Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Ekim 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Ekim 1857 Page 3
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mbiuekerts imwm eieei mi. g AMD i ABIMODOM BQDARB, WIST HDH.-A SUIT of ?sad Poor trm> rooms lo let. wtth board; Utiraaw ?Mable for i?lie?p. Mefsreaoes required. SAJMMODOM SQDAU, WWW BIDB, MOBTH OF auk itNil-rtaMut ?nil ot runif fumlshedor unfur ?knd. to let, with hill or partial board. to genttomen nod Mrwifoa. Locationplsasent (Mm sad M<m nuaoa ?By. Mwnw.wto.rl A nil KJIT OF _ second Boor, with (wtt? private table tf worried oouple or two BLBBOEMB BTRBBT?BOABDIMO jtoord.^oritoiortall. DnesoepUooable nlemw I C AMITY mm, IIA1 "BROADWAY?WITH 9At. Lv hot sod oold ifeower bathe. Ac.?Several aleolyfaratahed ooom to lev to families end stogie 'gentlemen, with board. 19 I reasonable. Apply ne above. nmojl BQU ARB.?VBBY DMHRABLB BOOMS, tarnished, tor families. parties of gentleman nod single woen, with or without board, nt greatly rednood price*. B. 0 OOFFlJf. |Q FIFTH AYBiriTA-TMgB NBATLY PORMIBIIKD 1(7 moms, with Are and gas, wtU be let to a party of gentle ?mi tor the winter. Breakfast If required. Rotor on ass ex 19 I OHIO* PLACE-H AM DBOMBLY FUKNI8HBD PAl tera and bedrooms suitable for temllies or parties */ wsuaoaeo. atthor with or without board. AJso rows tor togte gcnuemes B. O OOFF1M. -Ml WB8T TWIWTY BIQHTH STRUCT, OOBIBR OF W Broadway.?Gentlemen and their wires and stogie reo dnjeu ean be aeeommoddml with desirable suite of furnished anew, wtth hoard, at modarate prices. aWHHT TWBMTY HBOOND BTRBBT. BBAR FIFTH area ne.?Two or three gentlemen oan be noeoenno^awd rWt board and rooms lo a bones newly furnished throughout, tad with modern Improvements. JO WATBBLBY PLAOB, KHAR THO MBW TORE fiO Hotel ? Fund* bed rooms to let, to single gemtooaeii; rseb last fnntlahed If dealred, gas, Croton water, ia, in eaoh JQ BBAOH BTRBBT, ST. JOHI'S PARE.?FURN789BD JO rooms to let. wtth or without board, to gentlemen and oh wires or single gentleman. Also, transient boarders ne ? uitoud The honse has a& the modem Improvements. iO WR8T BRTRMTBKirH BTREB* IRAK FIFTH X? even us.?Very desirable rooms, wl b Aral class board, latere docs exchanged. WR8T FIFTRRKTU BTRBBT, OBTWBBIf FI FT A and Sixth avenues.?Furnished rooms to let, with cr it beard, to persons only of high respectability. The Is Aral eh as and desirably loeated. >2 S3 HLERCKBR BTRBBT. BBAR BROADWAY,?TWO i? rge and handsomely famished front ioo-ni. one on IM ecowd door and urn otier on the hlrd Boor, suitable tor gen emsn and ttelr wires or paitMs of slag ? gentlemen. He antnt not anged. Terms r- asonable 'A HUMOR RR 8TRRRT, BRAR BROADWAY - )t Itosss to let, with board, for stogie gentlemen; the for enUaaaen and their Indies, wtth al the naidei o lmprorenscata ad ? mforu of a heme. Referenoee exchanged. i? MAODOUtJAL. BTRBBT, THIRD DOOR A BOTH MJ Bf nston.?One, two. or three geotiem m ean be ae ommodatrd wtth a suit of pvlore, with or without board. maul bath in the home. Terms moderate. *rj RAIT 8RVBBT1BITU BTRBBT. BRTWIEM DMIOB ) 4 nqnare and Irrlmg plans.?Bpaetona looms for families ad sage gentlemen, with board. House with entire new sett.- taraitnre. J'S BT. MARKS PLACE. BIQHTH BTRBBT.?A FRBBOH J & family w lah to let. with board, to a gentleman and wl'e r fa.nlly, a handsomely furniahed suit of rooms, oo the wmit ttew, together or separate. Honse Brat class; dinner t ? o'c>.ch it# Ol INTO* PLAOB. BIBHTH BTRBBT, HIT WISH 7vJ Ftfie and Sixth aveanes.?Desirable room?, ainslc or n so let seeoad Coor front, to let, with good board. Dinner at thL 9-Gd referrsees required, . f\rr OLIBTOB PLAOB, BBTWBBB FIFTH AMD SIXTH V I avenues.?A suite of rooms, aonstsUsg of one t rot ?rough. to be let. with board, toa tensity or single gentlemen. |tS?mes requited. iUl MACDOOOAL BTRBBT, MBAR 8LIS0KBR?WITH .aAJ gas hot end co d shower baths. An.?fiereral nicely mulshed rooms to 1st to families sad single gtmlleaten, with oard Terms reasonable. Apply as aborr .til* BLIZAB1TH BTRBBT, THIRD DOOR FROM LOU Brows* ?A gen lemsn sad his wife, and a few slu to gentlemen can be aenommodatsd with c-mrertable rooms nd board. The honse has all the Improvements. Location enwaL Refersness ear hanged. RIOHTH BTRBBT, BBTWBBB BROADWAY AID 1 Fourth avmt us. -Beseral pleesent roosns amy he had. ma hoard. Dinner at Ma. Refsisooe exnhanged. BOAMB BTRBBT, OPPOBITB THB PABE.-DOWM town furnished rooms to tot, wtth ad the modern tm ?is, to gentlemen, wUbeui board, from SI as to tt per 1431 AND ITS HDDUOB BTRBBT. MBAR BT. JOHM'B Park.?Omttomea and their wires oan bu koubbu atod with good b> ard and plaaaaat rooms; also a tew single wn tie men taken al imsossiile prtoea. 173 }nA THOMTBOH BTBBBT, Klil WA1HIRQTOR umrX. Nuif?KoJt or rooB* to let, to ? ?-oUr??ji ud fWe or oor-y of grotlvmg^ with fuller portiofboird; alaa. a U bedroom, roluu to 3* a aeuilamaa. tba how* oonialna M bo?wii impruTt mm la; lama Boderalo. wc TRWTH run -a raw boarders oak bb UZjiu aaaoBBodatad wttb good board, la a genteel fomUy rbare tba oomfarte of a tiaae aaa bo oojoTod. Tbe booae boa M oodtn Impi uimiata. aad la ooaraaJooUy attoated. Re te exahaaged. ICC FOURTH ATBHUB.?H ARDHOMBLTFURBISHED lOO an Ha of raoaa oo Oral aad aeoond floor to 'at will card. Fneate labia If reqnimd. Befornote giohaoged. ICQ FOURTH AVBKUB, BBTWBBM TWBBTIBTU tUU oad Trial) (bat etreelA - Furniabed or oafornlabad mom fr a (oat)?aaa ui wtfa or tingle gaailaaiau. with amal boom. Faatlly atrmlly prtror TEKTH STEHBT -TWO BMALL PARLORS WITH badrooBa ottaahed, aultablo flar genii em* Alas rooaaa for Arte r*nueaen. with all I 264 MM) FOURTH BTBBBT ?BBATLT ] fW rouae laltoblo for alngle gen lie mac. I trot olaaa. newly fluad ap oad bar all tba FUBRI10RP Tbo bpnoo Dtaoor hi 6 [15 FOURTH gTBBBT.?FURRIMHBD BOOgB TO lei. with board, to a eonUoBao oad wtfa, or rrnita ? O BBOOBB BTBBBT -FUERIBQED BOOBH, WITH :&?/ not board UagUOBOB reoulrtag clean an 1 neatly ?ratabad rooirur, wtil Hod a .avat eooeanleolMM aMNMMN i bp at f t ir.f aa obore. 