Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 15, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 15, 1857 Page 5
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rntwtaM Ipmijl BwJ mt ?I1? the |?tynowi iwii bualaam aemttef ?* tele ?MT4 MM Md al $ o'clock yumy ilhniM, te 8k -amfcctoMWi ?bvoh, ft urge mmiftiw of mm*w Mag preeeal Ami ftU parti of toe country,end Right Rev. Bishop Meed, or Vlrglalo, la the ohelr. The preoecdlago *t? opoood wtlk appropriate devotional esercieea. lis TOM via oalled.ftBd Bar. Dr. Van I'?B reelneled Mora Mr The OemmiUeo oa Doaaootlo Mlaiou eakad aad war* Tenanted ?sew*?' Urns to make their report The ea Foreign Missioea teen nude their re port:-* The reoeipte of tee oommlttee were $70,87'2 90, of whleh there waa for tee mlssl aa la Greeoe$49$ 07: la Ohlaa <38,001 80; Africa $19 500 13; South America $600. For ?pedlal oh; -ota $7,080 '20, and for general inad $80,061 $2. The expenses for tea pear had been 873 .888 07, or whloh ?38.808 were for mlaaloni In Greece; $27,288 70 for Ontna; 1.827,080 08 for Africa, and only II60 for Booth Amotion. The amoonl dae the Treeaon r waa $2,820 M The lagaolea, In the aggregate, amounted to $4,806 8J mor the peat year. The pabtloaUoaa of tee Board were reported to be In a Qourtihlag condition, Ohoagb a wider cironiatlon waa dealred. The ** Carrier Dore" tad w treated 1,000 ta otrsa pelatlow The contributions from Sunday aohoeli a ere ?30)000 tor Ibe year. Tbe withdrawal o|K?v. P. J. Irving from tee eeeretaryablp of tee o <m alt tee was noticed end regretted, (be work or the variona agaata In behalf of Oha aoctety was much commended. The mtteioa at Atheaa, now twenty -als yeare old, waa apoken of aa betng In a preaperona oonditlun Tbe number of aeholara wet ffrom frtm three to eight hundred la tee abiruoe of any official report a evatemeut or the condition of the mltelon, toy Dr. Tyng of at George's oh arch, la the form of a let ter, waa read. It ex treated the hgheat approoailot of Itoe ooedltooe, opewtlon and iroe seota of the million, aad -dpcle highly of tee religious liberty there allrwei, aad of the aeoeaelty of lallnf all adeaatage of It. He eaw no Ihlag, knew nothing aod heard nothing derogatory te the talmton. Of tee mission# la Africa Ibe report sxke with satiifhc Uoa and hope. In tee whole field the lnatltotlona of the .ffuapel were eeU ed aad ustabllehad. Of tee new mission to be ealailiahed In Weatern Af-ioa cheering hopeo are gtrea. lira Jane Roohlea, of Phlla dolphin, had presented $36,000 for tee rartheraeoe of tee wot,2. Aa account of the ex rlorattona of Biteop Payne waa given The decision for the nee *ite had not been made. Tbe new mission wan to be called tbe Boeblea wilmtcp, and would probably be eetabllabed at N'ttle La. An Interesting account waa given of the pro pen or the missions nt -avalla, and tba death or Rev. Mr. Haitian, of that minion, waa announoed. The lack or anfflolent aaatatanoe waa lamented, aad Ohrla tolnt exhorts d to aead more aid to preeoh tee word of God. Concerning the atatlooa alotg tee ooaat the eoamlttee bad not bean able to do much, thong a one mlaatonary (Rev Mr. Ram bo) had been employed. Monrovia had bona with out a missionary nearly a year, aad no farther pr t rose toad been made toward tbe bulldlagof tee new church Tba oommKtee dote tela branoh of their report wi h the hope that the missions In Africa would be exteid ed, and tent more la barer* wruld pant tbe m Ml r en Of tee Mleatoa ta China. withdrawal of Blahop Boons on aoooaat of lit health and the dlfflenlhee in the oouatry bed prevented any material progreae of the minion work in that oouatry. He feU oonQJeot that the present atrnggle la Ohlaa would reault In opening the galea of the count *y wide to religion The many dlffloultln under whloh tee oouatry now Inhered made tee ooit of mtaatoua mush greater, though tee addiuoaal rood reeulte were hoped to oeatpanaate tor tela. Tbe additional freedom allowed In foe Chow waa aooken or la terms or gratitude, and tee hope expressed teat rree acceaa could bo eoon obtained to amy pad or the country Tbe mleaieuary work In South Aw eric*, had not yet toeen oosnmeooed, owing to want of men. The report closed with a reeling appeal for more money, laborer* aad prayer for the missionary work The report was referred to various committees, aad the board ad. named to meet la tea evening at tee Church of the AaoaaMoa, corner of Fifth a*eaoe and Tenth street, to Clear tee ananal aer mon by tee Right Rev- Bishop of Route Oily- Intelligence. Ma. Om:!taa*M m Nxw Yo*k ?The statement in eome of tee news paper* teat Mrs. Coaalagham had left tea elty da avoid standing trial la entirely aatrae. Her counsel tOaten teat tea only reason for aon attendance- at court oa Taeaday laat was 111 health, aad tee stale of tee weather would act warrant her going eat. She will make her ap pearaaoo ca tbe next day iter oaaa Is oalle t ia oeei L Rmmr Risoma Otmpa?t No. 11 or Airajtv are at praaeai eayeyiag tea hoapitaltty of tee members of ear Fire Da parteaaak Howard laglae Oompany No. $4 bare them la temolai charge aad will ihow tee Albanians all tee lloaa Yeeterday Relief Fagiae Company tned their machine at IQe ty's pel# la West Broad way aa l euooaeded in sending a stream ever the top. To day they vtall Brooklyn where Chey will be token charge of by tea Brooklyalta who vrltl lake team to the Navy Vard aad furnish teem with a ool ?alien. The mt mbera of Relief F.sglae Oompany are stop ping al tee Tammsay Hotel They re urn home on Friday. Luna i? or ra Eve ?The Board of Directors held their quarterly meeting at tea hoepllal oa Taeeday evoctag, tee ICth last Tba surgeons, Die Garrtsh aad Btepbsnsoa, report three hundred and tetrty-two new patleuU, maklei Ave thousand six hnndred and ninety three potion ta since Its organisation. Tbta charily ta on'y for teose laboring wader alienees of the eye, both of the oily and Stats. Tbe hospital ta located nt No. 8 atuyvnnnnt street, coner of Third nreane. and la ?;en on roeedny*. Thursdays and Saturdays. from 1 to 3 o cluck P. M- "lee a .Moled poor ?erred grnteltoualy. TnQm;(Ur sm, Oapt Llebennc, will vlatl Breton, and he ta* geeeW cf te* Uly Tigers, In November next. They ?eke out sixty musket* wnb teem. Tab la tea ara time thai this oorps will wear their aer uniform, em aiatlag of blue ooeta, pante, he Ten Braavai Ex,-ma Statu ?Tbe steamboat empire fliate, of the Fall Kt*er >lae, wheh ran oa the ricks on tee lower cad or Ulaokweil'a Island, was yeeltrday morning takm on tee large bataaoe dock for rep?tre. A beet one hoadred feet of her bottom amidships la (love ta.afco enteral I mbera bnkea, aad out water Tbe amount of daaugs will, II11 aaid, cost stool $10,000. rna amitt rtkut moRRKitr. to rxa apiroa or m h*alo The alleged to here been take* from No $9 amity etreet, were really a be rooted rrom No H No ifnaasl* oarr e a or #11 paiatlags el NO TWENTY NINE Polle? lnl?UI|Mr?. IterooTAjrr iu?i or Amnio Ooramiurm? A Dam onooa 8ah. Bioko U ?Dnputy Bupartniaodent Ckf| an lor, at 01 aarly