Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 20, 1858, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 20, 1858 Page 3
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The CanaJ Street 8hw>Ua? Cam. The aqueet ? the abofe cum whs continued yeeterday Morning, at xe Tenth Precinct station house, by Coroner Oounery A ounoer of witnesses were examined, including me occupants of the saloon where the atfray took ylace, as well ae the companions of deceased. During the reeees the jury visited the scene of the row, at No. 108 Cknal Btreet, and one of their number there made a diagram of the premises, for the purpose of facilitating matters on the .nauest. th? follow iuk is a stoodsw of the evidence ejciled yesterday There** Gebhard being duly sworn, deposes and says ? I live at No. 74 Korsytb street; I board at Mr.[l.emley's, ? Korsyth street; I was in the saloon about half an beur before the shooting took place ; I was sitting with Mrs Muller while the prisoner and Mr. IIuLler were playing cards, and another in an by the name of H. Uernan, while they were playing six gentlemen camo in - some of them want to play billiards, and the party asked Tor some lager bier; 1 cannot say whether deceased waa one of the party hat played billiards, aa I did not pay much attention ; I think the man (deceased) was the Qreman, a decent man, whom 1 saw with the party that night, and regretted that he was in such bad company ; the two men who were playing billiards oommenced fighting; 1 mean two little men who were near the billiard table, as those who were tint playing were taller than they ; I am not related to prisoner , I didn't see deceased strike any one; 1 went for aa officer, as I was frightened, and the shooting took place while 1 was oat; they were all engaged in the row when I went for the policeman; the rowing assumed a serious aspect; Mr. Mailer and prisoner interfered ; Mrs. Muller told me there'was shooting, but didn't say who shot deceased , since the shooting up to the present time 1 have not oonversed either with Mr. or Mrs. Muller. Thomas Logan being duly sworn, deposes and says?1 Bve at No. 91 Canal street , 1 knew deceased for about twelve months; I was in company with deceased from half past twelve P. M. of Monday last up to the hour we separated in Muller's saloon; 1 met with him first in bla own house; I went with my brother there; Joseph Wind* Held and Nally were there at the time; we were there bout three-quarters of an hour previous to deoeaeed's coming in; we drank nothing during that time; we used this room as a sitting room for the Bremen, we sent ou' for drink after deceased came in; it was strong beer; the ret beer sent for waa paid for by Windfleld; Twaddle was the man who went for it; I can't recollect who went for we aecona Deer; uw quantity ci ueer uuu. wu icut inr wu three half gallons; six of us partook of the beer; tbe bear wu all drank; 1 cannot recollect where we went to altar leaving deceased'* house, tbe beer having more or tow effect upon my brain; tbe six of ub went into Mailer's saloon, Dycxinck and Windfield commenced a game of billiards?I believe it wu for beer for the party; we had aome lager bier while they were playing; I went over to Wtadfield and said, "Lend me the Btick to see if I cannot knock a ball into the hole:'' then he laughed; Xally came over to me, and we got into trips, when we bath fell on' the Uoor; u soon u I got up Mr. Muller, who keeps tbe Mloen, got hold of me by the collar, and Twaddle wu ?Jtog on the lloor; be held on to me about two or three aeeonds; 1 believe he thought we were quarrelling; Mr. Mailer did not kt go of me until after the pistol wu fired; I said to Twaddle, "Let us go out;" when we went towards the door the prisoner wu standing with his bacx against the door; I saw nothing in his hand; there wu blood oa his head; I did not see any person struck; the deceased wu six or seven feet trom the door, with bis hands on bis abdomen, when he Raid, "I am dbot;" tbe prisoner ran from the door; deceased had no angry words with the prisoner or any person that 1 know of, I did not >ee the prisoner struck by any person; I never saw the prisoner before that night; Maria Muller, being duly sworn, deposes and uys? 1 Bve at 106 Canal street; my brother keeps a lager bier aloon there; I recollect the row that took plaee in the Mloon on Monday night; I knew some of the parties who were there that night; there were four persons in the aloon that evening?my brother, Mr. German, Mr. BudeakofT and Mr. Cook; Mr. Cook came in ten minute* previous to the party of six who subsequently came; the three flrst named were playing a game of cards, while Mr. Cook Mood looking at them; six or seven men came in; one or the men asked me for six glasses of beer, the man who uked for the beer I would know; he brought live glasses f beer to his oompanions, and I gave the otber glau to a nun who wu near me; I believe some weot to play billiards, but when I went behind the counter I uw two of the six clenched with each other; a third one joined in, when my brother Mid, "We must put a stop to it;" the party of four got up, and my brother took bold of two and took them back where the sofa stood, and kept them on the floor from fighting; Mr. Cook and prisoner then went in, when there wu a general fight; they went to stop the fignt; at this stage of the row T went into the hall, think lag a man bad gone in there, in erder to gel bim to quell the riot, and when 1 returned I saw BudenkofT bleeding, I la tbe act of rising from tho door; while I wu removing glasses at the head ofthe counter, where there wu a screen, 1 heard the report of a shot, and uw Mr. BudenkofT stand lug near the door, can't say whether his back wu against the door; I didn't see a pistol with any ne that night; I didn't see deoeued strike any body that nirht i saw him freauentlv in the saloon, he was an or derly, well conducted young sum. never inclined to fight '.ng or rowing. sln<-e the p?riod of the shooting up to the present time I have not b?ard the cau*e of the shooting, Uxt night tu the first time I u? Mr. Budrnkoff; I saw deceased take off bis coat previounto hw being shot; I was then in the middle place of the oounter; the screen prevented roe from seeing who was at the door, prisoner came to the saloon that day at 12 o'clock, on busmen* with any brother, and remained there all day; he waa sober when the row occurred. I heard no threats given that Bight; It was about the time I oould count ten. Osbriel Turk being duly sworn, deponed that he lived at No. 266 Iivision street, he waa a clothier, on last Monday Bight, while I was passing by the door of No. 10H Canal street, 1 heard a noise and stopped to see what waa the atter, tt was about A o'clock P. M., 1 entered the place la company with a friend of mine. when we went ituioflft SK ^t'anV^finorVS MB; we went up to the Bowery and got two policemen, sad then we all came ha"k together: when we arrived at Na. 106 Canal street we found the dour locked; oae of the wtBdows was open; when we west the second time we fbusd no one in there except the prisoner and another MB, the rest of ths party had left the man I saw blend a when 1 first want into the place waa the prisoner; 1 act see any blows struck while 1 was there, they were talking loudly and appeared as if they were going to fight, urban arrested, Ute prisoner said that aome one bad fired B pistol; he did not say who did lire the weapon be did aot say that any one was hart; he did not state what was Ike cause of the difficulty. 