Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 7744. MORNING i ? YORK HERALD. EDITION-SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL, OF THE* ARABIA, uns WEEK LATER JLNTKLIGENCS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM INDIA. THE FALL OF DELHI. Vm American Bank Suspensions in England. ADVANCE IN THE ENGLISH FUNDS Decline in Cotton and Qreadstuflfo EXTENSIVE COMMERCIAL FAILURES AIBJYAL OF SIR WILLIAM GORE OUSELEY. lbs lecrkM Horse* Prioress mud Babylon Badly Beaten, Ac., &c., &c. royal mail steamship Arabia, Capt. Stono, which I from Liverpool at 8.30 on the morning of Saturday, the Slut ultimo, arrived here yesterday morning. The Arabia brings one million of dollars in tfxjcle. An nexed te the erzcis list. Commercial Bank ,Os- G. Von Baur ft Co. .. ?1,600 nada, Kingston ? ?'.'0,000 H. Bocher ft (iraeve. 1 ,.'150 P. SpeyerftCo 19,000 Benjamin H. Field. . 1,000 Asgu*te BelmonL . . . 10,500 Tranbolm Hro* ft Co. 1.000 Bank State of N. Y.. 10,000 Auguste N'ottebobm. 1,000 K. ft E. Poirier ft Co. 10.000 J. W. Schmidt ft Co.. 1,000 Msitland, Phelps ftCo. 10,000 p. Margin 1,000 J. P. Moore A Son .. . 10.000 Sbuchanlt&Gcbliard 1,000 Martin Hale* ft Sons. 6,>NH) F.. G. Squeirs 1,600 Hendnchs ft Bros. .. 5. "00 Halstoad, Chimber Ncsmitb ft Hons 1,500 lain ft Co 1,000 W J. Forbe-f 4,n?0 PeKliamfcCo 1,000 Brown Brother*. .. 4,0 0 B. Gilchrist 9H9 Wallvn^teiuft Kunpt. 4,000 Robert Harriett 981 Lubac.h ft Schcpeler. 4,000 Brauer ft Caldwell.. 000 4. P. Margin 4,0oti H.I). Brookmaji ACo. 800 I jftm ft Waller 3.500 Juan C. l)e Mier 800 Fred. Cloviw Carter.. 3,000 James Duko 750 Kobe ft (iarisson.... 3,000 C. Durand 800 Lsayoraft ft Co 3,000 John M. Smith ft Co. 675 Bradshaw , Jordan ft K. Sprague ft Song. . . ttOo Co 8,000 H. A. I'ritchard 660 Smith ft Patrick 2,360 I. Von Hoffman ft Co. 600 R.C. Burlage 2,600 tfeorge Aslilon 600 E. Beck ft Kunhardt 2,000 J. F. Montall ft Co. .. 460 R. Withers 2,000 Ootheal ft Co 400 L Von Hoffmann ft Co 2,000 Mi-s Adrtana A. I). ft A. l>avis 1,500 Godet 860 James G King's Sons l,6u0 James G. King's Sous 310 Homer ft Sprague. of M. MatUsoo ftjCo ... 260 Boston 1 ,480 Augustus Wlggtn .... 260 Gamntann ft Co 1 ,H(K) F. Mac, Donald ft do.. 200 Edward Hayues l,'20t) David H Gildersleeve 150 Walsh , Chrverftrhase 1,200 Rev. Joshua U'avett 100 F- ft C. De Silver, of John Macdougal 100 Philadelphia 1.010 Order 11,670 M. Wright 1,100 Total :. ?199,H46 The Arabia reached Liverpool, on her outward passage, ?t sight o'clock on the evening of the 26th October. Sir W. Sore Onseley had received credentials as special ?khtteter to Central America. He goes fir.-' to Washington to consult with the American government ou Central Amsrtctui affairs generally. He is a passenger by the Arabia. The news by this arrival is of a highly important cha Delhi had been stormed and captured by the British. Several important failure* are reported in Kngland, to ?hiding the Borough Bank of Liverpool. Praduoe markets all stagnant and prices much lower, lte American horses Prioress and Babylon made an in glorious performance in the rare for the Cambridgeshire ?take* at Newmarket Thirty one horses ran, and Baby, loo actually cabmi in last. Mr. Parr's Odd Trick was the The Fast India Company were borrowers of ?760,000 to provide for silver remittances about to be made by them to Ckisutta The Paris MtmiUur of the 80th alt contains the report ?f the Minister of Finance concerning the budget of 1860, prefaced with returns showing the prosperity of the country , and calculated to create confidence. The CourrUr dt OmManiintipU of the 21st announces that a great financial operation is projected by the Turkish government with the Ottoman Bank It is to involve a Ibm of 300 000,000 at francs at 10 por cent, destined to Kquidatc the debts of the e vil list, to withdraw a portion vt U>e paper money , and to restore the exchanges to their Several shipwrecks had occurred on the eastern ooast tt England .luring the prevalence of heavy gales The ?hip Ontario, of shields, was lost and 2.1 persons on board ?f her were drowned. No American vessels appear to kave suffered. The morning of Tuesday, November the 3d. bad been ??ally fixed upon for tho launch of the stnam?r Great ?sstern TbeStam?se embassy, consisting of four ambassadors and a numerous retinue, had arrived U> England, and were attracting much attention. Queen Victoria had formally approved of Mr Wyman B. R Moor lo be Consul General in the British North Aids nran Provinces for the United States. The Leeds (Fug ) Mrrruiy, in noticing the visit of the Boo. Charles Sumner to that place, says that Mr Sum ner's heslth has been very greatly restored . and that he wW return to America in (he utesmer of the 7th of Xovem bar and be in his place In U?s Senate on the opening of Pwgrnw Intelligence from Constantinople of the 34th Inst atatea tt*t the negotiation* entered upon with Franr* an<l Rns ate, for the nocturnal paaaage of the ItardanrUci, had tailed New ministerial modification* w ere npected. From Madrid It la iUW thai a conference tiwM pro ktMf bs hold In london about txr 10th of November, with a WW to settle the ?Kitting difference* Mw?>n Mnlra and Spain . and that the mediator* Kngtaad and Fran or, will probably be represented respectively by the ferl of Clarendon and Count de peratgny. But few dim culliea are anticipated The Parte correspondent of the London Timet *ay* that aacoUatlon* wtll probably be carried on in Parte, and that |ywd Clarendon te not likely to take part In the matter. Ma aim any* that Msiico agreed lo accept the mediation on condition that M tAfragua shail be previously receiv ed by the fWt of tea-lrid la hte official capacity. The new *paatah Ministry te thoa constituted ? Martian 4e la Rom Foreign Affairs. jwi h theaaa, JaaUos. Man. Mnauoe Admiral Ruatllto, Marine Marmudei de Caetrn, Interior. Halarrrm Public Works Admiral Armero, War, with the Presidency of the Oonn m The Marqnte de Corhera la named Governor of Madrid The Vatrv anmmncea thai negotiations are going on be tveen France and England for an ei< hange of territory In tedte It te proposed that Franoe abould give up her pos itions In Chanderra?ore to England, receiving aa an ?qoh alent a portion of territory near Pondlcherry. lottrra from Naples continue to complain of glaring gov. ?rnment outrage* la one of bia communications the cor respondent of the 1/mdnn Timet aaya ? On bte entrancn Mo <dfc o tbe preaent etcellent United State* II in inter had ?cession to act very decidedly In behalf of Cnited state* ?*Uar?a, and from that time to this he haa never ha<l the cause of complaint , and American cltiwna are ?w rea parted here than the aubjecta of any government At ftebon the epidemic continued lo prevail with grdbt ?faience Tl?e daatha numbered 139 to 140 per day. O ra ?W' *w entirely anapended. Advices lo 36th October aay tha fever waa then on the decline The Aumrian government have protected against thn fortifications erected by Ruaate at the enUance lo the Men of Aaoff The health of U?e Ring of Sweden Is aaid to be critical ftiolera had began to decline In Sweden. It la ataled to have carried off A.onn persona alnce lie inraalon The rmaalan government haa inatructed lie reprcaenU , ***' at C^?t??r*l Wet in Frankfort to lay the whole mat ter of the diapute with Denmark in regard to the JhK h#" of ftoietein before that body, and to apply lo the Austrian representative there for hte m> operation m the affair Moavy rajM bad caused serious flood* In var.ou* part of Italy. The railroads wcro badly damaged and travel impeded. The officers of the steam frigate Niagara, in order to evince their appreciation of their courteous reception in England, gave a public hall and supper at the Royal Hotel , Ply mouth, on Thursday night. The decoration*) of the ball room displayed the good taste which prevails in the Ame rican navy, and gave full evidence of warm attachment to the British nation. There was a numerous attendance of the nobility and gentry, with the heads of the naval and military departments. The entertainment *? altogether of a very sumptuous character. The Metropolis steamer arrived at Southampton yester day. Her dates are, Rio, Oct. 1; Bahia, 6th; Pernambuco, 8th; Lisbon, 2Mb. At Rio the coffoe market and frcighu were dull. Exchange on London, 27 a 27 Flour was quiet. No advices have come to hand from Ralila or Per nambuco. At Lisbon it was difficult UJ transact business, owing to the fever. Lisbon exchange for bills at throe months en London, 64){. The King of Portugal has given $?,700 from his private purse, for the education of orphans left destitute. The