Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1858, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1858 Page 1
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'fH WHOLE NO. 782(5. EUSERILS WiTi ARM AND PILLOW. Tfr* Beply of Sent* Anna to Pillow's Charge* ?He Reset To* the Eight to Challenge Pillow. TO THJS EDITOR OP THK OpRKBO DB LA TAKDB OF HAVANA. Havana. Jan. 20,1868. Itearucnm Fkievd?I have the honor of enckming to you copy ol the manifesto which General Don Antonio Lopez 00 Ranta Anna, my dear father, has addressed to the pub 1c. I send It yon for the purpose that It may, by your tiMtwH, obtain a plaoe In the columns of your estimable Journal. The false sad calumnious assertions of the Americas General, Gideon Pl to*, as well as the subsequent explanations mate by General Scott, have ah been copied htto the aewspapers of ugh city and I think It a matter oftslmffci Justice that the reply of my ffcther. who has thus been mud before the public, in defence of his hoaor and in refutation ot such fetupcnao'ua calumnies, should also be made puoltc by the name uewepai era. I remain, on these onmderatKms, your grateful and most obedient servant and Mend, JOSEPH L. DESANTA ANNA. MANIFESTO AND KJtPILANATION BY GEJKRAL ANTONIO LOCK'/ DR SANTA ANNA. Frum the moment that 1 last loft my native sell and be ?aine settii J in this retreat 1 made up my mind, as I had ?occ on former oecavofc, to hear with pdtlonco and in nQenco all tho malicious i. tacks and false and Icing wharfs of my enemaw. whether personal er political. I did this, uot only from a natural repugnance which 1 feel against entering into any kind of verbal dispute, nod more especially wi.h common libellers, but also from an unwillingness which I felt to call tho Chile attention upon myrelf after I had oaco withdrawn othe retire neat of private life. 1 alwt.ys bad present tn my mind that Faying of Voltaire, "that a man nevt Inevitably, luring all thecourse-of hiB 1'fe. pay at some tlmo er ether a heavy tribute to calauiny." ifTniil tho preceat moment I have firmly adhered to mr resolution, as is well known to everybody, iu spite of the lnfarao?H at tack- and gross 'nselts which have c nctantly and without saninc been heaped H;nn me. But now, when these ana- is are not only made upon me. hut, which is more, erheu they effect the honor of my bcirvod country, 1 can M*. i y lorn . r remain silent. i v 1 commence with observing that I cannot hut deopty im plore the unworthy and meaa disposition evidoncott "by eert&in of uiy own countrymen to give publicity to every kind of libel directed against me, and to every kind of mahetous report, however absurd it may be, rvided it only w?Dds to injure roy-character. They think ths means to lower me in put lis estimation, and to gratify their own private revenge against me, because, as chief magistrate of the nation, 1 fr.lfUled my duty in owustoe these persons to be prosecuted as traitors and as anarchist*. Hie high estimation and respect which, during a long serieapd years, 1 have received and deserved at the hands C she gnat ma jot it y of the Mexican people; the distinguished and honorable employments with which et va rtous periods T have tieeu honored by my country; the extensive and unlimited powers with which, on tnnro than one occasion 1 have been invested?being often ailed upon to place myself at the head of the nation? all theee Hung* never were,and never could he, the effect of chance, or the result of orror and mistake, as my detractors and enem es pretend that they were. No. they were all of them the express and consequential uimiH of that persotal confidence in me, which deeds of nrmness, and numerous and ropcatcd acta of patriotism eu ruy |>art boil inspired It always hap|H>ns that in the turmoil and confmion produced by revolutions some men there aro who aro thrown up Into an elevated situation, without any other merit or any other title to the emiuence they arrive at than mere impudence SDd cunning. Bat m every normal condition ot human society the people never bestow fhmc or boror except upon those uidividuals to whom they are Indebted for great and valuable services which they have rendered to their eountry. As regards my sell, while I am fully aware of the> exUeme malignity of my enemies, 1 also snow full woil the high place which I occupy in the* Dcaitsofihe gr"&l majority of my countrymen. Iam oho well assured that no calumnies whatever will over bo abia to lessen uiu -h less to duetroy the high esteem and profonnit gralitud* which la entertained towards aie, both en account ot my nobis sentiment and well as on account f my acknow ledged patriotism. I beg that Ibis sort of language may be permitted me in defending my reputa ten, wbi.'h bus been so cruelly attacked and wounded. Too ugh 1 am not a N-neca, yet I prefer reputation above life, and I desire to preserve my ilfo and name not merely without spot, as Caesar wished to do bis wife's reprtatton. but also without suspicion. The American (ieDoral, Pillow, who was one of the Invaders of my country in IS!7. being dosirou* of making himself a name among his coantrvmen as candidate for the I 'ii'.teu Mate* Senate at Washington, published not long ago an article in which, after describing himself as a wonderful military hero against the Mexicans, be has the audacity to say that the Commander in Chief of the certain dishonorable pro?ositii us to me, and Uiat I had been brought ut lis-en to *o<J tveu to accept thorn. Tho purport aim objectai thews projiuwitions, as (ion. Pillow aik g?s, was to put an end to the war and to conctude a treaty of peace in consideration ol a pitiful pecuniary in d?m inflect ion. which waa to bo paid for my special anil in flHWMbenefit !!: p. Kitten acd i tending of flHIfll Pillow in hia nan country muat he indeed very little to lie ern oi u in order to reach tlie elevation which waa the obJ ci of hia ambition, he ilnd* it ooceutuiry to report to tbe lyoMti' li w rcbetne ot invenlmg and fabricating calumnies and UU< hoods. t'uch conduct m utterly unworthy a a >1 aier md a gentleman, the more ao aa the di.-tancc wtrch divid* a u* troin each other enables him to apeak in saiely and w th mpUBity ItVf. uri at all gluing up tkt riyh teaI- / ?ur? < /' ralKnfi upon him, u>hrn cir* umttanrr ilka<l panaif to ii'n.un' tn mr fur hit ruudurt, at i' if rite-f< m'that krtKuuUl, I * hall content myaelf tor the prr*. nt with repelling, with the utmost indignation, this, Ria io'um >ua calumny. notwitbttunding that Ueueral Soott hims'll, impelled like a man of honor by a natural aenae ol ju-t ce, (i.l- >-r .-h- t bun down to tfio very dud,end thus ptilverired him,in an article which haa also been pubhated m Uie Trailed Ttaies What man ta there who, heow u'g my itun-ling in Mexico?knowing the large I or tnoe which I possessed, and the Dignity and elevation of my character, could imagine that I would have submitted to the d?-?ea 'alien of oven liiU-niug, even tor a moment, to such an lufuiuons proposition as that which lieneral i'lllow talka ot? la there a m.m who would have presumed at that time to have cast upon me an -h n disgraceful ImpnlAlion, knowing, aa everybody knew, the hitter rag > which I nourished In rny heart against those ntu mie* of my ooun try, against whom I was always lighting with ardor ami firmucr* ? Rut, furthermore, even when a man haa brought htm aak to contemplate th- performance of a criminal actiuu? when virtue is haniated from his hreaat, and the feeling of justice Is extinguished In bis bosom?even then, when be is prepared to perpetrate some great crime, there must necessarily exist some sort of proportion between tbe magnitude of the crime and the remuneration and benefit which are to induce htm to commit It. Kven IT Camml Pillow. In the excess of bis gratuitous malignity, ti willing to suppose me to have been so wicked aa to have arrived at the extremity of becoming a traitor to my bo loved country ; even then, what proportion waa there be Iween such a crlmo?