Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 23, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 23, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW.YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7722. MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1887. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE FINANCIAL FHES8UHK. of th? Director* ud ItockhoHm of the Erie Railroad Oatpaoy. A Strong Bflort to Boise the Wind and the Result Ooaventkon of the New York Ootm try Banks. What the Country Bankers Think of their City Brethren. PUNS FOB BRINGING PRODUCE TO THE SEABOARD. Aft. Ac., Aft, THE HEW YORK AND BRIB RAILROAD. mum or nil ?CABBBOUHUa AJ*? OIBBOraHB? yotm mwBiuio ruocwio oolj^abb iuksoiisid A>D A OOMMrrm ATTOINTHD TO UUI 8UB MBirnonB. IB mrr**??? wttb A* fo lowing nottoe, which ippiiiM A Ae MIIMI pAper} or jMlerday, n meeutg of Mi Mln and Maiobokieru of Ao Nob York and *ne B?i1 (Mpuy ?U hold iMl oronfeg Ut UM AC*tro i or ibo MeroanUo Library.? ok. ptnou h tiding book* ai *ubecrip Km f> toe umv mr , ?nd Aooe who took norelopeu el AO laetimeeting, mo nrttcuinrly r- qieaMd to band fern loto Um M?o etury, Ma 4f W?U etteel. to order Ji at um rtnance Committee may be Id ImbmO at tko amoant of t uhr.riptton prertoia to ibo meeting. XA1BAMJ1L KABBS. Secretary. mora were about nx bunared poroou prmoat, no* If OA of whom, it ? to so presumed, wore abarobolders, Atflwt and otooro ?mmed?te,y utoreatod a Ac proaea; w?nnw?, and proopecA of Ao Krio Ralfeoad. the meeting ana oalHd a erdor bp Ac Prcoident, Mr. Obarieo a. Dnrtt, Mr. Ckarieo A. Feca off oiaJng ao Merofery. Mr. Unw outdo .a roproaentaUon of Ac monetary ! of AO rood, A wech bo abowed that Ao rood bod I toot Aetr noattog dobt oa priced by Ao mareetod a* ? tor two yoaro. He oatd Aat Ao atBKfeg food kad fe ed wttkfe two yoaro A ?1,000,000; Aat Aoy bod fe I in too Ltog Dock laprcreaaoot >t30,00<> aad am _ j wore dee by agenta Ubtt.000. He oloo otaiod Aat I prapeilera oo lake (tie bod boon Aoreoaad >140.000; At (Bel >ld0,000t material* to obopo >30.000?ma.'ng a MM Of 11 900,000: wberoM Ao Hooting debt bod boon a. a imi ' only >800,000 iiaring earning* appMcebA A dwl dead on nock A two yean of tl.ltO.OCO, Armg A Ao ?toAtnir paid feAreot oo Ao uado or $?,*00,000, Ac BMNM oa Ao Sootbai oa<l Ae runang ax pome*. a oaaloalJD, be reoomaended Ao apaotntmoni of o oca Mo, wttoae doty It iboold bo to go round un<i oall upon Ml Ae clock and boaikolderu wtA Ae rtew of yetting MA to *ubo tribe promptly, w bbin ot|btoon <>ay>. pre Boot Ao road from lUugtototke baud* of Ao .HeeotTer Be Mb MOMeded A tay AM Ae rery laborer* upon Ao road Bad aaatfetted Ae deepMi totoreai fe *a pvoomt ooodv aa, tad bad otgnldad Aetr reodfeoM A oo operate vtts Moo who were met: oouoorned fe frmfeg ft from It* pro MM dUBoul'deo A tbc utaoa ? Mont of their ansae*, -ram Ao Mormt rporutlro A Ae hlgbmt oo Ao bat. Aoy bod wllooao forward and aaprwaea Aetr w^ffegnoM A?A ooitko tfty per eeo; of their w-cee Tar Ae next two or A*ee,an4. if ft wore ooooMery, for Ae oa, foor, Cre or M MMibo. If Aaoe employed la Ae city will meet Aea aw M came ground. Mare wet* too* oi the poors* mowoo Ae rood who were wtibag A wenfioe one-half of Aat* aero tag i for Ao porpooo of ?naMfetug It. one be kopod Aere woo not a goBtlen>aa prmcist wbo we* mm equally ready A to*laic Ao ouapoey fe Ae pmtloa Aey had tf *t*" Mr. Cnaoiat Moeujrr. awe of Ao dirocooru. hi It would m exceeding-y oar em meat* it (Ao director*) were **paetod A giro ao _a< aaooM wlA Ae Hook aad Madbotderu _ fee bettered Aat not wore reoliy Ae oaoe Bo mould M oboo roMO. Wo bore, oald bo, uoUod you Mu*to*i ooee before wo bore warned you. end uitboofU yon may bore Aot?bt wo wore aoowdfeg a take alarm, wo AM you AM M aoy movent w* mtgbt bo rot under pro How wbm oo wo *oo? If fe efehAen dayo yon don t ml A w Aura a o< A Mop us from rung fete the 190 tburoouiror It euurrny recti urmepe*. ^my ?Ak nil! become of Am rend. Y yen profur A lea II fO you moat M Italian A lofca wbnMror . MliMAymHdrtM A> A ? , _ ' It to ynor preporty I B B h ? de*ired to know ? . person *?D I >teC 0CC, whether be obminoa o soourBy on tae pf limn- Yet I I al A? t ??den tit witftd Ae J the J "beerlbe. a (Buubwo: ?r it* rwerer e aipoaited eon Ae ooonfHr be gtren for Ae rem* rmfwowT-1 Atos not Two tHKKOMoirma? Then all I tat la ocboerlbed befbre 0 got* m Ao Ftee-rer wli. be nt. ocd oU AM t om will bo Ar. M ?1 wit to' my fneodt two Aat if wo got M aAciot. tte WDfeRrtbort w.U bo porfn-uty *afe The PoomrMT?!f you ruber-4be tor o mtiboa and it lo aM ??todcol 10 rare tba road, you will jn your proparty Maim The imolmr the imouot takoe Ae *o?ar tor Aon wSs sbIwofi^s. Mt. Imtiim*?WA gtmurmoa eoaa toeward aad nb Mi AO' Mr Wau*wnow?Home iwooty rroor Airly kare nailed mb mo and wat'd AM Aoy war* rery mdigaaut Aat aoy change Mould bo Made fe tie Board ?f I>.ree*oru; HA bo wm fe feror of o M*a|0, aod we* *eA3*d Ael. mMa food manegemoet Ao rood would mako twolro WM Nil m forty mltl'.ooo of doilan Ho wm portot ily Mtmivabod to aw m mock apathy aad AdtffmaoM M A* ?r uioa* Ike dire nor* ore doepfy Ator?od A AH nod, tor Ao board owm Aob from >1*0 000 A WOO 000. aad Aoy are aw rory largoty Aetr ?obtor* for endommoni* I make mid bo. At* mm wlA pleuou'O, bVaen 1 onoo?der <i proper mm toot I At I ikould mak* Aw axplaaMMm ft* 5Ti MOT At I Hawdaaf Mkieomn imda fbaH am a ebaago t* act mid* 1 bare ofwo tookoa of Ao aooA-tty tor a efctaco It Ao Clrektan mi eatlod tor Ae appotataioA of a oSwubIHm toe Am nmpmo Tbor# H, I am happy A Make, oottra ooaatmny AAodlrootmo AArotBoroad aat A work It ecfeomi HnHy for A?t ead. ft alhrda mo Ao grootooi piewnro. mM Mr kAboro to Atolaolow, fe betag abto tlo aaaonam AM Mr WUdaweeo be* tabaor'bod Ao mqalMA aim of ?IMkOuu atmob Air Ad >1*0,001 PAdlttaoalT If tl 000, A 'Jaurw bepod A? AboBrptwoowoOi^ rw A Am* pr?Mcl Mr lamaaf mered AM ? pmbA a ai? wBnoo daty it *boul i to a eal) r<m At Mt'kat.ocrt 'or IB0 pnrpoeo of obvaiaiog ? .boerptkae Ita motion wee oeeonded by Mr. knw?, o d-.iuekjr )IAr wbfk Ao meettag wa tdt-wwd by dor. Mr awwn who mid Aat A wm wllHag MHwtdi wmty or A*nr who *boi Id agree boamtly ead r -n t j'Mt A apea f twe, or Ano or tour day* of sack week la [.roeurfeg tub OMtflloaa TBI* bo wm wiling A do ror Ao nout two i Al tad bo bow off-red t? amifoM A km rncdoot ml Ae Orotmntee ef riaoaee A BaAUweaumw Me Ad ihet o Adv. w*o owwod twMty of AO moHgvfe bond*, bad AM blm tf *Bo noud got n hook wtA a oxpABMiM of Ae nonditlon A itt rood. Me wmM r rouod among bee wviaulntonaM m*d ootugo A rntoo n turgo umoanl among mo tody nebnortbeeu; aad IT, uaid bo, Ao prepoMtAM arc onfr Mke A ano ram AH (fty, 1 At ore tea ml ton* A do'. Hot *aa A *oolly raleed. Dm todlm. 