Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7734. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. IEW YORK STATE ELECTI09. 6REAT DEMOCRATIC VICTORY IN THIS CITY. DEHOCRATIC MAJORITY OVER ALL I&.000. EVERY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE ELECTED. Semi-official Vote for Secretary of State in the City. sins or the candidates elected. THE STATE IN DOUBT. MDGE DENK) RUNS EVEN WITH HIS TICKET. Probable Caving- in of the Know Nothing*. OBSAT FAIXI1TG OFF Of THE VOTE. Lbt ef 8fut?n and Hcmbcrc of Assembly Chosen as far aa Imvb. ORDER, <tMETRESS AND SOBRIETY, JcCip &C'i Ac. Subjoined will be round all the returns of tbe election in tbts State made out from the report* received up to Ave o'clock this morning. They arc placed in as comprehensive a form as it is possible to do so, and will show pretty clearly the turn which the vote has taken. It will be seen that the demo eratic star is again in the ascendant in New York, and will appear brighter and brighter still aa the full vnto Khali beoowte more clearly developed. If the returns from all parti of the State thow the tame rrptMicyn lattet and demo eratic paint as are indicated in our tablet , the democratic State ticket it elected. The number of veto* polled is small compared with ttial of 1856, when the three great champions of the dif ferent organisations were in the Held; bat that fact was ftally anticipated , as such is invariably the case after a Presidential eiectton. The vote which we give for Secretary of State, in this t-.Hy, will vary but very little from the official canvas*, and may be relied upon for its accuracy. Wo also give the ?ames of the candidates who havo been chosen in this City, and a list of the State Senators and Assemblymen elected , as far as heard from. It will probably tako a day or two to complele the list. SCENES AT THE POLLING PLACES. KIK.HT WARD. Never was such a day as yesterday recorded in tbe po ldjcal history of this rather excitable, belligerent and pu gilistic district. Whether this wax owing to the financial crisis or to the fact that the democracy were both united and harmonious, it would be difficult to say, but probably tbe peaceful character of the election was attribatablo to both causes. There were some angry discussions at one of the lolls, and two of the disputants so far forgot tbe freedom of speech in the heat of debate as to enforce their arguments in a way that the law neither sanctions nor allows. How ever, i?* it wns not considered a case for official inter ference, the polico merely separated them when the dincussion waxed too warm , though not before they had inflicled some damage upon each other At on? of the polls aii Inspector refused to allow the arrest of a man wbo w?" accused of illegal voting, nnd an etpolicemun was rather severely handled by mnw pugdHlxs imli ?tdoal who happened to differ froin him in opinion. With tbe exception of these cases, there ?i< nothing U> enliven the election, which, ui the expressive language of one o tbe ticket holders, was a rutin r stupid aflair. FOt'KTII WAHI>. Yesterday was one of the quicU't-l election >lay< ever known m tb m ward. although the law requiring the liquor dealers to closc their Bloro* was almwt entirely dure garde I. Here and there a porter house bail the abutter* ?p, but the door w?* open, ami business wan done at lb* bar ax usual. The Fourth is one of the lighting wards. b?t the entire absence of internet ui thix election pro Tented nuy thin# of the kind yeMerday. The fart also, that the democrat* were having it all their own way throughout the city, tended to tnake matters quiet. Theop pontlion felt nodk-|xixiUontohirecanv4x*rr* or spend money for eh-etlonoerinii purposes. and Ui? denex ratx Ix'int w awed of \ it lory . aUorofui-ed to Meed, and a* a consequence the boys fell a touch of the hard lino ?*. They conxoled themxelvex. bowc\ it. Willi the pr?*pt>ct of another dec U.t. iu Deic tnher. when perhaps mor<*u>torr?l would be tell ill the clkos <? of Mayor. At the Cloxe of tho |xillx there wax some skirmlebiug in Cherry street, and scvtiral ?>f tke rxitor* wore arrmlid. t?pUiu Wailing wax mi tiring in his efforts to keep the pejue of hi* ward. The i law in relntion to ticket stands lining erected at som? din UDI e trinu the |xilla wax very generally obxurved. There wax but one arrwt for attempted illegal voting in tbix ward. The name of the party wug {John IkLaugbwood. lie was lotlu'd up for cxuiniiuition. TIIK BLOODT PIXTH. The election in thla ward yenterday po**cd off with mnrh quiet and irood feeling. In comparison to which it ha* for many year* heretofore. Hut few light* traaaplrrd throughout the day, which were conHned'to three dtatrwta, and were xoon ?uppn sxed by the polwe and ntiveos Tlie voting wax much lighter than Ia?t fall, and wax , In the main, conducted with much order aftd de toruiu Immediately after the cloning of the polls, moat c* the paitiex who bad been hard at work election, -erttig for their respective candidate* throughout thr day, very good naturcdly raUrvl to their respective headquarter" , and there prepari'd bonfire* of tar barrel*. fcc., whi< h lb?-y amused lhem?ol vex in burn iig during the fore part c>t the evening, and from time to time cheering thnr re apective candidate* ax the rc*ult.< of the canv i* were an Bounced. The utmost good feeling xeetnod to xxist OO all aide*. The following In an account of each of the re xpectlve rtistm ts separately ? In the First distrii t ther ? were forty three vntcu polio, I. all told? two American, ten republican, thirty one demo cratle. The porter xlio)* of the diptrii t were' with oue or two exceptions, closed throughout the day -hence, every Uiing panned oft perfectly quiet. In the Second dixtrn t there were three hundred and lu venty three vote* polled Barn*. in of the place, and mxny Of the p. trier hou*c? of the dNtrict were open dortng the day I'p t?? about half px?t three o'clock evry thing had p-tssed off perfectly quiet m the <tw=tr t About that time, however a row. which at th? time pronn?