Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1857 Page 2
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there wa? nothing in the manner of Mr Smith pwvwMly w ha h eicited my suspicion while iiuatuug through the r<wni , rcmomber to have s<-vfi Mr darter smile, 1 have beard my uurlr s|?>ak of a Mr smith, while on ? visit to lli? city during the summer, I heard him state that Hmilh v>iw a travelling Iniok agent, my uncle I* a native of l&ig I it it. I . be has beeu in this country about twenty five years be leavM a wife, but no children; 1 luive beard of no bu mnf* transactions- between my uncle anil Smith . there was something pn\au- between them At Mil* pi >uit tbe inquest was a-ljourned for the purpose of allowing a port mortem examination to be made by ihe Coroner's physician. l>r 8 I' Brown At ten o'clock last night Dr. Brown was sworn, and te titled a* follows ? 1 made a post mortem examination upon the b<idy of the deceased. 1 found one gnu shot or pistol wound on the left Bide thorax, between the fourth and tit tli rib*. al>out an inch from the sternum or breast bone, it |>a?*ed through tbe right and left auricle* of the heart; it also w ent through the descending aorta, aud lodged in the itoraal vertebra?, ? hiuh 1 did uot get out , there was a w ouud on the loft side, on hi* hack, about two incheff from the spinal column , and one inch below the clavicle on the left fcida, that ball remains in him; there was a shot ou the right side, al>out six inches from the spinal column, and one inch above the crest of the illium, lhal run about the liody fix inches, and came out on his abdomen, there was another ball entered on His left side, in about the same position as the one on the right, aud passed Into the verte bra". upon lifting him up In the bed, a ball was found under hini, which came out of his abdomen; I think this was the one that struck ou the right side: four balls must have entered his body ; the ball that went into the left t-ide of the thorax anA paused through his heart . killed him. At this point the inquest was concluded, and the jury rendered a verdict that the deceased came to his death from pistol shot wounds inflicted by Thomas Washington Smith rROBAHLK CArSE OK THE Mt'RDKR. There art' a nuuitK'r of rumors afloat as to the cause which led |? tin- tragedy, aii'l from Ikrmwe gather the following statement. which appears to be HUtnentir. AIkhM srx months ago ltichard Carter brought his ward, a young lady then at boarding school, in contact w itli Smith, who admired tier, and after a short courtship married/, her Thr pair lived happily together in this city for two M or three months alter the marriage, when Smith ill* ' covered, to his astonishment, that his wife, whom he looked upon as virtuous and pure , was about to become a mother This discovery drove him almost to madness, and he at once set to w ork to discover the author of his sliarne and dishonor. He succeeded in interceding letters losing between hi* w ife and Carter, in which it was made too evident that Carter had l>een her seducer, and that he Lad ??vti made an instrument to hi<ie her shame. The wile consenting, a separation look place, and shortly afterwards, in four months from the tunc of her marriage, she gave birth to a child Smith consulted counsel, and took measures to secure a divorce; but meeting Carter y est er<t?y, wreaked his vengeance ou the author of the trouble. Carter, we learn was a married man. and wa? living with ln> wile at Tamaqua He was at one time In IMirtnership with the father of the woman that he is charged to have seduced, and we hear that her ruin caused her family the greatest distress, and that they had taken measures to avenge the alleged w rong. After the commission of the murder, the prisoner ex pressed a desire that H. C. Townsend. Ksq.. should be sent for, as he had consulted him u]?>ii the subject Another legal gentleman, who was in the office during the iuvesUgation. said the prisoner had called upou him a few days ago, and consulted him in regard to a divorce. He did not think that, at their interview. Smith had the re molest idea of committing a murder. After he was placed in a cell in Moyatnensing prison, he thanked the officers for their kindness to him. and said to officer Albright that he should accept the revolver from him as a present for bis gcntlcniaiih conduct, ami lor pro tecting him from the crowd. H? a No told Lieut. Diekhart to take the bowie knife. He states that in their conversation yesterday, he asked Mr Carter to Uke some measures to blot out his (the pri *oner ?) disgrace, that the deceased told huu it was no disgrace, and that he himself intended soon to visit the prisoner's sister. Tins Smith considered as unendurable and shot him u|>on the spot. STATEMENT OK THE ACCl^ED. After Smith bad been placed in the cell he expressed a desire to make a statement, but the officers generally de c lined listening to him. He alleged that he was a South c-rner? a high minded, gentlemanly man, who would not t>e guilty of a mean act . that he had met Mr Carter at ne coal mine- ra the interior of this Slate and thought bat ne tra.- an honorable man ? one in w how he could place the mo?t Implicit confidence He also met a voung lady at a seminary in the interior with whom he became fascinated ? in love? aud whom, he learned, was an adopted daughter of Mr. Carter lie consulted w ith Mr. t tifioB the subject, when he informed him that the girl was everything that was virtuous and good, everything o '?""n could esteem as estimable in a wife." Soon alter tbts be married her and they removed to their ''ome. Soon after his marriage lie discovered that all was no* right? that hts wile w?. pregnant, and that in Tour month.- from the date of the marriage ceremonies, * birth to a child He also alleges that while this ?iri wm at school as his adopted daughter, under the pro leased protection of Mr. Carter, there was an improper mtiuiacy between them, and that the child belonged to Mr I He im learned that there had been illicit inter course between his wife and Mr. C. since their marr.age on mora than one occasion, and having been cruelly de ceived by a man in w horn he had the utmost confidence, and smarting under the wrong s to w hich he had been subjected, he determined upon revenge I'ARTICCLARS OK THE P AST lUsTOKY OK TIIE PARTIES. rTVom the lliiladelphia Bulletin, Nov S.l A shocking murder was committed between fire and ?x o clock yesterdaj afternoon, nt the St Lawrence hotel, in I Ti est nut street, above Tenth Tlie victim was Richard President of the Anthracite Dank, at Tama qua, Schu\ nclll county Thr murderer was a man of i??tne twenty -eight years of age. named Thomas Washington Mi.tb.wbo came from Cecil county , Maryland, and was ?gent for Dr H<*r ? Rrr\rv and oilier |M-ri>?lical< Mr Carter arrfved here yesterdaj at 12 o'eks k. from Tama qua, and took Urging- at the St Iaw renee hotel. Smith came Intel} Trom the South, and lodged at the Madison House. Hinlth visited the hotel yesterday afternoon and had an interview of at>out half an hour with Mr Carter in the front parlor The persons who were present did not uo tice atythiug unusual in the deportment <?f the two men. until, after some conversation. Smith drew a revolver and tired four out of the five barrels w hich were loaded. All the ball* took e/TWt. and Mr Q?rtcr fell dead Smith put bis pistol in his (KM-ket, and drawing a large bowie knife, walked out ol the house with the latter in his hand. At Ninth street he was mken in charge by officer Albright, I" wh(jn, without an? hesitation he gave up his The (irkcuer was takeu before Alderman Kneu. who gave him a hearing about seven o'clock, and committed him to answer. The auolhgmec of the affair had spread far and wide in the meantime . and the office was t rowdcj with s|>ecta tors Smith wa? much excited during the examination, and declared that lie had committed the dee I. He also ex|>rea*ed a desire to make a statement, bat Alderm in KM* caution, d him to be silent and he was committed to Coroner > enner held an inquest at ihe hotel Ust evening, and a verdict to the effect that Ihe death of nn*r was caused by the se<>ts fired bv Smith was rendered Tl.e pr ?eem? js^rfectly c.s.l this mnrniug at Mov atnti.stng prison. and hi- ?tem> nmr i? that <>ra nnn who li" ' "' a prats, worthy action. The circumstance. of the |w??t bistort of the parlies, as we ba\e learned from one well acquainted with them, are a* roitow* . Mr Carter w ? an Englishman b* birth, and when he first came to Schuylkill count > , some years ago. began to work as a m. nor. Il< saved money . and gradually rose from hi* humble positsm and became at last a large nro pert; holder and a man of influence His wife who is also?irhsh is s<4ne ten years older than he was. and tbey have never had any children A few v.