Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1857 Page 3
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JSimffiKKNTS IBHEWED ITEM BAT. PHY BOOtM, ft A VALENCIA PLAIDS, ONLY ?i. ?d PER YARD, w.l BEKKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway, Will open this morning, anothrr case ?f Umnm beautiful <M plant vaiosoiss, Atfia. ttd. psr yard. O f\ DAYS ONLY AT RETAIL? NOAH CONTENT, 119 ?j\j Liberty street, will offer hi* entire stock of cloaks, cir sslsrs, talmas, An., at an imrnniw sacrifice, regard leu* of oost. Gray cloth cloaks, $1, black cloth cloaks, 92; also velvet and Miter styles 0! cloaks at equally low prices. Also, silk*, ?fethe, velvet* and trimming* of every description. Clearing Ml at (real bargains, ft, 000 yards Irish popllti* at 4*. fid. per yard. OQ MAIDEN LANE, CORNER OK NASSAU STREET. ZC WHITE A BIRD, Bag leave to announce that ttaev will close the entire balance ?# una season's Importation*, and all llie good* which they have ?Mtuafac lured AT PRICES TO CORRESPOND WITH THE TIMES, Contesting of the followltig: MARTEN MANTILLAS, MINK MARTKN CARDINAL MINK _ TKN CARDINALS, MINK MARTEN HALF CAPES, MINK MARTEN SHOULDER CAPES, MINK MARTKN VICTtlRINES. MINK MARTKN CUFFS, Ac., Ac. B. B. SABLK MANTILLAS, H. B. SABLE CARD1NAI.8, II. B. SABLE HALF CAPES, M. B. 8ABLE SHOULDER CAPES, H. H. SAHLE VICTORINES, H. B. SABLE CUFFS, Ac., AC. We have a beautiful article called the FRENCH MINK. Okpr* and eufTs arc 910 and $11 only. Mmffs 10 correspond $4 and 95 only KORMKRLY SOLD KOR TWICK THE MONEY. BEAUTIFUL SETS OK FURS KOR JO. 9S AND $10. Also, CENTS' KI R CAPS, COLLARS AND tiLOVKS, SLEIGH AVI) LAI' ROUES, FOOT MUKKS, IK FACT, EVERYTHING I.N T11C FUR M!?B. This Is a first class house, and no deception used. We tell the customer just what tlie article is, whether he is a judge or ?at, and warrant every article sold OBO. K. BIRD, well known to the ladles of New York stty, having been connected with J. II. Hurley for twelve rrs (until hi* death j, ha* formed a copartnership with (1 WHITE. Mr. Bird's manner of doing business Is sulll sisnt guaranty. The ladies will not forsake their old friend. WHITE A BIRD, Far wareraoms, No. 28 Maiden lane, corner Nassau street. 40 PKB CENT BBLOW COST. Ureal reduction hi CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND FURS. The subscriber is prepared to Close out u in Fall and winter stock of Cloaks, mantillas and lura, At retail, FOR CASH, A* 40 per eent below cost prices. WM. P. MACKWraiB. 284 and 296 Canal street, BrandrelA Building. 100 GRAY CIX)TH CLOAKS, AT 2 DOLLAR8. 300 do. do. 3 dollars. 2,100 do. do. S dollars. 4o0 black beaver cloth circulars at 8 dollars. 600 do. do. very fine, 12 dollars. OKEAT LIQUIDATION SALE, On 1Mb week, At BPLPIN'8, 361 Broadway. OQ1 GRAND STREET, ii(Ol ONPKJt OK.E1) OF AMinnMBNT, KOR THE UENEK1T OK CREDITORS. BALK A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OK DRY GOODS For absolute, immediate and unreserved disposal, at Odium* ktan Ball, 3W Grand street. The ss le is now on. C. G. HOOK, ? Asfiieiicps WELUNGTON CLAl'P, $ ?l/J-J BROADWAY. UUl Great Liucidatiob Salb or Bl'LPlN'S ENTIRE STOCK. KQpO rleh Stella shawls at 94 fin. M do., plush borders, at|9 50. M0 very rich do. at 98 80. Great bargains this week. The entire stock must positively be sold. 361 BROADWAY. BULPIN'S STOCK OF MATERIALS Now selling off by the yard or pieea. 361 473 1 sad colored beaver cloths. Velvets and silks, Real gnipurs 1 Fringes andftrisMelags, ALL KURT POSITIVELY BE SOLD, Totally regardless of cost. BROADWAY. BULPIN'S ENTIRE STOCK NOW SELLING OFF. Great liquidation sale of cloaks, shawls and furs. Oae hundn-d thousand dollars of cloaks. Fifty lAousand dollars of shawls. Fifty thousand dollars of furs. ALL AT m PER CENT BELOW COST. TREMENDOUS BARGAINS. The entire stock must positively be sold. BROADWAY, 473. Silks and silk robes. At a dreadful sacrifice. By HEEKMAN A COMPANY. 473 Broadway. 100 pieces colored Knclish satins at 91 SO per yard. Cheap at S3 per yard. Rsbss at 914, former price $28. Bayadere silks fts per yard worth 91. Also a small Invoice of light ( tuna silks For evening dresses, very rich. Only 91 SO per yard. A7 t\ BBOADWAY. ^ J l) Great aaleaf fine far*, Reg?rdicii* of coet. Bidrn Bay aable* h?i? of the richeet a ad darkeat Id the 1'nlted Hiate*. Mink*, to ail qualtue* au<1 shape* We hare enme mmka or eitraordinary quality, royal er ?*m, and every other daaertptlon of fur for ladiea aad ehll im. Oar far* are all fen nine, ?laofact'ired ander oar *w* ?a porvtaion and puaranu-ed. rii'kwti will be *?uafled wiHi hoth gnoda and price. CHABLKB BTRKKT A 00., <7? Bread way. Ann nroapway Our filename eiUMIihment la devoted to bat three departmf nte? SHAWLS, CLOAKS, FrRS. A rr re rate amount of dork over I3?> **l all new and of the rtrbeat ileeerlptl?>n. and will be atild. commencing Monday, XoTtaiber 1#. at half the original coet CHARLES STREET A CO , ?7ft Broadway. A 7FiEOA?WA? rklD hU two. SHAWLS, SHAWLS, Our entire stock of BROCHK. I'llKNILK. PLUSH BORPEREP. STELLA. SCOTCH P1.A1P, Aad a'.hrr 811 AW1.S are all rffered at !??** than coat. ? II MILKS MHKKT A CO., <76 Broadway. An r IIROAPW A Y. 4:|0 NKW BEAVER CLOAKS Will *c Oraato on Mokuav. Not. 16, aa tanu nw variety of entirely new *ty|e* of RICH UK A v Kit ('1,1 1 A K K, aad offered at price* much below their value CHARLES STREET A CO . 475 Broadway. a nr broapwat 4|i) RICH black vklvet cloaks. Received per late arrlvala, sod Wiu. *?. Or?**u on Mo*n*v. Not It, k great variety of new Pan* made Mac* velvet cloak*. whtch. toge'her ?ltb thi?? of <?nr own manufacture, will be offered at pnar* ?0 per cent below original co?t CH ARI.KS STREET A CO . *75 H roadway Cfi7 BROADWAY. OO < Richmond*. Oppaalt* Metropolitan Hotel. A few more ea *e* of theae tin valenrtenae* and mualir aMa Ja*: rrcenrd; price Ml) Muilln and valeacienne* rwlUr. fi rn rcfular price il Alao. a very large lot of em hra'dareo uaudk' rchicfe at Juat fllir peroent he low Import* Miiiirri. HI. *1 K I.ACR VF.TlA roirfl'RIW rflTI, LAC* llOOPttof nil d' ecripnona at one h?f the n*l>al price* We would call ?f -niion to thia atoek. aa It I* perhap* the Kr>??i lu thia apeeial iiue in the city. RlCJlMOWH, l*o. i*7 Broadway. $50,000 * ROT PERT W? A XV LA Cl? AT irTAtL. MTLLKR k (1RANT, 70S Broadway, Continue In aell rCI>T. CHANTtLLY. COLLARS AMP hi.KETRK. MoBITi 'N ?nd VAI.ENCIK.NNKM inaarted acta, HRL'W>KI> I. A (EH. MKPAIJ.ION aeu. At an immenae redaction $200 good* .000 TSKt To be anld tor e*?h. HnlnHliN * IIAKT, Bo. 211 Broadway, Have Aetermlned, In conneinenee of the preaer.t ?v.nettry derangement. to rloae oat the kaiaoce of the Ptoek at ooee. Cmruina of HmehteL, Tap a* try repa, r&in repa, Katln delainea, Warated and nerwtan lamaeka. Bade aad put up at price* to auit the t'mea M aapeoUlly oall attemlon to tkeir ?e ?c- ateek af Vapor hanging*. Owing U*? Winter, 'bey will eoairaet to paper %?d deeorata I'r.f ate dweiliega at coat prteaa. Maw nock af Window ahadea Cowirriae every variety and *tyl*. wtuch moat ba CI need oat Before JNtaaary LMItlM t" removal to their new dara, Without regard to coat. lam aad ainrtn curiama, ' nmtee* and flrturea, SS per cent lee* ibe eoet of imr "rtatVom. A WKINEKP AAl.E Or A W IB now PRAPERIRB I!? Utatid nwHB. by 'he y,r'1' , !*??? *nd mu?lln curtain *e?a, Toilet qitllta. (onnterpanea. Blanket*, At * redaction of *Ter Bfly um ^ntto cl<?eth* burtaeM. Columbian 11 JT VI ''rand etreet. t f3o5* of the ae*tgnee?. OREAT BAROAIN-TWO CACRB BI.ACK BARA ?h?a eloth. a very droiraMe artlclo for winter wear. W JACKHi'I*. Mourning good*. ftfil Broadway, b-tween Kpring ami I rtnee otreru ABOAfWn Iff PRY nOOIW.