Newspaper of The New York Herald, 9 Ocak 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 9 Ocak 1858 Page 3
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f I Police Intelligence. Mora Oornnnnnii it Work.?Ob Wednesday eventag several counterfeiters were engaged In circulating various 92 bills on the Massachusetts Bank of Boston, and thus far five have been arrested. Early in the evenhig the Twentieth ward police were notified that some of them had attempted to pass one of the bills at the boose ef Mrs. Collins, No. 326 Ninth avenue, and Sergeant Denww?h# nrith nffleaM, riA..?k aw.l Qtnnla nn ranairiitff Irk thu boase found Peter Devlin, an alleged old offender, James I H. Dorset!, Jolin King and John O'Connor. These men had sailed for drinks, and one of them had offered one of the counterfeit bills in payment therefor. Several more of the bills were found upon the door, they having been dropped by one or more of the men. The prisoners were taken before Justice Kelly and committed for exam toatiou. The officers then visited the resideuce of Devlin and Dorsett, No. 322 Tenth avenue, and there found a large trunk tilled with goods, which are supposed to be the pro, coeds of burglaries. The goods consisted of silks, vesttogs and dry goods in great variety; also jewelry, opera glasses, a silver card case marked " Gussy Woolbury," a *u?t knife with " G. W. M. "upon it, four artificial teeth eot on a gold plate, 4c last spring Devlin was tried on sovesal charges of burglary made against him by bum mistress, and convicted, but judgment was suspendm, and be escaped punishment. In a wallet which he bad on his person when arrested yesterday, wee e paper on which the following lines were written:? " One cold morning as I rose fronr bed, The strangest thoughts camo in my head , We had neither tire nor bread. That day I shall remember. I resolved not to stand it long; We must have money, right or wrong; Our determination that night made me strong. The balance we remember." The same evening the Second ward police arrested a sailor named John Taylor, charged with passing one of the counterfeits at No. 314 Pearl street, and attempting to pass another at X'o. 1 Fulton street. He wus committed by Justice Osborne to await examination. Coiwnem' Inquests. Row ix a Tenant Ilorsac?A Cmu> Killed.?On New Year's night a disturbance occurred at the tenement bouse No. 311 Monroe street, during which a child two years of age was Btruck upon the head with a club and totally Injured. Tho chili died on Wednesday night, and on Thursday Coroner Cunncry held ;ui inquest upon tbo body, when the following facts were elicited;?It appears that on New Year's night a sou of a Mrs. Creugh, residing in tbe bouse, broke the window of Catharino Costello, also ono of tho tenants. A quarrel then ensued between the two females, which lasted a day or two, and on Ihe Monday evening following, Mrs. Creagh csme behind Mrs Costello, and with a club struck her several times upon the head and struck her son also. a child two yoars of age, who Was in her arms. Several persons saw Uio blows given, and begged the woman to desat and not Kill tho child, who had boon struck upon the head and back. After Mrs Coetello made her escape from the infuriated woman, she went to the tkpOHij, and there her child 1 received the n< cesaary medical attention, but it provod of 110 avail, and death iwd on Wednesday night. T-ie taodtcal testimony ehowrd ttiat the blow on the head which the child received was the cause of death, and the jury rendered the following verdict:?"That Michael Costelle, die cease.., came io his death by a bio,, received at the hands of Prances Crci^h.'' Upon the rendition of the verdict, the accused, who had been arrested, was committed to awa t the action ol' tho brand Jury. Government Suspension.?Uncle Sam failed to t?.y up at the Charlestown Navy Yard yesterday. Some * '>0,000 is due the workmen, in sums of about *50 each. Not a lew of iho men are sadiy in want of funds.?Boston lYaiucript, Jan. 7. PKRHOh a... Any respectable person wiehinq t<> adopt a healty boy of four monlhs old, cau hear of one by applying at Dr. beck s, E29 West Twenty iifih s'reet, N. Y. (TH AS. H. TALBOT A CO. WILL BE HAPPY TO SEE J jfeelr friend* and the public on Saturday, the 9th Inst., at 73 Liberty street, two daois east of Broad way. JNFOHMATTON WANTED?OF GEORGE CRAIOHTO.V, ef Kootslown. parish of Stabantion, County Louth, Ire nd. who, when last beard from, waa at Oalena, 111. Any lnlormaliou will be thankfully received by JOSEPH OAKLAND. Address box 3,194 Poet office, N. N., IB. paper* please copy J J.?ADDRESS . SAMUEL SWAN A CO., Augusta, Georgia. SAMl'KL SWAN A CO., Augusta, Georgia. Sj\wi.r.i, nn A.i a 111., Auguaut, oeorgia. | Mary missio (supposed to hr in new yoke j will nend her address to her parents In Philadelphia. at b. r brother has lately died; or the wUl Immediately come to Philadelphia^ MRS. P.. OK NEW ORLEANS, IK IN TOWN, WILL please call at the law office ol L. K. llnlkrley There la a defect In one of fhe docntnrn's lelt there by her durinj; Mr. Jiulke ey'? late absence South, not (Uncovered till yesterday, alter hia return. No. IS WakRkit "TRKtT.jIan H, 1SB*. ThJOTD'E-ALL PERSONS IIAVINO * NY PRALINOS .XN with'liebouse of the subscribers In New York, farmer it under the management of theiragent, A. t'OKItoYEIt, are requested hert titer to address their commuutc allocs l>the eabstnbers, one of w hum la now here RooKK KlLS A CO., No. ? Broadway. Niw york. Jan. 7, 1s58. SCOTLAND.?IF THIS MEETS THE EYE OK frlLLIAM Willlam-on natlre of Pauley, Scotland, or any other Party knowing hint, w ill hear of aomeihlnff u> his advantage ly m.iaiup application to his brother in law, John Doyle, rominisaioii no rrhant. 51 Siorrle atreet, I'aia ey, Scotland. In K-tober, iN'sl, he wa* In San Antonio, eu route for t'allfornla prior to that date he w as Joint contractor for the mail between lexana ?n? Richmond. . 1'KXAS I.AND AUKST ? MR. J. IIE CORDOVA, TEXAS land ngsnt, will be at the Amerwau Hotel. No. 136 Fulton street, on Wednesday and Thursday next, January 13 and IS, readv to attend to luatneaa. I \D1 'Villi ADOPTED my ( nil.d is her own. 1 wo u t confer a favor by calling at Mr. Doll's, 371 Eighth at/ei i. as I am very anitouato seemy child once more. * cllAKl/OTTK linn. "tiril.LTvM n russell, OK de1r01t. WAS IN new it Yoik on Monday and part ot Tuesday, Idtb and 13th vlt. i ny personal .w .(uaintatice having met hint wyllcoufer ? faTor by leaving bis addr- 'sa at the store ot DicAu*. SicHvlff A Co.. 51 Maiden lane. A WESSON. "mitill THE person wiiq took BT mistake A It letter from the Post ofll'-;., directed to Andrew Carroll, and mailed at Somervtile Mass , please scud it to Win K. t'oltnn, llerald office. _ fjut okkii k nutick*. POUT OFFlClTKOTICR?THE MAILS FOR EUROPE, jeulhampiou and Havre, per L'dlled States steamer * SAt'O, will clone at this oflicson Saturday, the 9th day of January! at hall past ten u'r.lock^a. M. '' ISAAC y. KOWLER. Postmaster. URLKHOlfi NOT1CRR. Fifth" Xvknvk baptist c hi; Ren.