Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1857 Page 3
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?pnote wmit to day. The Vlrglal* sad tolMl banks mo stiff paying speote. FAILURES AND MEETING OF MERCHANTS IN NEW ORLEANS. RlW OllAAan, Oot IS, 1867. Ths Louisville Central Book hat oloood Mo Soon. B woo ? mall affair. Otero will bo a noming at mtecbanta to thto oHj thlo eruateg, MoMrt. J. L John too & Oo., grooora, to thto city, ha to MM. There are no other failures here today. Tho oupoaaton of tho Now York oty bank* oaaaeo an ' fet ling. RRDEMPTION OF UNITED STATES S^pCK. Wahhimutoh, Oot. 14,1867. Tho entire amount of United Htates alocka redeemed to day was $183,000, or which one third went to Virginia, and Marly all to# rest to Now York. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. Philadbd I1U, ODt 14,1867. Stocks dolt Ponnaytranla 6's, 83; Reading Bar road, 17X, Lo#g Island Railroad, 7X; Morris CJanal, 38; Pan sytranla Railroad, 811 >4. THE COTTON MARKETS. Nsw OauAse, Oat IS, 1867. Ootton still rnlea In faror of the bnyer. mi? to day, 8,000 bales. Quotations for middling, 9Xo a 10c. Stock at tola port, 100,000 bales. Receipts to day, 6,600 bales. Plow steady at $6 82X- Lard qolet at 17Xo. Kreigbta? Ootton to Liverpool, xd ; do. to Harre, lo. Exchange MOVEMENTS OF PRODUCE. Albany, Oot. 14?4 P. M. floar?Sales Untiled, at unchanged rates, (torn held higher, without sale* of moment; 6,700 bushels Western ?toed sold at 61 Xo- afloat., add 66c. to railroad panels. Wheat?-No sates. Whiskey-Sales 114 bbls. S. P. at 21a Oswnoo, Oot. 14-4 P. M. Flow nnohanged. Wheat very quiet; a cargo ol Michi gan was offered at 16c. cash, but met no borers. Oorn?A , toede lower; sales of 8,000 bushels at 60X0. Lake Im ports to-day?6,000 bushels Canada wheat. Oanal ex ports?1 ,7C0 bbls. flour, 12,000 bushels wheat, 0,300 kwhtk oorn. OUR TROY CORRESPONDENCE. Troy, Oct. 14, 1867. Bmpmrton of Ui* Albany and Tray Bank*?Inlaw* &*? cilrmtnl. Oontrary to all expectations entertained forty eight hours stooe, the banks of this olty end Albany suspended specie payment simultaneously tots morning, and too result, of course, was, when the announcement become prevalent throughout tols municipality, an axtenslra run upon them. At n rory early hour too banking ho uses were besieged by n large and apparently riotous crowd of bill holders, who were determinedly clamorous for specie payment, blockading all the entrances, as well as the street (First) where the bulk of our monetary buelneee la done In s very short time the excited bill holders became so de ranged to their nottoos as to giro ertdonoe of intentions to do rtolenoe, to oonaeqneooe of which too entire police force of the city was immediately summoned as n guard* and entering upon duty, were compel led to eject tho "Molly Macgu'res" to d armi*. The action of the bank* of your city yet ttrdsy laft no alternative for those of Mis olty and Alb* v but to suspend at saoe In eoaseqnenoe of th's do lorn <>o the representee res of the banks of Troy and rtoUiiy neld a meeting this morning, at which ibe follow ing preamble and reooluttooe were adopted without a dis senting roloe?Ron. Alfred Wotkyaa in the chair Whereas, we are adrWed that the banks of New York and Albany hare suspended the payment of specie across their oounters. It Is, therefore, Resolved, That the banks of the c! ? or Troy sad rldalty adopt toe same measure A. WOTKYK8, Chairman. ChAS. P. Hasty, Secretary After the adjournment of the meetlag Mayor Watkyna addressed the multitude from the sups of the Atoeon im, as follows ?He aaaouseed that the banks of this city ware nil oo* pel led to suspend specie pa- ramie after the sews received from the ohy of New York, from Albany aed frons other parte of the State. He aetlel paled that the bank suspensions would beooma general, and would ex load to nearly all the bank* that had not already suspend ed. This measure was resorted to, be remarked, with ex treses reluctance on the part of toe banks of tola oily, all of wb>h wars believed to be sound The step eremed to be toe beet oae? indetd the only oca passible at the present time It would relieve the distress as of the oommarc'al eommuatty, and would go far towards giving an Impetus lo business?resulting in toe employ ment el laborer* and maohamoa to ladustrlal pursuits, who would otbsrwlss be without work during the oold winter that?sa coming. Now srery Industries laborer weald reoel e for hla work the mesas to purchase bus taaaaos (or hlmeslf and those depeadeet vpon him H* admonished them to reoel re this announcement of tmspeo ntea of sptole n*i meats ae n result that oouid not be nintded, and advised them ae good clUsers to repair to their hornet ana usual avocatlens, and calmly await toe wrentn of a few days, whan bnslnma would proceed in Ita srdtoary course again. He pledged his word as a man that toey need have do apprehensions of ulUaaate loss by any of toe aavlegs lastAuttraa of tbe city. These ressarks at once sails Bed tbe crowd, and they gra dually dispersed The opinion la that lbs Qeraraor will sail the Legislature together at sa anrly d ay. fhs good efbot of to* suapanslea already begins to be felt with renewed ooafldanes between man and man, and the high hope en lertatoed everywhere that a brighter fleaadaJ era Is downing upon the country. NEW8P.APER ACCOUNre. MBETINCi OF THE CREDITORS OF THE OHIO LIFE AND TRUST COMPANY. | from tbe UlnoinnaU UiMUe, Oat 19. J A* odymrned mealing of Ibe creditor* of the Ohio IJfc ltd Treat Oompeny ?ia hold la Iht bank butldtng, ooruar at Third and Main elrerla, ymte day afternoon, aad vaa attended by perhere a humdred pen ant The meeting waa organized by N IteMlm, Ra<| , tbe prodding ofloer of Ibrmer meeting*, taking th j chair, and T. A Nttmllb not lag aa lenretary. The tjaniitet appointed at a former meeting to wait upon the trualeea of the oomptny and get from thorn a atatemect of tbe flnaoolal end tuna of tbeInntltoUoa a? tbe Hate of tbe aadgomeat. aad a oopy or the deed or Irntt, made a report, in wb>eb taey tay tbey were preaent at a weettag of the traaleet of Ube Trurt Oompeny, aad there preeeattd a oommualoeUna to tbo Brerd reqeeetlag, Bret, a oopy of the deed a' taeigameet; aeoond, a detailed itaie meal of tbe aetnre of Urn ameta, aad taelr probable mine, Ihtrd, the amacnt aad aatnre of tbe preaent Itab ildet of Me oempaay . foartb, aa inepectlon of tbe bonka of reoor<la aad aaeoeata of the oompeny; aad to atoertaln whet wet the nature and amount of ibe aaeeti and llaDilltle# at 'Jin etaaaU oe the day ittuepended, aad aao a bat dtapmliloa had he en made of tbe ameta To thta mountloaitoe of the oommUtee tbe trnateee of Ihe oompeny reieretd the following an*war:? Ohio Lira limn**.* astn Tmo Jo ) Ciai ia*ATt, om ii. s W K. Bonn. he; . aad oibrrm. . 4c ? I OrnUraM Hinee tbe receipt of ro ir onmwurlretto* re tbe ?Lb taataat. the Troatrr* b**e h-en wabtec reared rll trta te prepare ?ome etatrnieot of tbe aitaire o Uila inatituUoe, ablea might be ta tome mraanre aatltfeciATT to yo'trwelree aa we| aa laapnhlle To do tbl* haa b?eo ibr cerneet deelr* r( the Boajtt from'he lee of ibe anaprnatia, aad tour aepllceUoa render* ni eti'l mora aarloot to aeoompUab It Hot we are enmpr'led to tar that 11 la o-d of oar power to faralah a atate meat re whl*h any retUnre eaa a# placed The difleoi'y arteeeontof the eondltloa of the offl. a tn flew York, aad 'he merliahte ?ntenitrmrei to M< eite .t, of the affair* here wtkh (he aitaire o. thai ottc* It la eerrrinir.ed h? lereetleattre ?tn ?e the fallnre, that fk? ?not. 11/ ifrmntnf Ik' AVw Fort oftre. doWnp 1 rrrmt >? o" Molly eerrftohlr/or oe* pmrpio* irko/rr.r, ri'Krr to ?h?