161 BBOOBB BTBBBT, ORB BLOCK WBB7 OF Broadway.?Tbe Blot doalroblo oad oenlraJ location ad jr. baloc la tbo louocdiaui eiatnity of all tba flrsi BMoia Perman. m oad traaaioat boordara mnaao BBOAOWAT, OORRBR OF BIRTH BTBBBT? " i of rooaa on Aral oad aaooad toon. elegantly > nag to i iiib Table d'bota, aalataa a la Froa i labia If roqalrod. Dtaaar ol *U o'atonb. FLBABART FBORT BOOM TO BB LBT. FURNISH ad. to aaa or two tingle geallOBan. wlib or wltboot rd. at M? Bpnag eternal a OR ALL PBIVATB FAMTLT OOtM'FTIRO A FIBBT ?Pt, oltB boaoe la Rlath aireei, a few doon wool of Bread ray wIP lot park* tod bedroom. on erooad floor, to not or WO f?eiie?en of tbo Ural neper ability willtng to pay for eparV* wnmmodetiaaa Apply at HI Riatb atrooL FBTTATB TAMILT HAVB A FBW RIOBLT TUB HMbad ronoB to laL witbooi board. The booaa la flm tad tbo moat dellgbtimly attorned of oar la Brooklyn, at ?? do. amble atonal Brooblra Udgbw farm bo 4 a trrr o? hardbomblt fubruhbd boomr ir \ a artroM fbauy. eon bo bod ay apply tag at ? Boaob rata Aay oao I rod of booeia will Bad a plaaaaat bosa A UBRTLBMAN ABU WIFB, OR TWO OBRTLBRBR. \ aaa be aeerBBOdatrd wlib a plaoeaat room oa Bnond Mr. oat board, la a booaa remaining all tba mndera Improro mow. to a aramoi netgObertond. Apply at i70 Boat Alght rRIVATB FAMILY, L1TIRO IR THB CFFBR PART of tba idly, barlog ooo ar twro tooob an tbo aoaood ilwr eon Id oaoaBBOdoto b ganilanuM oad ha wife or two B wlib board; to genteel partloa a ernnfortabl* boB# ibdr ied. booaa aontolaa all Bodorn Inrrn r mental terma bia. aoareaieaUy looaiod tor nereaed atogoo. AddroM MaraM oMae tor two data DBBIRABLB BBOORP BTfWT FBORT BOOM TO lot. wttb beard, or moderate tonaa at tBT day ?r?M. li/a Ilaa modern impnjr.tnanta. Location anorratoat IUIT OF HABDSOMB BOOMR TO RBRT-BBFaBATB ar towelber fwliM In tbo boat Boooer, la a irat ataoa an. "'a erery anorenionaa and fooo attondaere Frtrata i if da aired Refereree of flrot raapoatablUly reqnlred n IB Citable pltoa __________ BB TOU OH ARC IR" TOUB BOABIHRO PLAOB ' ? , Tea will bear, free of *vr of beet pImmiintbte i ar Rrrtofciyn by opplrtog at ob ofllne enreer id BMrbtoentb BfBlRnmdwqy FBIVATB FABILT WOULH DIBPOHB OF TWO OB tbroa aleoaaat rooBv Wbb board The boaaelaploa _ . - |M fin, b Ml. Mm lijntrt at 11B Tw?hiy bat wars toib oad Ravaatb areotiaa. Ban*r > repiiraa. FURRIBBBP BOOB WABTBO. ?FRBTBRfHtlB i abetn private anppera aaa ba eerr*d. AddreB Rroadwmy Poat nfll m. WIDOW LADT HA TIRO A LABOR HOUR! WTTniR Bra mlantaa' wait nf Hnatb and Wall airaei ferrlea, "? totobeatow flrot rtoto hoordnrt Tema tacdarata. L?' W ?"'eet, Bronki/a ifRIOTLT FBITATB PAttRlAR FbMILT WOULD ? Mka ta lal nlae fnrataberi rooB* tn flayle aanUeoien. <ntb r wltbotl board. Freodb Iwanaa larflmled Heal Htf refe re" rtobanred. Acplyal Ml Ibalb araaoe. between Reraa ?th aad R.gbieaatb atreota ________ FABTMBRTR FOB Hit UBWTt.RMBR-LAROB. Kaaaat and attraeUTe etaaao. toa hoU. Ac , wall anp M, aailly prlrata ererr orarealeaoe and oTtaforf, far a geatlemaa oad hia Wife, a ep ee t wi parlor aad bed TeraB BajyaBB Apply at earn mmar Twaatyoa 1 rtreei oael l AiInrton aranaa. yr(R< II TBAQMBB, HATIRa BOB! ROOM THAR ba rog .im.nltora thoa wttb booed to a tow goauemer a log to emra ibo Fraarb loog..,, ?, leewme and eroetlar iwoa laeioetodl. torma M* Tentb etreet, gear ttewmd ar. ?bjvatr tarilt. orqurriRfi a hoitrr rb p?ete wlib the modern imitVyrremenia. would lot amwe ?an r 'nmiebed. wilh fur aervant tf re He'rrerror riebaap*; Apply at liRereath gvanna . Ter.Ni oad Thlriewaib ttreeto. ^ WK' iL PRITATB FAdlT.T WOI LD LIKE TO LBT a mrn and ?rdr?ey to ewe or two gen >m*n, icgetner marate'f ?r*'h ? ar hoar ' I re 'red loeiitm rerv pie* , thr? mfr- ? " **lb fiawa Feet illr tei U'rlaioT atrane aa itu at n Bo tb fit a atrwL MiLfanaburf. M jpabubw Mi ii 1111?? ii1111mi 11mi i ii i ? i mi iiniiii 111 ? a flrat alaas honae they would let, with partial *>ajd, to ?tad* amtkmm who ?ul a homo. Addmaa T? Marti? ?qaaia Poet oNea. for one week. k A SUIT or ROCKS, WITH BOARD, ATM BAST SIX 'A. teeaih street, tear Union paik. Families wiahlna a eomfDrtable and permanent home will Rail 'hie a fa ramble opportuml.y a leo a room an the loorth floor far gentlemen Raftrenoee requited. ______ AGSNTLIKAN AMD BIS WOT, OR TWO OR THESE ?ingle genii?en oaa be aeoommodated with hoard, at 183 Hudson street, front of St. John's park. Oaa and bain in tha honae. ABO. 1 BOARDIKO PLACES. AT LOW BATES. CAM be obtained by applying al the Hoarders' Exohaage, and iatarmatton given gratuitously. AU wlaktng cenleal boarder* ehoold Make immediate appl'oaUon to SMITH A BOYD, Appleton'a building, 846 Broadway. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO Llf-ON TH1 A second ttonafeuitable tor a gentleman and lady or a par ty of atrgle gentlemen, with or without board. In a private family, where the ooeaforta of a home can be had, at 138 Fourth alreet, oppoelto Waehlngton square. A PABTMKST8 TO LBT-AT KO. 9 SULLIVAN STREET, fi. near Canal. Two alnsla gnat? may be aesommo dated, a lib or without board. Board.?a frivatb family would lbt, with board, to a gentleman and hia wife a back parlor and ex inaatnr room, or n book r-em and pantrlo*, on eeoond floor, aafonilshad; alao a furallied room on third Door, aultable for a genii?an and hie wife or two alugle gentlemen, the house baa all the modem lmprovemenis Apply at II. St. 01 o ment'a place, Maodougal atreet, between Bleecker and Hous ion i Board-a furnished room to lrtto a ladt and gentleman. board for the lady, in a ?all family. Orod location. Addreae Mra. M., Union aquare Poat offloe, BO AID.-A LADT B AVISO OPENED A FIRST nLA88 hot-at In tha vtolnltr of Dr Tyng'a church would let a rocr* or tail of rooms to families or >enUemen, WHY boa?d. Dinner at all o'clock Rstarencts exchanged. Apply at H9 McoadMWM. * BOl RD.-TO LIT. WITH BOARD, TWO ROOM8 auttable far a g?ntlrman and artfe or two single gentle men. Partie* wishing the same will pleaee apply Immedl aloly at 18 West Twenty ninth atreet References exchanged, Board.?art highly respect*blr p*rtibb dertrlng board and superior aecomtnodallona will find an available opportunity In a family occupying their own real denoe in the light* ward. An tmmedta.e Interview ? y be had by applying to Capt P., U7 Booth atreet BO, RD?AM UNFUR WISHED PROMT ROOM AND eloeet, on >he second floor, to let, with board, to a gap tie man and hie wire; eleo a back room and oPnel on the aroond fleer. Priae 97 and 98. apply at 34 Fifth slraet, between Bowery and Second avenue. Board -out gentleman add wifm cam bb ao comaaodaied with two deatrable front rooau with board. In a flrat claan honae. (n an unexceptionable locality?having ell the modern tmorovrmeata. gaa. bath, Ac.?where the con f< r a of a home can I-* eoj jy vd. Terms moderate. Apply Im medla ely at Wo 74 Weat Twenty Itlrd atreet, or Mo. II Seek man atreet (publishing house.) BOABD.?TO LBT, IN A P1IYATR BO 1*8* WITH FULL or partial board, tw > large comfjr'-ablo rows a, with pan trlee mac bed, on the second floor, bath and gaa. Apply at 123 Waver ey place. Board.-a beabiifol back parlor, with two bedrooms, will be vacant next Sntnr'ay. Two fine front parlors are racist nan be let nheao. with board; gas. bath, Ac ; dian?v atflo circa location 648 Broadway. Aooom m.>:ation for a alugle genUemnv. . Board -a touio obmtlrm vh wisher a home, wi Ii a family baring bo boaidera, where he can have a furnished room, breakfast and ten a family wiabing to di vide their ervna'-s, with little or no extra ouUsy, will And thia a fine opportunity. Address Henry, box 110 Herald office. Board for a oiwtlbmam amd his wifb-at no. Jul Went H>netc? nth atreet rwo unfurslahed rooms to he had cheap Will fur^isn 4f anlafao ory to both pardea Water and gaa through the whom house. Board, with wmi.l furnished room -rbochd floor (p let, to g. ntl?aa and lady, with bmrd far lady only. The fnmJy very ?m II, and alrtetly private. Looatioa pleaaant. and eonvenl ct to oars and itagee, below Twenty third atreet. Una and bath. Addreea O. *, Madiaon square Poet' Bice. Board in a frivatb family.