Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1857 Page 6
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OTKinSEMEim 1MEWED ETEJLY PIT. mtpatiwi WAMwmm^mmaukJbma. B1TUATI0* WAWTWD- BT A A*r*EABLB l to Co ibs ho- ne work sf a wall family ;?? flvn bast of tmM Oali ai IU Wsetddthal A SITUATION WANTMi. ?BT AN EXPEBIBNCWD nm k Ir a uaeeetahls f?mllj, beat attr pefereaca fives. at 1(4 Weet"40ta at . t"V Boor. A SITUATION WANTWD?AB HIUOTKM AJTD ladles' aiald. (Protestant), oaderstaida halr-dresalnf is a teat plain newer; woula like to go iimw ttb|; A r woo i' po to live u the ecuatrj. Oan aa aaen at hir prveer,. employer a, tl West lTib at. Oan (lee food etif >r?Mt iPKCTWVTANT TOUNO WOMAN WT8HW8 A 8ITUA tine or a few wevki'sawlar, she oan out and 9t chl d star -'oaiee ard do all kinds o( family sea nf; Bill assist gener .'It ard m?k? hers 11 useful, can oe b'.phly recommend ad ftonr. her la?t t 'ace. share ?ha lined thirteen months. Oaa be reen *? V Wett IS k at, near 6th' ana OCLOKBD WOW AW WAWTB A SITUATION AS brnsea ana hotelT. c^giv"'he b*it?51dff ,0f :"c*' h^fdlni Art ?las. Sh-n ,he b , J Kr*..l r'tenD?? too* Jsraev ,t t? tfe rvar back of Nit"? ^1<Me 0411 " *? ? A IISriCTABLl WOMAW WABT8 A SITU ?TTON AS A we' neete, be. It* lost brr br' j when ten months old. la whiter toa.ake barae f inn' rallj useful; la arood plain sewer, batt of city retfcrrnea oan br.piveu from her fan place; no ob i tr g te the country. P'eese anil at 77 West :|hh ?t A'-BAWSTRWrs WIBUES TO GUT A TBW Ft. Mil,'. H to wotk for, by the day or week. Terms moderate ap ply a> "(117th st., beta era tth and 7:b av .hum. A81TU \TIOH WANTBI?BT A TOURS OilL, Af rhan.b rstald and waitress; Is a rood plain sewer, or would do general housework, la a small lami'y; 1 as food air rrferece* ?. 0?r\ be seen at SO Boos ton si., ae.* Thompson jvm ro J?,_ 4R16 FECTA BI.A (J 'BL WABT8 A 8T1 J ATI ON?18 A foou rook; und'rvta,d? on-iklng and a'i kinds ol family work. Is a loot waihe-ani lrorer; wcnV go naywhtre to a "tears claw Wood refarssnre il?en Oar o? seen for two days at Si> Mulberry tree. tear 1'rtnoe, first loir, la the rear. A SITUATION WAKTED-BT A KUPK'JTASLW WO man ae pood eook; would aastr j? the wa king and Iran hip; pond elty r< f ranc a r.'eaae c \ , at Ko *0 Moil at dan be teen for twj days mlC'MPETNNT J MO OBLIQIWO TOUNO W;)WAW desires a ittuatlou to do the housework of a small family, ar ah amber work and plain cewlnp. and so objection to the ihnx dry; has ths beat of city raftrencm. Please oali at 275 Bowery. A SITUATION WAKT10-BT A OOKPBTBWT 81 AW st era; can cut ard fit. and do so kinds sf family aewlnf; he wtll'n* i- l?*o otre of a pr wing child; a home more of an nbje-t than h'gb wapns; b.-at of dtr reference Oan D a seen ?or two days at iU Bast 9-h at., near kd sr. ? aXSPB'TABIB WOMAW W.NT8 A SITU'TlOlf _ ersoh; unde-atands Att-eriean and Krenci *a asfrsi u?.. --?? ncd pastry iso obje: Ion to snoktrp. slso inder.tandr orv.. t. .^Bntry stood dty awls- in washing So cbje:tloc o ?? it, cop 'oom, mferi-nce Pl?as? call at No. ? Bsc'or as, r> ?or two dsyn A BBPPKCrABLB KNOLHH OIRbWANTA A8ITUA J% tton in a rrspectabl" prlrats lantlly, ae rursn or to<K> sham <erwork or waltlap. or to ao feneral uousewoik. V*'" n* IBT Went 16 h it., i enr 8th arenue A 8 OOOW. W? 1BIR AND ISON*?? .,n p9 CHAMdlB A1 msld and seemu-ets in a ?m*v, fmyaiy_a il nation wao-.t d by a reireeisale touep w w?'Mbe beet of city rWerenee. Ua u be seen for dv. ^ u BTe,Ue. be tween S.d and Jtd its "eco--(. B c - t ^ A k W-*TW?b_BT a TOUPO wowan, A8 r *f? r"K'1 -J<d food W'^.ber and Imnee; has noobja tlon to an iB?e r#(1j boussw j,f of a ewa 11 mUy. Can fi-e food m'~ ^re-'cee Can vj? seen tor two lays a' #<& Tth arenas, Vsteesc 58 h aert 2?-.a r s , aeeoid Boor, (root room A UTUATls ,H j ? MB?M?Tiihdd WAbTkD-BT A ^ Prot?sta',t jonnf wrean; bi an Wtlleu band at sPl Blade of see inf. I'll** snd rest; bait DO ob.i* su - ?- -*??*?? work. <>'!i at !?* 36 a ?t . between 7 a and " h to chamber areaues 'k C.iOK 8 SITUATION WaNTKD?BY A lOORi WO wan that enderstards cook'Df perteetiy oneere ?? da and but<er and u wil loy to ro a sh rt die ts. ee !u iho ?try, or would do bousrwork 1 ra una 1 piisate tamay. be seer net!) suited at 22S ttast 7th su, brween STecttet B O, top floor, -ark room A SITUATION WANTKD?BT A TOUN ? WOMAN, Ab ML nurse or eeamstrsai; in<l*rsto d? al. hind* of tam'tjr ?ewtng; wou'd bars no o jeettei tr wait on tab>s. or to do shsir" *? best of referent* pfea. I'H-.sse a .dress .or lira nays 107 llta si., bstwstn Hk nnd ti h urrs BITUATION WANT AD?BY A 8n?M8TH?S8 MHj -#h anderetasdn drraemak'.af and wa'X-'P. hat ao o' cu >n to asslet In the ea>e of ebtl'ren. sheiaa o mr hlsk.v reeon sseneed as a capab? wust worJij ptri. tsqttlre two dottn Iran Joralemoa it h> Pnrir r. rx . Brockl/n. A.oafkitodo panwal kousew ork In a amao tamay. a TOCNQ WOMAN WISH MSA SITUATION AKNUA-J ML and aeamrtieee or as rhamfc-rnsald acd srfmftrese; snderKtends em ralJery. Oali a- 1W West lk k st A JlfKPW TABLM TOUNO WOMAN WA <T8 A 8ITUA A tltmaian ex-re,ient root. ;b' ruiptiy laderrjcnaa her SmIiivi Has iae neet of on-' re ere; os * aa be seen for two days at t'i West !8th st b'tworn 0 h sad :tk avenues. I HlTUiTlcN WPNTKD-BY A YOtJWO WOMAN; 18 L a pood plain eook. first rate waeber sod ironer kas lived 1 years in ker last piaoe. Dead any retereane (Iran. <XU 101 6th avenue LADY DBH.RM8 A PL.A> ? POK A PAlTHrOL OIRU wbn baa lived with fc'r In ths rspe .ty of sook and adreas f. r years Call at 67 We?t S8 A ?t BMPMCTABUI Tt UNO WOM * N WITHER A HI TO A 1 tea ae ekambermatd and to avaw with the waah.ef and a aw Ins or 10 do waUint la, so ebjeattcn to take care of prow he ekTdren In either clij o*c un-ry. Has the beet of 0H| referenoe from her las- place, wa-re h<r la* employer oar A BBSPBCTABLM TOUi'l WOMAN WIKHPi A R!TU A sMos in a private fvmlly as cfaambermatf or waiter Smid lira veer. iB her last nlaos. Apply at 57 Tth nr., (or two eaym. PKOTBST-NT TOUN.t NOMAN Wlrillb A N'TU?. , ooo to oook. wash and Iron use os eeea for two days Re. 3 Rcammel'st. eorner aaet Sroadeay. TOUNO WOMAN WANTI1 A EllCaIK.N IN A KB protable prlraM- family as flrvi rate mil, weaher and er; Is a food baker sad tkoro uhl; nsdrmands ker buvl . Has Ike bast of dtr refe entsa. I'.ease oali at kit dway. betwern,!latandlii! tee ^ BITUATION WANTWD?BT A II BnPBO r 4'"1.? PKO ML MAast Oarwaa woman u pood rook, s od wa>hvr. atd m srUUnf to do konrawcrk Pleu - call s -5 N-e; J1 h A TOUNO OBRMAN WOMAN DERiMBi A SITUxTION A as pro/esasd cook. ude-s!?rde herbU'lnrtv ne!' Tse bam al rsfs rsaus. Please call at 133 Wust Itu at. (or ; wo daps. A PITUATION WANTED BT a R?X"E raSI.K PK"> A tretaai lnsltik plrl, u ladj ("maid and leeoinrevs and m analat la the eaam >er?i rk, no ot - c leu to , fbe. j- art k a lady Orod city refers 0 iTeoat- cmll fc 13. Wee! 12th ?: . ?een 61k and 6th air A TOUNO WOM a N WT8HBB A SITUATION AN OHAH A beimald and lanndreas or irfu'.ar walur?s. or ?-oald Wte to take ears -f rkiifren uedersunds b?r buslnres, aid eaa ftve the bs?t rlty re'ereare frtim her lwt employer rteaie ra U at 111 Weil 2'd ?l , top oor, back room TOTNO HARB1KD WOMtN WIT f A PBBNH breaet of milk, wl bes a alt';'-tu>n at wet a' rie. Tkr IrawmmendaU ne ptr?u 1 al for ira 'ays at loe Aii su, rSdarCti ? from 9 10 U and frr.m 3 ti 6 o'. ' k A BBSPi 'TA I LI TOCN'i WCNAW WiNTA A NfTU A. ati n n a pr*vate rssitlj to or k w?rk tud iron CAoij my refarsncs Call at 64 A m' ti" a; . B"v,kly -. ee^ocd fl >?r A Rl- I'l'TABLM PROTBETANT DIAL WISHER A A at na ion aa iham'-ermMd ard teaas^ea*. <r an utrs* AAd aeametreas Is w! llnp loase ri wi:h the wash', p. ? ,n d ?o rt,. t j the weak op .aj. aoo* jtc'xm 1110 la (At county/. Planes evil at 113 13A st , Srst Soap, tack r Arm inPK.T4R'.,l K UN i WOMAN WI8.1KH A etT"A uor 10 do per era. houseeo k; U a food pan ei)t. iher an ; .rn tr. or eoaf be ? ,^if w do chaaab .-?v,-ra and eewtcg. can ru sad tit and mate akirm Mas h? bset / amy tefarvL ? Please alt at JlV hut ,;A at, C/4t 11 >,r. -?e* ream WefesWtsll A ?rrr utioii ? ? ^ie **,'b 0rR^ A PKCTENTANT OIWU WAJfTS 4 PITTATION TO iio A cenera1 bonaewo k or ckambe wo-k ai.