Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7749. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE NIAGARA AT HALIFAX. w^wwwv/v^Waa THREE DAYS LATER FBOH EUROPE. IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL NEWS. MORE FAILURES IN ENGLAND. ANOTHER ADVANCE IN THE RATE OF INTEREST. DECLINE III COTTON AND CONSOLS. Ipeceh of Minister Dallas on the Sepoy Mutiny. Reported Ministerial Troubles in Spain, Ac., Ac., Ac. Hie steamship Niagara, from Liverpool at 1 o'clock P. II. of Saturday, the 7th inst., arrived at Halifax at 12:30 A. M yesterday. The N. sailed from Halifax yesterday at 5:16 A. If., for Boston, where she will be due thin even tag. Weather cloar; wind southwest. She brings ?33,000 in spec to for Halifax and ?88,968 tar Bofcton. Politically the news by this arrival is merely intcreet tag, but financially it is of the highest importance. The Continental news is not of a particularly important Aeacrtption. The pressure in the money market was again excessive, consequent on the advanco by the Flank of England of its rates of discount to nine per cent The advance caused BO diminution in the demand for money. Urgent calls for relief were being made upon the gov ernment from various quarters, but the Times thought any mich action unnecessary. The i'aris money market was unsettled, but there had yet been no advance in the rate of discount. A considerable decline had been experienced in the Liverpool cotton market, tbo market closing very dull. Sales of the week 22,000 bales. The Liverpool breadstuff* market was quiet with a de ?lining tendency. The Liverpool provision market was very dull. lard was considerably lower. The prohibition upon the export of hides, ftc. , from the Baltic had been removed. The United States steam frigate Niagara left Plymouth for New York on the &lh instant. This Collins steamship Atlantis, from New York 27th olt., had not arrived at Liverpool at 1:16 P. M. of the 7tli Th'! steamship Vanderbilt, from New York Oct. 24, arrived at Southampton a; 9 30 A. M. of the 5th inst. She grounded off Cowos, owing to a thick fog, but got off with out damage. The I'mted States steam fr urate Niagara left Plymouth ec the 6th inst. for home. The oillcers had a farewell t given them b> the commander aud officers of of the British fia^sliip on the station. The Niagara passed at 9 A. M. of the 8th, off Salter, (he royal mail steamship Asia, frem New York toe IJver pool; 12th, lat. 60 19. long. 34 111, ship (Centurion, bound west, 13th, lat. 49 14, long. 42, jvkssed a steamer steering east. THE MONETARY PRESSURE. financial alla.rn were still paramount in Importance. On Wednesday, the 4th Inst., consols fell to 89. There was kncrca*ed anxiety and pressure in the money market, ander the apprehension of a further rise tn the banlc rates, but the heavy payments of the 4th were well met. The suspension of Powles, Brother & Co. was announced, fhetr acceptance* amount to about ?60,000. The rate of discount at Hamburg was advanced to nine par cent. "o tli? ,Mh ui?t tUe Umk of England, as was appro hena?vi i ?;*cd tile rate of discount from eight to the un praredentee rate of uiue |wr cent. This movement fculed tn abate the demand for m<-ney, win. h continued without diminution throughout Thursday. The Jt'nw thinks the continued pressure mtud be mainly eauM'<l by alarm and Ui<' couseqvent desire of every per son to be over supplfe-d. Huirg" stioni were current that the government should be called ujKji for paliatives, hiit the 7'inu t argues that there is bo hhadow of pretext for such a step. The Timet ?ays All classes of the public must be well aware that if the nation should so pitiably lose its self posaew* ion as to give way to pan*. there is but one remedy , and that the gov ernment will be compelled to adopt. There can be no Med however, by formal proceedings, to proclaim the be lief that the financial sense of the nation is still so low as to cause the degrading contingency to bo regarded as not only possible but probable. The funds fluctuated about a half per cent during the 5th Inst , closing at a H'a. From all places on the Continent various sums in specie were said to be in course of transmission to America. The suspension of Naylor , Vlcker* * Oo., of Sheffield, and having a branch house in America, was announced Their liabilities were estimated at from trtOO.OOO to Jtl .000, 000, and their asset* wero believed to be ??00.<>00 in ex cow. Their difficulties were believed to be temporary, and were said to have been caused solely by the cemtation of remittances from America. Messrs. W. Orr ft: Co. , tn the River Plate trade, have also suspended. At a public meeting of merchant! nl <ila*gow, a deputa tion wan appointed to proceed to t>ondon to wait ujkhi the government and urge the neceaatty of immediate meas ures for commercial relief. On the Bth inst. the applications at the bank for money were numerous, but no new difficulties transpired. Consols advanced early in the day, but subsequently a react nn loefc place. The Timr* urges a susjwneion of the export of specie to Mia. and thinks India rich enough to be left to her own resource* The Daily New* believed the Glasgow deputation ar rived In I/mdon on the evening of the 6th. They will It, ti u?derst??Mi , urge upon the government the advisability cf suspending some of the provisions of the Bank Charter act, as was done in 1MT. Movement* with a similar ob jest may be shortly looked for in other districts. The Borough Bank of Liverpool was paying all deposi tors of sums under ?200. Ttie Paris Bourse continued unsettled, but without any great fluctuations The Paris correspondent of the Paily Snm say* ? It has been reported lhat eighty millions of franes in Knglifh bills, and forty millions in French bill*, oo the I'nited Mtatea have been returned protested. ft was rumored in I/mdon on the 4th instant that the Rank of France had advanced its rate of discount, but the Dmilf fftm correspondent telegraphed that the Rank of France had not advanced the rate, hoping to find other Beans of self protection. Ihere is some question as to the right of exporting gold fVotn France. On the 4th the funds In France rinsed Mf. 70c and 07f. bullion tn the Bank of France ta said to have In creased from 190,000.000 franc* to 10*, ooo, 000 francs A Vienna despatch of November 3 aays that the Credit Br.nk has to day taken a step likely to caiwe entenaiv* embarrassment It is In want of ready money and tin* demanded payment from those persons who have obtain ed advance* on government and private stock. AFFAIRS IN liRKAT BRITAIN. OUAKf} *AWgt-*T TO THK DfKW OF C AHMttOO*? KPKICCH OF MR. DALLAS Of THK HICPOY Mt'TINT. The frendom of the City of london and a splen<J|d#wurd were formally presented to th? Puke of Cambridge on the 4th Instant The I/ird Mayor gave a grand banquet ti honor of the event, which *u attended by several cabi net minister* and loreign ambassadors, including Mr. Hallas The Puke of rtmntmnr. in a speech, said that he hud a letter from Hir Colin Campbell emphatically denying that there wm any difference betw een the llovernoifHeneral and him. The Duke extolled the conduct of the British army in India, and advocated it* maintenance in an efll ?lent state of warlike entablishment. Karl defended l/?rd Canning from the charge'! with which he had been assailed, but Intimated that if they should prove true he would aacriffce bis personal feelings to a sense of public duty. Mr Daila*, after making some remarks appropriate to the event of the day, upoko as follows in reg.ird to the Ind an mutiny Hympathy has been invoked from foreign nations In re fen nee to the utate of nmilr< in India I am not here to epeak as to the extent my government or the people of the I'nited State, symj?nthir.e with the struggle of Enc V land against India. That is not the thought I wish to ex pre-??. The thought which I with to exprc?