1 feel ooceloaod, mA wtUfecly aortal! AAr expoMeo A oaabA Mem a aoboor A 'w fee rend Mb. I^rawee wutAd that good men wnu <l A put ana m*wnMA* They did eot want mm wtoi bnd retired ?Milrmee of m* Aey wnaAd gw? bMfnen aat* mi w*eld iitmp laA Me war* wttb e will Inc. Mr Mmwm mid MM a bH Mute wm b Ho w-uld enema* mm Atm boon a Ay wA wouldmp eky bH uAAt . . .. . . . .. _ Mr um* dMtred t to A uaderotood Ant Ae oor.poao nTAomwA be id ?oed* would A root* rod Ae mm m oaA ouAHfpHaM tAl H tor tbme aowpoa* MM arc geod wtAto a year part for Me *r*t touAJmeot He UM an n, um o*d a muerrlptMo of W0.MC from Mr. rkmlmmta rme of AO feuaswni rum hootownd a warm eulogy arm m I Oder a former ' tm deal of Ao rtkt, ond eetd that M ne Oed mnottooAd a deep laAreot A 'te welfera t o mooM take Urn UArty of preemk-g hi* eetne ae e member of Ae nmmfefT M A know t? would mrro t ton .1 An tor It* eppoinUMnl Arfeg Aon edot tw. rnaa.n ouo <unu ha re om* erowrHnwwe lAodero lfeboa. Ar a Merw'o. Wm n WurpBy. t- B Hogftor, r. D tonlA nt tcabman, J D. wuifema, O R PMw. W. WlAwilgbl, fa iwrttor. J. H Hoar A. Aajamlu !Aer, 0b lllbMAW, A H Oo.r M AaaI ledor, tA 1 M, ft to reberdt, ObM A lUr'e Mr Utwwe tnwrnd AM AO nammltt** Are pawor A ?HP*"* ?toor* in eddlboo A Aomee'rae A omfet Mem fe onrryHg om <ho otjeat which th*y Ad * rfew. IHo motion wm adopted wlAoui dHooM'on. Mr lurwim mid AM Ae nommtttee Mould draw f a OMOl Mete meut of Ae Arm* upm which Ae Vseoe were A A mudo. tor A* purpoee of Awing tb-m pubhtAd TA moettog Aen eeywrned, A moot A Wedoewfer ewewlug noil M Mo mme Aur. ft wmi .odorutrod Aet ib* earnMfee ore A meet M the oflloo of tA oompAt N?. *6 WM ATM*, A Moron o CAM AH Aonfeg ooNvrnoN op new york coon pry BANKS. Bnuora, Oot. fi, Mil. A UrnuMt of ftlopiM from oouatrp backs mot a two tMy to-day. Ths object of Dm meeting np poor# to bo tho ostabflshmoat of ? Owtnlry Bonk Re dmptioo l|<ooj or Qeartog Boom a Now fork, which shall moo oil tho present expense of ooaniry book* an Iho redemption of thesr blDo, aoopt mob oo swine from iho recounting a Now V oro w lite port of the banks. U a orgod thai look a owrntry frMfr wooM aaoo tbem three fourths of the present tax <m tbotr cirmUUoo; aid thai aa toon oo tpeoie redemption la ramomod, oataaa oome not ptaa fr adopted, tbolr bifla will b? crowded opaa them again bp the eftp bnnhn t? retains naaoantn. Annexed a tbe ott-cuJ call of lb* Oca vomica.? ht?K cnawrrxm Vpoa oonforrtsg wllb oeota of the neighboring bonkers aa eoold be eooeatoauy oonaulted, oad noting try their advroe, Ibe undersigned hereby reiraesu oocb and every or the oofveet oo on try banks to aeod a delegate to a Ctoarenlion, wbtth to berebr nottOed to bo boideo at the VoerViM Boose, In toe eby or tfprsvsee, oo Tboradep, 'be tOd of October test, at 12 o'oionk at noon, tor ODnsoUattoa nod snob action so amp be dooms: pen tun. ??) W CT>Yf.<iR, fl iflm 72,1W>. Prea-dem of am Ease joorestton The conferee to won tew at toe Totrbtti Boom tods at laraoea. etc V. On -nn, of 5 khryra, ? toted that the creator calling the Conteakhec wot issued op Mm, after consults ten wtl severe) of the octniry banks, on the ere of the tospcnsMm of rpeoe papmenis bp the dtp banks of New York, ar-d wbea It teemed littery toil 'he currency of the note try wcr.d be In the bands of ike brokers, and it rs* the duty of the ooontrp bans to protect themselves and eaeb other In 'be crista A lib crag t the immediate neoeuitp for this movement d <? not new exist, yet It wst well thtt pieitmlnsry nepr thou id be taken at the present meeting to meet rock extrenetst as might srtss opos the rommption of ipecie pay menu bp the banks He aoaciutud ICoaweD Borrow* for T^askknt. Mr Brrrsowx, on la- <ng tbeehalr, referred to the eren'a which bed brought about this meettnc Those were toe sospestloa of specie payments op the bas:>? of New York 9t> and other Males is the Onion Bo rated that mrcn more any existed tor taoh a combination of the cow try baska as should protect tbem against the evils which oxt|t snder the present system of redemption of their bills The eironlsttoar of the country oasts do not now eve-age over thirty da) s, wbUs formerly three or four months waa the isaet lime tor the retire ol the circulation of a bask A las of one eighth per oest waa in us Im posed on the country banks once in every thirty days. If they redeemed the wno.e of their areola ttos ? thirty dayi. each bank suffered a tax of one an 1 a half per coat per annum It was thought bp those who bed given the best attetttoo to the maior thai three foo'tM of this charge m.ghl be aaved bp the country basks having as agency tn New York or Albany to re deem their cWeoltuon. H waa the opisloe e* Mr Ccrter, who had g'ven much eoasMeraUoa to the subject thatthn could be accomplished at a t narter or a third of Ibe present charge. This agency eaubitahmest oouid be called the Redeeming igono > or (Seating Boose for the oontrp oankn. The oJjeo'S ef Ms found mi n was not oalp to reduce lbs ex pensss, bet alao to do away witn the undue iaCaenoe whleb the preatnt redetmlag banks in tee dtp of New York axe- see over the country oaets and against which the country banks can a: present ta d r di a.iy, make nc effestoa) restatanoe If the oocmiry banks shoald establish as agency, suet an proponed. It would be simply a machine far the collect** and return of their soter to be operated by tbetr own appointed ageat whose duly it wool! be to ooust and amort the aotee, sad obsrge them over to the several banks, less the actual expense of cparat-ag ibe offvoe an I thus a great ex pesse would be saved to the Conakry banks Some per sot s thlsB thst eapttnl shooM be at ooos rabeor.bsd for the estabhsomsnt of the agency, sap of por oso oe ths etrsulaHon of the eoustrp banks, soaking up a oap'iai of trar or five hundred the oread dollars. o.bsee. however, ob-ect to -ale, on the plan that banks that can lake care of thamaa.'vea oo not due .re to take care of ethers, sad that la the obroctton tc baring- * >ap ut Cd la. Thin, aa be uaderstoot. van the mam sobtset to brosgbt bstore the eanaAerattoa of the mm ac and It wookt be a proper schyset far d-scraaooo whether a committee aheu'id sew be appomtod, to report at acne future meettsg, s plan for oarrptsg oat Ihv object sought to be sltoised, or whether this abating at mid at mse tlx on the details el the proposed orgaalastloa afcoud It be thosgrt beetle enter late It. >w h.mse f he tho {hi It vary desirable to have the exoaaage, cr clear tag bouse, in opwrsti's soma m wtha pvlor to the mo m^Uon ul spaeis pa r meats bp tbs banks of lbs Bate. The system now adoot ad la New Yors sf sealing up the bilts of ococtrp casks In pace agar and using tbem It the payment of balance* mast tend to actoomoitte s arge portion, perhaps oae half, sf the etrouiat ne at ths coootry banks is lbs cltv of New Yeth sad vlelattp Ths comermasoe w? be that the notes of laws oeaka will ooma back ta s B md when specie pay mat< is <swasl,mt many banhn mag ast as able tn T JfP&rT' ff** OP wHwp?Hw m w3B cMersris portkw at the m anhpp WrrntoLm ven a be re to rose to thr basks of asce before that event taxes pace, and wli then be arcclahng aasoag thoae wbc know the bas *i and bave rontxeeoe In tkaaa. Mr. Bcanriw ksew it weald be demrahie tc t.m if be could regain ba rtrcclslioa freec the Mrtrtpo. tan Bank sad c rw He .1 to bto own vl 'o ty whsrt peopie hare fa.1 roaftdeaw la the slat lily of he Bait. Pet thine res'ona be Jhoogct it deslcae ? to (>st the Oe- stop Bank (Searing Eorm u c jerattoa arre ra. meatbs prier to the re ..mpCon of specie payssaa; Thtrr ?ti atreher uras-t rt ??.?? c?ua wh/h oe tbcegti of tmrdrtaare, i was the apt MMMl if ? c< mtr. ttoe ty ths prsaaat meeting tc eaii fan re Urn* en irons. Es deemed t very nec?