Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 29, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 29, 1857 Page 2
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ef our rulbroodr it cnmprrmlsed Wo certainly do m* suppose that, flnaanally speak- ag, the French rettrcid* bar* before them the samefotare M WM tag atte at their jrlir? Wo or* aware that muf icaavni oppose ?his; bat between at ted bo pet tod profound alto uranemeai there nm t reasonable mcdiani ehloii wtU bo eno.eplfd by tOMlbo met. ltd whiob tolD jotto reiUt the tbougn I lee* impression rf the mwment For our pert, we fl'?n/ brbotr ibit It thr pre eel Mate of things there te n > pros, pool of rellvny traffic receding to tti ?t"ltig pilot, ml lui til probabiltttre ire m favor of i froth proirMi vh> financial diffiiultlet of th> Oal el -hates u?p re toe I'nrts / wrc- tot wLb i hone thit Ltooe o H.vrw may be eparea their pernicious inilueaoe?bat with the folia? '.ng phllasaphioai refieciioai ? Kspenreoe, which hie to often pro red the folly of ? worship of mole rill uiterotU, lire* i viotory to tie elt dnm to thoee who oonOae ti divine oriciee, ind whilti false pclUtrlnns seek mxdly iner oom'ert faithful Oode uses wlU i"ill with confld.noe me etreoii of toe aagust ltd p ?wt?fal protestion which the Pontiff le aoaut io implore it ibetenclu ti y cfLo etle CKKD1T MJBIHIU BWINHLK8 IN PARK. [ Fr< m the London t hromc o, On. 16 ] A man oearUg the omlcoaa name of Oarpeoller, to mot aging director and prledpal o ocml <r of the ? G?nsral Stclei* of Algrrtnn Orwdtl," eat yeete day coerio.el of swindling, and sentenoed to two year* mprtuam ni Ao ? coompil w, named Lambert de Roiety, wee eooe^ord t? 'oar aotih' imprttonmeat !t appeared teat they w-re both men or straw, aid ehtie etartio; tho Genoi 9*5 o.y of Ctedli for Algoli orttuoni any opldil wbnmrcr. ?>1 coatrl ed In ? moot Ingenious wav to obtain cedl! fe Ihtuieelves Numerous reams of their frnuda gave er ? dsnoe Amvngei the wilotsie* ?u M le Robarin a girl whe era Id soa- ely real in I wrlie, wto ceverthn ?? bid nans-ed ihe cmekrribli ? n or MP,Otor by gimoiitr it the B>or?#. Home sir priee wMeiyeNed by the Ctari at the root of a pertta in herhtmbt ooeditlcr baring ?c much money loo doItN' explained that htying ?*>od i Utile ltd rro lvei a pre?eci f-rm a retprciib * f'tend, ehe bad nagmuitAd her capital by bnyiog and nclltcg it the Biurse, going la rarii bly open the principle of buw 'ag tecarltlei when .hey wire corip ino er'ling them when they were dear H W m ny aid hiede ww 14 be glad to learn Wile Kibci*' ntrt: vl' It came tc yam tbat u ehe bad one day realised a Urge reie ef (bed It Wnbder sh-ree, end vtu oomiog away fro a thr Boo'te with tiO.OOOr , her wh le fortnne la ner pocte', the fell In w lb Oarpentler and de Kotiy, who to ??i ed the merits of Algerian credit thai they extracted frcj? her the whole of her trenare. Tots seemq to b*ve been tue greaeal heal ihey erer made, for immediately efA'war is ibey left a rery poor lodging and Hoed laxnrloaily in a frmLfccd house Poor Wile. Kober.i wl 1 never *~ a fraction of her OC.OOOf. OTHER TARTS OF THE CONTINENT Acc/udu from Vienna mentlriD tne arrea a. a inert dutacoe rrou that capl<?i, ?f H Zigribwe-t, d>?enbe.- ?* the Council of Administration of tho Western Rall vn"; he had heel led by unfortunate Bonrie spM-ilntlon* to en ml oertaln Irregnlinilef. which Ud to bit being takon lito nutody. AsunsnAai Oil If. 18ST To day Ihe Bank of Amsterdam riliod its rite or In trreet H Per oeni. V1 ETNA . Oil 18. 18IT. The pule on 'Change today cit fearfal. Tie Ntitcni! ! e*a, bearing 6 per con. ln erw pivable In sllvr, fell to SOX fhe credit and ditomit liaoki of Vienna b*yo contented to pay one million florae tc the crealtori of tho home of Boikoeite an J to no!<l the ameu of the ho jus as security. Hamburg (Oot 10) oorieypocdcnoe or the London Ke we The luteiligmoe which has joet been reoe.yed of tbe ad Tieoe la the minimum rate of dtsoount by the Back of Knglaod, hat had a greator effect he-e thai] It appear* to have had in lA>*doa where, icrtiapc, It bad been more ?t'ctp*red It le alrnoH lm-ostlole to p'orarc saeh ror eren the -eel taper at a lower raid tbu per cent per ineum, while f- r eny olber i.ejcrlpMon thor* li actually no ?ino'aitoa Ocin of all kin'? dole becom ?m more *carte;a d as he yariruabanMtg eatabllibment through nutGermaoy have their hudi full of rail war, and aimllar shares en wbIon tbe hare made advoncea, they oanovt ellord the ueoal ecooaomodatlrn to the merctntlli1 and mucfaoiartig letcreets In their Tartons diet leu, so that el tare reourse tn this dly. a* the mmefary mrtropolli of the no-ih of Korope and the supply of ocr local want* coaar ] . entl/ oomea ditc and mere difflou'tfroui tbeae exlraaeoct dcm*> de Tbe apnecaucd at suoh a time of the proepectnl for dwedlsi loan lo arable the gorernment (f lh* country to o Biuret the main line o' rail wa?? has under ?H oir ccmetotioer. been ee*y Inopponane, ml these Northern CcaucKra wit: Aid tost they oommltied a greet m stake when ibey did not ecerip to terms requireu by our osptial lite lor the tame rurpote last year, as they will not co ? bo ?o I4i*ra ly dea't wlih On ihli occaeloe, bei'.dm, tbey wish lo hare alt the raeorabie sliercatloni In their own power, wht.e the lenders are to be prec odel from deri7.ep i>enefli from uy adruiageors tare which may lake p are in the m"ney markets of Kerope. As t Is am probable that ihe epcUcatloo berr w:M proye'uocets ffl onny cxient, the dssaand will la all likelihood be shortly transferred to London, where, In the present sta e or mnttnri, It Is not to be sap nose that It will meet with a mtrs farorsMe reoepttcn: bnl It Is a dtffimlt manor to persuade ? uch borrowers innt stco with the demand for money there for the ecppre*Mon of U>s Indian mutinies, ana ror Bnuiw't own outer Immediate purposes, there te not at all t mea eaongh to be had there to sopplyhbe wu'? of all who may hnrs occasion to apply to them for aid la every rmsrgeecy, and tse tncreee* in the rate of dleooant at this Wane may have the effsot cf enlightening them en this subject The fnilowleg table gives the r resent quotation! of the rates ot interest la the principal maiktle of Eirope ? Lndnh 7 per cent Hamburg 8 " Pari ?X " Krukfrrt 0 " BerUn 6)< ?? S me Winlem 6 " In India. liaak of Beogal^ll per oeal, on bills for)tl:r<e mtctbs, b ror gorernmrti oooepfencee at thirty days J ISI SHINO CAiSia III ACSTRIA?ITS irPBtTS ON Till ?ILK ANII WOOL LAN TRAHSR. [t Irses (Oct II) Correapondenes of the uowdoa Tim**.] There le a ?? mrrclai as well as a mueeiary r here, and two Orst rate mercantile bouses hare, within the lest twee<y fbt r heart suspended peymeet. For * me time pest moeer has tee* to enoeeetvsly scarce that re i[-?otable flrms have sot beta able to get their bill* die is if under 8, 10 or 12 per oeat, and the seiu'uoe bee ben (Wee me by persons who moat be perf#*ly well awars of what is rssMeg ta tke eo wmereial world, tba many a-ms, which two mostbs aro < btained money at 8 pe- era*, ere now peyc g IS per c*et and area 18 per cent f or Boccnunor.atloa. faring rv firs', tiree nr f<mr days in IV last sorri. tevrral fitmu of minor irnpoMnnc it>?rr una' '; is mrrt tAmr obfiyatinru sod i/r.?