Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 19, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 19, 1857 Page 6
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urnmsmm mrcwm ztekt pat. Matiow wirwa?J?m'M' pttajtto. JSVifi VXISU ?C'; ? i.iht oOil's TO LEAVE THE OITT, VICT TO obtain a dwntloB for a ooaptawt young mhih !*? nurse, who Is also n MM mmt.ot world m willing to i|? u chamtrrmaid ud loeniMr. She \n be neen tar two days, Saturday sad Monday, between the home of 10 end I o etocfc. at the reeMenet of her preeent employer. Ho. m w?m at ?t. 4 H AMERICAN GIBL OF EE8PB0TABLE PARENT A ego. who has been four yean in one family, la in want of a eh imen to do eham?erwork and waiting' woo d do gene ml boenework, ta a neat sewer, kind to children, and really deeerTlrg of a good place. Apply at Ho S Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WAHT1D?BY A GOOD FAMILY A erametreee, to go by the day or week. Una cut and St tadtaa' and ehtldren'e dreaaea. also cut and St boys' clothes. Be object lone to the country. OeU M 343 Columbia at, Brook lyn. between Baltie and Warren its AFBOTBBTAHY YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8[T0jC tton aw seamstress; nnlerstanri catting and uulog tadtea' dreeeea. Ihmtly sewing and embroidery. Gall at ST 4th A SITUATION WAHTBD-AS QO?D PLAI* COOK, waster and Iroerr. in a Brat rate baker. <se>d cits refe rence given. May se seen for two dfy* at 113 West ifth at., between S'J} and 7th a* ? 4 COLORED WOMAN WAHTR A SITUATION AS A cook nhe has been accost >mrd to cooking for large board tag bouses and hotela 4*o objection to washing and Ironing or u> go a-akort uletance 1a the oountry. Onll A. 10 Jersey at, bach of Nlblo'r. rarm M. 4 BEf-PBCTTABLE young woman wants a situ A atkw at a good cook first rate washer an 1 troner and baker has the beet of city reference. Oan be area for two days at 117 AJanltc at. between HI ks and Henry eta., Brook a SITUATION WaNTMIJ-BY A RlBPkrTABLE MIRI-, IK as rr*ne tad seam?treas; can cut and fit children's di scan, she Is a Irate.asa rhambanr.atd and wartw. Erie rente gtyea. Call at 1st khzabnth at., near Spring, room No J. for two days A SITUATION WAKTBD?BY A BKPfl 1TANLB fl'Rt, A as ?ook, washer and trcatr. The best of dtf re'erenee "yom her last p'ace. Can be seen at S3 KJag at., front base a EBSPICTaBLK YOUNG MARR ID WOMAN. WITH A a frnb Ir'iwt of o-'ih ?li weeks c!d, want* a situation as we: an ??, tns prteate family. Good d:? refersace gleen. Oa. for 'wo day* at 118 2d ?r between 34 h and 3?ih *?? '.APT WIRHEF TO ?IND A RITUATiON FIR A nnrae wh- ta wttllrgio -to Bgb" chain erwora; is of good rottta n n d fond o' % .. e ? rp'r a: hsr nresen- employ er a. No. I lai [ '.see, eo?ner n?-rs a. . Kou-h BroGUyn. h SITUATION AS REAMRfRESl WANTED?BY A RE A rptc able Protestant woieaa; she underwtatd* dre? making 'n all Its watches, rrd Is a rood platn sewer; trame well recommended *o character and aepallilj. uan be ee*r. *np !W) d> ys a- '.34tlla e A RiTU ATTClN Wi NTNLl?BY A RE.* P EOT 4 RLE ENG A iiw ? man fn a t-oa'l iamile. or attend a lady or to take ease of ack''c le willing to taake heraalf useful; wages no: so much an objec as a trod home .'or the wirtwr; good re fkreort Apply, torot.e werk. to Mr l.uan S3 Wos: Wthat. A GCf P. BCBfTANTtAIa HARD WORKING. T. -URTY i* m act wishes to do housework. Does plain cooking, rar m * bread ncdeice* in doing up gevtmaea'a ilava. Rrlereaca undoatted. Apr'y to day at 10 Till&ry at., Eroot A SITUATION WANTKD-BY a REf PE3T ABLE A yc in? woman: la s. good nook, washer and Ironeu under sands taking good city reference Oat be seen at 2u3 12th ?L, between acecne a and 1st at . till engaged * MIPDLF. toll) Of KhAN WOMAN WJNTttSlIU A a :cn as stooo'. ro -k tn ar eating bouse or hotal. Is 3 aire at 30 Tra. kfort St.. rear ? Idlag, se -ond ? tar. * BITCATIO.W W.NTKD-HY A YOUNG OrRL A8 W -hatr>-er^^???, and tad- sew'rg: can do al'k'cdn of em crotdery rr wo Id take care of ch.'drca sad m-w: hat g wj ere reference fan be teen for two <U)ia:U: Idamur, betseesn ?.!& and did aia , tra: tl x>r. * YOCNG OTRT. WISHER A SITUATION 1N.A PBTY iTg s family, x do gesera! hcusewcrk eo* seash and iror aa :>e s?' a for two days at !fl Atlanilcat., near Hicks Goxl Ml -eferetlCA A BIYCAYIO* W AHYIP BY A YOCNG WOMAN. AR A pi ate coc K eraaher and iror er Go?d el's references; no otjec-kw to go n the nouctry. Call at .(9 Wast 23th at, se cond Bear, oink room | 0NRMAN GTRf, WTSH1F A RITCATION TO DO GB Ltrt' kesnssrk In a ?ma'l --?Ivate family. Newt city re oee atl at 1ft Wcat i;ta at, between 7th and Hth an A A N!"E AND HBAT GNRMAN PBOTEPTANT GIRL A det'.ret a sl'nattoa *? ch?-nberw?*ld and wwl re?? we aw ptafo sewer or 'o rtr the honrework nf a srns" famiy: Is wt'iiag and ob tglng, and can be highly recommended. Pinnae anil at Tl Nossrry 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A f RNNC3 GIBL, TO A arise children App'y at l.W ft.h syeane 4 PROTBbTANT YOTTN? GIRL WIRHWR TO GO OCT A tw ihe day. week fir moa b, aa dreawttaker: can cut and ft oMtl rea s dreuses or wonld 11?e ta a nice family aa -ha-u he ami 1 and aeamstreea Good reference gleeo. Pieaaa call atMBaattahst near 1st seen us. ARB8PBCTAB1.V WOMAN WIBHE8 A BTTUATTON AR cook, ta a smal' pjdsaie famlls; hat no objection to ass'st la the wa-htng and tmittts or fgo a abort distance In the awuamy. abe Is a Brat rate baker fan be well recowmetfed fPomi Mr lam plant-. P ease .-all at 1>t Eat 8A at . near 1st as. 4 RESPECT A RLE GIRL WANTR A RITDATION AS A chambermaid sad waitress or to assist with the washing amd kroatng. or aa lacndreat. H'i the bast of rtty refrrenciw. ??otiriwo days at 173 Nmiih r?. near W? ? RBel*l<'TABLE WOMAN WISHER TO GIT FAMILY srathisg or geni<sm*a'< wash'ng at her ossa house. I of referee oa Call MII West '5:h at la the basameat. AH AHBBICAH WOK AH WIBBIS A 8ITCATIOH altArr M bonaak?ope- or moalbly nnrae, or wind take We eaUrr ebarye of an for A urammi plana dnrlnf be wfcier Won'd ettiurr for * moderate an *rr Brat of oily roariw Call for two dara At HI 1Kb ?L. for K W. A HTCATIOX WAHTBD-BT A TOMO WXJfOH WO A wan lodobonerwora in a im*.. ftallr; liarmla^k ittiitpmr h It rm Boat otty reference. AppyaiM AJJae'tc il grot k.'a. A MiDDl.B A?KD PROTBtTAFT WON AH WANTS A A >ii latAoe m ioXAa a ontee and Arwaa.raaa: baa bad in ?% aaeeneacr ard e.n nt* ! iu rBarae of then rawj la *tiUo< to fo Rr rtk la blybly ran >aaa?enc?i. App'r At Ho 7 Colon nonrt. p?*? 1 IM at ^___^ A TOCHtt A FIRMAN WOFAH WISPR* AHITCITIO* A a? < r Anni"nr?l' or Mm drvaa Boat of etty referee*. yTrea. App'a a-13>f b arnnoa. ooon Ft.MFOOOK WAFT* A?TTC*T'OF. OH TO do yenaral hnnaeamrt Rrirrerre frim ll?r Ivrt plat*' be aaaa for thraa daya At (7 Uudaia at Brooklj n, to nor 4 A BIf-'PHOT ABI .B MABBIBi > LADT A NO RiBTIR H ? l?h *0 ro*?Kt arVh a f'Btlly fo'tf to to'.Rtf aar* Of ntillr ran or watt -r a htdy War bee-j t??