-preaching Ui morrow, January 10, at 10>t o clock A. M., anJ at 7>a v II hi Rev Sidney A. Corey TOIIR STRKKT F1RHT M K. ClIl Kril, JOHR HTKKKT ? (J Preaching t<> morrow Dornioi and evening by lb* (Motor, Iter 1 h*rl? It llarrt# Hen ice* to commence *t Itltj ud f 'clock. The public geucrally are invited to tttrtd. Sent* btr. TdKYnRlAI, CHURCH ?RKV. A. R. BRACK. D. D.. i?l ncbrnf Hi. Peter a church, cbeUeu, will preach to mnr row ibuadar) evening, la the rhurrh ooruer of llatnm>nd nirect and W'averley place. Hervtcra at 10)% A. M mi l J and IS P M. Hoalafraa. NORTH DUTCH CHURCH. CORJlICR Of WIIJ.TAH and Fulton atreet* ? Divine wrvire every Habhalh at lata A.M. and 3 o'clock P M lecture mi Tueadny evening, uxi prayer mealing oa Friday evening at 7)% o'clock. tab bath arbool *1 9 A Y and 2 P. M Htrangera and cltUen* ara cordially Invited lo attend Scuta furalahed by the action. M. B?A daily prayer merlin* ui held betwacn 12 and 1 a'rkn'k In lhe rear ot the . hnrrb N^^^HORFOLK 8TRRRT MFTHODIsT EPISCOPAL ekarrb ? A protracted meeting will be ormmeneed In Ma rhurrh tabbaih evening. al 7 " rlorh The public are in oiled to attend. The tnemhera of the chiic k are particularly retjueaied lo be prearnl al Ike morning *er>lee SOUTH DUTCH CHURCH, FIFTH AV^RUR ARD Twenty fire' atreet.?Rabbelh evening diaeooraea lo tke young by He* l?r. Marauley Subject for January 19?"Par neveruncr " Hrrrlcea to commence at 7)? o'clock. THK RFV. P. MACMRNVMT, n n.. AND MIKBIORABY I friend? of earlnua nanona, will bold it). V.i their neit Rtablb'eoniereorr on th<' errura ol K'lmaniam at b?me and ahroaal in Spring atreet Hall. 186 Spring ntreei. lo morrow ere inc. 'omnt' n. tin: at 71, o'clock Ail are cordially Invited. THF. RKV FRARCI* VIKTOR, PI), VIM, REPEAT biaaermm, nn the "Rellginna Aapeet of Knrope," In M. Lnke'a chinch, Clinton avenue, Brooklyn, Sumlaj craning, loth mat. Service* lo commence at 7 o clock ~ fWCAU A^^^MURRMAR MIDDI.R AilFD WIDOW l.ADV AN EX pertenred and fully rapable teacher of the piano, would to hare a greater number of pnpMa Bc?t of reference* will be given Term* very modern e. Ad Ire** or call ou Ikm. Heeht. *17 Bowery, near Fourth atreet. A ROSEWOOD MFUODEOR. RKW, FOR CM: A BOB ton piano, In good order, far R76; a air octave melode<m. new. met $IV>, lor HA m Reed organ, wtlb four *>!> awl padai baaa, coat B&Mi, tor f;g. Piano* u<t melodeona In let. H. T. UORItOW, IT Broadway. MCRIC AT HAt.F PRIOS, FROM THM WtTFR.d OAlalogue -A few day* longer, piano* and melodeona at aatammhing In* price* for r?ah Heootid hand iilaoo* Mid in* lodron* at rery frMl bargain, Piano* and melodeona la * 1, and mill allowed nn pureh?*e, or for **le iinmrnnhlf a;m> nu, at lh* piano agnnry of HoAAl K WATKKN, ml Ml'FICAT, PRRNONR TN WANT OF A VF.RY FINK planofma will find one In the anrtlon aale lo take pUc tbiaday. Ralurday ?' "? Fifteenth atraet. near MareaUi atrnur. In nt* about Iwomonlh*; will b* ?old to the htgbeat bidder. for ca?h. with the other Airnttnre of the houae. Thin in a grand opportunlt) for thuaa Tu naui of one. piAJfOFORTIW. AND MCRIC TACOftl^IN A FKW I.R8 JL anna, on the piano. ataglnff. guitar, aernrdeon and riolln Term* moderate. Thirteen piano* and one melodenn to lei at SB, Aland >4 a nnnk. or for aale rarr cbenp. by Prof. IHjMR IiaT, m tlrand Wet. P^^^HIANfW -JpVKR It. VKRT FINK PIANO-I WITH Al.l. modern Improvement*, for aale at moat aitraragant low prrrea. Call at ISP F.?*i Twenty elabth atreet, between Re rond end thud avenue*, up amir# ~~ Fi Rnrn iur.. TjinRNITDRF.. PARTTKN WWII I NO TO BRK4K UP T houaekeeptng, or *ell part of their tunltnre and arobl Hie wamrmlenee of a public aula, eae And a r*??h rnalnmer for their furniture, by addreaAlng a nNe to C. W . Herald ofBee, mall eg whew It may be aeon. MM All, AM MARINO RTRONO RPPOfrT* TO CtetRK OTT all Inroleea of aerar* upon Which I bar* made *drenew* Cart purebaeera V' pnrtlrularly Incited to aramine the br'ii f* of tlarnna, detaeattc and 'term in aegar* uru I hare fcr aato. V. CUHMHH, 17 Broadway, R I SPECIAL mmCRB. All persons arr notified not to nrootiatk a note drawn by Lawrence Connolly of Wo?t Camp, In | u er oi Ihomas P. Hardtnge, for S210 9D, dated Dec 18, 1M7; alao cut drawn by D. Crawford, for 980 10, In faror of Ibr lame, bearing dale Dec. 21, 1867, an p?yny>ut haa been tiepped. Ibe am having been oDUineJ throuKb fraud An emigrant, with limited meanh, leaving this country for Australia, on or before the lath knot, 1* desirous of improving Els mind and will be thankful U> re- j reive contributions or books tor such purpose. Address Mr George Wilson, care of Uoodeve, Arkell k Elliott, 106 Pearl street, New York. Fund for relief of huffererb by the in dian mutiny.?The lis: for snbserlptions to the shave rhsrltable fund remains stll opeu Contributions are snivelled and will be received by Mr. O. H. WEBB and by the subscriber, I, M. ARCHIBALD, II. B. M. Consul,U7 Broadway. Grammar buhool, no. s?.?notice is hereby riven to the pupils of Grammar Hehool, No 45, that the several department# of said school will re-open this morning at nine o'clock, at the foLowlns named places:?The male de' parlment In their old premises, at school bouse hi Twenty fourth street. The female department m the basement of the new church In Twenty ttftS ?troet, between Beventh and Eighth avenues. The primary department at Knickerbocker Ball, corner of Twenty-third stredl and Eighth avenue. The female and primary departments will occupy the above specified premises until their old school roOSB* are repaired, sf which due uottoe will be given. Per erder of the Board of Trustees. Maron1c.-the members ok commonwealth Lodge, No. 419 F. A M., are particularly requested to attend a special communlcutl in of the above lodge, to be held st their rooms, corner of Court and Montagus streets. Brook lyn, L. I., this (Saturday! evening. .Ian 9, at 6W o' -Joek. By order of BENJAMIN PRICE, W. M. VTEW YORK TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION.-TUR RE J.v gulsr monthly meeting of this society will be held this evening, at the Union Building. 163 Bowery. A full attendance is particularly requested, a# business of importance will be brought before the Union. W. B. MM ANUS, President. R. D. Dock, Recording Secretary. VTRW YORK, JANUARY 8,1868.-TO THE HONORABLE Xv Mr. Tlemann, Mayor:?Sir?I would solicit your immediate attention to Tompkins square. It is in a had condition, unbounded on every side, and no convenience for the citizens in this neighborhood to rest themselves and lake the fr sh air. If you would pay immediate attention to H, have an Irou fence all round It, and seats stationed there, you woold much oblige me aud other tax payers in this ward. P. 8.?11 thr Corporalion would erect a monument In honor of General Jackson In Tompkins square I will give one hundred dollars inwards the expenses iftOll). JOHN ROACUE, Corner of Eighth avenue aud Forty tlrst street and Eluhth street and avenue C_ VrqT\CK.-TUE STOCKHOLDER*; OF THE IRVING Jli Building and Mutual Loan Association arc requested to meet at tie office of the Secretary. 188 Mercer street, on Wed uei.dey evening the. Idlh tnsl., at hall past 7 o'clo' k. to nominate trustees In anUcipalion of the annual election in 'ebruary next. THOMAS W YATT, Secretary. NEW YORK CTTY AHD BROOKLYN TELEGRAPH. (American Telegraph Company ) Olllcea at 21Wall street, Metropolitan Hotel, New York Hotel, Madison square Boat office, 721 Broadway, Broadway and 22d street. Brooklyn?Montague place, corner of Court street. Offices opeu from 8 A. M. to 9 30 P. M. Messages transmitle 1 to sll parts of the Union. Also from one pari of the city to another, or to Brooklyn, In a few moments, at 12c. and 29c. each. NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE ? SPECIAL meeting.?The Fellows of the Academy are requested to assemble at the small chapel of the University on Saturday, January U. at 2)4 P. M , for the purpose of attending the fune rU of the late I>r. F. I'. Johnston. By order. C. F. HEY WOOD. Kec. Secretary. OFFICE of THE MASTRRTON, SMITH 1 SINCLAIR Stone Dressing Company, foot of East Twenty ninth street. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the above company will be held at their office, on Wednesday, January 13, 1838, for the election of officers for the ensuing year. Poll will be open trom 9 to 11 o'clock A. M. By order, ALEXANDER MASTERTON, President. New York. Dec. 31,1S6T. OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK GASLIGHT COMPANY; December 21, 1857.?The annual election for thirteen diroetcrs of this company will be held on Monday, the 11th day of January next, from 11 to 12 o'clock A. M , at the office. 