Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW.TORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7729. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. DEMOCRATIC RATIFICATION MEETING. tetat Gathering in Tammany Hail-Bovernor Walker's Kansas Policy Endorsed-Anteiid aunts to the Banking System Becom maided? Public Works to bs Encou raged?The Tioket Ratified?fi poaches el Hon. Dsn'l E. Sickles, Hon. Josiah Randall, of Philadel phia, Tbos. P. Meagber, G?n. Wal bridge, Col. Wright, of Mass., Rich. Busieea, Hon. John Kelly, 46 ^ ?'ct ^iwnratne great m ill! * """ srwltog ai rem ZZJt T * '? ratify ibe " CI 1p-*;e** fo^r'J'S was u 2V**** *"* ?** *" *** * ? P?.W.n? of the Cos 8 ales. Beet lee the M !n eM wigw?? taeir.UeiewM a trench meetlae iu the opes ipaee in SV_ J?-*'' ** *?* OOiroti; and en the Wtr!'r' ^ *?*?> 1-u.oere, t-cnrperoir tees end ether symbols of p ^ rosiest _ ^ Pi*tforg> in ?hc 0 >i? wtt oceapiei by nom cT dto Rgrnrbed mtm of the fefeUe the main bciy of the ?sJIwiis created tc with 'Jte great afcerrficd. _ *mm* wll1 tawegwated with three ?fceers for Oeptaln Ryndere, The C~m? c*' ^ T^aeg to a?ter. Et hcjw<: '.hat ^swrnin aot order thai were oh *. * **! county meeting at Tammany wtx.ld so **77* . dHk KctwmlaaUd, ae eha'nnas, the old ? too Jem* toy, Elijah p. Tcrdp. *"? ?'-Hon wm entbrataetkmCy rati fed. There T!,rw * no'e,' hot Oapt Ryndere remarttd that " y ' ****" hnym a few negative rota* in Unmany, i?? f ?*booedaej<r'tof isdepeaitano. (Unghte*.) mT . returned lhaeke far ten honor coelerred on tele e ^lwr0"1a?? wUA the unwy of ten demacratt In "{?f mJJhe sofoese of their ttefcot wae certain. 4-bT A-rwonnehwooeedediorood the net of Tfepreel _Mb ' an I aecretariee oT the eocttng, apebgtatag i tow oh ties or for having to mount a rjarc fnetaeka. He did it, he mid, not bemuse he ootid "T i Mad w Sheet them, bnt jmt 1hr the mtce of potting ae ? ^ (I*??n??r ) He cald no had to read the ItoiTbe. " Mtataoeeeh) were appointed krrood them were de aqaent tc fl'gbt; bat be weald warrant them Wat thete I Statesmen woetd aot be dehaq-.ent when ihey wanted I oRoea ftem the demoontte party (laughter.) The Ties pree'dents end secretaries nominated were, of j ?owe, approved, and tof.tsi to tatc their eeati on the ' Wsltarm ta iMormtn Prams read the fclloirtag reeontHOK, -whtabrware rabecqaenily appro rrO hmWrvd, That we reoagrtao ;>j th-j demosmic fiatayfci ?jemoa in the eleot'om reeeaiir hold tcroagtcot the vmtorn, evtdeaeee of the eohfldearo .-epoied in the edmiele ?rattan of Jaasee Roctoaoec, aou tie aetermlnatiaa of the tatSHfeentanJ petrlouc people oi the Uaitn to vtneAMte Re -**gbti cf the Satce, and ? mi the dangircu pro ?grere of ?roiloeaiirm end aboinvteiim ttoclred, That we apy*o> o of the oendaot e" Robert J. Governor of Euim, onder the dlffloalHot by wtatoh Mb t ffiBtal courto has eoen hem ; we aeoept fell tactaanddeolarailona?a the reilatie evideeoe or tbe ta i twtae of the admintafetiec to apoiy to that torrltery la dbtetne* and fah e?*e the letter and aptrlt of ite ergnnio ?taw, that tho peep o Uwrot; he left Tree lo freme thet? Jo -taetaie taatltatkne and lawa aatbey may eleet ?eaoHcl, Tfcnt at nepet led in th* pehUcal htneav of the ' 2S* b?7" ,M ?rH* o: "flsht iron to appanmi SM pcvteilovi, wbea *C dmoftd ixohMiP. a difofdtfrcvS _ wveaey and n hodi .pi orodit are proir.cinr ocn-wer aalperabeie and no trtoteraile adddton ei rfudi i taraitan termlanien tho win* tn gOEmrol rata tae.detarcrary ef the tUy and ocionty cf Hew York wili lehl to n itale aeocmnafctiny die pntftlonl empWon ttrwegh whnsnaawlnn iegtrlwloo and wattefb! a?d prefi^rate ex feodttures the tanee rf the ante hate la ?e ySr t^ hsrwwd os# Hmired and twenty Sve per owl Beeolred, fbet Uw jnoee dtpwn# tag at the arproaet<ng ntaetlan are nee', learly oeoceeted ?lib the eroepe-t* and tadependfaer cf the city n?e ettrtge of a ?wpnbtkan In|tetaiar? opon tbe raoreJ right of taeal retf govejB?er.i wae perpetrated thrvsrt ? ft, met vtatanen of the free prlvtlegee of ute ntiamet f No wTeih aMnwo of itrtr atfhmeaoe to er.ncpierwc re to be enOdvoe luorc'i et the er neoee of ttr freedom k le an etti Ibnta nf oar Innl wt one Snt the neu ore end their mmtrtadwerve nnmeaverwl dernnc %?on, rod taeeetehaald be erpunged from the reoorde wLieh It has Steady too tang e grwi ?ewhed. Thai we larde tbe prowp, and aen.oai atton ?n *f tan deeaoevelie me*o#ee or the newtde. iilauireVt . ? _-j ef the prearnt oomvM n*m re*dl?to<v, wlttrebe vtaw ef met Irg reel aamdmeru to Ue br.iklep eyatua tatkle E ale ae ma> ethotcatiy ant permuonilr oaecl, w MtrW ef oaarivngeal rpecetatoe, and waile eeorr*og io the veepta n rebabte aed omTo m ourreno*. give t> tbe la>or tag aed indaMri?.i rlaeeee the important edranut-e cf no tatari ?pwd employment ?eaWveJ, the- for the ynrpeee of rnltavtag to eome <le weethe mvneble dletrem of Ue wortlqg nlmee*, we henevw thai ynfedLi wnrka ef an Imperiae: aat mMndal ehereroer iheaJd net at lh?e erine be eoepeeded or abaa QMed^bal taet every tffirt ehwa d beetaylvyed lea to rtata the aondiitej of the people by affwdtog taoddtoa tar ?her en the wnai mpvevemeaw now tn i riy me ????he*. *hnt we oongremtaie onr fatla w e:t a ion aooe tan ehartrvtr ef ttchei wtkh the nomtrntag mmvrn *T? **T* p'wt'kied tor theanppert of the democrelia eSmtcre ef tie ef.r end rv>en*y ef New Tcrk, ie mob and a? taemid dewe r*ee#eied we ree^gr'aetbe praetniee, tan ?a peony eed me hrneety which q-mbf; <bem for Urn reepeehve veeta tor wtooa they are propane'. We taer? tave etarm en* ?tilfy their nominations, as Ibvtowe ? " 1 ?* the ftopeme Ojeta Ouin f. togrehun i ol the ta: yews a Uoort-Boart " ? ? ? - - /ofab tamer land I of the Be porter Omrt JwepB ?. Bmworth. 1-Ul _ ? KlwanlePiorrepint 1 ef the One wee rieae IWry K'lloi. war the Ifnitoe Oenrl Tweeee MdOhrthy. tallugete. Edward C. Wert ?*<*r.<*r (tovgo C Bernard. WiiUani dCleer. MtarteiAttorney. Peter b fweeeoy A,j** nnmen ofdho nemmeee were read Lore ware maaltaetattoee ef apytooao, morn r tote hear e, 'or tbe vwrteoj enndUetee ?an. Oe*m I ta nwH tb#e lateedaend t me meet tej^eed wve grveM) i with tame ebeere. There never wee Jtadgeei ?talilH I then It woeld be wnwo greetryleg to wit wmmm mm memtlngn ta Tammany Bail taao at thte Sw-e whrn the hmor and errdlt of thn Ante were eeeritoed hftae deeperwe ef n a took repnbiteaa tagwrrr.y ei Albnny (Invwh 1 Net only wwe tkte any peapnrrd to threw ef tbe bloak rapebltoaa yeti kuteo wme the r^ml diet-teta; le (net them wwe et !??rer any pmfer bet the demeendte m thto m* to (dpptaove ) fbere wtant election than thai Ur wblob erwdd not be n mem t | breetatag A tow jee-t ago the ocanm e 1"" ?'New Terfc pemetaed ibe bigbeet enitneee ef ' f'eetnene and prerarty Bet the Knew R* Week repebUoae tooled toed eeoeeeded to pcrrer, end bod bronrht akoat tan yeanent ftoewy owta'dlia 0f aiTalm Wagi tha tatadh lyktotm bed Men dlmntlag the eyn o' tfcr r ? W*. , " fo*h to bin*i!lug Kamee they we<e prniag sr.tTan*tim*.rftr ^ rJtt ^77^* retm>Beaee bed gone lot > power or tbe etanrd ewes ehme Raarna. taerv onwld am be r aed ea thn Sto^tbrimoi'u'lr^jy 'V. **^ Jflfif*** ?*** * w Ht*y hni geteoablN .tar the yredrndrd prei'raiee ef the pi opto cf rfew Yuri k?a m Mm Bon Us s cot t^f* igfgf pgijgf '| HpHfltae teat day ef torn eamten At Ibe eewe time u?y nod ntiM tor the etawteneg ef nr.Uread ie B-endway ?*. Wjib'tme tegtetmere were m wily i n- wd ,4 State niter but, end were ta parv.:,?ve m the erer.n of M yjyi#*y * yw? ta* camt'ie a rone i yew tektag ogtae remenel itaeT* Mil,en It am eaitoe. aed It ?ej veded agatoet and eeyatired ey ten unrdo ef the bleek re tataitean llinelaii. aed letaedinwiy imp rated to take Mtae taer<way Ra'lread btu. Thee N wwtthat pint. <er mrrtod tar dey ???? of the cmrry-ieeem nf mta-n I f ewr Mate ad.ire were to be eem la the pm need ewrwlymd emltttoe of trade ta tate eity H we,. ** '.i.tb!Lu!y?.of .