* l? In refe Fence to the treatment thst t? t? br rtenlt In those who h?\e distinguished themselves in the Held of crime In that unhappy region. Nvw# crimes are of various descrip tious? a mutiny and murder ere heavy crimen ? they are dark and gloomy crimes; but tbny were com milted in almost every couutry awl under almost every government. Penalties are speciiically provided for these crimen in the respective criminal colon of various countries. Let such crimen be punishod wherever they occur according to law ? that in to the first and clearest principle of action. But there are other crimes ? crimes at least of another character ? which become so moil strous a* to assume the attitude of enmity to the human race ? not merely crimes committed with reference to the power of India ? not merely crimes inimical to Eng land ? Dot merely crimes inimical to Europe and civizila tion, but crime* which connitute their perpetrators what pirates are, and what canabals in the Fojno Islands are ? enemies of the human race, and meriting not from one nation, not from one people, but from the whole of the human race, summary and exemplary extirpation. This, as it appears to me, is not the language of any particular iudividual of any particular country, but the language of human nature; and although I am un able to gay how far such language may bo concurred in by the great body of my fellow citizens on the opposite side of the Atlantic, yet I think I know them well enough to say that no language can be too strong ? no words too Impressive ? no force too sudden ? no blows too severe, for crimcs such as tho6c which havo been just enacted in India. I/>rrt Brougham q? cuited at the inauguration of Queen's College, IjverpooL In tho course of his remarks he strongly denounotfl the encouragement of African free emigration by France, stating that it was reviving tho slfcve trade, and damaging tho cause of civilization and commerce in Africa. Parliament has been further prorogued to tho 17th of December. The Kings of Sardinia and Greece have each subscribed ton thousand francs to the Indian Relief Fund. The Ijoudon Timet has an article ou Central American affairs, and hopes for an amicable adjustment of all pond ing questions from Sir Wm. Gore Ousoiey's mission, also an early realization of tho projected canal across tho Isthmus. Np further attempt has been made to launch the [/>via than. An examination showed that their was not the least twist or deflection in the ship, ami that she nits as fairly in her cradles as she did on the morning of the attempted launch. There is now no more liability to settle Ml there was before. The 2d of December is tho day fixed for the seconl attempt. The engineers aro confident of a gueccssfcl result. A suit in the Admiralty Ooort by the owners of a cargo on board the American ship Andrew Foster against the owners of the American ship Tuscarora, for causing tin loss ol the former vessel by collision in the Irish Channel, has resulted in favor of the owners of the lost cargo. PRANCE. The Timrs Paris correspondent says: ? It is pretty certain that the Emperor is much annoyed at the turn things have taken in the Principalities. Neither the Austrian nor the Turkish Ambassadors has been invited to Compcigne. Someihing serious must bo going on at this moment at Constantinople, if it be true, as reported, that M. Thouvenal has suspended relations with Keschid Pacha, though not with the goverhinont. It is added, that M. Thouvenal has been left alone in the matter. The Indrpmdmce Brig* asserts that recruiting for tho English service is going on socrotly in France, and 100 francs is given to each recruit. BELGIUM. The ministerial crisis continued. If. de Brooker had been called in by the King, but had not succeeded in forming a ministry. A dissolution of the Chamber wm ? considered probable. AUSTRIA. A reduction in the Austrian army is said to be positively decided upon. It will b? the largest reduction since IMm Thirty generals are to lie plnrod on the retired list. It is believed that fifty itiillions of florins will be saved yearly by the reduction. PRUSSIA. A Berlin letter says that most of the German States have nc titled the Prussian government that they adhere to the measures projected by Prussia and Austria in the HoUtein question. It i- reported that the British government have written an official note fo the I>!et, claiming Justice for the Duchies. A late despatch says that England , Franco and Russia havo offered their good offices in the llolstein question. A Berlin letter of the 6th inst. says: ? The ?talcm<-nt that a Convention would be held to consider the affairs of the Principalities and the llolstein question is officially donied. SPAIN. Rumors of another ministerial crisis had been current, but they proved to rest on a slender foundation. PORTUGAL. The lntest date* from Lisbon report a considerable de. crease iu the number of deaths from the epidcmic, and the inhabitants were returning. ITALY. Floods bad done great damage in Dbmbardy. TUB LATK8T HEWS. Ijtihpooi, Nov. 7?1:15 P. M. The Collins steamsh*> Atlantic, from Now York, lut just arrived. COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCE. LONDON MONEY MA REIT. The Bank of England publishes two returns. That ending t be 3 1st October shows a decreaxe tn bullion of iAMjNO and that ending November 4a decrease of ?133.000 Consols Tor money closed on Friday at 88 a 88>tf, and for account at M>| a *8%. M<??rs Baring Br?e. quote bar silver at Gi. ljfd.; Mcxican dollars, Be 0%d amctuca* stocks Messrs Baring Brother* quote the business limited in Americau securities. but State stocks were more offered, especially rtnnaylvania*. They quote 1'ennsylvama five* certificates at *1 a 79; do do. ln>nd* 1877 at 74. a 76. Messrs. Bell k On report the sale* unimportant, the only change to notice being in Illuiotx Central shares. which hail declined. Tlie ]>ondon papers of Friday report the following busi ness on Thursday;? Illinois Central "hares 10a 12 dis count, Erie third iiioruage bonds 6iH?. LIVHflrooi. COTTON MAREKT. The Brokers' Circular says the sale* of the week were 22,000 bale*, inciuiling 1,400 on speculation and 700 for export. The market oprtw4 with an advance of \'d. a *,d. , hut the Vanderbilt's advices. with the advance In the rate of discount and the stringency in the money mar. kef, caused a pan*' and prices fell to a range about VI. per |<ound below the rate* of the 30th ult The sales of the nth instant were I unu b^lm, Hie |markct closing very dull at the follow tag -tons which are nominal ? fair Middling. New Orleans t?S A Mobile 7'< I'plands 1 7 \ The stock wan 321,000 bales, of which 168,400 were American Ltnmroot. RRRAONTrrrn market. The Uverpool breadstuff* market was generally quiet, with a declining tendoncv Messrs Richardson, 8penc? * Co. quote flour very dull, and In some cases declined. 1*. ; wheat quiet and slightly declined since Tuesday Corn very dull and in some instances Is lower. Western canal flour. 2Ae. t?l a 27s. Ad ; I'hilndelphia and Baltimore 27s. Ad a Ste. ; Ohio. Ms ; red wheat. As. M a 7s. Til , white, 7* 3d a 8s 34. ; mixed and yelluw corn, 36s. Ad. a 37s white. 40s a 41s. i.ivmtpoot. provision market The IJverpool prw tsion market was verv dull Mc<*r?, Bigland. Athya A Co , Jame* McHenry, Kichardson Bro tliers, and others quote beef dull, pork null, bacon quiet; Isrd decline*! 