Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1857 Page 3
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The Woodman Cmc. TO* APPLICATION OP MB. WOODMAN POR DIYOHCB ? [From the New Orleans Helta, Nov. 13.1 ? above ia the title of a suit for divorce, instituted re cently in the Second District Court of this city, by one of our must prominent and respectable citiBens, who, we are sure, ban the entire sympathy of the community in the uulurtunate and deplorabio difficulty in which he baa become involved. This cause is so cloudy connected witb the proceiedings In New York, which have t>een re produced in our news columns, that wo feel compelled to givo the petition in full: ? . . Oiitvr 0. I Vondman t is. Caroline Thomas ? Second District Court, Judge J'. U. Morjan. 1'etitwn: lb the Hon. the Ju<iyt of the Second Dint rict Court of New Orleans, La :? The petition of Oliver O. Woodman, a citizen of the Stato of Mississippi, who lias resided, since the year 1852, and who continues to reside now, for si* or eight months of ?'?nt h year, hi the city of New Orleans, I/juisiana, conduct i''K the business of a wholesale druggist in said city and eke where, respectfully represents to your honor: That on .the 8th day of January. A. 1?. , 1847 he was lawfully mar rn-d, in the county of Hinds, State of Mississippi, to Oaro t lino Thomas, his present wife, and defendant to this J suit ; that after tho said marriage, your peti tioneer and his said wife resided at Vicksburg, Mississippi, permanently until the year 186-, when your petitioner brought his said wife with him to New Orleans, whore she lived with him except when absent, as hereinafter par ? ticulurly stated; in July, 1854, your petitioner being per suaded by his wife that she had been suffering, Tor several years, with a complication of diseases peculiar to females, took her to Paris, France; and in November of that year, < being compelled by the demands of business to return to (America, he left his said wife in Paris in charge of a re spectable family well known to your petitioner, and of the most skilful physicians in said city, and provided with ample means of procuring every luxury and comfort ne cessary ta an invalid and suitable to her rank and condi tion; After petitioner left Paris, his said wife had become acquainted with one Gardner Furniss, of New York, with whose mother and Bister your petitioner and his wife had been acquainted in America; during the stay of his said wife in Paris (as petitioner has recently ascertained), said Kurniss succeeded, by a train or vile artifices, in winning ? the confidence and affections of his said wife, and secretly drawing her into such intimacies as placed her forever afterward in his power: in September, 1865, your petition er (having returned to Paris, and being wholly unsuspi cious of what hod occurred, as above related), brought back bis said wife to America, and soon afterward said Furniss returned to New York, where your petitioner's wife then was, and in January, 185d, he followed her to New Orleans, to which city she had a short time previ ously returned, and remained in the said city until the following May; that during tho winter of 1856-57 said Kumiss again came to New Orleans, and remained at tho St. Charles Hotel, in said city, for several moLths, your petitioner and his said wife being then at the same hotel; that in the summer of 1H67 your petitioner took his said wife to Philadelphia, where she remained from the lost of May, at the house Of a relative part of the time, and at a hotel the remaining part, under the charge and medical treatment of a physician; that in July she went to I (ostein, where, and in the neighborhood of which, she remained alternately at hotels and with relatives, until the middle of August, when she went to New York, and put up at the New York Hotel, kept by Mr. Cranston, exacting, as she alleged, to meet your petitioner there; in the meantime your petitioner had, Just before his departure from New Orleans, discovered for the first time, strong evidence of his wife's criminal intercourse with said Kurniss, and hurrying on to New York reached that city about the same tim ? his said wife did, and so secretly as to detect the said Caroline and said Kurniss in a condition which admitted uo doubt whatever of her guilt; and this discovery was followed up by dis closures which proved incontestibly that their criminal intercourse had lasted several years. Your petitioner therefore avers and charges that at the various times aud places above set forth, aud especially at Paris, New York, Boston and New Orleans, his said wife Caroline carried on habitually criminal intercourse with, and committed adul tery with the said Furniss. Your petitioner further avcra that ever since his intermarriage with the sail Caroline he has loved, cherished and protected her, and supplied all her demands lavHhly, although her love of fashion, dress and display was inordinate, aud occasioned your petitioner great inconvcnience and uuhappiness, and ren dered her wholly unfit for domestic life , but that her ill health, real or supposed, rot only prevented any re straint upon her inclination, hut forbade all suspicion of her want of fidelity to him or of adultery with another. That upon the discovery of her guilt your pe titioner took charge of her. and has placed lier at his own expense among friends who will provide for her wants and prevent any future intercourse (so long as she con tinues to be the wife of your petitioner) with said Kurniss ; but your petitioner stab s, that except for the aforesaid purposes, aud the further purpose of investigating the history of her disgrace, he has had no intercourse with her since the discovery aforesaid; your petitioner further state* that he can no longer submit to married relatlou between him aud his said wife, and is desirous of ol>tain nig, as speedily as the law will allow, a divorce a vinculo nuUrimiittii f rom the said Caroline, your |s*titi<?uer fur ther states that his property was acquin^ chiefly before his marriage with said Caroline, or beforwUio summer of 1862, and while your petitioner lived permanently m Mis sisstppi, where by law tbere is no community of property between man and wife; that since the summer oi 1852 the extravagance of his said wife, on her own account and that of said Furniss, lias so nearly absorbed the net profits of hw business, as well as the revenues ?if his estate, as to have prevented any accu m illations of acquests aud gains; but that, never theless, he considers it to bo his duty, there I'eing no issue of their said marriage, to make suck pro vision for her future inaiiiletiauce, voluntarily, and of his d*n free, untrammelled will, as will sup|>orl her comfort ably, to be continued so long as this petitioner shall deem it necessary and no longer, it being his siucerc desire to rave heralike from the temptation* of poverty, and to Veep her out of that circle of fashion and pleasure by which she has been already Corrupted; in view of the premises, your petitioner prays your Honor to order a ci latHiii to issue, commanding the said Caroline Thomas, wife of 0. O. Wo *1 man, to appear within the legal delay | nnd answer this petition, and that, alter due proceedings | had, your Honor will adjudge and decree that your peti < t loner and the said Caroline be and remain perpetually tltvorced a rin^do miUi, and placed in the sum ? j ronditsm a- res|iects each other as if their said marriage never had happened, and for general relief in the pre- | mines. JNO. M CHILTON, of Counsel for petitioner. i This case has not yet been set for trial, the defendant ! ti.'