Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 13, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 13, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW ? MORNING YORK HERALD. EDITION? FRIDAY", NOVEMBER 13, 185T. PRICE TWO CENTS. # THE UNEMPLOYED. MORE MEETINGS IN T8MPKINS SQUARE. THE HUXBEBS BECBEASIHO. Chrowds of Unemployed Workmen at the Central Park. F10CEEDIHG8 OF THE COMMON COUNCIL. Bfort from One of the Commit sionors of Streets. MB. CONOVEB'S PLAN FOR BMPL0YIN6 LABORERS. Panda Furnished tb? Park Commla ?1 mora, Ac., <to., <U\ THE WOEKnVGMEH IN COUNCIL. litrtlfg. mt Tompkins Square. City Hall Mid Central Park? Intelligence Offices and Soap Agencies? Madame llanke again on die Stand? Her Invention and Whal she Pro poses to do? Proposition to Relieve the Poor Providing the Government or Common . Council will Pay her Haifa Million for hei ; Plan? Her Vow and How she Intends 1 ? Keep It? Other Speeches and Propositions ? Relieve the Worklngmen? Men set to Wo rk on Central Park? Pcacc and <fcul?tThrou j* aat the City. Aa esrly an eight o'oclock yesterday morning > tho crowd began to congregate in large numbers in Torn fikins square, and to pa?H the time by dincuisionn in small tiknots with reference to the prospect* of gettiug employm sut be- , fore the appearance of cold weather, and the pro p ibillty sf their ccmmitUJo dealing Uirty with them. ' ?uoy of those present accused the committee of having e out them ?at to politicians, and proposed at once throw tog tlwm everboard and aeting for themselves. THR INTELLIGENCE OFFICES P1TCHRD INTO. One old man, named Wilkinson, residing im Second arenoe, Nineteenth ward, addressed one cro ?il snare kted his experience. He said that he h ui had no but B crust of bread and cold water for ?Qiimsotfuiid ?Ick wife, whoVaH sick in bed smco yeswr 4t.y morning, and were without fuel or money ; also that li? had beeo set of work for over two months, and hia landlord who a also a poor wan, had not only refused to iu?ko the r?e. (tor his piece for tho last mo vfi but had with his own money bought him (Wilk itson) s pair of toots and sepplied them with such fo-U an thuy had. He had gose to an intelligence or ageacy office In Broad way soms three weeks si noo, and paid the keeper' fifty nrr" iu osotideration of the mac's promising him that he would procure him a situation as putter the nest morning; but said he, " I have been there every tanrntog since that bme, aihl have no place yet, a?d taith I dont sec that I ?a hkely to." Voice*? No, they are * dasuW set of robbers, and tent never m >an to do anything, only get your money, sad rob you. grata as? Faith. I believe you are right, shore, for thoy keep telling mo that 1 Khali have a place to Borrow and lo morrow, but the divil a bit do we get it. Vokx? You had better go to work and get your fifty bftCk. Bratkes? Faith, I would do that same if I could. VWk? tio to Mar-lial Stephens, at the Mayor's office,, end make affidavit of tho facta as you have narrated them here, and ho will soon brtng tho intelligence office keeper ?p. s of make him fork over. viuu-I Will do that same, fbr 1 hav'irt a cee? In the world and the filly cents will get me a loaf of bread and namtlhinr to cat. The old man here edged his way out of the crowd, and started for the City Hall with a light heart. Another hour or two was then ipeut by the crowd In making and discussing various propositions for their rulicf, .-m about half past eleven o'clock , when MADAM* eawm affeam ano sf*ae?. Hade her appeaunce in the park, ted walked toward Uie crowd. She vnU soon reooguised end surrootdod by the people, who flocked around and completely hammed her in on all .ides, amid cries of " Don't shore," " Hare respect for the lady," " Keep off." " Open a circle," he., each one anxious to hear what she had to *sy. Vadame Ranke proceeded to ay that she had not corns thorn to make * speech to them , but merely to see how they were silting on, and to see bow she could aid them, as her life was ievoted to the workitignuMi, wt.? the loved as Oeartv as though thsy were oi her own blood fAp ntsa.e and cheers for tho lady ) She had been working herd store she was last there to ad Ires* thein aav** the merchant* sud capitalists, for the benefit of the poor but ted been unable to do aaytliuNt permanently for their geod as yet, partly because of a want of organisots'i) and snity on their <the wurkingmen's) part, and partly from want of authorty from their <*nemitlre and the Mavor. She had been waiting patiently to hot*-, thai the ootriuil tee appointed by them on Tuesday would have wailed on her before this ume and told ber what to do. She bad un | folded her plan to the meeting on Tuesday, and was tow oelv waiting for the authority of the committee or of the Mayor to go ahead, which ahe said she could not do unless she knew wbsro the money was oormg Oom witlr which to guarantee expenses, as she did not wish to assume the entire reaper*! bility herself. She had proposed In giv? a series of omcerts this winter for tho the benefit of the poor, sivl had already been to Mr. Miller to see if he would not givo the worklngmen bis large hsll for one night, in which to bold a meeting and orgaaixe themselves into some kind of a body, but Mr. Miller had told ber that the Chinese rooms were much more titled for such purpose* than (i s room*, and he had no doubt they could be hiul. Without the pro par orgsnirslion of ibe working men. and a ron.entratod actMm. naid she. you cannot eipeit to efltou anything Vo*m? That ? so. 4 OOOD IMA. ?nuass ? I here also been among the boss worklngmen and ?eri hante to seek employment for you but they hare entiling for you to do. neither have they the money with wbx b to employ yow If they wished , ae they feel the dm treaa of the present time quite as much as you do. I would tl.erefore suggest to you that you offer your ter vtosa b> all who can employ you at anything, for half price, rather than remain idle. Vowts-KA. no , w? will never work for half price. We won't cat down wage* if we have work at ell. We want our fall prices. (Applause ) ?reaam ? I think It would be far better for you to take what you ran get than to do nothing particularly as it M so hard to get employment at anything now, Vom?? No. we wont. No, never. Aresam? Very well; you must be your own jodge. of Uut; for of course I only came here to advise you. 1 wowid. then, suggest that you prepare an address to the has* carpenter, masons, and all other branches of trade, aed get the various editor* to publish it, calling on all | tfeoee who havs any work to give on! to change off their heads so as to give eecli man. say two days' work a week, M by an doing you can earn enough to support vourwlves aed families until better limes (Applause, and V mix*? Wood ; i bat 'a 0r?l rate. We'll do that ) vpetsss ? In order to do that you most anthortas some person to ait for yon, by glvtog them your nimea, or fel Waal the names of e few of you, end let such person, through your nsmes, in behalf of the worklngmen of Now York . pstitlon the people of the city who have any work to give out, to divide it among you ?0 that each may have at tea?t two days' work a week Votes? That's a good idea Suppose you get op the ad dress The editors will publish it for you when thsy woe t do it for os. Prat* ?b ? 1 will cheerfully do anything you may wish me to ?!o for your benefit , If you hut give me authority. Tor without that I can do nothing I. you glvo mo somo sf vour nemes I will do so at oeoe. Vwrs- -?lre her your own nam"*, boys. srtiio - 1 will take down any names you may give me and act for you on rour authority, aed I do not be. Have but that It will have a good eSset. You know, tkough that without being authonaed to act 1 cowtd do no thins, for If 1 went to collect money , or to do anything, I would be arrested and taken by the police to tho Tombs, aad I am ton proud for thai fntrw Ws would like to see any noo undertake to do that. Three cbsers for Madame Madame Rtsssthen proceeded V> take down thsnemes ?f some of the workmgmen who wlahe her to act for (hem The following lames were handed in ? Robert Allen, ?