-i sewt p Oal at the e rser of Ewiu ard Leas as . <U5 Bvr klya. A OOOD PLAIN OOOK. WASHER ANf I BOTk.'t AN 3 food baker, wto hai alwam Jwd with yxrd f?m!Usa And knows her buanem. war's s eitae'n-. would taken inanfi ma place (Jali at 302 ttk av., new rf A st BTBADT. ACTIVE MOoTOa WOMAN WANT8 A . alt-attor, aa meal and pas ry sent; wonkiam'tt la *?d Mh| 1? *Meas" Wl'lmr " * _ ? -T^_^Mnf toda bar wart; will lake wtfea oali at 13B Waverly pitea. A NBaT. INTILLIQEST f 20TWTTABT OIRL WANtR wa a alt suae as shambrnnald and 14 easm la wash n? Bad rrnlep. <m waltreaa would do bonaework In a >?' km! J wl Toe fn ad sarsfn! and wt.ltsp to do ber wori Call at 111 Waver<ev plana. a K>sr?table healtht iounw mom tp. A losi htr own be if la dea.r ? is of aSituttI >n m wstenriv bes a find hreas; of milk. aa<< rvarrway itall Bed to ink# eaarfe o? ao infant Apply at iW Ban's st, Bseohtpa. Awe er s NtXjTt HMAN Sam? a PlTl'AT '?N iB (IABDWN ?V ? >*<T "T " ''l h .ht* h??? in this ejnjtr/slt /mr*j j* Pf^frai'r y t'"l"f d ?iik hit l n .e?? in alt It* (MbbSMS; one f vs pood references ai s'tUiJ Hntet af M TVttrsrry. 13 h at, hetwses 3d Ud Jti s". - ?" #11 vmAjT i ? A KTOATtON WANT D rtl A SB' I'E 'TAU ,1 A yonap Klrl, win has beea livisf we pm. Mfbtor nlae ysase In reapeetable : amities has ac objsrt.oa to do eh?mK?r werfc or to ao as child's awseor watsr. t*?t rsiereass eaa be gtven Caa be seen at 1311 Dotd it. raer jf Jubaam, Wronhlja. nktf AAd Batarday ABltUATK'N WaNTBTV-WT A TuUWB W m.N in a Brit eiase rrlvate fam;ly as s*>t, p? f? y masi as una htr I u, neat lbs very bee elt' fef -enne 1 leave call at '# War litbst . nver Bhrney'e pmeery, fw 1 er . ar< k TOUNO l.lRlv MiNTI A NTUAt ON AH ?i KID planocokaed fl al ra4- warier an 1 1 wrr h\e s sure uide pneeral b ,use work li a ?** 1 rem, j. ta foul itreferr, ?? < an be e-?.a for 1*0 days at ill 3*.tiat , be teen fith ? fi Tib a. I, first floor, bark room A SITUATION WANTWD BY A HA^PRITa A youus married *owi?n aa wel noren with a ' brear of tri e Her owa oblld * oely two mn hi , all frr brve day at 4' aeeei at LriMSSsSH w,,?^sS aSJ^*N*2r^A4raem^ ? ror toys at i?e K TRNBB BITUATION WANTBD- RT A OOMPBTIBT . *' ?bs t ' Uly emit' est to ta?. esl're sbar??vfa * uW't I irta Hi also a p>?d aea>> .t-eae dteaa'lkials ally sswmR ? tdiyrMipgH B , ?r a* ? nliH , e .y tin b., . 1 r so rlety and btBt|. An ' iseaai I Sw lbui st, near 6th are , la SITUATtfN WANTWD?AW A FIRS! RATI W AJTRWBN reefemty sdentaade her hneiee.t the beet city re'erei w ?an be f11?1 Pfammapp# a. To # Slat et eiwaen M and Levlef 4 I e -4 1 ' r u WaNTID BT a T'lUNT Nt'llE Tf 1 ?ewtNb m 4 ?? . f, |W ;* > TS?? A bvtuatb<wr? WAirrei^ui^ca. SITUATION WatMTSD-BY A YOUNG WCMAB, AS O a good cook; U urougbly ludtnUii1! her bad tan hi all it* braeohes gooC r?ierei>oe. Apply at 110 7th m, kllVM mil and Sift tu for tee day. Situations want so-by two younb wombs, one aa eoob; underatanda cooking ta all Ita braaehaa; U>* o.her aa ohambmaald and walbr?M, la a Aral rata laandreet; tka) are willing and able to wocli SatkafacUNT refereatoe* aaa be produced. Apply at US Baal 13th at. bet ween let ^ Sd even nee JITUATIONB WABTBD?BT A BB8PB3TABLB W?V O ataa aed her daughter; one aa eook, tad the o.h?r aa chamaeraaald aad waitress. or to aalad children; gooi rata rente* Apply at 1?8 Weat l7h at, between 7th and 8th art SXTUAT1CN8 WABTBD-BT TWO B18PBCTTAB.B I trie; one aa norae and teaMiiMaaa; oaa take the en Ire charge if a baby from lis birth or of g-owa op children: tut deratand* all klnde of tewing; the other ea ahamhemnld and wal'er. The heat of city refertnoe gtraa. Please sail at 1M Beat 10th at, near T'h arenne ?ITUATI )B WAMTBD-BT AS AMBBIOAN WOMAN, ? aa housekeeper, or would do the work ?( a eaeall fatally, ip/ly at I.1M Broadway. CITUAYIOH WANT1B? IT A Q1BBAS QtBL, TO DO Cr ?rtera' home* orb, and aa cook, weaker aad Iroaer; good reference A p.Ural 178 3tlh at., batwaaa 1st and Slaves., aee td flior, fro 1 toon. SITUATION WaMTfD?1'T A BBBPBOTASLB FBO tenant woman, aaa era claea laondreea, understands Yrenoh i at ng; no objection to the ooustrr Gool relerenca given. Apply at 67 West 16th at. between 6th and 7th area. S"CATION WAKfBD-BT A GIRL, TO OOOK, WASH and trn and do gee era 1 homework Oaa be sees at her present tmploytr'a, Jde Md at, eorner of 9 h avenue. ?I1UATIOK WABT1D-BY a young WOBAB. a PRO Ks W hp aUira wari |fi4 nlltd children, tttod itfcrtnee given. Apply at M Var ch at. SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A YOUkG WOM?N, TO DO general housework or ohamberwo-h ard waiting Good refrreaeeglran. apply at M3 3d avenue, betweenSTthand 38th irta., over thsAahery ?SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS J nurse and teaastre*; it wtlUag io take ehvga of an la taat; understands the vara or chdCren and ta every way a valuable nurse to objtc.too to travel. Good referenoe siren App'j at 6u 8t Barks place. SmU.TION WaNTBD-BY a touyg woman, as v* p.t n cook, waan*r and Inner; la a goo l baker: bat io objection to do b .orewora for a ?aaai'. faautr Good reference. Apply to i(B West Slth at., reoond floor, back rovm SITUATION WAMTBD-BT A BB0PB1 'f A SLS GIRL TO C rook, wash and Iron; has no objee.lon to do f enrral Lime work; la w 11 In* to go a rbort dleianoe in the coon try. Good rrferrrce. If require A Please call at 103 franklin at, la the hmmb QiTOATION WANTBD-BY A KWPkOTASL* GSB O man gtr\ a* r one or wattreaa: has no objec ion to c:tin bcreo'k la a tmiU fkru'jy. Can be scenior two day* at US w averlay place. < v-jituatiom wemsEn? bt a RtttpacTeWLN pro *7 tea'ant girl ae ehainbrrmaid aed walttr: would gj >t la todreta and has no objection io go In the e > intry Pl ate ear. ?' t^Mrrlon at, for two ^ -?aeeel eaapoyera. *"rr IwTBD?BY A BIBBPBCTIBLB TO0NG WOMAN, A 7f baby to wetnn.*>e at ber own hcaee, baring loathv o?q, ?7? BQitlhl o'd. Japp.y hX 210 A* be'.wwo liui 43d 16 b 8*. WiKTBP-A SITUATION, BY A *00"? that bmma'd end waHrr, or would aaalit andte?U?. CtUilK B?tUk ci. between Bband bib an , aroond door. ^____ WAM1U-BT A RiBPBCriBLB clrl. a altuhtlon a* chambermaid and Whiter. or ? ?hc rare o. cliMmi and do plain aealng ?0 objee-.Tn to BO abort distance In tic country; belt re'eronoa given. Apply at IS Went l#th at w ANTBP- A BlTUiTlOB B* A YOURQ WOM AT t ^g ovk, t4 tc attlat In wttblnr n a reas>totao*s .awlly, nirs f r two data at 1*0 West 13d ct Beet cit^ r yereacj. TIT J XT ID- A tuTUATlON. BY A? PEOTrB E TT i "reon a* lecndrets and chambermaid ; v.oaid be wtU It.g to strut with the care of eclldren or it? if reiulr<d; wou'1 io >be ooot Sag, waab'.ag and troa'ar, ot a anali lamMy; fa.lj p rmpe enl to Gil .either iltuhlion. Uai goo 1 c iy refer ?nee Pleaae tall or address 117 l'lh v t, between SA and 7th aveur ft. UtrAKTllV-A BJTOeTION BY A TOCNO W.OMAN; " oderfaode all klada ot dfrrerta, fan- m and soopa, . ad atl klnda of oiaber; Ike treat tatufae cry oil/ leferru * gtv?n ? r tu famt ?*? with whtm aha baa been llrlng r^n be teen at 1 TV l>ih tt, between btb and 6A area. TETAhTBD- A SITUATION BT A EI3-BCTABLB 1 wrerar. at wtt nttrae. Beat of dty re ere ice il re <l i'red Inqrlrewl Sti Utile it , Brooklyn \JL7-ihTBD-A 8ITI" ATIOIf, BT A RESPECTABLE *? young woman, aa cook, waaherend ironcr fo- a private family; M a good plain oooh, and tn etae'.'rnt wash or aid lrorei Good dty referencs. Call at 1.1 Bar. ll'.b it, between let av and at A. WANTED-IIY TWO YOUNO WOMEN fBIbTER8l, Bin* a-toca?one at rook, waaher and roner, is a go>d cook and an exneHeal laund*eaa, also a good bread had paa'ry baker, world do the datrr work; the will be found willing ajd capable. be o*be- aa rb mbcraaald and wanrem, and io co plain sewl?g; it willing to make betel,''generally useful: no objection io go la the oowtry The bad of reference! given Oail f r .wo dayt at 22ft West 25th tt., near 9th av., top tioor. "XJtTAKTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAW, A TT ai nail n at each, rr would go aa laoadrrtt; baa the beat 01 city rrference Can ba teen tor two day* at!7 Prtnoa si. teco :d Boor iroat room WANTED?A Hli CATION, BT A TOCNO WOMAN, to do general k)M?wk; la a good baker, vithtr via [7re;er, and 11 make he wall uaefol. Call at 122 Baal IDA at, be'.wren M %4.d V. ar* Off AMTID-A SITUATION, BT A TOUN'l WOMAN, TO TT oonb, waah and iron- tu ba aean At h'rpreiant em ploy en. bra ihe boat of el y reference laqolra In < Untoa are., Of h door ronA of Laiajette a**., Brooklyn. TV < WTal> BV A RKSCKTA 1M.I SOTtSTANT TT voau a at:nation M (oPfhSMl hniaework !? a prlvau ti mlif, gord oily refrrnb1 given Apply far two daya at 167 Aid ai , between 5 tk and Oil araa.. firal door. In Aa l tar. tA' A.NTIH- : V A TOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS Ff wattreea, baa Ufrd In tka beat of famine* aed -aa five tka beat of rity raieranoa. Can ba aeaa at I CI Baat .1th at., cuar avenue a. for two daya. WB" NUASK- WANTBD, BT A TBBT I'.