Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1858, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1858 Page 5
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v '(">. T t<l th?- kiim-i? nn?*-IV*? h (it, . i\ if Uu.i. kt. 'dla *tuiu oat to be irregularities In tbo ii? op ?t litur ?-lection t K. H Ii ' . Ail Hi I u1 I it. , tiiiu lip WW &DIKMU to hAVO l.t <j?:i -t'on i t d ua a* At drat he coald ,i-m ; ' ' '*" * t!i<" f* i atnr rmm II mot* was to earnest to .. ii. j tint iiP ana bis nrlleague were not entitled to ih. ppHt.) ?). j- ft, ip; ; tut -iiici Hi a Senator nat pressed l v tiiait imUi ?u<' i?'PtiuhCrt> , lit ktirttdjr and anxtci IT'"**! lllp MiVe>-ll|tMWi|. (). Ili^u.Kwt, " lti. v, /ivi.'a i oi Ml .- , remarked that tf tbo de. .{ . vu ma' ? taih subject tlu> ape tal oritur for to morI i, I'M "XCi'lriOU 1(? all i-ltier bUS'DMS, lie sllO'lld int? na C'tji -lit r Mr Um.k, iVp,i ,i.| N H .ifaiuadod that, as a quea < .1, . i f p, i ;lp . imu aweb.'uod to cousiiler aod so 1 ir ' ? ii fi>o ot this kind could bo post fontd ty t" ? ' ' 1,1' m-i nit? what ?uvantage bad etui a (juit .1 u i i| ) r? ??, ? Tii. u 11- motion. but said bo would rrnfwui, .j,,i.? .. " I .... l a KA.NfcAS MK>?AUE Vii O.I-B U'K"', up -Mr u t attacked the President's JiCMrwa, c . ' r . tiirory in tin" message was a :j oui'M t i un->reptereutauoti of the a(Tairs of 'I'ib* J ' -in h i not iu iiio country whsu tbo a-ika In;; p. <i. IK was romlmtea for the Hesi <' t..,y 4i r tiiu. iu orotr thai he .night be able to 1 I ' .. t'U 11. cntil Uio statement m the message, tL?; U ./ i-u.- Lti a a | wt.. i> I bo S'ecr lory soiling at tie b;u. o lilt uiiinuli.iu or Ibe la*s ot the luuil. Tuero had ' ' c i t) : rli i rai'ii iiin. Ib?r# While giving bis m-i-,1. . i.f 11? t i-ti 'y <.r Kaoiio. adaira, bo said mat Governor ttau. r %% lit ciert u.iu tbo objectof dividing the I-'. ^'.at(ir--n tnu of uniting tnt !>ee Slate democrats witt. t .p pio 'lurcrv men, so ar to make a it pro slavery den t.rrtiV'.- Stat'- Tuat war tii-< mission; and no man 'u .i . me labored more lailbioiiy or min'eelHcinMly to .?'( tiiplirl. olijii . bo ailuiluil to the remark made tl.< .-I it . by Mr. Tvery .ii, tout " I^wreucn was a sink rt Kui hilt), aim luliebo">3," and said that there was not i ii; ihi l*i u-'i ->l?tec of .lie rauie population tuat ' ' .e : r rr of mciriauit worth or perstual character ii a uito gmco. lucre wire more CuU-ge graduates Ii' > m any ctm : tr.. t? m its population in tnecoun* try t ?a u i iw abiding au I liberty loving population, lit- U..i uai'. IU i^"Uip ?ii couemuKon, saying that bo ?i i! ha . the c itMi'.u'.ioo wi'ti slavery tliau wi'h ' it it, btra- ie, with suvery. u rntgot be abolished, but at tl out .i wvuld be o-ijMual It was u perversiou of K t tr-nn. m tlm It -i nut or any body else, te that tlio 'ti'pie vl K'lcra.-, by voting for the elec; . >1 'I*i ibf I. rouiptCTi constitution, intended i: soy ?a\ lo give their sanction to it fh?y Viit to ti.o lialloi box on luu lourtb 61 .lauuit. ti b!< t out fori vi r that constitution. Tii'-y ' ur-vi ibt people Were against it by an overwhelm* . ? iiv or mi ti oa" rbey mean! to over" * ' ' ' - i nn in.! m.i.iru- in tiif I'rtrritnrv v.L. have violated justice una . turned their names bv ? a i, ' .ir un-l initiltrr The only way to do that v > i. ?ct tii< ri plcii|t?i agalnfl turn constitution, Hud ? I won > i . l"Tt', a- tiny U?i'. u. ask Congress and u t > itct it ar * f.'ouu i n (lit* people of Kansas. ; 11! - >'t. lairly and above hard proclaimed to the tl vv..i.c lue ' r. sidcut u.wrepruseuu and ii <>Uk V'i 1 iivt httl fuongh td this petty quibbling . i L ;-r a .tn<-tit t .\|ft to |f it ut tue other end ol tin; IV . t, i .tbi pi iilin?; o'technicalities 01 all p-it- 1- lit bruu?titii'iu a grt at question of this i v. -i . l> tu ait i-mse uuireges iu Kaunas kept , in. c' r it aw. T> r-it if at * ay a rule under tu* ' i tf ' ?m . i n: a"-it.g wt.ui lis the will ol' the i r.;,. v - .a , a have bad .Senators, Reprti ( t..ut .' -;. i r.i w Cuv? toe 1'ri-skleut, quibbling ou ti u . ii . li 'iiu.- ti} I'hioh the mb.diace iii to be ' i liie , ! : !o. Mr W unoa tut i a high compliuent to V: lx up i hu b.? manly mlvocaCy hi Hio great principle titli N 1 u bill in tip|K?iiiinti in the dictates of tno mi, i* : Krr itls toe Senator I'roru Illinois had bona r i k republican. Any man was so called who re, iM- ti - : j? irt llii- taut uutpiilf- this laat crowning ti to! .So matter H b's whole Ide had oeeo dem ted e iii mb rtrU nl slavery, if be pulsed now and refused'o afrent to Um b* p.ipable frauds, he was to be 11 u*lit d oul *. Hit J -ai.y. Vr 15 v. (wdm.) of Mtw , concurred most cor lially ill ti e in '.i til the Pit anient. Seldom hail he read a it,, .i fit o: (he .-nolo length from which he foitnd a.i lit t'a t>d|i..rnt There could be bnl two opiuioua relative to thru ( >|?t. three i nutta etc ny notional men of atl part T. en . ! and those entertained by sectional men on tie ell.t lie never expected the Senator from Hasto* iiuttus would concur iii lhi aigum-iils and couclu p'oi.a ! a Litici tl President whether he might be democrat, vim'-tin wing Nothing hut sootioual repubiir?. r. v-t . . 1 tin apptoba'.K n of that S caler, who audi a m's'alie itftupiMisitg that speeches, like old taiae, would improve stitu u*u For his own part ho < \ dtl:! a. -, and Oiti wiio iu a moderate degree? <' lis .1 .and hr reverenced old a^a, but ho abhorred hi oTit rp ivh delivered from year to year through a t. rm In-'i-Hii of proooodtag witp hiit nncrr -S t' would yield the door ii the qticauon could Mr I \ i.v, (opp.) of Jlc . vui<1 hi- wished to expresi ti; v. fut could not promise tnat h.s speecL woulu bo ii ;. rj t-lu-n i'L< Mr. l! x r<:f urnt-d. Io what bo had to say he did not expec* "< tout ,ho?e on the other side of the question. 1 - h-vto ttiey were Jot tied to their idols, aud bo woui l lot tin mi ulcLo. lit th< u proceeded to present some i m 1. at m, to tto mlt'Os of bis political friends, which '.t p-rim-* tnfl-tewe tbem tl tbey entertained aoy it ubl as to toe course tbey ougnt to pursue, and tn the i -t i - > mark. roi l t e i epublican party had Lot ti. - taUoxv c ..I' i xi-tcucc outside of the uou-sUtvebold .1 M /. - it Ml (ti i II Hi Hurt* to break Up the tUtHit},llim ab-oiutcly certa'n thit tin- .< miry would be uiTide-1 tuto two sectional parties. In t?.i ti'.obi the Lmon would be urawn asunder, and tli s ? . - a certr. n as that tin* sun rose this morning and w ul vt t to my hi. r r'. t Mi tuort, he said thit the Senator had < tnu-'.iii that the woolly heads wore floating trcfi n 11 sis. Ail he hat to aay was that If the : * " - wo . t tin woolly ftad-olooo, be-would be r. tots.hi- tt'Ht Ma; wuohy hea H would let the Senator u .ii.. ( < i'ii) I reit-were led n.ore ainiahle poople *t v rl I over tiinri then* Woolly heads Tbay w-re j itit sLeip on the N-nator's own pasture. eiiV.i x ( ; > head . reminded him of an anecdote which '" trat, d that Menalor's position. He had beard i a l d alio was siisptiled of slaughtering bf* til f!i ' The n< tfhbor. one day. c-ime sodlenlr tttiu lire, aii'1 said, '-Ah! 1 am glad I have detected \ou at tt-i i-otei ted me- in what if'' 'Killing my ,e?I " !(?? a eHrr." returned the offender, " be fv.ti ? lwiw yon charge toe with sheep killing." - Rut wi d i'. 1 did kill your ibrtp. I will l :'J at.-K?>'? sheep that hitis me while I am j i .11" "> mv lw?M. , 01, , e ? . c, and l< teoator* attend lo tbeir own l Mie-?.ut:d our aheep will never bite or disturb you vt ic v. arc |ie*ccably patuong over the road, (I.lug liter ) 11. I'.k. ? > ?m about to reply to some former remark* o' JMr I'oii^.jm., when Mr - * nu> (opp.) of N. Y., aald he was quite rare the I i t .,n icvronre could not b<> taken Hum evening. II?tbo'. 