Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 18, 1857, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 18, 1857 Page 5
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IViMag* ?r itM Uomaor of Vormonf ? feUMDnm luigu aiid THiQriarioH or itirnf. ??wn R?M MUm. TIM feitswisg li what Vt? ttsveravr has te any ?boot blooding Hum uC the quasUon of alarery ?Tha WW of Vermont rat bo hteoodL U ordsr properly to jJUOlMTie UM Ctallot IdtBOOOd upon ms b? lbs aot of ths to* frglsBtsre, .muled"km net ft>r Ibo relief of tee Poor M Kansas," I conoo4 foil inquiries to M ante til* tbo ?sod Won o' Ibo poopie of that Ter-llory, I dtremed tbo Ss ?rotary cf Q*U sad MtlUar? Affairs to orrlto to Boo Job* Goon, at that urn* Ooremsr of Kassaa. lofomiiif him Ibo action of tbo Letliioturo, and thai I ? ?f Ibo action of tbo LetUloluro, osd thoi I stood ready to ?Mood Ibo old eootocopialod by oald oot, upon proper proA of Ibo trioMoc of d*ooo of urccasliy. Too letter of tbo Boorotary tad G -v. Omry's reply are transmitted to rot with thli ooobotoot t aloo m?do Inquiries of numerous private (ootlotDen, wo I acquainted with the codhiou of ibo peoj lo of K*oom. end need every moan* I jould on an Based to ?aoeiial& whether ouoh nscoatUy exi-tou no would jg>ttfy th? expenditure of the app-o primton. I learned from various sourora, ti any compote satisfaction, Uut the pHntie aid Mbtob last eutnson waa so bouuUfnlly ?? load ed t* ?bo oppressed and esbansted people or Kaaaas, by tbo ohnrltenls sod Uborly loving cttizuu of ib ~ J tbo North, bid bom amply suttiotent to sati?f> ibe immediate waste ?f Um poor of mat to ritory, and that tiers was lb sr of ore no oocatloa Tor tbo food and cloUDcp pr M ;ed for by sa d net. Though no portion of too m n?r tbos approp" ta<eii ... approp la<od bar been cxpei d-d, I ana still proud of this act of bonoro loom oe the pert or the repro?eatati*eo of tie people of Vermoot; and I stall always remember with ex abates that they bare placed ttus .ubtloly n -on oar sta bite boob teoeridesci. of ttelr sympathy for the op we toed Bnd destitute victims or the aggressive spirit o slavery. Nothing bas oocur'vt daring tbo pall year to dim ntsb the Ind'gnatt' n *ra alarm which t te grast mqjoriiy of tbe peojK# of V'armpol bore ell, at tbe rapid Inornate or the slave soverand the extraragmt nature of its demands On lie oektta-y, b? ihereo.m decision of the Boprsme Ooeri of tbe United SWMm, in Ibe 'ate of D.-ci ic >tt, U me opinions of tbe mej rly of tie jtdgee aseip eetoi by then are to boreou-ce* at Iav,tbeie U tittle hope le'l thai the spread of slavery will e ; or be etoppad uudcr oar prraeut form of gov. mm. at. By that deeui'io slavery in no louger *eoUonal:U iimade notional, and declared to be i-eoognlz td by the federal OtestlUiben The ceasttlstlon la said by lis own Tar. e to harry slavery Into every Ten Itiry of tbe country, and My net of Ooog'eia or territory, jvohl biting p'ooertr u tuaveo" la pruooaiKied anooneuiutiodal and void, This de ataioo oouiltot i with the lrc 11st ion of Oonc 'tis 'rom t he fbhndai'rn of tbe go remount down to tbe year 1801 when Mie fruitful s oat re of ail oar woos, ibe Kansas and hcbrai ba Mil, by Northern treachery and tbe Insatiate dim wis of Ibe South for an enlarged slave market anl aa tcoreas od pchUeal power, was sprang upon oar amaipecttng people It declares unconstitutional tbe nameroas o-gealo suM of Unpen establishing the territorial gorurnmenisof ?be Koftb west fhmtiry, or the Territories or ladiasa, II QboU, Michigan, Wlioonalii, lown nod Ofogon, tbe oosspro CBtoeof ism and the aot for the admission of Texas. It OoafaWlom the opinions or oar most eminent statesmen stadjutsbi, ex oresto. 1 lore ioeg series of years both in Onegrwm sad from tbe henoh of tbo Supremo (burl by a, oy Marshal! and all the leadio.- men of tne country, front the North sua me youth, with tee single scoop ?too of Mr. Oelhoan, doomed la bit Ufe time, even by hit fellow elavehoUierr as extreme and tastiest la his (ap pose cf slaverv. In mat portion or the decision ?ooehdng the dllzeiuhip of the African noe, It perverts and misrepresents the plain and obrloas tr. ihi of history. Fade! the ruling of the sajiHty or the Oonr , the n aohkioa of new territory mil result la the oertahi ci'.enl ? of ?la-try. Not even the people of too Torrl ?ones tbemeelvee are atliwed to otolnd? elarery frtno - . hjj sre doomed to Us withering curse, aad eo:withstand leg tbesoundlag promise In Ibe Ktnsat and , Mil, that they sboold be left "perftody Kohrasta Mil, that they sboold bo left "perftotly free la form aad regelate Iber domes He institutions In their own way,M.tbey oaanot, wbUe In the Tom tons condition, shaxe U el The great Improbability that, when slavery has oaoe planted Its foot apou a Territory, tt will ever be aboBabod, Is proved by the Impptcat efforts of the bust mdssns of tas oldor ilsvo dates to rid themselves of the ?yitma of slavery, which is degrading and ruining tbsm As togteal resells of this decision are alcvisg in tee aslisaae, and msy well aroose tbe tyre States from their dangerous apathy If, aa declared by a majority of the Court Ihaooaetl uUos guarantees prapatty In i la res, aad RIMta any law lutareriag with the right of the master a slaee, It Is s lair iofsrwee, If sola aeoeotar-oon otaatoa, that the slarsboldsr may, for the purpose plsa nurs or profit, tabs bis ? lares with him Is his je -nays through the free Stales aad bold tbsm there, not snihsmndlsg the abulate prohibition of sinrory by tbstr laws. Bat, fortunately, most of tho abhor ?eat deetrlnss enanetaled by lb? majority or the Judges were on; eccasary to tto asterm.?ati in of tbn caso nefsrs tbsm, aid art therefore not riothed with lbs sutbortty of law. Tkey bars been well and boldly characterized by ana of tbe dl?enUcn' Jadgas,tbe uIdeat member of tbo oocrt aae tbn oaly survirlng associate of lbs venerated Mara*.