Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1858 Page 1
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rTH] ^Knrmi? \rt\ 7tqo tf UVXJU JfJ V. I | */JJ? HPORTAIT rEOI KEflCa 2 Coup d'EUt of President ? ComonforU J Constitution Overturned and the jj National Congress Dispersed. C0M0NF0RT PROCLAIMED DICTATOR. j ti j Mew Plan for Paciflcating the ? l^r Country. WTACK ON THE BRITISH MINISTER BY ROBBERS, ? Ac., Ac., Ac. m 8 (From the Mew Orleans Picayune, Dec. 26.] '' Iho United States ma.l steamship Tennessee, Captain Tbes, from Vera Craz the 21st instant, reached her a barf at an early hour tn* morning. The purser re- * vria . V The Tennessee experienced very heavy gales from tho 1 E,,K. and N. W. during the entire passage. The American three mastei schooner H. E. Spearing y iled from Vera Cruz the evening of she 15th, for this 8 Left in port the American bark Rapid, Maisclialk, mas- ]' r, to sail for New York the 1st proximo. 1 liming a heavy gale on the 10tb Instant the French ship .quele de Vera Cruz parted her chains and wcut ' here. Tho vesael a total ioes. Crew saved. The Tennesoeo brings $87,634 74 in specie on froight. I: The Tennessee brings most important news. Tho new 1 istituiion has been overturned and done away with for c -er ; the Federal Ouuueits have been broken up aud dis- r MM- rsed; Conionl'ort declared sole and absoluto Dictator, H h powers to caJl an evtraordinary Congress; the oapi- c is in arms, and other principal cities, including Vera H .ui, have pronounced. a H This important event took piaco on Thursday morning, J" i? 17Ui mat., and was as sudden as the movement wan ' B >M and daring. Everything seems to have been planned s V r Comonfort, and ex governor Ba/. carried his wishes B x> execution with a coolness and celerity that only has paru.lel m the French coup d dot of the second of lie- ?1 Biber. The only forewarning, indeed, the Congress and tho c ople had of the contemplated overturn was, with most s > .exunpled hardihood, given by (lovei-nor Baz, himself, W e day before. That day, personally present in the t I lainber of Deputies, ho was made tho object of a -ry severe criticism, and numerous charges 1 ire made against blsa. So for, however, from r igning to reply to tbetr, he rose in bis seat I ^ d. after rebuking the Congress in general terms for their f .ci .ie course, from the opening of the session, openly <1 d plainly told them that that was the last day tin y ' i mid ever meet in those chambers, for tho next they ' r >old be swept away. 1 None, however, seems to have believed him. But the 'Xt morning, at 6 o'clock, the roar of cannon in tho tart of tho < ity showed :t was no idle throat. Soon after e brigade " Zuloaga, ' one of the most trusted corps, nveniently stationed at Tacubaya, came marching m and 1 k possession of the citadel <>'ariu and other strong kls, amid salvos of artillery, which proclaimed that a . m order of things had begun. ko resistance whatever scorns to have been made; in ed, there was no time for action on (be part of the oppo:k>n. On the contrary, the bells of the city rung out, ckets were -eel up, and everything evinced the joy of "he people. The tumult, however, t.avipg somewhat subdrd, the following puun or proclamation made its aptrance. rROOI-AMATrOW. insidering. That the majority of the people have not been fled with 'J?e fundamental constitution (Carta), which n tbem hy ibeir leaders, because it has not proved mOi t to preserve progress with order and liberty; and. furmore, on account of the obscurity of inanyot its prosi a it has become the source of civil war. on*ld*rtnj:. That tli?? republic ri^ulrt'* ip9f?A-UT-?f\r <* ? to It* manner. ?ud cisfoms, for '7'5lope>nrn ?M?" ? ncm* (> 1 iilid lmw*-"; *** tru^fn(jQl*ill of pubiiO , <( ?n'i the mar iiiul/pto' iit ami respectability to which it ii ntitied both kt house and abroad. ,nst lering. That the army ou?ht not to anslatn what the I1 <ou <U <" ni'i * i?h, but, on the r ontrary. should bo the sua q .or anil defender of public will, ej,prc?aed in ?o many y?; it I* kerrbv do lared? , Thai from this date the eonstit-.tion of 1107 will ccaao to observed throughout the republic. !. Rcttpecting the unatolm oi* v.Ae of the people, repressed B the free election made by them of hi* Excellency President n I?;iia< io Couionfort for aupretn.' magiftkal* of the republic *lie 1 continue in charge of ilieauprenie command. with 11 power* to partl y 'he nation, W promote 'he improvement : ornaren of :h - *? -. and to regulate tho ditfireut * jiehes of the publle administration. d . Thre. month* after the adoption of thl* plan by the Ftatee i which the repubiie la now dtvtdnd, the mm in charge die executive power nhall convoke an extraordinary Con- p without auy funber object than to f irm a constitution *leh may agree with the wishes of th-' uation. and guarantee . .trne in'o-rest* of the propje Thi* ronatltuiton, before -lng prom ilgated, ?h?l] be submitted to the rotes of the lubiunta of the republic. 0 I After b ing ssn'trmed by this vote. It shall be published, _ 1 Immediately afterw ards Congress ?hall i**ue the law for election of the "on?'uuii' President of the repubiie. In e tb*t *ald constitution should not be approved by the malty of th* Inbabltan's of the repubiie. It shall beireiui , <1, be re nieil according io the *?u?? of majority. Whirs the ron*tttution I* being mad" til* Kxrellep, v 'he anient w ill pr?? ce,l to name a council, composed of one inrlpa and one aubntlt .led member for each one of '.he ate*, which shall have the attributeaestablish- d by aspecial w U All the authorities that fall to sccon) this plan shall cease he eirrciae of their function*. FEt IX Zm.OAll r eral In Chief of the Brigade of the Capital and Uovcrnor sf the dtatrlrl, r i'scvasr a, I?ee. 17, 1847. ( loou after appeared (he following ~ PROCLAMATION OP TBR (JOVKRNOR. igustin Alcerrl-'t, <feii*rml in thief of the Hrtgaleof thl* , Capital and Uorernor of Ih" District:? Fellow f'ltiiens?Placed by limited and scanty meritn at c e bead of the (overoHi-nt of the Important caudal of tic labile, and desiring to co operate In all that which tnjr coneuec estimate* just, useful and n"cesuary to the welfare of n ?-country T have mlrd the nlsn Drnclslmed at T?e,i va by ihe'brigade uo<I<t ibo c.immatld of Uoo. Don Felts * toega. IT the rapacity I ho'd I liare been ahle to observe very ar rstely the great and Insuperable ' ffleuttlea which surround 1 e supreme government, and the t al impossibility there ta r ton mnxttliition sanctioned to the promt ymr of 1*7 ?o n tvey to the Inhabitant* ol the republic ton eaciir.t I happlnrxa which all men In "orlnly d'Mre to poaee.v. labor under the conviction that thix p, which msy he unfa> T?bW by the exigcaeies of p.,hu. al parties. * J bn. not wlthstaadt ng. well received by all thoac person* og from rxacjrrrath d. and who love just aad true liberty a to sincerity and ywd filth. fhn Inhabitants of this fine city, who am acvpialntnd w -h m human# chancier of sir CMMBfoft, muat not cntcrt iln 17 feara of toalr creed, tr < rr?* or liberties bnif atlarked. .1 for my part, la 'bn orbit of my Incumbnaclna, I offer lo o iiaate myself strWlv to the maintenance of public iran-pid1, aad that effort# Should bn made day by day for Its presec. ? .lloD. c rt no avail Will our efllirla hn If to them arn am added those r rnli#binned and boneal pnreona, let thetr political opinions ? what tony may. Thaaa are the bones of your fellow nlil. I i AOL'ftTIff Al/CSftfttCA. / Km*! lire. 17.1K7. I Likewise during the day appeared the following 4PTtRlt.?9 or 0*j*. ZULOAOA. 