Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 26, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 26, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7725. MORNING EDITION-MONDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. Arrival ?f tb? Baltic with Four Days Later Hews# THE FINANCIAL PANIC IN ENSLANB. GREAT DECLINE IN CONSOLS. Aaother Charge Advance in the Rate of Interest. THE CSISIt OH TIE COHTWERT. Commercial Failures in England, Scot land, France and Austria. Over $2,000,000 in Gold on the Way for America. INTERESTING FROM INDIA. Mlnth Victory of Havelock Over the Sepoys. TRIUMPH OP PRIORESS AT REMARKET. DEATH OF LIOOHFfB, Ac. &C. Ac The Oolite* ateamabip Baltic, Captain Oamatoek, which Ml Liverpool at ft or oolock on Wednesday, 14th of Out, arrived at half paat 3v" o'clock '.ait evening, bringing one hundred aad ilxty pamenger*. Tha Mwa la four daya later than that brought by the Barvpa to Halifax The 9a J no brought ?72,029 la freight. The newt U Important la a commercial point af vie n. i had been a real panic In J -wdon, aad a commcrr tl i a a* on the e ve or bnriung oat all oror Europe. Oar It will exhibit the atate of thiega la I.isdoe, Parir mi the other powerful money market* on the otaer ?Me of the Atlantic. there la later newe rrom India, but so really important Mange bad taken plnoa la that quarter. The A me-loan nhlp Lexington reoenUy reported aabore ea me wen eoaat of [relani, after having beer got off, wa? teta'Jj (cat near Valcatia Itland, na the wna being towod la Liverpool, and three men were drowned. Taehawaor broke during a violent eiorm, aad .be thlp tunic The Karl rf Fitrhardtnge died oe the Wth hut The aewly formed national Airoda-lon for the 1'roauv Item of Social Science waa f irmalty inanguraled by a pub he meeting at Birmingham, England, oa the 12th iaetant. Lord* Brougham, John F.cmell, Stanley aad other lallu enttal men were la attendance, aad tM meeting waa ex pnmod to extoad over a week. The amnciaMen propoiaa In onorpy the ground in aocial and moral acinaoe which the Brtdah AuocUGoa bold* la reepeci to the store mate rial edenrea Thel.'jnd'n Hnc In a itarflnf allele on the topply of somen taya It appear* to ?> that If one Amerlea la not fwArtont, and we want a tecind, we c?n hardly do hotter than lake ibe fl. rt for car model, ire kaiw of aooree of i where the *o(l and tha climate are ae gxd aa In and though perbape ottoa of the very boot reality le not to be raised everywhere, er npoa the la etont, we have great faith in the power* of cultivation ?at feu and oltemle are not enough Capital, energy aol organ!r.Ulou will be called for atltl, or wa shall gel an catton to apeak of, aad It happen* that in MM ?f the eoontrtea otherwise boat for the in qccitlon are three reqcialte* to ho found the native poateaatoc* The queJl'.tet which enable nmerica** to aead out mililooa of halm every year a*e m? dteoove-aMe In Hind ca or 9om?an*, aad aa they are not Indtgeaoaa tbay uuil nooda be Imported. England, In Mart, nni dad money, mar.o'uery and wit*, aad If these are oarrled t > ion* veil eelretod territory, where there t* good land and abundant labor, we may *ooa be abie to dfHae ear i'i-di about the production of oottoe. Rev Pr I 'vtng* one adJraaaei n rotnerooa moe'lag of the morcuaiiiJ of Liverpool on Ute 13:t laal, upon tb* de I of the Interior or Affloe for miMloacy end com *1 pnrpoeee. h* France the grand final review of the camp at Chai >na took ptoto on the 8th Isat The Emperor and *mne of the datoehmnnii left on the 10th, and on the 12th the cms? waa dec a red rfiictaily raised. A report wa* ntlll correal of * or ni?ir. plated meetl-:g between tbi T'oneb and Auitr-.a* Kxiporore, to take place 01 Han loo. Adrtrea from Madrid to lb* 7th or Odtnbof rerrreaer | (W Bravo MurtHe won id mask Itkaly be charged by too donee to form a new Cabinet tBa departure or Uount III rat >1 to* Cub* to replace tio ?arat Oor.oha woe regarded at cortain ? erne (all Ibat lenor Marfo.-I,Gore/nor or Madrid, waf aBaai to resign. Haditd letter* of the Mb toetent report that Bravo If a rtUo bad had an Interview with the Qitea, and bad do Hed la undertake tbe formation of n m.r.tetry. The heauh nf tbe Klap nf Vrueet* bad undergone eoute event* ol after canton# blceitag. Hte malady woe i of lie era'n Baaeml de Reyer, obler of tbe grand general eUtflr of jibe Pianola- army, la dead. Front Raiaia we learn that Trine* UMtohak.ff bad ad' treated s oorddeMial circular, relating le tbe S.allgarut Inter ? lee, to tne Raertan mlo'.etsr* at foreign courts It In mid to be extremely pacific and le recommend tbe mainlernnce of a listing treettee The Czar and Koprove bad mado toelr eolomn entry Into Wareew, and U le cold Ibat tbe rooeption on ib* part of the pepataioi an* more fitendly than any K Asian monarch nee ever met with before te tbe Pol .eh capital. Tbera le to mall from China, me ooaneotieg tlearner not havicg r* ached Oeylcn. Harat woe evseuated by tbe Portion troopn on tbe 27th *r J air. ire *c> *w i(earner jura arrtved at CerB from BL John. N B , o? the tostnal Tbe e'eixtr IloeaeiU, from Hamburg Tor New York, pal Into Liverpool to repair damage to her pruprllae, and ?tiled again tor New York on the I lib. Tbe Artel woe re. oriel air ate (my ton morning ot 14th imbnni, but li proved to be tolee Nn neee of the Cl:y of Baltimore. THE REVULSION IN EUROPE. of 111# leindoei Money Market on the ItHik, ISiUi and Utah of Ueiahtr. [from iht Lea dan Tinea (.Ay Article) tect 12 ] Tbe unfavorable return from tbe bank and tbe further toll .0 tbe Aiarrtoa# riohangei, tft*praehrd form rive, pool on Urn arrival of tbe Tenia, caused the fied to open Ible (Saturday, Oc4. 10) raornioe at a fresh emits ? of a gaarwr per o??.t, the market oenttnnlng to pirn way tbl ?ear t"e ter-uinsttnp of brtlneia. Ooaaoln tor mice*, wbk-.b left elf yreterday at 8#' to v eta (l et <pmed IK) )o to '? At tkle thev remained for tome time, b it the anoeerlve demand for moeey ooaervtb'e la ton die-nun markrt, coupled with nnr??l with lrawa.* of geld, etrecgihened toe tmpreealm thai mi fknredsy next, or avee prevloualv, tke bona may lied It ifoevia*y l> go nn BH *r 7 per cent, and a*<es we*e r 'eejed on the t nue ??? W'a Uitdsetely there woe a tilg'.t rearttoe, nd the (leal retVw* were at ft'? 10 )?' for ??y, and up m % tor Kith ? f No rem ler At tbe dark of Eeg'eec drihtrd frr dt'eennfi "it <v. eetnw, tht art (Lwieni foiug were mvmr"V? ''urn <ea any ?op for ormtMvoU. Tht* ro?h *ee iiuupiloea not ? ?> pre *V1| tor liemi Jttie want *0 tnnch ae 1 ? ami-la*;- the poe Hbihiy ol another opened mo-romed en holiday, ?r, a all #ven?a, eu Thursday Tbe foreign Mori marketba* b en rather eotlve. ec-J le a?o?t oanfui a declne baa taken placu. Bra/ l:m f .** -rer Ueote vero argotlat d at let and for ur a. vu-T, ? 00, Ms) end lRig, ?g; Itan.a^ To-ec e-Oerte, Rite; Mexlren. for the eoocunl, SO', and .. p ?*? n 1,1 to ; er tJeete, Ifktg; n*rrin'eo, for ttie?nw> ,r. 9', * >ar ith <?)g and Jg; do., netr deferred, fir ibea*emia?. itS? V an-1 % : to'klsh "it | or 1 lent*, for U.e ?o-Oust, l?V u Mfj aad tw v, Doich fwo and a Half pe Utaia. *i, and tsu ttnr pvr Oat UarMdnatee, eg Tbe nloMeg , lotatliu ?f the t rjob Thrci ,>?r C*eta 0 to* PeriA Bourse tai* evenu-g was cti ua ur .