Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 16, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 16, 1857 Page 3
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f* ? b***! ??* ?? kkiN M Mat o?Mr taato, la dbtlam imam; third, wwMioriHiitMMt q*?1; fourth, Ua amount of unhiding Udlvt *1 ud balances doe, to other banks, whloh Mtemeal alkali be rubtebed la next ruooeedlng land ?fn hewopepcr of tbe o mnty tr, whloh iht bank la io anted, ? "there be ao newspaper ?a sooh may, than la a Moopaper of aome neighboring oou?lr; Md uy vli hUoa * Ma law, or failure to oompiy with lis provtdus by aay President or aay Oaablar or aay buk, shall be a mlsdo MNt a kraals . n W?II. van aw wu aw glVVU w Ma* lor, aad or* half to tee oounty la whloh aooh baak ML Boo. a. That '.he said buks are hereby required, oaOl Me eeoond Vrmdaj ot APril aToreaatd, to reoelre at par la payment of i.ll dobta doe or to beoomo doe to then, ree ?e oh rely, t'u novae of all the aolrent banks of the Oom msm a Milk whloh paid epeole Tor all their Itab'Htlee on ud llt'ely prior li the lira day of September last, ud i retail ooallaie solvent; ud tbe oald baake are alao by aulhorlzad to pay oat, In all their bnitoeee transac auud d la wants, the laid eolee so long is the banks ls aalag the same shall remain eolrent; bnt la oaie any pre Meat ud a msjorUy of the heard of directors or uy or **~t aid banks shall oertfy to the Governor, under otlhor -nation of tbe president, hie apprehension ul belief l uy buk In sold oertlOoate naned la la an unsafe con - s, the Uorarnor shall thereupon appoint three jadi - . flhelr appointment with .?.V| iwith proceed to make the said tnvoet gatlon aad re port the result thereof w'.thm ten day* to the Uuvernor; aad If Uie efflxrs of the said bank shall refuse to pern* the said commissioners to make snoh In raMgntioa, or to produoe uy books or tfooatnenlt aaosasary for that pur rote, or If the said oom id's ?toners or a majority of them, shall report that the eatd bask is In u unaa'e condition, tho Sorernor shall lbe-e open Issue bli proclamation declaring tho oharter of tbe uld baak to be forfeited, ud Lhe said buk ohall be de ?steed of all the benefits cf this act, and the dl root ore thereof shall rorthwlth make ud execute an nsrgnmeat la Ma manner provided by tho act, entitled "An ut regulnt Mg buks," approved the sixteenth day of April anno Hernial clghteea hundred ani uriy, aad the expenses of Moh oommlasloc, ineludtng the compensation of the oom ?taslnarra at eight dollars per day eeoh, shall be paid by Me bank agalut whloh It 1s leauod, unices the repbrt shall ha Savorable to Its oondl ion, la whloh out they shall be paid br the applloute; but uy buk or backs, whloh Mail, before the period horelnberore limited, resume ud aaadaae the pay meat of spe de on all their llsnllitles, shall Ml after such resumption, and during such oocttaoanco, basabjeotto any of tho prorltiou or this soctloi Pro sided, That no bank shall be required to rsoelye the notes of uy buk against which a certliloatc may be made as aforesaid, at uy time after the delivery of the name to Ue governor, no til the eommtastcners ehall report In favor of nob bank, after whteh tbe notes of each buk shall again ha reoeived as required by the prov'.tfou of this section. Bee 4 That the several collectors < f luor, tolls, ud 'revenues of the oom moo wealth, ud alio oonuy nrert, are hereby aulhortnd to recalve, or State par .the nctos trthe eolrent banks of theeomm^n wealth. _h not specie pay log banks, In par me-1 of the ta!<( tesed, telle, ud revenue, and the Stats Treasurer Is hereby ateborlted to reoelre ud reoelpt fur the same in the same a a nee to paying Treat urer, or to I backs ud ? ?? wwipnawvu., uw ail Ml. UUt?) KUHltt SIS HOW Of maty hereafter be In tho tieaaory during .he pcrlid orsui penatea atom aid, shall ire m time to time, ou deraud of Ma mdd treu>'rer, be paid br ue tald buks or cihar oor ?eva Joos respectively, in ape eta, In such amoucta as may be reqstred by said treasurer. to enable him to pay the Matduvtlii oa the puille loans of iheotmmo-twealth Bee <1 That noon all judgment) heretafore entered In ah ooanmeaoed by writ or o<hei wise, or whlsh maybe sateens during the period heretofore mentioned, in action* tn>stated by will or otherwise, In any ooart 1b UKscom aMowealth, or before uy eklormu or jistloc of the peace, *a tadgmum obtained before sad oftloen, if (be de fawleai eull be pouceeod of a y estate la fee staph, wBfeln the respective otuty, worth. In the opttfoo of he otnrt, alacwman or jnsttce, the amcust of Us said j:d< ?I ever ud above all oacnmmases, ud tbe am mot epted from lery rnd iso on rxeouilon, ha uall bo en 1 to a stay of Men tion therein on J idgmect now ob d, or to boobwteed on e.tte now brongat, tor tho i of one year fro a. tbe date or tse patrvge of this act, I m all others tor sae year, to be ooatfxieJ from the I dim of the term i > which thej " err.: action wis oomaeoood; aad every derosraat in auob judgment saay have tie asms My of exeonttoa Ibereon, If wltsln thTSy days from tbe e of ihts act, re whole ttlriy dart toom the reedi sny fa aro .idgmeat, he ohall five eeoarity lo be red or by the ?wrt, or by a lodge taercv,er by ial*eravta<"'.a*!toe ?f the peace before who u such natal in Obtained, for the ram raeevared, together i the Isterwot Std ooess Provided That ?b? aectloo " ml spyly to the wage* of labsr nor to debts upon i stay sg saeouttoa la eiprsenly wsdved by Ue debt ma, am to Judgisssts upon wbleh a -stay of executioi has atoeadybsea takes under eslettn r lawi: And provided, That tee movtiloao of this sect ton than oxvnd to J sir i water a 1 or lo be entered, as well upon boast ud ?i -Of aioraey as lpon snortgag* to stout e , mad to ur subsc'iaoatgrantee or owners of tec to "bound, at well as lc the origin si obftrsr cr is' lbwvlded further, fben tald stay of execoCsu uadaee apply to judgments or moMcaga*, or oa baadnwc aarad by ?moaggage, r.nieas the izterast thereon shall be galdsrlthtneuty days after Ueeecrulng of tbe mm, la sahfiteiss Kte banks are anthorUed by this ul to ass. Mk i. Ihtacol ibaU tek > etfocs Immediately, eaupsthe MM section, whteh thai! not< into oteratloa oaV.l .0* pssitelutt cf tils scl are MM* as herein provide 1, not M beak orelhnv oorporatea shall be embraoed wUMu iw ?ithf more than tbirhr hays -'tor Ue passage hereof, M after uy ? uank thai have eupuded specie papm unts apar lie mtm m ebUgaltem. nless Ue sleckkoideri qf dMtesk or ether oorporalten ehall, before Ihe excitrtuos ?f tts eaidKbly days, or srlUia thirty days efsor uy - tnupudhd spesto paymrats npoa Its note* at a marling do be called by the divoohirs purpeer, oa soB?d.\vt' pable notice ? tt?W iprrt. aeerps she pravlstoM of Iter am by WS17 of votes of add stoehboldern, <n be ud routed umrdUg to the pvtwteloos the nhertrr of rach eawphag buk, or oth*' poraltah, regulating tho rneoUoa of direct 1; bat to bui najh aeosptenoa valid lUnll-bnC'sd in tea od&eeaf the Andlior tieeeral af jhh a oertlieateCiat ihte ut hm been duly the oommoa seat of soch bank er other , ash. 1 ltd by tbe sttaatore of Urn Pi ssSdml er Aad each of Ue Ud heats so sooting the prorl akaan of thin am shall alee pay Into Ue Treuery of Ue Uhmuuweailh, ca or befbra therm day of -liasan., aaao fteratel see Ucwsaad sight hand red aad flfty mrbt, or MUa Utny dags after uy ta shall aseept (he yrovi Mm af thte a?t a ram sgnal to one ' jrtb of eae per eaM npoa she oapttal M tt said buk, lc addi Ma to aay amon is Uey are now by tew reqalmdtc pay. -Ma d. net (hi 47U soetlea of Ihe am apnrwved April M,-aaM. ralltted "Aa act isgatet ag bank., ba, acd Ue muaa la hereby sic prated: Provided, that all ratti bronght www pending* r forfm tores or pgaal let usdsr ue see 1 right If asy wwm, m pw.??? .? w. Hri wvim, aaesphcg Ue of iklss t, wbmsvwk Ueir opielca She tame may pore lrjurtuc to Ue enti mecf Ue ooaasaawralU, to ?a meaner, however, aa to de no Injustice to the 0or BaalO. That m besk, nvtagn Aa 1, lnsoraeoe er >uel osapa'f skall, dlrer'ly e- la<treclly, porcaaee, or k< nan named in Ue porohnic, Of Ihe eeiee y any of Ue lostrpo braka or this Btste at Use that ibetr pa* valne and e of oald tasUlaitoea vtotr'tog 1 shall be dtamsd gtt'ty <f a 1 pea hOM'ctioa, by a Caa of sot lam I ban tire ha. d red dollars,.r?r mors Mac .one Mrauad dolls's, oa*kvf to be pattf U lb* taforsmr, sal SM other kaif I* Ue w: of Ue c wamtr wealth Mo 1L That no man' s, bends, peoataeery nates, prv ?. ? ten. by * ~ say ul every or the offloare < Ma peovldocs of I Ma watra si a knlsm sm 1 postaha. le. ? x ? pvq,wrty cr ethor valuable sum ten. hypoUeoteod er arnd la pledge, St thai wlU power of altera ay aocSsl ?UBm^7u^?rla!