#fcie cutter. Francis Campbell, carpenter James ()os*, occspellon not given. .lames Mcfliveny, " " Weorge Whitley, ?? " John O'Rrlen, " " Kdward furry, " " Benj fiuffey ?? " fhe said that would do. as half a doren good as twnnty She thought that In a time like this tno government might *o fttmi?h two or three millions ?* ?ioi ara to purrhase goods, and set all kinds of worklngmen aed worklngwomen at work, making clothing and other articles of use, to tie sold again by the agent* of govern ment and the proceeds again appropriated for the s?mo perpoee was to favor of sterling a propoattlon of thl* kind immediately, and intended In a short time to Initiate a movement in favor of the working girls out ot employ ?went, and to deliver a leetnrs on that subject ft* their eld. It had been *aid that she was not dressed very well the other day, tho did not ?V>p to look much after her dress; *he wss a poor woman, and only sought to aid the working men. all of whom abe loved gooil . and if she could only i 4o ihat she did not care whether she was dressed in rag* er fine silk* and satm. She did not seek anything for her ?elf, hsr recompense came from above, from the Ood of Heaven, in whom she pot her trust, and to whom sbo looked for aid aed protection, although it was necessary for her in order to effect good \fi Uwe the a.fluanoe, coun teuance and support of the n> /n With Whetn she wan at work m well. She flood th jrebetweeu the workuigmno and the merchant, as a mc Aat<yr between them, anasno placed the work itigm.noijh"! right side, to aid and pro tect them all she could, .'4id ??? merchants and moo oi capital on her left, a ad said to tl-em, "Com*, H# y"ur poor brothers, many of whom are starving, aud )pve thfcm of your bounty wbaitaeomelh goo<l for you. raw done this to aid bctl\ ?des, for she knew Micro worn Uioiv sands who bad me aw that wod'.d readily give of tneir abundance? if the;/ only Vnew Where or how lo give it, so an to benefit th 4 largest nuafber. (Applause.) A>*rrH*R SPIICH. While Mm. /tantoe w a* yet speaking, a young ma* , named Patrick . Monahan, proceeded to address the crowd ?which by 0 1? Vim* had congregated to the number ?t hev. ral bur 4n>d?~from the bank* of the founUin advising t>#em to ke?P the peace, and to form themselves iqU) some lftnd of an organized body, tor without u ami there waa no strength , and no ing to do r artfelDg for themaelves. He would advise tha each war< t .--hoold have a committee, and all form them selves ii' <0 a gTeat body , and, as such, demand work a' once. J i<v did not wi**i to be understood as a dlsorganixer or a mu a who was trying to incite them to distarbanc.eof any kit si <He was in favor of the peace at all ha*ar<ls, and he t knew that no workmgman would countenance auy_ thing ?Jb?. He therefore earnestly hoped that rticy would orga gvit) themselv s and act promptly .but wttli firmneee and * i' vision, th y, as a body, should not eternally be 1 wrr A.tfltng among themselves about |>olitiC54 and religion. , W1 #.t bad either >f thifO quosUons to do with the subject in Oitch they, .n vorkhigmen, were mott interested r *!<??. ? Nothing at all. . .. , . ?JrKAkWi? Vo, Uiey havo nothing to do with It, and I ? wdc that when men oomo among you preaching up poll tors tn favor el this or that or the other man, you win refuse to hear them , for 1 know that there are certain men -who are trying to make political capital out of our necen , si ties, by taading this and that party or man. I tell you j Uuit it in not politic*; or religion that we have anything I to-do with at present, it is Work wo want. I Voinw? Good, that's no. He tells the truth. 1 Pfkafkk? I know very well that some of the men 1 who have pretended to bo our leadors and best friends I have tried to muko political capital for certain parties, and to put us on from day to day with promises that wo should all t e set to work to morrow and to morrow if wo ?would just keep ourselves quiet; but whon the to morrow comes- we tlnd no work for us and the committee we havo appointed missing, and for what reason? , Voitix? Because they have had their hands well greased to work for other men. . 8i?KAKitK? You have saM it: snd I now advise you to take the matter in your own hands, and to leave every other question out but Unit of work, for that is *11 we want now , and depend upon it if you do so you will aucoeed. I know that there are many here to day who have h?d no to eat 111 their houses, and no money with which to purchase for themselves or children. 1 implore the dtiwns. therefore, an?l the employers to come forward al ence and give us work or subsistence. ( \PP1*"8;' ) , . Mr. J. H. lurt was the next speaker. It had been said '"by all of our wise men that a house divided against itself could not stand, and he had long since become convinced of its truthfulness. He, with the tormer speaker desired that the whole body slwuld at once organize itself into a committee, and thereby become united as one man He was in lavor of ward meetings being at once established in every ward of the city, a* this was the only means lett them; and by adopting this weans, and becoming thoroughly or canned, and presenting their wants in tins manner before the public, they would stand a much bolter chan co of being heard and having their prayers granted, mud thu? of obtaining vork and broad for themselves, wr.i? and children. Said he, 1 aw now unabl? to get cmply roent; 1 have called on th* and that one to ascertain ?r I could get any employ, that by such employ 1 might bo enabled to pot Ike ueoeaaariea of life for myself ami fa mily but 1 have also been una! I? to obtain anything to do And now ..gentlemen, I wish it to be understood that J am a law loving cttizen, and wish for peace rather thtn tu mult; but what are we to do' 'Why, simply this: those who talk of peane and of our seeking this class ot means, and failing to obtain empiey, are not to be trusted , and we will have do peace until wo have work. I do not mean by this that we are to have riotous demonstrations <r. force of arms: by do means, no; but simply that we should at once organ tae ourrilvea and not cease ojur demands until we obtain work of *omo kind with which to suppcrtlitc. We are daily proui'sed work, but it does not come. Well, these promises arwnot likely to be fulttlled very "?on ^t is true that the Common ttouncil have done all in their power to do for im Just at present Tliey hav? appro priated for the purpose of Improving ihe Oentral l'ark It le one tlitog to apprr priate projs-rty and another to get at It. Now, whore w UiO Corporation to ?et thw money from? Vnif F|?tf Wall street. SrKAHKH ? Yo? It * well to ?ay in Wall street flut are our O mmoc Oounetl to pay twenty per cai it to money; for a man well acquainted with tlic manner ot d?rg bu*i ness in that street ard other pb cee, Informs me fcrt every dollar in Wall street w worth B'ree per cent a met h. Ino workincmen had an enemy In this ooontry ia ?re oapi taftst*. sniwulators , Ac., whirl it was much ? .re im porunt for tlMim tot^ht a?ait* at the present U*e than any power from Kurnpe orany<-ther foreign c/>o?ry real or imaginary. Jt was they were the euem^ of Urn poor c.lsaaes, and ground them lo the dust , and it II** wicked and unjuni ecmbinationr of this crew ot (hievcw and robbers who are driving uin starvaUoo^ Tbui is tlw? political and social enemy in <?i?r midst thlt u, "Ur*'"? oor lamilie* to death. (Applause How shall wr ohu,? relief uiiless we organiae aga.n^-t h- ???nd <?! th?* -?? <??? robber- who?.i> W" ?h.?ll not h?v ?t? I--1 us haw uniou; let there l>e an organwatnai formed in ''very w.trd ?t ou<'?