Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1857 Page 6
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AI\T.RT!SF*t\TS fiVNLWW) EVER V DiY. hrrr*TM?s ha*tkiui'E!iiai.hi. ASITUaT1u> W?Mr |l If \ Wi *>? WOMAN, AB cook, or to do ??n#mi bmwfdii Wafii not ao naeb w , Mi object *a ft bi'iUf* for iMSrstfif *o4 8U'*? wu*> i* ut tw??Q flfemr and five yenri old. IimjuIw*^ Klc^slwoi^ A #<HID SK * XHTKKj*.* Wl-HKS A SITi' ATIO* IN A A. private fkmily. to <*f Uisht chnnu-erwurk; ! Ml a ikik! .hlri Biirr, and fond M r*t\ Ir-ti; w >ge- . not ho ?Mb an object U a good houie toldreaa He.iv box T18 fewektyu Pestofllce. or call ai brr tent piaoe, Si Tompkins A.JKKMAN GIRL, WITH .?<x>|l R V. V'K :; F \CK.S. irintu t "1 ma: Km in a private American family at seams kw. T to (to the pfwi-raj honsewrrrk. Call el SS avenue A, Ifhi t-en 5ib and *'* a > noun LADY wwn Tit ?; agV: AS rksi JL dcnlcrdaNy ((inrnfw in* family of young chil Irea to New York or Brookhrn The best ntj references will be H?ven on addressing T B. M.. lleralc olBre. 4 FKRNCH LADY W ANTS A SIWATIOn! TO TKACW A. one or two chli free the French langtt igc, and the Arst fciveii* in muaic. Address A. R , Herald otlioe. A GOOD ri.ATN COOK AND GOOD HAKKK WANTS A situation No objection to housework Lived in the best af families Will ,;n for wages to sun tV unies Applval3i>2 toh ?t near a>ib si. ENGLISH WOMAN W ANTS A SITU atam a* seamstress. ran cut and tit ladle*' and children's till. w ni go by the w cek or month, and a here ikere Is a rre family, has had lone experience, would be generally w ful Address 266 Eilxnbeth st., corner of Houston. A FIRST CLASS COLORKD COOK WISHES A SITU.A i hiii . understands eooklng In all ila branches Can give ?lie be?t ff city reference. Apply at or addre-* 171 West 29th ?A eeaT .nth av. GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS foo<J plain cook. ei. ellent washer and Irener, or la willing to do general housework or chamberwork. Good ebv refercn.-e Please call at 123 Douglass at., between Hoyt ai?t Bond, Brooklyn. 4 RESPECT A BLE YOUNG WIDOW W ANTS A .-1TCA A urn, In a small family, as housekeeper. Inquire at 39 KMridpc st., lop floor. A RESPECTABLE COU1RD OIRL WANTS A SITCA Uon as chambermaid and seamstress, or waitress or w asslai In Inking care if children Can give the best of reference Can be seen for two days at No. 69 West 18th si., ?rtoteen 6th and 7th avenues A LADY DF.SIRF.K A SITUATION FOR HKR NCBSB, a colored woman, she I* perfectly cumpeteut; under Man<l? dr- samaking and hair dressing Apply at room 112 tuKrii Place Hotel, between 12 and 4 o'clock. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT ABI.H WO man as g.sal cook; understands baking, desserts and rsiry. Besi of clry reference. Can be seen at 32} 6tb av., ?be store, for three days. AHITrATION W ANTEIV-BY A RESPECT API. E OTRL, as chambermaid and seamstress, understands making Wwlit't- and children's dresses no objection to the eve of chil tern Best of city reference. Can be seen at ?6 3d nr. , for ?wo days. I SITUATION W ANTEI>? BY A RESPECT ABI.E OIRI., A a* chamt'crmald and laundress or chambermaid and w aiter, no objection to the care of children. Best of eity refe fem e Apply at 3d ay., for two days. ATOl'NO FRENCH WOM AN. 18 TEARS OF AGE, wishes a situation as wet nurse, (nourice,) In a private family, speaks Ktencb and tlerman Address Josephine, 662 Fear I st . second floor, room (. 4 SITUATION WANMD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRI,; A is a good plain cook, washer an 1 ironer. Can be seen ffT three davs at 30 West :sil st , between 8'h and 9th ave owes Has a good recommendation from her laat place. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WANTS A SITUATION in a respeclable faintly; understands cutting and fitting shildren's ceahlng, also family sewing of all kind*, no objec tton to trnvel in the capacity of lady's maid. Address 123 West 12th st. (>lOOK-AN EXPERIENCED COOK, OF SEVERAL J years' practice, wants an engagement as such; perfectly ?nderstauds b lueing and lardtng. is first rale at soups an I Gume Can be highlv p rommended fur honesty and capa ility by the highesi famllina w ith w hom she lived Call at 122 W est 12th st . In the basement, between 6lb and 6tb avs. COOK -A SITUATION IS DESIRED BY A WOMAN as cook washer and ironer, in elty or country; can take a place as second rook In a hotel, or order cook lit a restau rant Best of references. No objection to a boarding bouse. Apply this day or Monday at 27 1 Bowery. N'URSE -WANTED, A SITUATION, AS NURSE, BY A respectable Protestant woman, capable of taking charge #f an Infant trnm Its birth Best of city references from last tmpkiyer. Can be seen at 106 West *iih sL, near 7th mvenue, Ihtrd floor, front room. QITVATION WANTED-BY A YOU NO WOMAN, Aft S3 cock, washer and Ironer, In a private family, boarding he asc or a hotel. Uood references. Apply to 23f* Henry st., Brooklyn SITUATION WANTED-BY A WOMAN, AS COOK, washer and Ironer in a private family. C-an be seen for two days a: her present rlace of employment, 42 East 2t' h m. betw eeii 12 and 2 o'clock. ???????????? ! CITATION WVNTED-BY a RESPECTABLE WO S3 man, t< <ake In washing and Ironing Best of city reference Apply at 239 Fast 14th St., between 1st avenue bud avenue A. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MAR S3 ried w oman, as wet nurse, w ith a fresh breast of milk; b? w UUng to make herself useful; the best of reference given. A| ply at No 2 Amity St., from 9 A. M. to 4 P M , on Monday, If net engaged *1TANTED? BY A YOUNO LADY, AN EXPERIENCED Tv t . mm ? Wheeo i A W ilson's and Watson's sewir.g mar tii ties, to do family work or in a manufactory. Any c<>m aaajids addressed M. M , Herald ufkee, will be prosapUy at teitded M "*IT ANTFD-A SITUATION BY A BftSPKCTARLK MAK T? rled woman, as nurse u> a lady, or lad* and children, ?log u> England First class reference. Address 12 West ?tli at, between 6th and 6th avs. ?17" ANTED? ^ AN INFANT TO NURSE, BY A RESPECT Tr able bealii.v American woman with a freah hreaatof ? ? ?' Apply on third floor secuud house from northwest cor ot r ut 40th at . In Id avenue. TI' ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?f Protrsunt girl, as chambermaid and waiter. Would toive no objection to go a short distance in the country. Best ?f rrference. Inquire at 19 West > b ?t 'ANTED -A RESPECTABLE TOUN<? UIRI.WIsnKS a altuatl-ib u> d" general bo'isework in a small private iaiuily, la a good plain euok. w asher and ironer. the best city reierenee glv-u P. ease call at No 219 7tl> at. between ave. B and C. can be seen fur I wo days fXTANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE WO Tr man m a i.nvite family, aa e<s>k. washer and Ironer. ?mM go a abort distance in the country. Oood reference ginr. Inquire at 14 Carroll at br -iklyn. Tl'ANTED? BT AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT, MIDDLE v I aged English woman a situation as infant s nurse, is telly c'trpeient to tatr** entire charge trotn Mrth. la a neat #>-at: .stress N"> obiecuons w l""ation An interview can be had by aaking lor Mrs lloit, at 96 Brwome at. WANTED? A SITUATKiN, BY A RESPECT ABLE Tv voung woman, to do general housework in a smal^iri *a? (anul) tan give g?ssl city refereuce. Call at Hi West Mth IK. II'ANTKII-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG GIRL. AH II eoni, washer slid Ironer she understands h?r nusl ?ess , and is not afraid to work . sh** "an be s??o (or two days at U? OBbrelto store. Bo. VI 26i h n, one door fr >m 3d ave. 0)<y reference given. WrA"TKI>-MY A MfM,T RBSI'ECTABI.K YOUNG fl girl, a slfiallon as > hamberinaid an I waitress or to a* ?te* in the washing and ironing has no olueettuos v> go a ai? " dtstaaee us (fee country. Pleas- call at M Kaeei st . room fs 12. for two days. Tl'ANTlD? BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN. A tv situation as nurae she has been accustomed to the care ?f < hi W ren for several years, and ran take charge of aa In tkD best my reference. Appljr at 141 Amity st.. corner of #h aveaur \1*AKTED-A SITUATION AS WKT SCBFB. BY A vv ia)o>- married aoman with a freah >'rea?