Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 24, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 24, 1857 Page 6
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IJIBBTOPffllVTS 1JMWED KTBIT DAT. aiTATion wAHTEP-rgiii i.r.a A LADT HA V1MO OnY OF WOBBLBR * Wll?>W8 A mm lag mAim ite alien employment brtttwnk or lw riraee oa'loi addrme room Wo 4 #1 Christopher nt 4 bttuatk n w.nteo-st a mi colic aowd ami J\ naD?mtiL uantlntMll private family. ii<?>d *tv rr wrai* cvn b* given as to ohArwelrr and ctpanURy Pvaae call far two daya, at IB 1Mb at. oetween Mk and Mb A BBKPICTAH, B mi?D ? AORD 0BBM1N VOdtR A aanu a alt natter; ta a Ural rata aook and pastry baker Bu ike boat r I otty rofr rtnou .Apply at HS a. aeooad Moor, from room ATOUNG tilkHtB LAOT WISHES A K.TOATI N la a ret pec .able Abu rtoan ratnli. aa run :itii. .he u a perfect rreamakrr Tory espert to erury k'ud of anwtna an ! oabro'dt rr, and oar mak. herself Knn" oaaful. fktit aailaiilT ?o very, fourth floor, rojan No. '6. A RBPI T 4 811 (HRI, 14 VilSt .K 1(11. WISH I - _? _ a a. . io. . > do i-t ?rt Dm w -r* or tain o ire of a baby, ?nod c t? r? er?n< e frtt n her last plaoe flea*, a^ply ?i "9 ' H. ? fceiw rn t>tt. any 7tl. hTtaaar, thud Boo; ba:k for two day a. ? OS IMAM O'.BL W1RHB1 A PLACB AH OOOr, waiber and tr n-r, can cook *?1 and ??h anl iron Ir. rate, ? 111 do bouerwork r.r erwork, no being dWpo. d to rematr Idle. a?d will v ee-t m *lrr*i? wagce; oily or oj?u try Apply at 2 1 Bo aery, hta day or Moncay. A WKT I I'ArK WakTP A SITUATION; 18 A V1RT ?H. respecAbe womai at d >a a Protestant ?h? bu loat her *am baby ; ha* tool re'e renew tf rv?ulred Pleat" call at 344 flA t?r lop doer, fr uit room between Hat aid 221 ata. ASlTUaTION WAMTBP?BT A PROTESTANT TOO til ai to do get er I kooaework; t* an excellent >t? ?. rater anu i ?ove In a superior tnaui 'r | ob.tgteg llepoil { as. h?? |t od r-cvmn.cndai'onii: ? agora ihr aonntry Picaae Inquire at 136 II Ik a'. mod rate, will a > la corner f 6th are All INGUSH PR TBSTaWT 'OMAN WaNTS A 8iT uvtionai nur??: Is competent p? take ike en die tb.rge of an iLfai.: from Ita bir.V exn (Ire the bUbcit toatlmrn'*l. %. b. akaract r and capability from ber ore sen eapmw, wbe e a be baa tlredd years. A note addreae' tv J Q , Uct ni juwr Fowl offloe will meet wttb p ompt attention. A PlTnAlIOM WkWTEP?BT ARK8PS 7 ABI.K il'.H" , TV u "ham - ratald and to mind oh'.kren, ao o-jeoti in to W e>- n r . Please oatl at 98 Weal 29th ah. between 6A and Ttit AT'nuea. X F.Ti Pfc'TAEh.l HI R SI A B O.K'., WHO UMHBR A nac.'B all '.be tranohea of houieeo-k or to do wanking And pli-lo lerirn, tvlabea a al'natlon it a funtll private'ami w. uoxl elty : eferenee klrtn. Can be to e for twu daya at 4&4 Sd ar in the basement OlTrATTOB WABTBI7-3T A TOCM'J WOM ill: 18 4 C gt-od plain .look. Brat rate waakrr and troner. and net. w1 tidy In a kl'cken. Oily rcf ren le |t' rn. Call at S3 (V>a i at., below Columbia, Ho Ui llrook'yn. Situation WaNTKi>-ttT a toupo ibrkan tiiar. to do (? Deral tu'tuewurk, baat of referenij giran Can veea at t>73* Oeand ah ? nVATIv* WaNTID BT A RBvPICt 4 BLB WO ) mac to do the bortew'tkof a air* itmlly. o*n * ? >* wh and It n (ood r-'*-?n-e given Call a; 21 PrlaMat.. |A ..eocnd Bx r for two vie). J.TCATOIf WANTBD-BT A TCU.IO WO NAM, A8 ) cock or ohuwbr rmald good refe.uuoe lnp'tlre at the irre* of Hoyt and Po rlaa tia , Rrn>klya SriU.T.ON WARTAD-BT A Tt UNO, HBALTHT WO ata. ca wet none Apply f.>r three dayi at 62 .a hermer horv at . Brocklt n. SITCATI. N W I NTB1>- BV A TuUNO OIEU, TO*tKI rare ol ub'ldren and to do ee< In* cr at and to do Ww or*? orb or waltlut tn a lady ; la neat and tutv Plewe apr y at 1 ? 9.bat, near Brua .way. Wagea arnaL. and r ife 1 given "AT ANTBO-A 81TUATION. BT A RR8PACTABLB PR J 1 testae: yc-n* woman an neaautreea and obambermatd. w ical have nu ubj ctlona to awl.t tn the care of children or to aaake up ladiea' annltra 'An give '.he beat of refureaae "rom ber iaat paa*. where the nu kred for the teat four year a near- ca'l at 73 Perry at. for tkt ae da* ? W^NTB.' -ST A GBRM4* OIBU 14 V14R1 OP AO?, a Bitnattoe aa chambermaid, or In any ctbrr ctf wi'y wtffc a 'aarliy rvtnr to (JaJl'ori i* R.??t ln'ormuttun canoe gyrer ?? laa: cmrloyrra Adnrrna 124 StAb at'. In ike kaae wra' between 7th and 8 h avennee. WBT Nt Bi-B ? a TOUWM MABB.'MD WONAM WaNTR a .Ii.atoc a* witnnrae. Apply at 2M heg.a* at. ?rock!* a. WASTlU-HI A BBNPK3TABLB UIRt., A 81TUA tt Dumut wanker an .roner H n so oojeciiu o ?o ? abort ti< tare* id iec esortry B?at city ref- reooe firm, tlei ai 19 i olombta u , between Pacta an 1 -unity ale , rtouti Bno*ivn, Ural 0 or, ov?r ike artery a'.ora. rANTED-A PlTCTATiON. BT A H??l'4Tr4 HI.? jo nt liiriMD nil. to do matin* and Iroaleg a-d rtral be uaeworc Th^ae nubia* ike aaat irili apply a CUbodi.. He* Tort. rAF1ED-HY A REKPEl TABLE I NFRI>1? N WIPJW. S3) rare Ol ap a H'tiauoc ?? h"T'k?w -er or arain l weald (to tk or Weal Call ai 1,9 S tuib at, in txa WANT ID? A R1TC aTlON, BY A RddPBOt ABL B i ooo* bra''hr wiieiaa at w t cn-e?, with a freak breast at m lit Oao be aren from 'a orday in M>nJay al St Ht anion aa , between (toacorl and Ttl.nry, dr.siklyo. Bo ohjeoJoe io WANTED?BY A KAfc ' lou;t e rfoBeN A eii'inixitt rood do t nndereiantt oiklit tnal Ita branch?? i? a roc b ,her. beat ell; raierrcoe Oan be teen alt* Weai Jink at. WANTIC-BY A *I?T OIRi, Of IT, A (SITUATION W> do plate nerti,,: n a* ocuebt rxvtl li qn <>a w. A llw awarila. won'.d wa*h and tr n for ih- baoy, la wt'llni ?n1 wwtpteat to do ir,,- y*3.ra! to kul a amau fatally, wage* ?*. ('(near caul at 3 b > an (SJ at. WANTID-A BaM TO WIT RORRE, RV A 8K<J"fOf able woman ebo bsa t -raed b *r o an ban ? . heat of reft rear* If rrf|tlr?4 Ptea?e call at Nc 91 Neat Je;b at , Beiwtea Ml aid Tib arwrnra teeonoflju?. back roo-n WANTID-A SITDATIO*. B7 A TOT/BO VH 11,1111 w. man. at c> k an" to aaelrt <o * a?*tloi a- J lr wtn* Oaa ba tero ootl! esifaYt .1 al 1'N Weai .*j.h at . bet wee i da aa.l 7 b avenue*. WABrar-BT a bkppb.tabub Toi'Nf masripd woman a elfin'." aa -ret o rae, la f iliy 5 wprieltof tallcc i*r? at a baby ft ro lie biro. high-ei and bar! b-?'l mania t ??!*?- aa ml tn't and aapaMBty I lease a'l at Hi) <7a? -nf?r o a ami el see rhyei-lsn. WABf "> A BITi'aTlON BT A PACt|,T.kT R(V was. u d" |M", k > ,-wi rk s a tood p aln nx<k. ?u k -a rice Pei brnw aa I Isn't b ywh e wt . nt and ji hitu ' a p eaar aad atudy tha tn'rimt of fcn- empoyrr wi I aj> aid. fair wage*. Caa le aeeu ai A J "A are near r A WABTE1V-A RITCaTION. BT A TOCN.l <11 ml. at ckta rrmaid aad waker. Call at 170 Real i*t a. 8rw Epor Oct' n? m Oaa be tern for thraa lay i w ABTBP-A BITCaT,OB. "T A YOUBO >KdMk* e 1*1, aa ro k, w ? b- art. Ir n*r brat of c"j refe raoe rat! at i? 1 r iiaoa. aeooad 6 .or. SJP1R B'jNTH.-A RBRPBCTaBLS YOrBO W BAN ? a i? % ? .? i w a fn id waaber aad I* ? e? fan n yiat-re u| a:d wi I a ek* hrfi# ' ertirraiiy Oicluu apyly at Ike Wrti 2Td at . betaara 7w aad Hh a era ? mi jp n* ncMi. AU, f t K1MIP CAB PIBP OfNlD BBRVA*Tt?AT Amnd'tie topi 11 lie hew DomeaUu a*l"ile. IV Bier, e'b i'r?n pe er of ? Mb 1'' i> -u !nn?g ?et|ii Rr bap r wtt abun'i^ur of e.rii kely, fir *ltf o* oo in./r. ?atii k (??rnar e, Irak ti/ia, Ae 'foddaeted by a re epe? arl? Jmr lar oil* baRR>8HtCtR WkNTII-TO (11 A SlORf f>I' ret I'M al" y <r*ck*>f?i>' Mta MtaeNon by ad'-wif H ? J ? ?. I mail-A where laat wp o/ed aad ?i. i? ? a* a a i pty .a nBithRAKiR 0*I WHO OaB CCt ff atd tl ladfr*- kit' <? :ir A- 4 0*0 9ra2a U?? a t k-1 a r War mvbtae ? re u ed ?JTZ. t beV^r* Of Wadfc m a a aed* h m 'abtkd-a* IXI'.R rk B'1 " i*1' <><? wr., ? a m. y.w it BrxAlyB. lATkNTiL-A OOIORBP HIRL.. TO J O T?B WOR* TT 1 ' a f.mlly rf ir fee parent* to J " f el'T !?