Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1857 Page 2
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. - the 17th ultimo ' ?rrWtd at Aipte^l? * 7 . ckagea for Central Hie IjmI . amwy; ber other tlu> ' Americas |*>rt* _____ mrosTiBT r?on cejtril ajierici. "To^TA RICA. 1 ... W> I AN Ui" OS BY COST A ltlC A ? \ "m" TO HK KST K.? UKIt --KII.IBIWK1W kTM h AT Ft'KTA 4 NAH KV LI' UK OK TIIK -OK T)?N COKTKAl-T ro HKTK*N?IT?OrT?t? CUAHO* nr rouor-AN *0< r COM^O TO nkw you* TO M'LL TBI PTKAM ?< - ro "1 .. AL MATTKK*. ETC. w. have received Ales or the Crvniea de Curta Rica to the "tli Of October. A government decree has been issued prohibiting the file of wine or spirit-* by retail in hotel* or stores. Nu amalier quantity than a sealed bottle cau 1" ?old At the ctorM licensed for the purpose by the government Cent ral (anas Uax been rcccved ou hi* return with ?very demonstration of joy. PioccMioua, speev hes rad lean vt tea were the order of the day General Caoas lei t ;-*n Jtvc or a wpecjal ??*?*? to Nicaragua, the object of v hi. h ie uot Stated The annual report of tlie Secretary of (lie Inter . or 1* published, butit contains uotliing oi general interest to our reader# _ . . . Thi-maa Edward? . who w?b tried in San Jowi dt Co. ta Jtica tor the robbe y ot Mr c .ion. *. was arquilb-.t Col Cautey , who is in commotio ot th.' t-o.-ta an force* at San Jean del : oite, been at ^au Jon-, bit returned ag .r tc the river ml. juan. on hu return i hr bent the following olliciul communication to the Major ol Orrjumu (Yhumiantia i>vt Kio 8am Juan. ) STIWK f -'.> t AKU*. on I ? RT t?A* CaRUM, r Uctcbir lbt>". ) 7c C J Chaxti>, Let*., Chief Magistrate, Greytowu W S^ll bes leave to announce to you. that by order of the nomanuancia "tieneral" ot cos! . Ufa. under . ale oi 17th NptemlH-r, I an i directed /'.wi. , iimnda.HU- oi Kort Aoi Canon tb.i cm to .y of tha. I< rt mid in case of hi? n? t ? ? -n- wiW it. 1 have instruction* to blockade it , above and below . ho a.- to ei)t->rce it- surren tier after the 16th oi this m -nth. A< my instruction* m Hit matter are to the effect that I am b- avoid l>y <;v.ry J.*.|1 le Ul. *n- u collision Which nia> lead to the e.l isiou if bKa?. ann that the ol.te. t t ;?> tody only or I lie rivet .-^ui .luan again t Hie th r. at . n. I |ili,M,sbr ?- the gov. rnm-nt ot ?<?** Ut.l cclL-idei tlutl the ot Nin.iagua, ? tliout a gitl jnate government, or Without . -oi.r. ??, <hii ^aitj. v uar aiiU * that im|??rUnt |?uliil"V ? ueftinte ' 5,fUt 111 Uu-COUMIJ.I liaw M-o ulereil Hiieer^;?r. to a- - > vou i t the blockaJe. m order that the hihabiUjt ireytowti lua) ?ci. ?|?m "" '' , i eVtei twn m trj a.i: to eouununteate ? 'l- th< .ort ot mu . l.xri<- unUl X, .- -r,. u.i.T, ?iter the n ?tiUeubon ??t tU , blocknke 1 be^ the tuvor ol your comtnuuicatiug th.^ lo , n!: wtioni it in.iy cotKtrn. ... . , Ana 1 aui, bir ,\our tuo.-t obedient -er\ ant. iiK(.)iUiK y ^ 1 k* Tlte Pwllo o! I'anamA li.'f the following item ? Ihe SU-te ol Coatu Hi. a, as w rr^rt -l.ha- fall-'ti into the iMiwer ot th. Mota family . and air. ady the tuteiiUon H mi? Wen oi t'l luaKe ^ nor M..ra l'r? -'uent lur lilt . in tt > v.- aiutn.r ilier. vMta in the long re--. Ol that ^ , HOW ill se^-.. !' a project to present th>> chief ??. tiU gov < -rim r.t fr Mora. ? -th a remuneration ot fod.otW lor tb> militAi) he nuwe t? Nu-ati.gua, an.l W I rotLe.. t. nera. Jo,.- Joan'iin Mora, ? :th for liavmo at-eoniUaiiMM h.m in that eattii? r n The hi art ot the patriot i* *rieve<t bv the mann-r in Vhich the actual tyiai.t- ol M-an-.-n Amen, a behave ( ,-neral i or-ova in Ivonvia, .->r Moutt in ? h,.? . o. u-ra. Mo li-ura.- in Vent 71- la ?.? neral tlwrr-ra iu tiiat-tn iia. aud others who foln w in the tiH?t.-t--p- t,t tcio-e iuii. t-onAruw for UU li th- patriar" h- of muepeuuence. who -u-1 in thet:niere< the trut republic, could ri^e Irota their t.'Uib wliHt woulu I hey ay ol what I* r.owr go.n? on th?- vtry rutue eoul.tri.-.- via re they lougiit for tho |*>iU L.r i.rioeipli - which an new i<? ^hau?ek'?#.> profAOc-1. V- Yo.i:.g Aiiuerw... will reply to Mr. rick ? Clou'.- ^aiu.-t loll.. publWn-U in the N. w Vurk Wff;h Iheie .-till rcniaiti. ? at IHnu Arena*, ft.; i g I ? ? ? rt? 1 - from V> ?lkei - aruij . b\ oue cau; e Lit. at. ihcr. th. y have tort ited uie pro ectum O he I. I. ? .1. g' vt M.lnei t. ol a tree pa age U. the I tuU-i ?Kat- = ai l ..i?- iett bete quite Ut-t lute, and receive no or i. tn in tt.. gov. n.mcnt. ium U it wore not lor the . hill t> Ot a It W private indi vidual- many oi tl.-in vt.u.i t i.-Ol actual Want, they l eiug. thro- gh Meaner, r.-al ie to mcv he-Mi foe 1 -t. tu.-re are a lew in em I ioym. nt, and aome Jt^" ? .ob. 1 1 Ci aurn-i . johu Kti'uelr, J?me. Kelly . Jehu O'M. irk.-, . atrica O ? Jt.hii l'l.r.v . .throe* m-iwi-.ald. .K>'.n o I'yre. iho. V Hurm>. .K>hn I ark r. Jamea lowle. O M. Ne.l, * . luay iii i.l lb urv Wowla, J. rlu-b, J. l.ynn*. 14. fhra, s M . 1 la "or. 7 WelU , C. How-n. MT. Wh.t. W ST*** K O. lKXu aid, Johii Sp? ucer, t Boy le, Johu Howard, C. rt.dir, Gentry fror. ewiK.nrtencc of the Tannma Star At: -1 Jler..! t ' ^A!* ,l.w? pt'.ai. till The company of Morgan. Harri. A WebstB r liavr- not Ct* |dn d with the htip..l?ltoii- ot their ' might have beeu tm-ily ftn-es -en Thr halt mi. Hon .t doiiar- the Ural intUlue nt on the loon which ha., to i*io ot. the '.'jo o! September . baa uot iM.t-u lorlhcomtUfett.-j vet ano in cmse^ucnce the government ha^ t? -u pl.we I in a po'-.tior t" c. --olve tn.- contract which threatened Ihe lO^liVTA WlUl?OUllU )' A L'toUti tilv.-e tiicuuu-Uu.ce^ thr gnrrrnrr ^nf h tf a mine*' all* uuh 'othr> M* . tv ad krrr tv th> f*Mtry "J CaHmnmt Watktt^um, making tk' u*urri vruU' wm of ?A- q..V f< >?"?. ??'< ''V tt If ??Oli 'j*m Aaja^frt LmlanU I ra*r km < h?rp I ?.'?1 ?/>? "J i-tk' I ?>'"< -V"'" "l"m '*M '**0** , " V .A MW< tkal k- I .ftp ill*' ,<'?nvr, lattm Oy th 4 tTMitmmderi^irHarimlkrritKr^anJiMin, torn w in the m< at j oo tamed lor tbem, tbe Ueln^ocy iu t .< *' Tbeewtt on for Vice Preailent look place on the 20th \.'l to mi I'll! J the place cau?ed by ibe -teatli ot Uoa t rail ,V.; iliri tiea...uuo and the r. -?.?at on of l?n V e eub Aau":Ai lvu aunte. ?-t . eut J of c an iLU-uta ui and in tavor <U the free op -na g ot the tat r ZtZS Toutc 1 b. Srct eUi y .hip oi Kma-ce w ,11 proba ? v be K.ven to General lanaa, on?- fll the lea-nag in u a \1 country , who U bek*e i an, r, -aped i d by a.t caja.-, b llimn ol tuucb mouei at.ou. and tut- ItieuJ oi tla^e J?-I. Who tiMmeo tUe Cabinet t.f Piesideut Mora war It la hoped lliat bia entry into th. I r .t F alaiut a t tnuig.- t^ -} t< n. o.r w ittaiut th 1 a CU*nge t'l i ? rct'Ua * ?ii W I'Ul ol :ittto* ai.ttutol1* iJ mauer <K Col 1 ,'tnaudez ha- n-t beeu ijeTtnilU'i to ?1rcp >e?.or twn * th- 'f 1 tK.^-a, was the author ot ?t man... r. . pr?f-t-? '?* J-i wt lule-. lot ct.tu- = aatu to have been fomiwtti d Wh. n in the tiirvhait v .1 h? ***? h of ||,e {h,vr.^,rrv^l.b'm 'ta-.V. -%e.t ?.. rc that It I* not W0.lh v'i.u- to en. -rg' U|?m a treasure that l. .- Uv.t iU^l u.1 o^t kuMOflu luhica. A decree lia a. -a later '' t'" th. but ke.ia ration, retail ug a|?lftU. ? b rat, motive Uir tbw un voir- ? bajked loi . out Forn.- it t' at it wa- a i?. ot Co- K-. ? f nm-.-ut to ?-?uipt i aetitlna ic ntumali I tae '."Hit y "> iu^iumb umlic I..-- ?lmt.-ver II w . , b.?, much bmocied I'j I., exwui.r.tinary coMuct. au-. rt H :;..u I..- ?ni im- ??? >?"?"' ^ rx< .. , r ,r wi!. .1 . cjui - uoy ihu. ii ->? '.-v-?ry ?f " ?? I pt ta pr. VZlLZ* mo'ii u . . na- ? A.'; * i ? ' i >< rt t i lit* W iV II I' ^ 'W At-, lilfc. ? >it ara?tUJt bav ...? I" m > ' 1 , where he apja areti tocnj.?y h maetf very c? HIT A RAG It A. V KK. MARTP-r* AT I. MAN Alt * I! OCCAM! Of TUi MIYKK J1 AN Jl'AN ? IMtfibnATluN Kf-/Kkl> I'HHI A MAnt'ltB ?VK WAK~ ttTUkK HM-l UMCa II MM Wltll Nil AkAUl A, Mi . tlx., lib. 11i?- Bfili. li ft. .11. . tiwiui i Im , from r-Mt J and del Sirrtr, mr i .t<m ?t a ji ii?? o'j Hit- ..ii nit , Itr mis; uj: dUMiniai fit 11UWU W 111 OU all < ??! I) luWr II to till' -'111 bit. 1b> 1'-ntn> Am- - i <>. U?- .?u m ik-lol" r m *ut?' >i? - Iho ?rr i .. n? t. <m ,;ii lUrtiii< 7 ?ini n .[.) <>i itif idtbIk'N o. tuc 1*1 i?4M miinit, * :>< r ? lb>' r rr. ??.. rno*t A pmal'- l??U?r from itaa Jom klAl' - that troiv lui tw*i, wunMl i > Ce-Vi Km - I" l?r! .-*ui C<uiw, ?u i tu,> r, |?nl in nulim ? I l? Ml' n li'-nt Sin.iuao u?-l N-?rU'. wti i !. -.i? tl. ill" Ui Kira i (.? ;> rinitiiHl k? tmld in Ri'iff Vi' til Uar TnMkt.l qjtat.