Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1857 Page 2
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1?n lii *xol??ioc ?( nooing bat povertv It I ?if wot ad* ail virtue, right, boa or tad retlgloa, but If a ?at ha* (Ot cold he stay go lat) ' food aortoty " Whoa are apeak at "ealrci eooiety ' to oommon parlance, wbni do wo laaaf thai tka people are vary religious, Uiat U tiip w?w?li|, aottnpaajroT young oaea met toge ther to Improve ther minds, a harmonic aoito .v No. We mean Mm society of the wealthy. Tliore ta a colflah artatooraey ta oar midil. and too maay people b >w down to it Tbey eay "he la making money, ' anl ta tietr alow he ta approaching to Mm Creator hlmtotf rb>* it a orroaf ataadard Ooaaequeally whoa meaty woe the standard of peatttea. the pouplo weald hare money, aad wboa they eoatd mot get It leglttaiately they had to pro our* It anna |how; aad hence the oraeh A man. la my humble estimation, who baa only twenty d>Ua<* tn the ortde, wide ororld, aad laya thai oat In marohaadtaa aad pais hit paek a poo hte ah sullen ti m ire bomorab a than the feat yoaag man who Bves tn K.fth a venue, and drink* obampagaaat octet;'a ex pent e To erect a fabric ol pur mat en t and IntarnaUohal commerce, truth aad rtghteouaaoaa mast cooatllntatta oondntlou. The Re*erend got tinman went on to my that he wv there to hold ap the mora! of the preieat financial embaraustent, and Uoalcate the ieeeont which It taugh,. The millionaire ot j eater day wae today a poor uaa. Thle wat not the mott afllcUve aeprct, nor where tie blow wat feu the mowt It wae hard to suspend for a eeaaon a laoratve butina**, bat much border to be suspended from the meant of obtaining dnt'y food. Upcn the Mandlcs and untnflaanttal poor tbtt calamity fbll ? ttb crashing weight. The panic prat ted the rtob, bat pinched the poor. If the merchant wat compelled ot-m ore horte Instead or two, or noae at a)', It he would ride In the siege initaad of hte carriage if be reduced hit household expenses and re treaohed In everything, what harm would be donti tfuoh good might rot nit from It. It wjoil makt him and hit fkmdy wtaer by leacblnf them let sins of eooaomy;bat with the poor retrenchment wet star ration In oon~4a aloe, the speaker gave tome wholesome advice to the poor. Among the htate thrown out wore th?following:? The Scripture aaith, " Take no thought far to- airrow." Beware of despondency 1?ditva u off ai yo* would the agte. The tlrst ulaat or the burrtoane le generally the mdeat Seek and pray, and keep n good heart. IT one thing fhtia, another may net Hard ilmee era overcome ?ot by Bitting open n puttier J. mo; tag, grumbling end crying, hut by being up, alive, laathlng and dotcg. Toe door or pareevtrauoa often lead* ts toe halls of etlUenrs, and always to plenty If n live tbocd onanct be omainou tn mm army, bnve Yankee spunk and Ingenuity to seek tt another way. Nothing In nitre-paotfnl If honest, even to n newsboy or ahoebltck? while wealth, gotMn by dlt boaaoty, Is mran and no*-ardly Tb'ugh it [be In gold and ouahloatd in velret, honest men onnoot aflord to be be Idle, for the world need* tbem too mnob D.ligeacs no a inrifi sad p rteviraaoe aad goKid fencer have ovemme maay dtUlunl Its, and ran yet. Fvery victory on the battle field of Hfe (Ire* musnlo tad tieew for mightier ceoqaeete. Herd timet ooly demand herder biowa. Tke ehel) will break tad ecauir a o mnucopta of rick blontoge upon tbo energetic laborer. Never give no I- It it wteor and better Always to hope, than once to d.e-alr? Fling < U the load of doubt's uaokerlng reUo t, And break tte dark spell or tyraanioal cera. Never give op or the burden mt> atak yoa? Provid- nee klrdly bat mingled the cup; Anil tn all plait or troubles t'lhluk yon, The watchword o: Ufe must be " Ntver give up Ne*er give up; there are obanaei and r has gee, Htlplug lie hopeful, a hundred to one. Acd tBrough tbe chaos H g i Wisdom arrange! Erfrturrcti. f you'll <>oly hope on Never give rp; 'or the w'seet le btldent, Knowing that Ptovldeocu m'nrl r tbe cup, And of nil mt\lmt the h?e?, nt lbs oldest. It tbe arntebword ofNeier gtve up " Never give up, tborgb ibe grape rhot may rtttir, Or "the full tbcnfe cIojJ over yon burtl; dtnad like e rock, acd the t,o?m ?r the battle Little shall harm yoa, tboagh doing their worst. Never r<ve up; If adversity presses, Providence wisely has m ogled toe cop. And the bett counte! In all ?oor dtetresioi Ii the stoat watchword of "Never give up " A VIRGINIAN CLERGYMAN ON "THESE FAST TIMES." Tair ihi tux vobk oruot?tbx masiko I OX 1DI H COV Il COMING OF CITH18T. the Kov Mr. J: Hi Bkat, of Cnmbrr'and. Virgin'.*, tie Lve-eJ a diiconrte before the Belheida Bapliet church, in Cl'ntoo Hill, Sonday aTtrtooo, at 3 o'c'ooh, on "God In tbmo faat iimea " Tbe text wu taken rrom the autoenui cbiptrr end third rerte of 8t Matbew ? 0 ye typocmea, ye cui discern tbe fane of the iky, bet car yon cot decern the ngnicf the t.mea Tbe ipeakrr epoke libetnnt'.ally <? toliowa ? My ti ten, on on tbli orca on le to apeak of iheee fait, and cfGod In ibem Ferine laet thirty yoara, I re member, we tare bad annual exciteaenta about aome iking?cow the oomtsg of the end of the world, tun the coming of a oomet aa In Jane lait. God haa oauiod all their things to try men'a comctencee Tbe?e atrange t.mea ' Uteaa na.t timet 1 theae ?oaderfnl time* ! Tneae are eaprem'oaa In every body's mouth, which atgnlfy aomeuung Itke It la?tbe y eat orogreta of men and thlnga ; the great b aat of the world. They are very charanertatic of UUs age What flf.y yeara ago waa never dream at of by the aageet phllcaopheri, ta uowramJiar toonr ohtidr Wo r i have arrived at a great crtata, bnt the great heart of human pragma ta not yet eaUatied ; ita dally p ,l*e la beating hlgner, higher; Ita great heart haa Jaet gut a taile and tonga for aotnethicg more; ita great ayee r Ml and glare tike lire balie for aometbtni else Thta reetleiaaeea 'J not a dieeooe that aMllota owe hare and there?:t u a ornaomlog flame that aflliete be vbola nation. Go where yon will It la frond ; all la buatle, ell la nMee, all la itrtfe, all ta ooafoiton. and the die of Beoel ta tta never oaailrg naeeo. Forty and fifty mliea an boor u getting too alow for na to travel nowaday*. Tweiva da)a la far loo knj to be going acroaa the Atlantic now I wont and 1 elll la the decalogna of the day. and hence the eonafrjaeac ?; to in tak? tima to Uunn of coet< laenoea; in re r we, thoy a e d!arega*ded 1 want, I tiiuat and I w 11, la the word. hence tb? pnblta cry la ?'go ahead. *'? put on eleam," till they go right through draw aridgm, ngbi through whotacaraof meeting train*. Jaai put on ateam, plteon tbe wood, othere have goee throegh. aac we may go too. and away ire go, and, Kbravtw where tha wa land Oi.oa wa meat g>,40, ad N pita an hour, bat baik' there lee grand anoaib op, care roll over cart, as '* over oc.-f*. Kara moment the act dent iaapokTs about, but the lot t or time aeetna a great dra mere loan he lie* -t Ufa; beo-a they cry ''B?i Are," "more aw a " We tn tat have toe f Wirt' men, the faateti coraea, the 'aateit* and toe faiiot dy nt til at all g > tumbling lato the g are, crying 1 more Ire at : morrateax. Come with mo bebtnd tbe ourtt'o a lit.I* while, and hoc at God at rrlbg tb>a* laat time* an 1 overruling Ibe * hot* fur Ibr acr n>fl.?nm-te of t'la eada I.