Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1857 Page 3
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Oar Treaty wttto P<rM? ITS TNTCRPRCTATION IMPORT AWT TO WHALBKS. The Council of Ministers charged with the Presidency of the republic of Pern, &c. , 4c. Whereas, the Ministers Plenipotentiary of the republics ef Peru and of the United State* of America celebrated and signed on the 4th day of July of the present year the fol lowing articles explanatory of the twelfth article of tho treaty of peace, commerce and navigation, of the 26th of July, 1661:? Certain doubts having arisen with regard to the Inter pretation to be given to article twelfth of the treaty of the 20th of July , 1861 , a* to the goods, other ttiau oil and the produce of their fishery, that the whale ships of the United plates may land and sell or barter, duty free, for the purpose of obtaining provisions andreli'ting ? a con cession which in articles eighty one and one hundred and ton of the General Commercial Regulation* is not so exten sive; and it being convenient for the advantage or the citizens of tho United Slates employed in the whale fishery and of the citizens of I'eru who furnish pro vis ions, to tlx, clearly and definitively, the proper moaning of the conces sions stipulated in the abovomentioned article twelfth of the treaty of the 26th of July, 1861 ; so that while those reciprocal benefits are sccured all and overy controversy in the matter may be avoided? The Envoy Kxtraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of tne United States o America to the republic of Peru. John Randolph Clay, in virtue of his full powers? And his Excellency Doctor lk>n Manuel Ortiz de Ze ?alios, Minister of Foreign Atfairs at the republic of Peru fully authorized to act in tho promises by tho cxcclleu Council of Ministers, charged with the government of the republic After having hold repeated conferences and come' to a mutual understanding upon the true spirit and extent of the exemption from duties conceded to the said whalo ahips in ihe salo and barter of their stores and mer chandisc, by article 12 of the treaty of 1861, which pro vides : ? Art. 11 The whale ships of the United States shall have access to the port of Tuxubes,as well as to the ports of entry of Peru, and may sail from one port to another, for the purpose of refreshment and refitting , and they shal be permitted to soil or bartur their supplies of goods, in cluding oil, to the amount of two hundred dollars, ad vtUorrm , for each vessel, without payiug any tonnage or harbor dues, or any duties or Imposts upon the articles so ?old or bartered. They shall also he permitted with like exemption from tonnage and harbor dues, further to sell or barter their supplies or goods, including oil, to the ad ditional amount of one thousand dollar*, ad valorem, for each vessel, upon paying for the said additional articles the same duties as are (uiyahleupon like supplies of goods and oils, when imported in the vessels and by the citizens or subjects of the most favored nations ? have agreed and declared Art. 1. That the permission to the whale ships of tho United States to barter or sell their supplies ami goods to the value of two hundred dollars, ad valorem, with out being obliged to pay port or tonnage duos or other imposts, should not be understood to comprehend every kind of merchandise without limitation: but those only thai whale shipb are usually provided with for their loug voyages. Ait. i. That in tho said exemption from duties of every kind are included the following articles in addition to tho produce oi their tishery, viz: ? Wluto, unbleached domes-, tics, white blea? hed domestic*, wi<io cotton cloths, blue drills, twilled cottons shirting stripes, tiekiu!?. cotton, prints, shirtings, sailor's clothing ot 'til kinds, soap, slush, hoots, rhocs, and brogans, axes, hatchets, biscuit of every kiud % ur, lard, l>i;?tor, mm, beef, jiork, * ormaoeti and ' ou>, itivu candles, canvas-*, rop ?, tobaoco. A-t. if. It is also agreed upon ami understood between the contracting parties, that tho whale ships o: ttio United Hlates may land and sell or barter troo ot all duties or im poste Whatsoever, the supplies and Merchandise specified in tho preceding article to the amount of five hundred dol lars, a?t valor am, m conformity with article hi of the Gene ral Commercial Regulations; but for every additional quan tity from five hundred dollars to one thou-and dollars, ad the exemption shall only extend to port an 1 ton nage do- f Art. 4. The stipulations in this Convention shall have tho satue force and e fleet as if in-ei ted word for word iu the treaty concluded in I.imaonthe 26th of July, 1851, and of which they shall be deemed and considered as expla natory; for which purpose the present Convention shall be approved and ratified by the President of the United Ptates of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, mid by the Executive power of tho re public of I'eru, with the authorization of the National Pe ruvian I<egi: lature, and tho ratifications shall be exchang ed in Washington in as short a time as possible. In faitb whereof the above named Plenipotentiaries have signed in quadruplicate this Convention explanatory of tho treaty of the twenty-sixth of Julv,one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, and have hereunto alllxed their seals Done at IJma, the fourth day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and filly-seven. J. RAN'DOIJ'II CLAY. MANUEL ORTIZ DE ZEVAIJjOS. Therefore, the National Convention having approved these articles on the 3d of October instant, the Council of Ministers, in virtue of the authority in them vested by the constitution of the republic, do accept and approve and ratify tht m, holding them as the law of the State, and binding the national honor for their observance. In laitli of which they have signed the present ratifica tion. sealed with the seal of the republic aud endorsed by the Minister of State tor Foreign Affairs hi Uma. the 5th of October, 1667. JOKE MA. RAYtiADA, J. M. DEL MAR, L M CANO. Majoti. Oktiz pk ZavAixoH, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Convention with New tJranorta. (Krom BOMMNH of Pern , N'ov I | Krw Granada acknowledge* her responsibility with respect to the damages reused during the riot at I'an.tma en the 16th of April, 1SMI ? a responsibility resulting both fiom ?u obligation and from au attribute of b<'r sove reignty; and all reclamations among fnim the mid riot. I as we II a* all others pending of American citizens against her. will be 'ubmltted to a commission. which will meet at Wanhinv" .1, c?uii|ioscd of two individu i'x, one of Uirm nominated by New (iranada and the other by the I'nited Slat- s. all cases of diiagr.-ement to be decided by - an arbitrator, who 1m to lie nominated either by the coin mir?KMiera themselves before beginning their labor*, or by the Mi Iter of Prussia in the I nited States, should the \ coirtnlssiooc re not agree 11 (Kin the choice. The commission will examine and e?tiroate all re- I clamatiotia which may be presented to It by the government of th? t'nited State*; it will tlx the aums to lie paid in sin h cases where it dcrms it to be just U> indemnify the claimant*; it will deliver to each of them the respective certificate*, and the whole amount if lb* m will be paid to the government of j the I'nited States, at Washington, In c<pial aemi annual rales. The amount of indemnity shall bear aa in tereM of six per cent (likewise payable in semi annual , rate*), from the day the respoclivo decision has l>een j pronounced In order to meet those payments, New (Jrin via ospecial ly destines the ball of nil the revenue resulting from the prufll* of the Panama Kailruud Gotnpauy ; but m cose that should not be siiltlcient, she will have recourse to other means for the same object The decisions of the commission will be definite with respect to all reclamations which may be presented Pi It, and will serve for New (iranada as a full acquittal M all claims of citizens of the I'nited Stat is which may have , lie?