< of mlih. to r bs! jr Is not yet four weeks old Beat of refereacet given. Ca.i a. Tr Wrst 23d st . for two da) s ANTED? BY A RKSPF'T TOUNG WOMAN, A "t altuaUon aa cook. Washer and ir?i?r. or tori, g-ro-ral bo .sework in s sm? I [irtTale family is a good t>aker No ?bjeetioa to g u a abort a?t*n e in tbe country. Good ref.-r ?nee I# required " all ai jr. i M - ? > in the r>-ar, third fl>e>e, tork room. To be aeen unui suited 0TTT ATIOWB WAYTKO-MALKR. A CAJU) ? MEBCHANTS and others desibous of A aanag their hooka act irate, y p su l and balanced Monthly or oth- rwiae in order lo ensure safe-y and alas "C? a.Tii an ? nl? ' into arrang. menu with Messrs Bradstuw. Wokmson A Gatea. Acountants. Ac . ctL e 14 Moffht Build Ml Broadway A '?KNTLKMAN WHO HAS T AKSED SKVER Al. TEARS il .n France desiras a s4tuatkM to d ' tbe French > freS|>on ?? o-. f a house A id r ess E J B G rata ere y Park U oise, hew trifc * antkd ht a touno man a ?nruATtfiN to _ apart oysteea, who underntaada toe bnstneaa Beferenew r?e ll required Add reaa J, McE.. Brooklyn Foal odce. or MeK . bos IB Herald etooa "|1*ANTF.D-BT A ToUNG MAN f?F GOOD MORAL ? v, mm taini ?rao and BnMM habile, a sltaa ?er la any pan if the Union Is a g ?id penman, and sine ? hat sonteraaat with hwdLbeeptng Best rity re fer?-neee ? ?s?u ao^i a aaa . rsmuneratMm soeepted. A l.lreee O. T., w M kid otic _____ 11* AJ?TEI?-BY A C'HPETEXT YOUNG MAN (A PRO t ' iMUn< < aattuauon as iwknas Is a good driver and ? ,jia< ta a.s a *? . > /?rg? ' ?f< m Caa give IJte t. eat of eity and <-"?ntry referee ?? ?a to conduct. Ac. Ap p .f tm two days at 1U t^mn at . Brooklyn. it' AJfTEIk? A SITUATION AS ' UfRS <iR BIGHT POR V? fv by a pereon ac<tMlnted with the ip handlery and | arc erv business or lb any Bereanule house in wanl of a i ? r*e Arm ee rear ? ? t?> hr v . ,- French Dutch and Ger ? an *sag ? r-" G?e^ eity eefer.-?. . s m former employ ere I'leaae addrees B B Herald oa-e ??TnTFJV-A BITUATKfN AS UAMIJIItH OB R<KIK Keeper bv a | ereor ? ? has a l*art?i?h Knowle i ge faci-otinte can give tfce beat of city refereo'.ee. Address A HeraM (4M. 11* AJbTKD? A BITUATIOB IN THIS 4'ITT <.R JJ? f v aa> par; of the world, by a MM no.? V years age. ?h' tarfeestaoda e?er> deparMB> in of b i- smis and?i 'ak4 U- French and Spanish langnages, beat Of reference* given Art rrsa Wiuiam. Herald oilee l\' tNTPTD A SITU ATI' >N AS WAITKB in 4FRIVA1R ~v falktta to) a hui | Frtgnabman wki -b ?e.t?,gr,? unlr r \N . ? f**ti | Kftl _ 'wto' ?? IfJ Hfl oriRcbML with w** ifltm j**t fBtpiorfri. Adtlre?t boi 1W H?nM tfcii &*y lArn k situation, by a bf.4pectablic ^ r>t "h * a< ? fJbfBAt v+Tf of eity r#? Hf sit at l/ tpr i hu t**-** 9U*r* 66 l'iilr*nfc> rwrMfM ADVFHTHKMKirrs I'M jr sv I'l'ntorv v r r a Ifi AISE F (toaillle ril in'lll '*"** *>m*" 1'**' ?* plaeer 1 m a ilt. * 'n ''*?? ? nf auk n % " **rri^?ii htiidi U "ds*'",4^,! W'?* BEi'EMMFNT ASRIVFK ROfW dans nv adreaser la ki *<<iiiMai?ui^SlMU w- uisA' HEIjP M \nED-ttALES. 4 CLKRK WVVTKIV-IN V LIGHT IN l>(K>R HI'S! - V ncsa, one wli" 'Mil loan fl,$M, on the very ImM Mcurlly, will receive a salary of $4<m dollars, with board, an,l p''r crntage. whirl, will amount to fcKH) mure. Apply to Wheeler A Co., 334 Broadway. room IS. 4 SMART INTELLIGENT YOUNG MAN WANTED, AS J* rli i k for a commission house. On.' active and willing to make him .elf useful will receive from >14 u> $12 I't week. Apply alu-r# A. M , at 307 Bowery. Boy wanted? to attend bar and open oyst.Ts In a restaurant and saloon, from IS to 31 > e?r-> Mu*t have goed tffmiicci Apply at the Ersreka House, 4W Hitdeon at., between 10 ami 12 A M. BOY WASTED?' to WRITF. WRAPPERS AND FOLD paper* One that ran write a good hand; wagca 12 a week. Apply Ui I)r. Haiikinson, 74 Went 1 hu leoulh street. rl.KR'K WANTED?FOR WHOLESALE IMPORTING ?lik an>l rili lion business. Wnip * $fim> per )ear; oonaunt empkyvtienl to a person iliai suits. Ap;>l>*. with recommen dation. at 164 Fulton at , Brooklyn, baseuiaut. iW'G CLERKS OR APOTHECARIKK-A SITIATION M' ol (AH) per annum hrlil by the present occupier nine yenrs, will be obtained for a competent peraou for i douceur <'t $100; no nljrht or Sunday duties. Address Sickness, Herald "An e. immediately. DKl'G ri.KRK WANTED? A STEADY AND INIR'8 trio us young man, perfectly familiar witk the business in all its details, and with good references, can apply at liid 8th av., from 10 till 4 o'clock. TWO MEN. OF lioOD ADDRFSS. WANTKD IM mediately for city business. A lao, two young men for a theatre. Situations procured for parties out of employ mem, at the Mercliams' Clerks' Protective Agency, No. Itki Broadway, room No. 8. No commission charged in advauce. n "TITAN TED? TO KEEP A SET OK ACCOCNT BOOKS FOR TT a firm at night. Please address, where to be seen, A. B. C., Herald office. TV*' ANTED? AN ACTIVE MAN; ALSO A PORTER FOR TT a wholesale dry goods ate ire. Apply at the merchants' clerks' registry oflice, 'Ml Broadway, room No. 1, corner of l.eoiiard st. Situations procured; no commission charged in advance. We beg to mention a few respectable houses whom we have supplied, viz. : Tracy, Irwiu A Co., 234 Broadway; Blydenburgh, Hodges, A tV>.. M Murray St.; D. Torrance, No. 5 Howling green; D. Lanman A Co., 69 Water St.; Thus. Chambers, 42 Exchange, place, Kverett A Brown, UB Front St.; R. Frenrh. French's Hotel; J. Jones, 43 Exchange place; J. Lawrence, 67 Wall St., and oth<ra. WM. J. REDPATH A CO. WANTED? A YOUNG MAN, ABOUT 1? YEARS OF TT age, in a real estate agency office; none but can give good city reference need apply at HO Carmine street, from / to 9 P. M. W' ANTED? A BOOKKEEPER AND A CLERK, IN A wholesale grocery and floor store In Brooklyn Hood reference required. Address H. M. A Co , Herald offloe, dating what salary expected. Enclose a postage stamp for return answer. T|/rANTED? THIS DAY, TWENTY-FIVE STOUT I ti young men, Americans, to go on a whaling voyage, ad I vsnce, to Ihe amount of $75, paid to each mm for outfit, be i fore going to sea. Apply at 87 West St., corner of Albany, up I stairs. ! WANTED ? A COACHMAN; WOULD PREFER AN TT Englishman of small stature. Apply at Wood Broth ' ers, 410 Broadway. TirASTKI}?A TOl'NO MAN OR BOY. TO ATTEND TT bar. who is well acquainted with the English shades \ business; one from the old country preferred. Must bring i good references as to honesty, sobriety, Ac. Apply at 12 Le ' roy place. Bleecker street, or at 103 Orecne street. 1 HELP WASTED? FEMALES. 