>rday IrltffrnpMi^ nrt'S u*i renraon/ J'cm Prstk thai Vu grrat hour' sf Bstko it An i dscarrd tut// ?rwWt*mi(, the asm for whiob W. BAk.wttx has railed eicreda 12S0.CO0: and hs fait mas nsuemartiy lead to that of n great no uber rf m our fact ire's or silk, ooiionand woollen go ids Aithrige the leeilvcut hw snoraioue magst'eae at Vien aa.Pa*iba>d Debrecatr, fl lod with the an Hciet produ is of the lerrire sad heme markets, and real p-onerty of tae ya us of ?10 (00, It I* eo. close ed that he wlJ be able Is pay a's'ser diy tend lb an 00 or 70 per erst. M B ck i wm way tae ?'mldel* traa" oetveec the Vienna and for ei|n marc fact arere and the Iradesiutc In Hungary and le tbe eoontrim ly lag "? tne Lower Danube. Tbe m?nafao Icrsri gar* an almorl uaLmiud rridlt lo the wealthy wbolsea'e dealer in I'.stn, who sup Jiei with goods t uoe* trad era who frcqueo ed :b* fair* whiob are be* 1 one* o> Iwioe e year is u>e la'rer Becgarian tjwts Tee last harreM wse so good n H.ngaiy inet ibe peseanu get on j sunlly low prtcrc fbr leer ooru.snd cannot paifoMse goods boi ght rseremof the retail dsalere, and th*y le their tars see unable o bn3ee bill ? vticb they gave to the whriseeie Pesth firms. The bank lata joesemien ?i bl'.s on Boehowttt to* rery rotrtdersbie amount, out It has wisely rses I red not to demeod the Immsdiale payment of tb-m by the endorser*. ?? U baa e right to de, but to wall eettl ? hw* are dr* leibrma tea baa Jast bnwa g^'eo me t A of 'A' snodwrpy rf Bt ihrmxf has ?imdy led to (As /attstrr <>f mt or I1"0 Mher firm* 'J ton? ?mpor|?Wl? THE MONEY MAHKET OF INDIA. (From the bimoa; Tivire, rem. 1'? o-new eur las', rrpotl we hare expcrlancM icir?a?wd HgtlB'es, sad the .i fosal ?' Uie Bonk of Bengal w ad yarn* f rtber looai on tepoalt of g-jyerumwr securities, except n approved ?sfrners asd thai too. not to a largs * iteet, hM caused muyb embsrrteemenl I* com mere al qua-ten h Is endsst tbe b.nk hat bees foroed to adopt euch a eoerer tee si ale of lu fine .one and the gradual re dadloa of Ihe amount of oaah not per ml ting lnlleertml e.l* advance a U ? - long matters are to oomlaue le Ibwtr peaiaisutsu le dltlicult lo fcreew We mtgbi be la a rr.crw i efavorabl* pnelttin a sir rt I.roe benee though, If se II is stpwcied a large Itllai of ? i rer were to las* plane from Kero.-w, tbe nj?**ct would be muoh re Uered We put-Mah below the atntsment oi liabiM urn and assets ef Ihe Hi ok cf Rrngal for the week ending on th? 2d last , showirg the foimwiug resu,ta as t mpared with the weekly euuemebt leerted la our ten lumber ? increase rf ires* on dwp s*t of eemrl ties frcm R? 1 a?.%i .312 I * w K? . 0' 39 2? ditto of so eri am c' ored t* on dido He <1,37,414 12 It no R* 38.98,. S44 3 11; ditto of gov '4meil b ile disconntwd fro e Ki. 1 02 0*0 12 11 tc Re 8 <>4 64* 8 2; ditto of mint oertificuei d uo. Ily. 1*8.881111 to lis 8,71,188 7 7; decrease or cmh f'om Rf v. it 477 13 7 to Ri 77,11 304 4 2 against Ute,?a/ ? us i *1,111 tu 8 a tc -twpumoer last yea . . LIARllIT'M. i>wpy?*tA.i capital 1,07,00 toe 8 0 Reserve fuetl 4,88.bM 4 8 Oefrentse oue?*.... 68.86,469 6 6 Gefh eweit* uedrawe. 81 66 6(1 16 3 Otb?rdale* 1.14 281 3 7 Bask notes and pool WUs 1,10,18 004 8 6 To4ni Cempaay'e mpem 8 63,96,018 1 6 A88STS. Oovervment seoernim. 26,7?,168 8 6 Pass from government 33 r, >7 0 6 Ueab H'b 4 2 1 cane os deposits of eec?nue? L 01 * ? 260 0 0 Arsmunn of credit oe do ;0,63.644 8 11 ?>eve cmrst b lis dleeousted 8, >& 646 8 X Mini oert ncMee,esdu? 8,0ft.ei . * 7 Mermnltlr bills <it*c> sled *76 133 7 7 end RMtk 161,641 8 0 Tote' Ovmpenv's rupees 188'>1,011 | g The Reek ef Bewge raise Ssve be?*t fixed at lb* itat meeUrg of tbe directors, as fnll?ei.?D:sewur.t?private bills and eolwn a? or w'tb's three meaihv 11 p?r umwmeel an ripmerre not raving mo>* than ti) day* to rua, 9 dj ; rim certlOcme*. 6 do , do do , bnvlag less thna 1 day* k> ruo por UMreet nharged-oe fiiM lua ? sbc easb aryd'le hn| exeeedtng 90 dtys, oe deposit 1> Com any'? paier, 10 per ?* el. on depot't of goods lid) Ketee ef Advaeee?4 per cent stock reeelpw, 8?. rap*** 100 On*posy's rupeas, SO advaeee. 4 per oen> f)m?u f'i pstwr.N* rupees lfO; Oomnsny'e rnpees, 04 svdaai*; 4 per eoal 'mmposy '* paper. Oempney * rupees. 100. 76 M rouee 6 jnr eem Oei.pony's yap*'. Company'* rupees, 401, 86 || nt||H The R?mt*s nerai divlekm deesieed for lh* Ohinee* wn tar* had qt-usan Oeasmdt U consists of three orrettte md mraa man clippers lh* rnmsmi sm te rotor sm Is regard te the exwmelv* nature nf the rerH8neS<mi which Roses is u?astrictihfi hi the eniruac* m the Urn ef A raff, are mndmsed A ieu?r in the /*rrta?, ef Vml mrt n is perfect!i tree that Ihe Kneeian gov inmm he* eel apart tlx m'U.m rouble* ror lh* recto swnetlon ef Nebemopei, end teat, alt bough the treaty of coeds nwbww the betvbeg rf ferilfii^otr, 1 B r?rrr,77- " .oi m east'/ afahed THE MUTINY IN INDIA. Atrlvnl of lh? doll* In tCuglAiMi?Confiriua ? h?" nf Mn (jiood irwi -lhi Htu?l C?u? Det'litilug. ibe l> di?L mail* reached 1 ,ia<loa on tfcb )Ha bf Oslo**" The detail* < r tbr u*i add gj new facte of lui,*'r auce to tbo ?? previously lei'graphed AOrojuU al concur, on ibo whr,l?, lo rrjooiv oiug to pro?|-ecte of tee Europeans mo't onsor'aj ,n?i, for gOia. tin e put Tbe 1 mil on G'nbe done not believe lbs*. nay ratiundor ?Gnulng ri aim bet veto Mr Co.ia Unmp.itil aud tbe mete Wr? ??t lie uuootl in looia It 1? staled taat General H**eleok will nil be deprive; of the duty of rel.evlng 1,'ifkno* ever wbe* be !? Jol ? by Gen'rai Uiilram and bli forcei, General Oal'tui bavlag determine- to aocoiopaaj lee oipedliioa in hi* p jIilo*' oa er.iit only I,* te?e frum l?dla confidently predict that the nex mail ?eiU bring ntnt of the capture or Delhi Tbe mutineers" or ibal piaoe *r* represented a* o-itely worn out, sod cjti foil of perple were being rent aw?y from ibe oil/ (r/MKAI. IIA V SLOCK HgC!lJs8I8 TflK 0 ANU ih?PHI BaTTLl DC It rdOi'H. [Piom the Ovu.-ianU (Bomb*)) rtaei. Sept 17 ] Cnemi davr.ook, >ho n.d .eorouiod tbe Gauge* after hi* o> ?' >-oeuf i attempt* ?-> re'.e e Lookoo e, res o 1 for a few d y? rt ^a-neere, bl* troopa havng bo<u n,uib raippicd by sickness. Oa ire loin of August tae firie marched lo ill a hoar, wbere a la g? bod/ of Ue cmmy, a'oq. 4,000 in nuni ter, wttb i --o t?ni wa* o ted They oocm led a nlroog de'eas ve poakion la a vU'tge to t?ie tat or Biihjoi, wnlch they deeperauly do itudad Hivcdock't force rnui ered 1,300 men, wun a?? 114 f tot The right wing wa* toward* tbe Gaogjg and the left on a deep noUab on wed by a b-Uge. After an obt inati etgagament, In w hi on tbe enemr lost 241 kuleo una wouooed, ibey were d'trnn from toelr potl loo, and tied In co-fusion, learlog their gaiu bouind In tin tcourt the Brtutb troop* lost about It killed and 3 wooLdeit ne*Idee some of tbnir baggage Afer tbo aett.n Havelook's force retired toward! Oawnpire, wbtre they arrived on the?otk of Auguni, nftar a h*ra*i lie and fatiguing mar on, during whlsh tbey anffdrel te vcre pilvMltirt, wbicb were patiently borne by oar gallant soldier* i b jie a bat! made IU appta*anca am >ng toe nttn, carrying off from ten tntwelve dally, buttle ravage* of ibu epidemic bad itnoe begun to abate ItOVhMKNTS OF Tag OTHSB COMMaNDIKS. Gen Ootram arrive, at Allahabad on tbe let September, witb bor tUjooiy * Sib Eotlleers, tbe OOih, and a oo npany of artU'er; V?lU> thl* foroe he hoped to naob Oawnpore oa tbe i?in tnei. Tbe dotatls of bar Majesty'? 04th, 78tn, ?lsb and Iti Madras Kaslieer* would follow on the arrival of Oapt Peei ard hn naral br'gado alAliahnyad. df James Ootra-. uad oommunlcated nil arrangements to General Havriocut, wbo had In reply allied hi* per rem cotfl ence m bit being able to effeot ahe re 11 J' of Lucsnow w:tb tbeie re>nforoe<nenbi General GaGam bad, wltr> fbkiacuriiUo generosity, announaed ts General Qa? elect tha ' to bim suouid bo left toe glory of rellev try Lick.-.o* for whicb be bad ao nobly straggled," a >d Uut. it was hu latoanon to aocompaif the foroe ia hiaovii capacity, oaiy plaeing IDs military a /wioe* at toe dlspotal of Geae al Harolock if ue-osva-y General Uavu ook wa* U> make arrang-. mcjia for tha force to move forward from Cawapore on me arrival of the elu'orce nan a the re*?U '.are aiavmtlod oa .he Ojce *1 e of the river, o p wile .o tn>< Br I Wb camp la great number*, nml nave thrown op a oa.Urv. TBI 8.BCJH OF LCCKNOW? GALLAKf Al'TIOK Of T3K OAK til BOM TBOJPF. The garrltTin nt Lsubnuw, nltnoucn reduoed to great stralti It bra-tiy holding oot.auc will no doubt do in unnl rtllvved by Geatral B?veloct. For acme time tee altoa t oo or th . bei?Muer;d garriaon wa* believed *o be deipe ra e, and tbe -orit fee a wore entertained rege'diog taetr fate, aa kO lid.