Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1858, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1858 Page 6
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6 nTTATlOW WAVTKD-lT'lMiLFJ. A ftffVAYlMN WANTH?-HY A KK-l'K'TAHl.K ML yeim* w mc to ?t> central housework. h?<i?f*et?>ry rw< r*i?cf yiveu firm her last place. ltiuaire st IN Vmki A. ? U? bekfy A EITV A T J > N VAXTIP II IIJHII T ABL*. WBLl JQL r? c Ou.n,i riiXl j ,i >: ? nj in, t> ;i > li *> *< i k A gcwut kirn ?. re kn ehjert thr.r, w?re?. Wvild no* object t? '.hp turnr > Apply" ?i 128 Atlantic klreet, earner of Henry, A*?'hlyn. A I.FEMAN TCCNd WOMAN, WHO SPEAKS KNilA 1t?b desirea aa> nation k* uuraeand or oham fcrr??u:, it fully >iu*nbad to *.>tc he nf on lufanti uucer aland* dreeeBiakini; Rrferauceavf he Inches: roapeclablWtj Addrtaa <9 bin av., between 7tb \nd bib i ta. ARKSPKCTABIK AMERICAN WOMAN WTSIIFS A tltuaiiou .at bume, is competent l? taAC oh?rue of *u .uteal no objection to travel The beat of city references given. Apply at SL'b Mb uve., near dam (I., for two daja. ABVaCTAUl PBOTVCTAMT EMOLKH woman wants a rUuHtion a* a competent nurse and seamstress; can produce '.be vt r* heat of retereocaa. tun be aeeu ut No. IB Bible House, inquire tor Mm. K. A RESPECTABLE TOCNli WOM AN WISHES A Situation to do general h usework In the country or city, cad referrnocs. tan be seen lor two days ?t 17 hhenrl ADECKVT RESPECT A Rl.K filRl, WANTS A SITU Atten as gaid co It. ? aefcer aud ircuer, is willing to mtke berueii useful, no objection to do general housewn.rk m a Ball family Me?i of -ity referonce, where ?he lived for a tea* ttnir Call at 77 Wr?< J7,h at, between Sth and 7lb ova A LA PY I'NPSRPT.A NPINU CUTTING BOYB' CLOTHEM, J\ wmbrs dav ? wc ra n gentlemen'* umille*, or a chance ui <1 sat lor schools. Coll al 139 Amity St., tor this week. A very steady active woman wants a situ a lien as competent c<*>k. mikes the best of brood, piss ood cokes of all kinds, will be found careful ond obliging. Bor the rest of relirrice. Would join the couotry; under stand* the untieing of m lk or d nutter Coll Hi 129 waverley pises. ?? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHER A SITUAJk. lion as pood rook, washer ond troner. or to do general hsoeewurk Good reference from her lost place, where she bred two years. Please coil tor two days at Li .'anri St., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS seamstress and mirae. ran cut and ttt ladles' and ohtldren's dresse* Please oall at SOU West 16th St., in the haoemt tl. Best city reference. AUnOTiU WOMAN WANTS TO TAKE IN LA dies' and gentlemen s washing; is a good washer and Boner, good references d required. Inquire at 23V Vth ove., *ot> floor. A respectable young woman wishes a situ anon a* rook, washer andironer, or lo do general housework In a small larolly good city reference. Apply lor iwo day* at 354 ?th avenue, between S3tl and Aid Sta A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, 2L aa cook, washer and ironer. would he willing to do geno stal homework In a small private family; she understand* all kind* ot pastry and baking; no objection to city or country; hect of city reference can be given. Call at 113 East ?M si., tseni room, second tloor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO take care of children or to do light chamberwork and waiting, good city references. Call for three days at 111 West 2?tb *t A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation as nurse and seamstress or to do chmiberworK. all for two days at 21V East 23d si, second floor. A COMPETENT AND RESPECTABLE AMERICAN Protestant woman desires a situation In city or country, osgood cook, washer and ironsr. make* nice plain pastry; wosKi do bou*cwork. Wage* moderate. Apply at 3d'Bow ory AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to do plain sewing, or chambermaid Md nurse Good reference. Call for two days at 152 West Kth at, be'.weeu 7th and 8th avs A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE jHl woman, as laundress, do Pren h tlntlnc; or as ahaaabi rm.i > t and to do the lice washing <<<><*1 d.y refeagaar fall for 'Wo daya a'. hd East j.vh .-t.. between Si and Ah avectn b, In :h' tun :j st. rn. ARITX" ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, toirtee ii to fourteen vfHM old to do general bous-Work. Apply at 2Sti Nh avenue, between 23d and 23i *t?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS seamstress in a respectable family, Blie understands A-aasmaklog and plain sew uig. has no otuecuon to travel or watt on a lady Best of city referenee. Can be Been for two Atj at 127 W eat 15:h st, between 7th and Slfc aventMa. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITl'Ation to do g? neral housework, is a good washer and tamer. food leferenee. Can be Been for two days at 142 Snlhvan si.. In the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU Atton as I.urs" and sean.atreia. understands the care of ahtldren. works well at her needle, and is a Protestant, can be hch) recommended Can be seen for three days at 297 awenue A, see md floor, front room. A STEADY RESPECTABLE OIR1. WANTS A SITU A Lon aa competent meat and pastrycook, understands her business well; would assist to wasb and Iron; will be fsaad careful sod aiteoup* has the best of reference. Call as 23b Mulberry at., up stairs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BMTKTABU rauuft woman, as chambermaid and waller or laundress lb a respectable family flood city reference from her laat rue, where ahe has lived fir tig years. Address or impure Bergen st.. in the brick bouse, bear Clason avenue. Brook A LADY ACCUSTOMED TO TEACHING, AND OF TITR biybeet respectability and abilities, in deslron* of nhtxtn tea * situation as governess in * family, or as companion to a teds Woulil likr to travel. Uneieeptionable references will be given. Salary nu object. Please address M. D. .Herald A EITTATION WANTED?BY A RKSPRiTABLE KN<1jft. hsh woman, as cook, who thoroughly understands h' r hash?'.* Good riiy reference. Please call at West 19th at Can be seen for two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA A fa u as good rnok, and is willing U> assist iu washing and s Good city rrference. Please call lor two days at teawii. A RESECTABLE TOrNOWOMAN WANTS A SITUAtion as f.rat rlaas cook tn a private family; no objection sue'. tn the wartime and ironing if reuuireJ. Heat city re terrace Call at ITS 14ib at-, corner of 1st av , room lb, third am. ARITVATTON WANTKD-BY A YOUNO GIRL. AB chambermaid and pood plain sewer. no objection to so a laundress. Please call at 93 Weit 19th at for two days. MMWd Boer front r ? m A SITUATION WANTED-RY A RRSPHt "TABLE girl; la a goad rook, washer and troner la a food, ho ewt yirl, and baa nord recommendations trum her last place, tewjulrc at 11 8th "A, flr?t floor, bark room ARRSITCTABLE girt, wishes a situation to eonk. wash and lmn. or to do (eneral housework In a ?sail private family. g.x>d reference given Cell at 21t- Wnet test.. Brat floor, back mum. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WIRIIKR A RI tualam as nurse or seamstress, or to do tip stairs work, or tewing, in a respectable family. None but raspeytahla families need apply < as be seen for two days at 114 Smith at. Brooklyn. Best of reference given A RESPECTABLE YOINU WOMAN. LATELY AR ad rived from Lund on. wisbe* a st'uauon as nark noob* Jertion to assls' In washing and Ironing, can d" chamberwork and waiting May be seen at 43 We#t i;ul. st.. between 3th and tear?. A RESPECTABLE TOl'NO WOMAN WlHIIKR A SI jd ktiatk-n ? cook, washer and Ironer. or to do general hm?s. rk no otjection to go in the country. Beat of city reference Call at 134 Mb St., Clinton place near 6tb ar, A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A PITUATION AR te?r,..: t.airt MAk n;i oLlWlli'ifl I/i fin l'PtiEP&l hiillB4**firk to km*.] privair family. 1 an give th<* Oral city rrfnrrnrr from hrr laat pined. Call a< uf Wm ZTLb at. bfiwpto 7th ?>1 mh nfnaK Pr?'. flow, front room. A BKBTEt-TABLK VOfKO WOtfAN WIBHR# A FIT JBl nation a? " ! and to aaaim in ??'U 'j and Pood cl'y rrfrrrnrr tali fur two day* at 1 llffful IJtb m., fcn ? r?r. ilk Mid ti'b ??> from k till 4 o cloak AOFHMAW UTBl WANT* A sm-ATI'iN TO 1>0 . honarwork. flood rcfartuor 0*11 >t 178 Ludlow at., to N AKK)-I'F< t WO*' ?f WAMS a SITI ATION, tn a botal or board, na?