Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1857, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1857 Page 2
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*?ngm??er ol the nwd, were 7 ^ Milwprif, the former to make ??<"?? *rr.*1'' v 0l competed engi n..d the tetter tc organ.*' ? t^A>HinU> l>e Beer. lor (be ?ur> ey i..l t*?u the liuli rxiwt anil the M - w,tti the scientific Mr G ^ at ono# pro cotrpany bv the middle of .'an ""} ,??1 with (he ??k n?, mltl41-y recnnnouwance of the In the meantime a jveMnmi > Mejican engi rountrv * being made by NH"* Anna.* u, ? imorofl. pwsons interred m the ?a4('.?W? llRtTISH OOMCLA* A..FNCY,_ 1 SaI? 1 .ri* lVroai, July ) . .KT-ruTs The claim made by Bntiah subjects resi dent in this < ity, for repayment of the forced lo*n cx_ t-a tei'l vM .i Othon, in December last, having bet n sealed I'V the Mil.- of the credit to a person tn the capital, lliave received instruct.,? from her Majesty k Chargo C* to deliver to you dollar*, which Is the amount if vour claim. with addition of T^^ 'int inierot to 'Jfcth .lunc last, at the rate of S pfr cent tw>r anuum The above amount uouar* ? ?[ It l- rejiorted that the tobacco monopoly is to hi cisinp their function* a- hclore ^ (.t.iuut'u in this re^HM t r ? correspondence ssraaR ^HF&VJrsJrsJrt mr'thir p\ti t t the flofxl cateft of heaven opened upon thai afflict i-l portion of Mexico, a.- all kiudaof train and truils. Some fields ha\e b'Htt eutlielv t-li ippi*d ot their produce. Thus severe visitatiou h u- ca'uaed a ureal advance ui all the uecessariea oflite. er correspondent at Mazatlan. under date of MO 'srssrs s& by lh0 fr v, x r^rkaT^uira^'. ^TtSft Ltffi. ^ u J Viclria a?d-^lK? are In wararu. ??? .one there ? *?* tlT,nid mine* had becu discovered near Tacubaya. and .x&sss Srt '? -si ttrfSLss? *'e Kitu ii. d in a fcarrat 'O, among the hllw or T?o?oay*j, H-1'1 . I i 1 if a mile i OSI that place, in the direction of n e ? a t TV of Beicn What is . the preaeu !!,' IT-' m? the r .1.1 and the silver mine are not * n .?! ?? th ?n *?ne var^ ai>Arl Both mine* " ,-L: ;u fj^id IU , ciiaUi Of u-petate. The fW bBadng I vt ate is r.hoitt three feet in thickness and h horiaon Li; XcL* te ctra'a ..r.aud both ,Mve a..4 below i Cv.oM-onTs .-noi-oKi n kxtraorotnaht powi-hj?. ? hrom the K. 0 Picayune. Nov 11. l The w ing IK the official report ol the Ouigresstoioa ' t|?. , grant of estraordiuary |??W' r* .1 . ^fcut ve of tli? neighboring republic of Mexico, , "i. A Irt, -le bv artic*. was ?til! noder ron?ldera an' Wh-eh "7.U- Jatest ttdtcch. Therein, !r? if be^aciirf u 1", like all nimilar Mexican . izi. uitvi estraordinary ?nii^ ? ut-MU?TC? ursntvnrn dr!TDCen'aii i'"''>|''1 'N"rt' ' I'"''-.! ^ ' Ih^" < 'U'.T'.try l<\,'!vi^k?U d^ermM'T^\^rV^ui^t^Ine'?*wfy - the ' "' rt' o^_n',h. cuarantef-f contained in article* B andt7 arel.l.e*'*e ,u.i?nded. (the right freely to e.prw. ?plTi ? r xoept when thr same is an attack ul?>u moral.*. nJ li e ,r.rV.l.blr r.gM to write and pub!, -ft work, on What -TIT subject;) hut the abu?<M of printing nhal i ??? ?Jed by V law of the .>th Of r;l^;. Without disabling the government from impo- mg fine, to tt, amount ol ?l woo or imprinonment for two month* vi > 0 author* or tho?e in whatsoever manner renponalble f rpuhlieatiotui affecting public order \rt 3? Th. guarantee conumed in the flr?t part . ar tide in is -Handed Tor rolttwal offence*. (No one shaU !?<? moieftUH^ in ban permrn, family , property , k< , except U ' A r|J U*^- Vor* l h e 'wiuie } ofle n c e? shall be upended the I,rm pari of urtirle 1V? but deW nton. which 1- referred i<< lhall mH e*c ed one month (No detention shall etrer the term of three day*, eicept upon pnnf of BUfflotnt I I ?*?jn f< r^n^, ir(|nl(1<> , Untuned in article 21 i? also mi |H-nded rThe application .rf *wr,toh?cnt I #ffiv Ui the judiciary ) The goverhroeot w empow rea in nun -h political oflenc** bv imprisonment or ban lab Tneni Tt.? ? puni-bmeiiU -hall i>e lm|?sed m a coun- . of II,' Mnitir, and -lull ouiyla.l for the term of the -us P-tiMun of the g'.aranux.- The violation ot these pan, ,-h ' . . ... 1 , .,r,?eruli J a/'crdmj: to common law <* the rth art.ele ,?.n ' d /| rivaleirripertv -hallo.Hbe taken on ITr, '"u'e *r. r ,-,cepi in C*MV? of public utility, an t with ir vio> - mn.ti.atioo.) leaving lo the charge of U. Vie* ut ve Um jaJunent ot the public utility and necc . and the Urnw <*( indMBBMOMtaa . . .. /rt V-1l es i?!--n?Hm referred to in the previa am ??? .1 iili'V' efe.tfroni the day on which this agree . .1 . . . 1,1 -he.; a- a tow !? tl.. -oth of April the coming year, completing t* caducity by the simple tape* ol th.* term Art > ? t Mi-jwn-i ?ha'.l only t i>..?cc ta render i ff' ! l! * authorities i-onrrHh"! to the Execut ro of th? I n; ii f"r th* pr***reatK>o of public order. and by exproaa ?>r 1? i ol lh* uaur Art f- During the term of thm aaspeaaion political of frtirc* ahall iw do*pw< ho ! over whatsoever otfc< m of Uio t"mtnon oiilit Art lo? li i? underaUmd by art W la 3d, Out tha t>rov|. (noi - ta th* ia-t part <>f article ITih ?f th* cxintituuoa, with rmwd to i i>fv >ball to unprejudiced (Tho lattor fiitrt <>' Hftu to 17tli "I th<- ? "tuttlt'iti.n j?r??\ lde< that the trlbunale aliall healwaya opeti.aad juatto lw meted oct, ?ii ] Uiut judtcia art kbulmbod.) rrrnjtfnim> 4*y pow*nf";a*TTv> Article 1 ? The*ir..\ rrnmrnt t? authorlwd ? 1 To acquire by eitraordiuary mean* and with tl?? Ira t < ?<-umbranor, an tnu<b a* the aum "f t'l.ta*) prt'vidlnj: for it |>iymrot from the free |?rlof the federal r> nt-, m di i?t.~ ti.. n<< ">?aary meaaur* i <>r ttie regula tl"n (i* tl* |>? of -aid reni. i! TWr- pilai lb' final ine debt prow line from eon tra> t? without augmenting llir au?x.nt <?l tbia d?H| by aatd m rahfeme nt 3 1\i celehrat. contract*. carting lh* r.cbt of way hy II. ? lathnua of iHiuaBtrift, With the ?<?.iry condition that all qu- ti.*i? that may artae for their iulQIuniit - t.? l l? rr*.h . ?< hr pm m1p arbitration, or by ihr tr|?. mat* <?t the ' .> miry w tbout iti any ea?e hmng a* 1<- to *<dl or by at* i all. or in ; art the bat kn. >i t? rritory to aliy foreign fnv>mra? tit It torarrr n ,i ttn-n rmtrart* there atwild t? >?nv n< w treaty mad< ine name ?ball W auhtuinitt*- I to lit e tp|iro bat:ori ot t igre?a 4 tfcgoficede, with the -unr restriction* the riithl of way 1} Ui< rt ii<?d ?lin b i? to be road" l>"lw? n lh>i |x,rt of Vera Cr r md any other ? >ti the I'ariftc ? u> 5 To angarat the fhrwi of tlx oat u u> ? To i|.4pr???- v man>^ '/O,!""! wit f<?r i'i" national puard of Ihf and Nml di-irtot, otwrvmf !?> ?-in ploy thi?? in the l?'aal grave manrmr. arrord nit t'. !!?? <-*i pwi' tea .?rili# public K*r\ m*, and fliuig for ??? h .-t?t? tbe I r..[*r n init. ' T TV? anuBl< ip lb# rotumunitf* ttof f->w that -nay ho ronf d*'. d nectary to attend t"thf dofeacc of the ta 1? pMKtaaoa an i the prf'-'rvation of puMr paare. * Tha Pr< idfT.t aball be able, whoa be d?-?Bi- it t?ece? aary . to arparaf* h oiaelf from the place of re?t4eaca of tlx aopreta e powrra. Art t ?IV tftrlaet af qat< k aodeffiraclou* " bed (enre '-n that jiart of vktfwnr autboritloa to the wdera I bat tbe t M . mn ?at may dictate, wltbia ttw tiro?' 4 4 tb? p*n*af>-of tli??'' auUtonattitme ?hall be KraiecauiM- ? A ??>- . ? ? tv l'.*1 *!?*!? b' OTrauiwktoly rtm led in |*eference to all. ? rl .1 .Any ^4?-r? <* w? f hi that ?hould b? i?*'|fd by ^ tii?. Hutboriaat mj- aball lie yraatad by tU. Oaoartl c* m ? ?tw? Art ? ? th* day of tha puMtcatwni of thlr law the p naiiiMt ahal np?<. h n<'? a ? otiBt ill aU the brain b- a I t tfce tacetpt and r*p< ndttuM 'if the fuad< oftbe federa Itoa. Hall ?X tae Onmm? >n? of ? .<? ? ^hm of ibe ChW m*t*. iti n?, uonAK n otto, Mmm, Mopt an, iw?- ?>MiUA" [Trotii tiie Me* an Ktlraordinary . <? t 2t? I Tl.e pMbticatiaa of U?e t. rmi upon ? bx i, . itraord iwry fa. IHlea are I n >* (fraist"?t u ih. , t ?r , lrf (tir trtM licfiui kaat t) to tlM' ( i, try in la pruatrate tanxlltNia W. Irwrt that Ui'1 pabl:<ati<Hi ? f tbe*.- 1. rma ?- tl?? u* ..f tb? land will B?t limit '? f' rr'"' M'< had ne< er .>nt r: < I ni * ??? dm i Ida of the i ?* arpm gr*i ? t,E Die ?>?. < th. i.e. . ??-ar J facultiar Uj pr<a. ? J <ri*orou?ly a ithtlc k ^ M fi.-nt in.' public ha* n.jw hefor.- i ih< ; |.r.-4 that IVmgroM ba? Ml ??'II inforaied tK u m* \y t, , |? g v.r the r i'iuiry throufb Ha preMM <e? of trouh;.^ The powe-- ura' ted to tha elacatire ajid InatahlnM ail I" tn ?? r. itnplrt*' Tl..' Importaid cuarant?*? nf 0>" ? ??t~tilui in ? Laract' r .*t!i 4 a free gov. rBBeat I?hv?' Uko f apeadtd T>, prrae Will again ba aal^ect to a cbeck? a t '( m?tanee 11. a' *c do not^aitogKber r<?gr' i, ' "ti- >ririK !!??? ualifull-l Uoeaee thwi baa In-aa u*?d atw ?? full liberty tii foe"ti graht. . t<> publi wril> r?. W'bi n tlie m?rKN> <if the o'srii.a! 1 n mi fully uaderatooii uabridl*' I an I nn t ? t < -pi. d ar t i.. arf itn|MHeDt to do auy ?Bf I tea mar I inent or publir m*;rti' t,. n The "uf|? ni-Kai of ?on?e of the (rmrantep-' ara ratber i ' irtling ii.d triily i?: > *t? that pr#paraii"iia lt?V" baen '.i>adi4k| OiagreaB for a % iguruua peree<-utlo8 <?f all fmr r<ei?'