*** >**We to reehwe tbe go rem mena ef the taate to Ike deeemweee (Amlaeee 1 la tae W tae general ttituniei, prwKtd over by Jti ta ta i in - (ayyweoe)?Pure woe aa dltaseity nhoet Romo*. an empwren W pnb'l- week., ao . m-irrwnlea ",* ?fJ!!r!r"2r .,**'7 *# Tto^ttoe get the govern ?met ef tae Hhw ef Hew York, tn Idld, thai r'-' -w wen ta ae gee* a e-odtoan ae tnv gr?mnm>et ef the Vetted We toe in new It woe, therefore, the doty and la enrent ef he peejto to plane pn ear anna again tn the hnedo ef the deaxmra y Be I eg ai blH* reywHtuaairm had power la lkt? wade t woe a Ha akt It, tdrrair ,i?f the noamo'Ike whole re'en V they ware dnerirel of peeer ienre thrre woiM pe tnoger bp a Ma k p rir R?may Halt had acew, le her moat forti-mto m ey fare yreteolid (cr the ntaegee ef the petpie a ? York ntldhed e which ene ,i.i Sit en that ehtof tale mee.lag bad reused ?> r.lghl ? a) fbey had ear a daring hn leal year, b? the He of mverai nf u?? r tarte rt MM e*1y, end perhee ? tody hv the Jmiiree uf tbe Mr?*" ?-d*1. iwitm ? tae rtghm of eeltere to mere pertbun p-liMtpiw that were ?""O a prew*ml In the merte nf H?w Verb And taetait drpih cf drgraieUca we erf-id at le-fer, when taoHepreme Or art rmetved to a- laare ta the *t'?ei Oom ?????eee'i efTlee p>r toe partmee ef peoder'eg le {?ftaM lalereete He w taook ?nta the letrgrvy * * ? We our If they ?1 e-H tig. ?WW* 'heir rehakr ef Ibe eaorisem ef jjd'elai *f **d efcifweter, <n toe prreone of ikaee n?to bed "^"Wd to reap advantage from i ad total drgrcia Ian ?e ergeq tmm um? m Meet J edges, wktwaa dde VV J? ?*'? etaUon l?| ibeei oeod terir Icy-at ? and ? * T"1*1?1? to flu the pie me d<eaen red by mhwe tata enoeeehon be landed tbe ledepredrnee .Jl , '?~7/"1|erwaioinb!edr-'*kmonlhr ticrroj III Tr ?ttmy^b iUiKi Lr t ran Jt7e.".T "T* '"W Mshmieded/ndye (Ip *"r wae rowed m eaedir eto *<w 11 r "e?? !Lree^aorleiJ7 Hr^u! *?or?*T woe retired w'ta ??JoildWd to ta2 :tor HxerJev, ?'?i tatas gygrM ?f his ftith. Ed tine weald cermet (bat o\)?otk>n E* (*r Bvenrd) w?i older tfcun Pitt ill when be ?n Pilot Blalktnr of a tod, mod older llu Napoleon ?M wbeo lie wre the e or tUrtngo. (AppHate ) If be were to ?poo* ur oil ibe candidate be woold eoeanme loo mob M?k, Bui be would paw Ibem oyer, and oaoe mire cell eoeela' at tenUcn to Ibe oondldalee on Ibe Judteimw uoBtl. He tolled upon deoMorola U> work bard, nn<t to'lake pride in roIHgg 01 ma]ortt!rs ool Mcoad to thogr, wbtob bad bere tofore ibod iugtre rn Tammany Hnl>, and wbloh bad ore irlbnled 10 maoh to Ibe glory an J welfare or ibe Hiete of New York Mr. BrkJea retired amid grew apptante. Tbere were iben brad, t canraJ and long cont.nned erlet for "Meegber," bat Ibe crairwan aaked letre jut to la traduce toe Boo Jo* tab Randall, or Phllalelphta. Mr. Randall waa received wib toed eppUuee? Oapt Ryaderi atattfig Hat It waa tba wtab or Tboeeu I'reocW Mitgber that lir. R tad all iboold precede htm In (peaking Mr. lUnDAiA premlted ibe mooting thai be woeM not loeg pre yes i Ibeet from bearing I ha gifted ore'or who re* tSMMBfli blm (Theory ) He bod bad Ibe hvaor, he laid, or Delag protect at OrolenaH wbeo Br Buchanan wee noi-laated.tndbebadaleohadlbeboBorora-idriutng thtm at Piane any Hail aa Ibe 41b or Me rob, 1810, when be predicted Ibe eloi ioni trlcmpha tbey were then toon to bare, and now tgaln he called re thorn is g*ya a pall, a etroeg poll, end a pell altigetfeer?(eboert) -for tbo pcrpoie ? orer* rowing a faction wbtob bad committed mare tie* pi I Ho m? than three wbtob, is tan mother country, bad brcagbt ? king la the block. Ibe democratic party nted to b? deeoeMed at infidel Bet now, who ware the leadere of He aboHt!oe>at party * Saab inCdea at Wat. Mnyd eamtee, Abby Kelly Footer and buy Stone, {tiugbter ) Tbo dtmoaabo warty bad altered aoae of tie prlt clples Tbo old line whtj; party bad adopted tbe eentl meatof Benry (Bay, when tre eald : "1 care not what a I min bee been, or what be baa been on ?od If bo will | unite with me la perpetrating tbe Union. T h.ld tt an honor to be bta eempeer an* hie coUaagnc." (Appiauoa) ~'auoe. It Tee bene eftbe prwcatnwntaat wm i wan to be fonnd la the propoetttra of Mr. Wilmot In 1848 ? that ibe Bntbera Biatoe were not to bare Id or part la nay netiy acquired territory. Been a pi Inolpte, tr attempted to be oantett ect, woeld awrareity lead to tbe deetrnoifta of the Uetoa. Judgs trilmot bad reoeeUy fbeod blmerlf that la Fentwylvama be bad been tried,tretgaedlatt*belaooe, tad ferr 4 wonting (canes*.) He reattreed bta fearer* that every "goo I p-edtoted at Co eitnaM wbea Mr. Boeboaaa waa nominated bad been treat. '.zed to Ma "uPret rx'eoL Atvkier doty had row t> be pertomaed by He people of New Vorb. Tbey bad U brief bt-jfetbtir State to the proud potlMon wbl it? tbe cseupUd ia tbe day* of Woablng tra, of -jVTrreon and of J ?otioa. be Br. Randall hft die rtaadte war loedty x.rplaaled, art three -treere were gtvro T?r Peeniy iytnla Tbe calle for Mengter were ag>'n reeewwl, and la reaponae te them Mr. Thomta rranalt Beagber * in latr? based to the meeting. Be "wo* greeted with tbe m wt tmnulteoce demonttraiwmr of applaaee. It Mm boom mtnutre before eaffiotent enter wot ream red te permit him te ? rSsblnwelf beard. Mr. *?**? nan, wb?a eMeeae em obtoineC aldremeit tba meeting, tie oomnroeoed by a-loding to we pre*ool ?paralysed oond'tton of trade (a tbe ety. i-nduttry, entor prtee, -arte and oommeme bad undergone for the ttmn a wo? cl eboek. Tbe cMral and the bur.sror had bean -wrreied frtm many ok bee eat hand. Mcey a wercbaet foend hie golden angaty engulpbed, tew hie illimitable credit iwtpt away Mbo a cobweb, and found lie Sheriff kneck'.Dg U the rolr.oe whl-h be bod reared for hit raaptnooi repue A. mob a time it wJekt aeea airtage that tbey met hero for a political purpoe*. Indeed, tbey bed beard erdmotlilone of tee lmpropr.ety or the prooeedtoge 1a which they wera mw engaged. They had been told by moral tta I bat tt wot u e lete tor them ti voebl# tbemaelreisboel tbe jrdlcltrp, whan to many tedgmenta were returned diibomred. They were tow tbtt It wot rotklete to troatrle '.btmeelree abonl the office of tbe dtt'ef anngtet'nte of tbs city. Away, taM bo, wttb nob lemone I Away wttb eoen ri.oraltalrge 1 'Tuned applnnae ) So far from tt betng an raoeorabie in them to late real tbeaeeeirea now io tbe gor ernment of tb t State, tbey bad rtacont infinitely welgt Wcr than ntnai why tbey ?ho aid do bo. Tbom who wool i ed ?tee Hem In II.e preeent emergeno; to let He election ?tide,would reeommoad I bam to-ietlbetr boneet born to Ho kMcmeat, If Iksy were on fire inch me a, If oa b-ard tbe Oenlral Amertee, woold prebabty bo found beblnt a u'zr cub or boa ecep, doomleg all to perdl.loa. (Apptnuae) Tbo democracy of Now York, beweror, awod bo apology to tbo eaamaaa who won id drive than io <o too anrttae wbeleatll dkeeada tbom from thetrdety. Thia warena would Sad that tba demereaoy would net gtie ep 'be etlp. (Orlet o? "eeta ?.") VIozmt war pre m red Ha'democracy la tba erit election 11 wsa not ealy premtead? it waa etnala. Tba eppoaii'oa waa a (bedew, {fnagbter.) Bean Hearer bad. A Vokw?"It bad tare kteg enough ' ime act tea Mr Maaena weald wteb dm aadienoe weald tend blm their earn < bariee Sumnew >?d re"t In tbe irgiec'og of tbe kl>taryefthe party Hattt tanked back bone (laugh ler) Tba hit e muaela tt bad tree oaereraed leto tr'pe Ibcat) t.t-fi I me i' *.egb or and aprtinte i The drnno eracr had reoegb itrwegtii te Ilea Know teeth apian and blaek veenhbeaaltfaeee after aaelber, aid iwth aofatbar. (,Cteera ) The rota ea (tie demcoraUo tlabet headed by OWesa Tucker weald reeeee tbe Dhte from Ho (oa oi r.txno Kteg. fCboora) Tier bat Joimb Sutbm lead mating etraigat Tor He tapreeae ? ma': Tbet noeid barn "eeeuebedy tor raabody " (Cheer* ) Woo at r ? A Vn>ta ..Toe (na*w oeek Mr. Mij*jan?Y a do not mren le e*y thai yon know'ng. (i tighter ) They hal neat H iicrA aire matter tor He bee eh if*.