-CtiOTH*. CAWTWERER, ? *(lk?. velvet*, plaid*. Mankpt* ttannel. *<? al?o dome* from nnriinn, At ttlHO BftOBfMlM'a prtc^t. uaenfl. B diaper*, uapktna, very low _ , , W MATHEWS. M<'atharlii**ireeL (YHfAP r AMHiT LtBBBB. . , ) dam:t*k?. 'abli r WWtM*. napkin*, doyllea, pillow mm lloeaa, aheeting*, ablriing*. Ac Ac . Ac , ??trntMo to atavraCTvaaMi' rnic**. M>BP A TAYI.OR^ Ml. m m and ?1 Brand -treet. And tj and It < aUierine *treet. CWSBm ? IRCt l.ARH n(MW / An Immenw Variety of n> w *tyle* CVdApliwh and ie|vet *lo*k? >n.l clrmlar*, him ii hri/iw pbuaE rStcM A Mo. a fall *aaortment of PAHHHlNARtjl W1NTKR 8HAWIA laeVioling brm he*, nliwbe* chenille, WgoUaa ptakl, Af , HKJ.tiWtMirr t>ir importation. f/>RP ? TA Yt4>R. 26A, in?, >nd 'Iran I **reet, Aad <j n*u # uuaotum tious, and in common with tens of thousands m[ other* been overtaken by the stringency of the times, ourtrtend Macken zie has been compelled 10 offer hit elegant ?took at 40 per TOY 6OOB8, AO. QOMPROMIBE KALE CLOAKS, MANTILLAS AND PUBS, rou THE Benefit of the creditor* of WM. BUCHANAN MACKENZIE, New York City. we are sorrv to be *oa?pelled to maks the above anaooaee Kent of one of our most enterprising and active merchant* la the city, long and universally considered to be the only fin ished artist In the mantuia and cloak tsade In this country. His styles. from the time of hi* opening the Brandrelh Build ing until (he present period, have ever been prooounoed by ladle* of taate and discrimination, a* the first In quality and design In the fashionable work), being manufactured of the very best material which the Paris market affords, and for the retail trade of this city exclusively. This last fact is one which should recommend them to the publlo in prefe rence to the now prevailing practice of retailing good* made up for the wholesale trade, for we are well asarar ed that he has earned for his establishment Ha present popu larity by adhering to the above resolution. Having selected the materials of his stock from the richest of Prench imports ,im1s a? others been ourTplend Mankea _ ..set stock at 40 | cent below cost, in order to get back his investment for raw material. Those desiring the riohest goods at the m fearful sacrifice of prices, will give him a call. ? New York Pre**. The following ie a list of the good* to be sold at retail for ca*h $26,000 in Paris made cloaks, In velvet and cloth, of this present season's manufacture. $40,000 manufactured clouks for city retail trade, of the best French materials, in beaver cloth and rich Lyons ??1 $?6.oeo fancy gray and other desirable color*. fi2&.ooO in real furs, such a* mink, sable, filch and other*. WK. BUfcHANAM MACKENZIE, Nos. 294 and 2% Canal street, Brandreth Building. CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. We are now offering our entire wholesale stock of bea ver, cloth and velvet cloaks, circulars, raglans, Ac., at retail, for cash, below the cost of manulacture. Also. 6,000 yards ladies' cloths and beavers, at less thmi the cost of importation. E. H. MILLS A CO., HO and 82 Chambers street, up stairs, three doors from Broadway. COLLARS, COLLARS, COLLARS, COLLARS. We will offer ou Monday, 1,000 tatfhsoMi rril cambric collars, at $1 25 each, Usually sold at $S. 600 Maltese lace cellars, at 63Ke., 76c. and $1 each, Usually gold at $2. BKEKMAN A CO., No. 473 Broadway. Dry goods. ENORMOUS REDUCTION. CLOA KS ? VERY SUPERIOR QUALITY, In eiclusive styles, 30 per cent reduction SILKS 12s. TO 8*. Silk Robes, velvet flounces $76 to $48 Irish Poplin*? real 14*. to 9s. Wool i'laids, very superior 6s. to .Is. fid. Yalencia*, new styles 12s. to 8*. Lyon* velvets, shawls, Real laces, guiputc laces, Valenciennes laces, embroideries. Embroidered edgings and flounces, A11 at great sacrifice. JAMES A. IIKARN, 775 Broadway, above Ninth Btreet. Dress goods at an enormous sacripck, At the GREAT BALK BY ASSIGNEES, Comprising $&t',U00 worth of rich silk, in plain and fancy goods, in Kt.cniNT rot-oniNr, tun pksigns French and English printed delaines. Printed calicoes, Merinos and thibet cloths. Wool and other > i u ' Mourning - > xlB, ** At Columbian llsll. 281 Drand atmot. C. G. HOOK, one of the assignees EKBROIDBRIKS AT A SACRIFICE. Our entire stock of Embroideries, lace*. Lace veils, handkerchiefs, Ac., Selling off below eost of importation. BKKKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway. EXdr1w?r8AVT RIBBED dnder shirts AND . 80 cents each, former price $1. LADIES' PATENT MERINOK UNDER VESTS, 60 cents each, BOYS' HEAVY RIBBED MKRInFie' UNDER SHIRTS Warranted nut to shrink in waalim# 76 cent* each, UUMUUKKR $1 each, ^ , , Former price $2, And a very large variety of HOSIERY AND OLOVES, At reduced prices. UNION ADAMS, Observe the number 591 particularly. Hr04^w^' Embroideries ? stili. orratkr ukductions. The balance of all our large, lot* of embroideries, con sisting of cellars, sets, bands, Ac., will be sold at an immense redaction. 1 ill French nwslin bands at 38 175 French cambric bands at S 7 160 French cambric bands at $1 00 130 S?>U h cambric bands at 7$ 230 8?>trh cambric bands at 87 180 Scotch cambric bauds at 1 00 60 French embroidered sets, colored, at $2 50 a $3 75 French trimmed embroidered sets at. $6 worth $12 300 French seta, gaiiuUct sleeve*, at $2 60 INI Fine French collars at 80 SUO French < aaahric collar* at $1 60 worth $8 600 Embroidered handkcri ho ls at $2 werth $6 (1 RUIN'S Bazaar. 613 Broadway, St. Nicholas UoteL IjiUits ARE AM. nnwx 1 BEL.UW COST, Including ermine, Ru*a;sn table. Suiae marten, Mink, fitch. Rock marten, A*., A GENIN'S BAZAAR. No 613 Broadway, St. Nicholas lioiel. ?AFHIONARI.R PARIS PRKKH till.KS? Full Hurt Mriblt assortment KK r A II.K1) HKLOW WHOLESALE PRICE8I LORD * T AYLOR, ilti, 2.7. iM and ar.l Orar..l street. And 47 and 49 Cathariue street FRKNCn MER1NOES BELOW COST. 1 ,000 r'M" ? olored and black-of superior finish, AT i Ml I l.l.l NOK, WtiUTIl *1. LORD k TAYLOR. 'M> 267 249 and *1 Grand street. And 47 aud 49 CaihurtnealreeL C1RKAT BARGAINS IN BLANKETS I bupev 10-4 Wtotury blankets, only 93. Also splendid nnaltty ll 4 for #6 worth r per pair. At UF.KK.MA.N A OliMI'ANV'H 47S Broadway Horiton sets at 94 worth fin. Iloniton set* at - 9?'., worth 911 HonlUtD set* at V* worth $1S. And a large Mock of the richest specimens of lace imported to New York at a shnilAr reduction. MILLER A GRANT. 703 Broadway. HKAVY I.OOM TABLE I.INF.N, IU. IV* AND 2 YARDH wide, the strongest and most durable imported, from lorty to sixty cents per yard, for sal<- at Till? MNRN STORK. 7*t Broadway, above Aator place J C MIIJ.IE KN k CO.. Proprietors LADTTUr WINTER DRER9 QOODB? VALENC9AB, POP Una. cashmeres, delaines, alpacas, de beges. paramal las, plai'ls, k c. AT ORE ATI. Y REDIVED PRICE8I LORD k TATl/>R,_ 266. 257. 269 and SSI Urand street. And 47 aud <9 CathA/li ne street L E BOUTILLLIKR BROTHERS Will open on Monday, the lftth. Another rase of '.hose Rk b t' lack baya<lerc silks at 91 and 91 12H ALSO W nieces more Emelines. at Ss . regular price to. 306 (old No 90) Carnal street, and 47 Uoward street LIKEN OOOPS AT THF. OREAT SALE BT AfWIORKRS. I for the benefit of creditors. Comprising PI RR IRISHS1URTIRO I.I NENS in hearv and light makes. RAIN'*), KY SCOTCH AN1> IRISH SltEETlfltlB. And PII.I.OW CASINOR PI RE LINEN DAMASK TABI.K ? 1-OTHR. N.M'KIVS, POI1.IKH AWI> TOWE1.8. PAMASK a. id PIAI'KKS. by the piece or vard Alao, bcrco'v (Tt doit n WilI.BD TABI.R RAPKINR. The alov.- are ? xrratited a* repi ???oted, and csnprise scene of the best make of goods ever imported, and will be ?out w.thout any regard lo origins I coat, at Columbian Hall, No. m Uran.l street. C. O 1IOOE. one ot the aaeirfncea. MOCRRINO PRESS OOOPS I ri?T all wool black de lames It and SI cents. 