4 LADY'S MAID WANTED? ML'ST BE A COMPETENT .A dreni-niaker Fren-hor German preferred. Apply at 1 room 110 Union Place Hotel, after II o'clock. TO WATCHMAKERS.? A JOURNEYMAN WATCH maker upcaks German. French and English) wishes ? mplcyuient. Inquire at Mr. Marten's, grocer, corner of , Broome and Mott sts. WANTED? A GOOD TRUSTWORTHY MIDDLE AGED TT woman, to go a short distance in the country. One willing to make herself generally useful will find a steady j home by directing a few lines, with full particulars, to box 1U0 Broadway Post oflice. TIrANTED? A SCOTCH OR GERMAN PROTESTANT , TT woman, to do general housework, in Brooklyn; must be i a?o?d cook and htumlrea*. Apply at 12 Frout st , from 3 to 9 | r M: WANTED? A ('OOK WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER TT stands her business. None 'but a lirst class servant, with city recommendations, need apply. Apply at 13 Wash lugton place, between 10 and 12 o'clock to day. WANTED-AN AMERICAN OIRL, FROM 14 TO 16 T T years of age, of Intelligence and refinement, to assist in the light household duties of a small private family, where ? he will be treated as a member. A desirable home fur the w inter may be obtained bjr addressing P. 8., Herald office, stating parurulars. THE TRADES. t.Jh WASHINGTON STREET, FOUR good tin roofers. None but those who thoroughly under- J ? --and the business need apply. I INTELLIGENCE OFFICES. A LL FAMILIES CAN SECURE GOOD BERYANTS-AT 'he very lowest wages, at the New Domestic Institute, 138 Eleventh street, corner of Sixth avenue. This extensive depot has abundance of capable, civil and Protestant help, to suit all. Conducted by a respectable American lady. Call Hil l See O CHARGE TO EMPLOYERS FOR GOOD SERVANTS .. , ?All kinds of very best help, at very moderate waees. at ?he New Domestic Institute ami Home, 1SB Eleventh street comer of Sixth avenue. All orders promptly attended, if postpaid. Conducted by a respectable American lady. TTP'ANTED? 6 MEN FOR STEAMERS. J COACnMEN, TT one barkeeper, 4 porters, 3 clerks, a man and wife to take care of a farm. 2 men to drive carts for a store 3 girls to travel, and one stewardess. Apply to OILLKN A CO., No. 6 East Broadway. fl^ANTED-d CLERKS FOR SHIPPING AND TICKET TT offices, a bookkeeper 2 eond actors. 3 clerks for groce ry and dry goods stores, 2 porters, a barkeeper, f express drivers, I coachmen, 4 men for steamers and 4 boys. Per sons wishing unv of the.e situations will do well to call up<>u MM' IS K Ai'FM.t N. 7M Broadway, as it is the only office In the city where good situations can be given. N SPECIAL. NOTICES. German society -general meeting of mem bers. Monday. Nov. V at 7)f M . In the ' asem -nt of tit M-. -thew - ch irch. Walker wreet, aear Hmaiiway Important business Members are requested to attend uuaetiially. E. MULDENER, Secretary. i ?yr,Tir*-AS some of or* notes are in the hands of parties who are unknown to ns. the holden 1 there.. f sre reetiectfully requested lo favor us wnh tbelr ad dress. or call at our officc and receive a proposition for settle I menu BoWKN, McNAMEE * 00. V"OTl'TC -THF MEMBERS OF HARMONY LODGE J.M >'?? 44 I O of O F aad the Order |ln general are res pectfnlly mrtted to attend the fu?eral of our deceased bro ther, Pan Grand \t illtam J. pike, at 12't a'ciock. at -be Lo<l><> ns>m Corner ol Forsyth and Hrismie strecs, on Sunday, Novembers By order of JOHN SI1R \l)Y. Jr , N. G. Wiuxian Hitii. secreury. OIFICE OF RECEIVER OF TAXES. (NEW COt'nT H'i'ise j (2 Chjimbers street. New York. Mot. I, IW ? Notice is hereby given that one per cent will be added on the 1st day of December on all taie* remaining uiipaid. als-i two per cen' will be a>lded on the 14<h day '4 December. Cheeks and bhlsoo city banks taken KnreVipes containing money aLd bills not received. No m- ney re.-etved after 2 e'cloek. WILSON SM ALL. R ceiver. PERSKE A BROOKS RF.SPECTFULLY RK'Jt EST AIX persons holding the. r aotes v< forward parbc ..ars of the same lo their office, llo ^ Spruce street. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY NEW YORE, Nor E IH7 -Th- annual election for director* will be held at tAe office of the company, between the hour* of U B ai.d 2 P. ?. us Wedneaday, N ereaiber II. soar ITovember II. FREDERIC HOFFMAN. Secretary. THF rOMMITTEE ON RAILROADS OF THE HOARD ? .f Councilmen will hold an adjourned me.-nng in 'he chamber of said Boardea Thursdav , the l]ih Inst . at half past 2 o'rlack. P M . to bear parties hitereeted la 'he stoppage of seam on Ihe Eleventh aven'ie. wnh of Fify ninth stroet. <?EO P Hl< KFORD I Ti|t??! Mi NRtiE I C mmlttee iiF" Vf WARNER > o.. W H (RANK. Railroad*. J SBAPPEET. THE CtiMMITTF.F ON ROADS OF THE BOARD OF tVtiincilmen wi!l bold a meerin* In the chamtier of satd Board on Thnr*day the llth Inst , st 3 o'elork. P M , on the at ersd tit Ninth avenue, from Broadway Pi 123th street. Parties interested ?I1I please attend ?IKsiV.S SICKLES, I WM II pOIIKRTY, (?> _ I.KWIs FR 4NNWAV. > on A J ODHt.l. [ Road*. i. A HOPPER. I }Srec|al < 'ommluei The special committee appointed hy the Board of Councilmen aa to ihe sale of bread I v weight, will Hold a meeiiag la the < haiaber of the Hoard of Council men, on Monday neg, ?-h mtant. at 3 o'clock P. M Per?>n? interested are invited to be present oko w wahner. ( MAS II H ASWFIAs FIT* WILLIAM BRYDSAL1 HE COMMITTEE ON I. VNDS AND PLACES OF THE Hoard of fVnwellmen will meet at No 17 City Hall on Mondai *h tns'aai a' 2 o'clock P M Persons wh ? h?ve n d beeii I aid up t" the tsl of November last and also 'ho?e who have had any deduction made from their pay t-<t w >rS d m? <? the onatral Park are reroested to attend bef ire the com mil tee. .f L WACOM. 1 i-ommi'Le* W H M A N'MFIELD I ? H O'DONNRIX, f Lanlu and H O'BRIEN, I J O HI NT, J f N'OTICF THF. MVITTEE ttS ?EWKK-> OF THE Board ef Ooonet'm?n wfll meet at No. 17 City Hall on Monday 9ti> iiirtant. at 3 o'clock P M J U WAv OH, l REILLV. M Mcl.AUoHLtN B M< ? ' AHILL, J. H. BRADY. FlEHnTRE. 4 RE^P'iWoim/E PARTY WISHED To PrECHASE J\ a>?.ji $iiMi w.jrth ?f furniture, to be patd for in monthly 'II i ?f law Addrees Furniture, bog 113 Herald ofll^ 1/"A*ELLKD > HAMBFR Fl RNITUEB? r a Keie from $23 to $M0? rtf IS e htw material and workmanship ftrders trnm Out of biwn promptly executed. Fv fete by RoliERT 1?A\ IS. Agent for the manufacturers. "A< aad 7AP Br> ?de ?y. a<lj lining Grace < 'hun k F~]H*ENItrRt.? A LADY 1F.AYING NKW YORK Wlshe* ' - II "beitp - rne ' jmlttire. s ngle of In a lot. ' ?" n> >rr - w and M uidHf, at F ittr'h avwm, VL'ANTFD -FP?4?#.*lT0$l Ml IhOETH OF CABINET TT f'ln; I re 'tm rt r Bisreliandlee, in evhange for pi* Jofi rtea, single and dogbl* reede-i nn est "mi in piano eassa, a. r ees aMeh Pnad b r.? ar tesm stsia* will eirhangs te roll l artlea. In , tire at the Ibm M eet M Seath street, a) the bar. M MCn ARM. ^?o C ASH OFFFR RF'Pr*ED FOR ?* ? ? Rs .. ? BATE iN a gresi varte'v .f qua. . s ki llavans ?? 1 ^-,tnes e ang ? lerman, many Invoice, of Which sre ' eing S, ii * { ?, saah ? irsc :' ?. Ihe MOCll WUl pay f r e? r ration. v. lUtESE, 17 Br^-uy. BOtttYllNO AMI LODUIHO. O AND 4 ABIF.ODON SQUARE, WEST SIDE. - A SUIT it of second '* ,kt front rooms to let, with board; also rooma luiiatjk' fof tangle gentlemen. Referencea require I. Q ASlU.J ND PI.A.CK. SECOND DOOR FROM GRKEM 0 wirfc Hvenuo.? Families or single genilemeu may Mw obtain fir the winter superior rouma, with hoard, House fir?t rliunv, family genteel, anil only a few select boarder* taken. Aeeca* by Sixth avenue cam and Amity street stages, 6 UNIVERSITY PLACR, NEARLY OPPOSITE WASH tngton Square ? Newly f urn tailed room* to let, with or without partial board. The houae ia entirely newly furnished. References exchanged. f ' IIRKEVOHT PI.Ai'K, TENTH STREET, THKKK t) doors weat of Broadway.? Rooms to let. The locatlou ii very desirable. fT THOMPSON KTRKKT.? FIRST RATR BOARD AND t ) comfortable room* tor $3 a week. Also, a room wltii grate, closet*, Ac., rea*oiiable. Lodging* $1 a week. Stran gers will iliul thia place quiet and convenient to business. Also, day boarders taken low. 8 ABINGDON SQUARR, WEST SIDR, THIRD DOOR north of Bank street.? Pleaaant nun of roorna furiilnhed or ?afsrnlKhed. to let, with full or partial board, to gentlemen tad their wives Location pleaaant. t'ara and stages paaa soaatantly. References exchanged. 