-ars ago he became ar>| naif it .1 with a Mr John M.Caulev residing in Uiaerae county whom be as-i-u-u in busman* Mr Mc tfculcy bad a young intelligent and handsome daughter IB Whom farter became interested . and he had her p lac mi in a ?? risrv at W ilmmgton ||< used lo accompany her to andrmtn i Wilmington. stopping frequently In Pl.iia.lcl '*? r** l>?< ml'Tmed .* his movements At ?ne M booi MM* Mi Cauley wa- und. rst.ssl u> he his niece It IS presumed that a guilt; Intercourse between them wasgouiKoa all this time Mr Carter was about 45 year- ot a** vr *,",r M ?' Mill at w immrt.e .h. befan.. a< qua nted with Mr. Smith ^1^1? K ik ? f**' 1 b> h" ">'< l>ro|s>sed ctari^h^r , aMeptert 0,1 ?*'< border of _ Tb^?^rfMMr,.,ook ?? Wilmmgton Tliose be-t ^ qimtrilM with Carter Ih.|?. v. that. ? wu(lir ber ?marr> fcn tb he w,. ?. ,w w* li itmeir atac?re?y alia, bed to h?r that lie wished to have her to himself and that be would have married her If it had *>een piwsible Mono after the marriare .li f?v etyd that his wife was far advaw.-l in pregnane*, Md ' r'Vm* w"'1 ber A sejairatton tor* ?4a. ?? and Mrs Smith was prot ided for by Carter She gave it rtb to ? 1 child some eight or nine m'^iths slm- and is livma with it in a town near this city where she Las been wen taken care of by enrter nW.f, ^ ,hr of being lnnae in bis mo L l"2^lples in his, ounger days. and fai? r.wduct towards sltai ?r' more recently gave rtse to considerable . .^1!^ He wa^ m the l.abtt <4 having her to meet mm W 1 ??" remaming Zrr The, mSTtiL ulZ r'"irr] "n Monday to. c|,.^l f-n. tb allrl^ .irl l*r,h'r ?? ^ and other place. SmJTS K?" ,hl% k'Pt UP aft.-r th< ir It.. r.rr jTl/1 ;,,nforT'1 ,JPU| '?"?kh.irl while on tb? bote V w???av 'n """ ' 00 * er?atM>n at that he m'v^r - 'l M,r bU l?1'1 ?'"? nt w Immgtm, *" *) ?letcr at the achool -mrth vai at one t n.r .. Of hn nrtim st Tarua.j ? * ,^rk ,l?e store Impraartwi thai Mt>- MeChnlev ml '' under the "f Mr Chrter Tl.. acq-iaM..' JL J *? a?opto4 dMfhtef the a?e?ey ,4 Hmith at tt,r ..'i,' .,! ? trough m.wt etr?i em rejMitattoi , . "w* '? h bears a Au.p.rioo m She real cliarat t> r ..f u" 'y ,? latter waa now with her relat v . ? ? r ,* *""> Thp father mides m Isi^rne c,.,ntv *erconnty Bar Smith, the prwofi. r has c?sult.'>| several u. . i n "'r WWh * " pKxnriug S d 1 v?rr? f rorn h ? .r"1 nnii prooe^ttnrs were about bei nt .?mmeD, ?a 1? ' * ?' ! I'asxal o" took pla.. aV the m ''T fte boa, Mr f arter last tJTgh! hC^ed Mr Atwonri the nnd? rtak? r by wh?m it wh J*' Tamai|ua this afternoon ^ ?? excellent ehsra.ter, ?, ?jl- ff. ?? "* rM'/ eerentrlc in his conduct si Iter went away from hi* liome while insane and HmtuT^Tt' ^*r'' ***"' those who knew SSfcSiriE f"nr,,,!i <"?" tier 'lei W"f' '* ?>!. having in a r.'stl^T mirmrties ,4 his fstlier H. w" of In so* ot?e never content <> I 4H1 rflil ADII. mi A ('ORRRSrxvDgNCK. T?.s .1.^. . l*WHsn?tj*i4 Nor I. MA7 " ,h' * '-wrwnce Hotel, Chest ? "raoM wWi ... . canveraad with aersral ay hM net ia an7t "0,U*W*,, w Ul ?he mnr4ar a. tr r"- r count r? about twenty Ave years since with a brother, and settled at Tamaqua. in Schuylkill county , in this Slate The brother* were miners, ami beiug v ery industrious and saving they got together considerable means and went into bust neat) upon their own account. They became ex tensively engaged in mining, storekeepmg itud in the mi uufacture of iron. In Ibis business they associated them pelves with a man without capital, named John McCau ley . a resident ot Berw ick Their furnaces were subsequently burned, and McCauley was a ruined man The brothers Charter coaHaued prosperous, and Richard was. not long since, made l*re undent of the Anthracite Itai.U at Tamaqua. He was at the time of his death forty -seven years of age He was a religious man. bo far as professions go, prominent in works of charity, and Ins reputation . only suffered from one cause, to wit, his fondness tor women outside of his own tanuly . and his amours were numerous and scaitdulous. About two years since be was tried at Orwigsburg for the seduction of a young lady, but his mean.- enabled Uim U> get out of 'the scrap*). i Some few years since, the wife ot Mr. McCauley. his i former partner, died, leaving an interesting and licautitul 1 daughti r minted hlizahctb, who was then about twenty j years of age Mr. Carter took much interest in this youug lad v . and at his request her father consented that his old I patron should take the charge of her education it)ion him self. Mr. farter seut his Ward to the Wesleyau Female ! Academy . at Wilmington. Delaware. He was in the habit of sending her word to meet htm in this city. She would obey the summon* and repair to the Girard House, where they would remain to gether, publicly as uncle and daughter, but privately as man and wile, from Saturday until Mouday . when Mi-s McOiulev h ould return to l'rofossor liwmis' establish ment at Wilmington and her protector would go b*clc to his wife at Tamaqua. without ber suspecting the errand her faithless husband had been upon l'|*m one occasion Mr. t arter and Miss McCauley travelled b .gether to Ni agara and at another time they spent some days together at Saratoga A youug man named Thomas Washington Smith, from Cecil county . Maryland, was at one time a clerk in the store of Mr Carter, at Tamaqua. Mr. Smith afterwards became a travelling avvnt for various periodicals, and was 111 Uie habit of visiting his sister, who was a tcacher at the Wesleyan Academy at Wiimtugton. Upon one of these visits he became acquainted with I Miss McCawley, aud was enamored of About a year ago he married her in opposition'. 1 wishes ol Mr Carter and four months later she gave birth to a child, which was the result of her intimacy with her | guardian. | I'jHin making this discovery Smith parted from his wife, and has since been making arrangements to com j me nee an action for a divorce. The fatal result of the meeting yesterday, at the St. Lawrence Hotel, seems to I have been premeditated. The father of Smith was insane, and the son has since I exhibited eccentricities which induced the suspicion that hi- own wits were affected. I presume the plea of in sanity will be set up ill his case. The body of the uitir deied man was taken to Tamaqua this afternoon. He leaves no legitimate children. The murderer was much excited immediately after the shooting, but to-day he is much eoni|>osed in his cell at Moyamensing. aud by the ahvioe of iiis counsel he wisely | declines to converse upon the subject of the murder. Mrs. Smith, with her infant, is at the house of a relative in Chester county Metropolitan Police Matters. WILL Mil. PKAfKH TAKE HIS SEAT?? THE NEW HEAD QUARTERS ? THE QKNKHAI. 81TKKINTENDKNT WANTS REVOLVERS, ETC. The Board was to have met yesterday, but after a ma jority of the members had sat for some time in secret ses sion, it was anuounced that there would be no meeting until Saturday, at half-past ouc. MR. DRAPER The question w hether Mr. Draper will accept the prof forred pent in the Board remains yet unsolved. No com munication ba^ yet been made to the Board by him, and no one knows his intentions. On Wednesday, however, he sent for a certificate of his election, and on the blank form was an (Kith of office, not yet filled up. From this it may he presumed that he will be soon sworn in and take his seat, or that he is waiting to see the coniplextou of the next legislature. The astonishment at the delay u al most c.jtial to the astonishment at his election. Tim rkmovai or the omnt o? this ukpi tv hipkri VTKxriKTT Tlie office of the Deputy f uperintendeot is now removed to the new building comer of Broome and Kim street* , on the second floor. w here he has a tine suite of rooms. The General Superintendent is located in the front room on the same floor. The Chief Clerk and his assistants are located in the hack room, first tloor, labelled " Dining Kuom. " The Board meets in a comfortable middle room on the same floor, labelled "Beading Room." and the 'sitters," of w hom there are a large number, occupy the front parlor, where a tine tire is kept for their accommodation. The telegraph of fice is located ui the basement, and the connection-' have been made from that point to all the other station houses. The returns of all the arresu made by the Police Depart tuent. covered neatly, la over two hundred volume-i, are piled in the office of the General Superintendent. Tint KXW HAVMX AND HARLKM R V1I.ROAD CJCBSTIO!