-'T rtu I I 'rr rt.aat woman. a altuatlon aa wrt attrae. taring loat fcer own bavy whan ma day .old The aat of city referee oe eta berirer. Pleaee call at MS 10th aa. Itriid?a situation an rjoi, ran wash e-<S irco, la a food baker of bread and aakai Ban no oblteUja o?o m ike country. Noon rafartnoe tf reqnirad D quire at So 18 Norfolk at. WBHABTBU-A SITUATION, BT A RRSPI" TABLB I tnaa rn. aa anr'e and eeametreaa: ih* A roogbly r-odcratacda taking rare of aa lafaet and can do family irw 'oc '? ?. g-*J eaibro'derer. Uood etty rffere-:i gtvra Oall at No 81 ISA a., betwrea StA and 7tfc art., for two daya w WANTRD-RY A BKSPBOTARLB BN1MSH UIRU. A ?I. nacre to nook, waah ud Iron, and m>k* kartell nana ml!y ra-faL I. quire for two daya at 48 Dean at, south B-ecblyu. TjrANTBn?BY A TOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO *T i h*mbrrwcrk and w, Clog and aatlM la wtahltg, or noita and tram* rata Oood refer* n *e Pieat* oall at >43 It* t.h at , In .be atore, between a. a A and B, for iwcylay* W^HANTID-A SITUATION, BT A BBS 'BITABM jonrg fir', aa tb wnbermeid and wat er, crlitatect-e of a rAU.4 ana do plain tawing 'tan pmdnar tie Ira' nf rr ferM c, aa in rha raster and capability,from hue laat employer, at 43 Wr'nughby it, Brcoa ya, v .itre the ca>. be area. VA'A?f?D-A SITUATION AS LaUNDBRNS AND TT rbambirmak), ty a retpee able 'gtrl, : l'r competent itrat of friaitTM datlona a kcrpteaaat riec* tl I on lot lar ranr. Twi IS' at AN-R A SITUATION-AS tOOK; UNPIRSTANDS ? kn )l ' . ook'ng aoop* leMrs pantrira and eamr . i r art a?mry j el Ilea. '"an be aaeo tor two *>a At 174 13 b ?? ai nt,n lA. w WIM1 -BT A RSSPB'TTABLB OIAU * SITU t .on ra ?*? na'.rraa nan cut and fit ahlldrea'e d-eaarf 'tndan taur drr ?:uaktng. nan Co all klnda of family aewtig, woo d go ar r ore* and aeemaireaa. woo d bare ao oh wstoae to Co 1'tlt ambrrwerh . baa ike very b?et e'ty f. fereaae oan br area formulate. I'.aaar rat at C8 Mulbwryat U'AITin-i SITUATION BT A N10B TIOT QIBU TO TT ata no i rw and (Barrel toooaework. c.:y or ewta ?rr. at mo'rrtte * tare Plea*) call, dorlai Are* daya, at Satl braid ft. tear the Bowery. iJL' A NTBD- BT A BESPMTTaS I NtlR'II) tfOMID TT a HT tf. n ra wet a iraaLn a retpecablf faoal'i, her ? k l? anr ba old Beet cf r*fer?n:e gltea. Call at If atatr --t, Brooklyn. UTANTRr-BT A NSAT, f 1)1 TOUNO WOMAN. A TT rl'natVwt aa tio'aeand aeaaaifai Cm gira Ike beat oferj refrrenrr* Pleaia anil at !23Wret 2VA at arc rod f j?. WANTiD-A SITUATION. BT A TOUNO OBRMkN woman, ettk geod referannea, in a fool Am-rtean family, I* a g oo arw-? and tabnr.aad nan make hwe r gene rally eeef. I W old like k? go aa name. Oall at No. 94 let at# . la the rrocer , atore urABikP -BT AIIOTOIAMglNU, ABITOAnOV f f aa -tb tm lermai 1 or waiter. Beat reVrencea glr'a. A pp'T at M" Sari Ifck at W AM SO-A SITUATION. BT A REHPSOT \ rfl.B enna married woman aa we art'ie ally rat? rente glrrr, if rtqUrtd I'leaae apply a? ... batwaaa r A aad SPA tia to Aa bah* ry ^r 14 art . aetweaa w "C*XaTION. HT A TOUSO WOMAN, IB a fntale faa" , y u rktm'-erinkld or waller Heat of my rderewewi (pen from her aat plana. Oall at IK Wad 26ta at, armed floor. Wr NTAD- alT A TOUNU OIBU A SITUAT'O# TO do up etalra work and plate tewing, or t> take na-a of cblWtre Peal 01 refe-egore given <lan be earn oaUi an its', atlll wn ihtl. between Dean aad PaciSe ata. frat "'^or. nnat rm m, Bmohl? a. WANTtn BY A BflPNTTABLI TOUS'l W )MAN, A iHt.alit n aa Brat rate piala rwk wmijr and iroaer. A wi'l t a toco grr- rai boua*wr?rk la a arnad prira e (am ly. ao ohinrr A Brook ly a of HtaWn lalkil eaa produae the brat etrferea.e Plrwae eall at 100 Urrwni a be.waaa Spring li'd Pr'ari front taiem'Bt WANT1P-BT A BBBTBOTANLB MIDULB A9BD Wrlak w? nai. a a tnaOoa a* trat rate aoM. ^*herai l If ?r. <?r be aeea for two daya at Sh Waat I8tk at . Brat Brrw \JLT A ST a ,) BY A BBS "BCT i BUR ARHlHS WOMAN. TT ? altt.aiioa 'a a private family aa eoofc or b maeheei ee. Hood ely rtferrece givra Apply at H Tr J> at. tJL ANTBP A SITUATION, BT A STOUT OIRU. WITH T Ar bra* of etiv refmrnoe a* aook A a aalooa or board it* booae la o t a'raid of work and at nflaeatn wagea. Apply at Mr* Baker a onraer of *A aran ie aad SRd at 4NTSP A SITUATION, ST A RSSPBOTANUB TT rouag wmnaa a* Srat slam waiter, w mM kara no oh jerUoe to near* erwnrh and pla< aawmg or take rare of ekil dree. 11a* na-tnrpti mable teattmonlala. Pleana oall or ad dreac III tub at , *wl oftta a,ante ANTKfV-BT A BEH'i ITi Bl.B PR'itRdTANT ynnng wroaan a ak iatt m aa ekamber aahl aad wat rr aa or ekanooermald aad irtrarire* Da* give the baet nf el-.r f "ereae<?? from bar laat plana. Pietn* cau at 8f, mm 2?t a?. between Lai 'agton andftd *vni?ea WANTBP A SITUATION AS SIRST RATS CO TV, by tr who koronghly r,der?t*i ta h*r t loeat 'n at' IM Irknnt~r I* willing a am at ta Ae waeb af **o rm>it griod "dtg rr'ereaor If r?, airtd. Oall for larq >*yi at l it Amu, r. a ar (tb 4<en .? BITCATTONB WAlTHWCXJaia. A.SR?rmT*J'T 8JM\ AUTUI OH ,-"! --** JM"2rr-?M and MMMfeW; la a good walker and fr?r- OH"** nro days at '13 Weat bl it. WA**7.0~A H1TUATI0B, BT A RB8PB0YABLM . unng wowaao aaacamitreaa aad to lake eareofekll f^jioaado all klada of fairly sewing aad has n > objacJon ?olive in the country. Oall at 177 Baal lath a;, toooola Hjor back ro?w, for two dayc. WASTED?i "IT J ATI"*, IK A FRIT ATI FAMILY MB am aid walttrg maid, or In any other eapadtr Mcept Dal #f eooklag wailing aad lroalng. Oall at 3J8OlE tow ?>. Brollyn. fo"t?o days aingjuun. WANTBD-BY A FIAT GIRL OF 18 - ' - rf. ?"oa to ?o In ha oooitrr or trarel witharlli *? u nulek at the needle; baa bad charge of a baby: will wajt'for ineim-arry-oc as rhantbcrnaald aad waite la a private ra ntli Beau re? ' W**01 W10 M C1t* rtfarance. call 8ITO WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOW AW A . altua'lon at eook. waaher and lrcaer, or laundress, uood oil reference. Can be tern for two darn at t 7 let a# between 19th and 10th ,tg-. flrit Boor JTront nxfi J*7 W l,H WANTBD? A 81TUATI' K, BY A lUPKfARLl yoong gl 7, to dj ahambrrwork aad tails: la washing ana ironlDg, or would do hoove work in a am til private famtlv Flciae calf at ?I0 Budion it.. bolweea Oharles ?nd Pg y ykf ANTBJ?A IITUATI' M, Bf A RESPECTABLE Jlf Je^SeEs.?*" b" mn far ??W"IS02 WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLB *owmi. m & Bnt rate cook; bat no objeotlon to avslat thing aad Ironl g la a i ? ' for two days, at >28 36th i la walking and irocl g la a lata'l private family. Can be ?t between 8th and 9t!i av~ * WAMYRr-B? A KSHPKlfABLE PBOTBBTAMT QIBL aritnatton aa chambermaid cr to do ?m*ntl homework , * * ? mm tuuiurnSBM Cr lO UO ni*|tl BO lMWjrl lw a small private famhy. Fleaae oall at tjHenry at. In the rwr, w lio diyt. SAKTBD-BY.AWBFBOTABLB BFOLIBH WOMAK. a situation aa housekeeper In a an all fbrnliy, or to if, an Invalid Jadv; Is ? good needlewoman and futd or c? lldrr a; can give tror -eepti tp able refer*no*. Address f or q ?. e?h, K A D li'ra d office. j w ANr?D-BY AK AMBBIOAM YOUNG GIF lUuaUp* to travel; ihe la a good ta'lcfreca. anJ A, A ?Hilda a U'.tlr a boat dreecm tk<ng, and coald take fr . under of a baby. Can be seen for three day t at 177 7tb r J? charge duor to < thh at. wsue, geti w ANTED-BY A KE8PNOTABLB GIRL. ft* chambermaid ?r nurse The beat o' A SITU ATI OM can be glvea. Call at 78 K liabeth stree , to . city referenoeg _ ?-?? C.wo dan. AOTID-A SITU ATI OF, BY A T ~ WA eltbrr a cook * plaoe or to do ge> tTUT RaTI COOK' stands her bualneva welt; baa noo J? oral housework; under In the country ;'haa the beat of refer Aon to goarh irt dlatanse Can be aren for two days at 889 Gh antes Brum her last plaoe. ???????? .wee wicb ah, In the rear. AMTir-BY A PBOT" W altaullon to do chamber AFVAVT YOl*SO GIRL A family, or to take earn of gv vrvh a*d waiting, In a private g> od re:crencs. Fleaae'- jwtoc up children andrewtns; baa AC at 171 West 27 th at , near gfi sv w ANTED-A SITU ctamhermalad. AT ION, BT A YOUR3 WOMAF. AS 'erencea from her Ir or t; do t-'neral h. use -ork. Cool re Can be aetn a: (9 At f'?oe, where ate baa bf en two veara. Jtk ion it., Brooklyn, to-da^ and to rrnrrow. w ARTBD?" > ai ua JY A RICSPBTT ABLB 0 )LOKBO WOK AW? face. Can v aw as w* or waller:can t(t good e'?? refar back ro tr /Weeen fer two daya at 1M Weel Dtb at., Brat lloj,-, w A' .