Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1857 Page 3
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2 SUITS OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with or without board. Mm, room* for single g?? at very moderate prices. Apply at No. iff Onion ?M?re. 21'LRASANT FURNISHED ROOMS WITH OA* ETC., to let? with or without hoard, to a small family. Also ?wo room* for single gentlemen, at 436 Hudson street. Teruia moderate:. References cmhauged. 4 GENTLEMEN OAK BM ACCOMMODATED WITH beard aud rooms at 21 Jay street. 5CMIVKR8ITY PLACE, NEARLY OPPOSITE WASH la (ton square.? Handsomely furnished rooms an the first and second Ooortwith or without partial board. References awhsnged. The house la entirely new, and elegantly fur f)7 BOND STREET.? A PARLOR AND REDROOM ON I the second floor, a back parlor on the first floor, and one ?r two alUc bedrooms to let, with board, to gentlemen and ?trlr wiveH. or a party of single gentlemen; references ex e hanged; all the modern Improvement call for three or four It QQ BEACH STREET, ST. JOHN'S PARK.? TO LET, TO OO a gentleman aud wife or two single gentlemen, with or without board, a large front room, and bedroom attached. Also a back parlor and single rooutH. JQ bKVENTH AVENUE, CORNER OP FOURTEENTH T"0 utreet.? A good chance to young gentlemen. French enoken at table and also French tuition free to boarders, by Prof. A Basaet. TUe home 1h tirst claw and contains all the modern Improvements; location unsurpassed; references ex changed A Q WEST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR FIPTII AVE " O nue. ? Apartments in suits or single rooms, furnished or ?uifurnmbed, containing gas, bath, registers, Ac., with board, fee a family or gentlemen, in the above eligible brown stone honse, at economical rates. Dinner at * o'clock. ?9 BLEECKER STREET, NEAR BROADWAY.? A 00 well furnished large front room on second floor, with *gk><-et*, suitable fer a gentleman and wife or two single gen tlemen ; also a single room terms moderate. References re quired. Ct MADISON AVENUE, CORNER OP TWENTY 8R VU venth street, one bl< -k from Madison square.? Two tine traits of rooms, very (1- ? ible for flsmillea; r!mo pleasant rooms for single gentlernrn; tirst class board; private table If required. House has all the modern improvements. ff AND 57 WEST TWENTYTHIRD STREET, BE Ou tween Fifth and Sixth avenues.? To let, with board, salts of rooms handsomely furnished, suitable for gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen. Honse first class, with ihr modern improvements. Location very desirable. Din aer at sU. C7 EAST TWENTY EIGHTH STREET. ?TWO PINE t) I rooms on the second floor, suitable for a gentleman and b s wi'e, can be had, with reasonable, board, In atlrst class hease The situation is deslrsble, being within three doors of Peurth avenue. References exchanged. jn RHMSRN STREET, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS.? HAND \}? som>* and spacious apartments, ou second floor, for ft mHes. and rooms for single gentleman at the above flrs -?nae -eeidenee. Dinner at 4 o'eloek. Referenees exchanged ?"7 KAST HWITIENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNION Ul square and Irvfctf place ? Spacious rooms, on second 4o?r. for families, aud single ones, on the fourth, for gentle men, wither without board. House with entire new furnl mrc. ?7Q SPRING STREET, A FEW DOORS FROM BROAD 4 M way ?To let. several handsomely furnished bed rooms, u> single gentlemen. The location Is near all the first class hotels. Inquire in the building, of ANSON HOUSE. 11Q WKgr NINTH STREET.? A CARD.? BEAUTI AlO f -lly furnished apartments to rent, with or without hill or psrtisl board , house first . lass all recent Improve ments, at 118 West Minth street, a tew doors fromllroadway. IQr WEST TWENTY FIFTH STREET.? PLEASANT ImJ and well furnished rooms to let, with board. Loca tion pleasant. Cars and stages convenient. 1 F.ASt'pROAPWAY.? A LARGE PROMT ROOM ON I< IO the second floor, wiih pautry attached, suitable for a teutU man and lady, with board, In a desirable fsmlly, may ? bad for the winter. Also, two single gentlemen can be ae eommodated. Apply as above. 1 CO WAVERLEY PLACE.-TO LET, WITH BOARD, J.UU large plt'osaut rooms, with gas and fire, to gentlemen sa<l wives or single gentlemen. Terms reasonable. Dinner at tii o'clock. m HUDSON STREET? A BACK PARI.OR AND other large commodious rooms u> let, with bo ird, to a gen'lemsn and his wife or single gentlemen; hous: with modern Improvements, located near St. John's park. Refe re nee* exchanged. *?OA ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SI HE? TO LET, ? ' f TT with t oard, a second floor room, with bedroom if re quired; also a front parlor; cars and stages pass; references required. 00"| WEST FOURTEENTH STREET -TWO LARGE &?dY. well furnished rooms, with board, on the second floor, and one on the third, in a private family with a few boarders. Best of references given and required. OQgTBW STREET.? A GENTLEMAN AND niS i- _ ? ' wife can be accommodated with a pleasant furnish ed room, wiih bosrd, terms ve y moderate, or twnslncle gcntli n,i-n. Ilouse with modern In, prov>menls, lu a family where the comforts of a home can be enjoyed. J in BROOME STREET, NEAR BROADWAY, AND 87 T"It/ l'rince street, near Hroadway, west side ? Uenth mi n requiring pleasant and oonitorlable rooms for the winter will tind evcrj accomimoJailon at either of the above places. A <)?* HUDSON STREET. BETWEEN MORTON A~NL> T LerOT ? Tood nccommxiatlons for the winter for ?riut< men and their wives; also, rooms for Mtigle gentlemen, at h or without board. Terms moderate. Call and see. IIROOME STREET, ONE BLOCK WEST OP -JOl. Hrosdwsy.? The most desirable and central location ta 'he etty, ?>elng in the immediate vlclnltv of all the tirst class lot, |? rernianent and transient boarders a, -eommodated. 'Jtainrr at 1 and ti o'clock. Private table U desired. r.(ll\ BROOME HTRBET, FIRST DOOR EAST OP |) JW lis Ison street ?A lady and her two daughters would b't ? frent parlor wtih hedraesB, also two Other rnnase, with board Sslii rtwims sre newly tiirmshed and contain all the ???tern Improvement*. Tho?<! seeking a plnaaant home will please call immediately. ______________ BROADWAY, UNION SQUARE, SECOND DOOR from Seventeenth street ?Handsome suit of renins as the first floor, web liberal private table, to a private tarni lj Iteferrnce given and required. Qf A WEEK, FOR COMFORTABLY FURNISH rd rooms In a re?pe< uble neighborhood, conve io. rt to ib" business psrt of ih'-city. Apply at?5 canal St., wsr Ksst It roadway, all this week. 8f>9 $1 A . PAKl.DK and bkhkoo.m to I.KT. WITH ilO A ki>, A for the winter, OB reasonable u-rm Apply at -I SoiiLh rb.f.l street, Williamsburg, within ihrrr mluuira walk of four 'errit a. I. APT. HAVING A LARUK HOl'SR, WISHRH TO .. lakr a lady aad eentlrman and two or three single gen Hi m> ti to hoard Pi ~ * Apply at 310 llcnr> ?reel. brook lya, between Mate and Atlantic. AFKW R1I.KCT ROARPFR.S TAN OBTAIN WKM. FUR nmhed room* an>l Drat rale hoard at a m 'derate prki?, li the dealrat Ij located bo l)M .No 17 Nlllth at reel . Avkry pkrira ntiR iiomp: may nr. foitnp in a p rival# family for a few boarder*, where comfort u studied. at retwooable Ifrroi It la a pleaaiiut walking dla mi f for down Uiwn gentlemen, *nd tile nelghliorlKxxl <|iilet. * ges mi. I r;ira run within a lilo-lt Reference* cit-haagflA, A I ply at Hfl fourth atreet. near Harrow Ah rikNlSHIP ROOM To I.ET-A UCI PAIUM, on the flrat floor, without board. to on* or two gentlemen, la a sa?U private Amcncan lamily. Terms mo<lcrale. Mo. IM 1 1> . kani street. AUKNTIJCMAN ANP WIFK TAN riNP A HOOP ? home wliha joiinf married couple, having mor? room tun (key deatrr. In a modern built Ikmim in W?i Thirtieth street h-'w?. u K.lckth and Ninth avenuea Tmi< mo l.-r v i ( r. tic i* < nil Ait I. Ad lrt-aa II W. II . bo? 3,649 Post olfc.