Hon. F. Cadogan has resigned his office as Vice Chairman of the Submarine Telegraph Company. He says he places his resignation in the hands of those who have the power to re elect him. The English Board of Trade returns for the pa-H month contrast favorably with the oorros|>onding month of last year. They show an increase in the declared value of exports of ?862,203. However, it is possible, from the state of affairs in America and the condition of things; in India, that for some time to come the monthly returns will be much depreciated. The most prominent articles in the increase column are cotton, cotton yarn, machinery, metals (except copper,) leather manufactures, and wool leu goods. On the other side silks are the principal. The total of exports for the ilrst nine months of the year has been ?i*6,73fi,&02, showing an Increase of ?10,828,947. Cum pared with the corresponding nine months of 1855 the increase is ?26.608.766. The imports show no material variation in the articles of food and luxury takeu for con sumption. Those articles that show a decided increase are tea, coffee, sugar, spices and tobacco. Wiuos and spirits show again a decrease. The advanced price of cocoa has evidently afl'octcd the consumption of that article. The steamer City of Washington arrived out at Liver pool at 10 P. M. on the 27th. The Fulton arrived at Southampton and the New York atClasgowon the 2bth. The Argo arrived at Southamp ton on the 30th. THE FALL OF DELHI. Awwult an the City? The Way It was Carried _ Six Hundred British Troops Kllltd ? E?ape ot the King <>f Delhi? Splendid Military Achievement, dir. {From the Bombay Correspondence (Oct. 3) of Ixmdon Times.] At length I am able to anuounc to you the fall of tho revolted capital Ot Northwestern India, or, if that spalla tion be not strictly correct, oi the ancient chief eity of tho Mogul empire, in which a faithless soldiery had .sought to re erect the independent throne of the descendant of linbor. Delhi is once more in possession of the British. Our information at present is more scanty than could l>e desired, owing |uirt!y to the dawk communication being unluckily intercepted between laliore and Mooltan; but the main facts have reached us from so many quarters as to leave no doubt whatever that the plaee was assaulted with suceewi on the 14th of September, wlieu a permanent lisjgmcnt was etfei ted, that during the four or live follow ing days further advances and acquisitions on the city were made, and that finally >m the 'Mth the whole of the tpare. tmlotnl witl+n thr walk tool in our p mieuion I should observe, however, that we have not received as yet such certain evidence of the truth of the latter part of this story as of that of the former. The proceedings of the 14th. 16th and ltith arc known to us, however, oora pend inu sly from the official bulletins issued by the Chief Commissioner at Ijthorc, and founded, as you kn?w, <m telegraphic messages from Delhi. Bat of tho final i?vq potion on the 20th we have only heard by an exprcM from the residency of Jeypore, in Raj|>ootana, which roachcd lord Hphlnstooe by way of Ahmednhad yesterday. It is dated at .Iryjiorc on the evening of tho 2; Id, and is to t be effect that 'the news had Just been received at tho Rosl dency both from the K*j:<h and also trom the Vakeel or Minuter of the Nawab of Jbudur, to whom it may be pre sumed to have been torwardefl by his master, a chief re sident in the immediate neighborhood of Delhi. Thus the tiding of our ultimate and complete tureen rat at pretent on iKt/itv authority only, but as the natural sequel and complement of our undoubted triumph of the 14th they are universally credited. l'RKl' AHATIONH PUH THK A 98 Al'LT ? TDK BOMBARD MINT. But to wmpH#, *ofar as my present material* will al low, the *tory of the avenging army. When I closed my last letter we' had heard that the heavy siege train w.?s expected to rnoeh the ramp in a very few day*, and Uutt *ork* were hetn|: erected wherein lo mount the guns on their arrival, Whilo th? troop* were thus busy the i Ditry waa inactive. There wore dodo of liioee dcuperate ralUcf I rem the rtty that characterized the early days of the liege, when day by day lut-cewive wavoa of mutiny were shattered against >'ie heights of the British position, and though their >*rllll--ry w m> not silent, the only soooees attained vi/ on the ntght ot the l?t of September, when a thcll from the battery uo the further fide of the river (of which I wrtrte In my tot) buret among a picket of the <ll?t, in front << Die Metcalfe House, killing two men and wounding no von <m the morning of the 4th arrived in camp the long looked for <?legn tram of between thirty and lemy heavy guns, howitzer* and mortars, with laige quantities of ammunition, e* rnrted by the remaining wing of the Rth fi*d, two more com pan n ? of the ?l?t. and a wing of the Ut Hclooch hat talii'ti of the Bombay army (hi the 6th enme tn from Meemt a iiy*t valuable relnforcemeut In 200 of the flntb lllfles and 100 Artlllerv recruits. To the letter wep? added forty Ave men of the tnh I An cor* The place of thm deucliment wua supplied at lleorut by the "th I 'tin jal> Infantry. On the following day the nruiy was furtli-r >trc retb' ncd by the 4th funjab rifle." under Captain Wildo and by eonie frooji" of the Jbe?-nd Rej ili On the night of the Tlh the advanred batteries intended for the destruction ot the Uoree bastion and adjacent curtain, wort armed wHb ten heavy guns at about six hundred and fifty yarda from the bastion . and an enclosure within half that dt* l Mire of the w*ll? nailed the Koodaea Ragh, waa occupied by a detachment of infantry and artillery. In theae ?pe ration* we sustained a Iom of something under Ofty killed and wounded, two officers being amine the former, U?u tenants Hildebrand, of the Bengal artillery , a*d Banner man, of the Bombay fusileers, attached to the Bee loo cbees the latter a promising young officer. well known lo myself and to many people here, and by all regretted Tlie next day was marked by the opening of the advanced lotteries on the Moree haatloit. and by the arrival In ramp of the Jummoo or Cashmere Contingent. Meanwhile thn engineers were hard at work In tlx' erection of (Alier batteries. On the llth a mortar battery opened on the Moree from the Kixslsea Bagh ut little more than MO yarda, and upon the Cashmere and Water 1 nations a Are | was commenced from in heavy guns and Imwitaers and 10 large mcrtars, planted at two point* in front of the en cloture known as I.udlow Osatle, and so noted in Wyld'a map. On the 1 'Ah the attack on the Water bastion wa* strengthened by four lf> pounders and two light (i^ inch) mortars (increased afterwards apparently to e.ght of th? former and 12 of the latter), planted -st 300 and M yarda from the wall and the Custom Mouse compound near the ri*er. The fire of the enemy waa most severe upon the last named batteries, which "were exposed not only to the guns of the Water bastion, hot to those tn the old inner fort of Pelimgliur. ami also to Umm on the other side of the river Here Captain Kagan , of the Artillery, described as a m<?t enterprising and excellent officer, fell, shot through the head. No other latal casualty occurred among the officer* dtiring these days, nor doe* the general h** appear lo have been severe, cousldertng the proximity of Ihe batteries to the walls and the tenauty of the dc fence, the enemy keeping up a vigorous lire of musketry from rifle pits and patches of Jungle even after their heavy guns were rendered unserviceable. This latter result was rapidly Produced by the precision and weight of the cotM-tsnt d ?