.ng absent and not represented , It would seem, by an ( attorney up to the time when the reporter visited the ? ourt yesterday. D?*rl?lnn? In Admiralty. VNITKD STATKH DISTRICT COl'KT. Before Hon. Judge Bp tic. WIUJXIOM HILT* U> A *nUMKR ASP A KAIL VRNQ. I)anirl GildrriUrv w. tkr PmprUrr yuinrl-tu,) ? This ?iL- ? libel filed by the owner of the schooner S.Ail<-r"-? De Itght, U> recover the damage* occauuoncd to her liy a colli noo with the propeller. which occurred about 9 o'clock m the evening of Keb. '2, 1HM. In the K.wi river, three or four Hilled we?t of Hands' I'oillt. Tlie propeller wn bound Into the Sound, and the schooner wtw bound to llrooklyn. Tin' wind ?ui about mirth and the tide ebb. The vuweele caine in plain view of each other near the Stopping Stones, and each claimed to have been running itrnur-ie which would have been safe to both il the other hud held her own, anil each charging a deviation upon the otlier. Held by the Court ? That the fixed principle applicable t ? ruth collision#, tliat the steamboat, when apprised of tne porltion and course of the will v erne I, inugt take all due prt caul ion to keep out of her way, determines the cam* , wiUiout requiring nn analysis of the i i>nfli<-iinfr statemcnta of the w iUie*?e? , that the change of direi tlou proved by the claimant to have been made bjr the ?' hooner did not alwolve lite steamer from the obligation In keep out of her way. a* the movi nieut wan laaml) see u from lite propel l?T at a dtidanr eamply ?u?cietit to have enable ! her to run out of the schooner's way: that aa ilie propeller h.i l full I. me, by slarlioerdiug her helm, to have o,. cured a ?:?fe I |??iume to both veawU. she w.w bouud to have alopied . Ihat precaution, mid cannot J u^tily her holding 1.1 ih< Mm j df movement 'he mw mi, liefauae the arhmmer was en . i reaching n|*?n It. Ileeree for libelant, with a reference waim?? nutjimsirv ? Mtr orr. 'Irrfiiiit.v Skiart r? H-nUrirk V l.ittlrjnb* ? This wa* ' it libel lo rxomrrVHf* due to the llbellant for service a? master of the barge VanderbtH, front November. 1*W, to J>cccntlier, 1 Tlie answer made Issue* an lo the dura I ion and rate of the contrail of hiring allege* that hi? in tereel in tlx- barge wan -old in May. 1W, to KiUlmgh & l.ittlejolin, in whnee employ the hiMdlant w.v thereafter: and set# up that while in their employ he wan negligent and carele-e, ,iud < aused the In-* ..f rig :iug. cMVasx iud other property belonging to the boat, ihe value of which should l>e deducted iH'i rre for llbellant , with a reference, urm fw?? J. 'ixr ot"T or r.rwtuwtov H'ilham M Itnlfp rial rt. Arthur Isary W al ? Tlie libel allied that in November, 1*.'?4. the libellants and respondents were Joint owner* in'the h.trk Storm . Hat i*i<1 vessel was filling lor sea under Ihe superintendence ?m' Appleton < lak-n.itli, and that the lihcllant furnished , hhip ? husband supplied ti >r the uae and service of the re* , pel, amounting to tiftl 44 The answer denied ibe joint ?>w tu rnlnp and alleged that the supplies were furnished on the credit of unksmith alone. ??ak*nnth lestltled on the hearing that the respondent* only held a nominal title, libel ilirUiH.ied With C Isle arm iwi? rt juntvfia Jufrph Hitrfr'fi rt ISr /<??>* M n 'Ha ? Tin* was ? libel to recover >>" lor *iippHe? fiirntrheil to the bark. Ihe : rlainiant i *cn| ted to the libel for inmifUcu ni y.>el dU- j muMied Willi coele AworixfiKT or rnr. Mrntomn PitoTg-tTAivr fVmvwmoji? A Srijv l?BvrrAMjt o* th* Hijivkry t}i w T?os ?W? give tliix nioining the concluding priu'ei^linga of Ilie Met hod i.*! l'role?lant Cniiveiitinti yvlerd n . when the hod) adjourneil tint <lir ll will lie ?een tijr the refiort whii h we hnve given from day to dny, of the debater and aetion til Ihe t'onveiition. there i? a '?tth'd conviction wiim i that a I" lween the Kortlicrn and southern purtiona of the ronterenee an inevitable re'lilt ? ll li"t imn ll lea^t n<>| fur dwtant The Northern member* regard human tilavery an a nn. and decline to fellow>hip, a* brethren of tho church, ihope who tolerate, encourage and traffic in glare, holding and flare-trading Neither feet Ion will Kuhmtt, end a* ne|iaratiiin H ine\ liable, (he emmer II einnep, and all mnttem in rontrnver?y be peaceably MTangM. Ihe better il will lie for Ihe harmony and itaefullieaR of both ?ecUoB* ? CtwtimiBI MM'- ' 11 A tlurnR Fot'fii) RttmT*F.!? Frrr Bri.ow m* Kakth * Bi rracs. ? Ivirlng the excavation of a street in Rvanevllle, Indiana laet Tuesday, the workmen mme across tho remain* of a cabin eighteen fe< t lielow the nur face nf the rarth Thu wonderful aublerraneaa houee wae aliout twelve feet u> length, farmed by upright jwwtjt ?'i in the ground, am I'n.rlid up with upllt oak ptinrhenna, uecnretl liy wiohIi", n Tlie |*wt?. punehiiHi" SJf, ww'' partially decayed, but 'till otnek together w ittnn the wall were found |?>riioiv- of an old faehtoncrl ej inning wheel, % wnotten maul, aeteral pair* of hoot* anil ptoie*, and the identical charn d Ktick which the former CH' Iipatu ill the h.. , h id ||<I d III punch the lire with ? /9 Ism* krptiH <? an, A?r 14, Rjtow in N*w IfAtirsiiiHr..- Ihiring Hir recent ptorm* the dome of Mount Washington *a? covered with enow, and the aummit l? now covered with B* winter robe ef ermine, which make* a magnificent ?ho>* dtring Ihe dear air and bright nh light of lhe?e Nor ember dayi. F FKHMMAL. NXIOUK TO SEE THE BROOKLYN FRIEND. Please write and atate time and place. GEORGE. RANK R.-T AM VERY SICK, ANI) WISH TO SEE you this evening, without fail, at 14>, Downing at. E. 8. INFORMATION IS DESIRED. -LETTER RECEIVED too late for insertion yesterday. INFORMATION WANTED.? Til E RELATIVES OR friends of Michael Dunn, who died on board ship Lucy Thompson, on her last voyage from Liverpool to New York, are requested to make themselves known to O. B. Pendleton, 276 Pearl atreet, or 19 Rutgera place. New York. INFORMATION WANTED-OF PATRICK OR MAIiY Tternan, by t h. ? ir cousin, Patrick Fitzgerald. lie former ly belonged to the rtiTcnuo police, Kinnrynad, county Went nieaih, Ireland. Please call at 37 Park atreet, rear building, room 10. INFORMATION WANTED? OF JOHANNA KING. BY her sinter Catharine. Any information of her will be tlunkfully received by addressing Jacob Hopper, Hacken Hiick Post odlcc, N.J. INFORMATION WANTED ?IF ALEXANDER ANGUS, late of Bristol, Knglaud, will cail or send hW address to Ceo. Wade, K5 Fulton street. New York, he will hear of some thing to his advantage. "IF THE PAWNBROKER OR JEWELLER WHO PUR X cheaed a gold lever watch, V. ith enamelled dial, or a nuali gold vest chain, (not guard chain, aa previously adver tised,) and gold key, with red atone in It, on Monday, 9th inst^, or since that dnv. will give information to J. K. Curtis. H3 Bleecker street, he will be held harmless and the property redeemed. Mink cape? the you no man who bought a hat of us last Monday morning an.l had a mink cape done up in a newspaper put Into the. box with the hat by mis take, will oblige us by returning 1'.