Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1857, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1857 Page 4
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAMB* OOH0ON BKNNETT, EDITOR AND rBOPRIBTOR or run n. w. corfk of kaksat an? rrtros sts. TJf/fW \ ?'? "?<?? ik* rw* 1?j< " * W KhAlt*. ??*??<? <nrv ?? T1" annum H AAA'/ I' Hth'AtP. evrry \\t w ? f. n n/ nrrtUprr trf* orfZp" unri?K.. th/ Kuropn in ftftfton. $1 wr annun Ix ??> f?>r( ?< litiW H in, or (Mo any pul I <y <A? cimiinfru 6ot/l tr tn^m/r j?u fay? rht- tAtULY H Lb ALD, rtrry H'n/nraLiy, at /our emit jvt ?<j?i or 92 r*' an?> foLV NtANT IVHRKSrOSnKirCM, <or*il4mc important urn, mtHtHrd/rom onf yviirff of thr mrrM: <? u?3 trill hr Itf ?? ro/'? jMu1/i>r Foreiuh Coi??tt?p?.n dents <*k Par riCTLAKLT Kliwl<iid to Sr al ai.i Lrttkrb ?ni> Pa.ckaok? t>*WT V? .V" fiOTICK f.ii?n o/ aitwHj/maiu rorro^wn.kncv. We do r.t rtHir* th or* rr-rrr <1 JOB PhlXTlH ti rxmUfri irith nmtrw. rtunpnr.'f and <!??? gmlrh APyKHTTSKMKST^ ritsiml fiwrj ?tlx; O'lr'i tiMsiurn!* in wrW tn r*f Wkuli Herald. Family Herald, un./ ?? l.V OiJ^oflHa nt. i (>io)wiii Ynlnmt XXII *??. 307 AXCSEXBNTS THIS EVENING. BROADWAY THKATRK. Bro dway? Afternoon, Biri MHIKO Pi Pitlbl? II 0 ? nuo D'Oko. NIBLO'H OARDKN Rroarfway? .Wmro the Rrazilia* Ai r? Flora ahi> Zkim R - Pa nutiik or Uoueas BOWKRY THEATRE. Bowery? kmc LEAH? FLOWERS or th* Fomrfr? Markup Rare. HT'RTON'S THVATRF.. BroR.Iw?> . op|>o?ite BouJ street? ?vi MA..M?mu? Th? C'buisihisc WALLACE'S THEATRE, Broadway? I'rcls Fooilc? The Lkyljlrle Hcsrajid? A Feakfvl Trav fot. l.Al'HA KEENER THKATRK, Roadway? Ta? Ska or lea, OR A MOTUkk'b 1'killt. It ARNCM'R AMERICAN MUSEUM. Broadway-After ooor aud ?tenliig. Rime or PEHurrn? Cpki isities, jtc. WOOD'S BUILDINGS. 861 an. I 563 Broadway.? George Cbbutt A Wood's Minstrels? Peter Piter larrtu Podue. OLYMPIC, W# Broadway? Pre:?de;ioa5T"? Mimtbeu? Ucrlbc?ce*, 6onui?, Statu a Ia>?er> Ac. MECHANICS' H ALL. 4Ri Broadway? Bryant's Viistklls ? Ethiopian ? ? Gou>?* Kini.dum, Ao. EMPIRE HAIJ., 5*; Broad way? Painting* Illustrative or the Rake Eeteditioii . Ac. lt>w York. Sattutlay, Sottmfctr 7, 1*37. BAILS rot HKftTE. Xtir NfW York Hrrald ? Rdlllon for KurojM*. The Coll i a- stfamsliip Baltic. Capt. Conutock, will Icavo Uil- |>ort to day. at noon, for Liverpool. Tin* European mail* will close in this city at ball' pa-t t<-)i o'clock thi* morning. Tin' European edition of U>< Hkhalp, prmtcJ in Frouoh ami Englwli, will Ik' piibli.-hed at ten "'clock in the mora Ing Single copies. In wrappers, sis com.-. SuliM-riptio&is and advertisements for any edition of the New Yoke Hexauj will be received at the foliowin^ places tn Euroj>e ? lx>M?oji....S?n?e<>u I^iw.Sm A Co.. 47 Irrigate hill. Am ?Eun?|>ean Impress Co. . 51 Kint: Willi am t. Tarw Am Euroj-.m K>pr?^jl^P?h ile l.i Hour* Iverttxh .Am. -Kuropeata Kxpre. B^>.. ? ChajK-l . trcet. R Siumi 1 . 10 UiTM Am Eurnpeaii Jjt|>rt?iM. G>. , 21 Rue Curiieiile. The conteuta of the Euro|>ean edition of (h>> Hkr?td will combine the news recited by mail and telegraph at the office duriug the previous week, and up to the hour of publication. The Stw?. The mail' of ,ho <'HUada r(*chcJ ,hu cit^ frum Bolwc I* evening. Our files do not cootain any news in addition to that telegraphed from Halifax. We puthah. however. today, the opinions of the leading Eaiopeau journal. on the proUbie effect* of the money panic, both in the I uited States and abroad with repo?^ of thc Pr0P"CS8 ot thc flnancJ^ rvresaure ia England. Ireland, and on the continent. An unlucky American -peculator oa the Pan* Houm had fhot himself in that city. The horse Prioress continued the favorite lor the am bndgvshire stoke*, in England. V*> publiab elaewhere inteitrting news from lion dun*. The surveying corps of the projected inter te??c railroad had reached Comayagua.a point . between the Atlantic and Pacific ocetaa. STeSm J had thus far proved aatiafactory, and the ITn ?"eng*?r?nerc in good health and capital At Omoa the authorities were making warlike preparation* to repel an apprehended attack from VVslker'a filibusters. and a British vessel of war was dadr expected to arrive to aid in the defence of the JJ? Throughout all Central America the mention <?< vs alker'a name appears to inspire alarm aud lend to an immediate overhauling of rusty cannon aud irme The letter of our correspondent mil en lighten our reader* respecting the settlement of the ! Caiauchael claim- and the troubles of the nu hnncT and logwood cutter* of British Honduras The government has received intelligence from the l>w.t ?t Leavenworth t< the effect that the calling in their people and making ?rei?an?t.ona to i?aM the troop* now on thnrw^ tu Vtah, und?r command off '4. Johnston. Then 00 doubt of the truth of this report. The break !.* ,,,, of the Mormon congregations in the Atlintic ft tat e* the exodus of the Halnta from Car** V aj i?v Uie defiant speeches of tbe bead men at Sail ike City, and tbe thorough mibtary orgjulzatiou and martial spirit that V-?au at Nauvw and is oai tinued in Utah, all confirm it. Bat < ben is litil probability of the Mvimon-. carrying tlieti t to the extn-me point of -'???> *''h ,U< f'*V * of tbe federul government. In - rd< b??ai ?er. o ..rrnardfor even ? contingt }? """ Lto* will, it l* "tatnl. din < 1 <?? ?. 'e>A'1 , ommand of the troop- if Kat? to r main al <n litavenworth; and in the event of -.H.M distinguished officer will be despat- Ltd. ..t the 1* of a large force, to the acene of action. A meeting of the creditors <il thfl UrOaia * uar Brining Company was held yertetday. when * *? collating ?? TOW, Bens 11. Vm? list rand and Palmer. was appointed t? mverfi _t? (be afiairs ot the coccerJU The necessity of re-tricting Commcrc al credits his been repeatedly nrged ia our Column., and , u <<ot ?f the promising ?lgti" Of the times ih.t the aubject Is receiving the atteiiti.*. of . wh0* intere-ts are immediately Involved ;? it Tbe bardwaie dealer, of thia city held a mett 'rng veeterday. and a revive w,s adopted to -ell >n tool months credit arte, the 1st o. Januarj next. |*tlrra from fir v? In tbe trade ta Philadelpbi... lid umoce. Albany and Bo-ton. expressing - wUlingne V>< operate with the New York dealers m thl< moment, were read. The hardware. ireo. atoel ?nd sgri' ultural im^^ment dealers of B-?ton held a ma ting on the U itu-t.. and pa?