^,,r',' ^all o, ^ *uuag cr?^?dek<or, iebSra*5f iJi1* * ?' *?? WS! ^ ^ mm* la aj~l. lB? <?e, itnored 20/J""ootenatera "?izl -"W? "?w.J*2*Z?; MAS"iACHr8ErT8. m ?URrura> >n in booton?qondition or th* BOSTON I KM**, irroa tbe Bo#im Jeeraol, Oil 14 ' TBIe iworntc tu ? foggy one lo tfcote etroei !?? the tartor b law rgg rolled ap the street, raoder.Bg M Im possible to |0?> bo object it any a:n*1der*W!e dim not, sod gtrlof b gloom. and qd pleaibb arpeot to every thing ?oho mreet present*' an oansaal eyptaraece. Kcri who generally eo ram oo ?n StKc itreot nam to __ or Korea o'clock, mlgh: be hu turning ta koKi trend *o ataaets, (o tbe doore or Inaanumo ?' me. aad at the oa 1 docro ?f the fa*, ke, ta eiraeai roarereatim, and > dearly betoken ?d aar looe thought* aad rd lacraaped o? U at nine o'elma there Ta this question there wore of eoaroe ru'one answers fame won Id pay ant the laat ta liar In gold tod Mirer, aad alhoro weald ahat down nor. Oera it was rneaoral that the Make wonll ok bo open ?itnrttl teao'etoeh, at> boor lotor titan asaal, md tbtt to the riritUmt the rreetdeota of the baak* worn la eeeeloa, dtaiitmua the ptara qoetttoo w halt or thoy eboold folio* ta* ma >lo of ike New TorkbeKe. Tbe maattsg woe beta e Ute room of the COeariog ll nee, aad e? tbe hoar of tea drew neat the rrowdarouod the door of that i.illd M? mcreaerd At fl-a mteniee to ten lb* Pr eel tea 11 ad yarned aad name dona da I re, and .'he retell eru an ate need ta aoiwer in aatiiua l?>|otr?ri?voted to en vied, (tome of tte President* tia/ied f*r their tanking honest at apaMwbkta r.onid tee* been deeidadly aadtgnlSed tn ord'aory Mmra bat ta Ut??e tine* no one sacaMd I online* pa rata* a eaW at thetr aapewa. Brokers aad othe-s baring ? rreacmdmlol* ofcer rider ra*e4 in lb* te Srgraph and la ion time than we on wrtta tne rdpor. wee flethed *11 oyer the a son try? ?'Tbe Bnotee Hack.' I err euepauded." Tbe aaktee* crowd hi the ehreet rtcrirai the news IS etiaooe-dre* s Ieat hi tab e ml .sea breathed freer and sailer ft eras eorshfio| whet t eamVr of prota* s ih't amloo of ?ta hank president* brought ?? I'lht. t??ry other mas -mm bad prodteted the trent woek* before aim* gov* Mm doy aad ootae the boar when ihey toll tar *ne*tK> h rsmld toko plane, and one ladlsldnal, t" ?Uoe the on i of hi* reroelgnt'daoee beyoad qnrs.. e, drc s hit ?onwal* and ebnwtd a pteoe of paper oa rh'en the NMBhoty waa doly rwesrdet merliig throngb die street re met qnlle a ni-nber o' la dtetdnala wr,h aheoto <? Mr hand*, ao whim they bad Mended to <r?V nw?* j?*i fbrthelf tawta O'l'ti *<wi. '? woo p Obably la emiftlpati ni ofeedh t snyeweat thai Ihr Make dMsyed their opening f? an hw, -tatl> they coal t agrss span ectaf ooMKtin entree to puna* It wee aloe ?crrenUy reported thai there were quite a number of New Tarkera la the ?eat reedy la call upoa ear bank a f w a I la fa ameuat of apaote as soon as ibe muibs wore o.ieaed. If this la tone, the gemlemen bad ooly the pleasure of a 1 ride oyer the Sound ta a leggy night to pay Ihem for taelr trouble. imnra op thi bike pgaaiDUfts. The mealing of the Oath presidents waa hrld at quarter past nine o'clock at the Boatoa 01 earing House. Every bank waa repraaaBted rraakiln Haven, bq., Fraaldent or the Merchants' Bank, waa called oa to preside, and Mr. Thornas, 01 the Wabater Bifiks im choten itcreurr. ? oommlOae, consisting or Mr. Oartwrtghl, of the aty Bank; Mr. Hooper, of the Bwton Bank, and Mr. Lamb, of the New England Bank, waa appointed to retire t nd re perl what eonrso he Beaton banka should pursue In ths pre ?ant emir gen oy. The oommlitce retired, and after sosue ila'lberatloo, rei-'-rted a simple reailutloe to thli eiisot: " That la con sequence of the ausoeasloa of the New York banki, It ta expedient that the Boston banks suspend" Tho quwtlon waa pit, and the resoletlon waa paved unanimously. The meeting than adjourned to one o'clock, whan a terlee of resolutions embracing ths rontons f r the objre action will be presented for adoption, and be given lo tho pnbllo. A rumor la In ctrouiatloa in the street that the Masse chatetti Bask did not oca our la ths action of the other banks In regard to anspenslon. The President or that bank waa at the meeting and did not vote against the proportion to auspead. There waa no voloe In the nags.1 re. (feun " demand, however, that be had loft the mealing before the v?e was taken. , By the cOctal returns published this morning it appears that the Mawe'hcaetU Bank had on Monday' $3i9,i3? In aprcle, to $137,186 circulation. [dlnoa the above waa In tj pa wo have made lnqui>y at the Maaraehusetts Bank in regard t? lis snspettijon, and the reply was, "day lo the public we aro eueeruing our bllN and we aro going to redeem them "] The report thai there wi re Now Yorkers herd ready to drew specie, la true. As one or u.e President* rescued his hanking Louse he (bund one or thou individuals ? land ing at the door, with a chcc.i for a large amount to bit hand, for which be wantel me?parte. v'heo to d thst he came cne train too late be locked quite oho" fallen. We are told thai another New Yorker arconiyu .led th'.s one to Sprlngdold on ihe night train la. t night, and stopped there to draw speete Irom the Sprjpgleld banks on their opening thli morning. The Boeton banks wlU pay their baKncee at the Clearing Home In a^eete, as nana), ao that the suspension merely amounts lo the suspension of paylcg gold at tholr counters. The foRowing table shows the amount of ipeole end elr oolaUm of all the banka In Boston ? (Mfiial 8j?cie in Oircvia Stook Hank (ion. AMartk).... $600,000 $39,1166 $13,049 Atlas 600,GOO 33,233 85,349 Blackatone 760 000 30,245 223,989 Boa ten 000, fCO 114.038 208,394 Boyiaton 4C0.GC0 16,744 184 674 Bread way 160,000 6,429 63 069 City l.OCO.COO 71,182 114,180 Oclumtlan 760.0(0 ?6.ffid 189,8(8 Commerce 2,000 COG 64,676 B76 889 Eag'o 700,000 116 217 162,614 Ehol 610,000 46,114 119 038 Exchange 1,000 COO '>8,120 220,786 Faoeall Hall 600,000 36,484 187,728 Freeman's 400,COO 28,037 194,194 Globe 1,000,000 126 4?t 129,807 Graclte.... 900 000 63,874 146 766 Hamilton 600,000 61,707 120,901 Howard Banking Co.. 600,0d0 33,371 128,399 Market 600,000 (8 646 94,948 Msisasbusetta 800 ( 00 219 496 187,186 Maverick 400.000 27/n 128 318 Mfohsnlcc' 250,000 18,237 100,676 Meiotantf 4 000,000 161,736 447,742 Nittentl 760,0(0 84,898 188,783 New England... 1,600.000 . 1(71,841 114 326 North 760.000 26,954 116 970 North A nerloh. 760,000 27,335 189,965 Khawmut 760,COO 28 036 183,962 Shoe ? Leather Doai.. 1.020,000 65 6.4 172,632 State, 1,800,000 138.116 1?!