Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7724. SUNDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 25, 1857. BRICK TWO CENTS. THE COMMERCIAL CRISIS. TELEGRAPHIC DESPATCHES. MONBY AFFAIRS AT BOSTON, BTC. Boron, Oct 34, 1847. Atn bee Mm MM ohange u> note IB taaaolal BilMn ?artog tbe week. Meoka continue to be preuod for aele M ru|( lew. Ike nmrnl af apodo held by the uooolatod banks In fee Bocae on fee day of rapeaeloa wm 32,441,000 woial held thin day at fee oommenaement of boat waa 83,868,100. Increase a Luce October 14, 3137,100 THE NEW YORK SHIRT MANUFACTURERS ?area or the bcbixbss?tricki or tbi tbadb? bow it ia arraoTBD by thb iiabd timbs?waaaa SHIRTS AAB 8RNT TO?WHO THE SHIRTMAKBHH ARB?THB QOOMMOST IN DBM AND?THB MODi OF BttPlOYIBO HARM AND QIYLNO OCT WORK?PRIORS TAJB?WOHRN OCT Or BRFLOY, KTC. The ablrl trade bee withla tba teat eighteen or tweaty i grown to be, next to fee oiotting button, perbape it important or all otter trader, to fee aeelog perUcnlarly fee female portion thereof. Up to eighteen yeera ago it wan ecaroely known nn n din Mnedre branch of butineee, meet of fen ebbrta then worn betog manufactured to order by fee fbaailtea ef fee arearera, er by fee deafcre ia ready made oiofe M? fir fee aeooaaaaodatlOR of feelr ooalomera. THB FIRST DISTINCT CITT MABCFAOrORT. A boat feat period Meeare. Jndaen A Deal, (tew Jo toon ft Fowler) of 46 Murray etraet, then keeping a dotting felie la PtaM atreet, began to tarn feelr attention more jnrtfenlerlT to fee maantactarlng of ablria an e distinct of bnaleeae, aad.finaJy, after a few yeara' expe Igare op feelr dotting bealneoa, and derotat their whole time to fee abtrt bcdceea. Since feat period fell braacb baa Increaaed In magnitude beyond nil oonooptloa, an much aolhat ecaroely a alngle Individual feinke of having bin ibMn made at home; For two reaaoni?one of whieb la feat ihlrta can be purebaaed reedy made ra^oh feuper and equally aa good If not yaatly bettor than they aan be aaede at borne, and another reaaoa la feat fee fb male portion of feelr fan I.lea do not like. In feeae dnya ot feahlnn and famine, partlealarly In large oltleo, to be battered wife fee '.rouble of rutting any thing In fee dotting ,'lne for fee male portion* thereof. THB INCR1A8B IN BC8INBSS. W tibia the ttor. apace of eight ten yeara this branch or baataemi la feia city baa Uoreaaed, wo feat at fee preaaat feae there are about twenty-live large flrat dote maau feetartag eatabltabmeaia located la or baring their bead gaartera la New York, glrtag employment to up war to of twenty feonanirt females, and, ai te rarlouil/ eatimated, working op from Bve to eight million dollar* worth ot fee aaw malerldl annually, In addition to n large number of Inferior rtoree and factories l.oatod throughout fee dty, and employing probe sly from feree to Sre or eta feoa mad additional handa m maaufaoturiag for oulomwe di rectly. THB fix or THB KXFbOTlBD USNTRALLY. Thta breech of fee genUemen'a tarnlehing baelneae, la proportion to fe j number and extent of Ita factories, far ntttee employment te a weitly larger auaber ef feaalen feea fee eiolbtng boaltem. for while fee octten, ?Bremen and coat bands or fee lattere atoree e?* almost eaohuirely male*, moat of fee overture and cotter* of fee former and all of fee eewere are femtlea. Home of fee maaafaotorten of ihlief, drawer*, ho , employ oee or two male onnen, aad a male oreneer in fee workshop; bat aa n rery general thing feeae branchet are gtroa In ?bnrgn of femaler, aa belonging more exotuatrely aad par Unularty In their proper apheru of ganion. THB SBlhT SOWERS ? ??Mini erer feia aad fee adjoining cltiee. aad feroogb awt fen eonauy for eeweral bond red ml lee, on all eldee or Mew York, and are mainly depended dlroolly and tadt really en fee large eblrt maaufactortee of New York for fee work feey moire, alttougfe rertonately, not perbape half of t be large number aboveyestlmeled ere nolely depen dent ea fee imall pittencu feey ere able feu to earo, for feelr dally icppcri, u a great proportion of fee ehirta aad rah etyln ef goods are girea eat to and made np by wo men who bare hubeada. or young girl* who bare parent* la took to for their npport, bet pre'er doing this tied o' work rhee net otterwiaa engaged In order to earn extra pta money wife wblob to gratify feelr appetite fbr dreu tfeAlhew. vot ?hit acb Divmia. ThiooioM are fUtytphlty to bo found to too rnral Ota Mod, iomti Jko hrneri, meobuloe and t-edeewen'i wtreu and duoghtdra, tad who, perbapa, ncm -or rery ?ilj.lf oat quite, wo third of the while number em ptoytd to Ifela braoeh of baaloaoa Vary nearly another third atay be MttmiUd at bel jw, glrtng to attll raoro depandcat elaaa of glrto ana women eoettered throaghoai Me ONDtry, who been no other meeoa if procuring a fire ?hood,efwatimea not oely fbr fee seel res, bel la eome la maaaaa a large fbaaUy, tbaa what Umjt are able to earn by Iho needle rrom day to day. Tbla olaaa of wo awn and gtrta are to be fci.nd acatMred tbrouaboot the country m ?eery direct too, hot aaore parttaolarly la large rtlltges nad eitlea in the later lor of the rereral aJjaooat feelee, who heqctally are aaable la prooare any other eaaptoymoot, oonaoqoaaUy at preaeal, u rary aaany laalaaoei, The moot nmeroM, aad at [wereel by far the man tea portent choo of ottorotlroe and oewera. are those reeldleg BBd ororktog la tbto oi-y. wbo eoaautote npwarde nr ooe ?drd af the wheie number of baeda employed, *nd wbo hr the Bed part are at prosset eat of employ, with rery dHaeal prenpeela ahead for the wlater, or Umm who a*e dmrlrij iI to the etty, perhaps oae-third are employed di rectly la the ?aaafaotortM, where they in and sew dvrtag Me day, and another third lake work from the enteral thetariaa to their boaaw, where they le aome eaaae hare fYsm tare te fwe or tee band* at work aider uteei, whe will eeally make ap another third Tbla laat M particularly tb aaae whh theea wbo ova manhlaaa, aa wary mtay wotsan la the any ee owe from two to tea, arhtah they rmpliy gtrta la aanati a poo at thetr (the owaera) raaldeaoea, aa a ganaral thing VHU OOODH ARB IIKT TO. The gaada Una maaoraetarad era ebtpped heaoa to hi quartern of lha eoaatry, north, eeet, aeath aad waat, mm af the larga banana area eeedtag goon aa far at the Bandelet aad ether Waada of the Paelflo, aad from Maine an lha AUaeiln eoeat to Oregon on the FaelBe. The great heft of goeda, how ere r, maaafaetered here, aad ihlpped eel af the etty, are aeal u> the Beathcra aad Waatara mar kdM. the prtaaiya) dapaft for the reception and roitstrtea haa of the aama being, in the Waal, at UMoago. uaata MM aad IB. I cola, a large proportion af the whole being MM dtreelty to QnolaahU, where eeserel of the larger haa ft thh aNy hare bran oh as the principal Hoath era mart ale are New Orlaana, Mobile aad Aogoeta, where agnate or branch booaaa are aao steady eetenlleted, ana whe ft tarn dlatr'.boie the ready made ehtrtd?bronah ?ni the entire death. Mm! or lbs New York manaftotarera aead directly to all of theoe marketa, ft addittoa te aaailng amaller orders direst to oaaaoafejs located te ail porta of the Colon Bat oao or twobooaeo eeadaay ofthnr goeda to any of the kiatani markolo.oaoh good# being prtnelpally oondned to ahirt trimming* ready mnda, which are aa a ganaral Ihftg tappiled to retail dee ars throngbmt Me laatera ftatee. aad by them fitted to oblrt bod tea which are orunlly made 'or tkotr OMatumers k> order Tbnr a Man may ge M a retail ahlrt dealrr la Maine aad order a deoM rbine to be mode far hina, ?ot tootead <4 tbetr be tag, m ho aappioae, mode ap from the raw material m hie order, nothing bat the body ptr'e are ihna mad* the b* mm, ooUere and wrMbanda bariag been reoeir td from Mew York by the bale, aad merely fltted ft the ahlrt badfta aa ordered by ooatomero abroad THE miKM Why tbla oneraa la adopted by ao larga a portiea of the retail trade la the fee, thai at ace the la trod notion of rowing MhOhftM seraral of the Nee York b-mocr eiolae a g-eet deal af their attenhoe te the making ap of Baa tiimaUaga a: anoat nsalaalrely, aad are oy feeaiJaf the machine eoaileiJ |Bdo the work moch cheaper aad eith maob mars ant'o mty then ??ui otbcrwioe be done, at, for Ineiraao, while ana famale operator, oa a machine rasa aa U generally wood by the thirt manafaotirerr, can with enee rvinh from tare to three rosea atrtrt bono me oar dap. the aewc woman, nRhnagh aha might be aa actremeiy good and qalek bend ad lha noodle, would hare great difflonlly by uooruai work, la Mieh three of the same kind of bcacat ft the MM Ume, if, Indeed, aha oonld da It a* all. TBI <HK>08 MOIT IN DBMAND hi the attreoM noath are lha Baeet white linen rblrt* tor lha better oImbm of white people, aad the otarae cotton Oeegeree jumpers, rhlrA, and orerhaah fw the Nam, a large qoanUty of which are tnaua lr shipped by the aera pad maantootarero The demand of lee years tat (Bgddly leereaaed tor theae rode of geode, .a addition te which there to geMaa w> ?