-the inoil horrible i rime that I can rmcrlve of-and Uie pise- and pitiful inducement which, aa be (Pillow) sat a, I waa to have received for such a crime f Thv inducement in such a case to turn traitor to my country, for which I bail shed my beat blood, and to Mike a bargain for myself, at ths expense of Its Independence, (which independence I had fought for and had eatab liabed by my sword) ought to have been so much the greater, when tt la considered thst It would have had to be offered to one who, at that tune, filled the highest and net distinguished rank in his country, and who besides, already pneeeaeod a superfluity of the'gifts of fortune Is at this single consideration enough to prove at first sight In every judicious critic tbe falsAnnd to which in the extreme poverty of bis imagination General Pillow hat hail recourse t Wot ooly the despicable sum of money which this man men I Ions would not have been enough to purchase peace from rac, but even ail tbe treasures of the world combined together would not have been sufficient to do tt It is quite certain that I waa not the man who sold hi> iui iiiiiuuui ui liwuirB. ni'.riiuprumi bo guilty of luch ail Infamy, (and It wm much Iw of an Infamy than that which lion Pillow Impute* to m?.) 1 preferred to forsake my beloved native land and all my fortune, to peek in a foreign eonr.try the asylum opened to the exile, lias General Pillow not reflected upon thla fact and upon the circumstance* of this history* Does be not know that this fact alone la Quite enough to enable every man of good judgment to discover at once the falsehood and even the absurdity of his pretended revelation, eepeclsily when It la ooneldered that he has suffered tan whole year* to elapse without bis having ever mentioned single word about It? It is certain and true that the malicious minds of some men lead them to receive and believe with readiness an 1 fhelllty anything whatever which plsaaen them and which answers their purposes. I'nder no other circumstances could It be possible tbst any Mexicans would take up the base calumnies of General llllow an 1 spread them, with remarks of enmity agsinst me, before the Mexican people Blind Mthey may ho, thev cannot but neroetve tbst g greater Infflit litrtcrnl to ififc bal'oa titan av& to toe* ti Is thus that it has been understood by those wl?o immediately stopped forward with noble spirit to contradict the MerlMjfcg of Tillow, though tbey did it at the risk of being C'T rated for daring to stand forth as defenders of my lame Honor be to tbem. and disgrace and contempt i> the others! Although General f?c<*t, on hlr side, has performed bit duty, my duty calls Imrervlivnly upon me to declan sole'mnly", In l6e face of the whole world, thai Pillow in his fWer MO lylog production hats wholly d? |iarta<l ftom trill) In everything he has aald relaMDf to mo peracmrilV I declare solemnly, that neither with tieoemlf^mtt'nor with any other person of the Invading nrtnf" , againit whom I fought manfully In tho service and In ttw derence of my country, did 1 have any nthor comuiinicatjona or hold any other relatione whatsoever, either by writing or by the Intermedium of any per?on or perrons whatever, except and alone In the official communication* which were pnhl-shed at tho proper time. I oedare that 1 preferred to be banished from my country, as I have aald before, rather than to he a party in Cos rinding a treaty of peace which *ti derogatory to the honor of my country, and by which It wu apoil?d much of Its territory. 1 refused to partake in making this treaty In spite of the entreaties of many Of my countrymen. who, unmindful of the'r duty to their country, labored to convince me thai the peace proposed to im and solicited by the govern ment of the I'nlted state* would be prefbrabte to a con tinuanre of the horrors of war. This course which 1 purrued, and whleh ought to pare procured fbr me Mends and admirers ?nly, 1 am ?orry to say, stirred up enmity and hatred against me. (>>tisplr?r|e? were Mrir.ed against my government and ags'nst myself personally, which place | me nudOP Iho double neceaaltv of defending myself both SRStn?t domestic enemies as Well as against W>rrign foes IVhcn the capital of the republic wa? oaptvrod by the E'N.E' tav?d?r?, after every hioh of rrwiml bad been valiantly I disputed, tack by loch, uut torrents of Mood hoi Im abod, it then became necessary to adopt a new plan of operation*. This plan I bad prepared In trie city of Hidalgo, at U>e distance of oue league only from the enemy The ftnrt necessity now was to maintain the existence of the national government, and I mined order* that it* neat should be removed to (Jueretaro. As for myself, I preferred to act in the Held oT battle, as 1 always had dose, and therefore 1 nominated the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, whom the law designated for tins purpose, a* the Provisional Chief of the State. At the same lime I associated with trim two highly respectable generals for tho better management of the business which related to tho war. But that officer unfortunately paid no attoattan to thoir counsels; and this was the first false step which marked his detestable administration. After this I fought with the luvadtag enemy ta the plains of l'mal, where, in tho wrist of hat tie, 1 rewdved from the Provistonat tlovernwect, which I myjeKtiad just appointed, an order for my removal from tho head ot the army, commanding me reem*dtaiety Pi suspend all operations, and directing that tho troops sboirkl be quartered iatbe several places which were do signaled in the order. Such an order as this, which was both traitorous and MMMtfM from foreign iPJiicnc-, completely overwhetmed mo with grief and astonishment. In my desperation and in the Internal conflict I went through fi could tiarro wished to lose try life. I now saw bo yond all doubt the ruin of my unfortunate country. Penetrated With feelings of the deepest iudlguatlon, I was at ono inomor.t Uinpt?l to march upeu Qterelaro, in order to inflict some exemplary punishment upe tho traitors. For the moment, however, I ordered a reiroa: to the vil lageof IluHmaiitia, which *?? the nearest spot, and th?s quitted with disgjitt the theatre of war. Thoso bravo veterans who ac.corai>acied me oa this nooerion -liar, t in all fay feelings, remaning failhftl to their colors and to their government. >.u Huainantia I called together an assembly of (renertls and Commanders in order to acquaint them with the fatal order which bad been traosmtttcd to mo. and whloh had led to the necessity of abandoning Uie fluid of battle. 1 informed them at the name time of my linal do termination to leave my native laud rather thaa to reniain and behold the rain and disgrace which awaited her. I then placed tho command of tbo division of the urmy sudor my orders in the hands of that ditlinguisbed general I ton Isidore Reyes, who was the oldest conunendor. 1 acted in this manner because, on reflection, 1 MMidind that no other course of proceed tog wax practicable under the circumstances in which we were placed. 1 reflected that if we should march upon Querctaro a terrihlo outcry would Immediately too raised by those who wished for peace at any price and at all hazards I reflected that '.hey would stigmatize mo as be iog ambitious and tyrannical, and that should I proceed to punish the traitors as they deserved, it would be railed an assassination. Furthermore, I reflected that in the pre sence and wHhin sight of the invaders it ?Ma matter of necessity to avoid exhibiting the spectacle ?f domestic strife and disorder, which they would immediately And tho means cf tnrnlrgto their own advantage. Maav other refle< lioDs and teellrgH crowded upon me at this hitter moment, over which I will draw n veil for tho sake of tho honor of my country. After these events, submitting to be deprived of nil con inurd, and even sacrificing my own self respect. I withdrew to the el'y of Tehuacan, there to wait for the passport I had demanded, in srder to leave the country. 