Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 1, 1858, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 1, 1858 Page 2
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2 INDEX TO THE YEAR 1857. ; N ECHO LOGICAL. THE DISTINGUISHED DEAD OF jsurope. Asia, central ana souin America and the United States. Prince Char let Bonaparte, William Lamed Mercy, Eliaha Kent Kane, Lord Elleamere, George Wauliington Parke Cuitia, Pierre Jean Beranger and General Cavaignac. Ac., Ac , Ac. enerali>, Admiral*, SlalettswHi Arti*l* aud Divines. Ac., Ac., Ac. PREPARED SPECIALLY FROM rHE FILMS OP THE NEW YORK Ffc'RALD. .TANC**r> 1?John Bntton, a colebr?t?wl antiquarian iu London, _ need seventy eight rear*. He waa a distinguished writer. Hia first productiuu of luifnirlaace **, a volume on " The Life an.l Adventure* of I'iaarro," suggested by the then popularity ot KotzeUue * lavonto Herman drama In bis work on tbe Beauties of Wiltshire " he was eminently succesaful aud hut 44 Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain," aud Cathedral Auequities of Euglaud," gsiued him coostdf rable reputation 3 ?Right Rev. Mouaigneur Sibour, Archbishop of Paris, assassinated by a pnoit named Verger, in the sacristy of the Church of St. Klu-uue du llont. during the celebration of the festival of Saiute Genevieve, the patroness of Paris. Monsigneur Sihour waa born a*. St. Paul-Tron Chateaux, April 4.1792. < onsecrated Bishop of Digue Feb. 26,-1940, and appointed Archbishop of Paris by General Cavaiguac. Aug 10, 1849, un the place of Monsigueur Affre, wflo was killed on one of the birncaues of the Faubourg St. Antoine in June....In Cutia. parish of Coralillo, I)ona Genevieve Carpentierde l-egtndre. aged one hundred year*. She bekrkttcrA/l in ftnt'fti Lhn h<v?1 l? iatntliiwnf <1 iLimmuft fore its destruction, aiuhadtwobrolbersmthe Constituent : Assembly of France in 17M?. both of whom perished amid I the horrors of the great revolution.. ..The Mandarin 3yh, j tioycrrjor of Shanghai-, in China, suddenly. The news ! produced great teimentation among the I >wer classes of j the population, who accused the European- of his death 7 ?Joseph Brotherton, M I' for Sailor u. Kngland. sud denly.aged IweMy lour years lie was au emiueiit |k> i 1'tioai reformer, and one of the earliest members of the j Ant) C,orn I j?v? ln-ague of Manchester. 8.?Admiral Kogefs. K N , at Plymouth. Kngland. He j was in the exjiedition against'New Orleans, aufl served j with the breaenmg batteries on shore 14?Hon .Samuel Prentiss, Judge of the United States Piatrict Court o! Vermont, and tor many years Culled ) States Senator, at Montpeher, Vermont. He was auomi- | neat American .jurist and politician 17 ? !>r Sti ak-.-i. Knglish Physician General at Bombay. India, after a ierm of thirty ibree y ears service. He was a man of excellent talents, and a measure of classical ac complishnicnu not olteu met with in the service Su.vpav. lb?Hon Andrew Stevenson, an eminent American legislator and statesman, iu Blenheim. Virginia, aged seventy tour years. From Congress, Mr Stevenson was scut as I utted .-tales Minister to the Court of Si James Whilst iu Kngland, Mr. S. not only occupied high position in the diplomatic circle, but by tue dignity of his character, si-'endid appearance . and dutingu shed social accomp'ishm-ots, won tor h mselt many tnecds. Since Mr. Stevenson's return to America he devote i all his tine and talent.* to pursuits of agrtculture ami to the ad vanceroent ot the interest* of the University, of wbirb in Stitutiou he was rector at ttie tune of his death 19.?Lu IXNidon. Kd ward'Fits William, the composer, son Of an old established comedian in the Klhslon school. 24 Hie widow of William Wirt. at Annapolis, Mary land.... Key W M Medburst. P. P., an English int-siona ry who spent forty year , in China, in Ismdou. oa the se Coiid day altvr his* return home, lie was 01 years old. 28 Hon John Harney, e* member of Congress, and eon of the gallant I nitc t States commodore ol that name, of Revolutionary memory, at Washington. Mr Barney was engaged for some tune iu getting out a book giving his remini-censes of public events and notable men and women ol his own tunes, for which task bis Intimate ac quaintanre with the leading personages who bad ttgurcd during the past half cetituty cnnneutly qualified him.... The Princess l.teven, so long known tntho political world. In Parts, of inflammation ol the most Thus was called away the confidential correspondent ot three czars, of three Fan presses, o! ( rand Chancellors. Chamberlains and t.overnors of Russian provinces without number?a wo man who exercised tu Ler tdu--as much polities! and so rial influence as any lady of the generation to which she belonged 27 ?Hon I Teuton 8. Brooks, member of Congress from somb Carolina, in Washington, aged 37 year*. He was made famous by bis sudden a-sault on Hchator Sumner, of MasaarbusetU.' in the Senate chamber of the United States 30.?Reverend M Verger, the a.s*a.sMn or the Arcnmshop of ItrU. executed tn Parts. He showed but little firm ncM rin the scaffold Harvey Hurdell, M. f>.. a lenttrt of New York, tu murdered to boose No. 31 It >nd stn-oi He forty si* yetrs of age His tiracc llynpnlile, Duke of the Hand flu Nord and Minister ot the Interior and oi Agriculture of Hart at his residence in I'ort au I'rince. ,l the sixty third' year cf bn age. Ilyppolite was on" of the rno*l e?t mable men,lore of the Umperor'g Cabinet. ?ni< t,e?s? from every kiul of reproach u(*>n bis lategrif .ud pair: P-m. He was liorti at Cajie Haytmn. I' ion! lit 1 ranee as a pupil at Hie expense of the Hay tie n government in IT'' and upon bi< ret irn waa >tn plyed tn the treasury department at the Cope, then the ?? at of eorerntn' nt for the northern di-Wrlct of the Island. He wa- eiccteu a deputy to reprc-eut Cape Haytien m 1U1, tL'ier the I'reeKiency of Ouerner he wa* made a tlcnrra1 if 1'icui ti ant President ot th > Council, and com mxndant of the -IP irk t of the Cape. Upon the e ovation ot msi.i .ipir tu the imperial throne in If II, llyp|s>lltl re re,red th' portfolio which h" held at the nine of hi* de cease, tud Uis dukedom. He was an uncommon I tr black ' man Ih< resemblance ofbis feature* to those of lliawnll. the biographer of 1 ?r Johnson, was rery sinking, aud ; often remarked Okptaiti ?!,< hard.a veteran < ! tbe tsig \ lish k'tny. at Exeter. aged seventy three years He -frve I at too cajgure ot Copenhagen, on the rv|w.litioti to j ,-m im. ad : j'i- j n-i-tiy I'ortuifal, under Sir Jubu Manra. including the advaore Into Sjum. retrrat to and battle of Goruuua. expedition to Walcheren, Putua-qlar i catnoaiims ot 1*1'. laid and 1814. including the reduction I of tin forts at Salamanca, tattle of Salamanca capture 1 of Madrid, s.ege ot H-irgo- action at Villa Muriel (slightly ' wounded), battle of Viu >ria siege ant capture ui San ; Sebastian attack upon Uir Height* after growing tn Bid)*** batt isof S ieilu and Sirr, in wbicli tatter he wa?a?vetely wounded rK*R( ART. Sryntv 1 ?MrwrsHbeppord an eminent merchant of Rat tunure, in Halt m u'. sired eighty four years. Missea Rbep part wv> member of the Moctaty of friends, and took a prouiinen' and part In the African Cxluoisatioii movement. He iiau w early educational advantage*, but was poaa<'**ad at ureal natural intellectual <a|-a< ty, evidenced by ruiumrs of letter* and tnanuw rtpu His pro |>erty waa valued at $*00,000 RcrbrT * ?Count Fel x de Mercsls, a dl*<il?ha>t Bel g aa putrid. in Brussels, aged sixty tlx year* He was father i law to Count Mot ulembert. He was a Minister | of Slai without portfolio, and represented Nlvelle* during some twenty Ore years IDs paliurt sad iwinciphw were ultra o*v oai.... T'ektb of Uaneral J*>n Aigustn Nuguers*, of ma o aiiuouaced in Madrid. He died suddenly iu Hants fh-ur The General gamed an unenviable noton -ty during the civil war in 9g>?in by having caused the mother of the tar''*! chief, < abrera. to tie siiot He was Minuter of W ar during the government of the Regent In 1*64 be was at t allahotid on halt pay, and contributed with M CluvT y Rente to tbe pew uff cat tento* in that lowrn The revaluttomst* chow b io for Ihstr (seoeral, and sent him to Kadi j with a 'ivirior to snp(<iri the ui?urr<11 ion. 10? l?r Ta< s Shackelford. si Courtlaud. Alabama, tn the 8fUi year of hi* age. Hg tarncipaP t in the Texan str tggle for independence lie wa* captain in that band of patriots under Cot. 1 attain, whirb was defeated at ik> I Pad an ' divh' red by Saul* Ann* H:s life was spared becauw be wa* a |divs?c*aa. that ht* service might be ma e s ellable in the Mexican army II.?Hon A K. Harris, tu ideulv, tn Portland. Mams, at ' w vanty years, iwngt a-i war with Koeiand be was a member of th<* Manas- b ?ett? senate an t - as <?* if tin Duttority that protest"'! sgatn-l the fstno i* r**nl-i 11 ti< q< rt.pi*.! r>j tbo i*g Uur. in nt>irwitMmio tlx policy of mir f noommool in Ual < < Mm! II# ? ?? appointed by Prooirlobl Mm of tli? Trea-ury of th# I li'tnd sua. IX ? K ffaat Pat l>?, Turkish diplomat, in Omrtantmo. p|?, IfirlBf >ft?rl ilt''of ornr l?*o million of pinornr .... I wtllMH C Ro?ifl? d, nti minor l Amorian pbiloaopli>?r and m. toruiof i?t. nf<1 yor? in?Knoll" K?ilK?n.. M l<. .olohrnlod Amor antra oeU. r iiiHriiui-v ?*#.! Hnri> 11 v. >o?r? KlirhoKont Kano li li-i'ti In Mi l?.lo.p!i.? in N'tar!y ? ihrdnfhia lift ??. nm hi .i in trnvo! nut tb* limit* of tho i muni MM'*? b" ? nliii ?