Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1858 Page 3
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ME OftKKRWMI STREET TR1CED1. Mai at Maurice O'Connell, Clurged wtttt UM Harder of |tr?M gpttalon. COURT or OYER AND THUUNU. Before Judge Ingraham. Jan. 27?17>e court room end trenuet leading to it were arewded this morning by parties desirous of listening t% He trial of the alleged participators in the Greenwich Street tragedy. It will be remembered that Maurice ?"Bunnell and James Toole, two of the accused, put in a plea of manslaughter in the drat degree on Monday, and He trial of llagan and Tenbroke was set down for to-day. When the court was opened? Mr. Clinton rose, and said that when advising with ? CountII and his friends to plead guilty of manslaughter, be thought be was giving his clients good advice. He found, however, that they mistook the legal effect of the plea, and they bad accordingly instructed blm to move far permission to withdraw that plea and allow O'Connell to take bis trial. CouiiBel handed up the affidavits of the prisoner, his lather and his cousin. Mr. Whiting observed that the application of the counsel addressed itself entirely to the discretion of the Court. Mo proposition was made by the prosecution, but the plea was voluntary on the part ol the prisoners' counsel. The people would ask for the con fiction of tbe highest crime the evidence would warrant. Judgo lngraham doubled the propriety of withdrawing a plea of manslaughter when the party was todictcd for murder, without satisfactory evidence being famished as to the innocence ol' the party. Mr Whiting said ho would oppose the motion, if the ssonsel did not withdraw Toole's also. Mr. Clinton promised to do so on Thursday, asking the privilege of allowing both defendants to plead guilty to manslaughter, if they chose to do so. His Honor permitted htm to take that course, provided he made the motion in fae morning. After further conversation between counsel, Maurice O'Connell withdrew his plea of manslaughter, and was put on trial, charged with the murder of Teresa Spttuden, in Greeuwich street, on the nth of November. The prisoner is quite a youth, is respectably dressed, and hie appearance does not Indicate that he would commit such an aggravated offence. The Clerk proceeded to em. panel a Jury to try the case, winch occupied the entire day. Nearly seventy jurors were set wide, m consequence of having formed or expressed on opinion as to the guilt or innocenoe of the accused, based upon the accounts f the affair which appeared in the newspapers. Twelve Jurors were challenged peremptorily?that is, they were ejected by the prisoner's counsel without assigning a reason for doing so, the accused being entitled to twenty peremptory challenges. The panel was exnausted before Mm requisite number of jurors could be obtained, whereupon thn Court ordered an additional panel of fifty to be summoned this evening, returnable to morrow morning. Previous to Uie adjournment of the Court, Mr. Richardson said that be bad conscientious scruples about rendering a verdict where Mte punishment would be death. The matter was postponed till this morning. Tbe following are the names of the gentlemen sworn to try O'OonneU :? 1. Junius J. Johnson, retired merchant 86 Sixth ST. 2. James K. Taylor, machinist 89 Mangin st. 3. Jacob Wail, baker and confectioner 26 Barclay st. 4. John Melmian, boarding bouse keeper.. .66 Market st. ! 6. Fletcher Harper, Jr., editor 14 West 23d st. 6. Robert Taylor, plasterer 100 West 29th st. 7. Philo Richardson, stationer 1 77>e 8th sv. 8. CI us. F. Stephenson, clerk No. 7 lull av. 0. David Griffiths, merchant 317 fffh av. 10. James Eadie, grocer 40 Washington Market, 11. Patrick H. Noouan, storage 119 Greenwich st. The jurors were disc bar gel till to-morrow (Thursday) morning at 10 o'clock, alter being cautioned against allowing any person to converse with them on tbe subject of the trial. Commissioners of Emigration, Tbe Commissioners of Emigration had their regular weekly meeting yesterday?the President, Mr. Verplanck, In the chair. Memorials were presented from the Catholic and Protestant Chaplains of Ward's Island for as increase of salaries, which was referred to the Committee on Ward's Island. A communication was receivcd'from the Pennsylvania Central Railroad Company, stating that they reduced lite fare for emigrants considerably below that charged by ether roads, and asked for asharo ol the emigrant travel going West. A letter was received from Mr. Garrigue, late member of tbe Raard, thanking them for the voteof tnaniu passed to him on bis retiring Trent their body. Mr. William Jellmghaus, who was elected President by the German Emigrant Society, took his seat as an exoffloo member of the Board of Emigration yesterday for the first time. Tbe following is a statement of the condition of the Board:? Alien emigrants arrived to Jan. 20,1866 2,065 " " " ' since, to Jan. 27 310 Total 2,306 Ye same date in 1857 .4,610 Decrease for the present year......... .....2,164 1866. 1867. 1868. fematee at Ward's Island 1.961 1,601 1,964 Marine Hospital 132 116 117 fatal 2,093 1,717 2,101 Balance m bank Jan. 1, 1868 $32,166 89 Aggregate receipts to Jan. 20, 1868.. .63,126 00 Receipts since, to Jan. 27, for commutation of alien passengers, he... 1,630 00 4,766 00 Total 36,911 89 Bfabarneroents ss per previous account, to Jan. 20, 1868 61,836 83 Bmsdry expenses ol Jan. 13 and 20... 4,02V 86 6,866 69 Balance of commutation fund 631,046 20 H....rt, ,l af Onaruitlsr. TO TBI EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Omc* or ni? Qtmranox* CoMnuwoxiwr, \ Vkw York, Jab. 37, 13M. J We take the following paragraph from the "report of the Quaranlme Committee,"' from your paper of UUe morning The committee deem It a matter of great Import an oe that me State of New York ahonlit he repraaented before the 1-aelaturoof New Jerary in Ike appiiaaiion ?.Inch I* about to made for the removal of the Quarantine, by a aomntlttee of three or mure oi the moot prominent ciUjene of our mate, to be (elected for thia apn tal mirpoar. bucli a ufaeuru would be an earreat of the Imponance with which the np preaching negotiation la regarded by thla Htale, and tend to eheiirr a rtaull alike benelirlal, fair and honorable, m a matter In which both Htatea hare a mutual and deep Intereat. The committee, in cuocluaton, odd, that deeming the rtewa which 'bev have here presented MTMl and proper under the eirrumalaucea, thejr eodearwed to procure the aaaeut of the CommlaeloDcra for the Reuorai of the Quarantine to the appointment of a committee ?a Inat referred to. But tliia committee regret thai the r'ommla<looera declined to glee their aaarnt. and for that raw on thta committee have thought R proper to make their report to the people of the country. N 11A IN KI.I.I N' it It III, WM. J. ell A V NATHAN BARKKTT, 1/IT CLARK. WM. H. VANHKRHtl.T, MINTKItN TOMPKINS H. H fRtlPSET. TMMPKINR W K*TFKVKLT. The t^iort wae received and unanimmialy adopted. Afl our reply to the Quarantine Committee * "Endeavor to procure Ute aaaenl of the Coromiaeiooer* for the removal of the Quarantine to the appintment of a com mtttec, a* laat referred to," waa in writing we beg leave to enclnae an eitrart from It to yon for publlcatioa, In order that? the public may compare the atalemeDt of the Stated bdand Q larantine Committee with the facta. GEO H Al.l., ) Quarantine O. BOWNK, /Couimuwioncra. The following ig the extract alluded to ta the aocompaoying letter ? trrrpw or Trtk QrtRA.<rnini Cowunwiowrae, ? Nrw York, Jan. 14, 1M*. J N. Barrbtt txn N. 1) Km tuiwoin, Kngi. (icmair-In reapooae to your loquirte* on the part of a commit tee of cittiene ot Huu>n Uland touching the beet mole of procedure to obUin juriadicjoo over Handy Htmk for quarantine purpose*. we would reapectfully auggeM, k.t in one muiiion It la not adviaalile at nrmm.t In Invoke Um aid of (Air legislature ? Pot, fnrtnnalely, It ta In ymir power to *upply our great**! pr?