-r? befnra and an.b?a to rC"rn to h?-r bn?Hard. fa not ara net t air a J by do e 0. W. H.. or oar a* ?'.? *? r' ? at. AilTCATJOH WAFTBO-BV A TO HO WOK AH, A* or-A. weaker and ir^eer 1" a -mal) prlrata faaaily baa referei roe If rep ntred Pali at T Ttk ar AMITCATIOH WAFTBD-BT AH KXriBtHmtO WO aaao.,aa -"rok; tindrratanda .?onk'tiy la all Ita b*anob?< Oaa ytrr rout rlty rrf-woaeee ' aabearan at Ml Weet I nk at., trtam btb aad Atr ?r?r iaa 4trrrATTOH wahtbo-bt a bbbphotaii m wo mat., aa rwd aook, ao-'wottld do Um wa?h?>? and ln>? ta*ofa ml piiaatn fami ? 't?od etty refarrniea Ilw? Oaa ' - ar-r t >r two day* at 117 Weit ITA at, bliweeaftb and Itt a.enuea A torsi riWH i.adt on tn a n;tcatob as tea- -er la a aebo l or la a private family Api ? at 71 it at. Aritcatioh waptio-b a bbhpbotablb obb nu I'mra ut atrl. la aa Aaaer.< an .'a?Mj. t'aa atk" hare*If feaerelly u"' .. aot aaN to yeua'Bl h.uaawork. hat mm do nr i#amy. *?ilay aad trtmlaf ajo. Plaaer apply at C Horf >lk at., tat tba rear. left. A 8ITTAT70F WAXTID- BT A TOCHO WOFAH. AS rbaai' *re? ; and welter or aa rbem barmaid aad eeaw at la aMpatat to All eay ? ? ? Boat ; -;>y rrfar aaaaa Piewe aall ai Mo ;t Waat tarn at. ? ? ?i ? . ? Ttb ara A I APT III DE8IBOOI or dUTAIHtHO A IITCATIOH A f<? a yaaag P'rena fol'y inaU'iad to V aaartraeor r-t*? haeaaM aan n tmaa Sa<- a 11 br ramma^aded by tba (aa *Hb vbaai aba bow roaia**. ai wane* booaa &? Bar ?nam aa<u *t arrar.a. aha la prrwuedli diremlaqairr. AHOat HtU'WTABI.F WOHAN WITHBi TO HAV1 a t,abr to a?. n-ira*. or one tr dry noraa at tor otra ra etdrc ? p noar o*.' at n Hott yi drat (Iar>r. flroat raom. tor lifp day a A TO! H'J WOF a F w;RHBi A HTTCATfCH AP PB*W ?nrrMtiNarriM ta aowanaat la draaawat iy am baeldarr aad ?>!':; a?wtnt Baat altt ratrao? glran. Call or ibr-w II ' M? >? n?twf?c lu; pod JM ra A HBALTUT VOO* . W'iFtM WHO FAS LOST Hi* A owt Hkr waai. a tmnrat oi aa ?# .,rN la,,!,* at si ?adiaoa at. Brit too., n u>? r-~*r A HTC ATKIH HABTtP-Br a J\ yama* w. mta, a not ? ot R-o ad.ttnmt rt* aad l*?w. o- w??M do ??cr?al |lta oort I ? nan" >%r, w- ?nnA *rir raonwim' ndatkia Nral/I : darrnd Plawn ai a' Ui W>r Idtb r . arar t.t ar m , AB?HPiCTABl-e 0 BI, WABTd A S!T"Afto* , td awtiaroaaMMd ?aiarnp aaamadwarrta' as armaa ?ort lat' irr at 1>i ' tlaatlo yt. B?, a'- ^ waaral AVS'iSS'i^ a flTCA*l0f *vAHT?1,..yT A TOPH t WOFAH A" ^ to t m a ^ ,irat* rim ia; nedrmaeda b?r t'tltrw par tartly i? ? ' it ' a*M?i ir iba wadhtag aad ir >ait.? lu tag W It*, o'r^tr. (pran tar 'aat rwplny?r. ?n?'? mi tu ttrad * ?ra. Ptaa?<- ra 1 at Ho W War ItA *t A I ICt ntlkWAHTdP- BT A TOfHt* WOFAH. WHO aa? * "b <d all r.-? atoatai oM. a onjaittlon ?'> a ?h rri t\ ????. * i?. ..II -ry W nid rot aiarri ntnol w?foa *n a,ji ?? A?" ??at I at* at or .trrrt a Mia ti Mra llawar. hoi Ui Mar*.. o*r? A TO' HJ W v tp wanth * NTTt'ATIO* Ab POJK W?"tar an irvrr an to tarariin'ry: frod Mk y>rr* ' -a '. ... at tt padtioaat fmrtb loo A diTOetWl WUttHO^Sr" a RHri TA^l' WO ?1 m<r. la I laryr 'awl'y or aa e. wvk aaabaraad Jw?? a r?< ia?i f i !??#?. aal. ai Mo. But day ai . Brttk a a a tea fit H#a"i t ?n~Ri t nB'.pawA'".K tor io mat|Ni*| and -att'rr The bar of !zl, * y ?^a lay |?? daya ai 187 l? i at, be ' Pj ' 'T pat 'sn rr^R KT-B'A^V. r?- I *,?, f.r r , aoa.r.ant ' * - rb?MBtaa. la a r > al ' ' "? dt- i ?? ela-- m atbar.^ i Addraaa bM ,8BB Poa Are w ?WAIWMI A. V'm 'iaR,liL* VIRBI8 A BITUA .a " IC.'L Vf^l1 PrJ.v*ie AmerGam family. to do general fcwwotR. WmmnnaUmiaBtpdqt.toXfooeewr^ A WI'?B A Biro ATI 01*. TO TAE1 OL ^oare uft A.iron and do plainer wing. Pienae oal) at 18 * l?iSLAr*0.!i w**??D-BT A EESPBOTABLB ptoy^A ** f"*cao* rf ** pr*-n""B A 8ITC ATION WAJIIID BT A TO DUG WOK AM, AS ^ooipllih/d no*h. uiMteituoia her bualneee Beet (?oalyT0^*0*- "?"""oUbA. bM.bM.nenCfor k pRI>CH D?KSAMAKhB WUHE8 WORK BT TKK dt J" tjv* ihe Deei of refereDC?e froae femlUee 1 SrSJLTJ141 ??Pked ^ Oail at #C4 6th ??., third floor, tor ?adame Josephine. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A8 ' chambermaid or fir,' c'Mi waiter: i? fulir oompeleanif taking cbiage of tic diairg room and ai.'rrr: eon cme well re cc mmrede.' Call at atD fat ar. bclwaeq 27 th and Jtbh ala. A RESPECTSBLR KROLT8H GIRL WANTS A SITCA O. '.on a. lauodreat. or lo du' bomberwork and One wash |PI' ?*? ffood raferen<-e Oan be seen for two day, at 12fi C llatou place, 8tk at , flnt f'oor. bs.'k room. ABR8PE0TABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITOATION A8 rook. washer and troaar. or to <to general ho u Work la a maU cr.?ate j a food broad and baeuit baker B? <?? tea: of nty reference. Please eafi at 122 Slat at, near A SITUATION WANTED, BT A YOUNG AMERICAN fir . (r chauibermn.d or waiter, or ?j do ligst house work i pp.y at 344 Blrih seen e. third fitor, front room ARESPECTaBLB QIRL WANT8 a situation as first rate cook or to do ge-rial bo tewrk good re'trence itwb her las. plarr. no objection to be oountry. Call at aJJ Bndjon at.. fir,; f.oor, in thr rear. f0r t ^ J ^ " AYOUNG GIRL, WHO 18 ,N ORPHAN. WI8ER8 A d00?* Untholte fataily; would prater a Oubut ur/rrncb tamiiy; la a food eahoier one willing to tnstrrct e?i>dren to the BpgLah language jmd make kartell agrerable Please aidrtt, Mire Drnely. t* %aat Uhh ,t A PR0T??*ANT YOUNG WOMAN WI8HK8 A B1TUA ^ tlon a* chambermaid and waiter, or aulat in washing and ironing, or to lake care of children Pleaoe coll at 131 West li b ,t. for two day, Hs? good N'.y reference. APR0TR8TANT Y01 N9 WOMAN WIStlRS A 8ITUA .oo s < n me and eramatreee. Oan eat aad fit well. Eaa guoa clir reierecoe has no objections to the eimntry Pierre ralljtt 21, Tib sr., between 2,in and 26th sta., nl fie ftkney A COMPETENT 8EAMRTBBBR WANTS A SITUATION can en: and St Indie, and rbtldren'e dramea, ?n<l do ,Gi' E??'w??7tJ 2WU" ?????? ?/ ARE8PBCTABL1 PERSON WaNTB A SITUATION Ilf A pi,rate family, as nnree nnd srHmstreae, eon do a'l kind, or mostly sewing: would like a comfortable home fir the win ler; ?ti?i no ob-ert; good reference Can be seen for two day, at h?r employer , 3U Went 28th 1 AYOUNG WOMAN, WHO Uf DBRBTAND8 DRKit, klnt * ?* "wing and embrotdT nr, 1 " r7"ertf;,J-' P"*?'e fan :,, where ahe will bewll. r.g to ir.-Jtr (rrie f geeeraliy naefu'- wae?-<no object Ha. the be,, of city reference,. OhT* *? 3d m e irner of 31?t ,i. "v-> A GIRL WISHES A PLACE. IN A BRePRCTABLR f,iu .y, a* : rs c an, ootk, bent of elir re.Vrenoet Oan oe Men for two dart at 71 W-*t ;?th ,t. Also, a rcjret,^ woman wwbe, a situation at chambermaid ,nd to do tine Wffilffit" :h a,,rt" f for iwo days at M 4 a srrrATioN to attend A 'c ?.^.r 111 d ^ndemtardn keeping t 3o tat7 rl" 4 e?