1 at length effected my purpose, and left, carrying with rns the painful sentiment that I had been first persecuted by the government of Querctaro, which, for its greater disgrace, availed Itself of the Assistance of th invaders In an attempt made to surprise me by night and to kill me. The American General, lane, with five hundred horsemen under his command, was charged with the execution of this wkked commission. I only escaped from being the victim of this design by the special favor of 1 ovine Pronvdencc, of which the wholo neighborhood of Tehuacan is a witness. The sorrowftil farewell which T addressed to my fellow countrymen before my embarkation on board the vessel whs b was t<> carry me away from my native shore, is another additional evidence of my disapproba lion or the disadvantageous and disgraceful peace which the traitors had succeeded in making. It mav be seen, therefore, by what bos been above slated, that there is proof enough to show that I would net possibly have agreed pi any peace at all, therefore much l*?wu tAiiltl 1 havA hPAti illinv in HulivAr ? n mv piinntrv to a disgraceful peace for the despicable huui of money which I'dlow -?> - tu to havo been paid on account. There would he uo ueceudly for me to devote any attcni.ou whatever to the ac.iet Uouc of Ibis euemy ot my country?wi well kuown an my antecedents are, a* well a? the noble deed* to which 1 can refer?were it not that borne unworthy and Luunard Mexicans bavi undertaken to support there calumnies and falsehoods, honing tin reby to tarnish tho laurel* which I gained in that glorioui, though uuforluniuo < .imiutign. These nn-n are not, it seems, even yet coiitonlod with the sutlering* they caused mo to endure, when they had thu holdno?c to draw up an instrument ot a< MMfllM against me, winch they got the wtaaand uiexpt rieuced lawyer (Jarnbua to -ign, alter my leaving the army. They did this almost at the very moment they were, like cowards, delivering up to the I tnted States more than ooe half of the uatamal tcrrtloi y, thus hringti g shame and disgrace upon Mr unhappy country. It 1a but a abort tune s.nce that, with an astute rers peculiar to them, they circulated through several journals in tbe republic the statement that, ui order to possess myself of power, I am stirring up the 111 w ill ot ihet'abtncl of Madrid against tbe present rulers. rbey say more?tliat I propoee to land at Vera C;u/ at the Is, ' of a Spanish force. May eternal infamy fall upon those who my Uns! There are i-aluiuuics so iniquitous that tliey dbappearof themselves lus smoke when a noble sou:, however inimical it may be to the cwlutmuatcd, sets forth logically the truth of events. I, who have been a constant defender of my country whenever she has been attacked bf foreign enemies, will always present my breast to the balls of these some onomuswhen it ,g attcm;>t?d to destroy her indepcn ! and I will always carry my sword into coin hat to defend hi r with honor or to die With glory, and I ctn never enrol my sell as a soldier under any other banner tli/iu that of my country, which has so niton waved triumphant in my hands. My personal enemies have done more; taking my nam i in a printed manifesto that has appeared, tney have said that in order to overturn tin we who now oppress my country and tear her in pieces, it was necessary to sell to the f elted State* ooe half of the territory that is lofl to us. And to give more color of truth to the calumny, they have prevented in this Insidious publication, opportunely denied uy m<>, some Wiens and priuciples that are in oodsonaatiw with too principles and ideas which l/lcteiuhid in my last administration. The North American press commented upon this apocryphal document according to Its ploaruro, ami when tho light of truth dispersed Uie calumny that I aspired Pi sub Jugate my country with Spanish troops, the afore raid manifesto has afforded the in ground to throw lalsmy nprntbogood name of tho " ex President of Mexico," as theyttylcme: ol him who has always opposed their un Just pretensions. of litm who will always battle against the enemies of the nationality and iode|iendenre of hia country : ot him who will always hope thai tho land where his cradle was rocked ahall lie worthy of the refulgent giory which she gained when she inscribed ber name in the list of independent nations I have promised to the world the history of my political and military life, nccompnnied 1^ documents, and I will so>m fulfil that tbe confusion of my ecemies and the Oi uliancy of my lame | will prove before the world that 1 have never had soy other pole star -u my policy snd in every step of > hie than the welfare and greatness of my country, and that I will omit no sacrifice to see her elevated to the rank that she is worthy to hold, although the ingratitude of men may rage against me? although haw iliail wnliniif to s-'Ow i ro? as her vf um who have insde themwlvee lords through power In rov unhappy country, and those leagued with them, will lose no means, however iniquitous they may be, to wound me, la the belief that thus tbey will prolong their power. Tbey bare impeached aa criminal all the acts of my administrator as chief of the Mexican na ttor they hare outraged me with the most blackening epithets; tbey have accused me of faults whlsh I have never mramiued. and they hare even announced my death in Uts Mexican journals. Thry wish to destroy my Influence. because they foar me. and surely they bars reason to do so. for as long e? blood runs in my veins I will labor without rest, as ao many other good Mexicans are doing, to destroy tbe ran dabaai that, under the name of government. dominatenow in my country. thnl those mar exemnlariiy be chaa liaod who hare b? n the rMM of the direful awarchy thnl deroura them. and thai the nation may recover?I r?|imt It a thousand Unn-a?Ita tranquillity, Ita gnarante? and rta glory A. L. Dfi SAMA ANNA. Traiurn, Jan. S. lR.'Jt. Parr Jrirm at TV, an* res ?This excellent violinist, now one of the moat finished art ?t* of the day, announces a concert thin ermine at Odd Frllowx'Hall, Hoboken. U Julian will be assisted by several ciuiaent artists, and ebon id bate a full attendance Prrmnal Intalllganrr. Elder Knapp, the noted Fvangellst, has agaia turned op. He bat teen preaching for a couple of weeks pant in pt. iionM. Hon D. J. Dickinson has almott fftllre* recovered from tho effcru of hia refeni arcUcbi iie ? already enabled to return to the practice of hi* profession Arrived in Rl Inula on the tat tost. (ten. Calhoun, late President of the lecompton Convention; Judge Ctto, of the fripreme Court of Kanaae Territory, J. P. Carr, Rnrj., who claim* to hare been elected to Congress ooder the lecomptnn conatKutton; J. P. Henderson, Fsq, who en raped from the handa of hta free mate captor*, f'afd. Hemnel Kramer, and Major Millar, agent of the A leer Indiana, from Kurt Bout, all on their way to Washingwa ARRIVALS. Fpom New Orleans, la the steamship Oahawhe? T g Collin* and lady, Mr Nelaon, ,? F Parm-lnl. Capt IVvta.-viea, W ff lisle, I?r A R Pm.llh. IT R A, lady ant servant, n Vettee. A F Wood. Mew. child and servant, Mra Hreen, MP* Rmiib, Mr 1/Other and family. F R Rmiib. H RrowviellF, A Lynn. R Ru ebam.R l?e 1, Peao and brother. X I. C14A tf Kelao*. W II Forselry, H OUIem, T A Bennett, It Mtv, P Pico, J T Navarro, T Ceaenow, A Foa, R Mt, Prom Ktchmoad, Ac, In the steamship .tamwrtown?Jamea King, T R Hopkins, A T Mcltonafd, M?-s Rklnner, Pr II R Morse. A R Rotib, Mra If T Pot gr.d *aai, J W Tyman. Mra fhowaa, Mlsa Wheeler Raw! Rnrle Taml P Mlt-hell. Mra and Miss MHlregor and ihree child re- Mlsa A Nelson, A H Pal mer, Urn figla, Jno llruaea, liee. Hall?and Mileen tn the ataerago. . Dm4*** Riw. For Idverponl, In 'he aiean.-'blp Kangaroo- Mr, Mra and Mlaa I,(Abridge, Mr and Mr,, - R Have*. Mr and Mra F Rhaw Mra Wnlfendm and two cfflflren, Mra R llioks, Mrs M f" Palter. Mlsa A Onbome, IN*fVt|yer. Mr O O Welrom, hearer of drapalehes to llenmark Rev J Anaiac'-t, Meaara Tallies. Holier, fl II Hater. Mai'pberwn, Fielding l.lnyd, Hnrkling, Ruarhman, Heldelperger, itouero, Qeo Priestman, Ttn nsaa. Curry. Taylor R HTotrp H<usha? . Marhti an 1 Orion?&&('. 191 in the atmtga. w yc MORNIN(} EDlTlOiT-FR How tb? Tai Pa yen are WllBld. TO* 8TANV.N0 COMMITTKK. ON FRAUD*?TmTIWOV OK THN U0NTKACT CI.KKK, Hl'RVBYOH ANU OJ' THACTFjR |N THK 81KTY-FOURTH BTIiKKT GA.,K CONF'?ICTINO KVinENCK or THK OmClAI.