*. The General Superintendent is in a quaudar.v as to what Is to be done in relation to this vexed question The citi zens are constantly running to him. asking his peremp tory Interference to stop the nuisance. The companies have promised to communicate with him in answer to the resolution ot the Board : and be does not feel authorized by that resolution to take any decided steps. It will be ntoIImM that the resolution <t)rected him to " enforce all ordinances requiring the intervention of the police.'" lie say* if the Board will inform him whether this \ exed railroad qnesttoa does require the latervetrtk>a of Use po lice he will know what to do, bat that w itbout such in structions he would not feel authorized to enforce the ordi nance relating lo the railroads, any more than the ordi nance relating to water rents. 1UK C.KM.ILU SI 11LKI VnCXOKVT WANTS TO ARM TH* MK> WITH , RKVOIMCNS Omen o? the Ft pmummmT or tint Mntio- ) roUTAS 1'oi.ick. \?w York. Nov. 4. 1M7. f To trk Paaniaorr or UK Commi-wonkr* o> thk Mktropou ta* I'olkk Dwtriit: ? Sir ? J*revious to the cleeimn which was held on the 3d Inst . I caused to be published, in complawce with the law . m the several counties embraced iu the Metro|x>i,tan Mn district, those aactfana of the art wln< . h prohibit the vending of Intoxicating liquor* on the Sibbitb. or on any da> of pablic election, aud winch also prohibit the erection of boatlis or boxes for the distribntioQaf tickets ? Ithia one hundr< and fifty feet of their ri-spective poll* 1 also direct, d the respec tive CA|<tmns of polite in the cite of New York and Brooklyn to cause tin -aid law to be enforced In anticipation of the riotous conduct of dn? ord rh , ersons. which too frequently attends and disturbs our elections, n system, compri-mg a full organisation and distribution of the i? dice force, was for tbc occasion pre pare! by Deputies Carpenter and Folk, and a lop. -d and carried into effect. While I ha\.> rea-on to congratulate your hottoi .' le bocty and the cit lens of New York for the quiet at 1 orderly m inner in which Uio ele. ti,,a w.i.-. cs.u auilid 1 cannot Wiihtiold the ejmrcsHlnU of mv liiglmt approbation of the giswl and nBtldi' conduct of the officers and patrolmen WMMCted with tins department, in not onl> ? onimuiiic iting tothe Tar tons persons within their respn live commands and beats the exi-t. n^e ??f those laws, but in their offieietit enforceRP^M of (Item Tip' names of delinquents whuh hare t' ?? n returned to m< will be immediate!) transmittal to tii? District Attorney for his anion In \iew of future cattofeni ics. an I from the expe rltp es of the lost eleet'.n. an I ' >r the more eff' ctaal pre ventKM of a repetition uf t? enes that have heretofore oc i urred and disgraced thia city. I re?pc, tfiilly ri omuien I that an appropriation |>e made ati t a raaol its>n passed nut lion/. iu- the among ot ten pro lent and discreet pi trolmen in each precinct, with rAihrr^, th it a suflli lent force may in any emergency. 1* called upun to suppress ? ny riots or unlaw lul as-.i*mt>)a^e4 without the nec<?stt)r ? f tnvofc ng the aid of the milit >ry The |au< tv of numbers constituting the present police force admonishes tne. and I boj* enforces the ttecar -itjr of |m reasing it- efh< tens?. sii I I have ascertained that the mere eihlMMan "f firearms in the hands of those who can legally use tbeni produces a most potent and Instan taneou* revulsion In the courage of tli" blustering vio lat?rs of law Its < mciencv has been te.-ted, and its far ther appl ? at Kin I truit will be approved F A TAIJ.MADGK, General Superintend nt Poiica. The following was the forcei as r< ported to the tieneral Superintendent > estcrday I'atrolne n <M)5 Captains or acting cap < m *|<eriai duly 119 tains .22 Roundsmen 4-t Absent with leave 5 i-sfi^'atit* 5f> Absent without leave.. . (I Wd irt Sn-|iendfd # 9 < oroners" Inqaests. A Woma* Foc*n D?Ati t* Brti ? Jtrswton or Fort Plat ? Mrs Catharine Moore, of No 1T1 Forsyth street, died suddenly on Wednesday evening under such clr i cumstancep a? led the brother and friends of the deceased to cause the arrest of Thonia* Moore, the husband, on I su<)itctc? of 1 taring used foul play la the premtoas Coroner foaoery was m^ifi' d In regard to tn? occur renci yesterday aiornlii?. when he repaired tothe boute of the deceased and cuniiuencesl an investigation relative to the aflair It appeared ujs.n Inquiry Uiat deceased and her husband had lived unhappily together for some two or three years, and that tbey had been separated more or less during that period Dr 1'mnell made a post tnor teni cr iminal on ot the body, and found evident traces of laudanum in the stomach The heirt was not in a healthy condition. b< Dg covered with an unnatural quantity of fatty matter The physician wae not positive an to the cause of death, whether it proceeded from d Mease of the heart or from the presence of laadanum in the stomach, but, to the best of his t*,lief. he tliought death might l?e attributed to the latter mine No evidence that could in any way Implicate the accused ? t- rli> ||< d, and from the present ap)>earatiee of the case *e are Biuc li rm litic-d P> Iwllevo that it is nothlnir more or 1< -s thati ?n ordinary one of suicide The d<-c< ?-.? I was a very rc?t>cc table woman, and leaves |j?-e cblMrc n to mourn her loss The prisoner k' tn a ts lortnif t <ti>iish ment iti Broadway, near Crinc e street, an o lias ilw?\ s en Joyed a g<??l r> piitation. Tin truest Will l?e resumed to day, wb< n it is very probable I a verdict of "|s*a h by suicide * I rendered by the iy r 1 at At 1 At t mo* a ft Arrcuji - -The tv>r'>ner Wa? noi.fiol t' l.'d I an inquest \ estcrdav ti|?m the body of a |taciit?*i* named Manriee Cox, who was aim" f in itautly killed by falling from a scaffold creeted on the third story of th i building So 4c4 pi^rl street The deceased rettlde<l III Bedford avenue Brooklyn, when he leaves a wife aud Tamil) to lament tan untimely end If ***"?* I* Tgt is.? The Oal 2estoa ( leWwn, the a, i alt , s,?ss?1ke lalearMktc anyuncemetit that a w,n, ,l,e Mvadta? artor f a mm WM ?" 'ail from this p rt Maewsberaaa well a. else where FJfcrt. h?s tj,. m.Te m r.^ m, n In Tex ts, and some would doubtless -o if the* rtw anr nrospec t of subsist, nee and pay. hut we weiuiae they have no present assurance of either No effort hm he?a made lo despat-h a vessel from ttan |K>rt w th such troops aad wa presume that such a mm., ,r, was never contemplated. The Turf. Another misfortune lias befallen the representatives of i the American turf in England, in the dentil of Pryor . the very best bono, in our opinion, uken to England by Mr. I Teu BriKH'k, and no doubt the beat four mile horse ou the ! turf, either in this country or Great Britain. He was a/ac simile of the Fire of his .lam. American Eclipse, in his won derful muscular development aud lasting qualities. We never saw a racer with such a combination of raciug point* Nothing was wanting? for his good qualities ap peared to be rather in excess. In this country he was very successful as a raoer; but his journey to England -cenied to have effected an entire change In hU constitu tion, as he never saw a well day in that country; and to this must he attributed his defeat in both rat es in which he ran in Kngland. After his last race, Mr. Ten Broeck deemed it prudent to withdraw him from the turf for the remainder of the season; henre his non appearance in the Oesare witch. Ills |o*j, with that of I-ccomte, roust fall heavily oil his owner, and cast a shadow over the ho|>C8 of every one lu this country w ho expected to hear of the American horses beating all England at four miles and re lent, a* was generally imagined was the intention of Mr. Ten Broeck. We annex a list or the performances of IV > or and I>econit?: ? 1'ryor , by Imp. Glencoe, out of Gipsy, by Eclipse, 1865, April f>, Metairie Course, won the Picayune stake- for two year olds, mile heat*. beating U Dame Blanche and Me lody iu three heats. Time? I :&0, 1 :50, 1 :M W. April 13, Metairie Course, was beaten by Minnow for a two year old sweepstakes (three year old weights, mile heat*) , in three heats. Mary Bertrand won the Ur>>t heat, Minnow the two next, Mary being distanced in the third Bundle and -Go colt also ran. Time ? 