-d to be very serious, took pla< ?? in the en- cry rind Iiumt -tore rt W o Murphy eorner of park "treet xnd Mi--Jon p'ac? which rexulted ax follows - Michael MeOqvan, \ letter iafTW wan silling i!! the "u>rt In cxtlT^Mtinn with Mr Murphy, wh-n a party. mM to belong to the uncalled TVttd Rabbit flnh, Ix X.ild to have . ome In arid, n? l? alleged, without any provocation attack e?i him ax he wa? ?itting on ? barrel A general melee then xmued. in which Mr Me I* van. Mr Murpliy. and one of th? party who had ap|>arentlv come in with the axxaulting tvirtx , xidex againxt the n<xailxnU during whx h th? thro? Trere very frxighly handled. Mr Murphy wxx hit on th#? left lempie with a heavy iron weight and xewrely cut on the back of 'he head with a "lung xhot, mnxing a doen wound Tbe pol .e.two in nnmber. were ?<->n <xi hxn?l, ni,, I worked liar I to quell the riot but to no avail, ax the Od'U were gre itly ag;iui?l tliem One of the pxrty I ?(> -I iiiwin the Coi. liter n.d drawun and |?>>i.t.n, nrow.'m .t Uie two officer* declared thai he w-ui.t i.|o, tie (|.-i man'* brnin* out wl?t> ?Wempt'?t l?' mlerfer. ih th -n Tl?i^' r tmo t? I* ? tn double quick time The ne* <? "i th# row "ureal with rapidity to th? Killh. Sixth and Sei "ud ?' -trl. t |?'Hmg places, and *ih.ii dr<>w together a crowd of -everal thou *and lierxonx, many of whom were rexd) and anx'ona for a row HimnlUneoualjr with the xrrivxl of the rfn d rame Other poltce Sid . who' with the otflecr* who had been driven from Hie place, re-entered and xpeedlljr cloared I It of the rrewd . and closed the di*>rx , Which up to thxt [ time had been kept wide open The crowd then xlowly dixjiersed in large nquad-* in varioti* direction* to the xe reral di?trietx of the w ard, a larpe number of them Hl.ipping on the eorner of Hnxler and Worth street", and ftftcr vurkaix riotoux demonstration-, Or ? I off two or three pixtota. winch had previously been eoqxpicuouxlr displayed by *n*ne of the ringl<*a<lorx In the Third district xeveral of the principal porter botisex In the vicinity were closed throughout mn?t of the day Very Httle excitement Total number of vntc< polled, 1*1 In the Fourth district there was but little exeltement, and one small row. which took place in tlie shape of a alipht skirmi?h between two vtning men In front of the ?WMla, about four o'clock Tbe (Xirliex were, bowesor. *.?>n s^xirnbHt by the police, with exit any severe injury being mstxlned by either I'orter hwixm in the vicinity verv generally open Whole number of vot<? polled. 871. In itoe FtfMi d*ri? t everything i<w-l off very quietly. Whole immlier of vote? 2(17 Tbe Sixth dlvtnct. whkb In Id tbe wry midst of the to. called Dead Rabbit locality? the poll* being held at No. 12 Mulberry street? was somewhat noisy through out the day. There wax a large number of the club at the polls throughout the day, all united In sentiment and in political feeling, although working for each of tho three parties side and Hide ? a large number of them going in for the republican ticket, and thereby creating much excite ment and sport for the outsiders, although, with one or two exceptions, everything passed off with tho utmost good feeling. All of the liquor stores in tho vicinity were in full blast, and all who desired had ample opportunity to indulge afforded them, by which moans most of the crowd were made particularly happy before i the polls closed. Contrary to tho general expectation*, however, instead of opposing the police, most of the club, headed by John Dunn, their leader, were strenuous in their efforts throughout the day in maintaining poacc. llad it not been for uie perservering efforts of Mr. Dunu no doubt a serious outbreak would have taken place on seve ral occasions throughout the day ; as it wa? , however, the lighting was confined to a slight skirmish be tween two or three parties early in the morning, which was soon ended by the police and Dunn, and an assault on Neil Duffy , an ex -police men of | the Fourth ward, who had ventured into tho polls during [ the latter part of the afternoon. Mr. Duffy being known as identified with Uie Fourth ward party, between which and the Dead Rabbits of the Sixth ward there appears to be a deadly feud existing, had no sooner entered the dis trict before he was recognized and watched , and assaulted as soon as a favorable opportunity offered. He was pretty severely handled for a minute or two, but soon released and escorted out of the ward by Sergeant Joseph SouJer, of th<? Sixth ward, and Mr. Dunn and his followers. John MKlinms, identified with the Bowery Boys, bo twivn whom and the Dead Rabbits there is also a deadly fend exiting, ventured into this district for the purpose of depositing his vote just before the polls closed. lie was narrowly watched, but not interfered with until after ho had deposited his vote und turned the corner of Chatham and Mulberry streets, out of eight of the officers, when a number of the Dead Rabbits immediately gave chase and run him as far as Chatham square, without, however, assaulting him. Tho total number of vote* polled in this district was 319. In the Seventh district everything was very quiet; li quor stores of tho district mostly cloned. Whole number of votes polled , 220. At the Kighth district, which was the principal rallying point for the Bowery boys, every thing passed off very quietly. It had boeu rumored during the after part of tho day, that the Dead Rabbits were making preparations to Come up in the evening and attack them. Accordingly, preparations were made to give them a warm reception. Twenty five muskets were prepared and stored in a room near by the polls, ready at a moment's warning, in addi tion to a loaded cannon, which was placed in the Bowery near the corner of Canal Btreet. These instruments of death, however, were not brought into use, as. so far from making any attack, the Dead Rabbits were striving their utmost to prevent any .serious outbreaks in the ward. To tal number of votes poltad, 367. Hut few ehsiller.ges were made during the day, those that were made for the most part being withdrawn before the final oath was administered to the challenging party. The total number of persons arrested and taken to the station l*n?r were four, as follows: ? John McLoaghlin, for attempting to vote illegally at the