% let us set sexle all p?J tieal au<l fiigs-is eousiderslionr ; and when we are onitel we may *tfy the police th-? fi?r? ard followed by the crowd, shortly after Mr l aul had c oncluded, wae lntro duced u> the audience by Mr M"iwi *n, the tod* has cv. need suc.h.?n ,nter. ?t lr the ^-.rainoag u? aa to bring her to thi* ??tore today, I hope you w II ail ,,r.?r*.- order wh.i- a. I dr. ? . for I ?m sure that she is willing to do ail that she can d.. to aid us IM > '?<? know we mu-t have perftct order. i>r 1 e he i annot talk U) nor do anything f<r us It l- now cimmg on wmter, and the exigenei.f of the Mm. - riu-l.f it necessary ler us u> do something at OOC4-. As I auggeate-l b. for- 1 wm.I.I re. un.m. nd that, ae there .* no other w-iy for us . to ?Jl. ct anything, we lorm a woe er in each wai .1 and all i?* i to gelber, be. SUM'. I f|- ?i it over agaoi tlist il suih a , -nurse is not pursued outhiug be .if e. I.mI I w? uld like also u? make .'isuggeiU hi b> landlon s because Ui"T? rnav be Mime here t.. .lay 11 Is this y ou lessen your r.-nts, and where a man is a g'ssl tenant and out of i.?k, thereby Ui pay when due, you allow him n remain until be can get work, for. by tin' course, ? n will aave much misery, and oe running a. rixk ot Uari from your tenants 1 ?as prwsent three .toys ago in a family wb. n their landlord catu- in ana i demanded tto rent ' The man told him he hadn't it. wh.-w ihe landlord said if be did not give It him by nine o'ckMk tho next n.ornmg he would put him out of Uie house. V<>|< w? N ame, shame. ... 1 am informed that heretofore la ?weh caae* ae the preeent it has alwaya be?-n cusbmary for 'ooj'"''" to llieir tenants to remain Willi the * I Mt. i why cannot that be made the eastern or the law, it I vmi please, now* It would reault to a great deal ?f good U> the nor It should b.- put out of the power land lortU to turn a tenant out of doors iu the winter ia such timet as these. (Applause) There must be *?me means instituted to help timet, and 1 am sure toat Y.y coming w> order and not dtst?rbin| the tiare the city, the rtrh will earn e W W* con. lus:on and aid us if we can by any effect a union, we want some one to s.i^rintend and go Mh?' -ad Th* Superintendent ??f 1 ol? ee had said that he waa worth but $100, and he would cheerfully give ^ up ^ li? <* that to aid ns. and I am aure there are hundreds of others in this city who would give u? aid Just as soon as he weuld if we ,j?;y had an orgaiuaati.'n or head. (Applause ) MADAM RANKS 8PIAK8 AO AIM. M?'i*me fUtKMhonrame forward and spoke ubetanttal ly a* follow* ? Gentlemen ami my friends? I w?h u> Ml you that 1 am hera to exprea* my wiing", and I *u<ti to aid you tn finding work, i da not want or rt\*>ct you to work for under *ajre?, or yet tn make an biff wage* a* heretofore, becaime the rich cannot five you a* mmh. but wilt do all Ui^y ran. 1 aland here between two pn?ittntM> ? between the rtch nod the poor. I gtre my right hand to the poor to help thrm Ret work and bread, and the Other I give totlio rich to help you get work from tliem. and n< >t to starve. I be l.eve that there h> at prwient thirty thooHaad meii in thin rWy wit of work. There raurt be something done for you I come her# In help yoti in getting work and to do all I ran I My to tbe ladie* of the city, do not endeavor to display your sllkr and your satin* put them away and go to the poor and give them of your surplua bonnty , instead of ?pendtng your money for *ucb Onery and un ?eeepanry article* Xatc+? And put away their hoop*, too (tnnght.r ) Km** t*? I do not rome here to a*k for fortune. I bate Both trig to give I came to offer my xervioea and don't ?eek anything for anything I can do I got my pay firm above, from the God of my trnat, for H la <*o<l that rule? our dostintea here. It is <*od who haa ?ent all Uieao rai?mltt?? upon u*. and we have to conform oureetve* to all calamities wblrh he *end* upon m. We have to blame ourtelrea generally in tht* country for our want* Wo work too fast . and all of the cities of tbo farted state* ar too faat livers? they Hka their ailk drewa, diamond* and Jewelry too much. 1 have been here twenty tlra year* and cannot *ay that I am actttaen y<it; Imt I believe | have b? en here too long fbr a rltiaen. We would do well hero to look bank at the old country. Our oountry women Utero don't wear fine silk dreaae*; wo all there wear our calteo dreneee, and we are content Willi them. Every family thrre I* comfortably well off, and not ton proud tn work They, too, most all, hare a small bag of money hud away for an emergency ; but in thi* country every too muat have hi* finery, no matter at what coat, betide the mm enjoying themaetvea with their drtnk, faat bor*ea, hall*, feaattag*. Ac. Yowws? That's no. Frai*** ? I do not come here to seek for rkbes; 1 romo here to belp the poor man If T had mooey I would ttay to the poor man, bere, take thla and go and buy food and live comfortably for the winter. But I have not the money to do to with. 1 am like you, poor We mint all take what we can get and not murmur 1 wish the rich all i>f the happtaesa that they ran et\Joy I wt*h all happt nee* and Joy, and that 1* what I rome In here to Eon for. f rome here aim to otfcr yon *om? plan* Uiat I are drawn nn These plan* are very groat , and when once exhibited It would be a fortune These plan* are known tn Wall *tr< ot, and the rich *ay? those who have rem them that tbey are worth at least half a million of dollar*. I prepoee, therefore, to *ell the** plan* out for the benefit of the pot r They coat me Ave year*' work and about Ave thonssnd dollar*. I wish to ?ell the?e plans for the poor, If 1 caa tlnd any man that will buy them I will aell them for half a million of Mian, and give half of the money to the poor or their committee, and keep th? ether w j?y a mux that bag bvr# to good to me, gad kwoe4 mu no much money. If the prow will bo no kind as to ad vertise these plans I would be very greally obliged to them. Here is it book which I Iswe published, which gives you a description or my plan. If that book wuh per used, it would be of immense value to the poor. I make Uji- proposition to the public, to the government and to th? Common Council, to buy my plants. If ihey will give nte nionvy enough tw luiy my debts, I promise to give all the rest t<> the poor. (Applause.) When I flrst got up these plana 1 took a mlcrnn oath in the cJiurch that lutlf of the money I m*Ae out of them 1 would give to the poor. I na>d 1 wouM buy two lota up town somewhere where pro perty wasefceap, on one of which T would build a church, and on Use other a largo hotel for the poor. I would then mafce the income from the church support the hotel and all of the poor who needed a home. I would ho make it self supporting, the name as the Glrard Institution, in Philadelphia, iH made self-supporting by the Glrurd Flank- 1 shall yet keep thin promise if 1 have to sell my silk dresses and everything I have of value. (Applause.) There is no question if 1 could but carry out those plans but that the poor would be provided for; but I have been unable to tell the plans, and. therefore, I am now Wo poor to "help you any. I am now a.s poor as you are. I want 1 the press to assist me, for I am too poor to pay for it. If you want to see the plan I will show it to you. [Showing a neatly drawn groundwork plan of what ?ho termed the Temple of Harmony, or grand tableaux of Lcuis XIV. J Hero it is? now some understand that these plana are laid down and are the property of the poor. (Applause.) Now, gentlemen, if you will be so kind as to give me some little time ? I want some understanding. I should bo authorised to work for you, and I want some power. I want you to authorize rue to act, nntil which I am not at liberty. I cannot act; my liandH are tied. I must flret got all of the poor, iu order to get bold of the rich. Voicm ? Thut's po. KnuKF> ? tootle men, I would like to remark what 1 would like yon to