-t m wanoe at'ht? (ante Now, whoever euipwcieo tcei'ji toa< an)tt tng to do with Utla pan c i od baa |aal a* much 10 d i wltb ibe i*bic at be na I to aeuolng me rain laat erreh Tata world it like a great wip, tn whl hGodiatae note, aoverr'gn ind ail atiUictent -oir minde', and dot', waya ait* at me bcai, guld'og It vlth perfect earn God ?aw thl* gn at ration i.k-< a ihip at aca, ronniag before tbe wind, crowding all aaii, and rusnlsg airtight down tnto tso gulf of deatrnet on Toe* i? ) M bow God locked at thit nation before the pa- Ic He rvime* out of bla plate and raju, ' ^h p aho) ' eh-et tbcre, lake In oauvana or you art lott, and rua eioae to me wtna fori *bi ? " Now, tblnc what you lice about ibia pamr that la tbe whole tocret of it, and It ataada ua tn ncee to run aa o oar to the wind aa p aa.hie toe i am' time to com* ime, in turalog during tne etorn. we lo*i arm* r>< ibe top rail*, brl wa era beter wttaooithem. By thia tig'ra J mean that oar national rooClrwaeaa aid cxiava?aaoe ta ? bretuot ua ? Una had God ta mercy ta fbbuh ug aa for U Tee tw i great en mat cf the eg- are doaieajr ixtra-agaooe aid oomrtier etal gamh' >c Tn*re ia h'ge preaau e at boar, high pr'aaure abroad, high preaaure la lb a cint'vg botae, ?ad tigb prawn rr rvrywrero God in bit mercy bat juataaveu ua. ?cl teeuart ?f -upislag you aboulJ wthal. your beau I tbask Got for It How bare man ia U.elr baato forgot tea mat they are agoata a the haul* of G?d for toe aoooatpl.'aba rat of hi* par^era ahi! tbe nanytng out of hit ?wa deutga* That God U ; rat < the (aat uiea end faat limea, la ?? rerto'n at that b? uaei lianas to hulid a gal town on which ? bacg bimto,: Aa toe an believer* or tna OM World hcipat Ncak to liH hla a k. ao .l* men -f tbli that age are building up the oountry, to p**j are it for the mtliewlum or Um recned rowing of ltu>>a Cttrlrt You Wont believe it? well pile In the wood, pel cn tne atotm and drive on to Ihe tad for > on are all dn ng It wbeth-r yoe he fir re M or no,, tnern i* a proph ?oy enme where, a ta which be any a, ?' Meottall run v aad fro and caowiodgt ?bail lacmoae " Naw b*re are 'aat men a, oa?o ur?nea who rue are faat meo Agala, befora Chrlit aba.'l come tha aeooad time, bla Gjiprl m at bt preaobad to arery poopt?,aiadnd and tongue. Not, what la Sir Char let Seymour doing in tlilaa, and what are tba Kaglttb t*ocpf wad tboflepoja doing ia ladlar They are pil e on th wood aod butldieg n y tbe fire and putting on ma a-earn u> drive the ear of G d tfetorgs tba warld; tb -j don t know it, but that la ; aat what they are doing fbey are openitg up Ihe rattoaa, opasfag no tbe pooptea, opening up tha world far iba aacoa-J rwVrgof Uhiat Ju*t ao a-oe aa you know tbo Guapei h?? boon :"eackeu ia ml the world I'every people mat th* yon *ay an pact the Mtmau romlag of Jaaui Garlat, and yon ?*ed fr?r at oowa * I>afore thaw Then lot na have tba fa* time* and ra? mea, and faat mowov, aat let theaa batid taetr railway a a-roea every ooaUaact. and let tb-m lay lhair ml< Tiartr# telegrarha arrow e r?ry aoa, and let thorn iiaiiu thrr great a.?amtra and Gran. I atteroa, and let tbam tend on tt< > armi*a. orartum dynaatiraaad penptw aad nntien*. f0r (?v ha* need o' all tblg. Mr Im 11 iwafoe ia that ibeee 'aet timea are tot going to and, but tbatwnnrn gulag to have '??v r and faater and fnator * uaw The flra will be i urutng and theatorw ?III be at tbe higbeto w*ea Ihe whole oo.oera oom?a emack to I la lonmnua, and God will be all PR. ARM IT AGE ON THE SI' ?NS OF THE TIMES ?. Arm: age praarbed la* at bt at tbe m*, og he; to Of the MorfMk atrwet Baptlat church. oa the aigat of tbe &UMt," la ? vary lar. a coagregat',oa Ha aal4 thai be bad ? row remarka to make ca tha morti em ooa to bi learned from the praaeat tiaaaeui preeaurc, hat be differui from many or bla brethren, who, ra preceding Bab atha had pre?had ? the waaoaabjoot They attr. fisted the tlaaatia dlgaatarhoa waledlc loo from God, but ha did not view nth that n. ht Bo thoaght that Ihe mlnUlert vara not the bee mea to Mat twoh a auhjeot, for althoagb mac of theaa were awdowad with at good r aiitlea la mahe ?er-haab! wa oibor w*n, Milt II wag proverbial thai *hay ware, ?? a c-am, hardly able to tohe care of tbelr own paraet, not to ailed thnoe o< other people Ona of bla brdbrtn ba<l at tniritna our prawnt dHBoaHy to axtravaganoc? to our wvmaa? daugbtiwa wearing atita (aetead of ctiw*a and tcmy wati*ya -io our bnuaea being loo aumptuoua, but Me orutd nm ? i?w u ta th* iigbi, for ho tbonghl that hU th? t inbm need ia building their hornet wn? ntondlag uae tea* in in* wooda a few year* ago, bat auw It waa ava.ia toe praomty, m any brown ttoaa hootm ha Uoogb wro bettor dtrpnard of lhaa If the eteaa ra ?a'sed la the quarry, utber clergymen bad m. i that thr nria a wt? a *nec*.a1 Jadgmest from Owi bui be thw.fbi when m'r rte''* attribute^ every ?it*' wtoaa to G id taey did tojuanee to tbe oum of Ohrlai fw ho part, he oaaid aot mt auy ?ri?a;ta of a mjlmjc t o* id Uut p-ces-re, bat rather the natural resell of oar oroolv syt'em Wbto God uiram to pan lab a stanlng ?a too bo sent limine and penuteaoa to deoutala It; but we boa at f*ml> e nor peitlleBte bow- nothing bai a collapie tn our crtdlt system lie w<?t on to thow that ere*y financial pressure whtoh ha* vlstta 1 this omotry from 1816 ?h the result of the tame nausea, and wa? tho-e'ore caturai'y to be expect'd He ispudtated tuj idea that our prtsent difficulty woe any proof that God waa angry with ai; and pioceedei to abew that great prosperity induce leoritiate eelr coap aoenoy in meo, aed weaken their deoendence on God; that they carried on tbelr Ou lieee > ub contldtnca In their own judgment alone, and forgot Ue God who walobed over and guiaed all hn man tilalra He eaw a great meral lesson which might be learned firm our preatnl mUloriuaee. It weald teach ue bow periebeble wo'e all human good*?hew worthlani woe our reliance on artificial life. He remembered that after the crista of 1831 the rshglons rertvaie were remark ?Ml able lor the namber or merehael* wbo oonfewod taelr sins agVBtt God, and returned to their duty to Him Be concluded by reoommesdtng to the young met of ni* oorgregallon, ?od to the selves and dauchlere of thoie ea gaged in business, to let'cnob thotr expense* and practice Ibe cloeeet econemy Tbat he thought mlghi b* a stmclo tblrg to come firtm the ptilelt, bat at the present lime It woe necc tary, and be Implored hi* hearer* not to retort to ?he winecun, which wae a false eMtmalant, for ooneo.atlou tn hrlr mlefortune*. but to tmit I* O d, wbo never for ? akee iboeo wbo believe I? htm. Tbey should not look on the dark ride or the ptotnre. The preteare wae only temporary. The timee were u good as ever It wai not the men o' the tleaee who make the limn, but the time* which make the moo; and he wai en re Ir the men who lived in the lam generation were among ue now, we would not witoeee each e financial ai Uii at we are experiencing 18 THE BANK SUSPENSION LEGAL ? Views of a Red-flouthed Locofoco of 1837 Can the Sanki Sua or obtain Judgunut 7? the Crop of the Anglo-Amerlcam Bankers Are the Batiks Solvent Index the Law I? What la Insolvency 7 LETTER FROM CLINTON ROOSEVELT. TO THB BDITDB OP TU> BIB SAD. Seeing Is lbs Hi*a: n an extract from the Albany Argus on the luijenaioo of speole pay me at i la 1837, recalls to my mind some olroamiteaoes wblob have sever been pul Uehed, and wblob tbepnblio ongbt to understand. It may be recollected that the relator was elected to the AMembly of lb* State by taet much insulted, honest party sty Jed br He enemies the red-mouthed, fire eating |Ocofooa tarty, wbcot very breath was redolent of fire and brimstone. If tbey did not etd tbat we all hadsauesr eyes an ', ogre teetb, so much the better. If vile abuse and reokiess mtirepreeeatattons are an ex cue for utter disregard of these wbo oxblblted none of the chiractertitlot of high brel boaorable gsnilemaj, that excuse belongs to the writer, should be, In this article, characterise tome things tie saw and felt In un?oil?lied Ssxod The banks at tbat time having expanded the currency mo-mous y, tto write* mceed i timed lately fo* en lavei llgatica. declaring at the same tim ? they would ail fail un leas restrained iheidee was at first Incomprehensible, but bis point was carried, and by narl amertary law and uaace he was tadtled to a maj rlty In fkrorof lbs pnrmee of the commuter snitoautai chal'mot. Bits ' -rifle i " " ~ terrille commotion waa err ate 1 amoagei the guilty s%ovor the sue. and bankers wire aroused t ?? ore vest a true In vrei'gatios. accord!ng'y tbey docked to albsny, and had a rrooasiueratioo, ana a bink dlrejtor was appointed as condnclor of that share fnvcstlga'lon. with some w-ll mcon'tg man, who ic it easily be hood ulnae! and led blindly to see no wrong lor. arier nil, are not so bad at they somtrtlmee seem, when nnder great terror or necessity. It is Indeed, generally weaacess more than mallot aforethought wblob causes men to give way to temptation against their bettor Judgments Be this as It may, thoie good, boneit, honor able men brought lo a repcri that the banks. with bardlr au exception, oad all beeo we'l ?dJ prudently conducted But before ihe false report could be printed the load re port of thnr amverae! failure waa resounding through too hails cf the Capltcl, and what had boon predlo ed by the wr.ter oame to pan, even so.ue< than be nmi bimeelf anileipeled. The good reporters hard!y knew which way to look, and were really piuable ohjec e, bat It ha* not at all hart their rrpniarl j site*, (nceod, one wbo metre to a lie Is paid more for it U> oar court* of j -slice than one who el ways tells tie truth. and a banking government man in some way pay its bumbls servants, while at the same time iter mux. urevert ell booest uea of unyleldng princlplti from ever after taking any part la suoh a gov ernment Ibis Tt!!me<'ge. the Chairmen of thai white wishing otminiiUe, bos woe* been Mayor of B ooklya. Tell U not la Goth. Of such stuff ore oar legislators mads By the way?In England, there Is a class of worthies entee'ed wlib the lege, profession, ai there 's here, wboae holiness It Is to swear cases la court over sticking paces, for a private c inside ration, aid they are so as limes termo-l '?