Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 30, 1857, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 30, 1857 Page 7
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IMMBmR ftsnvwn IT8KI Dif. A lbbbt h. rioclat, auotiobbrb. offioi Rojbb A Broad suvce *p<*ul Okie of *to> k? and btwul*. - A1 BIKT H. RIOULaY wUI wU tola day, October M, IIH ???b. RIOULaY will wU this day, Ootoberli, MUX I o'oloot lllto iffwu >' If.-h?n?r. . ?4 000 MwSSmZShZ^M nvl? rinkhif fund bonds. MMOAQwaohL.aTdBsl.itRB latasorigage8MrmteBmMn ? 000 TeStoWnule wd Allow BR. 1st mS-J par aa^^^M 8 UUO ttraSWestorn (IU ) RR. l*? morig. W pay ooal botuU. 4 (MO Mjlkwi OU. 7 per oral bnndt. doe ao6 tew emsrloaa Ooeno Ompih. OMR Oomi Ooapur, 4Mb ..... JIM 4fl fewn1 vsnm w??r *?*?*?? Oompasy lOO X Bsoslalor Fine lasuraaoa (wiipsm 10 Fhsnis Ftrs iimmom omi>Mir . ??MMRPii a Brooklyn lira BjOWMl Oompaay IT Btoeetol >wto lo-Mwew, Wordsy. Regular sola Bonder, Mo. srsmbwl. Regular nuetlaosnlao of imoki ulbwdiinrr Mo*6*j ted Thursday a Is-. special sales all o her dara, allowed us *11 money* d?p ?lvnon tout and dividends I ^^?d. ALBBBT H. BLOOLAT,^^ 1M totoi _____ _ Stock annUooear and bankerBow' York. A DOTIOR irOTIOR-BDOKNl B. FBAHKLIR, A173 A itoeecr.- Horses, oarriageo. h?rneaa Aw?Friday. Oct. CTmIl 7E* prectocr, 1 nhnl. arilwitooat rtw-AVfici-k , X&*1?J*S. 81 *?? fc'x'dteto street, between Finn and Kith arwonee. a splendid doable Kan of carriage Bowes, bleak. 8 years old, kind, sound and sen tie; also a saps Ate WMlhlA ham MM lAMlKae .Ilk ? .nnl.k A' DOTIOR ROTIOB?ABtlQRBBB' BAIJI OF THR balance of a wholeasle stock of dry gooda, at 91 Okam thealore :hauo I I toers street, a large IoBV^$>oks, *c . toe balance of stojk I Of Williams A Fowere^^^k'sale dry goods dealers. Terms ante, eoirent reads. OoRs can be seen at 9 o'clock A. H I ontbe day of sale. WM. B. JORBB, Auctioneer. I Wn. Aennss, > J. B. Aemisr, f *?"*?*?*? A (7CTIOR BALE-JOl-IUS BROWN, ADOTIORBBB - I A BROWB A ABBOTT wl'l sell at 184 Pearl street near Ooueord etrset. Brookl<n. tbU (Friday) morning, at lOJg lO'etoek, ads lrabie lot of household foraUnre. In good order, j H; ts. mirrors, parlor, ohambsr and kit oh an fori altars, crockery glassware, ao., Ac. sale posture, as the Bwnei la gotag Week . DOTIOR HOTIOB?J. BOO ART, ADOTIORBBB?BT I B. BOOABT.?OuFrtday, at 10X o'clock, at Do 40 Hone | of uoerok. mortgage^ sals of lar^e ;liq nor tg of the entire stock of brandy, wines gin,I magna, sogers; also, btr oonnter aland, eaaka, s, beer pumps, measure*. ahelrtng, Ao., Ae. m I. BLMBBlBDtEE. Attorney rot-Mortgagee. I A OOTIOB BOTH ??J BOO ART. AUOTIOKKRR JL By 0. BOO ART?This day at 10 o'elock, at Ro. 70 Bsaisr street, Sheriff's sale, segara and effloe farnliare, iron Mb denkn, afenlrs, Ac, Ae AaS OOTIOB HOTIOB.?J. BOOaRT, ABOTIOHBBR.-BY 8 BOOaBT, Saturday, Oct 31, at 10 o'clock, at Ro 300 mortgage sale of lumeer, horses, males, Ac.. iBeory street, mortgaga sale of lumber, horses, males, Ac.. I qen slating of Spanish cedar mahogany and rosewood toga, t pair males, pair of koreea, one brawn horse, four celt d rable ?are?, tear s slagls do., one t>uok three heary spring me rig ciaUs, ropes, dogs Ac ; also, lrocsafe, office aadffxt 1 farnliare nodiIU tores JOHM W. SOMIRCRBTEB. Attorney for Mortgagee. ?A 1K7TIOR ROT1TB?J. BOOABT, AC'ITIONRR?BT A n, BOOABT. ?8a-orday, Jet SO, at It o'clock, a< the a-.c ?Mom rooms, corner tf Frank lor t and w.illam streets, mo dgage ?tin of carp?ta, oonaiatmg of n large lot of tapestry, Brume 1s i ply and Ingrain earpeta, otlolotbs; also, a large aa Onl of ktrneraold fnraunre. JOHR W. BORMIRDTCR, Attorney for Mortagee. 40OT1OR ROTIOB?1BFORTART BARKRUFT BAXB , of rnrnlture. AMUBL OSGtOOD A OO , auctioneers will aall. at tkelr as Ism 11 swi 81 Maama street this day. Friday, at 1. x A. *? moat pcatttrely without any reseree, the flntah id siock 4 a eablaet maker, -emoved to onr store for oonrea'cnue of aale, oossietlng la part of fear superior e lid ruse wood f.-em d parlor ante, oorored In FrenekaaUs, br roatol, ralret p.aih Wad tapestry; rosewood and makogsay mirb'e top e egsr*s; eosewced and mahogsny secretary and lt rary bmkenws snarbte top bnrcans and warbstands, splsudld rosewood and taahogany bedsteads, rlnb carvel o*e wool and other mwble top centre, side and set tablrs; rosewood oouehes. *n bruct tal and hair rlo h, one sold rek salt of bedroom fornltnre all made to ma eh, tworirh enamell'd mwble top chamber note: four eolld mahogany and black walnut eitenttoa dining tables; mahogany tele a lete solar, rhiLrs, rockrri, Ac , Ac. Beeond hasd Fo/nitnre and Mirrors. The entire furniture of a family tearing for Anrope. and re mowed from Stolen Island lor sals eosslsUng of s large quae ttty of tret class dining room parlor, bedroom kltcten and Other furniture, lagliaa relret t-pester three pi and Ugrala oarpeto; o'luoU; stores; blarkets and other bedding; feather beds, crockery, glass n are, plated wars, A J., Ac. also One elegant French plate gilt frame mantel mirror, oost $180 Oaa rosewood 6X ociare pianoforte and atooi. Ooctwabogauy arano pianoforte, made by Broad wood A Son Also, at Ll o' uoek, TwasUy trs superior oil pslntlogt. In rich go'd gilt frames. OalalofPae will be ready early morning of aale. The goods trill bs on rise thin afternoon R.B ? Brnry article at this sale will be positively sold, with dal regard to pi lean The rede tarred. ? UCTIOK bOTICB-WILLIAM WILDB, AUG ttoneer?by BDBH A WtLDR. This day, at lt)X o'clock. iltu e, v" 13 Forth W11 am street s large variety of farnitu s, v 'I aafa, c-mcb, Frenrh end Iron bedsteads, bursa us sofas book aaaaa, rockers, ehslra, mshegsay and -marble top oectre to bias, stores feather bade aoa blankets, clocks sarpets, look tagglawer, Ac.; a<oa, an lsvc'ce of spitnAH eleetro plated goods, soap toreros, coffee sod tea aras, eoflcs, sagsrand teapot* egg eastern, water Jugs, trs vs. spoons, sets or knives and forks, oas'ers, (tablng pole*, telssnoprs ladles' eabtnota, several valusbln gold and silver watches, boom and shoes, oadersbtrta ana drawers. Ac . Ae A DOTIOR.?THU DAT. AT II C'CLOOK. AT BTORi OB A boons of Ihompsoo A trench 34 and 3d West strcst, 4(1 barrelsraBned oil. t > elose as aeconnc Saturday, at curators, 108 Wall street, ton esses fine Du'oh bu tous roots, bvaclaUii, tallpa, Ac. URRRsOllSH A B jBURTT Aumtoneera. A DOTIOR ROTIOB -THOR B?LU AO lTIOWBRR?BT A BILL A liBoR SBD ?this dev. at 10X o clock, In our salsa room* corner of Caat'O and Aesde strcwa, a variety of fumttura. iron bedstaadi. Ac: also dry gouts end a large Masker geoilemra's, ladlrs and oklldrsn's bote, shoes gal tore, An ; sir - ha->1 ware, tooU. pledged waickrs aid fancy surttotea. Bniunl.y e-tsoalre sa'e of farnl are and