Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1858 Page 1
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TH WHOLB NO. 7818. NEWS FROM EUROPE. ABBIVAL or TBI KABOAEOO. THE ADVICES FROM INDIA. OEN. WVNDHAM NOT DEFEATED. ormifi OP TIE SPHK1 OHTU IK rtKUH W TK LCVIftlKI. SLIGHT DECLINE IN CONSOLS. COTTON AND CONN. WO TEDIUM 0* TH* ARIEL, dfc??? dk*. Hi. ntaamablp Xmiwoo, (ht<?a* Mfitf, which m0*4 k?a lirerpool A 10 o'clock m the wnwmmg ?f *?< 13th unit., arrived A lb* pert A .'cluck ?t a?M. fta MOT A lour dayi later thaa that kroujtu b> Um GurvyA Nothing had b*m beard of the VaaderbtK am?kip Ariel when the Kiafaroo left l-irerpool the Iocdr. money market ooelmue. uaay, bet with. A ay furthor toducUon A the bank rate Hi the tv?-k e? Chance the rate fbr loan, waa an low m to S t, per m at la the dtucount market the bwt btlla were mpkaHl at e~.~. a u ca a ner cent. bold continued to llow tolo the Book of Fkiglaod Amongst tbo failure* are meatiou.d Ike Inw of Mseer*. Arthur & Co., warehousemen, Glasgow, with Large heHiu lies, James Harmatync a Son, the oldest commercial Irm ia limerick, for ?40,000: and Joseph UaohrKlge k done, Umber merchant;, London, for a small aawu The London limei the I'ilb met. says ? Asteri?aa sec unties wero steady on Monday Mew York and firm sad Pennsylvania Central were quote.! hither, while nUaoia Ccnlial was dull at 0 discount. The sates wer.- ? Illinois Central 7s SSlg X*o. shares die. New York Central smkiDfruD.l .84^ Pennsylvania Central, -d mortgage It Mercantile confidence was beginning to revive tn thock holm, In consequence of a loan of 1ft,000,000 franca which the hank was authorized to contract in France. A asw customs tariff wis spoker of. At Hamburg tho rate of discount fell to 2>* per cent, but again advanced to 3. The metket for flour and wheat In Paris was very dull; ' and trade generally, both in Paris and the departments, continued quiet, although showing signs of improvement The Iondon A'uci ex pa'I ales upon tho consequences to ensue from lb disagreement between President Buchanan sad Mr. i ' uglas. regarding it in the light of arvguiw ' pltt in the pro-slavery party." Toe launch of th. Leviathan continued to progress satis. fhetorlly. It wan hoped that ia a few wore daya the vessel would be <'iwn to low water mark, when the process of unpacking the cradles would commence, and the full sprfeg tides at the end of January will float her. The progress of the vrss I during the last two days was over thirty feet. | k. ICszunl writes a letter to the Iondon 7 lews contain tng some material modifications of the views expressed by that journal in regard to Kadetzk) 's connection with the a lairs of Italy In IMA. Prom l'ronce there Is no political news of Importance, h w stated thai th. consumption of tobacco tn Prance Is creasing ?? rapiuly that the imperial waniuacvorica cu scarcely supply the demand, ami the revenue from the sales of the pYesict year la exp- -ed to reach one hundred ml lion franca. An explosion of the healing apparatus m the Church ?' St. Suipice, IVyte, had occurred during divine service, I feilkng three perrons and wouiiding several others. Very severe weather had | retailed throughout trance, but the cold ha I materially moderated. a .-pain, M Utuntz had bo-n nominate! as President o the Senate. At the oper ; ofthe Oortee, in Madrid, the ou'y point In the Muonn's speech was a rc.'erence in the i . u atu.u at France and ling land in (he quarrel with M?*.c>i. The renowns of Marshal Radeliky were ly >k- in * ate a Milan, at.J lbs funeral, which was to ?>e ?t. a led by twenty Bve t) >u?and Austrian soldiers, wan to use place ea the 14th of January. The Rues lab army had been ordered to wear mourning during Uiree the ueceased was a Russian as s< 11 as an Austrian Marshal. A letter from Vienna states that the reduction of the Austrian army has boeu nvre comic crab Ic than was ex; t ried, fifty thou and men having been already discharged, wiier "by a hii\ ing of 11,000,000 florlin has be.o efleoted. The Prince of Prusr.i hud determined to visit Kuglatid In assist at flis son's marriuge to the Princess lljyal. Great prejsiratious were making in Knglaud for the event, and also at Berlin for the entry of the royal pair into that city. A special oommiHHlm of the (German I Met has reported re the nfTairs of the Germ in Puchies md fSTimarlr, It ) b?s recon.meuded that tie- !--ra! Diet diould make the I cause its own. and not allow Ibch'ugof iMuiuark any , long'''to di lay ratisfying the federal ?nd acting up ' to treaties. la thsPrursian Chambers M. liantoufk: male nspeech to obviate the objections which might be held against the pnl< bgat> n of U pow.n of the Prince or Prusmt, lu consideration of article MS of the constitution. A late Vienna despatch to the I on ion 7\sts? rays that Ail Pasha Is the new Grand Vixicr, and Fuad l'asha Minis ter ol Foreign Alls i? ol Turkey From the Ihtnubtan principalities we learn that the ratifications of the Convent on recently concluded between the Riverain Powers were exchanged at Viouna on tho 9th of January. We have advices of a continued persecution of the UiI4Um in Madagascar. Thirteen poraoos h*<l be.-u pot to death. while many more had been subjected to tor lure, and a number reduced to slavery. A contract had been entered Into between the Greek government and a telegraph company to unite Greece, by mai.s of the electric cable, with the Ionian Inlands, and thence with Trieste of the one hand, and, on the other, with Turkey and Vienna by Syra and Constantinople Th" Cli.ia news la from Ilnng Kong to the mh of No Tftobor. Th' Untish Admiral, with t o chief part of his fleet, had advanced up the Canton river. l/.nl K'gm had gone to Macao, at winch place the French nen.pntentiary and Kuasiaa Minister were. All m the north of China. The attack on Canton was expected to be made Immediately on lbe(araiva! of Teinforcrmeata which ware due. The city was reported to hegenined and resistance was spaded. An inquest was held at Bolton, rag land, on toe body of Mr Robert Hfaarpe Bartow, managing partner of the Arm of Messrs. HirdoaoHe. Cross A Co., bankers, who com BiltUd suicide by slwotmg himself. The principal witness was Mr. Thomas Inver Rushum, a jwrtnor I" the bank, from whose evidence It appeared that the deceased had become Involved wllh a person (Mr. Jjsepb Iloldea, builder, who has recently built a large amount of cottage property) to wl m he had advanced out of the bank about ?16,000, and that be bad In consequence been thrown Into a state of great agitation His partner- <w> learn* g the facte, told him that he and his fri"nd would be expected tor ?.<? good Urn amount, be declared tba he was not able to no so, and shot himself before an ar rarigctncnt wss effected. The steamship To not had arrived at Southampton with the Australian man Among", her cargo u g >|,| dust to the value of I'fOO.lflft sterling. Her mails onnsisted of up wards <? &0,000 letters and 1^0,000 newspnpers. The stenmship Fulton was to laavr Southampton for Mew York on the day the Kangaroo sailed. The Canada, from Boston, arrived out at TJverpool at 9 O'clock on the morning of tho 11th of January, aula. Ad\ res from Conslsnlu .rle Mate Uiat the Rues,an* had ceased to interfere with the navigation on the Circassian coast. The Russian government had Issued an order permitting the importation free of duty of metal work intruded to ho used n ihs construction of ?hl|w by Russian subjects on tbeir own account m Kussiau dock yard*. E NE 1 TIB VII l? IRPIA. 