Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. ins. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1857.: PRICE TWO CENTS. B4&DI0 A8IA8SMATIM9 111 TBRTH AFE1DB. A CltlMa 8track D?d Ib Mm PmMlc ?M Pwp*?rM?n Allow** to go at Lu|? Cormwi loqaMt upon tHo Body of Dow MUSt CIm to UM dmnUww. A boot 10 o'clock on Saturday night ? daring murder wna parpatntad in TeaU avenue, aaar thn oorner af Twea W-fWsl maat Xha victim, Mr. Jahd Boa?an, of No. 810 Waal T renty-sevenU itreat, vaa ta company with hi# wWe whan the aaia?In aimed the deadly blow, fha dr> matatonoee attending ue horrible tale are ? (bllewa Mr. and Mra Soma? were returning to their heme la Twenty eevtnlh street, when they ware oat at Ihe earner of Twenty ftrat street and Tenth are?a by ?roe yonng fellows who were going la an oppeaito Amotion. One of them stepped op to Mr. Swe?on without tbo slightest provocation, and elbowed hint off the gldawalh. Mr. Hwsneoo aald something to hla with about toeosnduotof the rowdy, when Ihe latter aonatrned the hmguige aa applied to him, and, In ? I?ultlag to?, aahed Mr Bwrnsen who! ho wit saying The latter, heoonelag ?newhat vexed at the impertinence of the teJew, replied A a sharp tone, " What's that to yon?" fheroep? the aowdy made a rp'tug at him, and stabbed hint In the hreai| With a dirk or clasp knlfo, InQloUag a ghaatty wound, fir ? which the Hood Cowed In tomato. The woonded man Mad to grapple srtth his assailant, hat the latter alndad hla grasp, and, In ecmpaay with hla eompanlona, started offal a quick puce down towards the North riser The cries of Mm S at the horrible situation of her husband soon drew n large number of cltluna to the spot, who fitllowod the direction infeon by Us fugitives, hut ooald find no trace og tosm wOatever. She wounded man Hved bat a fo w momenta after rcoelr tog Ihe Mai blow. Ho Just had time to tell hla wlte that ho had been murdered, whea he sack exhausted o wn the ?Mewaik.snd died. la formal loo wee immediately oonveyed to the Sixteenth Ward Station House, when a poese of men were detailed to sootr the entire wtrd in seaiah of the auauin. after a long and weary search the poiioemen were obliged to rettaqnish their eBbrts and return to tbo station h >aae Xha murder "as witnessed by a lad named Dtrid Soott, who bad also been attaofcod a few moments prerionaly by toe very man who tlmod .be deadly blow at Mr. Swansea's heart Ea stated that tho fellow drew a knife upon him and threatened to kill him. Toe aeeallsi t war, to all appearance, Ubortag ruder the of mwstcaUng liquor at the lime of the ooour e; but the suooeaafhl manner in whlen be effected bis i by Clght, provee olearly that he oouid not be very mmoh intoxicated, and was not wholly deprlrei of his reneening faoultloa when he made Ue unprovoked and upon the deceased. The body of Mr. liweuua was tten.omrcyed to hi# lute realoeoee, there to awal. the action of tee uorouar. Yes Mrday Oor> ner Hllli sas notified tc regard to Ihe oooor renoo, when he proceeded to Ue spot aod unmoor.! a jury or he following uaaed geniiemon to Inquire Into the S?>> John hoCrea, Jobn Henry, Ardrew Barrett. Nicholas Hagan, James MeD nald, 0<nlei Oobura, William Kt?k, WiMam KcKatght. The jsry having beeu duly sworn, the Ooroner pro ceeded to examine Ue wlteestea who had been subpoenaed toteeoese, aa follows ? Margaret Swenson, being duly swb, depeeed ?? rol towe;?I lesids at No. 310 West Twenty seventh street; toe sioeeeed Is my husband; aooat 10 o'olook last atgbt, as myraf and my husband ware <v>salng up Tsntb nrenue, near the croMwalk of lwenty first at eel, we met three young seen in citizen's clothes; one bad on a light colored ?set, tee other two had du*k coats; I tulnk t boy ad wore eape; u? use wno gave Ue stab oad #u a gtased cap; as ire met ib?*te mm oo<- j; than hit ? y b isul wita bts elbow; nyself aad my huaiaud were talking log-thsr, when Ue ewe who gave the stab said > dec-ated," What 'stoat you are saying?" my haabanu rouded," What la that to you?" one of the others eaid 11 his aom-ads, " be adeksa?edl le not talking to you;" rnv hasbt.ed, nler tubb. -1, tamed aroard to eatan hold to the man, bui aid uot get bold of him; Un one woo gave the *tab was oomlug towards my bosbaod, *bsi the ether two caught bo'd of bim to pu I him ba-k, but he ?ado e ? -ring forward aod at toe same time gave my hwband iAe stab, he then torrid and ran up the avenoe my huabaad started a'ter aim aad ran a fo ? yards, whoa he toll, or, log "murder;'' wb' a t g * a;> to him be wee fie?; toe etser t?e men r?down the ?venue; 1 do not knew any of those men; I do not think teas I ooald reoug sine et.Or r < l them again 1 was ? I? n uted at Ue lime; Ue man wh>? ga*o the stab, in running away ran very Ml end siraget. tend Henit, reeidtag at So. 187 %ni Twentieth street, Nk| doiy swore, repmed ud aid? List stsb1s? ehoul MX o'cuoci. I ?m ttrcding si ib? tore on the southwest f Teuih krw.a and T??w/ seois'l street, whoa three boys, or yooag men, paaei by at. tea of Uira arkrd sm f??r >n epnle teat I sad la Ay band: he skro' '< ao ooennte I anid I woold aoi giro 11 to il a; ho ?m iho O'tiM ?f Iho three bo was created In a dark ?sal, rod rhlrt, and dark i*al? and block oap; worn I was Wrack I woo followed by I bo one in th.- hgat ooal; tie ?her* r.liowad hint, try log to lake hi* book aero ? Iho SToaae to the e?st aide; Ihlo ore altered so off the ws'k. SBd I ran Into a elore en too tooth oore?' of the areaon; I a* bin lako a kairs froa Ms oaatelcon'i pocket; ho loarlobed It la bit hand, and lbs three woatalong down Ibo aseoae, wh at bo mode aa effort at the earns Ubm to got away froa Me oomradts; when the/ got to Iho aimer or rwcaty drat strtet 1 saw a teaMa sd hoard a to ce eay Mg "My boeband Is mard*r?1,' al too terai time I aw a net wo Ik log np to aooooo Ml, aad Ibaa erop down opoa the sidewalk; oao of Iba part raa uowa rwsn.y flnt Mreet towards KUronth aroaor the ethers wool down Too.a amon* towe-ds fwootleto i root, end thee In rood down toward* E areata ami . 