* - *. aa tirat claaa < an pro 4?r. 'h? vary t ??l of r?f?r?ir ?. h?? iirrd arvec yrara Id >o<! f>taor App'} for two ilk} > t'-L k*. ABTTT atiok WAKTitrv-pv A Torso WOVAK. A* nurar and rlaw arwrr. "r would do rh?mhrr? rk ?a*1 mind children ran tahr lb* cnUrr charf of i hi Mr" h" hmt rnttr rrforrnrw alron from bar Iaa1 plarr whor? *h? h .? llrad I Wo y?ar? krd four nvmha fall kl 14 Oarkaon hetweeu Had* '0 and Vartck, for two dayn APITTATIOff WAWTEP-BY A RR?PE4TAB1.K iHW. to do amoral hnuarwTk in a amall private J"b?w rail at AY'' Kaat 4ita at., in the baartoent, brtw?m M hi M avro'iri ARKftVKlTABlR MtRRIKP WOMAN WANT* A baby to wet luirw at bw own realdetirr. pood reference Oall at W7 Km* l*b at., between avmura A aod H third WV>r\ Trtiol T'-IW 4 rorwa oina. wants a hiti-ation as cook, Jk. wanli* r and irm<T. or m da rat.eral h<nia?w nrk la will rnfl and aMr In dn ant kind <N work ran make flood ''road xo blfli tit- <> ??1 rrf' rru?w ran be fliveq " a,I at 100 Oranfle at.. Rronklm, for two day*. ARRkWTAm.r. TOCNJ WOMAN WISHER A SITl'A tine t/i takr eara of a Hahjr, or in do cbamn?rw<>rk and STWlnfl !!? I1 "d fit; rrfrrrWHi Pleaae call fur two daja at Hn. HA T'b are.. thirdfloor, back m m 4 rbppkttaRi.r TOfff'i wotitN wishes a sitc ?/\ at; t, aa i d |i)? n c-A. w*ah?r and lrnn<r, or to do ekajnbrrwcrk and plain aewln* or c?naeal h >??awrorh. Ow?l cltj rtfamopp Elearecall for two da)? at No. 1*7 Kaat 93d at bMtnwaMiti and aea a ASITT tTION WANTK1?-Br A TOWN! WOMAN. AS . r??,k waah'T and tmnet. or to do flanaral homework In a atrial; :?inIIy tiondwity refrienrm ficaae call at No. 1"? dnhnaen at corner of Dntteld at., Brooklyn. 4 rrswtahijc oiri,, with t.oon ritt rfte. A r?t,.aa wantr a an nation a* rhHObermatd and wai'er, r a? aearnatreei and fine w*ahrr and Iwfr. or child* nurne. <)*n beaeen a; Mr* baker a. r?imrr of Mb a?e. and 3jo till nutted 4 RRSfFCTABir HERMAN WOMAN WISHES A Hi' "1H I Hv a? ' hit lAkr -.r, . W <r?r. < .r lb dk> f-nrrnl houw??rk for two <i?y? at 6J? 4tb tL. n(M?r mm A APJTI ATIOB **HTHi BY A YOr*f| OIRI, AN | l?tl i-'>ok. ?**bor mid ir'?i?c ? u, d* |?n?r?l b ><m work (rood rrfrrrnfr <1*11 * US Rwi l.vfc ?v, t? t> >W>* ArnvrF.Tr.nT rnuton A nitiatjo*. A? n<ir*r ?n<l MWnairroa r>r a* r hum!#nr?1 flood city Mftrtar* < It, h* im for two day* M 1 1*4 Broadway Antra no* wabtktv-by a Yorjm won An to .dofri.?r*l hmiaowork and a?uw i> 'lo w??l i iad r tn? (toad ,-M) rrt-r .t.r? < 'al I ai 242 Muihrrr) < A tot p.. i.apt or a nioh bkbbic or rittwrAMlkf *1,4 * ooTn|>ar?tttr utrai.ttrr in thi? < lly. rim ta*trmpnrarr Mid (mmoduto li?n of ton from ?n\? ??r? i f,.r 'ho wr-nrll of who-li *(? wfll Ho* n?frrrnro iKf W *old ??M'h AtldrfMI Miaa A. B. C . P'W Tork Bow oil W'AKTt?'-BY * 1. A HY A BTTTAftOB FOR A ;TR " of |J r*it i- Cts 'U?urii"r.? r* ?t * l|f -Af 4 I Anolifi. I'nwt *l t <) M 1 3>a> f bftf llfi VI srTI'ATIOW* WAKTED-rEMALEl \blTL'> TIOJC %A>TFr-rOH A vorwo rurxm m. mrprrnily ?#rl?rd lolaba car* of Mrf? m4 inMiiiri tham m te trench language. Addjrat K. R , 11a mid oflice. A FITl' ATION WAKTRO-AY A RRS'I'KITARLB A girl. < ? ' "A. thoroughly icdrTaianiir brr h'tiuna, h fir Ft rale WHtt-er unt' Ironef. ran glre the bratofnl* refert'licrr <'?d he aetu at .ia Weal Kit at, between Ttfc and Mil itvrout h unul engaged. ?n noun yooro woman wants a aim -T [ii.nkti-n.i rt hi unnrk atari a Arnti h nrl m rrmh Iwaeb anal iPoll well, Amrrtctn ?"Mmn ah nuw ud I aramatrr'a, I'roiooiHiiia Th-> w *11 capable ! hi .1 obliging womn, wili| |rant i*. mni n.Uu. ih Fiaaae I .i)i]ulii' Ht the New Di ni'Mir a Institute and Home, 130 KW I viirb street corner of Sixth avenue. A RKSPK TABLE MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A I ? * fteali breast of milk, wanta a iltintu.n aa nnw haa | |o*t her own baby. I'leaae call at No lah Hammond el, back I bam mett, for two days. ANKAT AND OHMOINO tURL WOULD UKK A situation h? nurw and aeaniatreaua or would do light oliHitihi-rwork No <ih.'e< uon to the country The bout of re linnceg. ('tall at ber present (nplojer i, tet9 Broadway. COPYIPT ?A LADY. WRITINO A RAPID HAND PC rtrea m procure employment aa copyist. Address M. N j Herald t fltre, lor one week. COOK, WA811KR AND 1R0NKR?SITUATION WANT ed by a ver) respectable young womau, la a good plain I rook and understands washing and Ironing, la nan". willing and obliging Best city reference. Oan be arrnatK Weal 1 lAth at, oack room, Aral door. RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A BIT!'A Uon aa waltrraa or chambermaid and erwer. Brat of city reference from her laat place. Can be reed for two days ( at 120 27th at., between 7'b and hth av? SITUATION WANTCD-BT A PROIRSTANT TOl'NO woman, aa lady'a maid, or aa nurae and saamatress. can I -ut and fit ladtea' and children's dreaaea and do all ktnda of i family aewing. Can be aeen fur two daye at 104 Kaat 9tb at, between 3d and Alb are. ! OITrATION WANTKD?BY A COMPETENT HIRL, I i> f/y ftrtok wmh #nH icrtn or woulf) flat ifBHttra] KniiktaWurk in a private family. Call at her present employer'*, 3)4 Kaat 1 10th at., where ahe will be highly recommended. | QITUAT10N8 WANTED?BY TWO RRSPEtTTAHLR O women: one a* cook, the other aa chambermaid, they are both willing to assist iu washing and ironing Apply at Ml Broadway, Union square Boat office. City references can be given. SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RKSPKCTA1ILE YOC.VO wr man, aa chambermaid and to a<aiat in washing; i* a neatiewer. Beet of city reference. Call for two daya al her preaent employer'*, 19 Weal 19th at , between 6th ami tlih ava. WANTKD?A BABY TO NIRSE, BY A YOUNO MAR ried woman, on the first breaat. who lot t her baby this week. Alan be aeen a; 9J Montgomery at., Jeraey City. TENANTED?A SITUATION, IN A SMALL PRIVATE ft lamily to do general houaework, ia willing to doeham | berwora or to take care of children, baa the beet reference i from her last place. Can he aeen for two daya al 34) Tib ave- i ! our. between 2Mb and 26th at* , second tleor, hack room. YlfANTEP?BY A RESPECTAPI.E EftOUMB PERSON, Yf a ebuation as nurse, perfectly understand*'.he manage menl of children baa always lived in that capacity, will n.d object to nghwrhamberwork Can be well recommended. I Andrea* <4 B., or apply at 178 ?t7 av., near 22d at. j XJLT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOP NO WOMAN. A ft situation a* child* nurse, or chambermaid or waiter, i ran do pfi in sew ing neat; do objection to the country. Cau j be seen at 260 West 3blh at., for two days. llaa city referenoo. TI'ANTKD-BY A HIOllLY RESPECTABLE AND ft -ompe'ent young woman, without any encumbrance, a situation a* nurse; can take care ot a haby from Infancy , can produce the beet of city reference. Please call on or address for two days, C 1L, 369 2d ave., second floor, back room. T17"ANTFD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM AN, A if situation a* seam tret*, who nndersiand* cni'tng and filling ail kind* of children'* clothing, ha* the t,*a' of city re Call a: 213 East 12ili st . first llisir front, for two days. W'ANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE f f Protestant girl as nurse, is capable of taking charge of an iniant rrom n? nirtn. or to ao cnainoerwoi s or line w?sning and Ironing, wages not so much an object a* a commonable home the h?sl ofciiy refermce can he given Please call for three days at 12t> Mott at. No ohjeclion to go a abort distance in the country Call in the store. WASH,N0 AND IRONING DONK IN THE NEATEST. TV style, ai a reasonable price. The best of city rofer l em e can he given as to honesty and capability Call at 43 I West 110th at., between 6th avenue and Broadway. I WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOt'NO WOMAN. A TV siiiatiion a* chamherwsld. can do plain sewing; would assist in 'he washing and ironiDg. Good city reference. Can he seen for two days at 233 Mulberry St., near i'rince, aecond lioor, front. W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOl*N(! OIRI., A VV situation as good plain e<jpk. washer and ironer. In a private family, ifas ihree years' reference from her last I i. Can h? seer, tor two davs at 213 West 2tiih at., be twern Sth and 9th avenues, aecond tloor, front room, TlTANTED?A STTVATION, BY A YOCNG GIRL, AS VV siati.s'rtss hss no objection to take care of children. Can give good reference. Can be seen for two days at 111 lat av> nue. between 9th and loth at*. WANTED?BY A YOING GIRL 16 YEARS OK AGE. A TV situalion to take euro o! children and do ligU housework, is of nn amiable disposition, fond of children, and obliging. Can be seen for two day* at B1 West 18th at., between 6tb and Tib avenues. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT CTRL. Tv a situation as rook, washer and ironer or to do tbe general housework of a small private family Can give the, bet I of city references from her laat place. Please call at 141 Mulberry at. near Graud at. In the rear. WANTED?BY" A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A RITl'A lien as nurse and to do plain sewing, or to take charge of an infant. Best city reference given rrsm her laat place Can be seen for two days at No. 6 East 31st St., between 3th and Madison avenues. einvTin^uv s eouevrt'ST vm'wn Wouiv a w aituation aa willnii. in a private faintly. ahe thorough I It underatauda her bualneae. and ran produce the bml rlty reference from aorne of the moat reapcctable families. l'lcaae inquire h; S31 Broadway, Union equare Boat office. YTJ^AXTFH?A SITUATION, BY A RRSPRCTABI.K TV Protestant guI. as chambermaid and plain sewer, or to aaatat with thr washing and ironinif. IIaa good city refer art. Can be seen for two days, at IX West 24th at. - Wantktv-by a nkat protkptant girl. a ptt nation to do housework in a amall family. Boat of rei farmer. I'anbewen for two dare, if not engaged, at 19 Pprtug at.. In the rear, drat floor. WAR1KP? A PITl'ATlOJf, BY A Tor.XG RCOTPH g.rl. aa nurar and aaamatraa# or to do chamberwork and waiting. Please rail at 2S1 Wrat Ifltb at TV"ANYF.I>-RY A RKSPF^TABLK YOCNG WOMAN, A M ailualinn aa tirat rale < barahermaei and lanndraaa. no objartion to do < hambrrwnrk and taking care of chlliren Very brat of rlty reference. Apply at )16 8tb av . between Xtfl and rtb eta., tirat floor, bark room. T\rANTFn-A PTTUATTON. BY A GKRMAN PROTKP TV tan i girl, to do the rooking, washing anil Ironing of a private family Good rrf'Tonrr gtTrn. can be aeen tor two daya, at 111 hbertfl at.. In the aegar store. Tl'A \TEI>?BY A RKPPErrTABCF, PROTKPTANT WOII msD, a situation as nurse and searoatreaa. ran lake full charge of a baby from lla birth Brat of etty r?frrenrra given, ('all for two daya at her preaent place. ZiGlOtbat., between flth at d Kb ava Tar ANTLlI?A MVCAflON. KV A VKRT RKPI'RCTATr ble young girl, aa aeano reaa. chambermaid or waiter 0trl In a private family, ahe underetand? her business well, and Idia g'K?1 reference from krr laat place Pleaae call at pti V. at >th at., between fab and 7th ava.. third floor, front room. "11"ANTKP?BY A PROTKPTANT WOMAN A PTTUA II tlon aa rook to a private family, baa a perfect know], edge of ber bualnee* In all Ita branrhe#: no objection to the country Meat of rlty reference. Call at or addreaa 171 lit av., between ll'b and 13th eta . In the grocery More. T\" ANTFP?A PITCATIt'V IV A RFPPRCTABLR TV jt nng woman aa child * nurse and to loplatn ae?ia( and- nib. . Vrv < all ai JWAh avenue, the | a e where *be baa lived thr laat Ave yearn. YVAVTFO-A PtTCATTON. AP rrv,ff. WA?tif*R AND ?! j" ner. by a arnart active young wart o wb<> per fec'lr t.nd? rwanda her buainean and ran be blghlv rec<>m d frt m her laa'aitttatlt.n in the city. Call at 46 Trinity place. flrat floor, back rn>m. \I-ARTKD-A PITCATTCN, BY A YOl'lfO PROTEmTAITT YY girl, in a private family to mind children and do other I light wek. alao to ?ew and embroider Tb" beet of rete irro e ven from bet laat place, where ahe can be aeea. Call j at 171 Hudat^ M. l*"AKT*r?-A PtTUATION AP SKAMSTRKPS ABO >> reeamaker in a private family; undent*nda catting I and fitting ladles'and children's dremwe and understands all I hted? id family sewing, has no objection to take charge of a ! child of four or Ave ycara old. or aaaiat In light rhamberwark ; Thr beat <>f city reference can be given. Apply at Ro. 90 j Kaat 130) ati -et for two daya. TVANTKII-A PITTATIWN. BT A BCTPBTTABt.K vv young w man. aa cook, waaher and lroner. haa the hear of city reference*, (jail at flu West Waaklngton place, ae| oond floor, bark room TrrA!fTKr?- BY A VRRY RKPPBCTABI>R TOrifO GIRL, VY a alt nation aa chambermaid and waitreaa or waitreae I and to do fine washing and objection t? the ear I., ki??r (Rta and 7tb a it., lor two daya. ll'AXTKn- HV A RKSrKrTAHI.1t WOMAN. A PTTt'Am tlf.n an wi-i nura? ran girr iha Iihi of city rtforeaot. A pi ly *' .'? Columbia at., m c< nd floor, back room. tl'ANTKP-A SITUATION. HY AN KNW.INR WOMAN, rt *ac'?ik in ? prlvata family. ?h? m a good oook mod T?rT *'K-t hakiT And B<? rjrrllrnt wnahrr And lroorr. I1a> th> In "f rlt? frfi rrVi?* for bonaaty and anhndf, Can I < ?..o At W* JOtb It , lint b.itiw west of 6tb at., tn the banano nt. ___ IA* A\TK?-A SITI ATIOK AR RKAMSTRKSR. UNDKR " *?i ? cirunit And fitting drama* And l? a good ahlrt n, . it K?i ?fAri ry rafermor *lTrn Own br Bern for Iwo ilaf at 94 Waal ,'VM *1 AVARTItn HY A RRsrWTAHI.R MARR1RD I'RO f f teetiuit tnmin, a altiiaUon u tn nnrM. or nurae and #cam?tre?? Apply at IW Ka?< M'h at , call fur three dire. 1.* *r?. Naalr U*AMKM RV A RKRfWTARf.R. flOIIRR, HOKKRT Itrl. ettiiatbio to do the rh*mh?T?ur* *00 aattlnt. or" rwortt nod plain aewiujr of a privatelunt t ha* eteel* lent refereace fr<iTn her laet place. Ian he * ?*! for twndajr# at ;til 3<1 ev., firm floor, bark room. tl'AMTKP nr AH KHUUHIf PRftTKflTANT WOMAJ*, fl a ?' ' nation a? wannetrae* or nurae to a private farnflyi tinderrundtt <-uttln* aoo making ckildren'e clothea, and all 1 t ndr of family ecuing the heal of reference <*b he fircn a? to capability ana character. Call at Hx Maedougnl at., lit the rear. \lrAKTKIV-IIT A RRhf'WTARf.R UIRI., A RlTfJA ?? ura. o .to saner* h'.oaetrorB,or to do 1 hamt.erwork atel tnke rare of children lltr reference of four year* tending given If required. fall it (fl Woet IPh at , eecond floor. hack ryoBr U'tXlfn A HfTl tTHiN HT A RKSPP< MRf.R ?? i rl < bom1 *n<i filoln arwrr, or to lun nt i r , r i> ? the c'?n*trj <t to ?o S- utb < nil m il f <<Tf ih ?i room No, II W'AM'n TlATWiNrf, BY TWO RWP?<T ABT.R ' J i( rnrr, no* m (fa* 'ladfrntaa horhtml? r < i'< ,. ll nmnd pMWtat of all klnlr tTf ? ?, . ? .*?? n t'im ' > r , r?f. . (r m h^r :?? . ITH ,fr ' * ) I? *- i * two ? m ?ti%T , feetwtAJ jij-k ?dJ Jlsi !?. " 4 t ?W YORK HERALD, TI E W? T. . e aim k orrrV M uoa aa rk>?krra4i4 ul Ia?a4r?aa, b??ik> brat any rafrrrm r Can br aora tar I wo tojiu Mu tik trriM, bo twrrw rtB ax! ?tk a? Wi*nn- by a *wrr?TA?iJt vorNw wo***, a *ltuai? a ? ?ra? 'to* ?ok aod to mm tu waokia* uU Irot >M I'lrao# <wW o? ' 1 onr\ u Kruukln. aavotul ftnnr, fret * roo? I'M fuo< Yalrrraca. Can ba f*a fur twoAAT*WANTKH A HTl'ATIO*. MY A FRRJHft WUHAN. juM ?rrf*rA frcoi Tarta. to to bxtao u4 <-Bao^>?r work IB % ratal) ita.i) u4 '?A- eoro at aktl4r?a. lu.,*ira at 7V> kraa<*>f ll'ANTKP A blTl'ATtON. BY A RRMMfb'TABt.R YY if>u?| firl. b> 4o rkaatbrrwtwk *a< wai >n? ul to u at n tk? waakiac ami irooiar. la wtUl?? la iu*k< brrorlf J rat rail; .arlul Ooot ?1ij rr'-r?a*o ?Vo I- ?? lor two .) n I.T Rrai :ra at t-? ?>?!. 7 Ik and mk >t>a..ra YlTANTrD-A MUTATION. BV A YOCNO WoMkN. AB YY otBtxrM >b .tt/ruaati Ar< m and feirtmaklar oat all kiota >4 family armmg. ala? rmm tut and u< fur '-kilt rrn. t%U for two <iu># at bar yranai aaaplofor a SJ Mtk at., balwrra la ilL?u a ami tofc WANTKIV-NY A BEHFK* TABLE *T>TtH WOMAN. A aitnaiiofi ?? nnrar < Aral rlaaa ku h?t in-trh ipkr)r|< r IB lLat MBUili fe Ml "wuklrW aud *? kt?h IV r., uBB?iM >* Ia?iltc? wNh VlkB aka W lt**4 In Nrw Tkrt I lk B# wn IM two day* m i?? w?m *'a -i mi nth ?f , IB tW I 1VANTKP- BY A KEHrftTABLK YOl'IKl WtkMAN. A M ill nation o < .?*, ?uk and iron ta r.nip.-Wi>t Ktraf rata rlty r*frrca<n. to b* Mao at t7? IT'-k at. boat M HKH TirANTBO? NT A WOMAN. A HlfCA TV lx<?i aa wrt rmrar k?i h?r rhud '*? ?"?'IboU t'kn b? VkB tor two day* Bt SAO K ll*h at. third Sbot. bBTk room *1;ANYED-HY A Rr?r?TAHLir ACTIVK OINU A TV ?r nation phi ?A Wi waak uut In*, bt < <to irnrrll houarwork. Mln food bread. ptr*. A1* . wtU Ba found willing and ?o?