> ga bad been rerei^ed from them. L-t e ? have amoe be?n reoe'ved niatlrg thai the garrlaoaof Imck now had ceumanisaiee wiu Ganeral Harelock and at vised niui not u* ran any risk In attcmping to relljve them, m hey t ad provliionn en xgb for *1\ monibi; that the auaoka or tbo escmv were beeonung fewer and fa nt er, from ,ne warn of ammunitloc, it wan anopoaed; and it was believed ihtt tn? eacmy were quarreihng among tcemulvea Tre lateit received f um buck now ia, ibat l OtO of the rebel* uad oolleoted, and taeie, n.ib ine eh.c of tbe reoel foic*, made an aaaaalt on the de v sea gar lion, Taey we e rcpulse l with greateiaugat if, 200 of tee Gbaxrea being allied, end n great many of tbe wounded bad *)soe dice. Ibare tea waiu of proper rood lor the ladloa and cbUdrei, bat the garrison gel beer, and have plenty tf g -ain. Toey nave b t*w ordered ts bold oat u> eilremliy, and, with the fate of Caw more hafo e dtelr eye*, It la not likely thai tbey will enwrtain tbe Idea of (unender, with help so close at hand. A letter from (Jhwnpoie, dnkd the 31st of Aoguii, *ny* that at present tin garriaon n! l.ucknow U all right ana in good aplritn. l'IBF?BM0M Of 1 HI DIMAFORg MrriMIKBd. The Ihnapute mutlnmra, Oom.laieiy broken and dta peratd oy tbe prrdeat eimblAa..ou* of Ma)or Eyre, are now ondravcrtDg to wake their ,way to Oslo!, acroai tne bill* In the Mwaapore dlatrtot Mij <r gyre had not nuc ortded In capturing Koo*r tttngh, the reoel leader, but a rewa d of 10,(CO ra haw been oilyred fur bin appreaenilon. Thoae of tbe ma'lneera wbo as:aped have taken refoge ta lae ntil ooantry of Htotoaghur, whiter tbey ware being followed by M?jor Kyre. Tney bad aiaae passed isnib or Mlruprre ana dm crooned tne renay river, which li jwi into tbe Saagcv, between Mlrzapore and Allahabad. A f..roe under May * Htade from Rewth la audsave.-lag to intercept tberu, but it la feared last ha will be unaoie to aneat tbetr proareaa, which la marked by rapine and pit lege Tbey wtii prroaely make toArda Delhi, passing m rough tha Baa da dletrtot, wblrb la utterly dlaor gaelsed. BIIOK Of DILH ? RgrKfOBChMlKTB FROM CAIHMBR1. Frum Delhi ?e Rave ao ae*aof maea impcrtanoe, altboogb the British troops have become bolder la tbetr auaoka upon tbe enemy, wbn have been defeated on every ccwaaloo. General Nicholson's oolnan, ocsdattag of her Majemy '? Aid Llgbi In entry, n wing of her MajeKy'i OUt foot, and so>erai Hkb oorpa, arrived la the oamp on IkA 11th or Aeguat. The auillary .ore* furnished by the Syverelga of Caebme o, folly etjolpped, la aiwmaroblag to Join General Wllnoa e army, which will thru be strong enough le am to the effeostve. L eatenaui Hoinoa, unto a imall body of troupe, bad proved saooueeful against the Insurgents la the Rjb.uck district, whom he oisperaed kll iag neunt eighty of tbem General Niolijeoa. with' nbyni 2,000 men aal sixteen guee, marched cn the 24,a f August ta toe direction or Nej.ffgnor to meet n body or the enemy moving en thai place who were e-ideally bent on lntereeptlig .be eiege Iran by a Dank march on Rcnepnt. Oa tha following dar the rebel* were oefeated after a abort eo-.oanter, In which tbey lost thirteen gone, besides their oamp eaggiga Tne leas la General Nicholsoa'e brigade wat seventeen killed acd wounded, indndiag Lieutenant Lomiden, of the (Bth Native lufan ry, wbo wan killed. Lieutenant Gab vet!, of bar Ma tatty *a flirt foot, died ol hit wound!; and Lieut. AlingiOD, fllu, and Dr Ireland were bMS dangerously wocaaed. On tbe tame day ibe mnUaeeratn in city, Ibtaklng thai moat of our troops bad goat after their de taosmeni, made an al<aik on tbe oamp, but II prolueel no Impression and van repr.lted with heavy I cm. After tbi' d "feuat Nn.iuffgbur the muttnesra were muob dlabeartea. ed Our woope were preparing fbr aotlve ope?a none on lb* arrival ef tbe rl'go t-alo, wkleb wat oa lu way lo the camand were unl ghtod a', lie prospect or doles someunng. At Haa*r, In the prertuoe of Robllcutd. ihe rebel* have Unewlae been dVea ei lo tbetr ue* gov A bocy or upwards of 2,000 men, horse and fort, a Ue a-, pled to ?nrprtne the gate or the town on the lirta of August, but Lieutenant Mlldmty, nanlatant pclttlonl agent, wbe received a .Imaly warning, met tae a-aai ante with acme loyal trccpa, and totally rooted aod pursued tbem, after killing 30C ?f their numder Oner ntielrn of nurcr impo. lance have taken plaae, which will be fanc<l reooroed eleewnere OSMKAL usgriir in thi bbnoal Pkitioitvcr a nniriFB natal nkiWAOh at allahasad. Tbe ih Dgal Freefenry In more or less in a disturb ?1 state, ana great rear* are eatertalaad for the safety ol tee frantic eta Ires, wbtcb a e qtlt. denuded o' troops la coo a* luen.-e al ib? geaerai liefoc.loa U the native army. At JuipAgoree, ra tae lltk of Acgunt, an attempt to escie duaffcotion at ag tae 121 Bo?gai Natlva Infantry wan signally defeated. An armid B.*abmin a p; -a -< d among the men, and oallr. -m thorn t* kill thrtr otiKwra, and Oght tor Uretr ra'iglru. Ia an*we- he wa* to d ta at I' ne did not lay do en tue arm* be wool 1 bt ?hot, ens as be perale ed la ble attempt to csciie rem t be was billed by a Brahma at coy. Toe l.fih Seagal Irmfu lara manned nt Bbaagulpore ta tbe 14ts of Aagnu, and left tbe eut oo, carrying their aruae w:Ut ihem "boy paaaed Bowate or >balr war up the cJuetrr, ana raleav "red to tamper ? ,.b tbe Tbtrty aeoo-.d Kegiment, stationed iters, but ibe Ituer pmvtd fa'Utrit, sad will, a t Coxbt, remain ne. Tbe nfiy din Heegal Native Iafan.r? were disarmed at Gee, ??pore oe tbe lOh of August Tbeaffa<r appears lo nave been capitally m waged, f ?r tbe srpiy ? were tarrecaded and orrlare i lo pile arm* be"ore taey knew wbei was meant Tbe Ftfili Fotlleem were tne troupe ibat perfrrmel tb's good serv<os. Near Mli ta pore tbe taemy bsgae to awnbls, bat wort dlape srd by a party cf tbe ydth Faaitesrs a naval b'tgade la to be camblDbed at A lababad, so a* lo re leans the trope of that stall-m for other duly OeptAla I'eol, or bar HajeMy's steam frigate lhaan a. wa? dtohagolsbed btmself la tbe Ortmaa, w to ooamand Ibe brigade, which Is to oontltt of 3(0 a?atr< n ukee Trim ion Nhaaa'u and Pearl Hii i,s wrundei (O la.h), two JDb. br eiizira, and two fleldpieen* accompany ta# brigsK, which baa left tAiOattn In river sir* tin s, an1 m now makirg lis eny towards Alnthabad The staiion and Hi >? ? are threatened by tbe Jsa* rebels, wee are borer tag about ia large bor lee. hut, a* precautions |have l e*a taken to guard agalunt a rarprue, they are co ieldaret safe The fort at A lahabai le la a cempln e state uf defence, and tbe Intrenchmeuv* at Ksjgbaat, is Beoaree, am ?ppruaoh lit- completion Ta* station of Gorucsprre, la Ouj#, ne* been abandoned, canlrg great loan to the soa offlMal rest dram Ten force o< 1,0(0 Ghoorka* which WMtopr.itecilbat place bava withdrawn to Ac! atphnr, wbere 1.000 will remain in garnets, while 2 0(0 prooeeded immediately to restore cider la Jatapsre. anciunt* ?t? received al Brsares no Ihe iittk cf, ttaucg thai a day or iwb prevl ruaiy an altars wae made ou tbr Gboorkt camp by a bvdy o' rtbels, uodrr a man camad; Mabotned iloasala, who a?i onme tmr frum O*"0 to aeenm? the gryornment of ha rurkpere for Ibe Ktrg. Tbe Ghoorka* bebtved nobly, atd brat btck tbe enemy, with he lorn of I to Miltd < >s tbe 23d cf Argusi a detachmKii of the 1st Madras Fanf litre end n few Hkhs protNade*! slsly miles op the Gaa fee. in the gunboat Jumna, to out iff eunnuBio* lea be iweea irude and the Doab They kir*d about 43 of the rebe a, and born: >wo boats. Bat >r M'iatyre, of tbe 7Mtn H.fb'.aalerv, at tbe tarn* time ndraooed from AlUtavai wi h a small oooy of met and two guns and burnt ihroa vii agee e? the Oasracore road, roetir'sg lit ensuotlci Hon with ibat plaon. A oolumc of troop*, eiaawvag '' eft wing of her Mt.ieaty'a 53d Regiment, las 27ti Madrne NaJva lafaatry aod a c mpany of MsBrae Artll if V' a31 sect a* foo* Kane gusge, the lormlaon of tbe Gwoutta Railway, oa Ike Grand frani road, towards A' ababa : ia Buadecluad, all aroeaJ Nagode and Furl Koliagcr, tbeevaatry ta for many mile* porfeetlf qnlet iJeuteaaet Kriaiagtm is holding tbe later place wttb bf ?*aaaa, |wbo has dlsplaye l rreal Mkl and loya<ty la the canoe of govern nenl Magor I "lis, 1^*'/ Bisdoc'aed aod Hewah, la poeersesd ?i rwmfiderabta laflntmte assoag the va'ibmi Rajabilntie proTlBcre aal It Is perhap* owiag to hit good jtdgmeat ZEST" b01 ^ afpaim nr TiR r!)mrat rmemnw y. Ia ike BrmMty I'realdeaey we have beaa comparatively inlet, tat no freak dittorba>"w novo eceorred at any of oer MofMall lUitm* Oa Ike kk nf Rvptembor elgawen p? We vers -Hi kad he* crwrvrewd rf '-???">? wt* jntgd at dsnnara, in Ike prim mm at aa 'mweaat on ill .uU of who aurrrblad f em all para te wl n-tsr the I i tt'Cle Kits of Me prUOne-a tree hanged, ?'? blown away fr id '.te g-ta*, and Mvnn weraaaot i??ery t' ik |MM off q nil* . a d uia toene not. bin (MOtM* the enure, with a wholesome Jread -bleh will mod u k.