>r jr. AO. or rrilttr or tor art, .<r (be .twlitem of tkrm. ?>n> m (how '.re |>'nf,/e.f. tml irhrrr nui tor trho! .1 WWII'. |a .liia 11 are ort.i'Ai.f, Out tor tchot tevee* of mt) u mt tr-rrrtrtimd ?I. HWtao. , tbe rreetdeat haa beee 'abort00air eateged la Jtew Torb larea:lga<lag the bnalneob there. bnl bta prog pre* la am na?~rl'T a to ? la thta luate of affaire it la entirely twiporelhle. at ihta tint, br< furetth ary aiaiement whl-h w.oqld he of prae Ital uae or of aay aa'iafae ire'o the eno'tr, tat the Hoard are anil in tt g 1 It at the eariteat poealble day. Wr order >if the Hoard of Tr'latere. R P (I Iff HOP, tniri.i ifaahter. A oopy of the deed of aatlgameat wai a bo preeented by Ma noTom'ttee. dgaad hy John 0 Wright, (Uttael Ton diet, A J Breed well. Oeorge Orawfbrd mad Clement Dal It waa ttaled by Mr Nmnmi that the eaahier dan!lead making aa? de ailed ttatouieat of the nnn.11 Ire of tie tn adtetion, ai'eglag at a reaeoa Mat It waa lmpo*atbie 10 do M nnttl tarn ooadt.ion of the Naw York offloa had been f 0 ly tareettf?*ed, hot Mr N bed beea infaereed by oowpe lent boob bee per* tbhl the Informailoa retired by tie oommlttee tn regard to tbe anaeit and II* hill tie* of tbn Oneiana'l oRl e cjtild bare been g ran la 21 boor* The oommliter eonelnded thetr report wtlb a irtola'toa rtBommrmhnu 'ho rrrrlUnn t? leAr tuck log*J iteyi at tmU n wri tknr rtebU tw (ha prnetam Mr Wn R Moaam moogai the reaolntlon won Id not *a Itefy tbe oradtto.a What wan ranted waa eome ? wxttflo notion Ha bal been Informed that the aaOfrmenl had been made aa a matter of aeoeanty ; Mat anlti had been nommeaoed by eome of tbo c edltora. and la or dee to pat all npoa aa rqnal fant|*g the aatlgameat had Mere made, fhtf mhilf Uu fhn.-ton?/t fewne* the eon awn Kad mmnagnl an iJiremfly at the bral broker and tVaerr, Aa moaf vhotmmlr yVewde and nitnu*%ng<m*nt Kad bom ttrryyerot..i w ike A'eto Kerb oflat Ha nan naderat md that Me nompan* bad. atnoe the aaaigameni, paid dlf, by doabt fbl olalmt, tu , about It,000,CM) of nla!ma Tna bpaaker Mewgbt It waa donblfni policy to preUpltata mttter* la re gard to iba aaatgamenl. de wat la faror a( pr> reading ?naWy, and glre the treateea an opportanlly of ahowtai Mat they bad anted hnoeetly and to gaod faith lo the at ?tcnment, aad tn delay aay poattlre annoa on Me part tf Me or editor* nail I tome reonrt h*d been ba.1 from Ihe Mew York eflloe /? Kit opto ton (he dtrrefor* of thi Tnut Ompaay mrr? prrronally ntfrmaiHo for fVir fraaf, and a fbw day i' delay woald make no dtffe'rettoa to tbe oredttore Be tbarerore adrteed a motlllna'tna of the reeotntlre, to Me effbct that the nommi te* be g>aa<eit further :ime ? report tt e bnhaeqnani meeting of the ore dttor*, and that Ut? nnmm'Mee be toetrno ed mrop>r? la Mil all maherb noaaeeted e.|th the aeelgoment. On mntioB of pr ft g Haai.r, me reeolatlre tree ?mended tn ae tn rrq'itrn the oo ?a?ii-ee in repot e" ? m etutg Of th?' creator*, ?o he held en %'nrday neti *t 2 #n.nk. an a* anepdod tne reenignt.te wat paeee.1 nnanl r r7.1fr. L.1* w " wr,? *aA * A. Taotiipnec to if * '<led to tee oommiute ar K A Tm-tiiwt ui idgnt tbn Truat Coiotmny w*? BHUogwith their Olm inaad Tber bed mti.? ?r whiag rti'rru to Mair f'tethia, and at th? ?a<M ume hba paid toelr beat mm* to to* larger creditors ud still kept depositor* tor*. The Jket uiat totord eerntego of (Art titer* was nmtoy at the bottom that would not bear the light <jf mveetigatien The Claclnnetl house oherged ell toe Memo mpoa too Now York branch, tot H wm woU knows tost too oatolor to tola rttjr tad drawn upon Now York whoo ho know toero wm no money there to moot toe ditto, and toattoo officer to Now York had boon obliged to go Into Wall otreet and ralM money at rnlnooo ratoo to praveat tho drafts from going to protest Whoa too frost Company ?Depended, too speaker stated, tXe Cincinnati houte had overdrawn their Sew Tork account $800,000. Be oondemned toe assignment of toe trustees to a part of toelr own namber, and thought a man of any honor would not hare aooeptod the trust under toe olroumaianoes. If too trustees were Indebted personally to too Institution $80,000 to $100,000 each, too creditors had a right to know tasw such todebt ednaso wm paid. Mr. T. bat hoard thai they had bought np Trust Company checks In too street at Sfty oonti on toe dollar, and used to tin at par la paying their own Indebt edness. When toe assignment was made toero wm $$44,000 In oash la too vaults, and what had become of It f That sum would at least pay a moiety of toe Indebtedness to depositors. One poor woman bad deposited $600, too hard earnings of her needle, and aha had never been able to get even toe Interest. Ho wanted toe trustees to bo held to a strtot legal and personal responsibility. Mr. Aupbsou advocated the pamtgo of too resolution for delay lag notion for a few days. He wanted to gt vo toe trustem an opportunity to show that they had noted hon estly, and to glia them an opportunity to make an ewpote of toelr affairs If so desired. After some farther dlsonssten toe resolution offered by Mr. Morris wm adopted, and the meeting adjourned to tot tnrday afternoon next, at 8 o'clock. NEW YORK. bovbbnob kins and an extra sbisiob. [from toe Albany Argus, Cot 14. We understand that deputations rrom New York city and Trom other parte of toe Nate have watted upon Gov. King, urging upon him to convoke the Legislature In extra ordinary tetalon for toe purpose of sustaining In their oourue toe basks which have a us ponded, or are about to suspend, or at least or alleviating toe penalties Imposed by existing laws. Wa do not learn that toe Governor wm prepared to re ply to these representatives rhe power of toe Legislature bM never been exercised for the legalization of n suspension. All that wm none In 1837 wm to leave the oredltors of the banks to remediM by suits at law, m la toe oase of Individuals, and to repeal for toe time toe elausea in toe bank law forfeiting charters and making summary provision for oloalng too Institutions and dividing toelr assets Evety bin holder had a right to demand specie for toe bills of toe banks, and every depositor for deposits; and if it fused, to sue for and ooileot the same by execution But toe forbearaoM on tte part o.' toe publio to proceed to toesertmedlea wm universal. The banks protected them ?eh ea against suite by depositors by inserting in toe beak hooks of toelr customers the clause, ' payable in toe cur rency of this Stale"?thua holding toe funds of toelr oredl tern in a ? pedal deposit The bill holders bad toelr unimpaired right if action and n few lawyer* oomtnonoed suite for them, whloh. when tola sum wm above fifty dollars, carried coats with (hern. Buoh suits, however, were uo'pttonal and rare, and the disposition of toe publlo ml id wm ti forbear ince. The question berore the Governor, we understand, It whether to call an extra aaaaloa a> ouoo, or to await a far ther and more general suspension It Is difficult to say la wblsh way toe Legislature eould oome to toe rel ef of the oommumiy; but the eo vtsera or toe Executive are, of course, prepared to Indicate the mode and manner In whlofe toe banks and toe people are to ha bent fitted. TDK mVENDIHO TAXiTTOV. i From the Albany Atlas. ik>. 