housekeep ?fag arttalaa. Bag- tor sates dst'y. A DOTIOR ROTIOB?THIS DAT. AT 47 OAHAL A street, at Id's o'olo- k the stock end flrturcs of store, eon ?MM of n general assortment of fancy dry goods nriio'an. woollen goods embrygdertee, collars, laocs brrshaa.ons hui drad ttaan shirti perfumery, Ac.,'As ; also ak)u c?ses and gtosass, counters and drawers. Sale ponHve, la eloat a ton earn. CRUMBLIER A OO , Aue toaeers to DOTIOR >OTI"l -HR4RT A Pi BBS, ACCflOR Xv oars, wtll se>l this end every evening this week, at T 'jtetoek. at S9C broad way. the bal tare of stock of books end Prerob aolorwd urtnts tnd ergtartugs; atan, some standard works. The Irtde are lavt'sd to ausad, as the sale Is wltbout J^DBIRIHTRATOB'S.BALE OF8PLBWDID BOSBWO^D and mahogany sartor and chamber 'tmllure, inlaid 7 oelav* ptaaofbr e, gilt frame mtrr I s. oil pa'ntings. Pl?? nsd ilftoasnsrs Ae , on this day at to1, o'clock, at to# residence 133 Weal FRiaaato street, sear ss.ents arsnus ? IlBsbT T. LBKDR A CO . atettoneera. will sail as above, without reserve, ?Utoariebsmf splendid eulta elumbrr aed dining r oa far oltars, to part at fol'o *s :~T? n magnlSoeaiy carved rose 1 partor at "" *" " "" J ~'?*" ' Wood paribr suits covered in the rtc seat aaUa brocade; Mt fraavflyaarved salt In silk velre*, ntae pierce; several Ores daa vaaaa. large site, aad man *1 oraanaau, tmpornJfcr to* owner's use, and *re of the most rechsrshe aty'ei, with nesn 4tf?l petaUaga; oil piloting* with rich gold frame*, seleotod with great ear* by a ooaaotsseur, one seven octar*ptanofnrte, psarnnlaM front, tcstmood (ram, warranted for two vssrs; rosewood library rookoese <<>? |i? itaiuiry mtrble top Wtagarsa, alirror doors and hacks; rosewood csbtnrts, ?olld rosewood marble lop side, curs and loo to ties, richly carrvd spring Voltaire chairs In rl-h Preset satin two yery large FrenrU p'ais mirrors, with itondards heavily gl t. lace AM biocadg e indoor c irn'n* ? hades and rroeptWm nnalrt, aerntr standr, Ae The ehamSer* are foral.bcf tatoemist ample manner, having t?o sulld gut sin rasw,jod beds'ead* wl?k drestoag bureaus and ? *nhat*ud> marbl* to t t> astsh. atooW. twelve pme Wafr m*Ur???es right aaDtolOr'kPrlaf bst ?traaaea, aprisg wat rnvbegat y ehatrs and rocksm. so A vada oeretr stood* itrnasels torse ply ao<4 Isgvatn esrpattnd, library bookcase, maatyl mtrr rs, eiocks. tun and orsn manto, window ihadrs, curtain* and sornlow; also, t so solid blaek watont trds'secs, on.- m?h >*auy do., nsrss rjeksr, botolst and pillows, bstiUng. Ac . rosewood bsl) bat t'and, aUeloto. Dtolng room?Oak cttsn*i<m dialog table II fesl long-, aoBd ssalant tea and dtalsg -ables. sofa, oak cow seat chairs, mahogany do . Frenek china tsa sots, dinner ant das ?mender " " * ' kw)| iii^ fnrfci Itlflli JuSmi tobls h3Twffl be d?w353?0^y acoonnt. ssmSV^s jsrvsgmS" u ^ "?? wltoout rew|^N^'t U?SDT- anotKmOM. ?AB L AST. Assign sc. B. B. BAR OA. AD niORBBB -BAROR A <X>. WILL fry sale tots day. Oet. 30 at lOtoo'nloek. attoeir aatoaraam, 81 RoMnn street, a -ery destrabV saso tmsat of second band furniture. Just rsselrod from n party re to>Mb| hosasSraping, to toe btsbsM bidder, eoaststtsg of Sadn, BsABM- mattrssats. hedsteada, be rasas oAa'rs. par or ante, tosnsrss. crockery, cutlery, earpsSs. uilcloto, Ac also rnaasrood. msbogsay. oik *-.< 'mams'Ud akambsr asddmtom room fnmltura, oti citnUagr. mirrors, fancy g.-ods. An sritooM raaarvo early on toa mors^^H .lining Bala TVABIBL R. HODOH. AUCTIORRRR.-splapuiu LT i ate weed phas r, fosta. with toe rnUrs alegmat rosewood firsltwA pamoate, stiver wars, rostlv chlaa. Be . eontalssd to 1 bs dwelling boosts 148 West Tsaaty third street, aaar -?u dsy??Frid?y CCobee 30. I wW sell wlthont reserve IBs sppara fwaliure of the above re-tdenca, eommeewag at 10 n'oloek. Trie tale ts worthy of noeml altenUoa, a* to# onastily Is nnoenatty arge awl of superior workmanship toro ighout The mhgntdsaat parlor rasas and ornemeaia i nmtetoa of rnpertor rosewood T oetsve plaaoforte, Is use bmtorea months, tores fntl suits <R rich tarred parlor fnrnl Sare. eovarrd la ea la broca'cl a*d valval; msewcod marble snhatowerM.ladtra' Irrnch eoere'ary. eoosvtee. supesb roso !??nd metre ends tad pier Hblea, three magatflcsni mantel snd nter minors, raeewood renejtton and reyqmbeat chairs. ISuyWMue bina and Dreed m ^aaee grojp ^ Ae . with a _L,L,tortMl(c4oa of oU palalsgs riobir framed; \elvet, ?Jul* sad otoir carpets, chandsllers and gas flitmas. rich ^^JStns ai d toSte. superb rowwood Satistsade, drees (a* hmreens! weeht'asde and oomm dea all to, match; Utra Sf?? totT m*ttr.a.?e Frrnch emu-rrpaaea, blar.het*. row S^dTtemT with French nirw *<*'; rose wood wcrrtary, l .. lousgea Frv-ch nhs'iv mlrrurv clocks. Pns to?5, marb a top stofrte-d, a graat.vytoty rVb Cbtra ant g:**e Irory sut'ery, ollalotaa. ? wVhT^poaeh.T V fur'.ttnre of rrwy descH-Uun "?!?nai ?7 r """worm of ->? riobaat L? LL 3^ at^11 O'c'oek sed each day it 14-e.r **>? (C^L toaabovs -legs-1 at. is ' t ICTlxlXto.nT,* raHto rw'Sc atuettas asd flg. - T.T : yenca rhl. * vases, masnlflcent r% t?ror-u thin* asd mhrbldSlockai eleganlly sermnlo. ?11V hriwre, ' nui? viemtan gtaaawat ri ^XStelSd rtibJte dClft? C^ored asd plaTn toe fltest an rimL,Th|^iM*niUtoe"a?S velvet reticles, fri-nch sllye-ptotH ware of the teiltte^tomJi V.sfrite Abo, toe timet Brsltsb snd rwto-Snd rictowt/'sirMi *wo, ^ ? ,iMttrm at w'-X^r v to., sndto. pnwwc may I ssaored that he ebnre are toe moot ?rod. aM win bs told peremptorily too o*b pAWRRBftBfB'R R1.-5 OF WBf.'?FTill' X Mt . 1(1, #M T Fut ?. MoHqimWi wfll*?* * Mmpoos's rnmsa, at .tutc - Call, cornar of }& larnwy stoeet, rntren.v n T>. !ar e, street IthlScM, at 10H ?o'etote, als?g? assortwent ,tf nnr' learn. I dositlc OS leg e eased gold and stiver watclct of Choice mieu'ecmrr afealea, brrastp ea, ear ana (lager rlaga, stlka, ?* Im I "d, ststoto, and a variety of of; ?r goods worthy to.* atea ? of isdlra and toa trade. 8ai< poaluve. ^%riJwr Em b. fbajtklib. AUcno?iim.-?Aa*i*ioBWT . household fnrnJture, msds laPK; marbles, bioezee, work* of art, spUnriU match tan of hoveea bantam,ear BUrftitfifi* irx & CSTTS^cf preciselyW ty foraaooa. all the splendid and eoetly w*{ ore la Uta rag anm No. II West BUtesnth afreet, near.Fifth ?tau the whole terming realty the meat splendid aad re* haraha deaertpUne of hoesefcou fn failure oflteel atpablte motion for but iun. hot a ?dcsoripdoe of whtse oan aade (Itnt superb solid aoetloa for saasy years, but a aaaall desartphoi b? given m this sdifffrem sat, nrlm-lamt medal toe valval earpete, IftyBMSS srs??rais5 srij^siMK roaewood matte tables, statuary, marble top "? correr stands, keen daaaaaa aad laae curtains, two targe French plate aaantef mirrors, ooetlj chin* and marble frvoco ylaw ?Miei wimi, ?r? ?r* " e'efant mantel dock rani year; Urg* Frrack P J{J JJJJJ glass with gold heap and marble slab;. superior oil paiajngs is?ite^.a!giBa .?ss-jsv.