>? ecoNdemo.e of a do ?mad tor what are now called fte Mammae amine, which imnNtt of a tnmeece while cotton M Nnen beey, with a Marseillee baecm. rtoban ta aad ml Mr, of all colore, catena and prlcee. rangftg at from tU la i'o a dor en. Tneee are becoming qaiie feehloaeble, and am being meafa worn by the b-eer eftie af emtedy. Ykr the Waatam market there to a large demand tor lbt Mnie flaeby nod fsiey etylee tf tigered ud ttrlped Mar aatltna and eaNon ihhta, with a large demand tor the >MiIn nearae gcede.eath an hickory aad deegeree ahlrte ami jnntpora, eealte aad colnred dennei drawers, thirds, fta , which rary bsl IHUe tor the Weaters market The Principal article neat le the Oaltfkraia aad enframe weatera marketa ennoble af the henry catered mftert or Oalttoraia Mteta and drawers, dang true erarnlto, ho, t?1M h fehr rhnre of the toncy lMroeiltoo end anttco ohlrte, ft adeitten te eome white Itnano ud do. Bet little la done toward auppif lag the Kaetern mar kid With uy ether hied of goedo than the ohtrt trlmmlnge before ? pokes ef. while tor the New York and eorrona.i log marketa Me deaeaad to abut equal far a I kind* Of iwMde ehirta, ae alao Mr a feir prepcrtioa of aaet of the other blade ameafeatared TUB tOOhUTT OP PdrPOniBB AND OUNBBB ?M ftHBB Whh bettweer three meapauM all af Ma larger clean SIMM maaufhadhrort are Itiattd ft MM city, wharg a portion of their work la made up. Tboce net so located ? Man, Morrtaoo ft Hoyt. wttofe la at Norwnlk.Cann., tfta warebeooe being at 46 Murray atrooi, and oaaaUy em ploying exclusively through aa agent MtMa Iwenly and twenty Ave hundred baa da, who are scattered aU tftroogft Oonseotiootoo tfta Una ?r tfta Hooaatoeto, Danbury and Nor walk Railroad*; moat of whom art still retained Jod ?on, Fowler ft Oa., who hare their warehoaae at 4? Mar ray itreet, employ a large number of hands through an agent, all o??r the oountry, having no work done la this city. The number of hands employed by them la this manner la estimated at from eight hundred to a thousand, but they were una ble to give any definite Idea of the preoiee number, al thtugh moot of them are said to be e*lU retUned. Caleb Muir. who ampleya about two hundred and fifty hand*, all or whom are In th? oountry, and Maosra. Wolsb ft Wise, 79 Maiden Inae, have the whole of their work doae la the country, and hrvo aa yet made no reduction In their hinds of any conic que nee. Theao houses m an u (hot are for tbo general trade and send their goods to all parts of the country. The prtnotoal rectories located in this o.ty wno manufhoture exclusively for uttrcustom work, are those of Mro?ro. Burr h Htoford, at 89 Naomu street, who usually employ from sixty to seventy glru, In and oat of the rao tory, hot who at present have but very little of anything ro do, oa log to one or two of the principal oiothlag houses fur which they do builnem having dlioherged tbitr casters, and oenssd manufacturing for tbe present H. Hohn, No. 167 Wtjfam street, who usually cm,.lays from thirty to forty gtris, tut at prose a the* but about two; aad George T. Greene, No I Barclay street, who usuallr employs about one hundred altogether, boa who at present employs but aoout forty. There a*e many other tsuolithmenis who manufeoture far toe city trade exchslvely, of iota Importance, who average la about the tame rroscrtlcn aa those already named, and from which a (atr ecsima-o of tbe . umber of bands at preaent em ployed, and iteuumlHii caualty kept at work, may be had. TOT HOSE or TAKING ON NEW HANDS. In most sf the shops who do a large amount of cheap and coarse wo*k, such aa manufacturing hickory shirts, wade and flannel aider shins and drawers, jempers aid duegeree pacts, fts , generally require a dep-wtt of abrat fill horn workwomen who take work borne tobemideup, aod whom they do not know, as a sort of seiurity that they will return tbe work given them within a given pe? tod fhla la all ve-y well ao tu ai It goes, but It la ofl?n made a means by tbe unprincipled in the trade of raising a sum of money that may be renulred for imme diate use, wbicb In some Initanoea there la no Intention of enrer restoring to Ibe person making the adrauoe In ease they by any possibility or pretest oan avoid it This la done by adverthlng tor a ntimber of girls to work on shirts, and who after making tbe neoeieery deposit. In order to raise which they are frequently oompeiied to point a dress, and In some Initanoea the oktthse oil their beds, provided the? are unable to borrow the required Amount, should they not be fortunate enough to be otherwise possessed or It, whloh thousands who seek this kind of work an n means of aubeistnncs are not It la said thai instaooea bare frequently seen known where several hundred dol are have been made In a day or two In thia way, as>l tbo work gtven the women In time to be made up, sot being worth hair tbe amoaut of the deposit, which on being male up and returned to the proprietor of tbe place Jias been rejected am Ute plea that tbe articles were apollodln making; and the poor women who, per ?bad worked night and day for two or three days la to complete the work, turned Into the street minus their amount of deposit aad the price of their work. It la gratifying, bowtrsr, to add that Initanoea of this ktnd art seldom if ever known to ? ranaptrela establishments ha Vug any protutttcna to rerpeclabllity, ant are generally oon demned by all respectable men In tbe trade. Several of tbe largest houses In lb s city do not take any bands on to take ?ark of out of tbo shop unison they oan show recommendations, a book, or some refsronoe from the plaoo whore they last worked, or ate Introduced to the shop by some person already employed therein, in which case tbe parly Introducing tbe new hand are made responsible for hie or her honesty, aad shoild lbs party thas lnwoduoed prove dishonest, thepsrty tn ro duclog thsm are at oaee discharged from the piece. This plea )? said to rperate moat advantageously to all part is, and fewer eeeee of dishonesty are practised under it than by suy other I thi modi or eivmo our toil Moat of the work |iv*n rat to band* to take to their root donee* la tkla ettjr, la Orat eat by Me cotter* ta the Too tortra or atorea, aai placed ta aaatll parcel*, each dbtrt by Itself, and gtren ta the owsploy * to make op at an much a pteoa or a dotea; Utaaa women toko tbo work homo, aad there frequency bare from two to tkreo banco, me a bora ot tbotr ramllloa or otbora, to assist tbom. while other ? more fortunate than their atatora hare from two machine* upward*!