*:. ?? extra jnuiciM aaa of no force as au tboeliy laastre, when one or the Jadgos themielrss roes this indignant asd neqnailflwl language, that the pee- ' pis of Vermont will am quietly acqa)s?oe In aa auneors I onr? and unanthorlzcd declarahoo of dnstrines Iber have always loalbs I, sad wblsb they oonMdsr hostile to lb# . gvntos and ?plr't if tbe republic to which they belustf When, tf lbs alarming prostitution of every departsaant | Of tbe |t,oera gorerament to Ibe nsftnoas bebsets of ' ntsrory ? bail con lane, the Suorcme Court shall drclare ; anibottiauveiy what they hare already foresbadowed, I that ibe elsrr bolder may bring to Ibe free Slates bla train of stares, aad bold them there as bis property, nstwltb stand eg the aser lute prohibition of sisrsry by thulr ooa- , I, II eul th'B, In that dsy of tnn doom of : sittnitsa end laws, She republic, be t'.ote frr Vermoat asd bor sister free L-taUa to ooealder what ooarts tha/ shall take to maintain nod reform a right she has rever yteldel. srd will save ?tmodor?J bo aba lots aad total prohibition of slavery erUata ur b pro era. VIM Report** DmIi at Watt Pjdnt. la eaaarqueace or U>? romore thai tar* been nilo* fu MM oa/a raapaalltg a duel or ralhcr a aerlat dr.tit at Waal Mat, we dae'toihail t reporter to ite apot to Und am the true Wat* 01 tb* ctae. the afwy original*. aa far m we gu t*ao# It, with tha aditor of the Rachoater arm, wh* ataled thai he had area A *tatem-?i f-om a pi?uy re table *o rre to the etfejt that n daai ?*a reeratly fo ?hi be>we.? -.wo ohcarn at Wee' Po.ip m a hire no* aea rather ?eryrel wounded Tt# otWoae. wWtbeddntie r*llao' aerrlor tn H-ikro waa at m.r- orde'nd oa to tbah. an. the ? ?lr *a? Ut mad* pubrc. Tbe earn* aa ttont? tagiren *-r the ? ateme--. iba' mt-nilj, while aeirpe or o* sow* ayeetal dry. the >-?.?* men hank r>3enre at >k.- "rdm o' the pernor, hi ftavtlo' the ?0" ft aad oornt bita rti?..?d at tar otheer with hit ?war 1 Or two. and at jrt? ?-m-rieoard a lurm'ia attack Tha oTIcer ?too ? ttpca bi? d<J??v an. knectMlad tn dtaertalnxHla oyp.taaa.. who *?? hi he whde bee ntlrg taore h it aud raah. Za dtteaabewn* htm rl bin weapon the eace>'? f word arm wa* WOtiDded [la retiree to hare h? w cond wo and up an 1 wot ? aheea. oe r.t bin er-i r*l'? aar ia?.' but p aoe la toe anmbnt. The wounded rata reward aad again t?.i hta awurd. aad with tpweaaed eloleree at.arhed -he ntoei arho ftna.l tt ne oaaaae r In tiaa all t a ahtll ana rttar la parrying the bljwt at hla an trtaiH Wh. n tha an Or had brv.m* apparrnUy on? af b'e and caxtr betwren tb*ei-ntboanta aa-ut w a?t leer oawe Spoa ihr wronml a< <* pnt an na<t to It. Tha nadati ? ho par I paled in the p. nibat were .rreotad. and (i wa* H'lpor**'! w old be dtanlaned. On# of than.. It le*t*M>t. I* a aJO of Pan. Jawuo All tola, how*ear, pruned apaa peraonai iwiolry aatl ta a ntlgalioa lo be toUlly aaflaoadad. Thar* baa ool extatad the alight** aharfow af a juarral among the cadet*. No jaar haa bean lo barmooloc? for a long Ume back M tha pant twata* maotaa Rut on* court martial hat bean held grit M< j*r DolAdeld haa hull tha aupariataadeaay. while la* z aar tUara wera three or four, fb'a on* haa baan da!/ mooted atd acted apon by the ttiUtor t'.aa tome ttaao atnoe cm or the cadet*. tt aetma. Wrack a aadat offlcar with hta aword Tor whai ha ooncalred to ha a grime tow It, the ialter haWog *r Jered him to march hehiad a? pleb," aa the new no? era arc Palled Two other*, wh . urge t Ml ? nw. war* aim trad, aad at] thro* were duly aeotane?d, while tha oad* officer wm aa ertly reprtra-nied Tha aentanoe* we.-.?for a (lr*i, toMtoMta. aad far tha other two eenfinemeet ttaae aaoteorea ware, hew ?war, n.iUfatad by the Pna lent, at. w* beliare. the nog gaaBaa at lb* Board Thi d-ecipliae of taa lnatit itlea waj hawar mat* aalhraffiory than it la now, aaa toe rumor ftrea a born meat nare h-rr; either a mi1 MM ??irmem, tand* by aonir paraon with the intetit oe or refinet'og ou onr mlNinry aohoa', ay atmpi/ a fanotfai tola in ran lad to ioeolr* tha aradalaua Vhitaary. TIU UT* TO DhrtKTTD WORTH, the rhOodaMte (toctety of CeorgMowa Ooilega, hatng 'a dhrmod aT toa death * 6. W. P. Ooaha, on aonot oi Mr, O I Kenny,* oowmlttaaof tore* waa aypotalad to pre para a preamble aad raaolnthae i trendag the r*o?aga af tha aneioty at the malaaoholy arani. Tha ooaamiuaa, ooa Map*( of Maairm. a D Kenay, Pa ; E. Boat, La.. 0. E. O pa ill yea, N. T., rape Bad the thilawtag, whish warn KMUMHIll; ?dOpi4PHl ? Wfearaaa to* Pniiodamie Sa**y of daargalowa Ool leg*, haVng heard with proftaad tagrai the daatt of ifeorge Waahtagtoa Park OaMla: aad Wharaaa la tha dawaaed tola aactaty ban ayer rastg ataad a warm aad effloiaat friend, aa able and elaqnent am ahar, aad aaraaot aad ardent promoter of taa prtneipl**, aad Wturaaa by hta death aar irvamoa cometry baa MM a patriot aiBiaal aad traa, a aMaaa hoaa* aad Haaral, am a aad without oatoatotlna, aohla without pride, courtoowa, Mad aad affatla la hla deportment, aar lad by few, be Iqt&i by iH tad Where** ha wm to* n*iy per ana whom tt* Patter of Ma MH-otry oalle.1 by toe aadrarlag title of aaa, aad wa* to* <a* Hah Uiat bond m to a aacred aad * earn able aataa. therefore, K?