-onb or two yoang men oan be aeccoimodated wl h partial board. In a prtva*.* fnmly?busk'nat, andfalcaer atatx, and threemeala oo I tuday, pleasant Ircaliori, and convenient to ? and ?tagea. Apply at 104 West Tenia atreet, between Fourth and Blerck? OARD DOWN TOWN.-QCOD AOOOMMODaTlONS for the winter, ruber permanent or transient, fur fa Ml lire or ataxic gentlemen, at Mo. 8 Broadway, opp.nlto the Bowling Green. Various stage routes connect here, for al parts ot the elty and au1- orbs, wt'houl lutermtistne OARD IN BROOELYN.-A LADT RATING A LARGS hands?e honae within Ave minutes' walk of Fulton ferry, la desirous ef letting a few of the rooms, furnished or ar furaUbed, with board, Qentl?an doing business In the atty will And Ik Is n meat convenient loentlon tor tse wtaier. farm reasonable, and every attention paid to eoaaforv Far partieniam Inquire at flfl Ada? street. Brooklyn. Board in brooeltn.-a fritatr familt oan eea?miaU a gmtleman and wtfe. or two or thre* single gentlewivn, with board and pleaaant rooms gaa. bath, he. ias deatrable looaiiou al 94 Lafarmt* avenue, earner of Bamdsn street, eonventenl to Falun ?venae nam Board in brooeltn -a gbntlmman and wifs or two or three tingle gnall?en eaa And good board aad pleaaant ro?a with home e?foaia, at 81 Na?n atreet Board in bbookltn-two or thbrb gbntln net oan baacoommodeled wlih Urge aad wall ft?Med rorma. with ample nioeets and badron? a'lashrd Inquire at 83 Clinton a?at, midway between tha Wall air?ana Booth ferries. B B BO J no IK HROORL1N.-AT tb CLsRK STRBBT. nnt to the rhnrcb, first quality rooms tor fimlUH or single pMMI Onntiut to r BOARD in BROOKLYN.-PLBAflANT BOOHS ON SB eoad sad l*Ird floor*. satiable far |nU(M end thstr wires or (ingle geaUemsa r one* beams throughout, la e*ary_Ml Apply al Rd Washington SMS, near follow tw* Wall street ferries. BU OABD ON BROOKLYN HBIOHTB. NBAB WALL I atraat ferry.?Two or three gentlemen, with lAeir wives, can be aaennunodated with board *sd pleaaanv roesse. Is a (stall pries e family. Ins moderate. Apply it ?1 Wblow street BHOARD WANTBD -A 8INQLB QKNTLRMAN WANTS a ooatorable room with board, east at Brow) way. below Fourteenth street Nil bat those who can furnish rood as enawodaOoaa at rrtora to (nH the times, need apply. Ad ? ""loHoa. . slat tag terms. Ac . A. 0.. Cstoa sqaare Foal < Boabo wabted-bt a orntlbman, in a private fanally or pleasant boarding honan, reqolrtag a atee room, wl h fire, where the enmforta or a home nan be realized, fall board, proetdtd dtalag at 9 or (> o'olojk, rteiatty of MMropoli M Hotel preferred Addreee Hoard, b 11 1.S1S Post offlee Board wantrd?for a orntlrhan. wifr and child. la a family ap tows, wbere so other bosrdera are takes. Address UN, Herald nOee. B OARD WANTRD-BT A BINQLR OBNTLKNaN, dotog bnMs em dosrn Iowa, la s small prions '.untie. Board wantrd-bt a tocnu ladt; mi bt nn la a pr.rate family. with so other boarders, s roots, with breakfast and tea rroui ?d. Refereaoa given. Address Come. (Of MO HersM "Sloe. B OARD WANTRD IN HOBOKIN. ?TWO ORNTLNBRN wtrn s respeetsblt foratehed room, w>th parlal board, i ' " iwhad. and oosresteat to the err y. breakfast osly re mired sou din n?r on eendny 'terms mill be moderate A Irem 1. X , He nrr on vendor terms meat be moderate A trew l. x , tie rsM office. Reference glrea If rat sired. I aimed isle an: rr Is desired BOARDINW.-A UBNYLSMAN AND HIS WIFR, OR single gentlemen. may obtala a eolt of epartaseete or stag e rooms, wuh fall or par lal board, either am the sinned or ii.rd Boor: gas through nit the botiee. bath room. Ac Apply St *1 Fourth sree?e. near Twenty firm street. Boardino,?to let. wtth board, tub br-ond florr ermtsung of three rocns. fanIshed to s rentleroao sad lady hoeae first (less is Fo irmewth street, oorapled by s private family. Address UT. Hers hi agios Bhoardtfo.-bt TUB onbxpbotrd dbpatobb for ?nrope of the late 'wenpaats. very handsome front rooms on them eon d door, wth large sinews sttsehed, ess se or uinert, with board, by applying si ITd Warn Ponrtaeotn at. KOARDlNtl.-A rtW ORRTLRMIN I AN R8 AOCON modsted wfm moms si No ( ?t. Nark's plane with up without board. If preferred. the bash parlor, with the rites sine for s bedroom ess be had BOlRDIMQ.-A FROST PARLOR and nrdroom on lit# first, second asd third Boors, to let. with bosrd for the winter at 71 Imag plans betwnaa Big' taaaUt sad Ntee>sath where there are no other boarders a furuUh-l room an ! partial tosrd; location loo re Osasl street (food reference glrea. Please audreea O B . Herald offlee snoot Board wantrd-nnar broadwat, bet wren 1 rtleeeher aid Twenty bird Mr e , wl h a private 'tml[y, where there are so oher boarders for a gtsllsmsn, wife, two ebllrtrea aad servant; u-rm* mydertta. Addrem. with name sad location, poi IBP Post office. BO I RDI NCI. ?Tl! RIB TO0NO HBN CAN RR AOOON modaled with hoard at 111 Ussier street, sear the Bowery. Bhoardifb.-a wbntleman and two single genUsmen ran be soromssu Is a private fsmtly at lot Nam Twenty fth i IOARDIF0 - A WSNTLEM AN AND HIS WIFB AND ^?Msfimmodaind with board i street, frost r mm UOARDIN0 IN <'LINTON PLAOR.-ONR OR TWO JD steely furnished rooms for gentlemen snd Weir wives or tor single gentlemen Apply si 97 Ottnton ptam. Broorltn nRDirwm ? rrnrbn it r bet two large and handsomely furnished rooms, oa sewml door, also a mom sad bedroom oo third story, ess be procured as above a good labia and Bret ernes sasommodathms insured. Dinner at fC Rstorearas mehaagsd. CHILDREN ?A WIDOW LADT, < AMERICAN.) WHO has so small mHdtes of her own. will board ma or two small eh I Id res. and will sew tor them, sad give them a sat thnr's ears No ohjsnlloa to an Infant Apply for oas week at M farroll at . three mlantss' walk from Hamilton ferry. Brooklyn rjHRWANTl.Y FDRRINHND AND LARS! r ABLORN TO Pj WsWtth bedrooms snd rjnnets nttsehed. (M *sd bath is the home, with fnll or partial board, on the first, seoosd. third sad fourth (Ivors, to tantiemes preferred, or grata*! families, without children Two whols floors to let to gsaUsmen stab bing or fsml lea A large bsek parlor sad room stmohsd, sad two Urge siMamoo mnau. suitable for pmfmmloaal gentle nen wishing the rery beet accommodations OnU at No. Id Itor.d street N. T.. for one weeh, sad etsmlne rooms and get tad Rleecktr. H7RB1SH1D ROOM" TO LBT-AT *n BROADWAT. I bet esse Twelfth sad Thirteenth streets, with breehfmi ,d tea. Refereeees aiebaaged Fmm RsmtiKD. rlroaktly-kb bnoovd btort, Haoaglstleg of parlor snd two rsHiodto is bedrooms, with rsntriaa sttanhed also two stsgle rooms to let. M stag)* gen Hemes Those who desire I unrloua seeove- odaitons will do wei> to ?a" ? ?' Bleerhsr sires'. I sih. gas Ac. IIDRNISHtD OR ONFURNIRNRD RODBN. IN SUITS I or separata to let to gentlemen, without board, at tod mrtb street, near the Bowery Furnished r terns, with breakfhst If moulted, si 141 Kinth street, third door seat of ft roe t way. ?pi'RNIXHFD ROttSS. <'N PTCfNIIDR TH1RI1FI.OOR t, V with o? srithvrt brs-d Trrm? rssr* ot'>, locutmverv r'esrsr1 eerret fi tii. mrs r'sgas it App.y a: AAUrrist'* street, i ea/ bourns. ?0AK1?K1V?I AJ**? UfDOUfO. WUKNI8HBD