?n>o !?<?> I creatanf laait h r* m tho iaad. Th? c ? ti' t ? ?' p"? r-totlir Pr?Mi l(>nt to lianiah . *11 I ki-ty t .. eery loadtMiv to the i??t iat<?a-t* ?4 the I n t?"! ;nal ? n>a . i ft mn V. ra ' ;ii i Ui >'< w Or I' iUl< I ' .it, fi# t in,. \<i? | i The pintiua ?>i lb- Kue?raai< ui at i.i ? m im? nt la trul> r r tioaf No otie ' ia gh way tliit. * Iwv alwaya aatd I at t l^t. lal ve|?r*? >f t >v. rntneii' w n i, a th?' ih-ng , ttben- tbt eunt o n?'B< ral Ignoraai o *?'?.? gr. .?t the go ??t'itnen( tn .-t lie (? aerful ioi i >. i ? * >1 %o ' tb? rrltieal I mti !. n aii il th*' )fi?T?'rntnen1 ftad? it-. If i ?attr?ly J pir.ngt iuc il%'ia^ ti alwayt cueM^uiNit ttgau discussion It is a singular circumstance m th.? country tlmi legislation has brought on more diwnbt UtM any- . thing clttc. It in, therefore, a favorable sign that the pre briu (VrngrMa appreciates thin faul fact. I 'ongresa ha* granuvl the extraordinary faculties. Kij+it before lost they were in secret session all night. The conditions of the faculties we do not yet know. They are likely nut materially different from the plan we gave on Thursday I ?k t [From KJ lleraldo, of Mexico, Nov. 3.] In view of the alarming new* received seems that fifty one deputies presented to Gongross a pro ]>o>.ition to courede extraordinary power*, that had been under consideration, to thejl 'resident. Congress declared 1 itself in |>ermanent session, and tho discussion began, which had not concluded when we went to prcsa. Wo will give a rejiort, if necessary, in a supplement. [From K1 Hcruldu ? Supplement.] Sr. l*uie has communicated to us the tollowing Parlla montarv review: ? The sovereign Congress, convinced ut last of the urgent and imperious necessity with which the ! situation requited the granting ol extraordinary power*, as demanded by the government, in or der to he able to meet the exigencios which, whilst thii" question was landing, have been increasing, consent I ed yesterday to d.n-lore Itself in permanent session for ex clusively treating it. and taking the measures most conve ' iiiet for "the nation under the actual circumstanoea. The Mttiug lias beeu long, and l lie dlMN animated, for, notwithstanding that the discussion began at noon, tho proposition lastly made w.ts approved only at eleven I'. M. ; 7W vote* being for, and !i& against. Immediately the debate on each article was be gan ; but* Deputy Sr. .Itian .lose Mar. having insisted on the discussion following its ordinary course, u new debate o|H*ned which ladled for three quarters of mi hour, aud at a quarter to midnight the proposition of Sr Ha/ was rejected by 01 votes against 43. At tins ?ame hour and in consideration of tho advancing time. without the principal question having beeu discuss cd. the proposition was put for summary discussion, HO deputies having at two o'clock in the morniug approved it, again* t 24, of whom several aAed the |>ermi&MOU to put their vote on record, which was granted. From this moment the question was decided; for ac cording to the cotnpulutiou of the votes we gave in ex tract tho disposition of Congress with rcspoct to it has been made kuowu; thus, at three o'clooic in the moru mg. the decree referring to the suspension of guuran tees was drawn up, and a quarter past five the pro ject having already beeu approved by both united com illusions, by authorization of the government the roll won called m order to proceed to it- discussion by articles und to vote on them. * * ? ? ? * * * [Kditorial of K1 Heraldo, of Nov 3. | With the cxccptiouof four Legislatures which have been in favor of the <;etioral Congress, according to the Kxccu tive of the republic, extraordinary |*iwers for renstabllth ing order, by employing greater severity, the others either rejected the said proposition originally put forth by tho ! le gislature of Guauajuato or did not consider it as worthy ot 4 enumeration. bu: at the sume time the olflcial gazettes, j which are to be regarded as the organs ot the Governors. | from whom necessarily they have to receive their instruc i lions, openly declared their full opposition to these powers. Will the (jeueral Congress come to the resolution to put itsoll ill with the legislatures of the Suites* Will it take npon itself to run tho risk* of a revulsion which may be protitu-d by the reactionist?'? It is sad to say , but this will he the consequences whenever the supreme govern incut, supported by the resolutions of Congress, pretends I to execute its decrees. If tne States do not dectare them selves in open rebellion, en<langering thereby, public tranquillity and the exits teuce of the Institutions. they will with tudlfl'rron;e regarit the orders of the general govern i meat, which with its extraordinary powers will be reduced | to this district only aud to one or iwo States. [From Ixi Trait d'l'uiou, Nov. 2 ] According to the Mtmtfnr, Mr. Benito Jmiroz had, the j day before yesteroay evening, arrived in Mexico. The i news is premature, but will, realized. Already, by anticipation, this event created a I sensation: Tor it is of such a nature as to considerably in , lluentc the actual situation. Yesterday, ou All Saints | .lay. when the official world ccasod all serious occupation, j rumors less respectful for the solemnities of the church ; were not the less afloat throughout the city. It w;is rejiorted that the r.ew minister of the interior (Juarez) is not. with regard to the question of extraordi nary |<owers, ol the same opinion with the rest of tho Cabinet, and that he will put conditions to his taking pos session of the portfolio. The fact was set forth that tho legislature of (h^laca had not backed the proposition of that of Guanajuato; and this forbearance had been attributed to tho well known influence of (ioveruor Juarez ou the representatives of his State. People went even farther, and pretended that Mr Juarez will declare that ha is unable to go hand in hand, in the council of ministers, with cer t&in inenil>ers ol the Cabinet whose convictions and tenden cies do not appear to him to be in full conformity with the exigencies ot the |*>licy the government necessarily has to follow Amocgst the ministers who do not possess the political sympathies of Mr. Juarez were cited those of Finance and of War. Finally, the Governor of Onjaca w is represented ??< coming much nearer the truth, in his man of thinking, of Messrs M.gucl Ierdo de Tejadaand Juan Jot-e Haz than that of hi? colleagues in the Cabinet. starting from this point, commentaries had a free Play. It Mr Juarez, it wa.-- said, takes possession of his portfolio, we tnust expect a ministerial modification; if. on the contrary, he does not ent*?r the Cabinet, war will he declared between the party of the progTosistM and tho I government. We shall soon know what to think of these rumors, vtii.hwc recommend our n , liters not to con-idcr l >o ttriou*. There wa* cm Saturday a short poblic Mimg. and a ?ecrvt one tor some moment*. In the public siting there had been read.fir-t h com muniration of the Minister of Finance, enumerating thorn* of the employe* of the Treasury who refused to r wear al legiance t" the rowtitiitioi. . second, a oommunk at ion from the govc rnnii nt of I'ueMa. cxpo*in?f the motives which prevent M Joaquin Zumacona from presenting him- 'If in tVmgrcn< thiri! a commaiiiculion from the C,ingrt?* of JUciitecM, di iriii^' it* non concurrence with (hat of l.uunajuuto ? ith regard to the que tion of extraordinary jKiwerc fourth . two prjpoeltkma from the !^-i;tK!ature of iiu.tuajuab ? 4 'lie of tiiem to the pur|>o*e that the State lie exempt from the appligHiiou of the law of 12th September la*! <>n the clas*ilitaiioa of revenue*, and the other de. ntatMllng the cuppreasMiii of the tolls; fifth, a pro|??ition from th>' I>egt.- lnture of Tabasco, demanding for the l*re#i dent of the republic extraordinary powcr a a a a ? a Ii. ? secret aittiuu the dtacuastou by article* of the re l>ori of the Commissioner* on the extraordinary powers to begin; but Mr (ioriBtt* having made a proposition lli ? f . !. !'?ti ?!)?". I I I " puMic 'i-?e:? ! of -??ere| the nttlng was I imted to voting on thi? mot, on. and the pro portion of Mr. Oorantea waa rejected t.y 6'2 votes to 3V. ? * ? ? ? ? ? The vote for adopting entire the portion of the report of tie Ckwrnnisatoaerx on the sn*|ieu*iou of the guaranty !'??. i'l:e e, a- we hnve alreuity stated, ou Kri lay. with a gr<i.t majority? 7* rotes to 31. Tina flr*t trial i? or such a nature as to let na ea*ily foresee the final result. Tlie itincux-ion w^a animated for a *hort time. It i* -aid that Mr. Juaii Joae lla* dei Ured tint bo be )< I til eiieigetic mi-t intelligent 'tirUtorsllip trt b,? tici < -nary tor the country, he considering it a* preferable to any Kiiiftitiition. and that If he wa* oppoo d to grant in k extraordinary i-'w-r*, tt was because he behoved th'j actual government win wi ak It ?,.< ?tate(l tliat the disca-.