*?' 'ha ferry. t < * meat he a k"l plata e -,k a-d wiabf aat t mer. <%e a- ? een-t 'b? i<pr|f>A w 11 A da per. *? ??. at ne'-oe a. Pi" -nar k, tt ealtat at 11. H-itk ek. eelore 11 A. B or after 1 P B. 11*1*11, a hiti kTt'ye, Ae P.K*r falltff Ha R TT w tanrae or c r? o? p w'f >a ? dry c/? ?* r* a? aav o ker , tki' oiwraa. wddftef W a , l ,i el awa.d WET BP NEE W trtO-BCB OIK TEAR ? e< eE Tea* IE t at betwawi hr*atway am Ukaa rri.T aeean*. aa * A BTEfl ? A W Nil H01WA OCT T" ??T B'' AM I T? au t a reepejtab'* peraiatitake hai ? fas " i. iters ? oompe-ta t an j ;<I He t*ta foe two day* am. derae onwtpe-ea tm App y at ? fdnabla afi foe two C~ WABTir-BT A WIDOWER WTtHJUf ?l,It.IH?N % teiraia te<f?t f9 raars"! ??? a.t'eaor* att aaewd u tk* d.*mue t.ial't o' tk*. b t..? Apply ao T w ar*. BE Borft ik ?t . fr >m I to S P B WlhTkP-A MOOD "II KBR'l'AlP IIP f Cf?T w, '.ri t> make t?ra?!' t a?ratii u ? ike bmt of m y rWaee ?a r. talacd CaU at *1 1^-t u( a ateau*. oa kfto ??f. s bNal.f TID>~?. <*aa OfRi TO T ? K IC e - r?t a? d makr h. rae . ?ei."r*' f i*V, as i 7 tatkEt a.i ?? a fooii 1 ?f it it ?<? > wmV d m Bob'Mtew am- rtrv p efs- el ? OIEL TOR 'IBAtRsla nor' N.T 'XE aw a wee la tt.ecj i .?**: aaa mr.*t kea*y,i t *as praf.r.ed Ap.lya I kit w. r ?: It B" f Rtprf TATI.r tTjBaB. W7T1I ** r -? ? , a- : r 11 ? lC .. fyrl of fr d | " ??e I ? to tterpr 1 > 4 >,.* e-,. hll *tf? Ad Naaen ?? II ? 'ran Prwi t.11 e fu, We k yr'AMEP- A 'NiBPrTkhT > ?>l W "II THE B?-T ? rfr: I r?f r t>- e .p^.y fc. ?wja h?-i. i?ra of 9 Aad 11 n'r otk at lie i r a .ate rfAMRi ll ADVr.RTine it st?. |k? PBWABDE EE ril B TREN R 1 ? drr et eeem a able Oa?st 7 r?w!ea * u.eeej -oa? a m rae I'olui -a at nfnEiya rTBi 0 A MB PR A F1' a '8* UI-tlR MM' P?A' K T'). it ?*IE1XK'B?<B OkB!! E9B, TPraBTRIV-EII BBN BOB TTtABkRf. A <:!.EHR t')R rk a rtramer oe? enwdenwr four pie ?ra two hark* pe Hera to .Ore tiprrw ?M aa t?r*? trai sen ?,i re irat, rote New ii?*?aa ArP'T '? Oil.uBN A OO Ro. ( MtSredtray. w ' A NTE1 I "T BP HPT IF R T P ltll"?K r.erte f- r eh i plot aed llrket ofR" * I "lerka f.W ?rai*ry aid dry ?" -te eeoraa I t.ara?*pera. A p irterj, 1 h.s??a?e?.u, f i-ralewr l iwaw.lii ww'mti, E mra Pw Kramera, t ee?r-r aa" t h >> e Pe*a u wl a'.i* a?./ ???*? t? iki.i ? wpl ' i ?' e? l bfiia 1.0V IN ft AC f w t ff. 7B> Brysd <e> y. aa *t , tk> .olf ofhae la ike sup wkeye $<*H MtaalMw aae ..e ytcea 'bin PRfVA*P PlMITT WIFH TO f'TBi A F'TT ia> | ? r feritPare "|.l 'k* ' rm ?' Ba, . IFd" Apy Ir ka* 'll'N to r*l mat add re t A O, Kf Iff* DOT WANTXI)?It OB U YIAK8 OLD. '0<> l Of L' an American. whc can brine good oily 'cfe on 1 iuel tfly. Oall at 12 Bond at. from 8 to 10 A. M. OLKXK WAX1KD-POR A WHOLW1U OL -f3 O warehouse W ages *660 a year OoutMlea >wn ol to an homes t. steady man ap?ly. with whrmia, a IS4 HI ton at, Brooklyn, rn the basement. DBT OCOD8 ?W AXTXD, 4 YOU** BAB WHO HAN had some exptv ieuc<; one 'hat sptaks German pref sired. apply iq Q Blacheys 104 Fnltno at, Brooklyn Hud timbs -iouxg iu mon it to 20. waxt ed, those who bare b< ?a ? alkra preferred, must ba clean, aotlre. Industrious and o- g'ng. Apply hetw.en 10 ardl o'oknk only, at the Sand eh depot, W William til., t a emenl I \Tt> t'BARGX TO IXPLOYXR8 FOB RXBVAXTB. 4.' All tinUa of the very best o? honeehold hslp, it very i'oderate *?gt?, at the i?ew .tomeelioe Inatltute aad Hooae, 118 KU-wnth street- 'a-mer o' Mlxth avenue- all ordera I r: top lj a"> tided, If poatpa'd Conducted by a respectable ? mertctii lady. UriBU-t YOCXG BAH. IX A WBOl.RSALX yy carpet at ore, alao tsoseg'r tuskera Apply at RaB PAT11 A X) '8 merchants' cleika' registry oJloe, S?7 Iroati way, cmrrof l.evard street rooai No 1. rttoatlona pro crued. W.v now.mli ston changed la advance. Houra 8 to6. WAXY ID-TW> OK TIYL YOUNG BIN, TO GO bonth, ala). itr.i ui'a tf good addreaa, for mt door ctty business. Applt a the tfereoanta' Cinrna' Protective Agsu ay, IP llroady ay. r..'in An 3. hours 8 f 1. tXTAXTKD IN NlDTATgLY?A QKMKH \L ? L.XRK. IN fy a fancy ar.d ptrfum?ry mora tm hulma willing to make himself useiul need apply. Fwiar, i j si ataoa light porter, applj at moeat SO? Homer.' alter 10 A. M. CETANIID-A OLKRK. A TOUXO MAN OF HON KIT YT principle* preferred. Rs-cry liberal. Kmplo? asnt gentre' One'rnm be oouatr preferred. Address ?i. W. a. boa XX) Herald oWcs, Hanoi where he can be aeen. \XTANTXI>-A YOCNA <*N, FBOM OUT CP 'HI ~ ? ty i referred, wb a* YV'l in ca>b Gusra-itae givuo for teftty of the nonm. ;utlarcs light aad arr*?ab'e Grxil nigra | aid. Addr'ss B H. box 1U7 Herald office, tor tores i ay a. Hating wbtrn no lnurrlaw may be bad. WaKTED-AJI AOltVX AOXNT, TO 82LI, *ND Ol 'a n ordera for a- article lu Immediate demand Apply artrr 9 o'clxth at 527 i'roadway, third II vor front room. JH ANTED? BY A COLORED MAN, A FtYUATX }Jf A8 " waiter In a private lantlv. Real of rHv re'ereuoe gtv n Apply a. Co Res* 29.1 nt , ft.xn 10 to 12 o'clock A J | AlsIXTS WANTFI1?TO INTHOOUCK A?D SILL, ?>" tbe nrw Yankee hrtlona playing oarda Young oaen ol ictelllcenoe and geod address, rteadv sales and large omfl-a esn be made. A^ply at lUe'cloch itia morning at 14 a d iC Ann abeet 4t?ttA?tt?h WA mt u??" ?' 4 hit UATION Wj>N1KO?BY A* IXTlfLLI AINT A toting mtrrled man. In any reapeetsMe bu<tnes?, either t ertnan all' or for a abort time; la eompsten ?> ac. as btvAkerper. ea-bier or salesm-n. and la not *f'aid to v. irk Ybe best of refersnoe g'ven in regard to, eapablltty. As Address Industry. Herald >tfle? SiroaTICN WaNTXD-BY A YOUNG GKHMAW, seeailng Kng'lab, and a'.lu e bi'inlib. as p >rt. r, i r dcmeiilc Id a good Amertean h->u?e. Reoommendait ns an be given Ad< ress F. M Herald aikch SITUAfKM WiNTFP-BY A BBRPXCTABLt YoUNQ man. as brrhrroer or potter In a store; coder,tacds bdtb Csli at N. 1 erltt'a. 297 Frarl at , X. Y.. between Pfok slip and Baekwanst OROaV RT.- AN < RO INIBT WANTi A 8IFO ATIOT IN in.) or T'nlnlty, wlil p'ay a to >d organ a; a small laltry address V.\ b , box 2 66- Post o<Boe. THX A UYlRf (8BR. A Y ,CNG MAX OF H HI ?X~P* 'lencv in bualneu .real estate), d.aires empleym -nt for tbe wla er, l- some rise- t avle estaeltatmeni as clerk He a lakes mc.rly n ,udlo.eni aa h'y for bis o?i and wb i ? a lp pert Address A. J. D , Herald ottice best refereo ev glren nod reo aired ANTKD-a SiTCAtToX, IX AX AMXRICsN DRUG " store, kj a well adnoated German apoibeeary who undersh nda the beraaas as well as las the ? merle,a drag business Beat refrrenoes given Apply a; the dreg storr. 217 Broome et W Aar?l-1I s H UT'HKtN, A XtTUATlOSi AH *y arr)H?t: b^okk?M?sr; i. as been four years te a Loal-xn wb leyaie hcttse; w tnjd have no obj-c.loo to go too* Onn ?hew Brs rare refeieaees. Addrras X ?. L , Herald udS?. DAICUti ACADEMICS. A hVDWOBTli'H DANOIMO iOiHIMlB. aa.? *0. F06 Broadway, Mew York. Mo 147 Moniajpir plane, Brokiy*. Ola**** now open for ite reoepdou of pup!'*. Mew Vcrk < i*s rr on Wr<i;.flauaf ? and haiurday*. Brooklyn eiaeeea on Mondayi and Thnradaym, or Tuesday* aud Friday*. in'Kbii*" for ladle* and gentlemen at both gnu istnenru for pr?-:u ,? in the Lannler* qaadrllia, Oerau eotli ton and all other dtuoes. tfcjn'Hy eolreea for ealldrea and parent*. i euhe For alreaiar* of term* apply at either eatab Brock** dancing aoadriit.-l. ui ua&mc BR-.oKRH Dancing And Waltzing anndeay, Ma K' Irranf atme', rtween Broad w*y And the B watt. The hall W,U? marptk.r, drawl Band p'AOtlaiag PUB< Ad ]ABM'. POAAtAJrl great ? draZlAgeiri/' pupil*. 