-? nt ne*d wtthnut lagtalatlTa kaalntanee, <. a. eounael. We shall bp happy i<> bar* a commute* of your kody abrompauy tt* to rranvm, (In im> woly part of eit ?Mk,) and trnat by thnr ai I to ancreod In Una tin orMat work GKoMK RAIL, RflRKRf BKNROS, 0. BOWNV. fkiuunau. A? 1 - .... A. F'Tr aPOPTIOR-A PINK. HK kl.THT INFANT, A ROY of three month*, ratard nn ihr b?ul?. Any perann ta mod rtr. ?mf< anere and of firat re?part*blllt>, wiahlng to Jdopi aneh ran do ?n by ad.lrea*tr?f note, with lull parttru Mr* Refaren i* a I van and ra<iulrad The Infant ta of rw e^aatahta ABiartcan parentage. Addrraa M. W. R , Harald TTKTRR WARTKP -JAMW. W>W Of .IOITRWORaAW, H warahottaaaukB of tendon, alao of Richard Rl?on laga Ma of William Wrlghl, of Cumberland, elan Morton, or Wm Otindr, of l*iodon Apply to W HATH. Ha* aatdry oilier. Mi Broadway, R. V. FBdlgrewa trarad, arma (numl, painted and engrarad. Information wantico-of francir car wo it .a I natty* of tha county Armagh, Ireland. Who arr yrd In the hip f war Wright on tha 2d of .lauuary. It wilt he thankfully repaired by hit hr>lker Rtenbeu Caaoon. No J Raw atreet, aw Rrnnawteh. W. J , or at 114 rtrat arcana, Raw Torh. INFORMATION W ANTNP?OF KPWARP KRK.NXN, J of th* Oumiiy Rmrntimon, by hi* ituirhief, Hrl ttfut KffOftiv No. 4 V?oorrfc dtrofii, Nrw York. bo In Mil* Atikl# ftiIIwmikie ptprr* ploom* copy. INFORMATION WANTRP?OF APOLPflPR I/1WRMAN an Hntigarlan youth. It yaara old: apeaka good F.nglmh, Merman ?nl franah Ilia ^taady return I* Implored by hn daaartad bul?tlll aifactlonata mother Apply at K. Polatoek'a, ft Hinge itraat, N. T INFORMATION WANTKP?OF .IOHR P. RITl.l.tYAN yrbn laft New V<Wk fnr New Orleana alio** a yaar ulnar. Any inform*!!"* mnaerning blm rrttl be ihrnkf'tlty r>-" n -1 by ?r. Iaa*r Nawly. for hi* mo'kar. at Ro. 4 Waehliigtnn War hel, R V. Raw i nlean" paper* pleaaa a>ipy. fF MR RI'ftNb MB MR WRRTWORTH ROW RIP | pn?ad to ha rr?l<mig In Witllam?biirg, or any pernon who *> * With Oa? Walker * army at Fuen'a Aran la, ran gl*a ?nv Information ?d ay thing man nam. I i hart.. Hroektogton, II will be too*! thankful!* repaired ?l I.Vt Howary. R T. J/.? RAMUEt. RW AJf A CO , Xngwat*. (laorgia. PARI El, RWATf A (O, Augoal*. Oaorgla. RAMI'F.I. RWaR At'O , AngiUM, Oeorgl*. i"-., T' vivri ifwVi I'Riibw "urtow rtrsK IV again" lb. Mi l ta P V. JTFkrTkT - A KM, INM ill r NOT F tTf.'r- RV AI i oa* hrigVer d?wntn* m Rainrday. If to the ron i?ry plea** rr| 'y imin1 n?laly. 5E I . poLJfnt5!A1r . DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN GENERAL COMMITTER, Tammany Hail, Jan. 24. 18S8- ?The several Ward Com 1 milteen are hereby directed to meet for organization on Thursday tuening, Xth Inat., at 7K o'clock, In tielr respective wards. pursuant to a reabruUon of thia committee, adopted 1-itn instant. DANIEL WITTER, Chairman, pro tern. WooDhcr?' 1 Seorelariea pro tern REGULARS ATTENTIOM.-A MKKTlNti OK THIS SOetety will be held, pursuant to adjournment, on Thursday evening, Jan. 2b. at heaiquarlere, liH) Heater atreet, at 7>4 o'clock. Members will be punctual in attendance. Ity order JNO. McLEOD MURPHY, President. Wzitsb L. Ciwm, Secretary. SIEWSPAPKKS. PORTER'S SPIRIT Or THE TIMES For thia week will contain a splendid engraving of SOVEREIGN, THR SIRE OK PRIORESS. Hid pedigree, performances, Ac., also the full particulars of the CHAMPION FIGHT IN ENGLAND, "Cruise of tha Kewaunee," letters from Rome, by "II. P. L."; from England, by "Censor," and from Paris, by "Wauderer." For sale every where. Price 6 cents. HOTELS. GARDINER HOUSE, HAVANA, CUBA, 108 O'SKILLY street, two squares from tbo Captain General's palace and Place U'Armei ?The undersigned has pleasure In In forming hl? frtenda smLthe travelling pub lie, that during the pant aufnwcr he haa generally refitted me hnuae, ao (hat those jK^LAeaort to Havana for pleoaure or for the benefit of their well in, may enjoy at the Gardiner House all the comfort* of a 1 home. The sleeping apartments are furnished hi the American ityle, and he aaaurea all thoae who may dcelgn vlaltlng thla cltv and making this home their home, that no exertion hall he wanting en hi* part to give satisfaction to hla patron*. N. B.?A boat from the house will vlait every steamer, to convey and baggage on shore, Hlvxna, Jan. 1, MM. WM. H. GARDINER. VTKW HOTBL FOR A GOOD TENANT.-THE PUB iv aerlber baa a fine corner down town, eaat of Broadway, on wbieh be wanta to ereel a hotel or lodging house of about 170 roorna. on the European plan, or any other moat desirable aad want* to find ao occupant before be proceeds to build. Address, with name and references, box 317 Jersey City Pool otfioe. mO YIBITKBB TO HAVANA.-THR AMERICAN AND JL European Hotel.?The subaerlhers take pleaeure In an nountlng to the travailing public that their new house In the Cerro will be reedy for the accommodation of rial (era on and after the lat day of January, 186b. The location of their bonae la one of the most healthy places on the Island; the house la new and uewlv furnished throughout, and no pains haa been spared to mage It convenient and comfortable for Ki patrons. Every exertion will be made by the proprietors to ! make their guests comfortable end at home. The bouse is situ | ated on the Calsada Real Del Cerro, No. 91, Cerro, Havana. On the arrival of the steamers there will always be some one to take charge of both persona and baggage, to pas* (heir bagGage through the Custom House, and to see thai It la safely (levered at the house. Also, there will be omnibuses in readiness to otrnvey passengers, free of charge, to the hotel. 8. W. WOOLOoTT A CO.. Proprietors. _____ - CLOTHING, AC. 4>fr flfln TO INVERT IN SECOND HAND CLOTHING. ?Gentlemen desirous of converting left off or surplus clothing Into caah, ean obtain fifty per eeul more by calling on or sending their address to/AMES MORON KY, ?7?>a Pearl street MERCHANT TAILORS HAVING ANY QUANTITY OE new clothing to dispose of at a fair price, will meet with a cash purchaser bv calling at the store, or addressing THOS. D. CONROY, 16 Centre street. : ~ coal. r COAlTAT"LESS THAN HCMJAERPRICEq.-DIROTI ARG Ing this day, first quality htore cool, which I will deliver to any part of the city at $1 SO per tan; less to carmen, dealers, pedlars, Ao. ('sen when ordered. Apply on pier, foot of llammeraiey street, 31S Bowery, 479 Broome, 211 Greene, MS Houston. JACOB WEEKS A CO. CANNKLOOAL. DISCHARGING FROM SHIP DRKADnought, of the first quality, and for sale at the lowest market price, direct from the snip. Also, for sAle Liverpool, orrei, peach orchard and Lehigh. II EN It Y REVIVE, Corner of Canal and Centre and corner of Jane and West atrce.t*. LITERATURE. A WORD ER TWO OK FRIENDLY ADVICE. ' I)*n Rice, the wine and witty clown. Has oft been heard to say? " The perfeet wonder tn this town Is Ranney's, In Broadway. "Twojiinety three, where day and night To chum" >'111611011 of delight. Astonishment and pleasure." Bryant* and Christy, lads of fun, And wiser far than many, Hay theru'a no gent beneath the aun Thai ran compete with Kanncy. Book* for the thoughtful ami the Ray, And gift* ao rare and nice. Thru quickly hasten to Hroadway And take a friend's advlre. Our large and rapidly increasing business enables us to present the purchaser of every volume with a trainable gift, krmrmbrr, No. ?13 Hroadway. Catalogues sent free. Address A. RANNEY, Agent. American farmer-* maoaztne?a work for the farmer, the gardener, the mechanic, and all possessing an elevated rural taste, whether In city or country. In this work our first achievement has been to produce, at a mrderate price, a very first rate journal, now no acknow ledged, without a dissenting voice, of agriculture, horticul ture, and the profit*, pleasures and MMRtttM of rouniry | life. Our present object la to make this known to the world, ; for Its aud our benefit, on the principle that a good article. 1 Well advertised, will turn advantageously for both seller and buyer Price, in .advance, fig, to single subscribers. VI HI to | clubs of four and upwards, and those who cannot well club with others, and yet would avail th'-mselvea of the fednctino, I mav order It seven months for $1 Inclosed; fifteen months for ] VS. or two years for S3. The February number la uow ready for delivery at No. 7 He.-kman street, room 17 I'rlrc l.'t rents. January and Eebruary numbers 3U cent* Canvassing I agent* wanted. Terms liberal. VTKW PUBLICATIONS.?RE APT IN A FEW DAY*. Xv Ada Arundel, by tJ. W. M. Reynolds HI cent* I Joby Jack?A Ovely yarn IS cent* V BKAPY, Publisher, 12 Ann street. I/OWT A*U FOIND. DOO I/1ST. ?STR A YEP, FROM 74 I.AFAYKTTK AVE nue, Brooklyn, a black hind inn terrier dog, long ear* , and tat); had on a collar, the buckle had worn the hair from under the neck- A liberal reward will be paid for his re I turn. | DO a LOST -A YOPNO TERRIER SLUT, ANSWERS TO the name of Tiny. An* persou returning her to US West Ntrtth street, will receive a liberal reward. Found-a miff, the owner can have the same by railing at the store of Thoa. C. MaKae A Co.. fringe an<l dress tr turning manufacturers, MM Canal street, proving property and paying for this insertion. Lost?on the kvbninh or the 2?tii instant, between Schermerhorn atrcet, iroofclTP, and Ten'h atreet. New York, via Fulton ferry and Second Avenue Rail road, a small black enamelled breastpin, set with diamonds. The finder will be liberally rewardetl by returning it to the owner, at 77 Schermerhorn afreet, Brooklyn. I OUT?ON Tl'KfPAY EVENING, HKTWKEN POP j J worth's academy and Plerrepont Hous*. Brooklyn, a I a^jnlnk table vielorlae The finder will he suitably rewarded | by leaving It at the Ptorrepont House j I Of.T?ON Tt'KAD AY RVKNINO, II* IIRdOMK NTRKFT, J comer of Laurens, a black King Charles dog. The (in.I er w ill !