-" u between M'-**ra. Baz aiel luente* (Minister of Foreign Relations) has been r> mewhat violent and pa/ wraatc. It i* alao *aui that the Minuter has ie it yet comtntiul rated the |fetlM revelation* , and that he ha* declared that the prevent r* action waa cH no iraportaace The declaration of Mr. .luan Jo*e 11m* fully agre?****iib I mil m. inner of ihu king; l>e?tde?, tlie former tiovernor of j the d -trtrt h i* l?- n for a long tune m a povtmh which j Mlla him to r ^Ltly appro late l oth M and thiols. STATE OF THE COUNTRY. DSI BAT or TH? OOVKHNMKNT TROOP* AT tTlRNAVA CA AMD gt Kltr.TARO. (f rom the Mexican Kxtmordtuary of 4th N'ovrnlwr ) < ?i Monday morning early an expeeaa arrival from the S<sith w ith the sad near* that the tri*'f?? that ha t ao lately >i,t'i"d Cwr'iav ira m triumph und- r ?xiUMa(<if Oil liuenr ~tro and Gen. Ittitarco GowaalaS, had met with a * igt <1 ft- !? at in the p*' * ?t nalamlloa, aad that one ot their leader* , lieu leinxalez hail baett certainly killed, and d waa feared that hi* a-i.-oclatc n i (immnnd. Oil. Bu rt r?tfn had *hare?t Uk same fate It ajitx-ar- tliat after tifetna ? "nernavai ? g rremment tr "-j- ? > r? indue# <i to poraue the n a< ti'tilrt* towar U the eooth Oil"'- and Moreno kept up the tiow of a horr,*l i f ht until they arritred at the t?ai>. which i* about two 1, agm - tht? 'Ie ?< lcual* Her iliey wer" )oine<| by Vl i arm at 'i the whole unitrd him ot the revouitior.i t- were , at cnee aeeret< d *o aa to deceive their enemle* Th" gov ernment tr?* i* g"t W"li into th? paaa ? w hlch la repre ntcd to n* \ cry difOcith an I in ovary way d'*<iiialifl?d for m iliary ttvn ? mento- when tlie rea- tn mat* ? barged ut?>ti them a ith all their force from the mora favorable l>>c.alit,e* around Hie n ene that ewined mn?t hare hern terr tic The tr>*ipe of ihe goveruni' nt were hemmed m and no alter native waa lett then, but to fly a* lw*t they could nadiw a 'iiowerof musket Mil* tlen tJon*ale? mm the oh)ect of the revenge of the rev'tluuonftt*. and he waa aonn loft dead by hp llytng troop* j Tlie d"U l? we have r?-ce vad are by an mean- aw h v pi n able u* |o fivi a pCfMlrt pc tare of tin* taMtle It i? en." gh, bnw?\er to know that th" rufrtinent haa *u* KM a ?erere k*n m the death <<f f*?e of tt* nw*t worthy off), er* and in the tfineflM of hi* trooj>-;. We trii-"! that the reported k>-? of Bm- nrnatro may yet meet with eon i ira?;iction. f? the movement* of the revolntioiitat* we are n'rt f u'ty ' adVlaod. but it i' m<>re than ltc< |y they will fall l?a k ou t'uernaraea TBK raOOUM AVION nr COhOKtL MokKNO (Vn/MH Joe* Makia Mociiw. thief of the Brigada of hi* name, to hi* fub?irdmat< ? -. i i- ? The aituat ?? <?t the country ij m< lane holv in lb# extreme An Immoral and dtanrgaMn1 J factw ha* Ink i n laiw-eealon of |*>wer since tlie pbtn of Ayutla le came ti nphant. which, tWIiUli* (4 r ? li"* and authority, v' -t bereft of * IrtM and of pairiot,?m, to rule the deati i i, < * tin gr-at natkm. haa not left '>m -t ine u|*in ano tr ? t < ( tb ? > ial ifiiflce. and abrujitly atb?king the mo?i i*- r? <1 n 1 1 it*?ta. and de-troyiiig tlaeie mtaAoei aaaaryto pt. i r\ inil' (lendeiwe and the glory of our country i, in? ii h ft ii* bat a |>aro?'i of rnln* am! rabbtsh In -t a. ..( tie maipUfkeal future which waa m tioun. "I to ii- ? ih *o n. i< b i?imp. Y' u have dt-.. wrie.i to day this facMnn m hf Ii haa w -fw d t> v. ? ii*. i tin tit i .^joverMient, you li.-i * <? pli ?sd > elver linger iny lw< r* and I am MtfldMlW tri nil ph. be* *u-e I liavi omtdem ?! Ill the good name of tlie n?t n anu ii, the protection of hearen wh,.-t pr<? lami ng th" m ? ..tot eaw?e wh ? h we defend in our plan tint ot * i u ('* u, i k i,| .I, /. a ion UmM of the sovereign I? i ? i>n |* Wl. it free and s)??tan?Ki* Ij that ol the arniy. because we will promote .ta refarm Mid fierfert orgaWratiiM that 'jf the |err> , wh: h It'll t?eff today ntitracid and fftilad finally we will da ? nd the i liun h whose i tiiev winch are tlni?t of llM l"?r , have hf. n dilapidated l.y that horde which oceii pie* aaaconq ".?r and to our tbaow the eatmal of the r 1 puMtc. Our ' a* eoaiy threatens ttmse aaaassiM, thosa haadHs Jfcr?-e usurpers ot pow. r that dlaorganiwM far | tkii which, lying with thf aaered name m liberty, op prc**cs the |?-ople and ruo^ k- it* rights Have i onf 'ence in me. s*il Iter* and ! prot *t lo you that I mily b?ke up arm* to day wulmut any other objoet than that if f* storing the i mpire of order and of law law. order antf guaranle?* no eaeeaee*, no ati isa of I' ?wer aaJ iiimue-: u uauiiuog the ptut^iplta pro claimed. Such u the programme which I swear before you and all my feUow ciliseus to carry out, giving an account of my oonduct to the nation at the end or my mu ?ton. N3BR M. MOKKNO. CmMMOi, Oct. 22, 1867. Ml'KKKNDKll OF QUUBTAHO. By the arrival of the diligence last evening from the interior we learn from a gentleman who was an cyo wit cmi the following particulars of the taking of Querelaro | by Mejia: ? The first symptom of a movement wan observed ou Sunday evening, but this passed off, and the report (tint Mejia was inarching upon tho place was not believe*! by many. The government, however, made preparatious, whether with a knowledge of the facts of the case or not, our informant does not know. At 3 o'clock on the morning of Monday Mejia actually made bis appearance and commenced filing away. The engagement comineuced at tluit hour, and wan continuously kept up for seven hours, when the government troops gave In and offered to surrender to the reactionists. Wlnle the teium ol the surrender were being made out the jminunciadiir fired upon and severely wounded Gover nor Artcaga and a colon el who was in command of the governme nt troops. The jtronutuiadot sacked several stores and private establishments, but after Mejia proceeded to sign the term* of the capitulation quiet was restored to the place. At tliu time our lnforinaut left Querelaro, which was m the diligence, order prevailed. T1IK KKVOLtTION IK Yt'CATAK ? KKl'OKTED 81'HKBN DEK Of CAMl'KACH Y. [ Krom the Now Orleans Picayune, Nov. 12.] Yucatan |iaptm> of the ltith ultimo, two days Inter than cur own direct, received at the city of Mexico, and quoted by the Sfrmitvr. report the surrender of Campeachy to the government tor res It will be remembered the revolu tionists were linrd besieged therein at list accounts by way of Merida and Sinai. The revolution in the island of Carmen, and all along that coast, however, had with this event taken uewlife, and the recapture of the surrendered town was now all the cry. The whole people were in arms. This we have from the city of Mexico. Rut referring to our Vera Crux papers we find no confirmation of it. They bad there nothing later than our own intelligence. Tho lown wan in a state of siege, but a writer on the iiubjeet in i he J'TitpeM) dil not entertain the idea of its speedy sur runder. M>u;muu wise w the field. A Bold and Brilliant Letter? The Southern Ultras Routed ? Thr Admlnlst ration and It* Kansas Policy Defended and Sustained ? ? Porcupine Opposition" Killed OfT Tht Law and tlic Gospel Laid Down to Senator Hunter, Ac, die. TUK OOVKltNOK's t.ICTTEK. IticiiMONii, Va., Nov. lfi, 18S7. You have seen proper to interrogate me, through the Enqvirrr, as to tho [losition I occupy touching the election of a Senator of the I'uitod Slates ; aud, believing that they are in good faith, fair and not unfriendly, I promptly reply to your questions as publicly as they are put. For more than twelve months rumors hare been circu lated that it was my desire and design to ou?t Mr. Hunter, if 1 could, from his seat in the Seuate of the United States; and my name in that connection has been bandied almut iu conversation and by the press, with a licence which assumed the air of authority, By whom, with what motive, to what mid Ihese rumors were started, it is cot niy purpose now to discuss. My object U to allay ex citemcnt and prevent division in the democratic party of Virginia ; and to that end I aver that these rumors are un authorized by anything said or done by me, that they are without foundation, aud 1 defy the production of the proof or evidence that 1 have over expressed or manifested the imputed desire or detsign. After my arduous struggle in 1HM lor the salvation of the democratic party |lfoudly hope! to have the sympathy and support oi all its sections in Virginia, and to bo able to act with all in equal confidence, and to serve all in the office I now fill. I regret to say that iu this I wm disap pointed. A -short time only elated, after entering upon ray duties, before a jealousy and o distrust were seen where I most expected confidence and friendly aid and ounsel. I did my be.-,!, by turning away from thn< to avert both its cause and its effect. But, inopportunely for harmony, the routest for the uoininatiou for Uie Pesidoncy came on early in 186rt, and my preference tor Mr. Ilucha nan. entertained for many years, was again made known. 