1W teal MlM llM HatliiMn?G?i?. ? r ? M? i>>la< Utomttag Of TW MM H)4 (%m Mi! leave Alexandria to day, Ju ?, wWh Ateae frate (htreUe vote* lite of Baoembar; nil?. t?U Mb, 19th Banter, 1Mb, and Boog JMfc <4 H#rr?vrT On tee idte af lte*te tor . V>lin CaatpteU evacuated Uckaia Is IB# preeaaaeof the whole rocoa af OuUo. Da rawaa la Chwayarv with tea |*rra<a af Luckaew. Hraawb:to tmaeral Btaatem, >o the mb of Novem bar, attar-Bed cart M tea (.wenor m'iUneem, oaar Cbwn aw*. aad lilnai team, a?u dmj ha waa aurprtaod, laat ad tea tame. aad bad la retire talo hie entrench ewto^wheare, hawever, ba Bade a luoceaaful aartia ttor iaaa a Inv; Tha ftdth and Mtb ware much rat af tor (?4>a (hasten teard tea aria* Onto tha (hide aide, rmm? ay aad drvia tea mta; Ind ba yuaiuow in Cawnfw? Tha lima and rtottdrea were aant to Allahabad, where tear bara arrived to aafety (to tea :te af Dacatobir tea r.imaiaailar in Chief Uim had tea (.waller am, l?,me itmnd The va lory waa deewve, tea awator saa yoreoed for fourteen milee atone tee ?aipaa mmt Mat all aa oaanon. eaeayt eight, all lua car la, all fcteMuBi ~a,ixm? ad ail bm baggage Jane Bahmfoar had peared Aegowtoe with 9,000 men. Ha tea gene to tiarwehyvie u> telp tor Uolto (hmpbelL Tha date hatrve teiantrr who toetaueJ at Chittagong, , era to ftyyerek plunderag. (tor tfi*ea la?* tbtodael lark now < aaawl Owtram rename with a itimm at Aluiahegh. TVe Undo maargeato, yeahng 9> awulawerd. compelled tea (ibaorfca* to retire 'rvm * neighor aad Jounyorr rta tioaa, about IbO aad IM toitoa aouib of tnrkanw All Eu i.;iaai aa tea amrea aywarda ware ordered to halt at Raaaraa toil tee arrival uf Oalaael traaka, to take com aaad The todma aatrkildrea, ?tet tad wonndad, from Luck 1 aaw, to tee au?W af atom* me, hare arrived at Altoha bad, aad are I; tea time aaf* at ChtowMa The meaner (.real Hrtta r. with l,ouo cavalry, ooaawt c af tea toa aaaara aad lltl I car an, arrived y eater *k. following additomal tale graph* teepatrh baa baaa etoee rreetved at ih* ted* heaee It will ha aaaa teat a roaaeii-rahle yortkto of tea airlltfeaea armed fey tha |H| BMUi mat Cjiimi.Ito! lo,i*i7. The Com tote <W ,u Chmf having relieved the lackaow farrwna, retaraed la Pawn pre* w?h the worn'-a, the iiMMiai aart ika te.te I I ,um i ! '/J fete ? fll TtllK M teTlft 0.# kagMjawata alan. ailtb- f aa wonh lakmi away Jtr Jim Outran haJ ar#a left w.'.L a iu(?i diriaioo at Alutubafl'. IB lb< ?t> ail) Of Iu<-AaoW All Ik* an<l rkil.ltfio?n Iaad (want of lb# wtmndod, bar# ralrly roweb*d Allahabad (la tba 'jnth Ouaral Wji, Iham alia. k#d aad routed Ika flrrt nirtatow ttf Ik# (twain* (fcaliafral. IjMt a ouir.Nr, wbub had arrtrad aaar (hwapor#, alter eronaiac the at (klpar, lakiiig all ibair yuas *f.?pl oa# light ( nVh* rrth of >cr#?b#r Lb# main body of tba Owaltor C.auagral aatarod lb* f?II atatna of Oawnpnr# and burnt down tb# ? of ibroa of <mr r. * m#nta IV7 war# rapolaad, wai> #**## mm, a> aa atla. a thermal# on oar lairr&rhmrata oa Ikr of KoraMbar. The Itrt-u tap tor*.) two of their It pnuader# Tb# MUt K*i im*ul aulbrad aor*r#ty. Brigadier W1W00 waa hillod Air OaUn Ckmpb#)1 raacbad (bwapnra ea tb# rraniuf of tba satb of Sot#?h#r lla d##palrh#d lb# wtawi aod woun l#d toward# Allahabad oa ih# 3d of Oro*aib#r. aad aa lb# Mb b# attach* aad < om|'Mlolr route! lb# Uwai*w Onwh^aat. pwraaiag th.-ta for f.?irto#a mil## akiag Ui# (hlp#a road, aad oaptariog ll.#ir ra*i|>, mum fua?, aad aa imm#a## quantity of mnuDHMi part atoroa, grata, kaimrta, kr , with all their !*.* *# < Mr Maa waa >na?a*aoant (*#a#va) ll?p# Grant puriuad tba fugit r<# of Ik# Gwaltor OMtiugawt, and caw* op with il>#to aa lk#jr w#rr k#f inning to rmaa tb#tr gun* or?r Ui# Gang*" at Mara (.haul H# attarb#d aad totally roul*.I Umnw, .a|4i>..iig tftara guns aad all tkarr alor## aad ammunition. wdkowl kiawalf aiaa Tb# Janapnr# frrmtmr ha. tag t<a#a tkr*ai#eod ky a large bod> >< r#k*l? Q>W?*I Uawdaa f#U barb aa Jaua poro H* waa iaiw>#diai#l) rHaftwrad by Eurapoaa trootw Tbw ba>) a great . Owl aad tip to th# ?lk Of Iw r#mb#r all wa# q.n*t oa th# frontier CVtoa#! 7 rank* haa barn appointed ta> > *atwtaad tba troop# tt>###. Tb# Hrwah iroopa bar* tww* d#frat#d tba Myhera ra beta, rajdartng lb# fort# of kaaehrapor# aad 7 #ah hebMpor# wa# attar t*d by r#n#l# oa Ik# *lh of V.rem bar Tb* r oltagrni b#kar#<l badly, aa.) tknr atoara war# forced to oanap# Th# r#k#a na|4urad all Ik# gwaa and plurxl*. #d tk# ra?b?ji#*t They war#. b?w#r#r. pursued by a norma m uk lly<ttrit?d O-otmg-'n' fa valry, udir Maj<r ?<rr. and na th- lW <4 M. -ram*-w were cat up aftri an ob-Luel. tight lent Iaf a buatr- if dead on ihe 0. Id. All Ihe fun* at?l pi under were re taken. Colonel Purand, with ike cnhima fnm Kb"t advanced on klredeanee on the Xid uf kaNatar Ma nM sere attacked aad defeated artth heavy teas Dt? of thsdr guns were captured Neemurh, whi:J> war threatened bp Ik 'M men, tw thus been relieved, and tk? romaaat of the Insurgents, ?hu Mul hold the fort at Muudeuarc, am mu< h dispirited ism* ot ?n oaar*Tt n. Twiners. Hon lay, Jan II?ddA A M , To tun Hototuiu !-niun tmirma t-sar lam* Mows. Unpna Ferial communicntioa between Bombay and Cal- atia cut ol Four of Hotkar's regiment* dtaarnved Mr R. Hamilton baa renamed charge of the Central Indian Agenry All quiet in thn Punjab, Br lade, Agra, Ktaamk country lAd Midry Bbeei* in Caadent atlll la mhellMn, t>ut an grant etrem reported. An armed '-and haa aUarked I'r-iatk (') and ptnadared the treasury Burat tr.-ope hare l-eea aent front Madraa and Bombay, and police from Tannal and Naseiek la re store order. Outbreak in Kollapore ooaalry on Ike OUt of pnoember, gate* rlured by a large body of Mango and kam-onee Cm. Jacob blew --v-n principal gate, atwkad aad diapers urgent* I dty ptxxmnra taken and tu.rty au name dudk-ly tiled and executed In Uiree bo iw tranquillity was restored. The rising of Iterunds entirely matted, after a tmdy nf had lo en asvor<ly chastised at lluirulle* II. 1.. ANI>KRB(>N, Bacretary to Our- rnmeut Boh tut CsiTLg, Peo. ?. 1UT [From tba loo-lon Times, Jan. II I Whatever uiieaaiueaa may liare I-era felt for the last dty or two aa to tba menacing positron of the tiwnlior Contingent oriir Cawnpore may now be fairly i n ' red a* dispelled. Not only It tbe intelligence of' the d.v rnre victory gained by fir Cotia Campbell ent.rely confirmed, but it apj-oar* that tbe fugitives were eaereenfully par sued and rnught by General Hope I.rant as tb?y Wee. he ginning to or-em the (langee Th. en- ta\ wrre ?< aapteiely routed, and left behind them One. n guns, with a gr--at quantity of wagons storrw, munitions of war, h- The*, then, the fiwalior Contingent may be ..?.i4?ead U* all prarin al pur|**e* aa annihilated Aa they?reinforced aa they had bean by the Indore mut-i.eara?cwi-i tuted the only corye d'armi* which tn tbe kingdom of (tula. oar IndBu b-?ti i. would now seem to he fought wiihia the or Bear > iunite of warfare in that ib-tant regtnu (toe isdut nf dtf ferenee, however, there .a between the preahal war aad any other which we have hitherto waged m ll-aduetaa which is that tbe Bengal army?eave in aa far aa Ha remains bold not against ua la (bide?haa cease 1 to etna By the despatch which wejwblleb this day it eill be area that by tbe mutiny of Uie &Mh and Tkd Kegtmente, tbe Bengal army la now only represented by a few disarmed corpe The conduct of three two ngim.