< u? to picaar. would to to A- conirry . n wand* purr, not wtfri want** kaa food rrfrreaod Oall at 119 Wawrlri | Ao Tlr ABTKI*?A NUTATION BT A NNNFIBT A Nl K TV rounc Broniaa aa < ham barmaid kiwi Wi 4b tW Ao? wnibhie and troconv. or a* laundrrn* rand* Pr.-nrh tlrin* and kll tlr.da of Una elothaa in 'to nrnirrt maawar Abb no ok .laatfnn to (O to tha or uB'r) (wd rafarana.- com I'laaar .-all at 10S 7th avenue, tn the atom, fir two <U>n, nrat ?? MuN? inuich. n^ANTKIw A mr AT1<?N NY A > F*rrrrAB< K KEO TV t? aunt young woman. aa rat a ad I* ,<n tkr aaMM and Irontnr or wit.Id do tkr trnrral a w -1 of a aowal f?mtly . y.-.,d n faranao clem Tr< m b<-r Inat y ia-? i'*lla' ISt Want Tribal 7U> and (Mb MB, aw ,ud tb-o, fioat room, for two daya. VET ANTNP?A tiOOD BP AM">T1NVN WIM t'VPM TV ataadarhtrl aaaklog A|'jil) Mswa Ittaal Ua'tlMk, for two day*, at 'A nilor at TJLT A.VTKH? A MTfATIt'N HA A HI I I T A HI i t.IkU TV u> do tbt trrtrral homework of a I ?> t on.ij ? rood plain cook ao<l an a*.a||ant w <?W-r aa l tr ~,?r Hrat rtty txfxrxnxx r?n h* axx n ( >r I ?o dayn at 271 \il?a.' at drat tloox, fmot r<? m. Hrcmklyn HKL.P WAMTKO?KKM OKI Ant'MHKR OF BwrmrTAMJi vmrni W?VTFT> to till dtflxrxnt attitaltoB* aoatr for foprxal tx"i?xw <rt rhxmhxrwotk Ac. T<> th.?x rapahlx, ( .1 ?. . i/. ready a' fn?>1 ???m Inquire ?< t?x 1? m? ? . < a t Home, Uth ?t . xornrr of ftth nf* nu? SAI.KS WOMAN WANTFO? AT *rm 4 M"! ANINO Store. f>?M Hroadway. a thnrmurfc tmiiai ? mm ?w who haa aoirix knowledge nf the mints' i - i * -ft make hxrxell generally uaxlul tn a dr> t<?t* at.u* App>? immediately. QKORKTART AND AMAfCrrjfKIM WANTFH \ IN V^tx!Pr>n' i-i n'xxl IMMl* 'tk-ti *M obtain partial support an eopytai. laimI ant u4 prluli ex. rotary to an ertuxa'X'l middle aged imtHiaan tdlr. ? J'rofeaaor. Herald t thee. giviug afe, <nx na' i .ar u? try. lr. WANTKP-A MATRON FoR THK 1FW1?H Ff>?TFR Home. a good housekeeper and a atrtrt 1.w?? n -n? tflher need apply. Address Mrs. tuna Alee !?*> Fine aVrM. Phll;nl< Iphia. Tl^ANTKD?TWKNTY OIRI.S TO HI'RVMI ?rte.N? If Ar None hut flratrate has !? nerd apply tea 10 and I2n'xli>xk A. M. at 17 Ann at. TyANTKn?TWO RmOTAMJ OIBI I IN A FMAU. it family at a country Tillage onaa flrat rlaaa rook 'he Other a flmt "elaaa wnaher and Ironer, *< rotid ? ?*x? pawl. Inquire at thx Mxtropoltutn llotol. from .11? 7 F M TRTANTEP?A WET Nt'RSE, TO tlO To t' AFIFORMI A, If February 6, $J0 prr month for oae yexr or longer and travelling expenses. inquire at ine MMrupuuiaa llou-i, from bto 9 A. M. Mid 5 to 7 !' M . WANTE.D-A OTR1, WHO HNDRRSTA NDR ROOK sewing, to g<> to Albany, V Y. none need atiply bit those who thoroughly understand the business. Address W B.. Herald nthee. TXrANTED? A r.IRI, AS COOK. AND TO WASH AND ft tr< o and do gt nersl housework. Apply si No 7 AVMoo plaee. 4th si., near Bowery, {rum 9 to 12 A M. only, at basement door. T1TANTRD?A FRENCH NURHK, ONK CAPAHt.K OF T? taking care of an infant; reference* required. Adilress boa 1,446 Post offlre, in French or English. TT|TA NTED?OIRIJt THAT DNDERSTAND MAKING TT extension skirts, none ofber* need apply, l'eck Bro thers. 61 chambers street. WANTED?A WET NfRSE. WITH A FRESH IIRKART of milk. Apply after ten o'clock in the morning, at 41 Ann street. top floor. TIT ANTED?AN TNTE1.I.IGF.NT, PREPOSSESSING AND vf talkative \ouug lady, to na.1 on faucv dealers and others, and get their advertisement* and subscriptions for the new illustrated JOI RNA1. OF FASHION, edited by Marts I-ouuut Hankins and Fannie I.ucels fan make inouey. Ofllre 91 Duane street, corner of Broadway, TETANTED?A GERMAN GIRL. TO DO THE GENERAI. vf housework of s private family. Apply at 251 West 28th st. TENANTED?A GERMAN GIRL, TO DO THE HOrsR. If woik of s small family, must be a good washer sod in ner and understand plain cojkinf. Apply, wttb reference. at 212 Rim st. TirtVTFn-a vorNt; frem ii giri. who speaks English. to wait on table and do plain apwing, to a I email private family Apply at 142 Wert 24ih at. A NTE.P?A PROTESTANT OIRI.TO COOK A NO DO YY general houaework None nerd applv but thoae wall recommended. Apply at 243 Hut* at., near Iloyt, Brooklyn. WANTED TMMKPIATEI.T-TWO WOMEN TO TOOK, waeh and iron wall. In amall private famlltea at high wage* tiood recommendations. Injuirr at No. Utt 11th at mat. corner of fttn avenue TI'ANTEP-A SMART PROTESTtNT SERVANT AH fv rook, waaher and Ironer and 'o do g> nrral hoiiarwork. N. n* ton a competent pereon need apply at U'J t.lvlngaoiu atrrrt. nenr Nrvln*. Brooklyn HITlATlONfl WANTKD?3LALER. ABEHPEfTABI.E YOCNO MAN, AN AMERICAN, wan' a attnaHon at porter In a at ore or to drive a rart or wagon Reference fivru. (tall at or addrea* 49 I.<. llow a'rce' ARITfATION WANTEP-AS WAITER IN A PRIVATE family, by a middle aged man. wltkotil any ' in on, hrance ha* lived aeveral yearn in bta laat plac and left Mi rnnaronenee n! the family gnlng to Europe Adlfea. p A P., at Keppler'a confeetioharv store. 132 4tb nr., <>merof lltth at., or P. A. P., Herald otter BOOKKEEPER H SITE ATTOVfWANTEP-MY A TOfMO man, who thoroughly under* and? hu btiau < aa. aod eaa refer both n> present and formeremployem. AdJiraaJ.u B , t-ni IM Herald office. /"tOAt 1IMAN-AN EBtil.lSIIM AN. WHO TNPER V' aland* hie btialncaa in every reapect, a so neioti. ran be highly veeommended for honeatv aohrtety and rap a Mlltv by hi* la*' employer In thla dty Please rail alor address I. W care nf Mr. ' knead. harness maker, TfMBrnalway, for three dag a. UrANTED? HT A TOE NO MAN A REITATI 'V AR RAR. keeper, can fire flrat claan raleroueea. AddreaaT.E. Herald office. tl'ANTEP-ItT A TfMUrt VAN, LATET Y ERoM THE fy evointry. a altomlon tn a atnre oral any when h.ionewa 'hat he may make himwlf useful. The beat of refer, n^> riven. Pleaae apply to W. Shearer, l.Y# let aveme. for fIff days. tXTANTEP-RT A RK?PFCTARI.E YOC* 1 Vt* YY many aetualnled wph the Er*n-h an t Eng llah Ungual" a altnatton aa porter or eleek in a druggtai ffyoeety > d o i??l" ar .re llaa the moat e irellent refe, -n?i and la'willing to go in the country. , Herald otter IITaNTKP-BT a vncwo mai*, WHO i1ah jtad TP* *? yrnn Pt|i*rlM>r?- In ftnry imlttmium In H<>?1nit ? aH tiiittriii m ?n n*"ni or rlrrk. h* rtn inf!u?*i>? ? l?r|r? Wnw Kntlnnfl tr?d?v nn<1 Hi *r<|n?lnt?<1 with *11 th? i*iml drnt??? hik" fnnry t<"wtt in Hn"t"n. It *l?n tr>]iimint*1 w1tk Im ( f-int po-Hl? ?'?n brio* th? h*m of rrtrrrri -it. I'l>- >?? ?rl ,1rM? T,m-rj?y. tnm of hot 1.1M Hntt/.n I'ont nfflrn RniA' iprliofi lo tram! ? portion of the linn*. Tl'ANTirt?-A HTTrATtON A" W UTKR IW A PR* ww * !? f?milw hv ? rr#t criihl* mm i*h.. hna wv( p. coirni?odal|nt;p trofn hi* I**t two p'?r*? Apply < Lo if ? Rolcl. onmcr 1MJ) ?t and Sd ??., for two dafa 1Vai?tfd-a piti atioi* ab forfmak i* a rArr.R f T mill. Addr*?? Wm. Smith, Brooklyn po*i offlro "fETARTFD?BY A TOt'NO MAR. A PfTf'ATfO* A? ft port or. In * dry food* or grocery ? r>- *i nn mod hand *nd hi r?r*f til drlmr *111 make hlmw'f for rally M* fnl. Addrmp for three day*. J. J. B., Franklin limine, r >m*r of N itrart, (IrwayolAt. TITA WT*1>?A BTTr ATlOJf AB ASB1 tTANT HOOK if keeper eow-y rlerk, ll?ht porter fne***orrr wntrhman. or In ?njr other o?p*rliy br which n voune Prme?t*nl man are.) V ran *e' A lit In ( Adrerlwerhae rocelred * cl*?*mal rdumttrm flew* a* In *al*ry moderate He?t rlly refe innre* A ddre** for three day*, Fldelita*. Herald office THE TRAllKB. r< ARDFRFR -^Brri'ATini* WARTFn, ABHTRHFVF*. VT by * rc*pecl*blc m?rrl*d m?n, wlth it family, a Pro t? ? Htii iiA'iri ol Holland, who hit* * complete knowladjrc of r*rdrnli>B In *11 branch**, lo take charje of rct,t|.m*n* I lure, including the mnnairrment of *Tcen h tie**. and the ' ylnp rut of ideawure around* in 'h* n*wr*t ?*yle: h* ha* many rear * eiperlrnce In thteooontry, ?ndwill take the dt rc-tlnn of *n? bn*lno?* belonitlnr lo farm*. I'an jrlr* ?upnrior rcfcPMK *. Addre** for *1* day* A. H . 1'iwl office. A fttrarM. M. J. i aI'I'KM k k RITTATIO* WAKTRI) ht a v Kxr* \T ru nrrd. Iwl'i?trln?i? m?n ; !<? nrh ?r*ni t? prwiftr klm ?? If? n?t nrriftftft'T. f<ori city rftl.rrnrr an plarr ftrwri lr.| ? hiri thorr hi not a r*nf of flaaa or nor ?*1>r pip up. Ad <froM .1 M.. HO FilMkokl atripl, N V., for onr wrntk JrXHCI.RT.-A TOTIHO MAN WANTH A HJTCATrOK BT 1?t nf Xf?rt-fc of April In wVilraftl* <>r rrhdl j??olrT t< r r Onodelty frfrr'ncr??|rrn. A'I'trior .irwrlry, koi IB llrr?M r.ffi' r. for on* work. Tft RKfWFRB A!*T> PI ftl.l' ANS WABTVIV A KI M lirr of pupri prrond hnrrl fir r k *?f n'a :(nil "ir< <11 rank*; rilao, ? qilknnty of J.??1 ft'ork ?l* Apply !>< IIPFSM AN. !W?? l-i trr AtHW. for ilirrr il?y?. from * III) 3PM | II'AVIH'? A i i A RPPNKR W no t'VI?RRBTM<r>B HTR V? fii?|nr? ftohor h> n?ftl Il ? II I ?film* mnilr klinHI irirrftllf mrflll will hftfft HMrf* of ? ftr.w And Ift . inrr'o/? jrllk 'AO" hTjkiktb* n'? * , iftlMriiHon* m?y ppply it 21 Weil Mill ct , between Mb airl i*h am SDAT, FEBRUARY 2, 185 gPBCIAI* HOTICB8. OK DONATIOHS.-THW \ J KimuUm I'onaltlM of the t-alteo Dress Soirae krai#fully ackaowu dee ike reception of the folio wine donations at tsllro, muslins, sc., U> be nude up, after the ball, Into dr e.ssea lor lb* poor of N?? Torh ?from Mtswra. Lord A Taylor. 300