1 adhered to his nomination . for reasons which now must be too obvious to every candid and conservative patriot and democrat, to need either argument or excuse. No other nominee of the parly could probably have been elecu-d. There was not one of his competitors tl?r whom 1 would not cheerfully have voted. I had, ill fact, aided, among other friends oi? Mr. Bui haiiau iu 1 S62, in nominating Mr. llerce, and in 1 s.'jo had intimated my approval of other candidates. But. having for his emiuent abilities and services preferred Mr Buchanan iu 1*44. l*4Xaud 1852. aud deeming him the only available candidate in 1*66, 1 co operated zealously with his fripnds in securing for h s nomination the vote of Virginia. But no effort was tasdit. M resort had to any means, to secure this, which could jii-tly be complained of by his rivals and their friends. He li.ul without effort, comparatively, two thirds of the delegation ot Virginia at Cincinnati, ana that majority did i.<4 tully represent the ooustitoe notes which u? 'Hired Iain. And, notwithstanding the attempts of tho ' op posed to his nomination, to destroy the prestige of Vir ginia by attempting to split her deleg U ion in the Qonven turn. ami. in i.n t. to nullify a major iy by a minority, by dividing her districts as well us the Phue, and to count the old Iiotiuiiiuu naught iu the nomtnal.on, her dolega tiou stood firm, as it had dotie at Bultunori in 1S62. wh n thirty -tour successive ballots w>re cast tor .tumi-s Bu ? Italian, and the vote of Virginia decided the Convention in j his fBVW. The election proved how pre eminently |x>pu ' he w.ut in this - -good old commonwealth." ihcriy I thousand majority proclaimed him the choice. of Virginia. 1 y far more than two thirds, if not four fifth-1 of the demo ! ratio voters. A tn^|ority of the jNiltticiuus in place pre erred other- , but the people pr. lerred by an over ' whelming, almost unanimous voice. The election was marked by extraordinary manifesta ( tions Che contest was ? whether sectionalism, caused by th. loreign influence of old Kngl. ml and i anad a. operating nth. form of black republii anmm upon New York and hi N< w I j glund States and up< n the lake borders of , i tl< r Mat< s. Id invade us further South, or u ir own nationalism i > ? Be* racy should drive It back further N< rtl. 1'eti-y h nma ''Tided that weue; hut Tor a I'mf it wm | nin n? iv d< ".ittul. Ab<1 in ib" tiWrt <>( that doubt there , w,i* h< >r<! nk? muttering in the >outh of a -u'idued, but *<!"? n, -n- ottw.t mn m; *or ?? few <?f thoae who voted , ntafur Mr. Boob iiiau'. citation. The fwdin/. grumbled ruhrr than openly ? Xfrc*?ed by them. wan of a nope that tho liUw k flag tnik'hi be ra>cd cicer U, to rouse the South , tm people to u revolution whi h would throw off the bonds ol tin' I iim?. It >a wi ll kin * n an I proudly adnitM that. ' had that Hag been hoi-ted over tic Captt >1 of the Untied Mate*. under the open |yo< latnatMi - or the election. I for i'Dc Mould have waited for no other overt act" of amire* ' (oon or tppmen; but I *v, that* fare, tlie nvire anMo'is t?. secure a da rum wile triumph . to prevent revolution and to pre-crv e the Vuiou Tin- separated mo from the n tr* bMi Sooth I doubt whether the) ?nt)M all hnvo followed mi' to Hie lengths 1 would have none had c*u<n for revolution bees fiM ti; Itut whilst 1 w.i* for warding off extreme Isanea >y electing a <x?oacrv?tive democrat who could unite all I itriot* and save thu I'nlon.tliey ? a email and very e\ cluatve clique? were for driving us upon re vol otion. re lnrt.iiitly sup|>ort?d the democratic nominee mi l at heart were dwappOiUtod at the democrat*' triumph which raved us from all "Urt e*tr? mtuea." The hone ami the rider of black rcpublicani-m were ov'rtbroan. but in the general nriotctng* there wv no ?hnnt from IV heart* '4 the exclusive extremist- Itiejr, however ho newt, were *?> I . and their countenance* were dark and dtsanl m tlie in Ida! of general t>njimtti1almns and smile* that the national democracy had sated our country once more from extreme peril. Ho<>n after the elrctinn of Cre^idi nt. and during all of laat winter an l spring, that which wan at first a wh:?pcr became more and more audible, until It brike out ntoa loud and openly uttering voice, "that there wa- a plot to a pplaiit Mr Hunter in the Senati >v l.overuor Wise and h ie> friends." Knowing thut there waa no foundation for Una in aught I bad aa.d or t'one or authorise I to be -mid or d<m>'. and the towftwM | resenting tee 1 1 that there might be enemies of le tli Mr. Hunter ai. l myaelf who were trying {to aow tan e b< tw< i n u* for their own scltl-h and ainlater en I* Mill aw i tul my mitnl fr.'Tn other definite cotii lumoti? !?? ?I? | t.rg ihe authors and the motives of th" ? ret* -t->. und continued to remain itlAt But the t me i ami- for (be or sanitation of Mr Buthaniu's lai net. It waa arranged by h.niM .f to bis own I k tg(, on h:a own rc*|*Misih,iiiy io ru t bin uwa confidential relations tn oflice and was com I <-!? ; of a majority of Southern men. {of nil nectMaa ot N'ftht rn democmry, pr- (erring no chu'te. and of nca?te di' ktiM t.. h?rmotn?' *11 i leno nte tn the party North and Soutli, Kuat and Wist It wa* organised on the n.i t tonal platform of the I'ocnuati I'onvution A* the head and r? pre?i ntativ" of the i?art> . he cinerali?e.i a* well an lii nould the peisimol and material ot the treat democracy of the I nited State* Tin- * a* what a I'reeident of w I Sited futiw should have endeavori'd to do It might not pli ase all, individually or ae? tionally , but it was for nil am! not for a (Mart And the great n?wof the party wa< well Content and t? iM-ral!) ac,'i ? <ced tu the orgaio'.atioti Hut the I're-ldent hail hardly been <natig jrateil. bait btit Juat taken lit* sent, had said nothing and dona nulling l>o?i.lea bis inaugural addrena and -electiou of kla call met, defiiitng or UMllcating a policy ? had m t been in ollii e eixty day*? not thirty? when a port 'i ptn< npj oi-itioti raiseii a nu.ll at ever\ i?*tnt of poln y an l at i very man of prrtomnH m the B4niitn<tratMMi. and the attempt wa< made to tlamn the whole democratic, pat tr ?f the North, and every -*>nt'terif man who trn^tiit them, with doubt or iatrwt or nnteiioken ilennnciatliin An atni at ? d pre<* wa- fo .nd orgat.'r- d from R ? hmond to New Orleans, whn b ojieneil its tiattertea of awnepmg, ran cumna ar.d < ,ndn tn ?? op|**itM>n. denouncing ? ert*in nu-m bera of tlie CMMMI, at \ o<|>. nily certain Smitliern mem bers, n i if giving as to the tori i/n and exciting MMptcsw at to the iiome |?tln y? trartnni; agam-t imaginary evtl*? don) ting the gooil faltli of ?ome frtemle - dt*|wra^ iig othrrn? not spat nig tin fte^tdeijl liim-oit ? and especially dt mmiit mg a MUml dnmodriu v And all tbta wan l>egiin and publ?lied too Ih-Ioti <J?iv Walk, r wia ever ?ent to Kan-es He were to be betray -d twtore We were ht' tt ay ed ' "Hie \ortl ' rn d*tm ? rai v ? ere rn>t to Im> relied on ' Tin I'resldetii hlmaelf ?.i- of ilene" re v ! Now. gentlemen i>rinr to the . impaign of |tt4d there were but two Im i of ?enKaisl liv.ston in tlie I n t?-d ftates? the Mi -in and Ittion, and the Mis souri fompromiM' lines. Tin y were geographical partly, tn their character, and were well ileSa-d and understood. 'Idhx evil- growing out of them had hk-en in the Mat, and could I* ia the future, g irded agam t Hut in IHW> atio'Sief and more omttioiis |,r e wa^ dlf-clo-ed obliteratint: all others, ft was not defined npon the e.irth but, rtVMIing Ha elf by wlwt sailors i ill a sun dog,'* In the l-'ast, it awed sujiarstitten ; nn at. ry conx-t (sir tending evil, nnd shot * dull blark and white gl im. In im mg through the mi?t ?f tie 4rctte ? ? t>erg? trlkiru from over Old Rag lard. 1?y tic* Newlbundlanl Imnks. entting off all Mbw ftislo/id and N> w York nnd tn n.r tn l? iy through l>?nn-y Ivatna, IHilo. Indiana, IP, now, ,nd m ett i Italy waetward All north of thai lite wm b'ai k r jiul> In an and aHajaith of it Was what a^a mil I I'gyiit What i'i I tfwnni- in f What |?ortend Whv it was a ngn in the very heavens of the n>-dom of Wa-hiiigtoii s Karewell A't?tre-? ? to lieware tg fore gn Influence and -e. tionnl strife The ton?tatit toininereial and social in ! tercouree of New Kngland and New York wi.hfMd kua and. and the immediate netghliorhoo t ot ttie hko ti>rder ? ith t antda had let in tin w ill of febgllah feeling ind pri'i> Mi ??? and social habit*, and fanaticiam ml infltiame Mo our Md. u'eiui the Inst It o i.i'tia u4 the whole Vuled ~*atos M wta'tiwh ed by onr ooMMtuikw or gowraoMat R ia Um moat iosmUmw foe wtucto bw trtr invaded o?r country. It Is English influence, operating socially, undermining our institutions, and threatening our peace and safety, bound up In the eorda of our national Union. In thin ik?iw it if this nation ? thin whole nation? our natlou against its old runny ? Kuglish mtluonce. And who met that influence and bucked it from off our nation's soil, pant lh? Manon and Pixou and pant the Missouri Una, as far nortb as the "Sun I >og" line, which divided Black Republicans from byptf It wan democracy? Northern democracy-?-ualiou