>? liberally rr warded by Inarm* him ai Mr Htiby'a, JS Wooater alreet. LOFT.-THAT YOUNIJ A MKRTC AN HRNTLKMAN. Irom Ft Mark's plana wbi visited tba Herman math thoa'rc, In the Howery, on the evening of the 2ih In*' . and left at the third art with a black opera class. will pleaaa re turn the aaror toSJS Bowery. In the ature. LOST-ONAVNDAT, WIIM.K OOINU FROM TilK COR ncr of Mulberry street, ihronirb H?rt?r and iba Bowery to Fourth street, a lady* came" pin Tb? finder alll be suitably rewarded by leaving It at IN# llaater street, and re reive the thank* ef tn* owner. LOST-JAN. r, A HOLD HKF. ASTP1N. WITH A HI .UK enamelled leaf In the centre, either In Third. fourth. Stub or Klfhth avenuew. ?r tn Twenty second. Twenty third oyfThlrty fnniih streets. The tinder will be suitably reward*! by leaving it at J. K. KmUb'i store, 7JJ Headway T OAT Oil RTOIJW-OK T1IR F.VF.R INH Of TIIK *TH XJ "f January. Inat . a note for 9M> ua. due on the kith of February drawn by George N. Lawrence. payable tn the Rank or new York. I eautlna all neraona front buylac It, as payment la Hopped. J B<>TT. I.VI Pine street. STOLRN-FROM MT ROOM ?T RROADWAY, THR drawing of a machine for hammering metal It wAI ha of no use III the thief, aa I ahglJ corneal bm getting a patent for It. CHAN CLARKNI. RKWAKM. dbl f b HFiWARD ?I<OPT, OW THR MORRINH Of THK W*!.*' 2wh, a very heavy gold f chain with a ttai en Kar.d alldr and Ure airanda supposed to be loai in Ibe drd avenue ?ra. The almye reward will be paid by dg Hvertng U nt ll*> Rlnorne street, o. Titer ol Clinton alAnet. AI/IA R AWARD ?IA*>T FROM TAMF. ? HOTF.L. OR rl.lfl' tl?' .Mb tneuot a yd.I magic bunting watch No. ? FT and a aravy guard chain The above reward will be paid foi their rernvi rj . and no '|tieeli< na aaked. ~ ~ HU.IAK1M. A HOOP MCCOND HANI) Itll.I.IARn TAMLF FOR sale, wllh Phelan'a patent coin'.Inat n ah' .n? To he seen at the manufactory of O'CONNOR A t'AI.I.KNI'KR. 53 Ann street BnxiARrm rkdcokp ta tkn cknts a hamrin Ibe day lime 2A rcria an hour or f I a table par da). and lb Cent* a game n tlw- eeentng. at th. New Tellers-.u Billiard R. ami. corner of MlUikfWiue and Ten'h atreei, ali Unenblea A large room m lei u> committee* or clnha. btlilh avenue cars para the door. BILLIARD*.?A. llASAFORD. 1*9 FULTON NTRFKT (or No g Ann).?New doors, new table*, additional **y tight*. JnM finished. More pUvera ran ha accnmmolatad rvenlng* A line asaortmeni of 'ablea for *ala. Milliard Palace. Cowrt and Remsen atresia HmuMii. WATC HM, JVWKLRT, dMC YV^ATf-HKR AND JRWKLRY MM YRRT I/OW Beautiful gold watche* for ladle*, all description*, tlen'lemen a gold watches, Fllvee wai'be* A written twarantee given with every watch. Barring* pin* and bracelet*. I*old chain* of all ktn.ta. . Diamond ring*, And all hind* of Jewelry. llFoRRN 0. At.l.RN. Importer of watche* and jewelry. Wholesale and retail. Ho 11 Wall alreet. aeoond it tor rORTTWU. 1 F- RANl'TS BUTLIR. ? rn*nR ATRF.KT. WAYlNfJ returns 1 from hia peregrtnatlona with Hie giant dig p %r? -I *.? f ? 111f* f " hPRAtd <* v? 1 h ' *11 ?-r iKf?w rM !' ' . * i rirl Ail fl-?ir? Ri'Xin ** ' Ml MTI eh *?.' "ph ' H?i*i ir'T-iM:' n t -nr* M.inildr, .Virjhl* hot' ' R *r: mi'"' i*?rnfd? ' of tb. ?!o|, .%! Pr.. ?. t? T-*tn ^ ' lit, At* , Oi T ??* ? % ! \* tmtcd, 91. It YORK HERALD, THU ifbcul iwticbfc At a special meeting op the kutbus op Hose Company No. <0, held at the carriage houae, on the evening ol January 27, 1H6H, the following preamble sod resolutions were adopted, and ordered U> be published In the New York Dally Herald ? Whereas, llenry C Hpleer, a'member of llone Company 40, aged 24 years, died on the evening of January 26, after a abort Illness raitsed by eipnaure In the discharge of his duties while they bow to submission to the will of Him who gave, and who alone has the power u> lake, dealre to mingle their sympathies with, and offer their condolence to, his relative# and friends In thia dispensation of trovtuonce, and to place on the record of ihm company the high ippreriai on entertained of the worth of our deceased ittaocla e. who w as ever ready and faithful In the discharge of his dut "n, and -Inoere In hla relaUona to ihta company, ami the Hire : leper ment; therefore, Resolved, That the member* of thi" eon pany will pay their laat tribute of reaped, and follow to the ave the body of our deceaneil member, and gently Uy b down to aleep. each one dropping a tear on the aod that covera the remains of klm who in loe was beloved, a*d whoae memory In death will be cherished. R>aut??d. That a copy of these reaolullona be transmitted to lie-rt-!:r'\, k of the defeaaed duly authenticated by the officers of the company, aftd that the carriage house he draped In moo ninp, and that the members wetr crape on their left nil tor thirty days. 8. V. w J0NK8. Fireman. Cm Rim 1* IttcKLKT. Secretary American institute informal meet/no.?an Informal meeting of the in. -tubersof the Am -rlcan In stilute will he hits) '1 ia (Thursday) evening, mi 7)t o'c'ock at the rooms ol' the Institute. Shi Urea l way, to receive the re port ul the Committee on Nomin it tons. Members are requested to be punctual. WM. MALL, Chairman. K. W >.k,s*Ktt>utMtit. Jr., Secretary. IDEOGRAPHICAL ANII STATISTICAL SOCIETY.?A VT paper will be read this t Thursday) evening, at eight o'i loek, at tbp small chapel of the New York University, Washington square, hy Professor Cook, of New Ilrunswick. N. J.. "On the. General neology of New Jersey" Free to members of the society and their friends. INDEPENDENT ORDER of StlNH OF MALTA ?A rprcial meeting of the members of " Ecce Hlgnum" I/tdge No. 6. of the Slate of New York, will be held *1 the. Temple, cor ner of Hroome and I Vorhy streets, on Thursday. 2?th Instant, at P. M. Every member is requested to be present, as business of Importance to all Is to he transacted. By order of the Urand Commander. NOTICE.-THE COMMITTEE ON TAXES OF THE Hoard of Aldermen will meet in room No. 9, City Hall, on Friday, Xhh mat., at 2 P. U The followring parties aro requested to attend and show cause why they should be relieved from tax, vli:?Able Denuison. Zerega Augualua, J. -F. Hoilister. K. .1. Clarke (ieo. K. latefe, E. II. 8tead, Wm. Walters, her <1 Johannes, Jno. Ityan and others, Amos m. Lorkstt, Richard Varrlan R. Benuy, Kb. J. Hyde, O. J. Slgitnlere, A. S. llsmroemly, Jaa. m. Ray re, Jno Hoe.lner, A. I,. Jordan, a. W Hoger, Jno. F. Cleavelaml, H.M. Richards, Welsh Baptist Church. OeJ. Smith, Mathew lle.drev, Elijah Robinson, Alfred Varian, Alex llugart. Cluta. Mugate, J. II. Katligan, llasbrouck, Lynes ACaae, tleo. Fennell and Marv J. Ludlow. JOHN iSKKilOKY, ) Committee THOH RTKPIIENH, > on WM. TUCKER, _ ^ Tazea. NOTICE?THE COMMITTEE ON STREETS OF TUB Hoard of AMermen, to whom was referred the suhjeet cf Russ pavement In Hroadwny, will meet on Thursday, the 2Mh Inst., ai 2o'clock r. M , at die City Library room. No. 12 Ctty Hall, to bear further suggestions regarding the Improvement to said pavement. All parties Inter* ated are requested t* bs present. F. J. A. HOOLK. 1 Committee THO* \R MnSPEDON, > on JOHN LYNES. Streets. Notice.?the committee on assessments of the Hoarl of Aldermen will meet on Tburoday, the 28tli and consider such subjects aa have here-fore been referred to them. TIIOR. STEPHENS, 1 Committee THOK McSPEDoN, J on GEORGE ST A14 R, ) Assessment*. NOTICE.-TrtE active, honorary anp ex mem ber* of llom Company N ). 40. are requested to meet at the carriage house, on Thiiriuiay, '.28th tnatant, at 12o'clock M., to atter d tie funeral of our late member. Henry P. Splo^r. Notice.-the committee on frauds of the hoard of Aldermen will meet In the library mom. 12City Hail, on Monday, 1st day of Fehruarv, 1858. at 2 o'clock P. M. Any persons having complamta to lay before the committee are requested to attend. THUS W tDAMS, ) thos. stephens, J Committee. ja8 owens, ) Postponement.?the annual award of pre mlumaby the Cosmopolitan Art Asaoelatlon has been postponed from the 2<tb of ./anu try to the 2.1th of March. 