11 rmtow Crrewsn- When promoting the revolution atom the charier of 1M7,1 hare oat been led by any reoaal internet A fleoeral of tba republic I have Wen; ' one ha* attacked me In toy capacity, and aa a l.eoeral ' hall solely remain after the re\ ulutlon In effected. The hltc votoe, unlveraal < on arte ore, the evils the country >r? In onnsefpicnca of the constitution, are the rea- [' m that impel me to take up arms against It ' thcr party nor pereonal interesta 1 defend, but <ae of the nation liberty wan pMMMl ?t utla. and without one retrograde step true liberty L! ahalI continue to defend. and among ua the opi*HiDg d political bands, into which the republic la now unfor * atety divided, will And no protection, neither shall vate interests be attacked without motive, and the " aaures emanating from the government to he established ' i this revolution snail be stamped with the seal of justice 1 public welfare f?lace the constitution of 1S57 hogan be dlaruased the nation perceived the strife of parties .be bosom of the national representation, not with the ? mi of principles, but of passions; thai continued action J* i reaction or powers in collision waa observed; they re alternately suhdoera and subdued, and It tvae foreseen ' d the reeult, which certainly waa not the consequence of . -lure reflection, meditation and calm understanding. n st be very far from what H enjoined and wan ueorssary the tranquility and welfare of the republic. Hioco the omnlpatwu of the code a universality of reprobation " ? heard, and no other hope remained to the paclOr. and 1 eat people in the country hut that of the flrst Oongrcec loaively attending to its reform, for It was not bellev ed r a ronstitutlen which consign* as rlgbts of man anar v ?1 principle#, that arms the assuwdn and disablea authorities to mflirt on him condign punishment, LJ /institution that lunes the bands of tho Ksecnlire, " that goe* even as far * to prohibit him to mediate *' the wants of th" States; *a<t a constitution, in One, t has agitated public OOMCicn. and tho peace of * dies without any reasonable motive, could be enforced a single day. But even wtre the otwtitution an ad rahle work, rwen had T been formed on^uiting tho ue intercstr of society, its sudden adoption would not bo mventent; for nsefltl as deliberating bodies am? la times pesre, and when all tho hrancho* iff publli admtne-im I ? are regiilated, Ihev are equally Uioffloient, and even uwi*'"", wwn tow roTiTn' mity mm an agitated rtate. 1 ? ery one knows that there ts mi urgent necessity of new ^ lee. of financial regulations, of military and polioo \ rs, and many othor brunches which arc very difficult to lain with the necessity that olrenmstaiieo* demand, If i Short intervai of a dictatorial g<ueminent in hot taken ^ -asitage of hi efli?ot the pacification of the country, the irldual tranquility of the cttisens, the progress of all . tertnl improvom'-ni* and lastly, the establishment of a stitntlnn to which the history, tradition and custom* of people may he taken into consideration. t protest h >i all "Inoerdy to my countrymen that litis stop. which h coosrtenre hae suggested to me, I hare taken without ito or fear, persuaded aa 1 am that not only thcaj with <s In their hand*, but the majority of tftc natiou, that "osihie just and good, will eo op- rate with the same . rotir rlewa, and eeennd this revolution, which iui btodly Heaven wMI favor. KELIX ZlUJAtiA actiut*,IVm 17,1*47. ^ RBKTONATTON Of Bnrttl OFFTCFW*. L . HH tr resignations. Among them Manor do la Fuente, Mm r of F weign Affairs also, honor < >me* Farias, of the n 1? E ~NE" b mtfh>r of, ud the Secretary of tho (iovernment r toe Capital. DI8TTNGCT8HTBD ARRKSTS. The arrest* <lo sot seem to have been very numerous, ut among them ro moo of distinction ?Benito Juarez, resident of tho Supreme Court; Senor Oliver#, President f U>?< Congress, and a few of tho leading members of the ppoeiuon. ATTACK ON TH1 BRITISH MINISTER. The night previous to the roup d\ tat, as Mr. i ettsom, H. I. M. Charge in Mexico, was passing from tho city to his oubc >n Tacubaya. on hurv.eback, be was aUa kod by a and of robbers, and came near losing his life by a pistol hot. The ball providentially missed him, but so near ras the gun to bis face that several grams of powder wero town into his eyes and quite a number lodged Into be skin of his face. Tho Extraordinary says:? Mr. Imttsom was blinded by this discharge, but, rosining his self possession, he threw bis p.stol over lus boulder into the ditch, in order to prevent it from being sed against him by his assailants. The robbers took him from his horse and watch, and also he horse from his servant. The number of the robbers was not exactly known, but (r. Iiottsom believes there were about a dozen. He like use m.nKS wuu sum" 01 me pany ioiiowuu 11:111 iroui law ity. Amongst them there was one who was well dressed, .nd looked as if he might claim to belong to respectable ciety. The balance appeared as if they were from the Dwcr order of society. Mr. I/'ttsom returned to this city at once, after he was .llowed to leave the brigands, and tho best medical aid ,as procured for him. We hear that Dr. Vandcrlinden ailed upon him and offered his services in the name of ho President. The powder has been taken from his eyo, nd the greater part removed from bis face. Tosterday, ?e arc glad to hear, ho was enjoyiug himself very well, nd that ever since the occurrence he has been in the ery best spirits. The effects of tun powder and smoke a his face will likely continue to be felt by him for somo Some seem to think that tho attack upon Mr. Lettsom ras premeditated, and that ho wis signalled out for be victim of a bloody tragedy. This opiniou we cai> lot think has any foundation, nor do we believe hat Mr. L. himself at all participates in it, Tho c.trumstance is one that might have;happened to any gentlenan, and tho fact that several others wore attacked the amo evening, shows that robbers were out in great force in tho different roads about this city. The government has expressed a strong willingness to .rrest the perpetrators of this villanous attack upon the ( preventatives of her Map ity, but we consider it exremely doubtful if the effort of the government turn out uccesaful. VERY UtM VMM MEXICO. A private note, written on the morning of the loth, two lays after the revolution at the capital, and tho latest sxsible, says, "everything goes on well;" by which is ioudu.-ss iuvaiu uiai iuu cuy war <iun:i aim uiu uituuurhip fully established. our advices from Vera Cruz also?the 21st inst?state bat tbdt city was <|Uiet. As t-> the pronuuciamienti there .od at Pnebla, thoy do not differ muicr-ally from those of bo capital. It seems to have been a well concerted movement, and probably was co extensive with tho re ublic. At Vera Cruz and Puebla, as doubtless at other >oints, all that was necessary war- for tho garrison to piietly transfer their allegiance from a government inw uo more to a more absolute dictatorship. The new rdcr of things, however, seem* to have everywhere icen favorably received, especially at Vera Cruz. MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. rHE BOARD OF ALDERMEN?LAST MEETING FOR 1857. REPARATIONS TO PURCHASE ITIK rROFERTY ON WARl)*s Win?DEBATE ON THE DOTATION Of THE NEW CITY HALL -REFUSAL TO RECOMMEND THE SELECTION OK MADISON SQUARE AN A SITE RESOLUTION KKTKAI.INfl THE STAY OF PROCEEDINGS AS TO THE EXTENSION OF ALBANY STREET AMENDMENTS TO TnH TAX LEVY?QUARREL WITH THE COCNCILMKN A BO IT THE COMMISSIONERS OK DEEDS- THE WASHINGTON MAREET INVESTIGATION TOTED FRIVOLOT9?SI mkt commissioner DEVLIN EXONERATES HIMSELF M*ow "n""ia w a WW uv TnK C0l?n~.>ufl COUNSEL--APPOINTMENT AND ? oKINMBNT OF FOLICE CLERK8, ETC. Preeident Clancy called the Board to order yesterday, t twenty minutes past one, abjut half tho members bong pr- sent. A large number of pnpers were read and Assed upon, but for wont of a const, tut ion il majority Dust be reconsidered. amkhixu run cocncu < hamukh. The Committee on Attermg theftouncil Chamber subn.tted a report appropriating f 1,600 to pay the expenses, nd presenting a plan, Vno report was adopted. Report* in favor of appropriating $300 to pay tho ev n-neee of the special <"mi.n ru.-c which pro -<>e?