'h; t'.ry bait bttter ndjotitn. riioy could dtgiat what* senator from Mississippi bad raid today and Ilea re remainder ot Iiim np?'. <'li tomorrow. Mr. h". M (opp ) ot Midi , tiie-ely wished to ?ay that I mh attUe proper tune pay bin full reaped* to Mr. Hi. ?B crh ici-ms, anecdotes and all liter .?-l ?t tzecutive session, tbc Senate adjourned. Ilnute of Urpirwntatlrei. WAwrtaoToji, Feb. 3,18,>8, t -i ..A' >!- wrrneas aim rut Taairv tax c tiuatiou. T... .- r i at Arma informed the 8|*'?lccr that ptiraunot to ;ha or it r of the House, he bad caused the arrest of )u J t'. A itr.nii-'di. aeo bad b:tn it custody. it- (rp|. ) o'Ob'o. ottered a resolution that Mr. V. Mr-on he arr.?i|ttit'<! betore the bar of (be llouee, ? ' Spt-aler Miicukl prtpoiuid the filluwmg ipicnt.' aa:~ '' f?U n it rzrore hare you for not appearing before , tnttiee in pursuance of tb? suminona to do e.iooM "Till of February? id. \t. jou now riwaty to appear before said comi . . o.'*er turb proper oueatkb* a> may be prot" you the answer* to be In writtag and under Th' r. to .inn tree adopted. ,H xaio> mwved Mr tlVI'tnww br remanded | > tie cu?-?iy of it.e S. rtreat.t at Arm*, and that lie have oil to tm rrow. at on.-o'clock. to make hi* a *wera. Mr. .. .tfl i **s *grc able to the prisoner, with whom be I id O r.Totaud a? the Mnhject. the lint *n *w agreed to. nut at my AiraovRitrnw aru Mr Hi-am-v J.?w (ailm ) of I'a , from the Committee <i, Way* aid Meaue, reported the Army Appropriation I ill ! u timtx oi m rat At couwrmtk is rmt rax* or com. | rti iiiiao. m Mr IV (item.) of Va from the Committee onJKaval AiU'ta, ma-.e a r< t?>ri from the minority. concluding with a resolution Miat the aid of Com I'aulding in arresting Men. Walker u I hia follower* wa? not authorized by the In trurtlrns given him by the Navy tvpartinent, that while U.e r?.oinnit*e have no icaaon to believe that Oitnmodoro I'aulditc aeted from any improper motives or intentions, yit.Uiey i < *ar?l K as a grave error which .alia for tha duwppri'val if the American Ontigrem. Mi pHKawik. (oip ) of ohio, reported fpom the minority at the committee a substitute, that ftom. I'auldiiig In arresting (ht Walker and hia associate* and returning them to the I mte.1 Stater, arte.) within the aptrlt of hi* Itntrur t.onw and deserve* the approtwMion of hia eountry. ' Mr skwarip. (ertm )n:Oa . remarked tnat he had hi* i own views. and would eepn-es them at another time The report was referred to the Committee of tho Whole on tho sUte of the I nion inssioxs hmjiers or thr war or 1r12. Mr Havaii*. (nilin.) of Tcun.. from the Committee oa Invalid Pensions, reported a hill granting pensions to of fleers end soldiers engaged In tho I net war with Creat (tritain end there In Indian wars during thet period, end moved ti< p.atpmi on nt till the 24th of Vehrnerjr. Mr. Jnamc{adat.) of Tenn., said thia wee one of tho most ItnporuuilqiM itmaa ever prw?lle4 to Congress, aud fiiToUni the expenditure of ten million dollars Mr 8?ta?r did not went this Mil to be prejudiced by ?uch r. mark), anil pledged himself thet ro tee as he win ootcerreri the rubiest should hero a free and full dl?cua elon He hxd maite his mo ion that the House might act upon th'- bill without waiting in tho uncertainty attending its r? fef? nee to the Committor of the Whole on the state or the 1'tirin me oewi co.wnwnm srjrs Tie ?|u< ticui wa.j undetermined when Mr. Harris. (xdm ) ? ' I'l , railed up the report of the Committee on S ection;, i<s'iertng it inexpedient to jrant Mr. CampMdl, ot ohlo, w ho?e seat N contostod by Mr Vallandighaui, further tin e tj take supplementary testimony Adehah ensued,and without iaking the' quMt'on tho llouee edjonrned. Ptrrttng ef the Wew Yerk State fflevllcal Sorietjr. . . ArRtnr.feh 3,1*fi? The New York State Society commence I its ri nnel owslon here today. The time was consumed in reading end dbunissing various papers To night f?r wtllard, l'r<Ki?|ent o tho sorl.dy, delivered en eddreee In the Assembl)' chamber before a Urge audience. Rartileg of a Poet Office. Marc? Om-xn, Feb. *, lege Th? Post nmre at .Summit Hill and the adjoining store lutvo bees dcfWoyd by ire. Ail letter* wcie burned NE1 I.ntrif from ?hr titwtr C'apttnt. KANKAH NOT blbKOHBD OK?NO MW OlNll. AI'MTOH < YKT?OMAVB QI'kMl ION M HMITTbO To Til* ATTOarJ?hV UAMtKaL?KKPKAL OK TUN ACDITOB LAW? ' L'AbTLK UAhllKN ?LKOLSI.ATIVK rHAYXUH, KKJ. Ai.baky, Feb 3,1*M i Thin morning the members of the Senate, and the ua > dtenre outside, were again regit*! by another Kuwn . pooch from f*nalor Pitta. The rwduttous Introduced by birn on the Bret or feecocd day of the s.?e?ioa not liar I log been disposed of, aiul Ui* arrtvil of the I'roaideot's . recent message, afforded a favorable opportunity to eon tume the distusriol). Mr. luveu lathed President lid t chanati with much fur; , and thought if the rucommouoa ' tioi B of toe message were carried out it Mould lend more , than anytb'Og else to the dissolution of the general compact He thought it was necessary that instructions 1 In aitp mamk/\f i\\nnr padc ohnnltl hn cant iv?r#h*l*i#h ai ? much farther delay might be productive of ont to the country. Senator Wodsworth remarked that if Mr. In von was so anxious for speedy instructions nearest the Lc compter. constitution, his side?the democratic portion of the Senate? were ready then to tike the vote upon the resolutions of instruction. This sermed to soraowhat stagger Mr. l>iveu, who Dually refused to lake the vote, as he bad much mere to say In relation to the question of admitting Kansas under the Lrcotnptcn constitution. If there war. any sincerity in tho professions of s|>eedy action, why did the republican Senator prevent the vote from bung taken to Cay4' Though Kant-os wa* bleeding at every pore.aud tho democratic Senators ready to staunch tlie wound, still the re publicans said, ?' Bleed on?we are opposed to quieting the agitation or heal tug the wounds." A lew minor appointments were mode iu executive see ston to-day. The name of the Canal Auditor to eu|*ocsede Mr. Benton will not bo sou in until the roturo of Lieu tenant Governor Selden, us his casting vote will bo roquiiodtooual the present incumbent. There will Ih< a struggle in secret session in relation to this matter. Fly the bye, why not endeavor to hold o>cn executive Bestir n?, and let the public know some of tho reasons why fituhlul public olllrera are overslaughed r What say Sena tors Johnson au<i U. U Wheeler f The House this morning, without a dissenting vote, agreed to ask the opinion ol the Attorney General whether ttey, by tb> tr own action, and also that of the Msnote, aro not now invalid legislative asseuiblies. The fa-u that uot u Uisrenliug veto was uifered would seem to indicate that the members, after reading the IIkrald, are not exavtly 'Htisilod cf the r constitutional oxc-tence as a brauch of tlie New York is-gisUtwre. What then!' Why, his Kxeelleucy the Governor con tben issue his proclamation re i' cm nog ttc Legislature, becan-e on extraordinary exi geccy demands i But it will ignore the hunlrra days, snC tnc lr g's aturo may remain in session until the 3lst duv of lu etml-or next, at three dollars a day lor the wuclft term To obviato such a deplorable evont, the At- t 1MB) j Gtneral iuuj po.-sibly tlnul. prudent to decile tbit Sunday i>? iiot recognized umoDg tho okT adjournment 1 days f'? tiGcns ore pouring in very numeiouily, g'gned by tho rivti o ctai.