-n raised against her liefore the signature of Una con < v. iili' n j Kach government will pay the expenses of its rommis sioncr: those of the arbitrator and the accidental one* will : be paid by i? Ui by halves. The terms stipulated are the following ?The exchange I of the ratification shall take place within nine mootlis from the signature of the convention, or eariter If possi ble The ccamisnioo will meet ninety days after the ex change of the ratifications ita labor" will l ist nine month*; 1 etx months after the day It chwca them the first payment jl nhatl be made, and the whole amount has to be pajil up j within eight year* from the same date. Article T literally says ?As far as the Tint ? I Attn i jnay de-ire to puri base, or to hold by lease. 1 Ml tae territory of one of the islands of the l ay of Panama, in order to establish there a coal depot, the gnverument ?if New (>ranada. wisling to comply with the (te-tfes of a h t u t. the rmte'd Stales the privilege tit purtlia nig or taking by lease the said portion of terrl ?ory, which is not to exceed one hundred English a>-res in extent. *l?- lein the I nited States m allowed to establish wbarve? and eonstmct snch building* as may lie nef"?a ry to the enjoy ment of this privilege for the aid otijeet. and whilst Ute I'nited Mates are occupying the k,.i I terri tory no contributions of any kind will l>e demanded, either on it- furniture, wharves and other buildings therein erected, or en the property of the 1 nited "Hales employe ! or deptiaited there Ibit it i< understood, and expressly stipulated that the said concession shall not In any way impair or aflcct the territorial sovereignty ot the republic rf New (iranada over the port on of territory occupied by - the I'nited States, either in couM"iucnce of a p iri base or a lease. A Mth-ithy 8oi.vki> Srvrnu. Whai.tiit Ctti trss larursTCn r* a Mranra. ? It will he remembered that on t.u '.' of August. 1*4-1. I*a*cal li OMAck, who re Shied ?i* miles from Ixmtsville. on the tlardstown road, was 1 1 nind (load a short d islam a from his residence. The Ih ? v it III i? in the thigh, on. o| I le .?ii- 1 , *g through. None of these wounds could have canned death The neck was broken, and the face and head mutilated Iry hogs the ears having been eaten off Craddo-k was on I., -1 ? k abei. lie ?as ?Ih>1. and it is sii|ipoM-d that, af ler the Urine. he fell from his horse and broke Ins neclc Tlie horse was found standing by tlie body. Two piece* of rop?\ having blood on them, were found near by The verdw t of a jury was that "(Yaddoek cams to hl< death by Violence," There ha I lieen three Indictments pending against I'raddo* k on charges of felony, but ho had sue reeded in llie trials on three different term* 01 tVmrt lie was much feared in the neighborhood, and It was alleged that he was connectel with a band of conn terfeitcrs and horse thieves He bad been a wealthy man. A short time previous a meeting wan held in Jef ferson county, which wa? attended by the most respect* hie cit)* lis . st wluch resolutions were passed demanding that Craddock *>id two ? 11 ? r- leave Kentucky with In six month". The time had Just expired wlien lie was hilled. A negro wa- arrested on the charge of killing him An opinion was pr> Talent that some of Craddock '? gang (those who had be< n ass '*led with him) had slain hwn. fearing that win 11 his trials bs* place they might become Involved. Others were under the impression that the friends of those who had acted with Cwddock and were convicted to the penitentiary mainly on t>ad dork's evidence, lad committed the deed. The mystery Is solved as folio**:? John Miller, of Bullitt county, whose character is rejsirte l dbsrcputnMe in Wmhu llle, yester day pave himself tip to the nuthncitle*. oonfesaihg UmI certain parties offered the. . thou -xnd (lollar* to any on ? who would put (>addo< 1, 1; t'i it he tnd eight others aonepted 1 i,o when the plot was made lo take ( ad. is k s life, t'ive nf tb"poli lay n cnbush? a cough b, ? the signal to lire at Cra "'dock ?- he Hi |ijr . Miller s... a he nred in the 1 Wnrrsn ? seed for ab "arttes, several of win ni were ar "ted, in eluding (ohm I Allen and brother, An-tin lliibb id and ,'oe wr'L'ht. (1 Itullitt cout ? .'tepl en llnlrd, of Wtelb* county, and Kred Klkns, of JeTerson county (Mh< ?.. ?itti iiiiuIk ?' ' Miller # story U not fully credited. The J 1 are wealthy, and ?erc heretofore highly mflMJo^jJack Allen had been li wr ? only tw 1 Wi cks. ai'ir^^nQ^ altd at tlie limn of the murder ? l*minOk ' THE CiSE OF CJLICESn. Postponement of Sentence of DratJi on Ml. ehael Caneerai, for the Murder of Police man Anderson. HITHKME COrBT ? GKNKRaI TERM. Before Judges Daviee, Mitchell and Clerke. Not. 30.? Immediately after the conviction of Michael Cuncemi, the Italian, for the murder of Eugeno Anderson, and on the day appointed for his Rentenoe, which w,w the the 20th of November, dotibis presented themselves as to whether the Circuit C-ourt, which was merely a branch of the Supreme Court, had ih? power to pasts sentence of death upon a criminal, and accordingly Judge I (avion postponed senleneing Canceml until to day. Although the hour when the proceedings would tin commenced watt not named, the doors of the Supreme Court were bnsioged as early as 0 o'clock, and every avenue leading to it wad blocked up by citizen*, who were desirous of witnessing one of the closing scenes iu ihis melancholy tragedy. The crowd was so great that the oID'-ors were compelled to throw open the doors of ihe General Sessions in order to accommodate the hundreds who remained outside. This room was soon tilled to its utmost capacity, ami even then thi??c wbo were anxious to obtain admission could not do ?0. At a quarter tc 11 o'clock Canecmi was brought into Court by ofll cr Huehan.ui, who has had hiui in chaffco since the indictment against hint has been removed from the General Sessions. The primmer was dressed in the same apparel as he wore during his trial*, and although his expression was not so composed as it was pending his trial, yet his appearance did m t indicate that ho suffered so much mental guttering as it would do supposed that a person placed in his awful position would undergo. Meters. Af-hmead and Ulankman," the assigned course i of tho prisoner, were present, a-, were a number of tlio friends ol the convict and the deceased rdlleer. When the Court was opened by Mr. Bertholf, District Attorney Hall rose and said it liccame his iluty to bring to the notice of ihe Court a record of the proceedings relative to the indictment and trial of Michael Usnoemi tor tho mur der of Eogepc Anderson . upon which bo would base a motion. After reading various formal legal records, which were devoid of general interest, he moved for the judgment of the Court upon a verdict of guilty, rendorcd by the jury who tried Cuncemi for the assassination of policeman Anderson In Centre street. Kdmou Ulankman, Ksq.. ono of the counsel for Can ct mi, addressed the Court at considerable length, pointing out, as he maintained, numerous defects m the record. In support ol a motion of arrest of judgment, lie snbmitted the following points, and occupied two hours iu amplifying them MR. BLA.NkMAVy POINTS. 1. That the Circuit Court had no jurisdiction intlie above case, and that all the proceedings which took place at the Circuit Court, before his Honor Justice Davits, were ?mam, nonjvilice. 1. That the verdict of the Jury as entered on the record does not liud the defendant guilty of the ofleiuo, in raar l er am' lorm, us he fetood n ticted. 3. That the certiorar. d, 'e l to the Court of Oyer find Terminer tor tie count ?? York, to ; ?? ' ? ?' o in dictllieut pcndii,.-; iher?