$fd to Fhlla lelplna on the subject of Quarantine regulations, and $3o0 Br the expenses of the Poet Oflioe Committee in Washingon, wort presented and passed. tbi: ward'S ISLAND property. The Committee on tho proposed purchase of property n Ward's Island reported a concurrence with the Councilnen in a plan for the appointment of arbitrators to decide a to a fair price to be paid for It by the city. The Mayor n appoint one arbitrator, the owner of the property anther, and if they could not agree, Qiey should appoint ooib'-r?the city to abide by their decision. Alderman rrcRRR objected, on the ground that the thing ra? an effort to swindle tlic city out of $100,000. The -owber case would Bit be a circumstance R> it. Alderman Ja-axon moved to amend the resolution by trifcing out a isirtien which bound the city to accept the iroperty on the report of the arbitrators and preseutaton of a clear title, and (martini a provision that tho esult of tho deliberation should be reported to the Mayor Tiemannl, and that he i-honld have power to decide. Alderman Tiurr thought tho whuld plan was a bad U. Alderman An ma moved an additional amendment, that he Mayor and Common (tonneil should have tho (butI deiaion ae to the purchase. Alderman Jacksou accepted the amendment Alderman Wilson advocated the report without amendaent. Me lilted Mayor Ticmann aa a reteree, because he ras anew man. and ofconree would be Jtonc-t for a pell (laughter ) Alderman Ja<ushv, after a lengthy debate, withdrew tie amendment The qur-imn b tin; taken on Alderman A da ma' am< i.duent it wiis |m Alderman MuOownu moved the previous quest**. Alderman Bicrr claimed that the provious question raa a motion made by linn to postpone The Cnai* ruled that the previous question was oo the doption of the report. Alderman Rtrxt appealed from that decision The question being takca, the Chair waa sustained. Alderman Tr< kbr moved tn lay the previous question n the laid-. wh? h waa leal The question waa than taken on the report of the rom antes, which waa adopted?Aldermen Wilson, Cor win, larria, Hoffmire, Clancy, Rants, Griffiths, Steer*, McCtouell, Monegan. KMllmer, Coulter, Valentine. M?Rpcdoo. IrConksv and Drake voting in tlm affirmstive, and idam*, Tnrker, Blunt, Jarkwon and Owens in the nej'aIve. The Board then, et .IBM, upon motion of Aldettnia Una, took a meet for half aa hour. run aw cttv aau. After reccsa Aldrrman Own** moved to Uke up the re . rl in relat on to locating Ibe new City Mtll, which, after erne debate, waa loot All the membcri of the Board ha I y this time taken their seat*. Alderman Ja<wan\ subsequently m.vle an another effort ? bava the report of the special committer in regard to arnting the new City Hall taken from the tabic. The mo on waa earned tbu time, by a vote of IS to f?. Alderman Jamso* moved the art option wf the report of he minority, providing for the location of the new City lall in Madison square, and advocated that location in a perch of m>tue length Alderman Blunt supported the minority report, m favor f loratii' the new City liall on the north *dc of tho ark. Ablermsn Fritwr* tdvorated the lor ition lUM etiaon rjuare, as move tn the centre ot the city. Aldcrtn.ui Olavi'i detendeil the interest' of the lower art of the <Vty, and the lo-atem at the I'ark. He con tided that the lerWsture had. by the act arrthorlxikf the uilding of the new City Hall, provided for the location at re Turk Alderman MrSrtoos moved tlie previous question, but y general reqneot withdrew it. Alderman .lanuaisrexplained that Ih* l/><ri-lai'ire merely vt l that the CMy Mali Turk locality trvcht be elected?it 'as not mandatory?aid in cloving renewed the previous ucstton. Alderman Wusov moved to tay the motion for the pre tons question en the table, but the motion J was lost by a nte of 11 to 11. The niHwtion on adopting the minority report. in favor r the location at Madtaon square, was then taken Mid wl, by a vote of 11 to 1<t?the Chair deriding that it Inolrrd an expenditure of mono) ami renin red acoHMN onal v ote. rntvsio.* or aijuht .-nuar.r?rkpe?i 01 uni jm o> morotniaoa. Alderman Hkait called up the matter of the extension ' Albany street. A motion U> lay the matter on the table aad print in the mutes wan (net lAlderman IIkaci nove<1 a conriirrenee wilti the Oreiu lmen tn repeal in* the resolution providing for a stay o nreedtugs in the matter Alter some debate a motion to lay cm the table *tat - by a rote of 12 to 0. TV Clerk read the rai?>rt. when Alderman Mft'oainn mnred the pre vtone quest or Alderman Trram mov ed to lay that motion on the tab ig, ut the motion was I net A mo*ion to put the prorioua question was then put and at Aldermao Hnmrma, as one of the committee to whom le matter had been referred, ripla ned that tho m ittfcr ul not been duly considered by Uie committee, and be iped it would lay orer. Alderman Tvc*ra waa formerly tn furor of the mm> ire, hut, at this late hour of the laat am sine of the year, ould rote against It. The partie* interested bad not been sard before the onmiri ittee Alderman Has i t explained that the minority of the, mmtttoe could not act, because the chairman nad kept * ic papers in his podket Alderman Owns deprecated any hasty legislation on ie subject. Alderman M> srurow made a loud speech in favor of the otion and advocating the opening of the street. 4,'dcftBua vrjgop. .tdama, JMnU ftoal ?u>cr< # W YO MORNING EDITION-FRI % the qoe-On at some length, w*en a motion was ma il to postpone Jie consideration of ? suuject, and lost A motion wan then mate for the provwua qur> it: n, which wu corriod. The question was then taken on Alderman Hcaly's mo turn to con. or with the Couneilmer. wheh won earned? Aldermen t'orwin, Harris, lleaty, Clancy, Adams, it mm, Griffiths, steers, McDonnell, Uoivegban, Fallmer, (_ou ?er, Valentine, M< Spedon, M<-Oonkey and Drake in the affirm sure. and Wilson, Hoffmire, fucker, Jackson, U. wt and Owens ,n the negative. TUI TAX TICVT TOR 1858. The lax levy was read, as previously axr.erJcd and published in the Rkkalu Alderman A hams moved to strike oct the appropriation of $10,000 for tho Tenth ward slat on boose. The motion to strike out the appropriation .cas carried. Alderman McSjwdov moved to insert $10,500 for the construction and work Jig of a steam Ore engine, which was carri?d. On motion of Alderman M sI'1-tiot, the sum of $46,000 for streets and lamps was substituted for $31,000. The tax levy, as amended, was adopted and scut to the Couucilmeu for concurrence. commioysks or in v. I An effort was mate u? cav? a? en Terence committee appointed to consult with tho Counclltnen at to the appcuP ment of t'omnwsRion?!*! of Deeds. Aldermen BowwrRx and Fcii.Jfu* otiose 1 any notion, an the Ooun 'ilmen had not acted . ,;o:>d faith, hut bad refused to confirm the anp'iiu'.raeuts of the Udormon, tfior having securod a haMi fjr themselves. Tho inuticn lor a committee wan withdrawn. Alderman amur, from 'ho Specialromm'tteecn Ah .son in 'Washington market, rrportoJ that the charges made .n the atlldavit of O'Reilly had njt been sustained. Ha hoped the Board would eionsrate the party charged, 'ffco matter was left on tb i table as unworthy of notice. A resolution to pay Rc->vm? g. Holmes $300 for service* to the Committee on F'.ro Department cf the Board of Counciinie.ii was carried. cowmpsicattO-v i mm srnmrr oomeiswowr devxix. A communication was received l'rom Charles Devlin, Esq.. Street Commissioner, explain jig thai the charges made against him by the Counsel ta the Corpora*ion wore unfair, and stating that he and his deputy had believed that their salaries were fined at the rate charged, and that they had refunded tho money with the uadorstacduig that they should sue for its recovery Alderman hark s otiered a resolution cal'itg upon the Comptroller to refund I'hMr. Devlin and b;.