12 1 The enormous lacrosse of taxation which '.he republican legislature of lut winter Impored upon ih<. [>?Oi,le. opines a: a time whin II la difficult tor the taxpa> era of tho Staio to meet It The sddll'.on to their texts is 10 bo paid out of iarm product* at greatly ieduced prices, and at a time whrn money If obtained with the greatest difficulty. In a month or two too tax ga berer will bs on als rouuds, and every taxable Inhabitant of too dtate w$l be compelled to pay a Stele tax one hundred and t<*CDiy-fl?e P"r cni larger to an he ca!d last year In fiber wotdi, tea 8?a?e lax last year was one mill, and tote year It wLI be two and a quarter mil a. This inoreace of taxation Is toe result of a depart are rrom toe democratic ant! ruo In debt podgy tod Stale er to tl baa been driven on In a reckless os'eer to toe verge of bankrnptoy. la fact, she hsa already bean oompelied to sospeed payment. The canals are unfinished?toe work on toem la aospendad?toe contractor* are not paid for their labor; and to remedy all these evils, area greater axatlon this that rf the j resent year threatens us In the mtda> or tots stele of image It Is well for toe elec tori of toe Stele to loos in toe feoe the texsttoa whion tney moat pay tola fall We accordingly saujotn a table show lug toe amount of State tax paid Isgt year a-.d the amount whloh must be paid ibis ytar Here Is the i .tile - TAHLX SHOWl.NG TUB MATS TAJ OF 1886, ALSO THK KTAT* (AX re 1887, conntbi> on ma vam-atlon or 1884. [Not mending toe "chool lax of throe quarters of a mill ] Tax or 1866 $1,430,334 64 Btete lax far 1857, ost'd on valuation ef 1856. 3,217,499 88 Increase under repub Icaa legislation, 186 81,787,184 94 Wa also lay before onr reader s another table ihowhtc toe whole taxation of each county tor tats year. Tata tsbie la oonstru wed on the ass v. ptton thai the town and county taxes <t this year will be ute same m those of last year. They are aot likely be lose la tola table w* have ad ? d?d to toe State tax, s oonlalaedtn toe above table, the school and trwa and ooualy texaa, and shown la a final onluwnthe grand total. It will be aeon that It exooeda 818.800,OCO. Whm we add te (Ass the oorparatim and sckoot dwirict teme* uAtcA are pn*d to the State, %ot probably hate an aggregate annual tarnation tss Okie Stale <jf tear have an aggregate $90,000,000. la ao* tola a state or things oalltng 'oudiy far reform T Are we not a suffering, tnx-rldden people? And what par ly but toe democratic party oan be I rested with tse wwfe oi reformation / It la toe oaty party la tea oeuatry whloh hu ever ahewa Iteelf eqnal to an boo set and able edmlate tratlon of tee ttaancinl affair* of the SUA* or naltoo We give toe tsbte, m roiiowe:? tahlb mowim: tss anoaffore vaxatmw or 18AT, mctrntao IS WOOL TAX K OI 1 MILL CASAL (AX 1 BILL, AJTD OBffMLAL NVI> TAX 1 * MILL, aql'AI TO 8 fflLte, A1II> VMS TJWH ABD to LICIT AMtHBO TO KB TUB HAMS AS Iff 1810. State tax, town and Ouwntg Omntiee S miUt, 1887. 7Ue 1888. T<aL Albaay $ 107,484 $877,430 $184,184 AUfgbMV 29,987 81,388 70,828 Brooms 24,184 37,410 81^64 leliaraagua? 41,071 00,110 0*?tga 76,8*7 139,087 Chautauqua 48,217 98,807 Chemung 34.404 40,740 t fettnanffo. 41, M0 70.080 Rite toe 4.) 177 63,880 Columbia 01,400 106 042 OnrtKad 81,008 34,031 Tr'aware 84 704 00,3.30 Itotcbaaa 106 171 101,689 Krla It 0,041 833 000 Kraai 33.070 47,813 ferarkl a 19 999 82,449 fulleo 2* IW1? 42,128 cenrioe 38 004 *3 088 Ureete 99.408 61,124 Hanoi bio 10,000 13 642 Hertimrr,...., 04.O(* 89,902 Jctl reon 61 414 100,142 m*g? -... 1,.'406,218 1,009 800 low^ 37,3'0 63.000 Ciringauo 66 124 110 890 Manitoa 40,099 77,242 tfonrne ........ 144.677 362 928 Monl?omerp ... 64.976 83,8?9 tew York 0 804,861 1,300,071 Niagara 70 020 110,011 OeeidK 174,114 237 062 ?aoedega .... 9* 0011 180 139 381,398 ' )i tario 83,001 1*0,704 ?fraage 70 180 163,619 Orlrana. 34,741 09.444 ' 'tWf, o 98 078 143,018 tfueyo 42 927 10,608 r'aiaam 18 600 34.129 ' tfueena 03 60* 134 401 Kenrtelaer ... 108,. 90 103,616 tubmead. 22,800 60,437 lock lead 18.144 91 617 *? 1 ewraaoe . 71,*03 122,001 ?arav ?a 12 478 88 C66 Acht arcladp. . 41.900 69.308 -<eJi"harle 27,336 47,608 Nchaj lar 18,800 33,998 -traeca 81,837 64 848 dtenbea 89,909 08,048 ??a (folk 6.1,04* 102.316 .4 r tiraa 19 200 82.664 'Vie 29.210 46 488 rotupaina 80.316 70,? 7 1 U MOP 8a 617 188,219 lerne 10,861 96,134 *?ab ogvn ... 48,487 98 111 * aj oe 01.429 107,034 W' ates eater.... 40,183 171 019 Wpomlag 28,273 68,078 Yalta .... .... 24,*29 80,271 TVftl $4 290,004 91l.M3.t4l tit 808,74* Urand V>??l nf uhii m impaaed by lb? republican Ingle tare gf *67, 916 003,14* tmni urn kakk <)m>-??? Kivn IUK, 1 Mr Motiw.O* , 0, 1867 | Tk peer Net at mpMded bull ledebted to iho 9*10, r > i" i- ? 1 teeeeew K't .-f (tank, u4 Slate todeb4edaeaa, 931,0.16 (0 th'.i bask feu ooi luptedM, nor Kb* II Brer dtahnenred the Treeenrer'i draft for eey amount. Ot tee Tib ?l <tevober, I irol in Uie ladder a drill of 9* 100 *1, ?wing orrr 91,000 the ennant nailed *o be paid on tbn 16Ut 'oil., leering meanonai doe anmrdiag lo your abatement, $14*44 8* I bold I?le day, n?aie draAi na the Auditor 911.911 19. being 93.407 81 i ore lhaa our tadebtedaeea to tbe HU?e. toe principal part ef whinh le ant dae naitl lei ?f April next II ibe Plate weald est eoffor lie ova obli felines In go n proteet, many rf ibe noon try haakt wee lure afforded rnrtltuea for narrylng si pnbllr works world be rellered, and enabled In atoti more eoovmmv 'aliens to ttelr tmeVitnera Thla bank will erer aottlneir la reedier ? to honor all lie obligations to Ibe State as thep malore, and aailp wtabee ibe Kate noeld do tbe sane K. a BALl'SHA, (Ml VERMOifT. *99*491 Of mi nOVlHKOR OP VKKMOWT. We (Ire ibe foltowleg errant from ten late mneaar* to Ibe I eflelelnre of Ibe (toreraor of Vermont, touching Ibe railroad Inter eel aed Onacotai affh re of the Plate ? Tbe rallroeda of Vermont, though of Inestimable ralne la developing tbe agrterNeraJ and mineral reap iroae ef the "tele, here pet geeerallp proretf an profitable to Ihoee bp whose energy and enterprise thep were oneetrn led. In some laetenoee tbe mortgagee glraa to aeonra tee parmeat of their b ade hare beea nreoteaed, and the original eo* poraiuae <11 rested el all Iter eat In teem in otber rweaa agal proceedings bare been waned to aAoamplith a neiliar rrtult tbe legal intereet aed management nf moai four rail #111 iboe.laall prababilivp, torn be reuod ?i. irertee< neder etorigagee, while tee aqelmble internal od rrel e?rer?r?ip will ae in the bnedhohiers I think it lirirrnle thai arttna g?nrrai aw be eaaoteri, prondiag. with tultehle reatrlotlont, ibat In anoh oaaaa the boidhrld ere rnep form themaelree Into new norporwiona fbr tee ?eanagew cTit and n .valine nf their reapaeMre roads. and hg| thop ma? e |jp *11 .Be ;>r'rl egaa aed franchise* 4f Ibe 019 pornpemae Snob aa eaactmabt wlU oh/'.aia Ibe necessity of applications lo Ute Quoits of Okaaoary on (bo port of the bondholders lo bo pal Into (bo psmaasim end aw of Us Up respective reeds, and tbao ?H? expensive ui porhope protracted U'lfoUoa. A general low, nob oo I hare iDggoatod, would have (bo good elfcot or ploolog the management or oar roUroaoo la (bo bond* ar Ibotr rool owi era, whlob woold undoubtedly rwuit lo their more prodrnt eod profitable operation. Uoreoror, o ro sponsible party would tboa be brought within reach or the lawe la oaaae of mismanagement. ft