-, ? uri.RNPIP ri RNISIIKP KOOM WITH HKIlKlvi* and pantry attached, to let, to a geutleman "ml wit* or two slag I* gentlemen tn a private house. with all th<> mmletti tBiprnv. in. n ? Iti-ioire at (h Prince street, a few doora went of l> roadway. Reference* required A? urnti.i man ANP hih wifk and a k?w sin gic (euilemvn ran be accommodated with pletaanl room* aad rood hoard bv applying at IM Warerley plam. iWlc rences e?rhan*ed ________________ AH rrRNI>MRP 1' A RI.OR. RAVtNO OAS. f'ROTON. H uae af bath. to M wiih or wnhaul board, to perann* ?nit of hikh respectability, in the mxlern an 1 Well located towie A3 Wont fifteenth sui et. between FMb and riiilh avenaaa . VVRT PI.RAHANT MVITBOV rriiswiHD BOOM 4| la lei. a. ib if retired. a. so a single rini. ib ? Iral r la as onian stone front house, with all the intalerii la Ctimeala. e?n* en>?nt In ears an stag** 71 Weat Pour ?th aueel. ttrai house waat of '-nth aveuu*. Ah rmkiart si-it or rooms wii.i. rr i.kt to \ g? Utaian and Wife Willi board . also tor two single gentle fa en Private baih ea< h suit. Iloiue new suit ?? sly fur a *?? I location In Temh street, near Flflh ?> \ I !,.?? R N . hot 4 171 foal ofllee * mpt mm owm.miAif, os a mmui last, J\ (With board for the lady. i can be accommodated with a leri desirable "mill parlor and hedroom a Ij-'inlnc II ? and vert centra I Thoac locking for a quiet nome ran he (iiilat. Addresa II. II.. hot 136 lleral l iiAci'. WTPPI.N AORl> I.apt pavtro a iianpsomkt.v n furnished Iront room on Ural fltMW varsnt, would like lo rent II tn a nler fentlemnn snd lady, with board for the lady Ml] prits'. tall, tt i-reten I ? a e^i'ral tml geale I Addresa I'erfrrl lonudenre, Krttadway I'oat offlce, for four days. Weferenees e?eh*nged ArtJRNISnRP ROO* TO I.KT -TO StJIOt.a (1SNTT.R men with or without partial hoard, al ?1 ItWerker street |!? h. gaa. Ae. _____ _____ ___ f|<>A*P -rVRNISPVP R'?0*S WITH P A VTR I M J) hath and ean be obtainad hy applying al III Weat twitt) slith street, near llroadway. BoARP-OMRTOH n.ArR ? a ramimt anponror two -Ingle grnUaiBeB will lind trery dealrabla apart ai< nta to lev, with board, a' HI i llama place, near Plflh ava nne Heferances eiehangrd. B-'ARP-TOI,Rflf A TRITATR FAMII.T, A PAR tor on the tlaet floor, with board, I > a gentlemao ao I Wife I oriso single grtitlcnii n. also one young la?l? ean he aceom r ?I st tU Hreeawlch slreet. corner of l-algka. HOARD-A LARtPB RfKlM. CORTAIRINO OAR. ?rate. eh>aet. and nicely furnished, to let, With bn?d, to a gentleman snd wife, in a prlrala family. Apply at #? PHUi j flfrei. BOARP-A ORRTI.RMAN ANP HAPT CAN BR AO rommodated with a neat It ftirtashed froat room wkh hoard far the lady, location very plexaant. otn'oalie the Metropolitan Intel. Rroait way. addreaa W. U Broadway Poat omffi HOAWf^:rf!,? r'^RITPRW. ANVPAMIl.t W1SIIINU I kiir ifc'1'!1. ? hons. keeping, can meet with a part? who I *'l.,1 . ?rv1 rtirnlsh hoard In a g ?l house well located. Apply U> KNIOIIT A CO ?B Broadway. H?horrd 7JlMsH.L>r0*"U T r'**NISHKO ROOMS WITH J n^r Ltt rentiemen and gentlem. n and their a ?ea, at 1J7 Hecond arcane. h4ween Kichib and Ninths- a ]i?^n|Aea?m>r.,^n.,'fAnT. wWT,J' R**T TWO ?* - k , TnS T^IT II T ' ' ,rntah^ "?? unfurnished , with or h. ,h -rm*i hut uk?". km tfi Nlith grenne aar? aouuniG and Luoerau. Board down town.-gkntlbmkn and their wives and a few single gentlemen, also two una!' fami Ilea, can be accommodated wilh pleasant front parlors at No. 1 Bridge xtreet, comer Of State street. Mattery. Refe re nee required. Board. ktc.-a gentleman and his wife ok twu stu ie gentlemen can be accommodated with giw 1 board, on moderate terms, by applying at No. Jt7 Went Thirtieth street. Reference required. Board tn kxchangr for instruction.-a lady, of high professional ability ax music and singing teacher, also of English and French, desires to find board whore i nut Miction would he received in payment thereof Ciiy reference given Address Professional, Union square Post office, for three days. Board in Brooklyn.? desirable rooms in a first class house, suitable for a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen; dinner at half past six o'clock. Apply at 244 ileury street, between t'-ongress and Amity streets. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wifr and one or two single gentlemen can find comfortable euarters m a small private family, having more house room tnan they require for their own purposes. Terms moderate. Apply at 319 Sackelt street, between Court and Smith. Board in brooki-yn.? two sinole grntlemrn can find In a private family a pleasant second story liont room, with closets, (Ire and gas. Hood pari Lai board. Terms to Huit. Pleasant social society. 165 Washington street, five minutes walk from the Kulton ferry Board in brooklyn.-one or two cnoiCE front rooms, aaljoinlng, on the second fioor. In a first clsss private bouse, furntlhed complete; gas and fire. Best of reference given and required. Address box 106 Herald office. Board wanteo-by a oentlkman. and wire, in a genteel location, west of Broadway, below Four teenth street; room on second floor, with pantries. Address box 4,514 Post office, staling terms, location and hours of tneals, 4c. Board wanted.-plkasant rooms in a pri ?ate family. Terms must be moderate. Ideation be tween Eighteenth and Twenty sixth streets, and Fourth and Sixth avenues. Dinner at noon. Addreis, with reference, M. Andrews, 619 Hudson street. Board wanted? by a gentleman and his Wife, two children, (the oldest two yearn,) and nurse, will require two rooms with fire and gas In each. Terms not over $B0 per month. Address It. R. B., tleneral Post Office. Boardino.-a parlor and bedroom on pirst floor, handsomely furnished, with or without a private table, at 49 West Twenty second street. The house Is first class and several years established. Also, a front room for a single gentleman. Boardino.-a small family, having more room than they require, would let a bed and bedroom to a gentleman and wife, or a few ladles, with tire and light. Apply at 184 East Sixteenth street. BOARDINO-IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, CONVE nient to cars and stages, for a gentleman and wife or two or three young gentlemen. Dinner at ? o'clock. Apply at 170 West Twenty second street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Brooklyn.-one large and two small rooms to let, with board, at 234 ITenry street, next to the cor ner of Amity street. Reference required and given. CIOOPER HOUSE, 334 BROADWAY-FURNISHED ) rooms, by the day or week, for gentleman and ladles Price per week, from S3 to 96. Connected le a Orel class re sum rant. COTTAGE PLACE.? TO LET, AT NO. 11 COTTAGE place, a neatly furnished front room, with bedroom ad joining if required, furnished with fire and gas, suitable tor one or two single gentlemen. Family private. Terms, three dollars per week for the two rooms. COMFORTABLE ROOMS TO LKT TO GENTLEMEN, without board, at 259 Oreen street, near Kighth; reference given and required. DESIRABLE nOME FOR THE WINTER CAN BE HAD tn a private family, pleasantly located. In a house, with all the modern Improvements; a few neatly furnished rooms to let, U> gentlemen and their wtves or single gentlemen, with or without board; terms reasonable. Apply at 201 Mlsecker street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue. Stages pass the door, and cars within one block. Elegantly furnished rooms-full board In a modern brown stone dwelling, near Fifth avenue and Tenth street, with a private faintly. Ladies and gentle men, or families, seeking social home comforts, and every attention. Please address box 5,000 Post office. Furnished rooms to let.? gentlemen requir Ing pleasant rooms in a convenient and central location, will find eve? accommodation by applying at 419 Broome street, near Broadway, at moderate price. Furnished house wanted? in tiik vicinity of Madison square to purchase, or rent until the 1st May. Address box H2# Post office. Furnished rooms to let-room, beoroom and kitchen, to a gentleman and wlfeor a small family; de sirable rooms are now offered at reduced prie s; immediate possession may be had. Apply *1 123 West Twenty-fourth street, near Seventh avenue. Furnished apamtments, in a private famt 1}'. for gentlemen in particular, consisting of a sm<tll psr'or and communicating bedroom, two large parlor bed r"< Ms and rooms en suite, all with gas, fire grates and Clo sets. A Is. i, to rent, new separate bedrMims, f urnislied, on upper Moor. The whole reserved for grown persons of re- . ape -lability with reference. Partial board if desired. Inquire at 47 Amity street, near Broadway. HOTEI.LOPOl N OS. -GENTLEMEN C AN OBTAIN NICE ly furnished rooms at the Ulobe Hotel, corner of Frank fort and William streets. Price of moms 13 cents per night; also, a lew upper rooms for $4 per month. Neat and nrwly furnished udhj^ to let, at M White *'rect, near Broadway, In a quiet, rcupectable lanul;, referencea required. NO. 35 FAST TWENTY FIFTH STREET.