Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1857 Page 3
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Wwkly Report of Ofatbf Id the City ud county of New York, from the 21st day ?* Novesiber to the 2?th day of November, Men, 104, women, 68; boys, 130; girls, 101 ? ToUl, 404. AcfoKe, 173; children, 281; males, '234; females, lTOj ?olored i>ersons, 12. DlHItASKti. A)mc^r 1 Fever, remittent. Abscess, psoas 1 Aibnmmaria, and Briglil'a disease of kidneys 2 Fever, scarlet 19 Fever, typhoid 4 Fever, typhm 3 Apoplexy 2 Fistula in ano. . ? ? ? ?? J A|?>plexy, nervous 1 Fracture of the skull 1 Arttrit:a, oseiliciitiou of. . . 2 Heart, disease \j1.. .. .... 1 Asthma . . 6 Heart. disease of, valvular. 3 ? . ? ? , - Bleeding from lungs 2 Hip, dlsoaso of 1 Rowels, disease of 1 Hooping cough 5 Bronchitis. * Inflammation of bladder. . 1 Burned or scalded 3 Inflammation of bowols... 6 Cancer of tho brtast 1 Inflammation of brain ... , ft ttincer of the livor 1 Inflammation of liver .. .. 1 Inflammation of Inngft, . . .25 Inflammation of stomach.. 2 Inflammation of tonsils... 1 Intemperance 1 Catarrh... * 1 Omualties 2 Casualties by injury to peritoneum.... ........ 1 Cholera infantum. 4 Jaundice 1 Cholera morbus 2 Kidneys, disease of 2 Compression of tho brain. 1 Killed or murdered, by Congestion of ilie brain. . . 7 Congestion of tho lungs. . . 7 ttabbing 2 Ijver, discaso of. 1 Consumption 69 Malformation 1 Convulsions, adult 1 Malformation of anus 1 Convulsions, iufantilo . . . . 28 Marasmus, adult 3 Convulsions puerperal . . . 3 Marasmus, infantile 22 Croup ? 11 Measles 12 Debility, adult 4 Palsy 2 Debility, infantile 8 I'arturition diOlcult.,..., 1 Delirium tremens 1 Premature birth tt Diabetes miliitus. 1 Rheumatism 2 Diarrhooa 5 Rupture of bloodvessel. . . 1 l>rop*y 0 Rupture of bowels 1 Droptsy in the chest 1 Scrofula 3 Dropey in tho head 6 Smallpox 10 Dropsy in the heart 1 Softening of the brain .... 1 Drowned ? 2 Sore throat, maliguant.. . 1 Dysentery 6 Stillborn 28 Italargemcnt of the heart. 2 Suicide, by sulphurio acid 1 Kpilepsy 1 ~ ?*?*--- K Fever, nervous 1 Fever, Pauama or chagres 1 Teething 6 Total. The number or deaths, compared with corresponding weeks of 1866 and I860, and of la?t week, wad as fwl lows Week ending Deo. 1, 1865 336 " Nov. 29. 1850 410 ? ?? Nov. 21,1857 320 ?? Nov. 28, 1867 4C4 Increase this week MCAPimanow? i Bmtea, Joints, fee 4 Brain and nerves 63 federative organs 2 Heart and blood vessels. 10 I.nngs, throat, fee 138 Skin', fee., and eruptive lie vera 41 M CUL WKD. Stillborn and premature birth 37 Stomach, bowels, and other digestive organs. 69 Uncertain seat and gene ral fevers 34 Urinary organs 6 404 Total ?Of which 12 were from violent causes. AISWH Cnder 1 year 121 30 to 40 years 38 1 to 2 years 45 40 to w) years 39 2 to 6 yean 39 50 to 60 years 22 6 to 10 years 17 60 to 7u years 18 10 to 15 year? 5 70 to 80 yoara 5 15 to 20 year. 14 80 to 90 years 4 ?JO to 25 y cart, 18 ? 26 to 30 years 19 Total 404 *ATivmw>. ftaat Indies 1 Prussia 1 Kngland France _2 ?ermany Scotland 6 United States .271 33 Unknown 2 Wales 1 frelond 74 Italy 2 ? Poland 1 Total 4C4 prBt-ic ixsrrrrnoirs. Almshouse, Blk'ls Inland. 7 IVnt'y llnsn, Blk'ls Isl'd.. 1 Beltevue Hospital 16 Randall's Isl'd Nur'y llos 4 City Hospital 3 St. Vinccnt'J Hospital. .. . 3 City Prisons 1 Ward's Isl. Eniig't Hos'l. .20 Colon! Home Hospital... . 6 Workhouse, Bik'ls Isl'd. . 1 invoke and Watt's orphan ? Apylum 1 Total 62 WARDS. 1 10 13 30 4 6 14 26 5 5 15 7 ? 13 16 lo 6 12 17 29 ? 13 18 14 7 21 19 23 ? 15 20 29 ? 23 21 89 V) 12 22 22 U 20 IS 30 Total 420 <;RttW;K W. MORTON, City Inspector Qty Inspector's Itepartiuent, New York. Nov 2H. 1?67. FERSOVIL. Anthony dk i.rvkr and Margaret smith, or Margaretta gni nit, were i arried by some clergyman r niagistraie ot the city rt St? Vor* or us vlclnuy, in ihe mouth of Mb roll April or May. of thin year, *12., 1857. If the person who married tbem will inform N. J. Wyeth. at'or nrj at law, No (* Wall s'reet, N Y . be will prevent an act of the grossest Injustice, and will be lltwrally rewarded. IF MRS CLIFTON, WHO ltOARIiKH IN FI.KKT street, Kri oklyn, laM wiuter, wiU addren., a note to A. li. iiioad way rout ,.Bice. Mating where she may be found. It will be tc.Ler advantage. J*. -TELL THFM TO DIRECT TO SWAN A CO.. AU ? gnsta, tixorpia. R HAMI'KI. TUIVKTT I.ATR OF HIIEBWOOI) BILL, Nottingham. Kng.and. 1* requested to return to Molting haai Immediately. u> r?'<-eive property left hini b j his father, And m write ki'Bir to say he la coming. His presence Is in ?epen?alde (J M. W.? CALL IT TIIK OPFICR AH SOON AS POS O, s.ble for a letter of Imporiaio-r u> you. A. J. K. M BPKCIAI. NOTICES. Au?tk?n prick*. kxih.isivki.y. -continuation of JuIlN N. liENIN t* grrat f ur ?ale, at 368 KrjaJw.iy. Mm adrertiacmcBt In ilua paper. /"iRNEF Al. MOTICB -TIIK ANl'lKNT ORDKR OF III VJ h< rmar* ill New Vork ami Brooklyn aro punctual!? re qu^ated laiitrgd th? funeral of ih?or iale brother, Mi ba.'l Mil* he t " in hi ?:?!?? ri m J i ncc, No. 47" tintail utroet. Now York, rn Monday. Nov. .10 iti half pagt 12 o'clock. Meet al P. I Hit ic'a, Her.trr *j-ert. al half paat IX By order OWKN KKNAN, aoneral Proa Jeut. tonom KiHumts i; s. MAK>NI<- NOTICK.? TIIK MKMliKRS or RCRKKA I?altfr, S.i ?4.\ r. A. M , arc bcrehv dlrec'cd to at:end a special meeiin*. at ihelr r"im?. M?*?nic Temple. corner of Hr< .uid rrnabt airc?i?, on Moudtt evi, Nov. jo, at ISo'tlwk. for deapalch of bualnea* My order Nil IIOI. AH PKIKSON, Miatir Wm. n. Ummiiiu, Fecre'ary On rricB or kkikivkii or taxem, (nkw court ? lloiian.) 32 Chamber* ?troc.i, New York. Nov. 1. IK>7 ? Notl?.e ia hrnb; given Hut one per rent w ill bo ?dd<'<| on *><! laigayof li/crnsber on all Uie* remaining nnpaid, alao two per eent will be added on the 1Mb day of liecomber. CUe.'kn and lillla cm city bank* taken. Kiivelope* containing money and bill* not roc?lvcd. No money received after 2 o'clock. wfLaON B.MA1J., Roceiver. OrriCE MANHATTAN Oil, fOMI'ANY, 16 UROAIV ? a n) Now York, Nnrrmbcr7, 1867 ?The atorkholdrra of M?<a company are hereby aotifad tka: In purmuuice of a rrAn ?f the dlrec'oro, a meeting of ih? ?to>-kliofdere will bo held at Mm ?flee of tko company, on the tout Wedncaday in Decern ber neit, al 12 o'clock M , lo 'aka iulo con?l(|eraii?u and ef k*n, if denirable, a redaction of the rapltal at.vk to !kree hon 4roa lkou?an1 dn!!*ra, gn tng to ill ?hare? thereafter equal value and character N. T Carrjl. Edward Uame'l. T M. Wfven. John C Mallory. Wm. Pollock, J*mea M. Motley, Oaaiel R. Jonra. IMroi-tora. pFWHACOI.A MARINK BARBACKH.~MRAt.RD PRO X pnalu will be r, -cived by Hj* und>T*lgnetl mini Prlday, .ah I- - a Her neit, a', It o 1 ek, for iurm*k<ng 'he mal< Mil I m ? I'll Work for f.iur Uirgp h g . ..?mgwill #nc M ?f Ine Mrrvka at I' 'nairni?, Klonda Aloo for th? nar r'ntrr'a w k and p laa'Ttoir plana a?d apeetftcatton* e* b.ted at A J. Maguln'a oltlce Mo m Wall alro?l. and fur J>er Infori ? n given. or al my mom, No AM Wratern Hi>tel. Hnuafacui icrmct and bond for lh? faithful cmnpllanco of Ike rot WBWmilrMl P. A. OIHBOlML I rKOCI.ABATWM.-IW PC RSI' A NCR OF A RRHOU7 tion of the I'ofniTi hi fonnell of Ihe e|iy of New York, I do bereWy ofrr a rewar?l of flun |.