^"?tr (XU""r'- P1"M? RddrsHu u. 8 . or ?p ACONPETINT 8EAMSTHEBS WfSHRH TO GO OUT J. * or,w,'' *? w "?fk. f be understand, drea, mak ZuS&iRvX&'W'Eon" 11006 61,7 r?'*reace *<"'?? A RB8PROTABLR YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA "r"'M *ud *"<1 do plain sna'tng, in '? "a>* l,.*n? "u, '?,ci- r* ?'?'ice from b> r last p.aae. p.caaa oil a. No bt. Wrat Igtn at, in tne rear, third floor Runrnnr wanted-bt a lady, to do any , L* k_ p . of amily newnr; ran do raklln?rv. Would lace r?t kL*' JLiROiom fcjr *** 10 trap rotable tam'f . " 55'd ??, between lot and 2d <fR5^mrADI -HOC,?'K/BPB*. INBTBUOTaESR OR e traaalatar -A French l?4r. hnrlnr been engaged iu tui ttrdemtandaig all the dafea ofarrbnel demeaile borne, w*ehea t>i flad aaltua'lon la a pnrate 'amiiy J! i k?FP her nation of feaaln* lady break* r.' kit intmpmi t ? r _.. _ . <rfc^r** i i a * jrL . * ? * wi'"8 ox f?aam^ la-ty 8raak? Jir 'S AQdr*m M m bompuci.j, M*U ?m aprare Fry offge Sa'arr npobjiot S'-,LTnTA!t -WAN,f:"-A P^tfATIO* AS BALE ""T reepecab.e atore. where bna' babl'r, Jrit 7 ? would meet wt h a fair >emnneratlon htr Li }e*r* rr.'erenee fr/Ba h?r aai emplomr toe son' anion lo go Sonth Wir, or to California! Call or affrre. J. W. Jonr. tt Pal<on at. H-ooklnT CJEiNBTEkSE' SITUATION WANTtD-BT A REs-KOf k? a ej. . a# worn us. wko underaianaa fam i> c in ?S^i*t "Vi0* ?" T03"* >?dto?; willing to travel, wiillug "o C"7 ref"TOf CEAMSTRIE8-Wanted, by a hiohlt rupetta d2;r>tUUin^^e.Ct:7 'orlwo SITUATION WANTND?BY A GERMAN GIRL AS mm D,^.rm"d r0 objeetloo to aasM in the care of children r.ea,' call at 128 ay. J. |B the mora. OITUATIONS WABTEIX?BY TWO YOUNG LADIES. TO p foPoali one m mll'lnrr. nnd the tber aa an oreralor on 81nfer ? m-wlnf macbtcAddram J. u . Herald oK s S^rATiox wanted-by a^ oiwavhmm, ^ ?mpyij ai lo Lewis street SITUATION WANTND?BT A TOUNO WOMAN AS ?Si." k I T1!11' uDo?r?iao la b-r b .?lne?a m ail it, SIT^ATIN WANTED-BT A TOUNO WOMAN AS co?8 waaker and lron?r. la a good baker Good re'er rnee. a pp'y at P2 Mnlberyy ? . to the rear ? "r SItlkTng WANTED - HY A TOUWG PROTESTANT woman a. rood pl.i0 ?, k: wuh,r and Ir^eT Good refe/rnce Apply at 12* S, ( aqnon ?T7a Situation wanted-bt a toung germ an gut, to do rooking, washing and Ironing in a ama'l fatn'ly gtK<! rt.'rtrce. Apply at ?? fjmytk at. room No 8 qiTUATKN WANTEU-BY A YOCNO WOMAN AS between id qad .iSYm.' ^ >l 116 Situation wanted ht a young woman, to <io caambrrwork and * siting, or aa lanadreea rr :.rrnoe? App'y at 1? War 23ih at. between Jik ..-sG 8th aI, SITUATION WANTED BT A TOUNG WoraN. 48 hawrennald and wai'?r or rhamhermald and nnrre fxxd ^f'r,n'* Apply at 4 1 Hiidaon at. third f'oor. 'a th<' rear. CrrtiATfC N WANTED-I T A YOUNG WOMAN. TO~DO L at?nmlir * Uma*' ,00d reiercece. Apply at S1TUAT70N WiVf*r~*T A YOCNO WOMAN, TO do rbembwrworfc end w* intr or **rrral koi??>*k In * e?*ll faat'ly. Wood refer* nee e Apblf At 7" IWh it, be twees i *110(1011 And I t art.. for two day* QtT, ATIOM WANTED-BT A BlBPirTtRUM WO O r?n. n# rink ?uh" anilrnner. no ob ?o-k>* to a win la k"-??wnrk O-wvi n'trrneaa. Apply at 23 Prta** nw a*-nod fl?or bank mta ;JIT0ATIO? WANTED?BY A TOCN0 WO*AM. AE ^ enok rmderauada her borte*?? 'e a a id **?'i,r?r1 l>oe*r. ?l?ot**riid hAk*-. (lood reference* Apply at 73 We*' l?'k ?' . for two day* QIT0ATION WANTEP-BY A WN WOMAN, Al t~ waitrea* o* ' b?*D erne" nr.dem?ard# her hnttr ??* per frclr bett -if* tf'mtiT (1r?n. Apply At ltt flat at., be twrrr 3d And M **?no*a. S7TCAT ON WANTFD-IIY A BERFKOTANtJI OIBL, t-> dr bo inework m * entail prl-al* flaaUly; i lod raferrnie. Oa 1 at ?dBehmaerhom at , Broahl/a SIT1AT70N WANTEH BT A Et'fATt ' I WITOW woman. nndrr-taad*(ood . 1 -?*:?* aad ? a t ? ' w*?hr and Lr nrr can b? well re-immndf' Please call for two day* at No II Reade ?t., Bret fi tor SITCATION WANTlrt?IT A BFBPtTTABLE TO0NO (1*' lit a pries'* fatally to do oAaaberwnrt and w*iu>(, and plaia *aw!a(_ 'b* beat ot dtp reference ran b* PI**** oail at fed Ml* at TWO VEBY BBIPBOTaBUE YOCNO OlBIJt WIHH a't alone On* a* aura* and plain sewer or dm ?<> ovaa p-m t r a* 'b* at ?rtn Id aad wanrae# la a a j*ll fetal It tA* oti*r aaeenk. weher and troaeror wnitd do rmenu bittae work bo-b nn<*erfen1 t?*1r bue'nea* and r*o T-.tar trcll re rrmetifed Oail thta day at UB *aat l?tb at, between let *<. and amine A TWO Rib 'E'TABLF TOONS WOMEN WANT ltrruA font -one SB food plain ink, waabe' and troow, Ik* 0 ber ?* obatnvrr?ald aad waiter. to okJ*< EOM to tk* noun let bwr of rlty -eferen** Oail at 13t Opart at, bet*.an Dm ;,e wd F* eta . Mrorikit a. Tyro artpiofABi i O'rw wantrttuattoni. one a* rook, ear ber aad iroaep, ike other a* a'l/a* and ti di liable ha* fee wort. the beat of idly refrrewee rlren Paaae eal. at trenre, between Sink aad Slat atfor two days T~ WO BMHP1CTABL.1 TO0NO r.^r?N WIBH BIT0A U<hw: taa oa* aa emk, ?e*b*r had iroiar tk* *^.' 2 *?? fbaait .-rwwrdaaa rlatn eewirp, or to mdat ln wieblniaad iMnWir; kAir ao obiAcitoa to go la tk*oaaVry; bntof-l y radar***. C*1 at i#4 W e?t frroadway, owner of York al^ f T IWO dtjl, ' i a? BP a 11T0ATTON. BT A MtDDul A Din r r W?'?b woatan. aa frat rw ' ** baker *->d aaste1 ara*H?( aao iroeia*. ? ? '? ?wM?y**' Igu ?t . trout re m "N ^ \A'ibTtD A "'tOATn.N AM OOAOWMA*, MY A BIN " I'ewkt, Ilk Are* rtaae drlrar aad | wfae.iy tadtr . ? 'kre aitd Vitnafewfet 'of koraee He* the be*t of ettyrffe one** for *ba last ettl veera. Pieaae e*n at or *1 t'" ? t'.. hi t r amo# at Mr. t'ampbeil'a asddler fAklEJI A Bit' AfKHI AB NOMI AND BtAW "rod taty refr?ettrea (Iren. b*e ao objaett-ia ntry laoutrr at *er piewai at trar i No H TA'AItf*,! HY A EC I'M' TA Rl.E TOl'NII WOMAN t? n e< iAlton m pi- >e.e*i lAoadrew* or to|dr r> imberwort. rre ?? *1 iri' ? "rontrp Beat Wtr referemtea. Oae be * -. , *""***' "tri loyra At U tramercy p*-k, Kant 10th it yyANT?tV-f MITTTAftfMr BY a PBOTRtfaNT WO f ?.?.?,???, ?,HfV*. m%w kBd keemetreaa I* A tbomn(k PyaawttAkar^iA uf waeaA* kaw . reaaer Wonld work by ?.1 Otty rate-eatw. twi M na Beet It k at ^ momt ri*pe< tami.k W rto-awt r,rl todo?rr,-m ywework or ae rb * tiler ?AMaeiwatfreaA rimeiai1 at iJBo. iratiei wfceraafeeto fit if"'It f mm w> 1 r^5 ? pr**ret TAT ? leTMO- A -rTPATION WV A TOPBc WOMAN Al ** ", k *Aen?k and If-mer iteat rttr refer, i.eea from he' ^aat p aee oail at Bo M WMk'trii ?t, dnwin. ||7ANTlr> BT 7?<> BBBI'K' TkJIUI TO' AO w )*K* TT rUeat'nne, CM At i-bamberntAld a-d rrenattm., ui. ot*. r AT or*, waeber Ae4 mn?r. or ?' "kMnberwAII IsaadrrW II* ' of etiy ?eie'? w-e front iwr pmaeat plaaa < aii,at 61 Wa?. ftnh at, betnerx | i aaa 6A area iaa w nrviTiom WAwrap-jrmi a j,m. Y&ANTBD? WlVLOYII??T. NY A OOMPBTBNT DRBSR TV maker, loan do boya' elotkifc Address A. M , Metro peiltta Paot oflloe. WANTNE BY A RESPECTABLE TO DA? M I RRIBD wcmu a sitneilon M wot turn, who loot ho* bob* throe monihsold Ploooo call el MB ?tb ay.. tar Bw. Leonard. WANTED-A SITUATION A8 MOOR. BY AM AM BR I ood woman Good reierenac. Con bo mob it IT, Went 24'kit, for twodsys WANTED?A SITUATION, AS CaaMBERM AID. BY ?n industrious. food uwsparnd girl. Apply at her pro teal employer'*. 