* A"* l'HV.KBTY OWNKRH?ASHKH8MINT ROLLS HfOLK FKCiJI THK OKKKJB. Tfe.o Standing Conimltteo on Krau'ln h<sM thter thli meeting yeeterday?Aldermen Adam*, Owen*, Tuolu and Tuemy jireeent Tho wTosuga'ioa into the allege frautln iu (bo Fifty fourth Ktmt Oaggtag aud tilling ca? WUH Continued. Francw P. VMal, sworn and examined?I was tho "t veyor on ttoc k\lty fourth street cautract; I am a city ra veyer over thirty year*; I have a tolerably di-ttuwtr epllection of this job, fbr I was ou the ground and e amused It, and reported to the lute Mr Taylor thai wwld t>e better to Include the tilling ta with the taggii la the coatract. <>. How many feet of tiling in was there tr be don A. About nine fo? wide and as many desp, or somothii dkn that. Q. Aro you ic the habit of visiting the work every da of which you M*e the surveyor? A. No, not every da but tho contractor gives the mrveyor ndUce when tl work is completed, and then 1 go up and v.t.isurn it. Q And gtvn a oerttfc&le for it? A. We never give certificate, that is a mistake-, wo never ive any cwrtl rate more Than tho assessment list; it i* tho duty of t inspector to see that proper carter wis are {ml in; 1 aiwu inspect tbo work 1 have charge of. Q. Are yen furnished with a copy of the snectficatios A. 1 am, always. Q. Can you teli bow the overcharge came to be In tl contract? A. 1 will tell all 1 know about it:?Alter made the measurement and the work was set aoeut, made out a map; I suppose you have it here: ysn w find either a rod or a blue line which I drw, des nating the property that ought to be w.esaei soon after thin I was taken with an ettack paralysis in the sido of my head, which rendered mo : most holpleee, I sent for a friend and neighbor, who h made out many maps, and surveys, and wue c;nito comr tent fi r the task Q. Who was that?can you give his nance? A. I Frederick Stripe; be was a surveyor, and thoroughly a dcrrtood his business: I asked him to mako out this t;: dilation for roe; he did so; I never knew anything mo about it, but of course thought it was all right, until o day, when going into the office of tho (>>aimt?s oner Taxes, 1 met Mr. l'inekney, and he toid niethat thure * a great error In this contract; as soon as he explained t matter 1 saw the error, and said, " ljtt us correct it;" b he said it was too late, as the money hod been paid; It a mistake of mne, gentlemen, and I don't wish to ba out oi it; I have laid all before you: It was a m?take could not correct for Alderman (nws? Where is Mr. Stripe? now ? A. O lie in w?i ? jnmi "?" Alderman Owens?Ah, that is unfortunate. Witness Very unfortunate, tor if he were bore ho vrould correbort all 1 have *aid. Cuaikk.'!!?For hew many running feet wero you pa Mr. Vidal? A. 1 can't recollect exactly, there w*g overcharge, however; it was too small a job to make an thing on. g. Then thoro are some largo jobs? A. Yes?sot large ones. Alderman Trotm?Did Mr. Stripe make out all the c culotionn on thw job/ A. He did. g. Did you see the work after ho male out the pap* A. N. Alderman Owns?Was the sidewalk filled net nine fe before the work commenosd/Jfor the pr<>|?Tty own* ray it was. and that there wan no necessity for this tlllu up. A. I recommended Mr Taylor to have mure d put on, so as not to have the bagging sink down with tl raids and storms. Alderman Owa.vr?Woe not there a retaining wall U down at the edge of the sidewalk? A. 1 don't recollect. Alderman Owkkh?Parties who live there say thu was; and 1 think it is tbme dow. CiuiHM.t*?Who made out tin-written re pert acorn nymg this map/ A. Mr. Stripe; he did the whole trai action. Q. Did you not give him any directi,ins? A. I point out to him the pro|ieity thai I thought ought to p assessments. ho must have madu a terrible niistakoterriblu mistake. g. Mr. Yidal, have you ever certified to work with* seeing it? A. <>h. never, never! I read Mr Monagha evidmce in the ilKKJUi, andrs ho maderha-ges agati ail the elty surveyor*, 1 want to make an explanation. The Chsik expressed a mute Aldrrmso Owk.xs?lltve ycu a copy of tbo pa|M?r ! Stripe drew Up/ A. Ob! I Sue there is a hue arid < here. New, why won't you let me answer ?Vt?r Mai gban? When he wee on the Aeuoseniset noKimtV'e did ray anything about there thing-/ Did he/ Oiathmas?Mr. !dal, did you look over your pars before you came here, so as to etab.e you to give auy formation to the. i etnmitt-e? I believe you wore out lewo, though. Were you^outh' A. No; hut. you see went across the Jersey ferry and over the h.lls there see a Irttd, and when I got home this naming It ufnlncd some of my ps<>er*. Aldi rman Tcoek? Did you sign the paper drawn up I Mr Strip*'relative to this contract A. i did, sir. Alderman Titkicr? Then you arr responsible for it? I am, ft. Cut mats?Yes, sod the public an I the teeter ent p? era will ?>old you responsible. That's ail, Mr. v. ial M*nw?Wjn't you let mc say anything abcut Mon 1 gban? Outntit ?We bave nothing to do with that qcostion. Wrivase?Well, but vou b*ard him here. CntftiUA.v?But lie ? u the chairman of the Aaaewmei OtMMlHM*g the l! 'aril of Acl'rroen, and nave ue mj' valuable ti formation. You can answer him in a card tlie newspapers; that I* the way. Witxxm*?Meet Peter Monaghau on that (holing? No. Chaucmaji?That will <lo Mr. Vidal. Gao P It<?iKNM, contract clerk, ?*orn met examinedI war the contract cleric In the ritroot Oonirattsionor'a IN MfUBMt under Mr Taylor, all 1 know aV*;t thia ITA; fourth i tre.< t contract la that my signature ia affixed t-> on the hook. y. Do von remember whether there worn contnete f (hit worit at <3iBrrent price*? A. I think there were thre ?one at 20 cento, at A3 centa and at 76 loots (J. Can you toll how the highest bidder got th eontrar1 A. The iowert bidder declined it. Q Well, why did not the #3 cent mau get It? A. I don know. Chairhas?I wlab to make a remark at thia point tided at our iael uieetiig that a* ! considered Mr. Roger an important wltne-s, I was aorry he waa out of town I apeak now by way of explanation, and I hope the r? porlrra win take !t down, aa my language on the laat da; waa pub.tiheil by one of them 1 did not mo?n thoae ex pre?*Mina <> be per*ooally otfenaive, but 1 und retand ilia some of Mr. Rogers' fnenda have taken uffenco at thorn. Mr. Rooaaa?I have not. Crairuak?Don't interring me a moment T do not d< Ire to throw the cloak of my oiBce over me bare peak aa an Individual, and am responsible for all I say either bare or nutatde I wiah gentlemen and their frteod to understand tbl* dtetinrily Moreover, I shall prosocut thia raae to the end, without fear or favor from an; una Alderman Tri-xm?Do you recoilart bow these partle managed with regard to declining a contract? A. Well, know that I raw letter* from one or two of them declintag it Q Have you filed thoae letter* ? A. No, I had no rharg of lh?-m y. Who bad' A. The Itreet Commissioner, I may hav them .but 1 don't know. Q will you furnlah thorn ? A. If T hava them I will certainly. Q. Old tha deputy have anythhig to do with thia bul new ? A. T don't think be had. To Aldermen Owgjr*?I know nothing of Mountjoy's get t'rg the coiitracl. I only know that the Street Com mission told me to sign it, and I did ao, ?nderatand me to nay tha I aaw one or both eg the Icttcra of the oher bidder* (lectin ing to accept the contract, I have no knowledge of any a the parties backing out to accommodate the other*. y lion t you goaaMar thia a large pptot for the contract A. 1 think seventy five cents far flagging a big price. Q Can contractors back down without giving public no ttce' A. It la not usual t<> give public notice, the practici f the office in to give the contract to the lowest bolder then if he dec'.tnoe, to the next, and so on. sometime* I la re advertised. y Then these men, with an understanding betwoci them, could control the whole affair* of the city? A. I appears by this raae tbat they could. On*.*. Tt ssKH, sworn and examined ? On**a*?Mr Turner, you were Deputy Street Own m.natoner? A Yea.aadl contend thai I am lbe Sir** Commissioner now? th* first Street Commissi.<ner. UMiNMAK?<?tt, I am kIa11 u> ra?m a real s*treet commie stoncr, I have been a long time l.mking for one ran ysn give ua any Information ** to why the highest bddor goi the contract in thw Fifty-fourth street contract r A. 1 cannot, nr. iayior ** Ul,'n J?nc by tun: and the Contract Clerk. Q Was tt uaual to at** contracts If the highest bidder 1 A Ho, but un4nr Certain circumstance* it wan done?fot InjlaiW, too work may not be given out fbr a year aftei the mnuart la signed, and the detractor would not takr It keraiwe materlala may have r'.aen Di*iKtiA!i~<>h, yen, (lagging la rl* ! Q IHd yo<i ever know tagging to ro?t TH rente a fool before'' A. Yee, and once at a higher figure, hut I don't remember where It ?gr laid down, or woy If was an high Q. Wm Comptmflet Flagg alway* present when the bidi wereopenedt A. Always, but he con Id not control thf