2s a 3s. and variously quoted at A3e a 6A*. Tallow? Bales unimportant and quoutions nominal; North American, 53s ; One cher e was Arm at 54s a 56s 1.1 \ KHTOOl 1'ROnt CI MAREET. The Brokers' sir: ot ;ier circulars quote ashes qnlet V 41 f and 42s Ad for iKHh pots and pearls Sugar- lioavy and 2s. lower, grocery *ort* almost unsaleable. t'off.o quiet; "alee were unimportant Rice heavy and Is, lower: t Carolina 24s Rosin dull at 4s M a 4s Ad. for oommon and 5s a 18s ?d . for medium to tine yue nitron bark? Philadelphia. fts. 3d . Baltimore. 7s. Ad Fish oil*, nothing doing, linseed oil dull at I7s. 9d. a 36s. Spirits turpentine dull at Ms l.TVERPOOI. FREMItTA MAREIT. Hie Uverpool freights market wa* without change, with but a "mall business doing. In passenger* there was scarcely anything doing. LONDON MAREKTS. Me?srs Raring Bros.' circulsr 'ity* the stringency In the money market, produced an almost total suspension of business In the colonial and foreign produce msrket. Breadstuff* quiet and nueluiUKod? Flour 25s a 26s .white wheat, 50s. s 54s . red 4As. s 48s Nothing doing in Iron, snd prices nominal. Sugar declined 3s snd h?svy. Rice lies vy and slightly lower. lard dull and declined 2s ? quoted st 70s Unseed rakes in *teady demand at ?11 a ?11 10? for New York bids. Hperm oil 78s. l inseed oil 3As. aSAs Ad Rape and nitre otls slightly lower. Salt Ertre declined to 5i* , fir delivery In all the year Tea in ut little demand and |>r?re? weak? common blneks were Id. a 2d lower, common Congou quoted Is. Id. Spirits turpentine steady at 3?s. Tin declined As. STATE or TRAM AT MANCHESTER. The advices from Manchester and the manufacturing districts generally are unfavorable. Thero were no sales of importance making HAVRI MARKETS. [For the week ending Nor 4. J The cotton market opened buoyant, but closed with t declining tendency Orleans tres ordlnare, 1 JOf ; sales, 3,000 bales: stock. 70.000 bates Brea istuff* q iiet Whest tending downward Ashes quiet and nominal. Onffen qnlet and slightly lower. (His dull and nominal. Pro visions quiet, but steady. Rice dull. Sugar heavy and considerably lower, lard Arm. Whalebone nominal. TBI LATEST M ARRETS. I.i raseoot . Nov 7?1 P M. Messrs. Richnrdson, Bpence k On. state that cotton to very dull, and prices are nominal. Estimated sales to day, 1,800 bales. Breadstuff* quiet, but steady, Pro visions dull, but stesdy lard dull and nominal. I/is now, Nov. 7?13 If. Consols for money close at 88?j a M\. PARflEXC.FnS RV THtt NIAOAKA. Ir Wkrels ikIk.Mi II ner w, i,; ie, Sir f Mr* mmfcsaartmsM servant. CnnSvki " Mrs X'uvi' ties' je Henry Teounln* and lady, Mrs Kmll, Rev II O McLaren, Hon Thou Peter*. M Rmith, lady and two children, Mtss Ryerson, J C Saflnrd, Mr Bayley and lady, Walter A Watts, Messrs (J II Brown, O K Adams, A Htern, t;re?nf?ider,SeetUa, .1 O Nlmm, MIks Bayley and servant, Stephen Knight, Geo Utlkcs, .1 T Smith, J 0 Johnston, thus Leisreiine, Mr Kcnnell, Rev Jona than Short and lady, Messrs LoveU, liordi'U. Ilart, Kruiikllu, J Mrl'he.son, Wheelwright, J R Pot ter, Ferguson, Rusch, Henry Jervis, Riennanschneider, Orlunell, Capt Moeker, ('apt J Wallace, A Waiter, Rice Ken neklrt, W A 1-ewlx, J A Prullliird, 8 Maaary, Hon Charles Sumner. B W head ley, Binder, A Vickers, Murshall, II II Wll ltuuif, C Pickering, D Thumpaou, WaU:h, Htru-han, C Wll llamson, J S Smith and servant, H Morv, Mr Ixuvh. A Benton. Darton. Miller, Pltehuder and lady, Oainen. Van lloute, Proseber, Flemings, MUs GnOllth a, Watson, Bto.ele, McboLz, Hays, lluwitrd. Additional from Europe. Thn Ariel, which arrived at thw port oarly yowtenluy morning from Southampton, brought the remainder ut our Loudon tiles to the Jay of sailing (4ih tut.) The I/indon Timet of last date contain* the following trade report: ? The Manchester market hag beeu duller and of a gloomier character than those even of the | few weeks, and while spinners and manufacturers havo been more pressing to bell, buyers are holding back and making exceedingly lew purchases. Cop yarns are very Hal, and spinners generally have been willing to make a ooiic.cs sion of >?d. to >^d. per lb. on last Friday's terms to effect sales, but without much effect. The failures at IJvcrpool have, no doubt, been a main cause of the gloomier feeling pervading the market. At Huddersfleld on the 3d inst. , the woollen market in almost all branches lias been inactive. Buyers operate but slowly, and their purchases are in small quantities. They offer rather lower prices, but scarcely any reduction is acceded to, which is rather a favorable sign than other wise of the stability of those who have goods to sell and of the contldcDcc they have of a speedy improvement in trade. The Xortk /}ritvh Daily Mail, of Nov. 2, states:? Wo regret to announce that a rumor prevails that the old and respected tlrm of Messrs. Andrew Stewart & Co., of Greenock, have been obliged to suspend pay meut , incon sequence of diillculties arising out of the commercial state of aflairs on the other side of the Atlantic. We have not heard the amount of liabilities, but hope a speedy ar rangement may yet be effected. We liavo news from the French West Indies, dated at Martinique on the 12th of October. The Council General had been convoked for the 15th of that month. The olllcial journal publishes a list of the planters who had applied tor Indian workmen. The number required to fu! til these demands was 10,714. At Singapore, Ka*t Indies, on the 19th of September, gold dust rated ? Malayan, Ac. , 928 25 a $28 75, and Aus tralian KM a $30 50 per bunkal. ARRIVAL OK INDIAN RF.t'l'GKB? IN ENGLAND. The steamship Colombo arrived at Southampton, Kn^r land, on the 3d inst. with the heavy portion of the East India and China mails. On freight the Colombo had three packages of specie, value ?6,2f>6: and a cargo consisting of 2009 bales of silk, 31 cases of shawls, 2 boxes ol shells, 3 cases of tortoise shell. 1 box of ivory, and 41 packages of general m r chandlse. The Colombo had a total of 135 passengers, among whom was bin Sereuo Highness Prince Victor of tlohcu lohe. Several refugees from lndii came home by this steamer, some of them hav ug had very narrow escapes from sharing the melancholy fate to which so many hundreds of the British resuh 'its h.iv ? Im-cii doomed, while other-! are the immediate relatives of those whose lives have been sacra ticed. Among the most prominent of these cases the following may be mentioned: ? Miss Graham, whose father, it will be remembered, was shot by her side as they were making their escape, when, by olimb rng over the side of the vehicle, the young lady tnirasu lously succeeded ita saving her life; they had been resi de n Us at Scalcote, in the Punjab. Mrs. Baker, wh.i was burnt out at Cawnpore, and narrowly eecaped with her life. Mrs. Hunbury and Mrs. Norris, who were secreted and hunted about in the jungle for a month, and finally freed themselves from the dangers to which they had been so long exposed. Mrs. Warden, the widow of Major War den. who died at sea, on l>oard the steamer that was con veying them from Calcutta to Suet. Mrs. Owen, the wife of Sergeant Owen, of the 63d Queen's Regiment and late Superintendent of Roads between Peshawur and lAliore; In the month of May they were compelled to lly for their lives, their youngest child being at the time only 14 days old. The sergeant, who has come home also, is suffering from mental altlictlon, caused by a sunstroke, as we wero informed. Miss Clara Ihinhar, aged 10 years, daughter of Captain I)unl>ar, or the I Oth Queens. who was killed by l bo mutineers at Arrah on the 2Mb of July. Miss Nina Bailey, aged six years, the daughter of Captaiu Bailey, of the 1th Bengal Native Inl'antiy, which regiment mutinied at Dtna pore, and her mother lias since died. The two last named young ladies have