1:53>4', 1:46K, 1:48 }*. November 14. Pharsalia Course, Natchez, for the Jock' Club purse, all ages, two mile heats, was again beaten ' > Mitiuow , in two heats ? the first won by a length ,-ei nil by three lengths. Time? 3:42, 3:4t>\. Vaud -.o also ran. but was drawn after the first heat. Iiecembcr 9, Metairie Course, won a purse er $250 (two mi le heats), in two heats, heating Cormne ana lunl Kox? tlrst heat w ou easily , second by several lengths. Time? 4:13,4:17. a larch 12, 1856, I'harsalia Course, Natchez, won tlie cy Club purse (two mile heats) in two heats, boating Le Koi in 3:59 and 4:04, over a track fetlock deep in mud. March 16, beat Lecomte for the Association purse. (See Lecomte.) April 11, Metairie Course, and following 13th, walked over for a purse on each. April 18, beat Lpcomte and Minnow for a purse, threo mile heats. (See Lecomte.) |jjj June IP. Fashion Course, Long Island, won the Jockey Club stakes, four mile heats, $2ti0 each, half forfeit, with $900 added, beating Hondo easily. Time ? 8:17Jf ,' 8:19. Truck heavy. First heat won by three lengths, socouii by two. The above were his races in America. In England, as we have stated, he ran twice, and was defeated iu both in stances, through lack of condition. !.<?< "inte, by Boston, ont of Reel, first run as a (j'ouUi em) 2 year old. on the Me tairie Course, 6th April, 1853, iu a sweepstakes: for colts. 70 ll>s.; lilbes, 67 lbs.; winning both heats, and beating Conrad the Corsair (Oily, by Bos ton, ^out of Minerva.) Argent and Zero. Tune? 1:48',', November 25. in three year old sweepstakes; two mile h'-ats; Pharsalia Course, Natchez; carrying 80 lbs., beat At a la. 83 lbs., and Conrad the Corsair". 83 lbs. Time? , 3:40} j. January e, 1864, mile heats; beat Sallie Ward, Ally, by Gleneoe, and one other. Time? 1:47, 1:47. January 12. two mile heats; beat Mary Taylor, 4 vears Joe Blackburn. 3 years, and Medina, 4 vi-ars. Time? 3:45*2 ? ? January lu, two mile heats: beat Cora, colt. Tituo? 3:44\, 3:55. April 1, ran second (both heat 0 to I^ the State ikisI stakes, Metairie Course, four mile heats. High lander and Arrow also ran. The former was distanced iu the second heat, and the latter in the tlrst l,exington w on the tirst heat by throe lengths, and the second bv lour Time? 8:08%, 8:04. April 8 Metairie Course, won the Jockey Club purse, four mile hent-, with three jiounds overweight, beating Uxington and Keube. who was distanced in the second heat. First heat won by three lengths, second bv four lengths. Time? 7:2?l, 7:?\'. November 16. Natchez, won the Association purse, two mile heals, beating Joe Blackburn. Tune 3:47, 3:4<J(' Nov ember 18. walked over for the Association purse, four mile heats. ' I>cceniber 5, Metairie Course, won the Jockev Club purse, beating (iallatina and Joe Blackburn, first heat by two lengths, second by a leUKtli. Time? 3:6d. 3:62W. 1866, was beaten easily by Lexington for the Jockev Club purse, in 7:23J(. November 17. Natchez, won the Association purse, four mile h- ats, beating Arrow. Time ? 7:">6tt', 7:M?t'. Hecnnbcr 6, Metairie Course, Jockey Club purse, three miles heats, was beaten by Arrow, in three beau. Le tomte won the first beat by two length*; Arrow these cend b> three or four lengths, and the third easily. Timo ttrOO, &:&9, (5:03. I?e*eml*r 8, walked over for Uio Jockey Club purse four mile heats. r ' Mart h 15, 18M, Natchez. Association purse, four mile heats, was beaten by Pry or in two heats; first, won by a length, second, easily. Time ? 7:47.7:44?f. April 18, Metairie Course, purse, three mile heats, was again beat, n by I'ryor Minnow also ran. Lecomte won tlrrt heat; I'ryor second and third. Time 5:58V, * t 6:12. ' I aconite, no doubt, was a broken down horse when aken to Europe. When we saw him last fall at the Fash on Course, there were then strong symptoms of his legs iving way. and we then predicted his speedy withdrawal ; from the lurr. as we did not think liis legs could bear the . concuss Mi produced by the great weight of his carcass. lie was a very In r?*e horse for a racer; in fact, too large, j is overgrown horses seldom have limbs that will staud' , the necessary training of a camjuigrer. There wero also | sympt>ms ot constitutional derangement, uo doubt super- j induced by his great race with Lcxinj. ton. when ho beat that famous horse in V. 26? 7:38 \ This was manifest in a subsequent contest with Islington, wh >n he was defeat ed iu the fir-t race ot a four mile race in 7 23'; and then withdrawn from tho contest He never re covered fully attorwards. It wis impossible to get him in condition afior his arrival in England, although Mr Ten Bro ck allowed him to run lor the Warwick Cup, where he was badly beaten, aud came in a broken down horse It v a? the intention of his owner to send him to America for stud purjioae*. but death interfered, aud his with th(?4> of I'ryor. now un<lor the green turf of m. rrie England " Tlie probable los* of these fa ?3o"ooo"CVr8 ^'r Ten Bruetk may be act down at CNtON COIHSB, I. I. ? TROTTING. The trotting at the Union course yesterday afternoon w-? very fine, the race being between b g Jake Oakley and b m. Lady Wisslrulf The mare Wan the favorite, previous to the start, at 2 to 1, She went to wa;ron, Jake i o y "! '?ml> Woodrutl won ihe ilrat hent . the , gelding the three subsequent beats. She qml badly on I tlie third In at, and worse on Ihe fourth. The following is a summary:? Tut, Nov. 6 ? For the benefit of the widow of the late John Nelson? mile heats, best three in live W Whelan named b g Jake Oakley 2111 II W<Midruff named b. m. lady Woodruil 12 2 2 C ' aril name 1 s m. Miller's fmuisel. . . Drawn Time 2 32', tIDK mjf Ml Thrati teal and Musical. Bikhpwat Tiikatkk ? Tills is fmsitively the last night I our play co ng citizens will have au opportunity of wit | resstnc He |- rformances ot the P.oniam ballet company. ! T>i< bill comprises " I'n .cchino li l'srig ." and ?elei tions If in "II Ca%allo It'Oro." An aftermsw cnteilainiueut w ill be given to morrow. Ntwo' G.?ai>(\ ? Tlie Bsvels. who are soon to be aided by their rmowned brother, Oabriel, will nptM sr this even liig in three of tie ir most jsipulsr pi<>ces, vit. : " The Se cret Marruiife," ?? The ( <>ntrabandi?t," and ?? Boreas " Tlie ( latter is one o: tie most eb gant ?f>ectacles ever pnsluced. Bowsht ? judtctfusly selected pieces and good houses are still the order here Tonight we are to have "Tl?e Stranger, with Mr Eddy aad Miss St Clair as the hero and b'-ioine; the romance <>( " F^meralda." In which Miss : St C also plays, and a domestic draota called " Kosc Clin ton."' ! Bcrtos's ?Mi^s Cnshronn will api^ar in her nnriralled ; chararter of lady (.ay >pank'r, in " Ivondon A?sursnc?." ate! Mrs Simpson, in '? Simi""?n *: Co on the o?casion of ; her benefit tin* evening Messrs. Burton. Fisher, M irk j i-aiitb and Setcbcll. aud Mu -. it-uiu arc in Uiu WUt of llio fir ft play. WaU " I'ncle Fooile," |n whi< h Mr. Blake has a | fine part, is to be tho ojtemng piece to night Me.nrs. I/>s ter. walcot. Holland and IHvenjiort Mrs. Allen. Miss flan non. *c.. follow lu the " Invisible Husband," and the whole will close with the amusing farce styled " A Fearful Tragedy." I.?i*i K?:rrr'? ?Tlie thriving romance entitled the 'Sea of Ice, or a Mother's Prayer," which has JuM been pro dticed here in a style of elegance fliat will doubtlcs* In "lire fonlt a Urfig run. is t<i be rep. ateii this evening Mias Kcenc and Messrs Jordan. Wbeatlcigh and JeOersou play the chief r liaracters. Itaua* Onrs*. ? Bossini'o ceiebrat-d opera of ",<V>ml raml?," which was received with unusual d< monstrationa ot Mtlisfaction on Monday. t? agam announced for to night. Tl?e <ast embraces the names o( Mme |s- l^Orange and P'Aagrt, and Sigs labocetta. Oaasier and Ariwm Mi wt a ?After being allov .-d sufllc. sot time to m-|* ' t the wonders of the "Aquaria ' and other curl o-itie?. visiter - will this atterno.^, Vm- entertained with the " Widow s Vict. in and in. Happy N|?n and iu the evei.m,' w .in tlie romantic pbj ot The Itoio of Penrith " FnuorM* l'? "<? ? ? Tlie ci tiimvrv programmes ol -ong. . btirlc '|'ii X. are oir.-n d at the ililferent . i?l I. - ' I' i * ' r*'el ' ?>< ' " i , 1 h . ? 