^ t ^ ^ rYDER, Hat, cap and fur store, 60 Fulton atreet. RBWARD8. <#?? REWARD.? LOST, OCT. 18, BETWEEN TARRY IjP?) town and New York, a yawl from sloop Index, boiom painted green, w hite waterline, streaked white and green, with black buoy top. Apply to M. V ASK AH A CO. llo War ren atreet. At REWARD.? LOST, NOV. 18, IN BROADWAY, tft) near Fourth street, a black and tan terrier dog; had oa a patent IcJthcr oollar marked C. 1.. C. Whoever will return the above dog to C. L. COXItEAD, 704 Broadway or 240 Fourth avenue, will receive the above reward. d?C REWARD-FOR THE RETURN OF A BLACK AND ?|pi) tau slut to No. 49 Ijifayette place. She strayed on Tues day mornmg. Tail and If entire. (jSl A REWARD.? IF THE PERSONS WHO TOOK FROM 73 State si reel, Brooklyn, a daguerreotype locket and oilier articles of jewelry, valued more as memorials than for llielr liitrinsie worili, will return the same to the bouse, or to 9:t Pearl street, addressed to N., by aay means they may see lit. the above reward will be sent them as they may direct, and no questions asked. d?QA REWARD.? LOST, ON THE EVENING OF NOV. V 17. supposed in or near the New Haven Railroad de poi. a pocketbook, containing a note drawn by Walnright, fcavre A Co. at two months, trom Nov. 13, tor three hundred dollars; also, a note drawn by Israel Minor A Co., at two months, from Nov. 17, for one hundred dollars, alio, a check drawn by S. R. Vanduzer 4 t o. for about sixiy dollars on Metropolitan Bank, and forty -eight dollars in bills and gold. The above notes and cheeks were drawn to order of A. Beecher A Sons, ami the public are caulloned against nego tiating them, as payment lias beeu stopped. Tie' Under will receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner by leaving the above wlih Walnright, Sayre A Co., !U0 Washing ton, street, N. Y. REWARD.-TAKF.N, FROM A HOUSE IN TWENTY first street, a gold box, highly valued as a family re If Pawnbrokers, jewellers and others are requested to take the sume if offered, and send word to 74 i'ortlandt street, where all expenses will be paid. 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For sale on monthly payments. f >I \N( i<5~f"roM TIIE M tNt'FACToRV OF PI.EYEI* I Fi rsrd, De.rlr A Co., will slwavs be fotiml for hire or few swic In the ?*rer,*'tn* "f L 4. DEflCOMHES, Hroailway. All tho*e pie no* are exprei*W mannfaclured ft* exportation, uii arc gnaranmeii uy Mi . DckwbUca. M O A YALKNCIA PI.AID8, ONLY la. <d. PER TARD. U.4 BEKKMAN A COMPANY, <13 Broadway. Will open this morning, another cm ?f Aom beautiful 9-4 plaid Valencia*, Alh. <d. per yard. OA DATS ONI.Y AT RETAIL. J,\f NOAH CONTENT, 119 Liberty street. Will offer hid entire stock of CLOAKS, CIRCULARS, TALMAS, Ac., At an immense sacrifice, regardless of cost. Gray cloth cloak*, 91; black cloth cloaks, 92, A ino velvet and other styles of cloak* ataeqiially low price*. Alao silks, cloths, velvet* and trimmings < t every dtncripiion, at great bargains. 5,000 yard* Irlab poplin*, at in. 6d. per yard, worth 10*. no NASSAU STREET.? H KNRY II. LEEDS A CO. WILL ZO aell at Auction, on Friday, Nov. 20, at 11 o'clock, at the eitl?*nrot>m*, 23 Naanan Ktreet, a ei'leudid luinorlmeiit of fancy film, made up by a Maiden lane manufacturer, eiuremly for ?Ity retail trade, amonpat which will be found real sables, of value, and other grade* too numerous to describe. Every article will be sold to the hlghcRt bidder, and warranted aa represented. A deposit required from all purchaser*. 40 rss CENT BEI.OW COST. tlreat reduction In CLOAK 8, MANTILLAS AND FUR8. The subscriber Is prepared I* Close sot his Fall and winter stock of Tltikir. mantilla* and furs. At retail, FOB CASH, A* 40 per cent below cost price*. WM P. MACKENZIE. 394 and 296 Canal street, Brandreth Building. 100 361 OR AT CI /O Til CLOAKS, AT 2 DOI.UAR& SOU do. do. S dollars. 2,900 do. de. B dollars. 400 black boaver cloth circulars at 8 dollar*. B00 do. dn. very One. 12 dollars. OREAT LIQUIDATION 8AIJC, ??thiaweck, _ At BCLPIN'B. ? Broadway. Q?1 BROADWAY. QUI Gbiat Lkjuibatiok Sam or BVLflN'S ENTIRE STOCK. 1,100 rfch Stella shawl* at 94 30. 800 de., plnsh borders, at SB 80. BOO very rich do. at $8 60. Qreat bargains this week. The entire stock must positively be sold. Q??l BKOADWAY. ODl BULPJN'S STOCK OF MATERIALS Now selling eff by the yard or pleoe, lac hiding Mack and colored beaver clothe, Velvets and sllka. Real guipure laeea, Fringes an<?trimml>g? ALL MUST POSITIVELY BE BOLD, Tol-ally NgaruMB of cost. BROADWAY. BUU'IN'H ENTIRE STOCK NOW SELLING OFF. Great liquidation sale OF CLOAKS, SHAWLS AND FURS. One hundred thousand dollars of cloaka. Fifty thousand dollars of shawls, Kilty thousand dollars of furs, ALL AT 40 HER CENT BELOW COST. TREMENDOUS BARGAINS. The entire stock must poaitlvely be aokL BROADWAY, 473. Silk* and silk robe*. At a dreadful xacritlce, By BEEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway. 100 pieces oolored English satin* at $1 SO per yard. Cheap at 93 per yard. Robes at 914, former prlcfr 925. Bayadere silks Ss. per yard worth $1. Alao a small invoke of light China silks For evening dresses, very rich. Only 91 Ml per yard. J7C BROADWAT. T|i) Our extensive establishment la devated to but three department*? SHAWLS, CLOAKS, FURS. Aggregate amount of stock over 9200,000. all new and ef the richest description, and will be sold, commencing Monday, November 16, at half the original rout. CHARLES STREET, A CO., 471 Broadway. 473 At TC BROADWAT. TlO Great sale of Bae fnrm, Regardless of coat. Hudson Bay sables. *om? of the richest iod darkest In the United States. Minks. In all qualities and shape* We have some minks or eitraordlnary qualMy, royal er alne, and eyery other description of for for ladies and chli lr?n. Oar fan are all genuine, manufactured under sar own su terrlsion and nuaranu-ert. Purchasers will be satisfied *1tk both tondi ind prioa CHARLKH STRKKT A CO., ?7< Broa ilway. 1H71 ItROAPff AT, BETWEEN THIRTIETH AND ? I'll Tuirty tirwi atreeta.? Lamas' ciuf ti ?i v mbt Lias* store. $50,000 W(l EMBROIDERIES AMD LACKS AT MET AIL. MILLER k GRANT. 70S Broadway, Continue to ??'11 POINT. CHANTILLY, COLLARS AND SLEEVES, HONITON and VALENCIENM ES insert.^ sets, i BRUSSELS LACES, MEDALLION nets, At an Immense reduction. $200,000 To be h.i Id for caab. SOLOMON A 1 1 A KT, No. H'.\ Broadway, Have determined. In conse<4MML-e of the present monetary derangement, to (low out lb** baUuce of fco Stock at once. Curtain* of Brocatel, 'lapcatry reps, I'laln rep?. Satin deUluea Worsted aud German aama?ks. Made and put up at prloes to auit th'' time*. They would enprctallv call attention to their acloct stork of Paper li.iu^iugs. Wiahlng (o keep their Workman employed During the winter, thev will contract to paper ami decorate Private dwellings at cost prices. Their stork of Window shade* Coium'** every variety and style, wluch mnit be Closed nut Before January I. rrcvlo is to ren?oyal to their new store, Wi'hnut regard to coat. Ijice and muslin curtains. Cornice* and flitures, 33 per cent lens than the rout of Importation. \SMtJ NEKS' SALE Of WT N fx > W 1>R\PERIES IN I .ace and me*ltn. by the yard, lAre and muslin curtain ?ets. Toilet quilts. Counterpanes, Blank' is. At a reduction of oyer fifty per rent toeloae the business. Columbian 1 1 a ii , >l Grand street. C ?