Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 31, 1857, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 31, 1857 Page 1
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THE NEWIYORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7791. MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1857. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE ARAGO. FOUR DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. PROGRESS OP THE FINANCIAL REVULSION. More Heavy Failures in England a*d tbe North of Europe. Commercial Convention Between the United States and Japan. General HavelockN Report ?f the Relief of Luckiiow. MOVEMENTS OF THE FINANCIERS 6F PARIS t DECLINE IN COTTON. SLIGHT ADVANCE IN FLOUR. CO XV BO LB 91 1-2 a 91 5-6, 4c., A c. The Meanship Arago, Captain I.mts. which left South unpUD oo the 16th instant, arrived at this port at hair part F'X o'clock last evening. Sho experienced strong westerly gales and a boisterous passage. Tbe Ariub> had 67 passengers, the usual mails, 913,000 in specie <Ad liM) tons merchandise. Tbe ne ws by the Arago is four days later than that brought by the Kuropa, and is important in a commercial and financial point of view. Some very heavy failures had been announced in Lon don. Tbe commercial crisis had become more aggravated at Hjeyrna, and was increased by the full in tho prices of almost all kinds of commodities. Tirade in the manufacturing districts of 'England wis generally bad. At Leeds, on the loth Instant, the cloth marke'e were very inanimate, there being few purchases made. Two local failure*; were announced, viz., the firm of Saalfeld Brother^. of Leeds, londoti and Hamburg, in the woollen trade, liabilities about &!00, 000, and S. C. Lister A Co. , of Halifax, worsted spinners. The woollen market at Hud Uershekl was very ((Uiet and prices a shade lower, both for goods and wool. John Edward Stephen?, of the late l/oudon and Eastern Bank, had failed to appear before the liankruptcy Court, as Hd.nhurg. after several days' examination, aj>d a war rant was issued for his apprehension. The ilntmh I'arliaineut adjourned on the 12U> instant until the 4th of February next, the royal assent having been previously given to the Bink I is ties Indemnity bill. l>ord l aiiinure read a letter from Sir Colin Campbell in tbe Ksplish House of l/irda on tho 'lay of prorogation, in which he effectually disproved the report that he bad been on ill terms with U>rd Canning at Calcutta. llr. Vilcer (iibscn was elected member for Ashton by a large majority over his opponent IteiailcU accounts had been received from India, but tb?y dft nothing more than fill up the outlines previously received by telegraph, and give no fresh news. The Fbah of Persia had ordered Kerukh Khan to leave Paris >n January aud travel for two mouths in other coup tries of Kurope No further progress bad been made m the launch pf tbe 6 real Kaatern stenmilnp. Tbe (Vanish Council of State had authorized the Minister, Herr Krieger, to bring .n a bill for the loan of ?^00,000 ?Irrling, at 8 per cent, secured on Uie Q nances ol tho whole kingdom. Advices from Constantinople, received at Vienna, an Bounce l hat I/ord Stratford de Ki-dclifle had quitted the Turk *h rapital . on board the IJoyd'j steamer, whic.h had tailed for Trieste. Twenty *< ven uuua of the Order of St. Vincent de lad were about to leave Paris for Chma. In pursuance of an arrangement with the Porte, the PreB< h government has appointed a French Consul a' Ibra la. .11 Wailat h.a, <>n the Itanube. It was said that the of Portugal's marriage wil take place in April next. Henry Smith Hr.ght. formerly a large corn merchant at Hull, had been sentenced to ten years' penal servtHde for forgery. Tbe Belgian election* bad resulted in a larpe mmMerlt) majority in favor of tho liberal policy. There were 109 an embers to b? elected , of tlice, 70 of the new deputies brieve to the liberal ?kte. and only 39 to tbe opposition. It was rumored at Vlenua that news had been received from Constantinople to tlio effect that tin- Porto, acting with tbe consent of the I'ower* which signed the treaty of Perls, bad latued n llrmnn for the dissolution of the Di vans in the inmubian Principalities, hut the statement re quired confirmation. A despatch from Turin oi the nth init say? ? The open tig of tbe ics-iion has just taken place. Tbe Kittt: wm re ceived with enthusiasm by the Parliament and by tbe people, who oamc in crowds to meet him An engineer of the Austrian navy had arrived in Pari* to superintend the construction of four screw ships of- war for the stations of Trieste, Venice and Pole. It waa said i hat be intended visiting previously the dockyards of Praace and England. Besides the French ship (Jironde . already mentioned aa toeing fitted out at Toulon for China, the corvette laplace and tbe gunboat Alaune are likcwiae lommanded for the name service. A letter from Jerusalem of tbe 20th ult. , state* that great agitation prevailed In thai i ity and the neighbor hood. A conflict had taken place between the Inhabitant* of Bethlehem and those of Tamar, In which one man was k^ed and several wounded. Caravan* of pilgrims were keginnmg to arrive in the country Jeruaalem ia crowded srrrb pilgrim* of a new < hararter. A great pert of the crew of the American frigate Congress had arrived there to visit the Holy Places, together with a great number of the crews of tbe three Russian ships of-war anchored at Jaffa. The Mnfuuiht*, of India, give* from a " farthcoming government OmttUt," to be issued at Agra, the following description of Nana Sahib ? Tbe Nana Is forty two tear* of age, hair black, com plexion light wheat colored, largo eye*, and flat round face. lie ts understood now to wear a beard height about 6 feet H in< he*. He woar~ his hair very sliort, (or. at least, did so,) leaving only us much aa a skull csp could cover, he is full In person and of power Hi frame, he lias not tbe Mahratta hooked nose, with broad nostril*, but a straight, well ?haped one. He lias a servant W!th a cut ear, who never leaves his side Tlie death of Colonel Thomas Sidney I'owell, C. R , who recently succeeded Major Ueneral Sir Henry Ha vekick, K. C. B , In the > omma?id of the fifty third regtmeut. la iwnflrrru 'I as having taken place in an a< tkm with a boljr of the thnapore mutineers near Kuttehporc Tbe Niagara, from Boston, arriveil at Liverpool on the 14th ft) St. THE FIIAMUL PREX8I RE IN KIROI'K. THE l,ONI>t>N MONKY MARKET. (From the london Time* (City Article), l?es 12 J Messrs Heine, femon k (Vv . whose failure for t' waa announced yesterday. have to day receive*! some re mittan< es which, hnd they arrived earlier, might, it Is aaid, possibly have avert"! tiio neregsity for suspension With regard to Messrs Montova, Nacnz k Co., wliose atop|*?ge also occurred yesterday, the atilement Is con ?rmeil that the ItabllltlM in this ? "nntry ate very small, the house in I ondott bc^ng merely a branch of their large establishment at Hegota.New tiranada, where arrange inents have been made to meet ultimatelv everj liability. The firm in Bogota contracted the original 0" otnbian loan, ami has existed sin'e llWft ty* mercantile o|.eratw?e? both tn that cuintry and london were very considerable until 1S51 . when the failure of thtir brokers, B. HicSer A Sons, Involved them in I owes which finally amounted to nearly 1400 ooo since that event it has be? n eon?tdered the mst htmorable course to liquidate gradually and avoid all further riaks, the Bogota bouse possessing estate and properties sufficient, if realired with care, to pay every one in fulL Tbe house was considered the flKt firm in New tirsfmda. and could bars obtained assistance, but they preferred Die safer course, and III) ir creditors have entirely a|^rored tbetf proceeding* Tlie hills now about to be returned from I ondmi to New Oranida will be pro \ided for there under the general arrangements Tor the mass nf liabilities and confidence Is expressed that not a single creditor will sustain loss In tbe case of \lt*-ra. Weinholt, Wabner k tX> . isnother r/ the houses who *otiped ywterday for CWiuOO, it ts a!Uici?h i <^|ig to I),,. m mental failures the value oi tbe assets , anmn be accurately tat mated, they wore recently ample, and nay sull ytelil a satisfacto ry return. ' lAtitre from Marseilles mention the failure of Ralll * Aj.aU'vra, ir. tbe corn trade, for 4880,000. Within thu last few dayfl tho failure ban ocsnrwl <>f Mesars. H. & M. Toidorph & Co., Swedlah merchants ,n London, but the amount of their liabilities t its uol trans pi red. Hamburg advices ccr.tradict tho failure recant!? report ed of M. tiebruder Kalkmann. Ttoo house havo notified their readiness to pay all -i iceptnooea in advance up to tho ICtli mat. In relation to the f,top,>age of Messrs. Draper, Pietroni Si Co., whkfti took place Vs?t month, the following has been received from the Trars-srlantio *eam Company, with whom tho firm seem to tvave a disputed account each party, as .a usual in ?nch canes, bong positive that the other .