mOOMH TO LET?HUTT ? BLI f Oft I r (PillMtfi; MM an low m 91 60 per week. Alan, om large rata, inhabit for a gvnlLaasn and his wife. Inq uire at nmuVH AMD THftTR WITH OK ft r*W HI ROM U gentlemen ou be tcoommodaled with nio*wu tomh end board, wbare few boarder* are taken, at TO Varlek street, ?ear Oaoal street Oara paaa tbe door every Are minute*. Hard a qbrtlbmak aad wife, la a privs'e family location betweea tbe Bow err and Beaex and ftmoaae and Eighth atraata Address, * attog tenia, which moat be moderate, J. 0. H , Metropolitan Poet oReeTBble Boaae. LODQIRM WANTED-BY ft ?ENTLBMAN, BNTWftnN Bouaton and Twelfth atrea'a and Howere and lb* east rtrrr, or near these bonnda. a/draaa Lodger, Herald otBoa. PRTVATB B0ABD IN BftOOKLTN?TWO GENTLEMEN wko would room together, oan be aeeommodated with board and a pleeaant fturalaacd roooa by applying at Ho 77 ttummlt aircei, MrookJj n, or to T MABOM, 96 Ohamoarn atreet, Bew York. Location deotreble and near ferry. PRI7ATB BOAKDINO.?A OBKTLBMAK AWD WIFW or two or three alogle paraooa aao hare board, with plea Rtut rooter, fsrelabed or anfnn)ls,'ed, In a private family, re siding at 109 Beat Twenty seventh street between Lexington ud rklrd arennen. The bonce baa all the modern improve ment* Bnfnreneea exchanged. ? Rooms bliuantly furnished to lit-with partial board, If deaired, at 145 Eighth atreet, oppoakte CPnlon Hall Room.?ft bkspbctable touno i.ady oak bb accommodated <o room wltb another, ooavealence to find themselves, In a private family where there are no other boarders. Call at 111 Wooater atraet, In the fancy store. Re ference given. SMITBBOKIAM HOUSE, BROADWAY.-* ALL AMD winter priors ndueed to compete with other hotel*.to elndlaggncd boarding Vuaes. Tranalent rate* to 9160per day. fht* hotel baa till the appointments of the highest prieed eaiablhhmfn'ta; itenm heat throughout. rro CHILI KEN WILL H* TAKBM TO BOABD. IK ?mire at 110 West Twentieth atreet, near 7th avenue, ft* two day*. Qo id c ire wl 1 be taken of them. mo LET?KOOII8, IUBNI8HBD OB UN*UKNX8HBD, ft with or without board, te the fawUy of a widow lady; bot tew board en taken. Term* moderate. Bar aad bath Jon ventent te Broadwxy atagee aad With avenue ear*. Apply at Mo. HOW eat Thirty-third atreet r LIT?ft FURNISHED PARLOR ON THR FIRST floor, to one or two tingle gentlemen; honee oodtalus all the modern improvement* r urease ion can be had lmme diaiely by applying on the premises, U0 Weft Thirty seventh itreet, first borne from Broadway. mo LIT-FURNISHED AMD UNFORKTSHBD, HAND ft acme iutw of rooms with bath, gaa, Ai. These room* are well adapted for a small family, or one or more single gentlemen. Full or partial marl If required. Apply at SU Fourth aveaoe, near 2#ih street. TO LET?TO ONB OR TWO BINGLB GRNTLRMIN, ft furnlabcil parlor aad bedroom with doable bed, in the prtva e booae. 166 Spring street. TO LIT FURNI8HED?A FRONT OB BACK PiKUIH oa flr t floor, a'ao rooms on second and third doors, with or wit I out b-ard; use of kitchen, If required. Apply at 78 F? irta street. WANTED?BY A SINGLE GEKTLBM AN, TWO rooms, olutor and bedro-?m). in a private family, with breakfast and tea. Location must be west of Broadway, and not above Fourteenth street. Rooms L> be well furnished and price moderate. Address N., Herald ollice. Wanted- by a oebtlkman and wire and two gentirmeu, two rtoms and board in a private fatally, or where there are few boarders fteferunces ekehasgad Ad Orel's, with foil particular*, 11. C , station A, 8pt teg street WABTED?TWO OB THREE UNFURNISHED BOOMS, whA board fur a t watlemau. wife, ti.iao'. and s-rvanv. in the upper part of tha en/. Address box 3,789 PoatoQloe, stating I I/OAJN imitoiim. At mmmitTf Al..?A PARTS WITH ORUWixaD ?1. mean* will make loana for *bort period! on (took. of S*Jto ISpWe.dJii.ond.. watch*. ^,Jt^Mbo^St\aa?ol<i for Mb. Rot... bmda. neorv An* aocond ioor, room. Roe S wi i)j. ?rHOMPPOR A (X> brokere tod eaUdw i K-J. B. WILMS A OO.- ?? 81 KtmiifM, room1B0 7. prepared lo lo?n any amount of a*qn*y opbtMnonj. wattbrs ewelry, alUamod merokaabee of erery deecwrttoe, or buy tke a bore gcod* for Ma. Bu.lnaa* cjnftdcntiit ?d nnn to loai? for six *o?m reiwn j?SSP*^^ W?- tf' $157,000 Ktetf?-ssrassft Enrardn.*. MORHT TO ART AMOORT. OR ?ATMFACTORT tarn, hdrsanad on all kind, of mcrakMdi* hornm. watcbee diamond* .uneytnf ami naatlcnl tnotmmeew, aad all kind, of goode, W kougnt Onl ,elRi6tiASU WaIItrBB A OO.. 9 Oatkartn. MA WORRT LOARBD?OR WATCHRR, JiWRHRT, D1A M mot da, and all kind, of merekandlee, or bougkl forwi pTnie. eaa be dealt with atrleUy eoakdeoilal, and nod bp eee? J. dAOOBS. dQT Broad any. MOKRT TO I/OAR?OR PRRBOBAI. PROrBRTT. TaWR broker'* debate aad ??rokandlae boofki ?**? fold Ro. *&j t'aaai wrnat, op atatr*. four door* enai of groan *? bf ORBT TO LOAB?OR WkTOHRB. n IA MOW DR. /RW & dn.Aa OP*n from ? A ^ oo.. Ro 5 Iryon rew Bolldlan. room Ro. UX (Formerly 19 Broad nay.) ' HORkKS AID CARRIAGES. A OOOD HRAVT FAMILY HO RAJ WjUfTRP-FLRAM A addrem W B . boi VBI Post offloe, ethUng prloe, ?re. Ae _? TtOAiniRQ FOR HOUR 1? ?A Few HORABS WILL B be arconmodated MB good *arm "abMngfor end fared fcr by an ripertenred and competent pernon, on r? uoeab e lernr* by aprucailon to R. Kewioe Ulen Oor*. L. rTTj J Rorri. /w?I.h went, eoraar D.l'ndty plana. ?nt oil a PORTS HORAI8, AUXTABLB FOR AU Sap k I.^*ttketa?er boeker lr* Ooaapaay'a Stab la*, VI and TIB WW ThlrW*lk etraet aenr Tenth tmm nana HALR? HORSR. HARRBRB ADD WAOOR, OR ^ will eieltange f?r merokandbw. Apply ai 118 Itoutk BUtk treat B Wlamabnrg. rRRAI.E? AR RIiROART FAIR 01 HORnM, !?>? *i<ud. blah aaren aad rtfbt rear, old, klnl I* double and atsgia karnem, aad eaa go la 3 10 wkaa Ui ooadi Uon. Apply at 82 South atreet. >R BAI.B?A ROCIAWAT OlM^WBIOR 11 trnif ofri^ni. sfirlT MW, fit Tor oo? or iwo *? ?* will be *jld rkeap I bo aire ?t SBS or tiM Keren tk nrenne. F? rim S a LB? A YKRT FIRB. ATTITHI ('All OF BAT boreal well mewned. yonag. aonn.1 end r?* ale dri-era. aod in ererr ripper 'neieepttMabV a ti?f.t ifartnry gaarantee will b* ft*en. apply at M Unteamity place I Ml, ??T e THa PROPBBTT of a ukrtlbmar-a Friday torntn. early. Wld at 1 ooloc* ?om~HAi/B-A BR1?HT bat borb*. : tbabs ota F ll htno. hua. bi*ek tana atd t.t . r*ry >?k W, and o' 8b* atyle ?-d aetlni. perfrtiy ? rtlenlar faa.i of fwl m#Mtf TkToa^i Third ?nd areaoe* FiR BAl'B? A SIRS HANDSORR rtl tare. II k.nda hkrk. an yean old wyrttfcd aoitnd H au/i (. .tl hantMB ?nd rtfl UfH ft QiU? to f *>. Alio ft | IWSftftprlnK wftdoo wtlfc I!ft*w?^ Slf roben, all eompleta Oall or two daJ* at moat table. f.T Oroahy WW R.T. Ike abor. "Win dlapoM'i of, *? Abe owner la rota. So.lA HAIJ t'HIAP-l riRl BAT old annnd aad rrrypalJa. Ma ^1?, ^JT'nMiar treat. FU TB HARIWOR1 PORT Bgy TOCRR ROML f.r air at a n W bargain- Thl* day. t en grey., wan mat*hen. Ik head* fi^bWhWda^ ea^MT'V r h >r*ea. I year* old oarh. Apply at IS Batarla WW, onai yard, noar J?weo * treat Gkrti/Brir ir om or covrtry ha*a heir heraea clipped IfW klgk or ?B >rar. eaa ?a*e iRetn done *o. by applying to J. FKB. ItH Owrlton treat HmORFRKBRriRO. RS FIR RORTH.