Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 22, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 22, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7721. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1867. PRICE TWO CENTS. IBB TXITE AVEBTJE HUBOXB. hi Ivdmr off louuton In Jail off Raw Oioaawliiffi <? J.| and Ma two Companions to CHady-Oartaaa BUUnanU at Kodftn [UMffflUfwII* latUmtlf idmiu don not Oanjr harlag Gommiltod Um ?HIn Firaonal App?aranc?, *e. ton'day night tut Joha dwaneton, a reepertaoU i at tola city while walking with hk wife on Tenth , got tele a dtffloulty wtUs one of three boya paw I, who slabbed him now the ftflh rib, on the right aide, tog htaa ahooat Instantly. The murderer had and ea , though the bereaved wife UnmeUate'y rait el dta &T at "murder," and real the ar her agialaiBg artaa The polios ware act within hearing distanoc, and hatky and Kcaday pataad without derei ping any tracaa at to murderer Oa Tuesday, however, one of the three haya appeared be toe the Joroaer'a jury, and ?sttlfird that ma Jam* Rodger* waa to aaaaaatn, and that he had tobbad to daeeaaed, who abruok him for running again* Mi whb. Ihe Oarooert Jo y, upon tali evidence, brought to a verdict of guilty of murder against Bodgera, who had to to meantime am been heard of. Tmierday afternoon the etty waa e!eetri6cd with to la totogeaee that to murderer had been eaptured at Wood totdge, N. J , aad waa lodged In Klddleaez oouoty Jail, w admitted having committed the crime, (tee of our i waa .mmed aiely dea patched to Ne v Brunt trick, i, by to ktnoacsa of Joba K. Acken, Sb^ , an Inter gtow with to prboner waa o Maine! i Kodgere, who ta onmntekeably the panes who i the blow by winch Sanationooiao to hta (tooth, ua bay, neoordtng to hla own mnlemtnl, only eighteen yeort of age, end pf anything, he la joongor. Ho baa by so ?aw n vary moicolnr trmao, no sign of n board, and nj anproadon on hla oonntonanoo other tlanthetoflgoorniMe. ?o baa a lo t of lulloa, dogged manner, bat It la more Wad of an Ignorant boy than of a keen, ahrewd rowdy. He boo a alight est on Ula upper Up, watch be taye be re aWud from dwaaaton. Hit general apoearasoe la not marly a* fleree or mnrdarous as that of many respectable dhrtnee, aad hit own story, together with the facta or the waMer, make the care one of enriooe interest When aaked If there was anything he wooM like to my on the ?abject of "he murder hp replied that he did not wtoh to my anything. Yet, notatthetnndlng ihli, he readily an ?wared ere* y quwllon pat to htm, end only re "mod to t how the ooUlelen originated. The onbetnaoe of the rlew was aa followe:? ? I here oone ircm New York to aee yon, and ana prepared to pablleh in the Haiuu> as/ statement yea may have te make wkb regard to the murder. Hare yon ?wthta f to aay rm the ?? ;-ci ? loeem-I he?e Milling to any at alL ?wonmn?Perhaps yonr parents in New York wonld We te bear fr m yon and whet yon hare to aay. Maeoeai' if the sewn hae got to New York to quick 1 11 shall be taken down MB, and then 1 oan see -Hare yen, then, nothing to my ee te kow tkia ?toek place ? Bopcmn 1 cront wast to my anything at nil. ?ei iwim Net whether yen ere gothy or lnnoeeM of We merdetf ?oDGBr*.No- h win be DM soongh when 1 ootne to mbhl 11hall ha** enough to say then, I suppose ?nrvninn?Did you know that the Coroner's jury had bmnght yen In guilty of this murder? leooane-No; I know nothing about H; I did hot know We men was r and. ?aromas?Do yon know this boy, Darnel Oi tobe eweara that you ate > bed Mr. EwMeton? -I do not know the name; 1 amy knew htm by mema-mere ran eoeof the throe hoy ? who got Into We amenity with thte man? -Yr?, I (appose I was. . Hew did the dlOenhy originals; did yon ran man er his wtlb? ?No. I yen nothing to any how the dlfflonhy ? leant r> member. I tt i ?1 habere I < ?mere yon m the hebtt of drinking kqneg? -lie; ( mtw got drusk baftera ?How eamo yen le be drunk into timer -The bejel raa whh loan me Into two or three i le drink. ?Hoe many ttaam? -leant rumtem. Baronran- Yen ears net m the kobtef drtnkisg itqoer? ?en i me Ne; 1 a ways worked in lemperanoe gro mve?,and as old net gel b If I waned it. bsrooran-Wkat hare yen hem working alia Ueetty? ?memo-1 here landed gromry orer maee 1 eenM enrry i ba? hoi bram-b New York? ?onuian?Part of the time for mr brother In lew in Weedbrt'go I was going m oemmonoe tmdlng In on amor mero nan Msadsy. 1m iearn Tthel do mom ether boy* who wore with TLjaoln*?1 don't know. I didnt know thorn hat s Wert Ost Bmeum?-Whet eheraoler bed thooe heye? ?mi i em 1 if hod * hod ehonemr. and I hod not oogbt to baa* bsen wtth them. ?worm-to n iraeihol yeo nmnultod another bey that reonmg? ?mamo-Nv bNtm- Is it true that, as Omioghem my*, whao i Or oak yes, yoe drew e knife on Mm? m-I dtdat draw aay knife. 1 bod the knife la oottto)^ aaaprto. I kind of a knife wm It? ?-It waoa pea knife. [UwUiM hy the median) tastlm ny. the weond woe peered to be Ore eighths *f an tneh in length, and tig depth ronkl bare rsoclred a long blade. ] nrooian?what did yeo do with the knitb? Hera yen ?m ? wtth yen? ?comar-No. i eeppeee one of the ether bey ? hag tt. Wrcoiin?Were Ibry seer yen, er bed they walked en i Hm affair leek pae>? I (oppose they bed waked on. -When did yea seme eel le Weed ???day morning. 1 woeM net here < aae of the beys dime aad laid me to e?y -Hera yon no Men ef mo heeon-l sappoe* I eaghl te be | sag a lb leg Mism Do yeo eat knew thai h may hrrafra yow I? -I inppeee ee; 1 dot kaow -le n tree ihat joe mid yea did am care ? yes Brad er died ? -1 told l might m well die m be to prison o -la tt woe that yeo bora t i of NWevtme? mm?I do ett wool le it? anything a beet ii ?ran?Here yon erar been in prison befbre ? nan?tto, I oarar wm arrmmd dor anything--am i for banging arsend ooruare. 1 knew torn of ih* bot sot? to speak kindly m me aid te nuvtm me. mraa?Here yen many rnende m New York wh-> met yon bora boon, aa y*o my, * moody mdu boy? -Tee, plasty * mam i?hay pramiMot met? ?Yeo, plenty ef thorn rUi em tee owe < get ? Now York: I am aad wared ?Do yea erar go to whom in new fork r -Yen, in itorenlmnm mross. near eighth a recce. ?How hog? ??1 dent anew to lbs lobar?I wMh yoe ?ooM pel dMie cos in the eeU with mo; I norar wm In o *W bolere, sod I em rary laoefy ?monrao?Do yoo arand to go to New York ? Hot*man?Yea. 1 weuM ton game te New Ywh this moral-1 V the effiom wonted. ttmuaim Tea oaoM bare gal swop if yen rants) to? OMWotyou? ?mams* -Why did ad yoe men' ?eooma?Weu, I mw my lira rat in a w-mdbndgo and they ?ek rary bod she at tt. and at/ brother to tow Ml bod ahead u, m I t*ra myself *? Baroerm? Wenmtol they fbel qaito w hod to mm yeo to H? Bane? I teppew en ?manno-ltd yoe ran agotam Mr Rwanm* er hie -N?, 1 dit am -Did bemrtte yeo? ? minmai He ttraefc oi me. bot ooty wrotohed my ?mimim Tbla moat be o nates to yee, If ?r. ore go Wtoama aa to emmpo wttbeci beery pontohmeet Ittginmr Yea, It win tooth am em to go wtth rash beyg In this rambling dtmwnoned mrt ef aanrerro Jen were dttn shore mmeawom made, aod rrahehly no ether mar deror erar tofted to so eertose e manner ?edgero dew am seem to bora any Idee of toe raogal todeof mo artmorhtoh ho bw e em n'ttod, ond bohoree ?m* to* o truant eehmltioy man to* likely to dl* tor tho Of o (allow eromnre H Mlhattor "?? Y n/TH Hit 10 WoodbrtdM an t noohcmed odioar OMdtogtoo who knew Rodger* wall, to be oo | Y rater day merrtog Rodger.' brtther to tor "?ew ?hat Rodgera had heea fbr aoma time larking sheet mo woedg to that reftoo, mH arm Ibeo at kle hooee tha ??