^.altogether ih the wrong:? I.onnoN. Dec 12, 1857. Fi?i? In your publication of th? 14th of November y?u in serKd a circular of Mwh. l>r.n>?'r, Pie:ronl it i\>., announc inc their tur pension. The T>lre.'tors of the Transatlantic Ptwm Navigation Company of (lenoa feel '?ailed upon to de Claire tha' whet is Mated by Messrs. Draper. l'letronl A t'o, hs i ePKrds tfieir connection wfiti the company, in groundless; nr. d further, that this connection cannot, possibly have canned tfce HUsoent-ion of ihat ftem. A. DAXKKI, Attorney for the Tranaailwuic Co?pany, (leuoa. Ill the Vinu't of yesterday the failure was announced of an old worn out concern, called ilie Worcester Bank, o Farley. I ji vender h Oo. It liad a small circulation of notes, ail of which purport to be convertible at par. rhe hold Si*, however, find the doors of tho < stablHhuient closed, and are in much disquietude of miud. It would be a great charity to convince th>m by ample, complete aud irrefu table evidence that their property baa not become depro ciated. I'erhai* the only way to do wo would be by buy ing the notes of tbem at" the rate of 20s. on the pound. Will Mr. L>iara?li, or ftuy of th? professors of ttie schojl he has joined, seize the opport unity to give a tangible il lustration of the sincerity of their convictions? The City of (Jftisgow Iluik have obtained the full assis tance necessary to euable them to re open, and will there fore not bave to apply to the Hank of Kng.and. Tbe West ern Bank bave formally notiuod that they cannot resume business. Tne liquidators of the Liverpool Borough Bank have made a -all of ?5 per share. "Hie railway market was rather depressed in tbe early part of the day, hut recovered towards tbe close. Ame rican securities were little dealt in, and sbow no signs of recovery firm the present depression. In Canada government bonds the late advance was fully mum tained. [From tlte l.ondon Times (City Article), Dec. 14.] The English f>m<l> opened this morning at an improve ment el an eighth upon tbe prices of Saturday, but tbe msrset was without animation, and a decline txik place of about three-eighths per cent, from which there was only a partial recovery. Consols were first quoted '.?1 V a '.'I J,' ex dividend, and they gradually went to 91 % a 91 , which was the last oil. rial quotation. After regular hours some bargains were effected at 91 a 91 ??'. The stagua tion of trade in the provinces is necessitating withdrawals from the sa\ ings banks, and some of the sales which de pressed the market to day were on tbat account. At tbe same time, purchases on the part of the public have been checked by the recent advance, which has also tempted the speculators to realize. Coder tbe circumstances, therefore, a slight reaction is easily explained. On tho other hand , no permanent fall can be looked for in the face of the gold arrivals now taking place, and which are likely to continue. The final quotations of the French three per cents, on the Paris Bourse, this evening, were M5f. 50c. for money, and 66f. 70c. for tho end of the month, showing no altera tion. About ?380,000 of gold, principally Australian, has been sold to the bank to day. The Niagara, from Boston, haa brought ?160.000, and the Tagus, from tbe Peninsula, ?10,870. The suspension h&s been announced of Messrs. Rew, l'rescott * Co. . tbe chief and most resectable house in Lmdon connected with the Swedish trade. Their liabili ties, which Iiave recently been much reduced, are esti ? mated at about ?U>O.OWO <>f wklob are on MMf Unces. A large number of the bills remitted to them by tbeir correspondents have been on Arms here which bave lately failed, and during tbe last week or two there bus even been a total cessation of remittances in any shape Tbe prospects of liquidation are believed to Ih> I satisfactory, but they will, of course, greatly depend ou ' the sums to be collected froto suspen lod paper. Mr l'rescott was no longer in the tlrm, although lus nam 4 was continued in it. He died about two years back, after having some time previously been Governor of the Bank uf England. Thracct jitanceg liavc been returned of Messrs. Richard Willey and Co., extensive silk mercers. Tlie bills have also been returned of Messrs. S. C. Lis ter k Co . large woollen men-bant*, at Halfax. The amount of tl? ir liabilities is believed ta be very heavy; but some expectations seem to be entertained that an arrangement of their ditli< ultie* may tie found practica ble Tbe Arm are said to possoaa valuable projierty in royalties from patents, kc There is a similar house at Bradford; but this does not appear to be compromised. It is said hopes are entertained that Messrs. Heine. Se mou k Oo. , who -topped on Friday for ?700,000, may tiud it practicable to resume. A meeting of creditors *f Messrs. Ho, ire, lluxtou it Co., ? hone -uspension was announced on the 17th ult. , was held Uiis afternoon. Tho liabilities on underwriting ac count are estimated at about ?5,000 ? an amount which may be exceeded in case of any unfortunate loss, and on the other side of the account the private property of the partners must be added, worth about ?.>> 000 The divi dend will depend upon the totpl realized from the doubt fill debtors, calculated at ?M1, 137. and the item immediate ly following, ?19, ',15ft. I'poji these two sums may result a surplus or a deficiency of ?90,000 from their estimated value. It is believed that in any case the tola a sets will reach ?119, 000 which will give a dividend o about 9s. in the pound. Mr. Coleman -tated that on tho day of ?<is|iens?>n the accounts showed a surplus o( ?54.000: that in his opinion then the swppage should not have taken place, and that he bail endeavored to carry out an arrangement for the a-?istance of tho firm Large r- inittam es were promised front ."-weden, but id the inte Carr. Josling k Co tailed, and it was the impression nf iour < mineiit mereantde men who were consulted that it was necosnary the latter bouse should also be reinstated. Tins rwaaunondattna proved mipracti< able. The failure ha- ari-en wholly from the commercial misfortunes of the la't month in Swinlen, there have been no rregu lar transactions, ner any excess in the |urtners' draw inns. If tbe whole or greater part of the debts due to Uie Drm were paid, the creditors would gel "20s. in the |s>und. The business connections of the firm were conaidered to be of the* highest respectability. It waa further stated tbat by the end of February sulllci<'nt w ill he realizr t to pay .'Is 4d. in the pound, provided the liabilities do not exceed the present estimate, and that if tbe whole of the assets can bo defined at that period Ih-ars. Hoare, Mux ton k Co. will be prepared to g<ve their nolo* of hand at fixed dates. In the meantime the linn arc not in a posi tion to make sny propisuU. It was finally resolved to wind up the estate under inspection, and a committee of creditor* was appointed. In the rec ?nt in-tanee of murder and <-uicide at Croy don by a clerk m tbe service of the Bank of England, it appears that the young man had pre* -ougly su?laine<l losses from speculations, wksih bad been carried on for him by a broker in the Btork Exchange The sear< ity and high price of silver have checked to a considerable extent the shipments to the Kvt, notw .th standing the unfavorable alteration In the exchanges. It is doubtful If the Vast India Company will be able to ob tain a sufficient supply to export their final quarter of a million by the pa< ket of the ftith From the paragraph yesterday regarding the losses which led to tbe necessity of liquidation on the part of Messrs. Montova, Saenz fc Co., sotne peraons have inferred that the house suffered verv heavily from the stoppage < ?f their brokers. Messrs. 