-of people who aro always over righteous m c iery thing?remanding the clot tug of canal locks on siuadays. Mr. liutuiiusou, (rep) of the Howe,MaaMto pri-enl most of them. and he desired a special committee to rt|>ort opon tho subject instead of the Canal Commit tee or the Canal Board, which the House grouted h m. 1 lliut mailer lias been settled at least a dozen times here ' toiore. Mr. Hnnford, of Wtllsmsbarg, will introduce an amend- ' meet to the Gambling preventive laws. He will propose to abclieh ull jienalucs of imprisonment, &c., ami xubst. J lute lines alone therefor?tbe informer to be eutilled to out tialt the amount iLllicled upo the olfr-nder. 1 Mr Chuieh, (rep.) of Jefferson county, Intends to in- , troduce a law providing for more judicial tribunals. It fcenis the people are greatly deticieut in his border county. He desires district courts to bo established in each Assembly district for the trial of all causes where tho amount docs not exceed four hundred dollars. What ! is the matter with the county courts of Jollorsou.' Hundred* of petitions are pouring in from the lobby, eating lor canal damages. Mr. Horlon, chairman on nairna, will be much annoyed by the vagrants during tho session. Can he resist importunities ' It will soon be hi on. , Mr 1 aning, (dem ) from Erie, has given notice that j he inU-uds to introduce a bill repealing Mr. I'phain s political Canal Auditor law of last session. It will pass the j House, but the bctialo is in deubt, as the opinion of Mr. Slow is not yet known. Mr. t-'mith, of New York, brought forward his resolu tious charging the Cotumisi!loners of EmigraUou with I mud, tuid a nil unking Castle Gwnb-a a MMMa B J wanted a committee of investigation to bring Mr. Vcrplanck, Mr. t arrigan, Mr. Kennedy, > mi sinners, and Mi. John K. I>evbn, atandlrg attorney, nofnre a committee, to answer certain interrogator.?:*, ihe subject W;t3 referred to the Committee on Commerce, to .iscertaiu wh'thrr a ruftlcient nmoust of reliable charges could bo produced to war rant the intervention of a select commit ti> , to send tor pcrsi us and pa|x.-rs. Mr. South charged 1 that the authorities lit t'astlo Garden speculated U|s>n the jsior emigrants, and staled as a fact that tickets tor any iwl'.it in Indiana could be procured live dollars cheaper outride the Garden than inside, and tbut tho sunt of lour dollars and sixty live cents would bo raved by ein grants going to Iowa City by purchasing tickets at the nolrout i dices outside the Garden. He sated that Mr. Vcrplanck, President ot the Commission, was -carcly ac-|uaintM with the detail?, and had not visited the emigrant depot ban a duaen since the lease of Can tic Garden. Tho ocrcocrnt: are attarbtbg some importance to an ar tirlc in s New York penny paper ol > terday.on account tdcit the proprietor is a member of ib House from Rrooklyn, nnd professes democratic feelings. Tho test will bs liiade before tho clote of the see-ion, and then It will be s. Mi who is irinrd nnd who toe. i A large number of bills wore introduced to day. mostly of a prvsle character, and very soon the business will crowd both branches Into more working bourn and earlier daily meetings. Tbire is it. at difficulty in tho House with regard to chaplu'n Heretofore the Albany clergy have done up ell he spiritual mailers, but now tbe Trojan and Greenbunb neckcloths are askug for a portion of the tressury funds. Tbcrub.itct wst up again to day, but no re utt loiiowed. In the meantime the must fervent prayers are otl'cred up every morning. SEW YORK LEtilSL.VlTRK. ImsIS. Auu.\\, l ob. 3, ISM rrrmox* By Mr. Piutt, (dem.)?To stunnd Ilia law relative to the Oral division of militia. By Mr. Lovmj.vp, (rep.)?To amonl tho law rolatlro to ' the Mate prisons. r.rmtrw. By Mr. Kit, (dem.)?Kavorahly, relative to tbe New York Juvenile Asylum. 1 vcrnciw or J By Mr. Noxojr, (rep )_To amend tbe code rclatlva to , rules aud decuuons ot tburls. . SAvivus MMHOTHMI ! Mr Wy e bill annulling the law relative u> sat iDgs in i stit t! >ti? provides? I i'lohibtts any saving! institution from dep< siung in ! s- one bunk n. to than 'JO p?-r ccniot its temporary d<?. . |s-tts. i?r.d tui t depoeits shall not t xcecd 9100.000 in any ' ore bank. i. .v. >? ;: ? * laaio.urotis to pay niirj to tuesr < Frr-cldcnt. bm n anrh a contingency he Jeroto bta ^ lime and attention to Dm duties of hi* niili e. , arm* wonaa's mmiii. j Mr Hy's bill propo?a* to trrwnikhe rlr?t -action of tho j art to fount a M*io Woman * C.mpital, am follows;? Retrr Ocoper, Ron) F Butler, Han T. Trim'to, Robert R Mlnturn and their nraoclates a? hereinafter prnvld'?l for, shall constitute a tiody corporate, with power to estatiliali, maintain and conduct a hospital In the city of few York lor the treatment of di>ea*o? peculiar to women, and lor the malnti nam a of a I) inir in hcwpital?the Hoi I pital to be known aa the V imaus Hospital of the Stale of f n>-w York, The sixth *e, 'ion to he repealed. The eighth section to read a? follow* ? \ Not Ic*a than eleven tiovernors shall constitute a quo .ruin Tor the purposes of electing olltoera, making by lawa, J or lor holding any clll-.ial meeting. but for all other purI men and at all staled meeting? aeron aha I be a quorum sum rrwwn. h A lion top the Ih.fTelo, New York and I'rle Railroad Com- ? imnj to acquire a title to lands K To amend u?e charter of the Orpbana' Home of the I To teetant Iptacopal church of New York. To ic orporate tho Mercantile Library Allocation of v Brooklyn. For amending the chartsr of the city of Hudaon. To establish a ferry arrows Oynga lake. The Senate then went Into etecutire a? salon. AmnnMy. AtJiA.vr. Feb. a, iSott. The Cuuui announced the appointuieuU, wliK h are the tame aa published, except IL Arnold aa Deputy Clerk, w n bore name la now left o(T. 1'ivi 11 iojhi j-j By Mr. Plan (dem.)? For an appropriation of l?,000 mt of the sale of the Araenal property In Now York lor he ererlloii of an tre'iul at HatUburg. Ry Mr. Hashirh (dem.)?For Uiu extension of tho Ct 1 BOI 1 ii-e to negroes. 7 lly Mr. IIiktr (rep ) lor tho Incorporation of tho rurnvereln In faet Rrooklvn Meaar*. Vss Mors, Lift m.vans and uthirs?For tho losing of the canal locks on tho Sabbath. Referred to a Ijieeial committee of Are By Mr. lit mm it n (dam.)?For tha rmoeal of Qtiarui!? . i7 nr?*r? jirinr (ii' m ) and tjirron (iem )?For ihe inienrtment of the International Bridge law, and to au- <" ' bonso the city of Buffalo l?> gnarameo the payment of y, he Interest on the Bridge N nrte. By Mr (rep.>?far the rollef of the Chatham "* h< k "I 17 Mr Rievi*, (rep ) ami other*?To abolish tho office cr f scUm 1 C4WHiL?sl?aier. Ry the Si k.?ksh -From R H. Crook, fbr the neat in the ! t?itubly occupied by Mr. Frazeo (rep.) of Onondaga. op \|-?yor an appropriation of l.iceoae money to tho A>y- by nin for taebrlatM Only one petition was preeentcd from Xew York, and bat lor a change of the name of a private citizen. re IMPORTS. a|j By Mr. Wkir, (d. m.) from the Committee on Citiee and . tillages, pre-ented tho flret report of the session. It wan avorable to the bill amending the act to authorize tho n>i It) of I'ttca to tike Mock In the Rtark River Ibtilroad. op t>n motion the bill woe rood o third time and passed . The nae of the chamber Ihie ovenmg waa granted to the !tate Medical Society. " The annual reports of Uie several New York banks was re weired. Wl rrmrrs or mtiA Ry Mr. Rr?m, (dem )?In relation to perjury Also in 111 flation to enviii|s banks cr W YORK HERALD, Till' My Mr. 1.jh/r, (rep.)?Yor the prot*Uca of members A (Im< Mutual li>o<>r?i>< ? (%hii|nu>w? Dy Mr Mooiu:, (*eir.)?To amend the Darlem Railroad tol Al><i, In inrrn^r llw duly on Mlt Also, to amend Its Net re'aiu g to parooun Itj Mr Skujiy, (dem )?To amend the Mow York Conotuialcd Singe (M l. Also, to proudo for the bolter reguJDH'li of New York City railroad*. b\ Mr. ram., (rep.)- Tu amend the New York District Y.tiri set I?y Mi Smith (il. m.)?To regulate lite appointment of ten ringers of fire alarm heiU id New York. Py Mr sntik.ssom (dew/?Yo amend the Median 1 s' Jen law. H> Mr. Tarvts (Jeoi.)?To encourage breeding of imn?. Also, for lite ooustr notion of a In 'lee car oa>i D WotfbcrU-r. I'j Mr. M.i-ls (Jem.)