<ary fc the coonve bnsst. at atorvah, to hekf meettsg* asd osnso2 tc,-ether tar Ibe proasoUL of tbetr mutasi interesss. sad N was sseeasary. o order to seni re tott oh -ci toot sueifc nommHMO should No taoas Mr Oivwitva, of Pyrsorio, waa nomed as sscretnrp hr. Qscans w Cnts? moved the K>pofsta.>a; ef a committee of sorts to report bus at is hr the Ooavooiiea. Iho recttoo wot ad >ptsa. The Ciu? sppotntsd Iks lollcwiag m-maaittss ? Msmrs Coy lor of 'hiaiyro; Hswley, of BuCalo Romoiui, of Hrcbeour . Mrvker of I' >ms; Mogoo, of Both; Jofsoo, of Unwego, and i Kb of Bvraeoas Ths names of toe detogatoo wore the* taken and tho following banks sad csplto. were fossa tc be rsprsssst Ddtoo'sf. d?notmt Mmrueruti Koawell p Birr own. lui ?' A'b-dk 1100 000 Mr. w right, But or nera i?o,ooo Mr Alrord halt Ppr ?f? But oi Prraeoae I'OC.OOC Hut) M White. flia Itoa Wb ta Rank ayracmee. 100,000 Mr. WHa, Ceatiai oily But Pyracaea 110 000 Mr Mori but, (<twdi|ti Oottniy HuU.Byn-ut . 116 000 Mr Hwll, PyraenM ony Bwk Mr I'eak. Buraeit But. 8) fBNM 70 000 I' 1MB, Mr. Kdoa, Meohamm' >?ak -frotom 140 000 Mr. tlutwator, MtrautB Back 100 000 Mr. Mr) Mr, Bum ?r Rom* 1C* 000 Mr. Ma??e, Oo sty But 160,000 Mr. Kritcttoc.Vitar Mil Bf Kechww 100.000 Mr. t*Ti*r O r lor a Bun ?' \airi 100,000 Mr. UBfik BrirtR. n L.y4? 70 ooc Mr Mat* 100,000 Ml. MewiO), .eternal nca* itoa,, Bufih?u ... 400,000 Mr. Roehiar, '.mm*'- UN) e?r. 4 1.500 Mr. FoB, Ctoaaa <*? Btnk 100 000 Mr -"?I'M, >ktit ri faj|,W'? 116,(VM Mr fie") Oredta '-mas Hena. ?!?>?? 148. 00 i Mr (Vtrtdte Mil of Nnkp >.!1? B0 000 i Mr Mirawitt, VMrt Kaawtk rteak, Riir-O. 160 OO i Mr. Wer??n 1*1, fVel, lOMMM 100,000 i Mr Howard, R?U Of MNM. Materia 160,0?> ' Mr tbmm, Bum lteku|? faaab loo.oor Mr. ftohora, Bmi or toayhemptoa Bin, Mr ran hall, lyoao Back 100,ac Mr. Phepberd. WiwHr But 100,000 Mr. fkMMP, imOroP ImBhi r?r But BMM nr. Ward tear, Oi?rfro R'rrr Bui, FaRoo 106 040 Mr Worn,Chyaye Oaaatr Beak. ...... Chyaye Oaaatr Buk Mpl Mr. Baardetey iibin 'i(tu|i Faak.. iye.000 Mr Jairne, 1Mb (atari? Back, fwwoge 1M 000 Mr W IUum. Beak of Howe* 100 0M Mr. A. t WtUtone, Inmpk u Or Rank, Un M0,000 Mr. Ct-TUR. from the not* miliar nooctod ram ottoae IkrikiMRiir IB* OBTeer-oe. K? I?M atlheaeoa lime ibm ibe rm>ted iu<rdun* Bt UK prtwt moot'eg, iriN la pert Norn tho fbat diet the airmMm mi Mot war* all mat a the bcraag of tbr mail oa R< Ctavai rred Mat weak. The follow tay an the reeo nioaa ? Heeotred. That lalka duty '< the tmataM paper* for lha fhil rwnaiptoa of aparte payneae at aa Mrly a dty aa a 4aa regard to all Ike ta areata at taa aeaatry will ad ?II, pad thai nafora aaeh aei.'f rai a ?<? lha baa la hara np'iiraaal will andaaro* to knap iha r tttla aa aaar a arerte baa a aa paaetbto. Repaired. (Mat it ba -or* amaa ad la treoocatrr hatha. ia fartharmaoa of lha aflbrta nude by tfea n*y baafca of Mew Yerk, to arreeee their ,tae of 4 .aooart to IBM ei eet of thaw ability, to a,4 a ftrwardlay the jpodara af the aaaalry to aa naMira ma> tat, thae adhrdtoy all ifea r? .af la ibetr power ir the fnrnJHf, mtroaUlo and aMmaTat tarlag 1 SI li amaa w. Citytor, <M Wnyao, f. V. Rp ra, of T'lMa ^Mtor OalaMar r . of Cyrumea Praawui rb, of Ronhaatar, aad J N. Aahora, ha ap potatod R eawtaUMae to afBol aa aaanUl^a or the oavatry baaha far thatr matoal prataotkm aad I a Mr eat, aad for that paryoao to arraaye a ayatom af redeaptoa aa i aa rbaryao, aad to roparl at a fBtaro auaMay. to ho oMWd by B,*ByB ' imrttoo, f by tham deemed aeoaaaary. Mr. Brmran aud thai tar raenfottnaa had baaa made toaa yaaeral la rirw of lha limited aWeataane ai ik a aoaatlay. R be My deemed bettor la by the krone d work far famre aotioc, i* aay th??id re deemed aeoimary. than to tofea Haa otopa at tt-r pt rears ooaraaten. The report waa toaa ??? red aad the reao otloa* tokea ep aaparalely. lha flrat raooiattor woMadeptod (la the aeread reeosatkm heiny road, Br. Win tar, af Newark, eB.Matod to Mo word tog of t, oa the yroaad that the aliy hooka tad d'*< acta ag for . the relief of the oetmuy Tber r ad u>kei .Foot evpaad lay iBo.r d aatmata, bat >a fhrt bad bos i no or ndeed, eyery otolemoat pcbllahod -p to thla a me abowa a ata ?taoi en of dtorc oata. Ba da?;rad to kaow wkal ePor ? the e'ly baakk had made, ar war atoitd Us tkr ?wn'itto?, to rrl era the ornairy. Mr On m?fkay aar? taaan car buy at par ard to d them Mr. Wnxua'? fhu ?tma, tot itry tori d<ae ot4f lag ta the aray of ditooeaL Mr HktMfrsp of Roehaaw-. aa.d the O.r wet try aaalf hid atoiady lUaovutod R Rttk f0? Jk fOlO.1 0.1 MO <Jt?f mcreial interests of i? emery, Dei Ae pralao* *h "?> ksd by inch msson been sent to New York, m kttd Awe, A ooneeqoeaee ?f the I?teklj of tba etty bob ?? drew natMpi on friend. Be Moved to strike eel lro? the reoolatluo toe words " la furAssaaoo of Aj efforts mode or the city beaka of Mew York." Mr Hhwur. of B iff Jo, Aougkt Ike werde might ha?a brao Ml oat oilginauy rreoo Ae resolution; bat taasmuia h Ibey bed been before Ihe naeettng he hoped tber wo aid hot be stricken out Be wee willing to glee cedlt, eat (opede ly to (ho bar be or New York atty. bat to the ally generally fer tbe ett rt? they had mode ut relieve the dis tress of A* oonoiry Be moved, therefore, to elrtke out only Ihe word "banks," eo thel N wooid reed "la farther UM of the ertarte made by the etty of New York." The reeur.iUoe waa ee emended aad adopted. Teo third resolution waa then taken op, eel also adopted Mr Ctylbb sailed the attest* in of the country banas to tbe faet that on<*er tbe prreeal eyetom of paying ao balance* In Now York, by eoe'!og ap packages of oxmw-y ber k uoiee and Isyleg them by, tba eoontry beaka er - asable to control utelr own currency It wee eighty de ?lreble that Usla should he prevented, and that the a dee ef oountry benke ibotkl ae returned to Heir owe om stUuenry ln*>e?d of aoovmul?ting by millions down Bast. Ho bad applied to hare the btlla of bla bank aaeorted, aad bad ollere" to pay ibe -spouses lor to -i ~-k oat Ae He tropeli'an Beak refused tbe oOer. v o, barf, ho sever, mated tbat tf flfty or a bnndred of the -ountry bae. i wo 'Id oomblna togetber and pay for HHMhUHMMMNfM they woe Id the* have '.hem assorted ant reu-.ra them ti Me bask'. Mr. Meoaa, V Balh, Mid he bad bad amah eaperteao la liu king aad bad goae Ibbaugh the paste o in?