^-I eolld pearlker a acknowledged by pi /isnncs one a* tee beet toned instruments In this cju?try. jlJlO, At one o'clock prerfhel v, eplendld ourrtsg- horsen seven andelght yean tdd., wlta doubiai bar* area and carriage, hlaaketTSc , ? Iorml * ?? moat superb private eetabllehuient In the atty. 1 lulog Boom ?olid oak eatmaioa table. 16 feet, rich French ahlaa ware, oriatel outglaae waie, ellrer wars, ivory and pearl cutlery, rosewood seoretary, ridt tables with starble tope, ladt a Frenoh secretary, Braaaela carpets, beery leoe ourtaina. oral mirrors, Be., Bo. A|a(t All the bedroaaa furniture, ooaidattng of full suits la rase wood end solid bl ak walnut, oorered in green plash and hair cio*h of the beat uensrtpUpn; beds aad bedding, pore bUr a ? lit i Bw ? ' en/i " /> arnBM CLO'Q Of tQ6 Dm wwuiuj, yvco mitlrreere. spring matfredees, Ingrain and Brueeele carpets, mtrtnrTolistotlis. stair carpets, rosewood baU stand. ?ai shandeucrs. tmsmrrl funutore, Bo.. Be, with which ibe sal* will aommenoe. the auc looser calls the special notice of ell lboee In want of er pent Ire household furniture to ihls sale, every article of whleh will poeltteely be sold without reserve. The above sale being pcai'lve and without any Uml's. the nue itonrer will require n eatlafsstery ca?h deposit frost evarr buyer, wlthonl any fxceptlon. far,tea wMdug,|q> farehsae the above flegnat residence may a jxly to HO MBA MORii AM. Ban. Bo.3 Pine street Sale poslUve. Oataloguaa reedy at 8 o'olock on morning of sale. ELIOAMT HOUSEHOLD FUBRItUkK AT AUOTION, ?M DOU'tHTY, aae'ionesr. WU sell on SUuray. Octo ber II. al 10X o'clooh, at 80 Ureene strsat, all tkefur.lture eontalnbd in Ike above house, vis.:-Two rosewood parler suite, oaverrd la brncniel; pier end mantel mirrors, BruaseU Carre's rosewood pl-rotorte damask aal lace curtains, paintings, engravings, toes wood marble top cent's, pier, sofa tablet, Be Sedrw m furnltere-Bosswood and mahogany marble top dreislng bnrsaur, washstands to ma'Oh. ward robot, bedsteads, boat ear loo hair mattresses,bedding,cotttge ?ui's. toilet sets, sarpets fogsther with a large assortsirut of cutlery, glass wire, hitch'n utensils, Be the ? hole of the above fiin> it tire wi* mi^e to ordtf b j or e of oar boil Cabinet manufacturer'. The ? hele to be sold to the highest bidder. M. DCUOHTT, atis'ionaer, sa'ssroom 79 Natsau at. G 1LB1BT & 8 AY ABB, AUCTIONEER.?DIBBLE A vV BAVAOk sl'l sel' at their eutemom 81 Jedw street, on Friday, October 10. A. M., stanle and toneydry goods, a flue line all wool blankets, men's woollen X hose, men s wooUtn undershirts and drawers, iewslry, fancy goods, French perfumery, clotting, fans, Bo WI INKY B LBBB8 B OO , A0OTUONEBBB. OFF 10*8 23 H Nataan atreet, will acU at auotfon. on Frldtr, Oct. 31) at ftlX ,'clo-F at *o 138 West Twenty 6fA atreet, between gr vm th atd Blgbta svennee grntet! hoasehold fornlture the propertyof a gentleman declining housck'vplng onila.tnt of velvet and nrnrsel* narpets mahogany fnrul.ure eovsr-id In de lalns, curtains to m?toh laoe ourt*tn?, rasewood parlor suits covered In blue slik ve'.vel o'er aud mantel glasses rich corvtces. chandeliers and gaa natures*, rose wood quartette, CPU* tables, marole vatee, eterege, oil bbin'Ug, rosewood parlor sultt covered 'u green pluib, vrrv Are ergrarlngs, brwatele curtains, d'nlng roj* furnl ?ore chins snd glsssware mabogsnv fnrattnre eovsrod In h?lr ?l'*th brdroom mahogany bedatcads, saa'trerMis ced dins. Bo all In good order, wlA other article* not eu cuKwated i-aie poslUve HHI1NAY H. IrBBTB B ?CO , A0CtTONBBB8 - OFFICBB 23 ? afian atreet, will sell st auet'oa, on 's'lirdiy <)oi. 31 at 12 o'clock, at ?T Commercial whart. Allantle Dock Brckltn. rbi nt 10.0(K sngar boi ahoohs. In tint order, autla ble for the West India market, wl bout reaerto. Terms ouh, el y fur da ^_____ HH B> RY H. LBBf 8 A CO., ACOTIONBSRS-OFFiOB 23 Pssssnstivat, will selt at auc'los. on Batnrtav Oct SI. at If? o'clock, at the ral'sroom. 33 Ba'aan strvst. bov.aeho'd turnhure oonstsdng of BrosreU snd lagral" oarpeta iota wood suits covered tn crtmrca brna?tal, mahoiany syfaa sol tete a tetee. covered Is hair cluth; mahogany rockers arm acd pir'of ch&iri covfryd la do ; nitbogany if'tal chi'n, mahrgany marble top s'de yler and centre tables: lnnrges covered in b.oeatel, msbnaany French bedsteads black walnut da., slabogane marble top wasbstand', drasrlng bu reans lses curtain* and cornices, hair matiresrea boaters and pillows oilcloth, ma ting. Ao Also, an nMorment of i htna g sas and crockery ware; also, an assortmani of kttshin furultnte. Henry b bbbtb. jr ACfTiowiBR, will bbll on Friday Octdwr 30. at 10H o'clock A M . at the sa lay room, No 6,X Pine street ahsrlfls aals of a large lot of groceries, greea sad black teas sugars syrup molasses, Snap adamantine oandls*. spleoa Loadou porter Bcotob ale, maoeamni, sweet etl. As ; also a large lot of wines ant U quers, brady. rem, gin. whiskey, port and sherry wine cbsm psgne tWavaeeaad ?ssrman sagari, Be. By ordsr of FRBU. i, VtH.TBB, Dvpn y Bherdf. P^BAWV BIOKlR fl 81LB ?JOHN MORTIHORI, ADO UoD'cr, No 4 Bast Broadwsy, will soil, this day, a large ?Mnrimrnt of wrmen's wnrtif aorwl coo?l?tin* of cloth mantillas, srrollee sbawla, frooks quUts, b askMs snd otb.r ar tel. s suitable tor the pre,est season; also at IX o clJSR a Lige lot (fort rooats frock ooaU psnts. vesti, Bo Mo be eold wtinont reserve. By order of 8. J. LB\ T, BJ. 499 Brooms strvst. P^HAWNRKOKEK'fl BALK?A. M. CR18TALAR, ADO tloseer, 23 Bowery, wUl sell this day. Or?? "? " odock, a lugs and val n*b e assortrnimt of w wearing appa st oonslPlsg in pan of etlk d** mantillas, Clk. crape and winter sbawla. bnenels, altk and mtln salient boots an1 s?oes, qn.lts, blaeketi, tprsads, bed ding. to >'e guns and pistols, musical aud mat'ematlcsi Inatra meats, gola snd sliver watches, jaeelry. As. By ordsr o. Jsnah Balomoi s. '43 urand street. RU OBERT PINK. ADOTIONBBB?WILL 8BLL O* hatorday Oct 31, at HI., A. I ? thi household[furniture and bat room flsturesof Ilee 1a. ve Hotel, No 7 Llight street, resr t'stal. soislsttsg of bvds. brdslesds, ekatrv cloth, matting, #?lua, glass eroskery As : ore spl'adtS Rag h-b tour pnllbewr pump; bagateU* board, togs her with ths kass of tot- premlsss for flvr rtsra Onea-est rent aal belt location for *egllsh shades In ths city. rp O HOPOHTOIf. APOTIOKBIB^INT^HOPW 1. hold fore) are rosewood pianoforte. "'P?? French rlate minora oil paautngn, Ac -On FrtCsr iihU das) al 1'1, o'clock, st the bona* Bo. FT West Teeely ft A strcsL near With avenoe. T. O HOUtltiTON e*IU sell as above the entire furultars of a family reUnqulsklag hoa*? kfvplng. eonststlng of a snseriir roaswood ptanof-rte. two salt* of rosswood parler fbrrttnre, lis sella brtjoatsl, owe do. In plnsh, bcauUfully oarred rosewood stsgsrs. do. ??'bis top centre tables, card sad S"fa labtse.