1%e witness was questioned al great length by the Jury, but no new facts were elicited Isaac Herrta, being duly sworn. u?pu>?i that he waa in company of the last witness on ths night of the difficulty; Us testimony b correct as (Br aa 1 know; 1 corroborate all be has said in relation to the occurrence Henry tierman deposed as follows?I live in Brooklyn. 1 was in Muller's saloon. No. 10* t'anal street, on Monday Bight . 1 went in there about one o'clock in the afttoooo, j to take a glaae of wine, there were fear or five persons in the saloon at the time, the prisoner was there at the time; 1 was In ths saloon during the while afternoon, and staid there nntil I waa arrested; I was .playing cards and billiards with Bndenltofl. between five and six o'clock a party of sis persons came into the saloon. two of them commenced to play billiards; Uicy bad not been playing Btore than three or four minutes when a row occurred near the billiard table; two small sized men were Jlying on the floor; Mr Bunenkoff said, "Keep quiet, boysdon't make any muss here," or words to that effect. Miller then went up to the spot where the fight waa rotng on, when a general row ensued . there were blows given and exchanged, but I oould not tdsntify any of those who were fighting there waa a young lady there who eommenocd crying. 1 went out with her and saw no more of the difficulty: I did not see Uie abot tired I heard It tboutib, I waa to the entry at tbe Unr the pistol wv dwcliarfe<l It *u fired in about a niniteor ao alter I left the saloon ; when I h.-ard the xb' t I became frightened and waa afraid to go out of the entry 1 returned to the saloon when th? poire came. when I went m I a?w Mr. Budenkofl, bleeding, there were some Tour or Ave other persona there, namely Mr. Muller and hie slater, the others I did no) recogntee. I hoard the po ItcfmxD aak who waa shot Mr. HudenkotT Mid "I loo t kaow the ofllc-r then *atd "I arrest jrmi?yoa must rone wtth me;" Mr. Muller. sister and myself were also arrested; I oolv spoke to Mr. Muller, and he said he did MM know whoflred the shot; I did not ?ee Mr HndeekoflT have a piatol on that afternoon. 1 drank kooi" w ne while 1 waa there. I waa not acquainted with Mr. Bndenkoff; I believe that thi' mason that Mr. Hudenkoff went there that afternoon waa that he bad a dispossessing warrant , it was, 1 believe, for rant: it waa paid: we bad a glas* or two aAer It waa settled. It waa Rhine wiae: the row com wd on the left band aide of the room. 1 saw some billiard cuee need during the disturbance, but bjr whom I caa t aay. I did not see the badge of constable on hia clothes Louis HrhneWer sworn, says ?I lire at No. #1 Oanal Btreet 1 waa in Holler's place between ait and seven o'cloak i? Monday evening. I waa there about ten or Bf teen minutes; ! waa there at the lime of the row. when deceased and Ins party came in they went to the billiard table, an<l two of them oommencod , playing; Ihiyckinck aad Wtafleld were th* onea who were playing, the other* stood alongside ef the table: one of the four aake<l thoee wbo were playing if they were not playing for drmka for all bands de> eaeed said "yea," that they were going to play for drmka for all hands one of the party then asked far beer and got It. Nally and I<ogan then nommcnoM ekylarking whea both of them fell on the floor; Mr Hn denkofl then mlved In with the two. and fell on the floor with them. 1 then went and tried to keparate the parties, I struck Pudetikoff a blow in the face w th my fl.-u Hudenkoff then went towards the door and told them to abut it I did aot perceive any Mood upon the prisoner antil he stood with bia hack against the door; the prisoner m gbt have rut hia head by felling against the billiard table, wben Nal'y and I ?g?n were scuffling on the floor, deee?? d came up and struck them gemly with the end of hia cane. ao aa to rouae them up when Bodenkoff went up towards the door deceaaed told him to keep <ju!et, thai they did not come In there for the purpose of kicking up a rww Burdenkofl told him that they <vtd come in ror the port"-se of having a Sgli'. tli<-n Ihtvckln. k aaked the pri aoner :f he wartec ui mm. ?nn immeuiawij nwmnn | heard the word* "now rnu *hall *et II," coming from Min?twMty; 1 don't know wbo made uae of thr >Mt re. mark wor<lr pa?*ed l*K?m IMjri kmck Ud Budenkotl bat I dna't know what ?tm Mid in about a mlnnta after I heard the remark Ihe ?h?? waa fired; I did not ?eo the ptool in tha hand* of the mar who fired it immediately fleT the exploelon of the pmtol Dnyrkinr.k ?terp*'l **?k and atrlalnicd that he wu oliot. Win field and Sally lb?n ahold of MndenkolT *nd drugged him away from the r where ha ?m Mandng l>ykln< k then went out in company with Nalty and Wintteld prortoim to our going Into Mailer '* place we were .n the engine honne, in Kldrdga rtreet, playing rardi fhr drinks, we 4rank twioe before mo* to Vnller'c. The nqueet wan here adjournod for the day. nwiPAPIM. rB IIIW TOfiR ' MROH MIT*' WKHKf.T T?4'U' r, a l?tter ?he?t prleea r.irrent. i? regularly muxti ''r" \ * ""'ruing, m IW! < ? r-r.T ><ne ?JiVT ?e??ftc. Ag.-? i? mippliad. Wm> ttrrd n ar >r will he >aa??ri :<n ftamrdiy, ?>th in?t W>HT1I*01 ' ' Tt,iu? boMMi;?W*n'.ly w*ry mall homiitrh ? r.,| %n^ # .. -nB _ a, Kr viable a, No MVOrta. Jctie. ??/oTA m LIST OF LETTERS liMkkf la A* lew 1?rfc City PmC MUc, tottrdif, February SO, I8M. PtMfeked aiAlwrrely In tfc? Viw Tou Rauix, by AM ft Owgrea*?UU paper tuning ike largH circuiaittn my in tkt (M?t Btattt. LADIES' UBT. A A da ma Mrs H A kirn Maggie A Anderson Mart A Ader Carohnr AUeu Mr* B B Andrew* Mrs k W ' Ahrberg Mrs, Water Alias Blua Arkiua tnu AltkiD firs J?MM All?n Rebecca Atkins Albright Mary Anderson Mrs F M Alui Mrs 0 B Hrarken Mif s, Cros- Baum Miss J Bropby Margaret by at Baum wrs M Brooks Bell Brarkea Mary Beck rtlitabeth Brooks Uitiisa Bacon Anne Bellinger Mary A Boston Louisa Hack man Mrs, av A Brennan (-atberine Houghton Mrs R A " D?- Hrxnnon M.rv Hr.itvi, Mm. Ul it Bssk Sarah Bennett Mr* J A Brown Mri.DMancy Bailey Mrs B Bergamial Mrs.Sd avBnwn Mrs M E Blair MrtEC Bldiell Anu F Brown Mary J Blaldsell Miss A Brien Eliia Brown Auua Ball Catherine Bigelow Jennie F Brown Km in* J Ball Kaiherlne Bingham llm M K Bowroo Mart* s Balbeek Aiwa Bird Miss or JBHlarrBoyle Catherine Baldwin Kate Blron Mad'lle ?0,Sr ? SJ i Brannan Jane K Blshuu Mrs James Buckler lira J no, J Barbydl Sophia B Bristol Caroline A 5r,,uJ 2 i k Barker MariL* Bill Katharl ie Biirck Mr. John Barker Mrs Ste'hn RBrodigan Elisabeth HurnsHarah Barry Mrs William Bolton Mrs 8 A BurneU Krs M A KM' K?mS, BuUeM4??,l,ark st C Craig Matilda Cayanagh Mary Cook Mrs C?in Margaret Crawley Anne ttook Mrs Melsoo CanBeld Amelia i rayuin Klita ).?"}LVviTfJ Clapp Came Annla !, Z,, ^ Chaoroan Mrs T P clendeUlan Mrs, Curr Ellen t'arey Anna Spring streel ??>,.? rarey Alice Chew Umtaa Cunran Mrs, 26th si CotA* Clifford Mr. L W fenral) Madam Car? Adattne MMrj Oojw. OhwtolW K (Wj Rachael Coody Ann OoMrMadTje Clark Elisa Croak Jane Cowenan BrMgct CarrMrs, Columbia st< "olllns Ana. Crowley Ann. Carroll Mrs 33d st Conlon Wlnney CuWerMrsl/G (Ml AnnieE Conklln Jooeplfine MCulver Flora M Carroll Julia Connor Cvnthia dimming. Margare t Carroll Mary Connor Honor. H A Carter Ablgsl Connor Mary Cummin. Maria Carter Mr. waiter Conwy Margaret (.rummyUndget Cass Ellen M *>>ok ran ay N > bureau! Mrs HB Caay Catharine C Cook Jennie Curun Margaret Chalterton Mr. A B < '<>ok IJxxle A Cushion Mary Caterly Male Cook Harsh Chute Mary D Daily Bridget leda Mosque SUt Doherty Hannab Daly Mary Degalma Klley Dolan Anne Drake Mrs M Ann Defany Bridget DoltKm Kate 8 Harrow Sarah Dempsey Margaret I>olke K?sa Darvllle Clara L I?ents Mrs Blaque Donlan Cath Davis Anu Dennis Mrs Deslru BDoolltUe Cornell* A Davis Kaehael Dennison Mrs H L. Dorau Mrs John Dsvls Mrs Kooert Derby Mrs K Donnjaiy Mary Dawson Bridget Drevet Mad ( ha. Dura Miss EU Dean Sarah A Devlne Bosanna liorre Louisa De ?'ostello (Jer Devlin Miss, 3d a* Down Hannah trude O E Dreyfous Emily Dudley Mrs AHaov D* <>raff Cath Dickinson Mde C E tlton De Kazle Mr. J.Dieden Mis., B'wavDurgan Mr. P, Broadway Dlengeldeiii Sarah Gre?