Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 25, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 25, 1857 Page 3
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BRITISH SMFIRB IB IBDIA. Mi rvwndatlMi, Htsa ud PrafprtM, MMh?l wad Commercial?Tba and mgriM d OfrwHmwt He bell Ion?How UM VaU of India ?ajr Afreet the United ate lee Cfawl?|t cat Accaantaf India. >dl? wee kaowe to eaeteat Bgypt end lo tyre, end wee partially oooquered by Alexander the Great, 321 A 0. lfre Rontons onrrted on ee attendee overload trade with ladle The oommeroe of ladle with Europe was oondocted Br way of tho Bed Baa, and oy the Pardon Gulf and the frsphrales to tie Mediterranean, until the dlaoovery of too lent around the Onpe of Good Hope by Vaeoo da Game, hi 1491. The regular hlatiry of India ia reokoned flrom the WlMil of Mahmud Gaenl, A. D. 1,000. The Brlttoh territory la India la equal to all continents' l, Hum la e-oepUd. All Germany, Kranoo, Spain, I, Urn mark, Italy and Bwodea do not exoeed la ex ant e* territory or population Brltlah India. The tirlgo ?OHMtrleal survey, not long ilnoe laid before ParHnmonl, (tree Mi total area at 1,308,113 iquaie ml let, and the total IHeklir at aboet 108,774,046. Tho British Indian ompire lo dldribatod talo four govern amaSs or Presidencies, viz.: Bengal, Madraa, Bombay and Agra. The Orel la the teat of the Governor General and He swproao OounclL The army before tbe late rebeUkm -of Qneen't troops, 29,480; Beat ladle Company 'a i troopi, 10,928; Company's native troopi, 240,121; Mai, 289,629. The aaUre troopa oommandal by Hlthh adBeara aad a callable under treetlea, numbered 32.000. fatal at the dtopoml of the Governor General, 321,029. hi the eatlre reglmenta about half Ha offloere were Eu ?a aad half nottvm, bnt no attire offloata could rlae than a aort or oaplain or major, and even then wee aeder the yougeat European eaalga. Bengal, Madraa and Bombay, here three dlitlnot armlea tad three oom awmdere la-ohlor. Be one aenae ladle baa made : tea If felt througbnnt the weald Ho origin of tho oholore two boon traced to Ho bank* of tho Oangea and tho hnmld toil of lta mlaa maBo Jangles. M M onppcood that etnoothe year 1817, when this reU dhmooo appeared aa a malignant end fatal epidemic at JBaaere, la India, from whence It apreod over the wsrH, BO Imo than abont etgt teen ml 111 one of the human famtlr have telled rlotlma to It, about fifteen or alxtoen millions of whom bare died la ladle and oH?r parti of A tin, aad Ha remainder In Europe end America It oonttnneo to Ohio day tho moot formidable enemy to ell troopi engaged In tho Em tern lervtce It generally trorela north end weH from India with oarevana, and oatere Europe i the ooualriw bordering on Asia. CHRONOLOGY. A. D. 1090.?Urupttm of tbe Mahometans under Mah mud Gaul. 1227 ? Rtlgn of Ghenghls Khan, one of the moot bloody aaaqutrori of the world. 14,000.000 of the buman race perished by bio sword, under the pretence of establish ing the worship of one Gad. 1808 ? The Mogul Tartar*, under Use conduct of tho oe Hbretad rimour, or Tamerlane, invaded Hlnceatan. 1899?Tamerlane takes the city of Delhi, defeat* tbe HdlM army, aiakes a conquest of Bindostan, aad batchers 190,000 or lis Inhabitant* 1497 ?Ihe passage to India discovered by Vaeoo da ?|Ki. 1929.?Conqueii nf the country completed by the Sultan Baber, fornder of tbe Mogul empire. 1666? Reign of toe illustrious Akbar, the greater; prlnoo of Blrdcitan. 1000 - Reign of Aurcngzeb?-bts dominions extending from tea to thlrty-fl ro degrees In latitude, and nearly as maob In longitude, and his revenue amounting lo ?82,000, too. or to about (100.000,000. 1T88 ?Invasion of the Persian, Nadir Shab, or Kaatt Khaa 17(8?At Ds.hl bo orders a general sissmrre, and 164,000 persons perish. 1789 ?Be oarrles stray treasure amounting to ?126,000, 000, or to a bent $600,000,000 1749 ? e'eat of the last Imperial army by the Kohl lie*. The Mosul empire oow bscao* merely nominal, dis tend lade pendent sovereignties being for mid by nu ts petty princes?tbe emperors being from this I or ao folloaa) cewqienoe. BRITISH rOWRR IM IMBIA. 1621? Attempt made lo reach In lie by tbe northeast aad northwest passages 1679 ? Fir Francis Drake's expedition 1689.?Levant Crmpany maso a land expedition to la 1691 ?Flit adventure from Ergland M00.? First charter to the Ixmdon Oom-wiy or Mer Shaaa, two years before the dsolh of Queen CUasbotb. 6009 ?Heoond charter to tho East India Oompany. 1000.?Oalontta pu-chased 1760.?'Aleutta captured by Rerajab Da via. 1700 ?B* Imprisons 144 Hr'Ush subjects of wb-ra 123 parish In one night In a confined room, known as tbe B ack Bote ?f Oalontta, May 19. 1707 ? Oakmtta retaken by Oolonel, afterwards Lord Ofrvs, aad wbo defeats ihaSoobah at Pl>my. The battle or Plauy woo by lbs energy aad oourage or Lord Cttvs, was fought on tho 20th June, now o II die over M0 years stsoe, wtaota laid th? foundation of tbe Brtt'oh oasatro In India Tho Hindoos have had o p-opbsoy cor among thorn that British rule la India was to sate oa tns one hundredth anniversary of the i of Plassy, or the 27th of last June. Hence tho n i and sangutsary character of the rebellion which i nut about thai I'me 1772 ? Warren Masttng* booomeo Governor of Bengal, April IS 1773 ?India bill pweed, tune IS. 1778 ?fopreme Court eetabllebed 1778 ? Pondtcherry taken,Ootooer 11 1178.?1%e atroef fbrtof GwaHor taken bp Major Poo baa, aofuei 4. 1780 ? Bpder Aii overran* the Oaraauo and defetm the ?tU?b, Pent 10. 1780 -Be lakM A root, Oat. .71. 1781 ?I.3rd Mncartbp arrive* an Oortraor of Madrar, Mm 11 1781 ?Byier All xlfaallp defeated bp Or Fop* Cosle, Ml. 1783 ?Oeaib ef Hyde? AM and nooemton of bli eca, Bweu foib, Dee. 11. 1788 ?Trial of Warren Raetlafi, Feb 13 171*2.? Deflnldretrea p wiib Dypoo, bU two aoae beld a* beetares, March 10 1788 ? tfcivernment of lord Moramgton, afterwardi Merqrt* of Welleelep, Bey 17 1700.?forte jap'tam etormed and Tlpooo folb killed, Hap 4 1800.?Victoria ef Ute BrtUeb, bp whlcb the Carowo tree ooeqnered. 1808 - Vietorp of fflr Artbor Wallaiep 1806?Marqnii ef Oornwa.iia returnee the government. My 80 (tbia dtwinrntihed nobleman wee ibe well kmwp lard Cornwall!. or the AmerUmn Hevolutloo, who fought Beaerel Hreeneat'lollford, North CWr jilr.%, ao I dtierwarde barrendered to (Irneral Weehtngtoo a Yorktowe ) 1118. ? Art bp which the trade of India waa lOrom ?pa, (that to China ram lining with Ute oo apany,) Jolp 1888 ?lord Am beret'a gorerraent. Aurnt 1 18U8 ? I 3rd WiUam BonUnck arr'.rne, a* Gjvernor OtMrtfc), July 4. 1I3.< ?Act croetas trad* to Ind'a and Ute tea trade to Chine, Ac , formin( a sew era la Bnuth cjmwero* Aaweet 38 1888 ? I *rd Auckland Governor Ucnernl He leavrv ?mined te September lAat.-lUUie of Ublrnp, victory of 9r John, now lord Kane. Jelp 77 1838 ?Kbab foe jab reetored a bie nover* gn'.p; and be, aenoapaiited bp the DrUUb a> rap, enter* ^abo', August 7 1880 ? Eogl.vh tie eat INtei Mahomed, Oct 18 1840.?Kurratb !*nge, King of labor*, die*; *1 bt* rone r?i htneueoreeor la ..illeii bp eoc' lout; end I)at MahomeJ, ?an heir, ? ir reed ere to Upland. Nor. 8. 