|i ' ?l Iho l i i.f?ttioa of Virgina nrt Prun-a Ivnnt* graduating ;?? U> tor of m -?liHo?? in 1M.V nort ?? ?i |.. it.lort ii|"in tho diplomatic out! ?? ?ur torn In tbo flrot Amorteuri otnb#M.v hi Hum. Ho a\clol ntmaop of ibo fn< llitit - alb rdod bj hH |?*i|ioii to otpioro tbo lli'll pp'iM'- m?"i >1 wbira uiTtl, ini|?ii?K i ui.o tkM lk.l KMwn, *? IMlr nti foil l?r Kate'# p*r to.?ik. inmluro in bom... aro (.arl nf tbo hiit-ir/ of hi# ronnir> Hio ?..iinlo no llw ft?1.1 .if Xopaloe*. which #??ro nf a r.'r? "noua r??i ro , wpooo-l to bim lb" btwpl tnlllr ? ?* ho prp.a ? ? M" .>r l.oiiornl u.iona, th" lofo: of Son Jusn < llkO ?o?u ! lb* Kronen, and ?ocirod t m tbo fratltnd# tf tdlior M't >< in oil / n? of tbo h gbnai h* tootim Hit trbrola thr. unti lb' fopiiblm rarriod Mm fM Ho .ut-ido tbo lint of military nprati .n,? Aftorh ibii Pant porbrrrnm nl it>. rt .ij nf carrying Proud nt I IV rtoopKl. n. * t on fA ' roil 11 mr***'"xor lylran>in<-l |#d b? tho mnyomi fit* .>f ll?o Amorian boron* II ha runxtrirni aliiiutlt* of Top. arc nf value ihtlbo 1 roturn of pom o h< wno a'aigm-i in lb* i'.a?l .Survey, ua tier Pn-io^oor Bacho ami ?m a| v?.?rli in th Utilf of M?v re ?hoi Ibo libfralty of Mr firinnoll atimila'ol lb" gooornnn iit of tbo I nil'"! *tnt? o In Mi'' fird ripe dilino in aeon li of Sir John Frar kilii Hr Knoo hum* .iwioio y.duntnored ba norrir.o and ?no mm-plort an lb* Moax.r !*nr|f.** of tbo s^aadron Hia I'orwwtal Narra t'Of" of thw rraiao ?n pvM.*bo4 m )*({ Hofhro tt waa j mm Motor! foo lb# poo*o ho liad offormri hn arranirom 'oin foo U?o laol Ar'Alo. V-npodltmti. appropriation to tin* rbor t-'iod ohjoot hit own poruniarr ro- mfot ao wollaa 4r?w liar lara.'iy on tknoo or Mo t.nnnrll and aovcral of th# m .mi|r inotltotiooa of thw untiotry Tb# hi?!nry of thai j \ApatUbob. aoU Um rcaarbabio amotiTtri*# Hi wbitb it M, N1 irf now before the country. Tliey craatitateinthenueiveg t hD imp. rtshuble monument to I>r Kane'* fame. I 1" ? Marquise Dowager of La Koohejanuelein, famous in I Kurnpean |>oiitics. at Orleans, " her eighty-fourth year. i | is ?Francis Kgerton, first sari of Elleamere, at Bridge I waior House, F-nginnd, age/(>7 yeara, He was a munifl- i rrnt|>atron of literatureart, and wassgracoful writer ' himself. In early d?.V8 he publiahed it tranalation of 1 Faust," accompani*1 by free and spirited versions of . jaipular lyrics selected from the work*of (ioetbe,Schiller, tsurner, muis. aii" ?w?vu tmui^u ""?? i editions, and afterwards "The Pilgrimage," in which,liav' ing adopted the -tall'and sandals of a pa'mer, he gave a i highly poeii d picture of the various scenes and places i which he ranted in the course of his tour in the Holy land In the few years previous and subsequent to this i date, hcrd Klloamere published his " Mediterranean Sketches," and printed for private circulation several poems, among which the best known are ''Mount : fhiritea," "Hlue Heard, a Psro<ly," "The Siege of i Vienna,'' and the "Paria," together with "Tlie Mill, 1 and i a "Uouody on the Mcalh of tho Duke of Wellington." He was Kuglmh Commissioner to New York at the opening of the Crystal Palace. 20?General Baron de Rottembourg, one of tho four i Adjutants General of the "Old Guard" of Napoleon the Pirst, near Paris, aged eighty-seven years. i 21.?Advices In Berlin from Switzerland announced the i death of General Count Ostermann Tolstoy, one of the ve i terans of the old Russian armiee, and who commenced his I career under Suwiiroff....Doctor, Score*by, the veteran Arctic navigator, at Torquay. He combined in hi^ person scientific eminence with high moral worth and active bene volence. His fathcrfwas one of the most daring and successful seamen id tbo northern whale iUhery wbeu that service wax among Ihe chief sources of the commercial wraith of the 1-nghsh nation, and tho deceased from his youth was innured to the hardships and perils of the Arctic seas. After his retirement from active service at sea he resolved to enter the church, and after holding appoint- j inwuts in less congenial localities, he found in the maritime town of Hull a sphere which attorded full scope for his be- 1 uevoleul efforts for tho social and spiritual welfare of i sailors. His scientific career in the latter years of his life ( is well known. Sr.NDAY, 22.?The Earl of Hare wood, a leading ruglish 1 sportsman, in Knglaud. from injuries received by a fall 1 trom hit horse, aged sixty years Genera! <! > 1'rott, one of the most distinguished veterans of Hanover, In Hanover. rW Genera) commenced his career in tU" old legion, served with it in Spain, and then formed part of the I stall appointed to accompany his Royal Highness Adnl phus. Imke ofCambridge,to'llanover.atthe close ofl813. Since that time tbo deceased filled the highest military others m his country. 23?The widow of the French botanist. Me .Tussieu,at i Paris, at the age of wo. The government lor many years i allowed her to occupy apartments in the Jardin des l'lantes. OJ VtwTVrt v TT.n.A-. IT IT I'mfniinr nC TTo brew and the Oriental languages in the Royal Belfast Aca<lemy, Ireland, aged 00 years. Dr. Hincks commenced the Munttrr Farmrr't Ma^aziw, a work which did mueh to raise the standard of farming in the south of Ireland. i In 184ft he published in the Ann*tU and Magazine of A'atural Hilary a paper "tin Karly Contributions to the Flora i of I.eland." He was subsequently elected {'resident of i ihe Philosophical Society. Dr. H. was father of the celc brated Orientalist of thai name. I '_t>.?Rev John F. Uchra-der, a well known Episcopal minister aud author, in Brooklyn. He was a native of Baltimore, and a graduate of Princeton College. He be*<aiue assistant minister of Trinity church in this city, and was distinguished for his oruute style and finished delivery. lie was author of the " Maxims of Washington" and ' Life of Bishop Hobarl.'' march. i 1 hcnuat, 1.?Iii Ireland.^suddenly, Rev. Charles R. Paketibam, alia? Father Paul Mary, of the order of the Pas atonlats. The deceased priest was son of the late and brother of the present Farl of Longford. He was nephew ( of the late Elizabeth. Dutchess of Wellington, wife of the | hero of Waterloo. The lion. Charlea Reginald I'akenhain 1 was born on the 21st September, 1821. He accompanied Vjuoon Victoria to Ireland on the occasion of her first visit , to that country, as one of her aides de camp, being ihcu ' an officer iu the Cuards. He resigned tnc profession of ! arms on the occasion of his conversion to the Catholic taith, and joined the order of the "Raretooled Clerks of I the Mo.-t Sacred Passion of our lord Jesus " On ' Irit* o|s-ii'Og <>i uin iietreat ot WPMra raui i>i iw vruu, t founder of the order <?r 1'hsshhujU iti Harold'* craes, he ? was ap|x>iated rector of the house. ' 1*. ? I H aiti of Andersscu, the great Swedish traveller, re ? ported. He some time ago aat out on bin third journey into b the interior of Africa, to ciake soological researches, aud alter having explored the bank* of the Tiophe and of lake ,| Ngsml. he undertook, in company with an Englishman, c Mi. Gireli an excursion m an easterly direction, and sucreeded in reaching a country into which no other Kuro |wan ever penetrate I. Ttiere he met a young elephant aim went in pursuit of it; Joel ax he was on the point of overtaking it a very large elephant.loincd ii. two native* tired on the latter and wounded it,On which the annual at tacked Mr. Anderson, and killed him hy trampling him uniG r foot. Mr- Auderason was the author of the book of travel* winch was introduced with *uch nattering com meuts by t'ol Fremont, in a letter to the publishers in New York, a few months since. 0 ?tb" Sheffield (England | papers reported the death of BwahOalaa. ShtWacffie last survivor of the three Maters of the late Joseph (tales, of Kaleigh. Sorffi ffiurollna, who left Sheffield in 17U4 on liollticalgrounds With these ladies .lames Montgomery . the poet, resided for more than hair a century. 7 ?William Yates, M. Ii.,wboflr*t introduced the ?y* tern cf vaccioaitoa into the I mted .-tales. at Morrit, otse go (ounty. New Yoik, aged ninety years. He wasa native of I ngUnd. and attended I?r ibernethy '* drat lecture in londob He landed at Philadelphia in 17bu O ?The far I of Fife, in .Scotland, aged eighty one year*. He was a (wneral in the S|iaiiisbarmy, in which lie served as a volui u-er throughout the I'eiimsulur war The l.imily is descended from Macduff, the well known Thane of 1 ? I- ife I 11 ?I "on Jisse Manuel (juintana. In Madrid aged eighty- , live years, lie was notaule as one of the )?>iit>cal reform- ) er- o| 1812, as a jssd. ul .u preeejaoc of vjueen Isabella. 13 ?Cbmtnodore tknoot, I*. S X., a very aolo officer, m < Washington. If C. .. The Far! of Amherst, in England. 1!? w?- b< rii if 177U, and trly in 1*1" w is appointed ?m Uae-ador extraordinary to the Vj?)>cror of China lie left t upland m February 'of that year on his mission t?u reaching the precmcla of the .mporial |?lace, at I'ekiti. nod rrtu- iig in submit to the humibiting cervmoaies of th?- court, he wa- refused admi s >n to the pr met of tho Ftn)ieror, rendering Ins mission u-, less, tin hi* return, i di the Alo'ite Ip waawri 'ked off the Islan 1 I'ub l ai ironi ?Inch lie proei edeij in the Uoau of the wrecked ship | to liaitvia, tlx ii r't'ctitly i'iiii'|ijKreil ! > tr<?- Brllwh under , t lxtrd Mmtu He nod ui* ubiiiwrfckM mm pan ion* there n Diet will) a Mte Mylnoi. In 1817. <>o h if return Ui Ko| t laud, lii Vint d the Kmperor Napoleon .ft the i lnnd of st. n He lima, and wait b-oured with never*! UMerrkeura of that j I ilhndrlnu- He ?ub?e?pieiit)y wi? >ippoiut"d tio ! i veriior 1,1 ii< ml ol India and tor bia -BITee* there wae. t id 1NJC i rcated tar! .