Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1858, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1858 Page 5
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thnu*lrN rlgltt, a? I Hey call It before Ui?lr constituents will occupy mueta of the time of honorable member* if they undertake to follow it up. Mr Moore,Now York, mliiiiiii-ten-i'. a ncaliiitag rebuke to Governor King thin m<rr?iii?, lor alluding to the wflai.w of Kansas ill lii* iuose ago. Ho said lid L either uu aerrtood nor appreciated our modern executive* in their ?M4etiipt? at legislating lor foreigu St.ttoeuii.1 Territories. |> w 'Hwtmrje our itutvu projmriy, we shall legislate for imi ImmedU'o cmistitrcucy, and "cuueeruii-g milters lu ah cm our State is diri-ctlv'ooiuxraid. Neither Usage uor ssmiUsy reo|iiiren that ao aliouid make laws fur other >latee . |H>| do lite ordl. ar; tSHil toalea of life Justify UK kt Milt II. 1 nil * ru 11* e. itil I_ii.u 11|. eiunUmillM Llltl actiuliii or ( . iilUriltoa of for. i/n legislation. The Governor of Mils i.u. must entirely ironx eatl* hi.- Jut> ,and violateacvt-ry ! ' u.i t,.io of ?x. i ullvr propriety, whrn :n a State paper ho >r ..commends us to nustain the came ot freedom tn Kansas, though It wore at our owa doors. Our Executive, lu 'It's vr?rt 7.~hI to keep alive the discordant elements which make un the cause of freedom In Kansas, has over <-'< |'p. .i his duty. Did our constituents soud us hero for sui h a purpose ? Is it within our province, or would It be I.nrrst in us to devote our time in passing resolutions for Ti iwtnnt Terri'ory over whicu our authority does not e*" nil ? fcc Mr Wwo sp >ke for half an h"wr ip a very Mii'ited strain, mid upon occluding tile galleries siguiHe I fl.eii uppiohation by applause?which the Speaker was obliged to suppress. Mr. ChutflvM, member of the House from New York, vie tsken sntbleiily ill ill bis *?al in tlev Assembly chamber. He was taken with a tit and instsntly fell to the Jl'.cr The alarm of members nrrosted business for some sen minutes, when lie was c aiveytsi to the library rooui. Or Vsn Aeriiam. of the House, was called to hU assistance, a o.sitress procured, an.) in a few moments the Ot passed ?(T Mrs tieing in the city, was immediately aeot for, aim remained with hint uu'ii he awoke, some two hours Afterwards, when he was conveyed to his Ifclglngs. T: c Clerk of the House, Mr IVilson, it rapidly becoming fiintliar with his duties. He despatches business with *uiuoh case and faciiity, and hU reading is clear, sxprss? v>i and distinct. Perhaps no reader stneo the days or IT tulle possessed a greater volume of voice than Mr. Wll Hdi i1m? present Clerk. " ??! vnmr t.KiJl?T.*Tt'RH Senate., Feb. i, 1868. Mr. W A. Whkkler (rep.) was made President pro during tliA necessary absence of Mr. Halstod. fitmoja lly Mr. Smith (dem.)?For the removal of Quarantine sti'i lite appointment of new Commissioners?and reepecttti!'.y ruggestlug Rfl such Commissioners the names of exnor Seymour, ex-FreeMeni Fillmore an 1 lion. B. F. B"mt, ex Attorney Geneial of the United States. By Mr stow (rep.)?To lncor|torate the South Pacific Sti nmship Company. Also, to amend the law for the sale of the .aids of non residents for taxes. Mr Wahhwokth (dent.) presented the seventy flrst an-titoM leport of the 1U. gents of the University. M< TICKS Of Ml LIB pj Mr isvvki.and (rep.)?To amend the law oxemptlng Iso-a Iwdotigtig to the Sarkett's Harbor aud Saratoga Bail: tad Company from taxation. ?u Mr. Ely (dent.)?To amend the law rclallro to saving* hanks. in lib ibtkodcckp. I*".' Mr. J. D. M'illakii (doin )?To amend the law relative n> the courts of General aud Special Sessions in the > i.> of New York, so oa that the third section shall read ? follows :? irr Kvtry conviction for a capital offence, or for one p-'.iisust le ns a minimum piinUhnii nt by Imprisonment in ii" s-itte prison for life, shall be brum?))! before Ihe Supreme > inn I fn in die sslil Court of General Sessions of the I'ease in aud fur the city and county of New York, by a writ in error with a si*v of procsediDKS, a* a matter of nsin : Mini the aatd appellate Court may order a new trial If 1* hIjhII be tntlshed inat the rerdlct against the prisoner was ( ".mat lite weisht uf evidcuce or agauisl the law, or that - teipilred a new trial, whether any exception shall Lave been taken or not In the court below fit Mr S. ttt.ii fdem.)?To amend tho law (Laws of IV.i, e.Uip. 96) rtlativa to lifo insurance campunios, by h '<11i't u> ihe eighth section as follows .? And ihe aaiu Ci.mptroher may also from time to time deliver rtn to sold company or aaaoeiatlnn. or its assigns, any portion rf add si curt ties, cn h"1ng satisfied tn manner and form nmr?attf, or hy teller ntinpetent proof, that all the debts and 4tebilt ie? of every kind iliat are or may become doe, upon any c 'met or agreement wade with sny eltt/eq of tin* stale by eoiup.iiy or astHM-iauon, are less than one half of the en .111.1 el the portion of said securities he shall still retain by Mr u. B Wiiktlkr (Am )? fo erect a new oounty, 'to be called HigMand. By Mr. St hull?To amond tho go&oral manufaeturing live By Mr LovrLAxr -To amend the law relative to Notaries Funic--conferring upon Notaries the same power to take pnsd mid acknowledgment of conveyances of real estate m -i Ibe itmelat'geof mortgages, and the same power to ? minister oartis and lake affidavit*, a- is now conferred t>> -ta"do 'ipon CVmimHetioneee of Deeds. !>> Mi fat ?To allien I the law relative to tho New fwis lilt, nue Asyium, no as b. enable the managers to fi ?? 'he I'O.Of 0 spprop ri?ie. 1 by the Supsrvlsors of New t '"-k forthe purchase of a building sip ? payment of tbe - 'in bsving been refused by Comptroller Flngg on account cn an informality. mi ib nkdrrvn to a third rkadino. To aeirnd the charter of the orphans' Homo of the Fpi. '-pal church o( New York. I'o riEo ttio BuOalo, P><>w York ana hrie Knliroaa O-m,xiuy to u' quire a titlj to land*. \ T(, ic.uirporale the Mvciimile library ArnoctAtion of hi ?<UK'} i> TV .<.-nay thofi adjourned. AMtMblJTi Aijuxy. Feb. 2, lR.'-8. Tilt STTAXDl.tll COM MITT S3 11.. r nuni'iimed iti? follow mg a Uuu iiijj cxninltl?io? t*n Wcw cnit Menrt -Vwaj-a.'nir, Van Valk?n oaU, lltl/oard, Lnr.l, Ifuryia. fun.j Auriyaiiu/t--M? *n. lUnford, SentcU, . r.?/.,!, Roach, i'minfi?MriHri. W Dtiilwin, Riclieid*, Waoeluck, H iwm ud, Furaoti*. tf'i!rc-'t1s? Mcr: it VtrN'rft, God'lard, H.aggerty, Halle J", Tiuwrmni lirr.-ie. AriuaUrong, Waimr, Woicott, Chauocoy, C -ln?jfci?ion.*?X?Sor?. T. Jonea, Jr.. W F. Jcnca, Dayton, I> a i-a. Filial**. un<! 7hr,. fifth Haltibury, Vol*, tt D Juttae, I>!a?ojr. *a,nilinw, rfr ?V**-ara. Oianler, Fdgertoo, Hanknf, 4ul iliUlM*. Killing f*n-??tfie???Vt"i??n?. JnfMikli, IWh< ller, E. 8. Raty, Vo"ft wi, Rua??*ll. /'ii'i'tyi iiml Flafuiiu "HukiTi Cain, Auatio, W. dah mta auil Maihar. J .(tltMW WAImm -Ht-aara. Rjuita, Lewia, Wfcoelock, til* ?*. Oag >0*1. | .t Tien iwrf J'iruhm itf Ttni-ir and OwnMrs.?Mrears, Kaw?on,.l H Jow?i?, Chatnelrt ami Kotmrtaon i 7 mm* ? Umiara. Horlou, dliepbani, Eugs, D. Flah and ^t'-vi tireo AJfairt </ Town* and K-.untUt.?Mustirs. Iaw Bali'iiiI 'Up*, Stan!" and tftroig. Wdi'-al \*-i''f< ?W? 'a. Reynold*, Van Air nam, h"t',>ard.C l?te;i at"* H Flab ** I 'inn'/OV/ hit 'if it 14, ia* -Mwt r? Fnw ftlln Hurt ii?g? and W?a?J worth. /-niraivm </ fitter and ViUaam?Mwnni. Weir, I hi !t-pr. Reynold*. F. I'tlOHir and R. C Church. I.n?f<uiurr of Soli ?Maaar* lord, Iloibrook, Hon ?lr i k-i ii, D. H Baldwin and IV Miller. Jmdr and Mam^adnrm ? Meaara Laflin, Adamr, Par vim, Mewart wid sir it J'riMmt ?Mr.rwa Sutherland, Abbott, Piatt, Walker mmI Moore. /.fyr.iW DW/i?Me-ara. Wtnne, J. ft. Palmer, Beach, Kugroanand Weiant Udittaand J'uMic /^?y.-Xnir?. M Mlllor, Duryea, I') I' nian, Raymond ai. I lowreoco. and Utidgt ? Mraera. fluid*, BUs*. Tappen, Utaih and Hoiiuoa. I'nlJir laod, ? Mearr*. lUrt, Hall, Hagg<rty,N IJiugh Uui and Decker. Indian Afairt ?Meeara Pareon*, Bifllngtoo, T Jou?