Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1858 Page 3
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I SEWS FROM KANSAS. ' A Veto from Gen. Denver?Exciting Debate Ul? Territorial liefUlatun?Their Action on tie Topcka Herniation*?Mktortty-Re port apon Them?Rabid Speeches?An Act to Abe. Ibb Slavery?Holding Slave* made a Crime ?Discussion on a Memorial for an Enabling Aet?Upper Home Unanlmonaly Recommend If?Lower House Unanlmonaly Oppose It. SFBCUL COKKESFON'UBNCK OF THB HERALD. I.awricnck, K. T., Jan. 19,1858. en. Denver, Acting Governor, returned to the legislature yesterday an act "entitled an act for the re loose of JMui Henz," with his veto. The act is intended to release Mr. I<eoz from obligations incurred by him as nrety of a bond given in a criminal proeecntioD. The reason of the veto is given in these words "I do not believe the Governor and ligislativo Assembly can declare a judgment null and void ah initio." Be thought, however, that they had power to release the party from the'elects of the judgment. k> the Council a bill was introduced and passed to the socond read dig, to petition Congress for an Enabling aot. very member of the Council are in favor of such a peMMeal h the House of Representatives the minority report apen tie "concurrent resolutions" sent in by the soaalteu T.ipeka State Legislature, was presented and discussed. The report is as follows :? nNORJTY KKSOKT ("PON T1IK " CONyCRRKNT RKNOM THINS"? .AN WTKRWTTNU PRKSKNTATION OP PAfTIW. The undersigned, a member of the Special Committee, to whom was referred the " concurrent resolutions" passed by the General Assembly of the State of Kansas, new in session in lAwrenoe, convened under the authority and by virtue of the Tope lea constitution, begs leave to Make the following minority report:? From a careful perusal of the said resolutions, their par port seems to be a denial of the existence of any legitimate government in this Territory prior to the "23d day of AaioK/iB 1 QK.A /tKal Knina Ko Hov nrwvn urhich if. la Alleged, the Topeka constitution was adopted,) aod also e endorse the scnt-ment that the officers olected under Md by virtue or Haul constitution were the only legal offleers now in thin Territory. This idea is alearly and disIteclly set forth in the preamble to said resolutions, and it Is this doctrine which this body, sitting as a Territorial Legaiature, is now called upon to endorse and sanction. It is, in Fact, admitting tuts Teriitorial legislature to lie an illegal bodv, ar.Ung without authority of law derived front any legitimate source: and. as a matter course, all nets passed by it must be null and void. Tboee resolukoos admit of no tthor construction. What is the hisWry, in point of fact, as to this Territorial legislature r I From whence does it derive its powers? The following are the tacts ? In May 18f4, an act was passed by Congress creating tbo Territories of Kansas and Nebraska. On the 30th of June, 1854, A. H. Reeder was appointed (Jovernor of Kansas, under who9? proclamation, issued in accordance with the organic act. an election was held on the 30th of March, 1855. at which lime members of the first Territorial legisMure were elected, and subsequently commissioned by orernur Reeder. This Legislature convened at raw nee 9?J, and immediately adjourned to the Shawnee Manual labor School, and while In session there enacted a code of laws. These laws were subsequently recognized by Congress as valid snd b Dding. Again, in October, lh.u;. another election was held for the election of members or the Legislature. This Legislature so elected met at laoomptcn on the first Monday in January, 1S67, and, among others, passed "an art to define and establish the council and representative districts for the Second Legislative As nemblj and for otner purposes,'' (approved Feb. 'JO, 1857,) by virtuo of which, and in strict accordance with its provisions, an election was held on the 4th day of October, M57, on which day the members comprising the present Territorial Legislature, new in session, were elected. Therefore, is it not clear, and a fact incapable of being sontroverted, that the only vitality br legality possessed by tins legislature is derived from the first lagbilature. -elected in March, 1856. Why, then, seek to assume any other position.' H these are not facts, then the sitting of this legislature ts a mere farce, and ah its doings mere cmld's play. If there w no legally conttitutcd government except the :-'tat? organization, by virtue of the Topeka constitution, all the acts passed by the present legislature at its late extra session are null and void. We nave no law to punish election frauds, and the submisssin of the Iiecompton con etitnUon to the people was a mere farce. It is a very diffl -ult matter to maintain two positions atagunlstic to each other at one and the same time. S>rae gentlemen may be, and undoubtedly are, very anxious to trim their uuis according to the popular breeze, but they should re member that windy declamations at political hustings, sad grave assertions, in the form of resolutions, to be parsed by a body enacting IMM, by which the enure |?<<>plo of a Territory are to be governed, are very different things. While the minority of your committee would in no manner pretend to endorse the means resorted to in the elections ot 1866 and I85?t, yet he cannot so slultily all his acts M to admit that llie body now in session, and In which be Molds a seat, is silting without auv legal authority ; neither Moes he believe that a msjority of Its members are prepared to make any such admis-uon. If, as is the sentiment of thuec resolutions, the Topeka legislature, now in Mkiod at this place, has the right to "enact such laws as the necessities of the people seem to demand," this body has no right whatever to pass any laws, ?ud the H ml mums tho holler In those ros dot ions is loins) I the following language?-Whereas the federal authority represented id the Territorial lawn and Territorial legi* latere m an obstacle to the successful execution of the wtll of the people through the State government under the state constitution, therefore, resolved, that we reBpertfully urge the Genera' Assembly of the Territory of Kaneae. now m aesaion Ut lawreoce, to take immediate Ktepe to remove the forms of a Territorial government so fkr that it shall not obetrui t and embarraae the State government." Now. this language la of very doubtful construction la it intended to assert that the -General Aaeetnbly of the Territory'' has the power to pasa laws f If o, aa a matter of course, Its authority to pass laws Is ad mitted. and it then follows that the Topcka legislature baa no such authority, for it would be absurd to say that two independents bodies could exist over the eame country atone and the same time, and exercise "concurrent leg i-la ttre powers " On the other hand. It ie assumed that the "General Assembly of the Territory" ie an illegal body. Why then aak it to enact laws 1 Why do not the j members of it. who are also members of the Topeka la gtslature. leave thia Illegal body, and ie the other "enact such laws as the necessities of the people seem to do aaand *" Why not, tf that body Is the legal one, adhere to tt alone and stand or fall by tt? Having establ'shed the fket that this legislative Assembly Is tlio only legal taw making power, your committee would therefore submit the following resolution.? Resolved, That the Clerk of this House is hereby m strm ted to return the "concurrent resolution*' sent hnre by an assemblage of |ieople styling themselves the Topeka Mate legislature, and inform that honorable body that the Govrrnor ana legislative Assembly of the Territory of Kansas are the only lftally authorized body pcwsessing power to enact "such flr any laws that the necessities of the people seem to demand." All ol which is respectfully submitted. W. 1\ BADGER rkmsbus st mr. r1ijott. Mr Elliott of Leavenworth county, rose and opposed the minority report. I deny said be, that this Territorial Legislature ia a legal body. I deny that the organic act Mm-If is a legal act I deny that Congress has the power to give us an organic act. 1 b.lieve such an act unconrtl I believe we have a right to act upon our convictions of what we consider constitutional and unconstitutional. It may seem strange when everybody almost believes an organic act legal and constitutional, that I declare tt nnconstlMtional, but it is so I denv that Congress lias the power to pass an organic act 1 deny that it has the j power to pass an enabling act. I am surprised at this re port. I understood yesterday that the minority report would contain a recommendation or resolution In favor of petitioning Congress for an enabling act. I was and am prepared to take grounds against such a resolution. No man here or elsewhere will say that (Vngreai has a right to grant any people a i barter, civil, political, or o( any kind, either tare or Anywhere elar, either in a State, Tor ritnrv. or on public land*. Thia question hae been ao decided by lawyer* and men of aenee. (laughter) I don't want to be understood to aay that lawyer* are not men ?f common sense. many of Uiem are, but they do not monnpoUie that article. Well, If Oongrem cannot grant a charter to any rtty, in any Mute, Territory or public domain, it cannot grant an organic act to a Terr) tory. for that ia bat a charter The plain provisions of the rnostitntion are that all righta not enpretssly reserved In the constitution, belong to the peeple Now,the strongest. adm*rer of the constitution doee not claim that the couati tution grant* to Onngreaa, dlrntly, the right to form a government for the people of a Territory. The only argu merit they uae In favor of It i%tbal there la a defect In the conduction on that point, and that Congress muat exercise the power from nee??