-oti w wk'ttuiliijf afraor-u llw '>?<?? j4><- rvm? < ' ... . . .\h -r ha , nf Mlk K Pi>|4rMUr, M/d; ? II ?rAfll''*" ?>f Iiu- n.y e *?(in ti tbr ?i ,i t >n of !<>rr-.|rn<r? '? "<"'??? ?<?"? Jtoti. i t iiiH) ,H? >xmu.* at.ik'HiW'- iN wnrtkrlnt it u?t lr* >i?? ?> uiiniw tfi-' ii iiui^r ?i>"i3 ?>! i iu< r <i njutir. im hu , ml** k r til? i (pdrtMi 1w tbr i "ii- fiiiiou" i I- 1 MU?1 lit tlM- mm*. ut uiii in mii I arllftui .in I a*rnuiMr 1-1 u. r*r fj cuuf.lri . Ibi- |?iiIj* if Uiii fvpwiitic arr it .1 ' I- r. I < 0i? will Uk ?i*> f. Ih* IX*, l!i- |?i" .i .i mi I lb-.* : tmiwn'T, u?i j-cni Will run- vr a fr?;. m.n Wr:i?.m ? . mil J |i?m| ? Ui Uii- riflr. ll?i' mm (Up bv? . ? aBbe, an i *<? ' i-'iiil jm m* ? v< v(.i;ri.i waruiueof In- fAU- IiaI MiV Ui? l'^whtli( In*i?i>, i.iih'if *-* M l un ' lu*>wii wliii u BOW ret n*Un< a . miU.Hr l ?brm>' > C?. I ii - ??? ? wi?iir i" hcM At lb# ?od of Mepl'm'w, ' ???! t.< ? . i- Urt.ii t Him a ratifl lAtr lor ll?r l*r??iii,l?lirjr (tMMthr A?pm?Ali inortrr. Ort iiu | T1 ? r 'M i biti-hl t?f i ik>ut R:: a aii'i iMtamfu* arr r?i# Min l?.n . |-. i i. i?( i l l(( m (h?> link 11 a M> > ? -? bmlwitii i ihi rlvi-r :?ii Juan at ' mr tli? ? v! uah n tliat iort ll.i mm lor J o.u< <l, |1-U' .'II m iIi vi tr,a, an (rt. r# li At pr#~ ?.-???? |iv* ? (utiii-bl at > nai IV ua, Uh * miiin tu (IV CtJ) lb- %?<??? i" l ? A- t . t.ri-v. ut a y lurtwr ?>vmim * t li,? li. ' u?l? ii II' r vtr tx*<ii jfcr# All At>o?tf -i*" t?r.i* A tif ut.'tioi* ac. i,' i,i h?4 <?-r ,prf.,j on ,|ja nr#r lo h Mi M . .A^ H , n - 1 1- r I- r tti. I i. ,1 (Mini . o.gB. ?||1, ? < III k l- '.U.U till!* M- W? t- t| HV I n? I nii?-?' in Oiv r i\ r Ii-min ? . ali'-b h- tu i t, r<mt iik m.ii I. I it Mil.'. II., h. Iiail* hi,, ,r 9T.IU1 a* '??.! li* |? ?n am it i .m-.-' 1 1 ui in i ? in- ?|u< tm h iln- gnat ?? tbt ,i h, , i, llJ( <*) wai- |>ri-i ? bl*-l 1 1 "i*i l'i? I- I ? - , ,,, ,u,. v - ? i ? ? 1b? bod) bnd i"t fcf'b v- mi up i.. in* -n |.nr ili |*rl rr lb' I tiil^i .-UU- enr^.-tti- fl?rAt'Ka ? i- ci n at t;r?y i. VI Al ?|'I| ' b ?M*I 1 All f<>rr*i.i Tf mrr Vi rf MM <ii<b"?rVMM I'jr lb? on ?'ti ???! ctal' "I Aii?,r?. I ,u. J **1 Nor I- ("?ci 6) rorr^?|*u><li n of A-jn*.t!. iiiirirrj A bum'. I- M '-nrntf down iiu- f?*?f on tfi# i-vi-tilnir of ih? lru.6.i^ vjiire ruBi?r? MNl tUau pM% "ili? r #ri lit I'm in *h *r i# "ufvpiMM \n i, j, ! ?* Abu *? MArtiiw r im I the result will bot kno?l mi t f i Ui' in- ? I '?# "? ?"'?W'ljr fin tli?> *tn XefAinnl art> ? H '?? " , 't ?? itiai-ght. ou lUrliiii *, if b.^riic t* ? n wriil n,i i tnfp In him irw' CoiilA Rk-ann at* At f'*?i lln, j tli iia' < <i!i UiaiA, MUl ."Al . ,i'lm Mi-. Ho>idbrA? if" u i m 1 forci b' 0' BMT, MM l urid*. 10 r*WlB? ltd I I.1?1| I II'' bali'lA of to In Hl> a ChH it* ii(* I of I . n.iMniMi w Aiit.< piil??i U tw ?>n N..,iia*iiA aii.l ? ?ia h*? Uf?rt Afrn 4 wbn?\ in whu ii uimV'Iba^i BMI ? iat will BAiiiflpAl*, tak-ri* lb' *1 I'* oi > JTW 1 1, 1 I ? lrKB?Wi) f- fiw f "-4a It' ? h? uk '!? U.'Vi .i ii/ I' .? i4 lfc<' Millar Ui U?# tVa..- t If Uv Iiu in?b, *i ? art rbiuoi s b" tMivuig *4me loubinliOfl % The Hwmm will soon hepin running tip the river. On" if cx)? < um1 hourly from O1.-UU0, with Col. (Uiuty and some definite news. The bark N'raphina, thirty -fve day* from Sew York, arrived in harbor yesterday morning Two wi?k < au*o | >< -ten'.ay she arrived ubout lor miles oiT H p harbor, mi l . i oMmI a jack for a pilot. TIm waid mid tsalm ntllMf prevailed her coming in beioie. GUATEMALA. ! ? CESSATION OV TI1K CHOLERA? PCTTINO DOWN OK ! 1 HE REVOLITION ANN1 VER9AKY ? RAINs, ETC. [( orrespondence ol the l'anama Nl ir and II mi i ] | tilATKMALA, Sept. .1.1867. j My last letter will have iniormcd you ot ttio spr.i i o the i holer ,t throughout the republic. In thin city I' ha.*> ' i u.iu'ft entirely ceased, and l> also rapidly disappearing in ; i every |airt of the country, Iherc i* no doubt, however, hut thr.t th? death) in tin- J . citv have amounted to two thousand perauns, aud iu th ? j j ei 'ire republic have reacted e j,-ht thousand. 1 ? ne disturbances that ha v< t.?en place in the depart- j Uienl of Sal: la Kim Iiiii v uol been very serious. Hi- Ka ' j cellency the President left this city on tlio 2d of Sept Hit j ' be I It ? re: tore quiet, and as a Considerable body of troops had preceded hun . the v> hole affair was soon over, some t ?? j ol the ringleader* w re taken an i hot, un 1 tilt vn m'llit i !'?H<in of mitrkeu ?(]? liken from the di> dfected I and brorphl to this ritjr on the morning of the iMh fho i lYcslrtet.t returned on the evening of the 17th Some I small straggling |i;n lie- .. ?? ?tUI abool ? eitner afraid to re j turn to their housos or for the aaki ol plunder. "She thirty -sixth a....ivetrai'y of the independence ol Central Arnei au, the 16th of September, passed off very ! quietly owing to the existence at the cholera. A n.moo I al salute was fired ut sunrise, and guns were flr- I at in titvalf ol half an hour throughout the (lay; the flag oi the ri public, and also tlioM ol the various iriendly toreigu I i wer.: who representative.- here, were displayed at the different public ito ami res: donees. 'ihe authorities have ju t given notice of their inleti t fit to have the ? ensua of the < ? i v t iken, and iii all proba j 1 il ly 1 shall be able to give th" result in my next letter. 'Ihe rain ha.- s?*t m agmu very sever*!} . and everything j t> Ureal y and dull in eotMM)M>nee. SAN SALVADOR. 8TATK OF TIIF COUNTRY ? .?TATE OK FORKIQM RKI.A TIONS? DOMESTIC MM ? KOKEUiK DEBT ? TKl.K OKA! H ? t Kurs - ri'HUC KKH)8ti, ETC. [Ti uUklalvu lot the New York Heiald from the Gazette of ?Salvador, sept '!? ) Notwithstanding the ravage < inflicted upon our popula tiii l y the prevalence of cholera morbus in an ep, lemic foi in ann nig us, by w hich the labors of agriculture have | I eeu somewhat ellecU d, we may confidently allirin, with out jour ol coiitraiiiction, that our coumtiou is prosperous alau the march ol our State is onward uitd progressive. If, indeeo, we cannot say that at the pre-eut moment we are in the eiycymotit of j> rfect i.nd absolute prosperity, yet it IS Cei lain lliat oui condition n nch a.- we have described it ? t if free li otu cau-e* ol emharra.- smeut,iind above all, it is tirtn and settled. um goverumeiii mali taiiLs the most cordial relations of am.t\ and IVietidohip with very section of Central Ame i i a. i.Qi by icii ,uis ol various treaties newly entered into the foruier reiatiuM ol coucord existing between un and several ot the ,-i.ites ol .-pam-h Sjuth America have been confirmed and strengtheued. Ihe Mate oebt. pviyabio at home, is in regular p -ogresi of extinction, in pursuant e of the law passed to that effect and in ac> orcaiiee w .th the nei ensai j stipulations eutere I into by the government Ntf.oti .'.ens have been entenvl into at l.ondon for Ih ? . extincttou of Ihe .id t owing t<> foreigners and j payable ahri^tu Measures have already been pn ,> i- 'l i t.' ilii* efli ct, which we doubt Dot w il bring the whole ? silair to a ccuclusion, conformable both to justice and to ! the honor and dignity oi our country a- well a j inhir >o. ? > wilt our ciri-uin-taiiie.- and our means. At the same tmie the government IS actively engaje'J in promoting the e-taidishment of au electric t.-legi aph, which it i? ptcjiiMMl .-hall traverse the whole coiutry Inni twotrmlD. oi. the frontiers of Guatemala and Hia dura-, nna f. i nr" iting ?tj it* other cxtrem.ty at Salvador, the capital ot our t tute Out arsenals u.'e lully stipplied w th all th" necessary miuiitioi,.- ci war. ot which ttiorc I- an ample stock .-a^ l.und, si.fflcieiit. If necessary, ior all tbi purposes of* p.-otra< t? ?: eaiep i,gn. tufer plantations arc every day being e tablii hed , an I are increasing to a >:i eat extent throughout the countiy, and the ben< tits of thU im|?ortant branch of agriculture! ai e already bcguudui; to make themselves felt m 1 under i stood. Ii.iwing to ihe ravages of cholera, the Indigo crop should tail short, ro much as even one third, of wUut It v ?- < Hlculati .1 to be, yet we are Mattdently a-<urrd th-'re w ill be no etui lar dinnnuUou in any ol the other branches ol agricultural produce. li> ihe meantime, direct!!:? our view toother topies, we behold order and public Iruuquillity in. nut >4tfd through out the Mate in a Stable condition, wMout btviug,red ai y iuti".u,d.on or dist urban oe from the irritated fcelh and vulgar prejutii cs v,li,i h imuaily agitate the in time- of th? pr'-valeiee ol any fatal epic m e Th" .light di-t it bances Hli,ih t.