*. Ir . < rnoll and Mill*. ChariuMt ami RWijRoki Meaara. Dalaoey, lb II, I'.loecker, Cane and Fitzgerald. Aprirvltnrt. ?Meaart. Kmanr, Voorhee*. Hodge, labar aurt Knight. /'?Wir Printing ?Meeer*. Mclean, MrKown, Howell, Av-ry and Moore Krfmdifnrtt <f tin llrpartanntMeaara. Smith, Van Horn, Uarriaoti, Mclntoah and Dayton. Aof-ndi/urn ?r tin /efulo/are ?Meaara Chauacey, P> t k , Woodwork#!, Hard and Armstrong. Jn li iary ? Mnear*. Wager, Baker, Wlnne, Barnea, Tap peu, Fullerton and Mtabury J,*nl Library ? Mcssm I aw. Chanler, Platl, Woolford tin K f Oiwrc.b. At tor the announcement of the i-ommlUtw, Mr. Chatnni> (dem ) asked to be excused from Mrnnn He att* ked severely their formation, iter taring that the New York rrprcerntattTea bad not been fairly troatol. Mr Moon* (Jem ) alio moved that bin oame be atrtcken off Mr Katun ( lom l said that be mutated on bin name tw-iug token off. lie bold that New York bad not been 4rrated properly, and be abaolutely refused to aerre whether ei< need by tbe lie una or hot. Mr IncLAimr (dem) regretted tbe acUon of hla oot Je*a"ie?. and offered to withdraw from the chairman*hip of th- Ooonnittee no Benevolent .Socletiee in fhvov of any of tbrm. xr. Htsvoun (dem ) introduced a resolution extending the privilege ol the floor to ex Mayor Wood during hi* stay do town. The reeotn'ton waa op;need by Messrs Jhiryee, Hutch lii-ou, i oppernoll and othera ae not naiial. Adoptod by 111 to ?. Mr Hirtw (rep.) then introduced n reaotntion fer extendti t the privilege of tbe floor to Kred. Douglas*. Sir Moon* moved to lay it on the table. Mr Mum (dem.) hoped that no tbe republicans had j> -I i ntended a eourUsy to a democrat, the democrat* Mould letnrn the compliment to a republican Mr ilA!?ri?ni> moved that Mr. IUim be a committee of ot.e to conduct Mr. ltonglaes to tbe lloor. ltic rcaohitlon waa laid over. Mr. I.awis, (rep.) on a question of privilege, explained tint in hie vote for the defeat of Messrs Van YalkenburiC vsjii Hughe* be had followed the resolution* ailoptod by tie- rep ihlK-nne in their caucua. I he report* of the Adjutant (Jeneral, the Secretary of and the A*lor library were received. During the presentation of petitions, Mr. fhatfleld, of New pork, waa suddenly seized with an epileptic lit. ? auArfg much excitement In the House. Ho was ..arrlod vol. tin; oovsnvon's naiait The House went into Committee of the Whole on the " ovrmor's message. Sir M<*ma took the floor and made a brief speech cf?lli?t the (sisitions of the Governor the regular order of buaimwa was then taken up. rKTrriona tokskntvu. tor the regulation of the s?|e of poisons For a dog act tor Hrooklvn. lor the amendment of the poor laws of Brooklyn, f or the amendment of the charter of the Brooklyn City Ftospttal. ' Mr Mr. McKowx (rep )_|0r tbe repeal of th? Railrotd A- tes ment law. m By Mr. H*irr (Attn )?For the a mead mo nt of the Eicta law. By Mr. Hrn*.\Ri> (<iem )?>or the remoral of tjuarai tine to Saod> Hook nonew or biixh. By Mr. Bi?*4'kut (.Uiu )?rot the iuoorporaUoa of (h Amur lean School of Mtare. Il> Mr. I.IMH (Jou. )?To amend the act relating to th leMrtct Coorte of New York. B;. Mr farm (dt ui )?To repeal the Tort Warden Mil AW', to re|?al the bill relaiiro<to the allpe ta the Kan By Mr PmiMi AMi (deui.)?To mike rcoogwlaaaoee t criminal cji-c? m l.mi imj real eroperly. By Mr IhrnnAN (dem )?To incorporate the Washing toa X/.Wrary Uulouof Now York. For the toliel of Mexican volunteers. To exempt the flrtmtn of New York from certain taxes By Mr. Fkki.iv (<!ciu.)?To incorporate the New Tori Pure Milk Company. By Mr. J. H. .'oku (iem.)?To aboil-h military finen. By Mr. I.vmu (dtm.)?To iuootpotale the Graiul I<odgi Of M0S0U8. ?tj.u urrnoiircxp. By Mr. Moons?To repeal the Metropolitan Polite act. Mr. Mownk m?wt?l for a special reference of thai bill h i the representative* of the Metropolitan district Fostayes, 3P: nay*. 44. The bill was then referred to lb Committee on Cities and Village*. The State Medical Society. Albany, Fab. 2, ISM. The State Medical Society met here this saortviog About eighty delegates were in attendance. Among thee I r. James L. Phelps, B. Fordyce Barker, John B. Grls coin, John McNulty, John G. Adam*, Edward H. Parke and Peter Van Burec, of New York oity; William W Strew, of Oyster Bay, Queens county; George Cbchras of Brooklyn. Dr. auuimvh Wili.ari?, President of the Society, reai the inaugural address. A Nominating Committee, consisting of one membe from each Senatorial district, was appointed to preeen the names of tbe officers for the ensuing year. Dr. J. G. Adams, of the New York Academy of Medi cine, presented a resolution of the Academy, urging th legislature to pass a law for tbe full and complote regis tratlon of births, marriages and deaths. Adopted an< ordered to be sent to tbe Legislature. l>r. Jtn> McCoix, of Oneida, presented a resolution ex pressing tbe sentiments of tho society on account of th death of Thomas M. Spencer. Adopted. Dr. Fylvestkk D. Willari), of Albany, read a biographi eal sketch of Dr. Spencer, which was ordered to h printed. Several medical i<apcrs were read by members, an< a recess was then taken till half past 3 o'clock. At the afterr.oon session I)r. Gbistom, of the New Yori Academy of Mediciue, offered the following preamble am resolution:? Whereas, The sanitary condition of largo cities is at tracting attention in many civilized countries, and strenu ous aud successful efforts are being made lor their im provement in this respect; and whereas, statistical return show that the largest city in this country is, in its oondi tton of public health, greatly inferior to many others lea fuvorithiv sihiAlMl hut i/nvpriiMl hv lipLtftr sui.uiiB.rv rAtrn latiouH, thereiore, Resolved, That the memoriU aud hill now beforo th Lcglilaturr, emanating from the Now York Academy o Me<iirine, entitled "an ai t to improve the public health and Tor the establishment of a sanitary police in the oit; of New York," nieeta with the cordial approbation of tlii society, and that the members thereof feel it an indl vidua! concern to urge the enactment of the samo. After a diecuMuon it was adopted unanimously. r>r. E. H. PAR* , of ?ew York, moved for the appoint meet of a committee to make arraagomonta for a auppe on Wednesday evening. Adopted. Pr. Van Bi MK!?,of New York, read a paper on chlorc form. At 9 o'clock this evening the society will, by invitatloi visit Governor King. United State* Supreme Court. Washimitow, Feb. 2, 1858. Case No. 57. Gilbert L. Thompson vs. oh widen, Withei A Co. Argued on both sides. No. 58. Timothy 8. Goodman vs. John Simonds. Arguo for plaintiff. Submitted on printed argument for d< fendant * Democratic County Convention. Pmi Ar?m.nuA, Feb. 2, 1858. The Democratic County Convention to elect delegate to the State Convention, after a session of seven hour.' effected an organisation, Thorns- H. Forsyth being olectc President by a majority of two. There was great cot fusion throughout the session. Th content was principally between the irioc.ts of Sbar.rwoo and Porter for Supreme Judge. Mr. Fcrr.ytta is coi sidereal a friend of Mr. Sharswood, the adtniuistralie candidate. The Western Hank. SntlMinaui, Mass., Fab. 2,1853. Arrangements have been made by the Weeu-rn Rani f tin* city, to redeem ite bill* at (Mir at theCbiwp. Bank, on and after February 3d inat. Central Hal I road Affnlia. Auixv, Feb. 2. 