> 384 Br ffo Acs 1.009,000 229,944 &(K 343 T.edtrs\ 600,(00 86.904 8T,\40 Trcmoht .1460,006 78 848 E?9 408 Union 1,000,006 66.276 167,189 waahlnrton 760,COt 64 176 139,863 Webster 1,600,000 62 661 360,183 Total $2l,96Q,00C $2,641,492 Ct.365 002 TRK POLICY OF THF T./.NKS OF TF*"* OUTH. (fiom the Uharlesita (J. U ) Mercury, 001 M j It l? a question of vast metntml to tbe Southern 3 aloe whet oourae their beak* ongtat to porta* to the p-eesnt oomnwroial eod Unsocial dtOcultlre 1* the C allot dales. We believe feel the banhi to New York srd Boston will mryend epesie pay wosmb tn e short time; bei tf this i? not Cane, It wil be by eeerKtotag the greet bete of tbe rasoa 'ectnrtSR sea steresattle interests id the ? per:of the oron try. Air red y we bmr i>Ton extensive ttepi*<e of trsde? maanfholurass roapeodtog oseraUou??ri merosaUle booaee, sttU wealthy, tailing to reteest kfcetr obU tattoos, the eepttel invested 4c banks Is absoluteV Inslyoldoast, ?OBpared to tbet Whloh<? belay sacrlfioed ly their effort tc continue peytar apecte? If they snowed to mstatalalsr their credit ee -srectc paytag beaks, tiey will sUan amidst tbe rales they bare oroeted, wttl. their oaato.arra destroyed, the wbr'.i machinery of W nmerr.i brohra op, sad the Ttry means or asoary mskmg Ihry leek to seoare useless to ttaeUr htnda. Vappose, biw*ver, that this patloy shall be saoceasful, oa ht the Sostherc bosks to fwrfoc It ? Waaraawuo at the muy diotccl bea which aarrrard'.he qieetton batwier looking cava fully at feeee d'.laettlea we vsatura to express ths-cp'. slca that the floatfcern baaka ought cr to pursue this f all oy, but uayhl to aatpeed spsda pay menu. We sasiga ? raw ? f our naaeju for this ojislon ? 1. We take it tor granted thai the'Mothers bintr-ere Keaeraliy aaaad. tbay raetoa the responsibility a: me plea tors, The planters ol the loat'i, se a people, srero savor freer Of debt. Taay amy be slow to pay meat, oat thsy are She hart pay lay close of eay .tolUU to the f>nMed suite. Bamecf cur beaks, who hex j dealt largely laws chaegse en toe North, might gala mere paper thas fti In their operaMeac, bat the greet belt of their debts, directly or ladireotly net oa the rosponetMt'.ty of Uw planters. X Of oonreo, lor the plasters tr-eraearn their instated Ms, aad eliaiately restore the hatha to a specie i-osta, their predoce must sail. Tat eaasaawrs of their ysrduo ttena era siotot Iba North. Tbay are la Eurrpa. it this moment there :? no embarraaaawat amongst Uw oklef oon sumara eftto pr-dacboos of the Boats. Oouoa. k; the lest advtoea.-was Heady, at aa sdroaee. la Uverpool aad ?avre, tan-go* a' gotag down. IT these chief oaafc-mera i aad eoasaaseri af Booth era prodaatone are left ustttr- 1 r?si, ooikea win sell al Us fair vclse. 3 Bat Heeeaot sell a! Ita Iklr raise if wa breaker the nsuai oourae af oomawrw, aad ids Mai of tektag the maaafaokoreproduct tons of Eaetpe demand spoke for ear OWton. If the Soetheca bat i- c pars at la paying spa da, Uaey nsncst It from Fa rose. They mast first, by a vlgerooe demand rf pay aaata dea <o them, sprcax dis tress aad ruto over the tneroea?u community tc tha Booth, and then, by drawing oa the basks la Kngisei far ipacta far oar eotioa, prodnoe dlslram aad rati thsr s Wa atawbMOh's pslioy baa already dose In Nee Kaf . lead It will prcmoa tha same aOaat la old Ensued, Mint wlU stop spinning our ootton. MerosnUls fallirwa aad bank potato* will, to a few months, most probably ? stks oattoa a drug lbts will rsoot again oa the debts st the beak* lathe Booth sad will bring stir to issolrssv 4. Wa teak apantta financial aad-1 diking omrnlekak of too North aa ooaiparatlvsly harmless to the Hoatfc, be causa tkay are not ocr aatural customers-ttey aranei our great oeneamere. Let the grant e-atraa of commerce to, where cur acmmeroe soturally Ilea, ooatlasc at emberrssesd, end our great proiuetous will shi rectors ooafidcoee to ommcroe, and ratastato toe beaks, flaw York is aa annate-aJtaUrveelng sgscey, which the 'pa raltoas sf the genera government <sd tha I'aloe has toroad span us Bat It to aothtag hot an sgescy wLloh we should cost aside, aad look aires*;- to oar reel end antnral oasts.nsrs, sod rndeevor to isctala then as idst tha psssrst rnibsrratsa trie, aad thus insula oersoiv-r. ? Cnspencing sprcle prtymaati the be As will furaiit-. a currency which osn carry us through tts year, aad Uo aest or op will enable t'l beaks to rrsume specie pay menta aad restore oommsroe to H? nice: r.baane's he la tha Snath, wbo have the grant laetr??3it of trade be Hrsaa the Catted States aad Eantpe U sr heads, bUd c pcatlkm of pawar which, rieaty need, sr'.ll aN only be oempatsat ta eoatala oersrkres bat Uw Kerth 0. To eerry wet the policy vs have I nitrated tha beaks however, meat-aet ta aoaosrt at all Iks sintra) palate trade, aad tbe merrbaata mul sot with thans It runt be an altar largely af cement aad ooafldaa s BaI if the basks era ta Rt wtthoel oast ?rt sa l wtthr r. a regard to the interests af the people lit look log Ic their waits alene, shellloeeatiio oar oottoa to sail al a alette price la trope, wfea the greater pa.t of that spu3e shall be drama from theaoa to raplenlsh toelr oofTars, the finaooioi ooavuhtoa, baglaatog wits toe f reedy aad i aprlaoipUd aysaalalors at the hortb, will spread over lbs whole com maroHtl world aad Implicate Iba ? nth to oaa ?mmw dU- i SHE MERCHANTS AND THE COTTON PLANTERS. [From the New Or lean* rice* me. Oat. I ? Tk-Vkkibn-g WKU, apeak ing of Ike prmeat (tale of commercial eiuira, ho Ma that It la rory plain the Meniere are toOe the aniMrera, caiaan the merhauta of Kt w or V era do tcmeibtng to praCool them What that aorcorblng ihonld too II, In Ube optBi xi of oar Viokatorg ooteaipacary, a rnaolatloo oa the part ?; the merahatac not to eek nay nottoo ha'ow eeriata prtaac, to be drear*toed oa by Worn ta a geotri.i meet'BR. Theclltor admf i that the probab.o ocoarqaeotet of the adeptl.* of each a aeo'ntlon wai! 1 he the ir^pnarion of ray moil, by the merchant*, of a'l aocopUarm predicated oa the reoelpia and aatlelpaUd talra of ooUoc, aad be rooordet that It woaii be a diaht noriDg of the credit of the dfamat oomicmiei hooaee. Vat, he argoaa, that It nag br doe bled whether an oh a determination by the New Orlaeae mrrohaate waald be followed bf aoaprnaioa of ra/moot Wo >|oota? "Dotton bnfon matt boro the action. aad If (bey (ten ant get It at o?r price, they will hare."I at another, and con oort of action oa the part of our march ante may aa re the planter aad tbemaoi a both, witboottenoaa lorn t? Other Ra. we are too fhr remeved from Ike fleid of aedea aad bare too alight a knowledge of the aotaai atate of Ullage to doawwatban throw oil aa Idea oa lha anhiont, to bare what wr'ght It may. It la oertalaly a qserOoa worth too I aldarlog whOher a rolaatary naprnaton by a I for a glien purpnao and a United portol, b not better than a fbroad mepeaetna of many, aod fearful mcriiioee of tee raw thai cay manage tun to lift np beadt abort the warn, let the atorm howl ever ao ("itmaily " ? We fhnoy that the Idea thai thrown out by our vieke burg ootamporary will hardly be adoptet byUuMfor whole baboof It In (peotalty aaggtvod. It were a Una of repmUattba of <iebt? thai la eoraiaiact with no prhidpla of honor that we rae conceive of, and which lacka every thing if the exonee that baa bona glean for aaob a son rae la the oaee of Hade debta. That exrnae wat baaed npom Utt ar Ritaaet tret obllgatKae laoorrad under a legit I alive not ihat la nhOowtitoModal. are void, ill iltfie, aad that the people and authorities of the Hta'e, la whoee nana they are thua Incurred, am Justified la ropodiollag them. But the reemnaeodatlm of the Whig goee farther, and emonete to e tnigevttan. at our frtectnf <he True It tdAren rery plainly jwdfn, icai "Hit morobaeia ef New (hIrene repudiate their ohiigatlone, and refute to pay tielr hnnaat debta. bacaoee N may ha rather loeoarao'ewt J tat ?ow.iad may put down the price of oottoa " Wa agrae with onr MMmporery iati alluded to, aad ee we hettere will every plaeter aad merchant la the oonn try, 'hat nth a racontmaadat'.ou would, tf noted epoh, be pr id act! re or eel I aad not of goo I; tut it iwvni mn a dare iWten of memnMII* boner, wbl b ean ee r or bt incurred by tbe meaohuite or tbw o'ly. who, u a Man, ir? wo-ihy or all fnht, aid will aa doabt mtet tbrlr ? rsgamealv a? uy MrllN. The Xtrthron la lta aoUea of (be WAi^'i suggestion, bar praaiad Aba onfldent belief that ike mere hints wlU lag mmn* meal