1 ease French meitnnra. M and ASH ernta. 4 rases l.upin's bombasines. (5ft . Tic , Me., S7)?e., 94C., and 91 2 CSM-S fhepberd's pfcM*. SBe , previously sold hi MK? 3 cases fine En* >tsb de lames. UHc. N. B.~ Best Frenrh kid gloves. ftoc Vies from 9 A * InlP. M. . JACKSON'S new Mourning Store. Ml Broadway, between Spring and Prince street*. November is. For thirty days longaJ. < cnmsiatlon of the great sale of MM99 or Rteh and fashionable winter dress go Ms, At r?'ail. at less than auction price*. RIlWARll LAMBERT A CO. Offer the Balance of their Importation Received per Persia and Ar*#a, Conpriiinf ? Magnificent velvet flounced silk robes, Rich damnsk fkmnrr.l silk robes, Marie Stuart silk robea a quille. Brocade and baya<lere drnaa slka. Eugenie bsradrre robea. Black "ilh v'elvrta. Molilarian plalda. Prap de Caroline, Paria Valencia*, Merlnoea, Rombatlnea, Pelainea, . I.adlea' clo'ha, H All ef which afford an opponnnHy to the ladleeof J tow York and ?iclnlty for the purchase of c hoice g >oda at prteea which may not occur again for a long t'me te come. bsjoo sin ulovss Misses'. ?2H r , Ladle*-, 7to., _ . . Oen'lemen ?, WX?. Wo mlied lota? e*ery pair warranted gen-rtne SSfl Broadway, corner of Worth street. Ooods at Wholesale m M < "hambers street. For cash or approved credit, At the lowest ruling market rates. TCH CHINT7. FRERCH PRIRTR? Entirely new patterns, from auction, YARD WIDR, at la td. I/)RP k TA YI.or, 2M. Sb7, 249 and Ml Oran>l street, And 47 and 49 Catharine street. PRCIAL I Alt OF RICH Sn.RR, Just received from suction, will a* sot* AT 9^-CORT IW TO IMPORT UiRD A T A YI.OR, M, SS7, V>9 and S?l Mrand street. UrarRIRIRn RFPCCTtOR IR Ct.OARS n At BRRK MAR k S, No 47S Broadway. Heavy ribbed grey clrvulars, ..nly eight dollara. t>o do. sleeve cloak", orilv flO. Black velvet Co m- at great rewelioa Alao, a ?mall inv?4re of eo'orc I felvet f 'intfirn aud WuaM frvat n. fc>. R 8 DRY GOODS, AC. VALENCIA AND WOOL PLAIDS, All choice styles H BKLQjKJMI'OK LORD^TOYLGH MUCH BRLUH^IM I' ( ) ni KrKS' PRICE* 26*257, 2A$au4B61 Grand street. And 47 and 40 Cailiarine street. WHOLK8ALE STOCK OF GENTS' FURNISHING rood* at retail. MiKWlNO A SNYDER, No. 2 Barclay street, second door from Broadway, Are closing out their Ktork at retail, at greatly reduced prices. Neck ties from 30c. to fiOc., Usually Mikl ai 75c. to SI 26 Marseilles shirts, $1 to $1 25. Under garment* 40 per cent below usual prices. Yard win* french calico, is. m. per yard. Rteh chintz colrus. Just opened by HEEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 It road way. FALL. FASHIONS. 1857 ? ALARMING SACRIFICE IN MILLINERY. - 126.000 worth of millinery and millinery goods are now offered, and will positively be sold regardless of ?ost of importation. A large lot of velvet bonnets amoug the assort ment, at WM. SIMMONS', 56* Broadway.; Furs, furs? bebt manufactured goods sell u ik off below cost? A. LA88ALL, of 102 old Canal street, having oil hand a very lance and Cue assortment of fancy fur goods, by his own Inspection expressly for city trade, is de sirous to sell under cost, and offer* also, at greatly reduced prices to purchasers, suitable to tho times, all goods war ranted. N. B.? K urs made up nnd altered at short notice. A. I.AKSALL, furrier, 102 old Canal street. FURS. FURS, FURS. THE AMERICAN AND RUSSIAN FUR COMPANY'S Warehouse, No. 8 7 Maiden lane, corner of Gold'street. 8. A 9. RAMUBLS, Offer their immense stock of rich manufactured ladies' and children's fancy furs at a great redaction from their whole sale price*, in order to reallxe cash, viz.: ? Mink marten l'rom ? <10 and upwards a set. Sable " 35 Stone marten " 10 " " Mountain marten from 5 " " Freuch sable from 7 " Russian squirrel from 0 " " Also, a splendid slock of gentlemen's I'ur coats, caps, gloves aiid mufflers; also sleigh robes in great variety. Please remember, 87 Maideu laue, the American and Rus sian Fur Company's w arehouse. Fur warkiiousk, 194 wii.ijam street, near Frankfort street, and 244 Grand street, near Bowery. A. A C. GLANZ Offer the whole of their rich and extensive stock of LAD IKS' FANCY Fl'KS At an immense sacrifice. Our patterns and manufacture are sufficiently known for their excellence. Every article warranted and no reasonable ( tl*T rrfused. FLOWERS, FEATHERS AND COIFFURES.-THE PRE sent critical stale of trade calls loudly for a heavy sacri fice in price and quality, and JAMES TUCKER deems i laudable tq make that sacrifice. The want of cash is Inoonve ment, plenty of fancy goods at command, and to nrewd observers the time is opportune to lay in stock; all for cash. See Pavilion de Flora, 361 Broadway, between Thompson and Taylor's saloons. IMMENSE REDUCTION ^ i? pricks or WINTER BONNETS at MADAME POUN8FORD A CO'S., 671 Broadway, Under Lar'arge House. NOTICE. LADIES ? THE FIRST QUALITY OF LADIES'. misses nnd children's winter Inns and bonnets, of every variety, and thelM^st New York and Parisian stylet, beauti tully trimmed ami elegantly flntshed.will be sold for cash, be low tlieir original cost, at Mis. MELVILLE'S, 46 Carmine : ireet, i late at 685 Broadway.) CAKPfiTING, UPHOL8TKRY, M. CARPETINGS AND CURTAIN MATERIALS, WINDOW shades, gilt cornices, tassels, Ac., Ac. AT REDUCED PRICES! LORD A TAYLOR. 256, 257, 269 and 261 Grand street. Great sacrifice OF CARPETS. Owing to our heavy importations and the financial pregs'ire, we have concluded to dispose of our stock at retail for caah, wlthMit regard to cost, consulting of Medallions, Wilton*. Velvet* and Brussels, Heavy sheet oilcloths, Ac. DOUGHTY A HRO , 241 Brnajfway, opposite the Park. IPBC1AL HOTICES. (1KEDIT TO WHOM IT IS DUE.? IN THESE DAYS OF J hard times it is pleasant to tind acts like the following:? A roor Portuguese sailor, far from his home and friends, a strxnger in a strange land, was taken sick, and alter an ill ness of three days died. In mnny pi, ires he would hare been left to the tender mercies of the public, but he fonnd a friend lu the person of Mr. John Manett, 338 Pearl *tr?et, "new sailor's home," who attended him in his sickness, ptid his doctor's bill and gave lilm a respectable funeral. To 111" rej ! of the sailor landlord* we would say " go sod do likewise." N. J01CK. EMMHT MUTUAL B. B SOCIETY -A SPECI VL MEET in? of the above society will lie held at Hibernian Hail. 42 Prince street, this (Weduestlay evening, ltith insiani. at h o'clock, to make tlie necessary amngemecta for tho coining annual ball of the. tah <1 next December. HI GH ItRAOY, President. John J. Guac*, Recording Secretary. L*. IVES. ESQ , l.L. D WILL LECTURE THIS EVEN ? ing before the Catholic Library Association, at Hope Chapel, at fco'elock. Subject? "The cow ardlce and bondage of error. ' Tickets 25 cents, to be had at the door. VfOTK l? THK JOINT PPBOI At OOMMITTKM OF TUB XN Common Council. in Uie lubjec'. ol tie WoriH Monti rncnt, re*,iectful!y announo* lo Ilia public tint they hum ?elected ill* -Mil day of November. IK>7, 'n inaugurate 'be completion of the same, und on w hich uomiIn the remain* of 'be late Major Oeneral w? .1 Worth will he brought from Giecnwood niul depoaiud beneath itio ui >1111110 nt. Hpeclal Invitations have been tilflM to the I'rmldenl and olber diatiiiiiuisbrd pereon* i? participate in the cereueaiee to be obaerved no 'be ueraaion. Alao, U> the Governor of the Stale ami stale ouiccra. Ofllcrr* of Ik Corporation General Qovnr? enl UScm In thuClty Governor of New Jet *ey. Mayor of .Irraey City. Mavor of llobofcen Mayor aod Common Council of Brooklyn. Governor uf IN nnaylvwnin. Mayor of Philadelphia Mayor* of Albany, troy and Hudaon Fire Dep*rtmcnta of New York Brooklyn. Williatnahnrg, Jcraey * it y and Hoboki-n, wubout their apparatua. The I 'ma The Military of New York, Albany. Troy, Hudaon ami the adjaceot Cities, to be under 'he aiipervlalou of General Meadford. All the Civic Socictle* The Clergv. The Family of the deceaa?