Tarda of calico of various pattern*; from the ladtea or the S< ? Torh llotal, 101) yard* of calico; from Mens . Ubadell, : Kitr* n, I-she h Co., l.doo yards muslin, assorted colors; from VM*r? tftibi'-r, ludtnclon A ' ? . P pltKfi of Kood fut colored cAlleo. ARM V HININOKR, Ocl A. H. VOKHUKU. V? II BROWN, ? CYRUS RAMSAY, II. D . , KiecuUeA WM. R. TlSDAI.l.K. committee. C OODFRKV OUNTUKR, S. l.KK PKRKINH, CiRAMHFRR. DU INK. RKADK AND WORTTT RTRRKTS? / ?w>i-n i?d lw?f? Nolle*.?AH owner* And lessee* of pi nt alf? rwd by IK** widi ning or e jten*l< n of these. streets, snd ho at** opposed u* ih*' *Atpe. are refjua'sted lo Attend In person ?*r by *k*i>t Morf tie* street Committee of the Board of ?'? iiK ilnirn *i room No. l2Clty Hall, on Tuesday, Febr .mi y il allf V IO O F THK R W ttR AND l.ODflK OF SOUTHERN . N| w York will bold i'.a hidi annual session, Id it* room*. Odd f?IIowa IIaU, corner of (Irand and Centre street*, on Ik dnesday rrrninf .VI instant ju 7 S n,clock. By order. JOHN J' FAVlVd, Wraud SeerAUry. 1 lyl'OR UK Al.KKR' MKRT1NG.?THK RKtlULAR J 2 in-ii'bly mee'ln* of tbo N*w York IJ<|u?r Dealer*' s.a iriy III be Held at Metrviealiun Room*, Hester street, on T'(*-*d*y rreioor. Feb 2 At i lj oVlock. orRTAYTR A RATZ, Recording RecraUry. Masonic notice -mystic tte ixydgk no. 272 f. nd A M a ? Tbr memtiena of ike aboee lodge are hereby .. 4 *tic?d their regular Meeting (hi*tTue*dA>) e?enma At ? a, urimk f.irwork I'unrtviAl attendance, ta repeated. If* urfrr H0BI. v. nuuiiD, n. a. ClfMi Kuthii Sfr?l*rj \'oticb.-thf (V'lmmrK on btrkets or thb Imt4 of A kdemirn in relation Ui Kuan HfFmmt in Ifr ndway, nlll hold tbrir HuI miettnr on Tuesday. the 3d of MfMfJ ?' i " rWfi P M . id rutin No. 13 Oily Hall. All part ma in requested Ui attend. r J. A BOOLB, ) TIIOHAN H. ADAMS, > Committee. JOBII LTMBB, S \OTKTt THB rOMWITTKB ON TAXR8 OF THB Ki*rl of A I'fprnon will moot in room No 8 0My Hall, on ln?i 'he Aib day of February, at 3 P M , to take Into roo?tarr?Urr the autjeet of relieving the tullnwins peraona fr.,m lai Thev are eequeated to appear on ihla oeraalon, aa nor r'her notice will be pt* en them, v? ? M. Poet, I). Mend.ef auai l*aae Wilton. Mfbarl hmttb. Ja* Pettle*. Abtn. Heaib I Killemaa Thm J roghlan. Ian Noore, John A J? kaen Beioab <1 S'ohra. Rurene Puprey, f'hrlittau MoeAer Wai> Weiia A f'o Jan. f Kie'itg. V l*eeompte. Ueo. k K Pan w. Anion II Hrewaier. Samuel * ' ,e? bman Wra H A?h. Alon/og Hall, Time. P Or mar II, Oewige Car Uae. |i Sainaon. t'arev Murdock. J. W ?v-,ii,an, Tranaldiiraiioti Cburrh Fdmuad Pliah, .'"ha t.refefy. TlltHt HTKPIIKNH, ? t'immittee WW TICK BE \ ouTaiea. Hn i i? ATION TO A F AI>f AND HI.ANDBROI'S ap ui ion ??in Preio ' Mill- r. who i? by oeeiip?*lon a |?rv parr r nf at eh- inr aaaii h* a who baa been I ninety aeriianl ai.d emwiwinte I to | riaon sad r< mpellrd to rive hall for the a im of 91 DMi far the -upp' ?ed rtme of m.tling >insure !' la >n? - A< b .ad a v w twhweitfer. t i i do? 'r m ?k A the aa ir??e i* inppine I to have heen made, e I*, a a awo arre-ted and niprie nej, and obliged to give hall for ih* mw amount Fr wi <he appvaranee of lie' elr ?uaiaiamas at bpot view, aa o|.iaton ha- pone ahroa<l in the I ,Mn generally 'bat fee wiaa if i' i> and buU-hv rs are all fllty of the aa' (dear and an* h haa he* a the hostile and Hter fee I Inn laatff l-ermaa hitn hei rape, I illy, iha ?e hear thr nprei Wna that a ? in tha' would do this *h*niM lie or I undrra'at e ng tm i1 n d aaaaa nsry ui aoarlrt ? man for ? rr ' bolnsi v* aa Blake i Mm M mIm or poaOAf-ni of ?ny kit") Tkr lkr? "I itw far tilt mjrr *M rMkl>-< 10 Kuril ? ratitk oraai trw ii >. Bra tba Mh.aint ? lill>rMkiM<i>l(fVMi thrkki' b?d aukda Html' as Itr OiiMipk rnkvi Pj or- to 'br bob it ?x took inc. wbtah is Btalanoil' did? rial fri-m 'Ika ?k| iba ABkaro-aaa if mhor noli w sit' 'ti* fonViMin Millsr Woa alttie'ad ainaa a t i ? t? ill mi . " k *> Ms pbyai'iaa bod i aril #S iOr u~ if 4?<* U - now inanity Ba pun how I o d * Ui ?>MoM tba fol It* hub Si ur ba I oi6 ?'% ok. 11 in#? on! pool AtvSrrw orbwaHsar Ma Brickbat* M Mil iba asM <* SM ll nnf TW it. r l4 oanrta -a oparaiad up.? U> ob'-olq Ml MkS boos r "O fH af b- liwow Nim- rib tnOlol p. arr inr ka d>? k . c up drr aar-t nrriboiad a rr|?if! ihoi iota f Miltri ao? u.ak'Be m ! ?> hi oiohr oa .ao. a fr.un I ho Sr-r kai to trath n oa ast mo la |nr ika Sue woa aus panSad lad; flaak oirS hoora ?krt ikr npirl was l?ul IB rirr-uloilr* ABS I oak rau aiooon I) hssoot hnoriad stMsak* I Maw Turk is M kkrlf 'bo' % sat whaao hasMoas is ibai <<( | risariB| oalrrial lar bsu Im a <im rb M'? Ikr bsaiiioaa nf Dial, I.C aowaofi IW as sal ill BMI ? o ala Tba r.'.aOt" esessrs sssioS wss fr.SB ika | If .4 ho k-a.-s Karwaoa oaS Bid !n>B tba roc w kvrk 1 OB ha SBItsSaa Inriljf pr> .rod Tba ari iiaaiMM. Millar has hnmcM lil til upon mir liar aaa huh krrs a hark ora o < loss ?cnor bum km?o oad ras par labia rlii/aaa flu- .d.joat uf tbia own itl-o'nm la hi cor Oa I iba pnh'a Bi ad in racarS W> iba alt, and hi riikdh-aio'ba aaoaa uf lka T.aaaioa b itaksTB. wh? btvo kasa mm b rair.o. had and loj.ifrrd l>. 'ha r.-|-xis imi la atrealo10ia I'M * ? IKi /...MKh, 61 Wast 4I*< atroot. bat wrati Tib and utk aranusa. KKMhVKO ?JOBKI'll I.Kit ItRATKR AMtl TAII/IR. baa rrmmid fn tu V V Warrau atraol is Ma U \Aulk.r strrst, una ?l??>r wasl of Hrua.1?ij Thf onumrmm ow awrn-m:?ftii or rur board of AHorman wW tiiaat on T.taadoy KabauarY 1. fofta ! No. hilly Hall at lo'tiiak I' M Tba fullowinr |>anoxia ara haraby noiltiad to ai>i rsr bafuaa vka roMialiloa ? lam.i MoT "Hold, Ana B n altar J..|u? *?ra!h.n, Tarsurs Kr.?, rmiriaitalhiD hbaary llarhhonual Uanrsa Rank first Kraa Will Kni.tlat rhurrh. William Hondo in. Maiincrrs Colsrad Home. Jsrub H?rwn Wfllvam S Morn. Arab.1 aid W?ll. THOMAS NTrPHEMH, 1 I 'nan initios inilKJIK JBt*l RiniB, ? on OEoRGt UTAH. > The mnanvk committee or the roarp or Contivilmcn, *111 bnbt * tnvtlu* "(i Tn"i<>) Erb. 1 at 10 o'clock A. M., In room No It, ft'* Hall II AR< I'l.ARIPft. J P. CRAWFORD, } t'uamlUre. J. M. CRORH. S ~~~ HB1.P WAkTKtt-MALK*r A HOT" WAffTKn-WTIO CNnERRTANI>S OPENING oy?t*r? anA rlama. al 7'A" Otb ???niw A MAN WANTED?TN A BOOKSTORE OMEWTIOOAN I'-an 91 OIW on gO(>A ar-ruritjr aal?M 9wai anA >">arA with prtvW* "f h*c?.mtn? partner To a*v trouble Boa* n**A apply arrhout the rank. WHEELER A CO., U< Bimlvar, nflic* IS < Q"p*r Houa* Lad wantko-a smart, active i.Ar? or aboi t It v ara, lo a** 1*1 In an (Tir* and collc-ima. <>n* *h<> writ** a food hand anA r**l?I** *?h km par*n'a. Apply ai th* o?e* of lb* varn.ah (actor? corner of 1st arcana 4 Hat at. SAI.EKMEN WANTEII -YOl'Mtl MEN OTT or EM ployraent. and willing to travel. ran make (van P '< 9lt? p*rAat upon a **ry araall . ?, <*r>. > preferred fall from 9 to It. or I to A o alork, at Wn Hrnad way, room Wo. >. TTTANTTr*?AN AMEEH'AN ROT TO T.EARW THE ?? retail Aru? Ixtaiuw* ? * llrWA ?tUi km parrot* preferred. Apply h*'??*n 9 aad II A M , to r A l|r?roue wrMf ol 1'lb?l and 4th are TI'ANTfll -HEurKiTAIU.K MEN MtRIIkti RTTrA V* tinna rhould apt'U at tb Mcrrhcnu Clerk- k?f? n i-flir*. St" Re-a-tway mm No I kr raolak*'MrH in nili-anrr *? l ?? U m. ir.i .r, ? I*w r-a|>r. lahtr hoaaa* axa til\r4 \<y lit Mt W timlf ll'u M K?' haac* |"lar?, < line A ?'<> *3I WtanAt *1 w llurTM AM r.ilma < flar . i tiACn ?H Fr I ? i IralnA''" JM 4<> 1 11?)liir llr?nl ? Artoil I . at .r tin 1'iwli1 J .lonm 441 RlrhtM< pi*.* lainna* 4 IV? , * * , ?r A Hra4??? > ran- k H.h?I J Hmwnr ?* aren'k , I> T'rrarxr * lit'*".* ?'