*? immadiatoty went to Woedbrldge. wh** bot Wghl mOae frem New Broatwtek, ond took Badger* to Hid dim U ooonty Jell Ho wont wllttngty Wlih the officer, bit reodmem to go le New Tart rttb biai dremed to a light nap. gray or teed ietored aead, btoW panto Hla ahtrt, hew orer. I* ef whto ralleo wtth e red tripe Whan oaked whothor M wu* lha ramel ens that ba were ee Wadnrday erantog. bo ropHrd thai bo I Hd oM horw?ho might oora ebangod It He will bo I hfMgh* to the etoy tola m wotog I ?y ? raw? mm mwotog ? h mnnti >thi? n?e??'<W ? 5 I I mto? arrem, o?1 toe opinion a rreely eaereewd thai If ?edgero were a led totter Jersey be wnnM be hasg One tod^?*i WW"*? "odgore wreH likely tMone to HOW ?*?," mid o brttaneor. '?doabtlne ?hev'B gtre him a peoetoo end o pobde ofinn ?? ??raT my pan." amd ooothor, Tra mode op my mtod thai to* Nn < ?Mbit* ?wtog-Idaot naro to.m* thteg woe deoe. ? "me ooty remedy sold ootohe ,"ieto hang greeraUy; 1 reed to beoppue 11 > nopttni uoeiehowi , b it t d-o'l mm geeeral jlD deilrery of ibe pordostog power Tb# i nlr war to gel rid of there Tllln'rw l? m basic geuerallr ' ??1 wrnder wkil II owta 10 bay ipi Ne< York C url," ?aid a no'bar Thai tbu worthy ii'MCM owltaaei pick m ibe imhm out of tbcnr broiler*' eyes, MUofUlly un ronrkm thai ae?*uta *< n'leta** of Now Jerrey to mU < It ourry tbo wbolo Hatetnbi* brooobou poakel. ood that a of> tola railroad moon poly la oaid io bo Oowarnor, Dagtnl* turt, oou/l aad jury la a ay eoce attesting No frtsrssl, M'OIVNIT StUVUI BlMBlUr VP TO TBI FOLIC I Stephen MoGivaey, Iho oompaoloa of Rodger*, who boo MOOfMd tbeylgUnso* of Ibe pottos, dobrorod hi?ilf up io offloer Kobb, at tbo Jeflhiooa Marfcol Pottos Osart, aad wa? m onoe piaoed la oaoloty. Ibe prlooaar ilalod thai be md Rodger* kept company aaUl Sunday, whoa Ibey ?eparoled, in cmseqaenoe of the determination on Ibe part of the latter Io go to Ne * Jerier. Rtdgera, be ?*y*, endeavored b? mean* of every an unaeal to ladaoe hiaa it fry Iron New Yoik, b?t be deothMd doing so, by advise of bb mother, who toid blm to glr* himself up t> Ibe authorities. Ao lag apes bar suggestion. be refuted to aeenmpany R> dgera Yesterday be aame to Ibe PoBee Oouit aad delivered hi?elf up to offloer Robb. Be was uken down to Ibe Deputy Superintendent's offioe, In Franklin street, and there detained for fbrlber examina tion. Thus oil three of the r-gUivee have been enptured, and are now saleiy In oustody. THE COMMERCIAL CRISIS. telegraphic despatches. xxntinu of tub ukB8O0Ki uGHurma-hbbsaob OF THB OOV1KNOB?THE CUSDIT OF THB BTaTS TO LE BUbTAlNBD? RXrORKB Ul THB RAILROAD AND rANBINO 6T8TEMB. Br. Lons, Oat 21,1?67. Tbe Benole organised yaeterd&y by ettcllng napjAmtn F. Better. Bocretery. Governor Jookeon'e iMMft, t? referring to the dtlartonUloa of Iba Sate trod It ud the ebeofc given to Ha railroad lyatam by tbe monetary ertsis. reoommenda tba Legtehtore to take deotalre ntanrti to teeme beyond all qnaattoo the honor and aredltof tfeaBtaia. Hedeatroa ttcb an amendment to toe railroad tyatem aa will enable the eompealee to eeonre tbetr work done, and to nldaately complete their rondo. Be aleo proposes to piece took *? dittoes! gnarda opou the banking system aa will ronflne It within 'ta legitimate limlta and lend to expel depreciated paper from the State. In order to accompli?b thta, the Governor advisee that no more Slate bond* be tmaed; thu a tan be levied to cover the whble amount of the Inlereit on the boadi of the 8 AU, and that the Sate have repreaentatton ta the dtfferent Boards of Mreetora m proportion to tbe amount of bond* tinned to the roada; the bonds of the (Bale to be la latere disponed of by aa egont appointed by Knrecttve, and the prooaede to be detl vorel to the effloe'B of the cempnnlee, that tbe Board of Postto Worka be empowered to penetrate tut'- the dettlii of the nmaage meat of the roada; that one of the beaka of BL Leak be made a Cteartng Houie, and that whenever any bank felkd to redeem Be drenla Ho* at the (Xeartvg Bonae, the Beak OommUatoaer than i clone It ta eooordaaee with ezkttag lew. Tbe Governor ooetends that kgkklkm la regard to hank taepoatloo can only reanH la prodoolag greater dlffisnHleo thaa tbaae It la In tended to alievkle, and belter oe that whenever e prt vote banker tr broker eeependa kla amok eboald be plaecd in the heads of tmateee far eqaNabk dhdrlbntton amongat hta credl ore. Tba ?mount of amis ben do doe from tbe railway compe nlee woe, *n fee Mlh ?f Ootober. $9,000,000. Governor Stewart will probably be laaognraled to day. NONWT MATTnnO AT ST. LOC1H. Bt Lane, Oot tl, MM. A large met Hag or merchant* wae bald at tba Exehaage yesterday, and resolved to reoefve the notes or nil the tolvatl beaks of tbe oocetry at par Beveral private ?o?sing inMiutdoaa are reoevlag the earreaoy of tbe on Uro etuBiry la deposits. FINANCIAL kATTKM IN KXW CHUAW. New OaiAAna, Oot. V, ISM. Ike day ban been a gloomy one (tenantilly, aothlag d? tag ta exehaaga- kaay of oar maanfho nrtag ekebhah meals aro dkoha-gtag workman. PTOrrAcx of thb mobilb bavwob iamb. VwHtM, Oat. H, MM. Tba McbUa tkvtaga Bub akaad He deore ea the 1Mb FINANCIAL AFFAIRS AT SOWTOW. Bonron, Ok. 11, MM. Ike money market k vary fatal, and the banks da ma? ofthe hakeem. Twa per teat a month k the aaktag yatoa in the otreoi, bat with goad oaUaeral a radaotton k made. Raman of the fattnra of Utile, mown h On. have oh tamed oarrenoy, bat without the ahghkM foaadatton, aa the beetaem of thk old aad rmpiolH paMkhtag house k mrw ON THB BANU OF BT. JOHN, *. B. Boaaon, Ok 11, INT. A BL John, N. B , out i so pond sal of the Book* Journal, wiHm "Ok banks ban bars had a krga ran apoa tbom by soma sf year people. la oaa day $10,000 k gotd was tahna from ana. Wn have had ao tbUams ktaly, and ocr people weather inn alarm aably, ehowkg en amoan. of eNldtty that I did not thitk waa hen." Newspaper aaooeak any that the marehaam of * Job a hava mamenahaad tha baaha ta aaspand, and thai N waa probable they weald do to ta eatf dafeaea. coamaono*. PaaAbnuwu, Oat M, 1M7. lbs repeated fhllan of keaare. WbaaknhOi., of thk etty.k tneervend. ; FNZLADBLrniA BTOCk BOABD. FanABKumt, Oak 21,1M7. 