at., between 7th aod bh araaoea. 4 Ct NPBTV.Sr DRBS-NAKBK AND IaMNTAE" A war.u a sanation In a family woall like i, takaatM gt akthdin or do rt?e?he?wort; no objeellan tn go S-mtb or Waal Oaa he a~?t at B8t Broadway, ta the aturr. for two Bare _ AR1TTTAT70N WANTK;i-BT A YOCNO PROTBI-'f AJfT do rhamoerwnrh aad lata n>renf obidren. Rrelerrncr tf reqatr> u. piaaee- ca.l at IJt Pdnoe at oaa ?on for toe daya 4 NTYrATpiN WAPTtD BT A TOrN'i WOMAN. A3 A tanad?e?. er iroaor la a hotel. Ootd refrren - App:/ at IR7 Bam 11th at 4 RERPA' 'f ABLB GIRL WANTS A RifU ATION AN A anree ? haae">?rmal' ( r ?ea ctreaa. Ohli fjr tao daya at RM Maw Rh< amond floor, front 4 BfTTATION WANTS D-HT A BMtPB WABl.t WO A man. aa anraa la eapahlo of taking ebvg* of a tahy fram Ha birth la a Prateetaet. and kaa the brat o altppcdh reneea ran bo aooa tor two dart at IW Mth at., between M awd Id tta. _ 4 Nil l'ATION WANTBD-NT A BR?l"?<TaB:,? A yonar gtrl lo onok. waah aad troa la a prtrata fa r; r baa 'be beat of etty reference Pleaae all far two daya at l.U CNHilra r'aoe aerood Boor, bank nam 4 RRNPtiTABIet TOtrNQ WOMAN WANT4 A 8ITS A A. Nob u ?nr?e or teaaiatreaa la a reaoertabl- faia' y baa Iteed all teen >r bw 'aat ebtne. r%a glee the heal of Mty rafa tmma Oh'l at t)? Warn 11th at., for two daya. 4 RgFPl- TANI.g PROTBNTANT OIRL WAN1S A NIT A oNIMa aa waiter or rbc in barmaid thtod etir referen ? gram PBHageggty at UN Broad* ar. betwaaa Ud aad All am. top flaor, front nam A W1SNNN A NITTfATION A1 ?Nambermatd and to aeatat wi n toe waibinr aad Iroolac aee. at 'Hr b- aeen le. aad 11 a m , anaoad floor, ? rmt room A NITrATION WANTgn-BT 7~VlgavgCT A HLB WO ?,,rMN??5r!^a ?<i***** 'enaerta aad faferna,a. Oan ba aeer. for t wo da) a at 4 BRNPCfWANLB fOVBO wdm an w??iin a srrrr A. a wa aa flrat alaer waiter Han me beat of e > ref. reoee Cbi he aeon at MC tui a a batwaaa 21at and 1M tta for iw<j N>g?. ABENPK7TA NI.B NOOTCB PROTPNTaNT W'?gi|? wtabea a attnat'oo aa a-iiwe and aeaou'e?w, gu(nt rN^ refaranrr- Ona he aeea at In, Mb are , batNtan 1 at aod 4 RBSPBCTABLB MARRIBD WOMAN WlHHS.- a A at'oatfcw aa wet anraa la a rrlrata famdy bmlo* bee tabr one week e4d P,>?w ? mil ai lit Wmt .Ah at . in ibt renr. Brat floor, tor two data 4 SITUATION WANTMD- BT A YOI'N ? WoflAN aN A lAnn a nu ae and a*an-.'trnaa Haa good atty ra.'errt>3>? PV ace all at nn Ho-iaioa at. 4 BKD.l A'tgD AMBRI IAN WOMAN IN MMkOOl A rtfehtalalnv a eiioatl'ia. t? a gend cook wa?b?r aad ifm er and fund nf ch, Uen. ahn. a t men ronng woman ac ctarr ? ? ? -ea' 1 an' ivrcn t an be eeeo .or thrta daya a, Mbt ' lai arenne NNNPP' fAPTg WOMAN W t Nf* A NITUATION AN konae her par r*n make :?dlee aad rhhdren'a dr -aee won It ge an ib .,r in the w n'ay Pi-aae rail at |M lew i A r*i?nfn(Br? W nr IB IM ir- fl*?f 9+ nm M?Mr \u m. m win<< ft p U tat tir dara , NIT I ATION WANTED NT * TOCNM PRorBtTANT I Br glob ten, oa aaaaatmaa ea - not and M etMdren'a 'Sea aad ir*hr fn* ah r'? i(-cv c''f refeeettc* ena he aad ,ii at 111' b ac., aaraer ? ? tid >? i r wo u>a PIT ATI' N WAN! ?.t V t M '' t ,< A W ?. I m... >1# -re ?: I ? ? ? , ? ' ? * . t 'be n'b-r a# a g" id ditai ""m%i : and **ll*e??. 4 1e> ?r* r' ,v.? ?*<btri * -1 tr T->r 'a a rma'l '% lit be'h t ?< a M*rd 'erea fun 'n nr ''aw an MaHyi '1 totoa ea I-'aad OB'I M IN' Aam 1M at. ewaar r 11 nTAWom urAitrapuraMAUe^ AMARIIIO WOMAN WANTS A BABY TO WBT ?arte >t her own bcese, <>ne who ku lotl her own a few daya ago Can give good n fereocs. Plena# e?D at 198 But 84*1 at., bat wwwlet and >1 ?<?. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION il OHkM b rmald nod ?ramr.i (wa, or to take care of ehi'dran. CM give good city reference. Plana* anil al 6J Weal Wanh Ington place. Brat flaar. A 8iTTJA1IO* WANTBD-BI A BHhP*CTA?LB WO H aann, n? chambermaid aid waller. In tome privets fami ly; beat of elty reference. Call at 10 Waal Hat at. between 6th and 6 h area. ? A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS O. goor plain cook, weaker and lroner. hat no objection to do gen- ral bonaewnrh tn a retail family. Can be teen tor two day a tr m 11) A M. to8 P. M., at 181 6th arena*. 4 SirrnTlOWWANTBP?BTA ESSPBOTABLB YOUNO A. Bar nth girl, aa chambermaid and waMar. Good oit/ refer atKy, Pleare call at 71 Court at, Brooklyn 4BnUATIO* WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABU* WO man. aa aurna and seairetrcae. can no np Una mnaUn In tba ftntwt manner, and French tle'tng. Sam of elty reference. Call nt 121 R eel 2dlh at. between ? h aad Ttk areenea A SITUATION WANTBO-BY A TOP*Q WOMAN, AS okaaabarmaid and plain aawer or aa chambermaid aad nurae riaaat oatl at 71 Court street, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WAKTIO-BT A RB8PBOTABLB PRO truant girl, a* conk weaker and traaar. or to do caam bcrwork and watung; bar good city references. Pleaaa call *1.68 Obarlea at for two days- , A SITUATION Til)? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AH araaulrras; undcratauda 'reamakin* and embroidery of all kicda Plaaae call at 121 Keit oeweea 20tk at., Cth and 7th avenue*. Beat of elty reference. A PBAT. TIDY GIRL WI3HB8 A SITUATION AS A chambermaid and waiter in n private family Beat of cltr reformer WtU be found faithful and attentive. Pleats* call at 99 Beat 18th at, near the park. ABITPBOTANLB GIRL WISH 18 A SITUATION AS chambermaid aud to do plalu sewing; m witling to aaatat with the w_ thing. bant tV ally rtfereno* given, apply nt l8i Bott at, third "oor. bask room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A8 A chambermaid and waiter, or wcnidaaalat in the washing end iromng, rain give ike beat of city reterenj*. Apply nt Ui r*t?L. norntr of 7tk av. A SCOTCH GIBL WANTS A SITUATION A8 NURSE QL and aennulreaa or chambermaid and seamstress Can ha aem at her lam plaearor two days, No. 218Slat at., between 8th aad OAava. AIT A SITUATION AS GOOD tn washing ind Ironing: good o. 61 OnrroU at. (between Myrtle ev. C*BK>T5iOTABLj' YOUNG 4IRLWISHRB ACTUATION aa cnambejenaki or wetter or *a chambermaid and fin atrvaa baa ih* bra. of cily rt-.fere , e from her last place PI'ate cn'J *l l.ti Bast 22d at., between 2d and Si ats Can be aeen lor twodays, 1 no', engaged. 1 COMPETE** YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A BITUA a. tlun tn a tin all genteel family aa a good cook, wisher and lroner. baa llrtd six veari In bar teat place, good city rafe given. Cell for tbrre Jays at lit 6th av., opposite 8;h?l A PROTESTANT YOUNG WO If AN WI8HE8 TO GO fa. cut by >be day. week or mooth to In drvsmaklag, can. cut and ft. indie*' and children'* dri-ises and do r I'In an* in*, understands shirt making, on 11 at 1*9 16B> at, be.ween 7Ui and Hth avea A GERMAN PROTESTANT GIRL W ANTS i FIAJI A aa seatntlrvti and chambermaid cr u mo and seamstress; no cbild to carry; aider* ends oresemaklng. Onn be seen from 1A.M till 9 p. M. nt 219 Wast 28 h at. A RRSPBClARLB GiAL WISHES A SITUATION AS ti !