hour yaataritay mornlag, dataltad two of fell dataatlraa, Maura. WUlay aad Itobh, to farrot oat aad tarroal tha partm who har% baaa ptaalag Iba apurtoaa tana -m tha Baak of Koadoat, la ltali cltj aad Wllilamiborg, for Iba laat raw da] ? Afar rioitlag ita aarlooi piaoaa la this alty wharo iba bills bare baaa paaaad, aad fitting a car root oaacrlpttoa of Iba partial, Iba offl ?r? p'ooaadad to Wllttanabarg. whara.after a long aaareb, the; aucoaadad ta arradtng Gloria BlaaJar, bla wtfa Mary, aad Joha*y MaGraw, la a h <nae oeoupiad by tbam la a aaeladad ipot ji tha onlakirta of iba ptaaa. A nouatily of bogua eota. I adad raralrert aad all aorta or borglara tooll, wara foaad oa tha prrntM*. together with aa ritaaaira ror My of dry rood*, tbnaaand arublaaabta ? < < bonnet, whlob Iba pan ?a acknowledged ti I ha offloera aeta paranatal will tha oooa arfalt tMlla Tbaprlaaaara aran.wlo tha T rtaaath word atatiea bouaa, aad will ba braght ap fbr a ibm initios at Iba Ji Hereon Mar kit Poucw -nauea tha meaning. wbeo Uinta paraoaa la thi* city aad Wtiaama ?urg who bara aaflhrtd, ara aaraaatiy requested Aa appear aad ran*iva tbctr propwty aat idaaufp tba aa Iba Dapuiy dnparlnlaadaat M determ o*d to rid tha Mty of tbia otaaa af people. Tbaaa ara old c load ara. Tha waaaaa, n a aald, la a eotnl ahop llfar aad "(barer of tha queer " Bar boabaad bah baaa Iwl w a B*| Bag pr'aon, aad M *)raw onoe A Jrvhhaa Bcoolab?Pilar By rot, aa lotereet ng youth, ntboal twolra yaara aid, waa arrneted hy aftiaar Field, of Oka flflh word ptlloa, oa aharga af harlag horgiartaaaly taiered tha atari of Kitjota Htaaaca. 117 Daaaa Mraat aad otaallag therefrom o qoaeitty of ptatad iawutry, tome Wat holraa aad aa old pair < f hoota, raiaat la a,I at I Tha pi looser a at arreetad with tha boots la hi* poarauioh, which wtra idawlhrd by the napl* mat aa a porttoa arthaatataa praparty. mar, la hit erawtaMtaa. atatrd that ho waa gollty of tha barglary that ha a?d ?oo (bar boy aat yai a restart eotera.1 tha premleee aa etrre wald, aad aarrtad off tha praparty. Tha praeooloaa yoitb waa Mly committed far wtol hy Aldermaa Wiiaoa, ecu eg wMhUli at tha La war Poliee Court Bunwno An aat at thb New Took Br Am Turn* ma.? JOhn Banal waa hrooght halbra Juatloa Wood, at tba Kan Mart* Pabca Oam, aa tha oharga af harlag atahbad mm laadaar, aaa af tha nahara at Mm Naw York Madt Itoaatra. while tha teMar waa attrmplag ta ej*at him from Aha banding Bmal, it la eherged, waa or* at a die larbaaoa ta tha thaatra, awl aaaayiag tha aad a, whaa Iba uahar andartoak In put bin aat af tba U ?a Tha wrlaosaratragflad agatoatlha latarfhraaaaof I < mar, and fa tha at /tba lot tar waa atahOad with a kntfa at tha fcaada fftU prWnaar OowailUad Ibr nominal oa. dtp Pot It ira m r>BWo< RiTit: obkbhal < omwittbk. Tha Taatataay 1 aaaral Oommitwe ad laat algbt at Tammany Ball, hat did ao boelnem of publto importance. Tha ereaiag waa apaal la linag tha raoaactai nw tha oNy som meting Conreatkma, rhtob an eaon to aaeemole for the ebetce of rtty aaadldaloa. Tba Dommlttee adjiutaad at a lata haur. tm bbow mnntiKi poena mm'i uinbril com MITTII _ _ Mat l?M alght at Na. til llraadwiy. Thia committee hae r act nil f bee a orgaalaad, aad la oompmbl of delegate! ?Vow aaanetatioiia la tha mpecttre ward* who ara la fa rwr of a atralght American ttr .et, aad ao raeion with tba ? _ Tba yooag Kaaw Na ) aoaa that wara aadoraad by tha rrpubltaaaa bkow MyrntKo askbmrly oontbntion. Tha Mrooad Aawmbly DMrNt Ooo aattaa Doomed at i? "*?*bogaatoa r. Braces. deputy, appelated by the A war lean amoral Committee, prwtdad. Haary Trm. far waa alaatad aaoramry a bow wltm af Ira wara ap "nrafwitb tba rapublldtaa la rrfar.'noa ta a oaaatdata far tha Aaaarub y Tha (tawraatiod thdb adjoura ?d, labrart la thaoaMaftha Prat deal. NOTWrWd NOMINATION!!. William ii Rtakatsaf tba Miftmatfc ward, aaa baaa ao ***** **? taaraihiy hy tha Kaaw Noihlagi af ?baMith Aaaamhty dhtnw * nw VI RVir?l|ni Bf Bl, HQ MV IBBIW wiiw aafublloaa* na iba oily aomiima Tha yooag Kiow thfag* aipraaard thatr datrrmlnatloa laat algbt to pot i hat AwaHaaaa oa guard, aad ta bob all aawtuadoaa niahtyn Wry potitiru. tha fanoalata af tbr flMml Anaatbty diatrint hara aeaiiaatai Wiaahanar BdMaa, Aannma; aad Uiaaaaa nir4,iSTbtf "Mtrifl*. bara plaoad eaa H B pwywi I* KMIMIIia., PoUtMal f-^r "* **d"J" u ** ifMki rf *? iSlt the pramta bard Ian ted upon th* *leaBoe in lh*l city an Tuesday ? the ateoaoa yesterday ?w om or th* w? NWlHi'* mr bstd ta thta eity II U Ml owed br m *? "??? ?>' th* tMMMMd ?COtUOMM WfaiOl MMUf artta#"#* palgn Nre Ciuled by paid partisans employed br >n3< - boides* and ?? ? aipectaets I* msie aae of tbe peopi* the boter to aeoommlah their ova aaiflaa esda. **???*. lk>o yesterday prored the truth ?? this anppoeiUta Mart HAM tat* *hu' op Ik* people's pockets. Tb? pouu* (?wt|?ri oowld not get oaocgh funds to cay for * alagw ??dymowatrallon," public meeting* we?? rcry c*J? "? " of mnalo rarely discoursed to Um ?u .Uo eer.aed P?" (too* wcr* Jiopoowd wllh m * I?x*ry not to ta b la suta times m them u thorn ?"-? ni fbeds to r*r loudmouthed peirtoia, ourpsbllo ootlnrlnf ? w*m r*pm? ed only la the mtU etc all *ctc# of tuutrtdaal complaint Tb* wrongs Inllloted upon Ik* ptoplebf tan *^r" meat, always aa element and gralafnl A o popular dtctametlon, were endured pilnilr bTj^? with a d*|mn of complacency aitatagM ? ?tu in float; on And ? hat pr ybably 1* tta most erent of all, the "Sbbrtc of oar B? m tndon was not the leart U jurod la It* fouadnilua, ?hloh V1 ? lb* wtakeel and and mat1 rnlanrabln ^a; lo y an there wa* ao oao to loU the people how mleorebly they h?*a teen eoternnd Tor the lant year, there was ao panlio apprrdati o of the annual load or offlolal abuse that tt e public bare bona enduring, ??* '*? r^t < lection poll* in >ro tcrongh tbo fore* of tabtt thanifria ?av rlotant mqnlrenp nt to correct wrong The oon** , neacn ?ii thai ?o ham nerer had ao na m and ao peeno lul aa election The result pro?any will b* ?? ?*>'? actory a* irarory rotor bad bean Inflanaoed to the high eel pita or political zeal, end bad either got ala owu head ?out or broken that of hie prore the toleration of bin principle* and the mount alien of hln party preju dtoee I pr mats nox yr? Matico.?There I* ao room fcr doubt that Don Miguel Antonio Otero, and hi* interpreter, tare been re elected to Cangns* flrom the Territory of Mow Mexico. Mnruopuft xtp Blatbb" ?The oidbrtai Conroronoe* or 1 the Metlodlei church or ladlanm appear to be titling ? oonoortfrd and almcllaaeou* mo rem ant ujw the eubjeot or I slavery Tbo North went Indiana Oon'tren*. rooen ly In ! i?1 n at Lafayette, oaanlmonniy adopted the following deolaraUom In regard to elarory ? Wo bellnre It to bo our Chrlittan duty a* a choroh of 11* true aad lining God, to bear teattmouy on atl proper tco* iioaa against national a* well a? lndlrldnal elne, and *a picaby ?g*'o?t the enof'flty of American t'arery?an In ?tliutl m which our holered and Imaorta. John weelor characterized aa " the nleit that erar aaw the nun ' aad u *' the turn or nil rlUamea," denounHag eiaro uealera a* ? alealern, the womt of tbleree," In oom .