(pwich *t De Mariano. Arbo Drlnkwater Ann J Dyaf. Susan K. Early Ann S Ellison Adelaide Ely Mary Rockies Margaret EIV10U Mr. Albert Eveleth Mrs I U Kills Mrs Benjamin kverilt Susan P Facan Mary A Freeman Caroline JFii/.gerald Ma'garet Fraher Catherine Fegan Delia Fit/aimons *aria Fairchild Josephine Pleury Mr., BroomeFarbe. Sarah L. Flandell Susan .ireet rord Jane vUn.nan vit*Mc HT?0. Kurrput (,hAr!ottfi A Farlin Minn L ^ Fields Delight Forrest Mary Farley Mrs E Klsber MrsC A Fowler Roaeanna Farley Catherine Fitzgerald Miae, Foi Mrs, 19th ?t Farrell Mary Grand St > o? < alherine Fra?e Salina L Fitzgerald Mary Floyd Mm Samuel Fau'kner Mrs, Car- Fitzgerald Mary J Pullman Anna bale at 6 Gallifher Ann Gray Rumn Go^gins Bridget Galllgher Mary Greene Jane Gooodrich Anu Gai]iiu Carrie Gibbs Aon M Gorton Mr* <7, av C GaWin Marv Gibson Mr* H Gotham Sophia A Gransher Madam Gibson Bannab Glover Matilda Grant Jane Gibson Jane T Guilfoy Elizabeth Garner Mr* John Orler Mrs, 30th it Guinao Johanna Garty Mrs W I* Giswell KUzabtth Guinon Mr* Wm H Hslfpeney Marg't Hearn Mrs John A Holt Mia* H N Hamme I Josephine. Meckel Mist Frede- llandahti Mary Hammer Julia t richer Morgan Mr* Arthur Hansen Mrs Peter Heraman Mr* M H Hotchkiss Ltllie Mara John Herran DonaAmallaHough Kllen Harris Mr* Martha Merrick Mrs John J Howe Margaret Hart Mrs J W Herzock Mary Howard Nellie Hsrt Amelia Meiier Kmalie Howard Mrs Hiram Har'-land Miss H Hezdock Jane K 11aviand Jus'.ina Harvey Phebe J Hollenbeck FracoesB ughes Mary M Hatfield Mary C R Hunt Dorcas Hathaway Julia Holmes Mary E Hunter Mrs Francis Hayden Sarah Hololuui Masts S Hiiiinguon Kllen llealjr AM All Hurley Mrs, l#t11 s? Ives Kate Jacobs Karab Jenkfns Mrs 8 B Jones Mrs C A Jackson Henriettas Jnhnston Mrs LA Jones Elizabeth H Jackson Jane John?*n Ann Jones Jane Janson Miss. Bow'y Johnston Jennie Jones Mary Jar vis Ml mi V Johnson Lime 14 Jones H>be.cea H Jurvis Mrs J M Johnson Maria D Jones Mary N Jarvm Mrs T M Judge Mary A Kain Miss Kelly Mary KenovCalh'e Keenan Hetsey Kelly Sarah Kenny Kli/a Keiher Johanna or k liy Sarah, 3Kt* *t Keogli Hanonra Kllen Keller Sophia Kern Emma Kellogg Rebecca Kendrlek Mrs The* Kerr Mary K Kelly Mrn, 77ih ?t M Ktmball l.ida W Kelly Mrs, 2Sth st Kennedy Ellen King Ul'y Kelly Miss t'aie Kennedy Julia Knight Margairt Kelly Miss Mary Lacy Madame I<arzelerekar;*ret Livingston ''alb c Lambert Mrs Geo K Logan Bessie lAne Catharine I/ee Mn James Lnnry Mrs R K linger Bell lymon Klliabet* Looke Mrs K H Lannon Elisa Le Nolr Caroline Love Margret J Larkln Elizabeth Lr Roy Maria Lynch Mrs Patrick Lawman Eddie F lyssar Mrs,Canal at Lynde Mrs Rulh? lawsxn Mrs R R B Leviee Margaret Lyman Jane lavaon Sarah Lewis Anna I.f man Catherine Uyloa Rebecca Lilly Mr* John I. J net Bridget Ledden Mary ^ Mack*; Mary A Miller Mr* Amelia Morrla Nancy Markt-oile Mary Miller Ktnma M>rri*on Add* Magbaw Mr* M Miller Kliia Mornaoa Mary A Maaili Margaret Miller Kllxa A Mome Jouina Mann Mra Miller Wertrude Muaea fluaan Mandel Clara Mlntegnlago Mm Mnalar M?r? A M?i?iieUl Sarah A IAia Moit Mary Ann Markey Margrett Mlnot Mra Wm Monitor. Mm E K Markey Bailey Mitchell Mary Mouiwn Mra NX Mark* Mr* J G Monogan Margaret Moun'ford Mm H M Marnel Mra Montroy Maria Mnlberan Kllen Marab Honora Moober Matilda Mullln Mr* Wm Mar*u>ri Margaret Moor.' Mr*. ?lh *t Marpby Mary. JTthet Mtrtln Ann Moore Kliial?-tb Murphy Mary, MliaM?*on Kmily Koran Catherine May bee l<iul?a Moren B<taey Murpby Margaret Mecaa Mary Korean M aa T M irpby ManMlla Meig* Annie Morgan Kllen Murray Mra, I'nleer M rrol Ann MorhmnnnKlitabelh ally place Mlllen .InHa Moron *ar*b Murray Anne Miller Mine. R?>adeatMurrl* Jennet Murray Mi*aKo*e;?e Miller Mr*, tlrand ?t Mc McAbee Margaretta MrDonugb Ann Mclnalla Ann K McElroy Jane M-K'-nna Bridget Mrf'abe Catherine MrRvoy KUrabetb MrKpiina i :*ib*nne Mr< ah Hannah M "K?oy Maria MeK-aro-y Margret McCewJulia Mctlarrlty Kill* Me K eon Marnr?u KrConnell Mr* In Mctiraw Kilty McMabon Mra, Nan dlana Mitllhoey Mary aau ?t M <"rneeen Roeean MaUowan Mary M. Nally Annie KcCun Karf*r. tH Kctluln.:UMl*e. 19ih M.fatly Catherine McOermot.Mra,Hea mreet MrN*?i?r* Caihe or ier*t McUutre Rirab Margaret Mcliermot M*ry Mc^uade Harriet nl N?ab Harriet Newk Irk Mary Rleoll MrtRtuarl Nell Mia* K N.-wmann Mr* A Norton Mi*a H Nevill Jane Nfwma?t?r Klltab'bN'orwood Jenny Nrwill Elizabeth Nlchol* Mra M Noion Mary O Orr Jaaephloe K n Brlen Hrldtet OCallagban Mary (>rr Mary Rate o'Hrien MolMa (> Nail Mary Orpen Mlaa,Hudnoo 0 Calllha* Kilt* W 0 Riley Ann P Park laahell* Perry Anon Prlnee MraWrand ?t Parker Jane Perry Mr* John Pkinney |.ouiae Parrl* Mra, 4th ft Plercy Mr*, Broad Prncwr Lnry A I Payne RmUyR ?ay Poke Charlotte Paale Ro*a<-la Pl<-r*all Mr* Olleer Pollard Klecta Pea* Rlmlra Phillip* Margaret Porter Jane Pa**e Niacy fl I'Mlllpa H?an Portley Mr* Cbarle* Peortle Ma-I?m PI1M Mr* M C Plumner Ro*e Pander Kli/a ^ P vnam MrafWmond Qulgtey Rli/a Quirk RUen Qninn Mary J I Qnlgley Harriet L 1% ' Rarrater Mad R?M Rlchlt Mndame RoMnaon Mr*. A mo* R?v llenrieti* Richardaon Jane Robey Mary A Regan Rller Rlrneeke Ann Ro*er* Mra J U Reldht Catharine Robert* Mra J C R<*mey Mary RelUy Ann* K fcobhlna Mr* W B R-iberry Hanors Revmnnd Madame Rrhbln* Mr* R T Ruawll Nan -f Riley MargarMc RobbM? Kllwbetb R;t<?* Caroline Rlc -aril Clara Robinaon Anu Ryau Kllen Rice Mr* R Nadlrr Ada B Sheldon AbdM J[inlih Mra C M H* hafer l**rh*r? Meiie wu if i>min i-urnm? Hwaln Kllrabeih A Hpenrer faroline Smith Kliita Vwain Olivia Hiirtirer Xary Smith Rllen M Hhaaon Miaa. Mlb M Hherldan Miaa, Clin- Smub l,ir/ie Shan linn Row Imi plMf Hmuh Marta (J Kalou llfUtti Sheridan ?ia?..T4lh at Smith Rebrc<* R Halter Carolina Hheriitan Kate *mnb Mr* Mark Bwan Mra A H Sherman Mr* W T Hmyth Mary Strati* Sarah A Sherret ftarab <! Hloan fatbertne Hr?nl?i. Mim h Sherwood Aiteuat* RMrilrj^hull Raigeni I.iicjr A Stephen* Ra<hel Rkns# Mr*, jmh lit Sharkey Mlrprfl SteTonaon Huaan R Ho uhmaylMraFrd k Starleton *arr ?r?t HWrwart laabaMa Mowhrfctga Mra tillSaimder* Mr*. ftlh a?8eymonr llariial 8 bert | Shaw Mr*. Canal Hi 8pirer Kltra II S'lart Maria [ Seaman I.ydla C Sm?n Ann F Hiilllran Maria (teaman Kmat I, Kikn Mary (' Hnilivan Marjr 8?e?m* Mary D Mlmp*?n *ri B H'llllran Reheeca | Hheehan Johanna Kwinlon Kila Sh ijrarman llanna Hwreny Mary HmlthMra.Hnua'onat Hnydrr Mary ^heflin Mra, 1Mb at Hmnh Mra H, Hhb at Rtuy veoant [.outaa C T Talbot Mary A Tripp Adela H Toiilane Madelin* Talrott Harriet R Tfc mn? Mr* John K ToWti*? ml lenme Trahey Mora Tompkin* Mra t'haa Tbiiber llannab W Taiiney Catherine Tvtn?on Henrietta Turner K.II/a Taylor MY*, amfe at Toole Mary Turner Flora Terhlll Ruth TookerMr*,R Wn it Tyler Mr* Samuel Tertian Maria Thortie Sarah IT * V t'nderwnnd Helen Van Veehien Julkl Vincent Mra, City Vance Klif* I, AW Hall plane VanVechtrnAnnlfL Victory Mary Ann VcitelkiUb Nln A Tonte Mary R W Wade Rllta Wataon Klirabetb Wilham* Cynthia R Wart ham Mary Wataon J?nnt? William* Mra fleo N Wadleigh l.vdia Wataon leaale Wllurn Marr A t Waiter Harab R Wray Margaret Whipple Harriet A Waite Marfant J Whealan Ellen White Mra A 13 Walker Marfaret Wheeler Ml** C K While Mr* CO Wallace Mine, .*<1 at Whee|erMr*Faniii?<*White Ann ? Hidity Weldm Mra CharleaW hire im >nta Wallace Ktraheth W llenr* * Ann W M'nejgAhhle V. Wallao Mra Ham'ielWeil* Mr* Menrga Whttiin7h*m Mra Wall^n Rra t ?v>l Wendall Julia I n* W- r . W* W-*t Mr- F'r*n<-e* W. Mr* Fr < ' V * p. le M*ry M r*-it 'kimo k ! Walfh Mr* 0?? W r-ka R *!