1868. The hooka will retuaiti opto ami subcripti.uia received until that date. TO MERCHANTS, BANKERS. LAWYERS. AC.-THE hiI vertiaers, claiming to understand the neb-nee of book keeping, in all pa varied and rompDcati-d Intricacies, otter their servi *ea In preparing correct and lucid statement* of all hock* with which they may be Intrusted. Uankrunt ea-ale* reported upon after the manner of the accounting house* of laindon. Liverpool and Glasgow. Estate tcounta. for the Surrogate I ourt prepared and adjus'ed a-rurding to Its pre scribed forma. Cneiceplb.nabh- referenres a* lo ability and qualilb-allons Address F. A hot 183 New York Post office. idOAH oroqw. 4>1 -WE HAVE MONEY IN ANY AMOUNT ipi. To aiitascb OS Diasosns. w arenas. Ac. To anrast'k OS nasos, sioias, nsr coop*, AO. To advaim-k os hotskhoui rcitsiro'Wk. Ac. To apvajh-k os skrciiasiiisi or ai l kisps THIS IS THE OLDEST tir'riC* IN TIIIH CITY. J. MACDUFF, established 1848. commission house. No. M Rrc.adway, corner of Walker Mract, M. B ?No connection with any other house. Private rooms. d?l -LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ACCOMMODATED O tP I. rollatcral security. snrh aa diamonds, watches and jewelry, of every description, aegars, dry goods, pianos. Ac. Pawn tickets bought. At 483 Broadway, neil lo Walls, k'.s, upstairs. Private rooms. It. ST. JOHN A CO. *1 to s2s.000 at right. *W J. H. BAMRLNOIE, 170 Broadway, room S. $6 to SMI lo fS.000 on dlamoadt, watches, pstnua. dry goods Ac., Ac. <J?1 -MONEY AD VAATCED -THIS OLD ESTABLISHED <Ti. bouse has ample meaaafor advancing onorhuvtng <Hum<m<Ia u'Alokaa imuiolrw anil felftf of liArminsJ urn nfrtj. Cadtroand gentlemen no* wiahlng to be Men entering loan offlc* will do well U> call. Private olllr eg. CLARK A MS Broadway, e?rnrr Prince at. 4>1 TO fltf.OUO ADVANCED ON WaTCIIE*. DIAMONDS. PI jewelry, allka. aalina. clotha, warona, harnraa and all klnda of peraonal property, and mrrghandtae hough' and aold on liberal prim liiU a. Hualneaa confidential, at 'be front baaement, No. 87 varlek afreet. Al TO IM.WW TO IX1AN ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, ?PI jewelry, aecara. drr good a. and all klnda of paraooal property, or hoeght and aold for caah. Merebanta wishing to clear out their entire atnek for cash, accommodated on abort notice. Kecwrklee of all klnda negotiated t>? THOMPSON A CO., hroke^a and 'otnmiealon mrreharue. 103 Naaaatt, earner of Ann aireal, routna No. 3 and S, aecond Soar. S-CAPH ADVANCED ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, . jewelry, and all klnda of peraonal property and tneridiee, or Itoughi for caah. gouda aold ne nnmmtamon. old gold and allrer bought. 81 Naaaao atreet, room No. 7. ?\7 /Will TO LOAN f>N DIAMONDS, WATCH Kg, ?P1 *J I .a/*/" Jewelry, eegare, furniture. An., or the aame bought for the blgheet caah prlcaa, by the wall known IHAACN. Offlce 11 CkambereRetreat. N. B.?No buatnaaa ypaac'eri on Paturdaye. MONEY I.OANRD OR ADVANCED IN LAMOK OR ama!! amounU on dlaatouda. weu-bea jewelry planoa, aewlng truw hinea and dry goode All klnda of mercaandlna bought and aold for raafa at S47 Hrnadway, room No. J J WOOD. Jr . removed from M17 Broad way. MONEY LOANED TO ANY AJIOl'NT. ON DIAMONDS, wavtw* jewelry, and all klnda of men-handiee. or boufbt for raeh Partleacanba dealt with gtrtrtlyr ooaMentlal. aid not Va aern entering a loan ofltre. This lathe oldeat and moat reliable plaee of the hind tn New York Money ad aanreduu m-rchandtar for anctlon, baaing th* heat loratod aalearrom In the rtty. L. JACOBS A 00., tleneml Auction earn, 0f! Hrnadway. M^m ONKT ?PERSONS WANT1N*! MONET WILL HE AO mramodeled In a confidential, liberal manner, at SB* Broadway corn- r of 1 tuane atreet, np aUvir* Oe?h adv vn. ed on diamond*, watcbaa. or other ra'uabtc* and merchau Itae, or bought Ilia beat price paid fur alltrar articlea, old or new. R SMITH ACQ , room* 1>and Id. M^m ONKT LENT?AT THK OLD RSTAHI.I8HMENT, NO. SI l'?m:re atreet, corner of Dnane. Bernard pawnbroker The aubarrtber la now ready to adranre the higaeat price on diamond*. wati be a and ail hind* of jewelry, aid every d* acription of aarrchandlae. aHRAIIaM HOODMAN. AgrnioaT." th CI.A1RVOTA NTH?LADIES AND OENTI.EMKN, aw Mr* II A YES la tine of the ftrat elalrroyanu and healing medluma ynu can call npon in thw country Re?ldenre W Broome atteet. he ween Kliaabetb and Mntt atrreta Retlafactlon ft ten, remember, or no pay nc CENTS-MA DAMN * I,BIN, EROM *4 VARICK Zt) atreet. talla paat. preeeni and future evente-llkewlae journey*. huatnrm proepecta, Ae., at her offlnr. S7 Oroeby atreet. brat floor, between Broome and tlrand alreeta fed tea SScrnia. gentlemen Mcenta. No 37 Cmeby atreet. A RICK NT R WET.?MAD A Ml MAW MAR A atndy eonneeted wtMi nbrarotngj, which enabiea her to tell {oer age. akaraater and atraematancea, what ahaatgae are beftwe foe, whom yoe wNI merry, find ebeent frtenda. end every erewl of life. She la earn emit by Matlam* de th we, the moat wnedarfa) heeling elalrToyatt in the world, abe de acHSna Tour dPeaaa rwrna yon If rurahla lurna gray heir to ita original at>lur. TUa la no bumbag They aafcmlahaE nmt them. ___________________ Al" nnn REWARD IN nrrERED TO ANT PERSON floAfll'' who can atirpaa* kfnrtame CLIFTON In giving correct atatrmente on all erenta through life, partlrolarly law aulta and In fact, all buatneaa matter* She alen warrants in eafn all dltaaaaa In thalr a-oral form. particularly iha wnr?i rum* of rhaitmatlant All parous aho ara affllatad or in troiiblr would do wall to call and tea this naturally I pKtad lady Raaldrnoa 123 Rprlnfl ntraat. Avonhxr-tut nii.iHRATtn oipiit PAtMnrr wUI nontlnnn to raraal tha paat. praaant and futnrn I ?ran'? nf llfr with unarrlnt certainty. Faa AO aanta Tha ?ipay baa a caarrl which will eauca speedy tnnrrwtflan Wo R7 Ahlllynn ctocat, naar Broome I v#!* < a. w wwow ** iMAmtrw IHWM ill rlalrroyant. may ha cnaenfeM at bar matdanaa. Wo. H | Oceana atraal, room Wo 7. eaaond floor Aha will And absent friends, trara Inat or stolen (onda, ad rise on haalnaaa. flirt dnltneatkmc nf character. Ac. Madam* lrrowdjt-thta wowdrrfpi, awt> worr aaroinpllahad ladrla etnpplnfl at IflV litiaaa atraal. naar riodaon atraal. whem.ene will show ladtaa their Inlandad bna handa and flantlamao their wlraa fra, ladtaa M santa, and aanitamA VM acuta. , K tK. Aba baa joat arrlrad from France Madam* pr*wst*r RTiLLcmn-twcm hkr hurt naaa In aetmlofly, lotr and law mattara. aha faala ronfldent thaiekahne no equal. ladtaa, S?> rants flcn'lemen .91. Haatdarra. Ho. AAtnyreeant ureet batwaan hiflb'hand Writh itrrrta and Recond and third arrnoaa. MADAMR HARRIA TFU.S A.l. TRF. F.TRWTA of llfa, arm yonr rnrr thottflhia. tails of atnian property; flraa Inrhy nomhara. Thousands hava baan mat* hippy ofliaa Ah West Mnctrrnth avert, near Pltlh arrnoa. l-adiaa Site.. flantlatnan Me. rprifrnrr. r'l RV1TT RF Fl'RMfTl RK AWDt ARFFTtWU -IP\T tha blchaal cash prtoa for botiaahold fnmiuirr, -irpat Infl. merchandise prof, aahmA) inairtim?ur? wlh'hai 1<? monda, horaaa, war na fla , -r adt tna.- .>n .V ? .m- Site lion sales of fiwmture *n.t merchandise a >li.Cte?l K It 'If A (t It tA A I.TFRR, IS llrnry an1 M ('.alitor no ?trr?ta Nr(VtlrR.'?FlRTlFA II A VIR'l" MF.W *OR CK1 I'VA Htn.l fur ifl ifa whi: h'ha -want ta ,t a >- j' wC I. a rti* nntihaarr hy til tl * at II A J It MRAIti tf. in and tmlfllf *i .f.% I7.i < !. oh tin <tr t / \* Ft?*K F RWlTl'R* r I V??~ "rRt"'l/rnfv : "V.; V " drab a, tnt.iee. ac / py'/ it r ??m Wo. ?, Ji t' na sire-d. RSDAY, JANUARY 28, 18 MWMCS. ROOMS. ?C., TO LET. 4 AMITY STRKKT, NEAR RROAOWAT.?TO LET U I to a koiJiJ! lauiL y, tbo second Ox>r, nuodsomely fur nUhed, and bm k basement. with all .irenmmixiatlnns neces ary fof housekeeping, or second Hour U? single gentlemi n. Bains. (u Ae. djon ~A profitable sboar stork to let, Yi>0\J. with mre buck room attached. rent 4115 per Month,