>. IIOOK. one of tbe aasiene.i?. CORSETS AND SKIRTS tT AN IMMENSE REDI'i" tinn, lust received from Pari*. three cases of the cele brated J UPON A rt ION SKIRTS. A lav some new style*. In the miteh ailn-.ired EMPRESS CORSETS, For sale at coat. Mrs GATNOR HM Broadway, betwsen Thirteenth and fourteenth *ta. CONTINUATION or THE OUAT HALE or DR* GOODS, Tmlerde'-d of asslgaatenl for ilie benefit of creditors, At Columbian llall. ail Orand street. In order in rlow the establishment by the lat of January neit, we continue to offer, without regard to cost, an immrass Stock of SHAWI.8. CLO AKS. Kit II BILK ft. KRKNt II VERINOE* AND DKLAlffNft, ENul.lSII MERINOES AND DELAINES, LINEN UOOOS. EMHIlolDKRIES, OI.OVKK, HOSIER V, kr . kr , The pnl. Ik will find the al<n*e slinouncenient sirictlycor reel, and notone of the prevailing Actions of the day. C. II. IIOtFK. One of the Assignees. Cll/OAKH. CLOAKS I'UtiUH. ) are now o(Terlo* our ???tlr? wbnleaale moek at ba* ?er. rifvih Nixl rrlvei cloaks nr. ulara. i m'.nii* Ac.. *i retail, furcaah below the eoat Of DltMMUri. Alan. rt.tlkl yar la CloilM arid l.e??era, ?! !??? <tuk(i the coat nf Importation. K. R. Mll.lx A ?T>., MlKl WtlMMBbfKi atrwet. u|i aiaira. Jirec duora from Hrtitdwif, t lOU.ARH, tOlXAR*. lYll.l.ARR roi,i.*KS. We will o(T?r mi Mnndaf. 1 DOO aahrnltfervd cambric ci.Ilara, ai $1 33 each. I'iuaIIt <nM at S3 ?00 Malteae lace < ..llara. ?' f.jy ? M* *D'' ?' "Wh, Usually antil ai HKBKMAV A OO., No. 4?S Broadway Extra hkavt ribbed urder shirt* a? DRAWERS, ft) cen'a each. formar price (I LADIES' PATENT MERI.NOK CWDKR VE8TR, ft) cent* ea< h. former price BOYR" HKAVT RIBBKn MRRIKOK I'RDRR SHIRT! Warranted nni in tbrmk u waahiiig, 7t cent* ea?-h. Former rri -e f I 2S Mid $1 SO. RK Al. fill A K KR FIARXKI. W R A ITRRS, ?I M(k, _ Former price fc, And % ?ery larre rurleiy of Ui*lERT ARDiH-OVER, Al r*duce?l price*. CRIOH ADAMS, Wl Hroadwi. Ohaerre ibe number S91 particularly. VVBROIDERIF.S. t Jitat opened. 10 (MP One Fr? neh collal* at Jf> c-nta, | ?*) brrahfMI -. *1 92 M. , i.KJH.V M H t/.A AR, 113 llr>> idway. Si Ntchoii* Hrl. EMBROIDERIES -RTIU, iiREATRR RRplHTtO* T1?* hAlunc* of *11 our Urgl !?? of #?mbrotdert?crtfi aiailnr of collars. net*, banls, Ac . will b?t aokl at an Inrnw ra4itcttno 110 French mualln banda at g ITS French cambrl'- bands JJ7 U? French cambric bond* *1 **2? l!? Scotch cambric ban l? |8 230 Scotch cambric band? at "7 Ifti Sentch anmbrtc banda *< ? ' ]?' 60 French embroidered ae<* -nlorad, a< W fj 7d French trimmed embroidered wlllri. ?# "??? WO Frwch He'd, funntlel ?lee*e?, ?i W ,V> IPO Fine French collar* Ml Ojj tK French mmbrta WllWii ll 91 ftt?rtbg ftW Kmbr?ldered h*ndker<-hiefti *t S3 *rth PS URMIN S Hut Mt Broad ir?y, Bt Wu boloaowl KMBROTD*RI*F AT A B AI RIFITR. Our enlire M?>ck nf tmbroliterle*. 1?ee? I Ace relli. hkndkerebl4 A#., RelUni '(Tbelow cc?iof lainorteuvn

fiKKh-MAR A POMP ART. ?TS BH??.t_ GRRAT RAROATNS IR BI,AR*n* Hnner 10 4 Whiine? blanket ilT IS Aleo ?rletidld nualWr II 4 f?r$ft worth If; per | NM At HRKKMAR A tiUMPAHt H Hr?1w?j_ LR BOVTM.I.IJRR IIROTIICRH Will open rm Jfondaf^ 16H>. A Bother c??e ef %o?? Rich black hamdere ?ll? ? at |l ??4I ?*?< 1IM Ri Pl?>c?i more F.meltnea al 9a . regular prW-e Ha. 306 old ,No W ' aa?i ?treat, auO 4i Utwf Mr??k DM moot, AC. Great auction sale Of fur*. THE ENTIRE BTOCK OK JOHN N GENIN'S Fl'RH, Manufactured ??ipreesiy Poi hU retail trade, Will br sold atauction without rmrtf, on Monday, Tue?dav, Friday and Saturday, November aid, 24th, 27th aud 28th, At Ho. 35H HriH&>lway The assortment ronprute* cloaks, riant vletnrines, MUKK8, CUrfK, COU.AKH, Sl6vE8, ? cm r.s, ?i>:u.ii inn i.*r uns**, Manufactured fnin every variety of fur in u*e, And will b* opened for inspection on Monday, Novenber 23. at lu o'clock A, M. HERTS A MOSS, Austloneers, November is. Far Uurty dtj a lnnjrej. Continuation of the great sales! ? Of Rich and faitiionahle winter dress Koods, At retail, it less than auction prices. KD W Alt 1 > LAMKKRT A CO. Offer the Balasce of their taportallon Received per Persi* and A rage Comprising ? ? MagnifWent velvet Bouniyd silk robes, Rich damask flounced silk robea, Marie ftuart silk robes a nullle, Brocade and bayadere dress Hugcnie bayadere robea, Black aiik velvet*, Moldavian plaid a, Drap de Carolina, ? . Paris Valencia*, Merineee, Bombalneg, Delaines, .? a . , . _ . I-adlea' clotha, to All of which amrd an opportunity to the iadiesaf New Tork and vicinity Ur the purrlutse of choice goods at prlaai which way not occir attain for a Ion# time come. auou HID OUJVEH. Misses', 62>tc., Ladles', J5e., Gentlemen's, 87 Ho No mUed Ms? eiery pair warranted genutne 336 Broadway, corner of Worth i Goods atwbolesale at 55 Chambers street, Fr cash or approved credit. At lis lowest runup market rales. 'URFBISINO IKDl'CTION IN CLOAKS 5 kt KEKKMAN A CO. 8, ho. 473 llroadway. Heavy rlbkd grey circulars, only elcbt dollars. I)o. do. sleeve cloaks, only $10. Hlackvelvet cloaks at great reduction. Also, a small Invoice of colored velvet Manillas and cloaks from $8 to (6. street. rARD WIDBrRKNCH CALICO, Is. 6.1 PER YARD. RlO chintz colors. J ust pcned by liKEKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Uroail way. FALL FASHIONS. 2D NASSAU "STREET.? HENRY H. LEEDS A CO. WILI , O sell at autlon, on Friday, Nnv. at, at 11 o'clock, at the salesrooms, it Nkh.ui street, a splendid assortment of fancy furs, made up ly a Maiden lain- manufacturer, expressly for citv retail trade amongst which will lie found real Milieu, of value, and othe grades too numerous to describe. Every article will be?oid to the highest bidder, and warranted ax represented. j deposit required from all purchaser*. ?1 QK7-AI..RMINO SACRTFICR IN MTLLTNRRY. lOt) I $28,110 ^vorth nf millinery and millinery good* are now offered, M will WMMNb be mM regardless of coat of importation. . large lot of velvet bonnet* among ihe *ssort mtul, at WM tMMONS'. S<>4 Broadway.: Braver ionnets.? the finest quality ok black ad brown beaver bonnet*, at one dollar each. Ostrich fealhcs and feather trimming, at equally low |irii'eH, at Mr*. SELV>, 121) Sixth avenue, between Ninth and Teuth streets. BLRN*;83 BROADWAY, NEAR (1R ACE CHURCH, ha* refived Paris winter bounds and will open them on Friday, Nvembcr A). ClOIFFt RS, FEATHERS ANl> OTHER ORNAMRNTAI. ) favnriM for ihe coining holiday*, all under a urotit. The retribution I commercial circle* litis been terrible. ,I\MKS Tl'CKKR 1*101 insensible of it* baneful effects, but he i* not prostrated. Cuah hi much needed, ami every effort *htlll'e I euewedj tiensure sale* to the advantage of the niirtlMTr The pavfloitle llora is a perfect Held ol Mowers . 301 llroad way. betwen Thompson's aud Taylor's saloons. Furs, frs-best manufactured goods sell lng ?n el??w cost ?A. I. ASS A 1.1,, of 1U2 old Canal street, having on knd a very large and tine assortment of fancy fur good*, by 1* own inspection expressly for city trade, is de slrous to sd under cost, and offer* also, at greatly reduced prices to urcbaaers, *mtable to the times; all good* war tan'.ed. MB.? Furs made up and altereil at short notice. A. I. ASS A 1. 