-A VERY DE alrable homo may tie found In a pr' ate f irmly fur a gentleman ami hm wile; a large front parlor, with coti:mtitii caimg ballroom on the aocond floor, the hottau i* conrenietiiiy minatr.l, belli),' only a few door* from Four'h avenue. Refe rence* eirhauged. ONE OR TWO RESPECTABLE LADIES TAN HE AC com modeled with hoard, In a private family, where there are no o'brr I nariti ri. Tho*c whi*' bnaineaa rail* theni out through the day preferred. Apply a'. 36 Commerce (treat. SOUTH BROOKLYN.? TO LET, TO ONE OR TWO ORN tleinen, with partial board, a nl-e large fr?r?i rtxim, with ra* and fireplace. location pleaeaM ml convenient to the South forry. and alao to the ra>?. *tn*il an ! private. For particular* Inquire at 18 lL?n aua ?tre? t. TWO FRONT ROOMS, FUBMsKKV. TO I.ET? WITH board, ?aparate or together. to a lamily or atngle gentle men. attf?'> Hammond atreet, between Bleeeker and Fourth ?in 1 1? Its h and ?: M TO OENTLEMEN.-A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRES TO let. to on* or two gentlemen, a m-aily furnlahed rojiu and larce pantry, mtb uae of bathroom adjoining, !,?,?* on plraaant and deatrable; *tagei paaa the door. AppyatTU llouaton atreet. TO LET? TO A tlKNTI.EMEN AND LADY; WITH HOARD for the lady. If required, a handsomely formatted hack parlor on tir?t floor, or front chamber on aacond floor. In quire at 67 Sullivan street. TO I FT-Fl'RNISHED PARLORS AND SUITS OF r'Minia.? Thoie drmrlng elegant room*, wlih the comfort* of n hotne, break f ami l??, anil dinner oil Sunday If-ile Hired will End n i. their Intercat to call at 3H Clinton plane, Kighib atreet \rKRY I'l.EASA NT ROOMS MAV HK OBTAINED AT No. 19 Si Mark'* place for a lamlly or Mngle gentlemen I'rlvaie table If denlreo. "tlr ANTED? BY A SI NOLI GENTLEMAN, ONR LARUE. TT . .mfi rmble room or two amall onea, with full board and all convenience*. near Union aquare. Term* from tn to $10 Aditrea* bo I 2,#lft I'oat office. TIT ANTED? A FURNISHED ROOM AND BREAKFAST, TT In a private family, by an aiprrionoad teacher on the ?(MO, where l?*eon* would be received *? pirtlal compenaa lion He?i of reference* given and required. Addreaa S. A. Duverney, Herald offiee. w antriCby'T uenti.eman, a comfort Anr.K TT room mi I board In a private family, below Canal at pre for red. Addn *?. with name, atatuig trrma, reference, Ac ., box 3,725 Foat offiee. LOST AMD rot MI). roriED FROM THE BALTIMORE BI N -LOST, OR iniiw iii ? f?n the ?|*t of September laat. wa ?ent a letter l i mail, ad lr>?a* I to the Wat? rburg KnitUng Company In New York, containing onr no?#, payable lo our own order, and dated nt eight m<>n'ha from Augu*: I I?*?, lor aeventeen hundred and *l?ty five dollar* and twentv Ave cent* <$l,7? 'J>. i which letter and noie have not been received. The p ?y m< nt of the ?aid note haa been atopped The finder will plena* r i turn iktllxmUiliM anderatnnd. LEWIS, HRo*T A CO., Rgltlmore, Md. IfOI ND~ ON~" WO W 1 1 A Y~?D 1 NST- A SUM OF V* INKY 1 wUtrh lha owner can have by applying at 21 fortlaud atreet. IW N TV--"i>N a * Tl ' H M \ Y 71 ST INST MT HTF *MIH>aT^ .1 b in N' w Vork bay, a am ill In fi -t row b m, paln^N ed Willie, with a red ??rcahp?roiind her The rmiier, lit pay Ing f r Ihia ? Iternwnu it anil proving iirnper'y. cau hava I he al ovc deacrlbed boal. Apply on boarn 'h?; boat Sylph. FVII ND IN WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET, A LAROR bin fcet n?ed for lumping coal. The owner can have the ?mr by calling al 251 Ftghth avenue, and paying charge* IB OST? ON SI'NDA Y, NoV_ D~A~ WHITE RITLL TER J rlerdog, in*W"ra lo the nnm- of Tip Any per*?n re turning him ?o l.'M I'roaby atreet, or urn Hn>a<lw*y, will be liberally rewarded. JOSEPH liAILKY IO^T-ON MONDAY MYtNINO, ?D l>ST.~OFF j .leraev fl?>? a cedar yawl boat, aboat H feet long, green bottom <n<t black top. top and gunwale* much chafed: haa a * I to tliwarl for a m**t. The finder will be *uli*hly re |Whl by applying to llenj K. Ibmon, JtOoealleaallp. boi all T OST-ON MtiKDAY RVRNIMtl, A tlOLD LOCKET, J J with a lady"* ltkcne*?. green enamelled, and croa* on nn? ante ? b. . ? ? ? ? i It it the offi< e 4 l>. e,..v ?< II ? al, omerof Iteekman utreet and I'ark row, will be liberally rewarded L OST-ON T^SD AyTnO v ik" I N PROSPFi'T STREET. Brmiklyn a "mall po<>.||e *fnt, wbi'e. w.ih behl tan arr ?? ihe back and ear*. Any Parana finding and returning the rame will be liberally rewarded by Jamna Momey, dry goo.|? ature, 9V Fnli<m *irert, llrooklyn | OST.-THF Vol Nil I . A 1 ? V ? " N v T \ K R TOOK I J a valuable mink mulT In place of her own, al a ?tore on the c. rner of Hro*dw*y and l.idpenard alreet ye*mrd*y after noon Will pleaae return the name to the *tore, where ihc will lind her own mnfi. f OST tlR STOI.EN- A HI. Al K ANI> TAN TERKIKR lialn' *n*wer* to rhc name of R ite Wbie> er will return her to ? ? Hroail way. corner of Howard atrael, will receive a liberal reward PAIR OI^JOLD SI,ERYE~ItrTToNS | n<JT - ON MON day laai, la Rroadway. t'anal alreet or in an omnibu*. The button* are enameled and the *ah)eet femnle head*. ?et In rhaae?l gold. Aa a preaent thev are worth more than their value and Ihe Kw-r earneally re>iu>wt? their reatnraUon. A Ctiod reward wtli ba given. Apply at the bo* office of Bur m'? theatre. STOLEN-AT TAMMANY HALL ON MONDAY EVR nlng, a pocketbook containing a mm m money and a three ?ontlM' note of th'- Stafford Oil i ompany In favor of Ai\*on flarrlck. fbr Ifi *11 perwm* are oati'loned from nego Hating raid note ?* ih* payment haa been Mopped. The holder of ihe p.iekeiho. k will pleaae remit, through the Foat office, the private oarer* and the nntabi me, althe Irtah American offlae. No 3S Iteekman atreet ' WM I. t'OI.K TA K E~NOTirE ?TWO DRAFT* FoR~|ftin RArif, dated Ituflhlo. net r. I<?7. at three and four m -uih* reapei-nvely, drawn by u Heyt, to the oriler of and endorae l bv llntchkl** Brother* npoii and accepted bv t?. p. H Hoyt, Mew Y *k pvable al Mechanlca' and Trader*' ttank, Ni'W Wrk, having been mailed to the ?\ibacrtb*m at Port Oover. f W , an the ?'h ln*t.. not having reached their de*!lnation, all peraan* are Afirbi4dea to negotiate (he aald drafla, aa the patniapt thereof 'ia* been *toi>i>ed. HOTCUKJW BEOS , Part Dvver, C, W. tub worth moitviiikwt. A MITT LODGE, NO. SB. F. A. M -THE MEMBERS or Amity I/Od>? are requested to assemble at the lodge room, corne r of Broom* m4 Oofcby streets, on Wednesday next, 26th inst , at 10)* o'clock precisely, for the purpose of taking part In the ceremonies of the dedication of tkt mnau ?>ent erected U> the memory of Major (Imml William J. Worth. HKNB* W. TUBNM, W. 1 L J ohm J. TmpiUt, Sec. Attention, sir kwights.