matter, the taw to arbitrary that the contract must g" t< the next lowest man when the loweat dechnoa y. If It not taenia bent on the contractor ta give security and te It not *r Flapg's twliw to gee It done* A. Tb? Street OommlMitoMr approveg the security. Q. There ta only one surety here; doe* not that vltiah thcornirvet A Well, I don't know; tho weak hi oflet done bdTbn the contract is signed. Q 7a flit that a loose war of dotnr business f A Well T don't Anew, these things are delayed In the Omnium OmitMl, sometimes for a year, and t apeak now a? a ta' payer anil a heavy one, when t say that It tg wrong of thi OotftTtion Council to delay them. Tr*?'Tow Fastwr, sworn- Were you the contractor on Ih Wbrk in Vify fourth street* A. I was not; 1 did not bl< on It at all; 1 lionght the contraet from Mr Mount,ioy. 1Q. Bought the contract f A. Tt was assigned to me b; Mountjoy; I thought 1 hail as much right to bug that a Anything else y. la It frequently dene when a contractor hacks down a. It Is; 1 was anxious to get this contract because I wa IfiK'H [DAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1858. I working on tot?, and I wauiod houio pUce to p<il,th<? V I looao earth In. oxjb i ] <} Can you tell wbat you gave for tha con r? t^ Yea, w if you !osi?t it. Q Well, to 1 us A. 1 dotal think it wm oyer *i5; t?er 0 ; bai* rot >o much. T< N j Q. Waanotiba*. a noiall oonaider^ion ? A. I the* it A1 ; wae a very largo one. 1,1 d I tl. For flagging? A. And filling. Tl _ I 0. How much allien? V Kino r.p lan Teet TJ I y. Did you mv f..r the &Un?g? A. Ytw, from oi<M wo i Tfc >d j to a stnHiiv a luau. , te Q. How was It llut trine oroporty there wu amissed when th? work ?a* not done.' A. It waa not to U my M?J' knowledge. Kl T y. But you were paul foril? A. Yea; I don't knew how r- much. e. ! Q Were you nut miided that there wm an error? A. : Mr. iTnkaey tola eve that there ou to the (.mount of Brnc * about JltW. _ it | y. l/W you c->?<i up and nettle? A. I paid it to Mr. 1 ? | PinVwoy. en i y. I?H1 y.>ti take a receipt? A. I doc't rektember, I Will Tien j kok lor it. . e? y. Wm thvrr a retaining will on that work? A. Well, tg I ^,m '"'k'1' c*" *t eucb, there were a few atones which slid I Uowu with rvrry raiu. Foui (J. Hid yi? pay Mouatyoy In moneyV A. There was A g. y, drbttoihrft amount b?tw.-mi yj1 utl ho offered ruo the n CCDUIO* i* M\tiar^. oni? . ' y. Ilov. to you account for the ditteretco betwen 20 and 0T?' co 16 cenVaeu the nias? A. Cte l-owrr.t bidder, Mr Hal La- ( Mv gber.afcvr looking at the f-aceMtoM me that be modi a A ? a great frtstAke, th?t 'die ano int of tilling was net men- ' tinned, and he was deceived, and that he could not do the '"'H* work U the price* 6*? he Q. How much weeld fho flllinc cost? \. Very nearly * th*>' .vhole aaijjdt If bo'.iad not too earth to dispose of, as I kid. win The Chairman tyre a.tad if there were any property - if corners on Fifty-fourth rtrrui present, wti.j could state as to the NMMI t in aetw-t'iy Cone, 1 . Mr. YVurrn.Vr Latton and Mr moi teoN who hod been v iruviouhlj hweru, ?*a.U that eot more tbao eighteen inches J*1' i :>u no average of cl' ng had been done Mr. Whits au.d o01' I tha-h<> had been-ac.-tesmd Wil7 for wr*k which be could ''a1' hlutatflTW Mr. i .'-.ton statcc ihat no lllhcg ha l been adow infirritwf hie lota, that Luo ground retrains 1u0 g- the saivf ua when it waa i- at 11 ioo in t;sn i . Mr JldtfTnjr m ited that a contract bS3 been given t? ft*" - Mr. Itovha in M M to grade u.d fit up this stredt, al- ^ _ lowiegrbrty feet for carriageway and tlftecn foet on 'd'0 ai- each nide !ty ai4ewalkF, wh'ch war- dune, and fur which 11011 they were aatecsed till a lot;yrt'Jow thuy weraasked <1,'T $99 a totYtrTti for flagging some reran aud a half feet of m<' tjte -Idwwaika. Mr V mlton .vsrmanced U> go into an ^ taaatro-Tte on Vic '.vroofH of the property holders In that ' ' r?3iuity, when A'deman Tuiker informed hint that., was * nod their prorincr toyo mto any Cf the old oontracts. ' AlJeriiu-.D Ttu kkk tbeu Aiaitbu Fifty.feertti street t^IB ' (caf'rrtould'be aitjowrned until Mjnday next at 2 o'clock. ,,r ^ Mr .1. Bat k Sstrrr'.tiform-d Mih committoo tbit he had KD' ; 1t?ar'l that iSt? aeKceenrTt roll ft the Fifty eecetid street ' j" f'MCt?<t been stolen from the * Ico stoce ~U?o taut meet 'n ' ii?K, ?ud th-.t the Ort>oraUoo Counsel ought to be .talructed ?"' a to eroce< d io the rsr.tter. VJ Che cleru of the a seat-men*. o Tlco was then sent for,end tul , | bo admittet that tbi paper wna not to he fosod, but he H 1 | ?e*ilt? not-oay thatu had been stolon. . I The 'oumittee then adjourned. P" I f The Board tf Alilcrmcn. 10 do f The Beard met .axi even.op?Aid trmac *?cCpedon in the it ^ f | Chair. y j i Several pe'ltli-rs were roe?lved reepeotta o the opening h< j. \ -of Rearic, l>uane<uiit Chambers s:r tots. ce tb rownnriE nv nurna hi nrt ' Tho resolution of Aldcrma.i Adaino, to prondo the Com- ^ J. , mlttee on Kraudc with a searcher at $2 per day, was taken ' tip and adopted. tb tm n> e a via <v>vnw m Tho report of'.he Commut e on Aasessnanls respecting <^1 * tin petition ot* John M. Burb-, watt coiled up an 1 read. It C .eao follows:- 9 irt The Committee on Aseoeement?, to wbrtn w w referred t?. ' the annexed [er.iti ?ri ot John M. dlxby.fcr relmf from an m< " ?rroi* 'otia a?H?r.Ktneiit, for fencing tfprt of la Jid. situate jj on tbe norihoa t corner of V .fib nvacw aad Fori roth street, reipectfnhy report :? ro That in the month of November. 1864 an ordinance qu paei? 1 the C_m rooo Couao'l, dtrooLog, ;n jen-'ral terms, m, i ' the tbe vaoruf lote oa TVrty imlh. Fort.nth and Forty co ^ i lirst treetH, between the I'ourth and MIA avwimoe and on Kour'h and Fifth avenues, between -frirt. f ninth aad n, *d ' Farteth aire vie, be '.-noed, where ne-emir.ry'. " That in p, ?y porsvancn of tf is ordinance, Jatnre Kur?v,-dho then Street w ?a Commits oner, made an >/r foment with J oho 1 (cl'lavo fx fencing all the vacant Iota mentioned in the < drove ordl or jut naacc, Mr Fur** neglecting to advertise for pr upoeals.or p, b a aeehiog < o?petition lor tb? -ame. k> out Mr. Flawr ipp-jared beforo your Commlfe. te., on behalf of-the petitioner, and stated that th anon til of the flaim* mail*! ir.7 Mct'lavo lor this work, <ver) paid by the gr. Coniptrul or, .l'ine 11, 1H85, and confirmed by . ih e C imaiim ^ Ty Count I >>bioaryt I860, at three tho ieand u vie hundred re and ti?lv one iljllare and s>vty three outs, he Th?, comptroller turtfior'late 1 that the o mgract vim fj never advertised, but divide 1 up Into la-'vr ooa, earl ? ?rs joh'brhig !? ??.than tro hantl-ed and il'ty folbi oi n In- I ha: the price charged p?r foM was ahoirt o no doila of ?nd tan niy 1*~ rent*, when, f the Street Cot i uwaioce p i, I bad sor./<ht ?'orjt>'.?i'ioD, tiy o-lrt-rnx ng for r? |>oaale, I' al to VoaMdMC bov* xwt lb* pfopdiljr oa uciam^ro t h an thirty n flttlts |)"T foot ft Your couitnH:-'* believe, that were It not far I he over by e?gb'. of the tV-mpt'oller in paving no Itrtnin : ?. tice ^ thousand two hundred arid ffiy one dollar* ai ? 1 sixtyA. three oolite, that the contractor "n-rer could Li i\ -o wo- d, vered more than eight bundrud duilars from thi i * diy for w. lb* entire work. w The parties isneered for thin work have alt i?a'u wdto w a- pay ru.dt so exorbitant aes^tr'a-ot, but fiat hit f :%r' willing to pay a lair prise, vlr., th.rty cents |>er foot. Year op.'u "? !? 