174 Centre street. The transfer book will be closed from the 22d Instant till after the election. By order, C. L. KvKRITT, Secretary. Robert l. clarke (1,atb with r w. olark a Bros.), saflection Broker, St. Ixrnis, Mo., will make collections In Missouri and adjoining Slates, and remit promptly. Devotes his tune exclusively to to this branch of business, for whteb his nine years' experience In the above banking house gives him peculiar advantages. ST. OKOROE'S MCIETY OF NKW YORK.-MRS. FAN NY IcKMBBE having, upon the application of the Charliable Committee ot this Society, mo?t kindly consented*!# give a Dramatic Reading In aid of its Charitable Fund, the committee of Management have the pleaaure to nnnouaoo that MHS. FANNY KKMBBK WU1 read bbakspere play of BAMLKT, Oft SarreDtr, Jan. 9, 1H6A, At Mozart Hall, No. 663 Broadway, beginning at 8 o'clock precisely. The doors will open at 7 o'clock, and, to avoid loterruption. tl la requested that thean dience be puncinal in their attendance. Ticket* of admlaaion tl each, may be had at Vn. Hall A Ron'*, No. 23# Broadway; C. Hrvuaiug'a, No 701 Broadway, King A Crawford's, No a2 William street; 'AlOton" ofllie. No 18 Beekman street, John c Force, High ttreet Brooklyn, and nt the door on the evening of the entertainment. Also of the Committee of Management.? Thomas Illion Ks>]., Joseph Fowler, Raq., Anthony Barclay, Kaq., F.d K Sanderson, Km., W. I>. < uthh'rtaon, Ka<|., John H Bartlett, M. D., JobnC. Bealeo M. I)., William Young, Esq., Sep traua Crookes. Ksq., Henry Kyre, Kaq., Joseph C. Well* Ksq , Robert Mage, Ksq , Kdward Walker, Raq., M. B. Burnett, Kaq., Robert Waller, Kaq., H. KUtmun Kaq., Charles CUftoii. Keq.,' Geo ft. Katnefnrd, Kaq., Arthur Kendall, Kaq., C. II. Webb, Kaq., J. 8. Mllford, Raq. EDWARD P. WARD. Kaq., Chairman of < harttable Commutes. Tanks paid on non rksidknt bands, in any I ot the (Rates or Territories, by the Amnrtean I-anl and Tai paying Agency, New York. CI.ARK A FACBKNKK. No. 16 Wall street, rooms IX 11 and 16. Hyrnos II. Ci amt. IliHiit D FartasgK. TU HK ANNUAL MEETING OF THK WOMAN'S HOSP1 tal Aaaortatton will be held at the tnactut'on, No a' . Madison atomic, on Siiurday, the 9th Inst., at I? o'clock M. All friendly to ihe Institution are Invited to be present. TVORKINUMKN S MOVEMENT- ALL WORKINGMKN ! TT of the Klcventh and Seventeenth ward* will meet this ; (Frtdav) evening, at 8 o'clock, at .1 Hart's establishment, 218 Kast Eleventh street, for the purpose of nominating delegates to the General Worklnginen'a Convention, to lie held at Steq bed House, nest Saturday week, Jan. It, at 2 o'clock F. M. RKWARD8So REWARD!?L06T, ON THE 38TH ULTIMO, A Zt pair ot aniall turn upturned compasses, of German all ver with the name of II. A .1 McColluin. SO Mdrldge street, oagtavtd od i hem If the fluder will leave the aame at the ailbve addrcso, he will receive B and the Uivnks of the owner. iw ... Att RKWARD-T^T. A WABBRT, ON NEW YEAR's sPa^ evening, near the Itnwery theatre, containing uolce, bills and rrcelpts. The ftnd*r may keep the cash by return lng the nytes and bills to Hrowif A Smith. IE) East Twentyfourth street. $r REWARD. ?IAWT. I* COMING FROM DKMARKNT'N, ) two doors from Houston street, ut> Broadway to Ele venth street, nnd down West Eleventh Street to No 47. a leather pcrtemcnnaie containing a ten dollar gold piece, thiee If' biilson city bunks. I he Under wul receive the reward, aed confer a great favor on one who Is unable to bear the Iw, by leaving tt at the above number. AC RKWARD ?LOST, ON THK 7TII BVRT , BETWEEN ipi) Canal and Twelfth atreata. whilst walking or In a htsth avenue stage, a gold breastpin, aet with hair, and an Inacrtptlon on the back Call at. or address, AS West Twelfth street. ain reward.-bost. on thumdat evening, vl" Jan 7. I8A8. in the vtetntty of Ninth street and siith a small black and a life King Cnarles spaniel with patent leather collar The Under will rreelve the above re ward by returning her to 12 Ninth street, botwecu Fifth and Hlttb avenues Ar/\ rkward.-ntoijcn fr'K the ni*bscrihkr'N Mr bouse at Fori Richmond. l> I .on Tuesday night, the Mh tnst . I cake basket, I coffee urn. I water pitcher, 1 butter bowl and cover, II teaapoua*. marked; II fork*. In ; I salt spoon, do . 2 table spoons, d i , 1 butter hntfe. Splaied gtran doles, 1 Mack alotfc overcoat. I do. 3 pair ejnthgloves, 1 black silk umbrella The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the property or the apprehension of the thieves EDWARD MERRIfT. Ayr; RKWARD-LOST, ON THE RVENING OF THE %) I i ) pith nit . in going from Thirty eighth street to the Academy of MuMc. a gentleman a diamond pin?a square sin rig stone, aet tn blur u*me4. wuh guard chain, and ruby head pin alUrhed. The finder will receive the above reward on leaving It at the Jewelry store of 11. Salisbury A Co., 171 Broadway, corner of Cortlandt street. (kin/1 RKWARD? WIBB1AM H. RlTNNKUs PRO Diietor ot the Kusaoil llouae. Detroit. led Detroit the lliih Ult. for New Y'ork and H-wtnti. ft>r the purrhvee of winter supplies. He arrived tn New York ihe 12th ult., and remained at 'he Aatnr House until the morning of the 1Mb nit Since that time he has been missing He had hern III nl a frver, and had not fully rreovered It {a supposed he became bewildered, and tn thai condition left New York either by railroad or In a ateanw r. I ntca* aecldrnt befsl htm soon thereaftor. It la piohable he ha* visited s-nor hotel sod registered his name. Hotel proprietor* are most earnestly re quested to direct an riamtnaUon of Ihoir register* alace the litli ult . aad If his name I* found, to, at onee. communicate Thr al>o?* reward will be paid to lb* person first communion ling lb* Intelligence of hla arrival at any botei In the Called ,Matn or Canada. subsequent t<> his W| arttire from tb* Aator lie is* II In boned #1*1 ?)mp?lh> f'? hl? suffering family will indue* brother hail's) proprietors 10 see that a careful eiaminiiHon of their reg.ater* Is mad* Address the nnd*r signed at lirtroll, or rare of Itarkaa. Nichols A ( o.. 51 Mailsn htn*. N V. CRANK A WIWSON. Nrw Yoaa. Jaa. ft. IHDR. ijr.nii rkward ?nvK m nhrku iwhxara rv: ward will b* paid for aslis'iotory information wh*r* William H. Ru?**|l. of Retrnp. ean b* found H* l*fl lb* Amor How. N Y.. on lb* 1Mb ult II* In about l**t 7 Inrh** In bright, black hair and wlasknr*. full b*ard (except moii*ta<'h*i, dark *)*?, high, broad for*b*ad. pleasant fan*, rcr* fin* addrsas, and weight about 1411 pounds, H* was wefl dressed. crape on his hat. standing collar, dark nark It*. Mark coat, ov*rcont, panta and rent. If daad. 2*1 dollars will ba paid tor lb* rororrrr of hi* bod*; If murdered, will b* paid for Information leading to the arrest and conviction of hi* murderers. Addrea* lb* uaderalgued, rare of Backus. Nlrbots A Co., I? Maiden Ian* N. T. CRANK k WRRBON, nrW.!AfAIWO k 66., NKW TORK AND CAI.IFOR TT nla Ktpraaa i Vinspaar and Karhang* ftaalera, A .total took Company ?Csrotal (haiono tdll** ? Broadway. Ki orrsars sent to California. ttr?