< fr<-tn mir batteries By the l.'ltb the Cashmere bastion was in ruins, and had long nea?ed to re turn a ahot to the fire that was continually kept up upon it. The adjoining curtain- on either *tde were similarly ruined, and from the itbru of the Mbroe bastion nniy a light gun or two at intervals replied to the heavy shot and sbeii thai were poured into it Af the other end of the works the Water bastion had suffered scarcely less se verely, tie extreme ntagaiine waa blown op. sod a light gun which enBladed our batteries had been silenced. And now , the moment for the assault drawing near, General Wilson promulgated the following excellent order:? TH* OltPIt* or TH* BAT. The foene assembled before PsMii baa had much hardship snd fatigue t>i undergo since its arrival in this 'amp all of which has been mrtst cheerfully borne by ofBeers and men. 1 he lime is now drawing near when the Major Oeneral com mnndtrg ihe forre trusts that their labors will be over, and the* will be rewarded by the capture nf the cttjr for all their east eieriions snti for aeh-erfnl eiuitiraace of still greater fatigue snd exposure The troops will be required to aid and assist Ihe engineer* tn the erection of the batteries and trenches, and in dally exposure to the sun. aa covering par ties. The artlllerv will have even harder work than they yet hate had, and whl' h they ha\? so well and cheerfully per formed hltlierto: this, however, will be for a short period only, an'l when ortlered to the assault the Major <lene?al feela assured Hrlilah pluck and determination will earry every thins before th< n>, and that ihe blombhtrsiy and murderous mutineers against whom they are fighting will he driven head long out of 'heir stronghold or be exterminated; but lo enable th- to to do this, he warn* the tmnps of the absolute neeessity of 'heir keeping together *nd not straggling from their aoltimns- by ihlsean success naly beseenrsd. Major t.erieral M ilaon nee<i hardly remind the troops nf the crnelmnriWrs roaomitted on their o?eer? and comrades, aa well as their wtvrs and children, hi move them in the deadly Straggle N" ?"??** sAni?A' I" .Wtssi *r> f Ae eaMwer at ihe ssmt time, for the sake of humanltr and the hon?^ of the eonn try they belong to, he calls upon them to spare all women and children thai may conic tn their way It ts so Imperative, not only for their safety, but for the sne res* of th' assault, that men should not *lr>iaKlo from their COMM. that the V*)?r tleneral feels It hi* duly to direct all e< mmihiitns oflieer* to impress this *riet|y np?n thetr men sntl he Is confident thet stler this warnlni, the men's cood ?en?e and dt*elpllrie will induce th'-m to obey their ofneera sn I keep s'eaily to their dnty If Is to be explained to etery reg merit that indi*ci mln*>e plunder will not he allowed, ilia pt re ageiita li?v. been appointed, by all un all ea pin red property will be eol!"eted and sold, tn be divided according to tUe mlfM and regulation* on this head, fairly among all men ?i?Kag.-d; nn4 thai any man found gulhy of having con naiud captured property will be made to restore It, and will forfeit Bllrlnlms to the frencral prlxe, he win alao be Mkely o l>? tuude over to Ibe Provost Mitrvhsl, to be summarily dealt wnh, The Major tlenrrai calia upon the olfioers of the 'orce to lend their zealous and efficient ro operation in tho ere lion of the work* of the siege now about to be commenced. He Jock* especially to the regimental officer*, of all grade i, to impress upon their men thst to work in ihe trenches durt ttf a siege is h? necessary sud honorable ast? tight in the rtnks during a battle. He will hold all officers responsible fop 'h"lr u'most being done to carry out the directions of the engineers, and he confidently trusts that all will exhibit a healthy and hearty spirit of emulation and zeal, from which he has no doubt that the happiest results will follow. Id the brilliant ter mination of all their labors. THE AftAACLT. On tilt morning of tke 1-kJk, toon after daybreak .the at fault took place. The attacking columns were ? an I gather from a letter, written on the following day by an officer of rank in the army, which, though Abort, la, as far as I know, the only communication of so late a date that luis yet reached Bombay ? three m number, one being held, a* I undeirtand it, in reserve. Their strength is nut m von. The roam point of assault wiui the breach at the < H -liin< ro bastion. One column, however, consisting ol' tilviorkon and the newly arrived Jummoo contingent, was directed to make a diversion by attacking the Ki-liengtmge suburb, which lies outside the I Allure gate on the western side of the city, and if it succeeded in carrying the -ittburb to as sault the gate itself. But the suburb was occupied by the enemy in ferce, with a battery of heavy guns. Tho Gi*h merian troops behaved Indifferently , un I in spite of the efforts of the bravo Ghoorkus tlie column wiw repulsed. Its commanding officer, Major lie id , of the Sirmoor batta lion, is among the wounded of the <lay; but on tho northern side of the city all went well. The troops en tore 1 at the breach with no xerious opposition and spreading to the left and right occupied tho "wV ie lino of defences from the Water bastion to the Cubul ?'at? , including the (it-<h mere cale anil bastion, tho Morcc gate and bastion, tho Knglisli church, KkiHuer's house ;md the grounds about." The principal loss sustained by tho atwollantB was duo to the obstinate resistance they "met with in clearing their way along the ramparts to the < "ah it I i<ate, and afterwards in an attempt to penetrate beyond that point into Uie denser parts of tho city in the direction of the Jumna Musjid. In all the loss amounted to about GOO killed and wounded. Five officers are reported to have been slain? Tandy, of the Bengil Engineers; iklkirnet, of the late 56th Native Infantry ; Murray, of the Guides; llr ul-ihaw, of tho 62d Foot, and Fitzgerald, of the 7?) ill. Captain Rorse,of the Carabineers. Major Jacob, of the 1st Itougal Fusilcers, and I, u ntenant Horofray, 1st Punjab Infantry, : are returned as haviug died of wounds received. Briga- j dier Nicholson was wounded, and his brother, of Coke's Rifles, and many others, in all about thirty. Of the loss of the mutineers I do not observe even an estimate. It is only said tliat bodies of thum wero seen to be retreating both to tho south of the city in the direction of Kootub and also across the bridge of boits, ami that our cavalry had mowd round tho c ty to intercept and destroy the former. Our victorious in fantry, prudently recalled from too hasty an advance into the close lanes of the city, occupied the comiwrati vely open space inside the Cashmere gate, and the walls which they bad won upon either side of ii. Heodquartorrf worn established in the house once occupied by tho renowned irregular horseman, Hkiuuer, and now known to us by his name, to the natives as Se.cunder's. Preparations were at once made for shelling the enemy out of tho 1 nlat-.e, the "eiintghur and the other strong places of tho city , and the firing commenced next morning, the 16th. By the evening of tluit day a breach was effected in tho Willi of the magazine enclosure, which was held in force by the enemy, and the place was stormed tho next morn ing by the fl'st Foot and detachments of the Belooeh bat talion and Willie's Rules. In it wero captured 1*26 pieces of cannon. The palace being now well exposed the guns and mortars opened upon it from tho magazine en closure, and the enemy ap|>ears to have fal len back at all points. Tlius the Kisheugunge battery, which had repulsed the Jummoo troops, was abandoned and occupied , and the guns there taken swelled the total number of captured pieces to up wards Of ^00. Tho battery en the further side of the river seems also to have been abandoned , and at the date of the latest certain and official news ? 7 P. M. on the Irtth ? an attack upon the magazine hod been repulsed, a chain of f>or>t? had been established from the Otljul gate to the magazine, and the fiiemy some hours before day fall had been maintaining only a detached and desultory warfare from the tops of the bouses. Many townspeople had come in and received quarter, which was of course refused to every sepoy . All thin it to nUirfartnry tkak toe may icU credit tke tale from Jeyynre, tKat on Ike 'Jink the flare im entirely in our kandt But I shall keep this letter open to the la t. in hope of fuller intelligence, as u steamer Isjiist in froto Kurrachee, which Mr Krerc was keeping ready for an ?tnergenry , and which he would not have despatch cd unless lie had si mething worth sending. 1 must uot omit, by the way, to mention that the .ley pore report us ferts? though I do not credit it ? that the King of Delhi os eaped to a neighboring shrine in the disguise of a woman, Sonde, it is moreover reported, waa raising 16,000 mcu to intercept fugitives. KBW8 BY THK WAT OF TH? IMDCfl. The England Wings nothing from Kurrachee but a copy of the Jcypars Nut which f have before given. But I have been obliged ojr the )>erusal of an ??R*trart from ? letter received at Nuaseerabad an the evening of the '24th of September, from Captain Kdcn, at Jejrpore, September '23, R A- M.," which fives details of the doings in Delhi on Hit- Utli and lHih. and which runs <iua- ? "On the 17th shelling the lal Killa (Red Fort; thiaapimars to bo some other stronghold than iSellmuhnr) and city, lighting all day, leaders and native officers in otien duweri-ioti. ac cusing one another, in presence of tho King, of cowardice. In Uie end unanimity prevailed, and they rusolved to stun k and tight as men, withuut hope of mercy or pat don. Friday, the IStli ? Shelling all night on the IaI Killa. This morning fighting recommenced, and muti neers on some points successful, but constantly repulsed. K fle* doing much mischief among the rebels. City people, is >i It rk h snd poor, running away, sfeburb, where Reid failed (the Kisbengtinge), is ours, and alao the rebels' bat tery there. King and two sons concealed. One bastion of the Lai Killa destroyed, and It will betaken." Captain Kden adds, "The above is from the Durbar news writer to the Rajab at Jejrpore. There may b? some exaggeration, hut in the nuuu 1 am inclined to Iwlteve this rejsirt, as Uie man ha.