> ? A, washer and lroner in a small private lamtly or lodo rbambtrwerk and fn- wathlnr; bn* good elty referscee Cell for two dmya at 8* 6th wf third ttoor, back room; A KKSPBOTaILE PROTKSfANT YOUNG WOMAN O wants a afiualion; la a g od p'aln ccoh, waahvr and lroner an ' a i x d maker if bread and <nkaa Can give the beat city reference. Plea*, call at *82 IXmson at, In the rear, for twu day*. A SITUATION WANT1D?BY A RESPECTABLE OBE i\ man girl, lo do cbMS^erwork in a small oc'vatn family. City r'f'rence. Ceil ai 20 Ollntoo *t, ta the milt store. A N EX PERII NOP I) COOK W18HB8 A SITUATION IN a. a private family. Can give the oeei of city reference. Apply ei 87 W eat 27-h at. for two I v*? wantbg-by a kkspbotablb girt. ?? co:> In a nrlvste family; understand* her bnatceaa Set feelly. Can be bjihly rtcomm ud#d from her las; piare An he aeen for two daya at No. 11 Union oourt. Uniraraily place, Between II h and 12th ?ta A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL, WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH A. er.d Trecch lately arrived 'rom Paris sdJ who haa veen irave'llng wt h aume ran tltet aa lady'a mtU, wiaae* * altua uoc in as same capacity. Can be seen at Mrs. Garos a, No. 82 2dth at. A AK8PEOTABLR GIRL WilTH A SITUATION A3 ^ a-amitr'as or aiifse U repable of no tktr g ?"l Siting >e [ dies' ?nd children's drras-i t j the bast stylo. Oaa be aeon for two Jays at 187 i)-h?L, bctacm Id and Jd era. a situation wantkd-by a touno woman, an A good plain e?k good washer aod inner. Qood cite reference Call at ICO Wert BAiu.fbr two d tya 4 SITUATION WASTID?B> A RE8PROT A BLR A ytung ftrl. at lan'drt'Ji or chambermaid and latin Iresa Peat of dty reference Irw her last plaee, where Abe hva Heed three years. Call at Mb W?t J'at M. 4 noLoain woman wishmb a situation ab A ooob . oi'l-'retanfle her btiatneaa in all tie branoflM Beet o'.elty rtfereoce. Oan be seen at 125 Neat ISti at . eeeond ~ ro? " floor, for two daya. A SITUATION iWANTBi)-BT A MtWl.R AGKO W6 wan aa flratclaaa o>mh. eo obj ?tlon to assist tn waah leg and Irootnf. Beat of city refcreaoe. OaU a: II Hiring at, In the irtoeere (tore. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL WHHIt A SITUATION aa narae aad eamnrw i. would undertake to ent end fit eh 1Wrae a clotaen aad make Udlea'jtlala dreeeee. oe teke oeee tear* old Of and track a little ebU< of f nr w Are yeare old Good nltr ref?renoe If required Oaa be eeen at 118 9iM at., second door float 4th a* , fur two daya At EflPECTABLR YOUNG WOMAN WlflURB A SITU A ttoa aa cook, wnahnr and li-uoer. Oan he earn mil' eu gated at IRi Writ l'jth at. Can Are food oily references if re t, Jrrd. a SITUATION WaNTIO-BT A RRfPROTABLl A lor.or w mas. aa chambermaid and nitre-. or aaream ?tram. Oood e referee OS an he ? ? r. at her present am plot t r'e. XI London terrene. Wert Hi sl AREM'ROTAKI.I TOUNG WOUAN WANTS AN MNG .-at ot* ib a a tuition, in a email leml'y. with a taxi refe reace from bar tat place. Pleas- nj at y 1 I>uaao at. In tba retrbuilding second floor, front, from 10 to S o?c.oek. fur two daya. 4 Rr.ePBtTAU.K TOO MO WONaN WANTS A SITU A A uon as I we,. arc rod '..our. parlr leba^Bermatd aad l? asrla. tn the washing, or aa keaoral koneewiBrr tn a awa'.l Iatall*. haa good eity refe Tie are raBti 211 Canal a rtet. a few duora from Broad tr" 4 KMHI BUYABLE GIRL WANTS AfllTUaTlON AH A. weiur. or to <lo tient ral bo .aew trk. la a email fatally, r tear onil at I'J 4UA at., Intwcen Broadway and fltb areo is, aecyo'l tioor. 4 ilTUATION WANTBIl- BT A RKTFK"TABLE GIRL A aa enree, raaa^ermtid or wat reas. won d be wl|i<n( to ens tt wi.h any other wors if r- . ra>u la a food plain eewar. ? an b? asm at No to Aatt Mroauiway for two daya. 4 BEM'R'TAHLR WML* I TOJNU WOMAN WMHBS A a ? a'loti as nook or la lndreaa Apply lor two daya at lit lit attorn-. 4 RibPflTTAHLR PROTESTANT WOMAN WHIRRS A A ?P % loe as aurdreat; io nfidertabs the do*eg up of a lac** aad fu'lnghi Hie m <a' nywW stele ean bring (newer! the brrt uaumrminle I repaired, fee he ee?a at 71 Ulh sl. baaw ran IU and ? h area nee a 4 KISPHOthRLM GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AB ??. ' (*r.b. wmher a*d troa'r. ran g>o three yeare' re Ibeeroafpom h <r lea: p ace Apply at 111 Ud? are , corner of Its ? . for two day*. 4 f'.Bt I'KCTAdLR PROTeTTANT GIRL, BRING BIX \ in "he it this f icifi and haaa.amtatha refWrenne fr.m a la'j tn 13 h at., N I *.?b"t? e.'.aauoa aa akember tat.dard nirei would aaotal In tne washing aod Ir ieltf; ro t aad wi uag to worn. Please nail at or addr.w 111 We?, 2,-th >b. m ih store 4 mi'V TARI.I GIRL wants A RirUATHlN AS A seatBr-een >t 'n do (?,erai h<>arew-w? 1'leaae aall tar two data at 1 NO AU la tic el. Rrwwtj a. no atalra 4 YOUNG, IIRAl.THT MbRRIRO WOMAN WIBURS A A baft to ww Ii'.iee a her in r?e Ideeee. bartnff loo* her ore lunue at lb Nurth nh at. near the nrer. NlUtaas ?ttrg. AffllTl'AT1CN W aNTKD?BY AN RXPRRIBNGBD reraor as ranniAiy ai rae er ni wait on aa tnraUd ladf. i la^nlre .or Mrs le ma IBS. JttM. 4 O* NPITRNT ORRRSMAKRH WtSUBS TO OBTAIN A ?? re work, byth ? day m priratc famlliea. Reerenoe Bt?o it re .nired Please rail lor two daya at lA) R. lflta at., nrth fl x>r i SITUATIf N WaNTRD BT A TOCNG WONAN, AH ** 'bambermafd and waiter, or as nitres and tn do pia'n a-wlna Iware sail at > West S.h at., bntween 5n and ha arm nee t but be ram f -r tww dare A "lit TIDT GIRL WfHHSS A SlTUATtOS IS A A ?md plain eo-* wa?b?r and'rmer. ?*x?d ? y reinrenne giie i. call at .AA st. near f'b arawae. teird door, front ronre A RRNPRl TABLB TOUNG WOMAN WISHRS A SiTUb I nee rn?nu yetma. 1 aid waitar, or won d do lbs Dan wasfiee and P >a'ng a arevl family Oan b? iw Tor two el arr i daya atVr present, ?3Sf h et . betweaa lib and fltb artn. RSHPAOTABI.! TOUNG WOMa* WANTS A SITUA ttnri latMBti rear, 'aa eat and fit la Ilea and ehlldraa'e Can be area at SS" H iwerr, o-ar 4th m , tn the etnrw. A ilTUATION WANT SO-BT A TOUNG WOMAN afl A eewnriMi; noflbJ'Ooe toaeWNto the ohawb'rworb if res n I re' or to wait nn the tab i? Good rnferenee giten. P m? sail at ir Wee! Mb el. eesr 7th are errand floor, ^atk rtwn ?ttuATION WANTTO BT A TOUNG GTRls. AR etiemhero ail. waltrena and glala rower. Ir ; ilre at ?at i isee No S Bo?rwao pure, Wett rtjd at, between wh I ?k are. Oaa be eeeofur one day only. A f asuacTANIB TOUNG WOMAN WIfllff A SITU A \ ?'odder'bink waxhiDk ?ad <ra?U|. or honrewnra in ?wen '?w f. beet nf n y refemaeA Oaa be nawi ontll il mi ei i ,t Ojert et, Ben hlj ft. . BBPPRrf ASM TOUNG WOMaN WIStfNe A SITU A t na v> tabe ,,e, r,f r?, ]dren and to da lib > eewtet. or I < do ri?m .?rr and wamng or ube care of obl'deen *ed ?Oiban?> rworb p'el <e-r rs'eeenre Orn be neew f <* two days tf pot rnrbred. ai till id at., bet rsen let nr. aad ae. A, errand flow, from, room A SITUATION Wapiti, hT A RRHPK TABLN W<> A. man ?seek *" W In y pr ul? lirptlnj ?H'l?e (If b e| the beat ettyrwferrors <sn bs ??-n for two dayi at St? Boner us et. hetweea M n aad Mu berry. 4 TRRT RBSPRi'TABLR Ki.tUSH PROTN~ f A NT A flbrt drntreaa MiA**, W dn gm*ral howb?wwk; is a r-n r wk wsjherMdi' mrr H as thb beat of rerawsee Please nail at I 7 Bowery 4 Situation wastro pit ? prutrht tst tgtng A ?be. as wa.ier n a p Hat- f?iai ? ta a flrr elaea ewe rest, apd ear, prndeer I e >Btib r?i?f..n e rr n ehvan ? e tnd tAflabLSy, A<1 r? re .1 T PVj Wmt It b a c trier GOOI I tiw '? W. "?B ap.y IRoWii CR II f? iwepo aaa ? n Vie "it|e ?>?< '?* ?r ' r?'Wtb r w. ,(?? m cirriii ids (MR Okc bt was ?? j. - o a-? , itar ilia si MTUATIOJS9 W A VTKIJl-KKMALBS. SITUATION WANTKD?BT A BBRPBOTABLE ?L youum itrl. aa w*t'r?e? or ohUd'a inn*. Beat <tt/ refe rtMt. Plcftw oallail3A 0?urlet, Brooklyn. A BMP1CTABIB YOUNG GIRL WISHES 4 811(74 A. Jon >u chambermaid, or lo tafca are at ohiidrwa. Cm be Men at TT West 19th at A BITUATION WANTED?BT A 8TBADV WOMAN, AS Ol. oook. waahegard Ironer lu a private family; gool refe rencea Call at Ut 6th are , between 1Kb ad lfch ale. 4 N ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS a wrt nurme khe ba no encamnrnzoe; her baby t? dead; baa food refereuee. Inquire at 19134th aL, eaat aide, near let are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS rhambetmaid and to aaalat in the w Halting ad Ironing; take the tln?at part of It: good oily refer* aoea OaU at if Wrat 44th at. between Broadway ad ?th are., fourth Iloor. A SITTATION WANTE??BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A8 A. tool cook. In a private family, food city referenced. Pieaee call at No. 6s Went 18th at 4 SITUATION WANTED?NY A YOUN? WOMAN, AS chambermaid and kaundraaa. In a private family, tn the r^er country; good city referent an. Apply at No. 68 Weal A SITUATION WAHTBD-BY AN AMERICAN PRO a. trtuinl woman, at chambermaid, and would do flue ae?r Ing, or would hare no objection to take care of children; the brrt of city reference given aa to character and ability. In quire at 1(8 Waat 27th at., between 7th and Bth a'< a. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE A young woman, M chambermaid and aeamairt-tw, or to aanlat wiih the fine wathiog, or waiting- Oan be aeea until ?uited atII Eaet S3d at. between 4th ana Lexlegton avr. A YOUNO OIBL WANTS A SITUaTI jN TO DO GENE A. ral booaework. IaqulroTbr two oaya at No. I falton av.. cppetite Boerum at, Brook yn. A SITUATION AS LADUA' MAID OR MAMSTBETS wanted; thoroni hlr andera anda ladh-e' haJrdreealsfr, drt ranking and all klnda of family aewiug; bat a good Idea of millinery; would bate noohjrclton to .ratal wUb a lady. Can give t - e beat of city reference. Plsaae ca'l for two day* at No 8 Unlcn court. Unlveralty plaoe. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 SEAMSTRESS, BT A A. Pntwact young woman; la an exoellent hand at all kind* of sewing; no objection to do aome chamberw oi k or to take oar* of grown up children. Plaaae call at UI Ulli at, be tweea 7 th and 8th ay a. A PROTESTANT YOUNG OIBL WISHES A 8ITUA & tlon aaneamstieae; can cut and fit lattice' and ohdtlran'a drraaea, wotnd go by he week or month. Good refarenoaa given Pleaae call 114 Eaat ldih it , between lat and 3d area AllON WAMTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE Ay^T'inrg. woman, aa lanndreae; no objeclan to go ai plain onok n aaher and Ironer: no objec Ion to go In the oonntrv. Bvvt of rlty reterenue- (com for laat plana Plaaae call at 136 boat lltb at, between la*, avenue ? nd avenue A. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A EKSPECTASLE fY Krone* woman, aa curee an t aeamairesa. Gojil citv re frrcncea Pleaae call a; 193 Eaat 19th at., between lat anl 2d avtcoea, for t?o daya e K EC PICT ABLE YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN WANTS A a ait nation at cook; anderauuda all kWdr of yaa'ry, ha* no objection to aaiiet with the eaih.DK and lrontug. Plaaae call for two da>? at 310 "th are , near ?J? at. Beit of city re frrt-nn-B A S TUATICN W?HTJU-BT A RE8PB0T4BLK il young woaanat cbamovrmaid and waltretH, or cham ht rmaid and to natiat la the washing a>d Ironing Good city reft rvneea from ber la it place Pleaae call at 113 Keal XSUi at., between 3d and 3d avenues, foorth lloor, back room. a SITUATION WANTRD- BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A aa chambermaid and ?aitrees; can give good i, -reuco. Call for two dava at 73 Wat 19th at. a RITUAYICN W ANTKD?AS CHAMBERMAID AND % wnl er; wiling to aaati-l In washing and Lrontig or Hit care, of children; in abort, lo render bcnelr vie.fnl to her employer in any department, at wagea in cult the t'moa. Kli* oan be well recommended by her fo-mer employer at 47 Lsxington ar., where abe will anawr lor two daya. A RESPECTABLE MARR1ID COUPLE WANT 81TUA A llona. The woman 1* a g'-od cook, aad Ironer and the ma: la a pood garden-r; ual-ratands the c.fe of hrowee and coma. Jloih are willing to he geaerailr ttaafnl. Coed reference given. Pleaae addreaj Gardener, Herald of fice. quickly. C unury preferred. A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WISBKiABiTUA tlon aa conk, wather and troner. t\n be leen a; ad 20;it at,, near Sib av. i RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SirUATION AS \ chambermaid and waitreaa or to do general honnework In a amaU fan liy. Call for two day a at 134 a ata at. drook ya. A RITUATICN W > NTK0?BY A RIRPSCTABLB YOURG A woman, rt chambermaid and waliree>. or aa chamber mn'd and plain aewar. Haa t6e beat of city r-ferm-a from ber laat place Apply at 11919th at, between (th and 7 th arennea for two daya. a, SITUATION WANTED?BT A RK3PKJT ABLE MID " d;? aged widow wo-nan, m Infants or chUdreis n-irie ?sd iramstrers: It caps*it tl uklat fttl abarge. The best or refer?cee eu be glveu. Call at lit Weal 19J> ti, between 7lb and 8th avennea. 4RE8PECTABlsl TOUht* C.IRL W183M A KJTOA tion in ? pr vate fomllr; haw no objection to hay wrrk that tr.un her employer Cm produce the beat of city rete Cm hn eeeo at 80 Uouvernaur at. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE QIRL. A. u good pitta cook, waiter and tmoer. or to do general housework to a ainall private faaitly. is ? g-ori bator of bread. S o objection to go a abort dt?tanM In tho ooaotr,. Oood city refer#noe. Call at >21 Wee; 17A ec, between 7th and sA ava. ABI1C kTION W ANTED ?BT A RESPECTABLE PRO teeiant yorng womaa, aa la'y'* -nald and ?e%mrtreaa % a capable frrrantaker and batr<tree#er. and understand all klrda rf family sewing. no objection to travel. Tke bcit ct y rrfereaoe given. Please lnqulro at 121 Want lBh at., between flth atd 6-h ava ACOMTETKsT WOMAN WISHES A RITUATJON IN A private family, aa ecok thorough, y understands ttok'ng and bakmg; la ?1.1 in* <o aoatat In waahlng and ironing- no ob ectoo togi a ihcrt dta'anee In the oouairy. good reference lira her laat plana Can be eeen for one day at 186 Baa; J 3d at. A SITUATION WANTED - BT A RESPECTABLE A young woman, a# child's none aod seamstress -tan lake ihe entire .-barge M a babe from l a tn'asev and ahe la w-fUia* o make herself |eternllj useful. ban gwd city r?frwnK. Tan t>e teen for two ilajs at 1H West lath at . between 4th and Tth aven.. ret floor barb rre-m A SITUATION WASTED?BT A OOID OCOZ, AND A would do the washl-g aid Uoalag of a tmali prt>at<* fa mi's nan |lve giK>d dtv rei'MW-ca c?a bo aeen for two data at KJ8 Weat 16'Aat., between 9th and 7th a-ee., tn th? bnencbmt. A OlBL WJBHJH A SITUATION AS A rnrte and a*ams<rr,s nc objection to travel n* as ia dy'a maid, can be highly re row m-tided by her prenen; aale treat Iaqulre a' Ct-rntopter at. A PROTESTANT TOUEO WON ?X WHHSH A StTUA A Una as ehambarmaid wad waiter or nurse. U a good arameireis. Nooljectlvio to go a eh.irt tfi ta-oe in .be cjt.n try. Uaa * ? ctiy referenca. l'leane call at 144 Kan 2tat at. a SITUATION WANTID BT A REhi'ECTABLE ? yonng woman, to do hosnewnrfc; la a rood ^onk. and rates all ilxidt of bread ant paa'rwa. Uaa fifteen montlit' tr feret os. Apply a; >8 Atlantic at* Brooklyn. A f ITUaTION WANTBD-I1V A TOUEO WOMAN, TO A do general bnueewcrk can dipfstie >k .* and Iron leg In a private Untlly. Three years to her laat place il is; dtj rtfertnee (All at 119 ?1d at.. for two daya. a TorNO woman, or the muap cndoi'htso J\ rkaraster. wlrhaa a altuauoa aa eh Mobsman! and seams Irene or to watt on a iady. Md would he a desirable hom pas ton. The I unily with whom she has Head fo? eereml jrmtrs tab# ibis me hod to prwur* tar her a good HtutUot Apply at 1:1 Thompson ?c ______ ^ SITUATION WANTED-BT A BMH i'E.JT A llbE ymag girl: la sn aicallnnt leainatfese. and wiuit b?lp ornt Mr rare or Children. Apply on Tnesdtr an? No at her i resent at: latlon. No. 1GU Ilesury st. Brooklyn A SBePSCTAHl.K TOUNO UTBI. WANTS A SITU a A lie ia s (man pn-ate family; Is a ftrst rate waabs*. Imr.i'r and plain ro k; ban lived four yearn I" one plane Han * if tar beat of rlty reference Pleas' ctll at 22i West J'< b et.. seer Pt> ar<aoe, dim floor, front rxwa. rear b ttiding Own be re#n foe two d?ya. A DBA MAT RIM WHO O' Si OUT BYTHS DAT. ABO A who fin shea work baads >tn? y. wants to s?ake a me . 