^BS oU palattogs. Frrnoh plats mirror* laoe curt ulna, Frenohwtndcw sbadsa, slsgandy dcooreted oktna vases and manic! armaments, tapes try sarpets, thise ply aad lngrala do. baU oUc.och, stair car ccts hall eard and rhatrv, rosswood snd saahoiuny bed ? t?ads. marble top bursans aad washstands, sofa, a mchalra. -act mvarl aoilaen chSlM, llSir ISlVlMM, 5l dl b0Odll|t imma, rxt?rfti a dloaiag ubia. dlaiac board, e?taa and glass ware table cnUe-y, kitchen foraltmre, a.oret. As. Bale positive, whho t regard to ths weather. TH08 YBITOH. AOOTIONBBB?8TORB NO.Ill MPRUOI street ?hheriirs aals V embrotdertse. laees. frlngm col lars Ac., os Friday. Osd. 30 at 10 A U. al ths sal mrswa lfl Hprttce stff^t. eonslsttoiot a_y|v qoaaUtyjt laesA wila. btAdknrOuati, tMiDrlo, and owwt oot isrs snd sets, Ac JogH f HTEWAR1T Deputy Bherlff Thou, vjitch, apotiowbbb?btorb ii spbdob st Net -Fh?rifll'? ss e of f.nsy goods teees. bocnem, tftnuerd and rn'rtm-ed. trimsahigs, Ac., oa Toseday. Oct. T, iVteTstlO A 3!, at fit eighth avenue, ooertsttagot a targe qwaeiKy Of ton toaey goeda. Be., also bcaaesa trimmed aad --"f e"T- isesd. tilmmlsgh baMoes, store flstnre* Be. A. B ROLLINS. Deputy Rhsriff. Ths above sals Is hdjoan,;7 n?Ul "Ji1,.1* mm# t'ms and place H B. ? ks, aUy* ii ]<? tn adjourn**! un*H Frldnv, Oot. 30, 1*<, a* the mVtes id pbtcs. H. B ROLL'N8,1>ep 'y ih'rtl THOBAB VR.TOH. A0OTIOBBBB?BTORB 18.Rr*y"J strret hbsrtr* ml# of wlnss. Itooora segsrs, Ba._OBB* in.srv Oriobe 31. at I0 A M.. at ihs salsa rjom UBwmss ? trret'poneWtiug of a large quantity of Uqutse, wises rae ? An lbs stand sacks, stwe flit.rm. also, borse. WMol h^itsa., A -1 Al.O. WiLLBT. Bbmtd. mPOMAR VBIirn. AOCTIOBBKB-STOBB IF 8PBYOB WILLIAM AMOTT APOTIONRBB.?MORTa AO BR aaJ* da j. nl \0H onkaiis nl 1M ?JP^nf mm.ka hMd? r walnut ootuitnr ltqaor?y ntmiiam. bwining, aTso the stosk of a dry gwdsstove, ouebwse. sartaad harwfwa. V. tiAFFllT, Beq., Mtrgaies b'xaitfZjSL"-?gmggTO.-ffijig' flUYT.1 i.FFf 0VIDWL TTTTTWOI giTlft KMUIOUI)?gIPl?M xwAIJfl ptrvet depes St I sad BwrsrletsadseS. SLj^trlnm of Whits and Oseltrs ssrwdSS: IFP' A. B^ma mat' ^ ** B?^ ?^aTf "S^Wht^ P^trnff stopptag st aU stattoes. |J?P- Mi-Wtittsssebrtdgs trsla. stopyto^ at wl^stM ~ AWlUJMJBtf ' _____ "Im tiatoY| Jts?it 1)1 It, MEN HA\BR 50 ^Ifth^ontv iwfdteal and bnftnesv rtstrvojanl tn Asse ia^-S-SSBr-? "s!4 ?s nrlr aal eotea [86 m swnntAXtT ?BADAVB LbBB OA* BB OO HAD LT 3D A sbonl love, marvtagv sad abmet frtsnts. Bbs tells all ihetvsam of n^^TblW^rt^ ay Ofned m seats; genU*www M eeata Bhe mtess spesfly marrtagea Brescs strw*, room 7, sesoad ww nrBLicvnoM. Gala bioht at tha fair, ortstal palaor. an!!!S b'OTf sixty Derfarmsee, This (Friday) eraJbg, <5dKir 38. ^^^m * " * ? re olitr(?. vrow rradt, i* THB ATLaNTIO MOBYHLF, rou HOTKUMKH. Opa?toi Jrirold; FlCgJuLiOMM YlsrruUne Moeeiot. Bsuto FUoeseoa. Bally Parson's Dai*. Tto Manchester BxUbtstou. The Roaaur Qlrt The Oharttol's Oumplahu. Days. Brahma. The Autocrat of the Hrcahftwt TaMe; fraor ffiaa hie own BoeweU. CI sloca. The out of Sri too tea. The Mourning Veil. Peudism, a Motern Reformer British India Akin by Marriage. The Origin of 1-Identic 1 - > Poetrr. The Financial Flurry. Bonnet. The Kiund Table, Literary Notice#. Muslo. Prion, twenty fire eeate a camber or three dolltra a rear. Babterlbers realtltef three dollars la advaaee to the pub Jeh era wUJreoelre the work for one year poet paid, la any pari of the United Swtee within stum miles. FHlLLira, SAMPSON A OO., Publishers, IS flil?r street, Boston. Thetoedete Wew Yorhsupplied by BOW A TOUUIt, and by DhXtiR A BROT1 OOPABTKUIHV ROVNW. $300. liuon ?? ^KWJvSK0*' *^nn WANTED TO INVKsT, WHIR I P6G00 CAN *1 JtJVV ta ? fe* "eeUte Security ample. Address Mechialc, this ray, box 638 Pint offiee. $800." -57 S,; tar.n -a paatt with this amount oak find hP-jVJVr. aa opportunly to r?a lea 13.500 per annum la a safe and permanent business by addressing A L, box 161 Herald office, statlag name, Ac Must residela l'hlladelohla. TO 66,000.?WANTBll, All ACTIVB BCBI sens man. with the shore amount to take the , r?tiring ea financier and aaleemaa. In an estai llshrd cash meuu'aeturlng business that pays a good profit; adts'reble buslneaa. and one that oan be extended to almost any extent ard particularly tilapled to these heard times Any one ran be oonrlneed by sdlremiog Reality. box 183 Hira'd officr, M. T. Ptlinelpaia alo e apply. $10 000 ~^*8B rA.KTifK& WANTND. IB A CASH business where forty per oeat oan be real ized snthoni fall on Investment Saoeees guaranteed Beet ?f referenoea giren and required Addreas Uash, Herald office. COPARTNBBSHIP NOTION-THB OOPABTNBB8HIP hrreotore existing between George W. Mo tready, Jr., and John Newell, under the name ana style of BoOreedy A hewsU. U this day dissolved by mutual eousent GROHGB W BoORXADT, Jm. New Tobk, OeL Id, Uff JOHN MBWBI.L. DISK :LUTION.-THB OO partnership hrrnto for- titstlig bet wren Bojsr A Graham baviig been mu tually dissolved cn ibe 26A day of OototerInst, the under n'gnrd b/gt lease to Inform hla friends and the pnilio at Urge that the baa'nrea of sign and o namrnta) psl tlag in all lie vtrirt re will be continued by th? aubacrtber at his new Lo ottlcn. No. 251 Green n!ch street, northeast comer of Rub la I on street. GILBERT GRAHAM (> e Ho-n A Graham). 060 W HOjKR U1LRIRT GRAHAM. P6BTNRR WANTRD-BITUIR BILE NT OR ACTlVS, in at o!d established tmpor Is?, j bbljr and family wine itore to la'sr the place of re lriag partner. the partner ship ai i lrlcg by ;iml>a lrii on Nor. 8 If active to take charge of the finaue tal d( parlmt ut. and moat be an ear rgetlc thorough bnrli ess mar, with unescspt'onabla re'erences Oapttal re uuirrd from 66 0(0 to 611,0110 iddrms, with name and re. -eirncra. Wine aerobant box 3,US I oat otlioe. TH* OOPARTMBRRH1P H1RXTOFORB BXI8TING UN der the name and style of v0rrell A Btmmona Is tuts dty dtaio'ved by mutual eoi seat. All debit due to said firm are requ'Hted to be oald tn, and all outs ending obli?atlias ve as auated by, Jehu H Morrell who alone Is au'korxed to situ to- nsme of the Arm in llouldetlon. J NO. II. MoRKel.L, New Iork, cot 37, in,' WN H. BiMdoNS. ft e undersigned will ornHnae as usual the rrli tlesale wine, 'tquor, tea. tobacco and a'e burtarae of the late Arm at the old ? land, orrner of Kooerrelt and Front streets, un er - he name of J odd 11 Morrell. J No. H MORRILL, haw Vosk, Oct ST. 1867. LOAM UnriCKA tl ?OOBFIDBBTIAL.?A PARTS WITH UBLUnYRP VJ ? means will make loans for short periods o.v stoeka of goods mcrehandisc. gold and all'er plate, diamonds, watches An, or will bay the tame. Oall at 170 Broadway, roam IB eon er of Maiden lane. Office hoars. 