Sixth district; locked up in the station house. John Boyle, for voting illegally at the Fifth district. Mr. Boyle swore that he resided at No. 8 Mulberry street, which, it seemed, proved on investigation to be false. He was locked up. James Barr and James Kennedy were taken to the Sixth word statiou house by officers from the Fourth ward, charged with attempting to vote illegally at the polls of that ward. They were lockod up. SEVENTH WAJU). At all the polling places in this ward, except 73 Market street, the most perfect order prevailed during tho day. With the exception of tho officials, there were but few of the friends of the candidates about, and the closing of all the groggeries and groceries made it appear more like Sunday than election day. At the polling place in Market street there was a row, and a few cut heads. A number of rowdies from another part of the ward came to this place, and one of them, named Prendergast. struck Ser pennt Sparks with a slung shot, and officer Prendergast also received a severe cut on the head from a club, be sides bavmg bis thumb bit. After the officers had their wounds dressed they were ah le to go on duty. A little boy was stnnned by the tumbling of one of the republi can boxes in Henry street on him. He * as earned to a drug store convenient, where on application of smelling sal to he soon recovered. EIGHTH WARD. This ward consists of eleven districts . and at nine of these the election passed off without the least disturbance occurring to mar the harmony of the political parties who were represented at the various polls. But in the Fifth district a number of the free and enlightened citizens of that locality , thinking, from personal observation , that the | republican stand was only in the way, ojid in no very gen | tie word? declaring that th?" republican afftirs m gene ral were only nuisances, came to the conclusion that they j would remove the obstruction without further delay. So they pit* lied into the stand and pitched into the gentle i ruau inside of it, who, in tho kindest manner ImixgmaMe, was handing very mnocent looking and prettily folded I {iieces of |ia|>er u> every "tie who happened U> pass his | icadquarters The individual so suddenly ejected from ! hi? box not relishing the evident desire upon tlM |>art of the foe to jive him another box In exchange, started un dcr lu?.h pressure s|>eed for his domestic circle or some other place of refnge. closely pursued by a dele gation of the pugilistic gentry who had so kindly assisted him to abdicate his position. The (-land was d? molwlied instanter, and all the emblem* of the party to whom it tielonged were *tmn among the of the past. In the Be Tenth district some of the I fati< y in the early part of the day indulged m a free ftght, by *iii of keeping their hands in, so as to 1h> "op to time" when the nuinici|iei election in I>ecember comes along. This fight, like all other political fights from time ? immemorial, or rather (hice politic* were theught worth < fighting about, terminated without forwarding the uteres l* of eithcrofthc parties in question. As usual, ? ntimberof the combatants were kuocked down . the affray ending by a grand Ji mtW of jumping upon those who had been so tin ccr? moniously prostrated The principal movers in tho row having been, for the time, placed Wi 0. .-?? nixtf, tho mrlrr let muiated with uo serious harm having befallen the partii ipators in this innocent amusement NINTH WARP. Tin' balloting In ttiUi ward won very spirited lu the early part of the day, bill quite dull in the afternoon. Onr re porter visited the various polling place*. nod percclvcd that |>erf<ct order ?m maintained by the police1, render ing it impossible for any disturbance tn have tieen sue cessful, were I hi- rltimw disponed to indulge their com battve instincts; but on the contrary, the entire ward ? ui a* quiet as H usually k? on the *<abbath, all the liquor sa Itxiiia be. ii* eloped up. In Washington ttrn-u considered the roughest j?*rt of the wsrd? (here was considerable eisllettieat throughout the day- but en far as could be learned there wm no need lor tor services of the police. Tbi- ward hem* the stronghold of the Amcrirwi and re puNuan parties . the ? lutjou " vote polled ) cstarday is K?id ic be very large. ILITKVTH WARD. The rota oast in this ward yeaterday seemed to he very small compared with that of last year, and little internet appeared to Iw fell an to the result , all parties conceding a large democratic majority la each of th? election dis tricts. Peace and quietne>? prevailed in the lower and middle sect* ? of the ward, but in the '? upper regions " there were " wars ami rumors of war* '' In avenue B. between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, a battle royal was fought l>y two gan*< of rowdy boys, known a* the " At ianttr Blues'' and the "Forty Thieves," which luted three or lour bourn Caving stones and brieka were hurled at each other with a vigor and determination deserving ? better cause Numbers were hurt ami earned from tW" Relit, but none fatally, that we hoard of One fellow Bred the *ti barrels of a revolver at hie opponent*, w ithout do Ing any damage Another party were seen on the roof of the house at the corner of avenue B and Twelfth street, tearing the bricks from the chimnies to throw down on the heads of persons In the street, but all, by a vigorous movement of a large body of police, were Anally dle|iersed. and the rowdies *n tht mher (imu?