?In relation to the otllcc of burro[ate in New Y'< rk. D} Mr ap>s.*h (drill.)?To a|?propriate money to St. Ha?7 b Ho:-pit*1 iu Rochester. i<> Mr. C. llsiits (iop.'?Kur the U cation of tlio Central tailioml l< inpHiiv for highway purposes. l!y Mr. Kt'liaaro* (rep.)?lor an appropriation of cxlife n otoy to the poor of ((range county. liy Mr. Wacxk (s-m.)?1To pay clerks' hire in the Su runeOmrt. r> Mr ("hi koh (rep )?To rstaMUh h district court In 'mil AhretoHy district, with diminished cost* of su t? tinI. i $400 lly Mr. Mt Nin?To amend Ui? Iiilernatsinal Bridge Ml By Mr. Lakmi?To enable tho city of Buffalo to gua 'noire payment of interest oft International Bridge stock By Air. Huckkk (Am To repeal the Tiinity Church ic? ot lb 14. Hy Mr. Byckma* (dem )?To appoint a gas inspector of Hew York; also, for the removal o! obstructions in the darb-m river. By Mr. Mt shah.. fdetr..)?T? enableRichtuoiidcounty to oan FiK.tiey to lbi> i-SaU i. Island Ritilroud. BII1S IVTRtinrCKD. By Mr. Reach?In relatlur to jurors in Kings county, ro appoint n Co n. miss inner of Jurors to summon jurors, nuke lusts, ; to require Jurors to sorvc only threo days it a time; lo enforce the fine of $25 |ier day for absence, 'no to make it a lion en property, lho ob.ioct is to 1m >iove the character ui'jurors. Also, a bill iu relatiou to ho Brooklyn ferries. If provities for an annual statement if ttc Misincrs of the ferry companies, and on these stateut Lis are rates ol ferriage to bo regulated annually. It Kmpall the companies to run at as low a rate of faro as s.ssiblr alter the payicout of a dividend whirh is estnetert to ten per cent. By Mr n?mofd (dem.)?To incorporate the Ancient Irtier ol Hibcrniane. It is a bcucht society Icr the aid of .Id and ii.tirm members. By Mr. I.A.MetAr-Kor repealing the Canal Auditor act of ast SCNSKn. By Mr. IIvckman?To incorporate tho Washingjoa Jt.Vary Vnieu.ot Now York,tor the sole purposeof ra'Jnsaitg and conduct ii g a literary association. Bv Mr. Hu.i-. ksk (u-.rn )?To incorporate tho American fci-ool <>l Mirn-rs By Mr. Cmm'scty (dem.)?To prohibit tho banks of psno of New A oik ana lirts klv-tt from acting as savings )ank>, undi r a iK-nnity of $1C0 per ouy, but allowing the ay niet.t of inter ;st > >" Uiem on dciKi.its of $500 or upa arils. Mr. hmni cal'ed up the resolutions ini|iiiriug inlo the illa'is of Castle (.anion, and urged tnoir adoption in somo .llesitlod r> marks Air Di'HYKA opposed them. Tho resolutions were rehired to the Committee on Cornneree and Kaviguliou. r' iin>] ivbmui niuiira? i nr iiniinu vftrrn, | taUMfUl, Feb. a, 1858. The County Convention to select uelcgaua to tbo State Pemocr.'tic Convention held a stormy session buriug the lay ou coulestod seats. Several Ireo ll;;bls occurred, dur ' up which the rejiortora' table v> s demolished. TUe mti I.ccompton contestants generally were admitted. Another immense audictiie assembled at tbo Academy if Music to ''Iwra Giovanni.*' Tbe season enda sere next week, alter which the Ircvjc wih i;o to Holt, norc. rtir P timing of an Ohio Infirmary?Four Liven Lent. CuTMULtNt), Ohio, Feb. 3,1868. litter reparti state th:.' four |>orsoMi were burned to lentil at the lire at Ashtabula Infirmary, at kingstille, last night. Race* at Charleston. CiiARuerroN, S C., Feb. 3, 1858. In thef^ur niilf race to day between lix/.ie Ma Iliuaid fformerly Sue Washington), Nicholas 1., Tar itivor and tchockoe, for the Jockey Club purse of $1,000, lizzie Viae] onald won in two "*IT%H boats. Tunc, 7 41', and i 40t,. Subsequently a coil rare took place, iu which ; lovernor WicklilTe won. United States Snprente Court Washington, Feb. 3,1858. No. C2. Hydo and Oglceby vs. Henry h.Stone. Argued ; >n botli sides. No. 64. Wm. It. I)o.?n vs. Nut ban Masai ct id. ArguKent for appellees commenced. V Wrttk of Utt Klraitier Pre lVr. WASinauroN, Feb. il, 1868 The Charleston CYtrrfer of tlii.- nu.rti.u,; retsirts the iteamer l'ee D?o wrecked ou San Augu'tine liar She was employed ui tor w arding stores auc uoop.t to Florida. No lives were lost. \t rather tf the Nor:hern, Faciein, Western and F?>utbern Tela giaph lilies.?OUlco 21 ouilsoeoh Msie, IherPlacitt. Fill. 3. ino'trr iToaariU Jalaid A. M W. 32' Cloudy, m p. M I W I 23* Clear. 31. John. N. B.. A.M. ? 20" Cloud?. ? ... P.M. N. VP. ?* Cloudy, app. snow. 3nckvlit? A. M. t. W. 20" Clear ' P. M W. 23" Snowing. Char'ntUtown.. A.M. X. W". ? Clear ?nd ' "Id ? ... P.M. W. ? Cold and cloudy. Hakiax A. M S. W. ;U* Clear. P.M. W. 40' Calm and drizzling. A. M ? lh* flight itnon. Montreal A. M ? 93* Mild Toronto, C-W... A.M. ? .10* CI. ndy. Detroit A M VT. 30* Clear Buffalo A.M. W .10' Cloudy. P. M W. 30* Clear and cold. Cleveland A. M W. 33* Clotidy. Bnrllfiyton.lowa A. M W 10* Clotidy. Jnne-Mlle. 111.. A M V W 10* h.-M, Prairie da ("Lien A. M N. W. b * C* Clear. Fallon, 111 A. M V. W b.r. 4* Clear. ft (oote A. M N'. W. 3' Cloudy. Reek Island.... A.M. F. 0" Hear. Luluauo. A.M. K. 10" Cloar. "prlfcltW'l, Til.. A. M ? 10* C[v?dy. A Ji s * r Wnt. Toledo, Ohio... a. Hoody. PituIn.tir A M ? Cloudy. Colutnbua.ohlo A. M ? W* Clear, loiiwvllie, Ky.. A.M. ? 40' UW OtofiuJMti A. M ? 04* Cfa?. Philadelphia .. A. M W. 47? Clear PAelpirl A. M W. 28* Cloudy. " P.M. W. 2a' Clear. Oawegn A M. W. 01* Cloudy. Washington.... A M A W 48" Clear. Sueum A.M. ? 4.') Cli'*f. pli-auu*. KltiytieldMaa. A M ? 40* Cloudy,raw.chilly. he?ter P M. ? .U" Clear and pfcetanU bTnu't .... P M W. 25 Clear and cold. (Va P. M w .15* C'n. dr. Sew York P. M ? Ad* l ir and <tarlirhC sew tirkana... P. M. K. NT. f>4' Cloudy, abowury. Hetnpha P. M V. f 37* Cloudy. S'aabvule P.M. ? A4 fickaburg .... P. M ? 43* Drizzling ra n s'atob** T M ? 4s Har.n.. sewHaeen.... P.M. W 38* Cl*a: lartiord P. M ? 00* Cloudy. Market*. ph 11. Ai'Ki fill a mm not nr. hnuminto, l>k 0,1488. storka ?teady. Prnnrylvnni* llva. as ; penn rlsaoia lailread, 4o\ Reading Railroad, 21", , Morris Canal, 45; otif It land lU.lruad, 10?,. Ntw OKUUirt. Feb. 3. 1454. Cotton canerallr tine banged ; aalea to day. 4 t'HW ba.ea. P?la?>"M, 20e. Flour lirm at 84 .'A. Sfllow eorn, 5> Might* firmer; cotton to Uverpuol in KuuiMh veaaeU 3 Aid., and u Ainci ican veaaula l.VA'Al. Moiri k, Feb 2,1838. The ?ale? of cotton for the l.wrt three daya add up in 000 ale", and the receipts, 13,800. The market cloaed to <lay i th an advancing tendency. Middling Arm and active at 9c. Katawah. Feb 2,1488. <>u< n- Solan to day luOO balca, at 9c. a 10Vo.?an ad ancc of '. c. Rava-Svab, Feb. 3, 18J8. Cottol.?SuAa toilav. ..*|0 ha e? at 0 .. ? l.i . AtlMli lit., >'*h. 'i, 1S64. Cotton mwkM Arm sales lo day 1.000 bole", ill# market losing Kith Ml adTan.'tOg tandem V. A> ilCTVA. Feb. a, 1*W. Cotton market firm; aales to-day, 1,000 bales Cnssrnsmv, Feb. 2,1W tn day 2.200 hair a. thr market closing ilh an atlvaiM iiik teodeix y. Middling ratr 10',r. a 11c. llmurT'i. Fab. 3, 1*4**. Cotton advancing , sales to day, 2,400 boles--middling ir at 11c. Our Wiihin|ton Cormpanitrnrr, Waiwixoto*, Feb. 2, UM. hr .V?f? nf $*\*r+imp ChoyAmin* to lh? Army an A .Xtrrtf? H'hy thr ,V.w> t'.rrk Tritvnr B ant'a sharp?A fY$* lor* PnAp?The tart* qf thr tkmr-~Jark Tar A / ?'#?? /fnmih* Iritmor I'rmmrli <t?? /ffn?frr?'