1'olke bu?.ui .can. totkA MAxuarkA. Haiti., Kertowa. OwriuAD Oral Boa, Hed.iwa Vareorlance. Lma Lanclerm, P' U Tempe, And the beenUfn. wain La OcrltA. r*r? And er-n'rgifor ultlou (for elaaaee), Turn'ay* aac Fr;j*jra. fioat 3 to 8 r f *rtr larhee and ra'kein; >?d from T V 10H r M Vr ?ent amm ?e iwmIa}* and ^AiardA/s for children (ezolaalrely) fro* Slot PH. Pr t* ? li'i?mi? At A" ttiMs not occupied by damea. In Irdtae' rrttna*v ?'mmi at* under the direction of Mra Bmnke* Itoime ? ry Woanaadar rranlil DAK1MO M0?? Naw CLASSgH -BROOKRa' aoa d?m?. S41 dr"i>??? *t>?e. a new claaa for h .glonera will c aiui'vw <~a I ie*day. All th* f*akl.>naul? uanoue i* kti la une raji^ u , imot There Are olaawa open lor tboie more Amat.ord L^fukra's jiAActAu rriiHMin, r fld Hem Fr- ?eiu> street, Hew York, ? Ofeton street Brooklyn, I em uaar 'pee for ii rrcevnon of ptH'Ua. OtmrJar* at the I HMBLBX-B DAIWIMO ACADRMllPf AKI MOW , "I'M;, in Ft " fork At 196 new . Ann "treat, WeUe-day ' and ? % urdaj , In Hroo lyn, At 1JU Clin on street r of | *t'?nl!f. Turner Ard frWAy; *ii la Iloboten. At Bahokw'a J"i >1. on Mobcaj And Thursday. ?J TITM, "9 White llfret, Mew TJffc. uhi aClOsTa Hab tb? honor To inform *?? '!?.*?*? ?? nl Pi- >k:?n lhAt eh. hn< reopri'4 her f-ATitrr tt 111 r 'ntoe ? reel. Pats of taldoo Monday* And I r.d?' ?. A' 9 P V Mmr Aug j'a would Ann In'or in her H'rotA of hew 3o*h 'AAt li> crneriuene* of the prmeom of the time* ih? wtil hold to rl ?? M w nter, bnl will attend prirAlr Imaoo* n f, Ai.'iee And boarding whoolA. Far*p*?lra Are apply At 19* ?oneih ?tmet OhTW MILT Hill* 79 PAI?CR RTRMBr TWO , dju.i fir m ?ma-t?ty - The proprietor, F C IM If 9, r?ttr tfol'y 111"'me he lrtet.d? *no ?v men illy to ara*n?i itrfte La* nut merrd iiweacet,ena?hi rattling And paint U k the < oiu I htt* t, la ordrr '?? renter It on* of the pi. Itwki' > ? moet it i met t hV r In thl< rvj Tn-wkooi a- r har al'l se wr 1 mp. lied with evar; ?lsd of re. ?Pini Pert c> inltDdlag to kar* bt la or patOai am wiiclte. toctU. iftfl OIlATni 'avrMVI ? Dahu)M<3 OaX Bl 1 la* at Mr AhTtNlu'e nearol erery nigtn .and el'hot', re If ikr ? rt h Wl> will b'oowe go id d .nrere la All leatooa pti ybtri I. in ?! i li r? i-tilfir# And L\'>?k?'tngiterery t?. ? or ' if .And totxae arery ffkdnraday and HatnrdAt at 918 fcrOAltw*) i ktu./k'it PI Pi)> e-HkMuLT- rlt TCRHltT KViUf 1 Itr tl T IW7 ? A U fotme-p .pll? are en ith-i to the prlTijrg.-of Atten'tr g the ert/ree .m th* eeme terme A< when meat'., rt of he iw ?| rainlltao ant frauda of pnpUa ran ??lt-tefPe 'or tohrw. M 1 lerle Ml'IH \ I. ? f \l gFlgHritll ? PMtXO B RH1E WOULD AO rot A po*l too to A Kr H*I>I1 oanrek. wort lbw? U a t e th Ir. a iU tw * HP, 176 Adam* at. or harieo . r . B timber 19 *t.i at. R. f l/l,T T# 'JtiTlUPTioV P*nFK?e.R tBKM OBtTm P -0 to l* Act- I" |. 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DRBW, on Ike presM WD, DP PI H6 third twin*. mi* rutll _roB 8*L" imnounui. -art oil JD.Uu"? bsvlug tl 100 Id read) n&th. cut pnrAwt ibi JSilOU feet od Sixth avenue oeer rwroiy sixth stree'. also, two '?? od Fif h tWDue Dear Forti aeoosd street, t > rxohaage ?t a bargain Inquire of 0. G. THOMPSON Si Nassau streak A NT 0?B FAYING DRY GOODS OR SC4PBNDBD flk l>ap?r to exchange for booaes aard lota in Bou.h Brook Hp, csd dud aohanee by sddrearlng B , Herald ofUoe. B ROOK I.IN FIRST OLAF8 MRDIUM HI7.KD UOUH8H for tale or to let, e attaining gas and Sosvr olnmblny, with baths and water closet*, and 'mat ed I. in- uto't pop ard healthy part of <he city. wttHn half a b ? oa o' Fu 'on arraue erra Price *(t,5'0. alto llHO-ntm treel, uo?r d a. aoa p'aou. filee 111 Jtfl. Parties wishing to hire at a mode rate rest, will app v to theowaer. WiLLTaM B BICHOLH, IS Ratesxi sueet N. T. a ITT OF MORBHRAD.?GftCAT 8ALR UF. LOTH AT Beaufort Harbor N O., <>u litU of * oveuiMhr ucx'. J. W MOBBWELL, President d. PI Lacd Go FAKI8 FOR 8ALB.-I,b?) III 111FFKB4NT D'iKO U"Dt 9(1(1 (tlC acres of land a> CI 76 io I'll per a ? re, mil a, water powrr, eonntry araia vlliewe ard 'l?y pro icrty. W acrs lartn. good bnlliilnga, to lease atRbXI u?r , ear, near do-rla town,N J Apply to J. VARoBRBlLT, sgent aid a no floater 84 Fnlion atreek TPOR 8ALB?A VBRT NICB THRSK HTORT BRIOS r bo?ae, between Fourth ar.d Uaditoajtrenuea, In a goo 1 neighborhood, prl? low Also, a o uafwhouse on fhlri.ei'a street near Madison avenue Alto, a flu* prooartv on Tbir.y second sweet, between Kadlsoc<end eour'b tv ijum#. B B KiNsblMBR S19 Fourth avenue rR BALI-8BVSR4L OBRTkCL ARtOK HOl'SM, a'tnrtt i cw cost 82 000 foe "yesri sen; will b? *oid'or ?l'.OAO with $'HO do?r; Ave years credit 'n ihe reminder Fleors let tin Mar, wilh a prlvll??r of purchasing. SHOtk A. 1>BVTR, N*rth Tenth street, WHltamaou'g. For halm?fruit, dairy amu uaedbv parks of all ?Uea. from ten to s x<y stiles f-oin New Tork Also ipre'al choice farms to exchange. Apyly to 0. H. OiAYXA II Liberty fired., opposite the Post offloe For bat b at a haobifiox lrhh than cost-a tpier d.d ii me front home SIS Math arenue; also, 4U h'Bth avenue, a'so a iplenrill Boantr ? seat trl'h 18 sores. at Nor.h Havcretra", known at the (snrorri laoe; boose 4?x4& ft, twoatrry atidbuttme'L Price M'HU; It la le?? than' he bntse coat laqure oi a DaV!8, jm Math avenue, N. V. city. FOR 8 ALB OB KXOHANGN-A UK Al'TIFFGOT tI0 cob age snd eight lota ' f land In Green'eld. nesr Flat bnab. within half ao kour'e i e of Ful on Ferry: warranted perfectly heal by- will sell ?t aeacrlflce on cwy i-vm-over charge 'or ua'JUng of rqua v?lue inquire of ffiL'iIkM HATHtkH. 107 Franklin street, hew Tork mfOTIOB - TO BOOT ABO 8BOB MA NCPACmrRRIUJ. ? A par y in Troy, N T , would nrohsne* a three atery brlek building, feet front on Kir v e'reet 80 feet deep, Lit ei'rndmc back 194 feet a good stand for brjuneta; the store ard dwelling io good repair' title InillaputAblr. any >ne sit roe of mnklrg such an exrbacgn ean do it cm fyroraHle 'errna. A line directed ta Andrew, Troy Poet oSoe, will re ceive prompt attention rutt RAJLJG. II Ct| WUL BUY THK STO( K, LBaSE AND F,X* vlt)'/ mrea of (an cf tbe neateai and taandwxnmt" little | porter hinw? iooat- (1 la 'tan lower part nf Wn.t'n i in the 1 oritre of taumaeM nrd < a good ca k bu-.lncat Apply lmmtdlaieiy oT. UlFKNgi 1J0 OhiUum i 'lire. ?9nn ~r?B i.c it Pi iriow VnjU'f. *rj ftore with leate an k and ftxt-.m uowd* Ins ? ffod boetoera with three rroiDs ail-abed Rem f 17 par mon'h On uraud a leak Ap?ly to C. tf. -HuW(*8 J.f, 81 kuici at rent r0B * PRIBTI tO OPncr-THl PBO prl?toro* a weekly n??ipa ?r In oan'ral New j York wlrblrg to leave the p are off-re hinertlrej ?b aid new . paper tbice m aiy pr'pi'r or other perm . who as pai tilt) down i be price oft-eoAse l* 81,600, atd tke Balaron. after paying BSOU can at y on c.ert aye an. Icntth of time. The bn>ln*sa for ttae lift alz m nhn of ifcL year, eialunl-e of ; antarrlptlo-n. can be aaterdalred bi Inquiring at lie (ill wot 8 M Pall I NOIL L A CO , 119 Patau ilraal, V r, where a copy of ibe paper can be tree $4Aft -TOR 8ALB, THB FIXTURES OP A JlkWfL vv. r* and watel wiakev'a itore, with or wlibont any rnrllra of ttae ?to;k Ike pmprl. uw of ^e a'ore going out i f tiulneev In tbla oil'. bewtUa 11 on ffrmaola tcrma Inqtilte a: 3^8 Br. adwar (fllwS'J O U HoWC 4 CO, -BILLIARD kJOk POR 8ALR-A ORB IT -?LMP. e'anee for aa'e nc hl-r a d blt'iird r nim. ouoiaiiuot two On- tab'e'. bar furniture gat 'x urea, ebt'rg, B.lrr'ra is., to (VOU- (SdO d jw? ba *t rs o i tim,\ i?ogVa*e ar.d very low rmt I; q ; re of KNIOHf A CIO , 433 Broad way. C^nil?