1 do sol kaow either of the pa ties: I thtak I ooalr foooguiee toe ooe who bad the kn.fe all? the laaileet oee or the three. It 1 thoold oao Ibaa again; I did not eee do osaoed folio ting nay oee tewkB- Dunslsg, of No 100 Tooth aoeeno. belag dely ?vera, demand to follows As I was preparing to retire eboot i0 o'ol >ok toot sight. I went to my front window to ?baa lb# bhads; I nut to raise the task for that peep we. a fall u,*w tbi sidewalk attracted ay aMoo MO. Md A) the MAO ttee 1 board tae ory of a woman saying " murder," this was it lbs eao> elte ST the arenoo, dlrootlr oppasllo my borne; I bad ? | taraoa ?f a tnaa a* bo ts'f; 0 woman got dawn by hlm.atdoo her knew oeaa<aoed icreoeklag three yoeog are or beys wae sens; one of them bod en a oap. SBd two of ihea warn dressed a dark olother; the third ?as seaethiag larger Asa the outere, sod sad oa a dirty Mai lag drab nolo raa eeal. aad slater mots Md rod gblrt; Mroeur sfW Iho ss*h fWU, mo of (boa sold aoaeth'ag wbteb 1 ooald not hoo>, sad all rao to AO e raor, whore May eenarsioo: twi of tboa rao t-wirda Iborltror aad mm of ihtm I think, wool np th? dirk tide of the ?treat; I did oot rroogaleo item, hot they looked like the boys ?bo hero beta annoying an a groat deal by bghttag aad searing; ay tmp-soWao Is that they ore o port of lbs same gain ? the man in Iba drab ana was lbs nearest tao A Iho bin man, sad I bey ssiwsl to bo waiting for Ma; I think be wee Iba one wbe own Al bed the etnrdrr; | weal era a took a the ss?; I tbsagbt be wao aboet dead; the drab eeal ana wao ooDAWod t deed, did ant ran like o d raa ken ana, hot ap-wared a Mnegb bo wan aebnr, 1 think I might re rngfatae Ma, ?a r aa tmpreooed that bo ooaoMltsd tao dead; I only aw the Ode of bis faM, I do OA kaow the men; they apooaiet a be a part of Iba aao gang wbe bay# greatly trow sled ear ?MMt Henry Meyers, reeWlag el the corner of TmM areaae Md Twenty second street, deposed that be wao standing at Ms st re deer when iba soy Psyld Sootl name maniac ? and three men after him; they slopped at the doer. 1 ordered bin to sea# eat, but ha did not do no; they thee weal off: Me boy was ory lag; 1 aotlmd thai Mo larger wan bad ?a a "rah ooal, heoo*m?d mwtaag-y bemuse Ma boy weoid not noma oot; hoy turned nod went oroaod Mo wntr: the otoro faoa oo iho street, bat It has a door M the areaae; M they wont off the boy went oat by ? lamp poet aad looked oner Una; they then oaae bnek Md rbeoed him la again; I naaeot ear Iba I erer A* ear of the yowag ansa before; th* largest me wae sheet it or 1<> y?are of eg*. m<1 had <-n * drab -toot; he bad a Wo ? raa rhlrt eoese persoas who wart la the swim eatd they '.bought they wooH recognise them tftasy saw Mam >gals; t wae talking with Mr I'eaa aad Mr. aenkr. Mar the mardsr they eatd tbey did not keo r th ? o> -i, eailboegbt they might rseigalee them; I donbl mr oetng gba to res gala ibrio. those ware two?*r/aat girls Is Mather aboat the time the ery of ma?. nr was rslsod; CM* fin down to the plaee, when the n.ia la the ireb sanw bnek the seooed time, the others tint to gel blm ewe. seytrg he shrnld set take adr souse of a bo. Rbert ltny, M n , of 16? Tenth atant*, le?wel mat ?bet IS o'clock he heard a ory aad a foil ires up a lag hA indow be saw a man aad a woman lying oa the able wan I sWo saw three yooag aaea, two of taocn thee rat tewtde the riser, aad Ibo (.titer one np fwonty flret Mm an Ma eoeth elda; t do not know abhor y there font men; I tew a m so MM morning wtih a d?a i mas oo raaStiteg pay mnea ooe I saw last a ?M, ate "men ?ad m wars as a?*, I dM oeieM the "boaof the mm Msptiea appeared to be ported' MMf; ike wooed aaoaM to hose been mad# with a kejIV; I did not at MtmNi diiPUt, ft bout % ptit 0* IM Irmi it Wii tbftre ?'y no pnltt "ft of it* htiH; uift fflw rftft tad tw* lit* ft drrftfteo mfti ?ftqno?t wftft ftdymr??<1 yftt'l 10 ? wi Tfttt ?sy antog. tbo dnooaMd wm no hosem ?if ?alie ?tea me. no era aa aaclteor by Hienanttm, nod ?wrk.?ttbe paper factory of Mr. Chrtety, lb f reety-MM wtr fossih arsmuo Ho was 31 years or age, awl M* ?a Nee of demiand te Boa are aow busily aagagad la sraOMMM Ma 11ba mardorem, and It W hoped Utai ibslr ?? WW ?W ?? Owae^ srltb swaofoa era the Oomaer'a lawsttiga ?Mkee hWa to , That a roapsioUble man oaaeol ??M the bltn atroete at tea or look la the ereoiag, with M* 'be fr??f aseealaatton, la MaaWbg la omtem >late Memana, g? faftow, eras attarhed la the m-wt brnml. gbbbHlf S aaoeornbed mssn-r, wbl?" yulet y *?Jk'ug boose With, wire; and wtiboit iho s'lguteei warning ?>e ?t.**?*.***1, be wae by (mo amt'e aiaw of ibo saw ?M^ die* I Web?d istu M?reity. in offwt. Wf bupe, *,u M ?!*!*? "^'bg the gallty psrt'w to - tstlce, te ? mar MM Sf MO AS daring aad mael nature tar bean porps OUR FINANCIAL TROUBLES. literatim; Communications 01 the Baak Suspensions* The Effect of the Revulsion on Fashktni. Great Decrease la the Number of Marriages* Another Batoh of Sermons on the Crisis. Avpect of Afttlra Throughout the Country. kC., *C; &?? THE PANIC AND FASHION. tei inicr or ran uetolsion in thk kasbionv BLK WORLD?TMS DBPHS88IOM A.MONO THB MILLI NSKH, DKMHMAKBK0 AMD JB WBLLKRB?MA Bill A(ilti rOSTrORBD, ETC. No olaaa of paraoaa haa infrared mora aeveraly from the pmeal reva'aton than thoae engaged la supplying the do ataada of feahJooable tootsty. Amors then* hnaiaoM t* at a ataad Mill, aad hnadroda aro oat or employment. There la ao work on haad, aad do work ahead; no order* oome la; aocuehnaeri throng thadoora, aad all the plea mat battle and healthy activity of baatneaa haa anbMded. The work room* attaohed to Itm asUbltihmsaU ? bat a few abort weeka ago crowded with boar oooapaatr?are empty ; the almble ligera are Idle, aad the apeotaele of oontented Indat try la aaroeeded by that of labor paralyztd aad eaterprlae ?upended; aad thla happening at aaeaaoawaea, lo or dtnary'tlmea, bnalaeaa la beet?whan wcrkera aad employ er* expect oompeaaaUoo for the doll rammer that dlaai patcd the meani of the one aad o-l >pled the reaonrsaa of the other. Bat, whea la afdtUoa to thla the dreary wtater la nncheered by the proepeet or ooatlaaal employ ment, we oaa leucine what effect thla crnahlng rerultloa bee had open thla olam of oar ladnatrlal commnnlty. The y*a> ly laoreaelng demand for *very article of laoiea' wear haa had tha effect of taoreating the aamber of produoers, aad oonaeqneatly the dliai ter la mo** widespread thaa It would have beea at aay previous period. Another thing I hat make* It more deeply it It la that unnaual preparation* hare been bib la for the L coming aeaaon; good* hare beea autan faotnred ahead of order, and lmportatlona have been beyond all precedent. In fact, la flooded with Imported goods, counter* groan beneath the weight of foreign fabric*, which moat be sold at rulnone low prloei, or bekt oyer until the itorm haa paarad. In either oaae the looa a utt be lmmeaae. The erial* happening at thla juncture, when the ontlaya had been all made aad the ro tors* had not yet let In, left that portion or the bnalnoia commna'ty uf wblob we ipeak unable toatrnggle through, and the rtcclt waa an a'moat nalraraal raapeoaloa or bual neta. True, dome eeiaouahmeata aetm to hare eicapod the pecuniary, epldemlo and expect to b* able to retain ibtii rail com,l*m?a? tfband* oa three fourth*, or It may be the whole time, but theie are few la number. Thla revulaton ha* made one fact otear beyond doubt? that mlL'laora', drmmaker*' aad re all dry gooda aaUb liabmen!