8. Rucker k Sons, but their loaeci on that oci asMiu were comparatively small The annexed relates to tho affairs of Meesrs. Draper, Itetroni k Co. ? 23 Tnaoc.noaTus St?nr, Dee. 14, ISS*. Pia? Referring T> the letter in the rlty ar'iele of the r .> ..1 h,. lint nf Mr P?nert, *? *ttorn?y <>f the Tr*n*?'l?nlic Compan* o t <i?t.oa. sntl hclu* unwilling u> oreiip* sour ro I until* with a controrera*. I beg to state, an behalf or M rmr*. Draper, Ptetroul A Co . (HI the statement of their affairs, which will he submitted in * meeting of their rrcdjtnra. railed far the JId Inn! , will aufllrleatlv establish whe'fcer the re. <n?rks In their ? treular of the 14th of Mo< ember, referred to In Mr Danerl'a letter, arrf unfounded or not HKJf KV K fltl.u Holtattor for *4 ?'??!?? Draper Ptetront A Co. 1 1 rem the I onion Time!- (City Article) Dec 1?. | The quotation of gold at Carta la about .1 per mile pro mmm, atnl the short e*i b?n*e on lotidon is 2"i .K> per ?1 aterling On i otnpartrfg these rntes with the Knglmn mint prlC0?f t-"< 17* per ounce for standard gold. it ap pear* that gold is about a loth* per cent ilearer n Ion don than in Dane At Hamburg. owing to the coromcT'ial derangements, no foreign exchange quotation* bare been published i|. ? tat 't 1 thi exchange at New York on Umdon b t b Ita M 00 days' sight I* about 10) |ior rent for tir^t clasa |>nper At tlie present rate of discount here there la consequently no profit on the transmission of gold from tlila country to the I'nltod 8Utes The Kngli?h funds have been dull throughout the tja> Consols, which after regular hour* yesterday left oil ?at ?1 at?l fi , 0|>ened at 91 a fll )g, and remained ? dhout (he slightest alteration to the ofB< ial clone Mulwoquently ? n was a belter tendency , and transactions took pkwn *??*? In the ><tnck Exchange loan* on government securities were obtainable at I |ter tent for short peritMla. anil at A a 7 per i cnt till the dividend* At the bank lliero ta still an a. t \< demand, but is the open market tlir . h >n ? -t l> : ran be negotiated at Ptf h flj? per cent. The foreign Mock market ha* been buoyant In the foreign exchange* thi* afternoon the rate* on | ir ?t re t'>wer than last posl, Hamburg waa nominally alxiut Ihc *ame. but little business waa transacted, I'nme lull- on Amsterdam were in demand at a frar.ion bolow prevton* quotation* The final pi I reniti Three per t 'ents on the Parts IVmrse this evening were Mil. 4<V for money, and fW R6e for the end of the month show ing afratiional decline. About X'iWOnOof go'd waa taken to the bank to day. cno 000 m< Australian, and * great jart or the remain dcr Rnsshn. The leitet* from Tarl* stale tha|A| slot V of bullioti in the tank of franco continues N^pTrease, and Ibat all mercantile hou?es are still restrh tilg their *MmMM as much m possible At I.ytais the branch til Ue ltank of (''ranee Is making advance* u|<on *il? at about fiO or 00 per t cnt of the market price The letter* from Hamburg of the 1.1th insl. are far from describing ary general return of conMcto* Ailditktnal falhirea were still ?x|>ei led. Die total up to the present (jme ta about 140, and the disclosure- i <NMq?t?nl upon them, U is said, " have axposeil a system ol' bill arcom modation to an extent lhat musl fiadly lower Hamburg in the eyes of the commer. ial world." The liabilities <if Messrs Willey k Co , silk mereera, whose bllla were mentioned as hating been returned yea tcrday . are about t.'O.OOO im "the loth tilt the suspension was no'iflel *t liver poi) cf M'Fsn. F K. Ha?'cc\li * Co , wilt Uv nt? aftj at Gia*gow and Ne.w Y?rk. It was tvu n mentioned that they had been brougfct down by the absence of remittances from America; that a few month* previously tboy were in pot* ?jBHion ot a clear capital of XliO.OOO, and that they were confident of their ability net ouly to pay every one in full, but tosecure a considerable surplus. Today the following gratifying circular has been issued, tbeir resumption of business ? Liverpool, I>?to. 15, 1857. Referring loour circular of the Uih ult., ii afford* us much gratification tmw 10 announce to you our resumption of pay mt'nt Our overd ue acceptances will be paid on premutation at our bankers, with intercut. We beg to than* our wedkorl for their forbearance in not priwlni; their claim* upon us, and tn e-j press our regret at ihe inconvenience our suspension has occasioned them B. P. BAIK OCK A CO., Liverpool. J. K. JAMIRSON A CO., Glasgow. A meeting of creditors of Messrs. Mtndet Da Coat* ft Co.. Went India merchants, whose suspensioB was an nounced on the 2d inst. , was held this afternoon, when the following statement was submitted ?The probable dividend, it was stated. will be about 8b. 9d. in the pound. At the date of suspension the accounts showed a nominal balance in favor of the lirm of ?73,000, les^s ?I6.00'? to be WTitten -off for bad debts, and ?.8.000 part ners' drawing-; during a period of eight years. 'Hie amount due from the home at St. Thomas is ?112,311, kand it is estimated that, after providing ?42,000 for bills that will go back upon them and diminish the liabilities on this estate to a corresponding amount, and ?'20,000 for other charges, that bouse will be able to pay about ?30.000 out of the balance remaining Of ?50,000. The stoppage has been caused by the late heavy commer cial disasters. In auswer to questions Mr. Coleman sla'.ed that tbo bad debtors consist of failed houses, and that the good debts are generally covered by produce, fcc.. It was Anally resolved to wind up the estate under iBspe4tk>D, and a committee of three creditors was api>oinied accord - Positive statements have been circulated to-day of the embarrassment of firms ?in Yorkshire largely connei ted with the wool trade, which, if confirmed, will be likely to lead to numerous difficulties among smaller houses. The railway market was slighty depressed at ttie open ing, but afterward improved, and left off at. the highest point of the day. American securities were dull, and without alteration. [From the London News (City Article), Dec. lrt. | The Hank of Kngiand to day purchased ?200,000 in newly imported gold, making an ascertained total of nearly one million since the date of their last return In the dis count market iirst class bills are still readily negotiated at a sensible reduction from the bank rate; and at the bank itself the demand, though to a fair extent, is not heavy. All these considerations point to au imponding reduction in the rate of discount at the bank, but consider ing the general position of affairs it does not necessarily follow that such a step must be aioptod this week. AMKRICAN SECl'RITIKS. [From the l.ondon Times (City Article), Dec. lfi ] | Burilffi flail icayt. ICVing'Pricet. Ihmr. M.,m i, 7? io a >7 75 ft 77 fi7 ft 70 ?40 h ;.o 14 A 17 fel a Kt ,81# %'i a 84 llliiioix B per cent. 1870 Ito. 7 per cent, 187"> New York ami Krie 3d mortgage ' per cent . 1883 Ik), (sinking fund) do., 1875.... ' 1)0. $100 shares Pennsylvania < ? u. bonds l8tmige| ran. fi per cent . Do. ad ratge sterl'g C per cent. THE MONEY CRISIS AND OVKRSPKCl't ATIQN IN KN(iI.ANI>. [From the I/mdon Times, Dec. 14. ) ?