Me present crlal' like men, la lis Urn suigcaia tbal tho planters, toe, hare ? duty to per'or?, aal eiprtwiee Iba hope that, for the boao of Mat class of oar fe ll ?? olttnenn, ihay will coma upmnifniiyto the support of Me merchants. Ool. MoOardle says ? "The planter who baa a bU tnnurtrg bai ao right to withhold bla oo'.ton from market, do matter ?hai tba price may be, eniets by a mutual ag*e >n?u; with bie factor. Wbta be aiew bl? bill, he o*me under a aolemo tblgatlon to moat It, ana do daareeslon \ > tba prtoe or oo: ton can joatiry btm In wltbboldleg it from ma'ket. Tba Elan tar who ta oat of deb. can do aa ba Ukti with blio o i, slavery man who has anticipated )M proceeds la bound toiell?be ought to aell, and wc hopo all a cb will aeU " Bui we oan harily bring ourselves to Mo barboriog of Me belief that there oan be at oreienl any apectal oall for tbla countcl cf our ootemporary. Tba ttorm, aa be remarked the other day, la bai a temporary blow, and we believe tbat the exerclae of,good faith, muluil o abdenoo, mutual klndnetu andg forbearaoci > uiiag oir mercbaata and plenum will oarry ua bravely ihroogt (be gale, blow U aver ao wildly. INDIANA. PEMALS3 WiNTIU AT TUB W18T. [From tie Bvaaavltle (lad ) Journal, Oat 12 j Aa > be Eastern papara are reporting the auapentlou of labor m a large portion v me Fsstarn roan .factories, by w D If h numbers or Icduttrioua remote* a a thrown oat of employment, and are likely to be lef, deaUbuta and llle during tfcn approaching winter, tavern of aorott'sena, who are Iwutokeeucis, n*v? dsj.irod ua to call attention to the great want of Temalo help that exietr kbreogb tbla settton of country. We arc sen red 'hat iHy or one huud*ad female* could fluJ good homes and liberal wager In famt Ilea In'.bla city at tte present time. Wlthbi i woefc wc have published advtr latmcn.s for female he',? by poruur who cber good home* for girl* and Si 60 to >2 jJ per week. Housekeepers have been hero t'rum Jsseyvllle, Henderton, Ml Vernon. Owenaboro, Roovport, Mid olber place* flliy and sixty miles dDtaut, to gel 'doirrittc *elp." at a time * ten employment la likely ti ba toatoo at t ie East, and when many will suffer for tUo want cf the com l'orts and. necessaries ef life during 'he cam.tig rigorous BOMon, It appear* aa If Ka? era is. nr. oleics eia'd tad no more laudable work than to direct and aid there who mty be In danger o' aofferleg, to the homes of ahr.nlauvi and Oomfort m tbla land over tlowlng ntih the bounties of IV o vldence. In our milder olluwte, wltac",eap bo I aid fuel, the poor iu (for leaa without any eapliymeut than at the Knit with half work. It t? a novel ojcur -enoe for the ,>eo 6te of Keotwtky lo come aero** Uie river for female help, ut the demand from that tide la nlmoat a* great u ri our own, and lnciloate* a change in the domcstlo hahlta of the lit!hub In Mo towns of Kentucky. ITEMS TOUCHING THE TIME5. The I'r. rtdesce Tribune at the 12 b last , sayr?The 8??m Gotten Manufacturing Gomooty havo dlsobarged more than 100 operative* within thF Ha. two weeks, cur lies & N'r.nttrgale, steam engine and holler ma u? facia'era, discharged 46 workmen on yaurday night Tbt* exten live establisho ent employed TOO hands four month* ago, and hare at proiett enly 62, all of whom, except Ave, are apprentice*. A. 0 Uvatuw & Oo discharged 60bauds last Sal.irday night The largest Jewelry establishments are working onlv live heme per day. Many or item nave abort da vn cnt'rely. Tfcb workmen In tba va-toaa fonnd rtci ana maohlne ahrps ue having their wuget reduced, an t all ktnda or buatneai ta aimoit at a s and still. The Irish dep:allocs of the saving? tank at Law touco, Mass., becoming alar etc 1, ? tthdrcw their dopuaita, to the airoTt of $lt.,OCO, and placed theme r. the band* of the rrlrat far tafo hooping, who took tho whole turn dl reoilv back lo the bank and re leposited it. The New Jerisy State Ohancory, 0 TJ. A have suapend ?d a rumber of .chapters, vHhln It* jurisdiction, for non payment ef due*. Haru dmes. "Timet are Improving and men are getting on tbeir leg* again," tald ageoU'wan to bla Mend. "Howsof" "Way Iboae aba used t> rl lo down In their snulages no v walk." the St. Lous htkUigmetr says that t* t 'oaa thai than ttrse million* of dollara have been witbdrtwa from tho banks and beaker* of St. foils >n Jv? leat thirty days. Tbla waa nmntly gsid money, tio.; civ fww it left the o'ty. It le ttored nwey In secret places, and *111 re'nm to acttre employment, sua t> the bant vaula with returning eonfl 4mm. The New "Fork Central FAllrowC Company have reduced Metr sxpeasee $2,000 a mouth in Afotny alone. Oeo half of Che clerks ooboeciej wiM the frc igbt department were dtrjliarced last week, lifly else Uncharged a 'arfc atm ber of "fr.Ey men" and laborers On loarSaturday sight ekoot hrsnty employer were die charf?ii from tberallnwd ihonv la Aubnrn. Bontborn est!males set lie I .ao on Me oo'.lm crca of thin year, ao wmpwred w(M tbt; of iawt, at net lata Fioa ?931,000,5*0. Hewae cftbw Wet ten papers liar* placed It sir money eolemsc la mourning, by levirtlng tbe col antra ' rulca," til putting an eblknary FO?d at Me lop. TbMre la eee otroimalaeoe oonn'oted with the errM- I <;aaao at 81. I-?>?.la op T?ers.iay last, wblcn Is worlbz of remn>k It winy mlae the rneition (p some minds of a scientific torn, aa to whether there ta any mysterious af nlty between Bnameta'. ?td terrene onavuliioca On the lay previous Me t Lents /nVMvsncer, !a rpoakiag of tbe money panic, used the following language ?"Is mere ott Will i no wey to get a chaace cf tkeaobjeotf Will nog ewllng rarhiqoake give this praal globe a *bat"9g that shall nweke men to a feeUwg of greater tnaeovMt, m ke their Ctm than now ain eta them to regard to their mewsyf" A tumbvr or manufr;. irnrs In Georgia hsTD dctcrm.ned upon holding a cinrstat'.on la Atlanta, at ac eawly day, far the purpose of an laterchange ef views, ecd of dalermta upon tbe meaaurtc best ealeulated ta pro wale the a '0 ten of tbe maaafhshirUg intercati or Me9tete ned of Me ttoutb generally. The Newbury part fUaaa ) Unaid heart of coos'.ferablo dlalreae In Me shoe towns of latex county l uring tbe last week many haadc were dlaoba ged ta L*nn, and mire w(N be next week. Tbe winter p -aspect* ftn the poor iksreaboukt are gleoay We observe a aoitoc la tbe laat Raleigh gcaawrd, antbe rt. rd by Me Hukiio Treawarnr ef the ? *ie, Mat tbe la '?real on Me boods oT the Btate of North Carolina, due oa tko 1st day of Joanar next, woald be paid aww at par ea prateataUoa of Me ooepoaa. Arrival of Tooorw no Sr. LoTTib?CaKpaniesD. K and I., of FoeHh Kaglment U. 8 ArtlUery, arrived in Mis dty y ealerdny by steamboat from New Or loam, thotr orlgt ?a. storiiag petal being oeo of Mo peats la l~ iftartdx IboM tnobmenl sumbere about two hundred mca.aad taofl serad aa follows ? Joloael en n nandlng?Jeba tfnnreo; Med teal Bcr.T?Dr. Me Parti Captains? Grtiy, Roberta, tad Brevet IN lor Williams; Ueotonaato? Perklaw, MewdeabkU, Terr 111, Weed, Dan*. Abort, fitgley, .lames and Loder. Taa oona maad at praaaat are under orders to la F ana as. bar may bo rtqolred clUmatoly to prooeod to tub ?Xwuia Mepubiiean, Oct IX ?IDVERTISFJBWi; RENEWE8 EVERY DAY. PUMORiUa tnv pkihok wisi.iiii Tv) adopt a malm ouos, ewe month ftkl, mt ; hear of took ky add* c cat tig Alton. Bum i wnj Poet < ?<?. to: Tn? wiwl G DISSOT ALlslOUS LSTTtltP 70 8. UWAHi cm. AuC-jIa, (deor/la. milL et mi*r or p At day. lath*. Ifposmjtion wanton-op <io%Dom aciup, ?t a la two ?i?u-ra A . at dnrgarvt bar i^Ur ma'am of km wk he ihanbful.r r*a* ad at H Wllw* t k-iort, At* York He ? a anil re of the nut; of Saiaay, lrata.fl. AT OTIC* to TU* raiWGT O* PKBROKP WW) HILPBO ?w tk ??al?i u tit cult matjfy Si Prou: tlrea. Bn> k Ija, yaa.-rea* after r<^n - ia kUw ?n .??? ij mviro the paper* t. rmtAjn.y t f hac CI / Kipraaa aa '.aaj a ? jf no ralne bt to the owaar. mo 0A2MBN-A (UN CP USB*. MAi'.KLD P. P. I I JH, waa taken ft m\ tka a a tea tray ?r no I. into ?treat, on Tanraday afaraotn batw aa I mi.., o'ela k. 81 reward *?'