conic home in the rare of attendants. The cafes of Mr*. Banbury and Mrs. Norn*, we understand, excited great sympathy in Calcutta, and I/>rd Canning ten dered them every possible assistance in his power. A meeting of ladies on board I be Colombo was he|<l in the saloon on the 23d ult. at sea, near Malta, Mrs Raker, the wife of Major Baker, of the Bengal Cavalry, In the chair. They were addressed by Cant. Held, the oom mander of the ship, who recommended the formation of a committee of ladies on board each voyage to make in quiries among the passengers, with a view of discovering any parties requiring assfctance and relieving them. He handed over to them a b >x ol clothing which be had re ceived from ftic I .on don ladies' Committee, and also a box of warm ^clothing from the ladies of Southampton ; and further staled that a lady and gentleman of South ampten were anxious to adopt an orphan child whose fa ther had fallen in India. The meeting adjourned till the following day, the 24th. when it was reported that three cases had been discovered requiring relief, which was accordingly administered to the parties. whosubsequently , in the most grateful manner, expressed their thanks. On the arrival of the Colombo in dock , the Mayor and other members of the Ijocal Relief Committee went on board, and the three cases in question being brought te their notice, they availed themselves of the Brst opportn nity which has yet occurred by appropriating two ?10 and one Vj notea te the assistance of tiie respective partus. 'Conviction of Ctnrrml, the Murderer of Offltfr Anitrrwn. sithemk cocht? emeu*. Reforc Judge Havics. The trial or Michael (lance ml, charged w itlj^Ms^mAt ing Kugeno Anderson, in Ccntro street, on I lie lEPr July, ha* been rapidly brought to a termination Ifirough the efficiency of Judge Daviei, who sat yesterday from '} o'clock In the morning (ill 10 o'clock at night.' Eighteen witnesses were examined for the prosecution yesterday, and they closed their case at & o'clock In tbo fffterrtoon, when counsel for the prisoner proceeded at jkic? to pro duce the testimony for the defence, and exhausted it at the close of the evening session. When they had exam ined about thirty persona, who testified to the previous good character and the Industrious habits of the accused, Judge IHkvies observed that it wax unuecesaary to take up the time of the oourt by examining any more on that point Counsel acted on thM intimation, although they had forty more witnesses summoned. Hoon after the opening of the Onurt yesterday morning Mr. RUnkman occupied the attention of the Court and jury for an hour in behalf of hla client, and wa* followed by the senior counsel, Mr. AsUmead, who argued for two bourn In support of hit ingenious theory, namely, that the prisoner was on the spot at the time of the murder, but only m a bystander, and that hia flight was owing 13 a national characteristic? spectators of an affray in Italy often being arrested and charged with committing the offence. IHxtrict Attorney Hall ?imm? u<vd hia closing sj>eech In behalf of the people at 1 o'clock, and occupied an hour In discussing the ?|do issues which had lieen introduced hy the defence, when an adjournment tor -I inner w as had At S o'clock the Court reee?embled. and the IXstrict Atlorney resumed hia argument, which was listened to with breathless attention hy a crowded aiidtenre He concluded his spee. h at twenty minute* to six. having spoken nearly four houra It wa- pronounced one of the finest legal efforts Unit liad been made by him since tbo commencement of bis official car*er. .Judge l>svtes then proo ede?l to charge the Jury, amnl profound silence. In eon? Itmion. tht .beige said that if the Jury hail a reasonable doubt of the |<ar<mer 'a guilt? a doubt based noon the evidence in the cans* ? it was the Croperty of the pr.-oner. and they were in.und to give hi the benefit of it The Jury retired to thetr room at (Ire minutes pas* 7, In charge of the officer* who had been deputed to attend them at the commencement of the trial. At o'clock a communication w*s received from the Jury, which was not read by the Judge, but on its recep tion lie ordered the jury to be brought into court. Th ir appearance) reated intense excitement amoug the audience, who had been patiently waiting during their ab?enci\ the unlverssi Impression being that they hail agreed u(w>n a verdict of guiltv When they took their swrts Judgo navies Inform, d the connsel that the Jury desired to pe ruse the evidence of Mathias l/nwth. the rag picker, and with their consent he would road it Ifom his noUta. As soon as he had finished reading the testimony he requested the jury to return immediately to their room. At 10M o'clock hla Honor aent a message to them to the effect that If they liad not agreed upon a verdict at It they would have to seud for him during the night in tho event << their agreeing. Ttiey returned Into the eonri room at eight minutes to 11 , amid the breathless attention of the a*>efliMc4 multitude. The clerk calletl the panel nml ?ako<ithe fiireman if thev bad agreed upon their verdict, to which he replied In the affirmative Clerk? What say you. gentlemen, do you find the pri soner guilty or not gutltyr foreman ? Guilty There was no expression of feeling exhibited by the spectators at tt.e time, but when the Court adjourned the result of the verdict was cauvassed froely , and it aoomed to slve unversal satisfaction. CaaCcml dlil not ?how the least sign of emotion st tho result of the trial, but appeared as comptwed as if the ver diet was one of acquittal Judge lh?vle? thanked the Jury fhr the patient hearing which they had given to the case, and also complimented Messrs. Ashmean and Hlank man for the extraordinary seal and talent displayed In defending the prisoner. Mr. Sadlier. a Juror, thrtt rose and made some ohservt tiona upon a portion of Mr Hall's speech In wh ch he rs ferred lo the national characteristics of the Sicilians, in eluding tho clergy He thought the remarks were un called for. Judge Pavies said he would "enlenco the prisoner on Friday next, hut Mr Blur kmnn desired lo hare Ui e ?en tence |>ost|Kine<l His Honor said that sotnr disposition won I I ha\ e to be made of it on that day. MURDERS IN NEW YORK. Italian Bravos in the Metropolis- ft waainationB in the Fourth Ward- The William Street Mur der?Probably Fatal Fight between Ne groes-Shocking Homicide in Seven teenth Street? The Canal Street Tragedy, Ac., A<\, Ac. MORE AKHAR8INATIONB IN TIIB FOURTH WARD.

ONE MAN BILLED IKSTANTl.Y ? A I. HO A MAN AND WOMAN MORTALLY WOUNDED. Between ono and two o'clock this (Thursday) morning mother desperate assassination toqk place in the Fourth ward. A young man, whoec name at present is unknown, but who is Raid to reside in South Brooklyn, wax stabbed to the heart and died almost instantly. A womau named Susan was stabbed In the abdomen, and a man named Richard Driscoll was stabbed in the body. Both the tat ter are said to be niurtally wounded. Susan and Dvmcol were conveyed to the hospital in a dying condition. It seems this bloody affair occurred In a dance houfie kept by Alexander Driscoll. at No. 277 Water atrect, near Dover. Four men, having the appearance of Spaniards or Italians, enteral the house, and without any provoca tion commenced the onHlaught indiscriminately. The d<' craped wax standing by the stove when he received tun death wound. TV woman was next stabbed, and Richard Driscoll, who acta ox bartender for his brother, mado an effort U> protect tie woman, wheu the anwmnins inflicted a mortal wound in hm body. The murderer* instantly (led, and Driacoll, although mortally wounded, endeavored to pursue them to effect their