-ot* M breaks out Into mutiny when such a ttrp could ant, e\ re a then own eye*, be attended with any other ooaaeuaaars tbaa their own instant deetrurmn, may serve as a one. meet ary upon the earlier bMm of these eveeta. Aa tafat tetion netted upon tlx m, as It had aeiaed np-oi thaw feUowe before them. and tbey rushed to their net rata, as though uuder the Influence of some fatal curse. The alleged defeat, aad bow the alleged nstnry af General * yndham. succeeded the aegt day b* the ploadee of his camp, coastItele the chief eeigma of the reseat la dlan tnte-lltgence?an enigma foe the eolation af ehtah we must be content to wait for a few day lengwr. The iret telegraphic despatch s)mka only of the burning ol Wyal bam* ramc on Uir 17th, but now we are informed Jmi the Kngliah General had nn the previous day gain. 4 a ?* lory trrrr the enemy, wblrh war after **r 1 an ? rHvetr handled by S.r C ("nmpbrll and brigadier t.raui Via dimII be plad indeed ?o find that (lateral Wyndbnm'e affair la reduced lo Lba aeroem at a foray u|?e baggage by a beaten enemy, but nil e*|?re*ne at warfare even in ctnllaed eminUie* <r-*.i4 Mi 11* that line an improbable trail II w mark more mu?t tbi* be ib<- oner with the Asiatic* whaac arte I* are ?o quickly moved to undue coalMen. r or nremaiora <l<*per alien I We are donbttntr in the teeth ' our awn atlioua hope#, but In the prea> nt atak < aur Hallif*an* we dare not jump at once to Ibe rear I u*Kia d t rt utrj gained by General Wyndham. It atey be an ar truet ft I* to. but It seems *trange?*v?n leattag out at q?een<? the plunder of tie ramp by (be eaemy oa Ibe day ubae qtient to tbat oa which he le aaid to hare bte e? t?rj ?that thi* forre. defeated by General Windham ea the 'Jtub of November, *hould again bare made bead agalnat the Commander In ("blef oa the Mb of Drtvtaber The rblef lm|>ortanoe of the atory?tbr M If rlear that lba Gwallor Contingent Wt now, nt leant for military porMaa, annihilated- turn* upon the pneelbilltr of aa Kugh?b officer, at the head of two or three Brittnh regiment*, baring an handled them in the preeenoe of natire fume n* to incur a total defeat, with the entire lo** of ooe reg> ment Hufh wa* the aubetanoe of the flr-t daepatrh, which will be found, no doubt, to be ooniiderably et aggcrated when w* are fttrntahed with faller and taore aatlefartory detail* What Portion of each regiment wae preet nt Willi General Wyndham' Wa* the burning of ha ramp, although there might bar* been grtevone aogti genre on lit* part, unattended with any *erto?e military conference* We mnet be content to wait for the aotutioe of the mystery; but If any of our reader* would eae la what a depth of degradation triah-nen ran e.nk wbea tbej net eertoualy about K, we would rail their attention to an egtrart from the Satiim opan the *nbjeet. whHt wa print thle day in another portion iwounotumiM M gam* keeper* nail vermin to a barndoor, I nek now ban been evacuated fhr the preenut pneam alon of the biwn will rome aoon enough, when the mull reer* nre thoroughly beaten In the norn Held The ,.|an announced from the Brrt waa that wnleh baa been arted upon?namely, to occupy a poaitlon near at ban d *uffl ctently ftroigt to overawe the town, without any aix h dlvifMui of the Brttieh force4 aa would be ne> emary fhr the occupation of the town llaelf The Alnmtmgh ha* been aelected for thl* position, and no doubt upon stmicgii tl ground* anflh 'ently atrong fir .lame* Outram, the eerond hero of thi* Indian mutiny, hi left at he Alumbagh with pi division, while all the ladle* and children, the aick and wounded from Took now, hare been moved Jywu the country, ami are bythit umo aafe ut W YO IORNING EDITION?THTJR! I "ftlrutla. Prt fur all in ?aI1 hii( vu miiat valf ROntri timd I iel Wore we beer tbai tranquility la thoroughly r-ietored. [mm to thia end, however, ere every dey arriving If, on the one bend, we beer that some of the Oude lusurg< nte ere now marching to the south of Luck now, on the other we heer tbet rglmente ere constantly lan ling in lndst. By thie time Sir (John Qtmpbell must have et bis die pone) en army.strong enough to conquer Indie e'reeh; much more, then, to regain possession of Oude ead to stamp out the lent embers of the insurrection. [Prom the londonPost, Jen. 12 ] It * manifest, from the further official despatches received within the last eight end-forty hours, that although tho mutiny inay l>e said to be nearly extinguished, yet for a considerable t'me to come Iintia must continue in a state unsettled and dangerous. Much is the incredulity of the native, that he will not believe in the successes of our troops, or see, despite the evidence of his senses, that we can hold our position without his aid. Whero a native com cornier has been defeated In one locality to-<lay. he argues that a compensating victory has been obtaineu by eon e otb*r body of mutineers in another quarter as a setoff. and thus the progress of delusion is ever increasing, notwitUNlanding native defeat and disaster. Tuose facts compel any dispassionate and well informed observer to think that the sword must still, for a ooualderabie time to come, be the main support of our Indian government amiiuie. It will therefore be necessary still to go on IN-ovtdujg a military establishment adequate to defend every part of our Indian territory, and to chastise mutineers, plunderers and rebels, let them turn up where they may. THE VERY LATEST. The London journals of the 13th ingt. republish from the Qslcuua SaMltr E&ra/miinary the report by Briga- i dier Inglis, lately commanding the garrison of l.ucknow, < at the defence of the Residency in that city from the first i threatened attack upon it on the 29th of Juno to tho arrival of the force under Centrals Outran* and Havelock on the 26th of HepUiuilaT. long as this document to It will bo read with an interest greater than that attached to any narrative printed since the revolt broke out Compression j would do injustice to thia report; but in the general orders of the government General ViscountCanning presents a summary of the heroic defence of Lucknow, of which the following is an extract:? , That defence has not only called forth all tho energy and dar ns which belong to Englishmen in the hour of : active conflict, but It baa exhibited continuously, and in I the highest degree, that nohlo and sustained courage j which agamet enormous odds and fearful disadvantages, against hope deferred and through unceasing toll and 1 ear of holy and mind, still holds ou day after day and " triumphs The Lucknow garrison oould hear the heavy , guns of the assailant* posted almost in security within ttity yards of the entrenchments. So near indeed that ' ill? roliciutwma, and threats, and taunt? which the rebcla i aditrr<?rd to the native defender! of th i garrison wero , ea-ily heard by tboee true hearted men. The Nwdon Mm of IStb mat bitterly censures the con1<>| <.??,? ral Wyndham for neglecting to guard Ins amp a aurprlee. Th? tWth Regiment was left wiibout support They charged t battery to the left centro at the enemy's line and gamed it, the enemy Yielding at every step bat they were left alone, and the enemy cleaing on them with their left wing, they suffered very severely, and w?r* compelled to abandon the guns they bad gained. TH* Levlatban's Lsnneh. fFrom the Liverpool Courier, Jan 13 ] The eocceasfl1 operations of Monday in the progression of the launching of the I evmthsn oho having gone upwards of twenty feet?were renewed yesterday morning an? after eeven O'clock . and on the first apptlratlon