.?e TV" lW>i Uh rbai>(r <! < . Thrx Mart.a U i *ila*4i ' Imrti 4 lima 11 l? CfW n II 1V11' r* Half.-a 4 1 ,, v M mf ?? r Frt.mMli W Wall <il ue?l-i f??ni,.ntif! >d ilf avUir|t iiintt tank ' nai'Mal w 7 wKi'rATn a no W'ASTrn A HA* I'AvniT mi' run i ?! ? * 1 . ? tA'h ?Ur?l twl?wt '.? bnu*a r4 In aM U ? WAKT*l?-rn HNual t?i?ii? Tfiurr Harm 4? > ynnnfl mr*. al 4 ~a I III n M tf+? u. ? par month Tl??? tr a vh> r ia"t. ar Kaf.iah I* f Ian Am prrfrrrad A| | I7 a M Ho tmu ? t m A lalut M n ?W?h A M7 ii'AATrn- A n r?? m? a wimii.haai-A wri Imm ? a> 1 a pa*?i?i uiptii* la a raetjy ah' niHa AHfh ant rahwa* a' M? Fumr M Hi -I't* W H'lo'air' WA*T*t*-A |K>T A Afrr-T in VKA?? of A<? I If'l'f'l .4Ar? 4 a 1 #* An? nAoa. la ha??a ' 1.4 ? ?i , i n?.ai ?pAimW-A w? m * i*Ta 4 an ?*r? ?? riai "In . . a ? . anH aalflma naaaMi* aa a ha.?#t< by ?*?ay mail) lr <r| aa* ? "? Mi h* ' N/ lnr?4 ??r nnam.i - Awn in ami ara ni) mq?lrr>4 AH .*.11 1 t llaai* >1 n'AiTfH ?* Aitirri>i|(.?mi !? mi r? tMIMlm?i Frat nf mfrraaraa |1in A| | lr * l? Uti* W MA a? mrarf af m> m VAimtD-A TCM ?>* *? *? ?? ? ia r. T? ft TMn of mt* Nat * " < a w?~" *m4 n4 m i i aw ni ??hl?lhl (? " pr?t?rf^ H* M?? ka<? MM ?MM ?l M fat am* n"?< k**a o*a~1 apt If IMm II M a*a haaifwntta# Ml ?* AWmn-BT A WH'?I RAAI A !?* A ? |? |.| V> ?? If marrhaat mtm M aaftaM wlm aai HI!IM mtr ?Kn|?. hooa 10 Ito IMMM MM ha a Mm MMl <41 <!?? r? >M? m Am* MO*'"* * ? *v,., MAart m ?ill b? fiaoa An I; a* 1*1 ><mM B?a Wanth> (9 a r*a *tf*r a vm mam I Mkxi Mm U ?ra?? al ?a* |mI ri( I mh ii|i iM AM l? a )M. a mi ? Hf a n*Aimi?-Ai A?i?TAin AAkurii* ?.? Vf ran ait* Maaa 0Hf IN. * f'-m ho Mm aMpAaMV Apply a< W haftaai m MarMt a I inUCM N IM MriWUlTt O'VnKWAwi'K < ??' im ** rtui r?a?- am?ti Mi ha n.?c1f* ? ?i"?i la M r ?. ? > ? mD'adri *a*r 4a iaba"t-a ?nt4i a*> ?* P< <m< *.y a * ?a ? ITi?*"ti aqaara 1'hr IRAM aiai ii air p? ? ???. m ?va? 1 lUiwma, 4*?r* m i mm 4oam <a?>4* am ?**? onmi fmiB* 4 atfaa Hm mii ir?a *a M mr? I ai'.aar an Na rfca-? Mm# Pair >t ' IHTV tRAIM ?i- w*rrr*. ? t ?i? rr J aariteMaM. W aaMMM *> ?* # i fund, autaaiakt rif'taMmnda- 4-aara a# | ia< #v #fc?? wa< Ik mill# ana >!? I?? 1< r'fciri at Itlia r|k rampa# ??# a 4# a I ># II k foarUonti# *l> an* an 4# la iamai a Paraa A ?dr#aa#r. |?ar mil. a P ITT M arm. TTRK PAMI TRAM AM rilMRf I I TP' I. A* U pint*, d#a'ri UnnrlV aa# fynPI# a M?t? TmI iw ?i ponrrali 4ain?#r rt#? l#<,<a a 4# Fran*, at# #4 iraaaiti## a 4aa i mra?#a d# famaiaxa an u*ia paaraaaat r'mt|<??aaia#a yam aa p#nak>n all# a# 4rair? a ir# #aapk<f## 4a# l#p?M a a* -# rln maim jaiaqn'a tin# h#ar? apr#a audi a tia?n? ? a*<> I" urea rrcoaaanoaUwn# Kadramr aa M ?? nfca 14 a. _ __ i^nuxiatiri ??rn? ?ui. ? Ijiamti.ipji amp "turna a? <>htaim Rti-m.i.arr r arrant* tm?i#dla'#ljr. a< wai#? 10 an'1 a 1 aMa?a?w IV>tt>##*if # la??H"H# and N<>nt? IT (till at mrn-r Mi a##. Thia #?ti*iaiT? ha ma# haa alxindan## i4 ifDI. rap%M?? k#lp Kirrt ct.ara ?ai,r ari> m.rm.r rkrvart* r<>ii pit nation* of naor* dowrlpllnn, In rltr ?nd ffwintrt t > li*h, lil?t<, rm?n. Ac. <*n ?>r ?bi?ln?.1 ?i m <l?rnif ? .? m MORHIH. IflllNRRT A 1*0 A, MA Fmul<ri< ?nlr*?~ i* Franklin >u>t' TJLr A NTKP- A < I.AHK FOR A RAIMtKAIl TI' ACT ?T i ft,, r, 'Wn .? t-.|. . ? w ik ? 'h ri ?ii- ' (' t i r? ? r> - : r? > 1 Itii vnnnr f' n ?/> irnrfl ntic ?nd ko'tr r ->? .( Imml ?n K iropn ?nrtf!*llforntn, AipW'o KIM KM a CO , Re 6 Knot Broadway. 8. BOARDING Alfl> LODGING. I SUIT OF PARLORS TO LET-ELKO ANTLY FURNISH ed, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two single gen Denton: also single front rooms, house is Rrst class. Applv at ISO Randall place, Ninth street, two dcora weat of Bread?*y 1WAVKRI.KY PLACE-FURNISHED ROOVK ARK TO let to families or single gentlemen, with or with oil board. In the eligibly located building on toe north wool corner of Broadway and Wsrerley place. IOR TWO GENTLEMEN OR A UKNTLKMAN ANft wife can be accommodated with board attta week; alao, one hall room at $3 80. Uaa, hatb In the hoaae. family small, and location good. Apply at 66 Macdoogal street. 2 AND 4 ABINO-?ON 8QUARE.-ROOMS TO LKT, with board, suitable for families and single gentlemen. Cars and stages paaa the door, References required. 6 BONO STREET, NKAR BROAOWAY -TWO PLEA satit furnished rooms to h-t with bo< rd, suitable for marriedortlnKlegentlcinen. Dinner at sis o'clock. IJQ BEACH 8TBKKT, ST. JOHN'S PAKK-HOARO FOR 00 gentlemen and their wives and single gentlemen with pleasant rooms fronting on St. Johns Park, with grates and gas in the rnoma. QQ WEST SEVENTEENTH STREET. NEAR FIFTH I/O avenue.?Furnished apartments for a gentleman and wife, or single gentlemen. References required. TJi SIXTH AVENUK.-A FEW YOUNG MEN CAN find good plain board at S3 per week, a Wo a few young ladles. or would lot soma good rooms plain furnished or unfurnished, with convenience for fire, suitable for families or single penons. ll/ri GRAND STREET.?NICELYFURNISHED ROOMS, llih with grates, gas, bells Ac . SI SO to t4 per week, v< ry convenient for business, they being neit door to an excellent restaurant and three doors from Broadway. References given. Also to let, a front baaemeni for business. "ItlO GREENE STREET-FURNISHED ROOMS TO X^jij let?To a gentleman and lady, without hoard, or board for the lady only, one door from the corner of Prince street. Tortus moderate. 7 ZO EAST BROADWAY.?A LARGE FRONT ROOM JL?JU on the second floor, with a pantry attached; also a bedroom if required, suitable for a gentleman and biB wife; also two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with board. In a desirable family, and pleasant location. Apply ss above. 17Q KAS"1 TWENTY-FIRST STREET?A FAMILY J I O having a large house, with modem improvements. Is desirous ol boarding a family or some single gentlemen; or will let tbe house, furnished, till the 1st of May, with privilege of boarding with the party. Inquire as above. TQik 11KNRY STREET.?A LARGE FRONT ROOM ON JLQlT the second floor, furnished or unfurnished, with board; also two entry bedrooms; gas and bath In the house. Terms moderate. DA11 EAST BROADWAY, FIVE DOORS ABOVE JEFM ' tt-rsnnstreet.?To let, with hoard, several handsomely limitsbed rtsima, suitable for families and Ougle gentlemen; lor mure is new, who an ue uiouern improvements. rnoes moderate Reference* exchanged. n] 11 ITXBY STREET. BROOKLYN-A LADY AND m I'' gentleman, or one or two young gentlemen, nan find pleasant rooms with board: the home is first class. They will hitr the comforts of a home. 4?77 HtDSOS 8TRKKT?Fl'RNTSHRD ROOMS?THE m I I undersigned has three parlors, with or without bedim m? ikfUtlf IWlliW, with gas and bath rooms attached, which he will re', without board, at from t'2 to $ti per week. Thee in want of superior accommodations in a tlrst class houpc Ipptj as ibote to WM. K. SMITH. t)f)i| TIKOtINE STREET. NEAR THE BOWERY ? FURnistwd rooms to U t. suitable for single gentlemen r tenth tin u and their win s. Private lamily and terms odera'e. I 07 BROOME STREET, ONE RLOt'K FROM BROAD*1^1 way ? Rooms aid board for families and single I iiilenn n. ?U the modern Improvements will bo found in th'? house. Terms moderate. Dinner at 6 o'cliask. French spoken. 7Ai7 "ROADWAY?BOARD.?SUITS OF ELEGANTLY I O | furnished apartment* for families or single gentlemen Table d'hote st ft}, o'clock Private table given if reijum d. ('Maine a la Kraucalse. References exchanged. AUTLIXil MNBM HOARD FOR HIMSELF and ?un r in a private lainilv, on Itrooklv 11 Heights, eonVenn hi to th- Mall street terry. In the neighborhood of Wil1< m street Tmins must be moderate. References if Mes rail*>a t < ? Mi Krnoklvn I*. >?! ntftr.f A I Ml lBUI AMI QUIRT HOME CAB BB HAD TN a private family, located kt Ail illeecker street, between Hr< ?dw?> an t bivih avenue. a few neatly furnished room*, with mil ? ?.