9 Ull A II TO 660.000 TO LOAM ON WATOHBB, DIAMONDS. ? Jewelry, scran dry goods, and all hinds of parsenal property, er bought mad smd forjeash - Mereharte wishing te lloaa out their satire stock, for cash aeooesssodaud on sbm )? TUOIIWuM OO. brokers and eommlaslun merchants. blJ N J* Ann street, corns No 1 and IX, seormd floarl W?EhTABLllHNn rONMIHBlON HOUSE?OABH AD . ranees msde at sight on diamonds waN-hea. inwelry, rtaros. fnrntture dry goods asd every other speetaaof m?r cb endue This comnu'slou houhr to well known as reliable and lespcntlble Private rcoma for laffire. . mAODUFF, 396 Brimdway corner of Walker s'raek SI nn ADTAMOBD AND UPWARDS?OB D1A l.vU monds, watches Jswelry. segarr.Nlsnoe, be Old gold and silver bought at 6W Broadway, eoraer of Prinee ?trnsL Room No A ORARK A OO , Commlmloa merchaato. $25,000 at eevsn per cent per annum, da produedva rani es ato In this city. Addtwm, with partioulara, box 1,091 Post office. TO LOAN-FROM 61 TO OB DIAMONDS, JEW dry, plate dry goods, Ac Large sums raady to adraaoe merchaato at ;be lowerl rates. Business confidential. Mort gagee token on goods to store. FH1L1.IP8 A OO . hJH Broad war. corner of Fallon street, oBive Mb. 8. ' * ptooda, waiches^w^y^ ^^* ??OBXT OK DlA w7mi C' ?*??dec< e nhe. JL 48 U.M ?"1 lateral eeeu Buildings, room lO.just^i^. * T"?" w HKBICAk $1 000 - l)r. HUNTER Bursa when the treat ment of ether physletane and all other remedies fall. Ills red I drop la your only re 11 to oe for s thorough curs In certain dheases Jfo 8 Dlvltlon strret. the oaly plaee now so well (or >hr very many sitraordtoary cu known tor >hs very many sitraordtoary cures It has perform ed, without diet or hiodraam from bustiism. when all otter remedies oaly drive the dtoease te Ue blood. 61 only. TkJe secures he psilent from secondary attacks, and Is the only reaedyen earth that does It. Try all otaers and see. Beware " " ~ ~ 'or bee I ' of a bandbUl elating 1> Hunter ess restored. It to e villain bus deception The mas that oounterfetto a gocd madlffina Is worse than a thief Medoal booka and adriee rratia BMW EDITION OF HUMAN FRAILTY, OM PHTR . tologleai Neseerehm It Is bsauUruUy llJnstrated and IrnmmBmmam of all dtoaaem of a deltoaH mature. It contains sop tone instrnrtions for the | evfset ismua Bob of ttoee who are prsvaoted by tmpodlmeuto from eutoetai Into the marriage Mate; and alee a professional dtoasrlaBon til nitrating the resulto of eh em teal taeto and examtnationa PVtoe ? ocnie Bent postpaid to any add rem Thin Invalan wor*^ mwall mthe Tneema^ frem O. P A KR<' w . B1). 157 i 5 ? HHHI 9m WOM New Ten. ^m A WATSON RAN FOB A LONG lUIffi OF TEAM oonfieed hie attention to eertaia dtoraeaa, tn whtah ha aaa ed no* ism than twenty thousand annas, wtthoni aa ta rn of failnra. The remedlm are mild, without Interrop to burin em or shear# of diet. Dr. Watooa li la eon (tana) idasee from 7 la tic mnrnlat na'll I al night, at its reri e. II (9AyAv?) Walker street, e few doers want of Brand ' ??*f*wyiWATNOB, M D . Formerly Nurgeoa to the Leek Hoepltol. r\A DUBOB TRBAT6 FMALN DOBPLAINTB BIOLU U Strel|. Relief guaraatoeA Lffiee 136 Waal Fifteenth k RALPH, AUTHOR OF TBI PRAiTTHJAL PRIVATE trwstae. Office 7M Broad war, earner at Tenth sWset re 9 Ull 1. end after I Is the erentnA ?Btofpriwatadiaanam The eea saJI <m htm wtm toeH Ohergee smdsmH ? DR. W tRD*i UHFORTUB ATRN FRIRBD 16 THi PLU6 ultra of medlflnee end bnt requtrss to he huoua to meet with ani renal arprobaitoa. and t? stamp Dr. Ward ?? the greatest bmneetor of the day Dr. Ward Having perftri knowledge of every stage or the dteeeee he either alfeeiates or euree la car day Ttmna who doubt should w" "ore them without charge Remember all ye who hare been Unstring for weeks and montha. that by BB OS Dr WARD y>? smy ta a few henn enjoy the r^uurm of Itfe and reel "that Rtahard to hlmmlf agsii." f'nfrrhujttea F lead, prise 61 Offiee M Uaaal streec third door rent of Bhosdwnv DR. WAfffiflF'g BMW WORX?"THB OAUNR AMD Cure.'*?A eompuie prsRloni tomttoe an premrinra ex keneu n, with loeal debility, ind. eed by early todtwwetkm, m reas of other eauem. Is which ibe namre and efiete at the tastdloue malady, togeUer with the IreatmenU are fully m plained, tUnrinOwd by uuassroea anatomical plains and aa emvtnaa, with a enpptotnent j# eexeal dtoranm Price 6L To he had of toe author, who may b? nouenlted eonfldeettally at 661 fifty five) Walker street, a few doors wet a* Brand way A-DR. A BIRNBTHT'B ORRAT RUROP"^" maty, highly recommend/.1 by the Faeuttr of Physj rfiafin, ts now tntrodnrtd In Amertea and all who s?r l tost dbtreeetng eomplslat, ibe piles shoaiil parcbaee aad thereby obtain a speed/Cure For Wto ai tbs WB J HABIBGTOB.Yo. Broadway. Price 60 ir bottle Ui;0*D?6 PRAOTIOR ?O. D. HAMMOND. M- D., P'J pll of RtqcmL of Pari*, who It the grit Mring surw-oa fee dleeeeee, As, wwe eeiaal syetem, and Drs oaraoahmi and Mo*i of this ftty, amy be conenltod Is English or French, per sncally or hr riNnr, ai hie offiee. No glfileeeker street, near Broadway, Dim 8 to 1, and from 6 to 8 la mo arm lag. >RD'N. IRLFRAU R. (1tV(ALl6. AOtON ?, OURL g's and the private h'tpRel praettoe of PhriS snd Idto* t Lr LaRBONT ea l<^me perenoe adlirtog with dto if its seinal system may not be aware of the few, he hie aedluto of infnrwini them bets toe oaly graduate city who to ereinslvely treadag and enrwi tianadla and whose aownrnl m with toe Wnropmr hoT"als ens m to adoot the town and mtlat radical treacm/nt, sur Oldest and most srrrre onem. at dj Bereer street, ow Spring. (mposBS toe Ml. Nicholas from lOA t h' ?? entng "? Poctoj's Medlealiffiriser asd Marrttga nrar'y hf J'P . loo ptBtorwlllostmU/ms to II. 5 girie adrrvtiseu mrdl-nm We mm mend Dr I" ? Inrmont to itotod-OemW < ttote Data, toaato zeittog. Day rs ?aura month tmm? ?ui nMk asw&rssi ^ 8 A?A.IrtL - H^ort. Wed?day. OA ? BCBOPA, LrtisM, ? B?ML Ww'aenday, Mov. >