*! their borne*, *a whom they employ women lo operate, paying tbem oat of tbo prtom they rooehre for tbo work at tba maaofaetoror*. Tbi* claaa are by ao ?aana nomaromf howerer, aa 'aw woman who do thta aort of work can efTwd to purctmse one machine, much laaa a number of them. The work given rat through the coca try la generally done through the mean* or ooatrae tore, or *geato d.reetly eonaaetad with tbo manufacturer*, *nd in many roar* paid far in trade altogether Thu 'a done in the following manner. Mr. A , Keeper or a eoua try atom In the interior of on* of tbo State* or ta ?ome of the Inland tiwan, contract* with Mr B , tba naaecfaetirer, to do all of a oortata ktad of hi* work at a glvsn erloa par dozen The work la aoeordtngly moat generally rat cat at a factory and aaal to Mr. A. ta largo qcan tttlto, wbicn bo diatribe tee to hla bandt throe (h net hi* taction of tha oraatary, most generally alia* tag team tba mm* prleee which ha ractlraa from lb# man a fact or ere, with tba understanding, bo trover, that tbo peroooo to motiving the work iro ta lake their pay for the tame in trade o t of kia itcre la whatsoever article that may wieb Tor family or other dm, by wbleh mean* lh?y are eeabied to make f;om twenty to thirty par oral on Ualr gooda, ta eddttl >a to drawing a 1 org* trade to bia (tore, which la la all oaaaa the taom at eath to ht a instances luvabeen known whim mar oh ant* <a tetrad town* bate gone l > contractor* for lb toe maaafaotnrer* who did not tbemaelvea awn atoraa, and giro* them aa high m ftteen aad twenty par cant fo-tbetr tic(i making a good profit on tbo gooda ditpoood of on the order* Other manufacturer*, among wblob am eove ml of tha largest of the oily, hare aa agent connected with their bsnaa, who travail th'oegb the oosatry giriag oat, reoaivtng and paying Tor work at tinted pertodi, to that tbo workwomen know the preotte lay wban be will be in tbotr aogbborhoMl, aad fmqaeaUy, aa la tha eaaa ta Ooorecti jot, tend twenty and thirty mllaa to tbo depot with the gooda thoy have mo it a ap, and rooolvo their pay far lb i tame and a freak tap ply Other maaafbotorara tead tha raw malarial by tha oaaa to ibolr agesti or oon t motor* to various pari* of tba country, who onl then out, hav* tbem mod* ap aad Mat to the mean Tar* nrer* or wholetaia dealer* all oompleto, with tbo eiooptlon of pmalag tbom throagb li* laundry, wbleh I* ma unity dooe by tbo maaafaoioreri Ihtmtolroa, aa an OMablleb mentof tbla kind la moat aaaally oownaotal with each factory TDM XIKD or W01I 01VHM OUT. The work oaaally aant Into the ooantry la be made ap la of ibo bettor claaa af wbilmali gooda, aa manuftctareri ate by ibla moo no raablod, aa a general tblag, la hara It doa* at rrteea maeh below what Mbey ooald horn Me earn* kind cf work dona ta Ibla "My; aa, tor Instance, shtrte that would ooat Mad ice* ta novo mado la tow otty, they can have mode mat ai wall ta tba oraatry tor M a dosti Aa other reason ta mid to bo Mil the country women will not lake the common eoame goods to make ap, aa a gene ral tblag, la eaaasqoaam af the email ptuaaoea which am pnl<i therefor The priaolpal portion of the work given rat to hand* in the city la oompoMd of the vary poor eat aad ooaroaal kind*, aoob aa near*l white aad btokory ?hbuofall kiada, jaapere daageroa pant*, overall* An., which am prtidpalty taken aad mado ap by Herman aad Irish ntarried woman, who, for tko mm part, ham oomo o bar occupation oa whtob mainly to depeao tor a Itrtag, or bam a family af ohlldma to aid tbem ta rawing la mm meaner moat of lb* oaama goado am made op by ibara wonoa daring tbo boar* May am Ml othorwlra eegaged, **?1 by women who koop (toad* and little atoraa aad tiara rsmlltao at bono, they fitting and boa dag the ?*k to gether and lemming the children to raw on il Mk| M tiara thoy am otherwMe engaged The fiaoot work bow rrer, M rnoet goaoraUy made ap la the factories by asp* rieaeod land*. MOW TMM work 10 DIVIDE 9. A tblrt M gaaarally dtrtdod tale two rapa-ati and dto ttactparto, tha boooma. ooilamand wrtateand* being *ae brunch and lb* bodle* SBOtarr, tb* Bret being priaotpslly mas* by oaa rat of bando with a machine, and tb* la?l by band Tie bctoa* aad oolhum, aa a geweral >atag, am mtdo tp by women la Now York who bore maohlao* and oral to tbo eountry to bo flllod Into the *nirto thorn?while la tb* factory where the beat work M mad*, tb# work ti divided lata several distinct paite, Urn gooda afior being eat oat first gotog late what am call ad the Orators' hands, who basto I ho booloa together bey are neit pot into It* inn ch nee mod Me bottom* beamed, after wSleo thoy am uke* by to* budv rnakeri and tie wide sctm* ma ap, MWd, and tb?n banded over to the finishers, wm M Me tosotu* collar ? aad wtstbands oa, after which Mar are ?gain given i ale the band* of toe button hole asakam, aad the button bolee modeaad worked; thoy ars tboa tgaia pta ed la ihomaabiaaa, aad the bosoms, collars and wrist band* attebed la, whaa tba ahlrt M pr mouaocd osmpiata aad isst to the laundry to po proparvd to- ih? store Of nin? the work la the rsentry doo* not go throagb so maey band*, tbo bosy asofeers, as a general to ag, oot.t mabdug aad finiahlar aaon ahlrt TIIR raiOM PAID AND w AOPP MADE. Whem girl* am a*s ploy ad to work la the fsotoriaa their wagaa, aa a general tblag, are mash larger than these gal who lake work to asake ap oatslde, aa anon but Oral rUnoa bands a* a general tblag at* taken lo tb# abep*. who we* are divided lata ism manor* toe manoia* operator* and tbo eowom?tbo former of whom a-* employ** by tb* weak, and meals* gooom'ly from flv* to *i?, a?d to ram# caoo ao high as ssvea dollar* per week, while tb* Imi tor nearly ntway* work by toe piece, ooch oa? having bar separata department, ami making on aa erarnfe from toar to five aaa five aad a baif dollar* par weak Nome* who am employ ad la to# oaoasry will am, a* a general thin*, average more tbaa from tw* aad a keif to tore* aad a half dollar* a weak esnh, in eaara qaacca of to* prion of work, as glrea la tee ofty, b# sr geoeially ooS dew* a quarter or third srbea givsa oat to toe oonntry, toroegh aratiautois, a* ataod above, tha cnmmoaMt kind of work sake# rat by to* poors* t'ttt of hmsds la New York, la paid a? to* rata o from (bar to els ? hilling* a dote* for making *p, or at toe rota of from four to *n aaato aaob erttolr, a* that * women, by onto mat work cay* and a portion of eaah night, may mako from fourteen to eighteen sbiitiaga per week Ins tense* have been koewa, whom one woman, a welded, km* mode ap a donee of tie flsvr real garment* iaaii* of two day*, although sorb mom am vary ram Taking lb* sOtrl maker* aa a etaaa, tootr wage* will not average, when plenty of smrh la to bo bod, womb to o*s always the by any mean*, even dnrlag ordinary seasAa, over Milan pgr raa oollah bumnmb. Vary taw, If any, false oollara er shirts are Mala la wis city, that branch of basincm Mag a'.Moat aaotuiTair rarrtsd on at TToy, New York, where are aayaral large rack ilea, who do no other kind of b mines*, aaimaea fa Wore for and supply the entire trade by mates or sgents, whom they bare hwated la each of Ms prlaoipai towaa aid elttea throughout the oiuntry. At the present time moat, If aet all. at Utaaa maanfaoto'lai have susneud ad sperattonc, throwing oat of empioymsa'. a large a am bar of females HOW THE HABLD TIMES AFPIC f TEEj TRADE. B'boo iba hard tlmaa sat la most -u Uta larger faoMrlei bare partially suspended operations ant discharge! iba greater perl too or Utel r employ n, although all aro la hopes that It will tit bat temporary, yet they are endeavoring by cartelling expenses, fcc , to proper# for the worst tnaers bar# snepended wl hoot maob bopa of retnoiiag avals, unless Haas ahaage ror the better within n abort Unto Among Ibo latter number it la reported there are several of tbo principal houses la the cit>. wbo era now doing no bualeees of any arcouat, and dacha- gtsg their bands a* ?eon ?? they complete the work which they have oat or on band Other ret>bl<shmenta, who were doing work for the c*?y trade generally, have been obliged to aleooittnne wirk for the present, although Utey have as yet discharged none of their bancs of any ao.nant, la hopes tbat