/ a thai time be bad eoppoeed tbat much rn'rot be one jy rouveutlone and rrsocmen Ho aad round tbw w> be a fallacy, the oaly true prtactple waa for eaeh bank afla me to take rate or lie own ol c -tattoo acd be prepa ed to redeem it. There waa force tn the remark that It waa bet ter for tbe country back* to hare Utelr own circulation In Ibeir Immediate vicinity tf tbey oould, but be, for one, waa not die posed to disturb the prueeni stale of affairs tn New York. He did nut egree tn Ibe statement the> specie pea men's bed been suspended in the eoontry. There was plenty of specie In Utecountry, end be bettered that when ipeote payment was resumed, the c-oonb. banks would eoaroely feel any dtflb'ence Be waa prepared to take care of btr owe etr c:ia?lon, ani to redeem such or bus notes at the counter as were presented by Me el y bank* Mr Eiutaon, of Koobester, said that tome atattiUos were desarrtrg ef consideration tn connection with thlosuv.?et In September, last year, he believed there waa tn drcnlation In the u ate of New York, Ally mil tloae By n report made In Sepemuer of tbe presrot year, foe c rcnlatton had fallen to eighteen millions. By taking tbe returna or last aolirday, he heard tbat t?la had Tallen to slxtoen ml,bona, ooa half of wtif.n watt put in olr elation by New York olty basks alone. The city banko, In liu oon KI'oo of affairs, oould not aoeumu'ale Use mUhoai of oountry 'troila1 oc. Tbey have not more f so ooa million, In fao , of country bile, which ttey ties tn place 01? specie? "n raahtrg their balances. He would O'-d Itarc bis testimony In fkvor of Ae oontioct of ihe Albany city banks dor tag the In e Tbey had done more than ait the New York city backs pot togrlbtr :"or tba rebef of tbe eonatry. Tbe Albany bank" hail at the present time more 'ten one mlitlon of currenoy in New York, or more than sufficient to cover Ihe wholeaor.umuin lion of oooBtr> i-Uiw In thai My. Be ih rai 1 obj*; to any csmKnaUoe of tlfty or one huu red oo ihbry bank ; for the purpose of rooming the assort aent an-t return of tbt-lr notes from the Metropolitan Bank, because he was no willing t? lead tbe banks race to any tte'rop I'Mn Fltnk principle. It was owing to tbe Impoattbthty of reoelv'ng as > relief from Ae I we retkrmlut, banks of New York that maea of Ae post dlfl-cu lues had been attrI eatable. By Ae action of thece bilks Ae straam Ve reula ioa after qufvertsg for a ti ae .n the beiaunr bad flawed (award tn ?tend of outward, and Ae bostneaaaf Aeoonntry had been brought In a Mand Mr. 8r>,\-as Mio spcls lo oomphmeutsry terms of ibe ilbeny baoke Tbslr proposition to Ae New York banks bad gtven tbe si ray of tight A Ae darkness. Their liberality waa property appreciated, aad met wlib a warm rw'osie from Ao whole baaktnp interests cf the Slate The sub wot here dtipprd Mr. V i W lusvs made a personal explanation res pM.ig lie rumored dleuredltteg of Ae Tompkins Orran y Bank. It had arisen through Ae misearrlspe of a tele rvapbte despatch, and had been immediately righted The bank now ?tood r.-aai to aey In lb? State 6. W. Ocmib Mid taat full cstloe ba<t nut been done to Ae etty be -,ki. They deserved thanks for suspending specie pa- meets (Lighter) They shouli also have o red It for redeeming ceuntry netea at par, aad e penally foe redeeming Ibeae which Aev bad knocked down .list before. Men who had owned Its country banks sen. to bed (opposing Aey had hsen demulated by Ae elly banks, aad awoke to Snd them wires race more bashers aad Aelr bt Is taken by ihe oi y banks, aad paid out ah par?nay, mere, As ctly bad iignlSad A sir Intention wo keep ft ur or Ova mill, ma of Aooe country bilm, oad to give Aem o value A making Aeir balaooaa r ial to gold and a Iver. (1a 'ghter ) Mr. Ma'.ib m d ba had .oat warned what Ae Mty basks had agreed to redso^cni Ae ooaatry baaaa A gooJ stand.rg to As exteat ol one milhon sad a hair. Mr. Picwt., of Albany, said bs bad attM"Sd a masting Ae night before st tte Macasttsa Oompaev banking boose, at which Ae moot Important o' Ae city baak* wore rstirssssUS. Buy had sewed ?o redhcoaai paper r<w the western Bask?bs presumed for As'.r corrwspoa dssts?te Ae aisowm ef f I.MS SOS as dttrter M stxsy d*? ?' paper. The mattsr had bean rseeed hslhe haafs ef WAiasn't Msrohaats' tank to arrange Mr Rai'woa of K-Chester, st'.d bs bsUsvsd As coon try banks con I discount I enough to bring all too P'odncs te> Ne w York. What wan mire wanted ??? As meant there to seoare an outlet for tte produce. At pre Mot, while the New Ym. banks are runs'JIng Aar dis cms is, ftwrnyn esnhaare eaaaot be obtalasd. The rwtoiutloa to oomblss for toe pwrpoeo of oh-aiamg bs-Jr Ae Cren'tttoa of Ae const t baoko from Ae Metre pebtan Banh| was then wUhdrmwc and Ae OoaveaUoo ad warned, ic9/eot to Ae esll of Ae comwithee ALLEGED FRAUDULENT BANKING OPERA TIONS IN PITTS BURG. Pirmrre*. Ost 31,1117 A NKk wamat wwlaud at Use umtaao* of Mr doott, Pro deal af Use Meroheato' aad Katifaoterera Bib*, agaiaal Jem** aad Her:clot u'Ooaaor, broken, of Um Irm of O'Ooaaar BroUsere % Co , cbt rg.og ib*m w,Us ov telalag free Jolmily, through (fee cow p Kelly of lb* book keeper In too beak, 1111,000, ead Ik* cm* wm heard to dap. O'Oooaor, la dofeaoe, mad* grave eltogeUoa* *g*us?t Ma book, d aay tag hi* tadobtodaoM ead alelmlag to b* Use aroat of Us* beak far the pcrpn** of drawing apeoto from ouser beak* oa UMir aoto*. to raptoaMh the raaka; thai erf* oaaaala of M* aoK* of diktat baaka of laa* deaoi mtaaltoc Maa tr* doUan, ead etoo ooaalarrat aoa*7 wore dnwa by Us* Irm from Us* beak oa Ms* ear ska Mat M*tr d*aPaga wtoh the baak Maw fobnary barf am ousted to over Id,MO,000. a largo porhca of which wm aolM Usofr pr re** ooooaal; Mat M* raaf'a Mala la rata atwrr pt*d lo adam a aawiaanai wHh M* baak. aad ytoood aaeantlM la Mo head* of a delator** *d party lo ooror aay ladobtada***. A fuohm Tipym wm wared for lb* prmoat. Me Maaan. o*Gaaaor baring iredr tr en gcweci to* Ute b*n?f of MP creditor* Vol witootot ding M* Miawpei.rt t, tb? sotoa or toe oeaic er* a*1!) takM by M* alar "?ik* of u ? Mty la pay reel of ao<e* i*c u>*<p, ead etib by let pob is, ead II I* ul 1 leal ii* itock ell* not be d?pr*r ? I. THE PROVIDENCE BASK ST ATSMENT. rn tm o. R I ,Oct D IMT tfcf follow ta,~ 'A lb* *Uu teal of Mc banka of ik'? i if to Oct. 19 ? UrcLiattoP ... ? l.T.l.isd lb porta l,a?d.74T r MB lk.50S.Md 1*36,1-51 MONET MATTERS AT NEW ORLEANS. vaw Oat**** Oa* 11. 1U7 rin*a?e mawan took mongtoomy ban. tooay en ta toror of a roapeewioe of Mo boaka, babartag 11 Ma Mly way to oMo.a roBof scihtag doaail* bM yol beea da aided ow by Me bull Hoot of Moat an weak, a aal ha too lag prm>la thro*rb*at Ma baaiaan o*mto?c.ty AFFAIRS LnThTlaDELPHIA. Paneimnre, Oak S3, IM7. WomQ. Oaotoa A Co., '.mportera, Md John Hooper, 9m A 0* . dry good*, hoik eooee* orikla sty, kayo ta tread ed Their sobtihW on booty. (hooka beery. PoaaoylTaaio l a, kOig, Readier Roll road, 14M Horn* ?aa*l. T. :?ag latoad Railroad. TTf; PMaayiroal* RaUnad.M*. DISCHARGE OF HANDS AT THE NORFOLK NAVY YARD. (foam.*, Oal H, 1M7. Upward* *f f fly oarpewtor* wan dtoehargod from Mo Mary Yard ban today The kmo* took ajuolly far ike ?War. _____ THE WHOLESALE CLOTHING HOUSES. TO m EDITOR OP THR RURAL*. Vaw Tou, Oak 21, IMT. la tootttag oror y ?w atataaMai la yaalmdey a adlttoa !a r? elksa to lb* eMklag bot aoa of tola olty, wo Bad ea In portoal arret la irgord to ow bout Ton aay Haldea k Taylor employ Mh bend a. Md Mot May an oil Idle. Bat me Into to Mo Irm to Tejlor, Habbei! kCo., (auoMaoon t Hoddew. Toylw A Oo ,) ead w* employ probaoty la oily ?*d eeaotn MO beat* anally, bet tor lio I Ml tow week* we bar* rtorenbeed torgoly. 9UU ad lean oae half oar boat ? bar* ?a pto- m#a>. Md w* parooM dariag to* wia tor Ir employ e*ar y o*r aim el or m her II la aot *a r ?'*h lo rtnbl*. >a oa. oawea, bat wa Mtak we ewa N to Ibe pobimaad to oof* Ire* to eorraes *o palpable ? mlaioko. end etou well kinw tbet roa e* e public ,onraeltal wtoh to rat lit b nclbiof bet trnlB. tdVOB. hI'PBI .1 A 00 , SR Ckembora tirmi. Rnvel lnl*lllg*nea> Tto t*;?i t* we* PTymentft, OemaHde* lot-gree,