<t and pui'rlM In the same. suitable fur K. nil. ir. u and iheir wives or single gentlemen. Apply at the a! o. e An rMti.ifui family is desirous ok letting a , nomtfoi table room, with full or partial board, lo h gen lltlud akJ wife, or two single gentlemen; ?n agreeable ni..y be depended on; terms moderate; references ei hanged Apply ki ISM MadiaOB Mnalt near Rutgers. AtiENTl.KMAN ARP WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE HER limn n may find pleuaani rnotna. with board, tn a private family where there air nootlirr warders. Apply at lbi West MiMntb nirrt References fichutiged. AI.AHi.K AND ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM TO let?m a pleasant toralIon m ar Broadway, to one or two gratlemi n. on moderate terms Call al 1A2 Prince atrrrt. A LADY ANI) UKNT1.EKAN OR SEVERAL 81NOLRgentlemen. can br pleasantly accommodated, with or ;ih?ul board Tlw house roiiialna paih room and gas. and la very unlet Krraoua wishing m liar In a small family. where be a>? riy la agreeable, will do well by entiling at 6H Weal Twelfth street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN HATE TTIE BEST of board and room or ronmj. at ISO West Twonty fifth atr* r m a amall. pleasant famllr. where no other boarders are tab. n None oihera need apply but thnae who are wll hoe to pay a good fair compensation. Beat references given and res.ulied A 4 KNTI.RMAN AND I.APY. WITH PARTIAL BOARD for yen'. If desired, . an ha accommodated lo a amall I i ivaia -..roily with a very drati-ahl# parlor and bedroom, aaeond hm Terma rery reaaonablei 00 boardera. loea o n Nir>h nr?ct loaklna for a geuteel borne will addn aa t nnfldenra. bo i I Al Herald oflioe. AH IT fir PARLORS AND "INGLE ROOMS TO LET, w h full partial txiwrd. at 3h2 KUlb avenue. Kefe r? nee r< ,u Mi Bo?et??ia * run ?i* nuv^*, n.K*iAnii,i uk rau4, near .t ifh arreite. A anlt of rnmmnrtlniia, wall larr.i'ht d r <in to lr' w 'h b'wnl private table if roitiired), m MM or thrva iriUrara. Apply al ST WeM Twra'y hm ?m?t Board -to i.rr worn rcu, or partial board. a large Ml la ma parlor, wrh two rooms attached, no the flret f. - r ?n<1 a fwet room n iha aaoonri floor. alan aa i tn aural ir tor a doctor. Apply el l?l Wavrxlej place. Board ?<t.iwt<>ii plato-to let. a srrr of t..ft. Ml -h. earned uiarther nr aaparatalT. with I .?r 1 . ? a a ilngle r>?. at Bu. 61 CUiitoe place, two doori eap wf iha fifth aaaaxa Tl< * A HII KimiW*. FlRRtPllRn OR rWFtJRNIRHRD. J> a ith "t etlh ??' hoard a l.ara faw hoarier* ara taken ami al> w t? l apiii-d ftneniani m Rrnerteay atagea and 1 i katn I> raia ilaaandhaih T? rma moderate Apply ii ?'* ' .rty third a?raa<. near Mil'h araotia. HOARD A TORT I'F.MR AHI.F PI'IT OF ROOMH FOR a , rnt.naae aed ?if? i? earned Dmr. with all the mn 4a'' rrmeeie. ran t.r i-Mained at 44 Wee! Twenty third at reel u?a* I II ae< ? Ri 'arrprae rn hanged. HOiRti A OF ATI t If AR A WD W1FR l)R TWO OR I.rr. entitle f. an* eiea ran ho arenaemodaied with food |e?. .? ee-.-.a ted euA hoard at M le-iingnm are ewe It. two hoc a d?n ie| 'v. arnia Hoard -a bi it or room* o* rrdowd fi/>or e> tw. th.aa e . yl? r -nee may he had. wtih full or partial paid ' | at i lying at R] Real F urtaoa'h treat Hoard a Rm a vtth hoard, for a orwtlr ewe end wife a-a- ara* far a eM'|eni>m?i in aa An -reee law i Dieear at I a'rlnrh Oaly a faw t .ei l* te vae a R< 'era i>. ea i trhanRed li At Warh a pleaa U?mird a r?w ?iroi r of arnrwrw and pawi T?a ' I a? n.a.eafaird e"h f'tre'ehed nr unftimlaha 1 raei and p-4 i .aard Fawn i-ma e thin' ebn wlab iba '?e -t a i. a... ag'po 111 Uftidfa atati itlmr i ?r twaeo en h?'.e H. .no A r?w iyit Conor R.xiwe- onr ' n# I'd la. t Ifti ? wifl ha lot with liawrd r?-ey I 4fW free or hi a.a ,,'rlnrh A etna|. goalie ee <aa 1*1 ameM^Paea leaafea fat Hi i aid may |? ? ia IH iDlt l'"'W FOR A r *i t p >1' e*a aa v t.e..b la>a< 't -a-t eg af Idh' au nia atreot. Wrath Hraehlyn ' a f (MA Hhaf ih ah' a a i ye * '.rtiri.RWAW A AD wit r o 'at ?< ?la gieiemaa aa eat* pleaaaat hnard etui I i m . taaa t h < *a mi I" HI at reel, near the a n R? a.ahnh NWMh ?ed H"t< awe#Aa, fell or partiel I* ?*? ?! YR '*>*(?. rr* | >( *?.' m 1 ? ?rw rlaa* bnua* titftkl* f.<r ri m* ?* <* ?>..<% ?**<? ?? t*?Mr K 4?lf , , . , ....... ?. k *. Mf| IM ? >M ???? mrrnm*. >gt?? AJM?| ?4 <T? k?r? it lie ( mhtii mmr-iitr nirwmtit l? A.tMMW mm* ?4fc. *M '? * (W Mt.1 fli?t? MM l| > I t <M? *? ?* ? ?? ? ? kWt.Mk'f (I. *w-t ir ?, H* timMI h? klii- ??H*tK 4 < ? ?' aw*I. win rwn <MW>i? mmI ? IMmi ? ? ? iiri mi4 ImwItaW, I ' ' * ? "? || III- lITHMI I f rRIYATR f AMI |l 1) . 4??? ?r? < ?! ? k-??-4*r* far ? gnu-mam 9 4' MMl A. (A - ? 11 ?f? >44 ??W* -W) ? han kit !? 1 f ? * '*? <4 iV?? m Ami -W? k <? ? I r iMm k.i*<M Ik ????> Ml ki ? > 994 iMiil ??< r?-?tl <11114 ? r>y% ?4?-? ? ??> l?M f?WMlan. 1 IMM ITI I'?> rnm< m Ik'AlM*. 4TWM RKaTVV rrRMIM?(l ROOM* |> ........ ?ir. . C?tl . m *?? tm *<? ! II (tfn m r.. it it r??ir nam mm 11 n?>-m mi mm** im iffwl m ???? MrlM. k?M iw t?mm* mm > ? >il kmi *?' *mr4 . -. t>* i >i m> i?| ? i " ?? hi ?!! ? * mm i ? ? - v mm. ? ?^r *? pir ? ' *'**'"*? mr^-i >? ??> ?4i?i tvta ih?iik > 4 1 l?l ' t a < ?? ! c??n a 111 Hit Wirr oh i? m- ?m? mmttmmm ? m hwohhhh ? rrmmr M> H"? *' ' ?nt?l ' -mm mm p?rual >?rt ?H.| kwl WlHlHi^illl an* ?Im* MI aill'** mrm*. tr'mm H *-* a?4 ?t .?? f no a i*f ?u a rt aa a * y * -hi to i rr i* a 1* *.* ? oat>ty ?*A ^ppual^aarA ? ? ?>? ?? > diiaim<ii mrlha hoop ?nf>?h II .. . ? h. Mi ?> ' Ml lr? -m >Mwr? l?iMiPw4atf**< ?>vl| nf*? I ft. <~M r.'lw < IP . ???A|>iilnMM>>?*"<AA |>?* vm w??r?r. ?? r?rr*?i?*im ' ; ' ? ?.?.. . ? ,k- ,< ' i k . f-rr?! l-'Min ?i ?. *r * ? M H1 m n ) m ,irr* v . i-..ri ?n ?rnr?i ***k ?' - t?<> f w? " m*. ?? mntmi, w*k < 1*1 ' - >??,-'! ? ?r..l^n, ? < flwti ,? kr* y I - Ml . , <#* >? ? ? I U?Ml| T n . . v l 1.1 l?K'MI?W?T ri ? "r >Mt I t f ' ?n<1 1i. I < i .? !? r fr -a. kf Ik'. IVki tail M < ?< r#w??f?ei. 1 BOAHOOIO AMD L006IKU. __ FrBKiBSEn AriitTMKXTii ro ijct. with or ittr. out boort.?1 wo or tbir- M'a .if ri-ma. for f?i.l?V? or t'tlillrUji D o? 111 R??> Ton.I, |.r*l aWMU nl,?a'nu( Hr?rn.rc) pork lUuw. Tk? Uo; of nlnaxw ( >> owl r?<4>lirr? ________________ Firm hue i) room*.-on* or two ximoijc orm. tl?niri? < ?> b*t?- ?IT*I) I irowtH- t bodrwrn Bd> ji.inlug. *: h i.drtul ho?r<l ?? nih. r bot/drr. ? >..l?ru Iniprovru.r.ia in im ?nn? r ina o*<am>i tif ? 1a, lata call At No. ii K?veulb atrert FllKNIMIKIl FRONT ROOM TO I.KT-TO ?| v.Jt~K gentlemen, In a htmae wt'h nut one wnail tamtiv. ?t tie I'rinre nrMt, ?"t of Hradaaj, with modern imi rvaomenta. TMU MmM Hotki. i,onoiNon ??;k:*ti nmkn can ortam nicely tormelied room* at tbe Globe II I, ?<>rti?tXf Frankfort and William airreta. Prwyr iN room* ;& . ,?u p?r night; alio, a few up par ruotua at |4 par month EKNT IN EXCHANGE FOR THK HOARD Oi TURK*. ? A gentleman haying a m-drrn four otory b-mar, aft iialed on the wcat alil?\ In an eieellent neigh' ..rh <?1 -taar Twenty third alreet, would let it aa abore atg ed I' a..u-fae' ry, h permanent arrant-. m. ran be made. Fnaaeamn* Immediately For full particular*, addreea t'"mm.?mon Mercbant, hoi 9Zfl Pott oflire. Room wanted-a hali. bedroom wantmd, with (Ire and partial hoard, by a y ning gentleman: prten uiiiHt not rieeeil four dollara a vtr'l. Rfferetnea > .. , <<1. Addreaa Immediataly N. N., llnaid office TO I.ET?TO A*AN AND HIR WIFR OR two ainftln gentlemen. in a )irt?ate houae a i-.'n.lldJy furnished front parlor, with fire , ga? and all ibe modera Im rrovementa. at W per week, at ISA* Serenth ar'nue. .a rtier of Twenty-third ilrwi. _ WANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM FOR A I. * l?Y AND gentleman, wiih a widow or a lady and trinruaJ^ lng alone, with board for the lady, location bei eighth and Thirty sixth street*. near the Sixth a*?W^iooaa ketringboarderaneed not aim*er. Reference. e?, hai.ged. Address James, t'nlon square Post ottlce, for tan .lay* WANTED?BOARD, WITH FOU* OR PIVK ROOMR, furnithed or unfurnished. for a family ot arm par ons. References exchanged. Address box Alt* Brooklyn Post paid. WANTED-BT TWO AMERICAN GENTLEMEN AND their wives, nulla of rooms and board In a a'r ctlr private family. where there are no other boarder* or children. Terms must be moderate, and location within walking dintance of ihe City Hall. Address or apply to J. W. Laue A On., 44*2 Broadway. WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN WISHER TO ENtl AOS a room, with breakfaat, convenient to Broadway Itages. Address, stating terma, S. D. Walter, tlerald <.