< Snrreme Court, aol be trho oepeetrt blm wooM and Mmrrtf i .irewling Hk? Hiehard hi at Soewor.k Field. (Cieere and taygkler ) Mr Htr rard, Mltraerde*, wontebeye to reoird a eweci>*a< i .orby. (iheera.) oat tbey would all bare m eoagrata - - - - - " OeaM low f eter B. Pwoeaey oa He eiOaetton of t llama, wboae lamp waa-irlewa out hal fall Mr. R'ohard Mcbril and Ha etber eardidavm for RUM Seaaverabipe would bare income oe(with a ana oeag, "Up tbe rtrar Io AHtny " (Caeere) So f?r all light What of Fernando Wore tor Mayor? (Three oherra for Fer anado Wood.) That, after all, wee He inmtlin of He dty for the at arena of v*w York Ear wm tbe inter* at whieb It evened eoufleed to ibcoa esc la tire*?. Ia p*cut?iran<f, Oallfomia, Ii taot* acl on.or totioe, the qaemtea bad oeea put te tbe aerepeptra, "What of Fhraaado Wood for Mayot?" Fereesaliy be knew MMiaer BeahtagofWtayar Wood tan fleet time be me* Hp wee In onespaey with ArcbMabop Hu,-tea. Dree tee rt.-t:eou, Rev. Or. Camming aad eeemeHer each men (A retoe- "Bw'aa gred atmtoret any Maw."} Ha bad ?aly am* aim nereataac-ea lam New Year1* day-and biaee be creld net bo regarded as apeak lag of him exeept aaaay Imparl!a) ebrener of areeu weak* do lie tpoka of htmao bo had area-id m, la tb# 0 ty Hall, (tllgoatly and wuh porfom ability dtmhargtag the dotlm of *tl? afllea. Maapeko of btaa at he had teen htm at He Mermen fee I rel, we* long eg*, teeeertgleg their OMnly eperia i#f htm eflher * " ' ?haw*, earn htm artthkt He ia?i few deya lo tb* Aoademr of Mael?f fftTtng hie eo'iaaanee* a* Meier le He feet rel for He eery tee or He poor Oatbo le cpbaae of New Ya>k. (immM) He tpoke or blm ee U>e /Pitmme epeke of blm re He 4H of deanery. lOM.aa a gatd a It can, amteHteUaaatlal ate a man?(apple,ae ) and M<M who would prore btmmlf aa eaaeliuni Mayer ~ read eraeral tnrme from Hat aeaeeepei of that are! Mb reseat dataa oompiimaatary la Marar Wane VM Fernanda Wood waa Han Ha mam be b?d or oCeawi ti be, aad Heteoee be wan tretoy. (Obeort ) Waa* Heat (A retea. 'P>et htm ") Tbo piofmitewai frlead of Ibe - Q| - - ?egtcaad the mortal enemy ef He Nnmaa OMteenc. wtH e?t a ebred or itemry bet Hie day tgainat Hte oaretUtd. aneutNiuwv, unega*rame man. (Apfioaoo ) What eald ia uacaa ef New York f rihoaM be not be i? TameUaoaa eetao tt "He wtil "1 the hiech repubii'aa taot loo bad bera letarabty erlppWl la He alao ttea of Jaamo fleet)onoe and bad reertred It* deaH blew la He peaWoatlea of Kanrae eider Moreraer Walker ('end end teeg eealtaued ap Aaeae la Ik# mkiet of wkch Me Mmgber retimed kte teat) Draeral flaun Weiuanma wan Hen Madly nailed ~ aad ?? botag tatradaead te He meet I at ran grewmi wtdi ~ " hlmreV, " beatly okaara. Bo aireiid blmretf, bnwerer. fioi making a tre*ok. aad latredaedd Doioael Wrlgbi, of B? Ma, who made a brief bat etrteoatareeoh Mr Iwmoao B< ?rmo waa neat tawwionad, em thorn weta aaah Mud demaada tor "RaMy ' Hat he mrid am ? ay a weed ontti He lire, leho Kaily prreented btmaetf aad promt* ed ta (peak after Mr Bam red TIM trmterery wan oaHtfled wtM |?# preatere, aad ofeerrrd IW K< l?y tad B -a an4. Tbe latter earned geatb mae ttiea reeetede i to addreno II * ?mrmbMgr. Be lanMd fer He demeeratte uetm .he tyrtotem ef tae prlaea of Feeriere. Bernoe tereeiy. (Drooee ) He write I for It Iht erinotem ef Ubae Daat, the prtine of eopbMte, aad He partner ite reetrime or It* relate of Kourtertty. (More c-oaae.) Aad tie layttad tor - ?? - - " m. A. Pdad it '-hoe. 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Mereurer, tt ta anmiMi:kd a* vary probable tba* tbe f ro old pomtea ta NtineTagoa am ?gala about le tight ranb oth.r, rocewlag H?lr e'eraal eoi t tr?etrm>a el r* l qnor roll. .VirBBiar* Rsinnr m Tims.?Tb? r?atrop A i urMNr, of He lOtr tat*, ear* ?1 Rarer at <n h? bora ' had Jett'?ft mat ptere p?y>'a Mm frvar rrgtmnnt In (1*1 ret ten for Ntciragu*. Hie edtror ap retired* th?i He geyrritveat may throw mat obtteaWe la He way; but wntrrelour i itbetHtm will no* toil it tt.etr dnty to do mere ib?* to nemety with the etrtefl le* or of tbe law, and w> raenr.t tuppoee any ott'eeee pf fonaa alii knoe,egty Vr-teto tb* law. fhey aeborn Hey bar* a p>rf?et r^O. to go to Nicaragua or any where *We. ell Hat ta (Memory m!*( 'hat tley thtiid trare o?r Herfg at erdgrty end pin it"nag owuflfl regbtt& THE H?BOKEH MURDER. Trial of 0* I'mtb Charged with (Mn Harder of Clear da Uinnvnl?Opening of (Ma Onae for ilia UiriiKi?TiiUoiony of J natlce W ait lay, Krtdiilik Parylntd, JoaepI* Alvotd, Mdward Its m|> bins, William PhUllpa and KCMaUnda ?omphtna?Carloua Evidence coifllctlng nlib the Vntimoay of (Ma Proeecmtton. SfGDKOlt VOCNfT (*. J.) corar OF OYB* AND TB?r Minan. tenia Jidgee Ogdao, Hon a u<t BrlfflUt. The Court o pea ad at nine o'clock jeal-'dny morning, ? iih eom par nU rely few apeclnkre P'aeenl, a number of adorn ware tadlee. the prUoner taring toes (nought la, Mo p oema of Mfclag testimony oooUauea. rence vm-rur ?amtoed by Mr. Ltttell? Tan har of Mede ocnvoA w?< yery Mick nod of coarse (extuent Use time of the pit ? ro' rtcm ei ainiBitlrn. , _ i By Mr. Soadder?Tba hair bad been rem are 1 from about ibe wound; H appeared so me thai there wai bload oe ibe talis I tbfa* I eoold iae the wound piataly, and tb ? opealag la lie ikal'; aay Impression U tbat ?be I apyenranee of iba epaitara wei tte a wm.U almocd, with jagged adgea: Ma hole In lb# aholl appeared to bare tba , aaasa (arm, atlb a aHgbt dtmlacinn ore /.? Tba Ilittrlai Attorney tare anaonnel thai Uso BAlo rested ihetr case. Tba dahoie rial a ad, and w?e ao corded Iba rlghs 10 oreee-eiamli e Dr. *ekenbe?t, aol Mr. 8c (liter Immediately proceeded lo o,*>e toe defence on btbwf ef the prteener. tm crnoo or rei mfbkb?ihb ?k*t cr COSTA'S nauond Mr. ). W. Tcudder, far the delenee, after a 'ew nraltmt nary reams ka, proceeded aa folio ?? - Che piltoner came to the UmUMI Saws M Aognai, 18M; no was born In Ha vana, Onba, and ??aa taot bar# by btiDther, who laaclvli aaytmcr aad I battare a enpertnievdeai oi one of tba raslaaya. aad tan baea wall knowa ay coirenpondcaoe in Jersey City, lalbe mooib of Beplraitser hat the primmer tauk bta ptaoe at tba aebeel of D?<J--an?al. After be had been there a abort lime-la tba asoatai ef Sep .ember or October?be purchased Us la onforiunila plstal, aa wUl tj etoan by Mr PhllUpa,atMM?aaealeather laOeiiiaa v.i's aoboel, who dlatiacUy reacllama taa po-nbaaa Too prbcaor W?\be eebool semewbare in January, la oocse ?r -a ooneepondwaeatrlM bit father, wboChoogbi be did aol acquire Met kaowtadga of the Pagtldh laoguage which boft?a aaJatpated. After loavteg two eobool, wttn Ibe apprchatlon of hla Ihtfcar, ho weat us ibe utocrsl of Mr. 1 "aMar, at iba BloomheM Academy. 1 Mlwh no became acsootated with the family o! Mr. Tompwne aboat that time,-and bta rials la Ibe family on t>m eve-tog ol the af fray wee nothlag uroaanl- 'bo wai ta the ba?tl rt go.og tbero We anail prove'Mat Use cane mad 'be piiMsi worn l? bli yoaamaicn twa or Us roe moans# be fore ibta ooocrrewoe, an that ym? tsity relieve jew mind a of tba Idea thai Coevn vim la that hooso, or bad txsmaaelca of tbat oana and itovol with aay deafen to iiflot violence upso Use peruse cf E'fe-naval. We-will a'ao ahow by Mr. PbTll'pi thai dm Wen of h* bar lac bean dlamlaaad from Mr. da liraovart'nsoboji la tno?r red, aad ibat ba wwabaaay TOluntaruy. m*r? bod bee* fculo tbiero .araa between Cueva aad taa de seated, and, though I would aol vteh to aay ona wordacaiaat iba latter, be bad by aoaie wJeelnnoe a diapoilbna that waa Irritable, wbloh aaa rt uueoily aolkoed. 