*,-aw shoes ' f-ora their tlga?straws la tte lochea ol their ihn.s-as they ,-erambuiate the par lieu* of the tempire of Jostles; at other times d d *?-.<;? I ap -rehesd It la from this class bankers take good care to select tbelr repreeenUtlvee, and to exolate al. open tbey can rrom a 1 share tn the government. By teeir wor s let them be mown If none tacrlfloed their hitur, onactenoes or oaths, to poet the suspension sot of 1*1)7, thea have we been too harth la those expressions. Bat let ?? to the set unpublished history. Bsnk tffloera th'uagrd from all parts of the State and Bked the avenues ?f the Qxpltel, and evtn crowd ed Its use Itoor, contrary to all rale, while the debate sa< up. Threatening placard* ware posted ell ebout tbe walk to toe roe Ute membrrs to "reller*"' the toollen cor portions, while not one word wsa said, more than bow, of toy law s gal nit proton Ung tie notes or private merchants or mcchoaios, excepting by one or two who were probably threatened by asooy mous curm&nlaetloni, so tbat the writer, for his part, Ihvgot It most prudent O go hrmed la self defence, al t*ev,gb, to be sari, ancovmous threats ore of small ee ?tooi And yet no man kno en what a desperate f JOl may do, '!'c?? "I cole roeb In wbr re aagrle fr%T to tread." Two <r three inrh were Ml upga the writer la another way. For laatasoe, oa one oooae'.oa oae Rupert left hie cm tad cuco rear aad eel op a broad negro laagb. oa a g rare ? nojeoi of dtba*, while the writ* r wee epeti n< He bed evident y bees >et on, and had mlacmed h ? lauga. Wbertoe we quoted for hie iirecHin apboetaat from he ?ater, wro oheerree "Hut the load laigh la the oertale In clination of a recant mind.'' aad Dr. Johaaoa fanheraenre remarki? ? Of a", the il'a wdh which e m?o la euret. Tbe aufbior of e bloukbead la the woret " That |-tuan haa a nee oeen mat to 'loryreee, he Immejlaiely eiked leave of abecect from Ibe ardooni toll* or e lelater, every body meeting him theraaflor with a p.rneai I emtio Anober itt ?ot np e aeeret cmtapiracT to force the wrl ter to rraifn hia aeai, bot the raeuaii liaebed la the pan ai d neicr dared rep rt Rowr.rer .'bere were eorne honorable men who were pnraie'y terr frleaciy while epeaiy it oppwitlMi, wad reeved ti th'ak Umy were 131 'Sable la l-mmpl.og oe tbe coni?ital">a ea w'ticbet a' aee aad Herring inay oerour a ii t- if ibe weaker < I tbelrnnmti-.* Indeed, th'ila the atta-ai matlnei or al. team of prey, and la tktreras want am ere I ib.e to (all to thai low ttate Men were la each e nuc of high eioitraiant that they were barely to ha oa ?idrred ec rentable tr"t> nor did they ant ai lush yeee ally f bey no'aie I ihelr oath.- toaoetaia tbe tea dttotl e, eor ro"'d they deny it when tbe facta were plated bet ore the Ron'e la the ratal emphatic naneer when tbe tor > err on art wea broayat forwartl An el lee-r I to drown tbe writer a voice wea drat made by a ??alt at clamor Bet be ta I ? f.eatlemea. 1 bare the flotr. I kaow my fitbie aad than me.-tain ihem. I will hod tbe floor leak, Itaeoaaaary. am* il I here etluaoe and Miration wtra the tlienoe wet reetored the writer, ei.emaly iMilrg hie right hand, eel 1 ?Thle?Hooee? cannot?mn ?thle? aot? without? ooamilUag?peijory and by tbe lime the laat ward, perjury, wea altered be had timet the large Mil ho t open before him ea any one may teeny from the elTeel't had of thrown* op to hie fail oa the 'D-tact ib? Hot Der.cb Sloley. from tiiorae, with the abitilcry, "I (Ml the gewreaan from Sew Fot? loordar " Tortiog ir that riant boeo'eble geaUemaa, tbe writer eaid <pi>etly ha wee happy to be ceiled to order by tbe gratirma* from Mer-ee. baceeee thle we tbe pcrM he dmlre<i to here met lie ihooid aonoe-tlBgiy demeod to ha . a the o? eoiioae planed la wrttleg accord eg to ibe r>. at of the rice te, bai he m ght eaewer mam. tad for that p rpoee ha would now takr alt eee; Tbe bank edroie.e who bad tbe reprtattOB of be'o* the m it -tedy w.t la the Houee, aee agaieal whom the wr'ter bid bote we txd, etooi flret oa cne foot bad thee ca the other, etrcggllag for alteranoe, but el leegtb eel down without again rpeak'rg e word The w? tor, theref wa, agile rate and solemnly eaid ?It Ufreiy wall fee gentle man fern Hoar re retrace l therefore repeat the obear ?anon I -it me. # '? Till If met eaaaol ptae tbte act Without c mmliueg perury." When we took onr placet on ifele flier, ?e ewore to euppvt U>e t until tot'.on of the I sited 3 Mat Taat oooet ut:o? tare, ? No et-le than paw any mfytt/wJ iaw.or lawImpeding the obligalioa jfcoo irade, ea all o> ghi to know An n pn?f fuck) lew la ine whica a iere the penalty of ? crime, after tie penally 'a laenrred. Tba banki bed lab "Had tbenueiree to e eertetr peoe.ty for tttf ending epe< !e peym-et', eed mnet inter It kran ibe Bent of England bad not derej t> eoipead I rat and men aek for le .no ly. hot be 1 erooaad the Par I anient M m.f d ght to ohiaie 'eere to ritpeed epede pay aaent on tla eotee Bmov- bet eere had in euipeaded and thee came to lemaai e reieete frem the legai penal tf. Nor wea th.a all Tbe hill h iidere were to he reei-Ma od fratn er'king their remedy l>y lew while the benkere w re el.rwrd in w'ubditw arooamodetione eel re'ee tbe rab a c-f m< nay d rable, parbtpt. ae nimperii with lie r?. Ine wbarfl-eae were made, aod rah the paeple to ea laoel at. able eiteu I taeiiteo mm iu wu a r-oiMioa tf ooe tra la arm greater then 'hat nf treKag beeknra from the obi gapoii to pay hi 1 hi dert. end iiet Ibe oTtriradlag wr icb hoc' neoaed the raapeae.oo wee brooght oe !>y arar ban* rg. and benk'eg norporaiioee beieg lee itroager jarty oegh not to be fhr red age ait pi rate It Irldaal e*i;mn. and gh an tbe ben?f1t thee or their owa wrotg are ttt lew aad r jaity aa ? all ae tee higher law, the coa riitci'ioa we bad all ewora to eoeutn TLed d eoiiii? if I may to term them?wetted for louie mcmetiii Tir eome oae to rite aal anewer, bnl I de rot re?emti*r that any anewer aea eren attempted. It ia plain e< reft u 'oe was note hie The aimberi did tbe Flu ."eg if their r eetere, th? bankerf, tad If Wy bare eerie, eel ?oei? are to be demand for parjery, It te ecb n Bed wb-lter or cm they bhrejottly earned the eppel a' ce ?e lore g r;e them fhli la e rery hr:< f b'nory nf U e facta of thai enapeaaioa, aal tbe betrayal ef the t tcf.ui 'or the "a'mighty paper dollar " and aow eba ir th> practmal leeeon all thla eiperfeeoe ccnreja I aaiwet Oer form of gorernmenl U not area e good fame It it debM ug to all the h'gtier attrlbntee of the hnftae tea'. Me* ere gieere'ly elected to offlse ky b*nke, ?<* bertcm they win reeiat eorrapttoe, bet ha recce ikey will g re tdreaugaa to the fkw orer the many atipe thoee who era ktiowe to he inoorrnptikle tad na roequerab e la kooor and worait ?ed troe peirlotlem, are geenie,fy oMrtnied by aiy oomlnetieg commit ?eemee.ta te/ of la# power beh ad the ooarte aad LfgaJai'-.-ea 1*3 Muwer te the y-op?Mti?a of tree mte ?a cex Jidalee In?'