aa toC I'm fti- t***TJ* m thd ?ik 'aatasi to." U* Tn nsTftorourix roun oMBUMf. Br. Dripu Dlictea to Fill tt? VmucJf Ot? itMtd by Hlf Own llMlfMtloa-Prqwrk tlon* far Um Coming Blutlwi Tm Ap potiitmesit of (Foil Ubrki, Ac, The Board met TMlwdir lAmm pMoui 10 ndjoara meet. Prewri, Mean Wo?d, PowoH, Nye, B^weo, Are iihu ud Cboiweli. The ml* alee of the tuft meetmg were reed ud approved. Mr Bow en offered the fctkrwag ? Resolved, That Km Genera) taperintendr at be directed I to advertise In two or more papers ta etch of 'he oouatlM 1 embraced ta Um Metro poaian Pottoe district th> provletons of law ta respect to the pctiitcry keepng or ditpoiiogef aay tntoalcailog liquors tpoe any election day wiihln the raid dlnt'tot; and to teeoe an order tc U - members of too peltoe to report to tool/ retpeoUve oaptelsa, wb?ab?J re port I be mom to Um General Sep# ta eodect, the tenses of all rersoaa who vtolle thoaaid prortaloaa Resolved, Thai on the receipt of the nam* of persons to < ffeartlag, it eball be Ute doty of Um General So perm tended u n are mil the mate, wlih the ertdenw of Utetr gout, to the DUuiC', Attorney of Ihe OOunty In wbtol tt? offecnee shall Dare been committed, that suite may be ooaameeoed at by law diverted for the recovery of Um flu* tmpoaed Mayor Ween atppooed that Um doty voold by ma de vetve apva Ute Genera) Papertalendent wtutoot notion of 'bin Board, and thai if the Batrl iboild tell him not Vt do tt, he would be attll oWftd to obey the tow. Mr, loan ibonght that the Brnrd war responsible to the law, and that tt wonld bo at well to direct the Bjper taieadeni to aarry out the law. Mayor Wood thought it wae me-ely oa big upon too General Superintended to do vhai the law reqalred of aim. The reiolnurn passed unanlrn'oady. Mr. Bowsw oUered the following, wbtob mostly >? Keiol '<d, mat the General gapertatoadent be directed to advert!** In I wo or more paper a, la each oooniy wltn.u the Metropolitan Police die riot, Um paneitlea Imposed ?y law for amaaltleg nay ekotor within iald district. or aoy mem car of the poUoe thereof when in the discharge ol ha daty, or for any aooh memher to argect making aay er reet for au otlauoe agaiaat the law ef the SUM, when oom mlttod in hie preeeooe, or for any peraoa not a member of the police force to fa ealy represent hlaual: aa being each member * lib a fraudulent design. Benotved, Toat theGraeral -bpertnteadeot he directed m Gene an order to the aeveval aeptmas of poUee la New York and Brooklyn, to deliver Into the handa of the la ?peotori of election. In their reapeetlre preoinote, oefore ?onrlae on the third of November, Um ballot hoxee pro video br tali Bmrd, and eow la their potoBMlan, and to receive the him from the laapeetore or oaa venter* on the evening of that AM, and More Item ealbly la their elation houses. Mi. Eowa* offered lie lohoelrg, which paaaed oaaal moiiaiy ? Resolved, Thai the General Bupertatendoai bedtreoMd to rreveet, in oomrllaaee with lav, Ihe erection or main loiiance of any booth er aoa for the dlelrthuGin <f Uokets with la one banJred and fir y feet of aay rolling place with a the Metropolian !'oM<-e a!strict Mr Bowm ofle ed the rohowtai ? Resolved, That appKoeltoa be made 11 the Mayer, Uder taen and UcmmonaUy of New York, to erect on the MM alt end y prcoced a station boaae tor Um nee of the Twentieth ward. Mayor Woouitated thai too Common ajubcII bad already noted, >ed that al. that wat neoeaMry waa to apply, the silo had b?eo bought. The reeoiuilen waa altered so aa to ask for tha ereetloa of a station boaae as tho site procned, and the reaoiattow paased Mr Mow an offered! be following ? Resolved, That the Ge* oral r*v.portateadeat be directed to re ort to this Board the names of toe poiioemea to be detailed on the day t election, the Sd of November, to , each ek-c ion poll w.that tka c:.Ma of .Vow York and Brokiya. Rrso.'ved, TTiat ihe Gsaerai Sopertatendeat be directal to order on patrol only on IWt 8d Into at such plaaea aa be may deem proper the special patrolmen appointed oa Ute feqalaiilon ol lnd rid cats and oorporeli ma. Mat 0- Wood said that toe reeoloiton could aot be paased, aa the Board waa oaile i upoe by tow to detail the poltc ?> men, and oonid not delegato tan power to the i eoernJ SopertorsBCeat. Be bad a'eo offered a raaolukoa to the same effect, which was told c rer oaler Um rnlea Mr. Rowrv ssggee ed toat the* moral "apmateedeat he reqoeaied to re,.oe. a Lint of samee to bo detailed by the Beard. Mayor Woop toorght the Board ought to be able to per fOtm lie own Be wae la feror of a special o?m mlMee to report, or ton. i te Board abould set apart a day. Gea. Nvn oa ltd titration to t^o fact toat toe aot provid ed fur toe Boat d to " prevaat tte aracdoa o booiha," Aa , and to eaftweo the law by ' tnstroettag," ho. M?ycr Wood thought, to tola rtew, they oonid laatroo- ton Oennral I pcnatopoaai to CU op ihe forsa. Mr B?? kn * .. erf too reoointton MM to oU) t c the Genual di,i?rliiirB:'eal U. report aamre to toe Bail to he delalVd Mayor Woor toped the reeola'ion would net paae. Mr. Opoiwvtx aaid he bed opposed toe detailing ty ihe aaeial Bepertskredews, aad aha*Id eppoee this Mr Bowk- *aid Jir Bmrd waa to areola! to ta * oate. Major W'. -r .aid Ihe ra* jhHoas memhsse of toe Bmrd onght o be aMd u appoint these man on-ereucdjigiy, aa toay had orig i ally fech arvomied oa toe fsroe by 1MB Ml ran Mr trwix morel that too maUer be referred to a oom mlttre to report ut the nvst meetisg. i The fiirt 'ttol ition wae carried, Mayor Wood aad Mr. Choi well vcimg la tat negative, aad tbr second waa laid over ox dor toe r.lea Mr Bows* cflbred the following ? Resolved, toat the do amines oa Atpolaimeeie ?e ia strscud to mi ort u> tote Bond at Ua aosi meeta^ the ramesnf r I tab e pcreone to ait M pot olerka ad Ihe aa tu eg r'> r Mayor Wv or oppcuec tb s, aa giving the c >mtottoetoc morh power He rxderrtood ute me?ewunt to be H give Una oomm'ttee aa cppcrtoall} to r* ?n oeriato nam* , and If lore" membnre chose te oppme It they were ti se plseed la toe ait iude of ractloalda Tha. wss the object, aad he wai oppoead to delegating to a ccmm ttee power which ihe Bca*d ehouU eaeroia# iiaeir Hoocleratood toe trne evil, ke thought. Mr Poway d'scltlme i any partisan oh>?ot Tha Mayor of Now York waa a i im >sr of Ue rem wit* U> which he proposed to refer toe .tat, and ke toeagbt ihut should ?t liifr bis Hoeoe. Mayor W'xid waa not ocgalsaat, from say 4t<aa of the Board, toat be waa a member of aey csmmlG.e Be bel not been -oornlud la aay of their m*><iirf, aad they had tone oa relylsg open s pertaaa meyaritj tooerrylttMr eoaemee threnge Mr Towiuislihsd to know how tas Mayor wlebt.l the matter alleged. Mayor Wood?My to# Boer i. Mayer iVraatb?fhn who.