140 Soot 1Mb ok WANTED-BY A BIRPECTA BLR PROTESTANT MAR ried woman, wlihalraah broaat of milk, a situation to wet ourae Good references given. apply at 166 Root 14th at., second floor, beck room. Gall for two days. WARTRD?A SITUATIOM. BY A BE6PBTT VHL.B married wvman, aa wot aorao la a good feast It; la folly oompotaDt to inks the entire ekarge of a child from I'a birth, ran give the moat respectable refereacea. P.eaae call a: or address >4 A tat '4 b at. WANT1U?BY A KB8PBGTABLB GIRL, A 8ITUA tltn to ,do grueral housework; 1? a good plain oo?k and an excellent wasner and lroner. Baa lived ttve years In h?r laat plane. Apply at 617 Houaton st. WANTBTA SITUATIOM, BY A RRdPSCTARLB Yroteatart j cucg woman, aa nook, washer and ironer. Baa go-,d city relerenoes Apply at No. 3 Union court, oorncr of Unlverai'y place and llith au WANTS I)?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ntnatlon at chambermaid and 'aondrraa. Beat city refe rence; four year In her laat altnatiou. Call at 81 Alien at.. la the milk dairy WANTkD?HY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUAT'OW 1M a grntee! lamilr, aa cook and laundreaa; sbo ia a ?ood 00-.k and an txtellent waaher ant lroner, alno a good bread and paatrv maker; ahe would dothebonaew >rk of a em :tll family Tne tad vert iter will be found cheerful and oblgug, and fully capable of the above Beat city releiencs. Call at U2 let avenue, between 8th and Ah eta. WANTED-A SITU At ION, BY A PROTHBTA NT UIBL, as chambermaid and aeamstreaa. Oan be seen for two daya at 141 West J td si WA> TED?SITU ATIOMB," BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women; one aa ecok or lanadreas. the otter aa ebambetn atd ar d lo assist wiita washing; can give good re ference; wo .Id have no objections to go a abort distance in the cotu ry Can be seen at 26 Hameraiiy at VABTED-A SITUATION BY AOOMPKTS'T PERSON, aa monthly nurve Can havegood jiUr n fe'enoe In quire for Mis Tlvgger. 217 Bowery, mom 10 WANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A RSSPIi TAAuR PRO leHian. woman, aa ero.'rised cook; nderatand* game, at up a, nakug. pits try, Ice crmm and jelllei, beat of city references given. Apply at 84 18th at. betweei Itt nnd Ttb avenues. fANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Trent b person, to take care of children. In a private family: speaks Frencn; ban 'be cent of reierru ?? from her IhAi place, Inquire for Ea :am Traii(>la. 119 Spring ah, for two daya WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A REKPRTTARLB young glr , aa oral rate e ok. waeber md ironer. or woel 1 do -h* bouse ?ork of n small private lamiiy; baa no ob , ec'ion lo hi a en Island or Brooklyn; tse best of city relsrenns can be given. Please call at IfcT elae; l'j.h at. t'ltn be aeen f r two daya. WANTKD- BY AN IXPHRIENOBD BNtsLIRH PRO t-staiit woman, a situation as proleased rook; under atands all soaps utsde no dim-1. pannes, jellies and making of biead I' re urvd Has .ved with be l>??l fami lea In this city Cat hi; seen for two days at 246 R. lilh St. WANT1D-A PROT? STaNT ? OMAN. OF GOOD character lo do the a u' work of a fsmliv of tores rertots fust brow bow to ra?ke bread. Wages (4 acd n endy rmployment Call at 123 4th av. VANTED?BY A RKdPEOTAlSL* OIRL, A 81TUA Unn to do geneial be me work in a small f-mlly; la n g<vd wS-lier and lroner end wlliin* lo please. Call in 3or g-n at., fljit boose naat of Yanderbilt av., Brooklm, until en gaged TANVRD-A SITUATION BY A COMPETENT PBR sod to or ok wash andiron with tse best of el y refe recce. Can be seen for two dsys at 193 7th ave . up sta'r?. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, FAMILY SEWING, TV to ao out by the day or week: understands nil kinds of p ain sewing.Apply at 122 Rliaabeih st WANTRO-A SITUATION. AS COOK, IN A PRIYATS :sm'iy by a steady, compe'ent person of many venrn eiperlecce; no objection to do washing aid Ironing; has the most satisfactory dty reference as to character and oapabllltv Call at 136 llih st., between ttb and ttb area. Can be tern until s ilted. WANT1D-A VERY RBSPKCTsBLR MIDDLB AGBD wemin, lo do the woik of one in fsm ly; Inglltt. Roolci. Welsh or American. Any suck nersoa in waul of s home by calllcg for two daya, at 46 Urea: Jonea afreet, will And one. WANTED?A SITUATION, NY A RESPECTABLE young wowan aa chambermaid and seam*trees. Heat of reference. Can be aeen for three day* at 169 Mott st, be tween Broome and Grand its. ANTBD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman. In a private family, as chambermaid acd lanndrersor to take rare 1W children and do jlaln sewing. Ca.l lor twe daya at 111 Bast 10th at, third floor, front room YET ANTED?BY A RESECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION TV an plain eock, waaher and lroner. in n reepreable fan.I lv; In n coed baker; best ctty reference from ker laat placa. Call at61 Weat 2tth it eornerof fltk svenoe WANTKD?BY A RB8PRCTABLB TOUNA WOMAN. A sttnatlon as chambermaid and seamatresv; good recum< mendaitnn oan be given. Pleaaecall at 146 West STtk at, be tween 8tk nnd Bib svennea. WAKTRD-RY A RRSPRCT a BLR OIRL. A RITUA iton an senma'revs; ran cut and fll plsln drmaea la willing to aetlst at rkamberwnrk; lived three and a hal' veara la her Inn place Can be aetn ior twodaya at 218 E 23d at, batween let and 2n are . front rooae. iklrd door. UTd NTRD?BY A RRBP.R?T> Y'and baker and flrat rate wlleer ard lroier Hsa exrallent city referenoea <laa bn seen for two da?a at 218 N. 23d at., between 1st nnd 24 ava., frost room third iimt. PANTED?BY A RKflPROTiBLR YOUNO WoMAN. a situation aa good plain cook, wash ar and Ironer; no ob'eetl n to do the homework of a email private taualiy. The best eily re'eteaee oan be given. Apply fer two days at 201 Ba.dge at, Br oklm. WJ w WABTID-BY TWO RESPOTTABUI TODN"J LADIES I (Awertcaal ?l uat.rna ma raapedtable iamllr. oae a* drrmmikrr and rb. lirm'acloihiug the other aa aetmaireaa. bare ao otoeetion an irural For further particular! loon re at 46?. Aa ar., for Ut'ea <l?