<T?D?FY AH AMKSIOiM LADY. A SITUATIOH la,w bri aitend m a atore or ?al on; wou'd no South with a , or cst'eman ae bo iseheeper or In any other situation. Areas Hope tr wdway Post < Moe. ABIK.'-RY A FROTgeTAFT GIRL, A SITU AT.ON { ? aa chambermaid and waiter, or to do general h inae work. The tea.of city reference g'.ren. Apply at77 Henry | at., hth floor. * dhruW KKAJIWBUh?8WMALMk A K AKIRICAK CHILD'S MKR8B WANTfD?A FRO IX. uatant, nnderstALding the care of a babe, and can do np the chil i a c'othe*, keep herself neat, and does not wlah each dn y epsctii.d ho other need apply. Ai87West221 St.. between 'oar and alt o clook to day. JPBINOH NUR8B.?WaHTID, A FRBSOH FBOTB* F tint ncrae, to take eharre of a voneg child. Satisfactory tlly references required. Apply at J-it 8th ar. nraMTKD-lK A FUdLIO IM8TITUT10K, A L .DY ? v cmpetent to lake . barge of reven'y or e'guty girls, and ?a per id tend the sewing leDanmec:; none need apply who cannot rnt and make boys'ulo hea. Apple at the Mew York Juvenile A ay lam -76thV. , near High Bridge. I ? yy AhThlL"?A FIRST RATI OOOK, WITEi 0003 RB fere noes, willing to assist In washing and truulng, in s private faintly. Apply ai the Naval Hospital, Bast Brooklyn. TVrd NT1D -A Bg?rg"TABh? BNOL18H >IRL AS TV g?trral l.oiue servant, age between 18 aud 91 to go to Waahinaton city. Apply between 10 and U o'clock on Thars day and Friday morn jtga, 39th and Sdth, at Jnltua Hart's, 91 Liberty a-... up sta'ra VANTK V-g KUMKRR OK RBHfBCTlBLB WOKKN Frutestastft, to Co general housework, or eook, waah and Iron well. ? bo are caonble and obllglai, In go td situs uons rl y and oo ntry. lis;rnre at tne new Domestic Institute and home 11th at, corner of OA ave. WANT Ml - A 8TKAHV YOUNG WOMaN A PROTBfl tav.t ? rrfrrred. WM imv knovledg# ot dress making av a IS'm< treaa and to make bersc'f useful. Inq tire at No 6 Madison iqiars, between 9 and S o'clock. VANTiD-A OBRKAB OK HOLLAND PKOTBRrART w man, to do the walking,, and chamber work ot a family living In a v'.l'age a I tw mllva from the ci;y. Ap ply to the store, 385 Waahlng-oa at. coraer ol Murray at. boa I to S o'eloea. WAhTin -AN AMBRIO4N OR B'TGI.IR'f fOUig. to do ih? csoklcg and general housework la a rather large family, good wage* aad tretune it, and a steady plaoe Adrreas Ibis day, T. A . Her ad rOice. OJTANTBD?A GIRL. TO DO THM GMNIRAL HOU8B 'v work o' a small private 'amll.t; meat be a aood wvahsr and Irorer and naaaratand enostog Apply at ICQ Fadlflc at. betwen lb n.i rod Fevtss FouA Rrcjklja. / A.YTKD?A 8MABT, IFTHLI.IGINT YOUNG WO man, with 8 .10 aa?b and good reffrrnoe, to ?? ngage la a ioesa now payiug II WD to$ ,|00 cash a ysar. lorpa-tlca i apply at tpper room 107 Fowery. 8ir AtNOBI IT I MT1MII BUI ? i MAN AND WIFM WIS Y FITUATIONM ON A FARM. - \ Them?u can do all kinds of farm'ng basineea aad take cbarge of rattle: bla wife nnderi' va la mi in g, ckursiaa a?d 6ia ^* ?ewer._ Can give good rvferenee. Fleue cat at Mr John Reo l'a, Var.c.rbllt Landing, ftlatsn Island tTOUFM MAN. A NATIYB OF SWITZERLAND. WHO speaks Ave Innruagea wishes a ?Pnation to go Rrutb or te travel with a family to K.arope. or aa aw wart on hoardofta RBAFB TABLB FRRMOH WAITER WI8HMY A sttv ?tt >n ass.tchlaa private family. Good refer>uee of two yeara' mrvlee. hpvmks Kngdak and Freawb. Aldreae for two daj s 73 ath av., F Y. ^N IXPkYtlSV 'NO HII'OKK KKI'KR WIRHF8 TO Rg ip'ojrd for a few fours in ?e evening I j wrltv i.p books m?k'Ot taosouDla, Ac Fee moderate Any one re Hiring snrl> vwd address Aeouuntsnt, Herald oflce. CI ARB TAK1R -A BOBB*. HfBADI MARR1I3 MAN, I wltbont laeumbraese, who ean give llOJUaeeu Itynl the bait reforesee, wants a boll ling to take sare o' Ad rsaa K , care of B"gaa A Oo. printers, 4] son atreev, N. Y. CYOA' HMAW-WINTBD A NTTtf ITION AR OOAOR i man cr p mm hy ayotinc Fngll?hm%a. Otwi cl'f rsfe rente aa 0 evnahllttv Mo objsetioa to t is ronntry I'mM addrtm Ors-km?n boa 1(19 HeraU >11.90 or Id Unlvertlty pass. (YOAUFMAF -AITUATION WANTED BY A "IN 8LB J wan he perfectly underateads ih? trsalment of horses, has bees a city dr'vsr tor the last IT" .'ears. Osn give the - I M I I . ? w-w-JP^PHP moat titfii ibie.' rvfsrvnee a* o r and sapaklitty Ad drew X. Y "It Bleacher at, for twodcya. gllJIMJf A IQVfi" BIIOLUHMW WHO ' T baa hat some diperlears la an odloe In u<n.<>a anil wuo leearnhlsnf c-rre pond'sc In in* tab. French avd Jerman. being ednette^ Iv I renes and Germany. des;-?a a at. .%', >q ?arlark '? iiot"litv?T>rt or to go Weal or South Flee?e address harias Herald ofbea. '?ai IITANYED? BY A COMPBTBNT TOUKG MAN (A FRO "f teaiaaii. a attaaloa aaeoachmin; Is a gool driver, nsd wliltrgaod bl'glrg woull make aiwaslf ovefnl Good city raidtvnee. Adcreaa tbr two Aaya oot 1881 Footodlao. WWKNcn ABYBRTIKKnCYTR ON DBMANDB- UNR OOUTURIHRB FRANOAIBB, QUI pent eesvignvrda taoane am je-.nea 1?moiast'?o B'a dre?v. r k 41 Bcsd st, avail 11 hen res dt: matin on A 4 benrv d' iotr W.UB VRAiiBk. TO MIRTI4KT TAILORfl-A OOOII OUTfER OF t reat evperlease and bvst of cky rrf-rvnee wsbas a sttneioB .? avv not so n- -t an ob .Ct, or w m4 have a> td .'StlBh lo nto in a amsli t ad* where ahl hy aad Integrity arc rr . jirrd Addteei M. E. O . Herald oflee VATABFRl) k ?cnr. FEAOTIt'AL Tttl/I*. ONE FY wh > nadeewtawda nuHlt.g aad ?nvk' rhaal lw brwvehts me get a tltuMtoo to go Wsm by hddrsaalrg H. J. D.. HeraU oStcv fop two days. WJ ??? ^Te. ? ?tidr rltmuon ^JrV,rM,yf'l* r'rvJT.lT "^"t Artl... fcecwiXf'" ^ imlZTjk IlfBUii3BaOa UFFIURA A LL FiMII IBB CAN RBUrRg GOOD BERYANTR At A. the vevy bvwset w-gea, at ike sew Dosww le Iswti'nw avd Towte IS- Mlevvn'h street o-rner Blith sveoua. This lea meste eatabllabm-nt always open, with shnadaoas ot aapa hie. Civil help. Snitch German Irivh. I'raAastaata Ooa ducted by n respectable lady, rail and aee faCMENTT B-FAMltlER EKQUIR'NA GOOD AND IJF well rvr wcmcaded servants, ettic VlgllW, Hmteh or Irish, can he fatted, free of ciarge. at Usnderwnr. ? ttomeeUi Ageeey, 818 Broadway. W. HEFDERNOF, Rote Prop -letor. Hil.P FOR THE UB1MFLOTBD YO Mr KB A GOOD uvU g for the wtner of hot! aecea at th?tr own dweU ncs, In til parte a few shillings will attrt the hoa'.ame. Fur full pavttaniart and my trouble, euclowe sic post stamps to D. f. Peehak'H N Y NO 47HAROHTOBMPI OYBRR FOR RKEVANTR -ALL ktids of very best help, at verv moderate eager at Iks new Domestic last'tale and Home, 1.18 grvnit street, rorwee hi 1 tk avenue. Orvlert pvjmptly abended tf pom pall Oast darted by a reepecutbte Americas lady. yy AkTKD 1 ;*i IRKI for rtiamer". i oonduoy ? oca, .? eevks for sloping aed ticket uffl-ea ] book keepers dr'vrkvfor greeety aed dey goods store . 1 bar keegie'S * p<iri?w? I ha?|agewMm. ' Ircmcn I I rakemea, I ecrreee drivers 4 mew/ r stv I'ewmers 3 coachmen, aed 4 boyc fov 'rades aed etovvs FefSowl^WlShln^yy sf tbeee sHnaOone wtil do well lo aa'l upon WtUlR E SUFIf aN, 7M Rr-'kdw^y, aa il le the ? y otkes la the otty where goon wmauoet eaa be gi en. YET A NTBD-C MFN FOR BtKAMERR 1 CLItfl TV cordueVvr, ib'akeaien, 1 bookkespet 1 bo "t , ? ewar<* cud ve wardese f r r stea ner, 3 hare vper* ( . .?acr at ea, ' r r't tr trav- ' ckar. crma'de _ _ arMy >11 y to UIW-BN E W.. No. I Baa Broad I g?Mi or mmin mm****. ?m nnn jPlO.UUV. thai brown atooe roar Mory house, 40 Weet Thlnyei|hih aireeKbet veenFlfth and St** a vanuea (10,000 on mortgage Apply to J. Mm RPR. oo the premhas. Ah haii oauwm-ngg TWO to thbrr thoo ? aand acres of eholee farming land f>r aale either for T5?. or Too?? ?*??* T*"? Uwta mUMI la the test part of Wisconsin. For particular* inquire at 87 Outi lane. B ROOKLTR FIRST OLABB M1DIUM SIZED HOUIBI ? for aale or to Iri-Nor. t, Sand 17 L&jotvo avenue, eon tnln'ng gaa and heavy p;um ung, with hathaaad waio- otoiota,