-*. deputy the amounts paid by thorn. "Thi! resolui.ou was '.aid 0'. er by general consent. A resolution wan adopted calling upon the Mayer to wet the .Hoard in convention to appoint a Police Clcra for the Third district. A series of resolutions complimentary to the President for his Impartial action during tho past year, was adopted, and l*resident Clancy r-sponded in a neat speech. Re olutions complimenury to tho clerks of the Board were adopted Messrs. Blunt, Moneghan and Karris wrc appointed % commiUee to to wait on the Councilman and inform them that they were about to adjourn. Tho committee reported that a comm tiee from Oio Councilmcn would now w i.t upon the Hoard. The minutes of the proceedings of the day were then read and approved. A committee from the CouD' ilmen here entered and . nnounced that their Board would aJjourn about tea o'clock, and had nothing further to communicate, 'he tbsnss . i the Board were roturncd to them, and thai the Board adjourned sine die. itm ration til iftol vt pl)l,fw c7 krk" l'pon motion, the Board luen went into convention, Mayor Wood in the cba.r. to appoint Police clerks, i- rmen Tucker ami Blunt forcing the r way out and dec.xg to act, in spite of the Seargent at arms. * The resignation of .iamcs Steers was then roceived, and Edwin B. Ilooton appointed In his place. Alderman MrBnmox then presented an sss ^nicent of the Police Court clerks to the various courts. * IsMS Kay Isr was appointed to i..l a ta v: 7 at the Third district court. BOARD OP CpUNCILSIEN. CI.OSINO SCENKS? PROTEST OP THE MINORITY iJKLATIVE TO THK PASSAGE OP fBE ORDINANCE ON THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT - DEBATE ON THK r?A?<wrai LOCATION ok ?? ? "? orrtOK TN THE I-IRE? At-enOTRlATrON OP $10,000 TO MAYOR WOOD FOR TKNTINU THIS CONBT1TCTIOWALITY LOSTThe last meeting of the Board of Counoilmen was held yesterday afternoon, Councilman Iteynolts n tho chair, tbo President, Mr. Phillips, who was much fttigi ed from the labors of the previous ever ng, occupying a seat by hie side. Nearly all the members were presem. anJ the attendance of outsiders was very large, who wera desirous of witnes .ug the closing scenes of lus bas-m.-ics vj kun * vhiiuuu * vuji'.ll. The minute* of last night's meeting btv'rg beer. rest? Mr. Krs.vir.ii moved to strJco out ail liiat port on of the minuto* relating to the :.rrc?t of members .'or aler*-! v.olatioa cf the role* of the Board. Mr. Warner being temporarily ab -ent alien u motion to release the member* under contempt was cirr d, Ls a a* unanimously purged of contempt Mr. W.<*nex roue and proseedod to denounce the act in of the Pres.dent, remarking that it wa* a lugh handed and unwarranted outrage, not only "pon him a a member of this Hoard, but upon the citi/nn* of Vew York. lie proreeded in thi* strain for some time, until th* chairman and several m-nibers railed huu to order. He stood firm, and moved that the action for the app-oval of the mmuto* be reconsidered, which wsa seconded by Mr. Pr.vly Mr. trmitso* said that the position which the minority assumed in opposing tho passage of the ordinance r-'a' o to the 11nance it*) artmen' ast evening was creditable to them The gore ral action of tho minority, who t-v-k alt the advantages at tlicir disposal to defeat the measure, and the fbrt that in order to carry ihat measure the minority was silenced and deprived of a vtfc.t, was ino which reflected no discredit upon them, hut rather h .i.or. Me did not wish in r. ' t any d. ? redo upon any rt "ir.'.er of lb* majority, and least of all upon the l're?lit*nf. for ho did not think he meant to do anything of the kind. Tho fact that the ordinance was through tho ''ommdtoo of the Whole laat night without the minor ty havug a voice, would go before the people in all it* deformity, and each actor would be i edged according to in* merM. If that ordinance wn<. tlnallv passed tiy th s Hoard, the m norlty would wash their hands of the matter They w?ro choked, Silenced and denied a roil e The repreg'TtAt ves of the people reined to vof.' and whatever form the Hoard went firm ft', here a r>' n legality ia the proceed- 1 ingr. He (Mr. t>.) gloried in the (act that hi* nppwit.nn wae so much taken U> hear' hy th* major ty; that they were obliged to silence htm by an ertreme cr'brr-ment of the rules to carry the ordinance through the < mum no of th* Whule. rie should Ik* to stand alone, si II he h > ! no disposition to deprive sny m'tninf of the minority th* privilege of standing uj?m th* same platform. wt eh he considered a very honorable one It* hoped tho reso.utmn would par*. , Mr Wsasm hoped that the u, nuts would He amended so aa to contain all the name* of the members who were deprived of voting in 'he Comm ttee of the M hot*. At thM juncture of the pro-codings Mr. Mhasm v desired to know from the CI?rk If he wan In p.".session of a OOmmuairatl'? from thef'oris.rat on Coon-el* TV Csiiuis replied that thera was no such com muniration on the table Th# debate oo the mot>on to correct the m.nutcj of the previous meeting was resumed. Mr Kavvaao ob-i rved that the maj< r ty had a In not t-ittinc the name o( the gentUunan fr..m the k Tty seventh among the eiHiti-mptooiis memlier*. If they had done so, th- r* would not have t?*#n a quorum of members id the Committee ol the Whole, and hence thetr proceed ingn would have bo n illegal If hoped the minutes would be ratoaldarad. Mr Brm* remarked lln.t the ol ;tnh. h the rmnortv bad in reekiog to carry dial morn* *n to dr. Urn the proceeding" of taut et nun* ilh I" hoi? J the renolutlOU WOUl4 OOi (Mr >. Mr WARtorn Mid there wa n?.t a mamr ty of member* >" the chamber when the Board went mt? 'committee of the Whole last night, and be prnte t I agua*t their action, an being entirely Illegal and ?ith<"it the pmpee requirement? of Uie < harter. ?h h a I that a ma^irrty would b? nec.aeary to perfcrm the iliitlen id the Hmrd Mr. trtTAaanv reiterated the anawaa that there wa- no legal quorum prerent. and >?> *? Ike ord nance could bo cart led Into met ttn b galtti would tw |eote<t. I hi motion to mnwar torn loot. and Uiun ended a repetition of the -irene enacted laat evening, which will form an era in tbe hietory of the proceedingi of tin- Common Council. tor tmw pner mown ao era Mr. Ht?wmisubmitted the following preimhlo and renolution ? Wherear. a mnaatire ban pawed tbe Hoar I of \lilermen granting to the general government the fee id a plot of ground in the Park, at the junction of Chatham -treet and It road way, for the rum of M!iO,009. and a? the charter of till? c.ity rgpreiudy forbid? the dlepteal of ,inv of the public domain other than to the highest bidder ?i public rale and whet can, the law of tbe late I ejrlntature pruned Apr11 17. providing for tbe rourtruclKin ol a new f ty Mall for tin? city. Arc., Arc., aleo declare? that Itahallhe located "itftm tKn! portion of tJir Pmrk lyintj in tin- rrarnfttv finwntf I 'Hy HiWiand th*l the Commta*inner" ?hall nflcr to thr I'nitni SM-^atmnnm-nt to Wn/itwi any portion of tbe interior plana or Mid tituldtng to the purpose of a I'oat tilflce," Ate., Ac.. ?jd tiiat ''Uie portion or ground co Ptnl br hMleg n nggjiM mat be oouvcycd hy tbe i iiy'totha general government >i/*m l-irtfj duly -> . for th' Mine " Therefore, be it Re?olvcd. yiai thi" Board Will not concur with the Board or Altkwmen IU diapnning ot an area on the Park. In frnwt ol the CM; Halllegcnedina that of 14 lot?, f a 'aunt leea than one fourth of that which it could he diapo-od of at public aale further, thai if tbe general government hIiouUI propone for a like area in the eegc of the City H ? ', that thi" Board <nnnot i ecngnise tbe above ?um a? a die tern/""Morton It was laid over, Mr. flAewgei moved In remind the seventh "ertion of the rnlee of the Hoard. which provided that a resolution whti h gave riae to a debate he laid over for one day. The trotion wa* loat by a vote of 34 to 7. wnu Avoman aritoM?rnA*(,w anaiaat tint efflR i* Tim parr. A rrroonatr.anec wa? received from I) A. Coalman, It. Nppletou foCo and other?, oppo? ng the ?nle oWhe lower end of the Park hr.llw (Woe rite, or Cm any other pnrpoae. and waa laid on lite tatde. If wtt* couched in Iho same language as the two remonstrance? printed in the