\mb< r?t and Vtscoust lloltnofdale t 14?Hoi, I>. T. Haney, ex-M'-mtwr of fonpr M from > Ohio in ttarl,.tigl,in He a* one of the iiant prominent v flu f> til re of the Hurt,-mai) party in Ohm In 1H'<3 hi wae \ a |iron i ent and date lor blanker of Coiifreaa. ao l rw f aitliin a f*w votr* of beat.DK Hon latin Boyd for ttiat po t ton in the rtemicratir raurue (leneral rmttr.^M I if, n! til. British army. comn.andiiif on ma ?ln>mn of the a l'er-mn OnU, o .minuted mix id.- b) shoot.n. k'or some t day# pre* it was obeerved that be w*a unusually de pre?e<-.i, and it ta federally believed that heavy poi un.ary tosses had nw to safiplemniit tbe tiaraeainft re?r?>os itilt tlee of hie poatUin, and destroy the M-rgb* already undern.ied by disease. and faint'tut under a* eta/tntatrd MMMM of 'what ?m required fr<im n,m tl wa< determined that be should command at Muainre in the absence of tleueral ft tmni. who would noaduct the operation* airainsf Mohammerah, and be ?e. m?to have ima* ned that the force to be left at hie disposal waa inadixpiala to the aWfftce. 10 ?Hon William J Brown, 1". S Assistant Poetmarter General dnrmv Mr Polk ? administration. and for tbe >*-t tour year* sjieclal a*ent of the pt?t fail t>epanment for Indiana and Illinois. ,n In-', anapnits. . Comatudor Ktber rey, R. N'.,, ommandinK tbe English form* u the Prraiao i.air, commifted fleet*. It had been matter ??f r. mark mr <omr tune tbat tbe Commodore, a newt abie ami talent ed man. eaeeuih r.ii* from mental X> meut <4 do onh nary kind 11 ? About this day. Rev Calvin Ontton. at Savannah, I in irtria He wae tin-author of tbe Inflow trait*. and editntthi peirheiann corre^e.ndcT.ieid HenryCtajr.... f>ir l.eorue Wiiluirn Auder-oo, O ?' It m Knuiand He ?nter< d i |e m the c Til serve of the Kant In lis Company In tbe year !*< . H.a tab nts -'?ei gaito-d b rn honorable employment in that service He wn feinted to be one of the mil,n -i iner?. in rfinj'ii.'tM? w.tb Mr Hit, artoa ?!? ?>j it ht iiwi iif irwr itt i?w? mr in" ?a' u- i?i i Ira,a The ynreramet.t nf th- MinrKm Ixuim want id !n45?. be wt app?ii,i?t; u, thai oolofly.and irofrerued 1 for ivi' y<ara 1?. ?f'r i? learnm of Painriy, mother <if the K b* aod lnfa i* oi mm in,In Home .t Adir.ralsir Joshua Row l"? It V, l/'flia The n aei-tl <mereJ the uavy ae : ret i i**i rolune< r n Inoa. im hie return from the We?t ludtea, ?here he hal taken |.?-t ia Ike alt* R u|?on .-i l.ui-ie, June, 1m ). he > > ne t Ui- Immortal,'< in 1*04 he na? w<<uu<W-d iu the affair ?,tb Uie IVtulofue f'<? tula, ami *% flit four yean employed ae mllah;>man and riia?tei e mat" In tin' MrI" r? ?i>r? i >>n shore in May. If*!, at the reduction of the Itlan I of Oapr:. | 1?? ? Hmi.IcTi Haardal?y tnNewYnrti need 71 year* fie v n une <4 the tmet prwntacnl polittetana of tii a riate Mr errvml with rredt in the New Vor* l/K?!.ii.r>' and ailorwaril* pntluM an njrr, mhle hie* , ? ed Inn dent* nnd An"' 'lot'** of my Ufe '.... H?ary I'layuir the ini*t eelobfau it art hiwt m the North of Kurope u Kim huff. of para'yeir Kdinbtirf hi filled trim n??.,B"i.' nf hie grout* Mr I'layfair wu horn In I.ondoB, in J.ily i;??. /I ? Haver tnl H. J. Symnr* I4?l> , aoidenir, on railway n f, near (iainaborough, Kafland Me |>rrv tied the funeral eerni'ti of fir John It-"re af I'irun ra In appearance deoeaeed aomewhai re?e nh,e,i the imhi .^Wellington. lie wa? a late Keliow af ft. John* te-llege, oxferd H ??' alao r,rar of H- efi.rd, ami rbapia u to h? r M t ,? . ty'? an : It "he r k.iy al Hi^U- , no'ee tne late Iftihe- n* K^nt ai d Cdnhridde , Ft abav, I_--.*nnit Ui day Philemon Weder 'entlt i !i?.l tt Iht ri'. -cf .H lie bra; note I I 4uiiii. rrnwi# i.f ? n*riii nr. n bed t > later t rr,it Md .rreat larim Kurf ?. *im >nt mpUl' l *p??11 u lb it " i tl be. .w ? ! < ( t'l" - l - .... h i (i a .t?.f . the suit" i m pj?r .1.1* 1. t-yl .-r a mercantile i- ?-k t. J J Ola** ?, Gotland atid'lenly, front'ba ?'! ?, *? tillero!. j i of pm??t. admin In h,hi f>y M -a Madeline H >mntun i -it' I C.. -.M'Hj'i ".or Narw*, ."uiirom' Patriarch nf Armenia, | I J f ?,I?>11. Mi. hoi Krmble, the we'l known Annln aM'tn | act.oiar, In Ptibiin, Ireland Mr KeWthla tmnfni <4 tbe ' lai iltar'an h"mbi* of -t*)r r.-lebnty, and erad iate.! at I T'ip tj Odlear, Oambr fr" While .in under graduate ho I y??. often if 11 the mith'rlte* by mme Unite. r.-etmtni'ka I at tii Mammal >*, whtcb drew upon him a< a punishment d that f..m|>"raty-n*(*o?ioTt from fh# I'mtrwreHy Wbfcb m > lr hitPaliy called runt leal inn. Ihirma a part ?>f bn period f of r t n.t.or he vr. n* f M ii rer, and ?t Iie.i nn l?r th" | * 'i'i untan. e of profeeror .la<?h Orimm h waa iro* hi* etpe lonoe with <!r mm thai Mr. Kemhle imbibed hi* tarto A for ifce KMdy of the Anglo heron langnay which he af terwania paraoetf with an nrmh anonee* Ifa wm an | C tiidibrary mutter W the Hoyai Acadtsim of U -rlw, Oct f aw YORK HERALD, FRI tngen ud Munich, Fellow of the Royal Society of Oopenagio, Iceland, and Stockholm. Mr. Kemble's actnowledgol works bear but a small proportion to the lumber of hi* contributions in print to the history, an iquitioK and philology of the Teutonio races. be wroto with facility both in German and English,and hia '-Stamm rafel" of the Went Saxon Kings?in the former language? is not more remarkable for its original views and peculiar iTiutitinn than fur the imritv of its Htvle. In llis vouth Mr. Komhlo wont ft Gibraltar, ami there Joined a small party 01 Ppanlsh patriots in an attempt to laud on the *panish coast and excite an insurrection The eonspira lorn hail been betrayed to the authorities, and were sur rounded by the government troops at soon as they reached the s-hore. and wero ail taken and condemned to death. Mr Kemble was saved by urgeat intercession.- on the part or the representative* of England. 30.?Professor Tuomey, of Alabama.. Professor Tuomey was a native or Ireland, and emigrated to Virginia at an early age. He was for several years the Stole Geologist of tionth Carolina After a faithful perforin an 10 of this laborious work he was called to the University of Alabama and the legislature of that State com missioned him to a similar survey of her territory. At the lime of his death ho was engaged, with Professor Holmes, in the publication of the '-iossils of Soutli Carolina." lienor f>. Pedro Trujillo, of Chile, In Valparaiso, aged seventy-three years. He was the senior of the political revolution of his country, and became an eminent diplomat and the most honest public otticer of the republic, which he served faithfully. APRIL. 4?Jacob Trippler, the oldest fireman in Philadelphia. He wa? eighty years old. and had been for sixty-fivoyeara 1111 active member. 11?M. de.Tegoborski, member of the Council of the Rusian i-Dnpirc, and a celebrity lu economical science, at St. I'utersburg He was of Polish extraction, and acquired the avor of the late Kmperor Nicholas when Consul General at Daetzick, in last, by his activity in supplying the RusBtatt urmv with nrAtrmiAng oVi.i nthor nncnaoflpiAk aft A* I'uskcwitch had crowed the Vistula and abandoned his linu or communication with Russia. Ah a fluaacie* and political economist he had uot many rival* in Europe, and his work* on the Austrian finances, on hanking, And parLicul&rly hi* "Elude* Stir I .us Fcrcea Product! venule la Russia,'1 have boon fully appreciated by tbo scientific world. Pome year.- ago he was appointed member of the Imperial Council, and whatever reductions iu tho Russian lurid have taken place since the time of the late Count L'anorin. are due to his lntluvnce. 14?A man named Peters, at Aruhoim (Netherlands), at the age of 1 I'd. He was burn at Leu warden, in 1746, and served m the Swiss army for some time; sansequent ly he entered the Freuch servico and made tho campaign in Egypt under Napoleon. 15.?Bishop William skinner, l*rimcs of tho Episcopal church or Scotland, in Aberdeen, aged eighty years. Ho was ft son of the author ot the celcbraied " Tuilochgo rum," a composition which Hums styled the flrst Of songs." Tho death of Bishop Skinner may be said to break tne last living link of connection between the Scot lish Episcopate of the eighteenth and the Scottish Episcopate of the nineteenth century? between the proscribed and persecuted remnant which a hundred years ago met by stealth in garrets and in cellars, and tbo jtcaccful and prosperous communion w hose stately churches now a lorn the -treets of every eonsi terable town in Scotland. In 17H4 his grandfather w as one of the three Scotch bishops^ i who, in an upper chamber of u mean dwelling bouse in a' ulngy lane of Aberdeen, consecrated the lirst bishop for < the Cndcd Slates of America. I 22?'The death of the I>tirbe? do Raguse, widow of i Marshal Martnont. announced in Paris..,.Jaspar Chaa -eaud. of Hevrout, a gentleman well known to Eastern Iravellera, especially to those who have visited Syria. Mr. Cb?