<r the deteeihm of any peraon roUnc or aitempting i? *ut? il.e^ally, or of ?n y peraon who aha II nrnrure. aid. ???i-t. roanaol or adelaoaoMkar lo girt or odrr hie ellieKnIlT ?>r to go Into any ward or election dis trict for II port" *e. al tho i nv iln* elertlon, to be held In UMacJir* fwooday le lot 4aj oi l??. enber neii, to bepald upon I.* OI. > . u 'I if the offender, ?nd ihe eerWltcate of the l<iairn-t Attorney or the Jtv*gc of the t'otirt where eoaylcKd, thai ?urh cunelctioti *a< bad upon the leatimnny of the prra<in or perai*a claiming i n h re.ward Bill all claim* lor ?ut h reward, o'd pre~ n\e<l t.< in loraiene | in wrtilng ? lUnn twenty day a arier the con vie tio? -,f ??irh offender, aha II y,. ,ar I .| Uiren under my hand ni the Mayor a oflkM, ?t. . iS ivffj. r KH v > v .. . vm .. . i v , T^HO All W H ' ' M IT MAY COMCBBX miRRK\M two bor?ea, two acta of harnew. one m Ik wagon, on* grocery wagon h?? li?-i"i l.-i t with mo. and no owner Ui be liiniid. I will canac to be ao|,|. at jni'illc auction, In frootof Ihe en ? *1 "? i"* of WM WITTKRH auciloneor 4M < '?n?l airet t. cwt Priday, Ihe fonfb day of U?oemtier, for atoragn and keep. . ^ . 7* KMITH, l.lvery ? table. N >rth Moore atreet. near llndaon. TUK LBCTVU NRAMoi* " A^m cot RfK or rm .? t,K? ti rps on tiik irinToRY 1 1' "lie NefWhuH* wiil be given be given by M C de Hrwyn I'rlnre, In Iroquloa Hall. Joraey I'Hy, on the?>inof November aail llie ?l. 7th and yi? of Oecember Tlckeia for ?be conrae "S eenta, and lor oach lecture, Tt conla. To be had al Ka?how * t.? k?i<ire or on Dm evening at Ike door. Lecturo to commence al 7)t P M ?0AM AYANA DOB VJ<T 1 1 ?' ANO OF.RMAN ICQAM ARR _ n?w br i iw ? i in* ? ialy low rii 'oa. fori a A. i\ t my MMkhkMl pill ' liaeera are parttcutarly inrited Ui et*m ?? iko varhm. it, voice, whi h .? w.? W fMh Hth uiccH OIIBkK! . 17 DfOllltiJf. II MINT ABD mUD. I,0"- A P1RKMAN N HADor, NO 96.1 TIIK FTBDRR Mu^Ho'-H '' ' ' L?aToZ;AT T,IR W'M,n M F KT 1 \i Ol K1 ,T> AT~TH R NichotSThSiT of <" ,n *"m3 fr'"" ""-re the Hi b"?'h ? ? - ?? frMay evening, Novrmber 7J, ? poek-t Co Ml, 1, ^rfWeate of ihe Mc-hanica Flrolnanram-o It i? WiiMki?kf ahare*. The finder will receive every dollar ?-I. br Ij'TJ,; <iuhr.^IrAV * W'l'TH POIBTRR ol tail, brown nn hl,", '** * bMwn apot on the top limler Will n'ermlted with while al tip* The Mar'lndale. h ^1} ,JJ ''' "?"NT 'amea L'fiK m inb\^U? 4AJ. yONNIWO, rWOM |K RAWT fcrea?l, anawora Ui i,.? ? Ir .JW'oiimUaOd at ill, wllh while or gue hilormnttoa of kl i ri',,r* Whoever will ?mrn warded, being ih- cin / wherealioutk will b? liberallv re - , A departed frleod. STRAYKD A WAV i,i bor?, aldark NeWf*lni,.'l'?*T ?VRWfBU, NOVUM hi. br- on ii.l * inn, ?h , . / ',"K *llh 1 whl'e - ?.??;>e mi of Pan Wkoever Win ?Xr" ^,1 to Ih-i fume will libf mil y rewarrVd ^ *1 W#??| Thirtieth nn^t BOARDING AJTO LODGING. 2 AND 4 ABINGDON SQUARE, WEST SIDE -TO LET. with board, a front parlor; akto a large room on second I oor. Car* and stages pans. References required. 3 FIFTH STRKKT, TIIRKB DOORH FROM TUIRDAVK n u? ? N ice i <H>m on second story , board , fuel and gas, far two persona, at $4 each per week. 4 GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH board and rooms at 21 Jay street. 4 BOND STREET. NKAR BROADWAY.? PLEASANT and quiet furnished rooms to let to gentlemen, without board. ST. MARK'S PLACE.? ONE OR TWO LAROE FUR U nished front rooma and one small room to let, with board, on moderate terms, In the first class bouse No. C St. Mark's GBOND STRKET, NEAR BROADWAY.? PLEASANT furnished rooma to let, with board. Dinner at 6 P. 9. ? 9 SPRING STREET, NEAR THE BOWERY.? A FEW single gentlemen may obtain pleasant rooms and good hoard, with tbe comfort* of a home. tOTH STREET, NORTHWEST CORNER OK SEVENTH LO avenue.? A laily haviuc hired the spleudid house recent ly occupied by the late l)r. Green, wishes to let some rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to either families or single gentle men, with board, on reasonable terms. 1 *> I.RIIOY PLACE ?A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT J.O children, occupying that elegantly furnished house, with ball), gas, Ac., wish Ui receive a few respectable gentlemen, single ami married, 10 searcbof the comforts of a bomeduring the winter. UNION SQUARE. -TO LET, WITH BOARD, ONE Riiigle room. Dinner at ti o'clock. 22 20 UNIVERSITY PLACE.? A HANDSOME PUR Z, nished suit ol' rooms on the second floor, in a family where there are but few hoarders, suitable for a small tamt. ly or single gentlemen. Those wishing a quiet and comforta blc home will please call. OH SEVENTH AVENUE? A LADY HAVING TAKEN the spacious house, lately occupied by Dr. Green, north west corner of Thirteenth street and Seventh avenue, con tainng g:is, hatha, and all modern comforts, and wishing to reduce lUe expense of housekeeping, would be glad to let a lew of thif rooms, handsomely furnished or uuturnished. Apply Immediately. References given and required. 4 A UNION SQUARE, OPPOSITE THE PARK ? OF.N 'i i tl?'iiien and their, wives desiring first class accommoda tions for < he * inter may Abtaln desirable suits of rooms, With board. Reference required. J7 AMITY STREET.? FURNISHED APARTMENTS IN *X I a prtvate family, with or without partial board ; parlors ami bedrooms and single bedrooms on moderate terms, t?ar tlculsrly suitable for gentlemen desiring :i quiet and comfort - allehome. Relcrences exchanged. 47 Amity street, 4 Q SEVENTH AVENUE, CORNER OF FOURTEENTH TrO street.? A good chanoe to young gentlemen. Frenoh *| oken at table and also French tuition free to boarders, by I'rol. A. Basset. The house Is first elass aud contains all the modern Improvements, location unsurpassed; references ex ?Hut I Q ROBINSON STREET, CORNER OF GKEENW1CH. T"t/ ?A gentleman and his wife, alio two young men, can be accommodated with board. Two young ladies can also be accommodated. CC AND 67 WEST TWENTYTHIRD STREET, BE t Jl) tween Fifth <nd Sixth avenues. ? To let, with board, suits of rooms handsomely furnished, suitable fur gentlemen and their wives, or sin(lc gentlemen. House first class, with the modern improvements. Location very desirable. Din ner at ?ii. rQ VARICK STREET, CORNER LAIGHT.-ROOMS TO fJO let, with hoard, two attic roomR. one halt bedroom tnd one room suitable for two single gentlemen or a gentleman and hia wife. nr MACDOUOAL STREET, THREE DOORS ABOVE lj? ' Houston.? Two or three gentlemen, or a gentleman and wife, can be accommodated with good rooms and board in a small family without children, either furnished or unfur nished, to suit applicants. The Moms are very pleasant for tbe. winter, and will be let reasonable to respectable parties. (? 7 EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN UNION *) I square and Irving Spseious riKtfn? on second and fourth floors for families and single genUemeu, with board. House with entire new furniture. H(\ FRANKLIN STREET, FIRST HOUSE WEST OF I U Broadway.? Entire second floor, neatly furnished, for a psriy of gentlemen. Breakfast served if required. Mingle an 1 large double rooms, l'ric.e to suit the times. Inquire as above. 