*n* anO rtsn twlrh lalanda the nth uiil ax* of mob month To Harana, iho 7th, IJth Mil J7th of rarh month. Ktahanffr 'or ?nlr tn inni to nntt, on California Orrjrm Rnndwlrh talanda, lltnnt Honton and Phlladrl rbta SiAK* to California Hnndholdara --W., F. A Co am now t?rrrift?d to rarrtrr thr old honda of thr Atair <rf Call for nta tranaaori lh? aama to tar ram onto city and pmrnrr nnw ohm In necorrtanc" with thr art of *tth of April, 1*7. "nil m nrn aarnn to thin rltr. COilo flOAh, OOAta, CO A to COAl., CriAt, ?REP ANP \ ' whtir ??h, arrrrnrd and drltvrmd for &>S0 par ton Yard W and 31 Waahmglonatrrri R. UK \THER H ARD AND horT COAI.S ?itrr rkp ARII, I.RUIOM (prnolnrl and S'hnvlhill whit'- a?h, of all atrm, In -In I in* nut, at auntmrr priori, alan, nannrl and Uvrrtmol orrrl, ai l< wrat rnrrrn'ra'ra IlKTtRY KKAVE, ranhf of Cantl and t. naif?. at?4?vn?i.r of Jaa?a?d Weal am-tia BW YORK HSR ALP, SAT LIST OF LETTERS iBMilfcl bllMliv Vwl City PMtMbi, lAlvtey, Jamry t, UN. PablWM4 uiWnlt m Um Nbv Y?u HaaAUt, by Am W *?ny '* ootMT AaMn# ta* <T??B MmlaHna on* |n?mr m sns vnttHt .siutef. LA11IK8' LIST. A Adams Eliza Allen Orellana Armstrong Helen iMM km. i no Allison Rebecca Armstrong Kute K Aherson Kupbemia Amermau Helen Aruett Eooa Alexander Ellen Amery Angellne Arnold Julia H Allum Mln R knlhOny Mrs diss A roil hall Oraoe Allen Allen Arlington r auny Alter Hullo AUen.Grace Leila Atkins Ellen B . Baeor Eleanor Beekler Mary Ann Blockley Harriet L Hlarkbura Nancy J Heebe Jaoe W Brodertek Ann Bradley Mary Belcher Rebecca Bondorf Elizabeth] Baker Beuners Miss A M Booth Julia Baker Caroline K Mennesholtz EHia'hb Bowles Cerlia Baker Kranels A Bennett Jane A Bowmsn Mrs, 21st at Baker llestcr A Bennett Mary A Brown Mrs A I. Baldwin Mary Bennett Hunan Brown Emmt Ball Mary A Brereton Charlotte Brown Mary Ball Buimu M Berry Esther Brown Mrs Wm H Barker Mrs Lister Berryman Mlsa 11, Boyd Mrs K, 23d at Barnes Annie U d'h avenue Boyd Susan Barrett Helen lieascy Matilda Boyle Eliza Barry Catharine Bretana fira Da GerHiicklin Julia Bates Mrs A H trudc Buuce Elizabeth Bates Mary E Brtant Mrs E, WorthBurke Mm. ManBateman MrsE, Dey street enester street si reet Mcke Eliza Burke Hannah Battelsby Mrs, 2bth Bricks Jennie 3 Burko Mrs Chits street Briggs Mrs A, Cher Burrows Mrs 0 L Beach Josephine L ry street Bushes Mrs John Bleuklcy Elizabeth Brtnley Susan C J ilrvce Mrs C, VarBeaucaansn Ann Bingham Mrs R risk (greet Brcan Ann Birdsatl Mss K 1' Burns ~?|heriue Breen Eliza Brlttou Harriet N Burns Mary Ant Beckel Ann 13 curd man Mrs M M Burns Mrs Wm Byrne Mary ' C Caldwell Esther Clifford Miss .T Cooke Mrs M J Campbell Miss E A Chldsey Lydta G Cook Arabella Campbell Catherine Christy Josannah Cook Georgtanna Campbell Vary A Crltchell Mrs K M Cook Harriet Clancy Surah Cohbetl Ellen Cooper Elizabeth Chandler Addle J Mrs M O < orbltt Anne Cannunon Mary Collin Mrs Geo M Cornell Kunny Capron Fannie Cohen Mrs Ham Cort Amanda II Cargill Mary Coleman Mrs Isaac Close .laneClark Caroline Collins Julia (I Close Susan T Charles Madam Colllna Margaret Coagriff Kllen Carlln Mary A Colllna Koee Cosgrove Catherine Carr Sarah Coltmar Jenet Coau Isabella Carrols Claudine Comerford Mary Coltoford Kllen Carroll Hannah Cot an Pataey Crosier Hellen arson Mrs, 19th at Conaul lamina Crowley Bridget Carson Ann Concnnnon Sarah or Cox Mra 1'amaza Cliase Mrs M It Mary CollllOltl Caahln Sarah A Condor Ann Kvelyu Cullen Ann Oatletl Mrs Fairfax Conine Susan Cumeen Mary Jane Caiman Miss ',16th st Connor Mra, 25th Cuminlna Mary Chaumaudelel Mad- Connor Louisa Camming* Mary K am Henry Connor Mary Cunningham Kllen Cavauagh Mra, Wil Cooaelly Mary Curran Mrs, 9lh at lett at Connelly Margaret Curtamus Mis* C M Craven Catherine Connelly Sarah Curtis* Mary K Clear Ann Conover Mary Cruse Margaret Cregln Mary Conway Kose Cutler Anna Daily Margaret Devanuuin Mad'lle Doude Mary J D Halloa Miss II Dexler Minerva Douglass Henrietta Danforth Mtsa E M Drinker Clara S Dowltng Mrs, 9th at. Danforth Elza Dodl Mary R Howling Mary A Debony Mra M O Doberty Mary Downea Mra, ISlhat DeGogue Madam Donald Mra A,1'earl Duck, Kmuu Heiker l.lna Donaldson SalahC Dully Bridget Dempsey Elizabeth Donohue MrsJ, lata Drum Amanda Dempaey Mary Dooly Ellen Duncan Maria Dennla Julia A Dor an Jane Dyaa Susan Dennlson Mra C II Doraey Mra, James Dyke Cathrloe Denning Mary Dyke* Elizabeth E Eads Harriet R Edmonds Esther Enrlght Bridget J Earlish Virginia Howards Matilda Eslir Mary Kaathrook I Holding Klllo'.i Cathtrine Kamarelda Mrs Raton Sarah A Evans Elizabeth F Francis Elizabeth Fields Catherine Folan Catherine Farmelo Mary Finley Mrs '21th st Force Naomi Farnsworih M'rsH AKlint Elizabeth l< Ford Deila Fnrrnna Mr* Joseph Fhzgerald Caih'e Ford Kosanna Farrell Lucy Fitzgerald Mary Foster Jane Farrell Mary Fiupalrtck Ann Frost Mrs E Farrelly Anne FKzsloiona Cath'o Foye Sarah Fre< inan Mary A FlUsitnous Maria Fullen Miaa A D Fewley Mra, ist a* G Grace Mnrgaret Gray Harriet B Gllmore Margaret Grain kilas. lloiislonCray Sarah Gilxher Bridget Gale Mr*, Broadway Greudy Julia Oilman Mrs L A theatre Green Harriet A Uriswald Jennie I, Gallatin Ellen Green Mary Orlawald Lucy A Grout Hart let F Uerlgbty Bridget Goerkln Mrs H, 30th Gardner Kohecca Gidney Sarah Gorman Kllsn Garvey Mrs, Water Grlflin Mary Gormsn Julia Gateing Ann GrIUn Mary M Grossman Ann Caull Vim C K Ollllaple Aud Clover Sarah Uauller Miaa C Ollllaple Bridget Growney Ann Clave Dora Gllllapie Rnaeanna Guilmelte Eugenia Cray Mr* Wooswr OIIU# Mia* N A Cuallnakl Kale Gray Ann GilmoreWraAM Oualnti Amanda O H tlagerty Ann Hayea Bridget llolmra Sarah A Haggrrt Bridget Hayeallonorla lloll Mrs H N Hanr Eliza Hazard I aura T Horton Sarah A llale Mary Healy Mra .John Howe Elizabeth Halrtead r'lira lleaion Mra,('bathamHowe Mia* N KmeHammel Josephine atreet line Hand I'hebe Hegerty Mary Howe Mary llauiion Margaret Heller Ella HowUnd Emma Hanrahau M.dgaret Ileuderaon Martha Uowaril Grace Hareuurt Kllen Hrnnell Lizzie Howard Murta llarmnn Mir* B J Henry Suaan llnyt Kllza J Harper Mary Hlgglnaou Mra Hughes Mary M Harria Elizabeth Higliam lamia* IIull Mra, lludaon at llaraon Mra, Hbth it Hlldretn .leanetie P Hunter Mr* F Harvey Lvdla Hill Mra, Hiatal Huakiaaou Mra, Watt llawutrd Mra A C Hinklry Mr* E M Hyne* Mra, Heater Hatch Cora I. V I login Miaa B, Kaat llynd* Jane llau?mrt*ter Mary Broadway HvdellfT Suwtn HawraJaneM Holland Margaret Hyland Margaret Hawthorn Mr* C, llolletl Kh/abetn M Uy*lvp Jane Mom* at I A J Ingeraoll Miaa D P Jarvl* Sarah Jane Johoaon Mra A A lnger*<>1l Mary B JeUerda Knttly Johnaon Elizabeth Ireland Miaa h K Jenklna K taer Johnaon Jane Irish Mani la L Jennings Jane JolinaoiiM'drir .ever Ivea Mr* K I) Jenninga Martlia Jonea CUra A Jatnra Elizabeth JepaunMr* II L .lone* Mary C Jauber*. Mad. Broad Jeaaup Mr* K H Jooe* Mra Wai, av B way Jewell Jane K K Kackler Mile laviiiaeKelly Margaret Key* Mra, Wathlng Kregao Bridget Kennedy Mra M C ton at Kneeiand Mr*. Co Kennedy Mary A King l.llly lumbta College Kerr Anne King Mary Jane Kelly Catharine Ketelui* Caroline King Susan V Kelly Catherine King Mra R J Klrh.v Mrs John H Kelly Mary ^ Kirk Mra John Laird Kll/a I.eed* Elizabeth Livingston Ellen M Harriet N l.eeda Mary Loder Mra E Lament .ItAla A Letts Marv Lord Miaa, 2AI at taingdoa Kllzabrth Leonard Anne L laird Mr* Charles E Landrtgan Mra, tlr l.-on*rd Catherine Ixmghlin Bridget rhard at Lepper Jane Luumv Bridget Laragy Mary ia-wl* Mrs,Uamlltonlaivering Am ha latwler Kllza lJrat Mary l.nak Anna lawrruce Mra El Lindsay MraC F Lynch Catharine tlngham Lindsay Mrs Major Lynch Mr* Kdmond Lawreiieo Loulaa C W Lyons Rllau Leadbeater Mra J l.lnaley Mn tthhry t.yon* Mary le-ary Johanna in JU*y A Ly**gl't Honors or Leery Jan? * Jan* N Mack Jttlkl Maurey Catherine Morgan Mra, GreenM?-iden Margaret Maiwoll llaznah wlch at MarderMia*,King at May Mra Richard Morn* Mr*, 12th at Magaraban Mia# E M?yo Sarah MnrrUMrell .Cherry Mag o Ire Bridget Mee Hat tin Morris Mra Mr K I, V , [*nvert) Mary Mendbam Mr* C Morrla Abbey Maker Bridget Merrlman Caroline Morris* Clariana Mahoney Anne Metller Marv Jane Morrison Rarharl Malr Mr* Stephen Mb belMad fleValen Morrerty Marv Mallett Mm tame* line Moae leyMlatE, mKiV Malone Mra, Ham Mlddlelon Mary Mutt Mra s C mer*ley at Miller Miaa, Uit at M 'Uobcl Mad lie c ManganMre MadlaonMlller Clary Mouffcaa Mary Manning Ann A Mill* l.aur* Muldoon Ml/a Manning Mary J MlnanlMra E 8th av Mollard Miaa A Manuon Mra. Wash Miner Ellen M Mnllina Ann [ teglon at Mtwwreau Miaa M Mullen Mary Marlla Margaret MvU bell anna C Mullen Mar.