9a drowning if Me SJs of Jnly when Oeawpaaeed the houae, alft no dabge of barm or ixcaotailoa of a difficulty, oisea hla 8101,1111 greet, lag an old acts tenant#, a great difficulty arteea We en peeled aad ex not a#w 10 b? able lo prodase Uiaatodeat, Terry, wlA wbm be lalbad, and aaet far hla the mo meat we learned tb nemo; bot be'lsasl gooe a *ay. We rxreel lo ahow <sy him that deeeeeud oalled the prleoaar a d?d asoaboy, aad la Ibe oourao of ibe earn aat'co pclated to the plge la tbo atrtet aaa, ne U?? wlineea tor Ibe Sat taatigae. oalled tbsm kle brosbrrs. Still Ooera attempt*! no vtolaooo thee. Caara wiat thai evealag, aa w^hieo?alom, i? tlailtbe Tompblna ftwUy Toryleld waa ILaro ale*, aed Use algal waa a clear, tsHghs moaallgbl una, when po*pl? are ao HH B vHkl | unjm * ?nr'aaaapwa ,l*"' t a a ? . . cualomt (1 to nil 00 their atoopa -v?u porohea, and >?bjocta cos Id be ol curly dlnhagolabad Rr.o family of Kr. DbaHae bad as me frleala at bia bouaa. Mr. (May a waa m Iba people paaaed tat of Use houae af Mr. Oharlo*. AJmoag Mem atd eat oaaaa Mr. da-Xraatal. Mr. Ooava ?a<l meaiiuaru us Use ladica Me tact that tba daseaaad bad ta annod aim that nlgbl, hut abowed ?? daatra for veageemoa, nsalatalnlax Ma tame <i?lal aaay domoay ty|ha alwaya ooea. Whaa Mi. do Unava cane oaf aalJUwl at la a ?ate, Occae aaw him there, end mid to MtM TompkMe, " There la 0<car; 1 will ge-aad apaah 10 aln," aadaa Dinar Uft or wai ahen; lee?lnf be want d*wa aad lUwvl ttere, ltaWa the gate or woal oul alar Ec went down and ecohe t* Mr te ??rharel.ead i rro'tciated with htm aboet the laaalUog ocortaoi 'bal be had sue# toward blm; we ahl ahow toes lie U renvoi ?aixidCeova by the throat aad Ibrotlal aim, and the eeue of Use thro hie oocld ba beard la the hocaa. It will appear by wat!mooy Mas Oocto rataed bl? can# aad mreok De Cratval aad begae taa Wig him, aad ih*> IlsUfaavat hiafced Oecvm Mat opoe thehxaai aol a'larmaade omthe lea- thai Cueva waa ? a BW ?d ewbtha a?d ghym rtaaavare real frr, aad Mr. IwyU-a tea aea.*r #f Me jaliaaw bia icndlUcn Now cornea ibe a ragglr wbloh nafvriona'ely eoded (be Bfa of lb Oraovil. Taa pam He Hy waa l>el whan II oeaaa to the #na' ooa.rrttsay were boils tailing lo*ard the cu-b. Mr dadraaval having the letlde toarmrda lha bonae | Jeuaie! ta*a lhaa iraud | It will appear that during sua who o alra^fle Da Uraaral woe held hy Oaeva all the time with hla handa, aad H appaara that aa Da <?/aaval waa tba aircar eat man he had the advantage aaa! 01 ibe nine 'ooeeel here Uluatieled who iho ptelol pleoed la no I rotable poali n la sha hall that On era eoold eol have drawn It daiiag wha atruggle, aad rcmoeeuaiud haw DeOranval la failing mig*s have pr. Wd she pUiol oot aad dlanhargad M, or r.oa 1. might have laliaa aad dlacbarged liaaif, aad est*.! aer.rai la ?aa* rei or*!,nrg hy the neeKteeiai dU< harga 01 ptalula J Ua coaslaoed aa foitone:-U wiU ha ebowa that taa a waa hat owe fall, by al leant five witomaaa, avid Mr. rarjlaid wl.l twaer ikal both parstea weraon sua prooad wbaa the pie lot waa I cr, ec. aa be eh per mod it, "aa May ware fnUmg.? fbrva oihsra wtu ewaer that May we e oa Me groned whan lha pialot waa* aff, aad ihh idea er Me platu' hale* rawed aad precaaiad eanaoi poaaiely he corracs Ma wtl prove Mai II la a in lata ke Mel Mr. 1'agfleld weal out of Me gale before Me trtag; ha want ee fir aaihag.ta.eod ao further. MsrMf Ma ilwa Mat iay IrJ irv 00 ill hare eeoorrid Us Mr. da Sraaval, Mr. Paryutie eld not gsoot of Ike k?o, Mat will be proven by five wlioaaaaa, aad all Ma wMaanee from Mr. Tampklaa' nooaa awear to It We will ?how Mat Coovaeaaae back Us ike bou e, bavieg Ma aiana Wee Ileal raae la bia bead, end walked I BUS Me parlor tt la hie rlgti head aatd we wsl abaw Mat he to a right beaded men Wa will prove oy e very ret pro able peraea Mel MiaaOhmlei. who wendeotl/or a nerveua tapeaiUaa, at appeared whan ibe -aa aa the Mead, waa la aoM a em# of ea-wanont Ma. ahe did em actually acq*Ira a earvart kaeaMia af tie traaaMtirm 8ha and us Mr. Aiverd, "Oee held him wh la lha other ahoi him " Mr Alvrrd eaked her," Wbi, wbe?'? amd eke replied, ? Mr Daava abet hla, aal Me eUsar one hold hi* ?' We will prove her gi a oral mauaar and damaaawr, ? howtrg ibal the aa IraJy mlaooesalvad Mia iropaaoBew; and from lha rllamaesaha eaada raa iy Usangbi leal they weia haus down nhaw Mr. Pa yMI taaun. li waa a phyg.aal iwpoaathMtiy tor Coava to have laaea 1 n u pte mi, aed taiibaraialy praeeat It The p?.ajoer laaiated el Ma time, aad (till inmate, Mel h te hft haisef that lna pMM rail mpon Ma groaed aed waa* UT; aad wa win ahovIM when ha weal bad ta Mr Tmapktoe' h?naa. ha Uh fsr Use pi, to' n wUl ha pa era* that Oaava lay aa the gruaadfor a mlnaia?thay lay Mora aamatlme, hath af Mam. aad Coava bad the ImpiamVoa Ihatha eaa hlee (fahnt iiiaeolae peatery rbr iba dafaaoa 10 abaw haw Da tirau ral area .bad, or thai Oewve did m* ahool h'.m hot H la ami ?aa?v far the Boarentme Us prove dtHiemty Mat Onave dU ahool m Ibe appraraaoe of the wonaJ awork ma w.ib ?order abi 1 tr.t heard a' II. The alee af the brie *ae repreaeated aa Mree gawsara o* aa laca uaa ?ay end three tighMe of aa uai lha other. Ii Wa weil known Mm thai a WaUsi b?M d-rd fram a die UKt, if net t r*a', woold mike a alaat 4, ? throogh glaaa ur a piaek. WiM, at *maldoria? Hi all c* ef toe pswda aaarh siw she Mce, U itruch me aa at igisW that .ha tall ahoeli istva caen flrad Mrrmgb Mi ami pa 1 a' tba aball r>om a ilbtaaea at right anglas. aad ya prwinoe tela Irre te ar, jugod f.aotaro Whra Miava re urntd la t*e home aeheu aoUeeof Ms foe mafsef Ma ueae W aaa Ma crav A kad coUaoied, aad Ma o? y w ae raited iba. she man wbw a hot 1L0 e'Jsrr bed geao lalo Ma bo we ?s will prove that he waa advltad lo go for HW gra'diae. Mr. Kmahlm, wta b?M .a Twenty ihue eimei, ??? Ta-b. where be aeld he waa gt lag a hen ha waa arraaud wa wUl prsva Mai wh?n turn ad ha Mir, " I wl<l go wtia yau wl hoot aay ar.rt ?f r-cDWBoe," or thai i*a .dime h.d a> tral .latod thai ha inM i0. tta a .aaiad eseniadoe hy calbag ana*lira 'a la* heivrod ooadlilaa of Ma kUl, aa If it had airikk aaKs* kail aana'aa a btfore an anag ike b?a*, aad Usia ed Mat a boa M?y bad pro red all lha fanla aiaiad (hay a sold ha edited 10 aa aegisiaoi of taa primoar, aad la ba allowed la rdtara to hla heart is ok to pkreaM id a loratga load tv ti>WK* or ntaneairK ' Mvuin ? ader:ek Tar) ihdd wa? lha Orat wi Jim? cAie.l to* lha fafttra Hr waa riaailmd hy M? Bso'l iar, aai Ira"### M fo lawi ? I ?r?i us Mr. lompktoa' alroai ha f p* ere raw oa t?a a gut of Me afiay; Orava came It atout h .if i<aat m van. a a wi at oat la lha airly part cf the cven'.r.g? ur Curia, miifir, eea af the Iml'ei aal hta life hrcUse ; wa -akedtonad lha block aad lo ta# AUau re '? ?*<len: wa Id baeh lo Mr T*mphlea, h3?wa hai-eoj half ?aa nine and in e'eluk; ! vaa al t'ng la the irmt pari*, aal Mr. Cceva aaa ocwldarn Ma >t*op, Ml?a Barak focpklai -at tlillag with hue: I did edaee bins Itate Ma be tae?n (levin a?<i ta'fpaat eleven I lock a?? ba'.Us ge home, at ttat ilme I h*nrl n ndio at if too mod Igisdeg. I went eat'? ?ka gm'cen and ro? two man rdni'sjd; I heard a lafy leraamlng tbwe aaJ 'bllitg for hily, 1 ibooghl ika called ma, and I waned 1* got'Mr fat 1, I -oat Us ike |n>e and Jntt nl that momaat 1 aav tb? two I waa Ml leg. aid jott it Me momaattlia May arnrk Ito