***??? In the judgment of both houses of Parliament, the emergency was so great, the circumstances of the tune so critical , that had net power been lodged somewhere to relax the stern but inevitable law by which the In-" , >? the Bank of Kngland are governed, almost tiniver ' must have followed in the commercial world. W< ai. not here about to enter agaiu into the general arp n 1 1 is sufficient for our present purpose to ite iha' power or relaxation under certain cir'umstAi' ? im lo<lged in the hands of the Executive governm t,but when they use so formidable a weapon tliey ni pre pared to make out a very clear caie in justiii *' n of their con<luct. Tills they have now done to the itis faction of the legislature, and therefore as a teiniio rary question there Is now an end of the ma'ter ? The dis i-ii-Hion upon the more abstruse theories by w Im li a tin tion should be guided in the regulat ion of its currency will now be left, a- heretofore, t"> the more appropriate arena of a committee room. If the currency doctor* can devise any plan by which our financial condition can be improved without prejudice to the interests of the creditor? if tliev can endow us with untold wealth without tampering with tlic ?aiictitv of contracts, we sludl not be the last to ex prerK to them our gratitude for their |iatriotlc oxer turns, As far as further inquiry into the subject if- concerned, however, we may well tie pardon e<l for doubting. In common with many gentlemen who have taken )<art in the recent d is cum km, if it should not be of a more general nature than any which can be conduced before a committee charges) merely with the duty of investigating the laws which govern the currency The commercial failures which have taken place, not only in this i-ountry but in th? t'nited Htatee ani I on the continent of Etnope, have disclose I so melain holy a history of the unsound and speculative nature of mer cantile transaction- at the present day, that the remedy against the recurrence or such calamities would seem rather to lie with the merchants themselves than with the I>'gislutnre We have uo faith fh any euai tment that professes to provide for the (-lability of firms which tra le to the tune of a million sterling without any ? apital at all. Much distress we fear, will o. cut throughout the conn try. (specially, of course, in the manufacturing districts, as a conseq'K nee of the recent commercial diflV ulties, sn<l of the ?< tual stagnation of trnde. The matter wis ai - hided to in the speech from the throne, but It would be idle to suppose that Parliament an afford relief by auy legislative cna< tment to the distress which we all deplore. In a few weeks, as we trust, trade will revive, and then in renewed employment the operatives of the man fa luring districts will find the best set off against the tempo rary evils, which llay mu^t for the while mate up their minds to hear with fortitude and resignation. FINANCIAL AFFAIRS IN FRANCE. (Pans (Pec 14) correspondence of the I.nndon News. | There are rumors of grand financial schemes as being m contemplation among the princes of finance. Ik is said that M. I'ereire in negitiatinfl a ftuion of th>- < 'red it ilnbi I i'r , the Credit /],ru:irr , thr f'liwiptiiir it h'.r nm/ite, and art imjKirtant though ten k mum mlMUhment th/in the three foregoing? the < 'ai<tt St. 1'aul. MM Kothsi tuld, Bart ho lony. and others ? who are called the syndics of the barik<Ti?-A</'' on foot a ririal mhemt, arronting t" whi'h \ thr t'linptiiir it En irmjitr i mvuti lie rr orfmt net! and tlariit afrrth. with thr > nornu/ut capital of two hundred miliums off rarvj. In consequence of the serious mistakes which sometimes occur in the telegraphic rejorts of the price of consols, the (T(>\ ernment hae. I am assured. reeolve<l that m future these despatche- shall not be delivered out unless they are sent m words, and not in figures. The Bourse has been quiet and without any remarkable feature. The rente left oil. at yesterday 'a prices, Mf. 50c. and Pff 70c Mobtlter fell bf. It was announced that the Northern Oompanr would pay interest both on its old and new shares and obligations on Jannar) S. The shares on this line rose l'Jf. 50c , Western rose lOf. and Kastero 5f. I yon* fe(l Of. 36c. . ,-uuthern 3f. 76c. and,' >r leans 2(. Mr I ll'aris (Dec. 14) > orreapondence of l/wdoo Times' J Much depression continu-M among the tra ling classes in l*arie and the departments, although no failures of any note have been annoum nl The ? otntnercial hills due up totbepreeent date have, generally apeaking, been paid regularly, but there is little doubt that sacrifices are made in order to meet these engagements i.reat oow merrial enterprise is oot the cbara "terwtic of the French, and. bow tranquil soever the country may lie under the absolute hand of its ruler, the events of 1848 and the sud den overthrow of government amid genera) proe|?rity have intrrslued a routine of caul <011 from which it is difficult to make them deviate. Much business is done for ready money, and where credit is inevitable people manage W> make it na ?hort as possible. For these reasoifs it is pro bable that the > omntercial or financial crisis will not bo severely felt aa compared w lib other people of more ventu rous or less timid haluts. and less recently, or less sen ously, affected by |wUUcal changes For the present, manufacturing is in general suspended, and commercial operations in a great measure paralysed. Pie reduction of one {percent m the rate of discount by the Hank of I ranee haa not yet been followed by all the beneficial result* thai were ante i sited on the Mock Kxchange The monthly a? count of the published in the M>mi f< ii r of Friday , is regarded a? favoratile by commercial 1 men. as it shows an in reaac M 4n.OfNi.OOOf in its stock of bullion as compared with the preceding month, but, on the other hand, the dvcrea>e of .17 ,(i00,000f. In the amount of commercial paper discounted in Paris, and of 40.000,000f. in the departments, clearly indicates the fall ing oil in commercial operations Tlie Parts flour marl >1 on .-^aturdav last was heavy, and serious deductions bad to be made ill order to effect sales. The factors declared 'J.077 sacks, <>f which 141 were dell vered at prices varying from 4tif to .vjf. the sa -k of 157 kikigramme*. according to quality. There was no leim ness done in Hour of the four tnarks. and the price of this quality remains nominally at tUf. the sack The reserve in the market store- has IticreaMd to 7,0*^8 quintals From the exsmioation ol tarnwis returns it may be in ferred that wheat bis r cache t its lowest figure it now remains stationary. Advices ftom the rattle markets in the departments are, in one mm, favorable; the markets are abundantly supplied with sheep and oxen, and the quotations are lower than they were at the cor responding |>ertod of last year, but the price# obtained at the late lair* <d Nantes and Renno" did not satisfy the sellers. The tair of lous le Saulnier on the 6th was favored by the fine- 1 we* ther, snd the d< maud for prime cailh > ?s more brisk Since then the fair of St. Nicholas it Kvreux has ' been more -at a? torv to the graxiers of Normandy, j Tlie Paris sugar market is calm, at UW. tie 100 kilo- ; grammes for good heetrorrt Tbeie was bill little business dene at the Heri > w ne market last t( ek. The only deamd i< for th^ now ' iM sage of Burgundy and the fher. M'aitpell er br.mdy si quoted st PSf. to 10M'. tlie hectolitre. ae< ordmg to the age ,-aint' ngi , liiOf. to 166f , and Armag nac, li>0f. to 186f New Ci>gna< brandy has appear ed for ca!e at Befrj . and is quoted at from ;:i0f to iMM the bectolltrs, and old k?m at fM MT. to IMf Ad t ices from Marseilles of the 12tli inrt. announce a fall in the corn market there, particularly for hard wheat from AfVIca Tie silk market wae doll." There were only i<0 bales sold dut-ng the ?eek. at pr ee? varyingtrom 'J4f. t? 54 f Several of the French railway comi>anica are carry ing on then- works with increased activity. [Paris (Dec 14) correspondence of the tar don Rhipp ng liasette I ftnme anxiety ia felt at Marseille* lest (be failure of the two rtreek lio\:Ves sbauld leal to a er is n the levant, wh^ls wvuid r? ?c prejwdic < u Martei.lvt. larjt rtoamer from the T.ev<uit thought four nrullior.s of fran 8 id specie lo i bat port. The acconuw from St. Eiieune jtform us that, ootwith stand, 4g hoiiw i. :?(?!. i by American and failures, do grvat bu done. *iu4 that virdtrs mere coming id that il. reused oaploymeot. At I .yens (here is some talk of establishing a warehi ?? for th. itc|AKit of Milk, on which ad aru 10 bu in.ido under the Authority of the (lumber of Commerce. THE MONETARY CRIHI.S IN the NORTH OF EUROPE. . the l",b ***** announce Citlxens had adooteii the proposal of to place the 10 OOO.OOOtl received an a loan from Austria In the Discount Bank, but to employ them in giving January ^id to Home ((reat houitPH on tho point of stopping psyment. which stoppage would be a heavy blow to commerce in general, a ?' Commission of Contldenoe