>< ** I W " Mr* M. Rim Mal*h Miaa H, t'ber W *h- Mr*?> W on *\ ry at Wild Mana W^wwl Amy R Wall I. Mar v Wil.iama Mr?, Oti->iW , hun* Kmmrt Wanl v ear r William* Ann Wk*!ruff Miry II Ward Hi* MA Wii. am* Rat# Woo.|rul! Mr*A)h-rt Wainor Mra,l.n41ow y A 75 " To in* Mr*, JCib ?t Vo>m?( Mrt A V * fW YOKK HERALD, SATU MNTLEMEN'8 LOT. A. 1 A belt KMktia A Ilea ? Armatron* Om K Aeoy Joeeuh Alien HaaaJ Armttroug W W Adrmnce t K Allen W M Armntron* Oeorgfl Albey Mac* T Alien Uenry P Arthur II Accel* Julia Allen Jueeph Eor C Ary Capt B Ackermao JaneaD Ambroee Geo Arnold Jamee Jotae ioui John Aodrewi Rubt Arnold O B ArkerPB? I Andrew* E W Arnold Jamee AWerea Rafael Andrews A Boyle Arthur k Gardiner All won Joaepb H Aaderaon Tboa 8 ArerlUJaaeeN Alexander Kobt Andereou U W Avery John W Allertoa Da?ld Andereou Pimamen Aahley ?Ja?t O B?2 Alvrni Mr, 2d at John Aah B?nja K AldrichOUa Anihoney Andrew ArenontleoW Adumnki M.?.? Aniwog Joeeph Aahley t;na? A4iim Andrew inuui L W iatw OrC R Adtcr Henry Amwnll Aumr Nathan AdiiHiR Wm H AirrOusUie Aapell Dr T Aii?<n? J F A Co Atwaler Robt A?Ua Wru Alien John Aiwel) Vn C Archer John Allen J R A1 wood lloirur A rymnn John D Allen John Aihwell Dr K Ayer Luckan Allrti, Chaplo A Co Alhioa < 'lark Ay ling J W Alii n J L Ajer Ur JO B Blackmore Bmjt Bra la A Dlckaoo Brown A Co Black, Jwei | C? Beenan Warren BrowuTho# )<ra 'cw?H Wn> Beealey Robt Leech Hrown t> M BradfordG P Breed John Bonteiler Klorence Bradley Benia? 2 Beg Ian 51 lobar 1 ltoaa Isaac Bradbury Ji Bro B.eldorn Mr, Broad Itouum it Co .1 W Bahcock Melancvon way Beuebar Chae A W Belmont Juilan 0 T Boalen G Bacon LII Breen Jobn ll Boutan Joe Biakeman Jane* C Basest George Bowker Joe) Jr Brady Ku hard Benaz laaja; Boyle Kdwd R FabeockDrBanf'd 2 Benedick B B Hrower Alonio Biady I'a k Benedick James Brower Anthony Bradford Lr Robert Bentley Mr Bowden Bruce Benedick Kdward Bona Martin Bradford A H Benedict <k AudrewitBowne Wm Bradlee Paul B Bennett Wm 8 Bowker RW Blactaly J W Bennett Walter Bowera T W Babeock N H. Jr B?ato A lamaoa Boyd John J Brat kett Hiram Benin Dennla ttonen Sidney W Balleu John Brenneo Michael A Bowman A Hon 8 Balmtine Kami Co lloynton Henry Ball Dr Benja J Benedick John Boyle J ? Braham Abraham Binediet Ueorge f Boyca A C Baker Wm C Be*any A Marshall Bullwinckell John BarkerChaa Appel)Beater8 J Bulkley 184Bona Baud John F Berry D Bullman Thoe M Baker 8 8 JierrVam J Barbaker Martin Balzarlnl Glacomo Brewater Benja Buggv John Ballard Re* Joaeph Belancourt Antonio Buckley Rlchd B Baratow Pinion K Bert Peter A Buckiand J W Baker Rev H H Beraong Phillip Blue L 8 Baker J O Brt?ktM O Buchloly Miohae) Blancy Path Brlen Patk Budaom Chas Bailey K N Brlggs Chaa ! B urton J P Blair Rami Brlua James l< Burneaa A Oliver Blair C 1> Brun Jerry Buxman John U Dranan Path Bidwell Daniel Buseell Saml A Co Bancroft W 8 Bill P A Buttner Robt Bancroft Foster Blgler James B niton V L Bannig A Co Brigfe I Joseph Buch Jobn 8?2 Banta Wm Bright A G Butler Ch^ia U Brxnnan Theo F Brulhar. George Burket Henry Banning Dr Brlgham Kred I* Burn bam Mr Brant DrVncaa Brink' beater Burgagne W M Barcroft, Beaber A Bingham 'baa K Burlkn K O Co Blrdsal Hon A?2 Bnt*-,ber A Barbour Mr Bolton John BurnhamQ Barnea, Hobba A Co Uog K* Cbaa Burke ljtwrenoe Barow G B Boiden Wlllett Buttertield ti H Banollc J M Beixr Wm A Buraly Rubber BarnettJohn Biodgett J W,H(one BulierChaa K Barker Wm A Co Bul- n John H Barclay Wm B Brocher AHC Butler L I. Barry Robt Bollman Geo A Co Burn a John Barlow Chaa Bodinlea Dr J V Buimati C O Baker H H llohaanan Capi Burdine John R Barter W Chaa C Burnda A Bro Barker Wm H Broadhead H, Jr Burke Thoe Bartun P J Bolton John U Burt Robt Barbetta P Boole Cbaa A Burnap J G Barbyc lUP Brooke Stephen B urr W H A Co Bard A Beber Bomlaclar Jacob Buttertield Rufug Barker Wn C Boon Jbhn H Burns I'atk BraabvrliA lllasuT John A Butler Joatab W Bainard Mona P C Booifee Chaa Burns A Bono BUlvci Monfl Brooke John J Butler Brown Bales Dr George A Bown Wm Butterlleld Martin Baesett A Brown .1 0 Buraatt A IJnville Kay ley S V Brown KrankliO Buaen Smith llayntrd L T Brown J 8 Burltngame K B Hayard Dr Edward Brown L> A Burdlck L N Hray Wm Browa Haml Burnau J O Bun, PhUtp, J Har Brown Joeepb Barr W H A Co ria A B Frederick Brown l.aray?lte Butler Josiah W Beats B A Brown A J ?*">? Jo" Beck Win W Brawn U K Byrne Pierce Heathj James Hrown < 'has Bryant A Rdwards Beach Wm U Brown A C A (X) Byrne John Beach 15 N Brown Kewall?2 Bryoo David 8 Beach Win N V 1 laflray Robt (.'aoine WUltam Conrey James Calender II B t han Robt L Cook Kidney rail Ueo A Co Chase Ranialla H l ooer Tbomaa Caine W H Ctatretten Andre CooparT r Callaway Ralph C Cberntree A Pler.e CooleyC-ol franklin Chadwick John B Creed ACumberlandCoon Hon 8 Park CaJleader W H D Cream J Coouer Marvin Caldwell Peter i :renk Capt Jaa C Cook W 8 Cain John II CreborThoa l-ooley A CadamartoriBartolo cberritree A Peirci l ooper Henry mro Cleveland A Mc Croaon Miohkel c.hill Michael Klrath Coramayer Joypb Cad well Wm B < hen** James Corner tfdgar W Campbell Tunis U Crlppa Bdw ? onnell a I chamber* A Co Cllaea Patrick Cloaaon dipt FreeChanley Patk Clllej John man Cameron l.u^her Cliff, Noble A Co Cornet ( otuloo Crane I'raocis Ciatero Nicolas Cope G?J*?e chambers David Clifford Nathan Cornell J Chandler Henry S Crlppen L D Copcuu Henry Campbell Col W H Cofl) Tobias Crosby Jamee (I Cannon Michael Crates 8 tor jor?n Daniel Caman A Co A ("return i bM N J1 Candle (J N Cobb Wm Corl Abraham (ambling Anroa Crockett H W Cornell rhoa B Campbell II ugh Crocker Retire ( roagrove John A i 'amerou Ca|>t T U Collin Kdw c'sop George Cam mack A It Cock ran David (-or re* Sllva camp W H D (k?-hrao Mr ( ora Francesco Charlton Thoa < 'ollms Capt Tboi Costa (liacomo C-hapin KC <'olhn J i,?wV . t hapba A J?2 Collin* Wm ( onche Alpha Capersllon Legru*xl(jolv?r H ?n <Jr?B P it Cohen Hoses Covel James ItfftfffUrney Colvtn Andrew M Cren Jamea Carbutt Geo 11 Cohan L M Croyean Mr Carhaat Asa D Cohen Louts Courtney Reward CapweH k Porter Crollu* J C.nes Jamea ( Carr James Cole* B O Co>irt*naj Thus U carpenter John M Colman R Couyea F A Can.liaaHP Collins Pelw 1, C*urtn?Jehn Cisre John < 'oleeberry 8 C Ctov?r #i nam C Carrington Tho* B CoUina P ? ( ottos. Wlna A Co Clarke O J Collins Finery D < tinoLojgl Clarke J M CoOta O B Culy M, Beach at ClarkePeter ColHus Fas B Cumminga, Bragg < "larke I. K < 'olea John F A Malra Clarke Jos Coleman John D Cunningham John Clarke Kdw Collms Jaa B Cummiags K K > larke Jas P olllna C K Clum Henry A Clarke Wm H Coleman A J Cumminga H ( urke.ii"> K Coleman Voah Otla ' ummingi(iepeo( R Clarke KM Conn Kennedy Camming Wm, Jr Clarke, MerriU k c .mmeakv Icin CnrtlaOeoH Brown Conrad Chaa M (urtla *J Cayoa I anna Conklm Jsmes K (-urtla Oeo B ( base M?i?r Wm H (Vmovar Hamuel P Cutter Frmntla I'sxaiday l)r W P Conowaj Wm D < Tion h L H Crawford W H k OoCcndonMai Curry David Cavsnaugh Jm Clonay Wm ( uahman nayid Casew Wm ft Crooin John 11 Can tendon Wm Chase Jacob, Jr Combs Thomas J Cuiry Joseph Canst* John J Commoc* John D Church Capt Benjn Chavel Antoine Connor Patk Ciiaick Henry CaaeJlo Henry Conaway Jamea Chuhlon Jno D Daly 1'Wrick Or I .'on Ponce Dloktnaon B.'nja liaky J Ddiaaa Rev T 8 Dxkinaon II l>aly Peter De t'orra.1 Jacinto Dtttenboler J l??Siiva Joan Jom Del* Alonro l> I><>n?l<1 Win 1)?ii111 Fabel Delano Mrl/ar P Dock W Jr Daly P Delmonlio Jl) Doberty Jamet Dale John DrnnnlckW Donnlnaon .Ino J Pamela I>r W <! Deniile Tbomaa Dodjfr Wo II Darrow John F li-urrit H' J DoaaeOapilaaaeB Daniel* A s-mtth Derry Samuel Donnelly Peter Darling Thubael A Deatel Fr Donnelly Ml hael Diiwt lean Dreyfua Jamea Docer AOrnham Dart* Burton 11am l?e sll?a Manor Doughty J If niond De Ralaiar .luatia Donde Aabury Davtdaon Dr N Deawtwa Munaleure Dri*il Mm bael Daw ban Mr De Sokalaky l'terre Doirance A M t>a*K)*on Aminlor Derlna John Doodr Tboa I>av.? Henry IV shlrier Mon Dougherty Jam> ? Dajton Wm II aleure Donnan A Day .lam'* J De?aan Jacob II Doubleday Merle Da*1* .1 (' IVntaon Robert B Douflaaa Hon A Da via Andrew W Dee Medt Francis II?J .. , DaTie Andrew T IVverall (J Do.iKlaaa Matbew Dayton Tamea I. Drew Tbomaa DurnvaK K Day B F Dirkliiaon T Duffy P R De'onlat Pried Dlll*rd Robt H Duncomb Obaa Ivderer Sam I T Dillon Jamea Du Bonroean Robt |t?