al democracy ? the same true sort o( patriotic American ism? ot Hi other Jonathauwni? which fought at trie au<t I'lattshurg and l.undy's l.ane, aud drove John Bull back into Canada. That is the sort of nationality I love and cherish, as I love and honor my couutry ? my whole coun try. With true devotion, in the midst of nou-slaveholding liasHions and prejudices ?with no ties or associations of their own with slavery, except national ? with fanaticism thundering church anathemas and excommunication over their heads? they, the Northern democracy, whether in majorities or prvscribad minorities, with strong nerves, withsteady and unwavering faith, taxed themselves with heavy contributions and raised the national llag of protection over our constitution of government, ovor our property of every port, over good tailh among men, over State rights and State equality, over popular self govern ment, over the Slates separately and united, -over the I'uited Slates, and battled for us and for all, and drove hark the insidious and foreign foe to the Sun Dog line, where it yet glooms In defeat Nothing ts so fatally sure to kindle the |iale ami sickly l*>am of that '? blue light" lino of sectionalism into a lurid flame of Are to devour our country , as for Southern democracy to doubt, distrust or denounce Northern democracy, after such noble sacri fices as those they made in the e-ami>aig!i ot 1866. The Southern democracy never has done tins, and never will until nationality, in the seusu of American patriotism and devotion to the union of the American States, ceases to burn in American bosoms everywhere, North and South. Nationality in opposition to democracy or Suite rights, I oppose 1 oppose all that sort of federal nationality which would OHHnMl us talc "ue centralized despotism. I loathe that sort of nationality which proposes and adopts compromises of any sort, of the constitution or for the con stitution But the nationality of democracy, which sup ports and defends the constitution and its strict con struction, w Inch maintaius Stale rights aud atstn equality and keeps the faith of compacts, which guards the Union and the country against foreign and domestic foes, 1 honor and cherish aud glory in. And this is the national democracy which this oppoaition , oponly developed as early as April last, in the South assails. II this be stricken down what have wo to rely on or to ally with in the North? And yet it was to strike at this ? it was to follow up, not to begin the blows, that the moment a (iovornor was sent to Kansas and he moved in his ofllcc his speeches were seized on as a pretext to assail the Northern demo cracy and the administration and its friends. IH-stroy confidence in these and then the riot of ruin would begin. U via.' then that conservative democrats began to ask ? Is this opposition or uot? If this be what is called the backing ol friends, what is the opposition of foes? Is this opposition dangerous or not? Wnose is it? Who aro re sponsible for it? Who backs it? Whence does it come? ? to what tend? It was no time to stop and dally with the minor matter of Mr. Walker's stump speeches ? delivered with what motive, to what end, pro or con-slavery ? with good or bad design, no ono could fairly decide without knowing all the sur rounding circumstances and difficulties in which ho w:ls involved. He had been a Mississippi Senator, lie had been honored and trusted by tho South. He had done more for the annexation of Texas than any Southern Senator He had been Secretary of tho Treisury under a Southern President, and had done more for free trade than any mau before or since his lime iu the Cabinet. Surely the President could trust him not to betray the South which he hail thus served and which had thus honored aud trusted him, and not to belray the North which had born him. And he is an able and sagacious mnn, too, Whose talents might be trusted to lorm the best judgment on the spot as to tho best and most jmlitic move ments. Bui w helher he acted wisely or foolishly, saga ciously or had blundered, or his intentions were good or ba>l, Ins arts and motives were nothing compared with the weightier matters ol the country involved in this sudden and insidious opposition, which gave no tune for developements, or for dispassionate examination and proof , or even for just condemnation of hiui. if he had done wrong? but began u hot and heavy war upou him as a corrupt "satrap," a felon traitor. This could not but reflect upon the administration aud Ihe party which ap|K-inteil and retained Inm in ploee. It was not in genuous to pretend to discriminate between the " Pre sident an* the lim ernor of the Territory." "lAl man, like ma.--t''r." If hi was this criminal, Mr Buchanan was bouud to know t. urn' if hekin w it. Ik* was no better, but ruUier worse tliau t?o\ cruor Walker This reasoning this opposition knew wtssld seise on the public mind, aud would, if uncontradicted, impair conll lence in the admin istration. It wa.- making an ad varse impression rapidly, wheu the Enqvirt > Interposed with its trenchant |ieu. as of old. aud ai rested Ihe rufihol the charge on the nation al democracy and luteprc ciitatiTea In power. It took up the the enquiry: "Is not tli - rank hostility'; Is not this a prejwriHl and premature opposition before the adminis t.-ation has begun its <ourse ? before it has met it- Urst I Congress, or aent its tirst message.' What docs it mean? Whoa* is it? Who barks it?" " I thank the En/uirrr for blow The shade of the old Napoleon of the press smiled in his parental hovering over tho Enqairrr , when Uial sturdy blow fell in lie stroke lor his darling democra cy In my inmost heart I felt right well when tlml brave blow was struck It was brave and bold to strike it. for the public printing, as well a tho Sena tor-lop was at stake, it seems. The activity in the elec tions last spring looked not only to the incumbency of Mr llunti r, but u> ihe incumbency ot the Efu/utrrr too, and, doubtle-a. to all the grcHt interests Involved. The Etn/uirrr assuredly has saved the democracy of Vir. gmia trom ben g involved hi this porcupine opixisitlon. All this time it was not known whether Mr Hunter to?k any part in this opposition, though many of hts most ac tive part liana did; and liei co It w.^ suspected that If ho was n> t u participant iu it ' < vas to In- the beneOciary of t. if it should succeed ( rluin it is thal^what was al iirst rumor and surmise about my alleged ue-igu to contest w ith him his seat in the S"i ii was turned at last into a taunt to tne and my friend "Hun If you dare; you can not beat Mr Hunter " It was vain to reply, J do not de Site to beat him." The taunt came back, "You do or you 00 noi de-irc to beat him. If you do, we an- lakiug the ti ps to d< teat you; and if vou don't, you will be del. ated ? y how In either event it will be seemingly tnaiute.t that l.e i- stronger in Virginia than you are." It wa- u*ele,? i? 1 roii -t thai there wu. node-ire to imjair his strength ? in s-i.e w th him was . eemingly prepared to be forced u|ion me. knowing that he was Mate in incumbency , and th il tti< re could, tx>rlmp-<. be no issue joined ? Xeept a personal | one. When, therefore, my friends demanded of me to m?et Oil- delltiice. 1 declined to *<? uoles* Mr Hunter should avow that he wm of thu> i>pp<?'uon and Iw kni it, i?>k It* re apoaaibllHgr and ton larad It* Imimw the administration and the 1. 1! bmocraiy. 1 hail no It mm with him. QBlcM ho bail an uwue with tin m If he hail. 1 w.ia ready] to f rose ?Ward." with him. not otherwise i was not willing to part from him and j ;< I'll im up to the entremi^t-!. who w re aadeavartng to claim lit* authority, and exclusively lo BppronrtaMniil rr i In tun to tie S nail' an a triumph to ttwiluselvoa. lie J ,:u> rcme out, aini hi- letter* are open to the Pair Intarpra tat "? of all. I think their meaning la that lie doe* not ? xpre*s My warm or atrong confidence in the ?ilminMrn lion, that lie doM not wish to he understood aa being one ? >f Me eapactal friend* or putiMDij bat, that ha doe , dia rli..m the oppn?, Hon to It. by raying Unit "he hope* and < Xpert* ^to l>t able to aup|iurt the a'lmimrtraii'iu la the main."' Now. "hope' ls made up of ib nlre. ufllanrc and eipectatlon He desires, then, and douMlev, expe< ta to lie able to support the administration In the main And tin* b> Irg F", lie cannot of i oitrae desire or cv|**t the oppo-l lion thrreui to aucreed. Snving that he know* of no prai ti< a! testa at tbla tine' which will bring Inm into collision the administration, he dirtlni tly dl-clmms, for might li'ianaeeat present. both the Intetii or will and the ?p rit or porpoao ol the op|saitt :oo. He. in a word, ignore* re- possibility for tin* op|??.itiou wbieh I. a* risen so *ud denly and which I* ao sweeping In the flMflfe With iNi ?lei luratMi of bia. ao uuder-to...i . | have no itaue with Mr Hi t ter It I- true that he -.ems In be oppwied to the siibmiasion ol the eoti-t tuttoo of Kan.