. aa gtrrn to ?*?ca aaa who wU.'fta.. -ti). nation ahfia :1a, \t$ aaa taken to. KiCWARM, ?n*Pft^10 t-TB*7KT> A BI.AOK **rr> TIT -*R At ftar f, -m ??? Too bat. .t.onPMrt* or. netware It em* Of D".k. k 'aae la rtg httaaei*. the ntore will be inld 'n hi* w-t .rr mr BBWA^Zfc- STBATSP, J LAM* SLACK Xt) fnorklw t dog Ilia ?"t?f name and adewgai ATM <N ?T* soUar TU It:d?r eCl ha Itoer.?l/ rewarded iy ravaai UleWW aertww 0 WEBWABA noo LOST.-A ' ITS* OOLOCITl SOP tee; knd eg a lee h?r Bullae: maiee* W; flta Alai. kltt kul White aad at*. >d no nter. Tit* a -re reward arAJ M pa-J h, rat urn tag Uteaa. -> M?> .etreet. ? r Riwtiii-U)n o? rtolrn o* tuuaspav, ?l1 October ? .mat Ollf on, ?l*i? -land a tnm taai. 14 font Itmg pointed ??? te cut aide, (rem.,, iin!^ o "a'Ao lar 1 coat laatde. Browto! wl>? Iiwwr l un>> "J. ft. WvllLt " Thr -oow l?oka arc a. ?par, lower ran*# <udacon out rbe a bo*, reward Ml iapald if rot t.??:at, iiuw. wytotnt Infaaa altnn abara 1. .u;bi lonad, ?c J. ft. WL'n. tiW:ou, i Hta.on !a>od. HI AC AZWARD WILL ft PAID TO Aftt PftftdON U ipU b rnlac a Mark ul tan K o* fhar.aa apart* <1o*,./art or atray?J frnfti ST Br-tu-J (tract oa 'ka ataa'na of tie Ifta Init 1L P. Bitot. ? Ill BA VAftn.-LOKT. OB Til ft I2TH Of M'TMBtft, Ol.VI A ?o ft ftntfara a ltd c? trtm (Ilk ^lacjoo. Tbcabooo rear! wlD baa; id ti the flater ?? ??adiita or Daring It a t?cd orJar to 21 Sf-.ifeet atraa.. aat no >, .rattoao wkod. ? all R?? ARD RTOLftR A HOI>B()T RTfCtRABI.ft } j'' fnr?jj?c. brown rk/uiaw.bie aiia Un.r.f a ><* worn, 40 V# v ? Uf MB/n, Uiww? <wwft?. di?iiift uiuni ftru, dnr a trWo mow. eaten. Tbe abut a reward alii be raid M US Wea Thirty dAk.jtrcM. RIMTAftn WILL Cft PAID fat TKft Aft \t ibi H klaH, aad in ten Ooaeert.aa ih?a*iModb?r tea 'bo >p?nfb< of uia

$500 rial att1 Ooar'ctton of certain nartl?e ball!if the eiamarfrlt braa.'e of nofara keowe aa Vae<ve<l. Laife toga, abnrr rich rated uiaoda and ta det?r?<ad loproaocVA tba ' ' 1 ?iW?~ M ofloaftara. JULIAN ALLftft, ISO Wartr atrcft. ITMITPRR, At. IPNAWKduftH AND OOTTAOft PCftVrrUJB. ftUPMUS Aft aalrt, Vt every aobw. A-wa ?? upward*. atwha old maaa Srtory, lit Broad way, brtweea Hoaewa utd # ran* w araart ftnada aaaafaUy paafcad lar tbe mmtrr T? rtrtnn r?JRRTTUBft. A PAETT ABOUT EftKAKl N? UP dcluokcrrtaa woold lot ik? aatlro farnllnie nf brtr honaa ?rcrrtilaa for Imiaf keep trg -eMfiairnt to faraDh ? tbrae or fbur atorj boa??. Rent takta la board. Appty to 8. W. Rt tNAJftpp. ftrvy Broadway. ?pUftNlTURB POR ? A LB-PC R A BtTIT OP BOON*; r 1Mb* pnrahMf I tary rhaap If applied for ao-w. OkU at Bo U Waat ?cTontoratk atrrat. Alao, rnoau to '.at HOralBOI.D PtTRBTTURft POR ft ALB - k ORBTLft wan irl wife about ramoTla* 10 t'taada, wtah to anil Hair ftirrltof# at a fair raah > tlowwn tb a I* a f ood nlaano fir a paraoa 'a aodaratr itrrjaru'M in acr tta a IWraftftM b ?ic rh-?r, aa tba fn-nltnra la anbatantlal ?a<1 plain. Ad draaa A/aona. Rreald nftlaa. w ABTftP ?ANT PftllftON BtriN't UPflOUAKKIIP lr? atabl.ia lo roat ar aall ib?Ir f trn'ciro. rao m?at wnb a cartful aad rtapontlbla party **?> wontd aira ?o biy, or woold b< a A :!?? twaar la ? Bra' uttaa h <rwa. Anii'-.fn <? madonna, w WOOD BIB A W ? rotnar of F dbueau ftra*) aid Aroadway. BMrJlLjRJwmWI ^w'?'? ? | Oil OMT1JIIM A* DTM? WIV*. I lie geatlrmrn. ean oMia ?"'??'"?? 5 .? tem roomm am ?amami tan, la m ?? moiarm boarders m taken. ?>??? met, hu Improves ene, Apply ai M Wm? mgrnmmnm . HIMmw "I TWO. THIII OE r?D* *o!?fl X* mc m?. fumUba* or apfumMb*'? tollptr wfct ?row? periw*^^ nimr lltj In a lar?e tret cla-e nrlrau houae bMrt u r, Initon emere Ml Irondw.T. EE?"1 q Jrod. addrfx f. A M , Herald rBve. ? n AWO 4 ABI*<?DON PQ0A1B. 3to s?sTi. TV^rssns'^riKJ ^rs\ ??- ~ etantly. c BBEVOOBT PLACE TtNTH STHEIT THIBD D03E 0 wot of Hroetlw?y-To 1ft. ft P.flor ?ui.*?^^r^LJd?y Inc. ioil nctt'd; olio a?v?rol otter tloeulng rx>m?. ? re* a%j boordoft o&n bt acoo?mod>t?id a* U>* lanie. . O UBIOK FQ0AR*-W1TT1 HO tBO. APUIEBOItOP \Z roa?e, bt?ulfull? furn'.fhel, n hi "*?rvta ,f front on the park. ?*?, bath room 4c. 1 i w? u o, two detlred ) A 10 tc.ouiModa 1ju? for a oerrled oouple oi ?!pile icatlemtn. _________ T CI LIROT PLACE. BLltCKK* W*??*? BOARIMPT? 12 ana lodplrg.-A lady, fron Virginia. ba?ln? LAen^ above botee, ..Here elftianUy fornjbtd ^urtmeeteijo? men oca*rltd or angle. Tbe bourn eooUine ait "" ?" * nivemenls end la eonvrnl-n'. to the P^0!^ ??;?., em trA ia lkar', partial or full. V aeicepttouable rof? re oooe given aril rtqul-ed ftntlr^n. vtlthor without board. Aiw. joog-^r?ft?ta tea Uu.en hud painted. Meleri pen eiohm?cd _ s rt nRlAT JOME8 FTSilT.** ^DKNlBklin BOObBIO gSPSaags 52 MeLS7,LV.l^Kr5ra5*^ u SSS'H'w^ t -um reeidetw, aia niw? tnrnlehed -orme OB eeoond v.tth two large and br.n' eomely "?rmnow* ? loor. Erfereooee enhanied. 871 I*?" K" S5 SJL lSBei 'r onfumiahed, and with or vKfio.t feK to let 105 j lWrM j |c . ock. <>cmfo> table qifcrt*rm tor wtat t. 108 VdFILl^furM -^V^vnf.TtiTnVboard. IWtthe, ..ft Bo . atiweb ^ ertRT TWELFTH PTRKBT - ORE EOOM Olf M Tltor to let aanrV.efor agetilemva an* jad^.alto one on -iilrd tloor. rutlaole for J JJJ-??? *c4 *lfe of tm> a j glo gentlemen Reform -?e eictraaged , ,? .ART TOCEYEHITH RTEEBT?TO lit. WtTH '6 board, two parlor, and ^W' w?t a.1 mcrtCTU Imptoryaenl.. 1 an* ?t 8 o -Q.>: wbht rtl XTTINVH STREE "?TO LET. ff'f? 118 i'aibntrd, jo???*!.genVtvwen, two LirnlrtH oritW d tloor or one :mh cc wvoud il?r. PrlraU IHmiy Hu oiur bonrdeii f>rv ?Tirrii RT%C1T ?TQBB18BIH ROOM? W U1T, 90 on17 WwUetir K o( pprlx beditrom I 4iSf. LartfSffiMiWfSnt&me. .?L ?^.Ua. Twm njnon^ ? ? ? ?? ~TT ^^H KrK?i:r rouR doorb prom ?ROAr> 1 'J/\ EIO*-H ojh . i,Wl(jaom< anlt. or rouw. loo w?y-?a^ito?rto^Mw ^ o (lntJe t R^BSSS'iSiSfi Wwr Ihe prt-ct. U Lawu-tbea res, UbrAiir?. ^ _ J^TH kt^RKT ?A PRW HOIMXIIM? ORB BR paiUal p?ard. TamlT atrtcUr private ilQll BEOOE1 fTBEBT. BITWEW THE "Q^J SSdr'ttW M/a\S."?S & 1W- *t*r.ncn .?? cbaagfd ? 42^ H?D^ aianiiman and ?tf. atao. two roown .a. Wf lenUomoa. Befr renew n?nh .->l*d. a nil ALL PEIV ATE F AMI LT >R^l>Wr_llinrft JIT AiJZSXl?tSm^fJS^S^MCt *par.iu bomtt In^taT Bo. i VarW* place, betwee* HEuwna and Eleeoher ?tree'e 4 r aEPPOUELT FDRWUHEI) JNROfT ?rg^a?rsga v ?Ac ery eoa?eate?t loottor * p ^ and ?ee In the ^F\^ tor"l^bo?r?S:^-?erat A E^ereoe ewFaeted. . ill TOO ABOUT TO ' HANOI TOOK BOARDIN9 A P'M* Too will b??r, fTe* el ob?rae, of the beet placet to ti IP c'.ty or Brooklyn, by applrtftf r.t 0*1 01Bcm, J4>? riM Krwt. or llitlMlk ulroot, ooo-nr of Mwftlway. funau wl?U?f boor-on pbould call Iwft-eCftto'y. GOODWIN A (X3. A WUJ?V7 LA 117, lUTiAl A I.AB1B UJ17AR A A ?b. rtdleifttoe from the Wfti. oci f ju?i Myytee, willaoo.a ?toUrte o r Hft? bo.rderi won mow* farniehed or ua forjleW. lor* 1 moderate Apply ftt 34. fleary fttreev fteftr AOftoi-o, Broo lyo. A B BBOLIOE FABILT IB i.w ir.oor, or I.ITMN9 A A ajre? lrm.' room n-fttiy furokbo!. W, L board, to ft g*n Snat.i be : wife or three iln(l? rw'Jirtt Hrf. rtncen efftft'-vd. A. "1 ftt 194 Hftitlaao etreet 004- Ralgora BOAAn.-A WIDOW I ADT WILL LTT, WITH BOARD, two or tftrt e farnleked ruoaft, 10 renUemm ftr.d <h?tr w\im ir Itotlo jkirUeo Bat ftw bcn&ms takes. Ufto fttd bftlA. ton real**: 10 Kroodwfty ? 14?? WB MBl tteoue earn, Ap?).' atfti WW Ihirtr tAtrd MM. TJOABP-A PBIV ATI rAHILT l?' IB9 IB TUB VI ?k_;:y rt A.trgdou ?n are will '?t ? newly liiu'd WAD ?T Dti't -f rn o> to ft yfbtl-sftOftr. I hury. wllk b ft-d for the *ty. Addrrn Troy. Hn>?dw?r fast eft. e. |?OAB n."AAANT RJOMS WITH BULL OR PAR _ U*: loir . :or rr-iiil' ?n. la ? We* eith mv'-rn Im proreaealft. w-i be b*J on appliwtrm ftt IT Iifttc.n <nd street. I JJO* I'D A LAI'T AND ORNTI BNA* OB A LAPT. oho.~re Mel laUwant the c^rnf jrw- 0 a ham* ? *,1 be ? M. I i 1 I < I r u fftftiiiy ? I ft ??ry deairtoe Ptrior oaf*, btdmoa or t single room. Tenu mode ftle. Ad ilreee C?n*..