^ always sent us correct reports ou the whole.'' After (kit Ike rejmti cf ike U4al occupation rf (Ac city on (Ac VOIl may he acrrflni unkttilatinfly I regTct to say that it appears probabtn there is some thing wrong in' the Punjab, between iAhore and Mooltan, 1 alluded iu thv beginning of mv letter to a stoppage of dawk commons utioo between these towns I now Ihid that wh< n the KngUnd lefi Kurrachee no dawk had reach cd Mooltan from lahnro for eight days If anything is wrong it Is In the ilogaira district. Detachments are out tyofh from lahore and from Moollan, but notlung is yet known of tlic cause or of the magnitude of the obstruction to the traffic. All waa quiet in Hctade, and the authorities were on the alert. TBK GOVKKNintNT DRBPATCH. The follow inn telegraph wan received at the Foreign of. Ore (through tie Commissioner* for the AHaura of India) on the 77th October. at 10 .'M> A. M ? I x*lhi oar assaulted <m tho moruiD|t of September tho 14tli.and tho northern part of the city t.l?.-n On the 16th thv mapazu.' was stormed ; am! ou the .'OUi the whol? ctty ww urrupicd. 7V A'tri# and kit mm foamed, di* f/Mxtrti at uomm. The attack mi the 14th was nwle with four columns, one of which. compoasd of Uio tianhtnero C ontmgent , w a* r epulseit ; the ?Hhv r column* were iuor.-an ftil. Ad entrance was at flrst effected at the UMbmere gale An advance wan tbrn made along the rampart* to the man ttaslion and Cabul (ate. The resistance wan very obstinate, ami our laws van "imputed at SOU kilted Mil wounded including W offl. eft. The following name* have he. n received Some of thee* name* are manifestly misspelled We cannot, however, undertake the responsibility of correcting the government U legraph Major Jacob, lit Fusileir* , Captain Barnett. b&th native Infantry; Lieutenant Tandy, Fngmeer?; Ijeuu uant Flta geral'l. "Hh Vo?t. Lieutenant Rradsbaw, t*i Foot , Ijeu u nant Murray, tinkle Corp* ? killed. Hruradiert>< neral Nicholson. lieutenant Ni<hol*oo, SVovh Regiment , (ireathed, Kiijsncer* ; Maneell. Kngi neera Cbe?ney, Fiiglneera , Salkeld. Engineers frown km , Biftnoer* , Hovemlon , Vagineer* . Medley, Knginsers, I Waters roth Rifle*; Curtis. ?0th Rifles, (fcplam Knaser. Carabineer*, GapUtiu Anson, Aide-deiKmp . Rsvncs, 8lh Fool, Rosters , *th Foot, Orevllle, 1st FusUecrs, Wemyss, 1st Fui. tleers; (Vwen,lst Fusilecrt, Re Id, Slrmoor R<itta Moa; Bnisragon . Kumaon Hattallon Humphreys, ?th Pun jab lmantry. iVmberton. tapper*. <? riappers, Cuppage. f th Cavalry ; Hayky, i2>l Font . Atkinson. A'Jd , ffhtbbmne, Guides Grsydon, 11th (ireriadter* ; Hpeke, ??th Native Infantry , lAmbert. 1st Fn*ileer? , (?ambri. usth Native Infantry. Hay, 60th Native Infantry. IT tor, 1st Punjab Infantry? wounded. In the operation* preceding the assault the following casualties occurred ? Csptsin lagan Artillery; I jmifa ant lllldebrand. ditto; Lieutenant Rannerinan Itooihay army , Arth Heloorh, ?th ? killed. Major Campbell. Artillery . Captain Ksrle. Artillery : Ueiitenaat lick hart. Artillery. Captain Cbemuller. 73d Foot ? wounded In the i ims received the rank of the officers has (en ?rally not been mentioned. THR NgWS AT ItOMVAT. fFrnm the Rombay Times, Oct. I.] The (capture of Delhi has been the great event of Uie fortnight, ami we may n<iw eipect that th? rebell'sm wtll be speedily crashed With the stronghold of the mutt near* in our power there will b? no difficulty in destroying the rebels wherever we may m?et them, ami thus re*u>r ing tranquillity throughout the (Txintry The arrival of fresh relnrnrrcmcnt* from England, both at Bombay and Calcutta. has contributed to strengthen our hands and tvtiflrm the wavering loyalty of tho neutral province#. Although, however. Delhi has fallen and the relief of 1 .nek now la near at hand, there la still a great d?al to l>e done before India Is perfectly settled and order restored throoghoot its bloodstained provinces. For the gigMiUc work before us all our effbrt* and resources will be requir ed, and our energies cannot be abated until the fabric of our power is set upon a firmer basis than heretofore. In our last summary we gave news from Pelhi V> the 3d of ."eptemlier. when the *i.-g<> train was daily expected in camp It arrived on the M.h of September , and active pre|>aration.? were immediately made to commence oflTen slve operations. Several batteries, armed with li*avy gun*, were established in commanding position* w thin a short distance from the city walls *o that th? b wtions could be destroy i>d by our Are. This w WMCessfullr arr'tni'llfhed, hnt with the Uiss of two nmwh, ljeut Hilde^rsnd, of the Artillery, and IJeut Runner man. of the Rekwwli Rattalion, who were killed Having thnj e* tsbllshed batteries in ailvancetl positions, the bombs rd mer.t of the citi rommenee^, and the ( Vtshmere and Mo ree hastlona (mil. eetl severely from our shot and shell. Tho enemy replied smartly with grapo and m-isketry, but our loss wa* inconsiderable, and our (Ire was kept tip with undiminished vigor, (m the loth and llfli <>f f"e\dcmbcr one or two sorties were made by the enemy, but withoi* nny result, notw tlwtan'iing tho proximity Vt our butterie* to the walls For two days loi gnr our artillery continued to play mi tho city , until, on the I2th. the CachnnTe bastion sn l half the adjaccM curtain were in rums. Preparations were now made for the assault, and General Wilson, in an order Issued a few days previous, laid down (lie lino of conduct to be pursued by the troupe No quarter wax to bogivon to the mutineers, but the women and children were to be spared. On the 14th of September the assuult wan mkln on the city , which waa entered by a division of our troops, who succeeded in effecting a lodgment and driving the enemy before them. The follow tig telegraphic message from Col. Durand, at Mhow, to I?rd Elphimloiie, at Horn hay, gives particular* of the successful assault on Delhi: ? Captain Kden, atJeyporr, send* by an express, dated the 8th, the following from tVil. Young, written from head quarters, Skinner'* burnt.', Delhi, 16th The assault took place yesterday morning, noon after daybreak, and the storming wan entirely successful. We were hoou In pos session of the end of the fort, with the Cashmere, Cabul and Moree galea, which we now hold, with the church, college, ana other large building* near thin one, In which the headquarter* are. Preparation* are making for heavy batte ries lo knock the mutineer* out of those part* of the city In which they now are. Many of the rity people Anne come in fa and reeeived quarter; tepoyn Minted to i-vme, but not permitted Casualties *ald to be heavy. No artillery officer* killed or wounded. A great manv of the mutineer* escaped. Cava! j j left laat night, It la said, toward* Rewaree. The following extra of the Delhi CateUe, published a Agra on the 18ui of September, gives further details o the storming operations on the 14th:? Delhi, Sept. 14, 1857. Mr. Oreatbed write*:? Delhi wa* stormed ihl* morning, and the British force* are In possession of the line nf defence* from the Water bant ion to the Cabul gate. Including the Cashmere gate and bastion, and the Moree gate and baation, tie- Kngli*h church, Skinner' < house, the college, ami the ground* about. Preparation* are being made to turn the guns from the raptured bastions on the cltv, and to bring up other guns and mortars to command lng points. . The enemy for the present retain the Lahore and other ba* tioiss, the palace, Keilnighur, aud the chief part of the city; but our hold of the position that ha* been secured appear* tirm, and the fall of tne remainder 1* to be expected.