-a*, by her Oiiivenluai . to the I' t a HJ t InbabiUinta <uid logal voter* of that Territory. J!e t*k'"< the ground, that if the people are ulletit abodt lie fiower of the invention ill thin re* pert, that If the < on ventHKi wa* not cxpre?aly restrained trom proclaiming \? tiat' ver Com they adopt aa lite constitution of the Slate, then the> have the power *a to proclaim it. and to ?end It to 1 1 ii. re?? without *uhmitting it the people. I know that th- re are precedent# for thia wnlw of power by nvei.tona. b it^the preccdoMa are in their laceptfoa ex ? ? | IH 'i able eaaea. and the doi trine wbn h uphold* them la, in tn> hi mblfi opinion, anti democratic. The trae doe tru e la. that tlie powera not delegated by the people are r"" r\ed to them They may grant such a power to the I on*.. ntn n but if not granted, it is reserved. that ai-oo ? lumen loin il and propoeotf by a Convention wlnrh la hut a ri | rosetiUtlve b?sly, shall 1h? submitted to the people, who alone are aovereign. 17?e Convention to form a lonetitutKin ta not sovereign or supreme The act ot making a Mate is the highest a. t ot sovereign power, ?! 'i i* I lie act of humanity . licit highest to that ol lioity. In makiag a lieing of any sort. The act ia no lea* than to create a wwefaigaty Itaelf. An a democratic repuiifteau, then, ] would never delograU* conventional power* to any i of iurint< to c reate a NM. wlthoot requiring them in fi limit the actio their principal*, the prapl* In 1771 an unaotle naed !iody of jiatrinte amtibM at Williamsburg, i "isiitsted ihem-' lv * a convention, an I formed and pro rla tin d a coii'titntion for Virginia, without submitting it to the vi te* of Ilia colonics. But rev olution began in that way. T?n re wm mi time and noopportunity to poll votea, it' ? mi m- lit ol rebelihm, under the domination of Rnti*h arnir . The ma?*e> never did make a revolution, never can and nei r will A devote?l and *e|f aacrillclng few tnu*t ev?r Utk> thi' initiative, and lead the Or*t mo\ ementa of re?i? tain I H ri ipiirod a l atrii k Henry to an#' the piwder o if the old tiia?ra* ne, and the (imvanlioo of ITT# "intched |i b< rtyfor the |n ii|iie. rather than a oooatltiition from them In ih b tiinea i nt>r nrmo Hint! :. The taJtu fi jmli w;u? the the plea and the JwtitoatMi But what floe* the film i*, i nh i all for iikpip "if lime* of pease, when tln-r" are hone tn nuke u* amiid at the |iolla of a republa- f Why a V' rv d lb rent rule and order of proceeding, whAt lli'<re I* time and place and opportunity o| . on*ultinir tliaaove ri i n pei pie them*elve* pratcrlol In tlielr a*"emb|ea and v it< ? /ccordingly . wlieti Virfinla fortueil a cim<tltution a aecond t me hi ii."1 '.'to, tad i third tlmeti IHM-'gl, the form adopted by the OiMiv flit ion WM in both im'taneiw ?nliiMNMi to the leual voter-? ave, more, to the if w vot. i- createii by the new inrni before ttnolf waa ailo|ited. Tint the people *lmll of rtglif judge 'or them*?IVH at the pull* . oftlieir ow ii organii I iw. u n I > ?? they e\|ireaaly au H or re agetit= to make and to adopt a i:on.*t tttilon tor tliem, ? ? a pr ticlplc for whl' Ii. a* a member of the la*t Conven i ? n ? ? Vlrgiii i I w nld have rontendi d aa aireniMewiy a< I . r any ? Me r pr t. iple ot pofmlur a*ver"lgilty or of ? i ii povernmnil lie re wa* no -urh auweTity dweraAad by the | eople to the < . nveMoti ? if KMMtaa *et. Ii Iipoo prei i di nt, lb' Oi*i\ eiitimi ot Kan -a* 'id opt* a republican tirm ' I Mate goveriiment, and report* it kinraiM wnl. i iti ii'ifti 'tu ' it to the people, lat'rrewtth Mr. Hunter in aece|ittng?iind voting to receive Kan*ne a* a(H??te? ?la\e or free? into the I nion. Ami ?* iiy r BWMtaa i #ral? of prei eUent, and secondly, whether it l?e acceptador reji nted. It ha? lo lie sulim It' d or O a'i'dee.t ill laat. In el th< i en i I to the popular Will. Il a majority do not ap pi ii\e of the i unM tutNiit, they may Organtae another Onn \iDtion .mmeillately.and adopt any republican lor m, after thnf are "Oee a ftale, without Mihmiltlng il at all to Ow gri < Tlie que-tinn now Is. then, nut whether tlnngresa -honld a'lnpt or reject the eunstilution ol Kansas, submit ted pi I be |mpuiar vote i?r not. hot whether It ought Out V? lie aabmiUed lo the people before it in submilteil lo O?o Wtuch 14 Uic batter j^licy li/r iIk* pro ?Uvefy party U? punnet (o submit the CMStHutioa at onto lo th? people, and hftr* an end of the acttatioq. or to continue the shriek* for freedom ? while longrrf If a majority of the legal voter* are opposed to the plan of government pro posed by the Convention, their voices ought to prevail; a constitutional form ought not to be imposed upon thorn, and cannot be but for a day , and their sovereign power ought not to be snatched away from them even lor a moment. If Congreas should aid and abet a Conven tion in doing so, would not Congress bo interven iug against nou intervention? And if a majority is in favor of the form proponed, they will prevail, and the controversy will cud. If strict impartiality, jus tice and fairness are observed, the people will not be incensed ; but if a minority shall abuse the adventi tious advantage of an organized convention to Mend their constitution to Congress, without fir it submitting it to the |>eop!t>, they will be goaded '>y indignation to acts of violence; they will tear the constitution into tatters and trample it into the du?t, and upbraid the pro slavery party with a willingness and an atlompt to rulo ;> tr fai aut nrfas, and the) will organize more stringently, doubtless against slavery, than they would over have done at first Again, if the constitution be submitted to them first, it must be submitted to Congress afterward, to sec that its provisions are republican, and it must pass in review of the reprosentatiues in Congress as well as in the Territory. But, if not submitted to the people in the first instance, and Congress accepts it, and then tho people of Kansas change and adopt another, aud it may be a worse constitution, this latter willnot have to be and will not be submitted to Congress at all. Aimiug tlieu ut the same end, to prot? et the equal rights ot slaveholders and to end the ox - cilement aud stiifc soonest aud safest, which is thu better policy tc PPMI I? the peopiw at once, iu a peaceful, lair and just mode, or to be obliged at lust to abido by their anger and resentment, alter inquiring our own moral attitude before the country? Are we nut in danger of having our attitude inquired by another j question which has arisen since Mr Hunter's letters wore written ? If (Sovernor Walker did not go behind tho re turns which he procluims were "fraudulent and simu lated" on their face ? and whether they were so or not, we have as yet no means of determining ? which wero no ro tuia- , u>? word, if this be true, he did right, of course, in disregarding ami sotting them aside. He usurped no author ity ,il his report be true, and but did his duty m repudia ting fraud upou the elective franchise, and iu spurning the insult which demanded that he should give it his official sanction and countenance. An executive has no judicial or legislative power and must not dare to usurp either; but it is something mere than merely ministe rial authority, aud has the right of protecting itself from fraud and imposition. 'Die ministerial officer even has that power Forms were mode to preserve the substance of justice and truth, not to aid fraud and imposture, and falsehood and injustice. Slaveholders and the people of slaveholding Stales are too high in their moral tone to con sent to owe tile establishment of slavery anywhere to means like these. And yet some of tho sublime oppo sitionists who profess to despise treachery in Governor Walker, iu this age of lawlessness and violence, do not hesitate to array e*l>edioncy against justice, and to arraign a (iovrnor ot a Territory because ho dared to refuse to be parliccpt criminit iu what he knew to be a grow and patent fraud. Mr Hunter, I am sure, will not endorse or countcnance such immorality as this. Aud a difference on the other lioints, where we do not agree, shall not divide uie from him. He is eminently right in one particular? that Congress has no right to pre.-cribe the elective franchise for the voters of Kansas' on the adoption of their constitution. Th cbrma Jitlt inhabitants, by their legislature or Convention, must prescribe that for them selves. I'.y this I am far from rellecting upon the Kock inphani resolutions, for 1 understand them to mean and to express the s trie thing. 1 know not hy whom, or where, they were written; heard not of tl?e meeting before it was held, and the resolutions were published some day^ be fore 1 saw frietn or knew of them; but, JndginfrTrotn themselves alone, they seem to mo to agree with Mr Hunter in contravening the idea- which *eu> at first started by his own friends, that c rt particular e'.aiv of voters* at first defined by act of ti ngre 1 , were to l-.p allowed to decide upou the adopti. o! the constitu tion, if submitted to the people. Mr. Hucter takes ground with the Krufuirer from this start on that point, though, I think, he had no tc.isi..n ?n it in combatting the Rockingham resolutions ?h:vh diu'l controvert it at all, but, on tin contr v y , ronten i b>r the principle of the Kansas bill iUeif ? thai tat: people must be I left to govern themselves, without the inter vent ;on ot CTbT?M??wilKr?on,, ^ the Senate <if Ihe United State*. if made al ?" 