htUdTh ,0 <J?tribut? the money (m thoothor !???'!?." Jrw,?'llT ? authorized to lend to the Discount r> 0C0 000 over wl,atil r^uirw, not exceeding A proposition has been made to the Swedish Chambers to contract a loan of $10,000,000 to support commerce pnn -w*y ")n,r"cl,'<l * ,onn ol' ?, 000, 000 for the sane A private etter from Hamburg, of the io4i inst snr? __ The Unaiicial condition of our town, far from having im proved since the 4th, baa, on the contrary , grown worse ho much m> Hat this day six or eight Arms of high "bind L"re 'vil to 81011 Payment, other failures Hre < xpei ted anil the reaction will be felt in all the com tHm* ' *k a *" JJurop#. The consternation is "o great bat the savings banks are crowded with persons anxious ,"V :Ven,h" UHpopto. T?,,SS.i have loond it neoess*ry to have recourse to the rmlif-iry U> keep ortler. ' A telegraph!: despatch from Stockholm, dated the loth inst. , says ' With a view to meet the crisis the following measures have been proposed 4o the I riot ? A State loan of 10 millions. Employment of the dj?p sable portion <if the ln*n for railways to the amount of 10 millions. rermlssion for the banks to issue notes bearing interest the NrtKl?n* mU",hs 10 KrunUM t0 loe Modification of flic* Itankmptry law. e?* wT houses have suspended payment at Stockholm. \ great number of workmc, Imebeen.l" charfed in the wooil yards and saw mills. lOfwrespondenceoftho I/rodon Times. 1 The Vk nna 1 public Is delighted that the \iiMriau Bank [ has been authorized by the Finance Department to lend a I llelP|t)K hand to the distressed citizens of Hamburg and the holders ol bank shores are well pleased to , et six per cent on a capital which, under common circumstances w;-uld have remained u, tally inactive until the resum,.' (ion 1 of cash payments in January, I860. The sum lent (MHO (inn!*0 'v"k, "1C ,rP*' ' itv or H^burg ,s 10,0(10,000 ol marks banco (about ?MK).<KHi) *.-||v, - above mentioned value will imme diately be forwarded to Hamburg, and the loan is i? t,e repaid in Uie same metal "within a year." K is how ever, said ,n tho contract, that the republic on the Kibe can, if it pleases, (iiH< hsrge"u4 debt at of i\ months The Vienna finance world is vain glorious ecaufo Aimlria him done what Prussia t^li-r ? <niM not or would not do, bill the foreign world Is not likely t. <T 8,*h* ol the luct that the position of Hie banks of th. wo countries is very different. The Iterlin esiablishment s obliged, on demand, to give hard cash for its notes but ^ I*"0" ,,ank 18 at a force.l co'irse, and onsf (|iiriit|y 11 makes no difference ? hether its met illi. reservp is a little larger or h |;tU, -mailer. It is rumored ui \ jenna and Trieste that the Audrian l.iovd establish ment will soon become State property. ShouUl thesteain ers running between Alexandria an I Trieste auJ Con slant, nople and Trie te cease to be'ong to a pr.vMe eom ' 'uryjj;',niM '' 1,01 1 ? '""wy <0 have Hntish agents on " the x,-sel- to take care ol the mail bagsr. " " ") ??orrcspomlen.-e of l/>tid<?n Times t oli.'w.i* i?rtr.ilarsHre meutioued in iheCtotsn hand be'riv? S !n" ?'?><"' "? <? the receipt of a telegraph from Hamburg this morn iig.drjwn up and signed by gjate Councillor West, uhol/ o/th wli: Xnl 1 ' Mu v' Mr T" '-" ? H 'lire, to'; 1. . <1* nhagen private bank ft, win. h it was ?ut, 1 thnlihe llrtn ol II I'onb.ppi.lan K- Co. would he enaMc, | with tfir help of l,ooo,ooo mark^ baiuo (?75 000) i*, rt the lVi?mne,'|ll!r r" V;U'" ,!ank' inonluni tionwuh tin Heptn tment 01 I-inan e have agreed to rmi th staHwi"1 "! !""ur>'- *" t,,ey clearly |s-rceiv,d the gr aland ^Ignill, ant importance, In furtherance .,f th,. interest of he Pamsh trade, of supping the linn The ilk will therefore u.l vance one third and the I nam c administra ?H'n two t birds of the million re.,., or the mromt , hut the latter demanded the guarantee (he mercantile oommunay, ,a for the repayment of th.?hi!h ol (he.r advance. For tins purpose sub-crinUm." were op ne<l Immediately on 'Change an.! within half an hour ^ "'i1'' ?r M0J?0 tnarks banco were sub-, -ribed. ? rai of Ui? DMMt tviflDi uiunt m?rt'hiuitM o??xi joined ??? "PV""" "?*w*hstandinK (b?y Wt re l^elily delighted qjflir aid rendered to ao bifhlv in rVor^;,'n u '' w I be forgotten lha( m Hamburg, a*i well as ,u n,. lr own ! m,,u.v "'her Arms io the great ' . t diflicultlee. and if Immediate asu lan> e were not ren Zr* :ilh, n,'a]''?* M?-edy e?,| by bankru,/^. ^", be putio a rrea( portion of Orm- in ,,??sf,?n UJ), I atiish cummer e Mild enterprise suff. r the in ' i?Iyi I J' re?olve I to hol.l * m.e|?u ?n , the following morning, on the taciiange, to cuo^lt ?i?. WV"''' ,'"t W lo - portton Ol Ih '' ''' *ubs< rilwd for as the guarantee to. i,?. y . i ?M,'"*'?'r-'hal i- al^ie Uie mark- ?? < ,.mpl. t? t|, half of (he (wo (birds, U.e r^lp ?"? r k? ,'",,b?r P*h iss-es of aid. ami to yhs. ribe f(? iher Mum*- for th*? amo I .?earei'.'T'r' V * W'"' h """ * ? tr .B.|atK>? ap I c ared here (Ins mom, nK. giving the r. ,,l lb. ( J iii^j aliudiHi to id tit** for^'oiriK ! ihJTa LT?? '.^,u> ,la> '* "?> 'he Ex, ban ge was to th. efiutt that the o^wuus.n of the tir-t merchants should I nx-ciiiv entreat the goxTrnment (.. > r.?ii( the further j Mim ol 4 OOtUKKi rix thal.-rs Tor the p,ir)?,-.., ouutiUK | commotion yr-t. rdaj amont a n imb.-i Of our first ra,e , -ms, and Mr Carl He,ne h.^bein con ? Il ea an oug "thers. relative to ixxoi uimn- ,, ,?(ii,v and plan.- M,|.jte-i,,i order t?, prop up I toller m.' labric el Hamburg's ( oinmercisl n ?t. n. e; but Itllle or nothing baa transpire) beyond interview, saidtobaxe erV! t'thrllr " ,W""" SO,n" "f n"^' "lllueiitial ?,e,? berso the lirms in .(.lestion amr the Penatoi nti .uilhori '',vh. r, 'V; "w !*; '?rK"'" "? - -I- - % ell tnal aal should Im- tflven to prevent a further run down u' ?i .' | ? which, ir Ihey take piaoe, will brine down wltlj them a v*#t number moro. 1 ^1' 't1*' MTr" ''?"J* Uroihers have offered I !? "'?vanee to a doren Arms ,* this . ity a sum effe. itially to secure iheir safely aga.nst , oimnp events oronded ?* v,rrr?" g,;rr: ih' r< u...reof mdivKii^. used " ,n >"'*?""<? the U-rm is , *<i ? Ail tnifi iff. boWfver, n.'inor Tim ms.l from the Hra/ils is m.?i snxioosly e^p^.i rn?, "r*ViU ?Tii """ "y It, an, slier htrdhlow ma> fall .i|?.n the bouses emmeeted with that trade nn I thus mcr? ase the difficulties of the boar .mm?i,.elV Fori i/Cu>(P M I have Just learned thai the Rurger*< haft will ara?enible to morrow . by order of tbe Senate, to c?n?,der propwala for racing a further sum of money to aid fee vera! lirn rato firm* under the mo*t pressing difli ultie*. Any mm pro l?*ed and granted will be guaranteed by ? ertaa terms in xMm The* from Norway and Sweden .innonnce ra riens failure* The Norwegian government bar advanced 91 (?00,000 400,000 mark* banco hare been already iriit to Kiel. Respecting (lie Arm of M I'ontoppidan A On , the turn of 1,000,000 mark* bum ha* been forwarded to It Trom Copenhagen, but It M preenmed that a larger sum will be required. lite f rial* M felt at St ?!? r*burg The Austrian government ha* advanced a loan of 10, OWt.OOO florin* to the cny of Hamburg, M H percent. The ?mount to to be paid tnto the Hamburg treasury in Hitver. Tb<- loan in (or 1. m< ?U>*. (Berlin (Iiec. 14) Correspondence of Ix>odon Shipping i.a ante | The an\iciy fell here in reference In Hamburg atd Swe den i nnot be said to have abated Reliable report* itate thai the amount of bill* *ent afloat trom Hamimr^ia ?ome thing Incredible Three bouse* alone, now in embarrass merit, are *aid In have paper te tkr nmmint <f ?4,000,000 /MMfey tint in Mil month ami January. Despatch from fir n. Ifavelork at I/iu know. WHO A pt Kit HUN KH At. HUH l? K TO THK Clin OK THK. sTAKF TOTIIICONMAMlkH IN IHIKI . HICIIVBK RT TII.MiRArtt KROU CAWSfOKR. I.r < ktnw Ra*inrnv,fle|it 3o. lsftT. Ma|or General Sir Jam** outram having, with charac tertetx generosity of feeling, declare I thai ibe " <>rnmand of the fori e should remaiu in my hand*. -and that ho would arrotn|i*oy It a* Ovil tom mm* inner only, until a lun< tion i oulil b<- "?'eted with the gallant and enduring >iarr?on of thi* place, I have to MMWl that you will in lorm his Kicellencv the Commander In ohm, that the* purpose ?m rite, led on the evening of Uic '.'Mil in*t. But I mu?t flr*t refer to ante< odent events I crossed the gye on the i.M2d in*t , the bridge at Runnee not Jiaving been broken Oo the tfld I found myself in the presence 0 the en? my. who bad taken n *tri>nr imsrtlon, his left p>wt ed in the enclosure or the Ahro KgR, and ln? i entre and right on low height* The head of m> column *t flr?t miiuwed from the tire o! his gum as it wrs compelled npa.