-R flW jjOMg will ba when on a lari. fofW'* Ij7?f ' *1 wlater; good feed, good barn, aad flFy refereeee. Addreaa B II. pernld "Bee. ? HHOUU WART1D TO KBBP-RT A OABKFHU 1* rertanead ?na*. a abort ?Wtanw In .?> fwW;.nThr M?f me nabl ng it . warraatad Addreaa Benry Haw lay boy 1?1 Herald odloa TO DOCTOR* ?BOSTOR OIO FO* ? AL.B OHCaP IS goo.1 rnrnl*. order RoM for'J' ??* ftt Dnnvu'i nftniftff ftirtorf, t?7 ?ir^ or b? ft? pljtav b> y*r BAeSV. Ill T\f)k tfot WU AOO* FOR RALR f'HDAr-A OOOD OROOTRT OR etnnt. wagon. >a cwtwi ra?alr. Inqnlr. a. Ml and I i Waekwgton * treat Frfre 90 W^^HARTBD-A PAIR OF OOOD HOR*t| 1R 1* eeango for gojd aaWnhl. war.banWae, Addmat F. B. R.. boi 11" Heralil afirn. w'S.vk"s um, s^w.r.3 .TyrS/fa dreaslng boi Kf? Pa* "a< ** ~~OOFARTVRR>mr WTKWR ATTrrT-PA ITKII WARTRD.?A *9f*'TIBU St.'d(10 ?> wi'b th. in" vat and willing to traral wuk ?^*d?*rt!*e^ will kat. ae oppor-Wlty ? make from *0 to ?U^i iuwi 'w ra?Ur liar* innutr. for adr?u*ar, IM Hroni ftftf* f ^ A*-m m.WAinrin. a toctitti mab bitb thtp $1,000. a won it In wcmp.i?Wk.p. ?eateon good renl awn e !eear1iy. w^er '**7 '"?f "by nnn be bed, wttk good eaktry. leqnlre of BIttM A SOUTH. WlCl. M Raaean W. ad g%f\g-\ ffk?TVn A r4^T'IR. WfTH fH(I $8000. awono'.w' oln tee ^reHbwtr tn one n} W. TfiOftt pr ?rttftbl? irftftnfftctnflnf Ar+m Ligix, b"l 1^1 Hft^ftld ^ PtlTT IRI'K K f>TH Kb. p'** oyriri ?oti<'f T"R f*1,!* **'3 nAiirsj I *1*. per I'lMiltiti ? wetmeh p 11 IWnla. PI ? nktteattkir oPmi r ti re..? Ike II day ef ow <er. a U'-iwr ? w** 1 lbAAp f ?0#A*4, < hlJWWtr. a/i rn on* bklow oort. *tv Ami reditiioi fia CLOAKS, MAATILLAB AMD fUIt Tha subnnrtber fc srepnrefl to Gloss oak Us Pali ud wtmtcr stosfc of Ooehs, bhiUIh tad furs, it retail. for cum, at <0 per sent Miw eoat prises AM. & MACKRAZIR. ?4 sad MO Panel street, Brandrsth BaUdfag 471 BROADWAY. RawUl offer thin morning Of rtok batads rk bilks. At forty par eenl keea Then tfee boat BB8DSLL, PRIKSOA, LAkVa'oo!*' a 71 Broadway. 7(1 Our whole importation Of ALL WOOL 8AXORT PLAIDS WUi be offered Tkisi At Thrts shtlttnge Per yard. fbbdrll, maaow, LABB A OO. A 71 BROADWAY. Til Ws will offer tein morulas. la addrlon to Our tmmease flock. KOptaaaa Of Pane rutin stripe pop: In,

At Per vara. A. H.- These goods hare not Been offered tAia aaaaoa lor ism than 91 10 per T*udB8r,1LU P1D>aolt< A pp. ^BROADWAY. ko POPI.ll* ROBA8 A qUILL* will be offered tAia mowing at POOR DOLLARS per dress. A. B.?These are new good a, and bare not been offered lor lean ihan Ten Dollars. PB8DBLL. PB1RBOI*. LA KB A OO. A 7C BROADWtT. Tit) Oon tin nation aale or eheap cloaka. At S3, 99 and <8 each. There will be added on Monday October 19, over 3.000 to Um balance left from oar iaat week's sales of ffncuau amd ranacu Sbavbm Cpoasa Tbeae goods have been oonalgned to tiA and ooak from 18 to 918 each, to Import, and are arranged on Use centra bibles of our Immense establishment, separate from oar regular slock. O&ARLBU hTRKKT A OO , 479 Brondwy. A 7 C BROADWAY TlO CLOAKS 1 CLOAKS I Wenre dnlly eihlblttng tne iartexi nnd richest enwrtmeat of elegant velvet and beaver cloaks which oan be fbund In Ike city. Our orders having been given In Parts for novelties by every steamer, we r twelve and sell them sot withstanding the panic, but at prices 40 per cent lower than they ether viae would be offered at. OHARLHB STS1BT A Ha. 479 Broadway. A 7,fZ BROADWAY. *? I O PIWR PTTR8. Our Immense stock of tine Con Imported aed mum factored by ourselves, will from thin date be otrered at coat. Kvery article of for In our store la genuine, nnd guaranteed ma repre sented. a full Una of oeiltlren's ' tint OHARLBB KTRKKT A OO., 479 Broadway. 1.000 * Kvira wide Prench merlnoea. floral goods Imported, Only One dollar l ev yard CB8DRLL. PBlBffOA, LAKt A 4X1., 471 Broad ray. AT RICH ROAD'S, 687 ABOADWAT. Opposite Metropolitan Hotel, We have marked riswn the whole of our rich and valuable ?lock 10 per cent below east. CLKARIAR.OUT BALK TO RKTIRB PROM BDSIMMB8 ?orenl'nawitice'fistenrpe-n*. oilcloth, Ac.?J BTATP, 110 Bowery. lActfrrtng hit entire stock at an Immense fieri hoc. onus la (Ingot tapestry, velvet and Brnasels rirpew, three ply and superfine Ingram:else stair carpeting, floor oilcloths from 3 to 14 feet.w ide, b>-nrth ruga door mas, matting, drug, gets, felt cloths, Ac. Thov must aid will be eold. Ladies-mil and rumtms, at J. HYATT'S, liu Bowery, opposite Rlvtag ton street. . BRAP BLAAKBTB, OH RAP BlAAKBTN. 190 pairs Whitney blanket*, el Rt Ml per pair. A wonderfnl red istiou Prom former prtees Opened this day by BRBKMAM A OO., Mo <73 Broadway. r%OLLABH OOLI.AJUt, COLLARS, COLLARS. U 1.000 Preneb embroidered Svrtm eoUara, at 90 oeakr cask. 1.900 Prench ssnbrotdared Swiss collars, at 79 seals; worth n *. 1,000 Una enmbrte Swim eollnrs at St. worth 91 79. 900 flaa nam brie Iwtsa ooliars (very Ban), at 91 10; wnnk n 79. rkakaaa a oompant. An 473 Broadway. 0 OOOIM AT KIT AIL, ro* c asm. At ?lira ordinary lo* prior* TRACT. IRWIN A CO.. importnra aad .otbara of dry food*. MuISHnNviI, Oppoalt* tk? Par*. R*I??m Park plao* and Barclay *tr**t. Will Offer ikrir largo and eitenalr* Mock or Paney and attpA 1>R f OOOtM At rwa)!. (or raak, Dortng ik? balaooaof ,M aaaao*. At CoMtrd of tow prtor* FALL AND WINTER UNDIE GARMENTS OP KTRRT droarlotlon tadlng at priori I* ion tt* Umr*. at MeLAUDHLlN'B ahlrt and ruraltblag Mor*. M OroaawMh Mmet. oorn?r ol Murray TpRBKCH KID OLOYCB. PRRVOB KLD OLOVEB. JP Luuo dotaa. medium oolorod. at TO* ; worth 90* Juat r*oatr*d bj RRRKMAN A OOMPAVT, No. n Broadway. Jj'l'Rfl FOR TBI CRISIS ORN1N oprna lb* for Maaon tkla day at IM Bazaar IIS Broadway, gi Xicho'M Bote}. Rnmptoon* irantlra oapr*. Motor Ma, maffk 0a.1i oi ? <t**ika aud Hudaoa Bar aabla, Miak. ropai armAa fllHi, MOM Mar Ira aqnlrrrl. Rook niartaa, Proa ok aablo, Ao Prlooo ragu'aWd lo anlt .hn lima*. Nat b? lb* noM of thn foode 10 R BUTT DAY*. A arc* *u>. k ol DRY ? aot. OS. Pr<m 'A* wkolmaM ator* of RrPDR RaN'IKS. 1*4 Broadway, To bo aok) at rOR < 'ARM ONLT, At No ffk> to war' r AkP A MILLION OP DOLL ABA DRT OOOUB A No* York and MMnltp. oa of tko unparalleled iW\'jrwa of < I and Bnana* tbrrniakoat Ut* waota oot * inwtiii LajmaaT A 00., WkMaaalk Iraoartar* and jobbar* of rti.m and panot ROOD* laOMnNnokW, Ebtvo do^rmlard oa o?kr1n|. 0* Wanroaotr, (Vroaon U. AlrMOM. Par ?in a now larfa and i . Of ?Uk and Mna^dry I On am of WWW Mrma POR OARB ONLT. ?l p?*M pi*W aad IWnor ral* MJk robot a rotaaiR aroab*. Moaratng bjk robot, aqnill* ?and broead* bajtdrr* (ilk* M Uffet aaiorad plain uflaw* ?l kminead atlka. aukrr an. lima. A* BO damanrd aalla Mac atawla mtlrafy *#<J RMmallJ* bordorad ami la akawla. Mat and ? [WibBl?AiwM. Mffk ootora. m brook* bordorad atalla* jphnA bordarod* mw an* jjjpg }br ?rmaaqaSrol^B ?I wool aiawia id ? 