*jty and by the aulleranceof the peo pie Now. if there *a? any necessity for thia?if there won no other way by which < iti/ena of a Territory could have their right* than by an organic act, there would tie hut little objection to It; but such la not the caae. An or Gnlcactia nothing more than a political charter, and a* ngreae haa no right to grant political chartera, it has no right to grant an organic act. I'rectsely on the same (round It hae Do right to grant an enabling act. All power* not granted to Congress are held by tor people; are have, therefore, the right to legislate for a Territory The Territorial government, 1 will acknowledge, has one kind of legality?thu te the * government, even though H be of illegitimate origin, does become valid when Ihe people acquiesce In it by the election of "(fleers under it ? when by thai election they intend that that government ahaiI be carried on. The people can tuns legtt matiae ?n tilegi'jmaie government. in Uiis way this government lta< been to some extent ma<U> legitimate But when the ni?ni tare or thw legislature were elected, It was generally un dorebsxl, and many of them arere pledged that they boold destroy this government and give place t" the only tagltimaUTtovemment?the one recognized by the people I dootsay we are m such a condition now as input thaTopnka government into ofwration, but we propose to maintain It precisely aa it I* now until ue? ouelty shall show us It Is better to put It luto opera*i ? We desire, in a eertain crisis, that that government can he art in t"otti?n without coming > conflict with this. With there arguments agstnet the legajitv of title government I submit the .piet?oo asking only that sosie gentleman will tsunt out to me any cUuee In the eonsittntNui of the faded Stales that does make it valid or legal. f i*i we then maintain this governni nt which has rto le,- >tiste?ice, and which e* tela only by permlrsmi oi I' ole sc est 4 te^,! go. vernrrcnt and tin* lesire uf ,, v te ^ p.-,.pir CT KaCSUS? nrwsi * si Vr H Thlf" Moo- i runty rune .ant Unit spoke KtlfsWM Mpe-C r r .. lime ha? e<w ' ? I m I ,? . lien If s a < I Worn ? ut.. i v # ? by the gentleman who hM- Joat proceeded me, that there to something ooncealed beneath the face of that paper. 1 xigned that paper In good faith. I take the Chairman's* two words for it?tt means something more than appears upon its race. If tt means more than it says I withdraw my name from it So far as the Tupeka State government is concerned I apprehend that my position in regard to that will not bo misunderstood by any one; from the beginning I nave been its warmest friend. But I have never believed tbat the government should bo put into thn (Tonowol BflVflPTimftnt TiniARS UJWI ?wwu u^auio* W" pvuw. ? p? ? exigencies should exist which exiled for it. I nevor believed it should be put into operation as a political movement. 1 do net believe the people of the forritory for tbo last three months have had any idea that that government would be put into operation against the general govern ment unless the Lecompton constitution passed Congress. The gentlcmun from Delaware (Mr. Elliott) takes ground that this is an illegal body: that is certainly very strange. I remember that but a month ago be was upon this tloor urging his claim to a seat hero, saying that ho bad been legally defeated. Why in the name of <>od did he want his seat here If he believed it an Illegal body? The fact is, this is tho first legal legislature over assembled in Kansas Territory. Why? Because the people of Kansas themselves elected this legislator", it was not done by foreign invaders. We are the legal Legislature, and the only legal Legislature that over assembled iu Kansas. It may he the gentleman was elected for a spe da) purposo, but he holds his seat by tbo samo votes which I received. If he was elected for a special purpose? and that to come here and repeal all laws, and then give way to the Topeka Stale legislature?I lake the liberty of telling him 1 was not elected for that purpose. I was nominated in his ttivn. I fairly set forth my grounds?the people elected me upon them. 1 heard the gentleman make hut one. speech to his constituents, und he did not take the grounds then that be does now. If tho majority report means to t-epeal all those laws Which have, as has been truly said, outraged and disgraced the people of Kansas, und then go home, I lor one am against it. I will do no such thing, unless so instructed by this assembly, as a body, or by my constituents. If I should take such a stand, and go home to Leavenworth county, the people would burn me in itllgy; and they would act justly in doing so. If tho gentlemen wish to add to or take from that report, let them do so; but don't let them have It say one thing, when they say it means another. I have been and am opposed to destroying the Topeka constitution' and government. I love it as I love my tamily, and am willing to stand by it, through every chance, should circumstances compel us to fight under it. But if we should now do whAt the gentleman wishes us to do?repeal all laws, and go home to our constituents? what would follow? Why, in lees than thirty days we would have a military government here; wo would be * forced back upon tho organic act; we would have nb laws to coDtro) any one, the I'nited States government would be called into immediate action, *nd Hen. Scott or (len. Harney would be ordered to govern us by military power. I have never seen the emergency yet arise in Kansas that would justify tho people of Kansas in taking grounds against tho fe teral government, or rebelling. When we have exhausted every possible means of peace? when we can be supported by" all our friends?thin 1 will be u filing to defend our rights in the field. fh iu Av/>i(Amnn( *>vici roKnUitin I>lHitH?>tmil iV?A Tflrri tcry, may be very agreeable to some people, but 1 have suffered too much from it. I have lout uo much in pocket and in person to imperil all for nothing upon such a turbulent dea. 1 believe the people of this Territory want peace, and they will have peace, and they will have it peaceably, Uki. Wo have the power, and all that m necessary is to use that power discreetly. Suppose the lo compton sWmdie should bo forced upon us, 1 say lot It come, and t, for one, am prepared to meet it. Let it como in any shape: we have tho majority ui the legislature, we have the power, and let us use it to destroy and crush out that constitution. I.ct us use it so long us it inuy be necessary to use it in order to establish a good govern meut. 1 am, for one, in favor of this Legislature passing an enabling act at au early day. Congress would be very willing itself to grant us an enabling act, for the Kansas imbroglio is destroying the democratic party, aud they are anxious to -'get <piit of it.'' I am neither a democrat nor a republican?I am a Tree State man of Kansas?and we are not struggling here to destroy the democratic party in the States, or to build up the republican parly there, but to make Kansas a free State; and I, lor one, shad never commit myself to any other party till this u done. Some are trying to draw party lines among us before t'.it time, but, (or otic, I am opposed to all such movements. Its authors love principle lens than faction. KKMAKKH HY DR. !