-lla Marfcey CaUerlne MltehellMraRollin A Mulloy Marab Amelia Molone Georgian* Monroe Ko*ebla Marshall Elizabeth Montague Roae Murdnrk Mia* J H Manbtnaa Clara Moonry Mra M Ann Murpl.) Ann Martin Anne Moore Ellen Murphy Maria Martin Marts Moran Moulds A MurravMarv Maaoti be tar* Morgaa Kllen Myers Mr* Ifenry Mar MeAny Rose Mcltermld Sarah E Medtnnea Mart MeAvoy Rllaabeth MrHunaell Paany Mctllnne*MraJatne* MrCanna Bridget MrOonougb Mary McCowau Mra..'tnl at MrCardel Mary A MeHougalLMary AnnMeOouven Mary MeCaroll Catherine MrKnlea Mary MrOurrtn Jane MrCarty Mary MrEntyre Bridget M.-Kewen Ml*t Mat arteyMary, 1Mb MrOrath Mr* FUz McLe.Uu MraThnaA MrCollam Mra, 1Mb gvrald MoN a mars Mary MrCoUeU Miaa M Met.rath Bridget MaVlriar Julia MeConen Mary MrCrrgnrMraMoaea MeWatera Mr#. Mrltermott Mrs, MoGloley Kteaaor Broadway , Cherry zt _ m Naughton Bridget Neagle Mr* Chaa Nlohoia KIIia Nangh-on Jane Neleon Roffta Mary Oakley Mm T II .1 O'Brien Bridget O'Kee/T Bridget Orenahlne CharlnttrO't onnor Mm Wm O'Leery Hannah OVerton I.ucretta O'Connell Mary AnnO'Null Catherine Ohmm Margaret O'I'laherty Unnom *?'>JelU l.ydl* O'Brien Simanaab O'Neill Nomh P Patoe Fmilr PatHaon Marietta Prle?tly Marr A Palmer Catherine Payor Vroily H I omrojr Stella M Partlt Mm John H Peach Sarah A Porter Rllen Parker Mary J Pelletler l.ucy J*"1"""' *"'7. I'armrr Mary A PereITel Sarah J Poat Miaa M I. Parry Mary Peredottor i alberlnePowem Mary Paraona Mra H W PreaeoU Mary .lane Pullen Xl'pha Pamooa Pantile Prlro Martha C! ?""*! lane Plait P.llaabeth B Prior Mad Clinton PureeII Mary Prall Mary PhUII|>a Sarah M Purdy Sarah J PaUen Judith Ramoe Rita Trlnlla Rllry Ann Rnhlnaon Mrs llrnrf Kamaelt Ilonora Riley Mnrla Roe Mr* Andrew J Randnir Snaan B Reynolda fUrahrth Ronerrelt Rit/a L Rankin Roaanna Rryailda Plorrnco Root Mra SM Rarmond Reynolda Maria Roae Mra P B Kivmnml IdnulnA IMcD Kfilwr Rmwnfn%] Mrt Ia, Raynor Mlaa A, 10 atRlrharda Mlaa ** Broome it Reagan Mm, BayardRIi har laon Inrlnla Roae I'njdentla L Redden Mary A Robert Mm Rldnd*rR.>wenMr-. J J Redding ton Mary Roberta Grace Rowland Armenia Reddy Wary Roberta Nancy Rug* R'lgaola Rellly Bridget RoMnaoa Bella Ryan Sarah M St Jnllen Madam Sweeney J aha Mlk Ann 0 sage Rmliy Segar Kmllv Smith Bridget Swain t urnelia Schneider JnteiM Smith Caihrwme Spanldlcg Arm* Spencer Mm Wm.ll Smoh Cordelia Snang Nelly Snerburn Ann n Smith P.llen 1 Seanlon Anne Sterelt Rarhael Smith Franeea K Stand ley Helleii Siarh. na Rltia Smith Mary hunlvJnArr !^fni?Hir?b Hmiib ?*riiiA H Shannery Mlaa C A Slereneon Mary * Smith Phebe Rooae Shu liner* Margaret Stewart Mra Prede raf at Stanton Stella rich Smith Phebe, *th at Sargent laabelU Seymour Kate Smith Mm llewry Starr Mm Wm U Slrttv Sarah SroO'W * Ktralon Mary Smllle Sarah D Sen tie Id fanny Saiindemon Snmn ASttll Klim M Solla Mm Solomon Shaunhneaer Mary Stillmao Jeanelte Somem Umlaa SIiai eland Margaret SlmonMm.I?1riai?midS oi|Asarg? Shaw Mm J R Slmmonda Mm O SprPl Mm N Saylea Anne Rowery Sioughton Mra M G u... ?Srk v.liraheih Sowarbr Ann Rprartnan Ann Smith Mm f W Meal)? Mary Rhrffltn Mm. 1Mb *? Hmtth Mm M A Sumner Mm Ono H Strrlr Antrim Wtirfen Mnrl T TalenM MmA, JOth rtTtiMnlr t.nrj R Tnmllnenn Rllrn Tanary Rear litiir Mm. Kim at Tlxmtpaoti Mm. Beat Tarpev Mr* R Tnbtn Mary Itroadway Travem Mary Thrtwkmortoti Bnr Thompann Hamh Taylor Ml?/ hrrlr Thompantl Hiiale Trrailwrt'U Mra F f! Thimu Jane Tommy Kliaaltrth Tretlwfll Mm Samll.Thomaa Janr M Tornry Mm n .' Trrrt AnUtlnrtln Thmnaa Mary T TnnnaanJ Hhrhr B Terry Suate R tl A V J'nttnl Mm T Vmiderbttt HarrlVan Wlnk'n KlimTanenin Irene Van lrwatrrt'yti'hm lteth VanHnri-iit niharint-Vanamtlnlr Maty V VTmt'ul' M.try K Varxlrwi rt MM P, Veil Po'ra V Votiie M*i Touine Uornuo si . , mtmt i ??- > URDAY, JANUARY 9, II W Walker Mr* R K Wheeler A an Wilaon Harriet Walker Mary A Wheeler Mlnerra Wli?on Harsh M Wallace Ann Wbelah Kilt* Wbl'e Ml ax K, OHrer Wallace Kmini WheaJan Kaaler Wh.te Mr* W, Med Wallace Ixmis* Wells K, 13d at lord at Walsh Hlrnor Wella Knx-llne While Lucy Walsh Jane Wren Mr , 3Mb at White Harah C W.l.s X?|W m ?i - u/ki.1?k an.. Walsh Dorah Wright l.uey A Whitney Mr* Dr K 1 Walsh Mary Ann Wlllbur s..rah Whitney Ml**!' I .illm Warrrn Mra Julio II WUtard M tria M Whluaher Barah O Walerman Cornelia William* Annie Wood Mra, H'dway Waiaon Mra y, WUllama fanny Wood* Mra J 8 Bleeeker st Williams Julia Woo<!a Catharine Waiaon Maria Williams Mary Ann Wood* Margaret Waugh Jane William* Sarah Woodruff Matilda L Wrarer Hebeata Williams Mr* Jaa 8 Woodvllle Mathilda Webb Mary Woollatt Hannah 8 Y ?fc X Young Mi a J L Young Mary Jane Z*brl*kie Mr* Albert GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A AarontvBroa A horn Daniel Anderaon R L Abernaty Joseph Allen John R Ally ell Stephen Aekeiman II Allen George W Anger J Abelt.aptLD Allen John Anlnny Emanuel Abbott A Allen W A Anaorg Joseph Abbott Nathaniel Allen Wm Atndge John Pierro Allen, Cltnpln A Co Arcularius tleo P Abbott Tboa W Allen Samuel A C(* Atkiuaon II t Ackerman (leo W AllmondChnsH Aaion John Aeoata Klioeo Ailleriood 0 A Co Arthur T 8 A Co Ackerman 11 Alaou Wm Ainltage A Hreavea Adelman John P Aneler A Menbach ArnsthalC 1)?2 Adams David Aduaine Dcarby Arnold Jamea J

Adams llezeklah Amos Chas ArnisUong John Aduuia H 8 Ames Meriltt Arieaa Fraiiehtco Adam* Thoa fl?2 Ambrose lieu Aaton Franklin K Allien Jamea M Ambrose Iir O 11?2 Asbolh Col Akerman J Amet.lno Ashweil Dr R Allkiu laaac Ames Win AUllcea lleury Albreebt John Andrews 11 RR Auberi Moo* Alme Aguew J Uolmea Andrews llirnm Mr Aldmeyer A Bro Andrews Rev E Avery C*|it Jaa R Alcoi It Win K Andrews K W?2 Ayer Daniel AlllaS W Anderson Jacob Arey KlUha C A It.i mora Kedcrln B Habcook II M?2 Heardilee K A?2 Borwtn Cupt Clius Braeken James Becker T A Drown John Bschia K A Becker I> C Brown Jamea Illsrkman F Hechter Friiucls M Brown, Ixtonil* A Co Blake 0 8 Breed .Marvin A Brown Johu ri Urachu Tbornaa Deehee Jas M A Co Drown Nathan Bradbury Oapl Beechcr John J Drown Joseph II Brady Bernard Behon Timothy ltrown John Brady Kdward Berht Wm Drown K M Brady II II Itehn Henry Brown hi S Bradfrv F H Bellow* S A Brown M W & Co Bradley A Hubbard BellowaChae 8?2 Brown A N Bradiee Paul B BeioenMCAEC Brown IM! llaer B Bell John Brown KW? 2 Baker James 8 Belmont Frank C Brown, Son A C<? Bragaw Kllas T Bemnn Riley Brown F 11 K Baloo Sylvester Bremer Rleii'd AOo llrowu Win Hradahaw John B Benson Gen G W Brown Rev 8 D Bain .lamp* Bennett K Brown Samuel Baker Henry II B Bennett N R Brown Samuel K Baker Josiah Bennett K R Brown Matin w Bakert'liua Bennett Thomaa Y Bm<vu Cha* M Baker henry N Hrennan Tbonuta Bro vti Arthur J Baker John W Benedict I vote Brown Ueo Blake Mm F Benedict UK Brown Frank Balrd J W Benachoten tieo Brown K Bailey Chaunrey H Benton Wm 8 Brown B Bailey .Iamea K Benton J T Bortck 0 W Halley Samuel Berry Simon BotliweU William Bailey J A Berry Gordon (I Hoawell Wm Hnlaer A Simon Berry Horatio II Mouehellc l)r la B Baldwin (has Berry I< (I Bouoa William Baldwin W K A OA Herbert August Hnwenea DauleJ Baldwin liety U Bernard A U Boulant St gl?ue >ad Baldwin A la Hertody Tboa D Bovrlea Henry I' Baldwin Thomaa G Bergen (larrut Bower* Win Banliln^ J Bergman A A Co Btiwer Peter Brandt India Bremer C K Bower L A Co Blanchaxl Nathl?2 Breslin Hugh Boy 1 John E Banertt H I? Beacoby II K Boyd Lew.