? An eio6i'?at bh, bat oannttl eiect ?'bt ? not popular enough?doe'; mix with the peope la Ui# awn time ihuae ?bo do mis with th? people l?sd thorn by the uose, nod wblls piscsrdrg before political ??1J. too worei of Jeckron mi Jelemon in fev-r or ? caa.iii jUon*; our' cncy, that ore*eortUy pMtlug ?lli their t>i < a 01 ponents to Q< od tbe oo' utry with a ? arlou? our rtcoy to displace fold end silver, ud tbeo u( for rei'.ef, es at p'oioji frftu the coarti, tr net from the legislature. Bot no m-reboot, or me<-h?p'r, o* monufoUaror, bfcsuse t o l? bt brot oud boo plant? of omoto. ou now bo re.leved fiom trotetls by (be banks Why (toy I boy noi? Why hold Individuals to n otrlot l*y moot or protaot, ond relieve thoee who, by esoeselve Usurt, bova rncooraged orsrtredlsg. i repeal it la again*! both low Md equity to gtra oay moo, oo l mnco lau oaul* icoo corporations, the ad rentage of their own wrong. I ho re n word for the eera of tbooa on whom ho banks way be too strong. Bet there ought to ba aotlod atU ?a. Let bankrupt ond suspended boaias (toll 0 moating ?0 1 he oni Iters do, ood they, to?, may percnonoa And relief, ond not that utter ruin they now anticipate. ' otgree* oa "power to regnlote the value of ui-mey" or 1 be Diet or Hole of the Conrtuutlon, ond now Ooogreoa should be collid on to poos on net to regulate it* rolue 00 tbot o payment by fhllirg boa its to 0 realtor* ot hums esd obrrod sboold oorreopond with the rolue or money t? bo P?ld ot tba Ume It moy bo poll, so that the spirit of no contract may ba broken But if wa ^0 on as we ore going those in debt will be Irretrevsbly swamped and bankrupt, ?loco the banks cannot resume specie payments without contracting their accommodations, and this will Inevitably raise tbe measure of toIdcs I used this O'gument at the time of the lost bus pension of specie payments. It woi op rosed by some who bare since deaisrrd It woe their only obsoco of snlra lloe so far as tbe things of this world were concerned, for bey have not bean able to raise up their beads slnos, and the great bankrupt law was only a great disgrace Ml mor tificailon oven to thooe who look Its beeedm. BatBby lock* eu not so* that if they raise lbs mine of money doe ble they ought not to be paid os muoh at if tbe rolue of money remained tbe same is when the debt was oontrsot d, bnt cosh muit hare "the pound of flash mentioned In the bond " Let eredltore then declare that so eorprre Ion ?boll bore the life blood with that pound of tleih from next tbe btort Why not sure the Brie road alio from Proltetr CLIN TON B003EVKLT. CAN THE BANKS SUE OR OBTAIN JUDG KENT? To J as Coupon Bunrarr, Esq.? Had I always taken tbe Hwlai.d, and conBifed In Iboie prophetic warnings whloh bare now became matter cp history, my pecuniary position migbt hare been much Im proved But alas! Ibey were anheedrd. Tbe crush ond the orlsls has come The bMks ore In tbe condition of m " unchartered Ubertlne " Out of the pole of the low erery act is unconstitutional, ond of oouroe Ulegol. Tboy may be sped, bit omsoI sue, Tor bow cm a corporation enter oar courts with My flsoe tbot hoi no legal exlstenoe. Toe Idea mrfPJ!SLV*r^' 0" ?w?P? without fear of judgment The Judges now, with a fellow feelleg, wink ot the rlolotlcn of low, ud every peUlfogger Is standing up f< r tbe party that will pay blm the best. Tbe bMks hove sot the lrgtslatlve solvo which migbt formashleld around them, but ure oa ships without m MJhor In tbe storm, compass lost ond soils rent. Now, Mr. Editor, do ??p,uU?1,y H?tMl any dividend being modr while thus suspended It would be outrageous ond a wonion obuae of all aenae of propriety; yet It is I see, advocated by one print as sumlaslble. Another prao l.ce should be expoatd. The banks are In the habit, when reporting specie on band, id Include that btld on special depoeil, which la decidedly wrong, ud oalenlited to mis lead the public oa to their true stats This don't belong to th-m, end over which they have n) control, ml of oourao is no part of tbetr assets? no more than yours or mine One bask adrertiies to reoelvo etch, for obvtaoa reasons w atoh them well, as you have ever been a raithful ruBuva. TRAP OF THE ANGLO AMEIUCAN BANKERS. TO THB IDlTOb OF THE HERALD. Niw VonK, Oct. 16, 1867. In 'bis morning's paper you reftr tbe suspension of oar | cfty bants to tbe cob binsd action 01 n few of the Angle Americas bankers. Thai your italemeat Is correct no one will doubt, and ihelr course of sci on shrewd tad wet uigeaied. From the small am aunt or flnMdal talent ud foresight enr bask managers here exhibited during the crisis, these institutions, with ant timely warning, are very llksly to roil Into the "terarions" trap so skillfully laid Tor ibem by these inme "English bankers," rls.-toexpand under their prtienl (etd hoped for legalised) suspension Bnt yea bare overlooked the oiled a a oh an sxpantirn would have. It would liquidate certainly to Uteee Ijgllib and Coottnet tal bonkers tbe millions or credits grMied to fort'iu Importing b on ass in encouragement of the foDr "04 fcf "?? P?<?pi?, on the proOls ol which "eh, and taese credits net being provided tbr they ore compelled to carry tbe desired expansion would enable tt em to transfer that load 10 onr city banks, with aa little prospeot of their being paid at maturity to tbe basks, as at present to tbe forelge hankers. ?* rlfce bMks rets n their coeserrotlve pvllcy, and turn thtlr attention to the best mods of restoring oonfl I<?*# ^ 1? now locked up. Ibis would admit of money ccming treely to our eltv mar chant>, enabling tbem In turn in pay ihstr debts, ud if ^imdaiion la ne-aaaary with My portion let It be done at oaoe. Exteasloni are not payments, tbe truth of whloh will be clear enough to our city banks la sixty or ninety ' Hi When they would Ond themselves saddled with a load of suspended paper, transferred to tbem by tie epe ' ,,1\rLlhf,e'shrewd" foreign bankers or ttdr seen is 1 Hdxrloyou havefse/lcwiy founded U>ealarm Continue I ccurt?? watob every movement ta onr moaeiorv etr olee?consider weU tbalr sad and elms? give your know U cge and opinioae as to results, and yon wlil oontinue 10 anjjy the canfluexce as wed as thanks of the oommaalty. A 81 BSJKlBER. THE CltElDITORS OF A BANK ARE ENTITLED TO AK INJUNCTION. *0 TBI IblTOK OF TBI UFRALP. Niw Yoax. Oot 16, 1867. I bttlee a conn) van oa or tbe Jadgeeef tbe tim ud Second district in regard to bMks impending specie payments With all doe defersoee to their or'.nion, I beg leave to dlment from Ibeir censtructloa of tbe law. The sot or 1640 dose tot la uy acute repeal or super, ?ede the provisions cf tbe Revissd Btaiotee There is no c suss n tbe est of 1MB (bat In I male* a repeal or abera nonof tbepro'loue statue That ualate applies only to banks organised under tbe "General Bootleg law;" ud lbs Revised Butatfs apply to those oot tine Inoorno-nted. ?rJ*hl h ,hor* %,c Mv*ralstill r'tnalniDg in this hum The hocorabls g-ntirmen erred in another very mate list point. Tbiy aeacme that a bonk ought not to be restrained by n June tic n U sol rent. the statu to, tec 7, docs not.'proored on rack hypo thesis The statue presamts the inaolvrnoy of a bank whenever It refuses to payedtbt or liability over one butdred dollars after deaud, ud a editor bos lbs rtgbt to si order of tbe .lodge, deolarisg snch bask Insolvent Tnis is tbe rlsm ud obvious menotag of Uts Orit clause of that seotlcn The 7ib ud lib seotlrnt clearly cosirmplate that the creditor is ratPkd to s temporary tnisnclos wheaersrtbe fact appears that toe bask refuses (me mild term suspea otr n is sol ustd in lbs s.atnte) m pay its liability ecd that is the rxtsnt o tbe Judge'e dtscrcti ?a. Is It to be pcrtnmed thai there is so trjusilne does to e ? red'tor when a bssk refusee to ay money drpovttc I wttfe It for safe kcepltgf Are the ruki of law ned mortis iws ; itnsgcst whfo applied to bisks than to individuals 7h* solrracy or tMolreery of a hank has aothieg to do a lib app'*oat:ces fo* so 'rjctctlm, for section 8 evnrcaaiy dscm ts thai tbe trjusc ten ebati not be removed, even after't la ewwrutlaed that the bank is eelvent, natil the do aud is path The Jedgee see a me that when a I tbe bet ke refuse to per their 1 abi itim tbat tbem is not euflle-eat prosf of lejustics 11 ss.icriKurjaMti.Hi ?'jtheooeirerywecwdtop'soimc lr ce'y cnebsuk sad rerused It woald be tufllnluni?that [?. Is ast oe tsi becrme so gfieral ae to tote its to'plwde. If one ess steals It It a crtsae, bat if Bee hundred do Uts same It it set ibeft W# are isrormed by this opieicn tba> If the hank Is e'rorly feirrst, and lu effleere are acting in gool faiib, no feoetver tbou'd be appotMed Now the roiuie ?ays sotkisg about he goct ud l>od fsitb of book eilloere; aid if It ?M are tnee presumed to be acting In good fattb who use mooey tiseiM with tbem for their own aggrandise meet. Mr thru refute to refund It when oalled upon* The w ore | examine tbe position takes by the Judroo In reepcot to tbe r dntloe tbe greater la my eurprtee that they ?beuld sol bare remeised in laeir position as Jsdges us til oalled upon for a jodic's! opinlea. Mil not !?