9 SPRING STREET. NEAR THE BOWKRY.-A FEW single gentlemen, also a young lady, may obtain pie mint rooms and good board with ibe comforts of a home. 1 Q VNION PLACE.? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PAR 1 ? t lor* ,111(1 Mwn at greatly reduced prices, tor f.uu lies and parlies of gentlemen, either with or without board. Also, rooms for single gentlemen. E. C. COFFIN. QQ KING STREET. BETWEEN VARICK AND MAC OO dougal.? Furnished rooms to let, with bedrimms at Inched, to single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Terms moderate. no EAST THIRTY FIFTH STREET.? A GENTLEMAN, OO or ? gentleman and wife, can have a pleasant front ropnt, with board. In a first class house, occupied by the faint ly of a clergyman. Apply at 36 East Thirty fifth street. OQ BEACH STREBT, ST. JOHN'S PARK.? FCRVISII 00 e<t rooms to let, with or without board, to gentlemen and their wlvea or single gentlemen. Uas and bath in the house. OQ WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE 0?? nue. ? Two large rooms, elegantly furnished, suitable for married couples or parties of single gentlemen, are to let, with board. References exchanged. AO EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNION TU square.? Board for families or single gentlemen, by ip plying Immediately. n WEST TENTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVENUE.? tJJ. Two gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen, ran be accommodated with front and back rooms mi the It rat 9*1 second floors, furnished or unfurnished, in a first class house. Dinner at half past 6. Of) REMSRN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? A handsome suit of rooms, on second floor, can be pro cured at the above desirably located residence. The apart ments are spacious, and will be let furnished or unfurnished. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. 79 SIXTH AVENUE.? A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN 1 find good plain board at $3 per week, also a few young ladles: or would let some good rooms plain furnished or un "tirntstied w tih convenience for fire, suitable for families or ttogle persona. WEST TWENTY SECOND STREET -THREE OR four rooms to let, separately or together, without t <>ard, in a private family. The house is new, of modern style, aud in the pleasautest part of the city. Call for one week. 7Q SPRING STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD | u way ? To let, several handsomely furnished rooms to tingle gentlemen. The location Is near all the first class ho Vek. Inquire in the building, of ANSON HOUSE. QQ EAST TWELFTH STREET.? IN A PRIVATE FA OtJ mllv where no other boarders are taken, a nicely fur mshed frodt room, with partial board, to a gentleman aud his wife, or two single gentlemen; also a (small single room. Pricc moderate. mAND 113 BLEF.CKER STREET, THIRD BLOCK, we-t side of Broadway ?A suit of front rooms, neatly luruished, closets and pantries attached, can be let Immedi ately to a family or to several single gentlemen, with full hoard References exchanged. "I OO GREENE STREET -FURNISHED ROOMS TO let ? To gentlemen and their wives, without board, or board for the ladles only. Term* moderate. EIGHTH STREET, OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL. Deslrable rooms to let. 72 141 UQ MADISON STREET -A COUPI.E OF SINGLE 1" O gentlemen can be accommodated with good board and pleasant rooms by applying as above. Gas and bath. House heated by furnace. Reference given and required. Terras moderate. 1 J r TWELFTH STREET.? FRONT ROOM, SECOND ITU floor, with small one communicating, together or separate; partial or full board. Single gentlemen or a gen tleman and wife will find reasonable board for the accommo dations. Family private. TWENTY THIRD STREET -A- FRONT k*nd bedrooms to let ta single gentlemen, in a r. with breakfast and dinner & desired. French spokrn. mni DSON STREET, NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK - Good rooms and cheap board for gentlemen and their wives, or for singl** gentlemen, also a furnished front parlor on the first floor to let. with or without board. OQi FOURTH STREET. OPPORITE THE PARADE Ground.? Two handsomely furuished rooms, front ing ihe park, suitable for two or three persons, to let, to 5 ether or separate. House private, and contains all the Do ers improvements Meals tf required. eyt o Hudson street, entrance in broome ? ^*lO A few ladies and gentlemen winking the social com fort* of a family circle, can nave such a bouse, containing all the modern improvement*. Newly furnished rooms with g-md board, at very moderate terms. Referencea will be required. ? FOURTH STREET -TO LET. WITH BOARD, Til' third story, consisting of front aud back rooms, with bedroom adjoining, furnished or unfurnished. J97 BROOM* STREET, ONE BLOCK FROM BROAD x ? > 4 M Room* and board for families and *lngle gen tlemen. All the modern Improvement* will be found in the b"ii?e French spoken. Terms moderate. ^?1 BROOME STRKKT. ONE BLOCK WEST OF I x ).L Broadway ? The most desirable and central le gation In the city, being In the immediate vicinity of all the first class hotel*. Permanent and transient boarders accom modated. 7?*7 BROADWAY. CORNER OF NINTH STREET |l)( R, ms in silt either f< r a family or a party of gen Uemea. where they ran be perfectly at home Also single rooms. Private table If required. Table d'hote at ( o'clock P. M. Cuiaine a la Fraacatae. QJTQ BROADWAY. UNION SQUARE. CORNER OF OUt7 West Seventeenth street.? Handsome suit of room* on the first floor, extra bedrwim If required, (private table.) to let to a select family ?r gentlemen. H.use delightfully situated, coking on the park Reference given and retired. No other boarders. A LARGE ROOM, EI. EG * NTI.V FURNISHED AND A small one to let, ? nh partial board 11 desired, at No, 141 Klgbth street, opposite Clinton Hull. k SUIT OP ROOMS TO I.ET-WITII BOARD, IP RE ?A. quired; also, rooms for Singte gentlemen. In a very pleaaant location, convenient to tb<- carsand three lines of stages. Apply at 71 West Fourteenth street, first bou*? west *f Sixth avenue. A FEW GENTLEMEN WISHING TO LKARN FRENCH, A by boarding in a French family, can apply to the teacher, ?iy Tenth street. Lessons included n terms. A SUIT OF ELEOANTLY FURNISHED ROOKS. THE J\ whole of the second floor, xrtth bath and all convenience*, to let, separate or together, to a family or single gentlemen, wl'h or without partial hoard, or prlvat* table. The family to nail, have no boarder* or children. Apply at At Hond at A SPLENDID HOME. WITH GOOD LIVING -A .1 smail | rivate family, who live ia style, above but near Ma<liaon s<|iiare between Broadway and Firth avenue, (best part of the city. 1 would add a gentleman and wife to their Dumber To one wishing a home, with comfort, addresa Home, box 1(3 Herald ofllce. SUIT OF ROOMS CONSISTING OF A PARLOR AND 4n *is on the second floor, would b* let, with A t?*rd separate or together furniahe,| or unfurnished, at 1W East Broadway. Reference* give* sad required A FURNISHED ROOM IN A PRIVATE HOUHE TO J\. let? with b'iard to a married ronple or two atngle gemie men. Location, 210 f??t Nineteenth *treet. Will anitrd % *omf>ytable and congenial home to an agreeable couple Terms mderste A OENTI FMAN AND WIFE OR TWO GENTLEMEN ./I e?n > Main pleasant furnished r?niis on second floor, w th or wlttKuit board, tn a Fre?eh ptiea'e family Gas in house. Ik ferenres exchanged. Apply at SIU Fourth stre? ? . corner of Greene *tr< et . t PRIVATE FAMILT WILL RENT ONE FI/K>R.WITH a private table Apply at 16 Twenty first street, between Broadway and Fourth avenue. FURNISHED BEDROOM W * 1TED IN RROOKLTN? by a yonng msi., withboaM In a iirivate b-oise in Myrtle S venae. ?'",'_the^|?rl payjo ?'