-? Herald oBc*. Boa bo.?two hardiobb parlour on Amnn P?r:iiet, wHb#tord bowd to a rrtub am and I?1t. rtrj low t.*AA, alio A ?,-t?re r*>? boose ?..ylnrn. pleaMntiy B OA BO ?A OBATUJWAN AND HIS WITH, ALRO A I'ftrtyftf staple g< nileweu cut be ftoe >w sndftte 1 wiib ro?M 'Ae naiift hfti *1. a <4*ra Imprtrytreat* Locstl.a Un- nSgnftre. Re.'erenaet ei tbenged lit Btoftiwfty, BOAr I BO BP-to LMT W'TH PARTIAL BOABI). TWO roam* ariichle for a men iro wtfe and teo atof ? rn lleaaen. PirUea aylabteg r xwna wul pleeae u. J M aooa m p<??ible el II ?'?a. 1" aaly ntaik <rr?rl BOA&P.-B OJCftTLBHAB ABU WIPS AND A PBW rln|l* imUratn ear be vw waodred with please I irrm ftftd good bawd ftt Bo. 'A PevJi itrwet. mm* 8t. J >bn'i rorfe Board pcr a piRTiRk! an and i.adt, in a hma l. (rtni# 'aaMty. f.roaaa luf-ilabrd or nnforo abed l.o aa'JOb la * good ao|p. > oehood. cl?ea to eara And eugaa. Trrnu imwith. addacar J. < I, A .adway fort oRao. KHOARD IN RROOCl.Vff.-A K KIM, NO IT A Biff NOR A ?lr>?la gaaurawai. wtPi par *i board. mar ha at. at cod ??-' Heury a.ItAk. UtAmla ??' walk of Uaa Rx.tA at >'i atret feiriaa. BCURD Iff BR'JOCL'N-A ORffroRMAff AND HIS a?r. an.1 two or thrao Amir gaw-liwac tub* *o ?o ?odat?d with partial board, ly arpplog at 17 Jobaaoa awoot. BHOARD Iff RROOKATff.?HANDAC'ffR PT'Rffff Hi II apaiwarata, with anprrhw b.<ard I jr a family and wp? gcatiamaa ?ao b? had at 7) Ntata atraat. batwaan lirarr aml UUatoa, oanre-cuwit to Wall aad Afcantle itaat farrtaa BBOARD Iff RROOKLTD-i* A PI.ffaAAffrLT HltC atrd (V^i olata It, im. wltMc Crr ailaatac w. Ik of H> itA or Wall ?ir??t farrlaa. Hal' romaa. aad lar^a prrtnr mown oa ??<?< i.d ar-i third Ho5r?; alan bark part-r rum ci (ln< door, aoliabl* lor a ma rtodnr ?ia*'e aeotlrau... at >41 hi*ary atrawt Rt fare ant* ar?engr<l. BHOaRD Iff BftOOKLIff.-TWUOf ffTI.RMRff WILLI*!} la room u-gf'hrr raa cVam rart'al board and a alee apariiarat la a await p.lrat* faiallj an on Own I d??d r*>m ? ?..table far a (eaUraiaa and bla w.fa Apply at IM CJ? ton atrett Board iw* at n htatn ureal, bnwMu IMifca *ad Henry. tor ? .acta gaaUamum MTV ror.veokm t, the auiilk and Wa.. air.-,, rarrtaa Refer rt/na eiokaagrd. I rH ARl) Iff KROOALYN.-A aiRTUnAII AND r* fe or two Mngle ?>at'?iba. aaa b? Aaaonaan.labtd a ItA board and rooaia, * woowt u-wy. Iroat, wlw roll or par aai board, near tin UWy Hall aatl too min .ua walk la terry. Apply at d AaaetA at RWwww unhanged. I OABD iff PROCIL.Yff.~A LADY HAViNU A f.AR'li . J hindecpe Icnte wl.kln Are mo ilea" relk of rit" rrry. W taaVeue '1 letting a few of lh? M-naa f.i'j'tawl w iia'Tnlebed, ?r! h board. (lantlrrnM dolaf bi.Hneee la tba ettr wl l fin i lAle a mo t noorenieot Io-hAm fw t-A wlarr. Twaa teaamtahla, end er.ry ?uo '!na pail I torn or., r,t pat.leilare i#i .'re w -1 Ktwrrwt, BreA'/t OOANTMRD.-M VARtt'C ATRkNT. OORNAR OP AJ Reach ?irA?t oppoa >? At loti.'* pirk A eira.l tipm oa (be Aral d ior. with *ra>c In 'I, V.? f-r a eln?> Reiit?v>n lA.'ga fyoul iwa on n*- areut-d Utr.r r i a gar and aa b t taw rd, *v.t fall ar partlAl tcard Rr.'rrradSA t icbanstd. B MARutRQ AltO liOOGITO. JIOAIJ) III BOOTH it BOO K LY*.?PLlaH AJIT BO jMK D nay Be tad . lih hoard, la a -mall prints fcsHly, at M Benry wm Be'eseaaa required. DOA1D IB II LLLlAMBBi BB ?TWO OB THBBI BBX 13 Uemeo HI Obtain planannt rooms wtlk board, also ? g?a tlemep and wife can be aaeommadatad wttb a neatly fur nlabed IW at room, with ga<. sad badroom attached If desired, on the second floor Loon ton II Dunham plaoe, one mlaole'a walk Cr m Pooh slip and IMriMon avenue fan-ten. BOA BO WAMTRD?PBBMAHBMTLY. FOtl A OBMTIJA man. wife, three children and servant, a front room and bedroom eoaaeeilni ?a second tt or, an! bedroom tkmwkere. oaf amis bed. and where the washing aad Ironing one be done. References exchanged A private feebly preferred. Aldrvrs. ststlng lermr. Family. Hereld ottos. ROABO WABTRD-m A PUBASANT PART OF TUB city, by a aettlsmau and hie faoal'y, ccnetatlnK of f>ur adolla. Roans turntshed or unfurnished. Terete mail be sbc derate. Addreee 8 , bos AMI Poet ( Bee. Board wabtio?bt a youwo man u tbarhold. In in American family Wccld ra her boar t in the t'evcuth or Tenth wards Addrem hdsr'n, wo. I A a .or p ace Board wantbt>-por a obntlbman and wif*. in a strictly prtva'e and plate flanlly; eldarly people pr? ferred;gta and Are; prlora most bs low; set aamodsUoas sod terms mast be given In answer. Addrem H ML, bos I A) He rald ofllee. Board wantrd-with thrkk bo jmi. pob a <?bn tleatan, w'fs sad son; private lab e preferred- location betwen 'oarthsnl Twenty flftt etreelv. add.est H, O.A., Herald otll*. stating urms Ae BO AMU WANTED, IN BROOKLYN OR NEW YORK. A gentleman |* desirous ol' obtaining board lor hlmis'f. wife, two ana all children and nurse girl One large room, and a ana alter one communicating, furnished, with Are and lights, will be retired, either to a genteel family or boarding bouse. Price to suit the times. Address, stating teams, location, Ac., H., 11? ram otllae. Refer mors eiabsnged. Board wamtru in jrsbky city-rob a youna gmtlrmnn. eliher in a private bonis or ore where there srsbnt few boarders hep . full board wsntel wl h theeicspilm Of dinner dnrlrg lie week dat s, fall boaid on Hunday Pleats addrecs slating terms, D. B. nr., bos laiTNew York Post ojUs. ; BOARDING-ONI LARON, ONPURHUtHBD it ).)M, cm second iloor, front, to let. with board. In a superior loettif n op town App.y st >90 West Twentieth street Be. fcrences ru bsngrd Boardinq-a obntlkman and um win ua sire board in a waall genteel (anally t? the cantral part of the cltr .one pleasant room only required, fur ?hioa Bib per week will be given. Address Pkm da, lierald olfl ua Brooklyn HBionTtr?B2 rrmhan street-two large and handaomel7 fornlihed rcotaa, on se.*iod ttorr, alro a roc in and tudro.m on third stars, can be procured as abose. a good table and brst claw aacnmmodaUons msure L Dinner st au. References t(changed. CYOOFER flOUBE?RROPRNRD AND NEWLY WR J nlabed.?Rooms by the day or week, neatly fnrwIMkod Price from El to 17 per week. Oosneetod Is a flrst slash res taurant Apply at the Oooper Boose, S34 Broadway. DC WW TOW*. ?BOOMjS rUR.HIHQBO AND ITNPUR mated.?A Isrgndouble bedded rmm on tecoal II kit; also a large unfornlstind rrom on Ibtid Hoar, wlk aluset* and gas; t front a ilc. w>h Art place, and a good front bisemrot li qolre ml 84 While s'reet IjlAWUIIH Wr?HI|l(? TO ROONONIB5 AND LI YE 1 nhtely can tnve htudsom* furnished remit and board on moderate teNus at 17J Ctst Twenty third atreet alio a nice loem for a single gentlrmau FUKNIHPflO ROOMB TO 1 ET-AT 32 RAET BROAD way.w.ihont board, for single grf lemen only. Terms ft 10 per stock. FCRNjSTIBD UaNDBCKELV-A OUIT Of ROOMB ON flu' door, eouals?ng of parKw nrd bedroo n, to be let lo se ther *: separately: also one or two single r.tois a to let, at 61 Bleiskcr street. Beib, gas, Ac. ^UtmsaiD BOOH8, WTTH(UT BOARD, RBaS DbIoo 1<1U*W -A accord itorjr fnra ah <1, wUh bvth, ana nle wardrobe, Ac , Id a 119'Vmni private bitae wo ?iW be |TV><V 1??' to one. two. three mHoo* grnC.em*1 o on terma ?ului' u> Um tfnera AdJrt-aa IIHnola 1Wi /el, Ful jt ajuare fo^t otttoe. fUKNIRlIBI* BOORS-AT THB OOOPJB HOOBN, BT '.he day <w week, forge allaaaae ant A "Jo* Paltra for roomi, Beutl' tin-nlahed, bv tl\s wtek, rrona ft 5) hi W Ap p iy at 1 he Cot "per llotwft, 3! I Bro id way. FORJUKtlRI) RGCRd TC ?LKT -A IIANOIORBUT FOR nlehed eecondtutir. ?!*' >ot hoard tilet, tiqaiet Inwatea, t* a Better". orH ateramdy.-at 79 Baa*. Fifteenthatreot. Between Union trd'Atiiyveaaa- wy'.&rea. eOTBL. U)DOU(Utl ?Of RTUHIRN OAR OBTAIN gond funrtrt'd rroin at the (4lobe Hotel, earner of FrankB-r.o and Nliltam vtrerta. Prloe of rooma If and 37 renta Mr -tight. OIBoe opai all night. La fa a on a own, broad w a y.-f ami li bb aboo r ? dealing Ifcr the winter imatha. nut awcure e'eganl a par ineata ?algned ei.ireao'.i (or famtlML with btarri. at ?ery raaao?tie mien, by apply lag at the above lift ana hotel O. 18 WShT BUTV KNTH 8TRRCT. MR6R BROAD waj.