t it urea and stock for naif; Mtu*tr<l In a ureal thorougluare in a capital location to make money. 11 W. RICH A ROB, 107 Broadway. Qn I1KNRY HTKKKT.?Tp LET. TWO BOOMS, WITH *7 I pantry attached, use of hntli and gas, to a small family, without children, furnished or unJ urolahed. At' raiiKenienta ran he made for partial hoard, if dean oil In quire at 112 Warren street, or at too house. References exchanged. Ankat FOUR STORY HOUSE TO LKT?AT NO. J26 West Fifteenth street, between Eighth and Niolh eve nuea, with nil the modern Improvements; rent <7MJ. To reapectable prlva'e i'amtle a rare Inducement* olfcrhd. Inquire of JAMES A. CLARK No. 2 Clinton Hell. A-ior jil?< e. A FIRST CLASH IIOI'KK (FURNISHED) TO LET- TO h flrnt class tensnl. The house ha* all the etuder* im* nrovi m> bih. fanbcicm Irom 10 A.M. to 4 I*. M., No. lol wenty ftih street. ? w hi i. furnished cottaok t<f rknr, in k vht Rq-h teih street, hetwe.n tmvinil ami Third aven lea. > '.ci ri ?nBBblr. For particular* rail on J. H. H. KK1KREK, 27 Murray street. A FIRST CI.ARK BROWN STONE HOUSE TO I.KT?IN a good neighborhood, weal of Broadway; carpet*, elolb*. Jc , tor sale, yearly rem $500, Inane for two yiwl and three months; possession immediately, H. W RlCHAKHS, 307 Broml ray. A GOOD STORK AND DWELLING TO LKT?NO. Ill Springsteen, west of anil near Broadway Yearly rent $KUU. or the store will be let Heparan-, if deair-'d, with immediate poascsaicn A leu, a email pleasant Html oflra, on the iccond tlonr oi 6n7 Broad way. Rentjlu per month. Apply to B. W. RICHARDS, 3(7 Itroadway. ANKW FURNISHED THREE STORY bri-'K hi HI basement house in Brooklyn to !?>??To the 1st ol May or longer; very pleasantly aitiiaied: rent very Mi-aWate 'o a email family, ard taken in board lor two peraoua if desired. At ply attbenmiae, No. ID Lafayette t venue. Bakery si roosevki.t street to let, and Fixture* for sale. Immediate entry. Brooklyn houses to i.f,t or for sale ?five three atory briifc bouaea, with so? cellar* and baaementa, on the eaaterly aide of Kyerson atreet, Brooklyn (No*. 42 to HOJ, be wren Myrtle and Flualng avenue railroads 1'rlee $4.MM) each; rent $26 per month Apply oil the premises, between 11 and 12 o'clock, or at No 1UH Broadway, corner of 1'lne street, in the baaement, from 1 to 2 o'clock KDW MAiloMliKR. Factory to let, lbask or for halk-a fao lory covering two lot* in Twenty seventh street, near Flrat avenue, consisting of rear building, 25 hy 60 feet thr.-e atorlea, aide building 76 by 16 feel, stable, engine linns-, engine, bolter and shafting, Croton water and good sewerage. Apply to JOHN JUST, No. 6 Ferry olrMt. Farm to rent?a i.aroe superior farm to rent to ft good man. with or without family, who has a mile capital. Apply to Mr. ELIiKWORTH, Isiveyoy's Uo'el. t|tAl ToRY TO LET?28 BY 46 FEET. THREE 8MRV 1 and basement; will be let in neons if required. Also, a l-oller for sale, fifteen Dorse power. Apply on ibe premises, ISth West Thirty atxtn street. FVRNTSTIKP ROOMS ?T1IK8UB8CKII11H II \STIIRKK parlor*, with or without bedrooms, elegantly furnished, wiili nn? hii'I baili rooms, will let to ^i lemeu, witlMiui hoard, at from 10 $7 por week. Thoae who appreciate good accommodations m a tirst cla** house may apply to Mr. ." Ml 1 M, T," lliiilHon street, opposite Doinhilck street. CTKADY POWER -ROOMS TO l.RT. WITH OR WITH 0 out power, in the New Haven and llarlem depot*, varv inK id size from 2Sx26 to 2.1x11*1 feet, at low rale*, to ntiit the time*. Apply to T. JMMMOTT, corner of Kim an! franklin street a. STORK NO 14 OORTl.AKIVr STKKKT TO !,KT ANll aiork of dry goods tor s?le ? The undersigned, an assignee 'if Hupkins, Hayes, Palmer A t'o., offer* for *\le their tench of dry gongs In New York and the good will of their buslm-as, which embraces many llral class customers; and he al?o oilers In let. an agent of Ihe respective turtle* Interested, the le.uie 01 the store 14 t/'ortlandt street. It is four sortrs high, brown atone front, twenty four by one hundred and thirty feet, fitted up for a lirst clans dry goods store, with all modern improve ninil*. The iofts ami store will l.e let separately if desired. Impure of COURTI.ANHT I'Al.MKK, 14 t'ortlandt air jet TO l.RT - at LOW kKNTS. TO HMALL AMKRfOAN KA mllie* doors through, coiiaiating of five rooms, with bath, tfrotnn water. Ac . In the modern hnuac* In West Nineteenth atreel, between heventb and Eighth avenue*. Apply at Ihe olDce, 140 A'est Nineteenth street, from 1 to 4 P. M TO 1JCT-PKW NO 41 NT. HARTHOLOMRWH OHORl'fl Apply to I IIAIU.KR K. RH1NK!,ANDKK, No. *0 Kasl Twent^ third street. TO UCT-THK KIRfST Cl.APH rOt*R UTORY HROWN atone front house, containing all the modern improve menta. No Ml Weal Sixteenth street, between fifth and rtHh avenues. Kor particulars apply to K. C". LIHH1 R, No. 421 Uroomc street. rro i.kt -Tilk ri'PER pvrt ok a modkrn hl'ILT 1 three story bonne, consisting of four rooma on (be o'un l floor, two on the third, with bark basement, gnu, Ac . conve uleni to 'he Second, Third and Fourth avenue cars. Inquire at No. 1 > tfth street. Possession Immediately. TU 0 LET-THK SECOND FLOOR Or HOUSE NO 7U7 Broadway. containing front and back parlor* and bedroom furnished, la to be let aingle or together TO I.KT-A SMALL HOUSE, HANDSOMELY FURNISHed, in an eieellent neighborhood Ken' low to a gtext tenant. Inquire at 4k Vandam atreet, near Varick, from 111 till 4 o clock Possession Immediate. T| HO LET?A NEAT MOTE IV WEST 1HIRT1ETB atreet, a genteel iie-gln eb.H-l rent gom. poeaeaaion in mediately. Apply at IU N'irb ?'reel. from 8 to ino'elot k In the momtng, or alter & o clock, or at lib Water slrnst from 10 to 4 o'cliwk. mo l-KT?THE WHOLE or A FIRST CI.ASS HOUSE, J w lib all the modern Improvement*, en moma furnished, kitchen and housekeeping un-naUa. from the litih February ' till Ji*h of Aprll Rent only gl.Ui to a responsible peraon. j Oood reference required. Apply at 236 Weet Twentieth atreet, i between Eighth and Ninth avenues. TO I.ET-OM Him STREET, BETWEEN TIIIRO AND ; Fourth arenuea. two well finished cottage house*, eight room* each and lie yard, facilities good to get d >wn fieri, rent $IW per year. Possession Immediately. Inquire at ZEJ Fulton street, basement or on the premise*. mo I.KT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND STORY, I constating of two room*, and one bedroom In the attic, hot and rold water and g?a on the second ilonr. The premise* are In good order. Posacsaiuu Immediately. Apply at 73d i lireenwlch street. ' r LET-POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY, A THREE ftorg and basement brick house. In Brooklyn-, within tire minute*' walk of the Hamilton and ten of the South ferry Rcntf moderate tola good tenant Apply to WETXEI.L A SrilLKICII, INI Broadway, New York. T^HO I.BT-A POUR STORY ENGLISH HANEMENT house, ISO West Twenty llfth street, between Seventh and Klghtb avenues, with all modern Improvement* Rent low pi a good tenant. Apply to W. H. LA WRENCH. 3A2 Sum avenoe. TO LET?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE KNO lull 1-a-emi-nl h -use. No *0 *?! Thirty second *lreet. etweeu Eighth and Ninth avenues, contains all the mo '?rn improvementa. gas. furnace*. Ac llr-una. Part .?r ill. of th*- (urtiltiire will he ao|r at a hargala Mtrrora, Aubuaaon, royal Wilton and Hruaaela carpet*. Fnrnltiire by the brat city maker* possession Immediately Rent low. Apply on the premlaen. between the boon of II and A Tit LET-A PART OF THE NEW ENGLISH BASEMENT hoUas, IK Weet Thirty Second atreet The ( d opant* ia small family wnuld oder a Choice of Moms to an UBeieaplltm able family, on very rassnoabl* terms, or would let ibe rooms fnrnlabed to gentlemen, inquire as above. TO LET?AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED HOrSE. NO A I Ludlow nlaas, Hnitaion aieeet Real iak< n in hon-dlng j the leasee a family, if agrees' ).- --r w. 'd sail the furniture asd lease, which eiplrra May I, IMP Uaa, oath, Ac. r? LET OP. LEASE-PROM NOW OR FROM 1ST MAY neii, the Aral rlaaa house 334 Henry street, Brooklyn. ' Ram moderate for pertioi .?re apply "> Mr JiillR HKA I ; NEKll. Willnrmfrrrj. Rntoklyn. or to Mr. J. K. HOKA, ! 89 t ulmn atrtel, New York I rl.KT on I.KABF HOARDING ltOf?K Ml FRANK IWt at re at near Broadway; m an I to of parlor had unit , Le'h re-ma, ?iil rig hi alnirle' room*. all new P??eraMlen Mi wanted Furniture f?r m1? J. Ilium IV Kant Twenty thlnl etreei. | rl.FABF?FOR A TERM Of TFARR TIIR ENTIRE bundint 7(14 Hrnedway ll baa BrtnklroiMrrlnnm, i H?.f*eid>e| on the drat (to r hea.i'lfiil.y fitted up, capable of aaatlng 9&0 tMwenna Rrer/paitof Ika bona* la in com plate order. Inquire at 7M Broad way or of LKWTrt Hl'RNT, No. S John atonal. rl.KAHK?A LA RON P1VR BTORY lUILIUNU IN Waal atraet, halo* <Vmrtlendt ao'lra, or the a?ora. the loft and lha -altar (which la large ao-1 dryt each eepara'c Apply to J H. RON N, 239 Hrtatdway, corner of Hart-lajr I aieeet, third Boor, room ift tj. r> MANVFArTrHRRN- TO I FT. FOR A TERM OF vaara lha four elory and baeetoeut hnuae. B Mnce< r atreM, naar (Trend atraal. lha lot la 2ft by lUt feet A. J OT HOOPE. 