<-ments in ulier wayi. f}wn after this " fSYtf tjf several hundred, with a stuffed buck on a pint form, paraded some of the streets in tlie c?et end of the ward, committing all kind? of depredations They tank watche? ftifetbiy rrom two gentli men In avenue C, and ? mashed the ? ndow of a confectioner In Eighth street to Ryes, helping themsehrrs to the sw"et things therein. is gang was rather loo strong in force for the |*t|ice, and tliex were pmnitUil to (?m?i li and peraiakalsle tn their h<'srt?' content While the light wn." going 00 111 the morning an onslaught was made on the dilapidated picket feni e which heretofore disgraced Tompkins square, by a gang of men. women and children, and in lea* than half aii hour there was not a nail, peat or pt? k'-t left to m irk the spot where they formerly sto?id. Even the benches in the square wort- curried awav . giving the ground a rather miked apiiearance The resMeata in the neighbor III 4x1 seemed pleased with the change of si I'lie. and anti* cipnie a still further improvement by it substantial iron railing around the square, which will make the ground an ornament nad benefit to the Eleventh ward. rOt RTEKNTn WARP. Th* election in thin ward yesterday passed off very quietly There was no rowing, fighting or disturbance of any kind. The polls were so quiet, that a person passing them, not knowing it was election day, would not have MUced anything unusual going o?. KlXTKBNTIt W ART). There were several rows In this ward during the forenoon, but with the exception of the upsetting of a few republi can ballot holes, and some kins k down arguments by way of an accompaniment to the same, everything paused off tolerably well No arront* were made. S*VR1?TRRNTH WARIk At the polling places in the Seventeenth ward there was no disturbance yesterday, but the street was the scene of several small fights The ward being very large, and the denirens thereof not remarkable for a pacificatory disposi tion , a strong fot> >? of police was detailed for duty. In ad dltiou to tho twenty eight men in the ward, twenty flve were detailed for special duty , making. In all, Hfly three available men. The probability is that had Itiere not biv>n so effwVi*e a force on the spot, Uier<> would have hem gome serious disturbance, as swvvrol mtwhlefous fellow? ?teemed disposed to Ret up fights throughout the (lay. About one o'clock a crowd, composed almost entirely of boys from twelve to sixteen years of uge, improvised a row on avenue B. For about twenty minuted brickbat* flew quite briskly, and several heads were bruised. At the polling place on First avenue, noar Twelfth street, there was considerable disturbance in the afternoon, but it was for the most part confined to boys A strong de tachment of |M>lice stationed at the polls served to mitigate the evil, or at least to confine the tumult to the street, so tliat the voting was not interrupted, nor the ballot boxes molested. Several arrests, however, were made. Just previous to the closing of the polls, an affray which for a time threatened to be serious, occurred on Kant Twelfth street, between avenues A and B. A crowd of boys was gathered on the roofs of the houses on both sides of the street, who for nearly an hour kept up a con stant fire of brickbat*. Their aim was principally direct ed at the houses and their opponents on the roofs ; but soon the passers by in the street became the objects of their tire. The opimsing parties are known as the "Blues" and the "Forty Tlueves." The belligerent |?rtie? tore down portions of the chimneys to supply themselves with ammunition, and the fire w;ut so heavy and coutiniiouii that the sidewalks soon presented an appearance as if the debris of sundry fallen chimnies had been laid upon them. Yet we could not learn that any one was seriously injur ed. In fact, as toon as the ftteiladc of brickbats bccame severe, peaceable folks kept clear of the street, and the combatants had it all to themselves. But the serious fracture of glass indicated the fury of the combat. About five o'clock a strong force of police advanced down Twelfth street to suppress the tlnht. Their appearance on avenue A, though it considerably augmented the crowd, already very large, had the effect of stop ping instantaneously the firing, and producing a sndden evanishing of the combatants on the house tops, who disappeared like magic. The police formed a line at each end of the street between the two avenues, thus cutting off all communication, and by gen tle suasion succcedcd in dispersing the crowd to a con sMerable extent. After remaining on the ground for about half an hour the police withdrew amid shouts and yells. It was amusing to hear the remarks which their presence drew out from the crowd. When one of them asked what whs the cause of the vow, he was answered ? "Pure, it's only a parrel of boya that wanted to give ye a chance to earn your eight hundred dollars a year." When the police put on a bold front and began to clear the street a man remarked, "Now they're going to charge." "Charge !" said another, "yerra, what the d ? 1 oould they do here if we liked?" while another, fully impressed with the idea tliat a democratic victory was to prove & sudden demolisher of the Metropolitan Police bill, added, "Let 'em alone, it's their last day; to-night ends - the law,' and half them will be turned off in the morning." On the whole, the turbulent Seventeenth was compara tively peaceful yesterday. Whatever rioting there was was confined to boys of immaturo yearn. The polling pkuce* were free from all obstruction. The vole in all the districts was very small, but of course the ward gave a democratic majority. EIGHTEENTH WARD. The day would have | massed off well in this ward had it not been for the presence of some of the notorious Mack erel ville crowd at the polls, who managed to kick up a muss upon every occasion whenever there was the slight est pretext for so doing. The police mode no arrests. TWENTIETH WARD. Rowdyism was rampant in this ward yesterday. There was more or loss disturbance at all the polls. Twenty -one persons were arrested by tho police during the day and locked up in the station house. There was a serious disturbance about 2>,' P. M. at the polls on the corner of Ninth avenue and Thirty -first street. Some rowdies were making a noise, when a policeman went up to them to separate them. They used harsh lan guage to him. lie attempted to arrest the ringleader. The crowd determined to prevent this, and attacked the policeman, when quite a fight ensued. The policeman fired six shots into the crowd, with little or no effect. IT is as H&ilants then attacked him more fiercely, beat and kicked him badly, cut him by throwing stone.