popular and healthy pan of tha oity. and located in Uia aoiVPHHHHPPMPWPI wuhln half a blook of Faltae avenue cart; prtoe S6.IOO. alio.I 178 C?nton street; prloa 86 IK) Partite within* a oati"' readme* at a aaodtrrate rant, will apply to tha oraf U.H B. KIOHOLB 16 Maemtnstreet, Raw York - THu 0HICAOO LOTS ARD PROPRRTT. _ lind juat 01.aide tha corpora ioti ll"-tf,7> ~4?BFj OF tlfullj altuat-d for a division into -ott ? bean I Aa 1 * " Inaa provement; wi-1 be sold m oar sale or toweth"" and tm toad aacurttlea taken in exchange if applied 1??. .. 0001144 aid good rail FRA NKhlR, Ro. 7 Wad aires-. tor aooa a J, F, ITAHR FOR BALI?AT A Qv _ Inland, at Fraah Food ? ..RAT BARGAIN. OR ?,ndl"*, *?if * ?1> ' .wo mtlas from Horthpon aadfiihjng p ace, forty tcif >rnm the beach; a lite bathing R?&.1nSS.6r, c.^L',T4tU" - ?f ?*? beat fanning load la the Lfli.k J a except teelve acres, whllh It good ?taw* *f fruit. good building*, looatlon It S t rtniSar :* Frtc# SI'>00, part caah; It la worth . Py ^rf*5t'x>1tby railroad or steamboat Apply company '-T M Fulton street. Thl cwcerwillao I2L lerBrh.' 'nRtl?g to tee it ont-atnrday at 1 P. V. ? m achat 00 to get a better farm for 11690. n A SALK - drat rat# 'A Til EAR STORY BRICK HOODS, IR A very mode/ inratton np town, near Radlaoa avenue Print orioes. ate, to anil the timet. Alan, other hocBM, at tow KB. KIR8HB6RR, SIS Fotarth avenue. QO* _ wale OR RX-IHAROI-FOR a farm with the lard and tin ruvmeau a ahort dksta.-co from the y ePv, two houses an-: .welve lota. In a deal/able part of .fKmmabnrg App'j toJOBR 8. KBLSO. 63 WlUlam itrtet. t |pOR BALE OB 1X 7HAHOK FOR RAILROAD B0ND8 _ TwohouMaand ota on Herbert atieet. WtlUanabnrg. the hootrs are three itoiiea and basement, joat flulalicd; no ere imbianoe on the proptrty. Addr.aa P. a damn, 64 Oaant atreet rB BALI OR SXOHAHOR FOR MRBOHARDIBB?A frame nonage home, altnated on the eeit at -e of Hont*r treat. between uats ?n1 I'uiton avenuee, Brooklyn. Apply to O O. JOJt: B, 39 William street, M. Y., room 11 For bale or exohangk-twrlvr lots or rihr. ty ninth street net r Central park, wa'l locatel, free from Incus brcnoe Will tell the same low for caah or exchange for merchani'lie Addreai box 8,661 Poet offlca. WBBTIBR LANDS.?A OBOIOB LOT Or t0WA LARP8 for ar'e, on the utn?l termi or to eiehtnac for nnin evmhered city proper.y. Apply to A. If. FKRR18 A BRO., So. 4 Hanover atreat. - FOR RALE CHEAP?A BIBTAUKANT AED 8IL w j liardtakon; wil'besold at a bargala, if applied 'or to day. Apply ?l Whitehall street, N. V., or atUMoalgo PV1M NAIJb $1 . itardtakon; wll' be told at a bargaU, If applied for to da: mery strict, Jersey City. *1 Q|| WILL rCRJHABE A MEAT LITTLE DA- I JtlOU gnerresn galierr. Ttia la a good opening or a party wlsh'ng to begin be business. Instructions wl.l be gives, apply at 133 Lrau i street corner of Borery. (enn OA8U AED A GOOD SLOOP. OP ISO TOME UU valued at fl.BOO will be given in exchange for twx thousand .12 i>0) worth of groceries, to any per ion. Oonfl drccacan be pieced in the adverUs-r Address Chas. Wood Pro ad way Pott oAier, near Oaanl street. ? t) IJAfl WILL PURCHASE ORE OP TUB BUT I " J bsrga t s ever offered In tbls dty. Tbe Irate. >."i ytais ute'plied,) sock and fli.urea of one of tbe nenwst liquor itorts down .own, it le well stocked srlth a choice se, lec ion of everr artlsle in tbe trade. Rrasou tor selling the or ner Is s ting e nan, and having another at re a taunt atteul to both To a man nith a snail capital tbls U truly nrnre esance. ho rent la be paid an'II the 1st of February next. For further Information apply to P. DOW I) 21 Fletcher St. BCTCDIBR.-A LOT OF BUTCHER'S BLOJKH FOR ?ale cheno. al*o. a lot of so-ew belts, assortsd tl/es. one cent a piece by DAWlKLMILTOR.MUtoa street. lArcenpolnt, right ac'oss Tenth street frrry CHEAP FOB CASH -FOE PALE A UBOOERT BTOBB, ?Itnie i oi one of the tltnrrughftr^s aid dilnf ta goo businrsr For particulars apply woULLIVaN A E.eULl 43 E n ay slrret Drug ktorb fob salb ob fabtneb wanted. - a palest medl lne oonnsetrd wdh tbe store. The plats U e'rgintly fltud np tnd d itara first rate btulne'k. A g-ed ehtnee for a Man IStC to it 000. Apply at Stt Broad #ay, room No 17 libOR S'.LB-A EOAPMAMUFAOTOBT. NOW DOIBG i r largs business Tbe property will be sold tow; a morl rtr tar en and the ba'anee la real estate The proprietor oan be seen from 5 to S P M , at the far ory. In "arj seset near Tiltsry, Ttroohl j a. No orders rtss- lved from agencies. Fob rale-a first olam oobfbr gboobbt. op one rf the avennee; this Is an opportunity seldom M? with for s party desuoue of engaging In the grossrv trade For loos lion apply at 99 Murray street. rIB RAI.E-A DINING AND LOD 1IMG SALOON, AT ICS Vrsey street. For particulars inquire on the pre mm?s, of Wm Taylor, from 10 until 2 o'clock. Fob bale-a grocery and liquor etobb. do a Ids a rood brumes*. CM account of owner'a death It wU' be so'd aheap U> c'ore the estate Inquire < f HE.-tM ARE BAt BNHOl',tgroerr corner of Monroe and Pelham str-eta, IfOB RALE?THE LEASE, FURNITURE AED FIE TUBES 1 of a wvi; tr own and popnlar hotel in his city, aow doing SD eicedent business Tor particulars Inquire of D. M OC L . BTEB. 149 Dnans atmet rE BALE-THE BTuCK AND Fix TUBES DF SALOON No. 12 Chsmbers a reet. In the vlotnltr of City Hall?a good local loo, and doing a good bulla-m. For partisulu-s in quire ob the y re a* toes. _ IA LB?HALF OE THE WHOLE OP THE WHOLB _ ssl# and re ail jork and sacked pr vision stall, 21 Bseei ssarktt, I< will be add to a gt.ud mts on aooow updating terms Call th ? day, fcefbre 12 o clock, M . at fee stall. IfOBRAlB OB TO LET-A HANDS Ml BAR AED JP billiard roota. with Urns tables. handsomely fornlsked. a- d one of lbs be it loetHoas on Broad wa- for a Uiueh o- ojs ler eonatsr. or i gsr bier saloon Beat low sad terms ssey. Inquire ale Erosdway. F?M1 KE'Tn L'BbNT FOB BALE -TUB GOOD WILL. FIX liursi sad fnrsltnre of a first sis* hotel aad restaurant ?re oflered for sals by lbs oessr. who has realised s tend ?omeiseome firm lbs es abllshmeet for s period o seary twi Ire jeara. He la row dselrotM t> eel It St a reasonable pries praetors to goteg abroad. Also a large iuick o* eh Mao wtsrs, brandies as I sonars, which will be so d etihsr wiA the above or separately; and a suprrto? drlvtag burse wt h a osaily sew light wagon and bsrness. For terms apply to W. Phl-LBlIAR. <11 Walant street, above Fourth, PkLadelpkla BUT WAJTID-HAUM. , M BMIEC. ETIC tAM'AHHRR OAR M AKV IK AWT SX r art of the I'nl'rd Htaiea from DhNi Oat by aaUlaa Ac arurle of enr ertor merit reqmr.d la otott family, MaUXHURHT A MOTT, Maaufaetiimra. 69 ml urn aireet. BOT WAMID-im* OfTIOI; CWl WHO KMIDW with hla pari ru Apply At 41 Hearer St.. front office, bf tw. >o 13 and 1 o'a <xtk CI.IRK WAMTRU-POB AM BXPBBHH OPPIOB. W a? '?* WHO pr r yoar. Ooaataal emplotmenlto aa hi neet and ate ad; maa Apply with reoommeniatlaa* at let FaLoa it. Brooklya. In the banc meal. MBM WANTRD.-BT BWOLOSIMO THIRTY I.ITTKE atampa la a let rr to B P cileaaoa. MO Waahlaptoa at, bo.taa, Naai. oae ran ararci a chaser to crura* .? In a bnel aaaa In Maw Tort at which una can make from il.UCUlo RltXjQ A I car ^ITUATIOMR ARB OIKM OM OUR BOOH Oi 'LT t Partiaa with nod refar 9 A. M. We waal a aoaapa [a remarks k, a enofaeUonar rrehacla' Olarha' ProtasUrs SITDATIOMR ARK OPKM OM OUR BOOKS OA'LI frr men nut of rmploymeat Partiaa with nod refer racer way anil el tor office ?ftc 9 A. M. We waal a aoaapw trnl maa to take charae of a large reatanraav, a eonraaUoaar tad rotd oopyitt oa.l a: the Ner " ------ Igrncy 1M Bioadway. room 1 WlWin-A TOUMO MAN IN A W8 J LBS ALE BIORK, aj clerk, one wUllaf *> be laairngtrd: also aa aollre LiaUlcrat au aa porter Oal. between the Wra of 9 A. M. aau ??. S . St M7 lowery. UTAMTBO-IM AM IMPORTIMfl HOURB TWO IMTRL TT iijaat lade one about fonrteeo and the oth-r al ? i ..o y f era of are. To anch a fair eom jeneaUou will ba (Wen. Addiaaa, with a three aee' plrer or poet stamp en clcted. t hie. P W.llmcre, boohheeper Maw Torh Poet oMee W^HARTIP-A WORK IMS MAM. CAPAltLI OP RUPER In tend tor If r*|ntred: aan*t ha a food jndaa of beef ul |orh and familiar with the mannrr of paehltf In the Mew Totk imperil ? Yards A permanent aad r>jd attnttlm. at a fair aalary, la a beef, pork and am ibed ?eat eatabllahaaet la open to a ataa wbo would anlt address Beef, Pll'adnlphla, P* . Poll ( Mee naalr c qenilfleaUoae. reference to eoaa oae or more la the trade aad eatery ai parted ULS AMTBD-A TOUMO MAN. IM A WHOLRR ALR ST A TT ttoirry itr>?e. Apjly at the Mrrehaete' OlrrkaRegie trr r Oi je. 947 Br way .room Mo. I. corner of Leonard a tree! P t net ten* procured. Mo eoaaalaal-ta chared in adranoa. lloeri 9 In > WM. J EBOPATH A OO JLT AMTPP -MEfUH AMTS AMD OTBERS OAM BE HUP T? pit? i rratta wt h flret elaaa bookkeeper i, cierka of all kinds por era and barkeepers by hrplylog at the Memban a' Clerks' Ratistv oMae. 347 Broadway, rocm Mo 1, eorner of Leonard at WW i EBOPATH A 00. Wmm APTEU-A OLRFK: A TOUMO MAM OP 4IO0D RK onmaienda'tora rreVrred, AtttWw Hal t atd fair talary paid A iltt * worer will b? nenaaaarf. Mo o.liera need ap ply K? i. f ".tVmaaOo wt Broadway, room Mo 1. WBBAMTBI>-AM tMDUaTBIOOB TOUMO MAM. BATIWO MO to loan hla employer*, to whom ft. per week and iraeel'lp* eipenaee wilt be paid RefPrettawa aa 'o int.jrrtty Re., eicbantad. Addrwaa Hoaeety. Broadway Boat cOioa, im mediately UVAMTin-A BOT, PBOM M TO 17 TB-M OLD. IMA Tf clothing at ore Herd referee o* a required Apply at TP Chatham at . la O. M. thumb. rcRirm'RR, akj. A LOTOP SUPERIOR PURMITURB POR ?aiJUCUBAP A. take part eaeh aad p-rt la etrhtnge fur a avail famli?. apply to U BO. p. WORORN. aorner of Bowarr and Bei are at rant Tp ,R RAI,l-a SWT O* tlAIROLOTH PURNITURI JP alaoaaetof aarretaand win-iow akad*a They will he a''d cheap if a. plied f<vavn, at ika premiaea. 