# Beard* Mayor t?oom?Osnataly. Tas who's Boaid kaa to Fowwit stolev that he had aw OKBouNy ta sed Utag the seieettea ef pel ctertu la B- ? .iya. Bad ihsugBt Um Mayer M New Yore m^ht bus a si altar ar rar genie bt Martr Wood wvart Ute to see a speoiu rommitae ap potnied fo-stoat purpose, an-; they oeuM de to. as he had no doaM they sroold, ta mnnnet. to t he waa onrtaialy opposed to the eomsrtttoe aa al present ooa ? i..tod. ua wm tarnrased toat he wee a member of the am' of whteh bo wei vol aware kef are. The com a, :? t pr >be ' - ,ort at toe sleveato h.ur with , j " \ j |.a>e tor stem nation Into toe L.'t, i -> (V aa or to* men He shoal! rite t from fs tow oppnsiuaw, but rrow a .re M? MMoUoee fr*l <*J and legal(y made . sra rspialaed that the ooaua '* -as eel M make m soiCcUows, bit wamly to reoommiau ?e em. Mayor Woob wealed the aetovhrao made la aa open , handed, to' aad imperUai meaner wMh toe reporters prsweet, au ? at tar public should know aa mech se toay < ilea. Nrt did KH^mlud IkUHjmiaf anoint had b?B prcpaead. Mkjor I'owau. I ifgMtt! aa amend cert ?ltd a ?pee'el ^nn I'm IM er pointed Ik re-Mrl, aad Ikai It* kerd ???? today to eppotst the (Oil elerka, wbleb ?M Malty agreed lo ud I"# oowuBlitee epootatad. Mr bo?w preoMted a rtooMonaedailea that hmoob plaint kgklkkl effloera Male and Mm or bo dMMleeel end they IM rrelnred to dely, ?Ufa M edmoaiahmcat from Omit OkMkliw Met IM' be mn eoreful In faiaie Adapted A ormber of r mm Of Minor row .'Mate kgmikkl peNee la Mew Tort end Breoklya were diapoma of. ?IBOtlOM OP KB. tBAPn TO PILl THK TtCAMCT IK TBI Mil HP. Mayer w?m> ?atvai no ike eob}*ot of tiling ma rateicy metier la Ite McMberahlp or the Hum, rMa It waa aaaalnxxwlr reeelred 10 go tain ta aleokoa Mayor Woop Uiea, aald tbe Moot profcnal KUraoe, epoho aa oitowi -I tare a mm, dr. riaeHaai. that I think will rename the eaaafmea amaaat of tkii Hoard. ui I om aduoad lo rogiaet IM aeae, akbnogh fee la t political opponent at mlae, for Um pnrpoae of aattaff lag lb* liard, aad tkeoa eaMtie af it wko bare charged im eiif) a dtrpo ?uma to imreie Um dMahart* of tba dnttaa of tfeo oMoe of Police CMtMllnaM, aad who l?Tt oald tbot t oame beta witt fMUooa parpetoe to abow thia Riard aad a>l that ell I Aral-a too good. fMltfol p.lioe dapefment, end tbi? Hoard la aai wNI a Kill aaaia af ltd rnaponafbiMUnn retting apoa It; tkat raaaa-taa my bo anod op and the pnhtw latamat ankaarind, tad thai 'km poroe im naal by an political per.y fbe geallamaa whoae name I ahail propeie, la, la my jndgmrirt, although patttoally ha la My aaupadaa, a worthy wan. T he to onnfldeaM that be la a gentleman oaa that will dlaohanta tba do tine fall* aad ran*roily aa laa? aa ba ibail remain la Ibla heard, aad. ibarfkri I prepaea Um nam al ftmeon Draper la (til Mm nacaaoy. rhe tuilaaan of death waa rented wMla the Mayor ?poke end dnrlag the Itkleg 4 tba rote. And wbea all ike mew hart bad ratal in tbenUtrmatlre aal dr. Draier waa declared HaHd. Ike crowd la Ike roam bure fartk la eaa onaaettdelnd aaear Tne no we wet eoaoad tbroef* the halla dawa lata Ika atreot. and wealed nary where tba Meat nrofoead MtnatnnmrM After le-aMatinc Mr H, Wertto oaa of Um oM poBoo 'or or aad ealaoMaf Meeai I Wool aid Cast wall aad Rowan a oommlttca in acyoaial Mr D.apnr of bta aeM'aattaa the Hoard adyeoraed TBI lirtOT OT Ml. UKArft'd KOUtMATtOK. When Mayer Wood ma- a hit apeeeh Introducing Ika ?ahjeol of tba elartlea to ail We raaaaoy, tba ntfnr mm ban of tba Board aad Um apan'amra ware nrprtaed .wbea Mayer Wood mar ad aa Um ? pedal order, they ware at tea abed when be oomiaaeed Bmeea Draper aakaeaa Cdetg te III ik? recent r, Mi ay ware eewuKlal, and wbta toned that he dm twetod by a uiiIbom rote, lhay warn petti Bed. 8aa Nye leaked el Mr. Bowae, Mr. da ran pill with M laeabiag leak into lbs hoe of Mr ttoraaa hta; Mr Btranaban'a nHaaateropfo taoe fore momeainghi ed ap as be tamed hie eyes loairle Meier PoeeU, who nerd vacantly el Mr. OholweU wf boot glrantog any sails frcitoa from tea jmtiotmJ of ihM taMer g* atlaaaee; aad Mae they all loo had upon ihe pieoM laee of Mayor wo d, wae wae the only taaa ?a? alarmed at the reeo t of bisons* BMlid OOUO dffUMfl Mr. Cfeolwotl had prepared Biameif to rote for theme OblMe, Jr , h ?rmoar of the i*at Ooorraaa, hot >ho from stckseai wee eot able to lake Ms aaat; hat wbea oae after aa ether aaeonaead hie prefereaoe for HIbmob Draper, ae hit?the lert oams?wae eaUed, Mr. Choteell ruined la the cry, at the >ame tiara btdag itg down his flit with eeeh e vebeoeet bl w upon the labia that the mthogaoy wee toroed to participate la the general ae eehameet laerednkme wteka teief raphad eoreee the room tee too pletoa that tbaro wao a worod getttomtn la the faaoe, ?ad ibe ootana of imall pol tlcteaa, wboae tnflaeove with theCommit aiOBera they ha>e*A rrrquanl* aaa<n>n ed la a eoaflciatal way, at oaee bagae to dtaoara tha oraoea of ao antseaotad a result, aad the preOebia effect H would he?e aa the fatera aoadcot of the Heard, tevaral bad arpeoled M, aad with rage aad rawmn viaaga lhay aaptaarad It ee tbotr Qrmaaertailoethat ?nwMbtrg waa "op," wbleh waa grattMag laulflgoea* at ihta time, when btaka. stocks, railroads, sra-obants aad or* dlt aad all aise arc ??aoea " Uaa mdteldaet?a lobby member- whese gtnerous tm. nisei bereoftae ted him to imp?