-- along the Trunk road,. It. tween m<*?s*e? . but aa |0u(i a* m> r< gim< at could bej| deployed along hi? front, and hi* llpl enveloped hv my left, victory <lei ided ft* M, and we Mfbind live guna. Sir J. Oiitram, wth hla accustomed gallantry, pt eased our ad* an< e close down W> the canal, but as' tne enemy Are* with his artillery and with gun* from the city, il wa? not poe-ihle to maintain thin or a le*a a tvancod |ij*i tton for* time, but to be< ome n?ces-ary to throw our r^htln the Alum liiigh. and re-iore our left, and even *e were Incessantly i aimonaded throughout the twenty four hour*. an1 tad < avalry, l.:">00*trotig swept round through lotty cultivation. *ud the sndden interruption ufnn o ir luggage ma**en n our r-ar (??< in oryjiiv\ Tbe soldiers of the W?th Regiment. ftirmng baggage guard, received the charge wtui gallantry, and loet w brave r.fllcer? and men. shooting down, however, 2ft of the trooper*, and puttinz IW whole tiody lo fight. T1>'?* were finally driven off by two gun* of Captain Cipher!* batterv The trij^f. had been maroh mt three days under a perfect deluge of rain. Irregularly fed, and b.idly bowed in village* It wa* thought ne nsaary to p.tch tent*, and permit them i<> ball op the 'J4th 'Hie a?**aN on the city wa* deferred until the 2f>th. t?ti that morn ng our baggage and tent* were deported la tbe Alum Pagh, under *n eecort. *ad we advanceil The l*t rrigade under Sir J outram ? perc'<nal lea>ling. drove tbe enemy from a foeee**"* of garden-- ari't walled "Oe.le*'iree, *upn>r1id by the two br g.wle* *!,<? 1 * >? it;?a^I H tb brtfalw w<mt? < Iistied on the cam), at the bridge of the Cbnr Bngh Kfam I this point the direct roed to the Residency w ? little less than two miles, but it wm known to have been out by trenches and crossed by pslli.-.a los at short intervals. tho houses also being all loop-holed. Progress in tlit s direr t ion wan opposed, so tho united columu pushed and de ployed along the narrow road which skirts the Iflt hank of the canal. It* advance was not seriously Interrupt* I until it came opposite the King's Pa!ire,or Ki-surah Ba^rh, where two guu- and a body oi merceaory troops were en trenched. From this entrenchment a flr*- ot' Krai?' and musketry was isnirod, under which nothing could live The nrtttlerv and troOpi had to pan a bridge iwr'iallv under its influence, but were lh?u shrouded by the build ings adjacent to the pilaceof lliurced RuW.-h I'arkm was coining, and it wan wan pruposod U) bait within thi- court or liiU Mehal lor tie iii*ht; but 1 esteem ed it to be of such importance not to leave this beleaguer ed garrison, knowing that succor wax at baud, thai I or rlered tho main body of the TSth Highlanders and the re ginn nt of Ferozeporo to advance. Tina column rushed on v\ ith a desperate by Jir J I Outrun and myself. Lieutenants Hudson and Huvulock, of my otikif, and overcoming every obstacle, established It self within the encloauro of the it .sideucv The garrison may be more easily coneeived than described; but it wit not until the next evening that the whole of iny troop, gun , teralmls and sick and wounded, continually exposed to the attack efthe enemy, could b<< brought step by s||M) within this inclnsure sad the mlja cent palace of Khureed To form a tuition ?/ th< obtUnU* ooereoMf, a rt f-rmt r mutt, lit mud? tu (At rtm/ s t/uit <t re known i > kac* uoeurr* I at J/uituie Aunts ami Soragoua: our advam o was through streets ol tint rooted rind loop holed house* each fir o. log u separate fortress. 1 am tdlea with surprise ,it the su< cess of operations which demanded the effort* often tiiousand good troops. The advantage hat coot u- dearly The killed, wounded and mi sing? tho latter being wounded soldiers, who, I regret to say. have fallen into the bands of a merciless foe ? amount to t?4 officers and m'u : Brigadier Uoneral Xeill, commanding Fir t brigade Jlsjor ? , commanding Artillery Lieutenant Colonel Ita/ely, a volunteer with the force, are killed. Colonel Campbell, commanding Ninetieth infantry; Lieut. <>>lonel Tytler, my Deputy Assistant Quaxt'rmiiR'er (ienertil, and Lieutenant Have lock, my Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, are severely, but not dangerously, wounded. ?ir Jamr s Outturn received a flesh wound in tho arm in the early part of the action, near Char IUnh. but nothing would subdue his spirit; and, though faint from loss ot bloi d, lie continued to the end of tho operation to ait on hie horse, which he only dismounted at the fate of the Residency As he has now assumed the command, 1 leave to him the narrative of all events subsequent to Uie 'J5tb lust II. II AVKLOCK, Krigadicr (Jenoral TlM AVnt- lu < lilria. CHANflE IN THK IMLMU POLICY WHAT THE MAN DAKINS THINK THE I ItKNCIl AMBASSADOR'S ABtU' VAI.. [Slianghae (Oct. 33) corresjiondenee of f^ndon Time.-.'.) A change has come over the jioliey of the authorities in the South The Kreueb Ambassador has arrived In the mouth of the Canton river. The projected Northern voy anc is definitively abandoned. It is reported that the or der h(t< gone forth that Canton shall be taken, and I must return to my noat of obs nrvaUon. I hope to add a post script to this letter with a Bong Kong date. When we have settled our differences w ith the Canto net-e, the .-cenc ot action will be removed to these North crn ports. The Cbinesc officials, or the ''Mandarins," as it is .the custom to call them, are of opinion that our decisive move, in order to t ocree the Court of i'ekln, will be tocut off the supply of food to the capital. They reason, acc-ording to Chinese if gic, fn-ai the precedent of the last war; and, for once, 1 am inclined to adopt the t-ame conclusion, and from the same premises. In our previous ex|ierience the Court was Immovable so long as we only killed, burnt, and destroyed in the provinces. Directly we put umu?/.l<> upon the m> ultis of the populace of rekin the Court was at our icet; so it will be again. [Hong Kong (Oct. liO) < <>rr?>nioudcnce of Ixtndon Times | After n rapid and most condortalde passage of four days I am back "home" iu Hour Kong, Justin time to keep you informed of the only matters having the least importance wbi< b hav e occurred since my departure for )lie North. You will have heard Is mail by the news from Sjoga pore, that t fie Audackuac and the Fren< h Pleni|M> had at isst arrived. The day after the de)*?rtnr? of th? mad Huron i;ros steoimsl into harbor, and with polite orkiudly ha te Immediately proceeded un Accompanied to the Ave, without evea sending notice of his coming Tlie meetmg of the two I'leaipos ha<i the cordiality of the uon official and unceremonious mc< ting of two private gentlemen, one of whom had been accidentally kept waiting and theoilier snxiou-' to e.\pre,s by his manner and i-mprrntrmtnl that he regretted the deluy. Next day the liartsir re, minded with alute- , and the two Ministers met at dinuer at (hiv erument House. The Auda> icuse returned to her anchor age off Ijntin, and fliplomatu < ommunn alioti- have since then been frer|itenl, and. as it i" s?id most ami' ?t>|e. 11?e guaboets are arriving daily, but Caut. ytierard O' borne, who laui to W-ep li > > hWk, n- UijtHticp, m nut yet come in. It lipsrrsss rj to low flte? craft UP asauut tlie north east ni"ns?s>n, but it i? scarcely worth while enu I hi. rating tin ai ttial arrivals, for tliey will pridialdy bo all reporti d a short distance off by the steamer wnk h takes this letter. It is a plea ure to be aide to congratulate our Admiral I tv lliey may lie honestly proud of tie achievement of the ltu|>erai!or. i 'title morning of the JHth that tine I hip stearred Into harbor in admirable time, s'ter a pi ? ' -age almost unrivalled of sixty one day (atsoa; fress j Kngland to Sini:.i|*>rc. .>-110 brings .Vsi marines, and she J brmtis theai out m the tlr t rati condition Only lift -en t men in all wre on the su k list. Yesterday -he pro eeedetl up the Canton river to the Wantung, w hero bar ' racks have t>eeu pro\ ided, and where, tt is to Is- hoped, [ lie men will retain their present health and efficiency. We are now In eager expectation of the arr \ a I of th? sister, ship the linpcratrix, supposed to be about three days behind her. Tins mail will probably bring vou more certain tidinirs of her It is no secret that SMBethlMls now about to be under tak.n. We shall probably wuJtthe arrtvalof the whole ol the slender for< e allotted v> fts :;,iksi redcoats are not ? too numerous army to bring to reason an empire of :WO,'?O.MO of people but so soon as we liave all w e are lo expect, we hope to be able to tell you that Canton is in j our hinds All our superBnous doctors and Commissariat offlners are off f?r India It is understood that General A?hburn linm iui'1 ststV, and Celotiels WeMii rail and I'akenham go by the next mall Owiersl Mtrstibease* reimins with iim, and I hear but one sentiment with respect to this oftl er He has empressed all here with full ' onflden. n him as a leader of energy and eoaduct. IiitrrrrafliiK from J?