?Vi???7k? Oiffrrrm ' tvlvr-n ft '? arui Fhnry?rt? Ti Smn* Office in Sr..I iy"rt Chaplain, <t".., ?fc. The accepted mode of selecting Chaplains fbr thn armv id navy of the t'nitcd States U roni1rmn?d by tbr New ; irk Tribun? in a recent article, as a system " worse tlian lean," the payment nf the salaries k denounced as a beer robbery of the Treasury," and the federal gov nmert in advised to ' dismiss its army and navy chap ns, and nerer employ any more swept by fair and n vote of the crow or regiment which is to be profited their services " No doubt yonr 1 ourlertto free lore temporary would be glad lo underl i ne the sy?t -n "f lig'cn Instruction, not only in the artm acinar but >o all ovar tbe land, substituting therefor the principles free love aa ?at forth in Mr Albert Rriai>aii<> a farsnl tnlfestn In the llssA'n. Itf course tt dare not do this enly end fairly, but sbieliia it< real obyi t by the pr? nee that the system ot sab-cling chaplains Is wron.' at the religions opinions of a makrity of the rrews or glmenls are nit consulted, that men aie eomt bed to irahlp rtmlrary to the dirtaiea of their consciences, and at (he com mo'ores and cap'atn-i in the ma ortty of cases tiijrl the ore of I be 1'rotcMaH Fplscopal l.'"rgy, acd RSDAY, FEBRUARY 4. 16? thereupon a sanctimonious wail, etmiim to its er- " " lilt Kmuw?," U net up. ! *' Now, I suppose that the Tribum ie not the saV prrrr;,- 1 f.'( tcr uTUi* be>i?fli every m ki/s rlgtit to lit* rr'lR ' r r uicike, or U?e originator o( that liiae houoreu docti ;. 11- . simple queatiou is, whether that lUhl In vl?lat<<1 lathe I present tic third of selecting chaplains. Th? T> >!tmr r?c fc tondn thai it Is. 1 rouleud that it in not Men Wnojf U.* J,, rmy orravy arc t-upp g. a t > be < igniauito: th" rtgria j j lions, arid tf they have ''coosoteotioo" ecnipl* ?" H ''iM , ' ihint all th*. buvt* Lt no la t*s k# *r. . v.t rtf Lh/ ' service. Ii it very true that alter lin y euh=l ?*?oj <r\ compeikd to attend Hivinc urrib , hut it i> al.-n truo taut | U"} sre cot ronpelted to enlist It they to not wish to worship MotbeiM on the ship do, they are at |??ifn-? ;

liberty U> slay Ml home. uii pursue thew'detutiowk ubBiO | j' IcBhJ If they joio, ignorant oT the rules, thai u ti.rir ; own lault. ?no the; must take the ronsiqneDc 1 ktupcct, however, that neither our Jack Vara nor our | nsoldi, are celebrated for their piety, unit that th. y it I * tend f itvino h?t vice precisely m tliey would reef a linen., I ' or charge a regiment ol tlrigiiaiii Vovug's wives, uousiuer , '' ilig that it wan ail pain lor to the month a wages. i'ht uif- I" Hiol'> certainly would not W memied by toe Iriliya't method of putt Eg th, mattei to vt to, since In that case " th, minority would hate to uko the re! gl"h ot the ma v jorttv, .luat on tht 7iif.nne alleges they no* hide tut roll Jx gion Of t'nein ttuii, or tlso?as would immt pioba ,iy he ("v Uio result? the chaplain. would he Vototl oul almgllhoi xH " a un,err appeudage t' ' Hitl men if a lew men should jo.n tiie service itinerant ' * Of the rules, Would it nit he a g riatei ovil U> deoi ive the Otbeii , f tie b, in fitet leligioun ai,it hip ttiun to al oW t.,? '' few to take fbo consequences of their own ignorance ami ' Iooy The*e m no rule in the service e impelling theiu l>i '' believe what they h, ui , or rest, uiini g lutui lrom pursuing > then ticvoiiohb it. pn> ah at ihmr lou<dre: and aui> l) the.i ' 1 t:me might he ln-s pri.tbably i i.ployed evii than in hiar J ir.g tbo Protertait Kpta ot'al liturgy. More Uncle Ham 'L choose s to pay theiH lor liateou g, wliat hartu uao ti e.e he ' ' tn their coiog so? *v An oovioiis object ot tha Tribune >a apparent iu tlio ?',ie h Ulutratirn which It cat produce in support of iu. theory, t1' an-1 whieh is a? dure and malicious a on dirts ti ot 'act, a- Cl ctmld be conoudea This n> a proteinic o history or tue caper cot i.hap alo Joseph Hockbrwgo (IWpiist) ou the Sacuit ah in lhhr, alleging that ho wa- g'ca. ly perse ciite.d because he ret used to use the "rulcstaot KpHCopal *'' lit ny;thattb?ottcwarefuaad toaaMdbuanttb J? bis Srtuay school was brevet up thst u yutner olbcer of hl mat ints ibiewu tor tiler of water at him. ao,i that his 0 irr n, ol position, in flue tee KL i in pi ri?niu<-H |r?r useful 4 ' 1 oss wtic completely broken up. because be md not see lit tv utc tni liturgy of another cburcbthah that of which hi was u men.Vr 1 N, ? i happen to know the tacts o' this CMe, from re Pn C< rt'e !n th, i ttlco ol llio Scuts.v ol the Navy. Tue 1 chaplain l.'i quoc'iou -endured hm-" ' cbnosiocs to tl,e I c olhi uifi hy lis " t.nclerlen Mine net i tot i and maut.or at the t cs? table " so that " bey ot n the is-rlo'tiisnce oi di hi, ML, mi v n .ii was ciflicu t tolelect the minister ol the g, + pi I to 1)> behsvtnr;'' 'hat the Ihiowing ol tli -tumble' I n uhIi i Kt 1.1, ii i if k am iii" ein.xt to i. learn lieiwir. tn< tlirofilrei aii the ? Lin 1'iiBilmlMil" Chap air. In wind tnr- ihlli r ll m niileO l' al Ue fi r u?r w?c a bar; that lite d .l.i 1.1 > ii?t from ibe tbupl cKitrjing en uuo jc ' ehuit i>l ibi gorvi't? <>l a mr v&hl ?M' >. wvtiiuiii in to both; am". t\i?. ihar.ucn ?t re prelerrod agaiirt bolu tor , then conduct y Tl jeply if ib, P?eretar; it the Nav; to tbe c "inmui.1 f,, entice of tbe OcrBiinHwt, Mat ng'h< (acta, was a* f?i low- would mu be rccogn.zed up ih? garbled quota (lj^ tlera of the Uritmm t? 11 Yeu rrtU t<ap to tbe fLnpla.n aud lb: I ' uttoai t (>: \, ru.01-, that i ? ti nit-Tiir it i ceneure of lb mir im-nl *.?r *< n Lit . nduci iu tee meeatebh Win Mr Wteckbrldge J,1, tun c uiitr'i n il ? iii tt.i bo} waning on I Ji uu-niti l l> in J arocewbutIBM ui?nniT( uni! tlun Mill,"HI* hlM," ] (w . be ?urt ij actid iti a t* antic I in'. > become g a e'er 11 g>iiiiin. ar.o well Oili u'nte', to f xnto Lieutenant B to act W? liupioptrly. It. in alto uiinli to b aim It ?t< hut iluty N to bun restrained L i-b toper, and to bate reported un I ' ccj urrct ce tc bis rotoniandlog officer Tt,o Ttil/unr rnnvc b nt;7 forgiti to quote tfcia part of Stcietaij bobbin's teller,tost- uting iUe I witb tbt> (acta | Implicating ibr idhtcr in';, a-;.l picdlcatitg upau ibis j, garbled statement tf. a*gun>er t fo'reform. Toe* bo tn i la a tit arron.p&iiliiif'bt to the T- ihunt * fooli-h ax A< | tsutnpt jls; and ulloidt, al Hie name tune, a lair specimen of srj .e r>( argument it a cb?, .ail, it Lii-iied anj jV . whore, it ig i rTiain!) In tbe TVi'tomc ofllce; nod I pr-po-c C|, ' that too War Itcpartmeot detail one tc that p.rst >.n f Immediately. m fb Lit lmt lit IjoIu Nviitl nn Beautiful Wmnrn. f!1 to I Tbe ujiuctin: ein nt lola Mocti/, otbcrwirtf kiinwn ]ir as tbe Counle'g of LensVolt, would deHrer a lecture at ! '' hpl Hope Clapcl, last evening, a'trartid one of the largest audii-ncua that bar e mr uestrubied with!r the trails of , that building All the tcsU ?frr occupied, both in ttie body ol tl.e bouse and Iti tbe gallery, ami those ?bo c mid not get farther than the d or were centi-nt with aitoci* ! eioiiBl glain " at the fair lecturer, over the i boulder* of an the mote fortunate rpectulnr.-* Thr larger part of the an ll" dieuce was trade up of tl.i sterner svx. but there wa ? , very considerable number f ladies pr"?i t.t la point of tin ri\'i>rctabllttj :t fcctnod to bi It no way Inferter to any K* have usjitiiL.tU l_ cur pub!;: buiV.rg d?trcthpresent seageu. nn A litl o alter the appr .1,ltd lima the lecturer t .ale b?r "" app? ararce, act aitheut Introduction of any kind procci ded tc tbe ilclivcrv t! bcr tu.e waa Urea.