* lliank T J A Son Brett B W Boyd Col W W Bniimcheld A Brewer Solomon K Boyd Joaepli Blaney Geo Brancoae Mr Brolhertek 1' Barber Smith A ljridgea Wm Brougham Barbour J N Big low llenry Hay Browning K Barne* Mortimer C ltiglow A II Brown J Barnes Jits T Bifur A Brower Jacob Bard Jus I) Billing* A M Broth Tboa Barker Geo Bill I' Brundage George Barker Clias A Bima J,imp* Brn :e John (1 Barker .1 aiub B-tnsmade Thoa V Bruce David Barlow \ It Brinckerbofl laaar Buealey Henry G?3 Barney ileot! W Buckley II K Barkley John 11 Briuckerhoft Jno II Bu -kleyTM Bariiph Hob't la Bingham C, t: Buckley Alon/o D BarneaJasT Blrdaall Klbert Buckley Timothy Itai ne* tlen fa Btrns.lohn Buekle Kobt G Barman Jacob Bristol! J W Bullard Knoch Barney A II Blahop Reward Binloek K K Barker R II Bishop Kdward R Bull IT F BainaidBRS Bfairat Aanpb Buchanan Ilavid Barnum .loaeph R Ifrowdliurn .loliu Buuistcad William Itarr Alei Bruekin Hugh Bulcn Ml Barr Alex Broccn Jeremta Biishuell Wm II Barry Summertleld Bocalamino Bui* Butler C II Harry Michael rtocsen B Butler W. Veaey at Barton Charles Bold Win Butler laord Bartlett Wm Baditrtha II la Butler Col Tboa P Hai tlelt A Buflum Body comb Robt llurdett J 4) 1> Bartlett M R-2 Hodhsh K C? I Burna William Banram Barney Hadlnu T M Burn* Robert Bsrwlek George Hadtne Wm O Burna C A Baratow G llugert Thus F BiunaCC Harding C llogert Usury W Burua Roberta 8 HauroulMo'sJucc|ur*llogarl It W Burua Mlclutel Hragan It M Roman II Burn* Juuci Blatehlord Jamea A lioneUen Manuel Burua Kdw aril mil iifory n imnuy nm ueiuo .?i Bauer Andreaa Bnntl Jaime?B Bui model K Blauvelt John H Dion* Mon* II Hurr Horace N Dray Rev John Bloomer Wm Burr A Smith Ruyriyht W alter L RrookmanCaptChaa Burks William Bayard Wm Blood IIH Burke Tboa I' Bruaher L A Brook* Jamr* Btmia William Itlcaknry Michael Brook* Jaa U W Brynon David K Brant Kit Brook J T Bryan T M, Jr Ut'urilalry Wm II Blouintn^dal* J By uigum diaries Cady .? Clear land Crawford Jnaenh Conroy T L Caflry I'ali Crawford RcvMlNf Conroy Thomaa ( handler 0 Crawford S W Comerlord Ucorjfe Callender 0 F. Canater John T Conroy T Callrhan John Caihai l Wm Crompton John Caldwell J W Chaae, McKuiney A Conover Aaron Cahill II Co Cnndll William C im|iion John t> chase Barker H Conroy John CatnpbelJk Chaae Dr Charlea Cotilaii Mlcheal Campbell A K Caaay I'alk Counbloa l.uclua K Cauiptnnn, Ilela Caaeaity John Cooke John court A UaiWI Carey Tboa I' Cook William I* fan tic Id IB v F P Carllton ileo Coolejr,Far well ACo Cane 1 homa* Caaaello II Cooper k II chadwiek Jnmea CaatelUiioClcmniitnCooper S W A Co < lanry William Chee*man W S Cooudga F W < hatiliouiu' Ihoma* t heeaiuan Capl II floonan luuien < hamhetlln J Hale Clrvelaiid W ilium ('loan Bro t harnherlln Haul B Creech C*pt Ja* Connno F t li^'Diaatiiori* Crittenden lICACo Cortlaaol F J < hapioan John Cliltteuurn A? Cornell J J i liapman Wm II K < union tleorpe A Corkrlne Michael ChapinKS Clirtoid Frederick Corradl Nealor < hapill John Clifford Cap! Wa*h Cms* >n John II < an olon Terror* ington p Cn<aa John A A Co Curtail Terraurc Cochrcn Robert floater Jaa CufUfl t arter I/Otila Coehran fcdward Croaby li Carter A F Cochrane Jamea ClAiyjey Daniel Carliti Bernard Cobb Daniel '"urn Charle*?1 Carrtngtuu W to C Crocker C'barle* Cowley John H Carrey K I. Celt UK CourtneyWlllehireS Carbey. ArirrcACo VigHwell W R Coward Kdward Carno. h Mr Cnele Lawrene* Courvolaler K A ro CaraRan Janr.eR Cole* Kdwln S Cunningham MuCarpenter 'Frank Cole tleorire II thew Carpenter o b Cole Nnoa Cummin* R H 'Kt-tf Cole John U Cullman J ' /Arret* Hon Joale ColrVn WUIlnm Cuinmlnic Horace Curler Jam** Coleman Tbomna C'urley Ooruellua Carbon Kugen* Coleman B CuUnn Michael Carr ram m ColliM.lieo i'u tnmJu g* Simon Carhart Frederlrk Collirf* Mark t ugmi WiUlam Clark Benjamin Coillna Timothy Cutler W T Clark John (Vdltna Corneltoua Clyde Robert Clark Jo-eph R Collin* Daniel Curtlu K I Clark Mir hard Colter Joaeph Ctime (J R Clarlt Buddy Coaah Mr Curly Ttnnwf * Clark W J Conner John H Culling Thomaa t larke Jamr* Conroy T Cuahmuu Joaiuh t lark* Mr < one J H Cnrran J P A t o t Uek W II Coodlt William Curran A While t utbuul'Ii John Conneiley Wm M Cuklrr ATownaend Crawford A Co I> Darby Mora, are R De (llrardm I<eon Onan* Capt Iaaae 8 Daly John Herbert Win Ilotoe A Daly Michael lie. ring Capt Johu Dodge K W liraku I<.Hn I)# i Viu r ** v Nwrldin Ikjhiwm I' T On low Andrew A Co Uunna J H Paryett John P? JuMfliilti anan Poherty limit* llaiytalJaa Nl.brt Pe Mmrw T A John liarilrl. Put Pent John rouahon Mini tct 1 >>l'Mad?Jrri'iii(Hil?iby llHl Co Poal* Pat Pallter Aikm Pe I-eon ft Proiuiht Robert Parr'anee John L Pe aairo Planldo I)<>tjr apt Cheater Panforth William Peiano M B ttuica* A < .0 Hailing K H Penataore Peal?2 Poarlttv Henry <1 I ?tia ft II Pi'SJlnyr W W l?ow Moae* A Paata tlllhert Pe Motl W? Bow John W II patlaUrurge pero??an Prank L llownle Ueorttn Pat id Alriand. r pelhrote A Poyle Martin Paaeacn OUter Berlin John Kiiujlai lletry Patta Oeoryo S lHi?rA A pnughty J?e ph Paviaon Henry pe/.Itaitole lUmon Pouglmrty Hryati Patta Walter Dre/fua .loaeph poniihir itata ri Patta Ionia l.-emondt'ornilliuil'Bunkm M Payta it H petorl A II piilou* W T?J Pay .-non Parlua Prenaner Phillip Pun lap John T I latin port llrnry Peiter Theodore Puhola P. W A ft) Paii?herty A Pay Thomaa Pit Heroean lArtllo Patenport. Vnllony Pitman H Puratn Michael A Co I itrklnuon H K Pnt.ola William A Paaldaon Jaeoh Pier WII Pnncan Par d Pay Martin pittrnbai h tlnaiave p ugeon Rtehard Pe Pure C B A Co liwuht.rpenei-rAl'oPnncan Tboa H Peema J William* I Me. ka (luaiaf PuelJ 811a* I, Peacon Joahoa IMi Joahtia A Popart W W Prldyer John P prlaenllt ornellna Pnteber Tbom a* Pearborn Pr John Plnnj Jamra II pnireh W ll.nrya (bam William IMidley O IP Hnti Hrotlteaa ponin Ilea Tererea Pnaent>?rry Tbotnaa Peaea John Ponnarnrawaa Ca Put am Tlx ana a p. an Panial unll" Pnaenbery A t >(den Ivan llllhirt poliblny* Chnrlea Pynan Michael pehenedi III R iPael Dodge William pnaernola teorK'e Beady Kdtfe nd Podda Panlel Pnrand t'harlea Pet'ae'ro D I'laeUoBotioyaii Henry Pungatna A 1] itrnurgn Twanit* u ^ Frkart Imi- FMrilgr Pminlrlltl Kmrry Mo niton Karlaa Frank Klltnon Kohl Knim Vm Mward* H W F.llrry Kpr* R Rngt,*h l?m? H F.arla l*aar P Mllott lnm<? Fairnok II > Irriitn Karl Vdi* Rlrlmrd RaataAar Aln MwaHall K Kit lot I Mr Rmmona II I. Jr Kilwurditlri Fly Alrx IttrM A Anydor Kdwardi Wm II F.a?tm?n W R KtiaiJiAn kffltigham W*Prr Klkln. Horatio Kbr??w H C Kdmard*. PatanportKmmon* Hilra?tar Raplnota Hon* l-ron A On Kntrry A 1 *prn Raiandon Manual Fdgrcnmba Jamr* Kngllah l>r 1 hot P Rnnlanrr, Barman Filwln . I antra F.motia A do A t'o kill* t'haa Rlakhanlt A R r F lah.rty Palk F lrt.brr Mr. bran* Flt?arald, Maff"I alrtrlil (lao R rock foundry drr A I V) Fallan Tbo? Flat< hrr Frank H Flt*jllrr Partd Fairman (I W Frrnrh Smith Frltra Attfiiat Frai/rr.lohn Fleming W M F'oirg t'haa K F.rmrr* llonrr B Franrh ll*rrt.? D I ogrrty Mlrharl Franrla Wm Ferrry Jam Frrguwm Mtrhaal Flanagan Tho* Flrreanlt Joaaph Fnrbaa A Oo?2 Franklin J antra Frirlr John F'trtnan Wm Franrla T W Ffirdal Bar Fordrrd Praynon W Fay A Hrawn Flnla Jamr* Formatt 0 IF f arrrll W R Flrlrl Pr Win flood John Farran M Frtrdl*oil?r l<a? *'<*<1 Manor Parian Abraham Fit H J II A Co F<>r*a l.odalg Farrall John Fte-ld* A H Fmat II Farre I noat., Flnnlgan lamrt F'owkra Moa Fay rapt (Irorgr Frtrr.e (Ittaiarng FnatorWm J Fartngion A M Fwhrr Jamb Foatar Jnaapk Farltn A H F la hrr Pan Fnadtrk Aaml Fra Jam.a Flfnrtfln Flanlnro FnwlrrWmC Roderick J t'aariiln Foatar tiro rrk Henry Fiaha Paul W Foarlrr Chtiatian Frddrman Philip II Ftabar J*m?a fnlcnntdar A C Faytrl Joarjih FIikaf Wm M Fuller Wm? 2 Franrh A 1. Fwke John <? Fnnger Roht Ferrer OnbrtaI Flabor John (I Fotarr Jamaa Fergtinnn Jamra H Utr.rr.ld F, l^lr Frnion llrmrhall Fltta Friend fttnpr^Mha FargnaonUO IM'^Hnll o flnll. Bowman A (Irarrr* J A Orl'WWI ' A Hxnrolon tirrrn T T Gt*l n Franeta (latlney Ian (ireenhnry Jo* flodard 0 B (latlirr Joaaph Orrrnwnml liawil ttoblrll' Joarph t>r?h?tn, MrFnddrn (ilrady John (I ihrll l.rwi* A t o lir l Vk John S Onrikln I'Jtatn I. Gallagher Rtt.'onS Gregory Mm Goodman l>a?i<l t 358. W?n?jhi r Ilniry flibb David (loodvrln Henry C iIiomii P.ler (Irlm jimnok Oaio#* a Nattn loae Humble M OlUortl A N <ioodwin J N A Co llamble draw (iriflHh L P ???x?len<wgh R ( amliol John (ildcou JmmuH Otxxlhue Chaa W?1 (ianabte Dr Alum (IIImid H H Ouodrich Wm N ,.._..u.u la itnniD n < wwnwjinn .tea ii (lurieliiuu .1 t ('? ilkhbaJanrtH Oennande Michael Gardner Jackaou GrtlUth Evan Goodwin Prank Gerelde J Grtllen Th<? Goald J H Garland Tboa t.ritlmthoaM Gutdim Wado Gurrleon Garrett O Gilbert Mnna .loa R (iaiton Aaron C Gilbert Jamra UiivHkflU Garner Smith Gilbert f! I, A Co Gornon (Inn J F Garland ,laa Gilbert K Gordou Daniel I' (intra t'apt Gordon Oilman too K Gordon George dray W W Oilman Ionian (lour,tin Mr Galea ( baa II Otlmore A O Guriteu Jainea (Hat/. KugfM (Jtlmora John (Hover Chaa rl (ia> (i?o Glenlne A Kornrr Gouthercl Auguatln Geophesnr Timothy UllleUcAllnmlngtonO'ii.