-i case ot the r ? U Michael t uci lui, has ' o profa-rly ?? tn at the inu In., lit ?ent up i comet) from v ? >\ uU Term i 'i !< r the city t of Vow Y 'ic ing no stvuL couitki ' ? 'awn and'., . of th:s Stat' 4. It thi ' ourt had juris : i.!ion to try the indict "ei moved from Oyer and Terminer to tho Supremo Oour* the order directing in what circuit it should be tried should have been mane at a specie' and not at the general term of the Supreme Court ? the powers of the general term of the Supreme Court being simply of an appellate character. 5 That the indictment in tins cause was found and tileil in the Court of General Sessions of the peace for tho city uqd county of New York, ni pursuance of th- act ol' 1K&6, and never was an indictment of the Court of Oyer ami Terminer of the county of V'ew York. 0. That by an order of the Supreme Court, made the 11th day of Augam, lH67,the said lndictineDt was ordered 10 be tried iti the (]purt of Oyer and Terminer of the county of New York, which order never has be-n re versed or vacated by the Court, and that the safd order, to directing the trial of said indK-tmetit to be had in said Court of Oy-T and Terminer, was in full force and e fleet at the time when .-ait trial was had in the Circuit Court be l^te the Hun. .iut..e 1'avics. 7. Tliut prior to the act of 1855 Cue Court of General Sessions had no mrirdlctton in capital casus, and there fore the act of 1 ?? 47 being pa-sed prior to the act of 1H45, never could he construed tog. ve the Circuit Court juris diction in a c.i i.-i pending or originating in the Court of General fc'essems , otherwise the section of the a< t of 1H58, which gives the party defendant a stay of judgment i- a matter of rip ht. would have mentioned the Circuit Court as well as over and Terminer and General sessions. The statute of jeofails, or amendments. do not extend to ? litu Ii.ti IfMMMp, Mkl ttCNftn SMMHIMMltft not. ah in civil <ases. aided by verdict. (1 Chit. Cr. U Mil. llurh Cr. law, 372.) Nor is the ground of arresting the judgment confined U> the indictment alone. It nnty be found in any part of the record. (1 Chit. Cr. 1.., I'M. Itarb.Cr. Iaw, p 372). 1 j Where a criminal cause is tried at the Circuit judgment | Is rendered by the Supreme Court, ind if there tie a con victiou, it seetn? that the cin umetances in evidence must be laid before th^rn by a cage, or in some other way, to enable them to estimate thr proper tnonaure of punish m< nt. )1 Cowen, 108-133, 143 llarb. 3*0.) Where an indictment has b"cn found at the General 8essions for an otfenoe triable i" that Court, and the cause Is subsequently removed into the Oyer and Terminer by a Judge's order, the Oyer and Terminer has power to di reel the Indictment to be scut bark U> the Sessions for tri- i k (Barb. C I. 2T. ) Tlie posrer ol the Supreme Court to send the cause out nf the county for trial. (Laws 1M7, p. J33, s. 4U. tiarb. ; C. I.., p. 2t'H ) Th-' statute provides for the removal of the Indictm'nt from the General Session*. No record is to be transmit led. If, then, the prisoner wan not arraigned at the Circuit. > there is no evidence that he has ever been arraigned. Again ? the order requires the trial to be had at the Cir- 1 cuit : and the plea is a necessary part of the trial of an iu dictment The IMitrlet Attorney replied, by aayinr that he hvl no argument to (die.- in oppoMttoo to a motion of arrest ot judgment, and briefly rev- wed the legal object tons pre- j sented by Mr. Blank mvi He (Mr Hall) would not dic tate to the Court a* to their imwr. taking it for granted that they knew wh?t jurtsdict'on they had before |Ntasing , ii|s<n the prevkms motion* m this case. As soon a* Mr. DLtukuiau had coucludod bts speech, I the *eiinr counsel, Mr. Ash mead , desired lo rail the attention of the 1 Court to the fact that tho whole record of the proceedings had not b<>en presented to Ihe counsel, winch ?hould have been done It the Court sentenced C.uiccml on that oeca sioti, Mr. A affirmed that they would do so on a paper made out of recollection . and contradictory to the record lie also maintained that the general term had no power to sentence the prl'oner. He said that if Canceml wei ,? sen teheed now, he w 'Mid digues other important points, growing out of portions of Judge levies' clwtrge Ui the . Jury, especially ho* on the evidence of the good character of the accused Judge Mitchell -aid that the motion for an arrest of judgment waa pre- uted iu such a manner as to make It expedient that the Court should take time to l<*>k into the subject, and the decision ?hould he the result of ? deli berate examination ef the Code. The <V?urt then ordered ' the prisoner to be remande 1 to prison and to ap|iear on Monday next, when the deemton would he rendered Cancotni was immndintely removed, and the regirtar business b?Tore the t>>urt was commenced. A Contract with the C'ltjr Drrlarrd IllrfpU. Pt TKKIOIt fOt'RT- TKKM. Before ? full Ueneb Not. 2* ?Janet R H a>< y. rrs pendent, m TV ?<tyr, rfr . tifllatttt ? Tlit* v? too wa* brought l<> rocov w the rum of U, a balance alleged to be doe to Um re f |K*>dciit upon a contra* t executed by the Street Comrnia ?loner, on the j*rt of the appellant*, with the respondent, i'ii tli? 11th of At'ffxM, 1!*&4, for retting curb and (totter (?tone*. an<l flawing aiJewalkn in Eighty third street. be Iween Third avanue and avenne A (In the '27th of. Inly, ISM. the Street Commissioner, In puroiaitce of a resolu lion of thr Common Count il. issued a specification or ad vertlscment to contractor*, th.^t sea|,-.| proposal* would be received at hi* otltce, until August T, MM, for doing this work, winch specification or advertisement contained thin dame ; Vstimatnra Will state In ilteir proposal*. 'he price for for nUhitig itnd *e?ttng rurH and gutter atone, p?*r running fool, inclndii i Ihe ne< e?*arj regulating of the ?tt*w, and r^tnov In* or furnishing eariV I* re^etred, th? price per stpetre (.hi! lor It u rlur including the regulating of the ?idew*,ks. and ilia furt.isiiirt be sand aii.t gra>el in * Im h It shall lie laid and rnverei, alao ibe removal of alt surplus material or rubbish. after Ihe completion of the work th" price per cubic yard lor removing r-. k If an; abonld be found The ordinance# ot the defendant* (appellant.*) require, that >n all profoMl* issued lor work or supplier, the quan tit> tiel "pialdy of the supply. or nature and txtfltt ?>f the work required shall l>e rt*M, The charter of re?tnir*s that all the work to be done, or aitppha> to be furn>hed for ihe Corporation, Involving an expenditure of more than KM), ?.hal! be by contract, founded upon sealed bid* or pto|?wals . made upon an advertisement o' ten dayi, and w'len made, atiall !*? given to Ike lowest bidder. The respondent, among others, bid uj>on the work, at the follow ing price*,? For retting curb and gutter stone*, *.'> cent* per lineal ft et For flagging. per square font. 11 rent*. For rock excav atlon, per cubic yard There wrre Ihree other bidder*. Who bid slightly high er than the rcspondi nt for retting curb and gutter and tagging. Two of ihem did net Md upon rock excavation, alio the other bid tA tier rub*c yard for nuk etcavatiun It will be ?ecn that the lowest bid tinder the estimate contained In Ihe specifleat ,on conM not be determined, tine |*rly might bid IVOOn f,* setting curb and gutter and Magging, and II |? r cubic yard for removing rock Another might bid $2.i* n f-tfettrb and gutter and flagging, and as In this, |h r cubic yard for removmp rock Yet the standard by which the hid* were tested Item# the price* for retting enrb and gutter and (lagging. It I.* clear that the latter would t>e declared the lowest bidder, al thouph In lact, whether he would be the lowest bidder would depend on the quanliia I. wlm h ?hotild ultimately be found. The conlrfln. v*a* lytnM to the respondent, at ? nominal hid of 9.1,70*. "Hie r"M?