1,, furrier, 10? old Canal street. I ill It W. REHOUSE, 194 WILLIAM STREET, NEAR 1 Fianfort and >44 Grand street, near liowery. A .V C til. A N/j Offethe whole of their rich and extensive stock of Uflti' lane fur* At an Imtiiens" sacrifice. Our pat rns are know u for tliclr excellence. Every article warranto and no reasonable offer refused. FjlURS, 'URS, FURS.? TREMENDOUS SACRIFICE - $IS0J0 worth of rich mid well seasoned furs, to tie *old at P. II lilllps' fur emporium, 279 Orand sreeL In wnse quenceotbe present pauic w e are obliged to throw open our yhIuhIc stock of fur* to 'lie community at lift) percent below co? comprising real sable, mink, marten, stoue mar ten. eiml;, fltcn, chinchilla, Ac . Ac., in carriage capes, vie torinea, nil*, cuffs, Ac latdlc*, this is no humliug, but reality is ? be fouud at this establishment, a* no reason il lo alter wille refused. Therefore, do no' submit to Bmidway pi it c* iidic crowd* rushing here dally is .i *utllcieiit guaran tee tor Ot reputation. A call from the public I* all we ask H. I'll ll.l.U'S lur emporium, ?9 Orand alreet. Also, a rge quantity ol gents' I ur caps, gloves, trimmings, j Sleigh rol*. Ac. Feathrs. feathers, ke athkrm. Kn White, *jlai k and colored, OSTRICH TIPS Are offert at prices <uited to th. time*. H> HOMER A KETCHUM, No. .US Broadway. Corner nf Pearl street. 1MMKNB REDUCTION m raii'i* or WINTER HON NETS at M\D\MK POl'NSFoRD A CO'S., 871 llroad wav, I'nder Lar'args House. \fO'*'E. LADIES -TIIE Filter Ql'AI.ITY OF LADIES' Xi isses' and children's ? inter list* and bonnet*. of every viirjel, snd the latest New York and Parl?ian stylet, beautf fuliy liiiuieil au<l elegsutly limslietl, will be ?old for c.ish. be k w s-tr nr.glnal cost, at Mrs. MELVILLE'S, 4b Carmine ..i ee? late at i>Si Broadway.) 5Si A.1U KOi Wr? I T\"i i.< ist ?i ttf.T . v vkw i'.is*:r?",,1,i:rr!"" wratr ?t??A*!SKs Dli LAWT (A R KW ARI> ?A l?I. A" K AM? I VN TKK ier?Mt, with * whilr M)"t on th<- ureaat. akaal 1.% m m In oi?l Th" ?l>o?e reward will be paid by returning bar toll. ?>h. HO? ?tre?t. I pCH l?- AT Till I.TSflWKY HI.IKS' HAI.I., NOVKM bw IH, ih#7, a brarrlei, wbi< li ih?* owner rati h?ve by ad a Hull' to l> T. II , Herald oilier ' OST OS W1I.I.I AMHIU'Rli FIRRY VKSTKRUA V, J the I M h wr* left In th? l>rrjr t?>ut, ??mall Ri'-rlflO *hoal * r Ii?k, ridii lining two biMik* of n<i v?lu>' Inn io liir owner. fWO dollar* will br KUeri In ibe flnd'-r, ou delivery >>f UmimM ii Mr*. Trow, jlMand "W Hroadway Lost? o* i;th <m tohkr. ix ok xkakthk akti lam Hank, two promi??ory mrra, mad* bv Thorn** Krn-'ii to 1h? or (It ? f Wood* A l^.wrjr, dated tf'-w York, March If, Ma mnniba ilate, lor fJ92 7*. *nd Jtn* 16, eigli! dm nib* ilatn fortlM ,'trt. ?ndor?ed by Ix.wrv aodtbe *u ??eriber*. to ? bom llie ftn ler i* n-ijuemed U reuini Ibrm, i at 106 Duane mrret, pnytneni for ?ani'- hnvllij hf"? itnimnl I WooDH. I.UWKY KNOX A A I.?X)C1L I' OUT? NOV. IK. M67. IlKTWEKN KI.M AMIU It KICK J man mreet, ? mrmII *hl|>plnf receipt boob, having Hulk ley Hro A ('<> ? uam?* in tt. Tie1 Buder w 111 bo ?ultably re ( wurded by Itaitai It at 5S Beekman *tr> el. I JOST-\ l?AIR or OOl.n SI'Ei'TACt.FS WKRK l.OHT J on Hun la> lam. at noon. In Keooud ItNnf, betwen rtit t?en'b and Tbn 1 be (bank* nt the hwdt mi I a reward will be given IT tbey are Ml at 1M Haai Tblri.intb ?treel. I OCT? IX AM AMITV STRUT AND MKVRRTH AVE J DM Mf l(MT Ji-llfrMI MllMI, ? hnndl'* of b' ter? The finder will IK UNMllr (v'wM by returning til* nanur lo ifce ewkmlgeed. MR't. HKRRIIORR, iM??nr*. LoCT-OR Til! RRT?AY AFTKRNOOR THIRTY HOI. I?m In bill'. 4i<|ip< '??'<( lo b<tvc bfx-n !<??' lu (riling out of A Fifth aveim- ?!???? In ItroolW :v The tindi r Will be f warded on leaving It at IK We* TlniW*Bth ?lrert. OCT.? A MrVORA.NnrM BOOK. IR PtM KKTIUmiK a forwi. with red eoTOf, e.nuUatag ??m?< paper*, k<- Th Guder ? ill Kf liberally rewarded bv aeuding WW4 *h?r> the wmi i m he nMlMni, to HI K.iat I wanly wteaik ulreet ..r IK! Itrowdway. lo l>t"r A II .l*rk?M>tr IOST or ffot.ER.? ?*> REWARD -hiTPOh?I> TO j hiiTe bwn ?? ilen Inim tin trvnk ol Km ?Mjer<i(im|, In routine fr"tn Ihmkilll to >'? w Yorfc. rla Krte R* <m (he I2>h *n<l IS"'i in?t?., * aoltd linked, rha*e<t gold br.?vlet, nnhki HT) ? inmefled loekei and g ,|,| h '?rt atntHknd Th" ahme reward will be pail. and n" quilkw **?ed, upon Ha m m 10 tb? owner. Mary A. BfUlej, MVSllM aliwt, rmni ff . DA>OMl acadrwikh. DOKWOKTII S DaR4'IR<> Al'ADKMIRR, >" Rroadway, Rew York; No 137 Montague place, Brooklyn. < I now open for the reoepttow of pit|iiW H^KRKiRo s l>ARt IRO A< AKKMIKS M> WKbT roPR teenih "treet. Raw York, and IB (Union atreet, Rroofe If n, are now open for ibe rocrplitm of paplla. Not ykt&im' kri >ki?-iku r T ya tkh' i-kivatr ?olre.? will take place at the Chlneae tw.-mMy Room, liV Hri>adway, r*?ry hantrday evening Dancing lo eom mctwe at7*? o'rlnefc. W illace ? Rand In i-matod. i-koai, NirricBS. N'KW y??rk M PRRRK < OI KT -TIIR PARK HARK - Hmntit! ..HH1II-I I haile* || Mill*. Jaa K Mil!*, Patrick T. .Inoknon, fcdmund Dwlght, tb? Whlttetiton M lla * foreign cor nomtmn ?nd M l A KIM, Treasurer defi n lantu -Muinmotia tor a money demand on nnntraci H'om MMffM I To the defendant*-- Von are hereby *iimnv>n<M and required to anawer the complaint In thm artioa. which will t?- flle-i in tl?e .(lie* of the link "f the flty and notinly of Rew York at tho ? tiy Mall In "abl my, and to *? ! re a ropy of Jouf aii'Werto the iiabl rnmplatot on the mibwrlheK at ta^ir olB"'e, Ro ft Meek inn n ?> reel New York rity, willnti i w.-ntj Urn afwr tUe ?ertiee of thl? ?ilRitHoti< on you. nrltlilte of the ilny of ?u -h ixrMrr. and If >oti l<ll to aii<n er th? ?atd romp lain t witlltn tbe 'ime aforrnuld, 'i>- |> ' tinilfl" In thi? irti <n will u?e jtid* no'nt B*aln?t M? for it mim of lire tb-"i? mil dollar*, with Intrri'M fi "tn tbe tklr. ilai of (K-Uiber. one 'h^imand el(IH hnndred and fifty at o n I aaMcallw eofta of thlaaetioa (TTI.RR A Tn?r**KRI?, TUIntlfTa Al irnera. No. & BaekRM* ?t, R Y. Dated Ort 5, |.n67 The romplalnt In thlaartkm waa filed in the ofcce of thfl Drrk of he <>|ty and rotintv of M < w Yoi k, on tlM Mi day of 1*7 Cfl'RKMKCOl RT -COX VH B A R VKS A HP OTIIKRS - In piirauaiicr of an order In thl? rau??. the aaaeia tn ?atd order nameil will be wdil under the dir?*etion of 0\- tin d# r?l*ned, at pttbllr anrtlnn. ptKlMROR |1R Al'RR, antlonewr, or the Mih day of Rorrftiber, in?i . al tke Verrhajita' Ki rkatiy. In the city of flew York, at twelre f>'rb*<k. noon A ?i-hi'dula of aatd aiiaeU may he aeon al tfee ?I0'"? of ike under ?igned, Ro 29 Ranaati *t reet, loom Mo. Rl, orer Itnnk of t\ini m. rre, from thn i>n iwnt tim>- until the day of ?a|p. when H may b? Keen, at ihe nlWnf \b* aurtl meer. rorner <4 Pine and Wmiam?>rr*ta. Titmi and i ondltioa* in;ide known mi tfcr day of >?if. V. A. hV And, Heftrw. R?w Tuai. Not. W, 18?7. 5 BOAJUHIVQ AID Looano. 