111J A l*rff* aoanrunaot >f <-hnnill* roarf*. mat arHrad gMudpn>?'a n n loti^a and prt*tod naaknwraa and moriaoaa. MMnn wl<Uh ail aad donb la wuub ail wool plalda ?aab a*d Irlab * k poplM* ia dalalnna and nwrianaa. Ombrt mlin atripad all wool d* Marine. Miatlna, poplin and dateino ba radar* nbor ? ""Swa odtor Trim* priaw. Print rob** ? oaBM. Rink oikld Ti LMdoat* Pr***i Aw* awkrwdormt LtOO dot** rmnr* lawWbnmatiwhd k l 000 dooao Pmaab Aw* aordod bordor lUWI dnaaa plain nod fanny llnaa eaaabi Srt8KXiss?"'",L? ? A Arc* a# aortal not of fwtaa and janonri collar*, Mooiaa and OMR Man aad oawbrte ambrotdarad baa do. AJWo a aaiaadtd Unr of Praaah ambroid artaa. A abed** i*ir~ -t* of Tail* ?ortoaaUa* aad Arl*A*a Bobao a roiaam* Par trtadni A*. A*. At . A*. A*. A*. All Of wkMA will br antd at roar scar? taoairnm Pnmbaanr* will bar* Bad An fUrtwat aad <axat aitgaai air Ma Of food* a*** bronght into tht* aonatry. aad will AM tkla raro opportnnHr of aaonnog atjlna thai art anttmlr aoawouad | k* at, aad whlok anaaat b* found a a*y raiau btm** A lb* Caltrd ***?> ffk? LiNU roba* a qal'A art loot Aadad and IA* only ttriaa W th* kind la A? muatry ? Id imp doaaa Bwon'* MI gloat* Ma to tbA armntry, for A* MM ?ak# ttat now mntaa 1 RaaaatT (lraj r*a rtwc will fH>na a* ? A N aad aloM at ? P ? IN OOP?tyCRNCN OP TBI PNBMRNT OONYTINION ta tb* b?a>aaa soma unity. W# ar* nnakAd lo offnr graal 'mrfnlnr fa hoiAkbnapAg good* Mt t 4 all ,lima lam aab. **, worth ?*. par yard. ? t tkkfcnv tutrl ?*; worth d* par rard. AlkO. ita?a* cub*. An , Ao.. at Mrafftr rodudtto* RRBKHAN A I MM I* ART. No. 471 Brnadwar j MMBJfB Pkf'hFl'B IN CLOAK HAND BUAIPlR IIIKglk It'O <n ?;? Broadway. W||i ml] i*iA work tlfir antlra otiaab'a wrt of ? 'nan a and aianiina* At an ?rae j|r*qt(bo*. G *? prteea. THB CHOI0UT OOODA. MnM ipMUlT fcr a* BBMAIL TBADM. ?sUlns at a eiiiT bachi/iob. 8IOMI A. HBABff, WO aflbr hM entire ?seek of _ uuoioa woods. Reduction la prion. Baa) India camels' hah skawla. US Broadway. capes, rlctortoea, talmas MaSk.eulb.Aa rrmxm nniowi. V civs, and cloth. An sew styles. Prlsse reduced. BUhs? Rllk robes, moire aatiqoa. Blank silks, blank kislm Orot do eocene. srmoro, sad bter dress silks. Prices reduced. TAM.MM.ew mm ?.MWAOMMW MnM. Prions red ttoed. Popltos Plain, plsld sod boyadare. mess rod need. The entire Wck Is worked dowa la ssM Iks Hums. LSD Tib' FATBMT MBRIMO U1*D*R VKHT8. UIIUM ADA KB, 191 Broadway, WU1 open this mot alas use thousand At SO tenle cook. worth (1, Assorted sites ssd qualities. LIMBD FLUSH CLOAKS OkT.Y tV Suits' 1? for the aoldost westher. Aho, super heavy ribbed best cr olooks, lll'H tJJ _ BMKMAW A OO, Bo. 478 Brjodway. MT1.I.BM A flULART, 70S Broadway, Are eflerisg CbsaUUy, Veils, Broseala. Dollars, HoeUaa. Sets, Point Arniiis. Gapoa. Blsek thread loses, Ootmurss, JI s mat rrdiictton. Their goods srs unsurpassed, being lei ported expressly for bast city trade. PLAID MBBIM08 OBA.T 2s FIR VABD. Superior 'tusllty at Ss 6d., bright colors. An astounding barrarin at BBBKMaN A OO.'S. Mo 473 Broadway, ons block below St Rloh.ilts. R KDUCTIOM OF FB1CBH PATOM A OO., 341 Broadway. v? ? iinwiwaj. Offer the whole of their rich and eiteaslvs stock Of Ourtaln matertn'.s. Upholstery goods, Blankets, Flaaaels, Ac., At rVall For cash exel istvety, At prleee muck below the cost of Importation. OH A WIS, 8HAWI.S. O LO'iiB TEOlfflER A CO. Bare taken the store 497 BROADWAY. Bear the tit. Blcholas Hotel, Where they will offer tor a short time only at retail, for OA?H. A ep'endld asimrtweai of chenille shawls, plain and chinks colors from ft 80 np wards Chenille scarfs, oeauUful pall tub and oolurtng, from 63 oenis tofl M Bro<be long and square shawls, % ful l ne, In all qualMes. misprising ite newest aid beat patterns and designs im ported. Tie above good* are the bolaroe of a well known Importing boose, end will be sold at a great red union frost cos, of Im portabon One price? no ab dement. Bale to commence on Saturday, the Ji'A of Qcto'-er. SILK*, SHAWLS AND MKBINOffg. Cheap frr cash. Immense rcductlrw. 7Us. fruneh msrlno marked down to SON. Kfte 1 uplns " " ?' AM. JUe. Paramattsa " " " 12?-*''. *'e. Pa/smatiHJ ? " ?' I(tVe. 910 Stella snow's " " 96 10 99 Rrrche shawls " " 95 (U 9'6 Broehe locgaiawla " " >10 UU 930 Brnche 911 SO 37>,e. Wool plaids " IfXo. BOe. Wool p 'aids * " 16 s. Oursllk stock we call particular attention to, as there are some of the greatest bargains t? be found In the city UB BBVOIH1 A BAWKOM, 43 Catharine stieet, cosnei oi Madmen. TR1MBMDOOA SACRIFICE. fltu.uou la foil and winter o'otbkig Selling si cost. Bank blllk oa ail solrsst bonks In the Usited States takes OBOBOB A? HVRTEB A OO., ? Cheap cosh Clothing Warehouse. 19,1 and 31 Bowery, Bsiwsen Bleecksr and Houston sirs*Is. Tapb bobdib, OOBDBD HOBDBR, pbimtbd bob der. and srety other deaerl^Uos of linen cambric Oasd kerrhMls, suitable for ladlss' mats' and children's waer, eon stsntly os hand and form)# stprl tea <b?t will please every oas. AT THB LIBRA STORK, 748 Broadway above later Place, J. O. MILLIE EM A OO , proprietors THBOBllfil HAS COMB. Alonalsg sscrilss fc drygoods. BMMBMAM A CO., Ma 473 Broadway, Will offer, this morning. 931 out) worth of silk* dost purchased at great sacrifice, vto. BMa bayadere silks, 8s per yard; worth 19s. Upland Id bayadsrs eilka, Ss par yard: worth IBs ir? rtab bayadere ailbo, Ida ssr yard, work 14s nufbmerm aUk Bonassd mhaa tW. wsrtb IB extra riah slit Bo<iaaad rapes. Mi. wank 930. ?? ra AtaO.I ALBMf'IA PLAID*. VALBJf'TL* H.Airta 380 piessa >4 V aim As ?tarns atra sesru, at Ra par V _L nKsvlonaly sold at 91 3B By MP it*?< A OO,, A. ffl Asaadway. PALL PAHMIOPt. ALARBIRG RAHRIPIi b IB WILLI ?t*T S? M* ?ort? of atllllnery and al' ????7 *u *?" wji be oa Bondap W and nonUrna through Ike M . 0 at Oetober, re (ardleee e/eoei, at WM Hi MB OBO M* Broadwap. PLRBf rvua rnui HP 000 wortk or TiLl'iBul POM. Tte entire whotaaala amok of J. D. PHIU.IP* A cm., oi wall thie far oaf durin* Ike week (Ralnrdap etoepted), alike <Tbl??oe MttB, US Broad trap. Hobio lid Mink mm. PUob ood atoae mar in. ProMh noble ood ipu. ?letffb robes, aeol'e eoon, Skore* oad ooilare. And o lorpe rortotp of ernrp ineertpltoo, oU of wklek Ore rarraoied lo purchatere, reduned below wbnlnaolo prince M order lo Meet wltfe oa early eoeb ea'e, or 01 the whoieeaie j. a. pbilLipi a cm.. pmiBh of 1* Volden loan ood IB Order ureal T7HJB8 RBTA1LRD AT 1.JCH0 THAR VHOI.MAl.B r prtore ? We offer the *k4. of our atook ?t r? oil. This ??oek hoe been Moaafectared frnai the beet male* tale. and la Me UUeel Itjlri ripreaalp for rlti trala. J. i>. W11.Li a MB. I (.Pultoa ? treat, Rrwoklpa. rllUt. PDBA PI'M-BBADgOARrBIM WO fff Ratten loos, onraer of Hold atreet.-We would Boat re apeetfelly inform the nblli Ihot we ore forced to throw opea out ea.lrea.oeh for roah. Cor Moeh roaaltu of etarp ttple of I'a fore. wamfOrt- red with (real core. led lee' oad ehtlSrea'i Alao fur oooti. |ln<reo, oolloro. Ae.. tlet*k robea la great ?orte IT Call oad eee ihe Altlereeae In price between Broadway where we Maaufaeiured price and the prince Of 47 Balden laas. I oad told fbre to the wboltaala trade tint# 1R47 Owe prioae ihoil be lo *er than erw b? fore rvferad la ihia cttp. Wa aholl palp call at rrlaal far oae Month -cms ORB WRBK?MADABB IRBBBCRR. SO W UTI r atreet, a few doora from A road war wilt rail bar larle hoM at a earaWloa. tetaff about to mora to Porta. [tntw roURAPOBD A cm., L HI Broadwap. Coder the lAfarpe Ho Are row aahnxuas a tnpert i free ok Millinery Of Ma BM baanUfol i Mil BtU.'H SBPOEICB OP PAlHIOR, RO S OATH arlae ? treat, near IRehUoo. oad W Oread ? treat *>r aer af Rowarp, up atalra At theae ea nbiMbmeat) will be hrtnd Me latest Mr lei o' fall oad wtater boeneta fnr ad lea a ad chlldrea R. B? badlae oad chlutrea'a haetue weleta to M Me f wm with cloak*. maatlllae aad ate ere paue-nt aol I _ _ areuraap and aleKoasa Lad lea be? aea Made or baatnd to M1LURBBT AT A (1RPAT Ratrif!?'