(J|-e. WANTED?BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, A SMALL parlor with bedroom attached, or a large room, la a private family, where the comforts of a home may be enJoyed. A liberal price paid if soiled. Please address, with full particulars, K. C., box 2,668 Poet office. houses, rooms, <vc., wa5tkd. Drug stork wanted?any person having a retail drug store for Hale, iu the upper part of the 'ity. may hear of a purchaser by addressing t>. j. Dougherty, 128 Macdougal stgeet. Desk room wanted?in the lower p\rt or the city. Terma moderate.. Address Talbot A i levins. Herald olllce. House wanted in the upper part of the city. A four "tory dwelling house with all the modern improvemeniH, worih from flO.UOO to $12,000. tor which e**h will be paid for the greater part and the remainder in l is m the Nine eenth ward. Apply to JOHN CAMPBKI.l, No. fi Dey street. To printers?a secondhand GORDON press wanted. Apply to J. w. Orr, engraver, 75 Nasaati street, tvanted-by a hiaixFAMILY, ABonaawna TT mialern itrprrivrmcn'H. in Am'iy or Fourth streets, within three or four blocks of Broadway, for a term of years. Address A. J., bos 4,191 Post office. txtantrp?useful inventions, quite new, or Vv new ideas for anything that can be well OtfVM oat. Monev no o iject. Anytiilng that can be well sold or newly introduced will be attended to. Address c. O. D., Herald office. Wanted-tn the neighborhood ok bedford, Brooklyn, a neat cottage or two lots In cm-hangs fora stock of clothing; If unimproved, to be wl'h<vit encumbrance. Address Trade, box 1S8 Herald office, for'hree lays. TIT ANTED?IN NEW YORK OR RROOKI.YN \ VRATLY Tt furnished room, without board, for a gentleman and wife. Terms must be moderate and location respe-table. If In Brooklyn, on the Court street line of cars not above Fourth place; tf New York, on ihe line of Fulton terry stages, and not above Twenty fourth street. Address for two days, stating terms and particulars of accommodation, Mer-bant, Herald nt^ce. TV-anted.?A medium sized house: MUST BE i!f TT a good neighborhood and rent moderate For such a house a responsible tenant can be found by addressing R?, No. !t2?> Post office, giving locating and price. TV ANTED?A SMALL HOURK, NOT far rROM Tf Rroedway, end above Bleecker street. Must be man unexceptionable neighborhood. Address C. M., box .1,377 Post office. WAXTKD?A SMAM. THREE STORY HOUSE. WITH modern improvemcnta. between Canal .mil Tweutyseeond street Kent (must be moderate. Address A. B.C., Broadway Post office. TVANTED?FOUR UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS, olf TT lirst or second floor, with cellar accommolstion. In Third, Fourth or Sixth avenues, or adjacent streets Real moderate, and tf required payable tn advance. Address F. Apartments, Herald office. WANTEP-TWO LOTS OF GROUND, WITH A HOUSE on one, situated In the easterly part of the city, In the Tenth ward. Any person having such will hear of a purrhsser by addressing B., Herald office, with name aud full particulars. TV ANTED TO HIRE?WITH OR WITHOUT FURNTv T iiltore. Ihe whole or bajf of a small and MMD lent house or cottage. In Brooklyn or New York, sear to hiuunoaA Best references exchanged. Address box 3,396 Poet office. . ? a COPARTWKHBHTP NOTICES. Al Cfk -WANTED. AN ACTIYK PARTNER I* A ipJlJU. eplesdld manufacturing business. Protiu large; ssies strtctlv far cash, orders on hand, expenses light: sbjsst to eitend the business. Address J. F., Herald office. Anno -A CHANCE FOR A BUSINESS MAN.-A JP^UU. partner wanted, to join in a business hat will yield from fl.XXI to Sl.Mkl each to two parties who will give tt their time and attention. Done entirely for cash, and no risk. Apply at X" Broadway; nmii }fn. 4. C. B. noffKS t CO. A*WWk ?AN HONK8T TOUNG MAN HAVING TIIM iP?)ImF. shore amount. will be taken u partner in nn? at Ike beat corner lbtuor stores down town, where be ran realise a handsome Income For farther particulars, apply to T. GAFKNKY A CO., 170 Chatham aggare. Afrtft -A PARTNER WANTED, TO JOIN THE AD rrrttanr In the retail dry goods l>ualne?? In this cny The advertiser la posted up in ike Near York nry trade, buying and selling. Can Rive itngueaUnnabl.. rrferen'es to hnalncae men. Address Dry Goods, Broadway Poat uflles. din/to -A PARTNER WANTED, IN A I,ON'l EHTABJflO"'". Ilshed hnalneta profits nearly Sfi.lMla )ear, and no more capital required to start in the btnrne?s than the abrre amonni. Inquire personally at M Writ Twentyaerenth atrset, between b and 9 o'clock P. M. conn -ANY P ICR son having this sum gam ipiMlU, learn of an eirellent chance of engaging in alight and pleaaani caah t 'isineaa, thai la Ions established. attended with no rlak. requires the attention of two but ? fear hoars dally and u llf ln?ure$aui*l lo rannum. ApplytoW1IKK1.KR A CO , U4 Hrondwny, room IS. CI nnn -Tn* OWNER or A VERY \ tt.CAHLK "U? patent, being In a tight place," won; I make a liberal arrangement wMh a partr who will help him out. baring the mom y, or a portion of It at command, mgy addrras Patentee. Herald office. (No agent ) CO nnn -*AN BAI.TIMORR WANTRD, TO parrhaae the Haltiinore branch of a buainssn fsraiiiese vaara eatebbafced In tkia sUy, In anooeaaMl opernand paying daring all that time heavy profl'a. Th" #2,(101) wi i r. l only purchase everything naceasary for cot, irting a b'leJni ?s a rih It "WliSf vear, bat ilan hiclodea all peeeeaary rat nal Addreaa R., sot 154 Herald officii. I _____ CO nnn -A gentleman having thr a none amount can inerat II %i a very pr.i"ihte huainera fr? from rWk. rnloying a cgnplete mono) oly, or the bu?in? aa ?m he pur -haae.l at a bargain, wtWi ei er. 'hlng. m plrte fie carrying It on. Addreas George, bo* 1.Y Herald office, lu, kree days. AC Artf) -A GENTLEMAN WITH I RUM ffiVUls TO MA <W?l ivlabes tt? enter Into aome g od bust rata, already eatebltakcd, grocery or nrnris.i u prefer rsd. AStlreac J. T. H? bill A W PoW office. (1A8II CAPITA!.-A GENTLEMAN HAVING ?10 OfO OR ) fl&.iuicash eapltel at ht? eommand. la (leatmoa sf In .awing It litirr u (portal partner or othorwiao, in wm wo4J oa'al h?h?d and profitable huitneon No ohjoeimn to * rtiy mi mini# operation Add roan, with r?*l tnune a oil pOTUrtalara. F W . hoi 2 (Wo Poet offlre, for one trtrt. /ItvplRTHKRPHlP HOTICK?THK VNltKR?"iaKRD V ' hara <hl? day lormmJ a ropartnerahtp nnder the firm of 3. Fr?mh?f A Co., for thr tranaaoUon of the rnmmlaamo hual em of fnra and eh ma, at Noa. IT and 19 Hrnndway tJAHlURI, FK ANi'llKRR, Raw V..a?, Jan. I. IW. J. B. CHKMI1H.IR. i 'OFA R1 MFRFITIP f?OTIC*.-Tnit FITnFR?TOff1tT? 1 hare thi? day 'ormod a copartnerahip. nndor the firm of Taaitneeatriger A t'ahn at No. 7fi William atreei, whoro Ihey will ntiMw I ho taiWaiori and blank hook hn?lne?n an berehnf -re M. THAI.MRSSIRURB. Row Vork, February 1, 1*5*. JORKPH CA1IX. PIMOI.I TtOR THK COPARTWRRSTTIP HKRKTOforo timing between tho aiibarrthera, nndor tho firm of 1 ha.mowingi r, ( ahn A Benedlcka, la thla day dlanolved by >n iwl otfonl Tho buatnoM of tho firm will ho aottlod by M Thalnowwnger, who la atuborltoxl to Men In ll'l'ii latlon. M. THAI.MKsS I N<t E R. JOSEPH 0?H1 Row Tt>. February 1 IMS. K. HERE DICK S. . TVM'I.I TtoR OF PARTRKRHHTP.-TTTIS < RRTIFIKR I ' th?' ti?f | n*r*h||- h^rrlnfori* nn<W in* n? mn and rtlo of .1 Merger * < o haa ihla day boon .llano ?#d by n o'ual r?oaoat J. Rerger la ntiihorlged to .iwi;f ' I * In aodlMnowt, i on. i i? ' Raw Ton a. Fob. I. 1Mb ' ntMOMTIOJI ?TH* COPAWTIfKBWTIH* e?w?ln? between ' >? underpinned, under the (inn ?< .? Miller A 0"-. tranenctinn htulneaa ?t IS Mm len ... II ir?ii br limitation '?n tbr SUt lit, anfl la di??o|red. IbThaeinewa wfl) be mMI>4 by William .1 Miller. who H aavb>.|ln<l to alnn the name trf U>e 'ate firm In lbj nidation. *?? Vneit, ' ( . IffB . W lltam Mtllerwtll eonlintte the bo el near of importing ?r.! maanfacturtii* liver plated ware. WIM.TAM 3. VII.I.KR ORIWTKS CI,K > KI.aMf?. rARTRRR WARTRTV-A PARTY WTTO T? TTIB ntnff of a * ?? valuable article, in (eneral nae an.I of <?.? Mtl< at b.ndanwir profit, would take a partner who C furwwh the re>|tilalte fund* to carry on the hualfteaa and tall an latereM In the aame I'eranna wlahln* to aeetire a r.-.?t t.oxtMwa f<* a atoderatc thveatmmt will do well to aMrrw I' |7, b' I 4.11* 1'rat dllce. rlR tflPARTRPRAHIP IIFRrTornRR MISTlRO HWAm* <hm n ? **< nf K lift* Kamatina A l',t ?,! <> ihiailft*. hi W? < wn " r-t tmry 1.1mm. Atrar#Tr? a. ram * won. R KIT AI RAVTMT '? rrilR RKW P1UI K 1M7 W 11,1,1AM PTRERT. TTIRKB 1 d?>r? b?lnw H?. km?t> ?1r??t ?l,> Mild r?fr?dh m'-n** ?>? fit>? old ?'f?k ?M win** dtirt Ui'i r?, l?ior ?,.?r cm Ham and 'on?>i<- a?nlwl<-ft??. fWIW | nyikti *?<! | n*trj fti <1 told cut*. cho4c? ?flfeM,