Hates may he bettay. The glila tbas retained general,r remain in tne factorits daring the day, la order to do wba'aver tbayoo me in, and are by this me us able to make from caa to fonr or lira sbUttnge a day, tar perhaps two or three dsys In a week each- ay tne work being divided among ibem Am a general thing, sti'rtmokers have not an yet began to reel the hard times ta the estent of the oiotbirg masnfaoturera, aitnough tner are for tbo most part aauetpating an enure suspension from br Mnses, antes* there te a speedy oaengw for the oetter. Most of the maaofaolnrers are la the dally reoetpt of letters from their onitomers throughout all portions cf the country, ad vising them that amoonte due for goods sent have been placed to their scsecnt In the beiks of their res pec tire place# or with the broker*, or else is retained In their possession for the oeneSt of their oredltors, bet are onabi* to make exchange, In eonarqaonoe of the heevy rates charged. In several in stances of this kind the maaniaciurers here hero reoetred the drafts for their money on the banks here, bu. sre unable, sn they ssy, to proonre tbe money on the drafts, from rations reasons, tbe prlaelpsl one af which Is gtren shore; also from the fee. tbat the banks hero are at Ibo pros cat time dotog no business with fenthrrn and Western banks out of this diate. the Imme diate and most disastrous effects of the paalo Is, howeror, at present, and likely ror some time to come to be tail by thopoorer o ease* of women and glrle in this city and He oenntry who bare been dolsg tie poorest olais or work, aa It has generally been Impossible rot them to piy by any money of any aooooat, although some or the women, par ticularly the married German and I Msh portion of them, had aaanaged to sera from (50 to $00 oao#, which tbey bad In tarings banks, hot oa tne pressure becoming geaernl immediately withdrew and plaoed It In the hnnda er their employers for safekeeping Tbe number so far out of ao oai employ la by no moans as laigs as it trill be la the course ot a week or tan days htnee. VISITING SOME Of THE TlkCE!. Paring the past two dsys one of our reporters nas per sonally visited some forty of these manufactories, from the meet respectable of which he baa barn enabled to onl ine* tbe following labia of tbe nomber u raaliy employed, tho present nomber and the ? amber discharged, at near as the proprietors ware enabled from the me ins at bind to estimate them, although large allowances most be mads on both sides or the figures, tar tho reasons stated above, as maay thousand hands are employed by people wbo take lb* work from tbe sloree, and are akrae reepao Bible there for, whom tho manufacturers know noth'og or ocly from a rough oaloulailm From some of the piaoea visited no statement could be bad In sou'qiense or the person in charge refh 'log In give it, or not being able for want of any props* Information. From those re ported below, however, a very good general Idea nf all tbe other pleoe* may be had. Those refaaleg, and thorn no* able to give any information, are not included lathe annexed 11m of plaoes visited Those marked ? manufacture Tor the feathers and Western trad* principally. Then* marked { for the Southern market principally Those marked taop, * Tor the New York and neighboring market* prladpa'ly, and jobbing trade. Those marked ibos, (P) Tor the trade all over the on'oa, from Maine le Oregon Those ma- ked thus, (B) In foil ope rati oo Those thus, (C) have all tbelr banda In the oountry. Tbo*, (0) for the F.aetorn trade. recapitulation. Probable Pretmt PrahaSU Edabhshmmtt. usual numler number number (Mar strttl of hands. due Yd EinateU ft Ja-obs, MfllM. .1,400 !<6 cue Liberty street. 8trr? ft Brother! J: 800 40 390 a H. aiTMie A b-other* ? 360 00 WO M. PasnaMkl * Brotbm WO 3 OK WYiAmw* i trsi -* [tetter |A Don ? 400 60 840 W?l?fc J?WImJ 76 76 ? PrtrdeatMiPf A; ttoMUMta ? 110 *0 130 H. Bohn' 30 3 IB Nassau ttreei Burr A OiiSdhK 70 66 ? Grimwi. h street e B Blsnobard ? 300 80 176 Cortland >(rest. OSJeb Motr ' 8 360 260 ? Morris Wilwa, P .400 76 836 Dry i red. H. Arauton, B ? 100 100 ? Broutiatm P. k H. Lewis. r 880 700 180 Vrtry street N NecarsnJmor, O 36 8 33 ateUbelmcr A Rne?nbao*i, ? ... 800 100 100 IPorr-n street John Darts * Boo. ? 800 13 788 Barclay arret Geerge T. ?iinen... 108 40 08 To'al 9,0.18 1,730 4,300 la lb* fcbore labia ma have given tha highiut oanbur or band* reported la naoh nam, by which II will oa uaaa that the total lumbar of employed ta tba ottr and vmotry by factor lan located tn tbta oKy, ahru aimed 11 lie above labia, ta bet a ittMe orar m laouaaad, white the on rubor discharged ta Bear tboavaad tare* hnadared and nine, leer tat oae Ibooeaad mtm hondrad aad twenty line el II rm ployed. although la many tnabaaoM ovlr partially At tne above I tat noaapiiaea moot of tha large rennafaomrar* the total nonpar of baada at work for all of the minor abnpa and atorea la Ibla oily may aafely be eetimatad wi.hla I be boo no i of tlx tboeaaad, while ibone oot of employ may be tea dowa at a moob lea* ago re tbaa the Bam bar above 8toIB, for tba reaaoa that, whereas tha wholesale factor ea bare, for tba nruet oart, almeel eattrtly laspendcl praaenl eperaMoae, meat of the retail itorea aa yet eoDtaoeoa averty the aame aa aeoal, their trade being pr'nnpai'r fur eaetnwere, |aat tnweeqneatly at!<ot?d bet rery Mule f-otr Jta dim salute eaparleaoad by tba wheleaalc hoove* MANUFACTURES IN LOWMLL. [from tar Journal aid Ouorter, (Jm XI | Ae various, and in eorne instance* incorrect state ment* have been made concerning tha different ma nufacturing corporations in tins city, we have deemed it advisable to present a via* of their pre vent actual condition, ho far as possible. Accord ingly, wa have visited the counting room* of the varied* cohh)ration* and obtained our information from the officer* connected with the different cun pen: en. Tba following summary may therefore be relied upon a* stihtly correct:? The Hamilton Manufacturing Company have Rtopptd 1 3,d00 out of 48,0<K) spindles. and run but five days in each weak. The Print Work* are in full operation, hut ran only Ave day*. On the Appleton, two-third* of the work* are in operation but they ran only five day* per week. The Lawrence have "topped 6.50 out of l,2so loome, and expect to atop 115 more within a short time. They are now running xix day*, but expert noon to atop one day per week. Notice has been given that there would be a reduction in the price of labor, hut the per cent ha* not leen Iked npto. The loom* stopped on this corporation were toon? on whicb heavy cloth* wrre made, so that the re duction in the number of pouoda manufactured la nearly one halt. On the Suffolk one-half of the work* are stopped, and the other* ran six day* per week. They have not reduced the price of labor, hut expect to very anon. The whole number of loom* on the Tremont i* 760, of which they have stopped 374. They have received notice that the wages will t? reduced 12} per cent, commencing on the November payment. (In the mill in which sheeting* have been made, La stopped. All the other work* are tunning *ix day* per week. They have reduced the price of labor, but the reduction n not the same on all the work. It la from 10 to 16 per cent, and will fake efTcct in November. All the mills on tne Boott are stopped, and we oould not learn when they are to start up again. On the Masaachiuette 3.50 out of 1,237 loom* are stopped. and the oUter* are running hut tour d tya Er week. The statement made by n* la*t Monday. it the directors of the Massachusetts Corporation had voted to atop. was not correct. On the l'reecott l?3Jout of ?71 looms are stopped, and the others are ranntng but four d*y* per week. Of the Middlesex Company we are authorised to make no statement., except that they hive not yet decided whs* they shell do. The liowell Company have stopped aH their cotton works. Something