<n drnt went oil and did work under the .entrant and th* . ?ttrvt yor returned Wiicitbi' yards of rock a* excavate I by him and oti the !tb of August, !*"?<!, notwith<tandtng tin- obleitien* of the Comptroller, and an r pttll"? of Mr lai'-m. the late Corporation OMvrl, adverse to the i t If of the contract sti a.iSfW'Onettt for 9-*. 74<l for the work wn* confirmed by Uie Common Ibiilli II, and ap plo\ ed by the Mat' r The Omiptmller (?aid the reipond etil "0 |?'r cent ol lite cent t net pr..-e pr.'Viois to suit. Tlic < rtu*e wn.? reieired I' lii Ire Cowie*. who r> n lrred Hi 'rmmt hi fXvr of ti -pendent lot ?* MM fR, from which judgment the de'> n ' ??nt* a) .liidgi "o<idrnlf >livereil the opinion of the Co'irt, re v< r?nig the |m'c?t. nt on the er< ?nd that Ihe contract wa? vottl in ?!? incepron, tx ? itt'e there were no daia rtajed in tl.e s?.!\ rt: onim' ol tti ? -tr -ot k? num- <ioi?er by which the lowest bidder for the work In question could be determined. That the contract being voM no subsequent ratification of the same by the Common Council could create any liability ou the part of the appellants to pay for work performed under the Kame . that the conformation of the assessment lint did not avail the respondent. Mr. A. J. Willard for re-pondont , Mr. A. R. I .aw rente, Jr., Assistant Corporation Counsel , for appellant*. Supreme Court? Special term. Before Hon. Judge Roosevelt. Nov. 30. ? W. I*. Warriner vs. Ota. D. Huhardson. ? JudgrooDt chang ng tho defendant on the goparato ostato of the wife. Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad Oompany vs. Henry H. Good num and others ? Motion to dissolve Injunction denied. John A. Bant vs. Darius C. Newtll. ? The attachments in these suits should- be discharged unless the plaintiff is willing to take an order of reference, which in that ease will be entered at his expense, to investigate the disput ed questions of fact and especially the alleged intent of the. defendant as against the plaintiff aid others of his credi tors on tho disjiositfcui or contemplated disposition of his property. haac M. Bull and others vs. Gideon Ny. and others.-? Motion to set aside proceedings granted in part. Die 1'rtsidmt, Directors, Jc., of the Continental bank VS. North American (r'ntta /'ercha Company, ? The note was signed by Peck individually, and endorsed by him as President of the company. This show* that tho addition wan not mere description of the person but description of the different character in which the indorsement was made. It shows conclusively that both Peck as an indivi dual, and tho company through him as its representative, were intended to be bound. Nor is there any pretence that the company did not reserve the avails. Under such circumstances tliere would he no equity in setting aside a judgment confessedly regular, and which the evidence shows to be substantially right. Motion denied. THE CONVICT JOHN B. HOT.MES. In the matter of John />'. Ho lines, a debtor confined for crime. ? Holmes was convicted of forging his wile's name to a deed. The law in cases of creditors of persons im prisoned iu the State prison for a term of years and not for life provides a s]>eciul remedy for the payment of their debts. It allows an application to a Judge for the appoint went of trustees iu the same inunuer, or rather with the eame effect as if the convict were " an absconding debt or," (2. K. 8., 16) Holmes, it appears, is in debt; he iB also in prison for the term of fifteen years ami six months for the crime of forgery. The person making this applica tion is one of his creditors and brother to his wife. The case, therefore, comes within the law, and tho Judge, in the language of the second section, " may immediately appoint two or more fit persons to be trustees of the estate of such debtor," to p%y his debt* and provide for the sup port of his w ile and children. The petitioner names him self as one of the proposed trustee s. Of hid fitness, I have no judicial knowledge. A reference must, therefore, be ordered to inquire into the matter. The law on this point suetns defective. It makes no provision for getting itifor ?nation nor for giving notice of the application either to oiner creditors or even to the debtor himself; and yet the po .vers to be conferred on the trustees are unusually jx tensive ? and without giving any security, thoy may and they areeven required to. sell '? as speedily as possible ail the estate of tie debtor, real and personal." Reference ordered and flppo'li'meli' reserved until the com, ng in of tii a n iKirt. J'ht itrtral anil fladral. IVmdwav iiiH/ikt ? Mr. Chap. M die ws wi'.I pn'orm tliir- .?veiling in the comedy eall-d ''An Impudent Puppy," and the irterindr of -'Twenty Minutes with a Tiger." "A Conjugal \* So. ;i" : -? to he tho afterpiece. Nmto's Uakdh!?. ? M'lle Zanfretfa w II to night go through her wonderful feats on the tight rope, after which M'lle Rolla will play in "Bella la l'aquerette," and tho Ravels in "I'ongo." Powkky. ? No less than eighteen different acts are to he perfoimed by Sands, Nathan k Co.'s troupe of equestrians, acrobats and gymnasts this evening. The whole closes with the farce of the "Militia Training." BnrroN'a. ? Mes?rs. Brougham and Barton are to per form in the play of "Vanity Kair" and the duality of "Bur ton Worried by llrongham, ' this evening. Mr. Burton also appears in "A Day in New York." Wau-ack's. ? Blanche's comic drama of "A iJvly In T>if flrultlei," the little comedy called "Forty and Fifty," and the farce styled "Right* and Wrongs of Women," are tho announcements for this netniig. IjtrnA Kkk.vk's. ? Misses Keeno, Wells and Thompson, Messrs. Jordan, Jefferson, Wheatleigh, kc., are to again appear in the brilliant musical spectacle, entitled tho " Sea of Ice" this evening. AantrrAN Mrsicr* ? Hie interesting drama c.illo<l the " Wandering Boys'' is to be produced with a strong cost this afternoon In the evening we are to have "Time Tries AH," and "I-augli and Crow Fat." C.ho. Christy ami Wood's Minsthkis will amuse their patroM with a Maker of very havM|i>MaMi( songs, burlesque* and dances, and the laughable farce of "Married and liuricd." Thk Bkya.w again announce tho extraordinary " Shak spereun Readings," in which Pan and Jerry have created so much merriment, together with a variety of choice songs and dances. Ci net's. ? M'lle Man re v. M'me Tournialre and <*her favo rite artists attached to Tryou's circu- company arc to |? r form a variety of wonderful feats at x4 Bowery to night. "Monteciel" is the closing piece. Thk Kaxk Exrrorriosi Tlie pictures Illustrative of ?cenes <n the Ar< ttf regions, together with several relies of the Kane expedition, are still to be seen at Kinpire Hall. The Selsare of (he Bay Islands. Nkw Yoks, Nov 80, 1H57. Jamk> ConnoM Bkwxiitt, Ksy r ? Your Honduras corre?|?ondeut mentions a prot"st, on the part of the Chief Justine of the [lay Maud- , >ig? ii?t the oc< i)|?tieu of thi?e Islands by the British, and the copy of this protest states that isMsesMon was taken liy the British war schooler Bermuda. Now, sir, if you will ako the trouble to inquire, you will find that the Brit sh war hrtg Persian UsiU possession of those- islands. A. II. PBRNONAL. ANTHONY PE I.KYKR ANP MAROARFT SMITH. OR Mtrgnrfti* Smidt, were married by *mb? clergyman or tnair'atr-ne of tbe city of *r* York or It* vicinity, In th* titi 'ii ih uf March. April or M?y, of tbia y*-.?r, in.. IH5T If Ibe p? raon v?h<' married lb' m will Inform V J Wyeth attor aey ?' !'?