-ed P( I " 1 : iii e 11.07, enu in; J ? j of any ku.d. It apis-ared to l*> composed of satin, with J h deep lure berthe aDd (lowers ol the same material. (Ji Ho*i vi r, we am do judge ol lad-en din*. and, <o- we <?, Might rt'rpluy our Ignorance by venturing ai l irllicr, our render - Bin; t br ront-nt with knowing tint tt war i oro | -ofed of satin atiU lace, and we preatunc It wai made '* til the latest al.u lust elj lo. ' " Iter pcrwonal appearance its been made familiar to all our reader* by tbt nuneioue portraits which have boen displayed ir llio print shops, ever aiuec bee arri' al iu this J'' country . but Uuro M an cxprt saiou of vivacilv in her 111 mile to wh.iii no |? ntmg car. do JutUco, unJ which, with the natural grace c.f p r?m. hss (1, dorr more for I.da Mrntf- than mere unailed c, beauty could accomplish. Her eves are iark an gray, unusually large, uno fringed with I ngb acke^e lash- , and ber cyibrow* are beaunlully arcbed, but rathe'heavily marked ller hair, of thirl ahu had 4 p., prof -i.n, i? perltctly black, and bangs iu luoomernUle eu curb- from her well shaped read. Iicr mouth u p?.rb*pa the most expressive feature -n tier fare, and she baa ** BMrr'aord t? maaetbr rnoetof in litre shetggbh'it I* ibe medium height, and tat ngtire ts rattier slight, what e??? > mi onp<'lit it maj have once possessed ller manner a* a lecturer 1* plcesaut, and her voice baa a |>eculUr "h SWvttofs* Altogether, fhe prom lieu to lie one of the Bilei vueftett*?1 0! female lecturers HIie began her l?c ? lore by (.peaking of the great dilllru'ty that bad been lound In tlx'iig on in cdtlod htatidard of beauty. Thoidyle that wan admire <1 In America or Ireland would not auswrriuC'hina or auioig the Turks In (Treece raid *be, tatness m con leered n mark ol beauty, and the great | airier, Kubrns, > bad to idtu of beauty under Uiree huncredpouoos weight he Ili-v? ry gra' i-s were a'ways paioted fat In our days, V n nt.nui d the It'inrer, fM tWT generally looked upon *' With disfavor, but in tbe liases of (Jueeu liees .1 fat J U. lor it. 0, ami iiarj Qntun of Scots tin a;1' tlii Pt i.-.r--. d 9, g"|iiiw|te dark ba r cl her i wn, wore a red from,c&Jb J* ' p'ljnent to tbe lasbt?n and to tbe red bcu led tjuecn of l-xglfid Cleopatra wo* aiao red haired, and Ibe Vote Han ladifit. ewifl at the present day, couttelle.t v ?*iu *w ' Icwks. Ho jou sed. this thing of beauty bus a somew hat n. ..ratory and feeble standard of its ow n. A lover c' An- r" m la t igbs lor bps an inch and a ball Ihicl, wlnie a Chinese ^ lover acta no beauty but In Hps so thin li-at they are no Hps '*' atall. InClrcaaaia aatralgbt nose Is the only no oof beautv; while In Tan 'try. Oat noaet, lawny skins, arid eyes three I in< h* * asunder, are considered beautiful My experience bas ltd me to a personal knowledge of many of tbe various ty pis of b'autt in ether parts of the world ard 1 am free f U> confers 1 find It very difficult to settle upon any land ?*ni ard of a beautiful and perfect woman Cauova himself ino Wiic obliged to have sixty diifrrtul female* for *? > of I hi Veil us. But though tie re may bi lliie diflceipc about alt beauty there is no difference about Its |warr over tb? (' constitutions and ins'lluti-ns of m-nk;n! (laughter and 2j applause.) Ttiebeau yof woman liae swayed |je fab- of iaV en.pires and king-loins, and even republics. Thr lecturer T here referred to some of ihe mo?t beautiful women of the at c present erntory. among whom she placed the !? ,chess of Wi gulberland. the Counteisof Ulessington, the I'mprsss Kit- are gene , and others. The srem h kmprcse she ivmsidered I as the niest beautiful of all the beautiful women of tbe age pre?enl day, A I lb# portraits, said she, of Kugente T arc presented to tbe public greatly exaggerate i.bu to r eixc, for I should rail her rather short than tan Before her marriage she evinced a great 1 admiration for tiOUaebalk. who tan. since I catne to aids- Cor riea.' arr.od r.ff the heartg of about a million of girl*. T Eugenic crnucd bim to l?e receive<i into tin: first society fnli of yudrid. Ibo iodic* of the royal family ot I'.ussia, pro- slot eeeded the lfs lioe.r, are among the most beautiful women noo ot i ..rope, rqii .nr wram ini> ne*a wa* an eaceeuirniy IU/ I inr 'hat when alio appeared in in- theatre at (Hall tag , *r .: lh" wboln miilkOM roar and greeted her beauty, || not her rank. When I ?m in Turkey I raw very few ?<>n beautiful women T1i??ir ?tjrVw of l?eaiity a I most un- T <? .-Jity Tat The Oriental criterion of a wi.mau'a hoauly lavl M thai he mn*t tw a food larjl i?d fir a camei'i 1Mb <>'< i That they may attain the re.|uiri'e -laniard th< y ar? fed nru upon pouO'led roae leave* and butter The lorda of the II if' < n n that j ail i f the world Muff their women for Ki t the ram* te?e..n aa you would Muff H'-*""', b> naako adit. m tat. Ifiwugh tho politoaaan 01 s:r Siratfor I I T! CameR, the riiltirh Mtni-b r at CjaMaetinopte, tetnl \ cfita nrd aletUrof intrndth tinn. through which I pr> oVl< rtit'd a new of what wore called there "The Ijghta of Ij the Wield,''and which I found i ooai-tcd of aometlvwnr ne?? mi hundred haatiUc* of the mnet unwieldy fMoaax. Your agiu Aitv'rw iti Pla'o, Ralph Waldo Knieraon, would certainly 1 III have aald, on to me aueh a light, "wliat quantityj .lam (|?ii.'h;-r t Tltc ! a?t India w tiiati w Very baautiful, jnr nil la uUrly the Rang-dene, from about eleven to eiateeii hut JWt a tliat rotifclry they -non fade, aud at twenty they m.h? , one i mer are a* etd ml haggrrd "e old ladiee in this country t I are at Mvty Italy he.- a type of tnwuty marked and i ha ' It ract< riate.. Irua Italian women are all life, in itio hat >o , ron *r. It.' ' then i. i ' for them without b'vu ll< a?d'|<lenty of Intrigue. In old age they eontinue in the Krdti Mint < outre. Wl'h the t x< : t o* iha. the Intrigue hngomna aft ( lilntetiic. They nave. one r?ve?wi?they have IH th. fU'l'ii hot Uietr OWII || -ill. 1 a |.?y Itiern very slik'lii Nl .-.ttcntion?and the rot,' eipi.nce i* that they look .Tc' r ahread tor what <bwld -ntt-fy their afTetton" at It I me. < ntlem n. If you would love your homer hold in?it no heart-' hut your*. ace that your heart* he alwayr ftmnd tatlu K i h M a.fet The leetttrrr here went Into a hrtof htutorisal review of I'c the change* which Ivnd Intra place In woman'* Area*, and t I'n i... o |>r " ceded Ut a eon ialma oi the varmia r>*an ''avr protnaed <hr the preacr vail'n of female Nwuty ITteon'y Jit irue meaiif. aatd *he, fe- tile *.'*im p'-hmeet of tht* end to at ar-' temperance, i xrri i*e and cWnllaoti j. Temperance No. ! Ir.< !ui!fe moderntlt n at 'able and In tht enjoyment ?f wha' S* lh> world plewwa to call tdeeeurM. A lady, wer.i rite a i a i?ir If. t o h? rrell, win id aeon loc her . harm* by t ?r rour ti innrdinve ' ntitn and drinking and keeping I ate | TTi ht ur? The net! -perttk: for the pi enervation of heatiiy ' rat, I !? thatof B'ntle nil.I dallx ev'?rel"e n the rqvn air I ty tit .:,.n't n that V nd f ' un i-c whu-h the hevut * of hi w Yrrk taitr h-t?.?n four aud fH a tn the afternoon in llhte " . a.'w y >c' I meat' a eesr-lar fopd with lit 'he fw* cunt'j 'h o? tl.e Knt'iah Ivd^teke, pu*t n?' on Tl atrovi ahtc-. tint i ->d suh-'untlal ^ha1?l nr i .o?k. U t? aUo gt '! t"?sj if ,i >ii? r r j j.'i ? rve I i .r bi-^tn, htit (b- r"?. '.u ti.i .... . Ct l.<"? .? :?"/ b )l iri Mv V -k y j,ive 4-1'Mul* to ' l> ?ii. l'r?? i hi' r N"rt m rt M ... (!. I '.J. -;i |M tor <*<?n .1 V . . ; UN thr ! . ' J ?(> ? "?!'> :j t.i no'. ' I' b/ e u r\* >i m;H?rties tif. <r;r. v a o'l tiui. '."L? v?ttt w (|U(M i.'i v Ei a* *. I !ud' ??*& i It :.l I i j c -in , ro- lir j; Jluroo Ml Itimr Mim% 1|BrxrtifWiprtlnwrtU 0< Umu |ir^??Tv. Hi-tu. l i p tr; r.. t. t - - ;>" rr.i <1 re I.. 1 j _ \it . ,An>iuuc; 1'u: .Q{ uij i. fun- I-'I II , i I. V j . l?y j lioir-oiu'. I* btt'i'.) ?i< ojli) ?it-1.. b i' u 4 im*.!y, t<> -ill U Mi f Me PI ift i)> j i m ' i .j J.r.. ? i |( <r ? J 0 :'? i" nrsri'.tj <.' uiU <> .< iv, li.i*. | t, tt.e trju.-e-iU m ihr nubile .(( ti'UU'A tiim ii>. ilia*, ? i..i loi'iit of }-;.fc it ?. i! * ?vn.g At . m a 1 i . .ir.o cut-tr ntx. ili.ut.u ) ' > ; liraa i.i .4 in... .14' |>uriimr 11 1 .. iim'I. i.<? I'll1.' tnk i'if ' t .- 1 " 'him iw i ore n ?o r v. i< bivt u.-ed tor ?hr presort a: ul o i . < > v ?, wn? a u U'e t t ru? J : kpp.u- i . it t wtnu a li1, ' r " j- ti ? t. i ? l?.- -wt his 111 -)-' I'm. ihl - <1. l.ei* b .-in.l il b white nankin (I i-.f > r , 1.1,>(f?, iiow u, -lip j'l* v. ! '-i are i .-t f..r " r - 11 of, ??r (uf t n tol'ar mvi IJ ]? ? . i o pi-'tltm i r?