471 Brood may yALPABLE RROADWAY PROPERTY TO LEANS ? ? lha aouhaaal corner of Rroadway an.t Hr?ma etreata. Pnaaaaaton lalof Mar. Apply to FRANf'In TOMER A RONS. A No. Maiden lane ajwEoiTiib. YEARLY NPRtNO DRY OOOftB. Ej ORRAT AMUONEK A SALE Al No. 4IA Rroadway, Corner of Ltapenard atreet TIIK F.NTTRR NPRINd ANO NCMMSR BTOCE OF (I R WILLI A MB A COMPART, (Formerly al TB? Roadab.) And rentored to the Aral named ad dram . . Tor (raaiar oouranieitre of aalm, Rich primed tomneto Lewna arnl orpanitlea. Printed barefea and roheo Oelainr* mnalina and ealloee. New nprlny allka Table and other linen*, _ . Kmhrnlderlea. lace (node and boalery, C oneO'inf "hlrflynf Enportatlona INTFNIiKT) Ffirf THE RNRtTTNfl BPRINU. And which, on arroiint of the laie dlaaatroua time*. Mnat now he forced TO ABBOLI TE ANIl PEREMPTORY BALE, By order o# the aaalpneea. Term*, rank mly. Bole now oh. Btore apene.1 al III and cloned at A o'clock. nOl'NKh KKPFRB ARE INVITED TO FX A VINE TUN nparlor atoekof hotaehold lin?n go. da eoniwMlIf kepi for aale al _ THE LINEN STORE 74B Broadway, above After place. J. C. MII.I,IK EN A if), PropHetora. IABT WRK.K J Of 'be (real aale by aaalfneee, Al olnmi'tan Hall llrand atreet . Unprecedented bargalna to Rich plain and mney|nr<ae allka, lace ?tt'i rnitalltt drapenea and ctirtaina, Blral rlaa* linen go-da, "atnaak tahle et.oha, napkin*. (owelllnfa, lllapere, ahlrtlng. Ac , Ac.; ETaliroli1ar1ea.hoa. rt florae. Ao. The ahoee aa'e ntttar tarmlnafe on the flrat day of Fitrmry, ay cider of the aeaipneea. / ?RFR ? C! MRS ' ' a t " d (a< <r'rr. n! '< atlfu dfa goe it MBO. Bi'LPIN P. Ml MromlWhY. ' 68. IA1ES OK HIAL cmm to tio.flon.-roB BAUt ob kxchahur ros jTB-fUa" real antate, . moxi dmnrahlo huatnoM, whcrr.Dj iLc purehew.r .an plant tumeelf ma lucrative and permanent p< m'IW'U h lL a .until raiiltal. BIOOS A HOUTirWICK, M Naaean ?trr?U <fcl Hon OXK HAI.r OR IK BUILT UPON. TIIK ? ho. n, .hi in.ii ik.ik.., will buy one of Ullei-n plot* of ground, each -ni.tatniiiK *t\ lot* of 26 by 100 fart, *.Uhm fo minuter' ride troin the t i:v 11.ill by ferry and ?U'?o, running every llftnm mlnni m, at ;>i aani* Lire lor both. Title perfect and nuliieoinbered, w*rmut?e ,tenia will be given Situation on blith ground, very heihtiy, and aH innnding a tlbf view I .Hi" very low. .1 II. ItllNN.MP proprietor, 22l> Broadway, corner of Barclay Ktrcct. third Moor, room l.V?. o ?A/lACMa I'KNNSVi.t \ NI a T1MHBB tennnil. u.uvu lauds, in Clinton ' nn'y, convenient 10 water end I railroad conirat niratlun, for mile or exrhanite for city pro pertyor merchandise. in quantum to auit. HItl'?K A ^OtlTIIWIi'K, M NHHSUII yroci, in fjAA \ciiks CARNETTtLY A ELECTED LAND I If It'.w' Mr Minnesota; 50,OlJU acres carefully selected land In Iowa, for cash or on time. luo.nuo acres holer |an,| m WUtconain for cash or exrhsnge All at tempting rates by SAMI'Kl, L. h ISKK. ul 114 tlratid street. (jjio nnn ?VALDABLK SHORE PRONT NAHM. ON *PJU<vl"/. tin; north side o: lenig Inland, containing 115 acres very highly cultivated. biree nod handsome loilM ion in eoiuplole order, boantlfnl fishing pond, hrook? of water, fruit, Ar. K. A. Hl'NCK, Broadway, room V Aoiiii nnn worth ok rkai. estate or anon mortgages wanted in eiehnnjfo for si ip'o dry,"goods, cloths, Ac., at cash price*. Propor'y SMl ho Williout'ericumhranee or aoeonipsnled with ranh. HOLDKN A MANN, IM? Broadway, room No 4 YYROOKLYN BOBBER IB RALE.-NO. 1 L ABATE* fK 1) avenue, near Flatbonh avenue, fa corner.) and 174 '"anion street, fourth door north of Hanson place. They are finished In a moat aulmlaotlal and slogan' manner, and require to l>e seen to be apprveiatod. The lorallan la the ruoal healthy, popular and ronvmleot In Brooklyn, being only part of a pick from KuHon avenue ear*. Pricei. fi.lHIU and $6 ?5fi. Apply to WIl.l.l AM B. NICHOLS, 16 Nanaau street, N. Y. Brooklyn ik.terr poksai.ei.-three two story sndhighhssenvnt hriekhous-s sndloia between Vanderhilt and Plat bush avenues, on Warren atreet. The kMMMOMtaln aeven room a besides the basement and cellar, will bo lonnd couvemect and in g<s>d order, ami will be aold verv cheap, a amall amount of money onlv required down,or will he eichange.l for Rood railroad boeda or atocfc. Apply to J. K. PRANK LIN, No. J Wall atreet. Atao. a neat little eottage house and lot, In South Brooklyn, m ar Plfih avenue, lot If, n 100 In a genteel neighborhood, and just 'he iblng for a small femiVy.lronTenlent to care. Ac fciot) to MnOcaah only required. Apply aaabove to J. P. PRANKLIN, No. 7 Wall atreet. flllKAP.?PORSAl.K, TWO PIRSTCLARE POOR HTORY \J brown stoce house. Noa 11 and IS Thirty aeeond atreet, between Madison and Fifth avenuea, built In the very beat mnnner; rosewood nud blaek walnut door# ''all and look. Ti rms easy. Apply on the premlaea. from 9 to Ao'cloek, FARM AND MILL FOR SALEOR TO LBT-HBPARATELY or together, altuated tbirtei n miles front Brooklyn, near damalea. /Tpl'ly to P. 0. ME! L, 543 Pulton atreet. Brook lj?. 5 Farm wanted?on the line ok the new sey Central Railroad, eonlHlning between eighty and (iiic Hundred acre* 01 lanu. Andre**, Mining price, itiiih una Ideation, Farm. Herald nffloo. For sale-two new four story b apfment and counter cellar hrst rlaa* houses In Sixteenth atreet, 1*0 feel ewl of Seventh avenue, built In ibe very beet maimer, with all the modern Improvement*; *l7e of loia t) feet in Inch r* y 103 feet 3 inches deep; hnuaea 'A) feet 10 Inches by 51 feel. Apply on the premise* For rale?two new first claps four story brown stone tront house* In the choice location .No*. ;tl and 33 West Thirtieth street, between Fifth avenue and llroail way, finished in the best manner, with all modern improvement*. Terms easy. Apply on the premises. For balk?the new substantial h^wsstonk front three story and basement house 3ft Edit Thirty lirst street, near Msdisen avenue, with all the modern Improve menu. Inquire at 11 Wail street, room 13. For balk-two vkry dibirarlk full lots, on Thirty Ural street, between Broadway and Fifth avenue, north side Terms very favorable. Apply to O. H. H AKT SUN. 235 I'f arl street, N. Y For sale?a vkry desirable three story English basement brown stone front house and lot, on Ft/H fecund stent, third house west of Hroad way, north side, flnlaliel In the best style, with all the modern Improvement#. Terms ver? favorable Apply Pi <1 11. H ARTSON, 23ft Pearl street, N. Y. For sale?or to rxctfanof. for a Tacht of 3D or 35 tons, an acre and a half tif (round, heautlfully located opposite Macomb's Mam Inquire at 233 Tenth street, MM A. M. or after 2f. M. For sat.r-a very superior houbf., rituate.u on the north side of ^mThlny alith street. So. 155. be tween See,.ml anil Third irvenUea. Bald houae Is built and finished in the very best manner, and has all the modern tm provemenu. conveniences. Ac. Only fifteen hundred dollars required. For pnrtleulat InqnUe on the premises. For bale-a fink two story and attic house (lot lUxlbb feet), .19 drove street; bos all the modern Im prove menu auil In tine order, will he sold cheap and on leasonable terms. Apply on the premises. For balk?a nearly new two story double house, wlih the modern Improvements, in a choice loca tlon on l'acilie street. Hrooklvn, with stable, on nine, lou of (round: well stocked with choice fruit, shrubbery, Ac. Terms easy Apply to-ALEX. OSTRAN DER, No ll) Trinity Building. Ill Broadway. For sale?that hkautiful0ott afje residence, with all the modern tmprovemvnts, with the three houses adjoining, corner of Twenty third atreet and Ninth avenue. Terms mislerate. Apply to J. D. PHILLIES A co., 32 Maiden tone. TjH)R BALK?A nFfllRAHLE RESIDENCE, SITUATED I1 three miles west nf Newark, New Jersey. In the most pleasant part of Nnrth Orange, comprising an acre of flue garden laud, on which there are a neat liothlc collage dwelling houae. neatly painted and In good <*der. a well of excellent water, fruit treea of all klada, ornamental shade trees and shrubbery Car* pa?* the du?r dolly, and u is within five minutes' walk of the depot This la a" desirable residence, and will be sold low. For further particular* addres* I-ox 414 Newark Poel office, or apply lo C. Ll'INNKLL. 