* ? Mo. n Wall airvet. N V.. he will prevent an act of Un Injuallce. and will be liberally rewarded. INFORMATION W \ N'TKP ? OF JAMRS VKADHKIl. A 4 native of Kawrt,m >rn. In thy county of Kilkenny, Ire land, who landed In >ew York ahout nine year* ngn' Any Inf.'i ma'ton if htm will he thankfully received by hi* *l*icr, Taihurlnr Meagher, American Hotel, No UA Fiiltou alrnot. New York. INFORMATION WANTKP-OF MAIIY PAI.RY, WHO jell roiinty of Klldare, Ireland, about four year* alnre, and when laat heard from lltred within one mllr of thiacity. Any Information concerning her whereabout*, will be th ink ftllfy received hv her *l*'er, Cntharine Paler. at C**tle Oar den <? migrant depot, or at Mr* O'llrlen'a, Ai lireiowl.h at., lop floor. INFORMATION WANTKI*? Of MARY OR ANNR < halk. wh' ii laat heard from lived alW Varlek *tre?l In quire at the "t. John's Hotel, for Anne M lb rrnot. who ha* lately arrived from Ireland. 8b* ha* a letter fur thrm (mm ihnr brother. JI.-TRl.l, THRM TO DIKBtT To HW AN A CO., AC . f i?ta. OeorirU. MAFITR RORKRT IIINF r.ATKI.r Nn/ITRD BY Hat per Brother*. I* rc.|ue*ted to rail Immediately on bi* uncle, .lame*. Matter* will he a*tl*f*etorll> arranged s. M W -CAM. AT THKOrriCK AH SOON AH PO* Mhle for * letter of Importance t?? yon. A.J K. O W.-1TII.L TOP P1.RAHR CAI.L ON MR" BTBVEN*. k\ In Fifteenth ??leet. with regard u> boarding j'mr#e|f and little *>n. TO Mtt.MNRR*, AC - A FRIKNP FROM NORTH TRH ra. Oorwwatt. Fnc'ml. wotilJ he glad lo haar from Mia* C Wm'er. of the ?*me place. Addrea* II. T. V , Parmele* * H< o I. V> Warrrn *treet TIIK I.APV WIIO I.FFT A FANt'V OOl.p IIRRAST pin *l 'be mlilinery r*tabli*hment of Mr*. t?. Hch!eCe|. R77 Rrr?idw*v on Friday la*t N"t< tuber /i while (electing bonto-t*. ran have the mm* by proving prtprrt* an l paving for Ihi* advertl?em*ti* Mr* <? W III.KH^I, iKwur^prH*. ]" ONPON F< ONOMI'T - FOR HAI.R CUBA P. RtftHT J yearly volume*. NHlntMV tn''lti*l*e. Apply to JAMKM MAt h R II Ann ?<rre'. th.rd Boar. T11K Tt'RK. r'NU'V Cftl RHR, I. I TROTTINO ON TCFSPAY |inm;<rr I * matrh for ?! .???*; mile heat*, heat S m ?, 'nharnea* l? T?ll?an nase* b g t<ir Walter, H. Wt?. I mff. name* hik k ?l*ck I'rlnee Th.vtm? ?oi om? off*t two o'rl'K-k Ml AW A WHITK, Pr prl?tora. MCOAIiN. Havana. t>omkhtii* \ni? hfrman ?foar* ark now beln* ? iM it ru!n"ii'' I >w r ? f * ?r raA <t my eatabl'ahm- at Purrhaaoro ?ir> partk ulat ly Inrlte I to nam Ine the tartnua InTotee* ?hl. h ? re hrltig eloaeil out to n:1y Mah ailvanee*. O CHKKKH l7Rr.a?.lway. fjriWKH ANI> MUl OHia ^_ Tj1AHT*^IXPIA PAI.F, AI.K? JONW. WVRRANTKD Jy #TU*I to forelfn Al? |) or B?a?, at le*a th*o h?lf the prlee brewery !? F.**t Stitb atreet. PALE AI.B? oi.n ANH NFW? JoNKH'-* fln<> article Brewery No W HM WUh atreel *p*?nri*o. r"? '*"?*- ir ti? * *t M Broadway * 4 "? ^ fr-m lo to i>?'ci>irk n^TTMlWO, Ar. <fi "x nnn TO 191 "? H ANm i oT'nv ; ? tientbmen wl?h'ng l>> r .nrcr i i"iii| or Other pemWtl prnpertt Intoeiaii ran oh nln a" le?at if" ; -r cent more by rauimr or ?endinR their a ! Iren lo jAtiml MORONRT, ?7*4 I'earl atreet TfIR fl A I I . MF.AftON. IfR ANTONIO Will. OITR * ORANH RANI 1 Ml drew and cletc ball at the Ap'At . Rnnm? !??? m ibe MW will *ptre no eipenae lo m>ik<* lh(a imII he mi ? el aant In Ihe city Ticket* at h * ae* demr #1* B- .? Iw ir. Veerjrbody tanahi by h m will b>-eom* *o">* diuoti in 11a le**<na IIIII.IDAI PHK!*KM*. TBFMFNPIOt'H 8ACBIFICR -f ANt'Y ARTICI.RJ FOrt the holiday a. I'or'emonnale*, bar*, fellatile*, perfumery, Ac., in ryery Variety, a' wh. I. ?ale only, by P M KNfOHT A ?V? BI V**ey *trwet. KKKNf II ADVRUlTinCMRim. TTNF -III NR FBANlJAI.-K PI'SlRI ?? K PI.Ai ?R P'H'R aolgfter - a 'iCantf ?"* r*?udfe R|!e pe-r. f it 1 r lea m< i iin a icci it u* fit vtlle *> idreaaer Fliae, No. >? Wa?hin "' * pl*ci?. POLITICAL. ? "1 ST ALDKRM AN IC DIBTR 1CT. ' X The people s cbotoe. And the democratic republican candidate tor Aldenaaa, WHXlAM WIIJWJW. 1ST JUDICAL DISTRICT? FIRST, SKCOND, T1IIRB ?ad Fifth wards. -Democratic republican regular ooml nation for Police Jnstlse, J AM KB LEONARD. Aarnca Kutim, Bee. KOHT. BROWN, tThalraaaa. I BT ALDKRM A NIC DISTRICT. X Democratic republican regular nomination, for Alderman, MICHAEL MURKAT. _ ? THOMAS MUNBOK, CWroML sasrswi- ? 1ST JUDICIAL DISTRICT. First, Second, Third and Fifth warda. Democratic republican rrsular nomination. For Police Justice, ROBERT 0. Mt.INTIRE. R. O. MOLONEY, Chairman. Johk T. Rivioa, ) o Cuum A. Bhowii, J 1ST ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT.? PEOPLE'S TICKET. ? For Mayor, DAN IEL F. TIEMANN. For Alderman, HENRY HM1TU. 2D ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT. People'* candidate, rOK ALilKkMAM, PKTF.R COItlt AN, The worktngman's friend. jTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT. Tenth, Fifteenth and Seventeenth Ward" Democratic Republican Regular Nomination: For Police. Justice, JOtSEH M. MAKsII. For Civil Jusllae, .IAMKS Mill AY. THOMAS WALLACE, Chairman Police fort. Johk B. Rykr, Kec. Police Con. ELIJAH F. PURDY. Ch'n Civil Justice Cou. John P. Gaw, Sec. Civil Justice Con. 4TII JUDICIAL DISTRICT? TENTH, FIFTEENTH AND IVventeentli ward* ?Resignation of Anthony Ktclinn a*

candidate for Civil Justice. ? The undermentioned gentlemen having advised me that the harmony of the democratic par v In thiidlatrlct would be ett'ectuated by my withdrawing as a candidate for Civil Juattec In favor it my friend James MiGav, I hereby resign my claims In hla favor and recom mend my friend* to vote fur him. A. KICHOFF. J. Kockraln, A. Degrow, Seventeenth ward( EllshaT llur lev, M. (i. Gail, Tenth ward, Patrick Dully, D. W. Morria, Fifteenth ward. 6TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT ? FOR CIVIL JUSTICE. OF the Slsth Judicial District, comprising this Sixteenth, Eighteenth, Twentieth and Twenty tlrat wants. JOHN WAlTE. f>TII WARD REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION. -TIIK U headquarter* on election day will be at No. 100 Kim street, where the ballot* tor Tiemnnn and tor Supervisor*, >t may be procured. OWEN W. BRENNAN President. IIwm'y Lyok, Secretary. 6TH SENATORIAL DISTRICT. * Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Ei; hteenili Ward*. Republican nomination for < oiil.'ilmen JOHN. H. BRADY. JAMES M t 'toss JAMES WKBB. SKYMOI rt > BUNCK W1CKHAM HOFFMAN. GKoKOP, ll.iss. /?Til WARD?AT A M KET ? N G OF I UK DI'I.K I AT ES OF \J the Slj'h vtarddemoi onvcntl e held at tli" house of ev Aldi "man Ilradeii, I'Jti rih street, Nov th following gentlemen received tlie ima'dinnm nomination tor school officers;? For C. oner, Mathew Murray; for Inspector of Schools, Thomas White: tor Trustee*, Dr. J. Uluin, Win. Cantwcll, and James MuGutre to 1111 vwuxj ED. lloWK, i lirman Owe J A Ml 10 10 10 10 |T1I ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT Auierii OI. MiioiMIc hi ami I'ei \>le's Nominations. For Alderman ? JOHN I.YNEH. 11 10 Til WARD School Commissioner. Regular democratic American snd Cnlon Candidate, KDW1N SMI fH. 6TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT.? 16Tn, 1 ST ? ' i>TH AND 21*'. wards. Regular Democratic Renubl -in uomiin lion. For Civil Justice of the sixth jislirial district, I'heo ih i e .1. Fond. i 7TII ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT.? NINTH AND FIF I tcet.'.h wards democratic and ueople'* candidate. For Al derman, AAKON 11. 11EAN has the unanimous nomination. 8TII ALDKRMANIC IHSTRICT.? DEMOCRATIC RE publican regular nomination for Alderman? THOMAS W. ADAMS. Tie* undersigned, a majority of the duly elected delegates to the Kighth Aldermanlr District I 'onvention, do hereby certify that the above nomination was made in strict ronformlly lo and In accordance with the rules and order of the Democratic Republican General Committer of Tammany Hall, snd that *11 other nominations pretending to be regular democratic nominations (or Alderman of the Ki.'hth district were made for the purpose of distracting and dividing the democratic party. Alfred Palmer, Thee. Lynch, Tbos. B. Taylor, Jacob F. Valentine, John l'lckford, Jr. Wm (layte JOHN D. FA RRINGTON, Chairman. Javks H. Lvhch, Secretary. 