? MaOABI LRVl, I OR Rleerker atreet. nffara for aae her torpe t'oak ot Partolia mlllleerr tader "net prise tor eaeh led lea wwS In* to porAasa. will tad (node at M per oeat tinder Ike raffn lar prieea. Hreea rnnkla*. An. , nader Ike luparlo'endenee of Btoa Barer at a anettdera-de rodwtloa from raffnlar prieea. KITROPOLITAR FOR RTfRR. ro BROADWAY -OW to* to Ike *enerol dcpitaWua of b mineao wa r,ffer fore r leaa haa tketr tome Real Mtat -v-iorlne and m To, ?10; half cap.- pate ?U B. RaBBIR A BOR. 8PLBRDIT) PABIB BTU.IRIB1 BBLOW OOBT.-IB OJW itderatloa pi the rre??ai on paralleled depraaaiya la bmi aeao. Bra. DaTIDBOR. ? t'aaal tweet, eppoaue the Paotlea Rank, kee now soneitided to offer the whole of her rich end electa! aaaoiiraent of Porta fo ? oad wtater mllllnerr. ribbon* llowero Ae . ot prieea mnrh below ike ort*1nal wkoletalo one* Idtdtra ore reopenr Up aohotied is coil ood laspan Uie oasnrt cAJUPETnot, (THournur, dso. JIABPBTTRti IR 1VIRT TARIBTT A VKRT LABOR / oad rmk ewlerikro frten aniMoa, blab kaa btra pnrahaaad. tkm<i*h tbe atriaffeaer of awnet, Ri per reel below mMufaiff'trara' prirea. All af wblab la offered in tbe puhlle oi a eia* i adroaee. Tbe aaonrHneat nf tbe falioerlaff t'toda ta ua.ttfpoaaed ? Baclltb lapettri Rriaaeto. Baifbb tbree pita, . Ia*liab aad Amercer ia*reiaa Lew prljed laffralae, aedrnaon aad wnrM ?air ood ha ' trpeu -.,P?W> perdu bearr lacralot opened M> Morale* at Una par rot*. So* hh olirlolha,:M feat wide ;? aeotr. RTkPHBR i.BABY. PSMtth *?aane. betwaee Waeerlep plana oad !\*vk at RBBOYAU - fTt OW trcxm OP OABP*T?.-<n.BkBIR? out tals, Oi redueed)prieei tor aaab. The aqbawtoerela tondlnf to More lo Jaaearp to kle new More. BOW bafldlBR. MM w It. -I it UeMad - li BbM a ? ?a -a - _ _ ? eh? ffi teaai aad il Howard tireeia Between wroadwap aad Rim ?treat, bow offbre ?'? entire Mock of nor pet*, eon. ltd a* of eel reto, MffMhpe. three ply and taffrola aarpato. oRMotka, roc*. Me to, Mile aad ploao rorare, rqffa aad drnrfato.' at rreau? red need priret ttoah burnrt t? tontad to oTttotak ^ UBO ? a. H YATT.**44 oad 444 Pearl I BtmSTBY. VTttY 1RTBRTTOROP ARTTTTOTAI.TIBTTT WITHOUT It m?lol piote or momii, *ad ore tkree fonnkt h*hter ikon the prriwlola osd an be Inter -d without attra ii * aer rewe Ur ffUlltRORII kaaoo-w the heatoen, to ee nf tbe ffret aati tent % nettle* t hero parlor I r of h? Is renttoa. I 'Mae ant are Ml Broadwap TlHTP BTTRdi PPD IR TBR RMT'Rnff, WiTTHirl Ik'-rl rhteti pelo, hrrar orw oad orlCoal proenet, bMl frrer'nr Tblo adial-aiiia ft ? eat a , -aeltw ' b . eia wfr Retrrraeet *1*. e tr reu. ir?1 PR. B '4. 01 BkiR i* Oosoi ttreet, aeai Voriak. aooiu, *Cm D' JWBU.'NO BOUSE WANTED - AMYPMEOWHAYIWIJ a mcdern bmR hcoae of DMtdc-ale dl*a*n*tan lltml tte area iirneu fr a Fourth tn>M ean tad A par eaaaartfanOioivnt indnarmani la offend. Fletee etnte prtoe. whet (BO' mbruoi, tf ut, looatlvn, alae 0i lot had low Ml cetb addreaa. Ax dun A L Herhld otaae. _ rBN ISHIO HOCHE WANTED - A FAMILY ON ONLY three pertrna would .Ike to rvat h ?mall well fa-nlehed bo ne until the Pr?< of May nut Aay fatally going Sooth tor Ibe winter, wou d Had ? aerefol oocupant. Adarwm O. D. W., Herald offl-e, itating tenea, do rpo LAB DLO EDA?WANTED TO HIRE, A OOTTAOB A fcboaM, or one half a three atcry bouea lw a mop lOtnbM nelrtborhood: rent In adraee-, wbloh ?<.?! be moderate-, lo ot Doe below Vhl'ti tirth alrret. Addreaa Dally, VmlUHa no graving oMte, No 1 Am atreet UP PDEWIE*1 ED-ONE YLOOR AND BATH ROOK, UE a dr. t claaa bouae. for a gentleman and wtfe, near Broad way, not bi? her than Tenth tweet Reap or table neighborhood ladUrenva'le Teraa* muat be moderate, addreaa N. "w., box IPS Herald afllea. Cor two day*. WANTED BY A EMAIL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, part of a furnlvh?d bouae la a goad neighborhood, be] Iwean Fourth and Eighth n??nan?, not aboreTwenty atxlh at reel Adrrraa box ia New Yovh Frat oittae WANTED?A HE ALL HOUSE, 0 NFD RNIRH Elf, EBAR Broadway, between Bleecker atreoi and Data eioaie, ontll let of May next Addreaa box 18 Poet otflte. W^HAETED -A HOUSE FOR HOARDING DEB, OP TUB irtee of from BtiOft to MWO. and ahuaiad between Eende and Broome aireela, one block or twe from Hmndwny, cm either aide, laqnlre of M. V. OA! 1.1. a BP. ttS broad way, b? t ween 1 and 3 o'nleck. WAETgD-OEE CM TWO ONPUSNIBPSD ROOMS, wl.hon'. board, Aw n lady and gee llama a, between Be cord and Ninth aveauee and above ?mtly u tract Add ram E P., Hroaderay t'oetcMoa. WANTED IMMEDItTBLT?A RTOBE ON BROAD way between chambnra and dleeoker ate., about kr tO Pe?t Adtreaa, Hating terma J. C., box A7H Poet .(dee. v mi .r.ic H?~uaDE. Fare reduced according to the tiwer-iw dependent line.?Pare M Ml to Uoatou, via Newport, lit la .oi and Providence. TAKE. Mew Tork to Ronton Onbtn fl Ml Deck IB IB do. ProvUlenee " I #0 '* 1 GO da Brlatol " I 60 " I uO da Newport " 1 Oil " 7B Stateroom* wltk two bertha II 0l> Itrldai anteroom* IX No chare" for heriha. The auperlor and anbataatul tea gotaff ?lewarr GOVERNOR, < Thar lea Deertng, onmmaader, will leave pier IT N. K , frot or Ko- Itrou aireet, New York, every Tueaday, Tbrrvdnv and Bandar, at t o el ek P M A baggage maaler on board will reoelve and aocompsny the baggagw through. On Saturday a the Governor wt.l lav at her doek and receive freight, and the aaute wt.l bel?nded U Provldente early M roday morning For lurtaer Informetloo apply to the captain, on board, or to GEORGE T, STANLEY, agent, at the cdtce on ihe dock Hudson river raii.road.?eiprbrh trains (or a lbauy and Troy, atopplng at principal ?tatl"oa. oon nei'tlpg with weMrrn and northern Iralo*. tav? UhutMrt atreet depot at t and 11 3D A. M. and If h a. P. SMITH, Rnperlnuwdeat. a A HI. EM H til. BO D RUM SIR ARRaNGEMBNT OommenrlDjr Wednvaday. June A 1867.?Train* leave depot, corner of White and Centre nrvwU: - V.'tU A. M - Rxorem mall ira'.n for Albany, oonneetlng at OHV ton Pall* with line* of aiage* tor lake Mabopaa; at rnrdy'n for Bridgeport; at RreWnter'4 for Ifaabtiry. at Chatham Pony a ?? vh tfeatern Railroad tnr Albany, Troy, Unmet a a id the Weat. 3Til P. V,?M'Uertoo trale, atr><i|>lng at all auttnr* 5 V y M ? Wllttuna' Bridge tram, atopplng at all a'atPma I id P. M ? Wane Pialna train, e ipplng at all alatiou*. i cav* rwr.tcrr civru .rvxaT itation. A. M.? Wllllama' Bridge Irak;", etopotlg at n)t atatluwn. II A M. - Wllllama' Ritdge train atopp^ng at ?