!?an. <? $.1 SO Ad.lri A fro T born urn boa 12& llermH ??IB? -t A A PARLOR AND BKDR'IOM OM THE FIRST FLO?tR. may be obtained, irtth bo*r-l >'V a genteman and wife, I in s ptivste family, at SI Ninth street Also, roumson the second aud third Boors ?SMALL FAMILY OrruPTlNG THE FIRST CI. ANS ^ . house No 31" Second ?i?ti le will et, to a gentleman and hla wife, two furn'*bed ' r ?? ms n 'he se ,??d (lr?ir. wi'h partial board for the gentleman, is* and Are. Air 911 per w * efc . or three to two geatlemen and their w lee* for ?*' per week. Unelce^nionable reference required. API.RASANT FURNISHED R'miM WITH ONE OR two bedroom* if required, 'o let. wuh board, to a gen t>m*n *nd hi* wtfe (without children) or to a party of alngle gentlemen Dinner at ? u clock Apply at 77 W Mark's place, Eighth street. t SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS IJf a FIRST CLASS ,/Y house In Twenty *i?th *'reet, near Broadway, with full or pirttal board, would he let, to * genileman and wife of nn questionable wyemaWltty. Address R. w.. Herald nBw. A GENTI.EMAN AND HIS WIFE VIM WISH TO BE gnmfoetably and respectably n omn (dated with lomrd, may find the same Ijr apphlng at U3 Suth avenue, naar Twenty flr*t *'reet. Tno?e who wlshto be permanent only ne?Hi apply. ** thle Is not * regular boarding house. 4 U. WISHING TO AVOID THE PUBLICITY OF AD * ertlsin* can obtain fnteel applying at 'he boarders' en ban ge 346 Broadway fl H ? We ehirge lor bosrdirs obtained, particulars Tree to boarders R<i*rd wanted .'h private families. SMITH A ItoVD. No. I Appleton's Building it4 Broadway. A RIWFWCTABI.R PRIVATE JEWISH FAMII.V WOULD JY let. w.-h or without board, a p)-a?an' from ro .m with gae, grate and bath adjoining. In a pleasant location, near F.a?<t Hroadway. ti me or two single gentlemen The cm f. ?-ts u? a home /-an be had by addressing a line u> Howard, station B (Poet <rfBce for owe wee* BOAED.-ROOMS PURNISHKD OR UNFURNISHED, wltli or w ft hoist board, in the family of a widow lady, but few bosrders taken Terms' jn ^derate g%* and hath.coave nlent to Br tadway *tages and Sixth avenue ear*, Apply at llli West Thirty third *trret. ? Board -a gentieman #J?d wife or two on ?hi ee .ingle gentlemen *an b* seeommflsted with full or psrtial t o*rd and plea-ant rN>m?, J" * private family, ga*. bath. Ac . In 'he hoose Apply at HI w*'tt 'iUletHtlh s^te', M ai -iAU?a\V4. *, B BOARDING AND LODGING. B" UARIV-KOR A FAMILY OP FOUR OR BIX GROWN persons, and it few nice rooms for single gentleinent with or without board, iu Albion place, Fourth street. Addrflps bo* 4,674 Host office. Board -furnished rooms to let, with or wittiout board. In a quiet tynily; back parlor on nr*t tloor, bedroom and hall room on second Boor; alto room *o

third floor. Terms moderate. Apply at 78 Fourth street. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE OR TWO single geutlcmen can be accommodated with a pleasant room In a modern house, with the Improvements, located at No. 3 Ninth street, between Fink and Sixth avenue* Board ? ?? sixth avenue, cornbr of thirty ninth street? Rooms in sultH? for famtUeH, or a party of gentlemen; alto Mingle rooms for S3 60 per week. Good refe . cuces can be given. Dinner at 6. Board.? to i>kt, with board, rooms with bedrooms and pantries attached. Gas, hot and eold wa ter In the rooms, on second and third floors of bouse 87 East Broadway, near Market street. References exchanged. Board, and parlor and bedroom to let With board in a Brut cIhss house, where the comforts of a home i'?u be enjoyed; location unsurpassed. Apply at 76 West Twenty-third street. References required. OARDIN A PRIVATE FAMILY-ONE OF THE MOST elegant residences iu Nineteenth street, near Fifth ave nue, for one family. The most respectable references ex meted and given. 'Address Katon, Union square Post office, for full particulars, immediately. Board in cunton place? a family and a hingle gentleman, can obtain furnished rooms, with board, at No. 61 Clinton place, near the Fifth avenue. Refer ences exebunged. Board in Brooklyn.? pleasant rooms, with hoard, may he found at 266 Hicks street, near Wall Btreet and South ferries. Board in Brooklyn.? two single gentlemen can he accommodated with board and a large front room or a small one. Call at 92 Clinton street. Rooms to be seen irom 10 o'clock A. M. until 4 P. M. Reference required, Board in brooklyn.-furnished apartments, with hoard of a superior class, for a gentleman and wife and single gentlemen, at 73 State street, convenient lo Wall or AtlauUc street ferries. Board in brooklyn.-two gentlemen can obtain a comfortable room, with breakfast and tea, in a strictly private family, where they can enjoy the comforts of home; terms $4 per week: lire and gas extra; only a short distance from the City Hall, Brooklyn. Address Merchant, Herald office. Board in william uurg.? first class house and location, only two minutes' walk from Peck slip lerry;suitof rooms for a family, a gentleman and lady or tingle gentlemen. Please apply at 19 South Ninth, corner of hccoud street. Board wanted? by a young lady, in a pri vate American lamily, where she would feel at home; terms must he very moderate; she would do sewing for the family, as part of her time Is unemployed, or would devote all her time to sewing or any services not menial, as an equivalent for her board. Address M. M. 8., box 104 Herald office. Boarding? in a first class house, for a gen tlemaii .ind wife and two or three young gentlemen; con venlent to stages and ears; location unsurpassed. Apply at 170 West Tweuty second street, between Seventh and Lighth avenues. Boarding.-a handsome large front ROOM to let, furnished or unfurnished. In a private family, to a gentleman and his wife or two single gentlemen at 69 St. Clement's place, Macdougal street, between Bleecker and Houston streets. Reference exchanged. Desirable furnished rooms to let-on the firft Poor, s( 17 White street, to tingle gentlemen or ladies, Terms easy. Please ring the upper bell. Furnished rooms.? a suit of handsomely furnished rooms on the second tloor to let to quiet and permanent Inmates, iu a genteel private family residing at 79 East Fifteenth street, breakfast furnished if desired. Furnished rooms to let? in a private family, with all the modern Improvements, with a pri vate table If required, at 806 Broadway. I BURNISHED PARLOR AND THREE BEDROOMS TO ' let, without board, at No. 1 Amity struct IjU'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT ' board. Apply at 249 Greene street, near Clinton place. Furnished rooms to let-with or without hoard, to persons only of high respectability, in the pri vate. modern and desirably located house No. 62 West Fif teenth street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. Furnished rooms-two laroe rooms com municatlng and bedroom, with privilege In kitchen, to let, together or separate, with or without partial hoard, on the most reasonable terms, in a private American family. Please call at No. 49 Orchard street, near t J rand. Front and back parlor to let-to a lady anJ geutletnan; full hoard for the lady. Sm.tll family snd no other boarders taken. Address Parlors, Broadway