-d. ''who are to have <be choice of tb? officiating clergy." The r? membrre of the Worth Monument ComMNn. The civic jpn ietles are particularly retreated to report to Morgan L nartla, Chairman ?>f the Committee, on Saturday, I he slat mat . at '2 I* M . in room No H llty llall IVrnona dcairlng to have re lira pitted in the bo* to bp depo ailed in ihe corner atono nf the monument, ran do an by for warding them to Alderman Illunt, No nt'lty Hall. There will be a tii'-ellnjr of tho Joint Committee OB nM day. the ltfth Iuit . at f P. M.. In the Library Room. Mo. 13 Chjr Hall Due notice of tho programme of arrangement* will be given. Akf MORGAN L lIAKRIfl, * Aid WM. WILHON. AM PFTFR FCU.MfR, Aid WM OOII.TKR, Aid. OKIHON BLLNT, Cln. PETER CRAWFORD, Chl. Al.KXK H KM I'M 1 1,1,. Cln ORO W WaKNER, Cln CIIARI.KS IHlT*, Clfc. W. W.JUMuK. <-ommjtter NOTICR.-AIX rKRROMP ARK IIICREBY FORBIDDEN to harbor or truat any of the crew of the Htearnahip Cfty of Waabuigton. Peirle debt* of their mniracioi| Agent. JOH; t any of me rrew oi UM ?'?*arii?lilp ?trie Maatar, from Lirerpoel. aa no ng aril be nal.1 by the Captain or in U. Da I.E. Agent, M Broadway N OTIC* -Till COMMITTER OM SEWERS OF THR Board of < ouDrnmen, will meet at No. 17 City Ua|l on Thuraday . the 19th inMant. atlo'rkwK I* M. J. L WAL'GB. J, RF.II.1.T. M R.I.AlUim iM, U Net AilILl. J. H. BRADY Committee Kowera. VTOTICK ?THK SKI.KCT COMMlTTI'.lw APPOINTED BY ll the Itoard of S.ipervtaora to inquire into the anbject re HUng to the procurement of th" giae* i>alt"t bwiea recently furtilahe.l the cut. together With the charge* mvte ft* the aanie. *r., Ac , wiilioectoii Thura<lay lIKh mat . at 1 o'clock P ? at Mo Hf'itylfall. at which an tnTe*tig?iion Will b? gone into relative u> the ?*me. AllMfMea in'ereau d in 'ha matter, aa treil a* thoae who ran aM the t ommitiee tn the in Tealtgaui n, are invited u> attend WM WII-HOM 1 THOMAM M.SI'KDON. J' *YM Tt'CRER 5?ommltl*a. T^-tiTICF -Till COMMITTER ON Pot.I< E OF THR AM Boartl of Aldermen will meet on Tburaday, llfh ln?l , in room No 8 CMiy Hall, at 1 o'clock P M , to tAke into r<>n aideranon the vartou* doriot a' btlla. All partiea intaretad are invited to attond. Wll.l.f AM WIIiiON. 1 FRTKR MONRO 11 AJi, Jc-tmnittee HIRAM CORWIN, ) 0FF1C1 Of RR< RIVRR Of TAIRR. (JHTW cop?T HoueaJ Sf Cham a alreet. New t?r* io? 1, 1?4" ? MeUee ta hareby given Jia* one p?r ?n; will be a.|<l?d oa ha let day of December on all taiee remaining unpaid, alao two par cent will be mM?ft in the 19th day of IMcrmber. ( heck* and billa <ti etiy baaka ieken. Knvelopea coDtainlna

money and btlle aot raeeived. No money received *fter I o'clock. WILMOM HMAIX. Reoeivar. Orrit R MANHATTAN OIL COMFANT, 1? rfkoAD way. Mew York November?, 1*7 ?The atoefchotdert of thta eompanv are hereby notified that, in panraanre of a vote ef the (Ureotura. a meeting of the atorkbotdera wlllbehrhl at the ollce of tbe eompaav. on the Bra> Welueadayln I>ec,-m bar neii, at 13 o'clock ? , to take into eonaiderauim and ef fect If deairable. a redaction of the capital *t->ch I ?> three bun (ired thouaand doliara. giving to all abarea lliereafier equal value and character. M. T Carry 1. R-lwnrd Learned, T M. Nlven. John C. Mallory. Wm Poliock. Jamea M. Motley, Daniel R. .lonea. Dtrertora. OrriCR OF THF CI.FHK OF THR BOARD OF CorN rlltnen ?The Committee nn Aa*<'?jm*nta of th. Board of Conncilmen will meet at No IT City Hall, "n Thuraday, Nov It, Inat , nt 2o clock P M., to take lnl<i i be eon brmatbm of aewaamcnt Uat aa to uhe imvtng and regulating new Canal atreet. 3 M RRYNOUW.) ?I. HA I'!/ H. 1 1 'ommttiea H. Q MnW, i on H N.COLTIR. I Aa*e?n?riita. A. MII.LRR, J Tub amrmkan iwptitvtr Reing in poaaeeaion r4 the (*THTaL PAI.At K wlih ateam m'wer and ahufiliiK for driving murbinery of .?ll kind*, ire p?pired to receive new Invention* antl all uaefnl production* In the art* for athlbltion W It 1.MONARD. Agent. BiixiARna. PHRl.AM'R PATKNT RII.MARD TMtim PaRTIMI wanting good NlUard 'ablea will dnd (herreeenta favom ble time to purchase A large let r4 new and aecond han< table*, With erwvihlr, gin the billiard lire, cheap fnr eaah Naie*en??m "<<Bid 7# Rroadwar: mantifae'orv *8 Aaa ?tre MOTHS. /^ORTI.ANDT STREET HOTFI,, \ *? 2? CorManiff H'-ard re 1 1 ead from H to 51 in ? er J. a. ?OAKDIHU AMD LUOGllKk 2 AMD ? ABINGDON SQUARE.? A SUIT Or UOMW ?l*rj front rooms to tat, with hoard; kino, room* suitable ftr single gentlemen. Bleecker n i set stages Mid Eighth ave ni e care paaa the door. Rcfcrcnc * required. /r UNIVERSITY PI. ACE, NEAl LY OPP08ITB WA8H i 9 tafton aquare.? Handsomely furnished rooma on the firat ud aecond floorut :tb or without pi rtlal board. Refereucea exchanged. TboTfcuse la entire^ new, aud eegantly fur malted. 9 81'RINU HTKKKT. NEAR TliK ItUWKRY. ? A HEN tleman and hin wife, ami a few ainglc gentlemen may ob i" in pleasant ruuma and good bO-irii, with Ike comforts of a h< me. LEROY PLACE, HI.K.Kl'K KB KTRRKT. ? A SOUTH IS 1v has just opened the establishment, elegantly Itn every r ttii 1 1 if bed with ??t?ry mo<leru impruvviu^iil for th?* rccf|iU<?D of I expectable families ami single gentlemen. Its location la ceMial, jet retired aud contiguous to the principal hotels and theatres. ?r AMITY STREET. NEAR BROADWAY.? SUITS OF M fj nicely furnished room* tor families, and single rooms for gentlemen, with board. Diuner at 6. Terms reasonable. Api ly aa above. The bonne has all the modern improve ments. I Q UNION SOU ARE.? FURNISHED BEDROOMS, WITH A?' parlors, to let, suitable for families or parties of gentle men; also rooma for smgle gentlemen, at greatly reducod pricea, eiihrr with or without hoard. E. C. (fOKFIN. OK GRRENE STREET, BETWEEN CANAL AND Uratid ? A gentleman an<l hm wife, or u few single gentlemen, can Le accommodated with handsomely furnished rooms, with or without board. Hut and ejld badis, gait, Ac. Terms moderate. References exchanged. iyn 111 . KECK ER STRUCT. ?TWO OR THRKK SINGLE ?J I gentlemen or a gentleman aud w ife can lie accoiumu dated with board and pleasant rooina uu moderate terma. O 7 BOND STREET -ROOMS TO LET ON SECOND I floor, it parlor and bedroom, a buck parlor on firat floor, a room suitable for an ofllce. also attic room* for single gentle men, with board; house has all the modern improvement*. Ol FIFTH STREET.? TO LET, TO A GENTLEMAN, A OJ. neatly furnished room, newly papered and piloted, ou the Kecond floor, with closets, hath, Ac., in a strictly private family of but two persons, within a minute'a walk of the r?nru> avenue cars. Terma vei y moderate. QO KING STREET, NEAR MACDOUGAL -TO LET, 00 with board, furnished rooma with bedroom* attached, to single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives; gaa and l>atbe Dinner at 0 o'clock. , In an American family. Refe rence required. Term* moderate. Or EAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET, A FEW DOORS Ot) irom Fourth avenue.? A gentleman and hi* wife may oh lam, for the winter, superior hoard, with good room), bouse brat class, and only a few select boarders taken. OP east twentieth street, a FEW DOORS OU from Broadway.? Board, with a very pleaaant and hand aomcly furnlahed front room, for a gentleman aud wife or single gentlemen. House first class, containing all the mo dei n couvenieneea; location very desirable. ?1-T WEST TWENTY FIRST STREET, NEAR FIFTH 0 i avenue.? Furnlahed or