'iirethat Uo -beret iomaio wr tK knowingly wilac-d the charter cflHod, in thuagtrln, t to nt MoChv# a coot rait'or three Lhacpand two honored tnl lt li lWy on*dollars and six'y thro* cents, without advertlr *** u, tbernine. t.. Your 'onmlttee be"evr that unless the C >T.m n Cot ell reduce the assessments for thin fencing, from U, *> to amount charged?one dollar and twenty live coot*?t ' b< _ that of 'htrty cents per foot, the rltr treasury will be tn. , hirer to the full amount of three tnoutaaJ two hundred Mi f and fifty one dollara and ality Ikrrc cent# It Your committee. In view of the for. g >.ng facte, otfer d? for adoption the following resolution? r Keaofrnd. Ttiat the awtesam'nt of one hundred and two wi ie dollars and sixteen cents, for fencing ninety four feet eight tacit'*, on property of ,Ino. M tliihy, northeast ta [? corner of Fifth avenue and Fortieth street, be. and the same h#hcreby, reduced to twenty eight dotUrs and forty tn 't two rents, the same lining at the ra'e of thirty ante per t ? foot; Interest tn be charged thereno, from the c-.o firms- j I lion of the assessment Hat by the Common I hum 11. a <>n motion of Allerman TYihe*. the tstUcr wis laid ?, L oyer. g, >. nt* t-xuraw?*D tiMtr At ttt* rattrrt. re, y The Comptroller scut In a communicationin answer to a retolutiOD of the Briaid aa to the authority by which a .. g f. rry won established at the flattery The Comptroller gives an elaborate history of the fUtU-ry and ferrv mot- , ' tera, and aaye there was no authority given for the ferry '' i in qur?tioii that Mr. In*. the contractor. established it *" 1 f for the avowed purpose of bringing Moo* and other mat* ~|'u rials for the rtattery enlargement, but has used It p as a Hasten Island ferry. After the platform for J? e landing passengers, on the westerly ?id* of the pier, waa Y commenced, the Comptroller vieited the, and won la- '' ' formed by the foreman that the object of said platform . "] n was for the purpiwe of landing and dreaaiog the coping " | stow* for the Mattery wall. Thle appeared plsustcie, and , ' ? as tlie work in progress was on that |s?rtion of the Mattery B which was in the custoaly of the coolrarvr to he filled up under the directs si of the Street Commissioner the g 0>mptrnlh r e authority t>> stop 'he w..rk in-ght we|i he m qncetiotcl The Comptroller says he might nst.tnte legal proceedings against the Ptsten Island Ferry Oisn- ' parr for an encroachment on the real estate of the etty, under the Staking Fund ordinance "f IM4, but he could v lot export the co operation of the Common Council, ?fw * " r the resolution adopted by that body The Comptroller -f understands that the slip might he leaned for 9.1,000 a l*1'H1 year for a ferry: but l>efore that OOlM be done the l/? *' glslatare should change the tenure by which the Battery .1 held. In order to giro legal affect to the gran hog of the r r leaao. Referred to Committee on Ferr.oa axnenm AMnrtt ?w *?w>wr.T> c?sn?. ' A message was received from the Mayor, with an ae 'VJ 1 comyanying letter of J. Hnaford "tnlth, announcing the . ' expected arrival of Hear Artm'ral Mahomed I'aahs and ' aoite from Constantinople, and recommending that the ' Common Council extend to hia Kl>olleB'y and suite every " eourteay and attention OB motion a committee of Ave was appointed to confer * with the Mayor on the matter The Chair named ihe fob WC" lowing Aldermen Boole, Iteid, ll.iffmire, Tucker ami V*T": Bradley, aa aucb Committee **v. wASHixnrov's arRTtnuv. w tJ The matter of celebrating Was ingtons birthday was J"" referred to the Committea on Arte and Sciences, to report * _ /" rome plan for the expenditure of the money On motion of Ahhrman Owena.the 'ommunicatimi from IL Mr. Conover respi ting frauds In the Street department, waa taken from the table and referred to the CnenmiUce on fraud*. ,n M A'ljourrrd to Monday neit Another Brw Trial fbr a Convict. th'ilas at i-rrmr coprt?arictsi. trrm. aioner Before Hon Judge Gierke. I a< Fia ? -Jam* ShrpparH m. the /'copfe. -Shepparl waa which convicted of arson and murder In the Court nf Bosalnns, frTt)f)T and anntenced for execution on Monday next On appli doubt cation of counsel Judge Gierke granted a writ of error and win or stay of prooeedmga, which the Court In bound to do under pT(. the statute. in by The motion to fix a day for the third trial "f Canceml ?t libc will be heard beloro the general term on Monday next. office ' Inn Orwrimera Iwqmeeta. Ifetge fATAt Amiint m Sinmosao?Coroner Terry held ar inquest yaaterday afternoon,at tlie Now York Hospital, oa u.n the body of a rigger named Wilttam McCm*,^ died trndn from the effecta of a fall a-cidenUlly * ,<ri< fod on -hip ""l"" board'about a week ago The dece^j ,t appear* .fell *'rf" from the main yard to ths deck ar ^ fM P1V(>,| j, severe 1 " internal Injuries that he died 1r_ n(r,ip?nuen"e Verdict? 1 oAccidental death. Oecsa' od mas a native of Ireland and waa a resident of Brook iyn, Srnnrx Pratr.?An lnq\?egt ws g uiao held upon the body ,i,? i of a womsn named Mary, Bower* .residing m Broadway be Witk tween Fifty first and Fifty se eond streets, who <lro|ff>ed T" dead.on Wednesday evomo-/, while attmdlnf to some Sei h?u-choM work- and E R A MrtnpnUUn Pttlko b?mmlMlun?r(. HT rOLICK innfbctoiih to ub adle to head and HfTK? INTKHKWTINW DMUUMION UN THE QIIALI CATIONS OK NEW YOKE ANI) HUOOEI.YN INHt'KC IBP?SEN. NYK'fl IIOl"RE AND LOT ? UK DISCLAIMS IT KVOWLUXiK OK IT?MIR OPINION OK THK EWSKAKKHS?HAVOK HKMAN.N AND KEV. MAHCI'H 7LLMJH CICERO HTANLKY?MR. KKKITS HBSPiNA' OH ACCEPTED? AKKOINTMBNTN, ETC. ? Hoard met yesterday afternoon it .1 o'clock?preMesrrs. Nye. Bo wen, Psrlt, rtrmahan, Choi well, or Tlemann and Mayor Powell, r. Bowtw presented reports on charges against police , which were adopted, as follows,?Peter Begirt, nt from roll call, sentenced to reprimand; Matthias d, charge dismissed; Christopher h. Daily, charged going riding when ho ought to bo on duly?Mr. nowrecommended a fine of ton da)s' pay; Mayor iann wished to amend by dismisial from the ?, but finally w'thdrow tho amendment, and Bo wee's motion was carried; Bernard O .lourko, tb precinct, charge dismissed, in Nvx reported in tbe case of another charge agalns er Daily, for being absent from imjmI, which had bee i ruled, recommending a fine of live days pay. Carried, r Hows* presentel a resolution that tbe special men to Nintb and Thirteenth wards be paid. Carried, r. I'owai.i. presented charges against tbe Deputy (rlntendent of Brooklyn, lteierred to Committee on eral Discipline. r. "trnwaiuK reported In the casa of charges again at er I'tter, of Brooklyn?tirst for looking into a lady's dow. and for a complaint agaiust a citizen for uot asng htm. Charges dlsn>isse<i. r. Btranaiun movsd that Seargeant Cornelius Waglum, ho Fifth precinct, be prunoted to bo Inspector, layer Powmu. said that he bid some remarks to make jra Ihe <iu??'.ion waa taker. Thjj mm had, without ig duty is a patrolman, gone throng') the regular grams ol policeman and Berg iant He ha<l no particular ?ci:on to that course, lie knew nothing atiout his durations parucu arlv, but bad received such mforniv i as leads hhn to believe that. o ir en roly incompetent n want ol education. It. BntAjtAOAS said that ha knew lb* man wai highly ken of, ?n?l hi* ?.|>|M>t?iktn<,ut would give groat saiwiaoi to thi) people of bt? district lie *u formerly an Alman from that district, and if that was not a recomhdutinn .1 ought t. bo. Ir. Ciioiwuj. wanted to know whether it would not be ailing tint rule*. layor Powwll said tho rate had gone through the gra ions without desng duty. His objection lo him wan t he wtc not oapablo of makrig out a report legibly, of copying the reports of others. Ho lid not think h a man wmHttn till tho place. Ir. -tntAHaiuv said he would withdraw tho application the hope that the Mayo' would go with him in turning t the other contains who wore vaatly more deficient Mayor Howtx said that whatever he might do ?s to nii-g^out men, ho would never vote to put incompetent m in. Ur. t+rs as*has wanted to know if he would help hint to t nit tfc'ise who had got in.' Mayor 1'OwrtL was willing toco operate In sueh a move rot. Mayor Tmpni thought that if such charges wore truo, would be the duty of the Board to remove the nten Mr. itrwNAHAJt said be bad cases of that kind which be td hold in suspension, waiting lor Instructions. Mayor i'rtwnj. xt.a that in regard to this particular #e ho would suf^oel that the man in question fee ought before tho full Board, to show whether 01 a If wis competent t" till his InsiHictorslnp, ami if t.r as loom] cotU]>eteut he would not opposehitn Mr St ianaiia.