[?rO P Dillingham K H D i**an Ino H DealnlOchaH Diet* A P punamorej W D?an II M Dtk??nan Wm B Dueal Mr. M I? Dealv Rdward Dl kaon Jamea I) Duffy lohn De rroadat Mon Dickson .lame* Dnnaon A *i>ra*ue atenre Dwifht Timothy C Dwyer Kdward De Panialn Mon*. Drlacoll Florance Dnrktn Df J D Ueade* Dllleber J R Durawl Mr, Urand De I Any John DUIon Patk Durbaon Jnaaph Jr 1>? Lanedan Vlcomt _ Dwyer Peter R Rdward* Henry Kllta .'*??? II Krarttnl Rev W Kdward* ft ft Kton, Jonea A Co Krk, Meky A < o Kckhart W R Klwood J R Kvana, Hwtft A Rb* Mlrhael Klaten W A Hu?l{e? KI#enon LM F.lme A II R?ana Itftttt KarleaWm Kllla Henrv Kvan*JnuT Kaatrrly H Rldrldge Wm H Keaer Win Kaatman W Rlltott Henry A K?an? Dr Aiut'tMua Kdward* A A Bona Kniclea?? B*nell? Adolnb# Raton B K V noa P ran -l* Kv*n? *'1 ward Khle Jamea H KmonaJohnU Rufwie 0 Kcan rbaa Ktmony Mkbaal ItTan*') < Kna Re?a Kwell, Tfylor A Kran* ti tJ A < o Kllery << R (llaaaon R ilen Val. ntlnei Klln? Wm Kialtiuer < baa Kvarta Daniel R KldridceHonllowell F Fairfai Albert Freeman 'aa P Fltrpalrlek J?>h? C B Pairman Jamea B >e))i Purre ? t Palkner ( F Ferrell John Plt??erald P Palrrblld Henry I. Flctrber K H Pttacerald Andy Falkenan A A Hon Flatrber JohnJonaa Fowlar I'bllllp 11 Prank* Dr Ferrtiaoo Elijah Foley Timothy Franrta Horatio Preanedn Mr. H watFoeaier Pr^dic f'ranrea H W Freeman Itroa A t5o Pnr?ea Jjhn Frank I-ewt? PHI Krai Martin Pory M R"" lirr John FliUnl J fowto John K Fvanela N R Flink Sam iel R Fori M Re? Farley Michael Field Tboa W Fnrbea (Jro tl Farmer Wm B Frtnk 11 A Flood P W Parrel! John Friertmann Hem F Kord A Klnyon Falaor Mlrklla Fftii b Jaa H Potter LB ParnnRton Henry Plnley Patrick Proat Andrew Fret man A Field Henjam.ii R Frothln*h?m J B Freeborn Robt Flab Vrederlck Foater Wm I. Frealer A Bro Ftaher Henry W Proat Heiy F Free Jamea F lube A Morton FnaGtek ?'m Fell Darld F Flabe David Fo* IHia Feldbalm Jiillul Flt/palrlck John Fuller RO Freeman A M Finly Jamea Puller l<irnan R~a Frederick* J B Pirh*er*ld Mlrhael Fuller W I A Freeman Wm I! Flaber <??o II Flynn <?wet. Penan Patrick ^ Flynn Tho# Uallaar John Oaylor4 Henry L tllhHn Daniel ilraily Jamea #?reen W H llllbert Job* J uaee Robert i.reenwood t haa Ullbart (>aorf? Uralt Jot l<reen H II Ollchrlet. BonraACo Haer Koberl Oreenleaf Bollrer A Ui*<d?llJnoHenry-2 i^ainard Edward Co Hodfrey Joaepb Oiadv t'hUa J Uli-enben rhM Uoklatela A Hale i*pt rbaa H t^aeenel'B Hoek AnderafHtAHO Dallien Rl-.hard llreen Wm Jr liondwin R 1) tiafliney Danld (Ireeny Wm UciWlmanu M 'lallejar John Orean Theodor# HoodnU A W Gage M A Bro Orebeh Peter fJoodrleka I. I. ftnllatber Jaa <lre?n F J IIiimIiM Cba?i J OrMl T W (IntM B (.mxlwln Win M i )r?ni t. I* f>r?w*r <fc*rl?t tioW.-n * Jflel*} .. OmnnUmflK ?.ri,ra>rlH Goo twin Ojnl K H Hmnt ,)? H flr?T A FowWir <lo?cl>ri?? R#? * * MlM-(?fiCF f H <>n?thol4 I?A?c Onr?li)?r Mr (Joiner Join fJonlet F?ll* ??rlhw*ltp Edwin Orffm.'sd iinrm?n I'Mrtcl (Jftrland tr?*~2 <UI*r>nWm Wolf H "turn* Anlonki (Jriflin P A 'irrtrlin <

'??r?,* Antonio <?r J A " " iM 0 " t <?my Robert. f'rlffla H .lormAr Hr*r U??tioMr ? ,< ? r it#nrf <Jn>M?!iofi a n*ir? Prut.* <l(?hwn -Inhn <lr?y ,!ohn I. (infftonr H ' n iron Mtehvl .I. hr W orptn<h*rlML l iyrr (!?." ?? Uray I'm ?l <iil?4 Rann i*l <1 j.II >rd' o? mfnwrritvn Wnj U UUb?rtCfctr?a cjti RDAY, FEBRUARY 20, ] Or?TM Robert OlUett Jacob flctlnMf A to wo ?aiee F H UU4*ni?yt Ira U-JWJ Joko Gray UeoW H HtMiKenik?MuD ntj H W Hora Wm UituUey rred llaxleU Tboe B Hoche Theodore B*<ller F Heath Oapt R A Horn wfci llanill Chaa?8 llealbrHDgtonTboe Hoover Harmon lU*hl VoiBICo Heard John 8 Howel Ueo WaahHat?hi Silaa K Heal* Ueo Ington Hagerly George Jleadmood John A Howell Mr lUentirr Ckan lledenherf Aljuel) Howard Jo*, M DJ Hahni Wm Heery Ptull p Bowland A Oo Ilalaall John 8 Hennas J T Howar W HalseyUeoA Hellten Mona Mopie neison? t Halaey J R Hrmeiiwty Augua Howard Abel Hall rraocit W llt-nrlckaen H H Hoyt W B Hall Junes Henry Hlmon Howe lliehaal S*!!!?1118 Henry l)r Bernard Hoyt A M Hall Rt? R C ilmdrriion Allen How wd A U Hall DavidL Henderson W? 2 HowellS Hammond Jos W Henderson H Clark Howe Oapt Seo 1? Haiumrll A l\> llruaeseyAOook?2 Howard O llunler J A Co liewat Peter Hough K C K uncork Mr Heyward John I lowland B Franklin Hants J L Herring Row in llii|kri D M HMimg?n John lleacb Hermann Il*g Hlmon Hanly Hugh Hrib David Haelot Henry II iliinlord Joseph K Hi-ynem*n l.eon Hnll John W lland Oeorge links H K Hubbard J M Hand C?pt Beth lli-ka B B Huger Col B F Hun/io c him Uilk'ma Vn Hughes Thomas Harrty Horatio N Hiflborn Cyrus llugn.'sJohu Harris Ptl*? Hill J H Hubbard Joel W Harris John Hlii Lavosla Hughes I 8 A Bro Harria Henry Hill B Hiiett Jnm.s P Harr>? J W HInes David. Hitghill Henry I* Harria John R Hlng Henry W Hugelin Philflppe Harrison C C HUcVoek A llunton.ll> Harrington C P llodge Reuben Hunton Dr Islck H risoii H F Hoffmann Hunt Kichd K Harm Mods HoganWm Hume Bobt H llxrt Jam. M H Al'o liogun Kdw Huntley K H Hart l baa l> tlogan A Thompson llunlreaa Aaell Hart Jamn HoDart Lee Hunter J W Harvey Win Hnt'msn Dr K F Huntley Dr Harvey A Ford Holau|Jam<-e Hunt Mr Hart Michael?2 Hnlbrook M A HunterfM S * tV> Harwcod K A llnlden Dr D A Humphrey Alvln II Haitkel! Hiram Holden Jamea Hunt Chaa William Hasler Jas Hnlden John Hunt Wm H Hastings Hngb Holme* Capt H/inur A Co Hatt Joseph Holme* Uroy Hutchinson i has K Hawkina Mr llolman Rev Wm llure Kdwar<l | Hawkma Chaa Hogg Rev Kdwarri Hyatt Thomas Hatch Horntlo N Holton BnvidK, M DllnUhlnga A J Hatch A L Hood H J llyde Jacob Hatch RK Holtman C F Hurboo Clark Hay A K A Co Hopatock W, Mtb ?t Hn'cinns A Hayes Thomka F HootierThos Huston S M Hayne Capt Rami Hoalin tleo HuU hiag* A Co Hayward. Burcb- Horr Adolphe 2 Hurbert I stesdANIebrehl llorney Jonn Hym Pntk Hayward Wm A Horaey Samuel H ntchtngson CiardHay A Co no;ae Lewis ner H Haynea J L ^ Isaacs Judah Infruham J W Inverness Freed H Ingraham J C k Co lrvm Edgar Ireland A A lr#ln Hy W J Jacobs Joaepb Jearey t'apt Chan- Johnson Jamea Jaekaou Joe 1 gaur Y Jones A JacqueJevy Jennings James D Jones <'haa C Jackson John Jenkiua Mark W Jones Henry Jacobs J Joboxon Chaa 2 Jones Utlbert W T Jackson Wm H Jofenson J AJ WA CoJones Jos JameaTbomae Johnson Wm Jones Clem J UKbjab .1 T .InriKii ('haa Jamr? j~*"" Johnson J J (1) Jones W J JarvmJ Johnson T B Joi*e Imooenclo Jackson A J Johnson W.o B Jsmee T Mdioo K Judaon L B A Co jlm's Wm 8 Johnson W H Jor Un Harry JvkwiD N Jt Co Johnson Cfcm '03, , i . . Jessop 0 Jobnsoo A lei Jordan Marsh k Co Jessy D Jadcc Jobuson Johu Joupeiine August* K n Keane'oi Kiensbe Charles Kunp KK Keshan Thomas Kdhdi' U O li'Uey Junr* Kiil|bt Kupp Geo O Kelfey Wm H Kinny Charlen N {ftfen u ?XM.?eiAnd Haine Whiter K?tt?Ue Wm (J Kiujc T Butter Kelt? Mr K?rtn Michael Kin# Thw B KrinaTkm K,rou,WnWm KinseyTTjoinn. Kfiler Wm J Kimao Ja?esD 5tfJJ ? w Kfknnv Kdcar J K#*nyon A F 4iO Kinney r w KSOT K'riW kmv'vfm* K&vrr &&S *:??. KrrlJr Kwburd K^aiptnn J O Kolmo J 4Bro K . dy J Forrest K-rt' "" -" ii-,.- it w Kennedy Kdmund Knot W n Kelly Saymond Ke>nn??dy Hu?h Know linn ADelevan Keller Mart KJlaurn Oeorge W Koop?