might also be mode to odd to the taxable property of the tbale. an the bulk or the railroad internet belog oompoaed of bonds, whioh a>e moetly owned by noo reitdeuta, la exempt from teat I oommenJ to yoor vigilant examination not only the general lewe of the Bute in regard to ban hi, bat alao the preieet oondition of each one of thews important UuUtu tlone The ooantry t? at preeent bending under a financial storm anenrpaeeed for many years. Nothing oon more oertalnly prevent this crisis rrom becoming eppeltng then e firm oonrtotlon In the public mind that the banking leetl. tntlone with which (be wealth and credit of the commu nity are to intimately oonnected?ore perteotly aoanl and reliable. Every possible precaution should be When that the oonfld'noe so long beetowed by the pubUo upon Uta banks of Vermont shculd, at Utla trying period, so both deserved end snitalned. No surer means oon be adopted to preserve iblsfcoafldeooe, IT It Is, m I am ooavtaosd, well merited, than a more than usual thoroughness In the ex amination and reports of toelr respective conditions. If any Imperfection exists in the general lawe regulation banking, or In their cnlbrcament sud operation Hi regard to particular hanks, the defeat ought to be p- omptly re medied, and wide spread disaster will bethashapplly avoided. ILLINOIS. CONDITION OP no BONKS OF ILLINOIS. [From the Chicago Oemoo ai, Oct 12 J We ore gratified to learn that a oall baa been made upon the banks of this state, In which there Is e deficit of stocks lo secure the circulation, io pat ap additions securities. Ibis la a move which must have the most benefiotel of fleat upon the currency of our Stele, which should be kept good at ell hazard. At preeent, It will be seen that In a number of banks there Is already a large exoew of seeurttlea deposited with the aaditor. These banks, themselves, as well as the poblio, will be benefitted la proportion, by thte rent, a* it will tend to rlret public oonfldenoe In them and thus plaoe tbem on a aolld foundation We trust the other banks will at once respond to the Auditor. The foUowlag Is a statement of the oondition of all the banks In the State, as regards circulation and stocks depoilied to icon) e tae ssme. If the Bank Commissioners nee this power of oall promptly and the law of the last semlon, known at Dan ham's law, Is rigidly enforced, we think the bill holders of the banks of this State can lose nothing, even though the banks suspend spool > payments We bave it Irons the most reliable sources that ail our State beaks will promptly oomply with the cell mode upon them VALCM OF SICUKITIM AND AMOUNT OF CIRCULA TION, 8KPTKM1HK 15, 1857. Hanks. Securities ircul'n. Officii Excess. flrayvtUe *360,333 368,000 17,067 ? Farm & Traders'. 107 820 111,672 8.832 ? Railroad 78 1X0 81,344 2,394 ? Frontier 133 840 129,041 ? 4,300 Ctttnens' 49,000 60,000 340 ? Hioomtrgton 67,048 61 (40 ? 6.008 International 67 000 60,000 ? 7,440 Chicago 63. *>93 60,000 ? 8 698 State 723.710 733,298 9,688 ? Alton 60 844 46,170 ? 4 674 Agricultural 96,730 9 238 ? 1,492 Northern Lllnols.. 37 630 49.240 2,610 ? Helena 12 878 14.670 ? 18,208 Pike County 143 460 169 991 16 842 ? F. I. Thknam's... 141,160 149,196 7,410 ? Central 86.164 81 '50 ? 1,314 Mar lie... 123,873 103,042 ? 20,831 American Ex 173.710 IbU.JJO 6 460 4 ? Kaletfb i'36 320 243 .46 11,936 6 ? BuiitsvtlJe 86 860 90,820 3,960 4? ? Bellevll c 218 680 22 974 10,910(1 ? NapervlUe 41,I'M 42,396 1,259 3 ? Rack of Elgin 66.(20 66.736 216.* ? Bank of Pern .... 44,690 46 722 k 832 4 Has* M Illinois... 133,(34 141 630 ?19912 'rcu Ilicklu MlnoU. 232,730 Via, >44 1.1,214 6X Bank ot Qnlnoy... 10,950 63 960 8,000 8 Bsnk Com'wealtb. 80.680 84.9 6 4,.336 6 Bank or tepubltc.. 3*3,6C8 403 049 6,441.2 16 Gankof Aurora... 247,760 249 8S2 12,112 6 B.ok or Chester .. 48,980 61,226 2,240 6 Edgar Co. Bank... 70,300 71 216 916 Con Kxc.h'e Bsnk. 287.010 24,860 11,860 5 Orand Prairie .... 77.160 79,430 1,980 2* Hamilton Ooumy.. 169,420 177,696 8 276 6 Lefkyeta 62.631 64,100 1 466 3 ktlislsslppl 88 4 20 89 532 1,112 1* McLean County... 47,440 49 732 2, *92 6 Merchants'* Drov 112,6l0 117,346 4,836 J* Morgan Oiuaty... 62^66 <6 144 2,780 1X Natloaol 72 ?>C0 76,376 1,716 t* I9airle 'tale . ... 61 430 60,170 3,'404)4 South Bk cf 11... 131JRIO 133 216 1,918 1* Warren Oounty... 60'Mo 62,800 1 446 Bead's 48,632 60,876 2 3131 Rush tUs - 23,240 28,492 262 1* MISSOURI. condition ot thb bt. uouw bank* [From the 4t Loots Kapubltoos, Oot 121 "Currency" matters have become more Milled. As sorted bills of Ohio, Indlsat, Kentucky and Eastern banks are taken as they ware before the panic by the grooers sod dry goods dealers, wholesale and retail. The notes of noh ranks of [moots as have not been pub loly dleered lied, are reoel?ed si s disooant of tea per oent Ie ex cbatge for gold, we bnve hesrd or trassaotloas where the discount an the peter 6rat named baa been 6 par oent, asd rn Us last (Tern 12 lo 16. l.ooal trade Is therefore e greet deal raster And ex oh an gn Is ewde by means of ... ? -ggr ourraocy Invented hi produee to aa extent which is relief. There was sol the lest half of the weak (ha deed lack which bad so oomplo ely Slopped the wheals of (reds for n week or two before. The weekty statements of the beaks Of (Ml olty osm pnre as fallows:? Mmu Hank OoMO. Oct 8. StpL 38. Exchange maleilag..8831 438 01 764.819 81 *18,660 06 K>change matured... 136,817 46 132 390 18 63,18* 7* D'SroualS 941,001 94 979.829 09 1,070,664 It B'k nelsson Other bka 32 980 00 107,676 00 104,136 00 nsrosNi 473 888 27 601,270 88 639,904 60 Circulation ostsianrfg 001.161 0* 682,399 00 896,961 00 Coin M tad 644,206 03 044>07 03 684,702 14 AotUVew /lank. Orln on lad 129 000 40 101.0T4 08 166 MB 60 Kjobaage metering.. 110,008 07 110,020 01 110.700 00 Circulation outefandg 201,000 00 202,100 00 897,060 00 MttkanUn' Hank Or In oa hand 1C0 002 26 102 493 IS 07,347 04 Exchange maturing.. 76,100 00 79,100 00 09.800 CO Calculation oulitaadg. 110,016 00 113,800 00 108,600 00 87 comparing three ante menu It will he Men ton the cUculaboa haa bean large If red need, while the ooin haa aol fhllr n off la the name proportion The cola la the Me obnntoe' haa Innreeaed. The grounlton paalo of Uut weak aeoooaia for the redoetloa. The fotlowtrg la a etatcmeat of operaUooa at the Hi fault Bob Treaaurf Kroeipia fer week endli| October 3 098,834 10 OUbunemeata for name weak 110,733 60 006,107 21 There la bow hardlg any aale for land warranta la St. Loula. The laat (uotaUoaa are ? Baying. Wing 40 aeree 02e. 01 6o 80 02o. 0 OA 120 aeree 0*e. 0 02 100 aeree 02a. 0 00 ROUTH CAROLINA. smrwfPion or tbi bank or thx statu. (Iron the uaarleetoa thaatard, Oct U.J The financial ealeta, whloh for some tine haa oeea Im pending orer our domain attp, wee ooeaummaw* feater itoj by the failure of the Baak of the Male te eoattane apeele pagneat. The dap before, II wae undent rod, that the btlM of tail baak bad aot baea takaa oa aepoaft at the Baak of Sooth Uaro lna. aad aooa a/ler the deora ware opened pntardap aa onneaallp largo aanher or bill holdore no l depoattoru name opoi lie peak for tpeele aad bahtacea The apeele aad bi la of other hanka were all draw* oat aa the dap adv?aoedv aal about teniae e'eloefc a notice waa gl raa bp Me direct wi that no fhrlker epecte per menu eeald be aide Sane little reeling waa oeoaelewad, bat there waa ae exetement It waa kaiwa that the aaaeta of the bank are abuadaaWp tu