unfurnished rooma, with partial or full board. A 1 CROSBY STREET, ONE DOOR FROM BROOME, A T"_l furnished parlor, with eloaeta. *uitalile for a gentleman and wife ur single gentlemen; also one single room, with board; all the modern improvemefits in the house. A A I NION SQC A RE, OPPOSITE THE PARK? GEN tterneu and their wiv* desiring board for the winter may be accommodated with tine suits of rooms with every coin emence. References requfc*ed. A Q SEVENTH AVENl'E, CORNER OF FOURTEENTH 1 O street ? A good chance to young gentlemen. Freuch spoken at table and also French tuition free to board ers, ny Prof. A. Basset The house in hrst class and coutaina all the modern improvements; location unsurpassed; rcfe renrea exchanged. i*A WERT THIRTEENTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH avenue ?A large parlor with one or more bedrooms, pantries, Ac., to let, with board, to aiutde gentlemen or a geu tleirnn and wife, or would be let to gentlemen, without meala. f amily private. House contaiua bath aud gaa. References exchanged. l*A VARICK STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE Ort or one or two single gentlemen, can obtain pletttau looms, with full or partial board. Terma raaaon>ble Hi\ FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF 1 If Broadway ? Entire second floor, neatly furnished for a party of gentlemen. Breakiasi served If required. Single and large double rooma. Prices to auit the times. Inquire as above. 7(1 Sl'RINO STREET, FOUR DOORS FROM BROAD ?.* way ?To let, several handsomely furnished rooms, to single gentlemen. The location la near all the hrat ctaaa ho:. *. Inquire in the building of Anson House. t)|l BAST BROADWAY.? TWO OR THREE SINULE Cl' gentlemen can be kceoinm' slated with furnished rooms and I oard. llouae contains Has and Ixitb HlK Wi^T NINTH STREET.? AN ELEGANTLY FUR JAJ?) nikii. d b?i k p.irlnr. with bedroom attached, on the first floor, to let, with or without board; for a permanency a k'W price will be taken. Also, some t ingle rooma. Hot and cold water and gar m rooms. Dinner at ti o'clock. HA FOURTH AVENUE, NRAIt UNION SQUARE? A J 1*" hiui of room <ui tlic fti-run.) dn'ir. newly and bind eomely furt labed, aultable fur* ainall family, with private table If deairrd; the bouae b?? >11 ih? model 'ii conveiilencea, rind tin: location In very pleuaaM anil desirable. m WENT TWELFTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH ANT) Sixth aventiea. ? Two large handaoim- roouaa w- II fur nlehed, to li t with board. to i(t ntlemen or fauillte*; referencea exchanged. Unmet ai t> oilock. lOO WAVF.JtI.KY IM.AiK.? A UKNTl.F.M AN AND will", til i> ii ft w alnglr fenilem u. ran In aer immi dated with pleaaaDl rootna, and board, on reaaonaMe terma, by applying nl (lie nbovu uddresa. Diuucr at (u o'clock. Ko U'rcmrt rx.-tuiii for WEST TTTI.NTV FIFTH STREET -Pf.E \SA NT I !.?_?/ Mill well ftirnlaheU rnoma. with board, U> lei. to gen tlemen nr.d wlvea or aing-- gentlemen. Location pleaaant. | Cars hi. I atag ? ? convenient. 1?J?? MNTII STREET, CORNER OK HRiiADWAT.? I |Om Newly furnished room a on Broadway; three rooma with iloaetx ami give ou Uie third floor, to accommodate three ! genil< ?mm. IOC F.IflllTM RTRKET, OPPOSITE MERCANTILE I.I ,10c) brary. two doora from Itr adw&y, immediate vtetnlty if the principal 1hiW*I*, tlmiilrri, Ac. Hoard lug for *iu?ie f< nilem- n or familiea. with or rooma; a. no dinner by Ibe day or week Terma reasonable. l?J/? ELISABETH STREET THIRD HfSiR K ROM lOn Itroome ?A gentleman and hi? wife, or a few atngl* grullrmeu. cau t>e accouunodaied w 'b i ?mlor'ab.e luruiahed rooma. with or wniiou. b -aid The hooae haa all ihe tuu-lem : imyimirnrtitx. cloacta. wardrobe*, bath room, with but and j i old water Kefareneea eic handed. 141 F.If.IITH STREET. OPPOSITE CLINTON HALL? A rteairanle ? utt of rooma wtli be vacated In a lew <lay? at the above raMMN. 167 1 A 1 NINTH STREET. THIRD DOOR EAST OF J.T:1 It road way ? Fiimiahed rooma, hi ?nit? or a?parate, to lei to gentlemen, with hreakfaal. if required. Alan, nntur Blabtd ronmi al 4(16 Fourth atrret, near U>n Howery. VAItll K STREET ?A I. A Ii V OF REFINED MAN ner? will let a few comfortably fiiriiivlied rooma, with or without hoartL gentlemen ilt-airing a clean, aocial homo and food board, wh?*re^very attention wlfl Iw paid to comfort, will do well ?? apply. Two ladiea ran be (KTorr.malaUid. R? fereneea given; terma moderate. mHI'ANE STREET, OPPOSITE THE PA RR? FIRST claaa formatted rooma, with all ibe modem improve meole, >? lei, to gentlemen, without board, from 91 to $3. Furniture and bedding new. Bloglit beda 1Q1 FAST TWENTY FIRST HTRItltT. WEAR SECOND J.C1! avenue, ? A gentleman and wife or two atnale gcn:;c men ran obtain a pl? aaant front room, with board, njr apply uuiaa above. Houae coutaina *a?, baUi, Ac. Terma m>ale rat#. Q1A HENRY STREET, ONE DOOR NORTH OF AT jfaiU toalla at real. A few Ira rlaaa board era eaa hava I leaaant rooaaa and the comforta of a bome. tnnaer atai{uar ?er paaf H? o'clock. *)A Q mntwoN street turner of iiroomk- a a-T O front parlor and hi arm, m on tke second Boor, to let. with board, to a *enileman and hi? wife ?r two alnale cotja men , aim I two aingle t K t neatleoien The above rooma are newly ftirnlahed containing all ifce noreaaary eo?vem enoaa. Terma reasonable ?JQQ BIIOOHV STREET, BRTWKBN THE BOWERT and Hrnartway fnrrlabed rooma lo let, to ji-nt e man and ibetr wfvaa. or a few aingie aaat.amen, with or w .ihont board. Temn m -lTate in/; FOI'RTH STREET. NO I ALBION PLACR - TV'") Ro'nn to lei. on tin- ??e<ml floor, with hoard The bouae haa all ihe modern improvement, u rmi moderaie. Refereneea reqnlred 11(1 FOPRTH STKEET. RETWKEE ROWKRY ANO til) Heeond arenne ? Fnrniaha.1 rootna, wftb board, for a gentleman and wife or young gentlemen toe ASP BROAHWAY? fl RNISHEO AND UN 000 furtiiaheif t ooma to let, to gentlemen and tfcelr wivaa and aingie g?%itlemrn. T?rma from VI SO !? ? flu per we.-a. BMiiMIi ii iinanrpaaaed. being in Ibe vtrmityot the Ml Nirholaa and Metropoltian Hotala. The above, firat claaa hnnae haa rhanged hand*, and havtng gone thro n eh a thorough raaova tlnB. anperair accommodationa are offered. ?/?7 broauway. (CORNER of ninth street 1 f ) I Rnom? 'n atllt, either for a family or a party .if g?n Ueaarn whare 'hey can be parfertlv at home Alan, aingie room* Private tanle if required. Table d bote at ( ocl'vk P. fi. f 'nialne a la F raneaiae non BROAIIWAY, BETWEEN TWEI.FH \NH TIIIB tei alb ?tre.'"? - K'irnt?hed roo?? to let ? . atngle fen tlemen with partial hoard, or ?o a taafy, with private table if repaired. Refereneea eichan^d Am vnow ladt. rrsidino a short ihstis i "V. haa roo? tor two hi hildren. to board. ah*-ie lliejr will have a mi a her a rare rliireh and achool near, laq tire at IW We?t Sixteenth atrert, near Elun'h avetme. AYBRY PWIRAWil IIOMK MAY BE FOUND IN A l ???? r?milj for a few board- ra. where cotofort ia etndied at retaonante lerma It la a pleaaani aalkmg dla i?m e for down town gentlemen, ami the neighhorb<iMl unlet. Stagea and iara ran wtthln a bla^ * Reference eichangeil. A| pi} at lt? I otirta aireet, n?ar Harrow AVOI NO WoMAR WOULD LIKR TO FIND BOARD | for heraelf and rhtld, with a j>le?annt family in the neigh hotbood of New York, where ahe would be kindly treated and wnnld havr an opportnalty in improve in the irdtnary branrhea of an Engllah edtioalloai. Addreaa, at4Mmg 'erma, V |?,t ll l'l ? 