B< aAt.r report of the prOcaarilnga << We due-day night, ar uovAi ne ntt fHYWtAi eautrv The report of the Commitloe on I arwN and Plaeea. tn favor of concurring wflli the Bnord of Aldermen to bat e the Crystal Palace removed, wae pNOMM ami laid over ante run aiamo* poma mnmmt m mr ram. Mr Smith oflhred a meolution that all hilla before thi" Quarti ft* fluuig, up ihu i?vUa for ciovtvo b? r?? BK fi DAY, JANUARY 1, 1858. fernd to the Comptroller with power to eettie iterate. Adopted. rnorwT ok ran *d?o*.ty. The fallrwtng prolyl <tm read and laid on Ub*? table? The undersigned r?sp?ctfolly protest agamst all ino action of tfcw Board upon the ordinance for the rc organ /a. Uon of Uh Finance IVpasfuieut on th" 30th .nut, tor .lie reason that they were depr.ved of a voice therein from the period of going into Committee of the Whole, and f r tho reason that by depriving tb"m of tboir votes tho Board had not a legal <|oorum, ar.d was under tho neceseity of adjourning. Tnuemuch, therefore, aa tho B"nrd bud not a quorum, wo respectful1/ submit that ail pi > ceodings aiter tho arrest or placing In contempt of tho undersigned should he declared void. f. 3. OTTAR80N. JOHN L. VOYW?, UFO W WAUN'KP, J >HV 1!. BRADY, DOMKR FRANKLIN, JOHN KENNARD. Dxa 111, 1867. Tho resolution to defray Coutcilman Hopper's ?\peucs tn contenting his neat with Mr Vance, wan called up agnui, and lost for nant of a constitutional vote. It wan sul'a<K|V.outIy reconsidered and led on tho taote. comrrn itiov moil run oonrntiuuns. At Comptroller, u "implying with a rnaehiUt n ot nqu.ry aa to why no paid Inspectors of Streets u..d Avenues where no cou.raoi# h id oeen made, slated that he had previ iu?)y Informed the Board on the n.Uler. The onmmunicati in was ordered on fie. *iTa'jr?u.Ttow oi 810,Odd to d.voe wood ' u tcrxko tun *1 M1Y LASS UW. A reoeiuiion, Which was adopted _n tho Board of AUer men, sppripr'ating 810.000 to Mayor Wood f r iw-cteos Ot testing the virions acta of the state I/>gtcV\i rc, useec'.a.iy U? Metropolitan I'ohco bill, was called up .'or c u currono". Mr. tmro'so mid he dee'red to hn^o his rrnt-ta". r -t the paw-*r of ihie resolution, wilii"i?t rts trst ti< re ferrud u> ttto Comm.ttee uf the Whole, recorded cu the minutes. to the vote being taken, the mat: n was lost f?r want of a constitutional vote, 3! vaflng all rmsti'.ely aud Id tega ti. e)y. It was f onsiderod Uil laid on the table. 8AL4HY O". 1US RAHTTAKY tN.NI'ISlfl'OR UKiltCAHKl). The Board concurred with the Aldermen in inere.oalrg th1 sUarr of the Superintendent of Sanitary Inspection from *1,500 U) ti.iOO. *11 ITlSiS l)*U*r?; ON THE l.OC A TON 0" THE NEW post omen. The report of the -'joc'rl Omui'itee in favor of dispos iDg of the lovr end of '.lie i'.irk lor a new .''out Office, wart called up for concurron o wtli ihe Board of Aldermen. Tin) Reader read the report and the various romoustran eu connected with the suhj set; after which Mr. T. Jos km, Jr., '.ho mover of the reeob tion on the affair, and thoCtfiirtnan of the Committee, spoke in favor efcodcurreace with the Aldormoo. I!s-uiid the Board should act for tho public welfare, and not lor private interests, ilis reasons 'or supporting the measure wre ttiat ninetenths of tho hnsine i men of New York for the next rifty years will pass the I'ark daily, on 1 in discussing the subject they had uji only to lo.-lc at Sew York proper, but the cities around it Brooklyn and Williamsburg. He nad not heard it intimated n the pres3 or elsewhere 'hat any private uifiueacee wero acting cpon the tlomimn Oouni If anything approa. aeo tun OoruTOn Cciuic.I with clean hands II van the subject >f locating a F3?t tlftico in tho Park. K fc v montnx ago it decided that a I' Office could not he legally located in the Park, out a Subsequent act rf the legislature gavo permission to do so. If tho Hoard faded to a.ncur rvit'n the Aldermen the 1500,000 vault go bask to the funds of the government, and tier Postmaster 'tent?! would have nothing further to do w ith tao matter during his term cf off!'e. No argument could be brought against 'he lo ation of the Post OlBce u th Park. The public press, without a single exception, when tc.l matter was first 1 set) wed, was n favor of that location. \t a late day one of the daily jonrn .'s was ,ppe?od ;j it, simply on tho ^roon I of its Suing vacda. ,11. If there was any vandalism ahout it, wan where tho Post "Tics was proposed to be located, .n the midst of ruffian*. Tho only rce- in.ajle argument :ha'. w.ld bo u Iduced aganst the re|>?rt lis thai the a,to would o 4?t troyed. rio (M.- Jie-'s) ?w first ,r. favor cf .oca'..nhthe roe! Office where Mr. Stanart wacU tj local) it, at thi* end o.' tl?e K-ik. tiut when he found tho coumlttei, Lbs public preee an l the mmuniiy * ro a unit, ihat the/ all centred at rh ? pr pouul poic- n (' o Park, he .-oncurred w vh iho comrslttoo at ince. The c'tl /an? wxsad nobing* it the tower part of the tit;, '.e *0 ' bad, ny nature a X >rth river on t_io west and < n Ilost riV'-r on '.he east. All the pubhc bu '.dings about! bo IP ar by, a.i d in voting for this un>-u?uru tho Cstcreon Council w ?iM oe bene.ltting tho cili cu of Now Y^ric Xr ill f itoro lin o. Trade sough* '.cf natural hAanct, acd the I irk would he the financial an 1 commercial. cf tho bmoeea jwrtion of tho cotum luily lVr tin uetl flirty yarn Mr. BTv-iau.apckeaga.nat concurring w ?h the other Board Ifthe Bouimm Council, heta-d. geld thopr yrty for tho loi mm of 000, tho r ty gave .pall right ,f taxation in the futuro. But (h> ra Hasan tli r ?uiie. irati^n lu curly time* the I'.irk wiw granted hy tbo British eminent lo the < ity of No v V\ rlc !' r a oin mon, .m-l ic cording to tbo oonjmou la v ci Kcglasd it on d t t to at , < ipriated ?r sa!d: and be (Mr. if) very .. *? , : v. hethcr tho government would le content t ta' s il. U'.le on 1<" those ilr .uiurtanics. Tho city had i uglit j ect?c I*arh, h it they nad no r'jht to o.-lj ? e thought thnt the Park should he , r< ?crred a .a sin of our old history and kepi sa i.omc'h r.g la-ro l, and as a uieiiur il of Bev oluborary ib .. i . rather g e the ground to the gei.-'raJ government th-u tj any private party, but thought that :t abtuld ws prjterm J. Mr KcCiirt: ?aid thi' the Park was row a ! t puM. Mr. <rrr<*? 'v rcria-kcd that t w.v: ry . !'. 1> r , to offer v>.Tj Urge a ims for f roj eTty that : y . .1 not sell. If M>e Poet Office were located alongk 'a Mr. ! Stow art's aatabliahnvni. he would not cnniDln.n r ..'ho co i) J se) bis pataco si as to he able to m.>7e up i.-.* i, > w > i! l bare n > Hjectloa to do Mr. "tti's 'i .i 1 thi4 Mr -feaart ha 1 ael4 a m Cvcs n offering h i r->riiotm'.rm ? If the C*>mm >n Co>ijc I Ud not accept U.> offer of tee general goverom* nt, tea city w ull-ot liavo one for the ?"Tt Ave yeirt. The acoeo7 v; ..tiPed in the f ity trec-nry at 4ho present tine, and there ?u ao good roasjn that could be urged againat the i adoption 'it tw rep. r4. TuW a^cit the * Inem of tbo Park, Ika.<l Mr. t). Tin '.ndi .'Ideal wan U:k,"..' ho o..!J pa- through it wlCnii4. being gurrotel. Powerful in:lu en -a ha t been bright W w r., for Un | ur;??? ( i r do ingeffvct and the in/ate lotareata <:t ru'u par'lee. Mr !?** > on r inn C'l t 1 argv D4 g rrt r T-nr- ili" AI-S'T' mi, by r>r j' ,0 ' r I hy him, wlc.b wdl be found nth j rnrr. .0 m-.nt A Iki proci-ndiogr. Several 4> riahed c.tiz >u* n.'i 'mod 1 iro that there were to- r lot* in tnopr i*w?d ar -a worth ttOO,000, anO It w?t wr"ng |i> early tr r v ri' if pr oer'7 fir 17110,00(1 lie en'.arV'!i_ed !'. . 