-, 4c. The officer (Mr. Van Hogen) , after being badly punished, got away as best he conld to tbe station house. His wounds are not considered at all dangerous. Several of the persons engaged in the row were after wards arrested by the police. There waj likewise a considerable disturbance at the polls, corner of Seventh ! avenue and Thirty first streets. Some rowdies attacked and destroyed the republican box for distributing ballots; the police interfered ; for a while blows were freely ex changed and nones thrown The police at length quelled the row, and arrested four of tbe persons engaged in it. AFFAIRS AT THE LOWER POLICE COl'RT. Flection day brought no increase of business in the Tombs yesterday. Justice Qsborno and the clerks, Messrs. Johnston and Skidmorc, were busy durin ? tho ' forenoon with the watch returns, but during the afternoon | business became so light, and there being no prospect of I its increasing any, tbe m?7istrjte thought proper to ad journ the court at a much eurlicr hour ttian usual. Not more than a doseu arrest.- were made in the six lower wards during the enure day. A few illegal voters, it M true, were tak*n Into custody. >wt they were not btrmrM to the Police Court They were locked up in the station houses for the day The only case of any interest which came before Justice <inborne, was that of the people vs Una well Hovey, wherein the defendant is charged with having forged the endorsement of Mr J. (Srundy to a check drawn by W W. Oilman for $'.'<>0 The accused, who ts a resident of Brooklyn, was held for trial, and tlic papers were sent to the Iistrict Attorney's office for the action of the Grant Jury There is also another charge of forgery prclerred against Hovey. .ntKFKRHOV MAKXrr. There was not a single case of imjurtance or interest at this Police Court yesterday. In vain tbe magistrate (Jus tice I'svison) and tbe clerks waited for the arriTal of ille gal voters, thieves and disorderly persons , with which the court room is usually tilled on election days. Fither the police were very inefficient or the district was unusually quiet . for. to say the least, the court ? as really stagnant tor want of cxcitcmcnt. A frw petit larceny and assault and battery coses comprised the total bu*.neg? of tha day. ESKKX MARKKT. IhiMinc** wa* very (lull hero ye*terday ; In fact, It wa* the *ubject or general remark. There were butaeven rn,ji helore the court, and the majority of tbo?e w?*re nrrcftc made t ti?- night pr?'VK?u*ly. Jueticc Breunan pre *ide?l during the day J a* Mcnillougb wa# rhar^d with pi' king th? pocket# of Jutiun t'olpaut and ulnaling $> ttuTctrom Committed f?>r examination William M?-nry wa* arreele.1 by officer Murphy, of th* T< iitli w.inl ?? ?1i?ik>-'I ?il)i a >/ -? ?ml watron belonging to a Mr Cogswell The prlaoner had a n?M)'r>lr. wl?o iiMii*ye<l I u e?ca|>e Committed for ?initiation The above r??. together with a few of amault and hattery and intoxw ation. eon?titnted th>- I>iiiiik>^4 at th?? fiwex Market I'olwr Court yerterday RECEPTION* OF THE RETURN'S AT TAMMANY HALL. SCENF.S AT THR DRMOCRAT1C HKAD QPARTKRA? THE t vnnouFiKi* jtrilaxt ? HrracRfw of john cocii RANK, CAPTAIN HYNPKRft AWP OTHRRR. Tammany Hall wtw, a* nattal on election night, la a Mm. The unternfled mu?tcred in great numbcra, an<l *cemed in excellent opirila. At a few minute* after wvn o'c.kwk an nrgamiation waa cWk i?-d . Mid Mr John Cor h rane, M C. rlfft, waa relied to pr^ide. Mr. Cochrane waa received with the u*oal *ntbu*ia*tie. demonstration*, and pr<? eeded to ?*y that report* from the different wmr<bi w> -ild he read a* aoon at received , and thai In the inter val* p mW men would address the met t me. Mr. Ox hr&ne congratulated the dem<*rary on the brilliant proepecta before thrm. and read a few return* from the i ity. Mr. Kkrki<M3. tlr: Troubadour of lite old w.gwam, iben sang A ditty anent "The lJberty Tree " Mr Cnmania again addre**e4 the m<et>ng, explaining that though the rote wa* light, the falling off wa* ? hwfly on the i>kle of the opptieititin. If the democratic vote wait not an *trong a* laat year It wn* beeanre the rnnl. and flic anticipated that the * id- ly wait aure. Mr Fr*?in waa next introduced He made a lengthy *pee< h. congratulating the democracy on the auc<e*a of their Judicial ticket, *nd animadverting aeverely upon Mr Juatice I'rabody for hh? alleged partisan action in the mat ter of the street Ct<mmlft* loner '* nfflie Mr Kkiuwias again exerted tux musical poweri; after ?kk It Mr A J Pif*? went through the ticket, complimenting ea< It candidate, the name* beitv; rnwlrwl with ct laer*. Ald< rnian Cum innonni <1 tlutt the Sixth ward had ffivra 2,o; t maiortty for the democratic .JUU' ticket (Threr rheer* for the old Sirth.) And, h>- remarked, I ran "nfely proml*e you that we shall do *ome thing Hill h. it. r for the count) ticket. (U>ud cktea) Mr Ptrw* after romplmientlnR Mr t'4amy and getting him.=elf out of brrath, *at down, Mr root* AT* announced that the .teventh ward had given Mf mniorltr OTer nil for the democratic ticket (cheer*) . and the Thirteenth had gone In tbe tuuue way (11? in wed cheet tag 1 Mr KTSMtw hi re appeared in the hall, and the call for him wa* r.ufficicntly atetitorUn to extinguish Ihe Thmbadmir who " wiw about to trwaliM. Mr Ryndera congrafulaied h1* fellow npon what they Hud done. t>ut <mh1 they mifht have done mm-h better if the> imd tried. They bal carried the eity hv 15.000 or 20,000 majority, and he had j h-'P"d that the vi< lory would be their* In tlw state Thev (the oppo*itionl hfld abut up the ln|U(tr abope. but t!i< democrat v had be.deti th? m without grog if they cut off XnvOfptoR Ihe drRiocrati would get all the *(.te< The Mrllal etittnaed In the aame vein, and put the meeting in the beat of h'lmt r Mr (VwHa?** anroonee.i that the Twelfth ward had given the democratic ticket uOO major, ty over all (Cheer* for the Twelfth ) Judge Moitwt **id th;it ihe democratic majority M the City wa* not les.? tlian 20 (**i The ligbtn???? o( the vote told heavily upon the opposition, bnt wa* of no great coti sequence to the demi ? r. ?y The Judge etlgtmUited the Pf^H?it)en With ChtWlTIB tn the ticket* and paid a ' ump'i men ttb Mr Miner, tli>* candidate for Renter, who li.fl ?aflN?d in thtn ?I % ( Three cheera flat Hie bold M> ner.) But all their trick* be *14 in continuation . are c4 do use? tho' victory is ours Mr. Mortuu eulo logized Judges lugraham aud Sutherland, aud al luded to the gentlemen on the ticket iu detail, lie believed that ilie democracy would have a majority in the legislature, and would thereby be able to adopt some reformatory financial mwurijs, hy which tho working