-"eauil was among the first English gentlemen who lettled in land In Is 10 he w a- present on board a Bi nigh man ol war at the bombardment of Ueyrout, when bis knowledge of the country and people enabled him to 5:ve valuable information t<> the officers commanding the axpedition. He served respectively lux country, tbe I'mtcd Stale* o( America. Prussia, Russia, Norway aud Sweden, ami Naples, as tlie representative of those gov snimcuts in that country. Sift.?Hon. Joshua A. Spencer, at I'tica, New Yorlc. no oug held a high rank at the bar. aud tilled the position of stale Senator lor on*'term, and IMstrlct Attorney of tlis I'm ted States for the Northern District of New Vork. In he latter office he had charge for the I'niled Slates of the lelebrated Mcleod case, an ', concurred in enforcing Mr. *>lwtor's views of the question of public law Involved. Joth these able jurist* held that, as the case depended on i right to regulate our foreign relation*, the State courts ad uo Jurisdiction of the matter, and that It belonged ex luMvely to the ualiouwl government. An aot ofCimgresx rax . ub-equently passed enforcing this positiot, and eprlvmg State courts of all power of Interference In such axes. Je.?Oount Joseph Hrabowski, member for life of the rat chamber of the frnssian legislature, and one ef tha irgest land* d proprietors in the Duchy of I'oseo, who led about this nay. left to bis heirs estates to the value of ixteeu million dollatr, frre from debt or mortgage, and 400.000 iu money or note* ,A. .The oldest veteran in the 'rux ian service named Karuasch wax buried at PiDoiU small village near Preplan He entered the army in the eign of Frederick the lireat, and was at the time of his cath 11" years of age. 10 ?Her Royal Higuesg the Duchess of Gloucester. In ondoo. aged t igbty one year*. She was the fourth and u*t surviving daughter of King (icorge 111.. and aunt to picen Victoria. The Durhcax wo* born ofl the 'J5th April, 770. She woe married to her coutin, lYlncs William redertc. second Duke of (Homester, on the 2tt July, 10. Hie Royal Highness died on the :10th November, S.U, and a* there was no ixsne of tlie marriage his title* iccame extinct Tbe jiut deceased I tuchess was appoint d Ranger and Keeper of Richmond New Park rfV letters tent dated ,'toth October, 1H60. She was dial nguvhed 9 earlier year* by grace ol |>er*on and elegance of taste, lid wax rnnuent in every female an mph-hmrnl Her tyle of conversation was remarkable for that facile and utrnilcsa wit that kindness of feeling. yet etc r eras is of irrrtinn. which combine to make what" society delights ii recognise a* "a charming woman.".., l.ieutenair. Isaac .strain, l'nited Huts* Navv. at Aa)>tnwal1, p nam strain was a native of Pennsylvania, but cmtgrited t an early age. wltli Id* father, to Springfield, t?h?? In icr the patrnnagc of tieneral sump-on \la*on. memlier of tiiprr/a. young strain entered the naval service it 1H37, * msl-htpmai. The u*m of luentenant Strain t? muted with the I?arn u 1-thmu/ Tliat portion of be Western comment was a sealed book to civilized ua a to until the party led by strain opened up the volumn h "'nor and the world, strain started with hit party of wenty seven lprn, all told, in the month of January. fM.the |*itnl of departure being t'olumlna hay, and tieir object Par en harbor, lie ylng u|s>n the *ut?menti if fortner ?*pl rer*. they only tarried provisions with h< in lor ten day. and grievously did tliey autTer m this ? onnt, but in spite of difficulties uutiarsllelc I in Lie hisury of exploration, with inevitable starv ation staring thorn n the lace, and hrwtile Indian' surrounding them, the j irty or ted, or rather dragged itself, to the other aide When ill boy ?a- lost, the gallant Strain infused coaiM-tr-e in o the hearts of hi* companions, and his gun brough. fond otheto anil when all appeasement of their hunger ieemd itrpossible, Mraln threatened to stent the tlrst mm ?h" hmte t at an almost Justifiable cannibalism. Tit - ti at n>n of the |nrty and its llnai escape frota the most fear ul horror* are due alone to him. He travelled a-rms he entire comment of isouth Ameri?u oo 1 ur?e i<k. travirsed the iminense expanse of th- Btsx.1.-, ecendeit the Andc*. pn?sed that immense ri- ky rats tot e of the Western homisphore and reached the I'icitir MAT. 2 ? Advicea from 1 ondon reported the death of Joitn Ii' gregor, late member of I'arliim-nt for t;ia?go#. Mr la1 gregor was burn at St/wnoway. la Ross <btre, In 17?1, nd ui therefore sixty years of age. He was in earlier li.-i. l.'oiaeJu Islam' aii/lgt marr,h#p 'f the fYlomal legislature Me wa* afterward* in baaiican in Liverpool. He wag employed by l/?rd Mel MMirue'e government in commercial mi*et?n-> lo '-er nany, Austria. Pari*, Naples. Ac., ud produced a great iuajt*r nf report*, advancing sound principle* of political ??t my. Kmm Krember, 1*?, until August, 1*47, be ?* nt M- rotary te the British Hoard uf Trade, and waa n situation an influential agent in brltming al ow the eform c f the tariff. Mr. Macgrfgor waa a very vooirai itius ariter en h *tori<al and commercial subject* fvtroat, d?Alfred <ln Mueaett. one ofthemoet cole rated poet* of tbw century, in ran*, ?god fbrty Bee rear*. ? Harr et Mary, wife of the Right Hon. I/>rd Aah lurtoe. -n Pari* '.-die wax a lady eminent for her vlr U' ? . * t an I no?;itial ty.. MadameO'lKinnalt, mother of Her-hal 11 I - t f-pii' la Madrul ?At Noyon (O ?e), Kr*n<e, at the age ofm yrart, * iMtii'T'M,^. ?a^ when y oing. public etacuii<ii??< >i V> il>t' n an I alt-rwarii- aeostaat aSi-cut on r at ' dm during if" Reign of Terror. He afterwards retired 0 Moyoti whore h.? father had note yoat* before tilled he | tan t-f executioner. ?M. b'epey, renafor of Trance, in t'arle. The decsaaed r upwardi ei (< rty ye.ira r?'|.rc'eiited the d*|??r Client of he I re n the | eg ?lat re Aaeenitdlee of the varioiaigo* ram- t* thut have vuccoodod each other. It ut Im-tevoJ hat ti France ro other example ex eta of a peraon baring pr? i ted the eaine dep rtmetil for ?n long a period 7 ?Jehatin !<tii.tb. l'.iirR<>?iiaatcr of the city of Rremen de rorved that city lof vittyyeir* At the f'ongre** of 1 *. i hie exert ot,< < Miuibuted to the rea*tahlirbrneat >1 the md'; ?-ii.l"nre "I the Ha nee Town*, atrl their recap ? a a* member* o| the tiennan rnnie ler?t on. In !** ie em red the tree nar troth>n of the W" <?r, and wa* tho ir t to trge the ao<|'i <umni of Bretaenliaven, no* so va uahle to the ira<l oi Bremen. He aeenrod, hy a *erle* of omnenial ireaum with Tagiand. the I mted .Juue*. Bra 'it. Ac., the rieogi tion of the Hanee Town* a* the t?ro nineM putt >ta ot ttnaB exportation, the eMahlieh-nent of neiifr, An A gr?at iiurnber of the netful institution* of lend 0' iy "?e their e.tabiixhment to htM c?re and to e tude He wan nleo dMti a uehed * an author. Tor i" ti<**tie" on the liberty of navigation of river*, the I'nl ereity ot Mtnoa confhrred on him n 1*31 the honor of I. P. Hiirg^ma* er .-mitb had the direction of the do artnient of Foreign Afl'ar* of Bremen, and for a long me previous to bfa death bo represented that mty in the ?em an , win-m in< groat fipwimn ? ?? pmm ,;< *l \ i *( ctirrd for ti.m r< ?(?-. t ami Influence. .? Mr I full, of LyiH'', (rig'and, In llto j? ir < >f h:* 1^- Tltrirly nfo !,? W\. *? '!* ? II a a ill- T.gtrt?h"d f If ' r ?I\ ? g.iln >1 ? ' a I ,n>ll" , fci.i -a e*|d?r*T of the myrter * or early Kgvidwn elvtil Mioti I "a I* lik" ir.'t in 18 U, ho "ailed lor lite kgean, ml vi*d*d the y>!ni,d? of tin- ,\rohi|>*lago I'aamtir over n Igrft ho **r. i <ied ?ho Nil* w th a determination In a morale Into Nuh a. Mr.' tegh ami a nun anion fan tied brim rt uehlerahly further routli. but her* the J< ar itjr <?f iroTKioda, ikrcwwIM or monument il autiq io ?_th* iltjer ld ?f Iheir eyi'oratlone?.m l tho tear of falling Into lie hm<1* of ih" Mamelnkea, whose vtndl' tier liatre. had >o*n **' tted ty U)* opv>r*a*?ir and rnrltlri of V hemet til iido d tin ir return, aod, after ww i?gti:*r and laoforono adrenture* they r<s?? !?ed Kim'??i! in v.iri-m or 1813. U* *w iho descendant of a lln* woo had nnghi at CrrMf. < aon and dgincnort, and in roiwt of threat halt!"* ot hit ermntry He we* him<oif at Watorloo 10 ?i rofro'or (tiovanni do Brignole d? Mrinnhoff, the iVator of Italian botanists, at Modcna. II?Thomaa ,f*?*e flakier, Chief JUstloa of tho to per .or lourt of New York, in Now York, aged aoronty lour vara Ue **a a m *t di4t?f metal lawyer, a bulbed PAY, JANUARY 1, 1858. fcboUr and accomplished gentleman In July, M17 he wns appointed Attorney Gem-nil of this State, succeeding Mr. Martin Van Buren. After the expiration of hie term of that cfllre he wax engaged in hia profession,' and in the fall ot 1827 was a second time elected to Congress, where he remained until he was appointed Judge of the Superior Court of New York in April, 1820, by the then Governor, under the provisions of "au act for the establishment of a Hunerior Court of law in the city of Yew York, passed March 31,1828, which provided that there shall be"established within the city and county-or New York, to bo called and known by the name of the Superior Court of the city of New York, which cDurt shall consist of a Chief Justice and two Assoc lat Justices." 13.?Rear Admiral D. Hcuuby O'Brien, R. N., in Hertfordshire, England. As lieutenant, he ably distinguished himself at the taking of Zaute.Cophalouia and the other Ipuiari islands H?- was afterwards at the capture of the garrison of Crao, and in the action off l.'wsa. He was, as senior lieutenant, ill many <>f the boat MllMS ill the Adriatic,