3 raferr.' i is Pjo inees. dresses, tue.ks and line bOodtlfttBT Prepared foe and dnlshad afttr the mai-bti>?. Apply at 4 loot IS, ? at. to the rear. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION AS RSAM A sir sr. or as dr. ssmak - and ? n? .? is soapetent ta f reeamak ng, embmtderr and all kinds of family aewinr. (i;nd city reference glvta. Ohll at 144K M av- a-io, between l.ttand .2] ata OOMPETSNT PKBNON WISHES A 8ITUATI0B AS lady a waid and seamstress, naderstonda drsaswaklng K _ _ bsir dressing and (lae aewtng, csn di. -p maabrs seal... has atiy rafsrenre Apply fortwo daja at 623 Brand way. In the hair tlrvmer s stnea. w>mer of #th ek. A RBBPBOTAIiLE PBCTFST ANT TOUNO WOMAN A wants a s- nat'on ?e rh-m evmsl.t aad wal nr <f ebsm brrmaiit and to artist ?dth the 1'ietne oal! at #81 tth avenue e-rnar of Wth at A HBSrScTA Itl.E TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU A A. ttoeiowah wash bed Iroe ahe thofourh'y cn 'erstanfs bef I . Sin era. Beat 'if elty refer-are '-At be glrea frtsn her that place oae be rem *or tw - lavs at m Spring at., la th-t WBS#Hha Tartek aaonhd floor friat m on. h TOUN'1 OIBI. WANTu as ICATIf N TO DO HOURt f|4# o*k In a small family; Ma gcod ssshsr and troaor and Plain (**.? is wi ilngi- i" a akr.rt aistaiw ,n the oouatry. rS-e rail for t wo C ?vs at dM ??reenwi -h ?i Srv flow. A (11BU CP 14 TEARS OP AWE Wl.UlRR A HITUA !%. tlon to MflBd a baby, or to do .tgh- wading, or wou>d ?ntt on a lady who b mrds ta a neat aawer. Ploane anil at 48 WaM 1Mb at., mor. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RBSPBJfAHOB PRO A teeinnv yc rr woman, an puree, la a neat ulala warn rrews food of '?hiMren. ?sd would astlit in cbaoihwwdrk fifty refrrenee Plesee oall at ?V Atlantic a Itrooklya. se cue 1 Sorw. btek ro- Ok. A(8iMPBT*NT MAMSTREHd WANTS a SITUATION to travel srlth a lady f Ukvaaa or N?w Orleans; she nn drrstsnd# fl'ttns l*dt-s' erefers, also ebttdien's ekthtef. Ap ply si lis Went IJlb r Arphpr taR'.b oiru wants a Rff(fATION as eoni and to as itat in waehln* aad 'roolna or ft dr. r"o esl h. isswork la a amail family, r wd ref arem-e Call a' ill 4 b ??? 4 TOUNO Mist. WANTS A STTUaTIOO AH CHAM her mailt has no objectlop to take rare of children. Oan he seen st her present p.aee. dor. reference, nates app y at M6 Hrvadwny A sm A TION WANTrfD- BT A TOUWfl WoMt* AS A. arsmr rent ar'-efmaid, tr woo I ttiwi rwly Rh g#od elty yefarenea can be seen hw two layt nt IS7 3d gy., tCwfl floor between f"t*i ar. lift sin A RESPECTABLE Oil', WITH, NOOO OITT Wt?* A rrrce wgptta a rltnatioe -o do kltohesworT. ir as "tarn. bermkM It al er, or rhtls satires Ono ho anna na: II silted at Mrs Usher a (irwnerMhsv ar.d Whl M APAITH'I f OEEEAN oil!. WAITS A H TUATION In a reaper able pru ate faa :. to dogeneenl ho- sework. Pal for two da?s at [w> Bern Sflf'' w \BKsPBcT4BLB TfiUN'l OIRL WaNT* A 8ITUA ?! ,n tn do grsrttf bo-newort rh? ta a flv,i r%# Ws?- er srd to* tf-r and a good pAle ooo? . wott'd do i kam'" -rworh aod a?'hrt w ti We WSihlrf aad Noateg ?h* |hs th? boot of ettr tir m ber art pI%re Coll Bf *fl I0"h are , between 16 h tad 2/.It a s , for two dtva. UTVATKNII WASTBD^Mltai^

\ BH IATIOM WAKTUKBt A BMMM lffiS? A wr man to do chamber work tad take aero of eUldrae, or knuaework ant plain setting, Inn small pr vntefnmi y, ao object1 no to go la Ike ooentry. |OJl refereooc. OaU at U la 119th at __ a 8X1U ATI OH WANTBD-BI A BBSPBCTABLB! TOUNU A woman, to do ehamberwmk, w ake e^rf children and do plain *atung; good rafereaea. Oal al J22 Weal M A; between 8th and 9h araa COOK -A PBOTMSTANT WOK A* DBPI&18 A 81TUA tton. la rltj or oouutiy; sndarstaada mania, soaps, jolllaa. Ac and ah kinda of pantry; kaa oooked for aoaae of the algkeat families. Appty al 478 Honaloa at, a ear the Bowary. FAMILIES IB WANT OB A BE AM8TRI8B TO WORK by the day or week, who oadnra an<l? children's o oik lag. a>ale and lemsie, and all otker kinda of dontaaUe sen Lug, will please eaUat 1M Mnlbenj at Houbkebmpbr-an experienced American lady would like to engage la the above capacity; <? e?m pt'lrnt to take the entire charge of a gentleman's family; haa no objections to the country. Can give refereeoe from last plaaett RMotrad May beaern tor two da] a at Mo. 74 Weal Broadway. lag aire in the store. HO USB K XBPIB?A HOOTOH LADY OP *1 HIOH eat respectability, wishes for a situation in a widower's family; Is rompetent to take care of children, or to assist a lade in her domer'.c attain; understand! drestmak ng, as well as pis Is needlework. Olty reference given. OaU or aldreas tor two days U 11.111 Stlih ?t. near 7tn as. HOCbKKBKPER'B SITUATION W ANTBD?BY A lady, a widow, of 41 yean without any et cumbrancs active and lndu trloua oompetent to take the entire charge of a bouse. fheadcetUaer Is of a cheertul dlaooslilon; speaks French and Bngllsh tluently; no abjection to go a short dls tanoe in the ecuniry;eau give soase of the best references as to reapeo<ability aad Integrity. Plsaae call at or address Mrs. M. L T.. gl 5th ave HOU8BK EM PER'S BITUATIOM WANTED?BY A MID dlc aged Amercan widow lady, who ts fully oompetent, having filled the above capacity for many yean For partieu lars please call at 107 Onene at. . LAUMDKB88 WANTED?AT 100 WBBT 16TU ST.; ALTO a first rate shirt lroaer. ^ NCRHl AMD 8BAM8TBBS8?KUI.LY COMPETENT TO take charge o' a chtl 1 from its birth, wacta a situation; uadcnttnds all kinds of family sewing ant cutting aad filling; would oiaUt in light ehamberwork. ixeellent cttf reference. Can be seen tor two dayi at 201 Mast 15th at, between lat aad Id ITS, Nl'PBE AMD 8MA1T8T8I88.?A PROTMTAMT WOMAN, who kaa alwa* a been sccnatoesed to the cam of children, with (rod city references, may cat! at 38 West 17th at, from 10 Ull 11 o'clock. NUB SB.?A YOUNO HEALTHY WOMAN, WITH A f.v ih breast of milk, having lost her owe baby. d?stres one to ncrse at herrrsilenoe. >4 10th avenue, ocrner of IStk st. UB8M.-A COMPETENT WOMAN WTBHE3 A 8ITUA _ tlon ga nurse; has been aoeustomed to the owe of chil dren for the list twelve years. k?d can take the fall charge of as ln'.tut tr'm lie birth. The best of eHy references. Can be orea tor twodayas 540 4th St.. near Hroadway. PERSONAL.?AN EDUCATED YOUNO LADY WOULD like some respectable employment to be taken to her own baste (copying preferr ed), aa she writes a swift legible hand. Address for two days A. K. Brooklyn Poat office. SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AS rramst.sss; understands family aewlog; good refereioe. Apply at 139 Kant 13 k st ?ITUATI01*8 WANTED-BY TWO YOUNO WOKEM; 0 one >n ?ook; the other as chambermaid and to assist In the washing and Ironing, or to do chamberworv and wal'ing; the rook !k a good baker and a first rate laundress; both hare good dty reference Cal. at IK) Went Rhh at. SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A YOUNO EEAT,*TY Wo man in a private 'anally, as wet aurse. Qojd reference. 