Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1857, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1857 Page 6
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wiTirB-rrniLM i R RiVRTRRW A <HFSPEOTaBLS RN'U.ISH Wf? mii *anit(<i|<i(ti<wwa'uv)i*<'1 . ?Vi" ''*ttas??y ?%? m *<U* Mt her |?r*;?rm em^ioy tr *, 16 ^ Kl* * YOUNG lilRL WISH ICS * SITl'ATIOM *S <XM>* , A >? wUIina 10 aasis ;u washing, or would ro as t*un<lft>i x ml ehsmber?aid ' J V r. , . ie peaces i mthf iffQ ?,?r two days at her i'1*- place, 31 haul A^h ?.. betwem ftth are. tad Univuwtty ylaoa. JCOMPBTl NT ENGLISH WOMAN (A PROTESTANT) whui* ii situation -s nfsaA's nurse --an take full charge, aim I ??! ? up by hand, or would takerireot growm* sli.utrri. ng oof ana natr thalr alothlnl The i>e?t of city tel. recce an !? caj at ilny Apply at 16 University piace, A KKSrWTAM F YOt "*'?? WOM VN W A NTS A SITU A - fk>n as seamstress and chambermaid, ?"utl be w ilitug k herself generally useful. To be seen for two days a. r*j Cherry at. A- RESPFtTABLE OIM. WISHES A SITI'ATION TO ,?,? cbsmbework and a**i?i in wishing srvl ironing, or tip* general housework at a small family , Uw boat of city reft r mr" Call at 191 Waal St., between 8th and 9th avea., top So r. back room. A SITUATION WANTFD-RY A KUSPKCTA RLE PER. mu aarock. washi r and troner, or u? do general bouse wrrk in v small family Pleas. call at 88 Wykoff at., between Smuli and Hoyt sis . fcouih Brooklyn. Good city reference C..a br seen for two days. if not gutted. J SITI'ATION WANTRO? BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to da general housework ; la a good waaher and ironrr and plain rook, fan be aeon at her last place, l&i) W cat 2?tb xt. J RESPECTABLE VOV NO WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE in washing or workout by the day. Apply alSl Leonard a: eornrr of Went Broadway, second floor. JRFsPFCTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITI'ATION TO DO general housework in a small family , or chauiberwork ?*?<?>! reference. Call fur two days at S3 Lewi* at., top floor' A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITI'ATION TO A. cook, wa?h ib I iron No objection to go In the country. !??'*? of city reference. Can be aeon for two daya at ISO Went 23d at, in the rear A SITI'ATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ax lady'a maid or seamstress under ?a..n<lH hairdressing, dressmaking, and ran rut and fit C hil - drcn's clothing. Beat city '.reference. Call at 291 Elizabeth A, corner of Bleecker. A N EXCELLENT DRESSMAKER FROM PARTS, A speaking English, want* tn g? r ut by the day <ir week, Kbt make*, children s ilrewi and evening dresses pcrfeoily. Apply at No. 4 6ib avenue, back room. A NEAT, IITGHLY RFCOMMENOEn OIML WANTS A a altualion as chatnliermaid and waiter, would aHaiat in washing and ironing, or as nurse and seamatreKK. lias tie of city referenro Would CO to the country: will b? fciuud artivf, intelligent and willing C?ll at 241 14th at., cor ner af avenue A. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHF.S A SIT A uation ii a private familv , not lotig in this country, like U> go uador inatructiuna. < 'alt hi No. 4 Horatio street, riniui Ma ia * RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO GET SOME A family's washing, or by the dozen. Call at 14S Sullivan it reet, in tlie front basement. A YOr.VC. WOMAN* WIBHTM A SITI'ATION AS CHAM _A berm.iul and nurse, or to assist in washing and iron ? f or to do the housework of a small family; can give the t>e<t of city refer nee. can be seen for two days at 1*8 gu.iivan at. ? LADY WOI I. I) LIKE A SITI'ATION AS TEACIIER A cl '.he Kncllah bran he?; if desired, she will also instruct ia. French. Adlreaa, for a few days, R R., Flatbush, L. I. A YOUNG W')MAN| WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN A cook, is a far*; rat. washer and ironer; if a good baker; weul.l do the housework oi a small family, has good city rcfe ren. t . Please call at No. HO Went lt>th st , in the rear. A STTr ATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG QIRIS AS J\ rh-mtiermaid and waiter, and to do plain aem-inp. she a?.ii n.mi well rec.jnmended from her last place, where she L. * 1. ted toi tiw last ;ive > car*. Can be aeeu far two days at lii Wcr. 36th at. A SESTECTABLE YOVMO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA A. uen a* chambermaid and laundress, or to do general housework :'i r a Muall private family. Best of city reference fr<-ai her 1 a si place. Call at 44J 3d avenue, between 32d and 3M su A SITUATION WANTED? AS NURSE. BY AN' ENGLISH Prvleatant woman, ? hn has !iad mu -h experience la th? tare e! young mJaLts. is ttdy and rompetent to take the en ?r^ i harg^ of a luncri . e?u give ?*ttsfaet{>ry reference fr?>m h> i eiiiplnyer, where she lu. ? lived for su years. Can be aoeo at 7d ilk m . Im ? m u Broadway a*d ith av A SITUATION W AWTRIV? BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. as wnt nurse; has a fresh breast of milk: has good ray and doctor s ret 'rencea; ts a good aeamstresa. Apply at 341 West Kth st., third fluor. for two days. RF^PF' TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atloo lu a private faintly to do chamberwork and watt Mif or cljimt'erwcrk and sew';rg, a K"<?1 home is more prefe rail* thaii ? ages, has M ? iceli.-nt references, i iui be h*ri, for two days at No. 96 East 13th it., between 3d and 1th ?vt ii jes A FESPE<TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A BTTUA J\ us mi tiarm wiiuM ass st with chamberwork; can sew ?: req tired, has lived four yean in her 'ant plari-: would have in objee tlons to gn to Br? >kUm; toe beat if t.'y r> : ren^e. Apply at No 27 l. ?' st-, near University pUice. ARFSPFCTABLK WOM AN WISHES A SITUATION. AS ftrtt c:a?s rook andgood washer and imtier. Has got the he* I <f refereiK es. and underiunids her business thoroughly , I'll ?e eall at Kaai Nm b street. 11 ENGLISH WOMAN WisiiF.s a situation, To DO A. get" rat bouMW>>rk ts a gt I ? ather and i> oner. Pleaae ?all at MO ChaiTy at., for two dayi. ASITI KTION WANTED? UY A TOUN<! GERMAN I w? nian. a? ? hsrnliermaid and waiter Good city reler- I w Callat No. al^wisst lornerot "Irand. ] A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SOBER, STEADY | y ung woman, is a go d plain rnok and a good washer ! anil : r". ner no <?bjerti"n *o do general housework in a pn [ it'i famih Has :h'' best of rrfermee; no obJeetlM to the I C< uti.ry. ?'a|] f. r two days at 35 Carmine at , n.-sr IMeepker. J A RFSI'Fi TABLE '.IRI WISHFS A SITI'?.TION AS j A rook. washer and ironer in a small family . she has four ' years referen ? '".u be seen . i n? d.?>h at 211 7'J? ??? k j floor, front t*? m I A A AfTTTATION wWTVn-HY * RFTfl'T ARM! I ?? nn vuruiii, In il? rbnlw rwntk ?n4 ?ailln| or |riM ral b/iiM mi-i k . |to>?l rtty referenrct < 'all at l.Tfl Vadta..n at. Asiu ation wasteo-hy * yoi so orrmam VWU, aa i himlicrmajJ and waiter or at fcneral bouae wrrk tiood city refrrenrea Call at It Spring *i. fur iw j Aifl RFSpF.'YAHt.E MiRRTKO WOmTn WOrT.n TiKE IV in aitnLiif Kill <r<>nln( of arr.all prtrate faailto*. VruDir ladiea au-l k?-bi ??i?n a w aakitig alao atieuded ?o. Tin?" Dii^rnt* and til) rdcmur* gu>-n Apply al JV6 M ..berrt a'.reet, ItiKeto Pprn.f and Br > n ?, r-'iusu 2. A Y(.I \ . WIIVVN ?N I < VK WFI.I. RRCOI j" Bended, d<a.rra a aituaUnn in ctty ?r < oimlry, f-irfne 4 bt.i.ara rk ik ? f ?>d cook. waaher au<l ir u> r, willug and ?i .v.r-K. ?*4-r?frtrti Apply a; JUT Bi.werj. A Rl^l't i TARLV VOfMI WliSAN WAN1H A MTI A J\ inaat.iH'k taaab. i and u?n. r. ?>( would do hoia.w,,rk b.,? the 'if nty referem r I'leaar rail or iwldreae V U., JW Weal Iftb at., Iitai tl< ?? ir, fur twudaya. a NFAT 't IRI. WANT* A KITI ATIUH am HOl'KR _A keeper o r a* plain ????ok waaber and Iroiirr ah* ia a K>?el b-.r.d at irilkiac and making butter no olije.ii .? intkeeour. ? r> ? *iKrl b"ioe preferred lu btrb wa*ea. Call al '*<i ?Ui a ? ? ?- near Jf'.b atreet. ASITVATIOJI WAKTFO-RY A RKSPF/TA HI.K WO man al?> a ottiiati >n by her mare. one ?? ,? -?1 <? ?.?, waebi r and Ironer the other ?? rbamliermaid and a alter, * U imiii In the line wnmhlnff mid iron la*. m. objection In Miaten J?mnd or Hnaitlyn. kaa lived 'br- e >ea'? in ber laat plaee. ?h. heai if nty retcreure (lt?o. I alt tie a ? ZM> Kaei 2W ? ..eta 1 1 n Ir and ?1 ara. A B1TVATTOW WANTKn-BY A RKSPKCTAMM? J\ i -I tndapla n eook'n* wnahtnrand tr.iotng, or b*a no m jeei .t> to d<i let tiaew .rk He of rlty reference fan he ?? lurtw > da.*> al IIV laialUi al , betw .>an Mil l.*?u A A< chipftknt AMRii :r aw Yorwo wow aw HWTHBB !, ? a* aeaaaa'reaa and em'r iderer for mmMWa'e a , ? h?