( the excite mrst of the dsy preeluds a thorough examination of the ?vi 'sei. aa It ts not to be prett:med that they ore eoa? uecMii with bMks is toy masuar to sflbct tbetr judgueat. b r. ARE THE BANK4 LEU ALLY SOLVENT? TO iar tpnok or tbi num.*. N?w Tot*, Oct 16, INT. Hat >| rwd with giant latareet the editorial la pour widely amM itmreal of to dap oa jallotnl leglalattoa, 1 ibjc l like to prrMct ta jmr reader* a raw prtaeplai ot ,Ha " aid 'aehicaed law,'' to which poo refer. Tt? 7th ?MM or tka act of ihi?, whl -h tha Jndgea tap to to forcra a tfaia oaaa, la aa fa loot ? dee 7. Abjt creditor of aap toc.h oorpomttoe or anaomn Uoe. >>tt| a dtanaoJ ?xoaedini $t00 O'lalag upon a dobt or t ab'Up oeairaeted aftar Iba lot of .fanner/ aaat, Ika laymen of whxh a halt bare baaa refund bp aucb orpo ration or aaaorlat! n. nar at anp tlae after tea day* t row Ir e i m? of ?ooh reform. apply to a .fnattoa of the Pn promt Hot, t ft* aa order declaring t ch corporation or aaaoaia t oo iiolt rot, and jr an I joart oo at hereinafter pro tided If, to uaopUi a t aoch Ja? ge, upon tha facta prearrted. II be ei( ed'eat la order to prarrat fraud or la joalice. be map mat an order for a tewporarp toi taction, reu'a.t eg ao-.h o rootatko or aaaoolatloo aad lla off cara fit w peying not, or la aap orap traarfarrlaf or dallrortag to any poraoo aap m. nap or aaaew of mob corporation or aowciaiira. or la-urrlag any debt or obligation, until mob trdw bo r bra ltd or modified. Tbe? tearing tt tb ibo dtacretwn of tba Judge to graa aa Irjuacttoi ? If it be eapedteat to proven! fraud or la joattce ?' The eaip way la whisk a Judge eaa ascertain * tether frond or la.ioMiee are likely to be perpetrated ta bp to ream rat' a af etrb | articular oaaa And, there fore, ihe l.rgialelnr#, bp aeoven ft of tba laid mentioaed act, jiM' ribrd the mode la wbiob ba la to proceed lode terwiae wbeibe* the corporation be i ciearlp aotreat or r.lbertMM " Tha Jndgee tap that beak ta nlaarlp rot*eat wbkb la flearip able to pap it* lebta, although It may hart mtprtded aoeme payment ror a time" flraatlag tbia wceatroiia r'opoHtton of law for taa wtka of argo a eel, bow doe* it hotter the raea f Ilia admlMed hp all that iraap of ibo baoka waico ba?e maperded maJle pay m?nt bare gold aad eltrer ta tbr'r *a Ita whtck they r?fr.i#ac pay ont ta ant tbti fraad tinder aeetloa 7 f The lark* hare taaaad btlt* pepable oif demand la gcil or a :?er, ibe oa>p lege' aoirtat of dtbta and though ibie refuse U> pi; them. The ?n of the North American Trait u<l Bulling Oompauy, tbM the learned Judge* ooma to examta* lew "c'oaelv," m one or (heir number telle ua thet he "tatoedi doing," wUl be found to do entirely Inapplicable to the

(u? new pmvo'ed. ''IniClaeU;," MVl lioauueu.w Kw, V lotumr unlet 4CD, -weens toe ooeul ion or i person viable la pay nu ceou ae they fell due, or in too uauel courte of trade an ) bmirese " Hue;cm vhe Judge* o' the Supreme Oocrt of thi Co tod Pteiei should ba?e t*.t> together after the paaeage of the M.tnouri Ouo.ptomtar bill, end before en; owe under It bed oonre before teem, nod had pubi'shed n maaifoate n ibe ?Pect ibat they oousidered t? unconstitutional: would rot Onrgresw and the people of every State be outraged t-y such u> war ranted assumption of Jodlalal toowrr 1 Both ?U not the oouraa pursued bf 'hem. end nUhaagh the compromlfo wit pnaaed In 1890, U wee not declared uBccn<tituUouei until 1867. t la no old nod well ertsbubed principle that Judgea ere to n<!minUier tbe Inw en they flud It. end not to dem u cb it* policy or expediency. The Bret end I nit great n irimptton of legislative paver by the jadiotnrr, oa enrred In tbe twelftb j eer of Edwerd IV, when the Judges, after muoh berilaUoB, and uiged by a desooito una por, dicinred common reroiertae to be n auftiMeot bar of estates lull. Tbla result wan at a Joined until tbe people I at groaned frr SCO years under tbe rtatute de fonts Bow dlffrr'nt from <be baaty and crude judtaial legislation of tbe Judgen of the firm and Seoond .udtclal dlatrists or tbe great Stale or New T orb, who, eel red by eudden panic, act petbaps fearing persons! loaace, have Ibua vlilatet ? be decorum ?f tbe bench, and disregarded the well arit ed rulra of their profeaaloa We have heard a great deal of la'e of obiter diCa, of which tbla la tbe atrongeot example that can be Imagined, loaimocb ae tbe Judge* are attempting to deside a whole ciaaa of application! be'ore aaoerlainlng Utt facta of a alcgle ore?a practice which could only artae under an electiie judiciary. LKX. JOHN LIVINGSTON AGAINST THE BANK OF NEW YORK. TO THI IDrrOK OP THB HKSALD. N?w YORK, (Jot. 19, 1867. aoUona In oourt, like many of the action* of mankind In the every day aflalra of life, are often deemed senaeleaa In themacbrve and injurioo* to the oommunlty until their object can be made known, an J, tbla remark la parUta larly applicable to the above nama-l one whlob la now pending before the apecial teim. In joitlce to both par tlee to the ault, it la, therefrre, proper to aay, that the aame la now In court with no dalign to lnfllot damage or Injory upon either, but eolcly with the view of obtaining an explicit and authoritative deotalon In a cue arlalng la oonrt, and actually before It, whlob may have the binding eflbct and force of law cpin the Important qneaticna preeeated, la no othrr manner can be eetabitahed those prinol.>lee or law now of suoh vdial Imporianee, not only to the eilrteneo cf our moneyed in stitutions but to tbe ?elfare of the entire oommunlty. Tbe declaration! of JndgM made out of oourt how ever pcaltlvfly exprcsiad or widely circulated, have no more bindtng authority than thoao of any private In dividual Hence it la a lortinale circmalance that an ac tion la penolng which will cnabls the Court in a few day a tot only to decide with authority, but to give the reaaoni for tta conclusions F om these reaosrks it must not bo understood that tbe caae wai collusive.) brought before tbe Court, for that la not the faot; nor would auch collusion be allowed'hy law. B't 'be action having bsen commenced in g:oJ faith, (berore tbe bank luspentiots bad become general,) tbe entry if the order cf lacontinnanoe, for which con ?enta were exchanged leseral daya since, haa been pur posely withheld for tae foregoing reasons Tbe plaintiiVhM no deaire that any lejtry aboold oome to tbe bank of New York, and be freely conoura in the oglnltu that the course adopted by tbe bank, In oommon wltti other atmltnr lnatitutlona, la tbe best that could have bean devised (or the public good. Whatever l?*y be the final determination as to tbe legal effect of tbe gene ral suspension, be hopes that not a tingle member of tna bar may be found in this State vllllng to tbrow an cbstaeie In tbe way or vhe banks, ao loeg an the wosmltiea of tbe pualio compel them to adhere to thuir present coorae. fcrery lawyer must be aware that any 'nterruptlon t? the dally traniavttons of our banking corporations by legal proceedings would be productive of irreparable Injury, not only to tbe bustnesa oommunlty but to the entire bar, for all are denendee upon one another. JOHN LlVlNujfO*. TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES. THK N*W LONDON B INS3. Nnw Lojnojf. Oct 17, 1887. The telegraphic deepa'ch inc wreetly reported all the banke in tbla etty aa bavtrg suspended specie psyments. The Bank of Oommeroe, Whaling, and Union Banks, have suspended, bet tbe New London Bank boa not, and the officers declare tbetr ability and In ten Hon to pay all de man da la com ae heretofore. sierntsiON or thi don-ill manupacitrino company. The Dunnell Manufacturing Company have asked aa exteialcn for atx months, owing to their paper beieg throws back upon them Their paraxial aeoetaexoeed their Uabilittca, leaving thalr print works untouched. tbb bank or rue btati of mmsocbi. Br. Icrta, Oat. IT, 1867. The report thai tbe,Bank