particularly in 1812, when he cut out seven vessels and a convoy, pretectal by sevoml gun vessels, on tne coast of Apulia. In 181,'t he commanded a division of hoots in the capture of a flotilla of gun brigs on the coast of Calabria, for which he was promoted. 14.?Orson Pratt, a Mormon elder, killed near Van Buren. Arkansas, by a man named Hector, whose wife Pratt nad seduced M. Vidocq, the celebrated Freuch thief catcher, in Paris, aged seventy eight year*. Vidocq, Irom one of the m> -I expert thieves in Europe waa pro muted to the Prefect of 1'olise. Vidocq, whose adventures and experience in both capacities, have been com in jnicatcJ to the world in his own memoirs, retired from office many years ago, ani was succeeded by Lacour. The office has since been filled by M. Curlier, now a Conscillor d'Etat. Vidocq retired with a competence. At bis own express desire no friends were present at his funeral, which was attended only by hired mourners. 15.?The death of tho senior admiral of the lintish navy Sir Thomas l.e Marchant Gossetin, reported at Portsmouth as having taken place at Jersey. ITe was in his ninety bird year....General Sir James Macdouuell. G.C.B., of the British army, in 1/indou The general 'entered tho army in 1706, and was appointed Lieutenant in the 101st Foot. He afterwards entered the Coldstream Guards, and saw much active service with that corps?in tact it waa while serving iu that regiment that he derived his great est honors. li? Ural look pail iu ine eipeuuiou 10 .vapiea nml Calabria in lsoft-fl, and after entering thoGuards |>ursued ? brilliant career in Portugal, Spam, France au*l J- landers. It was at the battle of Watcrlo*, however, that he rbietly distinguished himself, being then a Ueutrnant Colonel in the Guards. lie was iu the 2d brigade of the 1st division, under General Sir J. Byng, and on the evening prior to the memorable 18tU of June it was U?uitleil that Lieutenant Colonel Macdonnell, with the 2d battalion of the Coldstream Guards, should have charge of tile build ing of Hougoumont, while the late lord Sattoun should hold the orchard and the wood. It is a matter 01 history how the gallant ofllcer held his position against the impot uous and almost overwhelming forro of the French, and how with his intrepid body of guards he successfully withstood the repeated attacks of the enemy on that imi>ortruit |>oiut. lie was warmly applauded by the Duke of Wellington, for his eminent services on that occasion. frw-AY, 17.?M. Vftllard. who gpa.- the preceptor of lamis Napoleon's eldest brother, and who always adhered to the lortunes of the Kmperor since the ueutb of hia brother, in Paris, lie was a Senator of Prance and General in the army, and one of Napoleon's most tried and trusted friends. The Kmperor rode from Fontainbleau to I'aris in a railroad ear, and then drove in a hackney roach hi visit him cn his death bed. M. Veillard quitted the Polytechnic school in 1810 and took part in the campaign of itus.-ia in 181 {..with the rank of lieutenant of artillery. As captain in that branch of the service he was present at the memorable defence of Datitzlc In 1813 Tie returned to France two years after, and resigned Lis commission, as be would not serve under the Bourbon*. IP.?The Nizam of Dercan, India, died at his palace. Be was succeeded by his son, Atzixil ood I low la, age 1 30; Itorn in the purple of Hyderabad, and proportionately dull, ignorant and sensual. 21.?James Fresh Held, for years Solicitor to the Bank of ICng'and, described by the late Sir Robert Poet as "the best mau of business in Kngland," in Istndon. 26.?Andrew P. Butler. Unite 1 States Senator from South Carolina, at Augusta Mr Butler wax appointed i<> { the Senate in 1847. by Governor .lohu-on. to till a vacau:y I caused by the death oi the Hon Georg. Mc Duffle, and hail ' Mr. Calhoun for his colleague until 1-851. For several | years Mr Hutlir was prominent tut one of the extreme Southern party, and wax looked up to as a model of the chivalry of the Palmetto Slate. During the la.-t scs men of Congress, his iume was brouuht prominently before the pc opie in the a. -suit upon Senator .-u"nner?thai atsault having liwn comm tte,| by I're-toi. 8. Brooke, a nephew or Mr Bmler, met excused >>u the ground of the language used l<y Mr. Sunnier in reply to a pro slavery spueoh made bv the South Carolina Senator, lu Uie early part of hla career in the Senate Mr. Holler charged Mr Benton with a breach of privilege, in havinK furnished for p'ibli catkin in the Nrw York Hkkai i> some account of the proceedlagx of the Senate In executive session in relation to j th< case of Colonel liraliam. of the army Mr ISenloo, In j his place, nael that the Senator front South Carolina was a ' liar, an?1 that the lie attick In his throat. After the Senate adjourned Mr Butler lent a challenge to Mr Benton by the hands ot Mr Kiote, of Mississippi. Mr. Benton declineu to take any notice ol the challenge, auil the matter dropprd Mr. Butler was sixty years old. 26 ?Hon James Hell, lulled Mates Senator from New Hsinpshire. at laconia, In that State He was sixty five years ol<l lie was a lawyer by profession, a whig in old fashioned politics, anil a ijuiet. sensible, unaeruming clUr.en Be had heen so little before the public that his election to the Senate two years since was rather a surprise nut of his own State, hut he proved a faithful, capable, deserving Senator 27?tieneral the lion (leorge Anson, commander in chief of the British army in India, near Ivlhi. Deceased was sen ot the first \>c<niLt Anson. Bom in 1727, he en ten d the army at an early age. and was present at the battle of Waterloo and many leading engagements of the Peninsular war Cenerat Anton was (Jerk of the Ordnance from IMd fo lsftg. sat in the House Yarmouth trom ltilh to ls^.i tor Moke upon Trent from ladft to 1M7, and for South Staffordshire from 1SU7 to IM.VS ( rneraj Anton vx a leading character in the Kngl^ati tart, and a true British sportsman. 2ft ? Huron llyde do Neuvilla, Minister of Marine of KTaert under t harles Tenth, in Pari?....Wm I.. l<eo, ? tuef Justice of tha Supreme Court of the Hawaiian King dem m, Honolulu. S I lie hAd been residing at the Nlundi since (Mooar, 1MM| and was an eminent |WM and an able diplomat. Mr. Is*e was horn at Sandy Hill, W vbnglon county, in the State of New York, oa the 26th of February. ltntl. At the age of thirteen he entered the Vorwxli I Diversity tn the State of Vermont, where he remained lw<< years, at the end of which' me he left the in btiiution and enraged iti the biwmesa of a civil engineer in be Af 1 . -I.. ? VI flt.. Is, f !,,? r*? . -lAas inn Its, gSsxaaa so rapidly that at tbe end if only three years he left It, having already filled the |*m| of Resident Kiigincer. He lu ll returned to Norwich I'ulverslty. where lie graduated at the awe of twenty ^ taking tbe tlrrt liotior*. On leaving Iht VnWwilt) be rictltN tba appointment of luptiliU-udetit of Ui<- Unitary Academy at Portsmouth, Virginia, In whrb position he remained oar year Having at I lis time of bis maturity decided upon adopting tie- law as bis profe?-,on, be entered tbe law school at Harvard t'nivi rst'y, hr remained till br bad completed the course ?>( study nadi r tbuM* ruourbt Jurists, Judge story and Professor Ofemlraf. Mr In possessed the ent're corttdenctof both the latr and the present King of lb > SaadWK-b lrlands and on none than oar occasion bai bis Map-sty Kamabaitii-ha IV evinced bis appreciation of li s srrrtces ana ha rirturs. 2P ?Tbe (infsul) Arcbduibe-? "tophi* of Au-tria, in Ruda. Hungary, wliithcr shi had been taken by her pa [ rsMa arben mi a royal tour. The Archduchess Sophia f'riiiertra Rorothea Maria Josephine was born March h, 1 W>6. ten months alter tbe marriage of her Imperial pa rente, April 124, lS54...,Oeorge Rrimlcy. Librarian of | Trinity College, Cambridge. Pngland, agvd thirty si* yvai*. He was a finished scholar and erudite writer in tbe Ii'hdon Hp^taUtr and PVaser'r tularin* Kew readers o( the !*f*riat"r can hare forgotten the ability of the reviews from bis pen of the works of ti-wibo, Car I y la, Runs -n. Comt?\ Tharkaray, Hulwer, lie kens, Teunymn, and the two firowninga. Nor ran any bivsr of poetry baie missed rending bis charming essay on Tennyson in tbe flrst volume ot tbe Cambridge ?siys?tbe only essay of bis yet pubiisbod bearing his name. ma. 3 ?Thorns? Riddle, of Philadelidua, aged AO years, Mr. Riddle was well known In Philadelphia, he having taken s leading part In financial circles for a number of years. Us was a cousin of the late Nicholas Riddle. ft ?M Rrlfaut. member of Hie French Academy in Pari*, si lbs age of 77 H* was the author of U>e tragedies of "Jane <?rey." "N ini* II.," ' Charles d# Navarre," an I <-l?era nam-'l "(Nyuipte." of which C|?iurinl composed tbe music ii,d of several fugitive ph-cee of vrse Among I ben, me,I. *nm>. ei.,mv ? tn honor of the Inrlh of fbe If Ins 1 of lto?f, and a piece of reran m honor ot the rot urn of loots XVIII. ? I Urn Jerrnld, the celebrated F.ngti?h writer. In lnnt..ii, aged flnw'ii year*. Ix.ngia* J? rrold waa lw?rn m (lie latter part of tbe y-ar 1S01. When a My be en tcred U?e navy, hut del not remain fur any lengthened period :r II at ?pa< c He -nh e.jiirntly, after a brief career a< a i rmpo-it'.r adopted tbe prnt'eveinti of letter*, and ft w men of mt*|ern day* bare been more tntocemful. A a dramat'i autlior, hi* production* bold a Rood |xe ition t.pon both the Kngluth an t Anvri. an >-inge lie haa writ ten :n ad about forty plat , one of Wln< h? Black eyed Fiiv.n * ill In l ?"d and ch"ri?hed )<< Hie riaiitu al part of the llr't ili population an h ug aa the Fngllab Ian piage oil?t- Many year- -mo in 14M, be hoc ante the editor of a weekly patier that bore hi* name, and (luring its en*t enre allowed erery ?ign of ruing and permanent pro* perity it waa suddenly withdrawn, but not irntn any (loan I ml re?. < < raf'.ni" He li s. : trt.tljr started a m u u ne and apa n under hi* own name. A* a contributor to /'one*, hi* Ule* cf ?' The -dory of a Feather," ' Mr* Caudle's Cut la n l/ectnree, ' with other eery biting and Har.asti contributions. will he long remembered, lie also wrote a tale called " Tlie lint .ry ol At. .lame* and M i, lea," t. r the purpose of exhibiting the varum* and contracting phaeea tn faehinnabio and tnfaehionabUt UT?. !?.?Aiesaodcr K. Yacbe, II l> . In New York, aged lift) right y eara He held Hi- predion of Reel I on I HtyttoUa ot New York under the old law, when thai "litre waa rio'hed witb n.trr authority than t ia ?t preernt In hm tune be furm-hrd many trainable contribution* to the medical journal* with reference to rentage >u* diae.iaee, wh ch ?re highly priiril by the medical facility. 