-? m r? e# ft* ? n < all at or addreaa 118 Kaat >? > ? . i,F>-v v trt v noon pi \tw roo* wv^nrr. ^ nr d ir?eer ??n'a a ?ltuatl<>? In a r??| eeuMe family, la ??|i rer^mtn'nded ?n?s n ?' *fratd tn w?rl. '"a'l at 147 7tfc at tieiarei a Wb and ??t ?t? k filtTATIO* W V MKI>? HY A RF.?f? TAIfUt WO J\ n;. unit t.ur t ? I h fereo - P ? .-* < ?.l a in ",U ?> i * t-ea J k auu ii? ?'> . f i uTTOJf W \\TKI?-RY * YOTNO WOM *!f, TJC \ l .t. ( n it M- f en I?mnri ? und f<MMid? II. ? . *B ' : ~.njr of litillea and rblldr. n ? dri'M*. - nhit ' ?al ' r t h'i ku laoffaally wwins. kronkt He wihinat'i $? i t te a >-rk nr ntoulk t'an t.e ? fin m daya al fcer ^ in. . i n i l1 ?> ? ! a, 164 Henry ai , lit i ?Wjra Ani ti; n WAjrrKi>-H> a vol no Woman, to , . i,. r hint, work a>?> ! refer, aea fi na. t 'al 1 fwff i ? *??? l.'lia n<?^r!??!, .t ^ It ?T1 N WAKTrn- BY A RKWPRtfAni.K W!l ? ? lUi... aitiaa lb. Id. ?a f.eik itt til do |.'uen w ik ?'. * i tat' toar ?>* houaa i . Kl city mfereare* ? a v *r a . . 3f, ij ?t, i a. . ? ei, for i? daya tf no* en Ja^*a A Ml. *1 IN WAiTKI?? MV A RKSPK' 'T A HI.K "u i' . rl ? lu ?ri,eral h..'i?. a .rk <w > Imlier* uk. ? j ? , ...| .. . r.n ill in l> r laev l. e < all lor lwt? 0i . - i I- I n. i - ? Mtl Ml! IV 1A kVTUn- HY A YOI MO Wt>*AS AH /\ hr?t rta? e... i . .?,h. nMn ->ip? and poultry, fer. *4, blariilt an<1 Mrt tallkinua a ?o al.y -t y . in* wo ft n aa i bam* eri. aulas i laandreaa r .^t r ty r"efer.'ne?a. Fleaa. i all a' Itt Mi at t .uitoa p ? e near Atli ai' ? imCTAITl PR'tTltUT A l*T YOVRO WOWAJI J\ waaU a atttiatfm aa ehamtierniatd imt ?mnr reaa nan f ? r the t.eal rttr refereoee Pan he aeei ill ,. ,c (l.. | m ?jq > at I?h at . brna ? I II ??" t? A and la' at. k RWPRTTABT.R PR'tTKaT AWT OtM WANT* A J\ ?i iia'lon In a Mail fa?liy ?? do general teniae # , , ?< i a ?' ? ity referi^ioa. I 'an ba ae*u f * t? i daya ?t 1"5 A I him ? . Hrfwlya a WfiAtloB wil?TRi?-nY a int. it J\ iiertnan w .man aa (xmk, wtalo i aod Ironer #t) rrfer. n.-aa t 'all at M6 Hadaon ?i , in t*e iiaaeMeni. Yomo Wtt**W WA*TH A MTV A 'in aa ebaiaheraiald at I waHI?aa. or * ..ilil h*r- i #? . tiun to d' a.* ?an> rH houaea ork <?f ? amall l itlillj. Haa ? i ?!?!? i.' renr. fr ?a liei laat i mj l .yar. Apply at Mr. f allaphan'a ? AKK^PH TMH.P \'|I SI CiMtH % *f OIRL W V !fTft A i lire ae .bam'er. <.d or 'o <a -I an'l iron and cook. (Ian I e a eel ?t H* Mr idCii at a ?> xk ronM. ARICWR' TAHt II VOt'NO WOV * N TAWTK A HITl'A , ? tun aa chaaibanMid or i? no reaaral kiMMKanrk; ia a gen.' weaker a n.| Irnner aedj ^II k. t ao eire tk" '.eai of ??? reO' e t aa ha am I r i? daya rleaflt r.i'l ?t .W Ad. phi# he-i?..en F 1 I'W and Allan., .rmaea. Hr aiklyn, Siir I ni?? (tnnt rrami AaiTFATIiiR WA?lt?0?-lt\ A MKSPri'TAHf.K PRO lenani a man aa good piaia i > ? at. H> iikata* WHk tka w ? ? i f.t Heat f refereneaa P. aaa ca St W.-at Hih at. 0- h? ae. ri ! >r two daya JKKurRtTA Rl V Y?! KU Wn? ? v ? ? "HTW A flfTr A , UBh ?a Jfrtnd platn ra*dl. Waahee .tier, taanei.-el fc-ra 1 ^k#i id bread ? iM do ten era li .ua.? .rk f ir a ?t?all ?rtr ?te ami) t . no ohjenam Ui go Into tki' ci. i ntrjr ian lie rr mtiae tided frnjl ker iaali?>are 'ail I'iriwida/" at ITl ?feat 2>'< at r? ar k uae, moil Wo ' smjATiots wAirneDujrKniiEs. A SITUATION WANTED ? BY A RESPECT A RI.K WO man, as mok, washer and ironer. good ?- ?i y references Call fur two daya at MS 3d ave., in the fancy atore A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS ASITL'A i leu as chambermaid, and can do plain wing or general hnuaework m a assail family ; is a good washer and ironer and a ^-ond plain cook <>?od reference ntvenfrom her last place. Pfeaee call at ItM Oliver at, third floor, front room. AN AMERICAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION, AS ? 'iumitifrmnid nnd waiter, or to do fine waahing and iron in j', or k* nurse aiul plain aewer, good city reference given. Call at W Monro* at., for two day*. i K AMERICAN YOUNG LADY WANTS A SITUATION j\ 10 attend a confectionery or bakery or restaurant. Will ace e pi any respectable situation. Refere utm given Call at 114 33d at, near 3d av., second floor, right hand door. A SITUATION 18 WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Proteatan! girl, to rook, wa>-h and Iron, or would be will mgtodo phumht-rwnrk and washing, or t o miK" herself generally useful In a private family. Omsl city references civi'n aft to character and capability. Call for two days at M East 22d at. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED -BY AN American young lady of pleasing address Address M. .1., station F, 3d av., near 2Kth st., stating where the party m iy be seen. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, as cook in a saloon or boarding house, good references. Call at IS Union court. University place SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS cook, washer and ironer. Good reference. Apply at '.ft West anli st., for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY-A YOUNO PROTESTANT woman, as waiter, or chambermaid and waite; good re ferences Call at 230 West 17th st., between 8th and 9ta avea., for two days. SITUATION WANTED ? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS coor; understands French and English cooking; good re ference glvei,. Cull ai 231 23d sL, between 1st and lid avea., first floor, back room, for two days. SITUATION WANTED- BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A Oeimati, hi cook, washer and ironer; good reference. Apply at 97 Morion at. VJVJUAT10N WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS C? rook, washer and ironer. Oood reference. Can ilo gene ral housework. Apply at 1? Spring st. SITUATIONS WANTED? BY TWO SISTERS; ONE AS cook, ami ei "ellent washer and Ironer, understands bak i iug in all its branches; ia a good bread and pastry hakrr; I thoroughly understands the care of a dairy; no objections to I go In the country; good city reference from her last place. The oiher as chambermaid and waitress or%vould do plain ! sewing; no objection to go in the country; both would like to live together, and do the work of a family. it not engaged to gether. vi ill go separate; both will be found willing aiufoblig tog. Please, call tor two days at 86 West 26th St., between Ctn and 7th avs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A FRENCH WOMAN. TO take care of childn-u and do plata sewing. Oood refe rence. Apply at 33 Sullivan St., for two days. QITVATION WANTED? BY A FRENCH WOMAN, AS kj cook. Oood reference. Apply at ? Wooster at., for two days. SITU ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS A first clans cook. Oood reference. Apply at 2U5 East 13th st., for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT OIRL, aa chambermaid and waiter; can do cUamberwork and assist in the washing. Oood reference. spply at 132 7th av., in the basement. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid and seamstress. Oood reference. Apply at 126 West 24th St., In the bakery store. OITUATION WANTED-BY A \0UNQ WOMAN. AS 0 cook, washer artd ironer; can do general housework; gooil reference. Apply at 211 Elm st., near Spring, for two days. SITUATION WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. aa cook; would assist in the washing Hint ironing; goial re ference, no objection to the country. C u be seen at 210 Sul livan st., second floor, back room. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children, good reference. Can be seen at 135 West 17th at.. betwe.e.n 7th and 8thav., for two days. OITU.ATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS C3 shj.inberm?\ld and waiter, good reference. Apply at No. 1 Bond st., for two days. QITOATKW WANTED-BY A 100*9 MUX, AS IO cook, :s a gi od washer and ironer; good reference. Ap ply a' the corner of Courl and Atlantic sta,. Brooklyn, second floor, back room, Seamstress -wanted, by a respectable young woman, a situation as aeamstre-w, can make children k clothes, in plain or fancy style; is autek and neat a( all kinds of family sewing. Can be seen at 877 BroaJ .vjv. private door; country preferred, no objection to travel. l$e?t of reference. SITUATION WANTED- AS SEAMSTRESS. BY A RE spectator young woman, can cut and hi ladies' and children's dressea, and do all kinds of family sev?ini: No ob ie-iion todo light chamber* ! rk Can be seen at the lady s not.-e where she Is now sewiug, 12U West 22d st. Oood city reference. SITUATION W A NT EI)? AS I'll AM HERE AID AND waiter, or aa chambermaid and tn take care of chiMren. b^ a jrmint: woman, who has good recommendations, aid ran refer to her p r- sent employer, at 164 East 19th St., near 2d av. O liuht porter, to drive a borne and *aton. or to <!