1 o that : the t?mxn "U Cr:nc!l ahiuM adopt tbo rop*'/:, anJtbo Mayor > M 0,'pr.v fi" orl tun , 1 no r r " ilt> ooe *nM prot-Kit aguiMt the vi Illy of tbo r... dT act put an injnne'lon upon it Mr. 0*taraon ixJ that t'.s conera' govrnm-'nt would be v -ry g a I to Ua.o taut injunction, ?o tb?t tb?y cjul'l test tbo title Mr. Notw remarked tlut 'h* laat ar* ,,f V? 1 eg sLit re was bint ng. Th-4 Co-rr:. rr. t' un~tl had Ui' V*"! r gbt to diaporo of the Part, an t > legal or n .n'of th; Go/ptratien Obutiae) nbouM >? the gu J? of ibe rr-Mn >er? Mr Mwown lid o >t koow why the pi 4>ert7 ah id vo so! 1 cbe.ip:r to the genera' gov rnmtul Ujki t a jrlt. 0 citizen Mr r"*AW*-,w spo?e in favor of the meaaure. ae did Mr Wasvas. nini nia<l? a Tery ne.v ng tam e iretb" Iviie wa 'cm-.'ti'-H be 11 n? rati ? m ml as to how be should vo?? hut aft?>r b?or.?g the erg>im?ni? adduce l iu favor of ti e m?M.rc, he had decided to vote for the aioption of the rejurt Mr. Itunv izxd that, on rat r.n? the. B .a/J. he was ippos*d to the tooet' n ?f -be Poet fit e n the Park b rt he.1 d'Urmael, nfler ng to the ?f>#srhss cf the wmVtt, to * ot*1 fit a com- irrebce w.'b the other doard. II" theeg*" Mr Mw?ll hid nogr led n -tar. ! .|?n. a: ! be shoe'd be migrar mou* "r n?h to wa:ra all te<:bB>cai oh.icolions and allow the vote bo be token. Mr Am r moved to ricpend the rs'ee, far the pur|?we of pas? ng the rep vt of the Sep- ?l I'ommitlee on the Poet ??Hce, w ?v Mr. Itjolo offered an amendment that ibe ruies should liesi''|w. led, "O as to t. t ijwin all tne >iii?in"?e *>'0 gf<i before the R>*r.| th ? evening. We-en I rreo n iumated tbu Mr R.?>1? bad a parttcular y et . ,ewr jt mailing that nmecdmen'?.1 rnrtaia very iiuptnant iceas ire hemg en the rarpei whi. h rev;.red 40 vols to urry t, a? did tr. report of ?be comrndtee tbeloe it- ia of the 1'net ofllro In the Park n <n? v r-1 ' '? n'?er wh'< h !? ? ma n vi "on wi pot. ne'-eiy_-eoni irrenee w ?h th A !"'irer r. rn mending the ??ie of a j?>rt en ?>f Ibe P?rk to the gen. ral goverrir.rnt?and lost >r w int of a e nrt In'io' il vo-^>, dl v 'ting aiBrmatlvely an l 17 reewl velj. Tlio vote wan then r cim-idered. and th" paj? r *t. !??d on the table for the prrsent It DOW being .1 o'clock, a moi d to telte a recessfer rme hour, after - >mo oppo;tt .in, prerMl'd, the nn'versa' op . <>?. he>n.- that a* He re .?> r-- . >ral'M {Ntrtaat *i-M?tire> an.iiting the.r action, tbo DoarJ would be in session tilt midnight. On ?m*i >n of Mr Fssvan*, a romm'ttee of three was appti iited to et.nfer with tt Heard of Aldermon ri^at ve t<> appointing rommie oner of deeds as a mNumloffamt Ing evKted hietwoen Imfh broncheg of the Council on that subject, aritlngO >m tto-pent naiMkf of t'.e ir.rmbere. 'Dip < "mmitteo pronlKd In transact their hueicctn during tie interval. After the recev. Mr. Boot r. caile 1 up tlio report of tho Committee <in Salaries and (Wi. ee, which *a* laid on the t.iiiie. appropriating gin.onn to defray Mayor Wood'* *peneow In Icrttng the constitutionality of the acta of tha black republican legislature t<n motion, it wm referreJ lo the ('nmtnitteo ol the Whole,end made tlio special order for thie evening. It was moved wnl seconded that the Onmiruttee on Whirvce. riere and Slip* he discharge 1 from the further rnmddoraticn of the -ubject of removing the steamboat landings tip town, which motion wm lost by 23 to 20. The third reading of act." hclngfn order, tho Pmseoerr railed up the ordinance reorganizing the Kmanm popartmctit in conformity with the new charter, which was rented hy the reader, occupying an hour When he had concluded the reading of the ordinance and the ru.nortty report, Mr Rom* moved for a call of the houeo before the Coal vote wan taken on the ordinance. Mr Ktwvaah moved the reference of tho ordinance bark lo the Ownrilttee of the whole, which fcotton Mr. Omttonw seconded Mr Ks.vv ?*n did m from the fact that bv the action of the Preeidcnt he wae prevented from nprtUing nprti the question. The motien to refer wae Inat. Mr Kennart tbeti netted to be ezeneed from voltng, the pap. r having heen dim owed In Hie Committee af tho Whole without a legal quorum. Tt ?erk th. n prorcededte call tho roll oo the dual pasMge of lb# bill. Mr W ?a*m derltnod voting Mr Ki t*am> said that having been gagged down *lld deprived of hi* legal rights, he would not vote. M<-**r*. 'trady, oturana, Konnard, Noyo# and Frank lin Mm declined voting, remarking that they did not ask to he ftensed. The Pnmnwrtdeejared the nrttMCC adopted. }3 vomg Dfliriwdivaiy Mid 9 negMifMy. * ' [ERA A imputation of three at '.a* jum.t jre entered the chamber and .nformcd tho President thu: the H jar.I of Aider men v?re about adjourmog. Tho Vrea dent appointed a committee of Ave to wait upm them .u>d ,nf >rmthem that they had no further eommumeatir>n ti inak? the -onsinittee, eon- mtiag of Messrs. Smith, liick.'ord, Crc.oe,Crawford and Boolo. rhe tax levy for lHW, an amended by the Hvwdof Alder men . wan received, and ou Mr. Oltareon objecting to tho CoDHtdvration of the patnr, it vraa la d over. The romm ttee appointed to wait on tho Board of Aldermen returned after a brief absence, and nformcd tho Board that they had adjourned Ji'ne di-\ A motion that the Bonrd resolve iteelf .ato Commitico of the Whole wan 'oat, b it renewed aga aand adopted, in order that they m.ght '-.jnnr with tho Aldermen In appropriating $10,000 to ro.inburm tho Waysr for eaponnea Intarred n Sealing the Albany acta. Tho Chairman re.|>ort ed forthwith, ro 'oni aoud ng it to a third forth wdh. Mr. Boo'j; Kioto 1 that'.ho Bwtrl adjourn till Saturday afternoon. Mr. MrsHor?I should p> know f wo aro going to I cpetuato our o n \, xe>'reat laughter.) T j - l'i rpn i \; ' i i. was .' i1 Mr. Boole amended bj soggOhtiiig cc adjournment till | Friday afternoon. | Tho r?;?.M!iKM sta'. ~ 1 'oo ?? of the optnion that I the or alt".-* u.-eui't' Knar 1 t'jru.inatodat 12o'clock ttoi r evening. Mr. Bradt aa J that i .ii was a member of tho new Board, h h oath cf i f r< .,u red thin to . mnoouco lii< d.>' > >ii'h? l f. . -y, d iw eriaialy would ob je 'to "these , meaning tho majority) mm ug u) and interfering with his business. On motive, all further busnoM was dspoused w.tto. OO'tpt I&TSJTUUT fksot r TIO.N. Mr. Flttjnu.:* submitted the follow.cj; resolution, pro's' m;; it with a few v,y. rov>riaU> remarks? Whereat?, tho duti-m of pres.d'eg officer of this Heard during yw>r 1*67 imy? boon discharged with marked ability aud'impar'i.olity by Jonas V. Philiipi, Hsu., thereby meriting the approt a! 01 tho members thereof, therefor? HofoItcO, Tha^th" thaiki of this nofd are eminently <Juo and are h< r'by tendered to.) jnau V. I'.dlipc, Kb<|., President of tho Hoard of Councilman for tho pn>:t y? ?r, for the r.ahhfnl, able tnd rnpartial manner In which he has discharged the duties Jo.olvine upon him. Onerous and dirtVult as th" position :s to Oil. yet ability and courtcuiDess have always ben extended to the member?, while in tho discharge 01? but elllCJQ dct.-S an its presiding olhceT. Mr Jo\rs hoc ended the reeolulicn in a 7ery complimentary manner. Messrs. OtTutfivat'd K? vvtitnrejirofii'nledthominorlty, a:. J bor-' testimony to the upright conduct of the Prooi lent, stating tha* all h;s rrors were these if Judgment,' hopiDg that '.he vote of tbsukn would lie up an. nous. The Phwidknt, a reply, spoke an follows.? wnerri ok nre ftutsiDrsT. aen''emen of ;*!- liiar l if t'.un dmrii?B"f ire our official const lions close, all >w tee ihe privilege ot making a lew remark*, not mly :o review one past ae'*, bu: also to return v in my ?ine?re '.bank t for the ilararing otautier in which you nave been pleased to approve of my ours i as the presidium' iflWr of th* boar 1. Hail y ut" year has i ved sin e, by the iDsninu .us voire- f i'us o mnl, 1 wis sec ted to the post '.I in in whl-b It has ever 'wen tr.y st'.dy to dlacharga the diiti?? levolviog on ilir ri'alr, not only w Ji a desi-e to give s.i'isurti. .u t i j > 1. hot to I seharzu 'he ''sponsible trust in accordance wc i the dictates of my cmaeieuce. The duties of the chair are onerous and sometime* uu ple.tsan'.. .ie.