of the hydraulic preeaure at half pact eeven the monster moved three in? h?ie The weather being most favorable, she (i ounued gradually to protrsee, making no sudden jumps, bet aaewerteg to every application. At high water she bad ? l, feet water under ber out of the fifteen required wb?n rally launched At twnlrw o'clock, the time of the meo leaving e?. the ship bad moved twelve Teet two inches aft and elev ?n feeteieht tnches forward. The dif ferenc* ot positma between trie forepart and aft Is about eighteen turbee, whereas ten inches only to required to moke ber square f w the return of the sscn, at half past twelve arose delay look place in the necessary operation of fleeting *v pack ing the rains, as they had had so much way aa< at is** n'ctoek portion* of the hydraulic presses were put m operation. wWi. the vessel moved two inches forward The entire progress yesterday wee sixteen feel eft. and gfteea feet one inch forward. A despatch from lcndos dated on morning of 13th Hot , any a ?Yesterday nearly twenty fret was accoin pita bed in an altnaal -nutmuou movement of short slips of awe end twn mrhe# at a time After dinner further pro greao was adjourned til) high water to day. when the re treeing feet to the bottom of the lann< hlb* way* la ex C<'ed to b? er osep!.?l,r.l It i- et|>ecte<1 that ah? will i Sieved down the re-t of the ways to day to about an * ahe ? J1 he hauled >.ff mVj the tiver by rntmn'e aaohnre rww txvpow nowwv tttngrr. frrrm the Ijvgryw .1 f eerier ftlty Article), Jan 13.1 O weals opened dull ye-terday (TutwHy) morning Uartet I'M the publ'r briu* r?Ui< r acUera 0< *tacfc en >ilMri Pncea rkwwxl ahade lower than at the np< muf Railway* ?fen*d rOber kit?, but price* Oim*r Hi the after*** Julian* rather lull. Oaneda* wcakar oa lever tr*AW\ but rather ftrmer afterward* J or e i*B Murk* better in Ibe mornUlr. Vi'reifti ev-haag** nominally I"war, and very lltila TJ?e dux-anal market continue* *aay; fond bill* acaree, aad n<i?iri I after Rale* ito 5 per < eat Yheew ia a W(e amount of capital unemployed, and mamry m dapnaitod oa call at II4 u> 4 per rent Oa the Ktrv a f x hange the rate fbr loan- I* from 3 per I eel upwnr to, ?w tin* to the nee rlty n#,r*.l Uaaab elm ad *1 mn after o45c*l boon at <Ma lb I re r imrtH Arm. at prwrionr qii.4*Uon* About XlM.QOOm fntd wn dclirered into the Back of Fartaad In day Oa the fa< a Itnuye* fund* opened at * 10 on Tuaaday. (From ibe l**doa Time* (City Article) Jan 12.] ABieru-aa am artUe* were Heady. New York and Frte and I'raaaylraaia Central were quoted higher, while llltnot* Central were dull at ? demount. (From U? tendon Nawa (City Arti'le) Jan. At.) Thi varb>uaM<ak m< l.<u market* w<rrto>la) weak or TV# fund* in the niorn ii* declined ?, t* r oent. and cba. d at a per .-eat lower than yeetorday. Tbo feature id tba market i? a coiitui?anr< of aalea on the part of j.< ralora lot the rat <i*mr?uf of raalixing their prottu. The rum-r that a Warn in eomc >bapc mat be required by the Indtnn km 1 ram?I, alao taada to chock lw upward KdaBHt TTm ahare market ia llfcewiee lower. Application* fur money at lie bank were aga-n rery moderate today 1W daamnd there a net likely t? MtN,nr (? 4 Vilh are freely dnenuM* J w the open market at 4?, atnrrrwwt t?r? at Weaker n Mail way Mark etprriencwd a further coBatdwrat'h raw to day There waa an inquiry la day fur the *har<w of the Al laaUr Tele*'apt, (<mat), tie pew* baiac ? .00 d.?oount. there are 11 una >Ur?a 'tally tou t up lha price pirtel tnnal probably be eteept?>wal l? r the macwdy of Um aherehotdrre are rwthrwwtly withy to rata* IMu into reM * the undertak nc The thr.? per -eat r Mil loaew on the Fari* Br.orae yeater ay at a daaume uf nearly % par i?M fur inuBt) II (( fnr t liana, Trnen fiaaian, Jaa 12?I la 'Chaar*. two larpai at >*ar iquut aatd, an* *#. II and <m* half Ha'BM at fta ad . and awe Panmw at tin Rtoe 4aU, aad rather tower laity tor* to to to higher Tlailoa to iwwer toy Ma a Ma M . aear4Bf to pMM I to tend a*. Ma Pmitoli p? iraa. Ma a Ida M A largr mmmmu* to pradma m yaamg to to* martel, to wha:h tower yrtraa are amapted * rrdar to tort aataa tiraitwoa orawrm awn cm"* rrartiAh. Irvaarmn Jaa It. Ih4 TVe gram 1 tod. >a>? Frtoay ha* rwtod aery 4all wdh weakrairq pr*ea At to da? a atarkto the** waa a mo toan aMewdaa.e >f hayara bat they atntoai twU* dwna aMma la panhaaanrnd asy mm to wh*ai awto war* at M a M pet kaih* *a tor the rato to fnday ftoar aagi>rt ad. inkiamB dliaaHi to a farther ladartwa toM a I* par kht. Tadwa enra * eery IraMad aqtory aad ?ant*r to bay We qatoa wbewi, rad to a to M *f<? ??to*ra rhame maaaa 1 aaai and aiatl brmg to M a to M . white. T* Ad a to M . to Aw tokaaea rtorni. aae to *a Ftoa* Fhto lib 1 * aa4|l>anaau>? age a am id eatra tihta, tM . Wtodrra kto a 2to par ban todtaa ear*? M t*d and rwttwto ? M a Mto M. wbw* tod. IT* a to. ?e?. tot par dak lha total riiwaia qawd. atowai ahaaga * prtrua fwt run imi>i k? hn a Mkr Mv; Hi m ii Ma taMWMt IrtM IM Ma <IHI> mm* kmmmm m Mi W fefMVi far Hiai laa m mM pfM ar? ralwat Kid Tw*4a| t MMt mm *4 ha af faaarf lart > a raiin mmm tig M. wiala ar? aa k*f M Ml at Ma mm "It^t in Arm m*-* ** MrMar Mar baa* haaa aMa. Mm MM li lM*& Ma a?M laaaa Ilia, at < MB M Hi M b ?M la M f H i>Maia tall haMara lia m lap M pat '?' Mart a Mi n (Mr fh MdHplia M at MMaa la r?a Mi I b inaaat >a IMaa a Mw i mat a n^aM bar# Mara ara aa iraaaararaM Oaaa, aaa* ft Mai . baa ndM aaay fMM ?*# aataa Mara) MaaqitJMMa y Aartay ? M bam. aaa t?4ay 4 M kataa riaaa baa a baaa a ibata aaaar, aH a ?mm aaaaa m; ba | im i i m laaaa la Mm linbr Irak a tall m>i ? iMr taap ptiaia ara raUaa aaaaa Ulnar t?Mgpai*4 iabiHlIM I pMatr *\* par it Iran imatm ?Thar mi pa ir alail Mat Hag i? ?r4rra at Ma Marrar Sana Mr Mair Ira MM aa Taaa Any rrraiaf Vai, Ma aarr raan'iai iw ?i af wb . b trav tapathar f?Na a larpa aatirara TV anil aaa m alriMl by 1b# raaaa aMaar |H lal Mafar far aaa. a U? TV |Tflw|* iwaanrr la aba* fWy rv-.-aiat Ma tM-aaar. larriMfM MM la ba highly fraufytap. flgiap ft<mm Iba apt laaaa ? alb-tat f>m Mm paaaral Ibf oana . wa aatrtrMM mil haaa Ma p'ra. ma a a br af whaaaaM a fall dmar |*raata af Ma tnaraa <wrpa, J ahnaa aobka raabMa ra Ma battla AaMr af Maava bar , attrrt an Mall taalra ?a Ma Aavnaaa arm* Ib i'iM Pi.n or an Una J. K Mm Rm-fi ragrat la nmrn iv raitra if laa ?f Ma ha. j ii Hnbaci Ham. of th - <-*y H? 4*4 al Tfj frMr?ry J Mara tap. af Mam rair, whilr ?a ba ?b/ fraa ?aram gaioNrwYart. Mr Haaa aaa iliial h< ifcap"** bp , Ma abtpraat aahrr marwaaa. >a Ma aary mmm*M* , if U?r rimtrrary. art rarra4 ha naHHrau Uahfmy a Ihrir rinraMM i f it Tabapia Ha aaa an aaa va , mrmitar of Mr Whip liaaaral Oainittaa. mm* ahlla ran PT tap thai pnadbai ana Iba ma (Mr ma an I Mm af hi* . political brxhrra la Mm etlp Hiu. Wmna ?A number of lal Mr appmrmt yrvrr I day m Hmmlmy u, Mair paraaaia niaravai-tar sctraip in* la Ma HMa i RK H 5DAY, JANUARY 28, 1868 BOW TBS TAX PAYEES ARE FLEECE*. I , 1 II First Meeting of the AUUnuale OonmllHi t> en Ft node? 8s* Inditng for Psvt?C In tke ^ Bowery-Rnrqiul Ant?in ants Iter the Ansae fy Street Sewer?The |9,000 Paid to Mr. Brbsu r toy Mistake?Malt UbumsmA tor tl? He* 11 eeeery of ike Money?A?a?nsenteftov Flag* ^ glng In Flfty-foarth Street, Where no Work tons been Done? Overcharges In <Annwllty ^ ana mce-wor* Uone ana Mnnrntnn Made nldwet Ltgal Authority?Aeeeee men U di War CoMtiMUni a Wall and Calvert whkk were not Ballt or Contracted Ayr?A C let It ,*