343 Mill barry atraai, N ? wark. N. J " FIR RAI.B?at A RATH If 10*. ONE OF THOSE V*KY Una linr iUk')i marble bonaee. almaied on Se. v?nlh kciim. adjoining ike corner of Fort* nrat atreet. tl Ml only required If applied for noon, alao Rre lotion l.TKh atreet, adjoining the Hloonilng:ole mad Apply U>HKO. H. IIKKI's, ! ? Thtr<! avenue. FH<V*Al.K-\ CORKER BRICK IIOrSR ANO I<OT, SIT uated un one of <he principal editable lor a rrorery or liquor more. T? rnla ra?y. For particulars apply to RIfiOR A BOt'TIIWK'K, S4 Keaaau street. _ FOR RAl.E?ItOrSK ANO I.OT NO. MS I.AWRENC* atrrrl. Ilnxklyn Three aiory and haeetneni bmwn Hour Contain* thirteen n?iai?. wnb all the modern improve men* Apply to .1. A. I'KaSE 304 Itroadwuy, or ou itart pi < m Mlmwf 3 <>'? Us it I'. M F3I|R RAI.K?A TIIRKE STORY ANO HASkMENT buae situated in 'he pleasant '"?n of l1 I I'mon totinly N.J. Thr b'lUMli nr? ind on the main avert, containing ten rooms and cellar, aah and w<??ll?,oae. Ar . antta 01? for K mrrrhaat ?r lawyer wl,<. would like to do buaiaeaa in iltr <ty It ta IS mii*a from the city, tie aonrryaoce la raay ami '|nlck. It* to I \ hour*, arid four train# par day earh way On ihe plare there are rrauea. rberrtea pi oath*. currants, and raapbrrrlaa For turiner part. olara la<|olrei>n tkepremises. JOHN HRIaNT. U?0K SAI.E?AT STATEN ISI.ANO. STAPI.EToN. A F Mie(?eta(e eon'atnlng ?even r>w>m*. a? mmandinic a line *ii a nter ike bay; house 8 by 2S, lot l*t by 30, ataole fur home ?ail all In good order Inipt're for par'lrularc no the pri nneea of O A WKAVKR. Richmond roed, or of Mr. N. Ill IINFN, 42 RVat street, from V lo II A. M. Faor sai.k-valuahi.k property on west Twenty rlrbib atre.-t between Elyhlh and Ninth *?enuoa, known aa I amir'lne I'ark. a row of tklrteen lirown atone front bntiaea. built In the moat aubctantial manner, end wholly nnder 'he aoperintendrnoe of ilie oweer, wnb ell the modem lip til* i wi i aw llottara at by Mend 2S by M. Iota hell the l-loek. high ainopa and four aiortea. heaemetpa aed eounter cellars. Alao. two bonaea on * eat Twenty third atrert. oppo al'e |/ nd>in Terrace known aa Sua. .11A an d 3*1. ho'iaea 22 ) * .V In*.half hloek. btilli aa above. Alao. a farm, at a (real baryaia, (iiuate In Ulster t'oonly N Y , In <be town of Hurley forty aerea. with Imprcvemen'a All will he aold on liberal iirm Apply to MOROAN PINl?AR. at the above building* in Twenty eighth street, or Ikt * at Thirtieth street. F"?0R SALR?A RMAU. PI. At.'*. RITL'ATKO AT Hhrrwabory N. J, of four arree, with a (?d W<?1ern mil' bouae. twoatorlea. containing ae*en noma. and hnllt of the vert beat materials together with a food ham. atahla, he., and plenty of rood ehntre fruit. Will he aold eheap for rub ne p*rt ran remain on bond and For further perttfnlara apply tn THOR I. HWaNNKIJ.. M Veklnflen in.rke- Ve?rj ifr'l pi-r t,3(?R SAI.K?A CtlMFORT tRI.K FRAMK COTTAO* F at.i. lot <d ground, a few mtautea' walk trom the ferry at W'lliamebnrt, in n pteaaam. <|n?#t neighborhood Prion tlJMi a la rye portion'd which may remain on oond not mnr;pare II reuuired Apply lo ii. *T. KKIJtEY, ISAOratid atreet Willtarmwinrf FB>n SAI.X-A FARM OF ? ACRES to MII.RR FROM Saw Y.irk on a line of retimed, three r>erVra of e mile (mm depot laud In rwd order, one lerge dwelling. with four rU?neye end tenent bouae. lee bowee. ell tn eowtpiete order, and heme. Aa Will aell low tor eash. ar would a* chanyr fac Hew York or Hrnnklyn property aaonu arrd at plj Tor iart(tUn Inquire of T IWANKRI.t,, It and ? W a*hin#ten Mirfat, v?aey aired pirr. P~R dAt.v AT RTW. WKBTCH*RTF.r oorwTT. mr.F a mil* fr-m ibe depot, a farm nd 71 irm. in line culture and n nrti.ain 1 h- hcaer ia nearly nrw, two a tor/ and attic, writ and in perfect order, it by 5A. with * larre ritanawwi The Kama. auable. carriage bona* Ire bona* Ar , am all to w and .oneenlently arranged The bouee and yarda am eupplird w.'h water from a n? ??r foiling aptinc. and there ia a large variety of (Inn frail on Ibe plana. Apr if to p. C. Hrl.KI.KV, Kn. 27 WalliWreet. Fott saik at a haroain-ah Tin owrrr n ob lead in aall. a handeome modern br?wn at..ue bonne. In ayi*>d pari of Henry atreet. Rroobirn Frier fpixto Tw .. tinrdaran remain oa mortgage. Addn-aa 0. R. A , Haraid office For aai.k yfry curat-okr two ok threw I.da of ground on lAonard and Rkllraan atrret* W ' tamebirr 7* par rant ran remain on moryara if required Ap ply to J A H2I.AKQI, W Rirlngton iwl P>* RA1.R 1R, YtRY I.OW-THB il'HTd aad fonrtaan Iota of grnuad.all on th* grada. ittuaied at U?e eomer of Ruth aeanue and Raran'h ?treet, being one of tbr flnaal location* U> Hrnoklyn, tha bona* la large an<1 *aa built by day'a worh, and la romp lete with all >? mct-en m proeameura, Including (M Ac., thrrr la alao a good ttaldn on thr pranaieaa. For partirulara laqairt of 0. F. OAT WAR. 0 Heekmaa atrrt For haia or kju'IIANoR.?r,wo acrrrofi hoick Well aelertrd Wtaronaln landa for a*le low for . *ah, <? would rtrhange for appreted marebandt*.' Ala" eboter lo a In 'he beat porta oi Hroohltrn, Fire i>er cent eaah .wily Apply to K n 1/K'kR. 51 Uberty wreev opooallo the I'oal olncc, Ural Boor For rai.f. ARP iacmariir?wis pwfm.iro ir Rr.a klya n-wupled by adrartlaar Wanted aa tlrgi nay men' a aLogt eountrt bottne, with a fewerr-e, worth 12 flm or ft U# l.ri.aarr t" O'tneln oe bond and OKtrtRMW, Apply at in 2U William air rot, batweeu 10 and 2, to cH A.R),F'd CAKTfK. _________ - - , FOR SAI.R OR TO I KT- TITR tRRTPIRFP TFRM OF lraao (or three yrara, irotn Roy I. 1167, of tba pr-mae* known aa the WaaWBgion Hotel, Far Koekawa* together with I be ranking nrnaiia bed*, bedding and hair an aere of garden fitrr.ltnri- and t'ltttrea >f al! kip la, aultaMe for a It . ' I atrotam.Cation lor H?? paopla. ApptytoJ.RlN I.YORrt, 151 brnn --r. el, rifdi the prrmlaea n(H ?i - > i ? i R OR To I F.T HrFCf AI. VOTK F to i a . - i ?'o parrhaa-i? t.rn hotiaea Ra'-r. for anlc I "I A an many o lat at low fWnta V n.y it .? t - ?H ... I: II. KI!*P-II'MKR R9 Fourth arcane. 3 NAA.KH Ol" HK.IL KtTA i'K. CI SMEKL UOCBF.B VF.RT f HEAF.-OKLT UjM.'v ART I rush, lor ft tlir. ij B-.ory met h j ;ie and * , ir . lou, on forty fourth strret, rear Filth avert oa; one An. on We.n Far t> tiiMt slrei t, m .ir Broadway. If- <XJU, ona ?o. 00 Twanly Inh street, upar Third h venue, #7 tjltO. and 1 *hr*e story t re-li bottiM) on Wert T? entleth street, B6.00U; at to 3l'0 houses for sale. Apply to A. HKIKjEA.NT, 16 Wall st eel. nOWK FOR P AI.H?NO. 292 WKHT TWENTY Pfs.<tRr> street. A three story anil taeemrnl hrlrk hoime. v:th all the modern luipiovemento. Apply at 76 Broad street. HOl'fK FOR P A1 -E IN HROOKMTN AT A MAKOAll*. New Ural elana three story I'hlladelphia brlek front and biown stone basement, eonuiimns KVt and ail the modern Improvement*. lido plaster* I -inii son miliar, and .s .0 oil re speeta mi* ?f lh? bea trinJt houses In South Brooklyn; -oat Prion #.Y,AM); 13,500 fan r 'miln uly H rr'e i'<w> walk intra the ferry. P- t>* HU1,K!.KY, 27 Waiirtr'rt. n' OTJHK8 FOR 8AKK.-ONK TII HER RTWIY TtldH sloop, basement ami 'Hititer cellar, 111 Thirty third s'rret; one tour ftury and onu three atory to Thirty ?? ood si 1 eel stI )?e ween Klithlli m l NInth ?vanue?. Fine on, v?o|| nil i'n? modern liuprovemenl*. Apply a' 12 We?t Th rtj. hint street, opposite the Institute. ntll'SKW AN1? I.OT8 IN VARIOUS PARTS OF TRW York soil Brooklyn 'or -ale?On raaaanabie tei -m Apply in.I I>. PHI1.L1PS ?t'0.,fc2 Muirlsa lane, from IJ till 2 o'rlnrk. t 01h FOR hai.k-on a i'ridit of ten ye.irw, lJ alluute.t ?? Mailtaon and Motiroe a treats, between _* 1 irj miM Tompkine avenue*, Brooklyn. Apply to Uvb>"M. ITB UKVKa, li'j I'uarl aunel, N?w York. HEAL KHTATK IN c'LKVKT.ANP, OHIO Kt.lZ * uK'TH city N .1 , ti.TK.-n H"> hi* and in 'he Mate of .? ", near Detroit. P*r ?ale either fur eaali or Kootid Addrsaa Ijitale, Herald office. OTATKN ISI.'NI) PROPERTY?TO BUt OR MX li; change for a hooar In the upper part of ihe rR? of 'lew York. The uroperty conalate <?t 'Airily Uitaoti the Wbod i ad. ( liftoo, a anorl dtatanre from V nnderbUla laud.tig, a.e.i, j a.-rca on iko Klnf(*rh<wrd road, adjoining tbe propeidy 'nr. Hood?one of the handsomest Ue'aUena on the taiandfcr* country residence. Apy.y to R DEMILL, Attorney and counsellor, 166 Broadway. fT?0 KXcflANliK?FOR A COl'NTRT RV>!RF.T'?V. OR? 1 merchamliso?A valuable three alory modern on Klr*t place, u u?r Clinton. Brooklyn let 21 feel t > * .. ?n. CALEB MART!.FITT A CO., 166 Broadway. TO LOAN ON IMPROVED f RO*KRTf IN rHMV.TrV, dlllerent lux from II OM Recurity n*iet be ample. also, wanted, bonnes to supply parties P. pnr h.*c .r.d hire. Any o* nera having property for sale or to ran Had coetnmer* by applying 'O K. II. KINMHIYIKH, 31t) Pa-i'th MtbUi. fXTANTKI)?IN KXVIIANOE ftiR CITY LOT*. Kl. H V? Illy nltnated, a email hoil neatly tln-ahed wilA all the modern Improvement* '"'I located between Co trlh and Thirty seventh atreeta and Ihirland M?th av> nm't. I .