*ii Wm I Klet>er Amhony KmthtJ'ia koulf '"J u Keeowi Patrick Kidney Wm K koo?pfel Wm H L Lag** Paul l-earj WlUtom Llnslcy< aptr rank iTilM. Wells l.elhrnroih A w tSSf^/wmr.-SZifteiMB KK-. 1 ij^Tont* Monsieure Leed* <jspt Felli i Lsbadine Francesco l.eevr Dr Uvt# Joba 1 a*e William I^eJoseph I.?raJ , | j>nb Col John Lee Jos'P* B "Td H B^T" {???.*?? Mr U^tu.v U"IIIU?.mO ?ouyMr l -amy James Y IJoyd Wm <1 UKur jobn >1 Legapl-k J?o WtlUam lArarnif A Brows Leijsastck John l^w?ll Mori is U?m Joseph Le*vitW'Jut'i . >**"* *Tn I^trvii N Lemon Oeo W?2 I?nomm < " Laridou CiiMit l^...?no Joaquin?J l.lnyd Win lAtbrop 1-eonard Le?tnc?r SUBoq tawaanH I. I .ark n Rev KW I r wis I AH U"i*blerT Mr L?wrenceOWm 1?wt> B K t Ql Ijorent Mn-hael I^turier Joseph Leonard k Hon Loupretie John Hie I Lawrence JobD A l<evefeir John 8 Lyon Amiuia M I Jjirrabee KJ I^snard MoOsleure l.ymsn Hylvster j Jjuhrnn Hon R? Lewi* A Co Ly?n 's '"* * l?iikan L Leonard Jobn Lynns Michael Latham Henry i I^mays Bernard Lyman A H Ijiw Thomas Levy t'harle* l.iei/mann T ll^rop lT I.ewry l>ter l.yen Daniel * lA.?.h?.r Thomas IfclKbael Luckey allred 1-awHh, Sidney U Ullej Wm B i'KSiJPi'V Inward John L?nd Muns A H U<4l FA M Matctea T M MMrfcmei?r Kda^d Mooro? Amos Madafen P Matusoa lUail Monroe Wm Marble 1 Hankra# ton M Morney 1 eier Madieon Chas I Maibeld Joseph Morney W Mary J P L Mason Krsnk L Mootitojsery Hem Mary Vadra M Maiwell A M MolWy M^J^J Mar Murray Ama Ma*err J <' Moore Dr B W M.I. Jjii-f* J HbkW Maiwell JM V -r: Ighaa Path MarGregor .1m Matbewa Ju R Mora C?m h W MagulrePaIrtck Malthleaeua M I. MortaChaa Ma*oer Thoa Mum Kdwtn R Morrill Stephen P MatKay Ju P May Marcqa Morlll Dr < Campbell Martian Nab'1 B Merrill A P. Jr MoniU Hiram H MjwKIo Michael Melgbrn Thoa Mamaoo Jaa R Maekrell Qaorga Megulra Paik M<mon K nok C Magralii JoaapB KefajPH Morrill HI Ml Mag Ix?o Wb Melaun Win II Mor1*rty J D XuMiini Biro tit M-fcd Robl Moreau Pr Chaa Saddle Pen la *"?> or Weata r-S Mn?KraoA Joho Aufit F Mowdick W? w Manlgotilt Jo* Metiler Henrr VCorm Men* Alhart Maruaod, Kwtnc * MarreilJ?i D Moniaon Paik Co Merrill R H Morgan A<'? Manning k Riane- M*yl?-ri M Moranga wo.Il Mrird Nlchola* Morna"'baa Wtot Jaa Pltfb- Mrr?rreau Kre?l Moraoge J K Maeleod Peler, Jr Mrrnam O W Morrla John H Mann Henry MUler I'hM Moti Kami Mange Augualic Miller Mr S"*.** . Mandi?le P MiohaelaGeo Morley A Hyde Mai.fantde J Miller Henry R Moaber II ? Marley Jnte Miller Hetb <??i R Martiu Ruaaell * Mllliak W H Mutt Wm H Co Mtlta N R M.nea C^haa Ma rebel Augual MUler Wm Muaea Rernhard Marab MariXal Miller llrnry II M.aher laaao Marslon Wan R Miller Wm Mor!i*ore Harney Marah Kleliar.1 Mllblnd Jaa Motion Kdwin Martoceanl Kug?ne Mlichelon t Mloro Manuel [> MI'rb' IU Parld Win Mnller Chrmtlau Maaaaho Altllla Miru<-?belner Ytt Mullock Chaa Mnypf < 'h*i dlonnd J at Mathewa John Mi'< b?;i fleo W MulenbyJohn Maily ?'baa M.'ihell Gap! Kami Myte Prof H Mmbewa C?|>t P Michele John Munw Jaa Mayenn Antony Prenrb Murphy Johji Maiaon R-t In B Monry <'haa C Murray Mlehael May lor Kami Molina Kugeae S Murray PaK-r Mac McAnrirewa M J Meliuin^aaPJ MrKnwm haa !* Mr< amur T W McIK agaH'arl M. Kmley John N M?.\leer John MoOoneU Pankal MbKItIu llavy MK'rarker Jobr M. r,arlan<IOapiAle*M. >i?hn M. Crackeu J<m A Co M (Jr.?? II A Con MrKenay A Br>? McAtlay M M<*U??ai(ell W? Mel.aury wm Mef'uerr Oeo W Mr Pong laa A MoKearHhaa Mr< ?ll Hugh MrPonaM Roderick Mi-L. ?n .1* Mrltride JPred'k Mi I?oweU I'onrad MeRmny WmHenry MrHlean ?>?alan Mc?i?l?ey Alei McK-otiaWm Mr Ardle Bernard MrRlblney P*hlln Jnbn McOellen K?lwarJ MoOllUeiidily Rug'e M. In? ry Cornelius MeCerron J MrRroy Kdarard M--ll?<*ti'?e.? Mri'raa IIugh Mrponanra Henry M-Keonl'ter MeCoyJohk MrP. Uiiall A)e? MrMontna Rlrhard Mc^'ahe pf-nnia MrPnugall^Auguat McMurdiaK B r/*iu>irr ?nrvMirr ??? ??? !.?-u ? mm n r,IR?, McCarthy IVnnla V-Oowan llyilfl Mi Mmm Jara.ea Kor?rro? .lnmn MrDonaM TV* McVtttlsn A <" > Hc<'omh.Antone<i?iMctip-gor V M'V'irray Hon WinJ McCoy Terran<-e Mrt.rxib I'mk v Nmh>-?- ?'haa McCluakey Jamea Mr<;rahJohn MfNurWn MeCardl* Pat McKi*k*- John Mc'v iiUu R'.ht McCaner Daniel *?<V'. 'an John V N?*le Uarreu Newhouae CornellnaNieholla *B-J Neal John?I Newman R Near O Neleon ]<ewl? Newman John F NteholaT t., M II Nela?>i Ijuriie Nerln ' hae C Newitl J B Nclaon We<> Newport H North A W Ncaaen Knemld Nihlo H Norton r M Newman Joa Nirolao Mora Jo* Kn;?? F V Rewsnnae J J NtroorAP N irrla Jaa N Waah D n A Shaffer Nlrk?raon Oeo H Noma, '?ray A Field Mewcombl^HiweyNkion Jaa H Not hichard Nejaeii blmund F o O'Brien Henry Olive W Oacar Mr O Hrlen Jamea filney. 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Randall Iiim Hma$ L R<*? f J Rrad John M Ri|'lry Vu R H R<??, Me^artliyACo Reynold* G 1*1 Ripley John Roel Achlll KeouftermanHenry Rockwell A Robert- Ron W C Reltterband M ano Rowel <J H Re&l Peter C Roe Alfred Rowe Robert J Rmtci M K A Co Robert* Rev Wm Rowan Col M S Read W A, Jr Roberlet'hriMopher Rudolph Prof Reelly One Rotx'nk ( hurley Rudland T Kemaen PV Roaeb Patrtrk RmtltUluitOo Refhner John Roblnwn lender Riim A Hlnrnan Rene Rdward Rehmion Krauk RueaellWrnli Reynold* Jamea Robiunon J H RuaeHI (,'hiui <1 Reynold* Peiter Rnblnnon Thnmaa T Rumell K N Read Html I< Robinairo I. HmwWI Jobo Keily Jam** Roblneoii W II KiimkII Jotu'ph Reutfa P Rcrhi> T KiiOit'D J Reynold AugiiatH tto.Hor.l WiJ Hy in W J Ri-ynoldeOW R?|!?r? William Ryan Tboma*?'i MM Jainea rtocer* .? \ lty:in ratru K KlaJl Halt Rodger* || H Ryau A V Ktce LC ft St Joiiu .) 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Slote J (J Saiiaaaz Philippe Schmidt Franeia Spooner Abner W Slater Thorn** hlmpaon R R Short Thoma* Savage Jamen Slllooj U A SpoullWin Shaw William Smith A F Sturna J it Shaw Joseph A Smith A A J Hullvan Mat Sawyer UK Smith Barnard H-udder Cliaa A Co Savbutt Mr. RowerySmith B k Co Schuyler HAD t-Omrman r ?#? < o rniim < wjwu nmui.,, ??<? .. susmi Mu SmuiiKJII Square* Horatio Jr Sear* Robert Smith Kdward SHulter H Swaciaer Krancta D Smith Knoch Henry Nation M I. Npeer A k T T 8milh Dr Galutla H. JHbubwrt M A Co Kuay Patrick Smith Uaaway NhurbinJ It Nubbins Bulb Smith Gerrttt Sulevin Patrick Stebbiaa H D Kimlh Dr <1 Keoj Sullivan Patrick Ste bbloa H N Smith J H WuthcrUid Arthur Kcl/orl CliKM r Smith John L Nut ton If A Sfffi S*m T Smith John Suitvan Cornelius Hb<*i]d? ft H Smith .John H)Ufflcr Sutunwti hlsiCk ' Wm P Smith J Belknap Hmyth Patrick Heiten tlr ? Smith J C Nundumn .1 K nk'-ttiuicrr Wm Ii Kmlih Col John V Smyth Patrick Shelly l'bli|ip Smith John T Smjth lliqih S*Bil?onc U So.,lb Melville C S<nytheDrSMarrcU,2 T Tait Thorax* Tcnney A Tnoaimm Wm J Thatcher J M Teliknaiipt Ales Dr Thompnon Saiol W Taylor Robert Terrill Join V Tb<>ina* Uco Ii Taylor Oeorge Terry Jeremiah Tlionvnin \ Taylor K P Tew kuburtf <l.o K ThorodlekfD WCant Taylor C-ornett Terry MAC TborndlckW.iahb iru Traey Dr T.rbtia. John W Tranb <?barle* K Tr'-man John TownKcnde. K <lc.j Taylor Joseph 8 Tcrh'ine John R I, Troy Thoa Tiifrnel Kelts Tfrry Oaien Thornly Chaa Tbatcbertield Hoiu> rTmneii W II Tborp w K O Tilden D V Trowbrldjte N(J Txnyaey Kufcra Tileou Robt II Torney Irish ll?l Tayfor Samuel S Tilion Wm II Tufta A llobart Taylor t'ornm Thibe?mle*uChaaN2Turner Capt TaylnrATharlea W Tilt A ? Turner ?eo W Trantman N Tbompaor. H J Tully laa Taylor Wm Tbomsen Wood ATuttle Wm P Tappan J Neiaon Hlack Tuthlll Knock R Taber J Todd Jaa H Thuivr <) Thaller Jombua? 2 Th)?n?on J R Trim W Travt* David Tntnlinaon John It Turnsr A Da via Thayer W L Thomson A ? Turnatead Mr Taylor (apt J W Todd C K Col?2 Turner R D Taylor Wm R Thompson u W Tynen John Taylor Jamea Tti'inna John Tyler Jaa Travis Kdmood TodbnnterC V Tyler J C A Co Trainer John Thompson Michtel Tauraum Prauklin A Thalcher John C Tbouaa Heth V rntleraon J VwyWll YaleneourtH I'uderhill Ja?ob?!2 Vallentlne W V Vlll?er? J II I'pton Capt R \ oorh--** Clark O VaaAukenOC I'nderhtUKP VlroletL Van Cleek IJvln*I nderwood Monttfo Varona Stephen aum 11 mery Valmline W W Vaadenbitrg Onrtn \arlrk HcQjamm Vienot Jaceitie* \ andozen .1 I. (M D) Vea?yOeor*e Vanname John R Van Noraton Steven Vokulaskl Ijouls V?