PHR8U. Judkfi. - wToX. Vtfaadv, Mo*. u (IAMaRA. UtneT ?< BosV?7 Wed?lay, Wo*. U ARABIA, Atone, - ? Tort. Trtrtw Bo*. ? tsasssSs^ahyursSVS SUIT RBDUOTIOM OP PARI TO BOMOPB JStS^^ I::;::::;::::::::::;::::;:;::::;:::::::::: "8 In the Art class paddle wheel miwitp ARLBL. VO? um B. D Ludlow, wowmanrtsr wad MO STH STAB 1.KM t-ass, r R. Lefevra, nwnniler, to Mil from pier Wo. I Worth rtver, ai noon preoteely, aarrytng the GaMad mates malls, vM:? tun www tou ron ?OPIBABPTOB. KAVBB UTS BBBWWW M? OOVnilMT*O0 ?ssnsaw. ?otrratwrrow. ton www tor* Artel, Saturday, Oot 11 aniurtlay, Oct ?11 Bod y, Wo* * Worm Star on. Il | De. "or. S31 Do. Do* 1 These OnmitlH to oak at Havre. Bp eras d?a**rod In Urn don and Parts. Por passage or freight apply to D. TOW RAW OB, A (ent. Wo I Bowline OiwailllwVort. Fob livbbpool-thb owitbd btatbb mail steamship BALTIC, nonstock osmmander. will dnpart with the United Mtalea malls for Borope positively on Ba or day. Hovwaber 7, at It o'cloofe M.. from her berk at the foot of Canal street Por freight or passarn, harias m equalled accommodations for eleganoe ana ouatorL apply to BDWABb K. CULLIW8, Wo. M Wall Wreck Passengers will olsass bs on board at 11 o'clock a. M. AB letters must pass through the Post oMos, any others wdl bs rtltirncfl. Nones?The ?earners of this Una ham Improved water tie ht onsapart wests Wo expense baa been spared to make ton steamer* of this line In a l rc'peyta as good as new. The thorough entmlusiion klrea them proves their mode of eoafr?ctton rat unequalled. W. B ? Hereafter the regular built ships for this 11 as will perform the entire ssrrtos. FABB RBDUOBU TO BOOTH AMPTOW AMD HATBB. The rnsgmfl?t steamship TAWDBBBLLT. Bdwnrd ECU ?Ins eanamaadm. A WW >"*w will sail Prom. MBW VolK lor ^ | Prom SOOYHAMTTOB art BOOTH AMPTOW A HA PR* HATBB dor MBW TOR*. Saturday Ootid! Saturday. ..MotTu Ratnrday Dee. ? I Saturday Prloe of Panmgn?First cabin 3100; aeoond cabin. BIO. Bp* sis dellmrsd In tomtom and Auk Por frWghi or pssmps TSAoBHAMOR Agent, Wo. I Bowling Amen, Wew Tort. Letters Cur flbglaad and Rurope. prepaid, W senle eaeh half our. or (by eoolosura of poetaye stamps If froea other eMeal, will he received at Wo. ? Wwlfcg Oteen. Mew 1 art. op to UK o'clock an the moraine of sailing. Tor LiviRrooL. mbw tore amd philadrlthii Steamship nonpar y'sCByde bnllt Inn eerew strvneklrf 'ITT UP BaLIWKJBR, 1.367 tons. Captain B. Lellok. OiTT or WAhHlWOTOM. 1380 " Oaptms P. O. Petrte ..'ITT UP MAMUHBOTBE. 3.100 " Oaptaa J. Kennedy KAHUhROO. 1.K* " Oaplala Jelfrcv The underacted or other mnsais ere 'atewded to mil as to* low;? rmOM UT1ETOUL. Kasyano WednrtdAv, Oetobsr ! And every alternate Wednesday rnon wnw rou. KsLnjffcroo-.......... .YwnaajM And every alternatiThnnday. at 11 o'clock u?? Ratal o' cabin paaeare-Pra a Wew Toik a?4 PhSlnrtilchi* <71; irow Ltverv x?l. fT guineas. 17 gulu?*? and U vainv*. Mrovit. g to the aocommodattoo In the state rooms, all hartal :\e same Lrlrtleee la Ike satooa. Including steward ? foes Third class passengers--A limited somoer of Atrd slaw uss?en*ern wtfl be takrn and found In asmoah prnvUtoos a required. Prem Philadalphla and Msw Tort. OK; fro* ' TTrwe'?l?uner* are e nstroetod wits lmpT>redwiter Rgfe ?"aronenm. Baob rsesrt caniea an ewenanesdjirwn ever* attmUon paH to the comfort and eocom mortal we .v *~BT 1 rafls on Uverpool fross VI upwards, lor freight or passage apply at the oBes of the Compart JOrfK O. DA LB is Broadway. Mew Tors ag3; or WM. IB MAM. 1 and IS Tower Buddings Liverpool Agen> C1BOBKST A KO.'V UWM OP STB1MMR8 BBTWRMW / Wew fork, Ponihamptoa London and Bremen.?Owned by the Burrpenn and Amevloaa Steam Hhipplar Uompaoy of Lradon and Bocthasurtoo. are aoooloted to aail frum Hew Tork on every avrrt Wednesday tor London sad fire men. Vcwhltg at Bxathaiapton to land paasragert and malte for ?ami and Trance. They will remain one day ?t London and then crossed to Bremen. Rets ding they will leave Bre men for Mew York on every alternate Saturday, stop ring on y at Hnnib impton Theee sleemehlpe are of the tret dam and have superior acoomaard Uious for paaseaxera. They will lake almJta cumber of third clan i cr steer as* yaesensert. A tor ?roo altaebed to eaeh ahtp Tba rales of freight to London will be but lluJe higher taas those of eUilng ships. Rates of passage: Tint cable, W;ceoond cabla, 330; steerage, B3>X T.e steam ship JABOM will sail frum Wsw Tork en Baturday. Ooiobar St. at U o'clock Por freight or passage apply to U. U. Bawd, II tenth Wl llam strssi L'OB WOUTHAMPTpW AMD HATBB?THB TJMITBD JP Btates mall reamer ABAOO. D. Lines, oonamaadar, wttl Wave tar Havre, tounhtog at Bwnthamnton te land the smBs and laaeenfste, on Hatorday, Mo*. 14. at 1] o'sloek, Bran pier Mo. VI Marti rtver, toot at Hid .treat. man or rassAan. Plreteahto 3130 leaood eabto HI This ship has Bve water Ughi eomparttaento emromni ue engines, so Ihst la the event of oolUalon or stranding the water could not reaeh them, and the ptunpe batag free to work the safety of the vessel and passengers wraid be assured. Bag gage not wasted daring the ravage should bo sent oa board the day bafbre salting, marked "below." Per freight or penesgs apply to W. B. DBATTOM. agent. Bo. 7 Broadway. STBAM FOB LOWIIOM. BBBMBB AMD HATBB, TIA Bon hamploa.?Ike magnificent steamship JABOM, Papl. Brttt"c, will sail for the above ports on Baturday, Oct. SLat in* n fraes pier 37 North r'ver. Pare?Plr.t aabla, IB), second cabin, 3B0: steerage, 33U. Including pronstoas. Pas sage to Havre Ui Apply to WILLI ?MB A OUIOM. 30 Pnl km street, or on board the steamer. NonoB-TAPBoorrt liwi op lttbbpjol paoi ea? Packet of Mov. 4 ?Th. Caleb rated clipper skip BM BBALD IBLK Capt Cornish, will tall as above Tor pas sage la cabin, second aabla and steerage (whisk will be lakes at a low rate J apply oe board. pl>r M Beet rtvar, -r to TaTBOoTT A CO.. 36 douth street. rRLIVtRPOUL-BULB POHITIVBLT THIB DAT ? lbs faverte pschvl ship DK WITT CLIWTOW. 1.U00 lone, Puak, mas er, sow In the st -earn beinc dntalard oa sc count cf th? wraibrr, w?U positively sail as stove. Botn tor a few m re passengers Apply to WILLIAMS a OUIOW, 40 Pultos sirrm. FOB LITBBPOOL.?BAILB THIB DAT?THB CMLK braird o-tpper ship COWATAWTI SB. from ptsr 3" Bast rtrsr, ellpprr ship Mary BradbrA for Ujdon. sails Wov 2 Peered rabls sod steersgc passengers fWnd la provisos*; raasengrrs hronsbt on! rrm Iielaador Brg'and. Apply lo I Tt OB O ROi'lfW, M booth strart FB UVBBPCOL-DBBAOMOOOHT LIHB-THS Of Irbn Ud rllpper ship OlfT Of 3BW VOBK, lb? fastest tb'p afloat, bavtsg been deayed oe scoouatofthe weather, will poel lvely sail on Saturday, Stat Inst. Vor passage, bar lag us vjual sd aaoommulatl ui fcr all clatae* >r namrngern. apply on board, pier 6 Worth rtrsr, or lo f. M. DHMARnBT, N H->nih street, Fob oalitohwia.?umitbd btatbb mail limb via Panama Ballroad -Tbe Unllrd plates Ball Rleamshlp 'Vimpany will desnatsh 'or Asp In rail en Thursday, Wuvem her 6 at two o^l iek P. M prestasty. from pier foot of Warren sir ret. Worth rtver UM well known and fast steamship WCRTUKBW LIUBT, CapL B. L Tlnkiepangh Passenrers ard mails wlli be forwarded by Panama Ballroad and soonest at Panama with the Pacific Mall Bteam hiu Company's maanl Bees' ?teams hip OOLDBW A*1 J T. Wahlni, sommander, which will be la rradlo'ss and leave tmmedla'elv for Has P madron Tbs publls are Inf wmed that the Pacific Mall Mieamahlo Opmpacy always hare one or more extra steamer* detentloe .IB at rriiTWi "fVp ?