1 m\ nf ma Barepab edvtnaa. km Mate hk.MK; ?tnS tag RK, MX; RR ? A farther dealt no had khan pkne kaoe tha adjeoiiiir of the Beard. _____ KTROPEAN MANTFACTCRKR* AND THEIR OORRE8PONDENTR IN NRW YORK. TO TBS BDTTOB OF THB HBBALD. la year erttek ea Ike money loertk, dohod thk. 16, yea remark tknh? All ear au Jew* at furore tan a kniima ban ban wind eat. ea wtm e?pease, and it -HI am be amu aow r.rr_ M. aalhe at. re trade af me two emn fioa, are or mm I uM *1 i?apk? * tpesse eaperm u ee at seated tbia ebuamaa. k dm. B?sw maah mo imirri roe dire at year tuapaen i oeent of Ik wide epreed kroakBn, ek only la Oven* srtmm. bat ake an the Ooaflaaal of Berope, where the ITvw Tons naatm k almam the only I mart nan paper nopl in all the reepamabk wadtag noma, an weB aa hy ? Tba prophase wnmUigi or Ute rmrmdlag weea ebleh dnrtngttm Wet twelve months have repeatedly appeared In year aatamao, end are new >8tag tbarfalty ralfllkd k me very taker of yoer pradkBeaa, have OMsnd year kt repana rondos* te regard yeer jeenml aa an lafhisek ea uvw-ey. IbarePwe Urn remark ehwveralbrved tolaimaty m yrolanv a anr-vaa akrm. more than yea ere probably a wore of. W-th the new of alky ag me tare whkh amy engteete awtfrm, t neg tw* at the 'direvg aktni-in to yoer emstdevat'on I wtm yea that ?M rreerot wvetroe may mtana a gea.'ral delay of mH'twm frees "ere to rwrepn. aa R hea uo oat I sad aaatkem b? [Wtv* ?i?r*v evteekeno I e' Uta Bme tar ray*M"? 'a thw """"IT bet n wilt a# aery a dalay, aad not a ropedAiiee of payment, whlah ?or rase a from tha "rosea t artoe In f-iwopaaa orodltero ' rtaitoaa of m.rvhandior whltn m iho part of MeapNaMs, who hava laOaakd their raada ?a railroad sleeks aad baa* ear It we, I admit that year pr-gestae of thotr etaimo amy bo roamed i all thine of Kerepaan maaefbrt grewtag eel af ear I at hast thraa taak^W^ - tr-tted hy F.ti npma amrentnk reatdlag hare, are ekaehed m their frimda "? in. other mw hy olase Bra af tahy and ayrnpamtaa af a mere lallma e eotere tbta me neneeettea tr dabtorv aad eredl terr graernWy la ttth nenstry Most of the BlMM M mblwhmaak and twpentng hmwra la thk coaalrv ara a toed ea me eehd laeedakaa of enpllal, aad mkr liewrtuee ore rarity held ta span aooouto ay boahero who eaa af ford la wall, aak are mtteBad wtm the legal taterek of thk oneatry, aad partly grewtag wed af utakgemtak of mar r hand we wkteh are aoi payable eatll reolloed la both teatoiMvf ee mwiflew are rwiulree, ae payomak are net arperi, rHber hy ttmnatleae ef Ham aor by praaolaf omolo. hrmnae the credlie ranted am baaee 0B eiafdaaee aed pel Bhety k bo dleerbed by riintnikliei an tang aa that onnOdeaee H net shaken krroevor. there to o veal dlkwenm boteeea the tight la which pewanlary eegegeeMak are viewed tathie emietry ard in rr .rmw White a fbllere or broaki ef trek to em kdrrsd boras aeterai. ovary day oaoertenm. emlly ever aoma aad yarn forgnrten. n k wfarded in s.irooe ao a 1 ortm'vii are sad death hawk a meat mmmerkal ask , leper, frem wbleh br n??ar eae re?wr?r Vbh flmllhgeon I I i rres W> he entertained bare bv moot of the Rnrnpmat who ?migre* to this ooeofy They ere, whoa onre fatted, l-vobed npm with diOldeam by Iherr (vwairymea ae teeg ao thrv "ve, see oan oert laly nevo? eirek I" retarn te their native -wastry wHh deiNo <m their ihooldere wttheot hems evp red to pv or niton and "elra'at of HOwrlr, Ae leautrr of kh menrred ehvet tea yoare ago, la the aaaa or ? tor w Yo'b dn *or?o? J ibOor, who hod fo led. end who, OB ? Till lo ttormtap tone yecs ofte-wo'de, woo or root Od la Donoldorr for en old debt duo there for sll*?. ?? oeteelr> deto'ned to prison aottl ho obtained o 'oatttooao form hko c?y ood petd the debt Thto low lo horoh Iho mom on oo the rtefote of ilmilotkoM t xtoadi to fO'ty years; hot N w*ll (how that o German Importer ot leant eoaoot oo ee?IH wtre eut Mo debit with o spoof*. I om for from beUa?trg th?l ooy difference of ohorootor to the aeoflo el the dtffereet vie we to whlah for air coop to held by verloer ototooe, for I oonoitor h imto neure oo do wed with Iho rome degree of weekne s everywhere. The d torroooo trip oo tee, tn ay opinion. Ana th* ootoro of the lewo of the lend ood from the opto It of tradition lo v hteh looohroooy to ooulderrd by different ooUooo Moot ef the Boropeea legtoloU-o lo botot open Iho oadoot Homes low, which woo framed by beetbeeo, ood founded oo the right oooro of joottoe ood rorerttr of prlostple of too Romene, tbot woo ? otic erebl* mttlga ed by the optrit of Utrto lo? Ity pteva'Hng to foe Rogliih ood auterwae lor. lo Rnae toioiroDoy woo paatvhoble bp dooth. ood iho pern jo log pe*?r of the oioeetlro woo reotrtoted to mUi gallon of too rentedoo law tlavery. Thar, oo the Duett cent of Karrre eo pert oily to FVpaoe end Germany. tnool reae* lo eoortdorod erl stool In oil itr rorloao grades, end pnnl?Led by Imprtoonaont or ot lect two yea't, lo lt? alldort form, when proven to Lo?e been no toed bp odrer itteo beyond the dobhr'a n ntrol In the eves of Rt to eon >ow on Insolvent debtor lo olwoyo onoolderod gniltp ooUl hta loBoooooe to oleorly proved, white bore be to ooeildered Innocent until Lb geltv? (hot lo, oo tnre'd nrtmiool Intent?lo proved Nv ood nay aoobt, which oieo nie oat t? M lmportfbUI'y. The towo to Ei rope, therefore. pro mode for the peate-rtfon of foe oredttcr, ond In this dbuniry Tor protection or the debto); the oomeqaence le foot la Europe the an'orto awe debtor to ortuhed. while here the rognr eo)vye bla opeito with laptuittp? bo"b of which extremes pro foul la tb*tr eons rqw noon. In Europe the ml >g prlnolple to to Korti eth?r* no von wont to oo raid yoanelf, while e foe prorollirg rent! cent soman to be tv be f cglTeo tor debls po we hpye to forgive tbooe who ore Indebted to no. Thlo rpirlt lo foileroo by the abuse of Uto oebltae ?looblneo of the Cfariitlon religion, which pre bat too often perreited Into p rtreen for depravity of moroll, pod p cloak to oovor tbo multitude of lino, by regard log the church po pa Insurance cum mop, lo which tbo minis or lo the treasurer, elder* ood drocono pre the directory, pod pew owneri the stook hitderr. Where Uto aoot no*ed tratho of rellgtoo pro thai obaied, .adeed of Improvlhg o man's heorl. he it mode p hypocrite, clptmlng credit oo the doabtfal oeea lip ?f bis piety oo o member of the church, pod that sofl'er log bp oomp prison with the onctent Row on heathen ond foe modern Itdi<n borbirtoo with regprd to the prloclplea of jaitlee, good frith end integrity Yon may oofoiy inform your European readers that by having P Httls f atfcooe they may depend en foe poy men! of their duos, olthragh their oorresp indents here may suffer greet peounlory tomes by the general revulsion row going oo oreund Ihew. fhry will not allow thetr llebUi ttce to be wlyed out by the npoase 1' poy bsnkiupt low foot mey be powed, bnt endeavor to mtke up by Indus try, economy, perseverance and personal deprivation, If nicesiaty, whatever deficiency they dipt I "tear by foe oetton uto Legislature or want ot prUatple on the ret cf foolr debtors A EUROPEAN. uMnw Yopk, Oct. 30,1SS7. CALEB CU^HINO ON THE FINANCIAL PANIC ' AND IN VINDICATION of the alleged EXTRAVAGANCE OF THE WOMEN. bPBBCB Of MB. OOBMlfO AT TUB flBTlVAL Of TH1 M&f BACHO?KTTS CHABITABL1MBOHANICU1 ASSOCIA TION, IN FANBCIL BALL, OCrOBIB 14, 1867. Our ooonry, In Mn material laureate, eteada ?