*eu ,t Uerardtn Gaualer H (HteuaJoaeph drover s S Gerry Elbndge diamond Emanuel Grundy A Kelioxx Green Frank Glmcbto Antonio (lamperty i'Imm George T Olllcnpte Kdwln I! Gttiou laaac GreKoryATlltonACvGltaeier T R Gutntero I'mutr Haddrn Joalab Jr Hartford WilliainH Unman .J w Hailley .Tacoh Ileln I H Horary Kami, rr Hall William Ileer Henry Horner t han .1 Hall P D lledganJob C Hopper Klchd bull Rev RichardC Hearty WUliam Horn Abraham Hall J Iielden Heath A J Hopbine Daniel llallott .laroh H llonly J P I oamer BO HallettCbarlra llelfenatlen W R tinman U W Haft W J H?nu?MM?y .fames Horsey Haml llalyman .lobn Henal. y A ? Homer Chaa I llalllgan Thouiaa Hcodtframi Andrew Hopper Rich,I Haltiht R N Hcuderaou A Burga Horn Abraham II.itgbi W II A Co Henry It Hornby Kroddle 11 alnea Eugene H M Henry II HoutlbJ'T IlalneaSamuel llrgarly Maorlce H""?* * ' ,, ? llalna Dr lUritia H.rrick tleorfe Hoyt -lohii MrCall llagarty K M 1> Herru-lt Jamea IlnWlden r rodk 11nn>III Haruard Hcrnandea J Mar- Hover P A II;,noil .lamea tiuer Iloyt Wm II llkiotlton Poler HeruandczJoaeKliaalloyt Joa li Hantbel William Herbert T II Howard Thoa H Ilanaon ( harlt a R Herbert A Hlduey Howard l?i}fr<at Itanka Ilenry lluwett .lamca' Hani, y Ilush llewett Dr Jamea Iloyt P B llauold Predk llewett (IT Howell tiro B Hanland ('apt lleth. rlugton Geo llotchbla# J P A Co llanklna (' W Herring Ph HoytJaaA (lames A Lord Hill Wm IlourJonaa Hart ? H?1 Willie A IIowalPA llroa Hurl Beltth Hill ("apt E HowardI U llart Rol l Mcrrett Hilton B H HouoU Mr Hart J A Co I Uton W K Howard Geo A (A> Hart A II lllllard Henry Hull llroa A (Jo I HarUand Edwin C Dlgslne J W Hugbea A Walbwfi llarrlnu .l.ilm llinkllnir Kwmi it llnhhawl 1. H ? Harrlng John W itrewer Hubbard H S HiriyWm HIcksJohnR Hnhbell II W Harris Simon Hlrsch, AdolphACo llutt'W J Harris Gee HlndaJohn Hughe* Mr Harrison A W Hobba R A Huey Arehbil Harrison Cart O Hodges Henry Hugnea J B A Co Harrison John Hodges Edward Hughes 1' Harrison, Com- ACo Hodges .1 M Huntington WW Harrington tleorge Hobny .1 S ilunntlnglon U W llarrlugtoti John Lie llmun Suml V Humphrey ('has Harrington Wm K HoDbui J llenry Hunter II S A llroa ilartahornePbirder Ilnifmaii Mi 'itU1' Tbos E R ITurtxtg (Justus Holhrook Cnptlohn WU It ilarrlhlil I' J Holmes .1 S J^^Hey J W llenrtwell Oliver llolllna Krnncts flWl'aiM K liar tile Eugene 11 Hogan Wm IIti'ton Mr Harding llarry Holeemb Waltei M Ilutohlna K M HnrdieJamra> Hutrhlnaon it K Harvey Jamea Ho-nbyMaster Ercd Huiehinga A Co llarvry Kiiwnrd die Huae Sail, Jr l!arv*y J.Fulton at llopklna Daniel Hutrhlnaon Orrin Hay Thomas Hosmcr E () llylaud W C laedour Kilwd Ingham BenJ Irvine K W IslmiHU Jo* J Jacques GrubUn JepaonWoi Joalmer Nleolaus Jackson Rev K W Jenkins H If A Co Johnston .lohn Jar Mod Mr Johnston, Crews Johnston David Jackson (leo ,t Bruwley Joralemon J W Jackson Wm TI Johnson H u Joy P II Jaoot'ornsky Jacob Johnson II W Joyce John Jacobsen J Johnson A Shopard Jones Hlrara B Jaeob Mr son Jones Wm M J sine Santiago Johna'on Jno lly Jnn'sCeiE Jaj nes (leo H Johnson Joaee Jonas < 'lark A others Jsdo'H David Johnstone Kohl K Junes < opt James ' It ,'ohnaon Wm Jones J A It 0 Jiiusisi August Juneou A J Jones Uenj I' James Ki nt, 8*u- Johnson A Towu- Jones Jahn K ter A (to send Jones Thomas Jsmiesou A Law- Johnson R R Jones Dr. dru.idw.iy rt nre Jehnsoil 80 Join s Jus Jsrvtr W C Johnson John .tones John 1) Jennings Wm Johnson I'cler Joyce S J Jsiiktiiann Ilnnlt 1 Jones Thos R K Knapp Win II Keep O II Kemntnn J O?2 Kinie Chan Kueedaen C W Knight John W Kauaer laidor Keene Qen II Knight WW Kaufman A Keating Jaa Donald Knight I hag P Knapp K R Km-uan Thoa Kltteltaa J H Knawer Andrew Keaigen T W Kllleeh David Klanburf Mr keatnn Marnn Klltrlilge Abbolt K Knrney Then Kelly Ulbhnna L Klnkllfi Dr Knapp P II Keegan t: K Kirkham John Kaicl J Rudolph Karnaghan W Kimberly C W A (V) Kelly John Kemble Kranela A K irkpatrick Jumna Kelly Joa Kepi K W Klnly Kami Kelly Jaa II Kerahaw Wm C Knrff t'haa Kelly lleury Kemlrlck Jiio Mil la Knowlaa Capl A1 II Kelly .laa Kendall John KuhnK Kelly Michael Kennedy tl Kohl J G Kelly John Kenny Pat Kolhel'h:ta Kelly Jaa K Keaho Caleb Knoi I'haa K Kelly Cant KleiverUeo Kordemann Mona, Kean Mii hael Kcrron John Leonard at KrebaWm Kennedy A K'aigan Peter Kearney C W?S Kennedy W Kuoi Andrew KrbrARACo Kenney C W Kultloon.KellerACo la 1,11 dd J A Co Lee ? N Jr Little A Olcott lake Vm A lottery Wm LitrhhultAValentlne Ijnlil A ki Hall I<ee W in Llvtugxlnu Wm K 8 laiduej l.'-ary K l.ooele T W latne Maater Robt Leavitt Knfna lame L K l.nuk Cnpt (; or W Lelfhl Hand N la.gan tleo Lane Kobt L Leland II K Imvr Wm I) La Coat I Kev M Leo Henry Imgan <1 A Lander Capt Chas Lennun A M Louprette J It Iiim-don I luth lamt ltd ward Lowe tiarur K latiigbioii Mil hard l.aproton NtonaJ PCIauigekrr MalhtaaU Ijtvtrenee II J Lether Ptepheu laird Joaeph T lairartia Hi nry I. Lew m Kami K l/ough W A J Laurence W m H LewlaWII Ian will John laiurence Jonathan la-wla Joaeph 1. laird A Melaon laalrrJ I' Lewla It K LoomiaTH LaurenceC Lew la Lean Low B I .angler *> Leonharda Peter Long Tie,a (' I juirrui e Joaeph le-on Alel Longwnrth David I jiimSH Iwviaan LrwU IxiW Chaa W I antter Cbna leiey M laingworih John Law fence Peter Levi lleury Lyon K II I) Law rent H or If la-vy N Lyon John D lawyer laldor Levy laaae Lyon Rnbt Laureuca Henry l.iglitha I Win Lyon* J A A Co Laurenre S Lithk'h 0 ial tc Lj oik Kmanuel l.awten Wm A T.lndly Jo?e| U Lynn Capt David (Aland, Clay A Co Ij.n-a K avihn Lube Thoa T I.each Pylveater I Ingle All red l.ynaa Dan LrlgkMaatarDuncan Llater John P Lynch Kd L Thoa Llnge Marttn Lynrb Tnno'hy or Lelrhart V A Rro Llebniaan Mayer I, John LeaJamea Littry Kajmina Lyell UavIA Stuart Mayanrd O A CO Xanolani Pletro Monte)o Mr . Ma n>f> Thfic Mury A John ! Ma? Mullen John Mnllot'k Jam* a Samuel U I '...I Uae,? I* W \lnrvtll I'ill .1 It M.i?iin*T Molroa" Kenneth Morgan IC.I T Mninml t'haa Mead P Morrison II ti M moire Itrrnaril Medny C II Morn* A Mitriimbrr [IO Marks J W Morale! Carlo* Miw-liityr* John l> Matilon Timothy Morehsn Tho Mayanketinrr tleo Majrera John M Mnrrlaen W l??J Magiilrs Full Meyar H Morrow Kobt Mairaa Robt C Merrlman Ansvn Morrill A I. Malory Laa Maruualln I bar lira Morrill Kay .1 O Matador A n Malrhun .lobo Morrison Jam*-* Mantros* P. H Merrill Charles Morrlaey Juhu Manual" A Tier* MrrrtU <laorK? Morris laaW Malli tt Jama* Mats* A J Morton W ManaflaM Chaa P Maraerynu N K Morrla I. Mao rail 0 Miller James Morse Prof M A Mahonrjr Kobl Millar Hiiinaman Mnran Pat Mam Patk Millar Is onhart Moran John Mama John Millar Kdwln Mowhrarjobn Mahooy Panlal Millar A lama Morrta Ban] t: Manlilnaon Tboa Millar