*, are following In the wake of whnleaale dealer*, aad allowing the unhealthy credit *r* ttm to get a footing among them. There 1* aoaroely by a lady ? J town thai haa net her book la eome Broad way eitaMlahDcat, aad a moment'? redaction will oon vinoe aay one that thla tempting opportunity for extraragaato 1* not in (fared to romala ualmprored. A paw biok la moreeaally ailel than a portemonnale, aad to get gaol* for a limbic acknowledgment la agreeable caoogh. But there la a dtiierrnco between getting and paying, aad no man, or woman either, who waa relaotaat to pay for aa article whea new became anxtoua to do eo when U wee throw a at Ida and discarded. Thar afore we thlak it probe, ble -bet It la eot good far the taller ta the aad, tor, If tronblcfoaae, be may kme a eoatomer aad If not, be may kme hie money. Bat of the effeet of thl* ?yatrm oa the bayer, there oea be bat aae opinion. Locked at la erary way, viewed from every aide, It la Is jar too* aad dt moralising. B Hater*, par hap* w* aboald ?ay create*, a aptrtt of Ihoogbtteraaara, a habit of ox traragaaoe, a reek left ladlllhreaoe to apttN; and, ?oiMihMtll,ittr?|*rd of ebilgaitoee ikal moot area - luUy Irjuro Um moral paroopUooo aid ooafnoe U?? tdoao of rlghl aid wrong IT Ike oroill ijokm, m ?9i? pretend, lo cooMUal 10 oWk dealing*, II i ho a Id bo nttr'.eted lo thai, and aok tolerated la Um retail trade. If lad loo wait drooo lot thorn pay Iter It, or wall call I they oaa; aid If aolkcro waul cuitomorb, 1(1 Ike ? romombor thai oootooMn with col oaah may amply I Mir ?kairM, hat will aonr All tkotr p? hela ihoo, pork tpo, wo may roiara lo Jdnt prln Hpieo aid bo gnided by Iko almple practloal ralo of "pay m J cm l" Tboa from Iko "nettle danger wo will plook the flow or rarely," aid thai will the Worm whlok baa rlrowa Um ocoaa of oommorao nib wrooka aid forced Iko ?troogool rblpo to lower Iholr aalio bo prodootlro of un oqvlmool good. It lo qelte faahloiablo bow lo aay thai Ike (itraragaaoo of the ladloo bar mated iko proa rat rem Woo, bat wo tklak Ibe erc joalloa oajort aid oafoiri oaa. 7bU tbry wrro exlrarogaal wo do aot doaM, bat aoittor do wo doubt Ikal Ibey wore extraragaal la good faUh, ror tbry btllerod that tbo luxury by whlok Ikoy wore oarroiadod woo r ridoooo of Una JUt wealth ThM wao prtmd by tbo adoptioa of rigid oooioary 10 moo a? M woo appafU thai rotrrMbmoit woo aoooooary. No, It lo aol lo the ox Iraragaaoo of tbo womoa, bat lo Iko rooklooo rpecu lotion of tbo m?a, Ikal tbo arlito lo akrlbibiklo. While moi with a carb napUal of 11,000 porohaoe (took to Iko amoait tf ?100,000, wo aoed aook oo fartkor Tor omno. Ib mtUlaery Iboro li aMblag wbaiiror dotag. From Broadway to I) Meeker rtrool, from boorory lo Rgblb are ?oo M'a tbo oaaa; from the Brat olam ootahHokoMm that aamborod llo work an by ooorm lo Iko aaptnoaOtat (tore thai donated thorn by oaMo, No tbo mm dory?oo buiooM, nothing dotag It la aol that plain hala bare aow taken iko pkoeo cf ooolty nam, far Bottkor tko dear aor the efceap ante* la oold. Lam ?nom'i kale are dotag doable daty, aid mbm ladl? are maktag ap ibelr proloagb Iko gtrl. whoa owe material; a ad tkoo Ho aaforoed too?mry of tko lady id aid larotaaitry IdleBO-- of tko work i?rohaato on Hag off tkotr irrtem kdr wtrw nqiln oo oarrloga ho to. aid whoa fMntoaahie bo u mm are M toittary m a hermit ?? oai), thetr In malm may no with Msobn li thetr eoilempt for droa* aid worldly ?aatttaa Book lo Iko ookHUoo of oflklro la Iko geierainy oftkoaplowamubnahmeaM Fomomj to Um order of the day. Ho raeepdtoao, bo dloser portlet, BO tBTlloUaM, bo prepe?allele for ball oo gay tapper par lira, aid mraafor thai all. no weddtnpe Wt boor In InId by o /sdy a* buekwer for ywi In Um rifp, ikal at tin m m ike hot M keewMMy nm doww wilk erdrrr for bridal btrnndt Ikal it ma* atmad kssowt i* to mad ikr rr tjwimmrWt </ km cwaomart on (kit point tad thin yem 'kt kai n<< rmetwd one radar la drommafc lag Ike mwo otagaoitoo proralle. Indira thai pay ao nolo M<1 receive oo ooanaar do ooi reqstre eew drew?. drooomaknre fMl ????rely ike promnro of y o bniea fbo efTeot npoe dry g>odo Mirm ?? Mleal lo erooy aoo "He Met ram mar rood." Bo J ovmmm frum Mrialf u forty, aad oroa ifty per roil we odreriteed day a<tw eay. H-t porliapo tko mrMgom proof. f tbo oiltonai o?v>mil to M m frtood i? the fort tna. mora than owe who)**a. Haa oommeaoo I ao'J U c by re'ail for o llmtMd pet , Utm oolaa. y try'.it off ? owa oaautoero. Ti'e bat oxoUed o dep >Bd gene ?I feeijrg of jidigooi-nr auoag rouUon, "bo iook upoa It m adhotorebl*, aad tearoom It tb at moaojre! term* Tbo wfiuloeaM hnmoB ore oortotalr for mldabla nrato M ha.o t> eaeo'iritr al Bono a nrfnd, when Ibey need al. tbotr onvigiM to enable tbaai t > et';-g. gWi thro gb; bit! o.iga wo are t> t toffl ("tea ly nn-rrnn with booiaeoa rtb.n te dMlte nnoo Ibo rlgnt or wrong o v4io mnrrmeot. we thuh |.i taur-y it prl idn'e ao aaieiriaaradetadkiattipnf the ? oi. boo <w .r oKmm reur aow wosiOorlsg To ?m ruooey a. any ratrlfiw to tit obj rtof oMrtnern men. tbl* aoonnato for tnetr (tep/og mi of their onitary hot aad ?oiling tie'r gmdo ti lb.*.-fourth* ot two th.rdo ibrtr rant. fbO'e to tank o an.erabuadanne ,f 'reolgo fabrlm fo rio era re that It Id do*' a'lie to bod an .railet fbr Ibem ? B r By but la koibo n um th'B bM barb found lmpramiooblo. and lb* gnoio ?m/o boon re lorBt'd. flal!, aonh a aorpli lema.oa oo baad that II will '?e tone Ubm before the Cnat .an Room dart ran aay rwro not from doUen oa laaporMd gnodo ?Baroral mMBlhetatlac Jewntora hare mopoodol bwm o?m aad dtmbargod tkotr woihmio Thu m'gbt bare beea exported, ror a boa people oaa noorooly Ual moonr for their dolly exnenoon, iker will aol oo IMy to mrotl aay of M ta loaolri Halrdraanora ma oomploMy Idle ??Ito, rneopanao, opera* aad ooaoerto ore their elaanont. not of it Ikoy oooort Mto: Md iWofare ool'pir COOM o# mwo unfortunate fw ibom than Ibe pro MBI NiMb'ng nea bo anora mortify tag aad dtotaowrnl to ea "I*, en irteg obPfad to dioobtrgo wwten wbo toured o them fnr em.loymtBt d iMog ibe winter Br', we bar* beard oae aoy thai the toot uf ooteetlr. ran in mora dtotariefoi fa tb# eanMlla booleenn mora not j ne-n tkrooa oat of wort (Baa la aayoikar, tkto dopartmoat ?--.k> mor* Otvereiy tbsu charged iMrtftre "k **d lh* ?us?ber dl? annihilated. Bytru.tiOklother^^H we boo# to IM II ???? .-fi '?"?psrmlve pofirof lima, to not nioM bora '* * fl,u'l<htag omdltion II toCM r?". **k4i tbai tbo dim* town aad *111... OOBdIUoo will bo felt; every town ud Ttllaco thro."