-ed a resolntlou do <Uring that it ia expedient to shorten the v iri'/u terms (A credit given \ y tbe braachw of trade r^p?r ?ented. The tobacco dealer* of Boston hare agmd opon a restriction of tbe credit -y-tem The trial of Mary l^wning. charged with attempt ing to paw a counterfeit I J bill on the H id m County Bank, Ne* Jer^y.ww renamed in tbe tVut HesfioDA yMtetday. and terminated io Uicdi trreement of the Jury, nine being for convicteiu and three for acquittal The evidence appeared to 'h; cocduaive for tbe offlccri on wwchlng b x Wm found eight begun bilk on tbe sam" bank Am^n* .number of indictments brongbt in by thc 'i. ?r, 1 j?TT was one agaui-t John Reed, for the mu?4*r ot T B Wightman on the 2d of September. Tl.? trial of Henry Haxelton. a Hanliy mulatto, for an alleg- 1 rspe on Bridget Hayes, wa- mi down tor next and all the othet prisoners were remanded, they hawing given legal reason- fwUn |>srtp-? m< nt of their ca? The Committer "ii Rejiali* and Htippb' - 1 Board of Aldermen n#? t y?-?t- rday to h^ir tlie eluim< 01 th< Twelfth and Heveu'h Be^iwnts f?w tb<' oecu paney ?>t tl.r room- over the new T .mi>kln? m ?rk< ' The Twelfth mait.t.tini I thut the i ??.m? >v."?te ?m|>'y Isrr' enong'i f?a b .'Ji reg;m<nt? l.i> it ? >lon? 1 I,< flerV, of the Keteoth rwgttneot *sid the ro"tn" ?r,?4d teeoWcleatly tars?e for twor< i?im? l? f ?h* ni/e of tbe Twelfth, Vie , 16? men, bnt were not 4*riitr than was required by oji. rt plment of the -i*e Of tbe fkventh whi' h numbered ??*.n me? on the I i*t parade. He also predated a coaimuuication sigucd by the Colonel* of the First, Third, Fourth. Fifth. Sixth, Eighth, Mnth, Eleventh, Fifty-fifth and Seventy-first egiinents saying the rooms were not larger than arc required by the Seventh regiment, and it the rooms were to' bo. divided up, each of said regiments put in a.s good a claim for tlum h? the elfth Regiment. Tl'ere are only three regiments in the city the names of who e colonels were not? attached to this paper. A com munication was al*p presented, signed bytbegene im!? of three brigades, declaring that the Seventh irvinieiit tequired ? nil the room set apart .'or it !n_tl:e new Tompkins market. The committee, at'tei Muting tlist they would eare."ully consider the subject and report at an early day, adjourned *iut dir. The unemployed workingmen again assembled ye-deiday, to the number of several thousaud. The meeting organized in Tompkins square, and after lMenii g to several harangues w ith reference to the condition of the 'workingmen, tormed an order of procession aud marched to the Merchants' Exchange. II* ic one of the leaders delivered a apeeth of a de cidedly inflammatory charactcr. A couple of police men at this time attempted to seize a banner borne by ore of the workingmen, but they were hustled aside ly the crowd. The procession subsequently c formed and proceeded to the Park. Deputation* were sent to confer with the Mayor as to the pros pect of oblaiidrig work. The Mayor cautioncd them v commit no breach of the peace, and nnnonnced hut work would be commenced ou the Central Park 011 Monday next. Happily the day passed off with out spy exhibition of violence. j Mr. Simeon Proper lias declined the post of Policc ' Commissioner; to which he was recently unanimous" ly elected by the. Metropolitan Board, having reluc tantly come to the conclusion that a proper discharge <>f the duties of tlie office would too seriously damage his private business. The American General Committee held a protract ed meeting at their rooms, comer of Broadway and Lispeuard street, l?st evening, which resulted, how ever, in ?n adjournment , after having accomplished nothing whatever. The regular monthly meeting of the Liquor Dealers' Association was held last evening, but beyond an exhortation of the President, Mr. Engs, to his fellow members, to persevere in the policy they have adopted with regard to the restrictions upon the liquor traffic, nothing of interest trans pired. The sales of cotton yesterday were limned, while about 200 biles middling fair uplands were sold, to arrive, at 13c Late accounts from Mobile and New Or lean;, by telegraph, report an improvement in'tfxchange. and a de cided advance in cotton, being from lc. to Uc. per lb. above the luweat point during the panic. t'iour was in ?ood sup ply and in fair demand, while sales closed heavy and with a tendency t<> lower price' Medium and common gr;idi-s of wheal, esjnviall> Ws-tsrn, were from tc. to *Jc. per bushel lower, while prim to cbo:cc Ion. i:irlud;un Southern, were firm. N?1cm were firmly made at r ?!?>- given in another column. Corn w unchanged and sale.: ao derate, l'ork was more active, with sales ol in -s lor ea.-h at $lt> 7S, an t on time, interest add id. at 820, prime at fl* Sugnrs w.-r<* quit- ?t?ady and in g *> l de mand. more doing. The sales embraced about 000 a Rnr.lihds., ;;oo boxes and 360 Uhdi M.dado, all ?u i.tie. givsnin another place. Coffee was steady, with limited Freights were firm for grain to Eugli-li ports, with engagements of wheat for Iuverpool. In bulk and ha**, at .i Bd , uud in bulk, for delivery next ?'-ck. at Rd Kwniw Of?a ernor Walker ?nd (he .Sonthern I'ltnu. The late proceedings of Gov. Walker in Kan sas. in the rejection of the bogus election re turns from Johnson and M'Gee counties, hare created a di'ddful uproar among the Southern fire-eaters. The editorials of the Richmond Snath, ot Wednesday la*! . are devoted exclusively to Kansas and Walker, and their tone and tem per may be readily conjectured from the follow ing choice extracts; ? ? He t Walker) think- he holds the ndmlni-tration by the throat. If they sustain him the consequences will bedisasfrous to the South; if they do not. be passes to the camp of the free soilers. and heads the relentless ene mies of the democratic party." Then, again. ?? Walker has, like any other incendiary, fired the match and fled the explosion. The indigna tion of a whole people pursues him." " lie has done more tor abolitionism than Hale or Robin son." " He will next shed his Southern slough and appear In the resplendent robes of an abo lition leader " And so on to the end of the chapter. Th<' Charleston M<itury of ! Tue-day devotes a long aitiele to the con*idcratiou of ?? Uie legal grouuds" upon wljicb Walker aud Stanton, - with their ursurped authority, re jictcd the polls ol Oxford precinct." and undertake* to show from their r?*a*otis for this rejection "the lraudulencyof th< whol< pro i ? i ding." In another article, however, i ct ing certain information of the design* of tb" K.r a- pro -la very party, the V ri/ry rejoices ! o. h?is. tlii?. Infni million -hows - that the pro -la\oi\ petty, iti' of cowering under th' iinit-d p"W r o1 tii. oinrui-:ratio!i ag-nt- aud rle black rvJUibli* an-, ha* ri-> u higher, and wii! in??t with a Is'coMing spirit th" Vuttfag' iu- elretiiJi-tane*" tuttb-r whlclj it i pl.'Cf d." t 'n the otht i -'d?\ I lie llicbmoiid A?