*olw*.t. nil anclaty eiprawee* Itadoep aad ear neat re gret ror the um at *o dMingaianad aad hoaarod a mem ?|f tod R mat red, That WM ld? ?. mpato ?m with air fallow niimi Uroor*?? I -ue i.untry ft bald* deprlrad of oa* an worthy * i<* vTeet coai* rryv ' atd that it partlrlpatM la tha faatlat* wtoah to* ildlaga of bin death am* ayary arheya awaken Reed red. That tola aoriety expreate* iy> wncere eoado laaea wito ton ramify aad friend* af doeeagNl la toe trrem aablr Iret wbleli toey hare mMined, and to* ta laattmoay of tie aorrow aarh member will wear toe nana! badge of mourning fie toe ipaca af thirty day*. Raacired, That a may of thaaa raejluUoaa ba aaat to to* totally of nor dor >aaed fellow mantber. Raaoirad, Tbal toeae priwesdlng* ba pnbllahad In lha WMh'ngvi OM| Kaw Yf-?x Haa*ui, Philadalphia I't tt aad Rt (oata/Mdrr Ray KOWkKD WEI SH, ?- J., Praaidaoh. fa/? l Km Unr fbc Pflllti. rl Intallitganra* ttrmuraa <w ma * t. wet* li t *? ' ?*" ? toMiaMhea<i >? tb# ,? b ?/%-*!* ?ara, % ir a b^r cf .wa UanewoSi ^h* ama (a* Ml w b -leg 0affiled candidate for flaa rraaldaal oa toe tiek* with Mr Kilmer*. Twr*???M F are rw ?Tha '.'Mhrllle fbtwei * tha Uto toatoat. gtraa the cffpiaJ you of toa gnharaatanal aiaatlan toTeaceaaaaaa fo l.wy - ?Jar Marrta (Admtautrattoti) 71,1.W Tor HaMoa ( Amarl w).. H,?o? ?Nwity ********* ll<m VhitCikat umI n?nr?(. ? BM*I>Wat.?Th# draOMMa OJWMarw ?r ?FoWl, **lrt th? Ktmni MM wafM; kn mte MNh * nrk ad tmpromfc* iaaa( Ma Matron of eiogut duolag, ti to be ropootai to morrow ?tmIu. It la to ba frrooededby 4m Ihrcw of Me "Married Roko/" La wUloh Mr Oman? . lOlff and Maidomc* Coo way. Wsrroo ut BtOM wlU ornate Nmlo's Mood*.?Aautae oM Jerome Roe* Old tholr oxtreordtaary uroape of panwtnlmWto i\nd fail aoope for Mo cxercUe of oti ihHr power* to Mo o*w ood brilliant rpeotoole or "Uoreu," which ?ft? mom wonderful trlsha oid Unaeiormetioa* tnu were probe <4/ or or bofero embodied in tue utoce "BoreM" ud the pnU; boliot of '?Acalteto" mo Monoid &w to tomorrow Sown, ?Manager i Mr ou oddod oootbor tolooMd perlo, mir n to he eaooilrat company, M 'b? pcrooo of Mo Uroiy Mlaa Hoillo 8u UOr, who wdl make a?r debi t to mtrrow m Ih* dtmagnr, la "d?a* In Porta " Mr Cddy pl*;a is mo Orit pteoo, "L* T*tr do Neoto," oid Mr. a W- (Hark to Mo loot, Mo" six Degree* of Crime," roe cake tmbmoee all tho rororitoo lo the company? Bt-rro?'n ?Mist OuMmoo lo to appear to-morrow Ira tag lo Me " totrooo of Padaa," arbloO woo dramoUood ok iirsoeljr for bar by Mr Oborley, aoi far wtmh aoaotdoro bie prepare*! o baa bee mode la tb? way of eoeniry, op potniBwMo, 4.6. Mi?? 0 U to bo eupported by Mr. flaber, MIij Doolo and our re. no whole li to oocclado wiM tho the p eaeirg affair eollad tM "Damn BaUo." Wn_Aca>? a oow eomoay br Mr. Lolaad, coded ' Copiloe, or L>??r ud Haabaad,'" .U oovo to be pro dacao, wUb a cut embracing Mo oamoe or Mr l.eaer, ire Hory and olbor /avorlte ai data. To morrow Moure Bake, Wafco I aO>? Holloed, Mr* Hoe? aid Mrt. Ferooo ore lo ferform to the oow drauia of ' Peat ud Pro cent" "A jplendlj lavfrimeai" It Ibo afw rpiece. I ato* Keaae'e ?A now corned? cottled ' Splendid Mliery," pnrponlog to bare boon wrrtteo expreetly r*r ud adopted to tbo peouUar aollKtM of Me com iu? at Mia bi,u?e. tooled tc *!?? Korea, Welle .nd Tbompaoo, Merer* ." Tcao, Jeflrraoo, Wbeatleigh, B ruett, Sua , to to undergo tla Icliiii rrpieeeh.atioii to earn row II will or followed o? tne fu-ce nailed The Sjeclre Belde-^oom " Ainaii >n Mts? v ? flu tiiboafement aero ha -e made a look/ bit wllb the Aquaria or Garden* o! las Wi tt rt, widen efl .rd (on iQitmoilvo toaigbt into animal and regstable lite In oaten* ud rtvara. tba Carlo FaaeU?, waoe * gvuibMtK' featr atftoalnh, md the Welth Nlgotlo |iit. wnrne ballade pieaoa erorybod?, art to re mala throughout the comb g week. Gaoeoa Caierrv act> Wood's M -who are now f?!r<? oubi'tbee n their new quarter*, Kni. r-61 aad Md Brood way, are nig tail? aroaalag larger aadiMuoi co ml^ta utijoliw Man Me? we-e crer before able to aooommo date. F rom t reat at appearuoea, deifiie the bard time* Me? will ?corse'? dux tnelr uw hall eafflotonti? aapa atooo I in Hbtamb, a* Mechaoioa' HvU. louo a frooh budget a. EUPopiaa wnuuicalli oe f* Ma at location of itaa multi tude who wt 1 go to ??? them to morrow Their pe form - at ceo we to oIum with Me amuutg tketob at.' iod " fa toot on?