Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ' WHOLE NO. 7758. MORNING EDITION? SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28. 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. FEBHANDO WOOD FOR MAYOR. ense Mass Meeting at the Academy of Music. GREAT POPULAR DEMONSTRATION. Biz Thousand People Inside end Biz Thousand in the Street. IB. WOOD'S VINDICATION OF HIMSELF. Speeches of Attorney General Cashing, Hen. John Kelly, Don. John Cochrane, CoU Doheny, Hiram Rctchum, Jr., and Dr. Herkle. SCORES OF SPEAKERS IN THE STREETS. Torchlight Processions? Cannonading?Calcinat Lights- Banners, Music and Great Enthusiasm. HALF TOE REPORTERS SHUT OUT, Ac, Ac., Ac. The largest audience which ever assembled in the Aca demy of Music nilo'I that splendid house last evening to hear the Mayor dcfcnil himself from the charges made against him by the oppositionists, und to ratify the muni eatioiiH of tlie democratic party adopted at Tiuuinany Hail, in obedience to the following call: ? GKAKD MASH MKETINO or Til* NKW \'OKK DKMOCRACY, at Tiir. ACAPRMY OK MUSIC, OH miUAT EtlMDIi, NOVfcMIU.K 27, 1857, XT O'CLOCK. The democracy of the cu> und cou.ity of New York favora ble to RKOULAR NOMINATIONS and the time honored usages of '.he party, and nil who are op poatd u> tyrannical leubdative usurpations, will meet at the ACAOHMY OP MUSIC, Corner of Fourteenth street and Irving place, On Fuiuay KvbMINO, Nov. 27, At 7>* i'. M.. for the pnrpoiu- of sustaining the 'nomination* of the demo cratic party, adopted at Tammany Ilall All deni x ratU- cluliit and associations belonging to the dlf frrent wards, and all friend* of MUNICIPAL LIBERTY, are invited to attend. long before the appointed hour every spot within the building, from the stage to the farthest corridor, was crammed with |>eople. The aisles, and even the cornice* around the galleries and boxen, as well an thnse parts of the house usually occupied by an .audience, wero Oiled. Ho great was the crush at the entrance to the stage on Fourteenth street that it w^s with the utmost difficulty and after long struggling that the speaker and officers of the meeting could obtain ingress. Even his Honor the Mayor had to tie lifted in on the heads of the people. The enthusiasm of the Reeling was quite in ratio with it 4 aunibers: and we doubt if ever a popular favorite re ceived a more flattering ovation tnan was bestowed last nigh*, upon Fernando Wood. Yet in that immense muss the strictest order prevailed. There seemed to be a |ier feet harmony of sent intent, not the slightest Interruption occurring to mar the order of the proceeding*. At 8 o'clock the meeting was called to order by the Bon. Johm WimucH, who said: ? Fellow Democrats ? At the request of the Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements it bocomes mv plex-mg doty to state briefly the object for which we imvo m-t here to night. It is to meet the democratic candidate for the Mayoralty face to face, aud to hear from hirn per sonally in reply to the uhmanly attack < and indecent ahum' which tiivv have heaped upon hun That Fernando Wood k tlie regularly Bominited candidate of the demo cratic party is undeniable. It is for ytu fellow democrats, to see that' he is not overthrows by the combined opposi Uoo to the democratic party, aided by his personal oppo nents within your own ranks. I have now the honor of presenting as your chairman thai well known citizen and ?ound democrat Richard F. Carman Mr. Cahmam took the stand amid loud cheers and pro oeeded to addree* the meeting He Mid : ? FrIJow cltisens ? hope every man In this vast assembly will go to the polls on Tuesday and show that Fernando Wood ran be elected by the people, and that too by a ma )orrty of 10. (WW. (A voice. 20,0mi ) It behooves you to shew that vour are the strength of the democratic party I will conclude these brief remarks by beseeching every man to do hsi duty at the pulls (Cheers.) Mr. Jew* If. McCan* then proposed the names of the fol tewinc gcotl?mvu fur Vior PrewldenU of the meeting ? vice mcwii'icvm. Bon. Oror*r Banrroft, H?i A mkhMii* hrll, Hot* I Ph-lpa, J<4in H Rrower, tkrt Proaper M. Wttmnre, Aurrn H ttran, John KohhMia, T. A Hargona. Hon Gnli fo J Tucker. Hon. Jaroli A Wntfr\fl', Win K WlkBerdtM, IU1 win Crnnmoll. Hon Rtrhard Hrhell. Hon John C Maihwr, Hon Hmltta Kly, Jr., Hon John IMht'jt, Hun. J wteihroH1 <1mmuw, Oeorgr Col Ward H Burnett, Oror*?- |lr??(ivr. Col Pan lei R. Iiclarun. Wllmn hmall. Btrphrn D. IMllaye, Abmiii llrrnrk. Col < harli a I' Mrad, Hon I harlea A. May, Andrrw Mill*. Wiltrr It Jonra, Hi. hup I KobblM, W A Mrad, A. Martim-. Ob) John II Mcf.inn. Hon A l> M T Hrcnnan. W H M< 1n'\re, ? m m. ! Hoffman, John MrCowaa. I>r Wm Rnrkwrll, Norwian Mrl,rod Him Alriantar Stewart, ? hnrlr* Holy, Jamra yuarry Rtrbarit W Bwrtfr, r,u?imii? Itanmnartel, Col. Jnmro H. Murray. 0*1 Wildrr ?' W?iker, I>r Wm K<-t?trim r, CWl t'lmnl Y.neent, John I. Moore, I>r I'hihi' Merkle, tiro. V licnn, Hon J I. ?<mith, Hon John <1 8c<tey, Hon Rtrhard Winn". Hon (I A J?rp#n?h, lion Philip W Rn#a. Hon Jamra II. I.\ nek, lion Roah 11 CM Ma, Hon. William Oage. ||.,n H I Cta'ArM, Hrai K A Roof*. Hon Oeorf Wicr, Hon. Oarrrt W I'vkmm H"n M H'wrald, H C. Ha nka, Kltiah PMher. R. )??*? Taylor, John llurt, Ihr.maa Huarna. John I,?n< h, l,?n< h. Henrr ln?lln, panic I W Jtorrta, W C H W > Idrll, Hon Urn C. larnard. l?r. t*har,."? N *?'?. J Romainr I'.rnadhead, Fl'aa Hi fl'H. II. n M?d >' Wo*. John l*nl- r ?>arlr? Prunrta. Talent') I.nt?, J arc* Krhomi ?rger. John FmM, Win Wlh on, Elijah Brown TTio following lis! of Bccreurio* wera thfn read ami Kmnrl* H. Catting, JoaUth M?>y. Wm H W rt more, C W lavrrncr, John Bteward. Jr., Oeorge t?aw, Theodore Sedgwick Mono Taylor. Gorncllua Orinnell, Anaon U. Pbelpa, Win \ymar. 1 hnm?? i iwrij, I>a v k?1 llanka, R<ury W lllcfca. Thnm.ia Butler King, John .1 Hetta, llrnry <'o?*lll, Jaifiea T. Itradv, Kdward Plerpont. R. J K?Ur, jMOb K. Oakley, Willtam Malhf ?a, <"ii?par rhilda, ( barlra A. Secur. .Iwph Roar, Morgan 1. Ilarrto, Klrkd 8 < <>nnol!y, John I'lanri-v. Ml h-vl Tiinmer, K?'lhO. lloiiglMa. Krrlra illllrn Irr. Hrnj H WllUa, Wm J Br'alry, ?Jarr?l II Hiryk'r. Br , Wil I?ti (%?ilti r. o M. U-.. I Mm hr. Oani' l (llllraplr, I ?r. J. Mrilowan, Int A. tJbhjr, ht? ph-'n II. Vr#k*, lion Malkl Ro?, John B Ry?r, llrnry MjKiiUndrr. Roi.' It U?mi!aUm, Hrnry JHrman. W H, l* niliT hil I, John O. Hon aril, ('bar Ira Koatar Jam?-? R Btr? ra, Jam?? Murphy, (Tuw DwtHR. Il'-nry H ll-CWiirr, l?r A V Willlava. Mam u*l (Hur?od. Tln'unn Mmlin11 Inn. Hoft IVl^r II 8 Chaa. H llaawrll. Iloht W H. Bonaall. John Wralry llunl, Jam>a I'arprnlor. t". Wird Smith, Jamro K ilrv llrnry Marahall, MirhaVl Hnrk. Pranrlat" I'lark, O?orf. II Pur?rr, ,l*m?a Lynch. Jamra Kran, lluch Krlly, W P R nninlrr, T H f'rrrta, Th^maa l>unlap, Wm Kun ham, W R Unrrnw, Wm I> Kmnr-ly, Koloinon Tnwaarn4, John Dunham. Jamra (' Wlllrt, John J Bradley. John Broil, t'harlra Brn?n. Anf nalua Piirdy, l!*r't*?1 "?mlth, ' Ihtnirl Wiuer. adopU'd ? R B Bradford, Blophrn P Hii?*?ll. T)oiii;la> Baml 1 1<e?-|a Srlihimt, ? W Bay, I". 0. Mali nry. Mi aea |> dole, John Mrl aiifl lin. Rraaln* W illorer, John A tlinlfrry. Alfred <*hniirHlar, RlrVlWi A?i?h?l R?-r<r. Rtrmrt M Faye# BRCRRTAKIRB. B. T?. Vandrrheyden, llenry ll*>"<, Alrt Ward, .liwi'plt I*. Rraa. Olt?<T O'lkiDMH, A. M. K'llliran Ktirrn* A. Ilorlajr, John II t'ham!irr?. Henry P We*. Th iBi i? Hlephena, ,l?m"? Moorh< ad. An irrw L Hrmr. ||enr| ft Muranifrt, Wm It King, 1<?omH iu Klpck. At thla J'inriuro tho mu.'lc of fife* and drnma at th* mm of the r u?r Minounrrd the ?*i?l of Mayor Wood, Uhd M he rame forward and tv rerofnirod by the Mtdienrr, thr enthuatiKin waa almost Indeicrtbahle. Tho wtiolo honee rrxte and cheerr l yoctrerotnljr, ren owing the ?rrtamationa again and agnin Th? Mayor meanwhile irtnod calmly aod apparently without emotlm before the fooWtfhtu When the applanae auhaldnd Mr Hntrrixf T>. PtinT* fame rorward aad road th? following rwolutiona, kflng frequently inWniptod by impatient enoa for Wood ? Reeolred. That we eonrratnlate our brethren. trlnm ykanl democracy of the Bute, npon the rlnrton? and wnparallel ed ?lc?ory wbloh haa real?.re,l York tnlo thr hatilaof lh? Jrmorriry. plffnally rndnrar I thr foreign and domratlr policy of the fcdrril adm.nla'ratton ind *ltrn . rt l ncr lit what our rnilftl party ran ^ ? mpluh lit ?pite <>t thr ap.iila arrk'lK f'l ??n? aad ci'iUu-gw vt cur ctnun u cuimi'-a. that tke i lection of th e democratic ^tate ticket headed by our fellow cltisen Gideon J Tticker, by a plurality ??f nearly nineteen thouaand in a Ftale which garo !i?on O. Fremont, one short year since a plurality of over eighty thousand, m?v fairly be claimed as one of ill* u?oat h)|!1im1 victories ?