*? St,li triced or agriculture, ul MB www* b**? nl production! of IniB mB mb. Mi paotaree, Md ^I^YfleldV M? BlBM M<{ lie fllbor'.ee, "niUlnW, loa tu tmary element of lie wealth anB itreagth 9eW?oe aod art ?bi next, netoTeMre ibeeght, Uia Ml m?|wrteg labor apob*B to toa cutvretton aa i ax Moratlon of natural prodscw, Ml to tAo medllUtoBoa of thaw for oienoe aad bm of man : wbetOrr ta tho profaeUoo aaB praparatioa of animal aabalaaoao tor AM f oB, tbeUy or SoiW-in ?te a kill ehtoh ahapaa ?ba meialatdtoe wooB, tao flb a of ootton or wo4, latoiooi dlroratftaB ot>.e<i ef toeaofhetarw?whioh ataboratae matter aa with fuSAVKtoSTlio fabrioatloe of a pU to thoojora Hob of a palao? or a pj ramld?which laaaobea taw Mlp in Uu ma-Vhtob bolide bo ataam oa?iao, toe rail way aaB tbo t* Mara pa?or wbtob emboBtoa tao laiptraUona of m n? la tbo lobbsrc aaB boaottfnl forma of palatlag, aaB arobMaoaaro AaB tbaa oumee oommarjo to ooaooot all ihoootblafo, to exchange lb ?? * #*il* ^ ?re, rtrer aad lobe, iraotpo-uag tbo froMa af tadMrT,??B art from mb 8wu to aaotoer aaB to oat natloa loaauoa, node* too aafrgnarA of tbo ooaaHnttoaal poworaf tao Ualoa. la tbo ba-moaioat oomMoatoa or alli tbrao ta ?errata la lb air ooaooalaaoooa aerelepemeat aaBparallal aoTaaMaaoat,I o^i.o^to tbo IM^l pro^^ of oar aoeatoy Wo oaaaot toU to M^o-tia mmb aa| rf KM prodoOtJ (J wblon tat 571^iir?I^Ba?iiOalto4 torn* Wo bara baforo *7 ?. a - ' IMMtaflWl r.HOuUto-taTo.WM MB extoaordtoery tao ?alias! of oar BomaMo oedll lyeteai (otac i, down Into tbo ooom Boptbo, wtthoat aay atorm of ? o^amHy to mm M. ' calamity to oaaoo it, w?a aaim am. wm ?l. -i 1 it?. IrnMag alms .a-mr rlpofB aad ,toured to to^mohgM i*ot iboroa of toeOyotodm. AU dommtto aom mrroow parali md?tbo ablfiarBa of BMaa aal New bary port are BoaeneB, tbO Milb of L?#ot^LtMraaao mB Hah oka a?o at a atMB, tbo boay bam a tabor a# looser alto tbo worhabopa of Woriwmrr aaB 8prta?BalB, aa3 a ?7rf toboTSomployoB apmart to be oat Hogdew, bko a Bar* otoaB aa tbo taBaaby of Moteo<tom.ilt **?? ik* nuitfi af oaraoaa Bo^iiioB of employ meat la taa nave, lb* ?errewCvBMt alarmlat aapoot ef la of peculiar aaB paremoMt Wtermtto^JlilaVoamS MBtoriaia. Whet are woie Bo, la tbo aalrorml goeeiirm S?~riJ. to dlmlalib ?^'-trta2r2t,t:ZS oonrae ef .Bolraf Car? m?. Mr >riatooM, oe maeb to atampt to aaiwor txmnMret? tMesMoral oe-eBia, - - g Moor tbree pmda^-qaMm, oo toom* me^rWbrMiTto obi***** by {be exblbinoa of tbto great aantoaBm To betto.I apprebeaB Ibata Halo too mach atrma may bo UU for too Ume, eatbeOoty ef retroaebmoot aad eoeao at km*, tbot tbo ad moan torn aa tbat enbjomare aameobat mete todtocnmtoeu aaB oaapreaeaetre ibea to ealtrd tor by toe oxlgaaataa ef toe oooetooa ^'s ?: rjzs n ^ " IP?WW? baramambetoB toaltbe oetoral reoonroeo ef tola oma |^~til ooom^nt retottro reeoBe ofto loot-y la it, lr/_' ?una fTH' those of My BM part of tee wertB tool m aaoa impeBlmeata to eoeoamfsl ladaatry laxtot bare aa etoewbere toat we are exorapa to?? eeUoe S hn.loea r,heatUry w. ^ treT?f??r?a of ro?aJ or ,re ISSraZMBSe-S-SSRrtSS I MostrlM iad asft of Manuel! K > lift w*ll, droit we/l, bettd waU aad parttalpy freefo to t** f I Uriel oemtoita of toaUiaatt<* torn* to toe dMtortre totoiaaf toe I'alted toatoa To wbe? Ml - ? rf-3 7. 2SS mb to eo)?y nb mm, wo U^^^SIb^o inmpoaatoto laattoota of too beaeti al aieu rsrag,. aay rate ef'MvwaatdoMiaeWaaee^ pn*wmmoTAs too rail af toe bieao -r oMtreetoU r<w**fc*^4.* ramaty ? total o -to tLJZ itf t oalitor la jiar autM aitJ MP, iKUS 4 w Mi u> IStato Mamto to aaioU bore ad too toeMre imarB. for rtmpi' U_V H nw " moall too ?eotao, aad ta rwtwwA aad roproarb toalr mrta af Aran, pereoae1 otia^ ?rSTwTS ^ ? ? - - ? ? sok eat rallMU to vmm ?!,, m breaa a laaoa wttb aay jaUioM to toat yaar-a' I win go fbrtoer, aad raa " ^ewew'nle S? _5LSe<il eeetwileat MM toarr'bre JoeOSel by ooeetdo atrma af abttr - _A 1^-^- ?-^ ^ 1 motot T hare beta ameoad to ?*' aad to importaaae, to toa paltm af ?J'weMto, tooeaary aad laaamt, baa boaa uv oeM to ??'*** to"9?T_ aad rnrbetowi of toe ladiaa "*?,!! ITS?' 0. !?? wb rb aatare Ibr a yoteaBrmaa mux, -y IfLSfiJfi nad Wea ?t e tarry M IHetr* Mr oaboa aad iwaatataaa. wbtob ratead ?p. #? pel tod dya, toa trec^etfr* prtoaao^ mm a fill ? ? l. Iba Y'aHid ppP? Wli N lBPIf kM MB.NMr la_JJJApwj?ppi|Bt wfcab aajo |ivrt* aaB Hlieiwtiaa baanata uf tWiyre. wbM aoj ataaad toe embeiiaaeamet eMM greet Bryjowto tail alee boeaaaef batoon, aad toe rbitodetpbto aad Mew Twbf Abawr-ll I mafeie_H ibeye me, at e maa, ta boar aa meab mid af toa toa todtoa. to Ttow af ear oora wy aflifb. tteetemwd to, Mr flia frtrat, wttb bto toafafaa, bto toff*. Wa toat boreaa, bto yeaadl. Ml Ma tob?r^toaTy peMiya, by ae right to oomptalo m too laarey, ihelrotBered lor abtoS.aad toa bytabrt* af MM f lore wmr win diaeorer toat toe b to wMt ef ?Wblag to wear ommao toMaa bowtu nad ^ area aba bee a weraa wowMt heart beaaeto eu ? eat)'i ae to wbeaa myi rtcea yaleme bar fblr firm la Brepat j aad If be did bat keew bow to roaob toot boo?A, bo weeti y bor to prompt to ptoaae by f-agalNy to by laxniT. Ml treed tomato aay aaorl* to af fbtotoa at toa relee rf dety Md of tore, bat ell toe Mbae ef all toe Km THtoM an i Here SkF laaeeye to toe toad ere aa aotbieg, le