more than Ihrewfourth* of the work* In the carpet department are ninmag Ave day* in a week. This company ha* also given notice that the wages will he reduced The reduction is not uniform, but varies on different kinds of work. HEW BRUNSWICK. I Trow tb*m Joan Morning nav.Oet 33 ? The little excitement we had alrant l*nk* an l honk notes is nearly over, and ii will be as well if newspaper* cease to ring the < hangs* on the snbieot, Oold no longer command* a high premium in New York, and therefoiejir for no other reason, thsre need he no dread of onr being plundered of our last aorereign, ae ? j?c pretended to t*il?ve we would. Our banks have not to stand np against a tremen dous pressure. though the Morning Wnot nays it, nor is there at present, we believe, any pressure, ex cept from those who want accommodation and will not get it, though the banks may safely expand, if they like the paper offered them. The talx about the Yankees buying up our bank notes at a premium, is the sheerest nonsense, for two reasons. The first is that it would no longer pay to do so; the next, that under no circumstances could such a business be pushed to any extent. MISSOURI. OOVBSNo R'S MfcHBAOM.

As the late message of the Governor of Missour relates wholly to financial matters, we give it en tire:? At your adjournment in March last, I did not an ticipate that circumstances would arise which would impose upon me the duty, in obedience to the con stitution,. of recommending to your consideration other measures tor the promotion of the welfare of the State, than those indicated in tjc last message. The country then seemed to be in a condition of genera! prosperity. Our currency apparently sonnd. Commerce sgctned to be active and confined to healthy channels. Manufacturing enterprise was | vigorous and eoM.dent. Agriculture, the basis of ail xn*te.lal prosperity, promised to yield abundant returns, and individual diligence and labor repcad their lair reward. lucre was nothing to beioken the crisis which has come upon us. Our railroad enter prises, it was hoped, would move steadily on to completion, abundant, means having baen provided by the liberality of the (leneral Assembly, and our banking institutions, it was believed, would furnish a sound circulation, adequate to the commercial and industrial wants oi our people. Nothing coakl exhibit the fallacies and dangers of a credit and banking system, carried beyond their legitimate limits, more clearly than the present state of affairs, compared with the confident antici pations indulged in by every class ol? the communi ty, up to the very moment when the storm burst upon the country. Although we have experienced similar things at various periods during our exist ence as a confederacy, we were, in this instance, as we ever have been, prone to forget the calamities of the past, and to hope against hope for the future. The results are as natural and necessary as t he re sults of known physical causes depending upon the operations of immutable laws. There are limits within which the banking system may not only be safe but beneficial; and until we provide the appro priate means for confining tbcm within these limits, we may expect periodical convulsions similar to the one under which we are now guttering. They would Dot be so lamentable it the ruu arising from them visited only upon those whose misconduct has pro duced them ; hot, unfortunately, tbey generally escape and shift tbe burthen upon the shoulders of the producing and laboring classes. TouBthe most disastrous consequence produced Iirh been the check given to our railroad system, and tbe evident deterioration of the credit ot tne State. Our prospects are so dependent upon these that the present condition of things, in my opinion, imposes upon us serious and important duties. Tbe first ol these is to take such Jnmotori aud decisive measures as will secure, beyond all question, the honor ard credit of tbe State; the second, to devise such amendments to oar railroad system as will enable tbe companies to secure what has been done, and ultimately to complete these important vorks; and the third is, to place such additional guards upon the banking system as will confine it within legitimate limits, and tend to expel from our bor dcis all depreciated paper. In the neaHuies tending to these ends all o> us arc interested? the people at large, the stockholders in the roads, und the stockholders iD the hanks; and I will not presume that any one will be so wanting in patriotism and puidic spirit as to oppose them. What is done I hope can lie done with the cordial concurrence of all concerned. To effect the objects contemplated, several dis tinct steps ought to We taken. Home of them are exclusively and absolutely within the power of trie (leneial Assembly, and some inay require the assent of the railroad asd banking companies. To aitpre^ , date them they must be enumar tU,d and considered separately, and as a whole; tor they have their sev ] erai merits, as well as a mutual dependence on ea:b other, lbey are as tollows, vi/.: Firsts-That no more State nonds should be lssned and sold at ruinous rates of discount. Second ?That a tax shoo' 1 levied, wbich, witii the surplus reve u.te sua the two and threa per cant tuods, would be sufficient to cover the whole amount ot interest on the bonds of toe Slate. Third?That the S'ate should have a representation in the several boards in proportion to the amounts of the Isolds sne has now or may hereafter 'ss>ie in aid of tne roods. Fourth? That in future rbe bonds ot the State should bediB posed of by au ngent appointed by the Kxe' iitive aDd acting under tne supervision of the tJovernor. the auditor and Treasurer, and the proceed'! thereof delivered to the officers of the compa Dies Fifth- That the Board of Public Works should ts! araiecRrith such additional j-owersas wi' enable them to penetrate into all the details of the mariapeii eut ot the roads, and to exercise a salutv j ry influence upon and supervision over them. ] tMxth ?That some one of the hanks in the city of St. Louis should 1* made a clearing house, iu whicu all lbs baoks and branches shall keep a suihctency of means to protect their issues at par value. Seventh ? That all the banks should be required to publish th. ir weekly stateroentii on the same day, and to show the amount due to debitors, and the amount ot their discounts, in addition to the item- uovre qnired by law to be published. Eighth?Tnat it shall lie the duty sf the Bank Commissioners, when ever a bank or branch bank falls to red?om its circu lation at the counter of the clearing house, to el"*' the said isink or braucb hank in the manner now provided by law. Home of these measures are exclusively wrhin the competency of the General Assembly others ruay require the asaent of the companies. 