or the 8tate of Mlsaourt hss sua pendtd specie pay menu la untrue The dirrctora are determined to pay every dollar, and express ooafldenee in their abtllty to weather the press at storm aa well aa ihatif lttat. There te ao raa to day. HEW8PAFEB ACCOUNTS. MA8SACBU88ETT8. M1KT1MJ 07 TBI BANK OFFICIOS AND Bl'BIKKM BIN Of BOSTON. f7r*m Ike Bcstos Trevei'ar, Oat IT ) There ?U A meeting At Us* BssIoa Q1 ear log I Iou*? fW terdey ?f the directors of Use vartoa ? bAAke, ud a coast derableaumber of Use leering bo-lnest men of Twtoa, to lake lalo ocoeldrrvtlon tbe preasot eon* Hon M aflslra, With a view. If possible, of the adoi>tioD, Cn the pert of the bankt, cfbnah'nteaioraa to would Justify ihem :n rendering, ?t thti mpoHiot crisis, to sol vest houses ts sue city, Us* Atd wbc%tksy bow kMMM require. Tbsro wss a fall sod Tree eoasi isaHos ABd Interobaage of oplnlooe. Rework* were made by Nation Appieloa, Was Apple ton, Ceo E I ttoa, TbomAS Lamb and Andrew T bail Mr. Crvow bopsd Ibat Us* bsaka would take a sensible view of tbolr poelUee H? advocated aa tnoieaae of loans at the present nrment, wblcb be believed oonld be doe* without any dargei. At the asms tins* be would btve thta done under the vigilant lupervliloo of Us* Oloirlttg Houae, to Ibat a ohcob might at oooe b* put upon aay on doe expansion Mr. Wm AiTiATon tbaugbt the banks might safely In or esse Ltelr loans to Use smogs I of last Aofasl. shout >13 f00,100 (at tbe present tin# tbey amount u $19,000, COO ) Mr Nathan An" rron ex press#'I similar views Messrs Laos and Hsu., for Use baak o (Users, sxpreered Iht r earnest csatre to sot, so fbr ss ibeir preseoi poslHoo wonM instrjr, for tbe relief of the boslness oomostsaity, scd ibe meeting a )or rn*d to this morning Hi proposition cow mads la ragard to settlements of ba snet s at tbe llearlag Rouse, end wtslsh, If adapted, would ensi le tbe Mak* to tcreewbst lacresoe their pre ?miHra of dtsoonate, Is to allow bills In settlemeat to a certain extent Foe instance, from a baak or $400,030 e*pt tal 0.0/CO, with a'J Abort that smr.esI la specie; from a back or from tbree to four millions $100,000. Tbora set other r'Oprttt rns wtatsh would giro eves s larger settle meet in h lis than tbe raJo tiai. 1 stove It ti now blgtly probable Ibat tusb ? course will be admtrd ss will enable the -arks to reader csseatltl aid to tbe public withta a flaw data. Tbe fomwlng la tbe arlglAal agreement wblcb tbe banks weie called upoa to ?ige ? Brwros < itAsinr. Bona, Ojt 14. li$7. At a meeting of the Clearing House (ommiuew, held ihlad.y, II wae rtsolved to rer to the amooialed books me adoption of the following a'd for ute eatly eel t'ementa at IheOlsaMvg Hons*; together with the following igvrrnwnt, to ba signed by tbe aeeaelaled beaks r* ?{votlveiy ? Tbe biUa of sny of the taaocia ed hanks may be ra oetvrd in liquidation of thatr daily balanees inataad of spt ?#, to tbe extent not eaoeedlng the amounts hereinafter mixed to cepHAta, via.? (at Mala of $4COOCOard under, not exceeding,.,. $30,100 ?? MOfdionotexoeedlBg...., 95,000 ?? MO.OtlO ?? 9* ,000 ?? A"t0,000 ?? ? 30 090 I ?? toc.coo ? ra.ooe m " at too ?? POO,coo " MjM | ?? 7.000,000 " 40,00$ ?? 1,104,000 ? 44,000 ?? 1404^00 " AO,0(0 " 1,IW0,0C0 " AO,000 ?? (000.0C0 " 00,000 ?? 4 000,000 " 100 000 SnVolk natk.iame, 1(0,0(6 Aay naoaen of balances to be paid la xpoc e, as usual. aotawoWT Tbe bllla or bsnka reewtved instead nf spw e fr*m drhioe bonis by Uia creditor baokr are tn be sen in to tke a? xt day'a seiuem* at at tbe Cl *arltg H ?< ?#. Anl U t* w*11 uadentont and ngreed helwnen toe .worsted liaakaef IBs Clear trg Ho*?e, tbrt tfeo Clearing HoiseOotn mtiiee bav* tbe right t* call t> ?u any htak for saiis'aoto- y c Lateral security *1 *ay momeat ud that baak b*r*by ?grass to far* sh lb* ?*m* to seonre Ihe pay me nt of Ike biiaoflkat bash wblah wsre rrreivsd by ths Clearing Hume la I'qu daneo of tlr balance or the last ??Uiemeat at lb* Casting IVon#, esttad or nrecia; as those bllla (whirbever A'wxiaied hs .k may ha?e ihatn) we*w a* ra calved, aid are so itld. at tbt JstAt risk of tea Mhar asso riaied hsaaa. In preportien to the amouala *f capitals rest?. f.Tsiy fbr ihe Intervening time beiweea settlements at Ibe Ctearlag House Tbe Trumttyip tajn of the mcctlcg at the cieaiiag Hone# yetteruay morning ? " the proposition t" double tbe snm cf paper atoaay to l>tr?r?ived at the Clearing Hni* from the baaM waa 'freed In almnat onanimously, tweatv ntn* out of lha thirty iv# hanks reprasantcd, voHag la It* favor A mo lira waa adopted that tbe Clearlrg H-wee Committee ae ? barged with Ibe eceeittoA of Ibe measure, and that aa inetrumeat b* drawn and preseated wi th? omnagova of Ibe various backs far signal ire immediately It is net eoereet pi say that the proposition has been adopted It re>ieiree tbe nnaa'iwoa t amriii of ell ihe beaks to carry ont sn<* a propwittea haven of the thirty Ive baeke voted against It It le prohabts, htw evvr, that u th# meettag tats moral eg the propovuna, or something approaehing te It, xnll be uaaeimonsiy carried. Tbe ( ir*r|ng Honse aow aott coder Ibe aeefednlo pub lished above VtROllflA. TirtAPATtOP or TUB BAKM OF RfCntfONB. The ffreclory of the Mr h srge and \ arnsera Banks have pel forih tbe roHewteg apology fbr the rafasal to pep their ?lMl Reto'ved, That by reason or aeaaroeo tuapsedla? of booren la Maw York tk?r?|D Mm Fermtrw' Buk or Vlr gtots aad the Exotaagn Bank of Virginia, la Robmood, have discounted to acoouimooate meaufor.i ireruaui Wide, postponing the receipt of Urg? funds, c xeepl iy a ooarae of rigid collect! on of drawers sud ?ndousnre, el lb* rltk o' their rule, and la the cad of ioaa; of U>e ooose-iaeocet. to customers generally, at ihhi Juncture, of onHalliag tha dla cocolt or Mean; aad theaevere pressure upon the csunlry at largo, of further efforts OB their part In coat la <m tpscls paj meats, they, the Farmers' Bank of Virginia and tb< Excnaoge Baak of Virginia, la Riohmoed do, for the pre ssnt, aoapaad specie paym?nt, and wlU confine thimeclvr-* to a Una?f poiloy whloh will prepare them for aa early rswmptlon. The HI oh mood South says, "Whna thia reaolatlon la traaalaled Into intelligible Eegush wa may hare a word la retard to tha sufficiency of the explanation " OHIO. HIWION AND HOLMtS' CINCINNATI CIRCULAR. Cixuaaan, Oot It, 1KSI Blroe tha data ?four laat circular more bat been aa el moat total ceaaatlon of business la all departments of trada. Tbe enttie ume and aitcn iou of oar merohauti and deal tra t aa been abaorbed la tha dlicutaloa of pat dag eronla, and Iba preparation and arrangement, as ar ae tha aama waa praet cable, for matarlag oblgalims Tout tar oar meroaanM and bualneaa men, Inoiur log our manufacturers, ?lancing shouldertoahonldor, bare breaitod the atom moat nobly; nowhere In tba oountrr are tbe trading oom u unity icunderor la a more healthy condition than la Cincinnati. To day tbe annooncemeat of the auapeoatoB of all the Footern banka box produced faellago of relief. All now lock to Ibe futare with oheerfulneaa aud bo.e, bellertug that tba wont bat pawed, and that from thia time oa wo , ?ball begin tbn march of Improvement. The Western banke will no dcnbt follow the lead of the Eastern, and forthwith aoepeed. All olaaaee bare learned a leaaon In the recent fearrnl visitation wbloh they will not eoon for get. The abadow of dteolation wt I reel over the bonaee of many who hitherto deemed themselves above want, but i | tbe great mate or all who were bat yeiterday Involved in the fearrnl vortex will, by ladnatry and econ my, eoon outride tbe tornado, wbloh will aland, for long yeart to ootito, aa a beacon, we hepe, to wa>n tbe too enterprietng merchant that a amootb tea often ocvera the moat danger one rock*. It la hardly ceoeatary to add that tbe calea of eecurltlee bate been of imnll moment, and are conduct to Ohio townablp bonds at37 to88, Covington and Lexington eeoond mortgage! at 69; and Little Miami 6 per ctnla at 7t. In tbe ftattre we lock for an oarly and study Improvement, inch aa will bring bay era and lolleri together upon more equitable terma. The prcduoe of the country will now bogle to more no lively to the (onboard, which wll* give railroads an active and rtmunerailng butlneaa. We are rnvored wltb the re port of Ibo earnings or tbe Hamilton and Da; ton and