-> anything thai is reasonable i i <?? 'unideratiou of the times. He is willing t?> woi k for a very small salary. Can rive good refarcn-e for honesty, sobriety. Ac Flease addrcM, tor two days, L. IV. box 101 Herald ofllce. O ITU ATI OH WANTED ? HY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS C> chambermaid and waiter, or as plain sewnr, or to do b< us?'? Tt In a small family <>i>od refereuce. A|>;)ly at 208 ytfa at., between 2*1 and 3d avea. SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS c?a>k, washer aim ironer is a gissl baker. Oood refe rence. Apply at 63 King si , lor two days. ll'ANTFD? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vT woaaaa, as cook, lor to ri-i renerul housework. Oot.1 rity referen* e. Apply at > 118-Mott St.. fourth fliwr front TV ANTBD? A SITUATION, BY A NR AT YOCNO PRO YY tcatan; (MM, a* Mmurm, rh?mi'?nn u 1 or ? tiler Noderat-- w lara and beat of nfemrr from '.aat place Apply at 130 Weal IWj *t_. between Tib an t Sib it*., upper Boor. UMM KIi- * SITUATION, BY t YOL'RH WOXAH. A3 Y? t maid and waiter t'ai. be well re<mnm?a>ied fi its L?' i laal plaoa, where mlf baa iivad fur iwo yeara. Apply at luh BleaeBar at. TtT*NTrn? A KITf ATlOJf, RY A RKSPRtTARl.R >? , ntnr woman, aa Mfc, war her and i m 1 1 r r . Mm to i t>e?i of nferi Dc. ba . mil lived 8re year* la her last aitnaUon. Apply at 1U York at., ?wlljfc \\'*MKI>-liY A RB8PRTTABLB OIRU A HITL'A YY aa . lian.l-MJiai l. ir t<> ?' cncral h iuae work in a ? mall lamt'y . n * m i -h of an object aa a good h >m". p.-aar wif) hi ;t* ?tb avenue, tli*- b MWto! ber late employer, win re rricrnM will Ua glten. YVr VMKI)- HY \ COMrlTKMT WOMAN A HITI'A YY i u h? lauii'i' ???? In a private family; would be willing l<i *t in i hamnrrwVK, If re |inn -1; l? capable f dome up clnthna in ibe neataal manner und<Wtaa4a rrwcb fvMng. A'-. Pirate ? ?|l at :Zl Weat Zip: at , coru-r of 7'b areum C?u be aeeii for two day*. II' \JiTKl>? A MTU A TlOW, MY A fROTK?tTANT WO ?? man, H? * I Kl j . i.n r .*. waamr and iroa> r in a re. rri V atant ' Appiy f. r iwo da) a al 134 SI. Mark * pl*?e, iv? 10 \lTAKTRf>? BY AN AMKRM'A V <iIRI.. A MTUATIOJI Y> a* child a mam an. I i.> doebatnherwork ?r to aaatat with ? aabioii and ironing. la a good akir: trtmer, would be willing ? ? ih?- k< nerai botiaework of a anuul faaulv. good ret* t*mrrU n. h<-r !??t place. Call at Bo. f Clark at, in tbe coo fr. tinner * IV'AMf'D-MTI-ATTnv-i. It Y TWO RKNPRITAB'.R YY *tri? > do the f\ mi h"u?<*? >rk in a private famtlr; 8'h. ? cl'y r-frrence if required. t all ai 236 3d av., near J"b at . in tat bakery. UfAMH?-t ?1TU VTIOV RY A RHH PRO-TABLE Y? r ? n-, n a Pr<K?-?:?nl lo do the w>t?taln* an 1 1 'Tffilnr <4 a ??nail i?n>?lT' (a a r'??1 plaln??>ofc ran *>r'n* r--?d rnjr i.'>ffi?. fa any day ibia ?-rk ai ITS Ma<lt*?n ??.. | ftrai tc if. Il'fNTRIV-HY * RKHPR'TARf.R PKRxiJf, A SITl'A ft ? i r ?. g r?* 'mi' ? bo baa h?>t nianv y?a'? ? >) ??'trfir* in'h?i r>- <1 ? hitdr^n. and la fully r ?ir.pHenl lo laki' r.tiarge >f a baiijr fr'nn tia Mr'b; Dm b?-ai if ritjr- f<T?-i an he ricaa- call at 1M Id a*., between IJib and Iditi \V' ANTI .? A KITCATION, RY A RK<*PK<'T ttlt.K Y? j II woman, aa '.hurahraaii 'ir waUrr. and n wu lll| III makr knwlf nwfnl; M <t clly ri frrrijre < 'an ' ? ?r?n I ir t?<> day* at No > Kprlng *t t>eiw> "n Bowery and KUta belli *t 11 ANTI.n? MT1ATIO.SS, BY TWO RK>I'K TAItl.R YY I t aeaianl g r - m- i?K >odc ? *. in wilhnti to ?*?.* I in wi>?' in* and ironln*. an 1 ihr ??ber, la ruber wiil.u* lo ' lj.niD' rw .rk and plain arwing. or ?rii'T%l Bmtaeworft; I hna no ohjHSkwi* '?> go a ahort dMknra in the conn'ry *oo-l | . i \ ? . 1. 1 iif rhaar eaB ai No 211 lwb at., near ihIi a*., iin'auur? !nni r>oin. Can |>? aeea f<?r two day a. \*-m> BY A RMPBCTABLR *ROT*f?T\WT Y? ) k * man, a ailuailon a? ? t m l ? ! ,> lake care ebildrw*. ran do all kindanf ine ?ew ti ii Hit l ' mlir'ndert H?at of city refer euce ( all for tw<i day* ' at BM Hnluvan at in tba rear \1' tNTKD-BY \ Yomtl RItOUNfl WON *N. A SITt" A " 'ion aa aearnatrea*. ia willin* to aaalat lo ib" nnrwery, nan 'In all kmil? of family net iik and ran cut and fit drew* i til at IT2 Mill at., uear 3d a*., t'mrtb Suor. T]LrANTtl?-iT AN RKfRRtRRCRD fOITJIO WOMAN. I f a an nation aelkundrraa. man eirellent laniidr>-?? an I i Ib'irmigbly undrra au'U b<'r lni?in?"? . wan rhnmlM-rmald and i latin Ir ' ?* in h< r laat plarr. Beat city rrfercm e can be given. Call a: 12fc UA at uear >d av \1'ANTKI?-A KITt ATfOR, BY A BRHPRf 'TA lll,K \\ yum* woman, la an ?n<*UeBi rook and iiakrr. would i. *t in be WMhtag mil tmlu fJood cliy refrrenre < an ?? ' 1 1 lor two dav* at lUKaal Xlatat, *et odtto ir, Uatwcn BlaudSdava. ' "11 * FT NI'RSR -WANTRP A WYDATIOR A? WRT ?* n ira h a pri*ai.- family, ber baliy l* two ni iulba -ild. i all a* lt>ib at , earner of i?iA a*. \\*ANTKI?-A BTTt AT10N AH CflAMRRRMAffl OR YY latindrrM by a r<**pertahle young Kdgllob IMBM M eip^rlrnee Addr> a* J. m., Herald ofllce. WANTRD-BY A RRSrRf*rAM<f I'RoTK^TA NT f f T'.tinK woman, * annatlon lo take rar? if '?hlldrrn and do nil klad* of plain a*'WU)g, in a reaprcvible family. IMliu W M a*., for two daya. ll'A.VTKH HY A TOI NO WOMAN, A fllTI ATIONTO Y f do irrneral honaework <'<ty rrference c?i be giren. ('all f' r two <*y* at 2S4 Wr*t ytth m 11?ANTRI?-A W1TI ATION. BY A YOCNu OIRI,, AN Y T cH-k. WMMPMi MB R"?t of rity rrf?reace. Olkll fur two day* a> 2W l?t *? aerond floor. from room W. ANTRO-A HTTI ATION BY AN WWkHM WOMAN a* ? *<k In a | rlva'e family . ?li? la a k ? ..| eoofc and a very find bakrr and a moal n. Ileni waahar and ironer f-an giW S* beet of cBffefiereiiee W Bnaeeiy aed aobriPiy <an t r acm at .*? Wr#? 29tb *t, flr*t h.i'i*e wer of Huth araanr, hi br baafH-nt -11* A NTrn- BY A Minm.K AHRO AMmirUN W<I YY man a ai'iin'lon aa ??*, In a amil! pru r. . nllj Ooodcn rrfer<-nrr can be glyrn aa to cbirarter and capk MIBjr. ^alj at ll? We?t l?U *t, f^r Ihree Jay*. \v ?THTATIOW9 WAMTBlMnEXALKS. ANTED ? A SITUATION, BY A GOOD TIDY OER lti?n girl. Ui uo plain rooking, washing and ironing, or to lo general housework. Inquire at 60 Frankfurt st. WANTED? A SITUATION, tfV A R MNCT A BLE girl, aa aeumhtrea* or to take care ol" chiidrcu. Best of city reference. Cm for two days at 17 Bast 30th at. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RR8PBCTABLB PRO lesutiu girl, aa chambermaid and laundress. would assist In the ran* of ehildreu or ww if required; would do the cook ing. washine and ironing or general housework of asm ill family; la fully competent. Gswd city reference. Call at or addrt~KK u.'. 27th at., between 7 th and 8th avenues. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS COOK OR AS GENE ral houscmsid, by a strong and active young woman, who may be Keen till the 2&ih iust . at tbe house of her present employer, 62 Bast 27ih at., near lib ave. WANTED - A SITUATION," BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. to coek, wash and Iron or do housework. Apply at 123 Boerum street, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, a situation as cook; understands lirr business in all ita branches; be|t oi city reference. Call for two days at til Greene at., hAweeu Broome and Spring. WANTED-BY A FAMILY WITHOUT YOU NO CHIL dren, a first class house, neatly furnished, in tbe vicinity of fifth or Sixth avennos, between Fourteenth and Twenty eighth streets. Add ram R. D. C., Union square Post office. *Y*TANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTKSTANT WO ?T man, a situation aa ilrst class laundress, best of city references; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Cull for two days at 89 Weat 2Sth at., between ti;h and 7ih avs. \\rANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO TV do tbe cooking, witching and ironiuKof a private f iinily; best of city reference. Cell for two days at 135 West I3tb St., between 7th and 8th uvea., in the basement. TJTANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG G1RU TO DO TT chamtierwork and waiting in a small private family, or would do light housework. Has good recommendations from her last place. Call at 306 West 19th at. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA Uon ax rook, washer and ironer. Can beseeuatber last place, 278 Atlantic at., Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation aa seamstress in a private family ; would do light chamberwork , is accustomed to dressmaking. Can be seen at 121 Tenth at., between avenuea C and 1>. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE German girl, who understands sewing, washing, iron ing and general housework. Inquire at 196 8th ave., upper floor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, in a private family; 110 objection to assist iu the washing and ironing; can give the best city reference. To be seen for two or three days at Zib East 19th at., top floor, front room. WANTED? BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISH GIRL, A tuition as nttrae and seamstress, or chambermaid and aesmstresi: h?s no objection to go to Charleaton, B.C.; can give good reference. Call for two days at 1.12 7th avenue. In the reai . second lloor, between 36th and 37th sts. TVTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT baby to wet nurse at her own house; best reference given. Can be seen for two dava at her residence, 1 M Pearl su, in the rear, front room, top iloor. W"ANTEp? A SITUATION, BY A SMART. TIDY LITTLE TT girl, between thirteen and fourteen years ef age, to take care of children and do light work; to willing and agree Hide; will make herself generally useful, or, with a littifl insight, would wait on table. Can be aeeu for two days at 216 Uth st., between lat av. and av. A, third floor, front room. No. 20. "Ilr ANTED? BY A PROTESTANT GIRI., A SITUATION TT as nurse and seamstress. No objection to the country. Geod dtyreferences given. Apply ot lis 16th st., between 7th and 8<ti avenuea. JTVr A NTED? BY A MOOD SEAMSTRESS, A SITUATION TT in a respectable private family. understands dressmak ing. all kinds of embroidery and plain sewing; would be willing to aaslat in the care of children or do ch.tmberwork. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 231 Mul berry st., second ttoor, hack room. TITAN TED? BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS TT plain cook: is an excellent washer and ironer. and ba ker of bread. Best of city reference given. Can he seen for two days at 283 21th sL. betweeu 9th and 10th avenue*. TTTTA NTED? A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS IN A nO TT tel, by a respectable young woman; or would do gene ml housework for a small family ts.*.d reference. Cau be >eeu .it 76 Allen St., second lloor." in the rear. W"ANTRr>? ! EMPLOYMENT. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, who lost her huaband on board the Central America, is competent to act as wsi'eror chamber m ud and seamstress, can be seen at 81 Wooster at., iu the rear. TV"ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a situation aa cook, and to aw.:.-; with the. washing and Ironing City reference given. Apply at 271 East 12th at., between avenuea A and B. WANTED~A SITUATION, BY A GIRL, 16 YEARS TT old, to mind children an l do enibrotd- ry . or would be u iiling to 1I0 < hamberwork and make herseli useiul. Apply at I117 chryatie at. W"ANTKT,-RT A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN. T T a situation as cook and laundress, or to do general housework. litis good e.ty references, can make good bretd. Please apt ly at ai Greenwich avenue, between 7th and Hlh aves. ?nT ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE 01 RL. A SITUATION vT in a private family to cook. wash and iron, can <K> up Vithces in the neateat style, best 01 city reference Call at or address 2113 West Jutb su, between 8th and 9th avs., first floor, back room. W"AXTKr>? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT j oung woman, as lo st rbvsa cook, she thoroughly un derstands her )>usln> ss; is an excellent breail and ,'astry biker , no objection to do Washing if require!, has the best of rtty reference, please call at 217 23d st.. bet w een Island 2d avenues, second Soar, heck room, for two days. "EJTA NTKIV- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A TT situation to do general housework, w ages not so much an object as a steady place for the winier. Call for two days at 100 West 19th at., first flotr, In the rear. TjrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLASS CtiOK. TT who on lcrstands her business hi ail its branches, in a private fami.y or first class boarding house, er hotel; aleo uii l"?!i the management of a large f.unily. Good refe rences given. Call for two days nt lis East 16th at., between 1st and 2d av*. WAJiTK,>_A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT GIRI. TT as eisik, wsslier snd irouer in a i rivs'e Good rity refereni ? s given. Apply to M. 8., M7 Wes1 io b s'.. liral floor. I ack ro. m. Tlr tNTKTV ? A PITT AT JON AS Cl| ANRKRMAllt AND Y r w? 'er run do plain pewlag and ?* u- lurallv. :ui'l would be willing lu bf gnwrall; nofld. Can if Meant M Bund ?' her Ian place, from III A. M. to 4 P M. Tl'r AXTEP? HY A RF.SPF.< T Mtl.K fOCXH WOMAN A ?Y ?,!n tiluD, W> r. ok. W4?h ?ml Iron, or would do sen"ral ho i?e?..rk tlx* lived lite year* in her last plan- Call at M Hicks at., between Amity aad Pact He. Souib Brooklyn. W'ANTKIi? A RR8PRCTAW.E l'ROTKPT VNT WIDOW ?? ui?h>'? tofoout 10 d" fanrit ?ewins, the undeintasds rutting and making chlMraa'at lotltlnf, and i* it Hr?i rate em hi >id*rar, fall at SM 7'h *?<? Hr?t U.?or f ANTED?BY A WOMAN, A HITTA i ion to do rlia0ii'?rwork. Inquire at 33.) Madison at. TIT anted? a MTfATTON. BY V RESPE'T VBf.E WO Yr man m??i ours*, with h?-r own child with b-r, IP od ri<y rrh rence can he g.ven. Can be see.n at 73 riao'I* street, Brooklyn. ANTED? A fllTCAtroi*. BY A RKKPEt'TABI.E V TV r icrrini tan be given. Can he aeen for two days a: M* at mite ?i'j t.'b Tlr \NTF.D? BY A RF>PK?'T t BLR YOCN'I Wt >M * N A H ?,t'ia!n.t: t ?'?>> i with ? fmtiuy. h?? M aMwMMI MOT to Europe rat, ||i <? the I cat "S refereaen from the (amity ane vailed with lam Tall at !>li Waahingtou Mom No 10. "llrA.\TFH-A -ITI *TI?'NHY A RKSVViT \BI,E UlRt. ft a* rook, wnxhtr and inner; ha* e*ri-i;.-nt r'oinuienda Until. Cm be aaea fur two daya at W Weet Hbh at. U'AMI.Ii- BT A IU.*PK<T ARI?R <ITRI<. A NOTATION RT an < IwWrMM. M to do general iMMMft in a ?m*.l prtvaii' faintly, t ' Una to a abort di tarn e m ;he< ?? i.. try. t u be area at li it. aham aireet, Br kiy n TlrARTRD-A SlTl ATIOR AS WIT NT RHE? HV A T? reapertahle ym ing mai rled woman. In a re?pectable f.iui !/. i .in he ?. rii t- i three or fi ir day* m 9t5 7th a?. UMMKH- t MTCaTKiN. BT A RE.-PRCTAB t,E YY I'n.i-atant aa nor* ami rhambermald. ar ?? do plain ?? t nt To a ? it lady ?h? la willing to mvk" ber~"lr g< t. era!ly n?eful aa ?tie ia aripiHinted w iia dowteenr work. Olty reli recce. * an i <? teen till united at ill fi?' JS'h at. \1' \XTKr>-BT A COMFRTRRT utRI.. A 8ITCAT ION YY aa ilrwtnaker ami m aiaa lie? : enta aad (HaeMMNB** rjoil anil , . iif? ilri ? ii. a taamonabtf aiyla. mak^a li?tjr'? ? h?'? ?lurta .tn<1 r tonka wtll |o I. > thi- * wk of by UMnonth Call at tU Kaat B>1 at. l?r A NT K f>? A ?ITV TION BY A RK?PR? TABI.K PRO ?Y tta'ani yoiuiK ar r I . m do g.ofrnl l?iun?wiirk "r ?e th ?mhcrriiaitl au<l *n?rr ran ?l*e n.t |n ?i ri f pctt.r facr ft ui her last p iai < n . ??? ?* m 1 i iV conatri * 'aa he ??*r i for twrri daya at Ml 2t..b at, li'Wieabtb ami T'b av? . .i 1 IliKir f r >ut r<.m TV' ANTFI' It Y ARTRAHTTOI \u WOMAR. A <1T 1 ' \ YY i.' ti a? rhanihrnrni I and wait' r la willtif to mate a?4 Fr?n?b llni'' finaclothoe; la au ck and neat ait plain ?? wins <'an be ae*n at 877 Broadway, private .imr H??. of Ttr \ It T F ii? It t t tT>M R T~Wf tv *V~ "w I KM ? A 'TIRt.T ft rate waihi r ami >r itier, wa>Mn|t I" 'It a' h. nee or w .nltl gnotn ? nt'or two dayain ih?' w.-ek. The aprlirani ia a tt . >rth\ w rtni'i ?nii ha? a h*-l|ilew I unlit Ii pure ai SI W?-at Jbtb st , beiWf en (ah an l tth a?s., u?p floor, hack i o m imiXIQRICR orvTCKR. J IX FAMII.1F? t AN -I." I Rt: tllHin KIOftYARTM, AT trerj miiiieraie wn*<-? aome Rl i , |i nrr month, at th< new Ibjmes j' '? Iimtltute an.l II .mi-, |? I tifc at . < .rn. r oi tiih tonne Thla eiirnalTe drpnt ha> ahuirlan< e nf r.lnl, i-mia He help to aalt all. < tindur * d hy a raepvuthlc Amernan lady. N'<? rHAROR? R*?'RI.I.FRT "RRVANTH f'?R ANT kind of work, snt'Hhl" tor r| r and 'imntry may He f ittnrl. free of rbsrsa. at MoRKlK I'WIINRRT A OO.'fl MS Bpoa>lway,?Bt?aare on Fra'Alin n'reei Call ami ??<? TlfK HRSPE4 TFI "fJ.T POM' IT TRlcTkTTRRTION Of Y? all wbfi are In 'Ii- newl nf help to mir iar?e eaut'iliab ?tent, a here a superior aeift tton i^domeaiif* will he fonod "I all na'ione We are aMe to furni?h employer* In rtty. frim n iii.trj f-'ontb "r Wi ??. ? Ph the |,e ? glrla, eompelent to (111 any ? ?intritj, nrlvala of pahlie bo?aea, tar|e or small or dara, Jl H. Their warca an- lower, ? rnrdiat to tR? tiiai. Kiealelor Employment f)?oe, 170 Mower? A H1SBMAW. W v n tv n- a vtu No vtN as ciTrrk, TO OO Y? South; a clerk for a ai. amhoat, si. rondnetor, foi* portera. thn'e hrakemen. We harkeeprf , .u nu n for unam ??r? a nm< keener foraeoei mloi' In Ylrslnla. three uirla lo trar. I and three Or- men for rallrosda. Apply tn till. I, Kb' A CO., No ? Earn Briilway. ?ANTEfV? TWo" flLERRB EOR NIITPPINO Al?l> ' irkei oBren two hookkei-para, two oondartora, four elerkn f'?- dry *o<ida and ?r?"*ry atore?, two el-rka for noal "flees. thr< e j'orters, "tie wtrkeeper two to-aki emen, three '?r'-men, iw i r>?s**l, nien two eipreaa drlet r* aril aeTen boys Apply to 1,'lT'lf RAI'FMAN. 7M Broadway ?KOABS. 4:'>n i ii id min MA,,K v*' ^ F.t F" *" ' at ail* not bin* to th" ?eg tr imp-irters and mantifaelurera, aa my ntiiBafWia anplie^t-m* for ad tmrirea proy SV|;?ra o' llarana. domeetle and Herman ma n'tfaritire. are helns slid at my t*t*t|l?hment at riirxmal* low rates. O CIlREKa, 17 Broadway. BKLF WAimD-iUALIf. A MICK. INTELLIGENT AND OBLIGING GERMAN J\. girl wanted, as nurse; one who perfectly snderstanis Lrr business and ' .in come wo.U recommended, she mum Do sole also to cut ami umk t* children a clothea ami arrange a lady's Lair. Call at Bancroft House, between 10 an<l 4 o'clock, room No. 49.