1 will not betieve that measures so Just sod necessary will meet with opposition from them, 't ij doe to the peple of the state, who have so liberally extended a helping band to the roads, and such liberal charters to the lianks. as weli ?s to the character of the ato.kholders and directors of the companies, that no opposition shall be made to an arrangement so talr and equitable That no more U>nds should tie issued ani sold,at the present ruin ous rates or discount, I presume will hardly ne doubt ed by any one. The recent sacrifices of tnero in the Eastern market, when it is known every where thai our resource^are ample, and our character without a tdemiah, it she ins to me. are snffi- ienl to satisfy the whole community that this ahouid be onr Hue or policy. The levy of a tax to provide for the pay ment of the interest on State bonds is absolutely in dispensable to protect the credit of the State, what ever may he the future |?otirynf the government and the companies in the further prosecution of the work. In the present embarrassed condition of the finam r? of the country, the ability of the oompani * to me^t the interest m%y be tltmotod by CApitali^ti, but with the fund proposed to be set apart, confi dence will be inspired. That the HUtes should have a r*pree"nta'ion in the boards of directory in proportion to the amount or lond? issued, or to tie issued, I am very certain is not only Just, but the only measure that can give satisfaction t ? the ,>eopie. None of the .private stocsholders in trove enterprises would tie willing to invest'ttieii means in any undertaking in tlie man amsment ot which they could have no voice The people of the State should exercise this common jonrtcn e, and there is no gronnd for finding fault with them fcr it. Ileeent. occurrences have warned us of the imprudence and folly or permitting our bom's to tie bawksd about and sold at ruinoas rates of discount. Arming the Board ot Public Works with additional powers, whilst it will inspire moie pubis confidence, cannot be objectionable to the parties in t ere .tod in the roads. The measures recommended ill relation to onr bankiog system are such m are believed to have pro ven beneficial in other States, where too exper I mint has 1*en tried. Our hanking system is in Its iniipiency, and we cannot be too cxn'iisi* in sur rounding it with all the safeguards suggeded by tlwi experleueea of the past or the exigenc ies of the present. In all contingencies, and under all cir enmsrances, a specie basis must he maintained, l'nlees this < an be will ts- tetter to dispe nse with stich institutions altogether, and to rely exclusively upon the operations of the knowi laws of supply and demand. It is feared that the emMtrreamm hts and alarm now prevalent will induce many of our cltixens to insist upon temporary legis lative expedients, as palliatives ot distiess. All ex penencenas proven tnat such legislation can only ultimate in the production of far greater difficulties than those It is intended to alleviate. I cannot, theiefoTe. momrnerd sny interference with the old' pation? now existing between onr citirena The evils will core tbcmselvee tn icb sooner. 11 let t ta the progress of events Asa matter of nnbllt and permanent policy how ever, the present is a most auspicious time to revise and amf nd the laws relative to the righ's and duties of broker* and private hankers. In point of fact, they exercise the Influence ot public institutions, and should he vigilantly guarded. 1 am impressed with the opinion that when they suspend payment for any reason whatever, their assets should tw placed >0 the hands of a trustee, to htk cqnitably dis tributed amongst their creditors, ftls I believe wcnld be an effectual 'he"k, and I kttww of nothing abort of It which will The measures tadkated ere miA m present then selves to my mind from a general review of our situation and cireurastances. The attention of the Board of Public Works has been called to the financial condition of the railroad companies, to the grade ami manner of the construc tion, and their general condition. It ia believed that they will have their reoort ready in due time, to whioh I invite your apecial attention. 1 have no reason u> believe that the legislation herein recommended will prove to be unacceptable to the railroad companies, or to those Interested in the banks. I believe the people of our capital city, as well as the people of the State, will cordially approve of them. There must be. on the part of the legislature, prudence, discretion and forbearanoe; and on the part of the companies a hearty acquiescence in what is deemed essential to the preservation of the public credit. If all concerned will act In a junt, conciliatory and forbearing spirit, all will be well. If the railroad companies aha'? tail to give ftheir a?sent to propositions so necessary 9* tbow >m mended, or shall fail to comply * laws, it will become the duty oi the Exe utlye to enforce the lien, and dispose of the row Is to 'be highest bidder. In that event I respeetf illv n gest that it will be sound policy to auuto ? i im to receive iD payment the minds of tb ! 'i ? first duty la Is w people of the State; we cansot sacrifice their rights and interests witlioat a tit* honorable dereliction of our pkiu -vtu <iu. Whatever we can do consistently wit thin pi mount obligation, we onght to do, and .u ti , i.i jnst and libeal spirit. V, The act to regulate banks and i c,V ??1 create the office of Bank Commin- i mo pio Governor to subscribe |one nalli'-o 1 .M, .t.i v capital stock of the Bank of the " M ? on the part of the Htate. Aflsoon i I said bank, wen into operation under the provision < t t'x- vivo law, this suiweription was marie t ud pi w - made on account of said subscript ii io tlecme r of nine liunurrd and sixty-tho ?? thousand lour hundred and ninety dollars and u u ?1 i.,<? -iiu the amonnt. of the funds referred to. ml r qui 1 lie thus invested The residne of the tr i . it confidently believed, can be made up fcca tbe credits to which the State will be entitled noun a Aral liquidation of tor affairs of the old ban!.. I deem it proper to cull youi attention to toe amount of bonds authorized to lie issued o t uo <\ ral railroad compauk*. rbe amount, issoed > e ;h up to the lllth of October, 1857, and flic !> dunce due each on that day was:? Pacific Railroad ? Amount authorized .. .$7,000,000 " Issued 6,380,000 $020,0CO Pacific Railroad (Southwest branch) ? Amount authorized f4.500 000 " issued 700.000 ?3,800,000 Honuili il and St. loseph Railrosui Amount authorized M ,000,000 M issued 3/100,000 North Missouri Railroad? Amount authorized ..... .$.1,500,000 '' issued 3,150,000 2,3 .0,000 St. Lonis and Iron Mountain Rai re id Amount authorized I i,f.DO,000 Amount issued 2,000,000 1,000.000 Cairo and Fulton Railroad? Amount authorized $060,000 Amount issued 100,000 560,000 Platte County Railroad? Amount authorized 700,000 BSC APITULATfOSa Total amount aotborixed fit ,060/100 Total amount issued 15,030,000 Balance due HAUffil The fcregoing is all that I deem it ne easary to call your attention to at the pre-eot time, and I in dulge the hope that the rei onimendatums made will meet your approbation and be acceptable to t e peo ple of the Slate. H. J xtzso*. HOUre CAROLINA. CIBOULAb OF Till BABK or CHAKLB8TOL Bank OP lilAXLWroN, K C., Ocl 16. 1*67 The cr'.tlt Ihrovgn wblcu ?* are patting dtinaada the < aorclae o? a I ih# energy,intelligence and paUtoce of tue community to natal* im otrnmaactai reputation o? the city, to ctrrld Uie watlefui aacrlLoa ul vrvluanle pg?enetv. and tba wideepretd mltchler or aeneeioea auu uutoum. M panic. I'poo tb* bank* particular If devoltee tba duty, lo tba praaent condition or ibe cuneney, ti proaao'.e tbaao great poailc object*, by timely, wall coocarte 1 ood harmo dIkli BBtaturea, and clitl / toaullclpate and prorMt tar uocnrracce or dtfflraltlei In tbe pay meat* of tboaa wbo am prepared lo mret toetr engagement* in tb* note* of our baaka tbete miy no regarded at all la a to and coodl ttoe, totwWbaiaodlng tba ttmporary napeaaIon of eotae; and there ongb to be no Impediment to Ibe pays tot or debt* In tbla currency Tboaa debta era or throe olaaaaa ? I. Debta doe lo our baako. 