^.,.^? *rt" *? tat; every j everyd welling thrill *r*11 kt,? shook; for 4dlTrt&lffiff,K"?5 *st Hare wblob ' tbo ^-"'-^..^1 ..7W Many ? bouao la .nnLiT'y0^"^ ??? ??l?f ^rou?b tbo loom" Ly M biaalo; the manufacturer* of ud tb? laoN of rjn^Ti-?^ J1!11 10 ttei' and?rUkliR?, rirMMM naii?2Il2k ><?? f *"" "WtiKjasis; toolbar it may, bow groat to oir reeponsibllity! ANOTHER REDUCTION IN HOTEL PRICES. Tbo propnotoro of tbo Birard Honoo, Philadelphia, fol lowing tbo worthy example of Mr Olapp, of tbo Irarett Home, aovertioe otoowboro that on and nftor tbto day tbo por diem prion of board will bo rodoood from S2 hi to $L no Glrard Booao to tbo toadlag bolel of Philadelphia, aad It* proprietor! promtoe lo matala I to high obaraotor under ITo now regulation of prloeo wblob will bo done, without doubt. CHEAP BREAD, to ben ar Arab flnda that hto wtto oaanot make broad It to a legal ground for dtvoroe. If nob wore tbo law bore bo bakoro would either bare to itarre or to In ereaie tbo tine of their loavea. Unhappily a ma jjrtly of householders la tbto elty are obliged | to depend npoa tbo bakera, who are too qtlek to learn or a rtae la tbo floor market, bat wonderfully obtane no to a decline. n? only remedy for thto itele of tblnga will be found la a tow wblob shall oom pel the rale of bread by weight, giving the baker a fair chance tor profit and the oonaumer the worth of bin money. It wtil ba moob better for all ban do, bo rover, if the bakers will do tbto voluntarily, and ai aa Inducement for thrm tc do no, we reoommead bonotboldern lo pur choro bread only at mob a ho pi where It to nold by weight Mr. Booker odvertloeo to toll a pound of broad tar the eurrent rates of a pound of flour, aad lo make a liberal discount upon thai to pnrohaeoro la largo qnan.ltlss. Thto U the oueayeii bread in tbo world. WORKWOMEN'S MEETING. Bir taafl ano uiokobh dknounomc?ukAStnufl or mar? rrrour tj iokwaiid thi oorstrlctioh OP rr i.UO WORKS. The financial pre mure baa boon the occasion of aovoral m stings of p> if'outer classes or thto community The rop rcAonini'.rco oi the city banka bava amombled fron Ume to Ume at tbo Clearing Houte to (llaouaa tbo question and devtoe meaanrea lo?lore themselves. And now, acting on tbo principle of contraction and anoa promtaiog to aol oa the oppoelte principle, bat not keeping their word, they ?unreeled in not caving tbtmtelvea and in bringing Saaa ctol deotrnotlon on the whole mercautile poaimanltjr. Then again we had, a few dayt elaoo, a public meeting of mar ch ante In tbo Kkahange, at wblob tbo latereiti aad tbo aontlmenti of tbo marohaala wore not consulted; and the npobot of thli demonitraUon wai a civil reqoeit tc tbo Governor or tbo State to convene an extra aowlon or tbo t. - *' - - . . . " "? eeesion or tbo legislature?a requoit which tbo Governor appear, to have olvllly declined. The la?t Utile of all waa aa attempt to get up a people'i ^eetlag oa Saturday erening, la Constitution Ball. The meeting wan asm mooed by the emulation and pooling of placards, of which tbo follow log to a copy KNICXXRBOOKBR MOVBMBNT? PBOri.l*S WBETINO. A Hireling of mrixhant. aaeehan e*. oartm*a, bbvan. aol tai payers K>n?r.i y will be he <t at Convtllu Ion Hall. Broad way, between Hleerker ill Bad ? reeta on HaiurrUr even ing, Oet. IT, at 7.', o'eloak, to take lotocMsMertti ju the pre acut flamdal crisis, end de-iae mnaa-rrrs for the prompt amelioration of boalo*M dlfflsulttea and the prevention of ?af faring during the winter. W munerint. Be wool ? Oaah, A. .T H. Duganne, R M Oe Witt, <1. Boberte. O. Hmltbam, L M. bryee, C. O. LJvtpgston, to *, Tledale, Blteka Seethes, V. R OmmP J. ieeeod, J. H Heed, ' ? ->? Beeaod _ ~~?. Committee ofThir ean. WaMrmtfn^* who ???'>? Mtaoraat of what thto srsssm\rrw jasssfS jsssr is tvn dtoraiud InaMa wb^JiS^Wr.B2252r 11 B0 1.TV**?. to. annaotel ortato, walcb f?m ? g*S.^ te??ummb^i?#a2,*iar0rj*.# ctu " ?? 'f Imitated lb# dry goxii a.u mereiy imitated the dry goiUe men la adopting tbo ery of bant times to draw custom lo ibotr i bo pa Bat tbo attempt of the Knickerbockers was a moot mtoerab e failure. At 7 % o'otoeb there fMtttttt seven peroooe In the oonveattoa room Tnsse were apparently worktoimsn, who had happened to too the potion and hod dropped n They did what tbrv cmM to kill Urns by looaglag on the sofas aad tmok ag oosiy srgars At ? o'clock the number of mercaaom, me teaelce, oar men, laborers aad taxpayers bad cwtadlod down to three. la a few minutes afterwards, bowevor, Mas deaea of tadlvtdaals who hod oom Mlerlag about tbo door oa Broadway striving lo oaitb Pamirs by, oains late the room, aad tbto arcmaloo of atropgu seemed, ny com par'.eon. ,u!ie reepectable It Is llke.y Ibat tae sew tomers vara tbo original (ignore of the ntol?the no mm It MwtlRMb la tbo oourso of a aaort Ume thereafter tbo aadlsoos in* rea*od to nemo forty or fifty poraoao, tow of whom larked like mo<-.aontao. Tbo meeting woo at length organl/irf by the ee'eoiloo of Mr. Jaoob U Tooag,aa chairman, aad Moan. Tladalo aad Per k ua as nememrtes ?2r.ISlm ?***? 10 m# tow PiOHot Tbo otiroN nvtiiaioi i iiooof plsb'i if uia dflteta of Iba OiHLiaUl trota 11* chm of tba prmtal Mate wara proaaaaaad to tM, ton, Ma taddoa act iMMoo or waalth ar apaootamra, art* tag oat of Um Jtaoorary of the * , i of Ctiibrala. aad to oood. tha goaaral axtrar agaaoa of tba p* ?no ftiaailf tar Ma loWar axil waa rotroaohmoat aad rafo> m fho Mat? ; oft atii ?? tbould Sod a romady 'rr Mo abatnt oo mailt lad o? b okera Tbe MM Mr aodaa lafUtim of maraaa lla omdlt waa tbo aoooaragataoat of homa maanfaottiraa (Applaoaa ) Tba Importatioa of arMoMa ibat eaald ba, aa aay tohrablo tar mi, maaaftatatol by Aaaaiioaaa, ahoa d bo oottraly proh<blta1, aad thaa Mr a*ga agaata, Kagltah, Hootaa, trtah, Kraooh aad Gi woo id bekapt aat af ma onuotry Amarloa waa pojmlaik a. aod ahaaJd raoalra aowa. txoaptaunh aa waa daiarmtiad la rama?a brr* patnaaaalif may had Irai to ma at tfea aiaaaitty artolag from Ma aaa amptayoaaai af laborora It waa aattmatad that 30,000 pari ma waa Id ha thaawn oat af amptoymaat la Ihia Mala dortrg tha wtatar Tao ranady Ihr thio rati waa tha aaaaaragamaat of pahlte work a ta tha any. aaeh aa tha aroatfoa of ha saw QMy Bali, Ma laytag oat a# tba Oatrol Park tba eraaUoa of a aa* Pnal Offl w, aad tha ooaafraati iB af tha iblpa af war auborlrad by law Ota grant. By Maaa aaaaaa a largo amoaal of moaay wawtd ha thrawa lata ctroaiallaw. u mar* waa aa moaay la tha alty traaaory, aaa ay ahaoid ba harrowad oparadraa waald ha sat taat la tha dapraooad oaaaltlaa of trada, lo wrrk at radwiad ra aa af wag at, thla ronard'm waald awra Uaa