-the sir knights or Palestine, Commandrey No 1H, are notified to meet at their rooms, on Wednesday, the 26th turn., at 11 o'nlock A. M., tn full uniform, to act aa an escort to the M W. Grand Lodge. Hy order of GUAR. H. CORNELL, E. 0. Hknkt F. I'utiuri, Recorder. EUREKA LODGE, NO. 2i% Y. A. M? THE MKMltKRH OF thla lodge are hereby requested to meet at their room*. Masonic Temple, corner of Broome and Crosby streets, on Wednesday, November 28, at 11 o'clock A.M., fqr the purpose of attending the dedication of the monument erected to the memory of our late brother, Maior General William. I. Worth. By order of NICHOLAU P1ERBON, Master. W?. H. Underbill, Secretary. PA. M. PURITAN LODOE NO. 3S9.? BRETHREN, . you are reuuestsd to assemble at the lodge room, on Wednesday. 26th instant, at 11 A. M., for the purpose of unit ing with the Grand Ijodge and authorities tn inaugurating the monument to General Worth. Ry order. GEO. H. RATMOND, W. M. J MO. F. II AMI no, Secretary. ? Lebanon lodge, 101. f. a. m., wii.t, meet at odd Fellowa' Hall, on Wednesday next, the 25th Inst , at 12 o'clock. M.. to participate In the ceremonies of the dedication of the Worth Monument. Member* are requested to be punc tual in their attendance. W. P. LUFF, W. M. Masonic.? the members or Manhattan lodge. No. 62 F and A. M., are requeued to meet at their room, corner of Rroomc and Crosby street*, on Wednesday, the 26th Inst., at 11 o'clock A. M . to participate in the deilica tion of the Worth monument. The membera are earneitly re quested to be present. By order, GEoktJK DEBENH AM. W. M. G. 8. Derr, Secretary. Masonic notkhc.? howard lodge no. m wtll meet at their rooms, corner of Broome and Crosby streets, on Wednesday, the 26th Inst., at 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of attending the dedication of the monument erected to Major GenerafWtlliam J. Worth. By order, CHAD. B WK8TGOTT, Master. Masonic notice-dobic lodge no. 28o.-bbe threu are requested to assemble at the Hall, fix Prist Broadway, on Wednesday next, at II A.M. to unite wii lie Grand Lodge ami the authorities in Inaugurating ti?.: monu ment to Ocn. Worth. Wear dark clothes and white gloves. r. H. Bum, Secretary. J. W. SIMONd, W. M. Masonic.? chabter oak i/)dge no. 249 f. a. m.? The members of Charter Oak I<odge No. 249, are re quested to meet at their rooms. Odd Fellows' Hall, on Wod iaalMP. Nov 25 at 12 o'clock M . to participate In the Ml Hon or the Worth monument. Tha members are earnestly requested to be present at the above hour. Hy order. GEORGE YOUNG, W. M. OMHtii G. Mitchell, Secretary. Masonic notice.? benevolent lodge, no. 2h, F. A. M., will meet at their rooms, Maaonlc Temple, corner of Broome and Crosby streets, on Wednesday, 26th Inst., at 11 o'clock A. M., to participate in the ceremonies of the dedication of the monument erected to the memory of the late Maj. Geo. William J. Worth. By order. WILLI AM ARNOUX, W. M. Masonic -new tork lodge nq, mo r. and a m. ? The members of New York I<odge arc requested u> meet at their rooms. Odd Fellows' Hall, on Wednesday morn ing, November 26, at 11 o'clock, tn unlit with the M. W. Grand I/)dge in the ceremonies of the dedication of the monu ment erected to the memory of the late Major General Win J Worth. Hy order. CHARLES I). BROWN, W. M. |UM A- Ross, Secretary MASONIC.-THE MEMBERS OF INDEPENDENT ROY. m! Arch Lodge No. 2, are notified to assemble at their room (Masonic Temple, corner of H rooms and Crosby streets) on Wednesdsv, Nov. 26, at o'clock, to participate in the ceremonies or dedicating the monument of Major General W. J. Worth By order. JOHN V. HENRY, W. M. Vs. DxLact, Secretary. Masonic notice.-the members of cyrus Lodge, No. 2>W. of F. A A. M., are re<iuested to attend at their lodge rooms on Wednesday morning, Nov. 26, at 10 o'clock, at the corner of Twenty Hfth street and Eighth avenue. Hy order of GEORGE Cl.ANCY, W. M Kodirt a" Wakefield, Secretary. Masonic.? the members of darcy lodge, no. 1K7, of F. t A. M., are hereby notified to attend at their lodge, *17 Howerv, on Wednesday next, 26th Inst, at 11 o'cliick A. M., to participate In the inauguration of the monu mcnt to be erected to the memory of Gen. Wm J. Worth. By order of THOS. H. KEEKNIG, W. M. Solomon Late, Secretary. MASONIC.-THE MEMBERS OF OCEAN LODOE, NO. 166, F. and A, M., are summoned to attend a special meeting at their lodge rooms, comer of Broom and Crosby streets, on Wednesday, Nov 26, 1H67- at II o'clock A. M. The object of the meeting Is to make arrangements to participate in the ceremonies or the dedication of the monument erected to tbe memory of the late Major General W m J. Worth. By order. SAMUEL T. SCARLETT, W. M. J jl?. Si Mr ix Secretary. Masonic notice.-the members of mrtropo litan Lodge No. 27S F. and A. M., are requested to meet at their lodge room, Odd Fellows Hall, ou Wednesday morn ing. 26th Inst., at 11 o'clock precisely, for the purposeof par tlclpatlng in the ceremonies attending the dedication of the mon j ment erected to the memory or our late distinguished brother. Mujor tleneral William J. Worth. By resolution of tlie M W. Grsnd I,odge, the brethren are requested to appear, hs tar as practicable, in black clothes ana bat, and proper M.o-ouic clothing. By order of LOUIS F. MINABD, W. M. .Ions Sn*riu.?, Secretary. Masonic notice.-munn lodge, no. no.? BRETn ren are requested to assemble at the Lodge, No. 61 1)1 vision street, ou Wednesday, at II o'clock. A. M., to unite with the Grand l/xlge In inaugurating a monument to the late General Worth. Hy order of J. BERRY, P. M. C. II., Secretary. Masonic notice -independent lodge no ih?. F. A A. M? The members of this I<odge are hereby ooti fieil to attend. In black dreas, at their Nslge rr?im Maaonlc Temple, cor. Hroome and Crosby streX, on Wednesday, Nov. 26, at II o'clock A. M,. to participate In the tm.vgur.Uinn of the monument to be erectra to the memorj ?' < "ueral Wil Ham J. Worth. By order of JOHN Bl'sH, W M. J orm W. Dariiv, Secretary. Masonic' and "independent order of odd H Fellows' regalia, ball badges, funeral lisdges, flags, ban ners, bunting, eaglea, batons, spangl-a, star*. fringe. gimps, shoulder straus, smoking caps, m isks, society ?ml **ona, at < 'OMRS'. 4W Hroitdway (formerly of Grand s'reet), fr ?m 8 A. M. till 7 P. M. MASONIC.-THE MEMBERS OF LAFAYETTE LODGE, No Mot F. A. M., are are requested Ui meet at the l sl. e room iGoihlc room i (bid Fellows Hall, this day ( Wednes day) at II A'clnek, for the purpose of participating In the ceremonies of the dedication of ihe monument creved to the mem. i y of the late Major General William J. Worth. W. Irvinu Aium, See. JOHN REED, W M. "fif OSAIC.? THE B K ETH REN OF MOSAIC LODGE Ifl No 418 F and A. M are hereby notified to meet at Ihe l,odge. No. 132 Bowery, on Wednesday ni wntng. the 26th ln? , at II t M precisely . to participate In the funersl ?? r. m wtM in honor of Ma>or (lenersl Worth lsslges who do not antici pate parading are cordially Invited to unite with us on the above occasion. Hy order, J. IIoIIGMaN, W. M. P. P. \ am i?:Kitorr, S^-rctarr. Masonic notice -mem hers of gf.orgew\sii lugtoii laslge No. F A M , are hereby no itled to meet at the lodge room, Masonic Temple, corner of Hroome and Crosby an erts, on Wednesday, the 26tli Instain, a1 |o v o'clo<'k A M precisely Brethren of such lodges as do not parade are respectfully Invited to Jqtn with us in the cercmo tiles of dedlciillng a monument tn the memory of our late brother, Major General Worth. Hy order. GEO. C. A. BAKER, W M, ; Wm, E. Blarcey, Secretary. Masonic.? this mkmhkkm op Holland lodok. No 8. are requested to awnlilp at their rootr ?? "'I I Fellow* Hall, on the 25'b Inst., at II', o'clock A. M u-ikn ?rrati|i> m.-n's to attend the dedication of tl?c Worth ' frrntsrrH I, at, Secretary. B. R. H?>VI>. W M. AMiNlf NOTICK -TIIK MKMI1KKS or K \HI KHN Sim T^lge, it,, 737, F. and A M . are h-rehy summoned to >ia?emble at their room*, !if7 Howery, this 'h?y I Wednesday, Not 2#\ ?' II o'clock * M., to participate in the ceremonies IB honor of llrn'rul Worth. Ilr iwder of Jon* MtTrtitu.. Sec. J. FKANKMN WRI.I.S. W M. MAsoNir -Tfi FHrnmrrvT or TtTfTTtt y w n>.;r No ????. F. unit A M , will meet at Odd Fellows' llall, I corner of ilrand and Centre streets at II A M . thin day. hojonrnera are respectfully luvltcd to join us By order. .!?? 