/or',-, a b-adiiiK ??luuii of th'- consort ati\ e S?mth(?rn I 'ltuii" - ' rat toit democracy. in the com ? of a ? -i ' i ml |em|n rato ev.iniiieitioii of ?lii- C.i?e al t,nv U .tikei. ,-4iy> : 1 1t. I tN .? S' i lia^ ti 4i < l*>.? d !#* 'Nil ' .)j itiQ)' -Hi ? M , | I t \ I ? I , . Ii . 1 1 ..II, I b?- I l\ i <f ?i ,ir. , ' _? ? w li:,\ i doul t, f"*t tbat tie r-' wa- au .iit-.u.?u* "'irt .,t . ? *' ! 4 iftou- ft net w. late aotie. It would, ls/w ?* vt, w>i ?h i k I" !<?< ni.ltt'H to ptOAOQtir* Jo tfBi lit J.'IW, w MH.t . i 'I t>i Tor- i.. ria?- pruvi-Mb it th' |.tw ? , . !? I tij I a I Iti I ,1 i ? ,jr n< t n our rj i. n. erijr < *rljr t th- tn ? n, Ue :i 'itle'f .1) tin') ts?\< ? r- el ia rejeetltig tli. iij ???rd vote*. Tti t im iuo t ??( .? r?. ,. ? ,n, fl \..l tl, li,-* ..ii-,- il,. ? may ?< |.> S i | ;y i !.? r cot id in t asiefai.a w? nave Uttfa doobi tb > ?'-ii in o mnra'.potct M vitw Tbi- i? a rational and <H>nsisteui view yf the qu? sffr n M iesiie: and il is a question which i anoot to -ntisfac torily settled up^in B*tr> hair splitting t< tbnicHlifies. That Governor Walk or tecbcically transcended bis ln?trn. ti(,n- in reference to these Kansa? el??ctlon fraud- wo have no doubt? that technically, in the rejec tion of the said fraud-, he assumed and ejrrr ciscd on authority which did not beloug to tljo Governor we 'hink i? pretty cl?*r; liuf the ^roat moral qu?-?tlon, tb-' great popular right, aad th^ manifest d* m md- ot pojitilar justie.- in ih pr-' mi-' S. will idoad befcfo auy legal or jeipiilar trif-unol most pow> rlully in hl? tn halt Tho ?roe course for Governor Walkei wa-. w- up pr<b"nd. to lik* a not? of the eloeiion frauds In qtt'-tion. ester his protest against th* ii recog nition. aud -ubmit the division u|?on th"in to th* T* rritorlal Asvmbly. Thti?. without lirur ! ting tho chnffr* "i a if-nrpation of auiloiritv. h< ' u d ha* ? s- cur^d the end- of ju'-'lc1; for | '.VI c aut ?it -iipp?.-i tkl it with th? -?? palp.ibl*' ' fraud- 'hi.? plainly ? jp>??l by the GoVeniof , Mie \ -? mi l v w ..iiid dat ? to pronomiri Ib' tn 4* a| and lawful vi>'<-*. <tH4l i|>oi?i\,> ?,(' A pro ,v' r) ' ?? y I" tie- 1/ gi-datur ^ I lie in.if.) ? I|m I',. -idoi, i ..( ||e | ' ' - '? ?;tli tlie ta li. I t ot Walk" r ha* Is en )iuld' d n<d only 'f hi . .?vivtious of ju-tlce, i, m i,v ^i. coavlgtloite of III#, is not .li poid Hjtldg" hlw handily ? Mi the contiMf^r, considering lh- p"rp|e?log ? d thinkless duties of hi- oftce, Gov Walker, though he "ill bo, or h"? lsc"0 ndiO" n-!e I ot hi* ml-tako. will not be iguomiuiously dia hiIx^m). Between hia technical usurpation of authority and bis conscientious vindication of popular rights and the great fundamental law of popular sovereignty, his case will bo submitted lo tin* judgment of the Senate. Nor can we ??uteitiiin any doubt of the propriety of this prom ding or of the result in that body. \\ Liit would these Southern ultras have? Have they entertained any hope or any com mon purpo-c ol smuggling Kansas into the Luiou i\* rt i date State? We cannot beMeve it. The thing cannot be done. There can be uo peace with the South and no faith with the ?South, except through their honest acquies cence in the Kansas law of popular sovereignty. Accepting that law of arbitration, they must and will abide by it. Kansas will thus inevita bly become a free State. No help for it; and all honest men, of all sections and all parties, *ill yield their approval to this result, as they would if it had gone in favor of slavery by the will of the bonajide people of Kansas. Nothing that Walker has done has changcd the manifest : destiny of Kansas; he could do nothing to ! change it. A large majority of the people of Kausas are opposed to slavery, they have the power, and Kansas will be a free State. All the?i Southern ultra quibbles and techni calities al>ont Walker, therefore, are the mere pretexts for a disorganizing sectional move 1 in** > 1 1 . They have taken hold of Kaunas an the | dead body of another Morgan, aud let them | make the most ol it. They will soon discover j thai (lie public mind, North and South, is ab | -oi'Kd iu other and more practical issu?s. ; '1 In True 1 iwrw for the Southern Klrr-ratMn. | The result of the recent elections in Kansas i onu-t eventually convince the most unthinking of j the Southern ultras and tire-eaters that they made i ;i mistake in endeavoring to extend their peculiar ! social organization in that direction; and that i if they wish lo keep up the equilibrium in the : Senate they must do it by a course of action in consonance with the natural causes that lie at ; the very foundations of the increase and migra tion of our population. ! Notwithstanding their senseless abuse of the ! isothermal line and the policy of Governor ! Walker, that line still stands ? a permanent : barrier to the northward migration of the black | race ; and the principles that have impelled i Governor Walker in his recent course in Kansas j are the very principles upon which all their i hopes of Southern extension and the admission of more slave States into the Union arc based. Any one who w ill examine the uatural flow of ; our population, both free and slave, will j tiud that its emigration is southward. It is a j tropical race, and its very nature, as well as the j pecuniary interest of those who are personally j concerncd in the employment of its labor, all ; impel it toward the tropics. In fighting : against this natural law the Southern ; ultras arc losing what they might gain : by acting in correspondence with it, and gaining uoihiug from their struggle. So. too. j iu the principles that have ruled iu Kansaa If i tht lhe-eaters had succeeded in establishing the'' rijiht to pour an extraneous population | into that Territory, aud thus overruling the ] wi-lies of the true settlers there, what could i have prevented Northern agitators from over 1 running every new Territory temporarily, and I thus introducing principle* of government dU j cordwut with the laws of climate, soil and social ? older existing in them. it is time lor the Southern ultras to throw j a ide their hobby horse* and look things in the j j face a- (!*?*> exi?t. Had they spent hell' the ? ; means talents, enterprise and energy which I th'-y have wasted on Kansas in preparing for j tlieit true march southward, instead of beiuK i a.