<p tfcera In at .Kn..ilau Mere al ar-ctt war' ueiug ox e In ibk c it , but none of the people dro.mrl of ere*) itg ? dtrtar n or Where ?er disaffection bu i -owi. U* 1? Weatrrg India U baa been slitl.M wi n nnrelent ng strru neM, and the aoloort'laa deserve great orodlt for tbnlr ntnduri du H* tbe ct?l? when the ll.-ne. of revolt ibrea'eeed to >pr*ad wlibm our borders At l?og *? toe ?uate b.dy of lie troops oon Inue loyal there can be n-. 'ear cr tbe rmult. as wn a-e qui* a >le to pu> town be uiia'ded efforts of the .nob. Kverr important iiai .a, ?to, from Dba> war. In the iiuh, Is A lateta-tad, ta n i.cnih, has broii scoured by European troop., so lb *i o >ar can l?e enertstnui. of popular outoreak. in the l?'g ? oana. Tbe Mobnrrum, wbloh baa gene-ally been a -en <t o'nnltenent to the Hateulinan popu'atbin. bat pawrt If quietly tbr egboul ire Presidency, owing to tne n tnui vbi > tr'tngen en a o' tbe rxneui.e fo ? pieurvleg the i.'b'iu ?rare Hvr Mtjesly's Kigbty nto h regiment err I ed lu Bombay from the Caps on ihe lltb of daolemser, aui na<e teen deapatoboi to Ahmetabtd and Oreaa On-r -r (lim-cu aretlao soon expected. to that we may oastd-.u .ta? all eerger ta patt, and tbat *c abtll aho ily re oitat >oh our p<i*er <hru ghrut the noun try loo wettb'r in Bombay be. cot. Mus t to Improve, and we now eejo? ? mlid temperature, hTT'sg nlieurte rain and tuoiblna during the dar. Tbe tall of rain un the l.laud is noarir tevtnly inch- * Tbe Goreruor an 1 Ctimman ier la-ubitf trc boib at the Hreii tenoy, to vrhl h the latter returnuU a ?ew daje ego braucti TBI BTK*Mkt r PAlISiO ?u83?C INTUITS tt ma ui>iTcK ritsxn ur on tub ooabt?riiB uinibtbk TO KCi-BIA?eVtZ C'NAL. PK'IJBCT. In VaiiK theJUm.vrur hut culioea inn battle storz re ceutly re'etred u> tut baring oojneodta w tb tut ,on of loe tieamtbl.i Perlfic: ? "br Marit me Tibleo. of Brett haa trxtwm'.itfd ti th* tllnltier -ecreurv of -tale for tbe Vevy and tbe Goloni-? t note written abb a pec ell, In Kigltih and wnloh ?? e?el wed in a gl ?? bottle found in the Mdt f Soptemie", 11-61, en ibe strati. of kb rn. In the erndicate of Por?po ?it r (d lanue- t of the rlnUtere ) G:eat interest It at to tbli note, which appears ft have been written by a paaneugar on l^ard the American stc.mrr PaMSR, ??),'? ?pote.l to i e vIioIIt lotl, with all ban'a, la 1866, and vu irink it, therefore, ou.- da/ to pjbitth lu couw-nu err ba/im ? h-e* m?* p Partfis. lMrtdge. cOmmHtiler. Smith, pR*?erg?r. Hti atniblp racitl'-run betwrca ttr ln? irrrn idhtndt loll On Ihr 'at of rprl', 18)6 Juet going down, 1 P M Toe word April It <ritten over a w> d efftoed, for tie au'bo- of tbe noli had t)ret oomineDued witu a ctolial M a? if about to write Ma ch.?[ fbe P>C On Itfi Ltverpo I oo too 113 cf .laau ry. 1866, and that It Ibo la I ever beard of bcr Tb hoihe ?to y u thtrefo o clearly a gross fabrics tun ?Ed Hbrai d.J News from Aust-atla. LABOE 6HII MIMfl OS POLl)?aBBITAb OF TWO CON SlftbVBNrS OF TUB MKTAL. Tbe stoamwhip ttuyal loartsr, wnirn left Melbourne on ?he 13th oi, put Ibtu Qucenttsirn, I -eiaud, ou tbe 16tb cf October riie wts ?'?n tier wty to Iilve-pool she br"s*ht gold valnod a ?>60 COO sterling Tbe eh"! Kit g Pcilip bad altu arrived la tbe channel wiib?ieO.U f-itm Melbourre. rbe Artt-al'tn noes had not been trleg??phed from 0 rk, tud the aea'.l* were cot expected to reach Lire-pool uoti! after the departure of tbe t'ersla. I'M? Kn|(lltlt Vwrt. Tutmpu or uk. no. bboui t'g billk. MtirtkMT, BrsDMSHDAV, Oct U._Tbe Bed o-d 8takei Sn?f:^lr- ??ob, t?. ;ooii?, s?t 7i? * .hi T- . J riilowapcee penuiUes fo start from m V*r* o '*?*1 *n<< a#1"1 Dukt's 81 cd. 9 suia rfnaa ?f3'0e;?,Bol'#- bT "line, 3*1 lib. (rordhsm) I Duke nr .tedjor. ? h.ill grew. 8? 7tb (R peult> 2 Lord Exeter t So Ma, Sst lib (Nj m?a) 3 ag^Mhe"6 W 2 01 K1UI?f#w'3 19 1 M* Aaalla," io'to l tblrc? b7 * ie',Uli ihr?3 "nt1hl b8l,r*n 1118 and 11BTTINOCN THC CAMBBIIHIK8H(H* STAKES. I 'rotn the Iztuaon Timts, Oct It. 1 tbe it h' n.? MMe Tory lim'tsd on ImLt i' ? quotation* given below nre for tbo ntT \ me,el' n0B>la*l Prlorecg #ne made tbe fart ?w AU' '*rl? p8r' of ,b9 droning only 11 t) I was offered aga.nit htr bat toward* mldclgbl U to 1 would "ual^Ki Rd.k?mUl\ ,4,t3 1 o 1 aialost Fr'fbt, 16 to I ngalust 8881 ? * b? 1 against Cyrene, w to 1 against Bade I ^anlllly, 26 to 1 agninst I.'terpool 28 to l ! Unr 30 to 1 sgalnit 8a jntore* 40 to 1 ?*? keaual, 40 tol sgalnatRoetl,60kilafklasiE, Hftfkftle ro.wr-ow Moxir MAiKS7-riut>*r Evmnso, Oat. 16 ? The fre?h tarn of toe -ecrcw" applied by the Bank of SfSTM5,,f^0"e<1 mocb "??8"8?a. la eiaMNU tin tea, and fsars ware enter nlaed that the direato-a vn #^,?n again been compelled to advanw the B.nk or toSutld h.!bailrt0,ent ?aaaaf?B adopted by the H f have, ho aerar, eauewd a alight relsxaUon fr me preesure on ihe money nukrkei mid ruiiiAHM ?? pa^y restored. Several ?&??!???? 0D!Lei0*p,ln* lb?f ari laalvtdaaliy of lude lm v, to the pamic in Ou VnitM ??te?, eoAicA xi u to U Vped iviU toon pais oner, the minimum rati of the Bant of Ergl?na l. .tVen 2* ?"? Il'0 nothing Is doisg in tbe aisooaat hooaes^n lorn bard street under that Dgaiwta 1 IvwvmmI Lure (099 tf the moat ex'enMrs ls 'jf4" ll*1/) h*8- H la stated, cu.rat to oaah all its **!?*' " ? p?t osat Tan iLmsly arrival of tha Ksd f? M Koyal Charter, from Melbourne, with ODwardi of bkif e million la gold, wilt tbe imlimine of tht e*. port to America (which, had not a check bona ?i by the bank uirecto-s, would have been very large), has given general ttiufhcllon. la the stock trcbari. oua on govrnmrni lucuritioa ware la damaad at 6k per cent The return from the Bank of Ehgland for tbe weA md '?f 018 ??b of October glvae Lb. fodo.tJ^X wren ocmrared with the -revtona wiwa? reeoiu Pahlia <apa>Ha ?-< ,f 02,816 laoraaaa ?164 108 p.?^i38 dSS:. S:!m i vJ'i. 3,969.188 lnrraaati I6 3f>a ! Oa the other sldo of toe acouunt-? ? G?vara stent moo title*. ?10.660.607 Owranea ?38 ooo OUtor eer.rtues 23,3h8,8T7 nMMtST'" 663M? Nmj, nncmoloyrd.... 4,034 400 D^wJUSt* Ml 6W ',.???? ,B ?nntlsiioii It ?19,990,110. being in liorctM of ?42 Rf6; and the Block of bullion in tw*h h? yartmucta la ?10,109,943, .bowleg a decrease of ?6M 749 U,a returii^ I a in bom pooiidirifeio bos nci? done In ihn hni ffitX? wo,k ^ low rate rfe^SaJ,. rB ,b. 8 h?8 "uasd ootulderahle ahipmeota of (pad. ^ have advanced ta price Uild hni amo beea . ccly ahipjed to tha Cmtineat Mexican dollarsTb4 blr al'?er ha*a met ready buyer., and last week'. ?... hive STh,U'H*d'rf rTh* t!9d J40181 *?> the Royal lhart.r ?? !? hT'h 4rrlT?d frotn Australia, bring,?g together about ?_OC,COO la goid which in tbu pretest roMtlon of the mo ney market nod the fore.gc exeba^go. t. VOry welcome ? oroyo told In bars (Man lard), per oi 8 17 0 aivrrln ears (.tea ard) . S i , Sold co n, i' pieces I American . >glea ^ . ? ? :u l?>oloon. Patriot ~ i* t? Hpnalah ...Z.Y. a la a NapoieoM. ;;;;; ? 10 gulldrrrtcna ? J J ' S.lver coin, Mexican sad Sooth American dollars 0 6 lu Hpeaieb piUar d-tllara 0 . ,i>* Eug tea .eoor pti (as will bj aeaa by our ?ootuatlwi ta hie i nave tnlfered a Mr are shock since our is*, an I until the monetary panic haa paasr t, there It uuie I'keil he-d of as; ma?r1al reoo trj YeetcrCar orn?l. for iBfctod 8810" ? ?r r# ?'? i' tt# br84*,lf "P Of Uta Bank Court, with mL. . 4h4r"B *?*?? ?* h"T ahaihrn lu tbe terms of duoouat. there was again n recovery t> 88 u, tbe market y ?> supported by numerous pur jkasw on Me part of the public I, was sail .eositive, boworer, and the ot'Cula a-i L * **fls?y iof unlonndel rar.ors canned n decjae to "twB,3B WM lbe Inst offlTal w?l?. Bask stick ^ 1 M>713; ^n09d, 86^ f 8T; N'sw roree per &-nto 8f. to 87; Ia? n .loot, >07 to 309; India bonus, 30. ?o JOe a*d 1 icheqnsr htlie, (of which ?10,000 were afsiB purchased on pabBc scoonat.t 10s. to 6. dlmaost RSvV to *? 480 "iTanoed rapllly to 4 1" *9 They then Ueolm.d, upon tome uafsvors-tie rumors as to American news, to 88m to H. and sioce tuen qal-tly Imt roved, closing at for mo.ay has U k, ant Tor ShsetraT1"1 W 7i Kxcb*^BBf wu? *?f? 8s. to tr JSTlWl" ,h0W 61 ''^"W*8 la ooasol. fw 7".thr..Mr^> ' >*?-If docnaaf 8a- to it IW ' Of '' Ljm'( Uifh l Wot p. f4 ? If..>9 M?W aQ* Men ? 1J..87* 8?)J 87> ?> 5^ Tuee. 13..86M 87 W |7tg |?l* afj 2;<* Wtd.16. MM 88 iJJ 5* 88k thnrl?..87?< My- 87y "sJ 2S 88M'k 88y Wl8'tog tbe cmr.e of ooase'a, ham snHo nrtI0*"*! bot. too eicrpttnt Of ru/lllsb ^be EmZfttVi i 00 tn4,4,rl41 allerat.on r h48"8'8 " re Mead, who It.1 2? arrvtgemeow ta or nn . tt ,5 ....... Baking, irothira A co.'6 cir' T6a ?d -?-nam Amert'^iV. tV ' d"?b'^. ?P^'b. ; u M ? *?iw tlr^""[.w" wmJm I' q'"t' BPd ?'rt 8f ?hsai 2. a S. r&# id on 134 .? P^wcnf Kngfieb wbeet wee U. * ? WhiM A^rlcaawlMat, por bhi * I** ?; ???fi ?i ? ** u/nm |o!M Inks for ihe week noo h*1am At r iwa. notato. , aboitote tartar sof t at lt?r run lTlIi! ser held far full rates; gcod pale ttecgai Hud a rv a ?> o. ad. 6yd a 6d , y.itoi am^X Tu >. 'T rlo?SCO sag. Madrm sold from 30, M a d*.' alSTEo 2??7"1?5 ?;'??, S.V.C "?? sV-rtfTki"11 Qototsllvve quiet a* la. lid. a I. Baup ?RasMaa firmer, M iv?rab*r? - cm i. Manila aalslsg to rwpert Jul*-(>f i 0BBJfc,H- 4ff8rM "I hiRt retort* 90U 9F9 of fn ly 20s per Ma, via, ?18 |?a a ?30 forlow andCm rSTif a * wM i#" ^ to'ddhag to good, aad las from lat ot - l'roprial -ra bays ahuwa moth trmoaas, aad