8. tours, Bee. I. JACOBS, W ? Pt'TNAM I.offor~NO TV F A M WTI.f, MK^T ON Weduceday neil, the 2Mh tnat ., at 12 o'clock M , at the Corln'Man Rootna. Odd Fellowa' Hall. U)fanMp*laiaw ccremonlca of 'he dedication of the Worth monument The member* are requested to he puuclnal Id their attendance. I' W. Hocobtob, Secretary H II WF.I.CH, W M. TMHF~ MMHFKH OF APICI.PHK' I.OIXIRNO 848. F. at.) AM. are requested to meet at the lodge room cor ner of Oram! and Centre street* on WHnetMjy. the 2Vh lr*tant. at 12 o'clock M .to participate In the cercmoni** of the dedtc alios of the monument erected to the memory of the late Major tiencral WiilUtm J. Worth. B? order of the W M J. 81IOVR, Secretary. ThfTmfmbfrs or pacific t.otMiR, no m or V. A. M., are reqiiaa tod to meet at their lodge ro ner Twenntleth ?treet and Third aremte, on Wcdoeedat Jfwh trst. , at II o'clock A M . for the purpose of narUt'ipa'inn with 'be tirand I<odge and aulhorltiea In Inaugurating the DM-nument to Oene al Worth. My order of T. J Kmf. 8e-!. ClfAR. H. CORNKM., W M. TTFe MFMItF.RK Of rAI.Kf.TINK IJIHtlF. No J>t F A A M are h* re h r r ot ) A?*d to meet at ihelr room, J?T [Bowery-to attend the W.irth Monument celebration, at loi, o'clock A ? No* 2,'t The member* of other lo4ges arc respectfully ttiylted to join with n? lly order HFNHT K. JACKSON, W M. ('BAH. W. OrrtWBlx. Secretary. Tiir wfmrers or worth "i7op<ik, no 110, Tkr. hereby summoned to attend a sneetal meeting of the lodge al their room 6* East Broadway, at II A. M , for the purp.s. of par'lelpa'lnf In tb- dedication of a m'nniment to Major ?Jcn. Worth Alio, the merebent of tlt'cr Itxlceaare reo'teo^d to loin with na Rv order THOK BANNAN, W M. .lona W TMH, ImMWJ. \~FTKRAN rORPR or 1*11 or THR ^ATR"or~Nr.W Ynf% ?The corpa will aaaemhle al liead'|tiarter?, fl l.w penard ?treet. on Wedneadajt, the JWh tnat , at Ink or lock A. M , lo celebrate the day The Rr<*<klyn I'orpa of Velerana, iintler the command of t'ol llardenttrook, arc reapacUully Intlled to Jidn til on the occasion By order Wb I'obbkbb, Adjutant A W JOKIW. OoloaeL LUAi miTK K* IN Tnr ORpnANS' roi-RT ron Tnw coi-vtv or PhllBdclphla ? In the matter of the e?latc of Joacph Hall, deceased Share Hannah Hollaway, decease ?!.? To Samuel Ilttll'tway. .Fr , r.tltabeth HolWway and Catherine HoUowav. ebtldren of Samuel Holloway deceaaed. son of Thomaa llol loway. Sr deeeaaed. utt of llannah Hoi iw t ? . t<atcrttal aunt ,,f loaeph Ball, deceased, an I to Joseph Suler, leremlah Hailt-r. V.llrahcth Painter and Sarah Painter, children nf Marv Sailer, deceaaed, ilaughter of Hannah Hollowar, decwawi-d. and to John Holloway. Sarah Monre and llaitti th Hall, ebtl dren >f aBld Hannah Holloway deceaaed, and lo three >??> >r rblllrrn ?( 'he said Hannah Holloway, deceaaed, wrhoee nsm-iaare nnknown, and to the legal reprcacntatlrca of any of the said partlea Notice la hereby *l?en that dlrldenda haae been awarded to lite aererel partlejpt!<o?e n; m- I In the reports of the andltnra Sled In the ttti'tcBf 'he ahore carafe In the sbmI Orphans' Oonrt for the ro?nt/m I'hllad.oohia and thai the aante hare remained unclaimed In the han Is of the peraottal repreaenutlreaof the satd Joseph Hall doccBBed, (who tiled In the year 1*31 >. aince the confirmation of the aaid reports br the aild orphans Court, that upon petition of S-th P Hollowav, the Court have referred the matter of th'-sat l nnelalmr-d dlttdenda to Joaeph A.Clay, Ke] as BUlltoe. v Xrt who are entille?l In said nnefatm ?<! dlrldenda. and her the partlea ahoye name.1 ire dead, r# should be pre anmed an to ne, and whether the mid nnclalmed dlrlHen Is aee nr. separable, and to whom, and whether with Interest or otherwlae. The aatd auditor will meet all partlet mteraavd npon the matter referredjo htm at hi* office. No. 771 -tooth rirth alruf. In the i-ityof Thlladclphta, on Mon Ur h- > > day of Per. mher. A T> IS57. at 4 e'clorh P X t'oitamunlca Hons may he adilresaed in the mcaoume at the atidiatr at Ins o?ee or In Stephen Col Well, administrator of Joseph Hull. ? North Water atree?, or ?o tames W Paul, K*t , In the aald eity, attomrr at law, No. t> n Routh ronrth atreet. OcTotHi it, 107. JOHSJ-U A. CLAT. Ati?lor 4-4 S11AKKR FLANNELS, FOUR SHILLINGS PER YARD. BKKK MAN * COMPANY, <73 Broadway, Will ope? this <1?J auolker bale

Of the abore cheap Hansels. A t\ m 0RNT BKLOW COflV ?LOAKS, MAKmiMR>AI?D FTJRR. The oobecrlbec is prepared to Close out his rail and winter slock of CI? >i, mantillas and funk At retail, Ma < un, At M per Mat be lew coat prteea. __ WM B. MACIRNHM. Wi and 9? Canal street. Brandreth Belhttsg. Q/?l BROADWAY. CO I BUI.PIN'8 OREAT 8 ALB. 1.000 phiab bordered shawls, at 4){ dollar*, 6,000 rich chenille do., alt dollars, 600 eatra superfine do , at A dollar*, Will be added to the Hale of this week. OKO. BUI. PIN, 361 Broadway. AHC. BROADWAY, tIO 8HAWL8 AND CLOAKS. Our large stock of shawls of every description, Including mauy new and exclusive styles, are reduced to ON* HALF TORIR ORIWINAL 008T. (oaks in velvet and beaver, select and elegant In style, am' made of the richest matrriala, imported, are all reduced 40 p? r eent In price. Ladles will find lu our eitenslve establishment an aasort ment of 811 AWLS AND CLOAKS, Mom yarifd and tasteful than can he shown tn any one bouse In the United States. CHARLES STREET A CO., 476 Broadway. 513 BROADWAY . aBd SwU; eoUara at 28 cenl? 1,600 ?rottebcamuEN1N S BAZAAR.lrhoUr lolel. P] Q BROADWAY. tJlO 600 French embroidered aula owing sleeves) trimmed Valenoieunea lace at th. worth fix OEKIN'S BA/. \ All, Hi Nlohnlas Hotel. BROADWAY. 1,000 fine embroidered collar* at 60 cento. OENIN'B BAZAAR. I Hu Nicholas Hotel. BROADWAY. 6,000 Fine embroidered handkerchiefs. at $2. GENIN'S BAZAAR, St. Nicholas Hotel. BROADWAY. 2,000 Breakfast sets, the very finest quality, at $2 SO. U ENIN'S BAZA AK, St. Nicholas HoteL BROADWAY. 600 Misses embroidered seta, at 91 (?KN'IN'S BAZAAR, 8l Niehiilas HoteL 513 513 513 513 513 BROADWAY. 1,0110 Embroidered bonds, at 38c . 76c. and $1. OENIN'S BAZAAR, St. Nicholas Hotel. r Q7 BROADWAY, uO I Opposite Metropolitan ILotiH. RICHMOND Will offer on Monday. 23d, several lota of CHOlt K EMBROIDERIES AND I.AUK WOO OS, Just received, at 60 per cent leas than original coat. New ahi pea, notold shopkeepers. New patterns in Ladies dress caps, head dresses, coiffures, Howera, Feather a, llluaion and mourning gooda. In large variety. Honiton lace seta, point applique, Va lenciennca and round points laceseu una collars, at wist ONE HALF THE USUAL PRICK. Moat of our ladles being Judges of such goods are Invited to Inspection, where ihey can see for thetnaelvea the great re duction. RICHMOND, No. 6 tfj Broadway. d?1 H AAA WORTH OF FRENCH EMBROIDERIES. JplU.UUU Collars and aleeyea, Collars and cuff seta, purchased at "panic" prices, at h ilf the original coat. Mlf.LKR A OR ANT, 7(B way. (1LOAK8, CIRCULARS AND 8HAWL8. J An immense variety of new styles, Ck>tb, plush and velvet cloaks and circulars, MUCH BELOW USUAL PRICE8I Also, a full asortment of FASHIONABLE WINTER SHAWLS. Including troches, plushes, chenille, woollen plaid, Ac., BKI/OW COOT OF IMPORTATION! LORD k TAYLOR, 296, 297 . 260 an/1 >il Wr.ind street, And 47 and 49 Catharine street CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. We are now offering our entire wholesale stock of oa*. ver, cloth and velvet cloaks, circulars, raglaiis, Ac., at reuni. for cash, below the eoat of manufacture Also. 6,000 yards todies' cloths arid heavers, at less than the cost of Importation K. 8. MILLS A CO., HO and 62 Chambers a' reel, up stairs, three doors from Bffeadway. CORSKT8 AND SKIRTS AT AN IMMENSK RKDUC tton. t urscta 76 cents and $1 Worth 91 60 and 92 At Mrs OAYNOR'S. H43 Broadway, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets. 11IKAP SILKS. CHEAP SILKS Beautiful bayadere silks, only 5e per yard. Worth 91 Also silk robes at 914. worth 929 By BKEKMAN k COMPANY, <73 Broadway. (1IIEAP FAMILY LINENS * J Linen damasks, table cloths, napkins, doylies, pillow cose libi'tia sheetings, shirtings. Ac Ae Ac TIKDUCKD TO MAN U r ACTV RKR8' PRICKS. LORD A TAYLOR, 266, 297, 26V and 291 Grand street, and 47 an<l 49 Catharine street. c 1RKNCH MRRINOS BELOW COST. 1.00U piecea colored an I black, of superior finish, AT 9 hUILl.INWH, WORTH 91 LORD A TAYLOR, 266, 267. 