In the Collector of Annumewt'i OAoe knawi b at an " Arrangement," Ac. The nntveraal extent to which the corruption of our city w government but attained baa been deemed by the Board b< of Aldermen a sufficient necessity for appointing a stand- ?* iug Committee on Frauds, in order to systematize iuqui- ni ries into lbs complaints of tbo outraged citizens. Alder men Tbom.ia W. Adams, Thomas Stephens and James ** Owens have been appointed on thia eommiuee, and held J' their first meeting yesterday afternoon, in tbo City Libra- A ry. There was a large attendanceof interested spectators, J< composed of city officials and citizens generally. ^ Alderman Adams opened the session about quarter post one, by directing the resiling of the resolution referring * Donover's communication ot Jan. 11 to this committee, aod * stating that Comptroller Fiagg and Corporation Counsel Hub teed had been notified, and were expected to attend. rl FRAUDS IN PAVENO IN THE BOWERY. Mr. Burtis Skidmore then Informed the committee that tie had a few words to ssy. *' The Chairman?On whose behalf? Mr. Skidmore?On my own behalf, sir, as a citizen. J ippoar to protest against fraud practiced upon me,as .iciti to. sen, by the city. I wili tell you a short story, and will swear a it afterwards ir you wish, 1 suppose you aro aware? f you arc not you ought to be?that tnere have boon frauds as perpetrated in the way of paving walks and fencing lots. b<i ["here have been large amounts of money paid in ibo way Wl )f assessments for paving walks where there was no no :essity for it. There Is no doubt about It, and the fact m, ^ it has been done to give jobs to political favorites. Th? e, case of which 1 have to complain is in the Bowery, bo- between Bleecker and Houston streets. There was a good brick walk there. Without my knowledge that walk was taken up and flagging put down, under the dir<-ction of the O Common Council. The first 1 knew was that at-inant Cl came to me and told me that the ttnggiug was there. I went and looked at It, and found that it was very impre- c, perlv done and upon examlnatirn or th I contract, wrnch 1 found at tho street Commissioner's offl-.e, I found vhst it p, was not done according to conlrait. I then went before a committee for the purpose of proving the facts. I got the 0 Inspector before the committee, and I look the contract in ^ my hand and asked from him whether the work was done according to contract, ills only reply was that he did not know. The Chairman?Do you know his name ? o Mr. Skidmore?X'o, sir; but I r?n get It. If this thing is going to be a real operation. I will give you facts enough. The Chairman?That is what we want. sir. J Mr. Skidmore?Well, sir, thoro have Decn a great many ()l of these committees that have never come to anything ft The Ciuikm^v?Well, we think tho taa payers have ouly u themselves to blame Mr Skidmore?Havo they f They have got tired of F coming before these committees, and merely losing time. Well, T then went to Mayor Wood. The Chairman?tJive the number of this property. te Mr Skidmore?It was the cottage, at Nos TUb, 300 and ft .101 Bowery, measuring 76 feet front. Mayor Wood told n me that if I would get tlve respectable mechanics V> say it woa not done according to contract, he would veto ;t d 1 thought it very strange that be shouli require five men, n but I got tbem to swear to It, and filed the httl lavlt with t; him Instead of vetoing it, however, Ifctf0' Wood let it v go by default, and the Common Conned rue hod it through. o This was last January that 1 gave the affidavit to Mayor C Wood. a Chairman?Who was the contractor'' a Mr. Pkidmore?I will try and get you all the facts. tl The Chaunian?We want the contractor*, inspectors s and surveyors' nam?s. We want facte and figures. t! Mr. SkKfmort?I will step nto the office and try to get a then Cur you (Fx*.) C wttamt vfi TO nwrM IN AMOA itbeit. P Mr. J. r. Williamson?Are you receiving complaints of tl frauds of all descriptions)1 Aldermau Owens?We must first take up tho cases tJ whs i. have hi i u m :< rrol to this lommitlce by the Board. We will hear other |<arttes afterwards, and take up their tl taiea. It would be belter for clti/ens having complaints to make to hand in written charges to the Board, ao that they would be referred to us and wo eould take testimony on thi m h Mr Williamson?The fart is, sir, the taxpayers have got tired of do'ng this. They havo wasted time with Fi other eommjih oe. I have bees bsfbre committee after ci inm:t(< e. vh.r complaints aro beird, au-l that - the P laat oi tbem. 1 bavo got frauds that hire been commit tod for years back W The Cuairmsn? Wc are not respc>nalble for other committees. We will hear any evidence and receimauy M rommubicatioa from any gentlemen. The time of the t>i rotrmttiee is pre:knie. We are nut paid for our labor, and it Is necessary lliat we should not waste our lim<> V hem uig complaint* The best way is to present writh-a ci oeea plain te to the Board. - -f Mr Wiiltamaon?1 am very sorry that the city should f* appoint a vmamtUse without paying the members. hi Aldriman Owens?It will not amount to anything for ua n? ic rvairn\< nu ironi I'luvn, nut yuur . mnjuaini ?U ibr Hoard, it will lie referred to tan cnintniUco; come b.-ro with your (tidmoii, and you will l<w? no tinio on I neomeanly. *' Mr WUUamMB?We lmvo don# this boloro, thorn ha* *1 Iii committee after committee appointed, 1 mural/ came U> call /our attention to One wiri^lu thing. 1' The Chairman?Wo will bear wiiat you have to ?ay oa hi a pecifled da/. Mr. Willlaniaon?I do not think it would bo taknn up on Y cu t a da/. 111 The Chairman, after noma further diaci'Wion, concluded to h< *r the rtory and awore the g- mini an. * Mr Wilimnuian?Well, gtr, thero wan a newer ordered la be bniit lit Anna atraet, I gppaaafl it, and norea eighth* Jj of the property oarer* impoeed it, but our .\l lerman (ViarrhM'W told u* tbit If there wee but one man in favor * of it. It etould g? through. Tbt* waa in ItWi. uneotthe ?"< prlncl|ial Bten wbo wae at Arat opporod to tae *i?er, we I* uot red all at oaor turned round uvl waa .u'av.irof It When we were im41tied to pa/ our mur, I demarid * ad to look at the aenemuiii'bt warrant ?t the ItwoecUir and *' wae refuacd. After running about r,?ai' erabl/. I uiaou; lo d to g<-t aa order giving me a right to lot k at lh? war- * rant and I ih? n dkMwvered that the gentleman who *o h v,.i aly bad changed h* opinion, and who had a front oa * An ?Wi et of >7 teet 9 Inch"*. w?