man would bo paid UIh wages iu sound gold and silver, in stead of paper rags. (1/iuil cheers and cries of "Bully for you.") In conclusion be paid a compliment toth*< Mayor of tho city, aud trusted that they would all work an well for bim in December an in former time*. (TbrtM treuieudouH cheerH for Fernando Wood.) Mr. C'ocHkA-s* proc. >eiled to givo the results of a summary of the votes iu fourteen wards, by which it appeared that the deiius-rats liad 11 ,(H*> majority over all. (Cheers. ) Mr. Cochrane then re viewed the proceeding* of the evening, alludod to th>i work done, and said that thn labor of reform had caily commenced. He believed that during the coining tea nion of the Legislature the democracy would be able to give a death blow to the infamous acts of last JPMur, and particularly to overthrow tho odious Police bill. He urged tho democracy to put forth tlx ir best effort! for Fernando Wood, whose name waa received with renewed cheering. Mr. Cochran k then announced that he lmd just received a report from the Eighteenth ward, giving Richard Schell for Senator 950 majority. (Cheers.) Capt. Rynpik*. I'rom tho door, auuouuced that in one district of the Sixth ward the black republican* received two votes. (Loud cheers.) Judge Moore, of Brooklyn,here took the stand, ;uid said that King* county had given a splendid victory for thn democracy. She had elected her two State Senator*, Francis Kpinola and Samuel Sloan: six out of seven of her legislators, ami Uie whole State ticket by nearly seven thousand majority over the next ticket; and ho thought that old Kings was deserving uf threo hearty cheers, (lxiud aud coutiuucd applause.) Mr Cochranm then said that they liad heard all the speeches and reports, and that if they remained thero till midnight, they would have nothing to do hut cheer tor the victory of the democratic party from Montauk to Erie, to that they had better cheer all at once and adjourn to the Hkhajj> office to get the reports from tlie country. The meeting then dissolved in high spirits. THE REPUBLICAN HEADQUARTERS. Ptuyvewant Institute, the headquarters of the black re publican party in this city, was dark, gloomy and desert ed last evening. There dropped in a few individuals be tween 6 and 9 o'clock, who dropped out again just a* quietly when they saw that there were no indications of a j demonstration. Everything looked as lifeless as Dr. Ab bott's collection of mummies in the same building. Thero is a little room ou the second floor, with a label outside indicating that the Toting Men's Republican Club meet within. The door was op*n, and some four or tlve down cast looking individuals were seated on the table or lolling on the forms. These were exchanging doleful remarks about the c lection and attributing the dctcatof their ticket to their unfortunate union with the American party. Every one that looked in from time to time had the samo downcast, despondent expression of countenance, and al together the appearance of things at the 8tuy want was enough to impress one with the belief that the black re publican party in this city was following the Know No thing to that bourne whence parties or other travellers never return. THE AMERICAN HEADQUARTERS. One of the reporters of the Herald was designated to watch proceedings at the American headquarters. Ho started on his tour with a light heart and a profound patri otic appreciation of the high character of his mission, fully Impressed with tho belief that he wan to be gratitied by a visual observation of some of the " Americans" who are ? to rule America," and perhaps some of the descendants of the men who, tn> a certain night, alone were placed on guard by the Father of his Country. Up and down Broad way he perambulated , In hopes to find tho " Headquar ters." No flaunting flag bearing tho stars and Mripos met his gate, to Indicate where the Americans stood guard. He did see divers gay sampl'-s df dry goods suspended here and there, which nt a distance inspired htm with a hope that what he sought wits near; and when he saw large placards pin ned there, and bearing the parteuUmui announcement ? '?Selling off below c4ist," he would have been convinced he was right in his hopes, had not the presence of ladies, who never -'stand guard" in politics, proved his mistake Americans gay, Americans grave, Americans fat, Amerl cans lean, he stopped to loam where their headquarters were, and without success, until a youthful American with adolescent tnoutstache told bim that the headquarters of the American Central Committee was ffl the upper floor of the building corner of Broadway aud Ltopenard street With Joyous heart the reporter turned his steps thither. The hall way was clear. Terribly solemn was the silence that reigned therein Fearfully appalling were the echts-s ot his own footsteps as he ascended those massive marb ? (beg pardon) ? those dirty wooden ?t?-i? Not a r ag of Imnlincr was to be seen; nowhere waa visible a single relio of the Revolution; and the dark lantern which he ex I pected to see, had not within it light enough to discover . Its wherealMiatH. He stopped and pondered over the | sceae, whack was 7jk? rjin* .annual kail 4mnrtad, reflecting upon ili?- mntwtiility of human affair* and the in pratttudi- of rrfulilics. whoa a pMrlvchtl board with a man behind :t emerfed from a door which wh* ouiIkmiHv opened. Here, tlii>ii?:hi the reporter, i" tb<* w?*ll informed creature who In to illumine tine dismal prvmiM-x with a flood of intelligent ninliitht H?> a*k?-d? ??Br, < an y<>n inform me it the American headquarters in in ?h..- MMff" Th- sorrowful eye* of th^ ?tr*np?r flx#d upon the r<'|?Tl- r, and alter a inomi-ul't) li>\?iUlk>u, he replied in a eepulc.hural toe ? '?N(i, ?ir. but the upper floor la o* ?'up?