>u record . and an evidence that Ihe sober ieeond thought of the people is always ju4, honorable an<t ri^ht. l(eeolv*d, That the existin/r charter of the ftitjr, adopted by the taut Legislature, was cunningly framed to divest the pre sent Mayor of any control over the conduct of ibe vanous mu uicipal departments, and ihe attempt ou the part ot an un scrupulous Know Nothing and republican press to hold him responsible 1<n* th* increased burden of taxation in equally dishonest and unjust, and a transparent and weak invention of the rneniv .... .. * ^ Resolved. 'That the LegitUtn re of 1HA7, whieh despoiled the ( Empire Cliy of its nncient frunrhi^es aud the right of self coverarornt. ni the same time oassed laws requiring the erec- j thmo! anew Oily Bail and other works involving a debt of over f*ty4KM<00, and by somial legislation iue.reased the item of salaries to be annually paid to municipal oflicials acarly , 9200,000. Resolved, That If our candidate is to be held responsible for the expenditures thus authorized by legislative enact ments, the rule is Mill more applicable to his opponent, the. tip^isersf tie Almshouse department having actually in eresned 119 per eent since IKM, leaping from JifiH.Otld to K'.Mi . t h >0 hi uw firm yi-ar that hi' was eiccted u> the Hoar'l of Ten (iovArnom, 'hough posaesM <1 indisputably of entire o n trol over tie uanniji nu-nt and expenditure*. R?-solv<*?1, That 'ho wasteful and corrupt policy of the re pnMtcan parly resulting m State bankruptcy, has hern re cetitly condemned by ihe ??lightened people of this State, and i<> inaugurate the heward Wi?l policy in the municipal government of thin city could uot fuil to result iu similar e.\ and c rntption. Resolved. That the object of our partisan enemies In pro curing aa thi .r candidate lor Mayor a bogus democrat, lone donbtftil, and now at last ope j|y a renegade anil an ap- ? tc, iiaa been to trumpet forth hia v.'e aa evidence that a propor tion of the people of New York are aaushed with their <1 iprl vaikmuf municipal frui' lilacs, are satiated with thi Metro politau Police, are aaUafied wlih our (ior.en eie:utlve "cum missions." divested of responsibility to onr /oters and tax payers, are satisfied under the long list of black republican outrages and Innovations upon our right* of local self govern ment, are satisfied with the heavy drafts made on our city treasury by a swarm of new officials aent hither to eat nut oar substance, and that lie sue -ess of the ant I democratic coalition wou'd leave our ci y In the hind* of these "commissions," made U|| a s the\ aW uf men either openly NT oppwilll, or still worse, nominnl demorrata pensioned by the opposition. Kerolved Thai the ill mocraey owe to themselves to elect Fernando Wood us Mayor because it la upon Lin), chief of all. that the cnmny f the I lack republican partisans has been wreaked; because he, more than any other one roan, has been the mark against whom the th tfis of caluninv, maledlc lion and rcpro?ch have been levelled; because he has been assailed aa the representative man of our civic Interests, no loss than of bur partisan principles; because ths Legislature has sought to deprive him, at the dictation of Weed ant Sew ard, Of i ne I alt the term of office conferred on him by the people of this city one year ago; because we ktr>w him to la) prompt, able, efficient and capable in the execution of his high duties, because he lms ever been the friend of the poor and the lowly and the advis'ateol their just and lawful rights; be ca u v he has been the friend of the adopted ciu/.en against the uppreaaioM of the fanatic and the bigot, and Huallv, becjiuse he Is the unquestionable regular nominee of (he uemeeratio republican party, and as such ? trifled to our uiiawervuii; and hearty stippo t, aial to a triumpliant re election Reaolved, That since the black republicans and their allies have undertaken to vent their anaiheaas In unseemly and tneatrical ihi ? ats', we in our turn do declare thin any iletno crat who at ih s crisis of nibiic and private credit, in rIcom Id record his vote In favor of the democratic candidate for Mayor, is a traitor alike to the interests of himaelf and his lelfow citizens, now an-! hereafter; and that If lathe plain duty of every food eiitzen to render his verdict against the longer continuance in power of the black republicans in our city aliairs, as well aa lu those of our Slate, who hive reduced ili.s cr< .it city to a sad spectacle of Inefficient government, riit. extravagant taxation and Impending bankruptcy. Resolved. That we are prepared for the contest, and that we anticipate h most signal and unsurpassed victory; that w thank our opponents for concent! atliig ias they did on the 3d of November all tlieir nomiii if ions and all their support upon a single city and county ticket, that w e may measure our strength tog. ther mora fairly, and achieve oiir victory more decidedly . that the democr uic party will not only rout this tn miigruoua and spoils seeking coalition from the held, but will utterly annihilate and d;sp?nM It; and that "the double victory w hlch must crown the present struggle" will be the more glorious because it w ill lie a -hlevcd In spite of traitors | w itbin our ranks and in defiance uf enemies without. The following letter from tlio llou. Wiu. B. Ma lay was received by the committee:-? Xkw York, Nov. 28, 1857. To Hon Johw Wnin tit, Thair* ?n. A* ? lumMK ? I am grateful for the honor that you haveeon | f erred upon me in inviting me to address a meeting of the dc j moerats of this city, to be held In the Academy of Music tr> ' morrow evening. Al hi uyh I am unable tocomply with your ! request, l w ill embrace this opportunity to express in another t'.rm some thoughts whi< h have occui red to me uti the subject o: m meeting. '/be ensuing city election is one of no ordinary importance, and involves luestlniK of th> greatest magnitude ? juestions which require the niore careful an I profound <MMlder*tions on account of the coaipUcalions to wliich they have been sub jrcted. The rtal issue is not as some would have it understood, be tween s gissl man and a bad man. as Ma\or of this city, but it is now, a* ft has been heretofore, between one aet of p rin ciples and measures and mother materially different and an tagonlstk-; and in ihis elecion, where we are to have but two candidates for the Mayoralty, one must be regarded as Ihe representative of one set uf principles and measures, and the Othrr ot the opposite. The opposition uf these antagonistic principles an1 policies of government appear moat conspicuously in the cnntli t of municipal rigb'- ami Riate ueurpstloM, In support of mu niripal rlgli's the Icmoi rattc party has ever stoo?l foremost and I he reoublicsn party, hy hlliwaoei and sgcni H'S which it is unnecessary for ine'to eharscterlie, has inaugurated against our municipal rlgh's a system of he most un par allele.! usui nations, there by arraying the ituic against tike city. and la.wcvcr it may bo disgul-ed or Ifnoefri, this is the real | issue to be fotiiid Api! determined at the ensuing elsctlon there are at pre seri three, and only three, political parties in ibe city. Irts wenknowq that of two. either, acting by It self, is In a hopelnae minority, and under sucli ctrcumstirices a ground of hope is sought for. aa la natural and uf frequent | wnrmn, In a temporary union of these two parties under the specious guise or uo party its If stl I despairing of sue ccsa, without ?ome relnforccmetit beyond their own ranka, 1 tbey set forth lhei? . atidlda'e as a democrat, which stratagem, however, is not likel) io decoy many genuine democrats from the support of their own caudidale. when they ace fairly the ?noni*:. | . vim li Mr Tleinstiii ? ? ipi-? WhUkind of ? democrat mum br ik who raceivc* the en'ire vote of the republican party? What principle, or trait, or feature of a true democrat can >tc ifrn Intoin whn|? "In favor of ? men I'eg D?' ic<tur?llxatlon li*< *o a* to require ao actual rrrdrnce of twenty one rears In the l'nlte.1 State* of ail foreigners '?