26V and 261 Wrand street, * ana 47 and 4tf Catharine street. IjlASIIlONARLK PARIS DRESS BILKS? FULL AND DK ' strsble assortment, RETAILED BEjx)W WHOLESALE PRION, LORD A TAYLOR, 266, 267. -V9 and ill Wrand street. An I 47 and 49 CethsrlM street auction ialr of fiira. THK ENTIRE BTOCK OK .loll!* N. OEXIN'S FURS, Manufacture! ?-i(ir?nl]r For bia retail irad?, Will br Bold at aitriinn without rrM-rre on Uim Ui, Turaday, FrMti nod Raturday, Nufcmh'r ?l. 24th. frth *n.l Kth, At No :wt Hraalway. Tb* nwor'm^nt ?"ompriB#a i-lnaK* rap**, rlrtorlnaa, mukks. cuffs, coixarm, olovkm, ? nrrnt*. ki.bihh ?nn i *r ?i?w, Mannfarmreit from rrerj rartrty of fur In >1*0, And will br opi-nad for tnaprrtion on Monday, Nornibcr a. at 10 o'aloch A. M. _ HKKTS 4 MOSS. Aucuonaara, RR AT BARGAIN'' IN BI.ANKKTS T Su|.rr 10 4 WHTTNRT HI. * VK KT? only * par r*lr. Alioi|'lf|jjW'P^l,,v I.I * forJ6._Wt)rlkJ7 i>er ?*u\ a' IAN A i'omI'aNY'H, No. 473 Broadway. LA<?KH, I, ACER. I'olnt larra, Pokit *???, ChanUlfy laooa, llltwk Im? Val^nrlrnnra Iwm, Colfuri-a an'l U.ieaualW la ityb;, and Imlow tho Kuraxu coat. MIM.KB A (IRA NT. 7'Q Broad w.iy. Lamkh' wtntf.b obr** ooorw. Val>nMa*, pojdlna, raahini'rt ?, de laliwa, alpaca*, do i riei paramatta*, plaida, A> AT URRATUlr KCDUCSD PBIt'RHI ? LORDATATLOB, W., *7. 1V? and Ml 1 1 rand ?ir??t. And 4; an 1 4I> < 'aiharmy ?lr?t. LAIMRH BUY READY MAPK MNEV CIIEAP AN1) BTRONtl AH Home madk. At 'h<- ilopM l.flCl Broadway, b?twr?-n Thin. Hi and Thirty flrat J INFN^ CAMBRIC II A NI)K BRCH I KM, AC./AT A HA 2 nouff-ni*' colored bordar handk*rrhlrfa, all Unas, la id. ?'li I #*> do. whlto, do , at la ?d ("ach. tm dorm ladim IwmaUU'h# I do., at 92 25 por dotan. Alan. lUO fin' rokl*r*d Nrk* at ?1 25 w?irth 9$ It KICK MAN A COMI' A N Y. 473 Broadway. Lack rrtb and com, a a*, below auction prlca*. 1'otnl d'alrncon. Point applet*, Vataoctannrk trtmmr 1. Hotlton, A nd Malta* ??-' rollam. Will b? arid BtM?P'r,'nlt>rinW root At BEKKMaN A t oMI'ANY A, 473 Broadway. MOURNIRO ORFRR OOOIKl I mat all wool Mark d" lulnrn. Ml and 31 1 oaiw Frrrch merino**, ft? and $3U "*???? 4 mmm l.>ipin'i huBiiiiinw.'W'' ^ ^ 101. 2 raara H>. ph. rd ? plaMa IV pr.-*io?taly .1 tmor* flnf Kn?!i?b 'Ip MW IfH' __ . N U ? likt-l r HKNi II Kill RS, VI Hal?i from IA M Kir I. AtW .IAt'KHON't? n?>w mmirnlnK ?tnr?, Mil Broa>l?*y, i>MwmiHprni aad Prln>-o atrMta. ?fcJ?YKMK* |? . i> Par tMrty daya umr?J i ?iniinaatloa at tfco fraat aMaal MMM or Rich and fMktonaM* wlnur 4r<-*a ronda, At r?'all ?i l??" titan ?wi?on ort< oa KIIW ABI> I.AMHKMT A 0O 0?r tlw> . Baton*# of Owtr latporUMna Hw#l?ad t*r Nrda aad An# HarnMhwnt *?!??? towic^ ailk rofeaa, Rtra <t%maak ft->nn?*d ntlk rr<b*a> i Htuart ?<lk rohni * qulllo Brw?4? and kar^d^r* drxaa (Oka Ruffrnlr bavad^rc r?i ??, Blaak Mtt ?*!?' * Motdartan piatd^ l>rap ?!? i *rnlliM Parte v,> r>?Uln?? lAdlaa' cwka, Aft 1 All af wtnok a*w.i an oppnrtanlty in ik? la<Ba*of Naw I Torh and rtrmtty few tl?? purnkaa# at ckolro (noda at prt??i whiah ma? a<H oocor ?**in for a lon? Uar to *om* BAJUO I IB HOTIB. MS" . Itodiaa', 71a., 0?ntl?m#n a, MX a. Mo ndxad lot* alary pair wuntrtnl 3M Broadway, oiriirr of Wi'rtkl (lull at wlK>loaa)? at IS < ham her* atrial. Far ra?h or anprorH w?d!i, At ita l??f? rultni nurkfi rttfa prta??, aafWlow*? WO boaottfkl kla^fe bMtrer ofer alar* "J J Bo d" wprrtna do %t H 1M> do. do. with at J* RW titra wp?rtatlTa do, at... " Tb? tiharrtbor HavfM a lar*f qntntltr o' i ?nanufaaturwt ma tr rial*, an t with a rlaw . ( fltltit pmplorment to hi* n?n la, haa ilatonokM'd f"r th? rowialiwlrr of th-' TO MANl'PAt TV RK NKW CU>\K* " rys^ir E NIT (MM, M. ONE THOUSAND FULL SIZED CIRCULAR CLOAKS, At seven uid a half dollars; One theueaad do., of thick gray beaver. At nine dollars, One tboasand superfine do., at ten dollars, win be added to RULPIN'S great eata, , daring U>e present week, at MI Broadway. TCH CHINTZ FRENCH PRINTS Entirely new patterns, from auction. Yard wide, at la. 6d LORD * TAYLOR, 266, 257. 289 and Ml Orand street, And 47 and 49 Catharine street SPECIAL LOT OF RICH Sll.KH Just received from auction. Will be ho l<l AT W-COHT ?S TO IMPORT. I .OKI) A TAYLOR, 255, 287 , 269 an<l 961 Orand street. CELLING f?FF FOR THK BENEFIT OF THK PUBLIC.? O Great calamity In the dry goods tr;wi?* . Pure linen goods of the moat substantial and approved fabrics in 'I able cloths, Press goods? Nankins, Merinoes, KliirtiuK". Paramattas. Sheetings, Delaines, TttweTs, Ac., Ac. Haiony plaids, Calicoes, Ac , Ac, The nature of the assignment made to I'll ,\H. O. HOOK and WKIJ.INOTON CLArl" of the merchandise now at Co lumbian Hall. 281 Orand sireet, compel* them to make unpa ralleled sacrifices lu ti c prk? of goods, to press the whole to a prompt clearance. TRUTH THAN FICTION The ae, cea selling for the benefit of creditors at Colom bian llall, ttl Orand street. In their reck lean haste to convert dry floods Into cash, are giving from U?n to fifteen dollars' worth of good, usoful and seasonable dry goods lor evory live dollars paid to them by the public. Truth stranger than fiction. Fifty thousand dollars' worth Of ri h nllks, In plain and every variety of fancy styles, and flounced robes, Ac., Ac,, Selling utterly regardless of cost, the assignees feeling ant lous to close the concern, Columbian Hall, 2KI Orand street. VAI.ENTIA AND WOOL PI, AIDS All choice styles, MUCH RRIXIW IMPORTERS' PRICES. LORD A TAYLOR, 265, 267. 23'J and 2A1 Orand street. And 47 and 4'J t'aihartne street. VALENCIA PLAIDS. FIVE SHILLINGS AND Six pence, Valencia plaids. 5s. 6d. Rich and beautiful goods, 6 4 wide, At BERK MAN A COMPANY'S, <71 Broadway. Also superfine English poplins, lis. per yard rARD WIDE FRENCH CALICO, Is. M PER YARD. Rich chintz color?. Justopenedby BEEKMAN A j Rniadway. PERfMlllkL. BANK.? THE PERSON WHO TOOK THK FILE OF the tendon Illustrated News from the Itank, 502 Houston street, on Sunday, the 22d Inat., la re<|uestcd to return the name without further notlse. N H.? A word to the wise is sufficient. D It ? WHO ADDRESSED A NOTE TO_C., WILL ? And a reply at the 1 between 10 and 12 o'clock. find a reply at the Herald office today (Wednesday), G (JORGE F. LADD WU.L PLEASE COMMUNICATE his whereabouts to his brother Dau Immediately. INFORMATION WANTFn? OF ROSE BURNS, NATIVE <.f county Meath pa*tah of lleronstown, who landed on the 27tbof May, iM7,iroai the ship Barnabas Webb, by her brother, Bernard Hums at 3IICt Thirty Ural street, between Nkiih and Tenth avenues. M INFORMATION WANTED? OF OEOROR McOWKN BY his brother, Joseph Tate. Any Information of him will be thankfully received by addressuig a note to the North Shore Post office, S. 1. ARIA H? LETTER IN MADISON SQUARE POST office. JOHN. MR. PHILIP FLAMMBS, FROM KALISU, POLAND, IS hereby uotlfled that he can receive his passport at the office of the Consulate Oeneral of Russia. Mrs s. m. pringle, who arrived in this city per City of Baltimore? Information of your whereabouts is earnestly requested. Any uews of ber will be suitably ac knowledged by communicating with Mr. Talmadge, Oeneral Superintendent of Police. EDWARD ROPER. MR O. WASHINGTON RF.Ti HAM ? WILL THIS OEN Ueman be so good as to call on Mr. Charles Edwards, 35 Pine street, New York! MR. CHARLES JOHN PA RK KR, FORMERLY OF Sheffield, Endland. recently connected with the Oreat Western Railroad In Canada, will hear of aomething to hia advantage by applying to the undersigned, 92 John street, New York. BEDFORD, BURY* A CO. 7" V.WILL PLEASE CALL ON MONDAY, SOTH IN T., tall past three o'clock. A B. w T1IK TIRF. . (^KNTRKVIU.E COURSE, L I. -TROTTING. -THURS J day. November 2fi. at2o'ewek P M.; purse and stake $300; mile heats, best three In Ave to wagons; wagon and dri\er to weigh JOy lbs Sim lloagland names b. m. Flat btl>h; C. Carl name! a. m Miller's Damsel. Novel sport.? At S o'clock a mule race will come off for a purse of Iao mile beats, beat three In Iwe, carrying catch weights and no distance. Entrees: ? T C. names Bagdad. M. V S. names ifc-lgham Young. J. S. names Count Piper; S A namea Sledge Hammer: ti. M. names Katvdid; S. T. names Black Jack,!,. C namesSiisan .lt E tiame?rlane; J. P names Charcoal; W. B. names Polly Hopkins; A. R. names FUe Away, O. Q. names Blue Dick. ' JOEL CONKLIN, proprietor. ErUION COI'RSE, TROTTING ?ON THURSDAY, NOV. 2T>. at t O'clock, a puree of ?60. mile iMiata, best three la Ave. to harness. S. Mnii namea gr. m. I July Suffolk, Mr. Vails names gr. m. Lady Orev, S Kustrnnd names Grocery man. Mil AW A WHITE, Proprietors. IMSXRCCTIOIf. ]nnn new impii.