oompaaaatt far tba ladaraal af tha lata. Tha gaaoral gararamaat might da wall ta load to oorporaMa> ? aama of Ma maaay aow raitiog la tha Traaaary. Tha addrraa pranoaad that tba Poatnatator Uaoarai. tba doer* mry cf tba Nary aad tba moratory of iba Tmatury abaald ha appltad ta la rafbr*aaa t* thaaa rarloja aubjocti, aad that r-mailt loon ha apretatad for tba pirpoae oi oar.yng oat Ibaao rtaw*. Tha following raaaiatiaai wart ah RaaoHrad, That aa rrioodi to oar eoaat-j, wa miaowd tba wmmmm aa wall aa moral doty la oar oota.'y, or aelraa and paotarltr, of rafkatalag f<nm < n ry tnon'na of oaofcm ritraragaaoo la oar way af tlrln/ and that, wbllo wa adrooato too froa aaa of oar troaanro a pat moat for rrary aoamaary la th? ?aooorogroiM. af homa tadoatry?wa dapraaata Ma anoaadarlog of maiaa ?paa oahmtauoaa dtapla* or laordlaata Innrtaa?aaoh aa ara imilatlnaa allka or tha m total waa ha aaa aad aolf ladatgasma of fbr-tga trlaioarantaa Ba ol?til, mat a. r rtairaUae ba Ihrmad aa torn at powibkj. ky a. ao.aodw. ?' t OaotraJ (lomrnMtao aad Wa*d tare -tii rnt. i? r U:n ptrpuaa et .too'taming tha waata af Iks roaprotablo ladnatr'ma moMat'T and work lag maa who may aa rtattrloyad. aad p-o-nrtar >ar Mam wark ?hai.?rar prtotlaabia:aad ainatanaa #a-w,ar ??.- aaaary, hronyh a tyti??a o' lota or baatioi'aoa, aa tha organ rt It a mat daiermlao Hoantrnd. mat at "aaotatty la waaitb," waanrlnttaiy ronom stood to oar friaada Ma t'alm aa. tfea ip-ardiag of aprrto ?r too withdrawal of ooa?4tnaa Pea a aad oomiatrritl ibcuiuUom, oaitat iatataarraw-toruia graal d*ty af proyrr ratrmtoaont 'a tbwr lnia'l N aa* rr e'ai mtorco-rta Hranlxod. That ?a oall rpta laa Mrrrml 1 tarda af C( rwirtte* .r tbo < witral Pa-h a?d Cty flail worn, a i<l tt*d? ntbrr wpt-f f aora of oit> ? ara aa tntr hara dlasna paaad atrpk>ylkg oparattrm r ao- ont af tbo iroarot linatrial uamaat, to iw ? immadiata Wopi Mwtoly tao roaowiptloo ir onnamw-m M .f piaa*, ay whion n

mnrh loro tioaa h* ?)? wr aa ba amplayad ? -all ra oaiTo work o n tb?a? ?*ti aod that. If faada bo i? at ?and ad ma tma.Moy ba orgad ta taka a roody me n to ta da prrcorlag. by loao frow tadUldatla or tbo gaaaral yataramaat, tr mo oat moaoa ta aarry aa tha aia?a y RoaoUwI. That Uta PoWoiattor floooral bo argootly rt ariadod that to aoora*niaa of tha Uaww raaoor tbo praiont roaooa aa arldoatlT fl Mag porvn for tao oommaooomcat af Ma MW Pnot (MtflO; and that ha ho aoHMiod In dott le at aeooopoa Ha itto and tab* mmaaraa far tha imaaadiato hoalanlag of tha ?> Idn* Kaoolrrd, Ttm?e dtaormataoaana tha axooaatra aad aa anrnpakwia tptrk of apana'aWoo whbth haa of win yaw* awayed M? oammatrlal oommowMy, aad Ibat, by awodily rebuking the > Walton of lOund dleptaj'd to too ilnlloue rn-nation of omntobaao??wn wVwHI ~h * toiler aeea return .1?? when Iho *o>d of on hoee?t onroklM *?* ?.?.. M hie bonk, end wktn, If oommu.Ool HnnM KM, hit WhMTt -ore rood* wttb beyond puree j,'id , In*tend of lee? log kin to the tnereUa of bnutmre nan ,PfSool?d, That wo deprecate Iho rookMM?I tho*n of Mo >ooro Inttto importation of foreign arbdan end Urn! wo dltoounlenaoee In latrod notion ??'J.?'* oar (moIUoo of eeerj ?necl?n or roroign Drodaotton wblcb oon or may bo reasonably oadoUlutod by the febrlo* or prodoodona of ton Dotted BUtte ,. Hear Wed, Thal"wnen lb* ootiog* la wealthy toe Iron* ?ury to fuU;" end that iboroforo II to alike Ibn duty nod intiveci of coreriotoato end oommonltiee It tuttale e onooaroge U?o honoot, lndooirlou* mna, in order tbnl bio individual indoponoonoo may oonuinuto to die prosperity ^r^maUN iho eddrooo and resolutions wereadtptod The Cbaiuusi tinted Utni m tbo whole tamest wee ojea for dt ouseton, Dm meeting would bo happy to nonr from toy who wlkhrd lo nddre*o II i??wa Mr. Bnown .tapped rorwerd In re.pon?e to toeIbrHn H? >n* imwMilirt 10 eddrrm iho mooting ? woo nooee ?wy bo lato/toat the theories etolr<* ihiteTeatog, ebooW tM airrted Into operation OT tbemiolTO* Bach of thorn ?ho*Id none Ibrenrd nod cooperate in the morenent, or by noting in targe bodtoo. ?o ?? ? lnflaenoe looee who o*ld giro en ?toy meat In oonolonlon, he onlied oaOol. Ssyterte ndirots roe ponded. He wni preteol. betnid, Jr ee n poUUolnn, but ?? n hamote oUe n, KVnTbO toplrntton for publlo dliltoorton nr <)?o ?? iiawlnhed toemtorrg.rd bit remnrkt no too in of a Miortr whoa* hood ^nny winter. "7" uw -eufj] rocrot to? ito? llniliifcd m?ouMWfl St^fw toJtog T towed tbo utter roottomaee. anddia.rv lh5 o/m?MH> to n mntter wtion fflrolrod not onto Uto weMhre of tolt gront oontry, but of on h dnei in the oommonity God of mercy?bo oxolnlnied 1* it Doitlbto thel mob n tub j til oan to eooteinpinled wits tbit ^>M '*?i* ? tokening lodiU'orenoef 8>nndiiig on iho mnrble tlnluet. If I be onll hnd been ad reeeea to tue not ' he might well toPP^tont torfr mt *. tob nvtde would Intnro benrtleoo todUfareaoe; bot b,i ooai no tun w^tUn d bow men who were only minted w.tb con toot nnd protlmity to thto rtnie of ?talworth nrmt here mnde toe wonlth or toeto wmtrJina? teoolnote)? eotild hare shown tola Indlfferonoe zs ^ prrjodlco tgnloit ollk .tootlngo or gloreo, nftf?rt thai rrtmn who WOfkod from 8 O Ol<WC VB ttl6 DUrflUQg Utl ?in ito? eveoU)*. and wtoo tto?n went to ltoe4.rvq?l?t Taer were in n oountry flowing llternUy Wllb milk no? hSEy ?ere wn. no do. _K__ jAn* fkn oonnlry wwm fTW ffO? CWlOUv 01 ?"?# danorlpUon Krtornnl nad literati ime^uMa wn. on toe ^ WM 7.nrl'nJ w"to tottJThe fkct'tbni tlif re were In thin olty 60 000 touli wt hoot tbo meent ct proTl'nf for U?emtelT? breed fw toe n?t fw montht Who woald take onre of Ihete oeoplef Woo wnid oroTlde them bread.' IndliTirml people m'gbt wrnp themtelTM op lathe* own mantel, until, likntoo .dton who allowed bl* onn jo to be drawn into the redid* of Nit 5S?'il^?ff^dtoUto^(Lihto? ) Talit^ow mot Sf w"Jl5" th?* whole ureir?ntto3. <) that he hnd hit the nail on tne bend-that bo rfssw1 a?r. milUblt toe drnton. and If lit fetb were not dmwn out ^i^^^^ri'^C^U.ea.nfdnm. a?f? HVe t^oSri Sf To'w SrTcJfflpi ?? TEfi"peoplt were the ?0LTer rbT s S" * drn??? teeth out Tiny motl Unit ^?ower of eipnntlun In We bnnt. rb*y mutt tny Si'SThMtaffi not ditooun'. more tknn,hr^ , fw et* dollar of fpMto to their n .'.to fm> btnk* | K! nhtoatoddbtpn^pid to toe deepdwm o' cnplt.l Toe ^S5 ?ito ?wJJftoknUnlf mSdapJeotila?. u toe -f nauti*l than were to M found la <bo 01 World Wh^wero sol tot (toop'a here proiu inU ; tielr rlgbtt Iter toe nldlepatod cvlfl?h a letoornojt L-h item tonal S.4nrfrrt on toil platform ?take oot tne d tgm't teeth tonrV H ?e bankt. like toe worn* in ^TreTU0, be a neoc*.a., netl, but tm. oa. KSTtoSk ^nSt to too omlr mMf tor toe ,.?ton !!2rn2S eftoln ek# ooafatoad to a fee wtnkt S^tiT nmlont of $12,000 000 #br, .aid bo, klH s. sss. ?