> entitle <h*in to 'he elective franchise," and who la opposed lo forcienrr* or adopted citlren* holding iiflm of honor. trust or profit, cither under the city, Htatc or general government," and who. hv vtr'u* of the*? sentiment*. re cclrrs a n- tn'na'lon of the Know Nothing party to the exclu sion of 'heir regular candidate and every other nd hod ol n>?m ber of the fraierolttt He who understand* the of tin* country will never confound a democrat with such prim tplea. nor look for a democrat in *uch a po*i tlon. Besides, trlwt rliiht In- a democrat? h*s any nun ? l*1 the suffrage* of the democratic party, who di*rcg*rd* the regular nomination of that party, and at defiance I h<- organic action ao essential lo It* very eiis tencef The well know n Hnd only candidate of the democratic party for the Mayoralty in Fernando Wood and be I* the only nuin who. as such cHtidldate. I* pledged to the Hupport of our municipal light* agnlast the wrong* already indicted upon tb? ciijr bv the republican parly, which that party, by uniting wi'h he Know Nothing*, now seek-- to perpetuate 1 have never had ihe honor or dl*hon r. bowev er it may be reifaided.of any partlcuior Intimacy with Mr, tior of participating In the anperi'y of feeling which ha* been man: fe?ted again*' him . hut a* an observer of hi* official career I mn*l?ayihat I kn. w of nore of 111* predecessors who dis rhsrred the duties of that office with more diligence and ill* Unfinished ability ihan Fernando Wood A*nie from hi* claim* to your * tip port on the ground* already *u?ted, there la another far; which might not to be overlooked In thla canva*a (Ijeti'tr u'" 1r Wood waa cho*en by Ihe people of the city *ssl* vor for 'he term of two Tear* but laat winter hla term ol "ttiee wa* rut *lH>rt br the nigh handed uatirpallon of a rep iMie*ii legislature. *od the eipresard will "f 'lie pmpie In relation to otv own rhlef magistrate w?? i hereby frustrated; and it la now for the people of thl* etty to decide whether that leelalatlon *liall be sanctioned or rebuked? whether the party which procured i Im- enactacnt of ?uch nafast and oil tout law* In violation nl our municipal right*, and which, through the Utaie l,erlsl?ure, *et aalde our city election, shall be per mitted now at our poll* tn consummate and fasten upon us thi >tie m' tir'rou* uauri'stion*. hv putting it* chosen leader into the office ao wrongfully wrested from it* rightful occupant In view of all hi ?e consideration* I cannot <i?nht that ju* tlee will be done III the ciinen* of this metropols. by electing a* M*yi r for the ensuing term 'he regular nominee of the de mocratic parli. nor can I doubt that to accomplish thla Im portant object ihe *uppni-ter? of that pai-n will make a nnl ver*al rally, and achieve their accustomed triumph overall opposition" W ith sentiment* of respect, t am gentlemen, your obedient servant, WII.I.IAM B M Art. AT Prrrttn f*. Crwnwj, Attorney fiencral for (be Slate. was then introduced, and wan received with hind cbeerti. Ho Mid Fellow clttcrns- t dare not ret s^y fellow democrat* ? 1 1 otne here an a clliiten of vonr greal m'-ti-opolia. (Otm fusion) Order reign* in Warsaw I cotne to speak, not for myself but in behalf of the rights of man I < ime to ?peak for Mavor Wood, and not alone for liim, but for yon, became hjr the art* of the last 1 legislature you bare been stripped of more than half your offices. Why should they decide at Albany the t?rm of olflfe of your rhtef magistrate? If yon say that hi* term should be* two yearn, why should tliey ray that It ahall be but one. 1 am here to rpenk in behalf of *lr Wood becattae he bac been trail need and MlliAed. And now I y.<u a* thievivand roblH m, V> ?tif?p<?rt and atand by your fellow thieve* and robber*. There ? not a village tn the State cannot elect |ta magistrate* or build a |w>or house without Interference fVotn Albany It 1* claimed for Mr Wood's opponent that he was n?d a party man Mayor Wood la a party man. and he Is responsible for his party. I would not suopiwt him if he wit* act a |?rty man I say that you wl I b ? forgetting Eotir trust if you abandon him for ? no parly man 1 don t now Mr Tiemann, and 1 am not going to villtfy liim. Ht.t I know he l? the candidato of th ? black republicans. They are too ?mart to take one of their own party hot they go into the democratic ranks to pet a man I*' net be deceived hy thc?e no pa*ty men. (Oirer* > If yon, di mocrats and Anp rlcans, were lo go to John A Kmg and n*k for an ? fllce, I tell you you would find that your lace* were not hla< k enough for him, not yotir boots neither. (Cheers ) This people's candidate ? a child of many fathers, and I don t like this kind of rhl!drcn I will n ?? d< tain you. (Cries of -tin on." and ? Wood ") I go for Mayor Woo-1 because be Is honest, f?ithftil end III for hi* plnce. TTie flrst time I kt:ea him the news|stpera were er;?rking him up a* everything th it wa* gtod. and whn! h?s he ilotie since hut ref.i>e to ap point blai'k repub|i<an* to office* (Cbeeri.) I huvr only now to Fay go to the polle m Tuesday and vote for a I've man, not for a mummy ; vote for a man who is among you every morning wh"n you rise from your si-op- who is ever ?? five and vigilant *i hie duties, and that man Is Fcrniwidn Wood (Cheers ) I will nbt limit Iblr ma)i?ritv lo 10.00), as our Chairman did 1 warn as large a majority for him as any other man W vote# ? that's all I aek (loud cheers.) Mayor Woot> then came forward, and the enthusiasm which was manifested at hit entrance wa* ren?w<?1. For some titne It seemed that he was not going tn get a hearing, the cheers were repeated so frequently At length, when silence waa restored . the Mayor spoke as follows ? fissnrwKir? I thank ron foe this recaption, and eotifcsa the embarrassment of my position. It is most etnhar rassing to anp? ?r as a spe aker u|>on an occaeton the pro ceedings of which I atn necessarily so much Identified with. And helteae me wli >n I as-utre you thai tf there were no ethi r consideration* than thwe immediate!*- ap pertaining to myself. 1 -ho.ild not undertake it If m*?'if a!cD<' as an iuolt idual w? ll? only j>ari) to i'jis cotiteci it would not become mo to be present In the attitude of ot my official acta But there are other* wh intercuts are paramount to my own. There in a gr principle involved In the present content ? there are many thouMuul citiseus of this metropolis who consider me u repri sentwu tiiem and their right*, aud who ask Uiat I Khali stand U rth in the advocacy of the great doctrine of Keif government, and in defence of the good uaim- of the city which is tarnished by the nmrepreaenuuionH itud calumnies of reckless ospirunta for i>ower ami place. It ban been alleged that it is necessary to elect a new Mayor by which to reduce the la ten ami give the people better security of life and property. It l? stated that the taxes havo risen to an cnonuous sum, and that Mayor Wood is responsible for it? thut murder. assassinations, burglaries and robberies are of daily and almost hourly occurrence, and that tliey can be traced to my uoor ? in short, that I would ho held rcs|<onsible for every evil that affiict* this great metropolis, whether of a social, political or financial character. Figures are produced to show the great iuci rune oi the taxes since 1 have held otUcc, but all reference to the dctaila and the causes, and the vinoUH dMuuM'tiients which goto make up the grand toU<, are carefully omitted. It is statements of farts whi< ' are not fa< ts, nnd liold allegations without proofs and denun ciations without reasons or measure, by whict) your opp< i.outs are attempt ing to smuggle my opponent inUi office. M 'kKON'S M'SRH'IUKKXTATIOJK). A certain government < tllcial, wtio never ap|>ear8 upon the .stage of polities (though always in office) except trhen the democrat)' t art) places him in nomination, has recent - ly distinguished himself by a .speech in this hou-o, 111 which he propounds to me certain grave questions. Ho asks me to explain why the taxes havo increased muler my administration, and desires mc to answer him how It wa?- that it 1853 the taxes were only three millions, hot that in 1867 they were over eight millions. If he bad ex amined facts and consulted numerical figures instead of rhetorical ones, he would not have falsely represented the taxes o 1853 to have been only $3, 000, 000. If he had consulted chapters 699 and 232 of the laws of 1853 ho would have avoided tho imputations of ignorance or uialicc, and found the tax levy was over $.'