1841 ?General rlelnr ejrelov* tbe British at Oabul, Jl? Alevaoder Baraa and other cfToeremoreered. Nor 1 184* ? An ex leant re experiment mm manned bp lb* f Ml ladle C.iapanp lo lei prove aad vxieod toe ooltivetna ol nemea le India. fovea Aaerlean piaaicr* were enrmod tot 8ve peet raoh, and an tnortoaa imp over ef tbe cot lea fie employee to mpertetead the eoae^nctMa of tn't* M* mar binary la Foglaad to be teal to ledta ti ?# aeed la the etemley of eottrn, Ac While Ibe beet eelecuoe* ef American itioe teed were shipped lo lodla bv Captain Mayfo, the dnwpaep'e aeent. tbe planters reached Pegioed la Jeee, and piooerded to lailia v'a ute overland rente te Aofeet. 1141 ?I -lord rtenborouglt appelated (tivereor Ueaerti Of ladw, October 13 1841 ?fir Wi.iiani IsXaughttn Iretcberounlp ewaml eoted October 13 1849 ?The British. neder ooareaUon, evacuated Qehnl, placing lady fole end other* In the hand* of Akber Kbei, Wterwardea d-eadfbl .neeeacre enenel, January 8. 1848 ?Ibe Ameera of fotee* defeated bp 8lr Oharlee Napier Unlade le afterward* an or tad to the B l"?h F? CM, Fat-uarp 17.... ba ilee of Ma-vjmrr and mrorg fori ef OnaJt, or tbe Qlbritiar of lb* Keel, wee taker < S<1 1841 ?Sir Hear? Bardlet* appoietcd Governor flaa*r*l Map 3 ...laa war between the f lev aad tbe Nriiith 1848? Tbe Mbhe ?r?ee the foil*] river aad auaok iht BrlMib povt at Ferexeporn, wbiob wan bell by ,H? John LMtter, Deo 18. IMS ?Battle of Allwel. The Mxbe deleted, tan 3* 1848 ? Battle o' Sohraon TUc enemy def< tied wllk m moaee loev le killed and wneadel, Feb 10. Tbe dhbs ieet Ic.AC men, and tbe Brtittb 3,718 la billed eel wo isd ad....Tbe (71*4*1 of labor* I* occupied by the BrlUab, nqder erwimend of Nlr Hofb (toegb, and lb* war term) aatea, Feb 30. _ ? 1848?led Palbonvle appointed Coventor tinners' o' lodie , ureal battle between ibe B"tiah, under l.ord Hoa?b. and me *>ba, nnder Sheer* tine, bl Ram bug gar, mm. ? 1840 -llenHon tnbee after 8 kwf vleee, tannery v.,. ?meredeg drfbeted by ford ?o*fh. ftorwnrr 31 ...At beak tehee bp the Athene, Janaaj 18u..D#int or the ?kbe bp Lord Ooeeb at cillliM WaPah, Janaarp 18 ... Mm much defeated bp Ueneral Wheel#', at Barwe limb, -in., in ..AIMboaaeraoaAli Attoeb, Tanoary n ... 4?mill* iif Ibr Janoerp 30....81* CbarloeNa flbr lake* emwmaad la Iadla. Map ? 1380 ?Tb* Pnrjab formal It aaaexed to the MUtefe Orwwn Marab ? Kob I aoor diamond, lb* kpiabol at Indian vmpi'fo, ?MPg* le Keglaad, April ...Neneui. Ambeeeedor, arrtv *? ?? Kofload, April 8TKMB8I WtA 1881 ? Dnmwodor* l.vnbert arrive* before Kxefoco with ibe British flee*, bo, embcr t7 ? 1841?Oatierie* of Raef^ ??t| lo... Rnrmeee for,'8*8. <" Martabaa ttormed AyWI^I... British foroe* advanod from Meynoa aojl mbe ? 8... rtwn M *?l' rmaA Wr John foarp' defeat* **? 101?tforcb 19.... form,we ereeeate end ?, kty hew, in Bnrv Mrhleb lee* U. ? ? bwra Fiome, Bent 18....I* am* When br BmeraHlsdwIa. with Vw* of 80 me*. November 31 ...FfNt ennexed te Mtleh foiptreaader goveroorblp of lw> I/.HIkwMC Dt *?? 30. rVoUttag at tm pcrtan*e occurs m India tar mmjim after the tarato'UOB of tha Burmese war, aad Um (tout at Directors had their atlepitoo drawa la the oonstraoMoa of railroads ar a telegraphs. wHh endeavors to Improve the reeearoea ?f the rennet.) 1IM ?Viscount Canning waa appelated Governor Gene rai of I no la, who mooeed. a Earl Halhoaato, aad re ma la* la oiiioe op to the preaent lmh , TBI BBCBUT KBSKLLION, WHICH, AT LAST AfOOUNTf, HAMA1N1D UN8UBDUBD. The tauaedlate pretext lor tt e outbreak waa the diatrl butlon amoLK the 3eioy? of grease or tailow oarWIdgea Tor tbeoaeof the Rnfleid rifles. Thie faot waa mod by the aatlee Hindoo paper* to inflame the heat to* I preindtos* of the Mahomed an and Hindoo troops, who were told that the English designed theur forcible conversion to Christianity, by crmpelllDf them to tat, In the aae of cartridges, pig aad tcef fat, whieh waa aa abomination to their religiona principles T? e Governor General waa forced to lanue hie prrciamstlrn den? lor the charge. Toe one of greased oartrldfee waa dtaoomioned end glezed paper eooeti luted, w?co the native paper* declared that grease waa mixed with tha pap* r la tta manufacture, at d which gained a aalt, in aptie of nil the amho-ltlea oeuld do to remove the Impreeeion Hen Wbreier had given on tor to the ohnrge of an attempt at forcible ooaveraloa by aotlvely circulating religious traoi* among the Bepoyd, whloh met the dlaap provnl ef the Governor General. Joined to tbla ranUloal exottement there waa no doubt to ha added loog and strong dliocntcnt on It e pari of the Hindoo and Mahom* dan popu lation against n foreign government which waa oooaldared aireesTve In lla meaanrea aad antagonistic in lla religion* nrtpies The plan for n revolt was no doubt oxten*lvelv laid, and wn* probably ir hare taken place over the entire Presi dency of Bengal on a given day, and the design* of the rebels were to have tnoladed Calcutta and tha murder of all European* In Ihe oountry. Tbti we also judge to have iwn the ease from tha faot that the haadredth year of Brltlth rule In India had ar rived, when ihe Brahmins predicted it was to come to an end, and from the additional faot that the mutiny of Ho pojs occurred simultaneously at different stations on the lane day. The chronology of the mutiay may ha as do?n a* felloe*:? 1867 ?Mutiny or native troops appeared at Barrack - pore, and were disbanded April 3.... Mttlny of native 34th Infantry at Bar rack.pore, who wore disbanded April 6,... Mttlny appeared at Meerut, May 10.... Mutiny appeared at Delhi, 13,???Mutiny appea*ed at 1 ere zapore, May 18....Mutiny appealed at Meanmeer (Pun jab ) May 14....Mnllny appeared at Boorkee, May 18.... Mutiny appeared at Peshawar, Miy 33....Mutiny ap peered at Alaghnr, Mynpuree and Umbullah, May 33; Mundaun, May 36; Naseerabad, May 39; and on the same day ai Agra, Looknow, Barellly and Moradabad, May 81.... Mutiay appeared on the same day at Neamuob, (Gcallor.) Azengnr, and at A boo* aid, June 3 ...Mutiny appeared at Benarai and ai Alababtd, June 4 ...Mutlur appeared the *?me dsr at Inanrl, Cawupore, and at Mool tan,June6....Mutiny appeared at By/.sbad, June 7 ... Mutiny appeared at Inlander, (Punjab,) June 8 ...Mot' ny appeared at Saafcjibunpoo, June 8.... Mutiny appeared before Del il, June 13.... Matinr appeared at G wail ir aad Calcitta, iuno 14.... Mutiny appeared at Inbulpore, Juno 19.... Mutiny appeared on the same day at Najpore, Szn for, Nowgopg, Puttogbur and Jaunporr, June 13 Muti ny appeared at lndore July 1.. ..Mattny appeared on the same day at Mhow and Nowaherue, July 6. Of the Bengal catlve Sepoy troops In Northern India, tt la said not mire than nineteen regiments of Infantry and ?Iz of cavalry remali.eo in *rm? under British cantrol. At a number of stations, as soon aa the t-oops mutised they proceeded to lielbl, wbere they swelled the number of the rebels who held the town, and who protoedud to organize a sort or government with a Mogul I'rinoe or Kirg? after baring assassinated all the European* ? ho fe.l In their w*y, ami coium'.ted acts of crselty and barbarity on womeu and ohtl dren, exceeding In atrocity the mast Denbigh acts reoorded in the anDals or history, many of which are too revelling for recital. In the massacre England has lost manv of her bravest ( flioera, while others hare fallen cy pestilence, Including Generals Anson and Barnard North eastern Im.'la was mostly in open rebelhm, which 8lr Henry Lawrence was endeavoring to subdue Into order, but at last a>counts be was wounded and besieged at I.uok now; Oewnpo e had been recaptured : confldencs continued to bo maintained at Agra, Aiababad and at Gaioutia. Delbt remained the headquarters of the rebels, with the fall of which It w?a sup weed the rebellion would bo orusbed. UPBKPKa OP CONDUCTING TBI INDIAN GOVKI.N MK*T. We havo not snaoe to go into detain, but may be per mitted to remark that in no other part ot tbe world are eo well ptld. 