-a-ieon ot whom, "highway robber* and hocae breaker* arecom paTa?lr*ly innocent " And where**, the netoodiel Con ferenoe of f.00, acting under a team of their aolema duty, proclalmjd >hai " alarory la ooatrarj to l?e law* of God, man end nxture; hurtful to noolely. oontrary to the dloiam ot coMci ooe and pure religion " And whereas, la* Coe ferwen of l'ifl deolared ?" We hold In ihe dee pet i ao hrrrenoe the prao Ice of ?larery.and ihall not oeate to wok lie deslruotton by *11 wine ana prudent mean*." ^?t<v1 y t*l? annual Ctonrewno*. ihai we appro** and adopt a? oar own, '.been >ralj joe*, and Uhrtedan ??aUmente o. the eerly ?ud w?ll belomd falhere ol our ehurnb. Peioirnd, bbai entertaining theeenown we '?to rri klou'i and epam a<.t. u?tJ our ohumh ah%l. bw totally JlSll Ml all coiuuol.y In .hi* " an of *U rUlnuiea." MnnTLxni' Ei*itow.? An election tor State offloeri and ?is member* of Cong rem taken place la Maryland on the 4th of an** month. The democrat* tare made lomina I lion* la the foUowlag Coogrewlonal dlatrista?fir*! dis trict, Jamea A Blawart; Sicond dlatrlot, Ramoay Mo Henry , Third dlatrtot, Wm. Plakaay Whyte; Fifth dmtrtci, Jacob M. Knnkal; Sxth dlatrlot, Thoma* F. Bowie. Tba ; Know NoUlngi tar# nominated Jamen M. Harris in the j Third dlatrict. and Henry Winter Dart* la the Fourth. Due bath abd Know Nonoao Fra-os in Ohio.??Tha ^ifiHiinnti (repabitoan) of the 1Mb InM. oay* thai It la wall understood In political circle* that on th* 10th tmt. tha Know Nothings oomp'.eted the bargain, by which they ogre* to transfer th* American pary bodily to the democracy. Tiii Lumaiv Paswt.?Th* Chalrmaln of the Mat* Com mitten of the liberty party publlnhe* a manlfteo, naming William (modell aa th* candidate of that party tor Ooap ti oiler, m place of L*wi* Tappan, deohnmL OMtanry. DEATH OF MR- CltTI* It become* our painful dnty,aay* the Washington InM luxnctr of tha lAh I net, to aanonaoe tha dooease or ta# renarailaGn.'bun W veiunoTin Pajuo Ci arai, the last of the members of th# famby of Wanblogton Mr. Cuatl* died at ArDagtm, near tbU ott*, *ftar a hrlat tllneen, on the morning of the 10th Jnat, .a the 7.1b rear bis age. For neraral yaars ta had atood a?oste 1a his ratottona so the Father of hi* Oonntry, er?r aaxlous, with filial rwrarence and affeotlen, to illustrate his oharao ter and from the rich stores of hi* nerer failing memory to bring forward aa annual trlbue to his Immortal worth. Known and boaowd by his fellow oountrymaa, hi* dopar tnro sslU awaken nnlrersally a prof uo ad regret, gfrn amid ?be great erent* of the Resolution, by the I death of hi* father, (Del Curtis, oi tha army, aad a son of Mrs. Wa*hlnglon by a former msrrlege,) which ooomred near tbe close of Ihe war, ta round hi* heme during ctlld hood and youth at Moani Vernon, where hts maane'i were lormod after ihe nobieal model*; aad from the great worthies of U>a' period, P*** ..I?' J1.* iiosirid impreeelOta of wisdom wad patrtotiem thai war# nerrr cm?eed!^*der lb* oouae*ls of W ?hln?to? be pnrrue t bin clansloal studle* at PrtaoWoe, aid, wien by ieatn of hto great gsltaaad btaac faad smw I after of hi* rorerad graadmotner), he deroSed histnolf ? Ulerart aud agricultural permit# oa bin ample eatata of Arlington, the gift, by will, of ibsl lllotlrloe* una. H* wee early nnlteo ta marriage to Mim Msry Us H'shngh, cf Virginia, a Isdy of nssurpae.ed millia?Ja #!''?? rel d'.ons of ure. anil wtwM 1'reparsble losm ago, ta coa tin tied wllh sorrow and affccdooale ad m, ran on. to at* final day, profoandly to daptwm Oae (Mrs lee, srifeef Colonel P.obwrt Ime, of the army), and wseral grandchildren nurrlr* him. . . . , . . Mr fnatl* sen dlstlngaiatt.l by an orlg.nal genln* for elocseMe- portry ast th* tine art#; by a knowledge of lust, y, (art cniariy tbe hlelory of thie eountry for^great power, of coare'sadoa. for aa erar ready aad geasroo# host itaUly, foi kindness to U?e poor, Tor ptadousM, fr orosunoy of rriendtalp. and Tor a more tnae Oilsl de Totirn to the memory and itaradtar ?f Washing!* He ? aily sieetaen oa tbo death of General innan and Ue oie-inrow of Napoleon were ererywn-re reed ud nlw.rtd rraa by thoee wbo d mooted from tbe tfrun.cDU, lor tbe beauty of ihelr oonoofLon and tbfr lo>po?i'9??d oloiusaoe Thnoa Taui.lia with tbo ooi saint of lb!i oiiranl will not forfet boa largely we aad the ooeairy ere ladebtod to tbo warm aad erer cbeorfa) optrlt of the deccax l for many Invaluable rtmio eoenort of Ke rolat'orat7 htitory, of tbe dlaUagulrhed mrn or those limn, end eeieciaily of the private life of tbetr flortOM nbttf la il.e rttlremeal of tbe ibadot or bta borne at Mount Verm a. Tbourendi from tbla coca try aad from fir- |o las It who have Tte'.ted Arllaftoa to oommnre wtlh our departed frleed, aad look npon the tooebtng msmoria ? there tree ?orrd or with rare of b tn who wee Drat 'a .he beaila of ha ooaatr/mea, wl . not forget the ahem ibrown over all by the eeee, grere, laiereot aad vivacity of tbo wanner* and orDTftet on of him wboee v?oe. nJni ie tileoi bow. Tbe moHIt dee of our fellow ctt -tna acr etomed, tn tbe beat of Maimer to reaort to tbo thadet of Arlington, wtu beneftar mite teat old men eooeet who eror extended te.Utt m a warm hearted we.come aad oeoarne partaker of thtlr joy. I oot a believer la Ibe greet truth* of divine rerelauoo, Mr CuMe toroc i to iheee for eomoteUon In bit laet daya, aad died in oommnaloa with the Protectant Epteopal Chafoh Dr. i iu?i, oi New York, lit i ndJet.iy In the V. I lege of tar Mot? Poedny morilag. FT# arrired la the eara Saturday evening, and aome time e*rlag the eight oom planed of cramp la Ibe t.cmach. bat ao one ap] ebon led est tb.rg Mntti. la tbe awra'.ng a pbyti.lta wat aaUed, hut too lata to be of aay boaedt. fee Rector't vlelt tbem. It la taid, ww for tbe purpoee of being mar nod to a lady boarding at Mrt Wtlbor'a ? at al Intelllaonre. Tbe ratted (team frigate ftaraaae, Ueptale .Tc ha of tha ~' Kelly paeood oat the C'epee of the Dele war* oa the lout Inet , booed to the Paelio "cma. -do RliJaaetrn fbe folio win g la a aorruct llet of tbe offlc-ru attached to Utte veeeal. rfr ? Jrtan Kelly, Oaptala I made J. liaggerty, rtnl Uoateaaat aad Ft OTcor 'tale! Amieva, hremd l.mtmant fhewaa C ftarrti, Tblrd ra.; Aaerew H Joha tot, Fourth do . William (twin, I if\h do.; Wit lam A. Ne?oca,f*orgeoB AlgeraooH Parana. luteal de John 8 ?tnwk, l*?rtor; Joba G. Gaah, First I en?a*M U 8. M C ; eimmtttdiag Meriaa Cteard: William <t. Im'er, AoUeg Mlater. Theodore '/oiler. Chief Engineer; William J. lam din, Flrtt Aeeletant Fagiaaar. Wm A ?. I wl ~ Aebton Rimtey, Wm B Beat. Seated I at! Meat ) eg I eeert; K. A. C. Be f'lalae, N B IJrtlg, Wm. R Sob ley, Tblrd Ajttetatt Engineer*. Frann If l ead Boatewala; Third Ajtimett Eagterara - . ? rhoe R Wthoa, Ovaaer 8 J Tb?mte, Ubrptater; Heary T mocker, animator, 1 R 81. Jell*. Chptala'i Clerk; y. R. DidUr, Paraor'a dart; Alfred Hoffy, fboi Uogtna, M eaten filet. The Raraaee la a