1858. The Hoard of Blroctors of the Central Railroad cue! hci at t) o'clock this afternoon, and declared a dividend i fonr per cent, payable on the 2?uh lest. Municipal Election In Lancaster, Pa. Lancastsk, Pa., Feb. 2, IMS. Thomas H. Rurrows, the Anti l^oomptoo Convent* candidate, baa been elected Mayor of IhiA place by a no jor ity of 28 over Zimmerman, Buchanan democrat. Barnlaf of an InBiauuy. Cutrwjmn, Feb 2, IBM. The Ashtabula County Infirmary, at Klng*?rille, *i burned to night, having been set on tire by an inm.iu One life waa loat, and slaty paupers rendered homeloa. Barnlng of a School Honae. WATVItmWN, ma.?, Feb. 2, 1858. The High Hcbool building In tble place was nearly J* atroyed by Ore y eater day afternoon, but although ..on rldcrablo alarm and confusion prevailed, all the scholar escaped uninjured. FIim In Mew Onteans. Maw Oauuss, Feb. 1, 1858. On Sunday morning a large Ore orcurred, on?nwtli the Magazine street market and aome adjacent ..tores, an causing a loss of over $50,000. Another fire took place this morning ia Canal street Both are supposed to be tbe work of incendiaries, am the Iota in ruber case Is mainly covered by Insures* *>. The Boston Steamboats. Boston. Feb. 2, 1865. Neither of the steamboat trains from New York ha< arrived up to half past twelve o'clock to day. They ar* probably detained by the storm and thl* k weather oi | the Sound The Barh IV. O. Hlehborn Ashore. Bowww, Fob. 2, 1858. The bark N. O. Hlehborn. Kllla, from Matan/ts foi Portland, went ashore at five o'clock this morning oi the south side of Nantucket i The Eastern Trains. Boston, Feb. 2, 1858. The Norwich steamboat train arrived here this after noon, and the Fall Rivsr and Stoning ton trains abnu 8? I' ITW I una nTrHinj. WwlMr Hipiil*. fBy the Northern, Faetera, W eater n i?d Southern Tele graph Unea.-Q?<-a 21 Wall treat) WwerfW? rtmcm. AM. 2. IfM mo'Ur Rrmmrkx. New York Noon W 40* Cln??dy. P M A W 33* Cloudy Morton A. M. ? 41' Raining " A.M. ? 45* In of clearing op. "prlnfOfslil^Uiw PM. ? 83' Rain and rleet Potiland, Me... A M ? 3T snow and hail delete. Me A. M N. 1 33* Cloudy. Kaat|>ort. Me. .. A. M N K. 22 Cloudy. Bangor A. M N. K 20*JH?ling. 81 John, N II A. M. ? 13'lci-wi. y. Narkvllle A. M V 4* I ooke liae anew. Charlottotown A M W ? < idy end cold. Ualila* A. M. N K. 20* t| >feuow lewcgo A M 8. 3** Si 1**1 u'glil Philadelphia . . A M. W. 43* Cloudy. " P M W. 43* Clo idy. Rorlioetor M ? 32* CI'. My. Syracuse. P M ? ? Ra n and enow. Buffalo PM ? 33" Rniia'idny Utiie P. M ? 33" Mild in.I enowlog. Schenectady. P.M. 8. 38" Itanium Albany.., P. M. 8 40" foronto P.M. ? 40 Mill ail cloudy. Dubuque,Iowa. P M. ? 30" Cloudy, laneeville, Wir P.M.N. R. 38* 4now'" t Prairie itu Chlen P. M N. 30* Cloud,. Burlington,Iowa P. M W .11" Oar Pulton, 111 P. M N. W. 3!" Snowing. (nillanetiolle,,.. P.M. ? 34' Snowing. I/nilaTliie P. M 8. F. 38* "Inndy. Cincinnati P. M ? 32* Cloudy. Toledo P.M. ? 38* Cloudy, enow Cleveland P. M. ? 33' Snowing. Pittaburg, Pi... P.M. ? 3u* cloudy. Rock Inland.... P. M ? 30* Cloudy. Colnniliue P. M ? 30* Snowing Imoklrk P. M ? ? tnowinghigh win!. HomellaTllle... P. M. 8. W 34* Soow haa fallen. Klmlra. N. Y.. . P.M. II 40* Snowing. Port .lerrie,N.Y P.M. ? ? Cloudy. Newburg P. M g Clearing up. [W YORK HERALD, WEI ? Gtntrtl Walker In Wew Orleans. ( Nrw Ouua, Feb 1,1858. Mr. William Walker appeared before the Totted StaU District Co art this morning, when Judge McColeb g*i 0 there wae aothuig against him, the Grand Jury having r< t fuwd te And a bill. Walker then nuked to be pot o trial fw riolat'on of the neutrality laws, which tb ^ Judge reinsed, as the District Attorney said there wt nothing age met him unless new instructions were roceii a ed from Wahbiugloti. [- Cal. fiank Anderson and Me ltfen. New Osluiw, Kob. 'J, 1H68. L CoL Frank Anderson and bis party arrived here to d* t from Key West, in the custody of the United Sutea lfai sha!, but have been released on parole until to morrow ? men,lag. Ttiej all loudly complain of the unjust treoi nient of Commodore Paulding and Captain Hands. Cot Walker has gone to Nashville. ? H*Mhm WmUjt Bunk Statement. e Boston, Feb. 2, IMS. The following are (lio footings of our bank statement fo the past week:? Jan. 26. #<*. 2. Capital stock $31,900,000 31,980, TO) Imhand discount* 61,172,(100 61,KM,000 Tno. 62,00 Specie A073,000 6,402,600 Inc.320,C>0 a Due from other banks 6,993,000 6,726,000 Dec.267,00 Due to other banks.. 4,980,000 6,111,000 luc. 131,00 Deposits 11,129,800 18,098,700 Inc.289,10 , Circulation 6,494,700 6,261,000 Dee 343,70 it Baklde. BoOKW, Feb 2, 1868. 1 Joseph Ubby, a broker here, drowned himself to da by Jumping off one of the wharves. Uu had b?eu auflei f log from Illness for severel days. t Markets. PHIL ADKI.I'IIIA STOCK BOAKD. PmLAiuesrwA, Feb 2, 1858 8 Stocks are Bteady. Pennsylvania State 6'h, H8*?; Knad lug Railroad, 29>4 ; Morris Canal, 46 , Long Island Kail I road, 10)?; Pennsylvania Railroad, 42. Kkw Ottuura, Fob. 2,1858. Cotton?The market Is slightly dearer. Bales to day 12,000 bales at 10c. a 10'.c. for middling Resclpts up t 0 the present time at this port, a? compared with those c last year, fall abort 177,000 bales; do. at all Mouther ports, 629,000. Sugar ipiiet at 4?-,'e. a 6c. . milasee*, 18c a 10c. Flour firm at 84 26 a $4 30. Corn declining 1U a coffee, 8 Vo. a 10>4c. Freights?Cotton to Liverpool, 7 18<1 and to Hamburg, 13 32d. Oliver article, generally tic changed. 1 ?mmm Mr. Eveielt's Lcrturr at the Arsdrmy m t Music. 1 One of the largest audiences that have ever assemble In the Academy of Music attended the lecture of Mi r Everett last evening. The announcement was made at tb close of the address which that (cntlomau tnado her g about a week ago, that he would deliver a discourse o "Charity," for the Women's Protective Emigration Sock s ty. At least an hour before the apjtointed time the build ing was throogod, and very few of the reserved seats o e the stage wore unoccupied, and by eight o'clock even th p*u pages were urowuea. MH/or uovnann pr siuea, ail J Introduced the lecturer, who was received with th a warmest applause. When silence was rcalorst Mr Everett commenced by stating the subinct of hi lecture?"Charity"?and then proceeded to rrpeal of the obligations wbicli rested on the wealth; and independent towards the poor and destitute. Titer ir were many who had steelod then heart* againsi the sul ferings and want of their fellow beings? many whoso nor did passion for gold bail hlouttsl all the generous im y pulecs of nature, aud closed the door of human feelini against the demands of benevolence and charity. H , kuew of one who had been rescued from the streets by ' charitable society, and who by means of the a<<i tauco al fordod to him, had cot only acquired a onmpetoooo, be bad become wealthy. His ricbue, however, instead c furuirbing bim the means to relieve others from the deft tution to which be lnol been eiposed, and from which hi had been rescued, hail the very opposite edeel?hut mm became contracteil in the imrstnt of wealth, and wbe that society, which had been the friend of his youth, ap 4 plird to bun (or assistance, be coldly refused. A com I Minion, who had known him in his younge dayi, and who was roduced to prlvaliot like himself, called on him for aid, bu he gave bim no relief, and treated his appeal with indil fort-Leo. Shall I give you his name, said tbo lecturer Give you his naim - What need is there of that. You al know bim; you aeo htm every day. Hon on change u Wall btrctt; you meet him in Urosdwuy, and ho f rr.c i, times gees to church on Sunday. He is the man ? ,j wealth upon whom the sufferings, the destitution, th f inching poverty of his fellow creatures have no claim le ia the youth who drives fast horses in tho fast road t >e destruction. You seo the same character In the soma ,j who passes her time in the frtvoltlee of life, aud on who* oar the wail of charity falls unheeded. Of what avail 1 wealth to such, aud o( what il-o are the lor room wttlc >11 every day leaches'' 1 hey came into the world deslilut and dc icndeut, and they fouud friends who a.-cisted thei in tho oarly IUuggii <>f life. Tb( 11 niuut'y extendi its aid and protection; but once in posaesstc of the means ot rendering tnc aamo aasis sure, they forget their own former hidplessnci g( sod clue* thwlr puiMs against the calls of charity, Tt lecturer km sjske of those who iiad iliwe F" inui ti in tl cause of i hai ity , and of whom too much could not he sa in tlieir praise Among tln-e wss St Vincent de Can who hail organized an association of holers nt Cliarlt; aiif whore life w a* rpi nt m act? of benevolence. Ho r I. <d sn Incident of one of these t l-ters who hod a deed. llM lounder, M. VIM r.t, to be ecnt to take the place of t? 