* ipioe,"ln wbuib Du ud Jer"? luiruduee their pjca Uar Bbakaporau re.dloga aad Ma mo tee P*iooa*?a*T'u M:r?ia^w, ooaotdlhg of afaamber of very popular donoeaioro of l vnt?alaa oboruiar, are (o gtre thrir flrtt ?Lteemiament ai Me Olrmpta tomorrow night Their pro?r<unme onmpiteea a great rartot? of nee ud old ?ook?, danoea aad burieaqhea, ana a *re*h fame entitled *-Cunning Bobteo, or MlocUef Maker*." T ia Kajh K'.-runuo ?The palntirga on exhlbMoa at Impbe Hall, tllaatratU e of the feufat juirney ol Dr Kaa* and hta port? In Ma polar regloai, are greatl? nelgttMnad la tstereet kf tbo ar ptanator? rem* tit of Mr Morton, who accompanied Mo Doctor, a* aloo b? rartoaa indlu impio Bccnta, an Etqelmau dog, be TttcmtrUul MatUn Aliroad b.vlaiuob or cai tryi'.Kia iraitu firom Mo 8u Fiwaciaoo Bjdru or Mo Time*, Bopt It j flat oar reodera ma? form soma Uaa of Mo aaormou* ?alarlea demanded b? rarieu moatool ud Meoirtaol lumt nartoo who nailed California danng Mm tbnoiair'a management of Mo lata MetropoiUui Theatre, and paid br bar (or their oerrlsco, wo hare beaa planed In poanetloo oi Maf Uowiog Inta>eating Mow. Utna from tbo boon of thai eotabiUbawot Tne? ma? ae ratted upon u authen tic It will bo eou by Me amoealo paid to ouh porform *r, Mot Mom poraono oonaldorod a: tint clam artiain In ihrope ud Me Atlanile Hta too railed to attract bore, If wo mo? jadgo by figure*; aad oo toe otbar hood, Mooa who perform in atoc.. oompanlu elaewhere, u aoao a* bay mada M*lr ap] e*ranee on our ihorea war* at one* ale rntod to u eminent :<oricon b? tba turaaawd patronage of tho pablle. obown la Me renefpeat Me lamca whaa atret Uaeoa it ders- t itora performed. The Metropol'.taa *w flirt npaned b/ Mrt 81 wlair on Me ercTlng of Me 34tb of (.member, 1863, wiM Me oome d? of Me " Bebool fbr Beuaal " Mr. Jaatu Murdoch ap feared lr Me rba-aoter of Ckvll* Dtuiae*, aad Mra. Bio ola'r oa I.*dy Taazie. Tho bonai ? ** crowded oi lb* oe CO* no. Murdoch played a " alar" engage went o' two w at km, during whtob -Ime Me rocelpti were $18/00, of which ho reoeired f8/iCO a* hi* obare tui huuM went tr.oarda p*?tiig Ma aioak compuy, Icrnlabiug wardrobe, motiotthg pltum ud (or otber '.aoh'ontal sa,<eoa?a ot neotad WiM Hi* theatre Mefain Anna Tblii a. in e:mf*c? wiih Mr. Hudaon. i-inr next to ?? dc np ' O era for tba geoerou* pubiv of Ban Frnrctioo, on omdiuen thai Me? raoelred between them half of the entire r?C'ipte of tue bono nightly, The taordinale vaolty of Thlllcu aid Hudtoa li welt ktow* Tn-r pubi c doalred to bear them, and tba raoav' neat had In aoceea u Metr wluce to k>wp the litcatm open. Tell Ion * >r*t i-bgageuKut toatad three wet?.?, during wbtu lime the r?* vea nair of the recwipa ihe piayet o rery other eight. Mr Hodor.n play ad with bar, a* alio oa Me 11 oi nighio," for *b' h be roootred lor hut anrrioee alone $t'M> per night Wthaciear naif oraaflte rery weak bo atdea. Hndioo made $b 000 asd ihi'.tea $10 000 oatef Mo maoogecieut Aftr r tbdr >uge 'emeni lerm aated. It had oooo hoc tne opparert thai the pabdc woai-i uaiy pat reel ?e ? atara " fbo erurb.utnt pne* Mey *a> upon iter profea aloe*, ta'ecli, howeror, whton Mra f.v.t at - ?a* compelled tu pay in order t> got tWt prorentM Mo m>eage,neet from rraizing any beoent* irom Meir cerrtora wbatevor If a lew Monaud ti >.l* a 'U Wtu) of a ?ntor," it *?< ?ooa oattrely abaorfad l? i ??'i>g ui the back a*iarte*or Meet > p#i;, Irag mar <tr,*: res'. vaa other aaneaeary Item* of avpewae the Bate man cellar en were paid BM MO; tbe ?Omatt >10,000, lb" boa,-it v?r tro :pe iiorl or which M'Ua T lory, wbo war osoo'tB mrnhoi, i*o trod Inill re?> am*.. pttttane Ifw Weill* Her hi rer?tn?d a tr.l*o*w $18,000 I?? ? Metropolitan alone t \cra KtrM riajed a fop-i oogngem at o Inor BgUU. and ciaJa *Uw Kara Hayei roeoel la "Norma," wale a (load fhi'cre. troh a farewell fi: eat* mala ?> *? < by It, "ar.'iaa wbk-u tba mad* o. or .-do OOu ib glytng - meort* a Uk stale Oia BiU. Ibo etobaiil, recoired >1 MO par ntphi Icr three nighta. Mtdaae anna n ih ? aid not a-.-.c orcJ in mat tog aoaroBy a decant llTflihtvd daring brr i?a> am> a* u?, aa alio Ha-' la rh' ra Mania made abort S3.COO. Baraay Willi*?*, tea Irtah om-diaa, aad wire, received J35 too M'ju Parmpjet, wh- *u dejIdedV ihenroel Br'*h?d octree* thai trW rletteJ M* cynotry, ? away with Uar oa leeriag M,000 s*a? > the wno *B Una vact en? wai pall by Mr* siailalr to Maao paraoaa to ?ratiry Ue pnbU ? ta bar frcn lea < adravor* to proper y eito'-llah a bigUor o deroftho ?!r*ma In our mtdel It M wail Inown that abo wia prey i norly paid la rainra, aad left the ooeatry for AualralU ?)oIt* poor. In January. 