do: to have a committee formed in each ward to call a meeting of the workingmen of their ward, and after organizing to appoint one or more men from such meeting to constitute a Central Committee, with full power to act for tho workingmen of their respective wards, and as a body draft on address trom tho working men oi the city addressed to the citizens, and to bo em powered to receive contributions to be appropriated to tho needy poor of the city. (Applause.) If you will go to work and do thin at once you need fear nothing, for 1 tell you that within a week with such a body to act for you your necessities would bo known and promptly supplied by the citizens of New York. f Applause.) The lady in company with Mr. Monuhaii then left tho ground. A BARD CASK. During the speaking an old man, holding a little boy by the hand, came into tne square. His appearance wan the very picture of distress. He seemed to be in great trou ble, and his little boy was sucking a stone he had picked up. The old man tuked if he could see the committee, as he wanted assistance from them. Being told tliat tho oommittee could do nothing for him, he replied that ho was informed that they could, and had been requested to come down here to day and they would gtvo him food. Ho further stated that two men called at the place where ho lived, and requested every person, men and women, in the house, who might be in want, to turn out in tho square, when relielt' should be given, as there were to be several grocery stores opened for them, and all the hungry could have m much food as they wanted. Several of the bystanders laughed when they heard this, and told the old man he hod been fooled. Two or three gentlemen, however, combined together, gave Inm the sum of llfty cents, and then told bini to go homo. The old man seemed greatly pleased, and exclaimed as ho went off: "Oh, if I could only get as much every day, how hard I would work for it; how happy 1 would be." RKTtTtNED. Shortly after the shaking had ceased the old man, Wilkinson, referred to above, returned to the ground and said he bad gone to the City Hall, but a policeman would not let bim into tho Mayor's office. H? then went to tho intelligence office and demanded his fifty cents, when the proprietor sent him down to Hurling slip, to a man who advertised for soap agents. <)n arriving there, however, and making his errand known, the man of tho soap want ed four dollars from him before ho would let bun have a job, in addition to a recommendation, assuring him at tho same time that another man, who was now dead , had lived for seven years by selling his soap Tins narrative served to amuse the bj-tanders greatly, and many were tho Jokes caacked at the expense of the stri JXtant soap agent. CITY UAhL PARI. Turing the day ye terday the l'ark was moro or less IHIed with workmgmen and people with nothing todn, most ol whom employed the tune in discussing the pro liabilities of work, -'political economy ''social rights and prerogatives," the currency question, and other dko topics. There wm\ however, no more talk of MMM flour stores, banks. Ac., and everything appeared to bo perfectly orderly and peaceable. There was no ffpnaking of any account, or, at all events, worth reporting, at this place during tin- day , and in faot bet a small number of people on hand at any one time during the day. CKNTHAL VM NR. It having been generally understood that a camber of men would be set. to work at tho Central l**rit , a large number of the work Ippmrn assembled there at an early hour in the morning. and In front of the Kngineer's order , at .seventy ninth street, hoping to be set to work. After malting a long time, however, without any visible signs of hems cmpjTvrd at once, many of them returned to too city. Others, however, remained on the ground during most of the day. Ihiring tho loUor part of toe day a fow ot tbo?e wto w he known to thi Engineer to tin in really no edjr cirrsnv tsaces were set to work at a venture. It havtoig been agreed by tl.e Comptroller, at the rnqto -t of tlx- 1 iimnia.'- loners, who bark him up with Ueir own pri vav credit, if be-meelu with troitole I hereon , to draw hie warrant for ?6,000 weekty, for the beu?-Ut of tho Central Park laborers. Tim money wlH, therefctre, most likely be forthcoming in a day or?wo at furtherest. so that at loaEt nan Hum sand wi--n will prdt be at work on the Tark by Mou day ?xit At tin- office of the Oommia^ancrs there was an lm nx-nee -crowd during most of the day, and Many declared ?he>r Monism to go t<> work whether they were ordered to Oo so or not. Ncthing. bow era r, of a'aenous nature occurred . envpt that one poor Uennan named Witaner gt* knoctiml ribout by a party uf boys, who found hun ? tAccernic around somewhat under the indteaco of liaunr. [ The faiiow*** doenenrnt tm heec issued by the Work ing noe s UanuaitMe : TO TO* INCMPIOYKP. Brethren, Wk w n??i ? At tlie sasse meeting In Tomp kins square ?ai the lllh of November ?ev>'sal m embers of Urn undersigned Kaoeiitive Committee? jtsir only true deputies wl?o started Ox iiuivrn"nl ? <yi*i manic* itod to you the different 'kvismis ef the city authorities in jregard to your memorial of the Mi of .'Vovonber, add .up lhai there was no looger use tilktnfr to tlte four winds, but. to sign at onre I beir iiame* and residencies upon lists, winch shall he without delay transmitted to? ttieVoraruinnon i-rs of the Central l'ark, Ui order hi get work for us un ined lately But in consequence of the hurri td manner In w huh your names Were hied and presented ?my were fo< ud in? un plete ; therefore your coin wiUae, m compliance with an intimation from th s "Chief Kn giueer U the Commissioners of the Osutral I'urk. ha* to day resolved to publish t hw eall u> all the unemp'oyed, requesting they ? %ll proo?<vl -with the (ern>?t<on of a ?p<>eial commute t in earh warsl bi elect two deli gales. and to aend full lists aosordtag t o the fnl lowing formula, to the provisional ot k ? ef ibo tLxeeulive f omni'ttee, Steuben M<>uae,3Vl and Bowery, between First and tecond streets ? tin or tus rmrrLo md. Ward, f(am*a in Ml. Krruinvr \and Ann brr y Htomt. ?Jfa ?? .Vint >U,V> mii?f <10 * Mow Umg vOAcnU Brethren and fellow men, you may I * ensured that no penon but th<?e who camply with the ??w will eh liit Immediate work, w the tomMl<? >l?cc full confidence in our impartiality Proceed, ?h?r<'fore, tat enroll your bum* Id your tirili, keep qui* * do nut Hatcn to the foollnh or incendiary appeal < of ftWml quark*, who would mm ymir favorable pr> B?j?otB. By order of tbe Fjecutive PnamittM. N?w Yob?, Kot 18, 1M7. Wm Bowie*, ?eorge Vol! , Francm 1 tiller, Char I** Hahi ?ec, J*me? Bet, u ire, Cbarle* Smitl t F. OeUOMM, THE CXXTRAL PARK fOMMIftaiOX WA THIITT TWOr*ANI> DOLI?Alt* PAW BT TUB OOHF ft TO TUB COimiXBIONB**. Wo publirb the following MmifnikM b*tw? *? U?a Finance Committor of the Central Park Board and tl *? Oty Comptro'ler, and are advi**d that the latter trentlrm ? h? alrt ady paid over to the Commiwioner* tbe aum of thousand dollars Nttrw Torni, X<rt. 11, 1*R t. To Aummb C. Puktio, Foq , Comptroller of tbe city of N W 1 York I'm* m?? At the I net meeting of the Board of romm * ?i> ner? of the Central I'ark the TVeamrer of the Board rtv ported thai tou had exprenied a wt1bnirne? to rr*ke ad vanrea to a limited amount on tbe atock lately authorised by the Common Council The J nance Committee art* iMt meted to confer with you. In order that the Hoard may he clearly Bd vised a* to the extent of tbe advance* yon will be able to make from the Citv Treasury. Tlie Hoard are well aware of yonr desire to aid to the ex lent that vou are able. In the present condition of tbe finances of tfie city, In putting the work on the Park in motion, but they desire, before employing a largo body of men, to feel certain that that they will be able to pay when pwy day arrive*. And while the committee, a* well a* all members of the Hoard of Commissioners. will exert themselves to net the stork Uken, they will thank tho Comptroller to exprese to them hi* view* a? to the cvfnt of bis ability to provide mean- out of the treasury of the city a* an advance of the product* of tbe Central Part atock. Very re?pectftiHy, OIAR1 W H Finance committed, ANP. H GRFF.V, \ Board of Commi?ioner?, WM. K. rtitOBO. J Central Part. New Yob*. Nov. 12. 1*57. n?irn rwrv? I haw received your* of the llth Instant and will In reply inform the Finance Ck?mmitUvi of the Board of Commissioners of the Central I'ark . that imnn' dtately upon tbe passage of tho ordinance ant hor it ?? the InatM of otr> k for the improvement of tho Part. I caused the required advertisement to be inserted in tho [?per*. At 1 am Je?irou8 W ml ll?? VvBuu>#?ioi>er? in tb?ir tf fort* to proceed forthwith in their improvements of tho I park, 1 will pay over to you at once, as on advance of the proceed of Uih stock , the turn of thirty UkhmnpI iloltari. Yours, respectfully, A. C. n.Jrcft:, I Comptroller. To Mccfre. (bap. H. Ru:?ell, And. H. Green, W. K Strong, Finance Committee of the Itoard of Comuik^ioncr.H of tho