7U WJMNG STREET, A FEW DOORS FROM BROAD I ts ??j -To le', several handsomely furuislwd l>ed rooms, t<> single gentlemen The location Is near all the first ?La as hotels. Inquire in the building, of ANtiON HoUbE. I "I A FOl'RTH AVENUE. NEAR TWELFTH STREET. - 1 L\J Suits of rooms on tirst*nd second tloors, uewlv and hnr.r.sonicjy furnished; suitable for small families or single gentlemen The house is first class, aud tbe locatiou is very pleasant and desirable. 1 WAVERI.EY PLACE? A SUIT OF ROOMS. ON Jtw second tloor, slso rooms for single geutleinen, well furnished, wish good board. References exchanged. l/'/T GREENE STliKKT, BETWEEN HOUSTON AND lut) Bleeckrr.? A nice large front room to let, furnished, to a lady and gentleman, or two single gentlemen. Rent, with gas and fire, >7 a week. Board if required. m HUDSON STREET.? A BACK PARLOR AND other Urge commodious rooms to let, with board, to a gentleman and nis wile or single gentlemen; house with nnsiern improvements, located near St. John's p:ixk. Refe rences exchanged. TOO ?RK*ME STREET, FIRST HOUSE ABOVE _1 ? m F Blei ,'Xi r ? Handsomely furnished riMjui". wnh full or L.iitlal board, for gentlemen and their wives, or single gen tlemcn. Reference exchanged. nflZ AND 567 BROADWAY.? FURNISHED AND UN 4 I'll/ Itirnlshed rooms to let tw gentlemen and their wives and s.ugle gentlemen, terms from |1 SO to $8 per week, sit uation itnsurpsssed. being In ihe vicinity of the St. Nicholas and Metropolitan Hotels. The above lirst cl.iss house has cLtnfcd hands, and havtag been recently fitted up, superior a< foiiimodations are offered. 71 Q BROADWAY CORNER OF WASHINGTON PLACE, / li) over Welter's Saloon. Furnished parlors and bed rooms to let. A SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM, WITH LARGE . closet, may be had, with board, for a gentleman and his witf or single gentlemen, at 171 East Seventeenth street, near frecond avenur. References exchanged. 4 GF.NTI.EMAN A!fD I.ADY CAN OBT \IN A YERY J\. pleaaaBI ?">' headaoaMly furnlahed front parlor and I.. .IriHim, with full or partial board for gentleman. Terma vrrv rrnaonable. No otfcer boarder* taken. Apply at 4t() KikLiL arenue, between Thirty tint aa<l Thirty aecoud ?Ui. APARTMFNTS TO LKT -KUOART PARLORS. HAND aomely furnished. with bedroom at lac had. aud private table. to let. Apply to Ml* H. 1.<>WE, 13 Weal Twenty fonrth atreet, near Fifth avenue. \ FRENCH I.ADY PKSIHKS BOARD IN A KM A IX family of quiet habit*. where ah.- may en|oy the prtvl li /tea of a home If It waa convenient, ahc would give V rcn, h ie?M>ua Reference* eicUanged Addreaa K , boa 57 Htrald otter, ?utiing location and terms, which mini be very moderate A I.ADY IIAVINO MORI ROOM THAN IHR RK quires. ran annBMdM a laily and MatlMMn with a Bin' Turn Ian Ml room on aecoud floor, Uourd for ths lady, at Ml Wit nitwiwtili nrwi. A" I.ADY AND HENT1.EMAN WIHH A FCRNIHIIF.D room, with board f.-r Ike lady only, in a quiet family wi.t r*- there are no other hoarder* Brooklyn or Jeraey fity prelered. Addreaa, mating term*, whu b muat be moderate,) t. K. U, Herald oOee. deference* exchanged. Boarp-a of.nti.em an and HIR wiff, OR TWO or three gentlemen ran be pleaaaatl* aoeommodated with rt-.n.a and board at Rll Itroadway, fourth honae above Seven Iretth ttrert. Rrferrwcn exchanged. Terma moderate. BOARD -A OHMY1.EMAM AMD HIR WIFE OR TWO ?ingle gantlamsa aaa be a? ? ?awdslsA vtth a plaaaant r< ??m tn a moAarn hoawa. artth the ImpmvuwiawK, located at No. I Ntoth Hrttl. hetweea Fifth and Sixth aveaaea. YJOARD-A OENTI.RM Kit AND WIFE, OR A OOCPLM J) of alngle gentlemen, ran ohuln a very large and plea ?ml front room, on the aeeond Boor, by applying at 21 Irviog pure, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth atreeia. TJOARD? AM KI.DKRI.Y WIDOW I.ADY, WITH OCT J I lamllf. wonld accommodate a lady with a furnlahed room and board, or convenlen ? ? ng Reins an experienced ? iirae, would prefer one who required nur*lng Apply at ISO Weal Forty third atreei. Kighth avenue rara paaa the corner. Board? a ha ndbomki.y fcrnibhrd front and bark parlor ve let, with or without board, to resfjectable person*. In a private reapertable family without children. I<* h, ga*. Ac. Inquire at ?09 llouaum atreet, near Broad way. Hoard -a pari.or witii bedroom at t ached anltable for a family or two amgle gentlemen. II, use eontalM all the ,mprov*mrul? Partiea wishing to malie arrange aenta for the winter would do wall to call at NYMNA Terma moderate. BOARD.-A UENTI.EMAN AND HIR WIFE, OR TWO aingle g?nllem? n. can be accommodated with plea**nt tnmiahed or anfumlshed rooma, with hoar I, at ti.1 Morlou H'reat, three toltl ca?( of Htidaun. Dealrable location. UO*RI?-A HANDBOME M'RNIRHRD FRONT AND I ba< h parlor, and a very eoml.irtable hack parlor wuh two bedroom* attached, can he 1. 1 to genteel partita, with l??rd. on reaaonal-le tern ? Oaa, bath,' * I1 i. ? ? ' i'l??i Hoard.? <iood board and pi.earvnt Root* m 'l, e family of a widow lady, where the comfort* of h me may I* enjoyed, terma low. ?aa and bath, e'-nveiilent to Itroadway *ta*r* and Sixth avenue cars. Apply at No. 80 \\ e?t Tli.rty' ihlri(&strre4. HOARD CAN BK HAD IN A Jt A MDROMRI.Y F1*M J) I hrown *t"ne houae, deltghtlully aiiuate I Fifth av> nue, by a family or party of gentlemen Th?*e wi?h in? good t ourd and the eomforta of a refined home may aiui.y for Uiree day* at Ml Waat Fourteenth atreet, between rTfl and N>'ii ? v n-i'-a. KOARD DOWN TOWN? A RPl.FNDID FRONT PAR lor and bedroom, on flrat floor, with hmrd, io%*m ill tamilt. a: o. other pirl^r*. on the second ll<?ir, and a few Hiidle gentlemen oan he accommielntefl with pleaaaot front rooata at No. 1 Bridge street, coruar of Btaia, Battery. Hoard inci.tnton fi*ace.-two ykry pi.kvr^nt r<?im* for ijetulettteu att<l their wire*, or for ainnle gentle m<T AI?o a nice room for a *lngle gentlemen on the fourth floor, at V7 < llnton place. Dinner at s. BU OARD IN IIROOEI.YN -A OENTI.BM 4N AND wife, or two ?ingle gengetnen cart hare p|e*?ni and home Ufcv board with a private family, coaven.eol to three terrle*, by calling al SI I Bute atreet, near t'ily llall. between htcith ami Iloyt alreeta, Rrooklyn. YJOARD IN BROOK!. YN? AT 210 HRMRY RTREF.T. HE twi-en State and Atlantic atreeta. A ^enilemun and Imly, or single gentlemen, will tind every com. art of a home The home m tirnl claM, with large h?nd?ome room* Dinner at fix o'clock. YJOARD IN BROOEl YN -FCRNI?HFD RiKtVH TOM J I munieatlng, on aeeond and thtnl Boor*. In aNratelaaa b oiae i t>Dvement to Ronih aad Wall *treet ferrie* Dinner at lix n eloofc Apply at 244 Henry atreet, between t ongreaa and Amity, Hi jklyn Board wantkd-ry a oknti.fman and wife, partial f r gentleman; an onfumtahed ro>im with ?a?. liH-alliai between Houaton ?i>d Fourteenth atreeta, Flrat an I Fourih avenue* Term*, $10 to $1 1. Addreaa, poat paid, O.. box :*I6 I'oat ofllce. UOARD W VNTF.D-HY ARlNtM.EOF.NTl.FMAN.(PAR tm i board.) with bedroom and aitllng roont, light uid (Ire, in a private fam.l*. where I, her* are no other boarder* T-rm* moderate French or Oerman family preferred Ad dregg A.' B . Ilersld ( fflce. ataUiig icrma. BOARDING AND LODGING. Board in brook lyn.-first class furnishkd rooms. for a gentleman anri wife and for single gentle men, at 73 Statu stree', belwceu Heury and Clinton. Partial board fur gentlemen. OARDINO.-A HANDSOME LAROE FRONT ROOM B to let, furnished, in a private family, to ? gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. House nan all the moderii im provements. Apply at ?9 St. Clement's place, Maedougal street. Reference required. B oardino.