* ae*?e?ed but d4ft, while at I wbenwaed but 2b feat I runt, wae aeeeoed ddo, era w V aaeawtaeat for a mailer lot 1 adnae itiaona, ben they are aewtnaod at high rater, to demand a look at w the warrant of the collector ? The ,t,4 i n an?The committee luWcimr to the Ocn riuaiun to art on no paper < oretatrwienta but thonn com .ng h< lhr< ugh the Hoard of Aldermeo, an that the member* can tc take hold of tin we rworn lo by partie* making th ?m. We i.gM rtt here (Mr aeventy yean and hear promi?cvi<>?yi 1 law menu Why, I wave laformatioa of partie* on the 1 i ne of the widening of Walaer at reel wbo a-ver pad a rent bet I fSb. t inland to art upon them until the pro f< per tone >' Mr Jaltwa Allen?1 am net, air, one of the uniirtunaU l< men who own real eeute la ii mghter)?bull am barged with the care of a very largo recite of Anoonft. I rheipe aad <4 ronrae I have been obliged o aubmit to what are ca.ted (ramie In eevernl (antnace*. I war tnurh Ci -d at the appointment of tin* committee. | do not | pt< pared to w ithhold my ennttdeace until ! eoe that it a n mwplared I approve of tbe (ouree wbluh the flomm t a< tee ha* > ded to (aha- to hear the recorded and verified *< r??pia ale drvt tl MB. WBWar BIIBIia'lt |<>,noo. 1? IV iwvenae a tlrret 0>mmmW>her, Mr. D. I) Curio ?i vev her# made hw appearance aa<l waa rworn by the h tVataaa a* tell the troth regarding certain ellegal <>n? I ? ade ay ban <? mwrning an over paymvnl to Mr. Henry O tahea for the aateaaina <* Cawal dreei *? u \ it kftTt ? hArar# mf (hit hi*ilia n (h? ^IrdPl ftwrirr .? ud .wor ? a faa, air W g Y u m*4> rommuM^i'in u> tha Board of AM?r fn.m in* thai >ioparui*oBt, In trhwb yon apacifled It tef* at fraad ?a*""t onttin parltor Ihd yon maka rt IMS lr? t>? *n |>or?'ti?l know lad <*? A. " fr?m iuikimim* at tba hooka, orary <? of tham, and '<< Irrm r* taranatoo at thorn *i g Tboro M mm paaaihiiity at ynnr lx>ttig miatakac? A. I w I), % ? < I g la tha aaaa af Hoarr Krban, who ? rharrrd with M rw ntx* ta.aha that ba la mot ontiUad to? <> r tfh?o fv.noo, ?lr jr g w t 'w? yaara ago, It ho* not boon rafnndad to tba ' M.ktl I* > trbao. m>mimn-'Tbraa y?tf ago *' g T - ?b> U?m mnnm from your own paraooaJ ?j i?. ? . ? , do ynw? Mr On?r?r-TN, ?r ? t Hl?rnM> itwaaw?Tbaro m no atiAawca thai It ban baro iri ro un<" i, tham? A Nat my nCk*. Tu g. tt waaht ftmt ia? t omitroiilnr'n offlc*' A. to artnmly. m |? g. Vt?i bora bod rharja efUiaaa bonfca alaaa tha oourtn *a i> <? A>-b to yi*i A To, ntr < ' g i a* aaai frrwtti umi U*y bam born dafaoad M oil* *? t Na. Mr tho Brat |??o of tha mmwmont book m nil paalrd w?r ? Mm hwh t?. proaarto A woaro torn ?< g TbM ' tha oai< at of th* paatttgT A I 'to not know 4. 4 my athar, ?n?|tti pramrxa tha <aov?a wham Uray pr Mn lawi tarn. no g thorn aayth rf paawd <no? Mr Brboa't an- I'J *Mt' A No, mt, amba*, hot on iboooi'r to koap it 'm Wrthor 'ho IM-IMI of tha award to Mr Rrbon * wntton to <M and tba tfurow an tho mnrcm oorrorrond with tba twn' I at tha < QWMawwtoai I? Nr (Ma 1 ?a- Tbo ntgoat at thla njnry In boonnaa thara th tat o hoo* royarta that tkom bnA boon papora pontod otrr bn ho a. waoatB I 1 Mr (W ?or?K tha eaaun ttao would lika to oramina it p? I trill brMf A tho hr- ? wara on) far and Mr fW>rar ?th hrto.l to n fen aaaMn An r mar da at tha award "f Iho < ? .4 t? at I'Vona a*4 thn/oroipt of tha $:t 000 Jiy Mr M lihon, bo nf t iVMarorino aatnuni of hi? a air I (hi th? no war Wft l.aad ononar of tha ar? ?aaaani '.?t back ihwe m a raali part af yayar par tod 01 ERA] I Mr IktM-lliNoiMUf to My. Mr (lo Mr OonoM) If utcrn tea been | nuetefck. It to arIm? frooi Utr fart that th? Truat ?PU]| mm awarded MAO. which wa.: revered iver 1 that puce yf paper on ike Aaeeeemeut Jjut book 1 beve wa? u*teae hundred fee* taken f>.r the opening. 1 rleM Mly feet, end Maker * He?e Itfty feet, yet they it Ml JM f> r their hfty I eel, ahUe I gut but, m 1 i.uu dered, 9V4.M6 Mr. ruwrif-Ikil they bed a etory building, end J to |a?I It I Mr ?bI hod o tv? tlorj huthfttef, loo j Tbe then-man It w not our fault if the tommiwuoaerr d ?ot award yen enmg h Mr. Krbea?I bey tear* to five thm etotement I fur rbed flfly leet ua teatr* rtreet for the ettoaaion, e earn* ae Maker % Kanen, but they f?t *81 ,?U0 bile, m I courtlier, thrmfti teere may no a mm ke, I got but *44 000. that ? tlb.OOO and tbe *0,000 I orlfage to the rrual (kMR|ieiiy , I m ?ae?iw?it 13,111 lor inruveateaie, Waving aa | thought, t?d ,*i*>, whito baker Kkoen received *31,MO; I ito not keew how Una award *9,600, to addition to tbe ilk,000 which appear* on the K>k, war made, nnieae it we- ooveced up by that piece paper pooled on tbe A*ee? meat IJrt hook. | Alderman Owetta? l<o you aaroit that you received f .000 ore titan ihr Commi*eiooerH award*! you f A No, mr Alderman Owene?I thought you arreted to Juntify your- , If for receiving the amount which war not awarded to 1 >u,on the ground that thet'omnueetoner had out awarded >u m DiucD for your property ar they del Merer*. Raker Raneo, ami you received Uie money becaua* you thought ju were entitled to It. Mr. ftben repeated but rtory about the uajurtnren of io award. Alderman Stephen* (Interrupting)?The u-ieeUm In not r hotber the Comiulmionorr awarded you enough, but hether you received more Uian the <X>uim?a Miner* rarded you. Mr. Conover here exnlbitrd the map of ttir opening, lowing that Mr. Krheu'i property war net taken to tbo itentof that of l!acon A Haven, but that it took off a ' * id ft) Hoc of fifty feet front and only eleven feet rear Alderman Owena?How much did the Commissioners . ??rd you f Mr. Krbea?I understood It to be $24 000. * 1 be Chad man hero swore Mr. Krhen. > Mr. Krben? 1 suppose that Dial woe what 1 wen entitled ? Chairman?Were you not satisfied that there hod been ? in intake of 9,0001' J Mr. krben?I consider that they never gave me as muqh 1 was entitled to. The Chftlrmftn?There arc some-men who would never " i satisfied with an award. Were you not aware that you u ere receiving $9.COO more than you ougbt to receive 1 Mr. Krben?rhe lawks seem to show that now. That ie, e book they pay the awards from. 8 The Chairman?Yon have not given as any competent (donation. We shall recommend the Corporation Ooun . i to commence a suit for the recovery of the money Mr. Krben?There will be no reason lor the city to sue 0 e They will get it eaay enough. V The Chairman? Wo shall recommend the Orpura'ion mnsel to sue, and you can explain the thing bef're tho >urts. > Mr Erben? I do not want any court. Alderman Owens?We arc saintled that you have re- ^ fiveu $U,(a o that you were not entit'd to from the city. Mr. Krben?Thero is the book they mako the a sard on: thai amount was to tie carried over. Alderman .Stephens?We only want to know the amount f the award, and the aiujutit you received. We are olisfled that you received $9,000 over pay. Mr. Krben?It wom not with my knowledge. Alderman Stoplens?We arc satisfied you have done it. Mr. Krben?Would it not bo proper to inquire who drow j lie warrant? ! The Chairman?Tliat la no matter. Mr. fkinover hail been, in the meatime, engaged, at tho ngge: lion of a reporter, in removing lbept|?ir. by meaiui TsoakiDg it in water lo! the |?trt underneath wu per- J icily blank, as indeed could buvu been sovn by tiding it : p to the light before. RAl'M IN ASHE.SHMBNTS FOR Ff.'OOINQ FIFTV ( FOl'KTTI HTRBKT. C The Chairman announced that thenevt rose would he as i the alleged frauds in the assessments for Hogging El fly- f mrth -tr??t, as spoken of by Mr. Couover In tin comma- I Icatlon of the 14th of .January. I Mr. Conover was sworn and testified-?This work war. < one in Fifty fourth street, between Tbtru and Fourth ave I uue; the Contract waa awarded to Mr ilallagtier at twe.a I f cents a foot, but was executed by Mr. Mountjoy at se I enty five rents per foot; the bids are all filed in my flier; though the control t was awarded to Caliagber by lie Common Council, a contract was made w ill Mountjoy t revruly five cents p?r foot, Oallagbw s h||) would have , mounted to alxiul $1,0tiO, while Muuntjcy '* was $3,7M: ( In is were < n the avenue twelve lots returned n the ac , essment list $si, and do work was tuje In front of J b? m at all?tbey were not in tho oontrar.; on th? south ide of Fifty lourib street there is one atdo owned by Um ] bvpeeaSOoa and another by an IndlvldiAl, and on the ("Proration property thero is 106 feet more charged for thou be lot will measure ilio inairninn?v?e annum nave an inn cg<uni' imi in i hi* roae, to know who waa tb<< inaprctor and contractor. ( Mr. C'nnovcr?Tin* core i* > i which ha* gnae through bo Common Council and been ?tgnc<t by the Mayor. I Alderman Owen*?And the parties have boon paid? Mr. flunover?Hotneol them , The fbawnJUJ?If pirlna lu?vo ben overcharged they ave their rrdr?i">. Mr Couovor?Una contract waa imi^doI to Terence f to. Mr. Burteod. Corporation Omin?el, here made I apr?ranrr ard tendered hie nervine 11 thaConrmit'ee The Chairman informed him '>f the determination w th yard to Mr frben ,1 Mr. Baateed replied that he had already taken measure* *oe Mr lirben, and hail made out the papora that ' orniay. 