2 FURNISHED BOO MB fo LET-ON TIIIRK AVENUE, (??'tween Forty fifth 'ltd Forty sixth itreet*, Ui (wo single gentlemen, or a ( enlleinan and w Iftj without children. Terms moderate. UNIVERSITY PLACE, NEARLY OPPOSITE WASH _ ington square.? Handsomely furnKhnd rooms on the Urst end scceod H<?ir?k?llli or without partial hoard. References exchanged. The Tteuse hi entirely new, and elegantly fur nished. C THOMPSON STREET? FIRST KATE BOARD FOR *.) $2 60, (3 and S3 SO a Week This Is a good opportunity for those out of business to ?et go<al (toard at a low tlgiire A lso, lodgings for 91. 91 28 "and 91 80 a week. Also, day boarder* it. ken low. BOND STRKKT, NKAR BROADWAY.? PLEASANT furnished rooma to let, with board. Dinner at ti I'. M. 6 /? ST. MARKS' PLACE? ONE OR TWO FURNISHED 0 front room* to let. with hoard, in u llrstclus* house, No. 6 St Marks' place. Terms moderate. 1 Q LKROY PLACE, BLBKOKKR STREET ?A SOUTH JLO ern lady hasjusl opened the establishment, elegantly furnished with every modern improvement for the reception ef respeclable families and single gentlemen. Ita location la central, yet retired and contiguous to thu principal hotels and theatres. or GRKKNB STRKKT, BKTWKKN CANAL AND Grand. ? A gentleman and hia wife, or a few single gentlemen, ran lie accommodated with furnished rooma, with or without board. Hot mid eiild batfis, Kin, Ae. Terms moderate. References eichanged. K~\ TENTH STRKKT, B NEAR FIFTH AVENUK. ? GKN t/1 tlemen and their wives, also ?lngle gentlemen, cau be accommodated with very elegant room*, furnished orun furnished, on the drat and second tloora, in a llrst class house, containing all the modern improvements. Dinner at hall" past 6. 11 A FOURTH \VENUK, NEAR UNION RQUARK .? A JJ."' suit of rooms on tin- second floor, newly and hand comely furnished, suitable for a Hinall family or single geutli men, with a private table If desired, tin- house Is flreu-lass and the loeation la very pleasant and desirable. 11 O NINTH STRKKT? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED J LO rooma (o let, with <>r without partial board, ui gentle men only. House flirst class. A few doors from Uroauway. mWAVF.Kl.KY PLACE.? FURNISHED ROOMS, with board, esn lie obtained at the above address by a gentleman and his wife, and a few single gentlemen, on moderate terms. Dluner at six o'clock. References ex changed. ion <ANAI' STRKKT, WEST SIDK, AND NKAR .1.0" Broadway.? Handsome furnished front room on the second floor; also .'i small loom. w ith or without board, lu it Mnnll private family, for a gentleman and wife or single gun tli men. Terms reasonable. New No. 383. 11 P TWKLFTH STRKET, NEAR SECOND AVENUE ? J *1 ? ) Rooms with hoard, on second floor, front, facing Houih. Two single gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, will tind a pleasant home, at reasonable rates. A small select number only received. Family private. m? HUDSON STRKKT.? LA ROK ROOM, WITH WARD ) robe and closets, to let, witb board, to single gentle men. Also, single room. House with modern Improvements, pleasantly located near St. John's park. References ex changed. Transient boarders tu'comntodaied. QQfl WEST TWENTIKTH STRKKT.? A SUIT Or rooms on second floor, furnished or unfurnished, with board, at moderate terms to a responsible auil pcrma Ml party. Ideation desirable. References exchanged ,11 ? FOURTH STRKKT, BKTWKKN BOWKRY AND T J i) Second avenue.? Furnished rooms, with board, for a gentleman and wife or yooug geutlemen. COC AND 867 BBOADWAY.? FURNISHED AND UN ? )U<) furnished rooms to let, to gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen. Term* from 91 80 to 910 per week. Location unsurpassed, being in the vicinity of ihe Si. Nicholas it till Metropolitan Hotels. Tile above first class house has changed hands, and having gone through a thorough renova tion, superior accommodations are ottered. 71 i) BROADWAY.? FURNISHED ROOMS To LET, i i .J with or without hoard, to a small family or single gentleman. Meals served In rooms 11 desired. BROADWAY, CORNER OF NINTH STREET.? Rixims In suit, eltfier for a family or a party of gen liemen, where they can be perfectly at home. Also, single rooms. Private table if required. Table d'hote at 6 o'clock P.M. Cuisine a la Francaise. Qt)n BROADWAY, BKTWKKN TWBLFH AND T1IIR ( '*JiJ (tenth streets.? Furnished rooms to let to single gen tlcmen, with partial hoard, or to a fttmly, with private table if required. MmMMI HcbSgM. A VKRY DESIRABLE BOMB MAY BK FOUND IN A J\. private family for a few hoarders. where comfort is stnilied. at reasonable terms. It Is a pleasant walking dis tance for down town gentlemen, and the neighborhood quiet. Stages and cars ruu within a block. Referenon exchanged. Apply at 146 fourth street, near Barrow. A SUIT OK ROOMS, PLKABANTLY LOCATED AND neatly furnished, suitable for a gentleman mid wlte or two or three single gentlemen, can lie had, with hoard. In a private family, where a desirable hoine mi be realized. App Iv at S#*v**fiih atrppt, i??*ar flk*cniul avc.iiic. Unexcep tionable references piveu and requlrwl. 767 A A RRRPKt TABLE FAMILY HAVING MOIt ROOM J\ than iht-v require would be willing to take tw > ? title mm and their wive* or single gentlemen to board. with pleasant room*. Mid where lJ?-\ run enjoy the conform id home. Apply ut 196 Kant fifth Htreet. 4 I'RIVATK FAMILY, HAVING A FIRST CLASS ft home dealrea to take a gentleman and wife, or two iln fill gentleaaen, w nh full or partial board: the room* are on the second floor, lo<-iition very ileslrabl*. Plea?? addremi b. M.S., 1'ost ofllce. A PLEASANT FI RVISHKD ROOM TO LET? WITHOI'T board, with Imth adjoining, to a gentleman, at a mode rate prlre. :t6 Irving place, one block f row Union *<|iiare. A TORY PLF.AKANT SlITF. OF FrRNISIlF.D ROOMS to let, with board. If required, al no a single room, in a Brut cla** brown nione front house, with all tin motern im provemenu. convenient to cur* an mage*. 71 West Four teenth *treet, tir*t kousa went of Milk avenue. 4 KM A I.I. PRIVATE FAMILY RESIDING IV THE pleasantly located bouse, 2n2 We?i T? ??ntirtli street, desire to let a large rnoin> a and ? lie. Alio a email nHini to *lngl? K'Utli men. The fca'ation I* convenient for ear* and stages WELL rt'RMMIKP R<K?M, ON THIRD KMXIR, TO let, foi ?l Mi per week, to a gentleman. Apply at 197 1.1 i en?' ?treet, between Houston and 111. i rker street*. A LADY DESIRES BOARD -IN A QUIRT. RRSPECTA J 1 ble private fstnth where there are no otker boarder* , ?? old Ilk" a atnall parlor with bedroom, for lb? vviuur. Please aldres* C I ? . In ion square Po*t odlre A VERY FAVORABLE ARRANGEMENT CAS BR J\. tna>b by a gentleman ?nd hi- wife or one or two sin ,'le gentleaken for rutins, with or without h. mnl In a private family . by applying at IU4 Lexington avenue. lotallw unex erptlonable. UKNTLEM AN AND LADY OF GKNTKFL AND retired habit* ran have a sitting ro..m and to-d m, with tire and light, with board forlbf lady, for fin per * 1 ek at 1S7 West Twenty seventk street Al?o, a single roi m. ? lib or a about board Ha* and water In the koute 4 RMPEt TABLE SINGLE GENTLEMAN, OR TWO J. V friend-. ran be smiiiimudatit w 1 1 h 1 ? " bedroom* an l use of parlors, hath. gns. Ac . full or partial hoard, and all the fomlort* of an Knglith home, Location. Eleventh ?treet, ntiir Fifth avenue. For further particulars apply to 1 1 . T. BABltABD, >M I'lne mi r ? ??? t , basement. J I'RIVATK FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM THAN thejr require, w mid let to single iratlemMl '?