prlcvi eie fally enpnprtod. y.iis oh alt hare no* ? al* or which 8 603 eev* necn wuaJrcws, 1,411 bought 111. Mid 2,t76 told IB!'* Ve y lilt * demand for A'eltll, W* .|4 li? ?. ? *Od I ?r? ?7,f oo 0 la Welaa d>on a uig 1- .lie) I 68* , on. i* not 60*. td ? 6 ii , for m xtx! No*. <0 ino Ljoe b7? 6d 1-ie-taXD ? liriioru during &0 weak, 12,49# qr?., m "ly fiooi ii e 8J*o* Sra oi d At >v, and in *ej ta i a*ud?. < o* h?-0 l>M? very limited, el iter oo the spot or for xrri-? ?l; but prlcottm ?llhiut material oh.uya In ujrevd ci? ? 00 Marge to repirl; No* * ork ti!boto.,?tO )6i. t ?iO 17k fc.i ?? Hon in ><|i X'0 "? 6i (hi* ? In nib Li.thiog uou g Hapa to U uUeu demand, end price* cave a do'n*ard tondnn/y. LlU'ccl U dixit ?t S6? 6u n;.7<. 9 J Coc ? nut dull m 48*. a 40a trunk- Eel, ol ?29 Ut a ?79 IOi Hi'M.? ibe ouriot u dull nod I >wer. ICO puncbeisa Pi-m ./*>* Cue ic Id Mil Bd ; goou Brunei uu beon Uii kt '*?. 4d. Hu b.? "be public iuw born boon lege, iit u i v%?d or 10,0k bi|r, an) prim bare fur her gi>en way6i. pe? i*l i n? kitf about la f on l*e ikio tig iii oub , kt ? t l b, ou-rrvei, theia ta a dlqoiitlea Ui oay (>'202 4 b il Ueogkj Hired sl?c ut half x I let 10a 61. ? l*k firing mailing o goo bi ddliug wane, and 12?. 6 t. k 181 for go u an doe 16,,01 bxgi lo - Ma >raa work bought la at iCi 6d ; 1 801 uagr Ar>aran kt l(a 61. .or Ndraueie, aid )0 r?r L-rorg, 6.6S6 b ?a Baa oto at 10a. 6d add 1 690 b p Kwg'Hir at lli Plvataiy 6,000 bagi Java were re or ltd b< tli 3a alia 6d , alio 6,200 biga Kuril and R i.< 0 bigr bourne a. 1 li i i2a. UuLAariti - a cargo of 460 nnda Clayed Cuba told afloat at 16, ro. ihe CI/do PAiunaa ?delaa bavo bean effected at lower ratoa 787 ' kga Bergal rcallxad 4lSa for 18 par c?nl rafrmonan, 42i o, a 43-. for C2/a i 40i4, anu flue a' 6T? 6d for 3'.,;; 641 aga, 17 owe* bout oay |? ui a ao.d at 36( Oil a 30i. (or 21 a 33 p ? orel. ? nee* ? Pepper?'he market b <6 been qute ror btaak; onl 160 bagi Singapore aula; wbite Ii #d per lb. lower; 1 3 ,'igi ' * o?6g ao d a, 8 W1. a ?S'i, ? od-kb l>?ti dio g lOrtalS^d a 8)?d. Plnerto~ rbe aatea ore 413 b?gv o t or 1,( 06 urge in pchue aalea, at toiler prloea, at doling ii g.-oo 4?lt,-. a 4 V per lb ? P io?e have declined 2* a 3a pee jet, bat at itli ricunl. n there w moreei.qairy ao) ine me-au> cloaca iu a be u tone Or ?'o*t In :ia 1,600 ohd* have osa 1 arid corii g <ba week and 20p?Cbai* Maurltlui ?n 1 Em ii?d * il ainuoa early In the Been weie ail wltadr?wn. Or 'o eigh tr.u ) ubllnaiies have been ouwcoui. 00m .>la'eg ',4(,| bbai. Uubi muic iv.eiu, 100 do Poro Rico, f>0 do, i02 ba<rrla * Croti am' 14 ooxea, VtC (.toitemila, ntariy dm whol-' cr ?hu h wore BUhdiawr. it the above decline, ?o. 'iPtjici,*'. 4.1- lor ? 10U hroivn, 44r. a 46i for ynl loe; I'cr'.o 1 loo ai >4< ? >u?. for brown and ljar yallaw Ha >oa al 44? 61 h 47< for h'.i?n and yellow, and at 42a 6J a 43? 6d f< r oroau; 662 bbdi Meladi were lika wl-r. althtt a -n, SOB. ocly beirg bid P-tvalely, 6,000 baga erero riam aere ?eid 11 ao?., 'oraxport, aao'bOO e x 1 and 360 iiads Cab* in ?c >r*4o *oid, tbe former at 44- a 43? a, d U e la tar at 41a a 4Bf, Torek 0*-guei of likvtn ?pid ill ai for in oatptri, f :liv luaured. 2,000 0 10a .So 14 at 33k 6j., 1,600 bote* No *12){ *1 321 6d., and l,47C *rP.xei No 10 at 31i. The lollpwcg Tero tbe 'mncrir aid 1*0066 on lit in*.aat, compared win the nne ptrloj lam year ? Imports , 1866. 1867 CMef prrt* r.f iCutrpe... 6Vieooroo 476 9 0 000 lb*. Oriat Britain 686,9.0 000 705,700,(00 11 ToUl 1,159,600,000 1.179,600,000 11 lhta 185^ Chief porta of Europe .. 62 40o,OCO 62,60j,000 Ibl. C?r?ai Bria n 199 760 0^0 231 100,000 ? 262,160,100 294,660,000 " Tba ~ur 21,060 pa kmea <4Tend *1 auail/a ca tao 13ib ate 14tii lull.,about 3,btyj were Aaaami, wblob told at 21. ie?ib* on prevtoaa prtnua Ol uhlna lea 4,000 yacitkgr* acid; contnon Congou al rather eaaler rate* pre?> ct ? !o??, 11 2d. per lb axiiBOBB ?Nntbltg dc lag. Amihicab bron.e--'J ilnoia ha* btan dooo In Unltel Siatei 6'* boedtand Utk/'IpUoak of 186' and *68 at 107, aad in 6'? ?.f 1866 at 97 8 am iiocka are not ge-eially preaacd f<>* aaie tnore ct V'rgin'a are the mo*t offorel at 80 a 81 for ibe ao! ar and at 81 a 82 for the eterllnr 6'a. Mary, lane 6'#, a'erilng eold it 90 dmali am mnl* of MtaeaoUo *etU 6'?, ate. ling, offered at 97X,ani:of Penni?lranla inrrrii tion* at 7 2 a 73 tio Pennay :* aula bondj al preaent ifl-red Nothing dilng In City aioeka Ba'ea of a fow Uton tacd poor di B t*ca save been made o'Uinada 6'? at 109 ef Nc*a 8-' otla at 1C2; of New Brarewtck at 102 In rail road bond*, Pranaj Irani* Outral, s6 ? 87; do 21 mort gage ateibng, s# a 88; New York Central, 87, New York and krie 3 - murtgag* 61; Ullaola Central 79. uo. PreaUad 90; Michlgaa Central offered at 80; erand Trunk or Cana da, 73 a 14 In aharee. bnalneat naa been done in New lerb Central al 66; New Yurk aad Erla at 18; Uknoia Central al 86 a 86, $40 paid; Grand frank of Canada, 40 a 41. MBIGHT, JPNIOl, AMD CO.'8 CtBCTLAR. ? _ . ^ . LiTnorooL, 0*. 16, 186T. Oor lilt circular advice* were dated 9tk lnet, aad for warded par Earopa. Tbe Amerloaa aooounta to band tba rollowiag morning Indeed epecnlat/re to extend tbelr oteratloae, and outon wa* ta gocd demand at very full ratee for all olaeae*. A en Idea check wae given to all bnateem on Monday by ibe action oftbo bank la railing the Internet rate t* 7 por cent tbe p tbHo ran In at the Mie tltr v were very d#praa*ed, and tba ooaltnental ex obacgN aad meroanlJe dlnaatera aaaumed a tbre%t*atng Mr^. Oaurlng apprabeaalow loot greater etrlngeniy might be fouad oeceeaary la order to oheok tba export of cur preeton' matali Borne largo rail urea la Lmdon and Olaagow leaded 10 lnor*a?o tba gloom, aad toera of fbtnrc troublea are more or lem ladelged la ahoald tbe panic In financial matter* la America ocaUano. Taere u, however, mere km* In oar own moneyed ciroice. and the de*lra 10 forward agede baa aomawbat abated, while! large arrival! of gold rrom Aaatralta bare tlmali oome la la our aid, and, eoapled with mere favorable poimaal aad ocmmevwtai advkwg from tbe Eaat, bave dawe moch to allay m tab art, though not quite re aetebltb ?d*r. Cand dree* k, bow ever, xnebaken Ir the- Immediate rntiro coaraoof tee cjtrket being maintained, and patlng areata oa Ibe other aide of tbe Atlantic fully oorroiurate nob vlawr Spinner* bar* oonalierably reatrtoted tbalr pur chtaea af fata aaJ by to do rg bare draw a frost tbalr owa alcclc about 2a,COO belee Bo'drn erinoe no dlapoalitoa lo preta aalea, aad la middnrg and tbe better |ba drdiae acarcely araoeat* to s quotation; tba lowlr grade*, however, are a.0r* unaaleable al '.d. lo VA red ur. too. At ko day ? market there la a batter reeling, and ladloa licne 01 a revival of demand on an tnareaaed aotla. The aarmaied tale* are 6,000 aara, l.ioe otpaootalonaad ?x r< r*.cr?, with more flrmaeaa r. price* Tbe teiat talcs of lie week amount ft 28 889 bale*, of wb'ca 16 100 are Amerloaa. Spec* laten have taken 9,410 acd exporter* K0, lee\ lag 16,4:0 balea of all kladg to tba trade Tbe import fbr Ihe aame time ta 26,678 balea, of which 4,683 a e .\m-rtcaa The qnaaii y known to be al aea from American porta la about 18,000 baiae ^ I'w at Tu Day. _ fjKr. jftddliNg. (irdimory. New Orleeaa 0?,<t. ut%4. M 9Md. 9 *d. fd. tor**! Atlaatle 9?|d, ?a. dygd to 8d. "01?.1867. BaUt, 1866 fotal taken rorconiumptko 1.668J30 1 743 470 u axpori (actoal).. 