|'i ''ailed >u lo give Jecisioti* in which a Uirce port! in of you dltt'crred, nevertheless. I assure too, gentlemen. at this o :r last official meeting, ihai my only aim v. a* t i do right; and if in the discharge of my duly I have giteii offence i i any one, 1 rust tha- at this urn.- you will pardin cur whose cole le-ire was to act fairly and impartially. Il- fire 'bu II ard hid he n rgat.ized four mouths. -he Icgis lature of this State passed a number of laws relative io this My, some of wbich were obit nious to a large majority of lies itoarj; an) allkjugh they had strong reasons to resist th" enf-ir'?mertt nf sal' .aws. u ",erthe.'?* t am proud when I rem l to mind hs s ' -u-a w. vb ware enacted in thiscity d Ingth'past vc.:-'y approaching to ararhy?I re pect I am proud to say'i . i" ..ties prevailed among von? determination to submit iinl arry uu? the ...wa or this , St tic. d?nll?',:'' i . tr. >n?i uicnts it);?.i ' I yo r course. The Commas '.Vmnriiara fee itly chsrgsd, mm ?-'Hnir-i iM| j ' t il. i , the a* I year repilrts $s.t?i >?!. Now. let near" .. hv.portion ^H^in no way r--.poush :u f r, but arc corope.kd by law to ttpwt t in tho tax h ry ? Almshouse Cumiuod acboois lor state ^vt.odit do. do. elly l,01rt,OSO r Ultra! Park?111!or on . bt 3b.\7t)0 Police. Stale 3\ mill tax 1,171,2a; Mnkir.g a total of $4,llM.tirt7 Hy this you will perceive that more than one lis.f of thu I*>t.l>00,000 eight million* u> be raised his year we are com p if 111 include In t: e a* levy, at; 1 tho dnhui nog agents arc uot a 'uutjtih.'e to be t'nmoa C luacll. f Had nof? tit withIba' but Irrwely wish to say'h*'. th* Common - ineil she tid n ?' be "et t- < ? nt-ihle r blamed for acts ov r vbjch tb?T have uo e itum . Sitbm 'h the increase fur the neil year 1* neat .y t uu.tiler ofa tnnllon ot dollars, ne vcttboics* the Incr' oey Is o e I h. the enurmoua iocrraai <t'ha State mill tan ol vrrgifl" ??" iver a1.1 above the State u l' m f r 1ST?. W t r >v ' and 'her uses placed nib's Hy by tMl.sjislati; ot "07, th ?ei#s 'if thla city >i-1y? rfAWvvou I h' been r' luce * V lelglnne ml'lloil d I tiisra. If the ,y'Opl.i Ka.o ;t go st cep, esentettves h y ' T? .ti ' t 'bio th' w 1 .|er,,U' is m out n hef >i . ecing li rc, rc-ciii.tllves ft ascertatn ti i| <> y ( r ' n, they d> to abuse item al "rt s, t. be. * t e?s a . fir cmp'-ilnt It - r"t.' 1 if to *?? 'f s-'ifoers " . .ii so little l,ud tics r"tnalt't t! on I'm , > ,act? 1 on 1 loubt whether any,trc ( >os b ard ha ? *?,> 'i.oroughiy acted ut all lm"or*ant waiters ti l re t?:i it; the sat s^i ml or r 'U.i i r i, . , v i- .11 -?i> ii. v . . ? "in inrellei of ll. if*r v * " ' (1 Ui r-?i?|i| m. ?i ! I true! you arer-wly to juto a dri* i w.vjial of your eefrlceeto yoiir ri>n?1H lirt'oj r?iil*m*n, roorlyM rcM?fi| ?i|n i ?Aim4 of ihi- a-.nildeifO of fOiU^HoMllfllli. I . isiina' y 11 wt lev>?." I'lirinminiltholmporuuic-or 'betrnat on#il?(l Iijij.-i I.f 1 mi. 1' 11 *? ' my rraifrt* a nb ml r* jrnmf ?y i:i r - Ii i * ' >"fll iMi rlrrk of tbli loird, ' ir ijio kind -'?f.11. * r ^..1 m*-, ? -t mly by l..ra ?n<i bin ?? * ? i ?. ?i >* *i? i r ,r i'- -r , ''n! v?*e'ion pT?r shown tno by 'tie milof ibn HmH, n<* lnr*?'lln* the acnilr in inly i ori ^ oi? ropartffa ?b*i b.\*r ni'nn<t>*,| ib?* pout < v*n. la f itriK d m offlinl lite, after kurnu ?.*ryr I -i? ? ni- .mlirr el" ihla H.?*rd fur two yarn, itfviUnl a ir,-- :i|fj'rl|on of my tlnm l.i the inle rr?t? *fib* * i'i'I , M'.-n'yr m) ?ir<*i| o rant m? roii* In i|i olll in In llm lrw*. n? w-*ll ?i Ihe I Veri-ita of mini of my iriiIh i ?> - llillo i i ii. ? iniot Sonne In rfffiil, bu' hove tin* .ii* ila'l a if bnvnitf lit- liar*i*d my duly In acrordanrr wiih lii- vi|i-:iin*m b "r "Ui r. Awl, lu ? >arlu*l m. gentlmnee, ui;iyyu?.i hail .'I n to nj iy the nputailou which every n?*. an?l fnnhf / p i'>:i. erthoald inarlt. Tho nana! v. i- if than* i *>-.ui nn*mroooj?ly siv?n to the H rl: an J tali anMatu.jti, io 1 alao to the representative*! >f tho prera. Ifr. RiN-tJt moved that tie Bonn! adjor.rn, which wan iinnil I by old * rd1 in* iff*. Mr. r * h-1* 1 that'ti" imoiu'ment would not pre vail, fur tin r w.n important burner*: utttiilshed, an*! the Bo r t h ?il tn ji.n . me*t an or Saturday. 'm i ni Hie mat m, the Clerk rend (be mmutee of the - -ii.n^ ' ni~**ir<, ? * vlavh t ?w r**n* w?.t. v?nritf**l tbn*, " that tho Ii*.*rd aJ] irn tinr (< ," which w.mUmt, .' tao I'r **.d< nt .aJ,, mrii- J tic Board .urn <If. TTia iiorn Vfthou am i- - d tho in.- 'lire by thmwln* tho jo iro 1-- at r u.i r * cranium*, and aftrr ipopil-nc ton W.nnti" in 'i*.s *, tho Clork U1<1 hie aa**(UnUi veyy pm t?n!ly xtinitn. h*"! the lifhlo, and by th'< f>?erciao of conri lorao't u* *. - >>n . arcJ Um> room, .n order to pre v?c: ti . > * .'* ,..liy?i?**i ren.outre. ro* Vinr Yfae'e PiT ?At (hi .tea lomy, It a rnmiag, tho Rrit cheap opera will lie ytren. "I avrw.* Bor|ia*' **1) ho ?unf oa Una axtaeioti by Kmc. Car*1or , Mjro. Ii'.tnyr-, ?"i^> ri P^tiardi and (Jaeoicr, and tho adanion will bo C;Ay oectt to all f arte of the liouee. At Burton^li.*atro Vr '"barI s Mothcwa appoare and Mr Br.utftiam ? ' OIobiIkio" will be performed for tho third I I OK At tho Br-*.-.Away'hoatro, Van Ambtirgh * Kquont/ian acd i>*l'g:cal Ooxpany gi ve aflornoon and evening pcrf'jrmanc. *. Atla-ra K >?oe etbealrothe* Cowican Br<?thcrs 'arl tho t" vpaat"tn'tne "Harloqu-a Bluebeard" 1a the ?T<*n 1 to extra performance of the peotomjmo o tho afternoon. At Nlbio'e (iardon, "Jocko," tight rope performance*, an 1 the now paiit- m mo "Tbenoidcn t'^g " At Wallack a theatre "Tie P<ior of Vow York. ' At liar mim'9 " and Oreon," and other good things, af urnoon and aroning It tho Bowery ethiMtiona by Sand*, Nathan* hCo. ae ijcytr \ac(m\|*any,aP.erno?o and erening. At the Nat onal C.r u*, IU Bowery, p?*rf an : ifftrrnonn an ! "r'ne. At W *od'<. Bnckley'" and Brjut'illMrtlilkt us ml fveaicg porf .manc<w, w.Ui , extra cntettamir.* nt* for tho afternoon. Un Saturday the same rMrtllRtli will be | g ven at tho sc-cral th'.itroe. At Iju ra Keons's, Xlblna Garden, tho Broadway and Earn-in a afternoon performance* will be giva. Tn* Truriho TwraosiAl.?Th# grard m i ca) recti a) a announced for Saturday. It a m compliment to tho grevt, who?alter a renldence hire of nearly eigh t"en month*? m about to take bs departure fir the f%?uth, and thence to Kurope We need say do word* m to the fitness of *n;h a testimonial to an irtit tod ? ngusbed, and wo are qn to confident that tho public will do :? part to msXe tho affair a triumph. Row tbo ntr.rtor of tho Academy ha* performed his doty on the occasion m ty bo ascertained by refcrenco to the ofllc'al announcements. There la, first, nn opera matintr. siumd, a grand pbiiharmooie oonrert; third, Mr. Tballterg's farewell concert, with Mr. Formes, Mmo Caradori and V ouxteinpe, fourth, Moeart's Requiem, with the combined vocal and instrumental forco of the Academy?la Orange, Gsradort, Mil ner, print doner: Rlgnardl, labocetta, I'err eg, Simpeon. prime Vivcf: Cwt Formes, hum, with a grand or cfccetr* and chorus Tin* hi decidedly the greatest moelcal programme that tea ever been issued >n the United Stale*. f'asa Miwuntv?At a regular eon vocation of I'hmn'x Chapter Ko. 2. fog-si Arch Macon*. in their Tabernacle, corner of Centre and Grand street. In this city, upon tba 14th day of Owremhtw, 1A6T, the following named officer* wereelected and duly appointed to preaide and art for the ensuing maanwo year -M. K. Rnwh.P. Breed. A M., 11. P K. Tbos. C. imxtmry, V>q , K.; R. .John V. nenry, A. M . S, Comp.?J W. Podge, M. n.,Capt. of then.; flarry Seymour, I' *,, C. W. Gardner, R. A. Q?; John Dixon, Ret ratara; James T. Oouenhoven, Rsq Treasurer; W .1 1/vvett, Marter 1st V, .tense Gay. I S. V., Master 2d V;.fohn Radwsy, M P., Muster .'Id Y William Paves. H. I> ,<*mpla n, Gr.son H. Uarl, P. k , Urggfc d; ngwgH B.F ,8e?Ulia \S\ LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. CITY GOVERNMENT FOR 1806. Rwumc of the New City Charter? tiamea Of the Member* of the New City Government. Tl>e new city charter, the ma hlnery of whucb will too* be in operation, effect*: ouio very important i.bange* in the constitution of the several departments that conr'itate the government of thisoity. I'n<lor this charter there are three elective executiveofficers, vi/.?tho Mayor, who serves for two year*; the Corporation Counsel, who serves for three years-, and tho Comptroller, whoeo term of office la four year*. Tho Geremor of tho State alone has power to remove those oflloera. All tho other hoods of departments a re appointed by the Mayor, with tho advice and consent of the Board of Aldermen, who havo also tho i?ower to remove any of their appointees for cause, by a twothirils vote. All sik rdinato officers are to bo ?ppokited by tho head.