> a. WAIITin?FT TWO flltTIRR. RITUATIOB8; OR1 TO nch. rrrah and I roe. the other jo do chamberwnrk. Beat I Of d*v re'ereroea ktren 'rnm laat tlar- Apply at &i l?;h at., betwtre tUh and 7th arcnaea aeooed : oor, frmt room. for two day a. WANTED-A BITOATTOB. BY A RISPITA BL1 (II tl. aa rramatrera and d~-a-mater ta a pnnt'r family (Jan ^e teen for thraa daya at F711th at. between 5th and 6 a art. WATBD?A UTCATIOR BT A RlSPlt TABCS Kne'.lah woman, at gned oock and 8?at rate wither an ) trenrr. (Joni r? fa rent a gtren I' reanlied. Can be aoaa lor two daya at CO Nprtnff at In'tolre in the taltor'a atore WABTED--A BlTOATrOW. IIT A RKIPB 7TABBI rotug woman aa nook, nee who nnt-riUudr pantry and yam- and la a flmt rate baker. <Iaa the u?at of city re ferei oe fleaae nail at 2I3 Baat I lib at. TV" ARTIP - BT A RECICTABM YOniT'I WOMAN. A TY altoA'Km aa rood orw>?: nnderatarda co-king la all Ita hraneaea ta a ynrd bak?r. Matt rlty refer-oor. : ?noea*-o at M Weat a th at WABTir-A RITVATIOB, RT A TOPI'! WfllaB Aft ? ra claaa chambermaid aid latindrma or aa waiter beat rt'y r?rrre?ce. Call at Mo '.'(It Marh'iplaoe, Sth at (.ante teen for two daya WAhTKO ht a RrarrrrABM krovkh PiWtr?s ? tapt girl. a a""t'ltr a? rbarr ' ? ma ti weitrmt, nndrrittndi all klnda of family aew'r.r .alty ref-retrr At ply a'. Bo 1 I otoa oonrt, Unve/alty place Bo objection to go Into tar eo'irtrr. WABTMO?A BTTCATTOB RT A KIAPiiTABI.E Reordi glr; t- do ibambarwork and plata aewtug. To br aern at 82 Charier at. rear WAETBO-BT A COMPETTRT FIISON, A RITUA I Hor in a private family a* chamberwa ? an I wa'treea. The b-al of city reference, ayply for two daya at lit Mb ar , batweee *?1 aid Sttb ata ! UfABTMIV RT A EIRPEfTTABM uTR s ARITCATIO* TT In a aarall private family to doge-cerad .-i'leeworh, wl 1 lag lo go a abort d'etan?e in the country, or the city. Apply at IM ? ott at . ta the rear. Brat ' oor ! ART AT Tin A RITIATIOB, BT A RE8PS.T ARI.K WW yotng girl aa r haw bene all ard waiter or to do waah lag aad Iron aa la a prlrata fare.'ly. can gtia good rity rtfe reaee from brr liat plarg. Pleaae call fje iwj day* At 171 Madtion at. Brw Ttrk WlJhTfl A RITt" aTIOB 'RT A YOUB'I WlJI aff, TO I rt?*. waah ard iron, an - b ertiin n do gaaeral boaae work for a ?mail private family, three yean' city .efartnoe. OaU at 81 rrtacr at. WABTFTb-RT A IF.KMCTABI.I IARR1II) WOMAI, a baby u> wet anr>e. at aar n?i home Wl B tit ira at, betweao nth aad III art. Oa l for two daya. WABTKIV?MY A IBTr TARU BARRTIi) WoMaM (Bootak i a ? luatioii aa wet carta. Apply at ??,'>7; arerne -w ?u> WABTII-BY * RUPI^TA kl.g TO!"*4 iirai A tltnatloa aa rood plain aorb la aa ?reeiim.t aaktmaer aadermanea (ah*-a. rood*(7rlfeTJeT.'JUTi!! laat p'ace ( all at lit VTea, mVat , !ram WAR TIB- Ht A 100IIO OIR' A BIT ATlt?' r-.~h, werber tad Iroarr or aa -aawt ?rn - ?? A* rera. or to do grne-a' beoeew.ira, eeo T e g"jd'' ?d wal CM be area lor two lay > at Hi '.tk arf.. ? .fefarea?? r t rwi, ?aood iioor, frost "T. - **' '? ;TAblb ai.rioab wo I I A arllloa aa t> rm. it romyetr.a'of tabing charge of an w .ant. haa no 'ta'ea.iya to trerei. Appl at Bo. t: Ka?t 1Mb at la tbe atme, .oriwe daya. WABTin-BT A linni.l A?l?r> ^OOT "II W'lgAW A ftciatlen ar ntirae an t-am< era, la a prltite faially, I CM take lha r-ittre charra of an In an'; bio- lyn pre'rrrel I good rrt-rer e (tall lor '-ee > aya at 180 Hoar'>m at. between ! Dean an' Parlfle ata , tm My. WM ABTBD?BT A RkRPICTAII.K tOL'R'. WoM.B, A I'I oat l'" m area* rem; nrdrr* ?i0i en" rr t htting { lAdttr' *rd aAlM'cn'a dirwra; won'd hare ao .>bi? noo to take eare .4 a ?aby Oaa be *e?n for twa day a a i*, oa ava | nne hem- in llth and II a rta., la the hfioh at' re ABTII'?AT A TOT7BU OlttT., A RfTUATICf* IB A IV m. rrtahle fatrl'r to do cham >rr<rorh and plain ??w lag; can he ?e I rra ominthi ed. Cii.l for two rtaya at y? lath ?A, eoriter if av TirABTRn-nT A RI?H TABI.I TOUN I (III,. A T? ???? a- >r io general ho-aew k: la a rood | an k waaher and tronrr. crn rak-crrrd rrd M?? r etli -efou id troity boera< aa. 'iprgkt, no 'h -ctto.i i , go 0 the mnntry. I call for two day* at *V: H rid ye a| . Br iblya

WjJ?Tkn--A RrTl'iTtcB. hT ? YOC'B'# WulAM A? I calk in a , r cat# law, W I nderrtanda be- bortama I e?r#c y ? a'l I r ra nlea. hat' of retaren - fr m h< r iaat T place, vJtrr *? b?? ID ft ?-1?i iearn on k# ?'"? I ?? i * ? daya at II l nlon ? "tin, l nlTrrtky 'v? b ween nth a>. j lib ata. iiriBie A IITOATiCM A* I.AOVB ?mii ht a Tf ry <(' - men per ape wry ?r ar* Ifngiao rrd r*e can drr?? r*>r vry we||; h?* gi?at awe fbr T !'*-r , can inab? r?i?ee, C*n he aeek two daya i' *1 4r*' l a' - lecoad t^r. w j^hvatioiii wastkd?r?MAJL*s. WABTBD?BT 1TOUHU WOBAN, A HT04?IO? 48 first class waitress, belt of oil; r'fer?nce?. Call for two Ajih U5 But lit* 1; sasand tleor. bach room. YX7ABTBD-BY A RBBPBGTABLB 100111 WOMAN. A TV situation to do the chamber work and waldng of k pri vate family;Hhe U a oompeteoi parens ar d tally understands her business; Ika bast of city reterenoe *l?en Please onil at 36 2d avenue. la the roar, ltd die door, foarth floor. WABTBD?BY A KE8PBCTABLI GIRL. A81TOATION at oock and laundress, kaa the best of city rufersnse. Please call at 26 6tk aveoue, la tfea book store, between Uth aad 16th ita WABTBD?BT A lOCNO WOMAS, A SITUATION 48 pood pitta ocok waakar aad lroaar; kaa lived au jeara la bar laat plaos. Oo d city rafcranoa given. Applv at 101 6th a*., opposite 8th at. WABTBD?BT A RB8PBCTABLB OIBL. A81V0ITIOR; wishes to ?o Soata with aoaaa reap actable fumllj; the baal of 0" v refereece given. t all at Bo. 9 dtata street, foarth floor, Iroot room, for three days WANTBD-BY A RB8PBOTABLB YOUHd OIBL. A situation as cook, wtaher and lroner, or aa chamber auud and traitress, or to do general housework. Can lira pood cky reference. "all for two days at her present aw ployer's. Bo. Bt kasi 2Mb sL WABTBD-BT a XBBPkCTAHLB OBBMAB LkDT, A situation In a rsspectsble American fan Up to attend to one or two children; she Is a perfect dressmaker aad very ripen In ever/ hind ot eewb p and embroidery, apply In the afternoon at Bra. Hanbolt'a, bit Dalanoey si, where she can be spoken to. WARTBD-HT A R18PBCT A BLK PBOTMTABT girl, a situation In a gentlemen's family, ae chamber maid and nurse; Is a vary good sewer; would nave no objec tion lo assist whb the wnrblog and Ironing, Good reference sit en from ber last place. Please call lor two dttys at 23 Joralemon St.. Brooklyn. WABTBD-BY A RKHPBTTtBI,I OIBL A SITUATION to ao the general housework of s small family. In a govt plain cook, war ber and lroner. bar no objection to do chun borwerk and line washing and 1'onlag; has the beet el v re ferenoe. Pleaae esll at 61 Weat Waahlagton place, li tt floor Can be seen tor two days. WABTBD-BT A BBflPBCTABLB OIRL A SITUATION to do georral housework, la a good washer and ir-ner. Can be seen at ber preaeni si nation 181 West SOU st., be tween 7lh and kth avs WABTBD-BT A OOMPBTKNT P1RHON TO GO OUT by the day to eut out l?41?a' and chl'drrn's dresses; can be seen for one day at No 4 Patckin place, Amos it, near (th ar. VANTBD-BY AB AMBB10AB 01 "L, 16 YEARS OP age, a situation to take car*- of cat rirent pl?ute call at 106 3d av., top tloor front r torn Call for two days WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A RBBPCCTABLE GIRL hm a gord plain oock weaker and