1 ir< ?? "I | I'et< r I j" r l'i pper I < ? c ' at W?id s lei I imi' the tii S ,i ' i i n at Mi i UaiiH - II i.l. and tie Matue ' lA'Vir at 'be tdjmplc. IKIII'I I'lll ? <,o .mil ?" e tlie 1' dl i-ti it m ; of ' I'- I" i e \ ? lit i es o| I ?r Kjle ad hi "tiipanssui MtM AMk tegiona. I iiltrd Htntsss District Court. Before lion Judge Betu No' - Atji >1 BlawhnrJ n? th'tMp (\irdUnr. Tl' s w .. Iliotii.n t" 'tli de -a atl.,( hill' lit -'I' d an. oust the ship The I b I i- averred to be ma cause of posses sion i vil .nd mat , time," and alle( >a thai the llbellnnts arc owners of tho ship b> purchase at a Mar hal s gale, and that ever since s ach purchase prmossioa thereof has l?*n wrongfully withheld from tfiTn by Snow h Burgess, ot this aity, on the |<rete?ce of having som ? elalm or In t> rest in her, ?? owners or otherwise. On thts libel an attachment was Issued agahiFttb*veesel, and notice wm '?rdered t?i !??? g^i n t? all pen^^wlaiming her, but de ' ignstinff no |ieK>n or purM|^^BAn surii notice should be given Messrs Know applied in have the attachment discharged forWN^VHf, >u not beiBf taken out against thorn antl served on them specifically by name. Held by the Court ? T1u?i the Ilbcllauts have proceeded a* in an ordinary action in rem grounded upon a lien on the ship in which adv erse parties iu interest need be monished or cited only by arrest of the vessel and publication of a general notice thereof to all concerned. Tins in a misap prehension The 20th rule of the Supreme Court directs that in surh cases the process shall be an arrest of the ship and a monition to the adverse party to appear anil make answer. This constitutes the proceeding, a suit in pcrmmam, to be litigated between the (tarUes individually, the vessel being placed under attachment only for the purpose of being adjudged to the possession of the party wlio shall establish his right against his adversary. It must accordingly be instituted and conducted in the mode appropriate to that foriu of proceeding, and not as an ac tion in rrm. The applicants having put in their answer and Ix'ing ready to l>ond the vessel, they can he permitted to do so forthwith without the ship being subject to the cost of re attachment. Motion to vacate attachment granted with costs, and attachment discharged. The Swiss Treaty and the Hebrew Convention At the late Hebrew convention held In this city (says the Baltimore ,Vu?i) the recent treaty between the United States and Switzerland was a prominent subject or discus sion. Before adjourning a committee was appointed to draw up a memorial to the President of the United States, und present it in person. This duty has been performed, ai.d the following statement has been handed to us as the present result of the proceeding:? [Communicated.] The Swiss Treaty Qvbotox. ? l'tirsuant to a call for a national convention i f araelitM to mmMh w hat slaps to take in reference to the treaty between the United Suites and the Swiss Confederation, the delegates from various Hat- the Union met at Baltimore, Mil., on Wednes the -01. October, and after due deliberation adopted a Hi' mortal sotting forth their grievances, and resolved to present the same to the President of the United States.

Notice 1 nig given of their object, the President ap pointed the 31st of October, at one o'clock P. M., for their reception, when they were presented in n body by Hon. 1 Phillips, of Alabama, in an eloquent and diguifled aiUircss to the Executive. After listening to the views nnd objects expressed, and receiving the memorial, t ho President viewed at some length the principle Involved in that treaty, expressed his conviction that the treaty would never hnve received the approval of his predeces sor had it been under.-tood in its present effect, and un equivocally promised a speedy ami energetic course of action with n view to n remedy not inconsistent with in ternational faith. Wo feel satisfied that the Israelites of the United States may place implicit confidence in the Executive, and that their rights n? citizens of the Unitod States will be zeal ously maintained. We publish these facta in the discharge of our duties as delegates, with the request to our co religionists to abst tin from further agitation on the subject. M I COHEN', Md. REV. H. HOCHHEIMKR. Ml. l'H. HKRZBEKU, Md. M. M. 0ERKTI.EY, IH MARTIN BKIUR. Kv. L. F. LEOPOIJ). Ohio RF.V. I. M. WISE, Ohio. Washixotow, D. C. . Oct. 31, 185". We give below the address alluded to in the above com munication :? ADDRESS OF nON. MR. PHTI.LirS TO THE PRESIDENT OF T1IE I'NITKD STATES. Mr. President; ? Hie delegation from a convention of Israelites of the United states, lately held in the city of Baltimore, has honored me with the request that I should introduce its members to your Excellency, and present on tin ir behalf n memorial adopted by that convention in re ference to the first clause of the first article of the treaty lately proclaimed between this country and the Swiss Confederation. As the head of a great confederated republic, whose federal constitution is based not only on the equality of the States, but also on the exact equality of the citizens of those States, the delegates desire to say to you tliat they regard the article of the treaty referred to as violative, at least, of the spirit of that equality which breathes through our institutions and animates thein into action. Certaiu laws and regulations of the Swiss cantons de prive Israelites of some of the rights of civilized man. An American citizen, of the Hebrew persuasion, while in his own country, receives, under the guarantees of the constitution, all the benefits it confers on any other citi zen, und ie, therefore, entitled to the same privileges and immunities in his intercourse with foreign nations which might be secured, through the treaty-making power, to auv other portion of his fellow citizens of a diUerent de nomination. In the particular instance befofe us, the cause of com plaint is, that though it was well known that these Can tonal laws and regulations, which would disgrace the statute-book of the darkest ages, existed, yet that the provision of the treaty was so framed as. while it secured to the majority or our citizens adequate protection, left a minority (thoMi of the Hebrew persuasion) without that protection, and subject to an odious discrimination. Mr. President? The protectants know full well thov can exert but little inducucc over political events by force of their mere uumbers. but they know at th? same time that the cheeks and balances of the government were instituted mainly Tor the protection of minorities. They, thererore. plant themselves upon a right; they advo cate a constitutional principle; and in ap|>ealing to you for their vindication, thej feel they are addressing a just magistrate, whose anxiety and carc will only be increased by the. weakness or the sufferer. If, sir, the condition of tho country had rendered the execution ofaiuji a treaty Important; if some great Stalo necessity , involving the safety or welfare of the people, had called for the sacrifice, the Israelites, as I am inform ed and belief would have submitted to it in silence. But for the crtlniiorntivly small consideration and |>etlv advantages secured to the country by this treaty they do not feel that they nre called upon'lYom any Patriotic mo tive to withhold their Solemn protest against Vl> flagrant a wrong. ? Tb? delegates come, thererore, to you, as tJ?r exr^litfve head or thi.* great confederacy of States, not to dictate ac lion, nor even to suggest Hie remedy, but frankly to de clare the character of their grievance, mid to leave to that sense of Justice .ilid wisdom which have JlWked your priv ate life and made illustrious your public career the determination of the couiplaiut and the means or its re dress. Some of the Chicago papers are advertising their sub scription prices as follows:?" Tins paper is scut ono year for three bushels oT wheat, six months for three bushels oi oats, three months ftr a barrel (if potatoes." ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. fr#8omal? A. \ Sfkrt ?IN ,JI STD'E Td BKIDOET CARROL, ANN Brighton. and nil lb* other member* of my household, I wish it understood that I exonerate them from any know of th* larceny lately committed In my teniae. Mint fur ther, that 1 have never charged either of them vviih the theft. THOH, K. ROOT KM, Commander I". S. Navy, Navy Yard. New York DRIVE WILL FIND A NOTE To HER ADDRESS In the Uroadwn) Poat office. IK MR JAM EH J TIIAVNOR, WHO RESIDED AT No Fourth s'r t III ISM' will s-'iid Ins leldp'S to A. II H , Derai l ollice, he will hear of something to his advantage. INFORMATION WANTED? OF MICHAEL DAY. WHO arrived in the ship Columbia on the ;?sh of Hr|itnab(r L**t Any Information w ill lie ihiukfully received by his niece at 3*2 Niue'eenth atreet, near Firs' avenue. INFORMATION WANTED? OF CATHERINE R vRROW, wife of John Bar nr. of Hcbool line. Cork city, Ireland, landed In New York af?"it live year* alnce, Also, of Michael and W, Ilium Barrow, of Buskliitown, county fork By ad dre?ina a few line* to Vra t i Nell, lo v\ siting ion ?treet, New Voik. v. ill hear froiu Mi- hat ! liarr v h r I. ro ller. ASf-ENACII ? AM I FORiioTTENf I WISH NOW TO cl dm tl>e promise yoti made me a short ttae since. I rn >? n >w lu Brooklyn. Rl STD'. s The widow lady who answered an advrr tlsemrnl In Panda* ? lleraM of April ft. o- -r the slgmt tare of Mtaa M U. s***??, will tiud a note (fall name; In. the Union ?quare Pi it office. W'OBK FOH THE UNEMPLOYED ? M VR'IARET vT Hughe* and M.iry Donnelly, who f'Tmerlv lived at Service In Droom* street, a little west nf Itroadw ty, are wanted a* ?llnr?F>. If any person will fli.d th" present residence tg either they will receive tfi at the office of the < Jlobe liotel. 202 William street, eoruer of Frankfoi i. PUUTKAI.. I j Til ward REPUBLICAN association. -pirju: J. * am to the direction* nf the Cntra! tVaaialuee, atn*et Ins of the association will he held this (Friday) ev ening, at 7 o'clock, at Central Hall, corner of Orand street md oentre Mhi ket pl.e r. to cb<">*e delesatea to the several com ration* tailed by the Central Committee. Polls oj?en from 7'iio# ? eloek. Mv order. II KNRY H? I DEK. President. Jobs Kiti h, Tbos. O. Baar.a. Secretaries. 1&T1I WARD REPUBLICAN ASSOfI ATTON? TIIK IO pilmary eleetlesi for the ehnlee i f dejpgai. v to noml nai?> Vaytir, Aldermen and other charter (illtcers dor ilw Decetaber election) will behold a' the Iteiullt Mlpenaary, c-<r?" i of Heeond avenue sod Twenty third street, next Fri lay evening, Nov ti, at ">* o'clock. HOMER FRANKLIN, President. \T A 1 *R<!F AND RKTflUfltAimC MEETINi) or the demoeraile party of the Fonrteenih ward, h?id a' th? h?oi?? g| Jano s Seott, IS Marlon street? the mee'ing being called lo order, Mr. Heoii w ?? appolnie I t'halrinaa. and 'ohn Itoaeri < retsry. It wss reaolved ihs' the voters of ifc? Fourteen t h ward lo tti|>port > MAS UORR f.^r r mctl man of the district. ^WMKs HC'OTT, t'li* i m in Jons Rtaikss, Heeretary. DKMOTRATH' RATVRAI4SATION ffiMMITTEE WILL be in ?e*?lon In tlie hack room of Tammany Hall everv fitsy, Utost een the h'^irs of It) o'clock A M and J o'clock I* M , lITnlo ftlh day of November, IAS7 N H. ? 4'IUsen papers ttiiiht he taken on' rn da) ? before the election il.iy. |?> order ? t the eoainiltlee. 1 homaa Hyrnes. Mernard Rellly, Mn luel Tuomtty, A. KikoO. Walter Roach. I'ouuelloien. NICHOLAS MKAORMT f'halrtnsn Naturalisation Committee. DHKMOf n\TS -I'tN Tor AFFORD TO RB-JCLRCT ? Fernando W'??d for Mayor' lioes lie set towards our parly (lo which he claims to be ong) as a democrat or an autocrat' Is he an 1 man ?' OTK'E.? A MEFTINO OF THE FOt'RTH WARD Yming Men's Independent Aaanciation w ill take plaee, ?i the Pa'rto'le, 37#X Wall r street, on Frld^v O'-enlni. N'iv. 6, at 7 o'clock. .IAME.> WIIITK, President. ROBERT M At ' K HELL. Vien Pres. Jsass Dosova n. Secretary. TVitL MILITARY. CKKIOR YRTERAN OOKPS OF ISI J - A VeoCLAR montlil} meeting of lie- Corps will be Iwld it th" M-rccr llooae, corner of Broome arid Merecr streets, thta (Friday) evening, Nov S. att7W o'clock Punctual atteadanes Is ra o n e? ted In relation to tbc celebration of the *Mh or November. By order H RAYMOND. Oolouel. SENIOR VETERAN f'ORPR of ISI1-A RECULAB meeting of the corps will be held at the Mercer House, comer of Broome and Mereer streets, on this (Friday) evening. November ?, at 7H o'clock Punctual sttendanee la reqoeaUHl, Is relation lo Celebrating the tftth of November. Ity order. U. RAVMylfD, Celonsl. Wav JL rum, Adjutant, AMUSBMKVrS. Broadway theatre. E A. Marshall. sole leasee I F B. Conway, stage manager Doors open ?t#H begin with Overture lit 7 S o'clock. Positively the l.ul Nit lit of the Grand RONZANI IIAI.LKT TROUPE. Friday, Nov. #, 1887 , bv special desire, the elegant ballet of IL BlBlCCHINO IH PARIGI. (Le Gamin de Pari*.) To be followed by a grand divertissement, selected from IL CAVALLO D'ORO. (The Golden Horse.) Supported by the entire force of the Ballet Troupe, under the direction of 8IGNOR C. CECCHETTI. Notice. ?On Saturday, a siileudld Afternoon Ballet Enter tainmcnt. I>oorh open at 1 precisely; begin with Overture at 2 P. M. On Saturday evening there will be no pei fortuauce. Mr. McKEAN BUCHANAN will appear on Monday, Nov. 9, lu the character of KINO LEAR. Bowery theatre. lessee and manager Mr. Kddy Boxes and parquette 25 cent! Pit 12 ceula Km day Evc.iiMi, Nov. 6. By request, the STRANGER Stranger Mr. Kddy | Mrs. llaller. .. .Sallie St. Clair ESMERALDA. Kameralda, with dances MissSullie St. Clair To conclude W ith the new drsina of ROSE CI.INTON. BURTON'S NEW THEATRE, BROADWAY. BENEFIT OF MltsS CUKHMAN, who W ill appear in two character*, Lady Oay Spanker, aa originally played by her. And, Mrs. Simpson, in the afterpiece. Mr. Burton w ill appear In the comedy. This evening. Friday, the coined}, in tive acta, of LONDON ASSURANCE. Sir Harcotirl Courtly, Mr. Mark Smith Cliarlee, Mr Brtggs; Dazzle, Mr. Ftsher; Max. Mr. Boniface. Mark Meddle, the lawyer, Mr. Burton. Dolly Spanker, Mr. Setchell; Oraro, Miss S. Denin. Ladv Gay Spanker, Miss Cushinan. With the coined}. in two acta, of SIMPSON A CO. Peter Simpson. Mr. M. Smith; Mrs. Simpson. MUs Cuahman. Mr Bromley, Mr. C. Fisher, Mrs. Bromley, Mrs. A. Parker, j To-morrow, Saturday? Miss t'usliman as MEG MKKKI- ] I.IKS. IIENRY VIII. on Monday, with Miss Cii?hman as Queen ? Kailutrlue. TXTOOD'S BUILDINGS. BROADWAY, NEAR PRINOH ft street. Henry Wood. Proprietor GKO. CHRISTY A WIIOD'K MINSTRRLS open tuider the direction of II. Wood and Geo. Christy. Ethiopian Minstrelsy, and their new piece, PETKR PIPER PEPPER PODGE. Tickets 26 centa. Doom open at 6; to commence at 1% o'clock. OLYMPIC, 686 BROADWAY, OPPOSITE TUB MK.TR4 polilan Hotel. PRENDERGAST'S MINSTRELS. Open every night. Third week of the opening otf Pm? deigast's Minstrels. the moat ORIGIN 11., TALKSTCB AND VIRSATII.B organization In existence. Shout* of laughter ? Scretims of del.ght. Another bill of unprecedented and Attraction. A new local quartette, composed exprosaly far I'kKND ERG AST'S MINSTRELS, entitled the PRESSURE OF THE TIMES, Introducing a Lawyer, a Doctor and Broker. The Portrait Painter, the Sawdust Brothera, of <Mf Ylrginny, Terpslchorean Varieties. Garrottera,> Solo* Ac., Ac. TtS entertainments to conclude with a uew aW laughable farce, enTOeJ THE STATUE LOVER. Jake, a meddlesome boy, C. White: Pete. J. H. Bndworth Philgiirlic. a ai> young man. T. B. Prendergast. Admission 26 cents to all parts of the house; orchestra seats reserved for ladies without extra charge. Door* open at 6K commeuce at 7X. EMriRE HALL. 636 BROADWAY. The Grand Illustrations of DR. KANE'8 ARCTIC VOYAGES, portraying the Sublime yet Awful Grandeur of the POLAR REGIONS. THE OPEN POLAR SEA, aa described by MR. WILLIAM MORTON. Numerous relics of the expedition. Dr. Kane's Esquimau dog Etah, Arctic dresses, knife, great Polar bear, 1'eaooo* Dag. Ac. Every Evening at R o'clock. Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at S o'clock. Admission 26 cents; children half price. CRYSTAL PALACE -LAST WEEK. WILL roSITlVELV CUM* ON FRIDAY EVENING, NOV. 6, THE GREAT FAIR or thb ' AMERICAN INSTITUTE. Owing to the late unpropltious state of the weather, sad bj almost universal request, the managers have resolved tadfldw the final closing of thts unparalleled INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION until the above date, when it will positively close. The premiums will be announced in the lecture room as Friday, at 2 o'clock P. M. Besides the regular exhibition the EXTRA ATTRACTIONS will be continued, as usual, without additional charge. THE PANORAMA OF THE RIVER RHINE, with an explanatory lecture and appropriate music, twin each day, In the Picture Gallery. THE NEW STEAM CALLIOPE will perform favorite air* almost hourly. THE LIGHTNING PRESS will be In operation. THE GBEAT AQUARIA can be seen at all times. DODWORTH'S CORNET BAND Will perform Every Evening, and oo Tuesday and Friday evenings will give a grand concert by programme. Admittance to the whole only 26 centa. Stages will be found at all the principal down town ferrtat and in the main avenuea which run within a block of the Pa lace. The Sixth avenue cars, from Broadway, Veeey and 01 nal streets, run directly to the door. MISS Cl'SHM AN'S BENEFIT THIS EVENINO.? MISS C. In two character*. First time for some years aa l.ady Day Spanker, in LONDON ASSURANCE, and a*.Mr*. Simp son in the afterpiece. Mr. Burton and Miss S. Denin play lu the comedy. ROADWAY THEATRE. BUCHANAN'S ENGAGEMENT. Box book uow open. IMMENSE BILL TONIGHT AT BURTON'S? MISS t'ushnian's Benefit ? Two coinedle*. played by the first talent. Mia* fushman In each piece. Mr llurton ill the co medy. Messrs. C. Fislier, Mark Smith, Boniface, Briggs, Set < hell, and Miss S. Denin. CRYSTAL PALACE. GRAND FINALE TO THE GREAT FAIR. LAST UKAND CONCERT BY DODWOBTll'S FI LL HAND, OK OV KB SIXTY PER FOKMKRM. This Fkihat E>x!?it?o. Nov. #. On which occasion Miss K WILLIAMS, the celebrated WELSH NIGHTINGALE. Will ting several favorite airs, ballads. Ac. PROGRAMME I'.mt 1. 