(c hia wbdem upra the Board, aaaeaeoodlhat ha "imelt the rat," whlah he aaaauaoad to be tea' "Sn Ore ar had agreed to eatt hta rota la favor of rateatatlag eomo ot tho od coUoo to iha position fro-a whloa they had been seated" Bat ? Bother repudiated snah aa Impetaiioa aganat the political lalsgi By of Mm Draper, whin*,fee said, waa beyond snsptrtsa Pel a lead acwpiaioea lad -vtuati sag grated soothe* idea, whlah waa that Mayor Wood waa4 on tee magnanimity dodge," teroogfe which ie wla bath thoaawhohad become eotraoged from him by bla refuel* k to acknowledge the Metropolitan Poi.oo lata until 11 waa deolarrd ooaiiltatloaal. Mr. OholwaU waa aaablo to solve tho my alary. Ha got Into Mayor Wocd'a carriage and rode with pilot to the City Hall Ob their way Mr. Cool veil tail mated bo didn't uoderateab the matter to bta eatlre ?aiiifac toa atd Mayor Wond proceeded to aepiata Ha aa <1 that the opposition had laid at his door ail tha tronblea wbleh tha Bmrd had had to eneooater, aad that ant for He opposition the rarlta of the pol oe woold be ao w fall, he waa uaalled by tbe newspaper* became be won id eot vote for tha violent paMtraaa whloa tha ropebMoen mem ner? bad nominated to CU ibe rant nay oooaatoeod by Mr Drarrr** resignation, whllolt waa a notorious fait that the gemiemra to had eaggeeied were not polltlclana, bat In teblgent aad tattoential citizens, wboae poltttoa la tome instances he did not biaaaali know. But fnding there wai an obstinate determination on the part of the repel)i can member* to prevent aa effective organi zation of the police ant lay the blame on htm, be con eluded to nominate cimielf n republic ta, wham he he llevtd to be a high mlndrl honorable man. who eoald not be nied to make the Boara aa anglae to advance political ends, aad la that new ha had nominated Mr. Draper btra self. Mr. Cfeolwell asked If be bad coma led Mr. Driper apon the tabled Mayor Wood mid ha bad not; thai ho bad not seen Mr Draper fbr many mon he. Mr. OholwaU weal to Mr. Draper's offl ?, and proaaad ed to aatonlsb bis late aamdse la the Board by an Bocnclog tho prospect or his reenmtnf hla seal. Mr. Drsjer waa astonished, bat he recovered from his aston ishmaat rapidly, resomed hla oh areolar tstio smite, streked b'a vest, aa ba Is went 10 do whan ba reels par.ioolarly good tainted and said be wool I think of tha mater, and anaoDooe hi* decision aa lo accapCng the posit I. a at ae early day. Depot, Pupar.niandeai Carpaater waa seated la hla oOloe la Prank I In street when tea news of tee election came lo htm. Mr COi-penter, aa In doty brand, was a? loo is bod, aad aatOBlaaraat became endemic teroaghont the plate. Bui be waa glad lo bear Ual the varaaoy bad beea filled, and ha antlclpatas tent tea moral effect apon tea poltoe force will be good. Tho news waa wlrgrapbed to tha different steUos ho nam, an J taepfotern, aargaaau, roe ad a man aad patrolman held tbemsatves to ba ft My j-is lflel tc being aa'crated wlte astontabnaaal, aad various ware tea ?nrmtara aa to the result, fhey wondered "If Him. Drnmr hadn't aotd rat le the Mayor '?"what lbs bargain waa," aad "wbe tear Jaha OholwaU, Mm. Draper and tee two Mayors hadn't arranged to ring tea old pohoe laid tea force " Put tho dotage of astoawhmect waa reserved tor tea rtople. They cos ida't beltove II. One aoMva fa^lsnan of tea repabttoaa early erpreased It ae hit pro'rand ooevto Uoc teat "ir Mayor Wood btd seen tira t by ligbl ?tag ba abcaldat have basa n.-pvieed, beeaata recpte were sometimes straok by Hghieing; bat that Mtyar Wood should ?>? struck with the Idea of aom'net lag (km. Draper to All tea vacancy oaated by tbwrralgaa lion of Mr. Oommiratraer Draper, waa a thing teal waa web calculated to mako aa wonder if tee world ready re volved on its ai r, a* bad iven orgofl." The eky waa Hooded wlte aabiaishmaet ap tea late hoar last evening II M romorel tent tho OommIm'aaan hove arteated the bolMlsg eonar of Dm aad Uaaal street aa a permanent local tea for their afllese. aad teat they will mm >vc tbiteer aa Monday east The matter baa not been doflaitety noted ?poa ta opaa aaaatoa of tea Board. Vkf VtHnCm Lui II0L ItMiDWiT TRIiTII? 1 VgW S1UJT. S ..iwtibeteadiog the bard time* lha paofia aaaa to bar* a eireeg jimrkmt for Iba bal *1. The n-oadway ?m qutta fall !ml eight, (tbe e'.xtaaatb of tbe Koazaal troaps.) A new fairy bal'at, 'Ml taratlo d'Ora," wa* tbaa aad there produced w'tb decided nmra. The ilory la foaa<led cpra ifcr a d legcad oflbc "Brooee H*ae, ' aad (hc|ai*toB la alaioat aaMraly ooebeel 10 choreographic diapbye by M'liaa ! amorr .x, tba Prataal'a, thgaara Beirut! aad tbe yya it bslift. lb* meaty, dreaaaa aad a, polauxaate ware all aaw aad rary baeall rai fba pr.n ^ pal ?aaaan ax aria* tbamaatrai la tba moil aatraerdlaary way, aad tba Iaura it Jot* called dowa torrent* of appiaaaa. Tba groaptaga of lb#/par nut, eapecloily tbaa# la iba aaeoad ad, war# rar> laataraliy arraafad. We bare before bad oooaatoa to ? peak la prate# af M".b Lamoreu. leal eight aba waa bouer I baa artr. Tba troupe aaa who#, la altogether ?1 ?-?Ileal, aad la worthy af area mora tbaa tbe rary liberal tatroaare which It ranelrea Tba ballet of lad alght ta aanovaced far rapali Joa thd (tresis# mta ovHiniAN'ti uihwit laat motr. Mia* Uuabmaa waa reoelrad laet algbl, at bar IbrawaU b*Mfll la Bortoa'a theatre, by aa audleeoa wboaa aim b?r? aa wall aa wboaa aatt.oitam amply teetlOd to tba b*b rep .iaUen aha ha* Mag aajryad aa aa srtiM* of waa darfbl power aad arlglaal gaalua. 11 la leo lata bow to r* ear aay elaborate aiiJetam oa Mr raedlfcm of tbaekarae tar of Mrg Marrtila, la whlob aba appeared km algbl. Tba ebaraalar la aattraly bar awa. U la aa* lha Mag Mw rUlaa af Boot*, tor oT tba ImegtaiHi)* of aay iumaa balag ?are Miaa Onebama barteff; bet H la aa perreat la Ha bldeeeuem ea aay Image lb* mow ririd fhaay eaaid oaa |ure op. Ia her parftrmaaca bat algbl Ihte aatrairdieary n.i.ttf b?<1 Ibe whole bone# ebeolalely a pw-11 M uj. aad at the oloee of tba eram* aba wu oallal oot erg itioIi 1 with all Um demoaetraUoae of app>aaa* aba *o wwii mar l ad. lb* raraaiiMy af hi** (babaaa'a (?a'x? waa wall illustrated by tba exnaD- at maaoor la a baa iba rapre mad tba Jaateue Mr* Bmpaoa. la the Vwa or 'ftmpaee * Oo Immediately altar her effort la tente-ib* eeh Mtloo of dramatic power which I t>i, mem* I ly, hardly an;tblag mora terrible, or damendlai tba oxer ctaa of grralar dramatic fbroa, oaa be w* I o wwlrwl tbaa Meg MarrlHaa ?? Kim Mahmaa portray* oar Tba par formaaeo laat algbl oloaad taa engage m ml of Kim Ouah maa at Bortoa'a for ible eaaaoa, thraagboxt tbo eattra of wbleb tbe baa aaI #*!? added alfbtly I aab eereb to tboaa ?be ba<i eireadr wra, bal bad fllkd tba maanra af bar eapabwRy la New York. WILL AC* ? THBATEB. laat algbl, ooeatdariag lb* ttmaa, a large aodtadoa aa ?ambled to wMaeea Iba Iral npmrnhdliia af a aaw as mady, eatlt'ad "Ohprtoe. or Larar aad Baabaad. ' by Mr. 0 & tab ad. Iba eamady waa wall raealta*. It la rary orwtttasia aa a atin ateca, aad at Iba oaae wloo tba aauor waa eallad far. Ha* balag pmaa., Mr laaiar Waliaah ajpaarad aa bia behalf and thru of iba aawpaar, ami thaahedlhe eadteaeo Tor thai r Had awpradaMa )"eaebei "Paai aad Prwaei ' waa iba afterptaca. wbtob waa wall ?eel aad admirably acted. Tiiutw aan V ainaa' Ooataat ?Tba aaaaart a Mbie'e Naiooa ta algbl win be aaa af Iba flaaal arm girtm bar*. Tbalbarg aad viauxtampa play far Iba ftrrl ubm bar* tba hmaaa HeguateaTi deat KUaar tba nodonfiM mahaa bia ittri bar*, aad M'Ua rrimibal male* bar bet appaaraaaa bar* prwalou* la bar waatma Mar uadar iba maaagamaal af Mr. mreheach Tbb mahaa a oapttal pro A New Bum.?Mba Qalaa, a rary ytuag i baa baaa highly *ek*e af by tba Laadoa pram, W aa aauaaad la play at ?.noo'e theatre aaxt waah. later frwme BartiaHae end Oaedxloapa Wa bar* adriom from tbaaa tabadi ta Iba llBt ffeptem bar. Tba yaltew brar he* teat amcb af lb lataabty, aad ibar* ramalaad aaly a Ibw laeblad oaaaa. Wa a*tract fVam La Tromcf VOatrmm Mb IbUowtag aaraaat appaal fbr Importad bbar ? wttbooi tbe al t at maa'e arm*, ear agrloeHml oapMal will axbaoet iweif la Iba porahaia at nm aad af maaarea of arary hbd. Ta eaoapa from tbb obha of Iblaea wa rw qalra leb jrera whom tmrnigraMaa abba oaa far*tab Tbarafore, ml oar bnpaa. aU oar Oaelraa, all tbo waab of oor rwhwy demaad that Iba largoat oxtoaoioa poaelbb be gt?