eeoond el ma tide wheel' etoamer, dairy lag two eight laoh pivote aad eight hreadatde eight Irrb ehe I gune. aad wae belli at PoiiamoaUi.N 8,1a ini* Me baa performed bet two omteee-ier irM la the Huif of Mexlon, her eeoond la the Meettarreaeea The ocmplemeat of olinen and men allowed the Raraaan la she la a Henoch, well ballt vomei, aad admirably adapted for eervlce la ihe waten of the IhetOe. The Morn mar. owe of the now eorew propeller Mge ee, will boar the ftag of naplain Ten C. long on iha Pa e?i? Mat too 8he will be tan iff) veeeal of her oiaw belonging to the k men nan vary to make her appearaaee la thai ocean The i ailed "tain rorreylag ataamnr Hbt, IJeot Roger* wmmaadtng, le at the Portamonta Navy Yard Shehte > ewe enuodla been m?e?, i la '???'eg deep eee eouadlaa*, ud he nag onrepleted fn, .1 , , will tone lee re for eoroe ttonth era MaUoa Menemnl to iltrnrton. J, ? Rairerrr, Heq ? We parcel re that the led lee are arnktng a more to ere?t a moevatrni to tbe huaeated rhptaia Heradoe fbia will ae doabt be aeeotnpOabod, hot where wtu M ha erected f Tee trnvwee of Iha Waahlagtoa Oemetery hire direct# 1 me to any that they will give a deed ef 10,800 ra perietal reel fee that perpoee. value II ooo, (Mould Ihoea very klad lad Ire decide ae ptoalag M la Ufa beeoUfhl oemetery, which will never bo dWorbed, befog la tbe centre of King* aeon l^ead Incorporated an lee the oemo law ae (; race wood are will ag to trwet the led tea with Um execnttow of ihlt moat nobie aad pralaetrerAy deetga Re order of the Beard df Trnetaat, .1 Jll OFAY, Preotdeot Itmwklyn I tty Itwt, the Th r treat h regiment, nadnr on remand of Col Abel Smith, made tke'r rail parade yeeterJay, They met la Ibe Uttj Perk, eeer the Navy Vard, at foer o'aloek, and went through tbe atral man ivree In flae ftyle Then wae a prvtt 7 good lure out. meet don eg the damp Mate of the wNthdr dad tb? i?affai oriau. PiriMal UUUIgwic*. fhe (W4w dm Emu Unit of yastsiday qada ikt M lowing Itta I Utter h<a tee Hague ? Mr Belmont, former Called Mates Minis* r a Ik* Rmwi and who he*ju?? bean sent In wen quality la Ma ??w, baa te* for (Ma latter ally. Mr Be moat tad hta mm oaaaor, Mr Muipbr. bad baaa raoalrat) yaatarday by Iba KH-g aai> ba?a bad lb* bo<w io j*esep' ratpaob '*1' Utalr lew#** of recall a< d afereceaos Mr Kalpb abarnronb/, tbt Minuter from EojUud, ha* given a grand dlaaar la t ooor of tboaa tiro eiplcmatirta >? were no* yat aware of Mr Bslmoa>'d apodltmad at Madrid. Th? St loan IntdHcmcer Irani rreai Port Los ?euworth, thai Col SuBuof * i.a?ar a raat, aad that a onrt of tn qu.ry, or ??mrl our ial, hit been o dored la Kla caw. Ho ra-< mr?t from lb* espedtt'.on against the Cheyeaaea a few dayiaaoa, AKB1TAIS. from t>&?ann*h la H>? stcn?.ihlu Any nets ?George BUI* Foi, ?1 ? Kahnnhara. Mi,, u?*?t?M)f, Mr* faa-lday Mia* all ball. W Wta'dwell W W P*rk-r RQ tunny, urorg* G?!" ? W ?* I'ntke, KWJn M, |P Itoyd, O B Hoc art, L L dur.icr, J M Wallbcn#, M J Rice, an.i 21 In tba steerage. rarinnv. ?o? T Ivrrpool, In (team -hln Ar?ola? Mr and Mr* Jna Botll tOn to o?to Mr* alt < Burrs' , Ml** Hht-ulfz. Ca-nds; Mr '? Thl-mv and rcrvan, felaT.ftsy and maid Baltimore: Mr and Mr* J Waiter Wo?d, lnf-nt and maid wuil nt ?* York; Mr ? lllnn, ItiibMn M' Gordon tanrn'y, a n and rurae Few io>k. t Brclilaupt, B Bitlthauo1 New lock. M(a*ra Ihomaa Kirk H M *rtto. Havana: Ohae fcoott. Maw York- B n Ktwi'.h, Pbdadoi hla, B La'iau ada do; *. bows* Ha.iea Or gi tn.1, B ? Brjia ir.JR I, (.'bat FPese do. Alfred Nawlita, ^P P*r<l, lcgUnd Miae *ni ball uhiotgo Mr Arcedeokna. L? dor . J ? Itgtin*. J'. M*ncht?t-r; John Toung. *e v Tork; I'-apt Scabby. A N. and wife, bosland; Mr Uao A Wick , ktf; F a Bt M at lit rpnol; Hy Matter Ralfaat; J'ha Brown, IT; 11 rcka eyer. b1, Major a d Mr* Hartley ard 3 olitl drm. Ha id -volt nT ?? a lord M T; P L MiU?, Jr, ? Y. R A Alexander Soot and' Hon J '1 Alexander and wire Ut bd b.alew Cumwlraloaer Ba'tlaaote; P Phrfe. New Tork; A bigyti br'bam Brentford (tan ad a Weat; Mr IMxoo. Iliioola: A PcM'amain San Anlonla; J no R furry (Juebeo; Dr Ta tar, hngincd; (1 ? A fi bloane. Wm Jnhngoi, 8eot Und .'no inrng New Tork Mr Mitchell Knrlan'; JnobLjica New Or eaoa; Vr ardMra Rich (Vmelllaoa. Mr and b a Hewitt llllao'*, Mr ard Nra John Wnd OM>; Vlaa Ado Moodey t hlo. Mrr f?orr*>, Jeraei CUy; Mr and Mi* Km raon and three chl dren. Wianonaln. Mr and Mr* Qt.lnn, SngUnd Mr autl M ? Ja? Baiter and child, Ne * fork; Mr* McNawa.- and twoohlMirn Mr a?d Mr JI(i?bot,Bna Ion; Poll) ?* Torrey, Bo*ten. Onaa F Ijmtn Boalon: ? Berrl, New Torl?; Oat .-jto F Blfga Ne y Tork. Total, 103. flt-eciu, ?1 459 For Bremen An , In ateanaahlp Argo? Mlna Keeaei. F A Ott, T Martin, K Her shew and rbUd, Ntork Mlaa M Hume, Mia* linglrj J Hlrirkfeld. i> ec. make, laily i-.tdcTUd; H 11 l>?y bant, I dy and child. Kit* M hchatk, t Tork; F Mor gan, and ladv, F Tremoulller ?u' lady J Mo Arthur, 1 beodord Schneider, V Vcrmeot. (J Karai>u* Robert Oendel'. T Caldwell Mra Martka Pl-ely. Mr* M nor ey ard rblld, Mr Wlolleld Ha mlin, J Bachera Brerne, Jamea Uriffln, If A Oreve H T faaal, P Korner, I. Bilteid, ha* Rurt/ if T, J N ulrdberg Peter Freuacb >nd wile L Ado'ph. PbLlp Flok rravte, Hani W .Irhaaou Wm Tiet.'no and danghwr, OWol part and daugh er. and ljf In be ateeraye ?Fo'al 171. For Claris*1 on la the fi-amahlc fame* Adger?Mlaa O Lear; Mr? M 1' Marc*, Mlaa Aaaby, Mlaa Turner. Mra bantdrn, Mr Bo'obktra. w K Mattbnw, a Hen .ell, B Wloken herg k John-on. N Ml'cbeli, a A Cannon. ) V Oarnle. Mr Irf rail a d 'ady, Wm T Heary, MUa M IIall. W D Hall, Joa Oreer K MUledew TO Oi'nacnr. lady tww ohl'dren ana *er yaat; P H Jankaon and ladr, tfla* M Holre, J W Mallet and lady H R fico t, baa Bn'.and, Mr* ? J Wagnt-r and (Heel, ?leg M J Dav't, Mra Btcdlard. Mr* Arttbold. U Bland, lady, ohtld and aervaat; Maater Bland. Mlaa D gorral. Mlaa Law ?on, Flaa Bu'row*. Mr Portal. J Wal'ia. J N Thompaon. Mr Mortimer. J Raimoud. Mr dUby, Mr TaKe Mr Barlow, Mr Metktff Mlae Ballet, Mia* Statfbrd U Huicb:saan and lad*. Wm f ex, J F Merer, Wm Hollar. Jaa (Irani. Wm Brenner F Mulier (?eo .lenkina. <*eo Sni'nen, P, D Hln-i, J no Lrlra M ?cod and lady. Jno A*b. J Welab, Wm Andoraon. Wm Wrighl. Jaa Lnwler M Ounnlugham, F Raakln J Fraa?r, a We 1*. Jaa Irwin, Wm Watla, J Cunningham. F Bergen, J C D"o*!d*r,n Wm A Watts, J C He*ton, F A Pbalou?and 'tio In lb* alee rage. For Norfolk, Petersburg and Riefcmoed, In tba (teamakln Boanoba ?Albert Wilbam. "rati Morell Bali h Porter. Lc ula Coebr, Joel Van Pelt. O Po ter, la :y and two nerranta; Mlaa Smth. Mlaa V R Mack, Mlaa B irBlt, Mlaa T 0 Haxhawar, R Fowlea. Mra Rusbmare M'aa Roshmure. O W HInton aud lady, Ml** Hlnbm, Mra Wmkh. Oapt Rwll Mra He Bree M M fnrtdar., Mr* i**m,, niece end two VUaee Lawaou, John Smith and lad), Mlaa M O BaJUran and 1^ In the ateerege. t ourt lalcntUy?rMt Dayi Swruira Oomt? Olrcult ? Par* l. -Noa 8 14fl, 1M, fl">, 167m, 178,1ST, 188, 184 187. 188. 189, 196,191 19-J, 193. Part 2 -Non 1518. 1507 1578, 1&89K, 1690, 1691, lo92, 1594, 15'.'.. 