'be'irvern >r Gene-al reoetree an anual ealary of ?26,000, or abont gioocto with all twanoe fur extra espeaaM. which le 1840 amounted to the larss turn of ?45,000, 'o about >1*36,(00. Hi* members of council reoelve ?9,600 each auuuai'y. Tbe Governors of Madras and Bombay receive ?13,060 per an num each, and tbe members of oocooll ?6,0-0 each Tbe Puisne Judge of India rec*.lrte 83 347 rupeos. (ToeCim pany'a rapes le eqnivaleat is 3s 6* , o? about 60 oenu federal money ) There ere alio thirty ludgee, wBo each receive from 30,000 op to 64,000 rapet-a each, and there are a large number or civil offlwm who receive from 6,000 to 6,000. 8,000, np to 17,000 and lo,0(0 rupees THB KKLIOIOrS XSrAVEISBMINT OP INDIA Ig ALIO ON AG ZAND BOALK OP kXPBNSl. The Bleb op of laiontta receives a salarr of about 876, OOtpersnnom, besides an alio waa os of ?1,700 per an ? am for extra expenses. Tbe Plsbope c< Bombay and Madras reoeire ?7,600, or sbont 8H,0COa 612,000 each, bssldra a pension of ?900 each, aad AiOO for fees aad tbe performance of other do ll ee fcrgeone receive salsriei vary leg from $1,600 np to $10,000 a year. INTSHMT OP AMMBICA IK TBI KIU OK TALL OP INDIA. It K well known that one of tbe largest ma-k'ta in the worli for tbe cotton cloths aad yarn* men afar'a red In Kaglaed from Amerteea grown ootton ta In BrIUih Indie Tbe sales or ootton fabrloa annually exported to ladle vnttty exoted in amount tbe oo ton (ent from Indie to Fngiunrt, and bcoce leering e large margin for tie con sumption of American octton. Tbia may be aero front n ttatenant or the exoorta or cotton goods teal rr m F.ogland lo Boa Bey alone la 1846 4fl. (See Mriiregor'a Commercial Siattsuoa ) For tan year* ending la 1846-40. tbe Import* or ootton good* Into Bombay, confuting of plain ctttb*, printed and dyed, amounted to about ?10,000,000, or about $63,000,000, averaging abbot $6,000,000 nor anncm Fjr other porta la Indte we may safely double or treble lb ta ainrunt. Hence the talc of cotton goods Ic India probably reaches from $10 000.COO to $16,000,(00 per mourn to p-omoe which requites e large ennnel ooaeumpUao of American cotton. | Hbould India fall, this market for the o eaumptioe, Indl- , reoiiy, for American grown .xdvin most be out cr and iU ?fTecU be felt over tbe whole Union O :r Hreel trace with Iedla, na will be ecen Trem Ute annexed tabular statement* la Important and rapidly grow ths. and especially so statu the gold discoveries In CaUfor ala and Australia Should tadia rail, ibis trade must alio ba more or leaa overthrown We proceed to gire tabula* statements of t roe Scan di reel coamrrce with lo 11a in 1848, before the discovery of g'ld In Gal'.forrla and Arstra'la. in 18$1 after lis raeot and In 18M. tbe period ef tnc laws1, wrrti OOMJUKCB or TBI TMiriD BTATna WITO INDIA. irfs Imports 1848.... ?rv,<t fcsxi $2,oew,?uia j 1881 rt8H .HK) 3,886,8*8 MM 787, ?1S TMjNI Thee are large laitireot ?h!;"ii?nU male to ladia la American bo'loms, wbl fc do not spi**' In o-ir export rn- i turns Our di*?d sxpo-ts to ladle were larger under tbe ( monopoly cf tbe las' lads Unmpsay, than Uiey are oi w, at the fjlJowiBg table wl I tbow ? Exports Imports. 1831 $1 Wflfl.279 81 680,7Pi 1822 U03fi,044 3,372,217 tte total trade ef Bengal, or tbe disturbed Presides 7y of I that raoie, was at follcwr ? 1861-13. JSsri.u I-itpor't le rue res 9,14,77,924 U,0?.d?,7C8 Tbecble* articles pf export to the Untied 9 (tea are firem Calcutta, and rorsitt if flammed, gunny cloth and b?g?. saltpetre. 'r.dife, bidet, aptora, Ac (W the It 04,ft,70rt rupees Imported Into B*ugal !o 1881 63, abocf 10,JC,oC,oro consisted of Ire wars and ootton manufaAurso gooes Oar Labs Paper! or (srrtspondsnco. grresuoa, lake Superior, Oct d. 1867. MisrralJ' tnrf Itvv of !Ar /'aid Ifflct itrranpewtrWW in /i' oerd to tAe Ante Superior Mails? Injury to (Ac fwNt Smict?Egrets n TV ads, <fc , do. Ailew me locally our aUastlan le the di g *aoeful ooadl tlM of the newspaper arraagamenta uadar which lbs eacp.le res' t eg la the city of Baperloe are subjected to. 1 ebo enclose tbe beading of oae of yoar valuable papers, dated July 18, 1M7, which baa Just errlss t base (O* 8. 1867). Now, sir, this la really loo bad. sad wa wruid ba w ibout mfcnaatloa at all were It not for the wseklr Hies o' stea a boa I*, try which the llautui It racelsad just fbar da* a after data. Oar old fogy department, with tbslr usual tat*'! fact and enterprise, atlU eonttnae lo seed rrwsrsper* pe.lo :ici'j. A)., for this plaia, tit's Chicago etrf ft ''am. frcri thercu ttioy arc oarnd over tn; Dac*s * of y. pr j? a r umnce ?r eboui 300 miles, through forests satmpa Ar B metlmea when tbe bats a*e tco heavy, tbey mo barg u ? oo the m*rt couveatenl ireo; and at present there a.t at Iratt 1,600 lbs ma I maU-r lying ba iwtrn this placo and 91 Paul, which wa eipeot to arrive, If totbirg p*CrcHa soane Hire next yeas ThaeffV.) > n* tb i ?' l ?o ''XTioe were obliged n wall here several weeks to jwejro their pap?*a, blanks .Vs., which bad been teat on In advsnre: and now tbe oon Iractow f iller it laopoaalhle to <>nUnre at lbs low rats allowed by the depar'mnt, have thrown up tbeirc?Dt*aoi I h.ope yen w| I use ; our Ulluewoe n af*aiee?log the Cost au' - ? to lbs fact that Ore MMMiand pro pellers run beiweea Uils place aad Uevclaad, an i one frtmCblraga. It la a grant aeeat wfcen eome lorkf la clvldnel |M a New Yuan Haaaut. t*a m-mthe old The latest Washington /'mow was Jaly 21, aad arrtya<l do lobar 8. Tats condition of afTalru la dtograoefal tn Ut? prrsent age aad ra*ldly grcwlag latareata of the Inks Baperlor emu try TblstcwatM now about 400 houses, and at leaat tCfO The nrronndng ooatry Is also Teat reuiteg up with fhrter?;lt Is tbe largest aad as oat im wrovtag towa rn this great like A good deal of New York en .dial has been eipaoded hare in improvements Our party built n Sne blook of storaa, wblsb wsrs lam dlatety ranted, nttileg the owner over 80 per oeat. Wa also labor us dee another greet dimoulty oar drifts are returned proteated, sad wu are ovama with New Fag lead btak notes These banks are dally railing, aad oar ettteens, were tbey able to leoolve the HltULS ragularly. would be gvarded agataat the weetbltu trwah tbeee honks have flrodad as with a poor womaa recently, an oount Ing her bord wao earniagv amoantlng to aavers, hundred Jollass, mostly la small aotee, found