>AXIOM). The following are the points of Iir. Inuifovd's remarks ? Tlie Territorial government is the only obstacle in the way of the Slate government, and we are aiked to reeigu aud make way (or the Stale government, so that it can go into operation We have members here wbo belong to the State legislature. They go into that tardy and make a pe llUou for us to resign, and then come back here and an nwer their own memorial. [Nr. Hliott is a mombcr of both organizations J The two factions of the free State party are here brought into conflict. Wc should use thus legislature, which i? acknowledged as legal by (tongrees, to repeal those Missouri laws, and to enact wholesome ones. The South demand that Kansas shall he admitted a slave State, as anetl.i t for Minnesota, a free State, and threaten, if that is not granted, to bolt. 1 have always feared this complication of the Kansaa question. We should not recommend the putting In force of the Topeka State government, so long as there Is any possible way of l>eaceaMy settling our difficulties, otherwise we Injudiciously throw ourselves intr revolution and war. The l>eople of Kansas do not desire again to imperil their lives and property, unless it be absolutely necessary then they would do It willingly and determinedly. If wc should resign and go home, we would be but cutting oflr own throats The Topeka constitutional government can never be put into operation until the free state ( artv of Kansas la a unit. Why, their divisions are' so rank that the destruction of their own ballot boxes is s part of their programme. If we resign and go heme, we w>ii nave revolution, conntcuug i factions and civil war. Now that we have obtained a foothold in acquiring our rights, to abandon it would be to : commit suicide, to cut our own throat*. I believe in ex- j haosting every peaceable mean* of obtaining our right*, , and if that fall wc will rtand by the Topeka coustt ition till the lower reytona freeze over. If any gent enian re garde this a* an illegal body, deriving It* existence from an illegal source, it In hi* privilege to resign On motion, the House adjourned for dinner, and tbe discussion on the report* wan not reeuaed in the after noon about* >* or sumu 1* a*wax The folloa ing act |?aeed Ihe Houae of Representatives yesterday ? am act Brrmxr "am act to Anottan ntmiT, kc." flee. J. De it enacted by the iiovernor and legislative Assembly of the Territory or Kanaaa Slavery and Involuntary servitude in the said Territory ia hereby forever aboliahed and prohibited, except for the punishment of crimes, whereof the party shall hare been duly con victed Sec. 2. AU persona now bold In slavery or involuntary servitude in said Territory, or who have heretofore, or shall hereafter be brought Into the said Territory lor the purpose of being so held, are hereby declared to be free Sec. ,1. Any person who shall now hold, or who shall hereafter attempt to bold any person In slaverv or Involuntary servitude In said Territory, except for tfie pun ishment of crimes whereof the party shall have been duly : convicted, shall, upon conviction thereof, be declared 1 guilty of a mlsdemi-anor, and be punished by coattnemcnl at hard labor In tbe |*nilcntiary for any term not less than two years nor more than Ave years. Sec 4. That all laws and parts of laws establishing, recognising or regulating the Institution of slavery In tbe Territory of Kansas, heretofore passed by the legislative Assembly be, end the same w hereby, repealed fee. 5. That the Probate Courts of each county shall hare concurrent Jurisdiction for tbe trial and punishment of all offences for tbe violation of this act within their respective CO tin lira; and in rase of tbe refusal of any of the I'rebate Courts to hear or determine cases arising under of this act Iti their respective counties, the same may be tried before tbe don't of xny adiommg county, providing, however, that in all gases arising under the provision* ot this act, preliminary examinations may be held before any Justice of the Peace, or before tbe Probate Judge of the proper county. Pec. #. Any Justice of the Peace or Probate Judge of the county shall have power, upon tbe oath of any person eo lering complaint before either of them, to Issue a warrant of arrest against such offenders, and upon hearing, may [ cither di-charge or bind over with lufflncnt security for their appearance at the next term of tbe lYobate limrt for tra!,aiii1 n?i failure of procuring bail or security a* | af0NMld. to < ommlt such offender to the county tail .fee. 7 This act to be in for or from and after the lit day I of March next. VARUM AIT Mr W. P. Badger offered, in tbe House of Representatives, a memorial to be ser.t to dongress, earnestly re questing that the lei-omisou constitution should be reject ed, and praying for an enabling act. The House held an good final of irregular do We tin administration and the democratic party were liberally denounced. It was mam I tamed that a tiwmorlal Tor an enabling act would only be aiding the demorraUc party to got out of a tight place It ?w charged ae a moremont g'?t up bv Geo direction of the federal government The free State party were able to rule Kanea- now under whatever eonstilu tkm she might be admitted , no let the tight go oa in linn grew, let the breach In the democratic party go ou an<l be Increased till that party tore itself to pieces Tno history of the free tale party waa reviewed; their difficulties. trials and wrong* dweN U|ion. and then It waa a?kod If, after all their trouble#, they would, now they had got the power, relieve the adminiatration, the dam crate party, from the re*pi,n*ibillty and difficulty of Uietr jioeition. let, said they, Coiigroaa and Iho admuiirtrtlion, who havo always held to the dootrinr lliat Oongress bad no right to interfere In the government of the Territory, eat their words by |??sItig an enabling act.if they will da ?o of their owu accord, but don't let thia legislature again go up to the federal government on the* knena begging Tor what tbev are loo anikw* to give us, when they hive always heretofore do splsed anil refused our prayers A few words were *|>oken in raver of the memorial. It was urged that it we* the duly of the legislature u> tb lain a peaeeful settlement of thedtfflculties in the Territory as roon aa poaeihle, whether in dntug so they mule or broke any political party outside of trie Territory The motion to adopt the memorial, on being put. was kwt by a vote of 32 to 1. The report* on the concurrent rcsolutlms" sent In by the Topeka State legislature were taken lip A resolution w a* pnwenled to relet p,?h reports back toth* committee, with instructions to report that "we liave every c mfl dence In the wiadom. pnkrtotiam ^nd prudence of iljpfreo State legislature that wW belli re the movement wb' H it represent* bad Its orlgbi in a pub ic ne # si . sn* tli >t A is U?mr province to take *urh actum ?e their < wn Aap? city as they may think '"gilimatc and pfo|ier. tliey ! a j responsible f,it their nan n< ten. and ? n.e t r* I barn and a/ths Tcrrltor il I gislaitire'? not legitimately m a tuts it ion to dictate to or concur in tbelv act- wc.W a only to respectfully rcitiraU to them tne course m a> Vo'? which we efmi at pr> cut purs ie. a- Indicated io the re I nlut on p#'*W't by Su* body. to 'be elTe, I thai we Would I procei fl lo the enactment of ar enure ii*1e o' |*WI (0r people ol I fie fi iv lory #r.;cl? la!1 supersede ail law ,. pretended "as*. p*??cc prior to the ?,?< al re-nkc, of t jircrent f/ge'-*tirr pebate waa shut nil by ?h" t'ling of the pre ?]? l; . fion. Tlie resolution win 4 u'ti i t c In,,' \ (We of Vfk fo *. Tit IVt.ig k'.'is " romwia* bann- . 1 f I* , f* - ? ' [ rue !! > e .1 J ?v* i J! . ii BW YORK HERALD, FR1DJ Remonstrance to ConfrcM against Uto Ucompton Constitution by tiu Stale OOocn Btattod under It* Land Li wRKNOt, K. T., J ad. 20,1158. Kw I tend you in advance the following romonetrance to gatioi Congress against admitting Kansas under the Lccompton for Ui constitution, which has been got up by the Stale officers tainei elected under the nrovisiona of that constitution on the 4th mat., and will shortly bo sent to Congress:? ano r TO THK UONOKABI* TUK SILNATB AMD UOl'S* OS RKPTUMtNTA- ^h* T1VKH OK T11K PNITKD STATUS, IN OON(IKM? AHHKMIHJEI1. Othci The undersigned, tho State officers elected under tho y0, Cnsions of tho lecompton constitution for the State of .,?,.n. sas, would most rospectfully ropreeent? K 1 That the constitution under which they havo been elected to tho various offices to their names appondod, is not the creature of the popular will, but that on the other hand it has been and is rejected by an overwhelming majority Mr of the bona fide citizens of the Territory of Kansas. was This constitution was framed by a Convention elected latin] by a small minority of tho people of Kansas, under an nioni election law; a census and an apportionment tliat utterly tlon I disfranchised tho whole people of one half of tho countloi sion i of tb)H Territory, and deprived the great built ol the people of the other counties of the right of sutt'rago. Of the delegates thus elected but a bare majority met to Mr. accomplish the work for which they were elected. These refer proceeded to frame a constitution fOT the people of Kansas grant which, in most of lis important provisions, is repugnant to rcsoli tho wishes and opinions of tho people, and, in their opi He* mon, is hostile to the host interests and prosperity of the a jai State. Seoul The constitution thus framed was not submitted by the shall Convention to a fair vote of the people for their ratifl:a_ fraud twn or rejection, but on the other hand, their ju lgmeats' hsva were insulted and their right-i trilled with by the pretend Legs ed submission of what is called the ''slavery article," in dianoi such manner as to present no question except that of the eighu introduction of slaves into the State in future, and forcing thi.sS every one who voted to give his sanction to all tho other (Jongi provisions ol the constitution, and