*. at *i for tkn writiv; iUUU le*?on* of on? hour each, regular charge fin hum** must be entered and the dollar paid (hi* week, At the ?? tdrrny, 362 Broadway. or at the new hull, No. AW Broad way, entrance on Twentieth itrcet OUVKR B DOUimilTII \PRKNrll I.AOY, W1T1I TIIK BUST OF RKFK rriefi from the cltie* of New York and Brook lyn, who i* a roraiieieut teacher of lier own Unguace, a* will as of the Oerman, wi*hea a situation In a prl v a t e family or In a arhool, or to live private leaaon* eiiber at llo* residence of the pupil or at Iter own home- Allr-ss or rail at M Montague tt., Brooklyn, between 3 and i o'clock P. M_ TYOOERRKPINO ANP WRITINO ARK TAl'GIIT BT It Mr FohTKK, author of "Ihiohlt Entry Rlucidated, Ac. M ?i 346 Broadway. Applrion'a Hutldtu*. upon aound element* rv principle*. to tho entire eicluaMm of the modern "all and ten Iriaon cWUiaitrj " Open Jay and eveuiug. Term* mo lerata. 1 N1TRV0TI0N.? A FRENCH OINTI.KM AN, ACd'H 1 lom*d to tuition, having aome I?I?iim hour*, wl*he? iwo or three more pupil*. Tranalwtlon* from French, Herman, Hpinl'hand Italtnn attended U). Addreaa K I'., boi I mi tin raid office, or 315 II If k w atrent, near DeUraw, Brooklyn. National bchool anp tka< iikrh inhtititk, 2M> Breadway? Teachers wlsbln* engagementa, either In srboola or fa mi Ties, should forward tb<or ordera at on re. l'rlne.|<ala. trustee* of school*. or par enta lntrodtlo,#<l to eapert ?ueed tearberafree of eipi nae. Addreaa Kl' K A ANPRKWll. ?VOCAL. A^OFNTI.KMAN NMMM A RICH, M>-Wl J\ ien r voire wlihm ikjlullollii k qnvtfttt ehulr, either In New Vork or Brooklyn, Kptaropal preferred. For parUeil lara addrraa Teix r, 3hB Third arm M. A CARD.? A I.APY HAYtNO ROOM for TWO or ?hree more pupil* In singing. either npiwMc, ballad oraol fcgglo, and 'he piano, otter* her aervl res at her own r-aMei?ne or the urbolara Term* low. If early application be made. Ad <1 H , I'nlon aquare Poet oOce ("iRRATEhT <7JIAMrR -*A1N!FH KNT ilRANI) PIA X (tonal 7 octave roaewood ntktm. made hr one of thw heal niak- ra, and warranted in perlect order. neon uae<l a l"W n e ha. <-..??>.'<<) will be Bold for >JH ran be aren at No. 141 Ninth aire?t, IMMENFK HACRfFrR ?AN NT PIANO, Rf'T Mule used. I'ethia A f'o maker*, and warrui-l. will, on a?rounf#>f emharrassmen'a, be Bold at an imm-n* ? sacrifice By Mr Weber's ktndneaa tl may ba seen at IM Weal Broad way. near Canal atreet. Mrnio at nAi.r prick at water*', no. ?? limed waj ? Ptanoa and Melodeon* at lower prler-a ' ha* ever before off- red In ilila market. 1'ian * and n?lodron* to rent. and rent allowed on purehae* For aal? >? monthly payment*. MR FRNXT ROTH, PROFRSfOR OF Mr?TC, FRO* Italreuth. Bavaria. !? In New York. II* I* hereby re ?'ed to call on M r. J How man. No. 7 Broadway, fourth ry roapee'tnf ? new relaMve ONR HPLKNUIP HKV'F.N OCTAVK ROHRWOOO PI \NO !? rtlto. one *\ (H tavefor llill; >ne marniAiriii |j . . | Jnr?l*> one b< tnnfiil i>e*ri key puMio nnlMed a. I r.> m I, I r Iflirml MJS *1* month* a<fo, one * octave rosewood f > r ??( one |do for 93b. at Ml Ninth aveau*. near Twenty ait'h *treei ROON4AI.KZ rl A NfIR FRO* TIIR M ARPFArToRT OF FI.RYRU Krrard, I'etnr A l'o , will alwaii t?e fuund for hire or fo? aale In ih* wareroom* of I. J I >Kh< "? iMBfN Broadway All Umm ptaaoa are etpretaiy manofaeiured for eiportalloa aad are guaranteed by Mr. UeaeotaUaa TO TIIK I.AOIFS -FOR HAl.K, AN FI.R'JANT TONKO and beautifully !Uiial?'d K"liar Addr.-aa IUn? in II r ?i l cRco, for two day*. DARC.IRO ACAOBKIM A nonwoRni w dancino acadrmtrr. No W Hrnadway. Raw York; ?o 117 M'<ot?*ae pla<'e Brooki?? f'laaae* aew npan lor the rawpM- n r4 F?pl?k t(R PFR \CTffO TIIK ITONOR TO ARNOVNCg IVl til * '??* ? Hfkll (Unry fif^) will t i ?' k ?! T'ifnm ifiy Hall on Ji??n?I*r evening, RmfifliNr f j. Vitti.'.'w ? fl. ^u^cby Wa*n? r ? C?l?bra?ed Band MMR .1' M hT % HAS THR WMNMt TO INFORM Tilt famiii"* I mokly n i*?i *he hn* re Of -n- I her aea<lemy at IB Clinwm Wfnai. Dart af tvltian Monday* and Tnurarttra. Sir M Mtae A .tir iata would ala- Inform her patron* of (Hi* York 'hat In Ofinaeunenee of Ifce pn ?eur*nf the tlmaa the will hol l no ela*? thl* winter, hut will alien 1 prlyal# l? In (MMN and hoarding arbnnla. T'>r F? -h-'ilw* ?PPlF a; 194 Foarth alrer l. ^ JIMIW.1. DKFTTRTRY o J a.nrr.n iiftt1 Ta TRrrr Without the least pain by an aitarnal appHaaUon. the M feet of whlah M author unplaaaant nor mjunowa T.ath In ?feted at the low eat poaalhl* (Wleea >u*faeO o. ruarafiUW. or no ehaqr*. Mt I'anal ?traot. near Mareer. (oM No. 7i) DFNTTMTRY ? TKF.TH RXTR ATTRTI IN TRN RRCOJfXH wHhani ihe allfhtewt pats, by My new and .<r1?tn*l pro ea?-vi .1 freeiing Thi* admlr kbla lyatem it prt<M**dhy ?e oaly Reference giver If rwqtlrwd PR R. II. PA. KRIN, 4SB i 'anal street, near Varlrk KIKE ARTI. Fwy AfTATION f?AT WII.L HR CRI.F.RR ATID AT TIIK pj Kmpire1 nailery. 177 Oreenwleh aireet, near Portland t, | b> taking SMamhrotyyie*. photograph*. Ae., at from U c?al< upward*. at>4 t?e ifcem. 28 28 FALL FAftlllOITO. MAIDEN LANE, CORNER Or NAB8AC KTBEET, la th*i only place For the 14 purchase Their FUBH. WHITE A BIRD. MAIDEN I.ANK, < Hilt N KR OF NASSAU STREET. fubh, ruBs, I .a, ties' fancy furs In great y aiiety, At 24 per ceut below Oie Bjhj) 28 28 28 MAIDEN I.ANE rORNKB OF NASSAU STREET, Mink half t .'anes | Only $26, worth $32 50, at ' ' ' vfrHITB M BfBIPB MAIDEN I.ANE, OOBNER OF NASSAU BTREET,. Beautiful French Mink half t'apea. with Matin and cuffs to match, only lift, at WIITO1 k BTBP'B MAIDEN l.ANK, CORNER OP NASSAU STREET, (ienulne Ermine half ? ape* only 910. Kvny article warranted at this how*). WIIITK A U1HD. 28 MAIDEN LANE, CORNER Of NASSAU STRBET, . Ueotleme n'a KU It I'Al'S In ?reat variety, A new atyle for ihe young men. From $2 anil upward*, at WHITE A BIRD'S. OQ MAIDEN I.ANK CORNER OF NASSAU STREET ? Furs, furi.? -Notice. ? WIIITK A MIRI) would inform the Indies that their store Will be open on Thank*givini< Day until one o'clock. 