1 leaae call at No 151 West Mil at., betwses 7th and 8th avea SITUATION WABCBD?BY A SMART TI IT GIRL, &b . haacbortn vliWw to asaiat to sutshlug and Ironing. In n private 'amlly. Call 'or two day* at TO West 3S'h St., top floor. SITUATTOM WANTED-BY TWO RRRPROTABLB young wcvnrr; one aa ehambenna'd and nnrae and haa no objection tc do housework in a email private fadfey; the o'her aa cook, waafcer and Irorer. The best dty re'erenoe ran be given. Please call at 141 W. 2ith it., oorner of 9th av , for two days. . SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOU Nil WOMAN, 4 8 chambermaid and plain sewer aad to assist In thu washing an' Ironing; good reference. Apply At 11S)? West 19th at. between 7th rod 8th avenues. SITUATION WAMT1 D?BY A BE8PM3T ABLE WOMAN, as cock, wrsher sad Irim'r; understands fcerbuaiieas Can b* sren tor two days a* lu Weal Silt at, her present em plcyer'a, to whom she refers. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUMO WOMAM, AS chambermaid and waiter, or to assist In the washing and Ironing Good refer* nee. Apply at 16 2d ave , honae No. 1, In the rear, rooaj. SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUMO UTRL, 48 "HAM be laa'd and waiter or to oook, wash aid Itos: go-d refe teoce. Apply at %9 Bast Slat st. between lat aca 2J area SITUATION WAN TBI)?BY A RESPBUTABLE PR") tester t girl, to do chamber work and w.uitng. or chamber work and plain tawing. Dan be scan far two days al 172 6tb at, between avee. B and O, third 11 tor. N SIT0ATIO* WABTBD-BY A K18PB0T AB1.I WOMAB. M frond ocok; Is * good baker. (>o>d references. Apply Ml !?o 5 ball nlnoe between (lb tad 7th ate., La the baeemtul Oat be ??en for two days. UltUATlOB WABlKD-BY A YOOBU WOMaB, AM Crick, waahtr and Ire nor. good reference. App'y at 93 West STT0ATIO* WABTBD-BT A YOUMO WOM IB, AB unse an4 seamstress. or as chnmberaaatd an t aea autre w; hr?n rests' good re far re ce. Apply at a Prtnoe at SI1CATIOB WABTKD-BY A TOCBO WOMAN. A" waltar; eotald assist In the ahambarwork. Apply at M *th are. pood isfsaenre SITUATION WABT?rf-BT A YOOBQ WOMAB, Art O iacndreaa Good reference given. Apply at in Was. SU.h tt. In the mar, for two daya S1TUATIOB WABTBD BY A YOBBO OIRL AOBD II jenra, to lake ears of a baby asd to do abstainer work treed r fercnr- a given. Apply at 13* Beat lid at, betwein 3d and 3d aretaae. third tljor, front rwat/tr one weak. ElTl'ATIOBB WABTBD-BY TWoOBRBAB PBOTUT ant (iris, oaa as eook. waaker and kroner, the utker aa labrrtnald. Uood rtfnrsaoea. Apply at MO M avenue, r?rn> r i h at. Slll'ATlOB WABTBD-BT A BMABT, TIPY YO0BO rlrl, to do chamber work and waii'ag or ckamberwirk ard plain sewing, Is willing end ob Irlnr. liat the beet rafe rt res from her last p'aoe Please eat from 10 to ? oVoek, at ?1 N. IS'.h at. recond tloor, front rods, over the lamp at urn. *l tyre front M to 17. OITOATIO* WABTBD-BT A YOCBO WO* SB. AS O oc> k, washer and troner, or ta do renewal ko-taework In a small family. ? j.p!y is 'lie fourth oottsgr ;rotn 8nu.h at.. In Warrtn. IT.rocVyn, for two days SIY1 ATIOBS WABTBD-BY TWO RTSTBRk. BITHBR la tkr earns or separate ramiltaa, aa rhemherwald and eranisuraa; one r.f them le capable of doing plain eo>k og ear aire g<oi rrrommaudatlona To bAAaen for lor I days at 82 H *nry at.. Brooklyn. ITUATIOB WABTBD-BT A YOUBtt WOMAB, AH cook, waaher and Inner, pood refe.oice. Inquire at 127 rat 2"h ?t. for two days. 8 SiTCATIOB8 WABTBD BY TWO B BRPBOTAHi B yonns women, who thorongkly enderstant tbel' Lo?l n?m; one a? ??ook. washer an 1 troner, and woiJd make teraelf K'cera.Iy useful the otbrr ae chambermaid anl s-'uni'reei, or to to *re h aablnr and Ironlr.* hats 'ha bea of city re ??renew firm th? ir last pi tone, uall at 170 WaatlBtkst. ka tact i.h and sJi arm. SITCATIURR WAMRD- BT TWO BKtPKJTAB'.R jennf git la?wis It a pool rock, werhrr en ' 1-oner, ,Le ottrr ta a chaaibarmatd an t -at er. both a-e artltinc aa ''tU-a Tba b' at of dty ralerence can ha glra*. Please ceil at 1.8 V at 14 hat kJlTfATfOB WaBTBD-BT AB RTUU8H OIBL. TO k3 f ' haw'/rrwnrk ai d arai".n|, or aa plain aewer. (lord r?f'r?rcar. Apply at Jfl kfu'herry at fnrtaod?ya GITTT ATIOB WANTBD RT A TO0HO WoktP, AB ) eioa wanker and troaar, las good baser, so oajnetim t> tra rt -airy hood rr*rr*are. OeTj at 1M Matt at. SnUATlOB WABTBD-BT a WOMAB. AB OOOD pl> n coot and frat^ate waaher and Iro-er, also by ayo'tna woman. a 11-ration aa ?MMBM and w . tree* or a sham h'-aai t and to aaaiet wtta the waab'.nk and lr.>nl*( B*et of cuy reitr-aoa le.1 at 32 Want AM ak, betwaec Droatwey and Ah sr. 8ITUATJOBH WAMTBD-BT TWO I BSPBoTARDB yocrg wcrren one aa omk. who na 'eratnnda ner boat aera m all Its braochre. the other aa lady a wiatd aid arajs ?trwta. ur d'ratandt all ktads of fam< t *ew1a?. .a 'ta?no*e*t a'yle. both hare good "By rafrreecea; are nlUlag sod ot i'flr.p to .heir rmploycra Woo d like to lira In one family, tint he seen for two days at Ilk 2*U> at. eomer of Ith.ay. SITPAT10B WABTBD IT A RfRPBCTA BPB PBO le-tnat llermae rlrl. In do peaeral bonaewwk or to wall on table. InmlraalBo 22 Hcoaarelt at., ta the at .re. QltCATlOPH WABTBD-BT TWO BBAl u T Attl.B PBO O '??tant ptr'a, oat at nook sod ti stalat wbh tbt waafaop and leonlna. tar other aa ctiarabermald and o do tdeln ?itini good refermeaa t all at 'i*? Wret Utk at , corner of u.h art SItl ATIOB WAMT1D-BT A RBBPBt'TAB. B T0CB1 Or*, aa nana and ekamberaaaid, aan emt>r tder aad eew res' j wiold be wtlllnf to make fcaraelf reneially uar'nl. let I cf rife-ence troea fall Si Ml Psat tSd at, between Lei tagioa aad Id are , third floor, front room. SITTATIO* WABTBD BT A fOVB?? WOMAB. TO rr? k. wash and iron; la a Brat rate baker, or ear woold do ycneral hmwework for a small family: no objer ion loyut ah rt dit.anre ta the i ointry; aa It factory mfe- rntm from ctty aad oonMry. ?*U1 at ta Weet Warren at , booth Hrooklta SmjATIOBH WABTBD- BT TWO Wll^HH tOVWO wranrn. who Are trry reepeetaUla, rent, clean aad tho mrgkly capable on to aook. waah ard Iron the other a? chambermaid ard ? a>t?r. ran sew; ta fond of children and t? ef a etnt and obliging dispoaitlcm. fall at 13S Utk at, ooroer of *lk see SIT0ATI0B WABTBIV BT A TOt'BB WOMAB. AB A ?raui plain cook waeher And troaer; la a good baker Oond l " * refrrenee Apply at 178 West Auk m , two days SIT0AT1OB WABTBD?BT A BBSPR(TTAMf.K PRO teatant atri, to do watting ta a small ratal's, or to rend a Child, fall for two day* at 103 Bhh It hatw-ea dtk and it area nee SITDaTIOB WABTBD- Hf A YOtlBW WoMaw, Ad chair ?>m maid or to do rmteral atxisawerk. Uood rafe ranee. Apply at B'< Waahmgnin at. for two dan SITtfATlOB WABTBD?BT A TOLBO WOMAB. AB SOOk and to do rccral boaaawork, tlojd refeceace. Ap ply at 201 West koth at, in the rmr SITOATtOB WABTtD-BY A RBHPSflTA Kl.t TOO* I wrman a? dr>ermaker and tadlra' maid, to goftoi'h or to travel, utdrrtiandt draaemaklat; ta All lie bran bee fleet of nfty reference t \rn Pleaer call for two lata at IWtt ai. ^rTOAftO* WABTBD-BT A TOt'BO WnMlH All td aramalieee, i,nderwanda cnl'lng and fitting Indies' dresses good refrynee Apply at Ml d b a?., is the rrsr. SITDATIOMB WABTBD RT TWO TOPBO WvJBBW. who tare been nne-t to iSe-a-e of cklidrer and ?-etr< la lltirte and < reroa. or m lady'a maid; would dol'rty rf-smbe? wrwk and newtag Uopd city fe>ran*e f en 'lai be yeen two days at Bo. 1 l*?t Warren street Brooklyn dlYUATtO* WANflD BY A YO0BO WO* AB Alt H* AW w aires* uood reference Aprly At tfl fay streM, for two days. tJIT'-lT'UB WABTBD -BY A TOHBU WOWAB. T ) DO n cbaoi >erwork end errtttag <J"?I tefepeaon, App y t. Ill Bldrtdga tt, bCWMtn lirxrma and Delan-ey. WFOAnO?? W4IWTMMrraMil? cituatiome rwY BwrBOTARiji O ijrki' one ae chambermaid u< lauedreae, to other ei chawbnrriiald'end ae?m*tre. g, or none tad aeamntraa* , both cm give to beet of chy refereeoe. Inquire M 89 WestNXk at, new 9th eve. QITUAYION WAWTND-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, TO DO O homework or chambarwaekand to help with to <uiai|. Oood reference. Apply ? 