2ie Of.2 'l?gl706 . . , StoJt t*<* day. Bom timr 1866 American 161,640 voo,69C ?,al 19,190 39,410 Egyptian 4 ,70 M 370 ^V?"! ** 64,110 Waatlaata. 820 930 J?*1 311,160 661,72) Tbe eoarae 01 iroaey maur>a and tea eriate la America and to naay of iba CuatiBeutai el.laa bave baa a market ni.ct in ruitalMtg bailuere o.erau ;n* lo the maa-ifeMir Irg djirici*. Eicm tne mg-fed oediuaa of prodeoera, bnw*ier neiiber gorda nor yaraa hart aefferad d?pf*cia u l 1b tbJh#, ibotk'i Willi doiDB ta oliliaf (toparimoai rt*? ? af botb ara n.orf ntmiotl Our grain markata brongb/et the muntry haven<lroop Jg kndoaey, aad tba trade la *1111 altaonl aalmatioe b atat ta offered freelv, ex tnlp, aad ibe rang* of price* ta againat tellere of Die quality m tole-abiy ?tearty, out common bran la are aaaier 10 pcrcbaa*. and frr Iad au corn khtr* la 00)7 a retail daman) at barely 'ormer ra aa Te day'* marxat wai mora obaarfui and a luster bullae** prevailed, ibe ocly article, however, thai luppt Med Ita vale# wta I jdiaa com, aad lor wbloe a good craatmptiv* Itqalry wai expapirnoed I wpoi 1* from abroad for laat week?16,629 quarter* wheat, 10,237 do. ladlea corn, 1,202 bbla Uour 1 711 aarka do. Imponefrein Iretaad. tame time?788 quart*r* wheat 2,214 lack* fljur, 16,779 Ida oatmeal, I 18* quarter! oat* F.tfoMa.mme time? 2 610 qm wheal, 8,>>40 do. loaiaa nova, 2,920 bbla. Hoar. 1 r.<6 aarki do Wbvax, per 70 b*.-(iaaeaeeand Pb l*d*lphia.9i mixed Amvnoaa, Ha. Indian corn, per 480 Iba ? White. Ha yellow, 37*. 6d , mixed, 37*. Flour, per 196 Iba-Ohio tnrerlna, 82* ; rbltalelpbla aea Telt'trore, 31a ; Veatara aod <Kea<lian, 30* inferior aed aour. 29i < >atmeal, par 240 Ihe lb* Aatir* are gtaady. wit* talc* ol 400 bbla. a*a>la at Iba an) jot* 4la a 4lv ftd perewt. Ba k la aomiaai la ve'oe' wltl'.aa any iraiMMTtoai to remrt Lord la only la itmitoi nqeeai. and aeiea retirlclad to 10 tea* at 10 a 71* per cwi I 'Dered oake or v <* alnw|y,het mair.taint fyrmur rata?f?IO 'J? 6.1 a ?<oa* rar k>o far thia ?>!?ioeg R ?a again aegiaXed, and ao aueineai hat troeaplrrl R ,m.i aell* rapidly at 4t M a 4i. 81 for ocm-m*. sat a little Ire at 17a. par o*t, al wtlah raw a 00/ ui* bar* changed baaoa. Tallow la dell, and prlu* tmdadow* waroe, wub only email aalea at 55* a Mi p,,r c?t a* is qnallty, Tar?100 bbi* havefeuod huytra at In 6d a Ha per bbl Turpentine oont nuea depreee**! #0 traia ariione la yoogb, and oaly ret. 11 operation* tu epinta M ?t?a to 39s. per cwt Bh* DFOKD WOOL MAR IIf 0<r 16?Tbr gloomy acoountt r-um tbe Unllwl Ststea ese hrr Meo la oe rale of dleonnt, and the re porta derlag' be wera of aevaral failure* in l^u aad other dl.flde of tbeor onlry, have UWed ?o produce * moat dradee'eg IkflufD.* oa tbta cark.t today. The qalaUeat wh,.^ pravbila la vary onuaual, anitberela Utile or aoth ag d> leg. There waa arete y ever mom wool la tbe market aad yel, perbape. ibere wae never a leet q.iantily r.banw' ixg in- da. There I* abarlaiely ao Inquiry, aad oacxaaR q'ote price*. Ndl* aad brl.'t, Ibmigb llo-ltoa Ionian, ty may be queltd )gd. to Id. per la tower. W <rttod ? market yreaart* iba aarsa dull aed rhaarleaa aayecf. Me.itaaile*<1 wUbcnnestl raaM.i,aa.l rwfita* ta on rare, evra al lower prises Too oonssquasco is, that waea w 1 order are eitcstod, macblssiy mnet oe pat oal of I'M, re lee* ibarelea ap*edy aod marked rhangp In our p n opt eta The ripirt bcuxa* are dolag no h'ng, and ere em Ilka y to do, without be >er adrdoee fruei abroad icttrm j art a |<art?ka of to# aame ilataem, but ibure it *.> altarailoa la q <otaticaa Pieoea?Thar* I* IhUa or wolPlag dotrg la 1M* dapartwieal, and what ta ddag I* m*'*.r to Mil an tome vruail order* thai mty ooaae la. Morohaata do ellae to bay to atook, area al price* wblob ar* rainona to maaufbolarers. ?ews frnrw aeuih Amarlra, <Hr advices from Snath Amer es ars dated Bueana Ay re# 1*1. Voalevl i*o 4ih, *al Rio JaatkWw I6tb of September Al Buran* Ayrra bual v*w* vaa doll. Frrgata eearoe aed mnaey market teedtag downward. Al Bio freigSta were la proving owing to tba aalma'lca tr. ibe orffae mark't. Prloa* af aofBw wars s trifle lossr Stariiag evchasg* flat al ITJ< A* Perrembeen * *ar was ob'sror. Frefghta rlvlow N. y>WMu Mtek. 1OTF&TI&EIFJT8 KENVWKQ JIKRY DAT. HOtLNKM A1YI> C A Kttl AMK.R Q OR !? UwUD < RrtkS Wa-t O for $nod Tfoonwr land . It ,Fja prrvou havlog tb-m ' * tale at a 1.1^0 cubm Adcrea* Bnrr, UeraL itttor, tarlpilon F1VB HaMDBUMB FURY BO ILT fOkBU FOR HilJ U>1* fa1 , be wnoc u and 6 ha; da b>i{h; promts* U) b* o great r peed; all live year* oil Two baud* 01# grata we matched, snltabA for a genUexann or lady. Apply tat Mo 63 Cherry stxeet. (tor bslj?* family bikkaw vt, in i?Hn *i r? r order: br?t city make; eoe erven hnndriJ dollar*; .11] bv eoH for two hundr d dollars, c?J? leu dr. of J A3 OLE MKHTg 'M Worcester street. FOB H?I.A-a B-Y ROAM HUtf?B, 16 HARM HIGH stylish <?river can trot a mile In 1 ?6 to w?goo, warrruted soutu and kind mx ?ea>a old. 'or **-u ?*ou*u lu v> it uf eucb a bur*, oe'og the floe.' Or* tb at ti av -I* tor roac. nso In qutr* a< ten stable, 7Y * oat Tweni/tbird etrom, between Sixth aad Hevent a aveanea. ABN >L>U WOOD. J<JR 8A1M-THRBB HBA'JTDCL. IILOODBD HAY mare* lt}j aad >6 htnda hi.h, tlx t ear* old, sound and kind; ? d? of Arm *111 he lave1--.! agaiast tine to trot twenty ml ee las>de of ore b-ur and twenty inlnjte.t Apply to KiOUaRD WALTERS, 11 Henry street corner of Oatha ble* Fur r a lb-a bplbbdid to'tro by noKeM, iih bu>d*bl|h lorg tall, j'uit I on the ooustr-, nanranu-o sound and kind In alnne and double harms--. a epleudld emit die ho ?? 'or tfrnt emaa or lacy. To be seen urtli sold, at 101 Pit. street, P. T. I FUR BaL CHBAP-A H K > OARItlAGB. , In good nutting order, snll.Me for bruiting purpose*. PiloeBtw. .i.qnbe at SO fllty Hail ptsoe. Ht hSB fur balm?a dark oh btrut fajirw borer, 8 vrare o d ahont 15>i "and* bl/h, warranted aoa ?d and It. d and 10 isoe ? r ile In better thtj Ht-ae minutes; rate 'or lady to drive, a and *IUom tt tng, of trial endurance; oid for we I of u a a' a lo ? tiger,, alto, a ste-md band ? 11' In* top wa?on alight bamerr. blanket*, whip ac To berren at Smith's lire y stable. Rtvlngtui street, near the Bowery BOhbg". AO. ?THKhia f'ORRBH WILL ItlTiKK* Iff A rep,Tier prlv* ? stable and c,r<"i for by ibe beat groan In the ooustrx. Addrrt* box 1 BSV t'os office. aJORSBU WARTKD TO KBBP-BY A MAR IH TFB xJl ooon'ry. savtm the best of feed, stsb lug. Ac. R?iAr?nee given, tdrrss* or apply to thai. B Ha .loa, 111 Ful.on street, up s'Vra NLT OUJR.J T*? KUKOt-g BUY WILL D18P MB OF A One double Irani of boraae thai nan Iro. In 1.10 to thr pole; alao a gray mar. 16 hands bigh whit'mine and tall r. n wot In three minutes, the moat prrfeot laal-*' or rentA man's horse In this Bta'e Twr. sin/1? bors-a oue -o show ISO Ur o!ber 1.60. aodrrs* for three day* Hurts* Broadway r 001 offlca. THE LRCTllUC HtlANOll. LE'TCBt -J -jUTOR tlDlLMBYTB WILL iHLt"vkr a f<M le?tare t* "the < n .tomv an-" i'h?i?n!ogv of the Vocal and RrepUatori M-chanbnr," on Friday even'ug 30 b ln?t., at Rfl e Bos in* select school' i.r young ladl?t Ro. 30 West Twruty bf.b alrmi.. Un this ocra?!on wl1. be rx'b bit A and compared the larynxe* or male aas fem-.'e subjer.* To commt nre at 8 o'clock. WIN KM A!VB LHtli(fp.<t MBPSRB LBTJlfl VRD A do. OF RBHIH CU AMPAONB Frane*), dtwlre lo procure an agent for tne sale of setr wleea. rieaae addrea* them dlreatly, el Aelmv, giving rsfe reooee. tarma, Ac DOFAHTI8BBHIP BOTIUMtA ttUnn -WARTBD. AH BNlAOBTin PSMDM, J "PuvU. partner tojoln thr adrerlUer list areUiDg pecn latloo la which money eat. le made, without touot For par ticulars call tbla day at i9S Broadway, roo* Wo. 1. SRni)~F'A,tT',lR WAKTB.L-AK IRTRLLIMhRT IPUUV/, mtn with tha above smoant, %? partuer la the tea ana dry grooery basic era. on Blgbui avenge, doing a fint elsss cash buslnexa Ibla la a -arcrbxnue For iorlbar In fotnatUon call at ihe alore, BB1 tlgh.h avenu* C J| (| -A PARTY WITH THIS t MC17RT OtN FIF1I tP JVi'Vs an opportuni y to rta lae ll.M*, par vnaum iv a safe and penrantut burtneaa by sddresilng A L, box C2 Herald office, stating name, Ac Must rraldeln l'Hladelohla $1 Ifel'.n '?JM^-PaRTRBR - ARTE ). WaRTE I, Rl.UVJU a altnr.uoa In wime good bualniur bouae and o loan this stm toeJtr oTrr, ar would bnyoniagi d bes nesi hotel prrferrtd. Inquire a'. >be real estate and bustnaaat eu cy, ri gasaan atreat. room 11. Sllll 000 t?ASH FaRTJTBR WARTED, IR a cash tplUilfUU, br. ->e*a where forty per ce?.t can be real lien without fat' on layaatment Bvoeers guaranteed Beat af^refepeeeea glyan and reqolrwd. AOditas Uaak, PerUd 0O11ABTRBB8HIP NOTICB ?THE OOPABTRBRg IIP heretofore exlatlng between the uaderaigned under the same aad style of Pe tocke A Johnson It tals day dtseiired by mutual consent aI debts dne to said firm are reuaaatedto be paid le, aad *11 outstanding jbllgstio:* are siinmed by J c. Pcoocke. who sine la authorized to sign the name o: the llrm In liquidation. f g rk'UoKd Kkw York Cel. V 1887. J" >?. i,a"""" J B. FB'IQCKB. rvlRROLOYIOH -THE COPARTNIRB'IIF HBBBTO U fore existing under the urn* of Ilqier A Graham la ih s ?f. L?