- the> now are, iu the poeitiou ol illogical dis- ; I contents, they might have been able to give the : ieadiug idea to the new political issues that are ' looming up in the proximate future. AH the | old party issues have become obsolete idea*, I and old party organizations are either broken or breaking up. There is no great idea that stirs the h'-art of the whole country, and we must have one. It in in the very essence of thing* that one should exist. A commercial poli cy may. and will, agitate us a little while after the revulsion we have gone through, but some great issue must follow. That of 1637 wa- followed by the question of the admission ol Te\a? and it overwhelmed Clay, Van Ouren and m*i y one else who op|H*?ed it. In-tctid then, of beginning a futile andsense l< -? attack upon the administration, which has ? vi tv element of sucoes* in it, let the Southern ultra- tutu their attention to the procuring of two or ibi ev new States out of the abundant ek in. lit - that are presenting themselves to their baud- 'Ihe Spanish government in Cuba is alt ' in stress of money there, in con?equ?nce ol tie r. volution in the financial world, to say i,..;nink d th- di-tresx of the Spanish govcrn ue nt i Lome. Let them tak-- a stand upon th?j ? purchase ol Cuba. Mexico, too, is offering litre* Ol tour new States to their hand The Apjeln - fast driving th*- whites out of i Chihuahua, .^ouora. Sinaloa and Durango. There i si lie Id for them to serve themselves and at the same time. The old idea i,| i -i? rt ,' Mailre republic is still full of life. if ili< it old leaders will not show their litmiK h t tlf Southern masses seek . ii* nii< - Leave Jell Davis to rid* his curiou- hobby ol opposing Gov. tValkT and -upportlng th1' admiuistratlun; let him ex- . i,ir*< with the ridiculous Kail**" question which hi. ||. tj? o m.. strenuously to create. There is au abundano* <?f im u, l>oth old aud new . Where is (jiiitman. ol lli?"i-sippl : Where Is Henderson. I ,.t T mi" .' Where are all the old war horses ' i Imi Inn e k> |<t thein*elve? aloof ftom Davis' K.m-a- folly? Then, lot the young bloods. John lit ek* nridge is laid Ibi s tim*- on the shelf of ili. Vi ? rr'-sid'-nc j; Forsyth i? embalm* d in a ! I'orkjn tni"*loo; but there I* lirain and pluck : ? linn h in tit** South to brinjt out scores of jotinn a?pirant* for feme. We advise tb*in to | lin k toil. Their time I* now at hand. The it* i-.-u* - ari rlose upon us, and they must I ' _r.e*p tb? ni ?it their birth and imjM l th?m onto j ib' attainment. Hut Kansas i? killed by th*1 i>oth* riual line, and Is of no avail t..pre?>ive t 1 1,,. ?,|iiif|bHuni of th< Union. -Mrt t **!no i ill. is * That famous notion ! . ol antiquity which, on occasions ot public dis j ii . ? u *d lo have Moir gods <>ut oil a public -?I*iht>- and seottrg* th' ui -oiindly. seem* to I have sorted us a in??*l? lb. tie temperance party ol t lii ?? State. which is now Mi-ily engaged In ndinliiMering mornl flagellation to their some time deity Mr. Delavan, of Albany. For v ai this* gentkman has been not only th" leader Hot the banker of the party: what little en dit it tK>?*CHMd it Owed him. An*l now the teetotallers repudiate him. turn him out, wnnt to four j. Lt" Such is partj fidelity A Ghkat Criminal at Laht. ? We have had criminals enough in New York, one would tbink, and of black enough character; murder ers, robbers, authors of rape and arson, and per petrators of all kinds of iufamous crimes. But, if h portion of the metropolitan and the rural press is to be believed, we have just now among us a greater criminal than ever. This misera ble wretch is Mayor Wood, and his crime is proposing to buy 50,000 barrels of flour to pay for bread for the starving poor this winter. We have not yet heard what penalty it is proposed to inflict upou this tcuudulous monster for this nefarious crime; but it is evident that banging, draw ing and quartering would fall short of his deserts. Slaw L^hok ani> Kkkk. ? Here we have tens of thousands of workmen thrown out of employ ment in the North, seeking food and hading none, and assuaging their wrath in empty threats of violence and rapine; and beneath this outward ebullition we know that there must be vast numbers of families actually in want of bread. In the South, on the contrary, there is 110 lack of the necessaries of life, no starvation, no per ceptible want; the laborers under the slave sys tem are ax well off this winter as they were last. In contrasts between the relative merit** of the two systems this feature should not be for gotten. A Lost Political Aoknt. ? Mr. Cass should advertise in the papers in the " Lost" column for Wm. Carey Jones, the political agent who was sent to Central America. The first we heard of this gentleman was that he had lost his bag gage; now it seems he has lost himself. A suitable reward for his body might perhaps bring him to light and help the settlement of the Central American difficulty. The Banking Svstkm.? Politicians of all par ties are busily engaged in preparing or in making onslaughts on the banking system. By the time Congress meet? we shall have a dozen new systems all cut and dried, and all guran tied to carry us through our troubles and to prevent the possibility of a recurrence of revul sions. We are all currency doctors for the nonce; but the chances are that the banks will stand the crusade after all. THE LATEST NEWS. Interesting front Washington. TI1K UTAH M1L1TAKV KXI'KWTION ? Al'FOIfiTMENTS ? Ah'}' A IKS AT PANAMA? 1HOCKKDINOS IN TUK JiA VAL C'OI KTS, KTC. Wasbi.nutox, Nov. 6, 1857. TV Secretary of War received to day a despatch dated at Port l.pavenwortb. Intelligence had lietsi received to the ell -el th it the Mormon* Here culling into .Salt Iiiko City all their forces from the surrounding country, and were>'.n.7 to resist the I'nitcd States troops. Order* have Im-oii n ut lo Genera! Harney U> retua.n at Kurt Leav enworth for tbe present. In case the Mormons do resUt our troopa, another large furce, under the command of Harney , w ill be immediately ordered to I'tah. The Cabinet were in w^.cin until a late hour this even ing. The President ha* made the instrict appointments, 1 ut they will not he divulged until Congress meet). Quite m inmil>er "f foreign appointments, diplomatic and consu