8TH AND NINTH WARDS? HEG ULAR DEMOCRATIC nominations.? For Police Justice, J. SHERMAN H. ROWNELL. For Civil Justice, WIl.l.l AM H AITKKN. Til ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT -DKMOCH ATIO AM publican nomination and people's choice? For Alderman, JOSEPH 6. BROWNING. T1I ALDKRM A RIO DISTRICT?DEMOCRATIC RE publican regular nomination. ? For Alderman, BERNARD KKILLY. JOHN H RYER, Chalrtuau Norn, t'oinmlttee. PiTKIC* Bhadv, Secretary. TH ALDKRM \NIC DISTRICT? REGULAR REPUB lican nimuatiou.? For Alderman. JAMES L. BFRRIaN. TATII ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT. J 1/ Regular Republiran Nomination. for AWcrman ? JOIIN I.YNE"4. Th^iO'lersli(n?d. delegalMduly ele? t?Mj to the Tenth Alder mame District Cunt eiitiou, do hereby certify that th? above nominal I011 ws* made in strict (?unflnnilif to sod In acoatrd sue- with the snd order of the Republican General Committee, and sny nth. t nomination pretending lo be a re gnlai republican to mui t'lon lor Alderman of the Tenth dls trlct Is made for the purpose of deceiving the republican voter* of the above district. A II ROGERS. JOHN WEHB, JOHN WKAY, Jr., GEORGE ODELL. JOHN KING. K W CHAPMAN, Chairman. Jon* Rt*.iAVtff, Secretary 1 / |TH ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT -THE REGULAR Itf Republlcnn candlilate for A Idertuan of tin. I tail - RN 1.1 MS. Any other nominal <u 1 . ng ;o . Repukllesn noml istfnn Is spurlons. snd Inlentlad to decriv# thcvoKrsol I he district. Hy order. J It. IIKI.< IIKK. t ha1rm.1n.K1 Com. Sevrnteentli Ward Repub. Asa n. TH ALDKRMANIC DISTRICT, TWENTIETH WARD, j People's candidate for Mayor, DAN 1 Kl. F 1 1 KM ANN. F?r Alderman, K HARRISON ItKKD. 1G TH WARP. . _ I Nmnt Ai rrniltir I>i?tbicT. Rr# i i l?r di morratle ??rrl'-nn candid*!*. PKTIR rtnxNRK 24JD *ARD.-IIF*I*'R<TH. AROl'.XE -KI.KCTIOX _ llrk'-u tan b e lud al ih- b'>u?' of John Aditma, '.it KifMh atfirnr The only r"*'ilar tlrhrt ran he Kail then wt'h Ih* namr of lion. Rtrholaa Heaf rut, candidate for AMrr (tan nf Ibr TinM wond ward MI'IKH.AW HKA'tKINT. OQDVARI) DRUOCIAff, tWHK PfHI MAYOR? Hon f'rm in to Wood for Police JtaMrt, Micharl i on not I j For Alii rman. Il?n Ntch ila* Nt-a^rim Tor I 'on atalde*. John P 8?l(tn>ann Thomaat ii?htn* Cwr.imnnwtnn rr ?f (''?mm n Heboola of th" Twenty ?econ.f ward. John ( > Kecfc To (1 11 factory. William H'nrjT |fc>l?er<y. For In apeetor of Common Srh-??l? "f lb* Twm'y aeeond ward, f. I ward Timi'??ii For Trneteea of rommon Reboot* of tb? Twenty ?e. uad ward. John P. Bf'l, Peter Maalcraon. Tu Oil Taranry. William t.. Wiiry OOP *1*1' -IIATIWfl f.FARRKD THAT MV RAMK mm b?? |i n ? plac-d mi, Mm U ket ?f Jaa, Walah for Ih* o?re nf K> bnol Trnatee. I la**" INi? opraalon to Mate thai the hi* of mjr iani> *ne*eid iriii ? la entirely wtthnir my knowl nltr ?r rmtrnl a#d lha' I Intend In aupport only ihr regular thket, heated Pamel Witter, for Alderman .liillV M SAMARA ARF.R1CAR RORIJf ATIOJfi FOR Kl PTTRTIHnRH : Owfff Riiffta, lloratto R?H, Hiram I'orwtn. John I. Rtfcer, Oeerje W". Warner, Henry ttnyder. JMMtlCAN N<i*tf?ATTOjr FOR AI.PF.RM \ Jf OF ih. seventh A Merman* lllatrlet, viapnanl of tb<' NmsJk Jr^->wdAi ? gmtH, JflRFAT nUTITAL WAO?R? A I'lTT II A ?* RKR.f madr. he- ween lw.. ?? n'.rtn- n of thu city, nn <%* romtnf eleelton I ? iW> cn lHnii?-l F llemami and Fertun lo for Mai or the tfrn'ti'iwan toainf ' i? ? ? ** a I "%d of Woo I HI f rtlH >f the Otrar 1 Rwwae ? uniW m (VW'Tt ?irect an I w?at Itrmwl war on Th?r?dny, December!, IR57. !"?"*??? the h rir??f I and Sn'r.urli a iup-a *F.r >iir iiayTmu hkki rt'T iw CfR J\ ?- it ? n ' ? I l a ?* i. lr ??? n .? i i MidMn e f * Al ill rtntn 'B the Fmtrteerih Aidermanl<" Plalrlct. KUhteenth ? ward I "f leare l? aaaiire my fr-cnd- that ttndcr nocirrtim ! ami' i ? * 111 B> tiantr b. ? Mum II Xjji ?? I RATHlAR brakki.kv , BIHTF.F.D OR RFot'T.AR VOMI5 vTIOjm "t)l.oKIO|>t DICK J M|if*hn to the dem ieracT ? Vt ? *(,?( o?K?T, F>?.? Rr l>ear Mr? In rrplv l? the qitca thin pttiK dted In TOtir noif tome nf 'n lur ? Whether T" I anpport Ff'Baixlo Wood fur Ma>or an 1 the ileliel n.'mini "d ?I Titiitp nr Hall headed hj htm'" I atuwnr, I do. V>wjr rr*tirr'fnll>, your ohedlrnt ?? rvant, RICHARI> Rt STRKO_ 1 DIMOTRATIC RKI TRMt AX RKtill.AR NORI!(A tton? For Ald' rman Of the FlReeotfc Aldi rm^ntr dleirii t, Twe?t? flr?t ward, etOROI w V A R I A N JOHN KIMHI.ICr, nutlrmwi. Roarnt Fo?Tr?. I- ? 5a I u?biiii.u \ ^rrfUrl,<l DFR<X'*AT? PA* Tor AFFORD TO RK KJM1 Fernamlo W ood for Mayor? Po?a be act U'ward* our party (W) whk-b be claim* 14 h# Ion* a* B denK**rat or ftti aiitoerat I E be *n IpMlMaf IAMFIIATIRiJ ItFrt j'l 4t' F Of IV ROMIf MTOJ( M ofl eof ooaMaht* o( the Thlfi-'nth w?rd. I here1'? . erltfj 1 b*t? derlini'.l aatd nmnir.ati n afld fSall *!*?? m? hear" v aajrport to John W Rroirrln th* r> r-<l*r n.?nin?? .*A1? J. TQt HO. N-OMIX AT?.n BY TTIR PltOf!.1- fOM R?" RMtrTtnjf - Fer Poller J aa? kr Fir" R?rr ii< Third and Fifth w?r^? ?l AMKy rt WKUM. i)RVPt.P.m VND ?HIR :,MMI* Vtl05S r f- - DA'IIF I HKW**. Fit 'nt- ? Kitik r.'orltl dtn'rliH, WlB'h Fifteenth. imm> ind Klth'eon h warda, P LRrfOllllfOi*, Wll.l.r tM f . FK'tst P A VII* .1 I F.VT. RFIVRnilR A R' "?:k, JVtllR P 1>< ilitiK, W II. 1. 1 KM II DRAPKR. RKOI I AR AVF.RICAN "wowis kTIOV ^IXTF.KIfTn. Rlrh'i-i n'h, TW?kt|Hk and T wenty ftrnt wnrda For rtvtt J a at lee, FUth dMrlet |J!*??0* D FRRDRfrlCS POLITICAL. REGULAR AMFRICAN AND PiOPLlTH NOMINATION Kiicti'h Judicial litstrict? Sliteenih end Twentieth ward* Kor Police J untie e. JOHN QUAt'KKNBI SI I. 'T?K0ULAR DKMOCRATIC NOMINATION, BY TUB XV unanimous voire of over 2,00? per?< na. For Alderman, l'lh Aldrrmantc dlsltlct .1 A M KS CONN El. I, Y, Tb? wurkingman's frieud. RRPULICAN FRAUD. i Democrats examine your tlckete. The black republicans have printed anil circulated a ticket Will) Anthony llugro for mayor. Ami Fernando Wiwl for Almshouse Governor Democrats examine the ticket bon a and your ballot*. By order of the 1>< mocratlc Republican General I omiiiutee WILSOW KMAI.t., j Chairman JSDWAKD COOfKB, \ I. T. WritSTER, t secretaries S. O. Vawpbhhyphw. j "'-rattrteg. _ . TO T1IK DRMOORACY OF TIIK 8RCOWD ALDER manic district. ? I desire to inform my friends that I am mi longer a candidate for Alderman, and I hope all my fr ends will support the regular nomination of JOHN CI. AN C V, for Alderuiuu of the Second Aldermanic district. WII.L.1 AM O'MUBPIIT. rivi Til K TOfHU OF ni NINETEENTH WVltD I My name having been preaented aa a candidate for A I d< rmun of the Sixteenth Aldermanic district, tins la to inform all my friends fhat I do not wish to ho ennaidered a candidate for said ofllce. C1IA IU.ES SM1THSON. TO TIIK VOTKRS OF TIIK FIFTH JUDICIAL UiS Irict, consisting of the *lh, lllh, and 13tii vtfflhls ?It having I it rumored that I have withdrawn from the lield as a candidate fort ivil Justice In the above dlatrlct, I hereby < ontradtct the report and still present myself aa a candidate. EDWARD S. McPIIERSON. VOTK EARLY Kor the unanimous democratic nominee and the work jngiueu't) 1'rk'Ud. For Alderman, Fifth Aldernianic District, ROBERT W. S. UONSALIi. RKWAIIUS, $*) BF.WARD ? LOST, ON SUNDAY I, AST, A TOCMO O niouu-e colored greyhound. Any person returning th? t une to 134 Went Fortieth street, bel ween S.-venth and Eighth avenues, will receive the above reward. d|?r REWARD-LOST, ON THE 11TH NOVKMHKB, A % i > liver colureil pointer dog, white moUled on the breast, imwcrs to the name of Rome. Any person returning Ihe said dug to 213 Foray th street, will receive the above reward. R E W A R D.? LOST. ON THURSDAY, I9TH ULT., IN ?PtJ going from Thirty fifth street to Jones', at t'lareinoul, and back, a lady's green enameled breastpin, set with car bunrle and pearls. The above reward will be paid on Its re turn to "HZ Washington street. (JIO B F.WARD ? LOST, FBOM A CART, Willi, E moving from Brooklyn to New York, two boxes; one containing a lady's velvet basque the other sundry small ar tirle- ol wearing apparel. The above reward will be paid on 'he return or the above boxes and their contents Ut N? M We it Twenty tilth street. <???