10?John 0. Hirveua, at lloboken, New .teraey, aged event) two y* ar? tbmttod' ri eleven* wm ohi'fly known no t celebrated lor bia oonneclloa with American yachting, lie tarried on! the yacht America, which crent > <1 the eenraiu n of the gr?nd regatta at f>?wo? b> beat nn at I Hie Kntitrh craft nf thta i hararter. He baa hail rta m?ny ae twt .'y .1 (Terrnl rmewl* of thi* nature CMilTWt rat for htm upon iltfleretii ex|>erimental m-cteh, and haa owned m lew time ?i?i|c a fleet tf other* Mr staeena w i* Intlmetety >on< ornod in rub meting and r.witmlltng tin- f am den and An?bny Railroad Ik idea hi? mtereat in Uti* road, with larg tract* of ierritory npAb tt, and htii feudality at Hobuken, Mr. Steven* lefi a splendid manatoii and c-tatea at t .unden. together with handnomo pneaeaatona tn dltTerAnt other loealitte* A good many vara einca be had tic on concerned with hl? brother to North river -loambnwtc but that .ntereat haa ainre con trncted to the limit of the Hobokea ferry hoata. Ila owned a good many One bcraea. and hat been a leading hacker on the "turf, ' a*, indeed, a liberal patron of all th? elegant and manly aporta Of the country Hen .lobn V. W* I bach. the ol<lc?t ofltoer tn the United Hta tea army, in Baltimore, in the Odd year of hia age tfen W wa- born in Alaare on the Mhine, tn ttctoher, 17A4 At an early age ha entered the Anatrian aarrtce at a huatar, and wait in the company appointed to rece're lionta XYT at Ua? If out a wbee tu qiad? fUq attempt to flee from Franee. He wbsequiMitly joined the French army, and was detailed to service with hia regiment in the West I Iiidit*. Hearty the whole of the regiment died, and in I 1706 he came to tins country, lauding in Philadelphia. 1 Hie father was the possessor ot a large estate in this i country, located in the city of Philadelphia and in Vir j gitiia, and the son. then a youug man, determined to study law. and for that purpose* went Into the office ot Alezan ! der Hamilton, In New York. Having a fonduesa for the life of'a soldier he applied for and obtained a commission ' in the army of the t mted States, and has frequently told his friends that he received it from General Washington. His llret service was as an aid to Gea. Wilkinson, on the frontier, and throughout bis whole career he bore a high reputuliou as a gallant officer and strict diaciplinariau. In j the war of 1812-'14 ho bore a conspicuous part, and was j twice brevetted fur gallant conduct. In his earlier life be commanded at Portsmouth, New Hampshire; at Frank i ford aiseual, at Old Point Comfort, and at Aiiuapolis. In ; the late war with Mexico he desired to take part, but his { age prevented the consummation of his wishes. 15.?in India, at Hawnpore, at the first storming of that ! plsce, Brigadier Alexander Jsck,C. B., commandant of the station, a distinguished officer under Sir >1. Smith, at Attwat, and lord (tough at Chillianwalia and Uooterat. 16.?M. Graves, Director General of the Department of : Woods and Forests In France, about this day. He was one ! of the first naturalists of the day, and author ot some works of great reseatch and authority upon subjects of botany, geology aud coucbolugy 17.?In Havana, Mary Anne Gardiner, relict of Dr. I George A. Gardiner, and mother of It Gardiner, whuae name was a few years since so frequently before the public in connection with the " Gardiner claim." The maiden name of this lady was Headley alie was burn at Springfield, New Jersey, about tbe year 1791. She wan present at the great earthquake at Garaccaa, which destroyed that city in Ute year 1KII, wnea her life and that of her infant were preserved by a miracle. Afterwards, when on h?r way from trouth America to the United dtatca with her bin-band, tbe vessel In which they had taken iwtssage was captured by a pirate, who from a previous kindness shown t im by Dr. Gardiner, took all on hoard his schooner off the captured vessel.then nearly sinking, aud landed thorn ;alely on the coast of Carthageua, New GrAnada 18.?John Neilson, M P., the oldest mcdical,practitloncr in the city of New York, aged eighty three years. He J studied with the elder Doctor Kodgera, and commenced | prnciiro sixty years since. 20?lYlnco ChernisheffofFiussia, nt (jwilomare, near N'a- j pies, Italy. Tlie deceased, who was one of tlie last relies uf the great war of 1812, had filled the highest offlce.ii in'the j empire, and occupied a considerable space in the i histoi y of Europe. He was the favorite uid de camp ofj j Alexander I,, who entrusted him with several confiteutia \ missions to the first Napoleon, in whirh he acquitted him- j self with great tact and dexterity. In the begiuuing of 1812 to was in I'ans, where he bribed one of the cm. ploy is of tho Ministry of War to furnish him with important documents in relation to the "Grand Army," collected by the French Emperor for the invasion of Russia., The mtr.gue being discovered, Chernisheff only escaped being shot by a hasty flight across the Rhine. In tho campaign of that year he distinguished himself by bit extraordinary march in the rear uf the French artny, which isaptken oi with admiration by all.the historians'of the war, and in 1813 and'14 by the capture ol lierlin, the defeat of the Weatphalian General, Otis, whom ho took prisoner, with his,whole division. and by the storm of Soissons A favorite of Alexander I., he was still more highly esteemed by Nicholas, who appointed him Minister of War, in which position he rc mumed for twenty live years, ami was then made President of the Council, or Prince Minister. Asa h stesmnnand military man, he had scarcely an equal in Russia: but he was harsh and ovcrbeariug in temper, a stern discqmnar au, and one of tin* most indexible parti sans of the anciVn licit ft au immense fortune. 2b.?lion, langdun Cbeves, iu Columbia, S. C., aged 81 years. The deceased was born in September, 1770, on a branch of Calhoun's Creek. After receiving au ordinary : education he was placed in tlie office of Wm Marshall. , Mr. Clicvet was admitted to the bar about tho year 1800 ! He was elected to the Ix-gislnlure iu 18G8, uud soou took a ! high position iu the House of Representatives, where he filled the chairmanship at one time of two important com- j mit'.ces. He was subsequently elected Attorney General ! of the t-tate, in which |>ost he continued until he was elected to Congress. In 1811 he was chosen to represent the Charleston Congressional district- in the House of Representatives ot the t nited states ror the unexpired term of Kobert Marion. Ho served from 1811 to 1816. We were on the eve of war with England, and Mr. Cbeve* aa i ( ban mau of tli" Committee on Naval Allaira, assisted by Messrs lownde* and Calhoun, advocated the creation of j a navy, to which (he House and the public were opposed, under the discouragement presented by tbe presumed impossible rivalsbip with the large naval force of Kngland. | Mr. Chevea'a counsels prevailed and the event justilled lna conclusions on the subject. While in the exercise of judicial fiinrt'ors he waa in vited to the presidency of the failed States Hank, the administration of whose affairs had given much dk<a(Ufaction. Mr Chcres's presidency of that institution furnished a signal proof of but sound judgment and einiteul lineal ability He voluntarily re signed this position In 11131 Sir Thomas B. Isjnnant, ih<> lisnxH in (tie Kingdom, in Londou, aged Mi year* SI ?About this day, the moat celebrated and succemim charlatan of Carls?Mengm, the itinerant pencil sellerdied and left behind bun a fortune of 400,000 franca No one can have |?stcd many days in Paris within the last leu years withont having observed on some open space the citupicuoua tlgure of a tall, handsome tnau, with a brass helmet and plumes, and a beard?tbe very modal of that of liudibras, ' 111 shape and hue mo?i like a Ula"? standing on the box of a light cart and haranging a crowd He wore a rcatty mantle of green velvet, embroidered with gold, and on the lingers of his white hands wero , mauy ring* of great prtea. Behind him was a squire, who j from tunc to time blew a trumpet tp attract public atten Don, and wboee garments were only leas splendid thau those of his master. The only end and aim of all tnis pomp and clrcumetacoe were the sale of lead pencils at twoaous . a piece....lien, Sir Massy Wheeler, K U. XI.. of the British srrflv, who was mortally wounded when defending the city of Cawnporc. India, against the Sepoys, died there. He' was son of tbe late Capt. Hugh Wboclcr, of the Indian artvy. He was born at Ballywirc. in 1789, so that at the time of his death he had reached hi* ?6th year. Ho en tered the mi liary service of the Kast India Company in ? 