groaed I beard be re.wt of a platol; the two mm fell | to im guned, 1 Mm weal Isatk Is she boa?o. ar 1 -Sea I ? aa tear Ibe ateia I aa- Mr Kd-aid eontag | dovalbealvita and ha raa to tk?ip(. and -hun Iss 1 earn 1 bark be aal J a can bad baea abet I Us sa Mm, wet 1 htm to lb* pure and ?aw a man ieylng there b ooilng, f las ire ecicua the udewaib, bin heart lavarra the ehntb wee. Me peels!>? nf Ml 1 Did ! <????? resMIe*. [Wnneei | rtvewa'vd Uy U?ef ?|iam 1 I ntaini per#rn? auiol for ftllee aas.rt coafe?le?j 1 ? eat to Me bona*; end Witl It all baow of Ibe affray. 1 did ad go eat ef Me gate pel w Is Me tbmsUrg of Me p ?ei t m*Mm ef the urtnwsm here eelere 1 Cotrl erd eel heal !? bar hnaheel; 6*t'> pe ream were a look if al rnai haggar I anilely The prla m*r watr.bee Ibe tr eeedlaga e,M eveml InlermtJ I tew Oner a on Me aloop af wr Me eff.ay i be had * ohm In hie bead; 1 dl( ??l rtr gate the t-n men at ?*tt; 1 knew ? hem Aral wbew they ^?e eliaihed, 1wd ?Mil m (Mr IW, bhcB 1 0r* ?*W Mr Caerh be bad ae aim about Dn tiranvaTa wak and the ether round Mb waiat1 W' de . r anvil put both hit aram aroaad Ita. Ouii'a want, na than 1 law thaaa fh'l; Uver war* ollncboJ v bea tbej fell; I tumod my bach 10 the a, and did aot ?<? Coo a get up. [Whimii Ideal fl* floe's ? ease.] 1 ihltk Mr. Cneve oanied IBs cane eboot fro or k**C>oM esamtooO by Mr. Dayton?1 waa loalad 1? Mr Tompklra' front rarfor; tba nlndow waa ?tandtsg a ear the piano whan 1 ftrat hta*d aa If there wtra mas Oghiag; I want to Ho alado?, and atooJ tbere a faw mlnntca. I than want on V.o stops, and lma.tdlai.tly to tbo onto, and as toon n I got to the gato board tba pliml; I don't think It was mora than fcur mlaotaa from i It a Uma I baa'd lha Oral nolaa; I think whan tba yartlei fall tba lady waa about light fiat f-om item, aha waa | olar ptng bar ban da aad oalltig bar mothar to coma quickly; I mined my back aa teen aa I beard lha flitol go off; f knew Oaera waa ns of the parties aad had a pistol; I did mi ia? M that uigbt, but knew bo waa In tba habtt of oar itlnc It In the bolt aad sPBMlBcelnlhe wa*al of tno peals; l had loan ibe pl?tol on toe 4th n? July, bet not e.noe then tothn8tk; bo bongbtIt at *o. 110 B*ondr*y,New Tork; d d not >eo Cocta leave first, and onn't toy ho* mnoy minute* bv w a* in tbo boa to aner the fray; 1 d <t not bo? w Ibat 'ocraiototdod to attack DiGrananl; ld'1 sot k-ww thai Da Qrenvel wat in the ndjotclog biota; 1 t|ood a9?0* trtnty f?o* f om Ibeeeene of icoetfray; I roddo tn Coon; I wnaalDoUraoTa.'aaehool and kit us November, MM, and went to Mr Vtidet'i academy, 1 atood looking at the affmy about?nomlacto. x^,' , __ By Mr. Scuddor?There wnt notblag tc obTmc my vision wboa I ta * tbo partka; 1 do not reoooboot erer joo loa Do Caiva have a pktol In .bo presence er 5wd oa. mnvei ok .oaarn ? aivoid. Fiimlwrd by M' Bondder?1 rraids In Bovsbon, and ut theVim" Of thti dlfflooity nt No 23 WMhtngten tertad#:jw the eroding ef th'a OtBeoto, nbont ejwreo & in mr room, ifar two wladow, wrllng; wBliw, iitttog Uiera 1 board tno on ot fomalon la one ?f tbo from itrti ttaeeined to bo like "atop tbem;" > waa' oa wtft'i ff oatll I hce^d a ropart, whfnh icenrod to me ike rbo irap'oalon of n vomin candle; It wn. emetfled rjf> ??; taerSgwrnmlBj and torn# cae wna abet; I ma ?"own eWr* tad oot ?r lb* gato >ato and tbcrfber wota lha gAo, birtlhruter ?o?H, Hum ST? (fcarhm mad fir aome ana to ga for the doctor; aha SXSX'iStSM'2i'55i?!nil?.,w??W ?a Mto^wn ^k.; Mtm BnrnhChnrka rapljal -Oaa boraewMpped him, and ty P**' *ao^fc:?.^la iiVmaT ' it? evlet 0?l|MilM BoiM, Mr. UfLCfm imm* Mend;" 1 sited wbarn tbey had gone, and see pasted to Mr! Tomikloa' borne, any lag-'In there;?' I ran to M* Tumpbim' boom; Mt???ann Charles w?evvij rint'ii it* Mr ^rjltdd'ln lbe fron parlor of M, t> top btoa'YonJe. ana ?7t ?r. Oncvn In Om bntkt tba doer. 1 ehcob h'? *7'thn hand, and aikad hm 8?w U It. Day ton obj'tlei to *be osnaaraatl*, aad tea fjonn iurtotmd ffca oiicoi! n ? _ . . . ?. Croa* atamlacd by Mi. I-Tiefl-fradaiUk . ( , In the tan.a bocie w'thwat: I saw him .n the .rap tba evening; 1 thli- at uoppar; I did not aoc h i. ?Ticr ftmt oatll irte'tteif !???; I than ia?? him a ki. ? r IUa'. **tth Ike tro ill tart; I ?aal ont f>r u a uiootaa ef cr Dr Elder; when t returned 1 waa t- th*1 had ?c i both pariora; Mr Paryin'd waa In tba front mud * on ihf, ?o'a aad Cocva vraa la tba ba >k fooa, 1 If- nb the folding door* be'Sf sbal. but am nat l>oal.t*?^ 1 dW ?'' ??a Pan lidd ?ud Coave together after tbn afT ay tbj k.iiaa Ohnrlea wtra u.r7 mnch ?*cited aad might ?*ai. be c? tad ^tba roort hare tvh a rrcam efiBftooo Oa ra aatembUng Mi. fidward M Tnmphlao wa? oa.r*i by ita defence. ?vxmam ok idwjiii n rob"1"* Kiamned by Mi. Scudder-I i?iaamba? theimi. af tbii iffrai; I imj* la my room , J maed^'e J- ovcr ^ In tba tecond itmy afNo 1.; 1 1" Jnotadf br frw mlantai after e>eveo my attanUon wan a. met . ??y lha sake af rone tad'aa In an adj ihlrg by the window, and d?eUnfn..ned Itbn votoea mtaa W ma. Chnrlaa oelll.g lor ?ama p?mon to aopnratd >ham, aa w the partaas rc the ild*?al* cbaohj; .boy M don to t'bo iptd, ood 0 ponoo l,U| on too lmelM!iaSa*n?Cha ifavf^y nanr ?ha pl *-n, o ate a tba tale- ?be wna very moah #mcltad; lt?qil?aiwB3 .? *n? Ian who aimmltud thanm, *?' <? _.r* tRm Igl mA ibta <(OlQAr fll Ml 3 Ooevnthe cae wbo don. H;" I tbtnb ' att?nd to Its" 1 rent aoraa perica far a phy?lcSan in ' *??,' ?ent twn or tbrea. aa a*.me did not go. Is fha eonfea on, 1 rcqotited Mr. Cbirlar' ?e?vnnt girl to bn?< oo' ?t idl-o>" aed a oandto; aPer tba pll?o w wna plaoed i ?d*r the band cf Mr de ft-anval I w?nt into my aan botta loaiaaroS. > .f Mr. Oaeva oommtited lha nea, and to wae tf ha w? _ a hdmao. I than name eul an tha ?Ido.nlk, aad wb .lrr tb^a Ml.. gL mn Obftfill pointed OQl % pi viol 911 ibi lldvfl'bi Hd ^TJd .e w iakc" ptopar dUponltic. o" It; 1 nwrai b*r 1 would daw; I ptihtd It op and wan. in the boons 11 Mcmvaln whet' ar l< batongad oMr.Onew; bid ba?, rrrrv of tba phtal ware down, tno toe ilgU tarral toaded, tbe t?fl barrel eip'odad; tb tap ,M a# Ibe a*, in af tbo rtfbt barrel and 1 ^tiWtUl *xn*o<><f cap in tba nam war of I r&ad a kiirn i-mmdiatniy by tbo mmm^oarh <*}*> it,? hudo IMAli Ibv W9J opoo ood C'COfcfd; bOXh i T 116 SSiTlbll'rnlwaim rifEToe-o; ..war fva a- ?ndn *fter I heard tba report a* tba platil hafora an* ef ibn? got op, when f went toll IhJ bowa I advlaad ^aaa to go bt Prrt hi* f rgrd'an ird hrtng him crar to Hobukin tid Ihmtoid aim ab*t Kim tkarta bad mid,had obta aad hia XEXXSfc Mr. niJ^TM e^b uppamwd ltba a btdy wrmtla, It all naenrrnd on tha itdewnlk. I aa * tLVm fS. Ooeld not tan boa ttay fall; J do aot r-ciUaet; mtoU' -M 'e>l that ana tal a cane and Use mbsr n>, . should j idga ibey ware mill cimobrd abon dawn, i ? wa* ret aoinetoi.1 before the flntpemit got op; I pialol vary n?ar tha brdy; I cant raootlict t.w near- It win within tva rant, orrtalniy; I a n la cttned t-> thtitk It wan tenth a* the body. I d sit ?to it naif* tbe I anas 1 time; I bad brea by and tba body be flr.1 Uma; I tdakad np the tat* tn lha gutter; it wan bant ana open when I found l?, < ilc* bnttoti by tb# tnifn); I think tha tall* we* facW wbhtn a fhot or a fact aad a half uf tbo boty; I JWcMmt mk'ag Mra Ma'ta and Mm. Btnnrt, la tha afllca o ?Iml'c* Whltiay, If ttay ware anbgiraMd, thay an.l no,ant . t-t.d them 1 thought thay bad battar wait oatll itaer were auh yTaad; ihaTa waa a .rant crowd; that waa Ae orly em venation I b?d with Uta two ladtm oa the 11 "M ool with a design of dafoatlaa the end* of Omv a waa a frequent vMtar at oarbovm\ Id a i?l fa ? that in waa eagagad to oaa of my Balara, 1 hears thai a* bad propaefd to my ?UUr dhlllr; 1 have aod: rest way of knuwlag; I had ant probably eiehaaged Ofiy word* with Mr Oeava aiaoa bo noma to oar bocia; I took I'm raapoait btlby cf a* gaging coaaaal for blm wttkmt adrlM from ?**" srinmtw or ?aui* rmiiiw _ Ksemtaol by Mr. ftcuJdar?I cnoa oooapa.1 the p'r'Bao of Htiiut laathtr la Mr. Da??mnval'a aahonl; I Oaeva a* the school when 1 wnathara; 1 *?a? ha tads ptetol soma Una before ha Bit; I thtak ha left *ehooi T<Oress<*'/kmiaad by Mr Daytaa-ll wao a dmbta barraod pistol ihal ha had [Joava'a ptalol ?