-a okntleman and his wife, and two stncle gentlemen, can be accommodated with hoard in a private tumiiy, or thrive room* will bo let without board. Apply at 36A East Broadway. B OARDINO.-A OENTLMMAN AND HIS WIFB CAN lir accommodated with a second Htoryiront room; also, a lew single gentlemen, with Rood boara. Partial and full l oard fi um *3 to >3 25. Apply at U J one . street, between Bleecker und Fourih, near Sixth aveuuv. BOARDINO.? A FRONT ROOM, WITH BEDROOM AT (ached, on the third floor; Also a email hall bedroom ou the lower lloor, ran now be obtained tor a small family or part* of gentlemen. Terms moderate, Dinner at 8 o'clo-k. Apply at No. 41 Kant Fifteenth sti?. "t, third bouse from Union square. BROOKLYN.-TO LF.T, WITO HOARD, A BUTTE OF rooms, large and pleasant, on th.i 8- tor. Single gen tlemen preferred. Inquire at b7 State street, near Clinton. Distance convenient to the ferries. COOPER IIOUS!!, 334 BROADWAY.? FURNISHKD rooms, by the dar or week, for gentlemen and ladies. Price pi r week, from 12 to 86. Connected la a first class re staurant. J71LKOANT SUITS OF ROOMS, WIVH FULL OR PAR li tial board, may be ha<f* with a private family, in a beau titul auri newly furnished house; rooms heatel by furnace, hot snd eold water, bathroom. Ac., attached. Persona desir ing good acqfeftiuiodations will please call at 1&2 East Four teenth streer Furnished rooms to let-at scg rroadway, a few doors above Union square, with all the modern im provements, in a private family, with a private table if re quired. Furnished rooms to i,kt? with or without board, suitable lor a lady and gentlemen, or single gentlemen, in a private house, with gas, grates, Ac., at 286 Fourth street, opposite Washington square. FURNISHED ROOMS.? TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, ON Um third floor, to letto single gentlemen. Also, to let, un liiriushpd, on the second floor, a front parlor and ball bed room, with pauiries, gas, Croton, 4c. Apply at 49 Eldiid?{e street, between Canal and Hester. Handsomely furnished rooms may he had at a moderate price, with partial board or without board, hi a small family In the neighborhood of, Kiel not (bora. Amity street, and between Broadway and Sixth aveutie. Address M., Broadway Post oflice, for one week. ONK OB TWO GENTLEMEN DE81RINU HOARD tM A private family, in a pleasant louttol, wle-re they will firtd all the comforts of a home at a moderate price, cau hear of such by addressing P. A., Ilerald office. PRIVATE HOARDING.? TWO OR THREE PLEASANT rooms nn second floor, in suits or separately, ran he had, with board. In a private family, residing at 109 Kast Twenty seventh street, between Lexington and Third avenues. The house has all the modern improvements. References exchanged. TWO SUITS OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO Ism. ilea or parties of gentlemen, with or without board, at greatly reduced prices. Apply at No. 19 Union place S. -V. COFFIN. TO LET? WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, A SUIT OF parlors, on the first and second floors, to families, or to n psr'y of single gentlemen. Private table, If required. Apply at Broadway. SALES OF REAL ESTATE. nnn?ARH and*7,oooon reasonable terms. cl.UUU For sale, front aud rear houses aud full lot, 14 rooms and s'ore, rented at per annum, near new Bowery :.rd Pearl street. These would be a good investment. Ad dress or apply to V. JOSE, 91 Franklin street, at 1 or 7 o'clock I* M. linn ACRES OF VALUABLE FARMINO AND T^U.WUU timber lands, in the state of Wisconsin, will be exchanged for merchandise or good city property. Thcso lands w> re selected with great care. Title perfect, with offi. cisl certificates as to quality. Apply, by teller or in person, at room 77 1 Marge House, between this hours of 2 and S P. M., where maps, Ac., may be seen. Brooklyn houses for salk-on lafayette, between Fulton and Flatbush avenues, vlr., the conve nb ut first class three story brick dwellings, Noa. I and 17 Ijifujette avenue, with eonrt yards, h?avy plumblrfg; location exceeding healthy and poiiu'm , only 2M) feet from the Fulton avecuecars. Apply to WILLIAM B NICHOLS, 16 Nassau street, New York, or evenings at 19 Lafayette avenue, Brook lyn. F?R SALE-NOTICE TO PURCHASERS -A SUPERIOR three s'ory house, situated within half a block from Madison square. Lot a) by lnu feet. House has modern improvement*. Price moderate; terms ea?y. Also, many houses to let. K. B. KINSH1MER, 319 Fourth avenue. TjMlR SALE LOW-A COUNTRY PLACE. PLEASANTLY X situated on elevated ground, twenty miles from town by railroad, three minutes' walk from the depot, land, from two to fifty seres; good house, abundant out buildings, choice ? bade and fruit irees. Apply to E. M ARTINII AI.K, 167 Broadway. third story, front. For sale or exchanoi? a modern buii.tthree story and attio brown stone house, in the vicinity of Union square.? The house is new, uevr having been omsplM, aud Is replete with all the modem Improvements, having been built in the most careful and substantial manner. The above property is offered for sale, or exchange for a house of smaller dimensions in smne respectable part of the city. Address Wagner, at the jewelry store <>f Jatu'-H Faulkner, 459 Broad way. ciri iii r oi (iraud s reel. not uu <ir to i.f.t-the focr story and r I'sseineni houae 2!i Mercer street, between Canal and orand. an excellent situation for a Herman hoarding buuse. Apply lo H. H. THOMPSON. 497 Houston sir#?i T.l()K SALE OR TO LET? THE SUPERIOR BASEMENT f house 132 West Twenty fifth street, replet" with all the modern nsprnvrmerU. and In the best order; waits painted and frescoed throughout. The gas futures aud part of the c?n>ets can go with the house If <r.slred. Apply uu the pre it. iscb or to ALEXANDER P. K INN AN, 23d Fulton street. NOTICE.? THE SUBSCRIBER WISIIKHTO PURCHASE some eligible lot .? in the village of Jamaica, L. I . at a very low rale for cash, and would be happy to receive a line f torn any one in possession of snch lots. Address A. C. P., Ilrratri office, for three days. TtTAKTHD TO PURCHASE-A NEW FIRST CLASS TV house snd full lot In the unper part of the city, for which two new foar story brwk l>aaem- nt h< uses In west Thirty nluth and West Forty Third streets will be given in Dsymcnt. Address, with description o < bouse, boi I.MS Post office. FOH HAI.K. _ A17R CMH mix BUT THE ST OCX AND FIX JpJ. | 1) tur .aof a h*iideome an I well emaltltabrd oynter and itlntnr, nrar thi- principal ferry in Brook Ivn. and limBt it |?ud biwiucM. T. GAFFJiBY A CO., ITU ' WklB ?qua re. W1U' BU1r Tn* STOCK, I,* ASK AND ' fliturea 01 the brat purt. r houM in CaUutrtne atrret, 4?h ward, It la a neat *(010 for a lady 10 attend 10, aa It i? in nr Kaat Itroadway , mil kept by ft lady for ??ri*rivn>t win>- aalooa; It will go cheap. Apply o PAYTEN, 9IDI vinion at. enn C.'OBDB or WOOD FOB BALE.? THE RUBBGRI ?vU ber ha* MO corda of tba varr beat heart plan wood, lor kIi, at my wharf, between Old rotat and Newport Newa, where a ve*ael c.aa kiad la nine ar lea hour*. drawing from ?in* 10 tea feet of water. W. ?. f M1TH, Hasp ton, Ya. to HAH -'OR HALE. A CASH BURINEBB. LONO Z.UUv. eetakUahed, profiti lanre aoil p?rman?