lroner, e>n be well recommended from ker present employer. Can be seen for two dayi. Plesse ca'l at 176 Washing on at.. Broot lyn. WABTBD?8ITUATIOB8. BY TWO RBUPK'TABLB young women. In a private family The one a* cook, wsskrr am. lroner; the other as chtmberurald au tastist tn ike wssblng and Ironing, or would be willing to sexist In waiting. No objse ion to go a short distance In the country Can give good cliy reference. Can be seej for two days. Please call all t9 Beat 30th it WABTBD?BT A RBklMUTABuF. OIBL. A SITU A lion <o do chamber work or homework or attend to chil dr? n. or asrlst In wealing and lronlag; reference from her last employer. Call at Iih Thompson st VANTJD-BY A RlfiPBCTABLB SPANISH LADY. A ell a.Ion hm no'arry governess and seacsstresi. Is a nice land at bore' and misses' clothing would engage at house keeper In h private fan-, iy, hotel cr lar/e boarding h:uae. Picsho call al 72 6th av., at the hall door till suHed. WABTBD?IB A RBRPKCrABLB FAMILY A BITUA Hot aa "ook. understands roups and mtats, blano manges and je'llea puddings and pies; Is a go d bread hakrr Cooc reference can be given. Please call at lit laat 2M St., for two days WANTED? k SITUATION AS NURKB AMD SBAM t rces, by a Protes'ant woman; can take the entire ehargv of a babe irom i'.h birth. Beet of city references given. Call for two days at '39 titan ton at A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS rblldsaurse and to do light chsmberwork; la a good plain sewer , no objection to go south Best of city references given from her last place. Call at 10S Weat 16th (t,, for two days WANTBD BT A RySPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, A sltnatlcn to do family houvsw? k; Is a good plain cook, washer and lroner. and nan make herself grneraly useful Besi of elty references given Apply at 41 Spring St., for two hays, room 7, rear hall'log WABTBD?A SITUATION. BT A RBSP1CTABLB Eco*ch girl, with the best ofclty references, as chamber maid art waitress. Cal for two dajs at H6 lit at, between Sd and Leilngtcn avs. PABTXD-A SITUATION, BT A BRSPBCTaBLB young woman, ar on ok washer and lroner, or laundress and chambermaid. or sewing: can be well recommended from her last place Please ca'l for two daya at 176 lith at, be tween Is; and 21 avea WABTBD-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS eooh, understands oootleg in all Its branches; has no ob jection tn Resist la the washing and trontrg In none bu' apn vate family. Please call at IJ7 1st hvenne, eornRr of lsihst, np two nsir of stairs frost room Can be seen until suited WANT1D?A RITUATTOH, 8V A RISPRGTA 1IJ QIR1, m cock, waaher and iroocr. Haa the bast or reference from her laat place. Plaaae cell at 803 Jay ?'?. Brooklyn. WHBAMTKP-BY A RMPRCTABUE TOUW3 WOM ?!? A altnnilon aa cbambermall and wtPrvia, 1* a irat rata wanker and Iroper: no objeatlca to g> atbort do tunes In lbs country ir to do Iba geurral konaeeork of a amal: prtva-e family; beat of elty reference. Oal! for two daya at 119 It.b al, earner of 7tk aa. tbl.d floor, tioot room. ABTBD-BY A RBBFO*B'B . ? OIRL. A SITUATION In a private family residing la Brooklyn, either at eojk or to doitneral honaework, good city refereaoa. Oil! far two dayaat 168 Waaklagtoa at. Hrooklya. at whSm t lOtbaa, aad all klada of family aawiag: tbe beat or elty re'a ?nra riven. Plaaaa call at 182 7th ar., between 131 aad 131 i ta . th'rd floor, bant ro7m. W^HABTBO-TWO GIRL* OBK WHO UBOBBYTAltIMt the aarrlaaa at a restaur* nl, for the Utehee aad the Bar for walking op olakea Alio two waiter a, aad a boy to ro oyalera Apply, Iroaa 10 to 2 o>? oek, at 5 aad 7 William Miia aat. \ir AKTIlt A BITUATIOB, BY A KWPBCTABLB Yr ycong woman ib a private family, aa a flrnt rata aoot, washer anrlmner. Please oali at .Id) Fearl at, Brwkfrn. op Itatrm, third t'oor. front room ( aa be teea for tvo daya. U'All KD?BY A RBRPI ITiKI.B YOUBO WOMAN. A TV altnation. ia a amall private family m do general bonae work, la a good plain cttok. watberaad Inner Pirate sail at berprreeal rmpioyer'i, SO Degraw at. between iitary and C.lolon. Brooklyn Haa goo I cliy reference. WA BTBIV- SITU ATIOB 8, BY TWO KBHPRIThBLE gtrla, on# aa chambermaid and mmrrea rr n irae aad aramalilev the other to oook waah and iroa; gtol referenee glvra ran be aeen for two daya at 101 Waat *7tb at, near 7th ar., aeoond floor, front room. WABTBD-A BITUATIOB. HT aN BN'tTIHH WO m*n. baring a rht;d i> y?*ra of age.>??nt to take I'hnrgi o( a amali lastly iieat of otty or country rulereuce gtren If reiulrad. Apply at ID 9 emmet it, Be ? V irt. WH A5TIII-A Birr ATIOB. BY A RBrtPEOTAHLB tlIK'? I lo do general boorework, In a antall fortvate f-.mll y. g" od elty referenee if rrpiimi Inqulie for two dnye a< 199 Htb ay , betwe.rn lS'fc ann lgth aia , see md floor, ban r vm WHHABTICll-BT A BKHPACTaBLR YOUBO WOW4N. A slioafoo to do fcouaework In a rmall private family; can be well rcenmmoaned ? m unr lavt etroloyer. t aa be aeen for twj day* at 1(H 12.1 at., between bib and 9ih av? WHHABTICD-A H1TCATIOB, BY AB AMIKI 7IB WO I man, aa boiiaekecptr r to era at la doing the work of a t Bin. inlet family -tei' of rof?reaer given. Apply for three dam at tM id av , near zrt *1 , run ll WAB'Br ?BY TWO OOWPNTKBT MIBLB. WITH U* eic*p:lomblt elty references me at cook; under ?taada paairy ard aoirpr of ail tiv!-w, and will arali. in thy ? aehmg and Iro-1* *, the o.hcr a- reiulae er and cbam be-maw Wagra fj. Bo objecJoa to the country. Onll at 116 Kaat tU at UTABTMlk-A HITUATIOB. BY A RttriOTABI.l TT JCug wosan. aa ehaaabv rmald and aaala' with the w taking or would g i aa w %i er haa uvml wl b the neat of latiilllea < an glee the beat of city references rleaie .-.ail or addrvta. for two daya. at 111 iR,b at. bet aeen let end 3d area sea WABTBIl ?A HITUAT OB. BY ANMaRT TOUNO WO I man. to do geaeral hemuewopk. in a aaaii erlvate fbml'y, or lo d > rhcmberworB (Ian be aeen al. day Mocuay, at her prearnt situation. 71 BaatMUat WM ABT1D-A BIT I" ATIOB BY A KKHPC TTARLB yonag woman aa einiwh-rmaid and waiter: under aiaada iba rare o> cklldrea, or wruld Battel In washing and Ironing. Una the beat ol city reference. ran be eeen for two daya at 196 7th a* . between 14th aad SS'h ala., in be bakery. WA?CO-*ITrATIOBS, BY TWO RRDPBrTTART.B I yonag women one aa flrat rale waiter, aad the other aa f. a r aiaora i aad baker, would art at wl h waahtug and troalag. anderaiand thwr b< tla?a> an 1 baa the beat of city rwferraora Can be aeen foe two daya al 71 Weal I7i? at., near 6ih ay WAKTBP- A BITUATIOB AH Rl'BHB ABB OH a* | barmaid, by aa Bnrllab woman ? 