>,000,000. This assertion is to be taken at a discount ot 06 per cent ? a margin which experience proves must he al ways allowed to li's legal a* well as municipal opinions. In the report of Comptroller Flagg for 1*53, page 26, ho states the tax li vy tor 1853 to be (5,067,275, and even my more rabid enemies will not dispute his testimony. Hut for the purposed exonerating myself from this accusa tion I sha 1 Hga'U invoke the testimony of A. ('. Flagg in his reml-annnal report tnade in September last to the Board ot Counci men. On page 11 of lliat docuinelit lit) states the of 1867 over 18.'i3 to he $2,996,910 47, hut accompanies the stat- meut with this raiidul acknow ledgement: ? "A considerable portion of this is nude up from assessment* over which the Common Coun cil and the Finance Department have no control, hut which are made by special act of the Legislature, .m follow*- : ? Almshouse increase $458,800 00 Common schools (Bute) do 100, OOO 00 " ?' (City) do 406,-10 HI Com msssioners of Record do 360,000 00 State mill tax do 408,332 -7 Proportion of Interest on revenue bond 140,000 Od Total 11,063,343 g Deducting this sum of $1,95.'?, 34.1, and thn Central I'ark interest, which could not have bet n controlled by tin1 Common Council, ami the halam e Is $7^7,813 30, the expenditure of which can be prim ipally traced to th-; legislature at Albany in 1H56 and 1867. For the $3,000, 000 increase between 1*63 and 1857, I thorefore tieny that 1 am respotl* ible ; but presuming the McKcoti theory to be correct, $600,000 only could be charged to the Mayor, Alderman and Comrmiualty. Now, let us apply the same srales to Mr. Tiecuauu, tho nominee of this logician , ami determine his coiujiaruiive shot t coinings. In 1853 the expenses of the Almshouse was $385,000, and ill 185<t the eX|>eniMB readied $926,000, or 140 par t ent in two years. My alJegeJ liability wan only 20 per cent, showing that by this test Mr. Tiemauuisa worse pub lic officer by 120 per cent. Hut argument is wasted in such a position. The ex penses of every city, county and Mate in the Union, and the United States government itself, have steadily in creased ; but must It. therefore, be inferred that ouch sue ces-ive President, Governor. Mayor ami Common Ouuncil are more Infamous than their predecessor!1 I hiving thus proved the grotts mi.-rcpresenlatioii made by the United Stales District Attorney, aud proved the false basis ii|>on which he argued, will an eniightcLed public press that published Ins Statements present my au- Wert In relation to salaries, Mr McKeon u equally uufortu Date. H> insists thut in 1863 the Item of salarier was only $212,000, when it appears from the document last men tioned (page 33) that It was $-35,000 in 1863, and only $412,000 in 1867? wbith, considering his general state rnents, must be viewed as extraordinarily accurate ? though he understatctl and overstated, to suit his oviaoi'u, to the extent of $60,500. ?-WOK S IMWKK OVWt K* PKNIHTt BIW. Hut Is it right to make the Mayor responsible for the taxes, or of the amount of the expenditure of the city government, however great they may be. Do you know tin) coustitutHiii of the government of this city f It is distributed into detriments, each dopiirtt^i nt governed by an independent head, either el scted by the people or cr> ated tiy the legislature, or appointed by the Gover nor, or if named by the Mayor, as in the solitary instance of the t'roton Ikiard, is placet! directly inde|M>mlent of tlic Mayor, whatever ofr.-ncee they may commit. Tho Mayor has no check . or influence or control over the man agt ment of these different Ibiards. The chiwters of 1H4D, '63 ami '67 arenll alike In this respect; whilst they dutri bute the government In this wise, they all limit (be duties of the Mayor, by designating. Instead of that unity and consolidation of executive authority, so nece?-ary not ! only for a projier enforcement of the law- and the recti- i itty <if economy in expenditure*, theae charter* iluiicmi ?>:<?? power amor* the se\eral executive departments, llic ti-Ddi m y and effect Of which i* not only |o deteriorate the efficiency of the government, hut to take away the necemuirv and Mlut+ry a iiounuhility. The Finance Ifcpartment has entire control over the ??d Itctlo* and disbursement* of the public money ? keeping of all pablic account*, and the general monetary atlairs of the (Yirporatini The Mayor baa no veto or dirrrtion over it IU head t?t elected by the people, V. whom alone he ai knew!. dg an The same Uxtopendeaoe ex lsts in the 1j?? Ivpartment, in the City Inspector'* iH-pariment, the street l*epnrt nent. the Crutoa I*)tment, and, in short, throughout the whole organ* xM ion of the i- >tv government. Tlie Mayor i*. thoron re, nol responsible for expenditure* or extravagance of th" Common Cbuneil I repent that, under the pruvi-i iiK nf the < hatters of 1MH, 1 Hf,.> and IS67, no adequate power H conferred upon the Mayor to regulate or ev< n ascertain the expenditure ?. Th?- department* are clone borough* ? (?etty principalities. or aealert books ? ea-h MMMlllMi the other, and no check can he imposed upon them The legislature tint pass**, and tie governor that MgtM the annual tax lull for the rxpenae- of the citjr govern ment, are equally responsible, an*, perhaps, mure so, frrtii the fact that tbey have withheld from the Mayor the authority hy which such ei il? i ould have l*>en ex uniin-1 . corrected or exposed. It is not alleged tbat th ? great bulk of the work undertaken la anno- -c**ary , hut that IM cost I* extravagant, or not properly and faithfully per formed. I'ntil tlie iwugc ol the charter of 1MU the head* of department* * ere tn mime degre? under tlie control of the ( ommoti Otmacil !>u4 aincc that time h i* any Mayor of the etty ?>? New York, re^tihlican or demo crat, been able to regulate the nem- iron* and irrm|*m-d hie municipal government created and conducted by a re publican or whig letn-laiuret What did Mayor* Wiwwlhitll, Kil'g-iand or We?tei iclt accoiiipliah toward* thai object* In JsM-'Aand '.Ml. the whig or republican party oon I trolled lxitb (be legislature and tbe Common Onm it . and, an I shall pi?*ently prove, the ex[-en->-* of the city gov crnment ftlll uteadily incr-ai-cd. In those venr* alone tbe Aim* Hou*e Itepartment. the common Mfcooi*, state and city , police Mate mill tax an?l eipewettfA* t'"in mis-?ini* ?f ftecrrd, inrrctne.1 $1 '?ffci.Wil , tn which, being added S salarts* and ?*pen*es Imjswed by p pec lal acta of the legislature. affords a ffian<* total of $2,10,681. In ea< h ol tlio?e year* the tVimnion ? turned ex ? ceded the appropriation* in the aggregate fc? ft ,:vift.''02, which was subsequently totalised hy the legislature Tliat portion of the preea and the public which in?i*taon making tne responsible toe the expenditures if the cMy government, at I be name time urge* the elect ion of one of the (io\ ' rtior* of the Almshouse, who, with nine a. so elate*. indisputably pneeeM full and complete authority over tbe managenx tit aad outlay* of tbe Almbou.*e D<' pnrtmeat, I et u* *ee how far the rule nninstly applied to nt< will fair , ly apply to hltn In 'HW't, some tour y*arvst tee, the aporo pi *t:on for the Almshou'* wa- ? !<5.0OO. and in Ittf, H appear* h? the Cnrnptrolkr * refwirt Ui be IH4.1.H00. an in

crease of 11# per cent, and in the Intervening year* the average increase wae ??>o?t :>n |?>r cent BnMh" remark ebb- lint 1* apparent from their estimate* for IIM, tliat one filth, at Ica-t of tbe whole am <iuit propme-l la be e?d lected for the infirm and suffering |*>or for 1*M. 1* appre ciated to Hilar ley, in other word*, one uoiiar out of emry Bve tr expended on eflicial* To tin *c eipei -i ? should l>* added the debt mcurre I in the ere?tic*i of the workhonan, wlivh ha* mt "lably failed ae a ?wnirre revi nue or a mean* of correct mt. fint let u* ?ee who w n-allv re*|*>n?ihle for the Maft u* taxathm, and which are ihe itepMrtm 1 1.?, and who are th^ men under who^e ittri-cii in the money k* exi>rnde I. 1 be tax levy nf the prevent year m >y be taken a* a fair iUu*tr*tH?n of precei'lng year* ? V ' ah amount of the ux levy for l*#7 ,f" iKlil.Skl nuwcirat coWmjnwt nrw* ' Alni'howre ,$MTBdO | Pnblie ed mat ion l,lnti,41't (Vnitncn *ch?>l (!tate) 8*1 *05 State mill tax .1*3,1* W? lntei e*t on city debt HVft,7dil i'nllce *alarb-? ??.'?VftOrt falarie* diti.txkl Street* lamp*, ft a*, he 1 .ftt*'.'