<?cut wi:l v. p.rt iu tr. kii"L^h t.i li ? wrr4. of th* irptalwBdbqiurtBifc *ht lad la t!'.< mi (dtn^Hr) > <i KM, - i bin* f < 11 , .te ??.L< mtntwi, t ! ri pure that pvt;' ?niii - m e and P.I w il lit iTi&t ? o ( it. Every wo r rr"?? tt:?!-r r~ *1- r nvr.d to be r'cpoctetl t' circ't f b/r'n vi , ' i f r "... i a*> I dec-uiI i .fth: a:..-' p.ol^'.-.c . L-n.'. withziit which there i l>i-really l n >i ? a'l i i i l' ii - fisj or Hpirit a 1?. i.i ri.ltii at i ll, <r ? fi< i e' li -.n - vi itbmlt ,-;iL , a:' ,"i.. n a .<5 chi.r't} ? m t ait the myrata< o! ft't " ' i - fff \c ICO , tV'l, Would IC iK?? truti r< illy lea.'If' ?? in- my prltilegp r ? tig Tie . .. ii.uli <1 eeuut't ihul -UillP ill the nual 1i d e< i i In i t f,?."n , II. i. ,ltu .1 llir W'-i I'i; t"i* Ihtve ver ituiC >: i trt thai cat. au-hP tor the radicikl tiofet-.t ati ULpo ieLitl uiiml t r i.u i-r, i- > o?;-,u heart \i the rli u u! H e Itct r.? |,o,a M. I retired to t'u ifcll nnt' roi tr. lit t' o.. , t tit. j. at rm, whnr? i.l p i? ?K I t-l: rn ill. P'i by a ct nwl "I a Mill h-.jua, ike? anici.g vti-ooi it ere a cw. ijt-le number ; tin?Bi.J V.:'c wliott. bet g:?ti. p wa; ef the w traieil it'. Kl.o j. to ' t-ltver uio'ln: ie tu.c iu the course ol tecIt i ti the ' \\< rue? ate' Wits .{ Krat cc " iPtumnal lntrillgi'iirt. Fit r. Jot-li'.a Va. ait, of Muryl.t: i, ! ^tloerrtinr T. 0. Ms" fen "o* ' "I I'euney lva"ia; i .! 1 a Van Burnt, of 1? + i tr . . T WaUiut : n, Mory hit i i t. ,.ep. i a ; let ticveroor I' H i a. - la ,a , a;.tl it..a. A. Wa.? man, New York, 111 V . I TO iitKIVf, if ii. New Or! . :.M ait r.i'l .b.. 'I? (I*pt Ileitpar ' ' I i t li Cel:a,.> al l : ?:> ti H*U, l>r A K lie ml) hi he t-tnl A ltlt! \ Al.y fell IM-I'tl n I Ml MP- ,; Ktjsn" ttf'K li Mr? Ni'hol * 11 ' \ it M i in'- I !. rli II.I ami in-, I'r .i Vrtti vtiti. Mi ?1 ..Mil. Mr l), anil II I ill h . craL . it "' ' jii'l.-t v . 1 I .'in ? Miller?Mr Amlrr I lli' N. )>- iih I'.o'r i !. iv.u;, v, '?lr? Kinney, lino In.>1 m (1 limn-, ? lli iaisx. J. r. IVulz anil litm l}, .1 !- lj- n.iUvi.n.l, i;< nrif I'lrrro, New k \ \\ t'cln - If:l luitJ !. 1.1 inyji' 1 ..Mill. IVn. luntf 1> < ..'nil \ i : i, Y'.irl .- nil... , i mlliiiu, Mr ' ' rl.'iuu. ' V iirn \tnrr *i.M I' Dalli'tic, I'urlo Kt< >>; I h'i . Winlm n, I'tirlk, F i n if Hon ileirge Snmn T, noli M'.nlllbel l*i r i"Ion Unti l? Mr mi'Mn S'ranrtKll 11*11. Srhe I'm., i Mi.1 i 1 VVugiiirao" l'Ui.iy, Until ? l.*ke, N. .1 , mim Sp#;i.i- Mr " ,*ri- 1 II low \i-? V rl K * nrc Kiijii iiw. mi. 'Iiii mil* <'l..... . ruil , i.'i|.m., Silunimi ?-pi t 1-1> , o t'lir' von 1 i'. f 'iirnir . ii'inr llo-li't;*, I rrniiH, Hiivmiii: Hoi.. Snmm 1 V I not unit hd;, OrDcvt, I' It# r 0 I hunk A II : njr DBPAKTtttF^. Si r I iv<" 11-.. in it" ni-i n"h'i' Kiiri)|vi ? T Vrnitia. Victor .idttje I In * ii n . liiiirj F'arisli >t? \n'k; KJward Mult . Ml i. ii ?. Mi- - 1 "I'l '. I fad I. .Ni'v> York, J< bn li ii . (iI'lrtim , K Mmi-y, '.V Krno . I?oitI* Piilirtt, N".v L; I i B'.?. .'iiir.i i- Hu tu . KbrflleM, Kugland, II rt i'V>?! S< vv Y rV, It !v Vn ?"n:i H irn'l' n, C (V ; .In* IV nrp. I'lil ..ill liih'* 1 Von l.ofM'ii I'miOurg. lam"* flu ilr i i - p w V ' <.fi|v linni ''nrlM.fl Vr Strk'tll Op.l*"* ip M , k 11 Merrill, Mnr.lii?i i . i.t W 11 < lrrtinunond, w Ynik I'ill Stl'vl. lii't.l. (.'mil. i| .. ilalii'-U.ii lihts try'it* yrtphpc, w m (V u*t t 7. >: tv York; W II KUntna. In, mi . S.iMi. 1 .-..nittrJ .' .1 !. 1. 1' I. *1. New tk 1 ltr? Anrt-lriinc Stifr'nr." I>n" IVdm Bol*.in Spain; II Kohrrt). l.lvi i pool. i. oi Ku'.brr'urtl, New loun.Hand, . ilpivrli n.'; .Ipli Ilii'fMi. N>w York Totpt. Y3 Mlc. $2iOB,Vel <1. Wlitl#, ll?? Hitiitr'i- ?> ?'* K S:l; I/?"t ! atjlo rrduced to92, at Will"I'"- Its Si:',' *i atreM Sninlili* <inlii|i to Cullt trnln ( ii?ii|il?ln of IPjn'j ri r r Ibrir own m l cU k -n > ?.villi by ili? ab icroflrnl nnlk Tkr ?m-rif,.u s. '.ii n i mlu hui>|i.ii-a Will i. Ill |'l.I 23 SlHltll *11 i-i. Thr Qiim-i.'ii Artl?t ?tnl Klflcrn Piifill* ('n|nr ilni *rri,f.'i.Ki?|ili? kvd ?tub;o.>i i, u IJOL1IKS pi ilnre llcrj , 2S'.? ltonntWhf. SI) ii In ! r |*.iS_Ktuily in mil', nil xlzra, nr 'li- l? mi til", At Vt:I?AI'itHt.TVS c m-r of Mnr y aucl < rrrownb etrrel < * )<iilBiii?p??r Hnlxw? ik'tttl Pltrrt ,wit "ir Ixk" rr. . .. I.. urv wed '.nrfiv wt uvlnr rnvtiMt III oiit IK lv?rl rrn-t n )k . r M FAY dl'.'K I'witiiM (tlilnii mic i Miliuiblirlly i n.i t n... np nr rtvr pit dactit, an l pt ilmrw pli**#pr.l lor rbtnlri n. Rm i>'< T'lr"|'li?n ii? 1* Ilr ?l nml < hrk|r ; ?r*'pi* Inr d' -nloir, I i-ai.t t id r .vM.i'.pi .|i lni|, pnwc PJ. odd I) IK /IM 'i ' l.i 'r l I jr kl' >li ij( ;;?? rililmloin'l Ilnli l))?. U lk* mill VtiU|MP*? ? i; w i?..?. ml t pi .'J-; All i tun#. Hl'??lli u At thr I<uiig? - Ailvlrr nntf .Mnllti'NItlll tftclMili P".n ,r Mil dr?|irr?l<" MM, II l.r Ilk" of * I CCM t If Ml . "I ? ii Ilk* b-HV t himrrlf li nikU) vili ik. A|?tl)- ?| l.,7 W r?l'? wpnly ihlrd ? r?nl. Iliill* ny' Oliitmruf la A?tiinl*hlii|| thr Mir Hint .br fanulty not only in thla ((.iintry. but through ' br wor'-4 b) 'no winal rvt'l rut. * hntr*. ui m win* . at. br- o<MMi?i?! hImi v.. p *i. i a lamfj, Warai i> form i'*i|r " vb.tjM p n le ?t.J br -k frlrlics acpoiii rjr the aj'fiteauon. For thr Illoort.? Tnko J. IX. Slnffiitil'a Iron 1 stilpbur powdeia. 12 for 91, at IC o'.aly strict, can: side of Itatir-; AkklAUKS AKD OKATiU. NkiiMi (IlMflt? n>lr;il ? At MA, or t??- I lv.P ktr?; ithl/i F,'inr?, cn Tut*"*/. Jtii lO, b> ' |>? Wi't am Cuinmx.fl*, J ay. h fltnir f f'i" * a" , f* . i-'. ?h " u< M a- M*kt tlkk^ Pimir of Wliltcliarb, (Jo litii w*biro S.',< ttao.1 ll/.s.-iv.?Sink ?At ho 1 ac U Hotel, on Tin * lay, Fob If.o Hrv f" ' uth't $. Vr !'_ ( nr.-, ?* -? i, ..f it i, N. .1 , to M.-? .Irua srwaa, utile dan.'liter of Hcury tor. &14 ,of Viisliville, h. J. '"TJ*V ibCi'iia?Hi r"*c? ? Ik. 1 l7 ' > Rrr. hfr. fklmrx itn Mi CiMiK. M /? , to $1 " htiAA StiKMTr, eiior UtU r. l.Tarri'tc ? f* T Fill 2. b> Kee lyitt - Vr 1I??\T U'aijiI 1 * , i '<* p? ThV ?.D N. Y papers plraee repy. I>M it. 'agora*.?On *"ed:>et ? , .1, Mart F ja ifhbrnl W'Ui?rn lad I nib* and H dure, he 'UU? ral I Uk? Hum (Ilmr- .%/) ufleru '>0, :?o'rlo<k ?n No 47 Hehmaor sirea-l ? Or. 'dWKiuj, Frt. 3, .'<%? i *???.??. agrd ear a. 3 Bor.U a u.d ]ft dtjj, Caught. o! Jo. and I' vita Cf? fau to funeral ollt uk<> |'!*c Una (rttur*>:?/l afternoon. >neo?1ock In m Ita oilii aw of l.erf ether, No 73 M T?< M) *? veoth rtreet rho rrbtivr. a:.' ttxpcclfull) Invited |o mi- >1 llAia?At Fiehway Ni ir Jntuf, Mr llr?' I'aAin, <1 6'J yeaia. highly re-|wi U I t>/ all Who kr r? hoi he filarial will lake plaieon F?l1ay. from .H IVU't rrb. herond aire-I. Kahtray, urhrre the fr.i nda of the illy are inv de-i HI adend the nh??<j iw a jiroaor?On W?dne?<1>?y, Feh 3 Matmu .Tax*, wife of neltua C Laforgr, in the iMk yar of her age* ha frlenda and ai |ii? otao- i a of Uin a?k reapocty lav ited to attend the fooeral aerviree, at her late re snce, No. f.? Colnmhia atrret, Una iThuradav) at .or- | n, ai three o'r nrk Her remaine Will be taken to Port timond. Stalen Niar.d, for interment, on Friday morn. at 10)? o'clock. Lau. ?On Wednee-lay m-'nina, Feb 3, Jon* Moauajr, ol Tboma* V> and Mary Ann Hail, aged 3 yaara. ha relaltvea and rr>enda ol the amily are reeprct'ully lied to att? nd the funeral, on Friday morning, at eleven or*, trom the reeideiioe of hia pareuta, No. 4A (iouvnrr atreet artt ?On Wednesday. Feb. I, after a long lllneaa, la FUrtt. daughter i* Patrick and Margaret Flarty, 1 17 yrara and 7 monthe. ie relative# nnd ft ien< a are reepertfnll v Invited to ati >i... r...,?..i .... .. .. , .... ... ?. *-* KI?'UM , at ?!! pBH OD? ck, from No. 237 Downrv. rimannv ?On Tuenday, Veb 2, after a protracted illMr. J?ma l.u Hiwonv,a natlre of Ihanulton. N nibuid. I 77 year* aft<l l*> day*. n friend* and rrlatlraft. and thote of hi*-on*. Oolm. rw (' John t; , fieorge and Andrew, an- re?