ibVsaia? etodHhm of toa Called Stotm, eomptrM? ? ill ?M my, wua ? ear la toe OrtoMe or la ladto^roribei ?e do not aid oaaeot bara-bet ae compared wtto t few nsata par peead ar yard af rtaa aad toll to toe price af 2m eoEto. of tbrobai. toa earn aM etni of IBlatde, or ?m froifhu aad ?eaeLatere# af baeeaohoeeilB; Md tbolr Mrtaa hare had M approatobto laHoeaoa to pro I acta | toe S23 toZb dowa^Ttoa eraBM ay.torn ef tbo Cairn 1 maim At ie?b a tlam ao tbto. at My raw, wboa n awy ttZ&sprjrjzszzK'S h^rmimeat or ooiieootno of wsib to too great ma-n lamerim ef toe <M?o, ahbeogb far toem ratreaobmeat la a MMMt or me mp . yal It le aet to tor tbooa. VbO. WIto wmSto, poaoam eaoered meea. ef aeb torteeee Why ^SSjLd"^^ a tvle toey narrowe la of dlmioiobad prtetr it ?enid be eopeeiaiiy eaortae fbr ihewi to do aa, at a Hoi* eat fffolllbot terra to epgrerete exMlng erll?, by y irC-ntiag <o impede toeetrrototleB ? mooer, b" Joereart ? <be tei erobaedaane of oBrmrteyrd fw "L LJ*? ' plylrt toe eeaeeo of porertr aad erlaio, Md to IM ! >?? Si ntJtp ibe? to to rrr ei pood term ft almofi**? Md laxatkm. At a II no like this, to France, 'or tnt'saoe, wort ?nM bo taooor to tobor by groat public works or ?bo g overs mem, taoh ?< too addition of n no ? quadrangle to w Loavreo? too rullerles. Wo oummI to toe smy ro obot too tfffrto of ? stride's. M it to called, to tbo m v noy mokot Bat wo out. |? fur M ?? pgr foot too means. oonilnneoor hKbslomed trolo of life; persevere ill roll do- lord ood roll dlrtotod OBtorprliet; ke*p. oo for m ooo ilb'e, oar ships and on- laoat In neton; proooryo aunov od I bo grool tertmaske of oar industrial pmeperM', and MBBd ready to nort stew wbea toe pre par Urn' outset, %o oobio tt toon m-ei, nil tbo rr*ot movements of prodxi 11 b Bud of fomtne-*i throughout the ootnmauwe tth I soy, to tbo Orai pi'oo, to Europe, nn< espeotoi ly to lb flood ?England simeltmes robing to ao ?lth little mum, and tomeUmen rrettad to by at, but ohrnyo Bonroot to a i to relations to oonmerc. m wall no of bkod?I toy to England, do not in (for y>u'?el' to bo coiadoa by tbo habit whloh prevails lo tbo Unltod 8.woo, of monatrcoaly oxaggora'teg all the transitory troabloo, po Weal ana OaaDolto, when, from to ttm?, to the tlracloaaoota of our Batiooahly, U't aoota l a fooo like tbadowa and to depart Tbo United Hia'.ra are ad like aoble brt unfortunate dpato? borno down oy tbo aosama la>ed lond of successive tgoo of dons onto or foreign ornr? another " Nlobe of aadom,'' mourning Tver the irreparable lra? of the Netborlandi, of Italy, and the Indies Oar yoi ng strngib Is abto to throw off to will Ho msledtea, either of atony or fev?r, by mere 'oioo of orartt t on? sor are the poonlo of the Ualtod tftalet, I'ke that of Meatoo, rrduoed to tmbectlly and to aoar by oy admtatare of tbo Inferior blo,d of onoanalpatod ifrtoans or Indian lafiie, ao an to lie down to tbo dee, air or holiless prvoity on the eery silver ronke of Suanajutoo and Zneatsoas. Not to our hands will Halifornia hold ila griden i lores abut up In the unexploreJ tresirro nhamfters of the Sierra No red a I ro peat, be not deluded Into the I naglnatloo tbto a blight bao Ml upoa thla oonntry, ao you mistakenly supjoeoi at a former tins#, -ben , at aunts did not pun Mann y arrlveon the bonds of renn?j Ivanla. I say, In ihe second rdaoo, to toe nasi good, ben'ratio and honored roerohsn's and others tfiho United Stsico, ?bo hare boon doomed to ooo tie oo? meroul oroun o" a bog ll'e tine fall oo be instant, sod the great and useful un Jo takings oondacted by tnira, sou on wblob too hnortuem of thousands of tb*lr fellow idvdI depeaded, arretted or crashed ?I on* to bom You bare tbo oordial >y ntptoby, tbo unimpaired say the sag manird reap eat of your follow dUeen You, the great metbants, manufiolurors, pubhaaera, and bankers or I'bl oorlpbfn, New Yo'k and Dos on, are embarrassed? not by i eaaou of apeoltl fnuliaof yours, but of tao Inbeiei* do tola of he sysltm of fads ad bans, ng, and the ml a mannaenieat of that system to the treat oenWe of too oomjuerce and eaobangei of the United rttates Yon are the martyrs of the prtooiplo of cummer mat honor. Yon have fallen, only because you stuod to the front, and tons against you were otrnok the * Id blows nf our credit system etrugsling tolladetob agony Be o* good ohoer. You need roi ?*? wita Fran on at Pavta, " (but at perdu fort i'Kn?*nevr," but ra her tbto nothing Is lost, now you l v nit bed honor. Finally, to those who bare ?? ie tale la safely I say, let no aarrowly and tfcu oni lutooag irern jour conduct If strait Up WkMMafff prlvnuon of labor, be prudent, be tempo paiteot)/ hopefhl of ipeedlly rein'Otug ;.rog,erii i I -lur. i ..i reonuroee of the ooont y, Its agriculture, to m ueral wealth, Its oom mo dal advantages, the strengui and akfll of its tobabt tantr? all these are unaaalhed and untouched by the storm. If wea'tby, show that wealth has Its courage, u >l leu than lie feura, Lung enough hare wa recently boon trying to thin oonntry to son bow much and how onnso kisly we oonld bate one another. Let us ohange all that lo a policy?I ought rather to ray, to n religion?of roeipro eat support ar<! luy? L.t not touoe of lees Ihrored worldly oradttlou ansorg an hare eause to mur?ar to the unequal dispensation of the Moaalaga of Provtdenee. 1 well know, Indeed, that tbo ohnrlty of Ma?chiminta Is opon handed, beauteous. toezhsuedble There Is no winter tn 1: an antumn 'Us, Tbto grow* the more by renpleg. For the sorrows and sullertngt of the poor, In the tools meat ssason whloh Is near u band, lot on all be prepared, and eeoh. to our respective epberm of action, emulate the high example and prnolleo tbo holy ansa of thin too "Charitable Mechanics' Aasostodon." NEW YOftK. BITPALO UTONO BUd [from lee Buffalo Kipro., O-* 90.] We baae oeaa, Ml uadorttaad oea-ocler bat? betoM.d lo all hoWlon of toeaa fVom toe above la* taboo, at fol BrrvAto, Oat 19 1067. At a meeting of the Board of of Ula bank, bald Ibla day, H wm rotary latMdiatoly oo*?toloeto a ovpy of Ibla nsoto Ooa la tbe aavaral debton .. . rbaa follow. tbo aaUteaboa, a lib?" your prompt at laKioi win obrlaio tba aaoeaaliy of a rorocloaaro ot jour bMd aad tootigaga " _____ WISCONSIN. SITTING IIT A BANS. 0 Tba VUwaofcto Smtinel aaya Iba iba Mtowteg la a totter actually laoaivad ita panto. la tba atty af M?w York ? ' Nrw Yaaa No - Wan Hreel, July a. *07. PbabOadrreiaadtag fW* acmaof your frisada? aow oa a oiaM to ibla city -4b. yaa aredariroaa to Hart a baab cad or tbo r.aa baaklog >?* ?r WlaaaatlB, wo lafea tfeia opportu.Hy lo offor yaa oar rarTtca* to fbrward yoar rtowo Harlaa bad groal ripartoaoo wi'b'a Iba ptto Bra * ran la ?rw??