**! Total | . .0T3,iM) ? balance expended by the several department* over which the Mayor ha* not the lea^t control It i* here ?een that mit of an expenditure of over aeven million*, more than *i* million* t* mado up ??f (tem-i w th which neither the Mayor or the Common OnuKil Imvo tbe |ea?t control i*c**<*tm rgncrprrrtw Who i* re*pf'n*ihle f>r the anil ooni;ri'u?l n cr<w*e of taxatM>n inNewYorhf The following t'ble*. caretnliy ??olbeted from the t'om|dro||er'? rej*>rt*. f' -w that tbi* increase ia princl|?ally in the Almshouse, piihUe edncation. ('omtni**ioner* of Kecurd, and our (<wtnnutioo to tbe support of tbe^tate government ? Atjtwfsa Pai'iVT*s*T A m nnt tnermr* rav-ni f y to* ?vr th* preeimm yr. For the year 1 t3*5.000 oo ? " " 1*M 4::.tmo no ?42.rmn mt " 1*..* M.1.4M W 1W,*I?C9 " " l*Mt m,MN 911. MM) ft " " 1W7 M3,*0U 00 ? Kul lacrcMc ?&40,00u 00 81,200 -V) Net iucreaae Comuhhoinoh or Kiwtiia**. For the yctir 1 h&.'i 960,000 00 ?> ? lgtsi 160,000 00 ?? " lb.VJ 360,000 00 Total increase Whole amount than far appropriate*! PUI I" w Folk-k. For the yoar 1863 $616,000 00 '? ?' 1864 872 ,71 6 00 " " 1866 . . 819,400 00 " " i860... r;?,r>oo oo ? '? 1867 826,600 00 Total iwr. . ? crease tu I860 au<l 1M>7 . 9468,800 -XI $100,000 00 250, 000 0(1 $360,000 00 $660, 000 00 $257,715 00 9,100 00 $266,816 00 68,316 00 Increase $218,210 00 Hill Tax Amount raited by tax. For the year 1863 $103,408 23 " " 1864 310,224 09 " " 1856 34ti,7l4 34 " " i860 eon, 826 03 M " 1867 611.740 60 Increane over the previous yr. $206,816 46 36,480 66 202,111 69 Total Increase $506,4 1 7 80 Decrease in 1867 97,086 63 K?U increase Common ,sni<wii? (Cm- ) 4ni.... nt raised 6y tax. For the year 1863 $004,000 00 " " 1R54 6t'.8.t>13 50 <? " 1855 <?6<;,<kio 00 ? " 1866 1 023,354 36 " " 1857 1,100,210 81 COMMON S<7tlX.t_s (ST/11 ). For the yoar 1863 $129,07191 '? " 1864 74,742 >5 " " 1865 124, >*>4 43 '? ? D-66 124,116 99 ?' " 1867 o8J805 37 $408,332 27 hurea" over the previous yr 64,813 60 287, 18?> 60 67,311 36 76,664 46 50,161 S8 1,212 56 167,688 3-< Total increase $70.">,071 63 Decrease 66 2^9 36 Kett increase $<>40,842 27 1 have thus shown the inaccuracy of McKoon's state ment? the want of (tower in the Mayor to control or In (inru tlw city expensea, and pointed to the several do I ailment* to which tho lucre used taxation is j jstly chargo able; and now at once present some additional fact*. I charge that the l/egi.slature ? winch for aovcral year* ha* been in possession of an adverse political party to which wo belong ? is not only responsible for much of this iu crease, but that tho last legislature, in addition to tho wrong*, injuries and usurpations it perpet rated u;ion us, haa saddled ii|H>u us an additional indebtedness of nearly mix millions of dollurs. W1UT Hl-U'k HRHUC1X IKCISI ATIOV COST Tin: HOPIX Of NKW TOHK. I present a carefully collated statomont of the debts and expense* created by legislation at Albany from and includug 1863 to 1857 1 desire the taxpayers who look tj me to correct the alleged abuses iu the c.ty government, to carefully scan this statomont: ? LAWS ok 1857. Chapter 344. ? To reduce acta relative to District Courts. Sec 65 allows the unlimited ap|*>iut ment of attendants. In seven District Courts three attendants appointed In each . at ?800. $16,800 Sec. 68 increases clerks' and justices' anlaries ?Justices $7,000. clerk* $6,150 12,260 Chapter 37. ? In relation to the salaries ol Crotoo Aqueduct Board 6 1)00 Chapter 877. ? Amending assessment law ? ex penses new system $47 .500, old system $-'>2, 500 ? increase $16.000 16,000 Chapter 24. ? l'o authorize building new reser voir 1,909,000 Chapter 2M . ? To provide for canvassers' annual expenses 9,000 Chapter 296. ? In relation to Marine Court annu al covts 3.300 Chapter 771. ? Regulating Central Park ? <uinual expenditures $100,000. and power to create a debt of $1 ,6?>6 ,6??6 1 ,666 606 Cliapter 770. ? To erect anew City Hall 2.900,000 Special acts to legalise claims against the cor |>oralion not authorized by law. Chapter :147 ? To legalize' acts of Supervisors Annual aalary of clerk ot Deputy Receiver of Taxes 1,200 Chapter 397 ? To provide payment forCMHk articles furnished by Mcapedon k Maker, "notw illu-lauding ^aid article* were nut ad vertised aud contracted for in accordance with the proviaiotM of the chatter of said city " 7,038 Chapter t?2. ? To legalize tho payment of one sixth adilitaiuai salary to the clerks of police courts, to take ellect from Jan. 1. 1862. Claim created ami |>al<i 10,000 Chapter 781. ? To localize pay tin nt for painting and graining Superior Court room, ' uotwith- ? stHUdltig said painting and graining was uot ad\ ertmed and contrai tod fur iu accordance with the provisions of the charter of said city" 300 Chapter 4?2. ? An act to legalize payment of certain mapping aud surveying 2.VH) Incroioc police expense* under now law 12*400 Kloction expenaea tor December .To iioo Total 95, *12,464 1866. >uthf nunc tli?> rebuilding of Tnmpkin* Market and creating of stock, interna redeemable in ISflO $7t),ouo um or 1*66. Chapter 12# ? legating payment to IV>ltM Jurtice? for ntnwrvlni at th<' rate of mm- ? oiith of the prevent compensation, from *th May, 1*62 $7,000 Cb.ipur lvfl ? I egnlnting increase of ?a!ary of Receiver lit). I Deputy lt? .-.'IV . r Of Tiiv<, four clerka mid meaeenger. Actual claim nr?M 6,376 Chapter ti'b ? To increase the faliry of tli<- Jux tier* of thePaperlor Court and Common I'leox, Harrogate, Recorder. City Judp- and .J unties* ot the ,<ii)iri mo Court. Comptroller'* estimate. 1*6<l ? document <K> J tin. do., 1"5" ? document .'.7 / Chafer 407 ? Oriritmzing Commit# loner* of Rr M for year ISM H| 000 Tout tjiw* or 1*64 Cb.?pter IN.? AltiKiTiKiiiK Oiurt of Common I'leaa to appoint clerk and one or more do pit tie* Annual rwl of Comptroller'* estimate. 1*67, dx umi nt .17 99.700 Chapter 313. ? To complete *"UUi win* of work Imm 49.000 f haptcr 342.? Authorizing loan of |:.00 o.*> to build new reservoir 600.000 Tutal ?Wi',7 JO ui? or 1U.1 Chapter 62#.? Relative to ?upcrior Court, Com ni"n Clear and Marine Court, conferring power to appoint atl-mdant*. with nit liiml* com ? nee t "mptroll. r * entimMat for 1*67, document 37 #27.400 fliapt* r 642 ? K;re Warden'* e*tirn*tea 1C.OOO t hapter 11*1 ? Kor treei ng aoutti ? n? of work bouee 76,000 OmpterM*? Central I'ark? Coat Mid e*pen?ee, ?6.1(19 WW AariK? menu 1 W? 3 nno Total 93.U1.400 total roa rim mwi 1*69 93 ran 400 U54 64H.70O 1*66 Wt .*76 I'M 7n,noo 1067 6 *17.000 910.303,976 raiaiurr* m? l?6i. Mill 'a* for I1-**. Iwtng three mill*, on the pre irM baaat of Ttlnalmlt, will he II 6A3.626 76 Now wh> I* ?h>' Republican IvgHatureullowcil too. rape condemnation nrd orwim wh irl it* r n. porter" and alvo rat nre ftrmltte*! to hurl their anathema* np?*i my de tvN I * I it ar effort to mH!e*| the public aa to the pert! y of th?- ,?ct? for which their "?rn party I* alone re ?r>oo?tW f i?n the anther* of this m >de of warfare mi ar.i '? <hkt the |?-?|>|c ot Sew York ha1 aowmn forrot?< n not iinlT the proilv w y ami corrupt ion of tb- party who are re 'ii'y reepovmble (or thi < gr^non* hnrth<^i which, bt.t the dire wroflff* and outrage* which wore Inflicted up<>n 11 ? m by the l,cgv>iattic, under the dictum of party drill* lla*tlie?niolie which tw*w pervadea the political at mo*pbere. and I* blinding the Judgment* of mat\y hor>e?t met' lwt? *o donee from thi* cat|*o that It i? itt|?w*lb|e to n r through K* Vellow ci?!j?-n*, the*e attack* upon mn liavi |bt* derign It I* t?> mislead the public mm I. end to n.bdwe the Joint indignation of an iinulted com munity It l? to direct attention from the usurpation* whkh Ihl* rame pirty though then acting under another name, bnt Mill o ting, a* now. tn communion with ?w?rii*il te ?ieir.?* rat*, have p?Tpetrateil upon the munici I*, iltbt* of New York. What are the?> u?nr|>atloit?f Ihe tH ople and Cor | ^ration of ihl* city aaked for a new charter, which wmiM conaohd ite the government, ocai i . ir- 'ite p- *er in the hand* of tlie chief magi'trate, an I aboil* tl the hydra hciided *y?tcm which him led to nrnt o< our linar.cial evil* What dhl it give n* in ret'irn* M?w<? decenirali**! CO, In Mead of ron< entraMon, and law* which ren< erod my ofllce yet weaker. Iri-tead of clothing the M<>o* w"h *oltlctent aiitbor ty to eierute the law* ami aballelt ttte Ira tlmmwM 9flla perva img the community, they l.e\e 'eit It the mere Ilg>ireliead iipeti the *hlp "f Male, w'thout any Inflnenco in determine it* ronraeorrtl liMbl) Tl* f'eojde an. I (Virporatloii aafci'd that tbenolloe ?iH'iild br placed under the e*chi*lv*dirction of the M iyor, bnt ln*tra?l it deprived him nf all p?wer Oter it, placing it under the direction of a |<*rtiran hoard apfaiMMil by the flovr nor. The p? fiple an l Corporation *?ked for privilege tobnlldaClty llali. but th * waa denied, and that right i;?urped alro, by the appointment of It* own tooU an'! inter**!