<> or three furnished rooms, with partial board Term* mode rale He fettncc* exchanged Apply at M Went Twenty seventh ?treet, near Mxtfc avenue A OEBTI.F.MAN ANI> HIS WIFE MAV BE AOCOMMO J\ ilated wi'h board, in a strictly private t.imily, on llv- writ ?Me iif the t'ttjr, in a fa*ht"nabb' iielghbfirlKHel Front room, ? nlielotlie* closet*. pantile*, and every accommodation Ad dresa A l\, box It? Herald office. *tatiiig where an interview may be bad 4N AMERICAN LADY, WHO HAS NO CHILDREN, ./V wishes to take an nr one or two rbildreti Call fur one week at S14 Ka?t XVI *t JYOCNG Mi* WHO f?4 fTI'DYINO FRENCH, ME *lrt ? partial board wnh a reapeetable private French family, in ihl* city or Hn?tklyn Address St 1 b at. Herald 1 Bice 4 I'RIVATE F AMIf.Y, IIAVINO MORE R(M?M THAN ^'V they rti|inr^ will let tn a gent I' man ind wife, with I urd a bark parlor and pantrte*. with or aithfttta 'te ln-iui adjolntaft. at a very low figure Apply at 148 Ka?t Thirty aix'h ?treet, t?etw? en Herond aiet Third avenue*. A A widow i.adt har a rtmxmno> roomtoi.kt, to a and wife 'braird for 'be Isdjr milyi, wh^'i* th. rr- are no ?lk.r bnardera Ref--r?n<"e reii'iiml Apply at 1x2 Ttilril areii'ov bctweon Hwalrtmt ?n l Ki^lileentb ?i* 4 WllmW LAI>Y IIAS a FURMHIIKH H< " >M, WHICH J\ ??>?? ? ill |>r ? with * Are mi l let t>> any fntlr m>n ? <?bln? iroartMhlf hum** for tin* winter. Ad<Ir> ?* Mm. W i !)? Madlann W|ti?r<' ("oat ? I1W, N V. k URNTl.RMA!* AMI Wirt, O* TWO OKITTLKttKIt, J\ < an ni'Uln a lariri- im tuiii r?im mi lb* aeeowd h.-w. ?nb I- aid, in a ?ua I l?mll> Th. h. . ,ai*lua *11 modem Iiiii ror- m. nt? *M In In* gent, el ue|?ht><>r Ik? Kl. Apply M l"i' K?at Klgbteenib atri-et. A li* NTI KM AN ANI? W IKK OR TWO ntlVOI.K URN j V llfmn run tw ttramiiiiitaM with board in * private Aiuei ican lmii.1) al Xu. tj; ihrytUe iirwi, n?-ar tiraad Mmt k *rt.Rj?im> m'rnishrii room, with hrhroom A ?iimIiiI, In Irt to tut# or two (i'r >ia?n Partial ? r 1 ? ? 1 I r ei| 'i red in a | ? -i li ii-- with ill Ibe mo dern lniiirt)Trmrii'? I iH|nlre al *? l'rin< ? KfrH, n few dour* *?l of )tr<?d*ay BOARD -Ht'IT* or ROOM* n *KI*?OMHI,r ri'R nleb-ii. tri In. ifinntf or i of i lifr. Ill mn?(.e fi Mtinn. n I if Rentlemen MM their trhrc^ rm >ery mMKhlt torm< ?i ; -pru | airert. nnr Varlck. Hh all the in ?!? tii impron nrn<i BOARH-A OOOft R1XRD IIAM. RKIIROOM, JIU'RI.T furn>?hed. W> Ivl, wrh h*?nl, lt> % amnio family dririly private. T.rtua re*aniMnle Apply ?' 'M ruib ?ireet. BOaRO-A ORST1.KMA1V ANI? II IN WITH OR TWO ?Ingle gentlemen ran ho Mmmaoliii Willi a pl"o-ant rn?m tn * nnxtrm h-meo, wi'h ihr l.iraie 1 al Ko. 3 NUllh mrccl, between I If ih ana I*l1lb avi Hurt. BOARD -TWO UKNTI.KMKN ANDTIIKIK wivhr, or a frw *lngle leatl. M a, ran be *e??fnnda?i <1 with pi. ? ?nut rtmnia for ih'- m inlrr, applying at Mi boa Uipber atreet, near Rlee<*lier Hm an I ni?'h >n ibe h ? !?<? Board -a iia npsomki.t rcRjfiRii?o PARLOR and Ic.lrrw.m will be rented rm very moderate Wm*to i. ifinii m ii an. I olfcvr two aln(> t?>-iiilein?ii, at |;] Kml 1 went) third ilrrt Boarp-a or.vti.rman and wirR m riffn K<mmI ttnl itrnteitf <1 rooma and l?>ard III a amal. prlrat# tamllT. by appl) i*x i>t I r.l Weal Thirty an til atreet. ||.,|? (f??B ain? ivtrj n.oiern Improvenoiut .anil b>>m? lomfort* are ntlercd at a ?rry r< aa<>nal>f)' ebirRe. The eery beat raferenre* given and required. BOARD.-riVRNIftOlj* <iKMTI.KMK V OR A IIKNTI.K nnxn an<1 wife ran llnd a plenaant home for tin- wint<r by applylo* at I1?l Kaat llioailway. Tb? lamllT ia amall ho' w ? ? I f >i i i?i- ti o.i witb mixlern imprnvemeiita. Th .?? ult-n u> board ma) e?p?<-t tba aBMH of a home Term* m?iier?M. Board -a okxti.rman a*j? hh wirK a*dai!? Ifl^ ?. oUemr II, i an obialn pleaaani room* wuli hi?.rd, al?o two ji.un* la.llea ran b? an uninrMtatrd tnonlra ai W I uraytb "treet, near III and BfiARIt 1R I'Ol'RTKKffTH STRKRT? ri.RABAJfT SI'ITS id i- in* whh Ixwrd. nay b* oi.taln.vl at llW ari l IflU Raai hmrtffUlrtrwi. P?- r v\ utmi^ tknr ''?.riifor?? ??f m will RtkI ? \rrtih<nflt Vl^fArctir**? riohnrifwl ^ H If Afu]M<i|||?*Iy \ Pull of piriofa uo VfUKItl^ looft ^ Ub or * nliout |?rivM? uibk. BOARDING AJVD LODOVNO. BOiiD.KN * (uurrunMN Alio ms virioi two single gentb nu n can he accommodated wub g>K*l board, on moderate terms, by apply nif at No 267 Weat Thir Ueih atreet. Refer' Ml required. Board nr a private fA*n.T fcr a family or tvmningl* guntji men, house new. and elegant! y fur limited with .ill new furniture. '"nil at I.WKaat Fourteenth at. HOARD IN BROOKLYN ? PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH X) hoard, muy be luuod at M Hlcka street, n ear Wall street and South ferries. Board in a privatb famii.y cam nrcnmmndatc a gentleman aint wife, or one or two aio f[le geutlcmeii, k It h board ami plcas/Tut rooiue. fan. hath, Ac , ti a very desirable location at No. ?M I.afayctt* avenue, ouly a few steps from Kill ton ??ntt? car*. Board in Brooklyn -a gentleman and wifb or two single gentlemen ran be amiamadatnl jarjlts good bnaril anil |> li-aiwi tit rooms In a lirst Main house. T"rma renaonable. Address Mrs. Scott, Brooklyn I'oal office, tar ibrce day*. Board in tiik plrasantly situated, tirst class house, i'42 Henry street, near th? South Mini WhII street ferries Room* to let on the first, se cond ?nd tbinl Hour* to married or single, gentlemen. Trrma moderate. Relerence* exchanged. Board in Brooklyn.? a <;knti.eman and wifw or single gentlemen may obtain permanent board for thi' wtnti'r in a i|utel family ?' moderate terms at UM Hick* street, convenient (o Fulton "i w til at real ftrrlw. Clin ?p tlonablc references given and required. Board in hrooklyn -a okntleman and wife. or two single gentlemen, can have a tlnr room, on tins second floor, with board, by applying at 01 Naaaau atreet. Bt'Utl) IV BBOOKI.YN.-A CKNTI.EMAN AND WIFB and two single gentlemen enn secure a desirable home. In a flrHt class house, with an English family, on moderate trrniM, ? ithtn six minutes' walk of Pulton or Wall atreet ler rira. References exchanged. Apply at No. 162 Washington street, llrooklyu. Board in iirooklyn? a gentleman and his wife or two dingle gentlemen ran tie accommodated with a vrry di'Hirnlilr romn and board, wlihln trn minute*' walk of Fulton or Wall street ferries. Apply at 190 Joralemon at. Board in Brooklyn ? onk or two sinoleuen tlemen may obtain rery pleaaant acc nm modal lona, with board. In a private family. Apply at 117 Congress atreet, Ur?t bouse from Henry. BOAKI) IN BROOKI-TN -DFSIR *BLE ROOMS, Hl'lTA tile for a gi'iitU-miin and wite, or single gentb men, in a lust i lass house Dinner at fi'2 o'clock Apply at 2+4 Henry street, between Amity and Congress streets. Board in Brooklyn wanted? the middle op January, by a young grntli'tnaii nnd his wife, in a prl \ ate family, where the comforts ol home can be enjoyed they wish a front room I'urniahed, with cloaeta, nrr anil gas in. l.o cation nr ir Fulton fi rry desired. For a home and suitable accommodations $J?? per month will be paid. Address, with reference, W. L., Ilernld olllce. Board wanted.? pleahant roomh in a pri vate family. Terms must be moderate. Location be I ? een Fourth and Sixth avenues, and Eighteenth and Twenty slxih sirrets. Address, with