|>e?tf ully led tofttti od the funeral, from hia late rcaidrnce, No. Went Thirty-fourth Mreet, <?o Sunday afterujoa, ftt o'clock. aogoW |>ap<'ra pi- aer cony. ?rr ?<>n Wecneeday Veb 3, ftt the renldenon of h*r in law, Mr*. Meat lam, in the 72*1 year of her ago ?r frierd* are reqn* gird to attend the funeral, on ay morning, at eleven o'clock, from No 24w stvUi i e lift rrroa'i ? will be takeu lu Trinity Cemetery, lb!in paper* plrane copy a** r ?t m Tu e**ta y, I?b 2. tJionu* A., lnftuit ana <if i and r-arab Ann Net bit, a?;-l S month* nml l? day*. io reiativea ami tncnt* of the family ftre reepecttutl} ad to utb bd tbft tuMral. (Mm the faidenre of bin if No. 119 f'aat Twenty fourth ttrtet. tbi* (Ttiur*day) < 'do* n, ftt one o'clock. ft*mi.- In Jarrcy Ply, n Wcunealay, Feb 3, after Rcrmg tl'<ne>*, (.roanft IV mot, aged iv year* and It C ft friend* and acquaintance* are re?p*ctf illy Invited tend the fiTnerai on Ff lay, front In* lite reaidence, 01 Newark avtnnc, n' it further r.< 1 no rvrtn _nn Wnlnrtday. Feb 3, of dysentery, Ore m. daughter ?f Niebola* and Jane Shipper, aged I atd lita^ >* fyiend*' * '.he family are Invited to attend the ftine from the r??i<1cnoe of for parent.* |No. 2M Meat loefth atieet, tht* itt ay) afle'oo ?n, at m? o'clock. hut ?Or* Tuf - ay, Feb after a long and II goring **, which he bore with (I talian fortitude, .lorn* W *t aged 33 year* and 2 day*. le relRllvca.f'rerda and acquaintance of the famdy, ILo-e ?t bit bi rtber, I'cter twart, aleu the tnva'oeta 5^ i f htfttrprtf- T A*\tr* So M, I <? K Ilk'-WlM M'BI It ( li/nf Na h, of, U> fc<.tb </ whi .b ?? ?-. 4 ??i?> ? mir liT, ?rr taTtlwl tr attend ' %t?r?i i|i|> (Ibtirmtt)} Itr'nuiti, tl mix t'olMli from hta law 1. iin.u>, N?i .Oti SiiHott hti?l. Hit 1*oiaina will b* Ukf I U. liiKAt nd. Tf ti.m ? 00 lit.?.<! ;, K.b It, of p!eurla>, r 1 inwf Trfh?h, * <' W! jtttfr, daughter 4M Ltub Tucker, of Tm1 *<* , S Il?* "U"' 1Y?-1. M-iu.t aM M*<|iiaii'UaM0 of lh? family, and tbaoa | rf lat l>r Ibtr urn' HiaiffK, I'uUI It, Derail and kV;, art ir.vm d ?o atltud tut fur.r'al, iroir. tr* rmxKMico or bar otii-iu. Mt? KVliioo, N.? ?"0 ftuiO atreutie, tbia (rbuiu it*y a't?i m?.ii m ore o rleek *???. ?in. Tu?. ?.?) Feb 2, of robnuaiiHloo, Mrs. ,'ot * 9<,toi , ?g' <1 ? j ?i - and -G day*. Ti'ierai Mr*ire- at < . t> o'clock thin (Thursday af ?r roon, it*o Wet; T?'oty tli-rd street Her itmatoa \t it N'tak'Dt* fi! ?-*! <?' Wiiijh fit) *< .' ')> afternoon, Fob. 3, .'**? N. Vt tills. Hgf ih ) ?? ) ?I.|) 1 n.untta. Hit- n alivtti uu trii mm art) tutri 4*1 U) attend the fna*. I M it'i'Xi, no I' i iilay afUtriiiMiti. nt fonr o'clock , at bto Ut) No 117 Frio street. Jersey City. Therenix iiH v I ho removed '-n Saturday morning, to Morrlatt wu, N. J , lor uitortut nt. UHlTt'AMr. (From lliv No* York Courier and fcai)ulror, Jan. 2H ] A fruiitl tar lurid-bed Us Uit) loliuw ug Jual tribute to the .?. i.ui-y of Mr. Hulhrialc.?The midden death of [>* hut It. Hiimaat, ore i I Die most tMiter|irotng and nagwemun liiieiiMMH. iiit'tj of <Mir day , would Haoin to r?*|tiare imiiUim men tliiui a |ia iilk noil*. Though widely kix en f ronrhoiii the ?hm? ciiuiitry wl abroad M a loanoi imp- rmi-nrk able foresight and steed la-im rt tneo ! legrity, no- a generous temper. It vaa Wnj iii the <?vore<1 lea tint he wan well known Of pre ja-riy lii.i.eieirtd to tin Imlier and morn endearing etauors o( l? He :t hour-ami tin tauter nod son and brother, or out of it.e li. UHeb< n , %IH tv, a?alrteod, alike Irewtwor thy sis may. hi iih'iim. Kvery where, and at nil tunes, it'.atibgutsl e<1 h> n.?r,lii.eH?, y leU-i?an, l?ai le-Kiienn aoo -oiiUtfke, though souiewtmt reserved ry nttitro QMVkI * 11- ti etigh wweij enutlous, leWeuturouM and hepenft where irort men aoulu be wholly dtth.ortoond, yet toj way h | )i-v ij? nl and ??ry, no ' - miijg the go- m-tit tuei : reneee crthkrairr thi m into helps wttl. aitonuhicg i-aae, l iiM'tfruajid hiir n for would ho overwhe mnd iu tko l-.|i i i f er-1,1 uirlout. v ici-Oidui!!' *u<! cveithruw, genuruoe | tr 1 . iu- yir.) I t Ol othi re hi111 of their motives, i haritahlm i.-. I - ii U r|wets?ton of their doings, And always ready to i i. i on Hiinris evm Hlirre he Intr mimt ri'?e? tor Ma h ring or ee-irust Mr llnlhrrok. nu the whole, was not oi<l.. a ai oil man and a religious man, though not a prnt.Mtn t , bet a ri niiifhsble maf ? great natural povruri, Urge hearted o mieet.Hii 1 though ambitious, atnbiiiiHul ouly for go< <k ki: g etui lly to Ute welfare ?if those lie loved, ilia ci?ia wan trrm disease ot tht heart, or to plicated wltfc oihrr ai;nirelM, nod ver- sudden, liisuteuueous, Indetil, tin h Ioi r e\|ie ted and well |>ri<|vtrod for?and they ?l.i lic.-tkiea hilii whl'Clhej too.t fit- I Ii!, worth, have II.) lid l ahhiidSi.t cob-1 ialHil. aru a?iir?bce that be wilt ti t to i In i gotten, ?n tna' they uie i i.tiiied not oalr in li<)|iii'g, but in believing, thai be will be luund at la?k irM'-rio 'oi lie grutitg, ' Wtll done, thou gmal au4 lai h ii s< rvnnt ' Mi 'in.tenet AoaFri ay, J mu.try ? , agin h'tj line tin , in i was buried on Tuesday,Uto 2dt b ItnitKIiLAItTEOl'S. 1 riH l?? ?! Kl.f Mill * .,T^.k?,fc0.',f I'fWtot i ^ t... ii,... rfK'y ?i .ivn wv nix to tun HUfAk A.m fv'i 5u double eole pegged hint* Avkst t.i\kn a*a\ to whobvkr hl*ys a tw r l?i t i-Hrrri'lm (really worth $111 > I will ult'i h?|I ki>i" Ih.mui ?. rn.ii I- ix*.I h 'y i fin il>, good warm rax lama 1' ' $7 to III SiU, jillol Overrun!*, $."> ,N. it Moid Mi low 1,0lun CliAUKK, lit! WilUra niroe*. i v!? M.Han i.ui.l -Mini ii nh kkm mki) iks porI ' it. ri 11:. I j r'? I . 'i.'l m?t liil.iiu.l At N<i. 1 A mug street Irom V A. M. U> 2 f. M. 1am-i.ish I'AKFKb ppr canada. j t'ur mm t: x n.i,runt at KIO'laRDSON'H, 111 lllgfc H'reit, netir Pulton llraoklyu, J.cntiith-n number ut im II.I I'nTKA I l? oKWH anil TIM AM, ma'-alaing -f I 'lihl vii Wk n( iliU large Mixkiurr Kiig'tcli papers delivered al your reanlftuete in New YeeR ii nd Ill toklyt IphCPTlONh ON T!!F PACK j l,r. Sal It ? Your valuable magnrllr a\lra him i?im| i : ni toe i.| ? vrrj li'i-lt i rupti u i i. rui lure of II yi-ara. O lip* also i ureil a fr end uf inlne of burner's Iteb J UIIiTMl 13' t For kale at l>r. L. it .sUimUTTM at reel, near i ,'hureh at . and at druggist*. GkfaT hakt j a ind IN ? alchkrt ami ikwklhy. A largr anil bi-nu fu' auKTlnn-ut of WATIIIKM T*> ilia beat maker", all warrant'"!, Hellinr at prtr?" mwer than rver KHi.khT k ait 4 i'o , Ml Brondwap. ( < AITKRK I. AlTKKH, "KNIII.ISII KM INO I.K'lti IN'**."* T ? hrimh mm If ilrah, bull ami lialamral gaPera, verw In r i|'."III?, W %' Ml KngUxh rli'ih "inl ?*. nl-b leulh-T ana ,li , -kit. ttati rn, from ind hncluh rtilnt legnnpa. K. IlKKIIT A CO., M Walker aueet. H Ft.KVAN CLARK A CO'8 OKNCINK COD !.! ? CI baa Stood thr lest of over trr years e-p. rime* aaA U rerun.mended t\? a'l the moat eminent pby ?i< Iao" aa the moi.t \ '.I'jiMi reruedi In use for ' ni.anmptloti. aernfnla. <I?|M lily. ai.d all dl, an nig ft inn a errolnloiu or linpi VI'Haheilaiai' of the blond Warranted Jure, ami preixtrnd freak fn ail rndttah llvera. by I Ki 1 KM AN A CO luineawe R Uef man dark A Co, 11m. lilt, RJ SI) mil 'M Hrxadwegh DlAlfl WK KAl>AM-RI'KL'MATIKM IN HI I 1 1 mnat |iainl"l forma nian eerofttla. old nleer*. nnd Rn j in rm noi iuf dbu-a"* fit Uie blond, great debility liver ooea I piatn' money a mnpirM mnaun piKfi. Ac. an- moat certoMl curc<J by 'L? RrrKt purl tier. riVAiTH* iiauham rumen k j wkbu, khq_ 1.1 like arc blu-et N JM Braul cf rbmiwUtm uf iwH ni"' 'In rt iruil' n. wSI'h ban crippled au>! oouteod In in to Hi riv.m Mi Mt'bu w*J MU yi ara old 1 ben ihm cure (ii etfcctrtf ________ nTATT S'' HAIJCAV OCKKD MRS. 0. DORR, MO. 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