Post office. HOBOKEN -TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN MAY FIND a desirable home for the winter In Hohoken, two minutes' walk from iheverry. A tine large room Is offered, with par tial board. In a family where home comforts may be found. Apply at No. 1 Newark St., coruer of Hudson terrace. HOBOKEN? FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, EITHER wiih or without partial board, on reasonable terms. Ap ply at 129 Washington street. PARTIAL BOARD WANTED? FOR THE WINTER. BY a respectable gentleman; would prefer a wld>w lady who can oner the domestic comforts and where there are post lively no other lw>arders. Location mutt be between Stanton and Sixteenth streets, east of the Bowery. Address Theodore, Ki >>a.iw l'ost Office. Rooms to let-with board; the hovse has all the molern imjiMirnirnu No 404 Fourth fclreet, No. 1 Albion place. References exchanged. TWO BEAUTIFUL PARLORS AND BEDROOMS, SIN gle or together, to gentlemen, with partial or full board, in a private family. Dinner at six. Apply at 119>? Ninth street, six doors west of Broadway. TWO OR THRU YOUNG LADIES CAN OBTAIN BOARD on very reasonable terms by applying at 66 Marlon street. References exchanged. TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR WIVES AND ONE ?Ingle gentleman t an r.n ! a h me In every sense of the word In a small family where there will be no other hoarders, and wbere it will be their own fault If they do not enjoy tbemaelves. House contains modern Improvements. Terms reasonable. Call for two days at 162 Wast Thirty sixth strnet J. A. KLEINS. TO LET-WITH BOARD. A FOURTH STORY FRONT r<>om sndtbedroom, hsndeomely furnished, at No 19 Ninth tireet, near Fifth avenue. References required. Dinner at 6 o'clock. TO I.F.T? A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM adjoining, on second story, front, with or without partial or full board. Private table If desired. Family private. Single gentlemen preferred. Apply at 33 East Twentieth at. TVr ANTED? BOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY FOR vf three Terras moderate; location between Eighth and Eighteenth streets and Second and Fifth avenues Address R. l. M , Herald office. WANTED? BY A GENTLEMAN, A ROOM, WITH PAR f I tlal board, In or tiesr Bleecker street, west of Broad way. Addreaa. stating location and terms (Which must he moderate), A. B., box 1,062 Post office. I watches. 4 holes gl. nsual price 111 I, usual price IU) I. usual price H2 OR) I C ALLEN, WATC HES, JEWKI.RT, AC. 4 TTENTION IS SOLICITED iL to the I<arge and beautiful Stock of SILVER WARE, WATCHES of the most celebrated makers, and JEWELRY of the latast patterns and fashions, tU warranted For sale at A GREAT SACRIFICE FOR CASn. ROBERT KtIT 4 CO. XI Broadway, corner of Warren street Great reduction. watches and jewelry, st gssst Bisiittss roa cum. The tubscrlber it now selling his siock of watches and jewelry ?l a great reduction in prices, being fully M per cat below 'he usual re'all prices Gold English patent levera, Ml jewelled, for gentleman W0. usual price IKS Oold English patent levers, full Jewelled, for gentlemen (AO, usual pftCC 970 Rcsottfal g>ld detached levera, la very rich eases $4?, usual price f75 Bes'titful gold detached levera, in very rich rases (44, usual price M Beautiful gold detached levera, In very rirb cases US, usual price HO Beautiful gold detached levers, In very rich cases 926, usual price tu Bestr ' i Id leplne watches, 4 holes jewelled Silver English patent le Silver t.iig.ish Pa'ent Lavers Wstehea ei. 'hanged. Importer of wstctiee and Jcwelrv. wholesale and retail. No II Wall Street, second floor near Broadway. PIE ENTIRE STOCE OF WATCHES, JEWELRY AND SILVER WABB Is being offered AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICE*. ROBERT RAIT A CO., Ml Broadway, corner of Warren at i ("? RE ATK>T R REGAIN ? M AtlNIFICENT GRAND DIA 1 gonal seven octave rosewood piano, m.ide by one of <he best makers, snd warranted, in perfeel order hat been ueed ? few month*, cost |6t?). will be sold for ???) Can be seen at 141 Ninth street. CtREAT MARGINS IN PIANOS ?BEST CIRCULAR I ? ale puuios. With snd without Iron frame, at c* fur cash, uu suit the times. Decided bargains at JA C. FISCHER'S, 326 Broadway. MUSIC AT HALF FRICB? AT WATERS' M BROAD way and all kinds of musical merchandise In same pro portion, pianos and metodeons at lower prteesi than ever b* fore offered tn this market. Pianos and mnlodaons to rent, and rent allowed ea purchase For sale oa monthly pay men la. MR. A B LINCOLN. FORMERLY OF THE FIRM OF Lincoln A Thompstm. snd <>f lata wiih Ludson A Mun ger, for the present may he found at !91 Greene street, near Canal, where he offer* for sale new and second hand pianos, Including the celebrated Instruments of A W f js>|,| A On . and wishes to call attentioa to their new sesle. with 'he great addi'ton of the arpa dolce. For sale, a IjuM A 00 rosewood piano, finished all round, hut little used, for tOTV-~c,>at SMII Being without s heavy Itr >?dwsy rent he can glv* bar gains In first cIam Instruments. Piano* to rent. SIGNoRINA ELTXA VALENTIN!, PROFESSOR OF singing and piano, hat the honor Inform bar friends and fcer popils that she hs? r?suincd her lessons, and can he seen si her private rooms, 707 Broadway, evtry day from 1 U1J ? "'flock. SECOND HAND PIANOS WANTED? FOR WHICH THE rash will be paid I'rice* from $?i to 9116 Addre*abot J .?? New Vork Post office "wmnTiiv. DNNTIFTRY ? G. J EAGI.ETON INSERTS tWTII AT the lowsgt possible prices, sets on silver SB, on fold S22 n> Teeih eitra, ted without csusing pain. No. 119 t'aaal ?tr?e<, near Mercer, old No. 74. . Teeth extracted in ten seconds, wit HOOT the slightest pain, hy my new and origin*! iiroeass, fnot fremin^ l Thiasdmlrahie sjttem I* practised oy me oaly. References glvea {/.re-iufrcd. M, v>. M cm Ml dr??ti B9?r VAfJck, 40 DRY GOODS, AC. PER CENT BK1/OW 0O8T. Great reduction In CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND FURS. The subscriber Is prepared t? Cloae out his Fall ami winter stock of Cloaks, mantillas and furs, At retail, ron CASB, AT 40 p?r eentbelow coat prices. WM. 11 MACKENZIE, 194 and 296 Canal street, Brandreth Building. 75 CENTS EACH for gentlemen's patent merino shirts and drawers, aud ladles' patent merino vests, assorted sizes, VNION ADAMS', 591 Broadway. A nrc BROADWAY. *? | O SHAWLS, CLOAKS AND FCR& Indies who desire to economise, by buying good articles, sre invited to eiamlne the KUAWL8, CLOAKS, AND FCR8, With which snr Immense establishment Is filled. Our stock Is all new, of sterling quality, and characterised by novelty and elegance, and tike great reduction In urlces will be at once percieved and ?PP^^?8TRECT *%.. 