reference, M. Andrew*, No. 519 Hudson street. Board wanted? by a okntleman and h? wife, and a single gentleiiiiiii. up town, between Four teenth and Twenty liftll streets, and Fifth avenue and Itroad wa\ furulabed parlor and two bedrooms desired, witb dinner at 6 o'clock. Address Board, box 112 Herald olllce BOARD) NO.? ACCOMMODATION IN A FIRST CLAK8 house? convenient to stages and cars? for a gentleman and wife and two young gentlrmi-n. Dinner at t> o'clock. Apply at 170 West Twenty second atreet, between Seventh and bighlh avenues. BoAiiiHNi; - \ rilLOl ash MDBOOM on first floor, handsomely furnished, with nr without a private tiibie, at 49 West Twenty seeond street. The house is flrsl rblM and several years established. Also, a front room for a single gentleman. BOARDINO DOWN Town? two can be Hrrommodsted with board, also one youug lady, at 26k t.reenwlch street, corner of Robinson. IjM.EtiANTLY FI'RNIHHRD AND I.AROR PAKl.ORHTO U let, with iioaril, on second, third and fourUi floors, u> griitlemro and genteel famtllm, tir~t cIuhh bouse ami all thn modern Improvements. Call eurly at No. 16 Bond street, aoA bave the rholce of rooms, for one week First class boise? parlors, clohets, pan tries nnd bedrooms connecting, ou til Ht. second nnd third floors, with Lot and cold water baths, lr , for gentlemen or a ?t'titleman and wife, with full board, no children or servant* taken; terms reasonable. Apply at II Islington wveuue, ( oi lier of Twenty second street, near (iramerey park. TTU'ltNISHKD ROOMS TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT r board, at IHM Spring street. The rooms are neatly fur nished and will be let at a reasonable price. IjM RNISHED ROOMS TO I.KT- WITH ALL TBI MO ' del n imprin einetiis, w iih a private ulde it uired, iu aprhate litiull \ , at b06 Broadway, ihree doors above I'nlon M|uare. FI RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET? WITH OK WITHOUT hoard, to persons only of high respectability la the modern slid desirably located bouse .Y2 West Fifteenth street, between Filth aud Sixth avenues. A fair remuneration re quired. TTMRMSlIRD I.ODii INHS ? FIVE OR SIX SINOI.B I gentb men ran be accommodated with funii?hcd b?lglnga In a genteel hou^e, within one block of Madison suiiare. Ilest referrni ea required AddressO K New York roe* olllce. ("1 KNTI.KMKN OK RKSPKt T A BIMTY MAY OIlTAIN A .1 handsomely furnl?hed p?rlur vwih two bedroom* ad joining, having every modern eonvenlence with breakffcat If di alrtd. wllh a gcntcal family in KigaUi itracVBUr Broad way. Adore**, giving mm W , HtaUon 1 >, Po*to?e? HOTKI.I.OHUINUH ? OKNTI.KMKN CAN OBTAIN NICK ly turn. shed room* Hi the tllolie Hotel, corner of Krank (?r( mil WUIlM MmXi. Price of room* Uceula per night; llW, t(t? upper toeiu* fori* ptr month. NKWI.V AN I i IIANDHOMBI.Y riKNIHHKD ROOMH TO let, iii a mi wtly private family of two pernon* t* gentle men and tbrtr wlvra, or tu single gentlemen, with f ill or par lull board. liijulre ut No. Went Thirteenth street. XTKAT ANDNKWI.Y Ft'RNISIIKD ROOMS TO I.KT, AT 1 1 ;<4 while airect, Nim4k?j , in it nuirt, r "peetablo I mull/ Reference* rt-'| uLrmt. -pl.RAFA.VT ROOMH TO I.KT? WITH i>K WITMOI'T J hoard, l<> married ?r single geni.enien, at No. 4 Fourth atreet, convenient lo "'age* and r.ulroad. IJKIVATK BOARD IN BROOKI.VN ?A hl lTINU ROOM, with bedroom stacked. furulnrril or tint urumti* <1. to let, lo a gentleman and wife or two *li?i.?|e gentlemen, on mom r? m"oiimi|Im lemi*. hooas v?ry pleaaanlly l<? Reference Hivm mul required Addreaa K K . boi III Timesnfflce. for two day*. -pRIYATR BOARD IN BROOKI.VN ?A ORNTI.KMAB J andwite rmbrwriiMiiiUlMl In a quiet privati family * i'h good board and ptMuiitrixiMl by applying at 52 Harrl sou street, net oad dnui iroui Cliu.uu I.ocikiluti convenient to W .ill ?'r?el and houth feri ;es 1JRIVATF. HOARDING ? A OBNTt.KMAB AND WIFR or two tir three ?lncle pemonaean h ire board, with nKimi on second floor. In a private larnlly residing at lijy Kaat Twen t> aeveuili ? "-eel, between I?e*lngtnn .mil third avenuea The* hou*e turn all the modern improvement* References (I changed. SOI Til IIROOKI.VN -TO I.KT, TouNK OH TWil IIKM tinmen, with partial hoard, a niee large fron' room. with gssatid llrcplace titration pl?as*nt and eonvenleui lo ih* bnuth Ici-ry. mid also to the cars Family ?mall and private, l or | ii Hi -ulars Inquire at 1H Harrison ?ire?t. TWO OR THBEI) UENTLEMF.R CAN BK ACCOMMO dated WHh room* ami partial hoard, within a few mm ii '- walk of rtouth or Wall street ferric*. t all at tti < .niton ? ieet, Brooklyn. T'O I.KT-FIRMOHKD ROOMH WITH OR WITHOI'T board. Price ruoderav*. Apply at jOH We at llo tatoa mrwi, sear Broadway mo LIT WITH BOARD, AN I NITKNfNIIKD ROOM, 1 to a gentlemmi and hia wife, in a small Ameriasn family. Where few hoarder* are tahtn, alau a furnished room fur a Hart v of gentlemen who would be willing to room together. Apply ai No $ lai|kl street. rpo I.KT-IR A R KHPFt'TA fli.K t. Kit M A N PRIVATK J family, a caarfi rtahly furnlabed room, wrh fall ho^rd, 'o a ?lnrle g. i-r a gentb m m mid wife l.oeatloii Twen It flltli atreet. Beat of rrlerewe given an I re<|UtrMi Ad ?Ireaii, with real name H , h?? I luft l*o?.t office. II' * JfTRD? ROARD IN BRooKI.YW." fOB A UABT* v? wuh parlor and he>lroom. for one weeg f.t, whi- h a l iteral price will be paid Addremi boi ?..W7 N' w Y<irk 1'iMlt Office. PIWT WPP!! K Vri ll KN. I>ost orrit'K sinit k? tiik maim kor ? \i.ipor nla. per I nl-ed Miaiea steamer war of Ih.- WeW, will rl'me ailhi? offi< e on Friday, tit*' 9?tli day of RtirMW, at I ock-kPM IMA A<' V KoWl.BR, IVwt water RBATAI'MA NI'M. 70IJNTOB STRKKT, BROOK t. TV ?poX'H PRfV ATfS ? moklng aaloon Mu?ie and ? nginr every Mnn 1?y Weil Bea'lav and Hatiir.lty. t'halr lain at * O'clock prepiaety. I'rcd M B Ro??iiheim. from 1/iB'lon preatdea at the piaoo. A~Li/firm r. i kai.k a*i.r on dracoiit * UiMiieaa atom ..n Iraught. Burton ale o| ilrau^M Yontiger ? fx-- !? h ale on drau*M. (3 year * okL) llarmnn'a atnek ale on driugat Kven * new ale on draught Lnn.ton aad Mancheafi r dally paptniMtle Ai'n the t!lu? Iraterl Jli w? and Timea, the Kra, I'liuch, Bell'a I.lfe, I, lllu? iinM. ni Birmingham .lourual ..n (lie. ?t the "Oflke," M) Wmb<n atreet MKN.IAMIN HON BY. Proprietor CTILI. AMfTIIKR *11 RDKW n TIIB VltrflM RATRK Immetiac erremen' ,tt Ro B Itmidwaf. II appear* Irom wha' we can i*'k"r ihat iher? arrived by ihe gleam I r Varlon, on the Ithh tn*tant, aooiii for'y Bermuda r< ald< iita all rich and really apli ndld fellow*, who had been fntre.l from 'heir native thore ngalnat their In. Im<t ma to t.ike up their re?ldence In thla lab ) of th<- freo and home .f tke brave They put np at Mr W Pal aer a houae. No. :k> llroadway. \ e?'erday morning iwn w.-re *. i/. .l by 'he re moraeb ?* batehi r wh<i with com i,io..,|ed atrocity tabbed tk. mlnlhe abdomen with a knife at lear twelve Inchea In length A a there wa* no poet mnctetn e lamination h-*id >o the b'elte* we rtnti'it give 'he partleiilara. hm it ia tupp >a*d Ihey dted ln*'antancon?|y I'm >he ar>]iiel tf>er )wr,nc murdered both, aa If to gloat Mill fur'her hi* flendiah pa*a?<>o*. the placed irapuienta of th. 1 o.lie* in a htrg' pot at. 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