A number of respectable women wanted iU situations, sou?e fur general housework, some to cook, waah and iron, and other capacities, at good wages, *f tLe Domestic's Institute and Home, 138 11th st, corner o t dth avenue. NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS.? WANTED, A PRO test&nt girl, as nurse and aaamatreaa. Must produce unexceptionable references. Apply at Loft's, *1 and S3 War ren St., between the hours of 9 and 11 A. M. J ANTED? A YOUNG LADY TO ATTEND A SALOON, at 09 Hudson street. TV Tr-ANTED-A FIRST RATF WAITRESS, WHO CAN TT bring pood city reference. Apply at No. 10 East 30th at., from 9 to 11 o'clock A. M-. at tuicmeni door. IITANTeA? FOR A FARM ON LONG ISLAND, A M sober, active, industrious woman, who understands milkiug sod 'he making of butter, p!aln)cooking, and is capa ble of attending to the general housework of a small family. Apply i with referruces, at 59 Stale at, Brooklyn. \KT ANTED ? A FIRST CLASS COOK; SHE MIT ST THO TT roughly under.- land the busmen* In all its hranehes; best of reference required. Apply at 286 5th ST., between U ami 12 A M W' "ANTED ? AN EDUCATED AND REFINED YODNO ,, lady as companion to s lady. A good home can be se cured by addressing B. H. G., Herald often. WANTED? A RESPECTABLE GIRL TO DO GENERAL I housework in a private family; must be a good plain cosk, first rate washer and Ironer, able and willing, ami bring good city reference. None others need apply at 1st) East 17tii St., between Island jj avs. ? WANTED? A PROFESSED FKWNCH COOK; SHE must understand French conking perfectly In sll Its branches. Ni/other need apply. Call at 12 East 21st St. TV-ANTED? A PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN WOMAN, TO TT tnke charge of children and assist in the chamberwork of a small family. None need apply unless well mended. Call at 246 West 21st St., near 9th avenue, between 10 and 2 o'clock. WANTED? A WOMAN, TO DO THE CHAMHERWORK and assist In the care of a child. She must come well recommended as to character anl competence. Apply at the northwest corner of Madison avenue and 36th st. WANTED IMMKDIATELY? A FIRST RATE Mil. Li ner None oiher but a good- hand need apply, at 286 6th avenue, corner of 18tli st. $pr PER DAY -WANTED, A NUMBER OF INTELLI t) gent young ladles, of phasing manners, for a genteel and profitable business. Apply from 10 A. M. to 12 M. and .1 to 6 P M. HAWKINS k CO., SOS Broadway and 91 Duane at. PER MONTH ? WANTED, A GOOD, SOBER AND obliging woman, to do general housework for a small family: she must sew, and understand her business well ; good city reference from her last situation will be re quired. Inquire at 184 West 22d St., between 7th and8<h ava. HELP WANTED-OALEa. ~ A "few MEN AND HOYS WIIO ARE WILLING TO work for an honest living, can be furuished with em ployment by applying at 612 Broadway. A young man of talent as a wood engraver, will be furnished Wood for prac tice. BOY WANTED-WANTED, IN A COMMISSION OF lice, hD active. Intelligent and honeat boy, who live* with his parent*. Salary $100 a year. Address in handwriting, witn name and residence, box 3,707 Post otUee, N. Y. (1LERK WANTED? FOR A COMMISSION JOBBING house; wage* $7mfa year: conntant employment to sn honest steady man. Apply, with reference, at 164 Fulton Street, basement. Brooklyn. Rl'G CLERK WANTED -A GERMAN, WHOKPFAKS English, preferred. Call at 471 Hth av.. corner of Sftth st. D Drug ci.ere wanted? a young man having a tlioi ough knowledge of the retail and prescription bu siness. Address, with reference II K . Herald office. Drug clerk w anted-to go south; one who is a graduate of Apothecaries 11*11, Dublin, possessed of agreeable manners and who can furnish the. most unex ceptionable references as to integrity and capability to take charge of a wholes*]-- and retail store, can hear of a good sltuHtion by applying to SchifflTelin Brothers k Co., 170 Wil* Jam st. __ Drug clerk wanted? for a store on MiB way: must he perfectly competent, well recommended, and speak French. Apply to F llale, 4? Beekman st. Drug clerk wanted-for thr wholesale and retail trade: one who understands his business. Ad drets U. B., Herald office. TT WANTED? FOR THE FLYTNG ARTILLERY (COM TT i'at:v I. l>t Arull-ry . JU n-cruits. Uood pay, food and ?cdlcal aiten.Unee. A few inee.hanie* siel a good musician Will be enlisted. Apply at 67 Whitehall street. A. R. EDDY, Recruiting Officer. Tl^ANT F.D ? A HANDY YOUNG M AN, WITH A CAPITAL TT of fotir dollars, which will enable him to m.ike fair wages through the winter. Apply at Gray Brothers', titf Beekman street. TU ANTED ? A SALESMAN. IN A IMMIT AND SHOF. *T store: one that is accustomed to the business and can come well recommrnded: none other need apply. Apply at 382 Grand St., between 1 and 6 o'clock. TVr ANTED ? TWO MF.N <iK GOOD ADDRESS, TO C A N - TT vasa this eity for a new patent article needed in every nier a mile house. Apply to John Garrett. 229 Broadway, up stairs. TENANTED ?YOUNG MEN. WITH REFERENCE, REEK TT Ins situations should call at lh>- Msrehant*' Clerks Re gistry office. .147 Broadway, room I. Nocommission charged tn advance. We beg to men'km a few respeitabl,- houses whom we hare supplied. *1/ Maekenale A ? I :M> I'earl street, F Si mnldt, 94 Wall street, Tracy, Irwin * i? . Xift Hroadway; Hlydenhnrg, Hodge* A Co . 85 Murray street, D Torrunee. No ft Bowling Green. J. .loiies. 40 Ext Lange plaee. Everett A Brown. ii9 Front street, D. 1 All man tj0 Water street. Tift. >*. Martin. 46 (Vrtlandt Street; R F reach, French's Hotel; J. renee (17 Wall street. Thoa. Chambers, 4 1 Eichaiige plaee, and others. An active young man wanted WM. J. RKDPATH k CO. ANTED? FIVE SMART. ENTERPRISING MEN. IN a light business. which pays from two to three dollars prr da> . also, two good men on salary, st STl'i per month Ap p:y at Iti Iteekmao st., third Boor, room No 2. Apply after V o'clock. HTl ATlOTg WATTED-MALES. JGENTT.KMAN WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION as coachman for hts man. wh> m he c?n ree unm< n<1 hbthh call on or address M C. at C. Waters', corner of Breadwaj and 13th at., until encaged. 1 RFS PECTABLS. INTF.I J.IGENT YOUNG MtN WISTI . Vr -a situation >,? porier, e erk or bookkeeper, writes* gi??1 hail ' correct and "mart a' figures, no' afrild to work. Ntf Would make hitii?elf useful to hi* employers Itest of c. y references. Address C. o. M l? i 107 Herald office. w A YOU NG MAN, A PROTEST v NT, WISHES A SITf V J\ Uon a* groom and eoachman The best of ? It y reference Can he seen for two days at 194 Wreene si , between Amity and Bleeckcr sts. \ OENTLKMAN WISHES To FIND A PLACE AS frooa or SOMlpM for a trusty au'l SNHIiNi person, who liiis sei red him for $14 but Wotl 14 lake $|0a month mi l board for l be winter No objection to a siHiri distance in the country. Apply st 263 West 23d st. (TOAt HMAN AND GARDENER -THE ADVERTISKR, J forty years of age with highest tentlraontals of character is in want of a suuate n aa above, ami to make himself gene rally useful, can take care of cattle and farming stock Ap ply to John McDonougb, 19 Piatt st. pOACHMAN S SITUATION WANT?D-BT A SlNtll.E \ man ?ii Kngli*bmati I* w-ll arn'ialnu-.t with the city, and th' roughly understands his business. Address a note In Coai Lniao. Union equate Post offiee. whk'h will be punctual ly attendea to. t^MTI \T!ON WANTED ISV A COA< HM\N TV \ PRT i> iMfaWl), I* luMNninte to IiiidImi pcrfGciijr, h*a tfce llluiMtmM. A|i|>l]r *1 .v< - I I'lli ->*d ?a* 9 _ TOIIRr<;OTR -W tNTKP-A fUTUATIO*. HT A PIRnT wm> 'iKirotiiih j ' (MMfiiltVfllktirr ?mild i'ltw in nun Mhj, ?ud go N>uJa or West. Adilrta t'btrmu'T, Hi-rmJil olficc TO DRI TOI-TS-A YOt'KO MAM IIRMKRS A HIT!" A Ih>h In * flail ?tor*. nndernlandt City retail and prr-nrtp ii huolnrM perfectly liidonbiad ciljr refcreoraa ?lT?n Addreaa K f a , Herald ifllce. rr0TAll.0RH \MMI,oTIIIKRS -WAVTRD, \ MTV' A 1 linn, h* a Y'Hinr man who understand* the ready ra?d? and <<nler department. Addrea* J. M . Herald "fllee ii'A ntviw-ht a rn?tTR>?T\KT TOOitn van a hit ii ?i i in t irm**r <* enarhman nnderatand* kin hint ne?? ih'?" ill,!;: inn prnd?r * !h-- hm kind of Nftl llii'l Addrena I m l.fUd Poat olBoe. for ihrw day* ty tw-rpn-* ftrrtTATTOR a*coa<hm t*r?R uromv " fcy Ijtmm man iflNMMN |m iIh Mh |M ii fwiiK"1 fINim ln? MM employer In ft good m<?im and r,i * fnl dr Iw. Man no ubjeritoii u> ,1i? eoumry Applrforiwo dajftM Uowd-n'ii harm m *tor?. ~'J HlMilff ?t ?WfAITFR W*YTPH 4 Slft'ATW* \J? WAITER BY V* ?r. . . * . i ? i,- diia man. who prrfw'ly -in ??? tn-l? hm hii?'nr? lte?