-iPnrnlahed rooam, with board, V) tel. Apply ha above Nc NO. SI WBfrT TRTHflTY BROOBID STBEBT. B BAR Ftl* avenue ?Font! thed room* to let. to piatlaaaea. la a moderat built newly ftum'e^xl bonne. Rrr.w.iceaeevobABarwd VTO. 1*1 FOURTH irBBlTB?OOOD HOARD ARO AY r leer ant rwrti eac he b*d W a am*1 ftgrllv, with all the coerforta ol a borne; f aa, water, baghn, he., all through the home, and ?eaveat?ai t i>w dUBareo^aiaen'and tjnr Tinea. N. H. -dbrtoea to air.t the Raara 0' ,FR OB TWO ORN n.BMBN, WHO 0AM APFRK7I ATI _ bunt com torn M ,a g?t art rj MRBNBM room MB par Ual board In Uo An I met neartfiflllvne. bcrre'dae mofere ImpTorami 3ta aat loei rton very tfienaant andldadirabln. Ad dreaa tv , bet 046 Poet i Bre PLRAHABT FRO! IT ROOM. ON TFB rtBWMD FLOOR. t let, wttlAboer A and a ?9o? ?attabla "Ihf oae or I WO gentlemen." wHPbn 1 m on reaaeasbb- a raw. BMwrmee f "tvea and- -eqntred app j at 141 meat Hewjntaehth atreet. eanra utoalto-BtghCrevao an tare. ORIVATB BOARD; ?OMR OR TWO BIN3UR ORBTUB JT taen eaa ? btata a eternal anM -f apai tmoaia. wHh wr wtthont parmi heard, in a pttweha Ruatlg, wpe-ti appdoaUonai eewaat twwv ta air*??. PMR1YATE BOAR1 INO.-A OCNTI.gWAa AND WlFl ? or two-, three alugln gei-erac ear? ha or board, wilt |Wwo >u rotmn irmabad n aaftiralahed map.-t*nie lawdly. -re afcM-ig at K9 Baat Tw? atjrwaeenHi wtrwet hatwecn I i ilnglia ard Third awrauea 1 he haaao baa ail tan aaodem Imp rare njta *>O0MB-WABTRD -TWO MNTLBlUrr DRBIM TWO Ik ror-m aid one (< r aveant hrwaklaat and ntaaer, in ? private faoAi] In aoad t*w??on. Rath amlgan Will t.of thrlr ewi b odd tag and fhw lah a?? aauPa ream WUJ pay ihntr oara ?e-v .nt, wht wi I the ear* of tw.krrc >ma, Vix Anaw*ir,-mct lac t) rmn? tr~ (nn otli wa aodetJ). hi ir i'era'd mt on riro YOURO HE*. FOBBIOMCBB. WOULD LIKE TO bejaoao-niaodaaed with mow, la r. eamll prt7*io raai?ir, vtoAr could Mjoy the r ?nr >rt* or a a.vme end la-ma.a ao4Mkrtag tho lapgnaga Roahaioaaata Flaare <t. aoflWrtM tha larg tage Ha at '.rraa <i Mid N , liorald oflei Two Ft kr irked roobp bo urr-rw third abb aaa, t'?j hr w abort For f<CMt nraa^to itro aiaglagaa U-nea, vrtthont bnaid Terma asadenle THO LIT- THRBB OB root RKATLIT FirRRIHHBD roots-, to a fa^tonablo par of 'ho eltp, wt.k oooraaleaae ?f ?*a aid bath ronu, with or mthoi l bear*., a Wet Bight b ?tfoel, he ircrn Firth tad With IWICH. (BrARTID-BT A OBBTL.BMAR AMD WIFB. TWO TV oJuMera and eermiil l<rn vstfnrnlilMl rn >m< fronting ? luib. on aeeoad or thtrd It ?r, with p lillsn of laundry. In a b mm ooaiala'og fa e or no o- her boapdori, bei see a Third aad HUh aracoea and Fonrtaaelh and Fortieth at/seta. Terms toodotate. Addreat lAwrraoe HaraiJ oft; to. WABTBD-BY A UKRM4R fDCBTT-KEAt. A PLAIW If fiuntAbed ronm, with partla iioa'd. (At room large ?cong*) io orum a olani'or r Loaa ? between Twentieth ?ad Ihlr loth tireeU, and fl'thaad ninth aminos. riinu moot vO laodnrato Addrooa F. W . HaraUt oBw aba id-boa in roK a rTim.v, two r.iii ntuint'1 ? rx m for lurre; woo Id prof>r jtlalat a reepeclaMe family in eipasaeo of honrateeplag. < an* not to eiseed f'.d per wees. Addrcoo B. <T , nera J oBee. WARTID-AR CR?I ARIHHICI) l'l>ll(*IN I lOil for a regie geatl'tnan without bnarl a*ar Hmadwtf tad Tju- a u.-eeL AdnrrM .'onalaan has I 'a ll'-tald ot'.i m amAl>-bT A RihKLi mbntlemaf. a ~fub plated m o, li the tlclalu nf Washing. * e>|tAro. with or without bteaklaat aad lea. Address bos l ?U Pi?l itlee I hi/ARM Kt BO-WaRTBO, ?f A W tf? ft. gB a~E and hB wife, one or two uaferalshad i rton, with board, oor.ih at Bonth herrnth street, Rrorhlfn, & D.i refers noss 01 ohacged. Atldr.taa E. D., Herald office. LOUT AMD ruWDt F) ? srsi lUED-OR WIDRBBDAY BVBBtBO. O TOI1BB It, A ltd df flour the on rr oan baro th< same hr prorts* MM aad i ajlrt eha gee, on ? oliiag to foba ','tian. gu , ?7 La. inttna arcana eoreer o; Twtntf ?Ata treat. (?rr Biw-i* tKMEti FROM THE Ri.'H ABIOM' Meat in the Fiat olllre through Wall aad Rattan streets, aad retamioi to the comer of Pearl and Wall sueeta, noo boadrrd aod fl tf djllers htato BOMf. la nan package. ahh the nave rf the flrai stamped la tfpe oa ibe band Tbe Indue mil fceiotaablr rewMdrd hf letarnlsg the 4. Froat ?'rati LUT-A HOLD IXXIKgT. WITH UKlERi'il BlTHKI front Watreo to Viiej througk Ckar-h r.raei, tn one of ire aigb b arcane nart or la irolag from be eorrer of T aoatf tb.fd rPeet tu htnlh arrnno A riiitabla rr amid r III be paid f.r dellirrtac -bo raise at 21 Warr** rt'eat np a'rlra. L on-two not m, ona drawr iir rjhkmjc Pied * Ot?.. to oir ord?r tod ond *Md br iw, hid Anftitt 21. IW7, tt Ibm ?m'Jn for It |tf Ptltr?r bin<nJ ?ol ?*B, I'Bjthltt! Phwfi lt*oV C?" tr??n bf I.eBMWboibA , Hr to our "ic.'r ?c? ?i t"rmd br nt. rftwd tafift i I*1*. M r>Mf ?or.thefJTtl f'tu t' kudrtd Aid a'UJdn' ?r? *ld blrt? "? ? rrnti, p*j*i ? ?i'b? c -? of Ktttihnaitr t Rieen b?rM. S: Vreoj ?U**l til ppn tre eotlied n H w w? ll*'o ??id noi.-t, m rtTttioai kw been ??nn>"1 *** n""*r ?111 hbBnlttbl? r?w?rjod if mm,: n* >h?? to aar"? ? 14 ud M i t? Mart, n. t. r. r. ?utw t ou. Urn Tom, Oat u, IWT. . ORT.-dHtPrObRO T? HAVK !.??? U*f I* ?*?*??? ?ri? or ? nrtitad. Btt?n t -mLl ?tlie? ?twi! "4, ' nnmM ittllou IkkM. otrdo, to *b? !??' n ?? liberally reworded tw rhoralac ib* ??"?? *? <*?*? "? W-4?. Pn 43 (Xrltadt sim I Stpi.pp-ppoii *h? invnw hourc Brood ??y. About oat n\::oo? OB ?W"doy. ? iPort U1W?1 Are? fcnrtri (trrn ytmrt "M ted ?'? lib Bj!r?r, JoaMhtr attb t Trur wbrrlrd thrtw'l fb ? *o. ' 1* 14-tor * ?< *01B *? * Tor*. trid ??rrr moer 'wi BtroMB. 'Iltla ?ere. mr?. ikMn intd reMtr *?:?* MMoo??r. t whly. udMt'l bli? b?*>* Ohbrrllo. blltdrr i? l pW?B mirlBl 8. Wbwro wll (*?? iBMtr* to AHrro-arerr lo r<w m A K Wtrlnor Ut fail fb fMBo b w?, will bt * .Nobly roatrded. THK MIUTAJIT. ATk MMIIFO or TH1 FoHT (???? f ?C**P nr Irwollpe, held OB 0vfn'i\| 'Hi A-* *4. tee following preamble ud rraniai.iua war* adopt' r - _ Whrreaa. 'a flow of ho proa out art la and eeabama ttaawi ? In it' loat -i * I 'ftwll aod the nnp rnanltlig ipi?wiiwi f ibefnMre wlUt ttf*r*nMtoaaplaraaeo' ead movm ttr tie > prnach'ii* winter, the fort If aa ettrd deem It Inosw" dtern to make iliU nana) anaoa: parade aad tarrm ereorenxi therefore, laeolfOd That the eteuralnw wblnh waa to fete* takm rMaee Ctt the ltd toeiant. ha, eg I la hereby. p'ftpteed t*.l."1aitetir. grant teg. that threat proceeding be pue'le'ind in tie diet'T pap're. K HO J Oeptete (ta?< r?Wt'ia.?r. greretair , otFI~~a" Miiri ?rt? or~THi" mm ovaunt will be he'd at il? railage Hell, nor.iar ef Ailee eod Hotwtn atreeta th a ''rldaj) w ting, al JXoclJ<dl, fw ?'? pmi we o' eVort.ij cBrer* the meaahrn are parti'iltrif f* Tieated u> ern.d *. b? b?oha temalaepea fjribe Wtp Joe ol twee ban PjorArr .. _ .apt P. II *?*? I. t aolftoha. *? lisman, beortf arj wwauuii W1 *T?p ImMBdTTtBLT.- AWT rjLMTW fUUU taring An abate amount, gu Ur? a tm a* E^ho> Brooklyn property. wort* liaou A n<,nne will b? ^Mwllb h ant idlnw M. B., Dtlua nwn Pow oSloe lb/1* o'clock. III! 01 ?nw?m n.uw?:~w i.f tn tad. CI fl/Ul -BOB FALI OB BXUBAWOB, rom A 91.UUU. ??od bora*, eairlaea aod karaeee. a o*rt Mort gage on (wo oily lot*, KM IhaCltr Halt, la BrooAlru: or would take part pay la plaana Apply to 0. Q. 1 BOM rid A. h5 * aitan ?VyCt. C 9 rum -FIBBT VOBNABB OB BBW TO*I PRO V fi.UUU. prrty wBaled, aad hooaee aad tot* af all Claaora Country oaala, farm* a-d Wealam laud* tar aOa, by f BABCla MOBOAW. Bo II flaa atroc. S3 000 unincumbered property la tBe Riguki ?"?. cut or new tork, wrrtk ore* doable tbe aaaacnt, lor two or thru*, year*, at *erea per oaoL Addreaa J. O. U.. CMUUWt HBMIAOM FIB BA'.B-BBVBBAL. <*!-"?? Ul/. air'uin, In mm* from 12 0.0 to M COO, fir rale A ao lereral mm* of money wanted Oo mortgage. Ap plyioM L bHBLDOM. M Waatao atreet. 