1W. Mr John M Oavi*, agent for Mra. Rinolalr, repa red to the Atierlle Statea ?o p*Tinroa fraah erppiy of "alara" to follow aaeb oiner la intek aaccaaeloh lo ra .blc tbe maaiKeaaoal to aoe aln lined. Ha rotamod i'm * ebort aboer< e w lb Mo Mleae* Gougbuibeiai, whoai bo found ptar'rg a "?v>ck rnr^em?at" at tbe Broadway theatre N T at *'h. por wear They opened at the Motrnuoiltaa to a p> or no<*., Ur the rtaton mat It wai during inn then election ejrttMMBta. They ptarod ?eTeaUMn rights and the iaea"n Hot wot y Tbry how reer . bad io be i paid a very big* rt't-y, ao iwing to Ma afrrewmt made la Naw bora Tbetr aor.sed oogigatoat waa decided *y morr oaeeoM'ai Ther remained ta loa ronotry ahoet a yetr, wben they MMN ? fM Aurtr* tia aad oarriod awn*,with Meatheireerniigi, which, over tad eboya all Matr expense*. eroooaiod to tha aong iin of tv "00 Other "tiara ' bare played m< agemente at tha MnWwpoi itai. while nader M'? SineIBr. lint wore not taoooroful. Tba entire raoetr? for Me B it year aaaoaatod to fror h sd-od a~<rfllff tbnnaacd dollara-all of of wildh wm expended la aaalaUialog twn Morfc rompoalna at the aatro t roe?a diemaOc aad e >?raUe troai*. .ad a oayiag tba norbttoal denaada wade by mporiet aalfe Hlf OOBAfilld |A called "etara," wbi> oftaa aono of tha ajtmJu t of the theatre had to (par aroood for thatr dlaaar Ma D?at way tbey eo Id oaUJ there waa moaoy la the trao?ry to par tboa Tbo trot all Boot ha ti onol Ibe maoageroeai bo tbo<:aaai doliaroa bight, aetaol etpioan, before the c.r Mia eoatd bo raiood. iMBhiCAN aariiT ? in io(0i.aHi>?mro. aiNOLaia rCR aar a>d an. k n. NuaaarB. [Fr?B the loanoo Ath?a. ta, Md '* iwtWT tun ?Nothtag eaa ho tor abo* the toooo tooMom of too lodge a bonne, thoa too reel Mat MM a*| mfloeol theatre la at praaeal oaly aealMblo for eotaatoaei rl<M, aad that Ma aatarpriaiag teaoae doot aot reel himoetf jaatiiad la aagagtag la aajMlas thathaeMeap noma bnel a oearaaee of ooettanona baaToaoa tbe atago ta dorotod to teatet re aflbrtt, aot ta aay paraaaoat pnrpoer A gaa a aaaed Mr tieatn aaaed Mr. Roberta, it appear# baa beaa for aoae period a popnlar actor !?; the t Bird BMtoi, aad aa each baa aada a cMla fior a trial oa ?bo hearda of onr great aa tlonal theatre ta ? o elm Mr Bmlth arknowlodged. aad eaaooaeed the appearwaee of the ooaoaMtda o. foreti ?tghM oaly, "ta a aariea of Reakaporeaa nharaeMra " Tbte abort oogagOBoat eoaatoiioed oa Moadoy, whoa Mr KobarM appeared aa Mr Mttaa Oeerraaah, la "A New Way la pay old Debar " We aee I aot tafom ear reader* that MM pMy ta net Rbakepere'a- hat per hape Me Mtb ? ? ifoakepeereaa " la Me pMy WH waa ta aad rd io dMkJagnhh tbe hiad, an.l not ta* nn.h w*blp, af Ma dreBB propoBd for repraaaaMdoe It Bay ba a anbeu tnM for tba word "I H/erethaa." aad tadicala tb* etyte aad aptnt of tbe prodnetleaa. Howerer una aaay be, ta* eertea waa tad off by Ihla wait ksowa work of MaaBnger, ao<. onr preaaat burner* ta wIM tba mariM of tba* Mutant Tba naw aapiraaM to the etago, wbrrher mala or frBtM, do hot appear to be par* im of g oat p>iye"*i power, with pernllar hletrHelr aptlto' *e, bet *1nn*i*d ana latetlemeal Ipdlrtdnnia who haro HOktd oa thr JraeM from lie iier* ryaie* Mr HoherM la aa eieewdlagty (Bail auu . il ar thaa KdB?nd Kaaa waa, aad ae aroali aa Mr H le. Sit tlrat ap^eeraarw on tbe ?!?**, horo bia dlmta.i jwo $ m, 114 tne waa rather eaarutag aad N aoon orcaaie eri-uwu tb. roeai org**, waa leebla. Bat ti.trn waa aiao aeidrwee abont h m that be waa aa act or well Bedlad, na eel bo ie " sad eetf peeBeeed fmr'ng lb* flnt two aoe no teode ao deatoaMraCon, rtad the letl (a the wanbcr eaaieat to hlaueir , but, by aa wweleBti apaaro'dm etnpbat a, rataed -xprriabena that ?rrr deiUM not to oe d'eappniMad la the foeHh aad flftb mm ne threw my all reearr* aad by atraintog at* rdoa bream* no* miy a idlbie, hot loort. rehrmert end pearianale To each a ; ?u a- raa "ko thai or I?r\;ry leer Butt hare hror, enerd. ty Mr K.tbeiu .a a deoinedly goat, ere* 'IbH eeter, of Mr Iiu t. hoel, wl'h ro*rr than tbe ir <?rry amoi.jt of atage loleliignaee, ihormirbiy eenad nla b'.uli.eai, an.' muai.le of ymal apeelBc e'ltrlaary, I I ..I he rf 'il'rr a *m*ll theatre fbr andMrr*, bowarer, dl<l l.iatio" to hie rr'deat talent end hir i^rfnrrnaaee was donbtleea a fo r ?? rreaa Tho pert of Wrlibera waa prr rprB?-i by Mr Re Hon, who beo retarnod from hi* Amort ra toi.r, aad M apmreatly laemn*ad ta henitb and power III* rot no baa efi Ired onaalderabM onwoaaa. aad be will be e'ngnlarty aflg'ble lor lb* tagiiM hearda aa lb* r*pre ?'?italire of Me J "tag aed daah'ag heroeg of rmr Aram*. He hae atictrMor Imprwred. aad baa **t"n>#rf at a Una*, ere tbiab. when i eb aa a. t.w a taeoh waalad. The b e e* W*J ni'/la a?a?F afojo?"l, b..i b' an.i'aaw were ca rhto?fi II?Win,iM the ver-Set pawned ? the mr ef Che ?w HWr m ?mg ?? m??w V Oa Win?l|f, Mr fteberta attempted * tao>o iriMi lUlwbWM dbaraetor, tbe Lear of-fliatai.sare, ?? wan about to atoto; bat aotartaoaMy the eoprapt wWH of Mate? tato and his followera waa preferred fee ??uOlaato irikeaMw perpeUaliy taker's red with the dtg nKy of ike asanas ptloo aay, sum* - ee .rreaattMy pre fHto a ?Mia It la, I ban lore, all mo mere to the credit of the ptrformer that be roee above tbla disadvantage, aad roaoiraafed the supremacy of aitad over bodily dofi eteoey to many retpeotoMr Robert* wmbon Urtuaa-a oa tbta evening than oa that of lua dc-tott HefcnewbeJMf hla proper portlluo on the eta*e, and wee aedlbla from tbe bag ten eg. fha - ciraa" with wbtoh taa fl-st est of tba Tate vc-ilou C0Bt?tndes, waa deiii erod wl b much emphatic and latroaa power fha aaooo t act alio, war uXeraWy equal, ?4 the chotorto kli>( r.oa t aa adequate rayia erotai.oe. although the mora poatto potato were missed. A votoa weeing la vetoes oeoeaaartly necrtfloee tba moalo i f ? spree* ow Oa tbla aoaouat the ra ami baalb aeraa waa Inadequately totarpretod. aofeltaVend tog that Mr Bel ten as F tgar. by hla eseeclool eofiag Old ali that eoold be