2 Debta due to ot bar aommoattlei aod payable la bo'm mniurlng lb Charleatoc. aod loot bora for collection by die ant beaii a. Debta doe at tba North, aod lo bo mot by tbe romll lanoe or obooka oe Now Yeik. la rolereaoo to tbe llrat elaaa, ibero oao bo ao dim juiiy aod do dtrtatoa of opinion Ail tba baaka nlll cartaioly, from ocaaidaratiooa or po'loy, aa wall oa from tbe dtetnfw or duty, cheerful y raoeire their own uotoa la Ibe pay meat ol dobu duo H tHMlMi Tbe acooad olam or engage mama appear* to proaaot mure eir.oarreomual, but we arc ptraraded that a proper coabdarmion of tka matter will remove all im .adimout to ibe rerular toy meal or tbla blaea o' deb a lb tbe ; meant condition of tbo ourreacy, bou bare and la New York, :t .a quite uodocable that too pay. mmt of aptcie or eoecie ft.n.ia for taoae eagagtmeata lo a titer ImpcoetbUHy: aad, la V*. for too band e*i .'oitlly, la ibe poet i< n now ao generally occupied by tbam la ail tat finer cuo* of the t'al ed dlatoc to demand join froru aolvldutlt, aoald be .ally regarded at a barab aad no atuai prooedam. Taking tbla ne ? ol toe matter, nag autionaly deatrou* by erary meant In tbalr power b> pro. mote tbe grednal aad oaay liquidation or ailatlag debta, not o'oaa at bettaan Individuate, but amwgti tb* baaka Ibemaelvta, the Rtak of bharlaatoa took early ?tepa to obtain tbe concent of tbe'r oorrerpoodeoie to re cdve, for ibtlr oci ection aotao, payment in fce b'.Ua of our local baaka By Una arrangement the cimraereiai e -adit cr all wbo are prepared to pay will bo eaetaloed, aad a* ibeto rjlleotion acteo aad orafw bei ng chiefly to the baaka Id tbe Interior of tbit Mute aad ileorgta, tbo bamamt O'.itat'a tbetr 'nvor will be rapidly abeortrad, partly by ibetr own blilt tint to Charlotte* In raymiat or data moor m'rehaaie aad partly by the nol lata too. tbmugbant tbe Interior, of uotoa for aim liar deb a afrenar glaoouuted by eu? baukt All the boa.? nt ibe sity ab'.uld, iberefore, naite <n adopting tb* at-ua rule, aad roprte*ut to malt oormn-oedeeu waat mportant ???*uk? dapead uyoa aotaalalag it* mareba-ia oy than* oe <aar* me aa area to preveol tbo 'ami affmm tbat would laovnaaiy reouit io tb* tmaka iboateivaa, from ibe gaaaral protect lag af oommere ni paper, aad lop mat* tbat ha-mou> aad good will ame-ogat tba btakt af the two dial to, ao aa e?uual to ibe teny raotoratloa of a Broad oarreaey Tb< tt argument* ought, perbapa, to boaalomod by to furUt-r <i*cJ*'*Uo* tfaereaiary, tknl tbe baaka of tkia otty etcao'. In tboprraeot ooadlttoo of tbe eurrtnoy. witbout ittoifett laonaitateeey tad tojuMoo, endartaba to maka oo.ieot.oot from oar mtraiaota la ooia Tb* . btru rtaoa of aabteoagbi not to praoMt nay diffl cotty. 'fa are oe tbe ar* of twpoelig of bwaattAu orop* of r oo, onus* tad wheel at good prtoaa, aad tb* baaka mar, by meaa* ? r btlli on Iaedoo, piece any amount of r.iodt a Ntr York oe advaategooua t**ma, aad aupply tbe dtmnnd for obrrka at mcdarnt* ra'rt, for ib* llqaUa lion or uolw* at tbo North Wten tbto lodebtodneat it fleaiiy aatngnitbad, ao It will certainly oe la a fow meotat U e turplae of Ibe nrop brough' home la or*n, will at owe p'tre tbe eerrenoy on a aooclt baola, aad enable the beat lo contour tbe red era p oa of the r bill* m buhorto Tbt* great tad i.brtou* din?i*aoe betwtao the poaiuoa of af fait* at be North aad at the Bourn, abould oot 0* loot aifbt of aad fraegbt with dtmcalue* tad ambarraaamtoit aa on* prtatat poritloa appaa'a to bo, tbo ooavtotioo met ear wealth la ttal aaJ aubttaailal, in at nor Immollat# r* ?oarrra am inmate*, ao yet uoioorbed, aad oa rea-JHy avaltbl* fbr lb* |.a;arat ofdeM* aa tbe praoioaa aaeuit tb n.ttlrra, ta fmll 11 ooptuiaU-to aad aoxMiragafoeai. Na pail ef rnr an bat te 90 baa boon watted lo enravt. tot or roproll'?bia etpeaditurrt our people are frugal, lanfty, ttid optl|li , aad are maalag artry ataaftl rffwt '.mr tbe pay at ant of ibtlr debit rbe fu.nrt, iberefore it rail of nope tud aaot'Mai.rmr-Bl, aad tbiuld animate im warn* Sonth to unto. at<l barmoay in Ibolr ooature* ror tbe getoral good: ta ibo hop* that oar preooul diffloail oo and utol* will oot oB y prute lemiwrary, bai torvo too valoa bie purpoto of tiodioallnr to be world tb* greet oot.ilttv or oor poaotoaiooe, ibe in trior aboaUeoce of oar re wuroao, and Ibe total eiemptioa of >ur tailro popuwlioc from Ibo itflrnag aad u?till atloo whlota *? e ere now onbapptlv Boffhriof wbo vainly btatlod of ?W greet tupe rl vlty of Ibolr tociai aud pt.ltloal lokt.latioe* Re.'ieotlete to wall caiouiatad to arraot tb* attorn oa af ovary tree i? trlat, aad argt him to renewed alhwta to proi*rt and one rtah a por k u or bit ooramoa neater o?oo wh.ob the nap p-orta aod prooponty of every part to aoeemially da not da . Deeply Improaaatt with ibeaa newt, tod aoimate.! with tka deatrom pronaote a aplrll ol b*rm< ny aod gold will, Mil a oaaoart af aetton amawfM taa nooka of tbla (ttw a, tba Board of Ute Baot of Uaarlcoma have aaoaltoiwaty adopted tb# follow lag reeolutloa ? ftaoolvod, That Urn Baak of Cbarleatoa. far Me prater Bon or the publto, win reoelve onrreet faode fbr tba pay mead af dobta dee the bank, aad far all ooilrctlon paptr received rram other baaka. aad will raralaa rimllar fnada ealy for paymMi* ta be made ta other baau ITHIER TOUCmNO TOE TIMER. It I* Haled mot there are BOt leaa tbaa ? UOt,0*0 butkot* of grain In euir* la Cbkwgo, but oel mere than 1,0(0,000 will be brought frrwtr* prevtoaa to tbe nloelng pr the cnaalo, forwaat of money to aead It oa " Tbe above atory t* gotag tb* rauada of ike preaa from na* aod of tb* imi try to the otbor Im eur??ag*aee la aa apparaot mat It hardly atola for a eorreet on however, it may be ao won to atau tbat aconrdlng to Ibo offlnlai ate e-neet *f Mia Beard of Trtde, of ohieago, there are not bi.ih. it of gram la alor* la tbat mty ^ IB* Mtoowtlv* Oaaaetl of tb* Board of Trad*, my* tba ndrndilpMl U4rr, Imro mmwd ? raooiatlio rrglag 1H basfca lr> incept the ,uw of the t kIra seeeloo nf mo ag'ria tare Tbe mid* body el ibe mi time, pe?n<*l Ao fol lowing Ktrolved, That i be motion or lb* law repairing the b .aba lo lake la payment of debts the onto* of olkcrbuiki ought. In the optaloa or ibte Board, to be rgteaAvd ao a? lo receive tbe aotee of ell mlvent bank*of tbia H.??e oa di poali, aad pay Ibtm oot aa euireaey Tbe following reioiot.oa waa tntrodnred In lb# Male He a ate of Tenaeaace on tne 1Mb nit, and mat by a vote of 010 19 ? Resolved, By Ibe Geacal Aaeetnbly of Iba Halo of Tee aaMee, tbai tbe baakaoftbie Htata ?e permitled to depend Steele leymeal naltl tbe let of Apill, IMS, without lao? rtrg the penalties ooataiaed la Utelr ebartera for soch ; ? peat Ion. The Montreal Onmrrriai AivrHier taya ? Bivtb whole ?ale tad retail bnalntio a at aa end, aad what la o?nei.'y the boalneea eeatca of the j ear hai become the dollar*. Police lolilllgance Bomb or tub Ma'KBBi!.v:ua Boys in Creocrv ?Boms wei-ks ago l?o citizeae?M'rtra. VoorhJea rod Tray? were rife "bed by ---taw. - -'".robbed ?| "a *.?.?? j >' "r 11 .drr . ttopofte ? )-> lo (led icy trace of ibe rrpein ve cf .aeroi <,? at within ih? pail few di. e when eoi ?r ? cutouts *?*??< tH? o tko imowlcdgc <J tbe Kleventb ?* t poooe-vb'PC ed < at t'. ?p?rt ? i;?bf ?! itx yrt'lg , i u ud I *u iMagl 'oba Oalllitisr, .Jnha '"ay, I'Mlln nd ' 'v-n ' M .??> ? . ?r.' loho Kavar.agb. ao being ihe lodtrWul ? riu. ti-.j io>i ibe r'-a* *o oiiiai'an A< -?tinaly, on ? ij Blgn .r ?< ? rail Wrt ail aatMtad enijr'o/Bjy< en :> iue f.r eiaculcatLu A!'''tv'm ?>ra tr Jde v ' r? ? 'oa ? elioroe charging the u jean wHh i- -kH :a the ruMory, apoa me ttreoglh jiy'.ti lu'rj t".l i mmitted to priaoo fo- a fnr*b?r '"If ? Tbartlrr who heve Oreo rohV-d recently will da " tf"i ? -on an* take a.look at tbe prisoners. Jlj, ^ on i/.iid ?Toe deek of the paobel abip Cj rro?? Liverpool with em'greots, *y ???? ?" of ra.e t an in greeting free tight y baler day ?> ori :t i- ihat tbe boUewata cballetged any of lu yer u 3ght, wLea tbe gnaaUet waa taken op ay oct 01 ?... a, bud a ring wai formad far .bo romba n itjay t.ed been ponndtag aacb other for half > <r,. waa mate lo separate tbe 'air by ana ?i tlio Ljrt tr ivru named Shield*. wh? a tbe latter waa na r . n i mt> anocked down with a belaying pla for bla lr."sr." ' ire. Thereupco a general free light followed ee - tbe -lend* of Hbleida toil tbo*e ? bo perrteted la tbe kf'tre at fl-UcuRi being allowed to protend oadia tu ed. i-'iiBg aboie, marling aplkee aad belaying ptaa r-..- >;?td freoly on ail aldoe, and It ta not indl .tie ar r>* m of a ciimitr or ibe poiioe that order oouid be restored on Loarc. f.