1?i . have also been agreed upon, but w ill lit wise be kept secrct until Congress in*-.-t The Navy Department tn-ilay received despatches from Cominaiidor Hoff, stationed at Panama Speaking of 1'auMlua affairs, he says: ? K very thing on the Isthmus, at present remains quiet. A few days since, however, considerable exeib men I ex isted, but entirel) of a local as well as of an amusing character, arising from a bill of divorcement having been introduced into the Legislature while in scsion here. Its features were of an abominable character, destroying the man iage tie at the mere in tanec of one or the other indi vtdual* going before a magistrate. It (Kissed into a law, and they then adjourned tine dir. The Governor. how ever, had the good sei?e to reconvene the U'giaUture, ?I'iK t ng a r?H -oiisideraiion ai.d bringing before them his veto 'I hi.- veto was serompanicd by an armed liody of young m>n, who, when the Legislature tried to enforce it a second time, began with loud shouts, and ultiliuitely by threatening one or two of the put I *?- ?'e.t in havirg the motion lost The me m b.>rs of thi< icravc assemblage then dispersed lo their homes lbe object aeenied I" be perfectly understood. Sine* ? membeis had influence sufficient to carry this obtM lioi,* affair, front the well known desire to separate In in -elw* from their wives, and hence the intrusion of the young men, and my presenting to you the slate of morals on the uthmus and district of Panama Tlie I ep islature also passed a law instituting -om- forty per cent . instead of eight as heretofore, ou the business profits < f all houses of trade over fcJOO. The merchants here wl" are pnnci|silly toreigners. are about complain ittg under protect to the Governor, and I have no doubt it will on the neit session be repealed, or brought down to a more satisfactory arrangement Pope's artesian well ox|>editioo on the Pecos, (n is proving successful Before Naval Court No. 1 to-day , the testimony in the case of Mr. Hyrens was concluded by the reading of the deposition of Captain Cunningham in his behalf, Ills do fence is expected to be read bi morrow The case of ex Lieutenant Bnrney (dropped) was then taken up. Messrs O. Jennings Wise, of Virginia, and Itogers, of Delaware, counsel for (he applicant , and CupUm Kllison and Com mander tiillis, were examined on Mr Rarney'a bo. half Before Court No. 2 today, where the case of Commander Ringgold is still pending. Lieutenant* Brooke and J V McCullom were examined in the go vernment's behalf. Before Court No. 3. in the case of Iaeut. Hunt. Lieut W E Leroy was examined lor the go vernment , and lie at. D D. Porter and Commanders K. R Thompson. A. L Case and W C. Wlnttle for the appli cant. There is great rejoicing in tbe administration circles over the New York election The I'nited States sloop at war Cyane, Captain Robb, is ordered lo rel?a*e Captain l<eet,oftho brig Washburn, now imprisoned at Port au Prince. Omaha (My, Kansas, has been designated by the Secre tary of the Treasury m a point for anew depository of pub lic funds m uktcral ircwBTArn omirsmt ova THE ATT WITH PMC? UtmOTMeWT Of TUK UVMKMU.NT riKAXCH. Wakhi.hutoh, Nor. B, 1*67. j The ("resident ha-1 proclaimed the binding force of the treaty between the I'm ted ."tales and Peru, concluded on the basis that free ships make free goods, and the i property of neutrals on board oocmy > vessel's is not sub ject to detention or confiscation uni> the same be con 1 tra'vtid of war." The contracting |m> ? ? engage to ap- ] ply the*< principles to the commerce nnd navigation oi all ui h Powers and States as shall cons' ut to adopt them us permanent and itumulable. lhe government n liiiaii' >sl pr<?|iwu iisvmg iinpruvvd, it is now thought that a loan will l?e unn' . e. ?ry A tax 00 tea or '"ofTee has not been < mt- mpiated tVewa I'mni Kansas. 3?. Ixwts, Nov ft, 1KI. A lettet Oi His D> mocrai, dsted Lecompton, Nor. 2, says t'i? W?ilh<'i had left there a few days before, and his ?1estinat:'Hi was thought lo be Washington It t<? slated that Walker's obj?ct in ?tat?<oing ih? lr<?>p? at I,eeoinpton wa^ n"t exsetly to protect the Convention nor to watch and be prepared for any action lihs pro slavery enemio ii> gilt make against him, but bccanse the Is g'-lature hav itig a laigi Kiee Htate majority Uiev will probably repea the obnoxious 1 srs and deptwo the ofllee holders, in which ? n-e a t> i.etd "j, f>f the blissly M-enc< m the early history ot I lie 1< rit(?f) is uppi ehended Tho const mtion t?> in tti i to lh? propli with a slavery clause. whM h will , i ?bl?- 1. th- Kre? Mate tn. n and too moderato m I in ti,\< ry ulfrai i I r# Mill ot h fnntini llotsse tinker. Hsi.>^rtmr Mass , Nov. 6, 1h57 I i. .1- ill, D? p ty Collector of Customs at this port, . r. ? i i highly r -teemed ritiOeo. died here last night Itipsituii t>f the KwroiMi, II. |ipaI, Nov <1. 1*5* lhe tey si inml steamship Kuropii. from Binton . sailed ut midnight for Iitrer|?si1 The weather is rloudv. Ill' llnrTlentir In Otitn* Ci*vgi.AJit?, Nov 6,1167. A huri iwne pafved hail a mt|e west of the village of Crestline yeslerdsy, It passed along the north edge of the villsge, blowing down houses and barns, and more or le?s Injuring several persons, it then hiok au easterly ^ircclioo d<?,ng eonsidcraVlv 'wc imiilnitlBM In Bb'tlMif, Baltimom, Hot. 9, 1UT. Thomas Pierce, of the notorious " rough akin*," wu shot dead to night at a groggery on Fell's PMst, whilst playing cards. Hs was shot from without, three balls entering his head , killing him instantly. The >mWHin? escaped. Mrs. Weshing, a German woman, wait assassinated by three men in the same vicinity, having two shots iu the shoulder. She will die. TUu police arc patrolling the Second ward under arms. Convention of the Csnneetleat Baaki. Hamtord, Nov. 6, 1867. The convention of the banks of Connecticut which mot in this city this afternoon, for the purpooo of consulting upon some plan of home redumption by means of which a circulating medium might be obtained for the relief of the business community, adjourned without having done anythiug at all except to lay on the table all the resolu tions offered. Somo or the banks wore for cutting off their present plan of redempUou, while others were strongly opposed to it. Forty throe bank* were repre sented by delegates. The Maryland Election. Baitimork, Nov 6, 1857. The election returns from the HULo do not show any very material change from last year's vote. The Amori cans will have a majority in both branches of the legis lature. It is yet doubtful who is elected to Congress from the ! First and Fifth districts. The Ttmperauce Men of Saratoga and E. C. De la van ? Saratoga, Nov. 6, 1857. At a temperance meeting held In the St. Nicholas Hall here last evening, which was addressed by Prof. Mc Coy, the following resolutiou was passed;? Kcsolvcd, That as temperance men we do not approve of the course of Edward C. Delavan, the present 1 "resident of the New York SUto Tempcranco Society, and that tho good of the cause, iu our judgment, requires that tho So ciety should be emancipated from his control. The Cotton and Sugar Crop* of Texas. W ASBIS QTO>, Nov. fl, 1857. The dates from Galveston, Texas, are to the -7th ult. The crops In San Augustine and Sabine counties were ex cellent. Tho cotton crop was later than usual. Below several vessels were loading with cotton, to go direct to European ports. A careful estimate of the enne crop in Brazoria county shows that 3,085 lihds. of sugar and 6,000 bbU. of mo lasses have been manufactured from it. The cotton crop promises more than the average. Acres of cotton bales are piled up in Houston, ami the warehouses are full to overflowing. The general disposi tion is to ship it direct to Liverpool. A company of seventy -five rangers, ordered by the Governor, had passed up through Antonio. The Epidemic In Jacksonville. Savannah, Nov. 0, 1967. Several physicians in Jacksonville. Fla. , have pronoun ced the fever there to be bilious congcsMve, and not yol low fever. The Sloop-of-War Cyane. Norfolk, Nov. 6, 1857 The sloop-of-wsr Cyane, before reported iu Hampton Roods, has come into port to be paid off. Market*. PHILADELPHIA STOCK BOARD. 