< oo" baaba la ladlaaa. lUtaoto. llwblfta. aad ena la Wlaooaala, aatfar iba fioa baabtag law. . tone Dim, ve tro ?aMa aura your latere*. would ba *crr*d by etoMoyleg oa t? |N la opeiattoa oaa for you. Without uitbteg or drotoeleg lo dMoarugo oor aotfb bora (toaa of wboaa ara wpyM la Iba ami baataaaa). ?a would oay that la .toe a baak aooro oa auooaatfal y tboro la Hoob wwdom to ba otapluyad la IM orgaalatttou bat act born dtot'eyed by tboaa wa bara allodad lo nrr >u. of forty ibroo tboy wra IbiuumbUI la "rr*tl?t ep" la ladlaaa, torty oaa baro raltod.whtto of Ibtw H bora "tut up" (twvaty am), oaly foutoan ban failed UM"? m WHMiuraa. -or mi - ?? T . ? I Kb bat act born dlar'ayed by tboaa wa baro allodad lo, tor out of forty tbroo tboy wan laitruntatol la "K?ttlog ep" lo ladlaaa, torty oaa hero raltod.whtto oflbotowo bora "out op" flwoaty eono). oaly toutaao ban tolled Wo baro aada a oar pertt'ilar Huly to argaaln "toee baaba," aod baooo oor aad If parttoo wbo detlre la "|H np" baaba will bo gttwraod by lb. adrtoa tro (It. (?a our ytlralo olreulan), tboro lo do daogor bol tb* ptrjorior of tbo baab wUI atu aaoaay, aad * la to projretoro' lalareato wa oalf tonb 1 wlll.ilr, ?eMyeabet blto la got op a baak wllb $100,000 oopile 1, tooarrd by ttonka Wllb tbo addmn of tbo rotalalog fro, Oa.OfO, o. aber. moatloeod, about 01,000 for pbla a?d onao.'aad 90,000 plaood to oar bead. aa a ma/.ia tor Iba $109,000 Holt, wo cm pot II la .aooaasrul oparallea. Your. raapoHfol y. OHIO. TBI OHIO LIFB ABB TBO.T OOMTANT? IBBTING OB thi OBHBTToaa. A, of tba creditor, of too Ob* Uto oaf TTaot Oomyuay wao bo,d la OaHtaali oa Oatarday bSSfftdjWtaf Iba catoMHao IbH wMbg,Hatod al_a ?rtfVrai putUi iO ooDftr will iH troews m ?? mmm my ala# pereeee ware preoeel 7b' om.wl'too bad aa^ doort rod Mebtaio a copy af toodoodof oaHgaattat itad lo Moanala wbai apmaUMai bod Nw.H if tbaao ^to! Tbo truHtrT bowaror, would gtra ao oaarfoottao ta tbo .oMir,, lo be enlroly Igaorual of the few. to onarooaraeo of tbo derwged e<adHioo of W. "l.t Yatb broach Tba aoadael of Br ludtow, iba Ba o Yd* ag*aa af tbo boateo. aad af mm waa aararaly oaa aarod. A raaetodra oa mMog waal of o.*draorla too Bwrd of Tnatoaa aad ?a^^iaaatjai. o*?a4to?? tuttoa waa rlaoro?aly piweed. b"l laaily told aa Iba to b? otoonmaiitoi war, aad aaaaaaa ? ?li.Hlag m ooadiitoa af Uta oompaay | ITEMS TOUCHING THE TIMES. TBI BTOTftai or TH8 BILI.O?TBI onrRATTTia airrainNO to irh abb. Tba Nawbury pott eernepoedeai af tba RiMa ^'wRf wi to. oa ibto .ob)aoi aa laltowa ?Wa ara gnafod to Imtb tbataoory Mbrt wUI ba atdi to baaa oor aoaoa aa aaf.atortoa la ooaraHna. Ma tb.l. U ooooaawdatwaa ara Mtoodad bt tba baaba, tbay wUI eat aap da Hag iba gytBtarT Anaordlag to too noaaaa of IM0, tbore ware la to. Haw Ka,i*i>d iboMa 30?A00 oparauto. ?NtHbat Mhrartu t> turn a?d wtloa good*, la New York M0, 0?i la towoayhMla 1?0 U00, Md to all otoao Mtoaa ?to'rno Oo'to a a.toaar fi?o oar WaO oa utoltoa ara rotaraiag to Inlaad Br to?uetry aad aonaaai aaay af too. ba a an'.irad .aaaa, aid la wtow af toe fbrwrebto oaad'tka of too ewuadry, Mart tf wlto Iba dotac.tao ttoa af rp.adiat Iba ratoalad. of Ibair daya at toair ' %a^ oaUoMto aaya tba B'aartilla. ladlaaa, Awod, wbo rttnra.4 r?f ? torarul waoka' oir.rtl a Ibroagh IlltoUa and lowa. tay. iba wboal oa ort-y route through wbldb b# ratollod Hill ro.alB. la atoab Bo tofaba woroaty oaa tor war to Arty baa tor.had aot. wheal toaa tor hla awa %. noli no by Iba uortagbald (ibto) WoaparHl, thai toe mtiitaaof toaiiaoa HH weak adopted a aaw ptoa tor p.Hlag toelr baoka fro. bHaff r. by thtbrokart'ag tbai a broker bad roaeboa towa fma aHgbbar tn, my w ma to# baab tor acta, tbey proaHly ptoaad oa out .ido of too baak eetrM. a baokH af tar *M a braab, MdapaatbappBtHa a tong, ra go loaktag Mae rail, bearing tbia tcwi Atoa ?"a*r? ra* to aary broker " A. tb? broker approached iba baab ba read too toauUgBia, gtainad at toe tor buaM aad rMr.tod Tba baak waal Aaltoa tor Prttattoa an Uta lith.aA oocbt or coaaoM flbab. Mbra Baa Judge Daly. Oct. II ?Tbm. toaiAn ? AfaraboU O. Wrk ?Tbto la aa of May ilailar aaHa totf won trted batoro Md la i aWaa to near, da nag, tor alleged fhtoe i tea. made oa tba pari af dafaeduot, who proMood, M lb. mmbwo of o ttabM toon tbk oHy to Paaaato, tool ptoto Iff weald an ba iHataad el Iba IMhBM or oi tow taisUff altog. toal ba waa aaroaooaably dHaaad; bat brio altagatioM ara daatod by Iba dafbadaai 1%o Jn'igo la obargtag too Jury, a%ld ton iboy oH bo .HOad to. too npr.ialaiii.i wboa .ado wan fbtoo Lad frondtkil. If tbo Jory wore Mioflod to. toaaa ?oproot.'Mcaa orara bmoo, toaa .a .attar of low toay won fraodolaai Rat Iba .atari>1 to. tor iba JtryJ? meal dor W w bother too rap.oaaatottoa. wore ,into neat to too pletaur. latota. la daatod by Rebartt ,Bd Watmoro. M O Roberto' tooHncey M uttomtdod M> be ?bakn by hi. aatrar, aad . wl?ean tor the ptointi ff it ittewptod to bo dloprctod by a onatradtotloa of bto Hot. oteott . 10 too paoaogo atcooy. Tba toC ? howler toot ban ttcketa won ta do.Md-to. tba ofbca ?o. t eoteged by pa.eagon doHn. f * tn ho takoa io?o aaaooot la woighia, tbo probabtmy of toa traib of tbo Hotonaato ?f toa w1ta.a. oa ta<to Hdo i "lo trntfra Mttt depend upon tbo rlree wrUweet af OOCb ,wr'"nl?, raao Omionl f w plajnt'ff, Martto b RatMb. r*' dafbadaai, Haraea f carta Staled nrdtoi ADDITIONAL EUROPEAN NEWS The Financial Panic in Paris and Vienua. Large Defalcations in those Cities. W BITIEISTIlVfl DKTAIL8 PRO! RDii, Ac. Ac. Ac. H urn.Oji 21, mi. ?The steamship Koropa sailed Arta btrtH roar oo act ttli mora log (Or Boston, whara ib? will be doe to- sorrow (Thursday j afternoon. The following la the Balance of he Knropa'o newo wt*oh we were neeble to transmit to teteon (er the Sew York pspsrn of this more tog. Tile financial Crtale. The American oriels was severely relt el Parts, owing to the deli; a rtmlttanoea. Money ?as la greet demtnd end the pmpect was thai the Bank oT Prenee woe id tare to rescind its icoent measures of relaxation. IT not rates the rates of 6h count. Two apeenlatora on the Bourse have dteapreared, leer lug deficits of 3,000,000 end 1 100,000 rranoi reepodively. The flaanolal preasore was stlil rtry sorere a Vienna A rtook exchange jobber had blown hie brelax oct; another bad disappeared, leer Log deAttendee to Ute extent of ?20,000, and nnnerone imnll fall urea had ooourred. The Bank of Prussia has igain raised lie role of discount, wblch new (tends at 6X per cent The Bank of Holland has rained He rates of discount to IX psr cent Tbo 0duncial sttaaiton of Ibe country dose not improve. Paper money bai fallen m value a the erteat of twenty per cent. India. Tlx re ta nothing later. The iWnmer India, wlih the heary portion of Me ta*t lad'aa moll, had hrrtred nl Southampton. Bhe bod nearly f.tCO/OQ In Anatrnitan gold on bonrd. Thn pamengwn roport Ifcht Ntn* riahlb hod renotved not to foil oh to Into j the hondn o( the Sngitah. lickwi body gnnrd whonre engaged m d-priro him at bin UK, nhonld bo bo likely to bo tnktn prUoeer Between Onwnpore end Lnohnow there were oboot 80,000 maiinoorn, end It won oonetdorod donbtrai whether Or J. Outrun wonld be huooomfol tn peortng ap the rlror Oolrn Tht rtrer ?u Hood with forte, end wnU mooned With mutineer* The pnmongern wty thol ntmoet the only men who eeonpod the mnmnero nl Ghwnpore bod gone rortng mod. When they loft Otlentto only >,000 poroono bod nrvtred there ntnoo the outbreak. It