*?*??} Lag that wat the ptatol, lam net praitlra; if ha Bad b*ni d^LTgVd ^m whby tba tamhar ar tha principal, 1 kccld have hroaa U ?\ mi tea tr a.w antAimh* aoarvivv. foaImJ br Mr. Bardda*?lam 'tr aia*#r af Klward Taoinbtn* 11rootl?o tha avaalag af tba affrar; I warn to wT^oH-ibVlhird mory front room-at half pan 10; efiar read tag for a abort lima, I raitrod; my mtaatlao waa ^lIcd bT * aotaa oa 11 a ?ldowa!k aa tb ragh a wrtoa waa *tr*j)gbos Ilea, a pervrc rtopatag o?Uk oaiaatdcwa'* and VriM f>r a latir- *ha aaid, " I>?ot, Omar, doat?on?a 1 111? ti." ????. ?? <f *J? 15 2U&ZS~>t Ei~. maWtag aaaiaat Mr *?arlm' rcaaa rknrtad Mdwbaa tae ? rBd ftr bvtg, and wood dewotta walh laward the yaw, I ?r Uic partlaa fh!L baa .1 tbn ra "2? ilg^wUie kaf a pt.tal aa im .tdaw ?fk, I aow the portira oaoach otaar, and r'U over; thay rean'nrdJ? Slt^ay Jmac time, wbaa ana af than, gat rp aad rr,_, !Ln J ?et nw part of my drvaa aad a ahawi wa?B ba wmSMftawtta apm to the gala, aad want dowa ttataa 'am ib' or; ha walhvd la aad moa I < * Mia' mat ,?r anil raagaisad Mr Cnvva; wbencv board FTuTrnTwrn *hf< baTah f. r hi. alatal; whao ha ?aM a a tori the ptrbt' he Ml lb* nana Cewa. and want art to look < r .W ohm? fwmX-nld'r ha gal a . ha walked t. *ard the ama^tgr f>ryWd want daw. aaty to thagrta; ha llaM? >hera hy thoao two mmhalaaU; ha aid a t ta |(t(. the goto a* all I want to IBs gllratlo "d-daa wlta 7r Loava Yw -rurtow, my two a Bern, and Mr I dry 1*14 Mr Oneva waa ei.Ucg an a tag at 'Be edge a? ha wa.?r ai* lister pmatod to him, and said, ?'Mr d-rva. " (mug vaarpwt* " It waa en hBhuoa ?a?dwbarf, ni. M ll*' rard oa the 4?h or Jalr UWt tvT wtrk* bato-. , f .a* htm have a p?lal 1ml ?i riar O'd la Jnte; tetaatobaa lleutaernra! ilmaa aad pit n ia <wy rat.r i la? w f#tgbieo bar; Cadve left a.aoe kh*Yei*7frmined by Mr. Dt?(on-Tbe wtarioaa ??? fhak ur?of wit char .bar wero n#*a I amid hoar dmtiwetly; *o ore wat kt iba "bamker oivbma; T owid 4'*tla?'ilta ih? Mows wt<b a <a?e er .tleh by lhe?' Mr'bibg ag* ne Ib? 'roce two It m the wtodaw wbaa I baa'd the ? * tfthe grrgPag; I a a*ovaa*toa, ??Ob. yen raomi,' ww ? ht n l"ae* a ? wklppiag da flrnava'; tba report #f th ? | ? i?fil rame very afcorilr *tar tba gorgllag #ito?; ?aw u,? fla*b *f the pwtoi; It eppaarad to ba aartB af tba par ?r *? < ? the walb, Una* a waat wet throvgb the baok e'toy I iMrk my afeirr raw blm eat; I am act positive; wbao tfcwra etbiaitod tha flrni ho tooB it from aha it oadrr "the rlmrt Bern adj wmad oatll b'jm a'ctoo* th e mere ?ra Da'trg the rtoeaa the bmp tothy of Mr I-eyva. ?h* i?i er la do-ty leeted, aad tba la variable irnlmeei la lb* ba birpa * mnat daatetba prwen. rna Da Urate Affair at t?*a Mavw *orh llofel. irrakti* coraT?t*BM. Bef ire Boa J edgo Rooaavalt. (rv SO ?Aw the wai'rir tf tSnreJtor ir.odmaa ? k" 1,1 r tnralrlag rawa doaaitlc aaplemaataeae aacerred some ?aw waeka ego "nt be New Terk Hdal, in wbtwi? I urn as wee be kart of e i eacn.mia, It bWng altarJ'*' iba hoebond of Mm Us'uhae Woidman oeogbt bw eta Mr. yurnha In/egroaM AIM* Mre. Wwimi weoiih im.neniiy pBmd la n gaWeto insane any lam in *? *? g, 1 ewf Island, by her boabnvd. flhe allegeB th*t ha he* as <i rived bar through revenge, nod that bhI9"enty }* ktrp her ibera for nr? 1*e bnahBBd !? no* ?? *?* 'f irena Ike preeoat a.ktca It oo haSeei WcW. a?t Jto writ fa toed o?t bv Mr y?i alas nt thf mqam i of w? M' rep'tva. Hr D. *. Wsktea apyeer* f?r tba Bty, iend dm mattfr wig *at dawn tor alar an o'ofx>? 0* ttM*J NEWS FROM HAVANA. A>rival orut Oitnida-iUailtUneM of Oolrt from Cnb*u-9|>?<la on rrit|f?Ufh? Star of tk? Wilt not In Poat?Decline la tlio Iwr* ktli.ltock of Hu(wr, Ac. rn I'attad Sta'aa wtll btodmahlp Oftnofo, Oaptaua Gilffln, toa N?w Orkana and Bout, errlrtd at tola port jNKnliy moraing. Iba tkaaada kit Nov Ortaaaa ac toe 20th tarn, at 8 a. M , ant n tv tea on the 24'b laa ant, at t?)a A M , and bat <*;sr kneed tfayy and adyorot weather daring the entire FMnn. At Havana there vaa I'tlte new. Baaiaam wai unsettled, produoe daaiio'jtf, and mooey natton ay m ;aihiiLsg wttt kindred an air* a tbe Stotaa. No forwtfu veasels of war a i he harhor. Tbe United lutee ail Mmk.* Phttadoipba, Garden Bafgt, >om Nea York I7tn instant, aaoierod In ibe har bar at hair put 0 o'clock on the mem eg of tba 2i.h laat Tke bar of Utc Wat, rrow Up'om'j, had aot pel ar rtyed. lha?inaada baa ' roogt> amy pateeitfare, and th* fol low lag t vkcja L:?ir. raon m* or.-a**<e A. 0. r^alrc A r?o.. \l,*Cd Davit ft Jactatc,... f3,18B B. Biciforu ...... t.nM Woodruff& Oe 4,100 v.eter A niebwlte.. a ?o Wm B Tcole AOc . 4,(00 Angel drl KI?k*. ... ^tco J. ncacnlbal 4 Bro.. 1,X0 Martinet % Bvno .... mora A OUvar..... 1,217 J.J Malm.-. t,17fl Votgbtn A MMiagtoa I 000 Patent U/na 1,020 Tonaatad A Yak... Ci7 Glmbtraal A >.im< 6. W A J. Rand,... 600 ac* 000 Order ?,N0 H Bamstsff........ '?W vao* uv/u. K. B. Biddi it>2 Nona lb]lor 18C.00Q ratrafle AOaAarerria 480 Jokn M. Oabniloa ,. 4A.0C0 Joba W. Oanrtngton. 170 bnliloci, Tbalp* A .'o SyOOO Order ll.edJ Mart), 8O0I AOo... It,M0 Order 7,810 Walk, flargo A Co.. 0,101 Order t,700 Piter V. If lag A Oo. 8,800 Toiai ...Oat# OS Our fiayaaa earner pendant, wrl Jog oe 5K M of October, taya:?We bare bad anotbar elayer brought cto port try a Bpaolab man of nar, end bnvtag on board 540 negcoea, wbc vera in a atorying eoodliiae. Tbe officer* ao<l ore a of tbe ? layer were permine i to eaoepe Tke loatimcaiA* from tbe l*afcj>te<-t c* tte i u ed StaUsmatJ ateirocr Illinois ae*? ten deferred t< ui* Speak h t fftoem UntiedBietcaGoewu. Oone-v. Cc.onc H>l?t tu rat-rend to tie poet Kaolieagt umod noal: ptactnge - ind, t 7 per o?i premium; New Vor+ and North, avail .ruufcaiton*, from 2to 7 per wdi proteinic rregal* for anal) n,*eai*a roe Mia adranoed ?2 It I; ?3 0!. Nothing ctcilcr for Amerimo carriers. Stock of eogaro 100,000 bozea. J'rtoetdeiltolig. 1FM1TTU. JRH OP dOLD PROM SAT ANA. ['ram kite from toe DU-ioda la Nam* far ike Nee York EoraU ] Hie greet moaotary cr tie wb':b 'die t.\y of New Yo'kta paalng, bMalrealyoeuicti rome rom"-iaiore ofoatbfiom oar c ly, and apromtoaab'o m.ada bare goae eo fkr a* to anapeol that taia aoc!dca<el rao: mlgbi b i ooarrrtcd loco a permanent one, end that ;io cirronl will begin to rca In an oppcelle a roc'.ion wliatbe eamr tmpu luoetty vbWb It bid baforc loea-di ca Tbte aueylo ca (may we be Allowed to aar (>?,) lareirae urn mareprra arniatlon cr the Jet. ?I of Cio faadamon a acd tnmuuolr awa wbleb goyern tbe increment of tbe profoaa at ala In tbetr r lauoo witb tatoroatfoeal otmmoroa. Id tko (lit p'aoe, tbere are Mkordtneto eke>aolM, Kke of ire :m yaaibtttf of tot eg Ut C.reaJettoa o r money in thai oonntry ? ebataolea ? blah ere net to be oederyalo ad,eat op oe whlok n e will eot teat* hero, ooeiunt jug ooroal ret w ivh no i c tit g to tba eilMonee of tbe fail for fcrtber examlaa.ton. Tha almoe: abaulcto imfrr^bablllljr cf ocr mono/ tea ring aa on aoooost of tkal motive depoade on ctbor and Je .per onoaea, ehtoh wc eball br eflp treat of. Kven whet tbe prcolooo KOk)? ted In domoellc c'.rcaln Hob mom?ntnril| kae their ooarenicr of n.ercbantiac, In order to annaae another and e bJgier one, tkar rally re eerer tl In tbe lntorBBtlonel rektiona realr effioe cmn'au In ooveribg tko batacot reat iilag rmm >ka train a In othe. merobaiidlae and la fUnng up ike debo.t whemter It may arlae Ooniegoenlly, aa wag aa tbe me ueeitls balaac* la not unfavorable to a ocuotry, tbe oapotiatlm of apoole car net appear to be a l>g'*l flail, cr aa a natural an t ?pen aaeoet ocnai<i enr?* of tbo eHia't.m. So far vol, Tbe aotoal poalllon ortuba doet aot p?