- k piace m the uepartmcnt ot s?nta Ana, on lu-ii. g fully inquired into ana judicially examined, wen i loubd lo ha\" originated from the operations itlid^chemea i t certain robbers, win sop. object was plunder: nor dkl thy mi t with auv ciho or .-v inpathy among the people ot luat department Alt. i tw.ivr y i-ars of peace, the Mate of Salvador ha' eaiiicd the r ^ In holding up her head anions the other ?wtIum *f IjuStlh iimra. w an example oi a country wli.i h, kwiwtng how to apprNhle the iiMtitutions under wlmh t he is governed, stands in no need of an arm. d ?MMV ior ir.r mait.t.-n.' ot HMM tranqi. ;ty. In ia<t. Ibe Stat* 1 *t Haivador Is as we brie ve it tBay truly be said, tin only cn'.ntry in the world in which no mora soldii i . ai Maintained thaa the ni-re number b ti ely ne c< ^^ury lo guard Uit tails, t > prol.-ct the seaports and the public magas ncs, and to mount puaru at the govrrnmest ?tala#s We obfiv e that iu lh?- mo-t anc ? ut aud most ettii u ii'Liitrien with wba h we are acq ..united there are threi snidicn ior every thousand vt inliabitant.': but here ( in Niivaaor the propartioa ;s one .soldier only to every thou -;.!i<1 I'l i lln I mors il deserves to be remark" 1 , that this traltquillily uuu this oi del ? ha h rf Km m the Mat ? of Sal vac.or are MUntamc 1 and keptiipi-mijoint.y with them nt con i iota peisoual hbert) ?>! th" people, as well a- w th j ih* [mat unlettered liberty of th** pre*?. I- | rf the srvi*rc attacks and cnt:i i<m: frequently rntde | by tin lattei U|siu the goveiumenl. All this ullix Is a i t'tvoiciLg pn-.f that true liberty, resting ou the foiu I < ai ?iol i..w, is an ?"set.t?l and constituent clem ut of i rcer "no public tranqo IIHy . In a i other js-et- the luachlnrry of our govrrnm-nt wi ik- wall and reguiarly. As relate- to private itt'tiei only perceptible exctl- m >nt and ooMpttion ct n ii i ahx 1. i."W prevails, is that which r.--?e,it? trom tl..< i ' ar ai ' iua> 1. o! the snnual fairs, which is the p -no i - w l.i ii th- people are must actively Cbgas- d iu pursuing the. i udu.-ti ui a\o<.?i.ona for the kupportol the.r I HVI FEOJI THE SOITH PACIFIC. THI1 MHI OF Til VC REVOLlfT!Olf? SKW Ck < I I \ A NC I A 1. I K1MIF lAH* Of TIIK ItPOHfKtfAII-? J DKtCI Of TIIK IIAMUI Kli IJA KK OKAXItHlKIX WITH j A.STb EXI'OKT OK HfKCUk ? Iiit ItKt'VlA.V i l.l A NO yl ?TIOK, KTC., ETC. lb'' Urrtiah in i I -O-iini'f Vai|K?rai.'0 arrlv*.! at Paiamt <41 lb* ii-t Lii.nio. iTit g ne ui- ? Irom \aipnrtso, *pt. Ui. Arte*. Oct t. I - U?\ j IM. CallaO, CK't. 11; I a.U, ; u i ie. CHILE. The M ? i/rio < ' Valparai'o Ium the following Tlii~ fortuiglit In- u-i tiim?l< i in tln ni<?-t sAiufirlnry Boujii< r I' l CbiiB, H'iiiiH L thai il implum tlw trtampa f.I thr |... ttr ri'TOHitm III WtlMil th.' 11*1.1 Hi II*- tw.'O bit. if 1 1 v <t i ?<? ill*' ? no i'' i'i?u.u.ii< n' mo itMiig? la Uk B<.liiiiiHtif uIhbi'* hiii- id |?.ii jr. /mi<iMlb<< t. -ii i ?l i'< t . i with whii-h th* ?-ir> irf lit** bdrivMi'inv Iih Dim > -nr I' ^-n I'HMMihI, |br WhMi' nmMry *? allf?*t'?l by Hit' |wi i pvt ol in* l?>iitHki sieibieetwioe w*Bh r rerM* i.t * r- -i-tari. ? t-j ? 4* ji. ? in ? rabltut m accu*nabri- wiUi public opinion I? I I.t priKI'.i r. ihr mrw CatilMt of pt.o J?roBiBtt VrMIKta, W ill i, ri" Ibr lulcrior: Irnn Mivwn' MU I U'-Ul ? . Jill t'? >?. I <?? I I *11* -? " ?l" J<? .'?'Ui , I 111*11. " . t??*USl *i Uvfl Itanuri <- >' War llir I^IiIk ni i ?r'> pr- Vaila in linl C'i dbiaatioa ir. lb*- nn?.rral' i u rai <>o<\ having in vi*w It KKlUft I i oi ail nut < t at>4 the pff>trrr*a of n ir m?t!t>ition? l' Lb'K-ni <? ?a? in ? ? ii*t. > r<?ior. J on th* aan" in- * Im-nlVt til* ni.B I il I .-nit'iUal.uli, 4U'I lu" -<ki it At " hi !.K!:t 'iKli 111 I'll! ll?|lM-r 1(1 iVRl Ui) UlCfl^OfC III! tUII aii'.rri it a* i rtn iu?l t Aimii; t Ifcrw rtaflNU jo**rtimrnt nw-uierral tt It' t lu unipuiy UmmmmbI) .1 luttl 'virtu ri) opptr'il. i* Ub-<*tiitg mi u.i- nionr.- . in- nation'* BBnivt rwijfj Oj In* 1 nh '1 ."m i*. tnlwr wa. i :ii> winy prom iiffiiril tn ? itivr. Humph * Ii" b all Unar wb*i w aatirrr ; sn foreign Uuin u.i MCvuul (ri tho ?*?? Vf IMI, Um) aaivly KUlli In lb.' In?(iin (4 th< .r taniilH ? imr ti'?M.uininii iiiuutiM (ft-ni no pre -p?rt nf h Htertaf; i ?'til.urbi c mi Ibc iutm>iiii.aiua ol b v mwini uu ? ? I ll.t' < tti ? ? WtUvb nni I.t I. u.i to *Xd<,>Hr?tf it, li ii 1. 1 ? a rrt?r M rait m><* titx iiikI. pf ?'??? m Um ?rtwifi" m .rt n. iti i> i tin rtnli.'irra-- nur ? tn '? it. 1 1 l?i mmpmi it in aCli< ituial l'1't-^-i t* uf IMl *ati?l*' toi ) ' ilb^r, lb" *?? n .u I.;. Im ? ii dr> . ioi'I aiUttm^b aomf ru u Int. fnuMl lu r tf I .t .t ia to h? t. .nil we lull hurt- * n. , < , ' l< abni.K. tb. w. t w< tthrr cnMittf foiii" ret 1 1 im ii Imm. havr m<tnir'irr.l tu lakn MlVMrtafn ol our t natbiti, iw.-w-utiti'ii to li?\?- *nlT?"ri-.l Iomw in writer nl? UiaroXMtMM ui'l <i? i . y ? from ib<>ir cn? tit?r?;OB th i m ? otihlour ftinmi rtW fittnm inity M 4 in ?l n?r i in ? i^m. ?>i tmmum m? iimk 1 <troi<liM th - iraiU Mini atwU<tttt<|| in<?rr int.i* trx-raiity, antl m y hav-1 rt*- - v ? m.i to jiraut ?iiy cnu f f-i'?o# w in-wit int- prvtrtw i* \ Hi l.atiOL 'I a ?OiullilU?w . (nci utt |J I'l tbin I'd 1 1, l.i" ui i. I la If In ,ug lutlur to a | ?< n.?it^ ill l/M) ill Uvur of tb ' til Mill. 'lb* :?ffnir of tb?' .^i-rt iruMi M ati'.l |*-n !in?r The VTMb li I .ttiMii in i "'*iia. \?? I mtfd awmt# .it- on I a foil" tu . otn|iany, hnvt j.k " nte?l th.^ir riainw t? itovrnm. ol. b i ?.? tti iii ? .!? ?" rr-tiltri'"! until thi' n< *? t?i? n turn ? ? ? '.n - mi .11 lb? afl?ir. In Um < dre?in UMICIM, Mr. Btgl-r, iiur a ivn-ra from the bo-ilb j-tat? tiu?t iu - iluu ?! < b>.? oriwliintk |.*\ m?{ on I fi uivui hi fam . i.t iii, r 1 1 i.t j . r in on a/anulMBk on lint run i of i 'i.b k-o -.I . tin- ii- ? - t? ,r,/ iiiMiwii in Anruil, tb* n.?ti ?n.?l hi / ? ' *..r Jitn|iiw wm i-fit to -iH-i nr in -ni It i ; imp. I li j a'r vnl in i uu- t?i javi- 'In' MlifortiiaUF |? -!"i fer?. Ui? m? 1 mvi . aieke Cbargv U AiUirt-a iwar tills N|nM<, li<t <rr \*d Tlit" , t ihr \hTg, rtporiallon of coin b i* for ?om > t rr.i l.i an fi i m rtifnmrri i ll r n-ii i. IMrin(f tb" li." t H'iI ?Hjullia "I Ui ? )?-?i H6 ui nilvor. aii'l (JtT.lii Ml iroM haa n'1t th* r iiiry .h i.lo-i th? .im.nint *nl fr.i n Gt| m*i to Uu A:. i,t i, j. oviiit rf, wbicb uruiKl up Uu Mil . tpvrt |? o*. r |. Mo n <i Th* \ Blur irf ti? BSport* from Onln for th first 'i* n >iiliit i i tlif i . .i ifci-riiatr 1 1 1 1 l.i apiMtai ot tin tt rut (in Out) 1 1 1 , aulit' ti|| lli ? Minn of tbf k lai n t i|?iru-.i .iur ng iht- 1 rni- IV .-un-u werv ui lb l.aii'i "i fccii V raiini, ? aa b*t!n <iiwlkrw ? i Tbr Wire* oi Uii- Miitiae'i an-J Tan a leienr ti h tf9 b-}L*i ' M& ^ . sr Jb#ii' 7 .^haimann hiv b*rn rrmgr. iri m Cunwl at ,k ? r:iu> i in tb* |*>rt 'it t'aipara o. Ihr flan ill ? army ol Cbii? cub;i*l4 of ?.319 ru* Mi' bit ) *4 Ui vUi.'.ri PERU. til VOLITION A BY MOVBMKNTH IN TUB N > ? HO't i I MtM Oi MK. ht'LLlVAN ? QKBVT MO K FOll A 1U1I1KY KMIASY IN S?OtTH AM Kill,' . 1THTUU 11F.AD IN NKW YORK? AFF AIRS LN I* I MHT1I ? FF-l/.tRB OK (i(Hil>8 (.'(INTRA RAND It. \> AH ON BOA! K A BRITISH XTKAMKK, KTO., BT 0. < n i ,i 'vicnK ft cm Calluo aru t'> the llth o ober. A Boviuicr.t id Tucnn, headed by i?r. A rracm ?nd < ? 'I Oucaim in luvor oi vivunco, was put d u,aud tho i evolutional) leaders nought safety in II Au oul luc.-k also ink place in riura, the obje which ap : t m . to have !???? n plunder. It w.ti put down by the Pro Mi. mi < tln> accomplices of the assassination of Mr. Sul:i van, .lose lekz l'ia?, or Viroia, haagvec in -rriutiou K -ii -i the muroeier, who is said to *>e a ?n rtinun nu i! ,'ohii K-ri i. Tbu authorities have mil >et urest i ' rri, ik i is tin' cause which Id to tlio c unmidsiua oi i . ni*ir? ? r U'Aite public. A j in. i , mnn, named I indo, ha* been arrested in Lima eiu.igi oi being conccrneo in a vast scheme for rob '?? ly.iii le than thill) letter* were found lit Ilia posses i ii, r-l.i wiug Hint ail vxli-usivo plan liad bo"U organized .,r wl.oif^if rubbery hi .