to tuKC, if required, a ot all' tot Path to support said constitution if adopted. railrc I'ndcr the provisions of the schedule providing for said ap<fit election, the o who votod a ballot marked "Constitution tempi with slaver)" necessarily gave their sanction to tho tbemi whole instrument, and those who voted a ballot marked or in " Constitution with no slavery" necessarily gave their as rtii sanction to all tho provisions of tho constitution except tho paty slavery article, and in lieu thereof substituted an article eiguu prohibiting the introduction of slaves into the State In fu- also v ture, and confirming those now in the Territory and their yean posterity in slavery for all time to come. This was the pcrsu simple effect of the vote. other It is scarcely necessary for us to say that the prlvilego they i of voting upon a proposition thus beset with condi bond lions utterly inadmissible or unjust, or the power siatm of deciding upon a single, and, us presented, by fraud no means an important question, purchased at the ex ture pense of giving the sai.tiou of our votos to many jorily provisions that our judgments condemn, was and is con- plera entered by the people of Kansas no horn, but, on tho other resell hand, is justly held to lie an insult to a people who know pow and appreciate the rights of freemen; and hence eight comp tenths of the people rejected the offering with contempt, prodi and refused to participate in an election that thus compro- spent inised the dignity of an American OKI?I Sail In view of these tacts, the Territorial legislature, at its or ile late extra session, provided by law lor the submission of shall the whole constitution on the 4i.h day of January inst., n San three distinct propositions, viz:? bcr tl r/n?l>l.,llAti nil), uli. Constitution with no slavery. and, I Against the constitution. I t gis The relums of this election are not yet all received, but mty | enough is known to warrant us in saying that the vote ast San against the constitution is about 11,000 char? For the constitution with slavery 160 tare i For the constitution with no slavery ?4 Th< This large vote against the constitution was cast at an ,\st election holden on the 4th day of January, 1H.Sk, under the ____ law |>.is*e?l on Ik* 17(btt December, lit! whilst the oe cessarily short and imperfect notice thereof no doubt pre vented ihousundH in the dis^mt interior counties, where a , the i*opie are ail opposed la the coastitution, from casting A . tht :r vot< s again.-1 it. f'l- ?s Inasmuch as the pro slavery party refused to partial ssme pate in this election, we present Ute vote polled at the election of December 21, provided for by the schedule of s-^l the constitution, which is as tallows:? I? I Constitution with slavery 6,143 Constitution with no slavery 56!) INF 1 in Majority^ ?.. 6,674 *?'?>1 (if this majority more than one half wai obtained in three very sparsely settled precincts, on the Missouri _ border, two o; which?< ixford ami Shawnee?are in the Tw?. Shawnee reserve, on laud not yet legally for settlement, J J,, Vii:? Oerm (ixford 1 ,'266 ,1?mt Shawnee 7k!i 76 RK Ktckapoo 1,017 Total SS From a |?rsonal kaowledgc of the settlements in and about the above plac es, we feel that we hazard nothing m ? saying, that the great bulk of this vote Is fraudulent and T^"d tlctilious; and taking into visw other puti<ahln, but less i-N glaring frauds in other precincts, we feel justified in assen inn that not over '4,000 of Ujp lena fi/U citizens of V Kansas cast their votes for the Ixtcomplon constitution on * the "41st day or Pecetn'Jer last. The frauds in this, as well as in the election on the 4th cf January for -haUs ottlcers, 1 | Kc., will be laid before your honorable bodies in a few ? days. In the report of a Hoard of Commissioners, autho- rp riied bv law to investigate the same. ? We present the above facte in support of our de> lara tion previously trade, that the people of Kansas have T , rejected the LccumpUiu constitution by an overwhelming j.?ri, majority. m,,i Ihc object of your memorialists and those who supported them, tn thus participating in the election of .-late oifl cots, Ac., under this constitution, was not designed to give the slightest sanction to that isatrumcnt, but on the otber ?hand to place ourselves in a position to destroy it In caa? 1Q1 Congress should admit us luto the L'ntsn and thereby lore tng upon the peouls an organic law against their will and lo ** repugnant to thetr feelings. Our poattion will bo readily hhIIm understood upon this pont by reference to the following ? reaolutiou adopted unanimously by the Convention by AT which we were nominated, vis ? ??"Resolved. That the candidates nominated by this Odd ,.m' vention. on accepting such nomination, will be considered Tempi as pledged, should the cocstitut.on bo approved by Con trans* gresa, to adopt and execute immediate measures for tna to ? bling the people, through a new constitutional convention, perm to obtain such a constitution as the majority shall ap K PrnTC " mm Thus pledged, we went before the people and contested I the election under the provniotui of the schedule of thn vt, ,t constitution which opened a wide door lo (Yaud, and upon which frauds to the extent of 3,600 to 4,000 votes were committed, and under judges ef the clee M r who, tn many precincts. demanded a test oatn a . to support the constitution, in direct violation of A the constitution itself by which tnauy who would ship Otherwise have voteil the froc State ticket were Traul prevented from voting, and under the additional die , rc* ?dvantage of a strong and Incurable antipathy on the part of many of our (icople against parllci|iatiiig in an p election under the authority ol a constitution Iramod and I oth I submitted as was the le-omptoii constitution, by which prrfe thousands wer?- induced U> withhold from us tlieir ?uf- snow frnges. Vet, it, the face of all these disadvantages, we ' have received a majority of all the votes cast, giving the __ opposi'e party the advantage of all the illegal votes cast -r or returned \j . In view, then, of the fact that the lAcompton coostltu addn tkm was formed by a tiase majority of aOonvsnlHin elected 'eel by a small minority of the people of Kansas, 'and thai thai Couvents n refused to submit the constitution thus JU framed to a faic-vote of the people for their ralitloatino or rejection, and that the Territorial legislature did pro vide bylaw for Its submission, under wbu.h law It baa been submitted and rejected by an overwhelming ma Jortty, and for the sake of the peace and prosperity of this ' *r< beautilul Territory. as well as Uir harmoDy and int.vnty yjoi of the I'uton. we. the ofTtcers elected under said consiitu ( tion, do m"-t respectfully and earnestly pray your honor lessoi able boduuot t<> admit Kansas intri the I'nlon under said ed ai constitution, and thus force upon an unwilling people an ornas organs' law against their expressed will, and tu vmlatsin plate of, every prim iple of popular government. ???. W. SMITH, (lovernor ] W. Y. R'dlHF'dTV, Ijeutenanl flovemor Vnuii I'. C. iCHrriJOt, Secretary of .-Sale girl, i A. J. MKAD, freaaurer. Tops JOIX H. UOODIX, Auditor ?'"?1 ?? cbarg Tronhle with the Nbsvgtirs IimIIriis In Kansas. hoisb* m kmp a.vp grrri.kRi* privin from their BOMBS. Ijtwnavr*, K. T.. Jan. II. IH'.s . ... Omsiderable exi itrm< nt exists in the vi.inity of I'rank- /f*l lln, a few miles from here, on account of a collision be- V > \ tween the settlers and the Indians All the aipiatter* IS that neighborhood are really intruders, for the lands be- rxtt) lung to the Shawnee reservation, and the (oriims selertad by the Indians have not been made public. Tlie Indians, rpm therefore, regard the settle is wRh much Jealousy, and dif J v Uculties often occur l>etween them. in Itri For sobm ttnao there hart been a diSculty between " Ned preat Toolef," one of the Indians, and a sett er named Srhouler. <>ti Saturday morning the parties met. MB srmed. and ac mow cwnpanled by com|ianiee of their friends, a reonontre en- 0iail sued, in which Srhouler was stabbed in several places, news and Tootsy was shot dead n? the spot This so exaspe -w-rated the Indians that on Sunday night they gathered to the number of a hundred and fifty. ravaged the country, and burned down eight or teu bouses, with the acootapa ^* nylng haysiai ks and outliulldings Many i>f the homeless s' families have sought shelter -n lawrenee Schouler b> 28.^! under arrest, and about to undergo a preliminary exami , natmn before a magistrate The Indian agent stales that all the damages done to the settlers shall be fully rernu oittea neratml. l)v T.._ . L'?.1H?. .......,.C H.? II . .or I aril AMorjfMion nt Norfolk *m laid on the de*k* of the (j,,. |. I'lty Council" on Wedneeday evening, It contain* every fnrt of ImporUnrr In relation lo the ravage* "f the fellow fever in 1065. The whole amount of <aeh ontitrihutiona from all anureea wu (167 ,(37 52 of thl* amount. Maine contributed upward* of (I,?00 M*r?