>a I, Van Tassel R H V ranee JFugene Voight Jeourvnaud Van N??a Kdwtn Vail Sheron A Co Van Noaa A ?.o R N > arnam Ralpb Varnell l.pwn T Van Valkeuburxh Vincent frank Voorble* John Usury Veaaev v VolltHiaf llnurf Mr WaldenaerLL W>-biter<%aa WiUiamaCbaaT Wagner J f Weeka Thou William* KUipben Walker, Kvana A('o W bee lock K R A < <i WUUamaC Walker Joa AWa A Well* J KalrcblW Willlam?Hylve?lrrI, W> allla J<4tn WWIiJC Willlama John y y?}5e?-J*W Wellman <i F WllUamaJohn jailer Aivftl WeculmMiu T WiiluuMJ ElcbJ wi wTl *ul?? wi:rsxn" 5SK* *g* J&-tf? wJdoW.M J??inKH wttwA ZSSi rZ W W.ToS &* ? W JH, WK Jr Wa?o?AKo?oknlke Weeibrimer A fcpp * J ? Tfc.* HEW w'TiA McOmMll w! J?*n A W^FTPII .1 P White J<jfcn FJr W?l?fcJ<S? Whltbread .IM Wfr?}?*<* ?^SLJ ? u wiikM I W WiKKn (Thaa w2'jmJ Wlkeoi A Mellon wSLEcft * ImutWaUllUfor<lAll??ir brook Sr*y.*._." u WardSt Barciay A Wll?.n. A l?r*? WU??a*?ffc? B Wait hman Alex Wlk#iwt<J? *h'u'J }wBrr ? ..!< ii tt illArd A Touoft Wilioc* l^r Ward ? hat B W?uK?? II WWual He.rr ... imm b tviuv Jhh Wiuii#o.f Mr wlrreo C W VV,i**m. John ^?2*1 i*r'ian Wharton Jofce */', "J". Jl"?* Warren Henrr J W>lT>?inn Mr J ;* ZZZSJS*W W^rJioB lI?aW Waring Paolel H Wllaom * Ku?ert , uard^i John O Wiium Hwrjf J, , w^ , Ward flol Rami Wtllaon Hara?. Mr ?r Wicbi Tboa P Wooda A Hatinder* Ward? * Willi* Valentine?t W"?l l? * f Wardell l??nlel H Will.?-k Henry T I"lSu a Wbarnn .Ichn Wi?k>man H?in.i?l VVn ffH -I Wau?rliionPH?ip*rt ?&gM Jm WJff A r WaucnJu wrwni w.mdhiili Gilbert WatuMlm?,n ?U-~?W wS/ffoST^ Wa'iM>r Mtelia* 1 Wl4?n?onOW wJ222?l!I^All?n wttwTrKIr Wicka Wal'er V'"* V"" Wh^l'r AEe'rett WiUonWm w'!!d I Whe?lrr A mo* EjlWotonHyrt* SCT *?*"?.? wIISShT wSfW Wtorjoli-v . I \|',im|| WQM lijomfMp* l^wU w::rh'i? r "$>" * Wh.-.-lrr I W A <'o W.lliama A to Widle JAn * Wu!.tSl I .1 W'?k?HP William* Alfred H * "","u*k WiTlaJFalrrhlld William* Hon Jaa War**# rr~dfc wSini ?SC ;>U? Vr,lkr*1 * W?k/r P ? .11-? Mward C ? Wfffl ?J W y rmm* z r"[a A"r'*to Zinn ClM *erW?> I. Ujottl AlUlo /.lfl?. A Co ,avy. N'"'" 1'""i'' "0W,r?HAA<- v. rOWMUt"?]?> ter. HKMCiMHH HOTl< ICS. ?irra v.-' ? *Arn*T chcr.ii i*ju?hi*g f to morrow, * WH n cloofc A w. and . 1 .7,wR,v Bldney A. CorjJ ?" ^ ^ coiirM 10 "Tounf Men, will bf 'l itver | MVMOK1AI. <'Tn*R4'H HKV OR P\KR. AS8IPTAVT v ini?t#?r of Hi. I.?rf? a rhnrrh, will prf^rh u> morrow -,m.,n.ifc- ''.Vi'TV anil Waverley ? ! . S?r?k-e?, luS A. * . ?H ?"? y>?U free. t *ro*TH DI'Tt'H I HI B- H. CORVKIl or Wll.MAM $i rs w.*-c.v ..rdlally tHTif'i o I i?nd Srv.a by h>- wimn ,1. B.?A dallr pra??r mr?tin* ta hHd 11 *? ! I o clort, IB !*? rear Of he rbnrch. , DRorrsTAjrT kitwopai. MIMIOK < nu*?'H. run J uis Ball. Aator ptarr, in eharg* ??f tb?* Rf* R?h*>rt U Ihrkann DitIB* a?r?Wa HiindaT at IkS A. *. and r M. All ar?levtt#d (r*e Ukmiiahoiii, Kapoat u.ry on Wedii?-a4ay nwilBRa at 7H o'rTooi Rkv p *a< mf.samy, n. n anh mirsionary will rnatlnn* <D. Vj lb# public rr>n(?r?n'-<', on ' TW> KrroraaBd At>?urdlU?* of Romanian! " in *pnm Slr??? llall. IMA HprlnK atrwt. tomorrow eraainC, at 7J* o ciock. The pnhlle ara cordially Inrttcd. HFV O COt.MWR or PHII.ADRI.nU A. WII.L pr?arh in ibr smh rnivftraaltat rknrjh, Twrntjr fonrtb (trtet. to Burrow 8?>rvlrra at 1UH A M. and 3 IV *. SOVTM DUTCH I HI R< II FTKTH AVRHHR Tw< n'vflrat air??t ?Habtiaib an-inng tiar<>iira< t<> the younx, by R?t. F?r. Ma aulcr. Intyaat *>tiruary 21-"Vain Tbv'ithta " Hmiiw to ommrnec at T\ o'clock. ItKiTAL'RANTS. /^*OR<JK WFRT, I.ATR^F ITVAI.t. *TRrrr, wiu. "J b? plcaaad to a** bin lrt?ada ami old patron* ai ib? +* pi* ofl|c?. Ko. 1 Womb WilMam airc?t. and *It? tbcm a (laaa or H IB VntinfA# A In a al* * aan.iai.A f.BGAt? mmCBS. __ STPRF** COCRT ?#TITf HW* IUTFT MIA t**T Fl*?ntr? Pmroo ?od <?oor?o T-or?o ?In pnro'ionro of ?r order of 1U1 bODi ^bl* w>ir' nxle I" 'b* ?f>o?* orrttJ?.1 motion, boortnf d?ui the ftfth dor of Jon'iorf. ono tboniorvt Oltht hundred and (ft* ijhl, Botic* to boroh* (tun wo oil tho rodttom of Joarph Vrlf-irroy, now or loto"! OTnotlra, la A* *011017 'if Kln<? *nd Btoto of Now T >rfc. m*T*h?nl, w? ?p pMkr hoftwo in* tho iind?m.jr<'*d, rrt*r*m to Ih* ?hoT<- on titled ?i 'too. ?i mjr ofBoo. No 111 Hriodway, In tbo f ity of Row Y<?k. on or N<?ro iV- 'waif "'ood d?f of Morrh no?t, on'I proro th*' donioaito >r olohnii which thct hod tfoinat <h? Mid 'ooofh fr?nrn?f >0 tbo oooond lojr of P*o?mhor on? <h.?>?or<t < '*?? hundred *o.| flftr wbeiboc d?? on thot dor or to h*r< tne (vie'hereafter. ond th?t tn defmilt thereof -bo* will bo eioluded f><*? thoheoofltof Ihofnsd rWBted onderihe ?ooi*nmetit, eieoilod hy 'ho Mid Joooph McMurroy to lh? abort itomod tloiotne Pnnoan ond ?oor?o l,o**r>, on or l-o-il tli<- doy laat mounted. ond ho horrod from tnointotmnc on) ootirr'Jirro-on uroiooi he aold defendant* t?r either of ,?.? Dai?d Now Tork. Feb. .% intft /OH* U IIIWN, Rotveo. 3 nCRtONAl. Ad^facraok rktived kvkrtthin'i all nghl *"?po h?rk. ?ri- uh waitlna for jiu j H H. HKI.KH -tOtTR l.4KT *Af NOT RK?'P.I VP.D CRTTT. loday Peb. 19. Be of gooi che.r. All * w*a f;*?| u before for two lettnra. KaTK. t -if that war a li. hatnf actory, arb you V received yrnr i?Uer la ume, wind again lall "WAN M co., AiigmaU, Georgia. JOHN AND t'ATHARINP. O'BRIEN. OF NRWTO* Htewart, county Tjronc, Ireland, who raroe 10 Una <-aua 11 y mmf two, throe or four jear* ago. toil are nippoewl 1> mi living In Ni-w fork city, will brar <>i *rn.-ihlng 10 >.beir ?dvanlage, and also be*/ front ibelr aimer Mary add, wtw> waa aitwv ed to Mr. John VaKenna. of the Pile*; Hrtdge, county Tyrone, but now living In Heoi?tnd, by eatliug on or a.wire*aUtg John Qnlnn, corner of Tweniy ?|?:jj atreet and I-earngtun ivrDui*, V'w York, or Ui Jam*-a <-K>-o<ia. 7W South Twelfth atreet, Philadelphia, Penn. MRH. FRANKLIN 0. <IRAY, (W?tO?K III'SHANf) WAR it Callfornlao,.) maiden nuhe believed o be Kreneh. Kbould thla meet Iter eve, or an* of U-r frienda. <be ma/ learn aoaaelhlng to ber advantage, by 4eo4uig h~r *.| lr??n or calling on WATWIN * MKARKH. No. U lUr.lng mip Mr vdward wiknokb will ft.rahk call at Lhe offloe of the underaigned for important nap n char. hki.mctb A co.. JJ North wilson ?ire?t. Mount flrahant celebration?old <iradu. alea are informed that th? aaerctaea lake pu<? on Wedneaday, Mth. at 7 P- M. Mrs. l. a. joiimion will find a letter at Mailmon qiiar<*T'Hit nffl-e It ha* bet'ii delayed P. KIN A NCI AJ* WANTKD?POK NINKTY DAYH, FOR WHICH JOUv a fair rale will be paid, aud iteourlty wcrui ftv? timi'a the amount will be given. AiMri-xa H. W. ii., boa 1.J77 I'oat office. _ <to to i^>vn, on bond and nortoaift, Wa ?JUiy an ImproT'd real in tke elty ol New York worth all. at 1 wire the am vinL The aemrity m'tat be mi'?cppu< in ever* r<-epect. Addraae, with full particular*, bo* 1.W17 Foaloace, N. T. DCNCAB, -HERMAN * CO., BANKER*. Corner of Pine and Naraau nmu, Maw tor*. CIRCULAR ROTE8 AND 'LKTTIRM OF 0RCUI1, For trarelle-rB, available la ili the s>rtneipai oiu<* < f vfc* world. Alao HtrnsUI* eredlta For n? la Rnrope, China, Ac DIYIDFND.?OFFICE OF THE NTCTVENANT I*. aurarna t'?iropany ' Mo. US Biwery, New York, 'rt. 11, 1868.?The Board of Dlrectora have ihlti day deiared m icmI annual dividend of acven (7) per cm. p*yable u. th? stockbaidera oo and after th? 1M met. The traoaItr tioota Will be oloaed until that dale BKKJAMtM J. PKNTZ. Kccrttary. 