General Nlcbolnon, Colonel Campbell, (S3d, and Major Reed, Slrmoor battalion, are among the wounded officers, who ire numerous. Lieutenants Kradshaw, S2d, and Kilxgerald, Tbih, were klllled. A body of troop* ?m ob*erved to insrcb off by the bridge, but pursuit is Impracticable until Selimgliur and the river front have been occupied. The chief losses were experienced in attempting to reach the Jurotna Musjld and to penetrate beyond the Cabul gate. The following description is from a letter from Colonel Bencher: ? The troop* entered at the breach near the C ashmere gate, wbhout *erlou* opposition, and gained possession of the Urge fundings in Its neighborhood, and advanced along the rain part* to the Moree baation and Cabul gate, In progre** to which the resistance wa* very obstinate, ami the lo?* consc qurntly h?* been severe; but we are advancing gradually Wit Ma the city. ? I,aige bodies of the enemy have been *een retreating both In the direction of the Knot til) and over the bridge. Arrange ments are In hand for batteries to be made in the city, and their own heavy gun* have been turned against them. We are Indebted to government for the following official bulletin* from 1 .all ore, giving the particulars of the assault on Delhi to the 16th of September, together with an ex press from General Roberta, at Alimedabad, stating that the whole of the city wot in our posteuion im the "Mlh. and that the King if l/tihi hut been tnt ten prisoner. CHIW COMMlSSlOKKlt'S OVFIC*, LaHORK, Sept. 1?, 1R57. The following messages were reeeivoil from Delhi <lu ring the course of yesterday , and this morning from tho office of the Adjutant General of the Ariny ;? Ssrr. 1.V-0 A. Vf We continue to hold the ci'y from th* College to the Cabul gate, and the enemy hold* the magazine, which we are reiw shelling The pal icc is also bein? shelled Many of the ni'l lineer* had tied yesterday Our total loss 1* estimated at 8?m. Another message (hour not given) states '.hat "the cap tured guns on the Moree and Cabul bastions are also in play on the Burn bastion and lahore gito ? new positions occupied by mutineers. Some cavalry aud infantry have left since yesterday evening, but the garrison still show every intention of disputing our further entrance. Eioht O'CLOCK P. M All well. We have made a breach in the magazine, and storni It at dawn. The enemy's musketry lire I* much re duced. ? Skit. 16?7 A. M. The magazine was *tormed at daylight by the 6l*t Knot, He looch llatlallon, and part of Wilde'* Regiment. We had only * few wounded, *nd the enemy about forty killed. 125 gun* were taken m the maga/ue. Scrr 17, 1R57 The latest message from Delhi 1* up to 21' M yesterday. Our mortnr* continue to play upon thu I'alace from ihc tu.tga zlre enclosure. The enemy entirely abandoned the Kisben gunge battery, and we have found in It in position live 18 pounder mortars, msknig the total number of pieces of ord nance taken In and before Delhi upward* of 3UU The battery across the river, opposite Kinghur, la aloo re ported lo have been abandoned by the mutineers, who an- in detached groups fighting from Ine tops of houses; their or ganlxatlon Into reginints is fast being broken up. Dewan Hurree t'hund. the commandant of the auxiliary force of his Highness the Maharajah Runbheer Singh, died of cholera yesterday; his death Is much to he regretted lb- w?* the trualed servant of the Maharajah, and a man of groat ex perience. The following has Just been received from the Assistant Adjutant General of tlie army : ? Dm. Hi, Bent. 1?? 7 P M. We have now established a line of poata from the Cahul gate to the inagaxine. An attack was made on th? magazine to day, which was repulsed, but we had *<mi" men killed aud wounded. J. 1> M ACP11KRSOK, Lieut. Colonel , Military Secretary Chief CommlsH.nner. Thejoilowlag waa received by expreae from General Roberts, commanding the fore** at Aliuiodahnd, who dispatched the intelligence to the Governor on the litfth of September:? fly expre** through Dr Berlnty, Residency Surgeon, Jey pore, the ZH December, 4 A. M ? We have this moment re reived Information from ihc Durbar q/ our troop* A nriog or i up i'd the mtire 'ity of Oethi on .Sunday lift, the IKA. The Vakeel of the Jhujjur Nawab had been here a llUle while he fore with the aaine tnleillgence. so you may rely upon It. The Kinglsaaldto be In the Durgali Nizaui o.*tcen, about nix mile* from Delhi, lie and hit two soria escaped, disguised ss women, and the women of the Jensna In men's clothes. It was reported at Ahmedabad, upon tho strength of letters from AJmerc, thai the King of Delhi had been cap tured. TI1R EFFECT OF Tfl* FALL I>l BOMBAY. [From the Bombay Telegraph and Courier, Oct. I.] The electric telegraph hits at length announced that Delhi is in our hands Tho citv fell ou the lath ultimo There were four days' hard Ogliting , consequently Oie carnage is great on both sidei. This waa, Ixiwever, to be exp ?cted. We were lighting not against men but agaiust fiends ? monsters red with crime and rooking wiUi the blood of women and children. The enormous price which we have paid for the city's rapture, cloud*, for a moment, the glory of the triumph; but when the hour of tribulation ha* passed away the laurel will s|iarklo the brighter for having been moistened with a shower of tears. It is a satisfaction to know that w? can now walk the streets erect, and elate with the knowledge that the massacre ol Meerut and Delhi have at length bocn avenged. Korevcy drop of blood which has been wantonly shed, a thousand have l>een ciaet?d. The game la now entirely Iwt and the mutineers are at length checkmated. It Is in vain for them to try to escape. There Is not a ra)a or chief throughout Intlia who will not hunt them down like beasts of prey. In vain will they hide themselves in the dens and in the rocks or the mountain*. In vain will they cry to tho mountains and rocks "Kali on us and hsie us from the ven geanre of an Incensed deiiy." "Tlie day of his wrath I* come, and who shall lie able lo standf Already . Sindiah is on the track of such as liave esca|>ed ; and fifteen thou sand of his men are sweeping sfter them like a whirlwind. As the history of the world affords us no parallel to the exceesess wlMli lk? mutineers have committed , so, In pro. portion, will be the measure of vengeance which we will demand. The streets of Delhi are red with the blood of our best and bravest They have fallen in ono of the noblest struggles which over conaeerated warfare, and it is eur duty to avenge their deaths The illustrsius dead << Iielhi have left behind them a glorious task to their breth ren In arms throughout India, and, we are sure, right wil linglv will It be performed It will be in vain to kwuo proclamations telling soldiers what to do. They have fought, bled, conquered and died ; and Uie sur ?Ivors mwt have their own way. I/-t the clvtl functions of government at once cease . let martial law be proclaimed everywhere save in the Presidential towns, and we would guoiantee that In six months not a living traitor could be found within the limits of the em plre Now Is the moment to strike the blow which must render oar sovereignty permanent, and unless It is done effectually the same terrible scenes will again be enacted as soon as the scotched snake gather* renewed vigor. The fall of Dslhl must have damped the ho|>e* of evoti ihe wildest and moat extravsgant of traitors Men who have hitherto remained vacillating will now declare them selves The hidden traitor* of the Bombay and Madras armies will he brought to Justice. G>**l soldiers who, for Ihe honor of their regiments, have tolerated amongst them a traitor or two, will now at once come forward and ??.use them, so that the whole army may be purged To accomplish this It will be sufficient for commanding ? Ulcers to point out the neeessity which exists for re moving every shade of susp:c>. ? from their rogi mente There cannot be a doubt about there being traitors both in tne Bombay and Madras armies; and n< w lh*t all immediate danger has been removed . the sooner the work of re organisation is commenced the bet ter Po long as Delhi remained m the hand* of the mutt neees it was prudent to avoid extreme measures as re gsrd* those who were not declared traitors. Now, how ever. that the very temple of rebellion been de stroyed, lei ihe levin tmlt of vengeance descend upon all The time ha* now come when those who are n?H for ?s must declare themselves against us. Now Is the time to strike terror Into the hearts of all; and we do not think our country men will neglect the opportunity. There are some people who know no getiero*itjr, appreciate no clemency, and understand no mercy Of such IMS is the whole Moslem race composed , and If we wish to pre serve India from future atrocities, we must bear this fact in mind. The noble Impulses of humanity are entirely misunderstood in Hind(?wtan, and we can. therefore, only hope that the mutineers will receive at our hands that