-knitb ami Central Auioiicu, by a ? >;i Ini j oi gauized colli puny , who Iwi their directors, so litaries, ti-eoourcra and otaor officials. Ijndo's father, at o i? i. N. v. Vcik. i- at the bead of the concern. tm tin hili ultimo the (;o\ernment advertised for pro pn ..tii.n for the ,.g, nry o: the salo of> In this coun try , (! \ 'lit'. IH? days only for the prest-ut itiou of offers. (.??nrral t -? lilla hart hciz<m1 a courier who was carrying "trl> Cvutail mh propositions of inoiiey to Gonural Vi . hpi i , mi- snot her messenger of the name of Sartori, a Voi ih mi'ih'im, who had in hU possession ?lm'i.uOo in l * ?-inir-~? ?! > bulits oi Vivauco, tiostineil for Valparaiso. In Hi e cil) they had got from Cuslilla $9,000 iu cash, lie [trice they bad aoked for the delivering upofabul w ark, 'Ihe Lh uil or ol those who hud deserted from Arequipa ? t; ulrwi'.y io considerable that tu:- ITcsiiient had ..i iv.. ?' iwn column- ol ttiv-in, each amounting to 400 men, w!.i .iiw } loi.ght in prrfcrcnc ' to all the other*. I y till -t< iiri r, the mllito'y clothing and w?r mnnitK-nu wUuli l.;m reluaincd at May mi bau-d the Rotrihiliou, ?iu which l y or.ici ot Moutero h.vl beo.i provcnteU from into Iriiu> , w-->re returned to CalUo. The I'annnui Star raid hi< the following corro^ |H'n<ience fr<.m l^luy to the Ttli of October : ? Political affHirg here are in much 111- ;am? -tale ;ts ever, if not worse. A force of (.en. I'a-tula'* i? nowclo^eoit -iile the U>wn, and are doing all in their pow. r to ann.iy the inliabitant". They have cut off the w it r, atot>Pc ' thu proviHicm, iiiid in fact mailt- themsei vei geuera'.ly gnriblf. 1 hey number al>out 5o0 men. lhe want of water Is much I'elt, especially by the poorer cR?noe. The frigate Apurimac supplies conden.HOd water to the HOldierii ami townupt ople, but it is scaroe, sn>l of very L>a<1 <| tallty. Wi- !ia\e at ilifflculty in limiting an-t div harging ves m'Ic. hm all tin peona are made soldiers of, and are em ployed iu the defence of the port. Nearly all the families iuixe left the place, and gone to Tambo, Arica, Sc., to t -ca|ie the numerous privations and daily alarm to wliicii wt are subject, t'a.-tilla has as yel not alUinpted any. ilriig ipinrt Areqslpe, nor will he. if to is wise. Tlie enthusiasm is very great in Areqii!;>a : the p'-ople have taken up the water pipes, wrapped llii'in u i.'vs hides, stopped up one cnd.uirl ina.le cannon of tliem. Kidiculous as ibis class ol artillery mny Ji"?m, it i< -aid to be very effective. They have upwards of loo guns u tittle in this way. On the loth Castilia's troops amused I themselves by throwing a ft w round shot and am ill -hell into tiie town, but fortunately did little or no .tinsfe. Moi.teio, Taptnin of the Apurimac, laid an information K iii: t the P. S. N. Ou.'s ste mier Valparaiso, .in luvtn,' a Mitity of contraband of war on board, destined for ? I'l.' * (apt. Barker, of her Driti-h Majesty's frigate I., ti tbiilii i> , went on board and liail some oi the -usp fled isi o| <uc'.. lie found arms, ammumtion an t military li lli.nj.. 'l'beri were nearly i!00 citsi'S. Til') t'iptain of the hi trdtut'.ou toli: Moutero that had there been a corn)**. lv l t 1 oul I of Ailjudh'ation here, hi' coul l hav.- lia.i the uann r\ i|?ri.i-o conii-c ,i. d. The articles were how m i pliiei ti oi, board ol the ltetribution, aud the steamer 111 Wetl to plOCee . loionei 1 iu i ra is still outside of Way about 500 BiOB. (ii the night oi th - about 1^ o'clock, a petit) (d hi.- iii'-u camo into tlio i"?u aud Ured ou the cuptt ta llouw, but were veiy warmly received, and ltid ?o '? make tr:e.k-." l.iltie damage was ('.one, and but one malt kiilou in theCustma Howe 'ihe ApurtmM trf i a L- mbvl of shi ts, and k i. itcked off the roof of a house in Ii vmi, hit.uglar rw 1 can learn, did no damage to the ? m my. I.iiiui is getting very popular in the Xortli. and it sccm^ very pii-babie thut he will utiempt to take the "bone of cui tcutioo" from th> two ttghting dogs. BOLIVIA. IKPfiRF..sB OF Tnr. KBVOI.lTtON ? MNARK8 I?ROVI blUNAL I'MtKIDBIT ? VIOLATION OF THE RE3IDKNCK < AMi I CAN LEGATION, KTC., KTC. Iiu revoiuuw -try Movements m this republic, of which imnrBMtiflB w?s iec- ived bv the la-.t mail, have, by l ist iiiivires, us.-i.ioed a more general character, au I Dr. Lilian? has atu-umetl ihe ti#o oi' ProrlslooaJ President, and ttiken the held agaiuist thu Cuuntilutioual President, tieiM-ral (onkvs. Ihti cities of l^i I'az. Oruro. Oirhabamhn and Chuqnisaca hao pru ounci o against the government, flea. Cordova wiu- marching a^ain. I ihe fir-t oame l ritv With 1,500 ve il r an?. l? I ui had a garrison of only 1 ,600 recruit*. 1 maif (? w*s lit i is habamba . autl lis had i^ffued a decrce det'lai lig ull Huh \iaii- I. a. lots who did not join him. ( ortiova l.a-i u-.ied a counter decree cou leiumnx all per M.n? u> tieuth w ho join- d I .nare-. iio that between them both the |uor cit.seae are in rather a diffieu'd position In I a i .t7. the residence t.t tb- Ant Minister ha l b-.-eu I token into, an-] tlie depot ed authorities, m lio had sought efeg. iifuirr the I n'ti d - lAtes fl:iu of Mr. mms. w -re akeu theieiri Ui. Iu Cwb:ia the pri'frot nominated hy l,i i aru hail SU tiei-n row ved. ( trrtova it h said, is l??.||y i ft lor troop- havmg no r.vvslry or artillery, and it is | robs Me thai lie w: 11 b obliged to yield to a movement which appears to be general, and leav- the republic. \ a nous atii mpi.t to subvert the governniwii ha\ ?? been mane ;n th;- rcu.biH , but, er< onllng to the in-ws|Mp?-r aicoi M-,ih?y have been unsuccessful, the (teople aiher tig to tl:e it- j. i ii;. lea. IhortMM Mi te tliat. WmWi of the Ind an {mpulatjon of Bolivia have dicii ot tto } i How tever Nt-we from Australia. LEGlPLATirR is TUK C01.ONT ? TUB I. AMI mi KK Bl I.I. ? <K>LD, I'KODrCK AMD Fl.Ot'B MAKKi.r Illl. KXIIIM) KIO fKK -? CONVICTED ? UK.VKKAl. I Ol ONI AL NI.W- I.K|-hii>Y AHONllST IMUhiM-l 4illtA1 MOMTALITf ? I't srOX.-* HKVg M ?. U> M bMCY. \\ i tan .?? *i ry int.- fl!- ? from Aii*trAli:i 1h?- i.i * - i- tUtet] Mrl<?. iri?". 17tb. aii J Pydnoy. 30th of Aujru i I r> m :<? th \';-traii . and in iuis.< the ad\ire? arr < II nrth Hint lath Of A'tgu-t A M? INmrxr litter ot I Lie above dat" ?iYt'- I hp follow mi i'inr ol < v?ui? ? 1 1 aiaiut learu Unit anything I* be .ill! ?ct i ally rti'iir hi lli<> -i* to .ay in KirapcM In.; nr*ii.i) Ih Wit mi itrtn ami Ih>|h art' mi' 'liug wiiL UMUt'y. Tbfri m a britrr ft-eiing in thn 11 mr Ki t, ?tt>i| #?i"? ot Allele III* llr.u, ti?\\ U lir.illilt . Ii n * bevo r Iti i trrt At V. !' \-T ti.n, I ir i ? .li Jjiii'i lull lixi ii. furthi-r priori**" in ih? A?i<m U; . siju < mm** -k lie- iJ without the Hi" it I'll - I oji l-.-lli. L Iflilli ltHh'ptrlJl>Ul lOt-lulier*. Th" SidM itOf l? 'III ral I ?- |.|(.J O-I-G to luret til" 4.UI?' J Bttl'll 111:.' till* I'Uuae ri -Tviiitf i.. tbv Crowii powei to ?-?- m- \?> -emkmo( Uii <: - Ik-id !?> iW. |n-torei triuiiM, b; "lu.tlnitf tli iie?i rip i "ii <?l tike p,.rp??i?* lur w "Ii it tnmy be rnxiiinril. rxoept tl.i f[<ri<i.>i i i?.r any pubnn Mrpiwa w.iai -vpr." Ik* iiw . Hit, luiriW. fuill Dltrl lln vu'Wt of HnT-il iiii lull- 1 1 , ?im will mil in' *.i'i 1 1 I unli i tli -y nr>- ran \ Ill l . tl III ? ?HJr pnhlir*purp<.-e'** Will III |||.]? m r\ (?? -oil to putjioee WIMclt (fee goa4 at the miooy miy (lKUIf. * m<-< t nc of th? unemployed of M^'b-wrnp And it* ri i i ij ww i i.t or. Ihur-iay.-v.nin/. in ih* I i i rn mir IH. ? tb tL \hwaf nuik iik kt:owu t lii-ir |KMitHw ual fti "| t i.k in* aii* lur it ? Mm- 1. oral uti. It i< rvrtain tint i-onn'i ," " i<i.|ilt atl. ti ill, <4 wtMilu p rh.ipa it miy u il b* i blair to a. uuir ilial worn lliau oui- I mIi weri- r--aHy "ill. cleat it-ieiretl to, euU bal u?i work tin* m ijf h? C'ii,-i' "ti l. AB rviUMKi- of A ?l?ti- of tb.iifr*. I?'in|?irarjr ? . ii I -i. i', imi w)i;i'b nfiim M.oir 1'ilort no llie (art til ii.. i ? f -, ,ii r?* to hIim-Ihit .?!?* Tl.i * -wf * w. i- about to five a fMBl l?n< y I .il 'll.irv.ny li- rtii.i *ay ? <?! it? All pntral* mil \m;i? m Ml'l-PAr IB f?D- > n.-tuili-' NVatIJT m .Lil i'iii. bav bi i n t-- 'ion. lor wrin ?? ?r .iraH'i i .1 r, wlMir if tlir avaitolb *pai:? of the I'r.u ?? jf \<a a I . i ri|?n il Ihi r. will tx> no *npprr out r<> ii--i.ii.tuu tl tin bo I ilifirij.tion will ??? almniiantly mmtm, 1 In ii, th^ni r irort arrirH y wt?r<lAj fr->rn tha RivHjr ftvt r ii Ktr.i ir ? . ?n4 tkliffWl at Vi<* !?y.'!ii?>y brAucb ol tb" li yal t Nt I^Mnwim ll lai- irf miM itwt li tlr'i* ir. in I ar r itiialta. MurrUm < IWy , .in I Mijof'n ?krrkara \rry laiuralii' lb* VmIi.( ? Mjf piil.i .1^. Ih.. r !|..W I1? ?It if *H?||| aDt^'i't Ibat ii j.rtMy a t i i v ? -tt an?(..;/r the ami tbat A I* liketo !?