Ot ulrwl Park. THE WORKWOMEN'S COMMITTEE AND THE MAYOR The oommi?ee appointed by tho workingmen to wait u pon the Mayor made out a litt of tho Damn of tho9<* who j arc at present In a destitute couditlon, and presented It to his Honor yesterday, in compliance with tho request ho made at their interview wi'.h him on Wednesday. Tliero were about forty live names of families on this lint, and the number of persons was from two hundred to two hun dred and fifty After the presentation of theso names tho Mayor placed the lint in the hands of on officer, with in struct, ons to the. Almshouse ft. minim loners to provide soch as were really in want with the necessary provisions until such time as work can be procured for them. Th?re are, it appear*, a number of others in a state of want , but tho committee were unable to make them all out during tbo limited time they hod at their disposal. Assoo-i us those who nro receiving assistance from th<* Almshouse obtain employment their names will of course bo <>ra.scd from tho list. It is oellevcd tbat a large number will be provided with work bv the Engineer of the Central Park ou the application of the Mayor. BOARD OF ALDERMEN. Thin Board met bust evening? Jolm Clancy, Esq., Pre sident, in the stair. A communication was received from the Mayor en r lowing tbe letter from tbe I'onHunU'r-rrfmiral (whirl) has been already published) respecting tbe site lor the new Post Office. Aldermon Moitkiun moved tbat tho Mayor be re qnesled to close the negotiations immediately, in order that the building might be proceeded witb. Referred to the .Special Committee having tho .subject in , hand. pjYmcxT or laborjbw ow ptbijo wokkh. A resolution was ofloted by Alderman Jackson to tho effect that the laborers employed on the public roods bo paid in all cases in wbicb tho proper vouchers can bo shown tbat the work has been done, and that payment for the same bus not been made. Alderman Monkohan was willing that tho laborer* should get their pay , but ho wii* compelled to vote aRamst the resolution for fear ho should be supposed U> reconniso the appointment of Mr. Conover as Street Commissioner ? the Mayor having appointed and this Board approved of Mr. lievlin. Alderman Jackson denied that these men had been ap pointed by Mr. Conover, h? did not c.aro whother Mr. Lievlin or Mr. Conover had appointed these men, but they k bou Id be paid notwithstanding tin- number of buncombe ?peecbs? that had been made on the subject. Alderman Ft' Lim advocated the passage of tho resolu tion. They performed the labor for tho city and they should be paid; he did not ca' o who was Street Commis s toner, there men should be paid. Alderman Tvckkh said theru was a great deal of incon sistency in the course pursued by several members of the board, but ho would support the resolution. Tho Alder man ot the Fourteenth had t^iis evening proposed that tho Mayor should close negotiations for a portion of the I'ark at one quarter it? value, With a view to employing tho poor; but now be opposes <t i payment of the laborers for work that they have done. Alderman Bajita move I as an amendment that tho work done by Mr. O'Toolu be paid for. Ixwt. Alderman McJjrtnosi thougnt tho matter oJght to bo referred to a committee. The resolution, was ultimately adopted. CUJII'K.MJATIOM TO TUX PRf-tDBKTH OP TUB BOARDS AS ItXALTH imMnmrgrr A resolution giving a compensation of 1600 each to John Clancy, President tu the Board of Aldermen, and J. N. I'hillipM, President of the Counrilmen, for their services as Health Commissioners, (no other remuneration being allowed them,) waa carried by a voto of 17 to 1.? Aider - uau Blunt voting in tbe negative. THR UTVBSTIGATION IVTO THK [IKI'ARTlC*Tr OF miANCK. The report of the 0>ininittee of Councilman on the in vestigation into Uie of th? th v>artment of Fi nance was called up and partly read, hut on motion of Alderman Fulmer, it was made a special order for Moo day next. HTROTT rriunnta contract. The reportof ttr* committee on the contract of Forbes, Hulbruok A Waterbury, for c lean lug the streets of New York for 1*45,000 per annum for live years, was brought up. Alderman Blot opjxhomI the contract. H>i was satis tied thai the contract coald Ik done for a Ices amount, due ot those parties is a Prssiu.nt of a bank, and ho would like to ktKiw what ho oould understand about clean ing streets. Be was opposed to it because he believed it could bo dose for less than one half the sum asked; bo wan up|><>?K<i lo it because he ww men lobbying around here who bad been very conspicuous is tho purchase of the (iantscvoorl property and the establishment of tho Broadway Hallway. and suspected of robbing hanks. Alderman I hash called the gentleman to order. Ho had no right to mention parties not connected with Uus Board. Tbe l'>xvT ruled tho point of order well taken, and called Alderman Blunt to conllM himself strictly to the queetios. Alderman Picvr fcad understood that this was a very valuable contra< I, aod that ?V) 000 were r.- wt> to put into U.c bands of some individual ftr "distribution" whu this Cufetrart was pawed. Alderman Iirarb again tailed the gentleman to order. AMerman Bu-xt, alter some further observations, uo -ed that the matter be referred. Alderman Trinsv *nid, if this waa passed there would be trouble, and goodners knows they had trouble enough already in the c*y government He hoped it would rs'errred, and Wished to have the opinion of the Corpora ttsa Counsel oo ?t If it war passed there would no doubt V> an lnjunt tios got out, aad thus tho city would be put to sr* ire trouble a?d expense. Alderman A?<m>, as < hat' man of the committee, wan ronv m< ed that the work oauld not be done for less. The motion to refer was lost. Aldet man TX < kkk said tint the streets had been cleaned i lot e Mr M<irt.>ii had charge at a rate of nearly 1100 .<>??> less than Hhw contractors had proposed to do it lor. Ho iad .xsmined the books in the Comptroller's ofllcn from 1M4 to 1%67, and found tbr.i cleaning the struts had not cost more tLan t27ft,QOO per annum, and (hat included gin ooo lor inspectors. The I'sm-ftirNT informed he gentleman tbat the cost for rb aning tbe streets und- r Mr. Arculatiua was a yiar. Alderman tVf-RRR oaMsoed to say that the streets were never in te tt r eonditKSi ta<m tliey have been under Mr Morton, and be (Alderman T ) would be xatisfled to have bim oontinue in the work siitil May next. If Uils matter was ennsuB SinU d Ui nurti. the} would do a great wuhw to tbe 4 ity. He ba<l a-?'-d tho Counsel to the Corporation II be bad given his opiams in favor of this matter, aod he bad asked tbe Comptroller if he was ia lavt r <>( it, and be, too, answered that he liad not Alderman Iirask spoke ia favor of tbe contract. Al<:?nni<n tiws*? was coders!