1> l'tvrt I IT *? ? St' IT OF ROOMS, PI.EASANTl.Y WATED AND neatly turniahed B'tHahle lor a gentleman an I w(M or two or three aingie genii, men can he had, wHh hoard. In a private family, where i deairable horn" miiv be reallteil ApplJ at W Seventh atreel near Heeoini avea ie. I'ueicep Itiiinalda relereticea given and rei|iiiretl. AH NEAT FCRNlSIIKIt RiK)M. WITH M<>DERN IX protean entr, to le' In a pr irate family, wlih no 'ioa~il [era ISS Prfhe# (treat, weat of tfruedway, in a pieaaaut netghforboral Terma tno,|erate. Ah PRIVATE FAMILY Wit, I, RENT A FLOOR TO x lanitlv ar party of gentlemen, wt'h a prlvaie table [Apply at 8o Twi niy Aratatreet. betwreu Itr ?? ?iwayarid Four h avenue. AM .RESPEt TAB? .* ' FA Mi7.Y~ HAVING "MORE ROOM than th?t re>|ttlre won Itl be w iling w< take tw.v gen:l" men and their Wivea or < nt!- ginTegi' ti '? bo i d, with pleasant rooma, and where ih< V e?n enjov '.he comforta of bottle Apt ly at l?ft iiaal Fi! h a reel MtARliE PI. FAS < NT I'iny Ft 'R AUHNTI.EMaN A I Ii I ? ? ' >..1 . It' .ae A i atujgiii await,". .?? Avoung gentleman wishes a moderate sited furnished room, in a private family. with hoard, nor Broadway, between Bleecker and Tenth streets. Ad drees, staling tcriua, size of (auuly, Ac., D., bui 190 Tribune office. A HALL BEDROOM. WITH BOARD. TO LET TO A gentleman, al No 79Twelfth street, a little east of Broad way, in a Cue house aud good location, where every comfurl can be enjoyed A FRONT ROOM ON FIRST FLOOR, AND TWO BKI> rooms ou third flour, to rent, to a single gentleman, at 24 Kant Eighteenth street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR HINGI.E OBNTI.EMRN can obtain pleasant fnrniahed room* in a quiet French private fnmily. House 310 FnuJ^ street, corner of flrcene. Also, nicely tarnished attic rooms at 1UU Bleecker street. Reference! exchanged. i GKNTI.KMAN AND WIFE Oil A COUPLE OF SIN il gle gentlemen run be accommodated with board. In it private family. Reference's required. Inquire at 123 West Twenty second street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue AVERY PLEASANT SUITE OF FURNISHED ROOMS to lei, with board. If required, also a single room, In a first clasN brown stone front honse, with all the modern 1m 1 lovemenle, convenient to caissri' stages. 71 West Four teenth street, first house west of Sixth avenue A LADY AND GENTLEMAN OR A SINGLE LADY (With board for the Isdy) can be accommodated in a small private family with a genteel parlor and bedroom on second tloor, on numerate lei ins, location very central. This will suit ihose wishing a quiet and genteel home. Addresll., box 126 Herald office. A FAMILY RESIDING IN TENTH STREET, NEAR Fifth avenue, desires to lake a gentleman and wifoanrt one or two single gentlemen with hoard The house Is new, and rooms are large and elegantly furnished, with bedroom and large closets connecting, containing baili with each suit of rooms; references exchanged. I'least: address R. N., box 4.172 Post offlse. APARTMENTS TO LET. -AN ELEGANT P.VRI.OR, handsomely furnished, with bedrooms attached, to let, with private table. Inquire of Mrs. L. Lowe, No. 13 Welt Twenty fourth street, near Fifth avenue Affirm |Ml1| HOME MAY HE KOHNI) FOR A PARTY of young gentlemen? Com for tat udted- -at moderate price; location beautiful; convenient to cars and stages; the bouse has all the modern improvements. Dinner at 6 o'otoek If re quired. For terms apply at 270 West Twenty-third street. A LADY IN EMBARRASSED CIRCUMSTANCES HAV lnc more room than she desires, would let a room or two by the day; or tor the lo;in of lift v dollars would (jive an equi valent in buard or a room. Address Mrs. M., Broadway 1 oat < Dire. A LADY WISHES TWO OR THREE MTTI,E GIRLS to board and instruct. They will be. well attended to, and carefully Instructed in the Eugltrh brunches and French, on moderate terms. Apply at SO Eighth avenue, corner of Horaliu atrcet. A "RUN" FOR GENTEEL HOARDING PLACES HAS Man commenced at the Boarder*' Exchange, 346 Broad way. All wishing desirable board should apply Immediately. We charge lor boardera obtained. No charge to boarders, SMITH A BOYD. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED wiih a small room and partiul board in a private family, at 2U3 Henry street, corner of Stale, Brooklyn. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OF QUIET AND GEN teel habits, ran have one or more furnished or unfurnUh ed rooms, with board lor the lady, with a widow lady residing uptown. Ga* and water in tne house, which is first class. Only those willing to pay a fair price for desirable accommo datiuns will please address Mrs. A. B. C., Madison square I'ost office. A YOUNG LADY COULD BE ACCOMMODATED WITH hoard in a plain American family, with the comt'orta of a home. | One or two gentlemen could have a furnished bedroom, with the use of a pleasant sitting room when required, in a genteel bouse. Apply at 51 Pitt street, for tw o days. Terms WW. A GENTLEMAN WHOSE FAMILY IS IN EUROPE would like to tind a home w ith a private family. A com tortable room, w ith partial board, bath, gas. Ac., 1m required, or would occupy rooms, furnished or not. where the necessary attendance can l>e secured. Addrese (prepaid), stating terms, Mercluiul. MS N9 P<*t office. A FURNISHED FRONT BOOM AND HALL BED room adjoining, for a gentleman ami hi* wife, or I wo Mingle gentlemen, where there are no other hoarders. Inquire tor three days at 11 Ijsprnard si. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR TWO GEN tlemvn that will room together, can be accommodated at UK Prince street, second block frum Broadway; also one small room wiih board. BOARD -A GENTI.EMAN AND his wife, or a few single gentlemen can be accommodated wifli rooms and b?..rd in a quiet family. Apply al No. 628 Greenwich street, nesr Morton. Board-a gentleman Ml wife, ? two or three gentlemen, wishing first rlas* Accommodation-., will find superior rooms, w ith board, al IDS West Fourteenth street. The house is strictly first class, furnished bn :id scmely, and combines every comfort and convenience It is conducted ou liberal principles, aud a fair, not extravagant, price, will be expected To save trouble to all |iartics, thoje wishing lww priced board please not apply. BOARD.? FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH PANTKT1W, baih and gas, can he obtained by applying al 81 West Twenty -sixth street, near Broadway. BOARn.-A OKNTLSMAN AND WTFF OR TWO CKV tlemen wlio will room together, can he accommodated with board, in a private family where there are no other boarder*. at moderate term* Apply at 60 Wr*t Seventeenl b street, hetweeu Fillli au<t Hutb i?Veiiues, or ndJr# >? boa 1,737 Poet otter. Board -to i.rt, in a private fa*ii.v, a par Itir ?n the first B<nr. with board, to a c r? ' k- m<n m l wife or l wo single t-'enUrmen. Inquire at 124 UrteilWtek street, corm r of Lalghl. Board? a okntikman asi> wifk tan kind good unfurnished rooms and hoard in a itiiali private family, by applying at 101 West Thirty suih Mrmt. House eon sin* every tuoeeru linpro?rmoiil, aod feme comfort* are offered at a very r? asonablr charge. Tho very beat references given and required. BOARD.-A PARTY OK Ml SOLE UKNTliKXIR OR gi ntlemi n and llielr w Iree ran l>? at iw imodated with lucely I 'irui>h?*<! r.? ms, with or without b?*rd, for the winter, at St Stanton street, a few dour* fr<'tn tie Ho* pry. Board -a corPLE or <;enti.kvfn and ttifir wives, or lour amide gentlemen,e<iii be accommodated wnh * front and bark room, i Nittimi adjoining, wttn (nil or rartlal board. In a private I tnily Oaa, bath, A< , In it?> owe Apply at 91 Vv*lKiit< rntt. street. near MUhavenuo Board -a oentlbman and his wife, or Tiro nine)** tfen'lemen can obtain board with pleasant room*. . -I , lire at HI Forsyth street, u-mr tirand. BOARD.-A HANDSoMKLY Fl'RNISHED parlor and bedroom will be ranted on eery m'~l?