bat |40 of good rurreocy, It rook I yn City ffaxva. flUT V1XPKV OIAUTWT nta Ooni-oa*Tim? o? Banna era. Tbe mry ta the eaaa of Feruiaan* tteyvr against me oily at Bret ktya. bled ta lha tMy Onurt, brought lo a sealed v?rdk* yawarder morning In rnvor of plaintiff for 87.264 damages T*a pta'nUff waa thrown (Torn bta wagm tn Ftushiag aveana, la May last, la ooa*e>ineooe of an ax ' navMlua la the pavameat, whieb Uta city bad negtaeted to repair. The paioUd wua to sevateiy injured tbat he la at this day aUH oaab'e kmeWt arma latoiMUog ftom KwnIi TBI RL1CTION- HOW M>. T ABBOTT, TUB FUI STATS CAMDIDAT1, WAS CBOBSN TO CUN8RR8R?RR RR CBIVIB HI* OBBTIFICATR ?BO* O IVRRNOR WALKRH. [Comsponflanc* of tbe Po?l] Lratrnworth Oitt, Oct. 16,185&. For several days prior to yesterday there were conflicting rumors regarding the result of the elec tion, and among them was a semi-off! rial announce ment of the uereat of Parrott, and the leas of the Territorial Legislature to the tree State party. It was alleged that Johnson ciunty had given a very large vote for the pro slavery ticket, more than sufficient to absorb the majorities which Parrott had obtained in nearly every other county in the Territory. One precinct, nsmed Oxford, in Johnson county, returned some 1,000 maj irity iu frvor of the so-called democratic party. Immediately on these returns being received at f.e -ompton, measures were taken by same of the free State party to establish tbe fraud by sending to tbe place aforesaid. The evidence of the 'f-aud was of such a glaring character, on the representation of those who went to Oxford, that Governor Walker and Se:retary Stanton went down to the place, and on a search for the judges of the election who purported to have made the returns to them, found only one, and be denied having made any such as were alleged. They also 1 and that there were bat about twenty people, all told, who resided where sixteen hundred and upwards were returned as having voted. In consequence of thi9 and other discoveries of fraudulent re'uins of a sini'ar character to the one stated, Mr. Parroifc was notified that be could have bis certificate of election without any farther delay. This ne? s was received last ovening. and it is now fully setthd I ha', throwing out the ascertained fraudulent votes, Marcus J. Parrott is elected to Congress fr im this Territory by more than ive thorn and naj j By. There are alio twenty-eight out of thirty-nine free State members of the Territorial House of Repre sentatives, and nine ont of thirteen members ot the Council, as I have before stated. This is good news, and rthows that we are all right on the question of free Btate when it iB presented our notice. The Constitutional Convention reassembles n<-xt Monday, and there will be a very interesting session, occasioned by the recent result of the election. Ttiantrlnwl and Musi en I Broadway Thbathe?Tbe Be?III ballet com pany will to morrow evening perform in the very successful pieces entitled "Faust"' and "II Cavallo D'Oro. or the Golden Horse." Such attractions can not lail to secure a full house. Niblo's Garden.?Ths Ravels and their unsur passed oorps of pantomimists, are to play in tbe spectacle of "Boreas" and the comicality of the "Conscript" to morrow. Mile. Rolla is also to ap pear in tbe ballet of "Les Abeilles." Bowery?The announcements of to-morrow con sist of Shakspere's "Borneo and Juliet," the comic drama called tbe "Pride of the Market"' and the extravaganza of the "King of Clubs.' Mr. Kddy and Miss St. Clair are in the first casts. Burton's ?'The patrons of this establishment w'dl no doubt be greatly pleased to learn that Miss Cushman has been re-engaged and will to-morrow give ,ber grand personation of Lady Macbeth. Wallace's?During the past few nights, Mrs. Hoey and Messrs. Blake, lister, Walcot and others cf the excellent comedy company, have won much applause in "Past and Present" and "Caprice." Tbey are to be repeated to-morrow. Laura Kkrnic's.?The new drama, entitled "Buds of Prey, wh'ch has lately proved remarkably racesseful at tbe Haymarket, London, is to be pro duced here with a strong cast to morrow. " Lend me Five bhillings" is to be tbe afterpiece. American Mcs?vi4?The popnlarity of the Welsh Nlghtinga'e, the Carlo family of equilibrists, the "Aquaria," Ac , induce the management to continue them on the bills for to-morrow attcruoon and eve ning. Gun. CnstsTT and Wood's Hinrvrrls are doing r nourishing holiness in their new hall at 561 and 563 Broadway. Their laughable tarce of " Married and Buried'* is to be given, with songs, Ac., to morrow. Tub Bryants still succeed in tilling Mechanics' Hall with the fun loving community every evening. They issue a fresh programme of Kings, burlesques, Ac., including a very corneal afterpiece, for to-mor row night. Purndbboart's Mihstkkls, at tbe Olympic, have undergone a fair trial and been found to be equal to any in their line. To-morrow they propose to Intro duce a fresh burlesque, called the " King of Clubs." Tna Arctic Rioiors?All who have read of the hardships and sufferings endured by the lamented K me and his companions in the Polar regions should go and see tbe paintings at Umpire Ball. Boston.?Mr. Charles Matthews took his farewell benefit on Friday, playing Dazzle in "liOndon Assur ance," with Mrs. I- W Davenport as Lady Gay. Mr. Proctor is playing at the National. Nothing new at the other theatres. Philadelphia.? The ooera at the Academy closed on Saturday night. Mr. Mattnews com men -es od Monday. "Uncle Tom" at the National. "Jvk Cade" at toe Ar.h. Mr. Dempster at Musical Fund Hall. Charleston, S. C?Mr. Marchint opened the theatre here on the 1 '?th- The Mrrcury says:?The theatre opened last evening to a very fnll house, and the performances passed ofl' most ? itiafsctorily. There ia an air of neatness and taste m tao embel lishments of the building and in the sc?nery which is of itself an attraction; and this, added to a re spectable company, will render the theatre during tne pre-ent season popular with the public and pro fitable to the manager. To-night will be presented "A New Way to Pay Old Debts" and 'Jenny l.ind," in which Miss Mary Shaw will take the part of the song stress. It is only justice to say that this young lady won the warmest applause last evening. She is an attractive and accomplished actress, and lias at once established herself as a favot re. Cincinnati?Miss Logan is playing At Wood's theatre. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood aie at the Na tional, where Walcot'a' Hiawatha" was announced. Tim early MMMHM of Thai berg and Vieuxtemps in concerts, at Smith <V Nixon's H ill. is announcer!. Br*rAio.?Miss K Kimlicrlyhid a complimen Ury benefit here on Friday, playing in two cone d"s Mr. Taylor's "Victims" and Mr. Wi'kins "My Wife's Mirror."' Sr. I. htis?Mr. Edwin I loot h and Miss Heron are playing here. The liuck'eys are also giving con certs. Calif'iRN!a.?San Francisco is quiet, thongh there is some talk of rebuilding Metropolitiu. The Ame-dcan and Union arc lioth closed. M.iguire was alsmt to p'ay Marie Duret (who r<'turns here shortly) at his Opera house, and would follow her up with Kmmn Stanley, to l?e succeeded by Mr. and Mi*. John Wood. George Ryer has ?he Marys v'l'r theatre with Annette <nce as the star, sup fiorted by J. H Booth, Chapman, llendersoij, Ciro ioe Ince and Mrs. Claneli'ey. A lemooraty theatre has be?n fitted up at San Jose by (1. E. Craven, ?ho has Iris daughters, Louise and Sarah, Mr. and M s. McGowan, Moretand and l.loyd. J. II. Warwick wa? rbout to tike a company Into the interlcr, with Estelle Potter as In !? I - a man. Everett, Cuicpbell and others were In Jltimb > county. | Rowena Gmnice's management of the National, i Sacramento, had come to an untimely clo?e. Julia Dean Hayne l ad opened the Forest theatre in the same city, with W M. I^mun, Wilder, Rand and a fe, Edwin. A. R P Is in Sierra county, with George Mitchell, L. J. Horton. J. Griffiths, j. Taylor, J. C. Hicks. G. Madeir, T. James, W. Hay, D. Bowston, Mis. C. W. Hunt and Raie Grey, J II. Worster ha' organized a corps for the eastern and northern mines, consisting of Wm. Barry, Wm. H. B-own. Mortimer, W. Thompson. Miser- Annie Smith, Nelly Fowler and M. P Wor?ter. Mi. J. Smi'h had arrived in S?n ' .?ancisco from the Atlantic State-. ' rOSRION THEATHIl AI. AND Ml fftOAL INTILt,tfl?M<Jf. From Tomdon and Paris we hear good report,. 0f atHsts well known to the Americm public. At the Hay market on the 1st "The Wonder" was revived, with Mm. Sinclair (Forrest) aa ?>onna Viol ante, and Mr. It. bedley, an American actor ^ho mod" his Hrbut in Boston several years sinrc as Doit Feli*. The />ri'/v iVm (2d) says:?"The Wonder'' was I revived last uight. with Mrs. C itharine Sinclair in the character of Volante. and Mr. Henry Sedley, a d>lmtftntl\n Ixvndon. in that of Don lellx. Mrs. Sinclair's personation of the heroine was graceful and lady like, combining gaiety with energy and feeling. Mr. Sedley Is an actor of merit, and priml-os to he an acquisition to the I/indon stage. He has a good person, posscases the e*?e of a practised per former, and shows intelligence and animation. This famous old comedy, whlcn. from the clever plo* and rapid succession of incidents, is m ire entertaining than many works of much greater liter.i*y pretcn aions, was, on the whole, exceedingly well acted, and went off with great spirit?Colonel Briton being performed by Howe, Llssardo by Pumpkin, Isabella by Miss M. Oliver, and the two rival chambermaids. Flora and Ines, by Mra. E. Fltzwilliam an! Miss Irvine. The house was crowded Mr. Sedley and Mrs. Sinclair wore received with distinguished favor, ar.d the whole performance was warmly applauded. Mm Sinclair and Mr. Sedley make a provincial to ir hi the winter, play a farewell engagement at the ILajmarket in the Spring, and then return to New Yoik. Wallace's "Maritana" has been produced by the Pyae and Harrison company at the Lyceum, with great success. Balfe, they aay, Is waiting on opera for this company. Our I/ondon correspondent <wys -?At the Hay market last Monday evening, Miso Amy Sedgwick* a young lady who some thaee years slage mode hjr ftr?t abearance in the can*, of cha-Hy, wire Messrs. Joy and W. R. Markwell'a am?*eur rorp* drnmntiipi* (under the name of Mis' Mortimer), made her b)W fo a Loidon audience aa Pauline, in tfca " Lad* of Lyons.'' Her success is recorded !n the T\mn and all tbe leading papers of the metropolis. We have Been nothing better since Miss Helen Faw Mtt's best day, save Miss Agues Klsworthy, now an established favorite. A new and original live act play is shortly to be produced at Mr. Bock-tone's Haymarket theatre, under the able generalship of Mr. Chippendale. It is from tbe pen of Mr. Tom Taylor, a fellow of Trinity College, Cambri Jge, and the Secretary of the Bo aid of Wjrks, but, what la far bette/, a principal contributor to Punch and the au

thor of those highly successful pieces "Still Watsrs Run Deep'' "Two Loves and a I Life," " King's Ri val," "Victims,'' Ac.., Ac. Success and Tom faylor are terms synonym us, in such productions. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keene and their pretty and accomplish ed d&aghPr return to town, rroin Italy, to morrow, and for dea miaont mot, urn, will winter at r,heir mansion in Hyde Park Hardens, Tybumia The Royal Princesses, entirely re decorate!, opens for tbe season next Monday evening. Shaksperw's "Tem pest" will continue its golden career. Tne Christy minstrels are now an established London entertain ment. Mr. Albert Smith bringH btck Mount Vesu vins to tbe Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, early next month. How tne literary, musical and dramatic world of these paita will miss the charming reunions at Miss ('ashman'selegant abode, in May Pair, this winter! Let us hope to see her back. Musical Tours?Another company of artiste has just been formed by Mr. iteale, fur the purpose of giving a series of operas :n the provinces?sone in Fnglish, others in Italian?commencing on the 19th inBt. The leading members of the troupe wil consist of Madame Gassier, Madame Borchardt, Mr. George l'erren, M. Borchardt and Mr. Sims lleever, whilst the operas in which they are to perform will tie "La Sonnamhula," "The Bohemian Girl," "Ia Traviata," "Lucia di Lamuiermoor," "Martina," and "II Trovatore "' The visit of Mr. Sims Reeves to Newcastle daring.the present tonr, recallH to mind the fact that it was at the theatre In tnat town he made his first appearance on the stage, some eighteen years ago. and wc believe he has not performed there, excepting in con certs, since that time. His voice was then considered a baritone, snch parts being allot ted to him as Count Rodolpho In the "Snnnam hula," and Dandini in "Cenerentola;" but he gradually progressed in hLs art until he attained the portion he now occupies as the first or English tenors. In reference to Madame Gassier, the prima donna of this tour, it m\v be stated that, in addition to her distinguished claims to public patronage, as of the most finished soprani ever k' own to the Italian stage, she presents an extraneous attraction in the fact that she is now aliout to mak> be 'a-t appearance in England for a considerable time, hav ing been prevailed upon to sign an engagement for a long season in Rome. The Italian Opera opened in Pane on tbe 1st, wPh Grisi, Mario and Dtdice, in fhe " Trovafore." Didf'e made a sensation. The season here lusts seven months, and a private t>ox for the season rents for $1,200. The manager of or.e of the Liverpool theatres, with more promptitude than go id taste, is playing a piece entitled " Neni Babib; or the Demon of the Ganges." The committee of the Theitre Francuis have unanimously received a five act comedy in prose ny MM. Scribe and E. 1/Sgouvf, entitled "Lew Doigts <fe Fee" (The Fairy Fingers). The principal charac ters In it will, it is said, devolve on Mines. Brohin, Fa vart, and Delphine Fix; aud MM. Reguier. lire-want, and Delannav- A rather -lingular particularly at tended the reading of this niece lieforo the commit tee. The two authors each read exactly a half?M. Lego'iyc the tlrst, second, and half the third acts; and M. Scribe the remainder. This ch-oige ot read ing produced a strange effect, M. ly gonv?'