1*BILADBL!-UIA, NOV. C. 1857. Stock* Arm. Pennsylvania 6'*, 81 <4; Reading Railroad, 18; Long Inland Railroad, 8 >, , I'emuylvauia Railroad, 3?K Nkw OhTjmxs, Nov. 5, 1857. Cotton? .Sales to-day 9,000 hales, at an advance of !^'c. There is an improved demand. Receipts to day, 5,000 bales. Mutiar has advanced l^c. a \c. ; fair, 6V,0- a ft\c. | Molasses advanced 1c. a % Flour steady , at 95 37 ' Corn, 6fa\ a 74c. Whiskey, 17c. a 17 ^c Kxehange bet ter. Exchange on London. V6; on New York, 4 a 5 per cent discount. CHAaiJirfTov. Nov. 6, 1857 The sale* of cotton to-day were 1,000 bales at i?rices in favor of sellers. ArorwfA, Nov. ft. 1857. At Savannah, Macon and Columbus, prices of cotton ha\t< advanced l?c. Here the market is flrui and active. Btitalo, Nor. 8 ? 1 P. M Flour is unchanged; sales to day 1,000 barrels at $4 75 a 94 81 for aupertae, and $5 a $5 25 for extra Wheat is lower for common grades; sales to day 40 ,000 !>ushels at Sue. a 81c. for Chicago spring. 85c forMilwaukie club, 88c. for mixed Wisconsin, and 96c. for choice red Indiana. Corn if unchanged, sales 30.000 bushels at (V)c (tots un changed. sales 80,000 bushels at 34c. Whiskey steady at 1#HC- Freights ? 15 Sc. a 16c. for wheat to New York. ln>|?irts ) e*terday ? 300,000 bushels ? heat. BrrvAUJ, Nov. fl ? ? P. M. Flour is unchanged ; sales of 1 .800 barrels st 14 75 a 94 81 for siij>erflue Wiscon* in and Iudiana, and 94 87 a $9 96 for extra Ohio and Michigan. Wheat is plenty and tower; sales of 100,000 bushels, opening at N'ic. and clrn. ing at 80c. tor Chicago spring; 85c. for good Milwaukit club; 18c for mixed Wisconsin, ?5c for choice Red Indi- j aus, and 91 12 W for white Canadian Corn is un> hanged ; { sales ot iSS.000 bushels at rtOc. Oats unchanged; sales : ?.t?00 bushel* at 34c. Whiskey steady, at 19?c. j Freight? lfc. for wheat to New V>>rk. liii|?orta for the 24 bout* ending at moa? 9,000 barrel* flour, '400.000 bashela Wheat, P 000 bushels corn Fx ports ? (10,000 bush el* wheat, 13.000 bushels corn, 400 bushel* oats IhWBio, Nov fi, 18ft7 Flour quiet Wheat steady and in good demand; sale* to day 1&.000 bushel* at We a 92c for Chicago sprmg, 91 06 for red Indiana , 91 1>S for ordinary white Caua disc Corn is unchanged, sales to day ,000 bushels at #2*,c. lj?ke imports ? 62,000 bushels wheat, O.OnO )>uah. corn. 5.000 bu.-hels barley Canal exports ? '.',200 bar r< Is tlour, 33,000 bushels wheat, and 10,000 bushels corn. Cntcaoo, Nov ft? H P. M. Flour quiet Wheat quiet, and lc lower CV>rn dull. Oata steady. Shipments to Buffalo? barrels flow, 1 bushels wheat: to Oswego. 31,000 bushels wheat. Receipts to day? 2,800 barrels dour, 148,000 bushela wheat , 1 ,000 bushels corn. Nimui'mGakiikk ? An auouncement is made that the cele bri.|ed t.nbriel Ravel rejoins his brothers Antoine ami Jerome at tins popular establishment, and that these three great favorites will all appear together on Monday evening. It to now a quarter of a century since "the wonderful Ra vele," as they were then and have been ever since < ailed, made their tirst appearance on the very ground where they are now delighting as many tlion-ands as they del twenty Ave years ago, Whu the site of the Metropoh tan Ib tel w m a blooming garden, wlu-n Indian corn grew luxuriantly where the New York Hotel now stands; when no omnibus ran above Fourteenth street; when Broadway ended where V lie hi square is uow, and when Cnkou square was an open Held, even then the "wonderful Ruvels" wsee "luiasekold words'' iu the mouths of New Yorkers. A generation has actually paused away and another haa taken its place, yet there, at Niblo's Garden, on the very same spot, and to all appear ance themselves unchanged, we tliei ' the Ravel*" as active, lithe, droll, amuaing and astonishing as ever The child who laughed aud clapped Ha tiny hands at them then is now in the prime o( hfe ? a man or woman ? with the J?ys and wirrow- of the world tliM-k around them. They now take their children to see "the Ravels " where they, as childrrn, went ai.d were delighted. How is this? while all around us to so changed that it appear* as if Ala din's lamp bad been employed to raise palatial dwcl lings ami marble temple b* niagto, tliese brothers show Bo -n'li of i banged Hav< they dtoorsred the elixir vile' or the waters nf rejo vena -sat We begin to think so, and that they occx- '"iially join in a "alp" or a "dip ' with the worthy proprietor of The tiarden" himself; for Wil liam Niblo, w ho is one of the "oldest inhabitants'' of this gient city, ik as r<*y and smiling aud gay aa he was when lie started the first omnibus ever seeB in Br<iadway , which m It OH Ik old City H<*?| to the Harden With per petual youth, unflagging industry and abundance of spirit Mr KtMo h.?s eater?ii well fi* the New Yorkers, aud "the Raveto" are wonderinl a* over, and a hearty demnnstra t on mav t?e looked for at the re union of the three great 'iriginalr' on Monday evening. A Niw Pu!?B?rk.? Mile. Oraevrr, a celebrated European has lately arrived in this city, aad proposes to Ktoe ?ome concerts. Mile Uraeven to a pu|8l of Ltoct, an I haa received the warmest cuouneudatious from Uio French touatcal critic*. TiniOnjtA ? ffhe "Semiramwlo'' waa glren last night for the second time with the former caat? La Orange, 1) Angn, labocetta and Gassier. T? morrow a grand .tun. day concert to announced at the Academy. The Operatic IqasMe. TO TUB EDITOR OF THK HIRALD . In the ItmiAin of this morning, under the police Intelli ence, there is an article purporting to give an explanation of the assault upon Mr H Veatvall on W^lnesday night last. My own knowledge of the affair Justifle* me in as* rerting that your reporter has been most grosaly misled { s to the true facta of the ease Mr Ve<?vah was follow ed by two men who insulted him In the coarsest manner He t??k temporary refuge in the S? Penis Hotel, aud i pon leaving to retsm to his home, was again followed, j : nd in fron* oi the IatarKe llous< was attacked and struck . own by one of the party , who was arrested