*rate term* to a ger.tlrir.?n and wife or two single gentlemen, at 17a l-??l Twenty third street Board? a spit of rooms, on Tin? rond and third floor*, ean he had In a private f*m lly, wberr sr. circllf nt table i* set, and a private one if dc*ired, and wham all the comfort* of an airrrenhlc home may he en joyed. Ph a*e apply at IM Kant Twenty ?? cond street, near Fourth avenue. BOARD.-HANDROMFLY FURNISHED ROOM*, WITH board, for single gentlemen and gentlemen and thetr wive* at 137 Second avenue, between Eighth and Ninth ?t?. Board? siith f>F rooms handhokkit ftr nif bed, to let. separate or together, in single gentlemen or genl.rtnrn aLd their wives. on very reasonable term*, at 236 Sprit g street, near Varlek. 11a* all Um> modern Improve ments Board -a few oenti.f.mkn cas rk sippt.ikd with good rooms and partial board, at Tttii Hroadway. near l'uane street. Terms Moderate. "DOARD? A OOOD SIZKD IIAM, BEDBOOM, Nfl'BLY ,0J"; w"? **??? * single gentleman F r *r Pr,v?te. Terms reasonable. Apply at M HOARD.-TWO GENTLEMEN AND WIVES CAN HAVE pleasant rnow *. with pniil*' hoard for genii" ss? and lull board for ladles, In a -ma. I private. family, p! la.intiy situated up town. Anilf 10 K. N. V Al'UHAN, 31 and XI Pla? street rear building, baaoMut, ro-jtu I7_ BOAKD-WITH PLEASANT RO"MS, mKID TAHI.K Single rr* m? from $4 Apply ltnm-'! ?te|y ?' "t V*rlell street, a lew doors above 8t. . Kaii s ?jhnreh. A haadsotn-ly lurnlued parlor to rent, suit ibe tlm-s. HOARt> IN A PR1VATK rAM!I.V -ON K ??il TWO rentlemen ran be aeeuoimitda'Ptl with ve.-y bk \*int r<*?is and bfatrd, with gas, bath, hot and eoi,| ?< o in a ?mall family of three r er*o?s. MlM ehtldrea, whf. rhev rsn etuov all the cmfoits of a home I. -;a t-?u very ^le*??nt, ne*r rirh avertte No SH West F.Ieeen h stre*' Terms ? eaaonabir. Rrlerenre required. Hoard down town -two la rob roomh ??e second floor, and two attic rooms, at X) Hea-b street, op poelie Ht. John s park Board in hro?iklvn ? a uestlrv an and wiff. or *.n?le genti' m?-n may ubtah peraaMlit board for the winter In a quiet family at moderate term* at IUO Hlcha ML rouvenlerii to Fulion or Wall *tre?t Icrrte*. L'neicep tumabie references given and required Board in Brooklyn ? a ofnti.fman and wrr* aieo two gentlemen ean he aee>enmo<Ui?d with a ?ma|j and large front room*, with full or p.irtbil b.*r I at 122 Pierre pont atrret about ave mioutr* walk from Wall street and F niton ferries. U0ARTWN BRtMlKI.VN ? HANlMMlME FIRST CLAM fttrn ahed spsnment*. wllb board for a gentleman and wife and *in?le genilemen, at T3 Stale street, betwe< n Henry and t'llnton ?treeta, convenient to two ferries Partial board lor geut.rnen. Board ix urookltn- atw ti.ARK stiIkrt. nk*t to the < hurrh, for *lng!e gentlemen or familte*. R<vim* and Incauon the m. ?t d. -an able, conug tou* to the ferries and ran. Board in -pleasant room*, with board. m*y be found at Jtj6 litcks street, near Wall stt ret and South lemea. Hoard in hROOKI.yn ? drsikaiilk r<n>ms, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen, In a flr*t t las* home Dinner at o'cloek < onvenlent w> South or Wall street ferries Applrat?M Henry street, be twecn Amity anj t'< tigress suesis. Board in hrwki.yn-fivk minvtiw wale from Atlantle or W?ll *tre?t ferry Fsrnnhe.1 rooms, on s?' '>nd Boor, wsh #re plaees. gas. pantrys, for lady and gen tleman. or single gentlemen. In the bon*e or an English widow lady A? Warren strset, between t'llntoo, Henry aad Allan IK streets. Hoard in heooklyn -a room on the focrth floor *>nlahle for two *ingb- gentlemen, W Wiper week eacl' Also, a bark pari <r t"T .? eentleman and wife. itr?ingl ren !emen. In flr*t cla?* house No HO Henry ?b'eet, between t'ongress and Amity *treet*. ^ Board in urooklyn-a pritatr family o an a< k-oinmolata * gen'!- man ?yp*<'e. or n?? or t wo *ln gle gvntlemen, wi'h lH??rd sn ' p!#T?H?t r <om?. gtta. h -h.jir in * very iestrahle ; oca ion at i\o. fV4 l<afayette avenue, only <? few steps from Fulton avenue ears llOARD IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN FIVE MTNt'TKN' JJ walk ?1 Rail street lerry.? A ?ent|. nisn and his wife <.?o t.e*, r. tpn,ods rd with a large and t<lea*ant ro.?i . >ti 'he se < > nd i '* r. A| ply at 13? Henry, botweea P)errep<wt and t !?r% street*. HOARD IN MROOKLY.N -TWO SINill.K nFNTr.EWKN itwj obtain Very p.ea*ent aceommoda'Mi*. with a ortViwe latiiiij Apply at lii rongr.*s streey, gret house from Heart Board in Brooklyn? a urntlem tN \nd wife ' r. rt p. tin * neatly fwrn'ehed font tnd *>nerd: tl*". > il ?? n ' tren . an fin I 4f ts'-le acconsBHaiaUoos at N 1 '-kt.:s ??<.?!. Icrtas modsrais, B a wd Looonta. u>?Z B OARD WANTED ? JIY A. OElfTLMAN OF UN doubted respectability, wit* a young widow Hiij, *r ?imi' pcr*nn living alone, w1?hing aid, and who eau offer agreeable domcstih comfort. A ililresa < *h4)de Harold, Madlsoa ?<iuare Post office. Board wanted? by a o*NTti*JfAW, hih wirw unit two children, (one nnarly two years, tA* other tww months old,) and nurse. Will require two raMM, vrM* flra In each. Union square or H* vlelnliy preferred. AMNM, stat ing term*, Ac., box ?,#01 Post office BOARD WANTKD-IIY A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, of very quiet and dnnn atlc habits, in a small and strictly private family, where retirement and comfort ran be secured1. A moderate price will he paid and location muat he pleaaant. Address confidence, Herald office. Boar i> wanted? in a noon locality, in new York i-li v, liy a gentleman, wife and servant, in a ttrlctly private laiuily, where no boarders are or will be takeo, and w here pleasant society mid good table and accommodation# can be found AdilrcM box 4,1575 Post office. BOVKII WANTKII WITIIPARLOK AND IIKDROOK on second llonr of a modern house, by a gentleman and wife, who would use their own fiirmiure or llqMM of l he aatne for board; or a private family willing to let the ?* cond I lory lo two person* of unexceptionable lutbila ami references, may address Reaposible, bo* 396 Post office, for three day*, staling full particular* and term*, which muat be reasonable, Board wanted.? a gentleman and wife an? a single gentleman wish a parlor ami two sleeping nmm In a llrat class house, with board References given. Addresif Phoenix, llnmdway l'o*t olli< e, staling ?!&'' which must b>j moderate; location between lloiwto^ ami Fourteenth ?treeta. Board wantkii, tub lattice part or deceit* ber, by a gentleman, lady, and child 12 yearn old, in* respectable private Catholic f? mlly, where few or nnotker boarder* are taken; $4(1 to (AO per month will be paid for suitable accommodations. Address John Smith, box 3,368 Poet oUlee, for one week. Boarding.