*L *1 ?MP<l?aolyed bv m itnal oonsent Ibe buslsees will be fontlasad ty Ueorga W. Hoi sr. who will set le up the snatrs of ibe late Las t^BU W HOJBR Nsw Yoax, utt 17, 1817. UIuBBAT GRAHAM. THR CCPARTHBLHHir HIRKTOFOBR BXfBTiRU ON der the nam* ar J style of Worrell A Blmmoaa la ttla d.y dlato vaa by mntnal co. aeoL All dabia doe to aald arm are reqnr atad to be raid In, and all oots andlag obltgaU >as a * as sumed by. Job- R Horr.ll who alore Is an horsed to sign tb- name of the Urm la liquid si loo. JNU. II. ? RRaLL Rsw York, Oat V. 1M7 WM. H. BfMRURH ' ?be nscertlgned will eontlnue as ususl the wl. nestle wise Iqnor, lea tobsocoand ala buslarsa of the latAOim at th* old strnd eorner of Rooa-yelt aad Front free to. under he nxme c John H Morra I. JRO u MURRBLL. Itw Yobk.UOi r. 1887. ftldOBUAIKUCR DRruaiBTB, RfeA f> rH'K N ACRIKICK. ?PBIOB'8 INO doron* glycrrtnc ai 81 ot par aocad by h? single boll* V " "ul1 '"tbar rednc ton Also, otaar Bog' lab drugs aad toilet articles below tie wboleta'e p.lee AR'. HUB WiLLMKR, Importer. 107 Fulton tt. asoond-floor. FOB RALE?THE KB8T OF BLU JK TlR, IN KIAi-L and Urge ;1nsn lile* so d at a greai seen: -w Plnmsers aad rr ofera will And it to their advantage to oall at 106 Oeatr* Dird Hoof. Hb^-oohbr^ FaTBRT OR ATI gampbr ha vbs 33 per oerl la fuel and II per cent In h<at Ian be ace. in or< rattJo In the print Ipal bo-els aad la oyer two tbooaand private fawlhea. Prtnctpai ofloa.tM Broadway; factory. 68 1RDIA RCBBtR REPAlRIRi-RURHYK bOuRR AT laobed lo leather boom and shosa, at 80 Haaaan ( rem be tween Fulton aad John. JlWBLIilRH' HWKRPINUg. -WARTBD TO PCRUIIAH8 aayqn nU'rattbe blgbes. market prist Applv at the Aurora Wold and B'lver t ompta-'a tr. rka at tue foe. <4 l fth t, East river, Kmplre Wo-k* or R B BC'Bk RTH, twrretary. No 6 Wail airce: ' LBTTTiR WRITISG ?Lsl)fBR nFS,BOD8 OP IIST-RG tbetr (vrreep .r.dense att-nued to In a str ctiy noufldenUsi wvtuen with elegane*. aeennsry and despatch by a lady Apply at 713 Broadway InatruoJoos givmi la wilting and the axial branches of Bbg.lah edueadow. I rRKHH hWBDIR I LEtmiBP A t *>tMB>.r g0f".*.l?- /"r sale In q ilntctaa oailt l nrraasara. J F. ui.Rl pi Maiden lane. PHBAHRPUBT-FOBMlHndn BT D. B TaYoOR THg I niwr HtA'ea lh-spatoa Ageoi at bia effice Ro 18) Raman A??;wi'anylngeacb | aaaport la Taylor'a Tunr at ? Guide through the Uld war d. with a beaatlfal map SRW1MG MAimikBI -WATWOS'H |0 HBWIMO MA e .tnea me now mady for sal. at Ro <?9 Proa. way. Dww* are the only ata. htnea rvatlly euUeola for ismlly use. aad .heir puts platf a hem wlthla be r.anh of all 1'erwotm louwxdlng m> purchase a aewlac maehlaa wlU So well ? tbm. b. maehold fa-o-lte. be'ore paying from FT* to |1mj fIJr SeArt ao?yJjc*'*a ??? '? raqcr^ bul on. lultton to barom. ahllfui operators Leaarma given gra'Ja Tse saalaated 0y vmdlstof th? Uattod Mama W vTBOR, WOOBTBR A CO.. Ro. 448 Broad way iniii.iv vrrtvi., Itz rULTQS FT A BET 1R*'?" h'ada of plain or fancy mer.ianti'.s' ?Maaryvb aad a.rd prltUng done. 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Thr naaB to he remlito-1 with earn >rde r or a i cgai mm to a raapeetabie peraoe m tbla neighborhood "" ?RraoiAsi, m?A*l01 RTRBMT.?M AD 4MB MAM RAzTT atndy soar acted wMb phrenology, whteb eeailm aw m toll fuur age. ehnraeter sad ctrreowiAnr-.. whs' nhanm. arw before yon. wbow yon will marry, ?nd absrat frleoSa and every eyeni of Hfh. Rhe m aatoa a/^y ntdame">* themoet wonderful healing elalrrryanl In the w-, Idaho de^wihee your enrwe you If curwble, lima gray ham to 'to original color This is no hnmbng. my aeinnlto au OLAIRYOYAROBL-MRg HAYBK, THB ORl? CLAIR v. 'If* 1? k B,'r' H'indr? 'i ,"u..?si?, Rforme x.reel, near Itowrry "r""' ?m<* *,B **?'??1**1'* t. kMARuL'Rt. TUB OBLR pernitolT- wlh'*rjl!,,Mi: h**,r* r'UuT,*c from her gnro Lettoii. ^ '*? f'^Pt of If cents la poeiaga ^TTie e^?. pM1 P?*toto? on' w ' *f"1, W1,l toed a daguerren),ee of future wife kli- jTTILLL*** ? Speetuirn of wr*tiua alan a htea of atC^A.^r" ",U ?? stamp. Marguerite I Amaru.,.., ?roadwar fbxai offiee, M. Y. M1FR A. W. RROW, TRB OBI ffllBATKI) NlfglRRiWI eiairvoyael will remain a f-w weets le ihlsHif ere.i >??* teaer departure for tt. Womb. Hhe will fla I ahe.-nl to*! or .lolen |n-ds sdrtoe o* bnalteaa. give dellnealloaa of el.rsrtrr, An BeaidanreYS Greene alre-t, root. " ae-oed Hour. THB OBI.BRBATBD OfFHY FALV1RT WILL TELL ?act, prereet and fnltir* pyaala m II'e at ?yr itanaJ atoeet eaa leis.oaly real glpa* Awtu.e toller -a Raw fort, aad ?Ak l? vbl WW >' ?>>? fc. tiliil *? ?'*> ruR l""H or land. abuuttqku p UW miles from South ferry, Bronklyu, handsomely shu\led 'rire vrry rtual en'1 n? M'nBnDti In oar la. q tin or JOHN WRititBH. 87 Wall street, New York. t*l r:< ill -for h lb, at a vibt low fb<v*. pu.l) v. vtr gj flu), a wet] built three Mory I t d> eljli i house. 171 Rlshtb street; honee 90 feet by attoui teet; lot * f.el b >M feet Apply to L. KIRHAM. W NUN ?Ural, from 12 till 2 o cluck. t KARA CBARCB.-FRLM TWO TO TUBBB THOU 'V rand scree of rholoe am in land f-r sals, either fjr oath, or gux a at taah prints. i v-m laada are toasted la the lest part of Wise aslo. Far partlculara Inquire at 87 llaldrii lane Baooihf First class mmkjum sized uoorm for rale or to tel. c nualtilng gaa and hear? pluoaotaiL with halite and water .d-we'. and Inea'ed U tba most popa'ar ard b. nl'hj part of 'he city, wttelo half a biook of Fultow avenue etra Price ?<t,6"0. also 178 0?nt">u treet, near H ta< aoo p ace. frier go 9M). ParUaa wishing to hire at a mod*: ?merest, wtllappj in the owner. WILLTaM B. NICHOLS, Id Nassau street N T. 0UIOAO' 1 OT8 AND PBOPEBTY.-HO AOBBB OF l'od just outside u>? rfrrorelon limits of Chicago, beau tltuil altuat d for a division Into ots or cultivation and las prorrment; will b?an<d m parse a or together, anu go-d raQ road mantles -ahm la eiokaoge if applied for toon to J. F. FRaNKi IN, Bo 7 kali street. BXt.n A NUB.?A Va'UARLI "BOTION OF LOTS, well looa ed. In Brooklya 'O eirh \uge for oheap jewelry, ft. nr but isanufaeturars treated with. Address A. B. O, llerald otllse FAKh Wi NTH) ?VWBNTY CB SIXTY A0RB8, HOOD 'and. bouse and e'tttnlldlsga wl sis fifteen miles, at a fair ?alue No fan" prtoea ddrets, with pirttjulare, Ac., IF. M 0 fcerald "Aloe New York. r)R 8ALB.-IN THB TOWN OF OBBKRBUEG, OOCJN ty or Wra'cheetrr. the homestead of the late Oapt Joha Romer will be sold at aao loa. au ihe SDt of Uatober, 18>f, ad IS o'c'cck, at bl- la'e residence The farm eontalna .40 aarea 1 be c la anc- from etoamboat landings and d^pta?9K mttae to irrisgbm and IS miles from Tarr/loem Ml Dobb'c Ferry and h hl'.e i'mia* FK.R B'LB-A FUBNISHED COUinfd% BBHIDHNOJL complete A neat two atoiy s .id attic frame bouse, SUM In wit t b? Ink. with a new stable, btgethar with ten (10) norm A land Alio, the furn'tnre. hereon carryall, oatUafarmtog ton's Ao. For farther pa lioolare asply to HBNNT 8PBAJB 138 Pearl street AfK'P- HsLB?'N BBOCKLTN. IN ONB OP TH1 MOST " desirable loc>tioos, a ltouee and ten lota of ground, the buna- la anout fnr'y feet square, built of brlek, and elegantly fitted up, bating all the in dern improvements, a note ad dress lu P Mdui 178 Herald ollloe, will meet with attention. IjTOB Si LB?BARGAIN, A MODBRN BUILT BROWN r storefront h'gb stoop hense and lot. oa We<l Twelfth strret 912100; one do Neat T wenty Third street Terms eeay. a ppl / to f>. B. -I At.'OSb 11 Wall a .feci, basement, or In the evening at 3C West Twelfth street ffK R rtlJLOW- JHIW -A U &ND80MB FOUB8TOBT P brown s rne hocar 10 by fO in perfect order aboat TLr t- secord streot weit of Fou'th avenue a7tt saUa'aotiry