arrest, but fell exhausted at the corner of Dover street. On the floor of the saloon was found the sheath of a dirk or dagger, silver mounted, with a small speck of blood ou it. This was evidently drop|>ed by one of the murdererR. The sheath is in the hands of the Stiperin trndent of Tollcc, and will no doubt be of service to the Coroner. It is supposed from the description of the assassins, that they are the same gang who murdered Mr. Vinccnt tu North William street on Monday night. THB WILLIAM 8TBKET MURDER. coroner's inquest upon the body ok kbancis VINCENT ? INTERESTING AND BTARTLINO DKVK LOPEMBNTS? TESTIMONY OF A CITIZEN WHO WIT NESSED THE ASSASSINATION ? AKKKST OK TIIHKK ITALIANS ON SUSPICION ? ONE OK THKM PARTIALLY IDENTIFIED, ETC. ETC. The daring assassination of Francis Vincent, the pro prietor of a drinking saloon situated at No. 13 North Wil linm street, on Tuesday night, by a party of for ''.iluus, whote Bole motive my irrd t . ' bhery . real' t quite an excitemeut in tho lower jvirt of the City vem ?rday. From the description given of the murderers by a yritness on the Coronet' 'a tnqiuft, it u believed that thev arc the same idenii< alK'in," who enteral the <.iloon ot' John Seller, No. MB Pearl street, about a week or leti days ago, aad there attemptca to a?su.tsiaatc and nib the proprietor of that establishment. In fact, when we come to compere the descriptions carefully, there is but little room left Cor doubt as far as that matter is concernod. That tlioy were one and the same party the police are thoroughly ?:it fled, and they have taken measures to effect their am -? accordingly. Four Italians were arrested yesterday morn ing on aoenicion, but only one of them, Michael dc U renzo, is chiiwti tii have fx en collected with th<* party who murdered Vinccnt. F.ven his identification is uncertain; at least we should judge so from the manner m whtch the witness Hilton gave his testimony before the Coroner. There appears to have been but one witne*- to the mur der. We refer to Hiltou. He gives a lengthy and minute account of the whole transaction, and has described the a-'-asstns so well that it is very probable their arrest will be speedily effected. There is one |?>int in his testimony which struck us a.-' being verv singular, lie slates Just before the murder took place he rose to depirt from the saloon, wheu one of the Italians called him bark and invited him to partake of some wine withthenit Why the Italians should call Hilton back to lie a witness of the deed they then were about ?> commit Is somewhat singular. | Indeed, unless they intended to murder hiui him also, so that he could givenotntormauon concerning their presence in the sakxj'i on the uiuht ot the murder, we cannot divine why they should have called h;m hack to be a witnem of the Moody drama that was there enacted As far as ciui be a*ety tamed no money was taken from the porsou ot the dooeased. The police ufsxi searching the body found ever a.iS) in bank hill*. *rh? ti Vim ?ut had saved up from his hard earnings. The deceased's watch and chain wa.< found nnr the doorway, as it tw*rt been taken from bis person by the assassins, but had been drop|ied by them in their hurry to escape from the pre mises The assas'-ins liad no don lit counted on an easier disposition of Hilton. Finding that the injuries they hod indicted upon him had not even the effect of rendering him eaaeeWs. they became frightened and concluded to es>a|ie without ett-i ting the desin-d robbery Hilton s head showed conclusive evidence of hard usage at the hands of the Italians, and the only wonder Is that he too was not murdered, for the most strenuous exertions were made by one of the men to knock bis brains out with a ,a'g<" decanter. But the effort proved abortive ? an all wise "rovhlence decreed that there should remain one witness to ixuifrout the guilty partiea with the horrible crime of which they were the per|>etrator*. There do doaht was a tilth man. connected with tho gang who was not seen by Hiltou. Some one kept guard at the door on the outside while the murderers were d-Mng their work inaide and held the door faat wheu Hilton attempted to open it and escape into the street Officer* Minnglc, Quick and others were indefatigable yesterday in their esartton* to ferret out the guilty |i*r ties. They made several arrests on suspicion, and have su< ? ceded so isr in tracing one of the p? r|R>trators to his hiding place It is probable tlmt to day their efforts will lie crowned with success, and that the murderers of tho unfortunate man may lie brought ft justice. THE CORONER'* I NOt EST. Yewterday morning Uorooer COMiery proceeded to the *c<n<- of tin* murder for the parpOM of holding an inqueat upon the body of decoaaod and miking a true inquiry Into tho oau*e of tho death of the murdered mnn A jury wm empannelled, who ha\ iticr tew duly ?wnm. wero required to ttew the body of deMIMd, when they repaired to tho Coroner ? office. \o. fl tvmre i"treet, for tho Eiir|?weot hearing Urn testimony of the witne**e* wh? ad been aubpcrnaed to Rtvt their rviden 'o in th? cue . The examination of the witnesau* tu then proceeded With M follow*:? MR MMMl r-IMTT'l. Hugh P Roar* routing ui Redf?rd avenue, Brooklyn, wwora, My* ? I did Dot know th<- drrnaeed; I wan pa*?iug through North William (rtreet atxHit a quarter before 7 o'cloi k Wvdno?dar morning . when I aaw a dog lying in the cellar; 1 hoard while n CkathM street. about It o'clock laet night that Mr. Viueent had been murdered. I went to hi* place and naw him dead <>n the floor; ?oTer?l police offi cer* were preeent. who Mid they did not kn?w wlio rom mittrd the murder, but mppoeed three or four Spaniard* ?r Italian* did it. I reaained in the plaro an hour or mire. Mr Hilton, who was there. Mid he ?nppna?d the murderer* to be either Spaniard* or Italian*, one .of tb?m. be *aid. wa* a Wll man. while We were were a man wm brought In to he identittel by Mr. Hilton, he looked closely at him, bat Mi I he woufcl prefer not wy ng anything until be *aw decea*cd'? *on; be told me how tho mailer occnrred . he Mid that he wm introduced to three or f"iir pernio* In the otore a* a Revolutionary hero, lm m-dtately aiVr whleb he wm struck ttpn the head with a bottle and the deeeaaed wm "tabbed ; he ?ald when ho wa* ?truek. "for tJod's Mke don't kill me," the men then ran out and he Mlowed them a abort diwtanje, arid they then got out of hia ?ighl. tlie man who wa* brought In to be Tccog nited . he Mid wa* like one of lho*e who tabbed deeeaeed; I l? ft the "tore about 2 o'clock in the morn Ing. and went to Mr G?>oder?oo'i, No. 9 Chatham ftreet. and stopped there unltl T o'i4ock ; I then went to the -eeno of the tnurfler the ?tore nnd baeement door* were closed and a dog war lylig agam?t l ho ba*em< nt door, a potto# man opeij| 1 tbe ?<*e <?oor for me. and we Mcertamod that Uie dog belonged to the deceased; the afltmal w i? wimrid ed on both tly right ind hr>ft aide of hi* body, and the door against ?hl< n he wa* lying wa* besmeared witb blood; a police officer told me that the watt h and chain of tho do ceased had been f'?und In the A??re In a watch ca*e; I hare not heard, 1 1 ther directly or Indirectly, wbo committed the murder wtfjiAV MWI rwrnwofT W lllsm Rllb'ii 'Worn. say*? 1 re?ide at Vo. 4 Worth William *treei, I knew the daceweed: I entered hi- ?t?.ro about halt paet nine o'eloek U*t evening, there wo a man and a womin there at the tim? 1 entered the *tore; thev left *oon afterward*. and directly thro* novi rameli; one of them wa* rather tall and iMn; he had a mou?tarhe, he wa* rery dark romplcctoned and looked .?