{iUr,'jrSLi,',!?r0J! ?*i *^u_Z*p*?a iwwn oler loot of Warren mreet, horta rtver. the art rth"3'i2Brt" will be ?^?Srtrtrt^aa>lnJ[for fretght or passage. a? MO. in West *111 o* ? Offer* for the latter povt_ J. U OBltaLLOB. W Bm r| HATABA AMD MOBILB. The United HLtes mall stsimshl) UUAKBB OITT, B. W. BHPraiMt, "rwmssSst WU1 leave far toe above p-wto oe Wainrday, Moremberf. from her pier 41 Bos A rlvsr. (Oct of Bprteg street, al li o'sloek noon pre'gbt tar Wew CMeart taken and fbrwarded from Mobile free o' com sort I *a. Lompasy s bi le of lading can be proeved at the oMee of the asm is Mo others signed rssksgi I raertved at the odlne natu 19H o'sl'ek. and bills of lading stated up to the hour of sailing Pot freight or pa?fs. npplv to POBT, BM7TH A CO.. Agmta. 43 Barling BUp earner Routs street. IiOB HATAMA AMD WBW OBLBAMB.?TUB CNITBD 1 tonas snail eta?ship UAH A WB a, J. D. Bnl.sto. a? mander. Will eemmenee rrc-ivmg frvtght n* Boe ay, Mov, 9. aad sail for the above porta on Tknrwiay, Mov 12, at It o'clock PT?sel*. from pier foot of Bobtraie street, no. A river, for freight or passage tpply te Ae agents Ltviwnrtow cBuuBBBOM a o> is Part p'am. ehlmkklWItABD, ltsaha!eommulm^? ? etBB rora^ ismaandt: ons for saloon i>-mangers, and astm acenwimodaUnna In poop cabin o? deck fo* I seonod rabln paaseeger*. will be deepawhed for Melbourne directs prompuy on has avpotnicd day fx fre'chl or paeeags apririm board, . er 10 Bast river, w lo M AII.lhR, LOB I^IBBAU^ WWJ3 all ^Street; or tstOOODBTB, ABBBLl A A OHTBALLA PIOWBBB LIWB, BBTABLIBKBD MB? IL Parr ring the United BtoSes mafls, ?Bag positively an Ike day airerw?. Pram pier LA Bm t rtver. /ORB LAMekjREtoMlregtmer, LMfckA, JL M* Hf tsnsrt An tomma and will nave laaradiate dsepaeto tor Heibftma. This am,, has a tang poon sab's and ammnmMort stamroo? wktoh will sBord swvsrtw s me mm" til? tor ' ,MeVe* | a ''8TBAL1A W rtOWBBR LIMB BSTABLUHBD ML J sL Carrying A# U. B malls. | The saw and splendid A 1 eticrer ?htp. r ABBBBAL UUBfllWfJ. fir ton* register, Benjamin P. 1'ov. nvrnuader will have Immediate deepateh fur fydsey direct . has superior nr. nmscMailona frr 11 ? flr?1 nab - ( amercer* aad o ler* a linos' favorable opportunity 'ur shippers. Per fretgkt ?v passage, aeplt to k w oabrron wr 3 Mowing fcsn. rR dAVAWnai' AWI? riiUBJl'J THB BTBAWlir I ? aUBUWTA, (Mm M. B womtonfl, will leart on Aatnr i TTT Qm.iL at I e'e ueh P.M. from pier Bo. 4 Berth rtve*. I aCvmtt ;.t." r~% I u^w^tMrtew^Ort^irtrtRaw Ca?*rtii4ied mm of the urn m?, mi imih trwotAOLM u> runm bo; wttohI?w6?i mdamad *?orr Mi rerj IMN, wttd MM* Mah iBJM Crmenmaa,^ tllaWoaa, ntolt m4 floecl- Splendor, sompoeed In Fourteen Tableaux, ul terminating wMB fteartlettetriumph wnHWed ihe ?on on raw m*rrr rAOum: MM BOWU or BSAUYY. wftM IB aflewwd br nB Who bin witMHM H to M BiBy mpm to im inadnl upwtomi erer e*r nip toll to mn to en Ire hi lie world. Tble magnl local prodaatton, MM to WefoR ill iinglB of tie eomi>wr, Ineiodteg the WOM)?B UL RA YMLB ltd nearly ?? hundred poAnwn, of tor drw ml?i. vll br S resented, with ? oomle pukxtoM, WfWrj arttWam. Med. fend Ulna, there rill tow bojrlrot a afturo Bxujrr by the oeiebreted Oninm. WUirOBIMA BOLLA, whose acknowledged beaai/, |race had tnldni hwro MM Ihi UlM Of (nntlMU ADMU4TKW. room opou ?'?,*{ to conaffom to 7* e'otoak Ticket* BO oeniB; upper boxen tcntranoe In iVoob* to.) II Sta mr ALLAC** TBBiTBB. To * (oar Oct 3D tUU ORBATRnT BILL OF TUB SBdROM Mr Bourclcauh ? ail >rrb adepltUoa, THB IMYUUBLR H08Bdl*? la oosjuaetloa with P anobr ? treat drama PABI AMD FRBBBMy. **W ?a**BBT. KBW C(MTUMX! 1*0 JPLWDID TlBT! In both piece*. ?very nrtlat In tbo the*WW will appear. Laura ebknr'B tmbitrb, ml bboadwsY, above HodbIoo atreet - ad old Coatedj and a new Faroe. Pamir Rrnmaa Dot. Jl, 1847, k iow farce dr. t lime In thla country, called ? Y BUB DIAMA teaan. Jrlfereon. Burnett, Peter* and Mteaea Kerne and Jar rcraon In the ra*peeure obaraater*. 8HB BTOO'B TO OOMQUBK Young Harlow Jordan I Ma* Hardoaa la. .Mies Keana Tony Lumpkin J.Hereon ttta* Rente. .HiiThompson tout inmpiin J? Hereon | Mite Serine Xlsr Thorn peon Hsrdcaatle .. Burnett | Br*. Hard re* 0*.. .Ilia* Well* Hill be piodnntd at aa early dav 'he trend epaataaalar drama, THR 8* A OP IOB; or. The Tblrto for Held Door* open to IK; to Bfitotoaaaa to 7th preoliely. A CADRMY OP MUBIO. A OP KB IBB OP THB WIBTKB BMABOW?MOKDAY, MOYBBBBKl iimiAiii. *o thb rvauo. The Dlreotora, grateful for the patronage by whlatthay were enabled to tcraalaata their preparatory atilnaanal aeaw* wbh auooera, notwithstanding the general eifeet of the flnau claj crlrlf, are eocjtiragel to bellrre that their arrangement* for the winter era eon alll be appreotaied by the oomeaonlty ?nd do i ot doubt that the array of dlrtlngnlxhed artlai* ea C tgrd. the new operaa that will be preeeated and the manner la wblah 'hey win be prod need, will aeeore to them the hearty oo oetrnikm of all lorera ot the lrrlj art Ihny lain plcte .re U> tubmliUng aUat of thaartlata wha will aa* he lb (ft appear an se, whloh It will be aeen oonaprtam ?Ab ORBATBtT ORLIBRITIR8 OF THB DAY. mum do!<*b MLLR FRI7.ZOL1M. MAD. DB LA ORAMWR M1AK. OiIXOLl, MU.R. Mil.MR. (3er A at appearance.) (Her flrat appearacoe.) rt.m oo.TTBto.Tt. MAD D'AFOBI. MAD. STRAXOBOH. (Her Srat appearanoe ) rHiMi tuoai. BIO. BIUMABBI, BIO. LABOOBTTA (Lite Ore; appearance ) MR BAP KMT PCRR1NO. (hU On t appearand* ) rniai eaaiToai Bid OAB8IBB, BIO. ARDAYAMT, (HI* flrr. appearanoe.) rami eaasi CARL FORMS, 811. FORriMI (Hi? (Met eppearanM i (171* Or* appearenoa i raiao nurro FIwRoR ROUOO. Ooodictof OARL AifBOHTTK A COMPLbTR H tbLIf, whl< h will appear In e'Teral Brand ( perae. )i> glancing to tbla llei l will be obeerrad that not only IB* raual rcportotrr, bat like alee all Ih* naa* *r worle of M aan add Mcjcrbeer, a ill br (Iren with a perfect ensemble, a* area the Irm tvpor nat pana will be ertruated to artlata of oadribt a) mrrlt ' ) o oorhlaeton It I* renpeetfally ancianoed that la boos* qatnoe of Deenrmemrixof OtRli F03MRP. whs In addltl n to bla being co. tidered tha gratoeat Utoai lyric ard drema'tc baaao. eaieye the well merited rapnialtoa ot bring naapproaohabie at aa ? XPOHRMT OF 8AORgD WT)8ia ?rrrrto [ rand Ortoorioa of Handel, Haydn aad Mendalatohn biaiading Ibe II IJaR, tha RRP8IAH. the URJhTlOK. and IRA80M8. will be g}ttn la r*pld auccenelon by the rmrcirto abtitib or tub acapbwt, Vlaa ARMIR MILMBR and Mr PRRRiMd, who bar* been arpraaalf ergaged aa the prUtopal eoprano end Is nor for Dm fraud oratorlca, and fw whloh their tatonM ? nd riperlance ualnger* ot aacred motoo admirably qaadAw tium. Opening night. Monday. Boraaabar