16 ablaclou pl?a?, er.raer Hndarn a'raat ltf?uBMiTURR WAxrin-ir a rkswr tahiiI rawi P ly.dmelloInK hooacheapliif. and knee new or nearly r?w mahoraar or roaewood parl'r fnrnltare whteh ihay wlab to Core, with the prtrllece of porobeee they ran h-*r of a re ? pee*ab1e private family that would reretre the aaoae by ad droeetnR ft W. A , boa 1P1 Herald oRee. TRBMRMOOUIt HAC'RIPI JR Tip MOAT BI'liHMnin htuaabold fimiHire - W? adrlte all otr reader a wbo want baewalne to be on band early to day at the ?re*t aale of p ft PRAMKLIM, aiirtluatmr. at he prtraie rraldenoe Mo II Wee 11 lTteeri>h etreet Le-^?a will a iter d If thee want bar ? era. Beery arte I e muet be cold, no mat^nr want the ?ewrt*ea. PUBMITURB Itaai.BRN-WANTKOTO BTCMAM.11. two eery teartrab'e lota of la?d In Brooklya free aad clear, .for pood furniture, or woa'd enhance wl h aa. party deatrmit of ilvtnc up houaeker;ln(. Apply to ERtOBT R OO . 403 Broadway WJi iiiiiii m i ii nun in itinmini ii Him i tare, fbr which 9 OO or more In eaeh and a flret m-O Ce on pr -pert* la Pateraat. M. J , ftir Mill. wdHh ?onhli mor'paae wul he |lret Rddraaa O M M . Herald office CLWlilBM, jwi hr itrtn TO IMVBRT IM RMCOMll HRMD C7I?OTHlIIR BO.' 'UU tj' ptfemen wlrainit to eonrerl ^tiuthlna a* her frwtenl rroperty into meb ene obtain Mp par aeat tore by caHtaa op or erndlnf their addram lo JAMS IOROKMT, #79;, Pear. IB* * *0,-A MMT1NU OF" TBI FIRST WiSOOUO I"1 - . ?i'i k. k.u -? ik. n_i ? j a w, u 1 wallcciuk h" ?' Ike Bint Ward Home. No. U Breenwlcb street, ;al* 'WW eveatag Builnen* of Impor lanoe Will be brought bafW4fl?*j*!? /gOPHT PrMide?t. Join* Rtah, r ?.r_,^LU. Lkai.t, ) 5? ASSEMBLY CJf^Rior AMERICAN NOMINATION. . For Assembly, jo hi* a. abboub. AfTH ASSEMBLY DIBTB10T. ?DBMO CBATIO RlPlfBLI O (AO reiulAT nominjkUou for member of Awnbly? OtOB olA. JBBBMlAfl. MOSBs 1). GALB, Uhalrmau. 0?4>t Belsoh Tavluu, Beoretanr. 6 TH A8BSMBLY DISTBIOT, OOMPBIBING PABTB OF kJ he T? a A, Thirteenth. Fourteenth and Seventeenth wards. ? The Bemoeratle Bepublloan Association for a aid district wet In larae nutnben at Hsrmitage Hall, oorunr of Houstjn and Allen street*, on WedneedaiTtae 38 h last, to raUly tan State, Bounty, city and district noatlnatlona. In the abaenoe of 'he Fr*aidant James M. Tully, Baq , Vies President, took the ebatr. The following preamble and reaolutiana were reported and enthuilaztlcaUy adopted, via ... Whereas. this aaioilatlon haa been formed with a view of promoting barm toy la the rant a or the duaaooralio party by a nee eicta&se Of op Intone and the promulga Ion of atnud prin ciple* awcng the mas^ea; an J, whereas It la essential loir the well bring or the party that the people nhoutd be o insulted all matter* appertaining to their rlgn a aa ciUx'ua or m?tr J#rt Of the body polllie, and, whereat, a wholesome refor**u |B our primary organizations waa promised by the lemoortlo Republican Gereral Committee or Tammany H ^ ?*.nrlog to all a voice In a aklng mmtnatl jui for all off'jor., elouM by the people- therefore, Botolved, that werenpeo fully rroomvtend to the '<an*ral Committee of Vammaav Hall the.', tn m>kloR the evil for thn nominatlona yet to be made for the December eleo lot thtt a liberal poller be adopted, giving to thn eleo ore of the e*ver?l election lilatrlnte a fair opportunity of be.tng heard, tn order * * ~ "" of complaint or aeatlafection that nojuateauae of complaint or duailafectlon may a-lst Reao ved. Tint no moat cordially approve cr tne State county ard c ty nominatlena or rhe democratic partv, aid pledge each and every man to nomtnaed our earn eat add undivided e up port. Renolved, That It la the duty of every democrat to nupporl the Hon Frmando Wood for the oLioa of Mayor In xmataera t on <l bla bo'd and efficient rnrvi er aa the chief eieeutlve rffirer o. thta cltv, In rea latin - the odlona lawe steeling the ci y of New York enacted by tan black repuoioan Lega lature. h? solved That wa approve of the nowtnatt-m of George A. Jrrcmlah laq . as a cv,d date for assembly t <r this district, and osraeatly rraommtur him to tan aie-balca a id workra* men of the dltrlet is .a person of lntelllgenae and reepecta blllty?a reliable democr at and in al rea pec's well quail lad torrprvaent 'hem la the l.eiia'a ure n' the Bta.e t eaolved, that ge oordtsltv endorse thn ntmina'loa of Sat lib Kly, Jr., Esq , as a candidate for fctaieHnnator (or iba Fifih 'Mat' let. His high okara ler and abilities eminent', qua Illy blm for the high station for wblohke la n-unlna ed. the meeting waa sddreaael by Meeara d'ye Goodwin, Mor.eghsn and West, org ng united action at the ipprim h'nt election, the meeting adjon. Ded to mee ai Hibernian Had, No ?3 Prince street, Fourteenth ward, oo Saturday, the Stat list. at 1% o'ol ck. JaMEn M TUl.LV, Vim President. Pnnrt ?iTC?*LL. |8etr<)Urle# John F. l<ooi" 7TH SENATORIAL- DlhT&lOT.?BltlUt*AR OBdO' cra.le republican nomioatl ia - For Seja'or, John oner ty B. B. BBaU.'ORL.', Obal'mu K H 1 AKOKhT, Fecretary 1|'|TH WARD.?AT A MARTINI, OF THE DBVOORAf CO Av/ Republican Ward Oommittee of the Tenth ward on Fiidayev ulug, pot. IS Tkoa ekuea. Esq In toe chair, Lr John J McUoaau waa electedLibalrmat, Robert E Koberia, Treasurer, and W. H Me'orke, Beereurr The folio'ring gen'lemi n were appointed a Ftranoe Commit'ee:- G. W Nor rla. J W. Ibnrp Guakave l ewech, Mlohaei MoUnbe and G. U Ulaike. Fhlllp Rtley. P)l!edtor __ JOHN J mcG JWAN, M. D? Chalrmtn W H. Ml Ci'BKi k, Secretary. TOT! WARD?AT A REGULAR KIITIN1 OF TLB \dU CoeaoUdattd I einncratle nepublioan Cormtitce of toe Twelfth ward, held on Wtdnevd&r, Oct 28. U67, at John Reg t'de'a, Third arenne and Might* teronth ?trect the following per.ona wore appointed aa a Flnanci Oimm l're. and were dulr authorised to onilrct fund* for the etpeao-e of the approaching el? McUaun. Phillip W?rocr, Hugh ? rouble. Jamra hfeCnuk.r, Jame* Lope 11 J Walah. Join Mooie, A. l>?hi, f am;.el Ryer, W. O. Webb. Joba :oa war. Ko o her persona b? ve any a ttho.tty to funds WM. O. WEBB. thalrnfui J.iwEs Mackcj*. Fecretary. 1 *JTH WIRD OK* If AM ^MMOPTR All! ? \SB MSKTIN3. If) The German ItemoeraM# Cinh of hefblrtaenth ward, will hold a maKH raret'CRal < lit:to Harden. 1M anl 1.1 (llat;n ilrcet, on Friday ev*nl'.g. Cel. 90. at 7K P.M. t trm?n rati zena o" h? TMreenih ward, now I, the time tcr anl .a. Let n* rally *nn at en gibe n onrs?l??* to mee' the oozinaon enemy. Let <ia aland by our party and oialm our n> la Joun i igsr Secretary Fa Mil UMMMAMff President Uth *'\ar.