w hich Uicy can alone appreciate. affairs at cawnpore and litckvow The farrtaon and l.uc.know ntlll hold out, and (Jeneral Haveloek had recrnaaed the (ianfea mi September 19, ft pectin? almoat immediately lo be Joined by ({eneral tmtram'a force. A detachment of the latter force, under Major Vincent Eyre, had, on the 11th September, with the greMcat gallantry , defeated a party of the enemy which had rrneeed from the Oude aide of the Cange* for the pur pone of haraaatng the advance of General < intram. (Jeneral Outram, yon will remember, In hi* letter of the 2d of ?? ptember eiprewted a hope that he ahouW get over ihe distance between Allahabad and Oawnpore by the 9th. In thia hope he wax, however . diaappotnted. Probably after enduring an much rain, more than the ordinary dif fknlltea embarraaaed bin march . and on one ocnaatoo at l< a>t liia advance waa impeded by an armed Moa ? ?r hi progreaa hindered by the nece?ait> of ehaaUatng tt. A party, estimated hy It* aubaequent deatroyer at almnt .100 utrnng, with a few gona (the nnmber fa not mentioned ) , croaaed the nangca from Ou<le, preaumably for the ptirpoae of plunder, at a point ahead of Sir Jatnra'i line of march Aa aonn aa thoy were hoard of Major Vincent Kyre, of old A Teh. in and recent Arrah K-leliritv, waa aent on VM part of hia own battery, ileu> hnienta 0 the 6th Mid ?Hth Foot, and ? troop of Irregular horse. to attack and disperse then On the Major's ap(troach the enemy hastily betoo'< the n selves to their boats, pursued by the cavalry, upon whom, when they had re-embarked, tbey kept up a imui the. Even wlit ii the i 1 1 Tm n t ry ram? up and poured vollev after volley the crowded boat*, tho rebel# still made what defence ami return tbey could ; but when the Hold pieces opened with ft rape, they threw tlewuelvti, panic ttrvk'-n, into the riter, to peril h afmott to a man umer tkfjlrr of all arm? that rained upon (Arm from the bank. The boats were sunk, and tbe guns with tbem. This was on the lotb of September. On the 16th, tho headquarters of the 6th Fuslleers and the remainder of the 78th Highlanders reachtd Cawnpore, and Bir JlBM with the rent of the force being expected oo the following day , order* were given by General Havelock to prepare to 'ximmi nee the crossing ot tbe river at halfpasl i o'clock the next morn ing. Tnis I kunw from a private letter from oue of the officers of the 78th, and nothing, so far a* I am aware, has arrived from Cawnpore direct to load ua to suppose thai counter order* were subsequently issued, and that the crossing won delayed. Hut when the Calcutta steamer for Suez called at Madras three days ago, l/)rd Harris, s.? the result of the information brought to him by that vest el, telegraphed to the Bombay gov ernment thut' ? "General Havelock '? force crossed tho Ganges Irrm ( awn pore on the 19th , skirmishing was going ou1' ? a motunge which, I must think, might have been made a little fuller and more explicit. It is possiblo, though I hope It is uot true, that the crossing did not taku place till the 19th, or It may bu tli at on tliul day the operation wart com pleted winch was beguu three day* earlier, for the stream whs miming like a mill race, and there were 24-pounders and elephants to lie got over. But the wotd "skir mishing" inadequately , as wu may fear, represents the amount of resistance encountered by his troop*. Certain It is at least that the enemy were in great strength, ami occupied nn entr? itched jtosition on the opposite bank. A lew days before the 16th a i-mail steamer, moored oil' Cawnpore. was sent out to cruise In the river and recon noitre. Whileso engiiged she got. aground. Tho enemy at once opened Urc upon her, and turned out, as was dm ! cernible through the glosses of the officers on tho other side, marching down the bank In a regular column that betrayed their former profession, wearing their belt'i and pouches, though not the red uniform. Tho hank on the CawniHire side being higher than the other, their |>rcoeedings were easily observed, and a lew shots* were thrown at them from the 24 pounders, but without producing any effect ? indeed, without reaching across the river. Eventually tho steamer got dt and returned uninjured. Meanwhile, of 0o impri toned garrison of I.ueknow we have heard hut very little. Unit little, however, at all encouraging, though vague. 1 hey had undermined and blown up a house near the intrencbnteiit, with a number of fanatics who occupied it, and then rallying out hud spiked the two IK pounder guns which the em my hud brought to hear upon them, though without doing much damage. Of the amount ot provisions we hear nothing one way or the other. On the whole, I may repeat tliul we know of nothing tending to destroy, or even materially to affect, the confldent hopes which when 1 last wrote were so generally entertained, not only on this side of India, but a so at Cawnpore lunl Allahabad, that this long beleaguered city will bo relieved in time to save many valuable lives and tbe honor of English women and of the English name. (ic nerals On tram and Havelock report from Cawu pore:? On the 19th, at <5 P M , the troop* crossed th?* Ranges with out opposilion, Kkirui lull .rig only with advanced post*. letters from I.ueknow of the 15th or l*Uh, report all well. An a-, -atilt on the (th was repulsed by tho garrison, with great loss to the awailants. A dcs|mtrh to the India Company says: ? The combined force, under Oeneral Outran), crossed the Osnges from t swnpore into tlude on lie' 1 *?' 1 1 , without oppo nilniii. News from I.ueknow to the 16th (lurrlaon in heart, and provisioned to Oct. 1, when Outratn will have reached. THE NORTn WEST AND AORA. News from Agra to 12th September. Mr. Colvin died on the 9th; Colonel Eraser, ol Engineers, ap|>oinU'd Chief t i ninii-Moucr. All well in tort, but attack expected from I. walior. To ihe northwest of Delhi, in the Flurrlanah district, General Van Cortlandt is still busy repressing disturbance and resettling the country. On the rtb of September an insurgent village near llansi was surprised and It* occu pants driven out and d.spersed, with the loss of one of the ringleaders in the mutiny of the Hnrrianah battalion and twenty five of his m< n. 1 read, too, of what appear* to be the destruction of another village at a later date, when a number of the mutinied Tenth cavalry fell and several prison" rs, formerly of the same regiment, were forthwith executed. Ou this occusion u large amount of booty in horses rattle atid money fell into the hands of the Oeuc ral's men. Erom Meerut we do not hear of any more raid* against intelligent chiefs, nor does our news trorn Agrn report any further proceeding* ou the part of Major Montgomery since his very successful engagement ut Hattrasn with G hose Mahomed Khan, the .-ell styled Houbnbdar of the King of Itelhl, which 1 mentioned in. my last, and which apis ars to have quieted the anuntry'abont Allygbur In det d. our intelligence lrom Agra is well uigh contained in the single announcenu nt of the death of Mr. Colvin, )jeu tcnant Governor of the Nortbw<-st provinces, on the 9th of September. This eminent, ami at the commencement of Ihe outbreak nxot popular public servant succumbed to ou attack of dysentery, a disease to the rrowth of which the coriOned limits of the crowded fort must have been only too favorable. Mr. Reade, the senior Civil servant I present, assumed temisirary charge of the government j upon the death of his chief. On the other side of UicDoab iwo civilians, regarding whose safety fears were cuter talned, have been preserved by a native, oue Haldeo Huksh.of Miurriiajore. and by bim forwarded to Uwn Bore They afe Mr Kd wards, collector of Budaou. m l Mr. Trobyu, collet tor of Futeyghur, with his wifeaud chil dren. Sevei al other Euro|M-ana are reported to be in hiding in the neighborhood. NATIVE STATES. A Sbahxsdar collet ted many thousand followers at Mun disore for the King of Delhi. I'ost of Ithar seized by Ma bi meOans In Kajsh's eervtce, and Kutlam belnved to be taken. Western Malwa ? outu-quenlly disturbed. Colonel liurand still at MImiw Everything e||^ m Central India agency in ftatu ifuo. Id Kiijpootana Agency tranquilllly 1 disturbed by mutiny ot Jcudpore legion, t^aptam Mason moving on mutineers with (?u gun- and 2,000 men. Id j ? ?