Ka<l River and Lake Erie Roada for the paat month fheaa re turce ledtoate (mora particularly of tha former road) au exceedingly prraperooa business ? Eainlnga of Ham. and Dayton R. K. for Sept. 1867 $01,176 26 Sept , 1866 48 H4.? SO Increase $0,225 9t> Earcingx or Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad for Sept , 1867 $76,680 33 Sept, 1866 72,688 70 Icereaxe $ >,tC! 63 Weareotabie lo report what will bo the currency on Which bumntas will In future be done In tats city, but a? all the banka of tbe oonntry will aoon atand on ibe aama level, we have no doubt but tbat oar backers will alopt a most liberal policy, and reoelve the nolea of all banka la gord Handing In the surrounding ftatos, as a so the uotes of Ue Eastern banks In good credit This wl'l bring into active ate a large amount or circulating notua wbloh f->r the past few weeka have been utterly rain -Ioaa for all the purposes of trade 7he rates for Kutern exchange a-e so unsettled that we are nntble to give quoutlcos Gold la held at 10 par cent premium over current bank notes TWO BKOKIK8 DRIVEN Or* OF FRANKFORT, KT., IV A MOB. [From the Cincinnati caxette, Oot. 16 J We learn that on Tuesday last Mr 8. W. Kogori, an architect tf thia city, accrmpeoted by his brother la law, Mr. N. H Gold, of Newport, R. I , visited Frankfort, Ky , upon private business of their own, having m oonnection whatever w'th hack* or financial matters. Boon re gtitnrlng their names at the botel tbey took a stroll through tba town, and on their return In tho cour.o of an bour cr two were surprised to flail tho eft loo ?cd stops of I the botvl tilled with a large crowd of people, who were i loudly talking, end whose remark* seemed to be directed lo tbe two gentlem* n at they entered tho house Ratng Innocent or any offence tbey could not understand tbe canse of so mnoh excitement for some time, nn'tllhe dry of "Drive the enrxed Cincinnati abolition brokers out of the town" grre ?d their ears; ana they were warnel by a friend tbat tbey bad better leave Ibe elty. The explanation of this mob law damooatraUoe was. thit the gentlemen were snapeoted of being money bro kera frcm Cincinnati, who had come into towa for the pnr pcae of getting hills of the Frankfort banks it deemed in specie This at leant sraa tba pretence fir tbe tawleanera exhibited, aed no explanation or aaaurmaoe which tbe gen tiemen could give wonld satisfy tbeexdled crowd. Tbey wese determined lo drive tbem out and go they most , and rather than subject themselves Vo Insu t, and perhaps In pntional violence, both gen lemen concluded to take the drat train of earn, and did no, being followed to tbe depot by tbe trclUd crrwd. who hooted, ehouied and threatened. And It was not nnlll the train was fairly unler way that they fall themselves secure from the mob. THE TOSITION OF THE SOUTH IN THE CRISIS. I From tbe Angnate (Gas.) Ooeetitittesaitst | The Naulb bee never been no Ha* In tubalnnLsl manna to aosiain commerotal credit as at preaant, and yet, since 1687, romieereiel credit his net been m re eerlonaly Ibrrntsnad Ws beve not overtraded and tfeomoofoartaeer ohante have specula rd la onr own staple the ?i-ecu lit! ins have yielded snormou i profit, adding lo the wealth of tea Sooth, aid sbsold adi lo Its oo wmarelal reeoareao Tot our bank and commercial capital teems greatly paralysed Tbe new crop la ocm'.ug la, bat the planter cannot Mil at satisfactory prices to pay the merchait?the me recent csntot pay Ibe barks, aad tberirare tha banks oan afford bat raw a-commodaUona either to seed the crop forward oryay commercial balances Why la this? tba whole trouble has arisen from so fasti; of onr o? a but from tbe fallarts end ootir-iueal ptalc la New York, onr coom r olsl centre, which, for the preseol. has rendered sterling unavailable The male baste of onr banking capital at the South l? sterling, furnished by the colt on crop aad otaer Southern experts. Our interior books fur-stab them main ly wltb sperle by the purchase or bills upon the seaports* Tbe Hruthcra" sispirU furnish much of thi.r specie by the put oh as e cf tteritag, aad Mte saie if a part of U In New York Mast of our Now York fiohnogn Is drawn upon ths proceeds of lurltrg sod In New Ynrk to pay edracoee oo ship ments direct fmn Fonthern .orts Sterling, then, It walelv, Iboush indirectly, the basis cf otr banking oapl tal at lke South Now, this reeooroe, famished by a le gitimate it are, aed on ree I vaiaM, la ft r tho present mod np. MerHeg esnnot be roaverted, exaept si ruinous Tbe difficulty Is much syg'svated, from tbe reel Ihst (A# amr.unl <f iter ting due In the South tl UnutuiH}/ Itrgt for thU train cf the '/ear. There U. perhapt, fully half a milium due U Augueta time, and Ihu u probably a m-re fiactum qf uthal it due lo Oharlrtl-ot and Jooannak This sterling, esnverled Into specin or New Yurk ex I cbsege, would make our Southern ranks rich la banking resources st case, sod eesbie them lo treat the usual fa c'IRies to tbe merchant, and famish tba meeaa leoestarv foe the purchase cf tbe present won lint why three large dual U> Ibe douth la atorltag at tble lafe eraeoa of the year' 'be amounts osir.g i . rsvor able bsiatee. The eottoa crop, though tbort, has porbase never told for so much money That It la due to the Hoatb. and oil I undrawn. Is atooemted ftsr from the fact it at N othem opera r-ru have had strong aoofiieooe In est ton, bsvu perchssed as much as tbslr ?>?*?? and credit wonld permit, sad neld M on tbeir own ncouant st n high Pm t. which bos only Is*ely been reached. I may add, that tbe neethrra balance has bewa eon si lersbly sided by Ue early sbipmeato of aa onosaally large doutbsra wheat crop Tbe hoot* tbe i bat not overtraded .ace has It lost bv aaprcfliable speculations It hna only epe-- ilamd by mat tag tbe beet of Its owa staple, thereby adding t > Sortbera wssiib. Nor have Hon them banks overtraded or ever issued Their business bee been main)/ a caui'.o is end legltimeie nee. Thrf har* prcrtfrd immtduur si-sw hy the i n'y Irfitimatr m> ens f Aung as, but ihcf means art net m wwdtafr'v mmtlablr at a rrmcte - cwsrqwmer. cf the trWd and rrdklrtt ad<-mlurn, aad disastrous tprculatuont of the /forth and North wool What Is son wanUas Is time?a lit Je I'mr ?oot t> tasks, bat to rmnvrnt ecmai means Ranks k earn a to be good should be ftwbeartng with recti other, sod fbe public should or pslieat snl forbearing with tb* bseks.snd set require or axp*?t sooownaoistioa* from thr si which however strong In monas, they am not at preernt able to tarnish to ssy great sxtont Re let must si on oome Btertteg a now about commercial -ar la New York, ihelli, really about tea per neat diectuat Ma New i biases It is lower Mill?? stair of tblegs perbere aaprece dcsled la our day This of course man* lavt long A remsoy will soim be found, either in a rntcrttnm of oo^f dtneo, or tho tsspertoftow of tfrcirfrrm Kurort MOUTH CAROLINA. TBI CBABLBtTOH RANK*. [ From lb* Chortealra Me-oary Oat 15 ) We ?r# bef<natag to are light and eomethleg II kt OOB eert omtag our I inking Irufltntione Th* But of tba Hole, I be Railroad Book, ibo Poopla'e Book, oad tba Book of Pootb Ooroiiiio bora determine.1 to raneire depoett oad tr pay it eat ibo notee of all tbeeity book*, on-', to i*t ont col) tbf r own, oad wo hare reaaaa to '??HoroUiottbe circle wt I bo enlarged in tba ooorre of to dor Wo ore (U? (lot'fiod to Iran ihol o rono'derob e omoutt of fo retga rtootngo ?u purcboeed rootordor by of tba nnt> aped* nay rg boaka, thur ol<Mtg to tha trenomtmioa of co?w>n to Ktrov*. opening lha door for a bailor otota or thtaga II (a tba beginning <tf o prrraoa wbmb will aooa work lla way out to 11-or orarloaiono Tbe kontb baa tba aeam-tbcoaty i ??Hoo la bow to rno'lmi em We con ylooa ao d> rradai.ra upon Now Tork, which he* rolnly taught to rare iteeif by croaking bandreda of ita mwt powrrfbl mernhonla, oad where the hooking r> item itaair to now gnlrg iiowa omH o * corral onmaertlal rata nor palter ta arldcnt'y to rail oar rropa to tba ?tarketa weinh ore aroraat tba ooeeumeri There la ao do' hi about tbeir rolaa, tad ao doni> that ifcoreagbly tratlwortby ogrnto ore at baad to traao it it them We abo'J aaaodtly tea oar borhoro thronged with oblpe, eager to carry oar crop* error* tba Atlantic, and our m'rcboati certainly do not