4 Mr Conovor?The aurveyor n thi? caac waa Mr F. B. Idrll. the Inspector le not named. The Common Conn I, in pairing una ordinance, struck out the appointment an inspector, yd there are $?0 charged lor inspector'! j ^ es. There were $81 chargsl on su !<xs .n Kourtn ave- _ ue and *tx Iota on l/cxington avenue, on which mere waa J j > work done. The Clerk read the ordinance paused June 30,14 Ml. . i Mr Stephen White waa aworn and t"V'tifleil aa follow*)? j am owner of a mi on the north al I? of Thirty (Vmrth I r?et, rorner ?.f lexington avenue, 00 h*t on Fifty fourth *??!t ro t 16 feet ?elo walk, making 106 running l et of do Walk 4 feet wide: nt 20 renta |"?r foot this woijld ho j "4, and allow i g a fair amount of fee* th;* would havo een 1106, Instead of which I wa* charged $160 20. a y. I>,d any party offer u> pay you money back? A. e?, rir; a party in the office of the dep?run.?rt 'or rr.ak . K aeae*Hluenle offered me $"If. toward* paying this bill " y. What *u hia rem*? A finekney; he aaid be " ould give me that provided f wnu'd pay the halnnea. y. I id he nay by w'-om he wu authorised A. He JJ ml that ?otnc .'.I i on laixington and V north avenue* had u een a*?. i>-od wrong, and that the contractor had left I 400 with him u? repindto the |>artie* provided they ! tiled for it. I accepted that amount on one bill, wli<u ? ! been paid by my attorney laat .bine Uriijtrd Smyth wax sworn and tcstiAed a* follows ? I * n tlie owner of the hit on Uieacath aide of I>e*ingtnn renuv and Fifty fourth Hired. and toe three adjoining a* on the av?Mie; the arseormcot for fl.ig;ing 4 feel F' Ide and one hutdred feet I ina waa $062 2$, a hen f went T i the < HI' e of the Collector of Aarrvauitl they raid it aa outrageou*, but they rould nut hrlp it . I think that " the fa r rale, $106 would be enough to uliargo for ihe ' ork Witney* exhibited a note which ho had received from F 'alter !?. 1'tftekaey. dat'd at Uie otfl' of the Commltot.rofTaa.* hi d .ts-r?-m' r.t* informing turn that an arratigrmrnl ' 1-d been to vie by wli h the hm on F ? pro|* rty cm.Id be removed, upon application, he waa h Ducted Uie same sum that wa* tendered to Mr wh to. p' Mr. Hobert laton wa? eworn, and tedifled aa fo.low*? P" am the owi. r of a kt corner of fifty fourth U*d ant ? mirth avenue, with three Ida adjoining mi fourth ave ? i,.. The a?? -Hmert for flagging the corner Id nti Fifty fr uirth *tre t w a* $ 174 l?4. Three lota on the forth ave- fc ue, in front ol wb rh no work war done, were assessed rl kl each. Tb" over' harge w fflls PI. I think Hie Wirk ?' ue hIinM e??'t about $100. HAt 18 IN URAOIKO, PAVING, OCRit.NS AND OCT- m TF.RINO PIKTT aiCONP flYKoSf. Mr J Br re Smith war sworn and certified a* follow* ? represent the owner* of the bio k hounded by Fifth an 1 * Xtn avci. e* and fifty record and Fifty third Mreeta, * jd forty lot. on the block between Fifty $r?t and Fifty 1 rotid streets, loak ng In ad 114 Ide, I appear to alow ? le ISO* com ernuig " uiaur >u t jv rwr ft, for regulating NMm curb ant gitter rhaie and * th walk in f ii? oil'I etrc?g, the tan** wero examined '' \ Mr Counter and stated by Win io bn report, on the * itli o( Mejitriabcr the "Hlbuico passed the Common imrcll, and on the M of1 mtobef the &( rt CummieKtaner nt in a report to the Cotnmnr Council, with a tint of the p sis reseived, abd eppcwitc Itr. Parley "declined," by ^b-r. Tcreme Kerry's bid ?ik the leweet, an i w*s u I,Ml; J. MeCrave who the next bolder, v A.flW; Far * ) '* bid was. for excavating earth tw- nty :ot,|s, removing k thirty five rente per running foot, anil flagging nine J1 the Common Council never co-iilrtned any contract r the work; yet 1 saw the work being done irAs to her, P id was told by the men tbat it wae under Mr. Parley's 'titra' t, I conl?l tioil no oontrart In Uie streo- Cnmm smer books, aid in l<>uk ng for it I found a cwntraat witv " r Mctlrave, rn the f.lh of June, for the same work on Flf *' reohd street, between KtfUi and Sixth errant*. Uio d ire* were, for sxcavattng earth teu rente running wall P venly five c,enta, rnrb and gutter forty two rents; I ami afterwards that Mr J. T. Ftodge hail certified to the ark being done under the contract of Mr Mcttrave, and el ton reel of wall, winch wae tot In the contract, u.ul P venty running feet of culvert, which waa not in the oon- i* 0 t, 1 found that lieputy street (V<mmieei<>Tier Charles M irner aflerwarda certified tbat the contract waa awarded ?t Mr. J. W Mctlrave, and that the same hail been re- ' rted to ire completed by the Inspector. the pricea were wl In IJ or iginal oontrart , he also certified that Mr Mr ave wv entitled te the payment for the wall and cnl- f rt which were not In the . >n tract, the flagging wae also te owed at eleven crnla per f<>.?t. w ?n the contract |?ricc is ten rente, making on 1,4-11 feet a difference of |74 40 *r Tlie Chapman? What ta the d (Terence between the rt ' per charge and the charge of these parties' A. I do l>< t know riactly, the work wae never authorized at all 1 the' oni..ion Conncil, It aiuienrs to have been a plan r getting more for the work than would have been paid hi the low eat bidder b. The Chairman?Have yon paid your assessmentt A. tr i, air; we were not notified until Iwcember. the onet at m e rata of Mr Karley'? contract would have been 14,100, rt it ae It le done under Mr McCrave's contract It tnttO.fiiM. p iedrr?too? tbat tteStrest Oimmiaeioner sale in his re v< irt thut there bad been some alterstion*. fc The Chair man- ft la nothing for o? to twee a ?ane upon, d ilesn Ibere has been an overcharge. Mr Pmith? The work was never authorised at all, and tl tare shown an overcharge ae to the wall and culvert t id the 174 40 v The committee bfere adjourned to Monday, at two tl dock P.M. ci LP. PRICE TWO CENTS. TWO WEEKS LITER FROM CALIFORNIA. LBJUVA1 OF THE MOSES TAYLOR. $1,565,779 IN TREASURE. >E8TRDCTTVB FERE IB DOWJTHVILLE. the mormon feeling. Large Number of Volunteers for the Utah War. FAILURES ffl 8 AS FR AS CISCO DVRRVO MAT. I|VB from the Sooth Pacific, Sandwich Islands, ne&lco, Oregon and Washlnston Territories. CARRIAGES, BIRTHS AND DEATHS. THE MARKETS, Ac., Ac., Ac. The United States mail steamship Moeea Taylor (now), ohnMcGowan, commander, arrived last evening from ispinwall, having the malls and treasure which left Han "rancuco on the &th instant, la the steamer John L, tephens. The Moses Taylor encountered heavy bead ea during all of the passage from Aepinwall, which port be loft on the 19th Instant, at 3 15 P. M. The United ft*tee steamer Fulton, Lieutenant comnamllng Alroy, left Aepinwall on the morning of the 17th utant for Han Juan del Norte, for the porpoee of con. eying to that place General M. U. Lamar, the United, tates Minister to Nicaragua. January 23, at 9 30 A. M , Havana bearing 3. E. by E 0 miles, passed the Spanish licet, consisting of one ship r the-llne, one frigate, two sloops, one gun brig and om arge steamer. January 24, & 8. E. of Cape Florida, 15 miles, passed 'arht Wanderer, bound 8. W. The following is the freight list of Bpecio by the Moh"b fay lor;? FROM CALIFORNIA. Am. F.x. Bank 8?i0,0o0 Eugene Kelly ft Go..