'O who ta?l died of a vli ul< nt dmeaee which they had coi )( trat tod from |mt.i nU on whom they wt re 'oitcndiDi rinusmayed by the almost certainty o* deatb, atie r< inssUd |*riiii?si?>D to wait on the en k, and j**i inleil ( her application Hit It woo gvaiil* d. Rut tlur ??- not tb only noble ot ?elf devctlon; Tor while the Angk Saxon ra:e exist* an t the tngliAh language U cpokcu, th humane and the benrvetent wilt tore to speik th 0 rame of flortnce Nightingale, who acught, omno I. the horrors of the battle tlold, suliyi* U fu her charitable care and assistance If the Crimea hi He tale of terrors, and suffering* and death. It lise atao it record of bt Detroit n'6, of genciou* eelf >h nial, and act* u i hority performed by true, noble. ChrMha ? MM a. Th lecturer drew a forcible illustration from an inciden which la related of the relit f of I.ocknow by Sir Colli c (,'ampbcll and hi.* gallant Highlandc ra U wa? ilia'. of tin s. Scotch girl who, when all of the beleaguered loh.ibitint of the place had Riven up all hnpee i>? being rescued fron the ruthless enemy who aurrnimiled the iowii, to.a ilim that ahe knew thov would be saved, for she had to art the a logon of her nat've land. With whet Joy did the] hall the approach of thotr ilallrcrora and the dispersal o the enemy' im look around us, continue! the lec turcr, ami we will And under the shadow of our palaces l- within our own city, thouaauda who are ?truggliii| 3 against as remorseless, oe ruthless a foo a.* tlis which thrraUted the bel< agnreil Inhabitants of I/jr.koow ai.d wlicac late, If not relieved, la horrible fortherhriatiai to com* niplate Think of the want, the MTering, the do* titution which exieta in our midst, of the youth who an brought up in thie great city dependent upon the charity of the wraithy, of the women whom toil and In K and neglect have driven to desperation, and who m tin 1 hittcrm he ol th' r ;? t1 rty and do*| air lure been for-*, fr m lbs paths of virtne?of the men no whom the with ering band of destitution basfalleu witli a crushing weight and who hote become social outcasts through tne colt ci M and inditTcreuce which* not of their juduring* or which ?ec* thetn with on uncharitable eye. Think o the hoet of rot mlcs against which they have" to tight, o< the terrible array that la drawn up against them, and lw ihoee who have the mean.* save thrm. forget not the *c curdy which be boa who gtveth to the poor, and which ii 1 far above any that this world con give. , At the rr Delusion if Mr. Kvert-U'- le. tore, of wt bare gircn but a brief synopsis, a series of cofnptimeDlarj 1 resolutions wereottered by Iir. Warner, and adopted unam mously. Ilroolt lyn Bonrrt of K<lnratlo<l. THK LATH CALAMITY AT Tt'dLIC ("CBOOI- 1*0. 14 ?* r COM MI 11 Mi Of INtfl 1HY AffOISfTKII. , The Board of Kducatlon met yesterday aitornoon a | their rooms, In Red Hook Uue?present Cyrus V. smith i Isu , t lis Tin an, and n quorum of members. After the reading of the minutes, Mr Usiss '? isks a suapeneku) of the rules, in order thm ho ir gh* 9'' *r I reaolallon Id connection with tho late calamity ftt rublk l School No 14. Tho circumstances of the cv? require I special >cUon on the part 01 tho Uoird, and it h. * ?lr? ?dj | attracted public at tent ion to such a d"gree tbtt it wan ao I eeawtry for tho Hoard to investigate tho TTi?l|se ' J Tho resolution u offered w u> m follow* ? Whereas, ona of tho school bouacs b'lilt nnil*r lh' j direction of tin* Hoard wa* recently rnn?ur. 1 I ftod several of thft children iu attendance loot their litre ? m endeavoring to escapa, and wh-reae, there 10 r?aeoi to believe that ouch Are wan occasioned h> a def " t in tin hot air ptpea or other apparatus connected w<th tho fur nace, while we deeply regiet the calamity and ayinpa thiae with the afflicted parent* In their loafeAw the iiut) Of thla Board to nee every mean* a tt.oir Pt t in future the peraonal safety of both aihnUrs and letch era, a* also to allay public. apprehension by ae- ei Umiaf the eonditloB of the school houeee, ae to the mode of theti being located, and of ogreaa therefrom in caee ef dange or alarm, therefore Resolved, That It be referred to the Standing Committee on Warning and Ventilation, to Inquire into the cause ol the fire above mentioned, and to examine nr canee to b? e\.itnmod the heating apparatus of every echool house under I he charge of thia Board. and. If in any eaae soch npparatna aball be found in a dangerous state re>|iitrlng immediate action, to take all inch measures a* may, In their opinion, be neeeaaarr to render it aaie, and also, that It be referred to the -tphool llouoe Committee to eia 'mine the different school houaea with reference to the no au<* of egreae In caaei of amlden danger or altrm, an I to report what measures, If any. are necessary to render stress more eaey, with pownr also to rail a aperial meet itg of flue board t< hear such re|iort, If in tbe r opinion it shall be necessary to do co. The resolution was adopted. A communication waa presented from N. ?. lleers, aug gcatinK that, in view of the late calamity, the Hoard of Kdti canon atiproprlate a auin ot money for the purpoae of defraying the burial expenaea of the children who were killed in tbe school. Mr Cnowkii offered a resolution that A-"**) be appropriated for such purpose In connection therewith, some ronaiderahle remarks were offered in opposition to it. During the debate Mr. linmxwiam oflered a reaaliitlon that the President < ( the Hoard inquire into the condition of the families thus reared, and ascertain if the parties were needy and \ ?nted the aealetarrs offered fbe rcaolntton of Mr (treenwood wa? Anally reconsider J, and instead or referring the matter to the ordinary DNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1 committee, tt w referred to a special committee of live, to report. Ac. I Tta matter cf the appropriation of 1800 wao referred to : the ?eme special cotnir ittee d In the course of the debate It was stated that the puhtl* 1 were oet saln-ibsl wilb the result of the Coroaor'a love-di- . gallon, and that the Hoard was bound to fully investigate n the cause ei the Ore, with a view to guard against such te accidents m future; that the rommittee should examine ; m carefully the condition of lite healiag apparatus In all the schools a* also the tnrans of egress , ami when eillter r" were faulty lohavt litem remedied forthwith'. Mr Hahkin, in the course of the debute, made a at ate- I

nieot in regard to No. 14, and assorted that Dial building wuh uot only erected with cars hut every means possible taken to guard against lire iu the erection of Hie furnaces He felt that the building was perfectly side, aud tuat the loss ' of life waa mere the result of au unavoidable accident r- Ibtoi tlie faulty construction of tlie bouse or the beaung n apparatus cot nected therewith The heatlrg appaatur to , this h< h.s.I waa jmjI in by a reliable man, and an extra ei pease of tnaue tu order to uiake all perteAly secure, i. The wnk win. pronounced [terfcct, even before tins extra expense was ordered, and care waa taken to tuako everything secure in every particularAfter the above mottcr was disposed of, a member of the Hoard (Mr. Booth) called attention te tie condition of Ne ft as regarded the means of egress, which li*d been r found on examination <o be iusi ffloieut kt oases of a auddeu |waio. The matter was referred to the special oomrnlttoe on the general subject or schools, n Mr. Hootu olfored a resolution to have certain altera ; - lions made in the staircases at Public School No. 6, as 0 they were very dellcient, and in case of a sudden panic ' n considerable loss of life might ensue if it was not at- , a tended to. > ' ? The resolution was adopted. I A resolution was adopted authorising Die ScliwithoilM , Committee to procure plans and spec ideations for the , erection of a nvw school building on the sito of School i No 14. I _ The Board soeu after adiourued. 