>ota miner ard^aoocunt, tboeing a toll of u#.r!y Otree otgnlM per A1 Hamburg the rate of dlennent tti adrsn-ed in TV .W.coo of p1,1 v^t. iakn< from (or bink in urn /to- fJTorUhl^ 1 Ae Be (hlp.iers of uuitoe v-r i aso. It tbe principal eeUara of noaeob, it i* Inferr-d that toey see .g U act oa n aim larger scale, enU t At they g n ?Mer another tauMiMj movement la the rata of Ulnotronl inevitable. ibe td'lOM frrtn America, telegraphed to London this morale(, are not woroe than and been anticipated fnejr ?how. h'lwevev.tbal although an ?nri? revoand mty bu possible, the ysLechiefassioonf usion h,tne now been Jo> eaten rite not lo venire the lope many month*/or their conse guencrt to beydrutnl. The oaarge for dlnoooat at Ne - York la ?I8! np arentfy at tbe rate of f?m 14 to 3d par eant par ant am on tbe rhaloeat paper, and f'om 00 ta TO per oent for tbe seooodary desortptuna. At auoh a Uma pr oet OT all description* of stock* must, of sou to, oe little more Ikon nominal; bat It appeara that, altboafb a far tber beavy roductloa bad taken plane tbr-rv w*a a partial recovery before tbo departure of he mall. On tbe whole, it *>emi tbe dlatruat had certainly not lno?aa?ed, and a raw dap*' paure andar mob rlrnamoUnset uvually promisee a turn The NewYork bunk* bad falrt; maintained their eto< k of tpeolt, altbor|h tber taoo been raited a poo for la ge ?rpi He* to support their wrcspouds ale lo the Inter! tr, and another arrival fKm California ??i nearly due. A* the sleek di rtrg tbe previous we?k bad reaeived an ad dlllnn r.T ?370,000, aod all that migbt arrive woald be retained, It la evident <b*t nouuig ibort of aim* new and wholly unexpected development of mismanage roent c r fraud or 'aaaddea return of InrMln terror wa* likely to eerry thw or tile beyond lla prr?ant uotnt Tbe en?fcniion of tbe Balilaoie oaoks, which was arranger by a eon-crtnd resolution. U ne e lbed to have bid the anticipated (fleet of relieving tbe urevalllog apjreh?a?iona Intbaiatty and througunot daryUnl, am It it now aa noanned that an arrangement uq >ally genera' >>av beeu orcpted at PbiladoipMa, aud ttiaw Ibe *mi? legislature a> Pennsylvania ha? born onvrned to legal'n ri b futu? treasures ?> m#y b" >?<iii?1k> It is the duty of all bank; at period* of panic, unUst they -an see that they are tn a p" rtttcn tn mrrt every -ia-.m, 10 nutpmd at cmce, and not to al low the se' fisk people m ho are the pn meters of the calamity ti run off with assets which tumid be equally divvded amcig all. Hence tbe ,.rnoD. re.olut.on inn?i oe rega< ded wttt idUfactlon. although it la plain, fmm the way tn wbloh tbe Ne * York bums have stood bel ground, tbat thi ncccaltv for It could have reiu ted oniy from grns mismanagement It will, moreover, have the good effect of earning sprain to flow to thore point* wiiere auipeasion b?* bran avoided, iudb aa New Yo<k, New O leaot, Aa rbe tmprettlen that a rear mutt eUpae be ore tbo Pnllo delpbla and Baltimore banks wlli ne tn a a tiliU' n lo re line ipccte payment* slil rro*t likely be rally boras out; bat uiilci* tbe I.'gbtatarc* o their reawotlveH.atea thcald commit the faa.'t o* allowln* them to exteud their latue* daring tbe period of It. convertibility, this elroamatanoo need oet neoeasarlly create much lot* or nano/ance With regard to tbo further effect which the paoto will prodaoe In Karope, It la atlU to be aopod that the ecor moua ineonvantence expo-tensed Irom our non ra c?lpt of remlttaaoea will no be aggravated by bullion in lo>ge aam* being absolutely wlibdrawn fiom at. Tbe Vaaderblll, whtrh waa abortly to arrive, woa ezpeced to bring ?U0,0fa0, it U presumed from Franot; bat the anccrUlnUna a* to tbe duration of the pinto are likely to limit aay speculative ihlomeat* from England. Although It appear* thai some prod ee bill* b*v* been nold at New York aa lo t aa 100, tbe prod on their purchase wa< dcubilei* coast :ered not more tbaa lufPdevt lo cover the rlik of thetr being drawn upon weak houie* tbat might be found tn be co upromt*ed bjr u>* failure cf American corresoendenm The chief danjtr of gold being >mt hence 'o .Vui T rk u on account of the large additional purcha?s <>j i neurit ies which our capitalists have teen tempted to ma.Ve al present prices A fall tqaei to abuut 4?. 61 per quarter lo wheat had led to tbe drapatob of aeverat oargoea of wheat and fhar to Liverpool, bat tbe urfavorable rate of ex change operated greatly tn counteract tbe apparent advantago to be real zed Lcm the prtoe* In "or aiarketa, At respects the commercial losses to be sustained on 'hi; side, eery uaty amvuuti are !? li> rid to have fallen on Lyons and Paris Here it it fear el Manchester, Bradford and Ota i goto will suffer considerably From tbe labor place n terloua a*o of embairoaimenl 1* reported thla afternoon Tbe Wartelile* irt^ra raeotkn the failure of tbe mar cantllo flrm of hi Ncisim *oial, but II la not thought ? be of a very eztenalve chsracter. Tbe following 1* an abstract of tbe railway lateillgaaoe cf the week rfce wi rk* upon tbe Welland Railway, wblob, ruining alocg the tide of tue uaaal of toe mom name, t* tnleedrd to ccncect f.a rc trie wttb Lake Outarlo, are making rapid i>rogrc*a, ana may be flalihed by the rtgai'-n. At a msettng of the Great Weit openlng of tbe navt, era of Canada tbe dlvl 'end declared was at tbn vote of 6 p?r rant per annum The flailing off In tbe trafflo woa at rtbu'rd to tbe rcacllcn caused by tbe partial dleoootmu aooe of tbe outlay or Engliib capita: in Canada, ana acta to Che general depression ef trcsiness its America ne or rargentnt fur ike repayment nf the gey em m on t loan of ?10C tCO was appro*od, aa tlxo toe loan of ?160,000 on mortgage, to napirv tbe DotroU acd Mi wajale liar It wat atatcd tbat 80 A per cool of the Hock sad the entire of tbe bonds are bold tn r.nataad. Tbe railway market brs 'ivu flat, and In several dee criptlona. tuuh aa Overt vVeatero, Picffleld, London and North wcaiern, ft- utb Etatcra, and 'aacaiht'C and York abire a frrtber derlloc has taken plane. Canadian dea evlptlcBR were flatt-r, and a ran Id?rable flail tosk plooe in Groat Western <r Canada; Buffa'e and Late Huron, Hoot ladlan and (ifrat Indian fnolaauU were olno lower. In American aecur.tlca tbo oaty business wot In ftttn la Central ?hr?cf, wh'cb rcieded; tbe bonds, however, were rathe- better. In m aceUoneoua secnrdtlee a redrattao of ?6 eccurieu . Jbtttab Ae -.n ?>. tori -> [from tbe U>< don Cbrcntde, Oct. 13 ] Tbe am vela of the (vectoua metota mto Kigiand daring tbe week have been aa fntlowa:? Fr j?o Auntral'a, per Overland ?383,363 " afrtra, per Candla n.ocu Sliwr fr?m Oontlnent 70.000 The ' fflaal retvrn cf tbe ax porta of bullion frv>m tbo port of 1 ndon for tbe weak ending Tharadn/ last la aa fol lows (Jold cola to Belflum, cancel 1,060 " Boulf (a? 14,1.10 " Hawourf 30 Gold bars U Bculiguo .. 23 060 Silver bars to Haaiborg I,i00 HliTbr aela to Beifturn .. 400 ?? I)ioic(De 2,900 " Hen-arc,,, soo 81!rar ban to Boulofoo 600 The aaoerUjte.1 ? tipmenta fr?m ibe oalporta have been ?mall, namely, jCl7,??ao to too Bre/Ue, aad ?77,000 to the fenlbtnla. The pvtvafaai.ii'tnenU to the OooiLaeat bare been larre. prohahty jtUCU.WO rbero bar* beoa rumor* ot 'alloreo la Betlaad bat the i-larfow lotlera do ace eortrm tie current roir.oi, but raibcr ho<1 oat borea that Ike OOOhl acoaaaary atcnminn dalloa bo ooMfnred lo ibe bootea In qnaittaa Th* rwmUr nf If-yipapri in the III* trade, tn Manrhesier and Us nrSfhljorHuod, err Jrtnn sixteen inftorwi/, hme frw betny of tar/ft, ??? Dirt or them of email mefnuud i, yet oolof eiincoiher a rory ooaloerabio eum Tlio advloro now to bead from tmericn aro not aaon ?l to ontin too apjneb*iul(?l Of Ihoee who look Cor more extended diaaitare. l.lata of frrab failure*, bank and atoroanUe, are (troa, nod monetary affaire wore In a wretched alee, Aral deal bllU being (M'l boanly d?|iro ciafad, the eorroot ratoa belay f?oai 24 to 36 par wot, wbilet l*r tooond rata aad inferior ibey ranod from 30 to 10, or more The leading booeee, and Indeed the whole e aaaof trader*, bad made moot eoergntio fc> ??? lala their credit, mil tgty mat leg my aacrtdos to prevent failure? a coanc at onee moat honorable, bet laaaenUblc Tbo unfavorable rl.eraaterof the Rank of Kagtaal re lurra. combined wi'.h the ?? er onratlefroiory feat area of I bo pert'd, bam cauaed a farther depr??aln to rnci'i, whlcb cloaeti ai M lo s 'w tnoaey, ana 90',' lo * ijr tbe November account Lucia boa. la, ill. to ft*. din., Ri ebrqier bills. He. to 3a. alt.. dlUo bootU, fibs In >4. ban. stork, 117 lo 219. ' The enbiolned labln exhlbm the dolly fluotna'-leoo In the valne of ooaeoS daring the week no* SrmgtH : jMKffi J'rice Mcnday? Money 00 a count ?ou Taeaday?Mrney ?8', 11 Account 00 } H?a?1 Official Mphe* C orxruf Prvte. Price. ?:? 90 X UOla 90U X 90 , 90 90S ?0 X Tbortday?Voney 90 ttt'i ?? Aoxicli ...???; A f'i ?4 n day?toeey. " Aoroukt ... >-9-; BUS * ?US' * Ratnrday?HoMy ... ling MS ?it V ?' Aocoaat M* ?9 M | rrom tbe foedon time* (eltr article) O*. 13 ] The Rank nf Knyhtnd here today (Sunday. Out 12) rtii'tl tkrtr rate if >Uscfnmt from )i per cent, wJUek toot adapted r>n Thursday 1tut, m 7 per cmt Tbia mraenre teao ?a?tl? aaixnpaied, and, f'otn Ike et ?entnf ibe ?nj-l|-*imai l? dav, It la donb.ful If a forth'r fenretrrnt will an? tierr.