|>e difficult Kao of Sirohi, giviug Uearty anl. The Uheels are with ua. m<JAB. All quiet ; and in Cla Sutlej to the 17th of August. RAI OOK AND NEKIil DDA TEltltlTOHIKM. The 62d Hengal Native lniantry (mutinied?) on Sept. IK and deserted in a liody, doing no injury to their officers. The llanda Insurgents have ssiced N'i gode, imd have been joined by tbe 60th Bengal Native Infantry. RAJPOOT ANA. Tlie mutineer* of the Joudtmre legion defeated the Rajsb ol Joud|>ore's troojis, killing Um- General and taking ibrre guns, on Ihe 9th of September they then Joined the rebellious Thakoor of Arrsb. General I#wrenee pro, eedod, on the lWb S^fitember, with a drtacliTT' nt from Itetiar, snd attacked the rebels. He conip?'iled them to take refuge in the town of Gsya, but found Ihe place loo 'trong for an assault to be risked, and accordingly fell bark on Behar Captain Mocick Mason, the political agent In Jmidpore, was killed tm endeavoring to j<4n (Jen Lawrence's force The Bombay government has sent up her Majesty's NWth Regiment, and other European troops, to the Northern Dt vision, to enable Gen. Roberts to reinforce Gen. lawrenoc INIX'KK ANPUWALIOK. Malwa hi ntill in ? dift?irb?d >uir, hut nothing worthy of note ha* occurred In Gwalior. flclndta i* hUm-I to be raieitif * forr* <>f W.OCfl men for toe |Nirpw of intercept in* the fugitive* fioni Delhi. A portion of the M bow and Indore rctx-U arc reported to have cruaaod the Cham but. KINDS. The company "f NaWv<- Artillery at Hyderabad having been *n*pect"-d of di**ffc-rtloa, wan dlaartned on the 9th ol !*e|it? niber, an.1 the *ecared The 81*t Nati re Infantry at Karrar hee wan d warmed on the lbth of September, wi-rwiauon having been glr en by two native iBtcer* of an intended outbreak Conspiracy la believed to have beea coaflned to a few man. Twenty Ave deserted, but have been al moat all taken and ax e? uted At hhikarpore. on the Slat of Kaptemher. a Subadar nod a Havildai . of the Iffth Native Infantry, were a rreated on aoapirkin of plotting a rtaiag id that regiment tm thfl night of the 23d of September, eleven m<-o of the Native < ompapv of Artillery allied the (una, tuey were not Jo'n i d by other* and the gun* wer?- retaken by a Oo:npany nf I6U1 Native Infantry, the rent of the Artillery Onnpiuiy and the police: four of the mutineer* were killed, aod the ?? ?i got away m tho dark. The Hotnhay government ha* aent a wing of the 4th foot, )n-? arrive*! from the MaitrlUu*, to Kurr* hee The Commissioner tn Kriode had previously aent detarhmanla of hta very small Kurojiean gvrr oon irom Kurrarhee to Hyderabad and Miikarpore. Khelat la in a very disturbed ? tate. All la ^nl'-t throughout tti?- Bombay Kr^idenry and dotninmna. Alllaqunt hi the Nizam'* country In ?m ??qu*nce of the mutini'* at Juhholpore the t ommisaioner Id Najrpore ha* applied to the Resident at Hyderabad l?r kbi ?quadrone of the laroers the Resident ha* r? mplied with the rf'iuiaitkm. and ha* *>e? n reinforced by rone squadron* of th?' 3d Madrae Cavalry from f^holapori ?AVRAfl. All III quiet ju*t now in the Madra* Prealden ry. ItrWIAL AMD RKHAR Telegraph i<- communication between Dehree and Itena rea intcrruided aiaca the Vtth Inst. ,*uppo*ed bv mntmeor* of Ramghur battalion*. (fcptaia Rattray, with Hrngal ?ikh |?i|lce, at Itehree on the Hist, and Cotonel Flatter ei pected to the tN. Tito Rewah Rajah fled to a hill fbrt, alarmed bv reported approach of lunapore mutineer*, and warned politico! agei.t ho could not protect him, who, however, did not toave tfc* territory.** they uaver ap peared. Pinapon mutineer* got Ui Nagode 50th Native Itifuitry. cantoned there, mutinied, officer* believed rate. HAWA SAHIB'a PROfl. A M ATIOV*. The following proclamations, tasttod by this m'nrr<v?rt, have been forwarded to ua for publication. The first la dated the lat of July:? Aa hv i he ktodae** of < Jnd and the Ikbal or food fortune of the Kmperor. all tin- < hrlstlan* who were at I>e!hl, Poo nsh. Hs-arsh ?nd other pl*r?? and even those (Iv.- Ihoumnd European ?oldt' r? who went In dteguiae Into th? former etty snd were dis< ' vered, *re de*troy*d xnd apnt to hell hy 'he ptona and ?aga'-ion* troop*, who are Arm tn their religion; and ?r ihej hare al! been conquered hy the present govern m?n?. and ?? eo trace of them ta left tn 'hese p!?r<>* H Is the d'lty of all the ?tityeets and servant* Of the government to re joice at ihe i(-!<ah'iui Intelligence, and to earry on their re *p- r-ilve *ork wl'k comfort and eaae Ittn i#mai? n dated tb? lat of July, and laaued hy ord* of the Van*:? A* hy 'he honrK of ihr glorlon* Alm*rh'v Ood an-t the en> m? de*troj-'n(i fortinte of the Rmperor, the yellow faced ano narrow mmd< <l peopta have been ????? to hell, sndt'swnp re been c. no icred. It I* necem iry the' the si\hjerl? nnd landowner s vb i|d h* aa ohedten* to ' h1' present fovriTttner i as they h >: hern to 'he fr>rmer one 'ha' all the gov> n iv nt ser an'? *h mid prn?>ji'|y ?nd cheerf'i i? '-n^ate their whole mind In ftWenting ike order* of government; that It 1m ihe Incumbent duty of ?ll the ryots ami landed propria tors of every district lo rejoice at the thought that the rnrU tians ha?<> been sent to belt, and both the. Hindu* aa4 Maho medsn religions bate hern confirmed , and lhat (bay should, aa uiuai, be obedient to the authorities of the government, and never lo suffer say ccmplaint agalnat theiassTres lo ruck the ?ara of the higher authority Order dated the fitb of July to the city Kotwal (Mayor) by the Nana ? It ha* come lo our notice that mm of the islty peo la, having ih? ruvnora of the, iirrlviil of (he Kurop^ii Ml dlers at Allahnbsd, are deaerting their bouses and going out Into the districts, you are, therefore, dlri-riml to proclaim In earb lane aiul alreet of the city lhat regiments of navairy and infantry and batterlea have been despatched to check ihe Ku ropeans either at Allahabad or Ku'tehpore, that the peop lor should therefore remain In ibeir houses without aay appra henslon, and engage their minds la carrying on Uwir work. Hl'RHIAH Virw or THI FALL OP DELHI. [Froin I* Nord, of Brussels, Oct. 27.1 The Fngiich teoops at l*lhi are to a mora difficult poei ion than they were- before the assault They arc iff their urn l?e?slege*l by th?) sepoys, who have established them selves in a fortified position six miles from Delhi, after having cut off all communication between that plant and lie Clht r great military posts. W?: remarked mime timo go that tlm military movement* of the Hindoo* display ? ystcm of tactics which would do honor to the beat Kuro pean generals. THE HONEY CRISIS 111 EIROPE. The Effrrt In Kn inland of the Oenrral Bank Kunprimliin In the I'tiHrd Stat en [>"rom the London Tuners, (City Article) . Oct 26. 1 The three days later telegraphic. news fn>m New York by the Antelope, to the cffoct that ttunji' , tl affairs wern worse, caused the funds to open thu morning at a slight reaction fre:m tlic firm priecs of yesterday, but the mar ket again partially recovered its tune. Consols for money, wlii? h clOM'd last evening at hs % , wen- first quoted H8 , and the Dual operation* were nth* s? a \ for money, an<l a WJi for f lie loth of May I5.tnk I lock left off at 207 a 110. Inilia stock, '-'08 to 211; India IwntU, Urn. a 26h, The demand Tor discount at th? hunk and elsewhere MB wry MhnM, M litlmwUHi on a Saturday never iurnwli any clear indication of the state of the mar kef The fatt that ihe amountof notes in the hands of tho public is comparative iy great, while tho business of tho c ountry is ever) where tin lei going curtailment, show* thst large precautionary supplier must already have been secured by ninny of our leading Hi ma. The arrival oi the American and Indian maita now duo wM most likely settle the question as to the prospect of any further movement hy the bank. In som* qnai teis. hut only among a small minority, it is contended that the nujt expedient cuursc, in case any further re strictions shjAd pmvo neces-sry. would be to keep the rate at its pmi lit point, and to limit the class of bills to lie dtrcounted to a shorter term than 96 days Ihe ealu rim . ht.ui icr, > f nnv deicri) Hon of paper upon which the regular tointmj* of the. covrtfry in more or 1>m Uwa would it iTlrinn 'y hurtf ul , and woiltd, in fact, be the only mode l.ywhuh prtfvre n.uld he nnrertrd into panic. Kvery house having good lulls in its portfolio should be encou raged to feel that it will not under miy cirrvirni-uuices be allowed to flint IW resources suddenly cut off. Under (air tienlar conditions there ran he 110 uiijei tion to a higher charge being made for long hills than for short, tint it may be questioned even whether this<e condition*) tan be con sidered to exist at the present moment. The short message from Ni w York thm morning waa re lieved by its containing no announcement of any particu lar catastrophe. The fati, however, thai the rem/urcej of the varii vt h< u/e* v-hu h had hitherto, at alt tacrijite *, uhth ft