> rMrmi In I'jmfMU. Tin' follow II. ? til Alt oi a i-lli 1 1 'Mil a iiL'k'"i*l l'ai-> H.U. latfl fi.i.r my . I'th a i ?it?t, fiv?. th.- 1. irtic>ii>r'- ? I'hrv* -My ? ..i." tin- i ri <i|h r i irm i ihi fl m- ? nut i>: lh<-ir ramp, but .nlowfu liitm t. uIh Ui?- i I- ill-, an-l tb"ii ?*t lire !? tb.' ri i lb. r. n4. <4 ii bi <1? hi w.tb tb? l?proiy. o;i I ih. ir i .i: | ? a rif laf nn A ratTMf R<>t SA ior lmi> n.t ??.. i>i lb m lie look ill.- iii i-aKi* Troin itn' ilr*.l U.4I1. uii-. ti.-- urrlrr la ii. wUcnl Tbe Uwtor Iia-I tbp c mpictBn t :i th i ri. h a r-i in rom<* Inm th>' town b I tin' < imp vm ibrw quArtera of a mil*' iw?) . KAKim MktwruM. Au?. 17.- in 1411. i, in U?o rontrtniH Ab (?iii' i' 'ii i.irit.i ? |.rr- ntf an ?p|imvi>ii appntraiM^. an. aitlmi u' ii" J' tu ii ii i* Aaii i aii lir r*pnrti"J hi print-*, Uii* liiarKt l if rt. ai.ii'i . iikJ .< i mi-, mpiiofi m Vi*ry i-U-aly, i.i. ? l>a kit it- i ii-- . . itii | ru?. .| rati-* tn.iy tu- wnki^ fur. Bui Itl ill? mall- .-il an n^iml ri i|.i' -t Htmr rn-i i|ib-r i i .i- num. I in !??r? ln-1-n ? rwar.i. il to i??o i.nprior an I lirn- ?iv iy apt- iraiici nl tb j.r ??m ly irab'rion ?I.itif. MtlAl? K'-ihtuii) cuMiniM iluU. moi asoI bumI k not art wry Imt i Svp%A> A >' I#? W |a-an A On at Iboif n~uAl ttW, nlil B in I ft i?liil i lioif" jmrri'l nf l--.ii? iiiiJ nhtnlBi Tun , l>t-ii-K mimMi'. ,iii-J -intabii' ib luiuy reApwui ? lib' rtqum Uii III. Oi ID t III I b.' iw*4t III Ail <A - AdBTi ra i i ii a i.itto in prv-.v .umiv.i lain qiioMtmni I 'of i mi fboicr hA f t i tk ii- any t-ulirt' > hipim-Bl. it will But |v> tli* un(?-it?-r* UmfW Bt-I IM| aint charge*. In Muith AnHtfa la, hour i at i.t In tli" Hubed Towb Buiivt, u-j r (till m%int% n* iU oi l p, i. <? of is: In Vi* |.. i t'? i.. .in I* i-i?i kNfN in | i cr i-i Py In. y ami M<Tn iuror. Th* Hoi.mko HrtKi or a Kaii koai) kot ScB.n?cr W kill; ? Ti?? ? '"irt ol Ap|it aiM in K'ni #My, id lb? r?m MMimbiW r- W<**, ? ar.| ? I il . -Ml J mune ?<? I'll I lip* A Jordan H *'?, whi. h m <f epp^ale-l from tn<> K 'n'-.n l in i. It ? *>nft sofM" I'fni , mr -.b.ivi wjhm a fw ,i-?y . iln I Kirn that tbcfotimir ; im k . Be ,ol a pinir-iml namiot li -n i'i y* b I to b vy ml <wM' nn i. r in <-t i ntjon rh? iIivukhi ?? Klin 111 suit* b"|r ill l-v W,ii-.,.? ar ,rlj.? I ' i? i. , Kti ii .. , I |i * nf ' .i. lu r- :n i fi ho lur ibl "oBl* of the (tot k al an ni-i .itlo.i Ml"**, Ml I t-nj.! n? t Ii i. Iftifn rclT"? ii* ill" ?riit. ]i w m utati-d, In lb" p i n t.r.- jit t.tinD. that if tb? pinpifrly in q-!"tli"u ri*lli"Y

r i. t ti r rai.road mwt beonrar U*clf>ea, end hu iha mort - .. ? I.t- nrpjw'Abiy irgurwtl, an nut ia iy w-c? lh^ t-ars, Br , ol I be railrue-l Uivrt^eg"! iv bitu. but lb9 WIU BBti Utvvuiv pBn reiij. New* from ( > bm. ARittVAl OF THE CAHiWB BLAVK LANDINGS ? I A ! 8 OK KXLHANOK ? UK 11 OK TUB CITY. The steam: bipCsbawha, Cupt. Bullock, from New Or lei ns anil Havana, arrived here early yesterday morning, be left Havana on 00th of October. On the 30th, off the Moro. passed schooner Col. Lister, of New lx>ndou. She had lo>t jibboom. There was nothing Dew at Havana. It was reported that several loads or Africans had bceu touted. I xchange arbitrary, according to quality, necessity, Kc. New York. 3 per cent premium; I^ondon, 0 do. Ihe health of Huvaint was very good. Our Matunza* correspondent, writing on the 27th or Oc tober, say b:? No news of interest to give, excepting the gigantic preparations that are being made by our govern ment lor the intended invasion of Mexico. About three hundred men of our garrison here were marched off to llavana about five days ago tor that purpose. They think of putting hu export duty on clayed molasses. There have been several failure* at Havana, and we will still hear of many more; but here wearo perfectly safe, as all our business men kept aloof from the grand stock operations which took place in Havana some titno uyu. Our banks are doing very well. Our mat kut remains very dull , and only this week we h?d a little movement in sugars, by winch about 1,00 J boxes changed hands, viz.: 600 boxes damp, No. 15,lj, at ffcr. ; 0)50 luxes dry No. 16, at 0>?r., and 230 boxes low whites at 14r. Stock is reported to lie:? 17,187 boxes huJ 1 ,K83 hopshcads tn tirst bands, ;mJ 11,543 boxes and 1 ,185 hogsheads in second hands. Molttdo ? 121 hogsheads in sc cond hands. Me iaises, no transactions; stock 1.5S0 hogsheads. Money very scarce; discount for l>est paper, 10 a 12 per cent. Oi l! HAVANA COKKK.Mi'ONDKNCK. Havana, Oct. 30, 1357. lirium of (feiteral Concha to Hi* Oily ? Case of Captain Palmer ? The I'ruaner Winn ? iturc Xearoa ? / / tjyh tf , dc. , itr. General (ouiha takes possession of the palace a^aia this morning , his buggage, furuiture. &c. , already arriving from the country. We have no official advice here that Mirasol is to relieve Genet al t oncha. I a iu> r> case Ims not yet been determined by the court!1, t hauncey, or Winn ? whichever is the one left living ? lias some time since petitioned theOiptain tieneral to be rciiti vei from the Isle of Hintte, through the United States Owi ? 'ate. No response lias vet bet ti accorded. Five or . ix cargoes of negrot * have been l.uide.l within ten days on fie north side of Cuba, sot withstanding our exceeding vigilance. We had news ihis morning, or rather last Light, of the landing and distribution of 635 ncgroi s iu the vicinity ol San Juan de Ins Kemodios, mostly ow ned by speculators in this city. For the cargoes now coming due, owners are a little anxious, owing to the recent energetic action of the government and the mis takes < f the cruisers. An American Imrk, of 2.500 boxes, was chartered yes terday for Gibraltar and a market up the Mediterranean, for tU 5s.. and Iremhts for northern |>orts were spoken of. No change m prices of sugars*, or nominal rates, or ex tliallge.s, of which last little done. Court of (iriiernl Mr anions. P- fore Judge Kussel], Nov. 4. ? When the court was ojiened the Clerk pro ceeded to call the name? of the gentlemen summoned to serve in- Grand Jurors, ten of whom were fined $25 each for non-attendance. nnd the following citizens were select ?<' to tiieihaigc the duties of the tiiand luqucst during the eu.-uiug term: ? Clnrk.-on Croltos, foreman. Pnniel B. Bedell, Will. It. Anus, Kichard Burton, huwurd II. Barnard, FJisba Uloomer, Michael Chr> stal, James Cnmpi>ell, ? Ktruuel Down, Aaron N. Cohen, tieorge W. tarnham, Charles C,'. Goodhue, Thomas Hope, Ira Hutchinson, Ocorge H. l>oop, Charles H. Mount, George 1'. Peterson, John i'ettigrew, Wm Hhinelander, John D. ScoU, Peter Huberts, Tbomas Trainor. John C. White, Tut jtncE's ntAii.B to niK uraxh jcrv After the with bad heen administered, the City Judge briefly charged the Grand Jury . observing that were it not lor the laet that the law required the presiding Judgn at curb term of the court tn call the attention of the Graud ? Inquest ot the county to certais special statutes, it would i>e unnecessary to occupy their attention in ad dret-ring them, lor mo^t of the Jurors had already served as unite; jurors and were familiar w tli the duties of tliat oilicc. His Honor Ar t referred to the law relating to usury. 1 be taking of more than seven per cent for the loan of money was pumghabte b> law . next, to the statutes relating to extortion by public officers. ami to lotteries and the violation of the election law. An> attempt to inUuence a voter in costing his vote, or to binder a free exercise of Um elective franchise, was ^declared an infamous offence, and putil-huble as a mi* demeanor. The City Judge a 1 luded to the law for supprr . ing intemperance" and regu lating th< sale oj intoxii'atiiig liquors, aud read th ? 2vth sects u of the Excise act, which relates to selling liquor on the : abbath. lie said, in order for the Grand Jury to iMiite under that statute, the person must be 1 icons nd, and nil unlicensed offenders could not be indicted tor sell ng liquor oi, a Sunday, although such |>arln-s could bo fined tor selling liquor on an.v day. That was the con strut tan tliat oilier Judges bad lately planed upon it, in W hu 1. lie coiuc ulcd. The Grand Jury then retired to their room. VALUABLE KIKTRAITS H KtlllSKl' C hsrles King, an athletic l<s>kiuic individual, indicted for grand larci ny . pleaded guilty to stealing a number of va uai le portraits He war remanded for sentence, as he pn miscd to givesucb information as would lead Is tbe nitorstk* of the property, hoping that bis senteoco might be mitigated. ?man. Ann Murphy, the second wife nf a man named Cal lacbun. who was tried and convicted of bigamy in the ts tobcr term. ??