141 Elisabeth et 8TTVaTV)X WANWDrBT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS cook; naJcrtto<g>wbu?toeo; le e nod beker; It willing to asslit with to >Bd inning. Good refenaoo. Ap* ply et 108 Weet 17th et SITUATIONS WANTED?BT TWO YOUMU BOOIOH women; one u ohambermald um we'ter or to am I it In to wwhine end Ironing; end to other tofdo ohamberworh end welting er toneaiat In to weehleg end lroolrr. Both here goea city reference!. IPleese otii at 130>,' 16th eU, In to bssemanl SITUATION WAHTBD-BT A R.E8P10TAB.E GBR man J'rotee*aul gl.-l, to do general hounworh; la a good cook waaber and Ironer, and haa to beat of otty refcrenoee Call nt IJ Bowery. Situations wantbd-bt two protest ant Sooteh glrla: one ae cook, waaber ml Ironer, the other ai plain eewer, good refoMnoee. Apply at 179 Tut nr., third floor, front 'ootn. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A NBAT, TIJY OIRL. to do genrml houeework Inn prlrtte family; le a good plain eook waaber and Inner, baa tbe bm I of city refer* none. Call at 111 Molt it, between Prltoe ant Spring ate., in to candy atore SITUATION WANTHD-BY A YOUNG WOMAW.As good eook, waahrr aad ironer, or aa chambermaid Good refoenoe. Apply at 246 Bolt at Oan be eei n for two day. SITUATION WANTBD-TO DO GENERAL HOUSB woik. in a email family. Good reference. Ia a good plain eook, waaber and tracer. Appl* between Doaglae and D? grtw ate , Brooklyn, eeoond brick booae in Bond, for two days. SITUATION WAKTED-BT A TOUBQ WOMAN, TO DO homework. In a small family; la a good plain cook aad bai good reference. Apply at 43 Spring at, for two daya, eecond story, room No. L SITUATION WANTED?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, AS Bret ra'e waitress, or ae chambermaid. Beat of city re Itrinoe given. Pirate apply at her promt employer'!, 158 Weet Eleventh it., near 6'A it. SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS P cook In a dining ta oon or a public house. Apply at St Hoblnaon at., for two deya TWO TCUNO GIRLS. WHO SPEAK OERMAN AND Enrl'ab, wlah to attend a fancy atore or bakery. Please call at .17 Hon gornery it. Jersey Otty. TWO TOUNO OIEI.8 WANT SITUATIONS; ONB AS ehambe.maid and waiter, tbe other aa plain ox>k, waaber aad ironer. Oood city referoncc. Pleaee call at 189 Eaat attbat. TWO BMPBCTABLM QIRI.E WANT SITUATIONS; one ae gcod cook end baker; would prefer n boarding heme or school; haa no objection to to country. Tbe otor. a PioteatanN girl, to do general house work In a small family; le a good plain eork and good waaber and ironer. Oan be seen nt US Weet Akh at, In to basement. TWO RE8PICTABLB GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS; one U a drat rite eook, waaber and iroatr; her teat em rioyer referred to; to other aa chambermaid and plain sewer. Bo h ere willing and obliging Oan be seen tor two daya at (IS Weet 19th at. between 6m and 7th avs TWO BESPlOTABliR TOUNO WONKN WISH SITU A ttons; one aa cook w fi'hervand Ironer; the other aa chamber maM and assist In with** acd lmnlng. and is willing to assist 'r waiting, good reference. Call for two daya at 125 West W fa at. WAM'ED-A R18PKOTABLB OBRMAN GIRL. IN a email family, who understands nenaework None need apply anleaa well rvoommenned and understands Kogliek. Call tor twodaye at 314 10th at. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BT A PROTEST ANT young woman, as chambermaid and seamstress; Is a good dressmaker. Also, by a woman as good sook: Is willing to twist wttk tbe waihlng and ironing. Gall for two days at 129 West 16th at, one doer fro ? 7th areoae. UL" ANTED?A RESPECTABLE MAKEUP WOMAN, TT braltby and with a fresh breast of milk, w'.ahet to go oat as wet nnrae i. an be seen for >wo days st 106 Eait J id at. WANTBD-BT A TOUNO WOMEN, A SITUATION TO do chamberwork ?rd aae'at wl'b the washing and Irua to; Is wiUlag to mtke hers tit generally uwf-rl, has good ct'.y reference. Gen be seen tor two daya at 101 Neat !7tb st, be twven the carpenter and paint ahopa. WANTED- BT A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITU ATION as chair.bermald and waiter In a prival" family; refers to bar late employer, where eke haa lire- three years and a half Bo 33 htoyresaat et, between Id and 3d are WA?TBD-BY A RB8PL0TABLN GIRL. WHO OAN fire good leferenco from her last place, where she his lived ten yeare, a it nation aa chambermaid and plain seam r-ess willing to aa?l?t In waibtog and iroainc, and tinier stands the ce-e of children If required. Inquire at 32 Bast list st., w here she caa be seen for two daya. WANTBD-A SITUATION, ?OR A RESPECTABLE young girt, elite*n years of age. tn a respectable private fast ly, to tase rare of children and ae let tn light work. Please cell et 208 West 13U et, between 8th and 9U an., In to rear. WJ ANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE yrui g wrmae, ae perfect cook In a email private family; has no objection tn assist tn washing and Ironing, the beat city reference given from her last employer, with whom she has lived for to peat eti years. Call at No W Weet 19th st WANTED -SITUATIONS. FT TWO BBBFBOTaBLB vonng women, mi* u laundress nod to amWrt In the df try, li a ami and parfeet scream; the otheras thamhermthl tod ? ?> I r >. ,b have the beat ol rafsreaoa; no ob.,eal<m to the country. Oau be mm for two daya at 1< Forsyth it, room No. 8. rear. WANTED-ST A BBEFBCTABLR SCOTCH OIRL, A tit nation aa plain rook or to do general bona* woekto a private fhwlfy; P*d r?fere?ae given If rt<i aired. Oall at Bo. 1 Vine ?t, Brooklyn. fur two days. WANTBD-BT AM BMOUNH OIRL, A SITUATION aa cook; la willing to n?n?i la (fee waahlag and Ironing. In q airs for two days at MT 3d a tenon, near BRk at WANTBD-A SITUATION AS BBAM8TBBBB. HT A jonng woman, who can cut an<I fit nlHltlraa'i Iraaim. ?ad ran cat and wake ihlr<a h?a no objacinn to aaalat la dotag housework. Apply at 18 Sd avenue, rear building, ran Nolo. Bca.eitr refereaaa. WANTED A SITUATION. BT A BBRPBCTARLB youag girl, to do general boneeworh, la a private fami ly, or aa rook, wither and trocar. It willing to go a abort dla Uare ta the - .natry. Brat city refers* oe. Oaa ha eeea at 441 Houston at renm No. 6 WANTED -A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO WOMAN, la a prtratr frjallv to oo honaeworh Baa good city re'*reaeee. Apply at 71 North Moara aL To be aaan for two dare TV'ANTBD-A SITUATION, FT A BBHPBt TABLE v V girt, to do plain cooking.' waahlag and Ironing, ta a rve pecnhle private family. Oaa be arru rar Iwj dara If aot aa gaird. rieaar- call at US Eaat Wth at, aeoand dhor, front I-A SITUATION AS t'K)*. BT A PB'ITE f Nose bnt a respectable private famllr seal ap ? area for two daya at U Mooroe at, In Ihv rear, WHANTEO-A SITUATION, BT A REIPKCT ABLE girl, ta do . ham tier cork and waiting, or rhatnbarwurk and plain aewleg. <'an be ?o?u for two day* V not engage 1, at Ut' Em'. IMtb at, aeooed Moor, float room. W^HANTXD-A SITUATION. BY AN KXPSRIBN'JEO tirrmaa I'rotretmot girl, aa omk. waaber and Irontr, or to do boumvrorh In a rail I family, la a thorough r la o rook and *ah?r fint rata lanadraaa. neat, willing and obliging' bumble ard wll'lng to w<rk Well reeommendad. Oaa ba men a Aft 7th eve., near >4th at -^yAMTin-A SITUATION AS OOOE, BT A PBOTEt air. Can I brat door. W??ANTED?A SITUATION, BT AN ENOMSB W >MAN from I-nndoo aa mame'reae la a gantlrwao'a f-wtly; l? fall? enmpetcn' ?o do ell kinds of aavrtng. Addreai X T. Z , Medlar n ?qoare PonoBre WANTED -A SITUATION AS BOUHEEBK.I'dR. FT A aaw Keg