- reads ve-y well; he pronounces very distictly; but, cm fining himself to Indicating intentions, httnsyin terrsi the auditor, but rarely excite him M BeilbI, on tbe contrary, without po-set-Hiug the precision and purity of accent of his oolUborateur, reads with a warmth which points out to the artistes the most striking situations, and seeks to produce effect, as though the public were there to bear him. Tne first half of the piece therefore merely interested the committee, while the second completely excited its admiration. Achiile Ardavani, a new bariton; engaged for the New York Academy, has arrived here. Arditi, the conductor, has lieeu engaged by Lum ley for three years, for her Majesty's theitre, London. One of the Paris musical (tapers has the following statement regarding Mile. Nau, who was the prima donna of the Niblo's Opera troupe three seasons since:? While Mile. Nau was on her last professional tour in Kugland. during the summer of list year, she was attacked with a sudden hoarseness while upon the stage of Sheffield, and it was only by very great exertion ft at she was enabled to complete the ritr that she ww then impersonating. At the conclusion of the opera, however, she was so completely prostrated that it became neces sary to summon medical aid. l>r. Jackson, of Sheffield, at once pronounced the attack to be of so severe a nature that immediate retirement from the duties of her profession would be necessary, other wise she would endanger her voice ror ever. The situation of Mile Nau became one of the most trying description?if she did not complete her engagement, it became cece-sary to close the theatre, and thus throw u large number of persons out of emoloy; and on the other hand, if she ventured anjappennime, she risked the loss of her voice tor ever On the follow ing evening, by great exertion, she succeeded in get ting through the r>/e of Klvira, in the **l*nrituai*" This, unhapily, proved her final essay, and notwith standing an entire repose of nearly *t reive mouths, and the assistince of nearly all the eminent physi cians of London and Paris, she hits Irretrievably lost all the upper register of tbe voice-Incapaci tating her from ever appealing agam i n public. The lyiic stage has thus lost one of its luminaries. She is at present pasting a short time at Tours for the benefit ol her health. A letter from Madrid of the 23J says The Quern Ins pardoned u municipal guard who was to have been shot for insubordination. The circum stances under which this a *t of clemency was decid ed rn aie curious. The sister of the condemned had caused a petition to be presented to the Queen while on her way to the theatre. At the same time when the curtain rose, Madame Ristori, in 'be char acter of Mrdea, intern ded for the cnlprtt in a tew verses which ahe declaimed witn her accustomed energy. Immediately the Q icon declared to two of her ministers, who were with her. that she was in clined to pardon the man, but nevertheless asked their advice, rbey represented that litis wis the third cuse of insubordination in that corps, and that an ex.tinole had become necessary: she pleaded warmly the cause of humanity, and at length they consented. The Qn*en in-' intly wrote the pardon in her box.'' The ambassador of Prance tad g ven a grand banquet to Mine. Ristori. Atareont extra performance of the Ors>ra at Her Majesty's theatre Pi volojnni mad" a trsmen dous sensation by singing the solo verses of "Hod , Have f he Queen. ' Toe mm bnmbinn wrs special I v honored with no end of cheers. Ilc -oi.imlnl and (iiuglini are now in the prevnicee, wlie.e Lumley m.ikc* a gres' deal of monev with 'hem Across in a t .-TBI v?The no or* ot the Bur -or Conrt theatre are imperial employ 's, and const Quentlv have a good position in society; but one of tnem lias just received from the Emperor each a re I ward for his services as has never iteffire been giv.n in Austria to any w rson who h:u? won the sock and bipkin. M. Anwriutz- 1>V far the best tear I have I ever seen, and also An exceltent i'aUtafT had his jubilee m an actor a day or two ainoe, and recited from the Emperor, as a reward of merit, '.he Knight's Cross of tbe Order of Francis Joseph.? l'?tvna C'orrttptrr,ilml of thr Time* Ds* i or Ms. Hix i.?iR, Tins Vocaust.?This , gent * man, well known in the musi< il world of l.on ilin forty years ago s* a vnc*il?t of high rcnute on the Knelis'i stage, died ">n Tnesday last at ifirgate, where he had sett rd do?n for some yeirs, as the c'.irrctor of the Ttvnli Harder,", a favorite place of amusement dnring tire summer se- on at that much frequented e t hi lung place. Mr. Kinlair was turn in Edlnbunr, in the jexr 17 ht.aad being gifted with a voice of remarkable swoetnen and flexibility? though of no great eoni|?eA- entered the musical nro f?s-ion at sn esrly age. For sometime Mr. Sinclair was i nly jtnown ** a coooeft Mnger. hut on the 2'ttb Hept, lhl 1. be mode his flrstpp aeorance n the at 'event Harden, in the cbara ter of Hoi Cut' e, in"Ihe Puenna.' and at once established hitnnIf as % favorite with tbe public. He aft.-rw ird< per fo inrd the 1 ivers in other operas. He wg? especial jy suc essful ifl the part of Apollo, in tne revived burletta of ??M'.das." by hl< sinffing of "Pray, tTondy,'" which, though long forgotten, became im mediately popular. Hv the advice of his friends, Mr. Sinclair went to Itrly, to improve himself in his musical studies, from whence he returned in p-24, after an absence of six years, and was again received at Covcm Harden, in his favorite chars ter of Apollo, with unlmunded enthusiasm Kim* tint period he maintained his reputation, with little diminution, till advancing yeais gave him wirning that It was time to qait the stage, after a long end h norable career. Hr- Sinclair was the fs'Jier of Mrs. Catherine Hinrlalr the coramed'one now per forming at the Haymarket theatre.?Morning Chrtmitlt, Sfpt. 2s. ADVT!R1ISI MkNTX Rl W.blf l\m D\\. mXMAHM. SROARROAW WOW Rt PtTlrB#slf> ATVRRT 4R1IT rrSac.tnns trom moorcm c <r I bnm tn?Sees o< H* rsi ft ? nd Merman mi?h that 1 am at win* on wi bout rwvJ to raal valve in par cub idnnrs ? -mtgRS IT Urrfadsay. UrOMTIS jy OWIRO MATCH roa- roo-R?TW?.?V TftSRXPR rlm??i anil Robert H A lal-e Vnesoay JTib Inns. >mVmHO!??R will ? aft* lbs tt?gs Rprts* >?*. W R 11 V AM, 'mer Mo. | W K H T Wrnvarr ?? ,r i II II P M , S-utb Pi'" h ?Quel. Muitamienr* IIViP. k? SI. I r. ?. fsre f?l??firur?')ol? M Ant information tow4inn raw noSvm or the body of Bsmnel OrlfTI b, who wm aenutwutlr drowned oa the 7'h October (rum the loot of Beat and Water itreats, laat river'wUl be iheak'tvrv received at 1U Baa hlghih strait. byWre aorrowtng r>l?rrs lie ware ? blank alapva ?oat blank pasta >od real, white a^Lrt. and gaiter bor ta, stood about sti ran high. atou, Built, ,nd am all sturdy whlskera IB elisor to fray _ am will nun a Limit rom bib 11 thi \ Broadway Post aloe lbs H M CAHMANMVILLR.?WILL TOO DO IS I BglJUBSTBD jou to or have your "? mlljr so mdueroe with von. Send by ibn nemo par er on Monday? and eay whan y ju will 40 hoses u. 1MF0MMATI0W WANTED- OK BMIDQM* SHAIfB; fll loeys to Tullanaore. Klsf's oonntv Iralssd; any tnfirms tton will bo thsuhfn'ly received by her. -mala. Margaret Joyce, 13 Morris afreet. New Toah Newburg papers please oh>7 INFORMATION WANTED-0F MAST ANN J AC EBON* who formerly lived at JuO Hudson st'eet IIr leaving h?r address with Onorxe Kall.