*, with the privilege (if expending two iwl. 1 1 n* ol the j*oople'a money. Kven the authority to im prove n?r own park* wae denied ??, by the [iaK*age .if a bill *l:l< h not on'y tnmed Ihe (>mmi?!oner<i. hut empowered th?m to ejprrid monev uf without hlBdranco and w thont cheek by the oorporai'nn of the city TIiih ?. i* r.'eatod aeveral independent Hnar'1* by whi< h thu i ci'y i? to be guverned. ea< h b< ari dcri\ ng ita uithority frvw Uic astral pvwvr at Albany, to wbvaa poUUcaUur ! tunes they always cater. This principle of governing by j boards is peculuwly black republican. Homo years ago it was the itoard of Kmigrnnt Commissioners. tlx' Hoard | of Alms House Governors anil the Board of Kducatiuii. which together Kjiend one half of the whole sum required i for the absolute support of the city government. Under ; the constitution of 1H21 the central power at Al ; hany controlled the state through the (Kttronage ran | Irtid there Ui the Governor and legislature, i The people b< came jealous of this shying, called a new convention t.i revise the "institution, which amended by decentralizing |>o??r, and giving all appoint mints to the people of the said counties, towns, cities ami Villages. Kill Mr Weed bad discovered a way to avoid this t rat u re of the constitution. It In to create boards to act instead, and if any difficulty In -een In that instrument, it ia got over by conuoct ing on* oouuty with another , and thus creating a |s>litical division of the state within county , town, city or village, and the Court of Appeals ha* sanc tioned this suhterluge as not repugnant to the letter of the < .institution ll whs my good fortune to be the man to strike the llrst blow in resistance to this oucriwchuwui upon the spirit of the constitution. I hazarded all In my effort# to stand up against it ill my opposition to the Metro politan l'olioe bill. Believing, at I believe still, that that act wa< a violation of the corporate franchises of this city and of the inherent rights of tb" people represented by lite, I strove, by e\ury ni atis at inj conimaud , to repel and ignore it. " This is my offending and no more." Had 1 yielded and submitted, instead of the curse* I should have had the uup|>ort of the men who now pursue me. He then went into ail investigation as to the i<o!itical as (K it ol the coutest, showing that the same combination which influenced and directed tne passage of the iniipu tons measures nt Albany last winter exi-tx here now to crush out the democracy , and himself particularly. He said that by a singular coincidence the ostensible democrats w ho hail occupied appointments in the several Boards or Commissions created by the republican legislature are now I acting heartily with Thurlow Weed In this crusade against the party here. There appeared to be a fatality attending the political und personal integrity of every man who came within the vortex of black republican patronage ? none could with? land if. Observation satisfied him that the moment either an ''American political), or a democratic, politician listened to the sirens voice of Weed Ism or tfe wartli-m he was forever lost to the democratic party, and i iter came out its open (be or remained with it ostensibly only the better to betray and destroy it. Mayor Wood continued tills theme with great power, and retired amid-t the applause of the largest assembly ever gathered within four walls. Hen. John was next introduced, and after the overwhelming applause which greeted him had subsided, suid that be had been casually met by some men, who h ? was sorry to say, teld him that they were members <>t' the democratic pnrty , who asktd how was Fernando Wood' lie would answer that he was here and the people of New York were with him. (Cheers.) There were some who opposed him who said they were members of the demo cratic pnrty, w ho got up charges against him If the true secret was known it was personal malignity that actuated tin m He had stood up nobly when it was necessary u> deft ml the democratic jiarty, to the risk of damage to his person and at a cost of >10.000 to his pocket, it had been said tha. his friends McKeon and Sickles ? (groans) ? pro cured their statistical information for their speeches against the Mayor from some one who knew nothing about it lie, Mayor Wood, had, in his view, shown their entire fallai y Mi Keen must have wanted capital bad, for he Imd re hearsed lus specch so <>ft?n that lie could make a fortune by selling it in a song about the streets. (Laughter.) The Joseph Walki r affair w as an old affair. I he M i.vor's Me lines could find nothing new . and had to revive the old one. The charge about the glass ballot boxes wux sufficiently transparent for them all to see through, (laughter.) They wanted to know why the Mayor of New York had not igned the ordinance in the l/iwber case, and tliev could have found it by asking I Mtn Sickles, who was on Ihe platform. Mr. Sn kles was the referee, and he had ile 'tiled that the lease of Mr. 1/iwber w.w an honest one, while the courts, be was sorry to say, hail decided that it was a dishonest one. (dicers.) It was unfair to bring into politics a man's |ier.snnal character, but if the act users of the Mayor, were subjected to the same scrutiny as they ha'1 subjected hun, the Mayor could stand tne comparison. He resjiected Ins friends, McKeon ami Hick lei ? -(laughter and groans) ? and thought that they had violated tbeir duty In assembling hf re. When tfcese black, white and gray spirits, as his friend Cochrane called them were collected In one pot, it would bo hard to tell which was the purest, (laughter mid ebeors. ) lie hoped that if any accusations were to be made the statistics would be better than what Johnny ha I given tbcm? (laughter and applause) ? when lie was a rncm ber of the Common Council in 18bri. and tho majority of the Common Council wis op|iosed to tho democracy. Mayor WismI hail sent many good recommendations, which were utterly disregarded and laid on the table, where they never saw the light. The Mayor was a tnan of talent and executive ability, aiel would work lor the interest of the city. The Mayor hail Wen cl urged with u-dtig the |s>||ce for his owu advance ment. The republican and American press, u|*?n his tlrst elevation to office, had complimented him for hi* activity Yet now a violent ami vituperative opposition had been I carried on bv the same press against him. As they be come .-trong they become bolder, and when Ihe black re I pi.Mnans carried the State by 80,000 majority they j lb. ?light that black republicanism was going t.> last fo f ever But they passed such laws as would aronno th > | people of this city, a- it did. and now thc*tlate hail been carried by that party which had once been led by Silat W right and a Van Huren. (Cheers.) There was no I eg islature under this government would have had the hardihood to |oss such laws but the last l<ogisl?luro It was said that the population of New York was a dangerous one, and yet with all these op pressions the people were whimsical as lambs It had been reported that the streets would be 4eliig?<| witli Mis?l. upon an aitempt to carry these laws into cf feet, but itwas uot until the Recorder, out of mere personal malic, had cndeavori d to cast .siium on the Mayor that the people had stood in their might, and resisted such high handed op|ir?-??Hiii. (i Imn ra.1 The instinct* of th<' j l*>op|c vw always right and when dent ?k* H' '**'* tried to 1 riii*- Hu m round their miatake. Tli?- people aa'l there bogu- dem?* rate lave no umiici'tKin. Tlt?- laUcr i beltcvod^ti democrat > rulers, but nut in democratic aj?o ciaUon* (laughter ) All the combinations of "tTTTTf " wen' ioirtf'1 ag? n-t leri.ando Wood M?y?r Wood, a? an individual, might be notli:nc more than Uiediwtnn their (?hoi' ? tiny other man nnirht rnpreaewt them a* m il? tut , the question wan, would they sustain Fernando W otal? (t'rM*, "V?t ye?, W* will.") II they wore beaten by po llullty, what would bo tlin the < aflMquencef II' woo Id anwer ? tli? 1<>** of their liberties. A* for John A. Kennedy, he thought It a good day fcr Tammany Hall when ho left it. (CImmi.) It was agodi-eud |t> the |utrty. beaauau he waxalwayx tn.ik ing mi? hief. (Cheers.) It would be well Ira great many more such met hief maker* would leave. They might lie down like lamb* together , and join Iwuid*; hut after the ele? lion these bickering* were Hiire to start tip. Iind he hoped the p< r?