1 - > Police Intelligence. AN INTKRKHT1MJ CASE OF AI,LKOiH? KfDNAPPINO Interesting cages of the wrongs committed upon unwary i countrymen *n<l foreigners by peter Mwik operators and ; Uokct swindlers occur almost daily in Urn Mayor'a olllce, | but bis Honor has lately beeu railed upon to Investigate the particulars or a transaction which will no doubt excite ' public curiosity to an unusual extent. About ten days ago Mayor Tiemann received a letter froin the Mayor of ( ? Richmond, Va., stating that a colored man was In that u, city wl.o complained of having beej induced, under pre- i " tence of obtaining cmploymont In Pennsylvania, to loave the city of New \ ork?where lie lived?and to accompany 1 I u uiuu named Musou Hioujub, who, Instead of keeping ' * his agreement,carried him into Virginia and there clatxod 1 him as a runaway slave of bis from St. louts. Tbo negro I gave his name as George Anderson, and said lie had when <t young utuxdea a school in New York kept by a Mr. Pe- f tersi.ii. The Mayor of Now York was requested to make t . inquiry into the casa^nd to forward whatever inforana < tieu he might obtain to Ki diuiond, so as to render Justice ' to the aggrieved paity. Mayor Tiemarn immediately sot o about friretii.g out the matter. After diligent inquiries lie learned that a Mr .lohn Peterson kept a grammar j school lor colored children in Mulberry street. Mr. l'eII tcreon, on being liilcrmed cf the statement of the >. negro, said ho lhad no recollection of such a , l>ey having belonged to Ids school, though lim ex|iecience ns a teacher extended hack twenty Bvc year*, but would u ru.leaver to ascertain the Tact from his achooi register, e lie found that on the 2t)th of January, 1810 a closed boy, thirteen years of age, named George Anderson, had en r tered hit school. The record stated that he lived iu hast 0 | Hroaitwny. and that the name of his guardian was J. '. I Hinith. Mr. Peterson made aii affidavit to thin MM, arid I _ I placid it in the hands of the Mayor. A colored man was , i also procured, who said he was well acquainted with ^ | George A tide i son when be was iu New Yoik, and kuew y 1 him to he a freeman. Mayor Tiemanu forwarded these e ' |?rtieulars to llie Mayui s4 Richmond, and a telegraphic ( r- , despatch was yesterday received in reply, to the effect ! tie,l in order to pluce the inatler beyond the [<jesitulit_. of 1 i- | a doubt it was necessary that tLe evidence of a while inau i ( should be procured, who was acquaint ted wn. Audersou t e in New York. The colored man who knew Anderson, on a being told of this, saiu hat he thought j(r. George T. P- [ Trimble. ex Hrealdt nt of the Public H- nool Society, was ae it quainteil with liirn and could identify him ae a free uian and if i a resident id tins city. Ihe Mayor is uu? eudeavoring to |. j obtain Mr. Trimble's testimony ,,ii this jsunt, and it is a probable that in a day or two the whole tliiug will be t d cleared up. Meantime Masou Thomas, lie* alleged k duap- | n ist of the negro, is held ir durance vile hi the Msyor of i- Kit linioiMi until his guilt or inuoceuee slall h| ,v?r. An Dtxed Is the letter of Msyor Mayo, of K cluuotid:? ' | Rteitwown, Jan. SI, loM. To the How. the V svow or Naw York:? fir.iK Sis-On yesterday a nisn calling himself Mason , Thomas whs brought before me. is Mayor of this city, charged e , wt'h kidnapping from yotl? rhyaneero named lis r?r In | deison auu w lllng liiiu a* s alsve Thomas rays tlia! toorga 1 ' I* Ids slave sod that be eccaped from hun In fR. Liuta. tie rge ( Q | ALdrraon, on the contrary, saya "hat he la free, and IW : 1 In Induced him to leave New York, u|' rt Wages, to lie if 1 t inployed In Pennsylvania. Though I have r.o leqal proof e . here to luataln Ut orge'a iiattmeni. It ia ao ,>.atialble that I B?v rrmnniril ic'maii <111 mr ,?rwi, i.i limn mil iHi I ike anhjoct from Now York, lie ran read and wrtte; < ? n>ja he went l? Mho)l In Now York, iirar Ihr Fire D I J'olrUa, to a Mr. l'eti ratn, ami aa>r,-l-o, that hr kin ? a Dr. . e tirnhnm )lr la a wink, atlly ni-nrn, e.ialljr lm|>i>ae<1 on, |g ; at out twenty yearn old, not morr tlian five frrt high. and liaa h a vt ry dowocaat look. I will bo much obliged to yon If yon I VIill take Immediate atepp to aecerta'o whether there wa* atich a negro tu Nrw York, and it no what wua hia condition. In 1 Inmna doea not give a nallhlaotory nrrotint ol how ho rama ( d ; to own Oeoace an t th? re arr oihrr clrrumatanroa to induce in no1 to ihick tienrgc la irUlnc 'hr "uth. 1 will b? (lad to h-ar { i trim you aa aoon aa inmiSde. Kenitwclfully your uln- imnt ? | air villi, JOSKFU MAYO. | io QuiuiKh atiH Sm.uvg i/rmmv Pnuriaa.?K W Carter, I ? I of No. -in tlaual . trcct, ion! Adam Robu?ou, of 97 I W id | street, were tnk"ii tnto cu"tody yegterdny by the potioe J* | nttuchrit to th- Mayor's oflleo, on charge of selling t"ttcry jiolloirR. Carter w?m holt to bail tr HhmBII J' 18 ? , an 1 Kob.HM ii In tho auui of JoO .i to Au-iror. ro j Lovtaru Nor Vt ra?lt Bt*r T'ijo Wft.i ?Henry Heor? wv i , > | ttlcr into custody yesterday by pollr-mari !??ttn, of the j J' I/iwcr Polite Court, on a charge of bigamy. The A'cueed, ) D it la alleged, enttrnd Into tho boiy ban da of woilhick with I \ is i Kbubr fully on llm .'iOth cf tieplemlier, lrf>6. The Cairo > Riony araepeiloi I at ilia Chuiih ot Si Krautm .-oiaoli. , a in W?el Thirty flral air ret, by the Kov. AlvXaodor Ma-tor. J ? Again, on the -*lh of J' \ 1M7, floury went through a ? altulfhr r? rnoony , and I. .A for liie -mood wifo Anne I tan* bury. The Rev Mr. Ku rcl, of ton Church ot the N ? tivity, In Second avren". made the ' twn.i one tt??h," ( a nnd btde tb* ba|>|iy riaiolo "toal ajamt. The tort <m.he ? <t prironer'S having nunCier wife living and nndivoreed from | o him, boraoie kimwu in the bnali-r ot thn aa'nail i wnr ? im ,j i~'<' , proceedings against ! "g ay d. aud t>n 1 hilar f rested. Justice ttmnoily ciuri.lilted the |,rtsu:i?r foe trial ia dtfauli of bad. 1 City Tnlrtalirotrr. Mi'Mim amp Si h ii'* ?A man by tin. dmou of i ( r*o*o, residing at 237 William street, died yuvlei Uy afternoon froui Uic i Hects of a " ecof poison administered to bun by hi* wife, .shortly aftorwiods hi* wife wag taken seriously rick, udd died b-fur* medical ?<si*t ance rould be procured. Upon examination it w found that ibe bad com ml it H sutctce by taking poison. Nt? J cause tan be assigned for tho rasli art except a general t despondency (sea*,,>n?d by the du"i>"** of the tiuie. T>w<vst ox rawnuio: Hnrsr*.?Sergeant Croft, of the Mayor 'a office, with a p<*a*e of lita mm, made a descent on i everal notor >ou* gambling houses about eleven o'clock 1 last night, and succeeded in aecuring a large number of gambling implement*. They tint suited No. S ItarcUy ? street, where they found three men playing. On *e*lng ' the approach of the officers, one attempted to lump "lit of the window, while the other* made their escape out of the 1 nof The table together with a large number of gam | ' hllrg apparatus til d * money, were taken by th- ..ill cers they then visited aeveral other places, among ( them ho 42 Bowery, where they were in waling for Ui? < officer*, aaying that they were aware of their intendel < Ttftt. i Brnnar 4ut s*?r**-m.?Harlem lane, whieh runs from ' Kighth avenue to Macomb'* dam, a distance of about a mile and a quarter, l.aa been macadamized, and rendered , one of the moat level and smooth roads on Uie island. There ig hardly a pebble on it* surface to obstruct the sasy riding of vehicle * of any description, or In interfere ] \ with the progress of the am male that ar* brought upon n i to exhibit their metle. In crneeqnene* of thia II U the re- i eori 01 ta*t young mm an* ?por? rani notaos im sun ; day* particularly th? ahov mentioned clam of ourcitiaena I f< -gr<-pata on Harlem lane ill great number*, to teet the r ?i>eed of their nag* by an trial, and tin* road an every Sabbnth day when the weather la clear preacnta a lively and animated appearance, '-cm oaring, no doubt, b very favorably with the drive from Vow <>-|ean* to