11 * before Mr. Hunter as out of the Senator* who arc to tr> it* lituess aud proprict) ? And . if upon a foil aud fair ex amination of list couwc and conduct in Kanaa., he find* ?h*t tin* Governor lias exceeded bis authority , lua violated bus oatU of of lice or his duty in olHcc, or ha* betrayed tuo limb and sacred trujil reposed in limi to sec the tawa, ami cMieclalljr the Kansas bill, faithfully executed, and to see that all the people Iron. all M^U.^ wtT^like oqiu^; lv and impartially protected? tbeu Mr. tiumrr *111 w repreheuMble. indeed, if he doe* not vote to reject hia uon 1 1 nation, and to rebuke the mal administration It t.o vernor Walker has really attempted to dictate to, and to thmitcli the Convention or the peoples of KanMa, n anv form or to any extent, he . eaorvea the ?crcre.t roprebensiou. But. before he a. con demned, I to be heard by hm r ^e^1 Ve^hty^d UJLx?JVZ man he uiav l>e able to .how that the very worn ol hia tpecch, quoied by Mr. Hunter, are capable ol a lar dillor ent meaning and are anything but unfriendly to the South or\ohlavcrv lie may have meant to throw upon Toix-ka oartiian* the responsibility of not voting, so that WroMav Constitution should be sent the be put up that the p?*>pl? were not in. Lilort >1 to vote and de. ide the issue for tbet.isclve*. And. Instead of meaning to dictate or to threaten. his very words quoted may have meant simply to remind the t on T." tion that ?h,ir ?ork was to be Emitted to a body Co, win. h had solemnly settled the principle, that the people rd the Territory w. re to a or reject their mil Institutions for tlieuiselvea. without intervention from any quarter. This nmy have been, and to have been, an awkward way of conveying the meaning, a* it IS so easily ma.under.tood: but .f tha turns out to be the true meaning. Mr Hunter m;f;h find lie had mud ikt'U fi friend lor ?i foe But, burely, it J* nottx ju ried of Mr Hooter or my pelf. al thl* illnUiier, wMh to tal want of correct information a* ?<* h* sure- 10 condemn the Governor of Kansas, w.tli a |ur in i>ret? n?e to r n.-tt on the administration and to damn ail who honestly doubt and defer judgment to IdMatr hearing I know Mr Walker very we I. and l*ve se n hi- nerve tried. I would prefer that he had act.*! .11 lo- offlce rather than liave made ?)He. hea onUie stump, but lie will, in due time? I rupture, merely , for I am not informed or his intention? mak' hit defence, and tin II we shall know better how to tlml Our ver In t IT be b.'gnM?/.M ' harped, 1 shall |,"^^vni h,s ???**? nation Anil it I find him void <1 offence, tlearinhis , e I will respond ? Not pulMy without fear, f.vor or < tion ho help me, when 1 for Justice, In ?pite of all political c'.anior. though I shall stand alone on the jp*. I,el 1 have Inwn (.?? I?'tg tried in my truth to th. s.uth an 1 to slaverv , to fear any false imputation upon my mo ? iv es thou )!' h I n y Judgment m the ease may be emmeou. ? hen remlereil. It is not rendered yet So, then, these nnmts being though materia .open, some ol Il'etn toa lair ddlerenceol opinion and other* to lor tl., r Investigation and prisma, aud Mr. Hunter disclaiming the -pirlt and purpose of optsnllioo. by expressing thed sire and expectation to lie able to support the Malnktra tion in the main I make no Issue with blA: and wi i my uiKlerrtandlng of las pledges, 1 cannot allow my nan* b distrai t and mvide the Virginia democracy iu oppi* ton to his reel., mm I can have no l?''*l wl" " 1 ! Hunter -or relations have ever been too I rten ily U) aomit of anv other a< Is on my part than Ihwe of kin-r nes< He is an eminently nble and long ex|?"rien< M-d -i. desman, and cann.4 Ih? well .pared of the Mate, as long as he desires and exjie. U to *u|>|*>rt ib? i arl> wlm h it *? lrl?ln|iMMiUjr put tttlu |wm er M^'^t It C. of u!e SonUt. And the South need., at this time especially, to tw united, and cannot allodia division "Ji immnt" rial or iM>r-otial wsuea. Whether there 1k? a di. not, to sacnll. e me or uot, 1 am rea.Iy to ?? made a vt.tmiif it will unite the South, biml to our a#ecta? and coiili<"ence the 'rue patriots of the North. and SUf rights, preserve tl.e I i nhai. ?'k the peace of the country in the bonds rail) of an equal .mi?i amt? able confederal y. .... > ? You My right, m saying that I noV',^ r ' the editorials of tie Knqvirrr. nor ? the f'^^'LITKL ? Il.'e lor niy opinion, or course. No ih?t? r has n wn aiilhci lied to Speak for ine on the subject of Una letter. I bave imMM ?<> preases. and I have exa- bsl or a-ke.1 ,.t i andidatea lor seal- m ihe l^isla^ ur. ha I I ha " >""? >?" ' ' do and soma thing* I do n* viiur editorial" have rather too swi??'pingly de (in.. need ' -.TesnonisU ' and fire eal.ra. ^ plained whom y<a? meant, but I wl?h yon bad called other L,?? tlis.ith. se With wbah y.jur h'.mlde servant him -. II has ? ver be< n d< n.Hllu ad I am one lit tl... .''hob i?,, II til. rybtf"! remedy ol a -epat at ion I ' 'til t federal X W?|. tu UT the . vrci-e . >f that n Id is "" m .nded l y -i<*l and sufficient ? au^e \nd. if the . *. i of tint i ght i- in ?! p. a. -ably P' ni, ill. . I jtmav " - n for ed l y the Bpp- il to arm* Hie ?arew<* I A , - 1 \v .sh tigti'ti .s the old, and Ite \ irifinia re "Int.-;. - Ware the n< w. tfstanicnt ol my polits al I. , . I wi in, i i. i.i ii th. l't..? I. to the last exlrrituU .<nd ?' ? ,r " to the last inch of ground left to stand on but w i. mere or iiternative but subjugation or dishonor, tr.-m , ,th, r t^lpable mlra. I ons of lb' ? r^li.t it ut or from Mo'. r .M. ",.pi. 'Si under its foim* I < will, ll I mi Jt, light out ol the I nion, If 1 '.all II ll ? '' mV 'Vtii^hanan" an'.'r hi ' ''dmlnl'tration b^e^iy nv??t Cordmlcoiitideiiee and I shall support them ao loi.^aa th. , do no n.or. wrong than they lev.- ^ > 'j1 V,'v I Ml Iwillnoipledg. m> support b'.n. H ?> I itni without . *ce,,t o,,. and I require no .tich pledge Trom Mr. "b-oncluaion. M f.harul 'Ah S ridiejed f'rotn the penalty of bata, ''"vTe'tbeV U^'legi'lsturo will make the Heeti.m lbis " m,,,r ,F;r".Ta L nation of L ,n (1wHe that qiie-tlon in their owTw^Knn- J&r my presuming 'to Interfere ll.vii'u ?? fully reapondfsi as my severe lalvira will al low VJSat HiiMtme, I hope to be allowed to work on, un . li I n. future ?>v ail. controversy resjieetlng a seat Ttie first flovmiar of Ihe f hortsw *?****"? \ eorre.i?.ndent of th- Kort Smith (Arkatwas) HrraM, under date of ? ?< < 13, fitrni-hea a highly Interesting "' I rount of rtie inauguration Of Alfred Wade, the first Governor of the Choctaw nation. We make the following "in! oVIock the senate ret.wcpd in a I her of tl. II "? Repre-Iita tves. when the tnled w..t, ,i,i i:>n l? H rv?ii*r. appeared, and wa <at n'Hit the tan.l. Shortly alter... be ?^''w^t^ >ni "urn <1 i -rori ng th- tiov. rnor elect, who enterwi ...on the srtn <4 the Hon ^eyltnrnsoflho supreme bew h The Kev IVtrr KoNoin offen-d an o,n, nd elispi. iit prayer, suitable '' ' ! mnugitral ad t ,f >viTii? <f ' 1 ? t 1 1 ??'ii ft r ? ?- ?4 fifid il? h ? r . .. <\rv ?t* l,M, r. ,-1 .n th H.netiiw l..?P ^ |,* . hi after win- 1, th- "??1' l'r""' T " , ?f rn::,h^Xe Hh. h I.i- f.tee Henry beta l.ts head and pre*-, d his U|m to ' luV uatiwal offlccra (with one egcepttoti, being detained 1 ? 1 ?' by sickness in hla family) have reached tore, aad haw entered upon the duties of their respactive offices. % national officers are as foil own: ? Governor, Alfred Wa4a HecreUry, Joseph A. Hall; Auditor, Wm. B. litchiyn. Treasurer, John Pa^e, Attorney, Coleman Cole? all eg? mablc gentlemen , and in every way suited for their ae ve ra! stations. The General Council are now actively and lalmriouslr engaged in preparing and passing a complete set of laws to put to work all parts of their new constitution. Ttt members are mostly men of experience in such [XMitioaa, and form ono of tho ablest councils I have ever known ? our country. Hon. Tandy Walker is I'resident of tho Se nate, and Hon. Wm Robuck Speaker of the House. ISMh held the same places under the former government, and gained large and just distinction in tlua most diittMft position, of successful presiding officers. LOOT AND FOUSD. ^ LOST-KAKLY OV MONDAY KVKNING, 16TII INWr? near the corner of Broadway anil Twenty-second street, a lady '? fur tippet The nailer will Ite suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. y Kast Twenty second street, or at the otto* ol .smith A Tracy, 44 Cliff street. Lr&wras 'SM&Tji. "?n"? c?. I OUT. ? ON TUK8DAY MORNINO, A RI.ACK AND TAW J slut, named Kan; ears and tail not cat. $3 will be paid on returning her to 49 Lafayette place. IOST-ON MORNINO OF 17TH INST . IN A FOURTEENTH J street and Ninth avenue stage, a pearl porteimmnatet containing a small snm of money and a gold pencil. The tinder will receive a suitable reward on leaving it at No. 8 Old slip, or 'Mi West Twentieth street. IOST? A PAIK OF OOI.D KYEOLAFSES; 8r)M*Oflin? J to he lost In the neighborhood of Itarclay and (ireenwlak streets. The flutter will be suitably rewarded, and