-: of tho respective bureaus, .ill Unancial matter* como under tho supervision of the Comptroller; all law matters are to bo (.'reeled by tho C'rporation Counsel, while tho Mayor haa the charge of city executive bu- iness proper. Dur.og the recces of tho Common Counril the Mayor will hare tho power to suspend any head of depart"- nt 1 i.o following aro the names of tho ebb f exocutiv re:? Democrats It) roraan?opposition in it Mayor Daniel A". A'., num. Comptroller t/ariah C. flagg Corporation Counsel Kichard Hus'eed. County Clerk. lti harJ 11. Coaao.iy. City Inspector. f ,?g. H*. Verfow. Recordir... tleorgo Barnard. City Judgo tbraham D. Russell. Surrogate Kd. C. West. Kegtstor William M.cit. High Pberifl' larues C. W:!i?tt. District Attorney Peter B. Sweeney. Street Cjnmiissioncrs D. S Conover. Chos. Devlin. nOAKO OK ALDKKMIM. The new board consist* of seventeen members: thO'O froin districts having en odd numerical designation serve for one year, while the members elected from the districts with an oven numerical denomination serve for two yearn. This board ha* the power lb reject or confirm all the nominations made by tli^ Mayor. They have aleo the power, by a two third vote, to remove any head of department for cause, with the exception of the Comptroller and Corporation Counsel, w ho are elected by the people. Amajortty of all the members elected m necessary to the passage of any ordinance. Hy a two third vote of all the members of both boards of the Common Council, the Mayor's veto can ho ovor-rulcd. Tho following aro U10 names ot the members of the new hoard ? DM. DM. 1.?Michael Murray. 10.?John Lmtt. 2.?John Clancy. 11 ?K. 1/. Retd. 3.?Hrtnry B. Hofl'mire. 12.?K. I. A. Ifciole. 4.?-Thomas Stevens. 13.?i^harUt W'ilmcf. f>.? Will una Tucker. 14 ?J. J. Bradley. ??y i.naei joumcy. in?.uinus writ. 7?Henry Starr 11?Hiomas McSpedOQ. 8?Tin rum W. Adam*. 17?JamcS Vans. y.?John liregory. Itcmocrats 10 Oppouition 7 boarp ok This Roard In composed of twenty four members, eix from each of the Senatorial districts in the city. elected ?n a "einTal ticket in each ilutricX They hold ottice for one year, anil have the name powers an the Hoard of Aldermen , except the power to appoint heads of department#!. Kilter Board can originate ord.nances for ayprcpr .aticn of money Dirt. Tiirt 1?Anthony J. MrCarty, J?Jem- WXA, (leo. P. Rick ford, Ceo. Aw, W. W Juilfoii, John H. Hemijf, Martin tiilmanm, X. If. Hun- e, Peter Crawford, James .V. Crow, Alex. H. UctJarron. ( '. M. Fiat*. 2?Charles a. Cornell, 4?Chan. H ha' well, A. Mulligan, Henry . W lionet, B. T. Rhodes, S. W. ilalpin, fid. Costello, Win. Nolan, John Crazier, T. A. Punn, John \ an l ine. Hinry Arculafus. pemocratM 19 Cpjiosition 5 BOAKJ) OK -1 TEK?!*OKjj. T1 id Board consist* of twelvo members, wix> are #0 | elected that aix aro democrat#! and six npnuej'.jon. The I Mayor is not a mem tier of the Board, but be lute the powe to veto any resolution they pass. A majority rote Will however, to annul bis veto. The men.Iters ?erv without pity. The foilowing are the name ; of the mciu bcrs :? William M. Tweed, Jb*n 4. A'nnut1./ Isaac Hell, Jr., H m. If. Hijah K. I'urdy, .tu?/. M'?u?iii?n, Walter Roche, Ifrumt IP.utrt, William C. Conner, feVr I', t >?i Air, John K. Uriggs. thus. B. Millmc.n. BOARP OK AI.MSTIOT -K OOVKKNOHS. Tliis Board has the eare of all the city > hariUble : est. to ?ion=, together with the City Prison sod l>n tcntaarv. Drtvwi 6,0"*) nod 7.U00 perrons urn constantly under ?h> lr < arc The annua) expenditure rank'"* from $'.00,000 to $000,000, atid is > on taiuil> ihcreai.iiiR as thn populated of thn city augment*. <\ Godfrey (inntber, llenf. K fuukruy, l?na> Tow i end, If. V. I'liokwy, I'. G. Moloney, Wmkinf/' m Smith, Anthony Dugro, itaar J. Vacancy. C. V. -1 ndcr.-im. COMMtSAIOMfrWt OK KR JURATION. This Beard has entire control of matter* to mikran', tt rare* for Uvi Sick, and relieves ihe d-vtr lute, out of a fund contributed by the emigrant* them eelvex, who are aarrwd two dollars per head ?o arnling at thU l?at. emigrants Inw than five years ,n thn comatry, wh? fie<oirui a chaice to the dial", are supported from this fund. The CfctnmlKSloaer has < ontrol of the edi grant refuge on Ward'H bland, the Marino HoeptaJ at Staten bland, ai d the Castle Garden emigrant depot. ITesldcnt Gillian C. Verplanck. Vke ("resident Meaner Onbircn. Hijab T. I'urdy, Cymf tVrfu, J"hn ''urnmincr. HU?on O. Hunt, /id. D. Mmgan. K. abrupt,, AndrrK C^arrigmm. Clerk Bernard ' sseerly. The Mayors of New York and Brookly n are t* o^lcw members of U>e Board. rolics commission**.*. This Board liar tho entire supervision of the polled ?f .Veer Vork and Brooklyn. The peace of Westeh'iter and Richmond county in ah o commrtb d to their enre. J am'4 W Ay, Jamet Wmen. Jam*.'S. T. jhMuliM, l-letiak I'eru, JiHrb I'M ml I The Mayors of Next York and Br ?jklyn are rr>< rabera *m ofkrin of the Board. General Superintendent fY*i A hillmadga. Deputy Superintendent Danvl Carpenter. Chief Clerk ..On. If. l.nJbre. ti1k tax okk1c*. This ofllee hnit nil to do with lb" avescmcnt and ce'leClectton of taxis. The duties of Receiver of Taxes are j?d rated by tho name of the office. The taxes are paid to him. for which he given a receipt and hands the m over to theCMy Chamberlain. subject to the order of the Comptroller The Deputy Tax Commissioner*, of which them are twelve, replace Ui< old ward ansensors. and tbeir daties are to value tb?- property of tho city and retsrn a report or the seme at thn tax oBlcc. Any property bolder whu thinks hr properly has been rated too high, ippear* before the Commissioners of Taxoe. who, if bis romplajit is well founded, reduced the assessment to a proper raid. Receiver of Taxes.. Wilson small. (/. If. Allen. Com mis* km ere of Taxes ^ Amor J If xlliannm, (Jueiah W Brown. croton AqrwnrcT noaRD. This Board has the superintendence of the distrbutoo of Croten water throughout the Hty. The city sewers are built under Uielr supers uion. Under the new barter thn city pavements are to be constructed under the care of this hoard. The rents for water and the rah -barged are determined by the Water Commissioners. croton AtJlUBCCT BOARD. President Myndert Van .-A-haick Commissioner Theodore R. lis Forrest. Chief Kngineer Alfred W. Craven. Assistant Kngineer tihn C. Winder. Clerk Henry L. Robertcoo. corovxrs' orrtci. itnnpii ?;amni?, r w rtry, Kdward IViwneM Connrry, A HitU, Deputy Coroner John (?. Paris* il'STICB OK niSTKICT COtKTf. nut nut 1 Thnmaa ft" wart 6. Char. K. fhn lb. 9. ( barlrr Sweeney ft Theodore t Fonda, 3 W IJ. Mneonberry. 7 <,WnrltHlf(' KlnPtx-rMi 4. H n It Vanci'll Jimcst of covbts. nut nut. iTrtuh. / ,r*? r. steer*, ff Matthew T Rrennan ft. R lobar I Kelly. 3. J. Sherman Browdbll 7 XlcbMt Connelly. 4. H W minrnt. ft. John VtMcfcrnfrtw't. Fro* naanrpA.?By the Rritiah bri* Araeetta we hata datca from Bermuda oT the l?tb instant. Her Waj^-ty ship of the line Indus, and the eteamer Derafttation, both from Hallfst. arrired at Hamilton on the I'2th. Rr.fa Henrietta <ud lady Chapman an ' scbooneeO. O Bigelow, all fr?m New Vort had \U?o >nft\ p<i M the name port. The brif taut) 1 jnd sailed ,>a the 11th and the no.beoner ChBtill.<u on the l Ah. both for Rt Thomas. acd U)4 brn I.MK *a Cm Ilifl leU, for Ptmarufa.