->rr of tbe rlntleadrra were taken .aio ana ti iy. tad in iie'Dg ronve>et? before lostire Uonnoify, d li:i *< r ei NeeOoort, ttry wero committed foresam r" tic <t. >? Hap ntwa Hear Timh -f.aai evening a gentleman tiki lad'1 hu> bla poekei picked / t po'ta monaaie rr.a>in<ay yi.CMKi Cos elder'ng the ?aard tlmee," ibit *m rot a bed operatlrn frr tbe luxweef.i' pickpocket No ini - i f tboeloka money baa been discovered Personal liiulllgsme. Vr a tiarean, of tbe Paris tt>urrur Pronto Italim, flrr" tbe folowog asrratioit of what ae leiroed from aa t ?. ' can wblla travai'ing j on leaving Parle 1 had tor a travelling outiemu* a yorog man with b o-.p balr and resy cheeks, whj pro reiaed, amongst otbir gi:.s < : nki re, ooo or toe meet vcliibie toaiues 1 ever beard He obstted ir? a vary agreeable end itve.y maaaer. I rnon aaw that bo waa aa /.mortean In the lervloe rf Ibe Klvg of Portombevg. ? How it it," told I, "that joe, a cMaoa o' a repubiio. oonaei t to icrve a ktagi"' Ho aatwtrei wlib a rwd deal cf ooolaem and jadgmert, "I do not naderataod yon. I am aa aid de osaip or tbe King Of Warombrrjr, who treats me with btadama; I remain with him. Tbe Ring of Wrrtemherg la not ea enemy of my nocatry; wbea a# win make war against America I a anil leave aim." Tbe R ag of Iteomr rk ? making a program through the northern pa>t of bis iom eioaa. He bta been raocdved by the cearantry of Jut aad wttb tbe strongest demoaatm tioas ef loyally. Ibe Pope baa Bnlabe ) bla travel*, and la at heme a ibe Vatican. The retlrenirnt or Uu nl Huol from ibe Aulrlsa Hlaietry for forelga A If aim i? decided on. n?e King of Saxony )?u Berlta lo pav the K'ag of Proo ?la a vlut at Potsdam and th? Prtnrc Riyal of Haiocy 'a gone from Dresden to wlelk Ibe H mferor of Aostria at fecbl. Prince da Joiavllia la la tse Torkrib capital win ibe Prtneam bla wife. . titan Bey, tba new Terkisb Mniiter at the I rnmlaa Coon hai gone by way of iislata lo Berlin. Mebemet All Piaba bat beta appointed Tcrblib H omer, without yortfolto. AUITA1A A' ike iTartit Uooie -u W nmiih aad led; Hew fork, J O 1 ilurabtm and ee- e-? "??tarn b < . I P 't **?-. I^i.dr.o, in i MGrtfory. Mew: li.i i'.f ilii PkuwWrk'e; > r Itrmaa ' ea<l leu I. Hue Hm mi. j f r-'a dura *r.ina n tw>c,? . "mm a?d twu trawanla, He*per ,J n ii-ben, V: jlnta. CJ ft M?-g ?m, Byriaaa*. Hr end Mr* n i i Hew V irk, t-u Vm. Une kum, cfnalnaall, W 11 R*i oej. a: I jGui, U H A; W Piinnl|gn, B - Tlnte* A OmmMA ? U Dol-leu It I* Oowle*. Hew lliw t?OA Der*r. Kobl ?; W H Daitar, hoe ion I. V* Car laanrt Inny, P T, Hr and Hr* S'aeJe, H?? TorB; M M Booiht, Booker, B H HeekiU. Ikricna M Hooker, Be gianJ MPABrVBM. Per Snithamp'OB ud Hat-re. 'a tieaaakip Vaader^ill Mlaa Hoainnr, the Anirrlrep aqiili.trewa. iba lRw?a.l?r (l .l >ua, Becre'ary in Ike Inga'i jo of H ? M. Chevalier lot* *nai<J? Megallra, lady and tkree cklldrea. t'ol Ualaaaae Mod -ady, l*hua<lelpkti. H I * Bra?ff, Or B>edkbII da irhtar and err taut, Haa Pmnciaco. Jam'* O and Kenneth* fettle. Llve-poil: H Htenael. Hew Turk; H'ae ? hadTmid tad daufhler, Hon* I Home ii T H H Hcotbertm, lad* and ttuntt), laaieta .inn, I?i|, and timer, Qtiebec, fk, Ian I Jeitia. Aug 8tiilt? Bra Mar* Aaa Dorr aadehitd, Jual iriore. Mew Tork H Kfi'iVn, H <*B Varr. I.?ad<m Here dor ,v i *? it ra A ) ".menich /ariui Prat a Hark*r and teraael Dr J V llabrtal of t'lqnl, M lllmaan of Haa Pfar-x-w, ?arm Baa f rdl of Haw York he-aor aoaqnata, 1 H Mow. ?m 1. O Aleiaadew. Mr Bryan and tie lad*. He*'e.eira. M aa l lara Rnardmen R H iu.bwark of Hmgaam, (aaa. P l.*r uaa and U Via Hallo' Hoaoluin, B BriTca H eokue * al run >n; (JeoScurf, John Hula. Mwa MMakdl and two rk'ld.-.r .lot m Mlb?rg. J u Haake'.l. aiaa P Hoaea Hew Brtra laaaea Matnei ??*, of fh'.arte'r Ma; ? barlea L Ml*n ibe Mi-a * lam or Hhia/eiphia. Mra Pl*ree aad da igktwa. IB *?'? <r N-tterk hJ;W M '?rani. St Louie; J T Jamea, t'.fiatcl. Mar; T <? falrti aad 'ady. If G Heal, Hr Moreb oae aad um?>, P (1 nlemer and par*. H York Mr tad Mlaa W U Arrnetriw*. M as 111. aaa K*ap. Pklladelphln, Peeor Joae tturnra, in l.awronrehnd roe W P Ifcwalal-k aad iady, GreeoarVh (lata; Mltr M It Dcavnlek, aad Mine M H IVaanink. llr mklra, H Vl Mra (ieo Morten and part*. U P. Mlwor d, Bobt liol.e* and ladj, Mlaa M Mllln aad nan*, John Baiiry, If Madlraa, JaeoO Poreli. Jarnaa fooea Al'red Puller. J HooraUo, feilotlar and lady 8 W dtmlarm WkMuH Cbaa la/er. ' al; T 8 Mni.lqqnv, Oaa'i !iii, II Ttomnau, 1 Wo'krrre, V m Manly umlirn, Tbe<> flaaler Ai red Bury, H debwarti, deajeiala, lexoialq Merrier MraCbembare. 1 iderl end C Mm ?u(i*, abra bam Purlin*, lad* ar. d rhIJd, Mr (jenne". ttkll Bmr A Meiahz. Hew Virt.O N Kelehln*, H harder, H.J Rieal Hl-niaa, Pare- Mrfoilum, feao lirabmwa*. Jobn l.?noert, H Y, Mr aad Mra Her end aad aiaa', Br >obl|n. <IMa>e*r1a, B K1 baa lad lady, ol ..vw ?? H tighter. Wm tf i.??. Chae tr a Pa a, Geo B Wataqa, H Wliltaraa l?M ? I l -i*aa*.-e ? M . an|. aad Mr Mra liar - amon, HI. I da ? in. H C ?new*'' .no ne'oa M cbuciitadr, A Pryal, J doa ak A M-aUeo Cel. A Mltreaud. Mm* Mtaageaod aad Heater > niraud J Morrta aad lad*. J It IB ban * Ijt/t?,< n H w>? aaa. of Rraokiea; B Pran leraay it*; M K.Hrrnlar -d n jr.-tll Wm Noramaa of PM adalaMa. Jata "a*"!:**. I'wer Mn'ib. Id fatlib. J BO laikwt / W 111 -taoea, jbo Htne k' tar P M Mr hen. M T V Maoke. L O latrnom P Pert-el, .faaHI'ler A Hn#kae. Lkareaor. C redeaoa, M t/trkaoa, "M Mirph* Kobl taaWer, Hem I intra-". Ho ?? tunvi Hem* ? ' .na.on, M M M'ndy, I'ahiln Meortlaaa It til ilal*; kilt .ran I. fieri l)r MoondaJI M I am ml Hrnov Oa "" l.naderaoa. rkDd ant *er<e?i .1 i ob-w.| and part*. Paal I'ltoa aad ebtatrm. wHh a*iraai. I P BritaoPe Aeauaed Irtt. L) nla. of ik-artv ron*e P >t Jaaale ttoluoaa a Uarv J aa r erber lie* I ear Hearted* I'obaoo. of Si ' oule Barkarm Holler Han/ crol/er. Pred fbmbewer. Carlo Maador*. at i >aMt; Coaler Miawelro. 1'etef I. i.irb neoa ''bo*-:. M<*?1*. ' okael emtedrr of cletalaad end Mm U'Hirta aad itaul*. kri .eJar, Pi er H Mmpb*. Hobt f? Or*, vl llet? K; f O Oom?In, O C llarl 0 P DoUte Hobt M !!e?!aiq, Mm Darby, eblld bat lnlea' law Poolute Na?aA H ,rtoa P llaiwts,? amlla* RaamiA. MatbUda Pat -a tare Holt. tXr? iee M lie I. iih, CklreKO, Joba D Perdetaaa. I Cene a P * llet aoad hoberl W aa lie, CiHaHa J Haao ben He aaall Hbile. Jad Hardoat. Hen y J Hywadtai. (*?a 'Jalewroi Hear* Mardalland Peter IVaombi, of tallf eu'a Mr and Mm /aa Pm tell and aereaat. daa B ? oat, P ? kn'liy, Hold P U t'dHdy He' Tori, Mra <*ardaie, Mm '"oiivi*, of hi Lmn Ram ? ?erl* vM'rawflord, Par't, K.tberl . <aey artbjrHalltba MMrball Remena. Pr Tale. I? Paeniell*. aa 1 'i.H 'a iba e -e|re r i.l' erfooi. la ?'eainaV|< ? uaane Me Mae ( land, Alaba e Pablo nntno, Mr Keofr, R ward Morraa. Me aad Mra t Hart lea aad btm ?er'le.. jtewerk; . <*a Haa Ma i?htoa. ? W Taj lor. Mre I Solomon ?nd cklld lea ke'Rat, l)a? d Rftl aat <? Maewtro. A J nana <? J l?avia. Mr Peddler. HaUM Ha'-a. R 0 Po'ter, Ma .one id Par B'rkmoad. Ar la Ibea-eawahtp 'eaeehwt M Hexaoa, Mr* H Sweelwen aad .aree naildreii. 'aaaea baama Wlk aaa 'water, iobn Hi??ytaan R a r'aya. Cayt DTimiaow.l 'aanb I .kal /. J M B "Hoe, T lloyie P Bunker. R I Dt*?, M H b'l>a t at be elbert ('???? ? P*e..l Molaaor, Maria Mo'enoe. W H h nkerd. lad* and 'tmebildrrit. Mra a Joy. C hwe.--.mam. A Med-tasaa Mm r A fo?*beea tad *Ai d, mlaa t Ha~oa, la M-r* Wee'er fl W Prwiand !ad* M O 'oywae, B >M DnaWya en-, tad*. Mr* l.ntp*. e'eph-a Olaaatead. he* O ett loba, A 0 ? .? Hall and 'ad* Mra Ml / thein t rel* ll*e V?la aaa aer-oeaS, M Blair. OA Pre*?er lady aad tkraaab Itran. an I It <a ike e'-eyate *oe t heriea'oe. la 'be ? eamae HaebtUlw-? Mo'raan*. I 'mte-aaal * B Bn*er. lady. Ran rkildren aadaur.a; B ? W?rOiw ?' H Htbpoldv ? W flaw*, lad* end two am tenia. II 8 Wood. * no.heuren Jl Rbaa. 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A >b 'ma Wra Mar* Ma*ao erd two Wfclr. a Mm Wl/ebnh BeC maid Mr ea.l Mm SaM T Hard art ebtid. W H, 9 My ark, P Alay. A J Bbbeyt aad bi w ? "f?s.