-??" w - thrcigb toe ordeal they would agato P y and toey and teel rem? e?t potteri.y would hare tot g nu IWteUon of ha.nog tola oouatry at Tit toad of toe frrt aad tire bow# of toe hrem. Oow.iueet of three ware wtot^lVJ *;i7 -mt on Postmae er r^aeral Brown, to re orer* > imw I'oet Offlm; m wait oe the Oommlitloo wt of u# r^Iu^l'ar. aad of toe Olty Hall fcJ; nad n Oentral Jom ?litre to orgartor toe wnrdnifor ?ggwg'g* (to motion, the nddret. wet ordered to bo giree i?r v ^l^nputawn itn"ea on the people to organise to tot. SS r.isr mssw? 211 22112152 belteret that to. working mt. aad oneohaaM were a power to toW olty u#a-iof toe tit meetlaf ndjoemnd, Wme* afain at toeoniior tn. Oentral OnmwlHdd ______ PEOPLE'S MEETING. Tb? paopla'a meeUag was held on Sunday gftnroooo, ? thrtn o'otack, at Uatoa Ball, la M? Bowery Mr. Teaeey ooaaplad Mm obalr, aad Mr I. Oommorford look ths Weed lo opaa tba dbcnmloe, ay a half bow leetere, aaMTba i u?'D?a? aad (lnaaetal troubled of tha UmaaHa aald ? Within iha apnea of a Taw day*, wa hare mm oar oaaatry ooaxoleed with Iha vMtaMaa of a tearful breaking op a* M oaotoasary bnMaam, wltl all tba aaaatlal MWH> af prosperity aad happiaaaa with in oar roaoh, yat a blight faotaao ittelf a poo every arooao of trade, aad a te?er1eh paralyaia perradee tbo pobllc mlad. la attempting to noire Ma problem that baa lad to the rata oMh haa overtaken Iha Iradlac oeamaatty, It ap paaro aa though moo bad loot ibatr aeaane la tba daattag oat af tdaaa In rotation to want baa p'aduiet Ihla Bmaoial aria la were lo no profwaloa or roiallaa la whloh thorn lo not taaad nem? wtlltao aaroonlhw who relent* ly at ? naiaa to probe aad Paratope tba origin of oar Baanaiai embairasemeat. from Iha ma'UpUctiy of 11 wire rare la thta Sold of aaalyato la ad aaoa, not itoM taiao ton War of tba got pal thane mne, lo tbo te'rer of their reel attribute oar preennt oalamllr t? tba lawrpaotOoa U PrOTidoBM. They aar that tba wlokedaoee of tbo people baa eallrd for tba riarotra of hi* wrath, wnboat aay rftort In aaak out attbor tba com martial or flaaartaJ aaonoo of thta oataatrepbe. laaaa men proceed to attribute to Ibo B roar nor of I so W.irld tbo ata ootk'B of aota wbtob bare haaa plaaaad by thane whoaa lotcrentit la to mta areata-e ?rata ma waereby tbay cat lira at raay npon tha produce af tba labor of Mm poo >lo. f?a tbo men to whom I alia do at la oetriovia la in raatigetlag Iha clreamileeoee that hara pro tooad tba eiiaong aula of tblngr, at tbay ara ready to profane ar hrl ig be'ore thatr bearera in? tar r mi intan linn of in- Hetty. I aaoald not be nailed upon Id notice tbo waakaeaa, If not tha wtogrdanna, af taetrooodod lnataad of betray tag a proa n mot a mi arrogance la attnbaling nor ulefortoaea ta oi? benea mat Parent, Ibey tboald J*a ta am general I*" ar em Wag Iheakfulaees far 'ha teror ho hat to bmiatlf ill bail iord la tha tail gathered! harrnet af tha aaaann. Aeoth* niaaa eharga that tha reeahloa la aalaiy attrlbot able to the antra rag aaoe of tha people Hum omSoe thu to the apper otomeo; hot thta la nnjaet, en they atald not rpead the raai aaaoutt of aaoaer It la aald wo awo ta Et ropaaa oettaiinto la the 1 m haplr <d at llloot n o?t it I eh'Id tbo mnaanre af iha laielt'raeoe ?f ?n* a a km mrji ?nt faopla f'-*ai Knia'a, faae irjtin/'agthadtataa t>e maetiawy by wbWMi eaeh ?n?e*ii'a?oi adrtvee aaoar ta nt uu be natural adraniagre of a oo> try might be aeotratl. 1 by the apblanraa of ariiSrtal ag*n ctea i.' tha hand? of at'Ifel manage a la Je?l'>ig wib ihla nooatry. Phe aoni? ua floor d aeote i tba mt * rial armr of oar correal* n?e men that the la. atag a-ii dapraan'ng principle of metaa i<ia, to obMb a email note rorroecy la aror t brattng upeaa toa pi oar tareagn wuJh tb? naa n "ga npoo on th* toe noafal a jo atiaa of noadao leg Ute lajptogao pr ???% of 'o aa aa oibaoa lag ayt em iftrade Mr Ciuiaacfofd Uton went aa to anew ai r the ggmlff bad baao injured by baa* of tb*ongb Ita am >11 note '.man, and explained at eagth Hi effwwa lo the-flf far ant phanon af aipaaatoa, nmiraottoa aad rarnl ooa. firm* aha an mom on riewaoaa nad at*u#t?-? rrom U>? wrltlnga af rm'ient polHMal eomoml la, aol a brief aeaoaat af tha otatmHodaa of taa baaklaf a-a a a of Krglaat. Krary reaeoaabta ata. aald be. ortiratly Mba bow Itooatea thai imaki are like I'i mtanfal tiatet beat*. Itabia la aiap^aa aadrtjioai .n ; aw will nm qoaatloaara ba pot off with tba fnoHth an 1 am <id aaioer tea; taa propte oaaae Mam ta aortal their i?a*t -r to that ?ha r doora aad rafaaa a meet that' Vanntlm fie wonld tak aar peraaa bow a bank, If Ita hnat.iem hi via touted wHb p-t aaaea aad haaeoty. ana pomibly h>mwvi aabja lo boiag rataot throofb aay emtiagaaor. Mr (X gara, lo addMMa, aumemaa ataUthoa, sad olosad su -?s^rs. ^-r-riiiT.urg^ IrwM.rihu a, Oj it* h?**r (*',**'? *b J' Sszii'ss^ar""' ?? ~'???? JDr 8?f DtiMe fji!ow?d Ike teoturer h? compllm<<i<?i We fira*tnem end holooeta la approtoblag Uie que'tloi bsfomae, ah tmuga he bed shown ? ill le bit eraoss of e aBictoU-m, mora hap* than 11 ra aT? tor eo re IIokI a STZZZTSl V b9ttm99ir c cos. loo to ISO lecture fa Btd 08 *0 1 - ?'^ - ? r1->C?" 0f ""** ? ,h? o^rgf foe e rak er tana ooa eased that hi* own rniod had teaded of jehje toward* the Qalhoua dootrtnt, that the .oven "T *u!2i rT.raed the tea., goUmid baft H. hS? m tt# poao,?, ",Bi *M *? teadltf geaera'lr. ? fui ? ori,to P*?P'* were Doginnlg ?"? UT0:. ~ ?*'*2 I JTrKi^rLTV*"' wouJJ t". tn.'r UMl V?? ^?'t pf ? govern <s.*nt oank wae not eo ta,f Bucbl?<"-'. " lwo>rr,p.ia?*r STSLT&S2 "Eft 2S-?S2 Sfb? JETf to *? tt VISSfJubiiSoT????? dafta'de^'th? 10 ?* '*oW' "d Ideal curmnov ^tnrH..^ M t"? ultimate bard o?S22?r WM on*f'?*!?!? all the Kr?paper one wae becoming * (lxad KsSSS r sr: -8-Wm^ sr45r?ra!are ^br wofuija" to^Ta ??"ttem.o who held lhal la /v. boUo<nofU&9 present crista Ha fiaaiff ^MMaf?'hthr,iteh<>'IOI!.g0dof W"' ?* e^-the 0" udrld!??dth!b!!!5* om<** of ?" Chrl.lcqd.m. aaiyidlcaied the keeping of a sarploa la the public tree JtSSUST"* " flf* to bo ran mod THE SHINPL ASTER SYSTEM REVIVED. Wo ihal, taking ad rentage of the c lUlcuitle* la the floaaolal world, a number of the grooera and saloon keep er* in the oitj hare resorted to the itaue of those tickets popularly known aa ahtnpUstara. If a customer bands to one of these dealers a dollar In payment of * bill uf two or three ahllhsgs, the balance will probably be banded to bim in the shape of pasteboard llcaet.. each reprewnUog a particular nun, and redeemablo only at the establish ?Mbt that tmnas Uttm. Thla ahlnpl.atar ayatem wa. mach la rogue here In 1837, and its or eight ytar. wer!!ttert7m.taMo^mp<1WK ,0,relty or ,lw#,> thcr pui isx fCrcutmton ir^o. but to i modnMt* ?hat the public is tally aware of Ittevite ru^iokl are vary liable to be lost and are of no am whaterer e?f ">?? ? We store or aaloon who,Tthe, hilii. efTh1" ?7*1? * 00B*lderable rlah Inrmrredjm the lie' psjTneat am"eB' 10 ,*0t ?P ^sn.