0FFIOR OF Tin? I,A CROWtK AND MfLWAtTKIR Kail road Company. No. 19 Naaaau etreet, New York, February II, 1868 ? The iuterett on ihe farm mot t^nirea of thla company, which by the terma of the mortgagee f*N < ?? January 1, 1M8. will be paid on precaution of foe coupon* at the nfeec of tha company, No 480 Broadway, to the city of Albany, on and after the JOth mat UNOURRENT WONKY, HILI.H Of IIROKEN RANKff treasury notca, laud warruntn, col.l and Mirer coin. Ac. bought at the moat adv>intaK>-oun rnte* i>y JOH N H'HiPK, J7I Broadway, corner of Chambers atr? et, lutler tbe t ho? Leather Rank. VERMONT CBNTRAL RAILROAD BONDR-TMB 3R. derelgned, holder* of ike Aral mortgage txn .la of tha Yrrmont' antral Railroad ilompaiiy, to the amaant. n th? aggregate, of more than fifty ife<ni??nd dollars, herrhr grrw notice that a acting of the from hul<l~ra or ere.llkot*. for ka aeeurtti of whoaa eleime the irx?u In the poaaca ? a of iIm a*Id railroad and property bold the munc in Ut.-a. will be held at Wehb'a Hotel. In Northflel.l, In Ihc Male of rmiat, on Friday, the 26th day of ?hruary t.eit, at acven o clonk, P.M., for the purpose of nominating a-iiateeia, ar.rt acting nnder ihe law pawed by thr (.rgtalatorc of FermooL Mvw.. 10. 1887, catitled "An act id relation u> Tmatnec of Railroads.'1 ENOfl COIAINK By Ucorge M. Barnard, All >rney. CtlAHLCfl F. A YLWTB,. ft II. Ul>NNEWKMs JOTIIAM BUMU, JAMES HUNNEWK1 U R C. HOOPER GARDNER BREWrR, CHAKLEH MIITKH, B HOMER DIXON, R APPLKTON. WILLIAM APPLBTOW, WM H. Hl'MNKK. Nil.AS PIERrW, Juuary 27. !W. HENHT Rl< t. ~ ~WMIB MJTiair. MILITARY.?ALL MEMBERS OF MILITARY <"OMpanlea, who intend visiting the grand bail and i-?ilrel, to be glve? Ht the City Aoaembly Rogma, on the ?Jd mat., ia eoauncmoratMH) nt WASHINGTON^ BIRTH DAT, Are parttealarly requeued to appear in nnlform. By order of the Committee of Arran<-m**nta. R P. RUHSELL. Chjtlraaaa. J W. Hrirra, Poeretary, SENIOR VETERAN OORFH OP 181 i WILL MEET AT the i'xtlonal'* quariera, U:> <lr<-cnwtch atreet. corner of D* abroawa, on Hnnday, Febru.iry '11 al ^>4 o'cloch I' M. to attend duuie wryiw in a body, *1 tne Itapiiat -tmr h. Re*. Mr. Mull paetor 1*1 every Tcu-run lucnn. n im- "' uwr permita. Ht oril?r. .H RAYMOND, i.'sIoimI, ^Waac M. I'HTra, Adjutant. TOE FUUtMRH, At a ki-ncial mcrriNti ok Manhattan knoinb (Vnupany. No. b, held at lb* engine honaa, on Weil?>day evening, Keb. 17, 1B6M, the following reaoiuUona were unanlnumaiy adopted ? Rrariivnd. Thai we view with the greateal ?atlaf?ctioo the noble project v Mabliahtng kit Inaurauce company, to ba known m ito Wwnnn fund inaurance i'oinpuj, ' Whic h, after pa^rt( to tta atockholdera aeven pe.r ml, iawnl?votaone half Ita protita lo thai charity which )"< ne?reat Lb* heart of e?ery fireman. the Widow* and Mrphana' fund of tta New York Klre Department Raaolved, That thia company tendera iU war?"l ?yt?pathlea awl hearty co operation to ihe project^ of ?o i.oble an Inalltntion, and commend their eflorta to the aympaih/aa and co operation of all r?nr krMkr ttremen Reaolved. That the offlcera of Manhattan Rnglne ''ompany. No. D, be, and are hereby, authorised u> purehaa* tweaty rt*e Hiuirrl in the auick of lb*- Firemen* Fund Inauraa'a ' mpany. KOHKRT C. HKoWN, i JOHN C. hooi'cr. J Committee. KfCHABK h. oodkn > lAMTJUgf fWMD. ' LOST IN RROOKI.YN.-A TOl'NO OIRl.. ON HICK WAT from M) Maury, through Baltic (treet, to achool, (oat on the 1Mb mat her fnetrurior'a (Mr l^wr'n bill, which amounted in (35 The Imder.wifl be rewarded by leaving It at 'MO Henry atreet. Lost?on thl'rhday KVICNINtl, fkhruary II. IN Tweniy flmt or Twenty-tftb mreeu. a Utrh martea fur, half rape, lined with changeable ?i1k brown eord and aaaa). a ?ultah|e reWard will be paid to any peraon leaving M at the atahle i llicenof 0. larvla. rurtMr of Tarty math atreet and Hriiadway, or No. tH Kaet Twenty brat Mreet STOl.RN FROM 1? ninth rtrkkt. on thk nth mat a lot of allvrr fork* and ap<?ma, marked ^attAa ' and"H M M." A liberal reward will be paid for the reravery of the property. Apply aa ahova kkwaium. ^ Ac rkward -i-oht, in wai.i.?<trkf.t,onthf: irrn %>*J mat., a atiaatcl dog, chea-nut color, white bre.utt and belly, leg* mottled, 'all long and a portion white b*<l on a chain collar, wuh owtitr'a uame and reatifooee, IU 1 why atreet. *1n rkward.?a VAWI.miATWAB i>>#T on h ati 'r(pl? day, about eighteen feet long, green bo'tom and LlaeA top. haa moulding ralla forward, and baa been rep.. r?d >a larboard bow. Iron platea no keel a?l uterti. The above re ward will be paid n* delivery of lha boat -o r. Y BUCK A co., No. ?> Houth atreet. d>1 K RKWARH TOR TIIK RK1TRN nr A WIMTB AND Vll) U?er col"ra<l greyhound pup. anawera u? the rutae of NeUle and ha<l around her ne?g. when inat, a t m? >a rib <<n 'ha I'T. inng t,( tha IM'N ln*t, hjr S II fland*. al Hrooka 4 HroOwr *, ronifr of Catharine toil cb?rry Mr-Ma Art' Rnr*Ri> run information or <v?'> Oamila, a bay It yaaraof *g*. ?c1 i?rj ? t?.l *n? for hi? *?a; any "B? would Jml*? him "i ba II yara i>W, light tmrplcik'ii, dark hair. blua ayaa. high llpa and b?nn?'k. Wear* a blark cloth o*p, black fro< k ' ' at, ri.iaa and Irap rolorad panta, rad, Mack and yellow atrip"! rrmf rw II* laf' hta h>ma, 215 hlaatun alfaat. ..n M t,day. tha 1Mb inatant. Any Information r- gardinir hl< wharaabn.i'* ;? r~, i?atarf to ba !?li wilh hia dlntraaaad paraata, Wo. ilS ^tuu a (treat, New Tork. Conairy papers pleaneoopy. ~~ ~~7 couticul rIK COMMITTER or ARRAN'.r.MKNTV *rf01f?TKI? by llw ( neral I'nnioiUn1 al Tammany Mali. Iluwl Witter, < hairman ) will meat to-1,h , at lb* Mai.ha' aa Hotiae. No. X6 Itowery WM. OOfl.TKR, i-kai/maa. protein. " BILLIARDS. 2RM.I.IARP TA Rl.k.S W A fTK 0 Alt PKR.?0 f K A 7. In* two tirat rata billiard uablaa to diepoaa or -b*ap tnf ' Mb. c?n hear ul a eualnn-r b> apply n; at hr mpto* Il0u?, corner Twenty fntirth atreel ami Third atrerme A ?oo* on Bn.t.u*rwt-rRif^ one ;Tb# < ta?? of Htll tarda by M.rhaal Phalao. author of " KlUfctrda W nt' al a Maatar Hai,-I fraa. oa r*-?? pt af rlra, by O'CONNOR A <"OU.K.N HER. M Asa ?tra?i. ? ? Tarfc. Btluabd, or mrROYET) *ttir and ma. I a la the b/ti manner of wall aaaannad materlaJe and anmbtnfna all tfc* adeantagaa of Pfcelan a laiaat paiao anwo rraatad bkia preaaat raark. for aala at (Tiaaa to aolt tM UNi A frw aarmnd hand Uhlea b?y. O'OOREOft A OOUJtNPKjft maa^Mtnrar*. M AM Oraat. Haw TorE. BJUJARPR-HEVEN HII MABO TARI ER OA* * *T? r???wondl will ba ?oM at a |r.'?i aaeriNa fir naab, b%*a baa? la >i?t only about four m .n ba Tlwoa w.ahtrf to purehw one or nvr* '?M? will find n to ikalr ateraat to apply to W. K. WINANT, 71 H'4d ?rae< STtAUr* RTT.l.T ARf> TAPIR ? A !*rr A( TORT 14* rnlt.'M rr.rt, a bar# ba ha. ..n.-.n'lT n har.l tlarc* aortmrni of 'ab)"< with ?n<l m vrhta bada and mpr . , . d'.!?! of euahmn Harar*] aer ml band labia* for ?% rbaap. I r w"**" ? ? K'rR*prr*if thk *rw* rth?:r WT?>tK* ~ro prii. . h*??- 1?? <>f tr< >'IM| kli'l houavltoM f iroK ir", fltrpr'a, A<- fur ? hwh h* will p*y * ??ry f?lr -Mh pr*??? Any pari** ? l?hirf ? '??elln? hon*?k?*pln* ?nd A?md thi? iwn?<f?i?mH? of ?n kuctkm Ml*. *; ?*!<Jrf M P. M., Urnld oft. ?. *uumj( ih>r> It m?7 1"n THK Olfl.T TAfTY. WRU- V*!*TTI.AT*I? AJfI> VHOBJ?' IWin?bl? MWBmoUi'i >? '(ir i?*pin? in i %r r?, Ar . ?r* furm?h>' I hy PLIMPTON " merrrUkry *ho!i>?*|?, r'tAll ABd by %i Ci Wbii* *r??t, tort ~~ DRY MN?m. M*. ~ rm *tatn - ijwu rr<<mt. am rkoapwatr ?;?!?. ?!>?? Afeftw'c, pln?*ppl? (( . hMftf. LictrA, thlBA. Ac. wholp??l? ??d r?!Ai) CJPR!N<? MA!*TIM,A?. WW. o w- ?r- no* r>'?dT to Mb** to whr\]o?*)? bi,j*r? rHo* tmt"wu?Unn *no nuwmfart'ir* 'A Mm'! 1m. oire ' Am *e t W? In* ? ?r?ri?l ?nont|. t, In o ir ?*r "v ?? Pr?mh i huotlllj *o<l ffuipur*. Utr* ?h?w ?. Ae w- o?vr At T-rylow pr-A* *, N. M1I.I* A <"0 *? *? I !?S CtwmNrt hrM doom fru Bro*d?Ay. Will*