-to let, a ?uit or rooms, hand aomcly fnrn'uhed consisting ol three large room*, two front and one buck, will be 1st S'parau ly, if required They have all large closet* attached. Also a lew room* suitable I'or gentlemen. Apply at 11 University place, corner of Clinton. BOARDING. -ROOMS TO I.F.T WITH BOARD, TO A gentleman and wife and to single gentlemen, at 5- Varklc alreet, oppo*ite HI. John'* Park. Boarding. -a pari.or and bedroom on first floor, handsomely furnished, with or without a prtvau* [aide, Hi 4V West Tw enty second street. The bou*e m ilr?C class and aeveral years c*tabll*hed. AI*o, a front room for ? eingle gentleman. Boarding.? two or three vrry pleasant room*, Willi full or partial board, may be obtained by applying at 163 Kant Fourteenth itreet. Boarding. -a laRgk front room to i.kt, fur nlMtied, lo two *lnglc gentlemen; the bou*e haa all thn inoderu Improvement*; No &J St. Clement'* place, between Kleecker and Hou*lon atreel*. Reference* exchanged. Boarding. -two young men tan be accomho. dated with good board, in a respectable family, by ap plying at 1H1 Wooster ?t. References required. Brooklyn.? one large and two small rooms to let with partial hoard, at 234 Henry atreet, next to tba coiner of Amity. Reference given and reqiftred. ClOOrrR HOl'HB, S34 BROA1IW A Y ? Fl1 R N IHII KD ) room*, by the day or week, for gentlemen .iud ladled Price per week, from 93 to $6. Connucuid 1* a tlr*l claaa ro ?taurant. FrBNIPIIED ROOMS TO LKT? ON THE HWOND OR third Moor, in a gente.el private family rc*lding at 79 Ea*t Kilte?uih *treft, between I'ulon and Muyvcuant Mijuarc*. Ilreakta*' furnlfhed tfdc*irod. First <lah8 accommodationhovmieobtainro, with or wltboiit board; apartment* turaiihed or unfur nwhed, at 44 We* Sixteenth street, between Fifiti and Slxib avenue*; term* merely covering expen*e?. Furnished rooms to let-with board, to nliigle gt ntlemcn; *tilta of room* for lamilinK. one larga room with pnntry. unfurniMb< <L on tint floor, at ii Madiaon avenue, corner of Twenty aevcntb atreet. Furnished rooms to let-with or without board, 168 Spring street. The room* are neally fur uiahed and will be let al a reasonable price. Fi-rnihiikd ROOMS to let-with or without board, in a private family. Addrr** 13 Ludlow place, Houston street, west side of Broadway. Furnished roomh, to let-room, bkdroom ii rid kitchen, lo a small family tired of boarding, this would be a favorable opportunity lo keep hou*e Apply al 123 Went 'I'wenty fourth street, near Seventh avenue. Furnished ro?im, without board, dowh tnwu. ? A nicely furnished front room, with closet, siilla i. e (or one. or two gentlemen, on very low termj. tire if de fired. Location desirable, 21 Ka*t Broadway^ Furnished rooms to a first class house, 3M Clinton place, an elej;an> suit of furnished par lors. With bedrooms on the *ame floor, kitchen, Ac. Also, a single parlor and bedroom. First class house -parlors, closets, pan tries ami bedrooms connecting, on hrst. second and third boors, with hot and cold water bath*. Ac., for gentlemen or ? gentleman and wife with full board, no children or servant* taken , t* i tii* Apply at II Islington avenue, corner of Twenty second *tre?t, near (Jramerey park. HnlKl.l.lilM.IMiS t, K.N I'l.KMKNl'AN ultTAIN NH E ly fnrntalx'd room* at the illohe Hotel, mrn'r of Kranfe lort mid William a'rreta. Pru ?? ot rooma 25 t enia per night; alao, ii few upper room* for II per mouth JKRHV.Y CITY -A tlF.NTl.EMAN AND WIFE ANI> TWO or three alnile gentlemen ran be MrummmlnW with lull or partial Iiuard In one of the moat deairtbie Im tUeua ? f ?leraey city, on tirand atreei, within Ave minute* valk of tb? ferry bouae. wuh all the modern Improvement*. Reference* en handed Addrcaa Jrraey 1 11/, Herald oni.o. V^KWl.VA.Vtt 11 AN H8< iMKI.Y Fl'RNIMIIKD ROOM8 TO J 1 M, ill a Ulriclly private family Of IM IMIM1 'o ferule imti ami tbrir wlrea, or to amnio gentlemen. wltb full or par tial buaril. Juiiutre at No. 7i Weat Tlurt.-.'iith (trwat. VTEAT ANI> NEWLY riTR VIHHED, at J.N M White aireet, near Broadway, in .t quo ', rcepeciabla lamlly. Refrrencea required. PFKA8ANT WINTER ROOM*. WITH Fi'l.I. BOARD, 111 a pritato family, at No IS lleach atroet. Keferuueea 1 1 quired. PI.K.AHANT ROOMH TO I.KT-WITII OR WITHOUT hoard to married oraingle gcntlrmrn, at No 4 Four, t> Mill, coutenlenl to atagea and r ulroad. PERMANENT BOARD WANTEH-IN A PRTVATR American family. hy ? ?injj|e Rat. doing hualneea il< wiitowu Mat ue to-ar Hn?a<!way, a pleitaant neighbor ? bo*. I mid a highly r>'?porlaMe am! aortal family. Addreaa, at.itin^ ? rm? Ac , ? l.nh muat not rxoeed $& SO par *??, J. B HrrnHl. ?? a. PRIVATE BOARD W \ NT K D ? A FAMII.Y CONRIftT tug of a f.-ntlrman and wife, two children m l nurae, and ? single tentlrman. >!? aire board lor the winter in a fen* in I private fntiiliyr, rml.ltnir vrry near Thirty fourth a?iwt, WtWeen Mith and Ninth avenue*, they will raqulra livo ri ni? and ? flrxlolaaa prtva'e lable. for which they will par 9I2& per uioptli Partto* having au< h m comuiudatioa* will please adtlreae boi 1,67V Pu?l oBn e. Ileferen.-ee exchanged. ROOBH-FCRNHHIED. WITHOUT BOARD, MAY BR I bad by gentlemen only, at No. ^ Second alreet, near tb? bowery. Rooms to with or wrniorr board, in a tlrat claea bouac. Wrntlcmen with wivca, or unfit gen tlemen ran And dealrable ruumi by applying at 32 Bond atreeu Reference* car banged SOfTH BRnnKI.TN -TO I.ET. TO ON* OR TWO ORN tlemen. with partial h i t ?? mre ;?rge fron' room, wttll gaa and fireplace Ixieatbin j leaaaiil ami convenient to Ibn Bontb ferry, and alan to the ear* Famtlr amall and p Mr tie Fur particulara inquire at 18 Harrison atreet. TL WO ORTHRRR ORNTI.RMRIf HAN HR tX) II PORTA - bly areommodated with rooma and partial board. Ilouaa Ria ga?, bath Ar ramlly amall For particular* pleaae eall at It Ludlow place, Houatoa atreet. Raterenoea aacbaagad. TnRF.F. OR FOl'R LAPIItV C AN HE ACCOMMODATED | with plcaaaut mnn.a, with or without beard. Infeifewr wMk a few urutk Oieo Termn in ?l*r ?t<- Pleaae oall at Jk Rtn wtek a'reet, between Xprtng an I Canal atreeta. TO H1NGI.R 'iFNTI.FMEN -A PRIVATE AMERICAN I family will let a r??l aired room, neatly Mrmahed, T;rh part'*: board, for <>t St) per ? ee* tiaa aiwl lire if in quired Tw'i gentlemen wi'hout board. 94. Jt Jane atreet TO 1.KT -M EAf>T RROADWAY. Fl'RNIMHKD ROOMH. A l?? reaper table men ran be aceomm?xlated with plea Mt rtX'll - *?' >? e. ? I 'l.ei, ??.. I . 1 - ri L.te rate rro t,rr-A plrarant Fr rnwhed front room 1 an 1 be<liioom atucbcil, to two ungle gantlemen or a gentleman and kla wife Rent mailataU. Apply at i'aua I atreet. TO I.KT-K VNIVERMTY FI.AfK. A lltNUHOMB fnrni'hed ault of rrx m? n a rmaii lunlly. with parttal or full hoard, to genilem. n -.r ? reatl? m?n awl hie wifla; the h aae coauuaa ajlthe mt mraM Ke.i.raiaea enchaojed I'NFl RNIfHEO RO?>M* Ttt I, FT- (FITII OR WtTTIOCf ? ' boar<l. In a flret riaaa hon?<- <ientlemen wiil> wtee% ar * agle gentlemen, ran tied deairalije r<ema by a(iplyk>f at ;U Bond atreet Rcferencea eTcbanged Tl'ANTFt' A P\RJ.OR AND BEDROOM. WTT1I ?? board. In a private family, where there are no other lc ' . ? h'Wie d eat red at a reaaona 'e prlew. Addreaa boi 777 Port oflice. ^ WATf llRH, JK WKI.RV, At C-'REAT REDHTIO*. " f WAT< REN ARD .IFWR1.RY At great oargaina for Saab. The aobarrlber ta now eel ling hta atoch of watebea and jaaeh-y at a great radaetwm in prtao, being fhil thirty par cent leaa than 'he naual retail prleee IjuHea hraeeleia, different an lea MK-nenal prtra, M |m, do li .to. M Do. do ? do. If Ijirttee' bfeaatptne ? f?- <| IN*. do ? f- 2 Ladtoa' eanhawa # *?? ,f DtMMMfl^KT>..>?. M !J Do. TT;. * 'Z * 8?- ?! IK' JS jio, s do. in Oo id gnard and ehateialae thatoa jj * OoH f<'b and eeat rhaini . '? . OoM fr.h keya and aea ., ?"'? "i' "Jlnl ? rlnge with ae<?, ae?l rinti. piain gold rtr^ pjira goM ' ding rtnft. gold "P"""' 7k,"'''1 ^^'.men aT------ --^ ? >i t?n)unniici mmI im .?JV r#d. khum. pint old rtngt,"gr^ apertarTea ?d aye. 'aa.ea t a MiliTrkt p te.noon.lea ami fralt knlea^ at thaa e?er bet*a ^red.^ ^ a I J.MT, tmnwter <4 watehra and (ewelry. wboleaake and retail, TmpfTterorwa Broadway. WKW Pt RM( ATIOSO. rrHAT<lM'Brnr? PEfEMBFR NO Of T .HH'KT M HaDT*R Two leantlfnl ateel nlalea ? The Night before ChrtohMa" aad " flirlr maa waning," Twool 1 he heat engraeinia ever pnbllatwd; A lif'T cent "-kjiper PiOtern, A Hi lend id colored faahton ? fo.trWfcorea Twelve colored pageaof embroidering and 'ther aogravlnga. The moat aitper1' No of the whole year F rty eight enaiavinite, ?i*it artlclae and <m? hnndred iiagra jij?? _Wr ,r !? b* Henry W !/>ngf?lloW: atorlee by Bra. Real. Vi * ' .'tor Pa It Had F rayib, *?? euU vwk at It M aaj tfi Um I'eiwtlWftlgtorta.