< placed at the bar. she having ben in dieted lor the murder of the child of Callaghan's lirst wifo by drowning it. The Assistant District Attorney moveel tor lier discharge on her own recognzance, astheevi decro adduced at the Coroner's inquest was w holly insuf li< lent to tustain the charge She would, however, be arrested at any subsequent |*riod on this charge, should further evident c be presented against her. C.illaghan'ri tirst wile, who sp|>earcd to b<> a re~pe< uhle young wo man, wax in court , and wept bitterly on learning that tbe Cot rt ordered her to be discharged, while hi second wife was a decrepit old woman mHOKMl IN IMS SKPOMI tlK'IRKK lhnmu* Ragi>n. who seemed to Ik* an u te'lluent young man, was trii u for having mnete. n nmnterfelt five dollar bilb oti the Housatimiu hank in his pn*?i ->**> t rom tn foimutHUi receives by officers on tin' 4th of Sepirm^'T, tin > am U'd Kagan on tlic fith, and o.itid the hilU on his jiersou Tlie defence proved, by n nan named asMs iatr si tbe defendant, tbat Hagsn pick< d up the oils that some day. A verdict of guthy wa- r n.lered hy the .,iiry niter absence o, half an boitr. The prisoner was n inauded till raturday for s?ntence. A1HLMBEM1IT8 RLJIEWEB \.\a) l)\V. PBRMMAL. J r VI A It A M I> K IS IP TIIK CITY. SHK Wll.l. IIKAR 1 > r M>nieibin< to ber adT.-ti mf ?? y In pnring at No 72 tin rne airei i, nrtween Sand 4 ? cl ? k to d?>. for IV. U. If. Mc. ikkopmaTIon wantrd? or mh iiaki. i?av. who 1 arms* in ih?- ?lil|i QnpMs on tie- .**h of S>'|i:emi>er l*?t Any i u f ? i mati-in * ill tie ttwnklull) rrcnveit hy iu* nr.* at Nunc emb street, near t trst avenue. IProKMATIOR W ANTKO? <?r T?i?>M Mi F.I.ROY, ? Is' 1'iiiie to lh!? rountrjl In IHS7 Ht t-el iims t" the |ia r ?h> I Knoter, eonnty Kerminash Ir> snd. At s aeetiuo' of I m will be tlmiiliftilly reeeiv?l '?? hi? br'-'h-r, Mfbael Vr Kitny, i n t>o*rd the fit* of PaittSKire, opp..?,,e < uUma' 4mI, N? w V'irn, or at Zt f ulo>a sir"-'. I i -sjI. JOHN MI'RI'HY -YOI R PIsTKR M \R1\ WItO WKNT ot ?!tl< rnia is tbesie?tt'?r < ii? "l l i' -'?ur* ? .?.tenl . h-ar in ra yon immediately \ddrc?aM*rta Ujwin, Michigan 111 ilf, | i..> ir county, rslifon. a MAIiAMR Kt t:HHKI?( HKKssm \KKR ? ft.K fJKflRNn four address to Miss Ktnma Uealle, tiV Raul Tnenty su'b street. \|R.< II -\ttl It NiiTK RKI'RIVKtl Tint I, \TK. i * I IppsHM .e.Hier inter ?|ew. BMWnMVSSSt F, ttt RKWAIUM. &r it rw a rp ? i/O^T, lanv ?rxr?AT wr.r.K, a ?#?1 b m K \n I'll Ifriiff. H<?P|< In ibf Inn I Kirk. ** li "?rr ? ill rr'tiru him ?<? N" * > pr?M? ?irwn, m l ro?l>< I?- abi ve rr? ?rd. m< t? ^ur*w?? m>W. tf-."KKW.\RP LOiT FROM 2n9 Wr>T TUIHTFKVTM ?? ') atrvrt, ? kL-? k Md taa terrt*f (' >e writhngat it 1 1 - au-J ?Dtwcring M tke n???' m H'kik>f. p p 1 > u m l/?>\ * ?r K< WARI>? 1?> A>v rKKf?>!? ?ll<t H* rKI.I, ) ij? |.|rwni |?*M?I"~? M ?n,<r>' .-t Mi') i ?iiiO'l I, <rba nnre uvi d ?t ?? rvH i in ltr<*ini'' m, | M) In i?r el m ui>'ihin? In I'wtr ?dVau^ticv \ p j'!y i.t ibe r Itiiti'l. *t Will'im ?(rr?-i AMI HKW ARI? ? M?>T, NOV 1 AT 471 HHOAHWAt, ? btoek ?iik n*'t?l ? iiilAltiluK *:?> kiiI -?n? ? mxil fh*nK? , a Ian, * di?ni"nd rtn> ronm !?? ih?i ? inner, ll bklfe* tfcr kill nf Tfj-- aliu?<' rimarf Hill i.t |ii.k1 i>n r>'> "V rjr hjr k|'|>lyln? to Vbwlali, i'l*rwMt, Lake t lA^fil Hrin?1*?j C-rii RKWARD -HTot.KV <>* MOV* V?KR 2. FROM ?T? )" l*i Hi k- n'r-i . Hr klin, i iie ?i|vi r piu b'T *ud ui.r mivc r K' it~- !? i, b?*h marked ? M t. It. fr im M ihi r 1 Tk< aUiti r? ward will i.i (nifl tor ihf arn.-liM^ *<,.< u i .jnf Umu* ??I'll, iipi# lb?-if i|f|>"i)*l luj ?ad liff < %?rail>n * airci'l, K.w fuik. 6;.l| kKWA III I.' 1ST, (IM .mi.NllA* AFTi MNiMlff in *i i - ir in Hinirim atld ll.irn'k Itrp'W Ti Third |.uw, l.rm k ivn. ojr? i ?ih?r,nr li rrv, tm in ?m*U bill", >l.u ? mm ?iihvrn <t (i.i .'H rin ot pin;ii..;, n. nij Iwi o?l i?ct<i fot oifc?r? ?nd bu in i th.' m< >n ni r^traixirMiig t p. mmtiM ? iii..n>tiiii?'r?K dmt omi r niith rh. PrWTOkfli R NnTIi V Til*. M l|t.H f 1H <'Al.!rfjR ill*. |mr Ultrd Mann Mtintfr NIlRTHiiKX ? .I'tllf, ?. i.i !"-<? M thin ( Slice on I bur dv. , ikr 6'h i!?y nf JtOTfTn'-.T, ?i i ?'t kmB, r m. Isaac \ rowi.KK. fn?mA??rr. URWIMTRY. DKNTIflTRT-O. ' F.A'.I.KTON l!??KRTS IV^RTII At the i< pri?**s, ?*'#? on filter ; dX 99. T"t-th extrftmHI wiiiiuul c iu*l?H pftiw. 3^* Ci%uaI *>^?? M^rr^r, ??!<! No *4. ff KKlll rpRACTRT) I* TRM HECOMn1' WITHOCT 1 , in* ?l.? hii ?i |.nn, by my ^n>?r *n I or1(in?l ;?rrir.>?, ,noi / ??Jfin*> I hla Kdnnr?l.|- uiira lx (iriM-iMWl b? in? ? mi. U' f-k i U' < ? ?ln n If reiiulrrd * v. ? Cw??I Mir VkH't nOTKRB. ROOMS, TO I.WT. AF1KST CLASH BROWN STONE HOUSE TO 1,KT? NO 61 Went Thirl v h street, uear > .fth avenue. Poart won given immediately. Rent low ti-ittl May next lo a good tenant. N. B ? Has all I lie modern imprnvernenia. Apply to O. ROONEY No. 96 Mulberry turret, boutliwcjl corner of new Canal street. A ne at onk and a half sto^y cottaok to let ? CD the Blooiumgdale road, uear Seventy uln k street. St iges mm the door. Rent $150 a year. Apply to It. 11. CUDLIPP, lit Naaaauatreel. _ A DAGUERREOTYPE GALLERY TO l.KT; IS K.STAB lished four years, i.nd has a good run of customer*. Apply ?t 1&6 Eighth wiiuf. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOl'SK, FOUR stories three room* deep. 44 Kast Tweuty fourth aireel, near Fourth t.venue, to let. Kent low, and immediate posses tion A person w 111 attend * l the premises betwecu 10 aud 2, and at all hours at Smithsonian House. A good chakc* roa a first clam bovrding house. -To let. immediately (furnish. dl, the large hotiae IXt Prince street, IS rooms, near tiroadway , can be seen from lb to 12; rent ?cry reasonable. plrHARI)3 w Bn(adway. A NICELY FURNISHED THREE t.TORY AMI RASE nient house to let. near Figlith avenue, suitable for a genteel family, with git*, chandeliers, hot ami cold aliower baths, w ater clot-el, range. Ac. , yearly rent $*90 Ala*, a ? urnlshed lira class hoiwe in VVeM Fifteen th street, 16 rooms; 1 early rent $1,40 ; possession Immedla.clv B. W. IUCHAKD8, 307 Broadway. A DESIRABLE RK8IDKNCK TO LET? WITH IMME ? diste i>o?sessiiin, nesr Bro.idwaj , ye uiy rent, $3.*), with gas, chandeliers, baths, water closets, rauge, Ac.; t U-? hand M>me carpets, oilclo.hs. curtains. cornices, Ac., for sale at a bargain. B W. RICHARDS, 30} UruaJway. A FURNISHED FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET? NEAR Washington square, e\ erylhlng lor housekeeping In nice order, with khs. chandeliers. mirrors, bath, raikue, Ac., rent until May, $700; possession immediately. Apply lo B. W. RICHARDS, Ml? Broadway. A HOARDING HOUSE TO LHT-WEST OK AND VKRY rorvenlent to Brosdway, below Canal street; yearly rent. it'KI. tile futnllure entire for sale, price $600; from 15 lo 18 >?iK'd paying boarder* will reintilii. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. \ Kl KBISIIED HOUSE TO LET? NEAR RI.EECKF.R ii street, until the 1st of May . or longer, yearly rent, $1.2u0; with gas, chi'ndeliers, two bath rooms, water closets, range, Ac. roHsesalon immediately. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, U0T Broadway. A DELIGHTFUL RESIDENCE.? A HANDSOMELY furnished eotlage to let, at Bedford, Brooklyn, 30 minutes' ride by the Fui'on and Bedford avenue c.trs; rent free bv bo:. riling the owner, two persons only. Apply lo B. W. I.H 'HARDS, 307 Broadway. A NICE SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET CHEAP? BEING _/V the scrond floor entire, w ith fiont and b^iek room, three edi ooms, pantry, closets and Croton water. In the gctneel I igh basem- nt house 271 West Forty sixth street, near Ninth venue Inquire ou the premises, or of D. T. EASl'ON, 17 Wall f it M I. T \OWN TOWN HOUSE TO LET, FURNISHED.? A J J fcoi'd and ges'eelly furnished house, in * d'vdrable loca tton, west ol Broadway and below Canal street, v, ill tie let to a pr.vale family, at it fair rate, till May next, or for a longer lime. Apply to FRANCIS MORUAN, esUtle, 11 Fine street. Furnish kd HOUSR to lf.t-in twentieth street, near Fourth avenue, to a private family only; 12 rooms, with the improvements, in nertect order. Rent $12; per month Apply to R C. READ, 58 Ka?i Twenty second street, before 9 or after 1 o'clock. (>OOD CHANCE.? TO LET, TO A OKNTl.EM AN AND J wife, second floor, tluee rooms. No. 132 II ,iucrsley street, lo III $150. tias, Ae. House, with STORK and back building, on one of the leading avenues, to let, ? hrst rate -?t.