-iii, rent pai'l tur monih*. on one id the he*i enrner? no Rrnad way. The hii*ineaa wUi bear acluee lavcaugatioo, Alight manufacturing bualneaa for aale at fltO, that Will pay for It aelf III two month*. HOLbKN * MANN, m Broadway, room ft. Ambrotypb gallery in tun bowkry for hale. Price. 9*0 Kent, $10 per month Show . aaea. epecl mm*. lurnJture, Ac., Included. Inquire at Reed a uallery, 176 Chatham muare. Barreb s shop for rai.r ? a first clam shop In a good I- ration, long e*t*bll?h.*|, and m complete Th'"" b ,"mlcul*f" at No. tS6 SUth avenue, near P.R SAI.E- A LARD "REFINING and i.ard on, manufacturing eetabllahaient, la one of the prtn-,p?l 1 naine** part* of the ctty. either with of the whole, or Ixturr* acparaie, on favorable eotidlUima. For inqtilrtee ad arena F ill. IleraM oBce F^OR SALK-HOtSR AND RTGN PAINTING RI'BINRRS 1 IB aa rtceUi-nt down town location, I* an old e.iUblwti-sl buatnea*, and baa a valuable connection. u a firat rate place ftir eelllng palnla. Ac. , will be *old at a low price aa the owner baft aa engagement at the South. Addreaa Pointer, Uerald a?ee. UH1R IMMEDIATE DIRPORAI. R f rRlVATR BAI.R OR J* or etherwtee. ihe aiwlt, machinery, al''am enrlne tuid boiler, tonla, Ac., of the late Arm of Kennedy A Malvln, iron railway mamifaeturera and gaa *uera, I Ml Kant T hit ty anh auvet. Third avenue Ippir to W. I R. SIMPMor, IN Bower > By order of Ike a**iKt""e*. *l!ho,1(. Vt .ll lie e,< ha,.?e,| n"r ? Vo.kV * > ijj^^^^jeeebo^AllJIl W York "? n.! 'at? "ti"r r#*J Rare chanci-foR bai.r cheap, the furni 1 tnreard *o.>d will of a Jwwnllaa he-iee d-nna a good bi.?ll>r?a, and Mealed III one.ol the liefti liualriewi areoiiea, and occupied I'V the prraent owner for aeven y>- irft Ad dreM J, a U, I nn o amiare Poet oOca. No afeaie need ?pp'y rrn) hi T' Iifrh ? for ?ai.e. the i,e?r< and fix 1 tarea of an oM ?au?hllahed market. In 'be m per part of U><-ci'y wuh a ?">*! run firat ru?*rn?t<,?n, the proprietor haTlngother bn?ine??. rannot attend to both. Apply to WM. P WtXlDCOCK, No*. I \nd 4 Tompkm* marked TO WJIP Bl II.DERS ANDRrAR MAKKRR FOR 3AI.E, the two ?plendld ?p*r*. wlih all the applianee*. formerly wnl lor a teleKraph rroa*iti|| at fort* t,r - *ml Wn?htugu>o, Addreaa W. H Ifriaa, Huperlnleodeni, W Wall street. TE1RORAPH NOTICE.? FOR ftW.E. THE PORTS, wire* and ln?nlator?, eon*tltutln? the two line* formerly need br lb- Nitenetlr Telrfraph 1 umptny b*twe?n N?-w York aad for' WaaMnRtoa. and Fort Lee and Jentey Cty Tbr po*t* are mi ally cbcfttnut, and In good condition; ta<? Wlrea aMn are of gi>.?f quality R?M material" WMI l?e aold together or aeparatrly In *ott" ptirrbaaera. In aat ll<ion to the abora, ibe two *j leaoid *paraatFor?a W**hin*tun and I<ee are i-ITered f? r aala Addreea W. If Hetaa. Nuperintendant, a KiIImni. DAKC11IO AC A DRMIER. t DODWORTIIH DAR01 NO Ai'ADKMlES, No. WS Broadway, New York, No. IS7 Montagne plaeo, Brooklyn. Claa*e* now opea for the reception of pupil*. DANClNtl.-MORE NEW CI.ASKES -BRoOKEK" ACA liemy. Wl Mrirf>me a'reet, A new elaaa for Ueglnner* will cotnmrii-e <>n Tueaday. All the faahlonable ilanoea Ueght In one ro-ir?<- of leaaona. There arerlaaa>x >pea fur tboae more advanced. MR PERAl'lim IIAR rilK HONOR TO ^ N F lhat hi* cmplimen-arr ball ifaney rtraaaaixl civlci will Wtke place atTanimanr Hall on M >nday evenln*, November Ri. A'lniitWBce tl *nal<- by Wajn* rra celabralei' Band. R1M.IA R0fc At rarrpords sales and playino roons m? 1 Fnltott *treet, orCotiftand Reniaen, Brooklfn, are tn Me* arrangeii with one of I'helan'* euaklon*. anaic laid oj by ttwjnn ? Prtli-nt Index Ptin ha?rr? of tables p|i-aae try tvhlrh make* true ??nF'e* 1 hereby ehallenge any perton t ? bank acnltiat my cuehtona front I to 40 feel? they to uae Phelait'a patent. 40 ORT jJOODS, AC. F1S CENT BEIA)W COST. C.reat reduction In CLOAKS, M A. NTI1. 1. AS AND FURS. The subscriber I* prepared to Close out nls Fall and winter stock of Clonks, nn?iilllln* and fur*. At retail, for risa, at 40 per cent below eoet prksee. WM. B. MACKENZIE, CM and 296 Canal street, lJrandr?tdth BulUtlng. 303 CANAL 8TRKET.

Rich blark Lyons velvet clonk*, at HO. Black beaver circulars, warranted all wool, $12. Cut; black b eaver raglaus and circular*, from 115 A large. asuortmcnt of gray and brown mixed beaver cloth cloak* imi) talmas, from $6 to $1* A great variety of ladles' cloth cloaka, lined and trimmed. MOiiYNrjUX HMJi. Q tr AND 367 BROADWAY. OJ< t Che*ii geftda from auction. J. BECK X tX>. will odor a lurge lot of SILKS, KUAWUH, PLAIDS, VALENCIA8, DELAINES, MERINOES, Ac., Ac., On Monday morning, at 60 per cent below co*t 8*me rich allk, the cheapest ever offered In New York. ?i/*l BROADWAY. OUl BCLPIN'S GREAT BALE. 1 000 pi nab bordered ? haw la, at 4 dollar*, 6,000 rich chcnllle do., attf dollars, 600 extra superfine do., at 8 dollars. Will be added to the *?le of ihl* week. UKO. BUI.P1N, 301 Broadway. Ail broaoway. I 1 UB&DELL, I'EIRSON, LAKE A CO. Will offer on Monday morning, The balance of an Importer'* slock of RICH SILKS and frILK ROBES, A QUILLE, Manufactured oxpreesiy for the Paris market, constating of 400 rich silk robes, a vniante. from 612 to 930. 300 " a q utile, at $25. 175 " ?? at tl.'!. 1U0 p feces, all boiled, plain poult de note, on'y 7a. per vard. 75 piece* rii to pompadour figured ailks, at 9*. per yard Also, lit) piccos high lustre black groa Je rhlnc, only 0a. (id. per yard. N. B ? The above robes were manufactured expressly for the Paris retail trade, and are guaranteed tifly per ceut lower th .n ;he cofct ?f Importation, A 71 BROADWAY. Till 100 pieces RICH SATIN STRIPED and TKINTKD CASHMERES, only five shilling* per yard. N. B. ? Original price one dollar and twenty-five cent*. UBKDELL, PEIRSON, LAKE A CO. 471 471 BROADWAY. 10 C*MC9 of REAL SnAKER FLANNEL, yard wide, only Three Shilling* per vard. t'BSPfil.L, PEIktjON, LAKE A CO. BROADWA V. A splendid assortment BLACK BEAVER CLOTHS for Ladles- ciosk*, at a reduction of Forty percent TBSDELL, PEfRSON, TlAKE A CO >4 71 BROADWAY. Tt I X The flnest Imported FRENCH MFHINOES, 48 inches wide, only One Dollar per yard. I'BSDSLL, PEIR8QN, LAKE A CO. 471 BROADWAY. 300 pairs 8UPBBFIHK II 4 BLANKETS, only JB60 per pair. V Its DELL, I'ETRSON, LAKE A CO. A 7Q BROADWAY. 475 TlO Continuation of sale of cheap silk* And tulk robe*. Will be opened tlil* rooming. A new Invoice of Hayadere nilks at per yard Aim elegant quille robe* lor i'ii Reduced from 6< > Alto rich flounced "ilk robe* for |1? Reduced fruui W0 ii> BL'KKMAN A COMPANY, Broadway, 473 473 47 (T BROADWAY. ) Sll AWLS AND CI.OAKS. oar large stork ol shawl* of every description, including many new mid exclui-ive *' X}"", see reduced to ONR HALF TliKIlt flRIUlNAl. COST. Cloaks In velvet and beaver, select and elegant In style, and made of the rn heat muter.1 Is, Imported, are a^ reduced 40 per cent In price. I .totie* will tlud lo our ?x enslve establishment an ?seor> unci of siun.s i nd cloaks, More varied and lan'-'f'u ihi.u can be siown In any one bouse ill the Culled SUU*. CHARLES STREET A CO., 476 llriMdway. A 7/t BROADWAY I *J India Csmels' SMrMutw*, Oesnme i hanUi.'