47ft Broadway. A HZ. BROADWAY. Great sale of fine furs. Regardless of cost. Hudson Bay sables, some of the richest and darkest In the United States. Minks, iu all qualities and shapes. We have some minks of eitraorduiary quality, royal er mine, and every other description of fur for ladles and chLl dren. Our furs are all genuine, manufactured under our own su pervision and guaranteed. Purchasers will be satisfied with both goods and price. CHARLES STREET A CO., 47ft Broadway. BROADWAY. T t U Ureal reduction. Black velvet cloaks and talmas. Our stock of black velvet cloaks is Immense, and consists in part of richly embroidered imported cloaks, and in part of those manufactured by ourselves from the best 910 Lyons velvets. Stock all new and of the best description, and prices this day reduced one half. CllAKLEH STREET A CO., 47ft Broadway. $50.000 W0RTH ? EMBROIDERIES AND LACES AT RETAIL MILLER A GRANT, IMPORTERS iXD DIALERS IN RICH LACES. EMBROIDERIES, AC., 703 Broadway, Three doors above Fourth street, Having made arrangement* with a French manufacturer to dispose of a large Invoice of goodajust landed, AT RETAIL TOR CASH ONLY, They will offer, on Monday, the 9th Inst., Black crape collars, Embroidered collars. Black crape aets. Collars and cull's. Black lace basques, Valenciennes inserted sets, Embroidered laow caps. Medalion sets, Ac., At a great sacrifice, as they must be sold in a short time, at whatever prices they may bring. Besides the above, we will offer Veils, Point lace sets. Capes Honiton sets, Mantillas and Applique sets Colfures, Valenciennes sets. Of our own Importations, below the European cost. 4 RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR ORKAT BARGAINS. J\. McCORMACK A SIMPSON, On and after Monday, November 2, will offer their magnifi cent slock of French embroideries, laces, ribbons, dress and cloak trimmings, Ac., Ac., At greatly reduced prices, For cash only This sale will be found well worthy the attention of ladles, as it will Include a very beautiful variety in every department, at prices to suit the times. Llti buib avenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, New York, and 293 Fulton street, Brooklyn. In our Brooklyn store will be found a splendid stock of French millinery, which will be oUMred at Half price. N.B.-The reduction In every Instance 1s warranted bona Ode One price only. TJLANKETS, JD Flannels. Reduction of prices. PATON k CO., 341 Broadway, Offer their entire stock of the above goods, together with a large assortment of Linens, QiilHfc Damask napkins and cloths. At retail for cash, At prices less than cost of importation. Also Curtain materials Of every description, and laoe and muslin csrtafcM at eq sal ly reduced prloca. BAUENDAHL k CO., 1M FULTON STREET. OFFF.R the balance of their importation of ladies' cloths, tricots aud heavy beavers, at a very low figure. CLOAKS AND LADIES' CLOTHS.? WE ARE NOW OF fcring our entire stock of the above goods at retail for cish, below the cost of Importation or manufacture. Ladies who wish to purchase t'loaks, Cloths, or Beavers, will find ? large assortment at very low prices. K. 8. MILLS k CO.. 00 and 81 Chambers street, up stairs, 3 doors from Broadway Furs ark all down. Russian sable, stone marten, mink, Fitch, ermine, French sable. Rock marten, squirrel An. GENHTS BAZAAR. 913 Broadway. KNT'S AND BOTH' FURNISHING GOODS, Ties, scarfs, shirts, undershirts, drawers. Travelling shawls, robes de chambre, G At Incredibly lowjrrices. S Bazaar, 113 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel. G REAT LIQUIDATION SALS BCLPIN-S ENTIRE STOCK, At 361 Broadwat, Hearty a quarter of a million of dollars of Cloaks, shawls, ladies' fancy furs, Cloths, velvet*, Silks, fringes and trimmings. For eaah only, At prices totally regardless of original cost. psscauTivs raSTaxukJui. 1.000 gray eloth cloaks IB 00 each. 100 superior do. do 4 SO " (lUU eura do. do s (JO " 4M very handsome do 9 00 " Mat excellent black cloth circulars SOU M KM very superior do. do 10 00 " til) superfine do. do 13 00 " SOU black Lyons velvet cloaks 2ft <10 " 3B0 very superior do. do Ju 00 " ROOD Chenille bordered Stella shawls 4 SO " J.cni beautiful new style Stella shawls ft 00 " l.OW eitra superior do. ............. I M " IW> very rich bordered do S 00 " 1,000 Chenlle do. do S 00 " WW very rich do 10 00 M THE FUR DEPARTMENT Is replete with every novelty, aud as a quotation of priees In this particular branch is calculated to mislead, suffice to say that the satire stock will be rsduced to about two thirds thou original oust. LOW yards ?f black and gray cloaking cloths, 100 cartons of rich trimmings and galloons, M cartons of guipure laee, 12 cartons rich broche fringes, to pieces rich black sTlks, SO plcees black Lyons velvets. THE WHOLESALE WAREMOOMS UP 8TA1KM will be esclolslvely set apart for the sale o<| ?aTSSiai* sv VMS v a a n, SO that ladies desiring to economise can purchase their own e rials, and ma! ?uttakierab^MIU'g Sow on sale at SVERn i mantilla 361 Broadway, New York. mau-rlala, jpd make ut> or ?et made their own cluaksat* IK Sow on sale at N S MAM ILL a EMPORIUM. Great sale or ties. 49 VESKY HTRKKT. tip state*. As retailing errms to be the order of ibe day we have eon eluded to ..tier OI R ENTIRE WHOLESALE STOCK AT RETAIL, Ft)R C ASH ONLY. As our business Is confined eicluiuvely to the importation and manufacture of NECK TIES ANItSTOt'KS. we can offer Inducements In this line never before met with. We would sail attention to the fol lowing prices ? Black and fancy silk ties. Seents each. Usual price 7S cents. Moire sntlque Ues. .... 3ft " " " ?* II Bayndtre j? 40 " " " M I IS Heavy ribbed silk Ues ...SI " " "ISO Rich satin ties. with fancy ends, finest foods Imported,; nt 6S cente. usual pries || M Floe satlu su? ks, SO cents esch; usual price, fl IS. Five hundred other styles st the same rates NAPOLEON TIES and self adjusting stocks In great variety, from 3ft cents to 78 cente each Aay one aecuMnmeii to buying neck ties at retail stores will Ind that they can get three ues of us for ths price usually paid for one. The sale will continus for a few days only. SMITH A tntOCWSR. 40 Yseey street up stairs. Gentlemen n patw<t merixo under shirts - UNION ADAMS, Ml Rroadway, will open this morning, several cases, nt tl each, purchased from a Jobber, whose price was 11* per rt>sen H ALT A MILLION COLLARS WHOLESALE STOCK vVBroadw?y^n,beT merited bT * aon^T". impo^t",# ' " , , peg ,ht* ?e^? rknrt FILH" ?tRlNO*?".pK roV\'\**- *AL*SCtA*? fit Ig ftc % Me to offer ' ? . The? ?.-"ssysfs.'"?' centa r,nts * wr Mm-*"*" H DRY UOObS, AC. I RIBBED KTOCI itvy size and coloi at UNION ADAMS', EAVY BOSTON RIBBKD STOCKINGS, every size aud color, 591 Broadway. IN THK ROUE ROOMS; At Gculn's Bazaar. 51S Broadway All the ariiclen of ladle*1 underwear. Morning dresses, mantUlai, Mi sum aud children's cioihoe, HAVE DEEM MARKED DOWN, * under coat prices. The stock la fresh, copious and taahtoa able. IMPORTANT TO THK LADIES. A large wholesale stock Retailed at Half the cost of importation. The extensive stock of a large SILK IMPORTING AND JOBBING HOT'SK, Consisting of BONNET SILKS, EVENING DRESS SILKS, RIBBONS. TRIMMINGS, LACKS AND EMBROIDERIES, Together with a lot of fancy goods, suitable for the oomlng holidays, ia open for exhibition At the new atore, No. 415 Broadway, Coisens' Hotel, Where will be found the most exu-ualve assortment of goode of the above description, and at the lowest pricca ever ottered at retail In thia city. Ladles of the city and country will do well to examine this Stork of goods before purchasing elsewhere. The prices are pluinly marked on all, and may be seen at ? glance on examination. Remember, No. 416 Broadway, corner of Llspenard street Cozzens' Hotel. D. R. JAMES, Superintendent. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S BONNETS, At less than cost. A splendid assortment, Of fall and winter styles. OENIN'S BAZAAR, .MS Br.w.iway, St. Nicholas Hotel. LADIES' AND CHILDREN'8 HOSIERY. Hose and half hose, gloves, Woolen sacques, hoods and every Other articles in the line at tempting bargains. OENIN'S Bazaar, 613 Broadway, St. Nicholas Hotel. LADIE8 WHO CAN BE TEMPTED By fashionable goods, At prices under oast. Will And both in every department, for the morning aud evening promenade ana travelling toilet, at GENIN'S Bazaar, 513 llroadwav, St. Nicholas Hotel. Miller a orant, 708 Broadway. Will offer on Thursday, the 6th Inst., Honiton seta at $6, worth 912; Honiton seta at 7. worth SM; Application point sets, Vaieuciennee sett, And a large variety of other goods, At a similar redaction MISSES' TALMAS. CLOAKS AND DRESSES, Of every material auitable for the season* Much below the cost price. GENIN'S BAZAAR, 513 Broadway St. Nicholas Hotel. SHAKER FLANNEL VNDER WRAPPERS, >1 each. . Former price 92. * Another lot will be opened to day, b$nion ADAMS, i'Jl Broadway. VAST REDUCTION In the prices of boys' clothing, Blouses, Raglans, sacks, Ac., OENIN'S BAZAAR. 