|wn. A VSITUn JTATIW U0NVBVT10N WITH JAPAN CO>TL <;kkkhal iiakkim ani? oi ft tkamk is tiik k a * r . ( F roni Uk' Friend of <"hiaa t?ct III J t'vinm ?%?!??? i (r? liRvm ?> . I !*moi)A, Japan, July ?, 1H67. ) Sim ? I have the honor lo transmit lor your Informal"*! . a> opy of a convention Unit I ha\? mule Willi llic Ja|Mti we It - |<ro|?T that I fho'inl nl"rm > ou Hint the relate" value of gold and silver an- qule diDereul in Japan lo ?hai thev Arc In dhiei parts of the world In tb? i nited Mao s the retain* valor of gold lo silver is as 1 to in, hot in Ja|mn it i? a- I to .1 1 7th so tint al though the Japanese give the same weight of their go* I co:n ?< thr forriitti coin lh?'.v receive. yet ow tug to the ilif frrrtK e of relative value , a l<?*a etuiue* of more than 76 prr< ent'on foreign (fold, ax ? ?indued with silver To illustrate the o|*r*lton of the third arti< l<> ol the com veniion,! would -tatc thai where Amerii ati-'|have hereto fore paid f 100 in *ilvrr they will now |>ay ?:U 1 . Very respectfully your obedient servant. TilWNSK.VD HARRIS. To Jamm Kkkvav, l>q , l ulled -dates ("on- il, Hong Kong Kor the purpose of further regulating the laHrwmrse of American citirens within thr empiro of Japan, and after due deliberation, Town -end Harrw, C<msnl General of the I lute 1 Male- ol intern ?? ? ' h n ? trip U|?n nrl Inowouye. Prince of Smaim, and N'akamoera. Prince of l>rwa. tiovernor* of Rtmoda. all having full nuwer* from their respective government*. have agreed n% the follow mg article*. to wit ? Art. I The port of Xangaankl, in the principality ?r lli/en. ("hall be open to American vessels, where they may repair tlamagc*. procure water, fuel, |>rovtaHm* and other necesfary article*, even coal*, where they are obtainable Art '2. Il l>eing known thai Ameri<an ship* coming to the pott* of Mmoda and Hakodade cannot hare their want* supplied by the Japanese. it la agreed that Ameri ran r.iti*en? may |*>rmanen1ly resi le at Sim'Kla and Hako dade.and the government of the Cnlted Male- may ap point a vice i on?ul to re-ide at llAkodade. Thin article to go into etleei on the 4th day of July. 1*'-M Art . 3. In setl lemc 01 of a> counts the Value of the money brought by the Americana shall be ascertained by weigh log it Willi Ja|*ne*p coin (gold and allver Itsebues) ? that la. gold with gold, and silver with allver. or weights repre senting Japanese coin may >>e used alter such weights havi> been carefully examined ami louod to l>e correct Tlie value of the money of the Americans having been thus w< ertalne.t . the sum of six per cent ahall be allowed to the Japnaeae lor the expenae of recotnage. Art 4. American- committing oflWii ea in lupsn shall he tried by the American i onsul enteral or Consul, and shall be punished according to American law* Ja|*iK'se committing ofTenes against Americans nhal be tried by the .ia|?ne*e authorities and punished a< ? ord mg to Japanese laws Art 6 American ?hlp? whieh may resort to the ports of smoda. Hakodade, or Nangssakl, lor the purpose of ob laming nece?*arv supplies or to repair damages, shall pay for them in gold or silver coll, and if they have no money goods ?-hall be tnken In elrhange. Art *. The govwrnment of Ja|>an admit* the right of the Consul lieneral of the foiled Statce to go beyond the limits of >even Ri, but ha* a-<ked him to delay the nse o that right, except in c ases of emergem y, ahipwreek, ftc. to which he h*- a??ente?l Art 7. Pu" hases for the r<?a?ul lo ncral or his family may be made l;y himjotily or bv some memlier of hla fa mil) . and pa> metit ma<|e to the seller for the same, with out lb* intervention of any Japao*?e offit ial, and for this purtiose .la(Kiua-e silver and copper cun ?>hal\ h? aunplle.1 to the Consul Ueneral. Art X. A* the Consul (.etiers! of the Called JMstes of America ha- no knowledge of the Japtne->e languag". aor the l.ov tm - of ^.in<?li? a knowledge id |li" F uif' 'h I iu gu*;-e, it m agreed thai the true meaning shall be found In the Hutch version of theartirla* Art 9. All the foregoing artirles to go into e;1' t Trom the .late hereof, e* cpt article 2. which ntia.ll g!> .uto cllecl on the date indicated in it * l?one In quintJipbrate (ench <<*y being in l'ngli?h, Ja^ianese, and rhitch), at the Hoyo^-O ol simoda, oo the I7ii? day of June, in the year of the Chn-uan era, 1*57, and ol the independence oi the 1 nited -"tales i ?m"rK .? I hi kl-t. corre-i ..n ling to th> lourth year ot <use W the ffth month, the Mth day, the Miglish veroao beiu gned by the f'otwul fJ< ncral of Hie Cmte.1 <utej of Am* nca. an?f the Japaneee by lha liovern f* of Simoda T>JWNt*ND U\RUB Ttir Uvlathan'i Ltmith [From the r/indon Times, t>ec. IS J More limn a week has elapsed since th? last "(Torts w<y# made to move this ve*eel. An cur readers n my remem her, the "(forts w<sre discontinued in c?as<*i i' m e of tho fNU difficulty experlcm ed In obtaining anything hue te nure holdfasts iv>r the river moorings. Pirtly owing to the Immense "train, and partly because of tho peculiarly dense nature of the river bod, which prevented the an chors |s?netratlng more than a foot or so tn depth, it was ipilte lxn|?iHnjblo to make any effective use of this river tackle, win. h at the present at ago of the launch Has oe c*mo absolutely e|?enUal U? it* further progress. In order, therefore tliata proper hold may be obtained, a regular h< ries of '.arge p leu has been driven on the opposite bank of tho river ? one on the wharf of Messrs. II imptrey * yard iuhI the second a little below high twei n the Water gate ferry and l>eptford d<? kyurd. ii*li oi' these slumps of piling are almost similar n "ffngirt and arrangement to the piles which servo .n a ra^i* lor the hydraulic rums in the yard itself, and Like them, too, they have not been resorted lo till the eleventh ho -f ? and. in fa< I , until ihe failure ol' all other methods t;-m literally forced their adoption upon the ong.ncrs Both these were completed early yesterosy morning, and the chain* auil aa hors holding back the moorings by wh.~b the Irviatban is dragged w itli a doublo purchase toward* the river were secured among them There 1 e?mjs not the leant doubt uow but thai these piles w.ll hold ttje no i horn taut enough, but it is by no m 'ana so clear that the launch will be by any me*ns expedited. ITndr the pre vious ar ranvement, in which ordinary anchors wore <HMMt to hold tho mooriags, the chains werti always breaking, even when toe anchors Uiemselvee were yielding and coming in foot by foot. Wh?i t ham* will stand now that tbo anchors are secured w;d cao not yield an in .'.b? It expected thai all the arrangements would lie completed yesterday .11 t mo to make another effort to move the vessel early n the morning. ( nfortunately it Has impossible to c mpiete details i>r tlie preparations till nearly dark yesterday, when a brief attempt was made, more, a.-i it was averted, for the purpose of trying the Vaskle than with auy ssrion-i Intention of commencing operations at 10 late ;?n nour Be this as it may, however, a tremendous pros ire an 1 strain were kf pt up upon boih i'oro and aft er?dl> s for about ton miautes without making tho smalle-d imwresMou upon the Inert monster, though the force applied eventually be.'ame so gn at ns to drive the feed pipe out of one of tfco hydraulic rams, and enap a river mooring chain of 2', Inches. These mishapa being univalent t<' about a day's work, the pressure was then taken on again, leav ng tl.e launching apparatus minus the services of the rum ..nd chain. Both these, however, can easily be r< paired and ready Tor work this day, when it is positively asserted that tho launching will commence for the fourth and la"t, time. Low of the l'lu kit Ship VorthiimlM-rlatiil. [From thel/indon News, liec. 10. | Tlie lo s of this ship, and the marvellous preservation of bar passengers and crew, ?n announced at I loyd's yesterday. She was on a voyage from New York to f?n don, w illi 36 passenge rs and a valuable cargo of mer -ban disc ? her crew, Including ottlcers, number ug JH persons yho was a line ship, upwards of 1,000 tons, and wan one of the fleet which load from the Ixmdnn Docks for \>w York. Tlie Northumberland left New York <m the 16th of November, and on the \*i ins* and following days en countered a tremendous hurricane, which threw I. it over on her beam ends Hy cut' ing away tho masts sh?