woo bettered by mony ot CMootte thot when morn n?f Tih troopo orrtTO oat the matlny will tnddenly oeere, and the Sepoy? will bring money end trmeorea, end ley down tbetr arms. They art la moob terror ?r BagUab eol den. Lncknow, It wne reared, weald Ibll beftre omnntnee could come to It (JhU> Lettera rram Forte eay that the Vtoarey Yob bod leaned I o proolamattaa to the lebabltenle el the tuatbw ? prortnocr I of Ltitao. Ycb altatbatan the departure of the KagUh regimes* Ibr Oolootto to the niarm craned by hie mUtlery prepare thee, and by the rtew of hte army, whioh It aa nameroaa ?e the leeTeo of the frreeL Tab adda that tee Mt Cblneae I win aoon appear and aoaUer toe borbortane' ??tie The prrrta mania ntneleitm by proponing freah turn for > of thn tmpnrlal trupa. Raman ween enrrent of aaepproaehlag wbrnt at Fbrtn en thn Dnabh qaaeUon, attain of Italy, the on. m of Ifea Prtndpaintea and a general rednetten of Eeroyaea Rotable eeeennte at thn mnettng of thn manned heede at Kurepo ieere ao donM that one of the prtaotpal abjtoto thereof m the redaction of Heading armlee, la order to taae the fan item mini panBaa at riprmmtall re eenalrtm; the tnereeetng dUBonlly at oWnlnlng lonae resdermg redoe ttea of expenditure tadtapanaehle. Spain. No oflMeJ lataiPgeaoe had hem noetred that me Queen had accepted the n tigaaooo of the Nerraet Qnbtaet It woe tald thil Oenerol do lUraaoi bad been nomiaatad Captain Beaeml of Onbo, bat thn deoraa had ant made Ha appearance ta iba rtfWnl ffaaatu. The project for the anion of tho two Urea ohm ol the Boorbon Ihmtly wan aider Meoaaetee to high quarter*. ran umr. i Ha nam, Oct g, 1WT. The joerneS foiiy roatrm the aaeepmnm by the Qoeaa of the rmlgaauoa of the Narrati Cbblnet Amenta. The Tleeaa eorrmpendent at the fine eaye It wen ere ?Mblr reported that dtreet oammoaloattoa wn about to he aetebitabed between Trteele and New Torh by maane of I jo 7 d '? tlMnera. The King at tasaay bed pad a brief Tint to the Elag at Promt#, and B wee ooaeldored that ihta wae the lata of the royal Mertlewn tar the inn Thn edema entry af Pitnue rredertefe WiDam at rran ita and the Prteeam Rjyel af tagmad tnio Bertie, after ?heir marriage, to >ied tar Pebrnnry M. Ureal pi epme A tetegrnphle iltopatM In me 1mm, deled Berfla. r.l day erealag, myr the boa Mb of ma Rita of Prnmla hat bean rapidly gntsag worm daring Mm net twenty taor heart, and that fenre wore eaOmtninnd tar bin Ota. Ai thn mambmoaf ma mini Ihmtly am aeaomblad at Pan The Wtel af thn pnrSoe eagegrd m me ttmary abrupt ta uafy oomi The Than Itarie em ?mpeadent n tatarmed mat e**o to ttoni hare been opened ?> A r'etarabnrg tar the ooaalaetea of me treaty of wemworn* bet ran Haana and A aetata. Two Itoaatea ate am en and fear gaa beam bod fleam barked troopo la A bora, who bad bem?d e * ur end do ?taoyed ehippag The mm ?anmtnsd by TrobtaoaJ to ICO.OCO franco The Rom tea ferortamat bae tall ied a aerem pealah meat ea the parttee who rtomted the grarae of the lag tab and rreaeh la the Ortmea The Ram tea Mia Mar of Marian emolaDy reporta, m re gard m lb# tarn af the Itae of battle ehtp Ufbrt, that ah* ?aa laid on her aide ead feeadr red la e taw miaatae, aad that ail ea beard pertehed, taeladtag the oommae tm, 11 ?fflmra, 743 iiemaa, M women end IT children. The etalp weal drwa ta mtrty fhihemi at water. The tame ? arm had flhaeed man? other dtaeetare aad maeh torn af life la rarhma parte at the Belle. thrhry. The pert of Batata bee beam rery nearly Imtaijed by flrm' The nemmimira tar retail eg the Thrbo (mm fi nttmo la Aato bae eeeetaded No la tor*, aad Iba Ragltah ?" arrfred at ~ * " " 17tb Afbtnn. torn datm from the wmttemtaf Africa beTO been re mired la I A# lead. A *taT*r, wtm t?t etarea aa baard, bad bam aaplamd by the Hrittah deamor Aatatepo, at My tab. Palm all ana aearea, aad trade geamaMy dell Aa Ainmimn both bngaatlao, anhsd m* Barah Jama, bed bora tab** lato Merra lean* by me B ?ah ehtp Alec.*. Ill,M0 were fonad ea beard ef bar. bat a* An Acooitt Tnam Mum LowB^-Tbd l\*t quarterly retnraa er amvnatef tee boneem ef Vorh nliy peat ofliao, whkta war no?K?d M meOeenn aeot la Waablngtoo ta e eay or tw* aft*? m# eta** of " q a tar, if ?trabtaoo on Mr* by P*?* OMtaaaoor f, ?* mah* a itrlag af pof f?Be Art* mi ** long Who read It THE WAR IN IN01 A. Humor* Iron L?cknow-TlM n*hoin*MdM |r*atl</al nouaiiuni-ftD lUyn of r>?uy? Appitfcai tlon of An "prtatng at M? I'opa In < tlntUu Rojrul Priaoaara In Wart M liJIam- M??nr? foi 1'iotcetlrg the city ? ?he CnlltlAD and Pa^wi Population ol ? all 111 tii? I :< ropenna, l uruli. a, imrrf cm. *, Hindoo*, AklaUca? A gi?|ildiiy ot Loid uniilng-ilpyolAlhig u Mahomm?dan to High UflVa -ticn. LJojrd at Olnipoie-A Biltlah iiiMinU Under llw 'ailorltj Myaiam-Vha Moating at Hhagnl port-Kir Colli) Gi mphtll and tort Canning .liiHIllgNet from Rangoon?a no ting In Bui mail- Maaaacra of an American Blir iloMuy Kainlly?Bniloiu, Ac or a nPKr.Ai. cAwnrrra eon he* ronoMdcau CAi.tvmA Auguai '?>, 1867 V (be ??'? nali |?"i yo'i a ramxr, cii'rem to Mto ally thr Luoknow ted been iab'.n by the hens 8ot?lb, en.l Mia til toe {'urepcaos nod boot maaMC-td. Rita run** haa not been cot tinned, though ' Im< it will ortntoelf? prove to be true Wo Bern bed so eatoctiuo information from Luekoow itaoe Bo tai? inai.. nor can wo 01 i?hca toy ?o long tbe river ooanlry between too Juneau md ttm < ogra In pcaeeealnn of the rebel# TV ere im lUll anaoy romore tn Me bO/tiar re?i>f <U?g tho rain aI that belmyored cttnael One le, thu. the 3,090 'tookt too ? eat by Jug Be he door of Nepaoi. Bare arrived at LeobBc n aad reltevrd Me Kororwan |arrUue, wbUe on tbo utbar band it le rnmortil that Me Nana wrived there on Me let lnitact. Baa bean i"toojal?ed nom mender In abtef or mo rebel amy io Otide, aad waa oondonung Me ? lege In per ?on. I hare learned to pie be no rehaaoe on thaae baxwnv rumora. Pafore an oil er mall leave* tor Kaglaaii Mo Halo of Lackerw will br known The Maho? sirdar faatiral of Ked ended, an yori know, on the ia est, w iaou? any of tooae oaib aka of too solve poyolatioa af (toioutta, wtdeb we ax pooled aad bad prepared orritlr?e fur. Bad. ? u'dbev religions Ibativai, !> ? 