per. a n all en mortgage Kosaeaalon forthwith also, minora, . ?? fixtures and uarpeta sddrms Warden, Herald otfloe FOP. HALE Oh BXCUeNOR FOR REAL BUTATB IN his cry. a heave and lot In Surlogfldd ill; a quarter at ? u'tarelr ltsrenport Iowa; a heautral prl-e ? oolleettan at oil palr.tlnrs by oar fl~t artlvts and other available propmty. Inuulrecf K a. JaAVIH, to use agent, corner 9f (Wtal and Lai er etrrete. IjlOR Bai l OR B X0H4NUS?HOUSB AND LOT. ' 25 bj lOe feet, in Forst th anmet. nrar Canal, to be eold or rirharge-1 for a small dwelling honee in Brooklyn or vIMaity. Addresa J.N O.. lot 4 451 Poet oflice 1,1 OR SALB OR BZCHANOB?TART DBHIAaBLMPBO ' p?r y In beat locml.ola Ruzsbetb, N. J , and a valuable Wlaro sin tai in Nil eichange at low flgures for hart 'I'a fcrnltu e to nrr deslrsblv goods. iBquire of F. U SWIFT, No. 8 Nail street room* ID and 11 (ftCR HALB OR BX1HANOB-FOB A FARM WITH l1 sood lat d and Im ..rorrments a short dlsta'ce frnm the the city, twn boukes anc I*, ve lota, in a dctlraole part of WUllamHburg App y to JOHN K K11.90 02 William sir M. Fob sat b or Excn a nob?on b half or thb whole of a vnv complete and profitable lnatbertn( estab li.bmmt, wl bin A sou a nde of Nee fork: Including saw, ? h ng e arc ,th m 1 a, and I 46" acres of wall timbered land; M acre, lmnr ved wits all uetei.n.*y bnlldlnga Apply to J. C, HluNhl. 15 Nassau ttreet. TjlOR 8 J I B OB TO LIT- AN BL19AMT FIR1T CLAIR X1 fanr story house In Th'rly'ou-tb street, brown stows tro-t; bulli and fintsbed ihrriighcat In the most superior style, w ib rv?ry tmprovetren*. Nl.l be sold on riaaonable terms, or will be 1*1 at a verr modern e rent to n go d tena. L Ac pl< at 68 last Thirty ronr.h street, or to WTLLTn LYMAN, 61 I,loert> a real tftOR SALB OR TO I.BT-THB TWO SHALL MOI'BBN I r story brown stone bonaee. Noe. 110 and 112 Weal Forty fonrth street. Inquire of BaTBOB A BLAOC WBLL, LBN RBaL 1ST AT9.?966 000 OF DOMBSTiO HTAP..B DBT goods, in ort tltal psckaget, to exobange for produellre unincumbered real estate In New fork or Brooklyn C. BBLDBN HALL 54 WtUlam street 1j>HK GRBAT LAND SALB AT AT.BAST OF 400 BUILI* 1 tag lots will posit)rely oome oil on neat Friday, Oat 90. a 10 o'sl^ch ea the grannd situated on Lydlua street etty of A1 hasty. UTBSTBRN LANDS WantsU IN BXOHaNOB fob Tf dealrable ?ioch of a ctty e mpany The toads mto be free frpm swamp, wnto a psr 'eet U la. and war aatoa deads. Address, for oae week full particulars to box 796 Poet oNtoe. FDB SALB, ?RAKBBT FOR 8 ALB-LB ABB, STOCK AND FIX. , turrs; tocattoa one of Uts best to the oily. The above store la do'.rg a good business, sad ?ill be told at a bargato. Apply at No. ? Seekman street WILLIAM H. KBLLOOO A OO. $L $500 CASH AN" A OOOD SIAfOP. OF 190 TOMB. vn]'<ed at 91.600 wlU be given la exotaage far two tbansand 62.(Id) worth of groceries, to an) perno. <V>afi deroaean be plseed In the adver.lser Addrem Chas. Wood, ltroadway PoatoDioe. sear >taaal street. SI fxftfl-"" "AbX OAXLhT'S BABBRT AND Cl.UuU. Reeu.tiiank 446 Cans' street 1 tolndlag a vale able five years'lease furniture, Bit urea Ac. This asmbBM maat la well kniwn Bend tooatua handsomely dttod eg. plate gisea frost, metal bars. Ac . la complete order eed doing S thriving business. Apply to ABBL T. COLLINS, nsMgnse, upon Ike prvmieee. CI Itinn I TOHOTBL MSN-FOB SALS, LS ABB nLt'I.Uui/, a?d furniture of owe of the meet flssalea abieerd eiteeslve hotels <m Rroadway, owe do for MO OSO: alio s fini sisas ho al oa the Bnropeaa p'aa. In oee of toe earn locations down town Stu.uuo. and a fins dialog and drtaktng bouse. Iixated near Wail street Cu.tem House and Poet oflre. In tie rrstre of all bus'.n* ? - 96 0 it slat as nee lent dlotag sal Icdftrg bonce n?ar Naahlogtue market?64 0UU. owe do., ?1,(00; aid a good drtahlng sad lunch bonce on West street; alcoime of ibe beat drk king aakmaa oa Br. adway and a dee oya ?r aaJnoe do . a'aoa tine dicing h nae In Pearl strret sad a fits', ra e one uo. nWLLamstreM scar Wall, alen oee of toe nest drtnklrg end dialer bonaee cn Whitehall street, eear South fsrry also two retail liquor ai res a the beat inmlleee oa SoutS a'teet sad oee do ne-.r Hroadway, In Fulton street? an eiooMsat tland, also several grocery, wtee and Uqaor sierra all to rood location ?, alao to rem several houses sett a'.Is for public and boarding S n?ea Apply to < ?. A R > 9IN S JB, 49 Pisa strret im\r(i|e bnUdlaga.l N. R.-1.Sanaa of every dtwrrlpUne bought aed sold AR RK CHANUD ?FOB SAI.S. TUB LSANS. STOCK and (Iftiirea of a hnri*?oinely fittad up fancy store or tic !??*?? and IliUircM without the stock, inquire In the it ire 111) Rlghth avenue. Rent cheap DAUl'KRFIAH AND AHHKCTTFB 'iALLBBT fob sale very low. In consrq -tenor .r the owner engaging to a. f iber bns nnts. Rooms neatly fnrnlshed, four fine Icetrn ments from whole to lockrt M/e, iro i ?tanda, bead resin, Di ver barret show raws aperdman. framed la gilt Umattow nrrip ptljrable It will te anil at a aacrtflea. Apply at Ml Hroadwat, between 3 and 8 o'clock IjICK SALB A SCaP MANUFAtTrORT. SOW DOING A r arte bur In "as The property will be sold tow; amort gage ahen and he batanne In real mute The -r prtmng ean ,.e seen Irons S vn ? P M . at the fac ory. In ?a?, towel, near Tulary, arooklye. No orders reetlvnd froea agmiMee. )R SM.B-THS NBST <TOB?BB WHO .?( A LS Li quor store cn Second nvenue. Inquire on the premdese, 946 Inquiries ean aAso be made at No. 10 KaoeeveN ihssh V?l ? ftOR Al B-ORB OF THS NSDT PUBLIC HOUMSi IN 1 New 9 orh Sltr a'od ne Hmed say. la the Cetatty of all toe P'isripal ho*el4 and p'eeea of amna*m*Bl Pov furlhar park en tare laqnlra of BINSON A VAN HTHKBL. M Sowto WU ilam eircm. For salb-a oobnkb liuuor ntoab, in booth street, elegaatlv loeaed. For farther parttealar* ad drees H S . Ilenid offlye. f'jlOk SALB?A DININO AND LODUINO BAI/fON. AT 102 Treat I " For par ihtrt inquire on the pr? mlaca, of We Taylor fmm lu until 2 o'i lock POB SAt.B-A CROCIBT AND LIQUCB STORE. DO . tng a good bestnees. Is Amount of owner'n deeth It wtB be so d very eheap to elites Jtearaie leuutee cf HKBNAaB BAi BNIIOP irrtwer r-wner of M<>aroe atd I'elham str-eu. FOB M. LB-ONB TO TWO TBOUSABD DOLLABA wanted for e well established cub boaters*; beat I I sitae la the rlty. on It read way: rem free: half or lie whole fiw aalet the beM evidence and refer sees given. Address BnMaMM, Herald oNcs. TTiOR SALB-A FIRST CLASS OOBPBR UBOCNBT. ON J1 one ef the even nee. this la ea opportunity seldom mat with for a party tra roai of engaging la the giuceay ttrede For InHlan apply at M Nnrray street. ________ 41 B-LBaSB. STOCK AND flXTUBtS OF THB I leh lUnteg Boon,a. tba abova house, la ooeosetioo with the llnlsg bar, eyetrr ha-, eating a naler, all complete for cryytng oa a', ereeatve btrntoees. For carilca'ata fnqnlreal 6f> WlL'am cirert. c<trier of Plae, fnmi 10 till I o'clock. rOB SALB?ONB OP OBOTBB A BAKBBW B1WTNN macai ra. te perfect order. Apply at M ? atom Ue rnreel fNOB SALB?TPI STOCK AND PIXTUBW OF A NBAT 1 groeevy aed Uonor store, row dome e good bneleea.. Ml be mid rhans, ?? the owear is goiag week Call at L9 Mo4 FHK HIUTAJif. Mmm J9FFKRH GUABD, ATTBSTfoN.-THK NBVBBRg . and tans who alead to accowpaar toe norpi ot their a> rood aruuel e-cnraWte and parade, are parttrnlarlr r?q-icc?. ed to attend a final aavettng on TSniwday evening. 2fHh leek, at TH P. M..a?F Vogt,e, corner of Amby aed Beedoagil atrecia, toa .isplele erraogecnenta By o-der .1 aMKS D. HAWKS, ("wlrmnu. C. S. Agnrgior. Peryetary. Mmmubch OUABD. AITKNTJON -THB MIMKBRB of tbe ab've eorua are recneeted to apt rar on parade at 1 o'rloek a. M owfrnaj, cat. Fl, 18F7 By order JOHN D OTTi VKLL, CapUtta. frorer J ?pi.mvan,Secretary N B ?nto>, altos tolHIttg f ? drlH this (Thursday) erCtt ias, at the'vrametcy Uotal, coraer of Twentieth strati sad Thhd avenue. Tm HANKF??IVIN" DAT.?HBROANTILI MUNI STSBkg* a tenttou TBe as* mk#Mi.f this ecrp*, and thiee wkc la end to Ion them cn thetr flr^tonntitl park-. Thaahsrivtoa d*f will please aiioa< e drill and meUny to w?r ow (R|t ayl ? veitng i et F) at the Mereer House, at ;u o'clooi Puae l-iallty Is requested Hy crdm " ?? T. ? Finw, Orderly Nrfwam.11*1 T' ot'A,,OT> Oaifale. PWMJIITI'*^ ML ?10.000. g?!L.e." 7? Svisisparajy'. A .w >lo>.?p*nrrub? fob salh ohb *r, FW1 OMk led part le evtkaagw tor real f rifl Vul Uju?r ^ VroXJXN.iafaefof A-e