*1 ? at>-na. 11 Vj a M.?White Plaint tra'o, a'opplng at al; siatt-ma 3 .V P. M.?'Wllllama' Bridge 'rain atopplng at kll attttat. a P. M.?Cro on Pall* train, at pptag at >U alutonx. ( P. M.?WULatna' Bridge train, atopptag at all itattaa. WE. J. (JAMPHALL. Snpertnt-iilmt JhTOTlCB?CIIAMSB op time of the ebw tobk ; t and Hoeioa Iipreee train. ?On And after Monday, OeC D, the evening exnrem trale for Boeton via Few Haven. Bnrt f -rd and KprUgfR Id, will leave Twgnly.aevmtA iWvet and r eirlk avaaae at three leo lit Id) P M . tuatead of four V HO) P. M JAMX8 H. HOYT. MUUCAI*. V PBIVATB FAMILY III BAOOKLTR. HIT! A O0BT It doable round 7 odave rvaewoad ptauo v>d wool, in I ,ui gnat bem *02. aad willing totell H OA a treat iwlflol Ijr caah; It Me truly aup.jrtt nod richly (h*h e<fiitrfn,menl; I* w tSont ?t?of t-lent lab. hod ague! to orw; eitj redo, rich brUlleot lone, hea?y tarred lege, ftidahci beck like the front folly warranted Prion Ml rorsVeoo end ?tool: e beriein and at auger* km. Apply e?70 WaaMoaioo It/fet, near Fitnl Brooklyn three mlaitea1 wnlk from FoRom ferry enr time after 7 A. II. A Ml'RIOIAM WHO PLATR FIRHr VIOUB ABO ALTO ft. born, wanla en f'w the winter. Apply 10 ar rddraaa B. llagabiury. 14 (Mambart elreet. A (18KAT BABO AIM.?A FAMILY MOVIJIO. IM WAMT CL of money, will anil for SBO ? rplendld r eewood 6\ oo tare ronnd xwnerad piano, made o order by idly maker, aad coat 1779 a aboil Umn a?o. Apply at I9d Tirol arcane, bo> tweea Rlath and Tu b atrrrta Am bbautdcl Ronrwoan piako to bm niBn> oat cr for eale cheap, beennaa the owner In laavhig the elty. Call at 4g Franklin atroe from 8 to 11 la the morning. F^HLCTK IMHTROOTIOH PB0FBR8CB MB CM OOMTI nuea to leach to play upon tha Boahm and Oormaa luira at hia or poptla' rgoma Ba'eraaoea, William*tlrgemao, Biq.. ltd Broadway, and ttnprtoctpa! mania atonm. For pop. tmuiar* apply to Y. J. IIIA. flatlet 113 Fhompeoa atroei Ghiiat baobificb-bljmabt ubajtd oiaupbal ? 7 oaure rnaewood pianoforte, made by una of the bent makera aad war ran tad Ooat WD. Been ued a taw mootfea aad In perlkm order aad anparlur tone. WUI ba aatd for MM Pan beanaa X lit WlatB nut M^MRK . BILRtl. i.atb OP tob riNI AND IUUI. ? eon trout e i profeaaor mnelo an 1 ringing, baa racae ciea for a faw raorr r upda For term* apply nt or addrem MB Idrlrgrton atreei, iiraoklya Ore at attenlloe paid la Imparl lag to the pupil Ike theory of mimic. 1U way, end all klnla of aiMloal marakaadwe la maaa mw llfle; ptaaoe aad awiMm at lower prion* Uma acar before oflbreo la this market. Pinnae aad matodaoam ta iroV aad way, aad all ktata of ptaaoe aad melodaoa ?3 la thin market, f rent altowed on pnrabnne DIABOM PIABOM FIAWOB?BBLLIN'l OTP TOB A eaah. at an lmmeere rolactvm. MtrnlmaB* anrctd plaaon for SldU. FHW >2*. $Mi peari heard pleaotM HB eiK former pricer MA. MPO and Wfl Becea / #?e band plaaon. from *1A io 8IIA Pinn w inaed. No. Ml tranon, aaar Trent) eliihatrnak A (AOBBALAJ5, SIX RBACTIFCL AMD HCTBRL * TOMBD BBTMM octre plan e, two wtm caned leas end mooMlnga, aaade good mairtml and warranted. Will be eoid tittO and Apply at 11 Btttb arcene. TOILBBBT A COB P1AMO FOCTBH?OMLT WAAB t man ? In Mew York, Ron. 41* and 41'. Pro ad way eoramr of ('anal Row la the Ume to boy tbeae truly good ptaaoe vary low for tank, name to rent, aad reat allowed M par OATCUie ACAUEMIM. A BODWORTll R DAMCIMO ACADBBBJM A, Ro N? HroeOway. Maw T wfc Mo 117 Mi?tapne piaae. Broofclya. naeaea now open lor the r?< .mifm of u.plta Maw Tort nmn no Wrdareday* and HM.dny* Hreiklyn ceaaant* Burnley* tad Tb'i-wlara. or Tare and Friday* Weekly aeaemhIlea for Indira and gimiteiwen at both ? faeme ite tar t rar*.e? In tb? Imaeter* qntdrlUe, II' i man i bm and all other danpaa. Monthly aoiraea for ablldrce and p arena.. For elm.a/a at lerma apply at etik-w ert. 'OaOmeal B BOO ICS' DA M<1MQ AOADBMIBM BOW OFBM. Maw Tort. Ml Bio.em eeee. I ronaljn, rn -I. tap ?>?? BAIL lirirA Meet Ear* and prcntnpa *d lulttm. - Mew Tart. Tneedayt and Friday* from I m ? F. B , liar laiitaa aad* and Iran 7 to )t>W P B . for .anttimaa. Wecaeeday* aod gatardaya tar abl dfen. cidaTidl, foaaa ? to?#Tw , . kooMya Mordnya tn<( Tbnrednyr, fr-m Iw|p. B.. for indhaa and ebikd eo, aad rrom 7 ? ill P M for rentlenren. Frliate lerar** a' all umea. not owni ?tad by eUaaen. The Itrc < lye alantea ara oadar IBa dlreotum at tn De 4L Brookea. ________________________ AMnM?e-UOOKLTJ?-RMW OL? afWI.-RBOOKM Aaadamy, B.megiia Hall. Opnit air wit Mew r am tw .acwa rid nbi dren on Tb'iraday nfterwoan. alno. a new ntaaa ror ge?Leei?n, ta Thurwtay a?anl,ip. All U dinara taogk' in onn ooetar of Wnmona. F'lIlHBA' H DAMOIMO AOADBWIBB, at *11 Fun-analh mraat. Raw Tort. IS iTlmtna alraat. Brooklya, are now opnn for the reeepttee of paptta. OBwekwa I)' ^|MM AC (tor A HAR THB HOROB TO tMTOMI the femlder of Broofelya that rhe kaa academy at 111 (1 'aton atreet Dara of lot toe Muwdepn Friday*, all F M Rme Augim a would a an triform bar petrrr ? at Rew Turk that la oeee-iteaoe at the pi amen at the Mm?r rhe will bold ro b'n w nler, bat wD) nttaed prlcnH larrone la f?m"c* and boa/'llap wMoota. tnrn apply at 1(4 Fourth atraet MB^ UMABBCAHDH dLARNBR ARB TMrtewpia rnn milni Ormlarr aunttiaiap tonne, day* at rlienleean. Aa. mm be obtained itthr'ta M. B.-Meae ataaa TnaaAna ami FrtBny for ahlidnm. MB 0 WRHIftm DARCIMB ACAD BUT. gPO RROAD wry.?Bmntag etaaa ' w Imttea and ?*illiee oa Them, dry* from I tail II. ALenanj aaaa for ladtaa, miaeae md irvrater* Tueadayr aad MatardMA Brnntag etaan fop prmMm ATTROLOai Wi IRTR. OLAIBTQT ARTE -ggg BBOilMB BTBBBT. between BUrtbmb and Bou ereetr All Haaapea AM aomrod aad cured, ah teal llrtandn fPBBA, Aa. Mm. BATBB. tha baat rlair*oyant la Amrrlen. Ret>rfoe?nry mmmtmumm giren ta all eanaa. rnamahbrr. ar so pay utkae. BAB HAR A whic* "an lift m| VABK't mm MADAMB ? "tody nr nreetnd with cheam.Jngy. whHB^^^H ta teU TOnr ana. 'bnracinr aad etr-* watanee# wkei ehengea are before ftfn. wkow yon win marry, tad aboest Waaha, and errry arenl of Ufa. Rkr In rataalrd by Badae* Ita (Aom, ?be moat wonderful hoiMag ithtlrnryaai in d* warta^ mm 1 OA O BOH AAD BTBBBT.?BAM BBWA*V IB OfFM ?Sfta FftawSgaZZS m'SZSl m"?? rarttantarly ahnani Man*, neaaa Bran* and gyring Inafep timber* B B Mrdaaw < ? ?e <ur m pi dMp m# tngtm rrrw !< in* Daltad Rmtrp, Bhr unam m araoma m mow at ar maran, l?r imr'ua erf,-, and ta 9M dtameaAnwmly WBBB TtaagArd lady ?0J mu tad Ftaaaoa by PMrpty if-ktag at tar POPM. OBBnodmtfafT ry-rsnnnr 'm Ctitara* -Beak K'no Bomho aod nmti Artroi/rit ?iadamb lamb oa* na cnrmovT?n about leto, taarriagd, aad abaani rrtamia . rhe mtfc aS the erenu of Ufa. a Itad BumnetA rirort, aenr 'Irnod. ledloi sgiwm* ronHrowntaaram ^nfi mmn*ir. StrOIXXIT *BR FI.grIv In BsboBB RTBBBT aire* One 'afnemailno N all 'reat* of Hta by the ?f t?-p aa"* whirb r. praaaom the dammy of bar ??*S?r* Rleaea ?r?wer* saatkmi no bnWaima. mmilair ,m ?rtao* Ac . by mngaaumi " idl.I.i V ) RuOBBITg I. tM ABUCBX. TTfB CBLFHRa'. 1*1 ied* "pmphim. aa lag -Hiraod from ter Bu- woo ' M -*am in ptatago amaapa, camtano I > rlrr a 'J i* rlair** at pant, r reroa ana ft!nee ever W. aBd tad retd a d*f.e, f r t sb?a.l by ri iomg ? rpet fireo <, wfilBi'. neo a -1 .if lir Ardmpe *" * ' *? ? ' e Ainae ei, Sroad *?-, ' at xBpP, W. h.