1808, when he r< reived bis tirst commission in the Bengal tntantry In the ntxt year be marched with bis regiment ! under Ixird lake, against Iwlhi. Having risen steadily through the intermediate ranks, he became colonel of the Korty.cighth Bengal Native Infantry In 1H46, and in the ' same year was appointed Urat claw- brigadier, In command of Oeid forces; in 1864 he attained tbe rank of major I general. In I ecember, 1846. previous to the hard fought ! battles of Munnkee and F? rexeshah. the Cenrral (then Brigadier) W hector, with a force of 4,MO tnen and 11 guns, covered tbe vtllage of Ru**eun, where tbe large de ml o? stores had been collected for the army under Sir lleury Hardiuge, Lord Rough, and Sir Harry Smith, and Mm* rendered important services which contributed In llieir tm aaure m mo gviuim "i iihtk u'vint-I up rr reived the order of the Durance Ktnpirc lu 1X19, and wm honored a few years since f??r hix distinguished merit* by I ' ir g apj^niileO in--.I i?-e aids d' esinp t" Iter Majesty. liaviLg been repeatedly thanked by the Governor (>eneral nnd t'ntiiiriandei in ' hi?f for hix valuable service in the Nkh campaign* and in the conquest of tin* Hunjsb, he was create i a Knight fotnuiander of the Rath in 1XS0, and since that lime ha# held command oi the diatrict of Cawu pore, the Indian d?pau In s during the war In the Pun jab ahow thai tbe*e honora were liy mi m-ana cheaply earned by (?eneral Whe?|er. In October,Ixix, be efts-ted the rcductu-u of the strong fbrtreee of Knng i Muggul with the km ot-oflly a ?in(|e man. and by hi* con tort on th'a m-inaion earned the w.irm? etapproval of Ixwd U"Ugb, then < -tninauder in chief, who formally congratulated the J br gaoicr on the reauit. which, lu hi# optuion. wa# "en tirely to lie ascribed to the soldierlike and judicious ar racgi menu of that gal Ian. otllccr " !"i M>sy. JX ? rat ta n C W Hilllcr, Royal Vary, the last of Fnglsud's "Ulortous First of Juno officer-." In Kngland. aged eighty years In 1W?3 be wa* employed < n aliure at W Marc s, At Immmgo, where flen- ral ds littienand I.loo tr<x>tw s irretulered to him <m finding the latter at Si Nicholas Mole, be was seal with the Irene ral and a few prtres to Jamaica....The Madrid joorna's an mm need the death at Cor'* of Augastina laregi ?>, who, when very young, distinguished h< rself greatly m the me m?-rable siege of Haragnsi-a by ae*t#uag the artillerymen in the very thick sal Of tlie fight In firing on the Fr-neb. For ber service* oc this oc'smmi she wa* made a sub lieutenant of infantry tn the ,-paa?b army and received srve ral decoration# she was burled at t'iveta with all the honors tue to her memory kv ? VWe Admiral Raron Duboordieu, French Maritime Prefect at Triulon T' ? dec.-a?ei| entered tl service at | the age of 14, and in IX'JX lost his left leg in the affxlr of NavarlWo fie Attained the rank of Vice Admiral tn 1*.U, and was appointed tn the merit me prefer lure in 1X43 lie w?* last year raised to the dignity of Senator as a re Wurd for his aervii eg 30 ?During Ihl# week do d the two greatest cricket T -a) ert in Fngland. Oae waa tioorge Brow*, of Suase*, whose bowling waa the terror of all haUmcn. Ho was the fastest tmwler I tig land ever produced. The other 1 death. Oaldcnuirt, well knr wn at laird's, london, whero I he tnt.-orincerl the ceUpalta fkddecourl waa what may | be termed a hardy cricketer, tif lula yoara he had Ireen engaged pritty much In ateuding uniglra in great tuatrhee i jvlt. 1 The Karl of Mornlngton, in lon lim Hn life waa Insured for one quarter of a million | ound* sterling .. Jobs Stncltolr, the lent of ibe lrtab volunteer* of 1742, (d | neifMi, MM 4.?Hon. William larned Marry. Secretary of .-Mate of the 1'nltcd State* during (Jeneral Pierce'* administration, al Balaton. .Saratoga rouoty, New York, in Um seventy alith year ofbla age. Mr. m. wb* born In Slorbrtdge, W< rrosier county. Marsarhtiartta After < omphting hi* academic oonraa in hia natl?r town heentered Id own I'm j vrrity. Providence, It. I., and graduated there in 1*08 from thenee he to Troy, V V and commenced Uie |>ra. lire of the law Purine the war with tlreat Britain 1 n 1*12 and 1*14. Mr Many sorvd as a volunteer in the I.' ( lire of thi? Male II" held a I i" .tenant - ouiimsaion and did ,i>r?f ot St. Heylua on theCuiada frontier. In l*1?i h?' ?t< appointed lt?. order ol the city of Troy, Subsequently he ?n appointed to the p?*t of Adjutant U u ral in . and removed to A litany On the "ran; /aticm . >t that pr tei.t and secret ar?'>rialiori railed the ? Ubany He gr-ney Mr Many hcratue one of the most tru-ty and roto ciintlal member- and ad v r era of its bend, Martin tan H"ren In IHe3 h- received from the leg -lature the ap|<- i tment of f t^ ( oniplioller, which otn< " behold for ! a? rrra' year*. fW*2V h< wa* appointed one of the t-"so eiate .lualires of the Sup~?me Court Of the stole, but n I l*m he re- gnrd that i#w in erinantyiem e of be tig eie< i rd United St .tea '>ti?tor. He was In th" Senate lr .< (Jinn two year-, wh-n he r< igned. being elf real lioi -rimr of hew \orh m lh"o' lie was lwir< reelected, via., In 1K14 and Ifc'lfl hut on a fourth noml nation, In l.vtn, hcahnred In the def. at of ?ti? dctno rraii? patty After ret ring from the eccutlte Mr Ms1 y prm i tin d-< I 1 hi atom >n to bis pr rate ton-newt, until mr Polk became President, In l*4!t tin was then odered anil an epted the ofliee of Secretary of W ar. and w r?ii*idrrcd through the four years of hie ?ert ire one of the nine! influential member* M P'Ato'k I sh in t. The dutie4 of the w ar Department during the Mexican war were aidum) , and were discharged by Mr M it> . ? th merer and ability With a Urge ><dim of the d? mor ratio party in this state Mr Marry was not | .. pinar, hut bis sbildv aa a writer, lartlnan and -to.t"s?' tv, wa genera l* admitted Mr Marcy wa? for many je tfa of I * early' life editor ol the Troy /h-dgf Do*? ?or ] Marry acquired < ooa.derable reputation aa a diplea shst and writer of State documents from hta ahlt latter li w [>iy to tie*. Sqvil 4ufmf ih? wv, toy hu Unwxu letter to Chevalier HuUeman on Uie Koszta affair, paper on privateering addressed to Ute governments oftk^^^^| maritime powers of Europe daring bis late occupancy tbe office of .Secretary of State His last official docmnsa^^^H was one addressed to the French Minister, II. Sartiges, reply to his application tor indemnity in behalf or French re*ideMs at Grey town wbo suffered froui the i.orn^M H bardinentof that town,aad has been pronounced a masterl^H^H letter on ao InslgniDcant a subject. It H said that whd^^^H J.ord Napier applied to Mr. Cans for indemnity Tor Itritiab resident* of Greytown, the venerable Secretarj^^^H sent bun his predecessor's letfbr to M. Sartigoa aa bb^^^H rent* In connection with Mr Marcv'S name Will Ito remembered the famous motto of his party, as brio|^^| and as significant as Cwsar's celebrated war despatch? "To the victors belong the spoils."....Onl, F. B. OgdeaJ^^^H Consul of the United states for Bristol, tog land, id seventy fourth year. The deceased gentleman was th^^^^H third son of Gen/ Matthias Ogden, and was born at t?n, in the Stale of New Jersey, on the 3d of March, He was appointed by President Andrew Jackson, in as Consul for the United States for Liverpool, where s*ived for eleven years, and was then transferred Bristol. Mr. Ogden was one cf the pioneers of eteatn vlgatiou. So early as 1811 he was attracted to it by successful experiments of Mr. Fniton, and in 1816 8tructod the tirst double engine that was over placed om board a beat with expansive steam. With the boat thj^ equipped, be was the first to venture on pi sea voyage. ?* proceeded with her from New York to Norfolk, In ? ** gists, and established her as a packet on the nss ?"tvTV In 1817 Mr. ogden went to Kngland, and ?ubinitted plana to Mr. Jauies Watt, who said to him, "Mr. ugden, I do not hesitate to declare it will make a beautiful an-v gino." During the latter years of his life Mr. ogden wsA^ engaged in perfecting s scientific sounding instru-V^i meut, the combined invention of Mr. Ogden and Capt. J. Ericsson, C. E ....General Sir Henry Montgomery Inwrcnce, K. C. H., of the British army. ^ at tocknow, India, from the effects of wounds received n battle with Ure mutinous Sepoys. He was born at Mallura, in Ceylon, in 1808. )io entered the military service * of the East India Company iu the Bengal Artillery in 1821, ft and soon ob:ained the character of an able and energetic officer. He served in the Cabul campaign under General Sir George Pollock in 1846, and received shortly after- .J wards the brevet rank of major. In the same year he ftM became Rritish resident at Nepaul. He afterwards took part in the campaigns on the Sutlej, after which he was made a Military Companion of the Bath, and promoted to the rank of lioutenaDt colonel. In 1846 he was appointed resident at tohore, and agent for the Governor General on the northwestern frontier. On the annexation of the Punjab, in 184W, he was appointed by Lord Dalhowie Chief Commissioner for the government of that district; and for his able services in this and his preceding employment was made a civil K. C. It. In 1864 ho obtained the rank of full Colouel, and was also nominated an honorary aide de camp to Her Majesty. He was the author of "Adventures of an officer in the service of Rungei t Singh." Sl'nbay, 5?Gen. J one Mafia Vergara, one of the old officers of the Columbian revolution, in H>gota, N. G. Sinoe 1822 the General remained shut up in his house without even having any communication with the members of bis own lamiiy....Gen. tor lienj-y Barnard. h L. H., or tue M English army, or cholera, before the walls cf Ihe city of Delhi, India, which was besieged yy the Floglish troops M ur.der his command. He entered the army in 1814; wu M lib the stall of liia undo, the late Gcnefa) Sir A. F. Bar- H nard. at l'arie, iu 1815. and on that of Sir John Keane. in M the Indies lie sul^equeutly held the command of a bri gade iu the Crimea, where he served as chief of the staff under General sunpeou. Having returned bone, ho held the rummand ot the troops, first at Corfu and subsequently at Shorncliffe. In November last he was scat out to India, ur.d succeeded General Anron in his command of Uw forces before Deibl ou that ofllcer'a death. 