/ l-iice Klounoes The balance of our st?." '/ if INl'f A SIIAWLS, Are this day rednced . , Prom UU? ? to Fnin 4t? to aa I'liuii ceutrrs in *11 colors, with ri? h Iwirder*. from (IU>)U>#ro (JENI'INIC i IIANT1LI.Y LACK8, All new patterns , and llie uuesl gooda evTT importc I, re duced Frim. ... V* ta t.i* per yard. From :*> to ? d" Fn in ?2 to 16 do. chaRLM strfi:t a co , 476 Broadway. $200,000 "tlM,.-" To tie sold for c??ll ft(ll.i MUfl A IIAKT, No 2?3 Broadway, Here determined, In ci*i*eq?enre of the preeent monetary derangemrnt. to rloae out Ihe balance of ibe suiek at once. Curtalnsof Bn-eatel, Taiieauy repa, Vialn reps, Satin d< .aiiies, Wrrstr l and Herman damask*. Mad* and | ni up a? prieo* to suit the tlro?a They would especially call sttvntton to their selcei stock of Piper teltftnfs. Wlskifig to kerp their Workmen MipwyM During the winter, thev will coutract u> pacer ard Aecerale )'riv?u. dwellings at ooet prices. Their stock of Window shades Comprise every variety Mid style, which inustbe Closed out Before January Lprevtoas io r'in"vsl to their new store, WPhoet regsrd to cost. leee asd maalln curtams, Cnmlres anl flxtsr*#, S3 percent lc?? than ? be co*t of impor aUon. A T. STEW 4 RT A CO Will ofler on Monday, Not .V. aomn ORK4T IN I'AKIS KM HK< >1 tlKRIKR. liroailway. t hambera Mid llftadA atraeta. At RinivoMvs. .V7 BROADWAY, Opposite lit*' Metr'ipolltaii Hotel, Another larire Mil of Hit* raMMMMNKO AM* *4l.r?< l?a*?a I 4I"B ?*ta For tin worth JUlian-l 92*. ? eollara. fl W, worth V; U> Set her wtlh the taholr nl < ur ato?k, which ha* hero mv' 'd own ? U> flit per cent lea. han rnat. and of ;he Utft at?lea. This I* an opportunity aeMum offered to the Indira wiabuig to make pr?M*u'??i?"ut'-k? hotMlara. IUj<><r? heatktd *i >?ea, ,?r. MtmvofD'a. O&l !l r >?d way. A IX WOOI. MOnWRLINK PKI.AIKUH. RKW*. PR1RTBD I.V PAKIH, At 2a <w per I ant, (From the reeenl auction Bil l Will be opened on M"nd?v. Jfnrrmhrr \ ) A T RTKWAKT A <*? . Ilrn?l* ay, llianlwn and Reade alre-!a AKSPIREE* rai.e Hr priratr rvwitmet. t'KDKR l"V rf K I ? or AfWTdVlrtllT, For Ike benefit of eredltora. The whole of the utim-B'o at rk <if dry feral* at rot.r* RI AN II Al,l., Ro >1 <?ra nd atr- ? 1, la ui/W rap.Ily a. Ulngolf. M PITTKim'Ij annonneed wiTiioi r amy rf-?fryf rriR i \an The aMnk cotnpriaea an smtnenaa -i??ortrflPir of Flala and tanry drtaa ?>lka, > French and Rn|li?h merino*. Cobonro. aij-.i" ?k pWMHMaa, And d--Hbi'a. Mini? all wool plaldtk rt.OAK*. MANTIl.t.Afl ARII ?ll \Wl?H, FrlnffM and trtmailafa, oj ihe yard <? pl-eo, French, Knitliah an I Vineri'in prlnla, M ii.eilJ.i 44 ii l Km and ronn'-rrpanaa, liter and tri'ialiu drapCidet, to aeta and by tbc : ard, HORTRRV, Ul.OVhfi KM HROIDKRIBR KTC. The linen depar'me-it la replete With a variel) of the l>i?at fuliro*. and n natala of Inoh iinen ahlrtlnifa, liamaak tali.e rlo'ha. Rapkina. Aoylea, toweta. Unrnaiey and Heotrh aheetima. Pillow r?atTt)ta, Ac , Af The above la nM one of the flctltkina e?*na'm* a d* alanine johblnit botiae, w> elfeet a aale at retAll nf th" r ahop worn arrannllallona of year*, lint a Ix.ra ixle aa.e. O cloaa the tualneaa of an unfortunate retail merchant t'HARI.Krt <> HOiiK. ______ Una of i he A?<mneo?. BA.SRRVPT KTtiCK. Rem oved for coofcnleora of aale to AI.FXANPRR JURT'R, 51 and M ( at hart ne atreet. Kirre doora above Moaroe JOH plecea hea?y Canton flannel, 9 ren*? 10 raaea white mttalln, 4 > ea a, very cheap Mil balea nnhlM' heit mnalln, a btrfaln fiH boiea white miialln, B'i. a ? an I III e?ita. ? " while ?h.-etlng, 2\ yaMa wl le, In M i balea It 4 unbleadied tntialio, la. 6<1 llRKSM U<M)l>8 4 eaaea brown and Ma> k d* he?e, ren^a. fl aailn ?rlped Aelalnea, li^ ceiita 5 " frenrfc eaahlnvre, Hllro|ora .10 cent* a balea white all wool flannel 25 nenta 100 pl*eea double width par tmatM. I2c?0ta. (I ra?ea jiHttl eahi 'iea, 4 renia 4 Hah prm a. fl<4 renta. 7 " Mefrinviek iiMaiii a, fl eenta. 5 balaa flaum? flannel, IZia eonfa ? IS plain and twilled red flannel W eenw IIMI patra W Irtney hlnnkeia, large aire, dim U?i pleeea 4 4 printed lawna, 4 rema. 'he laat lo4. leidtea are politely Invited to Inapeet the *o ala AI.K.X A NI'RK .ITST, 51 and M (Hihtrtne atr?#t, Thrt e d'fira atioT* Monroe atroet UI.ACK I.TI'Hfl V Ft, Tin*, AM. WIDTHS, Atredui-el pri" a, Ry BK^KMAIf A no ?3 Broadway. DRY GOO OH, ??. BARI1AINS IN FAMILY I.ISKNS, Of i w ry ill scription, liiclu Uti(? Mnen *h<><?tini?? andshlrt iugs. diapo *. ai pains, table oamur.ka, p;.iow com linens, doyUea, *?-. Ac.. Ac 8PKCIAL ATTENTION IS REijl'EHTED lo tins alock, whh li we 1 u*e now offering at tJS.KATl.Y RKOUUICI) P 1(16 RH. l.< >i< II A TAYLOR, Nob 25S. 267. 'if'J iiit'l Ail Srati-l street, awl Noa. 47 1 49 Cathai inrt street. BAILEY, FARRINtJTON A LESLIE, ?2S BROADWAY, will stler, uu il .iHunary I, lh?ir entire stock ot em broklertas,, iu.i.irr?tnK garni*, Ac , at from 'WiuOO |>**r ecnl below manufactur. ra' prices. Embroidered ciliai s from 50 cen's lo $8; Worth from M to 916. Embroidered sets from fl U> Stfi; Worth from 92ft to I'D; Mourning seta, OUT own manufai tui'e, for "5 eeula, Mourning sets. imp rted, for 26 cents. Illusion g<i?xlii, infants' <? ?!???, cloaks, <1 rease * and roll** sod made up Iter nouda, their own peculiar styles, al pr portion ably low prices. BANKRUPT STOCK OP DKY UOODfl, PURCHASED FOR CASH. AT FIFTY CCNTH ON THE DOLLAR, nr. 1. 1 1 mi o?r. Rroche long ebawls ;ail wool; worth 1 18. for 910. * Hroche loni( shawls (ejtra rlrb) worth 926, for 912 SO Silks for 6m Mid 6s. per yd., worth 8s. aud 10*. StU?, veryrlcb. for Km , w<rih 14* itl.ick mono antique, ford*., worth 12x. Blanket*, flannels, ladies' cloths, merlnoea, paramattas, aU rncas, Mneti goods, Ac., Ac. ; stock lunointini; to about forty me thousand dollars, must be closed out by the lirst of January. OLIVER MOWBRAY, 209 Grand, ooruer Forsyth street. BAUVNPAH1, a CO , 190 Fl'l. TON STREET, OFFRR inducements :n black and colored ladlea' cloths, from 91 as to 92 10, and he. ivy bluek aud colored braver cloths from 92 50 to 9^. CHANTILLY AND POINT I.ACES, J ukt received per last simmer. Chaiitilly barbea, Po'nt Applique. Coiffeurs, capes, i'?, ?> I'agullle, Veil*, flounces, it 'ton, valenclennea, anil laces for trimming, And Mcckim seta. Will be auld at aa prest >t i edii"tlon us our early Importa tions. Mll.l.KK A URANT, 7?t llroodwav (^ONTTNl'ATION SALE AT RETAIL J OK JOHN N. UKMN'S STOCK OF FCRH, At auction prices, At the auction salesroom. 35# It .ad way. The balance of the mock that could in made ready fn the Mle will now be ottered at the pri> obtained at the re cert auction naif. 1 (Hies will have every opportunity to try on and llio ronKhiy rianmr every article they may wish to purcbaue. The itook comprlara a full najnrtment of . Cloaka, Made from I ' Capea, Rusaiiin a?Me, i J Tipreta, Hudann Uay nahle, I " Vlctorlnea, Mink, atone mar'en, Mulla, cuffa, Siberian aoulirel, tiollaia. ployea, C'tnnrhlfl/t, Muffle r?, Ac., Rock marten, Ac.. Ac. Kleich and lap robea In profualon, also a oboice aaaurtmeut of chlldieu'afura in every variety^ C CORSETS AND SMUTS AT AN IMMENSE RKDCCTION. t t.yii'Keta 7# ceuta and 91 . . Worth 91 60 and 92, At MRS OAYNOK'S, 8i3 Broadway, betweeu Thirteenth and Kourteenili streets. CI I. OA KS ' CLOAKS ! ! J ltKEKMAN A COMPANY, <3 Broadway, Have now on hand a choice selection of cloaks In black plain ami rlb'ieil beaver. Brown plain an. I u.M><M heaver. Also splend'.d plu^h cloaks of various colors. Black velvet circular hh.I ?l^e\ .? clonk" au, at UuBct;r.n puieta. (1HE/P FLANNFI.8! CHE AP FLANNELS 1 1 ) 4 4 Hliaker tlaiuiel only Ml cents per yard. Super Hiii lard Vale only 6d. Other Mylea equally reduced lty It^EKMAN A COMPANY, 173 Broadway. DOMESTIC (iOODS FROM ACTION. lilenelie l aud iiabl?aehe<t muolitia, cotton flannels, drtl IIdkh, bed ticking, cotton duck, domeauc KinRhasa, jeans, iirlnts, Ac , Ac , Ae Aluo SI PKlilOR SH tKER FLANNEIJ?. lOcaseajuat received. Ratallod at 2a 9d. LORD A TAYLOR. Nog. 2SS, 257. ? '.'J and 201 tlrand street, and Noa 47 and 49 Catharine street DAMAOEB BROADCLOTHS, CASS THE RES, r?