eocompiished far lapporttug tba situation The fourth end fifth eou ware bettor eestowad. H-re M' Roberto raoceeded ta etovettng hie votes, and resorted to every etoeatoaary oorartvmnce by which hla aatoral de frets onoid be supplemented He struggled bard fore triumph, and totalled fairy rained the mastery, if u did cot win a splendid vtot*ry la strngglee aeeh at there the s| etatur atruggtoe with tba afsatr, and tba pereepaou of tba etr'f* tater'tum wub ids cn;oymeat of tba wtae, disturbing bota Lte repose of tba aotor and the avd'.eeea That lest ti nilenot, art stic repose la naattalnsbtr under ?orb etreamttaecrs. Mr ilobeiis is aol*va> man; bet the finish ? hich la eeeoad to aomp eta repreaeetakou murt for tba reaaoaa statec. be denied to bins Thong* dlaq tended from matoiaiOiDg the bgh poatfon whton ha has ofaissed. aa an tote! Igeet portormar in parte more withio the limits of bW eatmal oaiectty, be may prove eemooable ta Bis pnfc?I? H^.sAkjiTt ? (i f/sqooadj hep roes. to ear stage **?? lienor (bat a 6; nKnurr, too makoa bn? ? moderate ore* in a Shaaapsrim coar aster, wtU ataiare a dMMtod ? fir Lt apwl by some otner aatbor Ysere ?* speeds strew to *h meet >e it ?eUlooof ttoakspore i mind whloh tmla utoaoe t ralbre af a performer's ea mtaty Mra chrolalr. wnore PesPVa e*s but a relet reederteg of oar great post's tnesnteg, bsa ta ladjr Testis ?iocs shown that Sheridan's be.-.has vn OMrlg wttata the oaopen ol bar power* There la, todeed, a wide distance between the pceac drama of toe age nf K ixebeih, and the modern comedy it wit sad domestic scrudsl Mrs. tat clalr ortoga oat 'DM tortmg *eltef tbo rutin points of Laoy Teacte a character, end t/ins Kiyyeeto aa adaqoate exnrse for the fanlta tote whirh ?he Is tedaoed There I ?. lb thle reepeei, a?tr<ng r.mtlarity between the conception of Knowtosto Julie end Sber.dan'e i sJy Tear o, only cue aberrations of '.t> former are dleplsred and corrected before marrlape. those of the tat ire after Tie former anwever, soars a muoh higher Might, owing to toe aator'a eympatalee with the bXss beltiea srntera, and hla pietta predi^etions. The moral fhr<M are brought tain dtst'oot way aid mselfwtatloa, and we near tbe bee.-, throbs, w ta a urtaln grandeur in tbom, u they beat ta the bosom ef an to oiieotuai aaJ too Impulsive gjrl, oa the verpe of wowaabooL AO tbla. no*ever, was cavlsre to the elegant eathnr of 'The tfcltorl for Soandel"?rtntiirea a rub a stoat* of mind and a depth of eenU aent aot to bo expected either la the mea or hla wek; sad *oul<J. la fact, have bsee oat of >lsoo in eaoh e comedy. Mrs Hlnoialr'i Jails, we op n* w? Id prove very aaaattefheiory, though her He lea might plesee Tee forroor woslM demand aa naght 'otc mcbree and feelings wbinh are rurpaaeiv ignored to such a pari a* Led/ Tear.U Coder theae oireamstaaeee, there to reaeoa tobeie*eieat Mrs Htociair >a prose domestic comedy will dad a field la whlru her taleeto <ra7 be noi unfavorably exhibited Bhe oooUnoee to be sreH roeeived by the aadlenoe THfi OPfiH* IN FHII SPKI fBIS. the Pru., of toe I?ib. eeys ??"The great, and we may add, the well rt ensued sore cm ol .Stgaorlas Katuoe, u Mans, to DontoetU't oom'n ooera or "I a Kigda del Kcggt memo," to which sue maee her at our Aotoomy of Music, oa Wed needs/ evening, was repeated I at*, night, wb< n the repeated that perf> rmanoe. Despite or the wet treaUmr, there waa again a very orowded house, and the applause with waicn tue rata oantatrtoe was grwtsa, at eaah roceeestve and scooseefui eTort ef here, showed a quick and geM?? appreratloo of an cnarked ?? 'ty as we hare witnessed for a long lirut. She has archness aau tact, and, added to thtoe, a pure, ftcsn vokoe, not overs orked, bat mf odious and welt dtotapilaed. She has received her motaeaJ educabon la a good school, whoever were her Instructors Her exaou lion may be the result o! ri.vcipilao, bat her expression la, and mem oe. whedy her ewe Her voice hat not the pow er cf Os-aaetga's, but what It ? ante to that reepeti It poe semes to toe other qnai ties which make a first clue eingtr. Hit manner, too, is charming, apparently impul eire?and, utdred, ?e eppeare to etuoy horsoff, wliLe so largely ecatrikaUng to the eajovment of others, the to pretty, too, eed has aa ex era?re ewietenanae. fha waa well eapported, both evetoage, by BngnoR end TsgUafioe, the totter of whom >e cmieontly a MM 0 e ogar lie b/ ptoy, as the Hergeant. Is verr amoalag Id a word, Htgmmna Han oe Is a decided aoceuitioe to a omi-any slready atr?(,for M Uso .oaludee (tswarjga,Hrgaoii, Bui tod., S'-rv ip. Tag"tfiro, and Qolettl, beef toe ? g?y>i chorus. Then the leader is Ma- Maret7?k, always a la vor'te. and tbe best ooad ictor at <?<s moment in America We bede*e that Mac Maret ek c ull obtain an a<tole->-* eves la tbe oewert of Baiters ??Linda dt Lhamuunlx'? will be ptayed to niglit, with Madame (Jansanlga, Mint A. PhU'pa, Blgtxv Writ sou, and Hlgt r asactilo <n the cast tiigaor Tcmsol will cajuct uxe vwurvaslia 00 UUs occa s'on. a mw hcz>2C to *!!. *or.,\wr'l plat cr - javE CATJS.'' |From tfce PhtiA'ic'phi> R.C'iAn, not U f. a. o:Mt Jrr oockt. ae*>f? JndytU"ei Tb'.e rootm'egibocuortrooK. wMorondAd W a tlx. rttada of EckIb Torroit ?u1 Mr Wheal ley, aoi't^eto baa: Use re ?"