^ t DOT ?te22&?!l!B 1?l.e,onM "0,r fbr ? w'brn lotbla CllT (t!h. ,,*1 there Is no acarotty of speole In e in ^ tout ?r0 "su^ry. there IS abuadaooe of oard nations hT?*? U>? B,0,' 000Tejl8?>1 'lei ml i?.vjz and dtffloniiies enough without being a0rjened to thlssd iXZolZXZ ,fUl"! - ??; *cs ei^.n oi^tn. offl^fat^Sn >?e UmporarUy mmedled by tne use of Pas; oflloe st.mps These aro oI various ralies?one ttirm* At. ten and twelve cent. The stamp, to bT^e Ukely to be lost as the shut plaaisrr, bat tber ?are the ad ran age la Ihie, that they are worth any eher# UW mm Oiu.L irtnar came to be mooh need in ih?wTte.?T SSll^Uw,^*?.0,,hO,Ii* ,Mp* '??? would a oorrceponding dlmlontlon. We do aa^e'terMmuS.J1 8 "f arcemlty for shin pi^? or circulating medium, bat at all ertnta, let t"e SL VSSl?SSpIUa whM>"u# mMoM 'p? THE NEW PAI.ATIaL MANSIONS. It la Qapt Tusker, or tbe London pa -.ket ahlp F'ateaUne and not Oa?l. flnkhaaa tsho la bnllding tbo new house corner fhir.y eight street and yourJt aronna, maatloned la Us Bskslo on Hater Jay morning. INDIGNATION OP THE DRY (;00D3 re tailers. TO Till BD1TUR OF TBK BVRSLD. Nlw Tosk , Oat 16, 1M7. I think the meant praelioa or aaroral wholaeaso jobbing honam la this olty should nail forth yonr usual readlaass lo protect the Injured, by eondemalag tn the severe* terms, thrvigh tbe medians of jour joornal, thaee naprin dpled person* who are net only Injuring the retailer, bet at tbe same time bringing disgrace on the jobbtn - trade gene rally. Tbe legitimate retail trade no doubt suffer, oonstderably r the false earocnoesnsbt of these j jti'.ore le sell their goods at aa enormous aao-iflje for oaak, when la reality they abialaia proil oa every article sold; but yoa am lb?*? bird I tin oh per?OBs ire cmhIIv i?<i in *mn T?Tu Wbtr? r>?fr%iM who ?M-D| goodi 1? ^?'r *%CT> meke tber [-are^JTu t>r ma bo lo ver toaa atatllar arttotea mar be obtained at la the rraraitabte .sail atorea. M *?w'!?PP*B| 10We eommuaMy to ladde, after tbe fecta wkde kn iwb lo them, bow far this practtee aatm I be ynj IS tt DOS aapftaatplsd aod a.fSr 7^ tae* ysbbera, an* r avUlag to the retailer d trlag the teasoo to "X Zr? JTull a ,m rt4L*#r oI w'mr meeaf ib the eyee ef tbe boaeravle aMrcbait it ta m*. temptlbte. aid those bouses that have reeo ted to theee ***** ahoatd not be ciiwt rcred pm agvt Uetr cteu n>e sttentloa of ooaatry merehMta th sit b. -"?*- * to a pmctloe tthksh la hkely to la fare their trade this rail rr,an5'.Etfl?: esse'jxtrsi*'** uS'SK.VAa.'"' ?? ? -*? ??? A KffAll.tK UN BROADWAT. PAPER CURRENCY OP OTHER HTATES. MUriHD AT THE H?W TOBK OkRAblMB HO' rtA. At a meet'ng of the Clearing Hoane Amootattoa, bald m Marttf laat, the foUewiag preamble iM leeolouoea m Wberyaa, H baa bona deemed gpadlmt, daring the in panel oa of ?pacta i ay mania by lha barki la lha city, u noalra aad pay out at par the note# of (ha baata la thia (MlMMMfiMlVtllMliiaNl aal leant of Wieaooa at the Clearing Heaae aad wharaaa, thare la apectaJ feager at Ihli lunnra of the aadaa aipatuioa or pater currency, particular r of tea baaka of thosa ?at?a vbtch a a not, Ilka I hoe a of Saw Tort, reatrtoted la the aaiaataf laetr by naoerltlaa riqalrad by lav; aad wtarnaa, tba aid aid medtt of oar alty baaka nlU natarai ly An weight, la raoUtmitag lha alrealeat-m of a act toauaa, aadar lha pri?laa of laoMealal bnantla? therefore. Remind, That H ba raanmmaadad la tba baako nomnoa lag Ihla Aiaoomuaa to dnnltee reoalelag aay new nr mat v lb aa agroamaat la radeam at par lan aotaa of baaki aol of ibla State, at laaat aaUI the raoumpuoa of open a pay Raaotved, That a prla'ad oooy of Ibla raaoioUoa ha for ?tahad to each cf tba baaka of una aaaoaaNaa. 81X1018 01 THE C&18I8. DR. CHESTER'S TniRD SERMON ON THE KINANCML CRIHIH. MAN'J VAT I* Till TAMIL AND OOD'S VAT OCT OT TT Aa Immeaia aaag egatoa oto-mblod at lha ebaroh of ?be Parttaaa, Uolaa tq lara, laat even tag, to tWr thd Rao. He Cbavna'a tblid lormoo oa lha ortate. Tta aab)nei war '? Mui'a way la the panic aad dod'i way aot of li" The pcrtloa of Hcrlpiara oeleoted for lha analog'I loot ire ?M tha otory of Jonih aad the groat flab that aval avad him la tha pra>ae tha ranrawd | eatleiaaa in ppl tea lad pa'doa fbr tha aatien for harlagUra?d jedgmmt lam wormwtod? ror baring preferred lajoitlea, teHUhnean aad aapadlaaey to jtillea, tnth aad tba dlrtnn word, aad rar having obeyed lha drrat (tvad) lieciatoa of lie aaprnme Ooart. aad Itemed lo tba varda af tha ChJnf Meglatreia of lha ant ooaaaalllag obedience Ba pray ad that tba arm af lha oppremor might ba broken, that the oppreoaad might go free, aad that aooo tba autraga of ilarary woald be naknar a lo tba load. He preached bla aarmon fro a tha DOth ohapiar af lialah aad lAth, ISib aad 19th raraaa ? Tor thai eatth lha T ird Hoi, the Bod af lerael la ratera eg and real ahaM ye be earod; la <i jlavaeaa aad la noatdeaoe ahull he a rength; aa I yd voald not SotyaaaM aa f.v ve #111 ilea apoa baraaa; there'v aral' ya See, and, we will ride up?a tba awlft; tharafore ? ball Ihey that oureoe yon oeaetft AM tharafore will tha I/wd van, that ba may ba g*a ntooa ante yn, aad taerafora wW ba ba ? killed that ba moy ham merer ?ei yoi; far ibe Let la a Bat of JoOgmeal; Mnud ara all they that wait Ibr blm. uod ba laid, did art imiot vlltlagly, bat frr oar profit, and If wo repented ba voald bora many. Tba Ukt aomawMi ed a retire ante Bod, aad ooatdoaM la blm ltd a honed tie ?hjeet of Had Ia bla mdgmaat Al, poo lea toned oa aa*? all ooaldaaoe ta Bod Una had wl'.b flod'a promtoiory a Ha onliilnral aaoartty la blaaaelf Be that apared aot bl? ova aoa. bevwaait ?aai he noaid not gin n. ill tnioga t la galat aad ooafld?ooa naa man'aatrargth. ftna tma?i?ery ooafldeaoa wa good oa an Ulna Rot ta ooatden?e la Hod there wa aotoiag I vagi nary, bat a downright oetoel y poita waa tin am ley that oraroame the world Bad waa toaohlag oa (reel leaaooa. It vaa vM by the eiaa of abtnu. ear tba rmep HOB of areola paymaata that man wooM bacoaea rtah, bat hiaeiid lnvrntoiooia 18 tba ?aeiii lM wbi h (M ?l2? m ?11* Wy?*u?* "f f !? Not m I"*'?.?* ?*u- " lha nation wrni h again m N mM >n ud from Ood'w anal *? raid* ^ ^ r"?edk*nor d??oM'? "th1" 4o*0,, 0#aM ?* Aotnlo >0? ?"'fl n0r "Mm* lha i) la MM. rtiDM iMtJu. >kUa I'll, the work of th. onit l of ihl ^? "?ud.r. II wen ra1???"" ^ ??.m d wore it not mm T2 z? iw?yir?!""am tar '?