*Ti ?els, lilsnkets, black silks. deUines. inusllna, klHM Ktita, tlanncla, Sc., for s;ilc, wholesale aud retail, by WM. THEWS, No. IH Catharine street. IfXThA Cl.OTTl (ilf.vFS, 'J Flush lined, with and without fur cutis. SOU dozen at 7 & cents a pstr. Former price 91 and 91 V>, At L'NION ADAMS', Ml Bras* way. EMIlltOIHERIES KOR THE IIOl.IDAYS. LK bUL l I1.I.1KR BK'iTllER-? have juat purchased At e?iraordliiary low rates for e^nh, 4, (MtO embroidered collars ot superior work aud can sell them i.t half the usual price. Also, Emir idereii handkerchiefs, Embroidered sets, Ac , Ac. Am (old No. till Canal at., and 47 Howard St. Fash'.onahlv, ci^iaks anii circclarV, madk np it llet best and 1110*1 approved mann. r, WXPHEsH.Y FOR RETAIL. Of Fanewand It; ?> k Cloth, Velvet, l'lush. Ae., Ae. A I CO>>T OE M ANl'F ACTI'KK LORD A TAYLOR, .Noa. 2A5. JA6, r>7 and Jot < I rand St., aud Nos 47 and t9 Catherine at. F ABU IONS.? NO. TVS CANAL RTK^i, OPP'kSIT* Or*' lie skroet. ? Mm* DEMoKTHM UliWlAl.l, 'nf .rail U -r ?unieroua friends an* Uie put. lie. ib.U tuir hrtlUanl display or paiieri s are ,iow on view, and her elegant lssmnsare pro nouncad the mirror ot faabiou. Mine. (J. sails particular at Wtibon to 1 jt 1'alin-i" bS?lM, ? . ?>? n eau b? sal Wj Ul Die t /rir on'/ at her eswblisliiiieMt. CiREAT RKDltTION IN EMBROIDERIES AND r LAI 'EN. 1,11)0 cambric collars, at 26 eenis, l.OfKt f'rench n. islln eollsrs. a' Wtenta .'W Frsnch embroidered ?, .r MM 500 embrnWIered lisodkernAiefs, 1.1 92. I M trimmed seta, at 9?>. Valenciennes iace sets, Point laee sets, MedaPiin ?- t?. l*o'.nt apoliqno sets, lioaron sets, 1 bread lacs se<s, Pl4ek laec t ells, roiffu res. bnrbes, capes and flo'inclnjs. In Rrost variety, and at 60 per cent bel.iw iSe ri'inUr prie. s. IlKNIN S lU/iur, ill Mroadway, St. .Nicholas Ho ui. G 1LOVH AND HOfUKRY, ? I RV.THII A. T STEWART A CO Will offer on Mimal <y. Nov 30, KN'S Hl'PKKIOR i LuTll 1 0TO DOBK MK _ AND OTHER <? LOVES, At Sfl cents per pair 300 IK'ZF.N MF.N 9 1 OUiVES. I. .ued with rhamoiaand -illk, Al 79 cents per pair. *!*?. A lar(? lot of ? LADIES' AND flKNTLEMKN N BILK CNDfcR HARM EN Ts, At 3 R per cent 1??* than the eoat of tmpnrtatlon. Hruadwuy, 1 hantbera aud Heivle streets. YAMES OR AY A CO el have m i l" litr ? ndd'^osa lo their stoefc ?f ( HEAP EMIIROIUERRD COLLAR*, AT 30 CMNTB, WORTH 91 9tt HAND BTtTCHEH L. C H A VKKERCTIIEFH, AT 92 PER DO1/. Our entire stock of laces an I embrseWies base been marked down Kreatly t>eIow cost price. 72# Brisnt sray, corner Waverlsy plase. u EA V* R1HBE.D SHIRTS AND DRAWKRS, Warm. romfoftAble and durable, 60 cents each, Pointer price 91. At ONION A HA MS', Ml H roadway. II Hill COLORED PA JOKY Ff.AMW, At la. pur yard. (New 0??td<0 LEW* THAN TIIK POUT ??K IMPORTATION, Will be opened od Monday. No* M) A T. vfEWAKT A f*n , Broadway, C'htmbera and Real- atraeta. JAMEH CAFEY Will, OFFER FOR NAt.E. TTITB day, M * I.lborty street, I *) n?i F.nflild ubirt* and drawer*. JO '???? m?n'? w<?>Ilen J*, k'la, (Imm mi' 'id fc.?ler) *i0 Mo/en ladlea' and miaae*' woollen ?ar k* ? r ? l.oodn, irgtriiis. cull*. Ac., at ib per cent teaa Umu iu ?e turaca' prfce* No x.ld ?? re'all LADIEK FATKITt MERINO INPER VK*TN, W.irran M not to (brink lu Waahlng, 80 ???!>?? earh Tlir kale of thru* (<*"ls will be continned ibla week. At CNtON ADAMS'. Ml Head >y^ 1~' INFN CAMBRIC IIARDERRCtltRFX, AC., 'At A *A J erl flee, colored border hauikerrtuefs, all ltaeo, It 0.1, each. |N?id? ?M*#, do . at la * I aarb :??i d.>ten la. tun hMostiu bad Jo , at (3 S3 t nr doten. A tuu embmldarad eam'rV roHara, at ? ' wortk H HKEkMAN At OMP.vBV CI l<r?>?tway. IArK 8F.TF AI*D COLLARS, BELOW AUCTION J prtcea Folo U alancen, ro.nt ^<plk| 'ta, Yakanrlranra trimmed, BiilHW. A ??d Malta** *k and collar*. Will be *old at > v?rf?ni t1* w At BKEKMa N A rOMI'A NTH, C 3 Broadway. MI1.1.KK A URANT, "US Broadway, t'onumic to offer Freri< ii eamruideriea al 90 | *r <?ntb?.ow tin- ioat of inn tauten Alan. A new lot cf crnl>roldered crap* ?oilara and wia. m .olla ret*. Infant*' r?p*. of the b*?l ?tyle*. at <-"?t prteti. New cioakr-nitr- ci-oaks, ?* ro?t or a?T?Rtai ?an ? 0*R Tllol'MAND HI.Ai'k HEAVMR t'IR<:ULAM Wili l>e re* It for Mi, ih'? At half ihe unal prleea, aa follows ? 2'<) haa'iUful Mark heaver circulars at 911 2M> do superfine do. at 11 MM) do. dn. with ?i?<>t<>a. at M Wi*ra mparlatlr# do. at ... ft Tb?- am*' rlbrr hartt* a iarn<- i?M?utj of <itimatiufa<"<ir<Hi ma'p'ial* ao<l aitb a rir? ?f I tint ruploTmetil to hia bands, baa drwamnl ib* rrraa u lrr of lh> a? *?.>n M Ti> M t*l KA'fl KK *F.W < t.MMK* of tb* i^y laioat PtrMlun tiyW*. and to fall th- m for PIMA at a<*ti y. <'<wt drMATRRtAt. akj? i.ahur Harb an opportunity aa .hia K.?* n?vrr y \ i)^?-n oB> rad UEO Bfl.riX. HH Kr>adv> nj New hii,r?. t,%TrsT PARIS UTTI.RU ffiftlliw WOHTII OK R|I || ON <*>Nft1<tNMKRT *UH bf tol l wl lnri thirty daya. rk<i*ki?i.kuh ifF tYirr .1 AMF.H 'IB Alt'. h?rr mail* a fnrihrr rr ^lrtrlon in ihe prlr* of the above (r<?oda. and would rail the *t?rn!H-n "t dlea to the opportunity they now ha?e of makinit aeleetiofi from the lariri-a' nt of tiaw and levlrabte fr?U lo br bad in the rdjr, and atprleea far below mv ibux ?et oil*r "I. Cll'R RK.ttl'I.AR CTihR At U per cent below IB Broadway, corner Wtrer'ej pi*' rt.AIDwWoM.FH SIl AWIJJ, I nun A NIt SQT ARK, IR erery variety, Inrhidinc all the vw Mylea, AT Cow pfucm LORD A tAYLoR, Roa. K< 289 and *1 flran.l # , MM R<>?. 47 and ?? Oatbwine ?t. UK* UOOU8, an. QNE Y1IOCBAND FCI.L RUrD CTRCTLAR r,.OA K_? One thousand do., of thlcA grar beaver.*"" *?a * W One ihoosaad ?urerfln? do., at ten 5ol'w? d?'l4r% BCI.P1 N'R great aula, *!ll benHHlo ?Jurlug the present ?a*k, Broad war . r>ICli AND NKW HJLUjihKy " ~~ A -29j? an.J I 23(5 (?eW) 'runul stree t w i t&rinJrZ'h " i Having r.n^l?p^^P<)U,,K*"^ ?? CO. W. li'rfhanao McKenzI.'. elegant pr-mi*,, Are now prepared to offer' ?I _ VK1U KtiUU.KQ PR,"^' Sf'AWH, RlfAWfS- MUW,; ? Aawta ., #? -i- Al bjeeman 5^' "Ul^ Y? IIOl'HBK KEPK Rh. ' " Will open nn *oiida'y,TK?7soWA,IT * C0' extra WIDE aha KER FLANNELS ^WraJ bale* of BLEACHED 6HEETINOR, A'30ceat* per y4^ 37 INCH LLKACttD SHIRTINGS, At 20 1"'nU Mf yard. RIRD8EYK TOWKLUNt'"7 P?rC "CC^ ' *4M' Ad great bargains :n M walipfr yard, Pome of win. ,. .'.r.sllih.lyd???