1. March? Gemma di Vergy Doniiettl 2. Overture? Stradella. flotow 3. Ballad ? "I cannot miud my wheel, muihu '' . . . .G. LUtlcr Miss Williams. 4. Opening chorus ? From Norma Bellini 6 K itaplan ehoru?? Etoile du Nord Meyerbeer 6. Go inau song? "W lien tin- swallows homeward fly .P. Abl Miss Williams. 7. Selections from Nalmcs Verdi 8. Marebr du Sacre ? From the Prophet. Me>erbeer TAHT II. 9 Turkish mrtrrh? A 1>d I'l Mnljld Ham In. Fantasia ti nm I >? r Freiachutx Von Weber I 11. Bullud? "I love the no Try sunshine" Glover Mis* William* I 12 Arln from Don Giovanni ? Vedre Cartons Moiart , 13. Polka? Tiger . Dodworth I 14. t'a\ utliia ? "I'na voce poco fa" Rus-iinl Miss Williams. ' 15. Aria from Marltatia ? "We may be h ippy yet". Wallace 16. Grand liunle ? Wedding March Mendelssohn During the tat emission, Professor Henri Vaader Heydn I will perform aelecttona from operas and the y qtular music of he i lay on the STEAM tALLIOl'E. N<> extra charge for admission. PRESSURE OF T1IE TIMES.-COMR \ND HEAR PRKNDERG AST'S MINS1 KKI.S I A new local quartette, wrluen expressly for this company. A Wall street broker J. 11 Hutwortt ' A lawyer T. Norton | Doctor T. 11. Prendergaal I Very original, funny, hitting several of th* "big bugs 'of Wall street. Broadway theatre M< K KAN BUCHANAN | will make hi* first appearance since hi* return from Cillfar ' nta, Australia anil England, (wh?'re he ha* been received will ; great enthusiasm l>y crowded and fashionable audience aj on . MONDAY, NOV. ?, ^ In the character of KING LEAR. The FxmnrnoN or paintings, BY ARTISTS OF THE FKENCH WnOOL, I is now open at the old ART I'NION ROOMS. 4*7 Broadway I from V A. M. to 6 P.M., and evenings from 7 to 10 o'eloek Admittance, 26 centa; catalogues, 12k acrita: season Ueketa, Wcwu. B. > RODhHAM. Secretary. MB. CHANFRAI* -SECOND WEEK OF MR CHAN fran. the ureat American eomedian, at the Walnut Street Iheatre, I'hiladelnhia, who Is acting to houses crowded front pll to dome. 1.1 Nil*, TIIK SKU AR GIRL, will be performed every ni?ht until further notlee. In eonjuncttoa with Ids great Iier- nation of .IEBKM I All CLIP, In wbk'h eharaeter lie give* nts world-renowned Imitation* of all the great artists oi the day AST WEEK BUT ONE. ~ J The l'ln-siologioal and Anatomical Museum, Chines* Buildings. 53# Broadway, will positively close on Saturday, Admission 26 rents. n~A RMON Y. HARMONY WM HITi'lHtM'K IVFuRMS his large cireie of friends and the pntilte thai he has just returned ftom Ids tour In Europe, and will reopen bis popu lar free concerts on Saturday evening next. wiihanew folio of comicalities. Good old times may be expecte<l, and a re union of old faces whh the Jovial song, at the old Fountain ( bop House, 171 new Canal street. ? M I if ART HALL, fifi.1 BROADWAY. llrsnd oj >< nlng of the MAUNIFICENT SALLE DE CONCERT, By M'ME DE LAgR angK, TtB?, Nov 111. !??* Tlie Public ii reepcrtfully informed that M ME 1*?K LAtlRANGE will give a GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT for tUe bcueOt of MISS HENRIETTA SIMON. Previous to her departure f-ir Europe A preat number of the most eminent artists have kindly vo 1'in'oereU tbelr valuable service*. Th kets of admlsafaa. One Dollar. Full psrtkula'rs in future advcrtisemenia. N*OT ICE TO MANAOKRH. MCSIClAtS, DANCERS; alnvers, minstrel*, Ac ? Kvery desrriivlon of music e<v pled mi the shortest notlee Apply at W R FISH'S thea. t i lea 1 wig store. 61 Kranklln street, four door* from llpntd way. TRA VKI.I.KHS* Gl IDE. Hrrwon RIVER RATI, ROAD -E*I*REHM TRAIM for Albany and Troy slopping at principal *ta?lon*. eon neeting with western and northern trains, leave Ckaraben street depot at 6 and 11 JO A. M and 6 P. M. A. T. SMITH, Superintendent FW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD.? 4tUMVfl arraprement, commencing Jane 3, 1867.? Trains leave depot, rmB'T of white and Contra streets ? ?30A. M -Kxpreaa mall train for Albany, stopping at al aUtlon* north rtf willlam*brldge. ? 16 P. M ? White Plain* train, stopping at all station*. t-SAVB Twsarv stxva svaawr svirtoa:? 7:4# A. M.- Wll'tsmlbrtdge train, atopplog at all statlnnn 11 A. M.~-Wtlllamshrtdge train, stopping al all station* II 3n A. M. ?White Plains train, stopping at aH atattoaa. *3li I' M.? WliMamsbrUge train, auipp'ng at all atalto? 4<V P. M.? Mlllerton train, Stopping St all SUtlon* 6i?>r M. Crotun Falls train, stopping al ail station*. I?iP M? Wllltamehrldge train, Woii|?tfig a' all station* T W) P. ?. -'WlHimnahrldgc train, stopping at all ?tattoos, WM.X VAJU'BlJUx 5m>eHatead?ifc N AHV8BHENT8. IBLO'H UAKI?KN. Fkidav Kvbhiko, Not. 6. 186T. TIIRRK COMIC FIKCKK. THE WONDKRFIL RAVKLH IN THKKK KNTKRTAIK MKNT8. Antoine in two cliaracters Jerome in three characian Jerome', great Comic pantomiuie^^ MARRJA0B TIIK CONTRABANDIST. Poor* open at 61,; to commenM at 7V? o'clock. Ticket* 50 eeuts; Upper boia*l?oenU. _ _ Notr e ? Glorlou* new* for the patrons of the Uaraen, O ABRIKli RAVBL joins his Brothers ANTOINK JKHOMK. lUidippMNMI Monday next. WALI.ACK'S THEATRE. ? Doors open at 6Si commence# at 7 o clock. . _ Continued attraction and succeas of Mr. itourctcault ? HI Usui adaptation, _ taK INVISIBLE HUSBAND. Enthusiastic reception of the pellte comedy, I'NCLK K005ELK. Great applause and laughter nt the farce, A FEARFUL TRAGEDY. They will be given to-night, Nov. 6. A new petite comedy, combining the talents of Mr. I<MUra Mr. Walcot, Minx Mary Gannon, Mrs. J. H. Allen, Ac., lahk active preparation. Lack a keene s theatre, m hroadway, abotm Houbtou street. ANOTHER GREAT NOVELTY. The Management takes pleasure in announcing the prodna tlon of the most thrilling Koraautic Drama of the present dag. whose wide spread popularity induces the belief that It eaa uot fall to be acceptable to the patrons of this establishment, susceptible as It is In production of Sterling Acting. Beautiful Kcexbbt, Exquisite MOM ami> WojiDBHrcL Mkchahicai. KrrKCTS. for all of wliieh "Laura Scene's Theatre" has long atnoB become proverbial. The Original Music under direction of Mr. T. Baker. Keener) by Mr. Almv, with beautiful and startling effeola. Mai liiut ry, of a novnl nature, by Mr. Kmart and Awuuats. Oharacteristlc Appointments by Mr. Lloyd, Bad Afpn priale Costumes by Mad. Beauharnols and aids. Friday Kve.niho. Nov. 6, 1857, THE SEA OF ICS; Ob, Thb Mother's Prater. Captain de Lascours, ol the ship Urania Mr. Whaailddfc Carlos, an Adventurer, > ur oM t_i_ Marquis del Monte, a Mexican Noble, { Mr. ueo Jorflaa Hnrnbas, a Sailor Mr. JeoerMB jUmlse de Lascours, J _ Ogarlta, the Wild Flower of Mexico. V Miss Laura Kmm Marie de Laacoura, . The other characters by Misses Wells and Thompson BM Messrs. Sioddart. l'eters. Duncan, Howard, Ac., Ac. Aet 1? Main Deck of the Ship Urania. Act 2? A Sea of Ice in the Polar Region#? Aurora B or oa lis, Ac. ? ? , Act 3? The Gold Plains of Mexico. Act 4? The Hotel de Therince In Paris. Act 5 ? Balsce of Del Monte In Paris. No other piece will be performed on the sime evening. Doors open ?t 0 Hi to commence ?t precisely. Academy of music.? semiramis. MADAME LAGRANGR, MADAME D'ANGBI. This Fiiidav Eveniho, at 8. S EMIR AMIS. Notice.? Iu consequence of Mile Frezzollni's IndispoMUoa. the highly succcssl'ul opera of 8KMIRAMIS will be given, for the second appearance of .MADAME D'ANGRI. The cast will include Mine 1>E LAtlKANiiE, Mine D'ANGRI, i.ABOCETTA, FORTINI. Sale of seat* commence* Hit* ukd Breusing'tf, Hall & Sons. Tlcketa ?v De door. On Sunday? Grand Sacred Festival, at 50 cents. On Monday? Second appearance In America of the HU brated tenor SIGNOR BIONARDI. BARNVM'S MUSEUM? NEW DRAMATIC SEASON.? dreat success of the new drama of THE ROSE OF PEURITH. or a MOTHER S PRAYER, which will be repeal ed in elegant st>le, this (Friday) evening, at o'clock ? Aline, Mrs Chas. Howard; Davy, Mr. H. Watklns; the other parts by the rest of the entirely new and superior company. Afternoon at 21. THE WIDOW'S VICTIM, and THE HA PFT MAN. The beautiful aquaria and all the other curiosities tm he seen as usual. Admittance 25 cents; Children under tea 1 3 ce r Its. KY ANT'S MINSTRELS. Mechanics' Hall, 471 Broadway, above Grand atraaL OrKK Evert K\e*i*o During the Webb. Continued success. New acts, songs, dances, solo*. *aa - Ings. burlesques, Ac. Immense hit of W. Percival, r. M* ran and G. 8. Fowler. This week the new hurlesqna, MAtUC WELL AND BL't'KKT. JERKY, NEIL and DAN BRYANT appearing in prominent characters. The Essence of Old Virglnny every night. Doors open at 6\; to commence at ?