by a police | man who came up at the time. I feel H my duty to make this proteetAt ion, knowing 1 Intimately the adair, in order to destroy any erroneous ' impression which could arise from ?ie statement of thi? morning (ilWTAVK I.ANDI j sr Im^ts Dnnt, Nov ft. 1867 ??or. Horrowsd (lews.? On Mombiy or Magrudcr received a telegraphic oommunswlsHi ftofn tlov l.igon, requesting kim to take charge of two or three thousand muskets witch were in transit from the tiovrrnor oi Virginia to tlie (governor of Maryland, when they should arrive st Ws*l\jBKton, and <f practicable have them stored for safe kscptng in the Caited State* araenal His Honor, therefore, on Monday a?sl Tueaday took |<w session of the aims according to reque?t, and on vesterday called on the Serretary of War who prompt I y issued order* fbr their reeeptem and o?fe keening at the I'mted Mate* arsenal mad furtUer orders ? VrtK ", 6 AflUn In ; ADDRESS or THI F1UK 8*. VTK KXEOUTITK OOM MITTKB. To Tin l'Korm or Kansas:? We k 'avc. ?t the late otoc tion, carried every county iu Kansas hX 'he legal vote Every scheme that malignant Ingennk l>' could invent ha<i beeu niorted to by our opponents, lot ''"feat the express ed wish af Die people. Fraudulent rk turns have beon tmOiUl i" tared at different points and rc-tar. -10'' to theSecro Utry'H office, sogtaringthnt the authors ?f 'he Vl!" forgery dnro not openly hum tain them. Governor V Walker and Ho cretary Stanton have refused to allow linn t certllUiht<si, although a corrupt judiciary has endeavor 4 * *>y writ of maud-iinus, to compel them to do so. If. U u-su officers atiuid firm, as we b*ve every assurance they t >n lb-? posiuun they have taken, you will hnve the * elegate ta Congre-s and u majority of both broncho- ut L> ' Territo rial legislature. Hut this victory, great as it is, does notfro<?? The buttle is not yet fought, nor is the victor,, vn !>c- A body of ustii jiers is now assembled at Lecomptoa , t un'ler the guard ot the United States army, concocting a '"too to perpotuate the slavery oligarchy in Kansas To tha n *?* tio:i we respectfully call your attention: hold nuvijug* ?" every locality ami denounce them; person*?, a ^ perfect your military organization al every paint; be-pm * pared march at a moment's warning, that wheuyssn cause and your country calls you may promptly respond. By pariicipsting in the late election you have shown to th* world >our earnest desire to settle the Kansas dittrulna* p> ?.? .l>ly ? by that vote you have proven that tho frr? parly are in the ascendency iu every counly iu Kan-sw. The flection frauds, actually perpetrated U> defeat Ui.s wishes of that majority? the hellish scheim now boinj concocted at Leeomptou, evidencing that a resort to forco may be necessary, and having exhausted every poocdn ble measure, it is believed that the world will Justify you in reporting to arms. Be ready then, fellow frouuiea of Kansas; you will not be called upon uutil that call is ab solutely indispensable, and when made, let all, without regard to age, respond, that the enemies of American iu slituUons may know aud feel that au American people when once aroused are as irresistible as tie* great ocean when moved by the mighty storm. By order of the Territorial Executive Committee, G. W. SMITH, I*re?i4ent. G. W. HrrcntNSON, Secretary. Lawkkm-k, Oct. 23, 1867. FKOCKKl'lNOS OK THE CONSTITUTIONAL COS VXXTIOtf . [Correspondence ol the Missouri Liemocrat.] iJioomToy, Oct S.D, 1887. The Convention is hard at work. They have not dons much yet that could demonstrate their partizau character. To day they have been working at the g< ueral election law. Besides a year's residence, they require payment of a Territorial or i-"tatc tax in a votor. Soldior? of thu army are allowed to vote. Judge Elmore's report on tho Judiciary occupied all the forenoon. It was a vory good one. An effort was made to prevent the penj?|? i root electing Judges until alter I860, but so tar it tailed. At-TKHNItON HKSHION. Major Vandkhwuck moved to recommit the report of thi Committee of Incorporation. One gentleman objected to all recommitting. Jk.nkixi retorts, " 1 was up first." Ranioi phis " opposed to all sich operations a-, that." The gentleman begs that it be recommitted. One man with a blue coat, thinks if it be referred, tint u they may as well refer every d ? d thing." Those that have come in at the clcvouth hour, wont to rulo tUo con vention. Motwu to lay upon the ta!>le. Noes very boisterous. Mr. Ram?> WHtits it to be understood that when tha Convention acts like a man, he (Randolph) act- like <i man ; but when the Convention acts like a baby, ho will act as a baby. He always wants to be uniform. Randolph thinks that if any one has been absent, bo report should lie recommitted simply because the absentee had just ar rived. Such persons have taken an oath to fultll thoir du ties to the best of their knowledge and ability, and they ha\e willfully and maliciously absented themselves. Va.m-kksijcb thiuks the gentleman had too much wator in his whiskey. Raxdom-h gets up. He thinks that if the remarks of the other geutlcniau are true, they must prove tliat he n **> ber On division, 27 ayes. Referred. Kcport of Committee on Militia brought up. It is m.v.1 > the special order for to-uiorrow at ten o'clock. Reconsi dered. tin the second motion, Randolph thinks that if w man is allowed to dodge servica in the militia on account of religious scruples, we would all have re ligious scruples He (Randolph) would embrare any kind of religion himself, s? as to escape militia duty. (Mnnll bit of wrangle between Jeukms, Randolph an^t others ) Hamilton is op(>osed to mixing up religion iu tli? business. lUsiiotm is opposed to the whole bill, but (?))OClally U he op|NMed to eiem|tting i>eoj>Ie froin military duty on th<j ground of religion, and then making them pay tortt. They might as well shoot people themselves as to hava others to do it for them. A resolution is offered that tl*> Convention a<|jonrn tim<- ?'