tend woman. would here aa ovjiwntr i to do aewlnr ap am tat la general haute wort. Addreea a. B 0, Ma< l?"B - 'iner? Font. flea W^MANTFIV-A FITUATTON AS CUAMBKRMAIP OR TO do general housework by a rvwpantaila glri. Tba brat of ally referrrrr ran be given from her lag! place Oaa be area lor two daya at M frankfort at W^MANTEn-BT A RBtPEOTABLK TOUNO OTRU a (Itnatlon In do general h< u-ework itood rwfr.vnoe Can be ie?a for two daya at .'41 M' U at. aanon' I) jpt. YV'ANTBD-BT TWO SISTERS. T RO f I.TT A NTS, SITU v V atiooe; nae aa Aratelaaa aa. k. th<> other M chambermalj and watte* baa no objection to a-?l?t In the ?t hlng and .ton ln?. B* at etty rrtercnoa from where they* U red th" laal seen year* era be aean at .1M?A avenue, between tnh ead Hat kta . for two daya. ANTED-BY A PROTECTANT TOUNO 141RL A etiuation a* enmretra' renwatrenn; wen'ddn igbtebwn hrrwort can give tinMeup'Httab'a reference from her iaat plane. Call at 141 Eaat list at, fliat floor, front room, for taro BSgB WHAirriD 4 SITUATION, NT A REAPE-'TA RLE ? vowng girl, to do ebamierwnrk and (lain aewlnr or waiting ta a amall prtva'e fvwlly, wonld IIhe In go to waaa lag na with a fanil'y Beat of elty refereeoev, una lived four yearn In krr 'a?t place, piaaae oall for two days at 114 nilnhm place. In ike gmcery move WA NT ??>?A SITUATION. FT A TOUNO WOMAN, AS rhamnarmaid. auras sod plain newer, nan takeaisrie of An Infant from He bktv Has the beat of elty refereneea from her last place vrbeve ?h? baa lived for fonr yearn. Pleaae oall at MS 7th avenue, third 'line, baak room. W^MAMTRD-BT A RBSPBOTANLB OfBL, A SITUATION aa cx.k, or m do the general hiueewnrk of a awall famt ly. aoahjretiun io oltg or oouatry Plaaaa aali at 444 Id ate . hetweer l.M and tld ate In he raaavatora. for ten daya. W^HANTED-A SITUATION. BT A REHPB'JT ABLE toaag woman, to do eaamWwork and plain awwlkg or aa child ? anrar and a>v mat ream underatanta her bualaeaa p*rf*vt y, and well reonmmaadad. fan be area until attUad at m Marina at, between Apr lor aad Prison. WANTED A SITUATION. FT A TOUNO OIRL. TO tale eare of children aed do plain aewtag. Beat city re ferenca Oall from 9 till # o'eloek at 5?i MM at., first flow, float ro-at t an be seen for two daya ft.'ANTED-BT A RUPXTaSIB TOUNO WOMAN, A TV altnait m as nbamcermatd and waller rw to do general bn-aewnrb In a imn'l grlv*te fawlly: la a g od nook an 1 flrvt rate waah-v and Ironar. Plaaaa ra'l for oaa day hi *)7 >th at, between,..** b and 39 b ?ta. 11* ANTET ?A * TTUATr"N. FT A F.r"*EDTAtI.E vf rrl.'o do up vtatre work and acwing Iv wl ling to make bcrvcif genecal y naclo). Can he ?een for two rays at bar rrcvaii roplimn, MR Cohimhta'kt., oat were Plarrypoet and Clark R i.oklva. where ?be nae been two years. WANTED-A SITUATION. AN PLAIN OOOE, WASH er and irone? Oo-d eltv reterenoe ? an he aara for two dwa at 1.9 W.*at 1 Ith at, between Alh aad 8.h an WANTBD-BV A RSHf'K TARI.B (IfRl., A NITUA lion an ehambemald aid eeaoiitrcaa. the beet ofo tv ra er?wre fr?m her laei place where the ha* lived for the l*et fonr yearn. Apply at lid Ra*t Aid at Oan be inea for two da i ? WANTED-* SITUATION. I'.T A RESPBoT ABLE g'rl aa ck imber vtaid ?nd wal r-aa la ? raanee able family rhe hae no ob|en?|.;a to go to New York , iee refer e > ? ? tr?*> her laat place. Apply at No. I Svat Baltic gt., Fr.onblyn. twvir A * ITU AVION. FT A TOUNO OTRL. TO *he e?ra of fhl'dren tnd ??'N In ehnnHwrwork eau ? tl w . ?t.d I mh'oMery Pleivw .all at V ll? gt , r ' ? I a- ? .Iff place. fJoad 3*y rvferroge given. w ?rrVATiONs wiJiruivarzjuijBf. Wmartsd-bt a fbrj? mmobi, a eituanoa ? at maid with a family going to Europe; aha haa mm tour vtara la tar Install unilon. (ta ta mm tor (Mm tan at 238 BE av.. ootwar 281k st UTABTBD?BY A BBtfBOTABLB YOUNG MARRIED TT ?oui, with a ftaeh brenrt of milk. who baa tort har bnhy, a situation aa wet num Please anil tor tkree tan ta Bo. a Qorrck H. WHANTBD-A PB0TE8TARY fVJUBl jnUO. ? Hootch or A mar loan pr?ferred. Apply at 2U Washington. aguara, on Wedaeaday and Thursday, from 9 A. M. till 1 f. Mi W^HAETBD-A SITUATION AB LAUBDBIM OB (JflAM barmaid, by a rrepectable person who la fuliy eompa* tent and cau give guod city refareaM; would be willing to am als? with tb? aare of childraa, or do sewing If required. GnU at or addreaa 117 Beat 17th at, between fith and 7th ava. TjETANTBD-BY A BB6PK0T ? young woman, a situation aa I berworh. Inquire at 129 Boat llat RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT eureeor lata U|tbtoham --lqu^re at 129 Boat 21at at, at tar pres ml em. ptoyer'a. A RE8PB0TABLB GIRL A SITUATION la a amall family, aa chambermaid; la wflilnr to do plain aawlng or would take the situation c-f cook, wether and froeer Good references given Caw be aaen where ake haw been living, Bo, 64 Faoitic at, beiwean Henry and Clinton. Brooklyn. WANTED?ABITUATION Al OBAMRBRM AID, OB TO do general bouteirork with a amall fatuity; la a rood washer and lioner Can ereduce re tveo table testl moo t tin, tnd may be area for two daja at IS Butler at. between Smith and H<yt ate., South Brooklyn. TtrXKnO-BY A KISPEi'TABLE GIRL. I.ATBT.T TT landed, a ittuMlnn at ieam?lreei; la willing to make beraelf generally tueful In a respectable family. Call at 179 7th ay., for three day a. WAHTR1V-BY A RESPEt'fAHLK GIRL A SITUATION aa dressmaker or ae&mstres' in a family; has no ohjee lion to assist In taking care o' chlUlr. n; can ai'o work ou a tewing marhlne; haa uo objection to t'avcl. Please onl] ta 126 Bait 29ih at tBTANTBD-A 8 ITU ATI ON, BY A'YOUNG WOMAfTlM TT a private family, to do chamberw >rk and araiiiog, or to ake care of rhlldren and do plain tewing. Wag*auotno much of an object aa a good home. Call at Ml 8th a v., for two days. WANTBTt- BY A RBBPfiCTABLM YOUNG WOK AW, a situation, as nurie and aeamatreia; ta competent tt? take chaige of a baby from Ita birth; haa lived for tbree yaaiw la her laat plaoe, and haa the beat of dti refurenoee. Oail ah 71 West 16th at WANTED-A B1TUATIOR, BY A RB8PB0TABU7 girl, lt> do housework for a rraall family or to dc cham berwork and aaatet In watblcg and Ironing; good reference. Call for two days at 2S2 7th avenue, near 2#ih at, first tljor, front room. WAKTBD-A B1TUATIOH. BY A YOUBO WOMAB, ?a ebambermald and to do plain sewing, or to do the housework of a amall genteel family; ta a good plain cook. City re Terence given. Call at 161 ;6th at, between 7th and 8tb ava . In the rear. WAHTBD-A SITUATION AS Of OK, BY A BESPETP able Protestant woman, who tbcrouchly understands ber buslnets?meats sorps bread, par try, and deserps of all kinds; wishes a place where she eouid not be required to wash. Best of refrrercea. Can be aeon until suited at 184 Elizabeth at, In the rear. WANT1D-BY A GERBAB LADY. TO B1 MMPLOTBD at plait sewing rl.her at ber resideuoe, 141 Franklin at, or wl'l go out by the day. WANTKD-A 8ITCATTOB, BY A GIRL 14 YEARS OF ? gr, to take care of children or to do llfhttwork In the city or oonntry; ornntry preferred. Apply for one seek at SK 8th arr., third floor back room WARTED-A SirUAYIOB, AB NUR8B ABD REAM. etrrss, or ia willing to do chamber u ork. Good referen ces from bar last place. Bo obj. c Ion to go a abort distance la the country Apply at 23 Chr?stie at. front basement. WANTBI)?