fluent far ita llaMtlOee, whl'a It waa a "no aaowa that la the treat of eap penable dadaieaep the Nate le ttaoie to aatke U good aad beatdea the taooereeleaoe oooeelreed to depoeltere aad Mil holder*bp their Inibttttp te anke tbeaa ar*1 table In nrdlalelp ta eettlemeata eitfe other banka. there were do atari bog or patafai Dire lantaaeea atteartlag the occur rerce. It la eel known, aer la It bettered that aap apeetal oaaae baa oeaaaloaed the retell. Br reference to the noelhlp beak attentate, for tae leal few jetri, it will appear that ike etrculeOca, depoetn aad ether liebintlea of thli bank are ebeat the aane Ibtp bare beat. lie epeoie. evohaage, faretga aad doneetle. at d other naab aeten, bare aot beaa dlminifted. aad the nalan Ip, therefore, le oee to wblob all baake la Chm leetoe, aad panlrularlr the Bank of the Nate, a oat be aJwapa liable eader the preeeat tpamag of ninhf gtt Tbie tf eletB, to mr the leeet of It la aa oaforfciaate me Ooi orwpa, when told la foreign meeta, giro aa eredlt abroad, bat we bare ae peg men a eimparaiTtlp to mtka abroad, aad meat aetl oar oredne, therefore, where there la a market for them Tblh la oalp ta New York, end oar

bet be, therefore, to oeab e nerobaate to paroaeae nrxtcn, moat wie their bllh m Knrope or New York Te aate their Mile on kero^e arallabie the* rnnel aell then ta N?e York, aad aadar ar dtaerp olrenanuanaa the apetera Is aot pmdooilre of emherraaaweal the beeka, to fulfil their ef floe at famlittlag the aale of prodnoe at the South, mnet In reel a ooaa Id arable portion of their eenttal to that orjeet; bat ibrp eaa brtrg the apace on from New York to meet emorgenoteo, aad It la the ntne la effect aa thoagb Iht ?parte ware at head Ibnt Iba ommeioial tratam ef New York bee beaome ooarniaal Tbep are not able to reepmd to drafle oroa them for oar mocaf tbem to our erellt, tbap are eot able to pnrnhia our etobaage oo Karon aad the banka at the Sooth. therefore, though le the a iron gnat pneaihle eon Miion, are liable W* be oraalied bp the omrnl ?loea of another oomaMrclal aratem npoa which tber hire happened to become dependent The erldenoe nf thlt fact will app-ar 'rum a oominrtroa between tielmk (tew meett ef the leei mmth aad the erne month la 1SA0 from thla It will be net a that iba clrcnntton of all the baaka la Augurt. 1947, waa 07,024 87f : net profile on bead. 01,770,118 ; derotna, 0.9 06e,278 ; makirg an aggregate of Immediate llabliniet. 617, 404 2f0 la I6r4 the elrmiatiw m 07,344 709, net pruflte, 01 a07,OO0; depnetta, 08,26.10(4 making aa aggeagate ef immediate itaellitlea la I960, 012,206,642, ?bowing an lecrreee of Rabltmaa to the extent of ml? about 0200/04 At <br tame itaie the aaaau were ae M liwa, la 186; ?Specie, 0.,262,069, domeene eaonaaga. ? 10,1 6 122. ftne'gn etPhenac $201071; making an aggre {rate of onb awefa 012 084,161. ant In I960, apeele, 1.38 ,208. trfr ? flic eroheega. 47,980 7'2i, foreign et change 0278 178: maki'g na agg-ega a for that J err of 10,844 *68; maaiag an incceaa* n n?# mm fjr 1887, of 62,'>46,0C4, rnd ?? we we.e aVndantlr aaru in 1?M it ??annct bare happened thai me -ire-ent ?moar-art-n'nta here occurred fri>? inp Imm'ibele error in our banklag kea en, but froai eauboi wa .a are of it, and which w HnblB ?! nay Una 10 occur to loaf na toe ?F# We have bat Utile queeuoa torn toe Bank ot UmM do*Ml bin avoided Um neoeeetty of suependlng ip?et? pajmal, If R had baea thought peeper 10 Incur Um saarifloea aeoemary to Mat objaot. It bad, It la true, m will appear rrom the laal bank stole ment publish a<1, a otroolaUoa amounting to $1,188,611, bat tbla omiHnllin to a cooatdeieole axtaat of a mall bllla, waa not likely to oome in rapidly. There waa alio a toiling ol ooafldapoe In the stability of tbla tatlta l^to vMb Ilea, Mb would bare kept the bllla la eaten aire circula tion; but it had beatdea 8118,4', 14 la tpeole, $684,383 la do ma a tic exobange. $448,000 la bonds?toe aoet of the a of the State of South Qarollna-1820 000 In atooh, beatdea a credit la Eegland, the amoaal of which la not known. Three could hare been aold at a heavy aacrlloe, perhapa, bat far a bob doubtleaa aufflolent to meet the exigencies of the oooaaloo; and by aacrlBolng thu property and taei orably enrordng payment In full from the debt trn of the bank, It la aoaroely to be doubted bat mat the b >ok oould hare auatalned it.elf. The ooorae, however, wo i d have been aertoua to the Intereeta or Uia oommunlty md Ihe State, and troni the Ughta that are before oa wi are in cline 1 to oommend tie direction for the ooorae |:?t they have aeaa proper to panne. ITEMS TOUCHING THE TIMES. The Albany tiwprtu taya ? We have reoelved a dee patch rrom Troy announctag that the bllla of the Bank of Old Saratoga war# reoelved by the banka of that otty. rather Laaon, prleet of dt Mary'a OathoUo oh arch In Nowbaryport, Haaa , baa ndvlaed hie people to leave their deposits la the banka in that oily where they are. The example la worthy of being followed in other placet. The Klobmoad, Vs., Ditpokh ray 1:?Here the tobaooo manufacturing operations have been greatly our tailed, and the trade In depressed, with a heavy deoilne la prloea. Tobaooo acceptanoea are returning, and tobaooo agenta are here aoflcltlng en extension of lima front the baaae. The suspension of Northern tobaooo houaaa bai boon almost nnlvertal Further Bcuto embar'aaameate arc growing out of ihe financial dtaraption at the North in the a tag na tion of bnaineaa. The Troy fatly Budget atyt thai It hae been reoeaUy discovered that Quln At M-Ke?g, a firm dtlog boabteaa up Iowa In the roanu'aoture of obalra, have committed far go rlaa to Ihe amount of about $1,200. They have auddonly eloped. The Uawego Timet pnbllahea the following rpeelflo for preventing n " ran" upon a bank-.?It waa rumored oa Monday last, ton* a " run" would probably be made upon >?1 of "i the Saline Bank, whereupon a crowd of "fait potntera" gathered around tbe doo n of iba InatitaUon, threatening penonal chaatiaement and " riding on n rail" t> all who allampUd to embarraaa the bank. Tbe ran waa net made. A party of men and women have for the part two weeks been rigging for 811,000 wortn of gold and jewelry, at Savin Ro k, near Mew Heveo, Ot, which an itinerant clair voyant woman Infurme t them had been stolen aome forty yeare ago and hurled there. They have already dug a space large enough for n cellar to a meeting boose, of ooorae without finding any trace 0' gold. Some of Um fools ars still living! The Borne Sentinel any*:?The stockholders of the Oneida Central Bank held a meeting on Tneaday, ant res lived to ?food by the bank through thick and thin, and voted to raise ten per cent on the amount of the stock for all 1 Of emergenoy. MOVING THE CROPS. TO IBB EDITOR OF TBI HBBAI.Dw 1 notice that the newapajera are discussing the question hew shall the vast products of the West be brought to toe seaboard? It appears to me 'bat there can be no dim rally In dotag tola, no long nt toe flour, grain, fce , will 00m mand toe cash on Ita arrival here. Lei toe prodooern or oonntry merchants dispense with toe middle men, mer ohanto and a peculator* on toe route, and ship their pradaoe (Rreoily to their credltora here, who will willingly pay freight and obargee on receipt, convert the article* Into cash, and a?ply It rttber to the pay moat of old debt* or receive It for tet%purcb*soa. Flour and grain have fa ten, and n.