<fain'ely be rwkd eeifainry The accent nf bnllton withdrawn hat >>ee? nolt if ,000, but U is etteried that ?400,0fa)anil b* drrpnt hfl In AS*. Tor* aid Koron by Iht HnUir end ftiiwadojpri.babty the I'erela 'or New Vera?In Htt?trt ) rm ncfn-ilaj end iatwday nrrt, and, ae Ike Indian oichtnfei abo* an adreran alter* elloo cf 1)4 per mat at ft m'a? and J per emit at Calcutta, It H aSn ani'nre'en Ibei f*? ihipmmtt t?l fha' dtrerirn ' y far ievrlawl w?V of far 20U Kifl be la'yer fault woe U e>it Nine thesigit probable With theee proapente a frceh advance can aenrrely bo avoided, and per ??r* ?? ntar again err ike rate at 1 per oant, the klgbeot point It baa rrer rraoked dnrlng modem ax perl erte aiid al wblcb II rood la OSober. 1847. In proper Ron, bower rej ?o th? anldeareea n* Ike week, re ? Jl be the remdtty of the nlilirnie re?r ton. and, ai "k Ike*, ooia (ion the rate within a rear aftorwardi >eat bv.k to three Crest, there will ta tbe rreeent oeae be reaeoa lo look aa e*trmoriifia*r turn .t the tide aa toon m the Immo relate eininnl y rball ham heei nomp eie'y met Notwth Mending toe tomfalng ratre of exohasfn ai New York aad Calcutta tbe iraarmlaal a of apede thithar rnder exiiPny elrcntnetaopra tpuat oe a tllt'JtM aperulitlcn, atnoe the qneetina In each tnitaeoe la not nnat mar hi the apparru vroflt.Judflrf front the proaeni edrloei, bit ?riat Wll hare been (he ct.'?e of fhe markcll In tbo In'orral before the 'portion ran bo ra'rial out. la fttntrtca tbo arreara now dne to Kncaed aad the ctatln?nt e*oeoir ?toae. aad are aeoaot'tlaMrg ororr we<-k, tni the moment tbo | arte anbrtdee an" the tall ;ea-o for the fort ni|tiiiy (old arrlvala from 0a ifaraia ayt'n bnfint to be fait Ike Merrily of bus npoa rt? may no ai remariahie aa ?hrlr prraont abaudanoe In India, likrwito, the faiiieg off la the thipmeata of produre and the denraad u wn tbo Eremittent for payment* to Koyiteh ateaat oompa-lea ? Ute traaeport of trooi* mnat exordee a at roc y effect in rr?terlp( trorn fawo-abie onadi'.totti rw u .mp Mertfty nothing tn trri'e appi?\n*i-<n that the ihUmrbmct tuff br pmirar.rd. The aoie oaoao tor antlatr la lent the fail of ar'h hoc toe In the <r.)rti<ne? end rteewhrre ae are unavoidably eo?pr.>rrlae I kr ?he teaerioan fa tnrev, and the Onrtn*Upnt In Ike marke.e far Kaeforn prodnee, anoald beyM any recur farm ealentoied fa teal ernn in a eiayie day of foperal dlalrtiat. foe belief It, nnwever, that Ike d> filled of Ute bank hat remnrel all der(?r on that account. *o well t* the elTeot of a rapid adreore la the rale of <Me*M*4 now t nderatoet, that wheo the neceetity for It easte a viforour omren of aotiow ta at otno fwwertalet. it ? arquertu,hahlo thai tbw wa? the i effect tb.orvehie fa day. When the al-aaoe to 7 per ecil WIS lUNBOtd ?wjr one m< that tha work of pro tcotoa ?m in progress, and Um oanvtoUon ihut In oaaa of n ?d there would be no herniation In mnfclac another move meet established a ernce of pe'firt eecnrlty rhe fonda went d-rwn, ana tkere was much unoaitmeet r? tpecUng (/it probable /ale of tie mamtfaoturiny firm* foal Kane nutained latttt, but there waa no fright leal a pe rlod might be npprooohlng at which li would be tmpoa a ble even for peifeotly solvent hnnea to obtain m.ney tu any term, the abaence of exoMeatnnt to day am'Dg the bukiog and oommerclai comaually afforded a ttrlklng oratiaet to the eoenea that uaed to be wit art eel when the troe p> tool plea which regatate the enr teooy wer? unreoognUed. if any regret waa exireeae< It we a tlmply that tho rt*o to aeven per oent bad not been reiolvrd uion a day or two earlier. Altogether the feel ing exhibited waa auih aa to exelie pride m our heaHhrul ay item of finance aad to oonflrna the Impression tha'-, at t/iouihthla shock from America kai oome npon u* In tb < mldrtof tt ? In 1 lan mutiny, we eball b* sole to wtMstant it, ro tbat Ite oonerqaetoee, heavy aa they muat neoeeaa it y be (ball not destroy oonQd'tn:e or Interrupt IM gen eral welfare of the country. 'he fluotoatlona in the fund* to day have been extremely great, aad al boogb lh?re waa a partial rally from ibe loweat point, the fnal qaoiatum:, at compared with those <f .Saturday, tKovi a decline of mote than one and a pi trier per emu Joet before tho commencement or buaioeaa I appeared a* If the market would open buoyantly from tbe Hlcota of the Indian newa, but minora wereatonoe olrculatcd thai a fnrtber move ment < n the curt of the bank waa Imminent, and the drat r<ytiier qco?a Ion waa 88^ to Jg Tor money, being a dec Ine cf }f per oent Toe fo. mai n itiDoation of the ad vanoe in the rate waa made forthwith and a gra ins! fall ?be n took place In 88X Subsequently. a luooemton of heavy aaiaa oanaed former woakneaa. and UranaaoUona at length took place at 87>f. the loweat point reached daring tbo present jear. Toward the olote ho ?o?c-, tue?o wa? l-ia unateadlnete, and tbe hut transections were at 87 ? to X for money, aad M*,' for tho 10th of November. Hone of the telee oaring ;bo afiernoon were aald to have been effected to close the acoount of a large ipe 'Utetor fir a 'lee, bat the publication of the rate of r*rb?tige from Oal cu'la, ano Inn expectation of Hblpmenta of gold being about to be made to Now fork, alio induced many operat one. There wtr iLkewlic ?u ?; . 'e&en?| ->n that mercantile slop r?gea would tie annonncod from tbe provinoev, and >> al the varlona baa be tbronghont tbe country woald be likely to sell itock to provldo tor tbe want* of their cusiomars Ao erroneous report wae at tha aame time spread or tniei baring been made <n account oi the !lut of I lag land. Tbe rate for lease on government teour!tie? i'va toe pre sent uoouunt to the 10th n Nuvemiidr waa C)* percent. Tho foreign etock market baa been active at generally red iced rat en The Sna> qnotattona thta evening rrom tbe Pari* Bourne were Mr. 80c .or money, and Mf. Me. for tbo end or toe month, tbowinx a fall of a little more 'ban Uireu e^biha per oent At Vienna there baa been a decline of : oree qoarlere pe- eat. Tbe dl ooant hot lea have leoraaaad thei' rate of allow ance to fl per cant for money ai call, and tljlg per cent for deposlte with abort nolloe, being an advancem throe q- ar u-r? per cent Tbe National DMM Oompaay have no tilled that tbelr terma are reapacuvely ejg and dig per cent The rate of tha jolat stock banki for depoalta will te 8 per oent rbe political accounts rrom ladia to day ware received with unlreraal taiufacilau, every una being disposed to com: dor tbat aii cnceriain.y with regard H the faturo ?uocrts of oar troop* In the ro oatnbUabment of autborlty li at an end from B mbay the oonmeroal account! also are nit oniatUfrotory. ilnee they ibow a demand for 1m prrtad goods at advancing crlcrs; but tbo tnteutgeoo* from Calcutta of tbe Baak of Bergs! baring refused to make ad Tancea on government paper or commercial b?)ls, exie.nuf iho. l i ale, hai ccca.lcneu that UM ?Ui;> may havo led to a eerlous pressure ou tbe other baoke, as wetl ?? on tbe mercantile houses. U wne known cn tbe antral of the previous mall tbat tbe Bank cf Bengal tad a re ad p refuted ?cob advasnee, but It wai added that the government had overruled tbelr objection* It now appears that the later bare given way. ? he tatlefaotdry ooorao for the back, In itead Of rrfutlng abtolQMly any claee of paper, -ootd nave been for them 10 bare raided th-lr rate to wnatevor point thccetaand would justify. Tbe true way to produce a panto la to rtnrer any large olemof aeu.-IUoi sltofetblr cancg' Hal it. A rate altnosiprohi .liety may fixed without tbe public taking alar ?, ?