'mil at .6 Untoa glare UaP _ -a I JW ? m | Preog?n, teg fl-or, baek rO'Wl _ W* felTUATIOII AB BCOD Pl.AIB OOOK n~2rLr, hy a reagee>ab;a yonag Ama' ciB ' MQOd cl'.y ree-mee, mail at W King at, reaehaaerunt Vi'ABTP.It t '?ITOAT/OB, HI A TIItytT CL.AH9 (XX)I *? .ermac who e-idmataada Preneh aad Rn*u?h nook In every ? ranra law etneileai hakee; uadarataeda the anaktag of Bi e paatrt'a ar d jetllew, e? ohjaeliovt to teayatlng, or la a private .awl.y. Call at 117 BtdrMga at np atalra ^ W^m AITIII A hiTf'atloB, Bf A TOUBli UIAL. AH rhamhvmald and waiter Haa good elty reference. P'reae rail at Bo. 11 Ualoa asnrt. Untvemlty plaaa, betwrnm llth had II k an WBBHirii -iTVc'uiii protbhtabt utri. wiBnfB a ailbatl m in the a^et* ca?>a<-1ty; fn'ly underataad* h >r hnalaeaa. wl! ke fonnd willing ard thilglng. no o>>ierilrm to aaata-with ehamhvrw'trki kaa Mi yeara refervmne (mm her laat I htne Alao a rompe'eat m n? wan'a a ai nation; under aiaada h?'? butlreaa In all l*? hranrhee, la an etteilenl bread anil pmiry babe r haa tan heat of e ty r farm ne Roth In one I rinae (an b? aeen for two .'ayajei 191 laat ITih al., lop Moor, froBt rcoaa AT BliBHb - A BKHPHOT * HI.B WOW IB WlgfTw a aa>iaito? la a rva-ertablefamily aa wetanrvr; nan lie wall raroenwendeii. Oali at M tarn lid at, fourth II tor. froat mom. Wrr bckhp ? WAhTin. a rituatiob aiTwrcr nnrne, hy a reepvetavle yourg ma*rl?d woman With a f-aeh I eenat of mi!h Apply at IP) warn .lid al y nt Wit kuMU W a NT ?ItU aTIOBH OBK AeoVHIK. tj eaahar aod Iror- r. avd the other aa nbambermald and vi take rare of grow leg children or to aaela. wUk the waah ng and Ironing In either eily or country: the Infer ava the heat ?* city relereoe. from kar la t pInna. wbare her i??t amployarn rna be aeen. Oali for oae day ai 141 Weal JT.h at rHHii >* abvtb rmicvRhm U?N UA ('ABA BO.W III 1,1 OAI.IHB 0"T \YA. BT. Iw B?rkpla~". ee al'iullan ruarwm i ar* mballavne anlea tamhtan haMtact'maa para ma matrlmoalA La oomtda m ||rve a iaa I de la larda. _____ / v N ItgdlAB IRK HO.naR KftaBOAlSB PlUTl * >1 gf pi er tin en'at.t da nnaiw ana et poor cuidre h 14, evaer Bo. ? FlflB avenaa, da 9 w II bnaraa. U^HNP PRABC4IU 4~I~CVaBUB. Oi'l ifaT (IaTPaBI-B I d'eraelener flea deoy Inngnea ft it ' eal i ? * t ? i e l ir t'r4 danaTaa r''aa dkvire te yltr-r m y a'ler 4m Bnd on O infli. HadremefH W H *o ft Ch"fne' etpf't Pbi viel ylijg Mifii Art j(4 coctHUcaa. V m Tooiio u^MWAWi^iDffnMrj A Hilda of employment, alao, roaaocable boor*, at ??. V6 Imbw iim*- ? 4 U.RAMIUBI' 0Ajjn?2?S? ~ nR1ID gTRBKT. AMD BM W8I TH1KII a T ?3T OK**y "JV^Vji-uiakaA to loan?o operate A alaiA u JU Slaper'a ae wlag maehlnea, and tbe SB ISTuSSS^pp^ ??* ?*?*" nree of ohartf. ? _.,<BIv.aOOOD PLAIN OOOK ANDBAKBR; Appeal* W-ttRh*. taBrna 11 mi IF. M? ?? ?TA*TSD-TWO o^VJ5 W two yearn with a *wy.hJ. M nirae to children good oook, wnabor wfMna to mak# U?e?nael??4 aodob?bamaW.^h,? , good references will apply at ESS^ul"~ u* 1 o'clock WtrrC* ,U ?7A11T*?-A YOUNG LADY, TO WAIT A?0 A*?*" W tn a <iuW and confectionary aalooa Apply at 101 Qrar.d at ??? WAITER WAJtTBO -A "ART " ??o* A?e? c-,?u>medt)walilnr na pr.raM> ram^iy^ U mecCMioca required apply from J A. M. u? ? Rnii??n at/tet. Brixiltlyn llt-Uh-a. WTl AXiyig W*J?T?; &msmsm twetn Hth tod 9'h iti. ??.. Brooklyn. ___? ?jfiStSuisT?asv*?*5 Mcpgrmoti Oemral Hon**. New Bowery, If. Y. WA55SSr?-?. family who ?*ro^J.^^^of Str^^ ^'?" a^wTtb1SlSd^?)^888 Broadway. ace. tor two day a ? WA!EfrtJBSttiSr wAbRo p'oyer. acdreae for two daya boi IMt Pot'office. WaWTEP?A SITUATION, AB COACHMAN AND ANTtft a. eii w ,u,ady man; unler.tatda oo.n SH&Sm!"mSS ?.. A w ??.'? ??"=?? ?' lbr*e C%\n. *~*-r HTtn a RIIUATIOH, BY A BB8P1v'TABL* 124 Mtb ?l. aecotnl tlonr nritTllD A B1TUATION. lit AN RXFRRIBNCBO W Vainer ?*????? ?? TfS^TZ. ??*'?& KftSSwiSui' A CO.. 876 and 878 Broadway aboee 18th at. for two daya wdssf"??%i!22u ?? ?sa~&'V hM bf#?n mor* than w* 7**"J . ^ ba?ieKy rel'e 5?ilW 5ia?f Jo"?Holland', iddrem T. M., 604th av . or at S?ht Ueor?e'a**i*T. >7 Broadway ?riarin-i SITUATION AS OOACHMAN OROROOM w^v?.s~?rr.,^.,s?^"~srd [yUr byDbl?Tat"emp*ojer? thtaffit,tor ttj?? tmjm*. lu^. oVtloo to^part ^PSSISS: *ELP WA5T8P- <141 it* Caited atataa. aa article of auparlor merit, aweeaary quired la aeary '*?}*? XBVMBT . MOTT. 99 Fulton atreet riARRWA..-^^A.WHO^W^DRUO-to.-; wdh^r^TodmlooVMifc Folio. etrmA iroohl?n. U? the baremrnt. _________ Dk it.} ci.ati WANT.IV-ONR THORfDOHLT AO ^..ataiaawlih the elty retail and preeerlp'lo. boataaaa; at be a rcod aaleamaa and brin* u'eieeptlooable r_ty re 'K'oSSW-.jPfjfcrjJ Apply at Aakur ra> hi 1 drug aloee. ?TI *th aeaBue, near r'.n aa wanOR DRY OOODR BAl*?*RN WAPTRD-TO AC Poet oSea, 1.1. Mail clux wartbd -a yourq mix, .to a* ?lit ca the m?'l? of a morning paper On# who ku b?l ? maeioaiieaee. Apply bi the New Krk Kiprem iiUoe nor ner Wall and Raman atreeta, IxtvtM I ui( 10 o'clock A M. SHAI.BFMKR WANTEB-FOJR FIRST RkTK SAUBS m-n wanted Apply before I o'clock tbli morulaf o REEKMAE A CO.. 473 Broidwmy. " TU HI ClIIfTLKMAR WHO APPLIEDTth TRAVEL. CAR tiu and pet anbscrlbara for Hodge*' Journal of Ft nuncc ? nd Rank Reporter and Hndpaa' n. ? Kank Rote Safe pnard, ran have an .lienor and liberal oonimta<ion bt ap jly tap at 271 Broadway Theae work* are the only rellaile monar puldra, A' <1 are In preat daman 1 throupbou ihe country. WANTED-A MODERATE Hl/.EI) FAMILT WART AR TT En* l*b or Hootch waller, who la a elnp.e man aid who know* 1.1* bualneaa Ikoronpbly. Addreaa Jamoe rtmpaon Herald olbea. aamlnp rafereoeap, without whioh uo Beptiea uoa wUl be aotlaad. yyAATSD-THKAK OC'EDUUTORK, TWO SOOKKEKf. TT rr?. three tlerka or ihlpplnp and ticket ofllcws. four ?terka fur prom ry and dry pood* atar'a, two ba-aecper*. three porthrt. two MBM'nm two brakewian three flrera.n, tBoeiprem driver j, four m?n for aieame a, three loyeaad ifooiacbmin. IV none wi.hln* any of theae altuailoat will dd well to gall npon LOUIS K aUFMaR. 7"* Broaaway, ai it la lAe on y oftoo la iba city where pcod a.iuatlonaeui be pi ret. w fANTED-A BOT It TEAKS OF aUB. APPLY TO JAM. A. Hl>k 77t Broadway, WABTAD? a MAE. AR BRTRT Cll.BRR: RALART Bretrrar EMU. Alao a man aa light one wot wl I make > m?cir neefui; wapea M per woek Apply at 30i Bowery, ait'r A A. M. U?ARTBD-THERE OE FOUE AMBRICAR TOUKO ?T mco. who inroritaad the retail h"*lery ba?ln?*?; ate ptre the ? re* r.f rrrommroda'lona aa to charade ? and abl'lty, and ?-r wl lint >0 work cheap. Apply a< lit fib a\* , before A o'clock. TAr ARTEH? JFB OR TWO MKB OF EB1R1V Tj EE TT c*re In a Hpht Hnaiarm: alee wanted one tma-t man to travel with the adver tear. Apply at J. t. Tanner ?, tu ann at, third i: jar, rear office. WAFTED? A WAITER, A RIEDL1 MAE. EBULIflK or dcoich. Tbebe*tof referenda required. Apply ba Iwe?n tbe benrn rf twelve and four hi M Bleacher ? treet, ou Tree ley had Wednaecay. Wmm AETED-A EAR ARD WIFE TO OO IR THE O0UM try for a snath, la tbe mty for the witter; the man to drive a pair of hnrarw. and make blmaelf tia'fnl oa t farm: the wr man to arafc, waah and Iron, moat oaderitaad her bual aem t>errantly; aoi wen ptopte preferred, apply at 17* Juan* ?treet. tetarted?nT ae ir.'fhmae, or oooo oiiaeao W >, 5ft Jtih enod oft*, ?