-cn er, Rotunda Park, she wUl h-ar frrta hrralsW. Caroline Jack??v BR JAMB8 W. HOWK.-THBRB ABB TUBES ' EC tor a la the general Poet ofllce, Nassau street, for > on. PlRhONAu-IT TUB FOLLOWING N SlBD PKIIBOWB. who were soldiers In the war of Hill and 1814 between the United Mates aod (ireat Url'atn, or their heirs will address H. R Mesh, boi 1,187 Philadelphia. PsB*.. they will hear of aomctklng (o lheir advantage ? John A. Acksnaan, sttocma- Joshua Bloat. ker Charles F Sogers. Lornn Plan -hard, sailor. Alevaader Sogers. John Oabbleman. i&Uar. Noah Reeves. John Husee Wm. Roberta Thomss Btsghsm, golds ml tR Oliver Hhaw, sailor, fclmrn Cameron. T H HhankUa John De?, musician. abraham Hpragne. John lemons. Samuel Band ford. Jamas lgant. oeorre Hoiras. "('Bjamin Brack. Pstouel "tewarL W01 Fcraylh. carpenter. JehnFoolt. Jobs <t)ase biaefesmtih. Tkoiuaa "ly, drnmwsr. Warren itrtt. Hstn iel Van Alat/ne. oaMuet John 1*. Heard, batter. maker Wm. Henry, baiter. Peter White ahoemaaer. John A. Partwloh, recper. Daniel Wright, st -t .ntUter. Samuel fiob'eubargh. Jauob Welah. Arthur liny bee. John Wilson. Harris JuntMs. John Wearer J a revs J Miller. Kidmen WUilaav*. Kli?? I'alne, ropemukrr. Frednnek Wli.ron. HrJitrt (Jiiimoy. Boherl WhlU. (Ivorye sogers. Wm Wood JvdinM Kapiey, Joan Wood. A sm P Ross. SALLY BDMOSDHON lb HRKF.HY MMQUBNTMl* TO sand h?r nddrevs to or ??' sp-u r*r ua'u Jonu ld mondios, at hla boarding piace. at Sr. H?t-n It .am' I Pearl street New lark JoUft IPV iRDhON A'f-tR* A'fJSL . 17N1C* COUBBB. U I.? TROTTING.?ON M" >*T J CCt 1?, at o'aloek rreotaoly a purse and s ake -t mile beat#, oert tm.e iu 9vk vj wa.-ois. W. W ??? \a a. ? ? b. a. Jaaa OaA'ei; C. Ot/ll cam -a e m. Miller a " ?aai> TaUmin same a t. m. (tort '? S?'.sllc; >? 'Joe-t. t ,.u. m T.ady WoodrnflT. IfHAW A VHIVB. Pr >:-r>:r-a i 7MON COUKHM, L. I.-TR0r ?'??iN riD U Obi. 39, a; two o'oleek, a m-.<h f>r hi 0(1; mile h an be> I S in 0; wagon and driver weir/ 1; ' '<< '< ? tud.: I: y rulTr air es b. m. Lady Ondney. ? RaLu irhl'n ran: ? "elisor Por land. SrtAW A Brl.TK, Prorrri.t-.r* Fast borre-a bat -hp:*. WlTIOUV 9 DM crb'rmleb ran trot la ai?. .'. J M, a ? will he ahowc. ?f . l be aold by aucttOD Immsl.r oly rlie- ;h; 'i ? a- ' t.lon (1< urae, on Monday, Octohe- 1". UfllaH WO r'Ift? h'#'. Notion ? auction bale*-in, tux if sue, ikv, bardB hlfh iwi' L* c>. ? >-n he Union trach.t ' a . on Mmuay, the JOt'- ( ; "? .? m-rip.'i old. i i In eve'v reepect, asd af?t ' uiwu-r. Tt . <a(e *r't] 'ake pla > un mediately alter tba trvt. wl-Loat it* >e TVKAP. WtKHIRUT". HIE WUTAPTi a ICEMAN OtURn* ATTENTION.- YOUR tflMPAFV a<aemnln (or uara :< on Mj-day m n.o*. Oe*?tar t.V> ?t 7 o'cotk rre?'a?l' at Montg-meiy na. :S*,'va'"i The larltetl ?;ra?u and boae wtaiung joit. ure herv. y ujoat reaper fql j auttlKd to oanet with u* a? ab-rr-' am. i f!y ordeeof J A ilRNNBlT, ua.-taln. Rami., root. Sscre'.vey KIBhNh -THE aBOVK VaMF!> t'0Mr*ANY maetonesu-b f-iday ereslng, nt Urrmltaye Had. (or drill They new n-irnber r'A mom-era. aod -c'-u : rarlnKthr ., earurs'on or ikatkntirug day Hi f-'eoda f ' js citopai ? are innt-d to Call and see them dr I- a* tar- a' r ts meuUu.'I time, at their headquarters. DA* 11 ,1 hAR i, Captain. Wm. hlBEMAM, Peereiarr. Lib I'SBT PLUIR?AREOK7, RTATE 7. 'HE ?fi I.Uil low sC?Bern-rrs of iklsr.rpsw. m-<-t ?? the Arm jry. on Tuerd iy e?ening, C'rt. ff e- 'X a'esfl i-rnoise y All memhersio having nnlfore. ? will be furnish* "?m or, thai ererlng hv'rrd-r M'IuaRa KOItgK H, Oom'dt. J no. N. W listr. Orderly H'gt BCUUIt l. ? Rin U OCR. North dotoh ,rmuB? h, oobmr of wii-liam and Fu ton streWa - Prearblng at 1 A. M. an . at Sl, o'cl rk la the aflencon Ktranyers and crtu-u* ar? . 'rtlaliy lant'ed to attend. Heats w'll be famished by "t* anxton. 8ai bath Hehool at 9o'eloek In the morning and 1 ir I -rnoon. Prarrr meeting every Krldar erea ng: lec-nre every Toevdny evrtdor. oommenslng at 1 ?? o'clock. All are ot>rdia.Lr lavtted U> altead. iipmeh, moomi, m-? wfrnn, r.(t (inn BBH-IH ANtl '03 BAHKRIJt LIMB WAIT! " ajU.Ul'U - lor whlnh dae grid wau-h<M wtb beg;-en to let low, oee of the nest and well Hal tot tailor avope In New Torn Isqsire at Mo. I Cbaibam rqnare, la the .amp a ere. BOlUS WANTBD WANTBIi. A CAPAHl.t of rnnnlag an eoglnn of twenty live horse power A:an aa engine and hotter of the same capacity. Address boa l:iv# Post cdtss B Rf'OTI.YM-TiRTtJ, BY A <t RMT1.SM 4 M AM wtf*. in n prlfkio funilv k well form. *rJ ?lf >nic had be. rorm, with prlrllefa nf eooh'ng Ao. The 'leigh <w "v)'k> ~ ~ kUQ preferred. Addre?a Uknadk. boi 4.076. font ottire, torn*. An. HOU?K WANTBD-1M UK NIAK TQK KITTH AYB a* e, between fotirleoBih and Thirtieth afreets with kll the racdrra IwprcveaentB, ki k prln* lo anil the tlm- ?. for wh'ob caib will be pud Applrol' L <1 tiatbaa. atreet PAKT or A OBBTIaL HOUBi WITH MODBBW IM* proweorniiie kkBtef?B? n ran1' rami.'/. BWalatlag o' ki Wurman wl'e and daofbler lew? I n bewe-a UoiiOi nod fortieth atrma. Addreaa, stating term k d look Am and rw ma. Houae, bcrkid oilier mo piiiteim.?w abtk i, a Hor? hibiii a unir 1 ejl nder pre**, at/* <f Erd t> utl or lb?r*t>n'i-? vnf p?ny Bari?g e .# to dlnpwe ot mr.neartof k Oka a p irrharer b? nddr'MlDC W. H. Wardrop 16 h?rwr street WJ torre, between Teal* and Thlrtle-h rtreeu. F :r.b tad ? i?b'.b a*enn*n r 11. r 1 <b wt: r?nl n.A to at< M I ?936 id'roi IIohm. Union ? |i t" Pontrfl re YKTAITSP IKBIDIATKl.Y "Y *. UK AM A It 'A*' ,1 Y? wlih ten ahtUrrn and i*r tot. 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Wall atrrr on r? -dnr. .')? ?4'h Inrt . t t'*- ' " " *"?? it f (#0 la ho ? *?( t?r Kb I*'a*d n>nt*. t?? jf tlh '60 aala. ard .nkrhrd wlm M aumen ?>' TMhgMO t 6a.W, t(6 hrri. I > be ' irwr r led iy e? raa. The kha-1 fwkro w bn raid a '.b* re ora if i*?torn.-t D H I A9P 61 Tntee *? rant corAKTTXRinir ntn wl TVirtn -to niiiju in iiDimiBR iku pid I .Inlll, 4l?ra - A r wuter r geuerni *f-ni la Wkowol in lmd .ee boaalaal r 4lrln?0, eh'eh hare urwd wl'? Itnciidrdromaa hi a io dlot mnfn- >a wtaaknlli -vvrn r ardtfkloe WhtUf ?**?? A. ?J*ta. with rah. aomt, ? otha. i uwkidctriM i c nnn a > * ** m ttp ? < ^tD?i'. abi.i amp lD.UlM". b.i> e?".Tiei ulttdrTf ti?d.- in 'b.? ?. kb ' baa thoaon'fil "f fmm litteeo do '.went}' Ih oiehti ? liar*, at now on ? t *r ? e ??* nri * .??? <? s in ny . .1 I* b'lkinraa. wliere, In th# r > -a* W aag Coi'r m ai\ ?"? 'k? ?vMatMag i? ?aHafi'TWrr to I 'th. and h ?% tb ? vt . ii.'iat of ch(i .nl.will wlm I "r? aa partner i- UN < >n ra. Ad.lma wl'h mat new, keen* nilT WW bt no or I PernaodaTadwrtdwi <rw. B. 6o? Thj mumiRi, .wo. KIClWlTrll WAKTID -TAttlUla H I.ilOI r nraahd takn Hie* n c>*( fnml'-.r* -kr-wa ? ,tedn p>?