-ice (mm XH.Utkl to Sit 001). Addre?s A Z.. earn of Crane " Bourne, 2!) William street, corner o K.> place. W ANTED?TO PURcHA.sK. A Kills!' ClANH IlIl.CK or *t one front house 26 feet w de preferred, . I " eireed Xl.'i.UW, which will b>' paid in caiih. to be located net" en Madison and MX h avenue, and afiuve Tt dcicl. i.ioo To agents nreil apoly |'r co and full par tlari o ne e' wh'i T. a J. m AORUARY,7MBroadway. TIPANTED TO PCRCHABE?ONE Ill NPRBD N U W alvtv acres of (too<1 farming land, Pealed a t Iowa or W.aronain. lowest eaah price to -,e A'.uad .1 niu.*t In-perfec'. Address rl Kami', tl Wicker r vim mi.*. HK-iriv?FOR BALK, AT A IIOI'T ONBfl AI," I fl dnlO''. value, an oyster solo >n, in a very public Iumii ip. The own* r Ih all ready'e g.1 We*' -Ifer* II. at .. g.eut i rl H* e HIUOH a HOL'THWIOK, g* Naaaau street. Anoc -Till: BKHT CHANCE TN TUB <'1TY-A business for sale. Call ?n| see for yourselves l'"s given tnifnedlately, so the proprietor is B"Iiir Went \t\tly attic store, &2 r ulton street. rftsiwt Wlt.1, fURCHAKK A WF.I.l. KNOWN IMHtMO JPtx"/"' bouse, lot-Ate I n a corner in one of n-- < st business Ihoruutthfares m the city established for the i ?sl In, nty years, unit a splendid location lor au hnglist, al< or shades house. Apply at .'147 Broadway, oom ? r. a. HOWKS A CO. A-l nn/1 -FOR NA 1.17 till KX'tllAWUK. H-si; of vP I.the most valuable patents lor an tru i of prea' usefulness atul constant detnand, offering more llniil ordiniry inducement*, and money making. HlitOS k SOCTll WICK, 84 Nassau sheet. (ft-i nnn -a chancr rarki.y offered.-* >r 3Pl?'"'"''s sale, a public home, with hir, ree'iur-nt, oyster, coffee and cake saloon, and lodging so:otnni nJat'oa lor afmol seventy live persona. laxatlon central an I ireurpassed in New York. Apply at 347 Broadway, room t V. It. lit >W tCH k CO. AQ (W\(\ ?FOR NAI.IC. A COUNTRY STORK ?N|> otoek of foods, or will rent the store wibout the stock, or '?ke a partner Will treat on ta? newt liberal term*. ItlUUS A SOUTHWICK, 84 Nasouu a tree , A STEAM PI.ANINU AND SAW NIUs IN V ??OOD loeatlon, wl'b bus ness extensive shoprooni tod all be ii. resssry msebtnery for a lark* building Ks'ahM*h<B"Dt for sale or exchange. or an active, experienced riruier with 92.000 or ffiVum would be token Address, w h name, 4<.., D. R . Poet office, Station C. rliiKNKR (1ROCKRY STORK POR HACK-THE "Tel If > and lease ot that fine lar?e irrorery store corner of t,rat arenue and fourteenth street, rompletely lilted for Ike Oust nets, tnd entnman'lng a profitable trade. Terms quite moderate. Inquire on the premises. FOR SAl.K-THR STOCK, S1XTCRKS ANI? 1.KA8R OF a wholesale More. 19 Murray street, N. T. Apply on iha premises ? Fob hai.k?at st mrrorantr* kxchanhk. ?n.o cnrranie. first quality, retail and wboleeale, at much cheaper prtrea than those ot wboleeale dealer*. FOR RAt.E?A FIRST Cl.ARS HOARHINO ITOURE, WOW In eucceesfnl operation, ran be bought cheap for -tab. location unsurpassed. Pari of the furniture ran So let ta the pnrrhaser. A note add re seed Hamilton, Herald office, will he attended to. Fir ralk?thk ntock and fixtures or a livery stable consisting of tlx borsea aad wagons, aod so eight year*' lease of premises Apply to J R W ll.D RON, hi Washington street, lloboken. N. J. r>R KAI.R-TRK LMARE AND FIXTURE* OF A FOR ter house lust fitted up, situated on the best rornsr of Kroadway. For parttculara Inquire 'his day at II] Mmnd way, from 10 A. II. Ull A f. M. rR SACK <THEAF?*.IWI POUND* OF PURR UROUND pumice stooa. Also two pair of burr stoac milts, one eighteen and the other thirty laches m'dlameter ta Kped order, st80 ltrekman streeL FOR HAI.K CHRAP-THF. HTOCK ANI> FIXTVRKH OF the shoe store 5A7 Sixth avenue, fronting on Broadway and Sixth avenue; rent low, and a good etand for ah >n sad cSsU.ra work. Terms easy. Inquire OIA0 Waat Thirty third St. FOR HAI.R CHBAP-THR STRAMROAr OHcpoi.A. Apply to W. A. HITCHCOCK A CO., U1 Broadway "EViR HAI.K C.'IIKAP?WTKW ART'R PAVM.ION. ON X" Myr'l# aranna plunk road. *orn?r of llnabwirk ?? one, allea rom Feck allp ferry. Apply to Um pramiaa*. CNROCKRT RTORR.?A PIRRT #XA?IH PAWM.T 'lR">f?1 tj wautad An? prrwo harm* any ?nrh in <i?r?ia* of ma j boor uf acnauxnar hj addraaatu* II K , boi 104 |l?rtU flBlf OTRAM HOTI.KR rOR HAt.R ?AN it-RIOHT Tl'ACI.AR P hollar, of all home pnwar, wlib wr?>'i*hi Imn l ifroa; hollar la In parfact ordar, fnrnara pari Kfln< ?aMnili o*b; will ho aold rbaop for ra*b. Apply al JB and Rl Waabmaco a; rapt. TO OROCKRA AMP RCRTRRRR MEW-TOR RAMI. Alt nid aalahUabad family ?r -?ry and t?a Mora. now d"i<i* an aarailant h'ldnat*. A rara oppori un'y f>r a parann ?iabln? 10 antar iba yr x-arjr and la* hualnaaa Apply *? IN Mitb araou*. TO PRrcMIIBTR AND A POTHE^A RtK*.-A PIRAT rlaaa dm* al?f* for aala, wall ft'tad and atr- bad. Ion* a* labllabad an I aaaurad hy a aaluabla loaaa Th a 1a a l?nia Ma liualnaaa and ona whlab ha adtadlaar aan aonfld'till? ra command. Apply u? t H AI.K, 14 Hackman ?ir? Raw York. ooPAirnuinp woticm. Aorn -A PERROR PWmtOtR OFRR.lA' TRf) AR i'Lt/l'i pannar. and iavnana* -hta amonnl. raa form a copartnarahip in an oaiablKbail bmlaaaa In auccaaaful nparaiion rapabla ofhaia* groa'ly aitaadad Apply i.tRlfnaan air tat oflaa An. 4. Aoon ?A PARTRRR WANTED, TO TRA VKI. ROPTII, Any lanllaman or lady, tann* lb* aboraaim, aan join a lady ami paaOatnaa la a praawoM raab hua;a?aa, wbara a yraai daal of monay will ha mad*. Rafaranoa (inn and rariiaad. Addraaa T A , ho* I An Harald oftca, atattag wbara an miorrtww may ha bad *QfWt TO WW ?W A ETC P. A All ART Rr?rRrjW ^O""" man to iak? a fourth. third or baif Iniaraat In a Aral alaaa Bonay ma kin* antarprfaa. ahotj- r*n? Hnn>h. '"all for two day* at W? Arowdwa*. room Ro it Tba baal of ( fcraacaa glran and r*'|iilra4. -WARTKP. A PARTNER IR A HOOP A IP TTrl " pmAtahlo. wall afoi-had aornor arorayy and li.pnr Bin ro kapi hy una man for nip* yaara . will taka a m?n on full tharaa for fpn Apply al iba atorc, IAJ Alar on air *?. rorarr ot Aiiornay itraai dbo /bAfi to wtnr-w*rt*p. a partner. wm? A flJ Ft fl f tK# fthitv* mum iw * rrf t nnrfkiiil# iiul r ?tn ?rt ahla mnafhcltirlnr in lb.a city ..fitly from id to I o'rlnak. < <6 i hatlian. aimat. or ?nA Mi b atrnnt. af'rr ? o'alach, m MtT CCIICIt, AkwrWy at law. nun -WAHTKD i*'AI*riv'g BCAIftifAn KkW, ^ I.WHW, with ihta an. 'in', lo j"'n ih? vli?rii?f in? wholrnnla and tntmmini pap?r butlnna*. Rai?n rank and n. n?k Adirrttaar 'indratanda tfp hMM wail *?'? rnwaaa ?lr*w and raqu irrd. Ad.lman Fapnr Harold nWea ^nnn-'*ARrvlR WARTro ? a a'jrrt.***(f, VtliUVU^ wok a caah rapltat of ts m?. nn wnw an rqual lDirr< ai la a Aral rata lumber and f arm uf b tam-aa; a food Inra'ioa n/ton narlfabln waiar, with tram power <M bill, and a rhntrr Iran of ttaahar and land, noolA'Alrf I an aoraa, 3?t> ttnd.-r ltni>ro?e?t m. with hulldwifi. hr Tba )naa bar Will par for 11 a land three thnaa mar and bat? a'ito plantation left. Partnnr ephar amira or ailant Call at or nfIreaa .loba I'atloa Jf . rartAP llotrl Ureanwirh alraai. C*[orai?r?iitR.?niP ROTicr?THK r.Ni>nwMs?n Hatr ik daf I rmad a pop anna rah p under 'be Arm of Jj. FranrkPri A Co . for iha tfarvaoiKm of iba . .nwmi?tl..n hnalnraa ?f fora an.l afelna. at Ifoa M and 19 Broad war OAHH1RI- FR AHt'lIBML *iw Ton*. Jan 1. 1W. J B HHKMIDMR. SI RAIN MFTIt.l.F.KY ?P ARTRKR W ART til. WITH A \T pa?h rariial of Iran or a rlerk would betaken aba could loan tba alma amount on <ho <1 miliary fmyie-ty. with th? prl*llrf? of taking an tniaraai In 'be boxnaaa at tba end of tba year. Ad.lrran IMnUller hot IM Herald otBoe pARTRRR W A VTFT>--<IRRFR Af, OR aPRCTAU-Wrnt I fn t?ai to tm.iafi ihf bt-dalmenia'. tn a mannfariortaf bnainaaa in Ik treeefn) operation for aab A rpaciAi partner will l-a guaranteed X' par r an' addrnm bro A? ! P"a? aw. Raw York. _ ' PMARfRKR WA OR OTHRRWIRF. TO I atlrnd a mannfartiir'rr ' ' >rge ppurtta, ta egrlnaira, and rcqttlma from W.'W toWkWA pertndlcelly. Ad drm tpnnclpata only L. K , Herald Alien, R. Y. ? aMAM| PERFORM Iff FAVOR or THK lEPRVRRPKRCR '1* 1 the taJand of Cuba will piaaaa drop into tbn Cuba a-ial torp tt ffnaMti atfppt batwrpn tbaCnainm Hnune an.l hn Poat tdnpp. rnd try .ma of 'bona teg .re froaa 'M IVarl of *ba Anttllra Of. Htf tE OR* AT VARIWY or UCAIITV 'I4 Jo ?ana. drunedia at.d (Jennan, fft m 94 to MO par R I ? i-l-aarr ? *tln|t f r Oarpalna arc Inrnatl to rut ?..vb, ? B ?< arb adran. * m .da n tafara to .:iy am > tot O. OHKK*.A, If ?r JWiWaf