1 15.U, I'iOO, 100V. OuraiNn Ootrrr?8yeclal Tana ?Noa lt'T, 1T9, 171, 80, 164,18. iB 81 84, 90,116, IB, 128,144 115, 165, 156,174, 1C4, ?68, 270 W**X>? OOP** -Non. 462 404 , 406, 46T, 4.*,8( 469, 470, 471,474 476, 477, 470, 481, 4il, 483, *85 , 486, 487,488, 499, 4 >0, 491, 492, 493, 408, 497 . 498 , 499. 501. 802, 108, 504, 806, 506 807, 668, 609, 610. Ill, 189, ???, 278 O0MMBM Uik-Part 1 ?No*. IS87 to 1700, 1344. Part C?Noa 1670.1671. 1612 1678. 16TSK, 1674, 1076,1676, 1673, 1679, 1630, 168j, 10^, lo85,lt>66X. Gentleman who would 8mw# Monty, and al y and nlegano* of manufacturer, 111 the *eme ilea ? eintd tn,tfce beauty. dnrahlUty and elagaaoe of their hat* ibuuld .ail on MSPl!irOHMID, at fMn* IMIu HaU, FaJLI Mtjrla, at Wkgfl 141 Faiioa Nreet, botwean Broadway and Ifasaaa atwat. Motalllr. Tablat Haior Strop?Kor Batla by J. A 8 8AUMDU8, atore only at Mo. 7 A a tor ilooa*. Motlra. ?????? Moo.ioo worth of F ?LL AND WINTER CLOTHINO, to a* eou> not kt a great SACniru.'a. Ia rl#w of the anaaetal panic, and of the fad thai It may oonUnu* aome week* longer 00 a* to leare a* with a* Im mense (took on kand too lat* la Ike sea* jn, we hare oon oladad TO (IjOSS IT OUT AT OIICB. It eeailst* of a large assortment of every deacrlptlon of BLBOAMT FaLL AND WlNTWB U ARMAMTS, Maantectnred with great taste, either from goods of on owa imporiANoa or gettlag up. Alan a superb stock of rURMTSHINO GOO OB, Bhirta of onr own mannfketare, robe* shawls, (lores. Ae.. Ac The mousy of ail solraet banks In this aad the surround lngStaie* take* at par. W* bars no band a'ao a large (took of TUT LOW PAIUhr) Ct OTHING FOB Southern and We*tern trade. Which wa will eloss on: to deal*ra et a Very heavy per ceatage lew than coat. D. DMTLIN A CO.. Comer of Broadway and Warrer (tree. New Tork. Oanln'a, So. 211 Broadway, New tart o' prtoea to ault lb* timsa All artlcl'a below soet Tee ? nitre flock to be sold. 8alc? open this day. 8100 'CO worth faacy for**) worth vol bats $19 UtO wer'A hoy*' ha's and car* 84,.?v worth children's fancy bale. Revrn per neat under the ccst of manufacture The sale will eootlaue at 'he reduced raise till 'be end of the ; rreent moa'h. J. R. UBBIH. Klirmtn are iht Boys who book at Hunt uti-i wnl a fa P?e thalr portratla a, HOLMM' ? ceat pie uia mill*, IS# Broaden* Win# rochet Cutlery.?A Hick A ?ortmont at I. * a BAUD DIM Here only, at No 7 AMor How* DtBanif Selamaudm Natee?WIUi Patent powder proof defiance looka aad eroao ban. Depot 198 Feerl mom, om door below Maiden laae IQBtHT M- PATRICK. Illll?Inimitable Cutter of Hair?io. 1 Bar (Ai ?.re?t?H el/ dye, 4a. a boi, black or brown. A loo. mfal liblo oeyooat. r'a Hair Dyo, Win and Twwpeee Ike beet la toe world, onrpeaaieg ail. Made, eoid aad ap pBod at lAe we inflatory, ?M jroadwar. Prof. Ale*. C. Harry* Trtropboront Id the brat aad aheepeM article for dreaaiay tieaaufrtng oieenamy. PWUae. preeerrtny aad res tor in* Ike hair. Ladiee In II. hold everywhere. Crletarloro'e Hair Dye, Wlga mod Toupaoe. Heel anywhere. For aale aad lha dye privately applied at No f AMor Hooee Hareh A ('#.'? Hadtaal Core Tnw CHBoe rami ad to No. 3 Veeoy atreet. Aator Hoioe. White, Clear Nhln and Mne Hair ? Donee* Old Italiaa *oap. two (bUttefe. aad Jooee' ooral Dale oil Tbeee baaoiifnl ardcleo an (old. who mall aad retail, at ?AMDP, UO Paltee otnM llolloway'o Ptlla and Ointment -for nearly a *aan** of a eeatary tfee preee of tba drtl, ?d world baa trained with pmof? of tbe * (Henry of tier* raweMaa a ti'lli j d anrdr ra. coo ptatata n( tba stoaarh aad bow-la, aalt tbenw, aad ikla dianrd-ra. Tbrtr wonderful prt?t ertlee an uaekal laagad. Inntalrt'a t ream of Wtlil Klotwe*# Imonlht tke afcla and eleara tbe aomplealoa Try N. for aale at 3J8 Hroadway and f Aator Hooee Murray A I.anman'l Florida Water had three ere at merita it la refreabin*. lattlr : aad 'leaitofil aa a perfnate, aad aa oertratled apr Ida for tin. bl i'ohee, a*-, plea and ronekneen of the rkln. Bold by D T I.ANN Alt A ?X> , ? boletaV drofirleO. fi? Water atreet. and by Ml drugglaU, at ?i facta p?r bottle fTnancial and commer CI a l ? Olii ? A M K ? w. Vnewnii, Out. Id?? p. M. Wall Ureal praaeeled * vary different aepeet to day, Then waa eoaaidarable axoHauMdl, bet ae orowda of peo pie. Tbe publle mlad appean t* bo much renewed by tba coorae at lb* baaka, aad all an aaw look I ay forward la baiter tiaia*. A rary tMearaytag reeling prarailad la flaaaetol otreNa, aad N appeared to be lb* yen oral luprea Mat that tba worei waa erar. At the Bleak Rxakuye to day Ikar* waa qelto a beoyaal Us* awooy ipemteure railroad atocka Tba inoaanOOM wan not lanye, bet la almoel every laetoene at aa advanoa lb prtoee. At tbe Bret board New York fltoto I'a, IBM, advanced f per oeel Mlmnrl ?'?, ?; Erie boada, 1B71, I; IMaota Centra band*. t, bat fall (IT h befny? tba oloaai Gaatoo Company, V; Delaware **d Bedeoa, 4; La LYaaaa aad MU?t?ki*( I1,; Naw York Central Kail rand, B; Erie, I. *Ur lew, X : Naw Haraa an! Hartford. I; K a<i y Katbond. 9; raaawa, a, kat eloaad at ye-' r day'a ptiaea; delam aad Cbtaayo, 1; China, tad Book lalaad, 5. H wlU ha aeao that the laproraix at ni wary yeeeral Thar* waa qatta a aeanber of aeUera on tlwe, aad II look* aa thoeyk tola tnddaa aad importaM ad renre la prloea had waked up lha beara, aad thai they wrre aboat eatarlny tha araea of atook epenulatlon ayala Tbe ahivt aaleaaf Naw York Oeitral Railroad to-day earn np eeveral hundred aharne The beara mnat be oarekl mat they 4* not rater tbe Bold ah aettart at toe aarty a day n anal b* bar*# la aalad thai ereryttlay aaw atoada npna aa imdaawahle paper baato, aad lb* ralaaa are wnch won oNUetn thaa we hair* kaowa al aay liw* wtibia lb* peat twenty year*. Al toe aaaoed beard Ihn warkal araa rretty war waia |utf Utcwt iMiaacw aa hdraovA trtw raw <?d Nay York We* V*. Wl, advanced B pew ?*?*; K#* OnMl MUread. X; wiehtgre *w??? WITW4, X; X; OlewelhBd nad Toledo, I; Chiangs aad Beak W*"4' 1km mmi solitary uma ????,ht" ??w?0'? fho baaks or Iblo olty ttnreooaaloded lo reeetrelade poatt m pay oat ttio bUls of Iko Conakry ?>?**? or thlo But*. All the BUU stork sneered blilo wTO b# tokre ?l par, oad form i port of the (onrrol carreaoy of lbs Btote Iko mm oo the bills of this city. Tbey ?U! be ?ao1 to adjusting bnlaaoas at tho Clearing Hoare, Iko reme ? ? much apseto. II looks bow aa tkoa?k thatoewbtorel dtfflouity Ik rtfoIaUag aoaoaala wooM oo be entirely removed. This will M Jooaa a largo amsunt of cnrrancr, and giro now Ufa to boiiueaa. II wUl giro a groat tmprtra to the forwarding of oropa, aad land much i, wards a re cotton la 'ho price for all kinds of agrlonl trral product'. 1 la lo be hoped that Iho banka will oot enlarge Ihalr dlscoani Use m .oh under 111* now order of thing*. D U row pretty wall aettlad that the banka of the olty war* compelled to ansoend specie payaaenta br |o* combined action of the frrrtgu basking houses located la aad about If all street, aided by the dUaBboted portion