X Flrnt eppcaraa ie to opera or Mt'lAMl D*ARtJRI, Flrat ootiralto from her Majaatr'a ibeatra, IoaJoa. and MIUMOB FORTIML Pilmo baaao from Oot eel (tardea Theatre, Lomdon. Oa tbla ceeealrn will be pfeafnted for the flrat Uaaa to thraa year* Uoaelto'a chef d'out re in two aato, HXMlaaMIS. wl b Ma maaclfl eat teen> ry and d ? and a 'ion b e orehaatra military t _ _ liary band, and lb* toliowiag aa prneadented oaat ? Brmtramla Mad. da Lagnaga J raane Mad DiAngri Aaauro HI* Oamlee Idreao Big T abaaatto Oioa tog Porttn) Conductor Carl 4nann'ill In aanonadng MADAMB D'AMOBI to her renowned part cf Araaee. tha direetorm, thongb aware er the great eonoeaa obtained bv h'r in Mr Tbalberg'at oerla during the laat eeaaon, oail parllou ar etteallon to flrat appeeraaoa on the etage. aad aa one of the gretoeet r* preienmiiTea of thoa* great ooatralio part* for whlah RoaMaJ ha* v. rltum hit meat ee ebratad optraa. Drora open to 7'{. to ooatatew *t A leoord drrlt BOrt iTihlilmn frtvtoe boiea from 88 to BIO Free tut aa'lreir anepeadad' WniloA?The eal* of aea'e tor ' Bamlramte" will oommaeat on Friday to the naadamy. O. Rreaatag** and Hail A Soma On Waovuptr, Hova*ea* A Find appaarana* la Amariaa of FIUNOB BK1MABDI, Flnt tenor from the great Opera la Floraes* expreaaly an gage* ror the lew York Academy of Mnato Flrat time thaaa thraa year* of Verdi'* RIAOLRTTO, with new iceaery and draaaan, torn ea aad ahoru and arehaa Ira. and mltia-y ben A flrtl appeaianoe la America, aa (inda. of M'LLB BkMliriB FRRZZOI.Tin The aal* of attoa for "Rigoletto" wiu oommaoo* on Tarn day. RoTBtohar A BABRUM'B AMRR10AR MDSBUM -DARINO AR1RR aloe on a Wbe?L The indlcrou* paotomlmto eitrara Sinia, THB OOBLIN OF THE WOOD. Tha Welsh Right gal*. The peerlra* Aqoaila or Crretto Marina Oan1?na Filf *t arming at 7H o'eiock, Ike Weleh highUngal# la THR l.hbY'B URIAH. Toaonalndn with THR UOHLlll OF THR WOOD, by tha Carlo Family, afternoon to I, daring Aaara eloa on a Wheel aad feeta of fltilb 1 tr by the Carlo Family. Freriona to which the Welch nighUaghla. AJaalttanoa M arntti ehlldrea aider ten. 18e*ata. HRYART'8 RIRYTRRLR. jD MeahanliW HaX. 471 Broadway, abora Wntnd WML omn wmar araran aaaia* ma wman. Mora Tel eat. Maw Noreitlaa. Mreat iiaaaMan Mr. W. FRROIYAL, the FaTortL* Hailed Htagar. FRANK MORA*, the escalator iiaaj'det ORO. 8. FoWLRR, tha farorlA VoaalM, will appear arerr arming, la eoonecttoa with the lalmltohla Rialopiaa eo> rdtona, JRRRT HRTMIT RBTL BETAJTT and DAM HRTAJTY, and ibelf aeaaowladged RZORLRIOR TROCFR, In a new *a rttoy M aoage, laamn. aajtoga, onrVmanaa, aaanaa, aomtoaR U0i Jul im tit ROURTRRABKI' RUR1.R8QUR. Intmdnalag Jerry. Fall aad Den Rryaat la new fast area, AA Door* open to lie, enmrneee* afT Mo'ntoah. TWham 88 aanW TKFIO, an BROADWAY, OFFOR1TR TRB paRtaa Hotel. rBBMDRBOAMr* HIMVTBBLA, i era? y erenlng daring tha 0^1 open arm y e*i Triumphant aneneaa of n PRiaDHOAtri MIMWTBBLB, caireraally admlttod to be the moal h< morco* aad iBtoMlf aompaay la tha world BMTIBB BBW FRATUBBB. BaautlfnJ ballads by f. H. rrandiwgaae Mew banjo aotoa by J. H. Bniworto, Ooaaic doubla dance* br T. Morton and Bade SMB. Bthloptaa aaaantrleittea by O. While. Ooaaatolaa aad malopbenr aoioa BoHhara denw. YMgtoas breahdnwee bnrlman* aqnlb*. John*, atortoe Aa., to saw tela with a langbabfe aad ortotoal aagra tore*, aaintodtot ^KIMOOF ULUBB. _ Jake a mtoatoaTon# boy.C WTbMa I r**e........ J.H. ? (j ALA RMIHT AT THB FAIR, CRTWTAL PALAOB. Otaad annaarl by or er ilr; perflwmera. Thla (Friday) amnlag. Ottober to. W* win ahnrye BIBIBfTIOM OF PAIMTIMOW RT ARTIRTR OF THR FBRMOh BOHOOL, or opaa to toa tod ART UBIOB R(X>M1>. *V> nahlwha .1 A. Mtolr. M.. and aranlna* from7 to Ido'moak. Ad 81 MMBi iililig aa Ulj aaata. aeaaon itoRato ? B. FRODBBAM. RlHMtoJ'. YJ1MF1BB HALL, 888 BBOADWAY. Ill Rrary erasing to 8 o'ainah, aad Wadaaaday and BMW day aftrrnoana to lo'tootoj^ ABOTIO TUIA8BI, maaniaeenUy Uiaatrtoad by n Oread Rmtoa of Ptonttaje a** raying the . ?cai tan rat Arm Onajrawra ot tu rOLAR RBOIOMR from abatotea fnmlahed by IB* lata Dr. tea* and ilRawa to tacBnf to the eipadHton. Dr. Knna'a anlabratod dag RTAJR ih* onl? acrrirar *f more thee tub need daring ihaw Kumar lag*; Dr RanaM Arc*la Draaaae. Dr Kaator kayah. nfle, rev tar rf the Madge FaMh. Paneoefe Flag, and toharlaiaraaOa* IKLIM MUBBUM. \V OBdMD RTRBMT. T,RRH??tV WTIaJAMR ro'W-U^. Twanry ear aoaHirMy wr I 'iSVbbmoob AMD BYBBnMW. A MBRIOAM RXHIFITIOM OF FRITIRH ART. A la now Tpea In the Hew Uallrwtoa ^ >_%'Vmal A^ deeay of iDftog*. WJ i1?* 9^? .*1?8>L ? JW* from T A. M. to f P Mm and frcto T to Id F, M. ddmlmdan ? ermla llmi)a Iteheaa 8B*an?B. Niiunao, Hluci BALL URR-FOR tJYBRPOOtr-airito THIH day al II o'aloeh ihe altpper paahet ah p H ARTB8T qCMBM. Can take m<>r* eerond cnbfa and atewraae paaaan ger* aa applMatton to JACOB WILR0M, 108 Rovto elreee CB LIVRRPOOL.?BABBL A OORTT8 LIMB-THR rllrpar ehl# R. RORtMROB, Out ItMm. plar to rlrer, on lie 8la> of OatoMr. A* A. t Oapi (trees, plrr It Rant rlrer. oa the MB of Rorwmbar For t>anmge apply oa board or to RABBI. A OOBT1R m Rroad way. rB MOBFOLK AMR RIOHM( toe tea man ear amebic JAMBRTO Ira re oa Falnrday 81a* toaC. " agR rtrar. Eh* wtll intra *eo to Rtabmoad oe Moeder mom lag rwnim -nr ?onth will pro need llreeUy on by A* grant tenthera ? Trartolera wttllln llhla lha nheageto. plr*?aato*l y ? Cya'blo 71m Ha-ha rik JUtr 1 mn/l M'w E rvronrer | xu? '.<r. Bans *."? Edtty K B"ao2Vw4f treat*. ? ? A. BamkaJI S.-v Cra-v , r ? '; ' '?T H *?a Mw Coorm 3 ten 4i 'o-k; ""'.a * h M f POWBRWlll. ?* t*a?(TiO* Fourth weofc of u? "road Bw ".*?? .fa"* '""tot. Frtfft? Xj& U Wll# t>* ? rr??w *** am ?JW vtuofe, bf wi%\ the rew *?4!l*. 'nutted It. k.Ull H.NO m PBBk." (?.? (lead.' uu P.wW i B<.p|or|r<1 hf Vat entire*trwikth of thlk f4*"?u frown under thl *r<L?ili>t? ktperrMou or My jor D. A vui tod itfnOr U UtarhrtU 40 urtttoal Mid elutoal aoraltt li la aeUr* pnyw4< a DOW 1ST TUBATBI JO IjNMI Mid lui|? JU IMB boars aad panuotta M omm PB a a**w ft I MAT K-i.itr op* W. BerNa! of 144 UOWIU CP THB FaBBpT. (MVmr*/ I XUl Nwh Low 14' C..BTL.I HPoiTill Karl Otmoad. .....Mr B Baay Apf KIWI IB THE DATE DUITOR'I FEW TbBaTHR R?(UDWiI. MJ UlbM OUHHMAE >? SOII j For t>-4 1441 I|IB? Tkli HtbJy aareew'ul performance eanas'. k? r*paa<adL M vartons nero'tlea or* to rebmrahl Frday-'a trataot, from the oritln*. i?r bur bo t?u jUi wr Romeo Mi?s < uitmu; Juliet. M oa t una Dento. Morontlo. Mr. 0. n?h>r; Hitrae. ?n H'-Xhaa. WiU th4 fhroeaf _ Mr wirm dbntibt. To worrow. Hatorday-Nlaa Ouahman wi" appear u Mat Merrill w la dUT M. NRBKIWtt; or The Olpoy't Pr <p4aw. A new dram* la In rahenawl. la whtoh Mlop Onto mom wOl guitila two akarnctaro WOOD'S BUILDINGS. 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