fmi In lha manna far frrlg htitg them The Mouth la.foal now tba rictlm of n aaddan revntfne. all tba ranaaa of which aan be treoad to dtatnat parte of the eouitry it ta tie very luddennene Ibot gtree II the power *a oiieot ca ro widely and ao Irroalaiibly If we felt that the banka and Uha memhaeta of tba tnuib were pro yortlanahlj nnlpahla la prrductag tbta oUmHy, woebcnM ?ay.w'lhctit hei'iet'ra, tat in am aaflhr frr tbalr folly ? tbay tetredeeererd It. But It m aot to. an t we oaaaot bring nt'telrr* lo feat Ihot etihrr bank*, marc koala or plenera, ought to be riettmired la atonement for tba tlrteiu rrwet lattone of Hi-there broken and atnokjihhare Agoinat iba<w, aaoorardy on a ducted, they here bad aa Urr? to arm Ihetntelrm 1*? aaceealty preaeet upon tbem wlib an Irrer oiible urgency, and to ouempt lo ebleld Ihrrrrelree agalnat It, by open defoarta, ta elmply lo rut elf tba aetl for a day In order to bring It down upm the* with accumulated farce on tba morrow We know that ? Mi la. lechntrallr, coaamarctol dlAboaer, bnt ta reniliy tbem can be at diaboaor where there la aa Monte LOUISIANA. TUB IINAKJ1AL CBl.slfc AT TH* HOUTB ?COTTOW? Till DELTA. (from the New Orlaao* Letts,O* 10. | The writer, whose oomm?nloetlMi we publish tin Hi over Ibe ail nature of "Oottoo Plantar," evidently leaatad > viriim and Hndl?g ihe Dti'a ooovanleutlv at feted, de termlorsi to make Ui?t visit* Uie D?lt* Wa Irani felt ale attack open our course la refervuoo to military and commerm.i affaire baa done mors towarda Miuagtag hu choler than It baa dletorbed our equanimity, or le "he? to afftiot oar reputation tbi judgment.. fairness aa* canoor with the public .. . ^ b_ We could well afford, were we so dlaooaed, te^paaa by it., noioted aiiuaiona of the oosnmsnlonltae to the MM eon,meet leaving the wrttr* reQe Uoaa to theoonalnntverofotatloaof w peel ?**!*+ neat oouree. aad our steady aad in da pendent oooUaaeaee la a elaallar teeor hereafter. Bat it elaanee ua to atki a lit reoaarka la thle oonaeotlon, and briefly aa may be wa eball make them. ? ?? Cotton Planter very oomplacenUy oharaotaetxasins Tg poaperoua," a brief etatameet made In the edlteilal ?t umna of tie OtU%, on the 3d laatant, to the effect that eel, ton had been held In hew Orieeae, the week prioen equivalent to the quolatlone la Liverpool. Thta waa an error, however, which be waa emtably *tlUBf (ard aa a allp of tbo pen or aa error of the bead. Wa be? to rellere Cotton I'lantor'e souottude on theeoorsei the slipping proclivity of our pea or the arronnountew i denoy ol our bead, by am urine him that the atatamaat m i queatloe bolotga to n?uher of lbs categories ta wftlabha generously referred It, hut la eubatantlaUy true sal refly I oemoeetrable. Thle wa propoae euootnotly to ebow. I Oct ton Planter will or ehoutd remember that oa the im i of UAa month middltag cot win wea bold at 16 ota. aad over. Ai ti la figure, with freights at fcd. aad exsbaag* at 107Hi oott.n would ooat In a ore la Liverpool lO.Otd., free of al outer coarfoa Yet at thai very lime the laat lntaUifsaW tier (learner rrom Liverpool, ahowed that oo toa of tha 1 itmo claaalflcaUou waa ranging at noout 9d. To-day tha iante cotton ia taken al IB* eta., freight la HA , exohasgs 08, aad It will ooat laid down la Liverpool e.Ud., outaOs or Ibe 15 per oent. usually aaanmad aa covering the liver pool obargva. Tha laat quotatloae rrom Liverpool by Ute Niagara are 0 Vd.. attended by a heavy market. The atock on baadal be tame time waa ooaaldered eufbolent to laat uattl tha middle of September; and It waa not llkeljthat Baaekaa tor spinners, aaauming that there would bfeU m the old atook In Liverpool on the 16th of woaM be In baate to give ten penoe per pound for HI faw oar goea olearel besoe alooe the 1st Of September, la view ad the expootatlOh Of It ffeU resulting from a gen a ml maud tkry piOnuro la the Datted tkatea Tbatc faota. oad the evident corollaries "'?J, uoed no apeolal com meat They effectually vlndtontalbi v ewa expressed aad ho prodlotiooa made by the IMto whether in lu general editorial or monetary columns, ta roforence to thooottou market, tie tendencies aad tiee, aad Ibe cauaca aad contingencies affecting or Ukaiy a aflfeel it. . , Tbo almost calveraal solvency, lndopondeaje, aad Ma frotdom from pressing ttabllltlea, dapioUd so glowingly b] Cotton Planter aa tbe condition or the cauoe plaatha non>munity in tbe ?cutb, la a wry reactions one Indeed We octy wlib there waa less fancy and mora toft fact In bis description; we only wleh b'a Ideal oonoepatu tf what the great cottoa ta'ereat or tbe Houlh might, oeuk or sbrutd be, existed la a more subetanital form aad mar concrete shape; bat, as U la, many a cotton planter, aw miny a cotiou planter's factor, will deplore with ua tha there 'a a reverse aide to the picture which It la ueee?-? to view point blank at ihia very time One thing ia qal'e certain If notion planters in g? are rroe tf m llabi'ltiea; If Ihey have not drawn heavily a the expectation of a comtftg crop, to make Investments ti m. re laid aad more negroes at fearfully high prices; am ir their actors, standing between then and the moselar world, have not Incurred heavy liabilities on their aaooual thru planters and factors onn afford to n atntaln a vsf ??I1T petition. and aland oul agalnot the underbidding of M fe?nrbetter and Uve'poo' dealers and buyers for so lads Unite period, or at least uatll the latter are compelled I purchase at Ibe prloea demanr ed or to go without th uee?i?ti staple altogether We nncerely trust tbe geaeral ooudlbon of tho pUalon and their factors may approximate at least to that abov rketobed; and If It doe*, we may hope that tbefr joU (isbillly and credit will t rove an over match forlhoUvu pool nod Manchester demand for a redud*on, la aptta < diff, idt exchange, raralytla banca, fagactona ei>ecte, aw a dtaagnoable ten. one? ia a ualversai flnaacta! oaaie. PottjD planter deali eevrrelv wHh those mercoar.te wb loc k tee rcipcufiblllty of aubacrlMng to the 'ale redndia in roiico at the critical lanrtare when the wb"'.o oomeau clal community waa ta a tremor, aa If on the eve of terrible 11p'oaion. Aooord.og to abstract litiol hradi doubtleat, Ihe reduction waa not Joat or der?ntibla. Bal is tfee peculiarity, or rather the emenoe of pauli, that reBca the ordinary lews of trade; that It ta deaf ti reaaa and btird to argument Panic ia a democrat and IrreM It vt?n> both high and low, and dlspenaea ltt evils, Bk ?unsh oe asd dew. to the j ist and the unjust. Intta Inalaecu parte baa not regleded oct on. many a oWSa factor baa had to look II ta tfee faoe wltoo t beta able to atare It oot of oooctenanre What woaga thm, t*ai acme of our ootton factors gave way, as suffered s redcotlos from the previous stiff qnotaSem No woeder al al, and when we consider that aoeh an daottcnveiy pro sab I y aaved many fso lore from protai and poaribly some ?fectora or others related to them ta hi alnoas, from 'allure, aad that several heavy protects si one or two large failures might have bees the begtasli of a ytotialcrash, Involving both fader and planter ai all ccmmerdal Intereeta la the city, we 3ud It exceeding! ditllcuit to regard tbe reduction etlber as s gross tnja ttce at tfee bacda of the fsotsr. or a Signal aad nalias blunder Ootton Plantar conceives the very lingular idea that? menstary department aided te effeot a deei'as la ooltai inasmuch aa't freely oommealed upon tbe taadeaey current affair*, and predicted the ranull of axttttng fas or impeadlrg ocutlugenr ee. Wbll* bla qnotatlous tru oor monetary oolomus fail to ooarlnt this paper sf aa material error or Isoooaiatenoy, they very signally a hlbtt tbe oloee scrutiny with which it ocaaned tbe pvsasl aad tfee preerlenoe with which it looked lata lbs War But bccscse, fonootfc, tbe D?V. a p-editdsd kmg In ad rem ibs deei'o* which was reosutly suffered In ootton, * gulltv ef productag, or aldlag ta produce, that usptaaM ratastrorba' Verily, tf thta te a aooUtdabie ascaaaltaf 'bra ta reason trem cause ta ctlsol must be daagarot and ta or odd a future eveet must be fatal. We have to say, i sally,that we afeaU bereafta' P??w tbe feme Independent asd out epokaa oou na ta regard mcaemry aad (ymmerolal matters that we bars herd fere pursued. 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