*T. * ,mK* "omaa. with aoma ?. RVPfZitSFmS to pn home to IrEaod. Ad fri^w V Brtl.. Herald uEne, for oa. w?k ^ WARTEU-;.wo ' PnBfEU: T . ea. ?ue ihe advertiser, trpeamd and llkaral wtpea paid cocioie recommendation* and Ihre* Beat ta*!1. real BUM And hdtlrcm. addrea* Merchant boi 111 Font .office. Raw fork. Iabtbd-a >ai* to sill oourtet rio an ie He State af Rew Jersey, for a p .lasted artlc<e w uited by every builder a*<1 fcnnae owner, llalf Ihe prooeeda pleea for ir'linp, and ba I the traveliiap atpee*** paid; a pool model i rnirhed A emart man can mnae a ihnoaaad *jil*r* la a moath Apply IU John L Brabyn, 114H laat Twenty a* ran A s.rtet w lE'ARTBIl?ASMAR1. AOTIVEfMlTTO ATTERD IR A Tf prntrry M"?t emr *eB reeommeaded from bla last emp oyer. Apply at 4lu tlharry atraet ' ' JAME-4 OASsfR. W'ARTBll -VOUEE MIR OUT of IMPIA)TMIHT OAR proenre altuaUoa* by eal la* at the awrtioii' c!?:> k*' proteotltr apeney. 16d Broadway room Ro S Thli * <* re a?li>br?i o prevent the Imooef I n of late:It*eaca an 1 other t.tUoea. Borileepere, clerk*, ealeemen, porter* bu-'e iner*. Ae . can be acppllea with altnatlona. Ro mremle'lon rhsrped In hdvanee. alao merchaet* and employer* ran he a ippli <d with yoti-p met, *t I ane for all rapaeltlea. rrt la. by apply Ink ai our nOme Roae rnonmmaodad bat will the beai ix referrinea. Hotire froa r lo 4 W~ AR1ED-A TOCRR MAR IR AR IXOHAEUB o?ce Apply ai the Ferafinnfi fllerka Rapieiry o?oe, *47 Brt ad w?y, room Ro. I, aorahr of I^Onard a r*et. Mtiua itone prtwoied fe retDeemble yonnp men Ro otratatiteloa rhar*rd la advance We bee to mentkrn a rew of tee mat rtapeetnble howee* la the ettv whom we have snapped via . Tracy. If InA'lo TE4 Hroadeay; IRyden'ttirfb llt-dpe* A I o . rA M. rray *1 ; J. Jnnea, 4fl *trh?n*c plaae. R French, Freark'e Hotel; H. T. . aeman A (V>.. up Water et n T.w raicr, ,*o 6 Fowiln* Oreen. Th. ? Ohamhera. ?2 B?cHau<c rlarr; ??rrett A Brown 119 Front at.; J ImwfwnoTTw Wall at , y o* Martin, 43 OwLkcdi ?t, avl nh- re VI ? UdpAr A EMK Eln.f l ACif If JFFF?!t'R f?n?RI>-A MKETIE.I (IF THE ABOVE lr , c? mp*ny wl'.i he held a! F fn?(t'* rora*r rd MiclcnW and Am'y ? tv t* on Fob lay c*eet * O.N 19 atSo'e-ft Ail vf>. intend to *c v,it>ninv t? cn o tr aecond amnhl phi "4# ? re par:i-?i!kr'y I iytt*d jo i?r|p?c*crt By order. Jafes D HAWMR, ORytala 0, T i vt'PMOF, (fcrautry. via rnJL?M._. ___ jwWlbywamtbd-hpoii which ljbw N" ? ?V ??. Si;0'?* Tb?? i?JSJEISlSr. Address famual Herald cffise iasfkiS t .lsctLW25?%>'ttfc af^^^sr.a-xi'gjs *-- ^ g f,, Hcral* offioe. - TRD-A OOPPIMMTTH, WHO^CA* ?***J W eitiafactory references, to go foath^Aiiagle ice who can speak Spanish or Freneh pictarrcd Adaioja a. B. r., Herald office, staling '? ma. AO. tRTKlliiOlMOki OWIOIBA i aeon oh*mob for amy owb with a "J**1**; a. capt'el ? For sale. nns of the o daot intelligence offiseaiin Brock!'n yearly proilia Bl m 0 Oa 1 ati 1M Atlantic etiecc. corner ol' Penry curcrt. Brooklyn. room Wo. 1, up stairs. A LI RI8PICT*BLE AMPLOYIRH OF FBMA'-B RBB A. van a will pltase notlee ikat they oan be auppuad taw dav (and no charge if not aulted) wl h American, Baa nan. Bcoifh French. Herman, l'/oiestanta indothera, salonaekecp era led ten' mails, noraea and aeaaaatreaaea to travel; aiao, good csooka. noraea aeamatreaaea w altera, ehamoenaaMa, "aundrea?e? and general housework gtrla at mnr wuh good reHrence. at toe be ?ct Ptma>e Institute Mo blxtm avenue, near Twenty ?e-ond alreet eight yeara eaUMIahea. A lifty Id at <*BdftPC6 P ra ^ notlea th? street %od a umber. tyOOD SERVANTS FOR BV1RY DK8UALPTIOM OF IT wort from any den'red, o?u h? obtaftamS al tf ORRIS COHRRRT A CO.'8. StlS Broadway. entrance m franklin street W. B.-A oa ortd chamber maid warned. Wages 19 _ ruuiiictAU Adrift -WANTBD a" RB?P?CfABLB MAW WITH S iUU.thia amount, and wl,ling to travel wtththwadvc? t!.er to t e prii ? lpal ctlle -, will have an opportunity te> aaakn IN) t-11(0 rer week. For particulars Inquire ft* Advertw* ,t 193 Broadway. In the store $11 mill-A SBRTLhMAR HAVIRO *000 Oft* y.UUU, exceptionable cash J*0*1?1* m twelvemonths, will fftl them .or I* 000 cath and 86 UX) M other croperty, addreta l*. b i>. liciald offiso. a RT ZAKF B*NK STOCK TAKER 1W WXCHaWHB) A (or gold lockets. Apply to BREWcTEK WOOD, WO. # Maiden lane. Broke* bawk Bnla bought Hnpklngtnn Bank, 00c Mercantile, Hartford, 60c. Hartford eonnty, 80c. Beraan oonnty, Me. Bask lew Jersey, 600. Bank of Lima, 76c Ontarto eounty. 76c. B .rdentown B Company, 76e. Bank America Few Jersey, 760. Princeton Bank. M. J., 76c. j^'tHimrVrokcn'bahk bilk bonxamII^NIaWaST 140 Oreenwtch street. Babe btock waftkd-for tbw loth of uropwps ?ltuated on Flrat avenue between fu'J^ AftAacd Fortr sixth atreria. One lot with two bouaee In Thirty alam street, be wren Ninth and Tenth avenue#; alio a farm In wtw Plain* near the village. Inquire at 11 Park row BROOKLYN WA1BR WORKS?FBRgLMB.?PROPO* rain will be reoeived until the flrat day of Rovember ??! for 2 7u0 ferule* for tapping the oast iron pipes and 1,000 ap pera1 'oxes; the ferules VO be of f..ur claaaea, Inoh bora Inch ? lr-ch and \ Ineh, and to weigh rnapecttvety ? '4 ] pound 1* ounces i\ po nds and A', pounds Beecdoatem* and ipeciaena wlU be *bown at the engineer's o?oe, 36* Ful ton street, Brooklyn. By order of the Oommlaalonera. Gold and b'Lvbb bocqbt akd bold, awd sil ver exchanged for gold, by TESVOB A o6LGATB, t7 Wall street. - SPBC1E OFFICE ?BOVBBBIGMB, B**E OF BW9LAWI> nou s *aeol'?n?, aad all kinds or gold and ailrer bough. and aoIdViy KUBBBT B. WHlTB. 36 W? 1' street. AKTBD-TO PDBCHABB. RAILWAT B0NU8.-ILLI. nots t'ential. Michigan sCLlral, Michigan Btuthora, L? Ore are acd Mllwankle. arle, Harlem; also. T^umbCriand Ockl^ Pi MivvlvstiK I'oal ato-ka for ah chca ijAJvt re*I est* c wtl. given Apply to WM. W. HBBBAR6^24 William amcet_ OOPARTNKUKIUP WOTICKW. rTOPARTNERBH'P.-TH^g ADVERTI8KR. A F*AOTI oal wofking man. ilea res 'o l?v?at In some loerattvr bust tees capital to he amount of three or four lAoaaaad doh lsrs. where his services and the above *n*>unt >' aeenre htm a handscme retorn. Refereecs given and requiwd. Adoreaa, with real name and particiuaia Bmtneaa, tMrsafa office. HoyII. pabtnir wa*tko-a mam that caw frjrnbh tome foriitare loWp Ct op ihc* hm?e, Fle^ e?ll at 118 WI'Umi ?U^e, up ttatn. tarn* rum, *e<-?pd flocr. Konct - THW CO PARTNERSHIP HBRBTOFORW enrtng between D. W l^erer a?d Thoa HUL buv kera, of Brooklsn. ? D., formerly Wb lamchurg. ta this day dk BJlve.1 by m utual oatmeal. AU outgtaading Mile to bcsetUmJ by Thoa MU. Oct. 14. 1M7- THOB. HILL WARTEP-A PARTNER. 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