-.ny hundred thousand barrels of good family Hour can be aold by retail at from $6 60 to $ti po- barrel?oaeh ( n gold If required) Pork, boef and oats mum decline before sales can be elected. II la mo-Jaery to talk or bard timet while oats are selling at from 66c a 60.- per bushel by tbe l>*d, and pork ooamanda $33 a $2( per barrel, wItfc full anppltea of both In the country. Farmers and oountry storekeeper*, tend to New York your dear, yoar wheat, y wr corn and your oau, and yoc will find no lack of either purchase a or gold. FREE TRADE ADTERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. aucaca, Hjuontt, ?u uat $250 ~FART or THJI TnKlt,t ?T9BV A WD * ABM rat brick houar to let Ho I Waaulnfton torrao\ Bobokea. within uoe minute's walk of the ferries, apply on tbe premiem. tl FI7RM I8HBD HOURCR TO LBT, *T NEW BBI'lHTON, A Rto'gn li land, nltneird ?n the grounds of Belmont Ball, Imnte lately oppoal<ethe landing. An exnelleat opportunity for DuBtliea oeairona of 11 no* eoonowl .ally tor tba wta-.?r. Atplr on Um premises, or address O., box 1.143 Hew York Fost effloe. A MIUBLT Fl'RNIHHBI) HOUHB TO LBT-IN BKOAO A way, containing 14 rooms Including two balh rooms, with gas. chandeliers, range, Ae. Beat t Bill Mar. with poaeeMlon eu or before 1st Movent >er, V700. Apply toH. W. R1UHARDR, 307 Broadway. AriBBT CI. ARR FC?1IIR?1D HOOH1 TO L1T.-VO. 31d Fourth at., west ot and near Broadway: it has all the modnrn I in nnvemMita; nan he niamlnrd from ten till two o' Boarding house keepers need tot apply. In'iatara of Dr. ? LOIR, 14 last Twenty eights street. A FART OF A OBMTIBL HOORK FIVI ROOMH. TO let, in Wee< TwenUelhstreet, near klgh h arenut Cent >2 a mouth. The furniture, and ererylh'ng fay ho onto imp *s. Brinsnl* earpala, Ae. Frio* B3UU. apply to B. W. RiC ABDB WT Broadway. HOOD O HA MCI -F0BKI8HBO TBBBB STORY A WD butnrni fcooee# to let, wtth peneaaston oa or be/ ire Ae 1st of Movea>her: oae la West Twenty alilh street, near bliih lit Ol Muvenimi, vno >? " ??? ? - arcane: me In Went Fifteenth street, sear With arenas, and oae la Baal Twenty firm street Beat reasoaahle. H W RICHARDS, 307 Rroalway. ?I.KOAMTLY F0RBIBHID HO0B1 TO L1T-4IAR. bath. Be. Rent tahea in boarding the Inaate'n family, go J Lodlow piaee. Uou.iob sweet between Sullivan aud Handout ah Oaa be aeaa from Itei F. M. E EOOMOMY -OMR OK torn CMFUBMISHBD ROOKS OB fourth Boor of * rery mperlor houaa. imu WuhtDf ton parede ground wrnld he lot to B growp family oo rory Mggtnabla Mi, by tha aaoaih. AdOrem Booaomy, liarald Fhhurmimhid norms to lit-jmtbb cpfir part of thaelty. la Tory ?MM toraUoah; aleo a number ?I bnr.ana. onfurolabed al eery ?od?rate pHaaa. ai?o a Bomber fir hole. K. B. HlMIIIHH, SIT Fourth area OA. HOIS* TO RRMT.-A MM ALL FIRST f* .AW BROWM akma (boot honae in rem ebear uo'ii let .f Ray to a good truant Inquire al ISO Baal Thirty flfLi e mat SniTor rooms in a rrrprotabi.m lo uTros oi* Aral tloor of a high beeemcnl hnunn.Vonnlailng of a froal Bailor. ba*k roow two hndronnM and baeemenU, loan or both ) with marble ataniela, eliding doom a'oaeta. Ac , lo let samp, apply at 171 Weal Forty alith atroat, near Mlaia a'rane. ff?0 LMT-A THRU BTORT HOt'Ml IM TfflRTT FIRRT X at/rat. nrar a lath avenue, lo e uapleto order. The foml tare, which waa ail made by our bad ally auk era. will alao ba aoidata raaaoaabM prtea. lor parttentan addreaaboa SHO Faat offlea. LIT OR LBAHE-A MBW BO0SB MIA I (7MIOM Park. Real Wthi The aarpata, fitraUar* aad mlrrora. which are Bcw baalaoaaa, aad a anpeelor dually, moat ba o ore heard. Prtoa HRH Addraaa N. X., llah a aqoara FM r LIT?FROM TBI FIRST OF MOVRMHRR. THR ihrta atory dwalllar bouee. Mo. (hi Raat Twenty eeeeath ?timet. near Fourth areata. the houaa la ta perfect order haa ail the modern improremiato, aad oaa ba aaaa from 1 to I o*akKk dally. rILRT?FCRMIHURO OR UMFUR.VIMURD lUtTA OF ronflta, oa armed ard third (loom. with prlellewe of altabeo; Baad waaroa aaah floor. Apply at ill Waal faath atreet, Amaa at eel mo LBT-TMST DKMlRABLl APARTHRMTS, MUITA i bla for a gemtlamaa aad hta ?lf?. tha hone* contain# m baih, Ac., aad la rrry caeeoleet the honaa la onrupled by a ??tall faaally who hare more morn Ukaa they need. Iaqalra oa tha p rem lava, hi r print atrwei LIT-AT WILUAKSBCRO, CMTIL TBI FIRST OP ? Kay. the three ?wcy haenaat-ai hfiea. wlih |u rantce As., M?. IT Mouth Fouitit a*raat between Paak Blip and tinted ?treat ferrlea Tha hall aad part of parlor wUI ba mid a bar pk Rant Ma Iaqalra oa tha praaMaaa | mo LIT?A UPLBMDID THIRD FLOOR THROUOH i atnae frtmv, tvmtalalai Mi rooma pintrtea. drawer*, ward robaa. Orotoe aad gee (triage. Aa. Rant Mm p?p year Po araatna tmaMidlaieir, Mil la ap. Arply at lha booaa Mo Ki Mlnth araaae. tear Tweaty aareath rirect. M T. T| O I MT Pi RT OF A MBW, ??HTML HOUMK UP town. containing tha modern improvements an matly iltaate l in a lata^reapaetatde aa gbborhmd. math rata, lMMimmMMMm|HMMa MUth arenor town, matalalaf tha BMidera improvement t, and plea _.Jyritnetr I la a | alel reapertaMe aa ghborhmd. Rent odtraie la ,aire at M Weal Forty four h elreet. eorner of r^m ) LIT-A rot R HTORT HOUBI IM BaNT THIRTY third at reel betwae* Leviagtne aad Third area uea, fur Citthed or inf iralaaad, a good aiaaa bouar, la nine order with all the wed era Imcrivemea-a apply at ill F-aat Thirty fnartb atrmt. aaeoad home aaat of ThWd avwaan awth rile rH|) IJT-A SPLlb HID BAR AMD BIU.IARD ROOK, with three lable#. haidaomely fumteaed at (td Broadway, p,aaty of room fur aa eating c- nater aad oyatrr boa; raat low m a r od aaaa. Apply immediate I v from 10 A. H. to 1 P. H thw day. , J rmm I.IT TBI SMALL (IRWTBRL 1HRMB STORY ?boaer la Latlagton areana. near Twaaty flfih a raai wtia all the modern Imartnemaau. gae ahaedeiiert. aad anltabla fn- ? email family. WUI ba put la lee order Rent low. elpn to let geiteel epartraen'a of >t# roomo with gta. Ao . oa Tweoiy eighth el-eel | R. R. RIFMHIKKR, 31* Fotuih areaoe P^MIBT OF A HoHRB TO LRT-fTOMMfVTIMO OF BASS meat, parlor aad badrwma. eoiiabla for a mtn. hit w re aad irrraei Rratligofrom poromber i to Mar I. Beyt of rrferenrra r?<i'<trrd aad glrea Uhll at ii Kdrwwi otraat. near J Bnfooo ?9 LBT-liMRTKRL APART*IWTH DOMdlHTIM I OF ba*h baerment, w1A raage hitandnold water, cloiete, A? ; f"oat pailor, with gaa litcree aad one or two bedomme oa third ffoor, If rrqnTeed marble mantela, epleadld ra.-d, w I'h prlillego of baia, at ll> Koarm PiM r) MM LBT-1M A SKaLL PRIVATE FIMILY, IM Mmoblya, two gord roome oa ttti floor, nafurnwaad. wlih ree flriiiree, Ac Ixmaiton dealra' e Termi mo.Urate oe fhreneea erahanged addreapM M , Her* I cfl) te T) i iamb -thk first fiyb smrt browm iUbte bo-ter aad W, Bo. Y/T ytfta em nee, netweeu Tweaty eerenle aad Tweaty eRhth etreete. la Sret rate o?drr, ard with all the mndera eoneenleeieaa Applr to TROMaS IIAMRgRP. h?') it Afehaage pUM-a To il*n A moot tt.t?ili,? M TUAtioa for a ? Hoar and feed or pmrlelr-n ov>e?. i?r' inioeh' warehrooe. A ? t hafeg i er?- -e .> ,e? > lap *-? ?reel oe ?rw i"rt-ilitdi e-reet ,witl. ? ei oidrne e-ner err re or each door aad ihe#?ll?r eeoarwe anply *? tbt Seotd e-ar, a >rae? ?f "area- eeeri, third " v-tr, m,>m if >t r> ntsWaMP. Ai"* to R?JiT A PIMn,- ? Ti oO?L and wood yard >m Siatep leiaed vetnb'ldw i*iy te?r? he Inw her h-taneee can hn a * led to ftctt v /eu've. Ion reol ?r?y . m< the e'rv-h at ? ?a maoou i ? o t.d tui a tirrma" dr?i rate, i v pan.ool.'va a;-p j to *r. 'ABalRL LO, Shy tia taa, ? Ate atrari anar tho Hatltry. DRY GOODS, M. t^ nnn -?