>/! RF, WARD- LOST, ON SATURDAY RVENING, ??**}" Nov. 28, .wo p?i kages, containing dresses shawls, Ac Ac,, dyed. The above reward will be paid for their recovery, or a proportionate amount for a part, ni l no >i 'es lions asked. Apply at IVi East Twenty stx'h s. reef REWAMO ? LOST, IN PASSING FROM THE V?*''' How i ry 'own tirand street aud lir a Iw '> to Bar nuto' Museum, upo ketbook containing al*ou' ?'.>W iu l"i'k bills, mostly Ens ei !i money of various dele ? iii n itlous Wlw* evi i wlllieiuru the ,mie or give nnylnt .i , ? 'nn that may i. nil to its recover) shi.ll receive the above rnwai 1 by calling on 1). ti. Da via, , f Liberty street, uw ataus irk oflicc. SEW PUBLICATIONS. AITI.I ETON'S Illustrated RAII.W A V GUIDE, I or December I vol 1!8N pages. l'rlce. twenty live cents. Cou turning One large s'eel plate map, Seven' v sepsis', maps An index o< telegraphic stations, 1 he I itest time ta ? Through routes from the East to the West, wilb amps, Interesting reading matter No traveller should be w Ithout this rails .y guide. He can see at whst time he will arrive stany station, what place he is coming to, and ihe route he should take. I he volume will also be foiinc to he an excellent menus of whillng ?way Uni on a journey; besides being an excellent w.iy of making him self fiimillar with the geugraphy of tin country through which he pas?< s. D APPLETON A t'O. publishers. 346 an 1 348 Broadway. New York. T\INSMORES OUIDB FOB DK 'RMBRR.-4?NE HUN J" died and sitly seven new time t*t>lea. Wechallenge comparison wi'h any other book of the kind. See the date* under each. Price "lb eeeta. DINSMttitE k CO., No. 9 Spruce street HOTELS. (lOBTLANDT RTREKT HOTFL, No. n Cortlandt sl/eet. Board reduced from 12 to $1 .?#_per_^l? v J. S NTKHBIRB, Proprietor. TI^FHSTF.R IIOUBR. CoRNKR OF BROADWAY ANI> II Wavi ley | mi , now ii an in ? I ei >ptl m >i guests Connected ts a first Huss restaurant, fli'ed up in a superior style, *lth private supper rooms f ir ladir* and gentb m"o, where hII the delicscn s of th>' fe ison will be served by at tenlive servants. Entrance N i I Waverley nlaee. WM W SMITH. Proprietor int, also of 'py to meet hlc Irlrnds at the above house. Mr Joseph Flynn. late of \S tvrrley Kesiauri Sea View llnnse . Highlands. N. J., would be hnpp ?.'i per cot below cmi. FALL PASHIOtS. ()U MAIDEN I,ANK. CORNER of N MAD STREET 40 Fl'BS, M RS ?irest sale of tine furs ^t ret ill ?untitiue l We hs?e opened our lower floor f n ihe areonnn slalion of our eustemers We lw?ve also finished rnin bundled omre of those Freneb inink half capes, mud and culls inly il l. Hirh Hudson Hsy ssbl? csp,'?. Rob Hudson its v ssl.le mutts, Kii b Hudson May Nkble eufls, V nk hall capes muflsand entfs, li?m ceiiiiemen s fur capes, gi . es and collars, IWe have some mink g ssls of eitr 'irdiiiary 'ptalily at eery low prlees Rem, nbrr our SlOmlnk mulls If the goods are nof ss repre'eofed he taM> v shall he re fnnded Nq deerptn.n o| any kind us> <1 in order to make a sale. All of o".r fine furs must be s.>' | at pr!ce? which cannot rail to suit, 'that, is 2ft per cent to low out WHITE A BIRD. & Maiden lane c- i nar of Nassau street. A 7 '1 BROADWAY '1 | tJ Great eale nf (toe furs, Regsrdless of c |?I Hudson Bay sables, some ?< the rirheet ar ! darkest In 'ne I'liiied Stales, Minks. In all nietMties and shapes We have some minks of extraordinary i|iialltv, roval er mine, and every otlii r description of fur for ladu sand chll dren. Our furs are all genuine manufactured under our own su pervisloo. and guarantei d. Parchasrrs will lie HsUafled wi'h both go?>ds and price. CH A H I. KM HTKEET A CO., 475 Broadway. Atr OLAN/.. 1M WILLIAM STRKRT. XE \K FKANK .. fort nr<1 W4 Oranl ?tri-< ? n cur Bow rry. Imp-*" raaitd ?dMnMnrfi ??I fur* of ywi I (wi iptiow, Kn f < r:fn!ljr inrlta MMnni ? 'heir rt<-h an?l 111? It* atnefc <?f Mini' f?ri' v fnra. Wi'll known f"r ihrir .lant %i\ Hd -'ii mar ufaclur* ? i prlroa r? *?r'li<^? >f t.adlea d?-?lrona of |iqrr b kins ? flr?t rla ? n'i 1>> tl n bar r?in Will And the ??rn- at IflRl il'lam ?(r. et, and 2*4 "Jrand ??. Bl* LP IK H i.RKAT HAI.K or rCJHL nir Mi-arum Tnof?*n nmmi A I.I. or HKM INK M AlRHlAL AND MAX IT A'TT' RR mink 41 Fi'ra d?. to M Kttra larjr? mink eapeg at tt l>u. i f rich dark *? 71 A ?p;> udi i aaaortiueal 'if fur (Iovm. Aiao, Muff* eu!T? r?'in'Ieta MppeW k" k~ or IIKM INK MKI.L KKAhONFIi HKINN. ?t iijvr th? noil ran *? Ijidlea ?r? a??ni?t aeewid hand mml n"n("i'U, (tkb ir? WM being or?r"! n different I'truil lb* ritr, and wb.rh *re r. ally d??r at nothing V.I Rriwdvtf. Fur*. fC*H. rrn? TIIK III l'?ON RAY Ff? rOMfANT, 78 and T7 MMd> a lana, i Kfer their immrnM wt>nl< ?*!?? ?t?*>k ->f o*?r f *?>><?> ? . rib of for., at retail a? a liaconnl of ? per font Fr? m wliol. ?al# pr?<-i*a Tbr fo. lowing are anwe of the prtem ?i ? MM ?r? aelllng, *lt ? Mtnk " t# I iH AO to fldQ *atiiea?tarr?ni JO i*l lo 2M M?i" mir ra a* la from.. 12 ??' '? 100 Fr. m h *al !>- ?? ? Arom 1 <?? 'o II !(.? k* mountain m*r'en am* from I ra? to 10 l:> a Sii'?ri >r ?i'i!rr?l x-iaf, ? m IWW M Frrirh mi"k <wa from... 5 '?? to Ml * ?,. a .(.irr. id aw ?rm of r-n- '.mm a fur rapa. gl t ea and ? lara l|pWwbe? <St e?rry k nd at lower prune tkaii Ml ot|t?r h'OM"- "i th?- rooinry TV-ae are thr ?'r llod??i Kit CMdfMMlT war-h .iia?? la lk? Ml, and h?*f a>(ulaH<l<l* ??k ?IV> rwlwr hone ? A RK J K fKvTtiriH mAtWKRf rrt rnATmnw, m* r ewnrln* *l Wrrine reek phim# Plow*?, How?r?? V-? p. ?... romMrn nc ?' II *"BlJ "irh ao-m <k.?. ,l? h? nlllr? V' ? rhrntlv rr t'nr"< at 0 rnw ?a< h . an I tni!?< ornv ni'tita aim- ?? f. r no" or A Ivi md* maM* ha' w? w<nt ih.- <-a*h n- Tl'< K KK M I'avll .>n d? Plora, Ml Broadway. W Iwr* n TU. n?| m n ? and Taylor aaal<??a. >ari? rKATiims. -I raw |M.*KK AWdRTKII QrAl.TTTR* will fer aold l?w fur raall, ?>jr llii MKH ? RITrttm. No .11* Mroa-twaf, i ?ro ?r of Pearl at DRV (MNIIM, <Vr. 40 I'KR < RMT IIRI/JW CWT Ur-af redur'lon tn CLOAK*. M A.1TII.I. *f* AND ri'R*. nK" ?iihaeri?-.-r l? irtpWM to rio.r <>i|i m? Fait and win'er ?'i?k r4 Cloak*, inantllln* and fura, At riMII, ma c*?n, At 40 prr ?*nt below <-r? pr1'-^? W*. H MACKKM7.1R, J?4 and ?B Canal Bran !r lih ?i ~rx ari? ?* iroaowat ? )?)?) i fwap fioit. irnm ?'1"V - ? t. BW K A CO will ffrr . Ui< . ' ?LRU. HUAWI.S. pi.Ainn, VAI.KMCUF. tiRt.AIRR* _ MKKIROR3. V . 4k? . On VoT'dar morntwf , *i W) p^r r?nt ?o?low <? m Pame rirh allk, the rtirapt -?> ? ret oW?rr d m Mew V."*. A T^RRoadwat, wmm *t I (' SIIAWTR AJfP HOAR*. Our larf"??oek of ?>iiwl? of avtry J** ?<?!-?. inntiKlln* ?tanynrwand e ? '*lii ?t ?? - ?'yv? are rwdnre.) 'o orr ii Ai,r tii Kir oHi. un a . cost lloaka In Telrrtand l.eaver, wIm irv' elegvi' In rrli? andmade of 'he rlrheaA Bl>?'?r, ita. IcnporUd. are a I r.-l . *4 *'j er e?|i In pr1e?. l itdlM will And In onr ?tlen?jra eatab! ?hment an aaaort menlof .^ml. * *TtAWl.? AND CT<0 AK-J. *ore ?*rto<l and 'aatefal tl?*n rm be ?bown !? any tec fcvtt* in the Untied Malea. ril.ARI.RH .fTRtRt .% OV, r: Hrondway. 361 DRY GOODS, AC. BROADWAT. BI'LPTN'S ORRAT 8ALJL I mm plant) bordered nlmwli. at dollars, I.OIIO rich chenille do., at 6 dollars, 600 eitra luuerOne do., at# dollars. Will be Added u> '.hi- sale ef lAls week. UKO HOI.P1M, 361 Brmdwj. A 7 RROADWAY J I ') lii'lla ? 'imrln' Hair Hhaws, nine I hanlliiy i<ac? Flouncee. The balance of oe r stock of INDIA HHAWI-H, Arr this day reduced From KIM) to I?*> From. 4UI to MO I'laiu ctuir'H in nil colors, wiih rich borders, from $UN 10 170 GF.NllNK CIIaNTILXY LACF.H, All new patterns . and ibe finest goods ever imported, Mr ducrd ? ' * m ... $ftft io per van*. fro? ?i u? 20 J*. f"'W 22 io 19 do. CHARLBH STKRRT .1 OO., 47ft Broadway. r/WJ IIONITON I. ACK COU.ARH, $1 SO, WORTH 13. ?JU" Also lloniton lace sets, with collar* and culfsauti collars and sleeves, $5, worth $10 I'KTKlt ROBKKTH, 42U Broadway, corner of llowird street. AT RICHMOND'S, 5#7 nnOADWAV, Opposite the Metropolitan lintel, Another large lot of Hll'H KMSHOIDKHED AN O V 111 !tll? M K es I.SCB ??.T* For $10, worth $20 and $2ft. slso collArs CI SO. worth M, uv gether with ihe whole of our stock, tvlilch h i* been marked down 20 i? M per cent less >han c out, and of i h?