?* cr tbe appiirailom fw ta xjaacuon tu roAitin Mr. V.'Uca oy 'rv?n repraMxtng ux , aj or ? JeoA Cam ' At tbo Arab alTO-d tbeeyo. 'n uiwtr to U Ibo bill of Mr Parrsm me mntjii a rax Mr tbei It >? Inx that Kotxi; r C urni rf:i wl.3 a p.e. conked ?? .leek UMto, or L?e KeoMb Hotel ua " The ia'J Miapae'txa c'.a out, Bowrrer ornsni'r taAr tbat iter. but wm At n-tl r?'V4 " Ay:n>*rr, or tb< itaAdoiaa of Itral." Tt am i odor "id I Art .neoi oct,J iliti pruuel Mi .ed to 'bo J rati lbdl Md IVi, end ibt ujp/i gL. thereto kx trot rod at oro>j| to l??. Ai ? a copy o' Jc title page KM (!u!7 druxMed in <ha 'JJort't o ' eo tor tbu ? Irtfe,. Tbot I'.'.bcrt 7 HMfAd alo e>n lobe ah* i.opj r'gld jr Ax taul eciapaelttoa, a a??? iSA lakra oy t H D. OctA Oo. km Mocr?4 ca b'A taoAl:, Md toeli too i-ripmieM be H?? to bay* Hn tbe cam V.t. tTbeetle* ori'ctt'y donee teal H 1 Coerad Mid Ana tau jed to Mr t irrcat tie iakI rtey am a!, aa "ax ram Cm >?'? ngbl, t.ue and laiorirt ta tha MBio TP at 11: s copyrgbt it U rriMlM ai tl wee .?rl,i?a..r MftM oat, ta lb* MM* of K B Bauer & Co end beet au ta.e or aaaigMocat uf It, or of Uta wortu printod naiar it, am a*ar wade to Mr Sorrooi, thai ba bM rni*l aeArcii tc be axtio for tbe -ocord of any tm.b ? ngejieat. but ? aa bM beoa ftuad, .bat, BOtfr.lhsiAadxK me a .cgbbiua of Ui Mtigtmaal, Mr Fc.T.-ret Laa aorar oiel w.a tlx ownereo.p of tba oopyrgbt Whit Uia irauaar.Uon mot be I?ni tba oompiaiiaat ead uta rnapoadMi, tba rMpnodeat ceuaot tar Mr Wbeetle? fur;net eorwera, Uiat ailbuuffb a onpy mblfOr tba "aid ?? impoatt no wae akaa to I 'n 11*.. yet tba work ??? not then r< ocutfy flmabad; no Im ooatrary, It bad bar a played la 1S4; by Iir lorraat, no ai far o* a m 7fU>6 by fiber aoton, aan ?'?, Mr AdemaM't Mr lu. it ?oil. That tbe r'fbt and title to aaki compot-bna r? rrxod 'a E H Bi.tlarh Jo., ptDuabara, 'or tba eaa aod boatfl: of !ta aalbor, Kobart f Coarid Aitboi?b at;b a onpyr'tbt eootd r* glra to tba aalbor a rtgbt to prareat tba r< bUc tepraacataUM of bla tragedy n,ioa My ibaatm, yet, m a natter of dctlrao/, liafurt phtiat. Uia pu-ca .poo ibettage. Mr WbcaHay m?? ba taoryat tt due It tha au tbar to a?k ata nrtrn'Mtea lW la prridorttaa, ea t tba km doM by at ?r, of Kbicb tba fotawiDf la a ro?y ? f' ii" "ci. Hrrl -i, 1 V" V> !???? rm?Kamer ? paadaa, ' rokde ai pataoee of ev Ittua iMetro haTo rani ta frixi"'ai ro.| ,?? ? fir it pnadblr' tbe reproe?o'.A' ? a of jov (Ite v tj of " ade." o ? ? n mi jo .r nte g ?i 01 , eae." if i rr ? ?eiflroaie r iklnb tke eapirtu of pnXeo'ea it In I a aaaeer oouiateeranuo win. lie rraa- nnrbe. Aa b kae bom ard ??", fa eced ny <art.'ia putiaa tArooabo .1 ib* Caioa I , _iMe, i. ? ...ii i - pre*, ai* at> oea b?* an pialnetoe rifbt wit < atiaj bp ?>< aepy* ?' rraufy yetr trk ida end rnlaa by prodorlag Ii at lb tfb itreot'bea '? M ae tarly r period tt :hn Mgawp) p>r ?aratlona Kill perwe. p'oelded no ??bjeetPaui on yoar pan pianrt ia tbe we* bory reapee-tftulr jo-.ra Hue ftrtw.t OnditAO MM To Kbit a la.iar iudga Ooa-ad addreaapi a ra J, ta wbwb ba atatM thu tba play wae trot ta btl tba ?ie i. Mr Wb at'.ay tbaa abyt that hat Ag Um ooiaIWa the ao'ber of um play Md tba real ooaar o' tbe riprr'fM ibarrka, Md being lafurawd apon reliable ma ibe p ay a qoaatoA had at rartooa Pwaa been prrfoi la ditTbeent beatloM of tbla rwaatey tad > eg la ad or tJ? tt tragtdlaaa. ba, wltb tba oai?ail?ad lloaaM tbaa eorardrd ta aiw, proeaadad wttb bla poaparailaM Mr prodaatag Uta play fromt tba prated aopy ptKiabad by R tUar h Co , a ?Moaer aowwaoaarala Kitb ta batm Tbat the ptay km aaaoaaead Tar a a mber of atgbla before Batardey, tbe lOtb of October. M beteg la erUre pr?parattoe Tbat tin By bM eat be?a tba aynlaMve preparty of Mr teoyaet. I bM at dUeieat fw aad at dio?raat plaoea baaa par re-wad by Maaan \aaPa, !*Mrt, 1 eagdoa, litronjor . MeHoMrab, Adama ead lagoreol! Tba etbdant of Mr B. I. aaaaptn wae read, etaiag tbat be bad parforwad tba -ferar'ar of Jae> iMt a acta bar af clgbta atuwaarealy ta lb* ??ity of I sadoa Mr, Deegbany for Mr ' orraw, itwarbnd that ibay la tba pragtoawtat a wh'cb tba raapradaat bad baae ?aatblarday?ant Mriag bao er mvir MM of aea ptared oa wg tba reapaadaat'a AMvar. aad eat banag bad ane> tt ?rrb Una to tbe raepoadaat bad b> read ootop'e n?n bill Ba mi Id, tbarnrbra. I ba a eecilaabaea far Ui* pnr ptM af aaacntalag tba aaamr of Mr. Baeatiay: that ell tba Kteaf tbat eoald ba dona Mr form km Jmh. by tbe atu a af 4 Jare tbda" oo Reterlay e gbt Mr WbeaUay, rnpi'ad i nlltoa, rtpreaoatlPf Mr WbeaUay, rnpMad Ibet b ? t meat, deeinay to eat ia au raneota u baoawa a goo t *?' rto, ban Kiibdrawa the plar for tbu aeea'ag, aatisiet'ocg tea worat uooe af t??? oaao ead wisniag t? ytrt aa -Htort He had M obj'f'loa tfO*<m iitoa?e?, prnrtde'. tba \ e, be permitted to ?x perririM! Id the woantl^e, at tbo pie%p?ra af Mr W baati iy. Judge Or<er nald that Ibero em Id be anth'ng to "?arrat t'r kt ?'? .'.on prarrabog Ibe play catH eo io,oaf ?oe