* Uoht mamup aurc'RiBti hcsTniS, Bte yeara In operation wlk a g-od lift of Bonk crelt Dier# ; profile good; will be aold on aneiunt of a want of aufUrient me ana io it ry (be ??on* on to advantage, a Ttkluabi# Saieot Included, worth mrrr than the aum naked AdCreae anofactarer. Herald offlee, for three daya. SI OH!) -*< R "AL?. A LIQUOR MT'^RB on plill'l/i Hotub etreeU with flilurew nod aioek, d 4i a g < d buslneei; rent low. Apply 1o O. A. R03HI80N, f Ll^na etrvet *1 -AN OLD K8TABLI8HBD JBWR RY 8T0RI t .1 PI. aa!e -l<aae at. rk and Bit iree Th'g la a -p endid a.and, A ho. 1 tow doing an eiteialrt bonineaa Wou'dm rb.tnge for good real ealate. Apol - at No 5 8<*rktnan atr-rt WILLI AM H (BLLOQA (X) a VALCLBI.B PaTBNT RIJB1 TO RB SOLI IN A emiMlta In the Ma'e r f hew York ? A man wlta a amvil caab capita, can make $ ?1 per Pieana call at til Broadway, room Nil 1, lamellate y. ABBRLTYPh OALI.BBh WITi A1'P AKATlIrl RPR A. e mena and furniture oomplete for anle worth Aval f >r aale for ?( L<?atl ? and bnal?eav good ,i?r 1 w b..t m bug. laquire f-r taree daya of 81RLY A '1 tRBaP * II fit Hro id w a jr. t BANK CHANItR ?AN OLD KfaTAB I8HBD BVR ?v roc m now doing an eioellant trade, and la o te of the n **t loca.inoe if ibe rlt?. will fceaol't are.poamM" party g. i-y mrnev not be ng ceomnarv no'eo. wi b ourd oo'lu?ra'a. wil' te inn In raiment. edd-eta Bontonlan, UeraJ.l olboe. L'GR F?IJ- A PAINT hT')R 1. ORB OP THR OLDAC? r at'ndn la Prvoklja. Apply at No. 8 FoKta avann Mlg| JDJR 8AI.1-- THR I.RaHB, PIXTU.tM AND PORN. C tare of a e eTI beowa ard po,nAr Hotel In thin nty. aaa doing an errwPawt bnelneaa: terwa efay to a g^od and reuable , ? raoD. for pae ictuara Uqslie of D M HOLLldf BR, a iiuim a.reft L'OR 8a LB? A IROCBHk AND MQ>H<R RYOBB, IN A A 6m rate lorn .loo Roaaou for awiLcg. un- owqe' baa If atorea ard oaono* a trad toll. Inqtilre a'*9 ??lit.h av<*na ? or tier nf h ghieeolh atreet For pa lb?a rbptadrant and PoRtkr acuum, la one o' the beat boala^a looal'tira tn te etty. fauafac ?ory riplanauon ni to tke amooat of eaah b< alnera at preeaal dcre o, rwrnnea will be gtren jy addreaaing Reatasract Met aid cfce FNOl ft 11?OR WOCLB take a pibtnik ir a ?ret e aaa prefer bonra now doing a good eenh nualoA* and In oar of the beet'area tn thta Mty. Inqsiea m he aorthwiai eorner of Warn and Pranbltn atrean MBIAU A Flltf OLASI IIOOUT OR ORB OR r ila !? al aeeacw. aa opportunity lalcom offered tor a tarty wi.bma to myage la ihe grocer, vada. ftg loia.ioo apply a' IV Biuray a tte'. N Y rR H 41 ? OB TO LB?-A IPLBNDID RRnTAURaRT and btillr.rd ea ?>n no<l bf d'rpoaed of r'gb oil aa ho owner bar other hratneea and cannot alien 1 to It loq t r? %: i,t WLIieha I atreat. Maw Votk. or at U Rontgotne j alreet, jr rary flty 7i'( R PALB CR I.B4RK -TiixT V'ltV 11(81 R&BLB I1 two itrey prirate a*ahl? |7 La at Mr>..,ith atrawt ewiiate . g 1ee atall.. all aknrw gron.d and ti nt, ma on, rtagn b <ur Pill be tod on faforahla l rtaa Apply to UB^RtAB H 1 HKW UA fki d areenn OOHCORBB P< R 0. tlTf'-.B. Al'i TIO* ? ? **" at aur i no. on Von at. the A> b Ina'anL at If ? "? A w. *. the ?< R VI* g^m atrw- 1 Btel r v*f UM h ' .i r ap-anger bai 1 erA" u?e oarr<e . nhoui Rl '?'*?1 *Ad . i?v.1j ior iiano-dlate saw. Lao aew* tindl .be tlar of aa> ?i the ?h ? e ?MB*il |i are THW> PIRNBKB fob BA1.B OUBRP. A r.'lu 'If CI I tinner > n a la flrat rate Oidee Inquire at UP aad r? Waehn n etev?f. rro FRIhTBRB-FOR MA1.B A H JK if NO I WBINI L Iti f, ? f rev* atid^a'er a' ? laimoat re. f a * r* va i.apernr.d ol o|r> a aiuifiberlih' rn. 1 1 ake ? e* 'v.etp by ope* a rg ttae thtnatera ol Bev.l If * c*tv fnq'.lre 1 I . 14 > kit. Ror > Tea ta atrvet mi tamH"ir{ rp > r :?HI.T.?kP POR 841 ? A I.Ie HT COM'BH | ? d* and m aiw leacb tataa *4 f?et d>?me* | 1 r: r?,h In , Ire of lliOR A UaVvR Nor k Yen aa.ree. W- la-waburg \f AICARLB C< RN?B LIQUOR 8TORR Willi A ? tear* f* ? taree jeera ar.d three m if tha "lit a prif lege ?f flte J* era mora, w .a gwrl a??<*a auo uifnera of w*.,'e r . fac ory reawoaa will be git a inr aa .log he ne "o.r fonrib a rvet an 1 I'trat avaaaa y/JiAiRPIl (AYR. * grpi.i.AHPoia / U Alt TONiJP NI PL08 ClfRAt PHI N*3? RIV \i bra a *01 red I.'lie public foe yeaia II -free tn ? aad ea* ? *,?', ind oa'y ih'r y ee*-i^ w i * r* an ai 10 2*4 to wary. I ? Rthi'iltiffff H^HROBRBB UP IVHt DM RIPYION-aTTi'P Hi. > far. eer, 'laryer'a tHidtega ^wat.l* qoa-e . \r ?f ? 1a hw tow KB 'aewry pWo Pa?a irnww ? -*n ? ajwerkgamtiM NHhaUl 4B taatlk ?pffte bre *e na *e ! ? ?.( orfei jllgg I HOPpp. ?NORctw-i a f.wtAf MifOP VPIT P1NBB1 .( 'lAT3, P III1 "? *ad (1 *8 A bins k" 11 , un n i-er ? rw v to towery aad Ra"lanw atreet, W11 - * r ? tr*r o?ar /'I a on atreet HltlT t:oa?N'H I'ATkN? URaIB ja?IPBR 84V?I I) pet ma _ i,i?l and la , er out t la k <a> tan tew n do ?ra<i*?? a ta*.. pr.a ipal k ? <14, and in over lw.i hi i*"l prlttle 'aa .it* a tn?*dpal "?ce tNC Broadway fa;ory, *1 oreatie air*et HMMOW l'l PAYS PON IT "i'^r 4B (I'JOD, LOW PON able ftirab', 1 id oura Ive 1 taahf aa e f*wkera for f m, araacldf rf . - ' *thav?ane opralrb oi;i >t awn/ *w?t "pill do aphr?. I ' 1 iiit t LI Btaf a MtalnHb'e BM of money ?m ting b'wliira ? ? ke r dpaa o' wtlnk ciai upwarda'd % I. wRD a* 1 ? fcete / it jn. (id p> ni a wea k ean oe renllaod b / either jet, W fl be a?at p"t free'* r"flpl nf a paid le ee v HP lleteliatd, A"tl*eeaPr Albert b**i 17A kieeai.t ?(?-? CJtWINO FACTIhgN- WATNOe 8 VO BdWIW * ** tj A'e ac*v renu'f for aale a'. No f<9 Broadway The*** arc ihe-my' ? ' ? ? hilly ow.. at' their price pixea ih?m e' tair b *r ar' f all I' .? ma 19 rad'ag Inrnrcheer a ? > 11 nacbue will <0 well tw era wine Ibme loMMafki '? c pa pa] na froet Bid t*> ?'b*1 w 1 **' f rtimbefe*?Be or nruap iwiit d rrpea. J1 rhq a r n b it one tokfl t il 1 n ?? hem.iv - mi t 'f-r?rai*>?a Iraweia gtven graH?. The oit it. tn tana jnet tiewu au>thii>*d ay te-r.lclid itaa l a'ted ktalea 1 irutl "our. IN W IOPTBN ? C I No Broadway SMRNaF MK l!4 b'T IIYJUPO A81) T41 OBtMd Bif tab'ifi meet ? I'talpg d- ed P at bach ant winao'w . 71ea*cB a>l**ed ard repair*d a1 Pir ate ok in eubtaiiirup ?log* liom *110 (3 per iip -e a a" wt Hh ,l?*nag*? *n ealtraly li etoibl*, al / HRic K H. ? > tit oowrrv ettran ?o.l k leit.ynni ?'??*". Mr nd d< 1 '? re be oowgePi ra'ra. M M a,I ordera, if rt'tuirad. wtraaihd_m_twMe mn ffi.g. Botai. q*jf.trp nnthf, rcrrrann ttn corf

1 ?r rw, m 1 (iaed-ua, *it Itoad atrayn. .'o an ilea ?rd Malien ? yy, tl. , ,?0? l# "r|^ irr-der?ie. r?<*|u, ted by roar r ,ji the Ira AateWua - Btmliiet and dx hLgltita a* a' aracy n " ** f 2ilU < BlR4I?OM flyUARl. VKT UDB. JOKNBK at Be ik street -Apartments to let. with board, otmve ti?t for f . ? ttea or gtotlemen btmuM required 3ALHTO- PLAON, OK 4't) FOURTH ?T**KT.-PLBA. Met ' a ' infer* room, wt fe beard, ?attible fw ? (?UMU ? * h ? wtf- or stag ? milfMD 8 ASH AND PIaOR, SIOONU DOOB Ml' M <)???? el 1 ??four ? Parties denfe-ons of eagagt--g ?opetor rooms, ??! b board, 'or the winter, on the teooad a id third florr m now apply. Honor ftret alsee; ffefelUr private. Km* refe ?t sea gets. Aeerasty Hlnb avowae car* and AmKy ?trrrt rta: o. r ? HONf SOB HTHhRT Mil O ANAL.?FIRST R ITI <I board for 63 a week. el< wbo am dralrotia of eiaealeg lb' H- erpenara ibeee hard .hrtes should nab* a note of this. At" hiUstogs el bout board If deal rod. ,4 aBINUDON HQUAHN. wwv aid*, north op J Nat. a out et -firanant aolt of r?furalafeod or aafer i ofeed. to lot, "lib full or partial board, to gentlemen and '?h?4r wlvea. LeoaKon pleasant. Oars and atagea pass ooc ?uually. Aefxreunea eiohenged. 6 BOND B'HKICr ftsR BROACWAT.-PLBbflANT furnlebed cooutt to lei with boa-d, suitable for tingle or parties of rootiemen t?* UNION SQUAJt*?WITH BOARD, A PINN SUIT OP J it rooaa beautifully famished, < n the aooond floor, wltA Met on the park, gaa, bath room he., (wtaa private table tf smtrcd ) Also sowmatodaltoas for a t jtrried couple or two lag** jru'Jnmen. I C BOND fiTRRBT.?A SHALL PAHII.T WISH TO Lit Wl seeoond lkior, three rooms, all coon-clog fnrnlrhtd or unforolMMd. elth partial board 1' required; alia a targe route on the ibird Ho t. llooae baa m*.ern iaproreaaeniSL Apply at 16 Hand street. CHiiALTON 8TRNIT, NBAS MAODOUOAL.