|V. R. solution laid on the table Jenkins is opposed to anything religious, exccpt tho prayor iu the murutng. Tlir report ot the Committee on Boundaries now cama up. The boundaries are precisely the same art those do lined by tlie organic act. Mr. Jo.xls proposed that it be called the Staio ol Wash ington. t.i ntleman docs not wish to desecrate the name of Washington, and moves to amend by inserting the uatitv) of Walker. Both voted down. Some di*eussiou ar??e aliont whether the organic act was printed correctly in the statutes of Kansas. A resolution to have a new reporter, was brought for ward?Carey, the former reporter, is absent The chirlui bu\ e been acting as reporters, as far as possible, record ing all but the debate* 'ihe Convention had been misrepresented by Carey. Jon kiuj1 lias heard that a person is to bo employed who votc?l for I'arrett. He wauls them to take care Randolph u thundering He is sorry that he ever voted for Carer. Jrmkins asked Henderson if he would employ a black I republican, or if lie would employ a national democrat. Klgbts about an adjournment, motions aud counter iiiots<as to adjoom all hfc-t Mr Skuily is dsdare l elected re porter. A WALKKM COWTUmOS. Tliere is to be a convention liere oti Saturday next t? vindicate Walker. The t.overnor i? not laying in U<vuaw on n< w . but is one and a hall miles out. >>u btaaton s clmni Mr I arrott lm- N-eii hare nuil has r -civod hit certiiuate There in a very strong force ot trooiw hi>r> uow Sumner's command, coi.-i-.tmg of throe hundr.?t cavalry, is -Utioned here \\. fcnvc also ,i . ooip my <>C rtdlery from Uiwrence. NKWSrAVKK ITEMS. [From the Herald of Freedom, Oct. U*.] The crash uuimg easU-rn b.inks talis Very severely upon the |>eople of Kansas. The cwintry was full of ea t-ru ei< hange. whit h has become valueless, iho times look dark and torlHsiiug. Major Sherman's command of ii>m?' artilhry inovo<l from 1 jiwrenct on M??tay night last tor l.' couipton, u> defeud the Coustitutioual Convent .on, t<ov. Walk' r hav ng been applied to by the members for military dcfcuse. A protest hits been lllod at 1/v omptou ug tin t iN^uiug cerUOcutcs of election to the pro slavovjr candidate, for Council and House of Representatives, Irotn l. avenwortli district, on account of alleged frauds ,?t tho Kick ipoo pre cinct It Is n jiorted that Secretary Stanton wa et ti|>r?n tin) other day by S. J Jones, who nseil to write h ms lf "She riff ot (?oiigla' county " Ho w.ih accoiu|>.ini<' I by a friond, eu> h of whom w%- armed with a bswiekinle ?ud reinlvcr, tlve handles of winch were prnjcetin^ from their bosom*, apparently for immodiate use .leu -, demanded l" know tho rea on ths' the Set ret try did not mite hi- certilicat* of ele< tion. The latter suited that his rea ons were con tained in the proclamation of Inm-eii an l th- Svn ruor, *hn b were public. ' Then, ' said Joae < w ill an oath, "I undertake to say that < very word in Mi it proclamation is false Vou may tako thw as p?liii>.d, and personal Uxi, if you plea-o " Vi t?. io>k'd arouud for (K>melb UK Willi w lm ll I'l ? ? -I - the i(i-..t, |,io ,,f ||y. ,iw U-mptlMe Jones, knt BOtbi: . was ,n!o ,i m h It is well Mwaaso, for when Jote? oinowti. . ?! hi- nb'isira laa* guage his ??<"* Me, with U -iito ami rsvi< er, stepped in the rear of Mr. S . e\ i' ? ritl) do-ignii)< I" ?,\e bin* mortal blow In tlie bs< k if the -?< retar> had ate mpltsl to dealjunlly by the coward an i ' raggi o i wlwha^l aiU< k ed him. , Subsequently . we under tuuit. Junes w.?j t. I ling in I-o compton tli.' t li" had s- ut S> ? reViry lant ? ? h tll* n^c to tight a duel w it h him. Janes' frtelids have daiRHd that he w .?? iitlemin, but e\ ery publ.e n>-t of hi-whs iih.ta eotue to it# know ledge li.u ?hon* him to be otic of the bar* t men m Kan sas We have n<d a doubt b*<t be the author of the Ox ford frauds, ami as such, lie dw-ervea death I MAWAK'A INSTKt'CTtONs liMIOV. VTALULH. Th< '.olUiw ihg aw tint . Walker's ta>trnt t an * ? Tit* fnwuTti nsntromai fi twv. wautxn, ntirtviin TWK S*cK?-r ?at "I STATV Tin state ot thlUk'- in Kausa^ ha.s i d th<" I'resekut great lolintude. He is ver> Ui\.o?i? lor the p rmau- ut continuance <if the pablir pe.i^o m n,r the r ? toraUon of publi< mdiMn, so Untitle | o <,(.*' hi n-rritory may eitjuj ti,in<|Uility ?tel tl i>i ?n the rights whi< h Jurtl) beloug to them (hit efltH-tiid, a career of prosper it} would be opened la p . ,s' tlx* nat'i* ral advantagi nf the ? out.try, prttbaMy n<4 <>(er?i|ed hy any other region in our exten-.v " territory. Krom cans* ?? not necesi-ary to rei apitulate, d.Ui> 'illns- have ex isteU there et cm ten Mag great unen itK s over yule-re an<t threatetiii.g tho must disiUltrotis eiiRHnti* ncc It s he laved that tirmne-- and discretion hi (If- adm n-t ration of the Territorial govemni?nt will go i ir toward- the por manent e labli-bne nt id the pt-.n wii cli now pre .'alia there, and it is h'iped will prevent it-, r.n ?> ? 4Mttrtaitet. In sci k ng to procure the service* of ? oil *? n ytalidert tounderloke tlaver> pon.-iblo dvtie a.tlin prospeel of succi so, the Trcident was gi.itific 1 1<? le irn, when apt>U i atksi wa nevteto you, that vou ?sr? wil'itig lo accept tlm ( Hire of GovelMf of Kama.", and to levot ? yourself to tho enecutlotl of its iinportaiit duties. In this feeling ho I# confident the coetitry will |mrticlpat<*, end will find in your die Unfit -bed public s> i rites and In th?' high pwitloni you have so ably Ifled, an assurance tb..t tho ine;? urc* fon adopt will he well calculated i ? as-'-rt It*- Wthortty Of the l.tW. The t*rcddent wa? dtsirons that ton bould proceed no mediately to Kansaa and enter apotl the egecnttro dutiei. But as yon had Informed kim in yiair l?rtler of ieceptaie .? that c in Quittances beyond your . mir.d wouW retelei ,t tup* >-*? itiU* i'or yon to leave here b >fbfo th -e.-ond Mim '.ay et May to it, le assent* to thi < de|*y, ind tru ts that in m> diHtcly tin roafter you will proceed to your govt rn nient atiii enter ?pun your dune And the Pre clon% the more rc.vllly assents to tbirf nrrnngem ntboivu?oln the tnealtume r. P. Stauton. Kq., \?itl my pt tho < 111. u of Hsi ri t trj of the Territory, <n<l, 'n yout i> one. will bis ve-tmi with all the powers <a the I xecutivn u ?*iii >m med lately sat onl Po* Kansic In i? . p? ,i,,. (,m, has Ween animated by the seasa nci ^ Wfch bapn prompted van M innk ?< a sacfifee to tho put>i v inlet e?htt and he will command tie- coniH< Mo ot tie . entry by h.t wi'll known service" snd experlenei und )?> iiii Maiiticn t ions '<* the |*> '.'am. Comjmi-s.e-i ^ I,, v, , ?;t ,,,,) f,n. e company tin so instrnrttyn Tiler- are tn< 4re?t. f.t.ier.ia rt.-t v*4i, tln? present ? *cn. !,n?(t gtwwitig nnt >.i th- sUn m of Knuaas. and tb ? uttaviini' tit ot wl ult mil br ng It M a speedy b imiai?ts>n Tin ?. t irtv succmnly idled it the |v sident's leeent r^ugtiral a?l dreaa, sttd 1 embedy tti-? paragrmlcs M thi comtnitniea tion a^k ng your rni sitent.ou t.i (hem It h de li?t-'l in that iostruuKnt t>> bo " the iajrvi' .itive ind 'iid:. pen i We duty of th? government K lh!- l u ted ft ites to cur t toetery nwident inbabitan.t the tree and m dep. ?l til ? *? presston of his opinion ic, bin vi?e riu- - u red rigid nf each individual most be pre .rved," all I tbstV i?[ accomplished can h. fair, r than to t ave tha people of ^T' n ',ert fiii(oiaU lor- kj'i ui". iftif u e,