> m I aay doabv of tar bting yory far frcm flodlag ouraolroo to Ibta dlaedyantBgoooa pee 1dm Aa ac almv. oomiaat ratr, th? merocDtl'o till too Inelttw to oar fa .or, aad the prtooe o>tninel for osr produite in a mcent priiod licrmiod beyond ail motaure tbs mag a i tare er car preflk. On Ike olbo.- baa J, wo bat* a'tair rtmarkrd iba\ ac yarding to trnat yonby ditee farciibod bp >be idml?tiawov ef aor cettomp. car inrponat mm hero not eaoreteo ibw ?e.i!n??r "?? w? ?? ? into oeoegk (a wkdom eaeHy tj ao. for whit oar eootei (oednton waneljj**,) o< I tmmrdinloly to mlerpeot Ic as prNkeltye oosnaepi oc lb# whole of oar pro1'4 Par that aamo ran wo *? heliere iba; tba acteal ii;?-a"oa iT Cuba la general la ralber thai or a creditor than that of a debtor in bar commercial relation* witb fbretga ooaaurtaa Tba esoorteo me'ekandlio rerceiooic a greater yalae iban ibef imported, and eoctcjoec'ly we haya not to ooyor ibat balaaoe by lb* Mpr.rtaiim of erwc a. Bel bosldee (bin boiag tao trae rate and eyatea of on' onuatry, tbalr arvlleavoa !i it'll ?:,t mv C'mucia?n oroed m onr eownaoirial rnlatl-ea with tbo ealgi adog repoblic Tbe btiaa'a of trade is ecoa'atiiy is ocr feror, and for tocb oonalderab': aamr '.bat It a aa*. eye* pjeilbl* to tblnk of any mcmeetary oooiltat'on :a ar or;oi:w aenso Tbe hotl tf New York baa ci loglt'iece cttlh apoa oa, aor baa it aay mease. In (be rtf far ryc-i* o' (h'sga, to ?oroa rrom oa tbe ep?c*e we a-e la paaeas !->o of Its aa oaaatnoe, be waytr ergrat they miy be. uaaet bttatMltJ Ui iiUiMr viy, We fad la Ibe Hrva-,% of Katorita, tba fadtwlag act ea of tba deatb ef Mlgaal Toorbe Totor ? Tbla dkl'sgakketf poat has eaaaol to lira. WUb hint Cnba knea bf r iwaeAaii elsgur, and tba maita of Yomory area MM nmrm ?< I * w wwiwvm ? iur|t,r. eiito my ?<?!(? VR I u HI if J ttair moat toeoar dlael;ia. Oabaa llttrwara, on Ik peri, has to pot on m-.arn'.ng One or l'? navt 1 earn a I mom ken, ooe of Ik moat oorroet writer*, WIU to-day bt taia In tbe crave to mtsg'e witb tba deal of the earth. A perfect master cd eerer*! liagnagaa, aad dearly familiar with Iba history aad literati re of tbe world, Mlgnat T. Toton, was one of those po ts w| ,n will |U00 amowgrt the blgbeat; and Nairn/ta-kk uaUr* town?by ibe aUe of her aakappy but balorad Joa 'aelBto Ml lanes. Ws rand toe fo cw'.ag la ifca (A witrok of it J go da Cuba >? Ibe eayeria 'rem tha p-rt ef Saahage da Cnba from tba 1st January to ibe 30ife Be?toab*r, 18IT, bar? baaa ? 8,780 Cd ponndi ef ooffee. to,lit begnleads, I* tiereea, is.agt barrek and 2,018 no w cf tags'; 8,918 bag* ar c?oe?, 888 ileroaa of bneay U -81 bales ef tofeaooo, 8,873 ptpae of ram. tut MONBT 0III18 BATSWA?narBMNMSKy MITA ril'BKt or KR^tnr. TYeseklerl from the Ueeeia 1 Ha rasa, Oi 18 1 Ootauroa, Oartam Haeaa*i AtD WuraweraenawT H * i.Ata <w trs lo i: t*' i t'.' an o- tea avea fA-ri.'ru lo?ri'|0 CVhA. recnetAit or Ooraanwawr: ? Hanag h?a-d the Cwemltaea of rroyrtatwe aad Bor ckaek firmed to pro pen* to the goyeremaat IM awl co*raetoet mean* to ameliorate the mooetwy ernJMloc. of tbla city, aed haylag ?gMM tke Kael Acaerdo, we de ore* ae 8 bo*i ? Hrrt By coeyrcetloe of tk'a goraraaieat tha i bewailed legalker fa tot-aorduery geoeral mroeiag tke aka-s ho liar* cf tbe aoofettea 'anosj jwtt end on < MAMM) aad aba toeae wboae oeitUl la am ?' ogetaer paid op ,railway eempenlaa aiaeptod). hosed Tbeae geeaael maw jag* ake'l be preetded wr by aeme one dekfatod by tne geyernmrmt, aad aba JI tat* plane lamedtetoif eher tke three daya la which tboy oit'd la tbe <7a fia. Third The dlreoioreesr fbrtbw tn to draw apaoto??eve? ? bcw'ag the ran' m uin of the safety, to ue watod up la their anroaoo, aa1 to be at the dkpoant of the aba: a hold art dartre tbe I bro* dayi of Ibe m*et>eg foartb Tboae edmordtnerr gaeerai a-eotior* ra??? tinead la artleto I aheli beeomponed of lb* premnt there bolaerr, iWrongh in# thre* moalh* meettoeod le Um lew of inth Oetcbcr. MM, may nm hay* ?la pee* fifth. Tie oh/-n cf tk**? mnettsgt will a* to dlsotaa tof egrra, aeoord-sg to th* mA> r ty of yobM. the fattow '?8 ? 1. Tba ooei.otaVue *p Itnelrfatlbe of iba/ITalra ef the nxytiitop 2. The faet llallegfk* ptpmeet of me peaMer dlyllamit 3 tb? radnntlea ef tb?r?piielef the > jeJ?t* e* t* dl *!??*? into dlgrrawt emiaetona wi n tbe onaapood ng tflminctioe of ibe relae af the ah erne, d. Win fliatoe with other aaelngooa aoelerHa. H'tth The erk of Mi*ea generrJ mn^lsga, Ibafr roeo'o lice, tit* ran** of ton ?hereboldtra aad tl ?the atgtbcr af Itbti aa toey mpraaaat than be tmiumfUed to tola port, a wirnt by to# C'frmao within tore* daya rollaw tg. la order lbat* reeolotleb meg be token thernoo witnoct (we of ume. JOJg Dl Lb CU.fUIA. Hit*na, rib <>08 , 1887. I .Onr or two at me smell** ttalrt a k i oily bars aaVod igt in a. *?rKm wHh to* forageltg. tad II I* *0. tm| rrbebln Uik to*y ami weu otorr i* ot (took a*to?,A tleoa mey go into n<iai*allce Nreet dtff*raeoa of oplal m 'lima ae to toe propriety *' tolt maa*?r* or iba go era mast's latoiflerirg In prlr&to apmeieikma noma pertia* eoa*ldertag it rary pradeatlel ael pr?F*r, wtolat ctb*ca brrtteto not to my tost M la too as< if l/rtcry. aad tost <e ar Aor ahanld t r reaetlnd, fE129BAPB10. tst I; awTOM, OA, M, 1887 Taa waamabtp Itobei taa arr're* from Henna an7 K Was*. 1Mb art Tbera mm mtb'.ag cf stama. traaeptr ag a*, nawaov Tb#ra,mto from toeicgar c-op oa tba lilaad art yanAtot Wc wrartt art royortM at Kay Wm 7b? urawiabip War af tba Waal, with tba Ctl for. it a i is. had aot reaehad Btraaa wbas to* leak*! la Kan con id bardty be anilbul orordaa. bowemr hat' ?ef. Wgw York ca her ertwa-d trip lew dayi aMbiei-tow* b? rrgilar fay. ?tolttlral ln?ll-lV,riw ?Mymoi' ?Mina leoamma Ookfc **ofripkiui and llutUUcal ga> clity. A1 116 tMtiaf cf thta otelety hut trnlii, aa oMborotb and 1?1ereit1og paper wu read by Dr Hay en, of PhlltdaK. pbla, on acooat to the North Polo by Kaae'a tea. The .a* tnrer nommoDoed with a bitof but tn?touei>e raylew of the progroon of Arctlo explortllcna, whtob bo laid ?m eceyal with tit* dbrcorory of America. The idoa of a Polar hi waa yu#g? ilod by othern before Or. Haao, bc|? woo roftrrod for him to proya llaaotnil axtoienoe. ma ?ta, laid Dr. Ha; ea, baa a diaaiolor of a too miMa In l(o flatten oxloat, aad of 1,000 allot la 110 ieeM. The (hot of a ml dor ollmato la tbli reyia nt proTad by (bo temperature of the we or aad taa oaJ frot'on of la?ge nomooro of daeia aad otbor bird* lo warda Ik# y?)aat iho lotting ta of lb# northern tuamer. Tbo opoa o?a or Dr Kino ejmnanoeo at tbo northern ler tui :ue of fnltb'a touad, aad Mrrton, who aUod no the nboroa or'bioiea, iar It atr<iob boforo blaa ao fkr at tba ej0000If roach Dr. Kaneblauelflaw 110 whllo whale paiflag up tVoll'ag co'o rhiaeo) to tba tortb for roar dn>n thrrcgh ibo broken loo; aad two piiau wore brought from tbo iborci of tba Polrala by dr. Morton, ?mi Ttgeia ing. Tbo Itoal roulo for fotore axplora'.lta to ths pclo, if o Icouror tald, wia tbroogb Dr Keoe'unaa. Tbo adraattgo* pom mm b1 tb a roato, aald ho, aro 10 cUwclr dttlned bj D \ K?ne Ihnt I will quia* from a papor e' tli "o tba tobjoet, ik ng the liberty is add a few obtcr ratlcM baicdupoo my o ?n eiprr ence ? 1. IirtaJL T.a aa iho bar..a o' oprra'ooe?ool, boworor. u a floid for travel, bat a? afford lag a marg oal bait of let alwayoalecrialniraaoaaiwooUt tad incara, and furuiab ?t at all Iltnau a tare iilreai fur partial aad a firm da llrw for dopot ?t? 1-BO, at Ws??t to B2 d(g 80 miu. I A dr.o north line rradarod certain by perauaal know ledge of tbo eooot 'J Tba brneOt r.t the land reuerrn of Ureeaouid, t.a. log ton and Gilaoeil leada to shack tbo equatorial drl'i of the early b>oak ap, thoa obrtrtlag the OtlBoait'>?a Parry fooooatertd la bit Sphzbergca foot I ?amp 4. ibe oo operation or tba oaUreo, who would foroiab tbo party wttb rfcgr, itedgee, a* 4 ? uro la eaoe cf aoad. 6. A pomlb'o chance of flarilag aa otren water paaaige through Hmith'e or rail aad K.i tody obaaaal, by wirab areata to the polo might bo made wltb a Towel. 