* if he had wime negro blwid In hi* vein*; he BW a Terr ordinary countenance; another of the three wa* a man about Are feet eight indie* m height ha wa* dark conpltttoaed and like a ."fWinard . my impremion la that lie had wtv?ker? and momt*<-he; tho third man bad dark clutho* . be wan alx.iit lire feet Are inches in h. ght, and wa* more *t tinted than it-e other*; be had a full face ?nd a plea ant countenan.-e, bia complexion wa* n<* *o dark a* tho other tw< there wa* a fourth man al o, who CUM m after ward*. whom I *hould Judge wan about Are feet four Inehe* in height; I think that be hid a light coat on, t cannot n* oanlly recogni*e him M the other three, I had keen them a few night* preiriou*; Mr Vincent, on another oc 'a* ion, told me that the throe men were Spaniard*, and in hi* oonrerMtion with them he fpoke in ^ymitiiwh , when the three men came in they called T<n two bottloaef wine, It * a* given U> them ; this previoo* U) the fourth tri*n coming In , they al*o a*ked Mr Vincent for a bo* of wardlne*. Mr. V ncent tried to open the N>* of Mr il ne* with a large knife, but could not, the point of the knife being too blunt, then he fawned a little drawor *t the rtid of t he rounter , and took out a large dirk knife with a aprlng; ho ?anl that he got tlmj kn'fo about *evon year* *go, when ho waf iving toOali forria. with tbi* dirk knife he oponrd Ihi bo* of *ardme? *nd gave It to the men who wore Mated at the table; at lhi? period the fotirtb man n\ me in, and the three men eating the ?ar<hne* recogmxed him. he tosk a *eat at the Uibie with them Mr Vlncevt nt thi timo wm bo hmd the conntor. and imme<!iatelr aft rward* thoy in t?*?l on his I'ommg out and tnkinir a at wit'i tht ni at the table; b? acceptetl the invitation and ?t down wdh them at the round table, I then rtarted to go borne, and had got Co tho door, when one of the party called me kvk and asked mo to take a drink with them ; I objected at first, when Mr Vinceut beckoned to inc and asked mn to ac cede to their request, when I adopted ; there waa a de canter of gin and a decanter of brandy on tlie table, to gether with two bottloa of wine; we nil drank together then; I took one glass, and they invited me to take ano ther, but I did nut; a conversation then followed in the Spanish language; they Deemed to be very pleasant, as I should judgo from the expression of their counto Banc eg. deceased and the others drank several glasses together; thero were two of these Spaniards on hi* right mde, and the other two on bin left; while they were ((peaking very pleasantly to gether, in a moment one of the men struck the deceased; tli ik waa the tallest inan ; the blow took olTect in tho breast , and the deceased tumbled over; It ww done so quick that I could not see whether th i man had an instrument in his band or not; in a moment they all sprung to their feet as if it wan premeditate I, and the table fell over with its content*; I sprang to my feet, when the two tlrst men spoken of rush*! upon the deceased; the fourth man immediately attacked me, which prevented me from seeing what tho other three had done; 1 defended myself as well as I could, and rushed for the door, but I could not find it open: I think that some one had hold of it from the outside, as I could not open it; the fourth man then followed and struck me over tho head; ho struck me with some instrument; it might have been a bottle or a decanter; at that instant the door opon ed and they rushed out; that I saw distinctly ; the door wa opened from the outside ; I followed them out, ami saw Mr Cohen, a private watchman, a Utile below Frankfort street and told him that those men had knocked Mr. Vincent down; Mr. Cohen rapped with his club several times, and I wen lit** In the corner of Frankfort and William streets to see If I could not get a policeman; I did not find any there; I went into an opposite grocery ; the blood was (lowing from my temple; I had the wound washnd with brandy, and then bound it up with my handkerchief; about the same time Mr. Cohen camo into the Ho W and laid violent hands u|*>n mo to go with him ; I declined doing i-o, saying to sonio persons in tho store that I was not bound to go with him ; then I went up stairs in my own room to go to bed; Mr. Cohen came up stairs, I did not run away from Cohen; be wanted me to go with him over the way to Mr. Vincent's house, to sen the officers. 1 told him that I would go with him if he would first let me go to my room ; he gave me assurances that he would; 1 then went willingly with him to Mr. Vincent'*; 1 then saw the deceased upon the floor; I be lieve he was then dead; I told one of the officers that the deceased was in Ui?? habit of having a great deal of money about his neraoo, and rolled up in a piece of |*aper, and that it would (hi better to examine his ptsik et* and see if he had been robbed; they did M; a roll of hills as thick as my wrist was found; a policeman then commenced cosnting it; I did not see any silver or gold . 1 then went te the Second ward statiou house and made a short statement to the captain there; I then went with some policemen to search some houses, and wo searched several buildings, one, I believe, at No. 5 Vandewuter street; they took me into several other placet; I think I should recognise the man who camu into the store first, should I see him again. Here the witness was requested to look at some men who had been arre ted, aud see if be could identify them. The witness partially identified one of the men. named Michael de Im>>iiw. as one of the men who entered the ea lorn first , previous to the murder. Tlie wltnen was again requested to carefully scrutinise the features of Lnrenso and see If ho was on< of the men in question, W hen he stated that lie was almost p-witive thai he was cneof the men. The witness wa<t forcibly un pri sod with his appearance when he first entered tUo loom. Anthony White, and Joseph, his brother, two Italians, wbo were also arrested on suspicion, were shown tho witness, when ho declared tha' h" was perfectly satisfied that they wore not in tho saloon on tho n ^lu of the murder. Kxaininntion continued ? None o'' tho four men spoko any Knglish; neither of the men who committed theinur der was ns tall islam I don't kuow which of th<ni gavu tho Irvt blow ; the man wbo struck tho flr.'t blow w t. at tbe right u:ui I stdo ro the deceased. MUiTCAl TWrlM'IKV. P?h tors Fmncll and Fei?uson being duly sworn, deposed an 'I i.d ? On entering the preini of No. IS North Wil liam street we found the deceased lying on hi hack m front of tbe stove, his b- ad resting again t Ins right slioul der, and his arms folded across his body, which was covered with blood; on removing his clothing wo disco vered three wounds on the anterior portion of the cheat, two of these on the left side, and one on the right side ? all of them about one Inch In length? their direction waa transverse to the middle line of the body; the wound on the right side passed through the eighth rib at its Junction with the costal cartilage, wounding the lower |H>rtiou of the luug. and causing hemorrhage into the right pleural cavity The Upper wound, on the left Mil*, paaaed between the third auil fourth ribs, near tho sternum, wounding the base uf the heart , aud causing fatal h< n?orrhu,;e into the |>erieardiuw The lower wound, on the same sid ??. |?s*cd between the seventh and eighth riba, wounding th< lung ia the same mannet m on the op naatteilio. All the e wound . wot ot > fatal chiuiu let I abo ohserMil a .-mall triangular wound ?i the right cheek , W'th bi uisea on ihe same s..S- oi the head Mr*. Margaret I.. He ilor, ? fe of Uie proprietor of the lager Mar sakstii No. 640 furl tire el, waa then pill npon the -land for the |>urp( -o of seeing whether in* Could fdenttfy the nr^ooers i* tlie man who ati. mjtcd to m- *i .note and rob her busliondai^w iitf^Lw- ago. .