*v wimtrd-wamtmd to fU.UUW purchase Vft COO worth of roods, for wbioh the teller will lake on exceptionable securities hav'ng sine mo-ilba lomaltire. Address Merchant Herald oSst. fen flftfl TO waoo PTotn or dry iaomom fou.UUV; wuud la exchange for mod seeirt'tos ml leads. Address Hrourttv. boi 3 .Vl Post office $200,000 "-,T"OF Upholstery goods To he sold for dash. SOLOMON A HA?T, Mo kl Broadway, Bare deu-imined to take sdraaiage of the present monetary dei aagt meal, and e'ose out the balsa ee of the Htoek at osoe. Curtains of Brvetei, 1 ip**try reps, Main reps, Hstln delaleea Worsted and (At rman damasks. Made and pot np at prt m* to suit tae Hues. 1 hey would especially call attention to their select stook of raper hangings. Wiihirg to keep their workmen employed during lie winter, ihey will eon tract to neper had deeorate rrtra'e dwellings at joat priors. Their i icck or Window shades compiisrs every variety and style, wbloh mast be alosed ont before Jen 1. previous to removal to our new atom, without regard to oust Laoe and muslin eurt&lns Cornices and llitnres, 31 psr ceut loss ihin cost of Importation. AMD 117 BROADWAY. J. BBUK A OO. are mow offering Bajou'e bast kid giovea, at SOeenta per pair. 355 DEC AMD M7 BROADWAY. DOO J. BRAlK A OO. bare just < heavy b aek ground Bayadere silki 1 opened a new lot of Ihoaa _ silks at 10e., worth ?! ML Financed robes *812. ?? SDL Robes a oolite " Vh). " HO. A lot of beautiful robes a qullle "12ft, " BML A beaatlfol saaortmeal of popllnetie Bounced robes "MTft." VY. lobes a untile " VS. Top lias " Ida to VCc. psr yards 2CC AMD 167 BROADWAY. OuD Now la the time to pnrehaae dry mode aheap. J. ftROK A OO. have reduced their large atoek of maple r tamer dry goods M per osat below oosL Cloaks. Bilfce Pets fuss. Valencia*, Plaids, Calicoes, Laoee, Muslims, Handk' erehlefe, rotderiss. ""a. A MEEAT REDUCTION. A *sfo foUowtag goods will be offered for this weak at prices, vis;? Black laoe vellc, from 8a to $4 10 tat marly coll (rant VI 10 'ftcki i thread veils, good styles, for W Application point am a. rrraa SB SO to Sit?formerly IB to H& ratal aqollle sets,118 to |M1?formerly $18 to R0 MILLER A OEaMT. 70S Broadway. h tTtKTIOM IB CALLED TO THE FOLLOWING /Ik foodt Imbruldered haadksrohlefs from Is. to W Fostsrr prteas 8a to $1 utda, Soundings, laaertlosa edgings muslins, embroidered tad plain; Infants' caps, robes and dresses at a reduction of ? aar cant. MILLMR A GRANT. 708 Broadway. 0LOAJU AMD MBAWUL-R. B. HI LIE A OO. HAVE mow la stock a splendid saaertmeot of Cloaks circulars, dusters, Ac-, if ihslr own manufacture, 2ft per seal below forsssr pi tern, owsthsr wttA a full stoek of fill VJld flulflf ahawis, ?arahasad at the reeeot auction salsa, to which they lavtto fee iiisagna of cioac buyers, at UU aad 31 Chambers atrial, op Main. CIO LI. ABB OOLLAR8. OOLl.ARtf, OOt.LARN. J ltlOO Prenrh embroidered 8 visa Dollars, at 60 cents each. 1.100 French embroidered Hwlsc oollari, at 76 eenta; worth n it. 1,000 fine cambric R wise rcUarc at VI; worth II 7ft. HO Sac cambric Bwlcs oollars (very flsei, at VI H: worth M 7R BEBRJtAM A COMPANY, No t'S Broadway. 011KAP BLANKITB, CUMAP B.ANKgTS 100 pairs Whitney blanket*, at 12 60 per pair. A wonderful red notion Prom former prices Opened this day by BEBKMAM A OO., No 473 It road way. KHRROIDRRIRB LOWBR THAN BVBH. Ribbons astounding It ebesp. LB BOL'Tl I.LIBR REOTHBBR. MM (old Mo. VO) Carnal street tad 47 Howard street. (DRENCH KID 0LOYR8. PRRWOH KID GLOVRB. r l 000 diiroa, medium eolored at 70c.; wor h 90a Just r* eel red by REEK MAE A COMPANY, Mo. 471 Broadway. flUAY BALM OH CHEAP OLOAKB. IT We have received on eonetguaMaL Over 1000 French aad KogUah beaver alcaka, Which we have arranged separate from onr regular ctoek. aad jMar at prleec varying from U m Vft each moat of which coat (ram V10 to flfto Import, and all aewLrooda OLARLRS 8TR1KT A OO., 471 Bmadwav, One block from the at. Mtabotae OoteL GRMIR'R. _ . No 114 Broadway, Oopotke Vt. Panl'a Whole (topk to be cold naiow cost. VUO.i 00 ladles' furs. 26 per neat below agenlag prices. W> OHO soft hate. At a reduction of VI to VI 10 on every hat 810 010 boys' bats asd o?ps, Usdsrcmlof msiertsls V6.UU0 chlldraw's fascy hats. At as tmmetss reduction ?ales to commence this Car to* to senilis* during October. This le the greaieit opportnwlly for ladire aad famines the times hare ysioffered. J. M. MRBIN. ?^?BBAT BALI or rUBM-OOWWBB<TIB(l tubbdat, I <** i*. ? gi Sbm5 | om vuwNiisi wSw-inrfia* of lb. prttmit (Inanrlnl arlAl# J D. ril H.I.1PH A OO ktri iwolrml to ptoce b?for? to* publlo to* -koto M to* taiaabla ftcsk of far* to rtotol. *onal*ttai of aabl*. wlak. Mento*r*B.ty*?,ai*k.M0iiatola matim. dapm,?totoiiDto. wtto An >Arlj e*to til*. J. It I". A to tor* kir.1 to* toot* pruaiHi to to It toe of lA.ll?i ud |.a>l.inm r*. todlBC n* tow* aad At to* hOtol*. wbnr* lb*y rrqatot A* Mr If napeelton ol tor** ralaablr fur*. or to toMr wkitlml* wat* how. HI M Aid no I*** A*d It Oboat wwt *?? Tork. 4 K1UJOB or DOLL ARB. DBT OOOUB 41 rtotol. Oaponnai to buHto And famiiim la R*w Tort **d rwitnltr. Ta *ob*?i uaan*.4 to* uaparal *l*d larAn?*m*at of ?.m8 ttoto baitotM **d Baaaa* Mmnfhoat to* w*oi*oouairy, BHWARU UnMHKaT A CO., Whoimal* Impnrirc* A*d job bar* BILK ABO r.B'JT OOOOB. In CbAIBb.n Atierr. Da** On enntood on oMwina, Oa WtSHton.T, 'Krro.aa tsT At rtotol, r<w ?11TT lull 0*lT. IM lATfA Aod t7uk.ni0.mni AUxto Of IUB And fhonr dry food*. In to* Laif* (tor*. Ittod up for toto P'vrpo**, ? RAOAl?WAT Uomwof Worth ww. rom UABU OBLT. Oa* prto* *o Abiirnnu BtonA>l (.too pi**** pltoa And r**RT ffUh* 1.001' ATI k rob*. A fniaato. bfoehl. *ointa|. LUUMUk rob*.. AlulU* Br*hi And bror?i* Mf a4*t. nib*. OArk And h?il aotorwd ptoln mnman ilonialaf kosnood * ha. *kA>. a* tq<WA, An t.St JAWiaArt .alto ln*g to*win. **Ur*ly MW. kUOArh.*!!'* btrd*r?d wjuIa ?A?wW. rto* And n*w. IBS to*AllM^bAwla AJrb ooiora. ?0 bro-A* bordmwd ?t*Ua* ploab bond***0 #? la*. **w And arrant M) pro*A* mg *i?k MO b*?-k. AqoamAtowto, ritod wool MtowlA at .r*ry dwrlp'Vw 4 tor** ?toortm.Bt of rbntoli* ??*rfk. juat ArrtTAd. rial* And pr1ai.dton.ito It 1*1 em*. ruin And prtatod ctoain* and a*nnon*. Btofft* tod doubl* wirtlb til wool pUMa fin* aad Irtto m k no*Mto. ?tot* dolnlnr. And ttorUoto Otobro toUn ?tnp*rt Ail wool dnltonto lartao, AM.ltoA, i.o And dnlAin* bhyadar* rob to. a nvtflfl, rvji *\mui tumHi k 1.000dototo rrtotk law* *tobrow?rwd 1..KJ dotw Frtorb town b*m*Utohd haedktoehtoM. 1.000 do*r* rrwnto lawn rnrdrd borrtw hnadkrwobtof*. I itM lima ?' - A*d fanny Uaaa itotrb laadftolAM MOptrm* BUAnrdano ? family A*d atotl itoto. Onrtoto drapmito oTAll tlnda. Mm totaiiUa. AAd <w tout* to *t*ry rtotto*. (lhaattily aad fr*?*h hto* rtoto. 4 tore kwmiam of ?wtto And to*?i anltor*. M**ta* And toto. ?*11 And anmtirtr ?wibnitd*r*d band. 4Mb a aa toad id da* of riwato MibroidwVto 4 tooto* Maorttomt of Tuh*. wniwrl'-r aad tarlatoa* Rob*. * rtoaattto r .iQ*r??iA* drwtoa 4a . 44, 4* , 4a, 4a . ?sT 4B Of wktto wtn b* Wdd *1 f a*, iiiiit i aca in cm Pwtkttot will bar* to a to* Ritowt AA? toOAt rlAfABt My to* or (onto arm arwaaBt toto tola aontory, aad will tot* toto pat* opportnnlt* of toenrtao toy Ua that at* wUmly Wlrol nd bTni^and wbtoh toaaM b# fowl to Any rotoll koto* to to* Vb* MOMtlb** * l*nto an joM l?dfl. a*d to* oaly Mytoa at to* kind la to* noontry _ 10 noo do*** ?hjooto kl I tV?T*4 l tr> 1*1. waniry. nw Th* Mm* win mm *t Itotmty It* iw?t? a p?ir 111 And MntoMlf I BAOBirNI IB <7U>*K1 4B11 ?HbWlM. BBBKBAlt 4 IX) . *o ?T? Broadway, Win toll Ik It w**k Tk*lr unto# TAlttobl* Moak; n* Cloabt thawl. A*d ?A.illlm MM raortAOM ndooum I B OOBBBUVBBOB Or THB MABSKBT OOBVULBIOB I i. to* b minatoormm Ally, Wt Art *aaklrd to o(Mr pmi bAr?ataa I* bo itoh?