of our own mercaotl.e commoalty. Ike prlnoloal oaaae was the drain of apeeta by certain sacking bonaaa oaa aMttil aith AmerU mi bankers abroad The object waa tj com'el the ba?k? looispent.BO that alt obataciee ?o an expansion of loaua would be rem Trod, and that the barki could Incense 'botr dHoounta aad giro a atart to , the exportation of produw In forclog tho bank! to do this, thaao agents or fortlgo baakore on?n.lnted la arrest any rxwrtotou of apecte from London to Ibia country, and thus ear* their principals or branoheo In England and on Iho Oen'laeat tha plan waa a wry shrewd one, and baa to far been wall carried oot It waa to operate la thla way:-A lame private banking bouao cot far from loo Custom bouse, la oonneoted with aawrn banking bauaea tn England. Any panic or rewltton In tbo London money mn-kel, caused or Increased by large ship meala of gold to the Ualied Blatea,wonld aeriounly en dsrgrr the exla'esce of thaw European agenctea or brancbeo. The object eT the partlea bore la, therefore, to present, If poertble, any action on the pa>t or our bsnks thai would foroe shipment* of opode from Liverpool to New Yoik. It te well kmown to theae (laenotere that a ce ntrac Uon la dlseesnU paralsted In would Iww no other altar nallw, but an Imporlatlon of gold, It te therefore deter mined, on the part of theee private bankera to roroe our banka Into a ?ua pension of apecta pay moats tf possible, knowing foil well that there la no ctbar way to prevent the oontrae'lon Irom oontSnutng. All thc .r olens were laid to bring about thla desirable and important result How well Ihrr succseded our columns will show. The b tnU of Uiit had draunfrm them ye* le day f"ll A" "tflMoni ?f dollar*, M(1 u " p,eMr w*" known that the hulk or that large sum waa drawn by four or Ave bat king houses connected with bankera in London 11 waa a matter of Ufa and death with theee Ixmdon housee, and it may oven now bo loo late to avert the anticipated disaster. If our basks expand they will on 1Mb ate to tbo sncoeot or tbo plan or these Anglo-imericui prtvsto bank tog bouses, and tbo only way to mntrate their nefarious ts u> keep their dteooant lines as enog as possible, aad turn the currant of bullion tbiaway from the vaulta of tbo Bank of England. Albert H. Nlootay'a regular semi weekly anolloa isle or stoeko and bonds will take plaoeto-morrow (Thursday), at If X o'clock, at the Merchas to' Exosnnge. Aflneliotof soeu rtttee wdU bo offered, Including bonds and bank and lnsu racoo stocks, snob aa Hank of New York, Eulton, Tra ss men's,Bt Nieholao, Ae.,nnlHoward,F.<tullable,Brotklyn, Firemen's and Etas Issuraaoo companies, io. Iho Ocean Bank to doing bnslnooo as nsual, upon tho same terma so other baaks of tbo city, and will take Its place In the Oeeiing Houie ic-morrow. _8o wUl tbo Bank of Now York. Tho AssMaat Treasurer reports to-day aa follows:? ?J.I nretnta W8'161 01 35toI 08 839 19 301 Wo have tbo annooni emoat by lolograpb from Now Or mat the steamship Norther^ l.ight Is on her way to thla port from AsFlnwaU-wtth ?1,960,0(0 In California gold. 3ka will be dne about Saturday. | The most Important morommt to day, tn relation to the movement or the banka and tha suspension of specie pay meats, wis the masting or Its Judges or the First aad | S?. oad Judicial dlstrlcti of the Supremo Court, Tor the pur pose of considering the position and condition of our mo neyed institutions. All ths pirtlculeis or the oonsullalloa end the conclusions of the Judges are given tn another part of thla adtttoa, under lha appropriate head. It wM be seen that, so far as oor oourts are concerned, mere will bo no latorrnpttoa lo tho burtaeos of the baaks. The banks ooatlnne tbelr business as Checks are oertided without delay, deposit. received ssd the operations of the 01 earing House ooatla nad the same ao before the suspension Notwithstanding mis tha managers of our baaks feel very uaeasy, and uot at all saileiled with the present end prospective condlUoo or 'Hands' affairs. The machinery or commeroe appose* to move e'oeg more imooth y, and a few daya may give as a cleans horiret. to judge by. The beet daaacters o me day are usable to express any optalon regarding the fBturt; and aa for oar bank praaldents aad cashiers, tbry are csmpletely loot In the chaos and ooarualou surrounding lhl?i ravings banka ksve r apecded. Perhapa 11 would be mors oorreol U> say that they bad avallsd themselves o' the terms red conditions upon which their depoeiia ere made, aad would not reeum* payment again In specie on U1 tbe TeU expiration of the slaty daya Aa account of the proccr llags of the mansgoru of thtso IretltaUore wlU be losnd In arotber oo'umn. The lulled BtaUn Treeeuty Department he* levied the fnlio?iBf notice In releUon lo the redemption of forera men (toon* ? TnnAm nT I>?i *rr*nrt, Oot. 13, IHtT. Notion I* berchf K'?eo, ihet (lie limitation conin'oed In the lew entbortr'ag ibie department to parobnee atncbn of Um I nlled Melee having breo reeobed, II l? not wiibln lie power lo sake farther i>o?chn?e? e. preeent HOWKLL CJBB, Secretary of Ibe Treenary The Chemical Bank *? peylag epecie to day, and it* oft! cere aeenre ue that Ihey will orminee to pay. In ibe (un pen* I <m of epecie j*j mcnte In 1837 we baiter# tbat tb* Chemical Bank wee the only one that did not eeapend The i>a*k, on a enpttal of 2.160,0(0, bee a eerplue ?f $600,004. Ibe Clearing Hone* owed It on Twradey Its,000, and to-day ?3'"\CC0 On Monday It bad la ipeeto 1348,163. The bank le metaly In private hand* ar ! tola eery ooafortabi*. Fell partleotare of *uipetition* i* otber elite* and la other parte of tbe oonatry will be found under oe- tele ?raph'o bead. Tbe eetpeation hai, we bellore, been general. In Ibe resort of Mr sicolay ? one Jon tale tbi* morning Ibe following error* and omi*ewne were male ? 04,<(in INntb Cari'.luaCperetbde If'. a'2 ?h">?M be . "|i; lUrii v i* A If rlwa ml lata lo ? *171**, ware paaeed l.iip niw i iiy 7-?. at '?* , *ar?oldhr att l(J.i?t l-nateteaa Ian ?i?lH *I"?iW1 be <wttb tat#r~> 6 to Milw and Bmkno lei B'? S uer ct. be.. ei U1. e II were omltied. Tbe care tap of ibo ITIte itrr. Fort Way an and Cbi jmgo Re'lr md Oompeay for tbo month of toft re*bar were an foiiowe, rta ? Krom freight... 177,tH) 01 From raeeeerere 06.180 83 rem mail i,t?t ?*'? Mleoellaneot * 67 24 Total 4118,341 27 Kaieiage far September, 1810, were 172,IM 40 ?lock Hitbaay*. Wneemir, net i?, ie?7. IKOO N Y ???, 1*61.. 01 100 *ha ICrte RU 0 ?oco do oox ?o do. o>? 14000 SYh.lMt it )M do ?x 2000 do 0 87 aoo do 10 4000 de....tao h?x loo do o iv 10000 MiaooeH 6h..e ?7 100 Harlan* RR ?u 10100 to II N llareeh RarlKK 100 leoo krtoRRbda, '14 28 60 M!cb Ho * N la RR 10 toooKrte RRC be.'Tl 20 100 do *3 10 V 6000 (11 Ooe RRb?e.l 60 276 Rea <!iag RR. 36 6600 do 0 66 100 .|0 .76X 1C00 do 67 ICO <10 b: M 4TOO do a 66 600 do (.70 36 7000 ?O....0S 64 300 de *6 8f,V ?o *be Canton O* ... I3\ loo do ?4 M? 10 OelA B?d canal Co 61 loo rename RR ,bdO 70 244 do 60 mi do 47 140 InrromeftMURK. loo dr ... *?e 46 60 N Y Oen RR.. *80 66 60 do 0 04 60 do MO 66X HO do 64 X 60 do.... *30 16 M 100 do 0* ICO do...., *30 66 .74 (lal 6 Cb c RR b3 62 I HO *? ??? |? X ?""