* Imwlt*, (10 tf* ."I New York, (36,Mffl; I'enneylvanta, (20,000 tMfrn t of* ?Tf Columbia, (11,600. Virginia. (a.1,600 North Carolina, JJfJf1' (7,700. Ac. Mary la ml contributed direct to the Howard gj9^. AearrUlion only 93,(00 In money; hut Uiere waa received la nalnmore, front other state*, (12.<4io, which wa-- e* /vai pernled for aupplle* on a< <ount of the *uff"riog population a J ' of Nrrfolk The treiuiiirer eetmiatea the total amount J" from Maryland, In r?.<h, *uppliee, medieal attendant, J, Ar , al (.Wl.ftOO The re|*?rt *ay* tnerc are no mean* of toeertiuning the exacLnumber of caaex of yellow lever, ?~ but estimate* them at eight to ten thonaaml, or nearly the ( tire i maininy population. The blfflhlf <<f d^yh* waa ^jj, about two Minuxmd. or nearly one fourth of all Wtlnrke'l. ^ \ Cite Mertrg that hall' the population were hla' ka and that > m?? hot lew of tin nt ilied, II i* prohable,tltal one third of the ' ft. ft. wltitea who were attuned died fitly nine de?ti"ite -jt htm (XI flrlt and :** hoy*) were provided for by tola * M , ii uintM.n There are mmy other interesting 'aria i: i fi ?f, oh" hour Inn ted . <,*? i*. >ent- it- from -. K fnibli-h' (| A '. t Min tv t l"l u, The l>etr?>it Free JJ* ?lii ' llie pa* go through 'Itai f ly of a man hav ?i . / * it . a i living malua" who W ? eured pi i lr>t t >1i h|r way frtdn >' inea'datdM ne TluVbo* *l,a if ant In allow of li.*t?niij( rouial n it. treat %hiortlowot h>? harm'g h in elf When r e if ihi ear* it n i? ?r| up >n id, and the ' minute h 1 illhro<a"h theme* at lie' J)' * red around ", end bawkuWed to * <(| ipd rt'<? < )m tfe wa* taken rit if b'* Bll>l '' < rahn1' anI fed. LY, JANUARY 29, 1858. Our Wisconsin Correspondence. Mm won, Wis., Jan. 23, 1AM- A ( Oroi and Bribery /nwdiffcUiom in CXt Lqjulature. )l?'d 1 send you a copy of a resolution for an investl- pcJ i into the disposal of the lands granted to this Slate is construction of railroads. The companies that ob- i /i 1 Uio grants were the La Crosse and Chicago, St. Haul ?_ [ bnd du inc. Win i impression is general that the lands will be given to 'companies, on account of fraud In their disposal. ?* , i will also see by the proceedings that an fnveatl- ral"J I committee on bribery is to be appointed. pert

L Kill SI. ATI'KB OH WISCONSIN. ? Sknatk, Jan. 23,1858. a tkk ivvkntkjation to iis had. a ., Vioni the Committee on ilailroadB, to wh<*n ?? 1 referred that portion of the Governor's message re- **" ; to bribery, reported that it wan the unanimous opi- ' J^;. >f the comiuttteeB of both houses that the investiga- b|rD Dto the alleged frauds and briberiee of the lout ?en rem, hould be immediately entered upon. Vori Aiokmhi.y, Jan. 21,1858. TIK t1ik IJtNl) (huh INVUHriUATlO.v., from the select committee to whom won K' red the subject of corruptions alleged in the land legislation of lfe&tt and 1657, presented the followtug In a itiou.? iieen lolvcd, by the Assembly, tho Senate concurring, That pop] at commiiteo, comiioecd of three members of the ^rM"' 0 and live of the Assembly, be raised, whose duty pp be fully and impartially to investigate into th< -nj s, bribery and corrupt acts reported or allegod ti Jj , been per|M trated or committed by members of Iho blltn lature, or others, in the disposal, or in procuring th i tain sal by the legislature of this State, in the year f?"" sen hundred an?l fifty six, of "the lands granted to tate to aid In the construction of railroads, by act of j p ess. approved June -'1. 1km. and into any and all cases \u pgea bribery and other corrupt acts on tbo part of any near ad company, by any of the oltlcers, stockholders or just s thereof, or ether individuals, in securing, oralLing to secure, the lands s? as aforesaid granted, for ? selves or fcr any and what com|iany, or comjwuiies, pj procuring tho appointment of thomselvos, or others, Jfj ectors of the Wisconsin and Superior Itallroad Uoin- and , or in procuring, or attempting to procure, thefre- plae lion of any such directors at any and what time, and P"" . bother uuy and what member of the legislature ol(tho p0j eighteen hundred and fifty seven, or other person or ns, and whom, received any stock, bond, money or valuable thing, or accepted tbo promise that he or P should receive at any and what time, any stock, Jam , money or other vuluabie thing for preventing or ohg, or preventing an investigation into the alleges! .. ^ s, bribery or corrupt acts aforesaid by Uio I?gisU- p last aforesaid: and said Joint Committee, and a ma i?r, of ttie members thereof, are hereby invested with i-oos ry power to perform and discharge the duty by this ltiin enjoined, and in the exercise of the plenary b1' r aloresaid, amoDg other things, may send for and *(i( cl the attendance of persons bofore them, and the letion of pa|>ers, documents and records for their in- 5 ion and use as evidence feet. 1 committee shall also have power to appoint a clerk rks, whose duty it shall be to do such writing as L1' be directed by said committee. . 1 committee shall, among other things, by any mem w'' lcroof, have power to administer to [lersous brought nun pouring before them as witnesses all necessary oaths; moreover, may exercise the powers conferred on a Tpf lative committee by section twenty two of chapter " four of the Kevised .statutes. "J** i committee shall, with all reasonable de-patch, dis:e the duty hereby imptwed . an J report to the legis- -r^( }(a? flu ?ai frinrul ami t.h? L*?utininiw Laktm hv thnrn. H resolution nitb unanimously udoptod. nort tembly adjourned. - TA< PEHMMIAm r Klfl J. K.-THREK LETTERS HAVE BEEN ADDRESSED tinli to vou, and no reply received. What u< th" difficulty Ten e answer Immediate ly, or you may regret It. Direct the to r as before, Broadway J'ott ollice, rare U. B., Kvi. ? S. M. W. IX AT SAME PLACE-IK TOP HAVE A NOTE, kss irave It there, addressed to Charlotte. "I BELIE'K." beti wunox wantep-ok nurai cannon, a mm stive of the county Armagh, Ireland. who arrived in tloi F aaac Wright on 'be 2d of January, It will he thankfully Hon ,ed by bis brother, Stephen Cannon, No. 2 New street, ?roi Hrunswich, N. J., (a at 114 First avenue. New York. Ten Bull jKMATlON WANTED?OKA DOLPHU8 LOW KM AN, ~ i IIunitarian youth, IA years uld, speaks good English, U an and k retch. Ills speedy return Is implored by his led but stljl affectionate mother. Apply at K. Polauiek s, l|(e street, W. V. Ten i M.?li JlPDRRPP SAMUEL SWAN A CO.. Augusta, Georgia V* SAMUEL SWAN A CO., Augusta, Georgia. SAMUEL SWAB A CO., Augusta, Georgia. P1*" __________ gan TICK.?H1NO SI Nil PRISON, SHOW CAUSE 'n? against the bonds. I) V. S. B.-COME IIOME. I CAN MAKE SATISKAC tory arrsngemeiits. NAT. *J'? -WILL MEET YOU AT THE SAME PLACE AND b!I lour, on Kriday, SI. A.-MKET MK AT THE SAME PLACE TO MORROW F?. at U o'clock. CONKIDKNCK J MY KELLOW PASSENGER. HARRY -IK THE fJJJ memory of our hair hrealh scapes from on board the ,,|(J Ic, hss any Influence wuh run and as the Artel Is safe, rej mr at 7S tJb? rty street, this uiy, without fall. KKkDKKICK. v,' POLITIC AX.. H? rn WARD.-'TIIK PEOPLE'S WARD COMMITTEE *>ui met at Arcularlua's Eour Mile Housr corner o| Kifly " iih street and Third irenue, and organised for Ihc ensu- Tp ear, by electing Cornelius Ksrley Chairman, and ltaun-l I ran Secretary Jan Ml. IHfiS. mil A MEETING OK THE SEVENTH WARD DEMO- ord rrallc Republican People's Ward Commute*. held at rb* crstic Headquarters, 1,3 Madison street, on Thursday jre ng. Jan Ml, ISAM. Mr. C. K. Price having heen appointed j ? >rary < hairmau, and K W. suarun, srerrmrv, alter inr I action of b'trine** n wa? resolved to adjourn th-- meeting E,( h 9, at 7o'clock P M , for the p nrpoa. -of off. cting a V anrnt organtcatlan 1' K. rKIt-'B, t'hairtnan pro trm m" W. BTtaao*. Secretary pr* tem. M i m cl C FIFTH WARD RK<iri-ARH WII.I. MF.KT THIN "d, Friday) wetting, at 7)* o'clock, at Ihe I'lernli, No 118 *wU Broadway. J KKOMK I.UTT, Chairman. m,r til nrrmccnoR. fri,t lARD?THK HrBSCRIBF.R WILl, RKfFJTK NFW TjV ptiplla dally for rlaaa or private Instruction In penman- f ind bookkeeping, at hi* i-ooma, 1b2 Broadway. corner of tlfcri kUn atrert, and 91*1 Broadway corner of Twentieth T?y i. KB B. OOUMMITII day r.NCll ri.ARBRR PROT n. t.AHRlHX, 7U RROAIt- yt war, la now forming rlaaae* In Freneh, ftw the winter, p 'or beginners and for tboae alreadyadvanced, wtahlngin ?i,,r et themselves io conversation. A thorough praclleal bow ledge and a pure Partaian pronunciation Imparted by a p, u tnd approved method. For term*and particular* apply Vk'ill >ve, from t% to 10H o'eloek A. M.. or from 6 to 10 P. M. IHONR IN FRKNOII-HY A I.APT OR OKNTLKHAN, J" leniatomrd to tuition. Tranalaitona v irao-ly done. p,M naa R. J., boi ISS Herald ofllee, or apply at :tl5 lltcka bun . near Hegraw atreet, Brooklyn aire - ? - - of li ItBH'R COl'NTINU ROOM* liao For the cirtl Ktudy and Practice take or BOORKKKPINO AND BCHINK.SS AFFAIRS ? .148 Broadway lAiipleUm B Hiding.) Wt nigra. with full partlrulara. ?t application. r ?????????? eitr ?*'? ft WRITINU CLASSRS 147 RROkOWkY. log iffiee No. t.?The eyatcia perfectly acquired in twelve m i t? Age or deflelcncy no impcdiui'nt. Pupils Instruct their residence an usual wedding vtelling card? and T.t( nental penmanahlp e*eente?i equal. If no- superior to F engraving. and ? 