*pl*B trood*. tti 4 1.1 nam latotob. ta.. worth to p*? yard. 4 ? Bhaktodaa**! 44; worh to. par yard. A w> IIBMMI. AbmAlna*. Motto, t* , 4'.. At *l?tlAr r*dnOttnw BBKKBaB a OOMP4BT. Bo 47J Bro** wAf. B NVlttUII BBOTHBBB J tin..' b* ?r??'. 1 p All P*tW Wk* l*? drww i id., h A?lnp mdmd toMr mttr* rtorfe. Without Any rr|ail to *..?t ik# of ailkird*. bnmmb rtotd Mario o* Ito lit**., iisxiw. SmbMdrrl**, 44 ? I ( ami tiirw tad or h >wtr ? mr* L LIRBR OAXBKIO AMD GRAEB LIRRN HARDKRB. ehlefh. Hu d<aM MOM or mam ladies' L a. handkerchief*, m n w par doaen. worth fX ?o down morn of thoM todies' I. 0. kM<UntM IVwIIUk. ed). at $3 30, wo>lbN ML _ SCOnuiof thooo todies'tuAmtW* imo Unen). MMB worth U TURKMAN I OOMF ART. Mo. 473 Broadway. MILdJBR A GRANT, TflB Broadway, Am offering their ???tro stoek ? an immense reduction. ?abroMaal muslin lew, tram 1Mb to $10; /aa?r prlosg job. to $30. UollofO. from $1 to $t; Formerly, $9 <0 to 3B. ABO, a anal variety of other goods at the ua? rata. TBHHA SUA If LA, Brook* ska win. riAid ihiwii, LB BOUTILUBR BEOTH1M, $06 (Old Ma WJOanal alraat and 47 Ho want treat s SPECIAL won OK. Bojon xlovea Bayer* of this article at retail ahonld be weO assured thai Bay era g? tine the genuine flora stamped with Ba signature ?'Bajou,' which each pair oontatos. to protest themselves again*! mixed lota oBered at rod used prtosa The glorai wa offer on Wedseeday are not only genuine but are < f exclusive ahadea, auoh aa will not 6a found In any other honae t* Be cur. IDnAID LAMBERT A 00., 186 Broadway. TUB OBIS 18 HA3 OOMK. Alarming aaartllaa la dry gooda BBBKMAN A CO., No. 478 Broadway, Will offer, thin morning, $31UUU worth of silks, J oat purchased at great aacrl'loe. Tlx; Klnh bayadere allka. 8s. per yard; worth 10a Splendid bayadere nllka, Sa par yard, worth IB. lira rich bayadere iilka Ilia per yard; wor h 14a Also, magnificent Hllk tlouuced robes. $11; worth $3$. Also, extra rich silk tlouaeed robes, $30; worth $30. w Valencia pi.Ains TALBiarriA plattm iui piaaaa 6 4 Valencia plaids thigh col ri), at $a per '"previously sold at $1 21. By BBBKMAN A OO . No. 473 Broadway. ONDEBFUL REDUCTION IM KBBHJQ FBI NTS. Rich r.hln>7. colors, yar<l wide. Balling at la pet yard. Firmer pries Ss. By BBBKM AM A lO . No. 473 Broadway. Of ANTBD?A STOCK OF 8TAPI.R DWT GOODB, OB TT hoots snd shoe* Any partr harlnr a stoek as above, wlxhlsg to rell, can meet a party who wtll trade If tollable In dnaemeo'i am oil'errd and will eiohange some naah, balance In Western Mads and good mortgages on productive Wrstern property. Address f, box 1,336 Peat oillsa KAJLtii FANiaOBg. IBM HIVE NOTION. TO TUB I.AlMBH -WW ABB BEL Itng out In close the busiaesa Tbe whole stock In Urn lire mast b# sold Immediately I-adiea now Is the time. If Son want to boy cheap eloaka milliners, trimmlnga An . Ae. la 837 (irana street, Mew Vara, near Orchard i.reet Ail city banks tak*n at par. DtLOWIRN OF TUB RICHEST PABBIOATION. AT P cost, dnrtng the month of Oetobar; taekara, aouTuroa frather* and toilet IndUpenaables, are all rednoed to keep pane with the Umte, at Pavilion de Flore, 361 Broadway. MADAKB FOUMHFORD A (X)., 671 Broad war. Coder the I-nfirgc House, Am now exhibiting a superb assortment of I ration millinery, Of the most beautiful daalgna MILLINERY ?ORRAT OPENING IN MILLINERY this day Southern and Wette n milliners and ths pub lic wtll pleaae call I, fl;NRS, 4U1 Hudson street, una door from Clarkiov. The prices will oe red iced MBTROFtrI.IT 4 N tpBSTGBB 63) BROADWAY -Of Ing to the y?ner?rd?prenel--n of ouaiuesa we otf-r fur* a-far lees than >he'r mine. Heal mink rlr- irlne an I end*, ?1(1; half nape sen. 316. tt. UARRIH A HON THE HILIBOF ALL THE BI'dl'aNLKI) * *11 BROKEN banks sken at par for millinery soods. hocneta. drrna CAP'S. Ac., at wholesale, atWAY'e Millinery, 2&3Greeawiob ?tiret. $101 WSTHIICTIOB. A TEAR KATB FOR BOARD AND COMMON EsgHi b la Fort Edward institute. New fork. A few vacancies for ladlea Bead for a catalogue to Mm. JOS. M. KINO. Prtnetpal a HA I)V OA PAKLM AND IX PER It NURD IN TRkOH A. lag would gtfs nome hours isa true lien every day In Eng lish and motto la eicbange lor boa-d in Brookltn or Maw York, wblrh Is a favorable opportunity for a'uhs or children. Addreaa three days W. V. Y.,, saua.'notory refer ence If desired TitH38CH AMii NATMBMATK8 TaUGHT-BY M. A. J DBUA ROCII ALLB. graduated In tbe Oalvenlty of Paria, Private iraaona. puiUc sooreas, arrangements mads wtlh schools Rsfereooes ?Messrs. Ohae KLag. Fr mdsat i lot urn bis College, tsso Bancroft. Dr. Webstar, President Free Academy Cogswell, Aitor Ub-ary; Rsv. A. J Abbott; (Ja. F. Blabs. Ms<|.; K Masieraa editor Courier dss Btols Onto; can also refer to tb* French Consulate. Apply at or sititrsm 44 Wh to street. JET PLAIN HBMINABT.-WINTRB TRAM OPMMU MO m. vember 17, snd oonUnnse fourteen weeks; Has man marts taanhor. BUI far term, BBS 7A For ctrsnlnra s 4deem Bev. J, M. LATIMER. A. M? Fort Plain. B. T. MT. DR OOCBORLLR, GRADUATE OP TH1 ONI ? varsity of Parts, will nommi noe a Broadway, between Tweaty eeventk strreia, on October IS, a 00una of Prea . try. alas simple Instruction In <be French language. every " Friday evening. The same lemena wtl also be l restdseoss of puplla Every Hslurdsy evening there will be given In addition a conversational coaiee, aD ??r\ Monday and Friday ft*-a log Tfeo ?mba lumens wtl also he Swa at the restdseoss of puplla Bvsvy Bslurdsy sr ere will be given In edditWm a conversational nourw pcptls will have ths prtrtlrge of attsndance opoe tbeee ? veraaitona, to all other*, uchets of adintoaloa RL. T. A* Ckrur orlle can furnish ths best may refer#*ces MON8. LEOPOLD DRMRAND VAL'B FRRHOU HOARO U g tchooi-a nlasa cal and ermmerotAl instltaUoa Willi all ihe modem languages Hudson Terrace. Hobohee M. J.i rircu ar* at No. 4 Brand street. Excelsior Imsurases Compssy. WVHB SPANISH I.ANOUAOR IB TAOOHT FRIVATMHT 1 or In alassr* of two or three pupils by Pinfe? i <K)? BIN. at 134 Ri|hib ?lrsrt, adjoining ths Mercantile Library. Fleas# apply ta the morning or evening. rm> fAMIUM OK BIN'iLR (IRWTl.RlfRM OOIMO TO Rtirope. ?Tha adrrrtlaer. a limn, map rriih 11m?. 1'rrnih. Italian. Hpaalah Kay Uah, aad ootid immI Ik* above. wtakea 'ao lo traral. fM tw of nBarao lf>r and rrar mmrndauona dtrr n kt Amertona *?t"~i wit* wbomkthaa baro ail orer Ruropa. Addraaa boalOMPaa* l> A \< I Ml ACADKKIgf. ADOUWORTH H PANriMti At'ADKMIEB. r Ha 'Wl Broadway. Maw Turk Mil It! Moolarnr plana. Rriok >ya. llaaara bow open for ika recobiiou of papl* Maw York rlaaaaa on Wrdnaadava ao<( ralnrdnyn. Hrorklyn rlaaaaaua Roodaya aad Taoradaya. or Tuaday* and Krtdajn *i? a I; aaarmbMr* fr ladlea and renllrmrn at bo*h as tab lukm>-?n for prastkw In ika laneirre pialnik, Oarnaaa oolll Inu aad all othar drawer Moaitly aatraaa for afcl'draa and narento. Tor atreniara of trrma apply at elih?r mtaklfchmeai. Brookw i?am?imu ao*dim i am mow oprm. Man York, Ml Bmima rtr?at iirooniyn, RoaMaoi Hail Court wrnnc T>a m?et fiaklnnal la Mylar of Rampa, u<*atk? r arltk lhr> ?sorb admirad and Improved malhod of Maw fork, wlil b* t?n|bt to ail ika pupllr. Poika Hrbntilaaha. 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