1 NT PIBbOR DIBlRIMli TO HUA, A I10BJ ABO 1%. mortgage upou cl'-y prypertr, well a-mured It nmnnnt of IA<* ?. may (loa a parrhaaer by applying ta K mortgage upou city prppertr, well s-teared It the _ nut of OAnrn, way Baa a _ _ HCXla. 68 BlUlaaa BkTTIK TUAM MANKd ?ff ANTBO, IS 000 TO $8 000 on bind end mi rtgage on a rat tab a wrvr property la flraid K'ert ? Ulamibnrg, covered will iwm Inquire of J KODAR1CK, in Ikeaalcon oorner of Mali anil Houta ate. c 0' M1Y BARK STOCK WiLL B1 TS1BW AT PAR. IN J etching fcr on* .if .tie aiki d'llrable couo ry km within Ofteen mile* 01 tie Cl'.y LalL Apply in CU aUBOBY BABBAKll, 41 Wall street Nj 7 Janceey ob'irt. / irnca or thb abbrioar * tuanrn; abb rata V 3e Ship I'utl 'fomokav.?Raw York, oetnner x, 1MB.? Nolle* I* hrreb/ gleea ? the holder* of rlihl* (or parte) la Jkle dompany, thai an tea***meal of Ire do'lart on each right la required to be paid to Ihe r-ndrrstgned. al Ro. I BowBag Brora, on or before tha 17th laeL Br order it the Hoard. IBAAO O. LBA. Anertart ? \rrin <rr the Miufliuaif central jiailjuaad _ Compa-iy, Boalrta, Oet 1. 1W7. Sealed proposals will be reaelred at thl* offlre ap io J MB of Rovember, at 1 o'clock P. If , for a loan at W.uaiCUO, wayabW u follows:? 10. Tan par rent on Rorewbar 11 whleh Oral Inntalwaal IB* company win retain wtthoot leaning bowde ihaaafla aBMI the lent Instalment I < paid. 11. f fieri. per cant January 1, 1MB. IB Twenty fire per cot March 1. IHflB 15 Twenty Are per cent May 1, 1B68 M Twenty Or* per cent July L IMS. floT tor watch the company will lame ei*n per cent ccuierW bin bond* with *?m( ton cut I oonpona la'no IM < ?strbe*, 'UN. and kartrf t e?nty fire rear* to ran. In or* er >o (Ire he n mervna ho'dert of are all amount* of yor rtook an oyp-'rtiirlty to acbaerlbe, aanBclnnt number Of ihe bonds will be fuallie hundred dollar* each, the remalnd** for one thouaanil IJBara Other things being equal, a preference wl'l be gtyew to Mm Mealier bid* by enr bona tide aloehholdern, who areeepeetaUy Intriled to abnre In the loan, bnt the company rrwrree to Ibens ?elrea the rtpbt to eontlder the reeponal-lUty of the parting mahlng 'he prcpoeUa aa well aa .ho ra a offered. With thaaM raeepuona they will award tha loam. If the whol* ca Inlaw, pro rata, 10 'be hlgheet bidder. Botes of the company or bonds maiming between this daw tad July. 1IBH will be reeetTed In payaml for Thin! tan, wttn proper tdj ailment of Interest. For ihe proumlon of these oeodj and of those neiurtwg M IBM, ant subsequently, a flrnt mr rtgaie npoa the properly and tranchiaes of tbe comi an* has bean eieenled to J. M. Forbe* hatbantel Thayer and H. H Huonewe I, Tnielea*. tnntA'nlsg a proviso thai n tinkle a fnnd tha I ba pal"1 v> aaw Trustees annually, si tllclent to abtord the preae. '. uaoe be fore maturity watch thall tie In Tested in thin into* of bonds aa lour an they can be bought at or under ten per cent prwaluaa - o'herwtae at th< diacmtioa of the Trastans. The prop oral* will ba ocena* at the offloa of the Oompaay. on the 10th day of noeemoer nsit, at 1 P M., in ih pr. wanna of the named Tr latees. who aoaapt the trust with tha ind?ral*aulag that they will el thai It ee rMn It :o any ?u* "Ale parlies Eoscdraked b? amajority of the akeraof ike bond* J. W. BEOOtm. PwBrtnaL lino LiTaaaona, Treasurer. Bxtraoi from an aet of the Legislatureof MU&igna, appmieB February IB, 1BBAJ BaetPm L The peoala of the Rials at Atahlgea enact, Thai he Michigan 'Jeo jal Bedimed Company, by a rote of ita di rectors or a majority <harao', any increase Ita capital alieh Yntn time to tlraa. o an anaonat ereaaaary to eorer the com a< the oonaarocUctt. oomplrttoa. equipment, leparalin* aad keep ing op of their road aad Ita oonoecitono, aad ta lay dowu a double track for iba aoma, aad boJi within aad eUhont ?aid glair, aad a>ao to laana hair, bouda frit which la Say aay debta laaurrad or to be Insured tor anoh porpoam, i rack mma aad at aucb ralM of ietersel aa auob Ureetere or a majority thereof may determine; aad tha mid Soak aad sonde to tail aad dlapnaa cf at ruck rales aa (bay saw. aad aa aM dlreotora or a majority thereof may appro**; aad aU di rectors or a majai Itr thereof mar, radar anoh re/rilattoaa aa they may adopt, cue tor on lie hole are of iwh booda Ida right to eorraarl Ute principal doa Ibaraoa lalofca atoak of top RAILBOAD ROMIM WILL HE TAKBM >OE AM IX. ten-Ire and macatOoent Westers farm, apply ta B, LuTT Tt Hmmi street SALB Of 0OLD fOB TWO PBB OBNf PBBMlUM will be eoaUatMd today. Itr btlaonly taken J. A B. WAftDl.Ud. 47 Baesta i rWlIOM IT MAT noMOBBM.-AMF f BBTOM BOLD In* so-kln ear of Ike Hew York or Brtokl-n baafca wUhttrto dkpose of It at par relu?, can'do no In axebange lor erafoebto Improvement lo Meem'sagl ea, naenrei by letla a patent of Ma I'tihrd Mater. Adiwent ad dimmed Baal, aad left at the Broadway Pat cdiia, will raaaty# proartatiaa w AWTKO-BAILEOAP OB BhBK BTOOK. wblsb unrnenmbared real eatate will be Rlrea. tarno to BH 00? >10*14, on bood aad mortgage on proparty la Braad a ree . Wllltamabt rg. AH riOUiiH 10 Bsuth afreet, 0 wnar af Watt. IPBCIAL atmUKB B T A MBBT1MU Of THE MBBMCBk Of THB B1MTK JL Prrctaet MaUopoll an Police, bell at 'ha ita toe home, the toltowtag preamble aad reao.nO n ware naaalmoaalp adopted ? whmeea. an aatuual aieltaaaast Is praraillnr 11 thin mm anoKy canned by the general aoapaantoa of all clntaae of btutnwfi aad aall.a member* ?f thla department do aoa tea) willing to absent ibrmoelraa rom their para of dot, while thla crlnla arts'*. wa do therafora Braoler, That we prefer to Svgfoprlato onr mie to thaaa o< oni ft tea da who may be arceaalmted during -die eom<ag win ter, nad abandon our Intended target err .retort u ? ill a more 'Owing nam when ooaMeees ana prosperity la again re stored amaagat oar fallow cte ri at A. BUABBOT Oialrwaa J Bit?a.?, fee rotary paw Tow?, Cat If, INff T lytOB BBALBBB' MBKTIMO.?A OTBOIAL lUflKO 44 of the Maw lark Llijoor Dealers' nocfety wUI he bald at ktotrrpnMtoti noan, Heater ateeet, batwara tie*, el* aad Mow au-eale- ata Friday mining Ue obar IB, at THo'oIocfc. Aa b salaaa* aP great I Mportaace will mate befsrr he manual. a toll atieadaa i la rrqneaad. By order, (IUBTaTTI A. *AT/^ Beannk rg Hacralary. 1U aad 1?T Bowery. ? DILWiiTV TO TBI tfONTSMTlOM ^-a* or \ai FroiMUn MoeWln of l-tumawdtra k> ? *01 ??> ? h tt? etty cf Hi* York. at iSa r " . aoraarw MidKa tiMU>iidT>?nifMr?Ml *? w*dh idny.a m iim at Somaabar. I; ord?T ef JOBM W. OLaJUL. IiiUmh A'aIai ronn?.--HTl ooimmi on bailsoaoh or rem [ Board (ff *> i-imaa will mm: on Fr,d?y, 1M taak , Al I a cloak I' K , a i ->? No * CUl Bill Al' p-nt mi kartaa baatnaaa bnft*v? ?1 noaaiuw ir. inrttad t-> b* jrtni. THOMAS Ma*PADOS. Aldrtmna M la-karat* ward. 11*airman. ftuo AXtur. TTNION COVBf % L I -TUOTTIHU. -ON MONDAY, U <*i. II, at kali pint t?o o'el ieh i>-aelaaly. ? p .rra aotf ?"aba of|:i)t>( :inllw haata bait (Area in (Ira <> barnaa. W. Jot- Oaklet, H. Woodr iff i nana b. an. rail man iun>r b. aa < "a U* da all*; O. Miliar a Daaiaal: D Mt< a naraai ak m. bluff A WH1TA, Pro(ffr i oaiiw Wbrclaa Bain< a a i ? ady Wi?od?t.n, II. BiPUKMaag ISLAND or Ol'il ? SXPRSrH.?FBBNAF PA'A BO 1 lilaSAOO. hart na proprtrtora. wffl far **ml fr?i*Si aadl pa^frj# to all ptr'a at Ouha by Uailrd tatcn iSaun-t d. Wiia na ika 1? b or Ota Inat Pralabl aSM drlirarad oa en ika day prior*. wttk aa larutoe aoaorupaarylaff tSa *aa tor oiaartai at tk* On aoan Hooaa., PaROO A OO., Aranta, <U Broadway. II ICBLUIBOVI. ^JONFBCTIONIRf. THCS O HO D.IK I kff. Mnatifi WOriae mek eveav. Naw BStiSUSS OF BYB1 lY OBSJBimON -AT TBS ?nefarr tM Prad ikraai. Harrarfa aq tiara. All artkntaa aa d nt ?>? lowrat ia*n, ;*7: ' kraikaa of a vary n?a MSaa brnskaa aada la < DYftrfflTU A.-CB1C "to UTHFBnu en, pUto fer *al*. wbnia ?** iWaU, by Dv j. S"0ss".T>^s ^ ? ?n M?M A?n WOMI WI1 ? ~Z~ ,. loTtHMt lAa WWW I *2i Vf? ?J 1 ittoa bo?a and afcwt. laMaral > ?wsawu. Nor** to tin^oHjr oum kl?a?r bakW7.f\ It <Wrrf (rw !L bta<Hd H *?. 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