*? AND ri^ V VKt^ Broadway, i hum hern and Rfaie street* w OOI. PI.ATDR AVD IIRVPR OOODH. A !ul! ami fashion a bp* i rtmcnt, M"< M HVI.OW I -t' AT. PRTCKR. LORD .t TWI.oR, tin* 2W, 257, 299 and 201 Grand it ARD WIDE I ItKM'H CALICO, is. 6d. PER YARD. Rii'h t liin r -"lor*. Just opened by lih.KKMAN A COMPANY, 473 Broadway, VM.I. VISHlOtS. A 7 ft BROADWAY T I 1/ tlrcat sale of line fnra, Reuardleaa <i. ooal. Hudson Bay sables Home of I !??? rieh. am] darkest In ili<* 1'n-led Kt?i< Mink*, in aii quaRUcr and una pe*. Wo have *ome m.i.k* of eitraoi Inarv <ioallty, royal er? mine, aud rvry other deMcriptloii of fur for lad.esaud chil dren. ' Our fur* are al! genuine. manufactured under our oini st> ? rrriatoi], and cunrair i. Fnichabeis will be died with both good* ami price. CHAIli.KN STUKKT A CO., O Broadway. Bn, PIN'S ORRAT RALK OK PURR. <mt nt'KPKrn nonus*. AIX OF OKNl'INK MATERIAL AND M \NlTFACTURR. Beautiful ft* of mink at 939 hin do. do. W Kura large mink rape* at <0 Do. or neb dark Khadn. at 70 A splendid assortment of fur glotea. Also, Mufft enlT* gauntlet*. tlpp??a, A* , Mr. Of OKNUINK W K1J. hEAHONKD HEiNB, it h .% i.r tut vtVAL rKit'as. IjidU'M ?rn oautloned a?aln>?t pur< 0.uilnc wmnd bacd BOtA eH'en ^txyii, v. iii.-h lire n"W beiug tifTe^ed In diiforoot part# 0# ibe en-, . and wi^cb arc really dear al notbine. ?;i Broadway. F I'RB, ri'Rs, n'K<. Tit K ili'DSON HAY H R COMPANY, 7ft and <7 Maiden laue. Offer ttM'lr ::ilmi :me wholesale Htoek of OTe.r Ittw.uw worth uf fur*, at re^ lat a discount of U |ier MUi From wholnaa.r pnr.'*. The. iollowine arc noma of th? price# at whieh we *re *. liiuif, vti ? Mink *et* from |R 00 to 9100 .?Uible *e:? from 30 U0 to 3ft0 Mniie marten i,ctM fri tr. 12 00 to 100 Frenrh atihle net* fc-oin 2 00 to 13 ^<? k> inoiinUtiii nutrlea *el* fr?ui 2 00 U? 10 Kcal Hiberiun *quUrel it-tafrt'in 2 W to 69 French mink oIm Iroin.,... ........ ...... . & i<) to ;)0 A l*o, a splendid aaenrtment of fentlemen'a fur, eapa, glove* and collar*. Hleluh robe* of every kind at lower price# i n y titer bouae in 'to eoontry. Tbe*e arc ilic only Hudson Bay Company warehouse* la tliecily, nod Uiv> d? touueetlou wlUiaiiy oilier house. MARK J. KINO. lilLRBl rtRHII KL'BKi! P RICH AND BEATmFTTT^ By <> dor of the aiminia'.rntor. MOtwrrx BFI,?,. nn "? ..*1 ?tr?et, n prepared to ???? to ibe ladli * aim gentlemen? Ri? b llu'ison Buy ?*ble e?pe?. ?? " ?' " mutra. '? * " " cu#*. " " " " eardinaln. " ii.Ii k cape" mult* and eidt* (lenileineo * fur cap* and glove*, i off* and MBm Weigh rele*. I Bear ilusa Ijip roti-a, I ?n'l I Wolf ?Aim. All at price* 40 p^p p?|,t Be'nw maaufacturera' cr.nt pricea. ORR, rURP. 1 THE AMr.KICA N AND BTRRtAN Fl'R COMPANY'S Wari h'.UKe, No. *7 Valdrn lane, corner m Oold street. H. A '1 RAM I' EM, OC.T the r Iwne atock of rU li mauufae.tored laitle*' ami cblldren'i l*iMy fur* ?' a great re.| UI'I Ion from their whole mi le p?r. ?, in order to -enuxe e.i*h, vir ? Mink marten from flu and npward* a *et. Knble " -t4 Htoue inerten " 10 " Mi un'niu tn*?'en Or <m . 5 " " Fretid na'.de I. out 3 " " Ru?*i?ii ?i|Ulrre) from .. 9 " " A .mi, a splendid stock uf gcnil-m"ii * fur eoala. cap*, glovet andmuBk-i* al*? aleiuli r<A>?* a great tarMr I'leaae remember, kj w .lden I* lie. the American and Rus. sIhu Kur Company'* ??r> leu ?e. PEATHERf, EIAT9IRR? YKB, FEATHERR. OOM. nielli In* *1 10 cenl* ? *? li pi line Fl .w.-r?, l|..wer?? Y^?, Bower*, eoirmencing at t. cent* each *iem. Chanilki. cbt* ntlle ? Ye*, tlieulllecoid'iie* at X ?n'? e?. li. Kiel touel orna m^nt* c!ni"?' for imthi"* A fart ondeidahl* that we want the cash alTI'i K RR'R PaviUonde t lora, Kl llroadway, Ue tweeii Tb<>ni|>*oii'* and Ta> U>r'**aloot.*. 1MMKKSK REDI'CTION i.* mirr* nr WINTER hiiVNTT* al MADAMK Pol NREOKll A CO. *8, 671 Bitmlway, I'ndt r I erarge House. IANDRT-R LADIES FCRR. J d'JS Bruadws*. Oreat redwett<4i. Rwlnei Ih) enVe, no fln?r la tM# bum k?i at ?ii per r.nt be low coal. Mink, stone market., Mck, Ae . a*?. very low ,e up f. >r th.- city lra>U only, all , <?a r raated correel in every way l?n oeeepUi n m lh? innr (V asv OLh. r oartMalarlty tn Che max-ulaciuxa. uruara sarafolft aft tai'deo to PA RIM FEATHERR.. lguitMUtKN AhRORTED qUAMTIKB will be sold low for (ath, by 1XOMKR A K?.T< I1CM, No 1IH Itraarfway, Corner of Pearl si. CAtmCTUO, I PHOLITICRT, IK. Great bargains In CARPKTH A' d Curiam Mx'er.^ls * T sTKWtKT A CO., Broadway, Chamber* and Reade s reeta. NOUDAT miWII. . .ITTTZr fPRmk.slDIOUR f-At RIFU'R? FANCY ARTICLBH FOR X the Imidata Poelem .noalea, has*. reUeulea, perfumery, AO., In every wtwleaab jmlf by t> M KNMIIT A CO 29 Yewy stroeL COPAKTBKKBIIIP NUTICKS. c?l pnr*KH <sn #ion rm?* tmk rnorir* or tiik vl'l" !>?? "HI a??ur?an inlrrrat aa a<|a*l partaar jht ?rntral t.ija which haa pud on >B iftru' ?bal.attrn t"?m H>?> per auoua. Addreaa Jamra, bo* m H'ThI'I ttt'-r ?>0|||t -A PARTNKK WANTED, IS A CO* BIWIOK % ofllra r^'inlr'if 5 ho-ira' da'ly attowMM, whora h* can ctaar about t?> u> %.%) par w without anr riak, aa the ltija'n<*?.? la h1j-i.1v- ??h Ha'iaf ir-urr r-aamia will be ,lrrti Apply to T. OAFPBKY A <'o . lid CaatAaai ?j C'XWt ?>MI" * I KRU.V To HI T **Ryi'Af. Vm' ktll Inlcri'd It * ?>*il NlilMat Ml) bu?wraa, ill. ? will r?"itilr.- ibi. " ?*> -i pBal Tli- r?a?.n f?r ih?* party ? i?ht> a !?? map?.ar <,f hia int#r'?i la ifc" want ?f m" tn? '? rt id ri'H ' thr kuunr? or"|>?r.y Kn-rjihiuf di ul? a*liafa?"tory. AdrtraaiiW Aid. "llara d nBI.'a. ___________ Criw> To ?????- A PARTvrn WAfTm. in tub whf i"?alr. retail and I report ' n( Ihinor bnammia. wiiUtwiiif ifca fto< at rormrr atoraa In ihia Pit*, a horaa ami aii.n and an niiM'?>r rada of thir'. ?ti yara aiandrnf Ap p!) > i. M >iH.a) W 1 II' ? M AS UAIh>Kt A CO., 170 1 l-uhain ?irf?l. Q'lUi -A I'ART N KR WANTKP IN A WRI.L ICR. wl'i'-b"(l a?fr and profitable biKlnna Toanao* tf-.r yn-inc man ihi? >a an r?r*.l?nt opportunity tu brcome aa r i ia! i .rtnar in a osnh t.ialnaaa Appiy to B. Br RICH AKI'H, S?7 Headway CI 1 "WlW AMKD-fAPM ANDAN RNRROBTIC *A*. ?T 1 . I ? " ' tornnt" nui a mai.ulaciiiflnK D<uiin'W aa part arr. nMU IB par rrnt. Halra airtctly for mah. Riprnaa* liabt. Obj'Tt, to rxtrnd the buatnaaa. A Mfii ?Mn, Herald .??!? ?? DI*KOll TIOB ? YHB Co PARTNERSHIP IIKRKTO f?f. . tu in ( under ;ha firm of HI KM* A (lABRRTT, a thi? day tUaaolffrd ny inutMil mni. The bMlaaaa rW ika frm will b. arttlmt by MThPIIKN II Bl'RNX. ai ti? ir ol<l aiand. A3 Leonard .tad ba al?n? m authorized to eollac* the ?abtanf ariul Brm. MTKI'HKN II Bl R *?, R?w N,1t *? 1W. H V ? OARRKTT _ VrOTI' R -NKW YORK !*OV 9 l?7 -TH* COPART Xl nrrah.p hara nforc ??hMtn? nnd?r tha b ?d of Him-n A Koahi?r haa lican dtaa?,rrd on lV' U'h . ?y *?'?W "mi Tw <nt tkvn will b* /??rri^d Wi* 'w*'!#1 t , At ram Simm. m th? <?W atand, l?? ^ ThirtaantB rrw, ?lid M?t timiin Korhkr hA? i^x'wW bimwir witN K'th t Hfotttcru, kaotn m pfoprt#' ,ff ?* BiMp Ri*fr hrruiyinf Ihntlllcry, ai Ho. fli *Ir"?jJL * MBRMANB ROEIII.RR Pi K r v t n W 4 !H T VP ? WITH NlW TO |N9 Iff A MAIfU f in* v ?< .-.a .....I p. ' - r> ??-"? ??*??* ?* 7+ HMarvn ?tr<'' IIKRKTOfORK KXISTIBd BR I .... ? > * >nd '?a? H Baldwin m.lar tM . .M .? I.n I I.rm .>1 Ki>-! .1 Haldarin, h^a thia day baan aswf!?-?? ^ ii7;, C KlBt. r K TKI. will a Ttlf 'ta 'b" b?i?frx*? of tAa l*u> *'r? onllia ??? arr. "iW. '???? "W i Iv I.* Fulton ?'.raat, and aoilriui th* patr.'!'a*a i>f bia frirnda Mt.l ll?a poblla. TP MRBi M ABtB-A YWRil BAB. WlTR II <BD Cum, * ah' " t" i'ti? >*? trn a bn??naaa i i;har tn |T?x-a r.ra. four and fwd or liquor bualnaaa Addraaa J. Y. Il' rald ? ?r? RIPRRMM. ? OTCDMYf FXI'RFPS r AI I* IW l V V P.tfn. wr? O Tor* or Brooklyn, r., r ha, n, / r, ^ , hi ' *F* S2^S^F'4S Jsssarre I