-. said be would withdraw the motion far o prewnt Mayor Pow*r i.?Will you adopt that suggestloa" Mr. Stra.vahav? Yes,"with the amendment that ttroe Iters be brought with him. Mayor Powsi i said that the case of tbo others v as dif 'en: They had been elected by the people, and tins aril had adopted tln-m. This man ought to have .- >mu nt;i to suj tenor ability to cuUllo bun to an appo 1,1 rat Mr. fnuv aiiak-believed the man possessed tlioeualiU lions to tit bun ?r the inspectorship. U Bows e wanted to know what wi re tho ntn'i dis .1 MaaHti #? Mayor I'o WKta. raid tho man could read a little, bit hi o'J not w tile will. Vr. Hrrwi k tfea- unttbo law would d-eqeahfy h'.m li ut ' lit, and 1' there were others in New Y*rk o 'ooklyn v ibo were similarly diaqiiaidWul, Ilia' the; lurid be h? 'OHgtU up also. Mayor Tn Mans thought the proper way would bo t iter otnp mot# . Ho thought bia friead, the Muycr n :y n. eaa net acting on tho square He sr mil "?s that tesauaa tho lns|>ecuira were oloctod the tloir am men- ought ;o submit to anything from Ummd. Mayor l'? sskia. caplainod he iriuaut uo ?uct' thing. Mr 1V#wi is t?v? -< d l oth Mayor Powell's notion and Mi Irfeb^han < aa?<Dln..iiil Mayor Ti iron mincided with Mr. Bowen. Mayor l'i twetx aid ho did not intend may ouch lultu is uoly inv -nth* had boen to call atiotiti n la din n> eD's qu ilglcAtiues. lis del uot yen what the one ha 1 I T with tho other Mr Howies th<ws -bt that as th?<v hi. t rms-fA-d Mayt owkl's saggestra U toy shou.d rcepocl Mr (firauatou; nan 'incut. %tr Pmair undenitoou. Mr Stranahca to inairc only genii abarges. Mr -ok.s \iias said that tho trnba.f bet .or sdoeatia an nrJa r men already ins| Iti ioroMay ur Tismanv U*?.? tit that u< fact of t la i,g hsv'n #no ..itrol uu'.y win a sotlicicnl olijcc.iou urdei tl.. law Mr .< set ill lieu that it was a ta I or In su Mb regard to the Br> siklyn force that at otic time Uu r s net a man fit to be tia-to an j? pcckr. Mayor Pow*i.i?T"bat is that f Mr. tirSA.SAHA* 'STOAt id the nmark, with U>? |unliac? in -'io some of the pre cincu." Mayor Pown i thought. the teiasrk was trloidod as a mutate n on the denns: rule Mr. Stravaiiar -aid he did not intoad to bring any pn'. a> allusions into the Ik ard. Mayor hivn i would u odertako t> fill up ail tho in?p<? with able.ocmp rhnl and oIBce ul a tan. who ne ii in the lorcefiiHii on r to live years Mr It .ass asked the n* jiios of lite parties aiiodml to b r. t#Lrauaton Mr i?ik4iahaii was wilting to giw Uiom if tho Boar itnandod Until. Muyor ssid it w auld be irrsgslar. Tke props ty would be to bring forr. tal bargee tin ci'ition of Mayor Cut* as* the matter wan Uwd on th bio. i.nn Kvs prci-ntcd reports uncharge against pn I ice " u"-* I jr-.tauav tm It KOf kltMi-f t ffi?u? ivml mjt, r iOi|>n?i-T to 'Jim Uiapaetor. Ctar(? ilwi <mI aim r.1 idcji?cfcaiga .nan mm4. liao. Nv* rallad Up II Oi.mi. lui.i atK* frani tb?' Board <> igitM-ara for tho appoint. icn of some nonnu Vc altoDO & all id tbe oapaelty of ?p .lie ***!>, la <! **> I thieve*, he. winii' U ling Mr .lobu L'. iAWurkiga. ioit 11(1,000 *<>i*w ?.*( uw or ?.? ktt'm. b. Nw- Mild?fbaro I* i ?ii 1*1" augg*?tNNi tiwU 1 wan nakr for myself It m ?ott? tho raonda or tho papm < lir?*'y f way aa to ato w .ua?> kwawledga upon tlx *1, that I am to ho tba ram BMut of a W matiDK i aannial of money, aaid Iwat |ui?i<wwa ira lata ? purpoaa. All I baa to ?*y la, that K la intra!; va?>e W.ianavar anyto ng oioto-rodto jprai.tmni , hat <lapartm*i.l, I'i I ahall b* aaaa aaough u , It 1 tr too this (tatorcaBt. aod that I? r Tiinifi (interrupt! *, * anarly aa oonM la , tBi ? tow too* of mt~m)?JV. papar* bare (war _ , t*.tr a beaere about It. * y nt~ They certainty bara. T*ay ara alwaya ratahT, mm about wbal thay haow isutouur aiiaat ? rumaaa?(ar/o nr?|.-Pollcaa^n hawa mm" to Wlll ain>albii thay harahaan tonal tiitooa dollar* ^ a- l or a.boijie ? wbo . ' una-hrvaral of lb*m. . uT, w-l orva* baard 7f It. i. aavia- 1 anppawa it .would oom* aadar tba r toll "* ^ Uiedeparlioaat l?'w as ?1 altoul'l bo rerj a lad to rroeiTa it tor thai !*_ Mia?If t'.ay liara *r touch mooay f gmmmm d bcuar VP'T to-tha I< rialatura to have Uiair aata UCP"*' lb* can oaa do what thay I to* it.ia m> f wC,#" ' **k "f dtotofl any raonay ran* ' ^^mTrTomn Mya to <*. -*" a"1 ' doaa i ' raraly attooipt to our rant nawanaiwr , trl ,r tba I *** Ul^1 14111 newt about wbai .now iraat I tara to* hmdeet rtotard for Uia nawa, tor thoy hav, \4 ! 4lw?y? 1T?*U many fa but I hope tba T wlil ?"* ?? ? frouau un*?' or Tta??i her ' mgln "nor, acmethlng about trg mixed up ? writhe K?t Marc/ja Thlliue Cteero p. hut, being appi " lJ bf our re|?>rtar Uc hm egsrt . raid II mam do he ?ti?( Dot alalia pub Board than went It *? MM manna. n ntrnr Trot *e??tnti Mr. J *tt proeented hie written re on to the Board, am (. '"owi, wbi-h waelocepteth? New V<m?, Jan M, l?M, r< ruK?r_ tccordlng to > Intimatiou mule to you at it mooting, I hereby t dP1 tny place a* Ofxaaibiof Police. rapted the appotntmoc * 1/1 meet an emergency had arieen in the affair* Board, intending to | aw when the difflcotioe which had < auaed it were rd. The Board a* now c> ?*tttiited. wtli, I barren h.irioontre in |c l the u "("T'anl auhincte which mo before It, n< the pruu-;; 'le* which are tn rule in ceding* =oem to be won u nder*tood and a r or dad the different member* Tn t Wale of thing* f feel fly to retire, especially an ' could remain in the only %t grant aacrtflce of per* "nal cancenience. rttlidrawmg from the Board ' cannot hut acknow the klndriwe and franknewiwt fit hai * elway* been eeted to??erd* me durtng nay re nnoction with It Vor refrain from orpreeetng the o\ colon which I enter of ttt'j arrtem which the no * police bill hae n oed, which rem* V> me wwlt ca Tulated to ?ITe | the rtan'i object at wh-h it aim'-e reliable arm of gthi for tb" maintenance of order In tht* great ctty. ave heen gratified, tor, Ur oh?>rve the tntehtgenoc moral w. Hi i the great, mvvrtti ?f the patrolmen en dntv, needing only the (fling of their ranka to Uie c'orp* fit n? beyond any preview* forco which ave had and prnmlaltif totvn^ere favorably with l?e?t eetaNi-hmcnla of Knrepe In the onumc of tlm?, i groat r*?i?cct. your obed "nt ?errae' P. pr.KIT thr ll?*. teutawdM or Pouro, New Yihik rgoant M-rrie IvoCamp, of the To irtceuili pre, net, ^rgrat)t Silvoy, of the Plret previoct, wcrg I LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. promoted U> InapectoreLIpe AnguetiM Mtekenbnrgh, Jobh Whitney, Thomaa Nldbet and Charlrw Van Wut wore ap pointed on tho rlror police. M?ian4er Glbaoo. iwi I ionP'naot in the L'nltod*SUt?H navy, wm appointed-fer Ecant of tho river police. NEWS FROM HAVANA. Arrival or the Calkawba?1Tl?o Bpai.Uh Fleet otr ( aba?Trade Dnli-Kittnetre Ktrt-Loa of aii RngUih Barh-I-YflghU and Eithtnge Rate*. Tho Unite 1 State* mail steamship Oahawba, Oapta<a Bulkick, from Now Orleans and Havana, arrived at this port early yesterday morning. She left Havana en the 30th of January. In Havana, on th<> night of the 119th, the extensive ma chinn work* an<l *aw mills of lambden k Co. were destroyed by Are. The lows will be about 020,000'. That is tho most extensive conilagrallon known m Havana for many years. The Maretxek 0|*>ra Coir puny would close a boot toe 10th inst., when tb?y Intruded going in the iraoel to Charleston. Trade wax dull at Havana. Freights were a little more ar'ivo 'luring th-peat few da; s, Willi small v-ssels for tho United dtatos at about tho same rates as at last advices. For Europe no engagements for largo vessels Exchange was tho samo as last quoted. Sugars dull. Stock 70,000 boiea. On the afternoon of the 20th, an