receive tba thanks of the owner, by returning them to 2Ci Itarclay street, corner of church IOST-ON THE 17TH ULT., IN THE THIRD AVENtt* J cars, a California gold pin. The Under will be rewarded I bv leaving it at Rogers A Raymond's, corner of Fulton and. I BUM streets. LOST? ON WEDNESDAY. THK 18T1I INST., IN GOIN6 from the corner of ItarelHy and Greenwich street^ through Murray, liroadwsy and Grand to corner of Ludlow, a auiall Honitou liuc collar. The tinder will be liberally re warded and receive the thanks of the owner by leaving it at 345 Grand street, or UW Washington. IOST? ON TUESDAY, NOVKMBKR 17, BETWEEN TH* J hours of 13 and 1 o'clock, In going from Twelfth street through Fifth avenue to Twenty third street, Tweutythird stscel to Madlsou avenue, up Madison avenue to Twenty-sev enth street cars, a lad> 'a carpet bag The Under will be liber ally rewarded oil taking it to 144 Twelfth street, near Fifth avenue. IOST? ON THK 17TII INST., IN FOURTEENTH STRKBT. J between Broadway aud Sixth avenue, or In Broadway or Fourth avenue, betweon Fourth and Twentieth streets, a la dies' oval shaped breastpin, lit terpentine setting, of soma t.r\?nty Militants around the outer edge, with bl*c enamel, dark hair in the ccntre. The pin is particularly valuable oa nc < r. unt of tie hair nelnp that or a friend. Tho finder will be suitably ret> arded by leaving the same with Mrs. Scheuck, 7t West Fourteenth strt t. NOTICK.? AN OWNER IS WANTED FOR A HA* horse, (supposed to be str.icn,) detained by the subscri bers. The owner cull have the name by proving property and paying expenses, liciuire at 101 Kast Twenty fourth street. STRAWS A DAIll.MAN. VTOTICK .-I.tifiT, A CHECK FOR ONK HUNDRKD DOt. i> lars on the' llank ut America, made by K Sheldon, payable to F. 8., Jr , or bearer. The public arc notified apainst negotiating the s:uni', as payment lias been stopped. STOLEN? FROM K5 TIIIRO STRKKT, LAST EVENING. : between 81. and 7 o'clock. n block tin box with red lin | nig. marked H. Topping, ' on ill" top. Said box contained a I package of p.iper s w rapped in a leather porketbook, also twa i ilsguerreiypej.. one uilnciture painted on ivory and set in gohL .. gold ling, silver le??|'i k>ii red ?a*h, Ac. The papersaredt I no u?r to an\ one I'ut the ownei. Auy inforination of Iho j tame will be liberally rewarded ou being left with Thus. H. : Topping, 23 Jaevb aitxri. | " " HKW/UtDs. I (!? " REWA R P.? LOST, OI'T IS. BKTWKBN TARRV ???/ town and N-w York, u jnwl from sloop Index Mtm painted creen. white waterlmu. iirnUml white and green. \.;tl. black blioy lop. Ari'lj to M VASSVK A V'O. 116 War r fa Kttvft. dS.rr KKW.VRP - t.OPT, A POINTER RLrT. 1.1%'BR AND V' ) white spotted, ntt.wi w to the name ol Kate; half ML Return lo 'H Whvi-i ;ry pi?. (fcrr RRWARP -LOST. NOV 18. IN BROADWAY. ^4 J near Fourib p'iretf n Mnek and un terrier dog, had osi a pateut lentber collar marked O. ' Whoever will return the above dog to L. C'OXHEAl), 704 Hruadway or tit Fourth avenue, will receivc the above reward. AlA RhWARD AND NO yi'K.HTIoNS A8KKn.-8TO 1 " ' leu, ou Saturday. 14th Inst . from the premises of Wm. A. Tumurn's livery ruble, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty fifth street, one white *eal skin robe, w nil black bor der for further particulars inquire at the stable, 331 and S&1 1'ourtli avenue, tor tleorge W . Odell. RKWARD.-I.OBT. ON Tt'KRHAY MORNING. ?4?-iv/ between Arnold's. it) t'atial street, and Atkius A Mil br a In Broadwnv. h portemomuUe, eouuiining $.16 Tha above reward will be paid on returning it to i; t Kaat Four teenth street. LEGAL NOT1CKS. SUPRKMK COt'RT -COX VS. HARVKS AND OTIIKRfL? In pursuance of an order in this cause, the aswets la said order named will be aold under the direetion of the un dermined. at publle liiicUon. by KIMKI >N DRAI'KK. atiuoiieer, | on the 24! h day of November, IiisL. at lh<* Merchants' Ki uhance, in the city of New York, at twelve o'clock, noon. A i schedule of said asset* may be seen at the office of the tinder - signed. No ? Nassau street, room No ao. over Hank of < Vm inrree. from the nr> sent time until . the day of sale, when K may be seen at the office of the auctioneer, corner of I'lne and Wilham streets. Terms and conditions made known on Km , da\ ol sale. C. A. 8KWARD, UrferM. Nkw You. Nov. 16, 18S7. ram, For walk? a< ; e black inwrovmin dog. only one year old; is r<>n<t of the water an I an ei [ cellent watch dog; Mir liin( lid ctirlT Will '>e sold at a bar gain if applied for soon Apply - Mr. l'KKKINS, Ktfty | tit tit ali eet. ut ?r tl>? Kaat ritrer QKTTER DO? WANTF1V-ANY ONB WISIIINO TO t' sell a superior sett -r dor. nor aver tbree veirs old, hand some and thoroughly broken, OU addrt ?a a" line to Manton, Aston i. 1,. I , Post office. stating price, which must be mod* rate. THK TfKK. RRP IIOI'HK. IIARI.KM? TIOTTIIIO ? A MtTI'H FOR $ji>i. to i onif on tin tbt? day. Nov li?. at 3 o'eioek. mile beats. I, est three in I > e to harness t\ Brooks enters g. g. Limerick. Dennis NcCabe b in Debbey C. BROOKS. Proprietor of tho track. TROTTINO.? CKNTRKVILLR POl'RHR. L J ? TPRH day, Nov. '24. at I o'clock P M . match lor ti t**!, mil* heals beat 3 In A 4) wagons. |) Pltefei names t>r g. Itrown On k. II Woodruff names h. m Lady Woodruff. The abov* I ace comes oft without ri gard to weather. ,H>KL CONK UN, Proprietor, ryWION COLRJBC, L. I -A Pl'RSK or $? KNTRANOB / free for all mule* mile heata to saddle, to come off on thanksgiving day, Nov. 'M\. Kntrance to close at Hiram Woodruff's llotel, I'yprecs Hills, on Saturday, Nov 21. HIIAW A WHITE, Proprietor*. IKUAR1. VTO f'AMl OFFKR RRFITHRD FOR mtUA1W.-OT?* J.1 tw> millions of the various qnatiHes of Havana, dome*, tic and Herman aegars for sab' at the best each price proct:> rable N. H.-UaM advances inade on involeea of aegars (? any amount. O t'llKEKS, 17 Brt?dwnf. wmi a?i> i.K^ioms. ? Mt I.VIHA PAf.K AT.R -JltNBH . WARRANTK1 | et|iul to foreign A isop or Unas, at less than half tlte prlnr, Brawery Ian Kaat Hlith street. ALK ALB- OLD AND NKW ? J0N>> ?a fine artlrla. Ilrewerv No I'M Ka* Stith atrfwt \fAM7ARI.R TO l.lgl oR MKRi HANTS ARO ItRlTCI Riata ? Tha ?nt.wiiUT. f"i man* w*i? in ??^??n?l?? mannfartnrar i.f brawdtM In Fraw-a. la now praparwd u> ?nu I ? I y dralara in (hp I ' ii 1 1 ? d suir< .in I I'anadt on raaaoaabM n rma, and In park*Rr? to make from ftit In I nm ?allon? or mora, a vary aiipartnr artlrlr of ayrnp da rufnac, made from Ihi' raal Fn-nch frapr otla. Thl?'wlll ?aro fn thi- dealer mora than Iwn of (ha aipanw of ihr Imported artlcla and equally m Rood Alai? for aalr Frrnrh ami Amarlr?nj>'ir? Ij'lrl'a J l?K I.ARM<<<vfK.a ? All ifilm for the article promptly ?hlpp*l to any part w Ihr I till ill Mnii * or t'anada. J II TKN llRuttl K. general ajjent, No ft Wllliftm mrrnl, Ni w York. CAKrKTino, IIPHOLITKHT, M. RK AT RA< RiriCR J OF PARFRTR. < 'win* U> onr hearjr Importation* and I he financial pre? we have ron-Hided to dlapoae of our atock at rrUllfoC wnhoiii n'sanl >o mat, coualalln* of MrdalUona, Wilton^ ^ ?ml Brnawlt, lleary aheel oUrlntfcll. 4M DOUOhTY A HRiK. 341 R roadway nppnalte thi* I'arfc. COAL. f KRT? ABII 00a U l.ANIMNO -m? II ARiJINU. A Pk* i ro of pure red aak. per and atove airea, ahlppi'd In 'Iry ? >rdi r. an<l will hi drll*erri| |ir> n from Ihi' boat. al a redtMM |iflr? Alaofor Bale, t^-kish iReiuilnri, UMfHlttl*! and ?Minrl ? oal? at tbe loweat rift i cat rate* HRKRY K RF. V K. corner of Canal and Outre a" *^ and rumer of .Ian# and W'-at ?n net* DANCDfO ACADKIIBR '*) RROAIIWAY ? MMK HAOVAUKAU B l?ARf||*(| *M>?> Academy Mmnri Hall ltulldlntr?. oiipoatte Itond ?In i t Open en >'r? day and erimlnR for private leaaoni ami la?M a lit and aotrera Tin adara. Tliuradava and Namrdaya. !.??? lemur* ' tvery nlRhl al l)w Rcneral | racitcp AlXJIWORTUH It \WP|N<I At'AHKMTFR, < Ro. mm Mro idway, Nnw Yol k; No IX M.uiI?rh? place. Hrooklfn. I laaaca now open for thi* rendition o( pwplla. N'ot vkt si'HrRRnRn trof r vatks' pkivatr aolrei-a will take place al the fhlneae Aaarmbl} il .una, M? Itroailwar, every Hainrday rveninK l?anilriR Ui rom mi HIT- at 7^ o rliH k Wallaii- a Band la onRiigod MATRIMONIAL.. AHOrTIIKRR tlKN'TI.KM AN or LAROR MKAM and highly ronnrrt?l, di-aifwa to frtrm tha a^innintaiitv of aula i aapintakN Rood lookmR and wall adm n'i'd yniitM W?dy, not nirr Z\ yrara of ?R'. with a Tlrw to tn ilrimony it lapnaumi d all rominnnl- atlona iti anawar to Ihia will ho alnrt?r, und In ratnm lha adtiTi^r-r Bnaraii'o,., nh honoralil? aarrva/ An?wrr? WlH pa IIWltH for thraa day* addrnaawl to liotilalana, Ntailon II . Nat* York Prail ofllra. prni<T?fi DrNflSTRY -H .1 RAOLRTflN VXTR AtVTM TKRT1I wlthoui lha !<??? pain, hy an i-tiartial appHoaUop, ilw */* fart Of wlurk I* in'iHirr nnplcamnt nor niliirliiiia Taaih IB arrli d ?l Hm> loJaRt poanhla prlraa, H:itiafartlon fnaramewl ornorharRa 319 I'anal Mrnrt. nrar Marrrr, (old No 74. 1 TKKTII KXTRAlTRn "t N TRN NBOONDR, WTTHOfTT lha allRhtaat pain, by my naw and oii?m\l prrvaaa, (no* frai-tlnR i Thla admlrahla ?>atam la |u?c?4m4 by ma nlf. H*ferencw Rlran If ra>|trir?l ft. ?, UVRKIN US Canal ?mV MM 'arte*.