-lie testified as follows:? Mr?. Margaret tfciler t eing duly sworn, ?ay%~| lire at No M3 I'carl street; on Monday ti'ghi, ? :^ht laj - ago. m> husband was in hia lager bier saloon m> Uusi'tud and my self were alone in the saloon, at a q< irter Is fore eight o'clock on that night; at that hour, four person-) came into our store, two of the four went to tbe billiard table and played a game the blacked man was near the door, and the other near the window sill; the two who were playing billiards paid a shilling, they then called for four glass* a of water, my husband isnired out the water, which they drank, alter tbis the black man cameover to where my hits band waa sitting and caught him by the neck, and raised a stiletto over him saying "your money and your wateh, or we will have your life.' He thou stabbed my hus band In the sbonlder. and another took his watch. I then ran out into tlie street, and cried "murder.'' the) followed me out and went off; when I returned the stiletto was sticking In my husband , I would know the man who a tab bad my husband, also the other three. Ifce Coroner here ordered the w itness to look around tin room and see if she could point out any |)er*on* who resembled the men who attacked Io?r buabaiid. Tlie witness examined the prisoners, a* well as e\pery other person in the risim, but could not find any |st ons who resembled the men who attempted u? ursa.Hsiuat? her bus band. Kxamination re-umed.? There wa* nobody in the store at the tiiri'* hat ray hwliand myself and tin meu who at tempted to kill my bus bund. William Hill, being duly aworn. deposed aa follow" ? I recognise Mm hael de Lorenao and Joseph White an |?T con- *!"? were in my Mloon. No. ? Ml* Mrert.oa the night of 'the murder, between the hour* of 6 and 7 o'dork. The inquest was hern adjourned until 10 o'clock the fol lowing morning, wh^n the cxumiuaUoo of aouau other witnesses will be proceeded with Thr report that the night watchman <n William Ktreet arrested one ot the murderer*, and after hold mg bun a moment or two let him (to, fe> not correct. Mr Mark (V hen, the nlgbt watchman on that bmt, kMN the alarm nnd ruiihed U> the spot, bat saw nothing of the mirdetvrs He gave the alarm, but could not raiae Uie police for nearly U.i in hour. ANOTHER CAM OF HOMICIDE. rftOBABI.Y CAT AI. PlUltr BKTWKBM TWO NKURORM. About half peat twelve o'clock Tueaday night, a probably fatal tight took plare between two ncgroc* named William Mar* hall and Robert Mat hew*, tn Wept Ftroadway. near (Mnal atreet . la which the former received a fatal wound tn the chest with a dirk knife alleged to hare keen in the hand* of the latter Math)-**, who is a notorious thief, and liaa Just cn.ergcdfrnm the IVnitcntiary .was arretted soooafWr. war Is by the fifth ward pnltaaMM loufced up in the station house for the remainder of the night. Tin- wounded aun ? ac etmveyed to the New Tork H"? pita I where Coroner fiamble U?>K hn anti mortem etami naikm la relation to the occurrence Wednesday morning The enaminatioii reads aa follow* ? William Marshall being duly ?w<wti aays ? I roode at Mr* Harris", llii Went Itroadway, Robert MatUi<w*, now presert, rame tn me yesterday, between twelve and one t'tlMk, and deruaiKled money of me for ?'gne washing which his * :fe had dune for me; I told him I ntd not have the money, but would give 't ui ray wife to fire h.m the c??n\ >?ram "n happened on th?^li? k f<nd of Warren street, lie went away , ami shortly alt?-r?a*dn I wapt up *? Mr*. Harris , In West Broadway, and found MaMTewi landing by the door , he afain aeked me for the mmey . 1 told him I wm going into the fcMee, and would give it to my wife to bring down U> h m , Mr. Harr's tild me that Matthews' wife re*e-tcd me to keep the room y from her liuaband. a* he was on ? ?prt?e, M?lMiew? went of *tid I dM not see him agsin until 1'J o'rloek last night, when I re turned from the theatre, and met Mattlwws in Mr. liar rle' bouse, be was very noisy, and Mr Harrle was en den\? r rg !?? |?< ify bmi 1 cam# into the room where be wa*. and asked him what ho had to do wllli my wtfs'a buaineae Willi that ha struck me w4th I<m list, sod then picked up a chair and struck me on the shoulder a rnaa struck ti " m the brraet with a dirk knife; I Bred a nwtnl at him . 1 1. ad the pt^ol In the cubhoard, and after I was slabbed Ir.n and got It from there, the blood flowed freely from my woend*. the officer* came in soon after, ami I farmed . (cannot aay further: I identify Robert Mat thew-i, now prwrnt. a* the mni that scabbed m?; I never l ,i J any dHwulty With turn before, I knew him aevetal year*. I now feel that I shall aevaf g j well. W 11 J.I AM MARWAlX (hia mark ) Question b;. Mathews? Hid I stab you before you Bred the pfartnl' An?wer~Ye*. Question? In what position did I stand when I stabbed you? Answer? -You stood by the window and I stood by the door Matbrw* wm committed to the Tomba to awaM the re suit of the wounded man'* injurie* 8TIT.I- ANOTHER STABBING TARE. A OHOt KKY MAN MORTAIXY WOIKDIP. On Tueaday night, about II o'clock, a grocery man named John f'raeer, doing bnalnea* at No. 176 West *? venteenMi street, waa stabbed m the abdomen with a dirk knife, alleged to have been in the han Is of a mm I anted Th"tna* HhtrHwk. The accused. It I* *aid, becimo abusive to >>**er, when the Litter ordered him nut of the gtorn. Sherlock pretended to aece'le to the request, when he suddenly tamed upon Kra?er. who waa close beh nil him. and p unged a knife deep into the abdomen of the grocery man Sherlock then made Mi eocape from tlie store, but wa* 'tt'iuht by a couple of the Mtteentli ward police be fore he had proce.'ded man? block*. >>a*er w*? all ended physic an. who pronounced the a h pelciw ooe The Intestines of the wounded man protruded several feet, mi '1 it is gupiHiHi-d that some of them have been severed,, in which ruse little or no hope ran bo entertained for tbo recovery of the patient. Sherlock wan committed for ej utninutkn by Justice Davison. THE CANAL STREET TRAGEDY. Henry Hamilton, the young man who wan mortally wounded in the drinking saloon So. .1H8 Canal street, on Monday morning, during an affray with a follow named ?lohn Mornney, Ik now lying at death's door. Dr Kay, house surgeon of the New York lloHpital, who hax been in constant attendance upon the wounded man, given it an his opinion that lie cannot possibly 01M many hourn longer The tr.cnds and rrlativen of the unlorliinato young man have been daily visiting his bedakle, eagerly awaiting the moment when tlie reasoning faculties of this patient may be so fur restored ax to enable them to con verse with him. Hamilton haa been deliriom ever nine** he waa admitted to the hospital, and it Im a matter of muclfc doubt whether he will ever return to his n.ilural senses. He will probably rloac hm earthly caroer entirely unconscious of his awl ut situation. GARROTINO A NEWSPAPER CARRIER. On Tuesday night a newspaper carrier, named Joseph Taylor, was attacked by a couple of garrotera in Fourth avenue, near Twenty sixth street, while ho was standing under a giu< light counting over his change, und robbed of all the money he had in his posses :ion. The rascal* suc ceeded in getting about peven or eight dollars, with which they made their eeca|><-. A nutivber of suspicious charac ters were subsequently arrested by Sergoaut Van Ordtm, of the Twenty second ward pollen, but Taylor failed to identify any of them. The highwaymen used the carrier pretty roughly. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. The Utter Demoralization of the Republic. COMONFORT AS DICTATOR. Defeat of the Government Troops in tj v South and West. STATE OF THE COIXTRY IN C01UE88, THE REVOLUTION IN YUCATAN, &c., Ac., &r. The United States mail steamship Tonne. (nee, from Vera Crur, reached New Orleans on the evening of the 10th . She bring-', beaidM the regular seini monthly mails, with dates to tie St li from the capital , and 50 in specie The American bark Flash al?o sailed on the 4th for New York , with a cargo valued at $.'>.1,100 M. ol' which $i'l 2t?iro in silver coin; the rest in grain, coffoe, tobac co, k< Tie' reeu'ar monthly Kngllsh -teenier Solent, -ailed for Southampton, via Havana, en the lib, with U |.a.s?>cngorH and :? cargo valued at 1 14-1 ?"?>??> 17, of wlm li f >H,!Hil 69 were in silver, $d,37H lu gold coin ; the rot iu the pro dm t- of the country , p? ie ? j w*l I v < ? real. Also, on the 1-t in.-t. , for Hamburg, ttie Danirli brig ?.i tin rine, with a cargo valued at of ?l. h 5?j,70J whs in gold coin. The chief |s)int-i oft'ir ni'w< were rermitol by telegraph from New Orleans, and published some day* rn-M; bat the letters of otir correspondent and the interesting ex tracts and trans lationa we give ben w wjl ho found wor thy of pertwal. OIK CITY OK MKX1CO COKKKftPONDKNGB. Mkxho, Nov. 4, 1HA7. 7 hr Hour of IHuolution Comr fur M-xico ? Jl<tuU ttf' Tioo Yrart of Literal HuU ? (iuvmni <U Iroofti Iwics Difeat rd ? Currnavara and Qurrrtam in 1'iuurttwn <if tkr KrtrU ? Ihmmtrnt f,'iirryu;*?-?? Extraordinary Ctrurte Con flrrt.- ? A I'irlinrnt /ru/uiry, rfr. , <#c, The bour of dissolution for Uiw poor country appears Dttr it hand. The more a person endeavor* lo permiadu hiuiseU' that a power from Mexicau talent can ever again be set np 1:1 It.! land ? > govern the country, the mor<? must ho be per uadeU of ito utter impsrsibihiy. Thw may soeni .4 bold wn< rlien io tb^-n unacquainted with Mrtico ; but to tin w? ? liti have watched the courie at tilings here, the case of ilc-'i ny w perfectly i lear Every day the country h crumbnag t?> pieces, or I might u.*o a more potent atid truthful figure? Mexico, with all her natural gifis, Is rotting down. Kvery change of government, every new )>ion t every success of liberal or cotieervativa parties , ail have carried along, by Ututr dead weight, this poor country to a point of diSKolulioti. Two years hare elated since tlie liberal party, flushed with triumph, entered thin capital, and gave to the wor lit the roost solemn promises of a good government. Thus party ha* worked for two years And what do we find to day f Ibscotitent in Ivery quarter , three cities of the repub lic ? Campechy, Cuernavaca and yuerelaro? in the hands of revolutionists; the Indiana ruling and ruining in Yuca tau, Puraugo. Chihitahua, Sonora and in parts of /.acatecas, Jalisco, CVmhuila and Macro l^on , the high road* aban doned to rubbers , commerce checked, and in many parut entirely ruined; the post routes broken up, and the nation beggarly poor, without the power to remedy auy one oC the existing crtto. On nil side* we hear the name cries against the existiug state of thing* , but no one can devise plans for remedies. WHbin the pact live days the government troops have been twice signally defeated. Ou Saturday last the troops of the government that were sent tn pursuit of the revolu tionists who had taken possession of Cuernavaca, under command ?H t'ohns and Moreno, two revolutionary leaders, were decayed into a pursuit from Cue ma vac a into Urn south The revolutionists kept up a show of retreat until the government trots* had ;?ase d into a dangerous post tion of a pass called rlatanlllos, two leagues Uim Hide of Ignala. when tin y fell up<*i them with great vigor, and killed and dispersed the entire government force, and killed their li ader. tien. tionxalef, one of the moat truo and devoted < flu era of tlie government, and made a prisoner of ?ien Buensootro. At (Jueretarn a similar mishap has befallen the govern ment? Mcjta. the bandit, Mil U|?'U that place a* Sunday last. the Orst inst. , and on Monday morning, at 3 o'clock, commenced an assault. Tlie battle lasted about seven hours, at the end of which ti*o the go\ ernment troop* un< onddif.nal'y surrendered. In this affair Urs. Astraga was dangerously wounded There are discontents in all uuarters. but tlie moot threatening Is that in Yucatan. ?h?re the re\ oiutioemts are in great ?trength It is reported here that they have sent tiitfi.OOO to the I'mted States to buy ship* with, to take pneanstoa of tlie entire coast W hde all these troiihlca are going on, what do we fln<t in Mexico* The Osigres* as coolly debating and /piitliiig straw* as if their nation was in a most flourishing ??owdi tion Although revolutions rule on all sides and the rob bers md Indians have what territory m not in civil war, ? I . . ai.not where the i li 1 1 ? 1 n is .trifling to That body has given eitranrdinary powrn to Com<mfort , net they are still debating on the subjet t and should things look as though peace rould rilst for a week I think the power would be withdrawn W hat doe* t'ncle Ham think of thi* ro?intry? ft m not an optional matter, be must do something with it. nfwspapkr ArrorNTB. The new Se^etary of tlie IiSerKir. Juarei. and roe res-elly the BHs-t iinr"r*anl ">an m the new cabinet, whether we csisider his olBce, his |?r*onal character or hi* influence, rra< bed the capital on the even tig of tbs 31et Multitude* of |s^^ile went out of the city to meet km w! hu^sntry was almoet a triumphal one Senor Juarrt. who. we tw neve, is an Indian of purs blood, ban always been an ? ttreme rvlw al in pc>litics, H" ts un donbtedly a man fff eminent taleni and acquirements, as be is a statesman of large expertenoe having held many important . nice#. Me 1* the author of the law "Juarex. ' t;en Yan?*. who h^s for a long time bsen at Maxatlan, has delegated hla command at that place lo Gen. frpejo, and he is going to Honora. t.en Ulancarte. who has cut a consptcnotw flgure m many the many revolutions, ha* escapist from his im prtsr lunent tn M. xlro He hiis not *lnce written to the government to iv*%?rvt? the public ef b?s wbereihouts The Ssntnnnis Oen Cnrb*s. who, returning from Madrid, was arrested on Ixstrd tlie Tennessee mi her passage out, arrived at the capital under escort on the ;Rth Tne ??*i for says he had better have been "reshipped at Vera Cr?.? as b?- would not fail t<> communicate with those to whom Is W* mtssiMi Much Is said of impi<rUiit papers found on his person, but none had ^ 0 published Hn was not, as at Vrra Cru. thrown into prison, but held la duress and (urMMNtfMd* at tlie ivi 4! w tnse Major J Caperton, F/lsan Wl and I, Q. Washington 7( al^m, a. arrived in McvV-o on the .Id, m JTK Manainiila. where tkey toded fr.^1 the HoMen Age on the tttfa *f October Near (iuada lai^ra hr% w. re attacked by robbers two of whom they shrt csits rlthe oUier. to retire They then proceeded wThout metest.iU- n until they retched yueretaro tm the* of the <t*y th-y were* about tn leave that dty, a Tr muJ-tam'-ni' hri ke out, hesdml by Medjis. and a deepo V?te fire f?intinued for eleven h.?ir* Kttially the ^-ern ment troops were overpowered , and the cltv taken by tli? rev. lotion i*t* A? 8 o clork In the afternoon the party made the r escape tn tlie diligence, and arrived safety n the capital. Humors of another Santa Anna ctpeditioo on the eoas? were agmn in circulation, but nothing seems to have been known It was belieWd. also, by many that the old chief ta n. who gives our neighbor* notch imaginary trouble at l...-??t, was at the botb'ttt of tho ri volutin in Yucatan Vr Antonio Kecsndisi. the gentleman In *tk<s rvamn the concc?-'on for a railmnd from V ra Ou* to sisoe pi' on the 1'ai flc ocean has been made, ai l Mr (Jorfttcb, U?o