English bar*, bound from Havana U> Ifstanza*. wont ashore a few mile* from the More, and was totally lost The captain and mate wore drowned. Our Havana Correspondence. IUvaxs, Jan. 30, 1M68. .Vew* of Opera?Maretxek'i Return to Mew Y^rk?Pie Sjmmth Fleet?More Slanri Arrived?Lambden't /bun itryJ/urnt?Lottef a Hntiih Ship?Santa Anna?Mar ketn, Kankmge, </r., <fr, Itoncciii has broken his engagement, and paid Maretz*k $2,000. lie 1h under bonds not to sing ui tho United states, unless with this troupe, this season, and remains here fir a month to taste leisure and the climate. The fleaortta KJUT.OK naH auto Ulrowu up ?uu aim uauiaga ... . purxM is uot mails known to tho pablic. bhe attemptM an escapade, hut was stopped on tho steamer babel, lant trip, and tripped bock to the city uil her engagements by the police. Max Maretxek plays a abort engagement In Charleston after he leaves ibis, which will be on the 10th of February, alter which he procooda to New York or Philadelphia with hU company 10 dil his con tracts there. No com|*ny in Urn Havana lias ever real ized as much from our public as has been thrown into tho purso o' Maret/ek, and he cm calculate hereafter upon , our pocketa and a golden wnl< nine from tho llabaneraa. \\Y arn about advertising tor the Spanish tlaat, which , has been so king out of jiort that appreueuaion is lull for , its safety. We have hoard that the ofllesirs were sea as~k funn long Inactivity, wherefore a visit was not made ? , Vara Orux, as contemplated. Oapt. Miller has arrived from the const of Africa, and landed lim cargo safely. Several vessels are now expected. We had a lire last n'ght. consuming tho foundry es'ab, lirluneuti f Mr. Iambiieu; loss 6*0,OuO A British ship winch left port yesterday ovrn ng m repotted ashore ami lost, to lb" e% tof tho Uoro rock dve or six miles: particulars not given. Santa Anna did tot return ia tho Solent , his aide decamp, Senor Velez. did. Ho is the gentleman whoacom pauieo thottenorii Santa Anna to this inland, and when aiKiut leaving, gavo out ituit bo was going to the country, inatesd ot which be |>aid a visit to his inw?ter. There at some grand scheme going on hero to rortoro Snata Anna U> Mexico. Whatever it may bo, Spaniards and Mexican* , are engaged in it. Our sugar market remain extremely firm at loot quo1 talinns. r Freight* for small eraft coastwise are at about to f 15e p?r Ikix, and $2 r>Ofor molaaaea per hbd. Sugar and concentrated molasses at about A3 AO per hh I. sterling ? exchange has Uecliuod slightly, and w i|uoied at 14 S to IA I' per cent premium, on the 1'uilod Sales at about my laet 0 quotations. American gold quite scarce, at 3 to 4 per < >'01 i. premium. Wc bad ipiito a strong nortlier yesterday .norn ntj, which has chaoged Uie witter, whs h h id be ome q lttn . stagnant in our harbor, and wtd render K more hoa thy Public health good. The Kpnnlib Klert olT Cuba. A [From U I iario do la Mar na, Jau. J.) M The following details have lieea oihh iuk-oIo.' to i.a by a trust worthy per-on roiative to the in oven.-qu if car ,r naval foroe? Tlie naval dlrl.ioa under the command >" (Vnms lore I B'as titrcla do yuesadk, GOapCMd of llw ahptf-kit Its ria Isahel f . ?fi guns, the frigates lrp,'ritii. 41, usl Tories. 32, the corvette ferr iluna, 30, tho br:g I It date r<, 0 Id, and the steam< r Isabel II , 60o borso power, was ma mruvrltig between Havana and Matou/as, and executing ^ the different eyidutlnna cf naval tactic* I>uring a r,. > t. , w;nd, which hail blown for tho last week, they wero ^ hove toe, ex|? rlcricing strong wind* and a hew/ ura <m 0 hiwrd the ships of the dlv.Vlou were lii? marta?-* who had just arrived from the Peoln^ua, tn th> store slops Nina and Marlgalor'e, and it mav be affirmed that after having gone through these excr-He* they will be suflli colly instrucU-d tn be aide to fulfl ihetr duties. under a whatever circumstances they may find teems* Ives The br;g llabar.i ro whu h arrived the day before yi-?tT day in cur port, Drought no particular news as' to Uio suite of the fleet In i ur enrt there are at nrr < nt the frwuite ftadon of 44 pots, tbo brips IVUiyo aud llabanoro, of Id, ^tvi lat tor to Mo th* ((uadroii,) the uteam'fs H-rnan Con** y an<1 l-easo, and tbo ??mw atoatn frigate Borcng'ioU, of 3'i pun* At th" Vavy Yard thorn aro the itoreehlpa Vina ami I'tnta, Uio nUuoiers I/*ib, Baaall and Vetufchlo, ao J to tbo , railway tbe brig Alec do. In Vnra Oru* thorn la at pr???nt tha o'oamor Fran tot'> ? do A?i3, of bco bor c power; m the road 'if Cam poach 7 the brig Valdra, and at lending to tL* aervloo of tbo l:f forent cava! nation* of tbt inland aod lb* ciwat. Uio oicaniT' Rlnaco do tlaray, Colon, iluadalqaicrr, v-ptnnu, and Itoo Juan do Austria. Uio brig* ilai-ano and Norvim Uio ncrcw nrhooner laahol Kramx a and th? *et>ont>er? r Juan la, laabol. Churruca and Com-la In Lbo wtadl- 3'2 t ?hlp* * lirr cmr Ciuarrr Bttx ar m Acanorr no *r*ir ? N.nor 4Id tbo Now York public roapnnd inoro ganarouaty I to Uto demand* of bonevoleaen tbaa ou tbo ocuaetao of 10" * pr< at charity ball wbicb took plana laat avowing at Dm | Aoatleaiy of Moato, and noT?r beforo fid ttoa kaUrkjr of I tnat build lag preooel a orooa of fr?al?r brilliancy and r magiufWa-'e Tb-ae who pradictad the fbiluro of tbo at* torpr .oo w? ro (f.-oatly disappointed, dbilo tbo ;o?ic.uco ardor wrboi o miiaagomeat N waa to aunro afulty conduct? od mutt hav* b?oa moor than graLAod w.ib tbo brill an' 1 rorult a f tbt r ot forta. To agy that it waa wall attend- -! would ooavoy but a pnrw Ktra of Ra riccaoa? H waa IV ? ral'y ero wdo . and though Ibm may baaa rowderod It amaowha t nwfie* ?a?t for tbo dancer*, yrt It ?m all tbo better for it* pi or, who ara to trap tba boooSi. Tbo coo", aa wc tmvo tald. waa botb brdllaat and taagnfflcoa t. Tfco la.nw-no* aroa of u?o "ago and parqar btrv boarded over aad iba wbolb tor uait waa I mod w Ui to as Tho d*(* aoolf woo mo d* urotod aa to preeenl the i W* 'raare ef an immw tear, tn tb? centre of which. rm |wnled an If la aid air. ?u the word cmam In letteee ?f Im -<? lr?- The effect predaeed by th? wv wry bfauMfei1 8^"* rmllco ?m made to fbrra a part.of the en iKllmtiW<ii. ami the aeveatcra or eighteen thorn* od yard* wticb war ?am triboted by the merchant* and etmv k4fq*fm were twi r? 6 ? fwtenne nloeg the atdea af lac teat and la Iron! of Mar hcnee The other preeeate which they recciwd, aad la ale mdance, loo, were not esaetly n W for ornament*. bat I W." wUI an*wer a Mkr purpn?? a rorrrtn* the feet and W die* of u>* poor aad la heep-a*. theen warm during thr . *'d winter nigbta Abmii half pcuK myhi, i T which time ewry ml a the hem an wan occupied, a pev ?>. "titled Kharo waa road by Mr. Alfn d Paganae. by ??b?wi A waa written fbr th<* occ aa Ion Soon after Ihr rra *JD' of the piwm the dancing commenced?the lad ie* wbo | wrttwpasod, wflh very few escepgnn*. appear ng in calln * dr?aaaa Al 12 o'atoek , howerrr, they d I reeled tbemeel "? of theae, aad came eat la mike and eatlne. made ia the varied feabtona of the ballroom. The calico dreaaea era, aa our readers mam be aware, to be handed over for diatrli tJtkm to the eartou* niieritahle eocletiee to which the pro. *w*ia of the Ntll art lo be prMonted In cooclomoa. we nay aay Uua the I darcing wax kept np far Into the moral *g. and the maem was the beet that Hod worth's bond Could fire. The Seventy fret regime at waa preamit, ta aa. .'orsn, aad agewted ta the ceraoxmiee of the oeoaaioa. OmmH Cnlsssdar?TKIa Da f. Prregwa 0>rw??Clreutt ? Woa. 2132, * .?. 1168, 1426, 52* 424. 2838, III, 9411, 2407. 16M. '??. 1084, 1388, *81. 2428, 2426. 1001. fU, 1106. 14*0. ?38, Wfl. UK, 2177, 2*16,2762w, 2776,2*46.2171, 2284, 2261,2710, 2888, 2988. 2734,1*14,1714. _ UraTia Mw* Cbrar ?ffoa IS, 43, 81, II, 112, 112, 110, 190, 121, 111. ft notion Or>r?r.?Jfoa. 1, 52*. 26. 77, 28. 2P, 272, 41*. 178 416 *.40 640, 666, DM. 460, 601. 888, 181, 478. 1286. 428,420, 410. 414. 436. 461. 400, 107 . 474,40, 472, 504, rT, 623, 288 , 432, 606. 447 Crent .a ruua-Pirt 1 ?Not. 3|8 to 383 incKiaiw, .144 to 370 tachmira, 1062. 371. 372. Part 1?Von 310. 336. 340, 974, 375, 170, JO, 37*, 380. 381, 322, 38.1, 384, 384 m