>{? Ticket* 95 0 aalB. Academy of music. ?UN DAT. 80 cent*. The great success of the Sunday performance* glvsa M ii. mli which Bin been attended by the elite of the city. In cluding the most prominent stocknolders, have induced (to directors to give a GRAND SACRED AND ORATORIO CONCERT, On Sunday next, Nov. 7, on which occasion will be presented a programme on a Mali of unequalled splendor and magnificence, in which will Isk* part the following eminent artists:? Madame LA ORANGE and Mad. D'ANGRI, Their first joint appearanoa, HENRI VIEUXTKMPS, His first appearance at these eooo LAIHM'KTTA, O AMSIKR and othac* botick. MISS ANNIE MILNER, principal soprano fur the great English Festival*, and Mr. ERNEST PKRRINO, expresily engaged for the grand aacred performance ta ha given this season at the Academy of Musie, will make their hi st appearance In New York as singers of sacred music. The performances will include *electiou* from three ( rios in English. Tllri MR88IAH, CREATION, ELIJAH, and from three oratorio* In Italian, NABl'CODONOK. MtiSKS IN KllYPT and STABAT MATMB A Concerto bv VIRUXTRMPfl. and BRETHOYEK 8 COLOSSAL SYMPHONY In C MINOR. It being the Intention of the directors to popularise aaeraA music, and to afford a general opportunity of hearing the terworks of the great composers executed In the complataal manner, the price of ndmlssion has been fixed at Moenlatoall parts ofthe Academy, and ? 25 cents to the amphitheatre. Seats aeeured In advance, at a chsrge of fifty cent*, Ml tta Academy, C. Breuslng'saud Hall A Son'*. Franklin mtsxum. no, 127 or and street, on door from Broad wa v. OPEN EVERY AFTERNOON AND NIOHT, The above 1* the only establishment In the Cnitei I where the Model Artistes are exhibited, composed of TWENTY-SEVEN YOUNG LADIES, the mo*t beautiful and artistic exhibition In the world. Two performances given dally, commencing at .1 o'clock in the afternoon, and at 7 in the evening. Fourteen new. original tahloaux will he introduced i AFTERNOON and RVENING. with other original attraction*? Kinging, dancing, duels, Ac-, by the FEMALE OPERA TROUPE. Feats of strength and agility by the Arab Olrls; Ethiopia* aa eentricltles, Ac. Doors open at t In the afternoon and atlh the evening. Admission ? Orchestra seat* 50 cents, boxaa flb private boxes >1. seals on the stage M. American exhibition of bbitish art is row open in the new galleries of the National Academ/ af Design, one door from Broadwsy, In Tenth sireot, from ? A. M to 5 P. M , and from 7 to 10 P. M. Admission U eMll Season Uckeu 50 centa. QENATF AS8EMRI.Y ROOMS, 1SOPROSPECT STREET.? O (irand concert awl ballad entertainment every evening, Kil' Msssall In his noudi rful perloimauce to night. Open at , O'chH'k. Si e bills. B MB DIC A Tj. dbl OAH FORFEITED AND NO CIIAROE r NLRM ?l.UUU cured.? Dr. HTNTER'S red drop can be hadal the old nfflee. No. S Division street, and no where else; all others are malicious 1 1 . uiiterfein of this, the most valuabla discovery In medical science, il being the only thing on eartt that will really cure and root out or the human svstea the rank and poisonous virus of disease. 91 per vial. Itewaraaf a handbill stating Dr. Hunter has removed. It 1* a deoptloa. Anew edition of iu'man fr, or mm ologtcal Ke?earches ? Il Is brautlf'llly Illustrated. Bag describes the cause* and effects of all illseaae* of a delieala nature; It contalna copious Instruction* for the perfect nar ration ot those who are prevented by Impediments from *?> taring Into the marriage state, and alao a professional dl*a*? latlon illustrating the results of chemical tesUi nn I rurslaa II1 'tis. Priec JA cents Sen' | ~ ? i \ i 1 (?< any address. TM* Invaluable work may be obtained, ss well as the Trlaama^ from Dr. BARROW, Nn. U7 Prince street, a few block* WW of Broadway, New York. D R WATSON HAS FOR A LONO SERIES OF YRAM m confined his attention to certain diseases. In which he haa treated net less than twenty thousand caaes without %a ta 'stance of failure. The e-medies are mild, without Inter^^H tlon to business nr change of diet. Dr Watson Is In conUs attendance from 7 In the morning until V at night, at his (lence. 66 (fifty five) Walker street, a few doors west of Bi way. The consulting rooms are separate. WM. WATSON, M. !>., formerly Surgeon to the Lock Ilospttal DR WARD'S TNFORTU NATES' FRIEND 18 THE *? ? pins ultra of medicines and hut requires to be knows I to meet with universal approbation, and toatnoip Or Wsrg as the greatest benefactor of the day I>r Wartf hereby trf fers a reward of>1 i"nrn i In sietan who, after a prop** demonstration, can cure prhaie disease* with cqttagy uniform celerity, ease, ssfety and cheapness. Innumam Me cases progress In defl ince of all other doctors can tax but by his wonderful specific and his perfect knowledgaaf 1 every stage of Die disease, be either alleviates or cures In rma day. Those who doubt should csll, and he will enre thaaa without charge. Remember, all ye who have been lingering for weeks and months, thai by calling nn lir. WARD yst may In s few dsys enjoy the pleasures of life snd feet "that Richard Is himself agsln " I'rlce g|. Office XV Canal liraat third dia?r east of Broadway. DR. COOPER. 14 DITANE STREET. HAS FOR T IS Isst twenty six years confined bis practice to the treat ment ' f private diseases. The victims of misplaced confidenna can call nn him with the oertainty of being radically curat. Charges moderate. D^HR. RALPHS OFFH'E, 7 K4 BROADWAY, CORNBB Ot Tenth sircet. Hours, 9 llll 1 and after 9 o'clock. DR. COBBKTT, 19 DUANE STREET, MEMBER Of the < i. liege of Surgeons, I/ondon. and of the I'nlverwW I of New York, may heeonsulted prltatelj on delicate dlseaaaat Twenty nix jcars In hi* present speciality enables him to eqra the most obstinate case*. See diploma* In his odea. ChafgM Moderate. ________ DR WATSON'S NEW WORK. -"THE CAC8K AMP I Cure "?A complete snd practical trestlse on I lure exhaustion, with local debility, induced by early Ingy. erellon, eicess nt other causes, In which the nature and efwi of the Insidious malady, together with the treatment are foOy explained; Illustrated ny nnmerons anatomical plates *?? engravings, with a supplement on sexual diseases, n taa $1. To be had of the author, who may be conaul'ed ?n? Mentlally, at 89 (fifty five) Walker *treei, a few door* w e**?f Broadway. ]MP( >RT A NT TO FEMALES -DISEASES OF FEM ALMV ? exrlusivetv treated bv Dr Dl HOIS. Keae.iiis for fe male ilerangeiuents from $1 to 98 Relief guarantied In all ConatiKftttonfi uml loft^ra atrirtly ronn?lont1a!. tieiits from a distance provided with board, nursing ang exclusive attendance The female's Infallible monthly reslo ratlvc mailed free, with full directions, on receint of 91. Ag dress letters to Dr. Dubois, 120 Wesi Fifteenth street, New Turk. HICORD'S, VELPEAU'S. CITIAI.EH, ACTON'S, CTTMb Ing's and the private hospital practice at Purls and Lon don, by l?r LARMONT As some persons afflicted wUh din esses iif the set nal system may not be awar* nt the fast, ha takea this method of Informing them he Is tha onlygradaata in tht* c"- ? ? '? ? ' ? ' esses, a enable* I lag the nML. M .... ?i s, ?? n* eswesr sweat, aa^ ner of Sprltyt. opposite the St NietiolM% from to A. M- to I evening. The Itoetorl* Medical Advice* and Marriage llaMa nearly 4410 pp , 100 picture Illustrations^ Is 91 It give* aB adv wtl*ed medicines We r.-mmend l?r l.armont tothes# SHjted -('ourlhr de* Etata Unia, Mania lattung. Day Magfc.