513 Broadway. FALL FASHIONS. A A MAIDEN LANE.? LADIE8 WISHING GREAT I T bargains in fancy furs ran now obtain them at lesa vh. n wholesale prices, warranted as represented, and newly di. nufactured from Paris styles, under the supervision af ntOBGEB. MAWKON, agent, 44 Maiden lane. <3*OPin nnrt ?FURS, firs, furs. JpZOU.UUU. J. i?. phi ij.i t's a co.. Importers and manufacturers. Have made a still further reduction In the prices Of their valuable Stock ef furs. In order to convert them Into cash Within thirty days, At the Chinese Building, 53U Broadway, Which they have rented for a short time Kor the express purpose Cf Retailing without regard to cost. Our standing for A quarter of a century * As merchant*, Is a sufficient guarantee That every article will be as we represent. Also, at our wholesale warrrooins, n2 Maiden lane, and 19 Cedar street. A I, ARMING SACRIFICE IN MILL! N KR V ? 936,000 J\. worth of millinery and millinery goods will be offered fur thirty days only, regardless of cost. Every article ia of* lered and will be sold at and below cost. W. SIMMONS, 564 Breadway. FU*?, FURS, FURS. Wholesale warehouse, ST Maiden lane, corner of Gold street. 8. A G. KAMI' ELK, Would most respectfully Inform the public that on aceouat of the .financial crisis, they are obliged to throw open thekr wholesale departments at retail for eaah. We have on haatS a large and rich aaaortment of ladiea' and children'a furs; also, gentlemen s fur gloves, coals, mufflers; also, a great variety of fancy sleigh robes, ail of which are our own mano* far-lure and got up with great care. Call and see ua We sell lower than any other house in the trade. We shall sell at ra tal! fur one mouth ouly. Great sale of furs, at sacrificing price?, at 1*4 William street, near Frankfort. JS Grand street, nesr Bowery. A A C. GLA.NZ. importers and manufac turers of furs, invite special attention to their rich and ril<o slve Mock of ladies' fancy furs, comprising every variety, from the lamest aud most elegant sets of Hudson's Bay sable, mink, stone marten, Ac., Ac., To the prettiest set of Children' furs. At prices to suit the times. A. A C. OLA VX, 194 William street, near Frankfort, and 244 Graad street* near Bowery. Madame pounsford a co., 671 Broadway. Under the I.afarge House, Will open on Thursday, November 6, a beautiful a of French millinery.? Also, Parts made Cloaks of the most recent design. G, UPHOLSTERY, AG. CONTINUATION OF THE UREAT SALE OF Carpeting, oilcloths, Ac., Ac., At a reduction of 60 per cent from usual prices 10 pieces of Ingrain rarpelitkg at 44c , wojth ale. per yard. 22 pieces of English tapestry at 87 c , worth 91 37 From recent auction. Will be opeucd Saturday moraine. Ni*. 7 STEPHEN LEA IJT, 93 Sixth av , between Waverley place and Eighth St. Great sacrifice OF CARPET*. Owing to our heavy Importations and the flnsn-lsl preewft *" lor cash. we have concluded to dispose of our stock at retail for without regard to cost, consisting of Medallions, WUtona, Velvets and Brussels. Heavy sheet oilcloths, Ao DOUGHTY A BRO.. 341 Broadway, Opposite the Park. DAHCIRO ACADEMIES. LU'.'J BROADWAY.? MM E. SACVAGRAU'R HANC1NO UUO academy, Mosart llall Buildings. opposite Bond street, open every day and evening for private lcsons an l classes tirand soirees Tuesdays and Saturdays- Les Lan cwr I' ' every night at the general practice. A DODWORTH S DANCINO ACADEMIES. A. No SU6 Broadway, New York. No 137 Montague place, Brooklyn. Classes now open for the reception nf pupils. MR ANTONIO WILL GIVE A GRAND SOTRES every Wednesday and Saturday, at his academy, 618 Brosdwsy Open every day. Everybody will be gnnd lancer* In sU lessons taught by him. Terms very reasonable. PROFESSORS BARNETT A F HE A LY WOULD INPORK their friends and pupUa that their first assembly will take place at the Jefferson Assembly Reoms. Greenwich and. Sixth avenues, on Tuesday evening, Nor. |l?. Days and evenings of tuittoo? Tuesday and Friday, Wed nesday and Saturday, at 106 ttrange street. Brooklvn. On Thursday evening. Nor It. will be given the Aral hep sf the season, st the Flatlands Hotel, U>ng Island. Private irssons given to pupils at any time not occupied by regular classes, or st their place of residence N H ?Hall committees wishing to engage fionr manager*, ran he arcenmodatmi by applying at the academies or to P. Q. Conne II, lilt Sullivan street, 11. Y. R. BARNETT, F. IIEALY. PfTHPCTlOlf. $C ? BOOKKEEPING. WRITING. ARITHMETIC ? OW O. Mondsy Mr. DOI.BEaR. ft? Broadway, will com mence bis ehesp course to prepare studen's practically for business before Chrbfmss Terme fiw the full commercial course 916. or 96 each branch: regular terms 925. ? A WORD TO THE WISE "-THE PRESENT ETATW of monetary affairs renders It important that pnbile at tention stxuld be called to the fact that comparatively t*W men know awihing of a correct system of boakkeepiaff hence thouaatlds, by basing their transactions upon a mer? hypothetical estimate of their resources and llablllttea, kavs incontinently plunged themselves Into ruin, and become bank rupt In purse, |f not In character It Is time that merahaaiB should know and be able to ascertain, by a single stance at their accounts, the exact position In whleh they stand in rela tion lo the rest of msnklnd " those who are new suffer ing from snrh ignorance snd neglect take warning In season. A tithe of one day's pisses wonkfpay for the requisite instruo lott tn bookkepptng. Ac , at FOOTER'S Mercantile College, room No I Apple'on's building Mt Broadway, where aduitf are qualified to discharge the duMes of a bookkeeper ia an 81 pedltloils end superior manner. BLOOMFIEI.D ACADEMY -BOARDING AND DAT school, corner of flOooni field end First streets, Hoboken, N.J. Commence a new quarter on Monday, the 9th of No vember. Further particulars at the tilaee EDWARD FELDNER, Principal^ INSTRUCTION GIVEN IN WRITING, DRAWING, l*tln and music, upon the concertina or piano. Term# very moderate for lessons tsken at the teacher a residence. Address L. V f . Herald office Y N?TRI'CTION.? A YOUNG LADY HAVING A PIANO J wishes tn secure a home, in return for which she will teacfe i ne scholar and give the use of her piano. Call at No. S Second avenue. YNSTRrCTION -NATIONAL SCHOfM, AGENCY, NO. J Broadway ? RICE A ANDREWS negotiate for teach ers snd schools for every part of the Union. No Charge t<> psrttes wi.htng to engage teachers Wanted Immediately, a French lady, to teach French and mtisle In a seminary. Sa lary liberal A lady Is wanted to go to Maryland, at a very moderate salary Apply Immediately. TO TEACHERS, -A FINE OPPORTCNITY.-ANT young lady desirous of learning French and music can do so by devoting one hoar, three ttmes a week, to teaching arithmetic in s school. Apply at 10 Columbia street, threS ?loore from Broome TIT ANTED? BV A YOUNG LADY, FBOM SWIYEEB VV land, a comfortable home in exchange for lessons In music, either vocal or Instrumental Has the heft of rttooa m?o JaEvug, Addrtte bos 219 N, T, fot( vffice.