the j Mrtairie oouree, wber a t>ear light, a ifreat wreatttng moti h, or a bor<e race takaa place there <>o "'iiiday Run 1 tirade of our <iUern*. independent of Iboeo wlio keep faet hor?ee, rlalt Harlem lane on the lord'a day, 1 to Witneei the srenr* which are there rnactod, and who * patron lee by their preeence thi* d<wecrati<>a of the .tah hath. We call alio isle >n to thew facta that lite public ' may know what m gniigon around ua.aad alentoan- . " notince that a moTenient ia on tool Inbreak up thla on- ' ' rbrtvttan practice. We learn that Alderman I<arw of the Twelllh #nrd Tleited the placo Ttn Sunday net, and be J came 00*1 tineed that the laws were openly rlolaled tit ; many re?pect?, and that for the preservation of good j order it ia net reeary that aomrahing iMd be done to 1 etop the proceeding*. Mayor Reman o ha bean in d died , of the facte, and he hw signified hi* intention to be prorent neat Sunday if On- day botikl prove fair, the bcttmr to aatiefy himself aa to how far the ena tmont of aunh ceVe? contribute* bt the morality of a Cori*tian oomrau- " nlty. I . Citrnm Rnnvat ash Cm ant Co omttrioaThe Free r, Will Hapi'rt Chnrrh, which haa worshipped for a few a month* part In tbn Blrtcker Building*, I* to remove neat " Sahbnlh to the home of worahip owned by the Twentieth n street Congregational Church. In couaaiuence of the |?cnnlary in?ere*r, of Ihe latler church having aullered dur ' Ing the recent financial revulatnn, and, upon tbe cordial > recommendation of the pastor, Key. Wm, I. Carson*. and the vote of the church, the trustees hava leaned their * house to the ahovo named church wh lc It I* engaged In ' erecting a bonne of wnrah-p for iteelf. Tho two cburche* 0 meanwhile wornhtp together un ler the minletraUno* of Rev. I> M. flraham, pi* tor of the Baptist church A Qrwmoji ron I-awyrh*? Tm? Ftran or K?aeM*. on 0o*t Oti, on Wnrar ?It aeem* thai a *bip at New ttrleana , I look on board a lot of kero?ene, consigned to merchant* 1 In thi* city, and aftorwardn completed her carg? by tak ' ing in a quantity of wheat tin the arrival of the v???el in < 1 New York it w?n found that the effluvia of the oil ha I par- | I related the wheat, aeriotiely damaging It. The wheal wa* dlei-barged . and ?tored In a warehenan, adjoining anotlc r 1 bidding In which war stored am ml 11,000 bushel* of good li ' I white wheat TTie ctDurta from the damaged waeat also f 858. permeated It, and damaged It to an oatimated orient of ' bout 2f> per r<eaA IMepulaa have ?rowa up as to who ! stall be liable fbr Um sustained. Th? cotuign-ea | ?? Ibf wheat from Wow (tr tonne clvm*d damage*! from u?e ebtp, which It refused to accord, and the former bare !. commenced iuk for tile recovery of the nuun. The | ownera of the wheat in the building adjoining the ware J bourn lii which the la.uatted wheat wan alored claim . a?mat mi from the vrarehooM which received tne ; iujuu*'. wheat fr*ta the venae I &M thia hi the flrnl cam of tl>e k>rwl which han rebelled in Heemnn damage from the shipment ol kerosene, u i* wet) to note the fact, in order ? that lot lire trouble may tie avoided. Fatal Ai AiikMv X*Ama*TioN.?TUe neuti annual eraminations of the Kree Academy commenced ou Monday laot and wtli continue until the 9th luetout. Tho annual exlnhitifiT nf iltA .Vnnine Maoo will t<Hl< limt On Mood*) the Senior ulnae "JC etamiood by Ihrofosaor Oweu Ui Tbuc) deles, Uitt Sophomores b> TrolVaeor Ambon 10 modern hlrtory. uJ tbo freshmen in mathematics by Professor Docharfy. The undent* nil (five evidi ncc of good progress and tbo institution u ma most flourishing conditio*. Fikk in Wwt Sinsur,?About 2 oTIoek yesterday after- ' neon a fire occurred in tho lime yard of Oliver Loveland A Co., 381 West street. It originated from a teak la the roof of tho ehed. Tho damage done to tiio stork will be about $1.000. Insured for SI ,M)0 tn tho St. Nicholas Insurance Company, on stock and t. wildings. PnlMeal IntelllffviMW. Know Notions Trot-jit.?The AniMtcta members of tho Senate ot Tennessee have protested against the action of that body in passing reaolutious instructing the members )f Congress and senators from that Stato to vote for the id mission of Kansas under the l-ecemptnn constitution. Che Know Nothing* my thoy are m the minority, and horefore It was unfair for iho mejority to pass those 1 resolutions, tiojd argument. ' Personal IntoUlpatt. Ex (iovf rnor Walkor and fx Secretary Stinton, of Kanias, have beeu in town for several days. lion. Edward Everett bun arrivod tn town, and taken ipartmenlH at the S/erett House. Hoc. William Medill, of Ohio, First' Auditor in the Trca- ( uiry fiepartnx nt, aod late Coventor of tho State, is lying i very low, and there Is scarcely any hapes of his recovery. Ia\ i J. North, the great circus rhler, is the democratic : candidate lor Alderman in tbo Thirl ward of Chicago. Tbe editor of the Mllford (Mass.) Journal has received ? note from Hon W. S. IHmrell, representative from tbe (kM district, in whieli he says that the rumor of Ins in- ! Lcuoed resignation is fat. o. Ho also rays that his health s rUiidily improving, and since his arrival lu Washington r.o hoc tieon aide to discharge all tlio duties of his ofllce j iromptly. Senaicr Sumner writes from Boston that bis health has io much improved, that be will tie in Washington in time ! o vote upon the Army bill. He will visit New York , tarly next wrek. THE KAHILI HERALD. Kiwi from C'nltfuritla?News from Alraras pun?Tltr Attempt to AMaatlnaU tile Ems |>? rc-r Nnpoleaiv- Escape of the Adriatic? The Mormon War?Tho Bible of an I Ii>uw? l.atckt News, Ac. TbcFsMiir Hkiuiji will be toned to dny. Among Mt? 'iHiterts wll be found:? The News from California?Destructive Eire in Dowuic Mile?The Mormou Keeliug .u California?Birllis, Xtriugeb, Deaths, Ac., Ac. The 1 stent News fnun Nimragua. Ad-urs in Europe?Our lougnii, Carls and St. Pi"tervl>urg Jorretpsadence?Attempt to Araaeainnto Louia Napoleon, ?lth Particular* of the KIHed and Wounded, the Knplo <lve Instrument*, kc ? of the Adriatic?Th? Royal Wedding in tcgland ?Cloje of Rachel's Career, tic., kc. The Ifltect Chare of the Mormon War. TntereetHig from Hnylr?Ravage* of the Telle* Fever tmorp American i^eamen?How They are Treated, he. Caneluetoa of the C*M of the "Undo of an Hour"?Inerecting Miters from the Mother to Her Would-be Sen luaw. Curious Htory About Mm* Napolt-on In New Vork?In it i Mystery? ( The thee of Tuckernran, the Alleged M*?l Robber ( Fiploslob on board the Fanny Kern?Fall Particular: 1 i f the Calamity. The Tom Paion Festival?Pjh lnfl.iel* m Conned and <n he Ball Room Affa'r* tn Washington?Proceeding-' of Congress. A full ana carefully corrected Report of the Retail >lrr* of all klnda of Marketable lh-oduce?How Poultry Should be lTersod for Market? Advance In Potatoes aud Apple*, Ac. Mi tor i?Ih on the Correct Fvent* of the day. Tire latent IntelUgence by telegraph or otherwise With the local New* of Interest in tf.u and the adjc,nnj Cltle*?Police Reporta ?Thoatrieai Matter*?Coteaa-reral I .?,< lien..* Ifaelrale V l'ie f % ?Uaih.,1 _Vfur i riagott aud is,alb* fo the *-el -forming a Urge anotwl of general and* trading. TormA- Ot'.y 92 a yr v Tor .octi a RlngU copy. To !>a I obtained o? thr nr?rs agei41 vid at the MUce. Court Calmtlar-Tliii Ujlj. St ruma fWar? irrutl?K<? 1677,114, lift, 121,1391, i'.N, o*A,;,,l 192, U, lo4 loft, l.Ml, I.,*, 142, 144,144, ML 147 148. SUTP . CotRT.?Nop as, 27, '29, W, V7-', 413, 118 t ll.'t, I'0, ..8ft, &4u, MP, 6M, 6f><?, fdl, MWI, 181,479,1248, ; ICS, *19, 110, 434, 4:6, 4U. 49C. 604, 536, M7, 474,473, I'., 4 *2, 104 , 277, 52.3, 628, 2*9, t~.\ Coa?n? l*U4H?I mi t l ?Noa ant, Alii, 1044, a?l, :W2, j 2.? #24, J?i6, 82#, 847, 3va, 6o?, * >k, H'H, .k.t.1 I'arl 2? w, *68 ?4,:tt1tt>-, 30a, 809, olb, oil, 612, 61.i, 114, M,II4,NI,M # A, Graitdjran ! lb* O * I yr P? r?Hi wbo run ? ouualllttl Nii'ltlllituly ti* all dljM'Miac* of tbo L-,u.mii lour, . ,! 