-r ? T mLm l?r Of the DfttfOD WM mnii an a# ?'wW* of Individon? II muowod that tbo <5?Bta2T5 '01 to individual. WM u? dtwMia, of iheuettSi? .?'" f*? world MMttiM oooid only r?ii o(E?\T<i I SjMiM* PCooofoMoa. J2V?2 world Ohf that you hod known God'a w>roi Aad whr SSlVtZr* B'?*0,e J?? woo Id not listen to the wot ? of God ? Maaiitr more wai a oertalniv in l**.'. .ff?. *l,d J"d??oota. roe retnboiioa waiah "ff*1. !?^? ln "Ming wm the -ere tore aad fatel The w J. A, . P09** *?Tty; olow hot ?u ? wao hit atouo Why dll not omb look W ibo bainry of Why did notour t la teamen re, a d l.f t^lumwTuZ teim. wo* k Urn m-r? ielwra hod ill grmi oonalnlr of r tin ho loo. All the world wm la a,Z7 m.d?1 ThocxarcUM of ttod'a ueilenco .an rhortor now th eir* r tiefor*?hU rotrlbu loaa quloker. Old |? Mortaotna . * word ware oartaln Judraaaata ageicot nor?in -?->---* crying ilM?aatoafat the K tier bain g thepwvr-aa or jacimoM Thaflrana ha ami? we*nr^i2?.? thai tlalurd Ik a fold a of our national ermine?the m aJ T man could laay Den, v a ibat Mod would loaaar to aMtl taeio tntquittei? Aootbar of our national ?'"i wm (ukmiii ZX23l2'u?Ln*bV otapnitof Um fo *most menotxra of tbo Criu oh cf (?hr*at Atlarwarda all holder. of *to,k I. 1**2 StoiSli&21 [ partloii aaa la Uila or I mo or*tn L l ute?n ok at all too awlnJltng aad abetting of rai-road niraotora ?ad at- O'jobhova, and lha preoeoi dap'onia'loa or railroad ?took, aaa pat thia and thai to. eiaar Woat Ood rooalraa f on an lndiridoal aad from a aadon la rrpaataa w. rnaw Hi, uf.??* "'J1"""1' udUI (i* would mm ibo natio? f om Ita at a. The Onolral amrr'oa oaot do?a to airito of U* ? eat maohinory, a d otod booauao of It wMn W oraaed to wcrk; icd U01 oonfd ntjul^b Uia U ilied 8i?im it ihmerlC* 5" M ke oaill B?od a taipiota bottvm in ho a rent heart 11 lha uroo ? and tha manninory of the fojeruirent waroagatDit b.m. taaro -rat bat una ialn? thai ex u|i aa*? the oountry, and that waa tha faiiafoi an Plication of 'Jod'a -ord: Md anon m STmTSSJS ..?noto,o?on.U^M.Io.t. mlnlatar of Ood'* oiuroa for aaaalitng a rurtloular Iniquity, ihay ?0r? woiraa In ?borp'a clouttn?. m,w war. propa.ti of a aod '"'l^rr 0r'ed P~~' " ?l' whrn t.^ ^ oo p?aco If mrn would arert the any or of (iod Mar "*?/??? ?l. ward aat ob.y hi.TmmMdm.n2 Taia i a Ion <*ad only to do Joitls#, tar. ntrrcv and tmi Snt^" r1? *mol- tha' poor ?7n, y.;i% foS? Mi taf!k t T rhl* WM 004'? wut Om Of Ibo (11B coMm ibat now hotel >h. uattoa. They moat Or?ak from Ihalr l.tquUiM b, y ?.roy u, to."T MdaJadT Thei mernnantt waro to o? iec, tak'ng th. ^ \m ,^a mattr r I,et m?'i locrM<. Ibelr oculriOolOmi . nut. nni or .ratftud. to Ood rn.? reMnl ? men <o think of tha laai great rial WiJni T.h ? u? 2'rta r?lJ,,,T,ed b v 0h,1,t ?i to.. aj IhAU II !i^L 11 p'OIM " m%* lf hM ku'o tbo wholo world and lota bta own aoil, or what ahail a Uie in ei charge for hlaioulf" 1 "" SERMON BY THE RKV. CHAS. E. HARRIS. Hid molltio.n or ran can it-?rate ouoriaa amih TOCKACr,BTC. Ywterday morning Rcr. t hat. K Harrla, a Ohrlatlaa Jow, and put or of tbo Jehn street Mothodlat CpUoopa> ohurrb, deltrered a dircaurM nggeotad by th. pre?n> i naoclai 'crtola. Afu r Tiry appro print, latroduciory drrotlonal exerelMk, the rorerend genllemaa tatd hie tent would he round In Proverb*, 33d chap, aad ma Laai (lauao of the (th >er?e "Forrtcbea certainly make tbemaelvM winga. tbey flyaway m an eagla toward heart a. ^ Urn Mid no language could more beaaUfnlty fig ire lha anoer tatn pianviil a or wealth than the wordo he hat jint read they take to thenielTM wtngn aadfthey fly away. Al'i taroogb ibo Bible would bo found paauagM, whloh for Ihelr lor re nee* aad oomprahMflro char actor, oonlan ? VMt amooat of expaaalre truth Too moat oanal obeor rer or the anerod book ooald aol flail to pa rostra that Ha ocnania woro inggMtod ?r tinged by the past or pra te nt relation* of the HrM of th* nnthora. Thotpeaker then dilated la ? eloquent manner upon tba ahkraoierla lloa of tha iMd'ag aothrrn of the It bin, sapodaJly -p^n ho poMical talent of David and Bolomoa. Imigtnatloa, ?aid ha, rtrvee a very good purpose ta aard ttmea. Bo had hoard of pooplo being oared by Imaglealim. . great deai of fhlth la ? y kind #r medic, .a mixed with imagine Ilea tfleetod a cure. I? author of the text wm otevMod high tn a worldly poeltlou, and bo shtM him, who bad drained l*o cup or afflioiloa, In iMtruot no. H? oouJd bM loll ibo aaturo of Ho dreg* Uod oont moo tn man to rrouih m him to am ?uoo; a d too foot thai .2 mT2w2 -on . id not La rati data th. troth -Mhle ^ drilr*i of w.aMh wm not ooobaod to tMomm u ? to ta? 2"i h"110 ?" P* P*o and nil hmo*. It orUmnt ?o"ou"1"0- -oir^ imbi iBbtidt.1 la biBii MiQf# Ii if i0fi in >ba fkjpv w Uhaa and ua*Uo balk leg of the youth of iwofva *um vw/t'Ji? ^ h0*r' of t^o auoooiifaJ moroiMct the rkh purtuo W acd the poor try tn 'ulto. nil U t* ?? ?lypoM' ?W*t rmrM ulfMHl homaga U t* .or ?hipped mall .anda wtdkat a ? tog a tamp- aad h7 mi oIm*m w'.Jwui a ilngio bypoctta a ?J.. -T-- h'^}' ertlM migat t? found In the worahlp of tfod, but .11*0*0 m- wo^bii PM uoaNh ba waa no hypoorlM rl^k prkiUood It bain armlto, aad tor tto Mwlloa* bom ccmba of human viotlma. floomiag ihoohlidiia dreamt of the phtuaopbw'd aumo, M aaptrm 10 tara tea gl ibo tu.if m o goM. Kvory mtXm m. ^2 idol. In wao u l? pMMuro, In atharo giorv m oih.m| "h.ay, la ouro Mammon Ha tkrost'LtaWu hot- of bon(? smo, power, pride, and ambition around allioclaiy. whUoeocleky mrair bl. for a ahara of h? fb .wt1, kv** ?Chrlot ana .bo profmo to b. lay tag up Woooor. 11 bMvta, bav. j ila.d th. general metoo eat are W?alt?. u alike the barbtoger of good ut the fu?.moa.r iiik'J?m'.,".TdTU.,"r* &l"d - -tth the aoAaom or a ?ilkworm ? web, and ?quecz< m with ibo dooMi wedM 01 en rnmerotfal creditor It hatta a ipfleaoM of l.totnT u c*a ?ear* tbo doapot on hi* thorny throne, and burl honor end intooaoe* from tbo aM*d?l of virtue u an mod ine or.nan tad malts Ibo widow'* boari ia?m --- *#d ,n,,h Old Mvltl/ailoo lo hoirgh?d bMibeoOe*. Ah?a array sd oa tba MOo of ngH* a<*0 ho>4 iraibM. whb toUy, vtoo and -a,'thorn in umpb ids m gh>ia*t aislirct* oow balaro lm goo, u* ?ftrace ail poi?icphy awvii tba rank* of h. dwakM tb. -or. bo Kmw,ul .I.e. bw m2. m!T?!2r2rt lowd *n?i cougbt. -ben be hi ire bl* ?m?M crcmbla lalo baakiuplry, and aft) tm - webad wMbM the dungacn of penury K,ea Kiaga gweor 'h*lr alirg aooa OM ?uppllaatly mk bl* purooagt A. btu ?'I?I lha mua rf i?uth Amanca are exwlorod and Uattfcraia and aunt, aha era atlr- .to tg mpW r!e tory. 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