***! to exprens Mraself sat ?? bed with the manner la wbScb Mr Morion had kept tie ulrnu. cleaned, yet be nniuihlered this contract raaeon able and tbe men re?poo*lM*,a?d he was in favor sf it. Alderman BtrvTsald Lbs; influroo> bad been attempted to be brought to hear upon km If ba could say ail that ho knew a I xiii l the matt* r iVre is tot a man road tbe Board would dare tn Tote let this com ran t. Alderman i*mm contended that Uii \ was tbe best spe cifl< aiion be bad ever seen and he won id vote. Alderman Trntas did not que* t ion that respectability or Uie responsibility of tbe part '*, but he objected to tlx* big price tbey ask, he was cuafl<lent th it the eontenct of t.edney. Molt k l?o<lgc lor I4ut),0tl0 won Id be aa well per fot m?u, and theteforc be was opposed t o this one st*M6. 000. Alderman Pasta did not think it ex pe? bent to pass tho resolution, aad he SppSSSd it. Ibe vote was Iberi taken . and the resol Titlori was passed by a majority of 17 to 3. Tucker, Banta tnd Blunt m Uie s* game. A resolution was adofHed r?gueating all persoos having f us tracts for public works to give a prefer eoce of eaiptny meat to men oi families. a uiui su^TtoM num vs. msovm s MrsrrtM ti-s tmiitmt or uamossss Tbe followwi ? 'tumuntcaiiow ? h receive d mi<1 .?r.i?r? 4 In printed > T<> inv H<>s. mnji m Conn* Coturrn ? The tinderainoed, Pireet ( <?uaun inner of t-h* ejty rf ?w fork would reapertfnlly ootomanwata ??> your h? ?uttblr bod) ? brief xUtemeut relativu to *be praaect icudiUoD of bin department. Ibe rifbt and title of tin* .Pireet CnmmwiM'r to the r,. .1 h l? Dow ronfraeelly , Oil all hand*. Ibe ??lull incumbent, t? not * for dtseuaeluti between ham aad your honorable body. The prweot Street torn mwrioner ta la a< tual pn***a*ion of Ui* m<*, Mr! id all (.arUrnlara and id every way e*v an. I ready to per (uim all it* dutlea Tim oflli e la coniptMely <w?ajji*ed m all it* aeveral <l?|?rttn<-til* for hoa^t and efll. i?nt dn-iiarv of all it* ( in< lion?, and Uio Street (ixniBta alf tier would r. *pertfo<ly aiiftK*et that the >piai?n* here tolnre rniaoahrx from ?je Mayor a*i<l ( wai-n 'a Cmdl, upon bnal, ron?til*il?oal queaUnaa, u> nvuiy r* I ? iio kindred to that lavolved ui Vw appoint Bml of tb? .trrct OviDiiminnar, have not mat with that approval or ^oncorrrnr# from :h?? <v?irt? whlrb "boiild ewrouraff* either the Major nr tVwnmon tiaitxtl In Uieae ilavea (? when over SO Ml me?kan1<w and itofcvritig aien have bee a deprived nr avploywiS. anil iM, ??>. 'tj?'n the threshold of that aeaaaa wbmh afcvaya btH*i> wt?b it additional wnai*,") to the e?.a*lder*ioo and imhlieaiion of their erntitneM* upon potato ?f law. to tlio nrn^rt of the performance of thoee relative duties l?W<h rrapiwmely attach la the Sto?et CommMMoer aal tbe t 'i r m'T < "line 1 1 Th<* appointment of the iinder*ijjn*<l m ?tr**? ( 'onMii* au,nrr? by the Kiecntlve of the tHate wm an art don* in the lefi?ma*r dMhargeof ht? d*''<? u (Joveraor, aad Ui pursuance of a <w?ie*tk*?? eon vi?Jon of the reqiiireiaeata of bi? prWttofi ao-1 hi* oath of offc* faithfully to ? I trr the law* Thua pntaeaned of the oftVie of street C'tn wmw.nrr, the mere far* of anrh poe?oe?i<m n--- e??arily and of iteelf raloeo norUin relative ablijfaliona botwe?'ii the undera.jiied and your bnnarable body whtoh on hn part he haa been, fro?n the time of hia anointment, qnall flrd and ?lllln<r to ittaeharjre ."^irb. Uien. 1a tho pNHM rondmon of the departmrnt, and anrh haa been it* coodl tion fr rw?i the 13th day of June laat Tliat th. appnmtment of the underalfrneil aa Wreet Onm miaaioner ha* furntahed any le^itimtl-' ranae or r<>a*nn for the ananenatoB of the public work, ih.? nnd^r?l*iied mo t reapertfHlly , but flrmly and p?*itlvetr deniea. Every neurit j fyr tbc futWul, cuorjvtig ?ni > ?.oynnjc*! j-.t for malice of that work ever given by any officer at the head of the department lion been given by the under signed, and nothing hwi ever heeii wanting to Urn fur therance of that work and the employment of hundred* and thousands of the working classes, otherwise unem ployed, bat tho concurrence an<l co operation of your honorable body. M lias been Ate steady refusal of the Mayor and Common Council for the taut six months, to enable the undersigned t#f*oce?d with the public works absolutely demanded frir the good of the city and the wol fare of tho cillccus. th,"t many of our worthy, willing and hard working mi haui.M and laborers Are at the present moment out , 1 < uiplot 11 lit If tho business of the Street Department ia pn> I) ?>' , luc real cause of action depends <>n tho part of Uio iiuuorablo the Maj or and Common Council. While the. undersigned claims no right to Interfere with the proper functions of tin- Common Council, he win hen It to be distinctly understood that his right* is Street Com missioner are to be maintained, and that in the discharge of his dulici as the head of the Street Department, as the largest aveuuea of public work are by law under tho eburge of that department, be in behind no department or officer of the city government in bis wishes and exertions to meet the exigencies of the present crisis, and to contri bute to alleviate the distress, existing or impending, of hi* fellow Citiaehs. I have carefully prepared a list of con tracts duly udvertwed, opened and awarded, and only wailing the action of Hie Mayor and Common Council in order to put them m immediate operation, which list w hereto annexed , marked No. 1. I have also annexed the list marked No. 2, which contains a statement of work duly petitioned for, which has only bcou partially octal on t>y the Cemnion Council. In view of the great distress in wr midst, I would ur gently call your immediate attention to the law amount of work ready to be at once progr?se?t with. The con tracts giren out and enumerated in II- 1 No. 1 waiting only your action nn them, would furnish Immediate work U> m veral thousand meehattles and laboring men , and many thousand more could have employment if your honorable body would pass upon the work petitioned for and par Daily acted on as set forth in statement No. 2. I would also state that a large amount of repairs are required im mediately on the docks and piers, in order to protect the interestsfcot only of commerce hut of the city. This w ould also give employment to a large number ot workmen. I would further call your attention to the fact that, the contracts awarded as stated in No. 1 will entail no expense on the city, and will not Increase the taxes, as they will be collected out of the property benefited by such im proveraents. Thus it will he seen that your cooperation (which co operation cannot in any way prejudice tho rights ? if any rights exlRt ? of my competitor or any ono one else) will not only benefit the city but give immediate employment to some fifteen or twenty thousand needy mechanics and workingmen. .Again, most of the work mentioned in list No. 1 can he | steadily progressed with during the entire winter. us for in stance, regulating Ninth avenue, from Broadway to 126th street, that being a solid mass of rock, which the cold and frost cannot interfere w ith, and so with most of the other contracts enumerated. Whereas the grading of Hamilton square will have to tie postponed, ns it is all earth, and the frost will effectually stop the work, and it will not afford auy relief to the muttering and destitute laboring men. Be sides, tho action of the Mayor and Common Council, in re spect to directing the Comptroller to grade Hamilton square, is wholly and entirely illegal and void, as that work can < nly be done under the direction of the Street Commission er, and if the Finance Department should attempt Ui carry out the directions of the Mayor and Common Council, it would only lead to an endless litigation and loss, both to the city, the contractor and the laboring man. 1 would, therefore, strongly