> do 42X ; HO do *30 6" 210 do... ...O 62 I 60 do.... *80 M 100 Car ft Tel KR.#3 94 fO de... ??0 68 X 650 df? ?.! 14 X 1H> do 0 66X 100 do b?0 27 X 170 do 60 ,71 CblO.V H lileadRt MX 74 do 0 MX 646 do 0 04 740 do no 100 do Oio 43 100 da b3 40 60 do 43 X 6M-OWD BOARD. 11C00 M'eeoort 4'e. . 66 46 the MlehBoN laKR 11 iacoe do 04 lo Helena ft iftte RR "1 8M0N Y 6 e, 66... "0 UMtob mnRR 41 10C0 N Y 6*4. '40 . 8* 100 Krle RR 10'< lOQOOMOVO, '40. . 86 100 do 10X 8000 Virgin e 6'e ... *1 300 Wore ft Tol RR . 24* 4C00 K RR 3ttoba,'H3 60 10 do *'? 11 *6* OnellreirtalBk M 400 do MX 100 fhmb final Ob.... 7 18 OhljegefcR l? RR 04 60 I'tolOcM 4*eae*Oo 04 ? do 4i 3*6 N Y Cen R1? 40 10 de. TO de OO1, 140 le e? f3 13 in W* I9*i. km* Rii... H BALI* Of IfOCU A* ACf TIOM. a. a. m*im. im4 Ht?MM Mttwwafcta ?m Bectaan 81 telad.Ma 6/ CO IMMM 6'a do. M 0.0C0 MllwauAle aad Hmtaoa 31 do. U lo^co do do 10'e .... do l?v 1.C00 KBlsraakle city 7 par COM bonds, da. .06 a 61-X 18,060 I-ouiataM d o. da 18* 8,COt K on took 7 81 do. .7?HaT0 1 40 rbaran m>d A woes Railroad 78 a 76 20 Now Jersey Railroad aad Transportation Oo 100* ; .">7 Importer*' aad Tradara' Bank 40 V 26 Book or Ih* OoauaoB ooaltb 60 x 10 Atlantic Book of New York 60 | 60 Norih RItot B*ok 40 o 40X 00 Lorillard loo. Co...... lux a 1144a' 4 Park 1m Co ?4* 60 Humble lira laa Oo T7 a 80 32 Kntgar* Pha laa Oo 6TX 60 itualx fire laa-Co OS By 8. Draper. 61,000 Ten seal eo 6'i lot ad dad 60 83 000 do do .... r.7 6,000 MMpourl 61 do oo>4 8 CCOOblO 6'?. 1880 dO 81 16,000 Mil weakte aad Bortoon RR. 81 do IS 20*bs. Henuory Fin loiuranoe Oo 70 10 Indemnity Fire laioroaoo Oo 66 iti Metropolitan Fire Isauranro Oo 71X 1080 Mllwaokle and Mtelaatppl BK 8 By A HMvUer. 48.000 la Cmaa and miwaakiaRR 71.. Int. added 6X i 6 ana La Orcese aad Mllwaokle RK 6 20 Home Hie Inauranoe Co 100 a U0 C1*Y COHBBBVISL HKPURf. WlDNWDAT, OeL 14?6 P. M. BajADfftrirs.?The flour market waa mora animated, ant improved about 10c. par bbl..andta eomo oaiaaaa mnflhaa lOo a lie. advance wa? obtained. Th* aalaa ?a braead about 7,000 a 8,000 bbU. at about tka fbllowtag anotaUcaa:? Superfine State 44 40 a 44 AO Kstra (Rata 4 70 a 4 64 Waatera Ohio aad Ohio euperttaa 4 40 a 400 Kxtea Ohio aad Waiters 6 24 a 4 00 Canadian auperflne Md extra 4 00 a 6 16 Baltimore, Alexandria and Oeorgotcwn...... 6 40 a 6 40 Southern fancy and antra 6 00 a 7 10 Qhetoe extra family and bakara' brand* 7 00 a 8 00 Ryeflour 8 76a 4 76 Oorameal 3 40 a 4 00 Canadian flaar wan alae blghar, with aalaa of 480 a 6C0 bbla. at oar eahMoed figarea Southern Hour Improved about Ifo. per bbl., with aalaa of about 800 a POO bbla at quotations. St I.caln choice fbur aoea waa bald at 48 40. Maxell Md Oellego* Richmond brand* ware be d at 08 76 a 8U. Rye floor and corn meal war# Inactive and prtoea oDebarred. Back wheal flour waa at t" par 100 n>?. Wheat?The market waa Irregular, bat firmer by 8i or 4c. par buehei for all good lo prima qualities. The aaloa embraead about 10,000 a 16,000 bushels, including Southern red at 41 20 a 61 26, white do at 01 84 a 01 86 for common to prlnm, and aome damaged do. at 61. Wee te n waa quiet, and prima lota more firmly held Oorn <u firmer, with ealat of about 80,000 a 86,000 boehela western mixed at 66c a 67e. Barley wea quiet at 76a. a Wc. Oate were In better aupply aad obeaper, with anlri of Male aad Weaten at 42b a 67c. Conaa.?Tkera wae tome inquiry. Selaa of 300 bag* or Rio were made at lie. a 11 Xo , and 160 da l.vguayra p l. Cottoii ?The market wna qnlel and quotation* nominal Fannate ?To l.'verpool, about 30,000 burbeia or wheat were engaged, la balk and baga, at 6d. a 6X4.; 2,000 a 8,000 bbU U ur at 2a a Br 3d., aad aome measuremeat goad* at 20a. To l.andon, 180 be lea of Indigo at 26* Of the two vernal* engaged to load with angan for Cowan aad a market, yeaten ay, oaa waa at 2?( 6d and the other at r.Ce To Sremen 1,000 hldea were engaged,at \c per lb. Kirn.?tola* of aome 400 a SCO quintal* dry eod, western aad Qeorgel Banks, at 48 a 43 61X Mackerel were la mode>ete demand, at 48 for ler-e No 21, 60 50 for No 31, and 910 60 for large No. 11. Picked herring war* qntrt at 43 60 a 68 76; email lota, Horn mora, ware aold at 48 8*x a 64. Smoked herring ware aold at 40c , aad No. let 7Cc Hat waa eaalar, with aalaa for ahlpmeat at 64c. a 66c lao.v ?The market waa aiaady, with email Scotch pig at 628 a 338 60. 1*1 mu waa quiet aad nominal. Mourssa ? A email aale of 10 hhda English ltland* waa madeatSOe We ltarued that about 2,000 hhd* Cagttah laleada, la brad, were ta the corner of ahtpmaat ta Europe Naval firoaw ?The market oooUnued ta ha unsettled. Splrll, for caeh Md lime, ranged from c. a tOi erode tnrpeaUna waa qnlel aad nominal. About 6,000 bbla. crmmon rnetn wore reported at 91 60 a 01 par 10 Iba.; medium aad Dae grade* ware quiet Md nominal. cue ? Llaaaed waa at 60c a 73c. a*ked; crude era* bald at 91 30; crude whale waa inactive at 6*o. a ?c lor oom moo, and at ttk for handsome Fio wows ?Pork ?The prices or hollar* were above the view* of boy ire for mesa, and no aalea or aioaa ware reported, while quotation* were nominal; prime wai at 918. Beef waa inactive with email lalee of repacked men at 60 a 911 ? 0, and extra ditto at 6 6 a 01b; prime mere waa nominal at 925. Bacon waa dull; a amall ?ale of 10 boxes (lumberland est, waa made at xKfl Out meat* war* dell aad nominal. Lard waa aa chaagad; 60 a 70 barrela chuloa aold at 16c Butter waa eteady at lie a 18c for Ohio, aad at llo. a 30c. ler Stale Cheese we* at ftc a Ar froxt.-' ?The market, Ilka other produce, experienced mere buoyancy from tbe bank auapeneloa, and the uee of current;.. and the market closed wttb a tinner reeling on ibe part or holder* aome or whom demanded a alight ad vance over previous rate*, with rather more Inquiry , tie ?alee embraced abent 600to600 hd? at (nhitfiy refining an t i cm sob to medium grade of guoda) cqa. a ft He a 7 Ho. Maaara R. L. k A? Htuart have eeUbiished tbe following pr oaa for their rained good* ?leaf auger, llo rroshed aogmr, 10He.; qrouad auger, 9 '?e ; p'role Aoruahed sugar, 16ia Three quotatnni ehnw a daoline of about Ho par yourd, making a decline or eboat 4c. from the highest petal Wan-isi?The aalaa braced about 160 bbla. at 90c. a 80X0 IRW 1UIIK CATTI/E IAKKITi ir,UM 24, 1847. The oorreat prices for Ifee week it ell tbelharksto are as follows ? mr i-irru. First quality tio 00 S 10 40 Ordinary 9 00 a o so fommoa 8 00 a H j0 Inferior 7 00 a 8 00 <?ws a*? cei rm. First quality.,.,., 03 00 a 70 00 Ordthary 10 00 a U oo inamei 40 oo a 4ts oo Inferior '26 00 a 36 00 rtai Kstra quality, par lb 7 a 7>f I Oihtr qualttiM, do..., 6 a 0tf 1 ??Br aw i a*.