0. n>tog la a lino with tbo Greenland coast, wltb ao large body of water la croaa, the oa'otr of tbo reeeelo need not be mado an objiot of annua? oooolirralia iu paehlan forward, oacapo '<? boUa to tbfc ?>u h being al ways praotT cable, aa proven by the (xperteaoaof Dr Kaio Anting the loceotlroa wblcb aboold urga to Uto Attlaa cat cf fu'ure oti edition n wjthat of tawing the reanaaote cf the Opi'mann tribe. wbonttllekeJ onto preoariouaoub ?Irteooe n?tbo lead to Ike eaoi of Pnllb'a Bound, a tolbw ? hu rt had born partial y tbo mean* of roaoulog Jr. Raao ato f-.w party m their mm ox .odltioo to the Arntto region#, t' meant of prortaloc dopou, catahltahol at tbo moat ao (.'Mieie ar.d cc.iren srt point i on the route, aad too ota. lay mentor ?rob mean* ag experience bad proved to ba bctt ?<i?pied c A'C. c t a?ci and iho aniteeldleo of Htb, Dr Hi)?> bad no o ibt of tba trauoaaafol Inane of another expecitioa H? al<o?nro?ed bi? w'.Mogaoai to load or ts giro tbo aid ot r?ia ei^nr-cnoo ta otr-ylon out tbo Mai one that m'gbt ho tiled oat froat it.i otuntry At tbo Hoar, of bio paper, wblcb waailatoael to Unooit eat wltb tench luieroil, ho re:ci*?d a vo oof tbaabo from ?>o an Herec. A no tocat wia a'to utulo tbat b? furaiih a. oopy for the ooo of the ous.tly. City Politic* know nort:ifo ooxntt ooktdtio*. Ah adjourned meeting or this Cox rent loo waa belt M -Vo. 16 fourth arauce, la*l aytalag, J uao a O.ire- ta the ahalr. Aflrr tbo oj>en!?g of the mtotlig, Mr. JaiBoa, ?r Ibo rblrtoootb ward, cffor<<i too ro: ow lag rcaclcttoo: ? iUootrod, That wo will in >po -t no candid tin for Regti ter who dooo notawad iqaare upon tba troy Amorttea pUtiorm, or obo doca not c^n.tler ike noeet ouof asm rlcaslea parawonet to aO ctbor e^taatlaw. After oomo debate tb:t toic.'utlcn wta laid oa too labia by a rota cr 38 to 10. " fr?na "rfc'? goaortl Bnket a*<t from fomwWoo wore thoa ad ml tad, both of ?bom, tbrongh oioaeo opoakaro. addromod tba Ceaacatloa U farrr of rut ion. ' A'Ur a g<?et deal of tvinfaf'oa, a bdiot far Her do wm gcee into, wltb the ftlb-lag reoalf 'amro F Wach 41 J Feel. Haieh'am . a ? Wlargar g eilbertc Daaa..'.'.'.I g Thoaiaa R Wbltncy 8 Blank g Tbo Crxra aasennood that Jantoi H. 'welto wae'iba Amerloib nominee for R*gl?tor. A kitnou o? nta Wtn<t Gnmii Coaairran waa kali ca Widttoiday milig at No. 106 1 jortb oroone, rto-taiao H. Bond la 'be ebalr. The foliowleg a->raUat<oan wore made Wm. Mltobtl and & A. Ptabody, JeoUotn of U* dnportor Ooait; J. H Bwwarlb aad n. K 1'terpotm, of lk? Supreme Ooait; Worry H. H.l.oa, Jo.lga of tbo CommoBt fleoa; Alrxattl r Hpao'clag, Ke. -,rder; Wm II B-owt Jucga cf the Marine Court; U L Hatch lire, liegtMor #' ' com ml' oe t.f .br?e ?ae evpoteted to make air*DgeixMite f?r a ralifloail <n merilng, lo be belt ca flaiartfer ?r?a ai alio to wan on tka other o aveaf'ur. Br.nblr, Cltjr IVIKIrt, tbe ikyicoihs pm'j:u* ftim witb ran aa TV ALIO AHA. A mum meeting ol tbo ims party waa beid a* (totllo Hail la id am* ti/ce. laot oroalag, f r t ta parpaoo if ocaOrmlog the / merle in, ll?aU and foalon Sooaioriaft iitombly aid oouaty nua.^aucna. John J. Eyeam. C?q , of'ha Ttnih ward, preeliod, oarlttad ty a ocrater of Viae Prmldcaig aad HeceatarUa. Addwmeo werr mvJtt b, ? ' WocbooWr B uuin, rykemoal aao 'Uerr, wnc urged a an.tod no-port cf the loon' nimianPote ?y the fua'oa .arty j,l T B rinr -? a ?" ? npeak'r wiuim : ooatnli>nm tire, tti' be drewned to tnno aey part la (he meet ?I hlWibJia. or wrtbtMm.rh' B 1 ? * Otmnc.'twe on Reeoiativm woe app inwe) aod tbry tchml trl fse fr.Howleg, whtob -era adst . jd 1 Rencfrod, Thai ike Amo'ica-a of Kirgn eooaty aim. M banloforo, adhere f.Dkfnliy to thotr long chert uoi prtnrlyloo, nod hereby declare tbtlr ilotera.ina.un to *Uad by tbmo priacdflenat ell iimot end at all be. *?#.. PreoiTtd, That wo eor i .al'.y oat no the a mo ran ,'<3*u "<? Wt. ?o the nee era! nominee. ?, tar aod I oca I ?lck ft i cif oofdtil loroort The meeting (hurt y a'ler d ipofitd, RkPlOUCAN MIKTlftl. Tbo orenUrg proytosa the r#paoiica ? bold a outs,<m t'oa meeting el tbo dcaoem, at wbick e we:mo wore mado by J bo A. Uroto Judge Ctlr.r, aht JibMana, Deaeral Djryra and fbot a Kodmea, ead rraetotloai congratulating lh? f oo State mea of Kaaaaa on their lure eta a lao r?c?al elect' to, in f .ror of a Heftolry law aad tadonlag the .epaMkwo Sum aad raitoa total amainatlaao, Ar , wore adopted Nfirriww or f? nitKAo ptiocatcr. A portion of tbe Gerwaa drm mreer aaoombtod at IbO eeraor of Ooart aad BnlJe itrreta. iiiaMMaW, Mr Ibo parpen# of anmtantii goa lade made it oaaUdatoibr Ooroatr. OaorT tbo prrarat aomtaaoe, ttappnaro.ta not aoooptabie to tamo of tbo tteroman, who think tboy aboold horekad a repraeeatat'rename mbol Tbo fro* body W tbooo who anaerobic i, ho wo ror, woro aleo'no tc inrb a oniMo, and prtrraVd tboao wbo bad tallod tba maottig fruna orgaa'.. ag by bomtortma dtotoatwaiioaa at dlmeaa Tbo origlaat ri atiompud to mmoro order by nnraaa ef a largo diaair hoP, whtob wan reng wita groat * *?* 'R^' lkry gat tired of tbo job, wbea the tigbM weeo put oat aad tba aadioooe wort out aim A enoot ag wao " ?" ^ domocrtlc aw mlaattooa woro raltkod. _ Form?nal InUUIgeaee. Tba bow hotta Society, of Rot* 'bio Ro*. Ttr \ oeng ej, bare laetted tfco Ror Orrlllo 0.>*of, 0. ft, to bnnoma tbotr ranter, tad b# (ton iron pled of the eGf, naJ will naior n kit daiion oo ibo trw Suodny 'a Januo/y aoak Mm Mvan Cutrw Ge??, aoyn the Now Urtoann Dfitn Of Uto Od taw., deecrrwu to rack ammg too fortoi at oT Ka aa<i nauarro aar* wnrun of to ? or olonr time* if Ibnt no 'o ror to mm d im.on. raHh that boldo ram lb 'to oaa . imioa tbour b ail arooae.l mey fall, too**go p* auwMi htgbnr with opprntt on aad dare* tba maro to* BtgbUer bio Aw, ell thai i/lampbeaUy amtoaabira men "a wilt, aad intellect that mitctim man'*. iieUem, amtad ettb a worm, gommo ? ead magn latmsa* boort aad Iran w* man taaaa or aOarweinr-tt tiMte non.umu a borate woman thee lo Mm My a Clark Hw'aeo a barrtao lb moo# mora Ibaa tbo coaroa lata aeoon la whtob Ibo term to ewi>kV to by i?MMka oad tmmtg Her bimiw i - - ? romoora-lt lo aungor man Mltuo. ?,a *U, m " wvTu. iklaefy.taparlateadiag i. tbo twwaaeam.m of ? rertooi onuoara to be produaed ia ho' oaae bem?? roiMNWm'icurt .Rlltg I bSTIS^m nlfTtlf !J Mo r, oad to be tonb at to latMre the if buroml "7Ju,,p",IUTa Mi JoOohito am rant !!., i ' -uoba rttu t, a'tor twenty ? ]n tewra of ?Udtam^truwl^,rl*,a'* "'"M1*. ??"d tram to ?hme mho Jw (i-' mha *'? aM ""*? ??>???.t,m. to fc*? roi-gnodhlo goal In tbo Oanwtww ia V.tgxud ?ewaM *1 "? aad prrpoioo inwitag l'?r,W*'ft6, membey of Oritf' eaa .vtst to 'bo crtragodlt.ilrt, tograiaail/ r??t*erlrg fr.-m bit la:? 'II ,fbio ability t.j fata hit teal tt the opro'ng of bw nen Onagrent tt now bayra-i til iirtfioa. Aa naraytnnato ?'e'r toik piaeo an Ue IDb mtial at Chen ' orobnrg Pa, ootwren flea Jaa. C VeKik?io. bob of Utt ,Va*al' fi'uar v PoHtd*'phi?, aad Mr laou* tjeatg ?oa katiw of the muor to wkirh Omlg wna tmaadata ' ? im f or' r, w< *?'? ? -- " Mom . Vdanad PW t P. dot) to r-em fewl'rl aretBd H*j??)) io woairabp Granada ? Prrm Pew (nlwao? D 0 T MarrU. ft Wigeor and t?roroto ^OO! 3as*a. - J J taint\ M owaehn, a ,. Mar.-r-e Wr.Anorn 1, k towlo. Mr Huon'na aad ?war. C W rtaddnut -aad ti ??reraa* Ae to .ho ?t*amrk a Jameawwa? * (tmaa J ? Parnir.m Joha Wt^loorth ' apt Wee tanner. >cAn H)o llrt. Jr an Allaaad UI t a I'thaa M'tiJoiah M'et H? <!.??)? ItfiT'M' IfcraaT, 0 Jonmo? "?" m treat atr* w,to*i.yl,We,rt" * " ' T*0, Tm"v"<d?->'-i