-TO to", with partial board, pleasant and neat y font la bed etsss, lnttable tor wngle gentlemen or gentlemen and ibetr e'Tas. Those desiring home oomforts will do weNNn apply. t](\ fit. MARK ? PL SON.?FUBN1S11D R'.l _? U geo'lfmeu aid tbelr wise* and single gent'; ntr a'.? o'clock. Ei-.f tracers exchanged. aWSFT TWBNTY 84COND 8TSNBT, NBAS Pi area re?Two or iferee gentlemen oaa be tit- boa. d and rooms In a house newly furnished vhrougfieat, ?jU with i: ?darn inspros eta sale Mi WaTBBLKT PLACN, RNAR Til? NSW FORK AO ilotpL?Purulrhed rooms to let, to single gentlemen; . takfut 'unslaked if daelrnd; gaa, Orotou water, Ac.. In each ?oosn. fiQ 1ST. HARKS FLACK?A BACK PARLOR "AND AC n version I ma, with large close's, hot and oil! water, to let, in a Sn-.o shs h >ase; a'private table fu-ji?hed if de tired. Hi t afaetr ry references given and reqaired Or BAST TWENTY FIFTH 8TKBRT-TW0 Pl.BA Ot) utndy fiu-nuhed rooms to let wub board ogaiLeinen and their wl?-ev flrtt ola's. near Fourth avenue; la ?Uj s mall. References eirhanged ?|/J BAST BROALWAT.-A PhW KBSPKCTaBLB o U men nan be aecom tda'ed wt h good board, full or oar t a. and'pleasant rocmr, also a gactl'man and bis wife. Ib-se wishing ibeeomfoits of a home wl l do weii lo oail and eiaiulnefor 'h-mre'vi Terms moderate. ?AO BE tCD ATflKAT, ST. JOHN S PARK ? fCRNIS'I Ojidro nito let. with or wlthou' board, to geul emeu and their wires rrs'ig e gentlemen the bruae basal; .be oto dern Improvements. UQ flE'iT SIXTEENTH STbKKT, NEAR PiPfH AVK OtJ hue.? Two rery ba.dar.melr furctib?I rooms autUnle fcr married eouplea and one single room w\f be htd, wl h board. References exesaagtd hit G RK AT J0N18RTBBKT.-KUBN11HBD ROCKS TO xit >t, In satis or sU gle, with ut boa'd, t> gentlemen Breakfast If required. The bouse has all the mileru Improve ments. A A CN1VBH81TT PLACK, CORN1R OP f LUVRtfTj s'reet ? A suit of rooms on 'be dr i. flior, aaoher on l>e bird liner, replete with oomfort; board lnrnointif pre fcrrtd. blcntr a; 6 o'clock t. Aire for physic!in References AO HEVBKTH AVINUN. CORRNS OF POURfRKRrH rto street ?t uits at n atngle rooms to let, with full or partial bor.r I, to sirs!: Eeoilrm*n or se'-Uem-m and their wiser; pr. rate table If aeslrrdt loea'lon ucaurpasaed; molcra Impr Jfs me, u N It an office to let nuiiab a flag a physislan. Cfi BAST TWBNTIITR BTRBBT.-ROOH9. WITrl t;l t Inli or partial beat it for two *-eu tie men or a man and lift to I Hl'IIIM him?.iwnlsisg ail the m i?ra Im plements ConTenteat to Ko- rtb arenaeoars and ItroWwaj sisge*. ,\f} W?St F1PTBNNTU WiUf 8BTWBKN PlPtJ Ct and Sixth arenoes ?Pnrt<lah?o ??, mts to iet. with 't sivkiiit board, to persona on it of high rcvpectablilty. Tbe ?mme la drat alias and desirably located. 61 MADIkON AVEN'.'K, NBAR TWBNTT 8KVRNTH street ? A parlor and bedroom to let. with brard, also Ibr sirgIs gentlemen >rt BAST SIVAWTIANTU STB RAT, SKTWKRT UNION J I square and Irrlng place ar,. us .oosts for fam'l>ee \si. stng.c gentlemen, wish board. Louse with enure see :o*U* fr.ra liars 0 72 f* J LBXIROTOH AVENUE-PC RMI3ll?l> KOOMe, U > wih pw-l*1 board cio be kid for g ml men of re* i c nab e ertnn hou e m Ctiu Improvement? and very p.ea fan1. Fur lulled ml n of rnm lien !om-o wuhiug quel quartern *U1 dj well to aoll luil nan me. rsuifLaM tteemt, ruun house west of Broadway.?A ii ting and mo large bedroom* al! oca . mrn?mkiDt. oMily furelakod, world be .el to a party of gaa ' oA-re, or ikvuM, If required. require aa abore. t lXTfl AVBMUM.-A PEW YOTN1 MEN CIN . ? d good plain -oard at |) per mek, a'an a few young taOM-a. . r ?ould let lame good r?nai plain furninhed or on fi.ruiebe,, with o?>enleioe tor fire, tnlube for faatiiire or Eagle preenee f"f? WSfcT TWIHTY SIXTH STr.EKT-BUOMS AMD a U b??ra can be had la a print* leafy, oa a demit tern a. 1 be 1 cation a pl?a?an. one block troa way, at d t >, and oa'* pare every Br? mlt Qlei 8 J XI MaKKH PLACE, AiCrKTil SVUEBf.?A PRSMOH J family a i-.ii ?o leu wllb board, lo a gentlnaaie and -rl'e ?r family, a bend, otne'y foruiehe.l mlt of room', on thai teepnd flo w, together or aeperate. Houae Orel cleat: dinner at t o'clock. [\L> CLINTON 1*1.ACE, KldUTn l-TiilitT. HCTMEEN U'l Plf h aod fiiilb avenuna ?itetlrahle noma. wtAevnv, eoevtaienre. atogly or la antic, lo let, w.tar *?d boaid Ma eer at ill Hef*reroe required. |AO MADISON SIKBST-BOARD AND MK1TLY IIO f-ri. tabid den tie or aioft* rnmi for featlrmen, oi m'-rate t-rtna, o.- r>?i with. til board Q%*. bath aet brir-an btated by furnace Neighborhood quiet and roeseju bte R?fer- ncee giver and require,' I0CR1H AVIM I B ?EI.l'l ANTi,Y PURNCS 'ED ap? refill, nl-gle and ta autli. to let with or wtibo it Board Private tab e tf aealred ?>Qkl BECOME STREET-A PROMT PAKI.OB, TOR */'' U rlaW, with board for a g?tit>n??n and wife, near Broadway AUo a p.naeaal fna! be:room MRS. E. OA RET. JwVi "CUKTU STREET - NiATl.T POPNISHBO Wf rooew mutable ft?r tingle g-n'Jemen. The bia<e a *ret *lr<v, newly f.fed us aud ba> all the m aWi m ?roveai ate. Cni'val<-nt to earn and Mgra. Dinger at (I >-lixvh Krbsrerr required. AIU oROOjmi ?nilSBT IT AMIS'! El) ROOMS nrfTR III' out hoard ? requiring clean and nvatly .'-mtahird moron. wlllflrd a quiet, ouaveuleat an I 0 jraforta'.pe wane by apt lyn* aa eb~>ve. Aial rB' OMK STREET, ONE BiAJCK W?<T OF XT'J. 1r w- ery _ y>,. ^ gt cea;rable and oentrt' Pjoatlon * he rtly, t?.K in itn lnivrUa'e v,unity of all thr Smt ?? bottlia f'lrD.'j.iT.'. and Iran a tea 1 hoardert vwia-n> dated. aJROAl*bfr?T, OOE'MR OP MtMTH NfilanT? Bute Of -ooana on trel and neeond Borm. einqand; ed , alao mete rooavr Table d'bntc: eetela" a a rrv ? ?>iimie tatTe if mquirad. Ho >*? at iti n ehwr JC . MROaEWaT, OflOE ?0tT**? 'K)RN?R OP O ' f-reotrre A atriet ? lit 4a-.ineiy f trnlihe 1 rin* t ro-wne oe ibe Brvt auii wonod flcor* 10 'rnnllei. with private .able iwrx ike Koripean plan. 1) c h?r boar'era ?'ju'c d*HgEtful:y altuaied. lootiiir n 'be park Satb. |w A tliu M Ac .' It S A I ? PC RSIbil K ? OR I'Mb ORNHKED "ID ojaie ' 1 l?t V (Mtleai'-a toiiv ac ?a-h earl >r ec eto d floor, 0 let t roe of rooou fko a 91 Bhi ? pe? weeb Call at 'be bad 256 : PP1V.TE P A <11.T WOCI.n AOTOEMO:'ATE \ ?jl grn i iwn aa<1 hie wl'e and two alrvle ('ailrm>n win -veai inod t*n<t?<en. v fnrntnbed rottae on ie >1 fl>?; t-nee tm, with ail t?e u-n'.ern iwpr'vemmle Atp r at 11*9 S rat 1 K.weDta etreet, adanad borne watt of EJjrbU aeaane k 1 I IB dTE'-T TWaa/T'lPT? ST E a AT, tl If *. inior. Inn ntc-ly 'irai-ied r< 'Wae wilt em SfRIi T..T PRIVaTE PARISIAM PAMU.T JfOtM) uk? *? let ni*e fumlnh- r oiae u> ilufle f*ni >?????, wtok 1 ?l h . . b art, Pmnnb ??? ?,* irc'cdel B> it cltyrrfe rervwr-t. bnneed. Appiyat i"4suth arenne, btlweeoSevaa aaaih and i'?> r ?eil rreete ? aNTl.EVt* AMD WIPr: OR T*J OfNTLkMR*) n ? on ala ? pliaranl rooai win board, where tbrrc a*e row Hwaideft, at l?J MacB >a|tal fr-et. c wacr of Inat rraeOiuibM 1PTH STB a AT, V tt* BE Oil _ iJiru lm prove? rr'e. gi >1 b >ard an., ba ouAfnrte of a h> ae at prloee 10 arr ft nnce with the . I one. b| h wn wbo eao give natwfac u-ry refir?oer. t I'E .l.'dll'CL* T PURMBUMD PROMT PA EMIR AMD \ hedp-K.ui adyola'.ag. for l.iiKi'' (Fill an I) II i?ai ?rl:k all'' ? *n 'irn unp roewinie; lartmi ?? fub board, prlva'e (??IK. Applr v li.'H N'atb nr at alt dmra icat of Br way _ __ (lENTLPMAM AMD II IS a I r-E ?' i M .IE A')>vjMM6> ? A fated t it,, a cd board ao* pianMri r >%& Iret flmr. b eallits at ho. 