-* :nl for a I skery, or almost any business Apply at 143 Nm h street, betweeu 8 aud 9 o'clock A. M., or after 6 F. M., or at ^15 Wat. r ? reel, uj. stairs, from 10 till 4 o'clock SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT TO I JET- AND TwOLS and lixturrn for sale ; the old sm jkir.g est..bli-nnient ol John M'CUaln A Co., 62 Marion street. Inquire on the pre miaea. Stores to let.? store and cellar si roose veil street, near the new Bowery; also store and cellar 193 William street. Rents low. Apply lo K. HART A GO., 144 Pearl street, near Wall STORE TO LIT? ON TBI NOI.THF AST CORNER OF Fourth avenue and Twenty fourth sireet, near the depot I of the Harlem and New llivrn Railroad I 'ompany, an excel lent stand for a dry good* or gro ery store Apply to WM II. NElLsO.?. 70 Wall street. STORE TO LET -Till! I.A ROE GROCERY AND : proviaon store, corner Ftrstav. an 1 Fourteenth st., com I |. etel* titled up tor th? business, an old established snd very ? esirable aland. Relit ?ery moderate. Inquire of F. HEYER, < n the premises, or at 54 H Tenth s.reet. TO LET? THE SECOND FLOOR or H'H*SE87AVB nue C. The rent will be moderate to a small reap ee labie ismily. Apply ou ihe premises. TO LET? TWO PARl<ORR ON FIRflr FLOOR. ELK gantlv furnished, In a tirst class house, pinasan'ly lo ci ted In I'rlnce street, uear Broadway, fcruia moderate Address D. K. W., box 130 Ilerald office. TO LET? FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. THE SE eond or third story of a nice house, oeeupied only by a pi Ivate French fsmlly. Inquire at 3? Third street, corner of s<coud avenue. References required. rro LET- PART OF A <;KNTEKL IIOi'SE, UP TOWS', A consisting of two parlors, two basement*, and two or three rooms on third floor, wiihfurnaca raa. hath, an.1 g>? futures in good order Rent low to a am.tll family. Apply at the land otiice, 73 Kaat Fortieth stre< t. TO LET? Til* FOI'R STORY nOUSE, OR HM.FOF IT, tn Kast Thirty third streel, hetw.-en l.-kiugtou slid Third avenues, with all the modern Improvement* m nice order Apply at No t^t Kiianirt) foui<l< street, second hoiserast ol 1 turd avenue, north side. r LET? THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS FUR alshed, of a house with all the mo lern tmprovementa in Thirty -alxth street, between Six'h and Seven i avenuea A party of gentlemen would t>e pref-rred sod eouid be fur ntshed with break/act tf desired. There are no children and no other boarder*. Address A. B., Untoa square Fosi atfleo r LET? FIRST AND SECOND STORIES Or FIRST rlaas house No IS West Ihirty ?i?ih ? reel e ght rooms and closets, ras, baths range m>rbl? laautcls Rent twenty dniky* a month Apply as above. rPO LET? RENT LOW. TO A GOOD TENANT. Rf>OM* 1 In a large house on lterg-n Helghla. I nq II lea at the 1 tiers Hnus", Bergen, near Ihe tburefc. or to the Uerg'n Stage Agent, ferry. Jersey City. fJ'O I.KT-AN KI.KOAKT SI'lT OF PfXiM^, ON FIRST I 1 or mrnO'l Ooor, on very Hinder ?te te| ni?. t.n r"-|?>ii*.,le [ rty Family very aiuail Inquire at V) Uem b alreet, oppo ?lie At. John's park. TO I.KT-TIIK TllltKK STOUT IIKJH RASF.MRNT ' houae So 14? W.-at Th>r'y-at>ty atreet, Uf ?r Kuch.h avenue, with all >he ModtrB Improvement*; . a* . irra ml < h?m1rltrr? rompli-tp. nrlirhhorhoi?J K Will h -. low;.) a good truant, or to two until lamilma, it applied for nnmedt n.el> . Inquire on the pri-mum. TO LKT-AT NO. 4S SKCONll AVKNL'K, THK 8KCOND atory, ronalatlng ol five room*, with *a?, and ,i|?'i - ui'ly located. Inquire of liKORUK IlKuWN, lit Bibl? llmm-, or on thi' premuu a. TO I.KT-TO A HMAI.I,. OKNTF.Kr. FAMILY. Til K l'P pt-r i. art of b< u?* l?o, ;w> I 'arlton avenue, iirooklyn, hi tu< >-n r ulton ami Atlantic avenuca. riMi I KT? A hil K STORV HIM II MAHKMKNT IIRtl'K 1 I. iiar. rmitalnlng >11 tlif mi*!i--n tmproTPtncnta nnd part of tin fiirnlturr lor aala if r*n#lri-J. for p vticuiara impure on ilif pretiiuiea, lb Abingdon pi ace. 1MI I.KT? IH RROOKI.YK, TIIK I'PPKR PART, WITH frr-nt haarnient, of hoitae 112 OuUleld atreet, near Myrtle at.ttw, ratipriWi ntcd room*. gaa throughout ibe hvu*c. K' tit moderate. TO 1 KT-PART or A MKNTKFI. IIOI7HR, WITH A I.I. th>- modern improvement*. utinM In Hi nitoc a nrt, n<-ar l-.r .iway Kant low ion foul tenant. Apply in W 4 If. I I f II ifW fourth avenue Alao, acveral ii > iaea to rent. Well ..?< an il TO I.CT-THF STORR ?*? CANAb HTRKKT. COKNKR Of lludaon. Ik a good aland fur any k:n I if htiatnraa and I.vturf? m r> main. I? a g nd .t <n1 lor a aegar or fruit ?iore, aLd will l>e let at he low rent of KB per month. Apply on tl? prralara. fTOI.BT? ON A VKKY qt'IKT. NKR STRKKT, NKAR I Hleeeker alrret, a three Mot) l>rn a houae, ?i.h na*, ba;b. b' t an t ? ?ld w ?ter In el. gant order, A' r> n Joiiti. K I. Ki.NHIIMKK, :tlY Fonnb avenue. fpi I.KT-TIIK f T( lit K ANO lit' K Kiw>\| NO SIRCAR X Wi?<>?reet, alao the upper part of thr houae, i . two room* on ? iwkI lloor aud two nttK- room*. Apply on tlie preiUea. TO I.KT? ROOMS Ft'RNTSRFU OK t*NFl'RR|S1|RD, In Mntiaton allWet, nenr llr-Mdway, al?< pari of a kiouae, ma amall family R' tit moderate Iii'pilri- at on ItrMdway, in tbe iare aiore. TO I.KT? TO A SMALL FAMII.T. FOIR OR *IX Pl.K*. 'ant ro- ma. in a h uaa. Where 'here ma of but twoper'. na. Apply <m tbi- prenu t 3,ri Uratid *tie?t, ne?r XorinUt. _ TO l.KT THK -MAI.I. BOI'HK ISO FR \KkUN fTKKKT, rent At"' 1 be rtmier etnre ,'tSt hrr?4?lT A par: mi* ma a: It Kwt "treet, ,tl ar I .kt .iame? < - i ifil Vt III *? I ? ?j, ar.d 19 Mill' i . ry atn et Apply at Vu Itrna.lway, n?irft 3. To l.KT- FoJ^MMON IKMKniATK' T, ItOITftK NO W Rn t Kim et-nih atree' near 'I .?.rd a*, no* ; ?raa thiniuliout i Ji. bouae, if nt $>il In line of K. .M t'\S MNO. ?? IKiweiy j rro I.KT-4TIIKAP TO A l?Oon TfMAKT IK A FIRST J i |xu bouae, parlor a. haa^tnenta, one or two lifdrtjoina, N th- i bird lumr. all modem Impi j* i mi-nta-. Inraiton h'-aiihy, i eightmrh'iiKl un?'irp "H-d. In r Iirtf ninth atreet, third 'to iaa en 1 1 f KlKbth an r nr. Inquire of Mra. LANK, on th^ra Mm ffOMttFE THK FIRST 1'l.AW RKRTAIIR* KT, RAHK | i aieut as WUImm *lreet,Poru.'l or I'me. and rompl -t - fur i n, .ure for aal*- Apply tn ^ I' F MAI lilt K. N,>. V .Naa^au atreet. C'lner o! I'inf. aemnd atory. I T~ O RF.NT -AN Kt.l'ilitl.K I?WKI.t.IKfl HOPKi, WtTH thr fnrnlture, ai * rri.?oiiahh n nt. In>|tilre at !!? W*l| I atret t, ae< < nd Itnor, rofltn No. It I rro MII.KMKK AMI OTIIKRK-A FARM TO I.KAHK., | J al'naied nt l ol'". I. I neat Kaat New lot Iietwren ' || 111- and lite mllra fn m iiroohlvn ferrlea. Ihehtill ltnq ind j o< thi.nw * are nfltlt" tiotia and will arr immoititte tw.i par II. a Apply to UMlltllK K W ll.l.l > Mf'iN, on ibe pr-mleea, al on' l>e II a mile ft"m Mwaitwadel'a hotel on the Hunter Fly rt?d. or !? -r pat tleular* at 41 Mer eanta't Klvhaii^a Hatb, Wif- j hit m ttreet. near Wall, N. I. 16 rHYSI?:lAN>? ? TO I.KT. AN KI.KMANT RUTf OF, naialatlm nf It'i itumn, wltkgaa, mariile ti.unn, t rrxmi ??:rr an 1 wa.rr rh?aet, on llr?t lloor nt the new t.rnwn a-i-n- Fnglirb i.a .< m< nt reaidem o 1X1 >in;h a'r.-et, third door km; .1 I r'>ad? ?y. ie ptMurricAL. TH WtRO RKTURMOAR AfWOTIATIOK-tHR > i rlrearj efeeKoti fur 'lie rlnlti> nf deMpN to noml nan Msifir. Alderwen t>j\ " 'her rlutrter -flieera I for th" llrrtlnher elertlnnl will he held at th' In milt I xapi-naary. ri rt ? r ol Seenndavi nnr and I wi ntf third itre?it, n-n Friday ,i,i itig Nov. $. at 7 hi o rl' ffc " IIOMKR KRANKI.IN, I'n alilenL J. M Arstar. I^rrctarlea. . ohb A Fumh. J ' _ ^ 1"!AMM'"kt HAlX I>KMorR*TH RVPVRMiMK <?VK rr:il t oramutt e ? Regular monthly inertia* will h* held or. Thuraday eveuliMI. N"*- &? 'Wi, av ilj. o cloek. WlUtON e-MAl.I., it . .. ? KI'WARD COUI RR, J' RSf ?SST,"l,w*rt? 8FBCIAL NUTIUUH. A card. -in justice to imim.-KT carrol. anj? Brighton, and hJI ;he oilier n 'tubers of my h , choli, I v. >h it understood that I exoner. i? them from .i> know l,<li c of ih?- lirn nj lately committed In ray house n<l far Uu r. that 1 have iievcf charged either of th?in with the <h ft. ' THUS. K. ICOOLK. Id a P.? THK R. W. (JRAND LODOH OV . Southern New York will hold lta regular qu r<^ ix-sk . n in the room, odd Fellows' Hall, corner of ilr a; awl * nil re streets, 011 Thursday evening, the ftth iiu?.?u Hi o'clock, by oiMrr, JOHN J. P A V I ICS, OrandSeret 17. IIQIIOR OKA IiKltK' MKKTINO ? THK RE 4ULAR I montkly mealing of tb- New Yor* Li-iuor Dealers* rtcly will be li. 1.1 1 Mmiopwiilau lUtoui*. Heater au?et, be I wi-i n Kil?ab ih ..urt Noll, on Friday evening. No*, (i, at , >6 o'clock. Ol'STAVUS A. I'.ATZ, Recurimg Secret'irjr, 140 iUd 147 Uu*e rjr. XTOTICK.