*. First qnniity 4 so a ? !.A | other qualities.... a 00 a 4 00 1 OB fflOI. First quality..,....., ?y a 7 other quaujtas o a 014 incur CATTLg. The market was dull to day from the opaalag to lbs close, and prices declined from Xo. to In. a pound on the areiaf*, and area more on so .is qualities Ii fertor otitis told an tow as 0e per pound, and 8c was the selling pr'oe for a great many cattle. The hig? set price was about 10j , wit some few sales aa dgh in 10>4e Tha supply was ample, but would hart bora considerably larger bat for the fact that quite a summer were dots'ned at Nsoborr and elsewhere for laek of current fools or specie with ? b b w> pay tho r freight. ti.s saspeutioa of the oily 1 eaks has bran the morn of vory much trouble amoogit lbs bu' bars generaIIr. tbetr roods b? og lonksd sp, aid they, in many cum, not having note* en< gh to'e a eufflelerry for the oomtsg work Btll't Bead presented rather tad spectacle to day, with so many long faces (rang the rounds, many of II sin vainly eodearoring to borrow "a Ir lls 'from a wall known friend; bit sunk friends were invariably short themselves, and oonld land nctb'ng but their sympathy, which does sot to 'ar to wards purchasings bnl ock. However, every bo ly thosgbt , ? > wosld hs moch brighter ey oast week, at which UM they wlfl be j -spared for almost aav emergewy. About two huadred hsan of aula "art disposed of at Bergea Hll oa Hot day at prices vary tig 'mm 1e to f?x i Nome very praw cattle wars sold stChamberbi tat dp per poaad, sad at iho other ya?Se tke inferior stock told at To. , to He. The total number oo sal* at Allsrtcn s to day waa 2 *7f bead, sad for the week 3,017 head; at all the yards i 3,371 head, agalast 3,119 head last wssk. I owe AND Oil It . Am pkely sad dall, but the remlpts are dhqrotad of nearly always at low prleas - the greater part gciag cl , ssifer $80 Nome very prims cows, h merer, eoid from , 840 upwards VfAL OALTW. Tba receipts contlsn* to fhll r :i, but the demaa I being moderate p losa do not vary m.terlsily from set qoOa t'ms. We beard of no sales tb a week foe over 7)to., bnt s much larger number thaa nasal sold at ISal rata SHOT AND I AKM. ?bere ccatlases a fair demand for sheep and lambs. Which are coming in pretty freely, sad whlaS nostlna* to command good prions We hsve an rhaags to notv la the market. aiierton bascftersd a fair share of last wssk't rs'eip>?. tns as tha demand eras pr ity g *,<t It was thought that nearly all of tha tnpply wosM be 11a .used of dot lag the day HWTND Am arrlvlag la largs number*, sad p- oes have deoilasd raasfdsrtbly There Is vary Hits lenstad, and holders are glad to sell at say price?8,806 have arrived ml lerton ? dnnsg the past wssk, hesMsa large bambers which htvsbeen seat direst to the slaughter homes Prices hare varied dnrlsg the week rmm H,e up to Sifd A large somber waa loft over uaaotd, there harwg bssa no purchasers at aay price ??CAPITtfLATtON. The total reoetota of all stock at all the yards for the week warn as follows ? O u t and UN. let's rteewi tb o 88 .11 198 41 ICI ?? ? ? 8^178 ati 8.112 897 Mai... Trtol last west Total store las. 1...1B.M 11,331 OtMRKfDflR CATTI.l M VlKlS. B-efOtl, Oct 14,1861. At lbs Cambridge mtiie market to way tba beat bear riu e were pressed for sale si 6? s 87 40 per cwt? a railtag t ft of 91 ?'this two weak* Very raw salsa warn made. AWFRTBE1WTI RKWWRD EVERY DRY. OHM KLLANMIIH. (AND MOijBI |. an NTT lOCHN -to TH* a ARB "US Till I IkBTt HOUR* -TO TH* A PuM? ? Aa'he Bverstt House Peine s]nare,hae been strong 'be prtampal h.deis lo eher* In tbe ges-ral prosperity 'be rlty so* eoiintry, to I' Is deb mined, la nrdsv p. sSow its eympsiby with Urn re-eree? of '.he t'mra ??. bs tbe Aral to rss t W to ibe prevalitng ad-ersNy (Irdrsfn tor lbs pant sad mitnoed patrotage of tbe pnbllr, therefore, the proprietor Ultra this opportunity to hannuoow that oa an 1 after to-day. hs w111 rednre the priee or wis tor hoard so as In salt the asis'las errewtioe At the naeHw* boa ever, he will wot mrf-iee the eosHhn* of kl? mwn. eor ?par> any of the ettwaMoua * ? bouse its i whioh harsgirsa his b,< tea lis rsyrteitiw UAWUit g, VJtAIT. HIM'CLi \5BOt?. a i gn ?DOUBUi WIJI? ^Al^I*..I-AawaJ $4.50. boo-a. M? rw?y a> <0?*. M Aj* *1*' "? ?HI. ? JM Br rAVBUT bacslb art. ahd solo 5sSuss:'4KJS:wjr;*:si~ ESSEnsw ? SRSEBiSKf ? c?? faoiiun of harlaa aehteaed aa uluwate aod ty P_* h* witch ha U enabled sorff rtcth/ * lie. wVah u 7 Ckh,'I?, rn.?i? 1|J Mom Btrrmrrno* than Mr IMt (M poaellil/ be furatehed or Mr oth*e rM "'^?Up?Si bread caa be e*lord?d at !eee prlee. la ?"aM nneni!eoflha?a*lB*eflhcva W??eMi'r/w?*; a_gri-,4||- i| iq Bo on* eoqiateted wiU Hi 4 ??i?eeof niiktnfdouaA wiUdonot mat n ea4 mlied M Kdhlwt by mtohL'17 ?"?? *>" bMewpaiahly eleanw IhM HM "imh/t?It omUa'di more natrtawt ktneo tt ?* iaa.1i fMB frib ?T?Ma floa? end ai'Xi br-m*'-""! at aa ?atMr .<*?* of lha fcmenlattoa; eoeaaooenU* a larger o'nporttoo of ^.XL-Jen tritlreprtoclplen'the floor Unreeerred. ?M SSS^ivir^MlSSr U?rtora Ml ?*? braed ta a* ac '^Uh^aereSe^fneUW**' the enbeerlSer do?.m? eon an Wan .br?a^SrWaT;nbtartnr.Iar of INd end of dlrp^nT 3 hia bread aa hrretofnre. *1t 'bo j?o**,n<1^ #r*aJ Mm m44 <4 (be correct price of a pound of tkmr, raekoelng (ha berre m J '^^Ce^-duneuM.. ,o T??M~ ^ptm mabb g (be tol owing al owane-iaoa bread cold In', uenlllr. at om ti?e, ?? oeder .- . n Oo IB' pound, breed $ p?r eeaa ? a Ml pouede breed.. li rrr ??? Oa 300 pouade b??vt ar<1 "W ? ? ? ?? ? _ ? ? .lOHB HR'iK "R Bo B> Bn'ierdat.. Baw Torfc. EVTBBOBWH BT.BO *BT WBPOIBO 94*?* >.*2"5* Ta opra ean b# bad oalr B**ur way. ooraer of llueac idtMi Belabllaaad UP!. TIT OOOW - J?T ABD QOLP /?*?*?.* T,--1^? J nveoilve aaec rtaae> I. ro?nrtein? braoaluja, p aa. car rijfa. t?ckUc*? c*p ulaPjJkj, .*?? J* 3QHI[b, pGIw MaV 4TOIHHIKD'H M7 Br idwmf. COttirOf Bptlt ?? I L?ViE2? pair.of gen'>mea? and '>07 I bootoand [ aboee, or tbe beat luelliy, -a tittle entled.i at one t ilfof Aa ' pr'ea. Pom ?? and ec??, a CbHl'.LK. 77 t roadway N0T1C1 TO BBW8 BOBWTd. _ , ? r~.<. nr-m Ibe wboeaale pr'ca of TB4BI 1TLT/TB. TBAT1S B?W?PAPB* leaaaiaa uaeba?*M abtbacAwed pubiiCaUoa Areata on able 10 procure It a' taa uaoa. prtaa. tin mi lairanppitea at tbe pobltnaUf* eihoe. nPraakftM ?tree; at X per )0U Keal/ at 7 <> ctoet tbia aioraiaf N^r^KV^FBiBT t.BBLTBT JLLW TRATBD BBBPPaPiH remaina oaesaarM at'no o?ejfl* publirai:oa. Agia'a uaabJa lo p roe ore I: at ue nana. Pnce, can oft tbel.' annpl'.ea at tba paullcattoo oJtca, L. ftanUBt atrcet. at X per IDl). Bea.1 r at T o elo. b ilili . oralnr NOTKBTOBIWR AUBBTt T,in The ?h leaaia ortf of f R ? BK LBBT^TS I LOIF TRbTTD BBWSPAPKR remala. nnrb?n*rd at tae oflloeor p b:?atl><a areola usable to procure 11 at the yriel prtofc ca > ret tbrlr luppltee at tbr jiublU at onioffl e, IS * ranbflm ?tree atbfprrk J. hrldjr at T o'clock Iba Fmr wm abd b*a*dt. bopbrtob QOj^w*; Are Matt par gwJun orer aptrUt; flarorlnjr* *or pnrtw^mm, ? 1 tract oofuae. prod 1101 n? flue brandy tnatantl/: eaaeaaaa Junalua and 81. Oroti rao, aldnr jjeacb. oM^faad bleM berrr branillea W urboa, lr?b aadllocoarakaiawbiafctaa, *01 ai.dbod j preparation olio. M*ettoa, cAamua. a ?.iacdaraaM war annla, plmenio, Aa To* aale. wltA foil fltrcMOM, at Or. I ? rBt)'tHTW4B<?BA IU MAdea laaa P 48 ARB IT, rUAXB ABO _P BOOR ATI TB PI ? L(W H road war batweao Twaoi 7 aaroalb and " Ibwti RIAOT TH1B M0RB1B1. 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