8?General Sir Charles B. Kgrrton, one of the oldest Generals iu tbo British army. He entered the army in J Novimber, 17Ut, and raw much active service. Htr S Charles, as a Lieutenant, commanded a detachment of M ins regiment oil ooard a nuo oi Dame snip in i<ora Howe's a memorable action on the 1st of .lune, 17U4, and afterwards ffl served at the blockade of Maliu, and the kui render of fl Valetta on the 5th of September, 1900, at that time Major of bis regiment. Thence be proceeded with bin regiment in (ieneral Sir Kalph Aboruromby'a expedition to Kgypt, and was present at the aetion of the 18th and 21st of Mareb, 1801. Tlie (Sennral afterwards joined the army in ttie i'eniniuia, and distinguished himself in Spain and Portugal, under the l?uke of Wellington, in 1810 and 1811. 10?The liberal party in Italy sustained a severe lues by tbc death of the young Prince Ar.mbale Simonetti of An cona, who during an attack of brain fever threw himaalf from a window at Anrona. In 1848 be was Minister of Finance in the Constitutional Cabinet of the Pope, and member of Parliament for bis native town. He left otBca when the government fell into the hands of the radical jiarty, ano when, after the restoration in 1K4U, the reactionary party returned to power, be was treated by them as a demagogue. 14.?Hon. Mr. Sullivan, British Minister to Peru, in Lima, from the effects of a gun shot wound indicted by aa unknown assassin, on the tltb inst. 16 ? Pierre Jean Bcrauger expired iu Paris, in the 7Slh year of liis age. The deceased poet was born in Poria, Aug. 1?. 1790, of humble parentage. He witnessed th? ??i ?nrr of the Bastille in 1789, aud waa then removod to the care ot an .?. w ho kept an inn at Pennine. Here ha nrst learned to read. s. r.?, he waa srswntlMd to a printer iu l'eroline. At eighlren u. projected the writing of an ep'c, to tie railed 'Tlovis;" this he proposed an the task of the succeeding twelve year* He also produced verses on sacred subjects. Tlie performances did nut improve his fortunes; and, reduced to great distrrwa, be thought of proceeding to i'gypt. whore Bonaparte then was, and whose first successes bad excited visions af glory and prosperity among the Kreiifh population. The return, liowever, of soinr meaibcrs of the expedition diasipnted lb-ranger's drenm, and lie remained in I'ana. It was at this period, when suffering front his ditappomtad hopes, and even actual indigence. that be seems to hava resolved to.he gay, if he could not lie happy, and he pro ducad his "Roger Horiteni|ai." "Is lirenier," "law tlueu*,'' and " I* Viell Habit." They were not ttumedi ntcly successful; but in 180,'ihe sent some of hi* poema to l.uclea Bonaparte, who promised to ameliorate Ids situation. I jic.ieii was suddenly called to Rome It. ranger bought himself forgotten, when a letter came from laden. assigning to R. ranger his income as a member of tlie Institute. He next obtained some employment as aa editor, and In 1800 was appointed a clerk in the secretary's department of the Academy His -ougs were now becoming )a>pular in every quarter. During tlie "l?ua dred days" of Bonaparte, lu ranger refused the lucrative office of- censor. In I8I6. when he published his Oral collection of sorgs, wh? h were |opular throughout trance, he was informed tliat it would occasion his dismissal from the office he held in the Academy. He wa vercd not. and was retained, but In 1821, when the second oolle< lion wss published, lie was at once discharged. Ho wrote more aud more pmguant satires upon the gorerami nt; he was prosecuted, and sentenced to three uiontha' Imprisonment, and a lino of MOf. lu 182% lie published Ins tlurii mUwHM lor tins tie was agon prosecuted, and sentenced to nine months' Imprisonment aud a Una of Ht.uoof. Confined more strictly in the prison of la force, tlie undaunted [SM't continued his attacks ou the laulta and follies of the government, and tlmsc remarkable lyrics aided nut a iitlie in accelerating the fall of the Bourbons. In 1?;g) the revolution of July would have acted lavornniy ir.r iw ranger * loriunes it or wnm.i nave given up hi* beloved indej>endence 17?General Henry Halueavt*, C M. G. K 11., in the mland of Malta, in the 77th year of hi* aye I .lent. dan. Ilalneavm nerved throughout tbe whole of the war in Spain. He wan al*o pre#eot at the battle of riatuburg, in America and *uliee<|uently at th<> apt ore of Para. BrMdea the above held the important ofltoo for many yearn, at M.ilu,of Intperior of Police. and that A ?>f town Major. fl la ? Iieut GdO *1 Mtm,?ftb'< Cinte.1 State* Navy. at Mend ham. N I He ?ned wNh Wilkee In the Coitntf fl Mate* fjiploring hJtreditlon. and commanded tbe United W Stan ? rh'imer Water Witch during the Mexican war. la 1 both lhaee fwittoon be acquitted lnm*?lf to tli*? entire M eatwfai Hon of hw respective commander*. John Young, 4 a native chief of the Sandwich Inland*. in Honolulu He 1 waa horn in Hawaii In 11110 At ?oc time he waa ?lovernor of Maui, afterward" h< wax Miniater of the Interior, ' and at the time of hla death Chamberlain to tbe King. JO ?Mcnetgnor Ptar. i?peni*h Blaltop at Tonquin, iu CUtcd by the church at Ram Ting -A 21?Mirxa Mahommed Ihraham. 1st" professor of Per 1 ian at the Miglteh college at Haileyt.ury, in Talvran A Altlwwigh he left hi* own country In < <m*?quen<-e of ?ome I lunplcoo tba MolleU* oUrtained of hi* orthodoxy, yet m he never abandoned ht> creed, but uniformly proteased, J annua nir-"j-urn in rngmiiu m.-u nuamnii'ii m;w am m prophet The Miri* wa* author of an Kaghah and I'm 1 miui grammar.and wjk.wum tin* befor> hi* death, em- A pleyed in writing m Per?ian hi?tnrv of Rom* for tbw 1 ptmtlil Shabof Portia. wbo#e tutor br be< tmc after lonv ing llallryhorr tt,?Jr?< ph Rlake, no* of Ih* eight colored persona who aalled from Sow York In the *htp Kliwheth on the 2lrt January, J*20. In found * aetHement on the *hor** of Western Africa. died in Philadelphia. Ifo participated in lbe early atrurglra nod warn of the infant acitlenicot ... i.meral Bnrrio" who lately attempted n revolution in float* mala. C. A ft an*T, "M.?.lone j ib Vapoleon Ney, Prince of Mink own, nod elder! eon of Marshal N'ey. at Rt. i.erman en fJiyo, near I'nrie The Prince of Mmkowa waa born on tbe'Jlat of M*<M. He w a* the godson of the Knajwror Nnpw Icon I. and the tmprew .lo*ophin*. In IW bo married the daughp r n'|L .!*f|iiee laiitt. The pr<>iu<neiil (adlti rat position which Wry'* eon enjnvnd under anconaaivo rhf>m*t wna due mure to hi* nam- than to hi* taetea or peculiar tab nte. He wa* a difrrtan/e in art*, literature and muatc, nod contributed mere than iierbap* any ether man to the introdn. lion into the French language of the word "aport" from I ng'and He once composed an opera rnllod ' R. gine," which I* Bet new verr well known He wad an old rontr buter to the Rrmv At A'-ui* ,V??idef lie wa* the owner of aeveral rare horses, whoa- nam-* wer- oooo well known on the French turf. MailUla, Angle?eaand Counterpart gained priaea in l*d4. The Prince and hi* hreiher. M Kduar Net. were efl-n their owu Jorkeyn. on ene occasion. when rid ng steeple chase upe" Chun terj?rt. the iTinrr, then a captain id the Stb lloseare. wan thrown, ami narrowly escaped with hi* lift*- "e waa una of the fourteen original member* ot the Parle Jockey Cltth. Ht* political i mi it commenced under Ionia I'll I ippv, who, on the ll'th .November, lt.1t, created him a |>eor of trance Id IMS the Prince dv la Moskowa want for democracy Hi tie'..aged to a club tbat met at the (We Mnlho??c, called the rtort. et Oetnocratiitie A Hernando," of ninth M Hcrwegh wae President Hi * club sent out a body if"no lo*? than 1,#00 Bum, who, under the ma in. i nil or citifena flecker, Wei wen nnd Ami here!, took a hiding pari In the insurrection in the (trend tluchy of lla ijen t>n May 90,ltd*, thta rorpa. called the ltemo? ralie foreign legion, wse harangued by the Prince do la Moa kown before Ita itepnrttire The Prince wa* alaoMd a member ol the teg A-m inhly for the dcpartmnnle ot the Moselle and the Kure ctlolr in 1140 He attach*,! himself from the flrat to the prctraatona of the Prlnco President, and of course'aluled the ecooud empire with enthiialnom He waa inclnricu in the fr?t creation of tie nature After her my )* ?> Odonel of the Sth I ancere ami a (Olnnel of dragoon*, he a?. promote ( to th? rank of Rrtgadicr tleoeral, in tfh.1 At tho time of lua death ba wan not in actire eerciC" 8ft ?Omimodore John T. Newton, a iliahngotshed offl ci r of the I nttod Htatf* navy, suddenly. in Washington City, aged sixty live years Tit ?Hon Thomaa J. Rnak, I'nited Rtalcfl Senator from Texae, at hie residence aged ftfty four years. Mr Hunk was a nath e .it Houtn t 'arolitia' In 11J4 he settled in j t.eorLia. and eleven rears later (It ,*) removed to Ti ten I Hp took * |<r?roi???nt part in th" refwln t?n.Mwronw * rompnnt of Tolnnlprrn, nn.1 m mnrk of iho appr??* * tino m which hi* UPrrtrrs were hold W J" I hi prior OrncrnI of the 1V**n for*- In IMt nr w?o . H nxmrd Iw1p???p to the Tnnn Cootp??. *?. ud J