$41,400 r'rank Maker..; 10,000 Jacob Karen 1,500 It Aer ft Morrill 1,000 Magoon & Son 12,600 I. II. (browning 7,000 J. A. McCarr 14,000 Bueb ft Wildts 5,000 K. Mearter ft Adams. 13,200 Butcher A llrother.. 1,600 Peter Naylor 29,000 i'iark ft Wilbur 10,000 J 11 Newton ft Co.. 10,793 Coleman* On 32,400 Order 101,004 [,'onroy ft O'ConDor.. 12,100 J. (1. Parker ft Son . 6,000 eWitt, Kittle A Co. 22,*16 James Patrick 76,000 iuricaii,SherinacA(Jo 30,000 Kenard * Co 10,000 >mtein A Bro 12,000 D. P. Rhoadiw 3,000 '"lint, Peabouy A Co. 30,350 A. 8. Rosenbaum. .. 10,700 'rcenruui A Go 87,000 Rosa, Falconer A Co, 36,020 T. E. Criffln 2,400 Sch ichard A Oeb Hidden A Williams. 12,000 hard 0,800 ioldstune, Fried Ian- Wm Schumacher... 3,000 der A Co 20,000 Hmith A Downer.... 1,000 I. W ILillelt ie.160 J . PUau.-s, Bro. ft Co. 40,000 land ft Co 2,1**) TreudwellftOo 16,000 tarri* A Co 2,000 Turner A Bro. 4,000 Hob.on 32,000 T VMaonASon.... 6,940 doge ft 00 40,92* J. II Weir.. 8,900 Bowlv.rdft Aspmw&ll 96.7H3 Weils, Fargo ft Co .. 84,600 dnnn well 8,704 Do 428,660 lanron, Bond ft Co.. 4,413 Total $1,523,344 from anfinwall. If. Recti A Klmhardt. .$4,072 8 laneburgh ft Bro. $7,346 I'ha*. I. Dinaond 1,200 l.aiell, Marsh ft Bona. 1,280 L'. Iiui and 1,460 McDeau ft Linta IfitO bxerett ft Brown 1,600 Order $,876 I t. JOT MJW W. 12 J. dwell US A lewiifcuigll. 1,039 Total .$1,016,710 We aro indebted to the agents of Wells, Fkrgo A Oo.'s tin ens rumn.uiy. thu Pacific hanrra* Cumiauiv and to the <j?ii PrahCiaro Nswa Ifepot of J. W. Haiti van, for file* ?f W*n. Uglily two divorce suite were brought la San Francteco luring the year, and twenty Ove ware before the court* a hi* 1j were commenced in 1*59. Of the 114 suite, ninety, cur were <ommenced by wives, .in 1 t?*n'y by huabandt. On the morning of the vUlh .a?t., a alight shock of an artbquake war cxper. "fed m .-an Franc taco. A ajnritrd row ng t at? h for a pmae of 9100 came off in lie harbor of Hah Francis ?on Sow Year's day. Viae note were entered. Tho |w?.j waa woo by John Parker 1 the Whitehall '.re.Thorn. Thr Mnnaan KrrUng la California. In aMnaal every county in the state stepa have been ak<ti U> orgauixe volunteer companies vo tight the Mov aour, in tbe event of a requisition being made by the 'resident upon Una -late for troops In San Vraiicmco nd Sacramento aeverai companies h-ive Already been par tally Wo give below some extract* on the uhject ? mohtTMim. The (bitrirr say* that the war spirit was rampant la i Inlumbiaon larlSaturday evening, and tliat the town was * lied with people, caelted to fever heal upon the Morrion war topic About eight o'clock the roll of Uie drum and the ?hrg I idea or tho life rang out upon the evening breeze, and n toed lately a crowd began to gather at the Court H"uae, 'here a mretipg had beea called for the purpose of en ailing volunteer*, and to lake tneaeurea to respond romptly to orders irom the general government for oops tront this Wale to marc h for Dtab. The gathering was large and aptritod, and much enthu a-tn wa? luaiufeated. To nee the Language ol Myron? igldly altered to ami the occasion? here waa a aound of drum aad fife hy alght. nd Columbia had (inhered there her warrfere and her ehtvalry. Three com pan lea wera enrolled, and their nam*# are IItilvbed in the 'burvr Ate at one bondred and ttfty . rrr m " . I n i iiiutni. a and . trinity There wn* an ant. M>>rm si me. t ng alia tngelee on te wh instant. and they addressed a memorial to 'l?nerwl larke. In romtnand of the Pariftc division, nutitu h.rn U> rd ft** hundred down to their county, for their rofectwn. aMINM. A* the Mormon dUBc-iHy w mki a mare war <e m> t, ard a* the [.rnbatu uy o( ft bo>UI* 'm iD| roMNte* > in ireae*. on th" t-ftft <4 tba Mnrwtooa.*, w U> ra ewurthy prowi pattern, ti* makng art uiifdfm ? per ara'o-y to or (ran'* ng military r->aipan?*", to iM?f tba Ui <>t U.? gov moment no tb mm# tor votiat- ~rv boei-t nr ?># made. Wo oat.bdanuy ?tpact that Uie aeitarr to! "to tbe **tal- will bung lb* k f*4 f?r Mil irt m ban ilb a bar limita Urge iinta of young m o lultfiiD) i|ttalill*<t tor il<xog oioeiUftl eerrtr* ? ('tab, koatd their earvtcea bo ae-l it to Aouhtfol wbather .|Ui* eetlr# foNOi, ft hody of mea cnvM ha fbotod wh* viM mor--i haerruily march to tba Aa. l ?f hatoia, mar* -garnet tba Mamim* Tbo moo/ 'utaog? rof red by Milrant* who lam happen- d to mm# to oowtoet nth that riaatml poofta, are parhape ft t*?r gnon in Gal'for ma than la nil lb* I'o-aa teib. 0 thM Htate lb* larger pnrttoa *4 lb* <agral?a oraea. and an< a ?ingie regeet-ag perron of tbe ian) * bare onrver?ed a lb, who bare iaa*l through loir eetllcmeoto, but who remember* aitb fhehnga of ieguet Uielr aooMtoabl* anrial roadmen, aa4 many at very con.[any >< emigrant*. bar* oaw to aatartaia ft rely feeling of IBdtgnwiMa n account of iw-irtee and a tftiiOiee received at their imi>d? tor wbteh fto redrwea niM be bad Aa each company arrnrm and relate* tba turder* and robberies |evpMraw 1 b^be tonrmuM or, at ielr in-iignteoi, by their Iodine adew a drtofibiaaima ? among them to bar* a day of rotgoaiag etoaelA tie opportunity --rer occur With tbi* wnt.wat ao pro ilnrnt ' iing uo, it I* not to be winder- d at that a large ->dy of * lunteer* in be ran-1 at ttoldorma who w*aid rove very effKtive in I'lah fmyuM fbrmemat amadou. fapl Brtggr, aliae Broth,ir < r .dbrd, * engaged M rab ig a company of "Volunteer Kaag- r?," fbr the tt.-e?< n err ice The roll wae npeoe-l n Omgrea* Hail, Wedge" ay evening, *ad in half an boar fifty name* were ap ended to it. Tlie good cau?# go** braraiy a?>*Wml Pi ACM. We neglected to notice la oar iaet wene the IWi that tba ittnena of Una place were about to raw* a n? litery *? any, and intend offering their aerrtcee to tbe govern i> nt, eboald a re<|uHot)on for volunteer* be made on tba late to go to Hail lake. The romimay ut now mad* ap, ad ?n on Id tbeir eervice* be nee-ie-t, will (ire a gong ac mm of thetneelvca, ai moat of them bar* aeon ?*r icc fbwrvr. Tbe ITacer Hrrnld rag* ?Thar* ie a general wteh la ? ate, for tbe government to mil apoa < abforma for * dun ere, ne only from thte ride can op- rattan* bo ca/rel on [ inet I tali at all eeaeone if tbe y?ar. Tn m-mO-te of men e only wftiUng f<>r a call from Ute proper ftutborniea. to ah to arm- Tbe rhaacee are. that many of tbem Will 1 wacted very soon CALATMAg. The Oftlaverae fhrowirlr ?ay* ?Many <4 our fk-oa le bara roeght to our notice that they wwh net to he tb? Iaet in sing enlieted m defending oar ceaftUy agnmet the high eaeon of Bftgbam Vming and h?t fotlowerr Aimilar <te lonauatKWie are eghth ted In our ?tet?r emintiee and ai ot-ly they hare rawed llieir rom|?nie? an l ofltrero, pre gred for any re*|iituition that may be ma-la by tbo y> ernment The next mail trill probably bring an -wder >r a rail tor robin leer*, and we know that there ar' ban re?te here waiting tb impatience to go Into tbe Acid Hon. B F Maraht'l, ntember elect fron Une county ? ie AeeemMy. inform." ue that het ae -tartcl n call for olonteere ai Murphy '? for a cavalry corpa, wb >?e ?vricee will be tendered the railed *tateg gi.rerom-nt - r l. ttc rtri. n war *h-'iild (he ti neral t 'tbir d:rw r? nvo ordere for troop* , Already many i?m<r jAi b< a