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION aa chambermaid jnd eeamtiress, or to d) chamberwek and fine washing and Vtaing. Haa the best of elty references; haa lived In tar last place two years and a half. Please apply al 100 Warren st, Brooklyn, for two days. WABTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST ART GIRL, a situation to do chamberwork or wal'lng. or m nurse or Beam .tress Can do all kinds of embroidery. Can be seen for two days at 110 Greene et, Bew York. WABTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITU ATT OB AB chambermaid sad walt?r, o> to assist In washing and Ironing; iv a good plain tewer. Good elty rn'ernao* riven. To be aeen for two days at 395 Be. en A av., between 34th and 3 Ah sta. WABTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SlfUA tton to ceuk, wash and Iron in a email family Beet at ' ?el'y reference given. Can be seca fir two days. Please call at 334 7th av , between 33d and 331 sts. WABTED-A SITUATION AB COOK. BY A VERB competent soman, who thoroughly under,lauds her bmd? nets. Can come well recommended and Is capable of taking the entire charge of the kitchen apply at 160 7th av. WABTBD-A 81TUATIOB, BY> YOURG WOMAB, AS oook In a private family; h? ^ perfect Sac-, ledge of her bnalnran and would aeslat In washing and Ironing. Oan give olty r?ferece from her last place UaU at lit Clinton place, tap ftoov. front room, for two daye. WABTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOI'BG WOMAN. A atination as ehamoenntlo and lanndreea, or W wV trees aad ta do fine vrathiag and I roc teg. The best elty referee oe can be alven Please ctll at 174 K. 17th et., bet seen 1st av. and >v. A. flr.l floor, front room. WANTED?BY A BKSPBOT4 BLB GERM AB LADY, A at uatlnn la a reepeetable American family to attend to one or two children: ahe la a perfeat dressmaker a?d very espert ta every kind of aewlag and embroidery Apply In the afierno-n at Mia. BaubaU'a, 81 Delaaeey at, where the M be apofeee to. WANT1D?A SITUATION. HT A RBAPfTTABLB PRO legtant TouDf wnau, u efeamhenxiald ud mailriu. Pan be ?cea for two daya at No 141 *m Md iiwA WANTED?BY A R*8P1K?T?H-B WOMAN, A ilTUA Hon u fl-at rale nook to a private famtlv; would Mda? w?h the waablng and lr??ina; beat of city reference f-om her last olaee eaa be Riven Cin be teen for two day* at IX lttfc at. between l?t and >d am. W^HANTBIT-BY A RESPKUTaBAB WONAN. A SITU A. ttoa aaeork; andarwtaada nca?. Rt-ne, powltry paatry, Ae ? hae the beat nf recommendation a Apply for two dayeao 73 Weal It.h it , near Ath av . In 'hr rear. WM'AHTID-BY A RRSPNOTABLB PROTB8TA HT GIlIv a altuatlon aa cbamba-ma.4 and to take care of ekltdren or d> the am ral kmiaewcr* of a private family. Apply at 177 Weet >7 hat aroood ttoo?, front ro<m. WHikTin-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLB yonra ftrl. to enrh vatt and Iron, or to do feeeral konaewovk In a vmall private family The beat of city refe rence from her laa. place Call for two days at 181 Wee) 13U> atreet W^HANTBD-A SITUATION BY A PSOPE88BD BONTH. If n irae, who be a had twelve veare' ei reviewer and eaa for Blab the beet of reference. Would t>e nl'UnR to attaad aa Invalid lady. Apply at 91 Baat 8th vt, near Int avenue W^HANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RBSPE'V AHLB yonnR woman, to do feneral honaework; la a Rnodplala cook and an excellent w*?hrr and Irnner tloort ally reference ear be Rlren Inquire at SI Weet '.Mb at. In the ml!* atom. ABTKO-A SITUATION, BY A K1SPKJT API,? w yn.cK weman, aa nbtaiberamld, aid to aew or take care or a ' Mld. Cl'y re ererr? Addreaa Fanoy Hiiro. SB Eaaitg'hat Oan bt eeea for two daya W^HASTED-A SITUATION, BY A Tf UNO BIRL, ae plain eook, weaker an I Inner or would do the scle ral bonaewnrk of e vmall family; baa Rood refereaar*. Cm.i at 14* Sullivan at . front vwem?ot. WANTBH?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO INOMAN, to do creneral bonaewe-k ormemk la a aarntl family; yood referr area Rivea. Can be aeen for two day* at Jul Hires at., Brooklyn. tmrANTkn-BY A BBSPKCTABM NID.tLt A..R J TV Scteh womaa. aelicatlon. aa oook In aamv'lfam'yt no objeetlon t > d<> the wnth'uIf amall, tkn baat of at y refe r?oee ran be Riven from her laat pure where aha baa gl cd for ten ream. lru" - at 476 tfrand at fir two daya. WMHAbTEP- BY A SOOT H PROTKSTaNT TOUNfl Wo man, a iltaatl n m rook n a amvi p-1<eu- (vn'iy, ban no objection to aaaiit ta w arhlnR Tie !??? of cl'y refnreano Riven. Pan be area for two dam at No. * t? llaak it WH| A NT* It- A SITUATION, BY A R KSPBTABI.B yontR woman. aa c.>ok waiher and Irooar. ahe la fa ly competent evn Rtvn ta Uftctory < >v rvtfereane av 11 rbirnt ler and capability Plrane call at MS lit era . near Klh aa. third floor, front room, for two darn Wmm ANYirv?a situation, bt a rbspittabln yon br afrl. to cork, waad andiron. hM tba beat of city reference baa (red all yeari tn hvr 'act plane. Pl-ane oau at 1M Weet 19th el. WH kNTsn-A situation to no obnbral nooss wnrh, rr ae chambermaid. In a private family. food refereaeee Rlren. fall at lt?7 RrtdRe at, Brooklyn. WANTED-NY A TOUNfl WON AN, A SITUATION AN reamatreee or auree and aranw'-em. ahe understand* all kltda rl famtjrrewtrR ard dremmaklnc Can be aeen all tkla week at 18 IS-h at between fth and fith avi . aeeond door. W^HANTtD-BY A PROTBSTAST QIRI., A SlfUATIOW ae aea metre w; can rut and fll I ad lea' and nhlldren'a dreaara: an oejmioe tn do llRkt chant bevwork or am let tn ike nre of children tlood rrfereace rirca (km be aaen for two daya at 119', Kant 10th at . thl'd lloor, front. W^HANTtn BT A NNAT, TIDT TOUNfl NaRRIND wr.mae. a altnattan aa wet t.nrve in a reeeeeuhte fami ly; no othe?* need apnly The preeeni la her fl ft habf The beet ef etty re'rrerce If required. Plvaae pall for two daya at ill ?h at. In Ihe rear, between are. B and 0. WBHANTIO BT A RRSPBUTAHI.N TOUNO WON AN, A titration aa waitreea la a petvaty family; no objemlrc to aeatat In ehamberworh, beat of etty refareaew Plena* aaU etna Weal Bkh at. ' WANTEO HT A ?NSPtrTANI.*P*OT?Nf?NT<1TNL, a ettuaUwn to do rfamherwarfc and walttnR. of SI dn plaht aewlaR. Apply at M Weet ITih et. W?Hasten-A situation, bt a bnnpsctanln your r woman lately arrived from OlavRow, aa foo?. rook, and excetleet waeher and Irooer, or will fo aa^rAaWhee ls al<t and lanndreaa Call at M 7ta ava.. anmer of Wth m. drat flnir. bark mom. WBHABT?I>-A SITUATION TO DO HOURBWORE. BT a well rerommertded ftvl; ahe la aeat and r ean, a fori waaher and lyner would do plain nook lap waahlnR and IroalBR. or eavmberwovfc- Apply gt XI Baat't k at WHHANTBD-A SITUATION NT A NNSPStlTAStB ?nnne wowiae aa ntpae and eeamatreae; nederata ,dn he rare of rtlldrer. haa Rood rlty "n.*h<^?b* **"" krve d?ya at 897 Sth er . nWwecn it h and M Sa ABEND by A BBSPtOTABM TOUNfl WOMAN. A ,11,1.11 m ae wattrewa ard c?ae?bermald can prodooe the bemofVty m e^mcm. Oaa be aem for two day. at 147 Kaet 11th at, aear let av. W?? AS780?A SITUATION BT A TOUSO WONAN. AS crok underaiande her hualneaa thoron(h|y; ta a Rood baker andaaderataada all kiadaof daaaerta; aoohjee kratodr welhlar If rt'iMred. haa heat of eltr reference Can be aeen fortwodaye at IB 9A between M and 8d ava ANtRP A SITUATION, HT A TOUNfl WON IN AN H aoek and to aeelet with waalunR and irnnleR. (laa ha ??<?? at her laat plane. 183 haat INh at Beet of city refereeea WM*AWTEn-nV A B?r?rTAB!,K PROTRtT ABT Seotch fir. a ettnat'nn ae cbaothcrmal.' and waiter ov to aeatat wph the ? aakteR. or to do I cute work hi a amall re ap'ruble famRy Haa Rood etty reference. Plaaae call a? I pi laat IIM at , between X and M area W ANTED A SITUATION. BT A RENI'E TT ? t.N youn* |trl, to do ehamberwork or waltlaR or won .. ttk* to take p?r* of rlilldren can be well recommended from *e? 'aat piare. Pleaw rail at 491 I at avenne, between 24A aa **N ata , tklid Boor lroot room.