but respectfully urge your honorable body to take immediate action ou the pa|>ers and contracts now before you, and give immediate relief not only to the city but to thousands of starving and do serving families. All of which is respectfully submitted. P. I>. CONOVER, Street Commissioner. list op eomucTs nnr ^WAtuisn and jtwam.Ki oomcimm HOW ?r THIS COMMON UH'lini. Ninth avenue, grading, between Broadway and Sixty ninth street. Ninth avenue, grading, between Sixty ninth and Seventy ninth streets. Ninth avenue, grading, between Seventy -ninth and Eighty fourth streets. i Ninth avenue, grading, between Eighty fourth and Eighty ninth streets. Ninth avenue, grading, between Eighty ninth and Ninety ninth streets. Ninth avenue, grading, between Ninety ninth and 108th streets. Ninth avenue, grading, between 10?th and 112th streets. Ninth avenue, grading, between 112th and IJftth streets. Flagging Goerck atreet, betweeu Broome and Kivlngtun streets. I Kxcavatingslip between piers Nos 51 and 6 3 North river. Flagging 12" th street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Regulating 117th street, from Third avenue to avenue A. Regulating Tenth street, from aveuue C to Dry Dock atreet. Flag, curb and gutter Thirtieth street, between Sixth and Eighth avenues. Regulating Third avenue, from Eighty sixth to 110th street. Magging Third avenue, from Forty second to Forty fourth street. Flogging Forty sixth street, from Broadway to Eighth avenue. Flagging Eighteenth street, trom Seventh to Eighth avenue. Fxcavating slip foot of HaHtson street. F'xcavating slip root of Chambers street. Ixcatattbg slip foot ot Dclancey street Fxcavating slip belwvea piers No*. 31 and 32 North river. Broadway, paving, from Fiftieth to Fifty ninth street. Kegu)at>ng Fifty sixth street, between Sixth avenue and Broadway. Curb, gutter, fce , square foot of Jackson street. The Uhta No. 2 referred to contains a IM of one hun ?Ired and amrty nto* different Jobs of work required to be <W>ue,but awaiting the actum of the Common Council TVrse c<??iat of opening <treets, tilling lots.grndingstreew and avnaue*, flagging, and curb and gutters, and repairs to public buildings. Then" is als?> another list given of fifty four heavy coo tracts for regalating and grading, building pters and lay ing oat squares, which aro only waiting for survey* to lw* completed. We Board adjourned to Monday. THE PUBLIC PROPERTY IN TAB CTTY. A ropy tf the following commonieatmn iw.m fitrnfched y ?iiTii?f lo Collector Scholl ami A, nkatnnt Treaaurvr C IdCO ? H* axjrimum o? rn? Amrr, 1 Vm Vokk, Nov. II, 1W, f Pr*:? The General in Ctjtitfotil?rx tint, on th? reqoiai tioD upon direi I, of iltkor the CWIeCtOT of the Port or the AiKixiuat Treaxuper , f<m immMukb'ljr, mi l without further direction from headquarter*, *eud a detach n.ent ut fifty p*rke<1 *<111 from the permanent party, under a decreet <4Bner, u> re^mr with de*paub U> tho Custom Hoiim or AmMM Tremwrer'a building, or other point* rnnaliieretl la danger , nod there takx meaeure* to protect tb>t>ul>li< prafwrrly. In conformity with the inetracttOM given on 1J1* loth m*t. to Capt John*, Third Infantry. To tbi* end j'oo will, till father order#, hol<l mu'h a rare* m reailiDt-f-n to inane* a?a moment'# warning I have the honor to fee, very reafatfully , your obedient servant, IRVIN McDOWEU., Ae*t A'tJ. Hen. M?j<>it A. Ctnr, Sirb Infantry, Com. of Ooveruor# bias. I. X. Y. THE NEW YORK AND BROOKLYN CHURCHES *M> THE POOR. ffWoivthe Eviiqgelml, Nov If) New York ha* Iwwn divided into di*triete whleh ha*e ?>? i n ?e*igi?e?i |n rt, rtifl. r.iii i, . > * t'arh ohurch divider N A own dietret am?ng iUt m<'mb?*ri, and thu* it m bnlie^wl . the whole city, and especially It* poor population. wrfikie thoroughly vi*ited Many rburrhe* long *mce entered ?? ik* worlf, and ae di-tre*? and want are making themeelt ee feii,nther* are following their *t ample The object la lo learn the condition of the pour an I In afford tem[?.n?l ? Id and at the *ame tune to katdly a?lviee with th"-m a id draw them into the rhurrhaa and gather their rhiM rot i Into Sabbath Hr.hnal*. Tho work ?? im w progreaamg \?H h ffiwt <? n< ouraging pro*pec.u. On M'-mlay en in ig the Rr?aowa> Tabenade <v>ngr<> ?at < n In Id a rill 'ting n their new Mm- M . I a^Vtli ?treet. and after ?<?urvey of the Irld about th<wa oonclud ed to commence l kr work at once, throwing A ?to thn Ntil of a eomrn H <? to arrange Ui? detail* an l r-?i>"tt on Friday evmng, v ? n thoae willing lo e nga*e at once an. vinter* *hould g' ar in tbeir na me*. On Tiieaday ev ar? ng the larg?- lertar* room of the t ir?t RaptiM rhup 4< m ltri?.m>- ?tr-^t . IVv A Kingmaii Nott, poetnr, had i t?. aajne aabjert under prayerful eon aideration. and tb' ar I strict wae laid nut and taken, anl arrangement* mm' Ir nnt only to vie it it, but alao to open a new MiMion Snnda f School in their ronneetina. tm Wednemtly e rvmng tbe ?*?e auhjeet waa preaent ed n the I'lerrepoiM "*r' ?< Baptia ntiurrb. Hrooklyn. an>l in tbe Reforn?>Hl IiJit<? ? hoireh, fJwwanna. where several rburrbeawere uniU'vl ? tho nvetrnf and in tb-' pr peratioo" for the work. (hi Thursday ereii^g the Rev A?a D ^mithV ehureh ?i "*lon adopted the plan and took lk> preliminary ?te|w, by the appointment of a amiable ivwwvtfee for an early and thorough efetemaWe. prop?euti>?n of tbe work this .eaeon an U?*r large ami im|>ortant IMht On Pah halt! evening, the large bwtnro room of th > South Pre?byt*rtan rburrb in Brookljm (Rev Hr ."'p-'ar > ) waa rrowded artt ? deepljr intereafe t audicm-e, and ttio evening waa d.wwted to the developeitamit af tbe atibioet, 1 after the anonn emnent of the paetor, tlmt him*? If and the i ?eraion had bee>? mm mi tbe plan, ami N met thetr cordial and unan Imi ua approval, not only ae MVlfM b*it praetirahle At i 'b?, I'we of the meeting, on a ataple hi vital on. ninety of CL.- mt mhara of th?? efcureb ppfaent M'tit in their name# aa v l?ltera on tbeir ilkrtrlct. mam MEErtt<; iv PBUMJUL fUn^DMLPini, Not. It, IM7. Fl*# Uki'ihmI'1 tincnM >y*d peraou mat In tndopen den?. aqiiara ttii* ?furiw* The m <??(!?? pMMd off qui to ord<rlf , the apeak^r* ic?w**llf ?rlTtf.iaj th?i support ?f taw and or.Hr A r?v**u-r of the />?* bvwtf otUM \ipm , re<-< irmetvlad the "'rtui of work inataod of idling ai ?ie*tinfa. and Uktaf H rt any prv<? in prefareM* *n ata rv mi. and wm froaned. while U>e derlarat ?w of another f>{H>?kpr that he would dl? rather than work under prlro-a van received with applauae. The Imh of amaJi aeh ? hjr tbe city mm advocated ________ bf.mff Mir*rnv<; at kuzarfttt. v t. Ai a meeting of the rltltrna of Httahoth Oty, hold at the Court Houee on the 10th ln?t. . Mayor Parhy ?*> railed to th? rhalr. The following resolution* were itBaniinounly adopted >? Reaolvad, That wa deeply aympathire with the mwi fartnrerr add men of femtaeaa of our coaaunit? ?eranre vt U>9 (atwrr^Ki&ei>t? w ? Uxb Urj W out'jvvtvl t'f the present ertein in the mercantile, monetary and manu facturing interests of the couWry. That we also dcrply sympathize with our fe llow rititenA wlxi live by the labor of their hands, because of the tri al* Mil privation* to which they and their familit* ara tiubjcctcd at lhn season of the year , for tho waul <>( <ni plo> mmt. That it be recommended to all those out of employment an far as possible to < urtail all ".vunses, both per-onal and family, so an to reduce the aggregate of nwd. an<l s<? a* to render thcuuelves independent of ton charity ot other*. That it be recommended to our city authorities and to our men of business and wealth, a* lar a* they can, to give employment to uur own poor, both a* a matter <rf economy to the community, and because of it* elevating effect opon themselves. A dollar given take^ away self respect, a dollar earned maintain* his cha.acu r ad a man. That it be recommended to all the congregation* of thia eity, a* far a* possible, and by mm h mi an* a* they may deem beet to de vine, to tako the marge of the poor thai are connected with them. That It be recommended to each of oor congregation* to keep all the other* advised a* to the families they ma/ sustain, In order to prevent tho unworthy froos draw inf from two or more sources of support to the detriment of the honest and deserving. That the poor unprovided for by the congregation* of the city b? recommended to the support of the <vty authorities, and thai wo will KUAtAin the Mayor and City Council in making all nect-nary provisions for them. That it bo recommended to our citizen* utU rly to di# counti nunco street begging, by refusing to grant a \f chanties at the door, savu In eztretne and vry r*r?? ca*e* in which delay of food would be injunou*. That there bo a Handing committee nppoii tod for th?J season to ?ee that these resolution* aro earned into ? ifert, and to whom citizen* and committee* of churches may re sort for advice a* to any difflcult case* that may vise. City PolltlM. NOMrNATrONS FORTBK UKt KMHKIt OOARTKK BL*<TIOV. The following I tot includes all tho nomination* of Uio various partie* for offices to bo Oiled at tho coming !