< <1 a* the Ameri can Auirf quarter* The reporter wan taken aback by a r-ply *o singular "1 be* |?rdon. paid he. but 1 don't clearly underlain! you ? I am "cekint: information for the XltHtiD. Again the mwanihroptc strauger'a tare looked upon the reporter a* he Mid ? ??Hie rum ij' of the American party meet* up pturs, and i* not that the kiwi quarter**'' The r? porter wa? (daggered, hi* brain r**M, lim vision became for the moment olwcured, and when lii* optir-t after a moment regained their uoriaai Conditio,!, hw In former bad vMiahed. The rf)?>rter Veft tlirwr premln ?? a w>?i r man, Utough he had failed to find th? American h> adquarterit. VOTE OF HEW YORK CITY. BKCRETARY OF STATE. Ward iHti Turicrr rism Cl<in>.r?[i I'utnam.Am 1 1 MS 41 M 8 819 34 8 a 1*9 10 lo 4 67 18 ? 6 ISA 35 18 ToUl .1.073 134 72 9 1 119 77 67 a if?6 ? oa Total 276 100 120 a 1 ISO a* 14 2 $4 46 32 a m w 30 4 63 10 1 ?frtal 350 ??? I* ? 1 278 64 40 "a 397 27 30 ? 143 10 II 4 ?* ? ? 6 eno n ? Total W* m a 2aa ?7 " 2 17ft 6ft ? ' " MS 88 4 121 MM m M 220 40 Total 1 188 4M J M?Wnc -mith. colored, received one vole. 0 1 *> ? i aw ? a" 231 24 4 .160 10 a' w? % A 270 a* T I )W 37 a 330 28 Total J JlcCuD"' >'nuth. colored, receive,! Ihre? voter ? 1 78 on 1 312 47 a 142 48 4 129 9* a 22a no ? 1M 161 J,,,,, 3W 107 a 226 18 62it 69 W71 038 M 1 110 64 9 288 a 117 60 79 8.1 ft, 130 :? f las 42 7 190 73 a 162 03 a am 113 io 112 a# 110 22 Total 1.790 M3 a 1 161 120 " a 168 119 3 228 192 ? 131 138 ft 148 137 119 *1 7 146 124 712 ?S a lis ill 1 0 m n 1 1 112 0I> la 149 84 Total i,*w Ward Dirt. IWhr.d'tn. Clapp,r?p. /'urtwm, An 10 .... J ?69 96 ?3 2 170 t? 72 3 ,?4 iM 78 4 :?0 70 97 A 270 04 91 0 263 <0 76 Total 1,482 472 470 1 1 1 190 22 27 a!!!!!!.'.'!'.! 103 m a# 4 260 37 67 -m ?6 3? 7 2M 44 16 8 239 20 10 9 213 86 3# 10 221 144 76 1 1 107 V> 23 1 2 167 26 38 Total 2,126 664 360 1)4 1 138 16 0 1 383 lift 37 3 176 130 10ft 4 206 43 9 8 173 80 12 Total 1 ,024 474 160 1 3 1 216 82 78 2 26ft M 71 3 350 SO 66 4 271 W W 6 331 110 112 0 128 64 ' 43 7 104 30 42 Total 1,066 488 401 1 4 1 266 38 81 2 231 44 10 3 236 33 63 4 266 13 8 6 340 14 S 6 272 2? 1? 7 823 42 10 Total 1,911 212 192 1 5 1 123 86 ? ?i 160 118 93 3 131 60 60 4 127 140 67 6 77 67 30 6 77 ?? 37 1 01 98 80 8 1? 83 66 9 7? 9? 3? 10 109 64 22 Total 1,138 803 604 J. McCune Smith, colored, received obo vote. 10 1 190 M 70 2 270 187 113 3 279 162 109 4 247 121 90 ft 204 130 79 0 191 W8 97 7 279 71 64 8 64 7 8 9 105 103 74 1 0 147 88 42 Total 2,080 1,160 730 IT 1 101 ? ? 2 241 94 76 3 194 77 100 6!!.'!!!.'."!!! 216 ?& ?3 ? 137 97 61 7 186 160 103 8 329 63 28 lo!!!!!.'!!!!! 178 38 13 1 1 136 67 30 1 2 270 ? ? 1 3 190 20 0 14 264 11 4 Total 2,490 790 688 18 1 117 114 60 2 130 124 02 3 210 103 78 4 360 11 8 6 130 144 ? 0 86 70 40 7 126 139 66 8 492 Ml 118 9 344 68 67 10 362 4 9 Total !. *2,348 904 660 10 1 348 09 29 2 313 121 32 3 337 173 *4 4 100 100 42 ft 131 47 26 Tot?! 1,298 610 163 MU 1 189 3* 0 2 147 U 7 a iai m ? 4 m im ? 6 200 170 27 0 W 14* 06 7 260 126 23 8 218 146 13 9 206 100 7 1 0 291 80 10 1 1 204 122 30 1 2 179 170 41 Total * 2y4ft7 1,494 329 141 1,... 380 171 113 1 148 127 40 3 129 100 69 4 339 127 01 ft Ill 144 41 ft .? 37ft 74 00 7 382 90 fcO Total..,. ..1,820 861 440 OA 1 373 206 6ft 3 273 16? 14 9 290 134 2A 4 246 80 10 ft 217 ft0 24 0 146 04 2 7 Ill 29 1 ? 128 69 10 Tbtal M77 819 141 RECAPITULATION. ?OTB COMPARED WITH THR P IUIHI DBWTI A I. ELMCTIOM OF lKJtt. 1MT - .<>, 1R.VI , Drm. Hep Amrr. Orm. Hep. Amur, Wdt.TwJcrr. Clapp. VuOian Buckatui* wv nt fVlm'e. Tot' 1.1 >12 *,062 41,414 17,7*.' 16.MW iMManUe aver repuhlu an 26 ??! r>emi? ratio orer Know Nothing .2* .AM flemoernMe orer all lft, 049 Tnul rot* in 1?.vt 7?,0Hfl Tt-ul YOU In 1S47 5h :#7 Killing off ... .f 9M19 corwr or appeals. PARTIAL VOTK OF UK* TOUR Hl? JtDOR OF TUB tm *r?r appral*. Wmr4* /Vw i*. linn, JrnAtn*. nfj, Ktttkwm.A i?4 *mr let* ?? n ?i a? 3 di trirtj. 27? *3 rj ?? Complete 1.3M 44? 337 (till 76 37 7-4 dtctrnUi ?<*? 2u4 MM *? 7 dKOM-ui mum .m 474 # ? A dMrtete 1 AT* 140 A34 la-r<iMptrt? 1,4*7 ?4i r.43 11? ? <ti*iri< i* 1*71 aM AM I/? 1 iltptn* I Mi 17 6 1.1? a diftrKU . jtKt lit W 14? 6dMrtrte... 1 4"? Ml M I V- 4 didrHrt* 407 Wt 1? 1(1? ? dwtricu 107* MO :?6 17?4 dMriete *1* ??? *** 1*? ?4Mrtrta 1 n;i 4*2 ?7* 1# ? ? dtotrtcta IN ??? ?? W? dMrkll 746 34* M 21- 4 li?trirt- 1.176 478 2*1 n? 2d?trk-U 246 34 COUNTY AND JUDICIAL OKFN KM ELECTED. The following Are the ?nu?ljr ?n<l judMutl ndmri j\nt rhoe<n for this etty ? Pnprerae Itotirt ?!>. P Injrrahdm , <l?m ? tJtMuili twtherli\n<t . d?m Superior CVurl 3<m M ft*wnrtfe,dem Mw?r<1 IVrrfp<>ut , dem CV>miwt) I1e*? Henry H Hilton. item MllWOWH Florem* Mi i'?rtiiy , d<*m ferrogale K<tw*r<l C W.~t, ?t. m DMrtH AH"tnny |1 N*?wj , d-nv Kerorrter 0*n <1 ft?rn*r.l clem Repirter William Miner. Jem ?long l?rm. f?1mrt t?>rm. STATE SENATORS ELECTED. THH XttUt Pntitk* 4 -John (' Mather dem>* rut 5--Pn?th 1 1? Jr democrat 6- K* h*r<t SehaH den?.?*??. 7-Jobn Dvb.'rty d?m<*ra* VOTE IN TIC INTERIOR 09 TUB 8TITE. Tmcnt Cauniist PuKfi'un Niagara. Medina, I 'r If an lima, IJvi'ton. Grntifl, livi'ton. PanHvilleJ.lviton. Nrwburg, Orange.. (iofh<n, Orange. - Itliac.i, Tntupk's. N"wRorh. Woctrh'r Auburn, Cayuga. Fleming .Cuyugu. . Senn<-tt. Cayuga Au*terl)U,CorMa. Aldeu.Krie 13H Warm w, Wyoming 10(1 Addi*on, Hteuben. """ Mng S'g. We?tc'r lUm'd, S.Ijiwr'e Tberela, JcffarKon Oxw'oCy ,On? Rome, Omnia. Floyd, Oneida . . Cuba, Allegh'y. F'd'lip, Vllegli y LVM'y, Cait'ugu* Hiink'k, (?hul'<|<te CWtor, OranK''.. Klmira, Chemung Pg'ldon , llruoinc . fnrr.w'l, Orange.. Yonkirn.West'er. Wwl'it,' " lln. Ik. n Colum'a. Wi-MtV'a ,Oia'<|Uc l'omfnt, " Portland. " Fnreat vlllfl, Olefin, IjttleVallcy,".. . . Rorhmltr, Monr?m Sprtngwater, I*'*. ftue<-a, Ontario. . . Waterloo, Heneco. Philli|*-town. Put. Hpringport.Cayuga Fyracuiic, Otton .. 1,075 1,441 201 1,437 1,903 Buffalo, Erie 4,301 1,530 1,441 4,488 2,786 2, AM Albion, Orleiin* . 138 220 230 ? ? ? Sangerl'ld, Oneida 187 187 ? 204 277 Vernon, " 164 322 20 143 409 54 Camden ?< ? 1*3 ? 148 461 54 Vienna " ? 160 ? 210 404 J4 Anneville, ?' 70 ? ? 183 308 34 Augusta, ?? 130 187 ? 151 292 it Hamilton. Mndiaon ? 308 ? 114 097 82 Palmyra. Wayne . 203 200 100 200 362 200 Mao-don ?? 92 95 90 87 209 151 Marion ?< 53 234 28 41 369 30 Jordan. Onondagu. 