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I; Mlaeoun tt'e. 1; Erie bond* an 1 -norl/tcee, X, Cumberland Ural, I, Nov York Centra Railroad, I, trie. St, 1; ILU tab* Central Railroad, IS UaMaa and ubloier#, lX:l'w iao<l and Toledo, IS, Cidong? and Refk Ulead, 3, H<! ?e kio and MlHiip-d, H. American Kx<image da.k ad vanned ? per oeot Hear of Oommovo. 11; Canton Oorapa ey, V PaoMo -trow Mteamnhlp Company, 1; Hudton Hirer KaUroad, \, New Uarea and bariford, 1. In New York Centra* K eh road moM oI the operation* vera on lUtte, but le other etock* Uioy were prt noip*'ly for uut. Bale nteoka were moderately acttre to day. bet pil iee ware a Ud*e went, and loll o*T at me olnea At Ifee aaooad board Nitre wae a vary l*wiUed amount o> baAnein. i*rto>a opeaad and oloaed about too ?am? at la Ibe more to/. A fne etnati tela, ocrerieg adoet Ute en lira tint or leading cpecel*ure mocke, wer<- eotd, ebowtng Ibat aotbtnf bet a pervnaai eiivm on Ibe part of tee etroet apecolatere keape Ibe markal at all Uralf. Tbe tenet ?eettoo of recent mlaB?rtanei at Uie Mia* Kroflaoge li oaoegb to keep btalaaea within U ml lad Imea, and It w U be a wag dve tetore aew partiee epHeg np with moo/y and nerre enough he glre aauoh anrtalaty to (be mark* We eeuat bare a aew order of Utlnga before wueb real eapUaf will be attract?d to (he etnek Kiehaeye. Toe abaabeefeoeh railroad compeate* at Uie New York nan trat, tbe Michigan Contra', Mloblgaa aoalbem, leading, CTaveiaeid and Teledo, ke , Ac , ?!., hare net ekan^ad a bit daring lot preeeet rewnlnea. Tbeeame eyateaatf manageekont exleta Ut ail of them. The etme hooting dab* pre* njioa them that brooght eoaee of them to the hence at the oobtry. ibe eame elemeo* of dieeo laUoe era etui at work, and it w U end with them all In the earn a way. U It no n*# to try to patch np their din aaaed anddefaetlwe flMnoea The quack* are all I at work on many of them, end they will not laare them until they hare r*tmeted the Ian drop of vitality. Pert)ape t| it nt wall * da no now en at any Ume beam, if one eat do net do It/another will. The AaeUtaat Treasurer report* to day a* Ibilowe ? "otai reoe'P* 00 Tola, pa? menu 170,031 Oi Dalaoco. 60 The m>e p* to-day Outoa ploo.XO iraa*:rrr?d from Iketoa, and the paymren leolt.-ie $do,o-Mon < *ufomi? MM Iha foiiiwcg ?ue of etocke aad bond* wore <na-ie at aer.hoa tale morel*/, by H iorapar JJ.ffO Now Ynr* ka?? 6'?, 1?64, let aided 100 ^ t.,W N?w To k Cl) '.'i, VW. IH aid 3d PV>? t'X'.O 'din-eere h't, tat ailde ' R? >j -D abar* Ca laUn toire In* Co 80 1M> do t.? Cc.v# aad d wael le UK. 60 an fltcw York %?'! Berlrw KP, 1 v Ala*, Aa forice jg by Aditsa H. Matter ? ? i.tJCft i,e?.r<wie**d ttnweuki* R.B T'i.'nt added. 7 *IU,04.W H\lw?vK*r nod UariOM H'?. AM to A. ?t irn Cashi fir* .us Ob I'.K ?-0 do. .'rtfanci Fife 1"? tic Ml 96 <K?. (!t*y Kt?a W(>1 ., 1. I*ist M urn. *?. AtrtburXur Mre !??. U> 114*117 ^ .to ao. m in it- .lo, 17# (.<1 -tixtoe : r? In*. 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Mind Ut tun no*, tu than MOO, and badera of bo-.ds rnpmacbt tag Jin usr ifciiituUtiMi debt am to praam' lb'- 1 alter to the bum Treasurer before -.'etuery 1,160 *, reoelVeg h> beno* therefor Tbe Irat payment of invert at a !i l>c r>a 'bet dole, and artel acaoalty after TV; c *mm of laa oMdrtt lo b* tbaa radrcmed are? nrtl, rtlrU t'soda of tba Male at lor (he ! und Bg art; aeooad, Com, roller ? war rants; third, legal claims ugawat (be State Hie pror' atoae of tec art go told rllbol an tin Or it of Not ember. | Ibe Stele Treasurer of Nortta Caroline ban n for mod bono holding (be bonds of teal dtate tia. the laierti fai of dao on tba Ut of Jaeeary aetl will ha [mid -* in mead 'n KUaHgti, M. C., la Ibt -.orreaoy of tho Male <f do aired by tba boldsra TbK will ant be intiaTartorp to lao beadaor era tf tb>> Slate. A' pmaeat U ooau from n in id par coat lo coarert N<?rtb Caroitaa funds tatr> Nee Yo<k ?porta food*. and tb ? in a t"?o la wb.ob 'aw bondholder* ariu aabaa l, eniw.unily mnm tboaa ooboom am made payable lo'Snw Y? i actorliag to tee Mad ineeam eur.tlaa tae ft lowing tetie abtea tea inanity ? tome of tee principal art'riae of predion 'an al Udo eater from tba ooaaewoceaitat ar natljrai.oa to tba lite of Oat, lac uaiie. 4i ring tbe tears IN I, I*1?* aed 11*67 ? Fa. a.ra or Faei-rro st Tu-a w m (C'jeaf ' j?a May I. "#v *- ?*> 6 near, bh? f '.'.Ui ?*<*,.4v, 1,:;:i,4er 7.1PC.U6 9.1M.6M Oora, B"?b ? IM4U ? * CI- t,vo,604 Bar let, beau "71.717 l,?r< I7A TUfiU Ufa. bate ? ? 136 3150 nam ?.:M,na d.r-iau i.63i.?a Beef, bbia *,711 39.63* s.teo l or*, bbia <? n? Ae.m I0,(?ea Batter. IM Mt*M ?<*? 109 387,*** lard, iba a mi>w a>oi.too te?at* l >eeor. 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' n lhe first Meaday at t*r*a*?er Ae 11 heart of NOV Bemieblre nad t'jaOMl .1 ta apaote, ?1U * ,064.67.! Wilt la itrsalance, <?fltal *6.041 000' depoMa 1937,709 66. do poalte la <*b#r banba tar rodampUoa at Uietr hi la *6*4 it* 79; bills of iteor hanks aad aborts aa bsad 9146^96 74 Jebm doe from dlrecbtra 9*0,1*6. d?bta <1-e to tea beaki oa?<r?i by pledco of terir r ,3.'4 debts dao to tbe banks ?**o*,H*t 44. Oat fcuo / ? rj pats ten nana in tela way, snowing teat tt la * ?lte paMMww 77te law* cf t<>te yi?t? prevlde that "if . awprmi apaaic r*yfr< jta eeab baa* sbal'i * '? ' 'm Mi charier, ar.d *hc > fttnt<r aha,! dlrwi* 'he hetk ruirm .r, ? ???.> hiak* ae *a?t4? ? 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