*o*nee tfcoy havo th?u the feel teg of evert.ty inat, in tbe own of tie worst emergonoy tbey are no.' ahutout 'rom nil poaatblil y of aid. Four cr five failures - eatno of tham of Importance? wrre ssncsnced from UUsgow to-day. Tne prlocl pa' -?as thai or j. Moeiahn A Co, wnwa UaoiiiUta are believed te be eatriulre. They ?c o largeanippere of tilavgow goods to America and rleewnero. Toe r'ber bou*r- mor tinned are PatcraeD A Uo , Macdonald A Co , and Wallare A 0?. Fromp. lueaaure* were felt to be ncofMsry to prevect a* far aa p-welble any In reaee of dbasier, and n oommiueo of the Western Bank ol dcotiand ] bad bren etmmoiiod to lnvostlga.o thopualtion of thaae 1 and i ther flrma. Thr yrioalr Utters from Xeu> York to day all rxprtss con (uierweie ccnjiUnc> ihu tike htighl of the pam had pawl A large proportion ?f the bou?e. Mat hod baa brought down ai? deacrtb. i ae having had no aoon I baam, bat ?inte of the nemri ted are in mo of eaUbllahu.eota that alood extremely well. Among those were Garner A Cm .. a ccu.rclisloa hoaae, which U atld to have eojiy? rd ciwillU to a large emooal from leading (trine on lb!i aide, and abbot lladga a Qj. la lb# ttoor trade All the bank* at I*rorldesce, Rhode Ialand, bad aw pad by a owwert td irrangemoal, and the same ree >11 ta do crlbed r? bad boon ixpei'carcd at Baltimore, the panic at cnre mitigated From ItoeV n, l'hllade Iphla and Baltimore the ecvlore *hnw an Improvement The d'.acu.nt on the note rirtmation of the auapended banlu at the ' wo le tcr ntirewaanot mom than 4 or 4 par caet, bt'le oo New Fork bring pnr jeaeeaola on Iboae torma Toe Bank of Penney lean la hare advised their London oor/erpoudeotr that remlttaooea will be wade with undisturbed regu ktrtty. Purchases of American etoeke by Kegltsh capitalist* con tinue on a large renin, and thle "I. cam wanes at tba pretest mopteoi a materltl addition to tbo a. verse eturre of oar retailor* with that country 'be ad'lcor from Paris stale thai el a mswing of th* Bank of France on Bainrdaw the eecaaetty for an ad ran on la the rale of dMMBl wai ii:a:uss ed, and tbat It ta no w *>o?i lered cartas. The 41 adores, however, were anilooa thai a aiight delay ihobid take i iaoe after the M adrlacd iaerr??? of rastlltlei adopted only a weak ago. During the per t mnnlk about a dot-n ft Hum ore rtat-d to hot* occurred i* Farit. '"*1 alt of irand ratr honors From all pans of the ooatiaeat ta ve are aoconeta of tccrcar'ug pressure, ar.d at Friekfort, Btr He, Vtrnoa and mrln the beaks will discount only short paper, and tbat la certain limited amounts f?r tan several applicants Tbo reports of the trade of the msenfbctnrUig towne during th" paa< week sbow considerable dnlinesa la oon ir <|Uctioe of tho 'Innrea-? In tbo rate of dleomet and the losses imm American ralloree At MnncbciPer builnets las aieo been again affected by tho stoppage or aayeral silk boorea. Blrmlnghata la staled Utna lar to hare r* rap?d rery w ell the effaCs ef ibe New Fork crisis. B ad ford. It ie feared, has suffered to aoma extent, and at all points the oreeatloa of orders from the Cnuel DIM IS likely to riuao mtoilvliy ilerlng the oeit few moatbs Id Ibe general baalssss of the port of Lodoe dorisg the past wsekiba re has bees nt'l? change An total of an I pa reported Inward was >11, iliuwleg a'leoreeee of 16 from tLe prsvkoe weak Tba number olearad outward was 1(9, taclndlng X la ballast, abotrlag atao a 4?o<*wae of 14 Tbo number of yeaaele on ibe berth loading f.-r tec Acs stral'an oclcniee la 64, being ? more tbaa at the loot ao oonnt. Notetlhetaadlag lea inddew flail la tbefnadathe railway market was fa.rly supported la the mo-nlng, I it eob?? qneetly prima gave way upon epecniatlre and provincial ta'ea, aad e t eeetal rednctloa took plaoe The decline was not (v->?eren?orfct? w lb the depmclat on In aocaale, and tome description* she wet ooesllerablo ffrmnem at slight v lower quotations. la American there wee soma activity at 'wlnned rates Nines were fore U-filred f?r. Canada government boade declined, aad la mtaaaUananus I sour trine a redoiuon tor, ; ia-n'n ('ana la I sad, I idea and National IXeooost, Enropeae and Amerloaa and Royal Mall Bleam aad Usadoa General O eeib?s. (From the tnodow Chronicle, Oct 18. | At e ?peciai m?wi?g of ibe ooart of directors of the Bank of Kbgleed, held early thli morning, It wee reeol?ol ta raise the rata of interest from ?to 7 p.r eeel appttoal e ah k* to tee dlaeoeui of commercial tills aad loaea oo ?trek A mease re of ibis ktad was lo be expected. aad it It mne to be wondered at thai the reiiriotive rodcy was sat adopted earlier It, b?sever, moid not be delayvd loafer than ta day, aa It wee Imp* rati to ae the directors to rbeck, If tbry could not Me?, tba deary grate upon them. TV animations uAi-k all las! ' tele and the Work prriiom/y had Nrn ivy Aeaoy, mere an .teturlow eatra (Wdfnert'y I", am<wi t.ip lo err? mil.nn sterling. With a reserve of rw.t?a of >aiy ab-nu four asllitoa* w meet so yrvat a drain, there wee no help fdr them bat to pet ep the rate Bat It fleeiet sto ? even at the prevent qoo'atten. We felly antic'.pate that Utey wl'l have to wake It 8 rer rent on or be'ma Thursday rest; ear ran wa hope that even tale limn will be t?e masimnst; if i??i mar- Itke'ytn go lo lOftrr cent, art that vary eyeedt y, sslem the bark rharlerlt aaregtwd. The mercantile testes* do tot hnow, aad It would almost icem as If tbry nam. it under ?tend .he gross and rutaoas ayatem of flaanor uadar wbmb they are aabjrel Tbey are noasteetly placed In the greatmt jeope.dy Not until they have so longer rryi't toe> stain tbesnaelvee may we hope that tbey will bare the fa'rteat ooor* pttoe of the nsteal stale of thlcgv. But It le In vale to eel) their aiuntwn |1 the ?ubye' They prefer danger, aad eotrouble to eecnrl'y, and a little appl ration tc n ai.bjerd ury reoii -h, It mar be in the aonn. i, bit oaa of tnr most tntwrcatler alien It I* rig oily ond-v alrod The ?tew> of alfalra n ladle, ae so ha*o repcttelly ?aid, would lead to cinriderah.e dlfllrnlties amoygrt tradere. Wr hata made litrgr thipmmti do India, an I India's indrtrmnrss In Mamhrmtr and Mrwrjioul o>-nr ?< rail onemmt it fmnhimg Ii'.? H u0e/<>9. wot imr penny ifwki-hm' to to lm/-arnl, unit fit rr.rierrl. KaPiHtano'a here vlrtr ally cued with ameriea a a lii worse elate ot thrigs extet F'tanytal ailair* have beet ?ert uflp ftp lar bed, and mercaatlir credit, tboogn souii | in ttacif, bat ? (l?rrd *?v?r?ly the iixal houiei having to give tfro II to ?B i*r cent rir dlaeunnta. Tbraor .cn1* gowt hai.d, however, am Mill worse; iney eamran r a f?U m tbr rt charge lo ion for mr-nan'J'r paper, ao t 106 U lOfl for bankers' drafu The effbc; of Uieac la to c rare a ion?h greater drmand on Ute market for gold, for any rout" la this rountiy cen drapatrb a trnsty Sgel to America, r" ? piled With gold, to draw open th-mvelve and reaii/e ibe said 14 lo 66 pee oeet; but the jrokiect, however, 1# ovtn greaser?it le more Itie "ij per , Ctrl Wan arytl.lcg eve The operation la aalupleuae. ? ad a very profiabio one Ail tan le wanted le the (old to da It with Hen and will be dnee by mtuyhnuci i bera, aed brnre weihsM be ahipdeg gold ta aw *k.r. , The slate of adalre at home, boweyer. is very nnra li'r. lor v. Trade * bcallliy en nth m aed n.-ed ? ? wnal I raingb, hot ee me enn bos mbi?re.t atrowg ewc.igitc I wbr'ly withataiwl the It f inner of ?n<ab ? ooe.l ecu-a of thing* Heavy loaeee have alma.'y b'm made an*i maay sui fbllow 9. gar too gm- (ieinn All jwr ton, anO lalirotre ?10 per i a, the latter la bat ? few day*, wbwh tC^. Ipecslaicrt no time to tore uinmvc *m round to meet tba oo lapw in Um market, aad UtlTt o?lltaa ???? c? from hoita In-'H and A mer e*, ant odIji Innately at a critical period or the year The pe*ttlo? or Uio Bank of Baglaad It aa had aa li ?eil oaa bo lomeot a lurn of ibta klad: y#t, to mate maUeri wo-ae, tka dirt Cora dt.lberaiuly load the Iatla Oomoany ?1,000,0(0. A w area ana more lulotdai oourse 10 ineca ?elvee ud trader* cannot trail bo imagined. u t* Uaoon oehrable bow they or or can hare done auoh a thing If tba IndiaComptay la In want or money, let I. ometnto the open market with a loan, or, bailer ?Uli, let it < Main It In India. Bat no. la ardor to tire taeuuawea or e or two i,Uot m? mrnctary ailaira, and ear loualy orlpp a ercry trade, the per oeat Interact, they mitt derange the whola ooa'te or bank ionde t??elt li lata aobeme, and wo a?o the recall? an advance In Iba charge for l-<e diaoiunl of omme'Otal pa ar of >>gpor otnt la tho oource or roor day a, and the more then probability of lie gong higher la tbo oourae or a few data more We mu?i repeat oor wafong and oor eaonon that tie ulxn*t caution la abro iatfly neoamary By bololy meeting nod reaoloialy corn batMog ?lib oor diflioulttcn ?r oao and ruay overcome tbim, whllit to deay tbelr eilatenoo and nagieo thstr worklagb will eitall oalamltout reiulta An *? before gild, a monetary aid oommu-o'al snale occur in America without oor fer-itag It Let oa therefore e>eet It bold y, and we m?y bo orrrled aafrly through. Oae oau o at our preiem dancer la the acowraed a lata oT our la?w whlob regulate the currency Tney a-e ncl sufficient lo tare un from threatened danger, or to help at when ti arrlvee. Oa the uonirary, hey rather migntry the evil WIM nothing but au&thor crtcle *rou?? tbe meroantlle in ornt to a aec.e of tbo orlts InillOtot upon Utm by the Btnk Coartc Mnf Ita boand ?upiemaoy and perrrcilon wig unabla lo coo'.-ni the oonrne of events In 847. Will it do no new, la '857, the oycle oT time which appear* to onme round with fatal pro clilontotry oar auhil'ty ? w* ear no ; huoa