123 137 52 ? Tally. " 70 178 2 83 204 ? Veddea, ?? l:?? mi 3 m i'n 21 Halina, " 120 129 09 77 222 120 IVwiU. " 191 212 4 108 302 14? tVe ro. ?' 125 302 25 100 627 53 Lit'e Falls. Herk'r 18 ? ? _ 104 ? Danube, " ? 5rt ? 194 ? Mantle w. " ? 30 ? ? 162 Haliabury. " ? 92 ? ? 200 ? laflin, " ? 91 ? ? Troy, Keu*?ellaer 2,108 940 1.104 2,131 1 360 1 ,894 Tioga ro. , comp'to ? 300 ? ? 1 ,061 _ Kitid'ThiM'k. (VI.. 202 2f.O 01 220 341 180 Schenectady city. 410 601 442 28.1 012 001 Kheiit, Columbia. . 127 171 70 127 230 120 Pougbkeeptue. Hut 03U 819 141 ? ? Carmcl, Putnam 196 142 11 194 262 37 Kent, " 141 72 ? 91 100 82 Put. Valley, " 96 30 32 129 96 M South Fast. " 171 89 ? 196 176 40 White PI'i,Wont'r. 138 00 23 133 76 87 Unaradalo, ? 17 0 4 26 21 14 Pelhau. ?? 22 ? 28 2ft 10 7* Ma moron k. <? 43 20 32 08 35 66 W<-?tK'm?, " 330 161 160 318 319 tOD Morruuinia, '? 484 162 20 409 307 Wt Crawford, Orange 10*1 77 20 200 142 Ml Brume, Cayuga. . 161 221 74 110 20ft 184 Aurelnw, "... nu Hot (10 100 267 M3 Kipio, "... 20 187 60 17 310 81 Uinu, " ... 262 382 130 167 610 3*3. Dedyard, " ... 36 220 22 42 303 IS Deposit, Delaware 9 ? ? ? ? ? Tomi'kuiK'o ,e?>m . ? 1400 ? ? 2990 ? Albany Co , cum . 4000 ? ? 2200 ? ? Sheridan Chat '<juk 64 94 76 60 160 149 Cone?u?,Winga n ? 30 ? 90 124 89 York, UvingMon. 45 ? ? 72 297 125 Utk a CMy, Oneida 1,475 1.313 110 1,410 1,048 410 Hcrkuoer. llerk'r 26 7 228 0 178 290 02 German Flam, ?? 177 368 146 100 402 2H? Columbia, " 40 230 90 39 294 111 ljtch6eld, " 48 148 3A 39 *16 44 Winfleld. 47 12 - X\ 264 14 Florida, Monty... 219 1UU 117 190 267 191 Amntcrdani, *' 197 454 44 187 471 170 Monro*" , complete ? 60>> ? ? 2/120 ? lack port, Niacara 568 732 MX 402 1,05b rtto Cambria, 73 160 44 03 23l? 87 Peotk'ton ?' 73 57 10 89 104 101 Hllart lad , ? 104 261 127 84 B4 173 HirhlaiMl,Oaw^r*. Tit 343 II l?0 610 92 Han tubal, ?' . 137 269 80 104 442 86 Ku hmond rtmnty 1.838 4M7 521 1,648 731 867 JMfcllMI < ounty ? 700 ? ? 4A17 ? Bedlord . WeaUh. 130 112 139 108 200 2S3 I'aunbrKlge, ? 88 71 36 74 167 57 New York 30,9*8 13 812 8,062 41 ,4U 17,78.1 19.MH9 Total . 70,21 ^ 42,800 70,406 05 ^79 40051 Ifc-nxK-rat* over ropnblwan!? 27, >22 iwmocratii ovor ABtrletM 60.020 P^morratir lor* 19a Republican !????? ,22,WH? Anterk an kmc 20 45'J KINC.H counrrr. ? KmiKI.YN CTTT. *<itv mh? ?k< ?rri*> oe wt?t* WanU IHM* i. (7<t?i, rrp /'utnmm, Am i i : iw m> w 9.'.'.'. i'.' 241 210 110 4 2. . , 4M? 9M 2M> 6 1 284 .-W N 8 (lull) .... ?3t 1,370 310 T (full) V?h 20* I S3 ? (full).... W 8* 187 P (fdlb 780 ;o.? 104 1 0 (lull). 1 OOP M) MM 1 1 1. ....... MO T 2H 1 2 (lull)... 4?2 87 M It (full).... 881 4TH 376 14 (ruin... 743 191 1*3 Ilk (full) . 342 144 177 18 (full).... M?? nr. tTl 1 7 fOR}.... 343 114 140 1 8 fttilli. . 24* 28 M 1 9 (full).... 1?U US W Total *411 4,t3? 2 .HO ffrarreend M to T1 Mn I'trr. I,t 140 40 B Thf I' rn<? rule State ti. k> t)w r*<''l*ml > n^nril| of ffi m 2 '**1 1" 0 H)ii ovf both rrpntiiHan* iwl AimnraiM Naiwiel W??m. ikMM, hae br. o ?l?< t-d Senator la tin- s?. <?<t .h. ?rn t by a maturity <H fr<wn 1 ,000 to 1 JIOO Frano* B fpinola. democrtt, ha* b??-n rk vd .-^na U'f in tli'- Third !i?trict by ? majority of alvmi 1 (ioo The dem?>? r<it? have tlwH t>% ? out'ifll??? "?ti n A*?e|?ihlynn n lid probably ??*. TlMlollowif are the -??t ill candfclatr* ? l'wlrx t 1 ? John A Vwrhi#, itfRvirrat. 2 ? ??*???< S Hrtrh, d> tixirrat 3? M. H. l?tryiNi. rrjnjbliean 4 ? f'MYkl M iliauix ey, dem-crat i? Ma a t%vton. 'I' rat. 0 ? John Han lord, dnnoc rat, probnbto ?--Cnf??lm? K Atwater. republiean, |Tob?b(a Thr whole d?m<? ratir ? ??ably Ulirt m inn ???wful by Imrw majoriti rr. imnoly ? gmrrif? i.e. r?? R' iwen, m.ijority about J.800. Ktmrrinttmb mU of '*? !'?** Ilirt.-iban 11 Dnoth. by about ,1.000 riMjorit) . and John J, by about 2.000. I ?n mrrt ? W v 1 BmmwO and OorceUua K. Onune J*U v rt t f .s..ut< m -John A. Km man*, denxx rat . Martin ffcb<x i.m.ik. r, Amc r.ran. Th? filic ' in<ii'liil? f't J'i'tlii1" of ih? Curl, m 20 dietrtete, have a majority of about 3 .000. Tb? nftiMk MM and An?> rn aim I'uea-d tilt l< jnataiive and ni? |y .Blur*. lint ilif d?BKH.raWi hate cirrieil nearly ? *er> nunn- .m th' r Urket . nut th. ronlltbm. H la t? lie*i d tli.i' Um iMiryea. m tbc Third Aan<-mbljr diatrn t, in tbr o?iy Ix'MM rl?.t<-d lji?t yrar. tb? drmnrrauo V in tli<> ? ? >??*> aaa urarly 3.00U Nelo* ib* a<{|rr?vat? ?r tbrir opponrbtr TOR ttH VM l?? MIOOII.TW. Ttio ?l" tu n j ???M>rdrty,< oin|>.ir?ii with tho?fl of pr???iou? jrraff fa/-i'.t off in a nuM quiet and prorrnblo maris' r IM 'n?d "f the ufiiiil d<- tn< HKt r at mot amonir th' worker* of Ih.i'i (artiw, * Iim li ? if wont ft h* ?\l.ihit<>d xi thn ? vriimjr prcviott* to i-lrctton, tlii re ww IHMmt imm m?*t n* nor fx nBr<-, ?n to ?pWR No mm Wf id of an .?tt/nor. du.ary nature uri urretl in nwrk tins #v ?b>iik pfMvdtng an fin t?>n. Townrd* mnrntitf. m noma part* of (!>?? nty. ?<?roa b? b< . amc mm. bil*rint>*. Mid railed for th"1 of lh?' |>oliC? !in ilv tur'?a??''" twr"' h?iw?*?>r. ti?fo?<> atmrlM th?> iMttmit placra worr 't i?''l poll** pre* <tiI? d tot>rrjar f h?- bo*'1"1 ft,r u? "f fno ti?f? Tti'' p<dl? n|?*n? .1, thr vita '"f in but ?looly in ?nmr warila and nisidly m ?tl?rr? Tbi' *?*?? out in It* futl ftrongtli ii hardly an* "f1 , liiltmK off b<-tnK mthn I'.fih. fl*'l>. T""Ww *n* Nl?*h wardt-iu th- Tw. illii ?ard. ?*P' ? ??y. th? voU? Ml off f??or?? tlMin h*If. . 4. ^ Cm*wi* to th* rrvcantH n? tAkv? by tfi? pOMCC *? tftblmliir.p botiiid. wfthra which the crow* could not ik.,fA wnfi ro fTi uty \o m and .'?< if thr ,*** Idarr Jrfli p-rfrrt ?- llqnor Wl-ra alm-t th** b-il JHti- i^onr ,f ? ,J,i romwqnrntly *. re drunk and b it fr w nrrfi* for olfrrr.n Mniuft 'he tow*. lante< IViwd one nf the u ra nf eirrtio* in the Tenth ward *'n? *? ?l>e p-dlmf pint* r?t. rday morning, and belna ntotieite^l. I <|I| te a dtetiirhntv e. Ho ?a< IfH-ked wp th? "f ",r ptmod (Ineot the ?kM* iHtllet bo*- - It the pr?|| of th' FTr?t dietr.. t of th-' Third wari. ?idil? nlv tfcir-t tn the m< mltw from ? innei-rmntahle ranee . and ?>?tter. I the N?m<j on th-- "?*w rm* *** procured and the bnlh<tin?( pr<?eee*!ed Ttn our MeNamee wae ?rn -te?l at one ?f th# l?tr ete o tMHWVW on uuimt PAOt |