i od the .dorm hare t>-n mhjecttd to three further ilay* < t im r<a>iny prcnure. hat add id to Ike prevailing ansi-ty. Those bert acquaint* d with the Ameru^u teni|X'rainent. l ave lutlierto hoped for a rebound as sudden aa the |?tnlc; hut. although a great change may still at any moment ho iiiitioiiM ed , il wi ni.w ? i-ulrn/ thu/ the disturbance h<u prt tailed too h rif/ to ) otf auay without an amount of dettruc lien which inly tn< uthK or year* can nmily. The ulUmatx results, as Tar as the Iohkcr to be sustained in this conntry are concerned, will depend clueily ti|to?i lh>- honor of tlm mercantile community on that side, since, with an uupre redented grain harvest anil cotton crop llial wdl bring the largest sum ever realized, It is impcwsihle to doubt their means of extr. cation and their foturn opportunities to meet every claim. But mean w hi In the exteut of default must be enormous, and our imss factvrermnd ihijjtri mutt be ecjvted lo the iharpctt (rial errr rrjierienced The manuer in which It baa hitherto been met is a subject <>l honest congratulation and afforda the bert promise for tlM future, but the worst stage of the nffair has yet to come with the ceaseless maturing n 4 engagements und the protracted abxarce of remittances to piovide for them. Any Orm with fair capital and credit Is alwijs prcjiared to meet a short strain, but few can bo cxjactedfor weeks and weeks to duo harge tbei cost of wages, raw material, and all the other items in the manu fatutre ol the good* they have shipped when the returaa lor thotc geexis arc stopped by a convulsion so violent and so little to l>e fcrncm that it ts Ukeued on lite sp<?t to aa attack of epili |?y. We must be preparexl, therefore, un> lews the next few arrlvahi report a decided improvement, to hear of many diflk ulties among respectable establishments in all parta of the ewontry , but it m to he hoped that in tho majority of cases they will In- found to admit of relief, and Itiai even where thiri fe not practicable the breakdown will be hut temporary, it ?mU be no ditgrace, under the rtrrumttancej. for any firm U> tutpend mho mag be oJfcs In ihow that they hare conducted their bututejj upon ordinary mercantile principle ?, and U wilt be the duty of rroditmrt in every way to emercite forbearance and to facilitate each <w rung, m. nt that may render a continuance of Lutinttt prac ticable. Much, indeed . of the prospects of future re corn ries from the I'uite-d States will depend on the dtacretain thus manifested . Above all, it la incumbent on everyone* lo rrm< m her that on this sieie there Is neMthe fainteat earner fur general alarm, much lews tor pane. Our merchant uuC' iintcled with the United Mates are merely called t ? meet the inconvenience of a high rule erf discount. Ther Is no discredit, and at the fair merket rale they can go as much money as they want. If any house is in a onadi tion to be extinguiaiud by a mere increase during a month or two of a few pounds per cent in the < harge for such accomaMKlatHin aa it may reouire. the seainer It is extinguished ihe better The tall in the produce market*, although heavy, has neither b?-en so rapid nor so extensive as to justify the appM-he iision of difficulty in any quarter where there may n<4 have been undue speculation. In the priaei|*l cases , moreover. It leas simply been a reaction fretm high prices which had previously led to great profit*. Uf m<?t descrii .ioiis of gisxla, l?si, the sl<s ks in hand are small With an abundant harvest and tho present price of bread any wide spread distn s* would be' an anomaly It la a nioment to te?' our courage and sell persm-ssion, but notii lug more We have obviously no trials bnfore us but such io we should be prepared to meet with c.lieorfulo^Ms No not i' n was ever placed in a paeitvm tuck at that which from 1he Indian mutiny and the American <rath we now occupy; bat these disasters have found us *ound internally, and we can therefore face them with diguity, asd by mutual ? eaiOetence keep litem within control Koreign stocks continue ttrm, and in noma cases an ad vsnre liaa tak. n place. The railway market has been fla' and a small red is twin has ukro place in most of the larger doscripboaa of slocks Csnadian shares were weaaker, and a further de cline ore urreel In Buffalo and lake Huron Rast Indian again advanced. The transection* in American sacarttiea were limited. At th> rlewe Illinois (eatrsl were quotail at a reduction, while Michigan Southern showed increased Hi mm '?s. At a meet ug of the Huftalo and l?ke Huron It was stated that great eju rtrorm are being made to open a Kts n of thi ir line to t;odenc.h on tlieluof January, i receipts erf the half year ending 31st of July anaoiuit 9124462, and the expenses to 6122,023; the coat of working the additional forty Ave milea will cause bat a small increase in the latter item Hy means of a steam ferry arro? - the Niagara cnmmunicatioo will be obtained between Fort Erie, their starting point, and tho railways terminating at Buffalo The engines and roiling stock aro reported to be In tlxrroughly good order. A call of CI 10s will be made in N'ovember. At a meeting of tb* Urand Trunk ol Canada It waa determined to raise ?1,600 000 em seven |?r rent preferen'-* bonds The report la sanguine aa to the future prosperity of the undertaking Ihe receipts for the past half year amount to C*V,4M, and the expenditure to 12M.wts. both currency Tl?e tot ter w oei id have been bin b teas but (or tho large outlay nece^mtateel by externa dmary repairs on the leaaad Imea from Montreal to Portland, and In the renawala of brtdgea The system of through booking for r migrants haa been adopted with great success. | From thr london Tlmra (flty Artfdn). Ort. 27 J The (?Wire map- nr!on nf aprr-ir by tbr New York and Morton hank#. rrpnrvd thw murnmg hjr Um> Amerlran mail, la tlx- moot aatwtartnry -naouno m-m thai rovM hare Ir-m loofcrd for Had Ike I up hrm tmkn% a fartnyAt m rh?r nm t mmmtr amrmnt ?f ruin might Uw trr* mrerUd The bank a atler ha* ing by tbnr inxiua nagemmt broaght aho?it the uu> of affair* which rrn derrd the pan*- |<w?iblr. aought to ?are tlfrnwl?^ hy thr earrifire of the wholr nvreaniilr community . M dlh* f<nh lir ml lad *<??? tain tkr mntl-r >? th*ir m mn KimiU, mml /ortrd (*'*? to a ihfpngr. wAirfc will |J?? (tan tw <fc? Mm' cmditiim with their rirttmi, ami tht ? terminal* the tfrvfifU Tlirir ctnirnr had bern dimply th# ? By a *y? irm of MM imprudent adraarea they had mcouragod the |rtt> >ti- to rely on ttbonrianl a??-onim<?lal><?n. not ori'y mi bflla at etrhangr. hut on Uir bond* and promi**>ry t oll- or railway an<! other corporal tone When ihr nrrr ??nee of thix tatter rlaiw of an WHIn hcpan to ewi t* alarm . and It wa* aeen hy ? kaot of apeeulator* that if they rou Id bo brought ito ?ud<lrn diarreilH general coafu ? ton mould rnaiir, the hank* turned ronnd uf"" thmo ihry had drludrd. aa<) not merrly refaeed fnrther ac commodation, bnt railed in, aa far m pnwiblt, all that l ad been granted Of roarer. nnlveraal fr*ht MM*M. but a* Brm after firm wr?i down the hank? ?tiil txiMtmi that Ihry were determined to matnuin them-wlrea, and ?finally eirHrd ?im? nort of a laiiretwn al the graudenr of their reanlre Bui it wan piata ' f?**T <"o?ikl MlMNMa ? and that eren anppnelBg their pwf^alW p-naihir it might be paid for too dearly In the opinion of calm looker* on mother week wa* ajoor rcqinrod lo *top erery boo*o ihrm-ehout Ihr Vaf Ai'|.rrh<-i..t**, h?w. vff of lha I >r nally of loaing tbnr rfiartrra, and animal^ by In (ItTidtsiil rirairT.thrv bKodly itubbore Th? etimmunitv ?t i??t. wafi pmn, with an imtimrtof drapur. molTrd In bftn* them to an ?ad A <-oqr?rtad r?a waa arranged by Ow* Hrpnaftor*, and on thr arming hrforr tb? drpartnrr of tbr jiarkrt a *<-nrral ?l?pt*??> wa* aarvrlainrd t?> N> InrTttabla Kifht?*n of Ibrar .?l?Mlah mrn?? ha?l alr. Iwn brought down, an ! thr thlrty tfcn* that rrmainrd ?aw that another da? would ?ral ihnr r*t<- A itrpnlatlon of tbr Prraldrnl* of thrrr of tho tar*''?t ??? tlirrrftiw drapalchrd i? Ihr <.oy*rnor of tho ft/it. . at Albany, to pray for the nr.raaary Irgiaiatlvr utrpr to Irgalta#' thr ?u?i? naVm. ^nd IIIMMWkJlf n notiflrn tmn of Ihr rvrnl m< given m all Uir Vrw York paprra of Ihr morning of Ihr 14th mat tl* rffV-ol wa^ liwUntAnrtni* Kvrry onr . II i? ?al?l, Wr?nrd to f<-rl that thr ordinary rhatmrla of bu^t" '? would (brlhwith hr reatorad , ami that from monviil ihr pritgrr** ??' recovery would rvMMIW Thr <>ii am< r ?a !r?i it noon ttv! thr liwit artonHa, tttor< ftorr, rrarh atily t?' II o'rh k ,1 II .buta l?*tiM fi ? of that ttate aamviacr* that v 'rjUiu.g w?#