thai It eaonoi The bank In 1847 wan obliged to s-poiy to government'or help and moat ill as again, cilaen it wll felly allow* thlara lo tabo their oonrae aad rulu the Sat whole oonn'ry Bat wbllct ptorcining c.inidonoo in t^elr efficacy, the advocate* of the retentt.u of the bank oaa'ter will hive to tacitly aimit be Inherent wenkneti of U law*, and atk for thalr temporary abrcgailon la tho meantime whllit "Mer-ator" and h!< nlaia are growing rich, tho nn Hon la growing p-orer, and many lotnliy nblpwreeked on lb 3 rand* of a tevervly stringent money maraoi The prenure for money hie coniiuued to-day. and It li only the very beat bllla that are done at 7 pir cent, m-ica y.cil paper be'cg cbnrgrd 7X til IX per o?nl Abont ?60,000 in gold era* l-keo from the bank on Saturday, and ? ,0,0(0 troay. The movement* of the preclon* m-?tal* oorrnrlaed arrlwair of iold and allver of about ? 100 000 or ?610.000, and the export* 800,000 to ?900 000; the for mer includ'JCtho reool,ill of atl-crfrom toe Continent, and the latter the private shipments of gold to the C lattnem, which wore *ery hrnvy Thete I iter operrttuna a-o rITtcted with Ike ulmoat oa-e to keep them uakno..*n, ooo bouie wo know < 1' employ log a clerk entirely for tbe par pore, and eniorolag leorety on all connected with the lame. The <1 fflcaltleo refirrad to In the Morning Okrcitide of to day have, It 'a raid, n 1 bo?n ttirmnuafod by too houtee in Hootl-nd, t ad no ioii than the Damee of fory Brm> ar* reported to-day to Lara failed, one of which ban a branch In Lot.doit Tbo details of the ad* .tea brought from America br the Pcila pio?e to bo even worse ihan erpened; built lo h'gbly i etut'ictory to and thai t>o>h merchant* and bank ers are n anfollv alrlrtng o tbelr utmcat to meet the c.lli cul'.'.oa into which they have been plunged by eprcu.atore of tbe worst character?'hoac ?hn p-oflt by tho wilful do itiuctlen of credit, Many more rr'i.rra a.-o aouounooi, and the exchange on Enilaod had dro pod to 107, -?hlch leaver ?o large a mvglr of profli upon the thlpmcnt of gold f;om hence for America that a largo oap.rt a-.y bo I ron t?o I^ndon Toil. (City Arllr.W) 0;i. 13.) Tb*rt> dm hoon eUnoit e panto n lbo mnra?; 'or ?,n (rod* to-d*y, ocoeeelontd by the nd?aiice or the m.r rate of icier!?l end dleoount to eeven rer coet be Hie ?rU>n?l ten of the Bauk or Bnglint Thle extreme moo ate bee taken e lo'go mwUon of the public b. ?u ??'??? tre.rneeb ? it teat xarcly gpjmtfcrW thit'hr t tlairi u?l ui unsauvfacWy ae to induce the Governor oj the aa-k to >mrt lAc pinotr ml d ?'? Ai.< "jfJXi u' aM#"ce 'M rate of inlerai vtthoul waititnj, at ?n the irrdmary WtdfiA* ar'oiution at the Board'J uir-ctort It oweero, however, fror the promptitude With which thle rhaago he. beeu made end the extent to which It hoeten carried. the. the Gotercor Of tho Bonk osoetdcre ho he* found, n tho roo'tlen of the etialrs of the Tlenk at tse aoie of ?ei week, t iaB'cttrt werrent Tor Inflicting on the wbo'e nrarlientlle community or ihie 0??t?ythoe4diU^Ma burden of one per cent th the rete of Suutreet wlthm Ore e?;? of tho time when on- odrmnw to etx per cent ned been mode. It it (nr that the pM Hon of o? orinifi'f ,'ul affair I in the United Stat* U f""*4 utuatlfactory, andii it "tuaH>(true that under ordinary eirrumeWt a ia.?. oytfljno of Bullion would hike jitter from iAu o untry wuA a nueh lower rtU a' profit lAari U of the mchemcet: but ettll It may be .^o-tloee-t ? beuu-r tho deepaich >f eolllon thither will bo very large, Ini?; K qcrn e of the feeling of lueecnrlty whtoowoaUl oWood ?ccJi oper?ttone. The dtutiubed condition of Inocotol of fnlre on the or Barooe m ire Immodkotcly bfcete el, but It U notwithstanding opto to tho data 11 mossed by the p?blle,) wbrther the erlie It ot coo tcBToeljfBU to becoueea by eo merctlese ou ?ddtttonVSbe rote of ?? discount ? tl\% per -toot, wtihlu leeethono week, wlU bo eimpeneoted ?ytkoreeule ex mated to follow so Berime end oo -letermtoed a imp *?' ?he poet 'oreo ??an wo hare h?-l B potlodlc r?i>.rotor thtee extreme measures on the pert of tho bene. The S^^SlVSwemoBtt, tore, tow^r, be? oble to mp oort the pmonre ?1 h to ?e degree of I x.pnn ty hi .he a. to* the bun ?ut? or credit ee^oorrenUy melBtmu-d.BBd r>e fho Illy wt'h eh'cb commodttlee eere ebeoroed ty tbe ch cf mukete or the world If th? rete of pr?ll? on our ?>ii orM wee bni email I. wee oompenrflled f ir to b coo e drreble exleet by the prtflte roBllxcd on u?^" "J* mmciary prettum id oloer ooaDlfJot, %lt^oefn ?? wee not excowlv, end not oemrtj w? get.r.l leule end tbe I hlted HtW elweye ofterel B eef outlet lo- tor prodictlone, and naptlol eon 1 be re'eod ot the sorbet rater for carrying on oitn-uorcUl noeraHoeo Kocey, Ibcugh door ??. ??o. *?>?* ' naltly. ?o? the -woe hoe r'toe-hot ch*or?d. odlo .e ditlracVd by B wide eproed rebell'no, and tredo l? a grtBl meorure le rBrolyred. /" th- Vndrd Statet the. Oi/onuJ of a criti/are being endund, and Bltooo.h more le naocn lo hupo that the ?or?i hnr peered, It moot Or clew to ail that oomtserclBl woBdeooe will o?4 bo eoreottlf lettoreo ea It bee been lorn do en, and that it wll, rwrbepe bTm.nibe bef-ra crrdlfl I bo ercn .wrledy rc oet. . li?h?d U le, tberefore. Itnuotetble to look npie the ad? reors eT Uie rate of lnteree. e-d dieoouot to d.r bet a, a mrot irsot ?od torlone et~p. We cvywt now thif yodt aJ Unlnm U> India ami America, and thut one iirtet ?>wt? cf .emmer.wl COpUal < Ue. courrfr, U maerialiy tutrtmad; end Btthbagh thil * an tiiwlied erll, It le one which wU tar the time renonely erlppl" the Cjm-reroUl wcild, oat ccobt era brluy down many tmi of*"a7?l|^SL lability. Tbe gtneielcuwi;dBlnt U ihat money le uo?l" b bed. banker, are cnrraillng their odTW^andflWpb'rte m repldly ee Tirdenoo will perml , ee.. yremrtat fo' the nrxv Pheeo In Ibe hepeel of comm.rcai offidrn Tn andcuberdly en uneoraforiBblo rttnettos hot raueh le to be hoped f-om the prodooee of the ?ore ee ill a ooaemo ?it. and <oo rat'iiMleo which It meet be tbe 'J*'1'" banker, esd ropiullen to affotd to IB! for teg u I male bar Ire te Se?-n |^r wt is e rent In the r?th, and H will n.bttoo eno nmeemmo'e jodgmoot t?D ^??n public to eroid lha renin wtt*m"'!r raT Je C K uo oil tidoo The curreo-.y eyetem or the rate ? k t*#ed end tho present I.wtt Orrrewne lo ogol, oo trtel, ?nd, r*? **. ^.-fcrraetB sub hel IMMo Better ch,nco of working .baa in the oreottrl year "f 1??7, when, .11 wtd . * u WM round oeceoi ery lo oaeprnd I to noeruUoo by the gororo^reot after ebich affair, tmse ? uu?wTm r rorf d 'lie to 00 hoped, however, that the ebernee rf en'thing like wild .petmlet-oo win horn the (fleet of preetmug ? fopetttleB '^ 0"nh imnlfirlrtfl lliil period, ?<|d id 'hn m%n? If |<Wl fWiM rorT^if if ibe fnUire ?>ib ?oro-tnlaf life afaOdeii*, ..pp^.n^o eo^k -lU bc i.Teo i. ..iMnmel nrettl' w.t oo di.oel-ro oocrue Trn-n ton WhMki lei.aeeoe Ut. m^y ?ket U pu. iU^rt? noM'c funde Iraro rrp?w1rj?ood bb uneeal dsfroo moDi'kil' (Krcm the I *''oo Mows ("^ty A'tkie), Oh I' | hi mZea'o rocrailon wo, tested to toe Stock l.t aba... and Ihroulbiet the oily bp IBs OBneraenraeet eBer *y .ftrr II ">'0?b thte ?nrntog, inol the -lbeel re of%"V.Bk of V.gkrad b,.e rotted toe mUfmeoi rate of SlwTuot rem It pi cot. o' wbieh tt weo Bind oa fours SaTto.t to 7 perceet fcf lire! ciraehllloop lo.heo.oal limit of uleeiy flVe fay. T. lo to Ute highest vat* knows ? toe 1*47 to I ikr rojHdi/y wi'Ji wAt/% Mr eheralnu. ho* Urn oiodr i "fi cienlly tndunlee 'M n xnion rntert.trend by the i ,nt a'.tnnruH of the rrtr* tdknai y character of ik? rmrr irvit Th". 01 loldh, too, le olehfly thorod to gohorol . 'rs?.'