> "I ri'Y he ??? fiT I* i day* Ht No i W? I llilli *1 , M?fll Mb *n I ijiti ?*? "IIT UTRKtMN -WAWTKO. A MTTHATIOV l> APRI " family. Iiy ft r<'?p?rt?bl? yum* mm who perf.-, i J ht? ?????*? ?1? ? it* of rft? r*f??r*?ir#?w r?li I>r ftddrniw H for two dura ai MJB Hr <adw?t . ,r ?eroflMmt. , nwnoN AOirKHruKHKNm. ITWr DKMOTKRI.I.IC I'RA Wt'AHE. BACH AWT PARIW ) tement tain- le? mil** et waralller (Won la llnprlf. <\r (ire trout *r iin* place oninme femme de ehftmhre da?t* mv fnmille rnnarioaini* de New Yor* Kile pent d?nn?r iMntell Irnrri in? ii,mmi4.i'i-ii fl'adre*?#w ft *m? I Urn A", Allty nt. TTRE Fn.f.K rKAHrAI8K HRNIRE Pt.Ai kr OAVS Vy iin? Inmillr hiinrdfiiia*' r??imi' routnrlpr*. civ c?t ft mim' ft w.iKii.-r !?? rnfunta, on fTnm* d? rhamhr* rv. d'.nn. ix let m?tll*ur?? rmimmandaimi ( i. F< adrcM< r No. in Thorn pun at |TNI rUANCAWR. rfirtt'RritRR KT I.IR.JRRK h\ i haul rolflVr. dc?lr? nn?< plw?* dxn? nno fam llf privrr K adrr^H-r a M ai'k *1., an roln d? la Mln^m. mnN. ITWR IIORKR fT'TS'HIFRR PRAWCAfHt 'Jl'f OORWATT ) |i*rf*ti*iTi*mt ?<'? nutrai" d?-airf m pmmr dana un* fumUlp itI* >?* comme cutftiairfp S ndr<*Mrr chi't M Tonr'rt, IM William M. IT?fK PRMOISRM.K PR 4 Nf AfPK til* I It ER* IT HK J plarfr Mr-1" !"? ?if??U ft NMN ntaMT clwi M. Mftldlr, So !MI Prftni-f'irt it fTRR DRMOIflHrt.R, PARI.AMT TRfcH RIKM I.R U frungam ?t I'allcm ind, d#?lri' a* (ilari r |i mr pr>*fidr# ?>ln rtr? pnfanw an drMnn d<- 1 ana. ?l poor falrr torn* capArwa do rontnrM H'?dr?i??r an Ho 1.1 K?>' HRh .1 RATHIMOVlAb ArOt'RO i RROf.R, I.ATRI.T PRu* PURTO RirO, , doalrr* to malK- ih<' aripaintawr ?f a k?>ly with a rl?w ta m?Tlm'?ai Wealth no ttfiicrl, ?? li? Ink rn?ita All ^ apMl<b?Kronnd?titlftll]rtr?ftlM. Addr*?a Joar hut 121 llorftld WW*. AT .7? W'I?'IW I.AIIT from TIIR tXH'MTRV f " Pu i *?> ? ti ?%)'.?? i-ii. ?? with * ."'ii,11, . f lir-fha. ?? P.ndi?.r| nln *k-vi. w.'hatlew t/> mall In.oi^r For an Inter** w a.ldr m Urn 0 I! Poftl ofllor _ Of MMMMs MiAf. 7\() J"1'1' BUY A KE** Tv? STORY BRIOT f^.Uuy bouse, in the Village of Uackensaek, N. J., sue J2x'Jt fee t, let 60 feet front ud rear by Its feet deep, with *i?*l well, cistern. fn* trees, Ac. For particulars ad jr(<c?>|i'*pitlT to I* J. KOMAINK, llu'l^nurk, N. J., or la J?. L. EDMONfc'TON, Usckeusack and New Vork Express. I AAA K()R A house and lot on forty , ip0.l"Jv; first Mm t, north aide, between Sewuth and i Htihth avetiucs; one-half on mortgage. Inquire ol Mr. HU1.K1.KY, No. ISO Went Thirty-ninth street. & A K.t\{\ -FOR SALE, A THREE STORY BRICK <P Till'/Ui house, No. 8 Bedford street, twenty-two feat front, with gas and Crotoa water, iirst rata range and halt tub, renti lor 9600 per year; SI, 000 cuL the balance on bond and mortgage. Inquire of DOOOKR VARIAN Ne. 38 8 Bleecker street MAAA ?A FARM FOR KALE, OF 44 ACRES, .UuU. near New Brunswick, N.J. Haid farm la an Ut r a high state of cultivation, 600 fruit trees, of all kind*. A house and lot in thin city would be taken in exchange. 1'lcaae apply (personally) at 86 Orand street, near Greeue. Q/WWW1UIF ON MORTGAGE, FOR A FINELY OiWv furnished house and full lot. Farms and city pro perly bought, sold und exchanged. Bonds and mortgages wanted. Store ou Broad street to let. Elegant house on 20th street, near 5th av., cheap. S. VAN WINKLE, 71 Nassau stj 4fclA nnn-fOR A PLAT or GROUND 100 FEET IV.Ul lu square; on the north side of Korty-flrst street, three hundred feet east of Seventh aveuue. Two thirds on mortgage, or would build a lager beer saloon for a good responsible party, and rent or sell on very favorable terms. Inquire of Mr. BULKLEY, No, ISO West Thirty-ninth street. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT AT NEW ROCHELLE for sale, at less than half its original cost, situated at the junction of the Boston post road and Harrison street, lately owned by J. B. Murrey; about Ave acres sf beautiful laid out ?arden, a splendid house, with water throughout, bath, wash a sons, water closet, ranges, heaters, marble mantels; house all filled |in with brick, a tine view of the Sound, about one minute's walk from the railroad depot; every variety of fruit trees and shrubbery, a Jacge barn and carriage house, two good wells of water, with pumps complete. Must be sold at some price. Apply to O. FOUNTAN, 183 East Twentieth street. Books wanted-tn exchange for unimproved lands tn Pennsylvania, clear of incumbrance. Address box 140 Post office, Philadelphia. Farm wanted-within twenty miles of this city, In a healthy neighborhood, for which cash and Western land will be exchanged. Apply tb J. A. PEASE, 304 Broadway, offlcc No. 10. For sale- a farm, in new jersey, 24 miles from New York, near the Summit Railroad dejiot, Morris and Essex Railroad, eontainlug 70 acres of land, 50 acres cultivated, and 20 acres of nice wood; new house, barn, out buildings. Apply to JOS. 8CHMITT, 96 Chrystie street, r. ?ro No. 19. For sale? greenwood cemetery? lot no. 4.874. size 10x27, improved with stone posts and Iron bnrs; price $110: selected in 1851. In averv desirable location; i wner about leaving the city. Address H. W , Herald office. For sale cheap, to suit the times-several of those splendid brown stone dwellings, in the row of thirty, on the north side at Forty seventh street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. They are replete with every modern Improvement, and in the handsomest block in the cltv, adjoining Columbia college ground. Inquire of Mr. BULKLEY, or his foreman, at the houses, or at his residence, No 150 West Thirty ninth street. For sale cheap-some of those beautiful marhlefstoop dwellings on Seventh avenue, between Forty tirst and Forty second streets; or will exchange for part cash and part materials. They have every modern improve ment. Inquire of, <s address Mr. BULKLEY, No. 150 West 1 htrty ninth street. P PORT A NT NOTICE TO DRY GOODS MERCHANTS.? The advertiser will receive in exchange for 1.60> acres of rieh limber and mineral land, situated uear the New York State line, within thirty miles of the Erie road, -and on the line of canal and railroad Improvements now tn course of con struction. an assorted stock nf staple domestic or Imported goods, which must be of ready cash sale. To those having the right kind of goods great inducements will he offered, as the proprietor is compelled to mske some sacriflces for the pre servation of the balance of his estate. All communications addressed to W. P. Sanger, box 452 Post office, will he strictly confidential and meet with prompt attention, and he will waft on it ny parties desiring it, with geological reports and maps of the property, with full particulars of the rise and growth of the coal and iron interest on adjacent lands TO EXCHANGE? A FOUR STORY STOVE FROW r house in the neighborhood of Madison square, won: ?17 ,000. on which 910.600 may remain. Will be exchanged for a three story house in Naw York or its vicinity, worth SA.QU u. 98,000, ?r for a country place of same value, eon venlent ot access from the city. Address, with particulars, hex 1,540 Tost efllce. T1TANTED TO EXCHANGE, UNIMPROVED LANDS IN TV Pennsylvania, tor an Interest in a paying business. Ad dress box 140 Philadelphia Post office. TITANTED JTO PURCHASE? A CORNER LOT WITH f? or without a buildiug. suitable for a grocery ?tore, for cash Apply at 111 Bioad street. SLtTVENY A FOX. tor 5S5E ....... .......^17 MFmR FOK HALF ITS VALl'B.