- I itest styles. This is an opportunity seldom ottered to the ladle* wishing to make urcac iitsalioulthe holida) s. Bslou's best kid gloves, 78e. * KICIIMOND'H, _ 4B7 Broadway. ASSIUNEK8' KAI.K By private contract, UNDKR LKRI) OK ASMKiNMSNT, For the benefit of creditor*. The whole of the Immense stock of dry goods at f'OI.CJM BI A N II Aid,, No. 281 (irnnd street. Is now rapidly selling off. as pi t vioiiilv iiiiuoont'fd, WIT IIOI'T ANY KF.SKRVK, FOR CASH The stock eompriiies a large assortment of I'lain and fsney dress silk*, French and Km ll*h merinos, Cobourgs, alpacas, paramatta*, And delkni'S, Sinony all wool plaids, rr.oAKR, mantim.ah and xiiawi.n, Fringes nod trimmings. hy the yard or piece, French English mid American print*, Marseilles quilt* and counterpanes, I -ice and mosllu draperies. In sots and hy the yard, IIOHIF.K Y, til.oVKfl, ftMBROIDRRIRM, RTi' Tlie linen department Is replete with a v;u iely of ihe beet fabi ics, Hi!) consists of ? Irish linen shirting*, lamat-k table cloth*. Napkin*, d lylies, towels, Bariisfey and Kculch sheetings, Pillow casings, ?" , Ac The above Is not one of the fiction* .? -n, mating rrnin a de signing jobbing house, to oilect a sain at re iil of their shop Worn accumulation* of years, but a bona tide sale, to close the husine"* of mi iinlor'onate retail merchant I II A RI.BH <1 lit) K, One of the Assignee*. BMI.KV FAN HINi .TON A I.F.HMK, KB llrtOAPWAY, will -tier 1111*11 linn in I, their emir* stock of em hrolder It ht i- s Is, Ac., at from 20 to 50 per relit Ill-It. ? l.l.lillf.K- iii ers'* hmhr mil-red rolla-s lrt.nt Ml cent* tn ifl. "*?rt;i Irom tl n "ti. Fal'i nidi-red eels fn n $1 to $15; Worth from $2 - it. f Mt.iii-nlng ??"? our own m ton t vi lire, foi , i een a, Mourninr set*, itnimrtml, lor 25 cents. . Illusion I", h i' nils' e*ps, elosks. dresees and ? ?>?* sntl ni.tde up -n e >;oodii, tle-ir iwu pcciUar h'yles, al pi-oporU'/ll ? Baku a ins in famii.v i.infns, hi every deseriptlon, including linen sheetings ai.dshirt i ii r - diapers, nspknis, lalile dauiHeks, pillow case uens, dt.yli. I. , A A-, HI'M I A I. ATTKNTION IS KKfjl'KKTKD to tins slot k, v. Inch W-- are now oll.-ring at tl HKATIiY KKIIUCKD I'RH'KH. I .OKI) A I'A VI.OR, Nott 255, 257 . 26'J and 2lil tirarid street, and Nos. 17 and 19 t-'alliaruie Street. rnumuti and ram lacm, V-/ Just receivetl per last stesmer. C'hantilly barhes, Point applique, Colneurs. capes, Point a l iignllle. Veils, Hounces, II' niton, Valenciennes, and laces for triuinr.; r, And Mecklin set*, Will be sold at as great a reduction a* our early import lions. MII.I.KK A OKA NT, 709 Bron Iway (^ONTINI'ATION SAI.K AT RF.TAtl, J OF JOHN N liFJUIN'H STtlt* Of FURH, At auction price* At Ihe auction salesroom. VtH Broadway The halsnce of the stock tliat could not he made reviy 'O the sale will now be ottered al the prices obtained at 'h*j re cent auction *aie. I.stiu-s will have every opportunity to try on and tho roughly eianiine every article they may wish to pur-hase. 1 be stock comprises a full asKortmeut of Cloak*. Maile from Capes, Ru*?lan sable, Tippets. Hudson Bay sable, Virlorinea, Mink. *Ume marten, Mull*, cuff*, Kllierlan *.inirrel. Collars, gloves, OhuirhiU., MnlMers, Ac., Rock marten, An , 4e. Rlt igh and lap robe* in prolusion, also a choice assorloietil of cklTiireu's furs in every variety (10RXF.TS AND SKIRTS AT AN IMMK>HK RF.DI tTIOW. J Corsets "6 cents and $1 Worth $1 SO an 1 $2, At MB* DAVNOR H, W.'l llr .Bdway, between Thirteen h and Ft i.r'eeaik stjee's r 1IIANTII.I.Y AND I'OINT Ui'N, \j .lust received per last steimer Point applique . < h.?utllly Point a I'agitUI*, I'tiltl ire. cspes, lloni'on. it leoeien nee. Yells, tion licee, Ar-.d Mechlin sels, An<? iacts lor irimminr, Wnl t.e s.ild at a* greii a r.-duetn n a* our early importa tions MII.I.KK A UKa NT, 703 Btoadway. DOMK^TK' OOODH f ROM AUCTION. |t|e;.. hetl and unhle.i' ht-.l raiidtns, ciitton ftanne ? dril l eg* lied tick. tig c.H'..n duck, domeeile gtughaius, I rinls, A< , Ac A i , Also RI'PKRtOK fll AKFR rt.ANWUA 10 cases just received. Kelatleti si is W. _ M'RD A TAYf/IR. Nos. 2U 257. 2M and Ail llrsn I Street, and No* 47 and 4? < alharn.e ?trset. Damaged neoaimxothh, i'awimkii' m. 'hai: nets, blnnk'-ts, blarli nlkk. delain-s. m islu s, Hi,, r. pi in s. t' inneis, Ac . for sale, wholesale an I retail, by WM V A1IIKWS. N.i 54 l siharine s'ret t I^XTRA SI I'F.R t'l.OTII tlLOVRH, 'j Plush lined wt'h snd without fur culle. 6i? Josen at 75 cents a pair Former price f| aod $1 25, Al UNION ADAMS', Ml Broadway. I.'NHRolDKRIFM FOR TIIF. Hol.lDAtH !i I.K not I II, I. II It MKOTIIFKX have jital purchased M eitrs'irdlnsry low rates for cash, 4 issi emhr'iidaretl collars of superior work and can tell them al half the usual price Also, F.mbroidered handkercklefs, Rmbroitlerwl sets. Ac , Ae. !?Ki 'oid No ?i) fanal st , and 47 Howard st. PAKIlin* UH.F CUIAKS AND OR<TI.ARH, M ADR up 111 ill* tWl and mrmi apprr>?fH manrcrr, KXrRKWI.T V?IH KKT All*. Of Ran'-jr an<i lii?<-k rinth. hM%Ai.i A?. At t II.-.T or HANI rAtfl'KK U)RD A TATI.OR, N * 2M. *d. J67 ?n.l *1 'Ira*! ? , uxt No?. 47 *nd ?? < MhrrinA ??. F^AmiioNn ? WO. t?h rARU rtrkrt orromn 1 llMM M M* I'MMUIs. IKMHIAI.I. inform* b?r num'r.i.i* fri?n<l* ?nd the po'ttc thai b?T tiri)k?oi ?feitplay of p?u<rn? in now an ?i?w ?n<l krr *lnaat Iratcnaar* pr? I.ouri' ? 4 tkt inirmf of faaliion. Mm*, ll. nUt* parttriilar *4 MflMI to I'lliB'tn '.?*-|ua, ? Mi MNIWk !*? farm "nly ?i b?r Mlabl ?b*n*ut. C'KKAT RRDlCTtON IK KMBKOIDKRtKH AND M LACRR ).n<?i r?mk*t* will ????*. *' A <??!?*?. ) on I rrnrh mi?lm < at W ?*(?(?. 2>i Rr?n h ? m^roMfrod ????, ?? tl *1. XI ? whr l?r' ?| ban Ik'rrb.rf*, *1 |J. inn tr mihfil ???'*. *u<. Vblrnri. l.nfta M' MRfc. Point larf ?Ma, Mrtfal I >0 MM*. I'oiBt appll'IU* H"nii< n ??"?, Tkrt-ad M ? <a, RIark 1?< ? ooifl fA, barb' ?, rapr? ?nl IInMIMA la trra' T?r ?i?, ai..l at W prr ct-nt h?|o? ilir ilir pr fM. ilKNIN H liM'juur, 111 iln*??lw?jr, M * rholM llo'?l II RAVT RIRttP sfffRTfl A Nl' l"i t WrRt, Wm?i in' ?r'l .hit- *n I .iur?t>!?, >i . >,?* each. former PflN II. it CRtOR ADAMS1, 591 Hrouiiwaj IAMKS P At KMT MRRIVO I'Nflf'R V'RHTR, j W ?rr?nte<i > . t ?<. ?hrmk in wsohina. Ml (roll #a"-h H ? *?>> oi the** ?IU N <*m<.au*d thM ??l, At TRIOR AUAMK'. Ml HrniMlwikjr. Mltl.fR A ORART _ TflR Rrn?.|w*?, i tit n'i" ?" rtTer Frerx h emiirot.lcrtea at *1 per e??t below ih* . I im|. >fi?tioD Alan, A new !< ? .f t-m^r 'l'l?i?<l <? r .j># rollar* nn.l *?'? mi 'in ?? ik. infant*' . ai>*. of IM b< <i *1) Ml. at c?Mt t< i 4?H Tiiol hard rcuititlSRO vIrCI I.ak n.otm, " t MRi?? Mid a bft.r imlan; (id# Jko inaod do., of thick (ray At nini Jo'l*r?, On# tbrmaand ?'ip>rAn? do., at ten dollar* wtU added io iriil* Rfroaiwtla, dtiiinc <b? prnMii **?*? . * nMI VKW ''I/O AR#? RBW S8B ll ?T ro*t nt ittiatu ?.T ?A|JfJ'J?t"?. ORR THOLBA Rt> BI A. K MKAVRR < IR? ILAM WiU b* t t tit (?* mii tin* At haif tA? ???al prior*. m fnllnw*? . W) b*aniifnl Ma*k h mt*r firfnlar* at Ill SBt> do. *ap*rfln? ^d? ? J B <1". d?>. w1tb?lt^?M, at. . Id (,anUt/o' nnu?ri?f^lnr.!d k- 5rw 7-KUn , ortumtT U 1A1* h?? n?T?r r*t lm?i offrrwl. ??irk an >iport???7 gyp, Ht LPIR. Ml Rn-d^ay. R .'Tin ?(?OI lit ^ HAW I a1< IN < ? A R I) mil'ARR, 1R 1"* ttrlrl J trr i|in(tafllh?n<M?#lyh*, j ,, ,y , Ar I.OW CRI( ?. .iRP A TATI.OR, ? K.m mi. *7 2Maw1*1 I?f???dat, an. I * ? t7 an 1 4t ' rbertn* at t?Tin ? r n*? icn id ardror nam k " 9|^Bl|,*'> K'-t*. f?.n?'?iln* nf SsJKi SCt % hMp si ? fl <frn w |4?l '*'*? fir 1 *t v*\t* fl4T)W#! draw' m W N 'IARRH A ?ACt>R!^)t S. 67 j (trfct ? 1. V! AIDS 4^iTl>RR|ir500l5 A full an. I fa?hin*a>'. ? iwrn. at, MUt'M RRI.OW Ifl'Alt rRIClR. TORD A TATLOR R ? 2? W. m wlHi ?irar?l *L