* for to no qaor'or eoililet to rogord ore t^n bene P- Tb^ed to tdOOOBOOBttOh Borahneoe Tbe prraoure upon tb# loeib - oo rw m. ?e? >Mt work, obo e?pootB"y oo hMurdey f we. of lbs iro.t iiireerdleory?Indeed oimoel uop -aiedfo 04? kind. Tad the .loci of oo?e end bullion w*t liiowlee e.r oo. y ireeched upon, tor eipor??tlon sod po-tiy toeurply the rrreteltiee or rotors the oaxirty of Wkv ^"'r* The drmie. moreorer o-nKoeeo ohnotl caaioted up toinl. re. The demand for dlerwnt Boonr modetl'io at ?he ?nri to oey wee extremely heart, end e'mnet .tobI to lhat w teeeed OB Hhtorduy lo her gild oely about r<? oco en to day wlthdrawe from the iBittinUne. '.?? *e ue ae.i r?d en ?oed anlhcrlty that e mm of 400,oco ?""* ,, aim..'./ adunily lagagtdfor thipment *. the Initea vat.I loon roriy .nn ortuniiy Thle le naturally to he .- .it rd tcr ?? a re?u ? of the fell In the Amrrtcaj excitacge, ? inch bee row mede tnoh progreee ra te olio ? of a pruftt i,a remil'.eoce of gold lo that tide Tee Awrrlroh aiT-nee ,1 the ten. time lodloole how oonil T?r'1y honere fere lo<k lo this oooolry for e b etertlol relief to the ibope of gold. The Iraok dirrr uro e.idcntly hod to chrico but to sol oe Utn? h,??? ncte. They wW how piobehly pouoo to swell Ibe reenlt ?t t?ie nteoeurro adopted, biit,?hould Uteoo pl-iro l?err.iua'e ?o ite uo-aeioo, they will r?A hraitoto to ni?k? a frcei. edraeee And hero we ?oyld remark thel mich 0?perd? -tcb the way In whl-hthc mereaoi lo .vimmini ?y e"eer1 tfe preeeo. terloue fl.le. Though lhe?o le utach ? round frr ooele.y thereio none for olarm. Usee the gene -e! er.on 'bene of the trade of toe oounvry lx onirerrai v ? lmlt'ed, sod the m.torcee o' emourr, ewent whi< h .rol noiuro ty to bo oppreh.nded will dnubile* be 'nadc-tie'e to allrct sue g(.?erel pueltlOB. Hat If ?ne OOlhme--Sol poi> lo teietet in keeping up o n. tdlM* oo?l exire?ae?n. i lewiire omo tho b,oe, for tho .oke of oUnlBleg o*"**! ; r wh ch they here at .he ntcmeel rO real oooa.toci u'.l here tkeai??'lreo to ?Ib?.o If Ibe peek be drliee o ?e'f t.f.b e to furibrr mruiu-es of ro?? i Aloe Th'" feei ng of unre.,e? Ml*te the mceey mo *et to i egierotce by the koewh-dge .-f Mo pBfdB ."the *B.t lode Com.aay I? le oodofj-w' thel th MR aey ere egalB terk'tg to horro, Bf li* bB?k, BO ta fttti* NllifT toll-.?We ' <n t? fvinh to MiT tAi'' thr* *** L'*0 r !* toixlvn togranLlK* rufmrni m mfuwan - lUKHl 10 a)D tlM) VD J 7Vl Of UitOrT?t^? Wl??cD OtTO pfMa hiwtfi ibe Governor ud Depny (Joranvi' of iho ?,,b "d "I* <ai*MHwr of th? I'iaohaq or. The la J jerenco la ibna matly strengthened that ? public Iota, guaranteed by the B/Utsb loraraatrm, will coim open tbo market u 1000 as It ia In * " "??T, oparn'loo. Tbo aanooasamaat tb?? publlo acrmrniM at ualouita bare anataiaed a further toaal iarabia fall and that (he Beak of Sanaa! baa ra jUiM In mtko idTtroM ni tbo Ormpaay 'i mpar fop a long** period 'ban ibirtr data ooallrm?oag now that do mi nre whatever oan be pieced open Ibe la Man m <ne< ma>kt? rbr ibe pecuniary maeoa wbloa era India jeniao.e to ibe authorities at be presort jrcuire The scene witneued in the Stock Exchange to do y h.i had no jiaralUi itnce |8<7. The eociieneent vxu irUnm-i. I' lor jo be comic noemert of ? ffl. leJ bu.ioeis, tieoaactlona look place in'ooctola nt an ad rati' e of per cent over tbo oifij?| qnetaiioor of Imuran?, n more fa rem tie inter I KM.'11? 7,Bg P'a ln nmr,y quartern upon cerinln p .mta of the Indian Intelligent)*, including, morn ovprcally tT.??nn!l? . '/IT* Zr the reinrorootn^ntn. I j.on tbo neon of Ute alteration at ibe bane, a ptnlu act ?:?or.:00'*D,o'"'tb*iB* ?>*? or hnnnnl *0>">n'' r"nt),,r?<l n?C1?e*rV (IV the , ? t'emnad for money, -tiil*t others were by a,locale oci'mo3 he SJ^ne?Mr"B?* "* ur M " at lllon, aoc?iE? Of an "perelor or the Mae moor tco teller* ru> lextlng -Jobber," who m ocjc tonally known to operate Tcr government and too :?t? af or aa * 'm* "? bftwo l'?" cent, oon.ol. aaiumcd more ?;-ndl BiVnuTnd ernlti 0!0,e, "I10' P*r,ly u , jna lcve.1. fTe. ??! ^ ?? ?oooror provide specula .UlT i ' iiaf J . ' 1U?l" HWSMonn, however, were ?M uwiT-Ud ioibir^r8 ?f "J *? mwk" [From iho Litdon Cnrcninle. Oct 14 1 TUenoofcotl or Admlninuatlon or tbo Bank of France tpst&rst*"* ?*duoount ?n ooB"aerei" m^h'a ,fw>m Auatra'la, baa arrived with re m 8 or ofgo'd value ahoot ?2"4,082. nod the California. e'lv^/i rtw'rl"rt fcr.1h ?<dK''7tr0l,,i"' A bWO'inlof ?'f. . F1,rted arr!ved In th* river froo. tbe mh ??ib ' ? f? SV?*1" ?lf? ?"?? by way of JJiye, aid Folkestone. of ?bl>h ou rttoro o?t*!n.b!r. ifal^h./?r?? referred lo yanlar- I 5 w ' d),Mter? ?? <I*y lo Mo Ion | '"? bJ''f of "CMf? ????. Jdltcbell ft Oo , large Oaoo ihi?!!? CPer"' ' not F'ovlded for" today, and 'be nceeptaocea of kevrra Fraoola and AweUn were ilao reft aed wits regard to two of lb* uuwgo < JIT *?????? k Oo , and koOooAld" ft Oo TofT? Se 0,r "WPMaloa la not a m?i?r of i r '.V * nro known to haye born to dimcult'c* tor tomo ji vie paat, particularly tbo lat er hoi.?a, audib'.jga r*atM ioin!5n!L.''i?,IPlJ?0Te,ry pro*'!a* ? DMure at tbe laat na lo Induco them to reaor. to no act of vory unuaoal occnrronoo tnat of draw log cut tholr balAuco a; their ? ' after they had stopped payment. .lav"UJa! "?* mc?1? I"*1 kM "aa boon murb tighter to 'loy out rr doom, and tbe Bank of Kogiand uao be..n fe tr endovaly pulled upon again, which pre?ty plainly indt ,h? P'obabllliy of tn? rata bolng again put 'up to sorrow or not later than Tburaday. The T-ea.ure la act only In oonaeot on with tbe mvvomoo'H ?>r ti:a ( ? wh^eh ' h0'*1*0 ?n acoount of mercantile .acta, r. ?7. FP^ ,^* wymnoli on tbo incrraae. aa ibey . y ???"??? "?? dlfflcuhy of obtaloloi' dive uo", lorreuea The position of Use Dank of England i uxforiumetUly wry xnadeepMe <o meet an; undue demand upon U at Mc y aent moment. Ita reserve of u ?o?. ucloia InJ?m . /'*'*00 doubl " baa doto, or wilj lark ! "?*? town gro<Uy redaeed tbla and laat work, and to morrow (tbla day) Ibe ptymontof tbe divi 'l ? ???ba?eeoe?, and must neieatarlly temporarily re doco no atoak mi not. The notoe, boeeve-,'h.?a Irown oat, q Ickly bod timfr way back again in ordinary timea, and the reduction u mo aioolt of buiiioa which ac '"? peymcnl, lar(e tborrh It bo a', all ttrow, r? , ilekil ^ npon u"' BO<e ulrj,'"llu?' in both levee at u banking department*. Tbe question ariaee, will tbe ??vacc? of l)p per cent In the prloa of mono, lo tbo abort iipace crroar day a auMre to an en tbe dr?iot A c r<ol poraoa ? '* rn^,not- ""aspportera of the Ban a Okarter Act pliiw e themaolvaa upon this power of tan bank dlre-iore lo 1-fl.ct moat unneeeiSArUy high obexes for eccouio.ou.tion when merchant* moat want aaalrtmioo, mi . apyeal to too act of raiting 0f iho rate of ycatorday by 1 'oro'olw. p?>rcoi boon to the tocnmerfiol oUuues Dj the la tor tfcA hlifc'Ln t ii11 DB<,dabl^li/ to** the draia Up>en w ?"???? "? atoppe.1; aod, atoordlng to Ibe Bank at^'B2jfnJwr*F-.C*B be ",art'a tf rwtwtt g tbe rate of dttrount What wo wen'?what the noontry warts?la a Of Ujoaolal tonne iny which sa.ll nrevi.nt tb??o dia,>laoetrcoi* of money wilb.Mt risking the entire fabric of commercial stability U i. DOi atainri the bonk oor the charier that wo complJL, ^ SMlLi ? """T *?ri?etp?? or tbo act, lost enuaagu's the wkdo framework of morcmitlU) o-bdliann pr.* enty ^^"w'llM^M"* ^"-'r e,U" '? ,M rrvwru. mrl" ?o F^ c .. uC ro8 ?nd ,rale ^ lliU oouutry bo allb ??0d to It. daegcrooa inOnem <? If tpo proooat adrtuco in the rale or (li<r.oeat doer net arrest tne drst.i up.-n toe oank rmooroao, tbe charge moat be again pat np until || dt'ta. In the noMillwie, what dangers thk-Wnn a-otnd " ? ,"?u',?nC0 boou.ue* weakrael with tl I?!? *,i 0UU,Blt? ?ocummodrnioo. aod hoT^ ere obilfdd U> tnapi nu rariucnt. noi f?c?m cnt? poMttve l*iUblMly id themielyef, but mert'y from y^'?yy!blllty ?' ^""I'l neoessarr a - I'.itan (Hber ^ w?T- r!Ii *r? ?*h?<",l?,''??d*. the. m jet lo e itahly fail ioooer or later, whatever may m u.a aloe or meaty; but tneao art oireptlowai caaer One rf ;oe ^rTL^rrs: *f or il? uses a<a . f, n "PPbr? of thwtr views ij Mr ravov la. that Ihuaaa*. ral improveiBeoi ta t r rcorinecf ooalacuag bmrntna or years, by iho icbiuiuiioo if cbtque* intwaj of notas recdersaay of-be nolo droulaika or the oant That an lmpo>t?aiecoaomy baa been .