1 1 wcl PARK NTS OR QCARBIANB.-AN AKKRH'AN rite adv. having a pleaaaat honee. In a healthy ! a-a1 too. are 1 like 'o take the entire charge of an Intereatlng little are lot under three yeara of age. muat be of gooil parentage. la a rile* seeking a pleaatnt home, wrh the kindest care and HI"I ton of a lady every way qualified for so reeponattile a ? e. this la an cireilent opt >ntinlty. A moderate coin L1' a ion would be ei| ected. Pleaae addrca* Mr*. t' It . F I aquare Poet office, for one week. In a w tlori NRWIPAPRM. "JSf L.IFORNIA NKWSPAPRKS -AliRNT FOR Aid. TUB K1' prim ipal papera In t'altf .mis and Oregon Buharvtp- * received at office prtcea AdverlleiWeiiU taaerted oa }?* oat reaaonable term*. Single rnplea for aale by J. F. J ' \H. Californiaaewaagent, is Auaatrc-t, N T C NKW YORK FRKRMANR JOVRNAl. OF THIS seek t ontatna arllclea on the alleged mlraenloua run a rvoltlvn atao on Other mlrwlea. the mlrar le of "Mnrtlln __ hlng the faith In New York, the interpretation of the H re n' w ihlblted aeif government againal cn'raltam in 1 Hale <,r nation, with ptier ev ting v>plr* of the day an I wo' Interesting CMbollc he w> fifhee III Fulton atreet. By ' ' >2 fit per annum, alngle conies ft cent* For aale by T dealer* generally. ? HUTKIJ. ~ W HOTFX FOR A OOOH TK1ANT -THF. BITH "I wrl >mw Kaa * And Rnrnne ,l..wrn tnH a aahl a/ UrtiAildra* A' ? hJrh he a anla to rreat a hotal or kid g lag bona* of Aboti ' * mi, on ih* Rmrocwtn plan or any "thrr m?a? teatrable -j-Vj tanta in And an nreupant bafnre he proaaeda to build. p oh, with dim ud rafarrnraa. boi 117 /araay City t; ; "ffir cirio hotel. rr No. 171 (.RKKNWH H RTREET, NEW TORK 11 price of boird ml thla popular bourne ?aa reduced on bm it of January 'o SI Bo per day. Imp J NO. PATTEN, In, A KKN.I. LTNDK. Proprteto * tpc. ? - Sell ( IXITIUNH, AC. "*! (inn TO INVERT IN SECOND HAND CLOTHING. J1 iUvv ?-Oentlemoa deatrona of aniiTertlng leftotTor ?tr(. Ill r lathing Intoeaah, n?n obtMn fifty ner ret* more bt K on or aeadfrg tAetr AddreH to J AMUR MOHONET, ?<| Pearl atrtet. tbtr ?T orr CI.OTHINO WANTED?LADIES OR HEX TT ilctnrn baring any of U?e mubo lo dtapnee of, Otn ob'eln II ighral prire bjr armdlng for tlie aohacriber, I.. N DDR- Al'l iORI*, lit Klin atrcet. N. H ? 1-adiea attended to by till, p T' RffOARR. I"t? tlou MRS IN OREAT VARIETY (If qTAMTT.-HA eeni ratte, dom"?itr Hid Herman, from #4 lofW per *f. Pur at V ra ai ekmg for hargatna are Inttted to eiamiue tny atoeb TR ?t aab aovancea mode on aeg*ra to anr amount O. CHEEKS, 17 Hroadnaf P ? THE H4LIi NRAMM. smi AND OOHIPt IVSNT t a . 'f. f?N 'ERRD TO ***' R darnrit and T Meal/ i>y lhair tap la ant frlenda. at . t iK .oma 4lU Hrovtwar. on In lay evermg. 'an _ P-hvta mat heobtnofbi, at tlie ao, le n'-a In N. * Tort trortlf n Of of the Bm a Pro' >acr? IL Ban e't and "l? Veaanrei, *t ' lbor*? -n. PreauWBt R. Bnab _ feere'nry, eenrr Ndwan'. Trs. A " .- ~^rr?:?- - a nnnTsmi. ' i I TTT'THV - I N?Tlf EXTRACTED IN TENSEC'IND;- i *i i itilioa ih' pain, by my n-n and ?ttgt ial r> | t -m' t- aairit- In admirable ?> % a , nee < n ii r . * K R. U ItifHRIN, ANt Ceonl f?- a. 1 1 AX4CS Or RB.IL EmTB. ;nn TO S10.0W.-rOR HAIJ5 OR RX OH A NOR FOB 'viz real mttlf, a moat declrabla hoalnem, whereby [lurchanrr can place bimnell to a lucrative and permanent Uoa with a snail capita) BIOQrt A BOITTTTWIOC, M Vaaaan atreet I nnn ACTUM CARKFDLLT SKLRCTBD LARD IN vra/ar Minnesota; AO,ODD arrra -ar-lully selected Urid :?* ? far -anh or on lime. loo,Out) acre* choice land in cm,tin forraxb or en-hange. All at tempting rate* by u r. 14 i?. r lonn, 111 wnmu hi reel. CAfiAOR,B PENNSYLVANIA TIMBER AND COAL iJl/vy landa, In Clinton county, convenient Ui water and oa I i ommtnlChUon, for mile or exchange for city proy 0'~ merchandise. in qualities tomtit. BlOtlS A BOUTHWICK. 94 Nassau street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR 8AI.K SITUATED IN 0r> '.iiwich. Conn., our lumr and a quarter from the city, he New York mi <1 New llavco Railroad, ~l\ minutes' t from 'be depot. The buildings are new and In line or having been built but about our year, line .o re of ind more can be had adjoining If wanted Everr -mite ce for a gentleman's residence. Price $6,300; |2.>?I enn iiln ou mortgage; or will bo exchanged for good New I i-ronerty worth the same amount. Apply to W. M. RS, <3 Maideu lane. IOOKLYN HOUSES FOR SALE.?NO. I LAFAYETTE ivenue, near Flatbuah inenur, fa corner.) and 174 Canton it, fourth door north of Harmon place. They are llnlalied moat aubatanual and elegant manner, and require to tin U> be appreciated. The location la the timet healthy, ilar end convenient In Brooklyn, being only part of a A from Fulton avenue ear*. iTirea, 97,11110 and $6 ISO. ly to W1IJ.IAM B. NICHOLS, 16 Nassau atreet. N. Y. IOOKLYN HCUBES FOR SALE.?THREE TWO STORY ind high baHement brick bonnet and lota betweea Vauder,nd Flatbuah avenuet, on Warren atreet. The bonnet conneven rooms betide4 the. baaemcnt nnd uellar. will be d convenient and in good order, ami will be aold very p; a email amount of money onlv required down, or trill icbanged for good railroad bonds or atock. Appty to . FRANKLIN, No. 7 Wall atreet. *o, a ucnt little cottage house and lot, in South Brooklyn, Fifth avenue, lot'.UxlOtl In a genteel neighborhood, ana the thing for a email i'emlkyjcouveniept to care, Ac 93<l0 OPceeh only required. Apply aa above to J. F. KRANK, No. 7 Wall atreet. M IOOKLYN iOUUN For hale?only fl.m CARn required.' * ? vemi uew and elegant dwelliiiga on Canton Hampden alreeta, between Fulton avenue and 11 an nan e. but half a block from earn, replete with all minlern Im 'emeala. Situation exceedingly healthy and popular. AplodKOROK W. BROWN, on the premises, between 11 12, or 03 Fallon avenue, after 4 1*. M. tRM AND MILL FOR SALKOR TO LRT-8KP AKATKLY or together, niluiiled thirteen milen from Brooklyn, near i tic*. Apply vo r. u. BMli, 343 ruitou street, BrookFT1I AVENl'R, 1I0RNKK OF THIRTIRTH RTRF.BT.? Four story brown stone house, with carrlnga house, late, Impure of CLARK A FaI'LKNKK, lti Wall si reet, n 11 )R SAI.K-TWO NKW FOtTR ST'iRY RASF.MKVT AVI> eountar cellar first class houses In Sixteenth street, l.Vi east of Seventh aveuue. built in the very beet manner, all the modern Improvements; size of tola A) font 1(1 inch y 1(13 feet 3 inches deep; hoiiai-a A) feet 10 lnrbra by 31 Apply on (he premise*. )R 8ALB?TWO NKW FIRST CI.AW FOUR STORY brown mono front house* in the rholce In cation N<w. SI 33 Weal Thirtieth street, fibtwesn Flfthaveuue ami Hroad. finished In the beat manner. wilh all modern improvet?. Terms easy. Apply on the prrmlaas. >R SAT.B?TlOt NKW RUHRTANTTA1. RjflWN STONK front 'hree atnry and basement boom. Sft Fcft Thirty first rt, near Madison a?enne, with all The modern linprovets. Inqatre at II Wall atreet, room 13. lR SAI.K-TWO VKRY OKSIRABLK Fl'1,1. t.OTS, OS Thirty lira', atreet, between Hroadway and Fifth avenue, h aide Term* very favorable. Apply toil. 11. H/.KT I, Xta Pearl atrpet, N. V. >R RAIJC?A VKRY DF.HIRAIII.K THRKK STORY Knglteh basement brown stone front bouse and lot. on y s.rond aleeel, third house wear of Hroadway, north side, bed in the beat style, with all the modern improvetnenUL Bis vt r* favorable. Apply lo U. H. HARTSON, 336 l'earl et, M. Y. iR PAIJt?OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A YACHT OF .'HI or 36 toua. an acre and a half of ground, beaipifully ted oppoaite Maciimb'a Ham. Inquire at ?13 Tenth atreet, ire 9 A.M. or after 2 P. M. iR SAI.K-A NKARI.Y NKW TWO STORY DOt'IlI.R bouse, with the modern improvements, in aehnlee loon on I'acitlc street, Rrooklvn, with statue, on nine lots of uid, well snaked with rbnire fruit, shrubb< ry, Ac. us enav Apply to AI.EX. OdTKANDKR, No. 30 Trinity jink, in Broadway. iR KAt.K?THAT UK iimflhOItfTAOBRHtfDRRCB, with all (he modern improvement*. with tb" three houses ining, rorner of Twenty third siree1 and Ninth avenue, us moderate. Apply to J. It. PHI I,I, I PS A CO., H2 ileii lane. IR SAI.K? A TlKXiRAIU.K KKHIDI.NRK. SITUATED lliree miles writ of Newark, New Jefaey, In the most leant part of North Orange, comprising an acre of flue ten bind, on which there are a neat Omhir oo'tag* rt wslihouse m ally painted and In good order, a well of ex-el. water, fruit trees of all kinds, ornamental shane trees shrubbery < ar* pass the diair dally, and u is within Ave iiitea' will of the de|Mit Tnls la ad-slrable residence, will he sold low. For further particular* addr1-** hoi Newark Poat offlea, or apply to C. I.UINNl'Xl,, YtcMul ry street, Newark, N. J. OK BALK ? V AHA 111.K rKOI'KKTY UN WBIT i Twenty elchth Mim, between Eighth and Mhth rwn a* ' an. irunt l'ark, row W thirteen brown alone ill houeee. built In the most eutretantlal manner. and wholly ler thr superintendence nf the owner with ?ll the modern jrovmirnt# Hihihi *> by V> and 26 by 5*. Iota Ivalf the rk, high stoops and fonr 's'.orte? basemen's and eminier lam. Alan, two bonaca on Weal Twenty third atreel, oppo ' l,?n<l<'n Terrace, known aa No*. .US and .'W. henn a 22 by lot. halt block; built aa above. Alan, a farm, at a treat train, annate In I'laier (Vinilj N T , in 'he town at rlry. forty acres. ?ttb Improvements. All will be arrld on raf terms Apply to MoKUaN PINDAR, at the above Idltrga In Twenty eighth atreet, or 1IM Weat Thirtieth atrsel. QR HAI.K-A FARM Or SO ACRES. 