-AS IWIMK OK Oil K NOTKH AUtC IN TOR _Ll hand* of par: tea wlio *r>- unkuown to to> ile- hotd?w thereof art rerpei'luliy miut-'wl in i'svur us wiih thcira* dress, or call ai our ofltce aud H-eeire a proposition fnratau* lucul BOWKN. McNaMKE A 00. PfcRSSK A BROOKS KKSPKCT FULLY RBQ0MT ALL perrons holding the ir notes u> forward particulars ?f A* wmc 10 Uiclrr.Olci', No 8 Spruce street P At lKlt; MAIl, bTKAMSIIlP COMPANY, NEW YORR, Nov. %, 1H67- ? Iht annual election for d -rectora wiH Mr l.cld i.l the oilier of tbf> company, Iwurcu the hours of UK. aud 1 P. M. en Wednesday , November It. KKKDKUH; IIOKKM AN, Heoratarf OPKCIAL NOTICE.? THK COMMITTER ON RKPUM KJ and Supplies of Ibr Board of Aidrrui -n U 1 villi; the xusjiaa ol' Tompkins Market Drill Rooms unler uons.dfr t.ton, wfll mrrt on Friday, Nmnuwr 6, ifv>,, at room No. 8 City liaA, lit 2 P. M. All partu s interested arc 1v.m1.auvl to atton.l. WM. Mf1 OnKKY, Cbtinuta. Aldrrruau ul the Tweuiieth ward. TO PRINTERS? A TELKUKAPlltO IilSPATUB, R? b> Hi- uud?raiuued, from thr Pri-sijrnl ai Lhft llutlalo Tj pojjra iiblonl I IHOII So 9. male* thai ill; 1'riu.era M tlio olllcfKiif Uir Kijirriw. fjouiiai'rciiU, VdnTilarr mid ^ixirMT in thai city are on a atrlke. W. li. McMANOB. Preaiaru. N. Y. T. U. N?. 6. THE TURF. TTNION COfRSE, L. I.-TR11TTINU.-KOR TIIK UBM? L fit of ilir widow of :hi> lau Ni'iani. tin 1'bura4^( Not. A. ai t \ o'cIock M:b b.'.?i?, 1m>>?i llin'e in to \Mn W hcian nami'i b r. ,'?kf tinkle) , .1. Card uuuuRa. a a. Wi?? iull ui.ujra b m L wlf vVoodrwl luitnedialrl" nlli:r 11 m Uch for t'.OO. Milt- hi'iiia, urat tbmf ta five. 11 W'oodi ufl uatuua br. m I July t 'utnuy, to wrtgoa. P. Vorhii-a uaninH tr g lii n.m l iter, 10 h irn. as. Car? vtj loir t tic Snuih lerry. Uruoklyu. for lite cnursi at I o'nloctt. and i rtum a?> hhju aa Lhi- hourl in over Pure U> K? HnJ r% urrfiOcen's. 811AW A WHITK, Proprirtut*. UNION COURSE. I. I.-HKNKK1T KOK TIIK WIDOW Ni-ltM'ii. ? t u riiursdiM, Novemlu-r 6, ut IV^ P M Tat I'rlfnda of Hi* widow have >;ol ih" hurse owuora 10 Ronai'Bi U trol I July Wixidriiir o ? i^on. Miller h I >ain?e| and J.tka Onkirf 10 lii<riie: ?. in unier that the public uiiubi b ivn a muri- * UM faclor> race. Sll AW <t W 111 I K, I'roprieUnrw TTNION COURSE. I. I ? TKOTT1NH.? ON Wrili.NKM l_> day, Nov. 11, Ht ? o'clock, a a'alliou nirtlcb lor Si,;OB, n.lli' beala, Ijcm o in 5. to w aifniia. i>. Pli:' r 11 unca ( . ad llir-.m l?i ? II. Woodnuf n.imc> cli ail. PlougbUo?. A frond day and track SHAW A WillTK, Proprieutna rnAICUL. dSOfifi ? WANT1.D, $MO IMMKDI VTKI.Y, FOR ONlt Jpc '/V*. year from May next, m'i'urity w ill be ^iv.-n on a farm worih ifci.umi, mi l a bonus 01 $Suu, iilc perfucily K?.Kt Ad.irtKH li. 1. . box 176 ller il 1 oltice, h *tlng where r.11 iuiflr view can be had. Agents need 110c anawcr &rx AAA ? WAKTKD, TIIK ANNKX1D amount on urat I oud and montage on boils'' l?t Pe^rt. turner ct' ltose h rre.s No brokerage Will be paid by A AlHil.PIll S, 4i". Pearl s:rcel. $ r) 300 WANTK"~?N BONJ AND fikht MOKT ga^e on first el'8?t improve J real esla-e, ia ? good locatinD lu Ihisrity, worth 9A>,uUo; pjiic) of inaur^aroi lor l^.bOU w ill bf asstgiied. rrnietpaia uiily n ill bu lmsir4 with. Address I.. J. I., Herald office. fl|Q AOtl S10 0"*'' AND WANTED ON ?jT"0." "" *" '? boud and mortgages, on Hrat cl.taa property, in i.r<t cltias neiglit.orboo-ts ami limi cltsn i ondsmeo. Alaa Krie Ksitrond accepUut es. Appi) to J. O. WILLIAMSON A CO., 71 Raaaatt street, d?Q 7r.A? T<? I-OAV, ON IMPROVED RKAI. K8TATB ipO. I ? in this city parties 11: iv applj betweru lUaud IX o'clock A M JOHN J. BENEOICT Crst mortgages bouj'hi; bona oda "U aud 12 o'clock A.M. N> Na.iS.iu Hj'eei, second tt.ioc. 1 A AAA? fS WO. t.'l.&Kt. SH.U00. Slfa?, SplvivvU Irl.aiW and $l,t.vt? to invest iu ptirrh bond- and morlftngea on feal estate lu this city or othur gone AI-" lai'uii aud eounir) seats for sale or e? tb iiiged. A|iply to A. HKRUEANT, i& Wall street. A YOt NO I.ADT, IN KMBARRASSKD CIRCC* sisiiees, w bd<es lo borrow of a grnti.'UiaB Imto hoodr ?i dollars, for which site will give good srcuritjr and rei> r -n c. tar Wkt Iht fri'iiiteniun 10 btatrd. Address Flora, li-rald oUi> ?. Awkstkk.n ai :cth?n house WIUU Mill II? j U cash iftlvanrt a on all .timls of iner?haJbll*? Itrnl of fe fert nc?'* given 1 s lo rexponsib'ilij by P. J. HKKLKll, No 61 Lira rtj street, flrst Uoor, 1 ight h aid. Anvenml PARTY RAVIN i l'Nl,IMITr.n means will accommodate merchants and private m il vluukis o any Jinouiiiot money, lor long or >h*'i i pertoda, ta pet snnal property of value t .?!>*? private an I I iislii-s?* r.?o tidenusl. Apply lu the banking olhees, Nos. 1 aud -. tw Naa sstt strer*. Bonds or the Mii.waueie and horuon rati. road Comiiauy? I irst and areoud iKsues, also farm morv gages. MilwaiiVif aud hrlolt Itailr.iad, Nasnvtlte mi l itbalta DOOga Kailroai. 1 oinpanv and ami. Is and mortgagenii varlaaa amonntaon jiroin riy in ih ily a ltd Sute. for i>sJe by W A M li WaHO, M. ?i Mrti.ii.,. place IRVfVO SAVINUK INSTITUTION. NO M WaRRMH street, one aot.r Troni i.r. enw.rn s r.-.'i - ioierral at t*e rate ot hit ?6j per ceui ou sums irom >110 fb>>> tipen d uly from 1U A M to 2PM. and ou Muudays, Thursdays aAd Ha turds)* 11 um i 10 7 P M WAI.TK1 W OOKCKUX, PresidooL. ViscrnsiLT I., lirrron, Secreury PKNNSYLTANIA COLLECTIONS. M i are making coilec.,.i|,i> to all partain l'?im?vlfaaJ? hanksble snd maturing p?j.^r. aud ?.u reiun pruiiial) ui N t w t or k lor the same at t h- iuwe? I'anu ular atleut'ou paid lu J?e arrat-gciueot ui claims pa* due We refer lo Philadelphia merelianui g' n ?rany. D.v > Is A BIDNKT. No. SrfSottih Third street, Pnil?.lelpttla TIIK SMAI.I. HTI.Ia ?>f I UK NKWAKK, N. J., BaNU ale received by 'is at p"i ceu' di? < uul NAN VLKKK. KKAD A DKKAKL, E Wall atreat TO CAPITA I.IPTH.? WANTED, A P.MITY OP MK4NW In furnish mom y lor hort loan on disinnnds and t> h^r personal prt.per y 01 vsine To sny party hatinu the uiouey, an inlert ?? ? 111 be guru iu uik- ol on- oldest rrutjitshei ltva? flli' ? lu be cliy Mi'iir > ilwaya sure. Address, siau."g plat e ol lultrvirw, ki 1.2. "? Post oitlt e. fpilK NfW Y'.P.K HAi.ANCK lnn'K COMPANY II \S I lb s dsy d. ' reil a ditiomd of '<vr per cent. pajaMe al Ihr 1 ILt r ol tin i 1 easurrr, No. 4a tVai. s rect, 011 iho 1 *h ISA 1 be tratisfcr books will in closed until tin- y b Insl WM Ms.N?I*.m, I'reasiirr* \* I It' . 1 N I A, NORTH CAROLINA AND RIIOM IkIsihI mooey tonuinily on hand and for aale. A isc nil kinds o. broken bank notes 1 tight at tin in ?i rales .11 M Pearl atreet, corner of Ir niton A. H f'otiiKH tt'i-TKRV Ctil I.K Th i.NS %|NiVM .1 St 1 1 1 T Yf bsnkt r, Detroit, ttichigan, wili t-ollcet in the ciiy and ibrougbout tin Ma r and rt mi promptly at curr> nt r Rflers to Mracnan A MoU. New York, kalward Mtartarai. New YtTk. llttluiiT, is tuber .ft, Ih&7. V.OAN nrm ?->. (J?l -OI.I) < iiVMIiscloR IIUI sK, 3M ItHOADWAT. V A. .ir-ti- 'I l-IH Mult. ) i?il? <nrt d Oft tli kluU? l?I llli l-i h.lulilW mil i? th?. i>u'*?i ori .( 1 i?i (mi* oirt !,?<! ?? and ((.-nil* iih a m irvJ In prlTatt ntonia r<iilH>-iiil?l li'jt-rH and ^rtniut > B.? i but o4k? win M op. i. b-i.iftrr Iron. ? A M l?< t! nu-ht J ?.iiliur < idMtianioit dealer, S* Hrnftrlwajr, c-ro^r iif W . ikrr >.r>?L -MUNKT AIIVARt Kl> ON WAft HKS. MARwNlm ? JrttkT, plMm ntn furniture .?<? m ?um? ??ui* appltraa.a AImi p.ra..n?l p. .pn tj 1'out.b, >>l <-?r: / .Irani is I U' 11 Irirair i 'dicta nirljulua Bnain. a* r..n:t t. nH?i t' I ? I.AKK Aio. bltikrm. Mb Hrondwa), curnrr of I'nax* alrrr.. rmnia fi?r anil w>rt n JjI TO fcv.lMl TO l/?AR ON WaT' IIILS IHAllONI* j Vft J'*?lrj ?rt(ftr?. dry (imda, and *11 mnda of p-raar.^. I pr.-prrt), m IuukIw ar>t) aoii lor c.utk Rrrch >iiu wuOkaf u Cloav out tftelr cuurtf aluca lor m.h arrrtmmmlMrii ai. *bnn iioiu-r fn urilu-a ul all kinja*! hj Tlll>M>*M4>P A ('(*.. timki r* hiuI (nitim ? .rin mi rrhuu lib IKuuu owtw ( I Ann mrrr', ruoma Nn? Vanrt 7V* a~-oad B>?. d>1 "7 (|| || | TO I .OA R OR PIAMORDA W \1< ItMR, VlU I . VW j-wlr), araar*. fitrnltnrr, *r , or Uir n 1 ia? l.ntlghl lot raah | i tut. by tbr ttrll knttara IHA A< H IlKw II ? h?mli<*r? atr*ai S B ? 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