-T-c e l m mia war lion .'a'ta ^W^f* ti6 Belr bf r*ngemenfs of tie 'fie.ring I ? rP<i'J oadeotable, but It dor* not, therefor# fellow that aucb a oonrre at Imor ivemrut dues away wltb Iho aoevasity of aa evoaaalm of tte bank * oircaiming me ainm Oo me ooatrary, h toatiBoa .be reva-ar, i, ?'w n, mLtiPCOI*"U ,0 whlcb are oomp lieu to resu/t to meet so era irmy a rawUlctloo oo the carrtncy But tbe facia disclcied la tba laat baab retu-ra. and me orMtora for money whlcb prevails, a. caeo orln'ea !a the nut direct tuaaaer the aiiarly vain and weak raa^wS?r Ifith' ** " f0r '? !? beotaae they eaacot part rnm a if ^7 ? r* " ?"? ouar,"1 r?T ? rwMd ?** h*'* 10 l? up to 8 par i cent, cr evra bgber. What la wanted la nowTv flrea to tbe back to latuo mere cote* 'if *ad *b*y iro 'fit io bo wicied Tta kmowi^tmm Ihat lh# j rould moot u; bona jid* drain tor lor ilmav Ofi W0U;d al 0uc9 Mo pubito mini and Tau was abown lo b. u. naao it IW7, wlitc iho moinorabln rotaramani b urr or lhal y?ar?a?o addlnooal po**r io the biuh li mm* ihn 'rtlT'. r,w# d,,co;il|t# which on iha brat of Odiobat ?f that y,,r ?M t,H rmr o il, and oa ibe '4Hk 8 atw^ST Jbra qnlek'y aaN.drd, aad on tbv m or Oetemba, einJ Hon 7iV'rT.flOOII<r ?ir l8ter ,h8re 0,1,1 bn *om" aliwro wn In enr currency lawi flvht iB ?t ,k._ rropo tray Jbey will Boai'y prove Inadequate to^7r!? Ti>?mrru of ibe proae.-.t day; ??? ro f from the I-ndon Tlxira (LHy ir)M>) (W 14 The finoit x'oox Initio furdx n-day ('onxdae, li-t ") bar# age e com moat rapd Mil irtwim fbo marko< ofooea With preel umkntxa mf a fall of nwrJo mm and a ?garter per -ml firm the henry rricn rf lad . n-nimy >nt> there rti iulre,fumtii/ a ixmhiiermhlr rtae-'.fn, aad a mora boa I bfot wee oeaama aprarest a all denartnuwm of ba ?ipeaa. oonaria ro* mosey, ?b;rb le'tcif yaxt*rd-y at W\ lojf.aefc Orat qoutod M'X- Noun, beeerar, vtropoNdl riltal prion, aad a palni rantfoy took plena, a blob *n aealeted by aararal nurohaais no lb a part of Iba pabUc 'ko raafo ?aa thee bataraaa *7 aad 17nattl boon, whan iba yoaerameat broker appeared as a bayar of ?10.000 Kxobaioar btlla on aeaoaal of Iba ftaktag road Tbla Incraaoad Iba taidaaey to ooaflaoaoe, aad alti mainly, aot?itb Mead's* aa annrma ?mint nf the R mtk nf P am- ha ring adopted m rut nf me. per ent m thexr rat- nf<tu mm, Iran rmiMoa were erTeoaeo el H1X * X-**d Ni 10 ? for iba loth of Noraiabar. A tar regular. houra there ni lam flrrmeex.and tl.n qaotaitoaa vara llH b S for moeey and M to X far tht eonoobt To tout la aatuiac dor, oaa Laa foiinra of a broker who vaa tat<1 rod ta u>e Inaiae wblrh oeeorrtd alioni aootlb nriwobul 0 the I RNMM ibaro market ?aa aaaooaoad. ladmatork, *>7 touio.aad leuia boada SOa w30e ditoooni la exchequer Mile a trea ?e tmmmmm iwSt,h* ???? ? 'f MpkM ? ban thr foro amatl trcker caate la aa a buyer the prtoa ulri was la d', mount Tba porchaae eat made at He , aad ikadaal quota ton wee Kx to la dtoonmi, iba oiertrt belay xttady. ee Uie anpportlloa that the slaking fund parchnxti wl.i oonttnae uatll Iba wkoio or tba aar(diM 0' ?77,717 tax Iba aanda nf Iba miamiaalaNera 'or tho redan in n of Ike uU' ox1 debt hte boea Insetted la tbn %oik 1 xrhxijf* terra waa so exuanrdlaarv pre (aura far money, oaue Brctn day la day be.a* nkkelaeoio at abaal eta par oral. le tba fbreiga Mark market tba pnempti Mature sen ' ailaxd of soma extraordinary floci ai'.ox la TrrXlth |lx per nentx ?? -r, hare ?nf ?? ' briariwio ktjq sad NT, the prion at the nlooe ebowlay a recorarr of abiol can par oaol eooa tna 'aia beery flail Tba eoorea of exnherft at Nov York ea l.mion, lor r x xi xiiiv day*' ? ? 1 la qsotad tntb a rery wide ?-r ?nty ng from a irlfle at ore pxr 10 ICO H par ooat, the ie itr ha lag for Brat rleaa pajrr Whm 00mperil wt.b Urn Mint tor holxrnr 0 the two ooostrlea, fMx thotcr the .tchane* th be nnrvkratlf agamrt Ungiand . and at the highrit IremiaadaxN <J gold being tent firm Ken,tana wUhcU Urn, ?ith a penpnrtir nmie per ft m the I met rate* the qno'etioa of (nid ?t Porta la a jo at fleo pa* ?"Ilia pre mio.ui, aid the abort eai-bxi |a on Liadoo la M it o?r ' I iter ley <>o crtrpenny tbxir retox wit i e Kay l<b mlat pttra or f*\ 17a 11*1 p*r onare fbr x eaderd yold it ap :<tara tb?t full la ateriy i Utba par peat dearer la Par,a tbaa la i/wron By edrli-n# froaa 'temvrry the prior of ytld lx tft X par bumt, aad tbn atinrt ax -bioyn -h? i tadoa a 13.1 , par ?1 x.erllry. B aaaard yold at tba toaltro bli'at oriea ia thora f.'rr afoot 6 Itilba pur o?at aaarar la bamoarq uixn la [NHJi'tl 7ha fleal qnr,ia'.l *a cf Ibr rmacb hren par ratitx on Utn Parle Rnarao tbte e*eeiey xree Odf 70o far both moa?y aad eix<ni!Ct, ibo?io# a feb of eo riyhva I be Peak of 1 roate beru to a; rateod their rata o* dl*> c. sat ut f>? rtr e?ht H he I xx^id ?t hti per oant el ni tba Shth nf .leer, and In the HiI'tuI there ha? 'men it fall ing iff rf ?l,4bQ.tQf>. i? it'ir <('*.* rf / ullinn, tiih. uya e*ri Ji.mI punhaiet at a premium have bntn c ntxnW upon an xbbNanamal* ibo atxexara to>ma to Uara beou aattol ? e-*d f n "'ue ttn,' x? At Hhthbing tba ta * o' dwooani baa ?1 ea b? n yarptav l? i.iig.'iin 1. pyaa (b<a ati?'tio.a i^ora mm a0ui ? dxf?H? ?<'? ?>?ite ta a eco? ITemn i y AaMMeaaiN xad 1 itM (' io, ia toy 1 tea for threamonoa mi 1) we e a an q . ta? ? *t > r y>.h fetnxrd fbr yM et aaittod to Jay waa (applied hv th* airt- ei rf aba*it a rrem Iteeq * The mm neatiM ? b'tn left n?ot am Aon yea la. lay for the < ef? inok oat ?i(h,d 0 ta | iM It# y rat tarn ir ? Wi the f udx at tbp -u ? r'n? tktt inoti l*y ? a* eauend ha the a-tlnf a ka <y a farther tpm^f r otin i ni of the rate o' Cianouot to S pr t et it rkeca^? bomrrer. dig aot xnnai to xt ere the ??a of 'hn deal art, aad die t uarta of baalaaar gradually aaaumad ecmya relive atesdiatss. Th* r*ot that can at pr??sni sa*tn Pons ?(>aela rem?a*c?* ami* be made from f.ngland io (At I rtiied Statu a! any m,atrial pnjit luppoeimg At re run* to be 'urnuAad in the high/it cliu gf biUl, alleged the feart as to the proepet nf any amimeoi* shipment* to that oantry; wnile, aim nya-d 10 [i dle, it transpired ifeii toae of be order* for ttnuiag r,ui stiver on lbs Nik ny po*ilt>ljr bo counterman *U, tun advaaca la the rata of dia connl bare and other cutler*u at enwde-ias the (peookt tl o dorbtfol The alienee of goUt iinihdrnmti from the bonk| an improvement in the. foreign sclnetpcj. pud the. arrival J the Bed Jul ex from Helbtrurv*, vnh ?ifte,OCO, It'euise contributed to the mora favorable feeling Tht movtmeat by ibe B>nk or France, it far fr m having an advene 1 fiuence, operated wsll ?y leeeentng the probability of a panic, wei-a Ofuld not tail to react en London. i>eiag Drcagr t t' oat by mumtuagem'nt < a that side Oa the otter hand, tbe sslo- noerr.ant or a rather large oommer rial failure (Messrs Rc**, Ml cbel) At ? ) and tbu appro hrnalov of rurtner s mils' events In ibe meiiofhoiurieg to?oa rrevei led ?oy (trout reliance that an locriaae at stringency lo the money market oan bo avoided The ox tent of Ibe application* at ton bank, wh'ch were again extraordinary alio operated to check ibe teauency to re or vary, although a large portion of tbona mar poaaib'y have originated In tba daelre to provide agalnat tbe antic' paied fuitber advance Oa tha who e. bo'ever, Ibe day may be cogtrfeed to bevo passed ?aturactorily, To morrow probab y a better opp rtonity will v\.d for form ing a ju ilgmtni aa lo tbe famre Tbo dividend* Ibea com mence and a 'argo anomt of advances will have to be repaid to the bank the conaol settlement will also ta? a place, snd fear days la'er neve f>o<n Saw York W.U perbepa be revolved at douthninptoi by tbo Arid A aiatccsent ju>t olrcnial-1 tbai <he Indiabatea are .a want ot more money. and ihat ih? Hank bu ?? notified lo the g vercm'Bt their li sbiitiy to furnish It. In wholly er rom on* The India company at thit mono nt would be tjit Hug to tend money, the greater part <f th recent rredit opened nt 'he 'we' Uiny un, mptcycd. For f.iture wenta they still bold a largo reaervo of (took aai Esohaquar bli'n, and ibera la no rosaou to doubt that tBaaxpi utiea b?H out of ibetr i.mndil pcsliloo being such a< to ? i,,t!c them to i rovlde for ell want* until the meeting of l's'lia men! will be tally realized Of course if the looal go vern men were to announce tba necessity of a large ?.m of ?p?c;e Ul< g aent p> CalOuila an "m r*et>cv voi',linen ba preicnted which ? outd oatl for apodal a- >o?; ball* la believed tbet no snch lot) nail in baa ye* bona received, end mat In ibe abaction cf exceptional oj* cnntv'.inrpa cf thie k'nd, th ro etu ba nothing to dtatufb II.e calculation* originally train Tbe fhlluro wan anrounce" tbl* mirelry of the reepso Mkla Ann of Mors* t Re* Mitchell ? Co "hey wore on geged In the Car adlan trade aad ba/e a bona* in Toronto, t'beir Itabilltiee are eutruated at abont ?360,040, while tbelr aaiete were recently valued at about $360,0' 0 Tbe OH aster t* attributed to b'lla bavteg been reta oed upon them against which they bald eecalt'e a A Immediately aval able, aad bopee are r -rpreaaod or sb -> practicability of a reeum lion. The aarexnd etmlar waa waned th a K-iraicg by tbe tol ckwi to tba Arm ? "J Fr.ip iv -rune:, Cheat-at I* Oc'. .3. We reyre' to Infirm -ou that M-a*r? Hoes, Attn. 4 Orvasau. a r*vl, 'n 'h.acli and o' Tor?i*to, In fsDidv 6a?e bum eomnetl*' II onr*t|uen3e or UiM fe'lu-e f are ?illio bona* In Maonnn rv nod '.a ?noH,rl.