#a to laemwratiim bow. boeaaaa tbo lab reaaaine of our ?grtondoro Krom owo oad of Bartlalqaa la tbo other oao boaro oaly tie ary of M Meado, baado, gir* aa baada ' Tba antral of tba i reach ebtp Rlebaliaa, with a oarga af motlaa, waa booriy expteiad Tbb raaaai bad baea abaot aiaily three <tayo at aaa Another raaeb mrnai, tba man, arrlrad at ro?nte a Pet a no ib# let of Baptombar, witb olxty ooroo Afnoaa em | real a. A M. PeyToid, of ?? flana bad teraated a proram by whloh raw me#: nrm.d ?i pot er without pror-ot* prapo 'OMOU. aad kept ladtfatwy if tbo ??'?? -ate m*d* ooa oaraiug tbtd tiacowery otouid prtrre la t?a earrac It will add mater a y to tbo oomfort aad baaJM af rrrmaa cam pa. -ad I make laag act rayagaa IMPORTANT MUNICIPAL PR0CEEMN68. Special Message of Mayor Wood Oft the Prospects of the Poor. THE FINANCIAL CONDITION OF TIB CJTT. Startling Beport from the Special OomauttN 0/ the Common Council. NEARLY $8100,000 MIBBIVO. Shocking Condition of tho Account Books of the City, Ac., Ac., Ac. BOlRD OP ALDKKHEK. The Rrftttl oT Aidermec mot ut evening ?JOtm &<V, hnWnl, In Ik* emir MnUH ?HflM Tl? oiv.l?Bj on T1I>?P? |-*0?.?>nee to MM ? 0? PO* tu Not no fuboetog #ae leootrod froa J* *>T? ? Kjlvob'bOvv.CB, N?w York, OoU 'A, Mfi7 8gmi*? or m Connon Correal.:?. Wo iro charged wia Ibt ooro of Um intonao. ineie lntoreelo ore to bo prrdeotod by erory aonno a oo* oommiad oomtoteat wia low and jiollon. II n oar doty to let It after the genera) welfon, ?nd m a ooneoonwooo ot the ?v erode of ibla dtoywoaboa14 anlMpito impend tog ^imcuitlee of 0 pa ft lie ebnranter, whether perinteuig fto too peace of Ibe orty or Ibo public treoeory. If from extraordinary clroumnanoeo Iboro bo fsnn or (be latrodaotleB or dlilurblnp elemooU am Ibeonoal noioi tad poooefol Unto of ibe oommanlty, or d from mm oouaca odeIlloooJ boilbona are llkoly lo Ibll opoa tea par era la 11 not lacombeat apon oa lo a?ool aad proroo a* IbemT And If In the aoooroplfchmenl of aaae objootowo can aiao relUre ibo noeaaatuaa of a portion of oar fellow cltlari a. It in an addHkanl roaaon for oar ? oUon. , Taking tbla ?tow of oar drtfaa, rhonld wo bo unmindful of Ibe prracat atoto of tblnga In tblo ollyf a tary rerouion baa awapt over Ibe ooaotry, and now Yarn, ao Ibo cealro of omobaagoand Ibo Ibe topmort pinnacle In n ilorao, fee la Um bloat ileal, and baa no donbt andarad ibo moot Trade. oomoMran and , mbaofaetoraa bora atlfarad deeply. All lawman bore 1 been aoiely triad. Nona bora eaeaped. Of ooorta 1 do not purpoae by manielpnl trgtnMMn to a> tontoM ibla gonoral dwtroaa. That la oot wWun oor pro ffcoa oay rnaro Iban It la within oar powar. Wo oonoot rotkre Ibo genoial proaportty wtaieb perradod all onanen of Ibe city bat a Ibo aaoaift a alooo. Bat wo oan aid ibo working or InborlB* etaanao wad bi nanaor wblob, In ay '?d|Ceot, will Jf Ibo rboraclor of olmo firing or p?Md obortty. Wo ran *?> lor and food I bom. Wo bare oyer two Dunajoa &&???* a tbi. on, wbo, obbor dtma* a to* reotly, dopood for mbala enoe opoa anonanl tabor If Ibo prorrnl worn of employ moo. cooiaooa, moay mort ?nfir upoo elibor pubfio or private ebartty, nod I torn ?*a|N* * raw will eaaort to rtolaooo and foroa mlbe- nonoobooltto elibor of aooe pro nrtouo and bunolftaltog dependonoton. Tbaa lb# lexea wUl bo malorlaily 'noranged, and ton poaoa or Ibo oily any be dlotorbod and ua good nonao tor "nnaa n?t bo ua-ierrwod an refioetlBg aponao inf" ?ood tone oot, no ?i loene, of an wovfeag etoeme of mm Yorb. ta my opinion any ooaapoo#one uf ibo mania of Now York ooelety. W alia In Ibo mna aoy; nrn peaceful, moral aad omrtmrtod, tbay aroU ^aktojtow ibo moot ueeful, ooneervotlve and rob tblo, aad todeodtQw pr' eel pal oappartaraof ibo bn aad Ibo ouwutoied nl|Un U ae do,a * general proa partly aoy toborfer a anrn mbitetiM. wbibt ether em aee oeeamoaa weoBb, nam m ao <oyo of gonoral do prom Ion (boy we aobeo* "bdlta obanao, wiiboal Ibo aoana to or old or andoro reenraon Truly any H bo onld Idol a Now Yorb Ibooo w*>goduon arary.biDf lalnaMe^BBd toe* wbo praam nottoM g* every Uck Thoy labor w about Ineoew wblint narra^m ad by tboaaaada being a omaonaa ond ojjiifito wbo bar# Uaooma wttbor.l labor, lot now. oron aw momm, wHb tin poor plUaaoa, la to bn token fir ran them. Wanr notary leontoao bora proalntod all brnnaboa of nda*ry ?d moebonWal work. wwm. M k_i Over airly aoooond ambonla and tobactop won ana woman bam boon ooddooi* deceived to ewpoy mom-TUrn oombar will bo la cram od to??Ibnoannd before' Janonrp. Oor aioaUtol poputoUon, Ibwi npon Ibo ore to wawa. ore a boot to bo lamed into Um ilraoto wlinooi or Mo meano by wbia M lira. Upon Ibo toroaboW of tba oaonan wblob alooya I wUb li addMonal wnnto and noaombtoo, tony^flnd mlrea wllbooi emptoymoni, ond benonwtlboot Ibe oomo guont oompanonUan npon wblob to aabaia. - Now, la U not onr date to provide aaone wnv to oMWd Mbol' U wo onnnot Oitovtoto oil, w^ do a^ towordn a, and roitovo onvoral toooaondo, and to n mode, ton, by wblob ibo mapnyor wUi ? ? bo.? to boor aa aapoonm. Iboro W a root aaanoi of poMto wort to bo done, wbicb wUl reoalro UM aorvtoooof many toaatoal mam. Ibo Uaoiral Farb mart bo Improved, Um now rawrvoir to to bo oooatoootod; aovoral oogtoo booooo one atotoon bcuaao an to bo bab; too otrooa ore to bo rogolniod. prodoo, ytvod, oabod and gmtorod. kepi to order: an deefco raqolro npairtag and m mnay inauaoeo ibooid bn robnUl. aad otbnr worn of pnbbn im portoreo on a bo ouoolruotol, oU of wtooo ngalro ?uoonJ labor, a bo paid for boa ibe peWe bnaewy ? no public aaoaaaiUoa roqoln aia rrort oodI too work up "rtsissrosssw? ?? rertloo tor e.umaua tor fttratoblnp ibo Oa porabna wbn on, iboaand bwroto of llrar and o aarranpandag 'lonnUtpr of ooraaanlaadpototoaa.tobopaMtorby ao toooo ofo ?ublto eoMiraatoM atoak. raanaokto a fifty yoon.obd 0, ortop oovon par pool la tonal Iraoo poovtomna to bo dlapoiod of to anoron m bo ?aptoyd tjtoJMgNM worka rotorrod to, to Itou to atooay. al Ha oaal prtoojo the UorporaUoo. Ut nU aaao worto bo mmananood Partb Wia, under a# proper depirtinona Twauly fivo par "T.~ K2 iTi- ?? ~ Dompaoaattaaend Ibo ouppOpa ana proviaal alotribatod no torpor en will bo nfiovod of lb# praepea of odd^ 11 oaal una par aapanooo, aad wUl rootovo fifty yaara to odd .!Tir?5itafPSrT?b. > lal^r. wOllal Mo laowan wUl oat aoly pto employ maal, boi atoo pauiblaaa a way ?ale nrinan. aad bo frood froa Ibo lepoedtoB of toWdiemoo end a^ra^uf m^rnm any by. 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