* nf wtll rwewtwa the blgb*?l prtea p?ld for a** b ? ewdna M 'h* ante, a nddreaalag Thna. J, i'a?mt ? t>t re etraei. nia 1911'anrL il nnn VHO WART* a good rtav-rii Jl.UUUi owner wrote u> eiehanga bla "ira of abe it AO mh. DUirlljrHUM New York, for Improved Itew York or Rrwklvn property; 140 aeie# Improved and i9 aerev g Umber land, two iMfy Nbuu. htrl i? toe bant nf fruit, ud oalj bait iaU? run ft thriving ?n em ivlntiu: on** nf that bawl nr boo la In I ha State, naaram road aad every to ng In Bfttf home happy "ftll or addieaa tbe ow*rr, J. BwlTIl. Ig.Kirernwif b rireei. .V. Y ?91) jinn -h)? nu an intsbent ;i* a 9^'M/VUt raloable patent of ftn arttole for ana oaa, wlirb hfta bans folly tented, and la reeum mended by tb? bail marine fto'harlUaa tba demand for arhteh la grevi and the (ftia affordlnv large omnia or an active,ttbornuga goaloaaa MA, wllh rftpltftl. win ba takee aa ? partaar. to enlarge iha maao fhctnra and aala of inch ardelee. Befereaoee glran and re quired. Inquire otR I). LA W. 82 John ktreei. ? d H UAH -wsriiAitDiHi wanted -farming JlU.l/UU. and In Ike tnate of Wboetula. we" e?toe? fit, aod mb?r prooarty hi arikaoge for gooda, an'ah la for tbo Wertrrn mar km. or rral ????'.? kerr, II|hUy one uaa bared. Low prtc?a. Call Immediately HOBaCE WINANR. im Broadway. aaondflo** BROOKLYN FII'bT CLASH MiltlUM BIZ?r? BOUHEE f r aala or to let -Hoi. 8 2 and IT i.arayeuo areoae aoa UlnlrR gaa ana to ary pit mo a( with balhi and w mr el.weto, aod b oated la the mm- popular and healthy part nf kerl'f, wi klo half a block of rulum aveaue can. Pri.a H buG. Alao. l7B?'anU>n ?tre?,t Price It,2(0 fir In reeking aub Bian ial and wall ?nlefct)d d ?? ?? Mng? at m-de-aie mala. will ap ply th the owner, WILLIAM B NICHOLB, 10 Nacaai etret-. New York ra Iffil j FURNISHED OOCHTET KWIDBNOB. complete. A neat two rtory aud attbi frame bonae, tilled la will bilak. with a now (labia, ugeihnr with ten il0)a?rna nt land. A1<0, tba fnrnbnra. korvea, carry all, uati.e. farmtaa Inoin At. For farther particular* aiply bi HBNMY 8PEAJE, ISO Pearl treat ra 8AI ? AT A HAOBIFION- LHN TUANUOHf-A aplerdld ilone front home hi Ninth arenue; atoo. til Hlnlh avenue; aao a tpimdld sountrv aeat. wl'b 18 ar.ree. at North Uaverttraw. known ae the Garner r> I toe; hooae tdidfl ft. two fiery and bate Burnt. Price 94 1)00, It la lean than the honae ooat li'UUireor A. DaYIB. ICS Ninth arm if, H. T. rWy. latOB BAI.B OA TO LET?THE TWO SMALL WOi BBH ? ? alory brown atone booaee, Ron. 110 and 1(1 Wen 'OIlT fitifh et-eet. Inquire cf EAYJtOB A BLAGE WELL, LIE Broadway. ]<>T FOR HALM IR ft AN' EM.-A FULL LOT. El ITT J 11)0, otilhe north e'de of lltio ttreet, US feet 'nm Ska north treat oornir of Firat a?rune. It tavg level and wvem wtiB the gride. Tbe afreet la regulated. graded, lighted, pad curbed a. d ? utltireJ. and nld<- walk. ft trged, w'th gaa ptpee and Clrotom dec irr r'ny ?.b'?ngn the uireet All aaa-attni ula f aid, and lot unincumbered Prion ttt" ^c'drrcH i'ntraan Uewt'd idfee, or < n,> r to BTkPtlEH ilulAATH, aolpvmllh, WH Booia et. ^ o*to? tg bootahu Shoe MAttcrAfinifiyiMt? i im r In Tt<w " V , wnnld evohange a three atory >? > ? :,i . tit'. fee, rrtml on B'v - ?treet no ffet deep, lot , ?-t wet ag ar ataT - bnem-va, Ihe atom A if . ' ,? I go-I rep" "? inw .(/Ul lit. Anv one de Oa ? of m ma i > a an o.. can dn It an famrabiA dra A lie d>rc.-tod to Aad.-.ev, froy Poa' i 'hm, will ew en ymmpl aErutv T0JJL RALE, {"If ? Hli.L BUT THE RTOi F. HACIi; MD n. vp f ft. * rea of f ne oi lb" neaterind l..n, crea' ditto porter h i- ?? .'ncai-d Ir ne lover part tr to -e..i in the ol hiteineea arcl doing irrY.e h bn neev. App'F Imtnrdlaiely loT. OiFFNEn. 170 ? ;h?th?m ?'| i*re. a TALUABLE PATENT Bfll'T* TO BE BOLO JN *. eonntlea In the bta'e r.i .New Tmk A n-.' n with a rnbl c>?h ctilial .an ma*e J1K1 per moath. P ? ea,l at UN llrcadeay room Na t, munnf lately 'tA lit OH/NOB.-AH OLI? NfiTA". .tHFlEO BAR 1, room, now doing ao eioeliect trade, and hi <km> of the uevt If. :,???. rhe rite, will be anld tea reapofflbla plrty RoaTv k. err" nwmrar}' intea, with 'ocad to l?t?"?'a, w. So lak r. u k 'f nt. . ..d-ciK Itoar claa. Id-raJd offlee. |"10AL YARD FOR BALE.?'1 IN LMABB ANO F1X . * t .r g on rwtA A ? , i ( a coal yard. I >ng anabUib <d and iu ?? era* a lord urlntuv. Will be aold low to a retpoo tlule party. For ;aiUc. larn aldroui Coal. Ilerad oEce YjIOX oai.b. a BOAT manuf .<toby, hot duiho C a lerge bnrlnece If property u 111 be aold ,o?; a mcrh gave tohek, had balr .c, In rc\l ednfe. The pr(-pfhp.or *r I ' reen froi I to S t Y al *A\fac. -ry. .a Rav? itrcei. ne r fd.ary, Bri" ? yu Nocrdgrc re?l.?d from agen 'ya. tit OK RALE -A FIB"? RATE FAMILY BETING MA P '*di e, made b* oa* i,. i?e beat-rakera for ail ktkdaoT worl. 'uiu very aflll. o-t-t wm b" e . r ?>-i cvev i hanged fcr new rr aecoc -and r< r.xnlng Dta bsMttie ir . r?t:oa by a dreiatng II. e. Lobinaon. Broadway Poti r ft re. {IM R BALBCHKA*?A WMuLENALR AND RETAIL f. > i f r atore down town. ndap<e<1 fcr anv O'hrr t uilneea Pv'.mw. Inialre on the premUea, *?g Om-nwin1! atree*. S?OHCOH1R FOR MM A.O. TUTTLB, AUITIOR err, will eel) at AuCton, on Monday, Ihr y> b neiaut, at 10 o'clrok A. M., at the "a t of Kivtngton atrecL Eaet river, the ecboon*r Rtitnger Hald ach.- nev oarrtea about t'O ntut. and Iv ready for Immeo'ale nae. 'Ian ba NM until die day of aaiai al tbe abjve plgEE. qiO TIHNERt. ?rOE RALE CHEAT, A FULL NTT CF 1 tinner'* Ionia In Brat rate order. Inquire at MR r Waahlngt .n r* FtlMTKAk n WABD.-AN ADJOUENKn KBETINO P' THE Second Ward Independent <)|eb will "e keld at 'be M u ?turn Hotel, 21 Ann ftreet. on Monday evening, Oct Hi, at 7 . ?NT El 2 o'clock Punctua aUendanc* la req ivwled, ae b.i portance will l?e brought before the m mlnr. JOHN UaMUiTON, Oka; Wiiiitn J. Divisr. Peereiary 3D t> AID'RMAICO DISTRICT. OOMI'lirRIM'k THR _ Fifth nod nwurr ibe Third end Itghih vim The d- inner* lo vi.urn of ih* tbore nuuid tre reepeeifudy In-Urd to niH*. it be Wy koff linnet, Sot 3.4 ud Jlf, into wlcu iin it cm MonJar imk, Oct 34. %i half pat' Hnt o'clork, for l?i? p -pot* Of raroiltnp tbrwvrl'm, vtd W nomi nal" a candidate for aldciMiui of lot %u<>v? itlttrlct. Aivnt 4rr.Hi r. let JOBS fOOl, Pr* 6TH AWKMltLT DISTRICT I OIITH. FISTf! ASP fifteenth wnrda - ill tne.'Un< of the Petnocwur Rep ib lirei Ncm'tiatUc tXnvtv'.Ta o' vtat * llrtrt >1, held mO?ii?i lloo Hail on Friday ereain*. Of VI IH4T. aKTtlTR J. DK l.iHIY vu declared ibe i aasbsaaa nia-li ?? of be oootec Uoo **. *. UwaOVBlvT, Cbkmti. Jon* Mtn last, Itecretarr Tn RRSaTORIAI. DIHTRIUT. OOMPRUIfMli THR If ib P fie?utb,'Ittrrct!. and KtfhmeT'h we-1* ?Dem i cra.lisrailf.jaii * ni-el'i ff io m iff the s< tnlaait"0 of Rtrntr I btebrir for but* r* nor will be held el ibe aeeeiably Anom. I? Hereon mutfl, on bond*)- errata* Of 14 ?< rtaet o'clnefc. Every d?tnwm?l? bad '.tdreearfral rowr m Ibe die IrM epr wrd l<> fnrt/1-r repnbtwaa leglttatkja la tar'fed eo<: rlpi r rd lo *Ue. d 1 b? folioebi* ?prater* vrt I adorrea tan mt*i ?* ira. if f'redy, ?#<( , doarph 1. Wbrie, Cf| , Jukn Ven llnren, t?i ; Ji'rl 'toft nan Kv| ; T 'ranrta Weacbtr. k?i . Hod. Hoi* * V. Clerb, Hon. Htmrr Wtlhrtdre. Hot J. H. Aita< e. I'ne Time. C f-ide, W J mom K?i Jwlre a f. S'hi in. Iljo. Woe. 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