'iii'nnna ii-eei. 4 I BITaTR TAMI'.T. COES'MTIPft op a nSMfliE A , ??" bii** *ni rhUd. a-imsjinf a (l et em- 1 >4** will fe pt- nl- uin' waA of B 0 I1 or Wail greet ferrict, wtli ? monewi te w th rood r??i i ud board artnall family I ?r the winter, uw at<ide>ate terau. Addreat It .1 1 V>7 Poet bOtee ? REMfcRMAM AMD WIPE OR TWO HTM>!.E (.10 \ tl'ivico can rent a la ye p'.ewant frool mm on ike ae "??idflu r al?o a wvll rw. ii at * ?, II A'llngd u iquare, eiatbWr aear backitreei Hefereaeen-lebongeil A M K 111RliT WIOOW LADT, WITHOUT PAMILT. A. w n d ??womBP ?1k'>-k ladr Wl b a foretell d ' Krn aad board, er coeirn ret a t. r beoktbg Beiaa aa etperleaeet enrte wontd rrt-'c-one wbn rt qnlr?4 rut ilng ?puly at lid Win Per:} ibirdntrrnt f o? h i.jnveeiet of Etgbib ? ?n le. Car 1 and niaei* pirn ike owner A "k bTl.iMAh AMD WlfK AMD SIMIkhK lEnfl.K Aa. nine* lb 1 rornn ard Ii -?<* ,1 at d| (fenl Heieotaentb t.rr?i bet ww a fifth bad ai? lavreuee. ? W ;'->W I.ADT WOVIdi T.IK? Tt) IIISKT WIT, A ,'A ' ar.y of gr rtlc orr, nhmn, d be reapoen,bid fo* 'be r, r t i.f a 1.1 ,i? er.d take roomy in U> , aaate A.ddreM Nelly, A th,n ?i iiAie P'vt 1 glee. a ?PLKRiltQLT PCRaiSBP ) PROMT PtRl. 'R ON Ji bit floor w'h bedro?ira red paoirlae atlarhrd, ti let. In one t.r two elnil* geBt'dayn in a p-lvap- bouen with all tke n.udt rn'mt r .vrn- nu Par-lal bo md f '?n If muttlM-d le julre at 11* Prior* n reel, a lew dnore wnet ef llroe l??y. UCARD SObfE VEST PIMg ROOMS M(TfTARI.T POB ? ?bm'iien abet# ,iar!or wiih two eeiii-o?w??, very ?1 'lab e lor for.r r? rnon?, all lo be 1* -bea,', with b lid, gee. ba h A- Dlr r?r a! fl o elrek to*aHoa (It* En tdway KOARD A PAMfT.T DPS'REfl M'lABTI IM A PRI vn-e fam ly fo* nlr aid, ba t bey won Id ffqil/* one I! ,r* titer or ,ur roo on. fir*', lid irtoe lo l>n lo aen rd niee wl ,1 lb' Jin'* In *grr?*! l" 'airily beting mtdi roomi. I .rtrd ' t ' rem Pn-rrrnih I' 1 Tvnlv 'c It nr*t| Wl1" k?nr..fn OrnfrV w> app trenl Of adlre-nl-g ,|~n i 1'etAll 1 Bee. I'trei -ey loensiefefe'ti." *' tn and reqalred. I DOlID.-i SUIT Or THKII BOOMB. NBATLY FOB IB Dished ottBi rising the Norwi Uoor. 10 let separate or to gether. with Mara, ua where the oomf irts o'h homj may be i ralter oa Bathe, n.uaeie. he , en the we* floor. Apply nt 64 W? ht Twenty second it- eel. OOABD-A FEW SINGLE UBHTLEMSN AH J FeMI AJ Bes enn he neonmaaodated with fumLh-d t r uufu-ntthed - room* ard go~d loarJ. Fsatl y u'Watu Tb?e wh > <rl h the I eo"a*ar- ah. mis may at LSJ i.ntug oa aveuue, ear I nar of Twenty ninth Greet. Tot ma moderate. Board.?a couple of gentlemen ? u a ubn tleman and wife ean octa u t ti'.e front roo-> on tho ae I eocdtkierol tAe h mae, pleaaaotly located In irr ng uiaoe ' Apply at 21 Irving place, between Fifteenth a id ntxtoeii b atreeta TJOaBD.?A UHNTLIMAH AND 018 WIPB OB TWO Jj or three ilocle gentlemen can be aeaimmodaie I with plraaeot rcovus hod foil orpartDl board laa qulei fatally, by applying at 119 Ea?t Fourtten h street. near heuonrt ?v. uuw. BOAED.-A LADY AHO GJaN'fLAM iM WluL FIVD A gum home, wtth partial board for the geu'lemau If re quired In a family of two persona. I ooae nudum; location oomerof Twentieth street and ky pool avenue Ao oth?r b jardrrs taken Those In waut of a quit: wl wrhninw aid do well to addrme hoard Bioadway fos> t ffloe, for two days. Board-a labgb, fjenihubd boob to lb* to aceatleman and hi* wife, wl h btard or a ?lng e gentU man; also, a large front parlor .o let to a mtuto teacher Be fertnoe required. Apply at Mo. 1 ltarket street, oorner of Dlvtaton. t BOABlt IN A FRENCH Fa MILT. ? a GENrLhM AM ssd lady ean ba aooommodalee with a furnished ront .oom and bedroom, en the seooud fl .or, of a ll-*t cl ??* hou e, dinner onl? far the lady Aeeen by tbe aml'y and 81e*-i ?r itiert ntaaee, and wixlb avenue oars Reference required Apply at 13 Ashland plane, In Per y street. BO* RD FOB FAMILIES AMU SINGLE OENTLEMBH ran be obtained on reasonable terms s 2*6 West t went/ third ttrest BOABI) IM A PRIVATE FAMILY.?OBB OR TWO joung men ean be ancommrdttol wl h parti tl board. In a private famlr?bi?akU*t, and dinner at *lx, aodthreemsa's on Studs]; pleaaant location, and convenient to cara and stages. Apply at 104 Weal Tents street, between Fourth and Bleeoher. BIOARD IK CLINTON PLACB.-A FABILT ANO 81* ' tie geut'-"n. n ran ouialn fur. tabid apartmtnts. with beard at Ko 61 C lu.n place, near Fl.'U avenue. Reference txrbaagrd. Board nowNvoww.-A obntle?an and wif* two ;ngl?- ge km .u and t ro yo ;ng 1 . liet, can be ac commodate.; with board at 10 Robinaonstreet, corner of tireeu wtcb BO ABU IN BROOKLYN.--A LADY HAYING A LaRL i htndnome house within five tuinuten' vala of Fulton ferry, le desirous of te.dng s few of the, furukhed at unfurnished, with board, Geu'Jctucn doing b.tftnees In thv Sty will Snu this a must convenient loesuuo for t-n win*.' Terms reasonable, and every attention paid to ootnfort. For partlenlars laqnlrv at 80 Adaats street. Brooklyn. Boaku in bbooxlyn.-two LABGB RO IMR, oh seo, nd floor; a so a tnoall bach parlor, on first floor, A a irst alas* house, witbln three minutes' walk of Sjuth torv, Rartlal board for geiiUerr en. Apply at 240 Usury street, be seen . r.pgrear and Amity. Board in Brooklyn ?a paivatb raw ly rabid leg at Ho 66 Hevlns sttvet, between I'ac.ln and Deac la dst'ronaof letting the front room, second flo-.r, to s g?ntl-i m*n and wife, win board, or to two single genilemeu; c won d iet the entire *eoonl finer to a am 11 fsmily, Board in urooklyn.-two uhntlbbky cam bb seoommcdattd with partial board and plessant town*. Applv St Ho 44 Jorhlrruoii a'net three minutes' wit f on Wall or South ferry. 5eat of referenoe g'ven and same re quired. Bom., IN BRCK KLYH-TWO OB THREE GENTLE n?i can bssoaommodalsJ with largt and wrll fuvntMed rorms. - 1th ample olofeta anl bodrorm . atac-vd Icqul e at M Mlnton streei, midway between th" Wall street ant South ferries Board in baooklyn.-at w cl.rk htkeet next to the cborch, first qnalttv rooms for famUler or single gentlemen. Convenient to the ferries and oars. Board in Brooklyn-two pleasant front rh*mbers rumbaed w'.Tl be let. t? gentlemen and tae r fan i'les, with foil or par lit 1 board alro two tingle geck meo may bsvs full or partial bjard. Terms mnlerate. he tin neo given and req tired. Apply at biuae 2K; Ileury streeL BCABD IN BBODKLYN.-TWO OBNTuRM <N (UN uttilanevly furnbb'd ro-n-.s she partial board, to a private finally, wl b n three minutes' wa'k o, Wa.l or Soutn street fen les lr?atloa Appty at 66 Joraletnon tt est near Ulshs Board in bfocklyn -a geetleman and wi?-k csd be scromin' dated wits large r?jm and ckte s. for. ntshec ; also two tlugle gentlrmen; alililn flre minutes' sat of Nsll street or Houtb 'tries. 346 Utok* street. Board in bb > ?lyn. three minutr* walk fp m Wall itrr. i ferry.?A lady dealrtug soulet aid comfnrabls home for t*e wind r, wub a ro>MD newly furnish wl at J rtr r'ul aoriely In a swsll prtv w e family, may apply at No 2 * Ulow plao". OJTQ'r of Juralrsnon street Board in hhooklyn ?th&kr m inutbb WeLK fr m *'?' street an: fiou h ferries. A lsiy on 1 gentlem: can find a quiet and romfbrtaYr home for the winter, In a prl *i<e faml-y, rooms neel' furoUhed; thre. fill s ctety and story tome or-m'urt. Apply at Wo A W11 jow plaoe, corner of Jcralsmon ? treet, Bo*rd in hro kiyn-two or threk bin* lb gen lemet. can be scrotnmoAa'ed wl a rooms and (parda) board 1c a pmsie family. Call at 3uJ CLaUin street Board in hsooclyn-for orntlryrx, also gentbmeo and heir wires, at Sit Pacifl! .meet near herlur, tsent} mlcHes' walk from Wall street or So-rh for tie*. and t. ree a, ni.l-s ir-m Fult.n aecsue oars. Hjairnew I) fu-aiahid Terms m (derate Board in brooklyn-Within fit* mi ? urea' walk of Wall^ireet lirn a guntlrmai and his wtfe ran be ilibj with and. arses pleasant room, on the a. rood li or Apply hi l!0 enry street, btleeet Fierrepont and t lars sitcet Board in hrooii.yn.