31 t'kurch itroct, corner of ISiw Uy lite MU'-k and klgLtb ivfOMe cart atop at the dcor of the ntaMtiikwol, Kitdrttk'i I'bi ingraphtr t'emple of Art, | Hi* .'Sfl aid Vr?Hrf>*il?r?y, o]>po,fH th? Metropolitan Hotel. j ~Pboio*iaula*>liaiiutypHa. Itaauerroe, i>?-? tu.l Aut irufun a fv,fy rtj!c. Photograph* by Mr. M()l'I,Tt)7, former!/ ?|th flnraey. Colored I'bntngrapha done tor 4.1, hy the likl of tin' Our u'e artlat, Dump hy lb<> Pre frame him elf, 97. Al llOI.MKS', :>9 llroi^wiy. Wing'* Ku rlnu ( iW'ltrra uta I'iiiIoiiIiImII/ . i-.'.oi ii">trl*Mnj' >tri t healthful e?nr produced, art'J pit tiller >y pit mm',I for children. ToCallfonila PanM-iifji n,?Ptirti Kn ?li ,9111k nay bp ae? ured for every mc*l ilttrtn* the voyage, by laying n a eupplr >,f "American Solidlv d M?k. ' .? ? ? report of , be hew York Acatiemy uf Medh Sua, late Dr. Kane and 'heia, at lie general depot 23 South ntrecta. nutrhrlor'a Hair I)>e, Wlgta and Toupaca- j , rhe heat In the world, anrpaiotir,* nil made, hold and applied tt the manafacUiry, 233 llroadwa/. ??? I i Ilarry'a la the Beat and Cheap* at article for dreaaln*. beautifying,, Icaualn*, cur Una. preaerring and reetortn* the hair, ladieatry It. Hold by all druggla a ' Ctltfadoro'a Hair l)ff, Wlp and T??wpaee.? t??t In the world. For *ale. and dye applied at Mo. 6 A*tor i |W? ______________ | 1 A Card.?All Paraana who han Orajr Hdr ir hair of a had nolor, are tattled to ''?11 <n I eoi.ault lh<ru<r . IRAMDJKAN (ronauliailin fre*>, at ,tl < burrh *tre*t, rorner ,f Harel?y. HI* new Hold gltre* th? hair iba aaltirai r<u-ir d?ilrrd. and amy be conatdered a real prodigy of rh.-mnu- , I AJTD SXATBB. mill S.TK?ia? Barn**?fHi Jan 21, by Alderman Swift. Ii'ijt * Swoia, of Philndeiph i, to Acoirra Hutu.**, of Fl<wn, In Moleteta, (lertnaoy Twnitnfi?FuodI?In the Reform-d l?itrh hnreh, Curt Richmond, S. I., Feb 2, by the Rev. June* Heownlee, dr. Join H Tmwrmm. of Franklin flrove. III.. to Ml** Funuru. yoongert daughter ottbn late Hubert M. Feaenck, A Staien Uland. DM. Th-rum ?On Monday, Feb 1, Kt?t n Bi nj?, aged 7 A year*. He waa r?nner on hoard the fnited State* ahlp Hornet, at tbr r.tptuie of the !* ngiitii, and waa *ever?dy 1 aonnded ,a the fare Hi that aetion. Ml* frlenda and acquaintance* are reapeetfully repeated I 0 attend hia luneral, Ihla (WeUee.lay) a iter noon, at lw? >Tlock, from ht* lata reaMeoee No 42 8rnn?m<H atreet 1 Patto* ? im Saturday, Ian. rjn at the r**idcne* of hi* trandtather, North Uraatule, N. V., Ronirta Sunn., ton | it John A and Adclta M. Dayton, of Brooklyn, mod 21 j earn and 12 day a. Fnwaan* ?la Milwaokla, Jan. 2A, of diaewia of the iuag*, on* H. Krwanra, formerly Comptroller of that ctUr. 1 tlttprr tiar* ?tin Tnrnday. Feh 7. at the reaidencn of ' I. Carpenter, 1*1 Ninth Meant. Ounrrr, wife of the lata tic hart Cllderateere, aged *3 year*. Her remain* will be taken to HetnpMMd, t. T., for Inerment, on Ihuraday morning at o'clock, llntjms.?On Monday etening.Feb I, after a rhort illere. Ileamrrt* Cnaatu*. wife of Fdward I. Hohlen. an-l atifhter of Ilearyr C. and Jane Atwood, age, | -jn year* | The friend* of Fdward !, and Moreno N llolten, of letiry C and Jane Xtwood at if of (Tiarl'-s W. Atwnad.are 1 i' fe< llully rurited to attend the fur-raJ.tfcla (Wedaeaday) J tbrroon. at < ne o'rhiek, from the InnM of her father, . orin r of ChryHie and Division etreote, w.tliout further in- | tatn.u. Her renialne wi.l be tnterrod it Ureenwnod 0?. i l-'tety Lirntwamc.?On Monday alter noon, Feb. 1, Tuonan *trwAmt, many year* with Mr R S. Dreen, in the 42d ' ear of hi* age. . Hi* frienoe .ire tnrited to attend hw funeral. frorn the , I, mortal Chun h'rwner ot Hammoad street aid Waver y'r (Wedneeday) nmrait;. at haff paat nina " Ml I cuvero.v ?On Tuaaday, Feb. 2, Mr tawna I aamtu, ged 77 yeara and Id cay*, a oaf >\e ni llanuttoa, Srottaad ' nte notice will he given of the funeral Monet*.?tin Monday, F?b I, .*?> H .uifcat ana offleo. 1 and Mara Morgan, aged * mnathr F> i.eral thi* (Hrdneaday) mortung, at ten o'clock, from he rerldeaoe of hie parent*. 142 Went Seventeenth atrnet Mi Cot ???>' Sonoay, Jan 31, Joeti'ti. the youngeat ana 111 and Mary Ann MeCoy. aged 2 yeara and 2 month*. M?ta**o* -nti Monday, Feb 1, Harm Moiunaor, in the 4th year of hi* age. The relattre* an>t friend* of hta ramtly are mepectfully nvttcd to attend hi* fontral, from hta late reeldenoe 7A 'aet Ihuly Utlh rtrrct, betaeeai I.t g.ugton and Fourta a 5 _ - - Va'-eette*, on if'*jr, Fik 6, at oo? o'clock, ir! bout notice. MiC-un.--On Mmday J eb l,Law*s*ni McCain ,a?*4 It" yeirre, a native of Wnlorford, Irenvae but for over 33 years a of tbts tity !1i? (rleiiilM and tho-a of hi* ?<*'? AuUoaij J ?,J(j Thon?ae, tlto tbt memhera of Ttmplar t-adgr, Nr, 'jxi, y. A. II al-o ilir in< uibert o,' Columbian bugioe Company, S?, Id", ?"<i ?he N>b?"ro f'nfv nre leepeetfnlljr inv.tM to at U>li4 hie full, ml, tin* (W?diie?day) aiternomi, at two o'rhok Ifi-Iti tin- re?iilei raol hi* sen, %< . 32VHi*Ui bvoinmi. Naemi ?4?ii Tunfiv ?k. 2, firoaa* A infant eon <rf John Mini -mail Ami Serb*, h[^-< a mouths an<l 16 ?lay*. Hie relal1? r* and frieiMe of ton firmly am reaportfnU* invito! to Htleud the funeral, from the residence of Mi foliier on Thursday afternoon. at one o'clock. rumen ?In th'e city, on Monday, hob. 1, Jons J. Pa I Ltntt, in tin1 79th year of hie age Tfie relatives aim friwhU of the family are r*nnaete< fo attend b:* funeral, from Itr. Hutton's ehurcb, Wuihu feu ifMlt, fins . 'A', hoi morning at n>u o loeiu II.? ren aiaa will lie token U> Vrentcheater for uiUirtn-UL. h'tuirxicT.?On Monday, Keb. 1, Joiin b'amiaT, in the TOOk yrar of his age. The'VDornl will take plaeotln." fWednrsday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from bin late residence, No. 61 South Sixth Mroet, Wtllmm-h'irg The friend* of tbwtamtly are ren |*otfully invited to attend, without further notice Si.naK ?fin Tuesday mermntf. Keb 2 TnbokohmShmjm. Jr only moo oi Theodore and itarj Sigltr, aged1 year ant S months Tho relatlres and frtenda of the family are requaated to attend bis furcral, thia (TToducndAy) afternoon at half ya-1 on* wrier*, irom ibu mat rw^nty nrsi sireex, o#tweet Serond and Third nventteSwait* ?4m Tuesday, Feb. 2, after long and lingering Mines*, which he bore with Ohrtatlaa fortitude, Jobs w. b? akt, agist ;C( yearn anil if day*. Tim relatives, friend* and ariiuaititanres of the family, aI*o thtM of hln brother. rater Swart, also the member* or Enterprise I/jdgeNo. 3fi, I 0. F., likewise ManhnlUa I/ntge No. R, of treeniNV**, to both of whtah <mtW4 wo. a member, arc respectfully invited to attend his Pant ral, ou Thursday ufteraooa at one o'clock, from hia lata resales* e, 10ft Huiloik clieel. Hia remain wtil be takem to (Ireenwrod. Van Na**.?At Jersey City, Feb. 2, Rfjitinrni. wife at Capt. WUliam Van Noma, la the 30th year of her age. The relative* and friends of the funity are iavtted te mental her late rcsideeoo No. 00 Jersey avenue, nm Thursday. Feb. 4, procaely alien o'clock,.A. M. Carriage* will be la attendant- toriKt.ey them U> Port Richmond, Stalen Island, where f ri vices will be hold In the Detoh Reformed church, at 1 o'alock P. M Wait?>w ?Mr*. John Walton, uttlie s-hdi year of her age. Particulars in to morrow's paper. OOTTAUr. Under the IlaiiAin'e record of depa.-tod worth L, lawrence SMlarty, of Waterford, Ireland, eighty years nf aire, who (tamo to Aninrlra nearly li rty years ago and who has been e-nnected with Washington market more tbsn n spittrtrr oi a eentery. lie was toe lather ot and Anthony J McParty, the present Councilman of the Third ward To those young men in Washington market who bare grown op around tunc his sudden demise will be mrsl pa.i.lul intelligence. To those aged cilizeus who have long beheld hi. chewrlul face and venerable form in Washington market, hi:, eternal absence frt? his daily l?iet will cause tho profoundrst sorrow. Farewell I Ihou kind unit loo<l old mau ! thy rhildren weep at ; our departure, because yiai proti m d Ihem In childhood and Imparted a noble example, and gave them early edsration and Indulged them in the fervors and exhilaration* of boyhood, and taught them the principles of integrity unn patriotism. Farewell I and may thy pure and gentle spirit te serene ami happ) in the green i sit ores, and placid waters, and frsginlit skies of Its eternal home. * MUiK|LA WKOUS. A I, A l'Y WHO HAH HP. FN CI' OF (IKK AT NK?vioih dehlllty, after many yt-sra of misery, desire* la make known lo all fallow nlterer* the *ure means of relief Address, enelcsiiig ntnt|i to pay return pnolsgo, Mrs. Mary K llewltt. lloHlon, Mass., and the preanripUon will be less tree by next pn*-. Anriit AOII IIUKAI ii> * i',11 ttifl i?