25 Mil,Kb FROM lew York. mi a line ol railroad, three |M|lata of a e from depot, land In food order, me large dwellint. with r rbtmneya, and tenant teniae, tee bouse, all In complete er. and barna. Ac. Will aell low for naah, or would ei I nga for New York or Brooklyn prmier'y No agents d apply For paruculara Inquire of T HWANNhLIi, nd it Washington Market. Yeaey atreet pier IR HALE-THE DESIRABLE TWO NEW THREE etnry brow n atone houaea, with all the modern improve tta. on the north aide nt Forty seventh atreet tine ta lit) and the other ta lUU feet eaa< of Seventh avenue, the atreet itlrely built up on both aldea. Alan, the four ?4ory bmwe lot No 622 811th avenue, on the eaat aide, between Thirty Hand Tbtrtv seventh streets, afore "tt first an.ry >nd base it wall lintahed, a good location for a bakery. T< rmtour. dy to N. LAWRENCE. ?5 Eaat Twenty ninth atreet, at k. at 4 o'clo h, and to theevealug.orat 61 Naaaatt atreet, d 10 to 12 o'clock. JR SAL*-A BCACTIFCX. FARM OF S4W ACRES. IN Hvrgen rotinty. Hew Jersey, with a g.?td dmrlltng houae, > and Okthcngea, orchard, ke., only eight mtlea from New k. at or wear the plank road Stage paaaea the d<*T every Inqutrr of J. J TALLMAN. 10 Nassau atreet, N. 1 . ill HA LK -TIIRKK NEAT TWO STORY RRfCK FRONT houaea, Nov 271, 276 and 2H0 Third atreel also two three y brick luiuvea, Noa. 61 and Kt avenue II, alao a brick e, Nn. Il/J Cherry atreet. The above will be wild a' a low e and on reavouable teniae. Apply to L. K1SNAM, W llatn atrei t, from 12 till 2 o'clock iR SALE?THE CELEBRATED PLACE OF J. F Whitehead, Kaq., at Yonkera. alao teniae ?t,d lot 26 La ard street, a farm of SI aerea and one of IT acres a' Miln Springfield, N J buiae and leaae of nu VJ lirreowleb el IL.uvea and lota f<ir ?*|e or leave arel'n ri n' Fa'ma v.m 15 to Kit acres foraaleor rv hange lor city or Wtl tabnrg properly . four houaea in Brooklyn In evehangc lor ka. caaaimcrca, Ac Hrnm and ac. ounta roller-led Charge n of property and kept In repair. J.I. WaI'iiII, 112 Pranklla street. >H SALE-IIOVSE AND I.OT NO. gr>. DOWNINO afreet; a neat, modern built cottage, with a two story nvlon. cntitalnlng eleven rooms and cellar. nice yard, all ond order. I'rlee %!. Mil, El.Ptkt may remain im bond an I 'gage at 7 per rent Title pr-rlecf Inquire at Ibe bouae. iR SALE AT RYE. WEST CHEST EE CO! NTT, HALF a mile from the depot, a farm of 76 acre#, (n 6ne . nlture cot d11ton 1 he Imuae la oearly new, two alory and attic, * I bttllt and lo peilect tirder, about 44 by 66. with a large namn. Tbc barna, klable, carriage bouae. lee bouse. Ac , all new and conveniently arranged The bouae and) ardv auppht-d with water from a nv ver falling spring, ami '.here large var n> on Ihe place. Apply b> I' ' .KI.KT, No. T, Wall street. >R BALE AT A BARflAIM?AS THE OWNER H ohUgi <1 to ?e|l. a handatime mtalrrn bru* a at owe bowse, rood part of Henry afreet. Hrooklvn l'rv-e $" eivi, Twola rat, remain uu mortgage. Address C. R A., Ilernid . 5B SALE I* BEOOKt.TN. YBBT LOW-THE RorEE and fourteen lota of grcaad all on the grade, eltaated et r ener rif ftfktb avenae and Seventh etree' one rj finest location* In Brooklyn, the bones is large and waa I by day a w irk, and I* eomplele with all the mod. en lm.--1 - Iterw .as Is th. r m E.E-> A u <1I itAhl* no rrfmiff*. Fof pAfusuWi iojil" of O. r. OATH A If, fl kin a 1r?l, _ r?R OR KXdlAWOi.-\<IOn ACBKflnP (THOICIC *r 11 selected Wl* onam landa for aale I?w for cash, or Id i iiliany fur approved merchandiar Aim choice lout he bed part* of Brooklyn. Five per rem ?a?b only re rid Apply ""t O MJOK?, it Liberty street? oppunHc Post oftce.'flrst floor. lill HAI.R AJ?1> ttAt'HA BUB?Till nWKI.I.IIfil IR Brooklyn occupied by advertiser Wanted. ne fir*' pa lit. k no of country bmiee. with a frw wrri wnrtkKUKI SUM); balance '? remptn on bond and mortiic *PP'/ to 2', William street, between to and 'A, to CHAKUHI rtk'k ffiTtlAMr. OR F.Xl'TIARi)F PMR A F ARM K A8Y OF acaeee One of the heal wholesale ant retail honor stores hla city, located down town. AddreM T., bo* HJCt Hemld * oFhK for 8AI.K II* ItROOKl.TR AT A BAROAI.V Rew flrat ctaas three story Philadelphia brick front and wn none baeement. contain.n* (u and all the modern rmi inenut. Rue plastered ami sun cellar, ami l? in all re t#one ot the best both houaea In Routb I'.rooklyn, coat DO. Price0R..VW. M.,m?i can remain Only * iniantee' k from lhe ferry. f C. HI I.K I.KY, T, Wall street ffl-iw rtlR A A I.K ?<)RK TRRFR BTtiRY imin a'nop, baeement and counter cellar, In Tblrtv ihird et. one four atory and one ibri" atorj In Thirty eoed et all between Ktghih and Rlnlli rnuea Fine location all the modern Improremenu. Apply at .IS West Thirtyd aireet, opposite the Blind InaMtnie. offllB "ARC t/PTR IW YAltorB PA RTF Of REW Tmt and Brooklyn for aale?Ibi reasonable to.I 1?. PHI 1.1.1 PR ACO..W Maiden lane from It) I o'clock. fK~AklF.Rtt" A N I.ANP A*0 TAT PAVIR'l A1. JLYi'T Aire prompt attention to lha aale and eaehanre of real e? . the payment of 'aaea on non re?hlent lands, ibe red -mp of lands mid for laiea, and loalllny money on re il eats nrltien. Also, dainia and bnslur* l>eb>rc ib-- departm-wim faahint'oo ^Mnded to. _ _ aBhaCT RWHRKPIt T* AM. TlfR RTATF8 AM> TKR RfTORIKH. ermna owning non-resident land? In any part of the rnhwi, arlttnu'o th* noderW<Wed encloatM a dp'l- n or th-Ik, and the re>|tilalle amonni to nover the la*e? aod com shin, will have their bnatseaa properly an<! vaiirfacmrtly nded u>. FOR flAI.K BY Tltlfl AUBNt'Y jarreln of el*hty acres an l?ipw trda. and at prh ?to eili lime, two hundred ao-l fifty thonaend acr ? ?r n nr trie and timbered lands, situated In the Bwee \A , a Iowa. Illinois. Mleaumri, Tennessee, 5 a n iMroltnas, Pennsylvania and ffew York I so. aeveiiil cultivated ttrma in S Ate. 'a- one hi ad red biflldlng Iota III thla eil> aid vvpr ?< ? and l"te. la it estate In i'bic*?o and other cpins an'1 trill igea In a a -It-tea. . . aod lull do* * cihed on are i n n n. t It* 1 tn.Kfil [ft aTt .'iAA*. f . I lllWIt, B V m*e > \ AM Boa. U 11 v4 It 3 HALB9 OF RKAL ENTATK. THKSXJBWBrW.R H AHTHB FOIJjOWTNO property. ail free end elear of Incumbruiw Ik*', he will eell or eiohaiigo for a good bonne In New York r.lty or for berk, inanrnnee or railroad storks Four tou on Nnatrsnd sri iu0, near Myrtle armor, Hrreklyn. sli scrre of land ?n Hln en Island, near the depot of the railroad. IM) arree In Marshall county. Illlncia. HAM 1, KIlIlY. M Liberty st. TO IK'IIANOIC? FOR A COUNTRY RK8IDKNCK OR merchandise?A valuable three story modern house, on Kim place, near ('Union. Brooklyn l/>t 24 feel by 136 deep. CALEB HAKTLZTT A CO., IWi Broad* ... WANTED-IN EXCHANOK POR CITY MfPH, HtttfV. l)ly situated. a small home, neally Mulshed, *<Uf ll'4 the modern Improvement*. aud located between Pn Thirty seventh streets and Third and Hlith avenues, r K Irom Vh.OUO to $12,0(10. Address A 7. , rare of Prancta LOST 1', 20 William atreet, corner of Exchange plaee. WANTKD-fNMJOO WORTH OP ANY KIND or * >? ehandlae suitable for Western tlade, lor whim ? ?*, deeded land* In Iowa Will hi-given at lowligure*. Address T. K , Western Hotel, for three days. ~ NAIiJ|B> dbA?A>fr -8KOAR HTORK KOR HALK, IN ONK OP IT .-a.'). the best locations down town, now doing a Rood business. Oond reason given lor selling. Call and satiafy yourself that this la a food chance. Apply at U Pulton street. dbr/m -KOR HAI.K, LKAHK (KIVE YKAKH), WITH 'iTOv/vr. Uituies complete, of a shades or ne house. In one of the best location* in Brooklyn, situated not far from the ferry and now in succeeslui operation, \pply at 347 Broadway, rtsim 4 C. H. HOWES Jk CO. ~!'<'R HA,'K A SPLENDID BILLIARD SAloon, wtih, dntiiR a Large and rare rash business, tn Eighlh avenue, lineal location up tossn, and room for three tal.les, clearing $2,aut) y.-.rly This is a rare chance. Satisfactory reasons given tor wiling Apply at AW Broadway. room 27. <fcl Hon ( CI'MI '1''KNTRAL?J|J .