-?, to nuapead oavuaevi Mchm Hnee, M tcbell ,v >o t ellevn their r lanrnalon wil' be b't 'rnipcrwy, um t?r1r ia?t balenoeahenl rhowed a lu-ye ??!* plug Ikvyhava however, at tbn ?nxcrtlion of their prlpcii p?l credib ra emanated ui an InvralaaUoo of their 'lelay made by Mr Wenry t b?u,rU. 'f Ml k mrrei in ihw thy, acernnlai t. who wl I submit the re?nl. n Hie rredtlora at a xenrral mre.lng, to te nncr-u ?d tor a . early dn? We eq main. Ac, RFltr, LaM .FORI) A VtaORUaW. Tbe liabilities of tho 9'tra whoso tnipooeion was aa noenred ys*terday a' t'a?K0" are s loged to am ine , to an ?ftgrryate of ?1 6,it, C(0 but Ibla is pribabty an etaggeva t'to In crn'cquenoo nf the same or M'Duoald being sots reon 'ntbe nrrth, a rniieet baa seen msdn that It e spool do title tbould be yt'en of the bouse of thai n i?e vbleb baastonprd. ItlaMeears D. hi J. M'Djoald, tewed mus lin mr nrfactor** An rng the other bouse* lUinUooed wes INI nson hi Oo li appear* there *e no sanh 9rm Th'.reis ono of ilodrrey, Pattlaon A fc , bu la that eaio tbr re ba* b'on ku stoppage Tbe niiitake, however, or . sluated In Glasgow, tbo name of Hatteson, or Pat..son. having been eieyaphed without r<seevo by pemnos nf great respectabllLy ta ihat city to their London oonreepon oen't Tie railway market bat 8 rtnatod davtug tbe day ta ?ynipathy win. tna fin.'* At the opooirg the toadesey waa dnwewsrd, but sobatquottly a general Iraprovemoo; took ( lace, which roatinuan till 4 o'elvk Oraud "unk. of (seeds sgsta decl'ned heavily n>r?t Wa<tern, or ( a: an. waa a'i- lower American deaorlpllocs ooattsua to beaotlvely <leal: to, and a farther rsdue lea oieurred la Mtsnti Central A fair amr >H or bailr,<via baa boon dooe in mines. A general fall took pteoe la joint stock biab*. Caoaoe g ivernmcsl b- nda alto deeltord. la alaoeihuieoes sirnriilv* ibe uantartl nt were limited; tba tst pvioor, hoeeve , tf Berlin Watarwo-k*. Lxrooean aad Sir-rloaa Steam, and Paalasolar aad Orieatal, tbo* a rodnottoa. gt OTATIOMS FOR AMHUOAN BAILWATB. OUmng Pri-tt, Dviia 18 10 H?I.( _ 18 11 80 _ so w in mm 7 W Hi r.efo mi to 84 _ *0 to 84 80 % ?i8 lo 100 m M W 6b - as to no | ao ti 88 aw* 78 to ?a waa 88 W 90 mm ?>0 W 88 6i 68 W 66 ... 88 to id nana 41 lo 46 ?aw 10 to 48 17 19 18 W 17 ? 00 10 68 - 88 W 87 87 W 89 I. b linnet* i.eunl 6 p. o l*~t> " 1 p n 161ft... " 7 p c tr Ida, i860. " ? too (bl., $40 oo... Mich Can. 8 p. a. dob. '?0.. " " I860... ?? ? 1889 (alarllog), ?? 8(00 atirft, Mrr - k X. 1*4. (4 IV). 7 p 6 18*8 mm. SkN iot OK 8100 lb* v York 1>0 6 p. o ar 1883.. N York 7 p. o eoa . 1864... New Vort On. (too ibarea. New York ana K 1a 3d mort,. 7 p c 1883. X I'orkltKrlaS F do 1878.. N YortAErlebda oon 1861 " ?' 1874.. N York k Erie 8100 abare* Ol/'u x I'ean 1 p. o. lamma. b? mi.,.. ... 1871 reu > n lift Ui u >rt or o 8 P 0. Do. 3d mort. 6 p. o. ale. From tb? l/OBdon Pott, (elty artlcia.) Oct. 14 I Ait-ocgb thorn baa boon aomaarbat W*a era:* meat .ri We oily lo day, a vary ooaatlarable degree or aneialiiaw baa btoo flit Tta acnounoament of ae rural commercial Miner* >f MttMii lUi ?agow, and the rnrrnri of otter* ntarar at hand, tare natural/* bad >aa *rr#jt of enlarging the arte of apprebanitoa, and Iradugtn Uia aaltctpat on ci comidarabia <U**atar* amoagtl tba mercantile c >m?a any. do far, tha railnraa la tho mat'opolla bare not barn ?o numerona at ?ai aipetted fnm taa aararily with wbicb may moal aa?e bean preaaed by tba .iter 4an' tio nation cf trada on to* elhar aide or tba auanuo Doe Irmli, however apokeu - f to day at being koaelawfy em barrelled by ibr outoward rerun which tare taken pmoe Bliboa(h WB believe that be Canada trada bat b?~.u Ui'ct ly engaged ta by tba bona# to wbleh we ailnda. p to the praaeot moat eat we may oor grate lata earaelraa npta tba paoaUy of eommerelal fail area whtab have lakas plaea Rat taa praatnre of 7 par eeot baa not yet bwan fully realized ARboegb aanioa baa btei oktarvad by iba boaha, tb?m baa bean, aa yal, bat Utile real ooatraotl >n Ui Iba aappiy of money la dead, it wooid be moat aangaeo'i* uj ao aa nadar praml Mrromawoaaa, aa It eoald b it p<?*tp<i*w tba or tela wb.uh It la aedoabtadly tba latareat <>f all pertiea to avoid There ha* hem a ramor vary gnaarally curruM Uia anoint Ibat tha beak raw will fee raited 1 par cent to morrow (Ikta day ), bat it la (Weal; lo be lore Utai annb aa rxtrrma maaanro la come up lewd It la trot Wat tba Indian aichaagat oeme an maei wnraa >< to iaad to We f penal,..n of a vary ir ob l*rge'ahifment of HJror nj Ibe aait awemer lb an waa aapw: on, and ibat it la pawlbw aome large imooata aaay be ramittad w tbe f atted itataa on tba venture. Tboae ootaie, it la Una, are nf aaacb tmparlaaaa. and wall wartby of roaaldaration If tee ad vaaaa rf tba raw of dlaooaat U 8 oar neat wer? en?-trci W aback bath tbe iklptrenw or invar to ike teat tad to Iba New World, It aught be worth taa rtak bat it w n oeedmgly improbable ibat aaoa would be tba eaea with reapect to tbe ebtpaaeate to la la, owing wtfeaaaormwa proa i ? on tba ape rail ra, wadat >ba Idea ar too re uiiimmo or a rontlda-able amoont of bolbea tolhrUatiai w?w*, aider prraent eliwamawaoee. la aimoai IL'naory in ovate qaaaw of the laear.rtty aad the laoanataty of the n marge rrmataiag at tba t reliable petal % .lea Uhaaa f-'dala, fha grant daaaakd for msaay at the aauk ta 04 log ad aa a ground for Iba aterctaa of tnrtaar reaWM 11oar It la oailautly qniw la aocinaoea wttk lb* provtataaa of tbe bail cbarirr ae>, tftw wbanera* a prewnre for msswy arMaa few whawvar caoaa? whether tram iba leginmaia ragWromaota if train or frtm wild apaaeiMto ?mat -be baak raw af lawrett ebon Id be railed The ia*dr.|.ia i? af the nrenladag -apt Wl la tba com try far tie enecled trade wo are oarryiag oa lr ocl taken into anoouni or iba aa*h>r? of the am. hot it la oo y rWhi to aay toot ihoavile ?f the ayatrm are traerally la oo ineail dograe meliorated hy too Htaraitty and ' ire uf Ittadana' ratura. It ta to bo biped, however, the bank . awwciaot be raland farther The onall nrniai rmaaaie* are eerwtaiy mora favorabla, aid a nan llttereble arrlrtl rf gala u retried today whKm if .1 do** not raawia with aa. Will, In thai . lent wt I -art ; re real a dtmlauttoa af Wa moot hold by taa Baak af Eaghwd tt/a Kagliak fan .la opened with great hanvfae** o ww ?T'loaaoa nf the aaaevmwaool of tw falloraa <# Claagow . ? no We rtiBO?i af hi era la the motropoiw, nai ooo^l# wrra dealt la before the o. eaiag of the "ban" at lew ?? fi \ ?o X. Soon iba oomawaaamaatn' baatnwi We pri.nlatora for iba rall la prteaa brgaa to mtae pnrrbraw or tbe real'ration rf Uwir pr*lb, ami Ute maran grada aily reae ia87)f, which waa iba rprotatioo atthcoiaeanf iba regular bumeaa After bourt tee prooi gacua af Wo report thai tba baak rrna waa Id be fer.icr ral ?i la nor row, aad tha inn noamevt of an idraaeaia tie atlaimina 'W* of lairrwl by taa d*nk of K eaoa to 8>< gwr *ent , ?rain produced aalw, aad we Baal q .Mettaa waa aeout 87Jd to )?? Ihe Hep that ba* been taken to meet the tm* by ,bo Naw Yoth i ipha taa been ie ioorrai# Wflr dire >ua by I tar oaat, whim, it I* ra eaiatrd, will Www am it ibrre millloM cf doltare i ito we i ircalet"n I. In aialnd Ibal tboe maaaima art Mf to affvd oor ?Mrrabia rel'ef, bet it ta eat aofeipawd teat ib? banka will ba m a p<w oo h nauWa apaala payawaW far at "oaai iw?lie Bnn>a Tbe-icoai opted hr'h? t-norleaa Mifct l? generally appro-ed at a? ? 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