>n>i who MMM| them Wmild leave the partv. Tliey HOW hi?l arrayed n?r un-t them the party who had bled Kansas to death, and all it* capital tiriM go with It; and now they wanted instead to bleed the tHate and city treasury. The ? ity ta? now >n debt, not by the legi-lation of tl" d?'Di"? tiitn- parly, but by that >?f their i>|ipof)< lit*. Wilt II the democratic |s?rtv lived, their liberties would lite; but when that fwrtv died, their lilHTtle* would totter and fall to the ground, ((ireat ap plause. ) Mr. Jon* rortmcrt wan tiejt loudly ralle I fur and greeted with overwhelming ? heerw. lie '?aid he had but a few word* to addre** to them and r>-?|?<-tftilly asked their aMfMM Tliere were mighty theme* to be dm cus-ed, mighty ialere*t- at stake and mighty current* ??prcadilig o\er the land, whl< li It wa? for the fieople In dirctt It lie jadged aright tlial w?< Do people"* p-trty. It ?u the sovereignty ot Uie people. The people in the great majestv of their MVM I igaty -U?*l invulnerable and invincible He spoke to that triple of Tammany Halt that b< n* w 'fmk? to in the Aea-'- tny af_ Jlnr. Their prim I le* w Ifi pel eiMiat, though the were in etdcatal. If a blow was atrwk at the ^pdtd ?te Rum struck at the pr nctple, and tl they wnnflT 'u<'?iii tln ir principle* th y must *ustaln tlieir candidate Here were ret rew ntativm of the onprcasc 1 of Ireland, of nermany . and of the world ; and they uttere I the caha It* tic words of deiB<*-rary '* The land which I occupy w holy land, and reuet not be prosed by the foot of" the despot ' Parties were the gr-at implement* nf freedom. Without party, I ngland would have stolen nnr liberties, federalism would nafe crushed the land. fanaticism would have become prevalent, and the I nit?d dates Itank w?uld never have be. a arre-led by the strong arm a .tvck'on (Cheer* ) Tammany llall had stood a pold.eal light'ious* lipon whu h all eye* eon Id look to aee if. imtd the .urkne*? and (loom of the political world. *lie ctill at'*wl to Warn the jaiitile from itanger *od defend them from wroo^ TIh' fie ment that *?w th< m a.lver-e to her guidance, tmM ?ee the rnvmiiton* of de-piKte power u*urp ng their trM* (Cfceeri.) Here, u|? u th?- ro-k nj?m whu-h the democracy nf nattc*w were ontred, tlvy ?u?" I rnd said that ?ever until the laet arm grew palced and the l?ft eye grew dirt would they surrender btrinv fbe Itnt a f"w month* "'nee la** bad be?a pi-*. I whh !i In l removed fTem every man ? door their ?aieg'uir at tuglit. and fn m tl.e painty building* the.r mat'ncl*, *i i the leglelature had tuken to iteelf the rifht t<i 'ti*t*?nd th ir ?ent'nel* and >??! oth> r* in tlieir at en I The ir*t wtof tho I r< tended p form l??en ti incur a leht for f\ en (V?m n-it toners ralarie*. instead <d"tho*e w thont **| trie- ? m tk itig b< th taxation and aruf)Mltna So where bwt in bla<-k republican Albany could w It fVMrip ?* M MtmrUM Tlieir faHhfnl sentinels and them*elve? hM ru*hed toth reeettcand redeemed the ^?tate (i"hecr? ) Their brethren in the eon' tjrl adtH't it |? r formed their Work a*d have strut k the Wow fcfft e>d?i i , arid were disenthrall ? I til We*leV-t ter, t?Tieda and Krie eotint e* there were h'gltui n le.| men like other* in the r- ma ning |* rti m of the -<ute, who h?<l rolled haek the tide of oj i?e**ion Were V-w Yorker ?< to ret i*t op;ire?eh<n by siij. nenes?s \o, it w* by action, action, and if on the tir*tof l^i ember the* sho d I striko a blew such a< hid be. n -.truck in November, New Vorlt would enM be fire*. If they were trie to them*elv<M. and w itld poll but a tithe of the vote with n their power, Ihe wofk would have been aci ontplele it, ami New York be re'tored to her p>*itl?tn among the of the world A loodon alderman had s*ld that If at vempt' lu?d S-en made to dc|>rive I oiidor ul her liberties Sew Yndl had be?ts, there wotd?; hav<> beetia riot. What a commentary on re ptjblicani-trt' It was h?c*u*e the people were iMnfl lent in their syer>eth and sovereignty . awading Ml |iwnn III hour for Iht-M loMrike. Tlte y heard the fatal ticking nf the c'tsk. and ?aw the nkn int of the hand, and when it readied the drrt of Itecerabee, glad vmoea would utter the cry,' New York e ity ia redeemed." (M Ih.hrit was llien ( ailed for, and aaid that he did not stand up to mAke a *pcech, but to aay a word in e* planation At Tammaitv Hal' , Uie other nt?lil. he a tew remarks which were groaaly miareprfwented * thi-< floor; itr.d as the iHstrnt Attorney had a**ailed him. h? iHijed he would have an opportunity to answer him LA votar ? tfkinhim.) He S%|<| that lie was charged w?!i bigotry and he *tigma'i-cd the charge a* t"a!*e H>' w%* b?.rt> of the people, with no inheritance but w<>rk, an l in i roimtry e"tshe<l tfown by MKiwiMstn *1.11 he MTngfled from hi* infancy unltl he ?aw Ihe fetters cf dn ptdUta broken What he s*. | of Mr dcKe.m wh, that he vlAiUvd W l>a ot Ihe Iraii race, and. aa it wers, of U* Irish religion. 1I?> denounced liiu idea of separating Irishmen from American* here We wire American citizens, and nothing else but American citizens Me might be allowed tu ray, as St I'aul said in Rome, when the lor turers (the Know Nothings of ilutt tune) were busy with their gridiron* ? I too am a Roman citizen tic might say he too won an American citizen. He. said that M< K ecin ha<l not evinced Uioee s> miwlhioH for tliu people whose blotsl he has alwaya hoax ltd ran in his veins, when he selected tine of the tribe of Henjainln lor his associate. (Cheer- and laughter ) But i ?? would ra tli?-r have hi* arm fiaralyzed than reproach any one lor but religion. He had been called a Sepoy, and if lie sympathised Willi Sepoys, (?od knows he could not lR* harden ihe Jews, lie once drew up a |ietition in favor of the miianc qaitHMi of the Jews in I'ngland, and got 20,000 signatures lo it. He sy in|mlhisetl will) the Sepoy a, became they are wronged, lie came here U> nenow oe ihe conspirator- agatn/-l liberty, lie had otten occasion to ask Mayor WishI for aid for a poor Irishman, ami he never asked where ho was born lie iindcrxtood IIimI McKuon l?m-ted thut he voted for (?en ('ass, bill Fernando Wotsl, too, vote forhlm;and if that was all Mr McKeon had to boast of, It *a< not much, (lirral confiiMioii in the gallery, and cries of " Turn hui out" and "Throw him over'') Mr. McKeon hold out a bribe lo the poor aian, for he hinted that tliere wax m*uey HOmewheie to defeat Keruando Wood. Mayor Wood's wholo career wan an effort to relieve the poor. Mr. Iloiwuiy said that many remarks had been matte about the unfortunate weapon hi! exhibited at Tanimnny Hall; and he since, pcrha|is, regretted the fact,*- Mr HrookH was dead. The speaker then alluded to an attack which liad been inadn u|m>ii lulu in the Kxjin-ss , owing lo the fact that he was re purled in the Ilr.K.ti.n to have used the term 'Booby Itrooks ' at Tammany Hull, the t>ther evening He sent a friend Hi Mr llrooka for an explanation, and he w mid say ilia I fits friend aaaured him that Mr Brooks' reception of him was niiwi gentlemanly and kindly. There are fou I agen ciesat work to hunldow n Fernando Wotsl , because he does noi iixk what a man'n religion is or where he was born (( beers.) They should all work hard until Monday night. They were here to night lo vindicate the intellect of man and lliey should remember that whether they carried the hod , mounted the scaffold of the building or drove the cart, they were men standing erect in tho image ot liod and sharing Him divine essence The tN'ean shell, it was said, would retain and re echo tie sound which it hail learned in it* home iu the ocean, and no the people here assembled in their granduur and su primacy of their intelligence would re eehu the principles ol their party, and stand by its taith lie had not in tended to speak st> long (Cries ol "tio on," "(Jo on ") He asked them when they went home and saw -uspmioos characters lurking about, In go away; and that though tho plat e ?un a "precinct," they had mine ol their lllterty left, l et them It'll tliwr liimilies, if they had no other reason in 'he world, to stand by the man who endeavored lo preserve their liberties, ami who is as-alled by m n whose vindlctiveness had made them walking libraries of malignity ami dictionaries of vituperation. ? (Cheers and laughter.) ? them tell them in charity aud humanity and tiecency to sustain the man tlius lihtdled, while Ins mouth was closed and his arm held down. Tell them that if they could net bring any charge against the Mayor exce| I |ierli ?