-A memtimo or the omxjkatio W rd Cow ml'.tee of the Fourteenth ward hald?tihj Crystal. BE Oran i afreet for permanent ?rfanlz\tl?n, Thurs day cven'ng Oct. J?, IT7. Janare Scntlfff wai choien chal*. nan.anc J-tbn F u od?In, appointed secretary. af.erp'o freeing wl h lh*u?ial business the following renotaJon wve nnanmot-aiy adopted Keeolred, That wn fully aid cordially > ndori e the regular nominations made for slate and eonnty of. C ere, and wn pledge onraelrea to gtr* them our full and hearty annpert. (amotion the committee then ndj urnd to went on Monday evening neii, at th? aame place. at 7>. o'cl' ek. J AMIS bOATUFF, Chair u an. Johs P. Gcocwih. Secretary. IQTh WaBD-4 IllMOCBATIO RATiFOAT.OM iO mealing to ratify the ncmlnatloaa of Bliha-d Hchell for the bantte, and I)arnam J. ( rain for the Aaaem lly wl'l be held at tkeenrner'f Elfhkenih atree. and rlrat avenue, oi Friday, Oct war SO, at 7 P. M. Richard Hcje.l, Esq., Don ham tJ train, ai, and other distinguished apeaters wl I ifditatlh merilat. Uw m.t'ee- Wlnea. Jr.. Oily,r Mbbatd, Michael Flnnegan. henry Matthew*. Theodora J. Fot da a CaRL-TRE UMBlSHIUNKll AMRO'jNOCtf HIM iY self an L dependent Candida e for aaaemb y ean In the Saonnd Aaarmbly dlatrlct. Tie no called rngnlar democratic ate way nominated by a packed conrenAoo. He la mo democrat and has do principle fa comaaon wkia the Aeoaoera'le party. He claim a to be a friend of the Dene's and au and aearpo tai. Hla aonneedon wl'h the Flafnlte'd bank affair tea Srantfral demonstration of kte atna yrity. Hla oppoaeat la a ? row Nothing. Mel her hare any interest In Brook yn. their boalceea being eaanairely In New Tork. Ian long end well known to the eleilore of the dlairlet, and I anil upon aaea of a l parties who coincide with me In the above sentiments to rally lc my support. TUUMAB MUbOAHT Brooklyn, Oct. St, 1*7 4 T A HUT; NU or aUMlN i ?MO:,B4TH or KIN ifl A. county. held on Ike r'Jidayof i>etolttr. to tka oily ol Brooklyn, the following reaolu-ljn* ware adopted and paaead DDIDtmOOll) - 1 Tkat tkla marline approrea and rati:'k? he d?nnrai'o State a< mtaatloee mad* at hyraenae t That thlr meeting apimraa and ratlflaa tka damoorauc Judiciary dletrlct roaa nation* 5 Thai ib<a meetlrg ar pr ire* and ratlHea .he democratic 8aoait>rlal < iairl< i comtnai'nna d. That bit seating appro?ra and ratifies tka daaararatla dlatrlet Aaiemb y oowitnaiin: a 6 That thla meeilaa hereby det'a'ee thai whereat the laet primary rieedona of the Biy hare not been oomduo ed with eueh regularity and lapa Hal it ? a* to aeaore an erpreealan of the tnio a la ion of the deaaocrattc party; whereae the merman population of tale oot my h ?ve oy airatageai and arafi been virtually eicludtd from participating la ike maaagamiat ol democratic party aPatra whereby almoat I0.MW of Qermaa la habitants are actually proecrtbed aa a'laoa by ibatr own party, wharaai moat candidate* "? the ao ea led dbaoerattc county untet a e utterly drti-'.aot and dlaqualtflad tor their oBeee whereaa two caid dalre of laid eooa'y Ur It at hare been nemtnated by outcMere and Intruders upon the County doc* -i by way of iiu-prta* and ac. 'aaiatl tn: whareaa dl hnaeat aad unwi rthy meatia hara bien employed to brlag about the tomnaton ol certain parties, which bad aad con l< oipnblc precileea te< d it deatorallxe Ih* demo antic par.y ralaiior* and to prejudice the r quel claims upon party favore liy poorer m> m here. and whereaa kmnr bncwledge and oon rctosa, two nominated county candid ate* ere member* of the ao called tnerlcan par.y. harlog Ibeit-fore aworntoop poae to'ho .tenet of their power the constitutional rigtt* of ad"pird i*t,/-ns. th?re,f ire Rrrrurad. Thai we ecnrlder 'he aald county ttehe. aa Ulegl Uatete and anil d'tnowa to. Beached 7b?l we repudiate the ??llre Poon y ticket; aad reao.vel that we nom'nate n c tun r 'Ichet of our own loams , ? prnpnrt'oee aa 'o nativity and alno Itarcabaa H. Hoo h. trq a g*nt)emaa ol high quatlflrrUoaa, Integrity and practical naefu nee*. 6 II.a thl* mcetirg nominal* the following gen lea en for ooontt f Peers - I. Samuel iiarrtron, Vrq , frw BhasKT; a Hiruhu n Booth S. Tn rick 0'**U, *fq , lupertctendente of ihe P.toe. 4' Willi m trmicg. V D, 5 tfewge Owhraa, * 11 . for i\wo acre; I. Nicholas BUIwell. da; , fir Judye of the oeaataae W IXI.I 1 llhTHJP, chairman. "'rZiS*. lVk* Ccn^ Fnl',oi e1'| jteeietarW Ur. Hrmn'tob, f B. Bongard* Pr tPromryer, a Mrwdnrf, T. Bebuhwanker. Dr. Kdward gehbert, U. p Traak, A la gut. O. Hcbletider, Dr Znndt. Pr f,cme1lti*, J N Arastel. T h ?? r W t'rnuallrh. * beech Tttehe ? l/tweoaleln. Dr Lou'a Hatier If I-amp'ia. P ? Arming, Pr Wl'llam Armlef, II Ball. P Ctrailer. Vtotur <?ro?e. ( h%rleaaehodg Jrbinn F. KratTi 'che Van Hnmea. Mr. Haaaa. Mr. Dot awl, H. Pan*. Dr Vehn'ae. Bwllagar. W. fiaehermaaa. Pari Bchm'dt Ao STAT* or RIW TORK. BIURET ART'S OPPK'B, AL Afifunt 11 TO til SharTfT of the oanoty of Raw Tork:-Str-Rotloa Ii hereby Iflren that at tbe enrernJ election to bo bald Si ibla Mate M tha Tannine tnooeedict tha flrrt Sunday Of Rorem bf>r ??it, tko fnllo* h.( of?r?n ire to ko eleetid. to wit:? A Herreiarr of Stain la tko plana of Joel T. II mile) A Comptroller, la tha pm~? of inrenn Hnrrowa.) Aa Attorney 'laaeml, In tho plana of Stephen R Onthlnf A Fta'O Io|io*er ao<1 Hurreyoc. la the plaaa of HUaa nay aaoor. A Stata Trnaa urar la Ika pltee of Stephen (llark A Canai OrmaUaafc arr, In its plana of Hrnry wiuboflfe. ^Aa InrpaMor of Stata Prtauu. la ika plana of for wood A J'if (a of AeOonrt of Appeal*. la tha piano of Hlraoa Deals. All wboaa terma of sarrtca will rip re oa tha law day of Da oambrr arit. Also two Jtta'laaa of ika Boprnmo Ooart for tha Plmt Jndi etal Platrto, la tha plana of Wll tarn Sttrheli. ? boar tana at atrra Demanber II, IMF, and ona la plana ofCWIaa a P?a hed f ai>r i'nird to BU rnonary, oecaetoaed by tha raaikaattoa "Jit R. Wkl.tnf, Twa JnrlmaofMnRnperlnrUottrt. la tha flan a ofioaaph B Aon - orth and Ibomaa J. Uaklay. fanaaand A Jndar of Ika Court of tlommna Plana la Uta plana of Daniel f, iaffr?i<aaa A J nation of the Martar Oonrt, 'a tha plana of Ploraaoa HcOanhp. A J nation of tha rirat dutrict I < tha nlty of Row Tork, la tha plara of Jantae Ureen A Joeilee of ika Heroad dlatyrl la tha ally of Raw Tork. la l*r plarr of Rartko'omrw wNVmoar, ? J kutlo- of t> e Third dlaurlsl la Uka ally of Raw Tork. la tha pUco tf William B. Mr?rh A J natter of iha Ponrth dUtrloi la tha olty of Raw To:k. la tha placarf William a. Van Oott A Jnattea o' tha Ptfta lutein It tha any of Raw Tork. la plara ot J< ha A adnrana Jr. A .1 utile: of ihr mrk diettict la tha city of Raw Tork la placa tf At ton wilila A .1 o?iirr of ha Saranth d latitat la tha nlty of Raw Tork, la plana of Thorn** Pharaos. A Potlna J natter of tha Plrat dls.rtat la tha olty of Raw Turk, In plarw nf .lamra M Walan A Follna Jordan of the (taaond dtatnn la tha etty of Raw Tork la plana of Hatthaw T. Brnr.aan A Pollen .inatie* of tha Third diatrtm la tha etty of Raw Tork, ta plana of William 1, Wi d. A Poilnr Juaticaof tho Ponrtb ria.riat la tha al.y of Raw Tork bt plara of J Sha'mtn ari?nril A PoUr- Jr*tlne of the rifih dittrlnt la iha aity of Raw Tort, In plana of Rarrabaa W ,Oib ?rn A Fo ton .In dine of tha tuth <lle rial la Iha olty of Raw Tork. la plara of William H, Harldeon a roiioa .Imtiaa of thr Par'oth dieirlMla Im nty of Raw Tork, In plara of J*m> a M Pan'man A fo ma J rutler of tha 1 Ifhti dia rial la tha ally of Raw Tor*, la pia< a of H'oaaal (Jnamiiy, A lao. a He. ator for tha fourth. fifth Hlath and flaraaUt arnaia dlnr'iu annalauat of Ihe otty and aouaty of Raw Tork. A IMmher of Aaaamhlr for aaah of thn Amewhly dlatrta* In the etty tad etmnty of Raw fork, r!t -Tha Plrni, Raeowd, Third. Pa-nth Plfth, Math. Aerenth, blahth. Rlath. Taath, Sierra th Twelfth, Thlrtarath Ponrtnanth. rirvmntt, Mi taratb tad Serewtaenth Aramatlr dtatrkila Two (torr*anra of tha Almahonaa, la tha plana of Aathoay Durto and Weahlna.aa "with. A F irmyain. la plara of t inlander W B?alf<wd. A R? order la plane of famaa M pmlth A Dtatri* Aitorney, la plana of A Oakry Sail. And a P>irl?t?r la p an* of fohn R foaee All nhoar :arma of offlna will rrptra on tha Mat day of Da mw j?y r?ft Toora. raaj arifuiN. i t uradLrt. flawimrj of Mat*. >*urncAi? DiBTEior.-Tini wiMjnuw or if.,, ..eSaneo Oh b irt req'oiled to ?WttHmNl iMss.- "iiarsESrffl&r JOn? . ??' > ,!?! IIT Jon* Kill*, i"1"' RRW YORK. F O. I vio? PreUdea to. Tuoa MoKnuiiiT, S Coas's H. WmtAEaR, \ 9tcr?ttrl?i. Jon* L. Noyxs J Fifth bknatorial district Tooth, kleventb. Thirteenth a. d asventesnA wards. The Demoemtio Republican Momknadag 00S dlatrlvtaaat at Union Hall oa lloada] oianiag, i#tb tail.. ens uaaximoualy nominated SHIT a BLT, JR., of the Seventeenth ward. aaonedtdeie ;s,r . . . MtfLMoITchahrmen. Datip H6CO aad J.u. OTaoap. aearatartee. /1BAMU TOROHLIQq* PRODK88IOR ?TH1 BIRTH fjT ward In a blase -The dozens of ibe ?ln'k werdare ?vrnroLy invited to unite with the Nattosal Democi alto Oloto of the abovg lard la a trend torchlight proaeaakm, to take place oa F".;(U.t evening next. Cot 90 1857, at 7X q glo^h The rend?" ,onB wJi be at Jackaou tquare Junrtloa of Grose wfh *Jed Mlgbih OTonnea and Thirteen h stmel The mavabwaoA th? niCi nut rally In all thvtr vt?