\7vrVr. If psated, the lodging wilt pay doulile the rent, a protttable bar, restaurant, oyster, notice arid cake saloon connected, the bullnhss yielding Ks.i* II per annum. Apply at 347 Broadway, rootn Nus 4. C. B It'lWKSACO. Al enn -DRtril STORK I'OR HAI.K, IN WIl.UAMHipl.duv. burg; a reallv hsnusomc store, well established, in a line neighborhood, w. II stocked atsl doing wall. Not being a druggist, I will sell at a sacrifice. Aitdrnsa Executor, Herald office. dhq AAA TOfdOWI-KOR HALK, TlfK 8TOCK AND SPO.'mI" fixtures of an established wholesale provision and llipKir store, situated In the inisit business part of Washlngton street, doing a good clly ami country cash trade. Possession Immediately, if required. Address M M , Herald of hce, with real name d>') r/tA -KOR HAI.K, (INK OK THE It PAT ROAD'Jv/. pleasure putillc hoiis*'* In the vicinity of the city, well furnished. lease at low ren'. large garden, a $2 null cash; balance secured BIOOS A HQI'TIIWICK, 84 Nassau street. nnn -for hale, thr lrahe and rum?IP I Cr.U' /" " ultiire *>f s hotel, eligibly located *m Hroadwsy, New York; commands the best class of customers. Owing l*> Illness, the owner I* desirous of disposing of same. The terms will be easy If good security la given. Address Hotel, box 2,266 Post office. For hale-at si merchants' kxchanok, nu currant*, lirst oualttv. retail and wholesale, at m'SS i hcaper price* than those o| wholesale dealer*. IfOR SALE?TO ARTINTK?ONE HALF TIIK INTrREf 1 In Han-don k Hope's two Ig.tllerle*, Nns 76 and dl Mm. cry, New York These gallcrb-a are well known, and are It surpassed in all lhAt app< itnliis to first class rooms. Onell the partners about retiring from the firm, will sell his half 6 h fair rate, which offer* u flood opportunity lor a photographic, amhrotype and daguerreotype artist to tec ore * firnt class business place. For particulars apply personally or by letter, to li. W. HOI'K, iff) lloweiy, New YorkI?OR FIRNT CI.ANN OYSTKR AND DRINKP Ins saloon. situated near one of the principal ferries. Thin I* not a basement saloon To any perjou wishing Pi en gage In the above buaineaa tin- offer* au Inducement rarely to he met with Apply at .147 llriaidway room f, C. 1LHOWF.H A 0O._ T,t(iK NALF?A A'ki.l MH7ATKP RRSTAURlNT, F lager tiler nd oyster aaloou. Kent low, and with a long leuae It wll -old cheap b a rash customer. Apply St No. 2 Tryon r< .?, in the aaloon, from It) A. M. to 2 P. M. For kalk citkap?4,noopounds or pure oroitnd pumlee atone. Alan two palrof burr atone mills, ?m eighteen and the other thirty lticbet in'diameter, in good order, at 80 llcekmsn street. ^ IjlOR SAI.K tiR F.XCHANOIt?A VALUABLE PACTCWT 1 for an article rauulrrd by everv family in the United Stale*?easily manufaetiired and now introduced. An opportunity for a lorlnne seldom Olterei. Fu'I particular* by applylns in peisan to I). C. CONhTABLK, 69 Fulton street, Mcoud Soar. HARDWARE STOCK, FIXTt'RKN ANO I.RANK OP store for sale up town The business is long established, and i< almost rieluatvcly * <a?h one The stock is in the best condition and well bought. Address Wells, bol 2383 Post till ice. rl CIKOtKKU AN!) RUNINF.SM MEN -FOR NAI.R, AN old established family grocery and lea alorsf now doing ?n ncelleiil business A rare opportunity fur ? person w*hing to enter the grocery and lea biunueta. Apply at 139 ttHh avenue. rl PUKI.IC IIOI'NK ANIi rbktal'rant proprir tor*. ?Parties having a desirable place in the above line, and wisliln-.f indispose of it .<n reasonable terms, may m?et with a resdv cash purchaser by .-ailing on the undersigned at 347 Broadway, room 4. C. B. HOW EN S JO. rkiT>ASiaoi?a. Fi.owvhp from mmk civattk. Coiffures wreaths, bridal and ball trianiluga Imported thia last week ,at 64 White street, corner of Broadway. fpilK POOR HALL, NO POPULAR AND NO IM X pernuva, la raicuiaiea to Kiaaorn many an acting a-nn. The object la laudable, and for that happy occasion TWO* has cut down In prlrr hla rich eodfUrc* ami ah otbe , ? tressarr* t? piesae the million. Our luidel apixilnima I M naual. arc superb at Pavilion dc Flora Ml Hrondwa, ,' J? m twaau Thompson's and Taylor a saJuous. *3 OOPARTWKRJBH1P IWT1CM. ~ ~ anrn -aw howeat maw wantkd, aa faw!t tpZ>)< In the poultry, (am* and 'Kg business, In T marSel Addreaa it. K II , boa 141 Herald oHlee, stating where aa interview can belaid. AOOn -A PARTNER WANTED TO TRA VEI. SOl'TH, ^OUVi Any gentleman or lady, havuur th* above#..**, can join a lady and arntirmaa In a ploaaaat cash business, where a great deal of mnneywul bo rnado Reference given and required. Addreaa F. H . box Mw Herald office, alallag whorr aa lotervlesr may ba had &Q1WI T<) M'.-AKT ACTIYK BCSINKSN MAW, J>0' ?Vr having either of the above amounla. and no objection* to travel ran have aa Inloroat In a ploaaaat money making catch buainea* I'nrxrrptloaablo reference* given and required Apply at M Rrnadw?y, corner of Hand* ureal, room No. tV, third lloor between the hour* of 10 and t. dtP/in -A P A RTNKR WANTED, WITHER TO TRAVEN Jpv)*/". or attend to the ally trad'' of a wall c*iahlt*hed and profitable wholaaala bi|?lne?v; gtialorner* all made, la and out of the rpy all the particular* and referem eg (Ivan by addressing W M. R.. Herald ofllre -A PERRON DKcIROtR OK KWOAOIWO AW "V", partner, and Invca'.ng thia amount, who will give hla undivided attention to the name, ran (mm acopartner ?hlp la business already aatah linked Thla la a rare chance tor aay person with a ?mall capital All e..m?unlcaito"aatrv''ly confidential Addrea* A H. C , Chatham square Post office . Ar/i/lTO |l (?B-PARTNER WANTED, IN AN EH?T? )' M f tabUMod huaiaea*. doing a (food paying trole, which can be greatly Inrreaacd. Kor further particular" apply. between land III A. M or 4 and ? P. M , at No. II Pulton afreet. a1 itr./i -WANTED AA A PA RTNKR aw ENTER, vl.wt'tl, prising bualiee# man who .an c.immand the above amount U. caah. and la d?tdroi?* of calahlMiIng himaelf tn a portnan'til and very protitable manufacturing huain-an IP thla city Addreaa Certainty, hot 1*4 Herald office, with real name A?J n/tn -WANTED AN OFKICK OR OCT OO'WA partner, with (.A fkai capital. In a I ul eat?biTsbed and profitable hualtiea*. heated down town An if por'unit) aeldom met with la now oflernd. Addreaa, onddenUalJy. K, A. C . New York Poat "Bice anno ?wanted. aw active partner in a ^Cl ft I, anlendid B intxfactiirlnff buameaa. Profile large; aalca a'rtcily far r ?ah orders on hand: eipenaoa light, object lo extend the I uatneea Addreaa Prtnclpaii. lleraH office A PARTY llAMWti-FIVE THOCRAND POI.I.ARA AT hla Immediate command, may learn of aa op-raiina wherein ten Ihouaand dollara will he returned to htm in tha neat an or f Iff hi montha I'ndouhted refcrenrea given by the advertiffrr and will be expected from lh"*e with wbw "* 'rent* None but tboae havlni theae reonHM'ea and wl'hr^h l ualneaa education need anaw er oiffa IJ raid office. _ f^AOFARTWKRAHIP NOTICE THK INDERAII* J V> have thta day lormed a ropartnerabip under the ttrm xff Eranrhere A Co , for the iranaaetion of the rommisai'.n I t -T nana of fnra and akina at No* 17 and 19 Hmadway MAURI P.I. FK A*< IfKl . Raw Tab*. Jan I. IdfiA J. H. CIIKMIDMR. ("ARaIR RtFTtf .MCRT ?PA RTRKR WARTKIVWTTr. ? Jl rash pkiiI'hI of W.HV, or a rlark would bo takan who poold loan inr ?hrra amount > n tha diaitlla-T propa-iy. with itvr prtrllaaa of laktnp ?n Intaraat In Ikr huainaaa al ihr rod of i ihr >aar. Ad.lraas ftiatlllar, Imi IM llarald odteo. N~OTT< K TT!> I t T IC CflPA RTN KRRHIP ~RX MT~I vT 1 hatwaan Joarph E Cwrpior and Prhan P Mu'rhinfa, who burr barn Intni buwmaaa la thr alt) ant rountr of Han Franplacn. Htala of ("allfortlla, undrr Iho ktyla of Rw?l??r, Huirh'nca A Co., w*? on thr Ivih lay of Itarrrahar. Id#?, bp ordar an I dorraa of iba Court of lha Fonrth fudl- lal di?trial In an 1 for lha mat* of California. diaanlrad And It <11 funhar darraad thai iha undnraianad ho, aod h? <u sp pr in rd rrfaraa to 'ahr an arrountlna hatwaan aald partner*, aad al? lo taka proof of any dahta. p la una or drmaoda against aatd ro|*rtnrrabip now, tharafnrn, In pura'virirn of aald darraa, I. (laorifn drfrr, do haraby n rtify all proil ll< ira ,.f aaid firm of Mwrrloar. H ot-lungs A Co. to appoar hoI foramrairm nfflra, Wo, 114 Nnntgogapry atraat, San Fr*nI laro, California, wltkln four month* attar iha flroi p ibliaaiion fihia notira and praaanl and Brora Ihalr dabm. elalma or liaBiaoda acalnal aaid firm And 1 ahall ropurt to aai-l r ift wlthia Ian data altrr tha aiplratlon of aald four moa'ba OHO NKtiKR. #< Faiartacxi, Pre. 1#. 1*47 PARTXKK WAKTKI>-<?ICRKIt II, OR UPRCI AI^-WITH td.ivtio ?i" nil it>y ln?l >im-tita> In a manufacturing hu?lr?w? In uwaa.Fiil oprraiion for p*?h. A aparial oartnar wfll t>r i imn'aa.l X) par m-nt Addraaa b'W 1,51 P at oB<-a, Raw t?rk. . THR*PARTMfRdlllP HPRKTOFORK P.XtBTIRO HR i warn tha undsrsicnad ta thta day diaanlrad. Tha unrln >dliad huahiaaa of the late firm will ba aattlad by John P. Wolf, JiiHK P. Wfil.p, JAK ? IA}% JACOH RKlRH kRDT. LEAAL ROTICU. (M'PRP.MR COCRT, CtTT ARU COCRTT OP IKf Vnrk -J?m? t MlUin and llanry Klohardaon. Charlnn Riwrlaoa John THIIon John Klaanp t?aor?a Hr iwn and Rofu-ri hlalar ?*ain?' \)rtan<lar Itarinlatorn. William W.?id, William Cr??a, Mrniamlo P Itnwaon, John W wood, Al?t tn d< r Itannlatoun. .(r Thomas Hallar, John C. B Tullka, Jamra Cainpbrll, Wltharn Cou-iford Bad John H ??-*?n noma, for r? llaf. To Iba tR>- lafanlants an I anrtinf iha??Ton ara lirrahy aummonad and rrinirrd to ana war vha aompUlnb ID thia nation, w hn b has haan fllail la Ipa adfcmof Iho < larh of Thr aitr ,nl It of <SW VorB Ot ha I IU Man . il ' \ V \ k and to ta a o.?. ..f ?.,??w...-i I . m itm- onih. suhaorihrr t -a || \ || - 1 Arw hoik. O.M-t , . .f 'his ? rnvua on i ?o ?* -1 1 If 1 on f % ! ' 1 ?its J II p ,? a o I ha plat'l'l a I, a " irl '. da-' an ta * <n, i . t n 1 ' * i S of V - r* I ' da M?'< ?' II I t I f >-< '*< ?