-AN OYSTER AND dining saloon and lodging house, lodging atid bar over pays expenses Tins Is tin humbug, as the owner Is obliged to go South Immediately. Tall at the Hull's llead Hotel, cor ner of Twenty fourth street and Third avenue. AIAAOAH WILL BUY THE FIXTURES AND J)1 UU good will of an oyster aid drinking saloon, located on ? go..d thoroughfare down town, worth ihreotlmes -he above amount. T. UAFFNKY A CO., 170 i hadtam sqtjar A{)CA -FOR SALE, THE ELEGANT 8EGAR STORE, ? . ? - ' ) " " . No. >48 Orand street, with lease, stock and fix lures. The location unsurpassed in New York. Apply ou the premises. dKOAfi WILL PURCHASE A WELL KNOWN BAR and lunt h room in one of the greatest business thoroughfares dow n tow n. The business will |iit 9-'i to 9W per week, clear. Apply at 347 Broadway, room Sm 4. * C. B. UOWKS A CO. en A CORDS OF WOOD FOR HALE.? THE SUBS* RI " her has Sl?l cords of the very best heart pine Wood, for ssle, at my wharf, between Old IViint and Newport News, ? here a v.*?el can load In nine or ten hours, drawing from nine to ten feet of water. W 8. SMITH, Hampton, Va. Afril ?FOR HALF, A SPLENDID BARROOM, LO cated near Fulton ferry, and doing a fair busi Mfts, low rent. Will he ?.?!?! cheat) to a cash customer. C. B. HOWES ,t CO., 317 Broadway, r?im 4. AO ftnA -|'"OR ?ALE, ONE OF THE MOST EXTEN JPO.* >" J" "? sive ooflbe and cake saloons in the lower part of the eity, d^ng a Urge busla> ?s, which may b? greatly In crease*! adding billiard tables, Ac. Call at Br Midway, room 17- V WEAY. WAAA -A DINING SALOON, CONTAINING ?UWa twenty right tlaeplng room*, in one erf ibr beat loratloua In the lower part of the city, near Waalilngum m.trket, domic a good biiMiiea* Sold on account of alrkne?a. Call at 38y Broadwa). route 17. M. WRiY. AMHROTYPF. OALLKRT, IS AN KX< ru.knt LOTA lion in tli?* Bowery. f ir ml** ?t a bargain. Apparatus. iiifi'imriK and ?how caaea complete Rent flit per mouth. Mint he aoM thta week For further Information apply at Keed'a gal ory. 17* t'hjttham aqnare. (WAIi YARD FOR HAI.K-TIIR HTOt'K, FIXTIRRS ) ?n<t leaee of a coal yard In Jrraey ORy. well located ami doing a thriving bualneaa, to he mid low Apply to K. IIAMBI.KN. JR., No. W Broadway, room No. 8. DRCfl BTORK MIR MA1.R? WKM, I.O<ATKI? KITMKft for :v phjatclun orai: iipotbeeary with a a mall capl'al, doing a fair bnalneaa, mm tapable of tie in.; inrr .lad. Will br dlapoacd o? at a great aaeriflre. a a the p react. I owner de aires to leave the city. Builetl to either Ueriuair or Kugliab. ?'nil at 241' Tenth avenue FIV.R SAUv-THF MARKRT NOS ?12 AND 4M FOI'RTH ' Avenue, aa excellent rnand for huaineaa. and everyihin: complete for carrying it mi. all new. eailafartwy renmu given lor aelMne. Inquire on the premiaoa In the tnorntng. hpOR ?AMC-A WKI.I. K8TAHI.IMIFD IIRIN'KIN'O *A 1 loon. Muat be aold, aa the owner haa other bualneaa to attend to Inquire at 24 W?at a reef I?OR 8 A I.R-ONK Of TIIK ItFsT PI'RMC llorsKM IN P the elty, eltoaied on Rr 'ad Way and in the vicinity if nil tbe principal bctcla and placea of onus* ? m ? rv For furthrr ulara m.,ulre of HF.HHON A VAN RYCKRL, St South William atraet, rtOK ?4t,F ' Hou r r\N<V rort.TRT. OONRfRTflW I1 of H! i.'b Spai -h goMM Miunburr buff and white Mhtng haca, all from Imported a. * Alio, two Niwfonndiant ?Iota, cure breed and well traiiMNl; one pointer, well broke, ari'I thr? . Ring Charlea" pops, three mon'ha old To he a?><-n at !W Rot Inaon aireet. .1 AMKH t'CMHRRI. ANI> F'or bai,f? tiir sT'm'k ami fixti rkh or a bar n tii '"lug ill e . relit nt bualaeaa flood ri?>a? f r jelling on' A||vi"l WAR11, t utern atonal Hotel, over fay lor ? ^.uooti. N. V w v i,v, ? a \ i.oon iv nr or i iis principu. ilteatri a. cheap for rash. aa th" pr> ?ent owner baa other Imalni aa, Addri aa, with place I rn. tig. rhc?:re, lTca% 1 oBe*. T~~0 AHURoTYPF. PHOTOGRAPH ANH P \OlTRRKKAN ar .ate -MM will pwafcaae a aallery w bg"l an, itjlM, ??4 all ibe wevnBlencea enltefclej* the Uua.iii -. t. > "ppo ?Itlon. ? HI pay a good n> Hat ti met a yeir Hatiaf ? lory r?a una then for selling ^nd ail p-trMculat a gf. en on a ,ipl> ug at 'be l'o?t ma?u r al??ritige, N. or by I* m i ? Aiabr'AypM, lor i?ie week. DAIfCmn Af ADMIU. ADODWORTim HANt'INl) At AMFNIF.H, ? No 1**1 Itroadway. New Vork, No l.tT M'MiUgHe p'aae. Itr> k' > n. t laaaea nnw open for the reception of pnpila nANt INO-ANttTIIRR NRW CI, AM -BRfWIRKS' A''A demy. .Wl Broome atreet. a new rlaaa foe heglnnera will commence on Tiieaday All ?he faahionaltle daneea taugft fct one rotirae of leaaoua There are daaawa open fbr Utoan in ire advanced. RRABNKTT a T HRAI.T-R D A Nt'INtJ AND W Al.TT I IIIB Anademy at .laffcraoa Aaaemhly Kontna, norner of blithand tlreenwlch arennet ? The fnorta aaaemhlr nomea oft T tteaday evening. I fee | Tbe flfiii conn off Ttieaday evening, l>ec IS Aaaembltea the Oral and aecond Titeaday evening of each month Ifaya and eveninga of tuition, Toeadaya and Frldaya. New claawa formed every evenlag All tbe new and faahlonablo 'tancra of the day taught. couatatMig of lanclera, quwlrfllea, waltt. redowa walw. redowa polka. a> hottlah, la varaoviaa, e?m? ralda polka, la cracovlenne, la ?araie|a. la gfofor*. ma imirka. laroaka. Fancy dan cca of every dearrlptlon taught to the pupllk Afternoon claaaoa from llo Sn'cloek Fvenlnf elaaaea. for ladlea, from 7 to K. for grntlcmi tt, from 8 to f, hall room prac tice, from ? to II o'eloek Private leaaona given at any time unoccupied by regular rlaaa< a. or at the realdevicc of the pupU Partlea wlahln* muaiclana or hall managera. |>iea?e an ply at the academy, or at Kte rcaldence of Nr. for nail, 148 Hollf van atreet A large room to let; none but reapet^able nartlea need ap ply. frwf. f. HtALT. Prof R RA RNRTT. HKSTIITRV. DRNT18TRT.-0. J ?? LITON nrK? n rKt-rrt without the leaat pain, by an aiteraal application, the e^. feet of which la nenhae unpleaaant mm Taelh _ aerted at the loweai poaathle prlcea. <tatia(V tl u guaranteed or no eharga Sl'tt'anal atreet. near Mereer, InM No. 7A.I DFNTIFTRT ? TRUTH RXTR AiTRD tN TEN MKHOSIW. without ? he allghtc?t pain by my new and original pro cere? not frecylng Thta admirable ayatem la praeffaefl hy me oaly Reference given If required IIR H tl. 1)1 RK 114 438 I 'anal atreel, near Vartck DRNTISTRT - TFRTII RXTR ACTKP IN TFW PW'tint Without allalaeat pain, by m> new an I original proeeaa ?not freeing inia admirable a\ asem la prvtlaad t?y me (?ly. Reference given If re'iutr-tl R. (i. IH'RKIN. 433 ''an*l atreet, rrnar Varlek $1 LOAI OVf ICEL -WE HAVE MONEY IN ANY AMOUNT , 'l'u advance on diamonds, watches, 4c. To advance ou pianos, segars, dry goods, As. To advance ou household I urntture, Ac. I of all I To advance on merchandise of all kinds. THIS 18 THE OLDEST OFFICE IN T1I18 CITY. J. MACDUFF, t'feUiblloheJ 1W8, commisaisn house. Na. 330 Broadway, corner of Walker street. N. B.-No connection wttli any otker house. Private rooma. <frl TO 920,000 TO LOAN ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS,. ?J>? jewelry, and periioual property of every description,, or same bought for oasli, at exchange office 176 William street, between Spruce aud Beekuiau. Also, land warrant* pu*-. chased. Office bourn from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. $1 ?J. B. WILLIS A CO., 81 NASSAU STREET, ROOJt No. 7, are prepared to advance money to any amount on dlamouda, wan in g, jewelry, silk*, dry goods and all kln<M of personal property or merchandise. Business confidential. <JM 170 BROADWAY, ROOM 25? corner of Maiden lane. J. H. HARRINGhR. This eld office advances the highest sums, or buys for cash, diamonds, watches, jewelry, dry goods, pianos, furniture hardware, segars, stocks, bonds, mortgages, Ac. djl TO MO.OSO TO LOAN ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS^ ?1P I jewelry, segars. dry goods, aud all kinds of personal property, or bought and sold for cash. Merchants wishing to close out their entire stock for cash, accommodated on abort notice. Securities of all kinds negotiated by THOMPSON A CO., brokers and communion merchants, 102 Nassau, corner of Ann street, rooms No. 2 and second floor. $30 000 ? 1XiAS ON B0Nn ANn MORTGAGE? v.v v ? In one or more s ims, to suit applicants, so. improved real estate in this city. Apply to H. 8. BROAD, IS Wall street dbf FLH nnn T0 IX)AN 0N DIAMONDS, WATCHES, <T 1(1 I .1/1 'V/ jewelry, segars, furniture, Ac., sr the urns bought for the high?t cash prices, by the well knowm ISAACS. Office 11 Chambers street. N. B. ? No business transacted on Saturdays. Loan office -$i to to loan on watches. jewelry, pianos, dry goods, new clothing and all kinds or Sersonal property bought for cash. Also, pawn tickets, at te loan office, 87 Varies street, N. Y. Loan aoency.