#ngtb tore deeaoeawat* iM^Trtrlh^tenor in ourfoev. and evince t?o-waMdl. rB&x? ffiyvaas proye^tonay, 1? w U be tZSLi. NOMIMRh OF TPS AMBRIOAR, BlfDjLlQ OR, Knlckerb'cher, rtt <ea?' aad wlilj partloo. 0rtb* Marine Court o' ?-? city o, Rew Tork, WIlLIAH H, BROW NR. - s,aa~sk.?i^.hg-Baaja.'SigeE iK2ri?W?K my ^FB^AMlgwoSa Hayor. PWSKMjft 5ft In nay it Ihg robber ?'?ro? ^7 Brotdwty. R,o,a" TOPHARO'COHROR- JOHN i aMILTOR. OhAMAh. T. J. Uivibl Secretary. _____ dahcihg acapmm* APOOWORTH'B DARC1RO tOAPMP1*!. . Ro 806 Broadway. R?wTortt. Ro. IT Mootapre plane, B arwMSiasBSMu.. Broobiyfielaaae* on Hoodaya aad Thursday*, or TtNitrJ ""weeklyMMmbBek tor ladloa aad gmtttomer yJx** aata? ? Itohmeata for practice In the ' carters quadrtuc <* warnd atej loa and all other duipea. Moaihly aotreea tor ahlldrra aad pareata. For alronlaw of terms apply at either adaoUakrKoL a FgRMRUVB ATA. DODWOBTH'd DsRClRO AOADB OL alee will oomaenoe In Hrooslyu, 1ST Montague plane, oa Monday. Kot.S; la rew Tor*. 808 rroadeay.oi Wednesday. Nor. 4, to be continued weekly during the acnecm. For ladles and g?r tlwn^ii v* ho can dine* but are ? ovlrous of .ffBiui to dance QuadrOle, Uerman i.oul on Po'leh Mazurka andojaer new dances, the a??ea?t!lra affotd eioallea' oi'por uaittaa, b'ln* at the aame time naerul a* well aa eeoooou-oal eraalac aauaeatinl?? For teroM, It. ae?d for elrcn are G SLA RIGHT AT TJR Fain, CltTSTAL HAL ICR Oraod roocet by nrer ilxly p^lormert, Thtf (Fr.da> evening tMtobar So. >n ex'r* ch*r#a G Mr artorio will givr a grard soirrr erery Wedneeday aud Saturday, at hie antdeaay, 8UT Broadway. Bo will teach eren body the polka, eohotdwhe. polka-rcdowka aad redowke waltz In atx la> aoua Terms rem ? onable. i'era na tnu ndlng to hare balia or parties eaa hhrr hla rxwt at a low y lee. ML'810 AT HALF PRIOR?AT WATRER, SR BROAD way, and all kinds of atoaleal aaarehaadi-e (a asms ?*? tiro; ptacor aad melodeooa at lower prion* than erar bafoca offered la this market. Pianos and meJedaom hi tast, aad m>i allowed na purchase. Plaaoa tuned, repaired aad pollthed In the teat atyle. 5S.T SIC Ala. AN ALTO OF FRAOTIOAL 1XPRRI1ROR WOULD A . p'eaaed with aa eugagenaoat la a select ehrir. Address a Rest 38th it. ALA RI9HT AT TUB FAIR. ' RTBTAI. PaLAOR Hi and coneert by Over ala'y performe**. This (frtdav) e rentng, tratober SO. Ro extra chvrya HIRI A PTARO URTIL BRTraR TI MRS.?FOUR beautiful seven oetare, one irollan, It let cheap to roB the tlmea, and thirteen Other ptan a and three melodeooa to rent, at 91, SS and It a month, or tor aale aud redaeed .or oa*. at Mi Oread atreat. 1MMRRBR RAOBIFTOR-AR RXOBLLRRT PIANO. BUT Utt)e n#?d, Pethla A To , makers, aad warm .ted wUL aa account of embarraaameala be aold at aa taamanaa aamdffee. Mr Mr. Waber'a hla da eaa tt may be seen at Ul Wort Broad way, aesr Canal atreet Piano fortu wartbd-ir kxchxngb for pved laed at 84 per arm. in I'the county, Peca , ?*? hours ride from hew Tork )?lif.rma foe sale. Apply to /. VAR DRRBiLT, 84 Fulton atre;t. SIGRORIRA Rl.IZA VAI.ENTINI PaRAVALLl. LATR ly prtaaa donna of Mexico and *tw Cries on. has ihebooer to terorm her twer da ead ker pnptla that ike has decided to Ce laaaoea again In ataglng aad oo the ntsnj, at prices losui. times. She eaa be asm at lha at. hi oho aa Hauel erery day from l nil? o'atnok. rinFAllRP IR OLOTHING. /bwrlrt. OARPRTN, run Iturr, Ac ?An rn ertenrnd tescter of muate, onraals. of one at our first churches, having unuvsal I?Inure, will giro mnele lesanea aad reeelve tn evehaage merchaadtM aa ahoro. Addresa L. boz S Oil Ptat office WR RRRPRCTFULLT IRFORM TBI POMUO AMD frteeda of Philip Mayor, profaoaor of voeal anka mm ha will arrive *rw? Rurope thl. vroak and bo ready to tastrnrtoe oa 'be Brat of Riiooabw baa 1.SD1 Poet nAaa will raerdve wwu i uurruimioa, B1 ?LAD 1MB OF RRW TORK A1TD RBOORLTR OAR BI . iters Gvldamlth a caandful rysteaof pcumiaaUp !br oa# drUar, by joining the otusea ihla weak. Rnwr root sain? this dm, and bnag the dollar with you tn gold or Mirer. GOLDSMITH, so Broadway. at ?THIS WUK ONLT.-ORK DOLLAR FOR TKM W>L. leesona of one lour reeh. hetu'ar eharge 118. Pupllo will kava until the 1st of Juuary !o take thai/ leaiuan Boob haeplng aad arltfemtile aa nana) OLiVMR B. GOLDSMITH, SCI Broadway. BPCCATJOR IR GtltMART.-TH? .URDIRNIGRRD. maty yeara eatabllahrd In Maacvr. aa pda lys) of a large wtnbllrbmrnt for the impletloa of the eduaalloa at B^nt?, end kevlrg re-ertl hcgltab aao Amertoia lads sndar rharge, ?akrathlaoppor'unlt' of lifbriolfg boa- pares to deslront of g-vtrg the r eblMrea s ikorntthooo .naatalaluaa tlon that fee can areoai mudat- a tew more pupils who will bo ?tied to purer# a m-rrsatlle rarest or say pojrischalc pro fasvinn. lav roettoa lociudra verses fnaob. kcrbsh Isttta, matbeirauas. e'geora, mercsn*re ealcnlatl n hl-'ory. religion, ae rrapby, vrMsg drawing nsinrsl philonnhy, gran nairfrv. Ae. Mors a strtoiiv alu rird to, and every cere taken fw the oomfort of 'he pup,la rt.r he- partlculara aad terms ran be learned re apnilnaitna at ft Warren strevt, no fairs, to a tent ?maa who baa dues aoaa seder lbs ear# of he aa drrarrtrd 8 If. AL'HAORR. Frrrch LAJTMUAWR-rRorRmoR B. laoroix. 754 Nnadwsy, eoeUaom to give thornta* a.?ii ueMua la As Trsaah Aaguaga. tnapartlaa to Ida pspQ* -Aa ability to weak the language siA floaaay and eortdetnoaa. Arcoca ra. rn. ?rmd%v7we?B the bears st I end I rr I end if.H. ?IOHSK9 A.\D rARUUOm. rlTB lUNLRORR PORT BUILT HOBHRN PUB aAT.a ? l?t? Car. iatweru 14 and S ba rde hlrt. ^nnlMMHo] gmatrpeed, ail yeara od Two Rmpw ptn, ??i ?atnhed. anuabia >or a tafnu or tad7. Appj W la B Cherry MnM. inoB balb-a familt bockawat, in rurwr r order; boot attf e?ake ?* mmm brni.trad rf >Uaaai WO ba ?old for i wo handed dolinra. ra?h Inqjira J JAIL OLB RBNTB, SI WotmomFblieet. IjlOR SAI.B-A BAT BOAR HUMS. 11 HANOI BIRH. r blylhh drlrer. eaa trot a ?*? la I ?l lo now, itrruw ?ntiK and Had air reset old 407 imhaii to wast at ?neb ? bona, hater the finest o.? ih*? war.ia the rami, mm ta antra at the atabla, 71 Waal Twenty tbtrd iWAj M a IW Kith and Peneath arraoM ARNOLD WOOD. Fm OB f ALB--A RPLBRPin TOUNB RAT HOBBB, IAKI haada high toag tall, low frnaa tba eouairy, wwimmI acmad and ktad in ainfla aad doakla barnaaa; a apacdld tad d'e ho ?e 'or gent aman or lad/. To ba eeaa Haul sold, at I OB PttinlreeA, R. T. tPOB RALB A PAIR OP PINB RBOWR HOBBIi, r ?t|l hi 7?ara old; alao. a aalo' double bora Apr IT *1 tba e'able In Bectrr atraat, between Waahlatwon and wm. a'reete ? IjlOB RkLB-A PAIR OP WBuL BITCHBIf UOHT F hay htraea 6 and 7 yeart old, about Id banda high. Mr frctly (onad and kind In ittrle or do-ibte towaear; want*! ?d la entry way and aold for want of a m. In.alraaf /. T. AULBAB, IS Vnaay atraat rM R RALB A PAIR OP B OWR HOBRBB. ?? BARDB high the property of a rr1?ata gentieMae; nvatweeoe by Ratnrday, priee 1160 To be taan at aelaaonl waklaa, IB Crosby at rat R. y. OR RAliB - A BLACK BTI'D HOBBB. II.'? hlgb, pony bnllt; wonld bull for a Bowalown annnna. ntnirw, nprlng ran. on bnr olbna hrnry wort. Apply ?? Rfi HARI) RTalTBBB, IS Henry atrart. K|OR RALB A PAIR CP TIRT ? B*T, nearly Ntleea hands kl?k wall !2anae dn,?su? lb ay em retfeeiiy kird and Sat,a.laaBfla aa wall aa BtblB hameia; ?rmrg, and a newt a"*afart wy jparrntrw rrl 1 ba girea of their perfeet nowpdaaaa. Apply a?M Diliwaiy plaea. | AKIIB BAT HORRB *A?" Li a ran trarelier, for ante el' harra n or win he wb.? nd for merokaanir# dPptfioH MJLLB, ft Wall atraet aa *r>?<1 f oort OT+T Oil? R*n*. | Wartbd-a pair , with enrrtage ?rjtbamrwle exchange tor boad and wor gag a Addraaa laahiage Hrrald o?ea. BRIfTfimif. DBRTIRTBT. -OORWIR d. BAB I. Bf OR IRBBBTP teeth at the ktwaw powdbjerrtoaa Vtt -? Miner, gg on go'd fJJ 10, ooattnnona r'"? Bin, Teelh er.rv.tad witkow: glrbg pala. tit* tmmtl atreet. near Merrier oid No 71 ?MRBTH RJTBAOTBO IR TRR RRIRiRIIB. WlfUfg ^tt^gZLristezTrsJt V ? trfikmSI. m (laeat ateaM. aaa, TgaMt, SBOIRB. "~" SBBARRHAR NOW MR P1TB4TT1 APRn AT TRRT BBBAV | redoetkmn frow japorPita cat I hana innoMaa of Ha rms aad 'JertiAn tegn r that Taw noatng otl wl total nward la raal raioa to pay oaah adraaee* oohH F