II K Mollar II Manntsra Mona Millar cbaa Mount Hamry Martin Oao Millar Thrai Moahar Chaa II ' Marsh H J Millar II K Monxuln Hanry Maieblaa T R A Co Mllaar II R Mian a llanry Mapplar r P ?' Mills Chaa Maraii Jaa Marshall C II Mills Hay T A MuUerTboa* Marshall W J Mills II P Mulligan Ray J.Jm Martin lianli I D Mills L H A ?o Mnlan Harnay Marsh l?r MllasC K Mulharon Samoal Mariona Carlo Milsrard John Mullarkay Patrick Martin J Milliard A Brother Muklray tiro Marshall J r A Co M lltgan Thomas MoUiuJai Martin P M.chaaI Lararua Morpbay t'apt Marsh Qeo H Mi**an Mtahaal MyrraJ Marks R A Co Mttward J P Marry Palsy Marguaa Joaa An ml Min ball lianlal V Momrord l.m Ian do J Mitrhrll Tnomas Murdock Warren Marshall J P A Oo MltrhrH KolUa M Monrna Wm Martnoa P MinaabOwen MyaraCII A Hroa Mart laaar Mt? Hyron Muaroa Wm I, Marks B A Co MunarU ChAi P Munroa Wm C Marry T R Mora Oao H M-irrjr J Mr Marshall H l< Mira John l> MusamakarJon Matbsa T? M Mora llsnry V Murt*?h Jaa Maihara Jamas Mara William Myars Mordh-s A Msyar M Mors laBK-a Murphy John Mayar Wmon Mora M J Munros 'amOS Mason Jamas R Mora H H Murphy Jamas Mssnn Amsaa Mara .) It Moarat Mona Matron |>a\td John Mora A Rsrosr Murphy John Mon Barnard Mttnro John w May Cant Jonathan Mollay Jamas W V inson Jaa H Vattlr?TUnry P Monifom? rjr .loha H Mirphjr Patrick Mr. jo Wm tlftrb ick *oot#u?crjr Job* iJ-irphy.r Mattrrson I. R Miurer Master Alonm Myars llarmao J Mat bason < oln Mond A Co Mir bath llanrt Malthaw frrdrtr MontaJ.ajanHJaylrr Mr MrAlrar Mr MaPnaljr Arthur MalAufhMn John MaAllsnd tlao N' Plhamy Jams* Mi-Unahvi t II MaAllastrr Mr MrPsaly Barnard MaMahon Wm?2 MaAnlyl'baa Motiso Path MeMahon John Mi Arthur A I'o Matlrath Mlakaal Mi Mahon P lwar-I Mat arty James Mi 'lragos Kdward Mo Mahon Barnard Mrt'oi oitrklH imnlk Mcriulro Knrnaj M'-Mr(onunb Jaa Mrt'ioillonrhJsmaa Marin* n M P MrMillan f M Moformlo kiaharl Mc <Irath Mtobai 1 MrMurdle John Mrt'arthay Palli Moilnllay lluah MaRlohola Mr,7th ay Mot arthey Timothy Mrtlraggof John McNi lie Patsy Mi I aParay Jokn MatliAra A MaRally W A Mr< on< die Bernard Mrrisrrj Mtrhaal MrNamar* Tlmoihy MrfamqeT W Mariona John MrNtmara Nu haal M'lrmrnJiin iruiirr; iru.. a nrnany <-wcu Met nbe Bernard McRee Ghpt Alei MrNnlty Wm Mrl'nwe A Young MeKeniry R McPerry lunl Mrponald Wm A M. Knight A Bro M?Pberaen Ion Wrprrawitt Michael MeKenna John Mrynnll Andrew MrlHmald L McKay J W MotiullhlA llr?y Mrlx.nald John Mrl^ughlln Aothy MeWar l'eier MrKweroe Jbo ^ Naeh I> filling Win P fny?? I?r f V Nanghton Jan NlraaOH Northrop LB Nriaen K r f label Hugh fori ham John D Neeln John NiirwtThoa Newman Henry?I Niehemrm John H Norman IRo H Meal M NirbnllnWm Noble (a* Newlnrgh Joneph Nleholle Henry Noion Alfred Newell L I> f l"l A titer Id Nonlnh .John Neal Chpl John Nlchnla Ono f.emao J >hn NelronWm f i??n Rami Nolan John Newfield Joarph Nnrd Henry * Norton A Lew In Newedlnf Mr Nolan Hieknel Norton Tl? Newton C W Nnelim* RdWard Nonrr Mona Nleberann Arer (I Nlieoo bam I NU-holn Unorgn NmhoUa Ben J 8 Q O'Oonnrll Wmon OToRnem John Onnanbeliner A O Itrlen Path Ohlaen A Hcrin ' J <> Brian JO Ollrer Wm H Owena Rlehd O'Brien John O NrUi Timothy tMto Adolf O'Brien R M Offenbach loinn J O Riley Jan O Ibwinel Ntcpbcn O tirade Michael Oabnme Ham I t O'fell Oanlef Otrtretun A Brod Orr Thoa O'tlmdy B O OppanbnInter B (Wmraelleo O t enner J an OpenbynMr O'Bulllran Path Pamknre Anlnnlo Petun Jaaien Y I'Killtpa A Northrnp Parker Jacob Perdnee A Ward Plrre f,enn Paralne 0 T Perry Jaa Hugh Prtnaae John Par mm Lcrl Terry J L Prmre f A pnrnonell* l-awnon Per. em Franelaro Prllchard <1 an Parthil) Jamen Phenl* lamia Phllllpa Michael Parker 'apt Robltl Preabm Andrew J Ptekard Joaaph Paner Apinonp Pendleton W K rnnten Frederick Parker.laa PemdierThiHi p.maland C?pt Wai Parker W W-Y I'etera O T Poke John Pappcuhltthc X Pclrpont lion Jaii??l'rv#tna J L . 3_ ! I'lalt Chan B A Jr Proler M Plait ft<; PMma J?ma? P Cwiaun 4 LO Plait P II Pdam, Sp. near* I'aiPnat * Ntel Patten u II P Palarn licorgn Promtfe Dartd L P?lirr?c>o I'hai P I'lka Jnbn I'obo roy Chan ft Pu'lermn i' Pierce W H Power Jane* PaiitTM'ii Wm Prmevean Win K Pariem Rlchar.] I'ainaKA Pir/Aut Porchar l*baa J Pearson John ?i PhUd K P Pailru K W P**?lee K It I'blllip* John ProTnatJ J Paditmorr tiara It PI. re I baa W Pollock J K Per. bin A llaorga Plilpp* Win H Porro Manual?3 Pack Uan F Phlppa I ol A I! Poalolc Mono Paaia Richard II I' J J PuthellO Kdwarda Phi alanl imoihy l'blpp tieor** Plume J P Pearson Dr .las PiKiioirt Looia Pyri Mens Pesters Vichael Pierce Henry M Putnam .1 K Perham Jusiah Phillip* John Pub-sum J It, MI>?2 frrstm Win?3 Phillips<Jupt Tho* Pufler AJred P Prrry C P ^ Uucsuel Men* Robt 'Villon James M Uuinten Jam** Oninlan Jeremish (V,1IIID rharl (juneuall K 'I, (Vuelet O L Ramify K X Itfvlih Thos RowlsndRbodeaftCo Kay Ki'vWb Porter Remington Richard Rntn Iran Auaomo Ku wllns ileo Reynolda fl 0 RnwwSW Kay John H-unnlda J ihn Koaarl Uro h.ollt-y A Hunter Krftinlda Robert KoeenfeU A Roeen haflerty Petri- HiysM lldat'nuha burn It"llm I'lcrre.t'iode K? la Itarnard Rop|iel Herman fray I'arUia Rice Prank Row'- ftpt Urn Rnmarjl Wm Richard SOU V t, Ronan Patrick Itadion Wui Ku her-on < harlot Keen-ill J A Co ItuudaU II ft <'o Itlli y i co Roiir llarlo Kaditc Wni Richards John Hoacnbcr* J KaiutallCapt licnry Riehardaon UIiut Koacnbouritb J I' nidall Pranrla Richardson Chaa Rowr Pronria KutiduU K hikililcr Samuel K Rose Wn W lt?lurry M A Rich John Rowley I. Raven .Ido KiHcmtu li Rota John ft Jr Hull i y Martin rtlcly sllcbiirl Roataok llueta* Rankin Rev a Piatt J H RosaitcrTP Randall a KtiiircImnnn Simon Roar Irving W Kaalt iirli John Roberts Truman Roatrrt I. Randall Jtibn Jr Robinson li K Rom Dr Samuel Read John W Kubb ( has Rosen barber llr Kcaburr. James Koi.hlie, l apt Johi IIRaary Thome* Held la-wla II Jr Rotdnsnn dames Koinalnr N T Keman KevWin DDKnblnHon hdtward Rooney Dr Krynolda ileo ltob|ohn J Ksylanco Mark Reel hphimm Kubcrtsiin John P Rowartk Samuel V Rrrd wm Rnbisnn John A H.~- iu r R I, Ktmuod Hona Rucha (ic.ti W Rolhbiimm R Rrriiscn Harlow W Rtilunson Jauira Heed J H Ron Julto II Rti?ar|l Kalwui Rt lehert .U Ri'itpe <luor?u Rucch ,y Cnmp hrn/.c Jamea Roger* Wni I. Ruaaell W II Reel i ha* M Rogers John P Kyle John RrdUek A Rorers Zacheua Ruliab-dg John R. yooidaJasN Roger* Mr Kyone Michael Haiti A Rtslaei aHJ Russell i'haa 'I Itetldy .las M Koudcu Rlchari Ryder CaplR Kra Maxwell Roll A A huah Michael Ked field A tnasA A Itw It wall. John A Ryiner IVUip Rt tale lohn Kotdtz J X Rude i.ewta Iti .tly llnnit Rhodes Kmentnn Ryan lutwreuco head P R Ron/one Antonio Rushton W M ftbohan Cornel!um!u t W Stephana J R KrabrookeUro'Ihna straub A O Sheppard M A Mellon S K bla'o II Steve u* C A Reaver Pred A Shaw A M Shepersnu Simeon Sedlmry I'ol llavldK Staple* N. rtnnn sier-tl .laa Sedbury II S Starling David Sllriea Ja ob A Rearing A I. Straub A K Sherman dn T SftlhiMyliri StrattonJJ, Jr stewards Sh.elB/taron Htcb -l M, Jr Sheridan Patrick Streeter J Ji Kimpklna Wni K Stephenson Kredk Seely Aaron Nm.ol John A < o SlepbeM m Dr Mark Hcchg Louis Summon Mr Stephens A B Sc.In a h k Dwlght Smith I hi .well Stern tl Steere Schuyler It Snu'h Ins K Steargeon Mr Reely .Wuhan Smith K ks Stephen Miner Ste?.|nuiii, Carliale Niiilih llalaoy Si. rluu< Harry A Shaw siu. h Kchenca t'eter M Sbcehan William 1 nilll A I. Stevln Jo*. ph Sher ban John Smuhi'K Ntenenton John -e.irlo A W illuim* Sewer* Meho an S'eele John Smlih Henry SwIiiaMai See Lorear. Smith Arthur SltoKland John Jay ham) (i A i'n Smith Mr. Ilowery Slier K K streetT'un Smith hlehiird' Htliiee Jacob A. Spi ti? r, Vila A ''o 2 Mnhh John S Stoch?r J .-elk r I?r K A- -mltli Kdward?2 Sloan I homa* At hp nr. a Varn*.la!e Smith Kohl. 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