-any amount advanced on valuable watches and diamonds Pawn tickets bought. Terms liberal. Apply to F.I. KING, 229 Broadway, office No. 8. Money loaned-on watches, jewelry, dia monda ami all kinds of merchandise, or bought for cash. Parties can be dealt with strictly confidential, mid not be seen entering a loan office. J. A H. P. JACOBS, 407 Broadway. TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAOE-$14,000, 16,000, *4,001), $3,800, $3,000, $2,500, $1,800, 51,000, to Invest it real estate In this city ; also a number of first class houses for sale or to exchange. Apply to A. SERGEANT, 15 Wall street. noviER, rooms, to un. A SUIT OF THREE ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR, for a party of gentlemen, or separate. If required; also, double and single rooms, ail neatly furnished; prices to suit the times. Inquire at 70 Franklin street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE IN WEST Fourteenth street, three story, attic and basement, will lie let very low, for the winter, or longer, to a small private family, who will board two adults in part payment of rent. Address bex 1,864 Post office. A FURNISHED FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET? IN" Waverley place, a short distance from Broadway; every thiug for housekeeping in nice order. Rent very low until 1st of May. Possession immediately. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A DESIRABLE HOUSE TO LET-ELKVEN ROOMS, IIC nice order, within three minutes' walk of the Metropoli tan Hotel; gas. chandeliers, hMba, range, Ac. ; yearly rent $trfu>. Furniture, inearly new,) carpets, Ac., will be sold a; ? sacrifice, or the whole may be purchased. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broadway. A NEATLY FURNISHED THREE STORY AND BASE meut house to rent ? At 33 Tompkins place. South Brook lyn, or the w hole of the second tloor, with full or partial board. Location desirable, between Clinton and Court ami Harnauu and De draw streets. Terms moderate, and pos session given immediately. Apartments to let-in the private house 130 Monroe street, viz. basement, with range, ho! anil cold water, atnk, closets; front parlor and two front bed rooms, with privilege of bath room; or front rooms if prefer red, splendid yard and cellar. Rent low. Gas, Ac. Furnished rooms to let? without board, second story from and third atory back, to two gentlemen ? illlng to room together. Good references required. Inquire at 396 Broadway. IjU'RNISHED HOURS TO LET IN TWENTIETH STREET, ' near Fourth avenue, to a small private family, with im mediate possession, twelve rooms, with all ihe improvement*. Kent $126 per month. Apply at 68 East Twenty second street, tiom 1 to 4 o'clock. Furnished house and stork to let? in canal. street, near Hudson, being suitable for a saloon. eonf?? tloncrv or segar store, well calculated f ir a 'air inquire in the dining saloon. No. 4 Ssllivan street, two dusrs frsM Ca nal sli eet. IjlURNIKHED HOUSE? TO LET, FROM FIRST DECEM bei , a handsome furnished house, with piano, at 27 Wood hull street, Brooklyn. Rent $60 tier month, payable in ad . VII MS. Apply at tbe house or to Mr. HA YKK, Herald office House to let.-the first class beautifully located brown stone frout house No 324 Henry street, BrooklyD, will be lei from now unit! the first irf M:iy next to ? reliable tenant for $2Mi. if applied for immediately. Inquire of Mr. JOHN K. llORA, 139 Fulton street, New York, ap stairs. N'O :tH FAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET ? A VERY DE sirable house may be tonndln a private family for a gentleman and his wife, a large front parlor, wltb cnmontcat lug bedroom on the second tl >or. the bouae la eonviently st unned, being only alew door lr>tn Fourth avenue. Reference esokauged. TO LET-THE MAGNIFICRNT STORE AND t 'ELLA R 67 Catharine street, well adapted lor a i< a and coffee store, h>? been used aa such for the last five years; a gotxl s'and for a dry good* house, ihe store and cellar ase 80 feet deep, for which a lease will be giveu. Apply to K. A A. MARTIN. 7$ Oa'harine street TO LFT ?THE CONVENIENT TWO STORV BRIJK dwelling house. No. Ilrootne street , both gas aud CroUm Water ; to a small family . Moderate rent Apply to .IIRHfi HULL. No .Vi Wall street. Tt) LET? THE STORK AND DWELLING (FOUR STORY) 141 Nln'h svenne, corner Went Twentieth street, turnish ed ? i'b ?a aj convenience that can be ileilwd. Apply to D A. ntiWAN, Ninth -iv.-nue, between Twentieth an 1 Twenty oFMsUvets, or at 75 Cedar street, (No. J oaaemeot.) Bank of Commeree Building. TO LIT? Till STORE AND DWELLING No lis NINTJ1 avenue, inperfect order, and furnlahed with gas and Cro ton fixtures. Kent low to a go<*i tenant Apply Ui 11 A. CI'SH \l t N, Nlmh aven'ie, b<"ween Twentieth and Twenty li-st streets, or at 75 Cedar street (No. 3 basement;, Bank of Commerce Building TO LET? THE UPPER PART AND FRONT BASEMENT of house $9 E*?t Nineteenth street. Rent tow. Inquire of A M. FANNING. Jt.>t Bowery, 8 ?<? 11 A. M TOI.ET? THE TIIRKE NEWT1IHKK STORY ANI? ATTir! brown atonr front Itouaoa ot W ini Twrni >'lh Hnttl, north >M?, Nilof Nimli nvanii'', rrplatr with ?wj htpmtimt and ronrrnlnnra that o?n ha drmri'd. Apply to It A.t'I'HII itlrtb *n<1 Twanty ? r?< m. <>r at "6 I'mlar ?trirl, (No. .1 biMtienu llauk of Com M A N, Ninth iiv nitr Tarrntlrth and Twrntjr tlrat rrecta.or ?(??( MMW Building, mo LET-PARLOR AND ltEPROOM, If ANPHONELY J ftlrnlahatf, on aeroed ioor, la hnuar I IH Tlmmpaon a met; Kill hr |rt arparair or lonmhrr. Apply on ih.- prnntaea. f|K> LRT? THE FIRST CLAMt THREE STORT HOUSE, 1 27 S Riut Truth itrrrt. It la in MMMt MIR haa barn nrwlr paiiitrd. ami In ritplrti- with all thr m idrrn imprnTr RlrnUt, ?!!< b a* l iibn, gat, Ac. Apply to K HOOAN, 179 Mai-dongai ?trr?t. O LET-FINK RoOMH ON FIRST FLtNIR or HOUNR T _ .'>70 ?biwrwt, WW fciimw. r?m<Aw|l?*|nml Willi; a!?" In irar houv, r.*n- $H p< r mouth. In , jlra an the rrnnlM or at 114 Wi?frl?y plarr I LET IN IIOBuKKN- THKKK R<*>*8 ON THR SF mod Coor of a nlca dwriimg h<> tw to a amall raap actable T ^ # _ I n.ily . ram In per month up to 6rr M \y. Inquire of TUEO. KOHK a 00., >1 William atjraat. let -a roc* htorv en?ilimi haaement Ha*. No 1M) Wp<i T? Mil) llfih ?trri?t. with all tb? mo m.r m? rvlow to a food t?naat Apply mo . 1 bona*. No IWWml Twab IMt <trr>i. *M al' th? ? ?ant ;m. rmamaiU . rent * 17 low to a good tw to VALTIR M LAWRhNCtf. 3*2 HistkarMMM. TO LET. -A FIR'T < 'LAW BRICK llOt'HBIN HROHK ? ly ti. *N.rn< r f IJt tni'DR Md Kmltlt Ih? *rhoi<? ] ni 1 won id real It r< vn iM? until lha lit af Nay. Appiy at fO Plka allp, up matra. f|*0 LET -HOI SF. Ut THIRTY Ft U RTH STREET. RE 1 twrrn Kcitmh W l Kuh b a> n ia troarard and In a a* w id luration Aiao, Imuv XIV Thirty ttfib atraat, na%r Kubth arrn'i" furr itnrr for ?Mr it 4<airad *l'l'l| t*tbe ownrr, 91 Thirty 1 1 l> atrfat, or to itKN l.DHT A UoiT, aor ?ar < f Naaanu A l*t . ?? atraaU. fUAICUI. Mr Ann to invkst in the imri'Hahr <?e ? a of fr m lljp to |ft i*B rarh, on Ami rlty pmp?rt|, A1*". * farm to ? ti anga f >r rt'y pro prrtT Apply to. tTRTIH A I.F.WI8, 71 N?aaau atraat, up atatra. BONP" A NO viiRTOAOEM i?m<jiit aNP bold, ant? m> nay obtalifd on mtrtfar" m Wtailim, hr ROWARI) H 1.1 DMtW A fO No HWwi'fwSlViMll w?-al'h Itanlt Hmlding. 1RVINO BATTNCMI INNTITlTION, NO NI WARREN air rat, ona iloor frowi Urcanw h fntrf?t at ih?ratao( Hi c?nt on *nm* fr<>m f I to t?p?n dally fr<*? 10 A. I to 1 I' M . and on Honiaya. Tbnnatoya and MMr d?)i from 4 to 7 P M WAt.TFR W r?)N< KLIN, Pr mMmI VinnraattT L. Itoiroa. H?rr??arv V"OTlf? ?THE TNTF.RF.StT t'0rr0NH ON Nfl.WAtTEIE ?i ? . . "n tor mnntripal piiriHiar*. will Mi |>ahl ?t mat 111 r"? n prr,. ,h? ,,m, , ,,, Vi,..,,, Hrball * ? " . 60 Hjrbangr pla. r. Nr _ M 1 II OAIDINM, OaiMln < itt t oarTMoi 1 rn ? iirrn r ) Mn ??n?u. Wi< . N,,r |j>, |fl^; { /ifriiR or TIIK ILLINOIS 1 VTHAf. RAfl.ROAO * ' 1 rnapany. N>w Y?r*. No. t? tsa7 -NotJra la harabr ?ivru that thr auliarrlptton hoofc for ibv proraaad n?w loan* Of Ilna (|.?n? In now on.-n at ti* ..r?li a, ?? Wall alraat ll l? thr lnt>T?wl of Ih- aim khoMn a ami rrwliuira. aa alao ?f dm boldrra of optional rti'hta. Hi rail and riamlnr U?* tarma of ' lila loan, and aatlafv <h<>ma<>lrra of ihr *rrat a?l*antafa to ?? ' rua k> thrm raaprfitlvrly by an?.arrlbln? to aama. [ ?? N.rMwMwiwrif. pNt I HART - A 1,AI?V Nl?'lts Tt? NEET WITH A J irrmUman wbo will l? will'n* t" loan har * ?mail amo'ini a .li .rt ttaM. Rr?<iHty and rafarrnrr fiTan. All Irraa Allea, llarttM .fflca. aiatln# wharr an IntrrTlaw ran br bad. Tl*E?Trr.N COI.LKfTlONII -VINCENT J. BCOTT. ?? b ik. r. Prtrott, lf|i-lil?an will filial In tba atty tlwonrh' -ir ih.. %|>, and ramlt prompilyai rarrmt rata*. Rrfrra to Mt a ban A t*rott. Naw T?r?; Edward Worrteo, NtwTor*. I *wrw" - 1 , (tr'obarlB. IW HtlTEWl r^ARP ? MAPAWE RAMflNTER PNRTREM TO INFORM bar frlanil- and lb' 1?r l*rl? ???' ?P??l0.ia irlaina a htFt *ik*I??? Pto"** *t alt. (jntrad. nONTLANOT V atraat toft HI par dnr. t. & PT RRB1NR,