* right ed a little, hut in spite of incessant pumping night and day, the men laboring up to their armpit-l In wat'-r, while the <argo was thrown overboard, (the filled between decks, and small hope remained Happily, on the morn ing of the 4tli the brig Jessie, of St. .lohns, Newfound land, Caption Pearson, came in sight, and with gn at dill) culty took off the crow ar.d pa sengers, who rvad to bo thrown overboard attached u> a rope , U> be hauled m toy the longboat of the Jessie, since a nearer approach would be instant destruction. Hie ship was then abandonee), and the ,les -ie brought the rescued men and women to Queenstowu, where Uicy were safely landed on uunduy last. Markets. t.ivmrooL forto* M^Rntrr. ? Saturday, Pee. 12.? Tha ilt maud for cotton continues on a very limitad ?'e.alp, ami to day '(< sale* do not agreed 2,<mki hale*, all m tstruUI quan titles, to the trad* Pries* nominal. Monday, I>ec. 14. ? The cotton market opened U?>* morn mg with .m a'lnont < iitiro absence ol' busmen, mill tho ?al<** barely reach 2,400 balee, to the trade Price* 'rre gular. Tuv-daj. Dae. 18. ? The Tor ontfon rontio-je* very limited, ami to day V ti.una. noiiM barely rc.i li 2 .fx* J hale* -61X1 on apecolatmn anil lor expjrt. I'rmi it tfco buyer'* favor. l.tvirKi'mi! Corn MaRkvt- Tuesday evening. f*ec. 15. - We have IiihI a line h larger attendance of boWi miller* and dealer* thin ilay than for some time punt anil a good trade in llie following arficleit:? Wheat sold ?l 2d. per bushel anil Hour i'hI to 1h. |h r ark higher luil iui corn rather lower Oats peas, b?.m- tr.<*U anil oU.< r tt hk1* unchanged Weather wet. ImhoxOdu fmiiK, Dr. It ? Tlie extraordirary n.?id Hi ?** ol the pa?t week lias kept the wheir. p'.uit in *'? mly growth. producing, Wdeel, -.line fears of ,t? IK-Kumiii; winter proud where very forward. But the increased rtrength Riven to the late sown pterin, the fkAintie* af lorded to tillage and the reserve allowed to the - tore* of dry food for rattle, must greatly overbalanee ary ?ucb ulii'bt detriment A* roa|Mv.t* the wheat trade, twre Ikh tx- n quite a relap'e to former du'nc :*, w th a further de rlineof}*. loan, periir., though the weekly sale* how it great falling on ai the lotun-qtienre of ut.Aatisfactory pi irt p. Wt re ;t n<.t tlint the extreme p?e* ??: r e ii the Unite' province- had aciun aha'e.l the ric.ntf C tilldenra ol th* cietntry , we mi :ht reasonably Uavu looked fur mure ucthity The ? oint, however, wi rthy of ni>U, * the ft' t that Northern Kurope, with tcli a pressure and no mu> h discouragement In Kngland, yields oo slightly in the ijuoui lion* of (train. TI.e ;nrt* in the Black M-a the Azofl, ui'l the tfcuiuhe, t hmigti heavily o mplaming, al-o koep #o much above range that shipment* tin nee prom ae the for feiture pf freight on all n?u*iguments to thin ?? entry A*, therefore, this kind of - peculation inuat noon *??r out ? and a* the adram :i-d ?tale of the ?ea-on lewis tntjte reo cluston thai with an average tem|ieratur? ?>ith 'he flalte) and Anteriea willaoon be fron'. bound- it rat ? arreljr tv> looked for that the pre*?nt ilrprosmon ran iotg obtain, although there ma> !?? litUe reaiimn till the<>|? et the new year lite failure of the patatn cropiannot he e?tim ited while rorn I* low, and samples are furred eiT?o prevent their rotting The pun n? they open !'? r '.?e i.n'v exhibit Ihe virulenre of the dlaeuie, with ei>0Nt?? cprotttlng Tin Ihihihixm m flouting rarg'-?-? ha? nbo'it an folliiw*1 ? rargix of wheat .1 of Tiuranro*; (Jhlrka, at 42r . 4 f fid., and 4.r>a. :td , 2 of Oiietica <>birka,at lb' ?'id and 4n? 6<1 1 new Ka'atat at 41< ?wi I I'olirh H'l.-?.-i, at .'fie ; 2 of Egyptian, at :?>> fc) an it M? , for Behan and mixed ti rari/'"'? of maiae, at fr?icn ?I M to 94., and 4 of ttaatari barley, at 17a. to Tlf par quarter Many < argoea rema n on -ala, there beiug a downward teBdem-y in price* The *a!ea ol wheat note. I |a?t week were at Id againat qr?. in lllMt. The London average* were 61a. tvd on 3.JH2 qr*. The Import* inu> tl?e pr qnpil porta of lireal Britain f>r the week ending I>ec . 'i, inwbnatac.i Pour, were 104 /iMl qr? l<mtw. TttMur Rrnm, IW.. 15 ? Jngar? u.nce tba a lo*e of laet week ronai terah'e biwlne?? ha? N-eo done ia floating - iik'ar three rargoee of llavaiia, ? ompr ing Inge ther S.fton Itosee, ha> e |M<eti tak. a for Itriaiol at S4a. a M for Snp 10', to 11. and two of brown I'ernam'turo, f>,00<) and .I.MW bag*, at '.'1*. M , both tor the Medi terrain an "ti the apot wale* are efle<-u-d w th mure ildd eulty. tt a ii tion today only a part of Ihe MM hbda of Weft India found buyer*, vli ? liarb idoea, 'ow in goe.i yellow.. 'We Ad to tf>* t.ranada. :14 ?. M In 17*. M , ?t Vinrenl'*, very low, middling. 14a. ; laniara, kooiI middling, 3*?. to 3M* ; 4'V4 hag? Uauritiau*. at to 21bi. M. for low brown, and ,'X* to :iae tor middiiBf yellow ; and 142 rank* low hUrk ?yrup taken in at 20* T O bag* iiurputta daten. mxfaUng to good yellow. J*e to 4k.; anil 1 ,1M? hajfa km |?*ty dumma, Jt'e to 27*. "f Weat India the quantity urild . tncludinr thiee at public *aie, rntpraea only ?i*3 hhd* Curn*. ? 463 hair* (>?ta Itica (unrlean) aold rteaply, Ol ?d to M*. per cwt. 2* bale* and TI half bale* Al?? amlria Mocha were held for ?'<>? and AAe per rwt. Rk-*.? Tliere were mi tran*a. ttona lo report. OawiMitAi.? Of 111 hag* in public aale to-day about oao half trat di^ogeil of at lully the prevlou* ratea. tn iiara of Mexican ailver. low to good, 3a. 4>l to 3?. (Id 1ft ha^pi of ditto hlark , ordinary to good, .'kt. 7d. to 3a. I Id and 25 l>ag* ot Honduras atlver, low to ordinary. 9a. 3d t? M. M. per lb , 2 bag* of dttu> bla<-k at ta. Id. per lb T>?t4.ow.? The market ha' been quiet at V*. Ad for the year. 52* ?d. for January to March, and Ma Ad. for karch CH jr Intelligence Hi Monro litrvu inim ? It waa rumored ye?urilay n the Illy Hall that thera waa a heavy defalcation by ^nt? of the employ** in one of the city department* Humor ha* the amount at virion* ?um< ranging between IjO.OdO and $200.0M). Tar Wmtom? R <!?**.? The jam year haa been dUtingtn*hed for it* heavy ram* and it *een.a lac ine.i to keep up tt* character to the clone tn mmenae quant ty of rain ha^ fallen In thi* city and vie nity dur ng the laet two day*, and II wa* Ktlll atnrmr at ? 'ate hour laet night. It la Well it haa not been cold or we would have the ttreet* filled with *now to begin the ne? year with. t? it is, the Mreet* have been cleaned and the rity bettered n every reanei t by the ram If i? well to comment* the new year with clean Ktreet*. and it would be etill Iwtter if we ma naged to keep them cle m We will ?ee what our new cdy government will do It l? lo ?>e bo|>oil it* member* will give an exemplification ol the prjverb reej^t.og new broom# TlAcwr*" i* rirtt W?an <m"nt.* ? We are inft-rmed by thel'lerk of the Board of Fduration that arrangements b?ve been made by which the teacher* m tM wtrd fH biwl* will be paid to day The draft* will be revty for the prinelpal* entitled to receive the ?ame. ih ? morn ok at II o'cli*k. and it I* recommended that they a'terwl at the uaual place of taymenl at 2 o'eJoi k th ? afti rroon , for the pnrimae of paying Ihe tea hey* npr*i their re>pectirw pay roll* Aiotmni Marmw i?r rover on ??. ? A ?ec??*l m eltrg of the rity coo* table* waa held last evening at No. 7 5 first avenue. A committee wa* appointed tn draw up a p?ti tion lo be praeenteijj^he J<i?ttcaa of the IVtr t court*, who were A^?embl^VWln adjoining room The petttKio wa* to Ihe etHret th^The J untie e* u*e th?!r p< W"r anil in Ihience to pceveel ai^ per on* except regularly oletwal lonetableato nerve summon***, cr do any part of thoa* dtitie* (which belong e*chi?:vi lv to electarl at The report of Ui" '-ommitte* wa* unanimously ulotneti and submitted to the .luatieea forthwith, who *-?eiite.: tn all that w?? desired by the constable*, and expr?e*e l them*elv?e -atvAed ;hat they l?ave taken res t) irt\etl vtber? rrcm .Bfrmg'iig too m..< h the r r f'.te w