-td lit, a front room ot ee> nod floor, to a lady and yrcllrmtn or alntle senile men flrr mo) i ei from Atlantic and Wall nr ?t ferries S? Ws'ten street beieeeu C.lalon end tieaiy at me La. Board m footii drookltn - flu*ant ao ? eomwdotiors. nib heart, en moderate term*, mi) be Its ' si yji Beery atrret near iUrriem Its at of re-'erenoee required Rer-sra Punished or unfurniahed.* BHOARD IN WjLI.IAMfRL'R 1, TWO BLOOK8 FROM Ftek s <p ferry A"d one 'r in bouts Tenth Treet ?A fen t'essn at d k s wife can be ace us ?I*:ed ?iA n-strd in a uni'l pi Iran family at No. n H u'b N'atb street, m?io?v il nab r referetoea required and siren. Inquire of O. tj. Ft'W l.CB, .VI and 13 John hiresL BHOARD WANTID HllR RROADWAT. RITWIIN Bleeehsr had 1 wento h rd sir -e , m h a prlrale family, where there are no oihir boarders. ** s r*ntl"man, wife, two eblldcan sod serraa.: term* moderate, address, wl A same asd mestk-e,' or IK) Post omre. Board wantnd-witii parlor andthrici brd roow.s furnished, east of Broadway and be.ow r on* Welti str-et, with dm, gas and Bats,for a family of four per sens. A private 1**1 y pre erred Rr term j?* ?lrei asd re quir-d A note addressed Henry Esrald jtBde, wlU moe' prempt a una una Board wantbd-hy a gbntlbwam ard his sitter. Two single rooms reqti'ird. me lar(? envifh for a s lila* room, sond lab)#; dinner at rt P. H ; m dir*te ttrins. n i rhoue as o prl*aie 'aally, boarding house or Autal nor ibjee.lon 'o n >p?r floors; weal side of Rrosdsay ail he iw(sn B'eistsr and T*rro't?ih streets preferred. Address Chester, Msrsld ? dine, elating ervia BO-KD WA.VR.r-8Y A DINT LAM AN AND LsDT; trad for ihe lady isly. In h prl-ate family, whe-e there a'e no other b> aril'"?; aw.dow lad* preferred lnmunv d rate f leaae aidrcss Periuanrul. ttroidwaj Pos. oQlje far t nee days BHOARD WA*T?P.-A PARLOR ARD TUMI Bit' I uorns, far*.(bed. warlsd wl h boa-d, for a gentlemen ?nd lao r asd tksr two daughters, and a untie sent >ddr*s* bsil IW Post '>?(?# LI OA PI) WAN* lit?F-.R A YOUNG 'IKNTLRMAN AND l) nlfa wso "tab io rnn'raa se his slu.v, s r 'ttn an 1 bet rnsor large room, on thirl do.r at ahiui A.: pe* month. Ii asood nel(hvo*hord is rt inred. Add-nss. am in* isane, 8. P. 8., i erald -Bee BHOARD WANT?D?A FUBMBH&P R 'OR ?OR Till wttur alhfl-e. gh*. Ao . oy a g-it'?m*n sod lalf. with board lor the 1 k } npoeri'art and seal aM?of l?s ollr pr ? f"rrd. Ad'-naa. etatiDg loea loe, u ran. A , X. L., nrratd oRue BHOARD RAM CD- FOR A (IRNTL*MaN AND HIS * ?< a a yltraM fui r iw j no bsiwsen Rl-noker and tourteri h r're Is. "est *W?e prtfer *d n paritr and but r ?m, o- o-e l**ie *r at rtree ftreah'utsnd tea for the (sstlsmss. and fuTnsss-s fir ibe .sdr Addrsse with p-rA u ,sra ?ls>l' ( lorau m *#.' tsr s? ?h < h m ??! be r?a*ot,a'/'n, as tie par'Dswl'1 b* pet n sreat sad psrmml prompt, Walla is. He a l-t "<Bo? Be LIK WaNTNO?WANTRD. A ROIl.tA C\PaRL? of rnnnrr ?* *??!'e < ! weitj f \ e horse |v<wer. A so in mtlae sd I ? i rr of th* same eapacuy. A drear bos R.i 9 Post r.R.e Board it actio- tha a dtirtisn* WdOld frrl barl'i f.-r plat! twaf with but . i- , t . *n foyta t'nr'ri it * '*?;!/ si ?t N n?i<? Cai a' trrfi tu the wrw ? te praferrrd addrrws a X., He ra'd (it) >e HD Hi NTAD IN NHOOKLTF 'KlNVKIftRNf TO W.'rr Fu -rr, w.iry ' -?'?? * rani for a I and tla elf# Fdf r?t.?e# e?e? a j?ed Aodr w statins I 'erms. R S . llrooAlys fesioaoe A prt raie fsatl'y pes *r?'d. BH|OARXN -A ORF-IRRAN AND (|*i WIFR OR *u ? (i - war obtals a r.l' of t ivimmll w ?toBIs modes. wl?h ful' or p*.r U Mfeither on Uie sen ?d or Vr<* fl>T| |as 'l.-o-sh i ILe h i is# lath -on?. As. Apply at >? yonrtk sreui r, near Tweuty first street. BoARDflH - BT Tit# CNRXPRCl lit DRPAT'IRR FOR Sur qx o1 lk? 'ate 'leuphnte, rsry >?in?im' frv. r > iea en the at w nd flrew, wl h Itrce el'teWS altMbed, em eh oi> I<lned wliA >oart', by applying ?l l?d Weet Fou'tewnUi at. BHOf RlUN J A FROST PARLOR AND BI >R JOB OR H 'he first, sreind ard ih'rd loots, vn in with bosrd, for the elsler at "I 'mng plaoa Let ween llguteentk and Nluetenoth sire ta R*fe?eniwa einkangsd. B^HOALJ.INO -TWO TOCNO MB* CAN HI AUOJMMO d*t*d xtthfol'or eaetiai board. At 78 Orchard street, aesrortsd Refereene, eipAaasred ChCCI'KR ID'JM RR Of KIND IN I NKWLT FUR I; Slabs d - a ?,re? by ihe dty or ? ??? is th- ar>>moi >1a iloo of ItA gewtlemes and isdtes Price I .-Tin *1 to %i per Diet i onn-Pel It a Dial nlaas restsnirnt. Apply at the (V)o(if<r Hon##, IAS Itroadway, L'1 Its SMI T PCRNIHrlBD A fill (.ARAB PARLORH TO VJ let W 'ib h'rtr aims and ? I wt's qi'anbed ?sj and hath In tt r souse wiit f.iU or pirnai board, o-i ihe frst, aeeonl third a ' ' r> to fenu" or geateel faNt'ite* wuhrwx csildten Two whole P i >e# m let to p'otlensen olnb blng, or Dm! lee, A Ivge bs*b uarb?r and ?i*?m attaehei,and two Irrge . item-on ro. mi. snUable f>r profeesl nal genllh men wtaels s ihe rer* be#i a-eomniodailotM t all at No Id Htuid street N T , for one week, and eiamlie rooms sad fel sFl'RNI4H tfi OR URFURUHHID RODNH IN *UITj r or sepert e m le, !o gsntieoten. wl hon n-mrd, at IINonl rr*et, elth si ihe mo era imnroermene gae^ batb hoi and *?<1 water Ar No V arders -e ebllim; In thra houm. "TlliAIN KURD tO')NH TO TNT WI^TH iU< prtumpst, n Hdd Msnadwsy, two d.ors abore rwANTi.T yt "BJ: rrratlaiitig (if t.a*i.e aqd in e t?W?dlOT1 hedWmeiS, WA1 I rlci a 'in Kpt' )wf) ttPV ll's f ) W '3 1#t. tO "o? I ^ ten Tb ?.e fho d-atfs IitTorlo arsnmin *Vp4oti? will do Ito oaf' n 11 Ll*eet*r?*? V ?>? iimu aiiii umwim, ?l'EMITURR WA*TSD.-BOaRD KILL SB QIVW la exebaave for hied a bu farrltnre ta good order, Ac. Addrara ?? a Q . Herald tiflio*. for Una#day. HOT KL LOI GIN08 ?UEaTLbMBM OAK SBOURB good furulah'd rooa* at uetJl be Hotel, oorner of freak fort ?D<I William rrre'a ? iulog tke sinter, oa very favorable termaHA few comfort?vle room*. 1 the upper pert of tke ho tel. cab be hid for $? o ? M ter month, payarie la adviDOa lodgtn/a >8 co> ia per nig't OfiOKBN ?TO LIT, WITH PULL OR PARTIAL i i Doerd b large from rooea, wlta mill room Attached apply a. 18 R tdaou icrrntw, Ho 'Qkea. HOBOMN-A TURN HHkD IITOIO ROOR AND b?d com* adjoining wtih oarttal boa d oo vrry rcaaou ? ? Die te> ma, ar? off ret t a i? w aeu ilemen who may be de*t roua of making a eh?i ge if reald?.nca lor the winter. Apply At No. 6 B!v-r terrace, Aobokcu NO M WkBT Tb) HI a* <TH BTR1RT, Ml lR SIXTH, avtooe - it | ar'.< r and extcntl- n room on thy Aral floor, or the entire around llu> w.mla in let to ulngle gentlemfu or gentlemen an" their wl?e? family pri a:e. B raae son lain* g** ai d bai h 8 cfvw nuee 'X ibanged rAMBOA TWOOBNTLSRIN. WHO ?1A? 4PPflBOlA*f V? bim~ooo>f"d* and wbo a'sh a tctniaome rx?, aeeyrx. atory. U getker wl h par'a! boxel, oan obtain the am it liouatoo atreel near inlb ad Honae he* gae and bath. fa mily email end table liberally furnished. W.- box 8M_Pealofflae PB1VATR FAMILIES iNl) OTBKR8 WHPlNtl TC lako hoardt of advrrUa'nt ... ehanj e. S4? Broadway Board aeek-ra po'ltely lureeted, will A tako boardera cap be a-pomewated wrbo it the pub limit cf advrrlia'ng by calling a. the flic- of the Hoarder*" Ax nh?B| e. 346 Broadway Board set km po'ltely directed, wi " full paruculare free of charge. hklkH A BOYU. PR1VA1R BO 1 RDINA 1? HROOKLJH.-A ORNTR mar and 1 td* or t ro r lnglc gent enaeD, e\u he aeeom module' with n pletemt r > in and oo?rd, In n private fatnllj In Broiihlyn, within seven ininu ea wa k of fniton or Wall at' eet ferrtea. For paniculnra adtreea D. Myert, SB Warrei ttrrel, N. Y , np ata r*. PBIC18 R?r)Un?D LCCTION UNRXDSPTIORABLS Immediate vlninHv of Broadway, ail amaaementa, hotel* Ae ? bandiome fnrnbhrd r on arUh board, for % gembemv and hla ?Ife, a* $11 TToua fl'at alata tat e rery i -epeol. Dla tiers for gent'emm. P.taae aldreia N. A? Herald oflb-' giving a'drci? Rooms ilioanti.y furnished to lrt-w n partial board, U' ilesSit/!, at lis Rig bib au eat, ot posit Clinton Bali RCOM8 TO LBT.