* Ai.niri iir.m?? pressure pla'o* lor artificial troth. Any one ran db?rern Its Importance at one* I he nlale eoeertny 'he roof ar palate ol the ntftulh wbi'hao mora Inlerlerea with nimtort lid taste, 'a dlrm-used with. Established 21 years. M. LJCVRTT, llenttat, 12 Wavcriey place, m ar Broadway. ERfPTIONB (VN THE RACK. Iir. hml'h ?Your valuable vaawnallc salve haa entirely* cured inc of a var thlrk eruption an my fare of 14 yeara. u has also cored * fr.end of mine of barber's t'eh J till.110. 132 Varick a tract. Tor aale at Tr. I.. 0 SMITH'S, 77 Canal street, near Church at, ui at druKKtata. (NIMON'R RYKUP IS CCR.!** BOHR I.IVKR COBT plaints aad weakly neruioM lhau any other preparation do* selling la market. Read the pamphlets. No humbug GIBSON'S SYRTP IN AM. CARES OP SKXI'AI. INC*. parlty and diseases of the spine or the kidneys, 1.1 ui.uctrst. Try M. For aale by C. H KINO, corner of Hrnadwap tnd John street. f 11Rf-ON'H HVRCP IH IN yi'AKT BOTTLER.?DEPOT I T ret WaabuiKtiiBatriiue Ainasv, N A f AlltbON'H SYRt P ON 1 IVKH. SCKOTVI.A OK WOMB IT romp'alm* Is eertal" rum. V liar n?a>e of Dea'b'a heal Irtead, mineral. <1.11. RINO, corner of Broadway anil .loh? atrert. /TIIMRON'S ^\KI V ( HANOI'S THE WHOLE CONHIvT lira of the bUxal, and ktllathe y>ul* it vrbtrb ferda tlsa f.rea of dtaeaae For aale by CHAR. II. RI.Nti, e.,ruer of Broadway aipl John street. H Ell KM AN. CLARK A CO"-- OKNI I.V? con I.M*KR oil hut stood the teat of oyer ten veara rvpertenre. ard la Ie otnm.oded by all the moat euon-nt pbyab tans a< 'ha n.oat valut blr remedy In ear for ''Oiioin I''ion. scrofula, .|eb4Uty, and all hlre^sei a- nvg fr m a r rofulor.* ur Imp v rtah e.l date of the Mieet ',V?i -ranted pure. mvoI prepared fr-ea r.,.l. rod tab l.v.r*. lv llEGEMAN A CO . *> lleeeoian, Clark A lit Noa Inn Tl'\ Sit ?"d 7ra> Betatlway. TltATT'd LITE BAid".AX RilELM ATI.'M IN ITB |l Mil painful Ru ma i # !s, all alrttri, HiM worai tawaa of tll- aaea<4 tie- l>bee> e-eat debility liver *Muplalnt. hid't ya, luclpb.Bt consumption, A a., n. .1 c?t-alal* co-ed by 'b-a yr-1' purteer HYATT'S MFC HA1HAM ClrRRl> K .1 WKHB. Va arebitot t. .No .?>a lir ! ??, oi rhetimaoatn of et?M months duration, shkh bad crtpyled and oudnnd blur to Via room. Mr. Webb v.aa 'A yaa.a old ?L. n this hik waa adee? *d HIATTUijy RAUUMCTMB oho KS ho. ZB R ath av nue. of aorolul* or knu< a evil. Tb < uloard had ties m/e?i thy rteaa Irom the neet, until the windpipe wad exposed II rurad Bra. (lore also of dyspepsia. LI ? *TT'S MFR HAISAM Cl'ERP MR R. RICR, NOB, II .U ilrmi' airaat and 21 Cllntoi markal, of Inflammatory i L hiualtom and gout. aflar bo bad boon crippled for raara. HYATT'S I.IT* RAIJAN (TRKD W*. Ml.tRKN, ? ??.* "nita > No. 'At Raada ?iraat, of >n olear "ovaelaif Liwh f nUf) Ira Tom knac to InatoPj tha fl-ah rotUag totba boam nTAlT'H l.irR HAINAN Ol'RIH WM.l.tT 'ARVI^ J 1 Rw| . Jlu. 277 IHcbaaU'-at. Brooklyn of daop and lai lb ')la nlortt on iba lag after hla pny u. iaur bad da.aled thai aa potation waa noroeeary to MX hla lira. HYtTril Mr* RMStk HAM <TREn loono t'AHM of ? inllar illaeaaaa. and It will n?wi rartalnly ntrwan* rata whii-h *n bamarkatf by nvdlrlna. If takan m a< oraain'r wilk din rilfina It t|o*>a not ?wii%in a jiarilrla al ttiarrnr? or any olhar delatarloni mlnrral. I'rinnpal I' pot, 2w(iira*A atrort. Agent lor Mfoklyn, Mrs. Hayra, 171 f?l> on atrt't't. "T7l-'R't'*? r0K TBK rOLOXIRM ?MR IlKMNRTTJ II ro w ?'"rv of the HrrnlutW.n. Ill 'hla w>k'? NEW YohKKM. To ba had ol all Iha new* Irnler*. EugrrraUk "H>V "fTlRRAII KOR TIIK COM'NTKH "'-ftKK BENNETT* U ii*'w mittry ??f ib** Revolution, in tht? MKW fORKKR. To !># bad of all ii>#* n#v? Knur % %>7 ^rrrRRAii ri?R THR CO|/>NI?S '-nmc BENNETT-h XI naw alory ol tba Key lutioti. In >bla weak'n MR YORKER, lobo had of all ibanew. Irilira, four cm U a <f>7 IT IS A IM.KAM'RE TO EAT TURN-WHEN ORDIN AI ry food h ia fallrd to arengthan, on account of ih- tr?obl* which thr rlnm*. b haa In dtgeat.m' It. WINO'N farina rarbera may ba naad ? great adynn'age Be a<ir? and get 'ha Iron farina rrat-kera. which ham ih?* nam>' of Wine ?* em pack no them. Thr*)' may b? procured of the bent gre era geoorally. RR R.-RAPWAY'B RBOI'f, ATORS WTI.T. HCR?, . efferUrrly and aprrjllt, tootlreoraa, Indlgan tloa. Inflammation of tba bowla. dyaprpnla, U?er romplatota, diaaaaa of tba baart, kidaay% f- mal? rem plain la, cmallpoi. ferera, ~t rim Aa . Ac. Wbnnerer >ba cyatam I* oat of rt# a doaa of Radway'a regulator* will raaior- W M regularity. No famalc *hoild ba without tb?m. R. R. R aftra Itu Fulton a'raal Naw korh. Mold by Irryglata and marrhaataarary wbara. STEAMSHIP OREAT EASTERN. OR t,EV| tTH \N ? Mat- Iba ll.u -TbATKll falNlNtN NkWtof lanoary Id* WH.IJfRR A ROObJtM, 41 Naaaan oraat. N T. CI!*OKK'I RRWTRO XACHIRRR -roR aij. maxok~ iMiurina purp<*ra Stn<< r a# win* ima< hiara ?w 1 ward tn llnprnaabln Th# pahlli-tnalat np< n baring'h#ir -Joi*Ihir, Ar , atari# hp ik#ai Alnfrr'a faan'r a#?ing markiaa It ': '??( nr*a#nu*il far < 'rnp-il'ion, and. name arraug?d ant full knowl#dfr of tka dtfr-tg of >thrr ib-vmom for alalia? tiara, h*? ird or r#mrdlrd ikm all. tl ta Ik* kmla?ai< ?. win* atarklm ?t?r mad#, and 'k# >atl#at to l#ara to >pw> rat#. lain* oar of 'bua# marklara ta an #l#*aat amoaroaawM Prtrn $1UI, wttk iroa lablr mwtpi#?? 1. M 3IRORR A " . Mo ?M Broadway STKARRR a MARVtJTR W1I.0KR PATKRT RAI.AMAMPRR 4 AFRH Plf'rra jr#ara la n##, and kata artrr tallrd to pr?MrWR thrlr roa'aata froai tho tatam <tf Ar# Tk* a# aafaa, a#car?d by our I.A RKLLR LOCK, W ki< k la proof aaainat nnwdrr and hwralara, tar ?a> by rtrakhh a martir, M Murray atrart, Raw Tar*. Jpilt" ORRAT "TKAMWIIP I.MVIkTHAR ' *"? I rradr. tt>? f-rrla'han nunibrr of h# t.'?Rta?R fl.l t ARATRI) T1MM. rontalniaa a kla'nryof tk.- rutin r??l? of cotxrurtloa and launching of 'Ma * I a ?r: to Mo arlik 'Aw awpi-at atat antra I luforma' Out rraf?'Hlnr Iwr ##a? A#r parUrotar and g#n#ral dlim-nanna, k#r |maamg#r a?-aam.rl?Unn, b#r m#ana of pmniilaton and ?aUrlpoled I I'Utlrat?d with rlgkt##n (org# -ngraTiura fwra pkot ? rap ha, lakra >iarra?n for lha |nirp?", riktiilUM It# tkp al ba rar1> oa tt?g#a of h?rrm?a'riH ion and !d#I?kling t>wwa nf h#r b"Wa. at#m. and hroadald#, and or tk# eradlrgantl tkr laiif-hIng larkl# whil# at aork, with a larg# grn-ral rtaw of ha taoaoh and foil tongth porfrpfa of Mr lironrl Mr. Anott Row ?#ll, ami of tka oikrr krirn'UW nam . nra*# l <m k#r rooairu Ion, alao a lart# nomhrr n< rrrtnmal rt#w4 mgtand ir tt? h- worklngdmwinga Th# l,#rlarh.m nnmh#r of ika I. o I oa llloaira'rd Tlmra r< ntalra an amount of aaiirr and #ti*ra? tlnia aoBclrnt to All an oclava ridnm# Prim Ibrrni*. Wild.MRU a RftaiRKA. 11 Maatan atrrrt R. T rllR CALICO BAI.I.,?LAPItS, If YOU WISH r<?R 'hta rkarltablo arth r wkltr aaun. khl tad liaaa itai'rr -oota and tllpprra, or India ruhn#r h.nita aad ?b.?-, of a.; ba rarloua rtylra, patmnii# J. H MU.I.KR A CO , #7 Canal at X^RRORKH' RLRCTRO CHKMIC IL BATIld, r$ RROAHway, Ihr only mtabluhmrnt atl#od#-l by Prof#??.,r t'rrpnra, the Inrra'.or llont, rhotnaailrai, Btrraoral llaraarn. WRDPtRO CARDS?Till FIRKRT ARD CBRAPRR* la I. otty. at RYRRDRIJ- > Rma-lway, aoraor j# Dnaan at . Katabllakrd I tat WHIRRRR.". RIRf-TKR, RIR -MY ORlll RRT WTIJU forco thrna to grow In alt wrrka, and rataan or >o|'irr th# akin i| a hottlr ?#nt to anr part of th# mtitttry. R. O. OR All AM, as Ranif atrrot. krlow William ATCIIKfl ~~~~ 71 A.wn .IRWfl.RT AT ORRAT RAROAIRS. At i C Al.l.RR'A, tnport#r Wkulratlr and rrtali, II W>UMrt#?. t-cta4*Mr