475 BROADWAY. < J real tale of fine fur*, Regardless of coat Hudson Ray sables, some of the richest and darkest In the United Stales. Mink', In all uuslltle* ami shapes. Mink', In all oualltiee ami snape* We lmve some n^uka of extraordinary quality, royal er mine, and every other description of fur for ladies and chil dren. Our fur* arc all genuine, manufactured under our own in - pervlslon, and guaranteed. Purchasers will be satisfied with both good* and priea. CUARLEH STREET A CO., 476 Broadway. A ORE AT HAROAIN IN FURS AT THE Fur warehouse, 1D4 William street, near Frankfort, Branch 244 Urand alreet. near Bowery. A AC. QLANTB, Tmpnrtei ? and manufaeturera of fur*, Will ->ell their rich and extensive slock of I. A DIES' FANCJ FCRS, Well known for their elegantstyleand excellent manufacture Regardless of cost. B ULPIN'S GREAT 8 A LB OF FURS. K r. HDNDHICn THOnSAHn nOIXAR* A 1,1. OF (^KNl'INK MATERIAL. AND MAMUPACTUBB. Beautiful at- > h of mink at tff Eilra do. do 30 Extra large mink cape* at 60 Do. of rich dark shade, at 70 A splendid assortment of fur gloves. Also, Muffs, cuff*, gauntlets llppeta, Ac., Ac. OF GENUINE WKI.l, SEA SON BD 8KINS, AT HAi r THK gwA| VRMBft Indies are cautioned against purchasing aecond hand moth eaten goods, winch are now being uttered m dUlereut ^arlaof the city, and which are really dear at nothing Ml Broadway, COIFFURES, FEATHERS AND OTHER ORNAMENTAL favorites for the coining holidays, all under a profit. The retribution in commercial circle* hiut been terrible. JAMEH Tl't'KER la not Insensible of its baneful effect*, but he is not prostrated. Caab Is much needed.' and every effort shall be renewed! to ensure sales to the' advantage or the purchaser. The pnvllon de fku a 1* a perfect Held or ftowera, 111 Broad way, between Thompson'* and Taylor'a aaloona. Furs, furs, pi'rs. THE HUDSON BAT Ft'R COMPANY, Tfi and 77 Maiden lane, Offer their immense wholeaale stock of over $4<?>,UUU worth of furs, at retail at a dtacount of SO per cent From wholesale prices The following are some of the price# at which we are selling, vlr ? Mink hi U from... *H 00 to $100 Sable seta from .40 00 to 260 Stone marten sets from 12 Oil to 100 French sable "eta from 2 tW '<> 12 Rocky mountain marten sets from 2 00 to 10 Real Siberian squirrel seta from 2 60 to 60 French mink seta from 6 00 to 30 Also, a splendid sssortmonl of gentlemen's fur coals, naps, Kves and collars. Sleigh robes of every kind at lower price* ti any other bouse In the country. These are t!? only Hudson Hay Company warehouses l? the city, and lutve no connection with any other house. MARK ,1. KINO. FURS. FURS, FUR8. THfc AMERICAN AND RUSSIAN TUB COMPANT'B Warehouse, No. 87 Maiden lane corner of Oold street. S A O. SAMUKIJt. Offer their Immense stock of rich manufactured ladles' and children's fancy furs at a great reduettoa from their whole sale prices. In order to realize cash, vtl. Mink tnartNO f rom $10 and upwarda a set. Hable " M '' " Siotie marten " 10 " " Mountain marten from .p. ? " " rrencb sable from 3 " * Russian squirrel from 8 " " Also, a splendid sUick of gentlemen's fur coals, caps, gloves and mufflers, also sleigh robes In great variety. Please remembeb H7 Maiden lane, the American and Rus sian Fur Company's warehouse. GiltEAT SALE OF FI RS, AT 191 WILLIAM STBEKT, II ui ^r Frankfort, and 244 Orsnd street, near Bowery. A AC til. AN/., Importers and manufacturers of furs of every description. Offer their rich an<l eitenaive tt.o-k of ladles' and other fancy fun. Below auotkm prlcea. Every article warranted. IMMENSE REDUCTION , I* rnirss nr WINTKR ItliNNKTS at M ADA M K rOUNKFORD A t'O'B., #71 Broadway. v uder Uraigt llouae. MRIS FEATHERS 3,1*10 doren s??orted nnalltlea will he sold low for caab, by IIOMKR A K KTHIIUM, 31" llrnatlway, corner of Pearl stre tt. The fourth (irkat fpb hale of tmbsras')*? By IB VI NO A WATK INS. at their salearoom, No H Pine Btroet, takea place on Wedio "day, Nov. 26. at 1 1 o'eltM-k. Thi- sale embraces every ili'ii npllou-aml variety of ladlea', gentlemen's and chlldn n's furs l-adies please esll and ei nioiie this oollecllon, wftleh will be open on Tuesday. Beautiful ( brlstmas presents lor the chil dren. THB nUTAHT. MKRCARTH.K Mr?KKTKFR?, ATTKVTIOV ? TUB nii nhfri of thi* corn* anil thoae who inten t to parade with ihe in "ii Thnr?day, Jfiih ln*t . are nottlled to attend ? llnal ?MMIni, to lir held thin tW>-dneaday> evening. at the Mereer ll">j?'\ *t 7>? o'clock; alaa, to aaaeable at the above place on Tbum l?> morning. at 7 o'clork, tn ciiltrn'* druaa By order. JAM KS T. CLARCY.Caplaia. It T VrarHT, OrMf <;>m?i? will pleaae report their arrival to the Secretary, B. r Murphy. HORMO AlTO Ct RRI AOM. aVoitf. carriauk. vkrv i.hiht ano *kat. j\ wl'ii pole and ahali, In pi iii i'.t order, win h t7D? laat fall. Blade b? BrewHer, New York will ha aold for li a than one hull It* nr?t coat, line limn M> il with cure, unit ta t very neat pattern. fries fM Addre** W.^lnaatuu, Herald office I ''OR HALS-TWO HPJ.F.NDin CARRIAOK TFAMH. a iiuiil mid gentle and very atyllah driver*. Oantlemea WiaMaf to purrhaaa Orat claaakoraen will find the above atock worthy of their attention. fun be m'cn at the aonhweet cor ner of T? tnt> umib atrccl an I Truth avenue. l^OI'R YOURO IHlRSKS FOR BAI.R-rOIVMIKTI VU OF JP one tram 5 year* old, !?*? ha ml* high, one bay, ihe other ?ray, atoii' built anlendlo traveller* l'rtee >J3ft one four " ? hand*. handaume for Apply at #1 Cherry y i ir> .tlit. fxn ? >n?* Nut paotfjwmcy, It han-la, baBdeuine li r n i?d,v or f ii leiuan a aon. Price 9l?0. OWNKRH MF IIORKKB OFHIROOT OF PI,A?1Rr? ii n ? iirm m l twa fill labia i)iiaj?t?, Where thev will obialn r?n v rare and atlentoii. aga Invited to rail anfl e*a mine our atahlea. obtain particular* and judge for youraelvea kka, I'oi.uh k, a bkapwaT, IS and 17 .fay atreel, between llndaon and Oreenwlch, R. T, OIJCinilR. FI.FI#PS, MI.RIOIIM.-TIIK ftrRBCRIRKRfl t* Mve oa hand, at 1W warren atreet ? ,*r?- aaanrtment o# aleixha pf their own make, whtch they offer for aal* at aut faciurert' | rtoea. ORIiWAY A Rl.MKR. 1\' t JfTF.f ? A UHKT1.KMAR WIMI KM TO PUR< HANK ft a pair of large and hand* me roach horae*. bay pre ferred. Tb.-y mnal be well broken, and warranted aouad. Addreaa J A . Herald office. \l' AKTFP T?t Pt'R'll AFE ? A FAIR OF WKt.f,M 4T('R. vv ed carriage hnraea. Ula? k or 'Urk ba^ of g-?t (tie, and AV ARTrn? A I.IOIIT KXPRI<SOR BI-fNF** W lOOR. wl'h Ihree ?prin/? AiMre?a Hardware. at Meral.1, glv nx dHTlMflC . h<iw uld If hand , loweai priee. ami where In be aeen 11' \ N'TKTV? \ ??mm) I A 110 lUPII, ROHK AVt> TT bella fiir one bnr?- moat be in *wl atyle and ?'??! order Addreea bo? '<0 I'M offieo, atatm* price, which no iat mill ihe tlnira and where to be aeen w A!fTFI?? A ^AlR MF F**II.V CARRIAOR lloRHIW, dark baya with loti( talla preferred; well inatrfcerf. cylleb driver" pi' rer aeeeti rear* Old, fcltvl tot a n?le an. I dotihle hame.a aoanl. and warrawed in erery reepe* Ap ply ai t hammer <?l IIMi etraet aoo Ten b aren ie. ? PlrKTIIVC^ n'MOf*TtRT, C'~ A iirifTT jr^'ARrTT' rtRTAix matkrialh, WiRDOW / aha. 1 1 ? *Ut <-ort*>ea taaaela Ae Ae, at RKhj c*n PRiCip. LORD A r IYI.IIR, 166 ilij. 1W and XI (Iraad atreet. ?OVO* BOOM, Ae? WANTU). RNIMIFO HOfSR W A RTRI1? FOR A OOOf> I party, well located between Heeoa<1 and Mlivh avenue^ ?"rrk" ?nj1 Tw**7 'rtr^toi for which a ?.??! tenaal wtllbefenad, by calling apo* ENIOHT M OU ??f Hroadway. Homt WARTRp-TO PURCI1ARR OR TO nf.KT. wtth of hnytnf. fnrnt?h#?d nr unf?irni<hMl. m i?t be located IB the neighborhood of Mnrr?y lli.i, ?ir between With or Fourth arenitea, Twenty eighth or Thirty eighth ??reeta atable In Ike rear or adjoining preferred; bouae firtl wrlea*e send daacrlpllon, prlee aa I leraia, to A. M. UYOR. B Wall itreet. P?W IR FT OROROF'R CRfRTTI WAJITRP-AWT peraon having Iwo aea a n hoc u pled ean Confer a great favor on one dealroiin of renhne h- "an,*, or the adverilaer Would pnrehaee a pew deairalJf 'ocaleii. and tutted for a ?mall family, If Immedlaie itMiaeaaion eotild !>e g'e-n. Ad dreaa boi A. 924 Pool office, dating particular* and lerma. PART OF A IIOI'MC WANTKIV-IR A Pl.RAC A VT catW*. not too far ap town, for a amatl family The term* (aiiat be aioderatie. Addreaa J 0 A., boi i. Jt3 Poat of Rooms wantrd, crfvrrihiiio.-a paruir arp two bedrrwma, In a genteel ho'tie. near f"hn'a park, ?ay between Hrixane ami i"K?m era orenta, weal of rhtrefe atfeei, for a gentleman and two ladlea, wiihout board. Ad dreaa bot I t4t IV?at itice. fur one week WA^TFO-PT A RIROt.R f.AOT, WHO POFF A YY light bualneea. an tinfunilrbed rxMlt. one of the lead lac thoreughfarea preRerred, up town no objeattoa. Addreaa iaidrta. Her* id office. W A*T*0- AR OFFY'T, OR PIRT OF A I^HPt WTTW v " uae of hatch, on or near Broadway, between J tha aad chamber* itreeta. AJdrraa boi AJBO l o?i