-ASRaLL PRIVATB FAMILY O OC cuiytng a lags flr?t cla?* house In tfev. t onrustn'J tired drelre to let a mil of ftirnlrhed roowa with or WiU out board. Address Lo. tor kOR 2 734 Poat t <11 ?*. Rooms to bsnt-nmiib tqk tT oerxain hotmi A private family, residing la a Or it o'am bo-ute an hiving more ro m tint ibtvr mi dre. won d rts.-.t a part or th ? hu e of the leoond floor, to oxe m t? n gen lenen -b-btii dralrabie am tnm, dat.ona For as I ter b-w a'' Ireaa wit reference, Knickerbocker, iox 3,767 Poat ofllce. SM1THBON1AN BOUBS BROA .'WAT.- f U L 110.1K or ronniB only, at gren'ly rednnvd ra ea till th* tlmea ix pro>e for yonpg men raper.ially the prto*a are bnlcvr an; thlrg e'ae nfltr d Tee a> comw dVttona are not redcoei ?u am heat throughout Tanolent $? SO yerday. Tuition -a lady wiaurs to proourm hoard i a revpectable fan lTy wh-re h-r serrce* In teaohlair m at drawing, and mak'ng wai flowers, wortld be rreelved as a equivalent ftr her board sddreaa MFC, Herald offloe. TO LRT-A FROST RPOM, WITH FULL OA PARTI A boaid. In a private family, f-,r a lady and ger ileman er t? airgie gent emeni referenee given ana required. Apply No. S Hnbeit etreet TO LET-TO 8INULR (J IN TUBMEN, A FtTRNlBHB parlor and two bedrroma In a neat prlva'e house with b me comfort t o. 1 Amity street, near Broadway. rl.RT-A FMAI L PARLOR. HK tRO 'N aND BAT room at1 joining. 'urDlAfle t or nnfu'nlahed wlthoe wuhr breykfaat ana tea; also one or two tingle rooma at 80 f ran tin atreei, rl ST?A WSI.L FURSI-HSD BBIiROitf. TO AR: tlemm, without board, with hn use of a goofl 9v Alio, uafartiihed room*, on tt-e tirai floor for a famlJy .n quiet kouae. Icq .Ire at '36 Keade atreet. r LET-TO ORE OR TWO SIN 4 LB OINTLRMRN, a nloe room and bedroom, ucf rnlated with m,euf t a ro> m, anc bre.ak'aat and tra if require! Referenoce nesv aary. Apply at >i2 Sixth aveune, a coyd bell WANTED?IN A OBIMaN fa MILT, WHIRR run are ao otbrr koerdera, a neatly furnlahed etiung rc; ardbearooa. wi b j. aru, guv ao1 bath for a lady and ac CAacUnru* and or er of uie flrat tm lOrtanee. flefarvnc txchaaged AC dree wi b terms, whteh an: 3e mruera A. M P.. Broadway Poatofllae WANTED-A TOUK v ORNTLKMAN WIRHSR A FC niihed ro> tn la c. p'ea-uct and agreeable t reooh Ian.. Addieaa freneh. Metn n 11 an Poat WBie ULf AHTIB-PY TWO TfyUNA MSN, A NBiTLT FC vf nb h'd room, between nieecker atd T welLa rtreeta a Tklrd and 8 xth a-enura. Addreaa. aUtlag terms, wmcx mi be modrrate, <? a. 8 Fcr?ld fBce. WANTED IN HUO KLIN?AflSRMAN OR8TLRHI wants a rtDg:*- ro 'aa and partla. oo?rl la an Eogli or Amerleta 'amilv, where orly a few buar.trr* are mk' and wh-re h- would flad a pleaaaut and pernuineDt koa Add rear, atatlxg '#im?, lotaqon, Ac H.,b(x Poat off. N T WILIlAMdJlUHO ?OSSOR TWO fURN'RHB 1 ROO may be had, rlth or without board la a private Iana. on vrry modrra e te>ma Apply at No. 1 Th rd etreet, e honso be'otr Cot tl Tenth alrert WI'LLT t MH."UR''.? A OENTLRRAN A Nil HIH WfT ? or two alng'e gent'erneo. can be eccom taodated w pleeaatt frrnUhed room* on eeernd floor wi h kwa, I ptlvnte family, byapplylg all .1 rou h Fourth a reel, m Fifth; frw mlnutea walk l out the ferry. Re'erance rfqulr rm frAStuons. 4LARMIBO fAC'RlFlCf IK HlLUIfUT. -?B wor'h of millinery mid millinery go win be offered Mrnday ItI Md oot>tlma through the mon'.h of Oetom. gardleea of Boat. at # ?. MlfMUMfc, Ml Broadway I3CHH RBTA1L.AU jT LKdf THAN WHOLAH* pr Odd. ?We offer ih? while of our etoeb t rotL 1 look Ih been rrain'a-urwi frua 'he beet iu?Uj. an-' the laleet Itylee tijteaair for ct? train. J. D. WI l.I.I A Mb 1 < Foltoa atreet. Brook.yr nrB8 PDR8 PURK ? UBAI yUABTBa* NO. Malt'ee lane, orner of jn.d creel. We wjo'd moat ?aecfi'liy luforw the nbll- that ?? ere f >reed to throw o| onr en Ire a.rnk foe caab. L or etork oonel-ta of etery attle ladlee' end rhJdron'. fare reanofar* red with greet oe fur MM*, gkieee. roJl*?e. be ileigh robot te (met *ei ty tail atd bee he ditfnrecne Id prtoe oetwe-e Aroada prtaeaid tbe prtoaa of 87 He den aae. where we suteufao.;. and enld fare to the ? hoiroa e t ede e'n. e IM7 bur pr.c nba I be k> ?er than ever b fore oUarhd la hie alty. Wa ?i only eell at retail for one month. Hid SAMCftlA IpCRft. FUtB, PCBN. 1 Ureal eacrtDne Chi (Of worth if the Valuable *h rva.r ttuae T. D. PH'ULIPH ? tO, A: retail, Oe Monday neit at the" b(n?w Rillllng. MO Breadw Wit boat re gar 1 to cow. 8a In and ml.k reta. Flick a*d g one nurtre, hoc* marten. Pre- sk atV>g and fr Bleich robe a, fur mil, UIoth and wl!i Itrry ertlrle warrui'ed, I eing Maauftt nrrd h? inree)' WeaUo ?eil a' rettll al onr who e.alu etor? 11 Mai >n ?edit efar?tr?et |j*OR THIN MOUTH, Of 'IN " Th/o* ? open toe ahi'e of hie Parte aid a ar met. o fart ured ?U'i a nr. r tae aeweai faat In eterr department of ladlee'. k lio , boji' and Infaate1 drew HMBfg Raaglrg flrom Bee lo twrui pie cast a< i? O'ff Bathr i ureharere wll'bate (be ?ldr?t Ite'd fc) uBb in 1 h . /.A a ft BIS !'rrvtdwa>. ft UN b ilae ?.?? Al AUAXN POPKfP. ft;? ft uo.. 171 Itre4w*?. Cedar the '*f?r*r Houee Are aow mktblling a euperb eaeorfel of ireiii mUUr.ery, Of the m< et beautiful deatfaa Metropolitan fur rtohk. r>? RtoAi>WAr.~t b ? lo the gfDora. det rrtatoe of butlieat we ,.f-r at fa' leaa ha* th Ir ya.ue Seal mlaa rlrorttie tad e (10, half nape aela flf ft. HeRRIB * *? SJPLRfCIOPftPlf HILLIPRBT 1RLOW toPT.-iN ' luj nferailoaof lh? t ne-nt nntartlHed da>rroe> >11 te area bra UuTIUfON. Nti' anal rU?et. rpporlte be Pw> Hank, hae now rrm-ludei to offer re whole ./ her rteT elef'Dt aaeor ??n' of Part# fa I ard winter mlllln'-rr. rtbl lower a he . at prloea mneb lelow the original whil*?B.e . adtea are rotpom uliy toU< l ?d to eall and laepect the v meat. SPLBNPIP PARIN MILuINRRY Rtt/tW OOKT fr?p|e ration of the pi??Tt unpaeal'e'ed i preaab bmtneee. noet"inert upon the rnan lal dl?ae> e. ?r ;ft? at'-g, Roe I an ' Sb>? itiruloe nreet. ta? aow eear In offer the abole of brr rtrb and elegant a?en- ateei <1 fal and wln'er mlUleury. r hboneaal flower#, al grHw * ? below'ba i rlginal wko'eeale font TU.-!g?R WILL tJOKTIWrf WIS ftlflH railPPl'f frtdal appotntmer i? and al' other attraMite db??? lie uriei, Terr work under k>a faart prk>-? at ' ? d' flora, 1(1 Broadway, bttwea Tftiwp-'.m'i had Te ngHninjioa, oywiiMBO OmjTPAllftlFICi or nAit?r,,?. . O^lr g in wir h m twpurtaitaa* ^ 1 '?? w% ^n*f? w?lnd#d lo at onr & c* ftl re*w. tnr ? Itt. nt .eyard to ? ? II <* w,,to VeWtta aad a l, r <rth' * DOIHIBM * NhJ- , Ml Broad ? ay <>ri"M'ie the P KkN'-TAl,.-fT?0HC FtWl '2JU1' out aala, at iwdtmeA'p'1*''JJ* "**? VJ* tuollni to ?oTf Ib Jilulty ^ ? mm . " , aBg |{ 'jowand atreota between Hrn?d any an r tree l, aow e Here bta entire atoeft of eerpedAwm-iliiii'g 'ii tagnwtry, three ply and ng-ala Mr eb uelotha liiia ae( pteho nnr> ra. roda and rtr tger'a. at t Mdniwwt aeteee bnyera are lasted to an etamla' rednneo i: idift'iit aftd tW l earl at wiwva a*d Liftiom t'LBIHftit'i AND HTAPPOBIl -tan p A dil'r. Ptw * "and 10 - J M 4 *K Wfti. ?, * la ATnt to ber kUjee'T. hat tng r? I'ronohid hit Internal id Hotel, n'ao the V**' uaeibamtrte avaet. aid the Amerleaa Uoffee t oure, Thr??dney.|j alrei t n?n laea i now eat retr to tbe wlae an" aplrl. irade a' hie offeeg a an ahriTA (A whtpf. IV bfl All hi a rt'<4 wlriNfl ft H ANN BEN HTKAK (I.B A MOST MTPEA ale, oe Waugbi at aoutbeeet mreer of Brr Wane e mat haaeeieat w??BBS wt ? * Tn^ irrftftrTKiT in rw pstop* WB I ihb alfmtoet pain br ray new and ortelnal itrwoe jeering.I adettrablo .yemrn w pramieed by e Beferennee gteee ?f r 'aidifd BK II U. ri'RKI.b iWOeealftrwrt. gear *1