11 barm?, bM ,oa, oomuMJCcetibb't will lent ten dayt. Tbe M hnrrnno la Me eni.ntl mnornltig of Urn dabomm* daaa Icr Ibelr Aral martyr*, Haaaetn and Outwm?It* two teaa of I ?time and All, Mo progenitor* of Ma whole race of vyadr, who were mardored oentntlm oga by a nnarp.rr Oa'lpb. During toeao <en da>a of mourntag Me Mahomineriaaa are worked op to a degree of reiigloon as oiletrtni bordering on flamy and fore Maboaainedan to per'-ib id nny druggie lor Ma.r faith drrlng theaelen fays, la to inter lar rwdlateiy into (trader, ta nadinary Uumv, Me Mohorrum tn QeJoMte seldom ends wlttioat a '.ighi be tween Me tart aentn o) iiMPtomnn* who ami eta On an braaton. At Me praaent time there In reman to lbar a vio lent outrrtak or npetoicg of the Ma bom mod an popoitUari or Meetly. Boor an aprbing, If ssonamfa:, would ben trtnmpb of Mo graataat Importance to Me rob*la, and therefore Me aaMortlMn have (abac energetic meanwrmi to prevent li. Several large boa am bare beau engaged for Me location of troops In Me Mrae dlvhioea af lie eny, and In Me mbarbe at AHpore, where Mara ar? ?b >ot ?au tbooaand priaoaera now aieOaad In the graal ja>., a?d at Bnresvt, batwaen Me bkogiy aad Me tendertmoda Tbiee More and CngllM aad volunteer troupe will ra d*? trtboted la fourteen different locatwas tn Mrae 1 toirte?? glaular maeauraa were deemed aeceaaary en Me MM o* June, when all tb> Hep> ye In aad aronnd ualmMa worn dtaa-med, and en Ma an of Aagnet, tbe feetorni day or find, which doebtleee prmarvod the oity from otaoJobeii Bat oar at prabaaaton of danger from Me baMMo* popa laoe la bow much greater Mm on abhor at teuae eor?< ?tana. Tbaie are royal Mabomaaedan rlatmere torn? crrated In fori Wiitlom?bio Maj*a y Wejld Alee Shah. Klrg of Oade. Ait Nocwr Kbaa, bin Prima BtatoMr, and BC'tral a amoera of hie oooii !t Is i upponeri Mni r plan baa Been formrd by the MMoaamedeae to roam* tbeae priaoaera; bat Me auMentim are aa tot a tut thr pwJinan, ono vl _ I r^it" In kh bean freqmaity round M'ktng MM ton bearing lit are tor MaKlm. Tbaae apian tartmu bang whenever dweorwod ebovld Mo MebomiUodaae nBonSm ^Tmne Mm or lortm upon tbe feropeam /TheMMdnrS ivai, It hi Uvea /prepare 4 tor Mem Vabm WtlbemW^I _ _ . StUL5? 555S tor lAowT'we"^ J,6#If cf Ruropnn hr<ton; a baavy bo ? y ^ 917*11180 A rt>) iHnr Urrrm <4* 2JJEMM and druJad. fbruer' gJtoSTerSjw aad flvaoowpealoacf Inlkntrr aad a brms lm * I dr. f rd from ih. g | t? nfc aad amer'eao ebip. lyiiTm Mo tfl fktfy, W% iff all eo me iMrt, fron l\t Uomrn^, ? ^ ^thw down lo lb# oo k of tbe fm ihfn from Boron wit*} JmwTJF+ZX ? '?fctltfOBa Bill WO r?0 fttI IBM, liMkd 0 Vfboltw km sampled.alug. .amber of Mg cSrli.?dl J Meetty w. aie aeowmMly bo denfay tiaiffiSS popatotion ef ^>e?tm la abont it too or itxa abont 6,600 are terepeane, 6,600 are Pkwwtana owiSelu fL<U>4 pr3f*D? ^Marooa-l ?-?'?itoTfaT aad 660 we amartoaao. TBla papauhoa to ?? Mroug. a large native *00cmuod. nnmbertM^Hl! of which I7B coo are limdoaa MOOOUn/w ?? Ao 'emaleder ? , HiSTrifi onr aalgbbera, are now oar anomton. Bat aelwi bataadlog I be on canal irienmtone wMefe here Qaaalag baa lakea an aanoaet or Me Mahiwromi ho Man ratopaaa lato bn nharoetarttuo teaitaninuira eUpaday in laayret to ettr matters of puMta tmpsrtaaaa h> Ma mtaatabmani or ovary body, awn of Mono oM reexlento oho bare become aeocnlumed m bM we of b abderMg end lamroriaMg prnioae on IM part of an Inat Indian afftotal 1. rd Oannlng ban >mn appoMlvd (on Mo 10b Mat) a Mahommi dan i> bo aaon> tant oaimnatoner tn Ma dtatrtot af Pecan, at n aakry of 1,600 rapoaeemoeM. Tno name at Uto ?aManmanan to Amaor a Hi reooetl/ a ptoniw at Ma Sadder Onwt of M# layeb, Keoar Stag. TVs Rajeb a dieeialint af Me one eat Ooeaereo IU)aM, rankled at Arrab; bet be to a>w at Mo band cd Ma Ova aj or a rebate, te whom bo Ma ?anted gO.OOO o' hm oai man, rqatppod wiM trm ar Mi owa maaafanenro. I<acb e< gniaod aim a modal w Ma ?reai e:ihib Una la lsmdoa,) aad wiM Man# armed metmima be ban proaMOmad blmaatf Mnharejnb of Mataann iMababad la a Ortiab eatrtol </ Ma B ngal rraaHaaay I lag on ? be haagaa, aorM of ffbbnr aad mat of Manama, aad wiibia a er<vt.. wlanoo ? f Cai-otoa I a a fbtoad and ally of bto ft*job too d?r eg Me H Mbh (wernaMaa. oboa I r 1 t easing baa j >ei eppotoM ? to an a Man ar trust aad en otaon n-1 Wbat bouor proof ana bo bm? of Mo total oaMtacaa of ? ar ' Ova aor Aanwal tor aia pre aaatpmtt If ladle is eavad la BMiaed, it alD ba aaond la epHa 11 my lord "tbo aao ef Mr Qaaalag " Too rooa*vod ay tbo lam mall eewe af the nmHay ah ntanpora la Ma dtotrtnef Pataa. The awadnet ef Oman nSm'sSISSVST U>* "wwbm, BabMaaa WMM rvgtMnaMar s m. t Moagb kaowa to ba to ?D wo?M ftro op iBotr m? or vol; rnd mwo tow mrm.i rrural was awaittag Met* dect*iia Meaa aatol^w moata mar. bad off. wiM iketr arma, -Til \ 'bvlr wilnw rwbeto. tlmwa/ UoydbeFtLT paaded (baoogba m bava baaa Mot), and bko 'laiiij Howiu Mo imbaotM at Moarwt. ba torn bTtotodbv mart new Dot Ba to tow^ yZ a d ? aad baa ban fffty Mrae yawe ia tat laato mrtlor, aad to a fblr Mas raOhm w Mat rotam nmam af aaatarity la MaJCsfltob army, whtah to oaamaa% ? rp lag Me woMrroooarblatroata.e Mo moat laoomaa teat am (br Jamm uatrom baa baaa awm*i m IJoc da command, lomporwilv. Tbo on I* monetae mm bar* .marred la Mto ProM^m. ey stem Ma test mail am tae Sao gave, at Baawaiaera. tm amttoa an tbo right baak of tbe tJaaMa. g^ZTfrmm Oatoatta, by nay af hMmpae - " uaVT aad tbe &M irregator aevalry. who ma a*ay befors Mmr eaaldbe warmed Tbo oca "ttoa ef eMlmmMoiw end a hero Cbmpom ramatae pally maM datum!! i'm 'm% 7'T r*n A Aa 8aa of P?wBBB I l^rwrnid, By ptrHwkw ^ m. movamra a of uvar ml BawtoeM, tWoaM Noll, ami ttonMto fool, aiM bto aavoJ brVodt, wbieb ootto^. 'or tkw m Mo 1PM, to tbo now amamor uk.iw sir f'atrt-b '-mat itwia ta ? - Sr.-i'CT?SSTiSatS: bora bo baa boas only ? cypher Mviorrol-Hi u ? ZSTbTCrd!^ h'm ,>M to ^ ^ 2T.~i rx Sarj;** ".'?fl'-fr.B- hmmmii mm ?ad l a m ^ g*1*1* 0 dtpfwaaoy, irtratit tiLSBSm?5SXSS? ' ?MaMMnaXS fU??r',nr, <??* Mo toltbralod ? ?? ????? ?i -in. ZZZt/X. -"vc ww rObolHoa, o? pi Ibr mho -?-?d aepoatnlly ?? mi in trtet t , ..r.)o,?c u tot- .im 'bo fellowirg rbttanry aoaeo woe pobOMrd la Mo na pomafow aaya ataca. I aewad M, tainkiag M amy fa. abb m lomo of yoar roaoora *ae am otoroatad fa Ma family. Ma f tot latouigtaoa af Moir aad Ibto (Iwodflbtid'VO ? Vtcu r-? wo - I til i ? Jnam oaHdn a of Mto Job a Lambert Jeaoa Matoni to of twnt p-oowsood a tt'tle to daaa fbn Mo> ?apply ef torn I wtato. aad 10 mm* Ba itamaailm Mr Ma kiwor pro* tneee Maaa a atbtaona, rtMoa A (Kb a moot oan "t 'ar "f Mia f ato tayt ? Mootar** ia all dmertpaoae ef 'mrwrto in ran dollar Man re toot roforttd Tie rroeirtam af QBwapcra aad ha tav peavea of ttvarre) ftetoNrt 4 ?o?r, win lattoadraaeatcwarmt l?r? ww, ceeeed a ?M<er frettag la tbe beeeer and ? few ined'td fialea of ptaoo g oda ware '-yi elnai l op waaby ?r ibamrr 'eat woob, bat aatM Mo Mb loamat an ?vttor rai i -oa rreeirtd fVem N"hki 'flnnt" h a Pv tan roaoar mor?b?Bio (or tan or 'wtiro day* wd hoatoom bee f?Ho? bee a*aia lain a wovtt e*e'? #f aonaatooa Mna pmvttwalr Tt -noy t 'ottrara toe tff-via of taa wtoav am ?n U>f toermatwo ifi -e ?r tbe mttmry if wa mrmtfar tMt a atoer at-teotirel tatbto vty two days tmrw frar> * wanMby tliacto ahraF a- Ubrarorr addraaaa>? tn bM