*>? cember election mado thus far up to lut>t night : ? Democratic. Rrpublican. Amrrican. MAYOR. Fernando Wood, ? J(U?. E. Cooley. iiovERtoR or nix. At umoiss. Anthony DugTO. Willinm M Tweed, Isaac lleil, Jr., Elijah K. I'urdy, Walter Koche, William C. Conner, John U. lJriggs. Dut. 3? ? 6? ? fl? ? S? ? 10? ? 14? ? 16? ? ie? ? The Fourth Aldermanic District Convention met at Mo. ?8 Fast Broad way last evening, and after orgamr ing, ad journed until neit week without making any nop una non. In consequenco of a change in the chairman* fl,p tho Seventh A Merman ic District Convention, th< t dokgnto-) were not called together last evening arcc *ding ? ap |iointmcnt. Tho former Clialrman, Mr. He Ary J. Irving, wa* superseded by Mr. James Webb, wh t w,u ca|| iha Convention at some future day not ye sta' r,| Tho American Convention for tho non ^nation of Alder man of the Eighth district met la*t r ()Khl u tb? Stato House, Ludlow street, but did not b> for u]i candi date, a split having occurred in tho i jfcrty in that district. The Convention adjourned to Monde ^ <vs*?g neit. The Twelfth Aldermanic District # Owveiuion met at No. 9? Houston street, and organised by a^mUng A. f- Hog gin* as chairman, and then ad jBirnmi until Monrtay eve ning, Uio 23d >wl , without goi tv MM Mry nouunation. "?C" 1KBI. There are, by the new c Ampri rownlioen to b? elected Mi each Senatorial I itortnct. The foUowtog are Vh? nomination* made:? Washington Smith. SCPl'RMBOR*. A I I fJJWSN. Tereniiah Besjon Jeremiah Hi^soo. Wm TMtir. Wm. l^jck t. Thomas Bi'nniHt. ? Sam'l T McKluncy. ? ? John l.ycc-i. Jacob H. Valentine. ? James Owen. Jamen Owen, (iideon Clifton. ? Pit. 4? ? ?_ J B. Bryre ? ? timplUM ? Architect H? ? ? W H. O.-sm. ? _ J D. ItlJlkn. ? ? W. IL Nuai jmwm 3? ? ? Ja?t?* lf?rray. 4? ? ?. W. Otwii. a W. Owborn 8? ? ? (ioo.^fV'. MbieU. ? Richard Keiiey ? 7? ? JUmjr A. Maynard. ? 8 ? ? it ? Jotim i guackMobuiib. cm jctmrtm. 3 ? ? ? Hear / J. Irving * ? ? Wto. V*aOo ?. W?. VmCMI 8 ? ? . ? K. fL He l'h? mon. * ? ? ? Wm. Vaa Voorhl* ? Ttoe FV* PiArat Republican OiDveirWc n for the Dora! natK ? of |'?4km> aad Clvli J unites Uwt ?v mug adjourned loT ?e?4ay aest, without making a itowiiai uion /h* District Republican Poltea and OtiI Jostle^ f' avfiitiMi ?u to b?T? net ?l No. 47*1 'ea/l street, Uat ' /???# inf. but do meeting wm orgaa?r4. TV* Third District Republican 1'oMw and OvU Ju.'U>'0 Convention met at Bl.?ecker Duildmg* -art, but organised without making a DuminMxia. A KepaMwan Convention met at Wtm nngVon Mooumert H'ltcl, corner of Third avenue and 8 <\\y second street, last eveBitif , to nominal* ill Councilm n for lh? fcwth Senatorial district. No nominatloai ware mad*, but ? committee of Bfteen (thre? fri.m e? ch ward of U??j 4? trlct) were appointed to confer wtU i all pwrtie* or aeeo cialiou* op|ioaed to t)M democracy, an ae UJ run ? ticket. The Convention then ?<tj< >ui ned till evening next. Bewi from H?vr ana. 8PKCIK rw HI* OKI. BANK ? NTOUK up K'Olt OH H*"0 CAPTt'ftB OP RI.AVIIV* <??* ail. CON<ll i'" r<>" HITIOW ? MI1.ITAHT MOVP^KKT WINPIN'I ?T OP JOIKT PTOCE BmBl.r. COMPAMI IOMIT MAIUrP AND TRADK RKPOHTt*. The steamship Black Warrior arp |fd at N? w Orl<?n* "8 the ith inst , from Havana, with ? tvicee da'-ed oc <M November. Fbe brought ?M <K? in specrt f> ,l|u Havana. The /'rerun <>f Havana estimate < Ui? ?U>Cl? Of sugar Ml hand in that < ?ty at 16* ,000 bos? ,f which, wtU 16 000 U ttatanias. make* !<?,?? boiaa i , Tb? r.-vpCi <>?? tinned very "mall, planter* pwf< rrmn to wait for dm. Id it* market report the P** u<i aeem-f to 4>fT?r fr^rt the Divio It aeen no aigna of ufr aii'l mak>-a fto of any aalee during th?> wv. k. The Mar. 'ark ?ipern cvmpwr y ?v ?iprct^l to arrive aA Havana ?o th?- 4Ui mat , and t uafcn i^eir fint appeara?.i? the >th or 10th mat The Ctrrtm <U la TkrHs gff , a a.ngular areonnt K tiW ?^n of Havana. wh<> <-am a m< ,|| ni?i, ti.-tng ktrifi *11t* ?* a trance on the 2??th ul'a. ' fum ril re?eiiio?nM beeo lully gono thro ugh ' irnh, and tho aappoaed doa# body wan bring depo ' g a T?yH, '/eforo ti^QS ?f wi re dtec<i*rr*d. (Htvana (Novemberj 25 , ' "?w Or P <ayunv ] Tt la generally h?Vi<. , ?d t?r~ by '' ? xto t ao in PpMltb poBtica, thauA} *nor,i ivmrha ^,1^- "we^ S bm i.mre f.?r ^ pr. ?? nl, tn|. ?T ,,l" " h" r" break* out, wb?rh la r <4 at all imi.rofm^u ?*W rev<>?*. ^ elpected arrival oT U ueen Chrmtma ai Vf W ^ th? .tmngoal ^nrmiea h# . ha 4 ?a. the rnali.h Th? ferenrr to the slave ? *?a ?; htit, w , **"*? tn re. proofs of her touo ii s?icmhat i^),n, ?tr?uj? ?ipe<tarbange in ! opw on rar..'r?hi?T%^a*4,,r4"jr (.tiH-ial Heronun M m to eaptnre all slave rs hat ^p^r.^h .w Saturday mornm , o,e fcrrlr V?u here fr-m taibar wh- , ,h<> ?' * ^"Won arr To,| seho.??rr Criet.Dl. Ttie br U.-| to Ua d ?Uibut??t ? -a.m? the ?? ?rn drfiartsirnt. " towna id U>? easi* K< are A . ,-imwlation of tnni, ra- nht at Vagus U?,raad#, a lir^T^,Lh*v'n* ,y>"* Thla m rot impsrchahlo w ik. , ^ 0nmb?.r ofaUv?4, Two of th^ ra|??r*rf veaw>|? ^ ^ * ?'[7lb"r In pur?>anr?t to CorirW, orj. r .i-ILTil . tng upon thr^toekhoWlers of Ou- .1 m-r I *"f>"r ,T r' 'Mo wh<Hh?>r th^jr wore wiI1ib? i , / ? ""in pan as to m the reapoetlvr mkm?u. !?? f"'itmue tA< ir later* ral meetings, aaaor latum. for whi^h tVy ?ade th ' r. .m p?fy r aapoor i b'e <y>mf^r? . , Pf,*rjjr?lioM for the grand ?n>-anipm<int that is tn iftrtUiiriK ?"?,h rTO:"n<",i from aj app..arinr h? iLT m?"? *bow/ of this kioawn h/iyn rc|imenu are c?mp<?ed of the p cke I aoldioM oT tl* amy. and will be enmmamied by the thre?,.n? ra% sent ??t froa Spain for the Vera Oua We shall have sham flgMs, long mar^be., target ?imI at Viler y eirrrfaee <>n a grand scale The rerr.. tV sr.y ire arrln.g brSkly ft.rfc, ab^-vit ifleen hundred hare b??eo added u> the flhi ? are i,->orh neede<l. as (he ranks hav? been sad It tki- Jl? by the /Pl^iv frver and other camet. i ^AiU > Nt> I lUJ* fir attb<- non af? were mm. ilia i,jyp.?ntp^'v?*'0'. '.rir c< mmwvty la* wee* 'fll&f l*? Quaker Oty / th ?i??wl rronrVt ?.rr 'imw"*?i7 P"1 n circ>;T?ti"ti hut th? Itff wa* that b,*n "ol<' **> ftwli* e*ped|. lii i oifaiuM Nlrara?ua When we h*l oo?? to ihn r v onKhietoa. we weTe Mrgrtaeri in flnH h?r arrive tb? torn.' m>'rnin* with the fltor of the West. whUb wm al?j ?>?r*l il?>< behind ber time Th? Sv?*ni?r'te have 4 *r<-*t dread of Walker, n? tbejr tw>ll?Y? bim to b? Uw oen? tre of attraction for the Cuban fllibnMer* Rii'iooe* ban mminenritt to brighten up a little thi* week, and ?"Tnfl I' bo*eg of avgart bare cluqp-l hand* at much reduced rato? The pr<*v*'< ** % ??? i rop were neT?>r brighter than n*w Tbo w.-alh<T * r*rf auepH rtwe. and every th?f bid* fair l?? contribute to if* Ip.-trable ond Money ooflhue* rtry K?rc*, *nJ f>*?'# are eutr rtrwd for several bouses