|is one that lie wits -us-eptible it) ? that Johu McKeon. with his robot ofolllclal dignity, would llnd it us hard lo see the Mayor an the commonest beggar that walked the street. If they could bring no heller charge than that, they had better keep silent. (Cheers.) Ho knew the Mayor h.vl been guilty ol that. A Vokx ? Oh. the dirty hlackgiard. And if Coroner I'erry had come there with a petition from lorty poor wklows, instead of a warrant signed ami sealed with the sigu mantul of Kecorder Smith, he believed he would have been received at the City Hull, kindly, lie had Ires |>u ted on their lime. (Olett of "go on. go on. ") lie had lo greet his brother robber* upon tho fat t til their great Increase since ho lart inet them, and in conclusion, lie hofietl that they would rally as one man, lo ihe support of Mayor Wood. (Cheers ) The applause which greet**! Mr. Itoh'-ny minutes, and there were then loud cries for "Meagher." The Chairman slated that Mr. Moagher in the house, but the audience would not lie xaMsfthJ Colonel iMiheny then came forward, aud motion Virk Dr Merkle, who hail alrea<ly said "Follow cil.zcus" twice, read a letter Irtim Mr Moaglier, staiaig that lie had not received the invitation until lute and could not attend. Three cheer ? were then given for Mr Meagher. Colonel I 'obeli y als'i announced llial there would be a meeting of the (tt rmaa ?up|iorters ol the Mayor at Vauxhall to night, and also at litmiiiany Hall. I>r. Mkrki k th n announced that at the conclusion of the meeting a procession would In- formed, headed by the band, which would proceed 1own Broadway to the St. Nicholas, where they would serenatle his llrntir the Mayor. l>r Merkle said he would say a few words in be half of the election of Fernando Wood, as Mayor. He considered it as a duty incumbent on him as a democrat, to come here ami s|ieak for his re election (Cheers ) He hoped that Tammany Hall would hurl hack all thiate who had not proved true aud aotind on tbc neuis ipttl qui-tain It was not merely a question ol the election of Mayor Wood, but it was a question of municipal rights He liatl been a close observer of political history since IKtft, au<l liatl marked down the names of the renegades of the de mocracy . ami found among the list tlie name of Daniel K. Tiernaun lie had presided at the drat Native American meeting in Military Hall, la the Huwery lia haul hasn asked to Kitn the party nn the gronnd thai they Inuwdett to persecute ihe Irish and not the iHirniant. (iTe-ers anil laughter ; He had heard Tu-mann refuse to sign a petition for a Condulslup bonause thn spplk-ant * was a foreigner. If there wero Irish and (Jerman atlopted titiaens present, cotild Ibey contaminate their hands on Urn cay of nl?ctjon with a ballot for lHui<e| K riemann' If there were Know Nothings preset t, could they tru?l a man who wistld sus tain Ihem in the height of tlieir glory anil de<ert tliem id the hour of their need.' (Cheers ) Mr. Hikam Km iit ii, Jr , soo of the Hon. Hiram Ketch um,said he met the audience wilh mingled feelings of gladness aud regret ? gladnest. that they were an until- id by the same dt>*ire? as himself and regret that he had beer obliged to leave the party in whs h lie lua<l hereto(or?t worked. liut | arty ? Ui? old whin party had (?lien by it* own ttnpob tice, aii.l m endeavoring to form the ho called republican | ?rly, they had been obliged to leave a gr?at many good old Henry Clay * I' iff* wh>' find jouieo with tho demoe.racy. Mr Kcu hum ? ontinu> <1 at wim>' Kngtb fai a bow ili.u the preeent Tiemann movement wa.* guided by Ttiurlow W< ed,heward A On an. I carno*tiy exhorted *11 AMrMW, w lug* and iIwmii i.-tli'il democrat* to think i?T this fact before voting Ills ipwh wr.- very interesting tint a lircat iKirtion of tbe audummVod left u? Join in the pro CffxIM. When Mr Kikhon eoncladed th?rt were loii>l erlee for a .ting. anil Mr Kcrrlvan came forward aud announce.! that be would give iti- ro a win* which ha>l be?*n rburw?d Hl*M* the bouse by twenty flv>- thousand democrat* Mr. Kerrigan then cang the "Tlenuuin in th? f borne of winch the wholu audience jotn.-d; afu-r which tbe meeting broke up;? EFFORTS OF A REPOBTKB TO GAIN AD f MITTANCE. One of oar reporter* reached tbe Academy a abort timo before half i>a*t 7, the hour Died for tbe meeting. TV crowd In Fourteenth ?tr>et, between Fourth and Thir l avenue*, allowed that bo would have do eaey task in pro curing admittance Htlll, he thought that he might manago to effect an entrance by tbe ?tage door on Fourteenth atreet. An orator wae boldmg forth from the etoop of tbe large boarding houae on Irving place, oppoaite the ma<n entrance to the Academy another waa apeak ing from the atoop of a booee in Fourteenth atreet, opposite tbe gallery entrance, another waa boldng on by ooe of the large tan tern poeta of tbe Academy . and add reaping hi* " fellow cit.wn*" from that preenrkme foothold, ..there atill were *peoklng from variou* other pointa in Fourteenth atreet and Irving place. Altogether , there were aome ha.f doaen addreaaea being made at tbe aame time, to audierw ??* that were mdeecribably evciled an<l voriferou*. Oar reporter made fcia way with difficulty through the detiae crowd. an<l at length reached the poiatofthe sidewalk eeare*t the ?'tag* door The door Iteelf we* be*leg. d by ?nn? I wo or three bun dred noiay applicant*, and through theae it waa all bat an impcmtiMllty to wedge one a way In Mr Rkhard Hcheil waa the only line who aucceeded in doirtg an. Vainly ho ?trove to make way for i# reporter, and half a doaen other representative* of varioti* new*pa|<era. Net one i f them ?o?ild monnei. to p^oetfaAc the crowd Mr. liell r< m?.rt*trated, cooled?all to no pvrpoa* Hi* ap tx altotlie bo> $ to " make way f'.r tlie reporter of tho |lt*4i i> would bring oat three cWn fur the lltmi hut wcwHI hot Ml tb< reporter ? * inch*-* neer?r to th? door At length the door oj?on? d and cloaed upon Mr Scbeii, ao4 the half d?.*>n re|?.rter* w<re no nearer to th.- pontile aire-l than wlcn they made the attempt. Th? n th. y ehaneed tlie |?nnt of atu. k Tbe d-?# 'ead ng to tlie upper gillerie > was ittainahle, an i It w .* ?) pe4 that hy tht' doi r the) might bave aome jpot Me ? Vui ? of petting a eight at the mert ng in*' le. 1*1*1 b?>|a' ' The current rn iking it* way ftp tlw? *air* w u not *?> ?trong a* that matting down; niid t5ie general rrj was. th> re '? no chance tip that wav " ihir report 'r fctn ' that there waa tan mtirh truth in the a-aertioo 1 t"r" di4 n i aeem to he lb* remoieat ahad w i>f * pneaibimy of attaining a stand point in that direction from wtin h o -?.? or hear a glitnjwe or word of the proce*diajr? f>own tli<? iron atalr' ae? again ooee more o?t in the mion.igh!' Tbe ?peak era ar? atlll i.oiding ?'fb fr-m th ir aovaral *tanda There ap|? ira to be re Ivk nf ekiywra, ar abaeace of andlen^e* A train ?n a-a.?'ilt i? made upon tb>* *t*Ke d.K>r. but w,th ne better * .c?.ji- although Una t meonr renter i* informed that Mayor *o.?| boa Jitet got through? ha\ ing i"-.n lifted I over th.. hevl* of the dense m.iJW an t -afely depeelte.1 at tho door. WbKb opened to receive him Repuleed hoi not .lislieartenetl. onr reporter found him aeii much to h ? contfV.rt. on.? more ?m tbe *?lewaik. and renered frrtn ih. aaffoealto* preaaure. wh.cb be ha d bet n .|.. rallv and too?l nal ir.-dlT endu-lng for the pre c. dine hali boor By and hy he la Joined by a doicn member* of tit** f*>mmittee rf Ar- ang. in nu? and th" Hon .'"&n Cecil rane, who probably wi?haa to ha^e ?n nfportWWy of making an el ajti. nt. elaa*i. ?| ora t., n Mr t'oebrane and the ^ommiitre renew the eflbrtto ntdt'e a.1mieaton for themaelve* and for the reporter* U ta a long "' I -"*tam.d effort, but re?ult*. like all the ctheta, in dterotnfltnre The political and poiit? Oarbern*. who guarded the door on the Inside, having kicked out a pat e of tie** over the door, poked ont hie head through the ap<Ttnre Una made and aa-nred the committee tbxt there waa not standing room for another per*on oa the nage and that apprehenetoaa were eaterumed lent tho ataije ahoald break down. Ihere waa no ttee In making farther effort*, hot bun dreil* of enthu*ia*tic dcmocraia atlll ken' he*i?ftng th * and the otb<>r door* of the building. *i the vain hope th?t *,?n.' priporttinity for their vlmieaton wottM pre?er.t iteelf. lortunakly *ome other* of onr reporter* had keen oa [CVNTPtlKD ON HKiHTU PAtiK.]